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Sneeze births please, and we'll BROOK NO ARGUMENT

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TheLittleFriend Sun 07-Oct-12 20:35:45

Over here Brookers. I'll stick a cake in the oven

TheLittleFriend Sun 07-Oct-12 20:41:23

Oh, it's pt13 by the way, forgot to add it to the title blush

Wow it was stressful setting it up on my phone. Remind me not to do that again smile

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Sun 07-Oct-12 20:48:48

<has a good look round> ooh yes Little I like it here smile I think we will be very comfortable.

<leaves welcome buffet for all other brookers>

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Sun 07-Oct-12 20:57:56

Thanks Little. Marking my place.

Must rush, Homeland's on in a mo'! I'm all a-quiver (partly due to illing, oh well).

Lovely new thread little smile

Still no sneeze action. Can't say I'm that surprised - dh is late everywhere, and she's 50% his afterall grin

Just marking my places

<passes Fluff a tissue ready for that sneeze>





jaggythistle Sun 07-Oct-12 21:26:33

marking place awaiting sneeze action. smile


cakes my DS1 was a wedged back to back emcs. i was already in hospital with an epidural by the end of it so it was a bit more straight forward than yours. it really slowed things down- after 2 and a bit days i still only got to 7-8 cm! big difference with DS2 not being so awkward. hope you are enjoying lots of newborn DD snuggles. smile

Stacks Sun 07-Oct-12 21:47:06

Marking my place.

Congrats Cakes, though a bit of a traumatic journey to your DD. I'm sure she's worth it smile

We've spent the weekend out and about, I'm seriously considering going to bed already! Been helping SIL move house, and looking at potential new cars to buy, then visit to PIL today, plus housework and shopping. Work this week will almost be a welcome break smile

Fluff things sound exciting, hope you get a nice sneeze birth soon.

I'm struggling to think of things to say. I've noticed baby brain lots more recently. Switching words which are nothing like each other, struggling to find words at all.

Poo for the parking ticket tockeroo sad

Lol boo!! It could have been the baby engaging, but it didn't smell of wee or anything hmm I've been juicy (sorry!!) since, but not enough to wear a pad for so I'm not sure to what to think tbh. I'm seeing the MW Weds if nothing happens before then, so I'll mention it when I see her.

Sounds like a very hectic weekend stacks! Have a nice relaxing day at work tomorrow wink

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Sun 07-Oct-12 21:55:43

It does sound a lot like your actually leaking fluid Fluff unlike stupid boo who just wees herself so baby snuggles are near now <excited emotion> smilesmile

Ooh, fluff you'll be the first on the thread to pop. What fun.

I'm jealous of anyone watching Homeland smegs. I had rather hoped to be ahead of the game on these US shows, but we only have the basic cable package, so our viewing seems limited to CNN (ghastly Piers Morgan is their primary anchor) and then a bunch of stuff that makes Dave look highbrow. The only channel I ever watch is a public access one called WETA UK, which has back to back Midsomer Murders and New Tricks. Well, that and Coupling and Black Books and Yes Minister. I mean obviously I'm mostly at Ambassador Receptions, but when I'm not...

Bad luck on the ticket tock. The tocket tick. Harsh.

And thanks little for the lovely thread. I wonder, will this be the one I pop on? I hope it doesn't have a cream carpet like my silly house

Hello everyone else. Hope you've all had a good weekend. We have a public holiday tomorrow, so I get a day off from the boys with my husband at home. Well, an hour or two at any rate.

I've had a show I think - one like cakes' though without any blood in it. Dh is still asleep so I've nobody else to tell grin

Have a lovely day whims. I'm surprised the boys aren't pestering you for cable tv? Though from what I recall even that's pretty dire!

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Mon 08-Oct-12 08:24:51

Ooh Fluff how exciting smile

TheLittleFriend Mon 08-Oct-12 08:31:13

C'mon minifluff!

When are you due whims, I've lost track of who is next. I'll look for the stats thread if I remember

I can't believe how wriggly my little boy is in there! I've got a high anterior placenta this time, whereas dds was posterior. I still thought I felt her a lot, but I don't think it was this much so early grin

TheLittleFriend Mon 08-Oct-12 08:35:44

Just looked at the stats and it's far then smegs in nov, then stacks is providing the Xmas baby smile
We should also have a flurry of three arrivals in both jan and feb! Exciting stuff smile

Off to hospital for some monitoring grin

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Mon 08-Oct-12 09:36:09

Good luck Fluff have you got your tissues ready for your sneeze?? smile

JenFrankenstein Mon 08-Oct-12 09:58:00

<Sends pepper to the hospital for Fluff>

<sends tissues with Jen's pepper>

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Mon 08-Oct-12 11:04:12

Ooh, imminent sneezing, fluff? Good luck!

little nah not far then me, I've got ages yet. <really not ready>

whims can you get upgraded? You NEED HBO! Happy public holiday smile. When's Thanksgiving this year? Bet that will be fun!

tock I missed you getting a ticket. How annoying angry.

Baby still WWU (wrong way up) I think. Very frustrating. Slowly recovering from the virus wot's doing everyone I know in, thank goodness. You're right about the dodgy stomach lingering , tock. Dammit.

Frootloopz Mon 08-Oct-12 11:58:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

My waters aren't leaking but my blood pressure's high and baby's heart rate dipped a few times while I was on the monitor so, since I'm overdue, I'm being induced this afternoon. Eek!

There goes my happy watery birthplan, sigh... smile

clickingtock Mon 08-Oct-12 12:10:56

Hellooo - does that mean Fluff is on the way?! I'm so excited. I feel I have been part of Fluff's journey as I'd known her on MN since Nov 2011 and then she got her BFP which I kept telling her she would so minifluff feels like family.grin Sneeze happily.

Smegs - I hope you get the big flip soon. Try to stay calm but I know how it feels.

Waves to all I've missed.

Well - it was a good job I decided to persist with GP this morning. I rang explaining preggers with chest/shoulder pain. They offered an app' on Mon next! I said useless don't bother but could I talk to someone about WC jab. Duty doctor got me an app' with GP at 11am and turns out they're keen to check me for a clot at fetal assessment. I'm hoping v much that it's muscular not a clot (my blood pressure is normal so that seems hopeful to me)... Thank goodness a friend, who left his job recently, booked in to see me and DS today just to hang out. Can get off to hospital without poor DS in tow. DP is in Liberia for a fortnight (left yesterday), just my luck.

Brooking you're all doing well. xxxxxxxx

GreenOlives Mon 08-Oct-12 12:12:27

Lovely new Fred thanks Little!
Just in time for Fluff's sneeze birth too - go girl! smile

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Mon 08-Oct-12 12:21:29

Ooh good luck Fluff brooking for that sneeze birth.

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Mon 08-Oct-12 12:47:11

Hang on Fluff if it wasn't your waters, does that mean you 'did a boo'? grin

grin boo maybe! Mw just said i had normal discharge and didn't mention the gush, she could have just been being polite though!

Oh and baby's still back to back apparently sad

Good luck tock. I bet you've just slept funny or something, but it's good they're checking it out smile

Good luck Fluff

<concentrates REALLY hard on brooking>

<realises people are looking at her oddly>

<Tries brooking without the scrunched up face>

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Mon 08-Oct-12 13:12:36

grin Oh Fluff, brooking super hard for a swift induction and super sneeze birth. And I promise not to mention the 'water leak' much grin

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Mon 08-Oct-12 13:18:10

Fluff good luck, and I hope you and babyfluff meet with the minimum of fuss smile

I have a few tips about induction, if you're interested, but I don't want to worry you as I know you will be fine and it will be a sneeze birth. But if you're sure you're ok with it I'll post my small list.

Smegs x

Hi ladies, just thought I would mark my place!! I'm so super stoked for Fluff brooking super hard for your sneeze birth!!

TheLittleFriend Mon 08-Oct-12 13:33:10

Good luck fluff smile

Hope you're ok tock, sounds a tad scaryconfused

Stacks Mon 08-Oct-12 13:49:10

Good luck Fluff I'm sure all will go well with your induction. Is there no chance of a water birth for you at all now?

Tock hope the doctors just find a pulled muscle in there! Silly GPs dismissing stuff, but I always try and remember they may only know a little, but they know it about ALOT of stuff, so we have to give them some slack.

Whim could you use some catch-up tv things, like Netflix? They've got lots of them over there, locked to US access only. You might not get all the latest episodes, but you'll have more of a selection of old crap tv to watch at least.

Little I'm hoping for a bit before Xmas, if little'un can manage it. Also, Nutella is due in Dec too.

Froot it's exciting when people know, but can get a little frustrating too. I've been banned from doing anything in my PIL presence, and am only allowed to go up/downstairs slowly while holding the banister... At least I know their first grandchild is wanted, and will be loved. smile

Boo, olives and sparkle how are things with you? All well I hope?

Waves to visiting grads, biscuits and jen. I've been thinking I should start stalking your thread to get to know you all a bit better.

Oohhh good luck Fluff am looking forward to reading about your sneeze birth x

cakes82 Mon 08-Oct-12 14:41:52

Good luck Fluff you'll be enjoying your newborn snuggles very soon smile

itsMYNutella Mon 08-Oct-12 14:58:34

Oooohhh shiny and new... what a nice thread, thanks little!
And Stacks is right I'm also due in Dec, although I reckon it'll be a week late and fall on DP's birthday wink in January... then I don't have to get him a present, right grin awww of course I'll get the lovely man a present... eventually.

brooking for fluff! How exciting.... <lingers waiting for news>

<MOAN ALERT> I can't sleep! Was awake last night from about 3:30 and tried getting up about 4 and having a wee, having a drink of water and going back to bed... then an hour later or so got up again and had a little handful of nuts...then still couldn't sleep... Woke DP which made me feel really guilty. Think I must have been asleep between 7:00 and 7:30 because I didn't hear DP shower or moving around and that "power nap" of half an hour seems to have kept me going until now... supposed to be at pregnancy yoga later but honestly I can't be arsed! Think I'm going to hide on the sofa with DP and hope I get the proper nights sleep I ordered last week!

Oh and Stacks so glad you're also suffering preggo brain smile I've been feeling exceptionally blonde and pregnant recently!!!

Frootloopz Mon 08-Oct-12 15:07:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Post away biscuits smile

Currently just trying to stay mobile. The propess thingy was agony shock hoping I don't have to repeat that... Cream crackered now which isn't a good start!

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Mon 08-Oct-12 15:58:48

Oh Fluff sorry to hear about the propess, though not actually sure what that is? I assume it is to get you started. Well as your a brooker you will sneeze that little one out and be having brew before you know it. Brooking for you. thanks

musicalmrs Mon 08-Oct-12 16:05:33

Good luck Fluffy! Hoping the induction goes smoothly and that you have a wonderful easy sneeze birth, even if non-watery!

<mega brooking>

<waves to everyone>

Nutella were you interested in the coat at all? It's completely fine if you're not but I'd like to get it on ebay while theres a load of cold preggos looking for coats grin

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Mon 08-Oct-12 16:32:14

Fluff if you're knackered then try to sleep now! Do you have a TENS machine? I managed to get quite a lot of sleep with one of them on a low level during induction.

Good luck. Keep hydrated!

Oh, and my most important tip - DO NOT LET YOUR DP EAT A TUNA SANDWICH WHILE YOU'RE IN LABOUR. If he then comes over and demonstrates breathing in your face, the temptation to murder him may be too much grin

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Mon 08-Oct-12 16:33:52

Boo, Propess is the delivery system they use for the pessary in inductions. Imagine a sweep but more hurty shock

itsMYNutella Mon 08-Oct-12 16:35:46

Sorry biscuits!!blush Total preggo brain! Thank you, totally slipped my mind!!
Thank you, the coat looks great but I'm going to put my pennies towards a jumper instead... and live with doing up my top buttons on my normal coat. Not as much cash to splash as I would like... sadly...

ReturnOfTheMunx Mon 08-Oct-12 16:37:07

fluffy best of luck! My induction was fab, really quick managed on just gas and air and no stitches.

Propress worked in less than 24hours, waters were artificially broken and then four hours later DS appeared.

So inductions can be ok.

Can't wait for your news!!

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Mon 08-Oct-12 16:38:12

Ow, ow ow ow, OW Ow! Fluff brooking that worked for you and you don't have to do it again. Get some rest while you can, good luck my lovely.

Smegs loving the sandwich tip, have just told Mr boo that one as he loves tuna.

JenFrankenstein Mon 08-Oct-12 16:45:24

Go Fluff!

Stacks feel free to join us talking about constant poo all sorts of interesting things

TheLittleFriend Mon 08-Oct-12 16:52:07

smegs grin at the tuna sandwich story

ReturnOfTheMunx Mon 08-Oct-12 16:53:40

Yes fluff keep mobile, go and have a walk in the hospital grounds. If they'll let you.

clickingtock Mon 08-Oct-12 18:36:40

Good luck Fluff - really got everything crossed for you. Hope the propess was the worst of it. Hugs. Drinking lots is essential - good advice from everyone here, and do your swip haying <meaning hip swaying of course>

Thanks Stacks - duty GP was much more cautious though. It was receptionist who tried to get me to wait a week... But bit of a traumatic day here - back from a whole arvo in hospers and they were keen to keep me in over night because they couldn't do a final conclusive test re' the clot, too busy in ultrasound dept. I had to discharge myself against doc's advice, as friend had already looked after DS for 5 hours, bless DF; I couldn't ask him to stay the night and get DS off to bed etc. Had ECG, chest x-ray plus blood tests. All fine and baby's heart sounded great so decided to take the risk, come home and go back for final ultrasound of legs tomorrow. Pretty sure I've got a deep, nasty muscular prob and wanted advice on that. Instead got a very nasty injection in the stomach with a blood-thinning agent and had a bit of a cry on my own - felt sorry for baby more than anything tho' they swore baby would be totally unaffected by injection. DP wasn't here when I needed him and has missed 2/3 scans for this pg. And he wonders why I'm not super keen on his employers... Anyway, bout of self-pity done and dusted. Luckily DS crashed out in car just now and is having a v early night.

Smegs - that TFS breath anecdote cheered me up. DP cooked us sardines the other night and I could have killed him just for that, didn't need labour to add to the outrage! Fishiness and pg don't seem quite right do they even though they're good for us!

Nuts - sympathy re' sleep. This is when a warm bath, horlicks and possibly a paracetamol or two are justifiable even if it wakes your other half...

Hello to all btw.


itsMYNutella Mon 08-Oct-12 19:49:56

Thanks tock I wish I had a bath sad we only have a stupidly small shower cubicle.... maybe I should rent a birthing pool and keep it filled with warm water.... oooohhhh that might be a plan <obviously sleep deprived> not sure where I'd put it hmm

<adds horlicks and ovalteine (sp?) and a paddling pool to shopping list>

Hope you feel better in the morning tock and that everything goes well with the scans!!

FX fluff is having a nap prior to sneezing out the minifluff smile

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Mon 08-Oct-12 20:13:31

I just turned into a complete emotional wreck sad we are having a new carpet in toddly boo's bedroom (formally teen boo's room) stay with me, this could be long! So teen boo had a black carpet in the biggest bedroom, when we got the bfp we decided that toddly boo and baby boo would share, and we would swap the boys rooms before they know about the baby so they can't say they were made to, we told teen boo it was so toddly boo could have more play space, he was fine with this. So it has been re painted and the new carpet is being fitted tomorrow. Still with me?? Well done!! So we need to take up the carpet in the room and we opened the fitted cupboard in the room and I was confronted with all the baby things we saved from baby boo, Moses basket, toys, play mat, plus loads of things I had forgotten I saved. Now I'm an emotional wreck, thinking it is too soon to be doing all this, have I jinxed it and I should have waited longer (but we didn't want teen or toddly boo to start to resent the baby for the room move) please someone slap me with a big wet fish for being hormonal. I think I am done now!

Still brooking for a good sneeze Fluff

No Brooking super hard for Fluffy and miniFluff, with scrunched up face ala Biscuits grinwink

I had an elcs and DH was outraged when I refused point blank to let him eat for 12 hours before the surgery same as me. I told him it was an essential show of solidarity, rather than explaining I was worried I might launch myself off the bed and across the room to wrestle even the most cardboardy of hospital sandwiches from him! blush

Sorry Boo, x-posts!

There will be no wet fish! Just a big hug!!! Every time we did anything to prepare for DD I was petrified it would jinx things. Even buying a change mat one week before my due date seemed risky! Remember you're a No Brooker and you have the full force of our combined No Brooking watching out for your bump! It's a scary long slow time, but suddenly you'll blink and bump is a happy bouncing 3/4/5 month old! Hang in there, don't let the hormones win!

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Mon 08-Oct-12 21:19:56

Thanks Scream you made me cry again I think I am just tired and emotional from a very long day yesterday, being very silly. Also, my symptoms have been so much better this week, and while I have been determined not to worry about that and enjoy feeling a bit better, I can't help it, and I have to wait 2 weeks for my scan sad

<rushes in>

<hugs boo>

<rushes out>

keepitgoing Tue 09-Oct-12 03:08:15

oh boo, big hug. Of course you haven't jinxed things, you're just tired and the stupid hormones. Glad mrboo is taking good care of you x

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Tue 09-Oct-12 09:23:29

thanks ladies, feeling a bit better today, had a good sleep with really naughty dreams blush

brooking you had a good night Fluff and that you are enjoying those newborn snuggles smile

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Tue 09-Oct-12 09:40:47

Boo glad you're feeling better. Try not to worry, I'm sure all is well.

Fluff how are you doing? Did you sneeze?

Stacks Tue 09-Oct-12 11:09:09

No sneeze updates from Fluff? I was hoping for some snuggly news.

Boo glad you're feeling a bit better. Those first few weeks before scans and movement are so hard to get through feeling positive. It's bizarre how good it can be to feel awful, but pregnant.

Tock are you going back to the doc/hospital today? Hope all goes well and they give you the all clear quickly.

I had strange dreams last night about needing a c-section. I went on holiday somewhere without DH, and a doctor used his iphone to ultrasound scan me (which would be amazing if possible) and he showed me the baby was upside down, with his little feet engaged. Therefore I had to go for a cs right then. confused This dream has made me think I shouldn't go down to visit my sister when my ML starts, at least, not on my own. What if it's prophetic??

clickingtock Tue 09-Oct-12 11:37:35

I wouldn't travel far from home from 37 weeks dear Stacks...

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Tue 09-Oct-12 11:45:18

Goodness tock, I missed yesterday's update. I really hope you're ok, no clots etc and that the pain goes soon. Poor you sad

Stacks Tue 09-Oct-12 12:00:55

Tock how did you know my ML was 3 weeks pre-due date? I didn't know that! I just looked it up on my calendar...

It's my nephews 4th birthday on the 19th Nov (my first 'official' day of ML, though it's a Monday) so I was thinking about driving down (5 hours) for a long weekend. It's mostly an idea sparked by the possibility that we'll have bought a brand new new car by then, and I like the idea of showing it off driving it.

Maybe it is actually a little close to my due date (9th Dec) though.

TheLittleFriend Tue 09-Oct-12 13:33:19

Hi everyone, quick question from me

Do any of you gave sore patches on your bumps? Just by my naval I've got a bit that is sore to touch, no mark on the skin though. I don't remember having it last time round though confused

Brooking for fluff to be having newborn cuddles right now.

Stacks Tue 09-Oct-12 13:52:28

Hey Little I do have a sore bit, but I'm probably a bit of a special case.. I've got an operation scar across the right side of my bump, from an op back in 2009. All along that scar is painful to press. I had it checked out by the doc, and it's a combination of weakness in the muscle wall there (which barely exists) and nerve damage from the operation.

I guess you could have a small patch of weakened tummy muscles there? Or it could be nerve damage too, if you had a c-section or anything around there?

Probably not very helpful really, sorry hmm

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, stacks but there's every possibility you won't be comfy to sit in a car for 5 hours at 37 weeks. I know I wouldn't have been! Could you meet half way at the weekend or something?

How are things today tock? and fluff? Any news?

Is your sore patch on the skin Little or is it muscular or deeper than that? Perhaps a bit has got a bit more dry and stretched than elsewhere? Or maybe littlelittle has settled an elbow in there. Perhaps if you have a MW appt soon you could mention it.

I had a very unsettled night last night having one of those nightmares that you just can't shift, and which is terrifying, but which in the clear light of day seems very silly. Private members cannibal club. With a grudge against me. Except then it took a romantic turn and went all teen movie. It's tempting to go back to sleep to find out if I do get it on with the dishy good guy (or whether he eats me). Lordy, psychologists would have a field day.

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Tue 09-Oct-12 14:24:43

Little YES! I have that too, just to the right of my navel. It feels like it's been bruised on the inside. I think it's something to do with stretching muscles/tendons, and the fact that this baby really likes kicking me just there. Ouch!

Stacks I wouldn't do such a long journey in the car at 37 weeks. You'd probably be pretty uncomfortable, as well as being a long way from home if things started. After all, 37 weeks counts as full-term for babies.

whims I know those kind of dreams. They're ludicrous looking back, but when you're in the grip of them very scary. Hope you get some better rest tonight.

fluff? You ok?

BartletForTeamGB Tue 09-Oct-12 15:39:52

smegs, look on FB for fluffy... grin

clickingtock Tue 09-Oct-12 16:07:37

Ooh - looked for Fluff's news. It's happened but no juicy details yet. So pleased they sneezed. Hope the snuggles are amazing, Fluff - you're a star MUMMY!!!! My big bro is a 10 Oct baby and was a particularly angelic child by all accounts... : )

Whims - sending you Horlicks and fluffy kittens to erase the nightmare from memory.

Little - I think tender bits near your tummy button are par for the course. Hope you're ok. DS keeps trying to winkle out my bbutton - thinks it gives him direct access to the baby <still a sister allegedly> and I find it is a v odd sensation, like a funny bone feeling iykwim. Strange part of body at the best of times.

Stacks - I didn't guess you were on ML @ 37wks grin; as Smegs says, 37wks is considered full term so best to play it safe, close to home, was my thoughts on that one. Drive your spangly new car to Tesco's a lot?! smile

Thanks for kinds words; has been a rotten couple of days and felt a little lonely. Needless to say after 7 hours plus at hosp' (over 2 days) and a threat to keep me in overnight <and what about DS?!>I'm in perfect good health - and so is TinyTock - but have no solution to my pain in chest/shoulder. However, the staff at the Fetal unit were v kind, and I know they were just trying to keep an eye on me and rule out anything awful (being an old baggage that I am). Of course I have a deadline tonight. And was awake (overtired) from 3am then DS up at 5.30am. Gah. Still today I have managed to... sort DS at CM's, do shopping, walk dog, and do tonnes of editing so shouldn't complain (as well as have an ultrasound on legs). Busy bee.

I dot have a Facebook account anymore but I just wanted to say massively huge congrats to fluffy

OMG so much excellent brooking news.
Huge congrats to cake and fluff although I am not on facebook, am assuming all is well? Is someone going to spill the beans?

tock that sounds utterly grim, great they are being so cautious though, sounds like the injection you had was heparin which I was on for 6 months in pregnancy, it does not cross the placenta don;t worry.

little my belly button is very sore, I can;t really touch it at all, I thin kits just super senstivie skin as its normally tucked up inside!

stacks totally up to you of course, there is no way I could sit in a car for 5 hours at the moment and I am 36+3 but you may be more robust than me!

All ticking along here, my bump is measuring 2 cms ahead and I am feeling pretty huge and uncomfortable (and still at work for a nother 23 weeks, argh!)
Trying to get organised and get that bag packed!!

TheLittleFriend Tue 09-Oct-12 16:46:51

far hope it's a typo and your not really still at work for 23 wks!
No proper fb update from fluff yet, but friends are posting congrats on her page so mini fluff must be here grin

tock glad you're ok, but the mega busyness isn't so good

And also glad others have sore spots on their bumps, mine sounds exactly like yours smegs smile

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Tue 09-Oct-12 18:47:09

Yay! Just checked FB, what brilliant news!

thanks thanks thanks for fluff and fluffman

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Tue 09-Oct-12 18:52:10

PS Jen sorry I didn't get back to you on my supermarket thread - Charles Dance has not yet made it onto Facebook, I suspect he won't at all as most of my friends wouldn't have a clue who he is!

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Tue 09-Oct-12 18:53:24

thanks for tock too, what a tiring day you've had sad.

brew and an early night for you?

Why can't I see fluff's news on FB? tock has your trip to hosp made you clairvoyent? Hope you're ok now. And Fluff, obv. Will wait to know news properly before congratulating!

Lacking Radio 4 I've taken to watching Ted lectures on YouTube, which I can watch through the TV. Whilst I love reading Ben Goldacre, I find his hair irritating. And he's wearing green trainers with a suit. Stick to clever Ben, leave cool to the kids.

I don't think there has been An Announcement yet Whim but various people have congratulated her on her wall. smile

Hi all! Just a quickie as I'm absolutely pooped! I went in for monitoring and they decided to induce - that escalated to an emcs, and mini fluff was born at lunch time smile

Juicy details to follow once I'm home in a few days x

ReturnOfTheMunx Tue 09-Oct-12 19:52:58

Congratulations fluff

Hope you are both doing well

Much love x

Congratulations Fluff. Hope you're doing ok and getting to recover, and enjoying lots of newborn snuggles of course.

Take care xxxxx

Oh and she's beootiful smile

ReturnOfTheMunx Tue 09-Oct-12 20:01:48


Am enjoying newborn snuggles with ds right now I bet you are enjoying yours too xx

GreenOlives Tue 09-Oct-12 20:09:04

thanks Fluff Massive congrats to you and DH, lovely news grin Wishing you a speedy recovery so you can be back home asap! Xx
Tock Glad to hear there was no PE! Hope pain disappears quick smart!
Waves to all! X

cakes82 Tue 09-Oct-12 20:27:35

Brilliant news Fluff congratulations!!

BartletForTeamGB Tue 09-Oct-12 20:30:06

Congratulations, fluffy. Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing pictures. Is the name on FB?

TheLittleFriend Tue 09-Oct-12 20:35:02

Congratulations to the fluff family thanks
Can't wait to hear all about her xx

Well done Fluff grin can't wait to hear all the details xx

clickingtock Tue 09-Oct-12 21:04:25

For flufflette thanks thanks thanks Well done to mum and speedy recovery from the antics. Love those snuggles you're all getting.

Thanks Olives, lovely. They were really v nice in hosp and I was full of appreciation as well as terribly impatient to escape.

Back to work... gah.

musicalmrs Tue 09-Oct-12 21:31:32

Congratulations Fluff! I hope you're feeling ok after the EMCS and recovering well - and enjoying the lovely newborn snuggles! Looking forward to hearing the details, and hearing lots more about lovely mini Fluff smile

Great news fluff I bet she's beeyootiful. Can't wait for the gory details. Name, weight, you know.

Love to you and your family!

Congratulations Fluff hope you are living those snuggles with mini fluff

Fluff sending you lots of love, congratulations!!

<runs around and squeezes each and every one of the the preggos and grads. Goodness I miss you all>

Congratulations Fluffy, wonderful news thanks

Congratulations Fluff, well done you! Bet she's adorable! thanks <gets all broody again>

Soooooooo happy for Fluffy!!! Well done!!! Hope you feel recovered and rested soon see you on the night shift!

Stacks Wed 10-Oct-12 07:57:36

Congratulations fluff, wishing you a speedy recovery.

Frootloopz Wed 10-Oct-12 10:51:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jaggythistle Wed 10-Oct-12 13:03:54

congratulations fluff, always nice to hear about another mini brooker. smile

take care and enjoy snuggles. thanks

Frootloopz Wed 10-Oct-12 13:40:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

clickingtock Wed 10-Oct-12 16:28:29

Loopz - sorry about the wobble, don't know much about it my love but sending you hugs. I'm sure MN will be a mine of info' though! xxx

TheLittleFriend Wed 10-Oct-12 17:40:10

Sorry to hear that frootz, no experience myself, but I know a couple of rl people who are rhesus neg and I really don't think it affected their pregnancies much at all smile

I had my first physio this aft. As expected, it was the advice and exercises I know from last time. However, she did give me a better support belt, and reassured me that I would not be wearing it anywhere near long enough to lose muscle tone and do more harm than good. It's actually just for walking and standing, and as it would be annoying to where when sitting/ lying / driving, I'm probably only going to wear it a couple of hours a day max.
She's also said she'll see me regularly to monitor the pain, so next appointment is next week.

Hope everyone is well smile

Solars Wed 10-Oct-12 20:51:16

Congratulations Mr&Mrs Fluff thanks thanks

I'm not sure being R- need be a problem in this day and age froot, I think you just need a couple of extra jabs of something or other (probably somehting quite specific...) and it ceases to be an issue. At least I hope that's the way it is. I hope your mind is more settled about it though.

I've just had a thoroughly disagreeable trip to the Obstetrician. First I had to drink a gallon of glucola stuff for a diabetes test. It manages to cram 50g of sugar into a bottle of stuff that looks like tango, but is flat and has the consistency of calpol. Bleurgh. Then had to have bloods taken to see how my body processed it. Then they decided I had to have a smear test, which I'm fairly sure in the UK isn't done during pregnancy. Apparently i'm 'likely' to have light bleeding as a consequence. Bloody marvellous. Then they realised I hadn't been tested for Bobbins Disorder or Madeup Syndrome, and they wanted more blood. I want my midwife back...

Sorry. Rant over. I tell you though, it's amazing American women manage a job and children. I have to spend about 2 days a month doing hosptial preggo things, and another 2 days doing paed stuff with the kids. Still, nearly the weekend...

TheLittleFriend Thu 11-Oct-12 18:54:47

whims err, at least they're thorough? grin
I remember that yucky glucose stuff from last time and will be having it again this time (only cos dad is diabetic). Not looking forward to that envy

Saw mw today and all is well. Bp lowest it's been all pregnancy, which is a relief.

hawthers Thu 11-Oct-12 20:06:38

Just popping over to congratulate fluff and see if she has taken up my name suggestion

froot I'm rhesus neg and so have all the info for you. If you have a rh+ baby first then you might create antibodies to the rh factor if you have a bleed or during birth. Then if you have another rh+ baby your body might reject it. So what they do is give you an injection around 20 odd weeks (but might be later) and then another injection after the baby is born if it is rh+. Both my boys are rh- so no probe here. The only issue us that the injections fucking smart!

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Fri 12-Oct-12 00:05:11

Whims I had I smear whilst preggo with ds2, (had abnormal cells a few months before and was supposed to have then removed, got preggo instead) so they did a smear I was about 4-5 months gone. They told me it was quite safe and there was no bleeding after either (my Dr was quite gentle)

I also have to have the diabetes test, 2 last time, but I should get away with just the one this time, but we get lucozade to drink (I bloody hate that stuff though) that stuff you have sounds envy <-- sick colour!

clickingtock Fri 12-Oct-12 07:58:22

Poor Whims - sounds fairly gruelling. They don't advise a smear test in tri1 in the UK but they do them later into pg. If it helps at all my friend had serious treatment for abnormals cells <like burning the cervix or summat> while pg. They'd done a pg test but it had been negative so gone ahead and treated her. Her v lively DS is now 6!

Hello Hawthers and Boo!

Good news about the BP Little - does yours tend to go a bit high?

Apparently we're in for a wet weekend. Boo.

Things settling down in Tock Towers. Pain in chest/back much diminished <replaced by cold>, 60-page report on fisheries edited, another similar doc checked. DS has a date at a party with another mum tomorrow so I will even get some free time. DP should go away more often. grin

Waves to others. Happy Crunchie day. xxx

Huuuge congratulations to fluff, when you have time come and tell us all about it and the all about her! Yay!

Stacks Fri 12-Oct-12 12:01:15

Happy Friday everyone, roll on the weekend! smile

Whim that's a lot to put you through at one appointment. I guess it's good they're being thorough, but it all seems a little over the top. Is it all just to get more money out of you/your insurance?

Little glad the mw appointment went well.

Boo I like lucozade, but they didn't give me a GTT test, so no excuse to drink it. I think DH would be very disappointed in me if I had any while pg, he's very aware of my sugar intake, and very upset when I indulge sad He's sweet and protective and wonderful, but sometimes I'd like some guilt free chocolate! smile

Tock sounds like you been super productive. I've really not got much work done this week at all, despite being in work full time... oops.

Anyone got nice plans for the weekend? Looks like it's going to be wet and horrible, but I'm hoping to have a warm snug house to watch the rain from.

We might take the plunge and buy a nearly-new car tomorrow, 2012 reg. Taking it out for a test drive to see what we think. It's nice and shiny, but the price is a little too good to be true, so we're wondering why. It's a Kia, sold as a 'used approved' car through a Kia garage... what could be wrong with it??

Also planning to do more nursery painting. I think we're going to do 2 walls sky blue, and 2 a very light grey. Hoping to get one colour finished tomorrow, and maybe the other done on Sunday. Then we'll be able to move the nursery stuff into the nursery, and get our room back into some semblance of order.

Hi brookers

I've not had time to read through all your posts, but I wanted to tell you all what happened not least because maybe writing it out will help me get my head around it too! I hope this is ok smile

As you know, on Sunday I thought my waters might be leaking but they dried up so I didn't do anything about it til Monday morning and I got told off by the MW too blush On Monday I had a small show, but it was a bit green tinged - just a bit snot coloured - and the day assessment unit wanted me to come in and get checked out incase it was meconium.

We went and I had an exam, and the MW couldn't see any waters or show. I was put on a trace, though, which showed the baby's heart rate was dropping intermittently, plus my blood pressure was high. This, combined with the leak and greeny show and the fact I was overdue meant they decided to induce.

Pessary went in about 2pm; it came out several hours later when I was 2cm as I was "hyper stimulated" but by midnight I was fully dilated and in agony (thank god for my tens machine, those things are amazing!) as well as throwing up constantly to the point where it was just acid coming up alongside any oral medication they tried to give me (DH said I made his nights on the town look pretty tame grin ), and so I practically bit their hand off when they offered me an epidural! It took an hour or so for him to arrive, then it took the poor chap 40 minutes to get it sited (I have a back like a black and blue pincushion, but it was such a relief when it was working even though coverage was patchy).

MWs then broke my waters shortly after - my times get a bit hazy here, I can't tell you how exhausted I was; I was catnapping passing out between contractions shock - so some time in the early hours of Tuesday. Loads and loads of meconium came out in my waters.

An hour or so later (and I seem to recall it was daylight by this point) they got me to start pushing but baby wasn't budging - I honestly don't know whether this is because I was so exhausted (plus I'd thrown up so much that it meant I'd not really eaten in over 24 hours) and just not giving it enough welly or because the baby was back to back or a combination of both. They finally got me into theatre (with a spinal this time, which went in first try thank goodness) and they tried ventouse once, but baby was too far up the birth canal so it was straight to EMCS - they even had a struggle getting her out by CS, she was really wedged in there they said, so I'm a bit battered now - and baby was finally delivered at 12.01pm, weighing 7lbs 7.

As you can probably tell from the tone of my description, I'm still a bit shocked over it all - it was just so not what I had anticipated, you know? I don't feel I need a "debrief" as I'm pretty clear about why it all cascaded the way it did - it was just one of those things, and all the staff were all absolutely stellar I get the impression we may be the talk of the ward for a day or two - but I think it'll take a while to get my head around it.

So all in all it was a real car crash! I think I'm going to keep my birth plan just to remind myself that men plan while gods laugh and all that wink grin My little girl was 100% worth it, though, and if I had to do it all again tomorrow I completely and totally would, without a second thought. She's been a star since since she was born - she'd have slept through the first night if we'd let her (hospital recommend waking every 6 hours for the first 48 just incase there are blood sugar issues), and she's not been a real crier either. She seems to have escaped any real birth trauma grin grin

I'll go and pop some photos on my FB in a mo smile

Oh and just to add that bar being in discomfort and a bit of a whingy invalid, I'm just fine. BFing is going well too which is fab - but we warned that there is a national shortage of lansinoh according to Tesco, so get yours in advance wink

* be warned, not we warned!

cakes82 Fri 12-Oct-12 13:27:10

Hi Fluffy although our circumstances were different in the sense of reason for EMCS we got our little girls safe and well. I know what you mean about the discomfort I'm sure i've never had as much pain from bruises as this has created,I've also never seen such purple bruising in such erm 'unusual' places as this has created. arnica is marvellous stuff for bringing out bruising and you also feel better when the swelling starts to go down. I've already lost 12lbs in a week lol. Take care and take all the help you can get! Have seen pics and she is gorgeous!!

TheLittleFriend Fri 12-Oct-12 13:38:44

Great to hear from you fluff and glad she's doing so well hurry up with the name announcement grin

Don't worry about needing to go over the birth in detail. Dds was fairly straight forward, but I still went over it in my head for days after. I think it's totally normal to feel shocked, despite having been waiting for about the past 8 months! smile

JenFrankenstein Fri 12-Oct-12 13:46:39

I think that even the easiest sneeze birth in the world is still a traumatic experience for your body so going over it in your head is perfectly natural. I never expected a 4 day labour and an epidural with my severe needle phobia so that was a bit of a shock to the system.

Come over and see us here when you are ready and just jolly well tell us her name smile

Wowee fluff! What a lot of stuff to take in! Sounds like you're coping well though with everything - new baby and the digression from your birth plan. Hope you're feeling less sore soon and the newborn snuggles (with your super ADORABLE baby) are helping. So glad bf is going well too smile

I didn't have a CS with DS1 but can relate to a lot of what you're saying. I also was passing out between contractions because I was so exhausted. And similarly when it came to pushing time, just nothing happened. Did they tell you to push or did you get the urge? I never had the urge and interestingly my NCT teacher this time round said she thinks that in circumstances like that, when you're so tired, your body doesn't give you the urge to push because it needs a rest. But the MWs want you to start when you're 10cm but perhaps if they let you sleep for say an hour you might well wake up and want to push. Does that make sense? I was pushing for yonks and nowt happened but then forceps managed to pull him out but I suspect we weren't far from being sent off for a CS. And do you know what, at the time, I was so tired and fed up, I really was secretly hoping they would say CS so I didn't have to do any more blush. I know they are both difficult to recover from and there isn't an easy answer, but you know, at the time and being so tired, I just wanted him out and to not have to push anymore!

Oh and I'll add - second time around was totally different. 4 hours from waters breaking to newborn snuggles grin

JenFrankenstein Fri 12-Oct-12 13:51:12

Second time around you were a brooker Biscuits and telling us all about it while on the loo grin

TrickorTreatSweetie Fri 12-Oct-12 13:56:02

Popping in to wave at all PSEPP and give Fluff {{{hugs}}} you brave new mummy. You did AMAZEBALLS grin and the fb pictures are lovely.

<whispers> any names yet?

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Fri 12-Oct-12 14:00:22

Just had a good nosey quick look at you photos Fluff well done you, she is beautiful! And you look really well and relaxed considering what you described above.

Hope I look that good post birth, I suspect I will look far more car crash!

This is true Jen grin Gosh it's surprising how much detail I can share on here blush. I do hope I didn't gross everyone out too much blush

GreenOlives Fri 12-Oct-12 14:54:40

fluff Well done for getting thru that birthing experience - sounds knackering! But as you rightly say it would be worth doing it a hundred times over to get your beautiful girl - she is sooo gorgeous. Great to hear that feeding is going well too, she may have caused a few issues on her entrance to this world but she is clearly going to be impecably behaved from now on wink
cakes glad to hear you are enjoying motherhood too bruises sound ouchy tho! 12lbs is a great loss too, well done!

clickingtock Fri 12-Oct-12 14:57:56

Aw big hugs Fluff; totally sympathise with how you must feel. Birth is just this crazy experience - you can't anticipate it and it's hard to believe you lived through it - and if you're exhausted too it must be v overwhelming. In some ways I was like you with my HB in that I was v sick when contractions started and had the squits until empty and at the height of each contraction I was retching but with nothing coming out. However, I did manage to drink a lot of water which must have stayed down and kept me hydrated. And the contractions were working so that even though the pushing bit seemed much more about my head forcing me to do the work, rather than my body, I think the hardest part had already been achieved in the absence of a MW or anyone confusing me. So cool that the staff/MWs were brilliant; that's positive.

I just hope that you feel better soon. (Cakes too.) The fantastic thing - apart from the BLATANTLY obvious wonderousness of your boooootiful DD - is that you are doing well with BFing, what a joy for you all. Love your pics and your DH looks so PROUD - what a sweetheart.

Now <starts backing Fluff into a corner> tell us her name before we die of suspense! <poo-poos Sweetie's subtle whispering and starts cracking her knuckles and glowering>

Stacks - you are well within your rights to relax at work. I've been out of freelance work all summer so tbh was gagging to do some. Also DS is full-on (and amazing, but hard work) at the mo' so work is a bit of a refuge and he goes off to CM's where apparently he is an angel all day <thanks for that DS>. With pg1 I enjoyed meditating at work and reading positive birth stories. grin I don't think I was at all productive. Things are different now as I'm not in a nice comfy contract job...

No place like the loo for telling all Biscuits. Thanks for positive second birth story. Am hoping to get my 6-7-hour labour down to about 2 hours this time... Dream on Tock Keep reminding myself that it could go either way, as you just can never predict a birth, end of.

Waves and hugs to all.

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Fri 12-Oct-12 17:51:08

Please wise brooking ladies, for the love of all things right in the world, can someone explain how I can feel full as an egg from lunchtime still, but also have a rumbling hungry tum sadsad

Sorry that is all me me me, I have been reading and lurking and will catch up properly with name checks and everything soon.

Well done Fluff, sounds like you've been through the mill. Totally worth it though as you say. DD is gorgeous! I'm almost broody again.`

Blimey fluff that's a helluva story. Hope you're ok. You sound very matter of fact about it all. And she's gorgeous.

Happy weekend y'all.

Blimey fluff that's a helluva story. Hope you're ok. You sound very matter of fact about it all. And she's gorgeous.

Happy weekend y'all.

Wow Fluff! You're even more hardcore than I thought! I take my hat off to you, well done for getting through all of that. I hope you're enjoying your well-earned newborn snuggles right now, she's absolutely gorgeous! No Brooking for a super speedy recovery for you!

Back from hols in lovely Wales, had a great time but back still very bad and it stopped us doing as much as we would normally. Hey ho, physio starts on Tue.

No wifi so missed fluff's news so massive congratulations to you and mr fluff! Will check out fb in a min.

Tock, sorry you have been through trauma with your pain but glad it's nothing to worry about. Hope DP is back soon chuck.

Need to catch up with rest of thread now...

Having lovely newborn cuddles, thankyou! I always thought new mums were exaggerating when they said they were so busy they only got their morning shower at lunchtime. I had mine at 5pm today blush

whims I laughed so hard at 'bobbins disease' that my stitches hurt, shame on you wink but it's lovely they're taking such good care of you. I bet you get tonnes of scans too envy

Well done on your successful physio appointment little. My spd and a friend's both improved considerably in tri3 so I hope it works that way too.

Thankyou for the kind words everyone, I've really appreciated all your support smile hope everyone is doing well smile

Thanks cakes it's nice to hear it's going well for you! I feel like my innards are rattling around in a tummy that's too cavernous for them, it's quite unpleasant. Did you have that and did it pass? My milk's not in yet either, despite dd's weight doing well. The local bf counsellor says the section might delay it but I'm panicking anyway blush grin

And i can't remember who said their 2nd birth was an entirely different story (am on my mobile blush ) but thankyou thankyou thankyou! I've been a bit worried about that because I'm mad

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Sat 13-Oct-12 21:02:12

shock Wow fluff, I've only just caught up. You did brilliantly. You came through so much and you sound so together. Well blooming done!

It took 4 days for my milk to come in with DD (no section, but ended up in surgery afterwards) so I should hope that it will come in soon for you. You sound like you're doing great anyway, just don't push yourself to get back to normal too quickly. You've had major surgery, and need to let your DP and others look after you. thanks thanks thanks

Stacks Sat 13-Oct-12 22:33:52

Seems like ages since I posted last, been tired in the evenings so they just seem to slip past unnoticed. I had a nap this afternoon, which is the only reason I'm still awake now.
Well, we went ahead and bought a new car. Lots of money, but very nice. It's a 2011 model Kia Ceed, with lots of useless added extras, like separate climate control for the passenger and driver! It's also got excellent safety ratings, and isofix for baby seat, as well as a 6yr warranty (which I'm hoping will mean it never breaks down! Am I a bit optimistic?).

Fluff that's quite a birth story! Your DD is beautiful though, and you have a very proud looking DH there! I hope you can get everything straight in your head, and process all that drama into some sense. Tiredness and pain can do funny things to you - I know it's nowhere near the same(!), but when I had appendicitis I ended up in a weird place mentally after a night of pain and no sleep. I vividly remember how logical my very illogical thoughts seemed, and how incapable I was of thinking straight. I still can't argue with the decisions I made at that time, because they were right at the time, even though they seem silly now. I'm not sure that's at all useful or relevant, but it took ages to type and will take almost as long to delete on the iPad. Just ignore it if you like smile

I've forgotten everything else I was going to say, and everything else I've read on the thread. Sigh.

Thanks so much smegs and stacks smile I just remember thinking that the staff were all amazing, and I needed to trust them to do their jobs because I was in no fit state to argue and DH was getting seriously worried by the time we'd progressed to theatre. But all's well that ends well, as they say - and that's the main thing even if it has put the fear of god into me over a potential no.2 smile

Your car sounds fab stacks! A 6yr warranty is pretty good going <pretends to know what she's talking about> I'm sure it'll be a well-behaved and reliable little car for you both.

TheLittleFriend Sun 14-Oct-12 15:11:11

Hellooo everyone, hope you're all having good weekends.

I'm exhausted, manic weekend with me & dp trying to decorate bathroom and get ready for dd's third birthday on Tuesday. I'm rather impressed with my first attempt at cake decorating though grin. Off to get more food shopping now - we are seriously leaking money atm, and I can't see that getting any better with Xmas and a new baby round the corner confused

Oh, and there's excitement on the ttc thread, hopefully we have a new grad....

Ooh, thanks for the warning little

< races off to TTC thread >

Oooh fluff that sounds so dramatic, sounds like you were an absolute trooper and I am so pleased feeling is going well. Can you add a pic to your profile when you have a moment as I am not on facebook?

Waves to all the other brookers smile

itsMYNutella Mon 15-Oct-12 12:03:01

Congratulations to cake and fluff!! I agree with the others fluff totally normal that you need to process everything and allow yourself time to do that. I think it's the same for your brain as it is for your body, you've been through a lot and you need time to heal and get back to full flufftasticness I'm not on the FB group sad I want to see piccies!!! And know the name!! smile

I have been lingering but was so busy didn't have time to read everything properly and post. I've been in England for a few days visiting my family (last chance before baby arrives) and it was really lovely spending time with them. My nephew (10) and niece (6) both predict a boy. Niece also really wanted to feel the baby move and kept stroking the bump, DN did eventually wait long enough to feel baby and I think she generally is excited about there being a baby and one day the chance of being a bridesmaid (poor DP, as if there wasn't enough pressure already wink ).

Stacks Mon 15-Oct-12 15:29:28

I did some more nursery yesterday, and am aching a bit today for it. We decided on a colour to paint - a very nice sky blue. I was originally going to do 2 colours, but have decided on just one, with some murals painted by DSIL to break it up a bit. Also built the first bit of furniture - some chest of drawers. This week I'll maybe wash things and put them away, but I'm not sure. Surely if I wash them and put them in new Ikea drawers they're just going to smell like that new wood smell? I might just put everything in them for storage, and wash them closer to the time.
Given that we've just bought a car, and a new kitchen, I'm not sure what other furniture we're going to bother with just now. We're not really going to need a cot for a while right? I might look online for a (cheap, second hand) changing station, and maybe a rocking chair for feeding - again, second hand.
What's it like having a new born though? Am I going to go into the nursery specially to feed/dress/change baby, or is it more likely I'll just do it all on my bed beside the crib?

I wonder who our TTC graduate will be? If I get a chance later I'll go spy and see.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

TheLittleFriend Mon 15-Oct-12 15:52:02

stacks I did use the nursery for changing and dressing dd and somewhere to sit when needing a change of scene with her! I'm sure others do it all in the parents room to start with smile

I used the baby's room lots really stacks, for changing, feeding so I could look out of a different window, playing with all the little clothes...

Our bedroom wasn't very big, so there was only room for an extra moses basket and nothing else and the stinking nappy buckets were in the baby's room

Also, I'd put them in their moses basket in the cot for naps and things, and actually moved them out of our room quite quickly (noisy blighters) at 3, 6 and 10 weeks. The baby's room was only across the corridor, so hardly far away, but it meant i could actually sleep for the (short) time between feeds rather than lying awake enduring snuffling.

Tentatively marking place smile lurking for now!!

Stacks Mon 15-Oct-12 19:53:33

Hehe whim. I thought the snuffling was meant to be wonderful and endearing, not something to be "endured" grin

First post from iPhone 5 using mumsnet app. It's easier on a computer!

Stacks Mon 15-Oct-12 19:54:56

Grats Sparkle! Hope you get some confidence soon and start chatting smile

TheLittleFriend Mon 15-Oct-12 19:56:07

I was the same whims, couldn't have dd in with us past 9 weeks as it was like having a little pig snuffling away in the moses basket next to us! grin

Yup, we moved DD out of our room quite quickly too, less than three months in anyway, and everyone slept a lot better! I also did what Whim did and put the Moses inside the cot for naps so she would get used to the room and I think that probably made the transition from Moses to cot go more smoothly than it would have otherwise (at least for me, if not for her).

I didn't think I'd use a changing station stacks but having had a section i think one would've been super handy! Her room's just a glorified storage room at the moment though I must admit - though I'd give my left arm for a comfy feeding chair (something else i thought i wouldn't need, but the sofa's not really cutting the mustard).

I'll pop a photo up tomorrow - I can't really put the name on MN though as it'll stand out a mile for anyone that knows me irl!

Hope everyone's ok. We're trying infacol this evening after some very late nights / early mornings and gurgly tums. Wish us luck!

clickingtock Tue 16-Oct-12 01:14:09

4 months of DS in our bed nearly finished me off. Would actually have moved next door if I could have at that point. How can such a tiny creature take over the entire kingsize bed and sound like a herd of wild boar on the rampage you ask? Well Stacks you are about to find out. Our tiny nursery was a godsend. Next DC will suffer short shrift poor child. I blame DS entirely; he has blazed an unforgettable trail.

Wanted to ask Smegs if she's had any luck with her sproglet changing position?

Little, feel like we are bleeding money too. I think the prospect of 2 has panicked me a little. But am also going mad with house repairs, paranoia?

Nuts; so sweet about your DNs.


GreenOlives Tue 16-Oct-12 12:57:28

Im another one who couldn't bear the snuffling! DS went into his own room at 5 weeks so that I could at least get a tiny amount of sleep! I didn't have a nursing chair last time but I have just purchased one off Ebay for this time round as I really
struggled with back pain whilst breast feeding in an armchair last time the huge size of DS may have also contributed to this too

There's a little photo of DD here smile

(I'll probably delete them in a day or two, so get em while they're hot grin )

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Tue 16-Oct-12 18:26:08

Hullo. Lovely photos fluff - have to admit to having a squizz at your FB photos too, can't get enough pics of your beautiful DD!

tock I genuinely don't know if DC2 has turned yet - I'm getting kicked in all sorts of bizarre places, I'm starting to think I'll be giving birth to a giant spider confused. MW cancelled on me yesterday as she was attending an HB, so I'm really in the dark until we can reschedule.

DD was in with us for 4 months, then in her own room off and on until 6 months when she moved in properly. TBH I wanted her in there after the first couple of weeks, she was the noisiest sleeper ever! Besides the snuffling and grunting she shouted in her sleep, which always made me laugh as it was accompanied by 'rave arms', but not so good for me getting some rest.

I couldn't co-sleep with her, sadly. I intended to, but the after the third time of her punching me in the face I realised that it just wasn't to be <sigh>

JenFrankenstein Tue 16-Oct-12 18:50:31

I have a quiet sleeper here. DD is 20 weeks (!) and still in with us. I'm going to miss her when she goes in a room on her own. All her nappy changes happen in the nursery, all her clothes are in there too. I use her cot as my changing station, will obviously stop when she starts sleeping in there.

Arf at "rave arms"!!

Dd is so far quite a quiet sleeper, though she snuffles for half hour before waking properly for a feed - which tbh is nicer than being woken by wailing.

Hi sparks! smile

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Tue 16-Oct-12 23:18:16

We had ds2 in with us for about 5 months, he was such a quiet sleeper, fx I will be as lucky with baby boo [hopeful deluded emotion]

Currently listening to teen boo talking in his sleep the workings of a teenage mind <shudder>

Quick question, is preggo insomnia a real thing, not been able to get to sleep for a few days now, and when I wake for a pee I take ages to get to sleep again, don't remember this from last time. I am starting to whittle about my scan on Monday so perhaps that is why?? Have any of you had the same?

Yep to the insomnia boo. I'm borderline narcoleptic all day, then wandering around tidying the kitchen at 4am. Stoopid. And feeling zonked today after a night watching Rocky with the 2yo last night.

Stacks Wed 17-Oct-12 08:16:29

I had insomnia early on, but was quite lucky as it came with a sort of energy. I was getting about 4hrs sleep a night, but felt fine all day confused normally I need a min of 8hrs to feel human.

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Wed 17-Oct-12 10:14:11

Well at least I'm normal then, had an awful night sleep sad Mr boo was lovely though, he got teen boo to school and toddly boo his breakfast, I have only been up for half an hour smile feel a lot better for it. Very envy of the energy you ladies have, I hope to feel more like that soon.

clickingtock Wed 17-Oct-12 11:18:19

I have a waking problem too, Boo/Whims*/*Stacks - around 3-5am. As I start to drop off again, DS wakes up. Is it hormones (mine obviously; DS wakes up after 11hrs sleep if he goes down at 7.30, text book)?

Hi to Sparks and a v warm welcome.

Smegs - hope s/he settles down. I feel a bit the same; some v strange movements going on with me, but I'm, what, 6wks behind you, so it's to be expected really though still q freaky from time to time. You are spot on about giant spiders. grin Couldn't you be seen by another MW? I have never seen the same one twice with this pg.

Feel very sad today. No idea why; as it seems unconnected to anything, though I hate dropping DS at creche (2x week, 8hrs total) - he gets upset before we even arrive (knows the way). But tbh I woke up feeling blue. Will have to persevere with creche as I'm expecting to work 3 days a week some time before Christmas (when the work is finally delivered). Poor old DS; he just doesn't like it but does like his CM. I guess I should just fork out some extra cash for him to go there? <cringes at thought of spending £50 more per week, tight wad>

Has your milk come in ok now Fluff? Lovely that your DD is a nice quiet sleeper; just what you need now that birth is over.


Sorry you feel blue tock - some days you just have to ride it out, I find, and know tomorrow will be better.

Verdict from the breastfeeding forum is that my milk is in, judging by dd's nappies and her fading jaundice, but that I've skipped the engorgement stage (which I didn't realise you could do). Which is a massive relief smile

Fluffster I've never had engorgement with either DS. Glad your milk is in though and without any trouble smile

TheLittleFriend Wed 17-Oct-12 15:48:33

fluff I remember stressing when dd was about a week old that my milk wasn't in, only to find out that it was and I just hadn't noticed blush Lucky to escape engorgement by the sound of it.

tock hope you're feeling perkier now smile

I've just had my second physio. Not going back for 6 weeks as I'm feeling it's a bit pointless atm. Pelvis is pretty bad right now, just fed up of hearing that 'there's not much they can do'. I know that!

little I'm sorry to hear it's that bad sad

Dd has been feeding since 1.30pm. I've watched all my taped episodes of Downton Abbey and I'm losing feeling in my left bum cheek confused

Little sorry to hear that about your physio. I've got my appointment tomorrow re my back and I'm desperately hoping they can help, but I bet I get the same sort of response.

Fluff great news that you have your milk and do enjoy the BF'ing and cuddles! Hope you can get up soon! I am really looking forward to BF'ing again (is that weird?) - I just felt so useful while doing it and it was lovely to gaze at little DD's face as she fed!

Tock and Boo sorry re the insomnia. I've had nights like that too, but thankfully not needing to get up for a wee in the night anymore and long may it continue.

Smegs how are you feeling now? Hope you're feeling a bit better.

TheLittleFriend Wed 17-Oct-12 18:05:49

gen I can't wait to breast feed again either. Or certainly after the first few weeks, when it does tie you to the sofa a bit... smile

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Wed 17-Oct-12 18:26:17

Ooh I am hoping to bf this time, I did when I had teen boo, but toddly boo was just too poorly when he was born and I had to express for him, when he was well enough he just would not latch on, couldn't sustain expressing either so he was a bottle baby sad Fingers crossed for baby boo.

Little sorry to hear about the physio

Fluff did you watch all the Downton? I cried like baby at last Sunday's sad good news about your milk.

Right I'm off to a boxing class tonight, then a nice warm bath, I WILL sleep!! I brook no argument on that!

<Leaves horlicks and warm milk for the other insomniacs>

GreenOlives Wed 17-Oct-12 18:35:46

Very jealous of you ladies who didn't get engorged! I remember waking up on day 4 post DS with ridiculously huge knockers - they looked like 2 half melons stuck on my chest - they even stayed pointing up when I was laid on my back. I looked like a surgically enhanced porn star! grin Poor DS couldn't latch on because they were so rock hard so DH had to do an emergency dash to Boots to get a breast pump to relieve some pressure! I just remember it being excruciating! So although im also looking forward to bfeeding again im hoping to miss that stage this time round!

Sorry to hear that backs and pelvises are still causing problems, im also back to physio tom although I think my support belt may have improved things a bit.

Waves to all.

GreenOlives Wed 17-Oct-12 18:37:47

P.s also sorry to hear about insomnia too - brooking for a good nights sleep for all! Xx

I'm also jealous of those who skipped engorgement! I was the opposite end of the spectrum, it lasted TEN days for me! So excruciating! I looked like an anime character, or the decorative token female in a sci-fi movie! grin

No Brooking for all those with back/hips issues. Good luck with your physio, it really is worth keeping up the exercises between visits, it won't reverse the problem but it'll hopefully prevent it from worsening as you get bigger. You have my utmost sympathy, the SPD was hands down the worst part of my pg. It all vanished within days of my elcs though!! There is hope!

Forgive my lack of knowledge, but who is next, and when?

clickingtock Wed 17-Oct-12 20:18:47

Smegs soon, then Stacks, then Nutella just before New Year-ish. <glances nervously round room in case she's missed someone> Me in early Jan followed by Whims, Gen and Little <hm, not sure tho>, and Olives is not far behind them. When are you Boo? Sorry if that's wrong - all off the top of my head!

I love b-fing too, tho the marathon sofa sessions will be off the cards with DS, and am hoping I can master the b-fing in a sling while keeping DS out of trouble. I'm glad he will be nearly 3 and all the positive praise, star charts, treats... and threats of no TV, no treats etc should be fully established systems and infallible <haha, as if>. Well, I'm doing my best I guess.

N-night brookers (and good morning Fluff, when you get there grin>

TheLittleFriend Wed 17-Oct-12 20:36:45

far before smegs!

And bartlet is due same day as me smile

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Wed 17-Oct-12 21:33:49

End of April for me, I will have a due date on Monday, it is 12 week scan day smile

Oh boo how exciting! Brooking for a fab scan smile

I'm a week behind because my crap digibox will only tape the repeat hmm but thanks for the heads up - I'll make sure I watch it when dh's at work so he can't laugh at me!

Dh has a job interview tomorrow, I'd really appreciate some brooking - he really wants it for the experience and the challenge and it would mean more breathing space when it comes to me going back to work too. Our fingers toes and eyes are all firmly crossed!

Ooh, brooking for mrFluff and Boo (very impressed with the boxing!)
How's the numb bumb fluff? I used to get cramp in my shoulders from the marathon sessions, and read through the whole Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. Probably about 2400 pages!

Nothing to report here at Whimsical Heights really. a rather tiring day without DS3's lunchtime nap and a sore arm after yesterday's flu jab.

Hope you perked up as the day went on tock and have a better day tomorrow.

Currently up every hour for over an hour whims and becoming a dab hand at left handed texting! I've decided i need a sling so i can go hands free and knit grin and I'm currently working my way through the final Game of Thrones book. But truth be told I'd much rather be asleep grin

I think I am next, am 38 weeks, is that right, if so mega scary!!! Gah!!
Desperately trying to get though the last 2 days of work, its a struggle as am so tired and have legs like sausages by the end of the day.
I also sympathise with all the insomnia, I feel very restless for most of the night and wake every 2/3 hours, good training perhaps!
fluff you sound on amazing form and she is gorgeous. Brooking for DH job interview.
little you poor thing, just checking you are not swimming are you? I had terrible pelvic pain until I stopped swimming breast stroke and it feels so much better now.

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Thu 18-Oct-12 08:50:54

Ooh Fluff brooking for Mr F's interview, hope it goes very well. Also brooking you can catch more than an hour of sleep at a time. Here let me make you a brew

Morning everyone else. My master plan worked smile a good boxing class, hot bath and a bit of a read, apparently I was snoring by 11 (though I think I was more likely to be peacefully slumbering) and didn't wake up in the night smile don't worry Fluff I do realise this is some of the last sleep I will be getting for a while wink

I was up til 4am, sob! Then again at 7 and now at 9... Good job she's cute...

Fluff I am brooking for MrFluff's iterview - knock their socks off! BF'ing is hard, especially at first, but it also has its benefits and I don't just mean the health benefits, I'm talking about being tied to the sofa like Little said! Hee hee.

Ooh Far I knew you were soon! Hope your last two days fly by and you get a bit of peace before MiniFar pops out. Are you all sorted at home, or do you have loads of jobs to do? Make the most of the last two weeks relaxing!

Far, Smegs, Stacks and Nutella pop before Christmas (I think). Then I think me, Tock and Whim are all early/mid Jan, then Little, Bartlet and Olives are all mid-Feb, so we have a steady stream of brooking babies for the next few months.

Had my physio today and the verdict is that I have knackered my back. I have crutches for at least a week so that the joint can relax a bit and hopefully start to move back into place, then they will reassess it and see what exactly is wrong. I think it's so stiff and 'wrong' at the moment it was hard for her to see exactly what needs to be done. I have been given some instructions like moving around regularly, but always using the crutches when I have to walk and using my pelvic floor muscles every time I stand up, turn over etc. I found it very useful and she was lovely, so I'm hopeful this will get better as I'm fed up being 'disabled'! I know I shouldn't moan though, things could be so much worse.

clickingtock Thu 18-Oct-12 10:55:49

Nutella might slip into 2013 as she's due 28 Dec... NHS have me due for 3 Jan but I predict a bit later. Isn't it a matter of days between Gen and Whims? Sorry I missed you Far - haven't seen you on here for ages that's my excuse anyhoo. Keep strong and positive in your last weeks - it makes all the difference to your head for the birth. You will rock anyhow! Can't wait to meet your baby.

That all sounds about right Fluff - marvellous going; try to get 40 winks whenever you can <says she who failed miserably at catnapping with DS in the early days as was too excited by having a baby to gaze at!> smile I suppose you could see it this way: at least you don't have a toddler to contend with too! smile Mind you I personally hope that I don't have to fix bottles and that can b-f successfully as I think bottles would be trickier to organise if DS was playing up. I watched all 5 series of the Wire in DS's first year during b-fing; don't think I'll be so lucky this time around. Brooking for Mr Fluff btw.

Gen - your poor back (and poor you, more to the point). Sounds v serious. I really hope that the crutches help. Well done for being positive!

Little - brooking for you, sounds v tough.

Boo - you're making the tea and cake for us all today then, as you are so refreshed by your deep sleep? grin

Frootloopz Thu 18-Oct-12 11:19:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

clickingtock Thu 18-Oct-12 12:52:46

Oops we missed you too didn't we Froot. Congrats on 16wks. How can you not look pg? That's impressive. Are they deffo stretch marks? I don't get 'em, have been told it's genetic. But most people's seem to go after pregnancy.

Good luck to Mr Froot - it's v bad luck to lose job when a new baby is coming. Poor both of you.


clickingtock Thu 18-Oct-12 12:53:10

Have just had a jab in either arm btw. Ouch.

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Thu 18-Oct-12 13:02:50

brew brew brew brew brew brew brew brew brew brew brew brew brew brew brew brew brew brew brew brew

Also leaves a selection of cup cakes and muffins

Let me know when we run out grin

Tock hope your arms feel better soon, was that wc and flu? I can't have the flu one yet as my gp has had no vaccine delivered smile (I'm in no rush, don't like needles much)

Brooking for MrFroot's job situation - hope he is made permanent soon. You'll be feeling movements soon, which will make you feel more pregnant!

Eek Tock poor you. Got my WC vaccine next week, already had the flu jab.

<snaffles one of Boo's cakes>

What have I done, brookers?! I've been reading the winter baby thread in pregnancy, then went to Google fleece blankets and sleepsuits - too cute. It's made me all broody! I love it when you've got your baby all ready for bed in a cosy sleepsuit and you're having that last cuddle of the night - aaaah!

Frootloopz Thu 18-Oct-12 15:31:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Frootloopz Thu 18-Oct-12 15:32:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ohh my flu jab made me soo tired for about 3 days!

Oh dear gen - I hope the crutches work. Is it pregnancy inflicted, will it go once you pop, or an ongoing problem?
Brooking MrFroot gets made permanent, what awful timing sad

As further evidence of the power of brooking though (as if we needed any) MrFluffy has got the job! He said the interview went better than he could have hoped and he'd have hired him too grin

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Thu 18-Oct-12 18:52:08

Oh Fluff that is fabulous news, well done Mr f!

Brooking for Mr Froot too.

Whilst we are doing brooking for our fella's do you think Mr b could have some, he lost his job in July and has an interview on Monday he could finally be out of the house grin Ta

Hope you enjoyed the brew and cakes

TheLittleFriend Thu 18-Oct-12 19:23:40

Great news fluff! Well done to your hubby (though I'm sure it was the power of brooking wink)
You hang in there with those sleep deprived nights, it sounds like your doing such a great job. Makes you see why sleep deprivation is a form of torture though! smile

Good luck to mrfrootz and mrboo

gen sounds like your back is really bad, I hope the crutches give you some relief.

clickingtock Thu 18-Oct-12 19:53:44

Just wanted to say thanks to Smegs - my copy of 'playful parenting' has arrived just in the nick of time if you ask me. Yesterday DS was an angel - today everything has been tricky and we had 'an argument' as I call it when he is being really challenging and I'm not coping v well. I think the jabs - flu and WC - will have had an impact. Feel utterly shattered. Although DP returns from Africa on Sat I don't think he'll feel up to much until Mon when he has to go back to work. Can't expect anything else really. Let's hope DS is on good form for DP and we have a relaxing w'e.

Fab about Mr Fluff. Brooking for Mr Boo.

Brooking for MrBoo smile

Fluff - yay! Great news re MrF's job! My back is bad because I slipped over nearly 4 weeks ago and did something to it, so it's not preggo related at all. I'm just hoping it will be sorted before minicola arrives as I'm pretty immobile at the moment.

Brooking for MrBoo and still brooking for MrFroot. I don't know re coats, but you could get a thick jacket and then I'd probably have a hat and blanket to put on baby when in the pram, which you can easily remove when you go inside anywhere. Babies get hot quite easily, so you need to keep uncovering them when you go inside!

Ooh Tock sounds tough having to manage on your own with challenging behaviour and sore arms/tiredness from the vaccinations. Is your chest thing totally better now? Hope DP comes back nice and refreshed so he can help.

clickingtock Fri 19-Oct-12 11:17:12

Thanks Gen - it's been a bit tougher than I expected, but DS responded well to playing at putting his talking socks on this morning, instead of refusing to get dressed at my request, so I feel that we have a way forward together which will involve better tempers and less conflict. Just have to keep up the new approach. MW found my iron level is slightly low at 10.0 so that might explain why I'm feeling rather weary. Have to sort it (and have ordered the Floradix) as apparently they get a bit twitchy about low iron levels and homebirths.

Having a fall in pregnancy is rotten luck for you, as I think your body is in a changed state so a bit more vulnerable. Brooking for you that it's sorted well before Christmas and that you are allowed some rest. Your OH being a support?

Layers and fleece products are great for winter babies, although they need frequent nappy changes so layers can be a pain. I find the sling is great at keeping us both warm and means you can avoid tricksy snowsuits (which I think are much better for active toddlers than babies). smile Our DS had v little hair for year 1 so a hat was essential.


Frootloopz Fri 19-Oct-12 11:45:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ooo tock, you must feel rotten with levels like that. Mine were 10.4 in pregnancy and I felt like poo; they were 10.2 after birth and I'm on 400mg iron a day so they really do dose you up for it.

Oh no gen! I really hope your back improves with the crutches, what awful timing.

clickingtock Fri 19-Oct-12 14:34:53

Really Fluff? I didn't realise that it would have that much impact... Have been feeling a bit low is all and am tired, but have been a single parent for a fortnight so thought that would be why... Plus jabbed double y'day. Not been the easiest couple of weeks, I guess. Floradix ordered up. Are you feeling better for the doses?


clickingtock Fri 19-Oct-12 14:40:39

Forgot to mention that the baby is head down already (29wks), which is positive. Just need the little spider to stay that way up. grin

clickingtock Fri 19-Oct-12 17:48:01

Hey - isn't it Far's last day at work?! Happy maternity leave Far - I hope you have a lovely, relaxing time and get all those bits and bobs done that you want out of the way. And get your feet up. Stacks next then? xxx

Yay for head down babies! Yes I really knew about it when I was anaemic during pregnancy; luckily the loss was sudden during delivery this time and they started me on iron immediately so I've not been too bad this time. I'm sure it's exhausting single parenting but I bet you feel a lot better with some iron, too smile

Hi ladies, I have my first pregnancy related question, cus given how gross I feel this morning there is no denying I'm diffed!! When did you all tell people? We've agreed to wait until the 12 week scan but that seems like suck a long time away (in reality it's only 6/7 weeks!)

Also is the general aching all over thing normal? I feel like I've done 10 rounds with Tyson!!

Thanks brookers, pretty sure I'll have a gazillion questions to ask before too long smile

TheLittleFriend Mon 22-Oct-12 08:02:00

Morning spark smile
IMO the achiness is normal, I felt generally terrible til about 10 weeks. We told parents at about 7 weeks but everyone else after the dating scan. Some people did guess because I felt rough, but I didn't want to have to discuss it with people yet
I would say do whatever feels right for you and your dh x

Hope everyone's well smile

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Mon 22-Oct-12 08:03:55

Morning, just a quick one Sparks we told nearest family and best friends early on, everyone else can wait until after the scan (about an hour then smile) we chose who to tell early by those being the people we would go to if anything went wrong.

Don't know about the aches, sorry.

Catch up later.

TheLittleFriend Mon 22-Oct-12 08:21:38

Good luck with the scan boo smile

Yay sparks! We didn't tell anyone til after my scan either (about 13 weeks) because I was worried about it but in retrospect I think I'd have liked to have told my mum - but then dh would have wanted to tell MIL and she can't keep a secret for toffee grin

Hope you feel less achey soon smile

Good luck boo!

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Mon 22-Oct-12 12:12:53

Scan went well, baby boo is 12+3 smile I will read back and catch up properly later.

Thanks ladies, I'm back in bed, still trying to get used to this eating little and often thing!!

Congrats boo you must be thrilled!!

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Mon 22-Oct-12 13:04:18

Hullo. Boo congratulations on scan! Yay for you and baby boo!

Sparks welcome to updiffedness and all of the related delights thanks. We waited till 12 weeks both times to tell everyone - it was difficult keeping it quiet the first time round, second time we managed just fine, no-one knew! It helped that I was a lot further along than we realised, of course grin

tock congrats and envy on babytock being head down! Goodness knows which way up spidersmegs is, but I don't think it's suitable for the traditional exit route, IYKWIM sad How is DS at the moment? I hope Playful Parenting is useful, I know it's very american in tone but it seems to work for us. Although DD is being very unsettled at the moment, poor mite. We're trying to give her loads of time and attention, but I worry that will count against us when the baby's here!

And in other news...I've got a thread in Discussions of the Day! I started it on Friday, forgot about it, clicked on just now and got a shock to see my own post! We really need a [smug] emoticon to convey how my face looks right now grin

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Mon 22-Oct-12 14:14:15

PS <waves> at everyone else. God, I'm knackered. This 8 months pregnant lark is more tiring than I remember the first time round.

itsMYNutella Mon 22-Oct-12 15:14:55

Congrats smug Smegs smile what was your discussion?

I don't think I've posted in a while, but I have been lurking grin I am shattered! Fast approaching week 31 and now that I can count down on my fingers (I do have the correct 10 - in total - fingers and thumbs before anyone starts wondering) I am really starting to freak out!
Probably not helped by the bean having recently subscribed to some new exercise regimen which involves squirming around when meet people or when I lie down on bed to go to sleep... I don't mind a bit of squirming and it's good to know the bean is good but blimey he (can't call it "it") has some stamina!!

Is it normal?? The other night I tried some humming from my pregnancy yoga when he wouldn't stop doing somersaults; it was brilliant actually. The bean seemed to settle, DP went straight off to sleep and so did I... We all had a really good nights sleep confused

Problem is I can't hum at work or a cafe or on public transport...

itsMYNutella Mon 22-Oct-12 15:15:48

sorry, me me me post!

Hope you feel better Sparkle! Sounds like another normal pregnancy symptom to me! smile

itsMYNutella Mon 22-Oct-12 15:16:44

oh, and I've just seen Boo's post, congrats on the scan!!!

TheLittleFriend Mon 22-Oct-12 15:25:14

Great news boo, congratulations

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Mon 22-Oct-12 16:14:29

Nutella, I too have a disco-dancing baby grin. I've taken to going to bed a good half-hour before I would normally, in order to give it time to calm down and stop impersonating the chest-burster from Alien. That's really the only advice I've got! Your yoga-humming sounds like a good idea too. I used to sing quietly to DD but it doesn't work with this one.

My thread is the 'Parentbrain' one - although it's a slight misnomer as I did this sort of thing before DD came along too grin I thought I was bad, but some people have done some amazing things when their brain has been elsewhere. I particularly liked the story involving the french stick and the kettle...

Frootloopz Mon 22-Oct-12 16:32:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Mon 22-Oct-12 17:26:09

Hi all, I have a bit more time to post now, what a day, we had our appointment at 9, at 8.45 on our way up a steep hill towards the hospital my car conked out, we had to wait (with my full pre scan bladder) until 10.15 for the breakdown fella to come and get the car, we finally got a bus up to the hospital after my car was collected (I just threw the keys at the recovery driver and pegged it to the nearest bus stop) and reached anti natal for 10.30, bladder full to bursting, they got me straight in for my scan, and would you believe it, baby boo was in the wrong position and I was advised to actually have a pee to get it to move, finally after 20 mins of walking the corridors baby boo co operated and the scan was very lovely, and wriggly, and baby is waving in the picture smile

I will have a read back and catch up as soon as possible.

Stacks Mon 22-Oct-12 18:33:28

Just a quick post from me, got my first preg yoga session tonight, but I'm feeling exhausted. Hoping there will be lots of eyes closed and relaxing happening smile

Sparks, early pg tiredness and aching are familiar though the aches passed quickly for me. Tiredness took longer, till about 8-10w when I suddenly noticed I could get all the way to 10pm without nodding off on the sofa grin

Boo, glad you had a good scan, though sorry to gear about the car! Hope it's not expensive to fix. Will you be putting your scan pic on your profile?

I also have a disco dancing baby bean, he's been pretty much in the same position for the last month or so, but I think he must be doing a kind of corkscrew somersault (or 10) every evening. He also has a good jiggle around when I lay down to sleep. Luckily he's not kept me awake at all though.

Posting from memory on phone, and have forgotten what else I read. So waves to all.

clickingtock Mon 22-Oct-12 18:36:38

Congrats to Boo! Nice and dramatic.

Nuts - no idea how to calm these wrigglers. I too have the nighttime frenetics. Feels like s/he's been turning full somersaults recently. Smegs - head down for now but concerned that there's still plenty of time to turn the wrong way again.

Love 'Playful parenting' Smegs - it's been a huge help. Bit sad though as I realise that I deffo didn't have this sort of childhood which is why I was coming a-cropper with DS' more challenging behaviour. Sorry your DD is struggling. I hope things calm down for her. DS seems the same though he loves babies, so
hopefully that will stand him in good stead.

TTFN everyone else.


froot my midwife appointment is 12th November, I'll be 8+2, not sure she my scan is but I assume it'll be a couple of weeks after that!!

boo what a drama!! Glad all went well though

Hello everyone. I wrote a lovely long post earlier and name checked lots of people and all of that sort of good MNer sort of stuff, and the blinking internet ate it.

So now I'm watching Muppets in Space with my big boys and considering a trip to Ikea tomorrow after my scan. Good or bad idea d'you reckon?

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Mon 22-Oct-12 21:18:48

So it looks like DD may have chicken pox...


TheLittleFriend Mon 22-Oct-12 21:55:00

Oh no smegs, hope she is ok. Brooking for a mild case. And of course hope you've had it?
It might explain her difficult behaviour you mentioned earlier though? She might have been feeling off colour a while if she's been incubating it.

Totally different topic but does anyone know when it is your supposed to stop sleeping on your back? I am more now than before I was preg confused

Poor smegs hope she's ok!!

I had a horribly awful night kept having hot flashes and feeling really dizzy, even while lying down! And I just couldn't stop panicking!!! I'm going to pop to the docs later and just air some of my concerns!! Currently lying in bed trying to decide if I want to go to work or not! Regretting wishing for PG symptoms now!!

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Tue 23-Oct-12 10:05:44

Ok...DD is fine confused Last night she was very unsettled and I had to change her pj's as she'd sweated through them - hence noticing that her torso had some raised red bumps on it. They didn't look like bites, they genuinely looked like CP.

This morning - gone! DD was quite cheerful and went off to nursery as she clearly isn't coming down with anything apart from maybe some mild sniffles. I don't think I'll ever understand kids and their ailments.

My MW cancelled again this morning (HM somewhere else in London). I'm starting to feel like I won't actually see anyone till I give birth. I hope I see her soon, the last time I saw her I was 27 weeks and now I'm 35, going on 36!

itsMYNutella Tue 23-Oct-12 10:46:36

Smegs thats crazy! I see my lady doctor (Gynae) every four weeks and they are about to bump it up to every two weeks - but I'm hoping to alternate between lovely midwife (who will come round to my flat and visit me - sounds cosy) and the Dr's.
The yoga humming worked again last night (thank goodness) grin although it probably takes about 8 long hums with the occasional break for a bit of normal breathing in-between it does seem to be really relaxing (also try and "visualise" both bean and I being very calm and feeling very relaxed) and gives me a really good sleep afterwards... I'm really not someone who would normally lay in bed and hum to myself... honest!

Little The Dr told me that after 24 weeks you shouldn't sleep on your back. At my birthing class a few of the preggos asked again because you will, quite normally, wake up on your back and panic confused... the midwife explained that: even if you are way beyond 24 weeks and find you have been sleeping on your back you should be fine.
What happens (apparently) is the baby might be laying across a blood vessel. If big enough and in the right place the baby can restrict the blood supply to either mummy's brain or to itself, but there is a built in defence that if this is happening it makes you feel unwell and you will naturally turn over onto your side. Even in your sleep.
I'm not a Dr - or other medical professional - but that explanation was good enough for me smile

itsMYNutella Tue 23-Oct-12 10:47:31

Oh smegs the two weeks is from 32 weeks onwards - currently edging into week 31

clickingtock Tue 23-Oct-12 14:14:26

Smegs - still surprised that you get to see the same MW. Isn't there anyone else for you to check in with just for blood pressure etc? Or did you decide to go with an IM in the end? Nuts - sounds like you get v good treatment there. Like I say, I have not seen the same midwife twice in 6/7 appointments and probably won't, even though I'm booking in for a HB. That's just how it is though and I'm not moaning just aware that a complete stranger will probably attend my precious birth of a much-wanted brooking baby, touch wood all goes well.

Sorry to hear you are tired and that DD has had some mystery rash, *Smegs(. I think the pg is deffo tougher with a toddler to manage love all day as well. But that may be my age speaking rather than my parenting challenges.

I feel a bit cack if I lie on my back for more than a couple of minutes; lying on my side is much more comfy. I think your body does all these things instinctively myself...

Loving the Muppets, Whims. I got the pirates/muppets DVD for DS but he's scared of it. Wallace and Grommit however not scary - which is quite odd because there's quite a lot of rough slapstick, especially in 'A matter of loaf or death'. Perhaps 2.8 is too young but I find it so much more edifying than 'In the night garden' smile


ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Tue 23-Oct-12 16:48:48

I think this time round (especially with the HB) everyone's very relaxed about me. Apart from me! Anyway, MW rang back and FX, she's coming over tomorrow morning. I've still got to get the Group B Strep test results, but according to my GP I'm all clear thanks to anti-bios.

It's probably the postcode lottery, tock. I saw the same community midwife all the way through pregnancy with DD as well, although since she was born in hospital I had a completely unknown midwife or five. Different areas of london clearly have different systems.

Nuts I am shock at how often you see your midwife! That's really thorough.

Re: sleeping, I spend most of my time on my left side anyway, as that seems to be the most comfortable position. Agree with tock that if I lie on my back I feel a bit dodgy, so reasonably confident that I'm not rolling onto my back when asleep. Dream genii is a bit hit and miss these days, it's making me feel far too hot and grotty in bed.

whims I love the Muppets! Have you seen Muppet Treasure Island?! It's hilarious!

itsMYNutella Tue 23-Oct-12 17:24:21

Awww I love the muppets! I miss simple stuff like going to the movies and watching a movie in English (but we have sky so when good stuff comes on I can switch the language and will record stuff I like)... although we are planning a night out with some friends to see the new James Bond in English <very excited emoticon>

Smegs and tock the odd bit is you can find and choose your midwife, who works freelance, but she isn't allowed in the hospital to be at your birth confused. Although she can do all your appointments before (I go to the Dr at the mo) and your "wochenbett" - the week you are meant to spend in bed after the baby - and will keep visiting you regularly for baby's first 8 weeks... Helps with breastfeeding and other baby bits. It is great and I'm very pleased to have the opportunity!

TheLittleFriend Tue 23-Oct-12 18:45:56

Wow nuts, that sounds like great aftercare.
I've luckily seen the same community Mw for all appointments so far this time, but I suppose there is nothing they can do if they have to attend a hb.
I was disappointed last time though, as the 3 home visits I had after dd was born were with 3 different mws, none were the local community ones, and none from the hospital dd was born at either. But they were all very nice luckily for me smile

Evening all. I'm just undergoing what constitutes a serious domestic crisis: our oven doesn't seem to make baked potatoes. In other news, I had a lovely scan today. My dates are bang on for 13th January, and the baby is over a kilo, so essentially viable. Not that it's coming out yet!

Not head down though like tocks obedient bean!

Sorry, I had intended to do a whole long name checky thingy, but then DS3 came and jumped on me asking for a cuddle (most unusual) which had the result of squeezing poo out of the back of his nappy, and then supper was ready and now it's one Bob the builder and bed time. Mr Whim is off at some ambassador's reception tonight, so it's all down to me. He better bring me back a present.

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Wed 24-Oct-12 00:26:18

Oh please let him bring you a Ferrero Rocher grin


Chance, smegs would be a fine thing. Meant to say (well, I did say, but then the internet ate it) how much I'm enjoying your discussion of the day. I've done many of them! especially the pouring stock down the sink then looking at the sieve full of gnarly carcass and manky veg and thinking how good it smells. Hope you get to sleep soon!

Whim what did he bring you?

Smeg Is it bad that I do stuff like that and I'm not a parent?! I once drained spagetti over the over, not the sink.

Feel super duper gross today, but better than yesterday, how did you all cope with MS? I've be told by my doc to try peppermint tea, eating small and often, drinking lots of fluids and getting plenty of sleep.

Whim we are due date buddies! I bet I'm late though as 'my' date was 18 Jan, the scans have put me at 13 Jan though. Hope you finally got your Ferrero Rocher.

Tock I love it when I can persuade DD to watch something I quite like too. She has recently started liking The Simpsons, which is so much better than most of the childrens' programmes. I have also managed to get her to watch most of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (the old one with Gene Wilder). She also loves a film called Ponyo, which would be right up Stacks' street.

Smegs wow you don't have long to go now! Hope your MW showed up today.

Nuts I think we are going on a date night this weekend to see James Bond - so excited!

Sparks, that's all good advice. Try things like crackers or plain biscuits to keep your stomach reasonably full. MS always seems worse when you're hungry.

I've been for another physio session. My back is improving, but they think the fall I had has knocked a joint out of place, so this morning they have been trying to push it back in (ouch). I now have some exercises to do and have to stay on the crutches for now. I do feel a bit better though and less fed up about it, which is good!

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Wed 24-Oct-12 10:17:22

Sparks I had the tea and ate little and often, but I also got some of those bands that you can use for travel sickness, they work on your acupuncture points on your wrist. They are good but are also easily seen unless you wear long sleeves.

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Wed 24-Oct-12 10:20:49

Sparks I have just thought about my bands, I would be happy to send them to you to try if you want? My ms is almost none existent now.

boo that would be amazing, I'm actually having an issue with travel sickness anyway, or atleast my MS is worse when Im in a car!

Gen you poor thing, having a bad back and being diffed must be awful!! and crutches too, what a pain... literally!!!

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Wed 24-Oct-12 10:37:16

smile pm me your address and I will send them post haste.

Sorry you are having difficulty with ms, but it is also kind of nice too.

Gen are the crutches helping at all? What is next, more physio? Hope you feel better soon.

JenFrankenstein Wed 24-Oct-12 10:48:12

Sparks don't worry if none of the suggestions work for you. My MS was awful; all day, every day for 9 weeks. The only food that settled my stomach was greasy stuff. Just try to eat anything you feel like until you find what works for you. They way I saw it, if it is going to come up again anyway it may as well be something nice grin

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Wed 24-Oct-12 10:51:43

Sparks the short answer is I didn't really cope very well. Sorry! Things that helped were getting lots of sleep, drinking lots of fluids, eating little and often (crackers are great) and sucking on homemade ice lollies. Grapefruit was a good flavour, as was cranberry and lime. Sharp flavours were better all round actually, I think I ate my bodyweight in the Natural Confectionary Co's sour snakes! Some people have success with taking a B6 supplement, but since I was already on a mega dose it was pointless for me. Oh, and yes I did loads of that 'brain-disengaged' stuff before I was a parent, I did say that the Parentbrain tag was a misnomer! Still shock at the poster who nearly blended her boob!

Gen poor you, that sounds so painful. At least the treatment seems to be working. DD is probably a little young for Willy Wonka, and seems to have a 10 second attention span anyway! I really can't wait until she's old enough for the films I loved as a child, but I suspect it will be a long time till stuff like The Princess Bride and The Goonies is age-appropriate not that it stopped my brother and I. Wallace & Gromit sounds like a good idea though, tock - I might have to dig out The Wrong Trousers! Feathers McGraw is brilliant grin

Whim seriously, how can he go to the Ambassador's Reception and NOT get a Ferrero Rocher?! I thought it was the law. Glad you had a good scan, plenty of time for baby to go head down. Hope your oven complies soon.

Boo glad your ms has eased off.How many weeks are you now?

So... I saw my midwife. DH went into work late in order to meet her, and he thinks she's lovely too so is very happy. Talked through all the HB plans and the checklist. I have to send off the GBS test today, but hopefully I'm all clear now. I've had 2 courses of anti-bios and urine sample at the GP's 2 weeks ago came back completely clear, so while I'm a bit nervous I'm hopeful too. If When it comes back negative we will book the pool, that's when it all becomes real. 36 weeks today, eek!

And the baby is head down! I was really worried as I can't tell from where spidersmegs kicks etc, but definitely head down. Phew! I've been offered acupuncture on the NHS at 40 weeks as well, gotta love my borough, they're very hot on natural stuff.

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Wed 24-Oct-12 11:06:52

Oh Smegs I am so pleased spider baby is head down and ready to go! Brooking super hard for your gbs result too.

I am 12+5 now, and finally starting to feel like a human again. Have actually managed to separate my arse from the sofa and been productive this morning smile I forgot to mention, I had my latest set of thyroid blood tests back on Monday, not great to be honest, my tsh was bad, my drugs have had to be increased by 50mg a day and my anti bodies are also an issue so there is now a big red shiny pediatric alert sticker on my notes to do cord blood tests, 24 and 48 hour blood tests on baby (so no 6 hour discharge for me) sorry if you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, I remembered to tell you when Smegs mentioned the gbs test as I thought I would need that after toddly boo got poorly after I delivered him, turns out it was not strep but another sort of infection I can't remember the name of.

clickingtock Wed 24-Oct-12 11:17:00

Humph - can't believe Smegs's borough are so good, offering acupuncture (though not sure what a one-off session offers?) V envy. Also v annoyed about trying to get some rest and people ringing my doorbell. Why can't I be left alone for once in my life? I have lost my voice and cold/jabs have floored me. Great though that all is looking good for HB - wishing you a v happy 4 weeks up til then.

On a more cheerful note: we have found our wedding venue - Calyx http://weddings.pinescalyx.co.uk/ - and will be THK on 26 Oct next year. Do you think it will be manageable with a 3.8 y/o and a 10 m/o? DP is a bit sceptical but I think waiting til 2014 is just too much and everything seems more and more expensive each year for weddings.

Sorry to hear about dreadful MS. Sending calming tonics to Sparks.

Well done Whims on scan. Are you unidentified still? Plenty of time for bean to reposition.

Gen - glad things are a little better. It will be great to back to form after all this. Enjoy Daniel Craggy, you too Nuts <pictures preggy ladies getting hot over DC in the cinema next to DHs, thank goodness the lights are dim - smile >


ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Wed 24-Oct-12 11:32:13

Ah - sorry, it's only free from 40 weeks, tock. I can see them before that though, and it's heavily subsidised grin. Not one-off sessions, I didn't phrase it very well. MW seems to think it's very helpful for encouraging labour, I agree that one session seems unlikely to do much! Hope you feel better soon and get some rest, you poor thing sad

Wedding venue looks beautiful. Definitely manageable with children of that age - a friend got married when her children were around those ages, plus 5yo DC and the children were well looked after by family and friends all day. They booked a babysitter through sitters.co.uk who was great, and it meant they could enjoy the evening together.

Boo oh I hate those stickers over everything. However, at least you're being monitored and looked after well. (((hugs)))

Boo, the crutches are helping thanks and I have more physio on a weekly basis. They have given me exercises now, so I think it will be getting better quickly. Glad you are feeling better, but boooo re the alert sticker. I forgot to say that I had my 28 week appt the other day and it seems I am still under consultant care because I had a retained placenta with DD. This seems silly to me and I'm campaigning to be put back under MW led care as I want to give birth in the MW-led-unit, probably in the pool. I laboured in there last time and it was fab. Just got transferred at the last minute for a ventouse delivery. I now have an appt at 36 wk to try to persuade the consultant to sign me off. I hope my powers of persuasion are good enough!

Ooh Smegs there are so many films I am looking forward to watching with DD, but she can't really concentrate on a whole film yet. Glad you saw MW and spidersmegs is head down!

Tock the link did not work for me (why?!) but it's so exciting re your wedding in only one year! I agree those ages of DCs should be pretty good. Minitock will be fairly happy to go with the flow at 10 months and DS should be understanding enough at 3.8 to enjoy the day. I agree with Smegs' suggestion of getting a babysitter, or at least an appropriate family member to take care of them so you don't have to worry about them. I will definitely be getting excited at the sight of Daniel Craig! In fact DH and I are having a whole weekend to ourselves as the lovely PILs have offered to look after DD from Friday night to Sunday, so we can have a proper rest and some couple time before DC2 arrives. It's partly because of my back really as I can't do much with DD at the moment and I think DH needs a break too. Aren't we lucky. I do feel quite guilty, but I think DD will enjoy herself and I will appreciate the break!

Hi ladies, sorry for more questions, but my scan date has come through and I'll be almost 14 weeks when I actually have it!! Hubby has said I can have a private scan if I want sooooo should? And how early/late should I have it done, if I had it earlier then how much would I see?

TheLittleFriend Wed 24-Oct-12 18:42:45

sparks the early scan can be reassuring, and 14 weeks is a long time to wait for the dating scan. But please try not to have one before 8 weeks! There are so many stories on mn about women having one very early, being told something's wrong, only for it all to be fine later. By 8 weeks they should def be able to see a heartbeat smile

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Wed 24-Oct-12 18:49:09

Sparks I had one at 7, and there was not much to see, mostly a little fetal pole, yolk sac and a heartbeat, and they had to zoom in so close to make it out that the image was not at all clear. I echo what Little said, if you wait as long as possible you will see much more.

little I thinking about 8/9 weeks just so I can be reassured!

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Wed 24-Oct-12 18:51:21

Ooh x post, yes, that would be a good time to get one! 7 was just too early.

I had one at 8 weeks Sparks and found it very reassuring - and as the others say by then they can see the heartbeat and stuff.

With your dating scan, do they the Nuchal Fold thing in your pct? I might be wrong but isn't there something like you have to be less than 13+6 to have that done?

biscuit I think I'd be 13+5, so not quite 14 weeks, I'm probably over reacting, but then mrsparks is willing to pay who am I to stop him?

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Wed 24-Oct-12 19:13:30

Ffs, just realised, I have not explained myself at all. Right, at 7 weeks, they were not sure they would find much at all, I was lucky that they did, then I still had an age to mental wait for the 12 week scan, if you have one too early you may not see what you want to see and get the reassurance you want and will still have an age to wait for your next scan. I hope that made more sense that time.

Boo It's fine I understood what you went.

We've decided to try and wait until 1st December, so only 11 days earlier than my actual scan but we'd then be able to tell people that weekend, in a 'look what I got in my advent calander' sort of way!!!

Today I think I might marry the person who invented peppermint tea!!! I feel super queasy today but the peppermint tea has definately helped settle my stomach.

I've noticed today as well, that my sense of smell is increasing by the day, my tolerance of cat food has dropped to an all time low. I can't abide mrsparks cinammon bagels, which he has promised once he has had the last one he wont buy any more of, and I can actually smell someones cereal from down the corridor.

how is everyone else today? envy at you all being so much further a long than me!!!

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Thu 25-Oct-12 09:07:49

Oh Sparks it will pass and soon be a distant memory. Bands going in the post this morning.

clickingtock Thu 25-Oct-12 11:05:27

Sparks - I took the free offer of an early scan and delayed it by a week so that I was at least 7+5 - the consultant offered 6+5, I think, because she reckoned you should be able to see a heart fluttering. I'm afraid for me it still didn't take the edge off the wait until the first trimester was over and the chances of an MC were halved, but then I'm ancient and my chances of MC were already 1:4. Tbh, snf imho, scans bring anxiety as well as reassurance; I slightly envy the older generations who had less monitoring and just had to 'get on' with their pregnancies, but of course that came with negatives too.

Good luck with the MS; I do hope it abates for you. <Runs off, shamefully unaffected by any pg symptoms other than over-eating in early weeks and feeling cumbersome/tired now I'm in last tri>

Gen - hope you're having a good day and have you decorated the crutches with cobwebs and halloween sweeties? grin Here's the link pinescalyx.co.uk/ - whatdyareckon? Am still wavering over whether to simply sneak off to a registry office/restaurant with our parents, two other couples. (Wavering seems a constant state of mind with me at the mo.) Thanks to you and Smegs for reassurance that we will manage with the kids. I think we may well have someone there on the day as a kind of coordinator and part of her job would be herding the children...

Smegs - I would go for some subsidised acu if I were you. <as am going unsubsidised for last 2 months> I swear it will help with the birth.

Waves to all.

Stacks Thu 25-Oct-12 12:33:01

Hey all. Another quick post from me, this week tiredness seems to have hit quite hard, even though I'm actually getting decent sleep and am not in work. Maybe my problem is not doing enough?

I'm still really well with the pg, had a mw appointment last week and was measuring perfect, with bean head down. Had wc jab yesterday, which has left my arm a bit achy but not too bad.

To the discussions about watching things with their DCs, has anyone tried Pingu? I found it excellent for my DN and its lack of mindless chatter combined with jokes for parents are a hood combo I find. It's on Netflix, and also available cheaply on a single DVD for the whole lot.

For whoever mentioned Ponyo, try Totoro too and maybe Kiki's Delivery Service. Spirited away is excellent, but aimed for older children/adults. I like Japanese children's movies, they have more innocence in them than a lot of ours, and tend to be quite beautiful. Nausicaa Valley of the Wind is one of my favourite films, it has some beautiful sentiments and music in, but again for older children. I should stop going on about anime smile

For MS try citrus-y things - real lemonade, lemon juice in water, lime juice etc. I found even the smell of lemon juice settled my stomach well. I think fluff found herself drinking lots too.

I should go find some lunch, indigestion is getting worse. Think I should look into some natural management techniques. Food Little and often is meant to be food right?

Waves to all, sorry not to name check everyone. Hope backs, MS and pre-scan nerves get better. That DCs behave, and DHs bring hone chocolate treats for all.

Ooh Sparks that's exciting re early scan. I agree it's good to wait as long as you can, really.

Tock your venue is beautiful. What are you going to wear? I bet it will be a wonderful day.

Stacks, glad you are doing OK, but make sure you get enough rest. Are you on mat leave now, or just off for a few days? It was me that mentioned Ponyo. We have seen a bit of Totoro as well. I agree they are lovely films for little kids and something adults can appreciate too.

Far how are you my dear? Only a few weeks for you to go now n'est pas? Brooking for a sneeze birth!

Gosh, you've had a chatty couple of days on here! Just off to another interminable obstetrician appt, but thought I better report the failure of Mr whim to bring home a single ferrero rocher, or present of any kind. There wad, however a free whiskey bar. I think it might have distracted him.

Have a good day y'all. Nearly Friday.

Stacks I've just told mrsparks when he picks me up he needs to be able to hand me bag of sour haribo as I totally read citrus-y as sour and if I have to face another ginger biscuit for a sugar boost I might actually barf.... which is obvs what Im trying to avoid!!!

Whim No frero roche?!! not even a whiff of a present?!!? send him back out immediately!!!

oh and Stacks i love Ponyo and spirited away, and I dont have form of child!!!

clickingtock Fri 26-Oct-12 09:33:25

Thanks Gen - that's a lovely thing to say. Seems v indulgent now we have a family to save up for, but we are so lucky and I feel that we need to mark the specialness somehow. DP and I have known each other since I was 15 after all and we've both worked hard up til this point so the money should be spent and the people we love should get a treat. No idea about dress. Hardly appropriate to wear white. grin The building is a bit art deco and we are by the sea, plus it's autumn so we've got plenty of inspiration. A year (today) to plan!

Stacks - all sounding v good. Go girl.

Whims - sack him.

Far - where are you? We miss you and are brooking.

Boo - you have given me hope for the teenage years - I will have loads of fun winding them up. Hadn't thought of that! smile

Tock I wore white for my second marriage! Do what you want! But then again, autumn and seaside inspiration sounds good. Woo hoo on a year today!

clickingtock Fri 26-Oct-12 13:36:55

You're right Gen - and I'm usually v good at doing what I want grin but am terrible at making decisions since pg. I have a designer dress that really suits me that I bought at Spittalfields market but v affordable. I might see if I can get hold of the designer and ask if she'll do a one off that is more wedding-y. Her dress was on telly q recently in BBC's Shadow Lines, the main protagonist's wife was wearing it (and going for IVF interestingly enough from the Brookers' perspective). But perhaps she is too famous now to be affordable!

I'm not sure that I knew you'd been married before but I'm v glad that you had the wedding you wanted to Mr Gen. We have one life and we've got to celebrate!


I have spirited away and kiki's delivery service and love them smile stacks it sounds like pregnancy fatigue rather than anything you are/aren't doing to me smile

Good luck for your early scan sparks

So exciting tock! Are you going to wait til post baby to buy a dress or start looking now? That was my favourite bit of wedding prep, even if my dress was an ebay job grin

All well here. Going a bit stir crazy being stuck at home (can't drive for another month and can't really push the pram yet sad ) but loving dd, who at just 17 days of age sadly has oral thrush and a teeny tiny bit of (seemingly painless) nappy rash guilt guilt guilt. I've lost the bulk of my baby weight though - I gained 3st in the end and I'm now down to the last 12lbs smile smile

cakes82 Fri 26-Oct-12 14:00:07

Hi Fluffy I know the feeling about being stuck at home, although not had any probs with pram pushing. My DD also has oral thrush which i'm sure is not pleasant for her but has also caused me discomfort bf so we are both being treated. Well done on the weight loss smile Its so nice just being able to move easier and be able to see and wash parts I couldn't previously do very comfortably.

Tock the wedding ideas sound lovely grin

Blimey fluff it took me about 9months to get down to the last 12lbs. Good for you|! You'll be on the cover of Heat in no time. Sorry to hear about the stir crazy. Can you get someone to take you out? I'm guessing Mr Fluff is back at work again? I would offer, but I'm not sure I'd fit on an aeroplane (and one of the whimlets is a bit peaky so I might be required to rush off to school to collect him). You entirely have my sympathies though - our first 3 weeks here with no car and no toys and no telly and nowhere to walk to because it was too hot were pretty tough. I remember spending hours on the phone in the early days because you're pinned to the sofa but want to do something

Wedding plans sound exciting tock. Don't think i'll be sacking MrWhim over the ferrero rocher infraction. He did bring me a takeaway the other day when my dinner date fell asleep!

Stack, I think it's entirely normal to turn narcoleptic in late pregnancy. I remember having to set an alarm clock for the school run because I kept falling asleep in the afternoon with DS3. Bed hair on the morning school run is bad enough, but in the afternoon! Still, I had an excuse of sorts.

How's your back gen? I'm starting to get quite achey with spd, and disappointingly have discovered my comfy sofa exacerbates it. So I have a total hobson's choice of sit on an uncomfy chair, but then be able to move, or sit on the comfy sofa and then seize up.

Any exciting plans for the weekend? I have a packed schedule of making werewolf and dragon outfits and then a potential tornado on Sunday, which will leave us without power for days. What fun.

Yes, Tock had one marriage to Mr Wrong, then marriage to Mr Right 4 years ago. I think about it often and how happy I am now compared with then. Your dress plans sound amazing!

Fluff you have done brilliantly to lose the weight so quickly! Do you think it's down to BF'ing? I lost weight quite quickly after DD, but was disappointed (and quite amazed really) that when I got home from hospital I had only lost 7lb (how can this be when DD was 7lb 13oz and surely I also lost the water and placenta as well?!). Hope your lovely DD gets better soon and you are mobile again quickly.

Nice to see you too Cakes!

Whim, my back is a bit better, but I'm still on crutches. Sorry to hear you have SPD and the choice of sofa vs hard chair sounds rubbish. Do the Americans have a fancy cure for SPD? Have you had it with other pregnancies? I have exciting plans for the weekend: sleeping. The lovely PILs have got DD for the weekend, so DH and I will be sleeping lots. I've also got two new books to read and may not even get dressed on Saturday <slattern>

Meant to say - brooking the tornado gives you a miss, Whim. Or, alternatively, that it picks you up safely inside your house and takes you to Oz.

cakes are you managing to get the thrush stuff in her ok? I have this horrible sugary crap to try and get in her using a spoon but she always falls asleep after a feed and it's a nightmare!

grin gen I retained so much water (my ankles were massive) that I'd only lost 2lbs when I left the hospital! I'm not sure how I've lost it so quickly except I was pretty huge and I think most of it was bump so it could just be water and excess blood etc going? My eating hasn't changed and my mum even bought us a Thorntons gift box instead of flowers grin
Glad to hear your back is a bit better and that they think they might know what the problem is smile

A tornado whims! shock Do you have a "drill" or tornado plan or anything?

Stacks Fri 26-Oct-12 17:34:43

Random quick post from bed after a late afternoon nap I saw a dummy in Boots the other day that gives oral medication while baby sucks. Potentially useful? Or to babies take spoons ok?

Will post properly later but just wanted to thank boo bundles for my sickness bands smile hope they work!

Oh and in case you have noticed ITS THE WEEKEND!!!!

TheLittleFriend Fri 26-Oct-12 18:07:06

Aargh, just lost a post with all my name checks! angry

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, enjoys their books and avoids tornados smile

cakes and fluff dd had oral thrush at that age too, I always felt like I wasn't getting enough of the med in her but it still cleared up in a week or so, so just get as much as poss over their tongues and I'm sure it'll clear soon for them both x

well thank y'all for your concern about all things tornado related. The boys practise tornado drill at school (sit under desk) like we would do a fire drill. They also do 'lock down' drill (for terrorist threats and snipers like the one 10 years ago) (sit under desk with the lights off). I think our policy is 'how bad can it get, pull yourselves together and don't be so ridiculous'. It's the same policy for most eventualities that befall the Whim family. Although I do still feel bad about making my husband walk into the hospital by himself when he was admitted for swine flu. But not bad enough to have performed a policy u-turn.

fluff could you try a syringe, like the ones you get with calpol (a pharmacist can give you one)? I would squirt it in the side of the mouth while she's still on the boob.

Right, need to get the boy to bed so I can listen to Radio 4 in peace

Sorry just read half a post but fluff deco go for a syringe - way way easier than a spoon at this age. You get a stopper to put in the bottle then you poke the syringe in it and tip it upside down. Draw up the amount and squirt it in to their mouth. Way way easier

Sorry for not trading owt else x

Reading not trading

cakes82 Fri 26-Oct-12 19:06:55

The Dr prescribed Nystan which comes with a dropper so I just use that, she isn't keen on the taste though I don't think. She does spit a bit out though.

Hope tornado misses you Whim

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Fri 26-Oct-12 22:27:49

DD got oral thrush a couple of times (antibiotics, woo sad ) and we used the syringes no problem. My local pharmacy gave me loads, they were meant to be 50p each but for some reason I got 10 for 50p. I assume someone got bollocked for that later.

Oh, and she loved the taste of the Nystan hmm Weird child. Smelt revolting to me.

whims good luck evading that tornado!

Quick question about these here Braxton Hicks (henceforth BH). I don't really recall having them last time round, but this time I've been having them since about 28 weeks, and they've started to get pretty uncomfortable, albeit sporadic. I've been wondering if this means that stuff will start earlier than last time? I really hope so, the thought of another induction makes me feel rather faint.

Thanks guys, I'll get a syringe tomorrow and try that. I was supposed to have the one with the dropper cakes but the pharmacy only stocked the cheap generic brand!

I had BH for at least 10 weeks, though they weren't painful and I didn't realise what they were - still went overdue though! My cervix was still high and closed at 40+3 when I was induced though their machines were showing 3 BH per 10 mins sad

TheLittleFriend Sat 27-Oct-12 08:05:34

smegs I've been getting braxton hicks since 17 weeks this time, it freaked me right out when I first felt them! Totally normal though according to Mw. Every pregnant uterus has them from about 6(!) weeks, but it varies from person to person as to when, or if at all, they ever start to feel them. I don't think it has any bearing on when labour will start smile

ScrambledSmegsEvilTwin Sat 27-Oct-12 09:25:05

Damn. I thought it might be a sign that my body was going to get it right this time!

They are pretty uncomfortable though - very much like contractions. I guess that's why I was hopeful. That and the fact that I didn't feel any last time!

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Sat 27-Oct-12 09:36:14

Well don't lose faith Smegs I had none with ds 1, and with ds 2 I only got bh in the last weeks, then one night they just didn't stop smile

Obviously dc 3 will be perfectly timed, no problems and sneezed out before I can even worry about it [deluded emotion] smile

Omg we've decided to tell my mum today, my morning sickness is just horrid and we have a string of family functions to attend!!

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Sun 28-Oct-12 12:42:03

Oh good luck Sparks I should imagine she will be over the moon smile. Sorry the ms is so bad though sad

Awww my mum is so happy, she's not emotional at all but she cried and cried!! She knows what we went through to get to this point and she said she'd been hurting at how hard it had been for us!! But the whole thing is like fate be because she found out she was pregnant with my Dsis actually at her first fertility clinic smile it's so weird to have put it out there and told someone!! She's decided she wants mothercare vouchers for Christmas!! Bless her!!
I've not managed to eat very much today, just some toast, grapes and a pack of Doritos, managed to limit being sick to just twice today, but not very much is coming out (sorry tmi) so I'm assuming that what I am actually eating is being at least partially absorbed!!!

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Sun 28-Oct-12 17:41:02

Oh Sparks what a fabulous fabulous mummy you have, bless her. Well done on managing to eat something, it does sound like something is staying in, make sure you stay hydrated too, it will soon pass.

Boo Yes I think she is rather lovely too, although I did out the part when I told her I'd really been suffering on the old morning sickness front and her response, without even thinking, was "good" followed by "you deserve to feel ill" but I think it was more of a good sign that everything is progressing nicely sort of thing, rather than a haha my daughter is vomiting sort of thing.

So I'm throwing up every morning and every night now, although not a lot is coming up. and I just feel generally rubbish, but I have braved it in to work today, just taking everything a step at a time.

How can you tell the difference between branson hicks and proper contractions? (Bit clueless and havent read that far ahead in my book)

TheLittleFriend Mon 29-Oct-12 08:39:58

Glad you've enjoyed sharing your news with your mum sparks. Oh, and the difference is that braxton hicks shouldn't hurt, but they're hard to imagine until your having one iyswim. The real ones do err, hurt a little bit wink

Little just hurt a little bit? phew because I thought they'd have be in absolute agony! smile I can almost start looking forward to childbirth now smile

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Mon 29-Oct-12 09:20:58

Of course just a little bit Sparks couple of little cramps, sneeze and done grin

boo obvs a sneeze birth cus I am a brooker after all

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Mon 29-Oct-12 16:03:34

Right!! I am going to rip my MIL's arm off and slap her stupid with the soggy end before shoving it up her ar** or AIBU??

We told her about the baby a few weeks ago, well DH did as I knew she would go mental after months of 'well no more kids for you, you cant afford it' comments, so DH went and told her while I was outside talking to his sister. When I braved it went in, she was boiling onions, I very nearly threw up at the smell of it it was really strong and the MS was quite bad at that stage, she looked at me and said 'well I suppose you will be milking this pregnancy for all its worth now' sadsad

I have managed to avoid her until now, I went back round, I thought I was ready for her, she started asking 'how you feeling'? - absolutly fine!! 'hows your sickness'? - all gone now, 'tired'? - nope absolutely fine (I could have a leg hanging off, but I wouldn't tell her) so with no ammunition to tell me I was milking it, she turned round and said 'well you looked completely washed out and quite bad indeed' shock I just walked out and went to his sisters (she lives next door)

DH told her she needed to apologise as that was not on, the apology went as follows - 'sorry you were upset by what I said, but when you look as poorly as you I have to ask' so not apologising for saying it in the first place, just that I took offence sad

Everyone else agreed I looked fine, not at all poorly, and I actually genuinly do feel fine. So AIBU to rip off her arm, or am I possibly hormonal??

boo you're not BU but mils often don't know how to behave!!

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Mon 29-Oct-12 23:10:18

Thanks Sparks I have been out with sil tonight who agrees her mother is a nightmare, I should just ignore her and leave her too it. Feeling much calmer now smile

I have an interview this morning but I barely have the energy to get out of bed!! Mrsparks bought me breakfast in bed (muffin) to see if we can settle my stomach before I get up!! Urgh!!!

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Tue 30-Oct-12 08:25:40

Oh Sparks it is hard, but good luck, I hope it does go well. thanks

Loopyhasanotherbean Tue 30-Oct-12 12:14:35

boo you are so NBU...and your SIL must be mad to live next door to her....

sparks what worked for me was eating a cereal bar and or drinking a pint of milk before i got out of bed. As long as i did that, my stomach would settle and i was fine, it was like no matter how late i ate, i woke up completely empty and as long as i had something before getting vertical, it vanished, so the only time i was sick with DS1 was when brushing my teeth over enthusiastically and the only time i was sick with DS2 was when DS1 was ill and he did an almighty poo that completely overflowed his nappy, like you can't begin to imagine, and it took over half a pack of wipes to clear up, and i couldn't stop puking myself.....DP's mom came down from Manchester as i had 6 days of him puking non stop and i couldn't cope with it all.....(he is v puky, has reflux, please don't let me scare you re motherhood too much!!)

Loopyhasanotherbean Tue 30-Oct-12 12:22:36

(the strawberry nutrigrain ones in particular as a bit moister)

Ah, now sparks I'd forgotten about eating in bed. I used to keep a box of Carr's table water biscuits by the bed and eat one before I got up. I'd even have to do it to get up to go to the loo in the night. Hope the interview went ok.

Hurricane been and gone. Didn't really impact on us, nothing you wouldn't get in the UK. Terrible further north tho.

TheLittleFriend Tue 30-Oct-12 14:21:17

Glad you coped with your first hurricane whims. English bank holidays must have prepared you wink

How are you loopy? Haven't heard from you on a while

TheLittleFriend Tue 30-Oct-12 14:24:49

Oh, and bartlet if you're lurking, have you been signed off from consultant care yet? Hope all is well smile

Stacks Tue 30-Oct-12 15:48:04

I came across a link to this site today, might be useful for some? www.pelvicpartnership.org.uk/

Smashed it smile can stop worrying about job insecurity now and concentrate on brewing a baby!!!

Curious as to whether stress can make ms worse, cus it's been much more manageable today, feel sick enough to not be worried but well enough not to raise suspicions at work!!!

The problem with eating the morning is the complete and utter need for a wee as soon as I wake up!!!

clickingtock Tue 30-Oct-12 16:43:28

Hello my little halloween pumpkins. Have been slightly awol trying to raise cash on ebay. And does anyone want to sell me some little lambs washable nappies size 1, which I have just lost on ebay? I have size 2 from DS's nappy days and really found them easy so want the newborn upwards size now but refuse to pay vast amounts for new. I could just use terry towelling with the small covers I have I suppose...

Any news from Far?

How are the other superpreggos?

Not much news here. I am doing everything I can to get my iron levels up and waiting for work to arrive on my desk but suspect I will have given birth by the time it comes. How annoying.


PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Tue 30-Oct-12 17:58:15

Brilliant Sparks so pleased for you. Very well done.

Whims well done you for getting through the hurricane but I will miss your fb updates smile

Brooking for sneeze births and the end of ms for all!!

Loopyhasanotherbean Tue 30-Oct-12 21:36:39

little i'm doing well, lurk on all three threads but just don't find time to post that often by the time i've read them all, everyone is so chatty! And having 2 under 2 doesn't give me much spare time lol....DS2 will be 8 weeks old tomorrow, can't believe how fast this year is going now! (and DS1 will be 2 next week, doesn't seem that long since i had him, still remember the feeling of getting my first BFP)

tock I passed some newborn size pre folds onto fluff. You could maybe see if she's done with them by then?
Well done on the job sparks

We've had a slack couple of days as school and govt have been closed for the hurricane. Back to normal tomorrow.

with all this nappy talk.... do you all go for washable? I'm not sure I could handle washing poo filled nappies!!!

oh and thanks Boo and Whim its certainly taken the pressure off!! I can concentrate on brewing a baby now

clickingtock Wed 31-Oct-12 08:13:41

Thanks, Whims - yes a few extra prefolds would be great if miniFluff has outgrown them. Fluff - I can reimburse you the postage via paypal. I did manage to get myself 6 little lambs and loads of insets for not an horrendous price in the end but one was size2 and I don't think 5 will be enough. With DS I used the ones that you have to fold for the first 5 months and I'm not keen to go there again as the cloths have got very stiff and unwieldy with use, but I kept the waterproof covers...

Great news about the job sparks - sorry I missed that.

Hello to Loopy - can't believe that your DS is already 2mo. I remember you getting your BFP.

How are you Boo - any more good anecdotes from teenboo?

What's your news Little?

Everyone here suffering colds, except DS who seems to be made of asbestos.

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Wed 31-Oct-12 09:20:35

<whispers to Sparks so other brookers can't hear me ........ I use disposable ones blush>

Me too

Loopyhasanotherbean Wed 31-Oct-12 10:05:07

disposables here and not ashamed about it, i find it hard enough to find time to eat, shower and use the loo myself somedays, and washing is hard to keep on top of as it is, without adding in reusable nappies as a chore!!! Can't remember the last time i did anything with our chickens, DP looks after them 100% lately, the cat rarely gets fuss, and the only shopping i do now is online, and the garden is covered in weeds instead of being full of winter veg, which is what it would normally have at this time of year! I'd rather try and find some time (god knows where from) to do any of the above rather than wash nappies....and don't get enough time for mumsnet either at the moment lol

Whim glad you escaped the hurricaine, but I'm a little disappointed you didn't make it to Oz.

Little, how are you? How's the SPD? And how are the other triple whammiers? Not heard from Olives or Bartlet for a little while. Hope all is well.

Sparks well done re job! Time to concentrate on miniSparks now! I used disposables too and will be doing the same for DC2.

Tock do you feel any better for your efforts to increase your iron levels? Hope you get some work in soon, but, if not, enjoy the break before you have DC2.

Don't think I have any news really. Getting on for 30 weeks now and getting a bit impatient at times. Looking forward to maternity leave and Christmas! MiniGen is very wriggly still, which I love and DD and DH have both seen some Alien-style movements.

Who's next to provide a new mini brooker for me to snuggle and sniff?

Is it you Gen? How long do I have to wait?

Ds2 mainly smells of weetabix and sick these days. I want to sniff a baby head grin

TheLittleFriend Wed 31-Oct-12 12:19:35

Far and smegs next biscuits smile

I'm good ta gen, not much to report. 24 weeks tomorrow and the spd is getting gradually worse, but I am quite good at being a martyr and carrying on as normal grin

Happy Halloween all x

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Wed 31-Oct-12 12:46:02

Happy Halloween smile Little I'm sorry to hear you are getting worse, no need to be a martyr here though.

Just wanted to share another story proving the power of Brooking, DH got the job you all brooked for the other week smile starts on the 12th. Thank you for your Brooking thanks

Ooh Biscuits so DS2 is weannig already - I still remember your BFP like it was yesterday! I can't wait to have a baby head to smell either, but after my friend had her DS over 6 weeks early last week, I am brooking minigen stays where s/he is until January! Friend's DS is doing well, but in SCBU, which must be scary.

Little hurrah for 24 weeks! Shame the SPD is getting worse, but I bet you are a trooper, getting on with things!

BOO that is wonderful news re MrBoo and having some peace and quiet at home again.

clickingtock Wed 31-Oct-12 17:09:30

Oh Biscuits - how could you skip me, Smegs and Far? wink There's quite a big bunch of births coming up now. Exciting.

Whims - a bit of an anti-climax with the storm then? Have you watched Treme by any chance? Like Gen's comment about your missed trip to the Wiz of Oz. I think we obviously need to organise something for Gen! How is your v keen obstetrician?

Sparks - I think the majority of people go for disposable. For me it's a matter of already being a slave to the washing machine so don't really mind a few extra nappies (though sympathise with Loopy's comment about wishing I was doing something a bit more constructive), plus my DS is out of nappies now so not doing 2x poo-ey bumbums. Plus I rather like saving a bit of dosh off my weekly shopping and have already invested in 2nd-hand washables so feel I have to carry on - martyr. I'm v happy to use disposables at night or on hols, so I'm not a purist by any means but I do believe that we didn't ever have nappy rash with DS because he was in washables. But then who knows - he might just have a tough bum! grin

Little - bugger to that SOD but like Gen, hurray to 24wks! flying by...

Boo - excellent news. Now let's brook for Mr Tock to escape his good but unpleasant job some time in the next few months. Applications going out as we speak.

Gen - impatient? Me too. Or bored or something. Have washed all newborn neutrals and am flummoxed about all the boy's stuff I have plus the one small bag of girls stuff. I guess all I can do is keep them separated and pass on as soon as tinyTock comes along. Glad you're loving the wriggles. Got a good healthy little Genlet in there.

TTFN - sorry if I've missed anyone but sending a few extra brooks for those I haven't named...

clickingtock Wed 31-Oct-12 17:28:09

Sorry - Little - SPD not SOD! grin

TheLittleFriend Wed 31-Oct-12 18:39:09

I liked that typo tock grin

Ah of course I couldn't forget you three lovely ladies Tock smile I just got a bit giddy at the thought of snuffly newborns blush

Sorry for going AWOL and apologies I have not tea the thread for days!
Baby Matilda arrived on Saturday at 39 weeks after a 9 hour labour
Labour was fast and I had a lovely mobile epidural so I could Still walk and squat
Sadly she was back to back and after 3 hours of pushing we weren't into theatre for ventouse and we had shoulder distocsia ! Very swiftly resolved by the registrar I had an episiotomy which seems to be healing ok but feels very sore
She was in great shape though crying straight away
We are home and after a rocky start she is feeding well think my milk is coming in! Dh a total legend in labour and beyond
Sorry for quick post we are having Ro feed every 2 hours due Ro jaundice so not much time !
She was 9 pounds by the way and the placenta was huge!

Has Far had minifar yet? Not seen her for aaaagggeees.

Oh Tock I haven't got anything ready yet. I sort of feel it's too early, but if I wait until I finish work it will be Christmas and I'll be 37 weeks, so I will have to do it in November I suppose, just in case minigen arrives early. Plus I think I'll want my bag with me while we're visiting over Christmas, just in case. Plus we need a plan for DD. I suppose you're sorted with a HB, but are you having someone over to help with DS while you're 'busy'? What are the other 2nd/3rd timers doing?

TheLittleFriend Wed 31-Oct-12 20:26:48

Congratulations smilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmile
What wonderful news. Great name and birth story, despite not being straightforward. I'm so thrilled for you xxxxx

Oh Far squeeeeeee! We crossed posts! Sounds like you had a sneeze birth of sorts, sorry about the scary bit at the end though. I had back to back with DD and a ventouse, so I sympathise. Glad you are all safely home and feeding well! So happy for you after a long TTC journey.

Welcome to baby Matilda! thanks

Whoop whoop Far gringringringrin

AWESOME news grin

<sniffs Matilda's cute and gorgeous newborn head>

What a turn up - I totally wasn't expecting that grin Made my day smile

jaggythistle Wed 31-Oct-12 21:01:57

woo! congrats far on another lovely mini Brooker. grin

Oh and j forgot to add she is gorgeous and sniffly and I can't believe she is ours ! Totally in love x

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Wed 31-Oct-12 21:39:37

Far that is marvelous, so pleased for you and Mr f, she has a beautiful name, enjoy your newborn snuggles, well done. thanks

Ooh, great news. Congrats Far and MrFar.

BeedleTheBard Thu 01-Nov-12 05:41:13

Congratulations far and of course mrfar thanks

Congratulation teamfar and such a pretty name too!

Stacks Thu 01-Nov-12 07:25:05

Congratulations Far sounds like things got a bit scary for you there, but glad all turned out well. Hope you've been enjoying all those newborn snuggles. I can't wait now smile

musicalmrs Thu 01-Nov-12 08:35:12

Congratulations Far! smile Beautiful name! smile Hope you're recovering well and are enjoying the lovely newborn snuggles smile

(p.s. the two hour feeds often continue even when not necessary because of jaundice .. ;) )

Who's next? Stacks? smile

Congratulations, Far! 9 lbs is a great size! Well done you. It sounds like MrFar deserves congrats too for being a star. Welcome little Matilda!

clickingtock Thu 01-Nov-12 08:58:03

Far - thought you'd gone a bit quiet! - over the moon for you all and well done for getting through that birth. Gorgeous name. Hope the b-fing continues well and have a lovely first few months together. I know how much Matilda was brooked for, so it must be amazing to finally have her in the world. I can't believe she was early and still so big! Will you call her Tilda/Tilly for short?

Stacks - no pressure, but you're up next.

Biscuits - you got a little whiffle then. Thought it was rather sweet that your DS2 smells of wheetabix now. smile

Gen - as you can tell, I'm bored!!! Hopefully you'll get a weekend in Nov free for a bit of sorting. I had tonnes of stuff but it didn't take long to narrow it down to 0-3m neutrals. I love baby stuff so didn't think about it being too early to delve. No idea what will happen with DS during HB. May check in with a couple of local mummy friends to see if they can take him if I have to go to hospital. I figure that 3 MWs in my home is enough for the big event. The dog slept through the last HB (not much noise) so hopefully DS and the dog will sleep through this one! Are your Ps or PILs quite nearby for your DD and available at short notice?

Ok all Brookers - I need some advice. We have been invited to a Christening on Saturday. DS's first CM. Lovely and v generous woman though with a tendency to buy up Argos for all the kids at Chrimbo. Being a heathen I am a bit out of touch as to what kind of gift I should take. She has everything under the sun for kids, naturally. I was wondering if a coat for her DD2 would be good but for next winter as she probably has all the gear she needs for this winter? But is a coat too personal/interfering ifkwim? Also CM is v into pink, so do I need to steele myself and get girly?! Any other ideas about something appropriate for a christening?


JenFrankenstein Thu 01-Nov-12 09:38:05

Congratulations Far!

Tock I have given money before to non family christenings. A few years ago I gave a necklace to a baby. It is child sized so while she wouldn't be able to wear it for a few years, should fit long enough before she needs an adult size and could always take the pendant off and put it on a longer chain if she wanted to.

tock I've been to a couple of christening a and have always bought keepsakes, for my eldest niece we bought her a lovely pocket sized Peter rabbit book and a soft cuddle version, my youngest niece we commisioned a clay lantern thing that looked like a fairy house (we were godparents) and my mates baby we bought a hungry caterpillar buggy book and a soft toy!!

What about something unique? Or hand made? Are your crafty skills up to much?

Tock we've just had ds2 christened and we were given lots of photo frames and money boxes, a little wooden train spelling out his name, a tooth and curl box, some clothes, um, a couple of breakfast / plate and bowl sets (one melamine, one china), books, a lovely soft baby book with spaces for family photos (you know to teach them mummy and daddy etc), money, general toys and a Noah's ark shape sorter (which was kind of religious but only in an understated way, quite clever really as it is a lovely toy).

Hope there are some ideas there smile

oh far what lovely news and a lovely name. huge congratulations to you on what has been such a long road. i'm so chuffed for you xx

Nicely put Ninja - I'll second that smile

clickingtock Thu 01-Nov-12 15:22:01

Thank you ladies - those are lovely ideas. I will check out something like the letters for her name Biscuits - they are so cute, and possibly a dinner set or picture frame as well. I wouldn't feel confident about buying jewellery even though that's a lovely idea.

Had a rather traumatic day with DS. Sometimes he confuses me so - one minute he's an affectionate, sweet, bright little man - next he's a destructive, uncontrollable little s**t. blush Sorry - this morning I took him to his farm playgroup thinking half term wouldn't make a difference, but it was shut so I decided we'd go over the road to the woodlands (better for dog who was with us) and a lunch in the caf theree. He was so angry with me he threw a (large metal) toy car at my head while I was driving - and walloped me. I was absolutely furious. (A few stares in the car park at my raised voice as I got him out of the car.) We made up but then this afternoon we played together then both came upstairs so I could put some clothes away. He went in his bedroom and closed his door. Within 5 mins he came out with his pants down, covered in poo - legs, hands, bedclothes, the works. I swear he did it on purpose (possibly because of the morning's events?) - he's been v good for weeks about his toilet training. I know he's still not 3 but surely he knows better, or am I expecting too much. I've been uncertain about returning him to creche but the way things are going at the moment I think I will have to for my own sanity. Am I getting something v wrong? <realises this is a pg thread, but you brookers know me and would rather have your trusted advice>

Sorry for long post again.

Oh Tock what a hard day! Can I say first that you are NOT getting anything wrong. You are doing a great job. These children are sent to test us sometimes thanks

I also would have been furious at a toy being thrown at me and would also have attracted a few raised eyebrows at me shouting at him (which I am 100% sure I would have done!)

As for poo gate - well, how awful. I mean poor you for having to clean it up - yeuch! I wouldn't think that DS could have held a grudge from the morning - it's probably more that whatever caused him to play up this morning raised its head again? And that needn't be anything specific - just a phase / bit of a rush of hormones etc. my ds1 is usually also a lovely kind considerate little boy and then every now and again he'll do something that just makes me look at him and think 'what?' I can't even fathom what makes a toddler want to do a poo and smear it everywhere BUT it is relatively common isn't it. You do hear of kids doing it don't you.

Also, I guess it might be a bit of a reaction to you being pg. even though DS can't fathom what it will be like or what is going to change, they just know that something is different don't they. And potty training regressions are v v common with pg / new baby aren't they. Perhaps this falls in the same bracket?

Hope it all gets better soon and your lovely boy is back ASAP xx

Solars Thu 01-Nov-12 17:31:40

Far lovely! Congratulations thanks thanks well done you!

Princessishavingababyboo Thu 01-Nov-12 17:36:54

Oh Tock everything Biscuit said with added {{hugs}} thanks they really are sent to try us sometimes, but I agree it is absolutly nothing to do with anything you are doing wrong. Whenever toddlyboo has a change in personality like this I first check if he is maybe getting poorly (often the case with him) if it is another blessed phase, then I deal with each issue seperatly, and enjoy the lovely bits in between and make sure he has no projectiles in the car Good luck.

clickingtock Thu 01-Nov-12 18:43:25

Thanks so much Biscuits and Boo, and agree Boo that it was obviously too tempting having a nice big car at hand and my head right there! He's a v good shot! wink Thanks for your kind words Biscuits - I'm sure you wouldn't have embarrassed yourself like I did, but I just needed him to know that it was v dangerous and I was v upset. Re' the poo-fest - you're right, you do hear of it. It's just so confused when they go from telling you they love you to wanting to hurt you and do a dirty protest like that. I did wonder if it's partly the pregnancy but actually I think it is much more about discovering his ego and being annoyed that I'm in charge. I think I do expect a lot of him mainly because he is so good. Boo - you're right we do have to think round the edge of the behaviour so to speak. It sounds silly but I think the clock going back is quite tough on them and DS seems tired/a bit discombobulated. He also doesn't like his creche (off this week) but I'm not sure we should give in to that as it seems a positive environment and I worry when he spends too much time with me and not enough time with little ones. Anyway - onwards and upwards as the good, sweet behaviour definitely outweighs the challenging stuff so I just have to put it behind us. Thanks again.

And hello Solars!


Princessishavingababyboo Thu 01-Nov-12 19:43:23

Last year I was collecting Mr boo from work, half was there toddly boo was being a nightmare in the back of the car, when we got to Mr boo's work I looked at toddly to see him sit back down, he had undone his seat straps and got his arms out. I shouted at him while I was strapping him back in, only to hear a teenager walking across the car park say I was a horrible person for shouting at a baby shock don't beat yourself up about it, I'm sure I hope it happens to everyone.

<nips in to sniff lovely newborn head>

Congratulations Far, what wonderful news. What a difference a year makes eh? thanks

Hope you're recovering well. Enjoy every moment.

itsMYNutella Fri 02-Nov-12 10:04:45

Congratulations Far!! Well done thanks hope you are having lovely snuggles with Matilda (also our top girl name hmm smile )

Someone on the December thread mentioned that we can now say we are having a baby next month shock. I feel like I still have so much to organise! How are you getting on Stacks you're a week or two before me aren't you? Does anyone ever feel ready before a PFB arrives?

Morning all. Hope you and your boy are getting on better today tock. It sounds like a nasty dose of what is known in our house as Being 2. DS1 was a shocker for it, and number 3 has his moments. Ds2 is saving it all up for being a teenager.

Can I ask a question of fellow 3rd trimesterers? So tock, nutella, stacks, gen I guess. I remember sleeping with all sorts of pillows propping up different bits. Are you doing that? When do I start? I remember it helping but being unwieldy so don't want to start too soon!

And no nutella I don't think anyone's ever entirely ready!

Stacks Fri 02-Nov-12 13:09:53

Am I really next?? I've got AGES to go yet.... well, 5 weeks shock. I think it feels further away because I've got a couple of milestones between now and then - wedding anniversary on Monday (wow, that year went quick!) then working the last 2 weeks at work - then maternity leave. It's not soon until you start ML right? I also think my bump is quite small, and I'm waiting for it to suddenly expand and look like I'm going to burst. That's the sign the bun is ready to come out the oven smile

I think we're going to be the kind of parents that is somehow caught completely unawares by their baby arriving; I just don't feel that stressed about it. It's not helped by how tired I've been recently - last couple of days I've wanted to be in bed by 9pm, and am forcing myself to stay up later. So I've not done any baby prep in the evenings at all, days are working, and weekends are all the 'normal' chores and things - laundry, cleaning, visiting family, shopping...

When I stop work I'll magically have enough time and energy to fit in a baby, I'm sure [crosses fingers].

Far hope you're doing well.

Tock your DS sounds like a 2yo - my nephew went through a stage of finding his voice and opinion on things. Unfortunately at that age they can't express it well. My sister managed to nip the hitting/kicking in the bud with some very stern responses - DN now just sulks when he's angry, which is much more appropriate. Shouting at them when they do something dangerous/unacceptable is perfectly acceptable; you shouldn't feel guilty.

Nutella I was meaning to look see when your due date was - I'm 9/12...

Whim I've been sleeping with one extra pillow for months. I did have a dream genii someone lent to me before, but I found it awkward to sleep with - especially turning over. So I gave up and bought a standard feather pillow - I twist it once in the centre to make it into a bow shape, and sleep with the twist under my waist, and the 'bow' lumps to front and back. At 34/5 weeks I'm starting to think I need something between my knees to stop the hip ache, but till now just the one pillow has been fine.

I should get back to work, hello to everyone I've not name checked.

Stacks you'll be term in a fortnight! But likewise, you could conceivably go on for nearly 2 months... That's the Whimsical way.

My problem has been over preparation with previous pregnancies: doing lots of cooking / cleaning and then eating all the food before I have the baby. In a way though that's no bad thing as you're knackered when you're huge, and then when you pop people bring you nice things so it's less of a problem.

One of my new friends had her first baby at 30 weeks, which is about where I am now. Terrifying. Although she's a healthy happy and normal nearly 3 year old now. Sorry - I hope I'm not being alarmist!

Anyone doing anything good for the weekend? We're off to Baltimore which I am lead to believe is not all like the Wire, but rather a very nice small city. Shame, I love Stringer Bell.

Stacks Fri 02-Nov-12 13:37:05

The lady on the Dec thread that was due the same day as me had her baby last week... still didn't worry me too much. I'm actually a bit worried I'm not more worried - keep wondering if I'm 'normal', have I bonded with the baby/bump? Will it all actually be ok like I think it will, or am I just deluded? I'm not at all worried about labour or anything confused

I do need to do my hospital bag though. The only thing I have packed is a nappy changing bag smile I bought a few things I thought I'd need for a hospital bag - lip balm, breast pads, 'super' Always (though DSis says I should get maternity pads, as they're sterile?). I have button up night shirts, socks, and slippers already, just need to throw them toward the bag..

Planning on shopping a bit tonight after work, getting some leggings or joggers, big knickers and maybe fluffy socks from Primark. Also welly boots for a party in a muddy field we're going to tomorrow, and a clutch bag for fancy dinner out for anniversary. Bit of a varied list smile

I think Smegs is next as she must only have about 3 weeks to go now. Hope you're OK, Smeggle.

Stacks not long though! Bet you can't wait to finish work! I am counting down already and still have 7 weeks to go until mat leave.

Whim I am using a Dream Genii, but I still feel I don't need support under my bump really, it's more to keep me on my side and I quite like the padded bit between my knees. Enjoy Baltimore!

Tock, it sounds like your DS is going 'through a phase'. At least that's what I always tell myself when DD acts like that. I would have reacted exactly the same way as you. There's something about being hit in the head that makes the red mist descend and I would have definitely shouted. Have done in similar situations anyway. I know you're not meant to, but we are only human and sometimes you can't help yourself. You sound like a lovely, caring mum, so I bet you made up with him really nicely afterwards, but then I do think children need to learn how to behave and sometimes that may mean a short, sharp shock (ie shout) to jolt them out of 'testing' behaviour. I know that is controversial and would love to be the kind of person that can calmly do time out and talk to them about their behaviour, and I do try to do that, but sometimes you just can't help a little shout. I don't know what to suggest re poo-gate, but DD has poo problems too in that she holds on as long as she possibly can to avoid going. She usually ends up with skiddy pants as a result and it drives us mad! For some reason, a lot of kids struggle a bit with pooing. She is getting a bit better now after we have drilled it into her that when you need a poo, you go straight away, you don't wait. We are actually using Father Christmas watching her as a form of bribery to remind her to 'be good' for things like pooing. Also probably controversial. I'm sure there are better ways of doing things.

Stacks With all that to remember to buy you may want to write a list!!!

I'm feeling bundles better, but still sick enough to not worry about the lack of symptoms. I think I've cracked it. If I eat properly in the evening the following day is not so bad. So last night I had a jacket potato with beans and cheese, and the as an evening snack I had a couple of cops (the type with the cheese melted on top) with a bit of butter, filled with crisps. This morning I woke up and I was hungry and felt sick but only heaved a couple of times and then after I had my breakfast and some early morning hula hoops I was fine. I think If I keep eating every hour or so then I'm actually fine, its just convincing myself to actually eat, so hubby is being very understanding and as soon as I say "ohh I could really eat.." he has been off to get whatever it is.

I did have a horrid dream last night, where I felt like I needed to put a pad in (as you do near AF) and then as I sat staring at the pad it just filled with blood, and I was crying and it was horrid!! obviously the first thing I did this morning was a bit of a knicker check, and there was absolutely nothing there!! This pregnany thing? does it every become less stressful?!

Oh and we told my inlaws last night, mrsparks just said to his parents that I'd had a terrible week of morning sickness, and then there was a really long pause and my mil just looked at me and burst out crying (happy tears obviously), my fil in law was much quicker on the uptake, he sort of made this "ooh" noise, had a little chuckle and then sat back waiting for my mil to cotton on!! Its actually nice to have told a couple of people, simply because then if I have some back up at these family functions.

MIL proceeded to list all of the things she is going to make for baby, and informing me that she is taking me shopping for maternity clothes, see? mother in laws arent all bad!!!

<sits back and waits for boo to arrive> I'm afraid she has been keeping something the naughty little TTC brookers have been saying from you!!!

GreenOlives Fri 02-Nov-12 15:10:39

Hi ladies, Im holidaying in Shropshire at the mo and internet/phone access is few and far between so apologies for radio silence! Finally have a signal on our day out in Llangollen - its a beautiful place but we've just walked over a huge aqueduct and I was terrified! Ds kept saying look how high we are mummy andI could only cope with looking straight ahead at the other side! grin
Anyhow, instead of whittering on I should be saying massive congratulations to far fabulous news grin thanks Well done on delivering a lovely bouncing girl with a gorgeous name! grin Enjoy every snuggly second!
Right must be sociable and tear myself away from my phone - catch up properly when back home next week, love to all. Xx

Princessishavingababyboo Fri 02-Nov-12 15:43:53

Sparks means that the ttcrs were saying how wonderful all the grads are and they can't wait to come over that's all, nothing else I can think of <whistles innocent tune> grin

itsMYNutella Fri 02-Nov-12 21:05:39

Stacks I'm 27/12 so aaaaaaages after you wink in fact I might have my baby next year...

Blimey... Hospital bag! I have a bag... But nothing's in it yet... I have a list... hmm perhaps that can be next week's project.

Sparkle my PIL's intentions come from a good place but I do find them hard to handle, they are a bit over keen as DP (youngest son) is the only hope for grandchildren confused ... MIL offered me a rummage through her wardrobe for clothes to wear while I'm pregnant... I did my best to politely turn her down but this week DP had to pop in to their's for something and came home with a hideous lovely ( 20-22 I think, if I've translated the size correctly) shirt that is plenty big enough but not really long enough to cover the bump....
But it's good to hear some people do get on we'll with PIL... envy smile

clickingtock Sat 03-Nov-12 10:20:59

Hello me muckers - how are you all diddling? Yesterday = 41 yo (v lovely day, v spoiled), 31 wks preggo (well almost) and 12 months of brooking on MN! Whadya say to that. Life was looking v different 12 months ago at the grand old age of 40; MN helped turn it all around. I actually feel younger if that doesn't whiff of BS! grin

Lots to write back to here. Whims - do you normally sleep on your side anyway? I'm finding it's fine to sleep as normal although feel a bit of hip ache if I don't move a bit in the night. Personally, I think a pillow anywhere might annoy me right now but I'm sure by about 34 weeks it might be time to find something to support the hip/between the knees area. Your bump sounds like it's a bit more modest this time <Baby girl coming?! Whims is being v secretive about this>...

Smegs is up next - brooking hard for her and a very + homebirth.

Stacks - you sound v balanced in your approach to having the baby. He will arrive and you will crack on with parenting - I'm sure you are well bonded just not manic. It's one of those experiences that you just go for and I think being open-minded can be really healthy. V particular expectations might lead to guilt/disappointment when your hormones are already rampaging. Will you be wearing your wellies and carrying clutchbag on your anniversary - that's my kind of look! wink

Sparks and Nuts - my toes curl at the thought of my MIL I'm afraid to admit. She is mememe and I have stopped trying to develop a connection with her. But she is great with DS and I nurture that relationship instead - seems like the best outcome. I can't get out of my mind that she said to my DP that if he was planning on marriage (to me) he needn't 'expect' anything from her (who has sold land and is about to sell a huge property and has bought a small home for her daughter). As if we would ever ask (at the age of 41/43)! And as if I haven't provided a lovely home, happiness and a family (and her only grandchild). And as if he hasn't been a v lovely, faithful, patient, kind son to her. We remain kind and polite but I'm afraid I can't stand her.... blush

Sparks - so lovely to start telling people - enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. So chuffed for you.

Olives - have a lovely holiday. I hope you are blooming.

Thanks so much everyone for kind words about me and DS - occasionally I think I'm a lovely mum Gen - but always feel a bit like my report might say 'could do better'. But I think you are all wise - sometimes shouting is the only way for them to realise that they have really done something dangerous/unacceptable. He was lovely on my birthday so there you go. I do realise that 2 yo is 'special' grin. I just have to get on with it and take the bad with the good. He looks so angelic when he's asleep - that's when I go all gooey and get teary-eyed to balance out the shouting. smile You are all great and I really your advice - I can tell what fab mums you all are/will be.

Lots of love and brooks to all.

clickingtock Sat 03-Nov-12 12:22:57

ps Laughed at Father Chrimbo's evil eye!! Attaway!

ScrambledSmegs Sat 03-Nov-12 15:19:10

Really, really quick as super-busy (sorry).

1. Bastard results came back positive sad. Not sure what I'm going to do now - really want a HB and MW is v supportive, but scared I'm going to endanger baby/myself if I do. Ambulance would take 8 minutes to get here so it's probably not that dreadful an outcome, but still v worried. Aargh!

2. I want desperately to start an AIBU - a woman at Stay and Play this week told me I looked great (aw!), that I had a lovely figure and very neat bump (double aw!) and I looked like a teenage mum hmm. WTAF?! If she'd said I looked like I was in my 20's, instead of looking my age (36) and knackered I'd have been deeply flattered. However, now I'm all neurotic and think that I dress badly and am horrifically ungroomed. The fact that other mum is french and chic didn't help either.

I will pop back later and read carefully. Hope you're all well and blooming beautifully smile. BH are a right bugger, btw.

Princessishavingababyboo Sat 03-Nov-12 15:57:41

Ow Smegs so sorry about the result, does this mean you can still have a hb? Your mw sounds fab, can she give you ab's at home during labour? Sorry not sure how hb's work it will never be an option for me.

As for the lady in stay and play, I would try and take it as a compliment. I always find ladies look younger than they are when they dress well and classy. If you were dressing to young she would have just given you a strange sideways look and avoided you or commented on your Whitney dressed as Britney appearance instead grin

How long now until the big sneeze??

Oh smegs I'm sorry about your results but it doesn't 100% rule out a home birth? What do you think you'll do? When do you have to decide?

I also wouldn't worry about the woman, I'd take it as a compliment, I think she probably meant well just didn't word or very well!! But get you with your uber youthful looks grin

I have a question, these pesky hormones are they to blame fore crying all the time? Cus today I've cried about being sick, about my boobs hurting, about not being able to help cook dinner and not being able to decide what I want to eat next week!!! And then a full on emotional melt down because the fireworks are scaring my cat sad I hate being a cry baby!!!!

Oh and the boob thing is become a real issue, mainly at night! So so painful!!! Is it too early to buy sleeping bras? And will they even work!!!!

7 weeks today and I'm already fed up of bring pregnant, but stupidly guilty about it because I should be feeling more grateful!!!!

sparks crying is entirely normal. I have had hissy fits over lack of mango, wrongness of nachos and slimyness of pasta at various points. Also cleaner coming at wrong time, lodger's lunch box on floor and absence of attractive maternity dresses. Emigrating and Mr whim's life threatening illness were less of a problem.

tock the baby's gender is still unknown!

Ooh 2 police officers have just come into the hotel foyer to eat fried chicken. Shouldn't they be out on a corner?

TheLittleFriend Sun 04-Nov-12 08:13:19

Hi all, just a quick one as I've got dd wanting breakfast.

Glad smegs has turned up smile but sorry to hear the strep b is lingering. What does your Mw say about the home birth now? Hope you can still go ahead, providing your still happy to do it x

Spd is awful today as we had a day out yesterday and I walked and stood far too much. sad

clickingtock Sun 04-Nov-12 10:47:15

Brooking for Smegs, Little and Sparks. Pregnancy can be very tough on us girls. xxx

little my friend had SPD, she was signed off work really early and ended up on crutches, she worried how she'd be after the baby was born but she said the pain just vanished! Our bodies can be crap sometimes!!!

TheLittleFriend Sun 04-Nov-12 11:37:51

Thanks sparks I had it with dd and I knew the pain was gone before I even got off the delivery bed, it was amazing! Brooking that it happens again, as I know some people suffer after the baby arrives.

Hi everyone,

Just dropping bye to say congrats to Far on baby Matilda. An so glad all is well after a really difficult time ttc. Such a lovely name.

Also Fluff I read your birth story ages ago and was so shock. You did amazingly well, I hope you have recovered from it all now.

I'm not up to date on the thread so sorry if I've missed anything major. I'm looking forward to hearing about the next brooking baby!

ScrambledSmegs Sun 04-Nov-12 23:08:07

thanks for Far Lovely name smile

Thanks Tock that extra little bit of brooking helped me get through my brothers birthday party without giving anything away smile

hula hoops @ 8.49? I think I may have sunk to a new low!!

Frootloopz Mon 05-Nov-12 12:16:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Princessishavingababyboo Mon 05-Nov-12 13:51:01

Sparks I think Hula Hoops are suitable at any time when you have MS, well done for getting through the party, when do you become a MWEPP? Surely not long now? Also I cry a LOT at the mo sad anything can set me off,

Do any brookers have any experience of pregnancy with an underactive thyroid? My TSH has gone really low and I have also gone really light headed, MW thinks the dizzyness is thyroid related rather than PG, do we know anything about it? It is not overly bad that it is stopping me from doing anything, but can be quite bad if I move too fast (stand up, turn etc)

boo Thanks, if I have brookers permission to eat hula hoops then I'm going to roll with it!!!

The party of at a bowling alley (brother was 30 hmm) - (massively outed myself but then I had a good time so its not like Im bitching) it was just more action than Im currently used to at the weekend. Luckily now my mum knows she was very good with me. I just had to sit down after each turn, and have some nachos half way through, which my nephew kindly helped me eat, to a point where my sister kept offering to buy me more!!! but how can you resist a 2 year old coming up you with the biggest grin saying "more nacos pwease". Afterwards went for some fast food, my mums idea because I'd said that I couldn't face a big meal.

I become a MWEPP, next monday!!! Its a home appointment, which really threw me!! mrsparks has the day off today, furiously tidying the house so that the midwife doesnt think we're terrible dirt slobs, of course we now have a week to keep it tidy hmm poor mrsparks is having to do all of the housework at the moment.

Sorry you're feeling lightheaded and dizzy sad I dont know what to suggest only to absolutely take it easy!!!

Booster (that's an improvement on some of the names being bandied about right? wink) - I believe bartlet is very knowledgeable on thyroidical matters, and I think other brookers have mentioned it too but no idea myself sorry. I do believe though that if you're on thyroid meds you're supposed to have them adjusted once you're pg but I don't know if that's for under or over active thyroid? <Clueless>. Do you have a specialist you see for it?

Oh and sparks crisps were The Thing that quelled my nausea and I do recall DH fetching me a packet one day when he got up for work at about 5am blush. For me it was walkers for this pregnancy (pref cheese and onion or tomato ketchup flavour) and last pg it was Wotsits hmm

biscuits I am absolutely no sticking to one flavour/type of crisps. I prefer plain flavours in the morning then salt ones in the afternoon/evening. Today for lunch a had a cheesy cob stuffed full of salt and vinegar chipsticks smile I am going to get seriously fat!!!!

ScrambledSmegs Mon 05-Nov-12 14:28:29

Soooo... depending on how fast everything goes I will probably be at a midwife-led birth centre, not at home sad. Even though the statistics are good - only one in 200 babies born to GBS+ mothers become infected with GBS - I felt like the risk was too great. Basically, babies infected with GBS in labour don't breathe when born, and not being near the hospital would be far too dangerous. So I'll be on antibiotics <sigh> My choice, at least.

Buggery bollocks. But I don't want to play russian roulette with my baby's health, and that comes first. On a brighter note, if she's working on that day I still get to have my lovely HB midwife with me, as she's attached to the hospital birth centre that I'm at. And she'll do all post-natal visits too. Love her.

Sorry, very self-obsessed right now. Baby is very low and walking is uncomfortable. Am pretty much ready for baby now, apart from a few bits and bobs. Now, just to get spidersmegs out...

Princessishavingababyboo Mon 05-Nov-12 14:30:03

I am already consultant led for this pg, my drugs have also been increased, twice so far, Brooking the next blood test shows it is leveled off a bit.

I like booster better than booby!

BartletForTeamGB Mon 05-Nov-12 21:34:09

Boo, how is the Booster today?

I have been lurking but trying not to think too much about things, but I spotted my name! My scan at 22 weeks was perfect, and, along with Little, I am now past 24 weeks so I will hopefully start to feel a bit more confident about things.

Anyway, thyroid disease in pregnancy... If you don't want a short lecture in thyroid physiology (only a small exam at the end to be check you were listening wink), look away now!

Your dizziness is NOT due to your thyroid, no matter what your blood results are. The MW is talking nonsense.

If things really are that bad, then please see a doctor for a review. You might need blood tests for anaemia, or perhaps, like me, your blood pressure is just very low in pregnancy and you are going to live in a world of dizziness for the next 6 months. I eat a LOT of crisps and marmite in the hope that it will help!

Anyway, if your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is low, this suggests a possible OVERactive thyroid, because your thyroid is producing enough of the thyroid hormone (T4) on its own.

HOWEVER, in the first trimester of pregnancy, when HCG is particularly high, a TSH below the normal range is normal. (This is because HCG is structurally quite similar to TSH so your body thinks you have plenty of TSH and doesn't make lots more.)

The important thing is what your T4 level is. Normal range is about 11-23 (different labs do the test slightly differently so the normal range varies between labs). If this is normal, you don't really need to do anything, other than check your thyroid receptor antibodies and TSH/T4 in about 6-8 weeks time. If it isn't normal or if you have a history of thyroid disease (can't remember if you've said before), then you might need to be seen by an endocrinologist. We won't do very much in most cases, but will keep an eye on the blood tests and on the patient.

If you want to let me know your results, I can give you more information and point you in the right direction, but the important things to remember are that this is hardly ever causes problems and that the dizziness is due to something else.

Right, going to post this now in case MN crashes and will write a second message catching up with everyone else...

BartletForTeamGB Mon 05-Nov-12 21:44:23

Just noticed you said your drugs had changed twice. Do you have an underactive thyroid normally then?

Right, sorry to see smegs that the test came back as positive. You are still going to have a lovely sneeze birth in the MLU and will be brooking that you time things nicely to have your lovely MW.

Sparks, you definitely have Brookers permission to eat crisps. I am a particular fan of the Walkers Max Paprika crisps at the moment. Between that and lots of Cadbury's Caramel (a balanced diet, you see), I am managing to get through most days.

Congratulations, far. Lovely name! And I can't believe that you are 30 weeks, tock. Seems like ages ago and so recently all at the same time that you both had your BFPs!

Sorry that little is dealing with SPD as well. I did lots of walking (we took DS to see fireworks for the first time - he loved it!) so will be in agony tomorrow. I was fine with walking after DS but couldn't run for months because of hip pain. Postnatal Pilates sorted me out though. I've not been at Pilates for months with the vomiting, but I am looking forward to getting back to it this week. I think my pelvic floor needs all the help it can get - my budding career as a trampolinist would be over if I ever started it!

Right, lots of do for tomorrow. I promise to be in more often now. Have just been going for a head in sand approach to this pregnancy, but I have been lurking and brooking when I could!

TheLittleFriend Mon 05-Nov-12 22:07:59

sparks I had hula hoops as an after dinner snack today & thought of you wink

Great to hear from you bartlet and really pleased your 22 wk scan went well. It must be a lovely feeling to just be having a 'normal' pregnancy now your tests are out the way.
Has your sickness only just gone shock? How you have coped with a toddler, work and that I don't know.

Thought I'd let you all know how extreme my 'baby brain' got today.
A mum at preschool asked when I was due, and my first thought was 'due what?' When I remembered I was pregnant hmm and replied, she asked if I knew the sex. It took several seconds to remember that I did, it's a little boy in there!
I'm off to bed, night all smile

Stacks Mon 05-Nov-12 22:21:13

Evening all. Just been out for a lovely dinner with DH for our 1st anniversary. I was wearing 'normal' tights though, and started to find the pressure on bump too much. So I discreetly took them off on the bus grin at least, I hope it was discreet. I wonder if people will wonder at me getting on with black tights and off with bare legs? smile

Been a lovely evening though, and DH surprised me with a lovely picture as a present. We're usually terrible at buying things for each other, it's been a wonderful surprise all round getting something so beautiful and perfect. He can relax for the next few years now on present buying grin

Nearly at our stop. Feet are agony in these shoes. Time to hobble a short way, then kick them off!

Waves to all.

Princessishavingababyboo Mon 05-Nov-12 22:22:55

Hi Bartlet thank you, I have been under active for 14 years, I will dig out my results and have a look. I already know my stimulating anti bodies are too high and the baby is on pediatric alert (cord blood and 24 hour blood test) sad I will also get the dizziness looked at, if it is not my thyroid then it needs checking, so thank you for clarifying that for me.

Smegs so sorry I just realised I think we x posted earlier. Sorry about the hb, Brooking you do get your lovely mw with you, besides, you won't be in the unit long, quick sneeze and home smile When is spiderSmegs due?

BartletForTeamGB Mon 05-Nov-12 22:56:46

"Has your sickness only just gone?"

Ha, little, I wish! No, still throwing up here! Thankfully, it has settled down a bit and I have finally put on a little bit of weight compared to before I was pregnant.

boo, right, I see. A low TSH is not a problem. Your thyroxine dose might just need to be reduced, although it does tend to go up by 30-50% during pregnancy. Really we aim for T4 in the upper half of the normal range in pregnancy. As for your baby, the chances of neonatal Graves' are REALLY small (1%) and a lot of what we do is precautionary in terms of growth scans and neonatal bloods. And you are a Brooker so that means there just can't be any problems.

The guidelines that most of us use are here if you ever want a proper look.

My TSH was below normal at 13 weeks, but my antibodies are normal and TFTs are now back to normal (I did have post-partum thyroiditis after DS - a diagnosis which I missed - hmm, some endocrinologist I am, eh?!), but they have still booked me an entirely unnecessary growth scan at 34 weeks. I'm not going to complain too much. If I book a home birth again, I'll need a presentation scan anyway to ensure the baby isn't breech, so I'd be needing one about then anyway.

stacks, I love that your romantic evening out with DH has been completed by a quick MN update on the bus home. Surely you should be behaving like teenagers and snogging at the back of the bus instead! wink

GreenOlives Tue 06-Nov-12 08:03:40

Just a quickie before the school run. sparks I have some bras I sleep in which I bought on a Groupon deal and I notice they have them on offer on there again today - £19 for 3 and they are a godsend for sore boobies! They are called Comfort bras - not stylish but def comfy! X

clickingtock Tue 06-Nov-12 08:51:12

So lovely to see Bartlett and I am so CHUFFED that you had a great 22wk scan. Less chuffed for you re' the sickness but glad that Cadbury's Caramel is keeping you going. grin Yes, 31 weeks here now! And like you we just did our first real bonfire and 1 sparkler with DS - it was so lovely. Will put pic up. Enjoy Pilates and keep dropping in on us. We like a doctor in the room.

Stacks - I remember your wedding as I'd just joined the Brookers then. Congrats.

Hello to Olives - long time no speaky. Ok love? Nice comfy boobies, then?

Smegs - brooking that you have a lovely time in the MLU, sounds like the next best thing to your hopes of an HB. Chin up chuck. And I hope incey-wincey is behaving. grin

Boo - good luck getting some more advice now you are armed with Bartlett's info.

Little - babybrain = a v healthy sign that you are anticipate a sneeze birth with your DS. "Atishoo - oh, it's a baby; I thought I'd eaten too many pies!"

Sparks enjoy becoming a connoisseur of all things fried potato-ish. We give you full licence and look forward to your final analysis.

All fine here but pretty shattered after an exciting birthday weekend. Friends made cake - DS slept through the whole event and missed out on blowing out my candles (fortunately not 41 of them). DP did his first-ever gig on Sat (v late night for us). He was so shy I only ever got to see him in profile (tho' v handsome in profile he is); he was almost standing with his back to the audience! Daft apeth. DS did his first ever sparkler. V exciting. And we've been up on the cable car near the 02 - recommended to any Londoners.

I seem to be hobbling badly - v sensitive right foot, I think a kind of referred pain from the pelvic area but can't face the GP who will say rest <as if, with a toddler> and take paracetamol. I guess that a sore foot is v little to worry about in the grand scheme of things. I'm just hoping that my blood test on Friday shows improved iron levels.

BTW - I think Whim was asking about pillows/support at night. So I asked my pg yoga teacher who says it's never too early to start. <Tock eats hat after previous post.> Two pillows between the knees, or one pillow in front of a straight left leg, with other knee up and resting on pillow. It's all about keeping the pelvic area balanced and roomy - not about supporting the bump... apparently. She didn't think that much of Dream Genie - said two pillows is just as good.

TTFN dear brookers. Waves and hugs to lurkers and busy new mummies.


Bartlet I am so happy for you re your scan and for getting past the all-important 24 weeks milestone. I breathed a sigh of relief to get there myself. Hope your ms clears up soon, that sounds horrendous. And sorry to hear you have SPD too. You must be a very strong person to deal with all the things you have been through lately. A true brooker.

Smegs I'm sorry your test results were bad news, but the MLU will be fine, really. I know you wanted a home birth, but I nearly had DD in the MLU (sadly needed last minute transfer to proper hospital and ventouse delivery) and it was lovely and peaceful and relaxed. Not like a hospital at all. I am brooking for a MLU birth this time, but the silly MWs are now getting all worried about the fact that I had a retained placenta last time (needed surgery) and saying I might have to have more monitoring. Goodness knows why as they won't know if the placenta is going to come out until after the birth anyway.

Little I've been having some severe baby brain too! Hopw your SPD is not too bad at the moment.

Stacks, sounds like you had a lovely anniversary. It's our anniversary later this month too. When do you finish work?

Hello Olives, hope you're doing OK!

Tock, sounds like a lovely birthday! Is it really a year since you were 40 21? wow. We took DD to a fireworks display last night too and she loved it. She was shouting 'POP!' 'BANG!' at every firework, it was so cute! Hope your foot is OK.

My back is loads better and I am now in love with my physio as she told me to rest as much as possible and order all my Christmas stuff online! Mind you, it's hard to rest with a full time job, a three year old and a house that needs stocking with food, cleaning etc. Hey ho! Maybe Santa will bring me a cleaner!

GreenOlives Tue 06-Nov-12 11:09:15

Hello ladies - I'm going to try and have a proper catch up whilst I have a spare 10 mins!

Yes Tock my nighttime boobies are indeed very comfy in my oh so stylish comfort bras! grin Glad to hear you had a lovely birthday weekend. It was my 37th last week and I had a night out to see Bond with DH. We had a meal out beforehand (which unfortunately I vommed straight back!) but at least I had room for sweeties at the flicks! 31 weeks you say? Wow time is flying - hope foot is feeling better soon.

Lovely to hear that all was well at 22 week scan Bartlet that's brilliant news! Like you I am also feeling slightly more reassured now I've passed the magic 24 weeks (and therefore "viability" point of pregnancy!) I fully sympathise with the continued vomiting. Mine had started to improve around the 18-19 week mark so that is was only every other day or so but over the last fortnight it has ramped right back up to an average of 3 times a day! Randomly it seems that changes in temperature seem to bring it on (is there a medical explanation for that?) I can feel perfectly fine in the house then I head out into the fresh air and the vomiting commences! I was sick twice on the walk to school yesterday morning - DS announced that soon my sick would be all over the world! He also helpfully told a passer by that Mummy has a baby which makes her spit sick out every day! grin The only good thing is that I don't have any nausea between the vomiting now so it's much more bearable - how are you doing with nausea?

Little I hope your SPD has settled again after your bad day. I was doing really well on that front, did lots of walking on holiday but the pain wasn't too bad so I was hoping I'd turned a corner but after an 11 hour shift at work yesterday (which was hellishly busy) I am walking like a 90 year old this morning! Do you use a gym ball to sit on? And if so does it help? I got DH to blow mine up last night as my physio recommended it so I am going to try sitting on that and doing some exercises to try and strengthen my back/pelvis. I love your baby brain moments - I had several of them at work yesterday! grin

Gen I saw on FB that your physio is helping massively with your back which is great news! And your another brooker with less than 10 weeks before your quick sneeze birth - how exciting!

Smegs The positive result is a bummer but you're right - there is no point taking any risks with spidersmegs. The MLU sounds like a potential home-from-home environment and I'm brooking hard for lovely midwife to be present!

Stacks Anniversary sounds lovely - well done to DH for perfect present buying too. If anyone did notice the tights/lack of tights they may have thought you and DH were behaving like love-struck teenagers on the bus if you know what I mean wink

Boo Hope you get thyroid issues all sorted and get that dizziness checked out my love. Don't be doing any exercise if you're feeling dizzy, we don't want any collapsing brookers! I thought your FB bump pic was gorgeous - you are blooming!

Sparks Hope the crisp eating is having the required nausea dampening effect! Please ignore all talk of ongoing sickness and SPD in the above paragraphs - I am brooking that your yucky symptoms will all magically disappear at exactly 12 weeks if not before and you will then bloom gloriously and sail through the rest of your pregnancy like a true brooker wink

Whims Glad to hear you were not too badly affected by the hurricane! Can't have you getting blown away like Dorothy - not in your condition anyway!

On the pillow talk subject I have just started using the Dream Genii. It is a faff getting comfy initially but I'm definitely sleeping better. It stops me from rolling onto my back during the night which means that on the whole my back is much less painful in the morning. Turning over is not the easiest though! I have to get out of bed and start again so I normally combine it with my nightly wee trip!

Right - I have done my very best to catch up properly but I have no doubt I have still forgotten people so I apologise - it's baby brain don't you know! Big hellos and lots of love to all. XX

GreenOlives Tue 06-Nov-12 11:26:14

X-posts Gen Plenty of time for resting between full-time work, mum to toddler and general domestic goddessness - if only hey! grin I shall write to Santa now and tell him how good you've been this year and see if he can help out with the cleaner and maybe see if he'll send me one too

P.s Also meant to say that Tock you really should not worry about your altercation with DS the other day - you are a fabulous mummy but you are only human and shouting every now and again is perfectly understandable (particularly in those circumstances!) I am feeling guilty for shouting at DS this morning. He was obviously completely distracted by the TV whilst I was getting ready this morning so he let a whole cup of milk spill all over the sofa. I was furious and really shouted (a complete over reaction on my part!) and he got really upset and tearful. We both ended up apologising to each other but I still feel really guilty now! There really is no point crying over spilt milk grin

Right I really must get on - TTFN

Oh Olives I can't believe you are still vomming too! I still feel nauseous from time to time, but it is loads better than it was earlier in pregnancy. Brooking that your SPD gets better soon, and I loved your anecdote about the spilt milk!

clickingtock Tue 06-Nov-12 13:57:01

Olives - I'm sure our hormones make us more prone to shouting/flaring up. And not getting the same quality sleep. Like everyone's advice to me, it's best that you don't dwell on the tricky days. Happy belated birthday to you. What did your boys bring you (other than a faceful of Daniel Craig grin )? (We are both feisty scorpio gals then!)

Sorry to hear that there is still lots of vom 'in the world' grin of brookers who will sneeze. But these brooking babies will be worth every retch I'm sure.

I am grabbing ebay bargains for newborns after making over £100 on ebay on Sunday - including the sale of my CB fertility monitor which I feel I can safely wave goodbye to, touch wood etc etc. Mid-week seems a good time to find bargainous prices on ebay baby stuff btw....

Gen - you're physio is right. Feet up. Could you find a way to have a fortnightly cleaner at least, for the heavy-duty stuff?

Can't believe what amazing women we have on here, with families and full-time careers and determination to beat the pg vicissitudes. I am wowzered.


Princessishavingababyboo Tue 06-Nov-12 14:31:54

Bartlet Thank you again for the reassurance about tests for the baby, I am so pleased about your scan results, but sorry about the continued vom, same for Olives. Apart from the light headed dizzyness I have been ok for a couple of weeks, thank goodness, I am not sure how you ladies do it for an extended time, you are simply brooking brilliant!

Tock, happy belated birthday, sounds like you had a lovely weekend. And well done Mr Tock on his gig smile

Gen Sorry the SPD has been playing up again, I had a friend with it and she said the ball was her best friend. So pleased you have a good physio, I will also be getting comfy bed bra's very soon!

Sorry i have missed some of you out, toddly boo actually wants me to play with him <tut>, I have tried to explain the importane of MNing to him as well! I also need to sort out those naughty TTCrs, who still think naming my baby is funny hmm

Catch up later

clickingtock Tue 06-Nov-12 14:34:41

ps - Whims - is it exciting now the voting has begun?!

Hi again Boo - go play - toddlyboo will be over the moon. Is he into cars and trains by any chance?!

GreenOlives Tue 06-Nov-12 17:23:28

I am indeed another girl with a sting in my tail Tock wink The boys got me a Kindle Touch which I still need to get around to registering and starting to download some books - it's on my to-do list for tomorrow! Any suggestions for books? It's been a long time since I've read anything more than Grazia or the odd newspaper so I need some fairly light reading to get me started and something which I can dip in and out of as I will only get short bursts of time for reading (until the mat leave begins anyway!) What did your boys get for you?

Ah all these birthdays! Mine tomorrow so I'm another Scorpio smile

Happy birthday to everyone else thanks

Princessishavingababyboo Tue 06-Nov-12 17:41:05

Tock tis official, toddly and I are the BEST at railway design! It had junction's and passing places, giant cows that invaded the line occasionally, stations, trees made out of lego, everything!

I would love a kindle Olives I really enjoyed Dawn French first book, a tiny bit marvelous, it was a good 'dipper'.

GreenOlives Tue 06-Nov-12 18:06:20

Happy birthday for tomorrow Biscuits! thanks What a lot of Scorpio brookers!

Princessishavingababyboo Tue 06-Nov-12 18:07:25

Ooh, happy birthday Biscuits have a lovely day. thanks

clickingtock Tue 06-Nov-12 18:21:08

Happy biscuits, birthday, hahaha. Scorpios unite. Have a lovely time with all your boys.

Kindle touch Olives. How lovely. I'm up for reading the next Hilary Mantel - she won the Booker again. Wolf Hall was fab. But better get a move on as it's not exactly light. I got a very lovely pair of birthday earrings in the design of little pinecones which I described as tiny hand grenades, much to my DP's horror/amusement. He's great at jewellery except engagement rings. blush

Loving your railway, Boo. Can we come over to play? smile

Now have gallons of newborn sleepsuits, all bought for pennies on ebay. Possibly rather too many. grin

BartletForTeamGB Tue 06-Nov-12 22:32:17

boo, DS and I would love to come round and play. We spend long afternoons with train sets. Sometimes he put his horses on the line and then the train crashes into them. hmm I'm sure this is completely normal and not the sign of a psychopath... wink

Happy birthday, biscuits! Got nice birthday plans?

Olives, you can sign up for emails telling you what is free on the Kindle each day. I've got some really good stuff that way, as well as some nonsense like romantic historical fiction, but sometimes I've needed something mindless to read. www.ereaderiq.co.uk/newsletter/subscribe/

Princessishavingababyboo Tue 06-Nov-12 23:22:38

Ooh, a brookers meet up at my house to play trains smilesmile I love it!

If you're all playing trains, can I send my boy round? I spend minutes hours building him tracks and he sits in the middle like a weird toddler giant wreaking merry havoc. Freaks me out!

Happy birthday all you birthday types. It's MrWhim's on Thurs. A big one. We're inviting lots of people we don't know very well round for drinks. So far we're up to 15 adults and 19 children. It's going to be chaos! And I can't even just drink my way through it. Still, we'll be in hospitality credit.

Tock I loved Wolf Hall - I actually only finished it a couple of months ago after a couple of false starts. I'm getting the whole Booker short list for Christmas (I think) - the Book People do an excellent deal on the whole set. I also just tried to get the AS Byatt book, Ragnarok, based in norse mythology but they didn't have it in the library. Another time. I love her too! But my new fave is George Pelecanos. He wrote on the Wire, and writes crime fiction set in the DC metro area, so it's fun to read about neighbourhoods I know.

Mr Whim and I are now thick in marvelling at the crazy electoral system, where they're announcing some eastern states whilst still polling western states. Not that I'm allowed an opinion of course, but gosh, it's tense. Well, it would be if it didn't just look like NumberWang.

So many birthdays!!!

Olives Im trying my best to ignore the talk of ongoing sickness, for fear that I might go crazy!! I've decided that my symptoms are going to disappear absolutely at 12 weeks!!!

OMG I want to launch myself at the cleaner (at work) she's been vaccuming for what feels like an age, and keeps hovering round the ladies loos so I cant discreetly run in to vomit.

Also is it wrong that I have taken to using the disabled loo for a bit of variety? I mean if I thought there was someone in the building who required it for its actual purpose then I wouldnt but its just rather handy because the sink is much closer to the loo, so I can sit down and vomit rather than doing this horrid squaty thing.

Oh Whim you made me snort at NumberWang! Happy birthday to MrWhim (is he 50?).

Can I join the trainset fun? DD loves playing trains, we really ought to get her a trainset for Christmas.

Happy birthday Biscuits and the other November birthdays.

Sparks, YANBU re the disabled loo - your need is great at the moment and I think that justifies it!

clickingtock Wed 07-Nov-12 10:48:10

Sparks - perhaps I'm evil but I laughed at you using the disabled loo for puke-environment variety. Just go and puke right in front of the cleaner - that'll get her moving out of your way! You poor people with such bad MS. Sounds so crappy.

Happy big (5)0, Mr Whim. I bet Mrs Whim gets you some ferrero rocher. Used to love AS Byatt, Whim - and can even claim to have had a short story published in a collection that she's in <cough, name dropping now blush > - but I've gone off her in my old age. She is such a romantic and I'm such a practical Pam these days. Will deffo check out G Pelecanos, as loved the Wire and could do with some crime fiction. Yum - thanks for recommendation.

If we all brought our train sets to an elected brooker's house we could make the biggest train track in the world. Great that Gen's DD loves a bit of train action - I like it when a game is inclusive.

Feeling shattered today for some reason and Mr T and I didn't get off to a good start tho been nice to each other since. I seem to spend my entire day sorting out/cleaning/filing away/organising his and DS's stuff (mine too of course) and for just once in my life I would like him to pick up DS clothes after bedtime and put them in the wash basket or remember to turn the lights off and keep down the leccy bills (which I organise). I don't know how I once did a full-time job and ran a house, except there was only really me to tidy up after/keep clean. Moan/rant over. You Brookers doing the whole lot amaze me...

Tock dont worry about laughing, some of my behaviour has become increasingly strange that I find myself just laughing at me!!

<< prostrates self in front of tock making we are not worthy noises >>

Very good pragmatic vomming sparks

Oh. Need to deal with a poo. Have a nice day y'all.

itsMYNutella Wed 07-Nov-12 14:55:15

Whims you made me LOL with your Numberwang reference! Anyone else's voting system (especially those crazy yanks) must seem like chaos at first glance!

Sparkle sorry to hear about your MS but use of disabled toilet totally justified!! I wouldn't worry about it.

I've been putting together the large amount of IKEA stock we bought last week for the bean... I know why I didn't want to buy and put it together sooner but at 33 weeks it is bloody difficult work! Not the actual construction of the flat pack menagerie but the bending and sitting and standing and squatting involved in screwing in the right bit at the right time <sweaty blush face>

<wipes sweaty brow and goes to kitchen to find more biscuits>

Nutella We've vowed never to put flat pack furniture together again, because we always end up fighting!! Luckily FIL is very handy, so he has offered to help with the nursery when the time comes!!

clickingtock Thu 08-Nov-12 14:14:46

Can we all have flapjack furniture instead? That way we wouldn't go hungry putting it together and there'd be no arguments just silent, merry munching.

Enjoying seeing Whims prostrated but how will she get up again with that bump hindering her?

genius tock except now I really really must get hold of some flapjacks!!!!

clickingtock Thu 08-Nov-12 14:42:52

Me too!

<<whispers>> They don't have flapjacks here. They do however have terrible quality flatpack furniture that arrives with the corners all bashed and has to be sent back. Moan.

He is indeed 50 tock. As befits such an old man, I've got him a fossil. It's a rather nice trilobite. He got an ammonite for his 40th. If he's good he'll get a whole dinosaur by the time he's 80.

nutella, I think the more you know about the American electoral system the more chaotic it becomes, rather than seeming chaotic at first glance. I know I'm a bit of a politics nerd (an unashamed one at that) but some of the practices over here are downright shoddy, and in the UK would be sufficient to render an election void.

I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself with a broken dishwasher (which is now making the kitchen smell as it's been blocked for a week and has water sitting at the bottom of it), very chapped hands and a party for 16 adults and 19 children tomorrow night. Oh, and I managed to be awake between 2 and 5 this morning.
Still, there are people up the coast who still don't have electricity 10 days after the hurricane and now it's snowing there too, so I ought to count my blessings really.

Er whim why would you live in a country without flapjacks?!?!

Stacks Thu 08-Nov-12 21:44:16

whim make flapjacks for all your guests. A variety of flavours should satisfy all tastes. Serve with real tea, and you've got yourself a successful party!

I really don't want to work next week, even though its my last one ever. All these inconsiderate people are planning meetings and work for me, whereas I'm ready to sleep at my desk 20mins after arriving. If I call in sick I can bring my ML forward, but I know I'd feel bad for leaving them all in the lurch.

That's a funny saying... I wonder where it comes from? Preggo brain wanders off on yet another tangent.

clickingtock Fri 09-Nov-12 10:07:49

There may come a time when you actually miss work Stacks - it's not unheard of.... I think it's annoying that they expect you to work in your last week though! Are you sure they aren't planning a surprise party with lots of flapjacks? Oh, but you work with a load of blokes don't you? Probably clueless ones. Extend your ML by a week if that's your fancy. Why not?!

Left on the lurch - "the phrase originates from the French board game of lourche or lurch, which was similar to backgammon and was last played in the 17th century (the rules having now been lost). Players suffered a lurch if they were left in a hopeless position from which they couldn't win the game."

Whims - outside caterers, a la rich American lifestyle? Like the fossil theme in your lives; good one. We took DS fossiling near Lyme Regis, a rather cold and blustery day. DP was v keen to make a great discovery and egged on DS who seemed a little less keen and replied "Go to the fossil shop then Daddy" or words to that effect. grin

Hobbling around here. Off to midwife with blood of iron and muscles of steel, hopefully.

Princessishavingababyboo Fri 09-Nov-12 11:27:58

Ooh I love flat pack furniture and flapjacks smile although Whims that America is starting to sound a bit odd, no flapjack?? I wouldn't stand for that!!

Stacks have a good last week at work, hope they don't make youdo too much.

Tock you will have the muscles of superman and more iron in your blood than an iron miner I brook no argument!! Good luck at the MW.

Sparks you vom where you want, if any one questions you, vom in their hand bag!! I would get back to the other fred, they are starting to name your baby, you don't want to end up like me!!

Well it is flu jab day tomorow, I am absolutely petrified of needles, I can just about cope with blood tests because they dont put anything in, but actual injections frighten the life out of me, just how bad are they?? This goes back to having Cyclazine (sp?) injections and it feeling like molten lava going into my arm a few years ago sadsad Is it ok or will my arm actualy fall off or does it smart a bit?

itsMYNutella Fri 09-Nov-12 12:16:31

I've never had a flu jab boo but I'm guessing that there is a very real possibility that your arm might fall off grin. I haven't been offered a flu jab here (Germany) hmm must ask the Dr next time.. she what she reckons...

Had an awful rough night's sleep last night. Then spoke to a friend this morning who was sick all night... we ate the same thing that DP (who is fine) didn't eat... but spoke to third person who also ate the same stuff (and is easily half my size) and she was fine so putting it down to the joy of pregnancy that I just had a crappy night... It's still bothering me a little but I feel absolutely fine and the bean has been wriggling away as normal... So should I put it out of my head?

Whims... could you try making flapjack with maple syrup and porridge oats?? hmm flapjack.... sooo yummy!! you must be able to get oats over there... otherwise I think you should leave!!

I really don't mind building flatpack stuff... wonder if I could earn a good living building people's Ikea stuff??..... mind you it would probably be boring pretty quick ...

Stacks Fri 09-Nov-12 12:28:18

boo the flu jab is a tiny needle, and doesn't really hurt at all. It's a very quick jab to have, they don't put much in so there's no feeling of that, and it's certainly less painful than a local anaesthetic jab! You can maybe ask for some 'magic cream' it's a local anaesthetic cream they use for children and adults with needle phobias.

tock I'll go back to work in a couple of years, but wouldn't return here unless there was a financial emergency. Even then I might look elsewhere first...

Baby brain has forgotten who had a bad night, was it Sparks? Hope you feel better soon. There's also a D&V bug going round just now, a few ladies on the Dec thread have had it. Hope you feel better soon though. Take it easy.

Stacks Fri 09-Nov-12 12:29:19

Doh, it was Nutella! Still, hope you both feel better soon.

Im a flu jab vetran, tis only a tiny needle, and they do it soooo fast that you barely have time to notice anything. As for afterwards I always find that my arm hurts a little bit, like I've carried one too many heavy shopping bags but that goes away after 24 hours (and by go away I dont mean you arm falls off hmm)

Boo mini sparks has been names twinkle grin I think I got off relatively lightly!!!!

Nutella get well soon!!!

TheLittleFriend Fri 09-Nov-12 13:01:46

nutella hope you're feeling ok now

boo I found the flu jab fine, but very itchy after!

whims I always thought flapjacks were an American thing blushconfused

Just found out that my niece who we spent a few days with last week has slap cheek (parvovirus). From what I've read it's only really a concern up to week 20, but the Mw says I need a blood test to check if I'm immune anyway (about 50% of adults are and wouldn't necessarily know as it can be very mild or symptomless.) Though she was very vague as to what they'd actually do if I wasn't immune hmm

itsMYNutella Fri 09-Nov-12 13:18:22

Thanks everyone!
Sorry, I didn't make it very clear, I felt rough (crazy dreams (more sped up and crazy than other crazy pregnancy dreams), a little nauseous and just generally uncomfortable) all night and didn't sleep well. I'm feeling ok now, I'm tired. But no other symptoms so I'm hoping I'm fine and the bean certainly seems to be fine (it seems to have a yoga style stretching routine now it doesn't have room for disco dancing). <ouch blush>

Little hope that the slapped cheek blood tests all come back ok. How far along are you - sorry preggo and super tired today smile

TheLittleFriend Fri 09-Nov-12 13:28:18

Sounds like you and the little nut are both fine nutella smile
I'm 25 weeks now so it shouldn't be an issue even if I did catch it

clickingtock Fri 09-Nov-12 14:00:44

How bizarre: DP and DS have gone off (at my request) for a long weekend with the grandparents (both lots living in Wales, where DP & I misbehaved were at skool). I'm home alone for the first time in 3 years! Cold and quiet. But I'm sure it will be rather nice to miss them madly.

Flu jab more painful after the event I found Boo. I always look away when there's a needle just so I don't really know when it's going in etc. Pain is always worse if anticipated, I find.

Flapjacks must be Scottish, no?

Little - brooking you're immune, but sorry about your niece and hope she's ok. sad

Nuts - just sounds like a pregnancy night to me but hope you get a rest and time to recover.

Had glucose in my pee today but the MW team didn't seem that bothered. All that birthday chocco has got me in trouble, slapped wrist confused Blood was taken sent off full of iron filings so I'm sure it'll all be fine. Apparently 10 isn't that low anyway. Have got to the stage of them coming to do the Homebirth session at my house in the next couple of weeks, feeling rather excited now. TickyTock is back to back at the mo' but plenty of time to wriggle round and MW said it can happen v close to birth with multip babies.

Does anyone else get a 32wk growth scan with their trust? A couple of friends who are with Kings not my local hospital are being offered this. I don't think I particularly want one but just wondered what everyone else was getting. wink

How are all our lovely lurkers? Waving to all and hoping you have a v nice weekend indeed.

Princessishavingababyboo Fri 09-Nov-12 14:37:43

Thank you for the advice ladies, I am just a big chicken with injections. But I shall be big and brave and get it done then have a long lie down to get over it smile

Tock I have had glucose in my urine since my booking in and have a gtt to do at 28 weeks, I had this with all 3 now, I think it is just normal for me.

Little Brooking that you are immune, and hope dn is better soon. I must say I had never heard of it before MN.

Nut poor you, I have been having terrible sleeps lately, stupid vivid dreams and nightmares, getting up for a pee then the insomnia kicking in for a couple of hours, it really drains you. Hope you get chance to rest, sounds like little one is fine though.

I meant to say, I think I have been feeling little movements this week (15 weeks now) ooh it is lovely smile (until the spider/yoga starts anyway)

Princessishavingababyboo Fri 09-Nov-12 14:45:21

Ooh, sorry Tock we are not offered 32 week scans as standard, I had one last time because of the super large chunky monkey size of ds and all the glucose in my urine.

clickingtock Fri 09-Nov-12 15:12:57

Boo - so the glucose hasn't really affected you? I hope the GTT goes fine - you seem relaxed about it all. It doesn't seem like an issue tbh and is a first for me. I'm sure it is quite literally that I've been eating too much naughty stuff. I was given 4 - no, 5! - boxes of chocolates for my bday on 2 Nov (obviously people think that's what pg ladies NEED). I have given away two and will leave another unopened for post-birth and one was so small it hardly counts, right? grin

Lovely to get your first kicks and tickles. Sweet! You will get to hear the hearbeat soon!

My baby had v good heart rate today - MW v impressed. smile Limbs are all over the place, she said - hence thinking baby is back to back. Also MW reassured me that sonographer using 'his' to describe the fetus in 20wk scan, even after I requested keeping it a surprise, is normal and does not mean we are necessarily going to have a boy. So it is still a surprise and DS is still certain he's getting a sister. I'm all geared up for a boy in my head though...

Sorry - I'm waffling on again. Now that my boys are away on hol I've got far too much time on my hands. Hurray.

Princessishavingababyboo Fri 09-Nov-12 15:31:27

Tock how much glucose did they find? At my booking in it was ++, at my last appointment it was ++++, what you eat can certainly make it go up but chocolate is always worth it smile It is not really worrying me I am used to it now, it is not having any other effect on me, they were concerned last time that glucose + big baby = GD, they didn't think about the fact I am 5'9 and DH is 6'4 and are never going to have a small and delicate doll like child hmm my gtt last time had good results, exactly in the middle of the acceptable range apparently. I am so used to having checks and tests though, it is normal for me now, I have to see the Endo team about my thyroid and the Gastro team about my Crohns, plus the usual checks you need.

Have fabulous relaxing weekend, try not to miss the boys too much smile

Princessishavingababyboo Fri 09-Nov-12 15:32:51

I put certainly, I meant probably blush assuming a high sugar diet would have am effect.

TheLittleFriend Fri 09-Nov-12 16:25:11

Blimey boo that is a lot of things needing tests. shock

tock your choc intake sounds perfectly normal, certainly far less than mine two choc biscuits, a handful of minstrels and a slice of lemon drizzle cake already eaten today, banana loaf in the oven blush

Thanks for asking after dn, she's absolutely fine, it really is quite a mild illness, just one of those that is risking for unborn babies.

TheLittleFriend Fri 09-Nov-12 16:26:28

Risky, not risking.
(tis the baby brain, honest)

GreenOlives Fri 09-Nov-12 17:17:17

Boo Cyclizine is notoriously sore when injected so the flu jab will be a breeze! I've got to have a GTT this time due to DS being a 10lber - it's booked for 4th Dec - what's the stuff like that you have to drink? And how long after drinking it do they do the 2nd blood test? I'm dreading having to be NBM!

Tock Put your feet up and enjoy the rest whilst your boys are away! smile

Little Hope you are immune, but as you say there's prob not too much to worry about now you're 25 weeks anyway.

Nutella Don't be worrying, sounds like a typical late pregnancy night to me and yoga baby sounds very happy!

clickingtock Fri 09-Nov-12 17:33:23

Thanks Boo - they didn't even say so how much glucose so can't have been loads over the normal. It's only a fortnight til my next appointment now so I will cut down but not cut out on the choccos/cakes and hopefully it will be fairly normal. I eat a v healthy savoury diet so should all be fine and this baby doesn't seem any bigger bumpwise than my DS (3.3kg at birth so on the light side). Gosh you are a tall family aren't you? Poor you re' all the tests but sounds like you have the right attitude and take it all in your stride. Plus you're on no.3 so must be a pro in the end, eh? grin

Olives - hoping you get a bit of a smaller baby - if that's what you'd prefer - this time round. Do you think there was anything behind the size of your DS at birth or are you a tall family too? Was he overdue by much?

My time off so far has involved phone chats, dog-walking and to much time on e-bay. I shall put the lap-top away for the weekend though and do something more enlightening or restful. wink

TheLittleFriend Fri 09-Nov-12 17:34:32

green the stuff you drink for the gtt is, err, really delicious. Honest wink

Princessishavingababyboo Fri 09-Nov-12 18:27:22

Ooh Little you get green stuff envy <---- the colour I would be if I had that, we get lucozade for our gtt's. Green my anti natal unit are quite good about doing them, you are booked in first thing, we go in nbm, have blood test, drink, wait 2 hours (take a book) then re test, done!!!

Afternoon all. I've just done my nails in anticipation of MrWhim's soiree later so I'm unable now to do any sweeping, tidying or washing up. Although i imagine I will shortly be able to make a cup of tea and settle down with last Saturday's guardian while the small boy is asleep adn the big boys are still at school. bliss.

No caterers I'm afraid tock (although the one party I've been to here did have caterers. And very nice they were too). Rather, I am the caterer, to which end I've been to the nice supermarket and bought a packet of every sort of nachos they have and pretty much every sort of dip. There will also be brie / goat's cheese and grapes and crackers and olives mozarella balls and tiny tomatoes. I'd be happy with that as a guest! Sorry, no hula hoops sparks, but you might not want to risk the flight with your dicky tummy.

Have lovely weekends y'all. We have the boys' school fair tomorrow ( I have dutifully dropped off 24 muffins, while ruing the fact that there were NO OTHER MOTHERS there to see me do so. What's the point? It's like a tree falling down in a forest without anyone listening. And then I'm sneaking off to a massive craft fair in DC which looks brill: if you're interested

Then we're taking MrWhim out to a 'proper' Cornish pasty shop for lunch on Sunday. What an extravaganza!

whim if there are no hula hoops I ain't coming!!!!

I'm also going to a giant craft fair grin hello maxed out credit card!!!

Sorry sparks, whilst homemade flapjacks are no problem, extruding potato snacks might be beyond me. Although actually they don't have golden syrup either, so flapjacks won't be entirely right.

And they call this a civilised country. « tuts »

GreenOlives Fri 09-Nov-12 20:42:33

If its lucozade I'll be happy but my friend who had one locally about 18months ago says it was a thick sugary liquid -yucky! My appointment is 8.50 so all being well I should be able to eat by lunch time (not that Im obsessed with food or anything grin )
Not sure why DS was so big, no-one was expecting it - bump measured perfect for dates, he was 8/9 days overdue but that's not unusual. I am just short of 5'8" so that's fairly tall for a woman but DH is only about the same height as me so not very tall for a bloke. My dad was tall and he was one of 4 boys who were all fairly big at birth so maybe that's where it came from! I can't imagine having a small baby but an easier birth would be very nice indeed! grin

Princessishavingababyboo Fri 09-Nov-12 21:05:39

Olives my mw told me before I had giant chunky monkey toddly boo that when it comes to pushing bigger ones are easier, something to do with them not moving forward then sliding back, the bigger ones just sort of move down and stick! I delivered 10lb 3.5 oz very quickly or maybe she just said that to make me feel better hmm

Whims no flap jack, no hula hoops and now no golden syrup? What sort of bounty is that??? shock

Tock I am sort of used to it all now, this is all normal to me. Between me and teen boo I think I sometimes live in a hospital (he is deaf/blind, has something called usher syndrome)

Princessishavingababyboo Fri 09-Nov-12 21:15:09

Bounty blush I mean country.

clickingtock Fri 09-Nov-12 22:21:10

Wow Boo - reeling to hear that teenboo has Usher Syndrome but can tell he's a right cool kid from the bits you've mentioned on here, and a typical teenager in all the best possible ways I'm sure. smile Impressed at your birthing skills btw! We deffo need slidey babies - but only in the down-and-out direction, thank you v much. Is chunky monkey still a good size then? grin My DS is a bit of a stick despite me trying to fill him with lots of good rich food. Seems he's kind of stuck to his percentile from the get-go, though never lost weight at all.

Whims - fraid that's no excuse, maple syrup will still lead to flapjack magic. Can't help on the hoola-hoops though. Enjoy the craft extravaganza ladies. I am planning to finish my crocheted sleeping bag while my boys are away. Much more of a grandma than mother it seems... wink

Princessishavingababyboo Fri 09-Nov-12 22:57:41

We have known for a couple of years now Tock so we have come to terms with it a bit, there will always be changes in his sight though until ........ he is a very typical teen in every other way though. Toddly boo is still very tall for his age always been on the highest percentile. Also I quite agree, slidey babies and a quick sneeze birth!! Tis the brookers way.

clickingtock Sat 10-Nov-12 10:40:44

Oh Boo - that's a big one. Life does serve up some shocking life-changers and challenges. Just so glad he's got you as his mum. {{{{hugs}}} ToddlyBoo sounds like he'll be a sportsman. ToddlyTock is high up on the height percentile (but only because of a spurt at the right time I reckon) and low down on weight. I try not to fuss - he's got a pretty good appetite but prone to a dicky tummy.

Right, off to do some hooking.


Princessishavingababyboo Sat 10-Nov-12 11:34:45

I did it, had my jab, and I still have 2 arms grin

itsMYNutella Sat 10-Nov-12 21:25:46

Boo Good to hear you still have two arms, grin well done!

Thanks for all the reassurance! that was what I really needed, just to know that as long as the bean is doing it's thing (however uncomfortable he is making me its nice to know he's well smile ) and I slept great last night! But then was pooped this arvo and had to have a sleep on the sofa .... Hope I sleep well tonight!
Can't remember who it was but yes I'm the same, bizarre dreams, get up and go for a wee, followed by an hour or many of insomnia... I find the lack of a pattern is really annoying!
But I haven't got to set another alarm for work between now and errr, well, sometime next year! Have a few appointments next week and then I'm done really... Until mini nuts arrives...

All this talk of cake is making me drool! Need to go the kitchen now, good job I already made cookies! Have lovely Sundays you lovely ladies! Sorry for not name checking more people, I'm waiting for my brain to start working again... confused

Princessishavingababyboo Sun 11-Nov-12 18:27:26

Hope you all had a good weekend. Just wanted to say Sparks have a lovely mw appointment tomorrow.

Nut I have the weird dream pee insomnia cycles, the only time I sleep properly is when I have been to the gym and have a hot bath, but I can't do that every day sad what appointments have you got this week? [Nosey cow emotion]

My arm has survived the weekend, but it does feel like someone has punched it matches my boobs then grin

Thanks Boo I'm super nervous and not really sure why!!

Feel totes gross today!!!

Princessishavingababyboo Mon 12-Nov-12 09:12:33

Oh Sparks don't worry, you will be absolutely fine smile sorry you still feel so poorly, not long now until the magic 12 thanks

Boo only 3+5 to go grin although my mum kindly pointed out that she suffered well passed her 12 week mark!!! Cheers mum!!!!

She is also taking great delight in point out the 'podge' round my waist, and informing me that she started showing at 7 weeks AND carried massive!!! fabulous... not!! I know she's only saying it to prepare me but bloody hell, can I have a little sugar coating please!!!

Do they take bloods at your booking in appointment? even if its at home? and will she want to have a prob of my belly? cus I will need to shave (the joys of PCOS means Ive got a rather hairy belly blush and if she does prod my belly will I need to lie completely flat? because then that means I need to hurry home and tidy the bedroom... the housework is a little lacking at the moment!!!

I'm such a stress head!!!!

Princessishavingababyboo Mon 12-Nov-12 09:58:56

STOP AND BREATH SPARKS sorry for shouting grin

I had to go to my mw for my booking in, so I don't know about home ones but I think there are blood tests they still need to do (sti's, hiv, blood group etc) my mw didn't have a poke about on my belly (also a bit furry, has been since pg with toddly boo hmm) as baby is still tucked away nicely in your pelvis and there is not much for them to feel, but if she does, I'm sure the sofa will suffice.

I am sure mummy sparks is just trying to prepare you, but you could just as easily have an altogether different pregnancy from hers, and mummy sparks isn't a brooker, so doesn't know the rules about textbook pregnancies and sneeze births smile

Also, your mw will only be looking at you, she doesn't care if your house has that 'lived in look' she cares that you and twinkle are healthy and if you think it is bad now, you wait till twinkle is here wink now, sit down, have a decaf brew and some hula hoops, relax!

TheLittleFriend Mon 12-Nov-12 10:05:31

Hi all, hope everyone's well smile

sparks I had to go to the hospital antenatal dept for my booking bloods, but not for the booking appt. it depends how they do it in your area. I've never heard anyone say they had their belly felt, because as boo says, they wouldn't be able to feel your uterus above the pelvis yet. Enjoy becoming a mwepp though smile