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graduates of the wine-and-shagging-af ter-mc thread come hither!

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wilderumpus Fri 28-Sep-12 19:25:49

Seeing as practically all of us have now got pg, here is a new home for all of us to come to carry on chatting after getting the BFP after our mcs. Today we are pregnant! smile

wilderumpus Fri 28-Sep-12 19:32:27

one just to say your symptoms sound fabulous, because they are the same as mine! hurray! I have crackers dreams too and wake up often smile How far along are you now do you think?

I made my drs appt today with my lovely dr who saw me through the mc. I see her on Mon which is fab. Am terrified now though sad back into limbo land of worry and starting to feel i am making this pg all up! even as I sit with an apricot jam sarnie I have been craving for about two weeks, sore boobs, big boobs, hunger shakes and sickiness all day. My friend saiud with the cramping pain I had yesterday I will almost certainly get sent for a scan. Am skeered!

In fact, am almost thinking of trying to get a last minute private scan appt for tomorrow so I can just get it over with you know? At 7 weeks they should see something even if I am a few days out.

Sorry sooooo me, me, me and such a mardy way to start the thread!

Hope everyone else is all plain sailing and happy days smile

Sheldonella Fri 28-Sep-12 19:49:32

Woo hoo! Right quick summary:

I'm 17 weeks tomorrow and mostly over the sickness. My boobs are less sore but I have a huge bump and pains underneath it, crap skin and indigestion. I also need a wee a lot! This is all quite reassuring smile I'm now in the maternity clothes too.

I totally understand the world of worry wilde. I keep sinking into a pit of anxiety every now and then and have cried on my midwife. I hope your doctor can help reassure you.

About private scans - I was in two minds about mine but I'm so glad I did as it did reassure me. Before it I was not very positive at all but once I saw the baby I was suddenly so excited and really started to enjoy it. I had mine at 9+6 which was past when the last baby stopped developing and not too long before the 12 week scan. I had mine at babybond and they were great.

hmm not sure i belong on a graduate thread since it's only been 8 weeks since mc for me and i'm not pg (yet) but marking my place in case i do get to join you next month. fx!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sat 29-Sep-12 08:13:34

Thanks Wild!!! This really does feel like a step forward for us all! (would have been a good place for that torch emoticon - just saying) I've brought brew & [biscuits] instead. (saves a seat for Little)

I'm sorry you're scared Wild. This is nail biting stuff. Where I live it's quicker to go to A&E with the cramping, they have the power to book the scan there and then. It's more dramatic but cuts out the middle man delay. Could you do that? But yes, if you can get a scan today that would cut out lots of anxious waiting. FX, I'll check in later to see how you got on.

Sheldonella yay someone else has crap skin. I'm getting massive spots - honestly, so unfair! 17 weeks, goodness, it feels like yesterday that your testing time came right at the end of the first thread and at the start of the second, a proper eastenders cliff hanger! Well done you being all pg!

As for how far along I am, not hardly at all! I have a diary from some website that gives day to day updates and I based it on when I ovulated rather than the first day of my last period because ov came so early, but that's only a matter of a few days. And on Thursday the cbdigi showed up as 2-3 weeks rather than 1-2 weeks, which I took as a good sign as I should literally have been 2+1 in reality. So I reckon I'm about 4+4 today, and according to this lovely diary, we've got neural tube forming, heart begins to form and blood begins to circulate - I sure hope so!!! I had some pretty bad pain in the night, none of my pains so far have been AF like, but also not like anything I've experienced before. I don't have a good GP so am reluctant to go in. The feeling is reminiscent (sp?) of the cervix snip I had 2 months ago and am hoping that it's "just" to do with stretching on a scar line.

Anyway, I have to go in to work today, ugh. Hope you all have good Saturdays. smile

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sat 29-Sep-12 08:13:57

(oops, apologies for gargantuan post!)

ChuckleMonster Sat 29-Sep-12 11:18:41

Hello all. Great thread. Just marking my place from my sick bed, waiting for DH to cone gone with my (large) big mac meal ( for medicinal purposes ). I too am in elastic trousers and have been since about 9 weeks (15 weeks tomorrow smile ) but suspect its crisp related rather than all baby.

Hurrah for all the sickness and spots and sore boobs - all sounding positive!! smile smile

ChuckleMonster Sat 29-Sep-12 11:19:25

Fgs... Come home, not cone gone!!

booboomonster Sat 29-Sep-12 14:11:15

Hello! Ooooh how exciting, an antenatal thread! Though I hope snow and Hayle will be coming to join us soon (if not before). It's nice to have a place here as the monthly threads seem to be very busy!

Welcome back wild hope everything's ok with you. Did you get onto your GP about the CM? How are you feeling now? There is always something to worry about. I am feeling nauseous most of the time, which is grim, but when I woke this morning I felt (fleetingly) ok and I thought... oh no... but then it slowly came back. It's annoying as last successful pregnancy I just didn't really think about it (also had very few symptoms) so the first few weeks flew by. This is going to drag with all the worrying!

Wow sheldon 17 weeks, look at you! I am a poxy 7, so some catching up to do wink. In fact, I'm 7 + 2 (still at the counting days stage, every little helps). Glad you are feeling good and enjoying a big bump!

chuckle sorry you're sick - poor you. Have you tried paracetamol? I think you can take it in pregnancy and it always works for me, specially the capsules for some reason.

God I have such a bloated stomach it's unreal. I am also madly craving salty foods, which is a new one for me as usually it's sugar. This is making me think it might be a boy after the 2 DDs, but I know there is absolutely no scientific basis for that. I am also dog tired. DH is working today and I've struggled this am with DD2 who I suspect is having the terrible 2s. I've just put her down for a nap and she is yelling from upstairs. As soon as she stops I'm going to go for a nap myself and leave DD1 in front of the telly. [Bad mother emoticon].

booboomonster Sat 29-Sep-12 14:38:52

Ooh meant to say one bad luck about working today. Hope the pain eases up - I definitely had a lot of aches & pains at the start too, so I hope it's normal. It is great that most of us are here! grin

wilderumpus Sat 29-Sep-12 17:28:35

ooh working today one! rubbish! what is the website diary thing? 4+4!

boo I feel just the same. sleeping 10/11 hours a night, still knackered all day, sicky all day, hungry all day and very bloated! have managed to re organise my wardrobe away from my previous slim fitting tops to more roomy long jumpers and have put bobbles through my jeans! I am quite fancying nuts and apples which i very odd as I never touch either normally... And am going to make a lemon and pistachio drizzle cake tomorrow. YUM. Off chicken almost totally which is odd as that was my biggest craving with DS. smile

And, ahem, I count every day of every week through the whole pregnancy! Am 7+1 today...

is mad you are 17 weeks sheldon! that has really flown by. And ice is knocking on viability! wooo! I wonder how cake is, just having a grand pregnancy I hope smile

I hope you are better soon chuckle. Is it pregnancy illness or other? Sorry if I know this, my mind is a sieve atm.

AFM I am having a scan tomorrow at 11.20. Thanks for sharing your experience sheldon. one am not worried enough to endure A and E, especially with DS at a weekend but it was a good idea, thanks for that. If I had had more cramping/bleeding that would have been a good idea. Am completely terrified, but the place we are going to is so sweet and asked about our pg history and said we could contact them any time, in office hours or no and they will get back to us. I KNOW that everything is progressing as it should and that this pg feels completely healthy and normal. But you can't help but feel helpless and mmc are so common on this site and... well.. previous experience teaches you to worry a bit I think. I worry a lot anyway! Am quite excited in a way though too, because it could be good news and wow what news that would be. <dreams>

we shall see. God I desperately hope there is something there this time!

Anyway. Today I have spent the day eating ALL day. Honestly, I have hardly stopped and if I do for more than two hours I get shaky and feel sick. I think my body is delighted to just sit still after over two weeks of travelling and hiking and swimming! maybe baby is having a growth spurt day wink does anyone else have days like this?! I do rather like it if I am honest, but not every day!

x factor tonight! And the thick of it! yay! <lets brain dribble out of ears for an evening>

booboomonster Sat 29-Sep-12 20:11:21

Good luck with scan wild! try and get a good nights sleep, let us know how you get on! x

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sun 30-Sep-12 07:26:19

I woke up this morning early and couldn't go back to sleep, so something made me want to check my ovulation date again, and I did get it wrong, so I think I'm actually 4+6 today. I'm sure I'm going to find reasons each day to make me a little further along than I really am!

I missed xfactor will have to catch up, was it the first one? Anyone watch Dr Who, thought it wasn't such a great finale but I was super tired so may have been a poor judge.

Good luck for you scan later Wild. Thanks Boo for the reassurance (again!)

Oh, and the website is just mommies and they have printable diaries that have little updates on development and reminders about things that need to be thought about. It's not all relevant, some days nothing much happens so it will say something like "you may be feeling symptoms now", but otherwise it's great, the jurney from the beggining and marking when the name changes from zygote to embryo, and things like when liver functioning begins (4+6 - I was surprised how early!) fascinates me.

Mmmm, is that breakfast calling?

booboomonster Sun 30-Sep-12 11:30:50

one Yay for speeding up the weeks! I've just gone by lmp date. That's what the doctor does so here so I may as well do same. Also I don't know exactly when I ovulated...

The website looks good, I need to find an app for my phone. Though I'm putting it off as soon as I did it last time was when I MCd. I know this would not have made any difference but I (stupidly) can't help feeling loathe to tempt fate...

DH gave me a long lie in this am and then brought breakfast in bed! Poached egg and toast and tea, none of which I've fancied recently but after the sleep it was great. It was so nice, after yesterday with the kids I was so exhausted. I am already getting irritated at being so inactive - I normally do a million things a day and at the moment getting dressed is a struggle. Roll on 12 weeks (and the hope that this will improve).

Sheldonella Sun 30-Sep-12 11:57:32

I've just got my from my gender scan - it's a girl grin. She was holding on to the cord and waving her arms and legs around, so lovely.

wild I hope your scan went well and you got some lovely piccies!

boo I love the salty foods too! I can't get enough salty cheese. The lie in sounds lovely, I keep waking up at about 530am every day and just can't get back to sleep.

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling great chuckle but hope you feel better today.

one I was pretty sure I knew when I ovulated due to using the sticks and checking the other signs but I still ended up almost a week further on at the 12 week scan.

wilderumpus Sun 30-Sep-12 14:46:00

yay for your girl sheldon! wow weeeeeeeeeeeee! smile smile

scan was grand chez wilde. baby in right place, heart beating away, dated 7 weeks smile

thanks for web info one will have a look asap!

boo i hear your pain. slept for 8 solid hours last night, had lie in too, and am shattered still this aft! all good tho.

Sheldonella Sun 30-Sep-12 15:04:51

Yay wild I'm so happy for you! smile smile

How much could you see on a 7 week scan? I was quite amazed by my 9 week one.

wilderumpus Sun 30-Sep-12 15:19:09

thanks! and you! smile was just a wee cm long blob with a heartbeat! I had the same scan with DS so knew what to expect. It was awful to start with, having the big tv screens in front of you and all I could see was a big empty space which I think was actually my bladder blush. My heart was in my boots, I was like 'where's the baby?!' and she sent me off to empty my bladder a bit (was in so much pain!) saying 'your baby is there it's fine and has a heartbeat... I'll maesure it when you get back' like, so casual. I sobbed and giggled my way to the loo like a loon.

Is SUCH a difference between 7 and nine weeks, at 9 i remember we could see his little arms and legs and he was HUGE compared to 7 weeks! <no wonder we are all so tired grin>

am so glad I had the scan and can now sit around eating my nut yoghurts and being shattered knowing it really is for a great reason and not just in my imagination!

booboomonster Sun 30-Sep-12 16:49:10

Just a quickie to say huzzah wild! So glad for you. I am a bit jel now too but not sure if I can face it. I have a scan date for Nov 1 so it's only a month to wait....? Anyway, great news! Off for a nap now (head hits pillow zzzzzzzzzz

booboomonster Sun 30-Sep-12 16:50:46

Oh and huzzah for girl Sheldon girls r fab! Xx. Zzzzzz

wilderumpus Sun 30-Sep-12 16:53:24

aw boo you have your proper scan date thru?! i want mine! envy

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sun 30-Sep-12 17:14:51

Oooh! Exciting stuff grin grin grin!!!! Wild I was moved by your description of the walk to the loo, so pleased for you. And a little girl "Sheldonella* all waving and moving about, awwww! I'm so happy, what lovely news!!!! And Boo, wonderful OH, and napping is much much the thing to do at the moment. Hope you get some energy back soon though! As for me, well, gee, it's exciting stuff here too, I bought a support bra to sleep in confused!

wilderumpus Sun 30-Sep-12 18:53:16

a sleeping bra one! are you blessed with jugs?! grin My littley's are just fine in bed but man they are making their presence known tonight, and I think I am almost up a cup size already?!?!

I bought some maternity troosers earlier... oooh! and a big lovely knitted jumper of comfy cosy gorgousness. I love jumpers!

I am watching naff tv and DH is doing bath and bed. phew, am shattered.

Is anyone else being a bit forgetful? I keep saying to DS I will get him some water or whatever and completely not doing it and doing something else instead. And I thought I must have lost the cheese grater as i searched high and low for it but then turned around and it was right there by the cheese I wanted to grate already blush. Oh 'eck.

Sheldonella Sun 30-Sep-12 19:04:41

Ooh sleep bras, fabulous things. These clothes sound great too. Not many shops sell them where I am but I have 3 dresses, leggings and some jeans. The jeans hurt a bit now though as they press under my bump.

Yes to forgetfulness! I usually have a really good memory but my brain has turned to mush now. I was asked my address the other day and struggled to remember my house number blush

Sheldonella Sun 30-Sep-12 19:05:38

... And thanks for the lovely messages grin can't wait to meet DD!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sun 30-Sep-12 21:17:21

I have tiny jugs! But they are sore nonetheless! And I am very forgetful, I am very preoccupied! Goodnight all!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sun 30-Sep-12 22:08:46

Just want to say, I am now wearing the garment, I feel quite bound in, imagine I will be fighting my way out of it in my sleep, bad bad purchase...(!)

ChuckleMonster Mon 01-Oct-12 11:05:31

Woo hoo for scan wilde, sounds ace. I hope you are finding it easier to enjoy being pg now. not long till your 12 week scan now! What is your plan with travelinng now? Will you go away fir a while pre baby or put it on hold?

How was the new bra one? Hurrah for sore and swollen boobs!! Mine seem to be shrinking again now (as is my belly) but dr google says this is all normal so I am not stressing!

I am feeling much better today and am actually dressed for first time in 4 days. Have had sone sort of flu bug but just can't shake it. Its been over 2 weeks that I've been ill now and I just want a Lemsip and some night nurse!!

I love this thread. I love that we are on a pregnant now thread. I never thought I would get here!! smile

Sheldonella Mon 01-Oct-12 11:08:25

Aww me too chuckle it feels like we have come a long way together doesn't it smile

wilderumpus Mon 01-Oct-12 12:39:54

me too! is lovely how we have all come through our pregnancy journeys together smile

chuckle am glad you are feeling a bit better. Please take it easy though won't you! Getting over these things is a bugger and your immune system is a bit shit at the mo too. sorry to be patronising but if you are anything like me you'll need to be told to take it easy! have you been taking paracetemol? that is the best thing in lemsip anyway, apart from the stuff that stops you being so bunged up. DH doesn't really do pharmaceuticals more fool him but will have paracetemol, and I make him hot lemon and honey drinks with proper lemon when he is ill. would that help you? and olbas oil baths or face steaming works well for a snotty nose? <slopes off with naff obvious advices now>

how was the boob-binding in the end one?! I did actually roll over last night and wake myself up squishing my tiddley boobies rather painfully and for a second though such a bra may be good!

afm I am better post-scan now thanks, yes... tho still can't believe there is a bubs in my tummy with a heart beating away! the sausage roll at lunchtime would attest that that is indeed the case though blush and the fact I forgot my wallet to pay for them blush so the nice bakery lady let me pay tomorrow! Obviously the desperation was showing in mine and Ds's wet hair because I made us walk in the rain to get said sausage rolls

DS is getting into the idea there is a baby in my tummy (he was at the scan so DH was showing him what we were looking at on the big tele) and this morning said hello to it through my tummy button. aw!

wilderumpus Mon 01-Oct-12 12:40:08

er, essay! apologies!

icequeenkate Mon 01-Oct-12 13:38:59

Found you!! Great idea, and def keeping seats warm for those on the mc thread awaiting their bfps. <<piles up the extra cushions delivered at the weekend after a mix up over new sofa order - so glad I kept them hid them from delivery people as I knew they'd come in handy>>

Woo hoo for great scan results, wilde and sheldon. So we know we have a boy and a girl on/in the thread so far.... splendid.

boo and wllde - don't forget that the egg sac nutrients in the womb run out around this time and the placenta really kicks in, so it's not surprising that you are both feeling shattered. There's suddenly an even bigger drain on your energy and as wilde pointed out the growth rate from here on in is manic. Rest when you can (says she who can't do as she preaches...)

Brain? Memory? Can't recall what that was!
<<waddles off to find the list of all the lists I've drawn up recently to try to work out what to do next...>>

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 01-Oct-12 13:57:18

Chuckle "I love this thread. I love that we are on a pregnant now thread. I never thought I would get here!! " Ditto, that line of yours moved me. smile

Ooh, can I add to the list of naff advices? I think lemsip is awful. If you boil up some ginger root and put honey and lemon in that THEN you have a real drink worth having... yummm! Great for sore throats and totally natural ingredients.

Wild awww! Very cute DS goings on your way!

Hi Ice!!! How many weeks are you now?

I am working from home right now and my neighbours have just started blasting some song from the 70's "love is in the air" confused Anyway, the bra was vice-like and I really thought it was going to be awful but it was great! Bascially I can no longer be outside of a bra.

ChuckleMonster Mon 01-Oct-12 14:02:38

Will definitely try your hot drink suggestions, thanks.

Wilde how lovely that your DS was talking to baby through your belly button. I wish my DD would stop stamping on her dolls heads long enough to be tender towards her sibling!!

wilderumpus Mon 01-Oct-12 18:04:59

ice yay! helloooo. thanks for the sac info, I want to know these things too! I only have the websites and I don't think they tell me much. I did have lovely pg books but lent them to my friends and want them back but then have to say I am preggo!

chuckle he was just shouting at the wee baby to wake up hmm he wants it to come out now! I say no!

I officially have a pregnant thing for nuts. I have hazlenut yoghurt, pistachios to dip into when I please and am dying to make nice salty peanut butter cookies. Is really, really weird 'cause in normal life I am completely indifferent to nuts. pretty fun though!

have just realised that I can't be measuring 7+1 today as the scan said as that would mean I got my super clear wonderful BFP at 8dpo? Not a squinty line, bright and proud it was. Reckon I am two days further on than she said, which is peanuts but somehow in these days of counting days it means a lot!

booboomonster Mon 01-Oct-12 21:30:47

Hi ice yes it was really nice to hear that sac info. I haven't really looked into anything too much yet because of THE FEAR, so it's good to hear stuff. I really hope this is all indicative of healthy babas!!

I am a bit into nuts too, wild, though it seems to be more in my head than actual tastebuds. In reality it seems a bit hit and miss. I was keen on having an almond cookie, but when I got one it was a let down. I think I will have to make some coconut biccys...

wild I don't think scans are that accurate with size/ dates to be honest. At least, i had a scan last pregnancy and gave birth about 8 hours later. They told me the baby was a pound less in weight than she was, which is quite a big margin. I know they do all the measurements etc, but that is usually in relation to the fetus rather than just abstractly... anyway, just musing, I don't really know!

I can't possibly tell my DDs - the older one (5) would definitely be telling everyone. So will have to keep schtum for a while.

Yes I too smiled, wet eyed, at the pregnancy thread comment, wild, and I was thinking - if we are like this at the start of the thread, how are we going to be when the first baby comes? I'm excited already! grin

Ooh sympathies about the bra one - I have rather large knockers (E cup though I am tall so it's not too bad) and have tried most bras out there. I usually wear some sort of 'secret support' top in bed, but I bought some emma jane nursing bras (you don't seem to be able to get non nursing ones, and besides, they should be useful later though I don't think they will hold my post baby G cups blush) they are only a tenner on figleaves and I've found them very comfy so far. Not too 'contained' but still supportive. Best thing for me is that you can get them in your back size (for me a 34) usually the large bras come with large back sizes so are totally redundant for me!

Sheldonella Tue 02-Oct-12 09:32:49

Ah, that explains why I felt so crap around that time! Nice to see you hear too ice smile
There must be something about nuts. Around 7 weeks I was in bed and suddenly got a huge craving for almond cake. I don't usually like almond at all but I looked them up online and wanted to lick the screen! I bought some the next day and ate one but then decided the rest were horrible and threw them away blush
Oh yes wild scan dating - as boo said they are not totally accurate so early. My 12 week scan put me further on and I mentioned the private one to the sonographer and she said they aren't so reliable for dating earlier than 12 weeks. The one that did my 9 week scan said it was accurate to 5 days either side. I still don't get how I'm so much further on than my ov sticks suggested though! I must have a fast developer. I had a comment that she has quite long legs on my 3D scan picture.
boo I must look up those bras as I seem to be about the same as you (although I think I will soon be out of F cup territory).
I'm feeling quite good today after a day of feeling quite overwhelmed and weird yesterday. It suddenly hit me since finding out it's a DD that this is really happening and I'm going to have an actual daughter! So exciting but also scary smile

Sheldonella Tue 02-Oct-12 10:17:30

I was just feeling a bit teary thinking about the first baby who was due on Thursday. I then felt a little flutter from my lovely DD, what a lovely way to be cheered up smile

wilderumpus Tue 02-Oct-12 11:13:54

flutters sheldon! yay!

Thanks for scan ressurances smile you know what I absolutely know this about scan dating and hate early scans for this very reason! and YET because a 'professional' said it I am more inclined to believe them even tho I know my dates are bang on; and it's only 2 days different anyway! Am crackers!

meant to be back at work today but DS has chickenpox! eek! i don't know anything about this but he is unusually quiet. will work when he naps i guess! any tips or knowledge gratefully recieved!

how bizarre 7 weeks seems to be nut-time. grin

I am making lemon drizzle pox cake later! oh YUM YUM YUM!

icequeenkate Tue 02-Oct-12 13:38:42

wilde - poor ds and poor you! Mind you, better to get it over with younger. DS1 developed it when DS2 was 10 days old. That was fun! Yes please to lemon drizzle cake ... might have to make some raspberry flapjack this afternoon now...!

Scan dates - pah! My '12' wk scan, which I had at around 13 wks dated me at 14 wks. DH is 6'3", I am 5'9" and all 3 babies so far have been long (as in 'ooh, this is a long one' say the midwives) and skinny. So I know that MY date of 28/1/13 is much more accurate. Will not be letting them induce me!! I tried telling them about long babies but they just looked at me pityingly, so I returned the look. grin

Flutters - sheldon - how wonderful, and what fab timing. I'm getting HUGE belting great kicks at the moment, particularly at 7.15 last night when DS1 was 'singing' caterwauling so he now thinks that baby loves his voice. Personally am not so sure, but would hate to disillusion him.

Nuts - have you tried the Dorset cereals honey granola? I can't get enough of it at the moment. That and all-bran for obvious reasons blush

Bras - am continuing my photo album of boob sizing, but am finding it tricky to see how the current size (DD?) would look with non-preg body. DH may have to do some photoshopping!!

Couldn't find my lists yesterday, so have started a new one! Off to do some of the items on it. or cook flapjack smile

wilderumpus Tue 02-Oct-12 14:35:42

ahhhhhh... ice that granola sounds heavenly! I hadn't even thought of it even tho the cluster-type cereal adverts have me drooling but I don't want the flakes and fake low fat shit (obvs full of sugar). runs for coat, realises about DS's pox, sadly puts coat down

and YES to the scan info - me and DH are NOT tall, DH is half indian so not tall (tho not short!) and DS was 6lb1 when born and also put back at the scan date to a silly date that basically meant I had had an affair to concieve him hmm so stands to reason our babies will measure smaller than average. D'oh to overgeneralisations in medicine!

aw to kicks! wonderful!

poor you having a poxy house with a newborn! omg. But why is my child bouncing off the ceiling with hyperness? I am sat patiently waiting for him to get ill and daren't go anywhere as i will feel very guilty! Suppose I shall make the pox cake if my nerves can stand DS chucking flour everywhere when am so, so, TIRED! i put him down for his nap but he is singing at the top of the stairs at me. ho hum.

Sheldonella Tue 02-Oct-12 14:44:28

Oh poor DS wild but good to get it out of the way. I remember having chicken pox when I was about 6 and I felt fine but wasn't allowed out of the house for 2 weeks.
The dating thing makes sense - I am 5'9" so maybe DD takes after m e(DH is 5'8"). I was a bit worried about being put further on as I really don't want to be induced either ice! I will focus more on my original due date and hope for the best. There is a fabulous new midwife led unit at my hospital where all the rooms have pools and I so want to use one if possible. I guess that will all go out of the window if I'm induced.
I had lemon drizzle cake after my lunch - fabulous grin

wilderumpus Tue 02-Oct-12 15:15:15

wow sheldon your MW led unit sounds fab. I would love to have that option. Am worried about the area we are moving to, the hospital there has a dreadful reputation and is the only option so HB it would have to be, which is cool unless the baby arrives 'early' (according to their dates. I have the opposite problem as DS arrived at 37+4 on scan dates, 38+1 weeks on mine)

am too tired to make me cake! just can't move, have jibbed out of playing with ds to skulk on the settee and hopefully not move until the lethargy lifts in a bit! at least it means the baby is growing away smile

Sheldonella Tue 02-Oct-12 16:44:13

Those with DCs already - if you don't mind me asking, what were your first births like?

wilderumpus Tue 02-Oct-12 18:12:19

mine was lovely sheldon. waters went at 2am after gentle period pain all evening, completely panicked and didn't have a clue what to do (even tho I was class boffin all through AN groups!) and felt really guilty waking DH up (!). Mws came over about 3am, contractions serious about 4am just as they were going to 'leave me to it' for the night and they checked and was 7cm dilated, so birthing pool got up and running and a MW ran off to get the birthing kit (!) and some gas and air (!!) and DS was born at 6.45am on 15 Dec smile It snowed two days later for a whole month, was a magical time smile

Sheldonella Tue 02-Oct-12 19:40:07

Oh wilde that does sound lovely! I so hope I can have a lovely experience like that as I'm terrified of all the interventions. Must be so nice to be at home afterwards too. Does the water make a big difference?

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Tue 02-Oct-12 20:11:36

Wow I had a lot of catching up to do on here and now OH is due back with chips so I have to run for a quick shower but just wanted to say all the excitement and happiness on here is wooonnnndddderful! smile

My bra is going in the bin by the way. Damn contraption is designed to make me more fit for war than sleeping. Anyway, that's for a nother time, have a good evening ladies!

booboomonster Tue 02-Oct-12 20:59:54

Hello! ooh lots of nice pg talk on here - kicking, sizing, food, bras grin.

I had loads of *TMI ALERT* EWCM today and started to worry that it's not 'real' after all. I really want to hold out to 11 weeks for my scan (it's less than a month away after all) as I just think I could be taking up an emergency epu scan from a real emergency. But it depends how urgent I feel! Am also slightly nervous about twins... hmm

So glad you are getting lovely kicks sheldon and ice, it's miraculous when you feel that I always think. Wow we are doing an important job here, ladies!!

ice are you taking pics of your boobs?! That's hilarious (sorry if I got the wrong end of stick there!).

one good for you for binning the bra!!

wild - your birth sounds lovely, I love the idea of a winter baby. Definitely good to get the pox out of the way - I had the 2 DDs with it one after another and it was a right pain in terms of childcare/ general caring. They usually are ok for the first 24 hours I found then we had one really bad night each, then it sort of improved though the itching obviously carried on. My younger one had about 50 times more spots than the older, bizarrely but they both suffered the same I'd say.

sheldon I too had 2 pretty amazing births. Don't get me wrong, there was pain, but kind of like running a marathon - you break through the pain barrier and you know that the result is going to be worth it. Sort of constructive pain. Both of them I just had gas and air - I had put on my birthplan that I'd rather not epidural and it just never really came up. Gas and air was amazing - though it did make me vomit a lot. I vomited throughout both births actually which while not glamourous just seemed to be what my bod needed to do!! Luckily I am quite a neat and efficient puker! My first DD was in hospital and the pushing out part was the worst, but it was pretty quick. Labour for DD2 was about half as long as it had been first time, and it was easier, in a midwife led unit in a birthing pool which was great. We were really left alone and the midwife just came in to catch baby and bring her up between my legs. She was born in the sac so the water was totally clear! It's supposed to be lucky! But the feeling when you meet your baby is the most amazing feeling in the whole world - at least, it was for me (I know some people don't feel it 'til later which is also very normal). But I felt like I'd completed the marathon des sables, and been given the best present I could ever imagine at the same time - that I could take home and keep! Anyway, I hope that gives you an idea.

Also would like to say I think it is luck of the draw to a large extent what kind of birth you have - baby's position and keeness to progress down birth canal, etc. Though gravity does help too - I do believe you have to keep moving for as long as possible during labour. (Oh God, sorry for essay!!!)

wilderumpus Tue 02-Oct-12 21:18:40

oh, don't get me wrong, having a baby fucking hurts smile you are having a baby though grin This time I am getting proper hippy dippy and doing pregnancy yoga from 13 weeks and learning how to breathe through pain!

water is AMAZING sheldon. Amazing. Even with a great hospital if there is only one or two waterpools to share the fear of not getting one is enough to keep me at home! some people hate it though, you just don't know till you are in labour!

chips one! yeah!

I am officially up a cup size and my underwire is starting to hurt sad Into the pokey-out booby bras it is from tomorrow secretly excited about pain free bra wearing

booboomonster Tue 02-Oct-12 22:23:39

weirdly I didn't feel that water made much difference. It was nice, and I had heard that it was good for big babies, which DD2 was, but I didn't think it changed anything particularly. It was just kind of a different way of doing it. But like wild says, I think you don't know how you are going to feel about it until you do it!

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Absolutely cream crackered!

Sheldonella Wed 03-Oct-12 09:34:55

Thanks for sharing yours too boo - minimal pain relief too, wow. The vomming scares me a bit though blush but I guess there isn't much I can do about it. I've had entonox before and it didn't make me puke, I will hold on to this thought smile
Whilst it all sounds painful and traumatic, I can't wait. Is that weird?
Hope you enjoyed your chips one.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 03-Oct-12 11:14:28

Ice I'm glad you looked back at them pityingly when you spoke about long babies. I still hold a grudge against the medical establishment! And that's funny about your boob pics. I was impressed by what I'd got to last time, might do that this time!

Boo I've some cm, it's scary, until I checked I assumed it was going to be my period. I googled it after reading your post, it is a common sign of early pregnancy at least! How are you feeling today?

I've been far too anxious about this though the last couple of days. I get the strangest pains. And this morning my last digi test still read 2-3 weeks. Strictly speaking 3 weeks IS correct, and I did it on only 1 hours' wait since last loo trip but I still would have loved to see "3+". I'm hardly sleeping. I've booked a private scan for 7+1, in two minds as to whether it would be a waste of money. Luckily I've got two weeks off after this week as I'm no good at work at the moment.

Wild I think I might be interested in pregnancy yoga, whya re you waiting until week 13, is that the recommendation?

Is/was anyone freakishly cold? I'm trying to take it as a good sign that blood is being redirected or something but... I might just go google it!

Sheldonella Wed 03-Oct-12 11:19:00

one Freakishly cold - yes (unless I'm at work then boiling hot). I tend to sit under a blanket in the evenings at home. It was worst in the early weeks.
CM - I seem to have loads and have been tested - all fine.
Oh yes and digi tests - I don't think they can be trusted at all, mine were certainly not accurate and I've seen lots of info about them being unreliable.
I'm feeling really huge today as I tried to lift my knees up to my chest to keep warm last night and couldn't!!!

icequeenkate Wed 03-Oct-12 11:41:27

LOVING this thread! It's like having a coffee morning group - which sadly I don't have locally as all my friends have moved on from having kids... Thank you, ladies! brew and biscuit? Eaten the flapjack already - sorry had raspberries in so def part of my 5-a-day

one yes -very cold, apart from my hands which are warm (unusually). And ignore the digi tests - I relied on them too much during mc and drove myself round the bend. You've had the informative result - all you can do now is wait which I know is impossible. It sounds as if all is going well; gosh, I do feel for you as the memories of those first few weeks are very very fresh here too.

CM is meant to be a good sign - loads here blush. Kept texting a very close pg friend in the first few weeks to check if she'd has the same as I couldn't remember from the other DSs. It's supposed to be nature's way of keeping germs etc out?

Water birth. Haven't tried one yet. Remember climbing into bath at home when in labour with DS1 and almost getting stuck. DH had to get in to get me out!

sheldon I'm probably not the best person to ask about birthing... DS1 and DS2 were long and traumatic at the end mainly because I am stubborn and didn't listen to any advice the mw was giving... but DS3 was better. Managed all 3 on gas and air, although tried to demand an epidural with DS3 but wasn't allowed one. I think the major difference with DS3 was mobility. Because I had really bad SPD got the blinking thing again now, hobbling around as if I need a hip replacement and couldn't get myself off a bed if I lay down, the mw was excellent at ensuring I DIDN'T lie down at all. Gravity and moving around played a big part I suspect. And the confidence I got from the mw when trying to push him out; I kept thinking that he was going back up inside me, and she pointed out that always happens or feels as if it is happening but actually he's staying in the same place, I was just expanding around him? That statement gave me the massive confidence boost to carry on pushing, whilst draped over the bed and biting DH's thumbs to pieces. And it worked; he popped out and she caught him!

Sorry - essay! Off to take more photos of my boobs, and eat more pecan and almond granola with greek yoghurt and honey. Yummmm. grin

PS wilde have you bought calamine lotion for the pox yet? Provides a great distraction for boys as you can pretend it is in fact camouflage paint....

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 03-Oct-12 11:43:33

Thanks Sheldonella! That's reassuring. And your post about not being able to raise your knees to your chest reminded me, does anyone know that saying I've heard from pregnant women that refers to washing yourself in those later stages of the bigger bump when you can no longer see or reach everything?

And I googled the cold, there can be things like hypothyroidism and iron, but it also looks quite common. After my mc I went to the GP for the results of the bloods the mw took and they showed a normal thyroid functioning and iron so I'm going to just keep on the hot water bottles for now!

wilderumpus Wed 03-Oct-12 13:15:44

hello chatty ladies!

lots of CM is great boo and one! It is part of the mucus plug forming so your baby stays in a sterile environment and your fanjo is constantly cleaning itself. You might find you get quite a lot as the pg progresses!

one my scan was at 7+2. AFAIK if you are sure of your dates then at 7 weeks you are pretty guaranteed to see a HB. I didn't want to be sent away and then brought back again with any fob-offs but 7 weeks seemed ok for an early scan. Are you ok or worried?

AND DON'T DO DIGI TESTS ANY MORE! when you get to a certain stage they get all inaccurate. Leave them be and just know that today you are pregnant smile Strange pains are good - your womb is growing for your bubs!

13 weeks is recommended for the pg yoga at my group, don't think they want to risk owt in these early days. Too tired anyway wink

ice - boob pics! grin DS is completely FINE still thanks! Not itching and has hardly any spots. I think he might have one or two new ones and some have blistered. I think if he is like this again tomorrow I might start to hope we will get through it lightly. <fingers crossed> calamine camo sounds funny!

I am not cold in the main but I would get really cold, particularly in the very early days. Shivery. I always put it down to the fact my body was working so hard. I get cold when I am tired so feel like my body can't be arsed to keep me warm when is trying to keep me awake/grow a baby!

I am quite with it today! I have cleaned my house, baked a cake, made a lovely healthy lunch and my cravings for crap are calm today smile I also have a non underwired bra on YAY so my bbs are nice and comfy. Bloated as anything though.

booboomonster Wed 03-Oct-12 15:07:09

wow wild you are putting me to shame today. I have a list as long as my arm of things to do and I've done... not one iota. Apart from online shopping - it's got to be done now the supermarket makes me wanna vom! Though, freshly baked cake... mmmm.

Re cold - me me me. I am so f*ing cold it's untrue. I was getting proper shivers which seemed to have calmed down, but I either seem to be shivery or boiling. there's no happy medium! I thought it was just because I was refusing to wear tights yet (I don't really wear trousers and I know maternity tights will just emphasise my belly) but then I googled it. It's so weird, I don't remember that from previous pregnancies at all.

I love the thread too ice - it's so nice to have a pg thread when I know where everyone's up to and what they are doing. I find the ante natal ones I am constantly looking up people to remind myself who they are / what they said before etc. Your granola concoction sounds yum!

One yes the others are right, ditch the tests. I have been sorely tempted too, but I don't think they tell you anything accurate after a while. Like ice says, we just have to wait.... it's a test of character, it's bloody tedious grin

wild reassuring what you say about CM - I don't recall that from other pregs either but I think I am more aware of everything this time because of the worry and also because I am feeling it more.

Re: yoga I am still going to normal yoga, but I've just carried on from doing it before I was pg. I told my teacher I am pg and she's adapted some poses etc for me, and I just lie down if I'm feeling ug. I thought I would feel too sick but actually it's an opportunity to lie down in the middle of the day which is fab! (I do it during lunch at work). I found preg yoga a bit pedestrian, although a very nice way to think about baby and hear birth stories - I'd definitely recommend it for a first baby.

sheldon yes the voming doesn't happen to everyone though - I am unfortunately a bit prone. And if you were ok on G&A before then you should be fine.

wilderumpus Wed 03-Oct-12 15:30:06

boo am just feeling quite normal today, is rather lovely. My head fug and need to sleep has temporarily shifted! The cake was gross btw, I have had to bin it. If i pg woman won't eat it you know it is dreadful grin I can cook lovely savoury food, I really can, but baking I am terrible at. Once I cooked some lovely cookies, and once i cooked a lovely cake, and sadly those memories keep spurring me back into the kitchen to make more cookies and cakes that are dreadful smile

ah boo I never do yoga! I find it too faffy but after doing some amazing cvore stuff with my shredding dvds I really like the idea of stretching a lot and holding poses more than running around now! Am learning smile

I always do online shopping. opur supermarket is an hour walk away and I couldn;t buy enough and look after DS atm. When I am on Mat leave in Jan (smile) I will be out doing mroe stuff like that I hope!

ice echo boo's admiration of your granola and yog.

and I love this thread! I like the AN thread I am on but with my preg brain I can't remember for the life of me who is who and I still find it quite shouty - like the early days of BB when everyone is joslting to talk! I also find it very sad seeing people leave because they are miscarrying sad I hate how people say 'oh so sorry to hear that' and in the next breath go on about their pg. Reminds me too much of how I felt when I was the one dropping out.

better wake up the child... ohhhhh, do I have to?!

one my supervisor has told me that there are two chapters I have written for the PhD that I don't need sad I am so sad! And now my dissertation is 15000 words short! I am demoralised. can I have a hearty pat on the back please?! Only three months left... YAY! and shit! smile

wilderumpus Wed 03-Oct-12 15:30:58

btw the supermarket is NOT an hour walk away. It is a mile. One mile. Not an hour! what a drama queen! and sorry about the typos. I can't spell in early pregnancy, it is a fact.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 03-Oct-12 17:56:22

Wild you are full of energy today! --Mmm freshly baked cake!- (oops!) My ability to cook is wayward, unreliable. OH has temporarily banned me form unsupervised cooking.

I'm doing the same as you Boo re the antenatal thread, struggling to remember everyone, it's so full, hard to really get a sense of someone. And if I'm honest I'm anxious about coming across what you've described Wild, I might be more active there later on. And thanks all re the tests, I'm not sure I have character, I'll check the cupboards, but what I don't have is loads of money so since I don't have anymore tests I shall stop, I just really wanted to see it say 3+!!!

Pedestrian yoga sounds right up my street since I don't do anything ever!

And yes, thanks Ice I'm stuck on the moment on porridge and banana, meusli and yogurt would make a nice change!

Wild - oh god no! (patting back and nodding sympathetically) Damn. Why? What a terrible waste of time and effort. (just think, at least you don't have to trek an hour to the supermarket wink.

Ok, quick bath to warm up then to eat something!

wilderumpus Wed 03-Oct-12 18:16:57

<sobs quietly> one I am most distressed! In a tantrummy way I want to know why on EARTH in all the years I have been submitting chapter outlines to my supervisor he has not once said 'you know the lit review is just 4000 words in the intro don't you, not its own chapter? And there is no 'methodology' chapter?' But NO. Off I toddle in my own world and write two fecking chapters to be told one is irrelevent (but will be put in the intro somewhere) and the other needs to be cut in half. blush Ho hum. Luckily I still have plenty of time to complete so can see as a learning curve rather than be stewing and upset (and am growing a baby which generally chills me out). GAH.

ooooh a BATH! soooo envy I have adored baths since getting pg, they are the best. can you crave baths?!

energy went at 4pm. I actually hit some kind of wall and thought all of a sudden that I might die of tiredness. Die I tell you! filter coffee sorted me out for the toddler's sake or he would have no tea and a mama sleeping on the floor!

booboomonster Wed 03-Oct-12 19:36:19

ooh I'm craving baths too. But sadly it's just no fun with kids running around grin. Means I have to wait until they are in bed, and then I am just so dog tired! So my baths have been sporadic. Here's to more baths wine (alcohol free).

oh wild we should cook together - I hate cooking savoury but have a knack with cakes (it's just following the recipe to the t). Love your mile/ hour confusion!! The speed I'm moving at the moment a mile probably would take me an hour, mind! Really sorry to hear about your dissertation mix up. Why on earth didn't your supervisor say something? How utterly frustrating and annoying. Only consolation is that you have some time - imagine how awful it would be if it was due next week? Have a brew.

ooh one I am looking forward to getting back into porridge, it might be for after 12 weeks when I feel better (I hope, and am still pg).

wilderumpus Wed 03-Oct-12 20:01:50

i understand boo, I will have a bath at the weekend when DH can look after DS... I shall shut the door and I can't wait!

ah the work thing is fine. Just a pain but if i socialised with other PhDs more and my sup wasn't on the other side of the country having left the dept two years ago (but kindly still looking after me) I might know these things.

boo I can't follow recipies to a t. I am lazy and shove anything in, and nothing I cook ever rises properly. I am not fastidious or patient enough smile DS, in comparison, is very careful; when he is three maybe I shall let him bake us all cakes grin

DH is doing bedtime. I have actually died of tiredness and also when DS is going to sleep sometimes he inadvertently tweaks my boobs, a habit from old BF days and if he went NEAR them tonight i would be murderous! They reallllllly hurt! night peeps! smile

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 03-Oct-12 20:41:50

That's awful Wild, so much work, and how odd not to have a methodology section??? Clearly your assumption that there should be one is infinitely smarter. I think a tantrum and distressed sobbing are the most appropriate plan of action for tonight, and maybe a bath (!) and eating something nice and then hopefully wake up tomorrow with this hideousness now incorporated into your world view. Hope you rest well.

Sorry you can't have more baths Boo (and how about we all just continue to be pregnant after 12 weeks with lovely babies aka Sheldonella's, none of this other nonesense, agreed?). I'm really not a breakfast kind of person but since the first day of my last period I've been having porridge and banana alongside all those viatmins that were meant to help me have a better period (ha!), I stopped all the extra vitamins but kept on with breakfast. I wake up kind of starving now, which is really odd, I don't know if it's because my body is now expecting food or if it could be the beginings of nausea, but I chug a glass of milk with my antenatal vit and feel better.

And I can't cook, but as I was eating on my own tonight I had both salmon AND steak followed by a hot chocolate...zzzzzz

So, um, there, I've now fully informed you all about my recent food goings on blush

Ice, where are you weeks-wise?

wilderumpus Wed 03-Oct-12 20:52:35

one I am completely sanguine about the whole thing! I am so close to finishing I can't be arsed to care too much, as long as I am doing my best! Apparently examiners in humanities (or my dept) don't care how I did it, just what I did so methods only take a para or two! I have a chapter for my theory but methods ethics etc apparently they don't care! Bizarre hippies. They could have told me before they threw the rulebook out of the window smile

I am having pie and mash with gravy for tea! no veg! (ate lots all day though!) salmon and steak. wooooow!

proper porridge gives me heartburn! bizarre. someone said about oatso simple though and tho I have never had this it sounds lovely... and sweet! oooh, and with granola on top?! oooooh!

Sheldonella Thu 04-Oct-12 09:41:32

Morning! How are we all feeling today? It is my original due date today but I have felt lots of flutters from DD and had some lovely news from my friend who had her 12 week scan yesterday so I feel cheered up. I'm also wearing a lovely new maternity dress that I bought late night shopping last night. It was an exhausting trip but very much needed! DH and I are going for a meal tonight too as we feel the need to mark the day.
ice You did all on gas & air too? Amazing! I like these birth stories as it really just shows what we are all capable of (well, I hope to be).
one The cold - I was checked for low iron and hypothyroidism and all was fine. One thing that has happened though is my blood pressure has fallen quite a bit. Could this cause the coldness? Also, salmon and steak - yum, that's my next too meels inspired smile
wilde Grr on the chapters but still great that you can write so much. I'm rubbish at writing, I've really lost the skill since leaving uni. Sounds like you are close to finishing now though which is great. I know what you mean about the mc comments on the other threads, they made me sad too. There weren't many on the March one compared the my original October one but I noticed them much more having been through it.
boo I hope you manage to get a bath. I haven't much either but that is more because I've been lazy than busy!
Have a great day all! Guess I had better do some work...

wilderumpus Thu 04-Oct-12 11:41:20

sheldon hope you are ok today. I have no idea what I'll be like on the EDD... but generally think it might be nice to have it come and go? Does that sound harsh? I wonder if it will mark the end of the saga. how do you feel, if you don't mind me asking? I hope you are ok. Going out for a meal sounds like a lovely, positive thing to do.

low blood pressure can make you cold I think... I don't know!

I am pretty hormonal grumpy and anxious today. feel like i have pmt and should just be left alone with a lot of comfort food! Instead I am with a lovely but demanding toddler who is just starting to grate on my tired nerves (sorry DS). He isn't ill at all but he is a bit off which usually manifests itself in naughtiness. Does my box in. We went out for a walk for 15 mins as I thought maybe I had cabin fever (I didn't, the walk irritated me too!) and missed the post with my new book I am dying for! How annoying!

I think I might go and cry for the hell of it. <definitely pregnant smile>

yeah I like writing sheldon as you might have noticed! I am a prolific communicator chatterbox and general irritant. I have a blog and write the PhD easily and adore reading, it is research and planning that takes me yonks and donks! I am not very careful or detail-y.

anyways. Am off to find some comfort food for lunch!

has anyone read 'ina may's guide to childbirth'? Is meant to be tip top.

booboomonster Thu 04-Oct-12 13:01:16

sheldon thinking about you today. Glad you are having a nice evening out and got a new dress! And the sun is shining here which always makes optimism easier (in my book). My previous edd is 4 days after my scan, 5th nov (remember, remember...). But I feel philosophical about it. I suppose I just think what if it had carried on and there had been an awful problem later down the line or even at birth. Anyway, look after yourself.

I have taken a leaf out of wild's book and actually done some jobs today. I am feeling knackered but not quite so nauseous. In fact, I've just put a very demanding DD2 down for a nap so I'm shortly going to be going off myself. grin. And I made a cake! It's for DDs birthday part at the weekend (groan).

Yes I think low blood pressure can make you cold - I always get very low blood pressure when pregnant.

How annoying about the post wild - that always happens to me, and I sympathise about demanding boy - although am I right in thinking you have just sailed through chickenpox? I remember a couple of sleepless nights with the itching and fever.... yawn. Not read that book, I think, although I did read quite a lot first time around. But as for baby care books, I can really recommend Baby Love by Robin Barker. It's very laid back and sensible.

Food order arrived and I got tempted by an offer which I thought was for almonds but they are actually chocolate covered! I am rather fancying one now...

hope everyone has a great day.

Sheldonella Thu 04-Oct-12 13:03:39

Hi wilde I feel surprising ok today actually. I am glad to have it come and go as it feels like some sort of closure and I feel I can really look forward now. Being pg definitely helps, I don't know how I'd have felt if I wasn't but I feel very lucky. Tuesday was my difficult day as I felt a bit teary in the morning.
Hormonal days, oh yes, I get plenty of those! I think I get a patch of that every day which I just feel very irritated and want to cry. Glad DS is feeling ok though. Missing the book would have got me ranty, I hate missing deliveries too.
I like your chatty posts! I wish I could write more like that but as a sciency type I've never really had the practice.

Sheldonella Thu 04-Oct-12 13:07:04

Thanks boo. Yes, sunshine here too, maybe that's why I'm in a good mood. Loving all the cake making, I think I'll do one at the weekend.
Oh yes, I was thinking about getting that Ina May book later as it seems to get really good reviews.

wilderumpus Thu 04-Oct-12 14:17:57

well envy at you guys making nice cakes!

glad you doing ok today sheldon x what dress did you buy?! tell, tell! are you still wearing normal tights then? I couldn't!

boo don't do jobs. jobs are not for pg people, my house is still a mucky skankpit despite yesteryda's energy smile. yes, I think I might be sailing through chicken pox blush and absolutely should not complain! He has a couple more spots today, but is sleeping well, is his normal boisterous self and isn't really scratching the few that he does have. Am thinking that seeing as I think I noticed the first spot around Saturday ish (thought was an old mossie or insect bite from hols) then if he hasn't come out in more by tomorrow we might be able to breathe out?! naive positivity

I need DH, a random cry, takeaway food and probably my bed, although i feel so worried (about nothing) I don't think I could sleep for 'worrying'! <wanders off to walk into walls and stare into cupboards. Angrily>

Sheldonella Thu 04-Oct-12 14:24:33

It is this dress. Only in maternity tights now (dark red today)!

wilderumpus Thu 04-Oct-12 14:27:05

aw whee! looks lovely, comfy and bumpalicious!

Sheldonella Thu 04-Oct-12 14:29:35

Oh, I hope you can stop worrying! I'm the same! Today's worry - that my makeup has something nasty in it that I have been wearing the whole time and it is bad for the baby.

booboomonster Thu 04-Oct-12 14:55:21

Just posting quickly from my bed blush someone phoned and woke me up! I seem to have daily worries! Yesterday it was an ectopic worry as I had an ache on one side, I also worry about phantom pregnancy, and twins. And downs & stuff like that. As my mum said when I was first pg with DD "get used to the worry as it doesn't stop"! So that's, er reassuring (not) (but it is true).

wilderumpus Thu 04-Oct-12 15:00:17


I am going to make some shit biscuits to take my mind off this anxiety! Would be fine if I was working I think (sort of) but being at home alone is making me mental! grin I wish I could go sausage roll hunting.

Sheldonella Thu 04-Oct-12 15:03:56

wilde That made me giggle (shit biscuits, not anxiety) grin I'm sure they will be lovely though. Oh I keep spending money blush I've ordered a skirt and 3 tops now.
boo I was worried about twins too when the doctor said I was feeling sick far too early! It isn't though, even though my bump looks like it it.
Oh I so so want a cup of coffee!

wilderumpus Thu 04-Oct-12 15:13:28

are you abstaining from coffee sheldon? I have to admit to drinking a filter coffee every day and sometimes (not often) two! eek! but everyone in italy was at it and now when I am too tired to think I have one to get me through Ds's teatime. tbh am a bit off it really though. I like peppermint tea hmm

Sheldonella Thu 04-Oct-12 15:18:09

Nope, not abstaining. I have one fairly strong one in the morning but I got a stern look from the midwife about it so I feel bad having two (although I have sometimes). I used to love herbal tea but DH made me one the other night and the smell made me gag sad

wilderumpus Thu 04-Oct-12 16:06:25

yeah herbal tea is a weird one. I normally feel very saintly when drinking peppermint tea in real life but I do actually enjoy it atm. Ginger not so sure about. Tea is pretty gross if it isn't made completely perfectly. I had to have a stern word to DH about the tea he keeps making me as it is milky and too sweet and YUK! poor DH smile

bah MW. whatevs MW lady! <nod and smile, nod and smile>

wilderumpus Thu 04-Oct-12 16:52:13

yay! my hormonal anxiety and rage has lifted! phew whee.

am having my first true and proper craving. Am completely and utterly in love with the idea of a big packet of cheesy doritos. I never eat these. And I would like some smoky bacon wheat crunchies too. I eat these often smile I am waiting for half five so I can text DH and see if he can get some on the way home blush I daren't text before in case he is in some kind of tip top meeting and suddeny gets a text from me wittering about crisps, but really it is Very Important!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Thu 04-Oct-12 17:58:03

You've all been so active on here today and funny with the shit biscuits and the shopping! I've had a good read. I share the anxiety. And I worry about twins as I'm old and they are more common for old people. I worry about all the things that happened before to me and others happening again. And I'm abstaining from coffee so don't have a crutch. And then from time to time I get a good night's sleep and I'm ok! I'm not off anything but I do find strong smells deeply, viscerally unnerving. I'm a bit obsessed with eating. And I had an awful bleeidng dream a couple of nights ago. Very reminiscent of the MC in symbolic dream form. Luckily I sometimes think I have prophetic dreams (a week before the mc I dreamed of saying goodbye to the baby) and I don't feel that this one was, but still ewww. (and by the way this is a good day for me!)

1 more day to holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wilderumpus Thu 04-Oct-12 20:02:32

yes one that is exactly it, smells are more visceral. Like the smell of the bins by the dr didn't just piss me off a bit like in normal life, it was like it was IN me! Yack!

I am sorry you worry about your pg sad I dont worry about the baby so much as just feel worried. But that is because I need to work and instead I am cavorting about playing drs with a child with apparent chickenpox. By eventime, like now, I could be working but instead I slope to my office, sit down, write a new plan that doesn't need today in it and come downstairs to veg out! eek!

eating is amazing when pg one smile

I will probably be haunting you all again tomorrow as will still be quarantined. I nipped out to co-op for my cheesy doritos (completely lush salt fix. and got some really expensive granola bars - baby better appreciate it smile) when DH got home and that is the highlight of my social life since monday... hmm cabin fever anyone?!

one tell us about your holiday!

Sheldonella Fri 05-Oct-12 09:24:09

Morning! Well the meal out was mostly nice but I couldn't eat the main course as I developed an aversion to the beans that were in it. I managed about a quarter and then the small suddenly became very off-putting sad Still, it was nice to go out and the starter was delicious.
one I has a serious panic about twins at first until someone on the March AN thread said it would be a ready made family and they would entertain each other which I thought was nice. I was still relieved to find it was only one though! Sorry about your crappy dreams, I've had a few too but I'm getting more confident as the weeks go on. Hopefully your worry will subside soon too.
wild Did you make some shit (or delicious) biscuits? smile Glad your rage wore off and you got the crisps!

wilderumpus Fri 05-Oct-12 09:39:45

yo yo. small child is crackers today, think we may have to venture out pox or no! he barely has any pox anyway. when will it get proper?! <really hopes is over>

sheldon sorry to hear about your meal! i am very interested tho because that happens to me too but i thought i was just being overly fussy! sorry it put you off your dins tho.

no biscuits here, could not be arsed. i watched a cbeebies programme that made me cry instead hmm

am not 'hormonal' today (tho obviously am) but am sooooooo tired. think i would call in sick if i had a job! i told ds to watch tv for a bit so i could zonk but instead he is sat on me using me as a fire engine that keeps crashing... 'eck.

so bored of being stuck in! Thank god its friday!

icequeenkate Fri 05-Oct-12 11:39:08


caffeine: strong cup of tea first thing in morning (DHs only concession to me being up-duffed - he normally refuses to, and I quote, 'pander to your whims, and I don't want you getting used to it' pillock. Followed by a cup of milky full caff coffee mid-morning. Then nothing but water for rest of day coz I can't sleep at night if I have caffeine after lunch.

Well, tuesday was viability day. Officially 24 weeks. So I went shopping yesterday. Trekked round Bluewater, or to be more precise John Lewis. Was meant to be getting bits for baby as I'll be too fat to do it in late Nov, Dec is full of Christmas cheer and I won't be safe to be let out as I'll try and kill everyone, and January has sales which I can't abide at the best of times. I came home with DS1's winter clothes (all mix and match as he is colour blind, love him) and one packet of newborn vests. Didn't want to jinx it. How rubbish is that?

Still having bleeding dreams too. Think it's only natural one but that doesn't make it any easier. Mine are beginning to be labour and pain dreams... DH said I woke him up with my deep breathing!

DS3 demanded banana and chic cake - must be off to cater to his every whim... have a good day all.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Fri 05-Oct-12 16:01:37

Ice how wonderful!!! Fantastic news. I hope it doesn't bother you too much that you only brought home a few things. This whole journey is one of extreme bravery. You went out, and you did buy something, so what it wasn't the whole kit and kaboodle, you have time still.

Wild hope your DS is on the road to recovery, good he's getting it over with when young. I had it only a few years back and it was hideous and I scared myself looking in the mirror!

Sheldonella I've also heard the ready made family line and part of me would love that since we're only going to have one. I just also think about how hard that would be. I would be delighted to have either one or two healthy babies really!

Food update: My new fetish Magnum dark chocolate coated vanilla ice cream bars. I've had 4 in the last two weeks. blush

Wild, holiday is to Sardinia for one week and then a second week doing little day trips and diy around the house. And I am officially home now, laundry is on and the house tidy is about to begin. And I think as I'll be able to nap when I want that hopefully I'll get my diet under control a little bit since if I keep on people will start commenting!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Fri 05-Oct-12 16:02:02

Ps, Chic Cake? grin

wilderumpus Fri 05-Oct-12 17:46:27

congrats ice! I was perfectly content in my pregnancy with DS but still only bought a hat and one set of babygrows by 30 weeks. Had his cot up etc a week before he was born! is hard to get your head around I think.

one sardinia sounds wonderful! and pottering! sleep a lot and have lots of baths <dreams> sorry to hear you had the pox not so long ago, having it as a grown up sounds shocking. MIL had shingles and was hospitalised sad And yes is good he has got it now not that you would know he had it AT ALL.

chic cake! how posh?! grin no shit biscuits in ice's house! grin

chinese takeaway for tea! will satiate my need to eat salty-sweet things!

Sheldonella Mon 08-Oct-12 09:41:28

Morning everyone! Hope you all had nice weekends. I completely overdid it visiting my parents and doing their garden and could barely drag myself out of bed this morning, I ache so much!
We also went shopping to look at everything baby related, tried out prams and melted over all the little clothes smile I also think I want a moses basket as they are so cute although I guess it won't last long. Decisions...
wilde How is DS?
one Are you on holiday now? Hope you are having a fabulous time!
ice I can't believe you are past 24 weeks now, how lovely. I am 18 and saw some family at the weekend who couldn't believe how huge I am smile

wilderumpus Mon 08-Oct-12 12:15:58

18 weeks sheldon! wowsers smile

DS is fine thanks! I thought it had all gone actually but found a couple of straggler new spots so guess he won;t be able to go to the childminders tomorrow. will do some reading, every other one has scabbed over so thought we were over it! arf.

moses baskets are VERY useful in the early days sheldon! DS didn't have a cot until he was six months... maybe buy one second hand and buy a new mattress for it if you don't want the expense? little babies like the security of being in a small space instead of a big draughty cot... Plus you will find they will sleep in the same bedroom as you for the first six months so you can pop the moses basket next you when you go up to bed; it means you can take their bed away when you go away and they will be familiar with it; and it means they can sleep in it while you are downstairs, sleep in the sitting room/kitchen wherever you are (if you have a baby that sleeps on its own! Mine would only sleep being cuddled and would wake up the moment we put him down hehe!). we would then carry the moses basked with sleeping baby upstairs to bed with us. are generally lovely things to have around! yours might never take to it but you never know grin

anyway. ice do you use a moses basket for your babies?

Am grumpy today! need more sleep!

icequeenkate Mon 08-Oct-12 14:52:09

wilde you beat me to it! Was about to say a moses basket is a must. My gran bought our one, and it's been used for all 3 babies so far, plus 3 cousins, plus two of my closest friend's babes. Really lovely. We've just replaced the mattress when needed. Just picked it up from my lovely sil (who was a little sad to see it go as she should have been due 4 wks after me, but as I pointed out to her, she can have it back again very quickly for when she needs it!).

Top tip: NCT Nearly New Sales. Not sure whereabouts you live sheldon but log on to the nct website and find your nearest one? You can pick up LOADS of bargains and actually inspect what you are buying (unlike ebay) I've bought travel cots for £5, stair gates for £5, clothes for £1 a piece etc. You don't have to be a member to shop at them BUT (another top tip grin) if you volunteer to help out at the sale, you get first pickings before the general public come in! Seriously, can't recommend it enough. They are usually held Spring and Autumn so quick!

prams? which ones? Addict here. Have had Mamas & Papas Pliko travel system (worst of the lot), Mclaren x2 (lost one somewhere confused - no idea where), Phil & Teds E thingy (brill for 2 kiddies), a Quinny 3 wheeler (heavy and cumbersome but great for country living), and a Bugaboo (which I will be using again this time). Hmmm, bit of a long list. blush I did see a yummy mummy pushing a Bugaboo donkey at Bluewater last week and had a moment of buggy envy...

DS1 stayed in our room for all of 2 nights - I couldn't put up with his snoring and snuffling (think it was all a bit of a shock to my system) but slept in his moses basket in his cot for about 8wks. wilde is right - they seem to like the confinement! DS2 and 3 both slept in the basket next to my bed so I could haul them out and plug them on during the night. Oh joy! Night time feeds...

Happy holiday one.

Boo how are you doing?

Have a good day all. grin

wilderumpus Mon 08-Oct-12 14:59:02

ice I am sling fetish lady, rather than prams! never got a pram but did get a pushchair when DS was 6 months old for going to pramfit! hehe. I don't think I will need a pram for this one either - DS will be 3.5 when it is born so figure he'll be walking everywhere then? what do you think ice? Otherwise I did like the look of the classic phil and teds, my friend had one and you just couldn't tell there was a baby sleeping in the pull out section at the back! so funny and sweet (and easy).

I got my moses basket off ebay but was able to inspect it first as was pick up only, and was nice to see the home and baby it had been used for before in a weird way! I was a total cow and didn't let SIL borrow it for her baby as I mc'ed and just could not bear the idea of someone else using my baby's moses basket. Does that make me dreadful?! blush

Sheldonella Mon 08-Oct-12 15:03:44

Thanks for the moses basket info ice and wilde. I'm going to get one smile I hadn't thought about the confinement thing but it makes sense they would prefer it to a huge open cot. It would make things easier having it in our room too rather than a cot. Ooh this is so exciting!
I have fallen for the Phil & Teds navigator as I want a three wheeler for all our country walks and I like the wheels. Not sure about the attachments though - the carrycot looks absolutely tiny but maybe the cocoon thingy will be ok. Also not sure about attaching a car seat to it - is this a good idea? I'm impressed by your pram collection ice.
I think I felt a big kick today, right in the middle which is a first. DH is getting impatient now as he hasn't felt anything at all and tries every day.
NCT sales - I saw a poster in my village for this, I must check it out.
Sounds like DS is on the mend then wilde, hope that is the last of the spots!

Sheldonella Mon 08-Oct-12 15:06:27

That doesn't make you dreadful at all wilde, I couldn't bare the thought of that either.
Slings - I am interested in these too. Are the fabric ones better than the harnessy looking ones?
Oh yes the classic Phil & Teds - I was interested in that but haven't been able to see one anywhere.

booboomonster Mon 08-Oct-12 18:04:25

hello! I've had a manic couple of days - working on Friday then was in work 6am on Saturday, came home and had to organise DD2's birthday party and ice cake, etc, then do the party (and survive). I think I slept most of Sunday, I was absolutely knackered! I also ate a lot of crap on saturday so I think my blood sugar levels were all over the place. Anyway, I have not been working today but kids been at school/ pre school so finally had some free time to do some jobs and have more of a sleep! Can't seem to get enough zzzzz's right now.

Anyway, loving moses basket chat. We actually didn't use one, but only because my Mum still has the rocking crib that my Dad built for me when I was born, so it's nice to use that. Although in fact with DD2 we pretty much co-slept, as I found it so much easier for breastfeeding. I didn't dare to do it with DD1 but with DD2 it just felt natural. In fact I think DD1 was a snorer and sniffler like yours, ice. I remember thinking it was like having a little piglet in the room!! And I was totally paranoid all the time that she might not be breathing so in a way it was a relief to get her out of the room (I think we lasted 3 months). I think I will try and do co sleeping again, but it does depend on the baby I think. It was very handy just rolling over and letting her feed, and then I could drop off to sleep again. We'll have the crib on standby too.

Hurrah for kicks sheldon, I am so looking forward to that stage (all being well).

I am also a sling fan, like you wild, though as DD2 was so heavy I did well to keep it up for so long and slightly worried about my back. I tended to use it for short journeys, so much more handy than getting the whole buggy out. I had a lovely rainbow fabric ring sling which I loved, and also you could breastfeed secretly with it! DH preferred the baby bjorn though. But I still used the buggy and someone gave us a nipper which has 2 seats side by side which was handy for going for long walks and stuff like that (DD1 was 2y9m). Ooh all this talk is making me excited. I was looking at some old baby pics of the DDs earlier and remembering it all... and noted how tired me and DH appear!!

Anyway, sorry for essay! Also wild that is not awful at all, I would have done exactly the same. Moses baskets are easy enough to pick up anyway.

booboomonster Mon 08-Oct-12 18:07:52

oh and wild I couldn't recommend getting a scooter enough for your DS1. I got one when DD2 was born (in fact it was DD2s 'present' for DD1). It was incredibly useful to use when I was pushing DD2 in the buggy, or in the sling, and she'd never get tired of walking as she loved using it. The micro mini's are the best and if you have the buggy you can just sling them over the handle when not using it.

wilderumpus Mon 08-Oct-12 18:19:22

boo your weekend makes me feel utterly exhausted (apart from the sunday snoozing bit!) I can't get enough zzzzz's at the moment either. Has to be a good sign?!

A rocking crib sounds lovely smile and a co-sleeper and sling buddy yay! We coslept with DS until he was 18 mths! then we moved house and he had his own room then I pretty much slept in there after 1am each night until not long before we went on holiday! he is a terrible, terrible sleeper and needs so much bloody reassurance, wakes easily... but now he sleeps though. thank god I just hope, hope, hope the next one sleeps more easily!

re slings I have a stretchy moby wrap for the first six months, then a ring sling and mei tai. I prefer the fabric slings sheldon as they distribute your weight properly and help your back, I wore DS until he was 18 months, then he didn't like it any more, but would have gone longer. Hardly ever used the pushchair till then. In the sling he noticed so much of the world you don't get to see at pram level, and you can talk to them really easily and hold hands and kiss their heads and ah, is lovely. I love it for all these reasons BUT I know it is really just a sling to many people smile (I have geekified carrying around my child!) My friend had a baby bjorn, and DS wore a bb too. My friend liked it for short journeys and DH hated it, but used it anyway, bless him.

first sling essay over!

boo atm I think my blood sugar levels go all over the place if I don't eat rubbish. I have tried to eat lots of fruit and veg today when hungry and I wasn't able to keep myself from having that horrid sicky shaky sugar crash feeling until I scoffed some white toast and a cereal bar and then a chocolate wafer.... then I felt better! I feel like I just HAVE to eat rubbish! hmm I am getting fat though, sadly. Big fat pregnant thighs I get, nowhere else, just my bloody thighs. But if i have a baby at the end! wooooo whatever big thighs! smile


wilderumpus Mon 08-Oct-12 18:20:16

thanks for that boo! May will be a great time to get a scooter as a present too! smile

icequeenkate Mon 08-Oct-12 20:02:26
icequeenkate Mon 08-Oct-12 20:18:35

I think that at 3.5 your DS will be fine to walk most places wilde - a double buggy might be an extravagance, particularly as the Phil & Ted has a limited weight for the back bit - which he'd have to travel in until baby is big enough to go in it as well? Def go for the scooter - it could be the baby's present to DS?

Slings - I've never really got on with them. I know lots of people that swear by them. My babies have always been so long and heavy and i'm not the most natural breastfeeder! I have to be sitting comfortably, with my cushion, hitching up my top and exposing large quantities of boob so I can check the baby is latching on correctly! Not very subtle at all blush. We've always liked the backpack carriers tho - very useful for trekking around the place.

sheldon I can recommend the cocoon thing for P&Ts pushchairs. The basinet bit is quite small, you are right, and by comparison the cocoon offers better value. It is also useful for hauling out of the buggy and placing under chair/coffee table/on kitchen worktop etc when your baby is snoozing after the walk and you don't want to wake it? I found it very convenient - and warm too. You can buy a maxicosi baby seat converter kit for the classic P&T so i'd imagine it's the same for the one you've seen too.

boo sounds like a busy weekend indeed. Hope you managed to rest up a bit today!! Love the sound of your crib - how lovely to have something passed down from your parents smile. I know what you mean about co-sleeping and 2nd time round etc. I didn't really do it with DS2, but with DS3 it was the only thing that kept me sane, and gave me some sleep.

wilde I've done nothing but eat crap all day. I even forwent a tasty Nigella spring chicken dish with baked potato tonight for a bowl of Crunchy nut clusters with chocolate swirls. Can't get enough of the stuff, but it blocks me up, so have to consume it with a generous portion of all-bran. hmm It's so reassuring to hear of someone else who HAS to have crap too. grin

Off to finish off knitting a stripy hat for friend's baby boy - due in Dec!

wilderumpus Mon 08-Oct-12 20:39:18

I didn't think I would have to get a buggy so am glad he should be ok without one smile I'll sling new bubs around.

scooter would def be a present from bubs smile He has decided that his baby brother or sister is an owl hmm eek, hope not. He has also decided he has one in his tummy too, but it is not going to come out yet grin (he saw bubs at the scan so knows all about it)

your boy is gorgeous ice! what a cutie!

can't wait to get crocheting again. uni has been taking all my time so haven't done any for aaaaaaages. january I shall be crocheting away yay.

arf ice am really off chicken! which is weird as it was my main craving with DS - once I made DH go out and buy a chicken so I could roast it at 7pm... hmm

booboomonster Mon 08-Oct-12 20:51:00

ice your lad is so cute! Does he do a lot of modelling? Looks quite the professional!

*ice, wild, I keep making/ preparing foods that I fancy and then not feeling like them after one portion - so have excess french onion soup, ginger biscuits (which are now in bin), roast chicken, etc, etc. I hate throwing things away. Also - this is a bit weird - I cannot face thinking about getting dressed and what to wear, it makes me feel ill. Usually I love fashion and clothes etc and at the moment I just don't give a sh*t, as long as I don't have to think about it.

Yes the weekend was a killer. I forgot also that I got a puncture on my bike on Friday night and had to walk home in the pouring rain. Luckily wasn't too far from home (about 2 miles) but it still compounded the exhaustion.

Yes I kind of do hope to use the crib this time too, specially as it's my first child since Dad's death. Am feeling a bit emotional tonight, don't know why... hormones I suppose.

I really wish I'd had a scan already like you wild I just keep imagining getting to the scan and finding it's no go... I think I'd go crazy. This is exactly what happened to my friend recently and the more I think about it the more I think she must have been distraught. She's only just recovering from PND from after her first DC. I haven't really talked to her much about it because I didn't want to say I am pg, and didn't want to not say at the same time, but I am increasingly feeling like I should see her. Not sure what the answer is - I was hoping to wait til 12 weeks then at least I can be honest about my situation.

booboomonster Mon 08-Oct-12 20:54:24

the owl thing is v funny wild - why an owl? Did it look owl like on scan? Or does he have a book with owls in? Kids come up with the strangest things.
oh god, nigella is on the telly making fake mash with semolina, the look of it is making me feel sick...

wilderumpus Mon 08-Oct-12 21:06:19

boo have no idea why an owl. it was a very random comment.

noooooooooo having an early scan is a fools game! I felt ace for a few days but now I might as well have not had it. baby could have died anyway! If I am having an anxious hormonal moment I feel very vulnerable and gloomy too, which I think is perfectly normal but heightened in us. I always thought I would die of nerves before the scan too but actually I needed the loo so badly I think that took my mind off it. I was in a lot of pain and was actually told by the sonographer to have a wee so she could measure the baby! blush I only did it because of the cramping and off coloured cm which was making me gloomy anyway, I kind of had nothing to lose and a LONG time to wait to see if everything was ok.

ah. the food situations you describe are making me feel better. I am just the same! I did an online shop this morning and was feeling queasy and off everything... so had to confess to DH that we might only have £50 worth of hash browns, potato cakes and cheese. And peanut butter reeses things that look like they will satiate my cravings for nutty stuff, and salty-sweet stuff all in one! grin I also find that if I fancy something halfway decent I make myself cook it there and then, even if it is 10am. Otherwise I will go off it and just eat toast and marmite.

it is a pain, but it is also just so fun! it all means we are really likely to have a baby in there making us crackers?!

going to zonk out now and try not to get over anxious about the bubs. night!

booboomonster Mon 08-Oct-12 23:01:21

Thanks for that wild I see your point about scan. But I do half feel like I am making it all up... Iykwim. But good point about the food craziness, yes it looks positive so far...!
I am off to bed now too... Sleep well!

wilderumpus Tue 09-Oct-12 10:41:12

boo I absolutely know what you mean about feeling that you are making it up! Am quite glad you have that feeling too (in a good way!), I thought it was just me. when we on hols I started feeling so pregnant (went at nearly 5 weeks, came back when nearly 7 when all symptoms had kicked off) and felt like I was making it up completely, bieng around non-pg people (boys!) and no internet to reassure me. Scan does reassure, but only in the same way a pg test does. It is true in the moment but later... hmm And I know that the risk of mc goes down drastically once you have seen a hb but it seems to have happened to so many people on MN I don't know how the stats make sense!

Anyway. Do you have a scan date through yet boo? Am still waiting for mine, want to know, want to know starting to fret that they have forgotton about me

DS is off at the childminder's this morning... my first time alone in nearly a month! I have to work but have so many other lovely things i want to do instead! Have a bath, eat loads of junk, watch rubbish tele, have a nap... eek! I will go up a work in a bit smile

icequeenkate Wed 10-Oct-12 09:43:45

Morning all.

Sitting in MacDs eating an egg and bacon muffin and drinking a caffeinated coffee. Reason? Waiting for the local branch of mamas and papas to open so I can purchase next size up mat jeans. Wonder if there's a connection!!!winkgrin

Hope everyone is ok and feeling nicely sick <meant in the nicest possible way>. How many weeks are you all now?

Oh god, feeling really out of place with all the truckers scoffing their breakfasts too - may retreat back to the car!! hmm

Oooh just found this emoticon on my mobile bear - how long has this one been around?!

Sheldonella Wed 10-Oct-12 09:49:52

Morning! Ugh, I definitely cannot cope with whole weekends away, I'm still not over it. Pity really as I have lots of visits to do before the baby comes.
How are we all today? I've been feeling very emotional for a couple of days, so excited by what is to come but worried at the same time. Roll on 23rd for my scan when hopefully I will be able to relax.
boo Sounds like you have been very busy, not surprised you are tired. I also hate wasting food and freeze random portions. I have really appreciated them recently when too tired to cook.
ice Your DS is adorable! Thanks for the cocoon info too, I'm going to seek one out next time I'm shopping somewhere.
wilde A baby owl, how cute smile I had exactly the same experience at my early scan - bladder was so full and painful that I was too busy thinking about that to worry. Sorry you are feeling anxious again, I did too but the 12 week scan was even nicer for it I think as baby did a huge bounce as soon as she was on screen and I could see how much she had grown. How long have you got now?
I had the "am I making it all up?" feeling too. Now I feel sort of normal and not sick all the time and I have moments thinking it again!

Sheldonella Wed 10-Oct-12 09:50:53

Ooh I could really eat one of those ice smile I have stopped wearing my jeans too as I seem to have grown out of them blush I'm 18+4 now.

wilderumpus Wed 10-Oct-12 11:19:58

sheldon DH put paid to any cute owl ideas when he asked 'will it come out beak or claws first then do you think?' owwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeee!

ice I love your story, made me chuckle. Am so envious of you being anywhere near a maccy dees. at this time every day I crave macdonalds and tell myself I will get DH to buy me one on the way home, but luckily come that time I am off it again. usually feel quite sicky around tea time, tiredness i think.

No idea when my 12 week scan is sheldon, though I will be 12 weeks at the beg of nov. am 8+5 today!

I am always starving and ready for my lunch at 11am! Did I tell you about my 6 hash brown mega dinner last night?! SIX. And am drooling at the thought of more... eek!

sheldon is mad how being pg knackers you out going away.

am so tired today i can't be arsed to turn pages of my notes over. can you get more lazy than that?!

DS isn't happy being back at the childminders. he loves it there but it is clear he wants to be here like he has been for the past month. Oh for Jan when I can be a stay at home mum! then in late jan/feb we are making the Big Move to cornwall! eekins.

Sheldonella Wed 10-Oct-12 11:22:07

Cornwall? How lovely! Is this for work? I dream of moving somewhere prettier. I love hills and walking but live in Cambs which is totally flat.

wilderumpus Wed 10-Oct-12 12:02:46

noooo, cornwall is the opposite of work sheldon confused. Am a bit frightened! is where DH is from and all his friends and family are still there (every one of them a teacher as it is really the only form of gainful employment that way!) and is such a lovely way of life so we are making the move to see if we like it enough to settle there too! I am a somerset/devon lass so love the country, tho being in the dales is super marvellous too... Just miss the beach and will really need some support with two childers and will be LOVELY to have some friends to hang out with!

DH had his own business so will take that up again... one of his clients asked him to work for them full time so he did and hates it (but has learnt lots apparently) so wants to work for himself again, which is great and does mean we can move to cornwall but am a bit worried as I am not earning any more <helpless control freak emoticon> and no bugger will employ me when am 25 weeks pg! will be fine. am excited about it all really, will be lovely to finally make our move to where we belong (and no one will ask about my accent any more!) smile

icequeenkate Wed 10-Oct-12 12:16:52

LOVE Cornwall! YOu'll be able to tell which week we're down on holiday, as it always rains! But we love love love it. Usually stay at St Mawes. Boats, sand, diving board accessible with a wetsuit on, raincoats and wells chucked in back of car must buy van for 4 kids ,gardens, ice-cream, really pretty jewellery using local stones etc... can you tell what i spend my time doing there!!

Love Cambs too. My godson lives in Cambridge so I visit as often as I can. They have a lovely new John Lewis.... grin

booboomonster Wed 10-Oct-12 12:43:19

Hello all!

wild my scan date is 1st Nov, I'll be bang on 12 weeks. I have my booking in appt this Sunday, then on the 25th (week before scan) bloods, then scan. I am very much looking forward to the 1st! I think I might get some bubbly in if it's not too presumptious still I might need it anyway.

ice hilarious about mcdonalds! There was a lot of chat on the May anten thread about tuna mayo, which I haven't fancied until now. I have just scoffed 4 slices of toast with tuna sweetcorn mayo on top. I am officially, a pig. oink. My nausea seems to have eased a bit but not completely - don't know whether to be pleased or worried!

sheldon I hope you can take it easy for a bit. I know what you mean about going away or being busy at all - I cannot handle anything right now. Though I did get another puncture on the way into work yesterday and had to walk for another 2 miles and it was quite nice in the sunshine. But when evening comes I am a wreck.

Moving to Cornwall does sound amazing wild - I hope it works out for you, I bet the quality of life is just great. The only people I know there are teachers too! I am a city dweller (London) and can't really imagine moving, although I was brought up in the country. But, the sea is the only things that would tempt me, I imagine, though its not going to happen as both me and DH are in the media so kind of need to be here. ouch to owl birth!

ice are you going to buy a van? Our car is a berlingo and I think you can get a seven seater. It's a great car as it is a bit like a van & sliding doors are great for city living.

I am 9 weeks tomorrow!

wilderumpus Wed 10-Oct-12 13:00:31

boo you sound lovely and happy smile

want my scan date! hmmph.

yuk to tuna mayo grin how can you have something so, ahem, fishy?!! is just had a big lunch and have stopped feeling panicky, yay.

ah big cars! we have an estate which is a slight overkill with just the three of us smile (i always planned to fit another child or two and a dog in it at some point) we had a renault espace when we were tiddlers, was ace especially if you are outdoorsy with the chairs turning into tables and wotnot. This is back in the day tho sure you have fancier two seaters these days!

I cannot STAND london boo blush I lived there for a year and every time i visited DH in cornwall I started breathing again, so knew it wasn't for me. I am not good with lots of human life around me, it freaks me out smile My friends live in london (camden) so I come down about twice a year to get shitfaced in a fancy club and that's my london life done. I am keen to take DS though, he'll LOVE seeing big ben and london bridge etc. we did talk about moving there as DH is in marketing and would earn a gazillion squids but... we want to grow veg, teach DS to surf and drink cider by the sea. You have it bang on in your experiences ice! There is a big worrying part of us that feels we might be retiring early but we will rent for a year or so and see how it goes before buying.

sheldon have always wanted to visit cambs. never been to that area of the country!

Sheldonella Wed 10-Oct-12 13:17:51

Oh that sounds like a lovely life wilde. Growing veg and drinking cider by the sea sounds perfect smile My cousin lives in Devon and keeps chickens, that is the kind of life I would like us to live.
Cambridge is a lovely city (and yes, ice the John Lewis is fabulous) I feel quite lucky to be close to it but I would love to be able to go walking in the hills or be closer to the sea. I would love to move to a more rural area at some point but the smaller villages and rural areas around here just keep getting built on and turned into bigger towns. We had to come here for work really though.
boo Another puncture, how annoying. Glad it was sunny though. My closest friends live in London so I've been fairly often. I do love that you can find anything there, but I grew up in a big city so enjoy the quiter life now.
I'm eating my lunch at my desk - a chicken pasty, breadsticks and cream cheese and chocolate brownies. My colleagues probably think I'm a total pig grin

wilderumpus Wed 10-Oct-12 13:40:34

ha sheldon we used to have chickens and they would chase me round the garden! Am reet scared of the buggers now but having your own eggs would be smashing (though ours were always off?!)

oh yes, boo, another puncture?! aww!

I had sausages, hash browns and an egg on toast for my lunch smile sausages were meant to be for tea... oh well, don't look at me, blame the baby!

booboomonster Wed 10-Oct-12 18:18:21

ha wild it's funny, all my friends with babies are moving out to the country, but the thought makes me shudder! I love going rural on holiday, but not to live. I think I'll save it for retirement! grin Also, I grow veg! I have a glut of tomatoes at the moment which is slightly unfortunate as I really don't fancy eating them. Any tomato recipes welcome!!

I know re the tuna mayo - I did not fancy that at all before and in fact the the thought makes me feel slightly nauseous now. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment-right-at-the-time things!

sheldon I don't know cambridge at all but keep meaning to go. It looks beautiful! I was thinking keeping chickens would be fantastic, but my SIL just started it and they crap all over her garden. I know this is to be expected unless you have a massive garden but it did rather put me off (specially right now, yuk).

I've just put a baked potato in the oven for my tea - it's fish and chips night for the DCs (post swimming lesson) but really can't face idea of chips, which is odd as normally they are the business! I am so fickle it's untrue!

ice you are making me want to go on holiday with all that hols talk! I spose a girl can dream....

wilderumpus Thu 11-Oct-12 19:51:33

pink blood. oh fuck angry sad

Sheldonella Thu 11-Oct-12 20:05:03

Oh wild I had some too at about 8 weeks. Can you get yourself to be checked out?

wilderumpus Thu 11-Oct-12 20:15:53

where and how sheldon? I feel fine, no cramping or anything and still v pg symptoms, but obviously also low level panicking.

I will call someone asap tomorrow. I don't know whether to call mw's or gp? If they tell me to sit at home and mc I think I will go mental. I really want my kind dr cause I know she will act like she cares about me and my baby, you know?

thanks for your reassurance sheldon, am so grateful. am home alone and DH is out playing footie. I hate that I should probably tell him when he gets in. bums.

Sheldonella Thu 11-Oct-12 20:29:19

No cramping is a very good thing. Is it a lot? When it happened to me it always seemed to be later in the day after straining on the toilet (TMI, sorry). Have you been on your feet a lot today or done any heavy lifting or anything like that?

Totally understand wanting the kind doctor, maybe try her first tomorrow? My mw last time said the EPU here would help if it was more than a spoonful or something like that and suggested I tell them it was if I was worried. If you can't wait the advice is to go to A&E but I know that is easier said than done.

ChuckleMonster Thu 11-Oct-12 20:33:17

Evening ladies. Haven't been in for ages, been stupid busy at work sad. Haven't gad a read yet (may take a while to catch up) but wanted to give you a quick hug wilde and say I was sat in my mw room at 8 weeks sobbing hysterically (snot and everything) as I was so convinced it was going wrong and 2 hours later I was looking at a wriggly bean during the scan. Please try not to worry (I know, I know, easy to say) I would call gp in the am, mine sent me to hospital for reassurance scan. Lots of positive vibes heading your way from here wilde!

wilderumpus Thu 11-Oct-12 20:55:04

thanks for your kindesses ladies smile

I think my kind gp is off until Monday, i think she works mon and tues so may take the MW as my first option and make an appt to see my gp on mon anyway, especially if MW is a 'wait and see' type... if i say I also had bleeding at 6+6 but then a scan that showed a HB they may listen and help me?

sheldon was only for the one time I went for a wee, then I went back half an hour later and had only a weeny bit. Daren't go back again. Just pink blood. cervix still closed (tmi). I have been walking four miles a day to the childminders and back since tues... i wonder if that might have irritated something? The bleeding at 6+6 I am sure was because of so much walking on hols too...

I don't feel like I will mc atm... I don't know but when the last baby was diagnosed as a BO I just knew, I had always known it was fucked, instinctively. this time not so much. If I lose it I will be shocked.

bah! go away bleeding, never darken my door again!

so sorry you guys had scares too. 8 weeks is a weird time isn't it, i remember from the mc boards 6 and 8 weeks kept cropping up.

booboomonster Thu 11-Oct-12 21:13:36

oh no wild sorry to hear this, fingers crossed it's nothing. I think you can definitely take some reassurance from the fact that you feel positive, and still have symptoms. And it doesn't sound like it was very much. Bleeding can happen in normal pregnancies for so many reasons. <<hugs>>

wilderumpus Thu 11-Oct-12 22:38:20

thanks boo

DH is taking tomorrow off so I can lie in and not have to run around after DS. Sounds dramatic to me but he is adamant and we do wonder if I am perhaps being a bit too gung ho and irritating something... and am going to try and beg for a scan so we will be able to go together if he is here.

Have had some worse news this evening actually, our closest friends (DHs best mate and his wife) have just lost their first baby at 11 weeks sad They would have been due at the same time as us, in May. so if we are ok, our baby will be a nightmare for them won't it. I can't see my friend who is due when I would have been with the baby I mc'ed. They were so kind to us when we mc'ed too, actually asked about it and treated it like a proper death. They are completely cut up about it apparently which breaks my heart as they are such stoical people normally.

Oh man, what an evening.

sorry to brain dump. take care of your bumpys ladies smile

Sheldonella Fri 12-Oct-12 13:14:04

How are you today wilde? Hope all is well and you got your lie in. Sorry to hear about your friends, so sad. My cousin had recently had a baby when I mc'd and she was one person who I could talk to, as she had also been through a mc and knew exactly how I felt. Your friends will know that you know that you understand.

Sheldonella Fri 12-Oct-12 13:15:12

Sorry, I should really proof read blush That last sentence should have been

Your friends will know that you understand what it is like.

booboomonster Fri 12-Oct-12 13:38:37

Just posting quickly on phone. Glad your DH taking seriously, wild. It's a good idea to take it easy.

Sorry to hear about you friend - that's exactly what happened to my friend (well they had hb at 11 weeks, gone at 12). To be honest it will be hard for her hearing about your pg initially but will make it easier knowing you are a success story, as it were, getting pg after mc. Hopefully after the initial sad feeling she will be excited by the hope your situation offers.

Hope you are feeling ok today & taking things really easy! Xx

icequeenkate Fri 12-Oct-12 13:54:04

Oh wilde - how are you today? What a rubbish day for you yesterday. Please take it easier from now on? Well done, your DH.

wilderumpus Fri 12-Oct-12 14:58:44

hello chums

No bleeding today smile Today I am insanely tired and so grateful that DH is around to take up some all of the slack! sometimes I wonder if when he is around I let myself feel tireder than I can when I have to cope on my own - do you guys find that? AM sure I couldn't parent feeling like this normally?!

Anyway, found a sympathetic gp and have a scan appt on tues... so far away! i was gutted it was so long and felt in limbo again like with the mc sad but then came home and shouted at DH for buying cream cheese and prawns; he asked since when had I taken such offense to these things? and I said 'TODAY!' as if this was completely reasonable. I also cried when he gave me a snickers and at the thought of watching come dine with me confused and ate a bizarre amount of cheese and bread at lunchtime. so i think these are all good signs that I might, in fact, still be crackers pregnant.

thank you so much for your understanding and sympathy, particularly about our friends. Is so different having had a mc, like, before we would have just said 'oh dear how sad' but now we know how awful and heartbreaking it is and are going to send a card and I will let her know am here if she needs to talk. She is NOT a talker at all and despite having been friends for 12 years we haven't ever really been best mates (seeing as I don't stop talking) but I am insanely fond of her. They are DS's ungodly parents, that's how close we are.

anyways. another essay! man I jibber jabber.

laters all, I have sitting to do!

wilderumpus Fri 12-Oct-12 14:59:17

ps am so sorry to hear about your friends' having had mc's too. bah.

booboomonster Fri 12-Oct-12 19:18:53

Glad no more spotting wild and yes I know what you mean about having DH around. At the mo I have to rise to the challenge when he is not! He was supposed to be off on Thursday and I was all geared up for some relief and then had to work at the last minute... I was sooooo fed up, had been working towards a rest!
Ha to still being crackers! I think being crackers and pregnant are synonymous, at least in the first 12 weeks! confused

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sat 13-Oct-12 21:23:30

Hi everyone!

Wild, scary stuff, how are you today? Sorry to read about your friends' mc. Great to read about your move to lovely Cornwall, I can say it's only ever been sunny when I've been that way!

Boo sorry to read about your father, it's so significant, isn't it. I haven't experienced it but my family is full of stories of who was born before or after which family loss.

I've found what Chuckle and others had to say about scan scares helpful. I have a private one booked for Tuesday but am thinking about cancelling it because of the whole "heartbeat at 11 weeks gone at 12" scenario.

Ice adorable DS1 you have!

Sheldonella Love the topics you kick started and all the info gathered here re moses baskets/buggies/clings/nct sales, etc! Anyone ever used the litlle bed by the bed thing, it's like a three sided cot level with your own mattress?

I thought everyone writing about their food habits really funny. I feel very well rested and have not had any weird eating habits all holiday. I have however also started feeling nauseous most days. Supposed to be happy about that but it got in the way of a few good Italian meals!!! But on the way home we stopped for groceries and I bought three packages of M&S fried chicken which I suspect I will polish off by tomorrow afternoon!

wilderumpus Sun 14-Oct-12 09:01:29

hey one good to see you! how was your holiday? was it hot and bueatiful? sorry to hear about nausea, but then again, yay!

all fine here, apart from the fact DH and I have had an almighty row (about sleep and who gets/deserves more, as usual) that started at 8pm last night and continued at 6am this morning. Am fuming and full of hormonal hatred for everything! Am hiding in my study working and ignoring him for EVER grin

I am so unbelievably tired I couldn't even bring myself to make a cup of tea yesterday blush and feeling nauseous is so draining... I have to say I prefer the sickyness to the tiredness though. am feeling reet sorry for myself, especially as for some reason I am really not convinced I have a baby in there! Am going nuts, I think. boo hoo hoo.

anyone else felt rather hormonal or just me?!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sun 14-Oct-12 10:20:30

Poor Wild, that's an awfully long time to argue, how horrible. No wonder you're feeling sorry for yourself what with all the sleeplessness, rowing and pg symptoms. Is the argument over? Can you get some rest today?

And yes, it was hot and beautiful and we are freezing this morning! The food was amazing and the view from our warm and sunny porch where we had breakfast and spent the whole rest of the day sometimes was very nice. It was rural and we live in a city so it was lovely and quiet, just us, dark at night, lovely star gazing. There was an amazing thunder storm one night and we woke up at 3 am to take pics of lightening and have tea and cake. I love the freedom that holiday brings to do random things like that.

I think I don't feel hormonal at all anymore and am putting it down to all the rest, but in reality I am uncharacteristically terrified at the thought of returning to work even though it's not for another week and my job has recently become easier, but I just want to hide and only see nice people. This pg has made me an isolationist, a new term I just made up as I don't like the sound or pg induced agora/social phobia!!!

wilderumpus Sun 14-Oct-12 10:32:29

one that is so funny, I am just the same. When pg i only want to see nice people and watch nice things (have started watching great british bake off as it's gentileness really appeals when normally would find it veer dull!) and eat nice things and not go anywhere weird smile I turn into a right homebody!

nah, we are still arguing hmm. I have been hiding in my study working and weeping hormonally since 7.15! I don't think I can bring myself to talk to him today, maybe a day or two apart will be good! Another of the perils of living with no friends or family nearby, we really rely on each other for company and sometime it gets Too Much and we explode. we are both very stressed too, of course. ah, sweet married life smile

wilderumpus Sun 14-Oct-12 10:33:47

ps: your holiday sounds LUSH! how lovely and relaxing! ours was full of sightseeing, quite the opposite! grin

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sun 14-Oct-12 11:12:41

Oh, I'm sorry for you. I've been there. Can you make up some agreement that you give each other some psychological space even if you can't get the physical distance? Can you sneak out for cups of tea and nice things to eat? Is there anything good on BBC Iplayer? Is the weather ok? Maybe you could get out with your LO?

And the area we were in was, ahem, a little boring to me at first. But once I admitted that I realised that I had been running at quite a pace and actually was just feeling the loss of busyness - that helped me to sit down and just spend the day reading a crap book and stare at things. One pasttime was watching ants and conducting some non-harmful social experiments on them! And I've learned that actually I enjoy reading crap and feel I can finally start to embrace that part of me start working thorugh the shame that comes from having been the sort of person who was a bit highbrow re the classics and the years of academia.

Did you know airlines might not take pg women after something like 24 weeks? How shocking and disappointing is that!

wilderumpus Sun 14-Oct-12 11:40:33

hehe one never fear, I don't sneak around, I clatter and clang when I leave the cave grin This is my house too! Am too grumpy to eat tbh. I am mostly hiding so I can avoid having to do all housework and childcare duties and do some work and just chill. Am not very motivated to be a nice little housewife when Dh is being an ungrateful tw*t! DS was doing the 'i don't want to, I don't want to' song at him earlier and it did make me chortle. take that sucker.

In the main he is nice. yes we are giving each other space, am sure we will be fine later!

one I read a trashy mag about the divorce of katie holmes and tom cruise while I was on holiday, and the effect of scientology. wtf. I snuck it into my room from the communal pile of papers outside and devoured it, then told Dh all about it with salacious glee. Normally I loathe that kind of thing! And atm my reading is a)the guardian b) 'of mice and men' and c) 'bodies' by susan orbach hmm I think I need to chill out too!

I do want to read cheryl cole's autobiography though blush and grin

let us embrace our inner love of trash and find peace! (to an extent. Please don't make me buy cosmo it makes me want to screeeeeam)

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sun 14-Oct-12 11:55:34

You're quite right Wild, I only meant it in the way of keeping yourselves to yourselves but yes, clatter and clang to your heart's content! You sound more angry now than tearful - hope it's a shift for the better?

I like your current reading regime but it does challenge my new position. I did read glossy mags for the first and only time of my life when I was commuting a lot during the last stages of my doctorate when I no longer had the brain power to actually read and was too strung out to just relax. I'm heading into town in a bit (still on the look out for that elusive bra that will help me sleep!) and might pop into a bookshop and explain what I've read and let them direct me to the wall of shame that is my new home!

I've just realised that I'll have bucket loads of AL to take before mat leave - so I'll get to fulfill my wish to hide away! I'm glad someone else shares that! It's been a weird turn of events. I'm normally in the happy middle between social gadfly and introverted hermit! Honestly, if anyone at work said "boo" to me right now I'd probably faint! Am hoping it's not pg-psychosis but some natural drive to keep the baby safe!

Right. Shopping. I have no energy to do this.

wilderumpus Sun 14-Oct-12 12:03:59

one I wasn't shouting my house rights to you smile rhetorically, to Evil DH grin am very pissed off but might cry too. We'll see what baby thinks wink I just hope they go out tbh. I would go out but then what would i do but wander around aimlessly, brood and eventually have to come back again.

wall of shame! hehe! i think that might be why I want to read cheryl cole, just need brain down-time. though 'of mice and men is lovely' and actually I am enjoying reading 'bodies' as I haven't read anything new like that for a while - my thesis lit is all rather staid to me now! Maybe when I am a bit wavery and lacking confidence it is nice to read something firm and unwavering in its stance. especially by a laydey.

it is definitely pg normal to be a homebody I reckon. I LOVE travelling but when am pg I don't want to leave my housey. I had to go to India to complete my research when pg with DS and it was a nightmare when normally I would love it! (which I why I planned it in the first place). And was relieved to come home from Italy and just be In My House With My Stuff and everything is ncie and predictable. 'Nice' is the main word, methinks!

And my friend had to move house when she was about 8 weeks with her family and stay with her FIL and was completely depressed, just wanted her own space and peace. and she is definitely a social butterfly normally. we are all nesting!

Sheldonella Sun 14-Oct-12 14:36:20

Welcome back one glad you had a good holiday. I wish I'd had a relaxing one this year rather than trying it hike in the Peak District. The star gazing sounds lovely smile

Sorry to hear about your arguments wilde. I had a go at my DH this morning for sleeping in longer than me! Glad he is looking after DS and giving you some space. Also glad to hear you have a scan organised. Has the bleeding stayed away? The symptoms and hormonal feelings sound very good.

Ugh I have felt dreadful all weekend with a cold. I usually get over them quickly but this has been brewing since Wednesday and I keep feeling worse. I abandoned DH in the supermarket yesterday to lie down in the car. I just hope I can make it to work tomorrow because I've had far too much time off lately.

I can relate to the wanted to stay at home thing too. I actually felt a bit anxious leaving home to visit my parents last weekend.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sun 14-Oct-12 15:39:42

Hi Sheldonella, and thanks! I should have done something more energetic on holiday. I just went into town and undressed in front of mirrors that definitely were of the same opinion as well. V depressing. I now wish I'd lost the weight from last time. Still, finally found a brilliant bra. It won't do for out but is very comfy and supportive in the right way without making me feel prepared for a military engagement. Typically, as soon as I headed in I both needed to wee and eat. I picked up a reasonably light bite and then spent the rest of the time uncomfortably bloated and trying to "release" on the sly. So, in summary, I am fat, bloated, farty and wear ugly comfy bras now. My OH is soooo lucky!

So that's three of us wanting more home time, great, I'm normal! Sorry to hear about the cold you can't shake Sheldonella. You can't help it if you can't work. Unwarranted guilt is an evil thing. Look after yourself.

And don't worry Wild, I didn't feel shouted at! It was more that I think I can be a bit timid about the house and not take up all of my alloted space. I liked the reminder of a bolder way of being so I was basically just saying to scratch what I said!

I bought two books. I went into the shop and said the sort of thing I'd read on holiday and was directed to Crime and then was able to narrow it further by saying I didn't want anything with cops and dead prostitutes or descriptions of pain and suffering. Book store poeple are so knowledgeable! I'm still not sure what my new genre is called but am excited!

wilderumpus Sun 14-Oct-12 16:28:14

sheldon don't forget that no-one at work wants your germies so you can have a day off and feel like quite the humanitarian smile is hard shifting stuff when pg cause your immunity is lower isn't it. I hope you feel better soon dearie x

yay for your bra one! I made everyone go for lunch yesterday when in town because I got completely starving almost as soon as we arrived too! hehe. glad you didn't think I was shouting at you smile I am not timid when arguing; I try not to be too shouty unless terribly hormonal like now but do like to be quite ruthless at picking apart stupid arguments. It is exhausting though and ultimately just makes me feel very blue.

let me know how the book goes! i never thought of picking a book store person's brains like that before, although I am very shy so would rather muddle along on me own!

I made a bolognaise as a nod to health and stuff but, er, bleugh.

sheldon no more bleeding at all, thanks, and have the scan on tues but am not going to go I don't think. Am terrified - if the bubs is dead, I don't want to know, if the bubs is alive I don't want to know either! Am not really 'bonding' with it actually, am in denial until 12 weeks when I can start to hope it might stay alive I don't want to have my booking in appt either. In fact I don't want to talk about it at all! My friends' mc has really shaken me up - theirs was there on a scan and at 11 weeks spontaneously mc'ed. A scan is just like a photo isn't it, of that moment. I can look in the mirror and go 'oh! I am alive!' but it can't tell me how long for!

am mardy aren't I. <slinks off>

will be back tommorrow happier and lighter of heart! grin

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sun 14-Oct-12 17:23:11

"I can look in the mirror and go 'oh! I am alive!' but it can't tell me how long for!" Well said Wild.

icequeenkate Sun 14-Oct-12 17:59:51

welcome back one - sounds like you've had a wonderful break which is always good. V glad to hear about the nausea too iyswim!!

wilde no more bleeding is also great news. As are the symptoms, particularly the hormonal type ones. Still going with those here...DH has said he's going for the snip after this one is born which reduced me to tears for some reason. He just couldn't understand why quote "won't 4 be enough for you". Not sure I do either. confused

The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. Just finished it - was brilliant. I love the kind of book where you learn a bit too, and I have a quietly hidden interest in flowers and their secret messages, and an even quieter romantic (so long as I'm on the receiving end, you understand...) and found this was just my cup of tea. Not a very comfortable novel, as some tricky issues are addressed, but still couldn't put it down.

sheldon if you have a cold, take the day off to try to shift it, otherwise it'll hang round for ages. Not good for you - or anyone else!

Confession: have decided to purchase new changing bag this time round. Have already ordered 2 several actually blush to see what they are like. Any suggestions?!

wilderumpus Sun 14-Oct-12 20:04:29

aw thanks ice. you guys are so good at showing me the silver lining. I have apologised to DH for being a hormonal twat all day and he gave me a big cuddle and said he will hold my hand at the scan and booking-in. Am lucky he is so forgiving! Sorry to hear about your snip upset. I find that something just clutches at my heart and then I burst into tears, when normally I would just sort of think about it. Instead of a simple rumination it turns into a huge emotive experience! When i am not trying to kill DH I also want to hug a lot of people. Sad people on tele etc. 'eck.

I shall look up that book ice. I have just downloaded one of hilary mantel's about anne boleyn (sp?!) Looks good and has nothing whatsoever to do with my work (apart from the politics bit!). Am so far avoiding cheryl cole. would it be too bad to actually confess that I am going to save cheryl for xmas day when I will have finished uni (I finish on xmas eve then hand in for binding) and let my brain ooze happily out of my ears?! grin ah to be 20 weeks pg, have no more uni (and so be on maternity leave), be on the settee with cheryl cole nonsense and a selection pack... <dreams of bliss>

ice am hopeless re: changing bags - I just got a lovely big bag for myself that I shove DS's necessaries in!

yay day off for you tomorrow sheldon! MN jury says so!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 15-Oct-12 10:13:13

Thanks Ice, and as I've not got a child yet all this will be new to me - will look up changing bags and look forward to the comments on here! Sorry about your DH's snip comment. Looks like it was the weekend for marital hiccups. Glad to hear the storm has passed in a warm hug and chez Wild! Hope Sheldonella is being snotty snoozy in bed???

Sheldonella Mon 15-Oct-12 10:22:00

Sorry ladies, I'm at work blush I feel much much better today and want to do some shopping at lunch time
one I've been wishing I'd lost weight from last time too. Well, I did but now the bump is quite obvious I don't mind quite so much smile Glad you found a good bra - I really must do this. I have a couple that are non wired but they aren't great.
ice I've been looking at changing bags. I want a lovely spotty green one but I suppose I should buy something DH doesn't feel silly using too. Do I ned to consider this? I hope not grin
wilde Glad you made up with DH.
Did anyone watch Downton Abbey last night? I couldn't sleep after seeing at and TV doesn't usually affect me at all!

booboomonster Mon 15-Oct-12 13:52:12

hello all!
Nice to see you back one thanks for your comment about my dad. Really glad you had a relaxing holiday, and are feeling pg symptoms, gotta be a good sign!

wild really glad you made up with DH, god I so know that kind of row! I was brought up in a very vocal family so we are good at rowing! It still upsets me though, specially at the moment when I am pathetic hormonal.

sheldon, ice - re changing bags, I am like wild - just used one I liked (which was a big flowery cath kidston number that goes across my body). I use the skip hop changing mat which I can't recommend enough (room for nappies, wipes and bags, and the whole thing slips easily into other bags or bottom of buggy). The problem with a lot of changing bags is that they are quite bulky and heavy, so you end up carrying around a lot more stuff than you need. Which is fine if you have a buggy, but not great if you are slinging it. I did buy one first time around from TK MAxx so it wasn't full price, but sad to say I didn't use it beyond the first few weeks. I think I used it as a hosp bag second time around. Anyway, I did see some nice ones in TK Maxx recently so worth a look if you are still keen. Also - sheldon I would just get one that you like unless your DH is doing half the childcare, as you'll be using it the bulk of the time.

God, yes sheldon Downton is my guilty pleasure - and I was in floods last night. bloody hell! I was quite shocked that that happened!

I had my booking in appt on Sunday morning. I felt slightly told off my Midwife for admitting I had had a glass of wine (practically my first since bfp!) the night before. She was ever so slightly patronising I thought. I have also been referred to a consultant for my threadworms, and also for having a history of big babies (one 8lb-er, one 10lb-er). Which is all a bit of a pain but on the other hand at least I will get to see people and talk to them and I don't necessarily have to do what they say. I can still choose homebirth if I want, and am wavering over this. I can't decide whether it will be nicer to get away from it all and go into the birthing unit, or do it at home. I am worried if I am at home that I will be thinking of all the jobs I have to do (I know that sounds ridiculous but I know what I am like...). Anyway, I will have to do research.

Liking all your book recommendations. Though - stay away from the Cheryl cole wild it will sap your brain. Though maybe by Christmas the baby will have done that already! grin

Sheldonella Mon 15-Oct-12 15:08:01

Thanks for the tips boo. It's a Cath Kidston one I have my eye on. I will see if I can see one in a shop. I'm desperate to buy something, definitely will if all is ok with the scan next week. I got the patronising comments from my mw when I said I was drinking 1 normal coffee a day. This isn't even against the guidelines! The same mw told me not to worry about the drinking before I realised I was pg as they even used to tell women to drink in the past to bring down blood pressure. I am considering a glass of wine to celebrate the scan if all is well. I'm definitely having one on my birthday in December too.

booboomonster Mon 15-Oct-12 15:28:37

Well when I was pg the first time (5 yrs ago) the guidelines were max 2 glasses a week (I think) of alcohol and when the rules changed it was generally seen as nanny state telling women who weren't clever enough to know better to not drink anything as otherwise they would go and get drunk all the time..... incredibly patronising basically. So I don't have any problems with the odd glass - although since MC I have been much more circumspect. I can't believe you mw was snooty about coffee... I think some midwives just like exercising some power!

wilderumpus Mon 15-Oct-12 16:24:03

boo I want cheryl cole to sap my brain, that is the entire point! hehe smile

I have been a total cow and missed a post about your dad sad I hope everything is ok?

bugger the MWs advice! we have MN, we have eyes and can read and indeed, may I say it, we have judgement hmm I drink a filter coffee most days smile and if the scan goes ok tomorrow I am going to have a glass of wine with dinner on Thurs as my friend has just offered to babysit so we can go out for dinner for DH's birthday! WOW! we haven't been out for a meal just the two of us for about a year. very exciting stuff.

so glad you feel better sheldon! that is good news. what shopping did you do, anything exciting?

I went out for an impromptu lunch with my two friends and their toddlers today! To a big mill near us so there is plenty of floor space, high ceilings and big tables - perfect for mums and toddlers! Was just lovely. DS was utterly charming and very 'calm' (not usual toddler psycho) so I actually relaxed.

Don't watch downton! tried to watch the last series but it didn't really suit me. sorry you were all so sad, what happened?! On sunday I am a homeland lass! bloody love that programme smile

absolutely starving. starving, starving. please be a baby in there!

wilderumpus Tue 16-Oct-12 11:56:22

I've got a scan at 3! am frickened!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Tue 16-Oct-12 12:09:39

Good luck Wild, be brave! I have cowarded out and cancelled the scan I had booked for today.

wilderumpus Tue 16-Oct-12 12:18:03

thanks one. and good for you! I want to cancel mine but DH won't let me.

I am in a tizz about the pg, even if it is a denial tizz. And if it is all broken I need to know, don't I. DH says having a scan is a privilige and knowledge is power bla bla (how dare he quote me back at me at such a time!)

Dh took away my sand! And my head was sooooo comfy in there.


Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 13:04:16

Thinking about you this afternoon wilde

icequeenkate Tue 16-Oct-12 13:54:46

wilde hope the scan goes well and dh doesn't say I told you so!! like mine would

I need a bit of a slap please ladies. I am keeping myself awake at night worrying about this baby having downs. I had the nuchal scan at 13+6 which is the last possible day, and the NT measured 2.2. What with my age (38.5) the risk came back as a 1:350, the letter stating that 1:250 was considered high risk therefore I wasn't being recalled. with my previous pgs the risk factor has been in the 1000s each time, so now I am slowly convincing myself that we can't be so lucky as to have 4 healthy boys and no4 won't be. Woke dh up in tears at 3.30am. He's told me to book a reassurance scan, and gave me all the blurb about stats and how they are gathered etc and all would be fine. Just can't get it out of my head.

Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 14:00:49

I sympathise with the night worrying ice, I've been doing it too. That risk sounds fine to me (99.7% all is ok?). They check for markers at the 20 week scan too don't they? I'm sure something would have been picked up if there was a problem.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Tue 16-Oct-12 16:43:42

Checking in for Wild's scan results.

Ice I don't really know anything about this, but at my age, 40, I think I have a one in 75 chance. I know much younger people have a one in a thousand chance but if yours is one in 350 (I've never seen the numbers before so am unfamiliar with the layout, am I reading that right?) then it's better than you could hope for???? Please do correct any misunderstanding on my part. This is a worry for me too. And when I was in town earlier all I could think of was how we might spot Down's but look at all the other difficulties a person could have... Anyway, statistically there's nothing saying you can't have four healthy boys, having had three doesn't reduce your chances of having a fourth. Here brew biscuit

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Tue 16-Oct-12 16:48:10

I just googled what would be involved and learned that the amnio test can check for actual numbers of chromosomes. Would you consider having that?

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Tue 16-Oct-12 16:50:41

(sorry, I'm now finidng different stats re my one in 75!) blush

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Tue 16-Oct-12 16:51:10

(and yes I am hiding out from doing chores in the garden!) wink

wilderumpus Tue 16-Oct-12 18:31:29

yo ladies. I had my scan and I am apparently still pregnant with an actual baby that wriggles and has a nose and the biggest heartbeat ever smile Hurray and phew-fucking-whee! They can't tell where the bleeding is comning from but told me not to worry.

I just ate my bodyweight in fish and chips to celebrate.

ice I am having fears about disability too. I won't have the tests but am feeling the same about being sure I can't be lucky enough to be pg with another healthy child. I hope it passes for you ice but if it gets worse will you try some relaxation techniques to help you through? Won't do you any good! BUT we understand so if you do want to talk more, do come here and we will try to help you!

DS wanted to say hello to the baby again last night and when I told him he came from an egg he looked at me like I was completely mental and very angrily shouted at me that he DIDN'T pop out of an egg and he is JUST A BOY! hmm

be well peeps

Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 18:34:19

Yay wilde that is great news smile been thinking about you all afternoon! Sounds like the same experience I had - no reason for bleeding found. Hope you can relax a bit now. Had the baby changed lots from last time?

wilderumpus Tue 16-Oct-12 18:49:58

I am more relaxed, thanks sheldon!

seeing it move sort of made it seem more robust and real for some reason?! Like, it must have a brain and things. And it had arm buds and is clearly growing. It is much different to last time - this time you could tell it was a baby; at 7 weeks they are very still, and just a bean-shaped blob with a HB! Nine week it has arm buds, a nose and forehead, back, bum (rump), big strong HB and it moves. Couldn't see its leg bugs but it moved just as we were staring to find them. scamp smile Honestly, I saw bubs and just completely fell in love. That was a heck of a cute baby on that screen grin

And at 7 weeks it was 9mm, this time it was 25mm! no wonder I have been so hungry smile

I wouldn't be surprised if I have another bleed if I am particularly active but unless it is lots and painful I shall just try to ignore it. Having a good scan at 9 weeks means the mc rate is down to 1-2% so I have to start to try and chill and go with the flow a bit more hmm

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Tue 16-Oct-12 19:33:30

Woo! WildBean is well! grin You are brave and it paid off (and that's a fab stat btw). And great details abou tthe difference between 7 and 9 weeks, it's fascinating stuff the rate at which they are growing!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Tue 16-Oct-12 19:34:00

Oh, and your ds's statement was very cute!

Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 19:53:10

Oh that's lovely smile The movement is lovely isn't it. My DD was playing with the cord at the gender scan. Did you get some pics? I still keep looking at mine.

How far along are you now one?

I have just eaten a huge pile of fajitas and can barely move! Would it be bad to have ice cream? grin

booboomonster Wed 17-Oct-12 10:09:44

Hurrah wild so glad scan went well! Great news! What a relief. I have been keeping up with the thread and was crossing fingers for you (for all the good that that does... wink!) but I've been a bit hectic and no time to post.

ice I have the same worries as you - well, not had the nuchal (or any scan...) yet but I do think 'how can I be so lucky to have another perfectly healthy baby?'. But, there is no rationale in that, there is no reason to think that you won't have another healthy one, and many people have lots and lots of healthy children (I'm thinking large irish families of which I know a few!). Like you and one I am worried about age (I'm 38 too), and yes that does make it more statistically likely but again, women over the ages have had babies late that have been perfectly healthy. Ultimately we all know that if there are any problems, however large or small, we will all be able to deal with it in our own ways. But I do sympathise and share your anxiety. Everything seems worse in the middle of the night too!

wild, one was responding to a msg a while back where I said I was feeling down and thinking about this being my first baby since my Dad died. It will be 2 years on Boxing Day. I really miss him.

I have got my consultant appt through and have been able to change my bloods onto the same day thank goodness, so I don't have to go into hosp every day for a week (slight exaggeration but ykwim). Am slightly nervous about what he's going to say, as if he wants me to take medication I am not sure I want to in case of damage to baby. My GP told me there was 2% chance of causing damage with the main threadworm medication so im not going there. I am coming up to the end of the 6 week cycle and I know I will be so depressed if I find them after that. I've had enough of it and my hands are so chapped and dry from constant washing.

Anyway, apart from all that my nausea seems to be lifting slightly and I seem to have more energy... I hope this isn't a bad sign. I'm 10 weeks tomorrow.
Hope everyone else is doing well.

wilderumpus Wed 17-Oct-12 11:04:08

aw boo good luck with the drs, I so hope you are sorted soon. And thew consultant appt.

So sorry about your Dad, that must be so hard for you x

I think I am feeling a bit better too boo. The tiredness was still shocking at the weekend but this week I have been ok. Not so nauseous, my boobs have calmed down, I have slept really heavily three nights in a row (! yaya), and not bloated any more. Still feel really pg though and am still unreasonably tired. Food issues have calmed down loads, am not really off anything except chicken and back into veg etc. I think at week 10 the placenta starts to kick in so you have a double whammy of hormones for that week? eek!

I am going mental everyone. I think it is preggy brain coupled with PhD which means I have turned into the most absent minded, forgetful person ever. I can't remember my friends names, leave things in shops, can't remember how to cook a meal. I am happy enough at the mo knowing that my son has been fed and clothed (can just about do that) and do my work. Amazingly I can concentrate on my work so think that is where all my brain power is focused!

arf zzzzzzzz.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 17-Oct-12 11:28:10

I know it's only been a short time in the grand scheme of things but I really can't just be this nauseaus so often. I'm grateful that I'm not vomiting, but seriously. Over eat, under eat, doesn't matter. But of course I mostly over eat so I'm fat. And my boobs have started growing out from the sides. I just don't know what to make of that. And last night I was "asleep" on my back and stretched and momentarily felt what was probably my own heart beat coming from my womb-area and couldn't go back to sleep. And I'm tired but no longer have perspective enough to know if it's baby tired or I'm just lazy and should do something about it. And I challenged a woman on the bus yesterday, but in a very strange way. I was sat in the outside seat and she very politely let me know that she was getting off at the next stop. We were ages from the next stop, where I was also getting off but then doubted my knowledge of bus stops so I asked her "such and such stop?", her "Yes", Me: "But that's ages away". Then felt bad for commenting on her desire to get up so early so I smartly said "Oh, alright, I guess you want to get up now, it's my stop too", and walked to the front of the bus, realising that I might have sounded a little unhinged. Just wanted to share. grin

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 17-Oct-12 11:33:01

"I have just eaten a huge pile of fajitas and can barely move! Would it be bad to have ice cream?" Quote of the (yester)day Sheldonella! (and I'm 7+2 and refusing to book a MW appt!)

Boo, I didn't realising you were still struggling with threadowrm, poor you. Hope that appt goes well and leaves you without any added worry. When is it?

Wild, continued admiration for your focus on your work.

wilderumpus Wed 17-Oct-12 11:36:03

one you just sound wonderfully pregnant to me smile tho sorry the nausea is getting you down. Maybe you will find that one little thing that sees you through it soon... some people have to nibble their way through it - I found I had to sip at a hot watery drink (?!) like peppermint tea and that would make it more bearable. Or suck on sweets. or go to bed!

you are probably baby tired. don't worry it will ease up in a few weeks and is SUCH a good sign. You are not lazy or fat, you will have a new bra size soon (if not already?) to accomodate your new 'fullness' at the sides smile, and in a few weeks your pot will turn into a bump and all will start to make sense. You are growing a person from scratch and this will make you a bit fat and very tired I am afraid smile

Being a bit weird when talking is quite normal too. I don't know why this happens but it does! Like the other day DH wanted to use the foot stool so I passed it to him but instead of saying 'here you go!' like I meant to, I said 'HERE you go' and it sort of sounded really aggressive. and then the even weirder thing is that I didn't apologise! I just left it the weird aggresion out there, to see what might happen hmm. WHY?! poor bugger.

hugs chuck, is all normal x

Sheldonella Wed 17-Oct-12 11:41:48

Morning all. Well I woke up in the night with horrible heartburn, despite having gaviscon before I went to sleep. Is this what I have to look forward to now? I suppose it is my fault for eating all the fajitas. They were delicious though, I would do it again grin I think I'm going out in search of bras at lunch time again as I seem to have outgrown all my biggest ones now. I seem to be up to a 36G shock
boo I hope you threadworm problem has sorted itself out, that must be a nightmare. I guess I have all this to look forward to with impending parenthood! Sorry to hear about your dad too, how sad.
wilde and boo My nausea eased off around then too I think and just turned into indigestion. I read that about the placenta too, makes sense.
wilde The forgetfulness has got me too! I was asked for my address in a shop a couple of weeks ago and started telling them one of my old student addresses. Luckily DH was with me to correct me but I think he thought I had lost my mind smile I have probably posted about this before.
one Don't worry about the woman on the bus, I'm sure she was being weird smile I yelled at a charity collector a few weeks ago who was a little too persistent in trying to stop me. I was so rude, I just don't know where it came from as I'm not usually like that. I'm glad I have a bump now so I can get some sympathy if I shout at anyone else smile Hope your nausea calms down soon - I found cutting back on anything made from wheat helped me.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 17-Oct-12 11:55:14

Wild your unintentional aggression and then leaving it there gave me a real giggle. And Sheldonella did you make those fajitas yourself? And thanks for the tip, will see if I can cut down on wheat. Your descriptions of forgetfulness are funny!

And although I wrote that post I'm not feeling too "poor me", it just felt like the right way to explain it! I read a thread yesterday about pg experiences and laughed so hard I was on the verge of crying! Crazy days!

wilderumpus Wed 17-Oct-12 13:29:59

yeah, I was being really weird one. Am normally the first to apologise even if it was someone elses fault! confused

I don't like fajitas sad I used to but then I got pregnant!

charity collectors do my head in sheldon. Being approached and talking to strangers on a whim is not something that pleases me. I got that job once you know but turned it down. It was poorly paid, long (cold) hours and was all based on reaching targets which depressed me as I am a big fan of charity but think it is best when NOT done by cajoling people!

sheldon when did you start to feel bumpy? My bloat has deflated but I am putting on weight so am getting nice and fat! I am dreading my weigh in tommorrow as I am a stone and a half overweight! is mad, it crept up while i was stuffing my face as work bribery. Oh well, I would rather be fat with a baby and a phd than without I suppose. Must think of the long game. Will drop off when BFing and then will start triathlon training again when bubs is one. smile Must try not to blurt all that out to the MW tomorrow when she is lecturing me!

wilderumpus Wed 17-Oct-12 13:30:52

ps I don't 'SUPPOSE' I would rather be fat and have a PhD and a baby, I definitely, definitely KNOW! grin

Sheldonella Wed 17-Oct-12 13:43:06

Thats better, big lunch eaten. I seriously cannot stop eating. I am really counting on breastfeeding helping me lose weight.
one DH made the fajitas, I made guacamole. I usually do all the cooking but I was too tired last night so he stepped up. He is good at it but I am usually too much of a kitchen control freak to let him smile
wilde I just looked fat at first but it sort of looked bumpy at about 12/13 weeks and now at 19 it is huge and very obvious. It makes the rest of me look less fat I think as it is bump shaped but the rest of me is definitely bigger too. I had about an excess stone and a half before I got pg this time.
Oh well, if there is any time we can get away with being a bit fat this is it. I'm determined to enjoy it smile
<eats mini pork pie>

wilderumpus Wed 17-Oct-12 13:48:43

sheldon I only have small moments of crisis (like tomorrow's weigh in) but that is probably because I have ishoos with weight that since I stopped talking to my mum have actually improved beyond measure (hence being a bit overweight!). I look fine I know this, but always have weighed more than I look like i weigh and worry about what the MWs will say. Otherwise I just think am growing a baby and what will be will be! <scoffs mini roll - 50% extra free you know!>

Yay for 12/13 weeks then. Not too long to go smile I will start pg yoga then too, and swimming when I don't think I will die of tiredness just from getting to the pool! grin

icequeenkate Wed 17-Oct-12 13:52:30

Stupid day today. Right from the start.

So far I've managed to trigger the burglar alarm in my own house, confuse the alarm company so much that they sent the police round to check all was well, forget all my numbers and passwords to convince the police I was who I said I was. They asked to see my passport as ID but I posted that off for renewal yesterday. Apparently being pregnant and having no brain doesn't wash when you might be burgling your own house. confused FFS. What is happening?

Oh and I was an hour early to collect DS3 from nursery for no apparent reason, which they kindly pointed out to me after I complained that I'd been left standing outside for over 20 mins. blush Luckily they are used to me there.

boo and wilde it's about right for the nausea to be lifting, although it will probably come back if when you over do things. one hang on in there - it does get better, honestly.

wilde was looking back at our Greek holiday photos yesterday avoiding the ironing and I had a definite bump then. Was 11-12 weeks I think. And once I'd eaten my evening meal people were asking me how long I had left...

Thank you for your thoughts on worrying and downs etc. I've decided to get a grip and just get on with things. Well, for the rest of today anyway.

Good luck with the consultant boo and i know what you mean about not taking the medication even if it's offered. still battling nits in this household, SO frustrating. I can recommend the Norwegian formula hand cream - the one where they have the old men on the fishing boats in the middle of a storm?

PS sheldon there is no such thing as too much gaviscon!!!! grin

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 17-Oct-12 15:23:57

Ice poor you ( and many thanks for all the giggles your post gave me!). Today I am laughing like a maniac. I saw a fire meeting point sign that started me off giggling (and left OH looking worridly at me, rightly so) and then we got in the car to the news of that poor blind man tazered by the police who mistook his white stick for a samuri sword. I cannot stop laughing over that (poor man though, only just recovering from two strokes!).

I read that we should be having an extra 300 calories a day. I bought a cake. grin

We've been talking about a few things we'd need to do before any baby arrives and went to B&Q for some things. I suppose that's made me either manic or happy!

wilderumpus Wed 17-Oct-12 15:38:22

ice I echo one, that is a funny post grin you poor thing. Are you stressed or is it all baby related?!

glad you are having such a giggly day one! and talking about the baby smile that's lovely! we are starting to sort of talk about the baby more and buy into this whole pg malarky. I can't wait to have my 12 week scan and then I think I might buy a little something for this wean... I can't believe I am actually pregnant!

two more weeks then and I might start to have a bumpy! YEAH.

what week are you now one?

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 17-Oct-12 15:50:59

Hi Wild, I'm 7+2.

Guys, I was just reading my due in June thread about all the folks setting up/attending their mw appts and was reconsidering when to call the mw for my own. I'm hesitant to book mw appt because at my last one it was exceptionally painful and felt vicserally wrong when she took the blood, I nearly passed out, I can only say it felt like the blood was being forcefully vacuum sucked backwards out of me, it was awful. I've never had problems with giving blood before. 10 days later my mc started but for the week or so proceeding the mc, so a few days after the mw appt, it felt like I was carrying a stone, a rock instead of a baby, so although it was awful I also wasn't surprised. Somehow I've come to blame that appt. Writing this out I can see it's bonkers to link the two events. But it doesn't help that the mw appt is really just for them and that the only way I benefit is that she then refers me for the scan. Honestly, I would avoid the whole medical establishment if I could, it took me ages to stop bleeding, the whole thing was so awful and the medics weren't any help at all. I keep reminding myself that the reason mortality rates are so low is because of (generally better health and) medical intervention but I really don't want to go!

Sheldonella Wed 17-Oct-12 15:58:43

ice You poor thing, it sounds like one of those days smile
one Can you ask to see a different mw? You might get one anyway, I've had 3 mw appointments at my surgery and never seen the same one twice. Totally understand your feelings though but it is probably time to get it over and done with. I feel the same about my hospital as their refusal to see me when I was miscarrying left me traumatised. Fortunately I'm past the stage I have to use the EPU now. I'm glad you are laughing a lot today though, nice to see you happy smile
Ugh, this day is really dragging on, I want to go home and put my PJs on and eat ice cream

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 17-Oct-12 16:57:22

Although I live in a city my surgery only has one mw and she only works part time. She was perfectly pleasant but I know I will want to refuse her taking my blood again and I really don't want to act silly in front of other people in RL!

Anyway, I've been googling this issue and decided to ring the mw out of curiosity. I will be 11 weeks at the time of the next available appt. While they weren't happy with that I am so have taken that appt. I then also cheekily asked if they would still be able to get me in for the 12 week scan (which I def want) shock! And also like this I won't have to attend the appt if it all goes pear shaped. (and to return to good humour - why is it that pears get blamed for all the wonky ways in which life can turn?)

wilderumpus Wed 17-Oct-12 18:47:26

Ah one. I am not wanting to have my booking in appt either but for different reasons. I can't imagine she would take blood so badly again? If she does, and you are uncomfortable, then tell her to stop and ask someone else to do it OR say you will come back another day to have it done OR say you will have to done at your surgery and they can send it from there? You do NOT have to give blood when you are uncomfortable. At some point you will but it doesn't have to be her.

Your linking the two doesn't make sense, of course, but it really, really does in our company! My weirdness i more that I love talking about my pg online but am crap at talking about it out aloud, i really don't like it and think I am making it all up and just feel like a faker, like I did when we talked about the last baby but knew it had died. Just a feeling links being pg and talking out loud about it. it makes no sense, but I know it will to you ladies. So you do make sense, one.

You don't have to get into the medical thang at all if you have a private MW btw... they cost £££s though.

is there anything you can do to buffer the feeling that the blood tests will give you? like take a biccy and flask of sweet tea (! no, really!) so you feel you are giving yourself sustenance and comfort straight after and therefore looking after the baby (only in a placebo way of course, there is no way having a blood test would hurt the baby!). Or something. i dunno, it sounds silly but these things can help!

I came over all funny when out walking home with DS and so by the time i got home and cooked dins I practically ate it face down. really, I could have just had a nose bag grin I am going to start carrying around some biccies or something so it stops happening!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 17-Oct-12 19:04:39

Thanks Wild, Yes, I've since learned that private mw's are out of my league so have gone ahead and booked. I like your idea of the tea/biscuit. Also will look into whether bloods can be taken at my surgery or at least put her off a bit longer!

Did you have a low blood sugar moment? I've had that from time to time. I now have a dried fruit and nuts bag in my bag as I didn't want to keep eating crap in an emergency!

I know what you mean about being happy to talk about it here but not in RL. I don't want to.

Why don't you want your booking in appt?

wilderumpus Wed 17-Oct-12 19:42:11

yes low blood sugar. I do get it quite frequently but today it was just so awful and came on so fast! nuts and raisins sound good. I didn't really have it with DS as I worked from home so was nowhere near as active!

Glad you will be able to say what you want at your appt. My sis has to have blood taken all the time and so we all know our Having Our Blood Taken Rights!

I can't really explain why I don't want the booking-in one! Is definitely to do with the mc. I think it might be that I just don't like talking about the pg out loud! I don't want to talk about it. Which is so weird, because you might think that talking about it would be ace and make it really real. Maybe its part of not wanting to get my hopes up that it is really real and the more people take it seriously the more I will have to as well, and the more I will invest in it and... well that's a long way to fall. It worries me.

On the other hand though my friend up here knows am pg (she has just had her second and saw me through the mc) and she treats me like a proper pg lady! She empathises when I look tired and feeds me up when I feel funny and it is ace because it does make me feel pg in a nice way, not my usual worried/in denial way!

bloody mc, buggers everything up! <puts on cheery face>

today we are pregnant! smile

booboomonster Wed 17-Oct-12 21:58:39

I felt a bit emotional at my booking in! Just being in the hosp made me well up a little, which was totally unexpected, but I suppose it was linked to the last scan which showed I'd had a mc. Because I had the bloods taken there it was a very professional job and fine, but after I left I went and bought a big marathon, sorry snickers, bar, and wolfed it down in one. It only occurred to me later I might have been making up for the blood sugar loss... or it that just an excuse?! Anyway, one I would second wild's suggestion about tea and a biccy... but also in previous pregnancies I have had bloods taken at many different places, including some drop in health centres (not my usual surgery) which have a specialist bloods section - is that an option for you? Then, like wild says, they just send them to your midwife.

I am both chuckling and sympathising with all your experiences of being preg crazy! It seemed to ring so many bells and yet I don't seem to remember one single example... am definitely rather forgetful with some things just completely slipping my mind. I realised a couple of days ago that I had not received a refund from some shoes I bought back in early Sept and returned, and when I chased it up they told me they had not received them back at the shop (they were mail order). I've lost the post office receipt so thats £80 down the drain. I am sooooo gutted and I have never done anything like that before, it's kept me up the last couple of nights feeling miserable and annoyed with myself about it. Anyway, I have now chalked it up to experience, and am determined not to think about it any longer.

sheldon I couldn't eat spicy food at all last time for awful indigestion. I am not looking forward to the gaviscon phase, but already have some in just in case. I am also hoping for a bump to show soon as at the moment I just look tubby round the middle... groan.

wild I was worried about the weigh in too, as also weigh a surprising amount (I do a lot of sport usually so I think it's the muscle, plus a bit of excess fat!) but they didn't even comment on it. I think as long as your BMI isn't huge they are ok with it.

Reassuring to hear about your nausea lifting at this stage, wild and ice - obviously part of me is worrying about it... but like you say*ice*, it did return this evening with a vengeance when I was hungry and tired so it's not gone completely.

Thanks for luck and sympathy everyone. I will beat these bloody parasites! grin Sorry for essay!!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Thu 18-Oct-12 13:34:16

The MW rang this morning having got the message that I wouldn't be coming in until week 11 and made room for me to come in on Haloween week 9. I thought it was fitting, luckily I'm not superstitious! I'm going to go on my own and treat it for what it is, administration, since she will not be taking blood from me, thanks for your help with that everyone. I decided not to tell her that in advance though since she may have taken the opportunity to try to convince/threaten me. I'm very good at standing my ground though calmly and respectfully so long as I'm prepared for the need to. I've been reasonably okish emotionally since the first anxiety hit of discovering I'm pg again - hope I don't dip again after that appt.

And Wild your post reminded me that, annoyingly, it was my booking in appt when the mw said "You are now officially pg". That pissed me off at the time, I was thinking about stupid power dynamics and the medical establishment, but going back to what you said I suppose it will help us to remember that they don't make it real or not real. They just book us in. Last time I went in all vulnerable and expecting support, I will be more defended this time. Yours, Boo's and *Ice's appts must be coming up? I know I keep asking this but I can't hold it in mind, are you all due in May?

Boo I didn't realise your booking in was at the hospital where you mc'd. The system is brutal. That pisses me off on your behalf! (Likewise what happened to you during your mc Sheldonella - I have such a short fuse for this that kind of behaviour!) Hm, I hope I'm not turning into an angry b***hy lady! And that would make me sick too losing £80 like that. Clearly it was just a mistake and not only yours, what has the post office done with the boots!

Ice hope the rest of your day picked up yesterday?

Sheldonella Thu 18-Oct-12 14:38:39

Afternoon all. Ugh, not a good day - went very dizzy and lightheaded at work this morning, called midwife who "didn't know" what it was and then came home to a letter from the hospital about needing fornightly blood pressure checks. Argh! I also had to buy some enormous pants on the way home as I have outgrown all my current ones yet again. They are giant full briefs, quite hilarious really.

Sorry to hear about you booking in anxiety boo, one and wilde. I totally get it. I like the thought of it being just administration one, somehow it sounds more doable. On the blood taking - my hospital has a walk in thing where you just take a ticket and queue up and they do it. Is that an option for you? I had to use it and the nurse taking the blood there was very good, presumably because she does it all day.

Grr on the shoes boo that is really annoying for them to get lost. I have had things get lost in the post before so sympathise.

Right, I'm not technically off sick but working from home, so I'd better get on.

wilderumpus Thu 18-Oct-12 17:16:10

hey all smile

I had my booking in, was absolutely fine. one when they took my blood she asked permission, then asked if it was ok to do now, today. So shows that you do have rights. it is your body after all. Also, when I said yes she was really surprised. needles don't bother me at all and she kept asking if I was really ok. hehe.

ALSO for me, she asked about the dates of my mc's and was so lovely and the first 'professional' person to acknowledge that having 3 mcs in the past year might have been hard for me, rather than dismissing the two 'chemical' pgs and only caring about the BOvum. I hate that they dismiss my other mc's because I still had positive tests, all the excitement and wonderfulness and then the loss. I nearly welled up then and had to get it together.

Anyway, in the end it was really nice. I went in expecting full admin treatment, to be patronised and told I am too fat and drink too much coffee but actually was treated as an intelligent individual (key word 'individual') and actually cared for. yay smile

boo you don't have the reciept for the shoes at all, from the PO?

sheldon how long will those checks go on for - can you ask for one of those BP monitors you keep at home and do it yourself? grrr for you, hope you ok.

one ice is due in Jan I think? Me and Boo are May indeedy.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Thu 18-Oct-12 18:16:40

Ooh, I really got my calculations wrong, thanks for the corrections Wild! And glad to hear you had such a good experience today, I will try to keep an open mind!

Sheldonella, blood pressure issues sounds unpleasant. Can it be serious? Do you feel ok?

booboomonster Thu 18-Oct-12 19:26:05

Glad you had a good time at booking in, wild. No, no receipt from PO - I have the receipt for the boots, but no boots as they are lost somewhere between my PO and mail order company warehouse. I usually keep my receipts but this coincided with a manic couple of months (I recall that particular day was the start of potty training, plus everything else going on). And my mind is sieve like right now. Breathe.....

one glad you have got the midwife appt sorted.

sheldon sorry to hear about your lightheaded episode. Are you getting enough iron? Try and take it easy - take time off work if necessary! I am determined to listen to my body this time (easier said than done, I know). How many weeks are you now? I know it's annoying about having to go in every 2 weeks but better safe than sorry, like wild says, it is something you can do at home yourself?

I had a call from our homebirth team today. I had said I was thinking about a homebirth, but not sure as had a great experience in the midwife unit last time. Anyway, the woman just called me up, was very nice and said, why don't we book you in for next appt (slightly prematurely, but hey ho) and I can discuss it all then. They do all the appts at home, and have tea parties where you get to meet other home birthers and discuss it all! It sounded really nice, and I have done a bit of reading up and might be swayed... we'll see. Was good to have a nice experience for once!

My SIL guessed I was pg today - she asked DH and he couldn't lie. Felt a bit nervous saying it out loud. Kind of wishing I'd had a scan already, feel like as each week goes past I am more attached to the idea of a baby... 2 weeks today for scan...

booboomonster Thu 18-Oct-12 19:41:22

also meant to say one the hosp was also the one I had my 2 dds, so lots of happy memories there too, in fact the 2 happiest days of my life, so I can't blame them. It was just that it took me by surprise being sad there.

also thanks for the handcream advice ice - I have tried it (being generally dry of hand, spec in winter)! Sympathies about the nits - have you tried the nitty gritty comb, it is the only one to use imo!!

Reading about homebirth and births in general made me cry this afternoon - blimmin hormones eh? I really really hope this all works out for all of us!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Fri 19-Oct-12 08:26:47

Wow Boo That invitation from your mw re home birth sounded lovely! I'd be interested in hearing more about it if you do go along. And glad the hospital isn't all negative for you, I think I was emotionally trigger happy yesterday and looking for bandwagons, sorry!

wilderumpus Fri 19-Oct-12 09:20:03

boo am soooo envious of your (potential) HB parties! we don't have anything of the sort, no 'HB team' even are just treated like everyone else. boo.

am shattered today and not in the mood for being sahm! poor DS.

icequeenkate Fri 19-Oct-12 12:06:24

boo i know of several friends who've had amazing hbs. Personally they are not for me as I tend to 'give up' just as I reach full dilation and need a good kicking syntocin to get going again!

I like the idea of hb parties - to get to know some other due date babies too? I'm considering doing an NCT refresher course just to get to know some other mums due about the same time. I've found it really quite tricky lonely at times to get to know other kids for DS3 to play with, as I'm always doing school run, shopping, ironing, after school clubs, blah blah blah. And now my older 2 ds have started at a new school I hardly know anyone at the school gates either. I'm not particularly good at introducing myself when not pg, let along with a bloody great bump in the way, and hate the reaction of 'OMG - 4? You must be mad? Are you hoping for a girl?' hmm <seem to be raising eyebrows a lot as I type...> Have just shut up really. Not good - must make more of an effort for dsx3 sake.

We have our NCT nearly new sale tomorrow - it's the largest in the country and i always help out as used to be on the cttee. Am baking a chocolate tray bake to help feed me the volunteers. Actually have a list of things to purchase this time as we gave so much stuff away last year thinking we wouldn't have another! It's always totally bonkers - and I LOVE it! People queue in the wind and rain for hours to get in first and grab the best bargains! They run in and grab a couple of bags and just tip clothes into them - then run off into a corner to sort through them. I need to get some more train track for DS3 who is T the Tank obsessed - in fact anything related to it will do. And a travel cot. new stand for moses basket. Bumbo. Nappies for my cousin's baby. And I won't spend over £50 on the whole lot - fabUlous as CGH would say on Strictly.

wilde - hurray for a good booking in session. It is real! Today you are pg. grin

boo - what a bugger about your boots. I read that then immediately thought of the pacapod changing bag I posted back 1st class (without a receipt) that cost something of a new mortgage.... Luckily have just received email saying they've got it. Phew.

sheldon lightheadedness in my pgs means I haven't eaten enough, combined with lower than normal blood pressure. Keep those snacks topped up in your bag - but sometimes a snack of something not good for you is what is needed to immediately boost your system, then some nuts etc on top to sustain it? I've taken to carrying cheerios or mini weetabix round, simply coz ds3 likes them too and they are quite sugar rich for me!

I LOVE enormous pants! blush

wilderumpus Fri 19-Oct-12 12:27:25

i'm too scared to go to an nct sale for the reasons you describe ice! volunteering does seem like a good idea, i will try and do that when i move to make new friends. Sounds like a pain being between friendship groups atm.

aw it must be sooooo annoying people saying about 4 kids, and expecting you to be disappointed with another boy sad my DS is nearly three and thomas obsessed too. well, more fireman sam these days grin

sheldon I had some dried apricots in my bag for light headed moments yesterday while out and felt my blood sugar going... ate one, ate another... nothing. Ate about ten and was still shakiing so scoffed a snickers which then happily got me through my lengthy MW appt! Like ice I really think once that weird shaky light headedness starts (out of nowhere) nothing but hard refined sugar will do! I am going to get some digestives for my back methinks.

we went out for dinner last night and I ate way too much and couldn't sleep for indigestion! And today I am shattered. eek!

I have a thing for soup and pineapple. (not together) I am not sure about the rules are re: pineapple but have had to give in anyway.

icequeenkate Fri 19-Oct-12 13:50:34

blushoh god, my boobs have started leaking blush

wilderumpus Fri 19-Oct-12 16:23:29

eek get thee some pads asap! grin brew

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Fri 19-Oct-12 21:35:13

So, I will be pleased, when I look back on this, but I have had an evening of the worst nauseau so far, still luckily no vomitting, and my digestion, um, "issues", have not ended there these last two days. And I should not eat but instead I am about to go and get some chinese noodles.

I was just visiting with a friend who had two lovely home births, I'm really torn. I would prefer it really and she was reassuring, having done it in my area, that I'm super close to the hospital... but I don't know enough to ease my fears yet.

I also love big pants. They work and don't shift in unwelcome ways.

Ice, goodness, you posted that midday, were you at work?

Wild and Sheldonella I've also taken to eating snickers bars and have a two pack in my bag. I agree with you Wild, once the shaky sweaty dizzy stuff starts for me I just need the hard stuff!

Hope you're all well!

wilderumpus Sat 20-Oct-12 12:16:19

i need some big pants. where can i buy them?!

i have had food poisoning! better now but utterly wiped out like i have flu; so so glad is the weekend as DH is doing everything smile bleugh.

ice my boobs started leaking when i was out for my first pub session after having DS. forgot my pads and when you dry the patches under the dryer they stain. oh dear, the glamour! I drank my way thru the shame.

icequeenkate Sun 21-Oct-12 10:36:29

wink snickers all round then, they are my fav too. Generally don't make it into my handbag tho!

Sorry about the food poisoning Wilde, not good. Hope you Re feeling better today?

Had our NNS yesterday - started working at 7.30 came home at 4.30! Absolutely cream-cracker ed. managed to get travel cot, brio train track, and cloth nappies for my cousin. No bumbo as apparently they have to have safety straps now, which I think kind of defeats the design of a bumbo?

When pg With DS1, about 34wks, DH and I went to Norfolk for long weekend. Sat at dinner in lovely posh restaurant, DH says something g really sweet, then laughs and points to my boobs. 2p sized wet patches over nipples where hormonal reaction to his romantic words had caused me to start leaking. Was mortified, and spent rest of evening with hands across chest. Not very romantic body language!! It's happened earlier and earlier with each pg blush.

Right, off to cook lunch for 10 people, provided DS2 returns from skateboard party in one piece... Enjoy rest of weekend all!

wilderumpus Sun 21-Oct-12 11:38:36

lunch for 10! how lovely!

apparently bumbos are all dangerous now as children keep toppling out of them face first? I also read that it is mostly dangerous because people put their kids on the table in them and they fall out. (!)

What's NNS? The NCT thing I presume?! well done on your haul, I am impressed!

Do people realy tip stuff into a bag and then go and rifle through it in a corner? really? That would make me realllllly angry. Is it normal?

am much better now thanks! back to work, hurrah angry I do have a maccy dees order in for lunch though as it is literally the only thing in the whole world I want to eat. everything else makes me feel a bit pukesome still. Anm starving but I can't face anything in my house, not chocolate, not crisps, not toast. nada.

booboomonster Sun 21-Oct-12 15:19:53

Posting from bed so will b short. am feeling terrible! Totally sick and exhausted. Possibly because of late night & late dinner on Friday (friends 40th), then early start on sat for work. Ate a bag of chocolate buttons and puked it up. Thought the nausea was going sad.
I read about your sickness yesterday, wild - feeling very sympathetic & wondering if we are going through some kind of symbiotic experience!!

well done at your nns, ice, I want to go to one!can't believe that about bumbos - we have one in cellar though both DDs just climbed out of it (they were lil monkeys). Never a head issue though!
Bad luck about the leaking boobs - never had it before baby comes (yet)....

Urgh wild I am with you on not stomaching anything - had a bit of watercress soup earlier but that's it. Hungry but daren't touch the snickers in the fridge yet in case vomiting ensues!

Oh the glamour! Hello to everyone else will write more when not on annoying phone!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sun 21-Oct-12 17:19:42

Big pants? I get mine from M&S!

Ugh, sorry to hear about the food poisoning Wild, what caused it?

Ice, you have my sympathies re leaking!

I somehow missed the bumbos bit of the thread will have to look out how to avoid dropping baby on its head!

Boo uff, how are you feeling now? I was in bed all day yesterday from the evening preceeding it. I read that the way to manage it was rest and avoiding work and stress... was that written in some other era for some other group of people??? I then googled that fish (boak) and b vitamins can help so I took some supplements last night and this morning and I do feel better - of course it may have passed of its own accord but I have to go back to work tomorrow and couldn't just wait and see! The only thing I could eat was a plain, unadorned baked potato. I actually looked a little slimmer by this morning!

Hope you all have a good evening. smile

wilderumpus Sun 21-Oct-12 17:31:35

ok M and S it is then, thanks smile I have three pairs of pants that are comfy now, all the rest dig in in odd places (bot the waist) and I do not like it.

poor boo. I hope you have some nice sleep and wake feeling better. Tiredness really sets my sickiness off I find. maybe it's a 10 week thang, i think hormones are crazy at the mo with a double whammy of ours and placenta's.

does anyone else spend their days feeling completely wrecked as if they had a massive bender and didn't get any sleep and sort of feel jittery and weird?! that sort of wired, uber tiredness?! takes me back to uni all-nighters and pro plus days. I just feel a bit weird.

one I gave myself food poisoning making myself some lovely healthy houmous as a snack on friday aft sad Won't ever eat houmous again. I shall just stick to crisps. It must have been that the appliance I used to whizz it all up had been sitting around for a while, some bacteria must have grown in it in that time and, twit that I am, I didn't wash it first. <learns new lessons in hygiene and common sense>

I feel like complete shit today. I was fine and dandy this morning and cleaned my whole house (after a day of being in DH's care - honestly, he was soooo busy doing house stuff while I groaned around so I am not dissing him - but what is it he DID?!) and got the gammon on in the slow cooker for tea (ug I don't want it any more at all, I think I forgot about the being pg bit when I started using the slow cooker - forgetting that all food choices are utterly arbitrary and fleeting atm and smelling slow cooker food all day might not be nice), then worked my socks off for a few hours and then sort of... died.

anyway. big love chums, lovely sundays all! smile

Sheldonella Mon 22-Oct-12 11:09:26

Morning! I've not been around much this weekend as I have been visiting uni friends and having a good old catchup. One of them is also pregnant and only a month behind me which is nice so there was lots of baby talk smile
I have my 20 week scan tomorrow and have the whole day off. If everything goes to plan we DH and I are going shopping for a moses basket and then I'm going to have my teeny tiny glass of prosecco.
wilde Glad you had a good booking in appointment and have a good mw. It is so nice when they are sensitive to past experience and I hope you get to see her for future appointments. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning too, can't be nice having extra reasons to feel sick. How are you today?
boo The homebirth invitation sounds lovely. I really like the idea of homebirth but a bit scared with this one being my first. I think if this is uncomplicated I would definitely go for a homebirth next time. The tea party idea is lovely. Sorry to hear you have been feeling rubbish too. Hope you are also better today.
one The B vitamin thing is interesting. I'm sure my nausea eased when I started on pregnacare which is full of the stuff.
ice It had never occurred to me that boobs leak whilst still pg. I will be ok the lookout for that!
Thanks for the blood pressure concern all. I'm not too worried as I think the high measurements have always been when I've been stressed. It is a pain that I have to go every two weeks though. The dizziness hasn't happened again but I'm definitely going to carry around some snacks from now on. I go from feel normal to being desperately hungry within minutes so having a bag full of chocolate seems perfectly reasonable to me :D
Oh yes, big pants - M&S full briefs, 3 2 sizes bigger than normal - soooo comfortable.
Have a great day everyone grin

wilderumpus Mon 22-Oct-12 14:46:36

sheldon 20 week scan! how marvellous! good luck! moses basket too, lovely.

have a homebirth, go ooooooon smile

I have b vits in my pregnacare and feel like death warmed up still.

I have a terrible dilemma ladies, please help me! sad Do you remember me saying about our friends who miscarried a couple of weeks ago? Also due in May? they invited themselves to visit yesterday and Dh is delighted. they live 7 hours away so is a big deal but the area we live in is reet nice so could be coming just to visit the area.. and not us... and not to talk about mc... But I am pg and they don't know! I will be 11 weeks when they visit sad what shall I do? I have tried to talk to Dh about it but he just thinks we keep the pg a secret as we are doing anyway until after the 12 week scan... but i can't keep secrets and will feel like I am lying. How can i commiserate with someone's terrible mc as if we are in the same boat still when i am sat there all pg? and not just a little bit pg, 11 weeks! sad It feels disingenous to me. or am I overreacting?

Should we tell them about our being pg before they come do you think, so they can not come if they want to? or tell them we are pg when they are here (most dreadful option, but what if they find out?) or what if we keep it a secret and they work it out later (aas they will obvs) and think we duped them and were sat here with our wonderful smug secret?

oh no, oh no. I am fretting!

Sheldonella Mon 22-Oct-12 15:08:44

Ok, let me think... If you really don't want to keep it a secret I think telling them in advance would be best. If you did keep it a secret though I'm sure they would be understanding when they did find out. I think if it were me I would probably prefer to know in advance - that way they could postpone if they feel they need more time. I do think it makes a difference that they know you have been through it though. My cousin came to visit me with her baby not long after my mc but I was able to be happy for her as she knew exactly how I felt. I think it gave me a reason to be optimistic IYSWIM.
Sorry, I don't know if that is helpful. Maybe someone else has a better idea...

wilderumpus Mon 22-Oct-12 19:10:00

ah! nns! nearly new sale!

thanks sheldon. i can't really keep it a secret, either I am pg or have some kind of virus - it is clear I am under the weather and generally a bit weird and fat. Spoke to DH and we have decided to call them tonight and say that we are pg but that we are being super secretive about it as we are worried about mc and bricking it about the 12 week scan. I hope this will say to them that we are pg, so I don't have to 'hide' it or deny that part of my life, but also that we are really not flaunting or talking about it because of mc, so we would be very sensitive with them if they did come up.

i don't know if they would still come up tho; it would be very hard on them I think at this stage of the grieving sad

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 22-Oct-12 22:15:52

Eugh re the food poisoning wild! And am probably to late to give my opinion but I think your plan sounds good. I would struggle to not say it in those circumstances.

And re the b vit, it's an extra tablet, spa
bigger hit, it's working really well!

Shedonella, hope tomorrow is wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous !!! We will be looking forward to hearing how it, good luck!!!

booboomonster Tue 23-Oct-12 11:14:19

hello everyone! Still feeling a bit rubbish here but definitely better - have taken a day off work today to recover. I NEVER do this, so I thought - what the hell! And I think I do need to recover. I have a bad cold, so I wonder if that just set my 'morning' sickness off, or whether I had got some other bug. YUK.

Anyway, Good luck with the scan today sheldon hope it goes really well, look forward to hearing about it all later!

wild for what it's worth I thought your plan sounded excellent too. If I was your friend I would want to be told, defo, for all the reasons you said. I think it will totally depend on how she is feeling about it about whether to want to come up or not - I think I would have been fine with that, but I know others wouldn't. I think I would have felt it helpful and encouraging to know that there is life after MC...

yes sheldon I am with you about Homebirth first time - I just didn't want to tempt fate and it would have led to me being less relaxed than more relaxed, as I don't find hospitals stressy places. But everyone is different. I am warming to the idea this time more and more, though I guess I shouldn't get ahead of myself - scan is 9 days away (and counting!). still wondering if there is a baby in there at all.

one I can only eat very plain food - bread, toast, hummus, toffee (!). I am still feeling a bit like that, but we'll see how things go later. I've been on the vits etc but not found that to help. Orange juice is good though, not apple as I usually like. No slimmer here, though, a definite bump is on the way - at least, a flabby one!

Am seeing consultant tomorrow about the threadworms, which are still here, if infrequently sad. I found that thread on it (in discussions of the day yesterday and today) quite useful just in hearing that others have had them, they really are taboo!! When I am feeling anxious I start to worry that the baby will have some kind of infestation, or worse... sorry TMI!

Hope everyone's well!

wilderumpus Tue 23-Oct-12 11:46:49

boo I really feel for you with the worms sad it must be awful.

good luck today sheldon!

I am ok with food tbh, the problem I have is that I have no energy or werewithal to cook. I want some soup but the thought of making it seems way too complicated and exhausting when normally it really isn't! In fact my favourite most adored food atm is thai. sadly I cannot make thai food, and the jarred stuff won't cut it. It has to be from the restaurant. This is an expensive craving I am not allowed to indulge in! So I spend all day thinking and dreaming about thom kha gai soup with no hope of actually getting any sad oh the sadness.

is anyohne else having heartburn/acid reflux? I had it awfully with DS and am starting to get it again now. this seems early so am trying to ignore it but couldn't last night when I had to sleep propped up on cushions!

we told our friends last night. Is so sad how much sadness our baby makes! Like when I told my closest friends (who did NOT understand why I didn't want them to visit for a weekend of binge drinking so i had to come clean or look rude) they were all tentative and 'are you ok' rather than 'yay! congratulations!' which made me a bit sad. and now we have told someone else and it has made them upset. I don't know if they will visit.

TBH in a way (and this is selfish) it would be easier for me if they didn't as I really feel terrible this week (worse than last week when I thought symptoms were easing off) and hiding that will be so hard, but if I don't then how bloody awful will that be for them?

anyway. obviously they come first, poor chickens. I sooooo hope they get pg again soon!

sorry, here endeth the me, me, me!

booboomonster Tue 23-Oct-12 14:31:47

wild I am the same re cooking - I can't cook anything, and anyway by the time it's cooked I've gone off it.

I def feel worse this week than last - like you, thought I was feeling better. Spoke too soon! Well done for telling your friends, that must have been hard.

No heartburn/reflux here yet but I am expecting that as soon as the MS goes (if it goes).

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Tue 23-Oct-12 16:41:13

Boo, well done for taking the day off. What funny we foods we each find acceptable, palatable! Your orange juice, Wilds craving for restaurant Thai!

I don't have heart burn but do propped up because because of the nausea.

Sorry your news is upsetting others Wild, I had that last time, painful stuff.

Now, I'm on my phone in bed (!) And it's hard to write so I shall stop butwill pop in later hopefully for a sheldonella update!

wilderumpus Tue 23-Oct-12 17:56:19

i go off food too boo. Dh said last night he would cook for me if I could actually tell him something I wanted to eat, which I couldn't! Best I just eat as and when I suppose. I did actually make a thai style mushroom and coconut soup for lunch in the end and watch great british bake off while I didn't feel sick!

boo I hope you feel better soon. being ill and pg is awful, poor you.

Sheldonella Tue 23-Oct-12 19:17:03

I'm back! The scan was wonderful, although took 3 attempts to get everything! She wouldn't turn over so I was sent to eat and drink and dance around the hospital twice. We got there in the end though and everything is looking nice and healthy smile I can't believe how much she has grown and her little face is so lovely. She was moving her lips and looked like she was talking to herself smile Definitely a girl too, the sonographer checked again for us.

We went straight into town afterwards to have a nice lunch (oops, ate parma ham) and do some shopping. Lots of nice things bought - sleepsuits, vests, hats, socks, a little blanket, a duck comforter and a sleep pillow for me.

wilde Sorry your friends are upset, I'm sure once they have had some time to think things through and deal with their upset they will be very happy for you. Hopefully it won't be long until they have some happy news for themselves too. You have inspired me to have thai food tonight. It will be red salmon curry which I will get around to making when I'm done on here smile

one Sorry about your nausea but glad you are resting in bed.

boo Good you have taken the day off, sounds like you deserve it. I hope your consultant can help you tomorrow.

wilderumpus Tue 23-Oct-12 19:50:03

one you inspired me to get to bed. I told DH I was ducking out of bedtime with DS because I was busy. He asked what I was up to to and I said 'growing a heart and brain and eyes and arms and legs and I am exhausted.' nuff said.

hope you feel less nauseous soon chuck.

yayyyyyyyyyyyyy sheldon! how lovely! smile and you have bought things smile please send me some thai

Sheldonella Tue 23-Oct-12 20:14:41

Oops, I'm having a naughty tiny glass of prosecco blush

booboomonster Tue 23-Oct-12 22:24:33

Hurrah Sheldon your post was lovely! The scan sounds perfect. Glad you had a nice shopping trip too, and Parma ham & prosecco sound just the ticket!

wild I will have to remember that 'I'm growing a...' speech for next time! Made me laugh.

Thanks for support one and glad you and wild went to bed (not together hmm) we need all the rest we can get! Speaking of which, I'm off to bed. Night all!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 24-Oct-12 08:17:18

Yay for MiniSheldonella!!!! That was definitely cause for celebration!!!

I'm sorry I petered out last night. OH came home and I got up and had a cup of tea with him. Then he went shopping and I went back to bed. When he came home I got up again for another hour. I was mostly just being comfortable, not even sleeping, just not wishing I was in bed... because I was there!

I didn't feel nauseaus last night and don't this morning. sadconfused

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 24-Oct-12 08:34:33

Nauseau back ... yay!

wilderumpus Wed 24-Oct-12 10:43:07

one I know exactly what you mean; last night I went to bed at just gone 9 and sort of dosed and pondered - too tired to read or watch tv or anything, but was just lovely to be in bed where no one will bother me (including work!) I will do this a lot more often. smile

I have lost a couple of lbs apparently. I as hoping I put on this trimester weight straight away and would then level out and guess I did. phew!

Our friends didn't get back to us last night as they said they would, about coming to stay. I feel bad. Is it weird to say I feel guilty for being pg with what happened to them? I think that might be a hormonal feeling confused If they come I think I might just hide in my bedroom for fear of causing offence by my very presence (overthinking things much?!)

boo I read last night that from week 10 to 12 the baby doubles in size from 3-6cm. this might be why we are feeling rubbish this week? BIG business grin

must work. Meh.

halloween smileys! next time my pretties...

icequeenkate Wed 24-Oct-12 14:40:50

boo, one, wilde - you are growing babies! Sleep, eat, drink loads of water, eat some more, then go back to sleep! You are allowed. Or so my midwife just told me! Here, brew and biscuit for everyone.

Just had my 27wk check up. Heartbeat was 145 - definitely a boy then!! Uterus measuring 26wks - but I'd just had a bowl of thai chicken soup with ginger and lemon grass so baby had the hiccups and kept wriggling around!

Am going to book a 4D scan for next week so all ds can come and see the baby before it disappears head down into my nether regions. Wonder if I can persuade dh to take me shopping afterwards too, sheldon - like your thinking there. How wonderful that your scan was brill. Very exciting.

Was asked if I wanted a home birth. I am particularly OCD and swear like you wouldn't believe when in throes of birthing (saw a great number plate this morning by the way, "1M 0CD") so laughed hysterically, said how much mess there'd be, and suggested I'd never be able to enter the chosen room again afterwards, let alone what the neighbours (whom we've already upset numerous times) might think... so mw put down hospital!! I want access to drugs. Lots of them! grin

boo how did your appointment re worms go? Been thinking of you.

wilde think you and dh did the right thing to tell your friends and they will def thank you for it in the future. Who knows, they might even find themselves in a similar position, and do the same as you as they know it hurts but better to be honest. My s-i-l visited over the weekend (she is not pg again yet and getting very frustrated) and I felt guilty, still after all this time. She was a little sad, but put on a really brave face. I suspect it will be in Feb when her due date would have been that it really hits her. My mc dd is 17 Nov. Have booked a busy day to try to distract myself.

wilderumpus Wed 24-Oct-12 15:18:09

aw thanks ice. You are our most graduated and therefore wisest of, er, graduates grin glad your appt went well. and a 4d scan! exciting (and a bit scary - have you had one before?!)

have just worked my ass off for hours and am going to lie down for the last hour before getting DS. I feel sad because I was hormonal (just a bit sort of pmt-y and grumpy 'leave me alone' kind of mood) and he was really tired so we sort of clashed and I do not like it!

I am amused (sort of but also not iykwim!) by your ocd and need to be in hosp... mine is the same but opposite - I don't mind mess (though you put plastic curtains etc down on the floor etc so just sweep it all into one bundle at the end - well the MWs do!) but I DO mind not being in control! I need a HB because I am a control freak grin

ice my edd is the 20 nov! aw, I don't think I knew we were that close. I have no plans for that day but think it will be fine actually. I think.

booboomonster Wed 24-Oct-12 16:03:52

Glad all went well with your checkup ice and I will gladly accept the tea and biccys, yum!

Glad one and wild that you are taking it easy - bed is good!

My appt was all a bit annoying really. At least, I was at the hospital for 3.5 hours (and it cost me £7 in parking) and waited for most of that time in between various appointments. The 'consultant' (not sure if she was consultant or midwife or doctor or what) took some notes from me and then said she would phone the microbiologist and let me know what he said. He basically told me (via her) nothing I didn't know - confirming that I could take some medicine but the later the better. So it wasn't really that helpful - he said just one dose, which is not the same as a normal dose (which is 2 doses) so I'm not sure it would work, and when I asked if there was actually any harm in having them she said no anyway. I asked if I could get rid of them naturally and she said she didn't ask him that. I am just not sure why I had to go through it all just for that. The worst bit was that after all that she said she could try and listen for the heartbeat and so I agreed and she couldn't hear anything. I know it is early days for that but obviously it was a bit worrying. I was so hoping to hear something. Then they lost some blood tests so I had to redo them which involved more queueing and waiting and then wait 40 minutes more for a prescription for this medicine which I can't even take yet and am not sure if I want to take anyway. Grrr.
Oh and finally they said they recommended against homebirth because of previous big baby. Which was all very patronising and irritating, even though I'm not absolutely sure that I want a homebirth.

Feeling depressed.

Also DH was supposed to be off today and phoned me towards the end saying that he has been called into work so I'd better rush back and I was really hoping to actually have some time with him for a change.

Anyway, I spoke to my mum who said she had been telling DH to look after me (which made me cry) and he said he was and he was aware he'd been busy with work.

oh dear am feeling rather emotional today. I know part of it is an underlying stress that the baby is not ok, on top of general ms, hormones, bloody parasites and general tiredness but sad. sorry for the me me me post.

icequeenkate Wed 24-Oct-12 17:20:16

oh boo how horrible. Here wine - well the thought of it at any rate. Perhaps a slice of the hairy bikers chicken and ham pie I'm cooking which does smell yummy and has plenty of white wine in it? (((Big hug!!))) Things will look better in the morning.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 24-Oct-12 18:12:01

Boo you have a lot on your plate, hormonal or not it would be a lot to juggle, and they did mess things up a bit at your appt with whatever silly system meant that you couldn't speak to that guy directly or give you any real and helpful answers that lead to a definite end to this particular hell you've been going through for ages. Hope you can get a cuddle soon.

Ice, thanks for the tea and biscuits! That is funny about the OCD. Just at the moment I haven't cleaned properly since becoming lethargic but normally my house is clean. When you mentioned the mess involved in a HB it gave me an aha moment! But I was reading about drugs last night and I'm afraid to say I will probably want all I can have including an epidural, so will have to go into hospital anyway even though I will be envious of the control Wild will have at home.

Wild I'm sorry about your friends. I hope it doesn't leave you feeling too bad for much longer. I understand you feeling guilty about being pregnant, but (my "two cents" alert), that kind of guilt doesn't really lead anywhere good. Your being kind and respectful toward them but you have no reason at all for feeling guilty about being pregnant, no one does but least of all someone who knows how hard it can be to achieve. Save the guilt for when you've done something wrong. Your pg is the hook for their sadness at the moment but it is not in any way actually at fault. (alert over)

Oh dear. My nausea only returned for a few minutes this morning and has since been absent all day. I overate a dish of chicken and mash at about 11 and haven't eaten since as feel unbelievably uncomfortably full and basically feel like I've lost my appetite. I had to have a nap at 1:00, luckily was working from home and could do that.

My EDD came and went a couple of weeks ago. It was ok-ish, probably because I was pg at the time, and mostly since then I just have occassional moments where I become aware of how different life could have been right now, but more in a curious way than a depressed way. And I still can't imagine getting to that point! But again, not in a depressed way, I just cannot see it happening, even though at the moment I am on that exact path. The evidence is on my side. In 6 attempts I have become pg twice, I lost one and the other's still here. I should have reasonable hope. confused (But I do love the themed emoticons!!!!!)

wilderumpus Thu 25-Oct-12 09:48:29

one as you progress your symptomy days will come and go, never fear. I get really full if I overeat too and can't sleep

thanks for the talking to about my friends. i will be fine if they don't come; if they do I will feel really guilty and annoying just by existing confused. I just know how it feels seeing the person who is due when you would have been. It is horrible! And now i am that spectre, that reminder. Boo.

boo you poor thing, what an awful day! and what arses wasting your time like that, you could have been told that on the phone ffs. Please, please don't worry about the dopplar thing it is FAR too early and actually I am miffed for you that they even tried. I know you can hear it at this stage but more likely not sad and now it has upset you. Here brew for you.

I seem to have a bump today? it just popped out again last night but today it looks like a lovely little neat bump and it holds its shape when I sit down (instead of just making me look fat) It is bloat of course, but still is lovely company for now. grin I expect it will go away again tomorrow... tho at nearly 11 weeks I might not be surprised if it stayed.

had my thai soup last night smile celebration because my first draft of my thesis is nearly done. submit in 2 months and then am officially a SAHM smile childminder cancelled today though so am looking after toddler instead of chilling working. hmmm.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Thu 25-Oct-12 15:36:57

Wild yay for your bump!

As for me, I just seem back to manageable occassional bouts of nausea rather than the overwhelming, debilitating nausea. So I'm going with the hope that I'm still producing some of those hormones.

I was reading about childbirth last night. shock

I know people do it all the time. confused

Still. blush

I once asked my grandmother what it was like and she said it was fine, she didn't feel a thing. And then I realised it was a totally medicalised procedure and they put her out essentially. Such different times!grin

Hope everyone's doing well today.

wilderumpus Thu 25-Oct-12 16:04:28

bump is back to being all flabby again grin

glad nausea is pleasing you one! I am saddened because I have found out today (inadvertently as no begger has actually told me) that I will have to submit to uni 2 weeks before my actual deadline to get it in before everyone goes home for the xmas holidays sad am completely gutted and in rather a spin as I really need those two weeks! bah.

boobs are hurting so much today I am now bra-less. Have gone up two sizes since being pg!

childbirth is one of those rites of passage one, you'll never feel the same once you have been through it! Is amazing and doesn't have to be shocking at all. I think home and health sky channel has a programme on homebirths and they are soooo lovely and calming. And yes there is always pain relief if you want it!

hope you better today boo

Sheldonella Thu 25-Oct-12 16:18:59

Grr, just typed out a post and lost it. It went something like this...
Just been for my one of many blood pressure checks and all was very healthy and normal. The midwife seemed to think the extra checks were a bit silly. I did come away with my MATB1 and a diagnosis of carpal tunnel thought so I guess it was a productive trip. I have to get wrist splints from the hospital so more appointments now.
I still feel all warm and happy after tuesday. I keep looking at my scan pic and grinning smile
boo That is so frustrating for you. How long have you had them now? Will they go away on their own?
one Also glad your nausea pleases you smile I've been reading about birth and all sorts of horror stories - eek!
wild Boo on the phd deadline moving. Will you have enough time? I'm sure it won't be long until the bump is there to stay.
ice That pie sounds excellent.

icequeenkate Thu 25-Oct-12 16:33:37

one if birth was that bad, we'd all be only children. wink. Either that or what my mw says is true - that after childbirth the memory of the exact pain fades incredibly quickly and even more blooming' hormones kick in to make us feel chilled and as if we can conquer the world. hmm then day 3 hits us - and we get boobs like bazookas!! confused

So much to look forward to!! grin

icequeenkate Thu 25-Oct-12 16:35:49

Ummm, what's carpel tunnel? ds3 will be disappointed if it has nothing to do with Thomas the Tank

Sorry about you having it sheldon - are you ok?

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Thu 25-Oct-12 16:40:29

Boobs like bazookas! That would be a shocker. I've gone up one bra size so far (am 8+3 today) .

I smiled reading about you feeling warm and smiling at the pic of your baby Sheldonella, lovely.

Wild maybe your bump is practising out different shapes for now!

Wow, for some stupid reason I didn't come home and go straight to bed and now I'm shattered. I've decided to run a bath and potentially sleep in there!

Sheldonella Thu 25-Oct-12 16:41:38

Carpal tunnel is dodgy wrists. You get it from repetitive hand movements like typing. I've had it mildly for ages but pregnancy makes it worse and my hands are all stiff and numb when I wake up.

icequeenkate Thu 25-Oct-12 16:53:17

one I jest not!gringrin

sheldon that doesn't sound very nice at all. I'm guessing it will go away afterwards? What causes it?

wilde loving your tummy shapes. My stomach is doing all sorts of shapes - saw a foot the other day just when ds1 was talking to bump...he was thrilled!!

wilderumpus Thu 25-Oct-12 17:40:09

oh sheldon that's not nice sad you are in the wars. but yay for lovely wonderful scan pic!

one I am an A cup and was a big D cup when my milk came in. stayed like that for months actually. Big, hard knockers full of milk. His head looked tiny when he zoomed in to feed; it's hard to remember that was really true now. I didn't like it as all my normal clothes are definitely for small boobies. I have gone up to a C cup already and am actually in my D cup bra atm for comfort as even the C cup feels like it is restraining them! (They aren't a D cup though... eek!)

oh and bumps to always go into different shapes! some days with Ds I would look really lopsided as he really liked lying on the right hand side grin. this is a bump trying to be a real bump but not quite there yet smile

ice you saw a foot! AW!

sheldon thanks for reminding me about my MATB1 form, have had it for a week and filed it away!

Sheldonella Thu 25-Oct-12 20:30:25

I don't think the carpal tunnel will go away but it will hopefully get better. It's not particularly painful, just annoying really. It is fluid collecting in my wrist joints over night which wakes me up because they feel stiff and numb. I'm not letting it bother me too much as it's nothing really compared to the awful symptoms I could get.

Ooh you can see feet that early ice? How amazing!

We picked up our Moses basket on the way home from work. It is adorable smile

booboomonster Thu 25-Oct-12 23:09:34

Hello just a quick phone post to say thanks so much everyone for all the support. I am feeling a lot better today - mentally & physically! wild I know you are right about Doppler - it's good to hear someone reiterate these things.

Wow to increased bra sizes one and wild! Mine are only slightly larger as yet which is fine by me for now - I know I'll end up with my depressing G cups by breastfeeding time (if I get that far, etc).

ice you must be slim to see a foot! I think any baby of mine will be nestled under a layer of flab this time, if current stomach is anything to go by. sad

Sheldon my sympathy with the carpal tunnel - I had it last 2 pregnancies though so far this time it's not too bad. I didn't find the splints helpful, but I find dangling them off side of bed at night and keeping them down and off my body (so low as poss) helped. If I slept with my folded up then I occasionally would not realise that my hand was my hand iykwim - I have hit myself with my own hand before and not known it was me! Most odd. First time I had it it did go once I gave birth but then it flares up occasionally when I've not been pregnant. My Dad had it, and had the op which worked a treat. I find it's bad when I'm cycling - the vibrations set it off. Anyway, hope you get some relief with the splints, it is a pain. I remember what I used to call the 'claw hand' where you can only clench thumb and little finger! Most attractive!

Right, off to bed. Oh and Sheldon I've had the tw for 7 weeks, but I've had a couple of clear days.... Could it be over? I daren't hope! Yay for cute Moses basket!!

booboomonster Thu 25-Oct-12 23:15:59

So much for short post! I also wanted to say one that your post about your previous edd made sense to me. It's hard to imagine having a baby - I still find that and I've had 2!! I think that's why we need the 9 months still - to get used to the idea and all the changes we go through, physically & mentally, help us prepare! It's pretty amazing, so I reckon quite understandable that it's hard to believe sometimes.

wilderumpus Fri 26-Oct-12 17:20:16

boo glad you feeling better today smile

and to you and one I do find it really hard to believe that I would be due in nearly 3 weeks if I hadn't mc'ed. that is really very weird especially because the baby I am pg with feels really 'right', rather than only here because the other one didn't make it. Dunno. we'll see how I am on the day.

bugger that two of you have carpal tunnel sad I had tingling in my wrists last time but nothing like you guys describe.

feeling much better today, lots of energy which is the second time this has happened this week (er, the whole pregnancy?!). slept like a log last night too which is so rare atm what with needing a wee and pg hormones and crazy dreams!

uh oh DS is shouting 'mummy! my peas!' which does not bode well... laters smile

booboomonster Fri 26-Oct-12 19:25:48

I'm feeling more energetic today too wild - glad I'm not alone. It's weird isn't it how these things change. I felt soooo terrible last week, and now almost 'normal'. I've a few days off from work as it's half term. Looking forward to just chilling at home with the DDs.

wilderumpus Sat 27-Oct-12 09:18:48

boo dare i say it but I feel almost normal today as well! two days in a row?! crackers smile glad you have had some lovely down time.

booboomonster Sat 27-Oct-12 10:50:16

Hi wild yes so do I .... am trying not to worry about it, so it makes me feel better that you are too. Perhaps we are out of the fug of first few weeks? Haven't started the down time yet - well at least, it's my first day today. Hurrah! Have a good weekend! x

wilderumpus Sat 27-Oct-12 12:07:42

ahhhh. happy half term smile

yay for feeling ok! I did actually have a huge hunger crash as per at 11am and got a bit stroppy with DH who wouldn't go out and get soup for lunch as apparently it wasn't lunch time [ghmm] does he not know that every hour for a pg woman is lunchtime?!?! I love soup. My baby is very posh I have decided and adores restaurant thai food and posh, fresh homemade soup (but not made by me, apparently - shop bought homemade from the posh deli down the road...). Tinned soup will not do! I have eaten soup every day for at least two weeks which is odd because normally I do not eat soup!

our friends who mc'ed are coming tomorrow for the night. Am really nervous I am going to make some horrible gaff. I have hidden all my pg stuff. Am really looking forward to seeing them though, when not being silly and panicking and feeling guilty (thanks for your pep talk one it makes complete sense) smile

am working today. hurrah! Is getting to the stage with work where I only really feel relaxed when I am working. bit tetchy when not as am worried about it. tetchy and pg me? not a bag of laughs!

wilderumpus Sat 27-Oct-12 12:09:02

ps I had a dream about my baby last night! a teeny little boy, a super fast labour and I had forgotton about how to look after a newborn so was trying to feed him carrot hmm eek! and we lived in the woods. of course.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sat 27-Oct-12 12:32:16

Boo, yay for a clear couple of days, is the tw over?

Sheldon sorry to hear about the carpel tunnel. Yay for the moses basket. How did you come by it in the end, new or borrowed?

Ice, a foot! Amazing. Can you explain to a novice how you could tell it was a foot?

Boo and Wild glad you two are feeling better!

Wild, I'm also enjoying soup. I'm hungry so often that soup has become a sort of midday snack though rather than a meal in itself! Hope your friends' visit goes well. You are all being brave, lovely people.

It's coooooold but sunny here, for the first time in ages. I asked OH what his plans were for the weekend, stupid question, like I was asking after a friends whereabouts, and I paid for it! He said he planned on going cycling today as it was sunny, and I felt all sidelined by his plans especially as our whole 2nd week off was, for me, spent being neasueated, and for him doing lots of stuff away from me. We're quite independent of each other but spent regular time together too. But anyway, he said that tomorrow is supposed to be not so nice so he thought he would spend it at home. It's an old "joke" between us that I get the bad weather days of his time. So I ended up totally and explicitly guilt tripping him into spending some time with me today out. And he's a nice guy so he was duly guilt tripped. I then said we should take our opportunitites to spend time alone together indicating my belly and he said that getting pregnant had been my decision. This whole conversation was last night and I woke up this morning feeling like an idiot for the way I behaved and tried to backtrack. I got up to make us tea and discovered that he'd cleaned the whole kitchen after I'd gone to bed and decided that it was in fact perfect weather for our day out and bad weather for cycling (windy). I hope I don't become some moody manipulative cow sad, we hardly ever argue!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sat 27-Oct-12 12:33:21

Wild love your dream.

(sorry for my moany post everyone!)

wilderumpus Sat 27-Oct-12 13:43:39

sounds a bit hormonal to me one?! try not to ovethink it and just have a nice day together, tho if it is hormonal you will definitely overthink it.

being pg has meant that sometimes I am a bit crackers and am really clingy to DH but also quite offish and tetchy. is really weird and not like me at all! hopefully your spat is a bit like that, in your own way?

is lovely and sunny here too but after my lunch I have been struck down by the Tiredness. i actually refused to make DH a cup of tea because I couldn't stand up or even actually sit at the dinner table any more and had to go and lie down! Dh tried to get me to nap but I have decided to write some more work instead. THEN if my brain calms down I might chill out smile

also one when I was pg with DS one time I was watching x factor and lying down, and I could see and feel his outline as he was lying too. He had his head head down, which I could feel, then a gap for his neck, then could feel his whole back, two elbows stuck out at the side (owch!) and his feet were stuck under my ribs smile I spent the whole time just stroking his back and bum smile Honestly, is really, really mad until it happens to you!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sat 27-Oct-12 17:24:45

"and I could see and feel his outline as he was lying too", etc., wow! That sounds amazing, I hope to have that experience! And thanks Wild, I probably was just being hormonal. With my periods I always knew they were coming up and could be mindful or potentially hormon fuelled antics but this is ongoing!

In the end the weather turned so we just nipped into a farm shop and came home. I just put a farm shop chicken in the oven to roast and now that the smell is wafting out I no longer fancy it, and OH is a vegetarian so I will have my fill of this thing! I've totally gone off most veg and am living on tuna sandwhiches and potato based things, cereal and bananas. Really hope to widen my food repetoire soon. I was reading last night that what we eat now influences what they are happy to eat later, at least I can't stomach sweet things so much nowadays!

Hope everyone's having a lovely Saturday!

wilderumpus Sun 28-Oct-12 10:58:24

one I ate loads of sweet stuff and DS has his daddy's lack of sweet tooth!

Arf I made a comment on how someone shouldn't worry about BFing while pg on my AN thread and someone who decided to wean their baby before 6 months and stop giving any milk after that has gone off on one at me. FFS.

I am so sad today, our friends who mc'ed have decided not to visit. I know i shouldn't take it personally but for some reason I just do feel guilty - like I took their baby! feel dead sad, I wish they could come and I could cook a roast for them and we could just chill. boo.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sun 28-Oct-12 18:15:57

Wild! You did not take their baby!!!!! It's so sad you can't all come together through this but it's not uncommon is it. I had a friend who was trying for a lot longer than I was and when I became pg (previously) she disappeared for a while, in fact up until the mc, and then she was horribly awkward about that too. I missed her and tried to offer things that might help but she had to come around in her own time. It can be so hard. Hopefully your friends will come around soon, get their own pregnancy soon. In the meantime please don't beat yourself up, they are sad about things in their own lives, not yours... unless, are they saying anything to make you feel you don't deserve your baby?

Ooh, and you're having bad luck on that other thread too. I hope you can find some peace tonight.

wilderumpus Sun 28-Oct-12 18:56:16

aw one. I feel better now. I have thought about it all day and realised that I am glad actually that they are good enough friends to be able to say they aren't coming up and not coming out of politeness... and I am reassured that obviously they are doing what they think they need to to heal, even if that means awkwardness for a bit. That is very important. and I have realised that however much I want to help I am the last person in the world they want to see right now, this isn't my fault it just is. They will, as you say, come around when they are ready.

am a bit worried about my baby actually. Have had a teeny bit of spotting (brown so know shouldn't worry) and a few sharp twinges in the baby area over the past three days and am now starting to get edgy. Scan not until a week on thurs... sure everything is ok... but... !

the lady apologised on the other thread. Phew. i don't know why she thought I was addressing her I absolutely was not!

booboomonster Sun 28-Oct-12 23:49:47

Hey wild just quickly posting here (am up waaaay too late, at my mums & been chatting). Anyway, I felt for you on the AN thread - she was way oversensitive!!!! All the bf chat had totally hijacked the thread too. I've given up posting, might go back post scan if alls well. Anyway, I thought u handled it all v well! Hope all well with you and one! Right, off to bed! X

Sheldonella Mon 29-Oct-12 10:37:25

Wow, that was a much busier weekend than I planned. I think my nesting instinct kicked in as we spent lots of time cleaning and got the baby's room all sorted. Most of the junk is now cleared out and the painting is done. The curtains are also up and the moses basket is in there. It looks lovely smile
Sorry to hear your friends decided not to visit wilde. I agree with you that they must be good friends if that feel they can make that decision and not turn up anyway and be uncomfortable. I'm sure they will be able to visit in time and they are lucky to have you as such an understanding friend. Sorry about the spotting too, so annoying isn't it. Not long until your scan now. I looked at your AN thread (and felt a bit nosy doing it). It was a very strange reaction on her part I thought.
How was the roast in the end one? I feel for you with the food - I spent ages making a chicken pie on Saturday and then could hardly eat any of it. Luckily DH ate my share too (hes so skinny, I have no idea how he manages to eat so much).
boo You have carpal tunnel too, it's rubbish isn't it. I've done that not recognising my own arm in the night thing too, very strange.
chuckle Are you ok? Haven't heard from you in a while.
Right, I must remember to call the hospital about my splints today.

wilderumpus Mon 29-Oct-12 12:40:38

yeah that thread ishoo was looking nasty for a bit there. Is because some people feel so uncomfortable about the choices they have made re: parenting and if anyone suggests anything different they get defensive and blame you for attacking their choices. is bollocks and what I hate most about parenting, this horrid in-fighting. do what you want and be satisfied it was a good choice!

anyways. Yes boo the thread is still a bit shouty and me, me, me, I wonder when it will settle down and people will start supporting each other more. I have noticed that if someone has good news everyone leaps on it but if anyone needs support they completely ignore the post. I think it is too big tbh. However, with PhD work I need as many distractions as possible so still butt in but this is my proper AN home smile

glad you getting stuff sorted sheldon, must be sooooo exciting grin Don't overdo it mind! I didn't sort out anything cot wise etc for DS until I was 36 weeks!

how are you feelng today boo? I am still ok! I think I can say the nausea has now mostly gone and generally I am a lot more active than a couple of weeks ago. still knackered after lunch, feel utterly drained all aft but nothing at all like weeks 6-9 I would say. I could definitely make a cup of tea (if I wanted one, which I never do now)

how you doing one?

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 29-Oct-12 19:06:43

Why? Why do I have to work?????

Wild glad to hear you've got to a better place about your friend. Hope she comes around soon. How's the spotting?

I've been worried today as had weird sensations that were vaguely reminiscent of times past... but I'm also suffering with trapped wind blush so it's pretty difficult to feel anything properly now. Wait and see, wait and see. I'm only 9 weeks today.

I did go and have a look at your thread just now Wild. It was nice that one or two of the others acted as brokers of the peace, clearly it was an over reaction.

My thread is all shouty and me me me (I like that as a description!) and I've taken to posting only if someone's had some sad news (because you're right, it can so easily be over looked) or with random stuff now and then just to keep my foot in the door, but I haven't actually had any interaction yet. It's a massive group of people so maybe I'll only get a sense for what others at my stage of pg are experiencing, and that's still cool.

Sheldonella the roast became chicken soup, in the first instance, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. I thought about a chicken pie, what a shame you couldn't have yours! I've never made one. Do you have a good recipe?

How wonderful to get the baby room all sorted out, it must be so sweet to see!

I'm now off to dinner now, I've made a shepherds pie. I'm glad to be into food again! Hope you all have a lovely evening!

wilderumpus Tue 30-Oct-12 14:26:50

what's up with work one? you ok?

oooh chicken pie. I would love that if someone else made it smile recipe please!

My friend asked yesterday how it went with my mc friends so I had to say they didn't come up etc and she said maybe there are on shag week. I have realised that if they mc'ed about 2/3 weeks ago they could actually be ov'ing around now and not wanting to stay because they have to shag every night. This made me feel much better even if it is bollocks!

I had a meeting with my Supervisor this morning which sent me into a spin of worry and am only just coming down from all the stress. Was nuts not being able to tell my Sup I was pregnant as I definitely feel he should know, but am (again) not completely convinced myself so will keep it to myself until the 12 week scan (next week!). I think all the secrecy just about did me in because on the way home I went to the drs just to walk in and arrange a flu jab so I could say 'I'm pg' to the receptionist! I just had to say it blurt it out loud! I cannot keep secrets (mine, I am so ridiculously open. am brill at keeping other people's tho!)

am going to have a bath and Calm Down!

UG indigestion and acid reflux after me lunch. I hope this is a good sign I am still pg but man it is comfortable. can't believe I have it already, it was definitely my worst symptom with DS but didn't kick in until much later... eek!

Sheldonella Tue 30-Oct-12 14:41:39

Ok, chicken pie (very roughly as I just made it up as I went along):
Fry 1 chopped onion until soft and then add chopped up raw chicken (unless you are using leftover cooked chicken).
Once chicken is looking cooked add whatever else you fancy (I added mushrooms and cooked ham cubes). Also salt + pepper.
After a couple of minutes, sprinkle a teaspoon or two of plain flour and stir until everything is coated and frying.
Pour in about half a cup of chicken stock and bubble it until nice and thick like pie filling. Stir in cooked chicken if using.
Chuck it all in a pie dish, roll out pastry and put on top. I just used ready made pastry but sometimes make my own.
Brush pastry with beaten egg, make a couple of holes and bake at about 200 for half an hour or until it looks nicely golden on top.

I take no responsibility if it is crap grin

wilde Could definitely be shag week, didn't think of that. I have the indigestion too, don't like it one bit. Last night I had to have gaviscon after my dinner but I find the taste almost worse than the indigestion. Ooh, I must book flu jab too.
one I keep thinking the same about work. Just have to remind ourselves that we get to take some time out soon smile

I've been having massive kicks all morning, I'm wondering if DD has hiccups! I keep having to stop myself from ordering more things. I'm determined not to buy anything big until right at the end - the moses basket was because we had a voucher so it only cost us £10 really. I've almost finished knitting my little cardigan now and think I'm going to do a blanket next. I'm loving knitting.

Sheldonella Tue 30-Oct-12 14:42:39

Oh yes - I also sprinkled some dried thyme in the pie.

wilderumpus Tue 30-Oct-12 15:24:36

ok. stupid question but where do I get cooked ham cubes?! blush sounds delicious sheldon I shall make it this weekend smile

am loving your kicks smile hurrah! i remember my friends putting their hand on my bump to feel DSs hiccups smile ooh, I like gaviscon tablets, peppermint ones. have yet to get to the stage where I am waking in the night and swigging from the bottle! I hope I do!! and you made a cardy! awww!

oh I got into a clinic for my jab on saturday - the last one of this season apparently?! so you might need to hotfoot it if you want to get it in time (have no idea why is considered over now).

I am shattered! proper zonked. can't wait to do my two mile round trip to the childminder's in a bit hmm poor DS isn't really getting the best of me at the mo, am either being all dosy and pg or working my tail off for uni. I hope I am a better mum soon!

Sheldonella Tue 30-Oct-12 15:31:21

Cooked ham cubes - I had a small tin of ham that I used (but there was too much of it). Could also use bacon actually which might be nicer - just fry in with the chicken. Switching the onion for a leek is good too.
Tablets - I've got some somewhere, I'll fish them out and try them again. The bottle I have is the original one and tastes awful. Argh, yes, will ring this afternoon about flu jab. <forgetful>
Aww I'm sure you are being a great mum. I don't know how anyone manages the first trimester while already looking after kids, and you are doing your PhD too - amazing!
I'm researching slings again now. Everytime I think I've found one I like the look of, I see another one I like confused

wilderumpus Tue 30-Oct-12 17:47:48

i love slings! if you want any help just ask!

thanks for ham advice and the reassurance sheldon smile i felt dreadful earlier, so very tired but then came back with DS and ate a massive sandwich and a bowl of granola and some chocolates (!) and feel much, much better now. Phew, I thought it was a return of the tired awfulness of a couple of weeks ago! NOoooooooo! (hope you not suffering too badly one)

arf you guys go to actual work - and with ms - I don't understand how you do that. I just sit at home unless I absolutely have to go out smile

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Tue 30-Oct-12 17:49:37

Work is crap, lots of restructuring and redundancies, no communication, staff quiet paranoid and self protective. But actually it's been crap for the last 5 years since the previous poorly organised restructure. We've been put into new team structures and I'm with a bunch of new people and although I was dreading it there are some really lovely people so I'm grateful for that, but the systems in this new structure are either absent or don't meet the need. Staff and the recipients of our service are complaining constantly. There has been some awful bullying, etc., so simply being at work can be anxiety provoking even if nothing's going on, iyswim, there's just a tension. And to be honest I've been biding my time staying full time for the mat leave pay, then I will return part time and the negativity of the place will have less of an impact on my far too sensitive soul. I won't say what I do because it would be shocking to hear that it exsits in a system so impoverished and unhealthy as this. (work moan complete)

Mmmm, will make the chicken pie tomorrow, I have issues with pork so will stick with the mushrooms, maybe add carrots and leeks as I have those in abundance at the moment. The stock/filling is where I lack real confidence so this will be a new leap for me to make! Mmm thyme! Thanks Sheldonella!

You're knitting Sheldonella! I was wondering about taking that up but couldn't think what I would... duh. I could use a hobby and that sounds like a good one. I might look back into it. Is it hard to learn?

Wild that's a useful theory about your friends, and also probably nice for you to have them mind as trying rather than "just" mc, I remember how much it meant to me for us to be able to start trying again. Uff, a two mile roundtrip walk. I'm jealous, I haven't moved for the last 5 weeks, but also would find it intimidating to have to do. It will keep you healthy until you move! And I echo Sheldonella, good lord, your are pg and doing a PhD on a deadline! This is for a short space of time, I bet you're doing a great job!

Sheldonella, I was thinking about slings yesterday. I saw a woman on the bus with a new born and a toddler. She had a two seater stroller and the new born was crying out but she didn't want to lift her as she was having to stand and I was reminded about the usefulness of a sling at times like that. I'll be curious to know how you evaluate them!

I have my booking in appt tomorrow. Wish me luck. I have unresolved issues with the whole system but the mw is nice and I must be nice back and not attack her for the systems inability to be more linked up.

Anf after complaining about my AN thread they were really good about someone's misfortune yesterday and also more interactive blush. If you can't say anything nice... (wink)

wilderumpus Tue 30-Oct-12 18:01:35

one you don't work for a council do you?! Sounds very similar to my frustrating public sector experiences (back when I used to work grin). sorry is so difficult for you at the mo, I can see how that must be really dispiriting to work in.

good luck for your booking in tomorow. I hope it goes better than you hope! and glad your AN thread are being veer naice smile wink

Sheldonella Tue 30-Oct-12 18:15:35

Cream! You need a spoon of that or creme fraiche stirred into the thickened filling at the end too. Forgot that smile

one sorry to hear about the work stresses, it doesn't sound fun. Does anyone know abotu you yet? I sort of feel like I'm not taken so seriously now but I think they are just trying to keep the pressure off me which is nice I suppose. I plan to do the part time thing too. Knitting was easy to pick up with the help of a beginners book and YouTube videos. Good luck tomorrow!

Oh yes, slings. I have read that a wrap type is better for my shape so I have been looking at these. I would like one that is easy to put on by myself and I can carry baby upright or use for breast feeding. I also want to be able to use it in the house so I can get on with things.

Right, off to make chilli.

wilderumpus Tue 30-Oct-12 19:00:39

stretchy moby wrap! smile easy to do up once you know how, lots of instruction on youtube smile

told DH about my pie plans, he is very pleased! thanks sheldon!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Tue 30-Oct-12 22:08:59

Cream! OK, all set for a quick visit to the corner shop for cream in the morning and then it's pie for lunch! (Chilli, ok that's next, and someone on my AN thread mentioned toad in the hole which OH has agreed to make next!)

Thanks Wild re tomorrow. I'm sure it will be fine, but as I feel symptomless atm I'm being generally a bit ho hum about the whole thing!

It is public sector. I have told some people at work and I also mentioned the mc in case it happens again as my new professional lead and manager are new to me and I didn't want them to think I'm a flake with all my random emotions!

I might have a look at a starter kit re knitting! And will google slings by body shape!

'Night everyone!

Sheldonella Wed 31-Oct-12 10:15:49

Yikes, I hope your pies go well <nervous>
Moby wrap - will be trying to get a proper look at one of those. Shops ought to have dolls to practice with!
Well I managed to hurt myself knitting last night. Anyone heard of a more stupid injury?
Good luck today one!

wilderumpus Wed 31-Oct-12 10:30:33

sheldon I have to chuckle at your knitting injury... what did you do?! A crap at knitting, I am not goog at all the counting! I love crochet though. re: sliings you could look up a sling library or sling meet in your area then they will help 'ee and you get to meet new mommas too. I haven't been to one, my friend was a sling person so helped me lots.

good luck today one! such a milestone smile Your symptoms might be calming down a bit now, aren't you in week nine? That's when mine and boo's started to chill out a bit.

hmm... i love public sector and will always work in it (when I go back to work!) but arf the shite management always hurts and I have worked for a few different councils/depts!

how long and how hot shall I cook my pie for please sheldon?!

I am insanely tired today, feel peaky but hungry, hormonal and like I just need to lie down. a lot. I am so grateful I have to work today and am not running around after DS. Pg hormones mean am waking a lot in the night too and tossing and turning. DH sloped off the to spare room last night cause I was being so annoying! Is all for a good cause though and am sure will be right as rain tomorrow smile 12 week scan a week tomorrow eek!

oh I have 'popped' as well! At night time when I lie down I can feel my baby's house now. hope the baby in it is ok!

boo how are you and when is your 12 week scan? must be veer soon?

waves to chuckle and ice

wilderumpus Wed 31-Oct-12 10:31:40

sorryfor typos forgot to edit blush

icequeenkate Wed 31-Oct-12 10:40:40

Hello all! Am alive, just, but buried under mound of 3ds on half term grin

one sorry to hear about your work issues. That's rubbish but as you say if you can hang on til you go on maternity leave then return p/t it may help to make it a bit more bearable? biscuit hope this helps!

sheldon kicks? grin brilliant news - aren't they just the best feeling ever. DH is convinced kicks are the only reason I wanted another baby! Just been listening to DS2 do his drum practice (quiet house, ours) and baby was belting me like mad. My entire tummy was shifting about from side to side!

wilde will be a relief to get your deadline met? Do you work better with a deadline pressure? I always find I do. Come on, you can do it!!!

boo all ok?

chuckle are you ok? Haven't heard from you in an age?confused

AFM, have consultant appt on Monday. My blood levels are right down, below 8. Apparently it means I could bleed badly at birth then conk out, which might not be the best thing. I have reluctantly agreed to take iron - it was either that or a transfusion, and am a bit squeamish about that sort of thing. Lactulose here I come. Fed up about the whole thing, as I feel fine, just numbers letting me down.

Have tried knitting - managed to produce a gat that looked more like a willy warmer hmm but you have inspired me to have another go one.

Final piece of news: have had to take my rings off as fingers too fat. Instead I have bought myself the ultra glittery silver eye liner from Mac to provide the bling in my life. Sad. grin but looks very cool!!

Sheldonella Wed 31-Oct-12 10:42:06

I was hunched over the cardigan until about 1030 and now my back hurts! Was agony when I went to bed.
I cooked my pie for about half an hour at 200. Basically the filling should already be mostly cooked so you just need to pastry to go nice and golden.
Another nice one is squash, spinach and feta.
Sorry, I'm utterly obsessed with food!

wilderumpus Wed 31-Oct-12 10:53:18

oh bloody hell I need both those pies smile

ice that is not good - are you eating enough? get some steak asap! smile yum. sorry about having to take iron. but yay for glittery eyeliner! sounds ace smile

oh sheldon poor you. maybe have a nice bath when you can a loosen your back up.

am starving. must go and eat. I think I might need a proper meal! at 11am! am really worried though if I go downstairs I will just eat and plonk myself on the settee and not move all day! am feeling quite skivy today!

ice I love a good deadline as long as I can meet it smile all will be well, am very excited.

wilderumpus Wed 31-Oct-12 10:53:33

oh. lots of smily faces. have gone bonkers.

booboomonster Wed 31-Oct-12 12:47:14

Hello! How did all the pies go? grin

Have been away at mums and forgot my phone charger. Am home now. Was a bit exhausting as I stupidly decided to let the DDs share a bunk bed - fine for DD1 (5) but DD2 (2) just made a nuisance of herself, talking to DD1, coming downstairs, going up to DD1s bunk, etc etc. As a consequence they are both very very tired. And so am I, because despite not being asleep on some nights until 11pm they still woke up at 6am! Yawn.

Sorry to hear you have hurt your back, sheldon - I thought you were going to say you had poked yourself with a needle! Hot bath might help? Actually I had a back massage while I was away at my mums gym, and it was very very nice. Can you ask DH to oblige?

Liking all the pie talk... although I am not really up to cooking. I did have some feta parcels the other day that DH bought and they were yummy and salty!

wild yes the AN thread is still rather self centred, as it were - it's weird how people comment just on themselves... I don't get it. I think I will just be a lurker! I know some people don't like that but its purely because I don't think I'll be able to keep up with making comments! I am still feeling more energetic, but kind of tired too. My scan is, dare I say it, tomorrow! I am feeling rather edgy about it. I am trying to relax but if the DDs are playing up I have noticed I am shouting rather easily! Also slipped on my mums stairs earlier and burst into tears (I am fine though). So I am definitely a bit on edge. Dreading it.

ice the eye liner sounds fab! I was wondering when I should take my rings off - it sounds like you've done well to keep them this far. My wedding ring is quite tight anyway so I was thinking I would do it soon. Also I seem to have developed eczema on my knuckles so slathering my engagement ring in hand cream every night is not a good idea!
Sorry to hear you are low in iron (is it just that?). At least there is something you can do now to avoid any probs later. Hope you manage to get it sorted. I think levels can change pretty quickly, if I remember from last time.

one Sorry you are having a tricky time at work. It is such a shame that public sector companies can be so mismanaged (I speak from experience!). But it sounds like you have the right attitude, get the mat pay and time off then part time work is a lot easier to avoid the politics, that is certainly what I have found in the past. Sadly tw not over yet. Yet being a key word.
How did the booking in go? I hope it was ok. The more I think about mine, the more rubbish I think it was. But I think I just got a power mad, bored midwife. They are not all like that.

wild can I ask you - does the moby sling get warm? I ruled it out for summer baby last time because I thought all the material might get a bit sweaty and hot, so just had a ring sling. But I like the look of them... pity they are so pricey otherwise I'd definitely get one.

Yes, where is chuckle? Hope everything's alright - it's been a while.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 31-Oct-12 12:52:31

Sheldonella's knitting injury and Ice's willy warmer!!!

Ice, great to hear from you (thanks for the biscuit!)! Sorry about your blood levels, glad you're feeling ok though. I wouldn't want a transfusion either. Hope you can keep it to just tablets.

Sheldonella, may I take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my greedy piggy heart! I am sitting here with my first helping. I am deeply impressed with myself (never made a gravy/roux type thing before) and I wouldn't have thought I could! I cheated with a mashed potato topping as I don't fancy the pastry. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Thanks for the encouragement re symptoms Wild. I had got myself to a very moody place this morning but I think that wouldn't have happened if it weren't for my appt this afternoon so I went back to bed and then made the pie and that's helped me to renegociate my mood a bit! Stupid appt, it'll all be over in 3 hours.

It would be nice to hear from Boo and Chuckle!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 31-Oct-12 12:53:05

I took so long over that I missed Boo! Will read your post over my second helping!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 31-Oct-12 13:01:32

Boo sending lots of warm supportive vibes to you for your scan tomorrow. It's no wonder you're on edge. I can't now recall, did you get to the scan stage before? I was just wondering if it had that added association as well. These things are hard, there's no good reason why it won't be lovely, but I also hate writing platitudes - will be looking out for your news tomorrow. Passing on the biscuit of sympathy to you!

Sheldonella Wed 31-Oct-12 13:05:06

Aww I'm glad it worked well one and the mashed potato sounds great, I might have to try that myself. When I made it at the weekend I really wanted chips with it but we didn't have any and I threw a huge strop. DH went round to the shop to get some but they only had those potato smile thingies so we had them with it. The smiley faces helped with my bad mood smile
Credit must also go to ice for the pie as she mentioned making one which made me want to make one!
ice that eyeliner sounds lovely, what is the name of the colour? Sorry to hear about your iron. Have you been feeling tired with it?
wilde I like the smiley faces smile smile smile
boo Welcome back! Your DDs sound very cute.

wilderumpus Wed 31-Oct-12 15:20:27

yay hello boo. my DS is nearly three and would go mad if he saw a bunk bed let alone was allowed to sleep in one with a cousin/friend! glad you had a nice (tho knackering) time. clock change has caused super tiredness in our house too. Scan tomorrow will surely make you edgy, but all your symptoms sound spot on and there is NO reason to think anything has gone wrong so yay and good luck smile (leftovers from my pep talk to myself this morning grin)

one your cooking stamina is awesome. I can cook one proper meal a week atm, am far too shattered to be that organised blush The pie is my effort this week.

boo the sling is warm, in summer I would probably only take the bubs out in it in a vest and take a proper babygrow in my bag for when I take them out. AFAIK it is the best material sling to use for a newborn as others don't suppport the head though I think my mei tai will work if I customise it a bit to make it snug... did you use the ring sling with a newborn? I have one of those too, I loved it tho some people say it is tricky to use? I never found that. oh and moby's have a good resale value so it actually not a bad investment. NCT sales and ebay might be a good place to start for a bargain though?

yeah I am gradually getting more lurkery now on the AN thread boo too unless there is something specific i can comment/help/butt in on. Is well meaning but overly chirrupy pour moi hmm grin and new people keep joining, I can't keep up! anyway, am off to nose at it now anyway!

am skiving today and feel so restored for it! I have eaten a whole bar of galaxy chocolate, crisps and a sausage sarnie and watched the hunger games filum. i loved the books, film not so good but nice for some down time. I cried a lot at nothing which means I am wonderfully hormonal today. I texted Dh to say we should have the takeaway tonight (more fatty, sugary food! am putting it down to all the walking I am doing (!) and a growth spurt!) to celebrate my good meeting with my supervisor yesterday (i had heartburn last night so couldn't face food) and he said it sounded like a good idea... and I cried at that. wtaf.

laters! epic post!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 31-Oct-12 16:05:14

Wild I share those tears. Over the weekend I watched the last 20 minutes or so of Nanny McFee, a film I've never seen before, and was in floods of tears.

Thanks Ice for starting us all off on pies! Sorry you didn't get your chips Seldonella but it also quite sweet picturing a grumpy pg lady eating smile shapes!

I'm back from mw appt. She was fine, if a bit melodramatic, when I said I wanted my blood taken from the nurse I know at my surgery. My position was strengthened early on in the appt when she actually knocked the whole "blood taking things" tray on to the floor and I thought this woman is nice but a bit too dippy for me in this context! She then miscalculated my bmi and told me I was overweight. I worried about it all the way home but remembered that she also miscalcualted my dates. So I used her numbers to recheck and I'm fine, only just but still! angry I walked there and back so I'm going to get a chocolate bar too. hmph!

Skiving Wild, lovely!

wilderumpus Wed 31-Oct-12 18:07:46

one at my booking in they got my BMI wildly wrong but finally realised it! so glad because they had me on paper as obese which is fine but would mean I would probably be called in to see about extra care and stuff!

so glad your appt was ok tho and good for you for sticking to your guns re: blood tests. def get a choccy bar smile

yeah I cried at a comedy earlier too just because the FIl was so kind to the sil. and cried at the film because the siblings really really loved each other. Anything sibling'y sets me off! loving those hormones smile

am paying for eating all that choccy earlier, blood sugar levels all over the shop and feel really rough! hiding from childcare while DH is home early (to help with trick or treaters of which we have had none! whole tin of roses for me then!)

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 31-Oct-12 18:51:54

I got an ice cream in the end and am likewise paying for it. I have ruined my appetite, ruined. What would my mother say! Hope you all have a nice evening!

booboomonster Wed 31-Oct-12 21:35:12

Hi girls just quickly posting on phone to say thanks for luck! Feeling a bit cross as just got text from sis in law saying congrats... Turns out DH has told his lot!? We had agreed to wait until scan so what he was thinking of I've no idea. It's made me more anxious!

Anyway, can relate to the sugar binges... I made butterscotch sauce to have with ice cream tonight & ate the lot! Feel sick now. I know it was partly to take my mind off things... Why do I do that?

Glad your appt went ok, one well done for sticking to your plan & avoiding clutzy midwife!!! Glad you sliced wild - we all need time out now & then (now more than then...).

Anyway, off to bed - will let u know how we go tomorrow. (sigh)

Sheldonella Thu 01-Nov-12 08:24:45

Massive good luck today boo!

wilderumpus Thu 01-Nov-12 10:32:06

gooooooooooooooood luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck boo! x

wilderumpus Thu 01-Nov-12 10:35:49

am really pg today! I had a dream and I was showing so everyone knew I was pg and this morning put on an old snowboarding jacket and I quite clearly look pg in it (is a bit snug now eek) so have relegated it to the cupboard shelf with my old clothes in it. Is great and unnerving at the same time - I just hope there is an ok baby in there! also v v v tired today.

lots of work to do! is mad but my brain can concentrate on my PhD wonderfully, but when it comes to feeding and clothing me and my son I am quite at a loss and spend all morning trudging up and down stairs forgetting things grin


icequeenkate Thu 01-Nov-12 11:15:10

Good luck today boo!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Thu 01-Nov-12 17:37:24

Boo, hope your OH apologised for letting it slip! I'm being terrible with telling people, I keep seeing the odd person and telling them and then saying "but we're not telling anyone yet so keep it to yourself" blush

Agh, OH just came home enexpectedly early, we are going to watch an episode of Buffy, then I shall return for news and updates.

booboomonster Thu 01-Nov-12 19:04:46

Hello! All fine today at scan. Saw baby and all looked normal (textbook, according to sonographer who was very nice). My nuchal result is a higher risk than I'd like, due to blood tests rather than the Nuchal translucency measurement, but it's still 1:170 which seems pretty decent odds, so we won't be having any further tests (also don't think I would act on any tests anyway so no point). She dated me as 6 days further along than I thought I was which was a surprise and never happened before to me. So that means I'm 13 weeks tomorrow, new due date 10 May.

Wept at seeing the baby. DDs were there and excited, well DD1 was, DD2 was pretty oblivious. Am very very relieved that - a) YES I am pregnant, and b) it's one baby (though 2 would have been fine as long as healthy, once I'd got used to idea!) and c) all measurements and limbs etc looked fine. So far so good!!

Anyway, thanks for all support everyone. I feel very happy but know that really I'm not out of the woods (as it were) until baby is born. Next scan is 27 Dec!

How is everyone else?

wild I did use the ring sling with newborn, but DD2 was 10 days late and holding her head up from birth so she didn't seem quite so fragile as DD1 had seemed (didn't have it with DD1). I might treat myself to a moby given that really we are not going to be buying anything in the way of equipment this time. That's mad that you can concentrate on PhD but not other stuff - I know what you mean - I find I can focus at work but definitely am flummoxed by food or clothing decisions!!

booboomonster Thu 01-Nov-12 19:06:36

one yes DH did apologise. In fact I think it was his mum that told his sis. I was slightly worried that I would find premature congratulatory messages on facebook as a result (his mum is not on it, but her family who live near her are prolific users). I am not going to announce anything on facebook, so I certainly didn't want an early announcement!

Sheldonella Thu 01-Nov-12 19:10:03

Excellent news boo smile I got put quite a bit further on too, weird isn't it. Did they let your DDs in then? That's lovely.

booboomonster Thu 01-Nov-12 19:22:48

Thanks sheldon yes they did - I checked first, but they were fine with it. It's half term so they said they had had a lot of kids in this week.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Thu 01-Nov-12 19:25:46

WooHoo*Boo*!!!!! How wonderful, and textbook is fab. grin here biscuitbrew

wilderumpus Fri 02-Nov-12 10:33:10

yay boo that's marvellous news! am sad you aren't my EDD buddy any more though sad grin does it feel weird all of a sudden being 'more' pregnant? does it work with your dates?! Am sure they will put me even further behind, have already out myself behind in line with previous scans (even tho is rubbish as would have had a wonderful BFP at 8dpo) in anticipation as I find it so disappointing!

so happy for you smile smile smile

Sheldonella Fri 02-Nov-12 16:31:10

Afternoon all, how are we today? I've done some very exciting shopping - all the reusable nappies I'll ever need, a rocking stand for my moses basket, some bedding, a changing mat and a cute little fleece jacket with ears on it smile I will stop now though! Definitely not buying the cot, sling or pram for a while yet.
I got a bit nervous yesterday as I didn't feel DD move much all day. Fortunately she started doing some great acrobatics when I went to bed and then again this morning. As I type this she has just booted me in the middle of my stomach.
So, what have we all got planned for the weekend?

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Fri 02-Nov-12 16:46:38

Wow Sheldonella, well done, how exciting. I like how you drew a line there as well wink. Glad your DD has given you a reassuring kick!

I'm looking forward to a free weekend except for the new Bond film Sunday evening. I might clean the house for the first time in many weeks! Boring I know. I hope others are up to more exciting hijinks!

wilderumpus Fri 02-Nov-12 18:40:28

ah, the weekend... I am itching to go out and have some fun but with DS and being pg I am going to have to settle for (another) quiet night in! cinema would be nice, i would like to see that film too one Instead I shall be working and have a three year old's party to take DS to on Sunday. Oh the glamour! the thrills! wink

yay for kicking and shopping sheldon smile

with working so much my days are whizzing by. cannot believe am almost 12 weeks, or that I have a scan on thurs! nuts.

am trying to wangle some mmore tom ka gai soup out of DH. I could just live off the stuff atm but sadly you can only get it from restaurants! lordy this baby is posh grin

I start pg yoga a week tuesday (all being well). can't wait, but will be weird being with lots of pg women as I don't feel completely pg yet and also i just hope I have some energy! am so up and down atm smile

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Fri 02-Nov-12 20:07:52

Wild, I hadn't clocked that your scan is Thursday! There are so many milestones between us all, looking forward to it! I remember your description of your previous scan, really moving.

Ooh pg yoga, forgot about that, must look into it!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Fri 02-Nov-12 20:15:48

Guys, remember Wifey? She's posted on the conception page, she's got a bfp!!!!!!

Sheldonella Fri 02-Nov-12 21:51:44

Which conception page? That is great news!

one when is your scan? The weeks really are flying by.

wilde that soup sounds rather lovely. Did you manage to get some tonight? Yay for posh baby smile mine seems to want nothing but cheese.

DH and I are going to the village firework display tomorrow night. Am I being daft worrying about the loudness and the effects on the baby?

booboomonster Fri 02-Nov-12 22:09:37

hello! Yes, wild and sheldon it is weird about being moved along so much. That has never happened to me before, as I've always been bang on, so I don't know what to pin it on. I think (though I can't quite remember, typically the one month I was supposedly chilling out and not monitoring everything) I had a bit of spotting before my LMP date, so maybe my period was a bit earlier and therefore ovulation earlier. I did take the odd temp but not continuously so maybe I missed the surge! But in some ways it's nice thinking there is less time to go... but on the other I worry it's wrong and then I will not be able to go to the full 2 weeks over due if I need to. (Well I can, but it will be at my own risk). Anyway, not going to worry about that yet!!!!

I know, wild we have been separated in terms of due dates!! Although if you are usually early (I think you said) and I've been on due date for DD1 and 10 days late for DD2, so more likely you will be before me anyway?!

sheldon I remember going to see a live beatboxer when I was pregnant with DD1 and thinking it was way too loud. I have also been to gigs and stuff like that with DD2. I was in the cinema last night - watching Skyfall and some of the ads were deafening! I honestly think the baby is so protected inside you that it's simply not going to hear things like you do, but I've no idea if that is medically sound. Certainly neither of mine have had problems with hearing, if that's anything to go by. I think when you are preg, however, that you are generally more sensitive so all these things seem even louder. My DH was stamping his foot earlier because he had cramp and it was making me shudder with the noise...?! Might be a good idea not to stand too close to fireworks going off though - just because you don't want to get a shock! I've just remembered we had a firework display (loosely speaking) at my parents just after DD1 was born, she was about 1 month old. She hated it but her ears weren't damaged!

one was wifey on our thread? I know the name but I can't remember why. BFPs are good news though!!

I told my work today. Everyone was nice about it which was good. It is a relief to be able to breathe out!! I am looking rather tubby particularly in the evenings, but I don't think it's proper bump yet!

Got a very early start for work tomorrow (booooo) so better go to bed or I'll be a wreck. Hope everyone has lovely weekends.

wilderumpus Sat 03-Nov-12 11:07:43

boo the MW said to me that all babies are different, because I fretted at her about being even earlier with this one which might give me a 36 weeker. I don't think I will go over my EDD tho tbh smile And you told work! WOW! What a milestone!

got my flu jab this morning! and I had my thai soup last night tho think we will have to stop indulging me for a while. is an expensive craving!

one is wifey one of ours? Did she have a mc around the same time? I think I remember but am a bit thick atm. Pleasing anyways as I def recognise her name smile

I was asleep by 9.30 last night. crackers!

sheldon go with your instincts, all babies are different! my DS was very sensitive to loud noises when I was pg with him grin and he still is now! I think that is unusual for him to send such strong signals of dislike though (would go very still) and think usually they would be just fine. is very muffled in there? DS did really like a tim minchin gig i took him to when I was about 34 weeks though smile good lad smile

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sat 03-Nov-12 13:13:22

I can't remember who would recall Wifey but I remember some of us mentioning her on our old thread. She didn't post on our old thread, or maybe she did but only for a short space of time. She mainly posted on her own thread. It was just such a heartache read so I was excited to see she now has a bfp. (The thread is called "Should I be Worried" Sheldonella, she's had a tiny bit of spotting).

I don't have a scan date yet Sheldonella. I'll be 10 weeks Monday so it's certainly coming. The only symptom I've had for the last several days is mild boob ache and a bit of constipation. Worringly, I feel pretty good. I even had the energy to clean house this morning properly for the first time in 5 or 6 weeks (gawd, the dust!!!). I hope there's something/someone in there to scan!

I don't know a thing about loud noises and pregnancy. Interesting to read what you've experienced though Boo and Wild. I know this is totally different but I once had a friend who in the final days of her pg was fed up with her lo not making a move so she came out clubbing with us so the loud music and reverberations would motivate him out! It was wonderful dancing with this massively pg woman just lolling from side to side!

That's a perfect description Boo, I want to be able to breath out too! Boooo that you have to work today, hope you have a nice evening.

Wild that soup! Glad you finally got some. I'm going to have to try some myself. There's a really good thai kitchen in a pub near me and if I hadn't been so tired in the evenings lately I would have popped over there ages ago to find out if they do takeaway! OOOOOh! You saw Tim Minchin!!!!! We LOOOOVE him! The Infinite Monkey Cage once did a broadcast from our town and he was a guest on that, it's the only time we've seen him live.

Right, only the bathroom and living room left. I normally keep a clean house but these last several weeks have been strange. I'd see some mess on the floor or whatever and just kind of look at it with mild curiosity. Spilled drops of tea on the tiles? Hmmm, or hmm, I wonder how that will look when it dries? confused. My OH revelled in the freedom of it all!

wilderumpus Sat 03-Nov-12 13:28:04

oooh you love tim minchin too one! He is the only person that I would make an effort to go and see whenever he is around (which isn't much these days, sad face). his 'white wine in the sun' song always makes me blub now I am pg. I can't wait until DS is old enough to go and see mathilda smile And WHAT is the infinite monkey cage?! what a fabulous name!

I don't know how you guys go to work being all pg. What a nightmare! Some days (like today) unless I am wearing my hoody or baggy tops I really am showing looking fat. eek!

well done on your energy one! It is quite normal as far I can see from the AN thread, me and Boo to have energy at 10 weeks! then around 12 it might dip again, I have had quite a rough ride this week. I think it is the placenta trying to kick in, so sometimes you feel great and other times terrible as you have a double whammy of hormones from the placenta and you. smile

DH is super keen to take DS (he's nearly 3 so about ready) to a fireworks display tonight (it will be too loud for him, mark my words). Can I just say I DO NOT want to go in a million years! I do not want to stand up at all today! am sooooo tired and lethargic! Let alone in the cold and wet?! oh 'eck. Hopefully DS's face will make it all worthwhile and a hot dog and some chips grin

my friend's baby loved noise one! and he still does! is a right little disco dancer.

must work. want to nap.

Sheldonella Sat 03-Nov-12 14:23:04

Oh I love Tim Minchin. We love the ginger song as DH is ginger smile Love infinite monkey cage. wilde it is a radio show.

one 10 weeks and more energy is what happened to me too. I think the indigestion might have kicked in some time after that too but I hope it doesn't for you.

Oh I looked up the thai soup - I MUST have some! I think I have the ingredients in to make it so might have a go this weekend.

wilde (and anyone else) have you ever come across a Wilkinet sling? I've seen a bargain on one and thought it looked interesting - somewhere between a wrap and a harnessy type one. I'm trying to find one that can be used by both DH & I.

Thanks for the thoughts on noise boo. I think I will go unless it is too cold.

Menu for the day - beef stew and homemade bread.

wilderumpus Sat 03-Nov-12 14:52:43

don't know about that one sheldon! am not up on my carriers but am SURE there is someone on MN who is smile

Am having a minor quandary. If we don't have to move house but would just like to to be near friends and family, would you do it at around 30 weeks pg or wait until you had the baby? Considering too that staying put would mean DS is in nursery 15 hours a week (if we move in March he won't get a place until sept)... hmmm and hmm

yay for tim minchin smile I like his song about re-using plastic bags; at the gig he did this and whenever he went into the chorus he had huge energy gobbling fans going and flashy lights grin so funny. oh i want to go to a gig!

written a gazillion words of my thesis. I always know it is time to stop when I forget how to save my document hmm confused smile

booboomonster Sun 04-Nov-12 10:31:19

Hi girls. I love Tim Minchin too - took DD1 to see Matilda last year and she loved it. She kept wanting to see the chokey (she likes to be scared!). In fact, [boast emoticon] I've met Tim through work, and his Infinite Monkey Cage co stars Brian Cox and Robin Ince. It's a great prog.

wild I can see your dilemma re moving. Are you selling up and buying or going to be renting (I ask as that might dictate, timewise, what you do). If renting, then I guess you have the choice! I moved when pregnant before and found it frustrating not to be able to unpack properly (too tired, couldn't lift heavy stuff etc). But it's quite nice to start babys life off in the new place. I think second time around newborns seem a doddle (in my experience, but obv depends on your baby and first time experience!) so I would say moving with a new born not too much hassle specially if you have minimal equipment like cot and buggy (I think you said you are planning to co-sleep and sling it). I had my DD1 at home from May to end August as she was starting at a new pre school which had school holidays. It was quite full on but on the other hand DD1 got to see a lot of me and baby which I think was nice for her, given that prior to that she had been Number 1 in my priorities so in that way I was glad she was there. DD2 was quite an easy baby though. Anyway, Not sure if that helps you at all!

It's so weird to me that you crave Thai, wild as when I was pg with DD1 we went on holiday to Thailand - pre booked, supposed to be baby making holiday but we jumped the gun. Anyway, I could not touch Thai food when there, it made me feel so sick, the smell of it was everywhere. I could only eat eggy bread and fruit (and a stash of rich tea biccys I'd brought). What a waste! Anyway, it means I still don't ever fancy Thai in pregnancy. Quite fancy curries this time, though. grin Beef stew and home made bread sounds nice sheldon!

one am super envious of your energy. I really need to do some jobs on the house. I actually have a cleaner for a couple of hours a week - otherwise we would have been living in a pit the last few weeks - so at least the basics are done, but there is a load of other stuff to do. I usually like living in a very clean organised environment so it is slightly doing my head in that I am so useless right now. But I am trying to give in to it.

How is everyone else feeling? I seem to have energetic moments and then am back to completely knackered again. It's definitely worse this time than before. I don't know if it's because I am older, or because I started off being more tired with having the 2 DDs already, or if it's just this pregnancy. I have still got the dreg ends of my cold, too. I don't have indigestion yet (sympathies to those who do) but I do seem to be burping a lot more than usual!!

We milked out on actually going to fireworks but watched them from our loft instead. Even then I had to sit down before the end, pathetic!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sun 04-Nov-12 14:32:17

Wild That song "white wine in the sun" was out first introduction to him. We were in bed listening to the last Dr Who's desert island discs and he played that. We were both moved by it so we googled it to listen in full and both wept over it. It's now a christmas favourite! Sheldonella I love the ginger song too! Boo how exciting, you met him! Is he nice?

Sheldonella how'd the soup turn out?

Hmmm, moving at 30 weeks. I have no experience of this Wild, obviously. Would it be nicer that you were there for the birth and to have friends and family around for that? But you might really want that 15 hours of nursery when you might be struggling more? On the other hand, what Boo said made sense. Would it be harder to move with a new born? (am I just asking the same questions you asked in an annoyingly repetitive way! Sorry.)

I'm envious of your cleaner Boo. I'm so untrusting. When I finally managed to hire a company, the person they assigned arrived late one week (only once? who knows, I was unexpectedly home with a cold), she took a smoke break, with the smell of smoke coming into the house, and that was it. I also think she didn't do as good a job as I could.

I would mind less losing energy at 10 weeks since you've all done well with that, but I was only 9, I'll be 10 on Monday! confused

wilderumpus Sun 04-Nov-12 17:09:15

one I started to feel better during week nine. lasted until week 11 (up and down) then had a bit more of an up and down week. tiredness is fine and dandy today but am very emotional! 12 weeks today (well, according to scans that put me back a bit) which is pleasing. Dh is chuffed to bits.

I was alone at a toddler party this aft with DS (my first!) as my friend said she couldn't come at the last minute and I was all alone and kept nipping to the loo for chill-time (I am really chatty and friendly when I know people but terribly shy and anxious before then, tho no-one believes me when I say that as I come accross super confident apparently) ANYWAY my friend did turn up after I had just wondered what the feck i was going to do for an hour and a half all on my own (everyone else had a friend/knew each other) and I saw her and burst into tears on her! Hehe! Hormones are rampaging as I had also burst into tears on DH not long before going to said party because he stressed me out by not bringing home the cream and linguine I asked for (!).

so that has been my day. And now I am sat to do my PhD work until 8/9pm confused

we have decided to stay here until we find a smashing house to rent in cornwall then will move straight away as they are few and far between. Am so keen to keep some kind of continuity for DS as having a baby will really affect us all, but Dh reminds me that we are still together and can be aware of his moods and pander to him for a while if moving messes with his head (sad) and I will just keep him home with me (us!) abd kjeep him close if he is narky. Moving will always be a wrench for him tbh, whenever we do it. Am dreading it! thanks for your thoughts ladies. Is such a conundrum and very hard to think about moving house when hormonal and nesty and fatigued! smile

sheldon did you make the soup?! I wish I was glamorous enough to have those ingredients just in my cupboard grin I have bisto cubes and bay leaves, very unexciting. I have got some stewing steak in and some tiger bread though for stew tomorrow! You inspired me! smile

boo you met the Minch?! OOOOH! Was he nice? I quite fancy him in that way one fancies clever men. Am the same on the energy thing, some days I am fine, others like yesterday I fret about having to stand up for an hour! Am fine today, quite hyper really.

we did leave the fireworks straight away btw. the bonfire and chips were lovely tho and it was nice to get out and come home

wilderumpus Sun 04-Nov-12 17:09:40

OMG that was long! sooooooorrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 05-Nov-12 12:53:51

Thanks Wild I will hang up my Hat Of Doom And Gloom and appreciate feeling good. I'm approaching the time of my mc in my last pg. It's anxiety provoking. I just wish I felt like shit, you know? Probably psychosomatic but I did managed to put my back out on the way into work this mornng. I went in and did 3 hours and am now home in bed so will be cruising MN and Google for entertainment!

Congratulations on your 12th week! Do you have another scan coming up now?

I recieved my appt in the post today, November 21st, aaaagggggeeeeesssss away. And will be 12+2 so curious to see if they alter the dates.

I sympathise with you re the party. I'm the same socially. I think I've spoken about it too much though as recently a friend had a birthday celebration and didn't invite me because she thought I wouldn't enjoy it. I thanked her for her consideration and then stewed in feelings of rejection and self pity for days! Anyway, that's a sweet reaction to your friend showing up though, hope she appreciated your style of welcome!

Now, a new dish... cream and linguine, were you making an alfredo sauce?

Glad you've got a decision re the move that you're happy with. Fx for your ds and the move.

Happy Monday everyone!

wilderumpus Mon 05-Nov-12 13:04:26

arf one I felt like utter shit and still miscarried my last pg. the placenta makes the hormones not the baby so if you have a functioning one of those you will get symptoms, whatever is going on sad BUT it also means if you don't have loads of symptoms is not an automatically bad sign at ALL!

hope your back is ok? YAY for scan date!

I have my 12 week scan on thurs... was looking forward to it but had a teeny bit of pink spotting today so am nervous again. Seems to be around every two weeks for some reason.

Also had a surprise appt in the post just now for an antenatal appt next week at the hospital. i wonder if I am on consultant led care (which I am not in my notes) cause I can't see why else I would have this, at 13 weeks? anyone know? I can't go anyway, I have to work - all my AN appts keep being on thursdays!

one I sympathise, that is a shame. I told my friends about my phone phobia about 6 years ago and not one of them has called since! this makes me sad; i wish they would call anyway, sometimes I pick it up! texting and emailing is best for me tho smile

mushroom and garlic creamy sauce thing it will be. nom! I don't know what alfredo means!

I cried at x factor last night. confused crikey I was hormonal!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 05-Nov-12 13:25:04

I'm sorry you've had this troubling spotting. Hope this one goes away quickly. Has it just made an appearance today? Fx for Thursday. I don't know you would be offered another appt though, maybe ring your mw? I'm expecting one to come through. I will need cervix stitches to keep my woohoo closed for the pregnancy. Mmm, so, so happy about that.

I missed Ryland's sing off, I'm not a fan of either but am annoyed that he own over Kye! I might try to google his performance now!

Alfredo sauce is made with parmesan, cream, some green herb, garlic, it's mild, mmmmm.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 05-Nov-12 13:41:16

Oh, that was Ryland's best performance, hm, wonder what's going to happen!

wilderumpus Mon 05-Nov-12 13:49:00

i am really so embarrassed it made me cry. It was certainly hormones tho I do think rylan is super sweet. Kye, tbh, was a bit try hard for me hmm controversial!!!!

spotting just today. only a teeny bit, just wish it would go away. Is ok. am quite grumpy today, I think the pressure of entertaing DS all day with the knowledge that I should be working (and he is being a bit of a wind up merchant today) is making me short tempered.

DS has put his knee through the stair gate upstairs to lure me up when he should be napping. Grrrrrrrr! grin

a stitch?! oh bums sad a couple of ladies had them on the other ttc after mc, if you need advices i am sure they will help smile

Did ring about my strange and random appt but no one answered. will ring again later.

am going to cancel DS's nursery place tomorrow I think. will confirm with DH that is what we should do first, is a big deal to cancel... and it means we are cutting our ties with up here! eek!

Sheldonella Mon 05-Nov-12 14:02:59

Afternoon all. I managed a lie yesterday for the first time in months! I feel refreshed! Yay! Had a great weekend really, more junk thrown out, baby's room looking lovely now. I did brave the firework display in the end and it was lovely. The noise didn't cause any movement at all, although I got lots later that night. I also had half a glass of red wine which was delicious. I didn't make the soup in the end - just the stew. Definitely on my to do list though.

Another job ticked off - I've sorted out maternity leave. I should finish at the very beginning of february which seems scarily close now. I was told about the difficulties of finding childcare by some colleages today too so I have emailed a nursery about places for 2014. This seems crazy but had to be done.

wilde Have you made your mind up about the move then? Do you have lots of stuff to move? All sounds very exciting. I think I would prefer to move before new baby arrives but would probably worry about coping with all the packing. Appointments - I got one of those mystery appointments too and no one at the hospital could tell me why until I actually went to it. It turned out to be because of a single high blood pressure reading and I think the GP had been a bit overcautious when she faxed my details to the hospital. I was discharged from consultant care straight away but they want me to keep being checked every two weeks with the midwife. The midwife has since said she thinks that's silly. Sorry to hear about the spotting again.

one Try not to read too much into symptoms. With my mc pregnancy I had horrifically sore boobs for weeks. They would keep me awake. This time I had slightly sore boobs for a week or two and they have felt almost completely normal ever since, just the occasional twinge. I'm glad you have your scan appointment - it will be here before you know it. When do you have to have the stitch?

Sheldonella Mon 05-Nov-12 14:03:44

That was supposed to say lie in, not lie. I didn't start yesterday by fibbing to anyone smile

wilderumpus Mon 05-Nov-12 14:19:48

oh I LOVE that you feel so refreshed after your first lie in months grin Am delighted for you! i feel terrible without a good fib too smile smile glad you had a lovely weekend!

YES I think we have made our mind up about the move! we are soooo worried about work, about how it will affect DS, about me being all stressed and heavily pg in a new place (not really new but i don't have a life of my own there) with DS not in nursery... and will we even like going back to DHs home town?! It might be rubbish! so we umm and ahh but I think, having nearly decided to just stay, we have now decided to go whenever we can from Jan. we will def move next year so might as well just get it over with while it is easier. DH will have to live down there for a bit and grab us a house, then DS and I will follow suit. DS will hang with us until the new school year in sept which should hopefully alleviate abandonment issues. poor DS.

sheldon thanks for the heads up about your strange appt. I am sure my last consultant led care was because of one random high BP reading because the care carried on long after they ahd ruled out any threat from lupus. I would love to go just for the pg attention but just can't spend the day getting there and back, and DH won't have the time off work either.

my child sleeps! am delighted and should work but actually am too sleepy full of cake so will work tonight instead. DS is such a scamp, he had his leg in the stairgate and was very mischievous looking and then boinged the end of my nose when I got up to him to help him! the cheek! why isn't he more afraid of me and my fearsome parental wrath?!?! oooooh the insubordination. grin

booboomonster Mon 05-Nov-12 14:41:43

one don't worry about not feeling rubbish - it's totally random. I felt bad with DD1, absolutely fine with DD2, and rubbish with this one.

wild odd that they don't tell you why you have consultants appt. I think it's reasonable to be able to find that out before you go. They do get rather bossy, don't they? I had the doc on to me today about flu jab which I am avoiding having avoided it last time after the swine flu panic.

Well done for sorting and junk throwing, sheldon. And ooh how exciting about mat leave! It's mad as I think of you as way ahead of me (and Feb seems soon) but I will prob start Mat leave at the start of April which is only 2 months after you! This way I will be about for school holidays (mixed blessing hmm ). Good idea to email about nursery places, it all happens soon enough. The only thing I found annoying was the deposits as unless you don't mind spending a few bob, you kind of have to choose your nursery first. Maybe that's just London though. Oh and glad being pg hasn't brought out the liar in you!! grin (Although first 12 weeks pre scan are rather a test of how good one is telling the little white ones).

wild I think your move sounds very exciting! In a way, will be nice to get DS settled (as well as you and DH) in a new environment before upheaval of new baby! And you will all be able to enjoy bonding over the summer holiday!

I have just eaten a whole bag of tortilla chips with salsa and sour cream and cheese - very piggy!! I am feeling pretty good today if slightly bloated now. Walked to my local shopping street today and got some stuff I've been meaning to get for ages but simply could not be arsed to do! It was sunny too! It's my previous (MC) edd today, so it's a bit odd in a way although part of me is glad that I'm not about to drop - in that, I don't feel ready for a new baby right now... in about 6 months should do me just fine grin. I hope this doesn't sound heartless to some of you who feel differently, it's how I best process it.

Oh yes and Tim Michin was a very nice chap - quietly amusing and though I know what you mean about his sex appeal, wild I'm not sure I share it though charisma is very attractive!!

Sorry another epic post. Although I don't know why I'm apologising as I always like reading all yours!

wilderumpus Mon 05-Nov-12 15:02:53

boo if you don't want the jab just say you don't want it and stare at them smile My friend has a doctorate in pharma wotsit stuff and said it was a fine jab to have so I tottled off and had mine but normally I do tend to be skeptical of these things.

yay for scoffing smile I have my stew in the slow cooker broiling to death am sure and my tiger bread all ready for tea! just scoffed loads of choccy cake from the toddler party yesterday, eek! I think I am starting to get a bit fat!

thanks for the reassurance about moving. am so nervous... but excited too. And it would be nice to be settled and looking forward to a summer all hanging out at the beach. The thing I like about cornwall is the lack of pretention which will please me no end when am all fat in my summer get up! in fact, I'll look odd if not in a baggy fleece smile

ooh maternity leave chats! that is exciting!

ahhh edd day. sad I do totally know what you mean, is mad to think I would be ready to pop now too... Am definitely not ready! I think my edd day might actually pass me by without realising. The date I mc'ed will be more poignant I think as that was 'real', if you see what I mean.


Sheldonella Mon 05-Nov-12 15:13:47

boo I like epic posts, they are always nice to read. You aren't much further on than me are you. It will be here before we know it.
About due dates - I'm glad mine has passed now and it was a relief to be pg on the day. I have realised that I could actually give birth on the same day I mc'd. That would be weird but I suppose it would turn a sad day into a happier one.
wilde Tiger bread! Great idea. Will get some to go with my leftover stew tonight!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 05-Nov-12 15:54:57

Your typo was funny Sheldonella! Wow, mat leave and nursery places, you're on the ball! And thanks for the reassurance. The stitch appt should be coming through on the heels of my scan.

Hey Boo, we each deal with things differently. When my edd date came around I was just a bit shocked that I would have had a little one to learn about, if I hadn't been pg then I may have felt very different. Your tortilla chips extravanganza sounds yummy! (And I think we have become prone to the longer post!)

Wow, Sheldonella, that would be strange to give birth on the same day you mc.

Now, I've had a nap and woke to eat half a tub of Ben & Jerry's and am now freezing so it's off to the bath tub for me!

wilderumpus Mon 05-Nov-12 19:19:03

one that is funny that you ate loads of ice cream and need a bath to warm up grin

really want a bath now!

Found out the random appt was indeed a consultant appt! Because of the recurrent mc's. So weird that no one medical has given a stuff about it thus far, being dismissive at best because two were early mcs, but now they are giving me a consultant?! At 13 weeks? Anyway, I spoke to the admin and then my MWs (ooh I like having MWs!) and both said it was routine and if the dating scan is ok is no need to go to that appt as they won't really do anything to stop mc if it is going to happen. hmm And they will listen in at my 16 week appt so have that to be reassured by in a few weeks too.

UG small dilemma (again) ladies. help! DH thinks we should settle DS into nursery in Jan as if we are not moving, in case we don't find anywhere for a while (likely) or I can't move house because of the pg (sick or spd). Ohhhh 'eck. back and forth I go. I dread settling DS in to somewhere he might only be for two weeks (and taking another child's place knowing we might leave) but then again he is really excited about going there (we go to the children's centre there and so he knows it and its playground well!) and I am reaaaaaally excited about having two and a half days to swim etc, just me and bump (then baby if we are still here!). is it selfish to take him along knowing we might leave, and disrupt him even more? hmmmph. sorry for being so demanding, my head is all confuddled and i do like advices smile

I like epic posts too... wink

must work! (bath?!)

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 05-Nov-12 19:25:50

Wild that's great they will be there if there's anything they can do, should really have told you though, uff, medics!

I can't offer any advice re child care I'm afraid. I'm not even a novice yet. But I think you're being very thoughtful and considerate.

I went to the Thai kitchen in my nearby pub tonight and had soup. Yum.

Hope everyone has a nice evening!

wilderumpus Mon 05-Nov-12 19:38:17

you had THAI SOUP one?! shock without me?! How could you?!


icequeenkate Tue 06-Nov-12 13:32:34

Hello. brew anyone?

Having a bad, miserable time here. Need to offload. look away now if you don't like mammoth posts

Half term was good, but all 3 ds went down with a variety of colds and coughs (to be expected when weather changes I know). They each seemed to just about get better then go down with another one. I tried really hard not to get any of them, but had that fighting off a cold feeling towards end of last week? Went away for weekend to a house party type thing - to do with dh's family. Was a 6hr drive away. Didn't want to go anyway as was looking and feeling like a fat heifer and knew i'd have to deal with the 4 boys, oh you must be disappointed comments Ended up overdoing it as his family are so f-ing useless so came home with 3 overtired and tearful children whom I then had to send back to school the next day. Yesterday morning I woke up feeling rotten. this morning I've lost my voice. Was supposed to be going to the big smoke tomorrow for the night for a jolly, which I've had to cancel. Been told not to take ds3 to nursery tomorrow as he's too poorly, and they don't want his germs well neither did I. angry

Went to playgroup this morning. Mistake. Full of new people, all gawping at me when they asked if it was pg2 (as only had DS3 with me) and I corrected them with a 'no, its ds4 on the way'. Grrrrrr. Then they all asked if I was knackered. Yes, obviously. No sympathy offered - just 'oh well you knew what you were embarking on'. Does the fact that I wanted a big family (only child myself) mean that I'm not allowed any sympathy? Grrrrr, again.

<slopes off, feeling sorry for self>

wilderumpus Tue 06-Nov-12 13:41:27

aw ice! how rubbish! but we love epic posts, I think that was the consensus as we all seem to keep writing them smile

what a manic weekend. Have you got today or an hour later to just sit and relax? Sounds like you need a bit of down time brew biscuit. I have some chocolate cake from the toddler party I went to at the weekend, would you like some?! smile

how are your blood levels now? are they still low because that, obvs, will not be making you feel very jolly atm either.

icequeenkate Tue 06-Nov-12 13:45:37

wilde the one thing I've discovered is that kids are massively adaptable.

There is much in child rearing literature about only introducing one new thing at a time blah blah blah. It's all a load of pants. Your ds is happy and secure, and will be fine with whatever you or life throw at him. (Am not being narky - it's just something I've learnt, particularly over the last 6 months.) You and bump/baby need time to bond - nursery for a mere 2.5 days will provide that opportunity. It's hardly as if you're going to put him in from 7am-6pm 5 days a week like some people I know do child is an accessory or box that had to be ticked, I suspect. All my ds have been at nursery from a variety of ages and have loved it - it's a step on from the childminder and your DS will thrive too. And as you don't work as am assuming this will be when you are a sahm if you don't send him in on a particular day, or decide to collect him earlier, then that's great.

If you do end up moving early in the New Year, then he will have the added bonus of a new way of life, time with you and his new sibling before he starts at new school etc.

It sound to me as if he is a perfectly happy balanced cheeky little chap - and will be fine! smile love love love cheeky boys, I do

icequeenkate Tue 06-Nov-12 13:46:30

PS: anyone heard from chuckle? She last posted way back on 11 Oct yes, am spending too much time on MN today and I'm worried something has happened.

wilderumpus Tue 06-Nov-12 13:59:04

yes. where is chuckle. What AN thread might she be on? do you want to pm her ice or shall I?

thanks ice smile you are experienced and wise and I feel greatly reassured. I am taking him to nursery in Jan as DH thinks that is best for all of us and I do think he will thrive... and indeed when we move that will be a new step for all of us and we will look out for each other accordingly smile

and he is very cheeky! he even looked cheeky when he was born!

icequeenkate Tue 06-Nov-12 14:10:23

I've just looked back to the beginning of the thread, and chuckle was about 15 weeks at the end of Sept? By my reckoning she should be having her scan about now. confused

Mind you - her last post did say that work was very very busy. Just hope she's ok.

How do you pm someone? Haven't worked that out yet?!

<accepts with glee the offer of cake, thank you!>

<chomps on wilde's choccy cake - yum, yum!>

icequeenkate Tue 06-Nov-12 14:11:26

And just remembered something consultant said to me yesterday - eat chocolate, particularly the dark stuff, as it's iron rich.

No arguments from me!

wilderumpus Tue 06-Nov-12 14:25:01

I sadly do not need prompting to fulfil my dietary requirements ice as I eat like a piggy at the mo! It is part of the condition for finishing my PhD, I can eat what I like as long as I am working on it!

you however, do. are you off red meat and ting? can you make a nice spinach soup? am not a huge fan of spinach but I do like a creamy, garlicky spinach soup smile is veer good for your iron, as I am sure you know.

will pm chuckle now. am not sure about it either actually but I have done it before!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Tue 06-Nov-12 16:32:22

Poor you Ice, not fair at all. Am sending you the Biscuit of Sympathy, here biscuit. What a shame you're not able to have your evening out tomorrow night and you've lost your voice, sounds like you're really under it all. And no, being an only child and wanting a big family are not reasons to exclude you from sympathy. Here's the Tea of Sympathy as well brew.

God, October 11th was Chuckle's last post? Where is the time going? Let us know if you get a response Wild.

As for me, I'm going to dinner in an hour, I must not eat now, I must not eat now, I must not... ooh, is that edible?

booboomonster Wed 07-Nov-12 12:46:12

hello! Ooh ice so sorry you're having a rough time, life can be a hard, thankless task at times. Hope you are feeling a bit better. Are the kids back at school any time soon? Or can you get someone to help give you some time out? It's such bad luck that this has all happened prior to your night out. Can you rearrange it?

wild any response from Chuckle?

one I know what you mean about going to dinner. I am finding I have to eat by 6pm so a dinner out (inevitably later) is a disaster! I have actually got (for the first time in months) nights out on Thursday, Friday, Sat and Sunday. How the hell will I cope!? I am feeling much better now, though so I am hoping for the best.

By the way, the flu jab conversation was on the phone so it was tricky to give a hard stare wild. The thing is, I am undecided, and said so, which she took as an invitation to convert me. So I s'pose it was my own fault. It seems a lot more acceptable now, but last time (2009/10) I was pg it had just come in with the added swine flu bit and it was all a bit controversial. I didn't have it then so I suppose I should do the same this time, but now the DDs are in school and pre school I guess I might be more exposed to flu. Anyway, just rambling on - I still haven't totally decided I suppose!

No news here. I think (whispers) that my parasites may have left... but still waiting for confirmation! DD2 woke up at 3.30am and came into my bed, so had half a night of kicking (DH is away). So methinks a nap is in order when she goes down shortly.

wilderumpus Wed 07-Nov-12 13:29:40

no response, no sad

boo that is a lot of nights out! I am feeling better too but am asleep early still grin I really like to go to bed for 9.30 these days. In fact, I haven't felt nauseous for ages. and I don't want a nap today... <queue fretting for scan tomorrow>

HEHE at phone convo, you should definitely go quiet and stare really hard grin I had the jab at that time! with the swine flu shenanigans (whatevs hmm)! Tho I must say this time round my arm is really itchy! and still sore! wtf. I think it might be becasue I am here, typing away for hours and hours with the ol' work MN

good luck with the bugs smile brew

booboomonster Wed 07-Nov-12 14:53:51

oh yes wild I am in bed by 9.30 kinda girl these days. Rock and roll!

GOOD LUCK with the scan tomorrow, hope it goes well, I am sure it will - to have got this far the likelihood of any problems is hugely reduced. Let us know.

I don't know why I am nervous about the jab. I am pro immunisations generally, I just can't shake the nerves when I am pg. I said to my mum that I thought I wouldn't have it as I never get flu normally and she said 'oh so you won't have any natural resistance then?', which was helpful, NOT wink. I am also hoping that by the time the whooping cough one gets offered to us it will be out of season so I don't have to make that decision either. I am a wimp. Will definitely hard stare that doc next time though grin. I am sure itchy arm is because of typing. I am getting numb arms specially in bed (part of the carpal tunnel prob I think but v annoying).

Sheldonella Wed 07-Nov-12 15:05:37

Just a quickie as I've not had much of a chance to post!
Good luck with your scan tomorrow wilde!
boo I'm the same with immunisations - usually fine but for some reason haven't been able to bring myself to do it while pg.

wilderumpus Wed 07-Nov-12 15:21:56

thanks guys. is it a bit weird that a) I don't believe i am 12 weeks and feel like I am cheating when I read about 12 week old babies in the pg stuff; and b) that I don't really have a baby in there? Which is mad because I definitely do as I had two scans and we saw it. And if something had happened, it would still be in there as it hasn't come out. How can you have two scans and still not believe you are pg?!?!

boo I am bit thick, and wonder how, with all the different strains of flu that there are, we can immunize against them?!

we will get whopping cough, I asked the MWs if they will still be doing it when am 28 weeks and they said very definitely yes. i did my research on MN (!)!)!)!) and it seems to be a good idea!

My friend at primary school at whooping cough and she left school with it and never came back sad I don't think she died (I left that school before she got better) but she was really terribly poorly. I remember (I was five btw) thinking about how terribly romantic it was, like TB too, because only very lovely and undeserving little girls in orphanages in my books got those illnesses blush

wilderumpus Wed 07-Nov-12 15:23:25

whopping cough?!! oh dear. we will get the whooping cough jab that was meant to read. sorry have been typing bloody PhD rubbish for hours and see a chance to, erm, not type properly?!

arf am stoopid smile

icequeenkate Wed 07-Nov-12 18:05:30

Just a quick one. Dog now ill too. Scavenged something foul in garden and I couldn't waddle there fast enough to stop her. Keeps throwing up everywhere. Stupid bloody dog.

Ds1 played football against his old school today and coped, and played, really well. His former teacher commented that he'd really come on and expressed surprise. My response was that it's amazing what kids can do when given a chance and not written off. grin on fighting form today, I am!

wilde what the is your scan tomorrow please? Then I can check in to see that you are indeed ok?!

blush am bit embarrassed to be so demanding but actually really really mind what happens to you ladies. It's been a funny old journey and you've all been so supportive? Or maybe that's just my hormones again confusedwink

one thanks for the brew and biscuit of sympathy yesterday - appears to have done the trick grin

See? Managed 5 paras and was only going to be quick grin

icequeenkate Wed 07-Nov-12 18:07:34

Time - not 'the'

Shame I can't type accurately on phone...

wilderumpus Wed 07-Nov-12 19:08:11

it's at 3 ice! Thank you for caring smile am reet scared but everything seems ok so am realllly trying to counsel myself into not freaking out. it is routine, I have seen the baby at 9 weeks and after that the chance of mc goes down to 1%... but still I fret.

bless your DS1, was he not very good/confident at it before? well done you telling her what was what grin sorry about the dog. bleugh.

DS is making whining noises outside his room when he is meant to be in bed, DH hasn't come home and I need to work! If DH is late home and he hasn't rung to say why it normally means he has sloped off to the pub. Why oh why do I never have anywhere to slope off to without telling anyone?!

I am so tired. zzzzzzzzzz.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 07-Nov-12 19:24:18

Have just been watching Obama's acceptance speech and crying. Last time it was so powerful and even though this time is different I still find it so moving. And OH did too so wasn't just my hormones!

Ice, when it rains it pours! Your dog must just feel it was missing out! Poor you having to clean up dog vom.

I'm not normally one for jabs anyway but I have wondered whether getting them in pg was particularly good with all our compromised systems and whatever, but I haven't looked into it. I prefer to avoid any medical interference whatsoever. (And I dream of having a spontaneous home birth when actually no one's around, except maybe lovely OH, and to never have to deal with any medical people ever).

Wild Good, good luck tomorrow. And I share your sentiments Ice, for a group of people I've never met you've all really helped and stepped in with such kind words when I've struggled and it means a lot to me that we are all pregnant now. This is the only online thing I participate in actually.

And Wild, unfortunately I very rarely proofread my posts. Apologies now for all past mistakes!!!!

Boo 9:30 bed times, mmm. That makes my world go 'round. I do though wake early, but I don't mind. I also don't mind not wanting to go out anymore. I am old though.

Hi Sheldonella, I imagine you continuing your nesting phase, hope you're well!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 07-Nov-12 19:25:03

Ps, just to keep the food part of the thread developing, you need to know I am making babana bread. grin

booboomonster Wed 07-Nov-12 19:35:15

wow what's that one wink?

I am old too btw, feeling older by the second.

Will be checking in tomorrow too for wild's update. My kids don't go to bed until 8pm so still 27 minutes to go (and counting). That's the problem with going to bed at 9.30 - it means I get an hour and a half to myself of an evening.

ice sorry to hear about the dog too - oh dear, that must be the last straw. Hope you are going to get some time out soon. Don't overdo it, I know easier said than done!

Wishing you all early nights and good sleeps (especially you wild!).

wilderumpus Wed 07-Nov-12 19:50:51

babana bread one! sounds lovely! unlike banana bread which is the food of the devil smile

my cute king charles spaniel doggy used to eat her vom. (that is the grossest thing I will probably ever say grin)

Thanks for the lucks! Ooh I don't know when I will get online tomozza eventime as I have a non internet phone and after the scan will hopefully, if all well, be going out for some food with my wee family. and then we might be telling people! OMG. Gosh hope it is ok. I love this baby too much now for it to go tits up! basically, if it is bad news I will be working and online, so no news is good news. will try and sneak an email in if poss smile

will be online all day till lunchtime tho, as am working smile

booboomonster Wed 07-Nov-12 20:59:59

ooh glad you told us that wild - would have been worrying all night!

Sheldonella Thu 08-Nov-12 09:34:22

Morning! Sorry for the lack of posting this week, work has been completely wiping me out. I've been wanting to go to bed straight after dinner every day too! I think DD must have had a growth spurt or something because there has been a massive change in the kicks this week - very easily felt from the outside and can be seen through my belly too, tis lovely grin
I took delivery of all the things I've ordered now too so I have all the reusable nappies I will need and am the proud owner of the wilkinet sling. I'm intrigued by your recommendations too wilde so am going to seek out moby wraps on ebay nearer the time.
ice sorry to hear about your stressful day the other day, I hope things have picked up since. How are you and your boys now? And the dog? I too care lots about what is happening with you all, we have been through lots together now haven't we.
one I'm glad I'm not the only one that cried through events on the TV. It was the olympics when I was in that stage of the first trimester and the medal ceremonies were setting me off! Not like me at all. I am indeed still nesting yes - knitting squares for a very cute leafy blanket. Banana bread? Sounds delicious!
wilde I'll say good luck again for today! Telling people is very exciting, enjoy your day smile
boo I'm in bed by 9:30 too smile
chuckle If you are reading, I hope all is well.

wilderumpus Thu 08-Nov-12 10:31:46

thanks sheldon and you are funny boo I am so nervous but I think that is completely normal isn't it. Tho I don't remember being nervous with DS, I was just wildly excited that I would get to see him. Am sort of exam nervous, where you know that once the time comes it will be a good thing to get done, rather than avoid. can't be avoided. even if it is bad nes, is better to know.

how are you now ice?

I avoided the obama speech as actually he has quite disappointed me in many ways and my hormones are making me shout at the tele even more than normal grin lots of GW bush stuff going on behind the scenes sad I do international politics and am a raging lefty so anything other than big hugs for all disappoints me grin I did cry at his last speech tho. was doing my reseach in india then and had managed to wangle a guesthouse room with a tele so we could watch it smile almost cried at an OLLY MURS song on the radio this morning. I cannot ppossible explain why, it isn't even a sad song confused am completely embarrassed grin

must work. one I am sick of typing and saying the same thing over and over. Will I go even more mad than I already am?! Sent off my intentiont to submit form this morning with my actual title on it. So I have to hand it in now! Very, very exciting! Thank you all for your help and listening when I wanted to give up after the mc. Now I am pg again (for now!) and submitting next month. What a difference a couple of months makes eh?

wilderumpus Thu 08-Nov-12 10:32:49

sheldon your kicks sound just lovely and am SO envious of your knitting time smile smile I would love to see what you are doing!

wilderumpus Thu 08-Nov-12 10:35:05

ps (sorry, I will go soon) Do any of you make crafty zmas pressies?! as a SAHM I like to make pressies instead of buying them with DH's money! Last year I made home made salt and sugar scrubs and infused olive oils. This year I want to make maybe a homemade pesto or complicated curry pastes and am making a couple of chicken doorstops! they are so cute!

am looking for inspiration for other pressies! any ideas peeps?!

Sheldonella Thu 08-Nov-12 10:36:21

I keep meaning to stick some piccies on my profile, will try to get around to putting on a scan piccy and knitting one.
<cheers on wilde's fab PhD>

Sheldonella Thu 08-Nov-12 10:38:08

wilde Yes - last year I made chilli jelly and made a little food package up with crackers and chocolate. I got cute little shaped jars from Lakeland and followed a Nigella recipe. Was planning on onion chutney too but didn't get around to that in time. Your ideas so great btw.

wilderumpus Thu 08-Nov-12 10:44:37

chilli jelly! oooooh! I like smile I might just do that smile

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Thu 08-Nov-12 16:49:18

Grr, post lost due to weird MN anomoly!

Sheldonella your knitted leaf blanket sounds lovely would be great to see a pic.

Boo, sorry you only get a little time to yourself, and at the end of the day as well when I suppose you might be more tired, unless you're a night owl?!

Wild I hope you go on to have a lovely meal tonight and looking forward to your post later.

And oops re the babana bread! Tonight I am having chicken fajitas! Hope you're all having something nice? I still have very reduced symptoms here, mild boob ache, mild constipation, I'm not even particularly lethargic and am not feeling hormonal, the tears were really for Obama and what it all means. Fx I have something happening inside!!!

icequeenkate Thu 08-Nov-12 17:55:45

Evening all grin

Today is a better day, thank you! No dog vomit, less toddler snot, and making fireworks pictures with ooodles of glitter when big boys got back from school. Love a bit of glitter...

sheldon which nappies are you using? I used totsbots for ds1&2 and they were fab. Would have done ds3 too but it was either wash nappies or wash my hair time-wise so went for latter selfishly grin ds4 will be a mix of reusable and disposable I think. See how it goes.

boo I know what you mean about very limited self time - and I don't work so must be even worse for you. As the boys are getting older they're needing less sleep which means later bedtimes. I've always had mine in bed by 7, right from beginning, as I so valued the evenings with DH. It was OUR time, but is being eroded away slowly. We now have a date night once a month to try and keep US time going.

one have taken up my knitting needles again and started a cardigan/jacket for the baby. Doing the 6-12 month size so I have plenty of time to finish it!! Must post a pic of the willie-warner I produced last time!grinwink

wilde hurry up and scoff your tea so you can update us. Am going on the no news is good news assumption...

Sausages with apple, onion and mustard sauce here tonight. Yummy. Chilli jam would go with it a treat. Do you have a good recipe?

icequeenkate Thu 08-Nov-12 17:59:27

one how far along are you now? Sorry for being rubbish and not remembering blush

wilderumpus Thu 08-Nov-12 19:11:38

Well ladies I am PREGNANT with a BABY that WRIGGLES and has hands and feet and THINGS!

hurray! and have been dated at 13+2! so about 4 days ahead of my own dates, and not right but am very happy to go with being put ahead! so hello second tri!

told friends and family, felt so liberating and we have had such wonderful congratulations smile I also feel like I can breathe out now boo

the scan was beautiful, we had our own tv screen to watch the scan - how posh - but I didn't dare look until she had told me the baby was ok, they were telling me to look and I was like 'No! no I can't what if the baby is dead!' and the sonographer was like 'no, no your baby is there and fine!' and pointed out the HB straight away. was amazing. all is well, the baby is super healthy, as far as they can know at this stage, and stuff.

Of course we had thai for tea, three course early bird special with thom kha ghai soup and my boys smile happy as a pig in muck this evening smile

am going to start crocheting a blankie for the wean soon. yay!

ice so glad you are feeling a bit more on top of things.

boo I know how you feel, DS doesn't go to sleep sometimes till gone eight and it does feel like you work, parent, sleep and then get up and do it all again! Unless DH does bedtime and then I sit downstairs and mooch.

sorry for me me me. big love ladies, got to get the child that isn't in my wonderfully functioning womb out of the bath.

Sheldonella Thu 08-Nov-12 19:42:46

YAY!!!!! So so happy for you smile

icequeenkate Thu 08-Nov-12 21:10:36

grin yeeee haaaaa for hands and feet and wiggling! grin

icequeenkate Thu 08-Nov-12 21:11:18

hmm And wriggling too grin

Sheldonella Thu 08-Nov-12 21:28:24

Glad you had a fab scan and meal out wilde.

I've put a couple of piccies on my profile. The blanket square are for this

booboomonster Fri 09-Nov-12 07:04:40

Quick phone post...
Hurrah wild!!! fab news! Glad you had fun telling everyone & a night out!!

one maybe babana bread is a kind of Obama celebration cake? wink.

Love blanket Sheldon

So glad things are a bit better ice!

wilderumpus Fri 09-Nov-12 14:30:46

thanks smile am having a lovely relaxed day with DS today tho have snuck in some work while DS naps to keep the stress levels at medium smile. I made a castle out of a cardboard box for him all morning, it has a drawbridge and turrets and everything! then he turned it on its side to use as a garage for his lorry hmm

am craving bad food today. Nothing but pastry and doughnuts and fried food! not a veg will pass my lips! well it will, but begrudgingly smile

got some bright red and yellow wool and a new crochet hook today to start making my baby blanket! am making a big bright one for boy or girl, and once the basic blanket is made DS and I will make some ladybugs out of felt and ting and stitch them on smile. is exciting but I felt bad when DS asked if it was for him and I said er, no, it's for the baby... and felt that pang of 'uh oh poor DS' I will probably keep feeling forever now!

he got a castle garage tho! grin

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Fri 09-Nov-12 16:46:05

Sorry for my belated post. We were due to collect a friend from hospital last night and take her home but it became an all night affair as she was high on medicine and quite nauseaus, got to bed at midnight!

Wild, YAY! Congratulations on being all second trimester!!! Sounds like you had a lovely evening, glad you got your thai soup!!!! Ooh, crochet, now is that a different skill to knitting? I've been really wanting a doughnut. And am currently sipping pot noodle, what a waste of eating time but I WANT it!

Ice you must post pics! I spoke to a colleague at work today and she knows how to knit so I might really try it. Your dinner sounded lovely! And no worries, I struggle to rememebr too, I'm barely 10+4, and my diary said for today "your baby's face is well formed". Anyone else get odd updates?!

That's beautiful Sheldonella, really inspiring! And will have a look at your pics after posting.

Yes, Boo, I must have had Obama brain!

wilderumpus Fri 09-Nov-12 17:28:57

sheldon your knits are brill!

hope your friend is ok one?

i want fish and chips. can't have it tho, what with eating out last night! <sulk>

booboomonster Fri 09-Nov-12 18:16:23

wild you are catching up with me - my EDD is 10th May...
Also I didn't answer you about making pressies. I don't make pressies exactly but I make a lot of stuff - like chutney (green tomato, home grown as the toms didn't ripen last year) or lemon curd is very easy to make and a bit different. I am tempted to try making some truffles this year but think it might be dangerous (I might eat them all). I made fudge recently and did eat it all!! But mainly I paint and sculpt so often give those away (frustrated artist).

Hope your friend is ok one and you get a good nights sleep tonight! A late night can put me off kilter for quite a few days!

ice about me-time, to be honest work often IS the me-time. It's when I get to go to the toilet alone, be alone, walk out and buy a sandwich, alone.... ahhhhh.

I am pooped. Went out last night and was a bit angry that the bill was divided equally rather than between those who drank and those who didn't (I was the only one not drinking). I made a joke about it but paid up. I know it's mean but I am really trying to save money for maternity leave at the mo. And I had to pay babysitter and it was just for me as DH was stuck away with work. I normally can't justify a babysitter just for one of us, but there was no way round it. He's been away all week. I cancelled our night out tonight, thank god as I would have made it, as I'm up at 6am tomorrow, and DH isn't going to be back in time anyway.

Jealous of the kicks sheldon!!

Anyway, hope everyone is ok! What are we all now? I'm 14 weeks today!

wilderumpus Sat 10-Nov-12 11:45:54

I would love some lemon curd! The people I make gifts for are savoury peeps rather than sweet though, so is tricky!

I made truffles once and I can't remember why but after i put them in the fridge they 'sweated' so looked like slimy balls of poo. did something wrong there!

Work is my 'me' time too... I am 'working' right now but am actually insanely hormonal so getting my sociable fix by being on MN and avoiding the family. I have already decided that DH hates me which is definitely hormonal as he has barely said anything to me today! I will start a fight if i go downstairs so am hiding. In truth my brain is mashed today and i can't actually concentrate on work at all! Is nicer than running around after DS though, am shattered too but DH is stressy and doesn't have any sympathy today.

bugger about the bill situ boo. I did that once as a student, barely ate anything at a fancy politics do I had to go too, then they bloody split the bill angry I could have had wine and a main for what i ended up paying - it isn't fair is it. This is going back 15 years too, and I STILL remember it grin (hormonal)

am 13+4 today! yay for 14 weeks! can't wait to be 14 weeks, it feels really 'proper' when you say it out loud smile

oh, I got some new maternity gear today smile great jeans from new look and a lovely jumper that is too big atm. give it a couple of weeks though!

Sheldonella Sun 11-Nov-12 09:15:54

Morning! I've been a bit absent again due to mild food poisoning like symptoms on Thursday and Friday - not pleasant. I had to miss work again which I felt awful about but I just couldn't sit in my office feeling like that.

Yesterday was lovely though, my cousin came to visit with her baby and I cooked them a lovely lunch and we chatted about babies all afternoon smile I'm so excited, her little boy is so lovely and happy and I can't wait to have mine so they can play together. DH and I then went to see the new bond film and I bought another set of baby clothes blush

How is the second trimester going wilde? You should be getting your burst of energy soon not that it happened to me. Ooh, lovely new maternity wear. I got some jeans from New Look too, very nice although I think I've outgrown them now as they hurt when I'm sitting down.

boo I would have been annoyed about the bill too - alcohol makes a huge difference to the bill doesn't it. Still, hope you enjoyed your night out.

one Sorry to hear about your friend - is she ok now?

How is everyone sleeping? I just cannot get comfortable in any position at all so turn over constantly all night. It means I'm not sleeping much but it does make DD kick when I turn over so not all bad.

wilderumpus Sun 11-Nov-12 11:46:29

hey sheldon sorry to hear about your food poisoning like illness sad little tummy bug maybe? Hope you are feeling better now?

Ah second tri is cool thanks, but yesterday was one of the hardest days I have had for weeks, I was completely shattered and my brain was in a weird pg fog and couldn't concentrate on work at all. And i was grumpy! I slept really well though (thanks goodness) and am feeling lots better again today! was thinking about going swimming... but am a bit 'twingy' today so won't. I get days when my ligaments seem to be stretching and are twangy feeling and on those days I won't want to stretch too much it feels weird! Does anyone else get that?! Will start yoga a week tuesday, can't wait for an hour on my own to do bugger all grin

Sleeping is off and on sheldon... am comfy in general and adore being in bed but often can't sleep and wake easily/too early - hormones. I used to love waking and DS waking too and giving me good morning kicks smile how lovely for you smile sorry you aren't comfy in general tho. have you tried one of thos sleeping pg pillows? or putting a small pillow/cushion under your bump to support it?

I have a little bump today smile am loving it. I have my new maternity top on (just a basic scoop neck top), long jumper and my over-bump mat leggings and feel all supported and comfy. My old tops have shrunk and are knackered anyway so kept creeping up - which tbh just made me feel fat!

we told DHs family we are pg last night, they are so excited for us. I am not 'excited' but I am happy... I think it makes such a difference telling when you are quite far along, they love it!

anyway. better work then eat sausages!

epic post! can you tell I am skiving

wilderumpus Mon 12-Nov-12 14:01:48

i done killed the thread sad


no news from chuckle. where is she? am really worried now.

hope everyone is well and just, like, soooooo busy. smile

Sheldonella Mon 12-Nov-12 14:13:22

You haven't killed it, I'm here smile But yes, it has been quiet. I'm worried about chuckle too. She joined that March antenatal thread right at the beginning but never came back. Hope shes ok.
All well here thanks wilde, just busy as you suspect. Finding it tricky to concentrate at work really due to the tiredness. I did have a a productive weekend throwing out lots more rubbish and tidying though - nesting seems to be turning into an obsession. I've never been so tidy!
Have you had anymore present making ideas? I think I'm going to have another go this year, maybe some sort of chutney. I have an apple tree on my allotment so maybe some more of spicy apple one.
The twinges - I still get those from time to time but much less than I did in the first trimester. I think I get them now when she kicks me somewhere uncomfortable. How lovely that you have a bump now smile
Great that you have told people too, it felt such a relief when we did as there was no more trying not to let it slip.
boo, one, ice hope you are all well today.

wilderumpus Mon 12-Nov-12 14:35:09

yay! helloooooo.

I have! courtesy of MN I am making any lucky bugger that can drink dishwasher vodka smile it sounds amazing!

yay for allotments and apple trees and nesting!

oooooh, I have had some nudges from the baby today! grin I have been feelling weird 'roiling' movements, most unlike my early feelings with DS, for a while, here and there, but today I have had four proper nudges smile Definitely not wind, definitely the baby. I got goosebumps when I felt them! Two nudges, twice smile I have to be at my desk all quiet and still. clearly this baby is not only posh with its thai food loving, but an academic. hehe.

I had my first massive hysterical pregnant sobfest last night! I sobbed and sobbed about how everyone hates me, for about half an hour. I don't really think everyone hates me although working so much is making me unpopular... then I saw the john lewis ad and cried a bit more. Then perked up and watch homeland. hmm

icequeenkate Mon 12-Nov-12 16:07:52

Sneaky blushwink night away with DH - watching Roger power past Novak at the O2! I'll wave to you girls!! wink

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 12-Nov-12 16:10:25

Hey guys, I've been a mixture of having got over tired last week with feeling a bit hesitant about the pregnancy, so have been keeping my head down, literally I slept loads, but also just hung around a bit. I did post once over the weekend but it disappeared and the idea of rewriting it was too much!

Our friend is much better now thanks. She had gall stones which are supposed to be super painful. After the surgery they put her on loads of pain relief and when it eased off and the pain hit her it was so powerful it made her ill. Uff, she's starting to feel better post op now though!

Hmm, making presents, I've never been very creative and admire what all of you get up to. But this summer we did go to a few pick your own farms and made lots of jams that we thought could be presents.

And I would also be annoyed by that bill situation Boo. Next time order at the high end of the menu!

Wild how could you have killed the thread? Here brew & biscuit. Homeland - yes! Although Carrie's eyes and her emotonal intensity are starting to really bother me! And what about the xfactor sing off last night?

Sheldonella loving the decluttering you're doing!

Ohh, maternity clothes shopping and babies a kicking!!!!!!

I'm 11 weeks today. Where's everyone else?

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 12-Nov-12 16:11:11

Is that tennis? Have a great time Ice!

wilderumpus Mon 12-Nov-12 18:20:29

ooh ice you are so glam! smile very envious of a) night away and b) tennis!

one sorry to hear you've been a bit down about the pg and then super tired. thanks super tired is such a good sign. I appreciate that waiting 12 whole weeks for a scan is a really long time. When is your scan again please?

carrie's eyes are a bit crackers! grin I didn't cry during the x factor sing off last night - tbh and horrible I really dislike both those boybands! am old and they bring out my pg Rage. ella all the way tho! and I have a soft spot for ryland, he is so sweet!

jam is a GREAT present smile I adore homemade jam.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 12-Nov-12 20:30:19

I was thrilled it was both boy groups in the bottom two, I find them annoying and think it's a cheat as they don't have to be able to sing ,and these ones rarely harmonise! Grr, am typing on phone and is a pain so will be brief, scan is next week, the 21st.

icequeenkate Tue 13-Nov-12 13:55:28

oooh Novak won! And in style with a fab passing backhand. Saw Cat Deely, Pippa Middleton etc in the audience when I squinted hard!

sheldon have started decluttering too. Airing cupboard was the first victim and I found loads of really useful stuff in there! smile So I've put it all back again....

wilde how is the work going? Are you on target? It sounds as if you are.

one - hang on in there. Not too long now til scan.

boo loved your comment about going to the toilet on your own! DS3 is just at the stage where he gives a running commentary about everything including toilet habits, so taking him to the loo when out and about can be a little embarrassing.

Just remembered that chuckle is a teacher, so am hoping that she is buried under a mound of work (when I was working I was virtually a recluse just to keep on top of planning and marking) and that all is well.

<whispers> 30 weeks today. Count down begins...

icequeenkate Tue 13-Nov-12 13:55:54

PS wilde - we ate Thai at the tennis last night grin - thought of you!

wilderumpus Tue 13-Nov-12 14:38:48

thai at tennis envy bet you had sex too. meh grin

30 weeeeks! woot!

I am working my socks off thanks smile. my wrists hurt from typing (and my little finger in particular!), my eyes smart, by back is aching from being hunched and my shoulders kill. I WILL have this phD written for the weekend! Or monday anyway. am editing today but is some chapter i wrote 4 years ago and seemingly i forgot to write anything useful in it. It is like marking myself, except instead of writing 'ANALYSIS?!' angrily in the margins I have to bloody do it grin Is actually insanely satisfying though because my brain is working and so is just time rather than scary thinking. (bet you wish you never asked now!)

what teaching did you do ice?

ah boo and ice my DS is being potty trained and shouted in the thai restaurant about how he wanted a POO! can we go for a POO! and mummy, we can talk more if you wait until after my POO! blush

scan soon then one! aw!

be well my peeps!

thai. tennis. tut.

Sheldonella Tue 13-Nov-12 15:30:16

Afternoon all. Ugh - first proper bout of motherly guilt today as I filled in the nursery application and put it in the envelope to be posted. I need to get it done now due to the waiting list but she isn't even born and I'm already making plans for childcare. I know there is nothing at all wrong with this but I just feel so odd about it, like I shouldn't be doing it yet. Am I normal? Does the guilt ever go away? confused
wilde Dishwasher vodka?! What's that then? How lovely you are feeling nudges! I love feeling movements, even now when it feels like she is trying to kick her way out. I feel for you with the sobfests. I have only had one proper one so far - my dad was complaining about what was on the telly but wouldn't change the channel as he was trying to be polite. I went beserk and was sobbing proper snotty tears and then I went to eat my lunch in another room. Poor bloke was a bit shocked and apologise. I felt very silly later on blush I'm sure no one hates you smile
ice What a fabulous evening out, very jealous!
one Sorry to hear you are feeling like that. Not long until your scan now though and I hope you can feel better then, I know I did. Jam sounds great, I love making it. How are you feeling today? Still getting lots of sleep I hope smile
Eek, must do some work.

Sheldonella Tue 13-Nov-12 15:31:39

ice 30 weeks? Wow, that has gone so fast! I'm 23+3 now.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Tue 13-Nov-12 16:50:34

Ice! 30 weeks, woohoo! I thought of you when I heard the news this morning. How was it? And my god, how are you feeling? What are your plans for the coming weeks?

Wild, your post gave me a giggle. Poor you, "home stretch" and all that, 5 or 6 days remaining when it was once weeks, months and years! I will be curious to hear what it's like for you on the other side of this submission.

Sheldonella, your sobfest account also made me laugh, in sympathy. I haven't had anything recently but it really is quite a phenomenon isn't it. Wild have you had anymore recently?

I've been wondering whether my current feelings could be hormone related. That's dependent on their being a baby in there (my other theory of course is that it's the expression of an unconcious recognition of loss), but on the off chance that there is maybe the hormones are depressing me a bit? I didn't sleep very well last night and was in an absolute rage for most of the day, which I put down to being the flip side of depression. Luckily I have very good colleagues who I could laugh with about my being uncharacteristically dripping with wrath over every little thing! I am soooooo much fun right now!

wilderumpus Tue 13-Nov-12 18:02:11

one am sorry to hear you've been feeling down. FWIW I had a terrible weekend, on Sunday I felt completely and utterly low and thought maybe I was getting depressed, then cried a lot as I said... felt awful yesterday morning again, nearly cried in co-op, and at the childminders (and cried on the phone to DH at lunchtime still thinking everyone must hate me) but I am so much better today. In fact, i haven't cried at all today! What am trying to say is that it could so easily be hormone related and lift any time. Or it could be more than that. I also have the Rage a lot, particularly in shops, and even if i know it is my fault because of my huge pushchair I still hate everyone and think they are all thick and ugly. blush

Doesn't mean it is hormones, though I do wonder if you will feel better after the scan?

Ah well, I am not officially submitting until NYE, but this is my first proper attempt at getting the whole thing together and analysed Properly. Am nearly there, all the chapters are edited to death they just need to interlink and sound PhDish smile I will be working tonight!

sheldon dishwasher vodka is all over MN! I can't really describe it but it is a bottle of vodka, filled with sweets/choc/spices of your choice and then put in the dishwasher for it all to melt and infuse into the vodka. Apparently that's how they make flavoured vodkas! so that's my sis and SIL sorted smile I am going to make curly wurly flavour, and skittle flavour vodkas! exciting.

dont worry about the guilt, you have to do what you have to do! It doesn't really go away for a while but once you are back at work and they like going to nursery you will be fine. and anyway, it is a long way away yet and nice you have it sorted so you can just enjoy the baby without trooping round nurserys at a later date!

AFM - I am changed! I have managed to plan and cook hot, nutritious meals for my family three nights in a row (even started tonight's this morning)! it is huge that I can plan food and still fancy it later on! AND this evening I feel good smile Normally at this time (after 4pm) I feel like death and playing with DS is so difficult cause I just want to curl up on the settee and sleep. But i am fine! wheeee.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 14-Nov-12 18:13:27

Now I've killed the thread! To be honest it's just something I'd rather not talk about, I just need the answer and am in limbo until wednesday. So I'm not woohoo but I AM ok!

I just binge ate burritos and am now running a bath, and pajama's on the sofa are the next stage. Mmm, evening.

Wild what have you been cooking?

wilderumpus Wed 14-Nov-12 19:43:32

ok one. we're here if you need us smile thanks

burritos! yummy! I am going to make nachos on actual tortilla chips with cheese and salsa and sour cream and jalapeno peppers this weekend. Big fat fest.

Er tonight i had fish and chips blush. Have been mega hungry today but YAY it is evening and I am awake again! I am working actually. But I digress. I made a rather rubbish butternut squash, feta and chickpea pie (!) with cous cous one night (i am sensitive to sweet things atm and the butternut squash was like eating pudding! I also hate shop bread as it is very sweet bleugh), and had smoked haddock on wilted spinach on a bed (!) of lovely peppery mash, all with a soft boiled egg on top last night. yumptious. Can't remember the other thing I cooked, probably something with the aubergine.

ug roll on 8.30 and time to switch off!

I have my consultant appt tomorrow. I wonder what they will do? Must remember to pee in my pot grin Only when you are pg do you spend so much time meandering about with a pot of pee in your bag grin

wilderumpus Fri 16-Nov-12 07:59:16


I avoided posting yesterday as this is turning into a bit of a me,me,me thread blush but I wanted to share my experience of the drs yesterday with you!

had my consultant appt and I was veer hormonal (of course) and i am prone to cry every morning atm. Appt was in the morning, went along, waited for ages and the word miscarriage wouldn't leave me alone so I was pretty upset before i even saw the consultant. By the time she arrived I just burst out blubbering; a big sodden, heaving, gulping mess blush she couldn't even understand what i was saying through it all! it was SO embarrassing I felt about five. I couldn't stop! Anyway, turns out the appt wasn't because I might mc this baby but quite the opposite really. Just a reassurance appt with a dr that all is fine!

She reminded me that after 13 weeks I am so very likely to see my baby through to full term; that this pregnancy was unique and nothing to do with my last pgs; that I am really so very lucky to have another baby as so many people (her included, she confided) try for years only for one. She said that this baby might not live but that is life, we all will die so we can only be positive and strong with what we know right now.

She also did a scan with a wee mobile scanner and showed me thnat the baby is still there and wriggling around with a HB. I have another scan to see if the baby grows ok at 34 weeks as apparently recurrent mc can indicate a growing issue (?) and a consultant appt after but she said that was not a clinical appt for the baby but for me... blush

anyway. I woke this morning as a pregnant woman and not a 'what if-ing' woman and feel so jubilant, like I just got my BFP! I know you are worried about your scan one and this post probably won't help but I wanted to share the consultant's info that all pregnancies are unique and we can only enjoy what we have while we have it.

today we are pregnant smile and so lucky

all the best lovelies

Sheldonella Fri 16-Nov-12 09:57:34

Hi everyone. I've been having a stressy couple of days after realising I only have 40ish days left at work. This is ultimately a good thing but it has suddenly all become very real and I had a bit of a sobfest last night about how my life is going to change with DH. We always meet on our lunch breaks and relax in the evenings together and this is all going to stop and I feel very sad about it. I'm not sleeping at all which isn't helping - everything just hurts so much sad Sorry for the me me me, I just can't cope with fridays anymore it seems blush
one I'll echo wilde, we are here for you. I'm counting the days to your scan with you. Look after yourself. Love love love burritos, you have inspired some weekend cooking smile
wilde Thanks for clarifying on the vodka - it sounds fabulous! All your cooking sounds great too, I'm envious as I've been so lazy lately.
Your consulatant appointment sounds like a very positive thing, I totally sympathise on the crying though. I have done this at most of my appointments blush It is only the last couple of blood pressure checks I have held it together really. It sounds like they are being nice and cautious with your extra scans which is good. Lovely that you saw the baby again smile I love that saying - today we are pregnant. It is very uplifting. How is the writeup going?
Will have to stop there as I have tons to do (and a very very busy weekend to plan). When will it ever stop?

wilderumpus Fri 16-Nov-12 15:23:50

ah sheldon hope you are ok! 40 days left! exciting (when not stressful)! Life will change aye but in a nice way, you'll have your DH and your little mini you smile

write up is starting to drive me barmy, thanks smile I have been here since 8am and, despite MN breaks, am making myself sit and work and work and work. I hope to have it sent off, albeit in pretty poor shape, on tuesday and then I will have a few days OFFFFFFF (maybe a whole week). am sick to death of talking about this bloody research (ring any bells one?!). oh well, nearly there now.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Fri 16-Nov-12 16:40:51

I tried to post here this morning but MN logged me out! Grrrangry.

Thanks for smiley face and flowers Wild! That pie sounds amazing but butternut does go very sweet doesn't it. The fish, spinach, mash thing will def go on my list. Tonight though is going to be a very simple veg stirfry. I'm back on veg but have been too lazy to cook anything! Your consulation appt sounds like it went really well, and how lovely to be able to see your lo again!

Ooh Sheldonella sounds difficult. Can you cut back your hours or work from home on fridays? Sounds like things will be changing. Do you live very far from your OH's work? Just wondered if you could still meet up, but as a family at lunch times?

Oh yeah, Wild, the work does get awful at the end doesn't it? I remember not being able to really concentrate on it and, did I say this before? I simply couldn't bear it so I blasted music and sang at the top of my voice while hitting the keyboard with angry swypes, and somehow completed the submission in that state! Nearly there, nearly there!

wilderumpus Fri 16-Nov-12 17:16:38

one I am not letting myself get into an angry state quite yet. Am sure I will though as I am yet to read the whole thing and edit it! what hell! Every time I start to tense up and feel an inner scream coming on I walk downstairs, have a think and come up again. Am being Zen - I still have so far to go and once I lose it, well, it will be awful! Thank you so much for understanding and sharing, it is quite lonely going through something so intense all on your todd.

veg stirfry sounds lovely. am having a naughty takeaway to celebrate working since 8am and having finally met my requisite 80,000 words!

booboomonster Fri 16-Nov-12 17:27:01

Hi all
Sorry for radio silence. Have been busy, but also trying not to obsess too much about pregnancy which sadly means not posting as much.

wild so glad your appt with consultant went well. It’s great that you got someone sympathetic, so often they are clueless in these emotional situations! She sounds very philosophical and nice.

Sorry some of you have had stressful times one and Sheldon - it is a huge change having a baby and emotionally overwhelming at times. But those together times with your DH are not going to go completely, you know. You still get to do some of that – just that for a while at least you’ll have a baby with you too. The thing about babies is that they grow up fast, so soon enough you’ll be back to spending lots of quality time with your man again while they are at friend’s houses and parties, and school, etc etc. I know that seems way off, but believe me, it changes fast!
I am not a great one for change (in case something bad happens, and I get nostalgic) but having a baby is the most positive change ever, even if it doesn’t always seem that way. I think we need the 9 months to get our head round it, and it’s good to think like you are as you are preparing, mentally for the change. Anyway, sorry if that all sounded like I’m stating obvious!

one loads of luck with your scan, chances are it will go brilliantly and you will be a sobbing mess (in a good way) like the rest of us! Do let us know as soon as you know.

Wow wild that vodka sounds crazy… though I think I would have to object to making it seeing as I cannot actually consume it! Good that you don’t have the same principles wink.

All well here. Seemed to have got a bump and am now in maternity clothes, though still finding it hard what to wear – some of them immediately make you look 6 months preggers, others are more discrete… Not actually working this Saturday which is nice but DH is working all weekend, so could be better. He has accrued a lot of holiday (from working more) so has a lot of free time coming up which I am very much looking forward to. Am trying to plan some dinner invitations/ nights out whilst I can just about bear them.

I’m seeing the nice home birth midwife next week. Am still wondering if there will be a heartbeat. But not going to worry about that just yet…. grin.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Sun 18-Nov-12 11:15:14

Hi Boo, sounds good trying to get some socialising in, and 'tis the season, or very soon anyway! Hope your hb midwife visit is a good one.

Wild I'm impressed you can be so Zen about it! Hope you've managed to get a lot done this weekend!

Right, we're heading out into the sunny day, hope you're all having nice Sundays!

booboomonster Sun 18-Nov-12 23:28:55

Ooh yes it was nice and sunny here too today. How are you feeling one? I am so much more energetic & nausea-free that its almost worrying! I am hoping its normal - I'm 15 + 2. (But look about 25 weeks in some clothes, gulp).

I just watched the film 'what to expect when you're expecting'. It's not great but funny in parts, and of course there were the obligatory tears (from me, obv!). It kind of got me in the I'm having a baby mood, iykwim. Mad eh? Wishing u all good, stress free, productive but restful weeks!

wilderumpus Mon 19-Nov-12 10:18:04

hey all, hope you had lovely weekends. Mine was smashing; had sat of work then sun we went out for a roast and climbed a big hill in the dales, got some wind on our cheeks smile

Would tell you about my symptoms boo but am buggered today as I had bright red bleeding this morning and passed a clot sad Oh dear. Am quite crampy too and absolutely shattered. I literally want to sit allllll day. I was very frightened this morning but have calmed down; DH took over with DS and has taken the morning off work so I don't have to walk to the childminders and can just rest.

I think I overdid it at the weekend (cleaned bathroom and skanky bath for ages, cleaned house, cooked lots, went food shopping with DS, climbed a hill and boulders (!)) and am hoping beyond hope I just dislodged this clot rather than this heralding something worse. I am also hoping that it is what might have been causing the spotting all this time and so could even herald a new spot-free future, who knows <positive, positive thoughts>

I have had no amniotic fluid leakage (which I did even with my previous, earlier mc) so just hope is not baby related... am also starving hungry despite my stress so hope that is also a good sign... Rang MWs who told me to ring GP (useless, thanks). I don't know if I will go through that again, seems I am at the GP or hospital for a scan/sptting worry every week. Might just see how today goes first, if I get bad bleeding/cramping and it looks like soemthing might happen I will go to A and E.

one I only have my conclusion to write now smile Will do that today and tomorrow and then post it to my sup and have a whole week off! Must get it done asap as then I can sit and fret suitably and wholeheartedly about my pregnancy with nothing else getting in the way.

sorry everyone seems a bit stressed but hope the lovely weather yesterday lifted some spirits.

sorry for me, me, me, really needed to splurge and your ears are always kind and wise thanks

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 19-Nov-12 14:25:10

Wild this spotting has really plagued you, I'm so sorry, and I can well imagine how worrying it was for you this morning. You're right that chances are on your side, chances are you just over did it. But I hope you won't put off seeking a reassurance scan just because you've been there a bit already. If you need it you need it, this is YOUR pregnancy, not the medics'. Good luck with getting your conclusion done.

Glad to hear you're feeling better Boo! And it certainly sounds like an "appropriate" time to be feeling better so I'm hoping you're enjoying it! I was wondering about whether that film would be enjoyable. Would you recommend it at all?

I'm ok, still in the psychological waiting room. I will be released in... let's see... 49 hours and 6 minutes!

Sheldonella Mon 19-Nov-12 15:48:07

Afternoon all smile I've had a very very busy weekend away and am now paying the price. I have developed pain in the muscles below my ribs and almost fainted after standing still a bit too long in a museum blush I'm off work today thank goodness so I can be lazy and recover. I'm quite proud of myself for stretching half a glass of wine over an entire evening.

wilde Sounds like you overdid it a bit too! You may well have found the culprit for the previous bleeding though, fx it stays away now. Has it stayed away since this morning? Definitely get it checked out if it continues and get some rest today. Your weekend sounds like it was lovely and well done for being so close with your thesis now.

one 49 hours doesn't sound too long at all when you put it like that smile I hope you can stay nice and distracted in the run up.

boo Thanks for the reassurance about the stress out. The weekend away has taken my mind of it thankfully. Yay for the bump though, I'm loving mine (apart from the pain).

wilderumpus Mon 19-Nov-12 16:31:24

aw one the stress will be over soon (well, this particular stress).

I went to epau, baby is just grand smile thanks god, I was in bits. had lots of tests and they have found sommat up with my cervix which will cause bleeding and the scan this time showed the placenta is lying a bit over my cervix too which will def cause bleeding. Will have more bleeding because of this and have to do everything in a chilled away. so glad I found this out before starting my swimming and yoga regime this week.

am shattered now. The drs were so kind and was brill to finally be properly examined rather than 'oh, spotting? pfffft' like usual as it has been getting more and darker red over the weeks and just frightens me! But am ok now we know what it is and the baby is utterly oblivious. AM SICK of trying not to cry (sob uncontrollably) in front of professional people and hope now I really can start to relax.

am sooooo happy to have answers to it all!

sheldon take it easy please smile

I had to fight for my referral too from the same horrid dr who I saw when first pg when he dismissed my worry about cramping saying 'well, you've had enough pgs now to know what is what with cramping' as in, I have had 5 pgs, and only one baby. Bastard. This time he told me that mc'ing at this stage would be agony and I cannot repeat what else it said as it was just too upsetting. THEN he said he won't get me seen till weds to scan for retained products!?! So he basically told me the hideous awfulness of what will befall me at home, and that I would probably need medical assistance then said a scan would be pointless, leave it until you have mc'ed. I loathe the man. I fought him tho and got my referall, was seen straight away and was the only person in the dept all aft. why he couldn't have done it straight away I don't know. I think I will have to complain about him.

rant over!

Sheldonella Mon 19-Nov-12 16:36:31

Great news wilde, glad you have some answers. That doctor sounds like a total arse. Definitely complain!

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Mon 19-Nov-12 16:51:20

That's great news re you and your baby Wild and an awful GP, that's terrible, I hope you can complain. AND let him know the outcome of the appt to especially let him know how wrong he was, grrr.

Sheldonella, hope you're feeling better after getting so over tired!

wilderumpus Mon 19-Nov-12 18:31:16

I think I will have to complain one, he has been just bloody awful. Made my situation a WHOLE lot worse, I was in bits after talking to him.

am so very happy now, now I know the baby is completely living in ignorant bliss and any bleeding is placenta issues that, with some TLC, I should be fine with. so happy and actually relaxed for the first time since the spotting saga started at 6 weeks! hurrah for EPU.

Sheldonella Mon 19-Nov-12 19:06:34

That's really great wilde smile Do take it easy.

I'll make you laugh now. I got quite freaked out earlier over this pain I've had at the top of my bump so I called NHS direct. The nurse that called me back asked me lots of serious sounding questions and then diagnosed me with....
heartburn! blush

I've had two spoons of Gaviscon and feel instantly better grin I have been putting up with this for 2 weeks!

wilderumpus Mon 19-Nov-12 19:23:14

aw sheldon!! It is a weird thing when you have never had it before grin glad you have it fixed smile you take it easy too!

icequeenkate Mon 19-Nov-12 19:27:36

Oh wilde what an awful day sad but am so pleased to see that you've finally been treated properly by EPU and all is well. As you say, thank God.

sheldon loving your heartburn story but not the actual heartburn it made me smile, thank you smile

one less than 48 hrs now. Will be keeping everything tightly crossed for you.

Hope all ok with you too boo keeping busy and grin for developing bumps!

AFM - too busy, over doing it, iron levels not improving, dr threatening to take me in for bed rest...--so who would do home then Mr Dr??-- had guests all weekend. Today my bump has dropped, significantly. I need the loo more frequently. Am having big braxton hicks, that boob let down feeling happens whenever I get emotionalconfused. To all intents and purposes, it would appear my body is getting ready to pop. Which makes me a bit scared at just 31 weeks. DH really concerned, and threatening to take time off over my dead body!.

Oh, and DS3 took the scissors to my knitting last night when I took my eyes off him. A few holes snipped in a sleeve, and many threads in the ball of wool chopped! Wonder how he's going to react when baby arrives...hmm

Again, oh wilde what a relief! Phew!

wilderumpus Mon 19-Nov-12 19:32:42

ice! please chill out for a bit and look after yourself! do you have anyone who can help out for an afternoon so you can lounge about a bit? or could you and DH go away for a weekend and relax? Maybe Dh should take some days off and help out a bit, why is that so crackers?! my Dh has which will be nice for two days... but then am sure he will start to get under my feet and make a Big Mess!


booboomonster Mon 19-Nov-12 21:44:22

Oh my giddy aunt, I look away for 5 minutes (ok, a day) and all this drama and posts arrive! Wild am so glad to see your good outcome, what a relief! Do you need to do anything or can you just carry on as normal? So glad it's all good. Some people do have bleeds throughout, and each pregnancy is different - so this time it looks like you will be one of those people. angry at bloody rude dismissive doctor. Honestly, it makes me mad to read it. What does he know about it? I think some GPs are honestly rubbish.

one you are on the count down! Not long to go at all. Hope you can stay nice and calm about it.

sheldon - heartburn! Ha! grin Well it is bloody irritating, but at least mainlining gaviscon is allowed! and it works pretty fast. I am not looking forward to that stage - although I had it with DD2 but not DD1, so you never know. I've had a low stabbing pain today when I was rushing out at lunch. I think it's ligament pain. I hope so!

Ice please do take it easy if you can. I know it's hard to imagine anyone at home coping without you doing everything you're doing now, but if you have to go into hosp (to have baby early, or to bedrest) it won't be ideal either. Can you organise the kids (can't recall how old your boys are) to have different jobs (like getting clothes ready for morning, pajamas out, dishes cleared, etc) so that you are not rushing around? Can you make sure you have a rest for an hour each morning and an hour each afternoon? Then go to bed (or bath) as soon as kids in bed/ DH home? Even if it's sitting with the DCs reading a book or something, but somewhere you can put your feet up?
BOOOO for knitting ruined - it's so tricky getting the little uns to understand the significance of their actions. My DD used the scissors to snip the ends of my lovely windsor and newton paint brushes. Grrr. Scissors are just too tempting.

BTW can confirm that the TW's have definitely gone. Phew! Am totally relieved although it's a bit like when hiccups have gone - you can't quite believe it and it's a subtle change rather than a physical relief. But, hurrah!

wilderumpus Tue 20-Nov-12 09:20:11

hey boo! such a relief, thanks! Am ok tho if I do too much I could have a serious bleed and it might not stop as there are so many blood vessels in the placenta... so I have to rest! If I start spotting it is a warning sign so I have to chill out then. am not complaining about that smile

am not allowed to exercise either and have to walk at a normal pace, not my normal march grin Is so good to know as I was starting yoga tonight and swimming on Thurs and I really fancy a good swim! I love swimming, go to triathlon swimming clubs etc when am not ttc or pg so do like to get a pace on. Soooo happy I know not to. Dh is helping out loads is fab.

so glad you are free of the TWs! yay!

oh god yes ice I totally forgot to mention about the knitting. aw.

Today is the EDD for my mc bubs. Am more emotional about it than I thought I would be; I think the drama of thinking I was going to lose this one yesterday brought it all home to me again. Am so lucky; am so happy to be pg with this darling baby. Am still a bit hmm tho.

icequeenkate Tue 20-Nov-12 09:54:59

And today the dog has kennel cough! angry Already been to the vet by 9am.

Sat down last night to salvage the knitting - in the end it was just one sleeve that had a few extra holes in it, so I took it back to the biggest hole and started again! He'd also managed to snip his way through the entire ball of wool so had to re-wind that into usable lengths! Doesn't look too bad now, and have nearly finished it.

By the time DH came home i was having regular(ish) braxton hicks - even he could tell, and <tmi alert> a pink discharge and periody pain. Going to Dr later on I think for whooping cough jab, but everything else seems to have settled down over night. Playgroup this morning.

Great news about being TW-free boo. The boys are in a pretty good routine, and I am very very lucky in that I have lots of help to call on. My target is to get DS3 (who is 3 in march) to get himself dressed/undressed by the time baby is born! i think it is just the fact that I am getting large with a large baby, again, and that 3rd trimester exhaustion is beginning to set in. Shame it coincides with the run up to Xmas and all the plays, carol concerts etc.

wilde my mc dd was Saturday. Felt very odd and I was quite sad. DH didn't understand as he has written it off as something that obviously wasn't right and is very matter of fact about it, but I can't quite do that. I was sad for the potential baby that didn't survive?

After posting last night, I watched Inside Out (?) that local news programme on BBC1? And it was all about young kids with non-curable cancers being taken abroad for radical treatments by their parents - and i got all emotional and ended up having horrid dreams about my boys being so poorly.

Today I am going to get a grip! grin Have a good one ladies!

wilderumpus Tue 20-Nov-12 10:08:36

oh ice I couldn't watch that programme sad I just can't bear it!

yes, I feel sad about the bubs too, probably because we really loved them. Dh would be the same as yours; almost straight away he wrote it off as 'not meant to be'. But if you loved them then you feel sad, end of. is ok.

ice I do think you should mention the BH and pinky discharge to MWs or GP as it could be the start of something, or not, and they might have advice for you other than rest up (tho am sure that will be the crux of it) or say it is because it is your fourth bubs. Might be nice to have people watching out for you if something does kick off early? I always end up going to see peeps because i think if I don't and something happened, the MWs etc would think I was crackers and wonder why I didn't just let someone know something was amiss. Is what they are there for.

good luck getting DS3 to dress himself smile Does he take direction well?! My DS does but if he doesn't want to do something then he won't. All of a sudden last week everything was 'I want to do it by MYSELF' and I felt rather redundant! Time for a new baby methinks grin

hehe DS got into bed with me yesterday morn and said that he is growing a 'bee' (boob) for the new baby for it to drink milk grin but the baby can't have too much or it will get hiccups. And he got his toy chickie and put it on my tum to say hello to the baby. aw!

Sheldonella Tue 20-Nov-12 13:34:01

Afternoon all. ice Oh poor you, I really really hope you can find a way to take the pressure off and rest thanks Have you been to the docs? I hope all is well. Glad you managed to salvage the knitting too.

Sorry for yet another rant. The heartburny pain did go away but I still have this sore, bruised feeling at the top of my bump so I thought I would call the MFAU to speak to a midwife about it. I tried to call them six times this morning but no one would pick up! It is supposed to be an emergency number, this is so frustrating. In the end I called my GP surgery and they put me on to a doctor who was really angry with the hospital. He wants to see me this afternoon to check out the pain so I'm going later. Hopefully it is nothing but it is hard to ignore these things isn't it.

Thinking of your on your due date wilde. It is an odd feeling isn't it. It is sad, but I'm glad mine has passed now as it feels like more of an end to a sad chapter. Have some of these too thanks. Same for you ice for Saturday.
wilde your DS sounds so adorable smile
one Is it less than 24 hours now? Thinking of you all the way.
boo Yay, glad the TWs are finally gone, that must be a relief. I hope they never come back!

wilderumpus Tue 20-Nov-12 14:05:35

thinking of you sheldon, glad you have a proactive dr smile good luck thanks

ice I just noticed at the end of your post you said you were going to 'get a grip'. I think you have too much of a grip on things and maybe need to sort of relax a little bit?! Are you ok? You seem to be going through a lot at the moment but lumping it all together as 'life'. A cuppa tea and a book can be life too and take the strain off for a bit. thanks to you too.

thinking of you for tomorrow one thanks for you!

and you boo and chuckle thanks all round grin!!!

Sheldonella Tue 20-Nov-12 15:48:54

I'm back. The doctor was great and examined me thoroughly. He said it is gastritis and nothing to do with the baby. I got to hear her heartbeat again which was lovely smile I'm now the proud owner of a comedy sized bottle of prescription gaviscon.

wilderumpus Tue 20-Nov-12 15:52:35

gastritus?! wassat, it sounds harsh but hopefully isn't if it is remedied with gaviscon? soooo glad you ok and yay for hearing the HB. where are you in your pg now sheldon?

Am 15 weeks today, am letting my bump out now as 15 sounds proper pg and bumpworthy to my ears grin

Sheldonella Tue 20-Nov-12 15:54:51

I'm 24 weeks now smile I think it just means my stomach is irritated by being crushed up by the baby. It is causing the heartburn apparently.
15 weeks is definitely proper pg, show off the bump with pride! smile

wilderumpus Tue 20-Nov-12 16:09:14

24! viability, woot! congrats smile

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Tue 20-Nov-12 17:00:05

Ice wow 31 weeks! I can't believe how much you're doing. Do you think you're pushing yourself too hard?

You're all doing well those with the scissors stories! Hands up if you gave yourself your own haircut at the tender age of 3!!!blush

Boo wonderful that those awful TWs have gone. I understand it would be hard to imagine they are really gone. Is there a test or anything you all can take?

Wild that sounds like you're getting very clear instructions from your body, I so hope it's more manageable now. (and your ds3 sounds adorable!) 15 weeks, woohoo!

thanks to Ice and Wild for your mc dd dates. Mine was a weird time, I mostly kept it quietly to myself but lovely OH is always hovering around keeping an eye out for any tearfulness!

Sheldonella grrr angry, these people! Glad your GP got angry on your behalf. Glad it all turned out well enough, enjoying imagining just how big this bottle is! 24 weeks, woohoo to you too!

What a busy thread this has been, hope I haven't forgotten anything! I'm just home from work and am off to have a lovely bath. I'm ok re tomorrow. 22.5 hours to go. Thankfully. As long as this wait has been I can't believe that I never went for an earlier scan. It's a bit of a paradox for me. Nothing like confusing your very own self!

Sheldonella Tue 20-Nov-12 19:45:37

Massive good luck for tomorrow one thanks smile

booboomonster Wed 21-Nov-12 07:33:26

Lots of luck for today one! Will post properly later.

wilderumpus Wed 21-Nov-12 10:23:16

good luck today one! thanks

icequeenkate Wed 21-Nov-12 10:41:23

Good luck today one! Let us know how you are later? Will be here with brew and biscuit <might have eaten all the biscuit tho grin>

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 21-Nov-12 17:00:23

Hey guys, thanks for all the well wishes and biscuits and tea, will scoff them while I lick my wounds, dust myself off and get ready for the next bit of this mmc to take place. Pease don't let my news bring you down off your clouds at all. You have all been lovely, brave people I've been lucky to have for this time and I will undoubtedly lurk from time to time to see how all you are getting on!

Sheldonella Wed 21-Nov-12 17:03:18

Oh one I am so so sorry sad thanks There is nothing I can say at all I know but if we can be here for you at all we will.

wilderumpus Wed 21-Nov-12 17:08:32

one you are kidding. Am so sorry, I can't tell you how angry and upset I am for you sad

sending you the biggest hugs and I can't imagine you will want to post here really but if you could let us know how you are we would love that. Will you be ok? Do you have lots of support and can take time off work?

gutted for you lovely sad sad thanks

icequeenkate Wed 21-Nov-12 19:05:04

Oh one. sadflowers

So so sorry. Truly devastated for you.

As the others have said, please let us know how you are? So sorry.

booboomonster Wed 21-Nov-12 22:05:30

one am truly gutted for you. Life is so unfair, I really thought this was your time. I'll be thinking about you & mentally sending you courage to deal with this. You've been so strong before, I'm sure you can get through this, but I really wish you didn't have to. Hope your lovely DP is ok too & you can support each other. Please do post if you want to but dont if you dont. Lots of love xxx

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Thu 22-Nov-12 03:33:29

Thanks, I do feel like I'll be ok. It's not the shock/suprise/horror of last time and I feel stronger having been through it before. I've prepared for this, have planned for it over the last couple of weeks (which includes a diet!) and am not without my sense of humour... I said to my lovely OH yesterday "I won in one way, that awful mw did not take my blood!" and I have taken at least the next 2 days off to work out what/when. Take very good care of yourselves.



wilderumpus Thu 22-Nov-12 08:25:18

oh one thanks

I admire your strength and attitude. Do remember though that if you feel down and shitty and angry you can go with those feelings too, they are just as healthy and necessary. Thinking of you brew biscuit x

Sheldonella Thu 22-Nov-12 09:29:50

I'm gutted for you one thanks. I'm glad to hear you are sounding strong though but do take as much time out of work as you need. I wish you all the best for the coming days and hope you have as smooth a time of it as possible x
Thanking of you.

booboomonster Thu 22-Nov-12 17:17:22

one you are being so brave and sensible about this. I am full of admiration. I hope the next few days are ok, and go as well as they possibly can. I am glad you are keeping your sense of humour - you'll know how to deal with the midwives next time! I sincerely hope there will be a next time, and soon. You'll be a great mum. Have wine, biscuit and thanks.

wilderumpus Fri 23-Nov-12 16:22:04

thinking of you today one x

booboomonster Fri 23-Nov-12 22:34:08

How is everyone doing? What a terrible blow for one, I just didn't expect that. I keep having dreams about it.
I was convinced I wouldn't hear a heartbeat when the midwife came over yesterday, but all seemed well. I am now booked for home birth & have a stamp in my notes to say so!
Not much else to say - been thinking a lot about one and how she must be feeling. Hope everyone is well & bumps are good.

wilderumpus Sat 24-Nov-12 08:44:19

hey boo. I just feel so down for one, I realy can't believe it and will miss her loads, she is so kind. I just hope she is ok.

Was it your 16 wk appt? Am glad it went well for you, congrats smile Am so glad to have a HB buddy! Am under consultant-led care atm but am confident I will be discharged when 30 something weeks and have my homebirth (oh - presuming this placenta shifts or I'll be having a CS! the opposite experience!)

all is otherwise ok here tho am getting into a wee tizz about the fact I can't feel any movement yet really. So many second timers on the May AN board are having flutters now! Oh! hang on - I just had an odd teeny nudge! oh hurray for that and what a weird coincidence. I hope it was bubs!

finished my PhD thesis the other day so have been trying to relax smile Not that good at it - I feel terrible often, like I am skiving! Will have it back with suggestions for improvement on friday and then into the final month of editing - then am off for EVER. weird!

epic post!

ice I hope you are ok? have you had some down time yet? thanks

I really want to go skiing!

Sheldonella Sat 24-Nov-12 10:51:35

Hi all. I've been thinking about one lots too. She has been such a great friend to us all and I hope she is due some better news in the coming year.

How would you feel about having a CS wilde? I've been thinking about it a bit just in case. Still hoping for that calm water birth though. I'm sure the kicks will pick up soon. I'm 25 weeks today and they are so powerful now, I think she's trying to kick a hole in me smile excellent that you have finished writing your thesis. Celebration this weekend?

boo glad all is well with you and you heard the heartbeat again. Not long until your next scan. Will you be finding out the sex? How about you wilde?

I have a sudden craving for very healthy food so am going to find a why to get lots of spinach into everything this weekend smile lots to do again though unfortunately but at least I slept until 9 today. A record!

ice how are you getting on?

wilderumpus Sun 25-Nov-12 10:11:42

oh i can't wait to hear good news from one. And my other friends who mc'ed.

yoyo sheldon. hmmmmmm having a CS would be WIERD as I am really, really into natural birth - HB obvs as with DS, wouldn't let anyone induce me if it came to that; love Ina May and am really fightened of hospitals and medicalised birth! BUT what has to be has to be and tbh with all the mc's etc I am a bit different now... I just crave a healthy baby, however it comes. Would be sad to have a scar tho as my tummy is my best bit in normal life (is that super duper vain?!!!) I dn't know anything about CS but will start reading up after 20 week scan if placenta not shifted and try and make it positive smile any experiences anyone???

yay for craving healthy stuff! i slept until 9 too and we have to be out of the door for an NCT meet up (all our babies are turning 3 now!) er, NOW. feel a million times better for sleeping tho. and have a cute bump today.

thanks for the congrats smile am not celebrating as such but if i wasn't pg I would be very, very drunk! we had a nice takeaway and am just trying to relax - is strangely difficult having felt worried for so many years. and am worried about how awful it is but hey, I wrote it and even if I was incapable of writing another thing between now and NYE I have something to hand in!

the friends who sprung their baby announcement on us all on a projector screen at their wedding a week after I Mc'ed just had their baby. I hate them a little bit! this is awful isn't it. even tho my EDD came and went last tues and I was ok! them having theirs has pissed me off and made me sad. And wildly grateful for my bump. I hope I get some weird wriggles again today to reassure me, had a few yesterday and last night smile am a cow aren't I.

<waves to all> hope the weather isn't freaking you out too much brew

booboomonster Sun 25-Nov-12 14:28:52

I read the messages yesterday but didn't have time to post. Yes it was my 16 week appt, wild. I haven't been having much (if any) movement, so I really wouldn't worry. When the midwife listened in she said 'oh it's moving around a lot' and showed me what it sounded like. She said I probably just didn't feel it as I was pretty busy (I had DD2 with me and she was illustrating as much). Anyway, I am kind of sceptical about movements as I often think it's just something stomach related or wind, or shifting innards (!) It's not really until you get proper kicks that it's particularly satisfying, I reckon. The midwife said feeling movement around 20 weeks was pretty normal, so don't let it worry you.

Well done for finishing phd!! Excellent work! I hope you are basking in post work glow... or something!

Re CS - I know what you mean, wild - I was pretty gutted last time at one point when they falsely said she was breach and it might have to be CS. But this time I just want a healthy baby. I think any scarring is very low down, so you should be ok in a bikini!

sheldon glad you are having healthy cravings - I need those to start! I will find out the sex - am too nosy not to! Will be good to have a serious think about names too. Next scan is 27 Dec.

Anyway, better go - I have a tetchy DH wanting to catch up on The Killing from last night while DD2 sleeps. Yes am really hoping that one gets a successful pregnancy soon. I hope she knows she can post on here if she wants to. It made me slightly regret moving the thread from the conception section, though I'm not sure of the etiquette on that.

wilderumpus Sun 25-Nov-12 18:42:17

ok then boo! I won't worry smile Sometimes I get weird feelings and then nothing for days. my 16 week appt is on tues eek.

I haven't finished the PhD yet, just written it and sent to to Supervisor to check for glaring errors/omissions. will still need to edit but is ok. am doing xmas/DS b'day plans this week while off. lovely.

I will find out the sex too! i wish I knew when the scan was, will be 20 weeks on xmas day so would really like to know when the appt is so can make plans as that, obviously, comes first but would like to start house hunting in cornwall late dec/early jan too smile

Hmmm... am glad we moved the thread from conception; i felt I couldn't talk about the nice bits of being pg/worries/moans about sickness etc in a ttc-after-mc thread, felt waaaaaay too smug hmm. one would so much be super welcome to chat about ttc here tho, of course!!!!

went to my NCT meet and was so weird them all knowing and congratulating me on being pg. as i am away from friends and family all congrats and discussions have been on email/text so was weird to talk about it face to face, and have the menfolk congratulating DH. I was really shy about it all!

booboomonster Mon 26-Nov-12 17:30:49

I feel shy about it too wild, always have. It's slightly like saying 'I had sex!' I know it's not really but I can't seem to forget that part!

Anyway, sorry I got wrong end of stick re phd - at least you are on home straight. When is your deadline?

Yes I am sure you are right about moving thread.

Sheldonella Tue 27-Nov-12 10:17:18

Morning everyone. Wow, I don't feel like I will ever sleep a whole night again. Every night I wake up with something hurting :-( It was quite nice while I was trying to sleep yesterday though, I had my hand on my belly and I think I felt a knee or elbow or something as it stuck out for a few seconds smile
Hope your appointment is lovely today wilde and you get to hear the heartbeat. I have heard DD 3 times now and it is amazing every time. I have my 25 week appointment on Thursday, don't know what this one involved but I really want to listen again.
boo How lovely to have a post xmas scan. Lovely time to find out what you are having. I think we have decided on a name now although people keep telling me that we might change our minds when we see her. I hope not as I really love the name.
I can't believe it is nearly December now, the months really are flying by. I think after xmas I'm going to be hit by the reality of actually giving birth in the not too distant future. The thought of a section is pretty scary but I'm telling myself there is no point in worrying too much as I won't have that much control in that situation. I've had major surgery before and would like to avoid having it again smile

wilderumpus Tue 27-Nov-12 14:51:59

boo yes I understand about the sex thing, I feel like that when I have to tell work, it's hideous.

I told my supervisor that I am pg on an email but he has completely ignored it. so either he hates me being pg and won't even mention it or he didn't read the email! 'eck. am not mentioning it again!

sheldon am sorry you are so uncomfortable at the mo. can you get any decent painkillers to help? How exciting and lovely that you have chosen a name grin Can't wait to find out! We know our girl's name too, but don't have any at all for boys tho I hunt around smile so it will surely be a boy! the girl's name is really flexible, for any kind of personality, very rare and actually unisex so think whatever this munchkin looks like (if it is a girl) it will fit. Anyway, it is yopur baby and you have a feeling for things so whose business is it to say whether it will or won't work?!!

sheldon are you going to have a section?! remind me, am thick atm. and of your EDD?!

hope you are ok ice? <waves>

I never did hear from chuckle sad

waves to one

AFM i had my 16 week appt which was gorgeous. Heard the HB which was strong and perfect. so happy, happy. DH recorded it too! That will be my version of whale music when am stressed grin. She also booked me in for a 24 week appt even tho as a second time mum I normally wouldn't be seen until 28 weeks, so I can't get too anxious which is so lovely. Even tho I was saying I'll be ok once I get kicks just because I had expressed a slight worry she booked me in smile. And I got a homebirth pack and will get some info on workshops and meet other homebirth mumz which will be nice.

Am crying at the drop of a hat today! Oh crikey, hormone alert.

was a day out on my reckoning of how pg I am, am 5+6 today, not 16 weeks as I thought. How on earth I did that I don't know. feel absurdly miffed at being put back a day confused

take care my lovelies thanks

Sheldonella Tue 27-Nov-12 14:58:39

wilde No not planning on a section but just scaring myself with all the possible outcomes! Bad habit of mine smile I would ideally like a nice natural water birth but I guess I should keep an open mind. There is a lovely new birthing centre at my local hospital with a pool in every room so that would be my preferred choice. EDD is 9th March.
Yay for the heartbeat! Lovely idea to record it. DH tried to video our 20 week scan but he got told off. Sounds like you have a nice midwife there.
Yeah, on names we have been using her name so much that I can't imagine her to be called anything else. I think the only way we would change is if she turned out to be a boy.
ice How are you getting on?

wilderumpus Tue 27-Nov-12 15:12:07

sheldon stop frightening yourself smile am glad you aren't having to have one - I didn't think you were but am easily confused today. How were your previous labours?

your birthing centre sounds fab - a pool in every room?! woot!

I have eaten four packets of french fries today. (the crisps, not maccy dees or owt!). I weighed myself this morning and bizarrely still haven't put any weight on so it seems I am now actively addressing this anomaly <sigh>

yeah, the MWs here are lovely and were with DS too. I wonder about how we will move once DS is settled into his fab nursery and I am happily esconced with my MWs, homebirthing set and loving being a SAHM (crocheting all day while DS is at nursery). We are being sucked in!

icequeenkate Wed 28-Nov-12 11:48:10

<rushes in on broomstick>

Hello ladies! Am still here, just. 32 weeks and getting very fed up. Not wanting to complain about it though as I know I should be counting my blessings. Also having frequent nightmares about the reality of having 4 sons to contend with. Screaming like wicked witch/fish wife at 3 children, dog and dh, and anyone who can't drive properly, and anyone else who may think about crossing me... how on earth will I manage with 4??

one (if you are lurking) I do so hope you are coping. I think about you a lot and admire your strength in dealing with a mmc again. Please let us know how you are when you have a moment?

wilde yay for recording things and having a dh who sounds as techie as mine! Although it was DS2 who wanted to buy one of those teddy bears on to which you can transfer the sound of you womb and then play it to the baby once born!

boo how are you doing? Plodding on?!

sheldon love that feeling. Beware the hormones that accompany it tho. Was in town having a mocha this morning after giving up on Christmas shopping and the baby obviously really liked it and was belting around my tummy like mad. Seriously exercising on the caffeine. A lady who was sitting near commented to her oh - 'gosh, that's an active little one over there, look'! Reduced me to tears. Whilst fumbling for tissue in my buried under the bump and flab jeans pocket, I managed to knock rest of my coffee over. Said lady then bought me another - how sweet, but that reduced me to tears again. Bloody hormones. confused

It struck me whilst thinking about thinking about Christmas iyswim that I will be 36 wks on Xmas day. shock

<rides off again on broomstick, shouting at no one in particular>

wilderumpus Wed 28-Nov-12 13:09:17

hello ice! so glad to hear from you, glad you ok and being shouty on a broomstick.

that woman in the coffee shop sounds lovely! she would have made me cry too! am sure you are not being as shouty as you feel but are doing just fine because at least you realise you might be a bit off. So many people live their whole lives not realising how awful they are, but you are a preggo lady who isn't having the easiest time and I am sure you are doing just fine smile

four sons! how fabulous smile You'll manage because you won't be 32 weeks pg and you seem eminently reasonable and thoughtful.

Is mad that I am about a month away now from finding out whether we are having a boy or girl. am sooooo excited. am really getting into being pg now as i feel LO every day now (teensiest little flutters) and am starting to wonder what they will look like. that makes me cry.

anyway, glad all is well

work is killing me atm. I work for ten mins and have to escape to this here internet for five just to give my brain a rest. I think it wants to start being preggo brain but I must resist! Must. Concentrate!

booboomonster Wed 28-Nov-12 14:11:47

wild I am loving french fries too! I love salty stuff.. and crispy stuff... but not deep fried stuff... walkers french fries fit the bill! (just had 2 packs in a row, oops).
I wonder if your supervisor just doesn't know what to say about you being pg, so he's keeping shtum. I am the opposite to you re names - I have the boys names sorted (always have, though they have changed - I find boys names easy) and the girls are impossible! I really will be stuck this time if it's a girl. Too many names remind me of people I know, or are so popular there will be 8 in their class.

sheldon good idea to keep open mind about birth - there is no point getting set on something when your baby/ body might not agree! chances are you'll be fine though. That's great you have your name all sorted. Exciting! Have you told it to anyone or is it a surprise?

ice what a lovely woman in coffee shop! It's so heart warming when people are nice. I'll never forget a similar experience when DD was a month or two old and I breastfed in public for the first time - I was all over the place and this woman was so sympathetic, getting me tissues to mop up the spilt coffee and giving me a sympathetic/ supportive smile.
I am sure you'll be fine with 4 sons. The older ones will seem so much more grown up with a baby around, and the family will shift a bit. It will be great for the new baby having so many brothers to be entertained by! It is daunting, but then changing your family at all is daunting. But you will do it! I keep thinking 3 will be a handful, but my get out is to get some help - find a babysitter who can do an hour or so in the day the odd time, or possibly consider an aupair if things are really hard!

No news here - Dh has got some time off work (due to him doing so much overtime) which is great as I can get some jobs done and takes the pressure off me. We can also... go out a bit! Have planned some stuff. In fact we are also going away for the weekend - my mum is babysitting, how cool is that?! Laters! xx

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 28-Nov-12 18:01:10

You have all been very sweet. Of course I've been lurking. I don't want to bring anyone down, make anyone anxious. You don't have to count your blessings especially because of me. I've been well, excercising, dieting, not having much alcohol or coffee, etc., taking loads of "happy" and "women's health" sorts of vitamins.

Lovely reading all of your news. Boo 16 weeks and HB booked! Wild also 16 weeks with flutters and PhD prgoression of some degree(?), Sheldonella 25 weeks (where has the time gone?) not sleeping, poor you, and having selected a name - there must be an unveiling! And Ice 32 weeks (!) 4 boys! Your coffee shop story was very sweet. Anyone in flood waters?

As for me, I had an appt today for being given medication to make the mc happen but they said they had to do another scan to confirm it was ok to proceed. During the scan, while there was still no heart beat, they picked up on things they hadn't seen last week so they said we would have to wait another week and do a third scan before being able to progress. We said no, that we understand they have an ethical code they are working to but that we know our dates and we know this isn't a viable pregnancy and I'm willing to sign a form to take responsibility for the decision. They then called in a consultant who they said would scan me again today but in the end he looked over my notes said that the differences between the two scans were within the margin of error, that it clearly wasn't a viable pregnancy given my dates and that he was willing to end it. He then, and this made me cry (I've been very stoical!), took us on to his caseload, sat there with the nurse making sure I got an earlier slot than had previously existed - hence choosing tablets instead, said they will send the pregnancy matter off to test for abnormalities, test me over the next couple of months for the other known possible causes, will lead my care during my next pregnancy including weekly (!) scans and told me to take aspirin at the start of the next pregnancy. I was overwhelmed with the sudden help when I'd expected to come in get tablets and go home.

The "research" I've done into this level of care showed that testing this pregnancy for abnormalities and doing the blood tests for other possible causes are statistically unlikely to yeild any helpful results, but it might and it crosses off known causes and, most importantly, the research says that the frequent contact with a specialist pregnancy unit in itself leads to a good outcome. If I understand correctly it's the placebo effect of a sort, that being supported by experts means we can relax. While we haven't been especially tense I did relax immediately. I know my taxes are paying for this but it's also just amazing that all of this is on the NHS.

I'm well, I'm looking forward to finishing this and getting healthy for a coulple of months and getting on with the next pregnancy.

wilderumpus Wed 28-Nov-12 18:34:59

boo how lovely that you and DH can spend some time together. where are you going, may I ask?! No worries if you want to kep schtum smile Am so envious, DH and I haven't managed to go away together yet since DS was born but plan to in Jan to celebrate me getting shot of uni!

one yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay so lovely to see you smile smile Am glad you have lurked and please come back! wouldn't have any negative affect on us, but definitely a positive one. You are one of our gang! i missed you! Am delighted you were looked after so well and are going to be looked after in your next pregnancy. Am sorry they nearly tried to make you wait, they did that to me the buggers. I hope you are ok.

re: scans etc - a lady called 'pebspop' on the ttc-after-mc thread on the conception board had the regular scans too and was told by leslie (is it leslie?!) reagan that the scans and check-ups really help with pregnancy success. And she is over 20 weeks now, her longest ever pregnancy. Positive thinking really works! am so glad that there is a positive horizon and that you won't be left to the hardship and rollercoaster of ttc and then waiting...

PhD is coming along thanks; is all written but am now editing it so it is proper and, man, this stage is really tough. It will only be till xmas though, got to hold on and work all day and night (well not all night, am asleep by 9.30 and I must sleep! <pulls pathetic face>) and get this begger done. ug.

I had medical management with my blighted ovum one; if you want hand holding or any info on what it may be like etc please ask won't you. thanks FWIW it was really fine and I liked being in control of what was what rather than an op. be well chica x

Sheldonella Wed 28-Nov-12 18:55:36

So glad to hear from you one and so glad you are getting some extra care, you completely deserve to be looked after. Well done on the healthy living, after my MMC I did the complete opposite which I'm sure didn't help matters really. My doctor told me that having a mc wouldn't mean I would have another and neither would having 2 as she had been through 2 and still had 4 children. I hope the medical management works quickly for you, I didn't even need the second dose as it all happened so quickly. I agree with wilde you are one of our gang and would love you to keep in touch and more than happy to provide hand holding whenever you need it thanks

ice good to see you! My aunt has 4 boys and they have always been very energetic and look after each other. Their house was always so much fun when I used to go there to play. What a lovely lady in the cafe too!

wilde I was like you with the French fries but with wotsits at first. I've calmed down about birth now - no previous experience, this is no 1 for me. This is why I'm a bit scared of home birth but I do like the thought of it.

boo I'm sworn to secrecy on the name for now but I will reveal it to you all when she arrives smile I hope you have a lovely weekend. Is it DDs you have? So excited about mine, everyone I know lately has had boys so I guess I'm balancing things out.

Still not sleeping as my hips feel like they want to escape from their sockets. I have my midwife appointment tomorrow so will cry on her shoulder over that. Right, fish and chips in the oven, let the crap telly watching commence!

icequeenkate Wed 28-Nov-12 21:15:53

one - hello! So lovely to hear from you and that you are as ok as you can be. Good luck with the pills - I seem to recall that wilde was comfortable with how they worked and she didn't have any side effects. And what a lovely lovely consultant! Do you have to be in hospital - seem to remember wilde was required to stay in? Yes, you are so right about the care placebo effect - there was something published in the papers only last week about it, and it was on the news too. Take a look at the thread wilde mentions; there are loads (literally) of ladies there who are walking proof of several mmc and then successful pregnancies. And they are brilliant at answering all sorts of questions, many of them quite detailed in the stats and science of it all. Will be thinking of you particularly over the next few days. Please stay.

sheldon - get yourself a maternity support belt; I've got the Thuasne Si belt from this company on the recommendation of my chiropractor. It really helps with SPD type pains, and you can just wear it at night to stabilise your hips. www.physio-med.com/Maternity-Supports/

Oooh names! Can't tell you what we've decided yet, but having taught at a boys' school it makes it really tricky deciding names as most of them already have a face, iyswim! grin

Right - gender predictions: salty = boys, cheesy/sweet = girls. Easy peasy!

booboomonster Wed 28-Nov-12 22:21:46

Just quickly popping in before my friend arrives to say one great to hear from you. So glad you are being looked after, it does make such a difference. You deserve the care. It's great when you feel happy with the level of service from the NHS - it is after all what we are all paying for, like you say! I hope your consultant continues to be helpful and reassuring, I have heard good things from others who have had a similar level of care. Well done for eating well and having such a good attitude, it sounds like you are doing everything you can to pave the way for your body to cope with this, and get ready for next time.
Please do pop in whenever you like - it's great to hear how you are getting on, and to be honest in my mind MC is just the other side of the coin from being pg now - it's all part of life iykwim?

wild We are going to the kent coast (will be vague about specifics just in case!). Don't know it at all myself, so hoping it will be fun. It's our second time away without the girls - we did it once before for one night, but this is for 2 nights so it should be a really relaxing break!

sheldon yes 2 DDs and a step DD! It was a total surprise to me as I am from a family of boys (except me, obv). I expected to have a boy, so was almost disappointed (if that's the right word) when I first found out at 20 wk scan. Anyway, now I love it. I think whatever you have it's fab, and I don't believe you can generalise about gender particularly, but despite my initial thoughts, I loved having a girl as my first born!

Anyway, friend arrived and I didn't get to post this early, now I really better go to bed! Will be back tomoz, night all! x

booboomonster Wed 28-Nov-12 22:22:44

sorry ice didn't refresh before posting out of date (in terms of hours) post.
Let's see if your gender predictions are correct! only a month or so to go....!

booboomonster Thu 29-Nov-12 12:52:14

Was thinking sheldon about what I wrote about having a girl... I was anxious initially because I felt there would be emotional pressure on me. I am very close to my mum and have a really good relationship with her, and I think I thought if I have a girl - how will I match that?! But I don't know why I was worrying really - little ones just need you, and the emotional attachment/ link comes later. How I will cope with 2 teenage girls ganging up on me/ keeping secrets from me I'm not sure, but I guess that's to worry about later!

Also one hope I didn't sound flippant about MC - I think since my Dad died suddenly (coming up to 2 years ago) it has altered my perspective on life. I know the worst can happen now, and nothing can change that. I guess I was lucky to get to my mid 30's as a naive optimist!

It's blimmin freezing here today. Attempted to take advantage of DH being home and went to get some Xmas shopping, but it wasn't very successful - I feel exhausted now!

Sheldonella Thu 29-Nov-12 12:57:54

boo That is interesting because I have been feeling much the same. I was really expecting a boy as many of my family, friends and colleagues have them so it was a bit of a shock to be told girl. Silly really when it is 50/50 blush I worry about all the challenges I have faced and worry for her but I am very excited and melt every time I think about her. I have decided not to think about the teenage stage smile

Sheldonella Thu 29-Nov-12 12:58:42

Oh and ice thanks for the belt suggestion, I will look into that as the night pains are really starting to get to me.