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May 2013 - roll on 12 weeks!

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DizziDoll Wed 26-Sep-12 14:57:01

Thread n2 for those due in May 2013

DanyTargaryen Wed 26-Sep-12 14:57:58

Darn it you beat me to it, was just about to do this! grin Will copy and paste stats from old thread. smile

DanyTargaryen Wed 26-Sep-12 14:59:29

Have linked this thread on the old thread for you too

Stats coming!

DanyTargaryen Wed 26-Sep-12 15:00:39

Stats from old thread:

LittlePickleHead - DC2 - edd 1 May
10storeylovesong - DC1 - edd 1 May
WeatherWitch - DC1 - EDD 1 May
Berri - DC2 - edd 2 May
ThePhantomPlopper - DC4 (eek) - EDD 2 May
Pinkand stripy DC1 EDD 2nd May
Thingiebob - DC2 - edd May 3
twirliedobbit - DC4 (argh!) - edd 4 May
Whyismymindblank - DC4 (argh! & eek!) edd 4 may
Toffeesam - DC1- EDD 5th May
BadBuddha - DC2 edd 5 May
dowhat - DC3 - edd 6 May
DanyTargaryen- DC2- EDD 6 May
DizziDoll -DC3 - EDD 8 May
Rhienne DC2 EDD 9th May
BeauticianNotMagician-DC3-EDD 10 May
Beaver33 - DC1 - edd 10 May
PickleP DC1 EDD 11th May.
Bionic77 - DC1 EDD 15th May
FiveandtheBonusBall - DC6 (triple arghh!!!) EDD 16 May
Booboomonster - DC3 EDD 16 May
Wilderumpus -DC2-EDD 17 May
MissMedusa - DC1 - EDD 18 May
Frankienoodles- DC1- EDD 18 May
maybeAMaybaby DC2 EDD 19 May
Vickles-DC4-EDD 20 May
OneDayBaby-DC1-EDD 20 May
MelCGox - DC1EDD 21 May
LittleBairn DC1 EDD 21 May
Ktfrd DC2 EDD 22nd May
Peardrop DC1 - 22nd May
Cuppateaandagingersnap DC1 EDD 22ndMay
EllieBuffalo - EDD 23rd May
CheerfulYank DC2- EDD 23rd May
MooLL DC2 EDD 23rd May
Lollypopscical EDD 24th May
Shelly81 EDD 24th May
Bunnychan DC1 EDD 24th May
Ibelieveinpink EDD DC1 29th May
Kittykatskumkwat EDD DC1 29th May
Frustratedsycamorepants DC2 EDD 3rd June

DizziDoll Wed 26-Sep-12 15:01:46

Let's call it boredom teamwork!!

DanyTargaryen Wed 26-Sep-12 15:03:50

Yay! (Sorry if it looked if I was taking over there, just trying to be helpful grin)

DizziDoll Wed 26-Sep-12 15:27:11

I was referring to myself really blush. I think you have done a fine job grin.

mwncigirl Wed 26-Sep-12 15:44:34

I think you forgot me!! 9th May!!

mwncigirl Wed 26-Sep-12 15:45:20

DC2 x

EllieBuffalo Wed 26-Sep-12 15:52:52

Wowsmile I've been away for a couple of days and there's a whole new thread!! I've tried to catch up but feel like I've missed loads.

I've been on a bed rest after suffering my first ever migraine. I lost my vision and feeling in both hands but didn't get a headache until the second day. Doctor thinks it's connected the pg as blood sugars were low, I normally have a VERY sweet tooth but sugary things make me feel sick. Being made to eat chocolate was tough grin Although it really did scare me sad

Welcome all newbies! Sorry to hear symptoms are developing for some but excited that midwife appointments are fast approaching x

booboomonster Wed 26-Sep-12 15:58:24

Hello was catching up reading the thread on my phone in the middle of the night and wanted to say pear I have a retroverted uterus which is the same as a tilted one. It didn't make any difference to pregnancy/ birth (I have 2 DCs). But, when I went for a smear I told them and they found it helpful to know. I had had a few rubbish experiences with smear tests before I knew so I guess it's useful to tell 'em! Knowledge is power! Also I didn't find the internal scan painful at all (had it on 2 previous occasions).

Reassuring to know many of you are feeling nauseous and tired - I find that the more I sleep, the better I feel. I nearly fell asleep in the toilet at work on Monday... a low point!

Where I live we can go for early scans if we are worried, but I think I might not bother... I think the stress leading up to and going to a scan will be too much! And although obviously it gives some reassurance it's still early days. I'm 6+6.

booboomonster Wed 26-Sep-12 16:00:27

ooh and I have had awful headaches too, though not a migraine - Ellie - that sounds awful. Sounds like you better get back into chocolate? I find I like sweets more when pregnant (despite not usually liking them - I'm a chocolate girl grin. Specially those really disgusting fizzy ones hmm)

Just checking in to the shiny new thread!


EllieBuffalo Wed 26-Sep-12 16:04:51

BooBoo I always thought it would be awesome when I finally got pregnant to be able to have an excuse to eat lots of chocolate and now I am I can't face it sad

EllieBuffalo Wed 26-Sep-12 16:13:38

Hehe - just noticed the thread is called May 3013 which I think is quite apt as the time feels like it is dragging so much it'll be 3013 soon grin

Hi ladies i just came home to a horrible letter. I have posted about it in pregnancy and don't want to say it all again. Basically i had a letter saying i have a red blood cell abnormality and that myself and my DP have to see a sickle cell and Thalassemia specialist on Monday. MONDAY i wont eat or sleep until then.Im so stressed and i dont even know what it all means.I googled a bit but it wasn't good so i stopped looking.

Hi all. Have updated with me and mwnci.

Hi ellie, that migraine sounds awful and really scary. Are you feeling better now?

LittlePickleHead - DC2 - edd 1 May
10storeylovesong - DC1 - edd 1 May
WeatherWitch - DC1 - EDD 1 May
Berri - DC2 - edd 2 May
ThePhantomPlopper - DC4 (eek) - EDD 2 May
Pinkand stripy DC1 EDD 2nd May
Thingiebob - DC2 - edd May 3
twirliedobbit - DC4 (argh!) - edd 4 May
Whyismymindblank - DC4 (argh! & eek!) edd 4 may
Toffeesam - DC1- EDD 5th May
BadBuddha - DC2 edd 5 May
dowhat - DC3 - edd 6 May
DanyTargaryen- DC2- EDD 6 May
DizziDoll -DC3 - EDD 8 May
Mwncigirl - DC2 - EDD 9 May
Rhienne DC2 EDD 9th May
BeauticianNotMagician-DC3-EDD 10 May
Beaver33 - DC1 - edd 10 May
PickleP DC1 EDD 11th May.
Bionic77 - DC1 EDD 15th May
FiveandtheBonusBall - DC6 (triple arghh!!!) EDD 16 May
Booboomonster - DC3 EDD 16 May
Wilderumpus -DC2-EDD 17 May
MissMedusa - DC1 - EDD 18 May
Frankienoodles- DC1- EDD 18 May
maybeAMaybaby DC2 EDD 19 May
Vickles-DC4-EDD 20 May
OneDayBaby-DC1-EDD 20 May
MelCGox - DC1EDD 21 May
LittleBairn DC1 EDD 21 May
Ktfrd DC2 EDD 22nd May
Peardrop DC1 - 22nd May
Cuppateaandagingersnap DC1 EDD 22ndMay
EllieBuffalo - EDD 23rd May
CheerfulYank DC2- EDD 23rd May
MooLL DC2 EDD 23rd May
Lollypopscical EDD 24th May
Shelly81 EDD 24th May
Bunnychan DC1 EDD 24th May
Thundercatsarego-DC1 - EDD 28 May
Ibelieveinpink EDD DC1 29th May
Kittykatskumkwat EDD DC1 29th May
Frustratedsycamorepants DC2 EDD 3rd June

DizziDoll Wed 26-Sep-12 16:24:56

Woops blush. It was a test to see who was paying attention.

beaut shit. Off to read your thread. Stay away from google!!

Hi beaut, poor you, that's not a nice thing to come home to at all. You really should try to eat and sleep though, you've got to look after yourself! I know it sounds flippant because I don't know what it feels like but if you can, do try not to worry- stressing is only bad for you, it won't solve any problems and there might not be anything to worry about anyway.

Monday is horribly long time to wait for that sort of thing though, can you book in lots of distractions between now and then?

Picklep Wed 26-Sep-12 16:29:47

hooya yes it sounds very similar. The spotting is very unnerving but the midwife said it could be implantation or my cervix, apparently with the rise in hormones the cells around the cervix can fall away and itcould be likethis for whole pregnancy. I also have a tilted cervix, wonder if that has made difference. During the scan they checked there was no blood around the baby which was a massive relief. I'm just willing the hours away to get to 12 weeks to breath a tiny bit easier. Good luck for Monday x

DanyTargaryen Wed 26-Sep-12 16:31:55

Sorry! My fault, pulled the most recent list off the old thread and then didn't think to check it! Sorry folks, unintentional!

Picklep Wed 26-Sep-12 16:33:09

beaut what a thing to come home to?? Heading over to read now. Monday is a long time to wait, but i agree with the others stay away from google, it won't help anything at this point. You do also need to keep your strength up . X

Thanks Ladies i love having this thread here for the great support. I had to call DP crying at his work. I feel bad now that he has the worry too but he needs to ask for the day off next week to attend the appointment.

Totally understandable, beaut, I would feel the same as you having to ring OH. Hopefully he can give you a big squeeze when you see each other and you can try to help each other to not worry. Feel free to have a rant here though, and we will tell you to eat chocolate and treat yourself!

WeatherWitch Wed 26-Sep-12 17:03:14

Fertility - I had my MW booking appointment at home a couple of weeks ago. She came round to the house, took blood, sent me off to go and give her a urine sample and do a chlamydia swab, took my blood pressure, retrieved her stethoscope from the dog who had taken it off to his bed when she wasn't looking (luckily she likes dogs!) and filled in a mountain of paperwork about my health, any concerns (financial, domestic etc etc), relevant medical issues in my family and DH's (who wasn't there but I knew most of it anyway) and gave me a load of stuff to read. She'd also told me to go and get a pregnancy pack from the GP beforehand so I could read up on which scans and tests I wanted (all of them please!). Also got given the first Bounty pack which has a lot more leaflets in, money off vouchers, pregnancy info and a voucher for another Bounty pack to collect from Boots/Superdrug with even more crap useful stuff in it. Was all very nice and friendly and relaxed, and made it all feel real for the first time. I am however suffering massively from information overload and am actually a little bored of reading about pregnancy stuff now as a result.

Beautician - am thinking about you, that's a horrible thing to come home to. Fingers crossed for you.

FrustratedSycamorePants Wed 26-Sep-12 17:18:22

Ooh shiny new Fred. Back to read later.

scooby26 Wed 26-Sep-12 17:48:53

beaut what a crappy insensitive letter! I'm sure all will be fine and it's just a sensible precautionary appointment but completely understand your worry til Monday. Hugs x

Pritchyx Wed 26-Sep-12 18:27:15

I'm due my first on my birthday in May, on the 18th, disappointed but excited all the same!

Beautician hope all goes well with you hun, might not be as bad as you think! X

Bunnychan Wed 26-Sep-12 18:38:43

I've got my first doctors appointment tomorrow; what should I expect? I'm worrying today as I haven't had symptons today or last night either :-s x

lollypopsicle Wed 26-Sep-12 19:17:17

Oh beaut, what a horrible letter to receive . Waiting until Monday must seem like an age sad

I have an odd cramping in my lower back on the left at the mo. Hope it's just growing pains!

Man, I'm tired today.


GoldPedanticPanda Wed 26-Sep-12 19:20:00

Hi all, wow this thread has a lot of lovely expecting ladies on it! I'll add my name to the list, already I share my due date with 3 others too smile

GoldPedanticPanda Wed 26-Sep-12 19:21:58

LittlePickleHead - DC2 - edd 1 May
10storeylovesong - DC1 - edd 1 May
WeatherWitch - DC1 - EDD 1 May
Berri - DC2 - edd 2 May
ThePhantomPlopper - DC4 (eek) - EDD 2 May
Pinkand stripy DC1 EDD 2nd May
Thingiebob - DC2 - edd May 3
twirliedobbit - DC4 (argh!) - edd 4 May
Whyismymindblank - DC4 (argh! & eek!) edd 4 may
Toffeesam - DC1- EDD 5th May
BadBuddha - DC2 edd 5 May
dowhat - DC3 - edd 6 May
DanyTargaryen- DC2- EDD 6 May
DizziDoll -DC3 - EDD 8 May
Mwncigirl - DC2 - EDD 9 May
Rhienne DC2 EDD 9th May
BeauticianNotMagician-DC3-EDD 10 May
Beaver33 - DC1 - edd 10 May
PickleP DC1 EDD 11th May.
Bionic77 - DC1 EDD 15th May
FiveandtheBonusBall - DC6 (triple arghh!!!) EDD 16 May
Booboomonster - DC3 EDD 16 May
Wilderumpus -DC2-EDD 17 May
MissMedusa - DC1 - EDD 18 May
Frankienoodles- DC1- EDD 18 May
maybeAMaybaby DC2 EDD 19 May
Vickles-DC4-EDD 20 May
OneDayBaby-DC1-EDD 20 May
MelCGox - DC1EDD 21 May
LittleBairn DC1 EDD 21 May
Ktfrd DC2 EDD 22nd May
Peardrop DC1 - 22nd May
Cuppateaandagingersnap DC1 EDD 22ndMay
PedanticPanda DC2 EDD 22 May
EllieBuffalo - EDD 23rd May
CheerfulYank DC2- EDD 23rd May
MooLL DC2 EDD 23rd May
Lollypopscical EDD 24th May
Shelly81 EDD 24th May
Bunnychan DC1 EDD 24th May
Thundercatsarego-DC1 - EDD 28 May
Ibelieveinpink EDD DC1 29th May
Kittykatskumkwat EDD DC1 29th May
Frustratedsycamorepants DC2 EDD 3rd June

fertilityFTW Wed 26-Sep-12 19:23:00

Thank you WeatherWitch! thanks
Knowing what to expect really helps. I just feel so jumpy lately!

Thank You everyone for your kind words.I really hope it is nothing.I presume that even on Monday we won't find out and will have to await further blood test results.

scooby26 Wed 26-Sep-12 19:29:15

Hi gold and pritchy. No chance baby will arrive in due date pritchy so don't worry. My DS1 arrived 6 days after my bday two weeks early. Two weeks early would be just dandy again ;-)

Handed in a sample to go today- they don't allow you to make a booking in appointment without one hmm. So booked in for next Thursday as only do them on a Thursday and they like you to go around week 8- I won't be that far on but I'll be in kos then (yay!! ) and don't want to wait til I come back at nearly ten weeks as it would be too late to book twelve week scan and still get it in the nuchal fold window ;-)

EllieBuffalo Wed 26-Sep-12 19:40:57

Welcome pedantic and Pritchy!!

Fingers crossed for you beaut hopefully they're just being cautious x

berri Wed 26-Sep-12 20:29:31

Going to read your thread now beautician try not to get worried (easy to say, I know). Will be thinking of you, stay positive x

kittykatskumkwat Wed 26-Sep-12 21:30:01

Waves hello to panda!!
Have you just presumed your edd? From my mc could be anywhere from the 20th but pretty sure I'm closer with the 29th ( how much would I give for that extra week or so though)
Beaut so sorry for your worrying letter, I hope it amounts to nothing x

MaybeAMayBaby Wed 26-Sep-12 21:40:22

Found you all!

I'm soooo ill sad. Came home from work after a couple of hours and won't be in tomorrow. I forgot how horrible it is being ill in pregnancy and not being able to take anything. What I would give for a cold and flu tablet now!

I read the other thread and most of this earlier and then fell asleep blush. Just wanted to mark my place.

Beaut-read your other thread. If it is a genetic concern they would have surely found it when you had bloods for your last pregnancy? Just because it says sickle cell nurse doesn't mean it's that. And like other said-recessive so chances are minute.

Gosh. Is it really that late? I better go and eat.


PedanticPanda Wed 26-Sep-12 21:42:16

Hey kitty smile

I done a clear blue date your pregnancy test last week which put me at 5+ weeks so I'm just working it out an EDD as date of mc being cd1 IYSWIM, until I get my actual due date from a scan. Will you be asking for an early scan? I'm not sure if I should ask for one or not as it didn't change things the last time and just made it harder to deal with I think so will try and wait until the 12wk scan.

LittleBairn Wed 26-Sep-12 21:51:50

beaut sorry no advice just a lot of sympathy and shock that they could imply something so serious by letter then have you wait 5 days to speak to them about it! I know the NHS is stretched right now but that just seems callous.

scooby many of the Drs around here won't even let you join if you don't give a urine sample. DH is refusing on principle, I was planning on refusing too but can't deal with the stress and hassle when I just want registered.

I'm a bit worried now about the community midwife contact, we haven't that long moved and I will not accept visitors. We don't even have a sofa because we need to arrange having the window removed.
Do they have offices you can visit?

I had a bit of a scary turn tonight but seem to be fine now. I became dehydrated (lost my water bottle) on my commute home, coupled with hunger and just generally feeling bad. By the time DH picked me up from train station I was spaced out felt close to fainting and very jittery and close to being sick. DH got me to eat a chocolate and have some water. I soon felt fine, think it was more to do with exhaustion.
So my new rules are if loose water bottle go to shops and get the later train amd always carry snacks in my bag.
I was thinking of taking a pack lunch for late afternoon, like a bento lunch, but that might give me away to bosses.

Pritchyx Wed 26-Sep-12 23:15:23

I'm an absolute pain in the arse lately, ever since I found out I've been miserable! And it don't help I get hiccups about 6 or 7 times a day (on a good day may I add!) but its even worse when it's teamed up with pains in my back and ribs! Is it just me who gets that?
I've found it difficult as well to go toilet for number 2s or pass wind! So uncomfortable! All will be worth it in the long run though smile

If anyone else suffers like me, let me know! X

scooby26 Thu 27-Sep-12 01:12:00

Been in bed two hours knackered and can't sleep. I don't remember insomnia last time! I do remember waking with the lark in the first three months but this is soo annoying! Especially knowing now I have a DC already I have to be up for the nursery run . Zzzzzzzz hope you're all doing better then me. Shall I just get up? Eat, read enjoy the peace?!

peardrop2 Thu 27-Sep-12 06:26:33

Beaut just need to quickly say that the exactly same thing happened to my close friend! They got the letter, scared them silly, went back for more tests and results came back normal. Now they have a perfectly healthy and cute 1.5yr old girl! She's expecting her second now but hasn't needed any tests like with the first one. I know you will worry because so would I but just keep this story in mind xx

shelly81 Thu 27-Sep-12 07:29:05

pritchy I'm the same just not the hickups lol, awful int it I'm gettin bad trapped wind & shud know all this is normal as I'm om #3 but still a very scary time xx

rachywhite83 Thu 27-Sep-12 07:31:11

Went to my midwife for an early bird group session. Absolutely bombarded with information ! Trying to process it all and exhausted after the late night. 8:30pm is SO late for me ! Never mind off to work. Only 23 days till my holiday !

RTchoke Thu 27-Sep-12 09:20:30

Hi Ladies,

I haven't been on the thread for 10 days or so as I was trying not to obsess. Anyway, morning sickness arrived yesterday and there is mo way I can forget I'm pregnant anymore so I'm back. I hadn't previously added myself to the list and I can't copy and paste on my phone so cld somebody add me:

RTChoke, DC3 (eeeeek), EDD 21 May

I'd forgotten how miserable nausea is. It wakes me in the night, it hits me in waves during the day, it causes me to take massive offence at foods I normally love. All I can stomach is salty flavours. Yesterday I ate a beetroot and feta salad for lunch with nothing else then for dinner I ate (a whole packet of) Boursin on it's own! I couldn't even stand the idea of bread or crackers. Weird. I'm going to be huge at this rate. I've put on 2lbs already. Have others gained any weight yet?

Oh and I'm jealous of those of you with midwife appointments. Here in London you tell your GP who checks nothing and simply refers you to a hospital who then send you a 12 week scan date. Nothing before 12 weeks. From previous experience I also know I'll never see the same midwife twice, I'll wait hours for each appt, and nobody will ever
come to my house.

Gosh I sound a misery guts! I'm not usually I promise! I blame it on my inability to eat breakfast combined with the fact I'm writing this while jammed under someone's armpit while standing on a packed Tube.

Hi to the new posters and Congratualtions.

Pear Thank You that is very reassuring.I'm sure it will amount to nothing fx but as others have said it still gets you worried sad.

I have 3 weeks left at work then we are all off for half term week.I cant wait.We havent made any solid plans yet as were waiting for scan date to come through.

Poor DP he called me this morning and sounded very sad.He is really worried and didnt sleep not good when he works 14 hour days.I didnt sleep either.

Rtchoke Hope you feel better soon.I have put on 5 lbs since i found out im pregnant.I usually have no appetite and now i cant stop eating.Im excercising like mad but its making no difference.

MooLL Thu 27-Sep-12 10:07:29

Gosh I feel like S**T this morning - had work do last night at a cookery school and guess what we had to make for starters - sushi! Didnt want to draw attention to fact i could be preggers so ended up eating raw fish and drinking champagne and wine - hmmm not feeling very clever or happy with myself today!
Beaut I am so sorry about your letter - I hate how they send you it and think its acceptable to make you wait for days before seeing you - as others have said try and stay calm until you know the results - could well be all ok
RTChoke so know what you mean about London doctors - I remember with my first being v excited running off there once I got my BFP just to be told to basically go away and come back at 12W .. one reason I got a private 8W scan as it all seemed such an anticlimax. Now trying to decide on hospitals ... do I go for St Georges again where the emergency care I received in the High Dependency Unit was amazing but the aftercare post birth was shocking to put it mildly .. or do i try out Kingston this time - I hate choices!!!

lollypopsicle Thu 27-Sep-12 10:12:02

rtchoke your feta and beetroot salad and bousin dinner sounds just the ticket to me at the mo. just polished off left over feta and spinach pie my DP made last night. It has all the things I'm hankering after- cheese, spinach, nuts and pastry. Yum! Got a real need for green veg right now. Good job I like the stuff! Last time I craved milk but I HATE milk and craving it didn't make me like it anymore!

Mooll I wouldn't worry about one slight slip.Loads of people carry on drinking,smoking and eating what they like for the first few months of pregnancy as they don't realise they are pregnant and have no problems.
I would think about trying a different hospital as to me i want the full on great experience.No good being great in one area and rubbish in another when it comes to this.

Ds1 is being a nightmare at the moment and i lost my temper with him a little this morning[bad mummy emoction] blush He has Autism but sometimes he is just plain naughty and this morning seemed to be a full on combination of the two.

peardrop2 Thu 27-Sep-12 10:18:01

RTchoke I'm a bit envy of your MS...how silly am I!! It's just that I've had zero symptoms apart from cramping and wind. Just makes me feel a bit non-pregnant. Thank goodness I have a scan to put my mind at rest tomorrow!


LittleBairn Thu 27-Sep-12 10:51:45

Morning everyone! I for the first time in 2 weeks managed to get a decent nights sleep which was a great relief but I already feel fatigued.

RT your feta and Beetroot salad sounds lovely. I was reading yesterday that it's ok to eat more salt in pregnacy up to 6g a day because of all the new blood and capillaries your body is making.

beaut my DH is a HFA and sometimes he drives me mad, and it's not always the autism sometimes he's just annoying.
I've looked after children on the spectrum too and they can be hard work so don't be too hard on yourself.


tweety89 Thu 27-Sep-12 12:46:10

Hi everyone! I'm writing this to get it out of my chest just before my app with the GP in a few hours. I went to my GP last Thursday after having done a clearblue pregnancy test that was telling me that I was 1-2 weeks pregnant. She checked with the surgery's test and as the line was not very obvious (I always thought that no matter how pale the line is, you're still pregnant, am I wrong?), she sent me for some urgent blood tests to be 100% sure. I did the blood test on Friday and on Saturday I did the second clearblue test at home and I got the 2-3 weeks result. Eventually the blood results came back on Monday afternoon and I had a call from the receptionist saying that the GP would like to see me even though there were no appointments available (I would have to call on Thursday morning in case of cancellations). I asked her whether I was pregnant and she told me that she was going to repeat what the GP said, that I was probably pregnant (!). confused
As you can understand, since Monday I've been reading over the internet all the explanations that this 'probably pregnant' can mean and as I don't have the symptoms (no swollen breasts at least) that I had in my first pregnancy with DD, I've started convincing myself that I'm either not pregnant or I've already had a miscarriage and didn't realise it... I eventually called the surgery again, spoke to the same receptionist (what are the chances? smile) and she booked me for today telling me that I shouldn't worry and that if there is a doubt they might send me for further tests...
Anyone else not having any symptoms at all? I did have a big problem one day with number 2 (1h and 20 minutes! smile) which I never do, some headaches, but nothing else really... sad
IF I'm pregnant, my EDD would be 23 May.
Let's wait until they decide...

tweety89 Thu 27-Sep-12 12:49:35

peardrop2 have you asked for an early scan or they offered it to you?

PedanticPanda Thu 27-Sep-12 13:07:50

beautician my son has autism too and I'm pregnant with hopefully my 2nd dc. My last 2 pregnancies ended in a mc though so am not sure when to tell dc incase he can't handle if it goes wrong, I'm thinking of waiting until 20wks but then we wouldn't be able to tell anyone incase they let slip to DS. When are you going to tell your DS?

LittleBairn Thu 27-Sep-12 13:27:28

tweaty how frustrating for you! I have always thought a line was a line especially if you have had had a line twice. Hope all goes well for you today.

jenpenod Thu 27-Sep-12 13:40:54

Hope you can accept a late joiner - you sound like such a supportive group of women and I think I could really do with that right now!

I'm due on the 20th of May and had my first doctor's appointment yesterday which made it all seem so real. I got pregnant immediately after coming off the pill which was a huge shock (naively presumed it would take at least a couple of months). Tbh, I'm really just trying to get my head around it at the moment. I hope that doesn't sound bad. I'm excited of course but mostly just terrified/nervous!

The MS has hit me hard and I've being violently sick 4-6 times a day for the last 2 weeks. There is no respite from it at all....I can just about manage to get myself in to work and back home to bed. I haven't managed to keep down a proper meal since it started. Is anyone else feeling this bad? From those that have experience of it, can I expect it to continue like this until week 12/13 or is there a chance that it'll ease off? Help!

berri Thu 27-Sep-12 13:55:42

Hi to newcomers! Jen I really feel for you sad There seem to be a lot of ladies on the thread with ms, I have been lucky enough this time not to suffer (so far) but I think some of the suggestions previously have been ginger and lemonade both working quite well.... There was another thread on the Pregnancy board which you might have seen too, and the general consensus was that it can stop as quickly as it started so fingers crossed you're not suffering for too long.

Tweety how annoying - I had the faintest of faint lines this time and it gradually got darker day by day (god knows how many tests oops) until I finally ran out! They are probably going to test your blood for the hcg levels, but as you got your result so early they are probably not rushing it along. Frustrating for you but I'm sure it'll be fine in the long run. If you read back a bit you'll see there are lots of us with no symptoms.

Will come back later, got to get DS ready.....

9 weeks today! Hurrah!

jenpenod Thu 27-Sep-12 14:06:12

berri - thanks for the reassurance. I will hope that it goes away as quickly as it arrived. I'm going to pop down to Boots and buy one of those travel sickness bands....from reading other threads, it seems to work for a lot of women. Must stock up on the ginger tea too!

tweety Thats terrible.Hope you get it sorted.I would say a line is a line.Ive not really had any symptoms either.No ms,no sore boobs.Just peeing more than normal.

Pedantic Im not telling DS's until 20 weeks.As soon as i tell people i am pregnant i will be telling them not to mention it in front of ds's.I know that will be hard but i think it will be ok.If he finds out he finds out.I will be 20 weeks at christmas so hoping to tell them on christmas day.

Welcome Jen and Congrats

kittykatskumkwat Thu 27-Sep-12 14:16:26

Tweety I think hot are so sensitive these days that the gp tests are no where neer as accurate, when I got of last time with bleeding I got a +ve on the digi 1-2 weeks on the tue, had tests 2 days later and result was 20mlu ( I think almost classed as not pregnant) I though it was over however 2 days later result was 50 so the digi had picked up a hcg of 10 and the frer had picked it up 3 days before that!!!
Don't panic I think you just got excited with the positive result and went to the gp abit early when you possibly had not even missed your first af by then, fx for you

WeatherWitch Thu 27-Sep-12 14:29:45

Adding RTChoke & Jenpenod in:

LittlePickleHead - DC2 - edd 1 May
10storeylovesong - DC1 - edd 1 May
WeatherWitch - DC1 - EDD 1 May
Berri - DC2 - edd 2 May
ThePhantomPlopper - DC4 (eek) - EDD 2 May
Pinkand stripy DC1 EDD 2nd May
Thingiebob - DC2 - edd May 3
twirliedobbit - DC4 (argh!) - edd 4 May
Whyismymindblank - DC4 (argh! & eek!) edd 4 may
Toffeesam - DC1- EDD 5th May
BadBuddha - DC2 edd 5 May
dowhat - DC3 - edd 6 May
DanyTargaryen- DC2- EDD 6 May
DizziDoll -DC3 - EDD 8 May
Mwncigirl - DC2 - EDD 9 May
Rhienne DC2 EDD 9th May
BeauticianNotMagician-DC3-EDD 10 May
Beaver33 - DC1 - edd 10 May
PickleP DC1 EDD 11th May.
Bionic77 - DC1 EDD 15th May
FiveandtheBonusBall - DC6 (triple arghh!!!) EDD 16 May
Booboomonster - DC3 EDD 16 May
Wilderumpus -DC2-EDD 17 May
MissMedusa - DC1 - EDD 18 May
Frankienoodles- DC1- EDD 18 May
maybeAMaybaby DC2 EDD 19 May
Vickles-DC4-EDD 20 May
OneDayBaby-DC1-EDD 20 May
Jenpenod - DC1 - EDD 20 May
MelCGox - DC1EDD 21 May
LittleBairn DC1 EDD 21 May
RTChoke DC3 EDD 21 May
Ktfrd DC2 EDD 22nd May
Peardrop DC1 - 22nd May
Cuppateaandagingersnap DC1 EDD 22ndMay
PedanticPanda DC2 EDD 22 May
EllieBuffalo - EDD 23rd May
CheerfulYank DC2- EDD 23rd May
MooLL DC2 EDD 23rd May
Lollypopscical EDD 24th May
Shelly81 EDD 24th May
Bunnychan DC1 EDD 24th May
Thundercatsarego-DC1 - EDD 28 May
Ibelieveinpink EDD DC1 29th May
Kittykatskumkwat EDD DC1 29th May
Frustratedsycamorepants DC2 EDD 3rd June

Tweety - I had something similar when ClearBlue digital was definite (twice - refused to believe the first one!) and then the test at the doctor's only came up with a faint line. I bullied persuaded them that this definitely meant I was pregnant until they gave me an appointment with the doc, but they were quite close to sending me away. Hope it works out okay.

LittleB - I'm doing dizzy faint spells on a regular basis, most recently yesterday midway through walking the dog. In the rain. In the middle of nowhere. Ended up sitting on a wet bank eating blackberries off a hedge until I felt better - not clever. I'm now making sure I don't go out without something edible in my pocket. Seems to be worse when I'm tired too.

ktfrd Thu 27-Sep-12 14:36:48

Hey ladies! How are you all? Hope everybody's pregnancies are progressing well!! Just needed some advice...am currently 6+1 with DC2 & i'm currently experiencing really bad headaches to the point where I feel dizzy. I had hyperemesis with my son & am praying I dont get it a second time around! I havent been sick...yet but just wondered if what i'm feeling so far is normal? x

PedanticPanda Thu 27-Sep-12 15:51:39

ktfrd I've had such awful headaches too. I'm not sure if it's due to the surge of hormones or because I've cut down in caffeine.

PedanticPanda Thu 27-Sep-12 15:52:53

And I've been quite dizzy and light headed too, I think that's to do with the pregnancy though. If you're worried could your gp check you over?

CheerfulYank Thu 27-Sep-12 16:53:04

Checking in! smile

lollypopsicle Thu 27-Sep-12 16:58:26

I had what felt like a constant headache through my first tri last time. It was so bad one day I called in sick at work (only had 2 days sick during the pregnancy). It is a normal symptom but a bloody awful one!

hopeful92 Thu 27-Sep-12 17:27:21

Heyy you forgot meeee EDD 20th May 2013 smile

FertiltyFTW I had my first MW appointment at my house - nothing too exciting happened really.. Filled out lots of forms, got given lots of leaflets, got asked about and advised on supplements, foods to avoid, bloodpressure and heart rate taken, weighed, lectured on BMI... Asked loads about family history and medical history, asked about matters such as domesti violence and that is basically as fun as it gets...! Oh and she did make my appointment for my 12 week scan there and then on the phone - mine is 6th November! Exciting stuff. All feels a bit more real after speaking to MW.

I was only just under 5 weeks when I had my home visit sometimes they just do it at your house coz it's easier and a bit less informal for you than a doctors surgery!

My next appointment is next month and she will be taking 3 viles of blood (yikes - I'm petrified of needles!!) and also BMI check so she can decide which hospital to book me into! I also have the Gestational Diabetes test to look forward to later on!

God I really need to sort my diet out. It is just appalling at the moment. Was utterly exhausted and started to drop off on the sofa a while ago (never advisable when caring for a lively three year old!) so I've just eaten about 10 chocolate buttons and a spoonful of raspberry jam to wake myself up! It's worked, but I know this is a baaaad habit to get into.

Shopping tomorrow - any suggestions for healthy snacks to have in the house to perk me up In low blood sugar moments?

FrustratedSycamorePants Thu 27-Sep-12 18:15:47

Hey littlepickle fruit. Sweet. Natural sugars. And good for you.
Fruit is about as sweet as I get at the mo, I'm really going for savoury and rice things, which is so unlike me severe sweet tooth so definately a pg symptom. secretly placing bets on having a boy, since both dds allowed me sweet stuff, which wasn't good for figure

fertilityFTW Thu 27-Sep-12 18:44:27

Thanks for your responses on both threads hopeful! I wish it were at the surgery though, feels weird to me (but I'm not from the UK originally and the idea of people popping into your house is pretty bizarre to me anyway as are the type of personal questions!) . Also, DH will be home so I wonder if they'll ask about DV type things in front of him hmm. Oh well, first time for everything! Thanks again.

rachywhite83 Thu 27-Sep-12 19:02:43

Just added myself


LittlePickleHead - DC2 - edd 1 May
10storeylovesong - DC1 - edd 1 May
WeatherWitch - DC1 - EDD 1 May
Berri - DC2 - edd 2 May
ThePhantomPlopper - DC4 (eek) - EDD 2 May
Pinkand stripy DC1 EDD 2nd May
Thingiebob - DC2 - edd May 3
twirliedobbit - DC4 (argh!) - edd 4 May
Whyismymindblank - DC4 (argh! & eek!) edd 4 may
Toffeesam - DC1- EDD 5th May
BadBuddha - DC2 edd 5 May
dowhat - DC3 - edd 6 May
DanyTargaryen- DC2- EDD 6 May
DizziDoll -DC3 - EDD 8 May
Mwncigirl - DC2 - EDD 9 May
Rhienne DC2 EDD 9th May
rachywhite83 DC1 - EDD 9th May
BeauticianNotMagician-DC3-EDD 10 May
Beaver33 - DC1 - edd 10 May
PickleP DC1 EDD 11th May.
Bionic77 - DC1 EDD 15th May
FiveandtheBonusBall - DC6 (triple arghh!!!) EDD 16 May
Booboomonster - DC3 EDD 16 May
Wilderumpus -DC2-EDD 17 May
MissMedusa - DC1 - EDD 18 May
Frankienoodles- DC1- EDD 18 May
maybeAMaybaby DC2 EDD 19 May
Vickles-DC4-EDD 20 May
OneDayBaby-DC1-EDD 20 May
Jenpenod - DC1 - EDD 20 May
MelCGox - DC1EDD 21 May
LittleBairn DC1 EDD 21 May
RTChoke DC3 EDD 21 May
Ktfrd DC2 EDD 22nd May
Peardrop DC1 - 22nd May
Cuppateaandagingersnap DC1 EDD 22ndMay
PedanticPanda DC2 EDD 22 May
EllieBuffalo - EDD 23rd May
CheerfulYank DC2- EDD 23rd May
MooLL DC2 EDD 23rd May
Lollypopscical EDD 24th May
Shelly81 EDD 24th May
Bunnychan DC1 EDD 24th May
Thundercatsarego-DC1 - EDD 28 May
Ibelieveinpink EDD DC1 29th May
Kittykatskumkwat EDD DC1 29th May
Frustratedsycamorepants DC2 EDD 3rd June

Bunnychan Thu 27-Sep-12 19:38:33

Hi ya ladies! Just got back from the docs and it's now officially on my notes so really praying that I haven't made it all up now lol. Was given the flu jab there and then too so hopefully I won't catch the nasty germs from the kids at work! (Being a teacher this time of year sucks in that respect). I'm so grateful to you all for sharing your insider info; especially those who are further along than me. Keep up the good work ladies x

wilderumpus Thu 27-Sep-12 19:48:38

hello ladies!

Just back marking my place on this lovely new thread! I have been off for two weeks in Italy and WOW it has filled up here, is lovely! hello to all the newbies and congratulations all!

special wave to ttc-after-mc matey boo smile

I have my booking in appt through, in three weeks... am really scared now that I am not in fact pg at all... Has all been fine but had some bad cramping and off coloured cm this morning which made me so worried but all seems to have gone so maybe it was one of those things? Will see tomorrow. <prays baby stays put> Otherwise all is fine in Rumpus land, getting pretty bad ms in the mornings now and am so tired and fussy about my food!

I didn't have any nausea with DS so wonder if this might be a girl if I have ms... is there any sense in thinking that at ALL?!?!?!

7 weeks tomorrow...

<mooches off to make hot choccy and read through thread>

tweety89 Thu 27-Sep-12 20:07:42

back from the GP and it's official! I'm pregnant and quite excited and a bit scared as well actually! smile
EDD: 25th May 2013. Can you please add me as well?
When I went to the GP she asked me whether I was told I was pregnant (?) so there must have been a misunderstanding between her and the receptionist (yeahie!). Thanks for the responses girls, really helpful! smilesmile
littlepicklehead apart from fruit, try yoghurt with honey or agave nectar (even better as it has low GI) and also baby biscuits with no added sugar (some of them taste really nice!)

Wilde - apparently there is some scientific basis that severe morning sickness is more likely to happen with girls (to do with the different levels of hormones produced). I think it's only really been linked with hyperemisis but if you has no ms last time then is could be an indication? My ms is no where near as bad as last time (with dd) so I'm convinced this one is a boy now!

FrustratedSycamorePants Thu 27-Sep-12 20:23:27

Ooh yay for being official tweety expect your feeling relieved now?

Haha i wondered about a girl as i had ms with both my boys and none so far this time.I guess that blows my theory out of the water oops.

I am 8 weeks tomorrow.Just hope everything is ok now.I really want my scan date through so i can have my mind set at ease.

berri Thu 27-Sep-12 20:35:43

Hope you had a lovely hol wilde!

Had to laugh at one of my pregnancy apps - tip of the day said to set aside 2-5 minutes a day to think about your baby. Think we might all have that one covered!!

Wilde Oops sorry completely skipped over that part.Hope you had a great holiday.My sister is on at me to visit her in Milan.I would love to but not sure can fit it in right now.

Berri That is funny.All i can think 24/7 is baby and thats even before my horrid letter.

PedanticPanda Thu 27-Sep-12 20:43:17

Oh cheerfulyank hey there! <waves frantically> how are you?

mwncigirl Thu 27-Sep-12 21:14:18

can anyone recommend any good pregnancy apps? There seems to be quite a few......

kittykatskumkwat Thu 27-Sep-12 21:28:58

Waves at wilde
Think I've seen you in some of the mc threads though I've changed the end of my name since from forever!
Did you worry about flying etc or going away, I'm going to Egypt in 2 weeks and abit nervous although no reason why just panic I think?!
I don't think there is any link between ms and gender I was told I was having a boy as I had none and it was a dd, I have a friend with hyperemiss and she has just been told a boy at her 20 wk scan, I'm sure there will be plenty more old wives takes before the threads out grin the cravings is quite interesting

wilderumpus Thu 27-Sep-12 21:57:43

thanks peeps! holiday was awesome but knackering and kept having dizzy-need-to-eat-sicky moments throughout until I got some haribo for my bag! Hate sweets normally same as you boo! think I overdid it really looking back, was climbing and hiking up all sorts and just completely exhausted. Glad to be home and lazy again!

beaut wtf was that letter about. i hope it is all ok. they should have rung you before sending that appt.

<waves at kitty>. I think we might have been on a ttc thread together a while ago? Egypt woo! never fear with flying! wiggle your feet around a bit and have walks up and own the plane (to the loo!) Don't eat anything weird or drink tap water smile I find my cravings steer me in the right direction; in italy I couldn't eat any chicken when normally I like it, and when i was in India pg with DS1 (for work, not intentionally) I was very very very fussy (having got terrible food poisoning time and time again there on a prior trip) would only eat chips

jen is your ms easing up yet? are you keeping anything down at all or any fluids? my SIl had HG and it was a shocker but the earlier you catch it with the meds the quicker it will be sorted out... hope you ok.

does anyone else think 10 weeks is late for booking-in appt or is it normal? I thought it would be at 8 weeks. I WISH the MW would come to my house, instead i have to find a car to get to the clinic which is not on a bus route. harrumph.

BTW is anyone else rather pg looking at 7 weeks?! I am gagging to get into my maternity jeans! I think I will... but just in the house... and it really is my tum, is pretty hard and inflexible unlike my usual mumtum and the rest of me is still the same size. please tell me I can get into maternity trousers tomorrow grin

Wilde - my booking in appt is closer to 11 weeks, much later than last time. So fed up on waiting!

Kitty - there are actual studies that show women who suffer hyperemisis have a higher proportion of girls than those who don't suffer (obviously still not an accurate way of predicting the sex!) the study I read during my googling session was from Boston university, but I think there are others. Anyway, means nothing in practice but I thought it was interesting that in that case, perhaps the old wives tales actually came from somewhere? Unlike indigestion meaning a hairy baby grin

PedanticPanda Thu 27-Sep-12 22:18:41

wilderumpus I've been really bloated since falling pg, and can hardly fit into my clothes already because of it blush

Did someone mention cravings? I've been craving sesame seed prawn toast really badly. I hate sesame seeds, prawns and fried toast but I need this toast really badly all the time. Just before I poas I was up for about 2 hours in the middle of the night not being able to sleep because I wanted to eat some so badly... How strange!? I've never liked it before.

tweety89 Thu 27-Sep-12 22:25:16

wilderumpus haha! I think you should wear them tomorrow -or during the weekend!).
I cannot even remember where my maternity jeans are but I still have most of my big and loose clothes around (I did put on 3.8 st on DD after all... :$). The bummer is that last week I was a breath away from my pre-pregnancy weight biscuit so my 'fit'self will have to wait for another couple of years until she sees the desirable number on the scales! grin

wilderumpus Thu 27-Sep-12 22:26:20

i had terrible indigestion and had a hairy baby little! grin As in, on his body though grin because he was 17 days early bless him. My SIL had HG and had a girl... oooh. I am not actually pukey let alone with HG so guess I could have a boy smile would completely adore either, just a healthy bubs please!

ah pedantic yay be my bloaty friend hehe. I crave sesame prawn toast in normal life tho smile No, I want maccy dees. bastard food of the devil in normal life but manna from God when upsticked grin sounds like it has all your necessary food groups in it which is actually sensible, if you ignore the deep fried bit! I craved meat with Ds but am doing ok with this pg so far... pretty open minded... but hate hate hate dirt, so can't cook or peel carrots or potatoes or anything with a speck of muck on like fresh lettuce! I feel sick just looking at it even though i know washing it will clean it... my tummy says YUCK it is FILTHY. DON'T YOU DARE.

will eat ready done tho blush such a princess!

That's so random pedanticpanda! It's so funny how the body works isn't it?

I'm so bloated as well: I had a look on asos for some maternity wear to see me through as it's getting uncomfortable, but then had a little freak out that it is jumping the gun a bit. Don't know how I'll make it to my scan at 13 weeks though, I have a feeling I'll be huge by then. Far too scared to weigh myself.

wilderumpus Thu 27-Sep-12 22:29:48

hehe tweety. ps congrats on getting to be more than 'probably' pregnant grin

is ridiculous, my 'fat' jeans (also post pg tweety) are saggy on my bum and legs but won't do up over my tum! I live in trackys at home. was ok on hols as I was in lovely swishy swashy dresses all the time! can't stand anything digging into my tum as am convinced I will mc that way. <face palm>

wilderumpus Thu 27-Sep-12 22:31:13

exactly pickle. Like, I could waer my mat jeans at home but to wear them out is a bit much, jumping the gun indeedy. Like last time, I might not actually be pg!

DizziDoll Thu 27-Sep-12 22:52:53

So glad to hear I'm not the only bloaty one. I don't have any specific cravings. I just need to eat all. the. time. I feel sick when I am not eating, constantly sad.

Just booked a holiday to go to Marbella in half term though. Yipee!!!

berri Fri 28-Sep-12 02:44:17

I had terrible indigestion with DS (proper swigging the Gaviscon bottle throughout the night) and he was bald as a coot until after his 1st birthday!

I know what you all mean about the maternity clothes. I wasn't going to, but I got my bag of stuff out of the attic today, and then had a total panic that I'd:
a) jinxed the pregnancy
b) imagined the pregnancy despite 2 scans

How ridiculous am I. So I wish I'd never got it down now, and I'm not opening the bloody bag! I don't care how tight my jeans are going to get, I'm not going near it until after my 12 week scan grin. Luckily not too tight at the mo. Someone slap me!

CheerfulYank Fri 28-Sep-12 05:45:10

Hey Pedantic! I remember you! smile

Oh, I am so bloaty! It is ridiculous! I feel like I definitely look pregnant, and I'm only 6 weeks. My boobs are completely out of control as well, just huge. DH's face lights up like Christmas morning at the sight of them hmm

A friend of mine is at 39 weeks. The father is not involved so I'm going to be with her when she has the baby. Eeek! I'm thrilled, but nervous too. I really hope I can support her well.

kittykatskumkwat Fri 28-Sep-12 07:44:45

Little pickle my midwife app isn't till I'm 10 wks either sad feels along time away!!
I didn't have indigestion and dd had a full head of thick hair, so much do it stuck out in spikes like a little hedgehog ( ahhh reminisces how cute little dd was) it was the first thing EVERYONE asked though!!
Wilde thanks for the no fear talk of flying, I need people to slap some sence into me, I'm not worried about the food as went their when of with dd at 20wks -- I will just eat chips too-- wink
To me maccy d's is the food of gods all the time, I remember last time I was trying to be good with dd and thought no just fruit and salad etc I'm not going to put on weight and I was so hungry driving home that I had to stop and get a cheeky burger for fear of fainting blush
If anyone is finding trousers abit tight have you tried the hair elastic through the loop and round the button, gives you an extra inch, very handy!!

kittykatskumkwat Fri 28-Sep-12 07:45:44

envy of bigger boobs
Anyone on their second or more who breast fed that has found they just havnt gone bigger or is it just me and my poor little things??

FrustratedSycamorePants Fri 28-Sep-12 07:49:01

Not bigger her kitty sad so you're not alone. but they didn't go back to pre-pg size after 1st

PedanticPanda Fri 28-Sep-12 07:54:38

I breast fed my son, and I don't think mine have gotten that much bigger this time, but DP swears they are huge now.

kittykatskumkwat Fri 28-Sep-12 07:59:00

Frus mine didnt either!!!! sad
They are not saggy but feel empty if you get me, mine didn't go massive first time although dsis thinks they were at about 20wks where I still wasn't showing I was pg they probably did look big proportionately, I wore my same bra right up until bra with the back just on the loosest setting

lollypopsicle Fri 28-Sep-12 08:19:08

I hated bigger boobs last time and was really glad they went back to normal when I stopped breast feeding. I didnt expect to feel that way but I felt they instantly made me look frumpy and fat.

Have any of you that have seen a midwife lately had the whooping cough vaccine explained to them? I believe it's given later in pg but I'd be interested to know if any pg women have it anyway ( previous to this current decision) and if there are any risks related to it.

WeatherWitch Fri 28-Sep-12 08:30:14

Adding in Tweety and Hopeful (have I got you right?)

LittlePickleHead - DC2 - edd 1 May
10storeylovesong - DC1 - edd 1 May
WeatherWitch - DC1 - EDD 1 May
Berri - DC2 - edd 2 May
ThePhantomPlopper - DC4 (eek) - EDD 2 May
Pinkand stripy DC1 EDD 2nd May
Thingiebob - DC2 - edd May 3
twirliedobbit - DC4 (argh!) - edd 4 May
Whyismymindblank - DC4 (argh! & eek!) edd 4 may
Toffeesam - DC1- EDD 5th May
BadBuddha - DC2 edd 5 May
dowhat - DC3 - edd 6 May
DanyTargaryen- DC2- EDD 6 May
DizziDoll -DC3 - EDD 8 May
Mwncigirl - DC2 - EDD 9 May
Rhienne DC2 EDD 9th May
rachywhite83 DC1 - EDD 9th May
BeauticianNotMagician-DC3-EDD 10 May
Beaver33 - DC1 - edd 10 May
PickleP DC1 EDD 11th May.
Bionic77 - DC1 EDD 15th May
FiveandtheBonusBall - DC6 (triple arghh!!!) EDD 16 May
Booboomonster - DC3 EDD 16 May
Wilderumpus -DC2-EDD 17 May
MissMedusa - DC1 - EDD 18 May
Frankienoodles- DC1- EDD 18 May
maybeAMaybaby DC2 EDD 19 May
Vickles-DC4-EDD 20 May
OneDayBaby-DC1-EDD 20 May
Jenpenod - DC1 - EDD 20 May
Hopeful92 - DC1 - EDD 20 May
MelCGox - DC1EDD 21 May
LittleBairn DC1 EDD 21 May
RTChoke DC3 EDD 21 May
Ktfrd DC2 EDD 22nd May
Peardrop DC1 - 22nd May
Cuppateaandagingersnap DC1 EDD 22ndMay
PedanticPanda DC2 EDD 22 May
EllieBuffalo - EDD 23rd May
CheerfulYank DC2- EDD 23rd May
MooLL DC2 EDD 23rd May
Lollypopscical EDD 24th May
Shelly81 EDD 24th May
Bunnychan DC1 EDD 24th May
Tweety89 DC2 EDD 25 May
Thundercatsarego-DC1 - EDD 28 May
Ibelieveinpink EDD DC1 29th May
Kittykatskumkwat EDD DC1 29th May
Frustratedsycamorepants DC2 EDD 3rd June

Morning all, by the way... Backache has returned after a 2 day absence so I'm a grumpy Witch this morning sad

LittleBairn Fri 28-Sep-12 08:51:36

lolly I didn't realise we would get offered whooping cough too. I wasn't vaccinated against it as a child, there was concerns over it in the 80's but it changed now and considered 'safe'.
Personally I'm not convinced giving all these vaccines to pregnant women is safe but I have fairly radical views on vaccinations.
In regards to whooping cough you may already be immune if vaccinated ( you can be tested for this but probably not on the NHS) as a child, but it's also known that many are vaccinated against it and still did not get any immunity from it.
I can understand why those who work with children may have it, it is on the rise again, funnily enough infecting those who are vaccinated too. There is also some suspicion that it's a new strain that is now going around that the vaccine doesn't cover.

WeatherWitch Fri 28-Sep-12 09:02:14

According to R4 this morning, it's about giving it to the mother later in pregnancy so that the antibodies are passed across the placenta and the baby is born with immunity, rather than anything to do with the mother's immunity. Theory is that it's given to babies anyway so if administered to mothers once most of the baby's development has completed there is very little risk. There's a lot of it around at the moment - we had an outbreak at work recently.

Picklep Fri 28-Sep-12 09:13:03

Oh god! Another thing to worry about! #vaccines confused

lollypopsicle Fri 28-Sep-12 09:18:47

Hmmm. Interesting re vaccines and wc. littleb I have my reservations about vaccines too. Will have do a bit of reading before I commit to either the flu or the wc jab, I think.

Picklep Fri 28-Sep-12 09:19:15

I've got my mum-in-law coming to see me today, she doesn't know, we're not telling her until week 12. My tummy is so swollen though, I've no idea how i'm going to hide it. I never knew this 12 week secrecy thing would be so difficult! Thankfully my boobs not got bigger yet, but my mum said hers didnt until 2nd trimester. Happy Friday all!!

scooby26 Fri 28-Sep-12 09:30:31

Morning, another crap nights sleep here :-(

The swine flu/flu combined vaccine came out for pregnant women when I was pregnant last time and now whooping cough this time. I didn't have the vaccine last time and won't this time or whopping cough. It doesnt seem right to me to inject myself with a disease unnecessarily and neither has been tested well enough for my liking on pregnant people to satisfy my concerns- just my personal thoughts x

pinkandstripey Fri 28-Sep-12 09:58:41

Morning all, just checking in to new thread smile

Had my booking in appointment yesterday 9+1, so much form filling! Midwife seems nice and calm (friend had a mw that made her anxious sad) DP came too to hold my hand a d then took me out for lunch smile

Hope everyone has a nice wkend x

jenpenod Fri 28-Sep-12 10:19:06

wilderumpus Things have improved since I last posted! Managed to keep down lunch yesterday (pasta) and also some miso soup last night. Been sucking on hard-boiled sweets during the day to keep my sugar levels up. Feeling a lot more positive about things and although I'm still being sick, I feel like there's some routine to it (the minute I walk in the door at work, before lunch, late evening) so at least I can eat around it and keep some food down! I'm beyond impressed that you had the energy to climb and hike on holidays smile

Can someone tell me what a booking-in appt is? (sorry - first pregnancy - know nothing). I went to the doctor last week and she said the hospital I'd chosen would be in touch. Do they assign a midwife to you?

Feel embarrassed - know literally nothing about the process or about babies for that matter. I hope I can figure it all out in 9 months....

LittleBairn Fri 28-Sep-12 10:27:01

weatherwitch I think the issue about giving it before babie is born is that the life span of protection is very short in many people.
That said it is fairly rampant at the moment and annoyingly many GPs aren't good at diagnosing it so it's spreading as its not being contained.
But it should be a serious consideration for those working with kids.

So its my first Drs appointment later to join the surgery hopefully they will let me make a midwives appointment. I must admit I'm not looking forward too it, I didn't get a great impression from the rude receptionist.
I've had to give a urine sample and it's completely clear not like urine at all due to all the water I'm drinking to keep the nausea at bay.
Just had a nice big bowl of porridge too that helped settle my stomach.

lollypopsicle Fri 28-Sep-12 10:29:08

Jen booking in is when you see the mw for the first time. What they do then, where it happens and when in terms of weeks pg can vary widely depending on where you live so don't worry about knowing nothing. This is my second pg but I've moved area since my last so have little idea of what to expect around here.

RTchoke Fri 28-Sep-12 10:33:04

Re whooping cough vaccine, apparently it's given as routine to pregnant women in the USA so it's not utterly untested. I'm pretty enthusiastic about vaccinations having lived in countries with no vaccination programmes and seen the suffering avoidable illnesses can cause. I'll probably go for it but will do some more research.

Jen - glad the sickness is a bit better. You can get medication to help if you are really suffering. Some doctors are very reluctant to prescribe any MS meds due to history and thalidomide but they are quite widely prescribed now. Its something to bare in mind if you start to feel weak or dehydrated or if sickness continues beyond 12 weeks.

Pritchyx Fri 28-Sep-12 10:37:55

Had my first midwife appointment this morning! She's lovely but so pushy about my needles! I cried when I had my blood test! My blood pressure has gone down so all is going well smile

6+6 smile

DizziDoll Fri 28-Sep-12 11:40:01

HR at my work seems to think that it is possible to request weekend anta-nata appointments (perhaps for private?). Has anyone been able to do this?

milkandribena Fri 28-Sep-12 12:26:48

Can I join in please ?

I'm due with DC1 on the 7th May. So what that makes me 8+3.
It's all still a bit - wooh at the the moment. Me and the man aren't together really (4 dates and a train journey is are entire relationship) but guess I'll have to start getting a tad excited soon.

Hooya Fri 28-Sep-12 12:32:31

Hello all! I just can't keep up here with all the chat!

I had to get out of bed in the middle of the night last night to eat! I am only feeling sick when I forget to eat, and am craving bread and croissants smile

Dizzi I don't live in the UK so don't know, private I seem to remember you can get anything if you're willing to pay for it...

Can't wait til my next scan on Monday! Should hear a heartbeat!

Hooya Fri 28-Sep-12 12:33:40

Oops x-post hello milk <waves>

scooby26 Fri 28-Sep-12 12:37:47

Anyone heard/ seen heartbeat at 6w 0 days?

I was due to go for ultrasound to see if fertility issues on Tuesday- I'm still gonna go and wonder wot I could hope to see!

LittleBairn Fri 28-Sep-12 12:53:51

Oh dear I think I might have a big problem. I went to my nurses appointment and are now registered with the Drs all went well it was just about general health. But it seems like this region still has serious problems in that their isn't enough Drs/nurses/midwives to meet the population demands.

The earliest midwife appointment they could give me isn't for another 4 weeks, by which point I'll be 10+3 that's just to book in, even the receptionist seem to think this might be an issue for booking in scans on time.
They only have the midwife in on a Thursday too which will cause me problems with work, but that's fair enough I can deal with that if I need too.

It's looking like it might be best to go for a private anomaly scan.
I'm seriously considering a independent midwife but 2-3k is a lot when the service is there for free.

Am I overreacting?

Oh dear LittleB that's not good - surely they HAVE to get your scan in before 14 weeks? Seems unfair you should have to pay.

Dizzi - I'm not sure if it varies by region, but there would be no chance at all of getting weekend mw appts here (private I would assume its possible). Are your hr trying to say you shouldn't take time off work to attend the appointments? They are legally obliged to let you do so. I must admit I'm a bit stressed about this myself as I only work three days and ally appointments seem to be falling on those days, but they at so inflexible with moving -appointments so hopefully work will be ok...

PedanticPanda Fri 28-Sep-12 13:25:02

scooby yes I had an internal scan at 6 wks with last pregnancy, it was too smal for the normal ultrasound on my stomach. We seen the heartbeat flickering away and got a picture.

kittykatskumkwat Fri 28-Sep-12 13:52:20

Littlebairn most booking in apps arnt till 8-11 wks now, they are obliged to provide you with a scan before the deadline which is I think 13wks something so I wouldn't worry

peardrop2 Fri 28-Sep-12 13:54:03

scooby I had a scan this morning 6+3 and we saw and heard a loud heartbeat grin

LittleBairn Fri 28-Sep-12 13:54:30

littlep Yes they are supposed too for the Nuchal fold check. But the two hospitals I can choose from are very busy and deal with a very large region.
I don't mind paying for the scan but I would mind paying for a midwife due to local resources being over stretched.

I have the same problem my appointments will always fall on a Thu and I only work 3 days and as a nanny their is no one to cover for me.
It might work out if I always get the earliest appointment I could still get to work in time otherwise I need to take the whole day off.

How many midwife appointments do you have in each trimester?

LittleBairn Fri 28-Sep-12 13:56:46

kitty Thanks good to know they are obliged to give scan. I wouldn't be concerned if it wasn't for the issues in this region.

berri Fri 28-Sep-12 13:58:37

Lovely pear smile

wilderumpus Fri 28-Sep-12 14:05:31

little I have my booking in at 10+6... IIRC I actually had my scan before my booking in with DS... might have been the same day even? They weren't interlinked as such, one appt came from my MWs and the other from the hosp. I am going to see my Dr on Mon and will ask her when to expect my scan and will let you know what she says if you like? otherwise just ring the MWs on the number from your booking-in letter and ask them smile

dizzi weekend appts? Oooh er that's reet fancy grin are your work trying to stop having you go to appts in work time cause that is utterly illegal smile

hey milk and congrats!

haven't heard owt about vaccines here, will see what is what when I do.

lolly I hated bigger boobs too! Am very happy with my A cups and did not know what to do with D/Es when I was BFing - all my tops looked ridiculous and I hated having cleavage! funny eh.

peardrop2 Fri 28-Sep-12 14:07:47

Thank you berri

LittleBairn Fri 28-Sep-12 14:26:11

wild that intresting did you have an appointment before with a Dr, was just wondering how they knew you were pregnant?
I've just joined this surgery today so technically other than the midwife appointment no one actually knows officially in the surgery that I'm pregnant or how far along I am.
By the time I get my appointment it will have been 7 weeks since I first made contact with the surgery.


wilderumpus Fri 28-Sep-12 14:32:24

hey little, yes we are referred to the MW team via the GP here; I had my GP appt when I was 4 weeks and the MW appt and scan at 9 weeks. have you self-referred then? If so i can see why you are concerned. I would give the team a ring just to check when you can expect the scan, especially if you want the nuchal malarky. I do remember that our scan appts would come through really close to the actual date so was just dying to know by the time the appt actually came through. might reassure you to have a vague idea from the MW team?


wilderumpus Fri 28-Sep-12 14:36:11

x posted earlier - congrats on your scan pear! how wonderful for you smile

scooby don't fret if you don't see a HB at this stage, all it takes is the dates to be out by a couple of days or the bubs to be waiting a lovely growth spurt for it to seem smaller than you expect. They'll ask you to come back in a week if that is the case and so many times there it is smile

and little you should get some bumf in the post from your MW soon saying what appts you get when. otherwise do just call them, they are usually very helpful.

LittleBairn Fri 28-Sep-12 14:38:23

wild yes the system here appears that you self refer to the midwives with the Dr not being part of the process. I think your right I need to speak to the midwife team will try and follow that up.
I think I've fallen into a weird no mans land due to just joining the surgery.

The odd thing is each time I've been in the surgery (3 times different time each visit) its been completely empty no one in the waiting room, drs office silent. It's so odd I've never been in a surgery like it not forgetting the over population problem vs few Drs in the area.

LittleBairn Fri 28-Sep-12 14:58:56

I've just read the forms (totally forgot I got given them blush ) your supposed to have your booking in appointment at 6 weeks were they arranged scans at between 13-15 weeks. I thought 15 weeks was to late for the Nuchal fold scan?

The good thing is that I can choose any hospital I like and will be choosing one in the city that's further away but got a much much better reputation.
I would only go into hospital if concerned about our health, I know this place has excellent neo natal care and excellent birthing room facilities.

That said he other hospital only does ante natal appointments on Monday which suits me better for work.

RTchoke Fri 28-Sep-12 15:15:19

LittleB - nuchal has to be between 11+3 and 13+6. Maybe they don't do nuchal in your area? I know not all areas offer it. We are going brocade for our nuchal and paying £170 (some places are cheaper than that though).

LittleBairn Fri 28-Sep-12 15:30:11

RT I assumed that all areas offered Nuchal but it's looking like this area might not, will look online to see if they have an policies on it.
I think the anomaly scans in this area around £150 so affordable for us seems like it is probably worth having them done privately cutting out all the hassle.

private scans do they send the info onto your Drs surgery or do they give you the paper work?

lollypopsicle Fri 28-Sep-12 16:09:58

I didn't have the choice of a nuchal scan last time, it was more a hospital policy than an area thing as others under different hospitals in the area did. had viability scan at 10 wks and the hospital did a different test (blood) for trisomy abnormalities which I actually decided against having in the end anyway.

Picklep Fri 28-Sep-12 17:38:36

desperately looks up what Nuchal Fold is

Thank god for this place or I think I'd a bit clueless for my mw appointment next week. Anyone craving things they shouldn't eat??? I am DESPERATE for a soft yolk egg or three with bacon and fried bread (which I normally hate!). My usual meusli and smoothie just aren't cutting it! Bring on the fat-soaked bread and runny yolk!!!

Picklep Fri 28-Sep-12 17:46:38

And i'd really appreciate a glass of red! (Am i supposed to admit that????) Isn't nature supposed to make our appetites turn off these things! Virtual cheers to all us ladies due in May wine....fingers crossed for us all.

wilderumpus Fri 28-Sep-12 19:40:06

pickle I am pretty sure you can have soft eggs now; that rule is from the olde Days of salmonella which no one has caught in this country from eggs in decades... up to you though of course! I don't drink even tho I know you can so... Just saying smile

little if it helps any you can always say you want to birth at one hosp and then change your mind to the other one at the last minute so you get the good appt times? i want a home birth but am saying i want to go to a hospital near me for now because I like it for scans and appts. I don't like the default hospital for my home birth for scans. However, my MW team are the same for all options so... i don't know if you would then have a whole new MW team for a different hospital? <wanders off thinking am pretty sure I just confused the hell out of everyone grin>

Picklep Fri 28-Sep-12 20:05:34

wilderumpus YES! Someone else just told me this, can't wait for the morning! I haven't drunk since TTC so it'll be years until i have one....still, I can enjoy the virtual glass or pretend with a glass of grape/prune juice!

LittleBairn Fri 28-Sep-12 20:57:15

wild I'm planning a homebirth too. Lol yes the system of midwives, drs surgeries and hospital appointments is really confusing.
The reason I want the further away hospital is because I will only go to hospital if suspected complications or if I need a C section. The hospital locally would possibily send the baby to the City hospital because they don't have special baby care facilities but also because if I need a C section it's possible due to my Ulcer and stomach issues that I will be completely put under and i wouldnt want to be in separate hospitals. So it makes sense just to deal with the city hospital.

Spoke to DH and our new plan is we will have all scans done privately and I will look for a doula who is very knowledgable and experienced. I will look into what's offered in our area by midwifes and see how much contact I will have with them and if the monitoring/ tests can be offered privately. Ideally I only really want to use the NHS for the birth.

LittleBairn Fri 28-Sep-12 21:04:12

wild oh interesting about the eggs might just have a soft egg in the morning too. Does the same go with raw eggs too in things like mayo?

FrustratedSycamorePants Fri 28-Sep-12 21:14:19

littleb I think the raw eggs are still no. never knew runny egg yolk was a problem
Unless the eggs are pasteurised eg shop bought mayonnaise.

EllieBuffalo Fri 28-Sep-12 21:45:16

I'm going to ask my mw the egg question at my booking appt on Tues as this has been bugging me. I've been told by several people that runny eggs are ok as long as they are stamped with the lions mark as these chickens have been vaccinated against samonella so no chance of the eggs being contaminated but you need to avoid fresh mayo etc unless you can be certain what eggs have been used when it was made!! I will feedback on Tues post mw appt smile

LittleBairn Fri 28-Sep-12 22:08:15

frustrated ah ok so I can have a jar of Hellmanns but not fresh mayo in a restaurant? I can live with that, easy enough compromise.
I must admit to not following most of the food 'rules' except the ones concerning dairy. The fish rules don't worry me either because I've always been aware of mercury poisoning so I'm already careful of what I eat.

The only one I can't decide on is Pâté. I haven't eaten pâté in years but would love some now. I was thinking of compromising and just having vegetarian mushroom Pâté.

Picklep Fri 28-Sep-12 22:09:02

I've got 6 hens and I'm really missing their delicious eggs, perhaps I will stick to shop immunised-hen-eggs for now. The neighbours are loving the extra eggs!

LittleBairn Fri 28-Sep-12 22:28:12

Oh your so lucky Pickle I'd love my own hens but I'm terrified of rodents and worried they will attract them.

Picklep Fri 28-Sep-12 22:41:40

littleB i love them! They keep us very entertained. we haven't had any real issues with rodents, our main concern is foxes and we are out in the countryside, so lots about, but the girls have a pretty high tech set-up with electric fence and timed coop door. The dogs also help keep the foxes out. The only thing is cleaning out which is normally fine but battling nausea makes it a little more tricky at the moment!

tweety89 Fri 28-Sep-12 23:45:32

just came back from a night out (wish I could have a wine) and had some clear discharge. I cannot remember whether I had something like this when pg on DD1. Is it because my body still thinks that I would be ovulating normally?
also I read that if you've had SPD on your first pregnancy you're probably going to get it again on ur second one (earlier and even more painful). any feedback from 'experienced' mums? smilesmile

witch thanks for adding me to the list -details are correct
pickle I'm envy of ur chickens. my grandmother used to have a few and I loved them. Cleaning though can be tricky esp with MS, true...

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 00:07:08

tweaty don't worry it's meant to be normal, even an increase in it. I've been worried I've barely had any since I ovulated.

Seriously am I the only one who has managed to get insomnia in pregnacy?!

kittykatskumkwat Sat 29-Sep-12 06:45:28

No little I was up between 12-1 and now sad I might try to go to bed later as I was asleep at 9 tonight blush
On the egg front you can definatly have almost every shop bought mayo etc and cold saw just check it is made with pasteurised eggs that's all, in all honesty when I went out I never found one restaurant or shop that made their own with real eggs

RTchoke Sat 29-Sep-12 06:57:48

I'll join the insomnia club. I was up 2am-4am having only got to sleep at midnight. DD2 then woke me half an hour ago.

this Guardian article convinced me that soft eggs are ok

FrustratedSycamorePants Sat 29-Sep-12 07:49:44

kitty I'm shock at your restaurants not making their own mayo.

Yes littleb you can have helmans. My new list from mw sheet says no veg pate. Although I don't understand that one.

tweety I had spd with dd1 but not with dd2. I think and don't quite me on this that the joints have already moved etc in 1st pregnancy, so theoretically don't need to more again.
*disclaimer, actually I have no idea why it didn't affect me the 2nd time, and I'm sure you'll find a few ladies who had it worse the 2nd time. <shrugs>

lollypopsicle Sat 29-Sep-12 08:18:01

Apparently, all types of pâté (veg or meat) carry a risk of listeria so that's why you can't eat it. It seems the additional high level of vit a in meat pate make it the devil's food to pg women grin

Bunnychan Sat 29-Sep-12 08:26:21

The pate is the only thing I'm gutted about! There goes my traditional Christmas day breakfast!

RTchoke Sat 29-Sep-12 08:30:16

Mine too Bunnychan! I am going to have smoked salmon and scrambled eggs instead. With a glass of champers as we will be nearly 20 weeks then so one glass won't hurt.

Yes, I second the smoked salmon and a glass of champers on Christmas morning.

I'm hoping the spd thing isn't true, I had it during my second trimester and was hobbling round like an old woman. Weirdly it got better towards the end. I was really hoping to exercise throughout the pregnancy (this hasnt materialised yet as I've been feeling so terrible!) so I'll be gutted if I get it again.

MissMedusa Sat 29-Sep-12 08:54:48

I have some sad news. I went in for another scan on Thursday at 7+1 and they didn't find anything in the gestational sac. There had been a yolk but no fetal pole. The yolk had mostly dissolved and the pregnancy was definitely not viable (blighted ovum). MY pregnancy symptoms have never been particularly strong but I had no spotting or cramping either. I went in for a D&C yesterday to have it removed. Physically I'm doing fine but psychologically I'm a wreck but I thought I should let you know. It's a terrible thing but even upon reflection, I'm still glad we were able to conceive.

Good luck to every one else!

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tweety89 Sat 29-Sep-12 08:59:26

Good morning everybody!
my DP woke me up to give DD1 her milk (Saturday is my turn to do it) but I'm exhausted! <yawn> I didn't want to drink coffee this weekend (I already have 2 decaf at workdays... sad) but I think I should now <big yawn>
thanks little and frustrated for answering my questions. good to know. smile

Picklep Sat 29-Sep-12 09:00:40

medusa I'm so sorry for your news and heart goes out to you. Take it easy and i hope you're being looked after and getting lots of hugs. Like you say, the fact you conceived is positive so fingers crossed for you for the next time x

Really sorry to hear that medusa. thanks for you.

How come you were having scans if you don't mind me asking? x

RTchoke Sat 29-Sep-12 09:04:54

I am very sorry MissMedusa. Take care of yourself. xx

So sorry to hear that Medusa, look after yourself xx

tweety89 Sat 29-Sep-12 09:07:20

I'm very sorry to hear this missmedusa. sad If you start trying again as soon your GP recommends you do, it might be quicker for you to conceive.

WeatherWitch Sat 29-Sep-12 09:09:45

Also in the insomnia club. Bed at 9ish, up at 0645 (lie in till 7 at weekends - I'm so decadent!) and in between that I'll be awake or dozing fitfully for several hours between the late night wee and the early hours of the morning wee. Might sleep between then and the "still night but getting towards getting up time" wee. Back pain not helping me get to sleep in the first place though. Don't actually think it's pregnancy related but last time it was this bad, my GP advised me to stop trying for a baby till it was fixed as I'd be setting myself up for all sorts of problems. Bit bloody late now!

Presumably home made pate is okay, as long as you eat it as soon as you make it?

Anybody else starting to notice something that definitely isn't just water retention and bloating? Just done a wardrobe inventory as I'm usually not bloated in the morning and in the trouser section all I now have are 2 pairs of jeans, only one pair of which is fit to leave the house in (and the others are getting a bit snug tbh), one pair of velvet jeans and a lifesaving pair of yoga pants. Reckon I've got about 2 more weeks before all except the yoga pants are uncomfortable. Hoping DH's trousers can get me through at work until 12 week scan - really don't want to go into maternity uniform before then.

WeatherWitch Sat 29-Sep-12 09:11:07

Oh Medusa, I'm so sorry - thinking about you and good luck for next time xx

twinklingelephant Sat 29-Sep-12 09:24:24

Hi everyone. Had my first dr appointment yesterday so its all official now. I'm like you Little B and just joined a new surgery. So far so good. The dr completed the forms for the hospital I want and said all my dealings now will be with the midwife unless they think there's a reason to get a dr involved. So, just waiting now, she said I'd get two dates - for 12 week scan and for booking in. I'm 9 weeks today - only actually found out I was pregnant 10 days ago! So I've been eating and drinking all the wrong things for the first 7 weeks! At least it means I shouldn't have to wait too long for my scan etc.

Good to hear I'm not the only one who is bloated. I thought it was because I've been eating so much but I've actually lost 1 1/2 lb in the last fortnight. Probably cos I stopped drinking!! As for ms, I've just been knackered and feeling sick so I think I'm getting off quite lightly. Thats how mum was too so good genes!

So sorry to hear your news missmedusa. I have a couple of colleagues & friends who have suffered mc, two of them multiple, so I'm wishing the next 3 weeks away so I can feel more settled and confident.

I'll add myself to the list - so exciting to see so many of us. I'm getting a lot of confidence from reading all your experience and seeing parallels with mine!

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WeatherWitch Sat 29-Sep-12 09:36:31

Deep unfairness - I adore tea but am limiting myself to a cup each Sat & Sun as a weekend treat. Just had my first cup of the weekend, it was delicious - and has made me feel really dizzy and nauseous and I haven't had any MS at all so far (and I'm 9+4 so surely would have kicked in by now?). Damn damn damn sad Off to make myself some lemon and ginger in an attempt to feel better enough to tackle some housework.

Picklep Sat 29-Sep-12 09:50:08

weatherwitch same thing happened to me, have avoided caffeine and had a tea in the week, felt vey peculiar! I'm sticking to decaffeinated Earl Grey with slice of lemon, its more bearable then decaffeinated normal tea. Right, off to eat my weight in dippy eggs and soldiers!

Welcome Elephant, i'm jealous you only found out at 9 weeks, such a short waiting time till the 12th week! Congratulations!

MissMedusa So sorry.Make sure you rest up.Thinking of you.

I haven't had any ms either and i like you WeatherWitch would have thought it kicked in by now.

I want to get this week over with and i desperately want my scan letter to come through.I can't really sleep at all at the moment.I am in work today and trying not to fall asleep.

Forgot to add my dates.


MissMedusa Sat 29-Sep-12 10:04:40

It's normal where I live to start having scans at 5 weeks if you're privately insured. I was always a bit hesitant to believe in this pregnancy though as I got my bfp quite late (18dpo). Everything seemed to be going a little slower than I had expected as well although my HCG levels were doubling as they were supposed to be.

cuppateaandagingersnap Sat 29-Sep-12 10:20:29

So sorry to hear your sad news medusa wishing you lots of luck and love in the future thanks

lollypopsicle Sat 29-Sep-12 10:20:45

Make sure you rest up missmedusa sorry you're going through all this sad

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 11:03:52

missmedusa I'm so sorry this has happened too you.

fertilityFTW Sat 29-Sep-12 11:06:29

Oh MissMedusa, am so very sorry to hear your news. It's such a big fear for all of us during this stage and to have to live through it must be so hard. <unmumsnetty hug>
Hope you recover in heart and mind as well as body soon and that there is nothing but positive news for you from here on out.

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 11:13:03

Glad to hear I'm not the only insomniac, it's been a bit of a surprise most people go on about how they slept through the first trimester.

Unfortunately I think DH has caught some pregnacy hormones, we were going out shopping and he took great offence to a well meaning minor comment from me and had a hissy fit.
Well I don't put up with that behaviour from the 3 year old I certainly won't from a 43 year old. I demanded he drive me home which he did, while insisting I was really out of order! He's gone out by himself.
WTF has happened to my mild mannered hubby?!
I'm more amused by it at the moment but if he doesn't come home with an apology I'm going to be very cross about it.

beaver33 Sat 29-Sep-12 11:25:01

MissMedusa my heart goes out to you. Take care of yourself. My sister had the same thing so I know how devastating it can be. Love to you and your DP.

Wow, this is my first post in the new thread - am a bit behind, really. Hello to all the newbies!
Beaut sorry to hear about your totally insensitive letter - horrendous. Hope it works out. These things are just precautions but that wasn't the best way to do it...

So, I need a bit of a moan, really. Feeling a bit blue. I'm now 9+1 and MS is awful. Throwing up all day and having to work long hours. I'm freezing all day, foggy-brained and exhausted and no food or drink appeals at all (v unlike me).

Even bloomin' ginger tea - previously a godsend - is making me ill. The very idea of it....eurgh.

Reading is hard, my vision is blurry...hell, even Mumsnet makes me feel queasy.

I'm really struggling to cope at work. I have a job that means I have to be ideas-driven and highly motivated, and yet I spend more of my day in the loo than at my desk. Boss knows (otherwise he'd think I was slacking).

Contemplating getting signed off for a week just for a break - anyone else done this? I feel weird asking the GP as it's not like I have serious hospital-worthy sickness, but it's like having flu!

Hand holding welcome!

tweety89 Sat 29-Sep-12 11:49:55

littlebairn could it be that he's a bit more stressed? not saying that I wouldn't demand an apology (I would most probably BE out of order! smile)!

fertilityFTW Sat 29-Sep-12 12:06:30

LittleBairn I can so relate - DH, also 43, has reverted to childhood, replete with brattishness. Has occasional moments of being nice and normal and then back to stroppy tantrums. Announced yesterday that this 'whole thing' has already been too much hmm (at 6+6 mind you, with nary a complaint from me) - I told him he was lucky then that I had to do most of the work and asked him whether he was feeling jealous about not being No.1 lately. He admitted this may be so (my fault, I pamper him quite a bit and he's always come first for me, except these last few weeks) - he's his momma's pfb btw if you hadn't guessed already.

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 12:07:53

beaver I would seem sensible to take some time off, that way you would have time to rest but also go back to work refreshed and give a better performance.

tweaty yes I think he's a bit stressed about work not having enough hours in the day.

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 12:23:59

fertilty sorry I snorted at the " it's all been to much already..." he's not the one that has to carry it for another 8 months!
My DH is the first born and apparently FIL took it really bad that MIL no longer gave him her undivided attention. Clearly she did there is only 11 months between DH and his brother...

I think he's probably worried about money, even thought we have no financial concerns he has awful bag lady syndrom. He's also read one too many Newspaper articals that kids cost £100k per year or some other rubbish.

Well he just creeped in and out again, he sent me a text which I missed because I was cleaning. I made it clear that of course I'm happy to make his meals ( he went to M&S to buy food) but don't come home until he's calmed down as I don't need the stress.
He's just sent a txt back that he'll stay away for now since I'm so pissed off....

WeatherWitch Sat 29-Sep-12 12:25:34

Think my nausea may have been related to my determination that my jeans still fitted. Just put on a pair of DH's and I'm much more comfortable smile Wonder if he'll notice when he gets in from work tonight...

Have also just spent £100 on maternity trousers (that's 3 pairs, not one uber expensive pair!) which feels like tempting fate but then what am I meant to do when nowt else will fasten? Can always send them back I suppose.

Beaver - that sounds utterly rubbish. I'd definitely ask for time off - the more tired you get, the worse it'll make it and you'll just send yourself into a downward spiral that won't help you or the bean. Hope you're having a restful weekend. And I'm freezing too! Thought pregnancy was supposed to make you too hot?

WeatherWitch Sat 29-Sep-12 12:32:41

LittleB - because YOU'RE pissed off?! Bloody men. Hope he comes back from M&S with some seriously nice apology food else I'd be making him do the cooking too. At least he's still going to M&S - mine tried to boycott Waitrose last week because of the expense (we're also pretty free of financial concerns, and most of our baby stuff is coming from our divine kind SIL who has had 2 DCs, spent huge amounts on them and is now passing it all on to us so we don't even have too much to spend on the initial outlay) and tried to suggest that we don't need a phone or internet at our new house because mobile coverage is reasonable. Glad I have an independent income sometimes.

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 12:44:23

weatherwitch our DH sound like twins.
He's actually gone into the office to work, under the impression he's not welcome. I've let him know that he can come home and time and I'm not angry.
When he's being unresnoble hes usually quick to apologise but he's completely convinced its me at fault. hmm

I actually have a baby fund that should cover everything baby needs for first year. All he's paying for is the scans. IMO he should also be paying for the doula since he's opting out of being a birth partner.
Maybe the responsibility of a baby is scaring him? The problem is being Autistic he can't always recognise his own emotions.

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 12:50:25

blush wow so many typos and grammar mistakes in that post. I swear it's this iPad I never have these problems writing or using a computer!

WeatherWitch Sat 29-Sep-12 13:27:07

I'm now feeling guilty - DH just called and I mentioned the maternity clothes I've bought, and he immediately said that he wanted to buy them for me because it wasn't fair for all the expense to be on me when it's his DC as much as mine. And men say we're changeable?!

I think there is a fair amount of fear over the responsibility with my DH - and I also think he feels a bit helpless because for the next 6 months there's not a lot he can do, and he's used to being the one who takes charge. And he also feels a bit guilty I suspect because he's going away on deployment for 6 months shortly after my EDD and I did have a (completely unreasonable) rant at him about this the other night when I was tired and hormonal - it's not as if he volunteered for it. The money thing might well be his way of taking control over something since there are so many things he can't control. And he's from Yorkshire and has always been a bit that way inclined anyway smile I suppose that it's a big change for them too and lots of new and conflicting feelings even if they don't have the perfectly valid excuse of hormones.

booboomonster Sat 29-Sep-12 13:41:04

MissMedusa so sorry to hear your news, hope you are taking it easy and get pg again very soon.

Hello everyone else! Wave to conception buddy Wild!

fertility your DH's comment made me laugh too! Honestly, these men! I remember my DH was a right arse when I was pg with DC2. He's normally all loved up when I'm pg at the start, and then gets a bit bored and can behave like a brat. I think it's the shift of your attention (ie not so much on them) and also maybe some anxiety. Hope he and your DH, little, improve!!

Another here who hates bigger boobs in pg. I am already an E cup so to go up to a G is just a joke. Luckily this doesn't seem to happen to me until later in pg, so at least I'm some way from that yet.

I have got 3 appointments coming up. One is my booking in, at 9 weeks, then a week later I have bloods, then a week later I have the scan. Bit of a pain as they are all at the hospital. I'm hoping to change the bloods one, but I'm happy with the scan one as it's nice and early but I don't know if they'll let me move just one of them - they all seem carefully times (so that I can get nuchal results at scan having had blood tests before). For those asking about it, I booked my own booking in appt, then got the letters about the other 2 appts in the post.

I normally love tea too but am totally off it. I can only stomach savoury right now, and salty. Hope everyone has good weekends!

booboomonster Sat 29-Sep-12 13:42:58

also, weather I heard that about whooping cough jab on Radio 4 too. I feel like I want some more information about it though - might look on preg boards here. If it is so safe to take, why not give it to newborns? Sorry your DH is being stressy too. It is an emotional time though.

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 14:09:50

boob something that recently occurred to me they tell us the vaccine is completely safe for pregnant woman and the unborn baby yet I believe they can't provide any evidence of this because you can't test on pregnant woman and babies.

booboomonster Sat 29-Sep-12 14:26:54

Hi little yes just checked this out there is a thread in pregnancy on it, worth a read. They can't test on pg women, but it has been taken before by pg women - the question is how many and with what results? Also i'm not really sure how common Whooping cough is...

It says that the idea of giving it to pg women is that they develop antibodies that pass to the baby, as you can't vaccinate a baby under 2 weeks (I think). This is the info from dept of health:


LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 14:39:59

Whooping cough was thought to have been very rare but it's making a come back, mainly because the vaccine doesn't seem to work very well but also different strains. Strange how it's increased in babies yet they are supposed to be vaccinated against it in the first place.
Will have a peek into the vaccine threads, it's a more appropriate place for me to ramble.

scooby26 Sat 29-Sep-12 16:55:53

Just in from work- ill try a catch ip ;-)

Quicky- those with cramp pains - have they been constant? I had them last week qhich I expected and they went away-now come back with a vengeance this afternoon and I'm worried it means it's going wrong :-(

rachywhite83 Sat 29-Sep-12 16:57:32

Well I'm being SO lazy today. DH and I are still in our pj's watching crap films and planning on going to the chippy for tea !

Making the most of lazy life before the craziness begins !

FrustratedSycamorePants Sat 29-Sep-12 16:59:41

Hi scooby cramps my cramps come and go, but not constant like AF cramps. Are your cramps painful? Could it be trapped wind? that bloody hurts at times and feels constant until I fart blush
Hoping its nothing for you to worry about scooby.

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 17:17:14

scooby mine come and go sometimes I have none for day. I assume the baby is going through a growth spurt. My baby book actually shows the exact size of the baby week by week and althought they are tiny at this stage they are doubling their size each week.

rachy that sounds like a lovely chilled out day.
Think DH is going to get a shock when we can't on spur of the moment pop out for dinner at 8:30 mid week...

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 17:20:47

Oh yes the trapped wind shock why on earth did no one ever mention this, people are always keen to talk about their piles, stretch marks and tears but no one ever mentioned server wind!

FrustratedSycamorePants Sat 29-Sep-12 17:24:08

I'll share my trapped wind with you littleb grin worse at night as it hurts when I roll over.

wilderumpus Sat 29-Sep-12 17:32:02

missmedusa am so so sorry to hear your news. I hope you are ok and looking after yourself, it is a huge shock and bereavement. I had a blighted ovum in my last pg that was finally diagnosed when I was 10 weeks, in April, so if you want to pm me at all to chat please do. The mc board were so kind and supportive too. do take care chuck x

twinklingelephant Sat 29-Sep-12 17:52:47

oh these men! I just logged on having had a barny with mine and laughed when I saw I'm not the only one! He's been out all day working (and was out socially last night) only to have a moan at me that I wasn't showered and ready to go to the supermarket. Um, maybe you could do that for me?? No, I had to trawl round too. Anyway, thats now done and he's gone out to the pub to watch the football. Then, when I'm being hormonal grumpy that I'm spending the rest of the day on my own too tells me he plans his whole week round me. Seeing as he's a musician and works evenings I don't quite see that. Last weekend I asked if he could help me out with breakfast and cooking some freezer dinners (I'm a teacher and he's usually asleep still when i leave the house), this worked for monday then stopped. I'm used to spending a lot of time on my own when he's working but I do take umbrige when my pg friends tell me how their other halves are making them breakfast or doing the housework for them and mine is doing balls all. ahhhh, rant over. that feels much better!
And as for trapped wind! I've never known anything like it and it can be pretty painful at times.
scooby my pains have been around for weeks. I found out at 7+4 and had had the pains for 3 weeks - just thought it was pre-menstrual. Week 8 wasn't so painful, less constant. They can be pretty painful sometimes but not constantly so. Seems we'll all get them a bit differently but supposedly the growth is quickest this trimester so thats why.
Long post! sorry. better go put that shopping away now....

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 18:06:49

frustrated mine is worst when I'm on the train, a few times it's been really painful and I've started to worry until I remember it's only wind.

Husband still AWOL, but I'm looking on the bright side I can watch Dr Who in peace...

rachywhite83 Sat 29-Sep-12 18:09:49

I'm constantly full of wind. From both ends ! Also really bloated.

DH was shocked how bloated I was last night ! Not a good look with my bloated stomach Dolly Parton boobs and wind ! Such a good look

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 18:17:40

twink my husband does this to me almost every weekend why on earth would I want to go to the supermarket 8 am on a Saturday morning!
Pmsl at the idea of DH doing the housework or cooking.
He doesn't really see mess and wouldn't know what to do with if he did and cooking he absolutely can't cook.
Food used to be a big issue between us he has many many food issue stemming from a serious childhood illness. So we buy our own shopping and I cook it all for him. Until he met me he'd never really had proper home cooked food he lived on fruit, takeaways and eating out in restaurants.

It's only fair I do most of it seeing as I only work 3 days. He does understand once the baby comes he will have to see to himself at least for a few weeks.

I just wanted to add how amazing my DP has been so far this weekend.I'm exhausted,grumpy and snappy.I can't sleep at all at night.After work he has taken us out for lunch.Then when we got in the Ds's played nicely and i snuggled up to DP on the sofa.He stroked my hair and i finally got some sleep he said i was lying on him for near 2hoursblush.Now he is cooking me a thai meal.

I must read this back to myself next time he is driving me mad grin


fertilityFTW Sat 29-Sep-12 18:38:36

littlebairn my DH doesn't 'see' dirt either. Insists I must be creating the mess as before we were married he hardly had to clean at all hmm
I cook everything around here as well as he's very picky - but have asked him to bung a pie and chips into the oven for tonight and you should hear the huffing and puffing. I'd be annoyed but just reading what I've typed here is making me giggle.

envy at beautician!

Picklep Sat 29-Sep-12 18:40:55

Yes beaut have to say I'm feeling very lucky this wknd, my OH has been amazing, we usually take turns cooking but he's been doing it all and the housework, washing, dog walking and even cleaned out the chooks today. I'm making the most of it, he can't keep this up, so enjoying it while it lasts. They all have their moments and they always know the worst time to pick them! littleb hope yours is back with M&S treats! :-)

Picklep Sat 29-Sep-12 18:52:45

Also.....for all the ladies suffering from nausea, OH read somewhere that Arrowroot Biscuits are good and brought home 6 packs...WOW, they are great....I'm carrying a pack in my handbag. They've really improved things for me. You can get them in most big supermarkets.

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 19:03:15

I feel like a bad mummy already just realised I forgot to take my muti vit yesterday ( forgot earlier in the week too) and haven't so far today. Also realised I actually haven't eaten a meal today. Making myself some fresh lentil soup. How the hell can I forget to eat!

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 19:06:37

picklep nope he's still sulking at the office! TBF he does have a lot of work on.
Oh and he wasnt buying me anything at M&S he was only buying his own food, I bought my weekly shop at sainbos last night.

fertilityFTW Sat 29-Sep-12 19:18:26

Now I'm craving lentil soup envy

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 19:24:18

Awe I'd share some with you feritilty there is plenty there and DH hates lentils. grin

Oh dear think Dr who might be a bit scary tonight and I'm all home alone. [bush]

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 19:25:17

Bush blush double blush

Picklep Sat 29-Sep-12 19:37:13


wilderumpus Sat 29-Sep-12 19:45:26

ooh little I had lentil soup for the first time in months yesterday smile Was nice and plain and filling for my sensitive stomach I found.

Is funny hearing DH stories. My Dh doesn't see mess either, his 'office' room upstairs is a pigsty, I never go in it! he doesn't cook either but I only work 3 days a week from home (studying) and i like to cook in the main. he buys takeaways for us instead! If I ask him to cook it is like I have set him some kind of exam, he gets all stressy and has to go shopping even if we have loads of stuff in and it takes him HOURS. he can't seem to make meals out of ingredients in the cupboard... poor thing. When I am pg though I have to he treats me like a total princess. he will go out in any weather at any time to get anything I want, I can have long baths (not too hot of course!) and sleep in while he entertains DS. He really is kind.

Arf I have been eating all day! Am so so hungry today!

sorry to hear about all the trapped wind peeps grin but also sad

pickle what is arrowroot, or is that a brand name? Are they nice? sweet/savoury what whatty?!

scan tomorrow. shitting myself!


Picklep Sat 29-Sep-12 19:55:20

wilde They're made by Crawfords and when I googled arrowroot, it appears it's a thickening agent but known to settle stomachs. They're an old fashioned thing I think. They are mildly sweet, very like a Rich Tea. Yellow and red packet with 'Arrowroot Biscuits' on front. Really worked for me to calm my stomach.

Picklep Sat 29-Sep-12 19:56:38

wilde scan on a Sunday??? Good luck and fingers crossed all is well. :-)

8 weeks today

kittykatskumkwat Sat 29-Sep-12 20:00:30

Oh Wilde is it a private scan?
Fx for you all is well, you must be so nervous, is this your first one??
envy of lovely dh, mine doesn't react to my pg at all, I think because I dont get ill etc he just sees it as another normal day, I think I had nice treatment for a week last time then after that I was back to cleaning out cat shit which your not even surposed to do!! It is anoying he just doesn't see jobs, will do what ever I ask if there is a list but nothing off his own back, he is good with dd but I can count on one hand the times I've had a lie in etc sad
Anyhow I'm off to watch xfactor after a smack up tea of scallops and. Steak ummmmmmm

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 20:12:20

wild my DH has two home offices too and they are right state I'm not allowed to touch them so I make him close the door.

I will look out Arrowroot too sounds Ideal.


FrustratedSycamorePants Sat 29-Sep-12 21:24:27

littleb is the bush to hide behind. I thing I'm over emotional hormonal doctor who made me cry. And that hasn't happened since my fav doctor David tennent regenerated. [sob]

peardrop2 Sat 29-Sep-12 21:37:58

MissM I'm so terribly sad to hear your news today. Take care of yourself and snuggle up in the warm x

peardrop2 Sat 29-Sep-12 21:39:41

Just updating my EDD after the scan yesterday...

I'll add myself to the list - so exciting to see so many of us. I'm getting a lot of confidence from reading all your experience and seeing parallels with mine!

LittlePickleHead - DC2 - edd 1 May
10storeylovesong - DC1 - edd 1 May
WeatherWitch - DC1 - EDD 1 May
Berri - DC2 - edd 2 May
ThePhantomPlopper - DC4 (eek) - EDD 2 May
Pinkand stripy DC1 EDD 2nd May
Thingiebob - DC2 - edd May 3
twirliedobbit - DC4 (argh!) - edd 4 May
Whyismymindblank - DC4 (argh! & eek!) edd 4 may
Twinklingelephant - DC1 - EDD 4th May.
Toffeesam - DC1- EDD 5th May
BadBuddha - DC2 edd 5 May
dowhat - DC3 - edd 6 May
DanyTargaryen- DC2- EDD 6 May
DizziDoll -DC3 - EDD 8 May
Mwncigirl - DC2 - EDD 9 May
Rhienne DC2 EDD 9th May
rachywhite83 DC1 - EDD 9th May
BeauticianNotMagician-DC3-EDD 10 May
Beaver33 - DC1 - edd 10 May
PickleP DC1 EDD 11th May.
Bionic77 - DC1 EDD 15th May
FiveandtheBonusBall - DC6 (triple arghh!!!) EDD 16 May
Booboomonster - DC3 EDD 16 May
Wilderumpus -DC2-EDD 17 May
Frankienoodles- DC1- EDD 18 May
maybeAMaybaby DC2 EDD 19 May
Vickles-DC4-EDD 20 May
OneDayBaby-DC1-EDD 20 May
Jenpenod - DC1 - EDD 20 May
Hopeful92 - DC1 - EDD 20 May
MelCGox - DC1EDD 21 May
LittleBairn DC1 EDD 21 May
RTChoke DC3 EDD 21 May
Peardrop DC1 - EDD 21 May
Ktfrd DC2 EDD 22nd May
Cuppateaandagingersnap DC1 EDD 22ndMay
PedanticPanda DC2 EDD 22 May
EllieBuffalo - EDD 23rd May
CheerfulYank DC2- EDD 23rd May
MooLL DC2 EDD 23rd May
Lollypopscical EDD 24th May
Shelly81 EDD 24th May
Bunnychan DC1 EDD 24th May
Tweety89 DC2 EDD 25 May
Thundercatsarego-DC1 - EDD 28 May
Ibelieveinpink EDD DC1 29th May
Kittykatskumkwat EDD DC1 29th May
Frustratedsycamorepants DC2 EDD 3rd June

peardrop2 Sat 29-Sep-12 21:40:32

Ooops forgot to delete the bit that says 'I'll add myself...''

fertilityFTW Sat 29-Sep-12 21:59:02

oooh! wilde how exciting!
littlebairn I just couldn't take it anymore and made daal, grin it's yummy. Thank you for bringing its deliciousness to my attention.

Picklep Sat 29-Sep-12 22:02:43

Pear glad the scan went well!

tweety89 Sat 29-Sep-12 22:20:15

anyone being pg on DC2 feeling that DP's attitude has changed completely?
On my first pregnancy he was so attentive, so patient, so nice, taking care of me, 'I'll cook tonight' (not something complicated, but still...), 'Eat fish, it's good for you', 'I've got freshly squeezed orange juice for you', etc. etc.
Now...he's either ordering takeaway when it's his turn to cook or is asking me 'do we have anything?' (meaning: have you cooked anything?). That's it! Helloooo!? A bit of attention? What is going to happen when (if everything goes well, fingers crossed) I give birth?? angry

I'm already craving sushi...It's a bit too early for this... sad

littlebairn is your DH back yet? with a nice rose maybe? smile I hope for the best for the rest of you as DP has bought me a flower (just one...sunflower...I know...very...romantic, not odd at all...(!)) only once!

LittleBairn Sat 29-Sep-12 22:23:21

frustrated TBF my bush is big enough to hide behind...wink
My saddest Dr Who moment was when Rose left. I cried buckets.

fertility I'm glad I've spread the lentil love....see what happens when you let a fallen vegan on the thread. grin
My favourite lentils are Puy Lentils I make a great veggie spag Bol with them.

So DH is still sulking at the office says he will come home when tired. I'm sure some day we'll laugh together about him being a hormonal twat when it's ME who is pregnant. hmm

mwncigirl Sat 29-Sep-12 22:36:47

Tweety, same goes here re the other half. Mine there is definitely a difference with how he was with 1st pregnancy. He even seems to having sympathy symptoms and is expecting me to run round after him! WTF!!!

fertilityFTW Sat 29-Sep-12 22:39:33

Whoa! Puy is what I just ate!
<sends veggie love mind waves to LittleB>

milkandribena Sat 29-Sep-12 23:00:42

Hello. Just finished completely tidying my flat. The (non) man is coming down tomorrow ready for our Monday appointment and I can't have him thinking I'm a slob now. Even made up the spare bed, which feels odd but we have both decided is for the best. It is our first attempt at our new 'arrangement' so we will have to see. Though wish I had a DP to bitch about - always thought doing this I would have. Hopefully they arent too bad smile

Thankfully I haven't had much morning sickness (touch wood)

I have a wax booked tomorrow (before non man gets here) hopefully it wont be anymore painful than usual. eek. Though why I am bothering.

Enjoy your sunday's smile

Am sorry to here that MissMedusa my thoughts are with you.

Have added myself in:

LittlePickleHead - DC2 - edd 1 May
10storeylovesong - DC1 - edd 1 May
WeatherWitch - DC1 - EDD 1 May
Berri - DC2 - edd 2 May
ThePhantomPlopper - DC4 (eek) - EDD 2 May
Pinkand stripy DC1 EDD 2nd May
Thingiebob - DC2 - edd May 3
twirliedobbit - DC4 (argh!) - edd 4 May
Whyismymindblank - DC4 (argh! & eek!) edd 4 may
Twinklingelephant - DC1 - EDD 4th May.
Toffeesam - DC1- EDD 5th May
BadBuddha - DC2 edd 5 May
dowhat - DC3 - edd 6 May
DanyTargaryen- DC2- EDD 6 May
milkandribena DC1 EDD 7th Math
DizziDoll -DC3 - EDD 8 May
Mwncigirl - DC2 - EDD 9 May
Rhienne DC2 EDD 9th May
rachywhite83 DC1 - EDD 9th May
BeauticianNotMagician-DC3-EDD 10 May
Beaver33 - DC1 - edd 10 May
PickleP DC1 EDD 11th May.
Bionic77 - DC1 EDD 15th May
FiveandtheBonusBall - DC6 (triple arghh!!!) EDD 16 May
Booboomonster - DC3 EDD 16 May
Wilderumpus -DC2-EDD 17 May
Frankienoodles- DC1- EDD 18 May
maybeAMaybaby DC2 EDD 19 May
Vickles-DC4-EDD 20 May
OneDayBaby-DC1-EDD 20 May
Jenpenod - DC1 - EDD 20 May
Hopeful92 - DC1 - EDD 20 May
MelCGox - DC1EDD 21 May
LittleBairn DC1 EDD 21 May
RTChoke DC3 EDD 21 May
Peardrop DC1 - EDD 21 May
Ktfrd DC2 EDD 22nd May
Cuppateaandagingersnap DC1 EDD 22ndMay
PedanticPanda DC2 EDD 22 May
EllieBuffalo - EDD 23rd May
CheerfulYank DC2- EDD 23rd May
MooLL DC2 EDD 23rd May
Lollypopscical EDD 24th May
Shelly81 EDD 24th May
Bunnychan DC1 EDD 24th May
Tweety89 DC2 EDD 25 May
Thundercatsarego-DC1 - EDD 28 May
Ibelieveinpink EDD DC1 29th May
Kittykatskumkwat EDD DC1 29th May
Frustratedsycamorepants DC2 EDD 3rd June

Bunnychan Sun 30-Sep-12 00:32:15

Aww! I slipped up tonight!! Went for a meal with ladies from work and forgot myself and ate some soft cheese dip thing! Feel guilty now that a) I wasn't supposed to have it and b) for forgetting I was pg. :-s

peardrop2 Sun 30-Sep-12 02:54:22

Bunny don't worry I think I did the same :-/ Turns out Pizza Express has this un pasteurised cheese on most of its dishes...why don't they warn people!!

Suffering from stupid insomnia again :-( milkribena sorry to be nosey but have I missed something? Did you and partner fall out but remain friends?

CheerfulYank Sun 30-Sep-12 04:31:45

Tweety my DH did say "You act like you're the only woman in the world who's ever been pregnant." I gave him a angry face and he tried to retract. Then later when he was whining about his sore neck I of course said "you act like you're the only man in the world who's ever had a sore neck before," which fixed him. grin

I've been queasy but last night was the first night I felt properly ill...I was staying at a friends' house (the one whose birth partner I am going to be! Yay! grin) and got up in the middle of the night thinking "I'm going to throw up, I'm going to throw up!" I didn't, but it was close!

I have been craving savory things now...can't get enough meat or cheese or rice. Think it's a boy! smile

peardrop2 Sun 30-Sep-12 05:08:57

Cheerful hah hah my DH said that to me yesterday too! I'm craving beef! I want meatballs, spag bol, lasagne, roast beef and burgers...all the time! I also think it is a boy because I conceived the day I ovulated and got a cb smiley face! I have no other symptoms yet other then soreish boobs and tiredness.


peardrop2 Sun 30-Sep-12 05:10:41

Hah I left out insomnia and vivid dreams!!

rachywhite83 Sun 30-Sep-12 08:31:25

I have been craving savoury food. Usually the queen of cakes but not touched and since my BFP.

I also had a weird dream last night where I had a baby boy and he came out talking ! I tried breast feeding and he told me he didn't like that flavour !!!!!! Bizarre nights sleep for me !

wilderumpus Sun 30-Sep-12 09:34:49


thanks friends! yup is my first scan... after my blighted ovum horror last time I am really edgy and 'cause of the teeny brown smudge and cramping last thurs I am now in a tizz and can't wait for the NHS wheels to get rolling... so have a private one today! eek!

ah lentil friends I had to have a curry takeaway with DH last night that being pg I DO not fancy so just got daal and rice smile was yum! and I don't feel too guilty about it this morning hurrah!

yank your DH should take care you of you! being pg is growing a person! men <tut> LOVE your riposte to his neck whinges grin grin

tweety I think because of the mc DH is being just as sweet as with DS although I do the shopping now (online... lazy emoticon) so don't get him rushing in with my daily smoothie and bacon sarnie wink

cheerful and pear I had cravings for meat with DS! All meat! but also cake and biscuits and sweets... confused AND he was conceived 6 days after we dtd! 6 days! hmm

pear I am craving red meat... I have a lot of desire of chilli and nachos, cottage pie, burgers and pastrami! But can't stand the thought of chicken. bleugh. And am into nuts?! And DH said last night he really wants nuts too! hehe!

peardrop2 Sun 30-Sep-12 09:42:34

Ooooh wild I like nuts too :-) They do say you crave meat more with boys! I'm pretty convinced that we're having a boy because we conceived the day I ovulated. I want a mini version of DH and DH wants a mini version of me...I told DH he might get a mini version of me dressed up as him :-)

RTchoke Sun 30-Sep-12 10:07:50

Gosh this nausea is awful. I've had to skip every post talking about food as even reading about lentils and read meat makes me want to heave. It's like this constant underlying yukkiness I can explain. I am not being sick (yet) but still finding it hard to cope. I read online that 75% of women get morning sickness but most people on this thread seem to have escaped. Where are all the sickies?!?

seven77 Sun 30-Sep-12 10:13:38

<waves nervously>

Hi, mind if I join you ladies? I got a BFP this morning. I'm expecting my third, I have a DS 4 and DD 10 months. I think i'm due around 30th May, although my other 2 were both born a month early. I had a mc at 6 weeks in June, so hand-holding may be required!

peardrop2 Sun 30-Sep-12 10:16:12

RT not here :-/ Soz!

Welcome Seven and congrats!


babygeek Sun 30-Sep-12 10:40:16

Hi there May peeps! smile
Can I please join this lovely group, I am due around May 17.
RTchoke, another sickie here. I seem to be ok when I am eating (bland) food but as soon as I stop, the horrible taste in my mouth comes back and I feel ill again. Eurgh! I am not looking forward to the grocery shopping today, especially the meat section. Being pregnant has made me go even more veggie.
I hope everyone else is doing ok.

lollypopsicle Sun 30-Sep-12 10:41:37

Welcome seven
RT I feel your pain. The last few days the sickness had really taken hold. I know food makes me feel better but I finding it hard to make myself eat. The relief it gives is a few mins and then I feel awful again. Inlaws are coming for dinner and I'm not ready to tell them yet so going to have to behave like I'm not ill sad
DP is making a cake right now and it's making me want to hurl.

jenpenod Sun 30-Sep-12 10:46:06

RT Don't worry, there are some sickies here! I must have vomited over 10 times on Friday...had a terrible week of it. Been in bed since Friday evening trying to recover and keep things down. DH is doing a great job of looking after me but I feel miserable. This is going to sound melodramatic but I feel like my life is over - not being productive at work, can't exercise, can't meet friends....just stuck in bed. At least I have this forum to read. Starting to wonder if I should get checked for HG as this seems too extreme for morning sickness (not that I'd know though as it's my first pregnancy). I wish I could stomach meat, cheese, lentils but all I can contemplate is bread, plain bread. Sorry for the rant all - I think I needed it! All of this will pass eventually and the end result will be amazing I know....just struggling to think that far ahead at the moment.

Bunnychan Sun 30-Sep-12 10:53:36

Sorry to hear about everyone's ms. When did it kick in for you guys? Mentally trying to prepare myself :-s x

jenpenod Sun 30-Sep-12 11:02:03

Just at the beginning of week 5 for me Bunny....but you might just get lucky and avoid it completely!

lollypopsicle Sun 30-Sep-12 11:04:23

bunny I think we have the same edd? I felt waves of sickness before my bfp but it was manageable and often ignorable. Since yesterday (6+1) it's been constant, I can't ignore it and food is now a struggle sad
You may be lucky and escape altogether!

booboomonster Sun 30-Sep-12 11:19:04

Hello! Well after moaning about DH he brought me breakkie in bed after a long lie in. And even though MS has meant I've not fancied eggs (sorry RT to mention food again) after the long sleep it was just the ticket. Had vibrantly odd dreams though!

tweety I would definitely agree with you, when I was pg with DC2 my DH was rather dismissive! But I didn't have any bad symptoms and just sailed though it so maybe that's partly why. This time I'm pg after a MC in March so I think he's being a bit nicer to me because of that.
grin at cheerful - good comeback!

I am craving salty foods which has never happened before.. no idea if that means something!

jen poor you to be vomiting, I can't imagine if I was actually being sick too, just feeling it is bad enough.

I am finding my energy levels just completely zero. Dh was working yesterday so I was with the DCs and I had absolutely no patience. Feeling like a bad mother.... hope this improves.

Welcome babygeek & good luck with the grocery shop... I found it a struggle, might do online next time!

seven77 Sun 30-Sep-12 11:44:13

jen that sounds awful.

bunny I was only sick once with DD, you could avoid it.

booboo the old wives tale is salty cravings for a boy and sweet for a girl, it was right with both of my two!

I have no symptoms at all yet, I'm trying to keep on top of the housework though as I know it'll be a couple of weeks before my energy levels plummet, and drinking lots of tea as it makes me feel sick by around 10 weeks.

tweety89 Sun 30-Sep-12 11:53:54

I might have bad news. had some spotting that continues and I'm now waiting for Thames Doc to call me back and tell me what I should do... sadsadsad
will let you know...

seven77 Sun 30-Sep-12 11:55:13

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Pinkand stripy DC1 EDD 2nd May
Thingiebob - DC2 - edd May 3
twirliedobbit - DC4 (argh!) - edd 4 May
Whyismymindblank - DC4 (argh! & eek!) edd 4 may
Twinklingelephant - DC1 - EDD 4th May.
Toffeesam - DC1- EDD 5th May
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Ibelieveinpink EDD DC1 29th May
Kittykatskumkwat EDD DC1 29th May
Seven77 DC3 EDD 30th May
Frustratedsycamorepants DC2 EDD 3rd June

tweety89 Sun 30-Sep-12 11:56:23

and I have a sharp pain at my lower back (or my right kidney -they're both there)

milkandribena Sun 30-Sep-12 12:09:03

pear not nosey at all. We have only been on 4 dates (they very long dates – like weekends with each other) Anyway being pregnant we have decided to halt our ‘relationship’ are just focus on the baby (but still keep an eye on it) We live in different cities but he is going to try and come down for all the appointments and things. Imagining it will be strange for the first few times.

Welcome babygeek and seven

sad jen and RT with any luck it will soon pass.

I’m running on empty at the moment as well boo but have things to do.
Oh fuck think that is someone at my front door - eeek

scooby26 Sun 30-Sep-12 12:41:50

tweety89. Oh crap- its a big worry for you. Don't give up yet- lots of people bleed even quite a lot and all can be fine. Thinking of you :-( xx

peardrop2 Sun 30-Sep-12 12:51:41

tweety fx for you Hun x

tweety89 Sun 30-Sep-12 13:06:01

thanks scooby and pear.
They just called me back and told me to go to the A&E only if I feel light-headed, get a lot of discharge or red blood. Otherwise, and I quote; 'it's absolutely normal to have this when pregnant'. huh?
So I guess if I don't get any other symptoms I'll know after the first scan. hmm

peardrop2 Sun 30-Sep-12 13:09:59

tweety are you tempted to go to A&E anyway for peace of mind? Sorry that you have to deal with a stressful situation like this, it's not fun :-(

tweety89 Sun 30-Sep-12 13:29:54

peardrop do you think I should? I don't think that you can get a scan at A&E, can you? I was thinking of calling my GP tomorrow morning and try to arrange an early scan.

peardrop2 Sun 30-Sep-12 13:33:45

tweety I've had friends who have bled and gone to A&E and got an early scan. Once you're there I don't think they can turn you away. Only you know what's best for you though. Like you say, ringing your GP in the morning might get you an early scan at the early pregnancy unit.

peardrop2 Sun 30-Sep-12 13:35:10

tweety I take it you're not light headed and don't have the other things they said?

seven77 Sun 30-Sep-12 13:56:33

tweety I think it's a good idea to try to get an early scan tomorrow through your GP. Tbh I wouldn't have thought A&E would do much unless you've got heavy bleeding or cramps. When I started bleeding when I had my mc I was pretty much told to just wait, and that if in a few days the test was still positive then they'd scan. And remember statistically speaking you're more likely to bleed and everything be ok than to miscarry.

tweety89 Sun 30-Sep-12 14:22:09

peardrop no, I don't have any other symptoms and no tummy pain either. just the discharge and a sharp backache.
seven thanks, let's hope I get a chance to see or speak to my GP tomorrow (our surgery is really busy...), so I can ask for the scan.

Picklep Sun 30-Sep-12 14:22:28

Try not to panic tweety, I've been continuously spotting for over two weeks now. I had an early scan to check all ok. I was told very normal to happen and my issue is they think, I have an irritated cervix which is shedding cells (i think thats what they said) which is causing the spotting. They seem to worry more for severe cramping and heavy blood. Try to take it easy. They do do scans at A&E if you wanted or do what I did and book in with EPU for a scan, just to reassure. They checked all round the baby for me to make sure there was no blood around there, which there wasn't. Good luck and just try to stay calm because it is very normal to bleed in pregnancy, there is a whole thread on it on here that Zi found helpful. X

peardrop2 Sun 30-Sep-12 14:32:24

tweety well that's positive that you don't have any other symptoms they described! Deep breaths and maybe have an afternoon nap if you can manage it :-)

tweety89 Sun 30-Sep-12 14:48:15

picklep did you ask for the scan through your GP?
peardrop I wish...DD1 is waking up now...

WeatherWitch Sun 30-Sep-12 14:54:08

Tweety - I've been having brown spotting every time I over-exert myself - digging the garden, sex, building a bookcase - and several people told me it was normal and only to worry if it was bright red and there was lots of it. Keep us posted on what happens though... FX for you.

Freaky dreams - last night I was having sex with Tom Cruise (in Top Gun days not as current weird type) while helping him look for his lost cat. Beat that smile DH not massively impressed when I mentioned it while still half asleep this morning though blush

Craving sweet things, and I NEVER want sweet things normally. But then the majority of men in DH's line of work have girls so it wouldn't be a massive shock.

Picklep Sun 30-Sep-12 14:55:35

tweety no, i called The Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) at the local hospital, told them what was happening, they were really helpful in making me feel calmer, told me how common it was and booked me in for the next available scan.

wilderumpus Sun 30-Sep-12 14:55:42

aw tweety hope you doing ok? Is it heavy or light, dark or light coloured? If you haven't got cramping or proper bleeding then that is all good, and as the others have said spotting in early pg is incredibly common! have you still got pg symptoms etc?

If you go to A and E they will see you and give you a scan, though of course you could be there for hours. Better than waiting till tomorrow if you are worried tho? They might not send you for a scan at the drs but ask you to wait it out - it depends on your pg history I think and how bad it all is... Can you self refer to your EPU? it should say online. hth.

wilderumpus Sun 30-Sep-12 14:59:13

afm the scan was fine today, cried with relief. baby measures 7 weeks bang on which is fab for my dates.

I like salty sweet things - am dreaming of finding the perfect salty chocolate covered nuts. hmm

rt I have been feeling very peaky indeed but not actually been sick. Nearly... Started at 6+2 (well, 6+0 according to new dates) and today is the best day I have had off it so far, and put this down to three nights of having LOTs of sleep... tomorrow will be different am sure.

wilderumpus Sun 30-Sep-12 15:00:47

lol at your dream weather!

I keep dreaming that DHs best friend doesn't like me and thinks I am a freak. confused DH assures me he does like me and I think after knowing the man for 12 years I would know this too! paranoia!

peardrop2 Sun 30-Sep-12 15:27:30

wild I'm so pleased to hear that your scan went well. It is a massive relief!

wilderumpus Sun 30-Sep-12 15:29:32

Thank you, it is pear! I feel like a weight has been lifted and I can tuck into my odd foods and feel like death for an actual reason now smile bloody miscarriages, ruin everything they do!

Picklep Sun 30-Sep-12 15:30:08

Glad the scan went well wilde!!

fertilityFTW Sun 30-Sep-12 15:30:36

that's great news wilde, must be a wave of relief and joy flooding over!

hope you're doing okay tweety!

wilderumpus Sun 30-Sep-12 15:31:09

x posted, thanks pickle and fertility smile

berri Sun 30-Sep-12 15:36:26

weather how strange, I've been dreaming about shagging all kinds of random people - nearly every night! I'm waking up exhausted ;)

Welcome Seven babygeek and milk and all other newbies I've missed on this thread (moves too fast to follow!) <waves>

Tweety don't worry, spotting is worrying but surprisingly common, let us know how you get on.

fertilityFTW Sun 30-Sep-12 15:37:48

berri grin at waking up exhausted from all the dream shagging!

LittleBairn Sun 30-Sep-12 16:33:52

Well the sitiuation with H hasn't improved much.
He didn't come home till midnight, slept in the spare room and has ignored me all day until just now when he asked me to walk to M&S to buy him food " I though you might like the exercise..." let's just say he got a few choice from me.
Thank god the baby has no ears it never want to leave my womb.

LittleBairn Sun 30-Sep-12 16:36:05

tweety just seen your posts I hope you and the baby are ok.

fertilityFTW Sun 30-Sep-12 17:22:12

Ooh littlebairn! Sounds like he'll have a long, long clamber out of his pit of shame! The mood of the H on this end has been swinging wildly - every time the pendulum shifts to 'reasonable' I quickly offer some positive reinforcement. And no, I do not apologize for it sounding like puppy training grin you have to do what you can to manage 'em.

LittleBairn Sun 30-Sep-12 17:47:40

That's what I've been doing fertility being really calm and giving lots of happy smiles and positive reinforcement bit like you do with a tantruming toddler.
Yet it's just made him worse.
Since I lost my temper ( I admit I can have quite a temper...) he's been much better he's went to M&S and made his own dinner without a fuss and has even said a few words.
Confusing it would seem like he like it better when I take a firm hand of the situation....maybe I need to get a wip while I'm at it.....

LittleBairn Sun 30-Sep-12 17:49:18

Whip I meant. wink

fertilityFTW Sun 30-Sep-12 17:53:34

A sound strategy whip it

lollypopsicle Sun 30-Sep-12 18:14:59

fertility, grin at that link

berri Sun 30-Sep-12 18:29:15


rachywhite83 Sun 30-Sep-12 19:57:02

Well I feel about 9 months pregnant already. So bloated sad

Got my booking in with the midwife tomorrow. Bit scared I might forget something. DH can't come so my wonderful mum is coming. Bed time for me

Keep smiling all x

EllieBuffalo Sun 30-Sep-12 20:04:14

Fx Tweety, hope you're ok.

Loving some of the strange dreams, I'm quite envious, they sound like one of the better symptoms grin

kittykatskumkwat Sun 30-Sep-12 20:12:48

Wilde really good news about your scan, I can't wait till I have mine and see if everything is ok, it must feel amazing!!
Tweety so sorry your having the spotting, it's always a worry but turns out fine in alot of cases, I have to disagree with any advice about going to a & e though, not all hospitals are the same and when I went ( I was actually miscarry ing I was made to wait 3 hours) then was finally examined by a doctor who said he couldn't tell and there was no one there who could scan anyway, the whole experience was one of the worst I've had and I wouldn't go again, phoning the epu direct was the best say I found as they are lovely and can reassure you etc, a&e should be a last resort massive bleeding etc thing
I'm whacked had dd running around all day and has just got me done in, I'll be asleep before 9!!

Picklep Sun 30-Sep-12 20:39:43

rachy good luck for tomorrow! I've got mine on Tues. I have no idea if i should be preparing??? Let us know how it goes :-)

LittleBairn Sun 30-Sep-12 22:34:44

Oops I seem to have just lost a long post.
The highlights version is DH are talking, we aren't having the 12 week scan, I'm pleased about this it was really for DH sake.
DH it seems is a bit freaked out about the whole medical aspect and having our privacy invaded with the personal questions from midwives and home visits.
I am going to have to slowly walk him through all the steps with him and not jump to far ahead to help him relax.

tweety89 Sun 30-Sep-12 22:44:53

I had written quite a long post but probably my internet didn't like it and lost it. sad angry
wild very happy for your good news! smile
kitty I wish I had read your post before I decided to go to the A&E. In a nutshell because I cannot write everything again: we were at the hospital 5 hours in total (A&E and EAU), I had more discharge after 3pm that's why we went, my tests were fine but they cannot say anything until I do the scan.They'll call me tomorrow morning from the EPU. We came back just 20 min ago, DD exhausted, we haven't eaten anything...
Logging out now to get some things done for tomorrow and I hope to have this scan done!
Thanks for your support! smile

tweety89 Sun 30-Sep-12 22:48:19

little we were probably trying to post at the time! smile Very good news about DH! Tbh I'm the opposite (I had 5 scans on DD!) but I can understand your point of view as well.

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 00:23:17

tweaty sounds like you have had a long stressful evening I hope tomorrow is a lot less stressful with happy news.

Just re-read my last post and I wasn't clear, I'm going to have the scan offered on NHS which is just a basic dating scan just so I can prove to myself that I really am pregnant and not dreaming. grin
It is the private Nuchal scan we have decide against. It was really for DH benefit, which was why I was stressed about it in the first place, luckily DH has now decided he it's unnecessary as we wouldn't act on any info gained.

CheerfulYank Mon 01-Oct-12 03:45:21

Just popping in to say hi, will properly read everything later. I am so tired. Anyone else? I just feel like I'm dragging all day.

Picklep Mon 01-Oct-12 07:46:02

Can anyone tell me whether the midwife will take blood at the booking in appt? Or is there another appt for that? I'm a fainter when it come to blood tests, EVERY time without fail, so trying to prepare myself. (I feel sick!) :-(

Picklep Mon 01-Oct-12 07:47:13

cheerful me too!! I feel like I'm dragging and the hours are dragging!!!

Hooya Mon 01-Oct-12 07:49:07

Having never properly joined (didn't add myself to the stats) I'm already leaving sad - scan showed it's not developing and will mc.

Very very disappointed but it was only our 2nd month of trying so it could be much worse.

All the very best of luck to you all for lovely, uneventful pregnancies!

Picklep Mon 01-Oct-12 07:55:42

So sorry Hooya! Thinking of you. Take care of yourself and plenty of luck for next time x

IBelieveInPink Mon 01-Oct-12 07:56:43

So sorry to hear that hooya. Hope you have someone there to look after you. sad

DizziDoll Mon 01-Oct-12 07:59:18

Oh no hooya, sorry to hear that. Look after yourself and FX for another BFP soon.

kittykatskumkwat Mon 01-Oct-12 08:02:07

Hooya, I'm so sorry sad
Tweety sorry you seem to have had a very similar experience to me in a &e, as you found out its not worth it, wish I had posted earlier for you but hopefully you will get it sorted out today and get the reassurance x

WeatherWitch Mon 01-Oct-12 08:20:54

Hooya - so sorry to hear that. FX for next time.

PickleP - brace yourself, my MW took 3 vials of blood at my booking in appointment. She did look at me wriggling uncomfortably at the idea and make me lie down for it, which helped, but I feel your pain sad Am useless, I've taken blood out of other people no problem but don't put a needle anywhere near me!

LittleB - don't you get nuchal on the NHS there? I've been told that I'm getting it at my 12 week scan (and I thought we were quite backward down here) but I didn't know that there was that much regional variation.

Picklep Mon 01-Oct-12 08:30:58

weather i've gone very pale and weak.

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 08:46:27

Hooya I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. sad

weatherwitch seems like my area is the backwards captital. Not only do you not get a Nuchal scan ( it's only a dating scan done at 13-15 weeks!) we don't get a 20 week scan either. angry
Nor do we get a proper choice in hospitals So my favored hospital is out but apparently there is a way around it.
DH has a friend who's a nurse and knows the 'system' we are going to get to together for a chat soon.

I also have it on good authority that home births here are rare and I'll probably face a fight. I won't be fighting with them that would require me to engage with them and I won't, I'll be stating my choice and leaving.

Oh bloods, I don't mind needles but I do often faint I'm gonna need some biscuit

seven77 Mon 01-Oct-12 08:56:14

Sorry to hear that hooya.

littlebairn just state that you're having a homebirth, they can't force you into having a hospital birth if you don't want one!

We won't be bothering with the nuchal scan either as it wouldn't change anything for us.

MooLL Mon 01-Oct-12 09:28:59

Hi ladies - gosh after a weekend away I've just sat with a cup of tea and read through all the weekend posts. For all those either spotting or find out they have mc'd I am so so sorry! As for needles and bloods all I can say is I hated needles (and having blood pressure taken) however the only good side of having pre-eclampsia last time was after having bloods done 3-4 times per week (and at the end daily) and being hooked up for 24 hours to a pressure monitor that checked that every hour - I now have no fear ... It is astounding what your body and mind can get used to!

WeatherWitch Mon 01-Oct-12 09:37:01

PickleP - hugs and brew and biscuit. Breathe!

My hospital choice is limited to the one hospital in the county (45 mins away) which only has a 30% non-intervention rate and is under investigation for its high neonatal death rate. Fortunately there's a very nice MW-led unit 10 mins up the road which is my first choice but if anything goes wrong it's back to the one (awful) hospital. Wish I could find just one person who had a decent birth experience there but so far it's all horror stories. FX for not having to be transferred! But at least we get a full complement of scans so not all bad I suppose.

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 10:01:27

seven that's exactly what I intend to do and if I have any ranting or disrespect I will walk out.

shock weather that sounds like one scary hospital.
The closest hospital ( not my preferred but most likely 'my' hospital) after a bit of research actually doesn't sound to bad seems like the labour and delivery are good it's just the post natal and BF help that seems dismal. Hopefully I won't need to find out.

SecretCervix Mon 01-Oct-12 10:11:42

LittlePickleHead - DC2 - edd 1 May
10storeylovesong - DC1 - edd 1 May
WeatherWitch - DC1 - EDD 1 May
Berri - DC2 - edd 2 May
ThePhantomPlopper - DC4 (eek) - EDD 2 May
Pinkand stripy DC1 EDD 2nd May
Thingiebob - DC2 - edd May 3
twirliedobbit - DC4 (argh!) - edd 4 May
Whyismymindblank - DC4 (argh! & eek!) edd 4 may
Twinklingelephant - DC1 - EDD 4th May.
Toffeesam - DC1- EDD 5th May
BadBuddha - DC2 edd 5 May
dowhat - DC3 - edd 6 May
SecretCervix- DC2- EDD 6 May
milkandribena DC1 EDD 7th Math
DizziDoll -DC3 - EDD 8 May
Mwncigirl - DC2 - EDD 9 May
Rhienne DC2 EDD 9th May
rachywhite83 DC1 - EDD 9th May
BeauticianNotMagician-DC3-EDD 10 May
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PickleP DC1 EDD 11th May.
Bionic77 - DC1 EDD 15th May
FiveandtheBonusBall - DC6 (triple arghh!!!) EDD 16 May
Booboomonster - DC3 EDD 16 May
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Frustratedsycamorepants DC2 EDD 3rd June

Just updated the list with my name change.

cuppateaandagingersnap Mon 01-Oct-12 10:17:17

So sorry hooya hope you're ok thanks

Where do you stay LittleBairn services sound awful around you!

I haven't got my booking appointment til the 24th Oct when I'll be 10 weeks so not holding out much hope of getting 12week scan etc on time, having a private early scan next Saturday at 7+4 just because things don't seem quite real yet.
I was quite worried how my DH would take this pregnancy as he's never been that keen on kids and only agreed to it because I wanted it so much, but so far he's been very sweet and quite pleased with himself - hope it lasts when the reality kicks in!

wilderumpus Mon 01-Oct-12 10:17:29

so sorry to hear your news hooya. i hope you are ok x

SecretCervix Mon 01-Oct-12 10:18:25

Sorry posted quickly as DP got back and DD went bonkers wanting to see him before he'd even entered the living room, the crazy child grin

9 weeks today, can't really believe that, keep using NHS pregnancy due date calculator just to see it come up in front of me on the screen.

Scan in 22 days and counting. Gosh I'm a nervous wreck half the time (and a nauseous, tired and emotional one the rest!)

wilderumpus Mon 01-Oct-12 10:26:36

little if you want a homebirth you can have one wherever you are! i am having one too! anyone else? I had one with DS and was great, especially as I had a 3hr 45min labour!

I can't believe you don't have a 20 week scan? that is a v important scan i thought. tho some ladies choose not to have any scans... am really surprised about that.

weather your hosp choice sounds scary. but a MW led unit would be lovely! we don't have any here.

am not having the nuchal malarky either, just a dating scan.

good luck today pickle chuck. can you take some biscuits/sweets to keep your blood sugar up? (probably stupid thing to say, sorry) do you have someone to go with you?

btw have you all been told to bring a sample of urine with you to your booking in appt? How is one to transport said specimin?!

sooooooo sorry can't remember now who said on the previous page they were really tired but I am living in a treacle fudge today! soooooooo sleepy! Poor DS.

cuppateaandagingersnap Mon 01-Oct-12 10:33:17

'Treacle fudge' is a great description of how I feel today too, have loads to do but can't seem to get my ass off the sofa sad I've also given in and worn my 'fat' jeans - not a good sign at 6+5!

Picklep Mon 01-Oct-12 10:38:46

Thanks wilde, it's tomorrow and honestly I'm more worried about the blood tests than childbirth! Have such a phobia about it, I've already got upset bowels now just thinking about tomorrow. Ridiculous I know! DH is coming with me and he's brilliant at distraction and carrying me! Just hope I don't start crying or have a panic attack, which has happened before - so so embarrassing!
Thanks all x

WeatherWitch Mon 01-Oct-12 10:47:07

Urine samples - I've been told to bring one to every appointment. My MW gave me a sample pot at the booking in appointment but that was at my house - she said if I lose it then either buy one of those little pots from Boots or use an empty jam jar or similar but make sure you wash it out really well first - if there's still any jam in it then the sugar content will apparently make it look as if you have problems.

seven77 Mon 01-Oct-12 10:47:36

cuppa I started wearing maternity jeans at 8 weeks last time, they're just so much more comfortable!

wilde if you pop into your GP surgery beforehand you can just ask for a urine specimen container.

weather I agree that hospital sounds awful, do you mind me asking where it is? MW led units are meant to be fantastic, we don't have any here.

Hospital birth here, they don't do home births before 37 weeks, DS was 35+5, and DD was 35+6 so probably not even worth considering! Our hospital is pretty good, I've had no complaints with my other 2, but its a bad drive through a busy town, at the wrong time of day it takes over an hour. DH managed to do it in 20 minutes during my very fast labour with DD, thankfully I was already in hospital not in the car with him!

I'm also surprised about not getting a 20 week scan as its the anomaly scan, surely more important than the dating scan.

seven77 Mon 01-Oct-12 10:49:25

weather my hospital has a basket on the desk in the maternity department full of specimen containers!

TerracottaPie Mon 01-Oct-12 10:54:07

Just adding myself in. I'll come back with a proper hello in a minute smile

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Seven77 DC3 EDD 30th May
Frustratedsycamorepants DC2 EDD 3rd June

TerracottaPie Mon 01-Oct-12 11:10:53

Hello and congratulations to everybody!!

I've been lurking on this and the last thread but for some reason got really superstitious about posting before I was 12 weeks. Decided not to be so silly this morning grin.

Well this number 4 for me, due on 8th May. I've got 9yo, 7yo and 9mo old so far. We wanted a small gap between this and DC3 and hopefully I'll still be wanting that when it happens!

Had my booking appt last week and got scan date in just over 3 weeks. All pretty routine so far. Only thing different for me this time is that right now until I go in to see them (and they hopefully tell me no need to come again) I'm under consultant led care. All because I had a >4.5kg baby last time (he was 5kg). If this baby isn't a biggun too then I want a homebirth again like DC2.

<chants please don't be big, please don't be big, please don't be big>

Morning sickness is awful this time. I've always had at least one food that I like and want to eat (not so much a craving, just a that doesn't make me nauseous and I quite like it type of food). This time there's nothing. At all. It sucks. I'm having to make myself eat things that I stop halfway through and try to hold down. I cant bear most drinks either and again I'm having to make myself have them. I'm not being sick that much but just feel sick. All the bloody time. If I cough I even set off my gag reflex sad. The midwife said arrowroot biscuits but I can't even picture them without feeling worse!! Balls.

Anyway I've rambled enough (and ranted a bit too much about ms, oops, sorry!). Hope you're all coping okay smile

WeatherWitch Mon 01-Oct-12 11:19:37

Seven - our hospital is Treliske. I'm completely open to someone telling me that they had a fantastic experience there, in fact would love to have that reassurance, but so far it's all been negative. Really hoping that it's just coincidence and actually it's a really nice place with helpful staff who don't inject you with pethidine without your consent or screw up your CS so that 5 years later you still can't bend over properly, but those are 2 of the stories I've been told so far. Gulp.

cuppateaandagingersnap Mon 01-Oct-12 11:21:54

Welcome TerracottaPie smile Sending you average sized baby vibes- 5kgs sounds like a lot -what's that in old money?

TerracottaPie Mon 01-Oct-12 11:41:35

Thank you! Average would be lovely grin

5kg is 11lb

Which was generally fine and easy to push out (2 min second stage). It's just the hospital part I'd rather avoid again! (oh and the back to back part until he flipped over and then shot out grin)

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 11:42:05

cuppa I stay in Lanarkshire fairly close to Glasgow.

wild I'm shocked about the 20 week scan too, I'd like to know how many babies in this area are born with illnesses that would have been picked up at that scan meaning the family and medics weren't prepared at birth.
Our friend confirmed it ( did a bit of online research but wanted real conformation) had to pay for her own even though she was considered high risk!

seven77 Mon 01-Oct-12 11:42:07

terracotta glad I'm not the only one who will have a small age gap, my DD is 10 months. Like you we wanted a small gap, we've been ttc since she was born, and I had a mc in June at 6.5 weeks.

beaver33 Mon 01-Oct-12 11:49:38

Mornin' all, and love to Hooya and welcome to terracotta.

Just been reading about blood test fears at the booking appt - mine is a week today (annoyingly, on my day off....!) and DH can't come so I'm facing going it alone.

Like you, pickle, I HATE needles and am really not looking forward to it. Is anyone else taking someone with them? Not sure whether to try to recruit a sister/friend...

Tweety good luck today. Let us know how you get on xx

Picklep Mon 01-Oct-12 12:11:20

Beaver I would def take a friend or your sister, they will help distract you and will feed you tea and biscuits!!! The wait is the worst, just want to get it done now! Good luck to you :-)

cuppateaandagingersnap Mon 01-Oct-12 12:16:44

Little I'm also in Scotland - Aberdeenshire - and we do get 20week scans, I'm so annoyed that you don't get the choice - fair enough if you don't want one but that's not the point!! May be hormones making me unreasonably mad about this.....

Terracotta 11lbs sounds heroic!!

Hi new posters.

terracotta Can i ask what its like having a baby with a big age gap.My two ds's will be 7 and 8 when baby arrives.Also ask away about smaller age gaps as my first two are 17 months apart.

Had nurse appointment today.DP had his blood test.They still don't know what my blood abnormality is yet hmm and so therefore dont know whether to worry yet or not.However,i will find out by phone tomorrow.

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 12:25:40

cuppa it makes me mad too even thought we might have turned it down, we should still be given the choice. Apparently they are only 4 Scottish authorities who don't do them and I'm just unlucky to be in one of them.

I need to go into town today, just can't be bothered with 2 hours of walking around while feeling nauseous. And if the rain keeps off I need to come home and mow the lawn. I've turned into such a lazy sod, I've had 4 days off!


I too hate blood tests and usually faint.I had to leave the room when DP had his blood test todayblush

I went to my booking appointment on my own.I always take haribo in my bag when i know im having a blood test.I don't care what the midwife says i sit there muching a few afterwards.I always ask for blood test to be done the minute i get in the room so that its over with.Then you have the rest of the booking appt to sit and relax a bit .

8+3 today

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 12:33:24

beaut not a mummy but a nanny opinion. I've had a few jobs with large age gaps and honestly the kids have gotten along fantastically. The little ones hero worship the older sibling and the older ones are very protective.
In particular one job the oldest was a boy of 7 who was an only child when his baby sister was born, I've never known two closer siblings than those two.
I worked 70 hours a week in that job and lived in for 2 years from the baby was 13 weeks so got a fairly complete picture.

There is 12 years between my cousin and her little brother,she would insist on getting up and doing the early morning feed for her mum!

You often find older kids understand mum/ nanny being busy with baby because they need more care and can wait their turn. Plus they are usually busy with school, clubs and friends that it's not as intense when you still have a little one ( older sibling) at home all day with the baby.

Picklep Mon 01-Oct-12 12:41:05

I'm so glad others are scared of the blood tests too! Don't feel like such a wimp. Thanks for the advice Beaut I'm going to ask the mw to get the nasty bit out of the way first, otherwise it will be impossible to concentrate.


EllieBuffalo Mon 01-Oct-12 12:53:09

I'm not normally scared of needles but I didn't realise the booking in appt would include blood tests so with the MS I'm now feeling a little more queasy as most things turn my tummy at the mo confused

Picklep I try to think of all the lyrics to a song whilst im having it done as well.See i truely am a baby.Its not the blood or the needle.Its veins big(strange) vein phobia.

LittleB thank you.I didn't even think about having all the time at home on my own with baby.I think my brain is shrinking.I do think the boys will be super excited and they are pretty helpful the majority of the time.I do worry a bit about DS1 just because of his autism he can read situations/emotions badly so i think he may be quite confused to start.But we plan on making them both completely involved in everything.

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 13:00:33

Think my boobs might be changing, nipples starting to look darker and they feel quite firm.
Does anyone have any recs for boob cream? My nipples are starting to look a bit dry, is it ok to use Normal moisturiser on them? I'm usually use Simple Derma that's non perfumed.
Feel daft asking such questions. blush

TerracottaPie Mon 01-Oct-12 13:02:24

beautician it's really nice. My older 2 are girls and they very much wanted a little brother. There were tears of joy when we told them we were having a baby, it was lovely smile

They help entertain the baby a lot. And I think as he gets older they find more and more things to do with him. One is really mothering and wants to cuddle him all the time (much to his annoyance sometimes!) and the other is his own personal giggle inducing machine. She seems to have such a bond that they spend ages just laughing at each other. The girls love each new milestone and proudly show off their little brother to everyone at school.

So from that perspective a bigger age gap is ace.

I do sometimes feel like I'm constantly having to tell the older 2 to hang on, or I'll be there in a minute. And these days when I bf him I have to go to a different room to them as he's so nosy he just doesn't get a good feed otherwise. I think they understand though.

They have told us a few times they don't want anymore babies so I am a little worried about telling them about this one! Have you told yours yet or are you waiting post scan too?

The hard part of a bigger age gap I've found is school. Fitting school runs and homework, reading and swimming lessons and all the other activities that gradually creep up on you. Before DC3 if I was shattered we could stay in out pjs and get ready at our own pace in the morning. Post DC3 there was no luxury!

That's probably way more than you wanted to know!! grin

I'll have a think about 17 month gap questions!!

wilderumpus Mon 01-Oct-12 13:02:26

weather! I am moving on Jan and my hosp would then be treliske! hence HB for me smile shit place sad My SIL only had her baby there a few months ago and was sent home the day after with all sorts of post-labour issues and no BF help and it was just such a sad story. She really needed to stay in a be looked after sad They don't have a birthiing pool either afaik? eek! If it is all awful then we might even stay up here for the birth and move down after! I adored my MW service up here last time.

little that is just nuts. the anomoly scan is really important, like seven says, and my unsympathetic prat of a dr muttered to me that the 12 week scan wouoldn't even tell me whether the baby was healthy, i would have to wait until 20 weeks for that...

pickle don't feel silly, we all have our issues! I had panic attacks after my mc and would breath in for three, hold for two and out for three when I started to feel it coming on. And I have done this in other stressful situations, it really does seem to focus and ground me, if it helps at all (and I am not a hippy dippy meditative type at all!) If you need to offload about it, come here that is what are here for smile

cuppa I am in my fat jeans sometimes too, and today even broke out the maternity jeans! Only because I had to sit cross legged on the floor for DS's music group though, feeling nauseous and having the waistband digging into my bloat for half an hour was too much to baer. Lazzy band trouser it was smile I am still wearing them out of laziness but they are definitely too big!

welcome teracotta and congrats on your fourth pregnancy! good luck for a homebirth!

wilderumpus Mon 01-Oct-12 13:05:02

thanks for the urine sample heads up peeps smile

10storeylovesong Mon 01-Oct-12 13:06:13

Well I've just got back from a lovely weekend away, just dh and I with our little dog in a cottage in Wales. Lots of long walks on the beach have done wonders with my ms, although being overtired in the evening meant I threw up my dinner each night which was nice! Gutted to be home again now.

Just skimmed through the pages and pages! Sorry to all those with spotting etc - fx it turns out to be nothing. Good luck to all those with booking in appointments - I nearly passed out having my bloods done an usually I'm absolutely fine and can watch the needle and everything. Apparently it's down to the fact that my blood pressure has plummeted during pg and its usually low anyway.

TerracottaPie Mon 01-Oct-12 13:07:34

Oh yep what LittleB said too.

It is nice having older ones at school and getting baby to yourself for a bit during the day. You get to feel like you can spend loads of time with baby without the jealousy and then when the older ones come back from school you can give them their quality time without feeling like you've neglected the baby smile.

10storey Your weekend sounds fab.

Terracotta Thank You.I have to say the school run is the bit i dread.I loathe it enough just with the boys.Although they won't have long left at school after the baby is born as the summer holidays will be near.

I won't be telling the children until i am twenty weeks.I am going to tell them at Christmas.Ds2 has autism and the minute he knows it will be on his mind constantly.

TerracottaPie Mon 01-Oct-12 13:40:44

beautician there'll be half term first as well not long after so that will help too. I had DC3 just as the Xmas holidays hit. It was nice if a little tiring. Although I think no matter which way you do it, it's tiring!

That's probably a good idea re the 20 weeks. When my nephew was told I was having a baby and he was going to be getting a new cousin his first response was 'now?'. I think it took his Mum a fair while to help him understand how far away it was (he has autism too if that's not clear). 20 weeks makes it real as it's not long until bumps show and kicks can be felt and cuts also down how long it feels it takes until the baby is 'finally' here. DC1 and 2 soon got tired of waiting for 3 (as did I). It didn't help I was 2 weeks late though.

booboomonster Mon 01-Oct-12 13:49:46

hello all!

So sorry to hear about MC hooya look after yourself.

Terracotta can I ask why are you with consultant care after big baby? Did you have any problems? (it didn't sound like you did). My last DC2 was 10lbs4, and I'm dreading some kind of extra monitoring. I had her in midwife unit in birthing pool so hoping for same again but not sure I'll be allowed.

Also stupid question re homebirths - did your carpet get stained? Who clears up after? wild I am sure you won't mind me asking...?

Extreme tiredness and muddle headedness here too!

I am thinking about going for a water birth if my elective caesarian idea gets a big no.Im really bad with pain though so not sure iLl cope.

Ive been keeping my sister informed with everything.She just told me to stop thinking soo much and then sent the very helpful message Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.[Hmm] anyone guessed that she hasn't got any children yet.My life revolves around plans.I presume she realises my eldest still has Autism confused and routine is my middle name


Oh goodness sorry rant over.Must make sure i read all previous messages before going on and on.

Hooya So sorry.Fx for next time.Sending hugs

FrustratedSycamorePants Mon 01-Oct-12 14:12:11

beaut no they really just don't get it. (I'm sure my sister thinks I'm making dds autism up). [raised eyebrows emoticon]

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 14:19:08

beaut what a helpful sister. hmm ramble on here we are always happy to listen.
Oh and I HATE when people send twee messages like that and think they are being really philosophical.

DH is autistic ( AS/HFA) and although excited I think the whole process is a bit overwhelming to him. I think he would have preferred if I waited to 20 weeks to tell him too. grin

Frustrated its so annoying isn't it.The least helpful comment i get is 'ahh to look at him you wouldn't think anything is wrong would you'.He is very high functioning and to me being my first he is just DS1 with a few added quirks.I think some people think you are glad of the label.I fought against it for ages but he does need that extra support sometimes.

Has anyone else on here told any family.My MIL has been great im very impressed at her having kept it to herself as well haha.

LittleB Which traits does your DH have?I know the autistic spectrum is sooo broad that everyone on it is different.I do believe that all of us are probably somewhere on the spectrum.I for example am not great in social situations until i get to know people.

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 14:31:33

beaut I feel like the whole world and his dog knows.

We agreed to tell parents and were hoping to keep it quiet until 12 weeks.

*My mother has told anyone she has ever met including texting all her friends while I was on the phone telling her!
*In Laws told BIL ( I'm fine with that he's a lovely guy) and put it on Facebook.
* DH has told his two work colleges and randomly their book keeper, i was quite surprised by that. Although to be fair they have given good info on the local medical set up.

The only person who I've told who hasn't made a public Announcement is my sister who has two kids. She remembers the first trimester worries.

It's actually made me feel really pressurised, next time I won't be telling anyone but my sister until well after 12 weeks.


littleB if it makes you feel better the first time i told everyone as soon as i found out although that was quite late.With my second i told everyone at 6 weeks.This time we are waiting 12 weeks as i wanted to go by what DP preferred as its his first.Its very hard keeping it to myself though.Hopefully only a few more weeks to go until scan.


LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 14:47:27

beaut do you know I don't know where to start mainly because his mannerism and behaviour is just so normal to me.
The Hardest has been learning to adapt my language, he would complain I'm using emotive language and he does not understand what I mean or what I want from the conversation.

Accepting that when he seems to be ignoring me ( mon - fri during work he's very distant) he isn't,he is just busy in his head with something else because he can only deal with his life work/family/ social in neat little boxes.

Physical contact on his terms only, he's much much better about this one now.

He struggles to make eye contact, which makes others think he's odd but doesn't bother me. As a result he probably makes more eye contact with me than he has everyone else in his life added up.

In regardless to the pregnancy I realised last night I need to stop jumping ahead and take each step at a time. I.e talk only about the 12 week scan forget the 20 week one for now.
Oh and he absolutely won't be my birth partner, the idea terrifies him being out of his control and me possibily being emotional.

And the general fussy Autism spectrum thing such a food issue ( his made worse by serious childhood illness) funny about clothes would rather by 10 tops the same because he likes how it feels that sort of thing.
It probably sounds much worse than it really is, he's very loving ( when he is in the mood) he understand me better than anyone even myself. He's very forgiven.
He's also very even tempered and gentle. Fantastic with kids too, he'll be a different sort of dad but I truly believe he will be a great one.

The thing that's worked best for us is making sure that he has complete control of his on personal environments and daily life while not trying to control my own. He has his own home office and bedrooms he spare bedroom that he can retreat to when he needs too.
I made it clear to him that he needed to stop fighting the Autism and start embracing it, it's worked well for us.

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 14:52:47

Oh and he has that high function autistic thing that makes him a genuine real life Genius. He knows everything seriously everything and will come out with bits of info at the most random times that turn out to be quite useful.

CheerfulYank Mon 01-Oct-12 14:57:54

Terra our DS will be almost 6 by the time this little one is born.

I wanted them close together but it just never seemed like the right time to start trying...however it will be nice to have DS in full time school next September (he's not going to kindergarten til he's 6) and I can have one on one time with the baby.

We've also talked a lot about adopting an older child with SN (probably Down Syndrome) and given the age of most of the kids we'd probably adopt one who would fill the gap, so to speak.

Wow, Beaut, helpful! hmm

LittleB Sorry for the question.But i just find it all really fascinating.Your DH sounds very similar to DS.The genius thing is what i find most amazing and DS has a scarily good memory.So good i have to watch what i say sometimes grin He also needs time to work things through in his head he doesnt go off to sleep well.He wont leave the bedroom but i hear him talking himself through his day although he will not involve me in this its something he has to do for himself.

I am glad i asked you.Parents will always worry about their children but your answers reassure me that DS should go on hopefully to be in a good relationship and hold down a good job.Its just hard to know how others see him as his parent i will always probably unneccessarily worry.I hear children being quite cruel to him sometimes and mocking him.He is completely oblivious to this.

That being said DS2 is a complete whirlwind and full of questions.Who knows what our futures hold.See i think way too much

CheerfulYank Mon 01-Oct-12 15:13:13

LittleB my DH is a genius too! smile Not autistic though but very very shy. I worry sometimes that people think he's aloof or a jerk or something! He really isn't, just shy.

CheerfulYank Mon 01-Oct-12 15:15:53

Beaut there are so many people on the spectrum these days... and so many people touched by it one way or another. People seem so much more understanding than they were even when I was younger. There will be very few things, if any, out of reach for your DS. smile

Picklep Mon 01-Oct-12 15:23:39

Anyone suffering low mood? I feel terribly down despite getting everything I've wanted for years - getting pregnant!! I thought I'd be thrilled and beaming constantly. Actually it's quite the opposite, I feel very tearful, anxious, worried and very alone. DH has been incredible snd so happy/excited and doing everything for me. This just makes me feel guilty for being such a miserable snappy cow. Is this a common thing?

It doesn't help that I work freelance so I'm at home a lot alone and have not taken on any work as have been feeling so rough - tiredness and sickness. Just hoping things will improve after 12 weeks when i can talk to friends/family. I've only told mum and sis who are both a long way away.

I've got very high expectations for the second trimester!

Bunnychan Mon 01-Oct-12 15:37:55

pickle I've been having a low day too. Found out my fiancé's sister have been talking negatively about our pregnancy behind our backs and I've just been feeling bloated and uncomfortable today. I have up days and down ones; today is definetly a down one x

wilderumpus Mon 01-Oct-12 15:41:41

watch your hormones pickle. are you ok? do you think you ought to mention it to your MW tomorrow?

beaut only my friend down the road knows! no family or friends but after having to untell everyone with the mc we have had our fingers burnt. I am keen to let the cat out of the bag now after the scan but really, we don't see our friends or families so is no real reason not to wait. wish I saw my friends and family!

boo we had a birthing pool at home in my living room smile MWs cleaned up after themselves and then DH emptied the pool with the hose that sucked the water out into the yard. The MWs bring round a HB kit at 37 weeks and talk you through it and you an get lots of towels and cheap plastic tarpaulin for the floor. After the birth everything gets swept up and dumped in a bin by the MWs while you cuddle youe baby and drink tea! I rented and had cream carpets and you wouldn't have a CLUE that my placenta shot out over the floor grin In the pool I wasn't very, ahem, messy but you have a sieve and MWs help clean that up too if necessary! Was dead easy, the settee and table needed putting back and then all was fine.

happy to answer ANY questions about HB, am such a fan and researched it so thoroughly for DS. www.homebirth.org.uk is a great website for safety and risks stats.

Picklep Mon 01-Oct-12 15:44:25

bunny that's terrible! I just don't understand how people could say anything negative/horrible about a pregnancy. We need plenty of biscuit and brew today! I'm going to curl up with my duvet and watch Baby Boom, which is one of my fave films!

PickleP Definitely normal.It really is your hormones.My DP was a dream over the weekend but i was absolutely itching for a fight.Go figure.I cried at X factor(i hate X factor) and i really wouldnt shut up about the trapped nerve ive suddenly got in my shoulder.But it hurts sooo bad.Unfortunately your hormones will cause up days
and down days throughout pregnancy.Sorry.

Bunnychan It must be the day for annoying sisters/Sils.I feel bloated and im sure my face is looking chubby

Picklep Mon 01-Oct-12 15:53:12

wilde I will def mention to my mw tomorrow, DH seems to think I'm no different to when I'm suffering PMT! I think it's the expectation of how I thought I'd feel and how i actually feel that's been hard to process. As a newbie I had no idea how hard the first 12 weeks would be, everyone I know seemed to sail through it, whereas I'm finding it difficult.

Hoping to have a HB do it's nice to hear your positive experience :-)

Picklep Mon 01-Oct-12 15:56:35

Thanks Beaut, I cried at Xfactor too and like you I hate it! And constantly snapping at DH, then feeling guilty and upset about it. Hormones are a bitch!!!

PickleP i think lots struggle during the first 12 weeks but as many don't tell until after there scan you don't hear all the not so nice bits.Ms sucks i drank ginger beer which helped somewhat during previous pregancies.With DS1 it lasted until week 12 with DS2 it continued mildly throughout.Heartburn was really bad with both and i drank gaviscon from about 16 weeks onwards.

I was so unhappy during my first pregnancy (relationship problems) and i didn't have the greatest birth.I still think it all contributed.You need to look after yourself and treat yourself.Do mention it to your mw there is such a thing as pre natal depression as well.I am in no way saying you have it just thought it would be good for you to know it exists.

The first 12 weeks are always the hardest.So many questions,so much worrying.That first scan takes away a lot of the anxities.Have some brew and put your feet up.

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 16:27:23

beaut don't worry I don't mind asking questions plus all to often I hear on MN when anyones husband is behaving like an arse " he sounds autistic...leave him" when my DH would never treat me so badly.
I get that parents must worry about their autistic kids but honestly many are in good jobs and relationships.

cheerful oh yes I'm betting there are many people who think DH is a jerk because they misinterpreted his reaction/behaviour. Just as well he's oblivious to it all. grin
It actually makes me feel very protective of him.

wild did you buy a birth pool or rent? I'm not sure what to do but DH is concerned about hygiene of renting a Birth pool.

seven77 Mon 01-Oct-12 16:32:54

bunny that's awful, people need to mind their own business. However we won't be telling our parents for a couple of weeks yet, and we don't want it to be public knowledge at all. DS has muscular dystrophy, and any subsequent baby has a risk of having it too. We're not stupid, we've weighed up the risks and we're happy to have more children, unfortunately most people thought we wanted their opinions when i was pregnant with DD, there are still people who even came to our wedding that won't speak to us because we had another child.

FrustratedSycamorePants Mon 01-Oct-12 16:52:15

beaut I get the "so why's your 4yo in a buggy?" refusal to walk outside, and no concept of danger And "well it must be your parenting skills" yes that will be why older dd is well behaved followed by "have you tried..." um do I look stupid?
I am holding of telling people that I'm pregnant for as long as I can, although I swear I have a small 3rd dc bump, but some people I won't tell, they can speculate all they want. As I don't need the "you'll have your hands full" comments. <sigh>

Seriously frus?! People have the -- bloody-- nerve to comment about your parenting skills??! that would make me want to punch them so mad.

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 17:00:06

seven That's awful how dare they treat you that way!

frustrated not quite the same thing but the one thing I am glad that I have mentally prepared for is that totally strangers thinking they have the right to have an opinion or pass judgement on how you raise kids. Like they would know better after a 2o second observation. hmm

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 17:11:28

thunder oh it starts right from the beginning from the
'oh that baby isn't wearing socks...' no it's bloody heat wave and baby is hot I'm not risking boil in the bag syndrome.
or ' why hasn't the baby got a hat on" because I've put it on at least 20 times in the last 30 minutes and it keeps taking it off!
Or the 'are you going to cut up their grapes" Nope the children are bloody 3,4 and 5!

My sister says it starts in pregnancy with the hmm faces every time you eat something that's 'banned' or so much as stand within 5 foot of alcohol.

Luckly 10 years of nannying has helped me prefect my DEATHSTARE. I will start practicing for when people try to assult touch my bump.

FrustratedSycamorePants Mon 01-Oct-12 17:21:54

thunder the parenting skills one was from my mum. Closely followed by "why have you got children you're not maternal" ?! shock but take after you then grin

Oh yes littleb the socks one is mental, socks, shoes, hats, mits, sun shades, coats, vests, etc etc. can't please everyone all the time.

milkandribena Mon 01-Oct-12 17:24:50

well the MW appt. was rather uneventful. Non man being here was odd. Especially at first. But think it got easier. Did have a few awkward brushing of the hands though and knee touching while watching telly. Then there was the slight thing of me falling asleep on him. But am sure that now we have done it once it will get easier.

As for telling people. I had to tell my best mate because she has asked me to be maid of honour at her wedding and thought she should know. Sort of dreading telling family though. Though am sure they will be fine (apart from telling me to move back up north) But at least we are both catholic. Getting knock up out of wedlock is one thing to a prod would be something else entirely smile

fascinated by all this home birth stuff. would never do it myself but fascinated all the same

bunny some people are just beyond

and hello terracotta

seven can I ask what type MD your DS has?

sorry hooya my thought are with you

I've had 'growing pains' in my legs and arms all day - anyone know if it is something pregnancy related or just my body being weird?

seven77 Mon 01-Oct-12 17:27:38

Thanks littleb, the trouble is DH works in a pub, as people drink more they share their opinions. He even overheard someone say we should have had DS aborted angry.

seven77 Mon 01-Oct-12 17:31:21

milk he has Duchenne, do you know someone affected by MD? Apologies if not, most people don't usually ask though unless they know anything about it. Glad it went ok with non man, I read your thread the other day (before I knew I was pregnant, I promise I'm not a stalker!)

Yes, I meant to say before my outburst , I'm so sorry hooya. Tricky times for you.

I hadn't thought about the judgemental thing, I hate that. I get bad enough when people make comments on how I look after my dog! (and only think of the appropriate cutting response much later)

milk, sounds like an unusual situation. Bit of chemistry there between you still, despite the new agreement?

PedanticPanda Mon 01-Oct-12 17:47:26

littlebairn that's not a high functioning autism thing, it's a really lucky thing. Only around 5% (stats i was given from the NAS) with autism have high intelligence levels. My son is high functioning and certainly isn't highly intelligent sad he struggles a lot in school and scored very low when having his cognitive assessments, although that doesn't stop people telling me I'm lucky as he'll be a genius hmm.

PedanticPanda Mon 01-Oct-12 17:51:03

Seven that is disgusting shock I can't believe someone would say that to you about your baby! People just come out with ridiculous opinions sometimes, I was asked once if I'd have aborted my DS (hfa) if I knew about his ASD whilst pregnant. And my dp's aunt asked us last week if we'd be able to have any normal children in the future.

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 17:52:37

milk lol my catholic mum got pregnant with me as an unmarried teenager, the family were mostly concerned that my dad was raised protestant. I would loved to have seen their faces when they realised he is actually an atheist. grin
They love him now.

milkandribena Mon 01-Oct-12 17:57:56

thunder really people make comments about your dog ?!?! bloody hell. that said I have been told that mine is too big - like I can help that that is the size they grow too.
Umm ohh we have piles of chemistry - we just don't want 'us' to be the focus at the moment.
seven i'll believe you thousands wouldn't but I will. My cousin DS has just been diagnosed with Ullrich congenital MD. And I sometimes work with people with MD. that is horrible about the man in the pub.

wilderumpus Mon 01-Oct-12 17:58:53

ooh milk?! snuggles? <nosy as hell emoticon> really admire the maturity between you both. Sorry to hear it will be awkward with your family. When do you think you will tell them? are you close generally?

the attitudes some of you are suffering towards your DCs is just appalling. I never knew such nosiness and openly rude opinions as when I had DS and that was on basic issues of weaning, BFing etc. With having a HB and then we did baby led weaning and breast fed on demand, and MIL thought we were on a mission to kill him. And you can't make nasty responses because all to often these are your friends and family. But if people had uninformed opinions because of disability etc? Fuck right off.

little I bought mine because I wanted three childers and they have a fantastic resale value. I got the birthpool in a box i think it was called, was about £40. Each time you use it you have a new liner in it so it is effectively a new pool each time so renting would be fine as far as hygiene goes... but is a very personal choice. Some areas actually lend you a birth pool c/o the MWs if you are having a HB! Nice.

my 2.9 year old son keeps talking to my tummy to wake the baby up hmm. Bless. He saw it on the tv at the scan so knows about it (which means all the neighbours will soon enough I guess!) He also wonders if it is coming soon... I say emphatically NOT!

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 17:58:58

pecantic sorry that did sound dismissive, I know that a lot of children/adults on the spectrum struggle with their education. And that schools are very I'll equipped to give them the care and support they need.
But I do find that many ( particularly high IQ) autistic are undiagnosied and unsupported so I'm not convinced the figures are always correct.
DH was only diagnosed young because the IN Laws paid for private evaluation as they wanted to know if he was 'made' like he was or if was because be spent about 3 years of his childhood hospitalised.
If they hadn't he would have been another undiagnosied autistic.

PedanticPanda Mon 01-Oct-12 18:02:22

I'd like to have a home birth but I'd be too conscious of the neighbours hearing the screams! Plus, I had an epidural last time so I'm not sure if I may end up demanding one in the late stages of labour this time - although I aim not to!

TerracottaPie Mon 01-Oct-12 18:06:47

boo the consultant led care bit seems to be just because it's their protocol. If you've had a 4.5kg or over baby you have to start under the consultant. I guess I'll wait and see what happens when they want to see me?

It was a pretty straight forward ish birth. The biggest problem wasn't so much his size more that he was back to back. I was induced, just needed gel to get me going. Everything was moving along swimmingly. Finally got moved up to labour ward. And then an anterior lip wouldn't go and I was stuck at 9.5 for a couple of hours. That wasn't so nice. But out he came. Had a bit of a PPH (500ml) but they treated it pretty actively, due to his size I think.

I shall just see if I start measuring big for dates and go from there this time I suppose. And try not to get my hopes up too much for a homebirth again. <remembers the tears for that so very well>

I've had a homebirth before so if you want you can ask me stuff too smile. I made a little mess on the cream carpet but thankfully cold water got it out!

Perhaps in hindsight at the 'chainsaw massacre' comment from the MW for DC3 it was better not to have had the homebirth. She was soaked up to her knees with my waters and had to change, fluids spilled out from under the bed when it was moved hours later, there was meconium splattered up the wall and the placenta was hooooge grin.

Those of you have people say unpleasant or downright rude things - about pregnancy, child rearing, disability, LD's, everything? Why do they do that? Why can't people just engage their brain or do they really not care about hurting people? It's horrible. I think I must just have a do not fuck with me face. Wish my sister could. She gets so upset.

Meant to say before...thanks for the welcome everyone smile

tweety89 Mon 01-Oct-12 18:23:33

ladies in the end unfortunately you will need to remove me from the list as well... sadsad
I went to the EPU today and they confirmed that my HcG levels are not as high as they should have been since the last time I was taken blood, so even though the woman at the EPU told me to go back tomorrow for another blood test she also told me that she thinks I have miscarried and gave me the leaflet. sad And currently I am bleeding and feeling lightheaded so I think they got it right this time.
DD has been very sweet and caring since yesterday as if she understands (she's only two). smile
Best of luck to all of you and enjoy your pregnancy! Even though not as glamorous as one would think it's still a lovely period of a woman's life. smile

beaver33 Mon 01-Oct-12 18:32:10

oh tweety i'm so sorry to hear that. Glad you've got the help and support you need. Take care of yourself, rest up and lots of love.

pickle I think hope being up and down is normal at the moment. So many changes are happening. I've been feeling really similar, but I think it's mostly because I haven't been letting myself think about this whole thing as a baby yet because my sister found out she had a blighted ovum at 11 weeks. So I'm terrified.

Also, just had a good old weep myself which is no bad thing. Just heard about a friend who's been diagnosed with incurable secondary cancer. She's 33. and that made me feel so bereft, lucky and angry all at once. Weird times.

RTchoke Mon 01-Oct-12 18:41:30

I'm sorry to hear your news Tweety. Look after yourself.

Beaut & Terracotta - I have quite a big age gap too, not as big as you guys but DD1 will be very nearly 7 and DD2 will be 4.5. I actually thought I should wait until they were 8 and 6 as that seemed the most civilised gap to me. DD2 is still quite young for her age, she enjoys playing the baby of the family, so an actual baby in the family may be rather a shock.

Today I am reading everyone's experiences of judgemental comments about parenting and for once I want to celebrate living in London. No strangers ever talk to you here so there are no unwanted comments. I even managed to breast feed both DDs to 15 months without so much as a raised eye brow!

berri Mon 01-Oct-12 18:41:54

I'm so sorry tweety I am glad you're being looked after at home. sad

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 18:46:46

tweaty I so sad for you tweaty, I hope your taking care of yourself.

beaver DH friend wife is terminally I'll, very sudden and they have a young child too. I've had a bit of a weep about it and I barely know her but it's such a sad situation.

I'm worried about the fact that I probably won't have a scan until 15 weeks, its such a long time to wait to have a confirmation that the pregnacy is healthy.

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 18:50:47

RT I nannied and lived in London for 6 years and yes it was lovely be ignored. I mean that seriously, in Scotland everyone chats to each other like they have know each other all their lives instead of the 5 mins waiting for a bus.
Even those that would help the buggy up the tube steps would do so without a word and disappear before I could say thank you. That is my kind of society. [anti-social]

ng1412 Mon 01-Oct-12 19:33:54

Hello all, can I join you please? Had a scan today and saw the heartbeat so very relieved as had 2 m/c (one before and one after the birth of my DD). Last one was only 3 months ago so still very nervous about things. EDD is 30th May.

I live in France so am going to have fun working out what the process is although have a lovely gyne so that's a start.

Tweety so sorry if it is confirmed bad news, look after yourself x

I think i have a crush on Ed Miliband. Is this normal?

What's brown and sticky? A stick

MaybeAMayBaby Mon 01-Oct-12 20:02:08

hmm at above.

It's taken me hours to read and catch up on this thread

So sorry, medusa, tweety and hooya. You are all in my thoughts tonight.

Anyone else thinking the anxiety is getting worse?

seven77 Mon 01-Oct-12 20:23:00

Hi ng, your EDD is the same as mine, though my other 2 were both born a month prematurely.

gertrude I'm afraid odd crushes are a normal part of pregnancy, just wait until you start having erotic dreams about them.

I'm so sorry tweety, and to hear about your friend beaver.

maybe I agree about the anxiety, I'm still nearly a week away from when I had my mc last time. The line on my test was a lot darker though, last time it was only just visible so I'm hoping that's a good sign.

Tweety So so sorry.I really don't know what to say.But thinking of you.

wilderumpus Mon 01-Oct-12 20:32:37

oh tweety. I am so sorry. sad Big hugs and look after yourself won't you x

peardrop2 Mon 01-Oct-12 20:32:43

tweety I am so so sorry. I was really hoping for better news for you :-( I'm glad to hear you have the comfort of your DD!

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 20:34:54

MaybeA I have moments of panic that I could MC at any point because the longer the pregnacy goes on the more attached and 'real' it all becomes and I don't want it stop.

What helps me the most is to look around if somewhere crowded ( or look at baby photos of family) everyone that you see baby, young man, old lady was once a 7 week pregnacy. It helps calm me down.

On raging hormones front, I was walking down my street today and realised this time next year I could be walking down with it with a baby and burst into tears. blush TBF they were happy tears.

mwncigirl Mon 01-Oct-12 20:35:25

I had a home birth with DC1, waterbirth in the depths of winter in the snow. MW unable to get to us and insisted I go to hospital. I refused and had a very wonderful experience. No mess to speak of, and SO glad I stuck to my guns. Happy to talk home birth till the cows come home grin

fertilityFTW Mon 01-Oct-12 20:39:11

Oh tweety I'm so sorry to hear your news, I hope you're being looked after. I was really shock to hear about your friend beaver, 33 is so very young!
Hope everyone's holding it together okay.

I have MW coming in first thing in the morning - and DH and I (him in between contracts, me in a slow phase of freelancing) have taken to staying up super late re-watching West Wing and sleeping in really late these last few days, so really hope we don't greet her rubbing our eyes and tugging at our dressing gowns! Eep. And then Scan Day the day after, both DM and DMIL have been told to pray to their respective deities like they've never prayed before as we're branded 'high risk'!

MaybeAMayBaby Mon 01-Oct-12 20:39:46

blush Gertrude I didn't realise you were preg and part of this thread. Now I feel stupid.

Seven-are you still taking tests then? I have a few cheapies left. Maybe I should... I think I'm just having a bad day.

Can't remember who it was (pages and pages back) suffering with insomnia. Me too. Can anyone remember when it lifted? And the exhaustion. My house is a tip and I can't bring myself to sort it. I wasn't like this last time.
And I must be having another girl-just eaten a bag of peanut M&Ms (not such a good idea for a diabetic. And I've had dessert every meal for last four days-again a completely stupid idea.

cuppateaandagingersnap Mon 01-Oct-12 20:49:40

tweety so sorry to hear things not working out for you, thinking about you thanks

mwncigirl did you have a midwife at all for your HB or did you do it all by yourself, kudos for sticking to your guns, I'm fascinated by HB's but would be far too scardy to do it!

Maybe i am one suffering with insomnia.I don't remember having had it before so not sure when it will lift.It really isn't helped by the fact i go to the loo about 6 times a night.Again something i don't recall from before.

Funnily enough i also have a sweet tooth.I just ate half a lemon meringue pie blush

booboomonster Mon 01-Oct-12 21:04:15

Oh no tweety so sorry to hear your news. Look after yourself and take it as easy as you can. Lots of luck.

Thanks terracotta I'll be interested to see how you get on with the consultant. I've yet to be booked in, so I guess I'll find out if they have any similar policy here. Your chainsaw massacre story made me chuckle out loud!

Your home birth sounds lovely, wild. I have always been tempted but quite like the security of being near hospital. The mess has always concerned me, but now I'd be more worried about making a noise and waking the DCs! Also I loved the midwife led unit last time - we were totally left alone and it was like a playground with lots of birthing props to try!! But if baby's size makes midwife led unit impossible, HB might be the way to go... unless that's also out.
Also yours sounds very romantic Mwnci!

Yes the rude comments are shock - also interesting to hear little and others perspective on autism. Thanks for the insight!

milk wow sounds like you are handling everything very maturely. Respect!

pickle I definitely seem to be having mood swings - it's a bit disconcerting, but I'm hoping, normal!

beaver sorry to hear about your friend's awful news too, stay strong, I also have 2 friends with 11 week MC recently - and after one myself in March it's quite hard to stay positive!

God I felt terrible today at work - totally bloated belly and trying to hold it in was not a pleasant experience... roll on 12 weeks.

seven77 Mon 01-Oct-12 21:13:29

maybe I'm not still testing, I only found out yesterday! I didn't test until I was a week late though, I never get a BFP until at least a week late for some reason.

mwncigirl Mon 01-Oct-12 21:24:41

cuppatea eventually had two midwives, one horrendous one who was obviously not into HB and refused to give me gas and air until i had agreed to go to hospital! ( i - in the throws of labour- told her to f off!) and the second who trudged through the snow in her wellies who i really believe was an angel!
For me, hospital really wasn't an option unless a medical emergency - the though made me anxious and made my contractions stop. Why not explore a home birth? It can be wonderful!

mwncigirl Mon 01-Oct-12 21:25:38

cuppatea eventually had two midwives, one horrendous one who was obviously not into HB and refused to give me gas and air until i had agreed to go to hospital! ( i - in the throws of labour- told her to f off!) and the second who trudged through the snow in her wellies who i really believe was an angel!
For me, hospital really wasn't an option unless a medical emergency - the though made me anxious and made my contractions stop. Why not explore a home birth? It can be wonderful!

Frustrated sorry didn't see your post until now.Yes i get all the comments as well such as 'do you pay him any attention at home','why is he so ignorant' he is in his own world and cant hear you and my all time favourite 'don't worry he will grow out of it all naughty children do eventually' I had'nt realised they had found a cure

I also feel like i have a bump already.I showed almost straight away with DS2 and i presume now on my third pregnancy that my tummy muscles must be completely shot.

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 22:23:40

mwn I love how they didn't feel it safe enough for a midwife to come out in the snow but it's ok for a pregnant woman!
I fairly well prepared to fight for a homebirth ( the idea of a hospital birth terrifies me) even since I was a child I have always wanted to have my babies at home. And if I get one who doesn't support homebirths she will be told to sit in another room.
Its also why I need a doula I imagine when in labour and vulnerable its hard to fight the 'system' so I'm looking for a pit bull of a doula. grin

LittleBairn Mon 01-Oct-12 22:25:01

mnw what was her reason for refusing G&A? I would have thought she had no right to do so.

mwncigirl Mon 01-Oct-12 22:36:46

As if i was going anywhere!! MW was more worried about procedure and organising 4 x 4 ambulances rather than examining me, I think she was just very anxious and not HB experienced. The lovely one instructed her to only make tea!
little sounds like a really good plan re doula, and don't underestimate your own strength at that time!

CheerfulYank Tue 02-Oct-12 04:00:59

I'd love a homebirth but I loved my epidural so very much...we don't have G&A here, if we did I'd do an HB no problem! sad

Bunnychan Tue 02-Oct-12 07:25:21

I'm only 6+4 and my waistbands are getting snug! Sob sob! Just wanted to share that lol x

Bunnychan I feel the same and im sure im developing a lovely lot of celluite on my thighs sad

I'm taking the day off work today as in pain with trapped nerve and to be honest i haven't slept all night so will probably spend most of the day in bed.


WeatherWitch Tue 02-Oct-12 09:03:38

Oh tweety, I'm so sorry to hear that. Look after yourself - no words are going to help but we're all thinking about you.

Bunny - I went "fat" in weeks 6-7 then got normal again so I think it was just bloating. Not sure how I fixed it, it just seemed to go away by itself. Now (10 weeks today) I'm definitely getting fat again. Desperately trying to avoid maternity wear at work until after the 12 week scan though.

Went to my first antenatal class last night. They run a 4 week course locally about how your baby is developing, with one intro week then a week per trimester, focusing on what is going on and how external factors affect the baby's development. Last night was a bit tedious tbh - most people there with DPs and me alone (DH is somewhere mid-Channel so has a reasonable excuse, but still felt lonely) and then there was the usual "Let's break the ice by introducing ourselves and telling everyone one fascinating fact about ourselves" type crap. Hi, I'm Weatherwitch and I'm an advanced level pole dancer. (really wish I'd said that actually...). And filling in forms to register DC with the local children's centre, which at 10 weeks felt a bit like tempting fate so I didn't, and then got stared at. Hoping next week when they actually start to talk about useful stuff it might improve!

LittleBairn Tue 02-Oct-12 09:20:06

I feel dreadful today still not sleeping well and MS seems on it way. I feel
Iike I'm on the verge of vomiting and light headed bit like you feel when car sick. Eating doesn't seem to he helping.

WeatherWitch Tue 02-Oct-12 10:16:57

Been having brown spotting for a couple of days, mild period-like cramps all morning, and now just started bleeding and feeling really lightheaded. Waiting for MW to phone back with a scan appointment but suspect this is going to be bad news. Damn, bugger and arse.

milkandribena Tue 02-Oct-12 10:22:48

wild I know lovely lovely snuggles smile I'll tell them after the 12 week scan (which isn't that far away am exactly 9 weeks today) They'll be okay about it - once the panic passes. They will want to meet non-man which I imagine will be slightly odd but then from what non-man has said about his family they will want to meet me as well.
Close generally? christ yes. a very very close knot family.
It'll be fine I'm sure.

weather was about to say that it seems early for antenatal classes and things but
then if it is development then guess that makes sense. Ohh ice-beakers the bane things of group sad

little that is no fun. with any luck it will improve though the day

beautican enjoy your duvet day - despite the pain

welcome and congratulations ng

so sorry tweety my thoughts are with you

milkandribena Tue 02-Oct-12 10:23:47

weather didn't see your last post - hopefully everything is okay. we'll be thinking of you

WeatherWitch Hope it turns out ok for you.Some people bleed a little all the way through.I had a client recently who at week 7 had a bright red heavy bleed and all was fine when she was checked out and is now 16 weeks.So it isnt always bad news.Fx for you.

MilkandRibena It sounds as if your non partner is very supportive. My EXP was completely unsupprtive and useless during both our entire relationship and pregnancies.I wish i had gone it alone but hindsight is wonderful.

I am enjoying my duvet day.Ive just had a nice big bowl of oat so simple which has settled my queasy stomach.

ng1412 Tue 02-Oct-12 10:34:54

Weather I had the same when I was pregnant with my DD. I went and had my Hcg levels done and had a scan and all was ok. Hope you have good news too xx

seven77 Tue 02-Oct-12 10:42:51

Hope it's good news weather.

beautician your duvet day sounds fab.

We told DS this morning, he's thrilled bless him.

seven77 Tue 02-Oct-12 10:44:59

How is everyone working out their EDD by the way? Based on my last period my EDD is 30th May, but I don't have a 28 day cycle, I ovulate on day 17 not 14 so it's more likely 2nd June.

WeatherWitch Tue 02-Oct-12 10:48:40

Thanks everyone. Scan 0930 tomorrow so until then not much I can do. MW did say that there are lots of reasons for bleeding and not all are MC-related. Hey ho, these things happen - am determined to be calm about this. Now just need to find the words to tell my boss!

WeatherWitch Until then you need to rest.Get those feet up.I will be thinking of you.

Seven I used to have a 32 day Cycle.However,i have just based my dates on the way Gps do.40 weeks from my LMP.I will change the date if necessary when i have dating scan.They usually always give you a different day after scan even if just a day.I bet i get given DS2s birthday as baby is due literally a few days before smile

beaver33 Tue 02-Oct-12 10:58:37

WeatherWitch - just wanted to add to the support and well-wishing. Hope everything works out for you. Take care, rest up til tomorrow xx

wilderumpus Tue 02-Oct-12 11:03:32

fingers crossed for you Weather. can you relax today? Have you been overdoing it at all, maybe you have irritated something and some chill time will sort it?

seven I had a wonky cycle after a chemical pregnancy but was using feritlity friend website and opks so am pretty sure I know when I ov'ed and it gave me an EDD from that.

beaut how lovely.

little hope you perk up soon.

found out DS has chicken pox this morning! eek! i don't know if i have had it, i think i have. meant to be working today but guess i will have to take this week off to be on scratch duty. double eek.

Wilde I'm pretty sure chicken pox is one of those things you need to be careful of in pregnancy.I would check with parents if you have had it and also contact your mw for advice as i am not entirely sure how it can/if it does affect you.

wilderumpus Tue 02-Oct-12 11:37:58

thanks beaut sadly am estranged form my parents but do remember my mum saying something about me having had it once but only super mildly so am not too worried. Is nothing i can do anyway! DH can't take a week off and I can't go into hibernation, and he needs his mum... my friend said it is only in the last tri you need to be wary... Will do some research and maybe ring the drs later if am concerned. Am a bit concerned but tbh really, is nothing I can do! confused

seven77 Tue 02-Oct-12 12:01:56

Thanks, will go on date from LMP then, 6+1 today.

beaut my nieces share a birthday, you could have it on his birthday!

Hope your DS is coping with the CP ok wilde, how old is he? Hope you don't get it, but like you said nothing you can do. Sorry to hear about your chemical pregnancy, when I had my mc I started bleeding the day after I found out I was pregnant.

seven77 Tue 02-Oct-12 12:06:49
scooby26 Tue 02-Oct-12 12:19:28


Just been for scan ( been booked for few weeks as hasn't been able to get pregnant so was looking for probs ) thought I'd go anyway ;-). I thought I was about 6 weeks today based on lmp and ovulation predictor kits. She said she wasnt properly conversant with pregnancy as not her kind of scan but could see a yolk sac so thought I might be 4-5 weeks. She said might poss be just able to see fetal pole.. I'm quite sure about dates donor worries be he thinks diff dates- worried its stopped developing. That said from google I think possibles the yolk sac should be seen at 5 wk 4 so surely of she can see that it only 2/3 days out- I can believe that cos I got smiley ovulation face day 15 from
Lmp 21 aug so guess might not have conceived until a few days later??

Anyone any similar?

fertilityFTW Tue 02-Oct-12 12:41:50

I do hope all is well with you Weather. MW just left after a nice long chatty visit. She was saying we're more prone to bleeding through nose, gums and vagina due to the vessels being so full of extra blood, sometimes they rupture and it's really more alarming than it appears. I do hope it's all okay on your end.

Vickles Tue 02-Oct-12 12:53:15

Eeeek, have just booked a private early scan.
This is my 4th pregnancy, and I'm still slightly 'coming to terms' with things.
I am feeling completely irrational about there being twins in there! There are no previous twins in our family history..... But, I'm so scared about the impact of two babies, with my already gorgeous children.
I wanted one more to have a partner in crime for my now 19 month old son, whilst his 2 older sisters are at school. Me and my husband both wanted two kids, or four, as we were both from three sibling families.
It's £70, which I thought was quite cheap, as my local hospital wanted me to pay £140, and Babybond were £99.

Vickles Tue 02-Oct-12 12:53:56

Thinking positive thoughts for everyone out there. X

TerracottaPie Tue 02-Oct-12 12:57:40

Tweety another here very sorry to hear your news. Do look after yourself.

And Weather fingers crossed for you. Take it easy today.

wilde maybe ring the GP and see if they have any record of you having it? GP's always used to have your notes moved with you when you move practice (before things went electronic) so there's a chance they might know? Or just ring them or midwife to see what they reckon. Hope your DS doesn't feel too bad with it. Good luck on dealing with pox and early pregnancy at the same time!

I feel rough as anything today. Been on the edge of vomiting since I woke up and finally did it whilst making the 9mo his dinner. Coming back to pitta, houmous and avocado wasn't pleasant. And made me sad as I usually love the first two. Not so much the third. It was funny though when I was over the toilet bowl hearing this little person crawl up behind me, pat my back a couple of times and then laugh every time I retched grin.

Question - anyone else breastfeeding another child at the moment or done it? I've not done the pregnant and breastfeeding thing before and wondering about my supply and whether I'll get DC3 to a year or not. Supply feels different at the moment but he's not seemingly bothered.

TerracottaPie Tue 02-Oct-12 13:03:00

Vickles I was like that about twins the last time! It didn't help that DP constantly took the piss and said it would be. And then when I was enormous my friend kept joking how one twin could have been hiding behind the other on the scan. So hilarious hmm.

This time I am strangely at ease about the possibility. Although I do hope like hell there's not a reason for that!! The nausea is way way worse than ever before though confused.

wilderumpus Tue 02-Oct-12 14:01:46

ooh. when's your scan vickles? I pad £69 for mine, when others wanted 140 which is crazy!

terra I have moved GPs a million times, would they have it in there? hmm. I will ring someone I guess but whatever they say I have to stay home with DS, no one can look after him! and they say if you have been with them for over 15 mins your buggered. I am with him constantly and he doesn't go short of kisses! thanks for the info seven all looks pretty ok to me but suppose I should ring someone.

DS is completely fine atm, has his spots and is getting itchy but only a few and is tip top at the mo (is killing me, I need a nap!). am completely hoping he will have it really mildly kidding myself when will he get ill does anyone know? Am dreading early pregnancy knackeredness coupled with being up all night with an itchy DS! ouch!! Only three more sleeps till the weekend...

scooby sounds entirely plausible that you are just measuring a bit behind, these early scans are soooo hard to date especially before 7 weeks. A usual scan result like this would lead them to ask you to come back in 10 -14 days to see what growth had occured in the meantime. Did this happen? if not see your GP and ask them, or self refer to an EPU? hope you are ok and not too stressed. TBH I had this issue but sadly mine was a blighted ovum in the end - not a great story but I do know how you might be feeling and what to expect care-wise and as you said, you might just be out on dates and really a baby can be a week behind at this stage then have a growth spurt. Try not to worry and get a proper scan with someone knowledgable asap.

glad your MW visit was good fertility. Am glad you said about the bleeding thing for weather because I have had quite a bleedy nose this pg and has been a bit disconcerting! Is anyone else a bit stuffier than normal too? is odd but I do know is likely to be about the pg.

Vickles Tue 02-Oct-12 14:04:33

Terracotta.... That's funny as I was slightly disappointed that no3 wasn't a no3&4!
So, you're no3 is 9 months.. Mine is 19 months... And he two big girls play brilliantly with him. My no2 has just started school full time, so it's just me and no3. My friends and family would say, how lovely, just you and no 3 now. But insides, I was saying, yes, time for another one.
OH has had the snip, so there's no chance of a no5!
How's your morning sickness going? So draining isn't it. Just like being on a perpetual hang over! Went out last night with some friends, only for a meal and I was home at 10pm.... But, I feel unbelieveably tired, even took to my bed whilst no3 slept! Haven't done that since he was a newborn!
Just wondering how I'm going to fit a scan in, what with bloody harvest festival for reception kids and another bloody one for juniors! Aaaaaaah!

Vickles Tue 02-Oct-12 14:06:04

wilder the scan is Friday at 12.30 at a gp surgery in Bristol!

TerracottaPie Tue 02-Oct-12 14:15:31

Wilde it's worth a ring. But like you say you've been exposed a lot now and you can't help but keep getting exposed. Mine got ill before the spots. High temp, general whinging, snotty nose I think too. Then the spots broke and they started to feel better. You never know it might not be too bad for you him!

Stuffy nose do you mean? Oh yes. Totally pregnancy related. To do with the enlarged blood vessels. Will mean you'll snore like a trooper too. DP had ear plugs last pregnancy grin.

Vickles I have 2 older girls too. They play so lovely with DC3 as well. I wholeheartedly endorse the going back to bed while he sleeps!!
Home at 10pm sounds very late to me. I'm in bed as soon as the kids are these days!

wilderumpus Tue 02-Oct-12 14:40:07

ooooh DS had a terrible cold all through the holiday, started the day after we landed and he had been off a few days before that. Maybe that was the beginning?! slaps forehead

aw how lovely to have big families. good luck for the scan vickles!

Wilde In preperation for the next few days if he does get a bad dose then stock up on calamine lotion and piriton syrup.Piriton is great as it helps them sleep too as causes drowsiness(does that make me sound mean).I bathed mine in a bath with a tight cut off at the foot and filled with oats then i tied it and left it in the hot water this really helps the itching.

Vickles Its nice to hear stories of No3.I am hoping i may get some sleep in the early days with the older two being at school.I would have liked a fourth.However,DP has already informed me he wants to get the snip pretty much as soon as baby is born.I think its more from a financial side he is worried.We aren't rich by any means but we have a holiday abroad each year and never go without.

wilderumpus Tue 02-Oct-12 15:18:42

thank you beaut! that is fabulous and so helpful. I have calamine but no piriton stuff, will get DH to get some, and have never heard of the oat thing.

Aw you have been looking after me lots today, thanks ladies smile did ring MW but no answer and don't really know what to say anyway! pretty sure am beyond help wink

beaver33 Tue 02-Oct-12 15:32:54

So, I just nipped to M&S in my lunch hour to peruse the aisles and see what possible dinner option might not turn my stomach (had already vomited up both breakfast and dinner).

I came out with a packet of sultana cookies (mmm, buttery sultana goodness) and a bag of Percy Pigs.

Domestic goddess I am not.

Pregnant I am blush

MooLL Tue 02-Oct-12 15:38:53

Beaver sooooo funny! Yesterday I had a jam doughnut for lunch and plate of plain pasta for dinner!!! DH has started nagging about unbalanced nature of diet - I am just craaaaving white processed carbs (same as last time!)

10storeylovesong Tue 02-Oct-12 15:48:44

mooLL that's exactly what I'm craving. Just rice, bread and potatoes - struggling to stomach anything else although did throw up the toast I had for breakfast and not been able to face anything else all day.

Felt terrible today - really sick, full of a cold and stomach ache from constipation (sorry tmi!). Not been able to leave the couch!

MooLL Tue 02-Oct-12 16:11:48

Gosh you poor thing 10 - last thing you need is a cold etc on top of MS ... Im off this weekend to spend it with my 3 best girlfriends but really dont want to tell anyone yet ... going to be tough to hide it - especially as they all seem to be on a major health kick. Ordinarily Im on some mad cap diet such as Dukkan - so Im sure they will wonder why I am looking like humpty dumpty .... just trying to find clothes that conceal the bloat and expanding waistline!

10storeylovesong Tue 02-Oct-12 16:31:33

How far along are you? Maybe something floaty? I've been feeling really bloated but no one else seems to have noticed (or are too polite to say!) so you may get away with it. One of my friends wants me to wedding dress shopping with her next Sat but I know I can't go very long without running to loo to heave so not sure how I would hide it. I'm heading down south tomorrow to visit my best uni mate who's just had a baby so think I'll tell her then - it'll be a week before my scan but she knew how hard I was taking the whole ttc thing and it'll be nice to be able to give her the good news face to face.

wilderumpus Tue 02-Oct-12 16:43:21

10 that sounds harsh! poor you.

moo i had to break today and told my bezzies smile they keep emailing me to see about visits and piss ups and last night i dreamt about them getting me pissed on g and t because i forgot i was pg! i felt bad being secretive so have told them and am happy i did, is lovely having some congrats and happiness about it!

re bloat and constipation i quite like a cup of peppermint tea? or would that make you pukey sad it really helps shift but can make you trumpy!!!!

I am having one of those days where i have to keep eating or feel dreadful. i am going to get so fat!

MooLL Tue 02-Oct-12 16:58:28

wild ooh yes peppermint tea - ive been so busy downing lemon and ginger tea to help stop the MS I forgot a peppermint for bloat - off home soon to get some!

I am sure after a glass or two of wine I will cave in and tell them ... its awful but this pregnancy I am really craving red wine ... my DH keeps me in check and I get 'that look' after a glass or two .. but last time I was SOOO sick I didnt drink anything for 9 months - so I am having a glass now and again whilst I still feel like it (sounds worse that it is as its only about once a week - and here was me sounding like such a lush!)

Picklep Tue 02-Oct-12 17:12:10

You've all been busy on here again. wilde I usually drink peppermint tea but since becoming PG it makes me violently throw up!

I had my mw appt, got my bounty pack and homework (forms and forms), but I messed up, she asked if i wanted to have blood taken then or at my nuchal scan at the hospital....guess what I said??? 'Oh I'll wait!' Which felt great at the time but i've just prolonged the agony. Stupid.
But in good news, she seems nice, she was pleased about homebirth choice. The only thing that pissed me off was that she was a bit dismissive to DH. He asked questions and she answered me! She wouldn't give him eye contact. It annoyed me because i've been trying to make him feel very involved and he was asking good questions and he was excited (which I was really proud of because he's usually very shy). But the lack eye contact put him off and his questions came to an end. I just hope it was a weird one-off, she was very nice to me and knowledgable and i would definitely trust her to get me through a homebirth.

Anyway i'm craving onion bhajis so its a takeaway tonight, and i'm going to catch up with the conversation on here. Hope youre all well :-)

Picklep Tue 02-Oct-12 17:19:26

weather just seen your post, hope you're ok and i will be thinking of you tomorrow - sending lots of positive thoughts. X

CheerfulYank Tue 02-Oct-12 17:50:54

Thinking of you Weather.

I feel too ill to eat today which is a bit of silver lining as I am gaining at a monstrous rate!

seven77 Tue 02-Oct-12 17:50:57

pickle my MW is always like that with DH, he really hates it, he said you'd think they'd be pleased when the dads show an interest and want to be involved. Which is a shame as she's otherwise a brilliant MW, she's been doing it for over 25 years and even delivered me! Glad she's happy about he homebirth though, I know they can't stop you but so much easier when they support your choices.

vickles I was convinced it was twins when I had DD, and felt disappointed that it wasn't. DH thinks it will be this time as the line on my test was far darker than any I've had before, they're normally just visible! DH was going to have the snip after DD, I was convinced I didn't want anymore. When the appointment came through I think it suddenly terrified me how final it would be and I changed my mind!

moo I told my best mate today too. We're generally keeping it secret, but I didn't mind telling her because I know if I did happen to mc again I'd rather she knew and could be supportive than me have to pretend everything was fine.

I won't be having any quiet time with the baby, we home-educate, but I love the time it gives DS to bond with the baby, and I'm convinced its one of the reasons that he's such a great brother to DD, plus he gets to be involved with scans and appointments, it was a magical moment for him last time that he was there the first time we heard her heartbeat.

Sympathies to all of those suffering colds, MS and constipation.

IBelieveInPink Tue 02-Oct-12 18:09:29

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to those sharing about mw appointments etc. is so interesting, especially when I still have 2 weeks to wait, nice to know what is coming up! smile

Picklep Tue 02-Oct-12 18:46:42

seven that's exactly what my DH said and I agree but i kind of just excused her behaviour as I didn't want an 'atmosphere' developing between them. How wonderful that your mw delivered you, i love that.

I'm also fascinated that you home-school, its something I have done a lot of reading on. How many children to you have? And is there a community of you that divvy up the subjects and teach each others children? Or do you teach full curriculum yourself? Hope you don't mind the questions.

Not having curry now, i'm having morning sickness instead :-(

10storeylovesong Tue 02-Oct-12 19:22:19

Oh pickle I feel your pain.

Has anyone else's ms got worse around the 10 week stage previously? I've got to the point where I can't keep anything down - before it was just nausea.

wilderumpus Tue 02-Oct-12 19:24:29

ooh I'm interested in home-ed too seven. How did you make that choice, may I ask? I love an ide that I heard for primary schoolers that they go in four days a week and one day are at home for more personal education. So kids get to do more of what they love like sport, or music, or tramp through leaves etc etc, or just have down time if that is what they need.

shame about the MW pickle. I hate it when people do that!

is so stormy here. My favourite weather smile

fertilityFTW Tue 02-Oct-12 19:45:57

I'm sorry to hear about the DH/MW tension pickle and seven - I was very lucky that the MW had a great sense of humour with my DH (who'd decided to do some 'independent research' and has an avid interest in microbiology) decided he had to pipe up with a million questions and statistics and factoids throughout the visit hmm - she shared a couple of eye rolls and deep sighs with me - and was very patient discussing all his queries and issues. She patted me on the knee and said at least I'll remain thoroughly well informed throughout and don't have to worry that I've missed asking a question along the way!

rachywhite83 Tue 02-Oct-12 20:15:11

Well I'm going to bed. Started the day with no hot water angry (broken boiler ) ending the day with constipation ! Never been constipated in my life. Getting me down now and the lactulose the doctor gave me isn't working. Any ideas ?!?!?

beaver33 Tue 02-Oct-12 20:27:32

Ha - must say I'm loving the food chat on here. We're all clearly obsessed at the mo, although tbh am generally non-plussed apart from when I have a severe aversion to something.

Like lemon and ginger tea, pickle - like you with your peppermint, I used to drink it by the GALLON and during early pregnancy I was like, this is a godsend.

Now I loathe it. Can't even look at a packet of it without wanting to heave.

Ate most of my packet of M&S biccies earlier though - result!

Meeting my MW next Monday but obv, because it's London, i'll prob never see her again hmm. DH can't come because of work commitments but I don't think he'd ask many questions anyway...

PedanticPanda Tue 02-Oct-12 20:43:13

Hi everyone, I've been a bit quiet recently because I've felt so ill. I feel nauseated all the time, I'm now suffering really bad headaches and am completely exhausted, a quick trip to the shops will leave me floored and i'll need to spend the evening on the couch.

Is this normal? I dont remdmber feeling like this before. I'm 7 weeks tomorrow.

Pedantic I suffered nausea constantly with ds's as well as bad headaches.So was normal for me.Feels very unnormal this time to have no real symptoms other than the constant loo trips.Which i dont remember from last time.

LittleBairn Tue 02-Oct-12 20:54:20

weatherwitch hope all goes well tomorrow.

I feel bloated too, oddly my trousers are still getting looser. hmm

seven really excited to hear you HE I'm pretty certain we will be too, I read a lot of home Ed blogs and even try a few things out on my nanny kids. grin

On the subject on twins I nannied two different sets, one set from birth and I live in with the family. They really aren't that more difficult once you get logistics of twins and learn their personalities it gets much easier to balance both their needs. Both my bosses said the hardest thing about twins was the pregnacy with is a lot more high risk and stressful.

Still feel really crap. I haven't been sick but constantly feel like I will be, I've forced myself to eat and really regret it. I'm soooo tired and been on the verge of tear all evening.

LittleBairn Tue 02-Oct-12 20:55:18

* pedantic pander* thats pretty much how I feel and I'm 7 weeks today.

seven77 Tue 02-Oct-12 21:04:05

rachy sounds like a very bad day! My only suggestion on the constipation is prunes (if you can't stomach them dried apricots are the next best thing!)

pickle she's the community MW and I have hospital births so no chance of her delivering my baby, that would have made a great story though. Ask away about HE, I could go on about it all day. I have 2 DC's, DS 4 and DD 10months, so we don't do anything too formal yet. There's no requirement to teach the national curriculum, follow school terms/days/times, do tests etc, the only requirement is to provide a 'broad and balanced education' that caters to their age and ability. At the moment we're mostly following DS interests, while throwing in some English and maths where we can. We also read loads, he's reading by himself already so it seems to be working smile.

wilde with DS muscular dystrophy we were mosly concerned about bullying. I started researching HE, and the more I found out the more we realised its the lifestyle we want for our DC's. what I love most is how efficient it is, we only need to do a couple of hours per day to cover a full days worth of equivalent school work, the rest of the time DS can spend following his own interests and just being a kid. Also they're learning all the time anyway, we study biology by going on nature walks, weights and measures by baking cakes, geography by looking where the Olympic athletes came from etc. what you describe is known as flexi-schooling, it's something the headmaster of the school can do at their own discretion which most are reluctant to do. I've also heard very mixed reports about how successful it is tbh, with parents sometimes having to teach what the school dictates, or missing out on things they would have learnt at school and not being at the same level as the rest of the class, or just being 'different' from the other kids by not always being there.

Sorry that was a bit long, if anyone wants any more info or links to reliable info feel free to PM me.

seven77 Tue 02-Oct-12 21:08:35

little very exciting that you will be HE too!

Sorry you've been feeling so rough pedantic

LittleBairn Tue 02-Oct-12 21:57:21

seven I think we will probably be slightly structured in that well do projects/lap booking and try to be partly autonomous too.
I introduced the kids I care for to lapbooks over the summer they loved it and are still working on them now. The 3&4 year old are doing the Arctic and 5 year old is doing it on a childrens book I have about Alsace-Lorraine and how war effects family and community. They chose their own topics it's amazed me how driven they are, 2 months on and they are still working on them.

Feeling really recentful tonight that I'm the one that has to be pregnant and DH still gets the same as me out of it, a baby. Irrational I know. blush

booboomonster Tue 02-Oct-12 22:18:05

Good luck tomorrow weather, really hope it's good news.

Hey seven it's really interesting reading about your HE experience - I've never heard it explained before, so thanks for that. My DD has just started school, but I'm still nervous about how it's going, so it's good to hear about alternatives, sort of reassuring to know they are out there!

bloat and really bad wind blush here and generally being very fussy with food - I could just live off buttered toast I think.

DizziDoll Tue 02-Oct-12 22:48:12

Hope all goes well tomorrow weather.

I've seemed to have lost my MS somewhere. Anyone seen it? On a serious note... it is making me feel a little worried.

On the other hand, I've been offered a new job, eventhough they know I'm pg.

Hats off to all Home Educators. I would be terrible at it (except if CBeebies counts as education).

berri Tue 02-Oct-12 23:38:49

weather I hope tomorrow goes ok, sending positive vibes your way.

CheerfulYank Wed 03-Oct-12 07:55:41

I think I've got it Dizzi. <pulls head out of toilet to raise hand weakly>

Uuuuggghhh...I never felt this bad with DS, maybe this one is girl.

Going back to bed, see you all later. smile

wilderumpus Wed 03-Oct-12 08:11:25

good luck today weather x

CheerfulYank I was thinking the same just the other way around.Wonder if this is a pink one as i had horrible all day sickness with both the boys.I drank gallons of ginger beer.

RTchoke Wed 03-Oct-12 08:38:55

Urgh, urgh, urgh to commuting with morning sickness. And urgh to waking in the night with it too. And even more urgh to the fear of having to do a presentation later on, in front of 60 people, while battling the fear they'll all have to see my breakfast on it's way back up.

I am having a private scan tomorrow (no good excuse, I'm just impatient and paranoid). I should be 7+3. do you always see a heartbeat at this stage?

Good luck today Weather.

wilderumpus Wed 03-Oct-12 09:09:05

RT you might not see a HB if your dates are out and you could be a week behind but if you are 7 weeks then yes definitely should be a HB smile Exciting, good luck!

I feel soooooo sorry for you guys with bad ms and going to work, I really don't know how you do it! all power to you. I feel seasick at worst and am lucky enough to be at home and I STILL manage to feel sorry for myself! <kicks self up bum> Good luck for your presentation RT thanks

EllieBuffalo Wed 03-Oct-12 10:35:40

weather Good luck today

I've always been an impatient person but I'm currently obsessed with counting weeks on the calendar. I had my booking in appt yesterday (although DH insists on just calling it a midwife appt as that is apparently more exciting). It feels a little more real now as we told my parents last night who are the first to know. Pleased to be officially in the system but now obsessing about when the scan letter will come then I guess I'll be counting down until the scan etc. It's nice ticking off little milestones but also feels like it's making the time drag even more smile


LittleBairn Wed 03-Oct-12 10:38:34

RT I share your pain MS and Trains don't mix well as I am finding out too. sad
Woke up feeling awful got no sympathy from DH he was actually really pleased and told me so, because it means the pregnancy is doing well. hmm
He even text me about it after he got into work to tell me that it was good preparation for being woke up by the baby during the night! angry
Probably some truth in it but I don't need to hear it at 5:30am with my head down the loo...

LittleBairn Wed 03-Oct-12 10:39:43

Oh and I've promised the kids yeapsterday we could go to soft play today. [ self abuse emotcon]


TerracottaPie Wed 03-Oct-12 11:33:13

Morning all.

Weather hope things went ok earlier for you.

Beaut and Cheerful I've been wondering about sex of baby related to how ms is for me too. Well more a specific part of ms. I went off fizzy drinks so badly with DCs 1and 2 and they are girls. Was fine with pop with DC3 who is a boy. But I'm back to not being able to even bear the sight of it in the fridge this time. So girl maybe again? Will be fun to see if we