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March 2013 VI: cooking, crocheting and chit-chat

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theTramp Tue 25-Sep-12 18:00:54
mandasand Tue 25-Sep-12 18:16:15

helloooooo ... is anybody here? just marking my spot! thanks tramp!

sundaesundae Tue 25-Sep-12 18:16:35

Tramp, I like both, but bit pricey, but lovely, would you not be bothered if they ended up a bit stretched?

Jojo, thinking of you! Glad you will get to find out sex.

MrsR come back!!!

Zoey, well done for surviving, I was thinking of you today.

Driven from my Bedford office to Beamish, desperate for a Burger King so stopped at Whetherby and they had a powercut grin(

Now knackered and ready for bed, but have to eat some dinner! Driving to Taunton tomorrow evening, I am going to be exhausted by the weeknd! Went in to the office and everyone was really nice (I am on site or WFH usually) and I got the "are you sure it isn't twins??" question, dress I am wearing makes me look very bumpy, I think it would anyway as I am a chubber grin))

zoeymlucas Tue 25-Sep-12 18:21:06

Meeee I am here smile

theTramp Tue 25-Sep-12 18:22:32


Sundae - someone else just pointed out the empire line may not be bump friendly. I'm gonna have a mull as I do love the Somerset dress but the Mint Velvet one is, I think, a must.

I'm already in bed and am trying to decide what to have for tea. God help me but I think it'll be beans on toast. I'm pants.

theTramp Tue 25-Sep-12 18:25:56

Zoey - hurrah for heartbeat!

JoJoBella84 Tue 25-Sep-12 18:30:38

Just marking my spot, thanks for your messages ladies. Tonight I have baked potatoes and the chilli con carne my OH made last night.
No food after midnight sad I don't know how I'll manage when I wake up with a growling stomach at 5am and can't even drink water!!
I can see tomorrow being a vom morning!! Ah well - it'll be over this time tomorrow!! I've packed a book and the mothercare catalogue!!

Can anyone recommend maternity range of coats?

zoeymlucas Tue 25-Sep-12 18:33:07

I know it was so nice even if baby was playing hard to get- 2 more sleeps to find out of she is right with heartbeat prediction!!

We had Chinese for dinner it was much needed smile DH also bought mince pies and sweeties for later

tiddleypompom Tue 25-Sep-12 18:34:04

Wotcha. Nice shiney new thread tramp, ta! Love the dresses. Empire line is a tricky one as it can stretch over bump without going 'in' under boobage (IYSWIM) and thus render the wearer a large ball. If there is a belt/tie under bust it looks fab though. I remember trinny/suzanna stating that empire should be avoided by bigger boobed birds due to 'monoboob', but they turned out to be utterly mad and rather annoying didnt they?

Anyway. Was only marking place on first page as I must get DS bathed & into pjs. Mum and I have cauli-cheese and Downton on I player tonight, tis a glamorous life we lead.

tramp am inspired by tales of shopping to go myself on fri. Toddler in tow. I need a coat through this winter but not spend a fortune on maternity one. Wish me luck...

tiddleypompom Tue 25-Sep-12 18:34:42


HermioneBoo Tue 25-Sep-12 18:47:04

Hello! I have surfaced from the bathroom (got home from work yesterday and threw up four times in an hour!) and have had a day so far with no ms, plus it's my wedding anniversary today and DH took me to town and treated me. I have lots of goodies from Body Shop and Lush so I feel loads better now! DH has been amazing whilst I've been so poorly, ringing NHS Direct, driving me to drop in centre when he is terrified of driving, running me baths and distressing me, cuddling me when I burst in to tears at Monsters Inc, he's amazing.

Food wise - Have found that eating very little five-six times a day is the way forward. I feel like a hobbit having so many little meals but I feel a lot better for it. That and not stressing at all, Monday I was literally running between call outs and I was very ill as soon as I got home and relaxed. Not eating normal portions is going to take some getting used to, I've had a tiny baked potato with butter and grated cheese and a chocolate milk carton and I feel rubbish, that wouldn't have kept me going for lunch before!

My 16 wk appt is next Monday and my 20 wk scan is 24th Oct and I def want to know!

Had a look at black tie suitable dresses today, found a gorgeous blue jersey dress with gold cardigan in Monsoon. Think that'll be the one I get but I'm saving up for it first, hope it doesn't disappear before I can buy it!
Oh and not sure if anyone has one but DH got me a Body Shop card (free on his US card) and you get loads of discounts and such, plus a free £5 voucher on your birthday. Thought it might be useful as my friend used their baby products on her daughter and she smelt amazing! Not that I go around smelling babies but you know what I mean!

HermioneBoo Tue 25-Sep-12 18:48:51

*NUS card not US card, he doesn't use a green card to get him discounts!

zoeymlucas Tue 25-Sep-12 18:56:59

We are 20 week scan buddies hermione mine is 9.30 in morning smile

theTramp Tue 25-Sep-12 19:01:05

Hermione - ASOS had some good party dresses, have you had a peak? I also saw loads of gorgeous dresses in John Lewis - not the time in my life to buy them, but ah how lovely they were.

Tiddley - good luck with coat shopping. Have a peak at ideas on the maternity clothes thread.

lannyshrops Tue 25-Sep-12 19:01:14

Hey all! Just a quickly to mark my place xxx oh an some advice please... I have been booked for the gd test later on in pg as my mum was diabetic, however this was due to a pancreatic injury in a car accident rather than anything else. I really don't think I need it, I run a diabetic ward so I do kind of know what I'm talking about, I check my blood sugars all the time as I teach students etc how to do it and they are always text book range. I reall really don't want to fast as I know it will make me ill. What does everyone think? Shall I say something or not?
(sorry not to reply to anyone else and just ask did advice but am so so tired thanks to killer day on work)

Sheldonella Tue 25-Sep-12 19:02:23

Evening. Bit of a busy day at home today despite having a cold. Car serviced and didn't need anything doing, furniture delivered and MIL fed. Also stopped off at my allotment and found four squashes there. Must pick them and try some of the recipes.

Im sure i have felt the baby lots today smile I sneezed quite violently this morning and felt a sudden flutter.

Lots of 20 week scans around th same time - mine is 23rd.

tramp the dresses are nice, the mint velvet looks more bump compatible though. I've got some mint velvet leggings which seem quite bump friendly.

JoJo will be thinking of you tomorrow. I wouldn't like the fasting either so hopefully you are nice and full tonight. I've been sneezy too, thought it was because my house is too dusty! I think I will put it down to the pg though smile

Nice to hear from you tiddley. Boden chicken dress? I must have that!

Glad house move is coming along flowery. We started with very little when we last moved, just several bookcases. We got a lot of hand me downs and bought some awful things that we have slowly replaced. I dread to think how we would move again.

Glad today is over with zoey. Excited for your gender scan, not long now. Yay for heartbeat too, it's so lovely isn't it. Would love o hear mine again.

Yay for being 17 weeks manda

ThreeForTea Tue 25-Sep-12 19:10:56

Hi! New thread, lovely! Have been really busy with house and dd as she's been poorly, but getting there now.

Have finished work for the week already! Need some extra rest so haven't got too much planned for the next few days. This feels like a bit of a non post so better come back later when I have a longer attention span: think my brain is the only thing suffering pg symptoms at the moment if anyone knows the feeling!

tiddleypompom Tue 25-Sep-12 19:11:15

'scuze random kisses grin

KFFOREVER Tue 25-Sep-12 19:12:28

I heard my baby's heartbeat today at my 16 wk appointment. Yay. Its so exciting.

Wow another thread.

Any of you having to use the same urine bottle thoughout your pregnancy? They wont give me a new one. Probs something to do with saving money.

On the menu tonight was salmon and philidelphia in a sandwich. Eating is a chore but this was yummy.

Sheldonella Tue 25-Sep-12 19:16:43

Happy anniversary hermione. Glad you are eating.

lanny my blood glucose was tested and I don't thnk I have to do the Gtt. My mum is borderline diabetic.

kfforver yes, my mw handed my urine sample back and told me to dispose of it at home and wash the bottle. Wasn't happy taking it back to my office!

OodHousekeeping Tue 25-Sep-12 19:19:59

No one gave me a urine sample bottle. They are liketrst tubes at the hospital now!

I'm a Halloween scanner too.

manda slightly better than yesterday but think crutches aren't far off. Work are getting occupational health to assess me as I'm struggling sitting at the computer, going up stairs to my office/on visits and am going to be limited dealing with volatile people/playing with children. So that's pretty much all my job!
Oh & driving, 40 min queue to drive through a puddle today didn't help!

TribbleTuckandDismount Tue 25-Sep-12 19:39:38


I'm delurking a bit. I'm pregnant with dc2 due at the end of Feb but kind of think I'll end up with a March baby.

Can I join in? I'm a SAHM with one DS who will be two soon. Morning sickness and toddlers don't mix.

Oh if anyone is looking at cloth nappies, I'm using them with ds so could offer some tips for anyone using them. See I come with all kinds of useful skills.

theTramp Tue 25-Sep-12 19:55:42

Lanny - doesn't sound like you need it and you do sound like you know what you're talking about.

TTD - hello there and yes please come join the March gang. Also, yes please on nappy thoughts. I'm "researching" at the mo and thinking reusable bamboo may be way to go but experience of actual Mums would be v helpful.

3 - get some rest my dear sounds like you need it. And that goes for you too Sheld and you Ood.

OodHousekeeping Tue 25-Sep-12 20:07:16

Yay tribble smile that's three of us from October 10 here!

TribbleTuckandDismount Tue 25-Sep-12 20:08:13

Oooo Ood who else is here? <clueless>

TribbleTuckandDismount Tue 25-Sep-12 20:09:30

Tramp I can give you shedloads of tips, we've used pretty much every nappy out there <looks in despair at nappy box>.

OodHousekeeping Tue 25-Sep-12 20:18:14


Hi all!!!

Thanks for setting up the new thread tramp. will catch up properly later.

OodHousekeeping Tue 25-Sep-12 20:21:11

grin at tribs nappy habit , I've seen her FB! I'd love to be on reusable but only managed with dd1. Dd3 we tried ( v cute bamboo tiny nappies) but couldn't keep up with the 4 loads of washing from nappies/5 people's clothes & dd2 wetting the bed. Got a better washer now but still not sure we could keep up once there's 6 of us!

Oh and hi TTD!

TribbleTuckandDismount Tue 25-Sep-12 20:34:08

Hi everyone!

Ood I only did it because they looked cute.

OodHousekeeping Tue 25-Sep-12 20:36:35

grin they are! That's why I would love them rather guilty it's not for the environmental reasons

tiddleypompom Tue 25-Sep-12 21:13:10

I found a (full) urine sample bottle in my (mulberry) handbag once, when going to pay for a sarnie at Pret. I had been given it back by mw after appt about a fortnight before.


Hi tribble, welcome on board smile

KFFOREVER Tue 25-Sep-12 21:14:26

I dont think its very hygenic to reuse our pots but maybe im wrong.

I truely admire those with toddlers and having morning sickness. I just about look after myself never mind another person.

Anyone found their glow? Thought i had it yesterday morning until the nausea started again last night.

JoJoBella84 Tue 25-Sep-12 21:32:09

kf in York we re use pots but the MW washes them out. In Aberdeen I get a new one each time!
I think I'm more glow-y now than I have been!! Or at least OH keeps commenting that I look well!!

Hello ladies
I blinked and missed about 800 messages so I think I have no chance of catching up. Must do better!!!

Anyone else had their morning sickness get worse? I started being sick this week after just having incredibly bad nausea the last 3 months. Am not ill, definitely ms! And still wiped out!

kirsty80 Tue 25-Sep-12 21:53:18

Hey! Just marking my place. I am officially just a reader of posts now.... Far too busy eating to keep up! Must. Stop. Eating!!! X

FloweryBoots Tue 25-Sep-12 21:58:17

I seem to have a plethora of wee pots - keep forgetting to take a sample so they give me one to nip off to the loos, then another to take home for next time, which I forget and I swear they are breading in the draw. Ayone want a spare! grin

Hi tribble, welcome aboard. I am (well was) a cloth nappy user. Sadly ditched them with the on set of horrid morning sickness and total lack of energy. Wasn't keeping on top of anything so they were one thing easily removed form the list of tasks. It goes through me the number of disposables we get through now though, shudder. Keep hoping I'll go back to them but 17 weeks tomorrow and still feeling rough and utterly exhausted. To be honnest, think DS (just turned 2) would potty train if we had a week to dedicate to it but don't have the spare holiday from work and don't feel we can hand him over with a potty and sack of clean clothes to the childminders and ask them to do it!

I'm old school and used terry squares. In my opinion they are ace! Bamboo (and also hemp) tend to take a lot longer to dry than cotton, but are more absorbant. I found our one bamboo nappy took about 3 days or more to dry in our London flat! Terries worked well for us as easy to dry since they open flat into just one thickness. We have some shaped one size cotton mother ease ones for the childminders or when out and about (hard to fold a nappy on a little chaing table in public loo!).

Stealth my MS hasn't got worse, but it's not gone. There are a handful of us still suffering (and of those that are most sound worse than me so I should stop whinging). I'm just fed up of it now - it gets pretty wearing doesn't it, just feel like I shouldn't have to be putting up with it still.

Lanny I would say somehting re th GTT - doesn't sound like you need it and sounds to me like it will be a chunk of your day lost for no need. Can't say I'm looking forward to mine. Starving in the morning then a fizzy drink, not going to be a good mix.

zoeymlucas Tue 25-Sep-12 22:02:40

In hampshire we have to re use the one pot I think it's disgusting and refuse to put it near my mulberry handbag unless it's wrapped in tissue and then in a plastice bag!!!

I am still retching a lot at things and not so much actually being sick, things just turn my stomach and I retch and that's me done with eating and anything in my mouth gets spat back out!!!

I think this GLOW is an urban myth, I am still exhausted and spotty!!!

HermioneBoo Tue 25-Sep-12 22:02:56

Stealth yes, and its so, so much worse than it was before! I had an ambulance out for me on Saturday. I've read it's to do with baby giving out a surge of hormones before the placenta takes over, ambulance man said all we can do is ride it out sad

I haven't been given my urine samples back but I've only seen MW once, my friend said that she was given a new bottle every time but was given her sample back. Quite what you do with it I'm not sure...

theTramp Tue 25-Sep-12 22:18:01

I too am in awe of you ladies with toddlers coping with pregnancy too. Youre bloomin amazing.

IWantAChipButty Tue 25-Sep-12 22:31:26

Another one hoping to use cloth nappies. I don't even know where to start with that though, there are so many different types! Would you recommend buying a couple of different types rather than a starter kit style thing? And are you better to wait to see how big your baby is? I think we will use disposables for the first few weeks until we've got over the initial shock of having a baby!

Sorry for you ladies still being sick it sounds horrendous. Hopefully it fades soon.

I'm just in from work, I hate late shifts I can't wait for maternity leave!

mandasand Tue 25-Sep-12 22:54:15

I turn away for a second and 42 messages on the new thread! Wow! Have been feeling a bit pathetic this evening. New ailment to moan about: the big knuckle bone connecting big toe to right foot has been aching for a couple of days now. I haven't hurt it and it doesn't look sore from the outside. But, my goodness, it aches and aches. I don't have a bunion there or anything like that. Toe just points forward normally.

OMG just thought I would get rid of the stupid idea in my head that pregnancy and bunions were related and it seems they can very much be. NOOOOOO. My Mum has bunions and they are horrible. I don't want a bunion!!! Now to google cures/preventative measures. Buggerbuggerbugger...

theTramp Tue 25-Sep-12 23:14:44

Mand - you've prob either strained it or it's got growing pains. Your feet can increase in size when preggers. How's that for horror!

I have my fabulous heated clothes horse, so I'm hoping that'll sort out bamboo nappy drying issues question is how many do you need, do they really work better. What's the routine - rinse before adding to wash machine? And I hadn't even thought about different sizes. Which is so obvious. Doh!

JoJoBella84 Wed 26-Sep-12 06:53:51

Another classic 'why did nobody tell me'? Line right there... Feet growing in pregnancy??! Flipping heck, do we ever get a break?!
Happy Wednesday everyone - I'm hiding in the bedroom until its time to leave. I'm so hungry I fear I may start chewing on OH's arm!!

zoeymlucas Wed 26-Sep-12 07:23:31

Morning all- feeling shattered after a rubbish nights sleep, our bedroom is the 3rd floor (loft) and the rain and wind was blinking awful last night and I just lay there listening to it and even when I got back asleep it kept waking- god luck work people if they annoy me grin
Finally 16 weeks which is nice and got my weekly phone update to prove it smile

I have had 2 babies and my feet have never grown, have swollen a bit but never actually grown, let's hoping it stays that way!!

Another one here for the sneezing all the time- and with my stitch it blinking stings every time - feels like someone is pulling my insides!!!

Good luck today Jojo I will be thinking of you and crossing my fingers and thinking of you all day- I know you will be fine though smile the nil by mouth thing is blinking awful so I hope your first on the list, I was 3rd and was ready to kill DH- however he did go to costa get a coffee and food and then sit there and eat them in front of me and then wondered why I was giving him ' that look'

sarahs999 Wed 26-Sep-12 07:32:55

No time to read, just bookmarking. Will catch y'all later!

DoodleBugBee Wed 26-Sep-12 07:42:25

Morning gang smile

Thanks for new thread - interesting to read about disposable/reusable nappies, not something I'd thought about.

I have a black tie event in October so looking at dresses with interest - my bump now has a turning circle blush and I'm only 14w

I found my glow and then lost it on Monday, peaks and troughs. Proper vomity morning on Monday and awful cramp. Also, Ripley (for that is its name) is very much loitering on my right hand side. Normal to be hanging around in one place? Very prominent solid bump when I wake up in the morning and all on the right. Any thoughts?

Porridge and an apple and then work.

Have a smashing Wednesday lovely ladies xxx

theTramp Wed 26-Sep-12 08:02:16

JoJo - thinking of you today and I hope someone is there with a tasty treat for you when you come round.

theTramp Wed 26-Sep-12 08:03:18

Doodle - ohh black tie. Nice. Do you have anything suitable or is it a shopping trip?

BestLaidPlans Wed 26-Sep-12 08:13:33

Re: feet growing, 'fraid so. Mine went from a 6 to an 8 with DD. They'd settled back to a 6.5 within a year or so though.
Manda, hope it feels better soon. You've made me miss the covered market now. Though there was no veggie butcher then, I don't think. I do desperately want a peanut cookie from Ben's though.

ChipButty We used disposables for the first week or so then switched. It worked quite well, and I could just throw the meconium in the bin. After checking it against the handy laminated chart attached to the hospital bed of course!

Zooey glad the funeral's all over now and how lovely for your mum to go to the scan.

JoJo Hope all goes well.

I rang hospital yesterday to make my anti-D appointment and since they offered to do my 28 week bloods at the same time she checked my GT results and all is good. Hooray!

Midwife this afternoon for 16 week appointment so had probably better go and towel down DDs bike seat at some point given the recent weather.

sundaesundae Wed 26-Sep-12 08:21:44

Morning, JoJo, good luck today, hope you didn't eat OH.

I am DEFINITELY feeling wriggles now, nearly 15 weeks, is that about right? Sometimes it feels like someone swimming in my belly! I had a mouthful of really cold diet coke and thirty seconds later I felt it doing a wirggly flip.

I am HUGE. I have been asked if it is twins and everything, though I wonder if that is just that maternity clothes highlight it. Not weighing myself and not really eating hugely, so think it is bump. Bet I get GD testing, but I like lucozade so that's ok ;o)

I too am sneezing lots, grr!

I am certainly NOT glowing, one of my engineers confirmed this loudly in the office, but I had been up half the night spewing. I have lost the nausea and gained wretching, gagging and spewing. I have the most sensitive gag reflex and can't bend down!

I also have a weird brown patch on my throat which is scaly, have no idea what that is!

We have booked to go to a hotel for New Year so I will need a dress for that, quite excited, though will be mammoth!

Have a good day all smile

Chefette Wed 26-Sep-12 08:49:29

joJo big squeeze hug for good luck I am maybe being stupido but is it Aberdeen or York for op? Think Aberdeen. Fingers and all appendages crossed, McGuez has been told to cross its bits too for you x

Can't keep up girls, you all post too much! I can barely read them these days, busy with work, house renovations and usually no signal in our temp accommodation at night. We are not getting to bed till after midnight these days with doing stuff, am I am up at 5.45am. I know to mums with small DCs that might seem like luxury but by end of week I am crazy tired at work, and now I am driving my 50 min commute in the morning in the dark!!! Grrrrrr.

Sorry moan over. Recipes all sound great, and clothes ideas good too, I got my winter mat coat already, bought it off eBay?! I've bought a couple dresses and jeans off there but still don't need them yet, 18 weeks tomorrow though?! Scan is 17th, can't remember if I posted that before. Have told work now so there are no secrets! Sorry to be a total pain but am on phone as udual, who do I pm to be able to get the FB secret group?

So sorry to all those still suffering with MS, and have other ouchy horrible things.

Off to do sneaky research on lateral penetrating damp, am a bit stressed after seeing a wet patch in the corner when DP ripped off skirting last night, I could cry!!

mandasand Wed 26-Sep-12 09:31:21

Go JoJo - rooting for you and your baby to get through today's op well and happy. Looking forward to hearing from you later…

Zoey ouch for sneezing and stitch!

Sundae way hey for wriggles! You're right, some maternity clothes emphasise the bump more than others! I wonder if that brown patch is to do with the 'mask of pregnancy' peeps were discussing in an earlier thread? Sounds like something I've had in the past on my arm tho. Think you can get a cream?

Chefette sounds like you need to take a moment, get a nice treat and sit and think about how fantastic it is going to be having renovated house and baby in your arms. Sounds really, really hard at the moment but it will be worth it. You can PM me for FB group. Tell me your name and describe profile pic and I'll friend you and if you friend back I can add you to the list of peeps in the group. Or you can do this with anyone else who is on the group - we all have adding rights. But you need to be someone's fb friend first, as it's such a secret group (though most of us are out now! I'm not on FB though…)

Thanks for foot sympathies and advice. I bum around the house all days with crocs (apart from today as I read that an arched shoe may help, so it's birkenstocks with socks - a great look, I find). I wear wellies, wide-soled boots, and converse the rest of the time. So I'm defo not squashing poor foot widthways anyway. Is there anything I can do??

I reeeally don't want a bunion. And late last night I noticed that the veins in my right leg (upper outside calf) are a bit raised up from the skin, like beginners varicose veins. (Yes, I had another pathetic little cry!) This is exactly where my Mum has hers too. Aaargh I'm turning into my Mum!!! I thought I wouldn't because I am healthier (she smokes etc) and am not standing up during pregnancy as she did.

So tell me ladies, can varicose veins developed in pregnancy magically disappear afterwards???!

Best cor, that is some foot growth! Did you bunion area hurt when they were growing? I should have explained veggie butcher a bit - it's one of those traditional butchers with deer and pheasant hanging outside, but it has about twenty different kinds of veggie sausage. Some are weird and wonderful flavours, but some (like the cheese and leek Cumberland) are a-mazing! Fabulous to have so much choice … and in a butchers! I have to say, though, that the veggie pie was a bit meh. Still we had mash and green beans and onion+herb gravy (all homegrown!) which were awesome. Oh, and I managed to avoid Ben's Cookies! Was quite proud of that.

Emus Wed 26-Sep-12 09:39:33

Oh you are KIDDING me?! I've just written a massive post and it didn't post and I've lost it! Grrrr. Have to get on with work now do will try again later. Boo.

tiddleypompom Wed 26-Sep-12 11:59:18

Bad luck emus, happens to us all!

Just a quickie to add my own voice to those rooting for jojo today - thinking of you kiddo - and hoping you are able to scoff to your heart's content very soon...

sarahs999 Wed 26-Sep-12 12:12:39

Yes, good luck Jojo.

I have a midwife appt later. Slightly bricking it as after days of feeling little movements I've now convinced myself I can't feel anything. Hoping she'll find the heartbeat to put my worries at rest.

theTramp Wed 26-Sep-12 12:34:25

Manda - varicose veins can indeed appear in pregnancy. During pregnancy they'll be more prominent so you may find post pregnancy that you can hardly see them. I've already had one leg stripped and post birth, thanks to pregnancy the other leg will need stripping too. They've been getting progressively worse but in last two moths - horror show. Thank you cold weather, tights & hold ups.

Chef - all that manda said and seriously I've no idea how you're coping. By 5pm I'm a puddle.

pinkpeony4 Wed 26-Sep-12 13:12:00

Just quickly marking my place and then will try & catch up!

Nappies - I started off with good intentions 3 babies ago and used the biodegradeable ones as I just couldn't face the terry/reusable ones, and also I work in environmental finance and there is some trade off between the land fill and the energy and water cost of washing all those foul objects.

Anyhow, after baby 1, and having baby 2 arrive when baby 1 was only 17 months, so two babies in nappies, I eventually just gave up. Particularly as the biodegradeable ones are more expensive, and the fit wasn't that good. I tend to use the biodegradeable ones whilst they are really little, but as they get older, my kids have all had to switch to pull ups (as they won't lie down so pull ups are great) and the biodegradeable makes only do pull ups in size 6.

I figure that having baby 4 is so environmentally unfriendly anyhow....

MS still rubbish - sounds awful whoever it was that needed an ambulance! I am no where near that bad but it is still miserable.

Feeling very stressed at the moment as we have finally got our building work about to start (taken 11 months for party wall agreements) and so am moving out of our home in 2 weeks time to rent for 11 months. Feel very sad I won't be bringing this baby home to MY house! And my DH has just informed me that he will be travelling on business the 2 days before the actual move!!!!

pinkpeony4 Wed 26-Sep-12 13:31:31

Manda I just looked in my Pieminister cookbook and the Heidi Pie recipe isn't in there sad. They do have a delicious sounding recipe for a pie with potatoes and tallegio cheese. I love any sort of cheese so that could be good with some spinach thrown in!

Tramp I don't think that the Temperley dress is very bump friendly, even though it is very pretty. I have some fab jumper dresses from Whistles which I think will be good with a bump. Beautiful & soft and there is a 25% off voucher in Grazia this week grin

Re: Maternity coats, for the past 3 pregnancies I have worn a swing style coat I bought in Whistles ages ago and it's perfect with a bump. I also have a duffel coat from there which is a swing shape and I hope that will get me through the winter this time. I have looked at maternity coats in the past but never seen one I love. Coatigans (I think Sundae recommended them) look like a good solution with some layers too.

Doodlebugbee For Black tie/wedding dresses look at Tiffany Rose - beautiful! I have a wedding this Christmas so might treat myself. Hopefully I can wear it to Christmas parties too which will be my justification. They have a good resale value on ebay too.

JoJo thinking of you today. I hope your surgery goes very smoothly. thanks

Zoey Fab news about hearing the hb. Do you feel back to normal after your surgery?

Hermione Sorry to hear you are still feeling sick. I hope it goes very quickly! Happy Anniversary, you sound like you have a lovely DH.

TribbleTuckandDismount Welcome & Congratulations!!

Ood Sorry to hear about the SPD sad

My feet have never grown in pregnancy although I know lots of people whose have. Pregnancy is a weird thing!!

Sarah good luck with your apt.

I too am a disposable nappy user. I know it's not the best but I already do about 4 loads of washing a day so dread to think how much there would be with re-useables!

Stealth I hope your move goes well. Just keep thinking about how lovely your house will be when the work is finished! It's definitely the best idea to move out. We want to get our side return done but keep delaying it because we would also move out and the rents around here are extortionate, especially because I would want maximum bedrooms to avoid any more sleep issues with 4 Children!

All well here. I still have a ds3 who doesn't like sleeping at the moment which is very tedious. He stands in his cot & shouts "Mummy" over and over again in a very loud voice until I go in. Not fun at 2am... Feeling good apart from that though, no more sickness which I really appreciate. I also have energy so making the most of that to get organised! 18 weeks on Friday, this is whizzing by! My 20 week scan is at 21+6 on the 25th October.

I hope everyone else is Ok?

mandasand Wed 26-Sep-12 13:53:21

will pop back later for proper chat but just wanted to say that I've posted the Heidi Pie recipe and Nigella's ridiculoso but tastissimo lasagne recipe in the Happy Marchers FB group! xx

FloweryBoots Wed 26-Sep-12 14:44:14

Thinking of you JoJo

Given up tryng to battle through work today. Up half the night feeling horribly sick, and feeling rougher than usual all morning so have come home. Promised colleagues I would continue working at home, just in easier reach of a bucket! Err, so far have caught up on the thread...

Stelth hope the move all goes well. Know how you feel about not bringing baby back to your own home. We (well actually up stairs neighbour) had a house fire when I was just about 38 weeks pregnant last time and we had to move out for about 6 months. It was hard not bringing baby back to our home, but you will have all your own things and all the family around you which will make a big difference I'm sure.

Chefette Wed 26-Sep-12 14:57:48

OMG. All you ruddy lots talk of feet!!! Mine have done it in sympathy or something-thank Nora I keep a spare pair if pumps under my ergonomic Scandinavian pain in the ass desk! My feel have swelled up and could hardly get shoes off!!!!! Argggggghhhhh!!!!

Thank you for nice calmy post mand and FB info, I await group(ing?!)or group(age?!) with excitement!!

A recipe thread on FB page would be soopa, if not on there already, I find stuff like that tends to get lost or swamped on MN.


theTramp Wed 26-Sep-12 16:17:32

Oh - off to find FB recipes this eve.

dameflamingo Wed 26-Sep-12 16:29:27

Hello all and welcome ttd

I'm really interested in the nappy info, went to look at the different brands and types of reusables on Saturday#wildafternoon and prefer to hear from those who have used 'em and aren't trying to sell them! Must admit thoseads looked to me like they would take a while to dry and using a tumble dryer/ having to put the heating on sort of defeats the whole 'saving the planet' vibe I'd like to take. I really would like to give them a proper try though so I bought one and am going to give it a trial run this week...since its wet, cold and we still have yet to put the heating on ( dh and I are sitting in an array of jumpers being pikey heating refusers and none of our pals will come round ha ha).

sundae hope you're having fun in Taunton, wave to me as you head north on the M5.

jojo good luck and speedy recovery

I had a midwife appt today and all is well. Phew! Congrats sarah on hearing your little one's heartbeat.

manda thanks for recipes.

tiddleypompom Wed 26-Sep-12 16:41:47

Cheese & potato pie pink? Yes please smile DH and I will have curry this eve, if he returns from Gravesend in time - bleugh drive, poor thing.

hermione sending much sympathy. How horrid for those still getting sickness (or experiencing a second wave). No fair...

Not sure if my feet got bigger last time as twas a summer preg and I live in flipflops come the sunshine. I did get 'policemans foot??' (can't remember the proper name but it is basically a painful tendon under feet) as a result of long walks with pram with poor arches. Pregnancy bunions is a new one for me, god does it never end?!

stealth you have the same gap between your first two that I'll have between mine, come next March. Any extremely positive stories welcome but keep the memories of a tough year with two in nappies to yourself please grin I've a friend preg with her first (30wks) who has just successfully bid on an old stable block, which they will be converting into a new home. It'll be fabulous once done - as will yours - and the hard work will pale into insignificance. Keep your eyes on the prize!

Update on SIL is that a second scan confirmed the sad news that she has lost her baby/ies at 6wks, but because she was taking progesterone, she hasn't miscarried. They said they'd call her to offer a D&C but a week has passed and they haven't yet. So cruel sad

<shakes head of sad thoughts> Have we started a new due date/scan date/team colour list yet? Should we do so? How about I find the previous stats thread and start a new list, then everyone can add their names & details & we can transfer for a shiny new one - sound good or horribly OCD?

Sheldonella Wed 26-Sep-12 16:47:07

Feet getting bigger? Does that mean all my shoes won't fit? <sniffle>
Can anyone reassure me here - I'm very uncomfortable today sad I have pains under my bump but not the usual random twinges, they are worse than this. They hurt lots if I sit in certain positions. I don't think they feel like cramps but are in the same place as period pains. Also a bit in my side and back. Could it be disgestion related? Or should I panic?
tiddley Sorry about your SIL. That is very cruel.

Sheldonella Wed 26-Sep-12 16:48:00

Oh yes I also feel very bloated, like I've eaten a couple of horses (I haven't btw).

pinkpeony4 Wed 26-Sep-12 16:55:09

Tiddley so sorry to hear about your SIL sad I hope she hears from the hospital soon, it must be horrid being in limbo.

Would you like me to put the cheese & potato pie recipe on Facebook? Happy to do so later.

I had 2 in nappies for a year last time (22 mths gap & my older boys potty trained at 3). It was totally fine and in lots of ways easier than my slightly larger gap between ds1 & 2. Both younger boys napped at lunchtime which was v nice. Ds3 was dragged along to playgroups etc from
About 1 week old but it was nice to be out and about and seeing people. This time I will have a 2 year 2 month gap between my youngest do will be similar. 2 in nappies was easier to me than a toddler who wet himself all the time!

Dame that is one of my issues with reusable nappies. How do you dry them in winter without having to use a tumble dryer? Not that Eco if that's the only way to get them dry! You can get disposables called Moltex Moltex which are about the most Eco ones around or Nature which they sell in Waitrose I always found them to leak terribly though

pinkpeony4 Wed 26-Sep-12 16:56:58

Sheldon that sounds like ligament pain and very normal to me. It's everything stretching. I sometimes find it really painful like a stitch under my bump. Try to have a rest & it should make it feel better.

Sheldonella Wed 26-Sep-12 16:59:40

Thanks pink, it is like having a stitch. Think I will get DH to cook tonight while I have a lie down.
Oh yes, nappy talk. I was going to get some of the terry towel ones to use around the house but I will probably use disposables when out and about. I figured the advantage in those is that they aren't a specific size so will last longer?

theTramp Wed 26-Sep-12 17:01:41

Shels - that sounds like trapped gas and a bit of muscle stretching. I get it a fair bit. Trick seems to be drinking water and lying down and awaiting the methane release. Ah yes we're back to the glamour again smile

Not everyone's feet grows, which I'm hoping for because frankly size 8s are hard enough to find nice shoes for.

Tiddles - my heart really goes out to your poor SIL. Life can be so horribly cruel sometimes.

That'd be flat foot - the collapsed arches/police thing. Flats can be really bad for your feet, your soles need a bit of support and flip flops aren't that foot friendly.

Anyone else tempted by Swraphines range of preggers lady special support inner soles flats? They look fab, albeit they're a tad pricey.

theTramp Wed 26-Sep-12 17:03:11

Oh yes nappies.. Apparently there's a pick up ditties and provide cleans reusable service. Anyone heard of/used this? Meant to be more environmentally friendly.

Sheldonella Wed 26-Sep-12 17:03:49

Mmethane release grin <childish> Yes, I think that is what must be happening. I'd better not unleash it in the office smile

zoeymlucas Wed 26-Sep-12 17:14:42

Tiddley thats sound amazing about stats - many thanks

FloweryBoots Wed 26-Sep-12 17:34:37

Shel Windeez can be taken in pregnancy! Also mint tablets which you can buy over the counter and can really help. Trapped wind can be INCREADIBLY painful. I've been better this time round but last time suffered and one night DH was all for taking me to A&E becasue he said it couldn't be 'just' trapped wind. Honestly, until you experience it you wouldn't realise how painful it can become! So glamour again all round grin

mandasand Wed 26-Sep-12 17:56:40

Sarah, let us know how you got on at the MW today.

Dame - fab! Did you hear the heart beat?

Tramp, yikes! I think I would have them 'seen to' if they abided after pregnancy too. Is it a big op? More importantly can you get it on the NHS?!

Sheldon hope you can relax tonight and take comfort from everyone's diagnoses. 'Tis probably stretching. Try not to worry too much (says she…)

Tiddley really sorry to hear that your SIL is still waiting… Poor thing. Big yes from me to new stats list. I don't think that sounds OCD at all. What would be OCD is suggesting that we do it along the lines of the way I started a stats thread for another thread I'm on:
mandasand age 37, from Oxford. No DCs (yet!)
Pregnancy details: DC 1 & DC2 due 05.03.2013 (will prob arrive early in Feb).
1st consultant appt on 06.09.2012; 3rd scan (at 18+2) on 04.10.12.

de trop?! I have The Worst Memory in the World so I like seeing it all at a glance smile but aware not everyone wants to share the finer details wink

Flowery, how did 'working from home' go?!

Chefette I likes the sound of your Scando-ergo desk! Oooops, sorry about the feet! I know I'm a right one, going on about my aches and pains, and I'm very embarrassed to admit that my foot-pain isn't half as bad today blush

YES to posting recipes on FB!

Pink would love to see that potato and cheese recipe! I am mad for potatoes at the mo. We are quickly depleting our pathetic harvest from the allotment. 4 loads of washing a day!!! Bit jealous of your pregnancy-friendly Whistles coat - sounds wonderful! Don't tell me it's blue too? I have a thing for darkish sky-blue coats. Hard to describe the shade, but not at all pastel and not at all navy. I very nearly got off my bike to chase a woman into the History Faculty yesterday to ask where she got it from! Not that it would be preggo-friendly, but it's a long-held ambition to own one. (Hopes for sartorial advice from Tramp...)

<drums fingers, waiting to hear from JoJo>

OodHousekeeping Wed 26-Sep-12 18:40:02

Marking my place.

theTramp Wed 26-Sep-12 18:46:25

Mand - left leg was stripped on private, had work place Bupa at time. Consultant decided didn't need both legs done - arsehole, as soon as one leg sorted other went mergh. Then you've a 5 year wait before private insurance will cover again. Grr. Can be done on NHS but wait list is long. It's one night in hospital, 3 days on a sofa and two weeks shuffling about so home working is beat and then you're good to go. The scar took about a year to blend in and it's groin so pretty discrete. As ops go not so bad.

Coats - well I'm not a lover of blue but there's much of it around this year. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you.

I'm listening to album from Lianne Le Havas, it's gorgeous. Good new music buy I think.

Sheldonella Wed 26-Sep-12 18:56:10

I have put my pyjamas on and stretched out and feel so much better. Thanks for the reassurance. Thanks for the recommendation too flowery.

Pizza is in the oven and now I'm going to look at these recipes.

Ooh, like the new stats idea.

BestLaidPlans Wed 26-Sep-12 19:19:32

Chefette - sounds horrendous, I was a wreck last pregnancy with just the 50 minute commute.

Manda I don't remember it hurting at all really. I had high arches to start with, so I think it was just the mammoth bulk flattening them out!

Tiddley Your poor SIL, that's heartbreaking.

Midwife appt all fine, heard the heartbeat (tick in the "Boy" column of the old wives tales checklist). Just had an unsettling moment though. DD woke up making car noises and screaming "Daddy!, Daddy!". This kind of thing would never usually bother me, but I'll be very glad when DH does finally get home. Stupid pregnancy hormones!

Vivee74 Wed 26-Sep-12 20:05:27

Loving at the recipes. Sound very yummy... And will need to give them a try soon. Pumpkin and sweet potato would have to be my two favourite veggies...

Had what I thought was my 16 week appointment tonight. Went to see my normal GP only to find that reception had only booked me a 10 minute appointment and that only the senior GP's can do it. So I am back again next Wednesday. How annoying.

Had a meeting with my boss re my end date of my job. Ended up telling her about my bump. She has agreed to extend my role into the new year. Now need to see HR next week and discuss if they will pay me maternity leave vs make my role redundant. Fingers still crossed my boss keeps the secret until next week.... But more positive about this than I've been for a while.

I'm hopefully on team pink but need to wait until Halloween to find out. Girls names all sorted but getting no where on boys names. Still time to come up with one if needed.

I'm hoping my feet don't grow. Mine already look like hoffers....

Have a good night.

GummiberryJuice Wed 26-Sep-12 20:11:31

Well done tramp, away to finish reading other thread

Have been so sick today what's that all about, after a week of no sick

OodHousekeeping Wed 26-Sep-12 20:17:55

Am less achy today.going to GP tomorrow in case it's a water infection as well as usual aches cos at least that's resolvable!

tiddleypompom Wed 26-Sep-12 21:12:44

Ok. Have posted on old stats thread (sorry no link) to start new list with gender team & next scan date. Was considering grouping into team colours but EDD still prob best. I did remove mothers age though as not sure if really necessary?
I may be tempted into a spreadsheet at some point in the future (unhappy about difficult-to-scan-read format on phone (!) but for now feel free to add your name (cut & paste always helpful if you can, if not am sure someone with a keyboard can re-hash), in order of EDD. Stay in queue please ladies and remember, no overtaking (unless absolutely necessary) grin

tiddleypompom Wed 26-Sep-12 21:15:23

Did you read all that ^^ with the school-ma'am voice I intended? Apologies, I get over-excited these days if given any sort of organisation to do (frustrated project manager on mat leave). You should see my sick drawer...

tiddleypompom Wed 26-Sep-12 21:16:32

SOCK drawer!!! Eeeewwwww!!! Sick drawer is not at all organised!!

<goes to bed>

mandasand Wed 26-Sep-12 21:22:07

Hmm, I did wonder!

Here is the link to the stats:


zoeymlucas Wed 26-Sep-12 21:29:58

Have put my details on but can't add as on iPad so could someone add me please grin feel like a kid an Christmas eve, so excited to find out if pink or blue in morning smile scan is 10.30 so not to much waiting around in morning but still long enough!!!

Hoping Jojo is ok have been checking posts to see if she posted today, so I expect she is just resting or being good and not using phone in hospital

God I love organising stuff, I can't help myself but get very anal about it - drives DH mad!

tiddleypompom Wed 26-Sep-12 21:36:53

What's the guess zoey? I reckon pink! On the basis of nothing at all except a 50% chance of being right!

Ta manda smile

zoeymlucas Wed 26-Sep-12 21:45:17

Midwives heart beat based guessed pink and with 2 boys that would be nice but saying that I am so used to boys smile

DH has agreed to let me go to mothercare after and buy a cute outfit and mum is coming so will have to stop her buying EVERYTHING, lol! Am so pleased she is coming as she supports us through all the hard stuff and operations etc so it's nice to bring her for the nice things smile

Random question- is anyone else's boobs like blinking cannon balls? Mine are rock hard and quite hot to touch, they are not painful just look like I sneaked off for a boob job/ lift!

mandasand Wed 26-Sep-12 22:03:16

Crikey Zoey on the boobage! Haha, no - not me, am afraid. Mine are now maybe a bit bigger and only painful when I take off my bra. Otherwise fine.

Ooooooooooh One Born on More4 ... love it xx

mandasand Wed 26-Sep-12 22:05:31

done it zoey and added my location too

IWantAChipButty Wed 26-Sep-12 22:16:23

When did everyone find out their next scan dates? I still haven't heard anything I'm not sure if I was supposed to get a letter or be told at my last scan? I hope I don't have to wait even longer for one!

On another note I caved after feeling decidedly unpregnant this week and bought a Doppler thing and I can hear a heartbeat! Yey! Think I might get addicted to listening to it though.

Chefette Wed 26-Sep-12 22:33:02

Oh my freaking God. You know we're doing work in house, and so staying at my dads flat for the mo, he is on extended hols in France. So, arrived back around 8.30pm looking forward to dinner and some crap telly, to discover property upstairs leaking water into the hall all down walls, light fitting and onto new carpet and wooden floor......investigation shows it is likely coming from the toilet(?!!!!!!!!!!!) leaking when flushing but upstairs is rented, can't get hold of landlord and remnant is off to work night shift. So we are stuck with stinking fechking manky water dripping into the flat. angryangryangryangryangryangryangryangry

After the nightmare last night and today over the likely lateral penetrating damp into our cottage wall we discovered on removing skirting I just want to cry. And in fact have. I've turned into a horrific foul mouthed horror.

Rant %232 over. Welcome delurkers! Are there any more?!

Poor feeties of everyone! My skandi desk is because I work for a skandi company, not unusual in this neck of the woods, but skandi management and the "way things are done" can be rather frustrating for some Brits and their different way of thinking and approach in my industry.

Still poorly folk with sickness and tiredness, am shuddering with gracefulness have not been put through that, I'd have had a nervous break down by now!!

The FB thing is ace! Well done. They only thing I notice on my profile is the first contact you have is logged as you "become friends" with mand. I'll put some photos on, but no scanner to put McGuez pic on.

Am hoping all ok with Jojo, and that we hear from her tomorrow. Off to take an imaginary Valium and large glass of vino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Night all, sorry for not really alluding to individuals posts blush

Oh for goodness sakes - I was wondering why there were no new replies on the last thread! <thick>

Marking spot.

Anyone watching C4?!

theTramp Wed 26-Sep-12 22:45:55

I am confused, is stats on FB or on the Mumslink link? I don't recognise half the names on the Mumslink link. But I am v sleepy so may be being seriously dense.

sundaesundae Wed 26-Sep-12 22:50:55

Flip the stats thread, we have started a new one grin)

confuddledDOTcom Thu 27-Sep-12 00:19:01

Sorry I've not been around lately, just never seem to have time to sit down and read properly. Now we have a new thread I guess I should try to keep up!

I have a scan on Friday, which would be our first daughter's birthday so

lannyshrops - it's optional, if you don't want to do it, don't. There's a lot of discussion about GD anyway and how accurate it is. I'm expecting it this time as before it was just Grandma and Dad's brothers, now Dad is too. Planning to refuse because I don't want any more messing.

KFFOREVER - yes, they're handing back the bottle at the end of the appointment. Makes sense really, I always thought it would be sensible, it's OK as long as you empty them and wash out quickly. I'd do it at the hospital/ surgery if they gave it me full and rinse, there's no need to take it home when there's a perfectly good loo there.

HermioneBoo - tell her to put it in the sani-bin.

OodHousekeeping - they were the best thing I ever did. They make my day so much easier, even when I'm not using them and when I am using them they slow me down and remind others I have a problem.

I used cloth nappies first time around but for different reasons second and third I didn't. I use Cheeky Wipes though because I do hate how much waste they create. I seem to have gone very green since having children (which reminds me, Body Shop is Nestle). I used to dry them on a horse because I don't have a garden anyway, but tumbling them increases the absorbancy so I did occasionally.

I think I must be feeling my age because I'm getting constant headaches in my eyes and not handling the girls. I've asked Mum to take the baby for a couple of days because I need to go shopping tomorrow and ANC Friday, not asked her about over night but thinking I might.

At my 16 week appointment last week I had raised protein but BP was ok.

IWantAChipButty - try having a look at Nappy Lady website.

StealthToddler - that trade off doesn't take into account that they're not generally used on one baby. I tried biodegradables but found they biodegrade whilst still on the baby!

zoeymlucas - mine are! Having a 15 month old means I'm not even able to empty them as often as I would like either. My eldest used to be great at relieving me when her sister was a baby but she was old enough to ask, this time I just get bitten if I push the issue!

zoeymlucas Thu 27-Sep-12 07:24:35

confuddled glad to have you back smile are your boobs like it from milk then because mine aren't! Just getting dressed and DH said morning Dolly, lol so guessing he has noticed!!! I have never breast fed as DS1 was ill as 3 months early so expressed for him but it dried up before he come home and with DS2 my milk never came in, they tried tablets etc but nothing!!!!

Been awake half of night clock watching for this morning- cant believe how excited I am to find out!!! Will check in later with an update of my team as afterwards off shopping then out for some lunch smile

Have a fab day everyone

DoodleBugBee Thu 27-Sep-12 07:28:07

Bodyshop is Nestlé?! Buggeration!

Mostly delighted that work have fallen over themselves to source a new chair for me - I'm quite short and the lumbar support in the standard chair wasn't in the right place. On completion of the risk assessment, I was told that at any point that I feel I need it, I can go for a lie down in the first aid room (quiet, dim and very calm place). I doubt I'll ever use it but I feel rather blessed with my workplace and their maternity policies. blush

FB has given me a new lease of life - thank you gang grin I only have 12 friends (through choice!) and to be able to share pictures is great. Gold star to whoever made it all happen.

Pain in feet not happening but trapped gas is taking over my life! Many an awkward moment at work confused!!

Speaking of work, I wanted to gain your opinions on returning to work after respective bumps are born... I'm lucky enough that we could (almost) manage on just DHs salary but am wrangling with losing my identity a bit...

Wishing all and bumps a smashing Thursday xxx

OodHousekeeping Thu 27-Sep-12 07:38:47

My boobs have shrink this preg. Despite still bf dd3 who isn't impressed, though she still sits up with a mouth full of milk so they still work, just slower than before.

Em2010 Thu 27-Sep-12 08:07:45

Hiya everyone! Haven't managed to get on here in ages. Just wanted to mark my place and say hello! Hope everyone is doing well.

Chefette Thu 27-Sep-12 08:08:15

Trapped wind? Let it be free wink

And body shop is Nestlé? Where did that cone from when did it happen? Mind you lots of things are owned these days through huge multinational conglomerate scary corps I think.

Good luck for scannering ladies today and fx for no sickness, am keeping eyes peeled for JoJo

theTramp Thu 27-Sep-12 08:12:03

Doodle - I'll be working post pregnancy and v soon afterwards the curse/joy of starting up own business. However even if I could give up work I don't think I would, I'd be more likely to switch to a part time or consultancy role.

Zoey - yes to the bowling ball boobs. Theyre solid and it's quite disconcerting.

Hey there Confuddle.

JoJo - if you're awake, copus & reading hope you're not hurting and you an bean are ok. x

Chefette Thu 27-Sep-12 08:37:40

Oh DBB you wanted opinions, well. It's different for everyone I guess. In our case I am the breadwinner, so have no choice but to return to work full time. I leave home 6:40am (summer) 6:20am (winter) and get home approx 18:00 after a total commute of 80 miles of around 1hr 45 in car. I would kill to be able to stay at home, or be part-time! Unfortunately i earn 3 times my DPs salary, and our financial structure is based around that weighting or down to 2 times. My role is not one that lends itself to part time hours however, and as you have to make a business case to work to show how it could work, there is no advantage to them, nor would the level if service or function perform as petrie it would be poorer.

I don't feel like my job role defines me, my interests, family friends and experiences are more important I think, and so would be happy not being at a work place, but further down the line would be feeling strongly about wanting to contribute financially, and working my brain cells and interacting with adults on a more regular basis where the conversation does not revolve around nappy content or similar?!

The flip side depends perhaps on what you do, how hard it is to take a break and get back into your field/niche. Another consideration is whether you as a family unit feel content just managing and just getting by. From experience that can be very stressful for all, and do you have the ability to cope should a huge bill or two come out of the blue, and would you be denying yourselves things that may seem very real and needed when the time comes (holidays, Xmas pressies, wine, day trips out with family etc), but it depends on what your take on "managing" or "getting by" means for you.

How does your OH feel about it? Would he feel pressured? Is his job or industry fairly secure? What would the alternatives be like? Is your work open to part time returning, or could you take an unpaid career break post mat leave? (sorry can't remember if you were one if the ladies working a shorter contract type job).

How long would you think about not working for? I winder if we will all feel we will have lost our personal identities fir a time only being know as DC x's mummy anyway?! Do you have other children who would welcome mum being at home more?

All off the top of my head, as I eat breakfast, sorry, nit meant to be a rant or anything, its jyst exerythibg i think i would do myself to figure it out if i was in your shoesblush

I think there are other similar questions on MN threads with some fairly good advice.

At the end if your musings and deliberations, ask whether everyone in the family unit would benefit, and does the sum of those benefits (financial, emotional, ease of planning complex family life, domestic requirements, child care complexities, fuel/car/travel arrangements, social contact, stress) outweighs the alternatives.

Figure out exactly your outgoings, plus your contingency, determine if you can make it work on worse case scenario, and if worse case scenario were to happen, how would you tackle it?

Erm right, better do some work blush verbal diarrhoea!!!

Have good days all

theTramp Thu 27-Sep-12 09:41:33

Good ramblings there Chef and crikey that's a heck of a commute. I think you need either a teleportation device or a helicopter.

GummiberryJuice Thu 27-Sep-12 09:42:22

Morning all, I have been awake from 4.45 gave in any notion of falling back to sleep and got up at 6.30 for shower

Feel ok at min have my last official cake to finish today, any doubts I had about giving up early were put to bed yesterday as my dd1 has to be put on New meds that involve weekly injections, leading to more hospital apps and gp apps, and I still have to juggle working for dh, so I am so relieved I won't be stressing over cakes.

chipbutty I think it was you that asked about 20 wk scan date I got mine at booking in app scan, and think everyone else did too, check your notes or ring up antenatal just incase it was overlooked

Welcome tribble and yes join us if there are any more lurkers

Possom and tiddely I know there was something I was going to write to both of you now I can't remember, can I really use baby brain for something I have forgotten in the space of 5 mins

Jojo hope you and bean are doing good

MrsR where are you hope you are ok

Oh and the hot water bottle on back is also a great tip for Labour I used it for dd1 it was invaluable, I forgot it for ds and dd2 was in such a hurry she didn't give me time to ask the midwife to fill up

Will do stats thread when on computer ta tiddely

Waves to everyone else

Just on bus crawling into York for a meeting. Traffic horrendous, flood plains well and truly flooded, roads shut, arrgghh!
Plus just said teary goodbye to DH as he's off to middle east for a fortnight. sad

Really will try to catch up tonight! X

mandasand Thu 27-Sep-12 10:36:18

Morning all! Feel great as I went back to sleep when DH went to work and have just crawled out of bed to a blue-skied day - superb.

Your poor DD Gummi. Sounds like it's a good time overall to put a halt to the cake-making but I'm sure you will have a lot of sad customers!

Chefette, the flood in your temp accommodation sounds awful!!! Any chance it will get sorted today? Glad you're enjoying FB - yay!

Doodle works sounds great! Love the fact you have a little room you can go and have a lie down in - take advantage! Re returning to work, Chefette has already offered really excellent advice on how to think it through. I've gone on before about my own situation on previous editions of this thread and on another, so I'll keep this brief. Current 3-year contract on a research contract is a real golden ticket for me. I'm an academic and have just shifted disciplines (v. hard to do) and everything is going so well with the hint of further contracts in the future. It's perfect job: I work from home (v. flexibly) with maybe two days out maximum. I am absolutely returning to work after 9 months, and we will get nanny or similar for few hours a week even during mat. leave, and DH may go down to 4-day week and is trying for new, equivalent or better, jobs closer to home (his is a 12-hour day including commute, which isn't great) as I have conferences to speak at and two books and other publications to see through press. Academia is kind of like a game and if you step out then it is very, very hard to get back in - have watched other women post-maternity try hard but fail to do so and it's heartbreaking. Also, research can often be v. closely tied to your identity / sense-of-self (it can be your hobbies and interests all rolled into one): it is in my case and I simply don't want to give up writing or forging new ground. It is something I need to do. Not just because I've fought so hard to be where I am but also because I want to stay in the game and progress within 5-10 years to a more senior, permanent position where I will really be able to relax into it. Between my Chicago job and this one I had ten months in which I really struggled to get a job. I was teaching for the OU in my subject area and doing quite a lot of freelance work for academics and publishers, so just about keeping head above water financially, but I got a bit depressed and felt I had lost myself. So, for me, it's not even a choice; almost a way of life. DH is ex-academic and hugely supportive. Soz, that was meant to be short!

Maybe our jobs aren't similar but issues to do with identity possibly are. Try to imagine what, ideally, you want to be doing in 5-6 years time when 'the bump' is off to school. How will you fill your days and how difficult will that be to achieve financially, professionally, emotionally etc?

OodHousekeeping Thu 27-Sep-12 10:50:58

I couldn't give up work completely but would like not to be in my current job! It doesn't work well p/t (at least at a .5 .8 seems ok)despite loads of us doing it. Plus it's a job where you never do enough.

Been to GP, she walked down to her room withme and knew the problem immediately, offered urgent Physio referral and made sure I was asking for support at work etc

newyearsday Thu 27-Sep-12 10:51:57

I've been AWOL. Life has just been so BUSY! We're hoping to move house before Christmas but are having the usual ups n downs of house selling and buying (so bl**dy stressful!). I've been getting myself organised planning a HBAC, meeting doulas and hypnobirthing practictioners, joined a local VBAC support group, meeting the consultant midwife (pro-VBAC) at the hospital instead of going to the obstetrician appt, so feeling a bit more prepared. Have also been so tired and washed out (put it down to running around after a very energetic 16mth old) but found out yesterday my bp is on the low side so that's probably why. Also found out I have separated abdominal muscles from 1st pg, lovely! Started aquanatal and an antenatal yoga class. So anyway, with all that going on, something had to give and I haven't managed to keep up to date with all your news. Hope I haven't missed too much...

Sheldonella Thu 27-Sep-12 10:54:23

Just a quickie - wondering about JoJo and zoeys scan.
My work plan is to come back part time if I'm allowed and eventually work back up to full time and getting my career going more the way I want. I do enjoy what I do but I work in software and would prefer to work in hardware.
Welcome back newyearsday.

Body shop was acquired by L'Oreal in 2006 not Nestlé. body shop still do not do animal testing but L'Oreal the parent company does. Was a sell out of values IMO.

sarahs999 Thu 27-Sep-12 11:30:48

Hello all. Busy day yesterday - had midwife in the afternoon, which was nice as I got to hear baby's heartbeat again - v active as well, which was probably due to the Coke Zero I'd drunk just before I went in blush.

The in the evening I had the PTA AGM. I have been chair for two years but now my son has moved on to the juniors it was time to give up the post. Brilliantly we managed to fill all the posts - had been rather worried that the whole structure I'd put in place would crumble, but we had some lovely and enthusiastic mums and dads turn up and I feel my baby is in good hands! Some very nice words were said about me and how well I'd modernised it and 'set the yardstick' for all future committees (that from our teacher liaison, so felt very nice).

Feels weird that it's all over, but also good timing given the growing bump in my tummy. It's been hard work working full time and being the chair, nice to take some of the strain off.

As far as working goes, I've been waiting for this maternity leave to be able to leave my job - five years it's taken! Sounds mad, but the leave is very good and it will give me a chance to work out what I am going to do next. Although I used to be the main breadwinner this has now changed and my DH earns much more than me. I want to work for myself, or set up a business with a friend, but not idea yet quite what to do. I'm a creative type at heart but am a bit of a jack of all trades. We want to move to Hove, where my in-laws are, but the schools are a bit meh - comparable to where we are really, whereas I want something much better. Just hoping they improve in the next couple of years. ANyway, that's us. WE've had our share of being the unusual family - I went back to work after a year and DH stayed at home for another year with DS (until he went back to uni to convert to being a teacher).

I rememebr thinking that the first few years of havng a child were really a suck-it-and-see kind of experience; no one tells you how you are supposed to cope going from two salaries to one, how you pay for eye-watering childcare, what's the best way to do it and even when to apply for schools. You're just supposed to magically know. Can be quite an alienating process and I think particularly applying for schools really favours hte middle-class, tuned-in parent who can access the internet and work out the secret codes and ways to win!

zoeymlucas Thu 27-Sep-12 13:06:51

Well scan was fab saw baby in 3d and got lots of pictures, went to next and mothercare after and got some outfits and a Moses basket smile

There s no mistaking baby Lucas is on team blue - its a BOYgrin however was slightly scared by his boy bits in picture as his bits are rather large, lol!!!

theTramp Thu 27-Sep-12 13:13:43

I think the school application system foxes all but the most dedicates or kids whose parents are teachers. It has stresses out so many people I know or have worked for. It's in no way on favour of the middle classes that's for sure. I'm dreading that and who knows if it's really bad we may up sticks.

Chef - I'm so sorry I missed your flooding woes last night. You poor thing that's frustrating and ick-a-vie. Hope upstairs neighbour is now on the case.

I've had manic morning and a bad nights sleep. I've a ton of work to do this pm but right now I think it's nap or fall over. Almost home so I'll see how I feel after a little lunch.

I'm getting a sense that job satisfaction plays a large part in alot of people's decision about going back to work or not, as much as economic considerations. It's tough finding a job that satisfies you and pays. I suspect that post Socs arrival how I work will change, as I try to fit in more family time, but that was part of reasoning behind setting up my own business, I really wanted to try to find a way to make my working life more flexible. It's def that but economically I've taken a big hit. Hopefully not for too long - but much hinges on how clients view my pregnancy. If it's a year before I can win any new clients that will have a substantial impact on my new little business.

Sorry I'm rambling. Anyway, everyone is different and only you can know what's best for you.

I'm presently wondering why I didn't buy a bagel when I was waiting at the station. Tummys rumbling.

theTramp Thu 27-Sep-12 13:15:29

Zoey - hurrah for fab scan and baby L

GummiberryJuice Thu 27-Sep-12 13:24:03

Oh wow Zoey cogratulations had we predicted team blue for you?

I have hospital app in about an hour for thyroid but I'm really hoping they scan me or something too, doubt it though!

I can't really give any insight into the work/childcare disscusions as when dd1 was born there would not have been much change out of my wages once I paid for childcare, so as dh and I bought our house while I was at uni, we were well used to living off one wage.
dh went self employed while I worked full time and then it got to the point he was so snowed under with work he was getting behind with paperwork, so one night when he was working late I went into his office and got everything up to date, so now I work for him and thankfully I just have to get stuff done when I want to do it so easily juggled around dcs.

pinkpeony4 Thu 27-Sep-12 13:24:55

Zoey Congratulations grin 3 boys is lovely (and hopefully 4 will be too!) Mine are very sweet together. How exciting to have done some shopping too. Sounds like a lovely day.

Any news from JoJo? I hope it all went well.

Sarah Great news about your good apt.

Newyearsday one of my friends had really bad separated stomach muscles after twins (she qualified for surgery but wanted to try and sort them out with exercise). She did loads of pilates and they knitted back to together so well she avoided surgery. Your HB plans sound good. I am hopefully having one this time too. Have you seen this website - www.homebirth.org.uk/

Ood I hope your physio apt comes through asap. I saw an amazing chiropractor in my last pregnancy who made a massive difference when I had pgp.

My boobs feel massive but aren't hard thank goodness. That feeling you get when breastfeeding when they are really full is soooo painful! I hope they settle down for you all soon!

Manda My swing coat is a bright blue/purple colour with black buttons. It is pretty old but fab for pregnancy. This one is quite nice and a bargainous price - ASOS Swing Coat

zoeymlucas Thu 27-Sep-12 13:30:57

Yeah mum bought some bits and we bought a daddy's little superhero baby grow with a detachable cape smile plus got a lovely blue Moses basket was in sale reduced to 40.00 from 80.00 smile

OodHousekeeping Thu 27-Sep-12 13:44:17

Yay for a boy and baby shopping zoey

My stomach muscles were a wreck after dd2 and Physio with dd3 helped but they aren't great. I could get a hand in but pre pg this time was only a finger or so! That's part of the problem with my pelvis/back as they lack support!

Sheldonella Thu 27-Sep-12 13:48:16

Congratulations on DS3 zoey

Chefette Thu 27-Sep-12 13:52:09

Congrats Zoey yay for bargains . Ouch for tummy muscles! Eat ladies eat!!

No news on manky loo leak flood, the glorious DP on the case. I an chasing mysteriously errant joiners, work suffering today as life gets in the way!!

Rainbowbabyhope Thu 27-Sep-12 16:37:43

Had a gender scan today and looks like we are having another DD. No team pink/blue for me as I really dislike the colour coding of genders - so I will be team rainbow! Congratulations to everyone else finding out and also admire all those able to hold out for the surprise!

dameflamingo Thu 27-Sep-12 16:56:21

chipbutty if you are wondering about 20 week scan and are heading towards the 20 week mark I would ring - I didn't get date at 12 week or 16 week appt but MW said it should come through in next week or so and if not to chase. good luck.

chef Your commute sounds painful I spend a minimum of about 45 mins in the car each way myself - but this goes up dramatically in summer when every barsteward and their granny hits the M5 heading to Devon, Cornwall or South Wales then Fridays can be 2-3 hours to get home - naturally I tend to organise my diary accordingly and work from home/elsewhere.

wind oh my goodness..yep me too but then I did make split pea soup for supper and brought leftovers into work today. My feet haven't grown a size yet but there is no way I can wear heels. I'm like a weebil.

manda yep heard heartbeat it was extraordinary! around 140 bpm ( someone will tell me this is linked to gender here!)

confuddled and NYD lovely to hear from you both xx
tiddley thanks for teh new stats and the school ma'am voice - love it!

BestLaidPlans Thu 27-Sep-12 17:22:30

Congrats on all the lovely scan news.

Quick whinge before I head off to the stats thread and then back to the sofa, so you can all tell me to stop being a big wuss. I got half a mile from home this morning to take DD to Under 2s group when there was a badly timed cross wind/pothole combination and I came off the bike. DD absolutely fine, not a scratch on her (WeeRide front seats are awesome for anyone thinking about cycling with offspring) My face, hand and knees are a bit bashed up. Missed the bump, but rang midwife to see if I need anti-D just in case. Feeling v sorry for myself and DH bringing home Chinese so I don't need to cook.

A lovely, lovely woman stopped her car, threw my bike in the back and said she'd take us home. I was about to protest that it was fine until she gave me a tissue to mop the blood off my face! I found a gorgeous bunch of flowers by the back door a couple of hours later with a note saying she hoped I was ok. No contact details to thank her, sadly.

Hope everyone else has had lovely, and less eventful, days.

Lexiindisguise Thu 27-Sep-12 17:55:58

Hello ladies, I'm back from hols - not a chance of catching up sad hope everyone is well & growing, all good here - now to buy groceries and tackle the washing mountain, back to reality!

Em2010 Thu 27-Sep-12 18:00:58

Oh blp I'm sorry to hear about your cycling accident. Must have really shaken you up. Glad dh is bringing you some Chinese home.

Congratulations zoey on your ds and rainbow on your dd. another one here with no patience- just three weeks to go till I can find out!

ethelred hope your commute went well. I don't envy you. Have been stuck in the house all day thanks to the flooding, hope the water goes down tonight!

chef that's quite some commute! Must be very tiring for you.

Sorry if this has been mentioned whilst I've been AWOL but does anyone else have the most awful baby brain?? I can't do anything! My head is seemingly full of feathers (probably a good thing I can't leave the house actually, I probably wouldn't find my way back!)

confuddledDOTcom Thu 27-Sep-12 18:48:13

zoeymlucas, I do seem to be engorged, I don't remember filling up this quickly before. I'm fortunate that the hospital I'm under don't send anyone home not EBF if they intend to, I've seen really tiny ones eventually breastfeeding, but from what I've seen of other hospitals it's not common. Hope it goes better for you this time, it must be awful to express for so long to then not be able to.

DoodleBugBee and Chefette, L'Oréal bought Body Shop off Anita in 2006 and they are a Nestle company, eve without Nestle it was a shocked, Anita said she thought it would be a trojan horse... I wasn't a boycotter until I realised how much I bought of theirs, I thought I didn't use that much so it didn't matter but one day I went through my shopping and felt dirty.

newyearsday, have you chosen a Doula? Glad to hear someone else going for a VBAC! I'm so glad I did it last time and sort of looking forward to doing it again! Very jealous of you getting a HBAC! Because I wouldn't go to term they wouldn't allow me to (well, allow is a bad word but it's acceptable here!)

BestLaidPlans, hope you're feeling better. What a lovely woman!

I heard from the SoM today and she can't get me pushed through my appointment tomorrow, so I'm going to try PALS. I rang ahead and got my prescription sorted for tomorrow so I don't need to hang around for that, so if nothing else I've shortened my day about half an hour or so.

DJH80 Thu 27-Sep-12 19:27:34

I've done my stats but didn't put myself in date order... really sorry if that was what I was supposed to do blush.

I can highly recommend delurking - it's liberating! I just wish I had more time to contribute.

Friday tomorrow. Hoorah!

sundaesundae Thu 27-Sep-12 19:37:07

Hoorah indeed DJH! Hopefully a shortish day and then just a 3.5hr drive and i'll be home, haven't been there since Tuesday grin)

Had a wander around the clarks village at Street, it is very cute and I bough me and DH advent calenders where the choc gets bigger the closer you get to christmas, like us!

JoJo, worrying about you, hoping everything has gone well and you are recouperating well.

sundaesundae Thu 27-Sep-12 19:37:46

Confuddled FX for tomorrow and with PALS, I hope the say isn't too bad for you.

TribbleTuckandDismount Thu 27-Sep-12 20:29:26

Ok, I have missed about several billion messages.

To the person who asked, get a few different types of nappies as you don't really know which ones you'll like until you start using them. Also, we use them part time (disposables at night). I think if you want to use them, go for it and use them in a way that bests suits your family. But don't beat yourself up if you don't. Life is hard enough as it is without worrying about where your baby does its business.

Ood Snap on the SPD, yay!

OodHousekeeping Thu 27-Sep-12 20:48:35

Got an email from my manager requesting urgent OH referral too. We are v short staffed and think they are worried about losing me sooner than later!

zoeymlucas Thu 27-Sep-12 21:03:23

odd at least ur boss is thinking mine is useless and hasn't mentioned maternity leave and as the finance manager I do all bank, full accounts, payroll, payments etc and there is no one who has ANY idea or will be able to do any of it at all- I have even told how I was bed bound before from December and was ill etc and he just says yeah- think he will get a bit of a shock!!

Come on jojo we are waiting for news smile

JoJoBella84 Thu 27-Sep-12 21:06:51

Very quick message as very sleepy! Surgery went well, some mild complication and part of my tube had to be removed but I have two ovaries.
Listened to babies heartbeat tonight as I had been re admitted to recovery ward - v low BP and oxygen levels so have spent 14 hours today being monitored.
Will catch up when I have some energy! Thank you for all of your messages!!

TribbleTuckandDismount Thu 27-Sep-12 21:12:50

Ood Will you be able to keep on working? I know you went off earlier last time due to your BP or something.

Jojo Good to hear!

OodHousekeeping Thu 27-Sep-12 21:29:29

I was off early on last time cos of my meds. Then finished at 29 weeks ( leave and maternity).
Hoping to get past Xmas. Not liking hopeful this week but will see what Physio/OH think. Not sure how my job can be modified to accommodate crutches.

sundaesundae Thu 27-Sep-12 21:35:24

Ood, do you work for the NHS? If so don't they have to find you something you are able to do? Sounds stressful, hope it isn't.

JoJo, thank you for posting, rest now, thank you for checking in.

I have done too much and I can't really walk now. Scared myself a bit, trying to keep my back and hip warm and not cry in pain and anguish. Hopefully sleeping it off and the weekend will give me a chance to recover. Shit.

OodHousekeeping Thu 27-Sep-12 21:39:20

Children's services. Last time the job I did i was able to be desk based when I was ill ( no crutches at that point) , current job i wouldn't be able to do much. Plus if I get crutches I'm at a point stairs are difficult so couldn't even get to my desk. Will struggle with the driving & can't visit people unless they are non-volatile and live in ground floor flats!

OodHousekeeping Thu 27-Sep-12 21:40:20

<phew> jojo bet you're glad it over with!

sundaesundae Thu 27-Sep-12 21:41:27

grin( I had to have over a year off when I was a radiographer as I couldn't drive, walk, stand or sit when my hip went. I hope you don't get that bad again, it is miserable. FX for you to remain mobile as long as possible!

OodHousekeeping Thu 27-Sep-12 21:43:00

Was that pregnancy or 'just' an injury?

sundaesundae Thu 27-Sep-12 21:47:06

Just an injury. Not sure what is going to happen with pregnancy, this is my first. Today I am bad with it all, bit worrying.

I had a severe labral tear caused by a mishaped femoral head that was missed throughout my life. Had to have surgery to have the tear repaired, the instability in my hip fixed and my femur completely reshaped. Unfortunately I have arthritis in that hip now and have a partially collapsed disc in my spine.

theTramp Thu 27-Sep-12 21:47:09

Sundae - look after yourself, it's important!

JoJo - nice to hear from you, glad you're ok if not great & rest up. Great news re 2 ovaries too, I know that was worrying you

Lexi - welcome back! We scheduled rain for you specially smile

Congrats to all who now know baby gender who wanted to. Exciting times!

BLP - lovely lovely samaratin lady but gosh. Look after yourself my dear, glad little one & bean are ok but you need to be ok too. Face grazes bad - particularly as it's at least 3 weeks to Halloween smile

sundaesundae Thu 27-Sep-12 21:48:53

BLP, yes, I meant to say something, my gosh you poor thing, you must be shaken. Hope dinner was nice, had a little hormonal cry over the nice lady. I hope I can do something like that for someone one day.

OodHousekeeping Thu 27-Sep-12 21:52:23

sundae they looked for a tear when I had my hip problems. Did you have the surgery? They gave me horror stories about recovery etc.

sundaesundae Thu 27-Sep-12 22:03:35

I had to have surgery my hip was coming out of the socket regularly and they could do nothing else as it was so unstable sad I had to push for it, but then when they did pre-op xrays they found the major deformity and operated on that too. Original surgery was meant to be a 20 min arthroscopy and labral tear removal, I was told while they were anaesthetising me it was going to be 4hrs. Anaesthetist came to see me afterwards to tell me it was the most brutal surgery he had seen in a long time. Hip is better, but think the labral tear re-occurred very quickly, but they won't repeat the repair and I just live with it.

TribbleTuckandDismount Thu 27-Sep-12 22:15:02

Sundae Oh my word, are they keeping an eye on you? My friend had back problems (not sure what they were exactly) but she went to a consultant as they didn't want birth to make her injury worse. She was fine to go natural in the end, but for a while was thinking she would have a section.

Lexiindisguise Thu 27-Sep-12 22:16:12

Thanks Tramp! With the rain & house chaos to return to it is back to earth with a bump wink
JoJo thanks for the update, rest & heal fast!
sundae hope you are in less pain spin, you poor thing
BLP hope you are OK & not too hurt or shaken - take it easy!

OodHousekeeping Thu 27-Sep-12 22:19:34

Ouch sundae look after yourself in pregnancy then as the extra weight won't help <states the obviousblush >

sundaesundae Thu 27-Sep-12 22:19:45

No-one seems to care sad My ortho consultant discharged me, but I was in the process of being rereferred due to a flair up when I caught, my GP therefore binned my referral (other GP had done it to the wrong hospital so was all delayed and then GP said no point seeing anyone as was pregnant) Midwife nodded and smiled and put me as low risk and not seeing anyone.

OodHousekeeping Thu 27-Sep-12 22:31:07

Might have to stamp your feet ( or at least bang in the table!) to get some attention. I'm working with someone who is pregnant after a hip replacement and the MW is v cautious about their labour. It might not be a problem but you don't want the first time anyone realises is during labour!

TribbleTuckandDismount Thu 27-Sep-12 22:33:53

Sundae I would seriously get yourself a referal back to your ortho consultant, see another GP if needs be or ring them yourself. I'm not saying it to be alarmist (honestly I'm not), but just for your own peace of mind you need to be sure you're going into birth fully prepared. Considering all the strain your pelvis and pelvic floor go under during pregnancy, they really should at least have had a chat with you if nothing else.

theTramp Thu 27-Sep-12 22:38:19

Sundae - what everyone else has said. It sounds horribly painful and that must be wearing on a day to day basis. Stemp your feet until someone does as requested.

sundaesundae Thu 27-Sep-12 22:38:36

It's ok. The Easter Bunny is bringing my baby in a basket full of choccy eggs. My mummy might even hide in it her house as part of the easter egg hunt (which we still do every year!) so no pelvis issues, unless I trip over hubby or little sister trying to grab a creme egg smile

Hi all, finally caught up!

Glad you are ok Jojo and really thinking of those of you who have medical issues to deal with.

Great news on positive gender scans! Think we will find out if we can, but dong really have a preference.
Was going to write more, but really tired. Good night! Zzzzzzzzzzzz

confuddledDOTcom Fri 28-Sep-12 01:14:29

Thank you, sundaesundae. Sounds like you've been through a lot, it probably is going to come up in pregnancy either because it will cause PGP or pregnancy will just aggravate it. Hope you don't get it too badly, you really do need to get seen by someone who knows what they're talking about, maybe a joint obs/rhuemie team. Ask your GP to refer you for a second opinion, I had to get my medication sorted first time.

TribbleTuckandDismount, a VB is best if possible because they're cutting through the muscles that support the pelvis to get the baby out so it can make it harder to get better, an epidural isn't good because a. it's going in where there may be issues and b. you're not in control of your movements. It's part of the reason I pushed for a VBAC last time and will have one this time too.

Is it bad that I'm starting to feel less lonely with all the PGP going on in this group? Not that I'd wish it on anyone sad

OodHousekeeping Fri 28-Sep-12 07:35:05

Good luck and (((()))) today confuddled

Re PGP etc I used to be on a long term sufferers thread on here and there was quite a few people sad

Morning all, bit more alert now, so will write a bit more!

On the work issue, I work 3 days a week and really like the balance. DH earns more than me, although has only really significantly overtaken me since we had DD. we both work in professional level jobs, but he works in private consultancy and I'm in local government. The only problem we sometimes have is the practicality of us living in York, but both of us working about 35 miles away in the (opposite direction from each other!) we chose to only run one car, so whoever has the car, normally me on my working days) has a long commute on the days they are driving and is also restricted on working hours because of nursery opening and closing times. So on a typical day, we all are up at 6am, (DD maybe 630) leave the house at 7am, drive into city and drop DH off at railway station at 715, drive back out o to DD's nursery which opens at 730, leave nursery at 740 and get on road up to my work and arrive there about 8.20-830 depending in how many tractors/wagons etc I get stuck behind! Then do it all in reverse, leaving my office at 5pm and generally picking DH up from station at 620 ish, but sometimes he works over and makes his own way back. I used to car share pre-DD, but found getting to nursery on time a but stressful and if I needed to leave early etc, was a bit inflexible.

DH has said that at a push, we could afford for me to give up work once DC2 arrives, but, I do like my home work balance, do like being 'me' at work and having a sense of myself, do like being able to have interaction with adults that isn't purely about kids... I hate commuting, but that's the only downside of it and to my mind, I like the lifestyle that me working brings. We are not living the high life by any means, but we can afford most things we want (although no designer clothes/mulberry handbags etcgrin) and still have a good social life and wide group of friends pre znd post DC.
Sorry if that's a bit rambly, but was trying to get everything down!!!

Just on nappies, we use disposables, although DD is potty trained in the day time, so we just use them for bed times now.

Wee pots: I have to keep mine and dispose at home, so it must vary between areas in York!!!

theTramp Fri 28-Sep-12 08:51:41


Sheldonella Fri 28-Sep-12 09:45:35

Morning. So glad it's Friday, could sleep for a week now. Still counting the days to my gender scan, roll on Sunday. My sickness seems to have returned a bit, I have been feeling sick for the past few days sad I was hoping I had seen the last of it but at least it is only mild.
JoJo glad to hear all went well, when do you get to go home?
Ethel It sounds like you have a good balance. Is your DD's nursery near work or home? This is one thing I am trying to figure out as there is a great nursery in my village and also a nice looking montessori nursery across from my office. I'm not sure what the best one to go for would be.
BLP What a scare that must have been. The lady that helped sounds lovely.
sundae That sounds very frustrating, I hope you can get some help. Different departments of the NHS never seem very joined up to me.

zoeymlucas Fri 28-Sep-12 09:47:20


Thats rubbish sundae I have had 2 femeral osteotomies (legs cut in half and rebuilt with pins and plates) and thats why DS2 was c section - I will say when they know about probelsm alot of doctors panic and dont know what to do/ suggest and dont want to touch you which can be a pain. But my consultant has booked an appointment with him and my ortho consultant to discuss birth etc and get a clear plan in action - esp now with the hypermobililty. I would push your end and make them sort it and get the ball rolling smile

sheldonella it's near where we live but on my route to work. We debated going for a nursery close to my work, but decided in the end that if for any reason I couldnt get to pick DD up, DH would then be about 70 miles away! So home seemed the best option as central for both of us. Plus, if we have time off, say in the run up to Chrysler, we can bob her in for half a day to give us chance to get stuff done or go for lunch and to cinema. At out nursery we pay the same amount e wry month whether we are on holiday, or she is sick, or whatever else, so everynow and again we take advantage to have some child free, non-work time!

chrysler?! i mean Christmas!!! <Writes out lines must check text before posting...>

Sheldonella Fri 28-Sep-12 10:03:06

Chrysler smile
That makes sense, I guess I might change jobs too then I'd probably have to find another nursery. My concern is that the local nursery closes at 6 so it would be a problem if I got stuck in traffic.

zoeymlucas Fri 28-Sep-12 10:33:32

Thank godness its Friday - have woke up with a splitting headache and feel awful and felt really bad on DH as poor bloke hasnt been allowed near me since stitch and wont be till next year and feel really awful turning him away all th time as that cant be nice for anyone but dont want to forget myself and get caught up as its not worth the risk to baby or my insides so find myself pretending to be asleep at night etc hmm

Chefette Fri 28-Sep-12 12:50:56

Oh dear (()) poor both of you sad

can you "do" some other "stuff"? TMI probs, but a bit of healthy imagination and some other bits of you also might be fun? There would be some threads on MN that may give you some avenues?

Sorry about the fall lovely about flowers (sorry can't remember who had bike incident!) jojo you're back, soopa glad ok, rest up now.

Gotta go, it's my weekly ante natal relaxation class, first visit woohoo!

JoJoBella84 Fri 28-Sep-12 13:05:01

sheldon I was hoping to be dc today but I don't think that's going to happen.
I tried to walk for a shower and did quite well but then after a minute or two became very light headed and nauseous. I had to be wheeled back to bed and the colour just drained from me! Still have catheter in too as the MW isn't happy that I'll be able to take myself regularly to the loo without help.
My dressing has been removed, I have a scar from my navel to my bikini line - very neat but long!!
Also have been taken off drips and morphine so I only have one cannula in now smile
I've also met a woman on the ward who is 9 weeks pg lives in Kemnay so we're going to swap numbers that way I know another mum to be in the area!!
I'm managing to mostly manage on paracetamol which surprises me as I'm a real wimp when it comes to pain.
The docs came round this am and confirmed that although I still have both ovaries, I only have one Fallopian tube. So have lost the function of the right side completely. Still have the left though smile
Not sure I have much more to tell I keep checking in but tend to sleep a lot at the mo so aren't posting as often as I'd like sad

Sheldonella Fri 28-Sep-12 13:10:04

Good to hear from you JoJo and sounds like you are in the best place. Take it easy and hopefully you will be out soon.
Well I just bought an emergency maternity dress. Put on my underbump jeans this morning and was in agony at my desk, it was awful. I went to gap and bought a lovely green drapey jersey dress and some footless tights - much better.
Just heard a colleague has miscarried and I burst into tears sad

pinkpeony4 Fri 28-Sep-12 13:29:33

Just wanted to quickly post & say lovely to hear from you JoJo. I'm glad it all went well & that you have two ovaries smile I hope you get discharged soon but hospital is probably the best place to make sure you do nothing but rest!

Really glad you are ok Jojo, been thinking of you! X

zoeymlucas Fri 28-Sep-12 15:44:57

Glad you and baby are ok Jojo been waiting for news, get plaenty of rest and check in when you feel up to it smile

Having one of those I want to cry days - people keep asking what I am having as they knew I had scan yesterday and when I say boy they look all sad eyed and reply with ' ow you must be disappointed' and 'will you try again'. Its driving me nuts - yes a girl would of been nice but of course I am not disappointed I am having a beautiful baby that is growing inside me and I cant wait for him to be born! We always said we would have 3 and this is baby number 3 so no I wont be trying again whatever the gender of my baby its was meant we were meant to have and will be the final piece of our family - its really starting to annoy me that people think we only had another to get a girl and would keep going to get one - all I have ever wanted is a baby I get to 36 weeks with and doent need special care so stays with me - SOrry rant over!

Em2010 Fri 28-Sep-12 15:45:31

Afternoon All, not long until the weekend for those of you at work! jojo glad to hear you're recovering and have made a friend! I lost the use of one of my Fallopian tubes years ago after my cyst and still got pregnant very quickly twice so hopefully shouldn't cause you any long term problems.

Apologies in advance for the whinge- I will try and keep it brief but I am feeling so tired and pathetic, it's really getting me down! I can't do anything without getting wiped out. The house is a bombsite, ds isn't getting the attention I'd like to give him, I hate feeling so useless! All I want to do is sleep. Trying to do some ironing this afternoon and after half an hour came over all dizzy and had to stop. Supposed to be seeing friends tonight but I don't know how I'm going to find the energy.... Ok sorry for me, me, me! It helps just to be able to share!

Em2010 Fri 28-Sep-12 15:48:09

Hey zoey just seen your post. You've every right to feel annoyed! God people can be so insensitive! Babies of both gender are wonderful and people have no right to judge! Why can't they just be happy for you! Sending you lots of happy blue vibes!!

theTramp Fri 28-Sep-12 16:07:36

em - feeling pathetic makes perfect sense, but you're not pathetic you're just incubating a small human who needs you to sleep a lot and apparently your body findds it amusing to make you feel nauseous. One day you will get your own back and with gusto. Have a little nap and see how you feel when you wake up.

JoJo - I didn't realise fellopian tube had to be removed, sorry to hear that my dear, I know that was something you were worried about. As noted above, it doesn't necessarily effect fertility so get more info from your consultant when you are ready and get all the facts you need. In the meantime, rest up and heal as quickly as you can. The scar sounds cool btw.

TheAngelshavetheOod Fri 28-Sep-12 16:44:49

Place marking

GummiberryJuice Fri 28-Sep-12 17:11:00

Marking place so I don't lose you all

ThreeForTea Fri 28-Sep-12 17:50:02

Hello, justs a quick one again i'm afraid. Seem to be constantly flipping between very busy and very very tired with not much in between!

Jojo Glad op went well, hope recovery is very quick as it can be. Well done for getting through it all!

Shel sorry to hear about your friend who mc sad was that the lady who you guessed was pg?

Newyearsday come back and talk to me about HBAC! how on earth do you get them to agree to one? My midwife just dismissed it as a total non-thing last week at my 16 week appt. I was only sectioned for undiscovered breech before so should be a lower risk VBAC at least.

ZOey am angry for you. Some people are so fooking rude. I know if we have another DD, some people (mainly dh's family-totally male dominated) will be giving us the sympathetic looks. I don't give a flying fook what we have and certainly am not remotely bothered about the son and heir crap. I'll be happy as long as it's healthy and another low maintenance childgrin!!

My back is giving me some grief. DD still going through phases of wanting to be carried and at 15kg, it's not good on my back at all. Going to have to take it steady I think.

em I have days when I could just get in bed and pull the duvet over my head. One good thing about DH being away for two weeks is that he will owe me big style when he gets back! Two weeks looking after DD and house on my own is worth a multitude of brownie points methinks!

Lexiindisguise Fri 28-Sep-12 18:57:21

Hi ladies
Zoey that is so rude! I'm not sure if I want to find out the sex, and people keep asking me which I'd prefer - this is our first and no-one seems to believe I really don't mind. Of course you'll love this little one no matter what!
Sheldon I feel your pain re: clothes. Over the past two weeks I am definitely now in 'maternity' wear mode due to discomfort - in an old, stretchy jumper dress and H&M maternity leggings today. So sorry to hear of your friend's mc too, very sad.

Feeling a bit guilty as took today off - have done the grocery shop as the house was bare and have cooked lunch and supper, but have spent the rest of the time uploading holiday pics on FB and reading blogs! Loving the autumny feeling in the air. Have not managed to catch up on here, but am hoping no-one has been too badly affected by the flooding?

Hi guys! Been a couple of days and am trying to catch up.

Jojo get well soon! X

zoey so rude!

Em sounds like you're maybe anaemic?

I've had a mad day at work and am looking forward to a chilled out weekend. Had some exciting news about a promoted post coming up at my local school, but it would mean working full time. I think I could do it, but it would be bloody hard work for the first wee while ... Hmm, lots to think about, but I think I will apply when it comes up. Head of dept jobs don't come up in my subject very often and never on my doorstep!

Sheldonella Fri 28-Sep-12 19:59:30

Evening. Just had a fantastic curry and a lovely almost-no-alcohol cider smile Perfect friday night.

zoey That is so very rude isn't it. People say the daftest things. My aunt has 4 boys and they are so much fun. I've had the old wives tales at work today - I must be having a boy because I'm carrying all out front!

Em You poor thing. I hope you can get a good night's sleep.

Three Yes, it was the one I had just found out was pg and had some lovely chats with. Feel so awful for her.

Lexi The autumny feeling is lovely isn't it smile Was your holiday weather good?

possom Promotion sounds exciting!

kurlyvoice Fri 28-Sep-12 20:07:28

So I've missed another thread move because I'm rubbish at Mumsnetting regularly, but please can I be allowed back to join the ow ow ow back/pelvis club. Saw the physio today and he did some serious stretching and prodding, but I am now in agony from the combination of that and a super-clingy toddler who doesn't want to go to bed...

On the positives though, I'm feeling lots of little flutters from the bean, and only have to wait 11 days until the next scan. We're having a green/yellow/orange/white baby but still looking forward to seeing it and hoping that it's ok in there.

Did I see something about a Facebook group? I'm much better at FB than MN!

<waves> to everyone and hope you are all ok. I've got Chinese for dinner if anyone fancies sharing crispy duck pancakes! First time I've felt up to it since getting pg!

TribbleTuckandDismount Fri 28-Sep-12 20:22:48

KURLY!! How the devil are you!!! (tis Herm321 from frolickers or some other thread).

zoeymlucas Fri 28-Sep-12 20:54:18

Went for dinner with my best friend this evening (added bonus of not having to deal with DH sisters) we went to Nandos and omg it was amazing and much needed as ain't have dinner in ages as my sickness seems to start at 4.00pm!!!! I didn't fancy any puddings there so friend took me to Tesco and bought me a cake- got to love her grin it's amazing what cheers me up these days- now relaxing in bed as pelvis is buggered, the crutches are coming out and I have dug out my back/ pelvis support- I am determined to not do pain killers a long as possible though so rest is the best choice smile
kurly it's a secret group on Facebook that only members can see so I think manda needs to invite you but she is pretty organised so I am sure will smile
Got a very wiggly little man tonight who clearly loved getting food this evening, maybe he will let e eat dinner more often!!!

Lexiindisguise Fri 28-Sep-12 20:58:16

Sheldon it was, glorious sunshine with a sea breeze! Am trying not to think about it! wink. Feel very lucky - now to try to get all the laundry done and dry in the glorious British climate.

Where did you go lexi?

theTramp Fri 28-Sep-12 23:17:08

Zoey - oh sod 'em. They're clearly idiots.

Shel - yes I keep being asked what I would prefer, when I say "healthy" I think people assume I am being politically correct. I am genuinely amazed that anyone would say something like "Oh I would hate to have a girl" or "Oh I just really want to have a boy" - I just want Socrates to come out healthy & happy and to stay that way regardless of gender. Although if I do have a girl I am really hoping they'll be a tom boy because a girly girl will be massively hard work for me, I just won't know where to start, I'll be the worst possible Mum for them!

Glad to hear friday evenings are on the whole going well for folks.

mandasand Sat 29-Sep-12 06:16:36

Hello ladies!

I've missed so much! Was out at an archive yesterday and forgot the lead to charge my phone so couldn't use it as a modem and just had the odd read of the thread on my phone instead … have to say I got a little bit more work done than usual! DH and I travelled home together and had Date Night (we were hoping for a table in Chiang Mai, for those who know Oxford, but tried to book a table too late in the day so went to Quod instead).

I woke at 4am early fretting about book (it is going on Monday!) so I thought I may as well get up and Mumsnet see to it.

V.v. happy to see from here and FB that JoJo is out the other side of her op, yippee! brew all round! Hope you get to go home soon!

Sundae sounds like you're in a bad way with the pain etc. I second Ood and others' feet-stamping suggestions. Seriously, if I'm in the high risk clinic because of my smallish bits and bobs then you definitely need some special attention and monitoring, I think.

Ood are you now Angels?!

thanks to Best. It's horrible coming off the bike at the best of times, but when pregnant and with DD on board … well, I can't imagine. You poor thing. I'm just so pleased that someone wonderful and lovely was there to look after you. That lady has good karma coming her way. Hope you're feeling okay?

Hurray for happy heartbeat, Sarah. Sounds like you've done amazing stuff with the PTA, but also the right time to let it go. Re next phase of working life, what about writing a 'Don't just suck it and see?' type manual for those with no clue about what's about to hit us re childcare, schooling, etc?! I for one would buy it!

Ethel, your life sounds like it has a great balance. Pity about the driving about but maybe something closer to York will come up in the next year or so? DH has been prompted by the mere idea of childcare costs for twins to revamp his CV after 10 years in same company and is now actually getting quite excited about the possibility of new challenges. And his company will almost definitely make him a good counter offer, and if that was sufficiently ££ and also factored in some substantial flexi-working then that could be enough to make things a lot easier.

Possom sounds like a great opportunity!

Kurly welcome back! You need to be FB friends with someone already in the group, so secret and Mason-like is it. If you are ok with that, message me (or anyone else in the FB group) with your RL name and a description of your profile pic. All others welcome too! It's lovely to share pics and stuff!

Tamp, 'healthy' is so the right answer! People are daft sometimes.

Pink thanks for that coat link! Very nice and, as you say, a bargain! I'm going to put it off a wee bit longer as yesterday I discovered that a John Lewis coat I bought last winter or the one before when I was carrying a bit of extra weight still fits me and with growing room! Yippee!

Zoey, I second Chefette's encouragement to do 'other stuff'! I 'surprised' DH the other night and he has been on cloud nine ever since! Your DH has got to understand about the stitch - it's not worth going there - but, you know, ahem … etc ... blush

Chefette how did the relaxation class go?

Em baby brain is kicking in a bit here too! Can you afford to get someone in for two hours to spruce up the house? We're looking at cleaners and going rate seems to be £7-10 per hour. Could be worth every penny. And can you be persuaded not to iron, or at least cut it down by a lot? I never iron anything apart from for interviews, weddings, funerals! Probably why I look a right scruff bag half the time but I don't care! You are the priority right now though.

Oh, and I've started to waddle, and it took me 30 mins to walk a mile yesterday. I have turned into a snail.

JoJoBella84 Sat 29-Sep-12 06:38:47

manda it took me 20 mins to walk to the end of a hospital corridor and back yesterday!!! Don't fret about the waddle - from what I know of these things (which isn't a lot I must admit) you'll adjust your walking style but it won't be long term smile
tramp try not yo let other people's opinions get to you - your body and life choice is yours only and people will always have an opinion. I wonder what their reaction would be if you said 'I don't mind as long as i have an in healthy baby' people are weird!!

I'm hoping to head back to York on 5th Oct so if any one in the general area wants a coffee or meet let me know and I'm in smile

Just wanted to thank you all for your kind messages, it's been really nice reading them and just watching you all from a distance really whilst I've been recovering smile

pinkpeony4 Sat 29-Sep-12 07:06:35

Zoey people are v v insensitive. I had loads of people ask me if we were going to try for a girl after ds3. Well actually we are having ds4! People's faces sometimes drop when I tell them. You need to be very thick skinned. I tell people that we always wanted 4 boys. In lots of ways I think it will be easier having all boys anyway and definitely cheaper!! All you want is a healthy baby. I couldn't care less whether it has a willy or not! grin

zoeymlucas Sat 29-Sep-12 08:04:19

Thanks everyone and pink 4 little men sounds amazing, DS 2 has just wondered into DS1 rooms and pulled out all his Lego and DS1 is now sat playing with him between DS2 shooting him with a spud gun (well making the noise) what's not to love about boys and another one in the mix sounds fab! We won't be havi anymore as we always said 3- that was gender based it was just me and DH are both 1 of 3 and that's what we wanted.

Blimey you guys get up early I am going to have a shock when baby comes as DS1 is nearly 10 so surfaces when his little bother wakes and DS2 sleeps about 13 hours a night and another good few hours in day which is amazing- not sure a newborn will understand I like sleep,lol!

Now I know what bump is I am talking to him so much more which I am loving it smile

I know it sounds silly Jojo when you get up try not to tense- it took about a week to learn that your trying to tense muscles that have been cut through (after c section) so I resorted to breathing through it when I got up an moved and was so much easier. Getting up and about does help but in small doses, don't tire yourself your body is repairing its self smile and I waddle when not pregnant so walk like a pregnant duck now it's part of the fun smile

Well I'm waiting for DD to appear and have her breakfast and then we are supposed to be at baby ballet in an hour! At the moment she's sitting on the stairs playing with bloody stacking cups that she's just rediscovered! Grrrrr!

Anyone here into going to the theatre? I used to do loads of amateur dramatics before DD came along and love going to see shows and plays, but dont manage it nearly as often as I'd like now. Last night two of my friends were watching shows that I've been in as an amateur and i was very jealous! one was watching Jesus Christ superstar up in Newcastle and the other was seeing chorus of disapproval in London. Have already got tickets for JCS, but think I am going to organise myself a flying visit down to London to see CoD. Im not really into sport, but have always loved the theatre, albeit the fairly mainstream stuff.

Jojo it would be good to meet up. Perhaps all of us Yorkies could get together? When you in York until?

FloweryBoots Sat 29-Sep-12 08:37:55

I could head to York pretty easily I reckon (from Leeds),and it wouldbe nice to visit as I don't think I've ever actually been --other than to work at the race course in my teenage/student years--blush

Glad you're coming round JoJo and bean is fine.

Well, I brought a pile of work home with me this weekend and supposed ot have the day off on Monday but will end up going in fo rhte afternoon (would go in am too but I have MW appointment and DS has jabs and 2 year review - felt quite organised getting them all booked one afte rthe other!.

My parents are supposed to be visiting today, but they've never said when they are turning up, and if they will have none, one or two of my brothers with them. Really helpful. House totally devoid of food at present and have eaten nothing but crap or bread for the last few days as a result so shopping and tidying this morning before DH is takeing DS to football so I can do some work. Think le parants are arriving about 4.30pm as my Mum is doing a part time degree and has university today. Do wish they'd just said that when we invited them and we'd have picked a different day so they could actually come for the day, not just tea. I tink she goes every other week, or maybe even once a month. But my parents are a bit hopeless. Oh well!

FloweryBoots Sat 29-Sep-12 08:43:27

Oh, that was a me post. Sorry! Pink, people are just thoughtless. I only have 1 son and already getting questions about 'do you want a girl' and having been so sick this time when I wasn't bad at all last time lots of, 'oh you must be happy - that measn it will be a girly'. Errr, actually no I'm not happy about feeling like crap all the time and secretly actually would like another boy (though would only ever say happy eith a healthy baby and no preference!).

Was it Best that came of the bike. Hope you're OK and what a lovely lady bringing flowers as well as taking you home. People can be so kind.

Sorry to hear so many strugling with mobility adn pain etc. The joys of pregnancy are never ending aren't they!

GummiberryJuice Sat 29-Sep-12 08:56:24

Morning everyone

Ouch best but what a lovely lady

Jojo so glad to hear you are on the mend and little bean is a happy bean too

Zoey You can't win people thought I was crazy having a 3rd dc when I "already have one of each" hmm so God knows what they think now, I'm just plain greedy grin,
I've already had ahh another wee boy would even it all up, yes a boy would be nice so ds could have a brother BUT I just look at it as another little personality to add to the mix, afterall dd2 is just crazy, one minute she will be in her Stephanie costume (for those of you who don't know, Stephanie is PINK from head to toe) then she will be in ds's old spiderman costume shooting webs at everyone, so Tramp you might get a girly tomboy like my dd grin

Manda goodluck for weekend getting book ready to GO!

I must have made the doctor at the hospital very sorry for me, as my bp was slightly raised, I had trace ketones in urine, and I told her I was just so stressed about dd1's new meds, and I had been so sick the day before, and I would really just love a quick peak at bean, she said they don't normally scan every time but she would give me a quick one, YEY
So bean had nice healthy heartbeat and was doing YOGA, it had its foot right up over its head, it was all curled up, so I was all happy and relaxed again, will worry about dd1 next week when we go to see how to inject new meds sad

Anyway off to deliver final cake and maybe buy a new bra and tousers

waves to everyone else hope you have a lovely weekend

newyearsday Sat 29-Sep-12 09:24:00

Jojo get well soon honey! I also have one fallopian tube. It's a bit of a shocker when you find out but it DOES NOT mean 50% fertility, the working tube waves around and can catch an egg from either side.

Three it's your human right (and the law) to have your baby how and where you chose. No-one needs to 'allow' you to do anything. But of course you need support too. I got crafty! From talking to local doulas I found out about the consultant midwife at the local hospital who's job it is to reduce the number of cs's, she is very pro-vbac. I sent her an email explaining my traumatic 1st birth in the delivery unit and my difficulties in finding support within the nhs for my hbac plans. She replied immediately and told me to come and see her in October, and to cancel my obs appointment. Yey! I'll let you know how I get on.

Join the vbac yahoo group, see if there's any local vbac or homebirth group near you, talk to local doulas about what other women have done in your area, get really informed. I was similar to you in that mine went wrong due to malposition, I have to believe it won't happen twice. There is no reason on earth you shouldn't have the birth you want.

Have you seen the Freedom for Birth film? It's amazing and makes you realise how lucky we are in the country, but reminds us all it's our right to chose how and where we birth, whether we want an elective c-section, hospital birth or homebirth, it's our choice.

Will catch up later - it's my 'day off' so I'm off into town to have my hair cut, shop, lunch and re-charge!

ThreeForTea Sat 29-Sep-12 09:27:48

With genders I think its a bit of a shame that people still feel the need to constrain what the child is going to be like with their own hopes and expectations of what each sex does or will behave like. Very old fashioned! I keep flipping anyway between what I think it is. But hoping that whether I get a boisterous boy or a sensitive boy, or wild girl or a quiet girl they feel loved for who they are and we are able to help them follow their dreams smile

Logistically girl is going to easier for me in the baby prep as I have about four things that aren't pink grin but then again i'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find homes for a two year stash!

Was planning to buy dd a cricket set this weekend because she is always chucking stuff and has an amazing throw on her! (nothing wrong with a bit of hot-housing!)

This does however rely on me actually getting out of bed... I'll let you know how I get on!

theTramp Sat 29-Sep-12 09:33:22

Gummi - loving the sound of yoga bean smile And a girly Tom boy I could def cope with. I'm a pretty chilled even runnings kind of a gal as is MrM (I look like an emotional roller coaster next to him) and I deal with almost everyone pretty well but I do keep worrying about having a child I'll clash with personality wise. Of all the worries probably the least worrisome. But worry I do. I suppose I just want to be a cool Mum and not an angry shouty one.

JoJo - hello! So pleased you're feeling a bit more with it. Roll on more healing.

Manda - gosh book goes Monday. Try not to fret too much, it does sound like you have all in hand. Can you book in a rewrding treat for yourself on Tuesday - a "all done wahoo!" treat? Get your nails done or some reflexology maybe. That would def sort out some of the aches & pains.

I'm sure I've missed loads because I've just woken up and am phone scrolling so brains a bit fuddled. Im trying to decide between a domestic day or work - think I need to work but domestic stuff is looking pretty desperate too. Anon as they say. Have lovely Saturday's whatever you are doing.

Ps. Ballet class - cool!

I'll put a ballet pic on the fb page.

Great news on the book manda will be a massive relief I bet!

Slightly concerned as boiler has just started making a bit of a funny noise....(actually a bit like a heartbeat noise!?!) Just whilst DH is away, great. Will need to keep an eye/ear on it I think. Praying it does not break down, it's only 3.5 years old!

theTramp Sat 29-Sep-12 12:46:02

Ethel - it may just be coping with temperature change or have some air in the system.

So I am going to share on here as well as clothes thread. I bought a bump support slip, well two - one black and one nude - from ASOS, because I like wearing slips and I figured additional support would come in handy and I am v pleased with them. www.asos.com/ASOS-Maternity/ASOS-Maternity-Exclusive-Seamfree-Dress-With-Support-For-The-Perfect-Bump/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=2329239&cid=5813&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=200&sort=-1&clr=Nude

At £28 each not the cheapest underwear items in the world, but as I will prob wear every day that I am wearing a dress (so most days) I think on a cost per wear basis a bargain.

Lexiindisguise Sat 29-Sep-12 14:23:28

Manda great news about the book!
Tramp I share your worries about personality - not so much gender, but I do worry I'll have a child I don't understand / can't handle - beginner's nerves!!
Ethel I went to Santorini, it was lovely - 5th wedding anniversary trip smile

theTramp Sat 29-Sep-12 15:49:44

Lexi - pleased I'm not alone on that one!

I'll check for ballet pic on FB

Oh I haven't been there, but i want to!!!!

Chefette Sat 29-Sep-12 17:19:37

Greetings marchers one and all! Relaxation class so good I fell asleep and woke myself up snoring, the other woman there had drooled all over her cardi........ blush it was an hour, every fri afternoon just body part relaxation as a midwife follows a read aloud script about tending and relaxing muscle groups and breathing to a relaxing CD. grin

Sounds like there are some idiot folk out there commenting on preg status and gender stuff, it extends to other things too, people seem to think its open season when you have a bun and can comment on whatever aspects of your life they like! Give 'em laldy as they say, and I like the "healthy" response, I'll be using that, as we are team yellow (but I want to know!)

Flooring fitters at the cottage, progress on the whole project started! And finally chosen kitchen and bits, just splash back and lights to choose but need input from sparky for that. At B&Q waiting for DP to finish his teaching session (broom brooms) to use the 20% offer to get as much in store to takeaway items as possible for bathroom etc. one day it'll all be done........!!!

Hope everyone's day has been tip top tastic x

zoeymlucas Sat 29-Sep-12 17:22:56

Hmmm DH has come home with a vivarium as he has apparently told DS1 he can get a beard dragon for his 10th birthday- omg I hate weird animals so not overly impressed!!!
DS 1 is at nannies tonight as my little brother is 12 so they love spending time together and it's not really a nephew/ uncle relationship!

Was missing my nan earlier so in the good old Irish fashion am boiling a massive ham to serve with potatoes and cabbage- smells amazing and am starving waiting for it- it's just gone in oven with honey glaze smile DH also bought me some maternity clothes which is nice and was a lovely surprise as I actually love them all- his training is working, lol!

Em2010 Sat 29-Sep-12 18:21:06

Oh zoey our neighbour has a bearded dragon- they walk it on a little lead! It always makes me giggle. Ds is fascinated!

Thanks for all your support yesterday. Went into town this morning, didn't get back till 4 and was so knackered I had to take myself to bed for the last couple of hours. Bliss! Dh has offered to cook dinner, bless him, but I don't want to add food poisoning to my list of woes! Am definitely thinking about getting someone in to help with done of the cleaning and ironing - I've even asked one of the other mums in the village if her cleaner gas some spare time but I'm very worried about money at the moment!

lexi santorini sounds lovely! Must haven been very relaxing.

manda good luck with the book going in!

Hello to everyone else! Apologies for not name checking more.

Definitely up for a meet up in the York area! Will be nice to meet some of you!

On the topic of gender- I was secretly a bit

Em2010 Sat 29-Sep-12 18:28:42

Oh too quick!!

I was secretly a bit shock when I was handed a boy. I thought I was a girly girl and worried I would have nothing in common with my son. However.... The reality has been amazing. Ds has lived up to being a very boisterous boy but I have had an inner Tom boy released and its fab! I feel like he's taught me so much about myself (yes that sounds soppy!) but he's been such a breath if fresh air in my life. I am going to find out this time because I genuinely have no preference and just want to be able to bond with/prepare for baby. I'm not telling anyone in RL though as they can just wait!

Righty, I'd better get out of bed and do some cooking!

JoJoBella84 Sat 29-Sep-12 18:38:19

ethel I'm hoping to be in York from 6th oct until 25th jan. aiming to be in abz 3 weeks before my due date - all being well.
em would be great to meet with you too!!

Today has been another eventful one, I was hoping for a discharge from the hospital but ended up vomiting, despite the anti emetics I'd been given this morning and it was such a painfully horrific experience I ended up sobbing whilst grabbing my stomach hoping I'd not torn any stitches!! The doctors had to check mr over and despite all of my vitals being fine I'm in another night.
Still have got a new bunch of ladies to chat to tonight so it never gets boring!!
We heard the heartbeat again today, oh was here too so it was his first time hearing it which was a nice relief for him!!
I'm finding it a bit easier to move about now it's just the first movement in the morning when I've seized up overnight that I find the worst!!

Lexiindisguise Sat 29-Sep-12 18:44:26

Ah JoJo sorry to hear you are still feeling awful, hope you can escape tomorrow!
Em it was lovely and relaxing. Glad to hear you are having a good day today.
I've been off to Pilates - we had a new teacher who was a bit strange and full on - class was good and effective but her manner reminded me of a posh but loopy drama teacher I had at school! Not quite what I want and not so relaxing!
Apart from that have been gardening and about to cook supper. Very impressed with all you doing house projects; we are supposed to be having a loft extension but battling with building control before we have even started and the whole thing is making me rather nervous. But it will be lovely to have the extra space once it's done....confused

ThreeForTea Sat 29-Sep-12 18:58:41

Newyearsday thanks for that. Sorry cross posted earlier! Thats really handy, i'm going to have a look around. I bought the VBAC Handbook from Amazon and saw quite a few HBAC stories in there and the women seem to be a lot freer than in the hospital 'system' ie they don't have deadlines for each stage etc, and the deadlines are the thing that is worrying me mainly. I even asked the MW if you would ever be allowed to labour at home with community midwife support (monitoring, pain relief etc) but with the agreement to transfer in for the actual delivery but that doesn't seem to be an option either. I'll see what I can find out around here anyway.

Zoey that pet sounds ...interesting! Love the idea of a reptile pet on a lead just strolling down to the park or something smile

Tramp think you sound like you're going to be a really cool mum!

Jojo FX for a good night tonight and a discharge tomorrow.

zoeymlucas Sat 29-Sep-12 19:04:39

Sorry your in another night Jojo but glad you have some company smile also fab news that baby is perfectly well and by now all anaesthetics are out ur systems so you can look forward to recovering and enjoying the rest of your pregnancy stress free smile at least in hospital you can be checked over if your sick or anything again I have fx you won't

Dinner was amazing and we now have enough left over ham to feed the whole road with left overs- DH is excited about the sandwich and cracker possibilities he has, it's a hard core Saturday night in the Lucas house hold, lol! Been in my pjs for an hour already!!!

My boys are such different personalities which I totally love and know this one will be its own little person and bring another dimension to our house and family!

theTramp Sun 30-Sep-12 01:39:33

Lord I'm shattered! Long day. So we were away for dinner with MrMs brothers wife's brother & wife and their lively two kids tonight. Just home now & MrMs away reading about the bloody Ryder cup. He's completely sloshed & all chuffed Dad to be. He's not a particularly expressive person so it's dead cute to see. I've had my belly surreptitiously rubbed several times this eve, the big softy.

I will catch up properly tomorrow but it sounds like everyone had a good Saturday bar JoJo who is in hospital another night, you poor thing. Hearing babies heartbeat is lovely though - and three cheers for other ladies on the ward to chat to.

Right I'm giving up on MrM and am turning out the lights (yawn) g'night.

HermioneBoo Sun 30-Sep-12 08:45:51

Wow 1.39am Tramp! I never see past 10pm, I'll be found drooling on the sofa wherever I am at 10pm smile

Had a gorgeous autumnal day yesterday, took DH out for elevenses at a local village. It's a bit of a weird village, it's based around a massive Hall and all the houses and little shops are owned by the Hall. You can walk round and pop in to people's houses and they've set up little shops, so there's a 1940s sweet shop, a knick knack shop and a candlemakers. There's a big cafe in a converted barn and a duck pond and its all really lovely. DH had never been to the sweet shop there so took him and it was just so nice to see him relax a bit and BabyBoo was wiggling about loads. Of course I ruined it all by throwing a huge tantrum when we got home blush but hopefully I'm forgiven now. We're going to see Anna Karenina today and out for tea to celebrate our wedding anniversary as I couldn't eat anything on the actual anniversary day!

So glad to see you on here JoJo though it must have been horrible to be sick at least you were in the right place and got to hear the heartbeat. Sending you get well soon vibes x

Am I bad to be secretly hoping for one gender over the other? Obviously I would love either more than I can imagine and most importantly I want BabyBoo to be healthy, but I think maybe I'm not the most motherly of people and I don't want to be like my mum was with me. She was always telling me that I shouldn't attempt things because I wouldn't be good at them and she concentrated on teaching me sewing and embroidery and cooking, I'm very grateful to have those skills but can't help thinking I would have done a lot more with my life had I been encouraged to give things a go. I think maybe if I had a boy I wouldn't compare my upbringing up with his and wouldn't be quite as critical. I don't know, we're only planning on one DC and I want to get it as right as I can!

GummiberryJuice Sun 30-Sep-12 09:13:09

Hermione they are all natural worries, same as tramp, we all think of things from our childhood and think we are not going to do that, we can only do our best, and it does come,
I've tried all different things and know what works for me, I have to watch my shouting as I came from a very shouty household, I had to work hard at that and feel I've got right now, hardly ever shout, just a raised voice occasionally when dcs decide to push things.
I had meant to say Tramp, its really amazing the different personalities of our little ones, and my dd1 and I can rub each other up the wrong way something shocking, I've learnt to see it before it gets bad and get dh to step in and deal with whatever is going on, I don't need to do it with the other 2.
I really think you need to be on the same page as your OH when it comes to any decisions got to do with your dc.

I know a couple of kids who run the house because their parents don't follow through on warnings or one parent totally over rides the others decisions.

mandasand Sun 30-Sep-12 09:16:02

Ladies, just marking my spot. I'm sooooo going to catch up with you all later! Happy Sundays! xx

TheAngelshavetheOod Sun 30-Sep-12 09:45:37

Place marking too!

theTramp Sun 30-Sep-12 10:05:45

Hermione - I'll be honest I'm not sure how I managed to stay awake for so long, I've a feeling I'll be snoozing by 7pm tonight in recompense.

Also - on the repeating mistakes and not comparing upbringing.. I think if anything if you're aware of these things then you won't. I'm v lucky because my parents are just fab. Didn't stop me from being a bitch for 5 years - mostly because my bro and I are chalk & cheese and when he came along I was not best chuffed. We get on pretty well now, but I was nearly 30 before we started to work at getting on as people & not just be siblings. Must have been rough on my patents. Anyway - what Gummi said basically rings true to me & is I think at the heart of what worries me. I think MrM and I will sort through it and I'm self aware enough to not turn into shouty Mum but thinking and doing aren't one and the same and at the moment, like you, being a good Mum is basically what most worries me.

Busy day of eating today. First brunch then Sunday lunch/dinner with friends. Fantastic because I don't have to cook. Wahoo!

JoJoBella84 Sun 30-Sep-12 10:16:52

Will be getting home today smile whoopee!!
Felt ill again this morning so the doctor wasn't sure but I explained that its morning sickness and if that's the only thing stopping her then I'd be here for weeks so she said I could make the decision to go home as long as I have support! Probably won't get out until mid afternoon as the meds take ages to arrive and I need to practice self injecting the blood thinner but YEEEEEEEEEEEY!

StormyBrid Sun 30-Sep-12 10:45:41

Hello, ladies. I'm a bit rubbish at cooking, but I can manage crocheting and chit-chat. Can I insinuate myself into the gang? First baby's due on March the 8th, and I don't really know anyone else pregnant to talk to about things.

JoJoBella84 Sun 30-Sep-12 10:54:16

Hello stormy how is the pregnancy progressing so far??!

FloweryBoots Sun 30-Sep-12 11:05:02

Welcome Stormy. The more the merrier here, and there do seem to be a lot of us. Personally I loose track of who's who blush but folk don't tend to mind!

JoJo Glad to hear they are letting you home. Self injecting doesn't sound fun, but hey, a new skill!

Were you on anti emetics before going into hopsital for the Op? I know there are a few ladies on here who are on anti emetics but don't remember who. Just wondering how people have found them and how bad they were before getting them? I'm really fed up of the sickness now and have MW appointment tomorrow morning so wondering about if I should push for something to help with the sickness. DH says I've seemed a bit better this week, and some days I think I have (even managed not to be sick so far today yipee) but I still feel sick so much of the time and it's so wearing. It's not improved significantly and I was rid of it by this point last time round (plus it was not close to as bad as this any way). 17 + 4 today. Whinge over. Any advice welcome!

Better dash, just spotted DS trying to post play pizza toppings down his nappy...

JoJoBella84 Sun 30-Sep-12 11:10:54

flowery I'm 20 weeks today, still nauseous and vomiting intermittently. I wasn't on anti emetics before the op but they have me a tablet on the first morning as fasting doesn't help nausea!!
During the op they injected me with something for nausea too so I wasn't vomiting when I woke and I've had one every morning since!!
I have a choice of two to take, the first one I tried you put in the top of the gum between top lip and gum and leave it there and it's absorbed slowly. The other one is a bitter pill which you just swallow. I prefer the bigger pill, it seems to work faster for me so it has really heled. I'm not sure ill be sent home with any though!!

HermioneBoo Sun 30-Sep-12 11:12:07

Welcome Stormy! We're very good at chitchat so you'll fit right in smile

Amazing news JoJo so glad you get to go home today.

Thanks for your reassurance Tramp and Gummi, I think I'll keep an eye on myself, DH comes from a very encouraging family (it went the other way with his younger sisters and they believe that anything is possible, they come across as a bit naive sometimes) and he knows my concerns so I'm sure he'll look out for me too! I've also got a short temper which he helps me with, when we babysat our nieces and the youngest was acting up all I had to do was look at him and leave the room and he just took over while I calmed down. My BIL and SIL have loads of problems with their youngest because one undermines the other the whole time, it's easy to see when you're on the outside looking on though isn't it? At least these are all things I'm aware of so can look out for them, I'm sure ill fail in some other way but I can always try my best not to mess up completely smile

HermioneBoo Sun 30-Sep-12 11:24:52

flowery I was put on anti emetics as I couldn't keep fluid down and was getting dehydrated, tbh the anti emetics have done nothing to help. I had the ones you dissolve under your top lip and the only time I've had one dissolve completely it did stop me being sick for 3 hours but the nausea didn't stop. To be fair I was told that the anti emetics don't always work and I was only put on one type (it does say in the notes not to take the ones I was prescribed whilst pregnant so I was told to only take one per day) so I haven't really given them a chance. I've also never done very well with any medication either so it may have been partly me not believing the anti emetics would work! I understand how tiring ms is, especially when you've had so many weeks with it, I'd def ask your MW about anti emetics. Hope your MW doesn't just say you have to battle through it like the ambulance man said to me, not the most useful thing he could have said!

TheAngelshavetheOod Sun 30-Sep-12 11:50:24

Welcome stormy

Sheldonella Sun 30-Sep-12 11:51:35

I've just had my gender scan and we're having a DD grin She was waving her arms and legs around all over the place and holding on to the cord, it was so lovely.

Will catch up now!

StormyBrid Sun 30-Sep-12 11:58:51

This is a busy thread, isn't it? Wasn't expecting so many welcomes quite so quickly!

JoJo, it's going pretty well so far. Obviously I've no previous pregnancies to compare to, but all this talk of anti-emetics is reminding me just how lucky I've been so far - I've only thrown up once. Feel free to start mentally throwing darts at my face. smile

Sheldonella, that's brilliant! It must be so exciting to know what you're having. I still have nearly four weeks until the next scan. Who knew time could take so long to pass? Were you hoping for a girl? (Are we allowed to hope for one or the other, or do we just have to hope for human and healthy?)

GummiberryJuice Sun 30-Sep-12 12:58:49

Welcome stormy, we have 3 teams on this thread, team blue a couple know already, team pink shelf are you the first, oh rainbow did you find out, and team yellow for those of us who are pretending we are being patient to wait, but I like endulging in theories to see which is true at end.

Sheld I mean my phone changed it and won't let me go back and fix

pinkpeony4 Sun 30-Sep-12 17:18:25

Place marking! Just had a depressing day at a very busy Westfield feeling enormous in the changing rooms! Didn't manage to buy anything. All the maternity wear on offer was very frumpy sad

Happy Sunday everyone & I hope you are now home and feeling better JoJo

JoJoBella84 Sun 30-Sep-12 17:25:05

gummi there was a theory on the ward we were discussing with the midwives. When listening to the heartbeat on Doppler or trace. If it sounds like a horse galloping its a girl and if it dounds like a train it's a boy!! Obviously more old wives tales but the MW thought I was def a galloping horse. I have everything crossed for team pink smile rainbow did find out she is having another DD but wants to be team rainbow not team pink!!

zoeymlucas Sun 30-Sep-12 17:40:09

With the heartbeat thing jojo the missive was certain I was having a girl but if you have seen the FB picture he couldn't be more a boy if he tried, lol!!!
Well DS is home and playing with his dragon thing and decided on calling it rocky- freaks me outit even being in my house!

Have had an awful day, felt crap and was sick twice this morning then DH drove to toys r us and got there and was sick by the car twice right outside the front of the shop- so many people saw and was so blinking embarrassed but there was nothing I could do!!!! Still feel rubbish so am laying on sofa feeling sorry for myself sad

Bit of advice jojo on clexane injections- do it sat down and NEVER rub it afterwards as you will bruise really badly- I have been on them since 2002 and have had a few mishaps including sneezing with the needle in and bending it, lol,

JoJoBella84 Sun 30-Sep-12 17:54:08

zoey the MW gave me the same advice re the rubbing! I have some mighty fine bruises on my thigh. Took me ages to pluck up the courage to jab myself today it has quite an after sting so its quite tempting to give it a rub, she was so patient though!

zoeymlucas Sun 30-Sep-12 17:59:15

In your thigh???? I do belly as it hurts less as can grab some fat smile

Lexiindisguise Sun 30-Sep-12 18:10:13

JoJo glad you can go home! And awww at Sheldon and your little DD. Can't wait for the 20 week scan!
Welcome stormy

I'm hoping someone with LOs can help me with this stupid question - we've been given a moses basket and a cotbed for free (yeay!) from a friend, and I've been thinking about bedding. I like the idea of the little baby sleeping bags - if I get those, am I right in thinking I then need new mattresses, sheets and possibly a blanket or two for cold nights? Or do I need a quilt as well? Can you use them in a Moses basket? It's all quite confusing!

Em2010 Sun 30-Sep-12 18:13:48

Congratulations sheldonella on your dd! Great news. I am sooo envy at those of you who've already know what you're having!!

Sorry for those of you still feeling pukey. Not fun. Banging headache all day here, cracked and took some paracetamol in the end which has really helped. Not much else to report though. Just packed all of our garden things into the garage for winter. Ds not too impressed to see his little climbing frame dismantled! Cooking roast chicken now before an early night. Not so much kicking from LO today which I hate but too early for kick counting and worrying.

Anyway better run! Need to Hoover the bedroom before my roasties start burning!!

GummiberryJuice Sun 30-Sep-12 19:11:47

Lexi even if you don't use a sleeping bag, you don't use quilts on babies, just layers of blankets, so Yeap, New matress, sheets and blankets

So have we 2 definite girls and 2 definite boys or 3 boys, its exciting

TheAngelshavetheOod Sun 30-Sep-12 19:14:02

lexi lots of sleeping bags are 9lb or even 11lb upwards so check before using with a newborn,

JoJoBella84 Sun 30-Sep-12 19:45:27

zoey I haven't been told not to inject in my belly but i am becoming less flabby in that area so I'll stick with thigh I think!! I have quite chunky thighs anyway!!
It took me ages the worst park is the initial 'prick' then it just feels like a pin cushion! I really didn't want to have to do these but it's only for a week smile
lexi I'm planning on using the sleeping bags you can get some low tog ones for newborns but I think in the beginning I'm going to use blankets!

To any of you bargain savvy... Where is the best place to buy bio oil (big bottles) I'm looking for best value really. My scar has to grow with my bump so I need to keep if supple - though wont be touching it got a couple of weeks smile

Lexiindisguise Sun 30-Sep-12 19:46:59

Thanks guys - am starting to make lists of what we need and it's so confusing smile

Hi all and welcome to stormy!

Jojo, great news on being discharged. You have my sympathy on the self injecting; I had to do it for 5 days after DD was born and I ended up just shutting my eyes and jabbing it in my thigh each time! blush not very precise, that's for sure!

Great news on DD sheldon! I have another 4 weeks to wait til my scan, so I am really looking forward to my mw appt a week on Friday. Have been feeling a bit anxious about lack of bump and not really feeling any movements, but I'm not even 16 weeks so I guess I should stop stressing. I just am panicking I guess that I've had another MMC. so, can't wait to see midwife and hopefully get some good news. fingers crossed.

Stayed with our friends in Barnsley last night and they looked after DD for me this aft so I could go shopping in peace! Went to meadowhall and bought some pjs, vests, a couple of smarter tops and tried on some jeans as well. All in all a fruitful trip!

Hope you've all had a fun weekend.

Jojo try amazon. Think I bought some there and it was good value.

We used sleeping bags for DD from fairly early on until well after her 2nd birthday. Would highly recommend, they were brilliant! If you have a TK Maxx near you they get them in sometimes and the grobag ones are half the normal RRP. might buy a couple of the grobag swaddle things though for the first few weeks with this DC. They look good I think for new borns.

FloweryBoots Sun 30-Sep-12 20:01:56

JoJo Big bottles of Bio oil are about £10 on amazon compared to about £20 in boots and the like.

We've found sleeping bags great. Used blankets for first few weeks as DS was pretty small when first born and as someone said, they're normally not quite from birth weight so more like a few weeks in. Actually, bought a swandling cloth (only Mothercare own, nothing posh --have seen some beautiful merino wool ones in a little baby butique shop I fancied--) today. Never managed to swadle DS and never sure if it was just because I couldn't managae it in a normal blanket or sheet or if he just hated it. My Sis did try having done it with her kids and failed so maybe it was just him, but so many people think swaddling really helps in first few weeks I thought I'd get the proper kit to try with this time!

Rainbowbabyhope Sun 30-Sep-12 21:19:22

JoJo would your OH be willing to give you the injections? I have daily heparin injections which my DH gives me and it is so much easier than doing it yourself - also found I bruise much less because he does it in a very precise way which I just wouldn't be able too myself. Glad all went well with your op for you and your LO.

gummi yes found out we are having our second DD but as JoJo say we are team rainbow as we dislike colour coding of genders. Ironically historically for the Victorians it was the other way round as they thought pink was the stronger colour and was therefore the colour for boys while blue was the gentler colour so was the colour for girls - so makes very little sense either way! Generally, I am always quite alarmed when looking at clothes and other items for baby girls at just how much conditioning they experience from day one with so much emphasis on pink and 'princess' so we are doing our very best to make sure this is avoided as much as possible for our LO, including gender teams!

theTramp Sun 30-Sep-12 21:36:07

Welcome Stormy.

JoJo - fantastic news on going home, you must be chuffed. I hope you haev someone there to be your gmfmcm (get me, fetch me, carry me) smile

Rainbow - the colour things is v true, re Victorian was t'other way around. However they have subsequently proven that girls are more attracted to colours in the red shades and to pink than boys. They tested with girls from China where all children wear same colours and there is no gender bias. It was a New Scientist article a few years ago - stuck in my mind. Anyway, I agree with you, the level of gender conditioning is seriously OTT and very hard to avoid. I think the idea of a team rainbow is a nice one. That said, I am going with a pirate theme regardless of gender - Yargh!

I'm shattered. Had fab day. Brunch with friends - so another announcement. Then sunday dinner with other friends, which was delicious, but from 2pm to 8pm is a long ole day. Tomorrow I am up at ten to six, to get cab to Euston, to get train to Manchester for workshop and then back again at three. Just thinking about it is exhausting me. YAWN.

Em2010 Sun 30-Sep-12 22:04:46

Another vote for sleeping bags here. We swaddled ds in a thin blanket until he was about 7 weeks and the used them, first in his Moses basket and then in his cot bed. I confess I have put a little extra blanket on him on very cold nights- which is technically a no-no but he seemed a bit cold and I guess no harm has come to him!

On gender colours - to add to the history the pink for boys came from the fact that red was the colour worn by soldiers- therefore reds and pink were considered very masculine. My DM was very anti the whole pink thing and I hated it! I just wanted to be like the other little girls and have pink girly stuff! Think I had a rebellion and spent the next 20-odd years bring very girly and wearing lots of pink!! Having said that IMO there is a horrifying amount of gender stereotyping for young children out there now as anyone has ever tried to buy a kitchen set for a toddler will realise! (Thank god for ikea!)

Hope you're home safe and snug jojo - sorry you have to inject yourself.

Good luck with your travels tomorrow tramp.

Hello to everyone else!! Off to bed for me now. Another week begins... (But hopefully a week closer to our babies!)

ThreeForTea Sun 30-Sep-12 22:43:21

Loving the baby gender colour history! Congratulations shel and rainbow on your dd's. How exciting, and can't remember who else found out so sorry if I missed you. My dd looks lovely in reds and pinks but sadly like her mother has a skin tone that doesn't quite pull off yellows and oranges (a fact i'll let her find out for herself later on and until then just subtly choose other colours!) When she wears blues and greens people think she's a boy. blush So though a usual outfit for her would be dungarees I usually top her off with a pink top or a flower hair clip. This saves the awkward exchanges with old ladies in sainsburys asking 'how old is HE' but is also partly so that dd doesn't look back in photos later on and judge me (as I do my own mum grin) Most things seem to get messed up with food or whatever within minutes anyway so its a pretty thankless task!

Welcome stormy hope you're enjoying thread so far!

em I love that IKEA kitchen! Am toying (haha) with idea of getting it, we have the first pans and some of the cloth food already.

zoey hope you get used to rocky quickly and that he doesn't prove too much hassle.

Need to sleep now as have work tomorrow - an additional day as I only did two of my three days last week. Hope everyone sleeps well x

mandasand Sun 30-Sep-12 23:10:22

Cor I've missed loads of messages! Briefest of catch-ups …

Ethel I have had to got to the theatre a lot for work over the years and I rarely go for pleasure nowadays (awful, I know!) but if I was a Yorkie I'd come for a show! Hope boiler's behaving? Well done on shopping.

Pink I hate Westfield! I can never find the exit…!

Big thanks for all the positive thoughts re book! I have done nothing on it today so I'm a day behind (what an idiot!) but I think I did too much with my mammoth day yesterday. Today we did DIY shopping (chose colours for the nursery, and other stuff) and then I wrote two proposals for conference papers and then replied to all my new OU students who've written to introduce themselves. So, I've not been slacking but the book is - eek! - not finished enough to go tomorrow!!! Bugger…

Tramp love the idea of a reward/treat for book! I do like the idea of reflexology - think I may pursue that, thank you!

JoJo's home - YAY!

Stormy - welcome!

Sheldon hurrah for your wavy baby girl! smile

Tramp love pirate theme! As does DH who has a pirate tin lunchbox (I kid you not). Hope Manchestohh treats you well tomorrow.

Chefette ha re snoring!!! Not quite as bad as farting during the Downward Dog in yoga, hehe! Thanks to you we got 20% off our rather big B&Q spend today - my DH v. happy!

Hermione there are parts of my upbringing that I'm desperately hoping not to replicate too…all we can do is the best we can in the circumstances. You'll be fab in a million ways!

Em glad you're feeling brighter and trying to find some practical help, money permitting. Even two hours every two weeks might make a big difference.

Gummi love the yoga baby!! Hurray for scan smile

Zoey like your nostalgia cooking smile Vomiting outside the shop not so good … poor you!

Newyears I had no idea that fallopian tubes waved around! Thought they were stuck to ovaries. This whole preggo business is great for my biological knowledge!

BEDTIME! shock See you all tmrw

Lexiindisguise Mon 01-Oct-12 06:28:07

Tramp another vote for pirate Socrates!
V interesting indeed about colour history. Looking at friend's children, many of them have gone through a 'pink/blue' phase at 3 or so 'I want a pink dress as I am a girl' etc. Much to the despair of their parents in some cases......but they also seem to grow out of it if left to their own devices!
I'm going for an animal/nature theme for our LO's room, greens and primary colours!
Alarm has just gone off - bit anxious about the return to work after two weeks off - things have a habit of changing round quickly at my place. Have a cat snoozing on me as if to say 'it's too early to get up!'
Have a good day all!smile

Sheldonella Mon 01-Oct-12 07:11:57

Morning! Thanks for the lovely comments, I can't wait to meet DD. Most of my friends and family in the last couple of years have had boys so I guess we balance it out! I am also against gender stereotyping as I was subjected to a lot of it and will not be dressing her in lots of pink. I suspect relatives will buy her a few pink things but that is as far as it will go. We have finished painting her room now - cream and we are putting the animal stickers on once the paint is properly dry. Lexi we are going for a nature theme too. Just need to find some curtains now.

Ooh I missed lots yesterday!

Welcome stormy nice to have you around.

manda well done on the book and all the hard work, I don't know how you do it!

ethel I know how you feel with worrying about another MMC. We have come so far now though and I think I'm finally starting to relax. Hopefully your mw will listen for hb for you.

Yay for being home jojo. I have heard about some dressings to stick on scars that you can buy in boots that are meant to soften and minimise them. Bio oil is probably nicer to use though.

Sorry if I missed anyone from the weekend, but I really must get up for work now. Have a nice day everyone smile

pinkpeony4 Mon 01-Oct-12 07:53:46

Just marking my place again, I find it really hard to find time to come on here at weekends. Will have a proper read through later.

Re: bedding, I always swaddle for the first few months. I have spent a fortune on swaddles over the years and the best ones are definitely Swaddleme they stay on and you can fasten them nice & snuggly. A friend also raved about Swaddlepod for her twins. I had some beautiful Merino Kids swaddles but they never stayed done up on either ds2 or 3, they were too wriggly. I then use grobags.

sundaesundae Mon 01-Oct-12 08:52:36

Place marking, didn't realise I hadn't posted for so long it has fallen off!

TheAngelshavetheOod Mon 01-Oct-12 08:53:02

Consultant this afternoon. Bit nervous. Could do with something other than a big tummy to convince me I'm pregnant!

newyearsday Mon 01-Oct-12 09:51:58

Just a quick reply for three...when you meet the obstetrician you could try and bargain with him/her. If they insist you labour to time deadlines in hospital (how can anyone give birth like that?!) say you won't feel relaxed and if they can't compromise on the issue you'll book a home birth.

Or you could plan a hospital birth but labour at home for longer.

Alternately you could book a homebirth (which means a midwife will come to your home while you're in labour), and you could see how you feel. If you're happy and comfortable you could stay at home, if you feel you need more pain relief you could transfer in and have the baby in hospital.

PS From my experience: don't ask "am I allowed...?", because they'll say no. If you say "I want...." it's much more assertive!

Morning all <passes around croissants and pains aux chocolat>

Welcome stormy - due date buddy smile 8th March for me too!

Sheldon Congrats on DD! grin I'd love to know what I'm having this time!!!

pink I'm a swaddler, too. DS wouldn't sleep unless swaddled!

I posted this on FB for some reason, but I'll put it here too - it's apparently policy in my area now (and this has changed since I had DS) that EVERYONE gets the glucose/diabetes test. Which I feel is a ridiculous waste of money. I have midwife tomorrow, so I think I'm going to tell her I don't want it. It's quite unlikely that I'll develop it, I didn't last time, I'm not overweight, I exercise regularly, I have a healthy diet, don't eat too much sugar/drink too many fizzy drinks etc. Surely as long as I make myself aware of the symptoms and promise to get in touch if I develop them, I don't need the test?! I don't want to have the test, mostly because of the having to fast bit - if I don't eat in the morning, it makes me feel very ill (I was the same when pregnant with DS). Would you refuse the test if you were low risk?!

zoeymlucas Mon 01-Oct-12 10:10:00

Morning all - have woken up with the headache I went to bed with which isnt a great start plus was awake from 5am as it was raining and then little man decided to wake up and be a wiggly pants so enjoyed laying quietly and feeling that till I remembered I had to be up for work in less than an hour!

I love grow bags and luckly have kept all the ones my lovely mother bought DS2 so will be keeping those now - however I like blankets till they are about 3 months old but as soon as they start kicking off blankets its nice to know they wont get cold. I cant use them with DS2 now as he goes mental if I try and so everytime I get up to toilet I go in and check he is covered over and snuggly.
I agree with newyears if your assertive they tend to stop and think about it more - I am only 16+5 but 'drop' into conversation everytime that I want a normal delivery considered, I know that near the time it may not be possible with my pelvis but I want the door left open just incase as I feel if I just agree totally now to a cesction (under GA) nearer the time they wont even consider natural even if by some amazing miracle I was still mobile and able smile Plus they havent banked on my sheer stubbeness and bloody minded personalilty grin

sarahs999 Mon 01-Oct-12 10:21:13

Hello all -been reading but not posting over the weekend so sorry for lack of name checks. I'm due March 8 too! (although will be c-sectioned earlier so it's academic really).

Am bit emotionally all over the place today, Don't know why. I'm thinking I might buy a doppler - any reccomendations? I know I'm about to go into the 'kicks' period but right now I panic when I don't feel anything for a few days, even though of course they're so faint now that it's not surprising. I've resisited it so far because I thought it might add to my anxiety if I couldn't find the heartbeat, but I should be fine at 17 weeks (measuring 18) shouldn't I?

Gloomy weather on a Monday doesn't help either. And am spending the evening editing a community cookery book which is going to be hard work as the team who put it together are well-meaning but amateur so it's full of mistakes. One of them is cooking me dinner while I do it though, so it's not all bad. Must try to be more positive? Was really grumpy with DS this morning because his jumper was missing yet again, so went off on one,a nd then spent the journey to work feeling awful and having that silly but emotionally manipulative Abba song Slipping Through my Fingers going through my head (anyone else get choked by that song? I never got it when I was childless but I SO do now...).

ThreeForTea Mon 01-Oct-12 11:32:02

Thanks newyears for the assertiveness advice, and zoey so hope they consider what you want as well. I am so not good at the moment at standing up to the professionals, and still only have dh on the outskirts of being 'on board' for a vbac so feel like I have some work to do.

sarah I have a Summer monitor thing that I actually bought for a friend last year but she's lent it back. I haven't been able to hear hb yet though, even when I tried straight before mw appt where she told me it was a really strong one. The one I have the guidelines say you should be able to hear from 21 weeks though, and i'm only just 17! I don't know if there are many that record from earlier?

StormyBrid Mon 01-Oct-12 13:14:35

Urgh, that glucose test sounds horrid. backwardpossom apparently symptoms aren't always noticeable (or so says Doctor Google), which would explain why they'd want to check even if you seem fine. But fully agreed, fasting for that long would be dreadful - by the time the test's done you should have had breakfast and second breakfast and be thinking about lunch! I'll keep my fingers crossed that we both manage to escape it.

I have very happy memories of snuggling with my younger niece in a gro-bag. On those cold winter mornings it was like having an extra-cute hot water bottle. Definitely recommended!

pinkpeony4 Mon 01-Oct-12 13:51:36

Backwardpossum I wouldn't bother having it if I were in your position. I haven't had it in my previous pregnancies & there has been no mention of it this time too. Some local hospitals do it and some don't, there doesn't seem to be a standard for this test which is weird!

Stormy Welcome! smile

Ood I hope your apt goes well this afternoon.

Hermione that village sounds really lovely, where is it?

Manda I hope your book is going well?

JoJo V impressed with your scar photo but ouch to daily injections! Do you have to do them for the rest of your pregnancy?

Sarah Sorry to hear you are feeling emotional today. I always think the time between the 12-20 week scan is a tricky one. I hate that the movement isn't that regular/noticeable so you don't know whether everything is Ok and that you often feel well after a rough first trimester so it's a bit of a limbo time. My GP will listen to the hb whenever I want so maybe you could go there? It's an understandably anxious time.

Tramp v impressed by your late night. I am so pathetic, often in bed at 9... rock & roll!

Zoey how is your new pet?

Sorry if I have missed anyone else but I forgot to open a new window and so can only see the latest page of posts!

We have decided to give our kitchen a makeover. We eventually want to do the side return but can't face the disruption and having to move out at this time in our lives. We are going to re-paint the units, get a new floor, re-decorate the walls and get a new worktop. I was wondering whether anyone can recommend a worktop that won't cost the earth but doesn't look cheap?! - does such a thing exist? I went to Ikea on Friday but wasn't that impressed. I definitely don't want wood because it marks & warps and needs a lot of attention. Sorry non-baby related but would love any tips.

Thanks smile

FloweryBoots Mon 01-Oct-12 13:55:19

Three I have to have the GTT too. Apparently I'm at increased risk as sister has type 1 diabeties, but I didn't have any probs last time, nor a big baby. Didn't have the test that time either as sister hadn't been diagnosed at that point. I went to midwife thismorning and mentioned could I jsut not have it as didn't think I'd be ale to do it without vomiting any way. She said really I should have it but if I'm still being sick at that point to ring and they can delay it, but they are less accurate later on.

Heard heart beat at the midwife's so that was lovely. She didn't take the rate so can't enter into gender deabtes! And then DS had his 2 year review and health visitor was very pleased with him and impressed with his speach (smug proud mum - feel free to throw darts!) so that was lovely too. He was of course far too stuborn to build a tower or draw a picture when requested!

TribbleTuckandDismount Mon 01-Oct-12 14:08:24

Ood How did the consultant go?

zoeymlucas Mon 01-Oct-12 14:12:07

The new pet is ok pink its pretty harmless when its in the viv but I wasnt impressed with DS1 bringing it up to my room at 7.15 this morning to show me how it sits on his shoulder and then showing it to me while I was cleaning my teeth to show me it taking a meal worm out of his hand nicely, I promptly retched, lol!!

I have never had the diabeties test with either previous 2 but midwife has said I def need it this time as when I saw her the other week I was shaking and had just bought a bottle of coke from machine and happily explain I hadnt had any sugar so far and always got like that - about 10 mins after drinking coke I was fine, I did tell her this is an all the time thing not just a pregnant thing though but she still wants to test and apparently DS2 at 4lb 8oz at 33 weeks was a big baby so she needs to be sure!

IWantAChipButty Mon 01-Oct-12 14:34:50

Just a quick post to say Sarah I have the angel sounds one( just search on amazon its the first one that comes up) has lots of good reviews! I have limited myself to listening before bed but its really stopped me worrying and its nice DH can listen too!

TheAngelshavetheOod Mon 01-Oct-12 15:08:49

trib still waiting. Seen MW. BP low so that's good. Now waiting for the consultant.

Emus Mon 01-Oct-12 15:20:11

Congrats to all of you who have found out the gender of your LOs so far and welcome Stormy!

I'm so stressed at the moment and worrying about the effect this might be having on our LO. I'm so busy at work and my Mac died today and I don't have any IT support in the UK so have to rely on the US. Grrr.

I've got my midwife appointment tomorrow so I'm hoping she'll listen to me and put all my fears about LO to bed and hopefully find the heartbeat (which will be massively reassuring). Keep thinking that I'm feeling movement but I have been since 15 weeks and its not getting any stronger so it can't be baby. Although today when I was munching my banana I could have sworn I felt one little jab in my belly!

Keep eating junk even though I know it's bad for me and the baby. I can't wait until we move so that we can start healthy eating again.

I'm still covered in spots along my jaw line and still suffering ms and loss of energy (nearly 17 weeks!). Please tell me that 'the glow' will hit me soon!

Sorry to moan as I'm sure there are plenty of peeps worse off than me right now, but it's good to talk!

TribbleTuckandDismount Mon 01-Oct-12 15:43:36

Emus I'm still suffering morning sickness, its now turning into heartburn. I think I got my glow at about 30 weeks, hopefully you'll get yours sooner than me.

Rainbowbabyhope Mon 01-Oct-12 15:47:20

sarah I second the Angel sounds monitor recommendation. I have been able to hear the heartbeat everyday with it since 13 weeks really clearly (even though I have an anterior placenta). It really is the most wonderfully reassuring thing!

Sheldonella Mon 01-Oct-12 15:58:50

I'm suddenly feeling very overwhelmed confused Is this normal? It all suddenly seems very real and I'm quite scared. I also cried last night for no reason at all.
I'm very happy about everything so I don't know what has come over me!
Maybe I'm just having a hormonal day.

Lexiindisguise Mon 01-Oct-12 16:08:54

Aww sheldon - have a brew and a hug! I have days like that too.
And you too emus - I am still very spotty at 18 weeks but the nausea has passed so I'm trying to eat more healthily. Hopefully you will feel better soon too. Am drinking gallons of water and eating less sugar but still teenage skin - no glow here!

sarahs999 Mon 01-Oct-12 16:10:34

Thanks for the recommendations. In keeping with my strange mood today I didn't wait to see what you all said, just went and got one from ebay - but it looks good. I feel a bit better though still tired and emotional. Also discovered Mars Caramel this lunchtime is only 200 calories which I really wish I didn't know. My appetite seems to know no bounds right now!

Emus Mon 01-Oct-12 16:53:11

Ohhh a brew sounds like a GREAT idea, I'm off!

Hug to you Sheldon. Sounds like typical hormones! Have some chocolate to balance it out ;-)

Emus Mon 01-Oct-12 16:53:50

PS, glad I'm not alone with the spots, ms and lower back pain!

Sheldonella Mon 01-Oct-12 16:59:17

Aww thanks. I figured it is probably normal, just feel really weird. I think finding out the gender has just made it more real - I'm going to have an actual baby to look after! Someone also made an odd comment on my scan photo which threw me a bit.
Ohh yes, spots, I have awful ones.

dameflamingo Mon 01-Oct-12 17:29:14

Hello all, have missed the weekend of posts and will never catch up properly - suffice to say I read everything but as to namechecking in replies - today ladies, there is no chance. I cannot remember my own name!

love the baby ballet pics. I'm a former dancer so sometimes teach when pals need class cover Inever get bored of seeing gorgeous little ones in their outfits with their 'good toes'. Conversely with the adult beginners classes the women invariably turn up the first week in tshirts, yoga/gym wear and by week four you can guarantee that 90% have pink ballerina gear - right down to the legwarmers. They tell me they always wanted the ballerina outfit! Warms my heart. I can tell you ballet pink and bump on me not a good look.

I have a wonderful rash across both cheeks - nowhere else just prominent and red on my face looking like nappy rash in the place one would usually expect freckles. Hormones!

I think it was ethel who asked about theatre - I'm always up for a bit of theatre going myself but its an expensive hobby to have without ones of pals in the business ( I am spoiled and don't pay for tickets very often). Enjoy JCS when you go!

gender defender seriously this makes me so cross - a friend of mine stood next to grandparents who complained bitterky that their daughter had just delivered a perfectly healthy and beautiful baby boy...they had 'hoped' for a girl. what a pile of tosh - slap em with a wet fish I say... or point them to the fertility clinic and the special care baby units down the hall as my lovely pal did. I'm with you ladies - healthy, happy and hopefully someone who I bond with would be just fine.

I'm off oop North for work for the rest of the week (or down south for you aberdonians!!) so hope you all have a glowing, fabby dabby doo week til I post again! Those who are poorly - feel better those who are feeling the glow - hope it remains xx

TheAngelshavetheOod Mon 01-Oct-12 17:46:30

Appt v quick when I eventually got in today's Doctor was nice and checked I had referrals for the SPD. Checked heart beat and I felt baby try to escape her! Am back in 5 weeks.

zoeymlucas Mon 01-Oct-12 20:44:10

Well just had a large breakdown and cried for about an hour- ooops !! Sick of feeling awful, being exhausted, stabbing myself in belly with needles and putting huge tablets in places things shoud not go in topped with trying to eat dinner and throwing it all back up! Poor DS1 has announced he is never getting married and having children an DHput me to bed with a rocket ice lolly for fluids I think to get some peace And quiet

Bit of a bad day today at work and dh on biz trip for a week in states so on here for bit of a me post and tea and biscuit support (don't know how to do those emoticons on the phone!)

This is of course dc4 and I think I have mentioned before that I have quite a high profile job in the city.... Senior mgmt being fab but one member of my team being a **. Went thru this before after ds2 when another guy pulled similar stunts and ended up leaving the firm. Was in tears today with my boss which is not very professional of me but its hard not to take it personally. All a very difficult situation ad my alternate is also going on mat leave in November so this is very disruptive for my team.

Anyhow sorry for the dob story - sometimes just helps to get things out!

Love the scan stories - cant wait for mine...

Still got bad ms just like some others here and it's brushing my teeth which is the worst thing for it!

Sob story not dob!!!!

Hi all

Goodness I think we are all having emotional days! ZOey glad your DH us looking after you!

sheldon yes, I think it's really normal to feel overwhelmed. With DD that was the one thing I found hard to deal with, not the sleepless nights, more just the responsibility! But it's totally normal. I'm sure at some point it will hit me that I am soon going to have a 3 yr old to entertain as well as a newborn. Arrrggghhh!grin

Interesting re gender stereotyping. I am pretty keen for DD to gave a mix if toys although I have to say there is A LOT of pink in our house, most of it not bought by us!
Our friends have 18 month old twins, a boy and a girl. They have access to all the same toys, yet the little boy gravitates towards the things with wheels, cars, trikes etc! It's quite funny to watch really!

dame that is lucky re: the theatre tickets! I don't get to go that much now, but before DD came along, I used to spend a small fortune on theatre tickets for both pro and amateur productions. I do love it though, when you go to see a great production, and come out of it so uplifted, or moved!

Back to work tomorrow. Boooo. Counting down the days til DH is home (and til I see the midwife!) only 10 to go!

Hope everyone is doing ok.

As always, apols for numerous typos...

Em2010 Mon 01-Oct-12 22:17:51

Hello Everyone,

Really sorry to hear about everyone's emotional days. It might be caused by pregnancy but it doesn't make it any less real! Here's to good nights and better days tomorrow!

Shattered today so will have to keep it brief. Can someone remind me how to join the fb group? Big news here today is that my boss announced she is handing her notice in. Big whoops of joy from my colleagues as soon as her back was turned but from a selfish pov I'm worried that loads of major changes will happen when I'm off on maternity leave.

Interesting to hear about heartbeat thingys. I'd love one but I'm scared that (due to user incompetency) I won't be able to find s heartbeat and then panic. It took the mw ages to find baby's heartbeat at my 16 week appointment, so I can imagine I won't be much good at it! But maybe if I practised....

Better go as I'm falling asleep. Night night all!

Lexiindisguise Mon 01-Oct-12 22:20:33

Stealth sorry to hear about your work situation, sounds awful, there is always one a%$€hole isn't thereangry? Excuse my language!
Zoey feel better soon!

JoJoBella84 Mon 01-Oct-12 22:37:06

I'm not 100% sure but I think the baby has started 'flumping' around. It's not painful but mostly feel it on the right side about 10-15 mins after I eat food or at night when I'm chilling in bed or on the couch. Doesn't last for very long but I am noticing patterns. Very similar to a belly flop sensation??? Am I going bonkers or does that sound right??!

GummiberryJuice Mon 01-Oct-12 23:37:02

I've lost a post, I posted this morning and can't find it

Rainbow I knew you were team rainbow just doubted myself when I was typing you were having a dd

I must remember to put myself on stats thread, how many definites have we?

I've had the name books out tonight, still no further on

mandasand Tue 02-Oct-12 00:13:39

Sorry to hear so many are struggling sad

Just popping in to say hi and will catch up tomorrow. Today been bonkers. Working on book almost exclusively. Done almost pre-delivery admin tasks (making sure my List of Illustrations matches the captions, getting all my pics in order, checking all the significant peeps have life dates and bios at first mention and not later, and just deleting a ton of queries that if I don't know the answer to now I never will - that was quite liberating!) BUT I have a couple of paragraphs and one section still to write - WhyTF am I doing this backwards?! I think I know - it's a bit I'm not confident about so I'm limiting the time I can spend on it. It is a very good place to be though. Thanks for all the good wishes, you lovely people!

Spent evening with DH getting his CV + covering letter ready for the first job he's applied for in over a decade. It's been a long process but we had some excellent feedback on last draft from our mate who is a careers advisor. It's really good and he's just sent it off.

Another day at home tomorrow, but we've got our decorator in doing all the woodwork in the downstairs/upstairs hall, stairs, and our four 1930s doors. We're rushing round doing late-night cleaning and moving bits of furniture!

Hope tomorrow is a better day for those who've been struggling today. brew and thanks to those who need them. Catch up properly tmrw. Night night.

jojo that makes sense - it would be baby getting a sugar rush after food and doing back flips. Oj gets a good reaction too if later on you want to check moves.

JoJoBella84 Tue 02-Oct-12 07:01:39

Phew stealth I thought I was going nuts, I noticed it after a coke too so the sugar rush makes sense!!
Another day, another early drug filled start - though not as early today I slept until 4 then absolutely couldn't last another hour until pain relief so have been up since 5!
It's getting better though, it's improved from 2am smile
I asked oh to do my injection yesterday... NEVER AGAIN :D
I that've this huge bruise on my thigh where he literally punched the needle into my leg, I'm sure he others its just skin and won't put up any resistance to the hideous sharp pointy thing!!
I'll pluck up the courage to do my own injecting today, only 4 more days of it to go smile

JoJoBella84 Tue 02-Oct-12 07:02:48

Typos... I just can't be bothered to correct sad

HermioneBoo Tue 02-Oct-12 07:07:35

Just quickly popping in to say I had my 16 wk midwife appt yesterday, met my MW for the first time (she was on holiday at booking in scan) and was able to hear heartbeat - BabyBoo has a good aim and was able to kick the Doppler, I even felt he/she do it! Made a racket though smile

Has anyone else had anything mentioned about the whooping cough vaccine, it was all over the news last week but my MW had never heard of the reports. I've booked in for my flu jab and she said I should make enquiries about getting the whooping cough vaccine but only cos I work at a uni. Kind of thought it would be as important as the flu jab?

pinkpeony4 Tue 02-Oct-12 08:19:07

Morning all

Hope everyone has a better day today.

Hermione I have booked my flu jab for next week but you don't need the whooping cough vaccine until after 28 weeks. This is the best time for it to cross over & protect your baby after it's born.

JoJo good luck with the injecting and ow to your bruised leg!

Zoey ewww to being woken up by a bearded dragon balancing on your ds's shoulder!!!! Does it walk around the house?!

zoeymlucas Tue 02-Oct-12 08:42:56

No Pink its got a viv but my darling son gets it out all the time and brings it around the house with him, last night it sat on his lap to watch the Simpsons in my living room! However i do double check everynight its in viv and the door is totally shut!

Got doctors today as sick of this headache I have had since Friday then off to my mums as its my little brothers birthday today.Cant believe he is 13 today - makes me feel rather old as I remember the day he was born changing his bum and being disgusted at the black tar poo, lol! To be fair I was 15 though so it wasnt something I knew happened!

sundaesundae Tue 02-Oct-12 09:13:36

I just converted my weight at my 12 week scan to something I understand and had put on 3lbs by then, much MUCH less that I thought I had grin) I put on 1/2 lb between 10 weeks and 12 weeks. I haven't weighed myself in the month since then, but pleased I hadn't put on very much after living on carbs for the first trimester, I am quite overweight so didn't want to put on too much.

I am nervous about midwife appt on Monday, pretty sure I am too big to hear heartbeat.

Zoey hope all goes well at GP!

Anyone know much about requesting flexible working? Just been told they are going to refuse me. Two girls in my team work part time and they have now decided it doesn't work sad

Sheldonella Tue 02-Oct-12 09:22:07

Morning all, I feel much more positive and energetic today! I guess I can expect more days where the fear sets in smile I hope you are feeling a bit better today zoey.
JoJo I definitely think you should do your own injecting now smile
I hope you get to hear the heartbeat today sundae. My mw had to search around a bit and found it off to one side. My scan on sunday showed the placenta is at the front so this makes sense. The sonographer also thought it made sense that I had felt movement at the sides too.
Glad you heard heartbeat Hermione. Noone has mentioned vaccines to me at all, not even the flu jab. I will mention it at my next appointment I think.

StormyBrid Tue 02-Oct-12 09:25:52

sundae I've no idea how big is too big to hear a heartbeat, but I had no trouble at my 16 week appointment, and was just shy of an obese BMI at booking in if that gives you an idea of my size. So you never know, you might be absolutely fine. smile Also massive yay for you not having expanded dramatically!

zoey that bearded dragon sounds pretty cool, actually. I'd be tempted to get one, but I can just imagine the look on the cats' faces.

JoJo I get that too! I'm assuming it's a baby back flip, because I'm pretty sure my intestines can't do that.

We have a house viewing in an hour. From what I can see from the photos of the place, there are no radiators. Would it be completely mad to not have central heating these days?

TheAngelshavetheOod Tue 02-Oct-12 09:26:55

They are giving whooping cough jabs 28 weeks + I think.

TheAngelshavetheOod Tue 02-Oct-12 09:30:31

sundae put in a written request prior to returning to work. Allow plenty of time for them to object /you to appeal just in case. Loads on the employment section about it. Work should have a policy if they are big enough too.
My job is a .5 contract and although loads do it, it doesn't work well. I was going to ask to increase then found out I was pregnant.

sarahs999 Tue 02-Oct-12 09:40:59

Jojo - a quick one. Gently with the injections! It's punching them in that gives you bruises. Hold a small roll of fat between your fingers, test gently with needle to find good spot, push in slowly. I inject twice a day and have no bruises or marks.

sundaesundae Tue 02-Oct-12 09:47:05

Preggo brain moment : Not noticing my phone autocorrecting my diary entry for today to read "Prep for Swindle". My resourcing manager just phoned me to suggest I change it as it is a public-ish diary and could be misconstrued smile

mandasand Tue 02-Oct-12 10:07:43

Morning all. Hope those who weren't so tip-top yesterday are feeling a bit brighter today.

Any better today Zoey chuck? I was 13 when my bro was born :-)

Good luck with Mac and MW, Emus. I hate it when technology fails! I get so cross…

Ethel interesting what you say about young B/G twins going for gender-specific toys...

Sheldon if by overwhelmed you mean OMFG what on earth are we going to do with babies, then YES! Feeling that a lot recently, but also mildly hysterical excitement too :-) Sometimes I just go crazy cuddling my ridiculously sized belly. And then within seconds I'm in tears about something or other - I am not quite right in the head at the mo! Blaming it on the hormones! Glad you're more positive today - yay!

Sarah glad you feel better with your purchase.

Yippee for heartbeats, Ood, Hermione* and others!

JoJo hurray for flumping and glad to hear you're feeling a bit better today! Take it easy.

Stormy maybe it's swish underfloor heating!

Our decorator just asked me whether I wanted radiator same colour as woodwork or walls. 'Eh?', I said. Apparently it's the thing to do them same colour as walls so they are less noticeable! Who knew?!

How's the rash, Dame? Hope the north is good to you this week!

Em message me your RL FB name and description of profile pic. Or you can do this with anyone else who is in the FB group (we all have adding privileges).

Pink us too on the kitchen! DH has already made a start on regrouting the floor tiles - a thanklessly slow task. We'll get the painting done in the rest of the house first but definitely new kitchen before xmas! As lovely as wooden surfaces look I've had one or two bad reports from friends about warping etc so think we'll go for something else … anything but the horrid laminate things we've got at the mo! What is a side return? I meant to ask before when you mentioned it!

I am 18 weeks today! Wow. And I think I felt baby 2 move this morning! I'm not sure. I was lay on my side with my hand on the side of my belly (because of anterior placentas) and the top of my leg pressing it in a bit. In the space of about five minutes I felt something, almost like a little kitten rearranging itself, a few times. Very light pressure, but sustained for about 4-5 seconds each time. No kicks, no flumps, but still quite spectacular. I really hope it was baby 2 not wind! Anyway, we'll see how everything's going, I hope, during the cervix scan on Thursday. Can't wait.

mandasand Tue 02-Oct-12 10:09:23

Sundae ahhhh, your plans have been thwarted!

Sheldonella Tue 02-Oct-12 10:15:44

Yes manda that is the exact feeling - hysterical excitement but sometimes "arrrghh!! what am I going to do?". It is all totally lovely though. I think my overwhelmed-ness might be to do with my first baby being due this week. I was feeling sad a bit earlier but then felt a little kick which made everything ok again smile Your decorating sounds fab and you are making me think kitchens again! Is anterior placentas at the front? If so then that's what I have and exactly where I'm feeling the flutters.

Lexiindisguise Tue 02-Oct-12 10:19:00

Exciting about all these heartbeats and movements smile
Am having my turn with the emotional day today - feeling very disillusioned with work and genuinely concerned about how I will feel doing the 1hr15 commute each way with a tiny one. Sundae I also want to change my working pattern to 4 days a week but not sure if it will be OK'd. Struggling to motivate myself for long term planning cycle when I know I will be going off at the end of Jan. Not sure what to do once Bean arrives!
On the plus side DH's business sent out its first invoice yesterday - so hopefully we can start taking a little money rather than just paying it in all the time now! smile
Hope you all have a good day ladies - I'd better get to work.

mandasand Tue 02-Oct-12 10:32:46

Sheldon ohhh it sounds like this being the week when your first baby was due may well be impacting on your emotions, and really understandably. Really very glad that your little bean gave you a kick to say 'Hey, Mummy, I'm looking forward to cuddling you!'

Yes, anterior placentas are at the front :-) I didn't know a uterus could be big enough to have two of them at the front but clearly so! Apparently then can move around as your grow so I'm keen to know what's going on in there at the scan on Thurs!

Lexi, bet it's hard being back after a glorious holiday too. That is a big old commute. Are there any similar companies closer to home that you could think of moving to in a year or two's time? Any chance of working 1-2 days at home (not sure if your line of work permits this?) Woohoo for DH's business! A friend of ours has just set up a business this year and is making it look sooo easy. Within a month he had orders of three-four figures coming in! Obvs. there were a lot of set-up costs, but he can't keep up with demand at the mo. Amazing. Not sure if I'd have the balls, initiative and imagination!

Right, to work. The sound of sanding and Radio 2 downstairs is not helping with concentration ;-)

Lexiindisguise Tue 02-Oct-12 10:50:10

manda good luck with the concentration - you are on the home straight now! smile
I think my plan at the moment is to come back for at least twelve months and then look for something closer to home, but we will see. Sadly I can't work from home on a regular basis; our company is great in many ways but remote working is frowned on here.
That's fantastic about your friend's business; I think it will be some time before DH can bring in that kind of money but I'm so encouraged that there is demand even at the moment.

pinkpeony4 Tue 02-Oct-12 11:34:53

Manda we live in a Victorian house and they tend to have a side bit which isn't much use to anyone. Most people extend their kitchens into the side bit to have a lovely wide kitchen and it is called the side return! I want a Coriander work top but I don't think it comes under the budget price tag we are willing to pay!!

pinkpeony4 Tue 02-Oct-12 11:35:25

Sorry obviously not a coriander worktop (thanks iPhone) but Corian!

JoJoBella84 Tue 02-Oct-12 11:46:52

For those of you who need cheering up.
In my pregnancy notes, my entire stay In hospital has been documented. 3 days post op some wonderful woman has written the following "no flactulus but is belching regularly" who writes that?!?! If I could laugh without hurting I would, it makes me chuckle every time I see it smile

Jojo that's hilarious!
pink was going to ask what a coriander work top was!

Having a thrilling day at work. Have spent the morning reading about mapping road traffic noise..... Need I say more.... grin

TheAngelshavetheOod Tue 02-Oct-12 12:32:06

Have had an email from occupational health with an appt for a Tuesday which is usually my day off. It turns out its the one Tuesday I'm working but it clashes with a meeting I'm not prepared to move. Have emailed back and explained. Also concerned its not for 4 weeks but not sure if that's me being over anxious?

mandasand Tue 02-Oct-12 12:44:44

Thanks, Lexi! I've written a good page this morning … which is something at least!! Yes, re friend's business I was amazed that there was so much money sloshing around in people's pockets at the moment! It's a really specialised product and his market is international. Did a lot of work in the area himself first so he knew how to target the market precisely, but I think the demand surprised even him! He thinks he is singlehandedly keeping his tiny local post office in business since sometimes often he goes in and spends £600 on postage and it's had a complete refurb since he started up the business! So, good luck to DH on similarly striking lucky!

Ooh Pink they look good surfaces. Have no idea what we'll go for, but as long as it's clean and new I'll be happy! Thanks for explaining side return!

JoJo you burpy lady!

Ood, 4 weeks seems too long to wait during pregnancy, I think, esp if you have current concerns! Push for earlier!

TheAngelshavetheOod Tue 02-Oct-12 12:51:53

Looking like 6 weeks now as they only come to my work town twice a month. I'm on leave in November so might time it wrong again. Have told them that in the email.

Sheldonella Tue 02-Oct-12 13:17:42

JoJo That made me giggle smile

GummiberryJuice Tue 02-Oct-12 13:18:15

Jojo that is funny <<belch>>, it says on my pregnancy app to drink and cold drink and you might fel baby moving away from the change in temp.

Manda when everyone was asking about feeling movements, I said lie on tummies but I actually really meant lie how you have just described only I couldn't think how to describe: lie with thigh on tummy abit, the first time ifelt dd1 was lying like that.

well since we had dd first we had a kitchen and prams etc, I really don't remember ds being interested in them at all, he has always loved action heroes, I think we have 2/3 years of his life that he just dressed up as an action figure (mostly spiderman). dd2 shares a room with him and she will play with his figures and dress up in the costumes but this christmas she wants more babies, new prams etc and the IKEA kitchen (think that is more me as the disney princess one is getting on my nerves)

Oh and dd1 & ds shared a room, now ds & dd2 share a room so it not like they didn't have access to the toys.

The little git at my work has emailed my head of hr to ask what my maternity rights are to clarify just how much he can sideline me I assume. Not gone down well with senior mgmt! I guess he is just digging his own grave there,

Waiting for 16 wk appt - will be nice yo focus on something nice!

On gender and toys I have 3 ds and they are just car and train mad. However also love the colour pink and playing cooking etc. no interest in dolls though. I think they just love playing with any toys really. Dh won't let me get them a proper play kitchen so I got them the mini kitchen from elc which has been lots of fun - it's like a little box with 2 hobs and a microwave, though I had to get it in blue! Dh is really funny about blue is for boys etc!

Sheldonella Tue 02-Oct-12 15:10:29

It is nice to hear about all your DCs toy preferences. I never really liked anything "girly" - I didn't play with dolls and I loved playing in mud with the boys next door. My female cousin who was very girly visited regularly though and we got on very well and always managed to play nicely. My room was pink though and I'm certainly not repeating that with my DD (DD! It is so lovely to be able to say this) smile If she wants pink when she is older she can have it but while it is my choice it will be cream with animals.
Stealth That sounds annoying, I hope it backfires on him. I have no idea what to expect with my work at all but they have been nice so far.
I burst into tears when I showed my scan pic on Sunday and someone commented that their (adult) DD is prettier. I thought it was a really odd thing to say. Gender stereotyping beginning already sad

pinkpeony4 Tue 02-Oct-12 15:23:54

Sheldon that is a very odd thing to say!! Ignore them, very strange indeed & incredibly insensitive. Of course everyone thinks that their child is beautiful but to make a comparison with a scan photo is bizarre!

My boys love cars, dinosaurs, Lego & trains. We have a cute wooden kitchen and play food which gets played with a lot & ds1 went through a phase of loving cleaning so we have a mini Hoover and other cleaning things!!! Mine also love drawing & making things too which I enjoy.

pinkpeony4 Tue 02-Oct-12 15:26:21

Stealth my dh is funny about blue for boys and boys only having traditionally boy toys. It's v annoying and I have ignored him on several occasions. We also have a toy buggy but it is the blue one and has a dinosaur in it instead of a doll!

What a day - I'm such a twat. I had my midwife appointment today, and I had it in my head it was at 12pm. My car is in to get MOT'd today so had to catch the bus. Buses only run through the village once an hour on the hour, so got DS out of nursery early to catch the 11am bus. £5.10 for an adult return to the next village, WTF?! It's 4 miles away at the most! Anyway, get to the doctor's to discover my appointment isn't until 1:30pm. <roll eyes> Had lunch in a wee cafe, back for my appointment, back to bus stop by 2pm, bus isn't until half past... Not having the car sucks big time!

On a positive note though, appointment was fine and got to hear the heartbeat! I completely forgot to ask about flu jab etc. I might phone later. The heartbeat sounded much slower than DS's did! Next appointment is the 20 week scan (I'll be almost 22 weeks though) on the 31st of October. Feeling lots of movements now too, which is ace.

zoeymlucas Tue 02-Oct-12 15:38:26

Me DS2 loves cleaning so he has a henry cleaning kit and they only had it in pink so thats what he got - DH tried to moan a bit but I stood firma and told him its small minded people that push stereo types and he was 18 months and if it made him happy he would have it - in fairness he spends more time using it as a weapon against DS1, lol!!! He also loves books, kissing teddies and cars and planes but if he picked up a doll and wanted to play with it I wouldnt bat an eye lid, I have got him a pay dyson for xmas! DS1's fav colour is neon pink smile

Stealth that bloke at work sounds a total douch page and karma is a bitch and will bot him in the back side at some point - until then just smile and let the loser dig his own grave smile

My work are not really taking the fact I am pregnant and baby WILL be early very seriously at all and it is really startng to worry me - I am pointing out now its October I could only have 2 clear months (Nov&Dec) before baby arrives if I am lucky as DS2 was due March ~(later than this baby) and arrived Jan and DS1 was due Feb and arrived Nov!!! When I mention this my boss just nods and i know he hasnt even attempted to get me cover or anything and has only mentioned I will have a laptop and remote access to my pc hmm

Off to doctors in half hour and actually cant wait to start feeling better

sarahs999 Tue 02-Oct-12 16:29:36

Interesting gender talk. I can assure you I was the most right-on, colour avoiding, gender-sterotype dismissing mother you can imagine, and yet my son is all Lego and Spiderman. He does, however, enjoy dressing up i n my clothes too and wearing high heels, so there's hope for him yet!

The dodgiest moment, which really tested me, was when he was about three and needed a new bed. I told him to look through a catalogue we had and he immediately chose the bright pink girly princess bed. Now, if it had been a pair of shoes, maybe. But a bed - which he would have to have for the rest of his early childhood into teens - no. And sure enough it was only about another six months before all things pink were eschewed as 'er, that's for GIRLS'. Tried my best. He had a pink tea set instead smile

Anyway, just posting to say that in my yoga class just now I REALLY felt baby giving me a good series of whacks - suspect he didn't approve of the position I was in as it narrowed the space in his 'bedroom'. Ha ha.....

tiddleypompom Tue 02-Oct-12 16:37:16

Hello everyone! How's tricks? Great to hear the teams are starting to become clear & that those who know are enjoying saying it - 'my son/daughter' does make it all seem very real doesn't it?!

How's the book coming on manda? My other MN friend expecting twins ('thereshegoes') has found out she is expecting two boys (her first was a girl) smile Will you be finding out? I would be very tempted if I was having two!

zoey it must be disconcerting knowing that you're likely to have an early birth by so many weeks, I hope work don't make it any more so for you.

It was DS's first birthday at the weekend and almost overnight we seem to have a toddler rather than a baby. He is walking really well holding a hand, and even took a couple of steps unaided on his birthday (trying to reach for a chocolate button!). I am so excited to think of two of them getting to know each other - and that lovely moment sneaking into their bedroom to watch them sleep. Eeeeeepp smile

We have our 20 week scan on Sunday - that has come about pretty quickly. Just starting to get the prickles of anxiety again. jojo how does it feel to be half way there?!

Right - got to go. Hope everyone feels a bit happier and that awful sickness abates before long. I really feel for you guys still suffering. Also hoping some of you have dry weather out there - it is pissing it down here and has been all day. TTFN

Rainbowbabyhope Tue 02-Oct-12 16:53:00

Interesting hearing all your experiences with gender and your DC - shows you just how impossible it is to negate society influence/ads/exposure to other kids etc on a child's experience leading to inevitable stereotyping and shaping of children's preferences - guess the only solution would be living in the middle of nowhere and homeschooling! Tbh I am not opposed to any particular colour preferences - its more the messages that come with it. I am always appalled by some of the things I see on girl's clothes, with references to 'cuteness', 'prettiness' and 'princesses' from an incredibly early age and even more irritated by toy selections - especially nurses uniforms for very little girls and the terrible stereotyping even in modern children's books. Ultimately sounds like its all about trying to find a balance in your home to counteract those societal pressures. I am very lucky that my DH shares these views - if we had a DS and he wanted to play with dolls, paint his entire room pink, play with a pink oven or whatever neither of us would blink, just like if our DD wants an action man, to play football or dress head to toe in blue!

Sheldonella Tue 02-Oct-12 17:01:51

I think I've been guilty of some stereotyping today. I told DH about when I was a teenager and had sleepovers and we would sing awful songs into a microphone and stay up all night giggling. He has declared he needs a "man shed" grin

Emus Tue 02-Oct-12 17:07:02

Hi everyone,

Quick update from me. I am completely ecstatic and on cloud 9 today after hearing our little beans heartbeat for the first time. Midwife appointment went really well and she was very reassuring when I went through my stresses and fears. Was so amazing to hear the heartbeat as I think I had convinced myself something was wrong! I'm actually having a away!! Whoop. Getting excited now but still need to calm down as it there's still a way to go yet (16+5 today).

Zoey' hope you start to feel better soon, it's horrible when you feel like shite and have daily chores to do. I'm glad you have a supportive DH.

Stealth what a tw*t he sounds. I hope he is digging his own grave.

Sundae I'm big too and was also worried that the Mw wouldn't be able to hear the heartbeat as I carry my weight around my hips And stomach (my scan was a bit difficult for this reason) however once she did find it (baby kept darting out of the way) it was extremely loud and clear to the point that I was thinking 'wouldn't it have been great if the scan was like is'! Baby also had hiccups so the midwife said! Good luck with yours.

Em I know what you mean about work worries, I have a similar thing in that I know next year it's all change and I won't be around to lead the way so that'll fall to someone else so I'm worried I won't be able to fit back into my place when I return. We have to have more faith in ourselves I think!

Manda I'm a full day behind on work now but should get my rebuilt mac back tomorrow - hopefully working otherwise I really am screwed. Will have to work late for the rest of the week to catch up.

Pink that made me giggle - Coriander Worktoo! I was actually starting to wonder what this was!!

Emus Tue 02-Oct-12 17:08:12

* having A Baby even (not having a away!)

IWantAChipButty Tue 02-Oct-12 18:19:58

Glad to hear everyone is getting on well at midwife appointments, I had mine today it was less than tens minutes and my midwife isn't very chatty, oh well everything was fine so that's the main thing! Is anyone gender guessing based on heart rate? Baby's was 144 so not really sure what to make of that!

I'm very jealous of those of you feeling kicks, how far along are you? I'm hoping I will start to feel them soon!

Another one who hates gender stereotyping, its the main reason we are team yellow because I'm already fed up of people saying "oh once you find out we can start buying lots pink/blue!" Or saying I will need to buy a gender specific pram etc urgh!

JoJoBella84 Tue 02-Oct-12 18:49:54

I did it, I did it, I did it!!!
I injected my own fragmin - all by myself - no heavy handed OH to create a 2 inch bruise on my thigh!!! I'm going to do it from now on... It was a much better experience today smile

Today has been a tough day, I may have overdone the short walks for the past two days and have been wiped out and requiring the stronger pain relief, have barely shifted from the couch since my mid morning drug induced nap!!

tiddley. I'm hugely relieved to be half way there but I do find myself counting down the days to viability - probably due to the surgery but I'll be relieved to reach my next milestone and am having my anomaly scan on 10th - it will be a relief to see baby and I really hope these flumps I'm feeling are the firsts movements as I'm finding them really reassuring!!

sheldon that comment was quite frankly uncalled for, how can you possibly tell what a baby looks like based on a scan picture. Don't let her get to you !