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Jan 2013 part 4: the one where we are closer to the end than the beginning

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PricklyPickle Thu 20-Sep-12 21:45:40

Here we go!

Stats: 16 girls, 9 boys, 13 surprises

BuntyCollocks (29) DC2 EDD 28/12/12 She’s a girl!
Pmgkt (33) DC2 EDD 28/12/12 He’s a boy!
Birdies (33) DC2 EDD 30/12/12 She’s a girl!
Pascha (35) DC2 EDD 30/12/12 It’s a surprise!
PricklyPickle (31) DC1 EDD 31/12/12 It's a surprise!
LowLu (31) DC2 EDD 02/1/13
TootieMaroo (32) DC2 EDD 03/1/13
MarasmeAbsolu (31) DC2 EDD 03/01/13 She’s a girl!
Lora1982 (30) DC1 EDD 04/01/13 He’s a boy!
IsSpringSprangedYet (?) DC4 EDD 05/01/13
DollFisher (28) DC1 EDD 05/01/13 She’s a girl!
Allchik (30) DC1 EDD 06/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Pockemuchka DC3 EDD 06/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Happyhow (26) DC1 EDD 07/01/13 It’s a surprise!
EmilieFloge (38) DC? EDD 07/01/13
Complicated24 (44) DC1 EDD 07/01/13 It's a surprise!
Newbie6 (36) DC1 EDD 08/01/13 He’s a boy!
Norfolkinway (25) DC1 EDD 09/01/13
Octanegirl (34) DC1 EDD 09/01/13 He’s a boy!
BumgrapesofWrath (30) DC2 EDD 10/01/13
Kim222 (30) DC1 EDD 11/01/13
Lulabel27 (29) DC2&3 (twins) EDD 11/01/13
CraftyGirly (26) DC1 EDD 11/01/13 She’s a girl!
Cejay8 (32) DC2 EDD 12/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Tinyeyes123 (30) DC1 EDD 13/01/13 She’s a girl!
CreepyCrawly (22) DC1 EDD 13/01/13 She’s a girl!
PixelCarrier (37) DC1 EDD 13/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Shakemyhead (37) DC1 EDD 14/01/13 She's a girl!
Godzookey (35) DC1 EDD 14/01/13 He’s a boy!
PeshwariNaan (33) DC1 EDD 14/01/13
Hormonalhell (40) DC2 EDD 15/01/13 He’s a boy!
DoIgetastickerforthat (36) DC4 EDD 16/01/13 She’s a girl!
Theboutiquemummy (35) DC1 EDD 17/01/13
ChutesTooNarrow (33) DC2 EDD 18/01/13 She’s a girl!
Glorious (28) DC1 EDD 18/01/13
Tugstonia (33) DC1 EDD 18/01/13 It's a surprise!
SpringFlowers (39) DC4 EDD 18/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Eagleray (40) DC1 EDD 18/01/13
13mma (29) DC1 EDD 18/01/13 scan 13/09/12
LetThereBeCupcakes (30) DC1 EDD 20/01/13
Silversixpence (29) DC2 EDD 20/01/13
mulan07 (27) DC1 EDD 20/01/13 He’s a boy!
BadgerFace (34) DC1 EDD 21/01/13 She’s a girl!
PreggoFabulous (30) DC1 EDD 22/01/13 He’s a boy!
Bunny222 (31) DC1 EDD 22/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Bealos (34) DC2 EDD 22/01/13 She’s a girl!
AppleCrumples (??) DC4 EDD 22/01/13 It's a surprise!
Woody2313 (33) DC1 EDD 23/01/13
SigningGirl (?) DC1 EDD 24/01/13
Mrsbugsywugsy (34) DC1 EDD 25/01/13 She's a girl!
SquealyB (29) DC1 EDD 26/01/13 It’s a surprise!
knuckingfackered (39) DC2 EDD 26/1/13
Thinkingpositivethoughts (28) DC1 EDD 26/01/13
MrsMallard (35) DC1 EDD 26/01/13 She’s a girl!
Salt1 (38) DC1 EDD 27/01/13 She’s a girl!
Lilblondepessimist (33) DC4 EDD 28/01/13
MamaMary (31) DC2 EDD 28/01/13 She’s a girl!
Sebsmama (32) DC2 EDD 29/01/13
BionicEmu (26) DC2 EDD 29/01/13
Missymoo (32) DC2 EDD 30/01/13
DiscoDomina (31) DC1 EDD 30/1/13 He's a boy!
Brugmansia (35) DC1 EDD 31/01/13
Mummypud (32) DC3 EDD 31/01/13
PipIsOutNow (27) DC2 EDD 31/01/13 scan 19/09/12

Pascha Thu 20-Sep-12 22:01:49

Thanks Prickly smile

pmgkt Thu 20-Sep-12 22:17:01

Marking place!

MarasmeAbsolu Thu 20-Sep-12 22:35:47

marking place too!

newbie6 Thu 20-Sep-12 23:06:02

Yay, thanks prickly


Bunny222 Fri 21-Sep-12 06:54:08

Hi girls. I haven't been on for a bit. My dad has been Been unwell and passed away suddenly on Tuesday night from pneumonia. I am in shock. And to top it off, my beloved bunnies (hence my name) have caught a disease and are being put down today.
I am barely holding it together and am so worried about passing this stress onto bump. Don't know whether to try something herbal to help, tried getting hold of midwife but she's useless and doesn't call me back. Would welcome any advice.

allchik Fri 21-Sep-12 07:42:06

Oh bunny u poor thing! Can you go to ur gp for advice,just so they can check ur blood pressure? This is prob crap advice but can u spend 15mins or so every few hrs lying down n stroking,massaging n talking to ur bump?one of my bks said this is soothing to t baby when mum is stressed as it releases calming hormones or something? Hope ur getting lots of support x

happyhow Fri 21-Sep-12 08:10:18

I'm so sorry bunny. I don't really have any advice but my dad died suddenly two years ago and that was bad enough when not pregnant. The best way I found to de-stress at the time was to make sure I had a little timeout every day. Whether it was going for a walk, sitting in the garden, sitting on my bed... Anything that allowed me just to have a few mins by myself where I could think about what had happened and then go and face everyone else again.
The other thing I do is compartmentalise everything when there are lots of stressful things going on and I literally take one day at a time. It doesn't matter what else is happening, I try to only focus on today's stress and it stops me getting so worked up and keeps me more focused to deal with everything. I am well practised in doing this and shutting out things temporarily so I know it is more easily said than done but it might be worth trying...
I hope you have lots of support around you but make sure you take time to be myself and let everything sink in while it's happening as it will be worse to deal with later on. Xx

bunny so sorry for your loss. I lost two close family members during my pregnancy with DS, one at 12 weeks, the other after my 20 week scan, can't remember exactly how far I was, but the stress never affected him.

Be kind to yourself, take as much time off as you can and you need, and lots of cuddles from DH.

Hormonalhell Fri 21-Sep-12 08:16:32

Marking my place too smile

Oh Bunny so sorry for you. Not very good at gving advice but big hugs to you!!!

Hormonalhell Fri 21-Sep-12 08:20:23

Am finishing work in 4 weeks due to being in hospital, its so tiring now so I'm glad to be honest. I work 4 days but it really is taking its toll as having trouble sleeping and when I do I wake up - so anno ying!!!

Loving the baby moving all the time though, so comforting with all the aches and pains smile

Tugstonia Fri 21-Sep-12 09:27:59

I'm so sorry Bunny, what a shock it must be for you. Sending you lots of love and hugs xx

so sorry bunny

i have been doing a bit of yoga and meditation to try to combat the stress of writing a dissertation while pg (hardly the same i know) and it seems to help. i'm also caning loads of camomile tea.

SquealyB Fri 21-Sep-12 11:04:29

Bunny I am so sorry to hear about your Dad's sudden passing and to add to that all of the stress of putting down a pet is an awful lot to deal with.

Just be kind to yourself, take time off, and it is ok to grieve. Your bump will be fine with you being emotional (sure what that is the way the pregnancy hormones make us anyway). Drink lots of peppermint tea and hot chocolate and your DP will (I am sure) be an amazing help to you. As for making arrangements for your father, I hope that someone else in the family can take the lead.

Plus we are all here if you need to blow off steam annoymously rather than IRL!

theboutiquemummy Fri 21-Sep-12 11:27:06

bunny so sorry to hear about your Dad you are in our thoughts n prayers x

Please be kind to yourself

dieciocho Fri 21-Sep-12 11:35:53

Can I add myself to your list, please?
(32) DC1 EDD 31/01/13 It's a surprise.

theboutiquemummy Fri 21-Sep-12 11:56:42

Anyone else getting lots of baby movement especially at night smile

SquealyB Fri 21-Sep-12 13:23:51

boutique me too! I was lying in bed last night and the baby was having a right party. We have decided the baby is a night owl like its mum smile.

I'm the opposite...during the day he's all go, go, go....and at night he barely moves at all. Im hoping this bodes well for the future smile

the other day he did what felt like a complete forward roll. It was extremely weird. Made me feel really queasy, and as he pushed down it felt like he was going to come out! Cant say i enjoyed that very much.

mine only seems to move at night....is this a bad omen? grin

woody2313 Fri 21-Sep-12 14:26:44

discodomina I'm in the West Midlands too - Shropshire - so you're not the only one!
I had the worst night's sleep last night - woke up this morning with what feels like whiplash on my neck - so painful! shock Just come home from work early and have started looking for pregnancy support pillows online...
My baby's movements seem really sporadic - hours and hours of movement followed by a day of nothing - is this normal?! I know I have an anterior placenta so feeling movement is difficult at times...

happyhow Fri 21-Sep-12 14:33:35

Mine moves a lot when I wake up and is sporadic during the day and then really active in the evening. Haven't been kept up or woken up yet so I'm hoping that's good thing. It's totally hyper today though - it's barely stopped moving since 6am!

CreepyCrawly Fri 21-Sep-12 16:03:41

So so sorry to hear that Bunny. Can't imagine what you must be going through. Hugs xx

My baby is pretty good during the night, although she was having a bit of a dance at about 5 this morning.

The erotic dreams are also back. Last night's featured Derek Branning from Eastenders. Vom!

oh dear Creepy, those sound like nightmares!

tho I once had an erotic dream about Barry from Eastenders, if you can remember him shock

MamaMary Fri 21-Sep-12 16:18:47

Bunny sorry to hear your sad news. Don't worry about bump - the effects of stress are exaggerated. Be good to yourself xx

allchik Fri 21-Sep-12 16:20:54

Ooooo Woody where abouts? Im from Telford originally!

My baby def moves more in the evening....its quite quiet at school, I think its prob scared of all the rowdy teenagers shouting (or me shouting at them lol!!)

I have had one of my year 11s bring me cake 3 times this week....awesome! And also lots of 'everyone shut up! Dont stress miss out or the baby will get upset!' which is very sweet....Im hoping in a month or two they will be like an audience of angels who will just sit in silence as I teach from my chair (but thinking that will be unlikely!!) On a not so 'awesome' note a year 9 also said 'miss, when your pregnant does it mean your bum gets bigger too?'....dont you just love the honesty of young people?? I told her 'yes, I am carrying twins, one in each but cheek' lol

creepy I keep having kinky dreams too! But still feel like I have no sex drive for poor hubby sad were talking twice a month if that!!!!! Please some people tell me you are the same?????? Or is it just me!!


happyhow Fri 21-Sep-12 16:25:56

My hubby won't do anything so you're getting more than me... He 'loves' that my pelvis is sore now coz I've stopped bugging him! Last time I got any action was the start of July and he only did it then because I got him drunk and I wasn't showing yet. Now I have a bump it's a definite no. sad

Tugstonia Fri 21-Sep-12 16:31:43

Twice a month is good going compared to me! We've done it once since we found out I'm pregnant, and even then I was too paranoid to really go for it. Poor DP!

CreepyCrawly Fri 21-Sep-12 16:39:14

It was definitely more like a nightmare! Hahaha at sexy Barry Evans!

Until about a month ago, I was raring to go 24/7, now I'm never in the mood.

octanegirl Fri 21-Sep-12 16:41:58

I'm not having any erotic dreams at the moment..but I am having lots and lots of sex, heehee! Hopefully I won't go off it. DP is already stressing about not having sex for 6 weeks afterwards....

SquealyB Fri 21-Sep-12 16:42:57

I am afraid to report lots of sexy dreams and little actual sex around ours too! Problem is I am exhausted in the evenings and DH has never been the biggest fan of morning nookie. Think I may have to pounce this weekend.....

I've been feeling rather frisky for about a month, maybe six weeks....but being single I've had to (ahem) take matters into my own hands a few times a week blush

Hormonalhell Fri 21-Sep-12 17:25:56

preggofabulous ewww what a nightmare. Not fair I'm not having those kind of dreams just weird ones.

Got a bit panicky other day as he didn't move at all when I went to bed which was strange or the next morning, starting to panic but then he started moving around lunchtime so must have been very sleepy.

Apparently they hit a growth spurt 24 to 30 weeks so tiring few weeks or all of us!!!

Hormonalhell Fri 21-Sep-12 17:27:07

preggo I'm totally with you on that - us single pg ladies have needs grin

MamaMary Fri 21-Sep-12 18:12:34

I'm definitely more up for it than usual...we're still mostly doing what we did before which is about 2 or 3 times a week...

I'm trying to make the most of it because after giving birth and while breast-feeding libido really dips (at least for me). After the birth of DD DH really struggled going without for 3 weeks! (yes 3 weeks - I gave in after that as I'd healed really quickly down there).

knuckingfackered Fri 21-Sep-12 19:43:21

marking place

Bunny222 Fri 21-Sep-12 22:21:51

Thanks so much for your comments and wishes. I phoned my GP and the best advice they could offer is Camomile tea, so you've all been a lot more helpful that the NHS!
On a more positive, have felt lots of wriggling the last few days, especially today when I was in the bath and had a really strong movement and am sure I could see my tummy move a little bit. Is it too early for that? It was a great comfort either way.

MrsMallard Fri 21-Sep-12 22:23:17

So sorry to hear your news, Bunny.

I've had a manic week or so, hence being missing in action. I've just been catching up on lots of posts and am loving the advice us first-timers have been given - thank you ladies, it's very helpful and they're the kind of things you'd never read in a book!

As I was catching up on everyone's news I've updated the list, including locations. I'm in Hertfordshire - anyone else nearby? Apologies if I've missed anyone's updates - just let me know and I'll revisit the list!

Stats: 16 girls, 8 boys, 12 surprises

BuntyCollocks (29) DC2 EDD 28/12/12 (NE Wales) She’s a girl!
Pmgkt (33) DC2 EDD 28/12/12 He’s a boy!
Birdies (33) DC2 EDD 30/12/12 She’s a girl!
Pascha (35) DC2 EDD 30/12/12 (Kent) It’s a surprise!
PricklyPickle (31) DC1 EDD 31/12/12 (SE London – Eltham)
LowLu (31) DC2 EDD 02/01/13
TootieMaroo (32) DC2 EDD 03/01/13
MarasmeAbsolu (31) DC2 EDD 03/01/13 (Scotland – central belt) She’s a girl!
Lora1982 (30) DC1 EDD 04/01/13 He’s a boy!
IsSpringSprangedYet (?) DC4 EDD 05/01/13
DollFisher (28) DC1 EDD 05/01/13 She’s a girl!
Allchik (30) DC1 EDD 06/01/13 (Leeds) It’s a surprise!
Pockemuchka DC3 EDD 06/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Happyhow (26) DC1 EDD 07/01/13 (Scotland – Aberdeen) It’s a surprise!
EmilieFloge (38) DC? EDD 07/01/13
Complicated24 (44) DC1 EDD 07/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Newbie6 (36) DC1 EDD 08/01/13 (Scotland – Ayrshire) He’s a boy!
Norfolkinway (25) DC1 EDD 09/01/13
Octanegirl (34) DC1 EDD 09/01/13 He’s a boy!
BumgrapesofWrath (30) DC2 EDD 10/01/13
Kim222 (30) DC1 EDD 11/01/13
Lulabel27 (29) DC2&3 (twins) EDD 11/01/13
CraftyGirly (26) DC1 EDD 11/01/13 She’s a girl!
Cejay8 (32) DC2 EDD 12/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Tinyeyes123 (30) DC1 EDD 13/01/13 She’s a girl!
CreepyCrawly (22) DC1 EDD 13/01/13 (West Wales) She’s a girl!
PixelCarrier (37) DC1 EDD 13/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Shakemyhead (37) DC1 EDD 14/01/13 (West Yorkshire – Wakefield) She’s a girl!
Godzookey (35) DC1 EDD 14/01/13 He’s a boy!
PeshwariNaan (33) DC1 EDD 14/01/13
Hormonalhell (40) DC2 EDD 15/01/13 He’s a boy!
DoIgetastickerforthat (36) DC4 EDD 16/01/13 She’s a girl!
Theboutiquemummy (35) DC1 EDD 17/01/13 (Norfolk)
ChutesTooNarrow (33) DC2 EDD 18/01/13 She’s a girl!
Glorious (28) DC1 EDD 18/01/13 (SE London – Hither Green)
Tugstonia (33) DC1 EDD 18/01/13 (SE London – Crystal Palace) It’s a surprise!
SpringFlowers (39) DC4 EDD 18/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Eagleray (40) DC1 EDD 18/01/13
13mma (29) DC1 EDD 18/01/13
LetThereBeCupcakes (30) DC1 EDD 20/01/13
Silversixpence (29) DC2 EDD 20/01/13
mulan07 (27) DC1 EDD 20/01/13 He’s a boy!
BadgerFace (34) DC1 EDD 21/01/13 She’s a girl!
PreggoFabulous (30) DC1 EDD 22/01/13 (South West) He’s a boy!
Bunny222 (31) DC1 EDD 22/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Bealos (34) DC2 EDD 22/01/13 She’s a girl!
AppleCrumples (?) DC4 EDD 22/01/13
Woody2313 (33) DC1 EDD 23/01/13 (West Midlands – Shropshire)
SigningGirl (?) DC1 EDD 24/01/13
Mrsbugsywugsy (34) DC1 EDD 25/01/13 (Sussex) She’s a girl!
SquealyB (29) DC1 EDD 26/01/13 (SW London – Richmond) It’s a surprise!
knuckingfackered (39) DC2 EDD 26/01/13
Thinkingpositivethoughts (28) DC1 EDD 26/01/13
MrsMallard (35) DC1 EDD 26/01/13 (Hertfordshire) She’s a girl!
Salt1 (38) DC1 EDD 27/01/13 She’s a girl!
Lilblondepessimist (33) DC4 EDD 28/01/13
MamaMary (31) DC2 EDD 28/01/13 She’s a girl!
Sebsmama (32) DC2 EDD 29/01/13
BionicEmu (26) DC2 EDD 29/01/13
Missymoo (32) DC2 EDD 30/01/13
DiscoDomina (31) DC1 EDD 30/01/13 (West Midlands)
Brugmansia (35) DC1 EDD 31/01/13 (SE London - Kennington/Elephant and Castle)
Mummypud (32) DC3 EDD 31/01/13
PipIsOutNow (27) DC2 EDD 31/01/13
Dieciocho (32) DC1 EDD 31/01/13 It's a surprise

Hi bunny, I've seen my tummy move too! It reminds me of alien lol x

Bunny222 Fri 21-Sep-12 22:32:31

preggo thats what my DH said. Hehe!
bTW I am in Worcestershire next time someone does a log update. X

woody2313 Sat 22-Sep-12 07:35:10

Hi allchik, I live in Shrewsbury and teach in Wellington smile
Where do you live now?

allchik Sat 22-Sep-12 08:22:29

No way woody im in Leeds now but lived in Wellington! Went to Dothill then Charlton school! Small world,nan lives in Shrews too!

I just bloody wish I could lie in! X

happyhow Sat 22-Sep-12 09:04:45

I have finally succeeded in pouncing on my hubby!! gringrin After finally convincing him it would be ok, he gave in but then proceeded to ask that baby would definitely be ok for 5 mins afterwards... I had to say "without wanting to cause offence, it wasn't exactly in there long enough for Baby to know that anything was going on..." He seemed happy with this!! I don't think he would normally like that comment but after two and a half months of nothing, he can't expect much less!! smile

Pascha Sat 22-Sep-12 09:19:01

I'm getting it about once a week at the moment which, quite frankly, is enough for me grin. I am KNACKERED. The Widget has stepped up movements to an alarming pace, I am getting many many kicks in my cervix and backwards towards my intestines which is very uncomfortable. Even DS aged just two has noticed it. He has started cuddling my tummy when it moves about, I don't think he really knows whats going on though.

It seems weird to think that this baby is now viable shock. If it was born tomorrow it would have a real fighting chance!

How fast did that time go?

MamaMary Sat 22-Sep-12 10:28:34

Pascha, that's an amazing realisation that your baby could survive if born tomorrow. I've another 2 weeks to go before then. Let's hope they stay in a lot longer though!

Not liking my body at the moment - I seem to expand everywhere not just at the front so my bum and hips look huge, and my boobs are massive.

Pascha Sat 22-Sep-12 11:00:20

I've avoided the expansion so far, I think because I have a long torso its not squashing my wobbly bits any further out than they are already. I have had to concede I need some basic maternity tops now though, can't get away with long vest tops and the like in the cold weather, so I have ordered a couple of bits from New Look to come into the local store, I'm also raiding ebay again for jersey tops for 99p, I figure even if they are a little worn they will be ok as layering tops under cardis and suchlike.

Hi all!

Had our 4d scan today - amazing! She looks like a proper little girl, very fine features, and GORGEOUS! Nothing like her big brother, though, and obviously he is also beautiful! Can't wait to see our DVD later on today smile

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

godzookey Sat 22-Sep-12 17:05:22

hi Ladies,
can't believe we're on thread 4 now! I have NO libido at all, am with you on that one Tugs

So I have met three doulas today, a good cross section, one young with no kids, one whose a granny and specialises more in post natal and one who has 2 kids and was nice but very much a commercial transaction.

So subject to references, I think i'm going to go with the first one I met.

All starting to feel so real now, particularly as we've now managed to sell the furniture in the box room, all being shipped out tomorrow so we'll finally have some space to turn it into a proper little nursery!

Love to all and extra hugs and thoughts to you Bunny thanks

Lora1982 Sat 22-Sep-12 17:56:06

im so proud ive sewed the curtains for the nursery so aswell as being nearly finished its now safe for me to get changed in the bathroom opposite it without neighbours seeing right through.

Birdies Sat 22-Sep-12 18:02:39

Hi everyone, back from our hols in the lakes. It was freezing and raining alot of the time but still enjoyed it. I am massive now though - may be food or may be baby (prob both) but I am actually waddling. Oh dear.

Great that we have a new thread and will meet our babbas in a matter of weeks really!

So sorry about your news bunny

Welcome to diecio

<waves to everyone>

allchik Sat 22-Sep-12 18:52:29

Just a heads up ladies....loadsa 50% offers for mamas and papas.

I need to get my arse in gear with our house, we moved in in March and started off doing loads of decorating....then we ripped up the carpets and ripped out the gas fire....and then kinda stopped.....so we now have scummy floorboards that need sanding and varnishing, and a gaping fire hole where the bricks need cleaning, the wall needs plastering and a wood burner needs to be bought n installed....will look lush when its done but what a BLOODY MISSION!!!

Really want to get the place looking nice before the babies here as guessing he/she will be a tad time consuming smile


MarasmeAbsolu Sat 22-Sep-12 19:02:27

allchick - you described our flat down to the detail. We too started ripping, only to give up with the bits that were stuck on so hard it'll take hours of steaming to get them off.

Pascha Sat 22-Sep-12 22:47:38

Widget appears to be having a party tonight smile. I can feel body parts all over the place and very definite bum and head. Don't know which is which yet as both are still very bony but they are both doing a rumba in my tummy.

Lol, cat just crawled under the duvet and started licking my bump!

I guess it needs grooming....

katolla Sun 23-Sep-12 10:18:57

Finally felt my first kick! Thank goodness, i was starting to think the nausea was just food poisoning. DP was giving her a rub and she kicked back, really strong. She'll only do it for him though sad

Can i please be added to the list? My due date is 28/01/13, I'm 33 and live in north central london.

Thanks to Pascha for mentioning ebay, that's my morning wasted then.. :O

allchik Sun 23-Sep-12 11:58:26

Grrr just motivated myself to go to the gym for the first time in yonks and it was bloody closed!! Was proper up for it too!

Pascha Sun 23-Sep-12 14:17:35

Brilliant news Katolla at least you've felt it. She's kicking you inside you know, in a couple of weeks it will be really noticable I promise. I'm going back to ebay for jeans next. Having spent the morning in town trying on high street jeans they are all crappy and uncomfortable so I'm looking for some Seraphine ones as I know the trousers are the right shape for me.

Gym? <shudders> <looks out the window at the pissing rain> <looks at woodburner merrily chugging away> <settles back into chair with cup of tea>

allchik Sun 23-Sep-12 17:18:58

Ooopascha uv got a woodburner!well jealous! Were hoping to get one fitted before crimbo but theyre so bloody expensive!
But got all these lovely thoughts of sitting by the xmas tree snuggling with the baby with the fire crackling away (best dig out the credit card!) smile

Tugstonia Sun 23-Sep-12 17:48:53

That's fab you're feeling the kicks now Katolla! DP felt our little bun kick the other night, he was v excited smile

Anyone else suffering with a cold? I am full of snot and have a horrible sore throat sad Drinking lots of hot lemon and honey and sitting on my backside bidding on stuff on ebay to cheer myself up.

Pascha Sun 23-Sep-12 18:05:31

You can all share my log burner grin I put a picture on my profile. You can't see the marshmallows i'm planning to toast later...

CreepyCrawly Sun 23-Sep-12 20:12:35

Hi all, I'm just wondering if any of you have experienced/can explain this.. When baby is active, I get a massive build up of 'feeling' right about where she is, and then she gives an almighty kick before going still again. I'm not worried or anything, but the build up is quite intense and just wondering what she's up to in there.

Hope everyone's had a nice weekend!

I get that a lot creepy. Feels like a build up to something (sometimes feels like gas building up) and then it just goes. I assume its baby turning/rolling and the fluid shifting like when your in the bath!

allchik Sun 23-Sep-12 21:03:58

Me too! I read on my app that at around 25 weeks the bub moves from head up to head down n it can be quite intense (dnt think they stay there,sure they keep moving) last nite it was making me feel quite sick lol!x

PricklyPickle Sun 23-Sep-12 21:29:03

I get that too. I assumed it was bubs pushing at my insides before kicking me. I quite like it. unlike the kick i got to my lower regions the other day that make me fart in front of a colleague

knuckingfackered Sun 23-Sep-12 22:43:04

creepy n all
I get that too, its second time round for me and it reminds me of the later stage braxton hix stuff that happens.
Essentially the womb is going rigid, kinda contracting.
My only explanation is....... at 20 week scan I noticed there was alot of squirming I couldn't feel but more substantial things I could. I think the 'feeling' is a response to whats going on in there when baby is awake and moochin around.

Birdies Mon 24-Sep-12 09:00:30

prickly hahahaha! Was it a loud one lol?!!

allchik what's the app called that you've got?

Hope everyone had a nice day. It's as dark as evening here, bit shitty really. Might have to go shopping to brighten the day..

Complicated24 Mon 24-Sep-12 10:14:44

Just spent a lovely half hour catching up with all your news. So sorry bunnies. I haven't lost a parent since being pregnant but my mother had a stroke shortly before getting pregnant so that has been a huge worry. We lost two babies when I had no stress in my life and had lots of stress during this pregnancy and baby is really healthy. Doesn't make sense does it. Give yourself time to grieve and be kind to yourself.

Going on holiday tomorrow and am busy packing and realised I dont have enough maternity summer clothes. Just tried on bikini and am literally falling out of it. Shops now full of winter clothes so will just have to make do. Spent weekend house hunting and was lovely thinking of houses and gardens our child would want to grow up and play in. We have now read so many Ofsted reports!

Getting loads of movement all day but especially in evening. DH can feel kicks too now. We watched XFactor last night (I still love it!) and baby kicked during all really good performances. Genius child!

allchik Mon 24-Sep-12 12:06:17

Hey birdies Ive got quite a few (saddo!) but the one Im liking at the mo is called baby gaga....it gives a fun description of baby week by week and if you like it will also post to your facebook once a week with an update on babies development (my parents really like to read that)xxx

CreepyCrawly Mon 24-Sep-12 12:44:45

Ah that all makes sense. I do like the feeling, and of course the massive boot she gives me after the build up.

It seems she's a fan of the same American football team as DH though, she wriggles all the way through their games. There's time to change that though, I'll make a Steelers fan of her! grin

Have my 24 week midwife appointment tomorrow, looking forward to that.

Hope everyone is well smile

theboutiquemummy Mon 24-Sep-12 13:11:40

Pleased I'm not the only 1 getting that build up feeling mine also kicks me quite hard in what feels like my fanny now that hurts blush I'm loving the kicks n movement DH rubs cream into my bump at night n he always gets a kick from the baby

katolla Mon 24-Sep-12 13:15:29

Hmm.. I'm still wearing my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans which are a bit tight when sitting down, I just straightened up which caused a load of kicking. Hope i wasn't strangling her.. that's not a thing, right??

SquealyB Mon 24-Sep-12 16:50:35

Had a day full of needles today as had full GTT test....ouch ouch ouch. The nurse taking blood was far from gentle!! Oh well, all in aid of having a healthy baby come January.

Glad to hear everyone is well. I have a stupid question, I am getting a sort of pulse sensation down at the bottom of the fango, I get a couple of strong ones (not strong enought to make you wince but you certainly notice it) and then they go away again but I am getting them most days.....are these Braxton Hicks confused??

Birdies Mon 24-Sep-12 16:59:28

Thanks allchik

squealy that sounds more like downwards baby movements. Braxton hicks are more where your whole tummy suddenly goes really tight and slightly uncomfy (but not painful) and then a few seconds later it disappears. So not pulsing feelings.

katolla don't think it's possible to strangle smile but its good to give baby as much room as poss so think about ditching your tight stuff or get one of those adjusters so you can wear them with button undone.

SquealyB Mon 24-Sep-12 17:08:30

Thanks Birdies.....first DC so have no idea about a lot of these things despite avid devouring of baby books.

allchik Mon 24-Sep-12 19:16:40

I had this all t time at 20 wks,i was worried as have had lots of cervix probs but gp said bub was prob pressing on a nerve thats linked to ur groin area!v odd,felt like mini electric shocks on my foofoo x

pmgkt Mon 24-Sep-12 22:26:57

Squely I have this and its just its feet so baby prob breech at the moment, loads of time to move yet though so don't panic. I was still breech at 35 weeks last time and it still moved the right way around.

SquealyB Tue 25-Sep-12 11:44:49

Glad to hear it is not just me!

Hope everyone is doing well today. Have we had all the 20 wk scans now? Any more on the way?

Pascha Tue 25-Sep-12 11:57:12

I had the feet in fanjo thing last time as well. Little bugger had to be manually turned via ECV last time at 37 weeks as he decided to stay upright - that was fun! This time - I'm not sure. Widget was breech at the 20 week scan but that means nothing so early. I get lots of low kicks, quite a lot of bellybutton level kicks, hopefully that means It's still turning somersaults. It feels diagonal at the moment, on the right side facing left, can't tell if up or down though.

I had an atrocious night with allergies, sneezing for around an hour, took antihistamine and nasal spray in the end and used about half a loo roll mopping up. I am shattered this morning and am surviving on strong black coffee so I'm doing well here - drugs, steroids, caffeine... May as well write the day off in terms of Good Behaviour in Pregnancy with a glass of wine tonight wink

How the hell am I going to cope with a newborn and a toddler confused?

MamaMary Tue 25-Sep-12 12:15:31

Yes, my LO was breech at 20 week scan too. Last night I was getting a lot of kicks in the bladder.

Also, DH felt kicks last night for the first time - but he said they were so faint he just wasn't 100% sure. Faint? They don't feel faint to me - I'm being battered from the inside!

Yes, Pascha I try not to think too much about life with a newborn and toddler!

Pascha Tue 25-Sep-12 12:28:46

Battered grin I think I might have bruising to the bladder by now.

SquealyB Tue 25-Sep-12 13:39:15

pascha and mamamary I am sure you will both be brilliant with a toddle and a baby. Just be sure to take it easy on yourselves when the time comes!

Hopefully my little football player will turn around by themselves...but who knows at this stage. At our scan they were bouncing up and down the whole time. My DH can't feel anything yet either.

Birdies Tue 25-Sep-12 13:47:25

pascha and mamamary and anyone else who will have a newborn and a toddler - I've just bought a book off Amazon called 'coping with two' and its quite good. A lot is common sense but I've also picked up some useful tips as well (and am only part-way through). Oh and it's really easy to read too - so not much concentration needed!

Anyone else getting big kicks on one sidNdola belly button and little movements on the other? I'm guessing it's legs one side and arms the other, so is side-ways, but funnily enough I had exactly the same with my DD but never worked out what it meant about how she was lying.

Birdies Tue 25-Sep-12 13:52:04

What the hell is a 'sidNodola'?! If you were able to decipher, I meant 'side of their' confused

SquealyB Tue 25-Sep-12 13:52:42

pascha sounds like you had one hell of a night! Hope you start to feel better soon.

Marking my place...

I'm not too daunted by the prospect of life with toddler and newborn as toddler will be at pre-school at least three mornings a week in Jan! Did have a WTF do I do with baby when DS has swimming lessons moment today though. I am just hoping DS can move up to the next group where parents watch rather than join in by Jan.

Terrible heartburn has now kicked in, I am just off to buy several pints of gaviscon and will catch up with rest of thread later.

Tugstonia Tue 25-Sep-12 14:17:24

Ladies, quick question about midwife appointments. Haven't had one since 15 weeks and next one isn't til 28 weeks. Could it be because I'm under consultant care so seeing him every month and therefore don't need to see mw as often? Consultant said 28 week appt is normal, but seems kinda late to me. Work is hassling me for MATB1 form which I guess I won't get til next mw appt.

chutes I feel you on the heartburn front - urgh.

MamaMary Tue 25-Sep-12 14:24:51

tugstonia I'm exactly the same. Nothing between my 20 week scan and a 28 week appointment which will also include a scan. I'm also consultant-led.

I too am getting a bit worried and may phone my community midwife.

[Brew] for pascha

At both my scans baby was on his head in position, and I don't think he's moved since as kicks are all near belly button level, and a bum shaped lump keeps appearing.

No doubt he'll discover a new position just in time to be awkward lol

chutes - ugh I've been having bad heartburn for about a month with no sign of easing up, so I feel your pain!

SquealyB Tue 25-Sep-12 14:27:13

Tugs - I had a MW appoinment at 16 wks, 20 week scan, GP appointment at 22 wks and then not seeing MW again until 28 wks either. I am MW led care and this is DC1 so sounds like your care programme is about right but would be interested to hear from others.

pmgkt Tue 25-Sep-12 14:49:52

Tugs I had a 25 week appointment, but as I wanted to get my maternity allowance sorted, I text her and she sent my mat b 1 in the post. Why not ring her and see if she can post or you collect. One less thing to worry about then.

Lora1982 Tue 25-Sep-12 14:52:31

she did warn me there was a big gap in appointments. i see mine thurs for a gtt test when i will be badgering for mat1 thing. they told me to get it from hospital at 20wk scan but when i asked they said i get it off midwife.

on a great boast level nursery gets carpet and drawers tomorrow an i found out today that as of december ive finished off car payments so a much needed load of spare cash every month just in time to start paying for the little guy :-D

bealos Tue 25-Sep-12 14:57:28

Hey all. Just catching up on posts after being abroad with work...

Had a lovely appt with my midwife this morning (after a horrid one with a consultant in hospital a few weeks ago, so impersonal but hey, why would they have my notes from my previous pregnancy, anyway. I only had my ds1 there!). Having the same midwife throughout the pregnancy makes such a difference, I'm finding. She's always happy to chat through any worries and has time for any queries I have.

I am planning a home birth. Anyone else?

Tugstonia Tue 25-Sep-12 15:21:59

Ah cool, thanks ladies. pmgkt good plan, will try calling them for the matb1 form and see if they'll post it to me.

sanam2010 Tue 25-Sep-12 15:25:26

Hi all, congratulations everyone! I am new to this thread and just saw you don't have anyone due 1 Jan 2013 yet so here I am :-). It will be my second girl, DD1 is almost 2 years old. Can't wait to finish work, almost two months to go!! Hope everyone is well and look forward to reading your updates!

Tugstonia Tue 25-Sep-12 15:27:26

lora v impressed about your nursery! haven't even started on the spare room yet. we have to find new homes for lots of crap furniture in there first. The only thing I've bought so far is a super soft blanket for about £5. Need to get my arse in gear.

I've just worked out I have 11 weeks left at work (assuming I can finish when I plan to). Woo hoo!

Tugstonia Tue 25-Sep-12 15:28:11

cross-post - welcome sanam!

MamaMary Tue 25-Sep-12 15:53:43

Welcome, sanam! I'm also about to have DD2, and DD1 will be neartly 2 and a half when she's born. I have about 2 and a half months left of work and suspect I will be counting the days down...

sanam2010 Tue 25-Sep-12 15:58:14

MamaMary, thanks! Trust me, I am
Counting the days already!! But the more you count, the more slowly they seem to pass!

CreepyCrawly Tue 25-Sep-12 16:15:42

I saw my midwife at 16 weeks and then again today at 24 weeks. I'll be seeing her again at 28 weeks.

I can totally sympathise with the heartburn. I was getting it terrible 24/7, but since I started my love affair with raspberry milkshake it's non-existent.

Welcome sanam!

Hello Sanam!

Anyone else getting nosebleeds at all? Never usually get them.

Brugmansia Tue 25-Sep-12 17:19:34

I was supposed to see my midwife at 16 weeks but it was cancelled and I saw her at 19 weeks. I saw her again today, almost 22 weeks, and have another appointment in 3 weeks time.

Squealy I am also feeling lots of movement low down, including what I assume are kicks to my cervix, which isn't an altogether pleasant sensation! The baby was breech at my scan so I assume that's what it is. The sonographer said it was nothing to worry about at this stage.

DP still hasn't felt any kicks yet, maybe because I have an anterior placenta and a thick layer of blubber in the way

Tugs I had an appointment at 16 weeks, another coming up at 24 weeks, and then I think at 28 weeks. The 24 weeks one is for first timers only, IIRC.

bealos I'm also hoping to have a homebirth

Welcome Sanam

preggo I have a bit of a runny nose at the moment and am getting a bloody tissue when I blow rather than full on nosebleeds. I think it's because we are pumping more blood around than usual.

happyhow Tue 25-Sep-12 17:37:12

I am very much planning on giving birth in the hospital with whatever drugs/care around that I need/want!!! I fancy using the water pool but don't know if it will be possible. I think hubby will be ok with whatever as long as I'm not screaming!!!

PricklyPickle Tue 25-Sep-12 19:16:34

I have every intention of screaming!

PixelCarrier Tue 25-Sep-12 20:05:38

Hi Sanam, welcome.

How are you doing Bunny? So sorry to hear about your Dad.

Hope you get your Mat B1 sorted tugs

No heartburn yet (for which I am incredibly grateful), but struggling with pelvic girdle pain. However am now referred to an obs physio, so hopefully there'll be some relief in sight...

happyhow Tue 25-Sep-12 20:26:07

I feel your pain pixel - literally! I've got a support belt and lots of paracetamol... It's been better this week though. The midwife reckoned it might ease off for a bit as my uterus lifted off the pelvic bone so I think that's maybe what has happened. It'll probs come back later when the baby drops though. I hope physio helps you - my midwife reckoned it wouldn't help me at all...

woody2313 Tue 25-Sep-12 20:29:39

preggofabulous Last week I had 3 nosebleeds in 4 days, blood streaming from my nose for a good 10 minutes shock ... haven't had since and hoping not to have any more! Hope yours pass soon...

I fancy a waterbirth too... watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians blush (guilty pleasure) on Sunday and they showed one; it didn't look like the mother was in any less pain but it didn't put me off!

bealos Tue 25-Sep-12 20:38:56

I've been seeing my midwife every 4 weeks since I was about 8 wks preg. Don't know if that's particular to the home birth team or not.

@mrsbugsywugsy great stuff. Hope all goes to plan.

pmgkt Tue 25-Sep-12 23:38:11

First time mums get extra appointments, subsequent times they just leave you to it and assume you know what you are doing.

Brugmansia Wed 26-Sep-12 00:08:51

Does anyone know when is normal to start discussing with the midwife birth plans and the like? It was briefly mentioned at booking in but not since. Or is it one of those things that varies place to place?

sanam2010 Wed 26-Sep-12 07:01:07

Bugsmania, the birth plan discussion happens quite late, I think usually at the 34 week appointment but in my experience, unless you bring it up proactively, many midwives might not even do it. But if you want to discuss it, you bring it up closer to your due date.

I am pregnant with %232 and agree that there are much less appointments now, the first one I felt I constantly had to see the GP or midwife and now I think I have a 2 or 3 months break between one appt and the next - which is great. My next one is mid October only I believe.

PricklyPickle Wed 26-Sep-12 07:34:54

The trouble with making a birth plan for us first timers is how do you make a plan when you don't know what to expect or how you will react?

Is it a good idea to do one anyway stating what you think you want, or just leave it unless you have specific preferences?

Bunny222 Wed 26-Sep-12 08:22:29

Hi, and thanks for the new messages and wishes. Funeral isnt til Monday, and am honestly dreading it. My brother showed me the Eulogy he's written and of course it mentions me and dad not being able to meet our baby etc. think I will have to tune it all out. Am keeping busy with the organising and haven't been back to work yet. Fell apart a bit at the wkend but DH has been great and keeps feeding me.

Have a midwife appt today (still hadn't run me back since last week!) so can't wait to hear the heartbeat etc. have also been considering a waterbirth, is anyone else having one? Can you have one with your first. Will ask MW for some info. Also, haven't had MATB1 form yet, have you got yours?

Pascha Wed 26-Sep-12 09:10:10

I don't think the words 'birth plan' were mentioned even once by the midwives, not even in labour. I my experience you have to be proactive and bring the subject up yourself. I know what you mean about not knowing what to put on the plan. Last time I didn't do one as I felt that what would be, would be and no amount of writing stuff down would change how I was handled medically if intervention was necessary.

This time, I know certain things I don't want to happen so I will write down a list of sorts but I know that it could all get thrown out of the window at any point.

My list basically says:

Pain relief - bath, tens, gas&air in that order, no pethidine/morphine sulphate, no epidural.

If I have to be in hospital I want mobile monitoring as long as practically possible. Only to be strapped to the bed if medical problem.

If baby is breech I want to explore the possibility of vaginal birth but understand that if they insist on me being strapped to the bed on my back in stirrups with monitoring for this I will agree to a CS.

CS is last resort only. If I need it then all the above goes out of the window.

Give me the damn injection for 3rd stage. Give the baby the Vit K.

The only problem I have in my mind is that MIL is on standby to look after DS. If I do give birth at home in the middle of the night the last person I want in the house is her. I would prefer it all happened when he is asleep and nothing needs to be done for him but DH would like him in her care from the start in case I do have to go to hospital which probably means I need her here throughout sad

Birdies Wed 26-Sep-12 09:17:24

Will be thinking of you bunny. And hope your midwife apmt goes well today. You can have a waterbirth with your first but sometimes the pool isn't available on the day so need to be prepared for that (depends where you choose to give birth, how many they have etc).

prickly I would recommend doing a birth plan. If nothing else it helps you to feel more prepared, which helps you to feel more relaxed at least in the run up. Mine bore no resemblance to what actually happened (I didn't have 'would like to nearly give birth in the car' in there!) but I don't regret doing one. Being more relaxed reduces the pain you experience, so anything at all to help with that can only be a good thing. Just don't expect the birth to be like your plan - if it is, great, if it isn't, you'll be too preoccupied to care anyway!

I'll have had an 8 week gap between appointments by the time I next see my midwife and am having my anti D jab at the same time. Is anyone else rhesus negative or just me?

Birdies Wed 26-Sep-12 09:59:13

pascha i can see why your DH would want her there but it doesn't sound very conducive to having a nice relaxing home birth!! Is there a neighbour maybe where if you did have to go to hospital they could look after DS until MIL gets there? I'm sure you've thought of all that though! Or what about there being 2 midwives surely one of them could wait for MIL in an emergency?

Ps have you got your cot yet?!

CreepyCrawly Wed 26-Sep-12 10:45:02

Reading all the birth plan info with interest!

My adorable changing mat came today grin

SquealyB Wed 26-Sep-12 11:05:43

I also thinking about writing a birth plan but like prickly I am a first timer so it is hard to know, quiet frankly, how much pain/discomfort I can handle.....

I am in AWE of people who go the home birth route, I think it is pretty amazing. I am too much of a 'fraidy cat to go down that route this time around.

The hospital we are giving birth in has a mid wife lead birthing unit which is supposed to be similar to a home birth, they encouarge active labour and have three birthing pools and various balls, stools etc. So we are planning to give birth there. As you can be transferred to the labour ward at any time should you need to/want to, it will help my cope with some of my nerves about not knowing what it will be like.

Brugmansia Wed 26-Sep-12 11:49:26

Thanks for all the info from those already experienced in these.

I hadn't even thought about a detailed plan, just beginning to consider the basic where to have it stuff. Several people already seem to have planned quite a lot, eg home birth, elcs.

At the booking in appointment my midwife put me down for the midwife led unit, but very provisionally and really just to put something down. From what I recall she said it's worth expressing an interest early as it can be very popular and get booked up. She hasn't brought it up again since.

Pascha Wed 26-Sep-12 12:30:52

OK. Finally got time to sit down and concentrate on stuff. Firstly welcome to Sanam lovely to see you here.

Bunny so sorry to hear about your dad, will be thinking of you on monday.

My antenatal appointments seem to be every 4 weeks even though this is my second. I missed the 16 week appointment though so maybe its just catch up. I've had 9 weeks, 20 weeks, 24 weeks so far, next one is 28 weeks when I get the next bloods taken. I think it varies for everybody but there is a minimum number of contacts which is a bit less for 2nd and subsequent pregnancies and when they are depends entirely on how your midwife team works and real life getting in the way.

Prickly you scream if you want. Do what works for you. I found counting down the next contraction as it built up really concentrated the mind and in the end I was just going '3...2...1...AARRRRRGGGHHHH!' to get me through.

WRT waterbirth, I like the idea of one but if i'm at home i'm expecting to be fairly quick labouring so not really sure its worth me hiring one as it would take too long to fill. If I do end up at the hospital then I will do my best to get one but it will only happen if I'm on the MLU downstairs as opposed to the delivery suite upstairs. Last time I had no choice as I was bleeding.

Birdies I know. I'm quite stressed at the thought of how to get around the fact I basically want no-one there bar me, DH and the midwives but I know realistically I have to have a plan in place for DS. One of the main reasons I intend to stay home is because it might be over within about 3 hours, if it goes anything like last time it will be overnight and done by dawn meaning there is absolutely no reason to wake DS up at all. However, if I do need a transfer then we need someone to ready to take care of him straight away so it seems reasonable for MIL to be here. I just hate the thought of it.

And no, my ebay watch list is full of the damn things. I just can't quite justify the cost yet and we still need to buy a carseat which comes first really. We do still have the old crib so its not an essential, just a really really want.

NCT sale here on saturday morning so we will see what goodies I can snaffle there. Hope everyone's having a good day today.

Pascha Wed 26-Sep-12 12:33:07

Brug we had a tour of the MLU at about 34 weeks last time. It was included as part of the antenatal classes but anyone who hadn't been there before was welcome. It wasn't mentioned between booking appointment and then at all.

SquealyB Wed 26-Sep-12 12:46:37

Speaking of wants rather than needs....I may have just bought a pea and a cow romper suit..... blush from Zulily.

They have a lot of cute things that seem to come under the "want" rather than "need" category...my favourite category. Here is the link if you are interested: www.zulily.co.uk/invite/kblair370

Pascha Wed 26-Sep-12 12:59:37

I can't get that up as I'm not registered but I did a search for pea sleepsuits and came up with this which is beyond cute smile

For any fellow cheapskates bargain hunters, I went to a car boot sale last weekend and bought heaps of baby clothes for 10 or 20p per item. I really splashed out on a cute little dress which looked unworn and cost a whole £1 shock. Car boot sale season is nearly over, so you need to get in there quickly.

I am very sad and made a spreadsheet of baby stuff we have bought, and what we still need. It's a good job I did as I discovered we have bought 20 babygrows for age 0-3, and almost nothing any bigger. Oops - let's hope I don't have a huge baby. I was also advised by a friend to get a couple of things in 'tiny baby' size, as her daughter was born a few weeks premature and they didn't have anything small enough for her.

I don't have my Mat B1 yet - I assumed I'd get it at my next midwife appointment. My work just said to send it to them when I have it.

Pascha can't your MIL take DS to her house when you go into labour? Otherwise is there someone else who you would prefer to be present at the birth if it happens at home, who could also stay and look after DS if you need to go to hospital? In my area they like you to have two birth partners for a homebirth anyway, I think the idea is that one person is a backup to help the midwife carry equipment, make tea, etc, while your DP focuses on looking after you in labour. I have asked my sister to be my second birth partner. Much as I like my MIL, there is no way I would want her to be there.

Squealy I am also a big wuss, but I am far more scared to give birth in hospital than at home! I find the idea of being in an unfamiliar, medicalised environment really off-putting, I have never spent a night in hospital before so maybe that's why. I also really want a waterbirth, and that's not guaranteed in hospital. Apparently you can transfer in if you need stronger pain relief.

SquealyB Wed 26-Sep-12 13:08:43

Pascha the one I have ordered is very similar..... DH and I love fancy dress and are generally very silly humans so this kind of thing really appeals to us. I am sure DC will be telling a therapist about it some time in the future!

Birdies Wed 26-Sep-12 13:20:02

Don't anyone stress about birth plans though, still loads of time. I won't be doing mine until 30 weeks earliest. You can prob google it as well to get other ideas.

Oh one other book recommendation in case anyone's interested (can't remember if I already said) but I'm reading the Natal hypnotherapy birth preparation book and it's really good. They often come up cheaply 2nd hand on eBay too. I did hypnobirthing last time and it really worked for me, even though I didn't quite do the hypno bit I don't think (did the Marie Mongan version and a course) but thought I'd try the natal one this time for variety! It also includes lots of positive birth stories so you end up feeling excited about the birth rather than scared (which is nice!).

squealy thanks for the link, though I saw a little dress I loved and it's already gone sad can see I need to get online early to get the good stuff. Pea and cow suits are super cute.

Pascha Wed 26-Sep-12 13:23:15

grin I may have put it on my amazon wishlist...

MrsBug I imagine MIL will take him back to hers which would be great but if it all kicks off at 3am I'm not sure it wouldn't be better for him to just stay asleep and let MIL deal with him in the morning. I'm just trying to deal with my uncomfortableness with anyone else being there at all really. Random midwives/medical staff etc - no problem. Family members - no way.

SquealyB Wed 26-Sep-12 13:35:18

That is a shame birdies - I think the sales start at 8 every morning and last a couple of days. As you said the good stuff often goes early though.....

Brugmansia Wed 26-Sep-12 13:36:09

I got my mat1B from the Midwife yesterday, but only because I asked her for it.

Hi all, and welcome, sanam.

Back at work today and really, really can't be bothered. I wish it was december NOW so I could be on maternity leave. Ho hum.

My antenatal appts have been every four weeks, or thereabouts, even though I'm a second timer. Think it's because of the service I'm using (One 2 One midwives on the Wirral) - they're brilliant.

I've done my birth plan blush BUT! I am ridiculously organised. It helps me feel in control as well, which I need after last time. However, one word of advise - be prepared for it to go out of the window if things aren't perfect when you get there.

I've updated the list with sanam

BuntyCollocks (29) DC2 EDD 28/12/12 (NE Wales) She's a girl!
Pmgkt (33) DC2 EDD 28/12/12 He's a boy!
Birdies (33) DC2 EDD 30/12/12 She's a girl!
Pascha (35) DC2 EDD 30/12/12 (Kent)*It's a surprise!*
PricklyPickle (31) DC1 EDD 31/12/12 (SE London - Eltham)
sanam2012 (?) DC2 EDD 1/1/2013 She's a girl!
LowLu (31) DC2 EDD 02/1/2013
TootieMaroo (32) DC2 03/1/2013
MarasmeAbsolu (31) DC2 EDD 03/01/13 (Scotland - Central Belt) She's a girl!
Lora1982 (30) DC1 EDD 04/01/13 He's a boy!
IsSpringSprangedYet (?) DC4 EDD 5/01/2013
DollFisher (28) DC1 EDD 5/01/13 She's a girl!
Allchik (30) DC1 EDD 06/01/13 It's a surprise!
Pockemuchka DC3 EDD 06/01/13 It's a surprise!
Happyhow (26) DC1 EDD 07/01/13 (Scotland - Aberdeen) It's a surprise!
EmilieFloge (38) DC? EDD 07/01/13
Complicated24 (44) DC1 EDD 07/01/2013 It's a surprise!
Norfolkinway (25) DC1 EDD 09/01/13
Octanegirl (34) DC1 EDD 09/01/13 He's a boy!
BumgrapesofWrath (30) DC2 EDD 10/01/13
DoIgetastickerforthat (age) DC4 EDD 11/01/13
Kim222 (30) DC1 EDD 11/01/13
Lulabel27 (29) DC2&3 (twins) EDD 11/01/13
CraftyGirly (26) DC1 EDD 11/01/13 She's a girl!
Cejay8 (32) DC2 EDD 12/01/13 It's a surprise!
Tinyeyes123 (30) DC1 EDD 13/01/13 She's a girl!
CreepyCrawly (21) DC1 EDD 13/01/13 (West Wales) She's a girl!
PixelCarrier (?) DC? EDD 13/01/2013 It's a surprise!
Shakemyhead (37) DC1 EDD 14/1/13 (West Yorkshire - Wakefield) She's a girl!
Godzookey (35) DC1 EDD 14/01/13 He's a boy!
PeshwariNaan (33) DC1 EDD 14/01/13
Hormonalhell (40) DC2 EDD 15/01/13 He's a boy!
Theboutiquemummy (35) DC1 EDD 17/01/13 (Norfolk)
ChutesTooNarrow (33) DC2 EDD 18/01/13 She's a girl!
Glorious (28) DC1 EDD 18/01/13 (SE London - Hither Green)
Tugstonia (33) DC1 EDD 18/01/13 (SE London - Crystal Palace) It's a surprise!
SpringFlowers (39) DC4 EDD 18/01/13 It's a surprise!
Eagleray (40) DC1 EDD 18/01/13
13mma (29) DC1 18/01/13
LetThereBeCupcakes (30) DC1 EDD 20/01/13
Silversixpence (29) DC2 EDD 20/01/13
mulan07 (27) DC1 EDD 20/01/13 He's a boy!
BadgerFace (34) DC1 EDD 21/01/13 She's a girl!
Newbie6 (36) DC1 EDD 22/01/13 (Scotland - Ayrshire) He's a boy!
bealos (34) DC2 EDD 22/01/13 She's a girl!
AppleCrumples (?) DC4 EDD 22/01/13
PreggoFabulous (30) DC1 EDD 22/01/2012 (South West) He's a boy!
Bunny222 (31) DC1 EDD 22/01/13 It's a surprise!
Woody2313 (33) DC1 EDD 23/01/2013 (West Midlands - Shropshire)
SigningGirl (age) DC1 EDD 24/01/13
SquealyB (29) DC1 EDD 26/01/13 (SW London - Richmond) It's a surprise!
knuckingfackered (39) DC2 26/1/13
Mrsbugsywugsy (34) DC1 EDD 25/01/2013 (Sussex) She's a girl!
Thinkingpositivethoughts (28) DC1 EDD 26/01/13
MrsMallard (35) DC1 EDD 26/01/13 (Hertfordshire) She's a girl!
Salt1 (38) DC1 EDD 27/01/13 She's a girl!
Lilblondepessimist (33) DC4 EDD 28/01/13
MamaMary (31) DC2 EDD 28/01/13 She's a girl!
Sebsmama (32) DC2 EDD 29/01/13
BionicEmu (26) DC2 EDD 29/01/13
Missymoo (32) DC2 EDD 30/01/13
DiscoDomina (31) DC1 EDD 30/1/13 (West Midlands)
Brugmansia (35) DC1 EDD 31/01/13 (SE London - Kennington/Elephant and Castle)
Mummypud (32) DC3 EDD 31/01/13
PipIsOutNow (?) DC2 31/01/13
Deiciocho (32) DC1 EDD 31/01/13 It's a surprise!

happyhow Wed 26-Sep-12 19:22:58

My birth plan currently consists of "do whatever the medical professionals decide needs to be done in order for the baby and me to be fine at the end of it!" I'm a fairly chilled out person anyway and being a first timer I'm happy to go with the flow. Also, I reckon these people are delivering babies several times a day so I'll listen to whatever they think is best. The only thing I don't want is diamorphine as I don't want to be spaced out and I don't want a dopey baby.

theboutiquemummy Wed 26-Sep-12 20:36:09

happyhow that sounds like a great plan, I haven't got one at the moment as im cesar but i'm looking at it like you whatever they need to do x

On a plus note H & M have some great winter maternity coats and not too expensive thankfully

pmgkt Wed 26-Sep-12 20:59:57

im with happy on the birth plan. With ds1 i had done nct and knew there were certain pain relief things that i didnt want but anything else was on their advice. I have had friends that did really in depth birth plan and when things didnt work out as planned it left them very upset and feeling like they had failed. so i would advise caution with being too in depth and just be informed of pain relief and what the procedures and risks are so that you arent feeling out of your depth when things change.

newbie6 Wed 26-Sep-12 22:21:30

Hi, * buntycollocks* thanks for list but due to my diabetes they induce me at 38 weeks so my due date is now 8th Jan



PricklyPickle Thu 27-Sep-12 07:28:06

Thanks birdies re the advice on the birth plan. You're right, if doing one however vague makes me feel more in control and relaxed then its worthwhile.

I like the idea of hypnobirthing, but really i think its the relaxation breathing techniques that i really want. Apparently they help with constitution pre birth as well confused

Lora1982 Thu 27-Sep-12 08:20:48

im interested in the breathing techniques too. apparently it can help with the pain and even help te baby come without pushing... (this maybe a lie!!)

i have a gtt test this morning.. i cant even have a cup of tea sad im hopeful il be fine cos il be distraught if rolo yoghurts are off my menu.

octanegirl Thu 27-Sep-12 09:54:59

For the record H&M maternity jeans are great as they have BELT LOOPS! I've given up on my Gap ones as they constantly fell down.

On a sombre note - my DP's 1st cousin was one week away from her due day and her baby DIED in utero. She was induced yesterday to give birth to a dead baby. I can't think of anything more horrendous and am now even more paranoid than before. Does that kind of thing happen often? Poor, poor girl.

pmgkt Thu 27-Sep-12 10:04:38

Octane the same thing happened to my step sister last year 3 weeks before due date. I cant imagine how you cope with that sort of loss. Will they be able to find out why? I know the idea of an autopsy sounds awful and my step sister didnt but now she has loads of questions and although they are trying again they have no idea if it will happen again.

SquealyB Thu 27-Sep-12 11:22:52

How awful for those poor women octane and pgmt and their poor families. Impossible to imagine how that must feel. My understanding is that this is very rare, but obviously can still happen as with anything I am sure the NHS have statistics on this issue. It is so sad when you read about it or know someone who has gone through this....

SquealyB Thu 27-Sep-12 11:25:28

On another slighlty happier note - had 22 week appointment with GP today. Heard our little one's heart beat which is always lovely. As usual, she/he was wriggling around like a good thing and GP kept finding heart beat and then the baby would move to the other side! Mischievious baby!

I now have no more appointments until 28 weeks with the Midwife which seems like a long time. I am going to try and have an idea of my birthplan before I go to that appointment so that I can discuss with the MW so grateful for all the comments on this!

Hope everyone is well.

katolla Thu 27-Sep-12 14:57:05

happyhow and pmgkt, I'm glad not minding that much is an option.. I've been worried i'm supposed to write explicit instructions for the hospital. I'd quite like a water birth but I hear it doesn't always work out if you dont get there at the right time so I'm not going to be set on it.

*goes back to being completely underprepared

Pascha Thu 27-Sep-12 17:41:14

Katolla you really don't have to write anything down at all and if you are fit for a waterbirth and a pool is free they will happily let you in it whether you have stated a preference beforehand or not. Sometimes I think its better to think of a birthplan as a list of things you don't want to forget when your mind is preoccupied, such as: 'Ask if the pool is free' and 'what about mobile monitoring' and notes for your birthpartner to remember like: 'ask me regularly if I need a drink/cereal bar' and 'don't let me OD too much on gas & air' and 'Get Green Day on the Ipod for the pushing stage'

CreepyCrawly Thu 27-Sep-12 18:56:13

Hi all, I'mm just wondering if its normal to feel a slight decrease in movements at this stage? Until now, she's been moving around quite regularly and the movements have been quite obvious. But yesterday and today, she seems to have chilled out a bit. I have had some movements, but not as regular or as strong as they have been. Is it maybe she has changed her position and moved somewhere else?! I'm 24+4 and too afraid to google!

Hope everyone is well smile

Lora1982 Thu 27-Sep-12 20:19:03

i had that creepy but as soon as i had the llukazade for the test today he went crazy

sanam2010 Thu 27-Sep-12 20:32:13

Creepy crawly, exactly, maybe you should eat more chocolate, sugar always helps to get them moving :-). I think position can influence how much you feel, also i heard sometimes the placenta is between baby and wall so it dampens the impact of kicks.

Mine seems to be more active since about two weeks, I was really worried bc DD1 was such an active baby, she kicked so much from week 16 already that even then my husband could feel the kicks and one could see my belly moving and she was kicking all day all night basically (and is a pretty active toddler now I must say :-) ) but this one was so mellow I felt almost nothing till week 20 and now a little movement here and there a few times per day, but slightly picking up now. But I could do with a mellow baby number 2!!!

CreepyCrawly Thu 27-Sep-12 21:00:49

Thank you ladies. She seems to be a bit more active this evening (after some malteasers and a curly wurly!) it could be because I've been back in work after 2 weeks off so not lazing about like I was.
Heard a healthy heartbeat on Tuesday, and I am getting some movements so I think I'm probably a little worried over nothing.

AriNi31 Thu 27-Sep-12 21:18:41

Hi ladies
Just wondering if I can join you. I've lurked and lurked and am finally brave enough, I think! My EDD is 06/01/13 and this will be my second child, I have a DS who is 4. The reason I've only been lurking is that I've had 6 miscarriages in total, the last was last year at 16 weeks so its only now at 25 weeks that I'm feeling brave enough to think hey, I'm actually having another baby! We haven't told DS yet, in case... it's his birthday in a few weeks so may tell him after that. I want to feel excited - and I think I am... just still a bit scared! I saw a statistic today that said there are only 12 Thursdays left til Christmas so I am feeling that I must start getting organised!!!
I agree about chocolate getting the baby wriggling or even something fizzy to drink.

Hello AriNi31!

Talking of getting baby wiggling...

Has anyone else been playing music to bump?? I've been playing him bits and pieces at my desk in work, but went for a bigger selection today and discovered rap music makes him kick more. Not sure if he's dancing or trying to get me to switch it off.

Birdies Thu 27-Sep-12 21:51:11

Welcome ariNi31!

creepy I've found (and midwife said this as well) that when busy I don't feel any movements - but it's actually being distracted that stops you noticing them. A bit like when you're ill and you carry on anyway and sometimes can be distracted to the point of not feeling ill for a bit. So maybe you being back at work distracted you from movements that you'd have otherwise felt if you'd been lazing about.

Any time I haven't noticed any for a while I drink a cold drink and/or eat chocolate and then lie on my left side - always works so far!

Night night everyone!

Birdies Thu 27-Sep-12 21:51:41

Ps and welcome back bunty!

MamaMary Thu 27-Sep-12 23:30:21

Creepy, I have recently re-discovered curly-wurleys and baba likes them too! I too am feeling lots of movement after sweet food and the odd coffee too. My bump hasn't grown much recently, though - I seem to be expanding everywhere except at the front, it's weird!

ariNi31 welcome and great news that you've made it to 25 weeks after so many miscarriages.

Thanks, birdies!

Welcome, ariNi31. I've added you to the list, and so many congratulations on your pregnancy smile

newbie I've sorted your due date.

BuntyCollocks (29) DC2 EDD 28/12/12 (NE Wales) She's a girl!
Pmgkt (33) DC2 EDD 28/12/12 He's a boy!
Birdies (33) DC2 EDD 30/12/12 She's a girl!
Pascha (35) DC2 EDD 30/12/12 (Kent)*It's a surprise!*
PricklyPickle (31) DC1 EDD 31/12/12 (SE London - Eltham)
sanam2012 (?) DC2 EDD 1/1/2013 She's a girl!
LowLu (31) DC2 EDD 02/1/2013
TootieMaroo (32) DC2 03/1/2013
MarasmeAbsolu (31) DC2 EDD 03/01/13 (Scotland - Central Belt) She's a girl!
Lora1982 (30) DC1 EDD 04/01/13 He's a boy!
IsSpringSprangedYet (?) DC4 EDD 5/01/2013
DollFisher (28) DC1 EDD 5/01/13 She's a girl!
Allchik (30) DC1 EDD 06/01/13 It's a surprise!
Pockemuchka DC3 EDD 06/01/13 It's a surprise!
AriNi31 (?) DC2 EDD 06/01/13
Happyhow (26) DC1 EDD 07/01/13 (Scotland - Aberdeen) It's a surprise!
EmilieFloge (38) DC? EDD 07/01/13
Complicated24 (44) DC1 EDD 07/01/2013 It's a surprise!
Newbie6 (36) DC1 EDD 08/01/13 (Scotland - Ayrshire) He's a boy!
Norfolkinway (25) DC1 EDD 09/01/13
Octanegirl (34) DC1 EDD 09/01/13 He's a boy!
BumgrapesofWrath (30) DC2 EDD 10/01/13
DoIgetastickerforthat (age) DC4 EDD 11/01/13
Kim222 (30) DC1 EDD 11/01/13
Lulabel27 (29) DC2&3 (twins) EDD 11/01/13
CraftyGirly (26) DC1 EDD 11/01/13 She's a girl!
Cejay8 (32) DC2 EDD 12/01/13 It's a surprise!
Tinyeyes123 (30) DC1 EDD 13/01/13 She's a girl!
CreepyCrawly (21) DC1 EDD 13/01/13 (West Wales) She's a girl!
PixelCarrier (?) DC? EDD 13/01/2013 It's a surprise!
Shakemyhead (37) DC1 EDD 14/1/13 (West Yorkshire - Wakefield) She's a girl!
Godzookey (35) DC1 EDD 14/01/13 He's a boy!
PeshwariNaan (33) DC1 EDD 14/01/13
Hormonalhell (40) DC2 EDD 15/01/13 He's a boy!
Theboutiquemummy (35) DC1 EDD 17/01/13 (Norfolk)
ChutesTooNarrow (33) DC2 EDD 18/01/13 She's a girl!
Glorious (28) DC1 EDD 18/01/13 (SE London - Hither Green)
Tugstonia (33) DC1 EDD 18/01/13 (SE London - Crystal Palace) It's a surprise!
SpringFlowers (39) DC4 EDD 18/01/13 It's a surprise!
Eagleray (40) DC1 EDD 18/01/13
13mma (29) DC1 18/01/13
LetThereBeCupcakes (30) DC1 EDD 20/01/13
Silversixpence (29) DC2 EDD 20/01/13
mulan07 (27) DC1 EDD 20/01/13 He's a boy!
BadgerFace (34) DC1 EDD 21/01/13 She's a girl!
bealos (34) DC2 EDD 22/01/13 She's a girl!
AppleCrumples (?) DC4 EDD 22/01/13
PreggoFabulous (30) DC1 EDD 22/01/2012 (South West) He's a boy!
Bunny222 (31) DC1 EDD 22/01/13 It's a surprise!
Woody2313 (33) DC1 EDD 23/01/2013 (West Midlands - Shropshire)
SigningGirl (age) DC1 EDD 24/01/13
SquealyB (29) DC1 EDD 26/01/13 (SW London - Richmond) It's a surprise!
knuckingfackered (39) DC2 26/1/13
Mrsbugsywugsy (34) DC1 EDD 25/01/2013 (Sussex) She's a girl!
Thinkingpositivethoughts (28) DC1 EDD 26/01/13
MrsMallard (35) DC1 EDD 26/01/13 (Hertfordshire) She's a girl!
Salt1 (38) DC1 EDD 27/01/13 She's a girl!
Lilblondepessimist (33) DC4 EDD 28/01/13
MamaMary (31) DC2 EDD 28/01/13 She's a girl!
Sebsmama (32) DC2 EDD 29/01/13
BionicEmu (26) DC2 EDD 29/01/13
Missymoo (32) DC2 EDD 30/01/13
DiscoDomina (31) DC1 EDD 30/1/13 (West Midlands)
Brugmansia (35) DC1 EDD 31/01/13 (SE London - Kennington/Elephant and Castle)
Mummypud (32) DC3 EDD 31/01/13
PipIsOutNow (?) DC2 31/01/13
Deiciocho (32) DC1 EDD 31/01/13 It's a surprise!

happyhow Fri 28-Sep-12 16:00:11

I didn't manage to get lunch today - one of those days... Have also spent the entire afternoon running around after my form class as there has been graffiti on some brand new desks and it has been narrowed down to them. Nobody is owning up though so after ranting to them for the second time this afternoon, I told them not to mess with a pregnant lady!!! I got the head teacher involved too and now she's spoken to them too but no culprit has come forward... I'm absolutely livid with them - this is another thing added on to a list of their bad behaviour. GGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!angryangryangryangry

PricklyPickle Fri 28-Sep-12 16:25:37

Happy You're scary. I wouldn't mess with you!

Had 26 week midwife appointment today. It was lovely to hear the heartbeat. Other than that it was a bit underwhelming really.

SquealyB Fri 28-Sep-12 17:07:14

Prickly I felt the same way after my appointment with the GP yesterday. Still I guess uneventful is good in a way.

Happy - too darn right! Scary the pants off them - cheeky so and so's. I went to a catholic school and lived in fear of the nuns...the teachers would always get them involved in the event of any misbeahaviour.

Lora1982 Fri 28-Sep-12 19:56:12

nct sale tomorrow... exciting stuff, hope its not a waste of time smile

godzookey Fri 28-Sep-12 21:40:59

evening all,

I want to ask what the general feeling is about getting vaccinated against whooping cough? I didn't actually see the latest news until a work colleague mentioned this to me - HOWEVER cannot believe that my GP failed to mention this as an option to me when i had my 25 week appt on Wednesday - not least because she is PREGNANT TOO!!

I'm not sure really what i feel about it - long week at work to blame (!) but would be interested to find out what you all think about it

knuckingfackered Fri 28-Sep-12 21:45:37

its a no brainer, get it done (you never want to see a child with whooping cough, let alone your new born), but not being offered til monday onwards.

godzookey Fri 28-Sep-12 21:52:47

yeah agree, just wondered if GP didn't mention for particular reason e.g. media scaremongering but was pretty shocked that she didn't to be honest.

knuckingfackered Fri 28-Sep-12 21:58:37

i spose if you cant have it til next week...........
a bit of a naff technicality tho, could of at least had a conversation.
I imagine they are gonna be inundated with demands for appts n general hysteria.

PricklyPickle Fri 28-Sep-12 22:41:38

I don't think they will offer it until you are 28 weeks. MW said nothing about it today either.

I'm certainly going to have it. I had whooping cough when I was little and it mad me really poorly for weeks and weeks, if I can minimise the risk of them getting it I will.

Brugmansia Sat 29-Sep-12 01:05:27

Wasn't it only announced today as a policy, so it probably wasn't an option or any reason to discuss it on Wednesday.

Brugmansia Sat 29-Sep-12 08:27:16

Just seen elsewhere that it was announced without first informing GPs what was planned.

Tugstonia Sat 29-Sep-12 08:53:48

Just been looking into the whooping cough vaccine thing... Whilst of course I don't want my baby to get whooping cough, I am concerned about the safety of the vaccine. On the eMC website, which contains up to date info on medicines licensed for use in the UK, it says that the vaccine, REPEVAX, is not recommended during pregnancy because the effects of the vaccine on embryo-foetal development have not been assessed. See this link. I will be doing a lot more research into this before deciding either way whether or not to have it.

Birdies Sat 29-Sep-12 09:18:31

Urgh another jab. That means in just over a week I'll be lined up for the anti D, flu and whooping cough jabs. Lovely.

If it's recommended though I'll have it. I think they give the whooping cough vaccine in the US already (my sister is pregnant too and I think she may have had it)

theboutiquemummy Sat 29-Sep-12 09:20:50

lora1982 let me know how you get on I'm going next weekend x may the force be with you grin

Tugs my brothers family had whooping cough earlier this year which they gave to me it's awful for an adult can you imagine a newborn you can't get your breath and you feel like you are drowning, the children were distraught with it, it was terrible to watch. Even thought I had it during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy I will certainly be going for the vaccine.

The reason it's never been tested on pregnant women and the same goes for all medications is because it's illegal to test unlicensed drugs or vaccines on pregnant women.

The only time I won't have it is if the carrier is Squalene this is the carrier that is allegedly linked to autism

Hope this helps

On a lighter note we spent yesterday road testing prams travel systems and car seats and baby carriers n have come to a decision whoot smile

woody2313 Sat 29-Sep-12 09:48:36

Morning all,
I'm just back from getting my flu jab and the nurse was quick to mention the need for me to get the whooping cough one when I reach 28 weeks - they're obviously keen to promote it now.

Tugstonia Sat 29-Sep-12 10:37:40

Thanks boutique. I remember having WC when I was little and it was bloody awful, and obviously I don't want my baby getting it. Just want to gather as much info as possible at the moment. I've had horrendous reactions to vaccines in the past that have made me very ill and so I'm rather paranoid about them in general. <puts on tin foil hat>

Exciting about testing travel systems! What did you go for? I'm still keen on a bugaboo bee but they're SO expensive, even 2nd hand.

I'm off to a nearly new sale - wish me luck!

allchik Sat 29-Sep-12 10:42:29

Oh happy ur post made me smile cus u r me!lol!I am a million times stricter now Im pregnant,n the look on t 6ft tall yr 11 boys faces as a fat waddling lady is telling them off is classic! We did have to hold a special assembly too though as in t space of 20mins I had a big fight kick of in my classroom n then a kid ran through a door kicking it into me (had time to put hands out thank god!)...love my school,but kids r a bit wild!

Were sanding our lounge floor today sad would much rather be sat on my arse! X

Thanks for the info about whooping cough - I hadn't heard about this before. I have a midwife appt in a week and a bit, so will ask about it then. I am also going to ask for the flu jab I think (assuming it's OK to have while pregnant?). As I am asthmatic I am entitled to it anyway, but I don't normally bother, but I feel like my immune system needs all the help it can get at the moment.

All of a sudden I am really craving sweet things. I am normally a savoury person so this is surprising. And if I eat something sweet, the baby kicks loads. I think she must have a sweet tooth!

Pascha Sat 29-Sep-12 12:53:49

NCT sale here today too. Came home with a couple of maternity tops, a wooden door hanger, a fleecy sleepsuit and slippers for DS, a potty and a birthing pool! All for £39.

Shall have to check there are no leaks and buy a liner if it's ok.

salt1 Sat 29-Sep-12 17:11:55

hello all, i am back from holiday. thanks to those who calmed me about the metal detector things at airport - i had a panic momemt. malta was great, very hot and relaxing. in last 2 days since being back have painted baby room (can't bring myself to use the word nursery), bought new carpets for entire house (haggled to get good price), eaten my body weight in fruit pastilles and played with prams in john lewis - can't wait to get back to work for a rest. oh and also developed strange lumps in both underarms, any ideas??? must remember to hack hair back on friday so i can show midwife. hope yu are all keeping well x

theboutiquemummy Sat 29-Sep-12 18:02:39

tugs I'm the same with vaccines we are going for the separate mmr when the time comes

As for travel systems we like the Jane never heard of them before but because of where we live we need a Sherman tank !!

Now to find it cheap ! grin

pascha how was the sale ? Much about ?

Oh god. The credit card has taken a battering today. Got all the Christmas pressies for nieces and nephews, got DM and DMIL's pressies ordered, DMIL and DFIL have very kindly offered to buy us the last bits for baby, but will be giving us the cash back, so those bits were put on, new vests and winter boots for the boy, the deposit for our newborn shoot ... And we've just put down a deposit to secure a plot for a new house shock !

The house may yet fall through due to a couple of factors, but at the moment, we're so excited (and a little ill at what my credit card balance is!)!

Has anyone else had a mental weekend so far?

Lora1982 Sat 29-Sep-12 21:36:31

what a day!! nct sale was fun bought mainly reuseable nappies and clothes.. plus the council were there giving free reuseable nappies too. spent about £40of my mums money :-D

after that we went and got all the freebies with the boots vouchers. we are pretty much set now. now to sort the rest of the house... after i sleep.

SquealyB Sat 29-Sep-12 21:44:37

Hi all

Will be getting the whopping cough jab as recommended. I had it when I was little and it was very scary.

As for the rest of the weekend we were planning in buying a new bigger car but my parents have just offered to swap our old Nissan for their new Toyota Aveneis as they now live in Spain and don't need the car as much! Such amazing news as that has saved us a few thousand pounds. Plus built some furniture and did done sanding. All in all very busy!

theboutiquemummy Sat 29-Sep-12 21:45:02

lora bunty I'm tired just thinking about it grin going back to my aero biscuits hehe x

Excellent news, squealy!

PricklyPickle Sat 29-Sep-12 22:23:41

Blimey you guys! I sat in doors most of the day, ate a massive packet of cheesy nibbles and a carrot cake.

Bunty does that mean you have now bought everything for the baby? We have bought NOTHING. DP won't let me buy anything until 30 weeks as he's still nervous that something will go wrong, plus we still don't know whether we will be moving before or after the birth, if we end up moving before we don't want to lug everything from one house to another - but its not fair, I want to buy things!

SquealyB Sat 29-Sep-12 22:32:34

Thanks bunty I am really shocked and grateful for their generosity. Amazing news on the deposit too. Lots of moving and nesting going in here. Such exciting times for us all.

prickly you are so disciplined I would have bought at least I've illicit sleep suit by now wink.

I am currently reading up on labour... somewhat scaring myself but better to know what is to come I guess [shocked].

Lora1982 Sat 29-Sep-12 23:38:52

mum was warning me today that the drs wouldnt give us the whooping cough vacines as kids cos she had epilepsy and something in it would have affected us. i was all set for getting it!! i do think that perhaps info has changed in 30 yrs so i will def be asking them though.

Pascha Sat 29-Sep-12 23:46:49

Currently lying in bed at my parents house having just got back from a wedding reception and a curry. DS is asleep on the travelcot next to our bed so being very quiet now. I am stuffed from the curry and feel about 15 months pregnant with a food baby now grin

prickly yes - we are DONE! Did have 95% from DS, though, and technically the last bits, apart from the isofix base, were wants rather than needs. Had a perfectly good bouncer and playmat, but wanted to upgrade blush DS hated the bouncer we already have, and I never got to pick the playmat (control freak).

I'd have bought an illicit sleepsuit, too!

squealy despite the fact I had a horrendous time last time, hand on heart, I didn't think labour was that bad. Keeping mobile is the key ime, and if you can't have that, have drugs ;)

pascha sounds like a good night

I will definitely be getting the whooping cough jab. I'm booked in for my flu one next week, and will be scheduling the other for a couple of weeks after.

happyhow Sun 30-Sep-12 10:14:35

Prickly my husband won't let me buy anything until it's born!!!! I did buy a little blanket and toy though in the summer but they are at my mums (she bought it very cute little bootees too) so he doesn't get all funny about it. He has conceded that we need a car seat to bring it home, something for it to sleep in and a few clothes but that's all I'm allowed to buy - basically whatever is needed in my hospital bag and for the first few days. He's very superstitious about it all. We'll be moving too so no point in taking stuff from one place to another when it's not necessary.

I pretty much sat in all day yesterday because my pelvis was very sore but I insisted we went to the pub at night!

I'm booked in for my flu jab next week and will probably get the whooping cough one too. I've totally missed all the info about it in the press this week so I'm glad you lot brought it up! I'll ask the midwife about it at my 28 week appointment.

Apart from the pile of marking I have to do today, I think I'm going to start clearing out the flat. We got our house so need to think about what really needs to be kept and what can be chucked out!! smile

Brugmansia Sun 30-Sep-12 17:10:29

We've just started properly buying stuff. We'd been buying bits and pieces of clothes and got a load of stuff of Freecycle. I'm not allowed to buy any more clothes for now.

After weeks of deliberating I finally decided which pushchair to go for. Today we picked up a second hand carrycot for it. We'll get the main chassis and pushchair part new - fingers crossed we can get one in time as we've gone for an iCandy.

theboutiquemummy Sun 30-Sep-12 19:45:20

Happyhow eer you sneaked that in you got the house ! Congratulations I bet that's a huge relief to be sorted wink

happyhow Sun 30-Sep-12 19:59:28

We're still waiting on the new home report but there shouldn't be anything wrong with it. It's a relief in a sense but we'll only have 5 weeks to completely gut it and put it back together... Hoping to move in mid dec so that I have time to unpack everything before Baby arrives and we can hopefully have a nice Christmas. Hubby is confident it can be done though so I'm trusting him!

godzookey Sun 30-Sep-12 19:59:36

Busy weekends all round for everyone!
I just had the parentals round for Sunday lunch - am still waiting for them to offer to buy something -have dropped a few hints i.e. how tight it'll be managing on one salary, trying to save whilst in my overdraft even though just got paid on Friday etc etc, they nod sagely but still haven't bought as much as a pair of cheap bootees!!! Even a £30 Moses basket would be something but still nada!!

Still MIL has offered to buy the travel system we want, DH thinks when she finally realises how much it is, she'll try and duck out, however, i sent her the link and she didn't comment. Plus hope to get it at a discount when we go to the baby show at the end of the month!

godzookey Sun 30-Sep-12 20:00:53

OK, maybe presumptious that they would just offer but it is the first grandchild for both sets of grand parents... although my step mum has just spent the best part of £30k on a new kitchen for their bungalow!! hmm

Brugmansia Sun 30-Sep-12 20:08:33

My parents had offered to buy our pram. Last week we decided which one we wanted, which was on the pricey side. I had a bit of an awkward conversation with my mum earlier this week. As there are so many different elements we've agreed they'll buy the main bit and we'll buy the various additional bits, hence tracking down a second hand carry cot (which is barely used and cost about a third of the cost of new).

godzookey Sun 30-Sep-12 20:13:43

Brugs - sounds like a good compromise, fair cop i say. For me it's just the offer, even if it were something small, it's the fact that nothing has been mentioned or seems to be forthcoming that's bugging me a little.

First time they have come to our house today, even though we've lived here for 10 months and the stepmum asks for our address so she can put us on her Christmas card list... Wierd!! Forget the card, just buy me an electric breast pump goddamit! grin

MamaMary Sun 30-Sep-12 21:24:51

Happyhow well done on getting the house. We are putting ours on the market this week. Moving things along as fast as we can but it will take a while and am not looking forward to the stress of it all. However, we need to give this a try as in many ways it is a good time to move.

allchik Mon 01-Oct-12 07:38:17

Ugh Monday morning sad am sooo ready to leave work! Full of cold and getting awful acid reflux at night thats stopping me nod off...aw well,only 4 wks till half term...then the final straight! Hope everyone is well x

SquealyB Mon 01-Oct-12 12:26:54

Congrats on the house happyhow.

Godz it is really funny how people are with stuff like this.....I guess it takes all sorts but hard not to get frustrated sometimes. Brug that sounds like a great compromise.

I had a lot of fun last night putting my iphone on the bump with some nice classical music playing (as I was trying to get to sleep) and watching as the baby kicked the phone! It was by far the most fun I had all weekend. I can thoroughly recommend it grin

Brugmansia Mon 01-Oct-12 12:49:33

I find the whole issue of other people buying stuff a bit of a minefield. My parents offered quite early on, but we didn't discuss it that much, in terms of the scope of their offer and what they were expecting it would cost. DP also felt awkward in general. It's a pretty important purchase though and I didn't want to compromise what on what I actually wanted because someone else was paying. We offered to pay for the lot ourselves, but parents insisted they're happy to pay and I think what we've worked out works.

on the other side of the family I want to make sure DP's mother doesn't start buying stuff. She will want to and because she lives overseas we will probably need duplicates of some stuff to leave over there. Financially she is in a different position to my parents and we need to find a way to make sure she doesn't feel she should or bad about not buying stuff.

MamaMary Mon 01-Oct-12 13:58:16

Full of the cold today. sad And I'd only just shaken off the last cold.

Pascha Mon 01-Oct-12 14:18:06

I have been wandering through Ikea online today for storage solutions as we haven't, as yet, sorted a room out for baby. My bedroom is going to have to incorporate an extra wardrobe and some wall storage I think otherwise Widget will be sleeping in the bathroom after it grows out of the crib. I still need to persuade DH that we really really do need to swap the bathroom and 3rd bedroom (which is tiny - 5ft x 7ft at a push) but I can see this not happening until the cot gets upgraded to a little bed.

As to parents buying stuff, DH's parents are already giving us their spare cot when we need it and have offered to buy a swing chair/bouncy chair as well. I don't expect my parents will offer anything. We borrowed so much last time, to suddenly need it all again and have to buy it this time makes me feel a bit crap really. The carseat is the biggest one which we haven't figured out yet as DSs one was a)borrowed and b)now older than 6 years so not suitable anymore.

Weather is crap. I feel quite down about it all today. Hope you feel better soon Mama

Great news on the house, Happy

Brug my parents aren't well off, but my mum has been buying me lots of bits from charity shops / car boot sales (and seems to have been having a lovely time picking things out), plus she has rediscovered the ability to knit and has been churning out little cardigans, hats and booties at an alarming rate! Can your DP's mum knit too? If so you could drop lots of hints about how cold it will be in January and how much you'd love some hand-made things for the baby...?

Hope you feel better soon Mama

Pascha we currently have a 'spare' room which has a sofa bed, computer desk, loads of books and paperwork, and is also used for drying laundry. This will eventually be the nursery, but I've no idea what we'll do with all of our other stuff! The plan is for the baby to sleep in our room to start with, so we're not thinking about it too much yet. Re. buying equipment, you can get some amazing bargains if you don't mind buying second hand.

Pascha Mon 01-Oct-12 14:51:23

You're right, of course MrsBug but the carseat will have to be new as I don't know anyone with a seat I trust not to have been in an accident. DS's room used to be the spare with computer desk etc. We sold the desk, moved all the paperwork downstairs, shuffled stuff around and felt very pleased with ourselves and DS's room is very nice. I just wish we had the room to do the same for DC2.

Brugmansia Mon 01-Oct-12 15:54:34

MrsBugs, DP's mum has been knitting. A pair of booties and a teddy bear so far. His gran and aunt apparently are also knitting as is my mum.

My main worry is that DP's mum will feel she should be buying more substantial things, or just go out and do so as a surprise. She's pretty insecure anyway and because she's abroad I'm worried about her feeling less involved. It's just about finding a way to reassure her (difficult anyway) and stop her spending money she can't afford.

happyhow Mon 01-Oct-12 16:39:39

My mum is buying the nursery furniture I think as she 'can't get her head around modern prams'. She admitted that she's stuck in a bit of a time warp when it comes to travel systems etc! My in-laws said to give my mum the first choice in what she wanted to buy and they'd pick something else so I think they might go for the pram. I like iCandy ones too but might opt for the same sort if arrangement where they buy the main bit, and we'll get the rest.

Also, could someone update my age? I'm now 27! grin

Birdies Mon 01-Oct-12 18:08:08

I've only got our double pram to buy now but was chuffed when we went and tested it in my car yesterday and it actually fits (I have a teeny car). So am quite excited.

Was just reading this on the childbirth topic if anyone's interested. Might be a bit early but i think there are some good tips there!


PixelCarrier Mon 01-Oct-12 21:15:02

Have enjoyed catching up with the thread after getting back from our curtailed "baby-moon". We were supposed to have ten days in Norway, spending a week or so driving north and camping and walking and canoeing around the fjords, and then getting the ferry back south overnight. We ended up having a long weekend only (due to a family funeral). We spent two looooong days (2 hrs drive, 2 hrs flying, 6 hours driving, and then 11 hours driving the next day) travelling up the fjords and over mountain passes, which were stunningly beautiful, and then we did our ferry trip back. It was quite exhausting, and I was paranoid about getting a DVT with all the sitting in planes and cars, but I am SO glad we got to do it anyway, as it was incredibly beautiful.

I loved the advice about the birth plan being things you want to make sure you don't forget (like asking if the birthing pool is free and choosing tracks on my iPod). Sorry I can't remember who said it, but I'm too knackered to go back through the 5 pages I've just read and find out!

We've hardly got anything for the baby yet, as we've been waiting to see what stuff we'll get given by friends and family. We're a bit late in having kids, and have loads of friends who have older kids and are getting rid of their baby stuff, so it seems silly to buy things we might be given... However, I've been checking out eBay for the prams that I like just in case! My FIL gave us a cheque, which was really generous of him as he really doesn't have that much money at all. Oh and my mum is going to start knitting - something she hasn't done for about 30 years. Not quite sure what we'll end up with from her!

Bunny222 Tue 02-Oct-12 07:37:08

Hi all. Had my dads funeral yesterday - it went ok, as well as can be expected. Bump was kicking from about 6am until 8am, which was great as a reminder that good times are coming. Don't think I've quite got my head around what's happened yet as I was so busy with the arrangements.
Unbelievably, work chose yesterday to contact me to say I wouldnt be paid for any more time off, texting while I was at the funeral. Nice. Makes me want to start my maternity leave now! Anyway, am spending time with my mum today, a wont go back til tomorrow.

Went to our local NCT sale at the weekend, came away with so many clothes, a harness and a steriliser and a couple of toys all for £40. Bargain. Is anyone else signed up for NCT classes?

SquealyB Tue 02-Oct-12 10:43:50

Pixel that sounds like an amazing trip! I have heard Norway is stunning.

Bunny sounds like it went as well as can be expected. Excuse my french but screw work wink. That is incredibly insensitive of them and TBH there are some things that are far more important.

Glad many of you got good stuff at the NCT sales, the one near us was absolutely rubbish. We are all signed up for our NCT classes and I start pregnancy yoga at the end of October. Seriously where is the time going, still I am happy it feels like it is going fast grin.

Birdies Tue 02-Oct-12 11:29:39

Welcome back pixel

bunny glad it went ok. I hope you make a point of sarcastically thanking whoever sent such a tactful text. I did NCT first time around and really enjoyed it. Almost disappointed I can't go again!

Thanks to whoever recommended Adsa maternity leggings - wearing mine now and they're so comfy.

CreepyCrawly Tue 02-Oct-12 16:31:10

That's awful Bunny! How insensitive of them!

After feeling extremely underprepared, I wrote a list last night of everything we have and we only actually need to get a few little bits and pieces now which is a relief.

I took someone to McDonalds today and CBeebies was on and I've decided my little one's favourite programme will be Mr Bloom's nursery. She will watch it from the day she is born, because he is gorgeous!

MarasmeAbsolu Tue 02-Oct-12 18:06:42

Creepy - you are saying that now, wait until the bloody compost song engrains itself in your brain. You'll wish Bloom dead!

CreepyCrawly Tue 02-Oct-12 18:51:59

Hahaha I'll just stick it on mute and look at his lovely face! grin

Tugstonia Tue 02-Oct-12 19:36:34

Bunny hope you're doing ok. Can't believe how insensitive your work are, sods. Great news on the NCT bargains! My mum picked up a winter coat for me at one the other day for a fiver.

We are doing NCT, start end of Nov. Have also signed up for a 'birth rehearsal' workshop run by my yoga teacher. A friend of mine did it and said it was the single best antenatal thing she did.

Had my maternity leave dates confirmed by work today - finish 10 weeks tomorrow, when I'll be 34 weeks. But I have loads of holiday to take so won't actually start mat leave til just before my due date. Woo hoo!

Talking of mat leave, does anyone know if you can get mat leave and mat allowance? I work part-time for a university and will get mat leave from them, but the rest of the time I'm a self-employed acupuncturist and wonder if I can scrounge any money off the government for that?!

Hope everyone's doing well smile

pmgkt Wed 03-Oct-12 07:18:33

Tugs that would be nice hut if you qualify for smp through employment that's it.

salt1 Wed 03-Oct-12 09:23:12

tugs you could try an online benefit check to see if there is anything you may be entittled to x

Brug I think your DP's mum will have to ask you before she buys something, in case you already have it. So whenever she asks what you need, you can just suggest small, cheapish things. Are there any nice things she can get in the country she lives is, which you can't get here? I'm thinking of clothing from that country, etc.

Are you feeling better today Pascha?

Pixel Norway sounds amazing, but its a shame your holiday was cut short.

Bunny glad the funeral went as well as it could, can't believe how insensitive your work are though!

I've finally bought a winter coat, from ebay. It's not maternity but it's a 'swing' style in a size too big, so I'm hoping it will do. The shops round here seem to have terrible maternity selections.

Tugs I'm no expert but AFAIK SMP is a fixed amount, so if you're getting it all from one employer you won't be able to get anything else. Also you're not allowed to earn any money while you're on SMP (I checked that out as I sometimes do casual work on top of my main job).

Does anyone else get into little panics when they don't feel the baby kicking for a while? Then she always starts to kick me somewhere uncomfortable and I wish she'd stop again!

Tugstonia Wed 03-Oct-12 16:21:10

Thanks ladies. Thought that would be that case. Will try the online benefit thing as well though just in case.

Mrsbugs that's a bit of a bugger. Will have to investigate because I'm relying on starting back in my practice one day a week after a few months... Hmm. I'm the same on the kicking front. I go from loads of kicks one day to very little the next, and the ensuing panic, and then loads again the next day.

Tugs there is lots of info about SMP on here

pmgkt Wed 03-Oct-12 18:23:56

Tugs the most you can do while claiming smp or ma is 10 keeping in touch days. You will need to work out whether you will be better off doing 1 day a week or claiming. I had been planning to go back quite early but didn't make financial sense too. You could still be on leave from you main job so that you have that to go back too but just forfeit your smp

Berniebennett Wed 03-Oct-12 22:17:03

Hello everyone. I am extremley late in joining this thread as I am 25 +6 days with a baby boy, but my soon to be mother in law recommended this site for me (and I've only known i was pregnant for 10 weeks anyway). But I have spent the day reading through the a lot of the previous threads - it's so reassuring hearing all symptoms/stories etc that match mine!
Also as my partner is in the military we currently live 2 hours away so I don't always have him to speak to when I need (highlight why my MIL recommended this site).

So hello.....

pmgkt Wed 03-Oct-12 22:23:16

Hi Bernie. Hope you are enjoying it so far.

Birdies Thu 04-Oct-12 09:00:07

Welcome bernie!

Has anyone else not got their flu jab til they're 30 weeks? That's in just a couple of weeks time for me but still feels a bit late? Or maybe I'm just being paranoid

happyhow Thu 04-Oct-12 10:26:47

I'm getting mine on Friday and I'll be 26+4. I don't think it's too late. It usually takes a couple of weeks for the immunity to build up in your system and the antibodies will then be passed on to your baby so that they are protected for the first wee while after birth.

Berniebennett Thu 04-Oct-12 12:18:18

I just had mine on Tuesday - let me know how it goes as mine is still slightly raised, sore and really red (about an inch in circumference) around it, I wasn't sure if this was normal as I have never had it before I've done the dreaded google search and that seems to think its normal but will keep an eye on it over the next few days.

I'm getting mine on Tuesday, birdies, when I'll be 28+4.

Going to see about getting my whooping cough jab as well, although will be leaving that for a couple of weeks after the flu one - I don't want to have them too close together.

Welcome, bernie. To put your mind at rest, the reaction from the jab you're having is totally normal. I had the same when I had my flu jab with DS last time.

SquealyB Thu 04-Oct-12 15:49:23

Welcome bernie.

I had my flu jab a couple of weeks ago at work (they sort it out for us as they would rather go to the expense of hiring a private nurse to jab us all rather than have us take a day off shock)

Will have to get whooping cough jab at next GP appointment I guess....

Hope everyone is well. I have been having a pretty stressful and busy week at work but thank goodness it is nearly Friday and only 12 weeks to Christmas.

Tugstonia Thu 04-Oct-12 16:57:37

Welcome bernie!

On the working while on ML front, I checked and apparently you are not allowed to work for a new employer while receiving SMP but you can do as much genuinely self-employed work as you like without it affecting your SMP, providing you register with the tax office and pay tax etc. PHEW!

Lora1982 Thu 04-Oct-12 18:53:58

certainly pleased about that tugs! I was hoping to boost mmy pitiful smp with my photog and graphics stuff. im yet to ring n book my flu jab...

oh that's good news Tugs, I got the impression from the website that you weren't allowed.

I have my 24 week midwife appointment next week and will ask about the flu and whooping cough jabs there. I am eligible for a flu jab anyway (due to being asthmatic) and got a letter from them saying they would start to give them from late October, so I'm not sure if I'll have to wait till then or if the midwife will have her own supply.

Congratulations and welcome Bernie!

godzookey Thu 04-Oct-12 20:57:17

hi All,
So I have picked my 'doula' but now having slight nerves - the fact that she is supposed to be on call for me 24/7 throughout January but she has an email address that she emails me from but when i reply, i just get a bounce back and a mobile phone that you seemingly can't leave voicemails on!!

I have been quite pernickety with her about the detail in the contract which we've both now signed but she is getting quite hassly already for the deposit money. the cynic in me thinks that's because she is desperate for some cash, my rationale friend says that that is what will seal the deal and from her perspective, she needs this reassurance that i don't suddenly change my mind and so she loses some other prospective clients. am not sure what i think now...

godzookey Thu 04-Oct-12 20:58:24

when i say desperate for cash... my mind is wondering why she so urgently needs it now, as our first antenatal sesh isn't until end of October so why couldn't i just pay her then?? Or is that unreasonable?

Lora1982 Thu 04-Oct-12 22:09:38

god sake how can she be on call with no voicemail? id be having second thoughts about her

Birdies Fri 05-Oct-12 09:16:49

godzookey can you actually change to someone else if you've already signed a contract?

theboutiquemummy Fri 05-Oct-12 12:31:00

Godzookey this woman is going to be your right hand, have a chat with her tell her your fears about the situation you never know being this honest this early on could make for a great working relationship if not then at least you know now. How awful would it be to discover you don't get on closer to the birth x

Godz I think the fact that you don't entirely trust her is a big problem when you are going to be relying on her for something so important, I think boutique's advice is good

theboutiquemummy Fri 05-Oct-12 17:20:22

Something for nothing alert was in the post office today to ask about premium bonds for the wee dumpling n arriva do a free 10k 12 month new parent life cover www.postoffice.co.uk/newparent

Off to NCT tomorrow wish me luck wink

theboutiquemummy Fri 05-Oct-12 18:01:04

Forgot to add


On how much your baby should be moving

godzookey Fri 05-Oct-12 20:05:15

hi ladies,
thanks for your thoughts - i actually dropped her an email today saying SORT IT OUT.. in a nice way obviously smile

she was actually supposed to be starting antenatal yoga this sat pm but has now moved this to next saturday pm....

good luck tomorrow boutique!!

SquealyB Fri 05-Oct-12 23:37:01

Hi all

godz some great advice here from other posters. So glad you have emailed her to get things sorted - fingers crossed it all gets resolved. This is such an important relationship.

Good luck tomorrow boutique. My belly buds arrived the other day do have been playing music to the bump pretty much every day. Hard to believe we are all so far along now.

PricklyPickle Sat 06-Oct-12 06:09:18

squealy what kind of music are you playing? Have you gone down the classical route or are you giving your little one an introduction in dub step? grin

Lora1982 Sat 06-Oct-12 08:59:03

pfft my boyfriends got a cold. i drove him work at twenty to six this morning. got a text at eight to say he had to leave cos he felt sooo ill so hes at hos mums. i told him he should try being up the duff and feeling pukey. selfish sod (him not me)

Pascha Sat 06-Oct-12 10:30:27

Currently drinking coffe in house of Fraser at bluewater, about to go into the baby and toddler show to gaze at stuff we don't need and won't buy but it's fun for a couple of hours. Going to brave Ikea later for bedroom storage...

Pascha Sat 06-Oct-12 10:39:41

Good luck today Boutique

Brugmansia Sat 06-Oct-12 18:16:44

Has anyone been having Braxton Hicks yet? I had what I think may have been tatty this morning, but that's just based on matching what i felt with the descriptions I've read.

Brugmansia Sat 06-Oct-12 18:17:10

Tatty = that

Lora1982 Sat 06-Oct-12 19:42:56

i dont think i'll know until im told im having one brugs altho i think im almost looking forward to it

Brug I have been having braxton hicks since 14 weeks! Usually get them if thirsty or busting to pee but also at random times. Midwife assures me this is normal. Seem to remember it from last time too.

Just picked my boys up from scout day out they r shattered but still need feeding!

SquealyB Sat 06-Oct-12 22:01:32

No BH for me (yet).

Pascha did you resist temptation?

Prickly we are going for a real mix. Baby seems to like Indie... Trying to get positive associations with one classical music song before I go to sleep each night in the hope it may magically induce sleep in baby once born wink.

Lora surely it must be the dreaded man flu not just a cold!

Had a busy day again today laid a floor and did some painting. Leaving the sanding to DH. Going to try and chill out a bit more tomorrow.

Pascha Sat 06-Oct-12 22:45:59

I did, Squealy. DH spent Thirty whole quid on one romper suit hmm. It was fun just wandering round and we did get some useful info on car seats (thanks mum), rocker chairs (thanks mil) and am now contemplating a third SCC because DH really likes the look of the Manduca.

I get braxton hicks, not painful ATM, just a tightening of the bump that lasts for a minute or so and then relaxes, maybe a couple of times a day. I didn't get them til 36 weeks last time.

Pascha Sat 06-Oct-12 22:49:34


PricklyPickle Sun 07-Oct-12 08:11:54

Squealy you laid a floor?! I think you're some kind of super hero!

I'm off to the Bluewater baby show today, the plan is just to products at things and get some ideas. I wonder if DP will crack and buy something - fingers crossed!

I'm having serious boob issues lately, my bras were really cutting in so i measured myself and went out yesterday and bought some cheapy bigger ones, but they hurt too. I don't know whether I need to buy bigger still or if I've hurt myself through wearing I'll fitting bras for a week. I think the problem is that the top of my bump is now where my bra sits, but surely i can't go from a 34B to a 40D, i don't look like a D confused

Pascha Sun 07-Oct-12 08:23:41

You ribcage expands as the bump moves up so you could conceivably be one or two back sizes bigger. My boobs are tender too, although my bump is low- just above bellybutton. I think it's just one of those things.

There's a stand at the show full of nursing bras and a measuring service, you could ask them to see what they think you are.

Birdies Sun 07-Oct-12 10:37:10

I've been getting Braxton hicks for weeks too but apparently happens early with second babies. I find them a little bit uncomfy but given the amount of kicking I'm getting i'm assuming it's normal.

pascha blimey, £30 on a romper suit! Must be a good one!!

Lora I actually feel sorry for your DH, bless him going home early, he must have felt crap!

Am jealous about all the baby shows, nothing near us unfortunately.

Anyone else struggling with baby names? I'm still not sure and worried I'm not going to come up with anything I really love.

Ps I had a spider in my bed last night, an effing spider - I actually heard it first, put the light on, searched and searched and then the little bugger ran across the bed (was not small)

Complicated24 Sun 07-Oct-12 10:43:56

Just back from a fantastic holiday in Greece and enjoyed a lovely half hour catching up with everyone's news. Can't believe we are all so far along and B Day is really not that far off. Seem to have developed a real nesting instinct at long last so can't wait for Earls Court Baby Show in a few weeks time when we actually get to buy a few things hopefully at a good discount. I also can't wait to clear out spare room which is currently full of DH's military kit so will need his help with that.

Has anyone got Restless Legs Syndrome? I suffered from it really badly on holiday and thought it might be because I wasn't as active as normal, but was swimming every day and did do a fair amount of walking. A few nights I was up for several hours standing on my tip toes to stretch calfs which did help a bit. It feels like one leg (it alternates which leg) wants to go clubbing whilst rest of my body wants to sleep!

bealos Sun 07-Oct-12 10:58:07

godzookey Any response from your doula? I've just caught up with this thread and my alarm bells would be ringing too. I don't want to rub your nose in it, but the experience of my doula so far has been amazing - says to call her whenever I want a chat and even got back to me straight away when she was on holiday in France. I'm guessing that your doula might get a few people who drop out hence her nerviness, but good to clear it up!

Brugmansia Sun 07-Oct-12 11:41:19

Birdies, not so much struggling with names as reached a bit of an impasse with DP. If it's a boy he has decided on a name he likes and won't consider anything else. I like it, and had also come up with it on my initial shortlist, but not convinced. I keep trying to come up with other options, as I would prefer to have a list of about 3 or 4 options for each and make a final decision once the baby's here but DP is fixed on the one name for a boy.

We are having similar problems Brug except it is me who is absolutely set on a particular girls name! DP is therefore allowed to think of boys names except that his taste is crap - Dawson anyone?! I haven't heard any boys names that i love though - probably because we have used our favourites already!

Kids driving me nuts today why can't they just DO their bloody homework without someone standing over them? Feel like the homework is harder for me than it is for them - sorry to anyone having their first don't mean to put you off!! They're lovely really...

Welcome back, complicated!

Having a lovely pj day today. The house part exchange has fallen through for us - they offered us a good 40k less than market value as they aim to shift it in 6-8 weeks - no wonder they shift them that quickly if that's the prices they're selling at! Not too bothered tbh, it's one less thing to think about. We're going to look at putting it back on the market in spring and save some pennies going forward.

DH is currently building drawers for DS's new room, I'm eBaying maternity clothes I'm not going to get a chance to wear anymore, and the plan after that may be Sherlock Holmes and my hotel chocolat tasting selection. Yum yum!

I'm definitely nesting early this time around - the aforementioned eBaying is rather epic, I've given a lot of stuff to charity, and my next venture is going to be clearing out the bookcase. I'm really enjoying the decluttering - DH, not so much ... Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Pascha Sun 07-Oct-12 13:58:21

Hurrah DH has taken DS to the park for a couple of hours and I can finish sorting baby clothes without them being trampled on every few minutes. I found the tiny baby vests and grows this morning - up to 7.8lb. I remember DS being in them for about 10 days before we moved on to Newborn up to 11lbs stuff. He swam in it all and we had to send mum for something smaller, hence the tiny stuff.

I found 2 christmas outfits worn once each and 2 snowsuits that DS never ever wore and will be too big for DC2. I hate snowsuits anyway. Will be ebaying all that.

DS has a ridiculous number of babygros and vests up to 6 months, I forgot how many changes a day little babies end up having. I expect there will be more stuff bought for DC2. I also had a grand throw-out of all the 'orrible stuff - stained, bobbly, stretched vests which I kept for god knows what reason. Its not as if they cost a fortune new.

Names, well, we have girls sorted, always have. The boys list is getting shorter and more finely honed. DH dissed Montgomery (Monty) - Boo! But keeps coming back to Rufus, (No way). There are realistically 3 names on the short short list but none of them are quite 'the one' yet. Oh well, keep on searching I suppose.

I'm waffling on mainly because I am by myself and can't be arsed to move though I really should go and put the chicken in to roast...

godzookey Sun 07-Oct-12 18:37:40

pascha - no way! Rufus was one of my names for our boy but DH poo-pooed it!

Speaking of which - and sorry if this is too much to share but every sunday, as regular as clockwork, I get these AGONISING stomach cramps and then literally the floodgates open.

I did mention this to the GP when i saw her last, said i had self diagnosed myself with pregnancy related IBS and her response was to give me some diorylte to take when it happens, although when i told her, neither I or her knew it would be a regular thing.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar, it doesn't last long but jeez the stomach cramps are horrendous!

Bealos, well i've bitten the bullet and decided to go ahead with her, i'm supposed to be starting antenatal yoga with her at her house next Saturday so will tackle all my concerns head on with her then! However, having now signed the contract, having made her amend it 3 times, we pretty much need to go ahead with her.

godzookey Sun 07-Oct-12 18:42:40

complicated - am also going to the baby show at earls court, am going with MIL on the Sunday - she has offered to buy us our travel system so hoping to get a discount as Uppababy, the one we've finally settled on are exhibiting there.

What day are you going?

Pascha Sun 07-Oct-12 18:58:52

I don't get that godz I lean more towards the constipated if anything. TMI alert: yesterday at Bluewater I had to do the most enormous poo and it wouldn't flush so I just left it there blushblushblush

I waited for everyone else to leave the room I was so embarrassed, what if there had been a queue? Thank goodness I was able to just wash hands and scuttle out of there without being noticed.

Wish I was going to earls court. Have fun all of you and don't be suckered into buying too much PFB crap wink

godzookey Sun 07-Oct-12 19:06:21

oh Pascha, your post made me laugh my head off! I've also had constipation, it's just weird how it all changes come Sunday but thank goodness i'm in the comfort of my own home!

If you want to hear something totally gross, we have a 'phantom sh***er' at our work. Two weeks ago, the finance lady called all the girls into the board room for a 'private word' She'd had a most disgruntled call from the cleaner saying that when his daughter went to clean the ladies, someone had done a poo BUT had scooped it out and dumped it in the sanitary bin!!!! I haven't been able to look at my female work colleagues in the same way since.

Complicated24 Sun 07-Oct-12 19:13:14

Godzooky we're going on the Saturday. I also fancy the Uppababy pram but have only read the reviews and not actually tested one out yet. I plan to do lots of research beforehand so I have a short list in mind for travel system, car seat and cot and know all the best prices so hopefully we don't end up spending a fortune on stuff we could get cheaper elsewhere. Will let you know how we get on when back including price we end up paying if that's useful.

Birdies I think I may be getting BH too but not sure. My tummy feels hard for 30 seconds or so but not sure whether its BH or baby turning round. Feels very different from kicks anyway. I felt a kick quite high up other day (above tummy button) which I thought was odd as baby shouldn't be that big yet should it?

Complicated24 Sun 07-Oct-12 19:18:53

We're struggling with names too. DH came up with Rock for a boy whilst on holiday. He said no-one would mess with Rock in playground. DH had drunk a lot of wine by this stage so hope he was joking! I am fine not drinking most of time but so missed having a cold beer when on holiday. I have told DH I want a big class of cold beer, toast and pâté after birth. Won't be same in January though will it!

godzookey Sun 07-Oct-12 19:20:07

Complicated - yes please sounds great

Need to add on from my previous post, that I was most certainly not the perpetrator - not sure that was overly clear from the way I had written it grin

godzookey Sun 07-Oct-12 19:22:04

my god son is called Rocky -really suits him actually, although it's a risk if the child ends up taking after the milky bar kid!!

My friend is quite creative with her names as her second DS is Orlando!!

Lora1982 Sun 07-Oct-12 19:27:45

ugh godzooky my god the stomach cramps ive been having today have been awful.. i was all hot and sweaty with the pain :-(

Godzookey that is disgusting! Am glad am at home although that said boys can make a right mess in there!

Complicated those def sound like BH it's such a wierd feeling! Am also getting kicks just above belly button it seems they really are this big already! My ds (9) thinks my dancing tummy is equally 'gross' and fascinating. Dd got really excited the other day when baby kicked her while she was drawing on my tummy!

pmgkt Sun 07-Oct-12 19:33:34

Godz I get that too, always the same time of day, and despite diet being crap at the moment have avoided the constipation thank goodness

Natnat29 Sun 07-Oct-12 20:20:52

Hello ladies! Hope you're all good smile I'm due Jan 30th with my first- we are having a little girl very exciting (am pooing my pants a bit thou)

happyhow Mon 08-Oct-12 06:56:48

Hi Nat!!

Every single night this week, I've woken up at half 3, 4. Hasn't taken long to get back to sleep but it's annoying!!

Last week of school before the holidays though!! smile

PricklyPickle Mon 08-Oct-12 07:47:06

Welcome Nat!

The baby show yesterday was a big success. After DPs insistence that we shouldn't buy anything until 30 weeks i thought we'd come away with nothing, but we got a travel system, car seat, Moses basket and stand , a changing mat and a load of dribble bibs. I think he just got excited by all the cute babies everywhere.

Pascha Mon 08-Oct-12 08:35:02

Hello Nat nice to see you here. Glad you had a good time at the show yesterday Prickly and that you picked up some bargains.

I'm tending to wake if I need a wee and then not get back to sleep for an hour or so, even longer if my asthma is playing up as it tends to at this time of year. Trouble is, I get sucked into looking at stuff on the ipod and then an hour later i'm not tired and the battery's run down. Then I'm stuck looking at the dark until my brain switches off again hmm

katolla Mon 08-Oct-12 10:22:21

Morning all!

I reached viability today so im in a good mood. Been googling pictures of what the baby would look like if she came out today. This is 25 weeks but most of you have this inside you already: 0.tqn.com/d/create/1/0/G/s/K/-/securedownload.jpeg o_O

This is probably just me but does anyone else get pain after they wee? I think it's all my organs moving over to use up the space.. Ouch </tmi>

Hi Nat welcome!

Katolla I get pains near my bladder as baby seems to think this is a good place to play ouch! I used to work in Nhs dealing with children who had been born around 23/24/25 weeks but I still find it hard to imagine that's what's inside me now. A proper whole baby!

Hope everyone is ok today x

SquealyB Mon 08-Oct-12 16:01:24

Welcome Nat

I had my first unsolicited bump grope this weekend by MIL blush. I am normally very bolshy (and had thought I would be quite firm about ppl groping me!) but was literally just stood there in shock.

That is hilarious prickly - glad he crumbled and you got some nice stuff.

DH and I have swapped sides of the bed due to mid night peeing and the fact that the baby will be on what was his side of the room when s/he arrives. It is weird how much it has affected my sleeping, I am not enjoying the new arrangement but I am sure I will get used to it.

I kind of love the name Rocky. We have two tests for names at home, (i) If I was in a playground trying to take the piss out of that person what would I call them and (ii) could I imagine someone introducing themselves to me at a meeting with that name (and what would my reaction be!). We are sorted on the names front and have finally decided on Eden for a Girl or Conor for a boy.

Complicated24 Mon 08-Oct-12 16:20:42

Welcome Nat.

Well done Prickly. I haven't bought one thing yet and am itching to start shopping!

Squealy Love both names. Eden is a gorgeous name. Problem is DH and I can't agree. We both have lists of names we each love but unfortunately don't both love them!

Has anyone had flu or whooping cough jabs yet? Just spoken to my doctors surgery and said they don't yet have flu jab (but expected to receive it soon) and had not been notified of when whooping cough jab would be available. Am not sure whether my doctors are being a bit rubbish or whether it is too soon for either jab. Would be much easier to get these jabs at hospital during routine antenatal appts but don't think they do that either.

Pascha Mon 08-Oct-12 16:34:34

I will be asking about whooping cough on friday at the MW appt. The flu is done on saturday morning but i'm not going twice so they will have to book me in to have them both done together. I've no idea if they will do them at the same time.

happyhow Mon 08-Oct-12 19:11:56

I have given in and bought the baby's first baby grow... It was only £3 in the TKMaxx clearance bit and I couldn't resist. My hubby told me to hide it so that he could pretend I hadn't bought it!

newbie6 Mon 08-Oct-12 19:19:50


Whooping cough is given from 28 weeks so if your MW doesn't say to you, just ask them for it. Flu jab I'm sure can be taken whenever.


Tugstonia Mon 08-Oct-12 20:21:19

Welcome Nat!

Godz ha your phantom shitter story made me laugh! We have one at work too, but it's an as yet unidentified bloke who makes his deposit every morning and stinks out the whole corridor for the rest of the morning, it's vile. Whoever he is he needs medical attention because it's not normal!

I'm sleeping like crap as well. Very uncomfortable, horrible heartburn and stupid loud neighbours. Hmph.

We went shopping at the weekend but only bought some bibs and muslin squares. We've decided on the pram though - going for the bugaboo bee. Now to find a decent secondhand one.

Is anyone else not having the whooping cough or flu jabs? I know it's controversial but I've decided against them. I've done a lot of research and for me there are too many unknowns with the WC one. I've never had a flu jab in my life and have managed to avoid the flu thus far (touch wood). DP had the jab last year and a week later got the worst flu he's ever had which put me off somewhat.

bealos Tue 09-Oct-12 10:57:31

Hey tugs ... I too have been in a quandry about the jabs. I'm very shocked that they are giving these out willy nilly to pregnant women when they has been no testing (ok, they are not allowed to test, but does this make it ok?).

I have been a bit concerned about WC jab have no prob with having flu jab but WC seems very reactionary and not sure it's thought through. That said I have 3 primary school children so this baby is likely to be exposed to ALL sorts of germs. Feel like I need to weigh up the possible risks against benefits. Thankfully no need to decide anything yet x

Lora1982 Tue 09-Oct-12 15:00:46

wooooo i dont have gtt bring on the chocolate :-D

I asked about whooping cough and she said it can be given at anytime before the babys born and im to ask the nurse if i should have it because i wasnt allowed it as a kid because my mum had epilepsy.

Having an extra scan tomorrow -excited!- basically im measuring like im 31wks when im 27 so they want to have a nosey about... hopefully il get a decent pic this time... Does anyone know why i could be measuring a MONTH bigger? last wk i was like 'pfft 2wks bigger than i should be no big deal' but now its a month?! whats this mean for me?

Hello everyone

I had my 24 week midwife appointment today and it was all fine. They checked the baby's heartbeat, except she wouldn't keep still for long enough. The midwife has written 'very active baby' in my notes!

I'm feeling lots of kicks now, but DP still can't feel them from the outside and he's getting really impatient.

The midwife advised me to have the flu jab, although they won't have any supplies in our surgery till later this month. Whooping cough they recommend you wait until you are 28 weeks. I think I will have both - for me the vague possibility of unknown side effects of the whooping cough jab is less worrying than the very real possibility of the baby catching whooping cough and being very ill. But I can see why people are undecided - it's so hard to know what to do for the best, when you are suddenly responsible for another tiny human being.

complicated I don't think I have restless legs, but I am waking up in the night with horrible cramps in my calves. I don't know if it's related but I have heard you should drink tonic water for it - no idea if there is any scientific basis for this but they have the posh fever tree stuff on offer in tescos at the moment, and if I try really hard I can imagine there's gin in there too grin.

I'm not keen on the name Rock, but I do think Rocky is quite cool.

Squealy i love your names too.

Godz I wonder if your bowel symptoms could be stress related, as this happens to me when I am nervous about something. If it's every sunday, are you worried about going to work on Monday?

katolla I get a funny feeling after I empty my bladder sometimes, like everything is shifting around. But I think if there's pain it could be a symptom of a UTI?

Lora I've no idea why you could be measuring big. I guess some babies just are bigger than others? Although there are plenty of stories of people on here being told their babies are big, only to give birth to totally normal sized babies. Mine is on the small side of normal, this makes sense to me as i am small (5'2) and was a small baby myself. Good luck with the scan tomorrow.

Birdies Tue 09-Oct-12 17:38:00

tugs it takes a few weeks for the jab to work so more likely your DH was just unlucky and caught the actual flu. I'm pretty comfortable having it again (had it last time and so did my pregnant friends at the time). Whooping cough one expect I will have too as I agree with mrsbugsy the risks of not having it seem to be worse than the ones of having it. Wish we didn't have the choice really....

complicated I get restless legs and arms, it's awful. But not as bad as in my last pregnancy (though I remember it got worse!). I only get them on the side I lie on though (my left side as I'm trying to do the recommended thing!). Someone on here said a cold shower helps, but in the middle of the night that's not the kind of thing I feel like doing!

I've got wisdom tooth pain at the mo which is really annoying, think it might be infected. Would much rather avoid antibiotics but will wait and see.

I've got my 28 week midwife apmt on Friday and my anti d jab. Haven't seen the midwife for 2 months so will be good to hear heartbeat etc.

Hope everyone's well

Birdies Tue 09-Oct-12 17:40:01

Ps lora apparently in the vast majority of cases where they think the baby is big, it's actually normal sized. Something like 80%. So enjoy your extra scan and expect them to say the size is just right after all! Not sure it means a lot even if baby is big, doesn't mean the birth is any harder.

SquealyB Tue 09-Oct-12 17:59:19

Hi all

mrsbugsy and complicated thanks - we are really happy with our choices and have stuck to them for a while now, lets hope the baby "looks like" an Eden or a Conor grin.

mrsbugsy glad you midwife appointment went well. A very active baby is no bad thing. My DH can't feel the kicks either and is also getting frustrated.

Lora I second the previous comments. This can be for any number of reasons and often does not result in a giant baby. Could be extra fluid, etc. At least they are giving you another scan though - so another opportunity to see your DC.

On balance I am planning on getting the flu jab too.

My current big issue is finding a maternity coat! My boobs are enormous (they were bad pre-pregnancy but now they have their own postcode) blush. Every jacket in my size won't close at the top and any jacket that closes at the top is simply gigantic everywhere else! At the moment, surviving with Mac plus scarf combo. but I don't want to ruin my Mac and it is getting a bit chillier. Oh for smaller boobs.......Once I am done with the DCs I am getting a breast reduction! Rant over now.

SquealyB Tue 09-Oct-12 18:00:16

oops I meant on balance getting the whooping cough jab! Agree with birdies and mrsbugsy on the risks front.

Squealy I feel your pain, I was having the same trouble and in the end I bought a 'swing' coat from ebay. It fastens across the chest only so hopefully will see me through to the end. I did have to size up two sizes to accommodate my expanding boobs though - if you don't mind spending the money I'm sure a proper maternity coat would be a better fit.

Natnat29 Tue 09-Oct-12 18:59:32

smile just looking for winter coat myself gonna be tricky normally have to get one from the tall section so the arms are long enough but they only go up to an 18 and think my bump is too big for that

Natnat29 Tue 09-Oct-12 19:07:55

Squealy- love the names you've picked out - has everyone else hot name ideas sorted?

Hormonalhell Tue 09-Oct-12 19:22:31

Ooooh Birdies I would have been terrified!!!

I'm having a boy and the name we seem to be sticking with is Charlie James. Everyone in the family love it.

On a happy note.........got talking to a guy I dated years ago on FB, he separated same as me and we went on our first date on Saturday and it went really well. He has no problem with me being six months pregnant as he has 2 children and loves them to bits and said would have loved more smile

I am walking around with a permanent smile at mo grin

Really wasnt bothered about meeting somebody as I'd just got used to being alone and have got through the pregnancy this far without a man but this has totally happened out of blue.

newbie6 Tue 09-Oct-12 19:52:21

Hi all,

We have our name too and pretty much decided on it from about 12 weeks so hoping when my wee boy arrives, we still love it!

On another note is anyone else having trouble sleeping now? I literally had 2 hrs sleep last night due to a achy pain in my upper left rib at the front, no matter how I lie, it was agony? Hoping baby has moved position now so I can get a decent sleep as between that and acid heartburn it's not good!


godzookey Tue 09-Oct-12 20:08:22

Evening Ladies

Tugs haha, every office/place of work has got to have their own phantom!!

Mrs bugs - i don't feel nervous per se but I always get a case of the sunday blues from about 4:30 onwards but that's not anything new.

Squealy - swing coats are the way forward, I've got one and its perfect for Autumn, will need to get a longer one for when we get into full on winter mode.

Think i'm finally going to give in and buy some maternity jeans at the weekend - up til now have been living in Tu leggings and dresses!

Hormonal - he sounds great, keep us posted!


woody2313 Tue 09-Oct-12 20:26:25

Hormonalhell what brilliant news! I love a good romance! smile

knuckingfackered Tue 09-Oct-12 20:49:28

newbie6, I remember talking to MW when there was concern over BP and pre eclampsia and the 1ST thing she asked was do you have LOWER rib pain. You said upper so maybe its more heart burn etc, but i just wanted you to be aware.
Also signs being swelling

newbie6 Tue 09-Oct-12 21:22:46


Thanks, it's def not high BP as mine is low and have no swelling. At my scan I could see the baby pressing exactly where it hurts so assuming its a combo of that and everything pushing up? The pain has subsided so hoping he has moved smile cheeky monkey. Thanks for your reply.


mrsspaniel Tue 09-Oct-12 21:44:49

First post here, currently 27 weeks and it's just sunk in that we are having a baby! Is anyone else having a delayed shock??hope it's just the hormones, it's a much wanted baby but the prospect of parenthood is terrifying!! Does anyone else feel like this?it's dc1 for dh and I.
Thanks x

bealos Tue 09-Oct-12 21:58:45

Hey marsspaniel, nice to meet you.

I think it's only properly sunk in in the last few weeks that I'm having a BABY! I've only just started looking preggers (am 24, maybe 25 weeks, I have literally forgotten) and it's my second baby. I think the reason it takes 9 months is for us (and partners) to get our heads around it.

@Lora Another reassuring note from me. Friends have 'measured big' but when the baby came out was quite a normal size. Every looks different. I panicked about looking too small. Silly really of me. Midwife felt where the womb is meant to be - just above my belly button - and said it's fine.

bealos Tue 09-Oct-12 22:00:50

And wow Hormonalhell, first date at 6 months pregnant. I am impressed. Though, aren't we all supposed to be blooming? smile

Bunny222 Tue 09-Oct-12 22:47:49

Hey ladies. Back at work now after all the personal chaos, trying to get back into the swing of things, even if work are total sods.

Are any of you suffering with SPD or pelvic girdle pain? Been having achy cramps high up on inner thighs - as though I've done 100 squats. Told midwife who told me about SPD- and said it can get much worse. The aches are worse now, esp when I get up, or turn over in bed, back and hips aching too. Saw GP yesterday who has referred me to a physio. Using a V shape pillow in bed to support knees/legs which I hope will help.

On winter coat issue, got an A line style coat from Sainsburys, the kind with buttons only on the chest, that then flares out, so lots of room for bump to grow and not too expensive. Hope that helps.

Also, am still wearing under wired bras as they are still comfy,but remember the woman in debenhams saying you have to not wear underwires after 5months. Is this right girls?

hormonal i'm so excited.to hear about your new flame! keep us posted.

godz i have been in maternity jeans for ages now

welcone mrsspaniel.

bunny i hope not, i'm also still wearing wired bras. i have big boobs and just find the non-wired ones don't give any support.

happyhow Tue 09-Oct-12 23:37:45

As long as the bra fits properly, there is no problem with wearing underwire ones.

I have SPD and have had for the last 5 weeks or so. Make sure you sleep with a pillow between your legs and one under your bump. I got out the car awkwardly yesterday and couldn't walk for the rest of the day sad Also, get a bump support band but don't bother with Mothercare - theirs are pants!! My friend lent me one which is quite stiff which has been really good. Make sure you don't spread your legs too far apart like taking big strides (be careful with sex too...blush) and don't get up from sitting on the diagonal - always have your legs together and stand up straight before moving off. That goes for getting out of bed too - always swing your legs off the bed together and then stand up from a sitting position. Take paracetamol if it gets really sore and keep taking it to let it build up in your system - it will not harm your baby. Try not to walk too much either - small distances only and drive when you can.
Sorry it's long winded, but a combination of all of this has meant that I am no longer crying with pain in the evenings and the days are much more bearable for moving about! Hope all if that helps... I've been told it could get worse again once baby is bigger and my bump is lower again/baby is engaged but I'm enjoying this slight reprieve....

On the winter coat thing, I got a lovely wool one from yummymummy.com in the summer. It was in the sale but haven't looked recently to see if there would be anything to suit anybody else. My beloved North Face jacket is getting much harder to close now and with it getting chillier I think the maternity jacket will be out soon. I reckon I have a maximum of a week left in my North Face one sad (I'm practically surgically attached to this jacket so will be sorry to see it hanging up for a while...sad)

Bunny222 Tue 09-Oct-12 23:39:14

mrsbugsy me too, am 40G now I'm pregnant, so definitely need all the help I can get!

happyhow Tue 09-Oct-12 23:40:11

I'm a 38HH now and there is no way I'm wearing anything but underwire!!!

Bunny222 Tue 09-Oct-12 23:42:13

happyhow thanks for all those SPD tips, glad to know I'm not the only one out there! Hope your symptoms stay under control. Xx

Pascha Wed 10-Oct-12 15:00:07

I've gone up to a 32g, still in underwires and will stay that way til I give birth. I'm refusing to get a winter coat. I will just layer up or wear DHs if it gets really cold. Widget has been told to arrive before christmas (due at new year) so I obviously won't need a coat will I? <deludes self>

If I'm still pregnant come Jan 1st I will be one unhappy woman.

pmgkt Wed 10-Oct-12 15:10:06

Just been for 28 week appointment, although I 27 weeks so that's good. All fine. Got flu and wc usb booked in.

bealos Wed 10-Oct-12 15:33:55

Interesting that you agree that wires are ok in bras as long as they fit well. I nearly had an altercation with some snipey old ladies working in M&S who told me I couldn't wear wired bras and then continued to talk about me (loudly, within earshot) as I changed in the changing room. I had to say "I CAN HEAR YOU KNOW!".

Most maternity bras seem to create a horrible 'monoboob' or literally no support. Surely someone must be thinking about the design of these better???

katolla Wed 10-Oct-12 16:20:41

I've got this maternity bra http://www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/prod_10001_10001_152010300960_-1 and it actually looks better on me than on the model (this is NOT standard - maybe her boobs are too small for it or something!) I'm a g cup now and would love to wear underwire if people think it's allowed though??

happyhow thank you for the SPD tips! I don't know if i've got it but it hurts in my hip or spine or something when I move my left leg, I'll have to google the symptoms. ugh another thing! smile Bunny222, hope it helps your symptoms.

katolla Wed 10-Oct-12 16:24:15

Hm, I haven't got pain in my 'pubic area' so hopefully that means it's just a pulled hip ligament or something, not SPD? Do hips have ligaments? I am not a doctor.

pascha Snap - right down to almost the bra size. 32HH here. Hasn't changed since I had DS. Sadly. Really thought they might have deflated after stopping feeding, but just glad they haven't INflated any more (yet).

Mine has been told to arrive around 38 weeks. I have a wedding at 39+1 that I WILL BE AT.

Underwires are fine as long as the bra is well fitting, but really, that's a must whether you're pregnant/breastfeeding or not.

Hennycluckington Wed 10-Oct-12 16:30:37

Hi is it ok if I join? I'm due 1st Feb. I'm currently 23+5. We have a Feb thread but there has been a mass exodus to Facebook so hardly anyone posts regularly, plus I'm quite ahead of a few of them so nothing to compare to if you see what I mean.

Birdies Wed 10-Oct-12 16:53:41

Welcome henry! There's a handful of us due end of Dec but by the time we got our due dates we kind of belonged here! Expect our dates will all change about anyway.

My boobs just keep on growing, grown out of current bras really but at this rate I'd need a new one every week. Don't know what size they are - just waaaay too big.

Beolos I'm glad you said something, how rude of them.

I've also decided not to get a winter coat. Bizarrely I would rather be cold than spend money on something I won't use for long. Whether I'm still saying that in December though I don't know! Bunny how much was the Sainsburies one? If cheap I could be tempted!

happyhow Wed 10-Oct-12 17:23:13

Katolla, you could have pelvic girdle pain (PGP) which is related to SPD. My friend had pain her back which made her really uncomfortable. There are 3 joints in the pelvis - one at the front, and two at the back where they join to the spine. I have problems with the joint at the front. I occasionally get pain in my hip joints. Especially if I've done lots. The pain comes from the ligaments that normally cement these joints shut stretching due to the hormone relaxin. Because you have ligaments connecting the thigh bone to the pelvis, those ligaments can stretch a little too. Try sleeping with a normal pillow under your hip/bump and one between your legs and see if that helps.

I totally sound like an expert on this but I'm just a biology teacher who's interested in the physiology of it all!! I've also had several friends who have suffered with variations of it.

Pascha Wed 10-Oct-12 17:30:03

Hi Henny What a fantastic name! Come, join us, we're all over the place anyway so one more makes little difference. I'm not on facebook at all so even if this lot bugger off you'll still have me to talk to grin

For those of you looking for a wired nursing bra, the anita 5035 is supposed to be very comfy.

Complicated24 Wed 10-Oct-12 18:13:53

Hormonal how exciting. You definitely need to keep us posted. Do love a good romance. It could almost be made into a film. Wonder you would play your part!

Thanks for all the advice on WC. Have got 28 week appt with Consultant next week so will ask then. I haven't got a clue whether baby is right size as hasn't been checked since 20 week scan. They didn't check baby's size at last MW appt as said it was too soon. Is everyone else getting baby's size checked more frequently?

I am hardly sleeping at all as have restless leg syndrome every night now and it alternates between legs too. It's driving me mad. Am going to have a glass of tonic water tonight (minus the gin!) and see if that works. Thanks for the tip bugsywugsy. On plus side, haven't got heartburn yet, so I'm lucky. Baby is moving loads though which is lovely, just a little bit less late at night would be good. I tried reading a bedtime story to little one the other night and said it's bedtime now. Baby didn't listen!!! Must say I am ready for maternity leave to start now so I can have a kip during the day. 6 more weeks to go and counting!

Have a good week everyone and do keep us posted Hormonal.

Welcome Henny. I'm due 25th Jan, so knowing my luck will have a February baby anyway.

Glad to hear others are still wearing wired bras too. I got measured at Bravissimo so pretty sure I have the right fit. I'm in a 34G at the moment but bursting out of it so will need to size up soon - GG or H or whatever the next size is.

Pascha and Birdies you are very brave not getting a winter coat. Mind you I am a total wuss when it comes to the cold, and my DP is skinny so I won't fit in any of his!

Bealos how rude of them! I'm glad you told them off! Isn't it funny how our bodies become public property when we're pregnant - all of a sudden everyone thinks it's ok to touch, or comment, or tell us what to do.

I am getting pains in the bottom of my bump at the sides, above my hips. Generally I'm a bit achey around that area but if I roll over in bed, or cough or sneeze too violently, I get a nasty sharp pain. I've no idea if it's my uterus stretching, ligaments, pelvis, or something else. My back feels sore and stiff too.

ps does anyone know whether it's a good idea to buy a nursing bra yet? Do your boobs stay the same size after a certain point in pregnancy, or will they keep on growing till the bitter end? Or do they shrink again after the baby is born?

I can't imagine having time to go bra shopping in the early days after the baby is born!.

Brugmansia Wed 10-Oct-12 19:01:00

I had a chat to the ladies in bravissimo lady month about nursing bras. They suggested going to get measured in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy. I think you may still change but you can get a general idea to be able to get one.

Also welcome henny, I'm due on 31st so expect it'll be a February baby anyway.

Mrsbugsy I have always bought nursing bras during pregnancy otherwise it could get expensive except with my first and ended up sending poor dp out for one! Which didn't fit well! For me I have always settled at a size from mid pregnancy till the end of breast feeding, however am v small only ever went up to 34 C.

Have been having simlar pains today in my hip round my bump and lower back think it is all muscular and growing pains. Find it's worse when I have to shout at the kids!

Bought a lovely warm swing coat llast year and as I'm tiny think it will last me! Don't want to buy maternity clothes as I have no intention of using them again! Does anyone else feel like it's really dragging? Just want to fast forward to jan and get it all over with x

Sorry that turned into a bit of a moan, don't really enjoy pregnancy and struggling a bit with this one - got all the 'lasts' out of my system last time so a bit frustrated by it all ! X

Pascha Wed 10-Oct-12 19:05:53

Your boobs grow a size or two in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy, and then some more once your milk comes in and you have what is basically two rock-hard giant boulders on your chest. Then depending on whether you feed or not they stay big for a while or go back down to normal within a week or two.

bealos Wed 10-Oct-12 19:07:21

katolla I have that bra! It does make your boobs look OK, but possibly I have the wrong size as I haven't found it that comfortable - leaving marks on my skin. Could my rib cage have grown already??

mrsbugsywugsy I get similar pains and have done since beginning of pregnancy. Think it's stretching - and sometimes nerves trapped. I remember from my last pregnancy getting a sharp pain at top of legs, which I'm afraid also came back in labour, which wasn't so nice. Let me know if you get any other sort of diagnosis!

Welcome henny. I am telling everyone I'm due in February anyway so stop the dreaded 'have you had it yet?' smile

Ps welcome HEnny am due 22 jan but have gone 2 weeks over before so I could easily have a feb baby!

bealos Wed 10-Oct-12 19:12:33

Oh god I'd forgotten about this...


Your boobs grow a size or two in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy, and then some more once your milk comes in and you have what is basically two rock-hard giant boulders on your chest.

Pascha Wed 10-Oct-12 19:42:42

That squirt milk 10 feet across a room with the barest touch...

bealos Wed 10-Oct-12 19:48:12

Oh yes.

And the bed smells of cheese as you've leaked milk everywhere in the night.

(sorry first timers!)

Haha! Oh yeah and that leaking happens BEFORE baby is born...

And that cheesy milky smell could be caused by either leaking boobs or baby puking feed back at you!

Oh the things I wish people had warned me about the first time...

eek!!! shock

Lora1982 Thu 11-Oct-12 06:14:50

oh god...

PricklyPickle Thu 11-Oct-12 07:13:29


Hennycluckington Thu 11-Oct-12 07:32:18

Thanks everyone. There is certainly more going on here.
Just been laughing at the leaky breast milk notes, this is my 3DC but with a 8 year gap (eldest DC is 11) since my last and had forgotten about the hosepipe nipple attachment of motherhood but it brought the milky cheesy smell flooding right back.
With my first I tried to give my poor nipples some fresh air and went very naively to sleep braless, had to peel my poor boobs of the milky crusty duvet in the morning. It didn't do my nipples any favours I can tell you.
Yep still wearing underwired bra here too. Just starting to think about something a little more comfortable now though.
Bought a maternity coat......DH very sweetly said I looked cute but I took that as It was very unflattering and it drowns me grin
Thanks again for the lovely welcome.

salt1 Thu 11-Oct-12 08:15:06

i must be the only one who does not have bigger breasts, still comfortably wearing pre pregnancy bras x

AriNi31 Thu 11-Oct-12 11:45:03

Speaking of boobs... do anybody elses itch? (God this is probably far TMI) but mine itch like crazy, not all the time, but when they start it drives me mad! Especially near the nipples! Maybe I should try different bras. Hmmm.

Been looking at nursery bedding and decorations with DH this week. 27 weeks and trying to fit in thoughts of Christmas as well! (and budgetting for it all). Anyway, we quite like the Lollipop Lane Prickles and Twoo range - have you seen it?

bealos Thu 11-Oct-12 12:13:41

AriNi31 Itching could be skin stretching? Are you moisturising with cocoa butter or similar?

godzookey Thu 11-Oct-12 16:57:08

haha, if anyone's getting freaked out about all this boob talk - I can quite happily take it back to bowel talk - SOOO damn constipated it's untrue

this is tmi but have not been able to go since Sunday. I'm hoping that I won't have a similar episode as last week as we're at a friends house for dinner so it could all end up veree badly.

Back to boobs - am still wearing underwired bras... and what are people's feelings on manual breast pump versus electric breast pump. We got a manual one as part of a set of stuff from Babysrus ages ago but i keep hearing that the Medella Swing electric pump is the best thing since sliced bread!!

Godzookey I had manual pumps which were kind of hard work when i used them (which wasn't often) can see that if you were going to be using it a lot an electric pump would b much easier! Wasn't planning on getting one last time as I so rarely used the old one then my milk came in and dd refused to feed properly and an emergency breast pump had to be bought after I had a TOTAL hormonal breakdown!

SquealyB Thu 11-Oct-12 17:54:35

Waaa.....squirty boobs....this seems terribly unfair shock.

Welcome Henny - bet you wish you'd stuck to your previous thread now grin.

AriNi31 I am also suffering from very itchy nips. The poor things I do feel quite sorry for them. Any remedies welcome.

Having general work rage at the moment as being pulled in a million different direction, I mean excuse me but have they not realised by now that their formerly diligent and dedicated employee can now no longer concentrate for 30 minutes and spends most of the time daydreaming about baby things and updating baby spreadsheets. Honestly you'd think I was paid to be here or something wink.

On breast pumps, was advised by a few friends that the Philips Advent Electric is also very good.

bealos Thu 11-Oct-12 18:42:50

Aha! I've just been looking on Amazon at breast pumps. Was about to look at the Mumsnet reviews. I had an Avent manual pump last time that worked, but was hard work, even with my aforementioned 'spouty boobs'.

Thinking of getting an electric one this time as I'm going to be working part time (run my own business), but want to breast feed fully til 6 months at least.

Amazon saying good things about Tommee Tippee Close to Nature electric (I do like their boob shaped bottles) and Medela electric.

bealos Thu 11-Oct-12 18:44:14

And look at this a handy boob tube to keep your double breast pump strapped on whilst you, er, do the washing up or something.

bealos Thu 11-Oct-12 18:45:45

OMG. Flick through the images, the 'business lady' is sat at her desk, one hand holding the phone, the other her shiny Mac keyboard, whilst she pumps with her grey cardi open.

And in the real world...

bealos Thu 11-Oct-12 18:46:39

[not to say it wouldn't actually be that useful]

Going now...

Pascha Thu 11-Oct-12 19:02:25

ahahahahhaha! Can you imagine actually wearing one of those? I have a medela swing. Its fine but the motor wore through in less than 6 months so I returned it to boots for a replacement which they did without quibble. The new one lasted fine and is packed away all ready for use again. I pumped for one bottle a day, if I was doing it for more than that I would get a double pump. I heard the Ameda Lactaline is the best one out there for that.

Its worth remembering that hospitals should have hospital grade pumps available for loan should you need one in an emergency.

I have a medela swing. My first one also broke, but mothercare exchanged it no problem, and it was still going strong when I finished up pumping and feeding, and I pumped a LOT at times.

I think I'm going with medela bottles this time. Don't anticipate needing many, and used tommee tippee last time, just prefer the rationale behind the medela calma ie they have to work to get the milk. DS was a lazy feeder, so it's a good job we didn't use the medelas!

Ari mine itch too! I am using coconut oil which helps with dry skin (which I always suffer from anyway) but not so much itching.

I seem to have cured the constipation (for now at least) by drinking tons and tons of water, fruit juice, and eating a bit of dried fruit every day.

MarasmeAbsolu Thu 11-Oct-12 21:44:21

I actually would have dreamt of having one of these last time round.
I went back to work when DD was 16 weeks, EBFed to 6 months, and continued to 11.
The number of hours I just spent seating hugging my medela to express soooo slowly... Would have loved to have my hands free to actually get on with stuff.

(some people just squirt gallons of milk in no time. A mate could produce 7 Oz in less than 10 minutes - For a similar exploit, I would have been pumping for at least 45min)

So I think I will buy the boob tube grin

SquealyB Thu 11-Oct-12 21:54:28

That is faaaar too disturbing for me! I think I will deem enough like Betsy the milk cos without adding this contraption. Cannot believe the pics of the lady 'at work'.

pmgkt Thu 11-Oct-12 22:02:08

I was lucky to get 1oz in 45 min, but ds1 never struggled, in fact was always done in 20 min. It was a manual pump as I only did it on the odd occasion, but won't bother again this time. Hubby will do formula when needed its not worth the hassle in my mind. But my friend got on really well and did a lot to fill her freezer then her little one wouldn't take a bottle!

PixelCarrier Fri 12-Oct-12 04:52:47

Hello all, and welcome Henny. Been a while since I visited, so I've enjoyed catching up. I must be sleeping better!

Apart from being awake and unable to sleep at 4am today though, I'm doing well: the SPD/PGP/sciatica is much better after being to see the physios and doing all the right things to help (thanks happy for all the tips!). The vomiting has settled down to once or twice a week. Keeping regular (top tips are cracked Golden linseed and prunes). I still fit into my pre-pregnancy (underwired!) bras - but am planning to go for a fitting at about 35-36 weeks to get some nursing bras. Very thankful I'm not too itchy - just now and again, and I use coconut oil too, mrsbugs.

But now slightly worried about what on earth is going to happen when I do start breast feeding after all the squirty cheesy milk stories!!! And do I really need a breast pump?!? It wasn't on my list of essentials...

PricklyPickle Fri 12-Oct-12 07:19:58

I was going to ask the same question, do i need a breast pump if i'm not going back to work quickly? I can see it would be nice to let DP do some feeds, but if its going to take an hour to express enough milk is it really feasible?

Re breast pumps - if you plan to express an odd bottle, it's prob best to get a manual. That said, it took me half an hour with an electric to get 7 oz, so god knows how long that would have taken with a manual pump.

I think they're a good back up, especially if you do end up having supply issues, as you can pump to bring up supply between baby's feeds. Not an essential, but definitely good to have if you can afford it

Oh, and manuals are SORE on the hands.

I pumped on the odd occasion we had a night out or away, to bring my supply up (DS had a severe tongue tie that was missed for 6 weeks, and between that and previous breast surgery, it knackered my supply), and so I had a freezer stash in case we did end up having an unseen night out.

Pascha Fri 12-Oct-12 08:21:39

I wouldn't get a pump unless you know you need one. I only got one last time because DS just wouldn't latch on at most attempts for days. He only 'got it' on about 7 and then went great guns from there. Because I was expressing to keep my supply going it just got into a habit to express once a day and DH gave that to him in the evening while I had my bath. I wouldn't have got into a routine of it if DS had fed easily straight away.

28 week appointment at 9am. Blood test ahoy! Trying to muster up the enthusiasm to wee into my little pot right now...

happyhow Fri 12-Oct-12 12:13:00

Staying at my in-laws for a bit as we are dog sitting while they are on holiday. Hubby failed to mention when the hot water would go off so I got a cold shower this morning... To say I was less than impressed would be an understatement.... On a brighter note, my hair is very soft and shiny today after being washed in cold water!!!

Birdies Fri 12-Oct-12 12:30:57

Just had my 28 week apmt and anti d jab. Midwife was in such a rush she could barely get her words out fast enough. Oh well, all is fine so that's the main thing. Babba is head down but apparently can still move again so I don't think it's too important at this stage. Have just booked flu and wc jabs as she was very definite about needing them (and with winter babies it's even more important). Neither contains a live vaccine which is reassuring and you can have both at the same time.

I would recommend the Medela Swing pump too. Best thing is to order it from amazon a bit nearer the time and I think you then have ages to return it if its unopened (just check first obviously!). So it's there if you need it, and if not, just set a reminder for yourself to return it. I wouldn't want to be without one in the middle of the night if I was struggling as I used it quite a bit last time.