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October 2012- once we pop we can't stop!!!

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Latest list:


Babybrain - William James - 5/9/12 - 11.45pm - 5lb 11
Heymicky - Eliza Dorothy Gardner - 16/9/12 - 22.57 - 5lb 2
Pinpan - Nina - 23/9/12 - afternoon - 8lb 7
Winnie81 - Girl - 25/9/12 - 12.15am 6lb 4
MissPollysTrolleyed - Lucy - 26/09/12 - 6pm

Impatient mums to be

Rnb dc4 edd 23 sept - boy
MakeTeaNotWar dc2 edd 26 sept - Surprise
Pezzina dc2 edd 26 sept
ST82 dc1 edd 27 sept - boy
MsInterpret dc2 28sept - girl
Captainhetty dc4 edd 1 oct - girl
Newtonupontheheath dc 2 1 oct - surprise
Emiedarling dc1 edd 3oct - boy
Welliesandpyjamas dc3 edd 4 Oct
MissPollysTrolleyed dc2 edd 4 Oct
Littleplasticpeople dc3 edd 5 oct
WeeSooty dc1 edd 5th October - surprise
Gizzyboo dc4 edd 5 oct
Cakes82 dc1 edd 5 oct- suprise
Shopgal9 dc1 edd 5 oct
Bubblebell dc3 edd 6 oct - girl
FluffyJawsOfDoom dc1 6 oct - surprise
MissPenteuth edd 6 oct - girl
KPT083 dc1 edd 8 oct - surprise
DameFlatYouLent dc2 edd 9 oct
Thunderboltkid dc1 edd 10 oct - boy
Isheisnthe dc4 edd 10 oct
Thumbwitch dc2 edd 14 October - surprise
Bear1984 dc2 edd 15 oct - boy
RunningOutOfIdeas dc2 edd 15 oct - girl
Guccigirl79 dc1 edd 16 oct - boy
Elvislives2012 edd 18 oct - surprise
Kelbells dc 1 edd 18 oct - boy
ShellWeDance dc1 edd 19th Oct, surprise.
Goodsenseofdirection dc1 20 oct - surprise
Beeblebear dc1 20 oct - boy
MissRedIndie dc2 20 Oct
Pheebs24 dc1 21 Oct
Susurrant dc1 21 Oct
Doodlekitty DC1 edd 26th Oct - boy
Loopyla dc1 edd 28 Oct - surprise
TartyMcFarty dc2

Enjoy!! smile

Marking place smile

Full moon tonight - wonder hue many babies that will bring!

CaptainHetty Sat 29-Sep-12 08:29:05

No baby here <major grump>

You all need to stop jumping the queue grin

Congratulations to all the new mummies, so lovely seeing all your fab pictures as well x

isheisnthe Sat 29-Sep-12 08:34:18

I'm pleased, at my consultants appointment on thursday they have put in my notes that the midwife can I've me sweeps from 39 weeks, instead of +41. I'm 38 + 3 today, and am working until next Friday, it's all getting a bit much with working full time and already being a mum of 3 boys (9,8 & 2)!

isheisnthe I had that too, but the MW flat out refused to do them before 40+4 (which I was happy with tbf)

pinpan you've worried me! How does one recognise the signs of overtiredness, pray tell? blush

isheisnthe Sat 29-Sep-12 09:27:20

Luckily the midwife said as long as the consultant put it in the notes (under shade care) that she would be happy to (last baby 9lb 1oz). I'm hoping they will anyway!

pinpan Sat 29-Sep-12 09:31:24

I'll let you know when I've figured it out! confused I think it's just what's left over when hungriness and sore tummies and wet nappies have been eliminated from the standings.

Antibiotics definitely giving her a gripey tummy and explosive bottom - I've got total mummy guilt, but as DH pointed out, if medical science hadn't invented the episiotomy, neither of us might be here today, which would be much more sad-making.

Yay for the new babies!

Hetty don't think bear got the message about jumping the queue grin...she had a baby boy this morning 100 miles away from home!

Thumbwitch Sat 29-Sep-12 11:20:33

Oh no - did bear go to the wedding? eek! Hope she's ok. <<knew she'd have the baby if she went>>

pinpan - hope she settles down soon and the effects of the antibiotics wears off soon - are you eating lots of bio-live natural yoghurt as well? For your own benefit, of course. Watch out for thrush too!

My feet are all swollen up again sad - might book another acupuncture/moxibustion for monday as that did such a good job last time!

Ok I've made peace with baby not coming early and have heeded hetty's warning. Therefore, am celebrating a lovely Saturday morning By making lemon drizzle cake and not eating any of the raw cake mixture ;)
Hope you're all having a great day and not too uncomfortable....

RnB Sat 29-Sep-12 11:57:19

Marking my place. So many babies - exciting!!

EarnestDullard Sat 29-Sep-12 11:57:43

Place-marking on shiny new thread. Congratulations to all the new mums. Is there someone I can PM about getting added to the FB group? Maybe photos of squishy newborns will set off some kind of hormonal chain reaction grin

39w today. Few BHs last night but nothing more exciting. Mind you, with DD I didn't really have any 'signs' of impending labour until the first contractions. Full moon sounds promising! Is there anything to it, or is it just another old wives tale?

Marking place! 40 + 3 today....a good friend of mine not due until next week had her baby last Wed on MY due date! Cheek. Still I got some lovely newborn snuggles yesterday ahhhhhhh

Bubblebell1 Sat 29-Sep-12 13:52:38

Just marking my place on the new thread and wishing all of you the best of luck for your impending births.

earnest not sure how to add to group personally, but I think weesooty does. Can u try messaging her on here? Sorry if I'm wrong!!

Beeblebear Sat 29-Sep-12 14:19:10

Morning all! How exciting/nerve racking for bear to have her wee one far from home... Wondering uf she took her hospital bag jyst un case...

Off to day 2 of prenatal class today. Full day 930 to 4. Eek!

CaptainHetty Sat 29-Sep-12 14:27:02

Earnest I think because it's a secret group one of us might have to add you to it, a link won't work. I don't know if anyone can do it or if it has to be one of the admin, though. Hopefully someone else can be more helpful, agree with Elvis weesooty or thunder might be the best people to ask, I think they're the admin.

I still have no baby. Just in case you hadn't noticed wink

Thumbwitch Sat 29-Sep-12 14:28:21

Hmmmm. Just found out that "induction" here involves manual rupture of membranes. I don't think so. Need to have more of a chat with my obgyn on Tuesday and "discuss" that quite strongly - I don't believe it's necessary.

Anyone got any experience of it?

CaptainHetty Sat 29-Sep-12 14:50:05

Thumb, I don't believe it's necessary to artificially rupture membranes unless it's for some sort of medical emergency like the possibility of a distressed baby having passed meconium, to be honest. I gave birth to my daughter with the waters still intact - it was very fast - and I do genuinely believe it made the birth easier (perhaps not the right word, birth isn't easy, but you know what I mean lol) on both of us.

Personally unless there were signs of distress I'd probably refuse it, but then I'm a stubborn cow at the best of times grin

Thumbwitch Sat 29-Sep-12 14:58:00

Yes, those are my feelings too, Hetty. Doc hadn't even mentioned it - I didn't think to ask what the actual induction meant, just assumed it would be the same as in the UK! Glad I have a student MW on my case - she's the one who mentioned it.
Obviously if there's a medical reason then fair enough - but just to get things started, no. Bad idea.

RnB Sat 29-Sep-12 15:33:14

Here in Brighton they break your waters before you are allowed to go on to the induction drip...

Thumbwitch Sat 29-Sep-12 15:38:02

Ah well I never needed the drip last time and I don't plan to have it this time if I can avoid it. Just the gel pessaries. And some horrible balloon thingy to open the cervix, apparently.

God I hope this baby decides to come of its own accord, having gone head down first!! I had a reasonably good induction experience last time, I'm liking the sound of this one less and less as time goes on!! <<feels the Birth Fear coming back>>

RnB Sat 29-Sep-12 16:26:08

BALLOON THINGY! I know where they can put that (and its nowhere near me!)

Earnest feel free to pm me your name and I will try to add you; my success rate in doing so this far is not good though! blush grin

ShellWeDance Sat 29-Sep-12 16:32:18

Loving the new thread name!

No signs of anything here, some vague period like pains but I guess at 37+1 it's wishful thinking!

goodsenseofdirection Sat 29-Sep-12 18:14:09

A very apt title for the new thread the way things are going!! There must be another one on the way soon smile

Huge congrats to bubble and bear

Msinterpret Sat 29-Sep-12 19:11:37

Come on babies, pop pop pop!

I noticed the full moon too - reeeally hoping it'll have some effect here and for other impatient ladies! I had (TMI ALERT) a bout of diahorrea this afternoon blush. So hoping it might be something happening but nothing else doing...

40+1 !

Sounds v promising msinterpret! I'm 40 + 3 and feeling quite heavy down below....am I going to make it in as a Sep baby?

Had a horrible shock today when DD ran into the road and was narrowly missed by a car. My fault for not holding on to her tightly enough esp when I can't move as quickly as before. I still feel sick and shaky thinking about it sad

Msinterpret Sat 29-Sep-12 21:05:51

Oh MakeTea - I know that feeling. Not had such a close call as that but when they run out into (possible) danger...heartstopping.

Well, no further developments. Sigh. Just going to have to accept she'll come when she's ready. This happened with DD, still think og her as a Nov baby but she ddn't come til 40+3 in December. If I go over that I'll be getting really fed up!

Good luck to you too MakeTea. Someone said to me yesterday 'It's great you've gone to your due date' and I thought, yes, that's the way to think of it - we have carried our babies to Full Term, well done us!

<pats on backs all around>

(now COME.OUT.)

RunningOutOfIdeas Sat 29-Sep-12 21:07:37

Evening all. Congratulations to all with snuggly babies. Hope the full moon does its trick for those that want it to <looks at my bump and tells it not to dare doing anything>.

MakeTea hope you and your DD are ok. Hopefully she has learnt now to stop for roads.

DH and I had a tour of the maternity unit today. There were 9 other couples, all seemed to be at about 34 weeks. So I stood out as the furthest along and I was the only one with a cs booked. I also had the dubious honour of being the least prepared - I have not finished my hospital bag, I haven't been carrying my notes with me all the time and we don't have everything sorted out at home. I suppose I have been burying my head in the sand because I don't want anything to happen before Friday. But it has given me the kick I needed so I will finish my bag this evening.

Yesterday I saw something on the news about pg women being given whooping cough vaccinations. I know there have been cases of whooping cough around here. Are any of you who are up to 38 weeks going to have it?

CaptainHetty Sun 30-Sep-12 06:15:21


Woke up with 6 minute apart contractions. Had a lovely bout of diarrhoea and vomiting (sorry, you probably didn't need to know that bit...) and now it's all stopped again. Not much point in going back to bed now so will have to get up and put the kettle on!

I haven't heard much about the whooping cough vaccination, I'm pretty sure they're starting it this week and I'm due tomorrow so no idea if I'll be offered it or not. Will have a chat with the MW on Tuesday if I've still not had the baby by then. Which is looking likely hmm

Thumbwitch Sun 30-Sep-12 06:22:09

FX for you CapnHetty! Those sound like good signs, iyswim!

Maketea - that must have been terrifying, hope you calmed down ok and your DD has learnt not to do that again!

No whooping cough over here, thank goodness, so not something I have to worry about (yet). Feeling very heavy and dull achey around the lower pelvic regions so hoping that means baby has gone head down and is engaging...

CaptainHetty Sun 30-Sep-12 07:04:43

Hoping it means things are moving in the right direction, could do without the sickness again though! I'm shattered!

Hope baby has moved head down for you Thumb grin

LoopyLa Sun 30-Sep-12 07:12:35

Morning Ladies, how are we all?

Love love love waking up at 5am every morning, whether its the weekend or not! S'pose it's preparing me for Mummyhood but I'm not sure I need that much prep of 9 months of 4/5 hours a night shock

Just wanted to send eviction notices & happy thoughts to those who are all due to pop! C'mon babies, lets be having you!! grin

Hope everyone has relaxing Sundays & for those who have gorgeous babies ( envy btw!) hope they give you a wee break for some napping time smile

36 weeks !!! Where's the time gone??? Just 5 days left of work WAHOO!

newtonupontheheath Sun 30-Sep-12 07:18:20

I'm such a moron.

Only just realised there was a new thread.... blames pregnancy brain

How's it going Hetty ?

I had one measly contraction last night (well, I thought it was...) DH "caught" me mid way through and got all excited.... Not sure what it was but went to the toilet soon after blush and then felt better! grin Poor man... I feel like I've disappointed him and now he still has to come to ikea with me today sad grin I'm sure he only agreed to a trip because he thought I'd have had the baby by now!

Me and ds are sat watching recorded episodes of "Come Outside" which he loves smile And I'm letting him because I can't bend down to clear up any mess if he started playing with his toys!

So still no baby here..... Just in case that wasn't clear already

(Sorry for not name checking..... Am on phone... Have a biscuit everybody!)

babybrain3 Sun 30-Sep-12 07:32:15

Marking my spot... Great thread name!! Sending quick labour and easy birth vibes to those with birth imminent!! Congratulations to those who have had theirs already! gringrin I can't believe how much William has grown already!! He nearly fits into the newborn clothes now!

Msinterpret Sun 30-Sep-12 07:43:15

Ah Hetty, how disappointing to stop-start, but yes all positive. How something's happening now/v soon!

Also up Early with DD - 'I NEED some breakfasssst!'...

Msinterpret Sun 30-Sep-12 07:45:05

Oh and Newton - think I've had those wind/toilet 'contractions' and gotten excited even tho I knew I really just needed to go to the loo. grin hmm

Must investigate Come Outside - never heard of it?

newtonupontheheath Sun 30-Sep-12 09:01:54

Oh it's a good one.... We've learnt lots! Auntie Mabel had a spotty plane and her and her dog Pippin go to see how things are made smile I was going to buy the DVD for his birthday but instead I series linked them <cheapskate....>

I'm sure my stomach ache was a result of the sheer amount if crap I've eaten over the past few days. I'd said to DH I was going to eat and eat until there was no room for the baby and it had to come out grin Didn't exactly go to plan, that one hmm

RnB Sun 30-Sep-12 10:33:43

Oh MakeTea I hope you are ok - how scary sad

I'm in that latent labour phase, all stop/start and irregular but really uncomfortable. Has been going on since thursday. Got a bit upset this morning after another horrible night of little sleep, wondering when this is going to end. I feel really sore down below sad

Seeing the midwife tomorrow, not sure if she'll give me another sweep as (a) bled so much last time and (b) am booked in for induction on tues anyway.

I really would like to avoid induction if possible but not sure if I can trust my body to do this sad FFS you would think dc4 would be easy

GizzyBoo Sun 30-Sep-12 11:50:38

Just marking my spot for now. smile

pinpan Sun 30-Sep-12 17:01:34

Running, I had the w cough vaccine at about 35 weeks.

maketea, eeek, how scary. Hope you are feeling less shaky now.

Think the womble has finally fallen asleep after a 2 hour waking sesh. It's 5 am. Dare I hope she will sleep til 8? I find it so hard to tell when she is hungry or just grizzling and over tired. but she is only 8 days old, mummy will learn! confused

RunningOutOfIdeas Sun 30-Sep-12 19:13:43


My washing machine has broken. Water is not draining from it. DH and I tried all afternoon to fix it without success. I am going to have to find some one tomorrow and probably pay a fortune. I have all baby stuff clean but really needed to wash sheets and towels. I will have to go to the laundrette. Really pissed off because I was supposed to be having an easy, relaxed week before cs on Friday.

Msinterpret Sun 30-Sep-12 20:11:24


We are ALL I'll now. DD still has cold, DH still has cold/now feels sick. I have vomited twice & been on the loo rest of time. Not eaten since breakfast. Backache all time BHs (or are they?) whenever I move. Makes rushing to bathroom trickier.

Feel like death.

At least dd asleep now, she's had a terrible day poor wee lamb with lethargic vomitty parents!

CaptainHetty Sun 30-Sep-12 21:23:08

Early night required here, feeling rather sick again and for some reason feels like someone's been poking at my cervix with a stick hmm really sore!

Hope everyone who's feeling crappy feels better soon and gets plenty of rest x

RnB I think I may be joining you in the latent labour stage...feeling rough and crampy, had a bit of a show.....DD kicked off in spectacular fashion with a gush of waters and born 4 hours later but I know what I'm feeling now can last for several days....if it does, I am having a sweep on Wed so be good to know where my cervix is at.

msinterpret sounds awful, do hope you get better soon.

WeeSooty Sun 30-Sep-12 23:34:07

Hello hello smile

On phone so can't name check. Just popping in through the haze of itching to mark my place smile

Utterly no sign of baby here. Despite both me and DH pleading with bump. Constant itch driving me crazy and turning me into crazy crying woman.

Hope everyone is ok. Lets get these babies moving!!!

Thumbwitch Mon 01-Oct-12 00:57:44

weesooty, that sounds awful with the itching! have you tried Aveeno and/or aloe vera stuff? Do they make any difference at all? I get occasional bump itch but nothing like what you're experiencing - but I don't like to scratch it much because it's quite taut now!

Had some tightenings last night. Ignored them. Wriggler is still all over the place as far as I can tell; I was hoping to try for another moxibustion treatment today but forgot it's a public holiday here [gah!] so no chance. Seeing consultant tomorrow, where I will be demanding a step-by-step account of what he is expecting to do next week to me, and then vetoing the bits I don't like (except under medical necessity of course). He's going to love me....

Sounds like that full moon really kicked some things off last night!!

Our little boy arrived at 3.11am this morning, Tadhg Ray 9 lbs 11. Too excited to sleep despite being shattered. Active labour was less than 90 minutes, born in a birthing pool in our front room. Hurt like hell but no stitches, no pain relief....I was v noisy but DD didn't stir, phew!

WeeSooty Mon 01-Oct-12 06:38:29

Wow! Congratulations maketea! Woooo! And that's a really good birth story! grin you must be so happy!!

Well I had a really bad itchy night. I've tried aloe vera, bio oil, e45... Pretty much everything. Didn't take piriton last night but now wishing I had as I'm shattered! Worst itch is like someone stabbing my tummy with needles. Woke myself up scratching and now worried that ill have upset the baby! sad. Off to buy coal tar soap today and hope the dandelion root starts working soon. Sorry to be so down but if I don't moan here I might explode!

Msinterpret Mon 01-Oct-12 06:38:38

Congratulations MakeTea! thanks that's fantastic news, so pleased for you it was quick & straightforward.

Things all quietenrd down here, managed not be sick since last night tho awful sleep. Woke worried baby not moving but have got her wriggling now, phew.

Any more full moon babies?

Msinterpret Mon 01-Oct-12 06:41:36

weesooty what does mw say about the itching? Sorry, prob discussed on other thread.

No more babies, but looks like Getty and EarnestDullard both in labour...so maybe a couple more on their way.

That should be Hetty!

WeeSooty Mon 01-Oct-12 06:50:38

Midwife and doctors can't do anything. Apparently just one of these random pregnancy things. It's called PUPPS seems to be a reaction to the baby's DNA., which makes me feel a bit of a crap mum! It should go away when baby is born! Feeling very sorry for myself! blush

pinpan Mon 01-Oct-12 07:13:43

Congrats, MakeTea! Amazing stuff. And good luck to those in labour. Lots of popping going on!

We had a rough night (well, early morning) but then the first tummy time this afternoon, after the womble's cord stump came off this morning. She can lift and turn her head from side to side already! grin Her expression of utter disgust when she tried to push up with her feet, got some ground clearance and then couldn't actually move anywhere was hilarious.

LoopyLa Mon 01-Oct-12 07:39:05

Well done Maketea !! thanks thanks

Who was asking about whooping earlier in the thread? I have a flu & whooping jab booked for a few weeks time...

Thumbwitch Mon 01-Oct-12 08:35:59

Oh congratulations Maketea! thanks wine

And good luck for Hetty and Earnest - lots of babies popping at once! Fabulous. smile

Hetty had her baby girl in the early hours of the morning grin

Pinpan she sounds great...love the nickname.

LoopyLa Mon 01-Oct-12 09:02:20

Well done Hetty Right on time!! grin

Finbert Mon 01-Oct-12 09:03:21

Hi, not sure if it is too late to join?! Pretty new to mumsnet and came across you all. I am 30 years old and I'm 39 weeks with my first (a surprise) smile

weesooty I had PUPPS earlier on in the 2nd tri, got rid of it using coal tar soap 2 or 3 times a day then slathering myself in sudocrem, it made a difference so fast after suffering none stop for over a week.

Finbert Mon 01-Oct-12 09:04:30

Wools forgot to say congratulations to all those who have already had their gorgeous babies, not sure I will have time to read back on all the threads confused

RnB Mon 01-Oct-12 09:09:58

SUCH exciting news - all these lovely babies grin

Congrats to MakeTea and Hetty

Littleplasticpeople Mon 01-Oct-12 09:34:24

Congratulations maketea and hetty thanks

I had loads of BH through the night, but all is calm again this morning. Just working up to going back to bed smile probably not the best day to give birth as I have my ds off school poorly. Thankfully dh is working from home so at least I'm not having to do much.

Littleplasticpeople Mon 01-Oct-12 09:35:43

Forgot to say r&b, hope things go ok at the MW today, you must be thoroughly fed up!

HeyMicky Mon 01-Oct-12 09:55:44

Wow, congrants to all the new mums! thanks

Must have been the full moon smile

RnB I too was thinking you must be getting fed up of all these arrivals grin

LPP I've had BH for the past two evenings/nights. Quite regularly but then they tail off in the morning.

Welcome finbert. Never too late to join in, as long as you stick to your place in the queue...no jumping ahead of others grin. Is this your first?

goodsenseofdirection Mon 01-Oct-12 11:27:43

Congrats to hetty and maketea - it really must have been the full moon grin thanks thanks

rnb hope you don't have to wait too much longer!!

loopy only a few more days to go at work - hope you are spoilt by your colleagues! smile

sooty sad hope the coal tar soap works xx

And welcome finbert!

All pretty much the same here - zero BH / contractions. It finally feels like we're making progress at home. We went to choose the bedroom carpets on Saturday so waiting for a fitting date (fx v soon) when it'll feel more finished. Kitchen is coming along and should be fully functioning in a few days. PHEW. <tells baby to wait for just one more week, please>

Finbert Mon 01-Oct-12 14:38:53

Thanks for the welcome grin

thunder I will try my hardest not to queue jump although reckon I will go over as it is my first! Due on the 8th

RnB Mon 01-Oct-12 15:15:35

Thanks everyone smile Midwife agreed to do another sweep despite the bleed last time. Apparently the latent stop/start labour I've been having has progressed me to 3cm, so at least its done something!

More tightenings going on now, just going to rest today ready for the induction tomorrow if nothing progresses. MIdwife doesnt think they will give me the pessary though as I am too dilated, thinks they'll go straight to breaking my waters and then the dreaded drip...

CaptainHetty Mon 01-Oct-12 16:35:46

Thanks everyone smile having snuggles before the other kids get back from my parents, 'tis all very nice and quiet and relaxed.

Went to bed last night feeling really nauseous again and then woke up at 1.10am with contractions - started 10 minutes apart and called the labour ward an hour later when they'd progressed to 5-6 minutes. Went into a triage room in the midwife led unit and was strapped up to a CTG to monitor little one - midwives didn't believe I was progressing or in 'much pain' because I was laughing and joking with my sister hmm asked them to do an internal and was told to wait... When they eventually did one half hour later both looked at each other with shocked faces and said I was 10cm. I resisted the urge to say 'told you so' grin

Had no pain relief up to 10cm but at that point I had to give in and had gas and air, little one was unexpectedly back to back when they examined me but the midwife actually felt her turn around before she was born. Felt the urge to push and 2 minutes later Penny appeared grin

She was born at 4.28am and weighs 7lb 7oz. She's squishy and lovely and I don't want to put her down grin

I'll catch up with you all properly later, hope everyone is well xx

RnB Mon 01-Oct-12 16:48:34

What a fantastic birth story Hetty grin

I want one like that please smile

LoopyLa Mon 01-Oct-12 17:53:41

Love the name Hetty & I'd happily take that birth too!! grin

Seriously, well done you smile

Fantastic Hetty...you deserve an easy birth after the mammoth latent labour grin

Betting its your turn tonight RnB grin

EarnestDullard Mon 01-Oct-12 18:58:38

Hi all, just to update and for those not on FB, I'm still having the odd contraction but not at all regular (had BHs which then started to get uncomfortable and eventually painful, pretty much all night, then all fizzled out at about 9am). Just had a bit of a show so I'm hoping it might ramp up again tonight. It's my birthday tomorrow, I wonder if I'll end up sharing it! I think a baby would be a pretty good birthday present smile

Huge congrats to Hetty and MakeTea, and lots of good wishes to those waiting and/or currently niggling.

Thumbwitch Mon 01-Oct-12 23:59:28

Congratulations to Hetty! thankswine

Earnest, hope things work for you today!

I'm off to see the doc this morning and give him the 3rd Degree over what he's planning for next week...

How are things going Earnest? Hope you've had progress, or at least some sleep if not.

Awake for a completely new reason tonight...dog crying at the back door, desperate to be let out. Finally heard her and went down and the poor thing has a terrible upset stomach. So pleased she managed to hold it til she got outside!

Forgot to say happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely day full of squishy newborn cuddles grin

Msinterpret Tue 02-Oct-12 07:40:11

So last night I found it easier to sleep, easier to turn over and easier to get out of bed & walk to dd's room.

hmm thinking baby not as engaged!

Off to MW this morning to see what she says.

Good luck everyone else!

EarnestDullard Tue 02-Oct-12 08:31:16

Thanks for the birthday wishes Thunderbolt. How's your poor doggy doing today?

Sadly everything here has stopped completely for now; I did sleep well, probably a good thing, but I was a bit disappointed to wake up and find that nothing had happened/was happening! Feel a bit deflated and had a good cry but I guess the whole stop-start thing isn't uncommon. My mum is visiting till Thursday so it'd be nice if the baby arrived before she leaves. Just have to be patient and wait and see. MW appt this afternoon.

Hope everyone else has a good day smile

Winnie81 Tue 02-Oct-12 09:02:49

Marking spot grin

pinpan Tue 02-Oct-12 13:17:58

Midnight feed time. It's so hard to get out of bed! DH has put me on a compulsory pudding diet because the womble is sucking everything out of me. Have lost all but a couple of pounds of my pregnancy weight in 10 days, and that's with having boobs the size of Mars and a bit of a jelly belly still. confused

Msinterpret Tue 02-Oct-12 13:47:35

Wow pinpan that's not bad going. And a pudding diet sounds delightful!

Are you actually getting out of bed to feed? I found snuggling DD up from moses into my bed much preferable grin.

MW appt was good - she said baby's head fully engaged and 'tis poss why feeling less pressure confused but smile. Also had sweep which she said cervix is soft and 1cm dilated.

Come on baby!

Thumbwitch Tue 02-Oct-12 14:29:53

Sounds good, Pinpan! I lost all mine in 2 weeks last time around, hope the same happens this time too. I was on a chocolate diet though - a bar of Green and Black's milk and almond chocolate most days blush - well, it's around 500cals, which is what you need for BFing! grin

Earnest - sorry to hear everything stopped again for you but Happy Birthday anyway.

Msinterpret - sounds like your MW visit was more successful than my doc appt, that's for sure!

Went to see the doc today - the wriggler is still wrong way up and round (so back to oblique transverse lie, oh good) sad
The only positive is that my cervix has opened slightly externally, but is still tight shut internally. That's better than last week.
So, my chat didn't go as well as I'd hoped because of the unstable lie situation - although the fluid hasn't increased any, it's still enough of a swimming pool in there that I'm in trouble if it doesn't go head down pretty damn soon (i.e. by Monday and bloody well stay head down and engaged). Pessary monday, balloon stretchy thing to open cervix tuesday, waters broken (if they haven't already gone) Wednesday and strong threat of the fecking drip, which I really want to avoid. I'm a terrified mess but am doing whatever I can between now and Monday to sort out this child into a head down state - had another moxibustion session this eve and have another booked for Friday morning, plus my lovely therapist has lent me a "tiger warmer" and some moxa sticks so I can keep doing the thing on my toes whenever I need to, to try and get this baby head down. I have problems with some of the physical moves that are suggested for me to do - can't do shoulder stands without displacing my spine; can't go on all 4s too easily because of the fecking acid - but I have to try because otherwise next week is going to be quite traumatic.

Msinterpret Tue 02-Oct-12 17:13:11

Oh thumbwitch I'm so sorry things are so difficult for you. I don't have anything to complain about really; just interminable waiting.

What does 'cervix has opened slightly externally, but is still tight shut internally' mean?

I had syntocinon drip last time as part of OP labour and it didn't make cx any worse. Any more painful I mean.

Also, is there not still time for baby to turn since your EDD is 14th? I'm really sorry if I am missing vital info and stating the obvious or sounding inconsiderate. blush

newtonupontheheath Tue 02-Oct-12 17:48:36

Hi all smile

I am keeping up with the thread, just don't have anything really to add (waiting waiting waiting) so rather than moan about nothing, I've kept quiet grin

I'm quiet comfortable, just impatient!! If they said baby would definitely be here on x day I could wait... The not knowing is driving me crrrrrazy!

Oh and obviously keeping up via fb (just cooing over babies on there really wink )

Thumb Sorry you're having a crappy time of it. I think it's safe to say you're doing everything you can, so try not to be too hard on yourself. ((Hugs)) <<<might not be a very successful hug considering the bumps wink

Just whipped up some fairy cakes for ds to take to nursery tomorrow for his birthday.... Domestic goddess, me wink

pinpan Tue 02-Oct-12 17:51:33

Nearly 6am and the womble has still not yet slept, in between eating and howling and pooping. Thinking about selling her on ebay. sad

Sorry you're going through it pinpan and thumbwitch. I have no advice but lots of brew and sympathy.
I've just eaten my body weight in rice pudding. It was delicious. Am contemplating finishing the entire bowl.....

.... Maybe that will help?

newtonupontheheath Tue 02-Oct-12 20:21:55

Elvis get yeself over to the "I'm a disgrace" pregnancy thread... You'll love it!

Pinpan Is womble on UK time? Hope you get some sleep today, even if its at the wrong end of the day!! Can your dp take her for a walk whilst you get some sleep? I feel for you xx

pinpan Tue 02-Oct-12 20:59:55

She finally conked out at 6. Now it's 9 and I've got the 'should I wake her to feed, it's been 5 hours since she ate anything' angst. confused DH took a lot of the howling last night so I'm going to let him sleep as long as possible - I didn't sleep through much of it, but at least I was lying down in a different room!

MsInterpret Tue 02-Oct-12 21:53:21

Never wake a sleeping baby.

That's all I'm saying.

newtonupontheheath Tue 02-Oct-12 22:01:59

Noooo never wake a sleeping baby



Thumbwitch Tue 02-Oct-12 23:20:19

Yep, I'll agree with the never wake a sleeping baby as well! She'll wake soon enough when she's hungry smile

Misinterpret - no, because of my vast age, the doc has never wanted to allow me to go to term in case of placental disintegration, which increases in risk the older you get (I'm 45) - he's pushing it, he says, by letting me get to 39+1 before starting the induction process. So, even though I tried to suggest we could give the wriggler a little longer, he went all grave and nearly stern on me and said no! (he's really lovely, btw)

The cervix thingy - apparently the external os (vag side) can soften and open while the internal os (uterus side) can stay tight shut - and that's where I'm at. Which is actually more advanced than I ever was with DS at this stage! grin and will make the sweeps and everything more effective.

Newton - I did snigger at the belly-bumping picture I got in my head grin

Elvis - well impressed with your rice pud consumption! I went out for lunch with DH yesterday and managed to eat all my mushroom risotto, where he couldn't finish his - maybe rice is just one of those foods we pregnant women can pack away?!

pinpan Wed 03-Oct-12 03:52:09

She woke! smile Think she is definitely in touch with her British side. Gets dual nationality though! grin

Good luck with it all thumb (and everyone else).

LoopyLa Wed 03-Oct-12 05:23:07

Just moaning while I sup my brew & eat biscuit!

feel heavy & uncomfortable & everything is such a bloody chore - even just getting up!! Was awake at 3.30am & wondering how the frig I'm going to get through the working day shock I shall never take my non-pregnant body for granted again. I wasn't running marathons or doing acrobatics but at least I could properly dry myself off with a towel without too much of a struggle!!

newton love the 'what I've eaten/I'm a disgrace' thread, makes me feel better about myself!! grin

Anyone seen Gizzyboo recently? Might have missed a post from her but just wanted to say hello & hope she's ok?

Hugs to Thumbwitch x

LoopyLa Wed 03-Oct-12 05:25:34

Weesooty forgot to ask how you're faring too? Itchiness sounds awful & massive sympathies & hugs for you too x

I was wondering about Gizzy's silence and whether she was off secretly having a baby, but she posted on FZb yesterday (baby in good position & becoming engaged) grin

WeeSooty Wed 03-Oct-12 07:07:08

Morning all smile bringing the itch into the thread. Actually that makes it sound like I still have a sense of humour. I don't. It itches and hurts like crazy. I'm beginning to think I am doomed to be pregnant and itchy forever. Coal tar soap did work... For about an hour. Apparently the dandelion root takes 3-4 days to kick in, this will be day 4 so fingers crossed!

ernest sorry I'm a bit late, happy birthday smile

thumb hope you are ok. What a wee cheeky baby you have!!! Fingers crossed that baby gets in the right position this week sounds like you are doing all you can at least.

newton I am the same with the not knowing. If they could just give me a specific date I would be able to cope better!

pinpan I love your updates. Keep re reading and looking at everyone's Facebook photos. I am desperate for newborn cuddles!!!

loopy I was moaning to DH last night about missing my pre pregnancy body. Don't get me wrong, it was far from perfect but I miss it so much!!!

How is everyone else? This bit is by far the worst part of pregnancy I know I don't post too much but I find it so helpful to read everyone is feeling pretty much the same!! Emotional hugs and chocolate all round!!!

newtonupontheheath Wed 03-Oct-12 08:56:50

Morning ladies, babies and bumps smile

weesooty are you taking anti-histamines for the itchy scratch? I feel so bad for you... It must be awful! It's not the same at all but DH is has had oral thrush a few times and he says the itching is the worst part (only his mouth obviously!) He has to take sleeping tablets otherwise he is up all night just itching his mouth with his tongue!

Pinpan Hope you've had a better day/night (or night/day... Time confuses me! confused )

So last night, I made the most of another night without baby... I had the longest pampering-est shower. So long, DH had to come and check I was ok! I have exfoliated, de-fuzzed and washed and intensely conditioned my hair.

On the subject of de-fuzzing, I went a bit crazy with the veet..... blush .... Hey-ho. I'm sure the mw has seen worse! I'm hoping it will be easier (cleaner/better) post birth more than being bothered about how everything "looks" (because I'm sure it'll look pretty awful!!)

This morning, I am hoovering and cleaning the house (did it last week too....and now it needs doing again as baby isn't here!)

Mw for a sweep at 12:45.....

pleeeeease baby..... We will definitely be ready for you then!!

newtonupontheheath Wed 03-Oct-12 08:57:43

Oh and msinterpret Are you there? Any action since yesterday's sweep???

LoopyLa Wed 03-Oct-12 09:23:33

grin at newtons over-veeting!! You may be actually v sensible doing that newton as I've heard on another thread...TMI alert.... that the blood post-birth can get all caught up in the hairs making removal of maternity pads more painful than necessary!! shock shock

LoopyLa Wed 03-Oct-12 09:23:58

And good luck with your sweep!!

Littleplasticpeople Wed 03-Oct-12 09:55:10

Morning all smile

I'm loving all the pictures on FB, such gorgeous babies appearing! Not mine yet though, and no signs either. Oh well, 2 days until due date so I suppose I can't be complaining quite yet.

newton tbh I'm impressed at your ability to Veet at all! I attempted a bit of a trim the other day but couldn't see what the hell was going on blush I am going to attempt the Veet later...

newtonupontheheath Wed 03-Oct-12 10:05:08

Yeah, loopy that's what I thought. I meant to do it last time but ds was a couple of days early (it was on my to do list for my due date!)

Luckily we have a full length mirror in the en suite.... Tis all I'm saying....

Very impressed newton - I've got a pair of feet in my ribs and I find it hard to reach my fanjo never mind maintain its lawn! Mw will be in for a shock when I roll up at the delivery suite... blush

LoopyLa Wed 03-Oct-12 10:16:52

To be honest LPP I just blindly guide my immac razor underneath the bump & hope for the best!! blush Luckily I haven't caught a major blood vessel...yet shock

newtonupontheheath Wed 03-Oct-12 10:17:55

Ha ha fluffy well it wasn't easy.

Main problem wasn't putting it on, it was taking it off afterwards... But you're sort of stuck at that point!!

<wonders whether this wins me some sort of prize... wink >

<hands newton a gold tube of immac>

Beeblebear Wed 03-Oct-12 14:20:10

Congratulations hetty and make tea! Loving all the fb photos but finding it hard now to keep up with the who's who.

7 more working days left. Getting increasingly uncomfortable now sitting at my desk and constantly have to get up for walks.

Morning poos are getting mire frequent and seem to be getting one a day, much softer and bearable and fissure seems to have healed because I.m sure you were all dying for an update on that

Trying hard not to have a breakdown over last week or so. Dh struggling with work issues. He coaches kids and long story short, one of the students was misbehaving and he told the parent that to continue with class he would need extra supervision (parent, family member etc) to join in class. The parent took offemse to this and wrote a very nasty email and sent to EVERYONE. Coaches federation, bosses, club owners etc. claimimg abuse and accusing dh of callimg her kid special needs. Well now dh is suspended from work pending investigation. Well this sjould be cleared up by work this week, but now we have to fight to "clear his name" with anyone else she has contacted and may have to get lawywes involved. Because 1 this is the only job he has ever done for 20 years and if he ever needs to change club locations, the last thing he needs is this letter on his records when it is total slander. At this point totally worriec about the outcomes and dreading the worst case senario. But trying to be the rock for dh as this is clearly a stressful time. Not to mention now the parents of the classes he is missing are probably thinking that we have had our baby or something as he is not there. I'm wondering what the other coaches are telling them.

Sorry for all the me me me, but I.m totally stressed and needed to vent

On a pregnancy related note: nothing to report, no more bh or cramping or niggly signs of anything . 37+5. Had prenatal class all weekend. Teacher said the best way to distinguish bh from actual labour is that bh will only be in the front. True labor contractions will radiate around to your back too to some degree. More so with back labour, but will always have some lower back pain/cramping. Can any of you moms confirm?

Finbert Wed 03-Oct-12 14:27:19

I have shared this on the whooping cough thread but just wanted to share here also;

I am just over 39 weeks but wanted the jabs anyway just incase the baby comes late and I can pass on the immunity.

Yesterday the midwife, docs, nurses and receptionists had no information other than that heard in the news (I was actually a lot more informed than them in knowing that it was the combined jab and the same as the one given to children). My surgery were amazing, I waited while they rand around and organised an emergency staff meeting and asked me to call the next afternoon (today).

This morning they rang me at 9.30am having managed to secure both the whooping cough and flu vaccines (neither if which they had in stock yesterday) and by half 10 my jabs were done. I cannot fault the staff at my surgery and they were so apologetic even though it was the fault of the government in their lack of info to the health professionals.

Fingers crossed my baby stays put for a little longer, but if not at least I know I have tried!

newtonupontheheath Wed 03-Oct-12 15:35:21

I'm going to post a few times as am on my phone and can't see/remember what I am referring to smile

Beeble Sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it... How awful for you and your DH to have to handle this when you clearly have enough on your plates!! Hope everything is cleared up soon so you can concentrate on your own child and not somebody else's... Much love xx

Maybe try some lavender oil to relax- burn before bed; it may help your DH too smile

Re BH v contractions..... Totally agree!! I have the same understanding now- my bump goes tight, sometimes v v tight = BH. Last week I had contractions regular bump tightenings plus back ache (like period-y pains) plus achy tops of my legs. Approx every 10 minutes and then fading.

That's the difference... Although if I'd have been in labour, they would have a) got closer together b) got more painful and resulted in baby.... As it happens, they just stopped angry

newtonupontheheath Wed 03-Oct-12 15:37:13

Finbert Thanks for sharing... I'm 40 plus already so haven't made any enquiries. I expect even if I did get it arranged (can't see my surgery being that efficient!) baby would be born prior to any benefit being achieved sad Hopefully I can pass some immunity via bf-ing smile

newtonupontheheath Wed 03-Oct-12 15:43:47

So..... (Last post-sorry!) I went to the mw.

Apparently, I'm too healthy for her to have done a sweep today hmm bp fine, bump size fine, baby hb fine, I'm "emotionally" fine (debatable)

Had there been an issue with any of the above, she'd have done it... I've made too nice a home for this baby hmm so it ain't going anywhere for now!

Sweep booked for Sunday when I'll be 40 +6 MW told DH he was "obliged" to offer me as much sex as I wanted hmm

I was pretty miffed understatement so DH bought me some chips on the way home. And then we had a lazy afternoon blush

Beeble that's really horrid for your DH...I bet that mother had no idea what she was doing when she sent that email and the long term effects it would have (not excusing her at all). Really hope you're able to sort it out and I'm sure no one else will pay her any attention.

Finbert I just can't make up my mind about whooping cough. I'm 39 weeks today so I'd have to really fight to get it, but I have a feeling baby will be late anyway so there would be time to pass on immunity. Just checked local figures and reported cases have increased 5 times over last year in West Sussex, which is quite s lot. Seeing MW tomorrow so will see what she says.

Ps. Can we not blame the government on this thread...as someone who works for a government mp I could give you all the reasons about why this is not 'our' fault, but I try and avoid politics on this lovely baby thread. Thanks smile

Finbert Wed 03-Oct-12 16:32:24

Newton I wouldn't worry as hopefully the programme will help with herd immunity. It's not our fault if we are too pregnant!!

Thunder I thought I would have to fight too but they didn't even question the fact I was over 39weeks. It does say on NHS direct you can have it later than 38 weeks if you request so might be worth a go if you do decide you want it. Also REALLY sorry blush about the government wasn't really thinking, as with anything in life bad communication happens and whether it is one or two people's fault or just a complete misunderstanding, you are correct people in this line of work should not be tarnished with this brush. As a teacher, I try to avoid politics in my area too so completely understand how upsetting/annoying it is. I should also think before I write/speak as I can't blame pregnancy brain for everything smile

newtonupontheheath Wed 03-Oct-12 16:36:53

I completely missed the government bit... I'm public sector too smile My reference to disorganisation at my gp surgery is mostly due to the fact my midwife is new to this area and has never visited my gp/the surgery. There are too many babies being born for her to get chance! grin

goodsenseofdirection Wed 03-Oct-12 17:06:29

Aargh, just wrote a massive catch up post and my phone lost it! Will try again...

Bubblebell1 Wed 03-Oct-12 17:06:34

Hi girls. Just wanted to send my love to you all that are still waiting to pop. I will catch up soon and would appreciate if someone could point me in the direction of the post natal thread.
I have the worst baby brain.

Good luck girls xgrin

RnB Wed 03-Oct-12 17:18:30

I am a lucky lady! Little Lucian Fox was born today at 1pm weighing 6lb 13. He's gorgeous. I had the most bizarre birth experience, I will update you all soon.

Good luck to all those still expecting/ going through sweeps etc. It really is worth it in the end smile

Bubble we don't have a postnatal thread yet, so feel free to start one. The other October group has one already though <confusing>

Finbert no need to apologise smile

Newton hope things start happening for you soon!

goodsenseofdirection Wed 03-Oct-12 17:42:04

Huge congratulations RnB just saw the photo on fb - so gorgeous.

beeble so sorry to hear you're going through such a stresful time. fingers crossed his work clears everything up and he is back at work asap. And that they support him in clearing his name. Hope you can try to take some time to relax xxx

thumb what a wriggler you have - I can't believe that it turns so easily! hope it turns again firmly head down over the weekend.

sooty thanks and biscuit hope the dandelion stuff kicks in and you can get some relief from the itching.

On the wc jabs, my surgery have been great. I called on tuesday morning to be told they'd be getting the vaccinations in on thursday but they weren't sure how it was going to work. The duty doctor found out, called me back and i have an appointment for friday - which is great as i'm 38wks on saturday. Much better than their normal service so i was impressed!!

Otherwise not much to report here. I've had a few NCT due-in-oct meet-ups which have been great as i don't know anyone with kids in my area. Surprised though that at 31, i'm the youngest of 12 ladies... And DP, at 32, is the youngest of the our NCT class dads!

oh and newton grin at your immac story! it's on my to do list but like everyone else i can't see a thing and can barely reach - i'm sure the MWs are used to un-trimmed / uneven / over-immac-ed though!!

LoopyLa Wed 03-Oct-12 17:43:05

RnB congratulations!!! And what a great name smile


Have spent the last couple of hours researching the whooping cough vaccine, after a bit of a panic earlier, trying to decide whether to have it or not. I have decided not to...anyone else who is worried or uncertain, I would advise reading this: minutes from the meeting of the joint committee on immunisations

You may read it and come to a different decision to me, but it gives a very balanced and factual approach to all the evidence.

ST82 Wed 03-Oct-12 23:51:18

could someone tell me what the name of the FB group is? i should know this and should have added myself ages ago but here you go...

41 weeks as of tomorrow and still no baby....

Thumbwitch Thu 04-Oct-12 02:14:28

Congratulations RnB! thankswine Lovely name smile

ST82 - it's a secret group, you won't be able to either find it or add yourself to it - you need to PM someone in the know and I'm sorry, I don't know who (I'm not in it).

Wriggler wrong way round again this morning <sigh>

ST82 - if you PM me your name I will add you

MsInterpret Thu 04-Oct-12 09:44:21

Congrats RnB!

Thea Isobel arrived 4am 3rd Oct. V snuggly!

My sweep must've done it! wink newton hope you demand one from mw next time, if needed!

GizzyBoo Thu 04-Oct-12 09:59:38

Wow such a lot of new babies. Congrats all thanks
Maybe someone with more get up and go than me access to a computer could update the list with our new arrivals smile

Sorry to disappoint ladies but no movement here. Just been busy and hardly had chance to sit at the laptop. Its such an effort to catch up on my phone blush
The teenager has also been horrible the last few days but I waved him off on the ferry last night with a tear in my eye so he cant be all that bad. I shall see him again, with his new wee brother or sister, in 3 weeks sad

I have been married for 15 years today shock I have no idea where those years have gone!

Tis my due date tomorrow and I'm still not feeling settled enough to have a baby. I think I want to set up the birth pool today and get my candles ready blush I didn't really want it sat there for a week or 2 but I need something to do and I need to feel ready.
I also need to clean the bathroom as its also bugging me.
I am mostly feeling sick with a dodgy tummy too....oh and backache! After months of being really good my IBS has been horrid last couple of days. Probably the stress of the teenagers behavior and getting him ready for his hols.

Sorry for the lack of name checks. Will try and catch up properly later xx

Thumbwitch Thu 04-Oct-12 10:20:59

Congratulations MisInterpret! Another beautiful name thankswine

Gizzy - I reckon your IBS is actually a Good Sign that things are about to happen...

newtonupontheheath Thu 04-Oct-12 11:00:04

msinterpret huge congratulations... Will be showing the mw this when she comes round on Sunday to do my sweep!

goodsenseofdirection Thu 04-Oct-12 11:00:44

Congrats MsInterpret great news!

I can hardly keep up with all the snuggly baby news smile

goodsenseofdirection Thu 04-Oct-12 11:17:37

Hello, here's a partially updated list - still working on it! There are definitely a few missing...


Babybrain - William James - 5/9/12 - 11.45pm - 5lb 11
Heymicky - Eliza Dorothy Gardner - 16/9/12 - 22.57 - 5lb 2
Pinpan - Nina - 23/9/12 - afternoon - 8lb 7
Winnie81 - Girl - 25/9/12 - 12.15am 6lb 4
MissPollysTrolleyed - Lucy - 26/09/12 - 6pm
MakeTeaNotWar - Tadgh Ray - 01/10/12 - 3.11am 9lb 11
CaptainHetty - - 01/10/12 - 4.28am 7lb 7
Rnb - Lucian Fox - 03/10/12 - 1pm 6lb 13
MsInterpret - Thea Isobel - 03/10/12 - 4am

Impatient mums to be

Pezzina dc2 edd 26 sept
ST82 dc1 edd 27 sept - boy
Newtonupontheheath dc 2 1 oct - surprise
Emiedarling dc1 edd 3oct - boy
Welliesandpyjamas dc3 edd 4 Oct
Littleplasticpeople dc3 edd 5 oct
WeeSooty dc1 edd 5th October - surprise
Gizzyboo dc4 edd 5 oct
Cakes82 dc1 edd 5 oct- suprise
Shopgal9 dc1 edd 5 oct
Bubblebell dc3 edd 6 oct - girl
FluffyJawsOfDoom dc1 6 oct - surprise
MissPenteuth edd 6 oct - girl
KPT083 dc1 edd 8 oct - surprise
DameFlatYouLent dc2 edd 9 oct
Thunderboltkid dc1 edd 10 oct - boy
Isheisnthe dc4 edd 10 oct
Thumbwitch dc2 edd 14 October - surprise
Bear1984 dc2 edd 15 oct - boy
RunningOutOfIdeas dc2 edd 15 oct - girl
Guccigirl79 dc1 edd 16 oct - boy
Elvislives2012 edd 18 oct - surprise
Kelbells dc 1 edd 18 oct - boy
ShellWeDance dc1 edd 19th Oct, surprise.
Goodsenseofdirection dc1 20 oct - surprise
Beeblebear dc1 20 oct - boy
MissRedIndie dc2 20 Oct
Pheebs24 dc1 21 Oct
Susurrant dc1 21 Oct
Doodlekitty DC1 edd 26th Oct - boy
Loopyla dc1 edd 28 Oct - surprise
TartyMcFarty dc2

Just made Tadhg a little smaller wink

So it's 3 boys, 6 girls so far is that right?


Babybrain - William James - 5/9/12 - 11.45pm - 5lb 11
Heymicky - Eliza Dorothy Gardner - 16/9/12 - 22.57 - 5lb 2
Pinpan - Nina - 23/9/12 - afternoon - 8lb 7
Winnie81 - Girl - 25/9/12 - 12.15am 6lb 4
MissPollysTrolleyed - Lucy - 26/09/12 - 6pm
MakeTeaNotWar - Tadhg Ray - 01/10/12 - 3.11am 9lb 3
CaptainHetty - - 01/10/12 - 4.28am 7lb 7
Rnb - Lucian Fox - 03/10/12 - 1pm 6lb 13
MsInterpret - Thea Isobel - 03/10/12 - 4am

Impatient mums to be

Pezzina dc2 edd 26 sept
ST82 dc1 edd 27 sept - boy
Newtonupontheheath dc 2 1 oct - surprise
Emiedarling dc1 edd 3oct - boy
Welliesandpyjamas dc3 edd 4 Oct
Littleplasticpeople dc3 edd 5 oct
WeeSooty dc1 edd 5th October - surprise
Gizzyboo dc4 edd 5 oct
Cakes82 dc1 edd 5 oct- suprise
Shopgal9 dc1 edd 5 oct
Bubblebell dc3 edd 6 oct - girl
FluffyJawsOfDoom dc1 6 oct - surprise
MissPenteuth edd 6 oct - girl
KPT083 dc1 edd 8 oct - surprise
DameFlatYouLent dc2 edd 9 oct
Thunderboltkid dc1 edd 10 oct - boy
Isheisnthe dc4 edd 10 oct
Thumbwitch dc2 edd 14 October - surprise
Bear1984 dc2 edd 15 oct - boy
RunningOutOfIdeas dc2 edd 15 oct - girl
Guccigirl79 dc1 edd 16 oct - boy
Elvislives2012 edd 18 oct - surprise
Kelbells dc 1 edd 18 oct - boy
ShellWeDance dc1 edd 19th Oct, surprise.
Goodsenseofdirection dc1 20 oct - surprise
Beeblebear dc1 20 oct - boy
MissRedIndie dc2 20 Oct
Pheebs24 dc1 21 Oct
Susurrant dc1 21 Oct
Doodlekitty DC1 edd 26th Oct - boy
Loopyla dc1 edd 28 Oct - surprise
TartyMcFarty dc2

goodsenseofdirection Thu 04-Oct-12 11:34:03

And here are a few more babies but I can't find all the names, dates and weights - please do add the rest!


Babybrain - William James - 5/9/12 - 11.45pm - 5lb 11
Heymicky - Eliza Dorothy Gardner - 16/9/12 - 22.57 - 5lb 2
Pinpan - Nina - 23/9/12 - afternoon - 8lb 7
Bubblebell - Girl -
KPT083 - Girl - 6lb 9
Bear1984 - ?
Winnie81 - Girl - 25/9/12 - 12.15am 6lb 4
MissPollysTrolleyed - Lucy - 26/09/12 - 6pm
MakeTeaNotWar - Tadhg Ray - 01/10/12 - 3.11am 9lb 3
CaptainHetty - - 01/10/12 - 4.28am 7lb 7
Rnb - Lucian Fox - 03/10/12 - 1pm 6lb 13
MsInterpret - Thea Isobel - 03/10/12 - 4am

Impatient mums to be

Pezzina dc2 edd 26 sept
ST82 dc1 edd 27 sept - boy
Newtonupontheheath dc 2 1 oct - surprise
Emiedarling dc1 edd 3oct - boy
Welliesandpyjamas dc3 edd 4 Oct
Littleplasticpeople dc3 edd 5 oct
WeeSooty dc1 edd 5th October - surprise
Gizzyboo dc4 edd 5 oct
Cakes82 dc1 edd 5 oct- suprise
Shopgal9 dc1 edd 5 oct
FluffyJawsOfDoom dc1 6 oct - surprise
MissPenteuth edd 6 oct - girl
DameFlatYouLent dc2 edd 9 oct
Thunderboltkid dc1 edd 10 oct - boy
Isheisnthe dc4 edd 10 oct
Thumbwitch dc2 edd 14 October - surprise
RunningOutOfIdeas dc2 edd 15 oct - girl
Guccigirl79 dc1 edd 16 oct - boy
Elvislives2012 edd 18 oct - surprise
Kelbells dc 1 edd 18 oct - boy
ShellWeDance dc1 edd 19th Oct, surprise.
Goodsenseofdirection dc1 20 oct - surprise
Beeblebear dc1 20 oct - boy
MissRedIndie dc2 20 Oct
Pheebs24 dc1 21 Oct
Susurrant dc1 21 Oct
Doodlekitty DC1 edd 26th Oct - boy
Loopyla dc1 edd 28 Oct - surprise
TartyMcFarty dc2

CaptainHetty Thu 04-Oct-12 11:47:26

Just adding Penny's name to the baby list.


Babybrain - William James - 5/9/12 - 11.45pm - 5lb 11
Heymicky - Eliza Dorothy Gardner - 16/9/12 - 22.57 - 5lb 2
Pinpan - Nina - 23/9/12 - afternoon - 8lb 7
Bubblebell - Girl -
KPT083 - Girl - 6lb 9
Bear1984 - ?
Winnie81 - Girl - 25/9/12 - 12.15am 6lb 4
MissPollysTrolleyed - Lucy - 26/09/12 - 6pm
MakeTeaNotWar - Tadhg Ray - 01/10/12 - 3.11am 9lb 3
CaptainHetty - Penelope - 01/10/12 - 4.28am 7lb 7
Rnb - Lucian Fox - 03/10/12 - 1pm 6lb 13
MsInterpret - Thea Isobel - 03/10/12 - 4am

Impatient mums to be

Pezzina dc2 edd 26 sept
ST82 dc1 edd 27 sept - boy
Newtonupontheheath dc 2 1 oct - surprise
Emiedarling dc1 edd 3oct - boy
Welliesandpyjamas dc3 edd 4 Oct
Littleplasticpeople dc3 edd 5 oct
WeeSooty dc1 edd 5th October - surprise
Gizzyboo dc4 edd 5 oct
Cakes82 dc1 edd 5 oct- suprise
Shopgal9 dc1 edd 5 oct
FluffyJawsOfDoom dc1 6 oct - surprise
MissPenteuth edd 6 oct - girl
DameFlatYouLent dc2 edd 9 oct
Thunderboltkid dc1 edd 10 oct - boy
Isheisnthe dc4 edd 10 oct
Thumbwitch dc2 edd 14 October - surprise
RunningOutOfIdeas dc2 edd 15 oct - girl
Guccigirl79 dc1 edd 16 oct - boy
Elvislives2012 edd 18 oct - surprise
Kelbells dc 1 edd 18 oct - boy
ShellWeDance dc1 edd 19th Oct, surprise.
Goodsenseofdirection dc1 20 oct - surprise
Beeblebear dc1 20 oct - boy
MissRedIndie dc2 20 Oct
Pheebs24 dc1 21 Oct
Susurrant dc1 21 Oct
Doodlekitty DC1 edd 26th Oct - boy
Loopyla dc1 edd 28 Oct - surprise
TartyMcFarty dc2

I've just been on a mad cleaning spree while Penny sleeps, for the first time in 3 days she's been asleep for a continuous 1 hour 45 minutes! Seems the milk coming in really has made a difference, she's much more settled today. I, however, look like Dolly Parton and feel like my boobs are about to pop hmm

Congratulations Msinterpret, love the name. Can't believe how quickly all these babies are appearing now!

Bear1984 Thu 04-Oct-12 12:10:18

Updating the list smile


Babybrain - William James - 5/9/12 - 11.45pm - 5lb 11
Heymicky - Eliza Dorothy Gardner - 16/9/12 - 22.57 - 5lb 2
Pinpan - Nina - 23/9/12 - afternoon - 8lb 7
Bubblebell - Girl -
KPT083 - Girl - 6lb 9
Bear1984 - Myles - 29/09/12 - 06:56am - 5lb 14oz
Winnie81 - Girl - 25/9/12 - 12.15am 6lb 4
MissPollysTrolleyed - Lucy - 26/09/12 - 6pm
MakeTeaNotWar - Tadhg Ray - 01/10/12 - 3.11am 9lb 3
CaptainHetty - Penelope - 01/10/12 - 4.28am 7lb 7
Rnb - Lucian Fox - 03/10/12 - 1pm 6lb 13
MsInterpret - Thea Isobel - 03/10/12 - 4am

Impatient mums to be

Pezzina dc2 edd 26 sept
ST82 dc1 edd 27 sept - boy
Newtonupontheheath dc 2 1 oct - surprise
Emiedarling dc1 edd 3oct - boy
Welliesandpyjamas dc3 edd 4 Oct
Littleplasticpeople dc3 edd 5 oct
WeeSooty dc1 edd 5th October - surprise
Gizzyboo dc4 edd 5 oct
Cakes82 dc1 edd 5 oct- suprise
Shopgal9 dc1 edd 5 oct
FluffyJawsOfDoom dc1 6 oct - surprise
MissPenteuth edd 6 oct - girl
DameFlatYouLent dc2 edd 9 oct
Thunderboltkid dc1 edd 10 oct - boy
Isheisnthe dc4 edd 10 oct
Thumbwitch dc2 edd 14 October - surprise
RunningOutOfIdeas dc2 edd 15 oct - girl
Guccigirl79 dc1 edd 16 oct - boy
Elvislives2012 edd 18 oct - surprise
Kelbells dc 1 edd 18 oct - boy
ShellWeDance dc1 edd 19th Oct, surprise.
Goodsenseofdirection dc1 20 oct - surprise
Beeblebear dc1 20 oct - boy
MissRedIndie dc2 20 Oct
Pheebs24 dc1 21 Oct
Susurrant dc1 21 Oct
Doodlekitty DC1 edd 26th Oct - boy
Loopyla dc1 edd 28 Oct - surprise
TartyMcFarty dc2

Bear1984 Thu 04-Oct-12 12:28:42

Got a spare 5 minutes to quickly update you all!

So last week I had been debating whether or not to go to my DD's aunt's wedding. It was in Nottingham which is about a 2 hour drive from here. We took all our hospital bags, car seat and a travel moses basket, as my theory was that if we took it all, nothing would happen, if we don't, it will. How wrong was I, lol!

We went up on the Friday. We went out for a meal with the family. I had a couple of tightenings, didn't really think much of it as they always keep coming and going. We were staying over at DD's aunt's house, so we stayed up with her til late as she was a bit restless and we wanted to keep her company so she wasn't just staring at the ceiling all night. We went to bed about 1am, and I managed to get some sleep, kept waking up to go to the loo though. Then at 4am, I woke up with really bad back ache. It kept coming and going, which was funny in a way as earlier on that day, DP had been telling me about back labour that he had just been reading up on. So I tried to get comfortable in bed as usually when things kick off, if I rest up in bed, it dies away after a while. It didn't so 20 minutes later, I was running myself a bath thinking that will help sooth it. 5 minutes in the bath, pains were getting worse. There's me thinking holy crap lol.

I went downstairs so I wouldn't wake anyone, and called the local hospital to ask for advice. There's two hospitals in Nottingham and I happened to call the one furthest away from us, so she told me she would get the maternity ward to call me from the other hospital. I not so quickly got back upstairs and woke DP up shouting "get up, baby may be here within the hour". His face was a picture. DD's aunt came out of her room then and had said she had heard I was up and having a bath but didn't want to come disturb me. They then gathered up our clothes and stuff whilst the hospital rang me back and said for me to go in and go to triage. As we were trying to work out what to do, as DP is a learner, I was clearly in no state to drive, and DD was with us as well so her aunt couldn't take us, the pain got so much worse. DD's aunt called for an ambulance, the person on the phone told me to lie down on the living room floor with nothing on me, and kept asking DP to check if he could see a head. I remember I kept apologising to her as it was just typical I would go into labour on the morning of her wedding... I choose my moments!

What seemed like a lifetime later, ambulance turned up with G&A. I was trying my hardest not to shout or scream as I didn't want DD to wake up and come down. Hardest thing ever! Lol. They took us to the hospital and we arrived at 6:10am. We were taken to a room and was left alone (I don't remember this much lol). Poor DP was beside himself but I remember him being very strong for me. I ended up scratching the hell out of him as I had long nails still which I was going to cut off after the wedding lol. I vaguely remember hitting him on the chest as well... blush

My waters broke whilst we were there, and it was terrible. It literally exploded and covered the midwife a little. I felt so terrible!! But Myles was born at 6:56am and thank goodness it was quick! He weighed in at 5lb 14oz. DP cut the umbilical cord, and had even looked when Myles was crowning which he had sworn adamant that he wouldn't do as he was worried it'd freak him out too much.

The midwives were great, really took care of us. They discharged us at about 1pm so we could make it to the wedding which was going to start at 2pm. We didn't rush there though as I wanted to shower and rest a little first, so DD's aunt had left her key hidden in her garden and so we were able to sort ourselves out. We turned up at the wedding at about 3:30ish and had a wonderful day. DD was a bridesmaid so I really wanted to see her and she was so excited to see her brother. Everyone thought I was nuts for turning up and kept saying I didn't look like I had just given birth that morning. It's amazing what a hot shower and plenty of makeup will do. Plus I was running on pure adrenaline I think. Plus we were fed some amazing food! I got the photographer to take a photo of us as well so I can't wait to see that.

We came home on the Sunday and just been trying to get into a good routine (if that's even possible!) I can't stop staring at him and just want to keep cuddling him!!

Hope everyone else is well and I love seeing all the new babies popping up!! Shall catch up with everyone else news properly soon smile

WeeSooty Thu 04-Oct-12 12:31:27

Congratulations to everyone on new arrivals! On phone so can't name check but can't believe how many cute wee babies we have.

I am naively very scared just now. Went to hospital at 5 this morning as contractions were 5 mins apart but as soon as I stepped out the house they stopped angry was kinda relived as I didn't really expect so much pain (naive idiot emotion).

Midwife said its the latent phase and to go home and rest and eat. But keep being sick!! Anyone have any advice/words of comfort?

WeeSooty Thu 04-Oct-12 12:35:25

O and I don't think it helped that midwife was totally unimpressed with me and I felt like she thought I was making it up and time wasting! sad

Thumbwitch Thu 04-Oct-12 12:35:28

Wow Bear, just amazing story!! Serious congratulations on making it to the wedding at all, that's everso impressive. Glad it all went so well for you smile

Thumbwitch Thu 04-Oct-12 12:38:39

Weesooty - I was sick throughout labour with DS until they gave me an anti-emetic jab. I strongly believe that many MWs are trained to disbelieve you - the number of friends I have who have been told they're not in labour, only to be proven wrong - so ignore any silly faces she might have pulled or patronising attitude she has.

Go back in if the contractions start up again, but also phone them to ask about the sickness. They might let you go back just for the anti-emetic jab.

Bear1984 Thu 04-Oct-12 13:07:25

WeeSooty that happened to me last week. I got them really badly about 4 minutes apart. DP rang hospital to say we were coming in, and got there and they had turned into BH. The midwife we had was nice though and had said it's like when you make a doctors appointment but by the time you get seen, your illness has cleared up. I kept being sick as well. Hope you don't have too much longer to wait x

Thumbwitch thanks! There were moments when I would just be like "what the hell am I doing here?" Lol. But it was so lovely, and we were mentioned by both the father of the bride and the groom in their speeches which set me off lol. And considering this wedding was my ex's sister and I know a lot of their family dislike me because I had split up with him, everyone was so nice and it was just a great way to celebrate his first day smile

Littleplasticpeople Thu 04-Oct-12 13:32:40

Bear, what a story! I can't believe you made it to the wedding, you are amazing!

Weesooty, try not to worry about what is ahead (easier said than done I know). Just try to rest as much as you can now, when you go back to hospital be firm (or make sure someone is firm on your behalf) about wanting pain relief as and when you need it. Can't help with the puking, I'm sick the whole time due to hyperemesis so would just expect to be sick during labour too. Worth asking for the antiemetic though.

Due date tomorrow, no signs of anything happening physically, but emotionally I feel very insecure. Hard to explain, but very much needing to be at home in my own environment and not wanting to see people outside of my immediate family. I remember feeling similar just before ds was born so maybe there's something in it.

Gizzy - I totally understand when you were saying you need everything to be ready. We are due the same day, were your other dcs on time? I've had a due date baby and a 40+3.

GizzyBoo Thu 04-Oct-12 18:47:58

God I hope so thumb....that would be quite nice!

Bear sounds like you did an excellent job of having a baby. Congratulations to you all. These wee ones are liking to make a dramatic entrance eh? grin

I request mine gives me at least 3 hours notice as it takes that long to fill the pool hmm

Weesooty I hope things progress on for you soon. Long latent phases are no fun.

Littleplasticpeople I have only gone into labour with 1 of the 3. #1 was induction at 40+2 for PIH. #3 was induction at 37+2 for being mahoosive. #2 was my only spontaneous labour and that was at 40+13 confused
I'm hoping that now the boy is safely shipped off to Portugal I can relax and get on with having a baby!

Operation birth pool is finished. So now all we need is a baby!

newtonupontheheath Thu 04-Oct-12 20:11:02

Bear I can't believe it... you still went to the wedding! Was everybody coo-ing over the baby? That's a fab story to tell him when he is older.... An I don't suppose you'll ever forget your DD's Aunt's anniversary!

LPP I had that feeling with DS too...haven't had it so far with this one... confused

Urgh. Having an awful day.

DS didn't have a nap, but I was knackered so I asked DH to come home early/on time. He said he was popping into the garage to have the car checked out as he could hear a banging and then getting his haircut. I was so p****d off... I'm calmer now but just a bit sick of any excuse not to get home and pick up the slack with DS. I get the feeling that as I'm off work, I can sort out housework, DS, odd jobs and run errands (bread, milk etc)

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have stuff to keep me busy and I enjoy pottering but I cleaned the house yesterday (voluntarily) and then this morning the kitchen looked like a shit tip from pots and plates not put in the dishwasher from dinner last night and his breakfast this morning. Clearly I have time to do this, as I'm not in work...WTF?!

So, the car apparently needs £1,000 of work doing on it.... It's not essential work but obviously, now DH knows about it, its "on his mind" But why take it to the garage in the first place, knowing we a) don't have any spare money to fix random banging noises and b) we are due a baby any day so he can't exactly go and take it to the garage to get the work done!!!

Cue me stomping off in tears because DH was too busy googling the problem to read DS a book. Then my mum popped round to drop DS's birthday presents off so now I think she thinks I'm depressed or something and is coming over to babysit me in the morning.

I feel much better now (especially after writing it down....) and all the crying has shook DH a bit to pull his finger out. He's not a bad guy, and I know he's fed up too but at least he's leaving the house and having non-baby related conversations.... <<and breathe>>

newtonupontheheath Thu 04-Oct-12 20:26:13


Now DH definitely thinks I'm unhinged....

I have just read this thread Dealing with dropper inners and cried laughing

And then the article in this thread immediately after Why there's no need to hide when your DC are having their picture taken

Way too hormonal to function tonight........

WeeSooty Thu 04-Oct-12 20:35:03

bear wow!!!! Love how you woke up your other half! grin So impressed at you making it to the wedding! What a fab birth story!!!

Well I'm feeling slightly calmer just now. Saw my own midwife today for routine appointment. She was lovely and made me feel much better about last night. I had a few contractions while I was in with her and she thinks we will have a baby by Monday at the latest. So that gives me some hope! She sent us away with strict instructions to chill, eat well and rest up.

I'm contracting pretty regularly just now and just had my show so feel at least something is happening. Scared but hoping its over soon!!

Hope everyone else is ok smile

Littleplasticpeople Thu 04-Oct-12 21:13:42

Good luck weesooty, sounds like you'll meet your baby very soon smile

Newton, that article just made me blub like a baby!

isheisnthe Thu 04-Oct-12 22:02:18

39+1 today and my last day at work tomorrow! Had a sweep today, she managed to do it and said my cervix was soft and spongy (nice) but still quite posterior. Had a few twinges since but nothing too exciting so I don't think it did anything :-(

Just sent dh out for chips with chilli sauce, will pay for that later with heart burn but hey ho!

MsInterpret Thu 04-Oct-12 22:34:04

Good luck weesooty!

Exciting stuff smile

WeeSooty Fri 05-Oct-12 02:02:37

Grrr no baby and contractions have gone from every 5 mins to 25 mins sad angry

Thumbwitch Fri 05-Oct-12 03:04:20

Maybe tomorrow, weesooty? [hopeful]

I've just tried my first inversion - bloody uncomfortable - but maybe will do some good. I'm still hoping against hope that this baby goes head down before Monday.

Newton - sorry your DH is being a bit unhelpful - hope you get your own back when the baby turns up! wink

I'm very wibbly emotionally - not sure if that's the Fear of next week or just the hormones or a combination of both! blush

RunningOutOfIdeas Fri 05-Oct-12 14:44:58

Afternoon all. Congratulations to those who have had babies this week. Hope all who are overdue or having random contractions get some real progress soon.

I gave birth to DD2 this morning. We arrived at the hospital at 8am, were first on the list for a cs and DD arrived at 9.16, weighing 8lbs 8oz.

newtonupontheheath Fri 05-Oct-12 14:48:39

Congratulations running You've made that sound very straight forward smile Enjoy cuddles with your dd xx

Congrats Running; wishing you a speedy recovery from the CS and lots of enjoyable cuddles smile thanks

EarnestDullard Fri 05-Oct-12 18:25:39

Adding my arrival to the list: I mentioned on the FB group already, but Eleanor Ann was born on Wednesday. I'll post my birth story at some point but I need to get DH to fill in some details as there's a lot I can't remember!


Babybrain - William James - 5/9/12 - 11.45pm - 5lb 11
Heymicky - Eliza Dorothy Gardner - 16/9/12 - 22.57 - 5lb 2
Pinpan - Nina - 23/9/12 - afternoon - 8lb 7
Bubblebell - Girl -
KPT083 - Girl - 6lb 9
Bear1984 - Myles - 29/09/12 - 06:56am - 5lb 14oz
Winnie81 - Girl - 25/9/12 - 12.15am 6lb 4
MissPollysTrolleyed - Lucy - 26/09/12 - 6pm
MakeTeaNotWar - Tadhg Ray - 01/10/12 - 3.11am 9lb 3
CaptainHetty - Penelope - 01/10/12 - 4.28am 7lb 7
Rnb - Lucian Fox - 03/10/12 - 1pm 6lb 13
MsInterpret - Thea Isobel - 03/10/12 - 4am
EarnestDullard - Eleanor Ann - 03/10/12 - 3.18pm - 7lbs 11oz

Impatient mums to be

Pezzina dc2 edd 26 sept
ST82 dc1 edd 27 sept - boy
Newtonupontheheath dc 2 1 oct - surprise
Emiedarling dc1 edd 3oct - boy
Welliesandpyjamas dc3 edd 4 Oct
Littleplasticpeople dc3 edd 5 oct
WeeSooty dc1 edd 5th October - surprise
Gizzyboo dc4 edd 5 oct
Cakes82 dc1 edd 5 oct- suprise
Shopgal9 dc1 edd 5 oct
FluffyJawsOfDoom dc1 6 oct - surprise
DameFlatYouLent dc2 edd 9 oct
Thunderboltkid dc1 edd 10 oct - boy
Isheisnthe dc4 edd 10 oct
Thumbwitch dc2 edd 14 October - surprise
RunningOutOfIdeas dc2 edd 15 oct - girl
Guccigirl79 dc1 edd 16 oct - boy
Elvislives2012 edd 18 oct - surprise
Kelbells dc 1 edd 18 oct - boy
ShellWeDance dc1 edd 19th Oct, surprise.
Goodsenseofdirection dc1 20 oct - surprise
Beeblebear dc1 20 oct - boy
MissRedIndie dc2 20 Oct
Pheebs24 dc1 21 Oct
Susurrant dc1 21 Oct
Doodlekitty DC1 edd 26th Oct - boy
Loopyla dc1 edd 28 Oct - surprise
TartyMcFarty dc2

EarnestDullard Fri 05-Oct-12 18:26:44

Also big congrats to Running and positive vibes to WeeSooty and everyone else still waiting x

Littleplasticpeople Fri 05-Oct-12 20:24:50

Congrats Running thanks

Just back from a due date meal out, don't think I'll be having a due date baby though.

Have an induction booked for next Friday, probably won't use it even if I'm still pg then but wanted to have an end date in sight.

MsInterpret Sat 06-Oct-12 10:09:53

Hello all, just updating list. All going fairly well here, we have our moments!

Thinking of everyone & sending positive birth vibes to those who need it most!


Babybrain - William James - 5/9/12 - 11.45pm - 5lb 11
Heymicky - Eliza Dorothy Gardner - 16/9/12 - 22.57 - 5lb 2
Pinpan - Nina - 23/9/12 - afternoon - 8lb 7
Bubblebell - Girl -
KPT083 - Girl - 6lb 9
Bear1984 - Myles - 29/09/12 - 06:56am - 5lb 14oz
Winnie81 - Girl - 25/9/12 - 12.15am 6lb 4
MissPollysTrolleyed - Lucy - 26/09/12 - 6pm
MakeTeaNotWar - Tadhg Ray - 01/10/12 - 3.11am 9lb 3
CaptainHetty - Penelope - 01/10/12 - 4.28am 7lb 7
Rnb - Lucian Fox - 03/10/12 - 1pm 6lb 13
MsInterpret - Thea Isobel - 03/10/12 - 3.55am 8lb 12oz
EarnestDullard - Eleanor Ann - 03/10/12 - 3.18pm - 7lbs 11oz

Impatient mums to be

Pezzina dc2 edd 26 sept
ST82 dc1 edd 27 sept - boy
Newtonupontheheath dc 2 1 oct - surprise
Emiedarling dc1 edd 3oct - boy
Welliesandpyjamas dc3 edd 4 Oct
Littleplasticpeople dc3 edd 5 oct
WeeSooty dc1 edd 5th October - surprise
Gizzyboo dc4 edd 5 oct
Cakes82 dc1 edd 5 oct- suprise
Shopgal9 dc1 edd 5 oct
FluffyJawsOfDoom dc1 6 oct - surprise
DameFlatYouLent dc2 edd 9 oct
Thunderboltkid dc1 edd 10 oct - boy
Isheisnthe dc4 edd 10 oct
Thumbwitch dc2 edd 14 October - surprise
RunningOutOfIdeas dc2 edd 15 oct - girl
Guccigirl79 dc1 edd 16 oct - boy
Elvislives2012 edd 18 oct - surprise
Kelbells dc 1 edd 18 oct - boy
ShellWeDance dc1 edd 19th Oct, surprise.
Goodsenseofdirection dc1 20 oct - surprise
Beeblebear dc1 20 oct - boy
MissRedIndie dc2 20 Oct
Pheebs24 dc1 21 Oct
Susurrant dc1 21 Oct
Doodlekitty DC1 edd 26th Oct - boy
Loopyla dc1 edd 28 Oct - surprise
TartyMcFarty dc2

Urgh I'm sooo bored! 39+4 today, so not much chance of anything happening anytime soon but I'm so fed up of just laying around on the sofa with nothing to do. Have a freezer full of food already cooked and stored up; even my house is clean! Come on baby; hurry up!

Completely changed my view on WC vaccine over last couple of days and have had that an flu vaccine this morning. Looked at our local statistics and the rate of WC in under 3 months old in West Sussex has gone up massively in the last year so even at this late stage I thought some protection might be good.

How's everyone else doing? Any tips on passing time (preferably that don't involve spending too much money!)

Thumbwitch Sat 06-Oct-12 14:34:29

Am actually really pissed off about the whooping cough thing - I've been thinking "phew, thank goodness I'm not in the UK" and mentioned it to my acupuncturist on Friday - "oh" she says, "one of my clients has that but luckily she cancelled her appt."
So it's in this area too but no one fecking told me!! I'd have had the vaccine like a shot (sorry, no pun intended) and I'm not a big one for vaccines usually. But this one - yes. Too fecking late now! I couldn't make the antibodies in time for placental transfer, although I am planning to BF, so could pass some antibodies on that way and I suppose at least it would stop me from getting it... might discuss that with the doc on Monday when I go in as well. Argh!

Baby is still wriggling around and around - it's looking more and more likely that I'm going to have to have a CS. sad Buggery buggery fuck.

Thumb, a couple of things. I'm 39+1 but decided to have it anyway - at least if I don't have time to produce the antibodies, there is no risk of me carrying it/catching it and passing it onto the baby. I also understand that the benefits are not passed on through bf (researched all of this extensively last night but now can't find the link about that!)

How prevalent is WC in your area? It's always been about, but they are only vaccinating now because of the massive increase in numbers. In most of the uk the rise is in teenagers, but here in West Sussex it is in babies; which is why I decided to have it.

But agree that you should speak to your Dr on Monday...how's that baby doing now anyway...better position yet?

Thumbwitch Sat 06-Oct-12 15:03:31

Will discuss it on Monday when I go into hospital but the Wriggler will be out by Thursday latest; so the antibodies definitely won't have time for cross-placental transfer - but IgA antibodies in breastmilk would still be a bonus. Don't know if they're offering it over here - there's been no big campaign for it - but I can ask about it and see if I can have it while I'm in the hospital. It's all a bit bloody different here - you have to get the vax yourself from the pharmacy (they give you the scrip) and then take it back to the doc to get it injected - should be do-able in hospital, but only if the hospital pharmacy is carrying it. And I'll probably have to pay for it (not a major issue).

Whooping cough is definitely in the area - I've looked it up - but apparently lower incidence than last year, but mostly among primary school children. DS is 4.10, going into primary school for induction on Friday, and at preschool 2 days a week so could easily be exposed to it if it is in the school/preschool/siblings.

Pheebs24 Sat 06-Oct-12 17:08:14

Hey thumb, it might be helpful to know that in the UK wc vaccine is part of the immunisation program for babies/young children so anyone (like myself) who hasn't been able to have the jab can let their child have one at 2 months (I think) so perhaps thats an option for you? Possibly for both children?

DH is getting antsy - he's made me a raspberry leaf tea and is currently chopping a pineapple - eager much??? I'm 38 weeks tomorrow so he's def optimistic lol!!

newtonupontheheath Sat 06-Oct-12 17:53:25

Hmmm I'm going to speak to the mw re the whopping cough vaccination when he comes tomorrow. I was 39 weeks when the news broke so assumed I'd have had baby by now.... But no.

Mw is coming to do my sweep in the morning... If that doesn't set me off I will cry and turn to gin

DS's birthday today. He's 2. All these presents and cake are very exciting. I've realised today how uncomfortable I am getting and how difficult it is to move around! Not had too many people round but still feel exhausted. No doubt ds feels the same though! Think we'll both sleep tonight!

isheisnthe Sat 06-Oct-12 18:46:18

Sweep did nothing :-( so had a curry last night....that did nothing...so tried some sex this morning, and that's done nothing... Fed up, and I'm not even overdue yet!

newtonupontheheath Sat 06-Oct-12 19:53:36

ishe Apart from the sweep, I've tried EVERYTHING. I'm resigned to the fact that baby will come when it's ready. Not happy about it, but resigned none the less!

Sex worked for me last time... DH has suggested "trying again" but im honestly too big now!

Have you tried nipple stimulation and/or hand expressing? Hand expressing gave me really strong tightenings... Turned into nothing but I'm sticking with it in hope!

Thumbwitch Sun 07-Oct-12 00:14:20

Thanks Pheebs - I know the UK schedule, DS was born there smile so he's ok in theory but apparently the problem is that the vaccine that was used isn't 100% effective against the current strain of pertussis that's doing the worldwide rounds. Equally then, my own DTP might not be effective either.

The schedule here is, I think, slightly different - they give it at 2, 4 and 6m (iirc, the UK is 2,3 and 4m?) - so the real risk is only in those first 2 months.

DH almost suggested sex yesterday - then remembered what happened last time when we tried it with DS (who was 2w overdue) - shuddered slightly and said "actually, no, it's not something I'm comfortable with" - I wholeheartedly agreed! <<shudders>> (it was not a pleasant experience at all! And didn't come to a satisfactory conclusion so was pointless too) But that's just us!

MsInterpret Sun 07-Oct-12 04:54:29

Hi all - up for a feed (don't hate me!)

So, the little ones can have whooping cough vaccine at their 2mth jabs? Is that right?

The issue is before that then sad. Are some parts of uk higher risk/prevalence than others? Was also past 38 wks when story broke so not been offered.

newton been thinking of you & hope the sweep in morning has some effect. Fx for you!

LoopyLa Sun 07-Oct-12 07:57:58

Morning everyone!!

I FINALLY FINISHED WORK!!!! YAY! This had to be done in caps lock as I'm sure I was the only one still working yes, I'm also last on list but it was enough to get me sulky wink

Had a fab few last days with lots of pampering things for me & lovely things for baby too. Now looking forward to relaxing to the max and I might think about cleaning & cooking...or not grin

Thinking of you newton in particular x

Congrats loopy!! Such a good feeling. How far are u now?
Warning moan alert:

I am sooooo uncomfortable. An 38+3 can no longer bend over. Can't put on my socks and shoes. Keep getting random pains and can't stop thinking "ooh is this it?"- cant keep thinking that for the next (potentially) 4 weeks. Feeling sick and alternate between cant go to the toilet to going too much!! I also have pain in my pelvis whenever I walk.
On the plus side I love the weirdly painful movements and the ability to consume huge amounts if food.
Feel better now. Thanks for listening. Enjoy your Sunday, we've got people coming round for dinner how did I get myself into that?!

crazypaving Sun 07-Oct-12 09:19:49

good morning all....i haven't been here for aaaaaaaaages. I'm the mnetter formerly known as dameflatyoulent.

Just to let you all know that babypaving arrived at home on 4th oct weighing 8lb 3oz. Doing absolutely fine - tired, very happy, and wrestling a disgruntled toddler DS1 who isn't at all impressed with his baby brother yet...

RunningOutOfIdeas Sun 07-Oct-12 09:34:47

Congratulations Crazypaving. Hope DS1 decides his little brother is ok soon.

We are doing ok. I will probably leave hospital tomorrow. Still need a variety of painkillers to allow me to move about. My cs cut feels like it has hot needles in it and my lower back aches. Pip slept solidly from 2.30am til 8am this morning, woke for a change and feed and is now back asleep.

newtonupontheheath Sun 07-Oct-12 10:59:07

Hi all smile

On my phone so can't name check (am I excused? Head isn't really storing info at the moment!)

Still waiting for mw... Talk about dragging it out as looooooong as possible confused

Now feeling mega uncomfortable sad Every time I get up/sit down it takes a good few minutes for my bones to adjust. Not attractive!! Luckily, I've no major issues (spd and the like) so I'm just uncomfortable, not in pain! Still a moany cow though sad grin

Hi to all.... Yearning for some newborn cuddles smile jealous, much?

Thumbwitch Sun 07-Oct-12 12:08:17

Congratulations Crazypaving! thankswine

Am MEGA stressed but trying not to be. Still unstable lie, going into hospital tomorrow, just feel like nothing is going to go right this time. Was a bit scared and stressed last time when I went in for induction because I didn't know what to expect - this time I've a fair idea what to expect and under current circs, none of it is ideal or what I'd like. I just wish I could have a bit more time but I can't take the risk of placental disintegration (know 2 people who lost a baby at term to that) so will have to bite the bullet and just Do It, however awful. <<wibbble>> sad

newtonupontheheath Sun 07-Oct-12 12:13:58

Oh thumb have a hug smile

I'm sorry things aren't going as planned, I really think you've done everything in your power and your strong willed little one will know that.

Tomorrow isn't ideal, but you've considered the alternatives and (after what you've said) it looks like this really is for the best.

I know it's hard, but try to focus on the positives as feeling/being relaxed will help when crunch time comes.

You are in my thoughts today and tomorrow smile hope to have a baby update from you soon.

But if you beat to it, I'm taking that hug back wink

goodsenseofdirection Sun 07-Oct-12 12:34:31

Congratulations crazypaving [flowers]

And congratulations to loopy on finishing work YAY!! enjoy your time off and put your feet up grin

thumb wishing you all the best. newton's right, you've really tried everything possible to encourage that little one to turn so I guess you can go in tomorrow knowing that - and they'll look after you. Hope you manage not to stress too much - good luck! And can't wait to hear some baby news smile

goodsenseofdirection Sun 07-Oct-12 12:35:35

I mean: thanks to crazypaving


Thumbwitch Sun 07-Oct-12 12:35:42

Thank you Newton (grateful smile ) - you've probably got at least until Wednesday wink

Thumbwitch Sun 07-Oct-12 12:36:41

And thank you, goodsense. smile

newtonupontheheath Sun 07-Oct-12 12:42:15

Race ya thumb

I've already lost against msintepret so she owes me some nice biscuits at least grin

(Still waiting for the mw to turn up!)

cakes82 Sun 07-Oct-12 12:58:29

Quick birth story- contractions started about 1.30am Thursday about every 10min. Dh phoned for MW at 3 when contractions were every 5 min was 2cm. MW went then Dh phoned her again at 7 she came was 5cm. Was doing alright on just paracetemol, keeping upright and mobile decided to have home birth, even made use of having a bath. Second MW arrived I slowed down, then eventually got going again thanks to toast and strawberry jam! Got to 9cm and stalled again. about 8pm it was decided I needed to be transferred to hospital. After hour and a quarter in Ambulance still having contractions got to hospital. Had a tiny bit of gas and air. Baby was monitored, turned out baby back to back, MW started to give options, then baby was really unhappy so it was emergency C-section under general anaesthetic about 20min later Isla arrived. Not quite what I had in mind on my birth plan!!
All good now though in scheme of things, she is gorgeous grin

Thumbwitch Sun 07-Oct-12 13:12:57

Congratulations Cakes! thankswine - how did you feel after the emCS under GA? (asking with interest)

newtonupontheheath Sun 07-Oct-12 13:16:41

Thank you for sharing cakes

I have lots of questions for you but will let you digest yourself and enjoy your snuggles before I bombard you!! X

Beeblebear Sun 07-Oct-12 13:17:08

Loopy. I have 4 days left of work still. Training my replacement all week.

It's thanksgiving weekend here so yesterday had parents, in-laws and grandma all over for dinner. It was lovely and mostly I was able to just sit and supervise. May have overdone it a little bit before their arrival with the vacuuming. Pelvis was screaming by nightfall. My parents have stayed over but brought their camper, which is great as I didn't have to clean the spare room. Mom and I doing a deep clean today. Getting house ready for baby. (and for FIL who we will trade houses with for last week so that we are closer to the hospital as we live in the country.

Have not been doing anything to encourage labor, but monday is date night so may just get dh to do his part.

Well, may try to get back to bed for an hour or 2 as it's only 6am. So much for a lie in. was up about g6times to the loo last night.


newtonupontheheath Sun 07-Oct-12 14:59:41

Quick update: me finally turned up at 2 (so not morning then hmm ) I'm already 3cm and she said sweep was very successful. It hurt more than i thought... not painful but like someone's hand having a route around.

Had bloody show and got a crampy back grin

DH has sprung into action sorting DS's things out for going to my mums

Watch this space folks grin

LoopyLa Sun 07-Oct-12 15:50:24

Congratulations cakes!! If my little bubba is a girl, it'll also be an Isla smile Just a really beautiful name thanks

LoopyLa Sun 07-Oct-12 15:51:07

Waiting with bated breath newton!! grin

newtonupontheheath Sun 07-Oct-12 16:15:36

Just running a bath... Mw who came today is the one on call tonight so I've just text her to say she'll probably be back!

Had a few really strong contractions. DH popped out to put ds car seat in my dads car so I was on my own here with him!!

What else can I do to prepare?!

(Having hoovered the living room, cleaned up sticky finger prints and had a tidy round)

EarnestDullard Sun 07-Oct-12 16:31:20

Good luck newton! When I arrived at the birth centre on Weds I was about 3cm dilated and the mw did a sweep and sent me off for a walk; it really helped to get the contractions going, especially climbing stairs if you've got any nearby.

I'm also pretty sure that DD1 being around in the early stages was a distraction on some level, and stopped things progressing. Getting away from the house and knowing my mum was looking after her seemed to help; hopefully once you've packed DS off to your parents' you'll find the same.

GizzyBoo Sun 07-Oct-12 16:33:38

Congratulations Cakes and crazypaving thanks

Thumb good luck. I really hope all goes well for you smile

Beeble I broke my pelvis yesterday by trying to walk the baby out. Tramping up and down the hill for an hour seemed a good idea at the time hmm Now I'm just sore today. I have mostly napped on the sofa today blush

Yay to finishing work Loopy

Woop woop go newton. Hope this is it for you. Will be checking back for news!! Good luck!! xx

MsInterpret Sun 07-Oct-12 17:06:33

gringringringringringrin newton!!!

So exciting. Hopefully you won't have much more time to 'do' anything. My contractions began at 7pm. Watched tv for a couple of hours then the contractions ramped up & just had to deal with them, enough to drop off DD at PILs at 1.30am to go to the MLU arriving at 2am at 5cm, Thea was born at 5 to 4!

Good luck, sending positive birthing vibes - enjoy it, I did X

MsInterpret Sun 07-Oct-12 17:07:39

Oh and here are the aforementioned I owe you, to keep up your strength :


newtonupontheheath Sun 07-Oct-12 17:20:51

Thanks smile especially ms and the biscuits wink

Every time down (including when I was in the bath) it stops. But then I get up and walk around and it kicks off again.

Just trying to find a happy medium at the mo...

Hopefully DH will get ds is bed by 7 and we can do the doing downstairs whilst he sleeps. I'd prefer to keep him here as there's no real room for him to stop over at mums... My dad'd probably end up on. The sofa!

I had such a quick labour with ds, all this hanging around and thumb twiddling is driving me bonkers!

isheisnthe Sun 07-Oct-12 17:42:34

I've just realised that I'm absolutely shitting myself about labour :-( this will be my 4th(and last!) baby, but I've had 2 horribly painful back to back labours and it's become very real to me with bubba due this week that I could have another one, I'm not sure I can cope :-(!

RunningOutOfIdeas Sun 07-Oct-12 18:20:02

thumb hope everything goes ok for you. If you have to have a cs, would it definitely be under GA rather than a spinal block? The woman in the bed opposite me had a crash cs under GA. The only difference in her recovery compared to mine is that she has a slight sore throat.

Anyone up? Spent yesterday eating constantly now awake with an upset stomach and killer indigestion. sad anyone else unable to sleep?

newtonupontheheath Mon 08-Oct-12 03:33:34

Meeee.... I'm up.

Contractions to every 7 mins and then... Stopped. Grrr. But have had some sleep-just hungry and having a wander round.

Try some peppermint tea or cooled boiled water for indigestion elvis and a slug of gaviscon smile

Hi Newton <waves>
How annoying. If I remember rightly that's what happened to someone on here (*weesooty*, I think?). Keep walking around to restart it all!
I've drunk milk, p tea and half a bottle of gaviscon. i shouldn't have had four breakfasts!!

newtonupontheheath Mon 08-Oct-12 03:57:33

Mmm 4 breakfasts grin

I'm having a little wander round. I'm perfectly happy as I know something is going on (at last!!) but my first labour was nothing like this so I'm just a bit bored blush I'd planned for a quick one!

Glad I put ds to bed... Will ship him off to mums tomorrow and call the mw at a reasonable hour. Poor woman... I hope she went to bed and didn't wait for me to call!

I am so jealous! How far are you? Am 38+4 and can't bear the thought of having to wait potentially another 4 weeks!
Are u having a home birth?

I'm up! Feeding DS ow ow ow! I really hoped I would find b'feeding easier than last time but unfort not & my nipples are in a right state again, bloody agony.

Good luck Newton!

newtonupontheheath Mon 08-Oct-12 04:09:14

41 weeks today so well cooked and ready! Ds was a few days early... I woke up at midnight with a "pop" of waters and he was born before 6 (at home)

Yeah home birth... Have my own personal mw on call (well mw on call gave me her direct number)

Living room currently looks like used towel warehouse grin

DH and I went to bed at 10 and he's sleeping like a baby (ironic really) Feeling nice and refreshed and can feel things moving again now I'm up and about.

More bloody show blush Won't be long (as in many more days!) now...

Are you trying to get things going?

newtonupontheheath Mon 08-Oct-12 04:10:12

Hi maketea smile

Hopefully I'll be up bfing mine tomorrow night grin <<but not the ouch bits sad

Beeblebear Mon 08-Oct-12 04:12:23

Newton sending you happy speedy baby thoughs.

Definately did too much cleaning with mom today. Getting strong bh every time I sit down. Goes rock hard for like 10 minutes solid. Are bh supposed to last that long? No back ache or anything else. Might stop for twenty min then abother ine will come. Annoying.

Beeblebear Mon 08-Oct-12 04:15:21

Oh and these bh make me breathless, like tight in the chest can't get a full breath.

Hi maketea!! Have some thanks for sore nipples.
Love the sound of your first birth newton and would like one luge that, please! Haven't started to help things along. Any tips?

MsInterpret Mon 08-Oct-12 04:21:56

Checking in!

Also up for a feed and hoping you will be too tomorrow eve.

MakeTea -sorry to hear you're finding the BFing hard. Have you had any advice this time round? I had the MW st hospital slagging off my latch & I was outwardly accepting but inwardly gutted as I did it before. But she was right & just a few hrs of bad latch had torn up my left nipple! Lansinoh'd it and been v determined about latch over last 3 days or so & now it's healed and much easier.

Sorry - this is really for a postnatal thread. Isn't it?

Hopefully once everyone's given birth we can all sync the babies & meet every night!

newtonupontheheath Mon 08-Oct-12 04:37:59

Elvis im probably not the best person to ask! I've tried everything and a sweep from the mw today is what set me off.


Pineapple (just gave me mouth ulcers!)
Hand expression
Hot curry (just gave me wind!)

With ds, we queued for some Xbox game at asda a few days before he was born (game wasn't for me, by the way!) it was about 2hours of standing/walking around with a few brief sit downs. I really think this helped the most. Although I've been running round after a toddler this time, I've not done nearly as much walking.

I ate a box of Walkers shortbread last Sunday night & DS was born v speedily in the wee hours of Sunday morning so you could try that wink ? Seriously I reckon getting that baby bouncing on your cervix by being upright & active is probably the best?

Had latching advice & watched videos etc so know how it's supposed to work but DS & his spiky jabby fingers don't cooperate & I don't always get it right. That & some mammoth feeding sessions have left me bloodied & blistered, miserable & there's no chance of healing in sleep as there's not much of that either!

Doh Monday I mean, born Monday so a week old today ahhhh

LoopyLa Mon 08-Oct-12 07:58:00

elvis I was awake for hours last night and probably should have got up but didn’t bother in the end. I also had sore, poorly tummy & heartburn (which actually isn’t one of my usual symptoms) so really suffered sad How are you feeling now?

Maketea how are you? Can’t imagine what the breast pain is like having never done it but really not looking forward to that side of things

Beeble also finding that I’m getting increasing BH and quite painful at times. Not sure whether it’s to do with the raspberry leaf capsules I started taking last week or just coincidence…. hmm

First day of mat leave [37+1] & it’s a grey old day so seems perfect to just mooch around and stay in my jim jams!! Anyone fancy a brew & a biscuit or 3?

Pheebs24 Mon 08-Oct-12 08:27:21

Beeble and Loopy me too!! 38+1 today and my BH over the last few days have definitely been lasting longer and more painful - I even took a paracetamol last night to help get to sleep because the pain was spreading to the top of my legs...

The effects of the fresh pineapple caught me by surprise Newton - DH accused me of having a particularly sensitive mouth when I started noticing the pink staining on the piece I was eating, it actually made my lips and tongue bleed!

Apparently its common in the Phillipines to put salt on fresh pineapple to prevent the soreness, but I a) don't fancy it and b) am often caught out as a gulllible fool by him blush

newtonupontheheath Mon 08-Oct-12 08:54:55

Pheebs my DH is Mauritian and they sell pineapple there with a little bag of chilli sauce.... It's a beach snack hmm I can't stomach it myself!!! Oh and they do oranges with salt sprinkled on to "enhance" the flavour <boak>

Managed to get back to sleep eventually. What a literally shitty night. Urgh. Nice to see I'm not the on only one suffering grin. I think it's brew all round.
I'm tempted to try and start it off as I feel sooooo ready now but people keep saying "enjoy it while it lasts you'll never have this time again" and it makes me want to punch them in the back of their heads
Sore and torn nipples sounds vile!!
I think I'll join loopy on the sofa today....

pinpan Mon 08-Oct-12 09:30:23

MakeTea, good luck with the latch! The womble chomped one of my nipples in the first week, just once, but it took 3 or 4 days for it to get back to normal. I'm being very careful to take her off at the slightest hint of munching now! It's all very good in principle and sometimes she is an angel, but other times it's all fingers in mouth and stiff back and legs and utterly impossible to get her into the right place.

She slept for 4 hours just now. Amazing! DH made me wake her up to feed, coz he's on night shift of soothing when she screams, so I can get sleep in between feeding, and he reckoned that she was tanking up so she could stay awake all night again. I think she's on UK time!

Good luck all you nearly-in-labour ladies! grin Sleep while you can.

newtonupontheheath Mon 08-Oct-12 09:31:37

elvis it's so true though (please don't punch me!) Second mat leave isn't the same... You don't get the chance to put your feet up or nuffin! And once baby is here, well, it's here forever.

In saying that, I thinks it's obvious how impatient I have been lately.... So feel free to ignore

Budge up on that sofa Loopy I've been for a walk and now I'm in need of a little rest

Come on contractions you feckers

newtonupontheheath Mon 08-Oct-12 09:32:53

Cross post with pinpan


Don't worry newton you're exempt!! And it's why I'm not going to try and move things along... Just yet!!
<scooches over and hands round the biscuit

EarnestDullard Mon 08-Oct-12 10:04:07

MakeTea I'm also suffering with cracked, bruised and bleeding nipples. It's worse on one side and last night Eleanor brought up some milk with a lot of blood in it sad I phoned the mw to check that they agreed that it was definitely my blood and not hers. So I'm going to give that side a break for a bit by expressing instead and feed from the other side (which is also sore but not as damaged as the other side). I struggled with DD1 as well and it's disappointing to be having the same problems.

I found a really good info sheet about latching here; no. 31, "When Latching". It talks about how to cradle the baby in one arm, use the same hand to hold the baby's head and make sure you get the baby positioned on the boob correctly. I found I was trying to post my nipple into DD's mouth rather than move her head onto the boob, and it does make a difference. I wish they gave you such detailed information before leaving the hospital; starting out right would avoid a lot of pain and damage later on.

Why is it all so bloody difficult though? I was saying to DH last night; pregnancy is at best uncomfortable, childbirth is painful and difficult, and the majority of women seem to struggle at least a bit with BFing. Why can't it all be nice and straightforward, we're continuing the species FGS!

Beeblebear Mon 08-Oct-12 10:50:35

Joins loopy , newton and elvis on the sofa, grabs the remote to see what's on tv at 4am, and muncnes away at my bowl of cerial.

Wonder if I should download a contraction timer on my phone in case these braxton hicks decide to turn into something more fruitful painful. If this goes on for weeks still it will make me go mad!

WeeSooty Mon 08-Oct-12 10:52:02

Hello! Just a wee message from me, had a wee baby girl at 11.11am on Saturday, 7lbs 4. Had a rather crap birth ending in forceps but I'm trying very hard to stay positive about it all. Will post birth story later. Not sure how much detail to go into, don't wanna freak people out but I have a feeling it might actually help me to get it all out!

Will try to catch up properly later, brain not in gear yet!! grin

Good luck to everyone!

Beeblebear Mon 08-Oct-12 10:56:21


Please do share story soon, it will be very thereputic for you, and I think by this time there is liftle left that will scare us ladies.

newtonupontheheath Mon 08-Oct-12 11:05:01

Congratulations weesooty smile

Yes post if you can... Don't worry about scaring us confused grin

Confratulations and Post it weesooty! It'll help you and we will be fine
<hides behind sofa>

pinpan Mon 08-Oct-12 12:09:14

Congrats, weesooty!

Beeble, I used a contraction timer called Due, it was great. Simple but effective.

Midnight feed and my god, it sounds like there'll be a full nappy for me to change in a minute... confused

Congratulations, Wee! Not jealous much!

Congratulations Weesooty. Please do post birth story; would live to hear it x

Bear1984 Mon 08-Oct-12 12:33:26

Hi all, yup I was pretty nuts for going to the wedding lol! But definitely a great story to tell him when he's older. Everyone was cooing over him newton. Got some great pics of DP and DD showing DS off smile

Weesooty do share! And congratulations smile

Beeble I had one that I downloaded that was good. If you have the iphone, it's app is green with a side look at a bump.

Earnest sorry to hear that, but you're doing well to still be at it, so don't be too disheartened.

newton my dad's Mauritian! How funny.

cakes running crazypaving MsInterpret congratulations on your babies!

loopy glad you're finally on ML.

MsInterpret Mon 08-Oct-12 13:04:46

Congratulations weesooty! So pleased for you that LO is finally here.

Sofa-lovers - its certainly a day for it, innit? Just had MW do 5 day visit & all good. Now not planning anything more exertin -worthy than boobing & catching up on Sat's SCD...

Contractions app - we had the green one with a sideways view of bump that was actually just a big empty circle in her tum(!). Was free and good bc gave you the length of cx as well as interval so could see they wrte lasting a minute and also gave an average over last hr or half hr. recommend it. Just noticed it's a blue background of my home screen icon tho.

newtonupontheheath Mon 08-Oct-12 13:12:13

Contractions have stopped again.

Grrr. I'm getting so fed up now!!

CaptainHetty Mon 08-Oct-12 14:02:34

Do babies have a growth spurt at a week old? This child has been attached to my boobs all frigging day! I've literally not been able to do anything except the school run all day hmm

Sorry to hear some of you are struggling with breastfeeding, if you're still having issues with it do ask your community midwives or health visitor if there's any extra support available. The first week can be pretty awful but it does get easier!

Sorry to hear your contractions have stopped newton, it is really frustrating, sure they must be doing something though, hang in there and keep positive. You'll have your baby soon!

Is thumb in for induction today? Feel like I've missed loads!

newtonupontheheath Mon 08-Oct-12 14:12:29

I think they have growth spurts at 1 week, 3, 6.... <<wracks brain>>

Yes thumb was going in today... Hopefully we'll hear soon smile

Just been for another walk. Down the high street this time. Bought and ate two bags of frisps blush they are amazing!

Back on the birth ball

<<as you were>>

MsInterpret Mon 08-Oct-12 14:18:05

Oooh, love Frisps - never see them in the shops so when I do it's a real guilty pleasure treat!

Thinking of you newton - hopefully all this lengthy 'latent' (annoying term) stage will mean things move fast at the other end!? Not too fast tho - friend from my last antenatal thread due day before me has had her little boy last night I think and from wall-snooping on FB sounds like her DH might have delivered! shock

newtonupontheheath Mon 08-Oct-12 14:30:06

Hence why I snaffled two bags blush

I'll happily plod on as I must be more than 3 cm by now so when things get going, hopefully it'll be done nice and quickly!

DH has spent the whole day trying to fit a light in DS's room. Apparently it's just fallen apart... I daren't go upstairs!

newtonupontheheath Mon 08-Oct-12 14:47:25

I think this bloody light is going to make DH cry... I keep hearing "FFS! This is not fair... I don't believe it! Argh!" <crash bang>

He's not a natural DIY-er hmm

CaptainHetty Mon 08-Oct-12 14:50:20

If it's any consolation, my stupid 'latent' phase lasted about a week, and established labour lasted 3 hours 20 minutes, 2 minutes of pushing. So it might be a good sign grin

DD1 just sat next to me and gave me a sweet, but before I was allowed to eat it she had to say 'but you can only have one, Mummy. Because otherwise you might get fat again and have another baby'. hmm

LoopyLa Mon 08-Oct-12 14:54:55

newton yep sounds very similar to my DH grin

Hetty HAHAHA! If only having a baby was that easy, love the logic of a young child grin

newtonupontheheath Mon 08-Oct-12 15:00:54

Ha ha ha (ouch) that's brilliant Hetty

Littleplasticpeople Mon 08-Oct-12 17:42:10

thanks weesooty, please feel free to share your story, I think it is therapeutic to get it all witten down.

Newton, hope it turns in to something for you soon, I am also getting a little fed up of BH not turning in to anything.

Hetty my dd is quite confident that I still won't want to eat chocolate at Christmas 'because there willbe another baby growing in your tummy by then mummy' shock not this Christmas or any other Christmas for that matter DD.

So nothing happening here, 40 + 3, very fed up of being pg, but loving seeing the gorgeous babies on FB smile

Sorry a few of you are struggling with the sore nips with bf. I had a torrid time with ds, I could only truly sayi was feeding pain free by about ten weeks. But, with dd it was much better- some things that may have helped- only feed with both feet flat on the floor (so no lazy lying down feeds until things well established); nipple shields (I know not widely recommended but they helped me); lots of lansinoh before you think you need it; position the baby further round your side than you think they should be ( so if feeding off right boob, move their legs round your right hand side so their feet are almost behind you), an I think the most important advice I ever had was simply shove as much of the nipple into their mouth as you can!

RnB Mon 08-Oct-12 21:04:34

WeeSooty are you ok? I do hope you are recovering well. Please do share your story with us.

Newton I absolutely sympathise. My latent phase lasted 6 days (stop/start, kept me awake at night), but it meant my eventual induction was quick as I'd already got to 7cm! The midwife couldn't believe it!

MakeTea hope you are not in too much pain. Mine are pretty sore too - my breast pads keep on getting stuck to little raw patches on my nipples! Ouch!

Good luck to all approaching their labours. And I hope all the newborns are behaving themselves grin

LoopyLa Tue 09-Oct-12 07:14:04

OUCH RnB shock shock

earnest thanks heaps for posting the link to the info sheet - it's incredibly useful. I'm taking great care that he gapes wide before shoving him on, it; not worth ripping up my nipples with a lazy latch although it is hard to get right in the middle of the night when half asleep. It's a bit disheartening as I wasn't feeding pain-free with DD until after 6 weeks so I had hoped it would be easier this time. However having fed her for a year, I know to just grit my teeth and hang in there as it does become the easiest thing in the world. He's only lost 1% of his birthweight though so it isn't in vain.

weesooty I do hope that you are recovering ok - please do share your story.

Good luck to all the imminent labouring Mums - not long now!

Waah another friend on FB has had her baby. Im jealous!! I want mine now!

newtonupontheheath Tue 09-Oct-12 12:23:18

Well I'm still bloody waiting elvis sad

Rang the mw this morning... Ended up in tears! DH was a bit surprised as he didn't think I was that fed up!

The joys of being booked for a homebirth meant she came to me (and we didn't have to arrange childcare and go to the hospital grin ) She gave me a thorough check over for any infection, high bp etc etc. Really glad I rang and really pleased with how helpful she was.

She thinks baby may have slipped back to back as I'm still having contractions (10-15 mins apart whilst she was here) but they're still not getting closer together much stronger apart from a few strong ones in the night.

She's coming back to do another sweep tomorrow to try to avoid induction on Saturday.

I had felt a bit abandoned as mw on Sunday had said "oh I've booked you in for induction on Saturday but you won't need it" and hadn't really asked me if I wanted that or given me an alternative! But now I'm more settled and less stressed (and contracting a bit more regularly too grin )

Sorry.... This is a long one but I've gone into "radio silence" mode with friends and family so need to get it out!!

Hope everybody else is ok xx

Oh newton you poor thing; really thought you might have had that baby by now. Try to rest as best you can; you must be knackered already!

Newton can't believe you're still going sad
Hope you're ok. I'm glad the MW was able to offer some reassurance. If its any help I am sending positive labour vibes to u. And some thanks

newtonupontheheath Tue 09-Oct-12 14:08:23

Thank you smile

I'm feeling slightly less left to my own devices today... Plus contracting fairly regularly for most of the day. I've even downloaded an app as was becoming quiet complacent with the whole thing blush

LoopyLa Tue 09-Oct-12 15:07:47

Hope things start moving for you soon newton!

Turns out I'm not very good at resting blush Day 2 of mat leave has seen me out on a 5 hour shopping trip shock Oh dear, DH will not be pleased as he left me strict instructions to REST WOMAN after he came back yesterday and found I'd done a mahoosive pile of ironing.

<sigh> I know I should, god knows I won't be able to when the baby comes, but I just get a bit carried away hmm

I'm sitting down with a brew now though & slice of cake so there's hope for me yet!

WeeSooty Tue 09-Oct-12 21:13:37

Just popping on to say hi and it's touched me that you are all asking for me. I will do my birth story, hopefully tomorrow. Have had hormonal day! Hoping its just tiredness and baby blues! Fingers crossed for a decent sleep and feeling better tomorrow! grin

Good luck to everyone still waiting. Especially you Newton, good luck!!!

newtonupontheheath Tue 09-Oct-12 22:19:34

Evening all...

Just popping on to say that our DD Indira Elizabeth was born at 17:50 this evening. Another lovely home birth, pain relief free, physiological third stage all done and dusted and having cuddles on the sofa with her now grin Pic on Facebook grin

Thanks for all your support and putting up with my moaning for the last few weeks days smile

Saw the pic and wondered of it was you. Congratulations ! Love the name and she's gorgeous. Glad it all went well in the end smile

cakes82 Wed 10-Oct-12 02:44:25

Hi all just trying to catch up so a few random things.

Thumbwitch EMCS with GA in itself fine cause obviously aware of nothing. Afterwards as with all CS moving isn't as comfortable as you'd like espec as bruising and swelling starts doing its thing, bruising been coming out a couple of days and swelling now starting to go down, so starting to feel better but still not easy to get up off bed.

Newton Congratulations!! ask away with questions although I think you might be a bit busy yourself now grin

MsInterpret Wed 10-Oct-12 03:15:42

Hooray! Many, many congratulations newton. So pleased for you. A little DD to go with DS smile . And sounds like it was a good birth experience too.

Fantastic news. Enjoy your cuddles!

Isnt it funny how it probably seemed a-g-e-s between, for example my dd arriving and your dd but actually they are only 6days apart which is nothing!

(apologies if that's a random, middle of the night, nonsensical musing...) grin

pinpan Wed 10-Oct-12 03:56:21

Congrats newton! Lovely pic. grin

I'm enjoying my own cuddles with the womble pinned to a chair and daren't move who is having a friendly day after her usual Daddy-destroying screaming from 1 am til 2.30 am. We have decided to start wearing bibs to cut down slightly on the number of clothes changes due to milk spillage. So demoralising to see what looks like half of her dinner come pouring back out! But at 17 days old she is now well over 9 lb, grows a new chin every day, and beginning to interact - she is definitely looking back and following me round with her eyes, and the midwife this morning reckoned that her smiles are real and not just wind, which seems very advanced! smile I'll believe it though. proud mother

And I'm finally feeling more human now my infected stitches are out and I have killer antibiotics. Turns out I picked up MRSA from the hospital. confused Still on semi-house arrest with not too much walking/standing around, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. (Did I ever put my birth story up? Brain is mush and can't remember.)

Good luck with the contractions, everybody who is still baby-less! wink

LoopyLa Wed 10-Oct-12 05:49:39

Massive congratulations to newton YAY!!! Well done lovie! thanks wine

I'm up, awake and have been since before 3.30 sad Not sure what the point of afternoon naps are if they don't help me sleep at night - I'm actually a bit worried that if I don't get more sleep I'm going to make myself ill which won't help at all come childbirth/looking after a newborn hmm

Sorry for the downer, best get a brew on...

pinpan Wed 10-Oct-12 09:46:08

biscuit Loopy, feel better soon, hope you get some zzzz.

MsInterpret Wed 10-Oct-12 09:59:22

Pinpan - Cant believe you picked up MRSA! shock You're having a right run of it sad

we have a similar problem with sicky babies. I agree, SO dispiriting seeing all that milk come back up. MiniInterpret doesn't seem too bothered which makes things a bit easier. I'm trying to keep her upright after feeds (fun at night) to get the milk digested and get out the burps (not easy) before putting her down/flat.

Any other advice? Didn't have this problem with Dd1!

pinpan Wed 10-Oct-12 11:38:02

I'm doing the same - lots of upright time before flat. Propping the bassinet head end up slightly helps too, just a couple of inches to let gravity help. Also removing her for burping halfway through a breast rather than just between - she whinges but it helps a bit. My GP said today that if she isn't bothered then it's best just to live with the mess! grin

Beeblebear Wed 10-Oct-12 12:22:18

Congratulations newton. How precious. Glad everything finally worked out. That waiting bit is going to drive me crazy!

Waves to everyone else. Getting quiet in here niw. Can someone please re-post the list?

3 work days left. Up at the hoyr of stupid this morning. May just head to work early for some quiet work time before eberyone arrives. First day training replacement yesterday. I think it went alright. Today will be much more serious.

MsInterpret Wed 10-Oct-12 12:53:16

Hello - thanks for the idea about propping moses basket up slightly pinpan

Have tried to update the list from a trawl through recent posts. Apologies if I've missed anyone/thing...


Babybrain - William James - 5/9/12 - 11.45pm - 5lb 11
Heymicky - Eliza Dorothy Gardner - 16/9/12 - 22.57 - 5lb 2
Pinpan - Nina - 23/9/12 - afternoon - 8lb 7
Bubblebell - Girl -
KPT083 - Girl - 6lb 9
Bear1984 - Myles - 29/09/12 - 06:56am - 5lb 14oz
Winnie81 - Girl - 25/9/12 - 12.15am 6lb 4
MissPollysTrolleyed - Lucy - 26/09/12 - 6pm
MakeTeaNotWar - Tadhg Ray - 01/10/12 - 3.11am 9lb 3
CaptainHetty - Penelope - 01/10/12 - 4.28am 7lb 7
Rnb - Lucian Fox - 03/10/12 - 1pm 6lb 13
MsInterpret - Thea Isobel - 03/10/12 - 3.55am 8lb 12oz
EarnestDullard - Eleanor Ann - 03/10/12 - 3.18pm - 7lbs 11oz
cakes82 - Isla - 04/10/12
DameFlatYouLent/crazypaving - boy - 04/10/12 - 8lb 3oz
RunningOutOfIdeas - girl - 05/10/12 - 9.16 - 8lbs 8oz
weesooty - baby girl - 06/10/12 - 11.11am - 7lbs 4
newtonupontheheath - Indira Elizabeth - 09/10/12 - 17:50

Impatient mums to be

Pezzina dc2 edd 26 sept
ST82 dc1 edd 27 sept - boy
Emiedarling dc1 edd 3oct - boy
Welliesandpyjamas dc3 edd 4 Oct
Littleplasticpeople dc3 edd 5 oct
Gizzyboo dc4 edd 5 oct
Shopgal9 dc1 edd 5 oct
FluffyJawsOfDoom dc1 6 oct - surprise
Thunderboltkid dc1 edd 10 oct - boy
Isheisnthe dc4 edd 10 oct
Thumbwitch dc2 edd 14 October - surprise
Guccigirl79 dc1 edd 16 oct - boy
Elvislives2012 edd 18 oct - surprise
Kelbells dc 1 edd 18 oct - boy
ShellWeDance dc1 edd 19th Oct, surprise.
Goodsenseofdirection dc1 20 oct - surprise
Beeblebear dc1 20 oct - boy
MissRedIndie dc2 20 Oct
Pheebs24 dc1 21 Oct
Susurrant dc1 21 Oct
Doodlekitty DC1 edd 26th Oct - boy
Loopyla dc1 edd 28 Oct - surprise
TartyMcFarty dc2

That's a nice long list of babies and glad to see my name is steadily moving up the impatient mum to be list grin

LoopyLa Wed 10-Oct-12 13:35:48

Sorry sorry sorry – just leaping in with a me, me, me post as am really upset sad angry

Went to MW appt this morning and she thinks the baby’s breech and I’m going to have to go to the hospital on Friday for a “presentation check”. When I asked what this involved, all she said was that they’ll try & turn the baby and NOT TO WORRY ABOUT IT. How the hell fuck am I not supposed to worry about it? This is my first child, I’ve not had any antenatal classes & she is well aware of this and she’s been about as helpful as a chocolate fucking teapot throughout this pregnancy. She’s never volunteered ANY information, I’ve always asked questions for it.

Does anyone know what I should expect? I would have thought they’d allow another week to be concerned about this, I’m only 37+3.

I’m panicking, I’m crying and my DH is away on a course today so can’t speak to him either. Any thoughts/advice ladies?

Sorry again for being self-involved sad

Loopy I don't want to panic you, but think very carefully before allowing them to try and turn the baby. There was a thread about it recently and if had devastating results for one poor mum. It is a complicated procedure that is not without risks. Make sure they scan you first and give you ALL the options.

cakes82 Wed 10-Oct-12 13:47:49


Babybrain - William James - 5/9/12 - 11.45pm - 5lb 11
Heymicky - Eliza Dorothy Gardner - 16/9/12 - 22.57 - 5lb 2
Pinpan - Nina - 23/9/12 - afternoon - 8lb 7
Bubblebell - Girl -
KPT083 - Girl - 6lb 9
Bear1984 - Myles - 29/09/12 - 06:56am - 5lb 14oz
Winnie81 - Girl - 25/9/12 - 12.15am 6lb 4
MissPollysTrolleyed - Lucy - 26/09/12 - 6pm
MakeTeaNotWar - Tadhg Ray - 01/10/12 - 3.11am 9lb 3
CaptainHetty - Penelope - 01/10/12 - 4.28am 7lb 7
Rnb - Lucian Fox - 03/10/12 - 1pm 6lb 13
MsInterpret - Thea Isobel - 03/10/12 - 3.55am 8lb 12oz
EarnestDullard - Eleanor Ann - 03/10/12 - 3.18pm - 7lbs 11oz
Cakes82 - Isla Morgan - 04/10/12 - 11.04pm 6lb 12
DameFlatYouLent/crazypaving - boy - 04/10/12 - 8lb 3oz
RunningOutOfIdeas - girl - 05/10/12 - 9.16 - 8lbs 8oz
weesooty - baby girl - 06/10/12 - 11.11am - 7lbs 4
newtonupontheheath - Indira Elizabeth - 09/10/12 - 17:50
FluffyJawsOfDoom - girl 9/10/12

Impatient mums to be

Pezzina dc2 edd 26 sept
ST82 dc1 edd 27 sept - boy
Emiedarling dc1 edd 3oct - boy
Welliesandpyjamas dc3 edd 4 Oct
Littleplasticpeople dc3 edd 5 oct
Gizzyboo dc4 edd 5 oct
Shopgal9 dc1 edd 5 oct
Thunderboltkid dc1 edd 10 oct - boy
Isheisnthe dc4 edd 10 oct
Thumbwitch dc2 edd 14 October - surprise
Guccigirl79 dc1 edd 16 oct - boy
Elvislives2012 edd 18 oct - surprise
Kelbells dc 1 edd 18 oct - boy
ShellWeDance dc1 edd 19th Oct, surprise.
Goodsenseofdirection dc1 20 oct - surprise
Beeblebear dc1 20 oct - boy
MissRedIndie dc2 20 Oct
Pheebs24 dc1 21 Oct
Susurrant dc1 21 Oct
Doodlekitty DC1 edd 26th Oct - boy
Loopyla dc1 edd 28 Oct - surprise
TartyMcFarty dc2

cakes82 Wed 10-Oct-12 13:50:12

Loopy as Thunder says have the scan and get them to explain everything to you.

Littleplasticpeople Wed 10-Oct-12 14:52:51

Congrats newton thanks

loopy try not to stress too much yet (easier said than done). Firstly, the baby might not be breech at all- I was checked late on last pregnancy when the MW thought the baby was breech- she wasn't at all. Even if your baby is breech at the moment, there is time for it to turn (and lots of tricks you can do to help it). And, if it comes to it, you can decide of they should try to turn the baby or you can opt for an elcs. Make sure you are armed with information!

newtonupontheheath Wed 10-Oct-12 15:20:37

Loopy Just wanted to say... Check back on this thread as both thumb and I linked to a bit more information about turning breech babies. The scan will give you more information... Fwiw, my mum was sent for one when she was pregnant with my sister (10 years ago) The "very experienced" mw said to her ..."if this baby isn't breach, that is the biggest, hardest bum I've felt in all my years" She wasn't breach.... She just had a very hard bum!! grin

We have had a lovely day today... DS has been at nursery so I've sat in bed and had a couple of visitors. Mw supervisor came to do post-birth checks and dd is all fine and dandy!

I can't believe after all that she's here! grin

Will post birth story when I get my head screwed on.

isheisnthe Wed 10-Oct-12 16:26:53

My due date today. Had my second sweep ( I have low platlets,so they didn't want me going over due really) and there is no change from last week. Cervix is still very posterior, and will only admit a fingertip - not dilated at all but soft and spongy. They are coming to do another one on Sunday - she said she very much doubts what she did today will do anything :-(

RnB Wed 10-Oct-12 19:09:28

Ishe Really hope the sweep does something!

Newton gringringringringrin YAY!! Sounds like a lovely birth. Huge congratulations!!

Loopy you poor thing. Your mw sounds terrible. You must be so upset. Write a list of questions for when you go to the hospital, and don't be pressurised into anything you're not happy with x

LoopyLa Wed 10-Oct-12 19:25:45

Hey girls

Thank you all for your support & excellent advice. It might be a bit “locking the door after the horse as bolted” or whatever that stupid saying is but after a wee cry or two, I spent the afternoon watching a film, exercising playing on my birthing ball & researching my options. I then pottered about in the nursery as it’s become somewhat of a dumping ground and it made me feel closer to the baby, instead of cross & slightly resentful. I then got to the stage of, as long as the baby is born healthy, then who cares how it comes out.

So feeling calmer now smile.

Hope you're ok isheisnthe and your cervix starts behaving!!

Hi ladies. Hood you are all ok. loopy I hope it all world out eventually. It all seems so abstract ATM but you're right, however baby comes out as long as its healthy is main thing.
Am 39 weeks today! So exciting. I can remember when just pregnant and looking at my app on my phone thinking this point was ages off! I bought a bump belt the other day. Slightly late (!) but potentially another 3 weeks to go and back/pelvic pain inhibibiting me doing anything at all. DH said it has given me a new lease of life!

Littleplasticpeople Thu 11-Oct-12 06:13:58

Very quick post, baby girl born at home last night at 9.45pm grin all good, MW just made it in time, baby has been feeding since!

newtonupontheheath Thu 11-Oct-12 07:00:56

Well done LPP and congratulations!

Didn't waste much time there do you? wink

LoopyLa Thu 11-Oct-12 07:11:04

Congratulations LPP!!! smile smile Fantastic news thanks

Congratulations LPP thanks

40+1 today, seeing MW later so hoping she'll give me a sweep. Loads of tightenings & period type cramps over the last couple of days. Also been having waves of nausea - is that a sign as well?

Congrats LPP!!!!

pinpan Thu 11-Oct-12 08:52:22

Congrats LPP!

GizzyBoo Thu 11-Oct-12 09:28:35

Congrats LPP smile

Not at all envy

Well I'm still here hmm Wee baby Boo has 48 hours to make an entrance. I'm going to ring my MW in a min and beg her to pop round and do another sweep. Been having irregular cramps and tightenings since the one on Tuesday and still lots of blood tinged mucous. Hoping another sweep just tips me over the edge!

Thunder I have also been feeling sicky.....especially in the mornings again hmm

Good luck Ishe

Loopy sounds like your MW is very pro informed consent hmm I hate being TOLD what they will and won't be doing. They can advise but ultimately any decision is yours to make. Reading the research I wouldn't go for the baby turning. I would try VB if there was anyone experienced enough to facilitate that or if not then I would go for CS. It is YOUR choice though. Hopefully baby just has a very hard bottom and it was a head she was feeling after all smile

waves to everyone else

LoopyLa Thu 11-Oct-12 09:42:06

Hey Gizzy sorry to hear that baby has not yet turned up, I'm sending eviction vibes over to the Hebrides (you do live there right?) as we speak!

I don't know what my MW is - except she's been lacking in information from the very start. If im asking questions from a health professional, i expect to hear all options, etc not just "dont worry about it" & NO info whatsoever. It just meant i googled like a crazy woman when i got home (which made me feel better incidentally as i felt armed with info). I shall be glad to be rid of her, post baby!!

Good luck Gizzy & Thunder!!

goodsenseofdirection Thu 11-Oct-12 10:04:09

Congrats to Newton and LPP thanks thanks It seems to be about half and half babies and impatient mums now! grin

newton i saw the fb update - she's beautiful!

loopy agree your MW sounds awful. I would definitely ask for more info from a medical professional at your scan before making the decision to go for the baby turning - it's really important. FX that she just got it wrong! And as for not taking it easy, i was full on during the first week of my leave and have definitely slowed down now!!

gizzy still got my fingers crossed that your baby gets a move on!

hello to everyone else!

All fine with me, not sleeping great and feeling very full of baby right now. I've finally got to the point where I am joining the club of being ready and wanting the baby to get a move on! MW appt today, first check-up in a month, at 38+5 so fingers crossed the head is even a bit engaged - it definitely feels it!

Bear1984 Thu 11-Oct-12 10:46:10

Congrats newton Glad she's finally made her way out! grin

pinpan sorry to hear that but glad you're feeling a bit better. And bless, can't wait for DS to start smiling properly and for it to not be wind! Lol.

Loopy hopefully baby will turn again! Don't agree to anything you're not happy with. When my mum was pregnant with me, I decided to turn breech at the very last moment, cos I'm awkward lol, so it's possible baby will turn on its own.

Beeble hope your last few days go well smile

ishe fingers crossed sweep does something for you!

Congrats LPP!! Ooo more babies smile

Thunder hope MW can bring you some good news or at least a sweep!

I'm another with a baby that just seems to bring up most of his feeds. Glad it's not just us as I was wondering whether I should be worried or not. He has started putting weight back on though, so that's a good sign. And he does seem to be feeding every 2.5 hours at the moment hmm Though he's been asleep since 8am, so hoping it'll go on til gone 11! Was really hoping to take him out today but the weather is terrible so think I'll just stay in. How boring lol.

newtonupontheheath Thu 11-Oct-12 11:53:22

Gosh... My head is so fuzzy I want to say hi to everybody but don't have the mental capacity!

It's lovely reading everybody's updates though!

Will be a better poster soon smile

CaptainHetty Thu 11-Oct-12 12:26:37

Congratulations LPP and Newton grin

Penny had her 10 day check today (where the bloody hell has 10 days gone? shock ) all is well and little miss has gained 2 ounces on her birth weight, which is apparently great for a breastfed baby. Can't say I'm surprised, my nipples seem to constantly have a baby attached to them. Been discharged from MW care now. Just the Health Visitor to deal with then we'll be left alone grin

GizzyBoo Thu 11-Oct-12 13:24:48

Wow Hetty 10 days!! shock

Bear sounds like you are getting on great smile

Newton the brain does turn less mushy in time.

Well I phoned MW and she was gonna call in for a cuppa anyway so she did a sweep while she was here. Flippin heck she went for it. I'm now 5-6, soft and stretchy and head just sitting there all ready. Just need a jump start lol.
She's sure she'll be seeing me later hmm We'll see.

Wonder how Thumb is getting on....been thinking about her!

Just got back from MW sad baby not engaged, ROP, and attempted sweep really painful so had to stop. Having another sweep on Sunday so will be bouncing on my ball until then an hoping its not quite as painful.

Going to eat cake and chocolate for the rest of the afternoon!

GizzyBoo Thu 11-Oct-12 13:43:11

Awwww Thunder lots of bouncing on the ball and leaning forward. All 4's in the bath helped me too I think. Take some paracetamol an hour before your next sweep.

I quite fancy cake......you sharing?? grin

newtonupontheheath Thu 11-Oct-12 13:48:35

Well done Gizzy That baby is going to fly out soon enough... I bet by this time tomorrow you'll be having cuddles smile

GizzyBoo Thu 11-Oct-12 14:21:03

Oh god Newton I hope so (pleading smiley)

Gizzy you can absolutely have cake! I think my baby is just polite...he knows its not his turn yet so is waiting for you to go first grin

Coincidently, I've just plonked myself on the sofa with some freshly made banana and chocolate cake....
<pats sofa invitingly>

GizzyBoo Thu 11-Oct-12 14:53:25

Can't sit...its too sore.....I can pace and eat though grin

grabs cake

newtonupontheheath Thu 11-Oct-12 15:27:47

That's a good sign, no?

Try eating a huge bag of jelly babies like crisps... That's what I did blush <<helpful>>

GizzyBoo Thu 11-Oct-12 16:36:24

Well I'm bouncing on my ball with my earphones in listening to a bit of Mumford grin
Its all very irregular and random so preparing for it all to wear off again.

<Sends hubby out for Jelly Babies>

MsInterpret Thu 11-Oct-12 18:57:33

Thinking of you Gizzy! 5cm?! You are tough. I was in agony by them. Tis going to be a breeze.

It can't be long now! <helpful>

DH is stuck in London and all the trains are screwed. Surely that must bring on labour right?!

pinpan Thu 11-Oct-12 19:29:59

Ooooh, now I want jelly babies. The womble ate from 11.45 til 3 am last night and now she's up again at 7. confused Think she's just about grown out of her newborn sized clothing though!

GizzyBoo Thu 11-Oct-12 19:44:17

I really don't know what I should be doing. Should I be trying to bring these contractions closer together and stronger or should I cosy up and see what happens?

I had this Tuesday night and wore myself out trying to force it only for it to fizzle out anyway......I'm confused

I'm not sure. I guess you just need to see how it goes and try to get comfortable. I know that's not helpful but can't bear not to let your question go unanswered. Try and have a bath and keep going on your ball. I think that's what I'd do. Sorry hmm

Littleplasticpeople Thu 11-Oct-12 23:37:16

I'd try to keep things going Gizzy as it sounds like you are good to go. In fact I bet you've had a baby by now...?!

I've not slept since Tuesday night <yawn> but it's a nice tiredness now there's a baby to snuggle smile

The birth was good, I realised I was in labour around 4.30 yesterday afternoon, but I slowed things down in order to let dh get my dcs to bed. Poor things were in bed lights out by 6.10 grin things then progressed quickly and we called the MW at 7.30 and they said they would come straight away. They still weren't there at 9 and I realised baby was nearly here,dh was phoning labour ward every minute! They arrived at 9.10, I pounced on the gas & air,baby arrived at 9.43.i had a few stitches , but was pleased overall with how things happened.

LoopyLa Fri 12-Oct-12 06:53:43

Gosh LPP sounds all quite quick!! shock

Just checking in to see how Gizzy is doing?

Got our hospital appointment at 10am to see if baby Loopy is breech or not…massively dreading it to be honest sad

GizzyBoo Fri 12-Oct-12 08:00:31

Well nothing again this morning. Not even a twinge sad
I did, however, have the best sleep I've had in ages.

I have now decided Raspberry leaf, clary sage, evening primrose oil, pineapple, sex, nipple stimulation, hot curries and sweeps x2 are all a crock of shit load of old rubbish and this wee baby is never, ever coming out! hmm

LPP your labour sounds fab. I'll have a bit of that please.
Thunder what a very polite baby you have!

Good luck today Loopy....fingers crossed for a head down wee one! xx

LoopyLa Fri 12-Oct-12 08:02:21

Oh dear Gizzy, good you had great sleep but sad about nothing happening...do you know what your options are now?

GizzyBoo Fri 12-Oct-12 08:35:13

Yup. I fly out tomorrow at 11:30. Stay with my friend in Edinburgh. Hubby gets ferry over Sunday and joins me there then induction Monday if nothing happens before then.
Hopefully baby quickly and ferry home Wednesday. (9 hour journey!)

It would just be so much easier if it popped out here on its own hmm

WeeSooty Fri 12-Oct-12 09:34:27

Ok finally got my birth story! It's massive so I apologise, feel free to skip it!

Well as you a know I was moaning about the latent stage from Wednesday night onwards. Was really really painful contractions that got to about 4-5 mins apart and then stopped! Midwife checked me on Wednesday and sent me home. Another midwife checked me on the Thursday said I would have a baby before Monday so I was all excited!

Friday arrived and I was in agony! Was so so painful and I was just shattered! Midwives kept trying to put me off going in. Eventually, thanks to back up from those of you on Facebook I insisted on going in to get checked was delighted to be 4-5 cms and they went to get the pool organised for me grin

This should be the bit where I point out my birth plan had 3 points. No junior doctors, drug free as possible and no forceps. Pfft if only I knew!

After 2 lovely hours in the pool I was desperate to push but the midwives weren't sure. I asked to be examined cause I was in such pain. Turned out I was still 4-5! I cried. A lot. Lol and begged for pain relief! Had some pethadine which made me spew and then I don't remember anything! Next thing I remember is asking for an epidural 5 hours later! I was 7cms but midwife discovered minisooty was back to back and in a funny position and would still be ages, so I was sent away to the labour unit for epidural. Again I have no memory of this all I remember is crying that I wanted to push and the junior doctor (grr) telling me I wasn't allowed to!

Got the epidural at about 5am and the relief was amazing! Midwife broke my waters and there was a tiny bit of meconium. They weren't worried and gave me a drip to speed up contractions. Doc gave me an hour to push before he'd take me to theatre. I was adamant I did not want forceps so I pushed and pushed! I managed to move her down a bit but she was well and truly stuck. So off to theatre I went. The staff were amazing! I was in floods of tears but they were fantastic! Doctor thought I was at risk of shoulder dystocia so my legs were way up in stirrups and then shoved unceremoniously when minisooty was born. Thankfully she was fine and not even a bruise from the forceps, they just turned her and guided her out with my pushes. The relief when I saw her was immense and I was just so grateful she was ok. Doc stitched me up, 4 stitches so I think that's good and I was sent off to recovery.

Sorry so long, I tried to keep it brief! I am slightly struggling with not having the birth i planned. So happy minisooty is safe and well and my body although very sore and bruised appears ok but it's not how I had imagined it. The staff were fantastic throughout and to be honest I think that's what is keeping me sane about the birth, i trusted them completely. Even went some way to cure my fear of juniors!

Bit teary writing about it. It scares me that there are hours where I remember nothing. Am in two minds about requesting my notes just to find out what happened.

Anyway, will post proper catch up soon! Hope everyone is ok, gizzy I am sending some serious labour vibes your way! grin

WeeSooty Fri 12-Oct-12 09:45:16

Small catch up as mushy baby brain!

LPP Congratulations!!

Loopy good luck with your appointment today smile fingers crossed!

How is everyone else? Loving passing cake around I feel like I'm living off dairy milk at the moment!

Do we have a post natal thread yet?

Minisooty is due a feed soon, she is sleeping soundly and I'm loathe to break her sleep! Lol we went out for first time yesterday, trip to the shops, was a bit stressful, she's so wee and I felt majorly protective of her!!! Was glad to be back home!

Pheebs24 Fri 12-Oct-12 10:01:14

Hi all, sorry to bring this all up again, but whooping cough vx - I'd resigned myself to not having it as the surgery wasn't ready to offer it, and am now 38+5. Got a letter through this morning inviting me to have the jab because the surgery will give it from 28wks to delivery confused Has anyone else been offered it up until delivery?

Surely thats not enough time to make antibodies? I mean, there's no sign of imminent labour but all the media reports said up to 38wks, as does the NHS choices website.

Writing this has made me think its foolish not to have it, so will probably make an appt in a mo, but I can't help being a bit annoyed that I could go and have it with no benefit to baby whatsoever!

pheebs I had it at 39+1. Apparently they are recommending it even after delivery because at least you will be immunized and therefore can't pass WC onto baby. I also thought I'm bound to go overdue so would have it anyway.

WeeSooty thanks for sharing your birth story. I think the 'being out of control' is what worries me. I hope you're recovering we'll - try not to dwell on the 'how' but concentrate on the end result smile thanks

pinpan Fri 12-Oct-12 10:23:46

Pheebs, here they offer the wc vaccine up to 2 weeks post natal, to pass it on through breastfeeding.

Glad you're enjoying minisooty, weesooty.

Good luck Gizzy!

My womble is combining cluster/continuous feeding with spilling so much milk that I can't imagine there's much left inside. So demoralizing. sad

Thanks for your story weesooty. I'm sorry it didn't go as planned but hope sharing makes it better. I think, for me, the periods of blankness would be worse. Getting your notes would be a good idea. What was your partners view on the birth? Have u talked it thru together? Talking helps. Also try writing it down, I often find that helps straighten my head out.
Am still waddling and now I'm bored!!! I just tried running away from DH (who was being gross!) and pulled a muscle in my bits sad looks like another boring day on the sofa for me!

Hi all - I'm having the whooping cough vaccine today at 4pm even though littlean is now 11 days old. They offer it postnatally so that I don't catch it & pass it on. We're in Sussex where there's been a rise so thought I should go for it

Beeblebear Fri 12-Oct-12 11:22:02

You know you are 39 weeks pregnant when your husband has friends over and you don't even bother putting trousers on for the occasion.

GizzyBoo Fri 12-Oct-12 13:32:56

Thanks all smile

Well I'm smiling again...(these pregnancy hormones will be the end of me). Hubby sent me an email. It was a flight confirmation for tomorrow. He has arranged to fly out with me and for the kids to be looked after and everything!! So I wont be without him at all grin

Weesooty I'm glad you shared your story. I hope it helps. Its hard when things don't go to plan but as time goes on it will feel less raw. Maybe having a debreif will help too. x

RunningOutOfIdeas Fri 12-Oct-12 14:16:58

Hello All. Well pip is one week old today. Not sure where the time has gone. We came out of hospital on Monday, then had to go back on Tuesday and Wednesday because she had jaundice that was getting worse. Her eyes were very yellow and she was so sleepy - only just about awake for nappy changes and feeding. Fortunately it seems better now, but her weight loss was also slightly over 10% so have had an extra midwife visit for this and will have another check tomorrow. This means today is the first day DH have not had either a visit or a trip back to hospital.

I see a few of you have babies that are vomiting after feeds. Hopefully that settles down soon. If it doesn't, you might want to consider whether it is reflux. DD1 has reflux (and we suspect pip also has it). There are 2 types - silent reflux (which DD1 has) does not involve bringing up lots of milk but causes a lot of pain, and 'happy chuckers' who are not in so much pain but will wear out your washing machine. There is a good website with info on this www.cryingoverspiltmilk.co.nz/

As well as propping the moses basket up, I also have a folded towel under the head end of the change mat, have the carry cot propped up and don't bother with tummy-time at all for now. A dummy can help and so can putting the baby down to sleep on its left side (helps to close the top of the stomach).

Hope every one who is still pregnant gets some good news soon.

Littleplasticpeople Fri 12-Oct-12 15:13:01

Oh gizzy sorry you are still with bump not baby, how frustrating for you. But good news about your dh at least.

weesooty I hope it has helped to recount your birth story, and fwiw I think it would be sensible to read through your notes at some point. Our local trust offers sessions with senior MWs to debrief after difficult births- might be worth looking in to in time. Sounds like you coped brilliantly with it though, well done you thanks

I'm sore & tired (baby did not sleep between 4pm yesterday and 5 am today!) but very pleased to be 'on the other side'. Sending labour vibes to all of you still waiting.

WeeSooty Fri 12-Oct-12 15:36:31

Oops my husbands sergeant just called and baby brain just took over me! He must think I'm a crazy lady! Lol blush

pheebs my reckoning before I had minisooty was to take the vaccine as any benefit would be better than nothing.

pinpan minisooty also seems to spit up a lot of milk. Midwife recommended infacol and it seems to have really calmed her down!

beeble I'm sorry but your statement made me giggle! It's amazing how quickly I've forgotten the yucky uncomfortableness of being pregnant!!

gizzy that's great that your husband can go with you, that will make such a difference to how you feel.

running sounds like you've had a busy time, glad Pip is better now. Hope you are enjoying your first proper day with no appointments.

littleplastic hope you have managed to get a wee snooze during the day!! Wee babies are just wee rascals!

Thank you for all kind words about my birth story. Elvis, I have spoken a little to my husband about it, he was a bit shaken by it as well but we are both very happy with the care I received, and he was fantastic and by my side the whole time. We are going out for dinner tonight so will have a chance to chill and catch up smile part of me doesn't want to know, would it be helpful or just scare me?!

LoopyLa Fri 12-Oct-12 16:45:30

Gizzy glad your DH will be able to be with you, I don’t know what I would have done without mine the last few days – he keeps me strong smile

WeeSooty although your birth didn’t go quite as planned, it sounds like a debrief has helped you understand what happened (at least partially) & get more confidence in the healthcare you receive. Good for you, brave lady!!

Pheebs I shall be 38+3 when I receive it and still think it’s worthwhile as the protection can be passed through breast milk.

How are you feeling elvis?

I’m on cloud 9 after going to the hospital this morning and it was a very quick in & out appt!! We were only there 15 mins, it was great!! Had a scan by a really lovely, experienced MW lady and it showed that baby Loopy’s head was down, although not engaged yet, but definitely NOT breech – YAY!! Really, really pleased grin grin

I’ve been trying to keep calm about it and think “what will be, will be” and as long as baby Loopy is born healthily then that’s all that matters (which still stands obviously) but didn’t realise what a relief it was until after we left and I cried my eyes out in a hospital corridor – think DH was a bit shock, bless him. So feeling really happy. She did say that if my waters break before labour/ contractions (she said there was a 0.005% chance this would happen) then I’ve got to rush in ASAP, as there could be a teeny tiny possibility that the cord could get in the way but if I’m having contractions, then there’s a strong chance I can have my splashy ‘vag’ birth (what I’ve been calling a water birth) in the midwifery-led unit.

We then went to McDonalds for a frigging delicious Sausage/Egg Bagel, then home for some serious telly watching & bouncing on my ball & I’ve just had an awesome nap grin Feels like I’ve had a proper lazy day after the quick check-up this morning & how my mat leave is supposed to be smile

Ooops, didn't realise how long that was!! blush

GizzyBoo Fri 12-Oct-12 16:58:17

Awww Loopy I'm gringringrin at your post. Fantastic news!

I'm packing, finally blush Does one have to take blankets and stuff in to hospital nowadays??

I did remember the huge pants though grin

isheisnthe Fri 12-Oct-12 18:05:25

Well, I have clambered round an indoor pay area with ds1,2&3 this afternoon, and still not a twinge, now 3 days overdue. I'm going to have a glass of wine tonight, that will make me go in to labour no doubt and look like an old soak :-(

GizzyBoo Fri 12-Oct-12 18:22:06

Ishe my hubby is filling the birth pool. I'm gonna get my turn in it regardless of whether there is a baby or not and tonight is my last chance. So I have wine planned.....and smoochy snuggles with hubby in the nice warm water grin
DD has made a "No heavy petting" sign and stuck it up blushgrin

isheisnthe Fri 12-Oct-12 18:28:09

Sounds lovely, my dh is working late tonight, so I have the joys of bath and bed time for my 3 boys before I can crack open a glass of sparkly wine (for some reason sparkly wine feels less naughty than normal wine!). But I am worried about drinking a glass and then going in to labour!!

Pheebs24 Fri 12-Oct-12 19:25:50

Loopy thats great news - well done baby Loopy!

ishe go for the wine!!! It won't do any harm and I personally think a good relaxing evening will do more to bring on labour as curry and pineapple has done nothing for me so far wink

And if it works I'll be down to the off licence immediately lol

Booked in tomorrow morning for the vaccine, but def reassured knowing that you guys have been told there would still be some benefit so thank you thanks

Gizzy- enjoy the pool! Glad your DH will be with you now. That must be such a relief!
Have finished the cake and now joining u all for a little drink. Half a lager for me. Haven't been able to do anything all day due to pulled muscle so the drink and four flakes will help grin

Loopy- that's great news about your scan! What a relief!!

MsInterpret Sat 13-Oct-12 01:30:55

Hello all!

We've had a deluge of family insisting do been AWOL from MN shock...

weesooty thanks for sharing your birth experience. I'm so sorry it wasnt how you wanted it to be. Giving birth is bloody hard and you should be proud of yourself! Lots of it sounds v similar to mine with dd1 (OP, delivery suite pushing getting nowhere, forceps/ stirrups) First things first, you have a wonderful healthy minisooty which is the main thing, congratulations! Remember you can request yr notes anytime so if it all feels a bit much now (understandable) you can always read them at a later date. Can DP/H fill in any of the gaps? Part of our problem was the fact that he was almost as shattered as I was because we didn't take enough sustenance for him!

With DD2 I had a completely different experience and whilst that was great (and hopefully offers you some hope for your possible next birth...) I know I couldn't have had a better 3 first yrs with DD1 and who knows what's in store for dd2 and I now. Your life as a mummy starts NOW! Be kind to yourself, talk about it as much as you want, get DH and everyone else to look after you ( you bloody deserve it because you ROCK, you have had a BABY!) and enjoy being a mum.

newtonupontheheath Sat 13-Oct-12 06:13:01

Hi team October smile

Like msinterpret we've also had family round so will catch up properly in a few days but just wanted to wish Gizzy lots of luck and love for today (FAB news about your DH... He really is a sweetheart)

I'll also add my birth story whilst I'm sat waiting for dd to wake up (she's got a pooey bum but I'm so reluctant to disturb her so I'm having a brew first!)

So, the bits you know: Mw came and did sweep on Sunday, already 3cm dilated and she set off some contractions so I was really hopeful that something would happen soon. The contractions the feckers stop started through to Tuesday am and I was so fed up I got me to pop round. She was really reassuring and promised to come and do another sweep Wednesday if nothing had happened.

We went on a big walk and when we got back, ds went for his nap. Watching tv and MNing in the afternoon, contractions were getting a little more regular. I downloaded the app to half keep an eye on them. Between 1 and 3 they were a regular 7 or so minutes apart smile

Ds woke at 3 and had an almighty tantrum. During this, my contractions got to 5 mins apart and I couldn't talk through them- DH didn't know where to turn between DS's wails and mine grin

Managed to pacify ds with promise of a trip to see his gran and grandad (my parents) DH put the call in and shipped him off about 3:45

I'd hopped in the bath and DH came up to ring mw. Typically, on call mw didn't know where we lived so set off even though we weren't 100% sure we would need her yet.

Hopped out of the bath in an attempt to deliver downstairs as planned. Was still fine between contractions but they were fast and painful at this point! Mw arrived at 16:50 to me kneeling against sofa... Had a brief chat and she was going to examine me. Have checked this bit with DH and she definitely didn't get chance as contractions were too close together and I was starting to want to push!

Mw was amazing. She kept telling me I knew what I was doing and sat back and let me get on with it (obviously whilst keeping an eye on me!) I didn't even really see her until after dd was born!

Waters went and head popped out at the same time, which was a funny sensation! DH said she had to give DD's shoulders a little tug so she had slipped round to the back a little.

DH caught her and they passed her through and up to me... Announcing she was a little girl grin

Had physiological third stage, which took an hour. Bit more painful than I'd anticipated and I had to push a bit. Wobbly legs and trying to bf slippery newborn at the same time made this a bit tricky but mw and DH kept me going which I'm really glad of. DH and I had a good nosey at the placenta (we had the same fascination last time!!)

No stitches, although I did tear a little. G&a was still in mw's car so it would have been more hassle to get all sorted wuss

Ate loads of the posh biscuits with about 17 brews after my shower ad cuddled dd until my parents returned ds to us at 9:30.

This was probably my birth plan to a T. I'm very lucky in that I had a quick labour (established labour, that is) so no pain relief was "easy" to handle, if that makes sense!

I have a feeling this is going to be a long post... I can't see it all on my phone grin

pinpan Sat 13-Oct-12 06:53:25

Nice one newton!

Good luck Gizzy, what a splendid DH.

I read my birth notes the other day. shock Don't think I've put it up here yet (brain = mush), so here goes: I started getting contractions around 11 pm on the Saturday, about 15 minutes apart and not too painful, at the same time as my very bloody show started. That all went on all night, with the contractions getting up to 4 minutes apart, and then back to 15 (cue snatching a few minutes sleep only to wake up with the next one, ouch) and then back down to 3 mins. Took regular paracetamol, and told DH to go back to sleep as there was no point in us both being awake all night.

At 7 am on Sunday I called the midwife, and she came round at 8 am to check on me, and found me and DH playing cards to distract me! I was 5 cm with a paper thin cervix, so she said I could go into hospital, and I said yes please. Got there at 9.30 and hung out until 12.30 with contractions getting longer and closer. She examined me again and I was still 5-6 cm because my hefty bag o' waters was stopping the baby's head putting pressure on my cervix. Cue breaking of waters - my goodness, that's a lot of fluid!

At that point I climbed into the pool, and within an hour I was up to 10 cm and wanting to push. I'd been really silent during contractions up until then, but pushing seemed to require a lot of screaming, so I did. grin Didn't use any pain relief, as it seemed to be going okay - painful but never unbearable, and it was easier to carry on than to stop and ask how the G&A worked! Pushed for about 2 hours (I wasn't aware of time passing though so it didn't feel like forever), and then the baby started crowning - and carried on crowning for 40 minutes! Damn those strong pelvic floor muscles. But the womble was happy as larry, with not a bit of effect on her heartbeat despite the squishing, which was a relief. I was too focussed on pushing to be all that worried, just took the mw at her word when she said it was all fine, but I think DH was getting scared at this point. In the end, I had to climb out of the pool, and onto a bed, with a baby's head half out of my bits, for an episiotomy. That was definitely the hardest bit, along with the local anaesthetic (ouch). Wobbly legs, gravity kicking in again, and contractions/pushing along the way. Anyway, one little cut and the womble's head came out with the next push, and started crying before she'd even got her body out. She had meconium on her nose and mouth so they cut the cord pretty sharpish and whisked her over to the obs deck to check on her, but all was well and she was back on me, skin-to-skin and amazingly alert, within about 2 minutes. I was so relieved it was over I didn't even shed a tear, just grinned at her like a loon and thought, how the hell do I move this baby, she's so wimbly. smile Had to have the injection to get the placenta out, which came about 5 minutes later and was apparently quite large - it looked huge to me, just about as big as the baby!

Had to hang around for 6 hours so they could check that she definitely hadn't managed to breathe in any meconium (she hadn't) and then transferred to our local maternity hospital for a couple of nights to chill out - only 800 m down the road from home so handy for DH, and amazing food from the local university catering people, so it was great not to have to think about anything except baby for a while, especially when we're so far from family. It was nice to be home again after that, except that's when my stitches started being a pain (literally) and I got so exhausted! Three weeks on, and I'm appreciating quite how ill I was in that first week or 10 days now that I feel almost human again. We left the house today for the first time not visiting a medical establishment - went to the mall to buy enormous bras and to a favourite coffee house, and it was great! Womble is growing out of her newborn sized clothes already - Mummy's little girl is growing up so fast. confused Looking forward to her having control of her own neck muscles though! grin

Ah am loving the birth stories!! It makes me feel a teeny bit less scared!!!!

These birth stories are lovely; thanks so much for sharing.

<loves the name womble!>

Thumbwitch Sat 13-Oct-12 09:43:44

Hello everyone! So much to catch up on, I haven't read all the birth stories in full blush and may not have time to put mine up yet either, depending.

congrats to Newton and LPP - Newton, you beat me to it, well done! grin thankswine

Theodore Felix was born on Wednesday afternoon at 16:50 Australian Daylight Savings time (so 6:50am GMT) after an interesting day.

As you know, I went into hospital on the Monday for cervical ripening with Cervidil, which brought on contraction-type pains, and got my bowels going so by Tuesday morning I was fairly well cleared out. That was in for 24h, but was taken out Tues afternoon and contraction pains slowed right down so at least I got some sleep on Tues night... oh, and my cervix had gone well enough that they decided I didn't need the balloony thing so bonus! (apparently that's quite uncomfortable as well).

Wed am, 7:30 was D-Day for actual induction. So - polyhydramnios, unstable lie --> ECV followed by controlled ARM (artificial rupture of membranes). Now, while I didn't want an ECV ahead of time, this was done just prior to the ARM, so any placental abruption would have been dealt with immediately by going straight to CS (this was the plan throughout - anything went wrong, --> CS). ECV was not nice, but did work - Wriggler went head down and we held him there with rolled towels and hands. But the ARM didn't bloody work!! Because his head wasn't far enough down, it was like trying to pop a half filled water balloon with a biro - didn't work. So they put up the syntocin drip to get me contracting to hold him in place. Early contractions weren't that unpleasant, despite what I'd been told. Ha.

So after a couple of hours on that, they tried again with the ARM - was supposed to just be a trickle to let out enough fluid to hold Wriggler in place but it turned into a bit of a flood! grin Hey ho. But now it was imperative to crack on because if he moved out of position again (as he had done a little bit before) then they wouldn't be able to reposition him properly again without all the fluid.

Syntocin was turned up, and up. By 2pm, I was in active established labour and oh FUCK it hurt - the syntocin effect really kicked in. Tried G&A - made no noticeable difference to me. I made them let me lie down because I knew I was going to go fast from now on; my student MW went off to get a sandwich and I said "don't be long" - she got halfway through one sandwich before the other MWs called her back.

Lots of screaming. LOTS. They said I was 9cm and to try not to push - ha! I did try but it was too hard not to. Anyway - baby's head wasn't presenting quite right, so they were lifting my right leg up (still on my L side at this time) and that kicked off some major nerve pain on the inside of my upper thigh and groin - not fair. More screaming.

Eventually they said that he wasn't coming out, presentation wasn't quite right, so they were going to ultrasound exact position, then take me to theatre and manually rotate the head - turned me onto my back to do the ultrasound and he moved enough, I pushed hard, head came half out, then pushed again and he slithered out. Bit of a shock for half the team who weren't looking in the right place! turning me onto my back had just dropped his head clear of the anterior lip that was holding him back. Phew! 3h of active evilness ended in a rush - I was in so much shock at that point, just desperate to get this thing out of me, that I'd forgotten the thing was a baby so when they parked this mucky squawking thing on me I just didn't register what it was, just carried on wailing blush.

No tear, no stitches - just a graze (which stung a bit but hey) and there you go.

Oh, he was 7lb 11oz so a good size but not too big. Head circ of 37cm.
Nipples are wrecked - he has a similar tongue-tie to DS1 and is causing similar ishoos - but will see the paediatrician this week to get that sorted. Have a nipple shield and cream in the meantime.

Sorry for epic, and sorry for being so rude as to not read everyone else's epic but I wanted to get it down before I forgot and while I had a bit of time.

Wow thumb that all sounds pretty full on! Have been thinking of you and glad your boy came out safe and well in the end.

EarnestDullard Sat 13-Oct-12 11:11:14

OK, my birth story, or what I remember of it anyway. It's going to be a long one, sorry.

I'd had contractions from about midnight until 6am on Monday 1st, but they stopped when I got up and had breakfast. My Mum was visiting and really hoped the baby would arrive before she left on the Thursday. On Tuesday night I was having some tightenings but tried not to get my hopes up. At 1amish on Weds I woke with some crampy pains and more uncomfortable tightenings which built up to about 12 min apart. They didn't get any more frequent so I tried to get back to sleep. I woke again at about 4.30 and they finally started to get more intense and frequent; I went to get washed and ready to go to hospital just in case, and at one point they were coming every 3.5 mins. I woke DH up and he practically flew out of bed to get dressed, bless him. I told him not to panic smile but he tried calling the Birth Centre to say we'd be coming in. Nobody answered. Tried again, nobody answered. We phoned SIL to give us a lift, kept trying the Birth Centre from the car, and eventually phoned the hospital. They said to come to labour ward and someone would contact the Birth Centre. The contractions slowed a bit in the car but were still every 5-10 mins.

We arrived at the hospital at about 7.30am, not knowing if the Birth Centre would have room for us, but the receptionist called them and eventually told us we could go down. They took us to a lovely room with double bed, en suite shower room, and birthing pool. A midwife examined me and did a bit of a sweep. I was only 2-3cm but very stretchy. She sent us off for a walk round the hospital to get the contractions going. When I was moving the contractions were coming about every minute. I breathed through them and tried to tell myself "it doesn't hurt, it's just a strong feeling of pressure" (bit wanky, but it did seem to help!) and DH rubbed my back. We had a coffee in the hospital cafe probably freaking out the other customers then headed back. When we got back there was a new MW on shift, who had actually looked after us when I was in labour with DD1. She also had a medical student who wanted to watch, and bless him, he was lovely, but having a young guy making idle chit chat was not conducive to keeping my contractions going! We went for another walk, up and 5 flights of stairs a couple of times, and again was contracting very frequently. We headed back and the midwife examined me again; I was now about 4cm (had been hoping I was at least 6!). The contractions started getting much more intense though, and the next time the MW came in I asked to try gas and air. And this is where it all gets a bit hazy grin I don't think I was using the g&a correctly with DD1, but this time I clung to it like my life depended on it and it definitely helped. It also made me feel quite strange, and messed up my perception of time completely. At one point it seemed like hours had gone by, but when I checked the clock it had only been about 40 mins. The MW would pop in occasionally but DH had to answer any questions because I was off my head not quite aware. I remember her saying things like "That was a long one" and "there's not much time between contractions now, is there?". At one point someone brought lunch and DH fed me a few mouthfuls in between contractions.

And then there's a period of about 2.5 hours that I can't really remember at all. I don't know if that's down to the g&a or just me going into the "zone", but the next thing I remember is being on the bed, moaning loudly (with the g&a mouthpiece still clamped between my teeth, obviously!) and wanting to push. I was bloody noisy though blush I howled with every push; it just felt right, so I went with it. DH says I pushed for about an hour. I remember saying that I couldn't do it, and that it hurt, and at one point the MW told me to pant. Then she told me to push as hard as I could and I just thought "fuck it, I want this to be over" so I gave it everything I could (still screaming; luckily there was nobody else in labour in the Birth Centre, I probably would have terrified them!). The MW told me the head was out, and after a couple more pushes I felt the rest of DD2 come whooshing out. And suddenly I felt like I'd snapped back to reality, like someone had clicked their fingers and brought me back. It was very strange, and the relief that it was over was immense. I was still a bit in shock though; the MW put DD2 straight onto my chest but I don't think I noticed! I was shivering, not from cold but from the adrenaline. Then they took her to clean her up, and said we'd need to stay overnight as there had been meconium in my waters. She had been born back to back, completely facing up instead of towards my spine. I was quite pleased to have pushed her out by myself, as I'd neeed ventouse for DD1 who was in the same position. The MW helped deliver the placenta, which was a bit painful and took a while, and she put in a catheter in case my full bladder was preventing the placenta coming out.

I was taken up to a delivery suite as I'd torn during delivery and they had to check if it was 2nd or 3rd degree; luckily it was 2nd, as if it had been 3rd I'd have needed a spinal while they repaired it. The poking around was horrible, and I feel it my duty to warn those of you still wating that they might stick a finger up your "back passage" to make sure it's still intact shockhmm They gave me a local anaesthetic injection and stitched me up there and then (still unpleasant, but again the g&a was my best friend). Then they took us back to the Birth Centre, to a smaller room, to spend the night. They brought tea and toast, and post-childbirth tea and toast is the best you'll ever eat, believe me grin It was about 5.30pm by this point, and DH went home to see DD1, then came back once she was in bed and stayed with me and DD2. She fed lots overnight - I wish I'd paid more attention to latching her on properly, I'd have avoided a lot of damage and pain later on - and the midwife had to come in every 2 hours to do observations on DD2, but we did manage to get some sleep as well.

The next morning we had to wait for a midwife to check DD2 and also for a hearing test, then we were finally discharged at lunchtime. I have to say, I felt amazing; despite the pain and the hard work and thinking both during and afterwards that I did not ever want to do that again, overall I felt really positive. Not needing intervention and being able to stay in the BC overnight (as opposed to ventouse and staying on the postnatal ward by myself last time) made the whole thing much nicer. My stitches didn't seem to be as bad as last time either. And I'd just had a baby, all by myself!

And 10 days later I've been through a bit of a hellish time with badly damaged nipples (which are now improving), I can't remember what a full nights' sleep feels like, I'm scared to look properly at the state of my undercarriage, my tummy still look like I'm 6mo pregnant (although now it's wobbly like jelly) and I don't know how I'll manage when DH goes back to work on Monday. But it's worth it all just to watch DD2's little facial expressions, to hear the little newborn grunts and squeaks, and to have her nuzzle into my neck and fall asleep to the sound of my heartbeat smile

EarnestDullard Sat 13-Oct-12 11:49:32

Wow, sorry for epic post and run; had to pick up crying baby. That post will probably take longer to read than some of you will spend/have spent in labour blushgrin

newtonupontheheath Sat 13-Oct-12 12:28:45

Ah these birth stories have made me a bit teary. I feel like I properly know you all now... perhaps a bit too much!

I think I was I incredibly lucky. I really don't think I'd have coped with an hour pushing!

Well done brave ladies biscuit all round!

Pheebs24 Sat 13-Oct-12 13:15:28

Thanks everyone for the birth stories - makes the whole process seem so much more copable-with (?) when even those of you had difficulties can still talk about it positively, and have happy outcomes - well done thanks

Earnest thanks for the warning! We did discuss the possibility of 3rd degree tears in ante-natal class and decided the term 'vag-anus' explained it well enough to the uninitiated wink

Well I've managed to have two-for-one vaccinations this morning - I really must be more assertive. Hopefully having the baby out in the world will be the kick up the arse I need, because otherwise I'm going to be miserable trying to accommodate so many peoples views on motherhood sad So I went in this morning for the whooping cough jab having decided not to have the flu jab because I'm sure it made me unwell for a day or two last time and I don't believe I really need it. I stood in line and said 'I'm in for the whooping cough only' and the nurse found my name and said 'so which arm for the flu jab?' and I just held out my arm and had it.

I think the word I was looking for was 'no'? hmm

Bubblebell1 Sat 13-Oct-12 13:45:39

Hello everyone.
I haven't posted in a while but I've been keeping up on Facebook.

Congratulations again to all the new babies, the birth stories are very moving.

I will log on the pc at some point and name check but at the moment I'm snatching 5 minutes between feeds.

Dd is feeding non stop and by the evening both my boobs are empty.
They are full again by the first night feed but is agony having her nurse on empty boobs.

Bubblebell1 Sat 13-Oct-12 14:03:30

My birth story.

After the suspected prom at 38 weeks and a few days of fairly strong Bh I had a show on wed. Fairly strong tightenings til midnight then nothing. Same again Thursday but I didn't think anything of it. My elcs was booked for the Monday and I was just waiting for that. On Friday I had more bhs but nothing significant so I went out for a Chinese.
All through the dinner I was having regular tightenings. 7 mins apart. Still didn't think anything. (I've never gone into labour before. Ds1 induction and ds3 elcs)
On the way home something changed and I had my first painful contraction. Immense pressure and pain in my bum and pelvis.
Got home and put the kids to bed. Had a shower and got into bed. These pains still coming. I didn't want to go to hospital so was trying to brave it out.
Had another bloody show and then pains got worse. Every 5 mins. Called my mum and she came to look after the boys. Left home at 11.30pm and by the time I got to the hospital I was having pains on top of each other. I was 7cm and I was begging for my cs.
Good job really. Dd was born at 1:36am covered in old meconium. She had been to the loo in the days leading up to the labour And my placenta was smelly and had started to degrade.
I don't want to think what could have happened am just concentrating on the happy outcome.

My elcs ended up an emcs but I seem to have recovered much quicker. I was up and in the shower after 5 hrs and was allowed home the next day. Stopped the pain killers on day 5 and have no wound infection so not all bad. grin

Guys am loving the birth stories. Making me weepy, too! Does make me feel more confident and I feel like I know you all!! <sniff sniff>

goodsenseofdirection Sat 13-Oct-12 15:16:51

Also loving everyone's birth stories - thank you! They are all amazing and making me well up too. Well done ladies thanks thanks

loopy great news that your baby is head down grin

gizzy have a safe journey today - so glad your DH is able to go with you.

thumb huge congratulations to you smile

Shellwedance Sat 13-Oct-12 16:19:31

Hi all,

Have been lurking and hearing everyone's good news but feeling very boring with no news of my own!

Also LOVING all the birth stories, so interesting and like our own version of One Born Every Minute.

Bubble that's scary about the meconium, so glad it turned out OK.

Great news Loopy, what a relief. Just goes to show that the babies are cleverer than the MWs grin.

So lovely that your DH is going with you Gizzy, good luck!

Big congrats Thumb.

At 39+1 and no sign of anything, am sure this one is going to be late. Been trying all the usual things and my Aunt is going to do some reflexology next week so hoping that kicks things off. Just ready to go now really!

Thumbwitch Sat 13-Oct-12 16:35:01

Bubble, congrats on DD but a bit scary there! Glad it all kicked off for you and worked out fine in the end thankswine

I have put a pic on my profile as I'm not in the FB group so feel free to have a squiz - DS1 looks pleased as anything in it as well! He's happy until Theo cries and then he gets a bit "annoyed with that noise, Mummy" and tells me to make him stop but mostly he's very pleased to have him. smile

It's stupid o'clock in the morning here - Theo has a wonky time frame and does his big sleep in the late afternoon/evening, which then --> cluster feeding for hours into the wee small hours. Plus lots of regurge, nice. And waking up when I burp him to avoid the regurge and then needing more milk. <sigh> It will all settle down soon! smile

Thumb he is gorgeous (and Theodore is likely to be our DS's name grin). Your DS1 looks so proud!

Beeblebear Sun 14-Oct-12 04:55:49

Ugh. Over the las t couple days I have started to retain water big time. My joints are achy, and my wrists are swollen kicking up the carpal tunnel. If I sit wrong my feet go numb annd... when I walk, the top of my feet jiggle ewwwwwww.. So done!

LoopyLa Sun 14-Oct-12 07:12:03

Thank you ladies for your support, please accept these thanks all round

<dishes out flowers & chocolates>

And also enjoy all the brith stories, it's made me even more in awe of you brave ladies! smile

Just a quick shout to Gizzy if she's about, hope you're ok & thinking of you lots thanks

38 weeks today!

Loopy, Gizzy had her baby boy last night - 6 minutes after arriving at the hospital grin

LoopyLa Sun 14-Oct-12 08:03:56

Thunder oh my goodness!! Can't wait to hear her story, lol! Thanks for letting us know smile

Yes there's a gorgeous photo online. Another happy mummy smile
Quick question for all of those that have had sweeps. I'm having one on Thursday at my MW appt, if I haven't dropped by then. DH hasn't been to many appts with me as we didn't see the need but he said he'd like to come to this one. What's the done thing here? Hubby witnesses the sweep or not?

isheisnthe Sun 14-Oct-12 09:36:20

3rd sweep today, bloody hope it gets things going! Radically coloured my hair at the hairdressers yesterday, and had a very blunt fringe cut in ( was all long an one length) I always doing something like this just before or after a baby, so I don't look like me - have no idea why!? I like it, I got a "it's different" from my dh, and from my 8 year old "you look 16" (he thinks I'm trying to be trendy) and a laugh and snigger from my 10 year old. The only one who seems to like it is the 2 year old!

EarnestDullard Sun 14-Oct-12 10:03:11

elvis re: the sweep, I think it really comes down to what you and your DH are comfortable with him seeing. But given that once you're in labour you might have the MWs doing a lot more rummaging around down there (if you want vaginal examinations to check progress), not to mention a baby coming out, seeing a sweep at this point could be good practice!

Thumbwitch Sun 14-Oct-12 11:49:20

Elvis - DH was at my last sweep prior to delivery and then the poor bugger witnessed entirely too much of my nether regions during delivery - don't think he'll ever be the same again! grin

DH wasn't at the business end for the sweep, just standing next to me.

Congrats to gizzyboo - that was a close thing! thankswine

Ok thanks. I thought he'd probably come with me but wasn't sure if that was going to be weird!


isheisnthe Sun 14-Oct-12 13:56:39

Well, that was a waste of time, no Change from Wednesday and confirmation of a back to back baby. As 2 out of the 3 I've had have been back to back the midwife thinks its the shape of my pelvis, and my babies don't turn during labour and are born face up. Am now dreading this, I feel totally pissed off, and to Top it all off they have booked an induction for next Sunday - my child care for the older boys goes on hols on Saturday - bloody great. And dispite me telling dh no visitors in the week up to and after the birth looks like I'm going to get them anyway.

So so pissed off :-(

ishe I know exactly how you feel! Failed sweeps and back to back baby here as well (and we were due on the same day!). I'm booked in for induction next Monday, but unless the baby engages or gets in a more suitable position by then I'm thinking of declining in favour of a c-section. So much for my planned homebirth!

isheisnthe Sun 14-Oct-12 19:07:17

Can you do that? The cs? I really, really don't think I can handle another back to back birth, I was ripped to bits (sorry if tmi) with ds3, he was over 9lbs, I just don't think I can face it thunder :-(

Still fed up, and pissed off people assume its okay to visit, they live over 4 hours away so it won't be a flying one....

Well they can't make me have an induction, so I plan to go fully armed with all the facts. I.e. if my bishop score is low then an induction is unlikely to succeed. I'd rather opt to have a c-section than end up with a cascade of interventions and an emergency c-section after days of failed induction when recovery would be much harder because ill be knackered.

Not sure whether it will work but I will certainly try!

Thumbwitch Sun 14-Oct-12 21:40:50

Ishe, that sounds horrible. sad Why oh why are people so fecking thoughtless?
And the back-to-back baby again - if you were badly damaged last time, you may be able to ask for a CS - you never know your luck! Either that or you could spend the entire week on all 4s in hope of getting baby to turn... although I expect you've tried that before, hey sad

pinpan Sun 14-Oct-12 22:44:36

Good luck ishe and Thunder - doesn't sound like much fun. ishe, can you just hide from your visitors? I mean, they can come in the house, but they probably won't barge into your bedroom if you put a big sign up that says Grumpy Pregnant Lady/New Mother (a la Gizzy's excellent sign from her kids!) on the door...

Hellbaby came out last night and screamed til 5 am. Can't for the life of me work out when the tipping point between wanting more food and suddenly being over tired and crying for the sake of crying was, so not feeling overly confident of it not happening again tonight. confused Think she is running on UK time - not helpful! Relieved to find that I still like her this morning after 3 hours sleep though, even if she is a total pain. grin

Littleplasticpeople Mon 15-Oct-12 10:25:27

Good luck ishe & thunder. They can't force an induction, just be armed with facts and stand firm I guess.

I have a full on case of baby blues today. Inlaws are here, they arrived at 10 yesterday morning and have expected us to treat them as we usually would- ie provide activities, cooked meals, clean house etc. fuck that, I just want to curl up with the baby. On top of that, both my elder dcs have had a sickness bug so rather sooner than is ideal I've been torn between three dcs sad

Im feeling physically and emotionally drained, and bloody dh has decided to start clearing the garden hmm. MW later, I know I'll burst in to tears when she asks how things are - guess they're used to it on day 4/5!

Sorry for self indulgent post, needed to off load.

pinpan Mon 15-Oct-12 11:24:58

Sympathy, lpp. Definitely let the inlaws fend for themselves, or better still, look after your older DCs! Off load away.

I cried on my midwife LOTS. It's almost obligatory, I think. I might do it again this week - the womble just won't settle at night, and I have no idea whether to feed her (feel like a dairy cow, and a bit trapped by it all) or just try and soothe her (it's nigh on impossible) and I'm so tired. sad

isheisnthe Mon 15-Oct-12 13:38:16

LLP, I feel your pain! Why do inlaws just assume its okay to arrive, you've just gone through a massive process, you need time to adjust! Makes me mad....grrrrrr - and I love my inlaws very much, but am pissed off with the intention to just arrive, not to even ask if it's okay.

LPP ah sorry you're feeling down. If its any help, at our NCT class we were warned that its normal to feel upset especially around day 4/5. Am bracing myself for it. Being surrounded by in laws won't be helping can you tell them to bugger off? am dreading it.
Am 39+4 now. Remember looking at my pregnancy app and thinking this time would never come! Feeling excited but so sore and uncomfortable. The constant symptom and knicker checking is getting annoying now! COME ON BABY ELVIS!!

Thumbwitch Mon 15-Oct-12 18:24:48

Bloody baby blues - yep, they kicked in this evening for me as well. sad

DH also being a touch on the "we'll all go off and leave you to your own devices with the baby" side, which means I feel a touch abandoned (daft but that's how I feel).

Wriggler is still wriggly but is also a milk monster. I am awake at 4am because he has been feeding almost non-stop for about 4h again - boobs are agony, he still wants more, he has hiccups and he's full because he keeps leaking milk out of his mouth! But his mouth still feels a bit dry and sticky, as though he's not quite hydrated enough - not quite sure what to do (never had this problem with DS1) because he may need something but my nips need a rest! No dummy in the house because I have always been anti-dummy but may need to revise that stance in the morning,...

And just while I'm whinging on, there's a fecking mosquito in the room somewhere! angry

newtonupontheheath Mon 15-Oct-12 19:07:16

LPP Hope you are feeling a little better this evening. The baby blues are rubbish and what you dont need are people inlaws around that are unhelpful. I've put my foot down this time after sitting feeding ds sat in the dark on my bed in tears as I'd gone out of the way of the in-laws, ds had had a mamouth feed and I hadn't put a light on before it went dark. Didn't tell DH at the time but did before dd was born so he knew I wasn't joking when I said no long visits.

DSIL is still to bring her kids around which will be traumatic but I'm hoping DH will take them all put for lunch to McDonald's so they're not here for too long! I get a bit irritated when people say "the kids want to see the baby" when the kids are 5 and 3... Surely it's jur an excuse for the grown ups to descend?! I digress.....

Thumb Have you tried feeding lying down to get a bit more sleep? Understand what you mean about dummies though! I was very anti-dummy and stood my ground until 12 weeks when I could take it no more! Going to try again with dd but likely will cave much sooner this time blush

DD is truely a wonder. I think she is my reward for having a terrible sleeper last time. I'm waiting for something to change but currently she is every two hours, or even three, sleeping peacefully in between and having a hit of awake time looking around. Thank you whoever sent this one my way grin I know it won't last though!

Thumbwitch Tue 16-Oct-12 01:25:07

newton, I do feed lying down half the time and definitely at night. But I have to wind him because he's getting trapped wind, and so he wakes up every time sad. Working on it - hope it will settle down.

isheisnthe Tue 16-Oct-12 07:17:07

I was actually fool enough to think it was all starting last night. Went to bed hoping t sleep through the first part and woke up just now to nothing further happening! Let's see what today brings. I am for some reason quite scared of labour, which is worrying me more :-(

LoopyLa Tue 16-Oct-12 07:26:55


Big big sympathies to LPP. I very much fear I shall have to manage my in-laws also despite trying to talk to them like a sane adult the last 9 months, they still don't 'get' it why I'd need time to recover & learn to feed my baby morons

I'm also after some advice if I may? I suddenly had horrendous worries last night. My DH works in London so if I went into labour, it would take him at least 2 hours to get home. But how will I know if its proper labour or just patent labour that could last for days??? How will I know to make that call??? confused

I really don't want to end up giving birth alone in my house shock

LoopyLa Tue 16-Oct-12 07:28:49

Sending eviction vibes to ishe & elvis, hope you get to see your new squishy babies soon!! smile

WeeSooty Tue 16-Oct-12 07:35:49

Oops been away so long that the thread has disappeared from my convos that I'm on!

I love all the birth stories! Tho I think I will be avoiding One Born Every Minute for a while! Midwife was over yesterday and I spoke to her about my birth. Minisooty got completely stuck in my pelvis and there was no way I could've delivered on my own, makes me feel slightly better about things. Have been offered a de brief by doctors but not sure if I will take them up on it yet.

beeble I sympathise with the water retention. It's really not fun! My feet are only just starting to look normal again!

LPP my in laws are the same, come over and take minisooty then expect us to provide them with dinner and stuff. Don't understand how people can be so inconsiderate! Are u feeling any better today?

pinpan I'm not breastfeeding so not sure if this will help but sometimes I find I can't soothe minisooty as she seems to smell milk from me. Very annoying but my DH can soothe her straight away. Maybe worth trying if u don't think she is hungry?

ishe I know it's so easy to say but try not to think of labour. It's all worth it in the end! Did u mange to speak to your midwife about a section?

I've also had baby blues quite spectacularly, mostly it hits me at about 11.30 at night, I just get so teary. I'm hoping it passes soon.

Sending good luck and labour vibes to everyone still waiting! And peaceful sleeping vibes to us with wee wriggly non sleeping babies! grin

mom2rhysnruby Tue 16-Oct-12 11:21:58

Hi everyone
Im due in 10 days! 2nd baby, 1st (hopefully) spontaneous birth.
Very very fed up!
Anyone care to explain the mucous plug to me?
A bit confused as to wether ive lost mine. Sorry tmi it was dark yellowy colour and about the size of a 20p?
I lost mine with my son in labour and i didnt have lots of mucous but was more beigey brown... :S

EarnestDullard Tue 16-Oct-12 11:33:03

The mucous plug is usually clear or yellowish, and can be over the weeks before the birth. Sometimes you get a big blob, sometimes you lose it in several smaller bits.

When the mucous has blood in it (pink, red or brown) it's known as a 'bloody show'. The blood comes from small blood vessels in the cervix as it starts to dilate. It's usually a sign that labour will start within a few days.

Fingers crossed things are starting for you mom2 smile

EarnestDullard Tue 16-Oct-12 12:00:51

*can be over lost the weeks before the birth

Thumbwitch Tue 16-Oct-12 12:15:11

Much sympathy re thoughtless in-laws. My MIL allowed her friend to just drop in this lunchtime - not entirely sure how that happened! MIL had taken DS1 to playgroup for me (am trapped in every morning to see the visiting anti-coag nurse until my rat poison dosage hits therapeutic range) and when they came back after, said friend was with them. She is very pushy but FFS! a phonecall or something would have been nice, I could have been sat here in just my underwear (fecking 30+deg today) shock Anyway, they didn't stay long. Just long enough to eat lunch hmm (which, fair enough, the friend had bought her own).

I am a touch worried about Wriggler today though. He has been asleep for about 90% of today and still is. He's woken up a few times for shortish feeds, but he's latching on, having about 5mins of milk and then going straight back to sleep. I don't remember DS1 doing this - he was much more of a "sleep, wossat then?" baby - so am a bit flummoxed as to whether or not it's normal, and a little concerned cos it's been so hot today. He doesn't seem dehydrated though, and I've changed his nappy twice today (less windy as well). Anyone got any ideas on whether or not I am over-reacting because I'm still down in the blues-associated dumps?

Littleplasticpeople Tue 16-Oct-12 12:24:54

Thanks for the reassurance that I hadn't totally lost the plot with the inlaws. I'm feeling much better now that they have gone. I think it was just really crap timing of a combination of sick dcs, demanding guests, milk coming in etc etc.
I'm much more positive today, dcs are better and the baby is a bundle of gorgeousness grin

newton your story about feeding in the dark made me cry (obviously, as everything does at the moment!). It's so easy to find yourself in situations like that with a tiny baby.

thumb not sure re the feeding, I've had one baby that fed for hours and hours at a time, followed by dd1 who was done and dusted within ten minutes of latching on. The jury's still out on this one, but I just let them feed when they want- I can't tell if they are full or not blush I'm trying to be strict with myself with positioning and latch though as I had terribly sore nipples for weeks with ds.

loopy I was in similar situation, dh working in London - two hours door to door. Luckily he is in a position to work from home and so he did when it got to the due date. Is your dh able to work at home or at least reduced hours in London? I believe tHat more often than not we only go in to labour when the time is 'right' . Hopefully your body will be relaxed enough when your dh is home.

ishe elvis sending labour vibes your way (and everyone else who wants them!)

<apologises in advance for the moan>

Gah I'm so fed up with being overdue. Just met my NCT group for coffee and two of them have now giving birth and another is 1cm dilated (I was due first!). I was the only one planning a water/homebirth and at this rate it looks like I'm in for either a miserable induction of an unengaged back to back baby, or a c-section sad. It's not fair!!

<as you were>

mom2rhysnruby Tue 16-Oct-12 13:32:50

Ooh so plug & show are two different things! Never
Knew that lol thank you!
Fingers crossed! Ive had a rough time this time around, 18 out of 24 months spent pregnant! Sooo exhausted x

Pheebs24 Tue 16-Oct-12 17:02:38

Loopy it's ridiculous to say I know, but try not to worry! I've had all sorts of keep-you-awake-at-night worries the last few days/week - I think it may be the frustration of being so close to such a big scary event and so fed up with all the symptoms!

How good are your DH's work about him needing to leave at short notice etc? Because you can't be blamed if a painful latent phase doesn't become proper labour, and will they have that much of a problem if your DH misses an afternoon/day's work because you might be about to give birth?

DH is driving me nuts at the minute - he's so impatient and its as if he thinks this baby can be 'charmed' out just by his willing it. When I tell him the baby will be here when its ready (I'm 39+2) and that could be tomorrow, it could be two weeks he starts on about how he needs to get back to work (he's a contractor, so if money runs short he needs to work for a month before anymore money comes in). I get so frustrated - we have no choice unless he's willing to miss the birth of his first child, and there is nothing I can do about it FFS!!!

Sorry, another moan sad

isheisnthe Tue 16-Oct-12 19:25:15

Thunder I am with you and feeling your pain! Midiwife rang today and said they are coming tomorrow morning to do ANOTHER sweep, hope this one works.

Plus side dh spoke to the inlaws and said the visit was a no go, which they have accepted but are hurt. Now I feel bad - cant bloody win can you!

isheisnthe Tue 16-Oct-12 21:30:29

Ouch! I'm having quite painful tightenings and now I think I've just lost my mucus plug....which was horrible!

Littleplasticpeople Tue 16-Oct-12 21:44:31

Good luck ishe sounds promising!

isheisnthe Tue 16-Oct-12 22:05:53

Yowzers! Its getting ouchy here!

Tsk...where's the solidarity! grin only joking...I hope this is it for you and it goes quickly and smoothly.

Beeblebear Wed 17-Oct-12 01:31:47

Ishe ooh that sounds promising. My bh petered out for a while but now started again about 8 to 10 min apart but peter out when I get up and move... So still just annoying practice contractions. Can this really go on for days?

LoopyLa Wed 17-Oct-12 06:52:06

Morning Ladies smile

Ooooh ishe how are you doing this morning?? Sounds like I missed some excitement last night!

Pheebs/LPP Thanks for your suggestions. Sadly DH’s boss is the least most understanding bitch woman on the planet but you are right – if I have contractions and they turn out to be part of a latent labour, there’s nothing much they can do about it.

How are you doing today elvis and Thunder?

goodsenseofdirection Wed 17-Oct-12 07:02:44

Morning all,

Ishe that sounds promising, hope it's all going well for you.

After absolutely nothing, no BH at all so far, suddenly a few hours ago proper period-like cramps started on and off... Don't think they're contractions though. But maybe a sign that things are starting to move at last! Though I've read enough on this thread to know that this might go on for days...

loopy sounds like your dh's boss is a nightmare. If he has to come home then so be it - but hopefully you'll know and he'll have plenty of time to get home to you.

On phone so can't namecheck everyone- hope everyone else is ok and sending good labour vibes to those who are waiting impatiently grin

WeeSooty Wed 17-Oct-12 07:22:20

Morning everyone!

Ooh looks like we should have some more babies soon!!!

I was wondering how long the baby blues last?? I'm on day 12 now and yesterday and this morning I can't stop crying. I cry because I'm so tired, cause I'm scared I can't look after minisooty and weirdly I cry cause I love her so much... hmm is this normal???

goodsenseofdirection Wed 17-Oct-12 07:34:09

Hello sooty I'm not sure how long they're supposed to last but generally with emotions and hormones all over the place and with extreme tiredness added into the mix, I reckon it sounds normal. And positive emotions for your baby are definitely not a sign of pnd! Hope it doesn't last much longer xx

pinpan Wed 17-Oct-12 07:35:38

I'm not sure it still counts as baby blues, but I'm on day 24 and still dissolving into tired/scared/lovey tears too at least once a day, weesooty. Just those darn hormones causing havoc I think!

Littleplasticpeople Wed 17-Oct-12 07:53:07

Ahh weesooty blub away, to me what you are describing is totally normal. I took the baby out for the first time yesterday, I was in tears before we went because I was going to have to share her and in tears when we got home because I just wanted to protect her from the outside world so much blush

It does calm down eventually looks at pfb in his school uniform and weeps with pride

Hi all! How's it going ishe, beeble and goodsense?
Absolutely nothing here! Only pain I get is when trying to haul myself up off the sofa. I am so bored and uncomfortable. Tomorrow is due date and going to have a sweep so FX that'll kick it off. A woman in NCT, due after me has had a show. Can't believe I have mucus envy!!!
I'm sorry a lot of the new mums are feeling weepy and upset. I think it's normal as I'm doing it already!!!

CaptainHetty Wed 17-Oct-12 09:49:53

Good luck to all those still waiting, I hope things happen for you all soon, it must be very frustrating.

RE - feeling weepy, I nearly burst into tears on the health visitor yesterday, and this was after 15 days. All she did was ask if I know anyone else with young babies, and the only answer I could come up with was...'only the ones on Mumsnet' hmm I think she thought I was a bit odd grin She's going to send me an invite to a post-natal group to meet other people with new babies. Quite frankly I'm such an introvert a baby group is my idea of hell, but it was a nice gesture from her so I'll give it a go. I hope the random hormonal breakdowns ease of for us all soon grin

Penny is gaining weight well - was 7lb 7 at birth and 8lb 5 when HV weighed her yesterday. She does feed a lot, and is really unsettled generally during the day. The last time I got to eat a proper meal was Friday, I've constantly got a baby attached to me hmm I'm becoming accustomed to grabbing food whenever she lays down for longer than 5 minutes. I must also be close to the world record for the fastest shower ever - though luckily the sound of our shower keeps her quiet for a bit, so if I keep the door open she usually doesn't scream her head off...

Beeblebear Wed 17-Oct-12 11:00:56

Managed to get a few hours "sleep" tonight. Still having contractions about 8 to 10 min apart and feel a bit Crampy. Going to try and go back to sleep now and then go for a walk in the morning to see if I can speed things up at all.

Elvis. Pmsl at mucus envy! I did have a tiny bit of what appeared to be pant jelly yesterday, but nothing significant enough to get excited about.

DeeLite Wed 17-Oct-12 12:22:38

I haven't been here for aaaaages. I dropped off the list way back and didn't reinstate myself. Just wanted to pop in for ishe's benefit to say that my baby was back to back and I had a really easy, fast birth two weeks ago so it is possible.

I had a Bishop's Score of 1 at 3pm, had my waters broken (due to concerns about fluid levels) at 4pm when I was 2cm and baby was born 40 minutes later much to everyone;s surprise! The midwife didn't even have a chance to re-examine me but I must have been fully dilated as I didn't have any tearing. Hopefully you are already cuddling your baby ishe but I thought I'd share just in case you pop in. All the best to you.

Congrats to everyone else who has had babies and good luck to those who are waiting.

WeeSooty Wed 17-Oct-12 15:28:02

Thank you everyone! Glad I am not going crazy! Although sorry you are all feeling weepy as well. It's just such an emotional time! I also cried when I took her out the other day because people were walking to close to the pram!! I am feeling better today, although off to visit the in laws.... Which will no doubt bring on tears - mine and minisootys! confused

Beeblebear Wed 17-Oct-12 15:34:12

,well just got up and it seems that contractions have fizzled out again. Hiss boo! Lol. Does anyone have a mantra for me along the lines of patience is a virtue?

goodsenseofdirection Wed 17-Oct-12 17:04:34

hey all,

so cramps still continuing on and off all day but not getting any more severe or contractions starting although (elvis i'm sorry to add to your mucus envy) i just had a show. So still waiting here. Probably a good thing, the house is still full of dust after some emergency decorating works (long story, it wouldn't be going ahead unless we HAD to) happening and supposed to finish but taking longer than expected and will finish tomorrow AHHHHH today

hetty the postnatal group might be good - i've been meeting up with nct mums and also will probably go to post natal yoga mother and baby group as i don't know anyone in the area otherwise. I'll go insane if i don't see people after DP goes back to work...

beeble gah to stopped contractions. The mantra in my yoga class is 'let... go...' Although not sure that will help!?

thunder good luck getting labour going - can you go for a walk / scrub the floor or something anything that might kick things off?

I have a small confession. I was so desperate for something sweet that I went rummaging in my cupboard (oo er) and ate a packet of chocolate chips you use for cooking. blush

isheisnthe Wed 17-Oct-12 18:37:32

Hello all, just a very quick update, baby ishe was born this morning at 6.20am, with gas and air. Baby girl who was 7lb 9oz, no name yet but will put more detail when I'm not so totally frazzelled.

We are home now :-)

Yaaaaaay! Congrats ishe! Very exciting. Well done xx

CaptainHetty Wed 17-Oct-12 19:21:49

Congratulations ishe x

Bubblebell1 Wed 17-Oct-12 19:53:24

Congratulations ishe grin

Good luck to all you girls waiting to pop. I'm thinking of you all.

Congrats ishe...but who will I moan with now?! grin

It is my turn next <stamps feet>

CaptainHetty Wed 17-Oct-12 20:09:01

Oh while I remember - has anyone else been told they need to take a vitamin D supplement whilst breastfeeding? HV mentioned it yesterday and wondered whether anyone else was taking one.

Hmm seem to be having very painful contractions every 15 minutes...hope this means something because they're quite painful!

EarnestDullard Wed 17-Oct-12 23:06:47

Ooh, exciting Thunder. Hope this is it!

Congrats ishe smile

Hetty my MW asked if I was taking vit D. I said no, and she asked if I'd taken antenatal vitamin supplements through pregnancy, and seemed satisfied when I said yes. She didn't say I need to be taking them now though. I was a bit confused

MW appt today, and DD2 hasn't gained any weight since last Thursday, so is still 150g or so below her birthweight at 14 days old. MWs coming back on Saturday and I've been advised to feed her more frequently (she does sometimes sleep for 4 hour stretches). Today she's been feeding loads anyway. I'm not too worried, she's healthy and happy and certainly not wasting away. But fingers crossed she'll be gaining weight by the weekend.

WeeSooty Thu 18-Oct-12 00:14:55

Congratulations ishe !!! Yeah!!!

elvis chocolate is chocolate grin I'm impressed you had baking stuff in your cupboards, I never have anything fun like that!

thunder Good luck, fingers crossed this is you!

earnest as long as your DD seems happy and alert that's the main thing hopefully she will gain some weight for Saturday!

Well I managed all the rest of the day with no tears... Until I turned on tv and it was on one born every minute at the exact moment of a forceps delivery. Floods of tears. Not good. Will wolf down some diary milk and see if it helps!

Sending major labour vibes to everyone!

Think this is definitely it for me...contractions coming every 3 minutes and lasting a minute each. Just starting to think about going into hospital; was planning a homebirth but just have a feeling I'd like to go in!


Beeblebear Thu 18-Oct-12 03:11:02

Yay thunder!!! Trust your instinct and go in.

I'm not likely to trust the contractions if they start. Unless they get quite painful as these "practice contractions" keep getting my hopes up.

Well I'm back home. Contractions were every 2.5mins but I was only 2cm dilated. They were lovely and said I could stay in, but I've decided to come home for an hour or two as I only live 10 mins away.

MsInterpret Thu 18-Oct-12 06:39:42

Good luck thunder!!grin

Be kind to yourself and things will happen smoothly!

Thumbwitch Thu 18-Oct-12 07:03:43

Congratulations Ishe! thankswine

Good luck thunder, hope it's all kicked off for you now! And hope you get your turn soon, elvis.

I'm finding it quite hard to keep up with everyone's news, have the memory retention of a demented goldfish just now! blush

Weesooty - I'm sure the baby blues can carry on for a while, probably weeks even! Until the sleep thing starts to settle down.

I'm doing paranoia in a big way - keep fretting that Theo can't see; keep having really weird flashes of me doing something crazy like dropping him, or even throwing him shock - with DS1 it was falling or dropping him down the stairs (but we don't have stairs now). The baby-mangled brain is a weird organ, that's for sure. confused

Thumbwitch Thu 18-Oct-12 07:40:14

Just had a brain flash - vit D - yes, take it. It's standard in the USA I believe but for some obscure reason the research hasn't filtered down through the UK system. I was on standard pregnacare tablets daily for years (pg with DS1, bf'ing DS1 and ttc DS2) and my vit D levels were still below range, so I had to be dosed up - been taking 1000IU daily since my levels tested low again mid-pg (they're fine now).
www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/pages/vitamins-for-children.aspx#close - vit D drops suggested for bf babies by the NHS. Formula contains it already so FF babies won't need extra supplementation.
LOTS of MWs and GPs do NOT know this stuff, I have no idea why.

cakes82 Thu 18-Oct-12 07:54:43

Either MW or HV asked if I was still taking vit D and I said yes still taking preg vits but actually I keep forgetting them blush

CaptainHetty Thu 18-Oct-12 10:10:00

good luck thunder!

Thanks for the stuff about vit D. HV suggested I go to the chemist and talk to them about what to take so I'll do that tomorrow morning smile

So apparently I'm having a typical back to back labour sad. Just come home from hospital again; now 3cm dilated but have been contracting every 2-3 minutes for 15 hours. They've given me some more codeine and some sedatives so off to see if I can get some rest. sad

Beeblebear Thu 18-Oct-12 12:42:29

Nothing to report here todays. Felt very gloomy yesterday after I thought things were taking off but petered out. Staying at in laws closer to the hospital now. Dh came into the city to spend the night. Wanted him to come to bed for a snuggle but seems he slept on the couch. Kept having dreams that we were fighting. Woke up in tears several times last night. Just felt really alone and vulnerable.yesterday he never even asked how I was feeling or how my day was. :-(sorry for the woe is me post. Bloody hormone.

Thunder, sorry to hear I are having a difficult labor. Hope you are changing positions lots trying to get that baby to turn. Lots of hands and knees.

Re vit d . Here they recommend getting vit d drops for baby. Couple droops on finger or nipple and let baby suckle.

thunder sorry it's going so slowly for you. Sounds awful
beeble poor you. As long as mumsnet is here you'll never be alone! Bloody husbands can be a pain sometimes!
Just had a sweep and the MW said I should only pass old, brown blood but have had some fresh bleeding too. Not lots. Spotting I'd say. Normal? Also lots of cramping and back ache.

MsInterpret Thu 18-Oct-12 21:02:16

Oh thunder. So sorry to hear things are going so slowly. I really hope you've been able to get some rest. Exactly what happened to me with DD1 sad

There is still hope he could turn? Come on baby thunderbolt, don't be cruel!

MsInterpret Thu 18-Oct-12 21:04:38

Happy due date elvis smile

I'm not certain but I think the bleeding you describe is normal. MW told me could expect some blood after my sweep (though didn't happen) and didn't say it should be brown so I wouldn't have been surprised if it were red IYSWIM.

Cramping and backache all good signs that things are happening now or soon. GOod luck!

Littleplasticpeople Thu 18-Oct-12 21:14:38

Congrats ishe thanks

Thunder, hopefully baby will turn before the birth, I hope it's not too long and drawn out for you.

Beeble, sending labour vibes your way. And to anyone else still waiting!

Beeblebear Thu 18-Oct-12 23:35:06

elvis i also just had a sweep. r said to expect a bit of light bleeding today, and darker spotting tomorrow. she said only go in if there is a lot of bleeding, or if waters break. I'm getting some bright red spotting at the moment. we can compare notes yay!!

pinpan Fri 19-Oct-12 00:54:12

Good luck, contracting/due people! grin

My bloody show looked a lot more like blood than show, so maybe all this bleeding is a good sign...

The womble is 10 lbs now - on the 75th percentile and packing on the weight like a trooper! She's so long she can't even wear the 0-3 month size things that have feet, which is sad because I have some awesome onesies that she's only worn a couple of times. Might cut off the feet and just put her in socks. My midwife says it's time she learned who is boss, so we're embarking on a new regime of learning how to sleep without being fed into a creamy stupor. wink Expecting tears all round while we all get used to it, but feeling a lot more positive and confident about what I'm doing! It has only taken 4 weeks...

Thumbwitch Fri 19-Oct-12 01:49:37

Hope things get better for you soon, Thunder - are you crawling on all fours everywhere?

I was warned I might have spotting after the 2 sweeps I had prior to delivery - nary a drop of blood did I see! - but wasn't told anything about it being "old" blood, so would also have expected to see red stuff. I should think it's normal.

Beeble - husbands really can be unfeeling sods sometimes. Mine got an earful this morning for complete helplessness in the face of having to take DS1 to preschool - he claims to have been "working hard" for me this week - has he feck! He's done more stuff for his mum than he has for me, the only thing he's done for me is cook dinner every night. So I reminded him in strong terms that I'm only one week out of hospital, still bleeding, still trying to get my pelvis sorted (osteopath tomorrow, hurrah!) so I can walk, still can't carry the babyseat with baby in it, still very very tired and sore and trying to look after a brand new baby.
When he came back from taking DS1 to preschool, he did the washing up so I'm guessing something sank in. grin

LoopyLa Fri 19-Oct-12 05:29:36

Morning everyone – forgive me for not name checking but…


Yes holy crap that was not supposed to happen yet. It was a 2am – I turned over in bed and everything just started to leak out of me shock and I went down to the bathroom and they just came out everywhere…thank god for a tiled floor shock

Went back up to to DH and said “don’t want to freak you out but my waters have just broken” and phoned Triage. Popped up to the hospital and have been monitored & had an internal and of course, baby is still nowhere near being engaged & cervix is closed sad Bad baby…

So they wanted me to stay in but I argued that I’d get better rest at home but heading back out there by either lunchtime or if I don’t feel baby moving – whichever comes sooner. And it’s likely I’m going to have to have an induction to kick things off which positively SUCKS sad sad I have very little idea about what happens with inductions but am aware they are not the most pleasant way to go into labour <sigh>

Was so expecting to be late so bit freaked out but also trying to keep calm and relax…don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep now, I suspect not!!

Ooh loopy how exciting! When are you due? Can't see u on the list it had better be your turn grin
Lol at comparing sweep notes, it's so minging! Thanks for advice about bleeding. It stopped and baby still squiggly around in there so figured all is ok. Getting lots of cramping and backache this morning and trying my hardest not to think its all kicking off!! Bloody symptom spotting.
DH announced the other day that we should have another baby almost immediately. I told him I wanted to Go out and get lashed!!! -bloody alcoholic--

Thumbwitch Fri 19-Oct-12 08:14:49

oo loopy! Exciting but a bit scary as well - if you can avoid the drip, I'd recommend it! Other than that, induction isn't, IME, too bad. smile

Littleplasticpeople Fri 19-Oct-12 08:48:43

That's exciting Loopy! You will have your baby in your arms soon smile no experience of induction myself, but know several people who have been induced and gone on to have very positive labours/births.

Boo to insensitive dhs, mines off to play golf this morning hmm thinks he's on holiday not paternity leave! He did however spend lots of time in the night trying to wind the baby, so at least he's trying to help at night.

LoopyLa Fri 19-Oct-12 10:12:00

Hi ladies, been admitted to antenatal ward - guess I'm not leaving now unless its with a baby!!

elvis sorry, I'm jumping the queue - my due date is next Sunday, I had convinced myself that I'd be late shock!! Trying not to think how much I'm not mentally prepared for this little person! confused

Don't Worry loopy, I'll forgive you grin. I bet you'll be fine and when it comes you'll feel totally ready and prepared for it - I should listen to my own advice!! Good luck and keep us updated

Shellwedance Fri 19-Oct-12 15:51:34

Happy due date to me! Of course, no sign of anything happening. Have had a walk and now dancing around to the Kylie tour which we have on Sky Plus. Would love to be able to use that as a reason for going into labour! The MW also told me that if I do have to be induced it will be on Halloween hmm. And now sweep till next Friday which doesn't give much time before induction on the following Wednesday.

Elvis Funny how your DH is so keen to have another so soon, seeing as he's obviously done all the hard work! grin

Thunder So sorry to hear that it's such hard work. I read a book called Juju Sandin's birth skills and theres a section on what to do with back to back labours. The key points she had, which I'm sure you've had already were:
- Positions to help baby turn during contractions only – all fours; stand-lean; side lying and crouch kneeling with back parallel to floor.
- Do not stand up, walk around bounce on a fit ball or sit astride a chair until MW confirms baby has rotated.
- If you're using it keywords and vocalization to be focused on ‘Turn Baby’.

Not sure if that's any help.

thanks and brew to all the other impatient Mums to be.

goodsenseofdirection Fri 19-Oct-12 17:49:54

sorry to (only slightly) queue-jump but...

we had a little boy who arrived in a hurry at 2.51am yesterday smile 7lb1oz
will update you more later but 7 minutes after i was finally examined in the obstetric assessment unit he was delivered!!

congrats to ishe good luck to loopy and thunder xxx

LoopyLa Fri 19-Oct-12 18:45:37

Hey all, just a quick update as on phone & can't charge it at hospital sad

They are waiting for 24 hrs to pass (so from 2am this morning) before they induce me. Getting tightenings & twinges since 2pm but not often & only lasting a second or two?!! confused If I don't start naturally by early hours of tomorrow morning, they'll start the induction process. So nowt much happening really at the mo but still hoping that I'll go into full labour in the next 7 hrs or so! Think eviction vibes ladies!

Hope everyone else is ok smile

Congrats goodsense love the picture. I'll have a nice quick one like that, please!
loopy positive, uterine ripening vibes coming your way.
Been having tightenings and pains this pm about 10 mins apart. No show, no waters breaking. I know this can go on for a long time!

MsInterpret Fri 19-Oct-12 19:12:33

Hey all

Congrats ishe and good sense. Thinking of you Loopy. Hope things start happening soon.

Can someone pm me the FB group or details pls? Have given in to my desire to see squishy babies!


MsInterpret Fri 19-Oct-12 19:13:56

Oh and good luck Elvis! That's just how mine started about 7pm...Thea born at 3.55am... So you never know wink

ST82 Sat 20-Oct-12 05:14:56

Quick update and i apologies as should have done this ages ago. I had my little boy Alex on 09 Oct 2012 after an emergency c-section. We are both doing really well but it had been truly overwhelming! Will come back to write a bit more about labor and my exp, however most important thing is i have Alex now! Much love and best of luck to all of you!!!

LoopyLa Sat 20-Oct-12 06:34:41

Hey ladies smile

Been awake a lot of the night due to twinges becoming quite moderate period type pains. Not hugely regular but lasting around 30-40 seconds plus, so feeling happy (really, while in pain?!? hmm) that things have seemed to have started naturally. Also good for practicing deep breathing techniques! Not sure what that means re: induction process but might be able to tell you later after chat with MW.

Thank you so much for the constant support, DH & I made a decision not to tell any fambo what's happened yet as we think their reactions (constant texting/calling) will drive us both nuts at this stage, lol! So all of your support & pom pom shaking means a lot to me, it really does thanks Massive, massive thanks smile

MsInterpret Sat 20-Oct-12 06:42:27


<shakes pom poms wildly>

Go Loopy, go Loopy, GO!

Beeblebear Sat 20-Oct-12 07:07:35

Quick pop on before trying to catch some shut eye.. Little baby bear born at 5:44pm. 7lb 10oz. Not sure how long. Started after 9am walkathon . And jalapeno toast for breakfast. Laboured at mil house until contractions were 1min long and 2 apartIn triage, by time I was assessed I was 9cm. Wheeled me into l&d and dh RANto admitting and I had to pant through contractions to stall, and 30 min of pushing they had to suck baby out due to dropping heart rate from things happening so fast. No time for pain killers. Did get a local before venetouse but didn't have time to kick in really. And now for the gory details, those faint of heart overt Thu eyes.2ND degree year, numerous stitches including to anus, and one massive hemmeroid. OmgStill working on the name. Hope to post again soon.Hugs to everyone!

Beeblebear Sat 20-Oct-12 07:37:40

Oh and yes it is a boy!

Congrats Beeble and good luck Loopy!!

Hi, quick update from me...baby Theodore born by c-section on Friday at 1.20am. Will try and catch up properly once they let me out tomorrow.

Thanks for all your support, and congrats and good luck to those who need them!

EarnestDullard Sat 20-Oct-12 19:16:18

Congrats Thunder! Hope you're recovering well. Big congrats to Beeble as well. And good luck to Loopy (and possibly elvis?)

We've been discharged by the MWs today (day 17) as Eleanor is finally above her birthweight. BFing still problematic, but alternating BFing with expressing and bottle-feeding is working for us for the moment. Also means DH can do the odd feed (although I try to BF for night feeds; easier to whip out a boob than get out of bed, boil kettle, warm a bottle, etc.)

Pinpan, you mentioned upthread that your DD was smiling at 17 days old. Well I could swear Ellie is smiling too, sometimes a small half-smile and the occasional big grin grin It's very cute.

Hi all. Congratulations on all the lovely newborns. Started contracting yesterday afternoon and went to MW unit at 8.30 this morning. I was only dilated 4cm and still hadn't shifted 4.5 hours later. Felt I couldn't deal with more pain esp as we were going no where. So hooked up to a lovely epidural. LOVE. couple of FHR drops on monitor and a posterior cervical lip so currently seeing if hormone drop will help move it out the way. Will be here for at least another 3 hours before I can push.
Oh we'll, am high as a kite so don't mind

pinpan Sun 21-Oct-12 00:46:59

Congrats Thunder and Beeble! grin Hope it's going well, Loopy and Elvis. What fun, all these new babies - if only it wasn't such hard work as well!

Earnest, good to hear you are enjoying smiles too. I'm still not totally sure that I'm getting real grins, but I'll take what pleasure I can in them anyway! I do think some of them indicate happiness, even if most of them are just wind. wink

I've been rocking the infacol dosing for the last 36 hours and I'm not sure if it's helping or not - I think it is a bit, but I might just have a major milk spiller on my hands regardless of windiness. It makes feeding times a bit of a battle of timing - can I get her fed enough to be happy, changed enough times that she isn't soaking with milk, and still have some play times during the day? Trying hard to enjoy her while she is tiny (anyone else just love tucking up a small baby?) but still wishing her digestive system would mature up a bit quicker!

Baby elvis has arrived. Beautiful girl, 7lb2 oz. difficult back to back delivery had all the drugs going. Feral heart rate dropped so into theatre to try forceps delivery, didn't work so emergency c section. She's perfect. Few bruises but that's it. All very emotional I haven't slept for 48 hours or eaten for 24!!!
Thank you all for helping me and befriending me on here. I am eternsy grateful xxxx

Beeblebear Sun 21-Oct-12 03:29:09

Congrats Elvis and thunder! I'm sure you are enjoying your little ones as much as I am mine. So far mine has been pretty quiet.. Eating and pooping. Lol

Congrats Elvis sounds like we had very similar experiences! Take things easy - and take all the pain relief offered!

Thumbwitch Sun 21-Oct-12 06:45:49

Congratulations Elvis, Beeble, Thunder, ST82! thankswine (excellent choice of name, Thunder and ST82 wink)

Good luck Loopy - hope you're nearly there with your own wee bundle!

Mine is still sleeping too much in the day and feeding too much at night - proper little vampire bat, he is! grin

pinpan Sun 21-Oct-12 07:17:27

Yay, Elvis! Enjoy the eating and being quiet stage, it may not last... grin

MsInterpret Sun 21-Oct-12 07:44:07

Congrats Thunder, Elvis, Beeble! grin

Thinking of Loopy...

17 days here and she's def doing the windy grins plus side smiles every now and then. I'll take what I can get, adorable and makes me grin too!

Thumbwitch Sun 21-Oct-12 10:45:11

I love the little grins and Mona Lisa smirks - I don't know whether or not they're wind but they're cute as! grin

MsInterpret Sun 21-Oct-12 12:57:58

Mona Lisa smiles is an excellent description Thumb! grin

MsInterpret Sun 21-Oct-12 12:58:50

smiles smirks hmm

LoopyLa Mon 22-Oct-12 03:59:31

Morning everyone! Just sending a note to let you know that Baby Loopy has arrived!!! I had a little boy yesterday, 1 week early & delivered via emergency c-section - long story, definitely not in the birth plan shock !! Weight is 6lbs, 10oz.

elvis we've got due date twins!!

Will write a longer message in the next few days but he is just gorgeous & scrummy!!

Loopyla & my little prince, lying next to me grin

Congrats loopy! Wishing you a speedy recovery x

Thumbwitch Mon 22-Oct-12 07:58:23

Congratulations Loopy! thankswine Sounds a bit stressful - hope you're recovering ok smile