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Due in October 2012 Part 7 - towards the finish line, going for Gold!

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Planktonette Thu 30-Aug-12 20:39:06

On your marks...
Get set...


crazypaving Thu 30-Aug-12 20:45:32

Argh there's 2 new threads, the complication is going to make my head explode!!

londonlivvy Thu 30-Aug-12 20:52:27

yay - more space for chatting!

I had a very dull and frustrating afternoon waiting for a charity to pick up my unwanted furniture from my flat. Lots of "we'll be there in 20 minutes" and then 2 hours later nothing. GRR. Anyway, it's now gone and just one friend to pick up a wardrobe on Saturday then it's DONE and (hopefully) we will be exchanging contracts soon. Man I will be glad when it's all over.

lisbethsopposite Thu 30-Aug-12 20:55:09

Eek, can we amalgamate?

OlympiaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 30-Aug-12 22:07:25

Hi we have deleted the other one
<runs away from all the lovely bumps before she gets broody>

Midgetm Thu 30-Aug-12 22:13:24

Does a wee in the corner to mark place.

hufflepuffle Thu 30-Aug-12 22:14:06

Aargh!! There was nearly tears there!!!! I had to do all sorts of searches to find this....... Link did not come up on last post!!!! Phew!!

Just marking my place, off to bed!

AnyOne for some cheesy Europe singalong....
"it's the final countdown......... La la la la"

Night all!

Kyyria Thu 30-Aug-12 22:18:36

Just marking my place ladies.

Hope everyone is ok grin

Elpis Fri 31-Aug-12 01:42:48

CWest30 It's tough not having a date for your CS, but I guess at this stage they want to keep the baby inside for as long as possible, don't they? By 33 weeks the lungs are readier to cope, I think. Good luck...

Had a very energetic day yesterday by 35-week standards - midwife appointment, bloods, long wait at hospital pharmacy, trip to Hamley's so DD could choose a doll in effort to curb jealousy (DO NOT GO TO HAMLEY'S WHEN HEAVILY PREGNANT), lunch out, tube home, all with DD in tow. Then we went through DD's baby clothes to pick out the dresses for her doll and so I could start packing my hospital bag. Is a plain deep pink babygro OK for a boy? Hell, why not? I realised rather belatedly that DD was born in the spring and I have very few really warm clothes for her brother. Fortunately I visited a friend today who had two winter babies and gave me lots more stuff. smile Then we had lunch with another friend who's due on Sat and has been having on-off contractions since Mon. Argh. The conversation was... well... one-track. By the time I got home I felt ready to beach myself and call Greenpeace. I swear the bump swells every three days, rests, then resumes.

I think someone mentioned here or on another thread that chewing gum seems to alleviate reflux. It's definitely helping me. Imagine it stimulates digestive/gastric juices, or something. But it is disappointing, having trained DD to bring me a chocolate biscuit in bed each morning, to find the word 'digestive' cruelly misleading. Do hope her 'I will fetch anything for Mummy' phase continues for a while yet.

Hahaha elphis, laughing at the thought of DD bringing digestives in to you- i am also insanely jealous!!

I am an absolute hero. 30 weeks pregnant and i managed to survive all day at a funeral without breaking down into a hormonal, hysterical mess (i didnt know the person that well, before you all think i'm heartless!) Dear old farmer alan would've been so proud. I did choke up when "fields of gold" came on though...

Thanks for thinking of me squid! Like i say i didn't know him awfully well, but he was a huge local figure and always gave a friendly wave when he saw me- was standing room only (though fortunately a friend gave up his chair for me :-)) and just about half the village turned up. It was quite touching to see how many peole respected him and knew how much his farm meant to him.

Anyway, enough rambling. Yikes to those that have had their CS dates- you are superheroes! They are so close and just wow. The thought of one terrifies me really but in actual fact i have no idea why it scares me so much- must remember that if things go tits up i may need one... Must do some research.
Is it ok to just wing it though? Everyone seems to have so many ideas and whatnot and ive just been taking the approach that i'll-cross-these-bridges-when-i-get-there... Do we think thats maybe paving the way for a more traumatic birth? Or is being in the know about all the things that could possibly go wrong preparing ourselves a-bit-too-much and maybe cause more stress about things that won't necessarily happen?

Blimey you can tell I can't sleep. Had the most successful shopping day ever yesterday, although my sister had to drag me out of hobbycraft before i'd spent my life savings in there! Moving in starts today, and im really excited but a bit nervous at the same time. FIL really doesn't want us to go and I am a bit worried about leaving him (he's 82) with just his son who contributes nothing towards the house, who is on a massive downward, drug spiral and is on course for rock bottom. He won't look after his dad and yeah... Just not entirely happy with the situation. But we have to do whats best for our baby, which isn't living in one room and having its dear uncle staggering in at ridiculous times of the morning, right?!

Stress stress stress. Is it sad that i am so excited to buy a new washing machine?!?!?!

Mickey, 30+1, raving and rambling at 2.45 in the morning.....

Wow thread number 7, we've come so far, doesn't time fly! wine Cheers to us!
I wonder what thread we'll be on when the first baby arrives?shock

Excited for all of you with CS dates, must be getting very real for you now. Sorry you're having to wait CWest, perhaps they're hoping that nearer the time it won't need to be so early?
And YEY! for Squid and your perfectly positioned placenta, all go for home birth!
My due date seems so far away compared to most of you.

I also have a traveling husband. He doesn't really have much choice as to if/when he goes. Most of his projects take a couple of years, so when they're ready to go he has to go and can't really change the dates.
He's going to France twice in September, the first week and the last, then he has a trip in Japan in the middle of the month (but I might go with him as I have holiday that week and have never been to that city), THEN he may have to go to Malaysia the week before the final trip to France.
Phew, it's not normally THAT bad. But I'm not due til end of Oct and I refuse to have the baby anytime in September! grin So should be fine.
He's going to try very hard not to go anywhere in October or November.

Bella, it was really kind of you to say your husband could go to the rugby. totally understand why you're upset - I've definitely got a feeling that I'm running out of time. Bloody typical - these two great, hardly-ever-happen events occurring on the same weekend sad. Could you cancel some of your September things? You're pregnant - perfect excuse not to do anything you can't be arsed/don't want aren't physically able to.

I'm definitely crossing bridges when I come to them Mickey, I get stressed otherwise. I think if it works for us we should stick with it grin

I'm happy the chewing gum is helping with your heart burn Elpis, it definitely works for me. I just wish I could chew it a night! I've not been able to figure out many triggers for mine, but have now realised that orange juice (which I used to drink loads of) is an INSTANT trigger, at least I can avoid that.

Londonmrs thanks for the link on posterior babies. I think mine is on the right, head down but facing to the left a bit, (dont know the technical term) which I think is probably ok for now, but I can be a bit of a sofa sloucher, so have become obsessed with getting baby in the right place, and not letting it go back to back.
I tried to lie on the ball without squashing my tits, and it's difficult. If you just put your head and arms on its ok, but I don't think that supports the back enough. So I guess "squashed tits" are just another thing we have to suffer/endure/give up/moan about to obtain our little bundles of joy. As if there weren't enough already! grin

Glad my question about bouncing on balls helped others too. Huffle you're a hero!

Thanks for the perineal massage info Yomping, quite graphic but very useful and clear! You must be an awesome teacher smile

Had my doc's appt on Wednesday - measuring 26cm at 31 weeks, so asked her about it and she did admit that it was on the small side but she checked the baby's size and it's still huge (2.1kg) and very active. Also, she stressed all these weights and measurements are just estimations and not exact. So I'm happy enough for the time being. Will start to get a bit worried if baby continues to grow at this rate.
She told me that at 36 weeks I'll have my pelvis measured and scanned to check that it's big enough for VB! Have you ever heard of anything like this? I wonder how reliable it is?

Who was it that loved Great British Bakeoff? The tart episode was fab! Those final tarts made me droooooool. I need to go to France and eat nothing but tarts ASAP!

Sorry, this is possibly my longest post yet confused

LoopyLa Fri 31-Aug-12 08:03:56

<marking my spot>

Happy Friday y'all!! grin

Planktonette Fri 31-Aug-12 08:39:00

Oh no! Did I ruin everything? Bad me! Sorry if I caused horrible confusion to everyone!

Serves me right for staying off the thread for so long! blush

Hope everyone finds this ok... confused

CWest30 Fri 31-Aug-12 08:40:48


I know you are right, the consultant said after my scan on the 11th, I may be given steroid injections to strengthen babys lungs. I know the longer she stays inside me the better for her, but I just want to know so I can emotionally prepare for it. I have to go under general anaesthetic as well, so its more like having an operation than the birth of my child, and Im just so scared. Dreamt about it twice last night, arrgghh!

Oh well, 11 days and counting......

WantAnOrange Fri 31-Aug-12 08:53:27

Checking in.

Had a fab day yesturday, took DS to a nature reserve and they did a Doctor Who, time travel adventure thing. Lots of following maps and trails, figuring out clues and collecting crystals in order to save the universe. Even more climbing up and down steep hills, over fences and across bridges (i.e. a narrow plank of wood over a river). Not a thought given to Health and Safety (or the very pregnant lady at the back), it was brilliant! Then onto the fair, where DS had his first go on the Bumper Cars.

I then came home and burst into tears because my SPD had gone past coping point. It was worth it though I am good for nothing today. I am supposed to be packing and cleaning the kitchen today. What fun!

5 days til moving day!

Cherry I'm not sure about a baby being too big to deliver naturally. My great grandmother was 5 foot nothing and very slim, and she had a 13lb baby! That was a long time ago so all done naturally! I'm no medical expert though.

squidkid Fri 31-Aug-12 09:01:52

Morning chucks

Thanks for the new thread. I'm pretty sure this is the one where we're going to start seeing BABIES!

Well, I am officially nesting. My mum is up with me, we cleaned the bathroom, defrosted the freezer, wrote lists of freezer food to stock it with, cleared out the kitchen cupboards, cleaned the floors, emptied and sorted the drawers of random things you never use... all that. Was very satisfying! Then I cooked tuna and had v small glass of wine and then it was 8pm and my entire pelvis hurt from the effort so I had to go horizontal. We might do some more today, or we might sack it off and go to this Italian market instead and eat/buy fun things smile

When I spend too long on my feet it feels like the baby is falling out of me. I am getting a lot of braxton hicks too, they're not painful but they often come so suddenly they take my breath away.

My midwife friend sent me a nice email which said the more uncomfortable I am now the less work I'll have to do in labour - nice way to think of it.

I got a bravado silk nursing bra through the post as lots of people online were recommending it - I think it's a little too big but I'm going to grow right? (I am about 1-2 sizes up from pre-pregnancy currently, but that happened at about 7 weeks so I've got totally used to it and haven't grown since!) It is very... technical... with all its clips, arrgh! Comfy though so hope it will do the job. I might buy a couple more cheap ones from town today, and get properly fitted for a nice attractive proper one in a month or two when my body has decided on a size, is that sensible? TOO MANY THINGS TO CONSIDER.

I still haven't packed a hospital bag, I think I'm in denial. Boyfriend is getting very twitchy and went off to work muttering about fitting the carseat. He is excited though, he keeps getting on his knees hugging my belly and shouting SQUID I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU! (He is a large bearded man so this is really hilarious.) Still it could be 5 and a half weeks yet.

OK more cupboards to clean
squid, 36+3

YompingJo Fri 31-Aug-12 10:55:56

Wow, thread 7?

Having done a bit of thread analysis total geek, the previous threads have lasted this long:

1) 3 weeks
2) 2 weeks
3) 4 weeks
4) 7 weeks
5) 9 weeks
6) 6 weeks

So the average thread length so far is about 5 weeks, they took longer to get filled up in the middle but I reckon that the beginning and end bits of pregnancy are most talkworthy so I think the downward trend will continue. So lets say this one lasts us 5 weeks, that takes us to... 4th October. So Squid, you're right, we'll definitely see some babies this thread.l Maybe even mine, eek shock

Also, LisbethsOpposite asked for the EDD list on the first page of this thread so here it is:, tidied up a bit OCD compulsive tidier

Sometime within 3-6 weeks: CWest30 ELCS DC2
Sept. 25: Squidkid DC1, Angelico DC1
Sept. 26: Elpis DC2 by ELCS
Oct. 2: Firstbubba DC1, Velo DC1, Milk DC2
Oct. 5: Yomping DC1, Lisbethsopposite DS2
Oct. 7: crazypaving DC2
Oct. 10: WantAnOrange DC2, MrsConfusion DC1
Oct. 14: Hufflepuffle
Oct. 17: Smorgs, DC1
Oct. 18: Bella2012 DC2, Beccus DC1
Oct. 19: Shellwedance DC1
Oct. 21: dosomethingmutley DC1
Oct. 26: Londonmrss, DC1
Oct. 27: MidgetM, DC2 but more likely to be around 6/10
Oct. 28: Kyyria DC1, Loopyla, DC1
Oct. 30: Cherrychopsticks, DC1
Nov. 1: Londonlivvy DC1
Nov. 8: MickeyTheShortOne DC1

crazypaving Fri 31-Aug-12 11:12:59

Morning all, glad we're down to one new thread! And the thread we'll be on when NEW PEOPLE START ARRIVING IN THE WORLD, EEEEP!!!

This might be quite long - a lot's happened here! Some of it may be vaguely interesting...!

Yesterday was my last day at work. My goodness I feel like I've taken a big leap into the unknown, with no job to go back to. It makes a huge difference that the NHS maternity policy means that my contract has effectively been extended by 52 weeks to cover a full year's mat leave, so I don't feel totally adrift. But still, having no plan at the end and not being able to make one is a bit scary. And also not knowing if I'd want to go back to the job I just left if it was available, because the manager is so unbelievably crap and unprofessional and the team so fragmented and difficult to work in. I suppose the key is to bury my head in the sand grin

I've gone Ebay crazy and have been buying left right and centre. DH has a fixed grin on his face whenever it's brought up as I think finances are scaring him a bit. Still, we need the stuff and I'm managing to save a small fortune. Latest purchase: travel cot for new baby. Precisely the same as DS's, cos he loves it and sleeps so well in it. Highly recommend the Little Life Arc 2 if anyone's interested, it's bloody lightweight and compact.

Still have to buy cot, mattress, autumn/winter clothes for DS, and rearrange the rooms upstairs so the baby actually has somewhere to sleep, but that's not urgent as he/she will be in with us for a while. We'll save that upheaval for later (more head in sand, ahh, comfy).

I did a "crafty" type project yesterday, which I was v excited about, but should've known it would end in disaster because I am totally and completely useless at that kind of thing. I bought some cheap (but effective) blackout material off ebay and some velcro stickers, cut the fabric to size (in theory, ahem), and stuck it to DS's window and a funny little window in our spare room which will be his room at some point. Who knew cutting fabric was so tricky! Straight lines abandoned me. It looks effing ridiculous but the light is blocked...sigh. DH was smirking excessively and making snide comments. He's stuck with it though, so he can effing well put a sock in it.

And I spoke too soon about DH staying away - he announced the other day that he has a night away on 18th Sept, 4 hours' drive away (v important work meeting)! I'll be 37 weeks... I'm sure it'll be fine, but if I do happen to go into labour, it is likely to happen faster than last time (8hrs from start to finish) so he is likely to miss it. And if I do go into labour I will not be held responsible for the things I say to him down the phone.

squid well done for the nesting. Can I borrow your Mum?! I could so do with doing that - I've been eyeing up cupboards and drawers and itching to clean them out (very unlike me), but struggling to muster up the energy. So much to do...and limited time, because there's no way I'm doing it with DS around. Chaos. I wear the Bravado Body Silk bras, and absolutely love them (not exactly sexy, but oh so comfy, especially when your milk comes in and your boobs are like excruciating boulders). The bands are being stretched criminally by my fecking enormous bump so I've bought some new ones for after the birth.

wantanorange ((hugs)) for the SPD sad

cherry I have a friend who is built like a twig - seriously, her hips are about as wide as one of my thighs - and she has delivered 3 ten+ pounders naturally.

Bella another one cheering you on being so nice to your DH. What you really wanted was him to say "no, our time together is more important" I would imagine... I hope he does appreciate it. Well done you, and I hope you do something nice for you this weekend.

My DH is working this weekend sad and I haven't been organised and booked anything in for DS and me to do. Empty hours loom...at least the weather looks ok...

YompingJo Fri 31-Aug-12 11:14:05

Michael McIntyre was funny last night but on reflection, travelling 100 miles to find a car park and arena in a city we don't know, getting there very early (DH gets panicked if we might be late which to him means if we might get there less than 2 hours before the start of something hmm), entertaining ourselves for 2 hours, sitting in a hot, crowded arena for 4 hours (we got to our seats very early, thanks DH...), laughing a lot, walking up 5 flights of stairs to the car, sitting in a 40 minute queue to get out of the car park, driving 100 miles home again, getting home at 2:30 am... all whilst 35 weeks pregnant, was maybe not my brightest ever plan. Apart from being obsessed with getting places early, DH looked after me really well and I was as OK as I could be, but it was so bloody HOT in there, I was trying not to touch DH on one side and some random girl on the other, and I was so sweaty by the end. Feel pretty tired today. Tonight we have tickets to see The Wurzels!

Ha ha, glad peri massage info was clear. Tried again today - doesn't get any less dignified. Working up the courage to graduate to using 2 thumbs instead of just one... confused

LondonMrs and Planktonette, thank you for the new threads, and for coming up with much better names than I did!

Midget, clear that up right now, it will make the thread smell!

Elpis, your DD sounds great, and very well trained!

Mickey, well done for holding it together at funeral. Someone at my prenatal gym class said that she was glad she did not plan anything, birth-wise, as nothing went how she would have planned it anyway - so there's a vote for winging it. Something I'm categorically not capable of doing but am envious of those who are. And yes, moving is DEFINITELY the right thing to do, can understand your worries but you are right, you have to put the baby first. Washing machines are very exciting, surely everyone thinks that??? (I have just ordered a heated clothes airer as our washer/dryer only has one (high) drying temperature so no good for reusable nappies and we don't have radiators to dry them on, or sun to dry them in over the winter - so I now think heated clothes airers are also very exciting!)

Cherry, I have also heard that the measurements are a bit random and unreliable - and have never heard of having pelvis measured! Think I'd rather not know if mine is deemed small hmm. Saying that, I recently found out that my mum was induced 2 weeks early with me because she was deemed too small to give birth naturally if the baby (me) went to 40 weeks. Gulp. So maybe getting it measured is a good plan?

WantanOrange, that nature reserve Dr Who thing sounds AMAZING!!!!! Things like that are the reasons I can't wait to have children! DH and I were saying yesterday that we're really looking forward to all the silly stuff - bath toys, making baby giggle, etc. Sorry to hear about rubbish SPD though, hope you feel much better very soon.

crazypaving Fri 31-Aug-12 11:31:50

x-post Yomping, last night sounds tiring but I bet it was amazing - I'd love to see Michael McIntyre. I seem to be one of the only people on the planet who thought he was absolutely brilliant as a judge on britain's got talent, but then I think he's brilliant generally. I'd love to see Dara O'Briain too...one day maybe!

hufflepuffle Fri 31-Aug-12 11:39:16

Tis Friday thus work v busy but hav been sneakily catching up........
Cherry at our antenatal class on Wed night MW was talking about pelvic size and the need for ECS. She said that in the past MW and obs tried to estimate space in pelvis by looking at hip size, feet size etc. However it is now deemed pointless as the space in your pelvis is dependent on many things and amount of movement during labor is an unknown quantity so it is a matter of seeing how things go! Once you have had one birth they can give advice on subsequent ones. (!!?!)
She said that most ECS are due to baby being simply too big or head at wrong angle of descent.
I am wondering if things are different in JApan because anatomically Japanese women are quite simply smaller than many all over!!! Certainly their hips can be tiny.

Must go, next person waiting!

hufflepuffle Fri 31-Aug-12 12:14:52

Oh I too must be nesting because I had given myself a late start in work this morning and what did I do?? Sit on sofa or ball?? Nope, cleared out my underwear and tights drawers! How many bally pairs of black or brown opaque tights can one person have??????? Less now, that's for sure!
Now hopefully this wknd I can actually tackle back bedroom confused

Off now to look throught desk drawers to remove embarassing or 'should not be seen by others' items before new girl does her first full day on Monday!! Lunch?? No time!! eat while I sort!

Oh and thank you Planktonette and Londonmrss for new threads! x

WantAnOrange Fri 31-Aug-12 13:46:46

Yomping It was fun, and the kids loved it. I get to do quite a lot of forest school type things in my job but I usually have Early Years children, so it was nice to do something with DS that was for bigger kids.

Nesting is driving me insane. I want to make everything beautiful but I'm stuck doing the opposite, taking this house apart for the move. Can't wait til next wednesday is over and I can nest properly.

I am bored. DH has ordered me to rest due to SPD and my head says he is right, but I am fed up!

Beeblebear Fri 31-Aug-12 13:50:18

Squid. Well done on the nesting! My version of that this week has happened at work. Also, I finally got pictures printed and put in all the lovely frames I bought in sale 6 months ago.

Wntan orange that sounds amazing, byt far too much walking. wantI went to the mall last fri with my mom, walked around slowly for about 2 hours and caused an spd flare up that lasted until wednesday, despite attending my yoga class in sunday.

Could someone please add me to the list? Oct 20 dc#1

So overheard dh on the phone to his buddy over the last couple days planning a trip out if country for next weekend. Finally asked him what.s up with that last night. He said it probably won.t happen, because his friend is so wishy washy... Ok but still... Don.t you think yu should mention that to your wife??? Funny because that us so out of character for dh. Even if his parents or friend ask him to come to the cjty for dinner he always tells tgem "he better check with the wife first" whichi alwats give him a bad time about because he makes me soynd like this controlling b¡@$# . But seriousl, a trip either 8 hours bt car, or if destination #2 (vegas) 4hour flight and $$$ maybe it.s something we should discuss?? Oh well if he does go I.ll invite my mom over and we will clean and hide all of his nice things

Ok best get ready 4 work.

YompingJo Fri 31-Aug-12 13:55:37

Sometime within 3-6 weeks: CWest30 ELCS DC2
Sept. 25: Squidkid DC1, Angelico DC1
Sept. 26: Elpis DC2 by ELCS
Oct. 2: Firstbubba DC1, Velo DC1, Milk DC2
Oct. 5: Yomping DC1, Lisbethsopposite DS2
Oct. 7: crazypaving DC2
Oct. 10: WantAnOrange DC2, MrsConfusion DC1
Oct. 14: Hufflepuffle
Oct. 17: Smorgs, DC1
Oct. 18: Bella2012 DC2, Beccus DC1
Oct. 19: Shellwedance DC1
Oct. 20: Beeblebear DC1
Oct. 21: dosomethingmutley DC1
Oct. 26: Londonmrss, DC1
Oct. 27: MidgetM, DC2 but more likely to be around 6/10
Oct. 28: Kyyria DC1, Loopyla, DC1
Oct. 30: Cherrychopsticks, DC1
Nov. 1: Londonlivvy DC1
Nov. 8: MickeyTheShortOne DC1

Adding you, Beeble x

Londonmrss Fri 31-Aug-12 14:40:37

Hello chaps,
CWest hugs and hope you get your date soon. Can I ask why you have to be under general anaesthetic?
Mickey, I'm really frightened of the idea of a cs too- I've never had any kind of operation before and am assuming I won't need a CS. But obviously this birth thing can be unpredictable so I should think about the 'what ifs' because I think I'd find it emotionally and mentally quite difficult, having spent the last 6 months regularly visualising my 'perfect birth'.
I would like to share my news for the day. I've been having a lot of rib tenderness for a few weeks- all the way around. Assume it's still my ribs moving out of the way. I just bought a Bravado bra to try as a comfy bra for breast feeding, but thought I'd slip into the loo at work to try it as my Mothercare granny bra was feeling a little uncomfortable.
Rib pain gone! Honestly the most comfortable bra I've ever had the pleasure to lay against my skin. It's made my day. They're expensive and not that sexy. But I'm so comfortable now. I'm almost too comfortable. www.boots.com/en/Bravado-Bodysilk-Seamless-Nursing-Bra-black_1206765/
How are all your fellas doing with preparing for labour and birth etc? Mine has started to think about it more, but only because I forced him to watch a couple of episodes of OBEM to remind him that this is, at best, going to be an incredibly intense experience for us both and at worst.... well I left the room when there women lying on their back screaming, but I insisted he watch it. I think he assumed that we'd pop into the birthing centre, have a cuppa, pop the baby out, celebrate with a glass of bubbly and be home in time for him to invite his entire extended family round for photos and cake.

hufflepuffle Fri 31-Aug-12 15:48:06

Londonmrss that's the 2nd mention of said bra, Squid mentioned them too I think. SO I have just ordered one too!! Was not sure where to start online as ???? size compared to now but they are v simple! My current Debenhams ones just about too small now and the M&S and Mothercare ones were crap.

Thank you for the prompt!!! x

londonlivvy Fri 31-Aug-12 16:31:06

That bra does look comfy, LondonMrss and Huffle but it doesn't look hugely supportive so do let me know when you get it. I'm not sure what size you are, squid but I'm currently an H, and not sure it's designed to support boobs of that size?

I am having an afternoon on tenterhooks - my flat is supposed to be exchanging contracts today but there's a long and laborious chain to work through. I really really want it to go through soon. It should (if exchanges today) complete next Friday which would mean we only have our Scary Mortgage for one month. Fingers firmly crossed.

Thinking of houses, Fjord any news on your flat sale? Hope so.

And (vanity moment here) I got my two new isabella oliver tops through today that I got in their sale. I love their stuff but normally it's so expensive I just can't justify it. Their clothes go in and out in all the right places for me - particularly for tops, where lots of vest tops (H&M, GAP, I'm looking at you) seem to just go directly from boob to belly which makes me look fat. Now have very cute top and will have to go out for dinner with DF to celebrate. grin

Londonmrss Fri 31-Aug-12 16:51:44

Livvy I wouldn't know about an H cup, but it's certainly supportive enough for my 38DDs. I got the medium.

Angelico Fri 31-Aug-12 17:55:25

Hello ladies! So sorry, always intend a huge catch up but busy, busy weekend ahead. First of all the big news - finished work today!!! Until end of June next year! How strange is that going to be?! Everyone in work has been so lovely and supportive, I will really miss the craic - but not the commute. Think it will hit for real on Monday.

Tonight we are going to see a comedian (in all honesty would rather stay home and light stove), tomorrow heading home for my sister's birthday (she will make me change nappies and stuff as training no doubt grin), then Sunday my SIL and family arrive to stay with 3 kidlets in tow. They are lovely but thankfully they are not staying here as house is not toddler-proofed yet - boxes and sharp edges everywhere confused She is going to advise on essential purchases ( I think she subscribes to the 'not enough muslins in the world' school of thought grin)

Fjord how is your blood sugar doing? Hope you are okay and sending some thanks. Mine has been pretty good but have discovered my nemesis is orange juice! Yes, even 2 inches of pure orange in a glass diluted with 3 inches of water sends my blood sugar nuclear. Read an online blog by girl with GD and she said white bread and orange juice sent her BS higher than Coke did! confused So backing away from the fruit juice!

Have a big dilemma - to get steroids or not. Basically at 38+4 consultant dude says there is about a 3.5% chance of breathing difficulties which steroids will reduce to 1.5% chance. Trouble is they may also send blood sugar bananas and mean early hospital admission (and also the injections apparently hurt like fuck!!!). If I don't take them and bean has breathing problems she has to be transferred to another hospital without me for at least 24 hours. Consultant says he wouldn't push me to take them with those % and there's not much actual research evidence of them being wildly beneficial after 34 weeks so just have to decide. What would you do???

Sending a hug and a hope for a restful weekend to all! thanks xo

crazypaving Fri 31-Aug-12 19:01:22

Went to the cupboard, where I knew there were 2 squares of dark chocolate left, to discover that DH had chomped them BOTH last night. shock the unspeakable cheek of the man!! angry angry angry

A tornado is going to hit when he gets home


And breathe, and apologies to those with GD blush

PS Angelico, my DB & DSIL had a prem baby. They were advised to go for the steroids, and did - he was born at 30 weeks, so on balance was probably the right decision. However, you need to ask about all side effects - one they weren't told about was possible brain haemorrhages - and Dnephew has cerebral palsy. Who knows if it's because of the steroids, but..... It's a bloody tough call.

bella2012 Fri 31-Aug-12 19:02:40

Hey there!

I want to thank everyone who responded to me SO MUCH for such kind words of support. You helped me so much. The rational part of me knows that I am being unfair by feeling as I do, so I am just about managing not to show him how disappointed I am. I have realised that it is impossible to expect him to understand this hormonal monster that I have become! I actually feel resentful that he could care this much about a rugby game, enoug to travel down by coach during the night, at a time when I am so consumed by our little family.. And I know that is totally unreasonable. And yes Yomping, a sneaky part of me wanted him to want our special night away more. I am v. Jealous of all the sex you are still having squid as we haven't managed it for ages and even though that is because I am often asleep early/toddler in the bed/I don't feel at all sexy or attractive, I still fancy the pants off him and want some adult alone time, and had thought Sat would be it. I worry that he isn't missing sex at all and is far more excited by rugby! Ha!

Anyway, that is quite enough heart-pouring-out from me. i promise to behave myself for the rest of this thread and not drone on any more!

Livvy I am so pleased you like your new clothes! It is so hard to feel good in most mat clothes so really glad you have found some flattering things and are getting to enjoy a night out in them!

yomping that sounds like a pretty epic trip! I am glad he was funny! It is a great idea to do all stuff like that while you can though. And it sounds like it was a damn sight more amusing than the pereneal massage!

mickey you are so so right to move. You need a safe, secure and happy environment for your LO and living with your brother-in-law would not provide that. You can still be a support to your FIL without living with him. Glad the funeral wasn't too traumatic-even when you don't know the person it is still hard to see people grieving.

Woohoo! For you Angelico for finishing work-FANTASTIC! Sorry you have GD stress and difficult decisions ahead. Although the odds of there being problems are low, I would take the injection. Anything that would reduce the chance of being separated from your baby for any length of time. What a tough call-I feel for you.

londonmrss well done for educating your fella on his job during the birth! They don't have a clue do they! Mine refuses to let me watch OBEM but as he has seen it for real, he is now well trained. i squeezed that poor guys hand on every contraction for days!

We had a tour around the new birthing centre at the RVI in Newcastle which was amazing! No beds in any of the rooms, just couches, balls, strange contraptions to help you stay upright, funky lighting, ensuite, flat screens, birthing pools in most rooms, all equipment behind doors...really swish! So going to start off there and if things go wrong, I will only have to move upstairs for intervention instead of an ambulance ride like last time. And they have bed settees so dads can stay over with you if you want! We are v. Lucky to have this facility. I hope I can birth in there.

Am loving the list (especially now it is so tidy!) will be so wonderful to start ticking us all off the list! Except my hubs will clash me over the head when I will undoubtedly want to update 'the thread' while in hospital! He doesn't get it at all! It is just such a help having you all going through it at the same time, as noone else understands!

Right, I have a grubby toddler to go and bath. We went to an adventure playground but spent the whole time in the wood next to it jumping in muddy puddles and pretending to put out forest fires! My boy is crackers! Xx

Kyyria Fri 31-Aug-12 19:36:35

I'm another one with a DH who has to go away. He's got to go on a week long course for work in Bradford at the beginning of October (we live on the edge of Gateshead and I'll be 36 going on 37 weeks). Not too worked up at the moment but it s niggling and know I'll feel on edge when I'm on my own - still, can't be helped.

We're got our first NCT class tomorrow (10am-4pm...think i'll be mentally knackered by the end of it) and not really sure what to expect. Feeling quite nervous about it all. However, came across this fantastic [ Dara O'Briain sketch that made me giggle smile

Hope everyone is ok. Am looking forward to the finishing line at work creeping ever closer...but it's taking its damn time!

32, 31+5, #1

Beeblebear Fri 31-Aug-12 20:38:42

Thank you for the add Yomping!

lisbethsopposite Fri 31-Aug-12 20:43:25

Yomping respect. Your date makes me feel I am 100 years old. I read it out loud to DH - your life is certainly going to change with baby but I think you will have no regrets. You are DOING so much.
Whenever I described some restriction of parenthood to friends, I always knew the good outweighed the bad. You are right to do the young and free stuff.

Squid Also impressed

Actually everyone who goes upstairs quickly impresses me at this stage - I am at a low baseline. blush

Between all the movers - I forget who was in danger of not getting back your deposit. Did that work out OK?

Got my hair done today - feel very glamorous for tv watching but such is life.

CWest30 Fri 31-Aug-12 21:09:52


Last time around, I had the steroid injections at 32 weeks. They DON'T hurt that much at all, and trust me, I am no good with pain at all! My DS was then born at 34 weeks, and needed 24 hrs on a CPAP (breathing machine) before he was able to breathe normally by himself. Yes he spent 10 days in the Special Care Baby Unit, but that was only because he couldn't regulate his own body temperature, nothing to do with difficulties breathing.

This time around, I've been told I've got to have the same injections in about 10 days (again at 32 weeks) so it seems like it may be standard procedure for all ELCS? They also said they can administer them up to 24 hrs before a baby is delivered.

I know of a number of people who have had a CS this year, and they've all mentioned injections they have recieved AFTER the section. Something to do with blood clots? Can anyone shed any light on these as I didnt have to have them last time?

Londonmrs the short version of why I am going under general anaesthetic is this. I was born with severe Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and apparently my pelvis is too small to allow for a natural birth. They won't give me an epidural because my spine is twisted as well as curved, so they dont want to damage any nerves that might be in a different place to someone who has a straight spine. Hence the general anaesthetic rather than being awake. Does that make sense? I'm gutted I wasnt awake to see DS being born, and I'll miss this baby too. Also as its a general, its classed more as an operation, so they won't allow DH in the room either. sad Its hard to come to terms with the fact that I will never get back those first precious moments of my children's lives, but as long as I wake to good news, I suppose thats all that matters.....

hufflepuffle Fri 31-Aug-12 22:30:49

Cwest I think you are talking about Klexane which is given to everyone (big generalisation there huffle!!) post surgery to avoid clotting? As is wearing of the surgical stockings? I am by no means accurate on this as not had surgery in years but parents hav been thru various lately and hav had the above, so not specific to preggers ladies. But maybe there is something else.

See how I can only respond to one thing?? X

Think baby has a sweet tooth like me, every time we say the word 'biccy' it moves loads!!!!! This was an accidental discovery whilst discussing my nightly milk and biccies a few nights back!

Am I losing the plot?

Midgetm Fri 31-Aug-12 23:07:01

Flying visit to wave at Angelicio and just add my two penneths worth and say... I had DD at 37 weeks and was not advised to have steroids. Despite her very low birth weight. DD does have mild asthma which they say can be linked to coming even a bit early now but not sure steroids would have altered that. Like someone else wise said (sorry on phone so can't check) I would want to know all the side effects as the odds for breathing difficulties seem pretty low. All these bloody decisions we have to make, they suck eh?

Midgetm Fri 31-Aug-12 23:08:31

Sneaks back in, hangs head. Sorry yomping I've cleaned it up now.

squidkid Sat 01-Sep-12 09:11:44

Elpis Love your daughter bringing you biscuits. And I don't know which gender I'm having and have bought some blue, dark pink, purple stuff... all sorts. Naught wrong with men in pink!

Mickey Glad the funeral was ok.
There's a lot to be said for being confident and winging it. My midwife was saying she sees lots of straightforward births from young girls (hope it's not patronising to call you a young girl) who just turn up and get on with it. You'll be great. xx

Cherrychopsticks How very weird about measuring your pelvis. True cases of cephalic pelvic disproportion are really really rare I understand - far more commonly it's the position of the baby that leads to obstructed labours. I don't know if there's cultural variation though! There are countless reports of titchy girls delivering monster babies fine. Rather you than me with all the scans, I find them pretty stressful!

Londonmrs I think like the clothes on the high street, ball positions are decided assuming women don't even have tits.
ps. I LIKE your husband's birth plan grin

Wantan Orange Your day at the nature reserve sounds awesome! I spend most days doing things pregnant girls probably shouldn't be doing. Though sad about your SPD. Hope it's eased a bit today.

crazypaving thank god for the nhs, eh. So many of my mates have been horribly stung with maternity leave. Thanks for the bravado reassurance, do you mind me asking what size you are and what size you ordered? I rather pessimistically got a large (I am 34 or 36 DD at the moment) but I think after what londonmrs says I might exchange it for a medium... it just seems a bit big. londonlivvy I am dubious about the support too, and a few sizes smaller than you. But it is so comfortable I could sleep in it so that may be more important... I just don't know!! confused

angelico don't take this as a medical opinion (not my field) but I am quite surprised they are offering steroids as I thought a 38week baby (37 in some places) is considered term? certainly they have no issue with me having a 37 week baby at home, that was the cut off they gave me... so I assumed they were anticipating no more complications than a 40 week one? I personally wouldn't take the steroids unless the consultant was advising it, but not a medical opinion as I said.

CWest - you have absolutely every reason to be, but every time you post you seem to be more and more distressed and upset and scared about this upcoming section. I wonder if it might help to talk to someone (not the internet) about it? It must be really hard to come to terms with - presumably you knew this would be the case before you got pregnant, but in some ways that makes dealing with the situation even harder. And it makes sense that even though you logically want the baby as late as possible, you wish you could have the operation as soon as possible and get the bloody thing out the way.
Another possible option, and please just ignore me if these suggestions are unhelpful, is looking into relaxation work and positive thinking - I have been listening to my hypnobirthing CD for a while now and it has given me such a positive view on birth. Now I know I am having an uncomplicated pregnancy and you may feel I have no right to talk, but I did notice the hypnotherapy does a huge range of birthing CDs for different situations - do you think something like this could be helpful to you?
I know that you are not having a typical section as you will be under GA but I guess I am just a bit worried about you are sounding more distressed all the time. Tell me to mind my own business if you like. Please take care.

(Clexane (or its equivalents, it's a type of heparin) is given after most operations these days particularly ones where you are likely to be less mobile afterwards. Once or twice a day, injected into a fatty bit - the nurses teach you how to do it yourself so you can go home, usually. It's to prevent blood clots.)

Blah, bit of a rubbish day yesterday, culminating in me deciding baby wasn't moving and couldn't remember how long it had been since he last did (the frequent braxton hicks are confusing me) ... my mum said she could hear a heartbeat of 140 with my stethoscope (she was a midwife many decades ago) but I am not a fan of self-diagnosis and was just picking up the phone to midwife after several hours of lying on my side, cold drinks, etc, and then the little one had a good kick session, so that was ok. On the other side of my ribs to usual though, so maybe she's even shifted from right to left (which is good!) I was tired with the fretting and tired from the day going around town shopping etc and crashed. Feel better this morning though. I feel MORE frantic about stuff like this now I am so near to term... I guess it's the feeling of they could get the baby out without complications. Anyway all is fine. I'm tired.

Sorry for mammoth post.

Londonmrss Sat 01-Sep-12 11:08:08

Wow, CWest. Your situation puts my own tiny worries into perspective. I'm always fretting about having the 'perfect' birth- so much so that I think I'll be upset if it isn't the way I imagine it. But you're right. The most important thing is both me and baby being safe. That's all that matters. It must be difficult to come to terms with missing those first few moments, but personally I think the bonding process is so gradual- it has already started during pregnancy and it will continue for the rest of your life. Those few minutes are small in comparison to that.
Angelica- I thought the same as Squid- a 37 week baby is full term so would be dubious about needing anything after that time. But to be honest, if I was told something would make the baby safer, I would probably do it unquestioningly.

Angelico Sat 01-Sep-12 11:55:50

Morning ladies smile Going to try and have a bit of a catch up here but a special bunch of thanks to all with irritating OHs / SPD / heartburn / general worries.

Livvy hang in there with the moving stuff - it's awful at the time but so worth it when you get there!

Good info about the chewing gum for heartburn. Unfortunately it makes my jaw click grin I'm finding mine has greatly improved now that I am eating sensible food at sensible times, rather than grabbing food on the run / eating whatever I could get. Also helps that bean is well down in pelvis too.

Mickey well done on getting through funeral - they're awful enough at the best of times confused On the CS thing you will probably be grand but I still recommend that book if you want more info. Basically the advice seems to be - hope for the best but be prepared for the possibility of a section because psychologically the people who are most 'damaged' by having an EMCS are people who are most adamantly opposed to having one / will feel like a 'failure' having one. There is a good chapter in the book about avoiding a CS too but generally it seems to say: if you have to have a CS it is to give you and your baby the best possible outcome and that's the most important thing for you both.

CWest sending you a huge hug. I'm sorry it's so stressful for you thinking about the CS, especially with a GA. Thing is you know yourself that being a parent isn't about the birth experience - it's the day to day relentless grind of loving the beans after they arrive smile Any labour can end in a GA, even where it's a planned CS (friend's wife went for ELCS, epidural didn't take, baby in distress, wham - they knocked her out). Maybe it's the teacher in me but I get to see a lot of kids and parents and it really is how the kids have been raised that makes the difference, not how they come into the world - as long as they arrive safely and you are kept safe to look after them thanks

Bella you were v understanding about the rugby and your DH will adore you more than ever. Let him plan a lush weekend away for a few months post-bean... wink Your birthing unit place sounds amazing!

WantanOrange your day out sounds awesome and so sorry you are struggling with SPD. It sounds like the worst thing ever and sympathy to all of you with it sad

Crazypaving hurrah for finishing work and grin grin grin on the blind savaging cutting - I'm as blessed in the 'crafting' department as you are so feel your pain grin

Yomping - that was a hardcore journey to make to see Michael McIntyre - hope he was suitably hilarious! We saw Patrick Kielty last night and he was great but would NOT have driven 100 miles to see ANYONE! A grin at the 'two thumbs' progression confused lol!

Squid and fellow nesters - what is going on with us?! I keep cleaning the kitchen, have bought and frozen enough meat to see us through apocalypse (butcher had to carry it to car for me blush) and made a vast stockpot full of lentil soup to freeze. DH keeps pretending to feel my forehead and threatening to take me to A&E grin Know what you mean though about the movement thing / Braxton Hicks - think a few weeks ago I was mistaking BH for baby moving. I just keep trying to tell myself that if she slows down too much they can probably whip her out now.

Thanks for thoughts on steroids. Squid think the reasoning on steroids is that CS babies have very slightly increased risk of breathing diffs because they don't get a good squeeze coming through pelvis to help get the gunk out of lungs. Consultant said that anecdotally big babies seem more likely in his experience (maybe because sometimes linked to GD which raises risk slightly in itself). If hospital had SCBU wouldn't even think about it but wouldn't fancy being separated for 24 hours if I can help it confused. But hate the thought of steroids sending BS mad and being admitted early, hospitals are so hot and noisy and interrupty when you're trying to sleep. It's a tough one sad

Anyway, on a happier note at US on Thurs I could see the baby 'breathing' smile Her tummy was moving up and down, consultant was v pleased, said she's practising and getting her lungs strong so hopefully all will be well.

God this is an essay and forgot to do my finger prick there and have to pack to head home for sister's birthday so have a good weekend ladies and hello to everyone! xo

WantAnOrange Sat 01-Sep-12 12:13:20

Angelico That is amazing, seeing her breathe!

Thanks for all the SPD sympathy. I was good for nothing yesturday but much better today.

Friend is coming round with her 2 boys so we can sit and drink tea and the kids can entertain each other. There is no room in the house though so they will probably end up playing Skylanders (much to DS' delight!)

Zara1984 Sat 01-Sep-12 13:25:54

Hello everyone!

Wow, there's been a lot of updates! Can't respond to everyone here but:

Angelico that's really really cool seeing your baby breathe! smile

CWest I hope you get your c-section date soon. I was talking to DMIL about her deliver of DSIL, and it was a c-section under general. I asked her if it was weird not being awake when DSIL was born, compared to DH and DBIL, and she said she never really thought about it. She was just glad not to be pregnant anymore, a dangerous labour done with, and to have a baby! I know that's just one person... but I guess I'm trying to echo the sentiments of others here, you're a parent forever, birth is just one tiny part of it (that we are all admittedly thinking about 24-7 at this stage of our pregnancies!!).

It's been sooo busy here for me. DH threw out his back a few weeks ago and is slowly recovering - so I've been doing a lot more around the house etc and am knackered. He's going to be away for work for pretty much the next 3 weeks. Am going to try tackle some of the bigger physical jobs while he's away - just 30 mins or an hour a day of eg cleaning out cupboards.

Chatted to DMIL this morning and feeling totally like a lazy mummy after seeing how much effort she has gone to for her PFB grandchild! She has MADE sheets and blankets (including fitted sheets! How the hell do you MAKE fitted sheets?!) for his Moses Basket in NZ, with beautiful coloured scalloped edging. She has made muslin cloths with matching scalloped detailing/embroidery. And she's made bum clothes/muslins (didn't have the heart to tell her I'm pretty lazy and plan on just using wipes!! blush ) She's also bought him jumpers galore. She found the sheepskin liner she used for her kids and has cleaned it up. In short she has created a beautiful nursery for him at her place, and has everything ready to go (play mat, bouncer... just insert baby!) .... LOL and we haven't even taken his crib out of the box (since it arrived a month ago)! Hahahaha!! Anyway I get the feeling this little boy is going to be very VERY spoilt by his grandparents while we are in NZ for 2 months.... hey at least I can provide boobs!! <lazy feckless mother emoticon> I was like "Wow that's amazing... I errrrr bough a thermometer on Amazon!"

Had a bit of a scare on Thursday with baby moving less - I posted about it on another thread. Went into the hospital and all was fine, but it was a bit emotionally draining.

Work has stepped up a notch and is now very busy. Sigh. Of course. Only 6 weeks to go. GP thinks I'm crazy for trying to get to 38 weeks at work, and may sign me off at 36/37.

No news on the Australia job for DH yet. He's had the interviews and good references, I'd say there's a really good chance he'll get it. However it looks like he also might be getting a job offer from his old company in NZ (which would be more tempting - a helluva lot easier to move back to the city we used to live in than to a totally new one in Australia). No idea what's going to happen yet, might have more news by the end of September. 2013 will be a busy year for us anyway. A lot of Keep Calm & Carry On etc. I'm pretty flexible about it all but I do wish actually he could get a job in the UK instead for 3 or 4 years (there was talk of an offer there too, from one of his references for the Australia job).... if for nothing else <shallow emoticon> than to continue to live in a nice, warm insulated British-style house (NZ and Australian houses have no central heating are uninsulated and FREEZING - in Aus not a big problem but in NZ it's colder and it's dreadful, mould everywhere). And have access to Boots and quick Amazon.co.uk deliveries. I know that sounds really lame but British and Irish people don't know how lucky they are, their houses and community infrastructure are so good.... and everything is so cheap in the UK and Ireland compared to Aus/NZ.... I do love home but sunshine and scenery are at times bit overrated when everything is so expensive and your house is like an icebox in winter. Don't let the NZ immigration department catch me saying that... it's supposed to be paradise right? grin

Can someone add me to the list too? I'm due 26 October with DC1 (a boy)....

Elpis Sat 01-Sep-12 14:05:54

Had a bossy letter from hospital today saying my iron levels are low (10.4, normal range 11.5-15.5) and I must go to GP, who will of course prescribe iron tablets. I don't want iron tablets. They make me constipated, and I am already managing only two poos a week. I am just going to eat more red meat, leafy green veg etc and make DH take me out for a steak. I'm not being irresponsible, am I? I was pretty much vegetarian in the few days before the blood test so I think that explains the result.

Zara1984 Sat 01-Sep-12 14:43:40

Elpis I think there is a liquid form of iron you can take that doesn't make you constipated??? Ask your doc.

I am taking iron tabs daily now and it has really helped. Mainly because I would be so exhausted otherwise I couldn't be bothered making iron-rich foods (ie i'd survive on tea and nutella-slathered toast).

Whatever you do make your DH take you out for a steak grin capital idea!!

CWest30 Sat 01-Sep-12 17:44:56

Wow, you are all so lovely, thanks for all the incredible support - hugs all around smile

I hope I haven't been banging on too much and bored you all to death with my "woe is me" stuff, just this is the only place I can vent. My parents and hubby both said to me yesterday I am basically being overly dramatic as usual (partly true) and over-analysing it. So I don't want to bother them with it any more, DH is stuck working nights in a job he LOATHES and is too tired to do more than grunt at me the majority of the time, and all my friends are mainly on facebook or busy with their own lives so not really got anyone else to confide in.

ANYWAY, happy, happy positive posts from now on I promise. I will update when I am finally given a date but no more negativity, I'd hate for any of you to suddenly end up having an emergency section under GA and worry about stuff I've said about not bornding etc, this is my own personal experience, I did not mean for it to sound like it is the same for everyone. Sincere apologies and thanks.

No appointments until midwife on Friday next week and DS has finished nursery so I am taking him out for a few treats before he starts big school, moves house and gets a new baby sister. Farm, Cinema and Soft Play area I think, that's 3 days covered!!

Enjoy your weekend lovely ladies, blessings to you all xxx

Beccus Sat 01-Sep-12 18:53:09

CWest, please continue to voice your fears as much as you need to on here. It's such a good source of support and because it's more anonymous, it means we can all be honest about how we r feeling without worrying about freaking out our nearest and dearest. I would be sh1tting myself if I had to have a GA for anything. It's ok to be mourning the fact you are missing out seeing your little ones coming into the world. Think u will feel better once you have a date.

Thanks planktoette and londonmrs for the new thread, yomping, u r too funny, but thank you for too for calculating the average thread length and tidying up the EDD list. Where would we be without our favorite OCD? smile

hurrah, angelico and crazy have joined squid on mat leave. I had a bit of a mat leave stress this week. I want to finish on 28/9, by which time i'll be 37.5 weeks. So, i thought i had 24 days left at work to sort everything out, and then my boss asks me to do something completely different for 5 days. That, i thought i could just manage. But, our mat leave policy says we have to get gp to give us a certificate of fitness to work if we want to go beyond 36 weeks, and my gp was being really unhelpful, banging on about how it wasn't appropriate or necessary because pregnancy isn't an illness... So i thought i was going to have to start mat lave 8 days earlier, losing a total of 13 days, and only having 11 left to sort everything out!!!! Cue giant freak out, tears, poor night's sleep....but think everything is now sorted. HR have agreed i can stay until 28th as long as i have a mat risk ax every 4 days in those last 8.

bella2012, u r amazing, i can totally understand how you would have wanted your hubby to chose your weekend together over the rugby. He is so lucky to have you, i hope u r doing something really nice for yourself this weekend.

Impressed by u active ladies....no spd for me yet, but maybe that's because i get tired after 15 mins walking and need a little rest. Recommend regular rests to all.

Had a lovely massage this am and popped out for some more baby bits. Baby bed is ready, which feels reassuring. Had to get gorgeous cookie monster t shirt from mothercare for me that has a pic of him munching cookiens and says 'eating for 2!'. I love CM smile

Antenatal class for us, too tomorrow. Have been lent a dvd called 'orgasmic birth' - apparently one lady really has an orgasm...sounds much better than OBEM smile ...will report back!!

hufflepuffle Sat 01-Sep-12 20:35:01

Evening all! Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch.
Fruitful day. Ikea in morning followed by actually making a considerable dent in back room, yay!! Lots of stuff boxed and ready for move. Tmrw is clean the room and start looking at what hav for baba and what need.
Consequence? Sore sore sore pelvic area big time!!! Me and the ball close companions for rest of evening and hope I've not overdone it too much!!!

Hilarious scary dreams last night...... Vampires..... Woke DH by shouting at top of voice "don't invite him in!!!!" We were giggling like kids at 4 am!

Hope all as well as can be for everyone, 6 wks today for moi...,
Off to have a sneaky glass of rose....... Drink number 6 of pregnancy I think!! wine

Londonmrss Sat 01-Sep-12 21:14:31

Am liking the sound of an orgasmic birth, Beccus. Make sure you give us all the info!

FjordMor Sat 01-Sep-12 21:41:18

Just found this thread after a manic week! Am going to read it and back on the last one and try to get caught up with all your news. I do remember reading that Angelico is also in the GD camp. Thinking of you Angelico (as I take my, now 8 times daily finger pricks). Mine's being a bugger to manage at the moment but I'm just about coping. Perhaps we should compare notes by PM? I'm at the hospital what seems like nearly every day next week and, despite not feeling ready for my (now inevitable it seems) early delivery, I feel very well looked after and am calming down about the whole diagnosis! smile. Right, must go get caught up with you all and I'll post again either in an hour or so or tomorrow, depending on whether I'm driven to my bed by relentless DS2 singing (DP let her sugar binge again) and general hectic atmosphere in the batcave tonight. I'm craving the floorfan, a book and some piece and quiet (boy I feel too old for this kids caper some days! wink).

elpis ask your doc to prescribe you the spatone iron supplements. Two a day for preg women and dont make you constipated. A clear virtually tasteless liquid that you just mix in with some juice. Or not- i personally think it tastes a bit metallic so with juice is nicer, but if your hardcore you can take it on its own.

Move not going fantastically well. Previous tenants have left it a right mess and we have so much work to do. Who said it was a good idea to move house when i was 30weeks pregnant? oh yeah, me i want to paint, but i dont think im supposed to do that. I want to lay a new carpet, but i cant get down on the floor anymore. Back to work tomorrow. I spent two days cleaning the kitchen. And it still looks greasy. GRRRRR.

In other news, 4D scan went well this morning, albeit with a very uncooperative baby. It actually gave the sonographer the finger... confused glad to see its inherited my attitude when it gets woken up!!!! grin

FjordMor Sat 01-Sep-12 23:21:52

Very long catch up alert (I always do this, don’t I? blush)…

Firstly, I should have said in my last post, thank you all so much for your support, virtual hugs and kind words following my GD related meltdown. It is getting easier although it’s still somewhat all consuming as the diet I’m having to stick to is so expensive, unlike any way I’ve eaten in my life before (high protein and very very low carb), and requires a great deal of thought and planning before each meal (as well as nearly doubling the food budget, despite me eating much less volume of food!).
Still not sure about paying for the birth but it’s seeming more unlikely than likely at the moment. Hopefully I’ll know more by the end of the week and my numerous hospital appointments. Funnily enough, the day after I posted and all of you were so lovely, I absolutely bawled on reading your messages. I had to go and pick up DP and go to IKEA and I tried to tell him about how lovely you had all been while driving there and I started bawling again and funnily enough bella he said exactly what you wrote – that I am doing a marvellous job etc (cue more bawling). Midget I also found your words, in light of your experience of diabetes sufferers, valuable and comforting. I’m trying not to beat myself up about it these days! smile lisbeth - I was comforted by your description of induction. I hold that idea in my mind when I think of what will possibly be mine. Hopefully my hospital visit on Monday (and trying gas and air apparently) will make me feel more settled about whatever the inevitability is. The whole unit is supposed to be amazing.

After a week of so of feeling a bit ‘lost’ I’m starting to feel more back on track now. I had a lovely meet up with 3 other expat ladies (2 Brits and 2 Aussies) who are due around the same time. They were all really great and we’re going to meet weekly. 3 of us are in the same ante-natal class/hospital visit next week and 1 of them will probably be delivering at the same time on the same ward smile. londonlivvy - I’ve dropped the price on the flat and even put it lower than an identical flat in a neighbouring block to remain competitive. I’ve everything crossed that this might bring in a whole new wave of interest. Kind of need to achieve the asking price though which makes any potential offers a bit more stressful as we weigh up a disadvantaged financial position against selling the place at all.

Feeling everyone’s pain re heartburn; mine particularly flared up when I first changed my diet – so bad I had pain between my shoulder blades half the day and had to take Calcium Carbonate virtually every 2 hours (was also thinking desperately of a Lanzoprazole prescription but it seems to have abated a bit now). Still not leaking or producing any milk though. Trying not to worry about that one although it seems more normal to be by now than not. Not sure about BH. Sometimes the bump feels tight when I touch it, sometimes not. Have had a couple of episodes of quite painful contractions but they usually occurred when I blush needed a number two so I put them down to bowels making the whole area freak out a bit??

Kyyria - I had one bad episode of diarrhoea with cramps. Thought it was contraction at first. Still not sure if it was some kind of severe BH bringing on fast moving bowels or something I ate. However, I felt fine – no nausea, fever or symptoms that lasted after it had finished so I guess I’ll never know. Did find out Google that it can be a pregnancy symptom though, while I was worried at the time.

Angelico - out of interest, what blood sugar levels have you been told to aim for? I have been told 5.5 mmol/l or less fasting and 7 mmol/l or less 1.5 hours post food. It’s conservative compared to regular diabetes management but I guess the Norwegian endocrinologists have arrived at that based on what’s safest for baby. I can’t find anywhere from other countries online suggesting levels so low. I’m only really managing it with very low carbs – Zone diet almost meets Atkins. Doesn’t really suit me but I’m coping. Pulses are good. Pulses rock but stepkids don’t eat pulses (hence my slight spikes after dinner when they’re here sad). Also I have to check my bloods on waking, pre-food, 1.5 hours post food and pre-bed (8 times in all). I found they crept up eating the same food after the first 2 weeks so I had to tweak my diet even more firmly than I originally did (can only do low GI bread, 2 tiny slices, at the lunch meal now, if at all and only 2 dessertspons of pasta, noodles or bulgur wheat as a carb - can't do tomtoes without a slight spike for some reason and if I just eat too much - more than a child's portion, I also get a spike). Interested to hear your feedback but we can take it private if you like smile.

smiley - you’re so right about the perspective that this will all fade in significance in the end once I have a crawling, beautiful baby with a personality that I’ll be discovering new things about every day. I’m mostly worried about doing her right at the moment but I guess I’m doing everything I can and look forward to the day that I can just enjoy her, having got her here safely (I hope!). Know exactly how you feel about feeling ‘not ready’ though!

squid - some days I think mine’s engaged. On Friday I felt like she was almost ‘hanging’ between my legs but other days, I feel like the bump is less heavy and have less dragging pain than even in the 2nd trimester while walking, as well as having almost less breathlessness than at any time in my whole pregnancy! (still waddling, but waddling fast smile) So tbh I have no idea. Hoping midwife on Monday will be persuaded to have a feel re. a) position and b) engagement (will they do that as early as 34 weeks?). She seems to ‘sleep’ heavily on my bladder, have to ‘push’ to get the stream going sometimes, even when I feel bursting! Hope she’s not obstructing anything…

londonlivvy - super congrats on the big move! Sounds like you’ve coped exceptionally well and must feel relieved that you are at least in there now and able to nest. Fingers firmly crossed indeed for your flat. I know from the uncertainty of money worries when flat money doesn’t come through when needed…

Yomping - lol at forgetting what a squirrel was grin. I think that deserves some kind of baby brain award!! wink

bella - I’m not surprised you’re disappointed to miss your night away with DH but that’s an amazing selfless thing you’ve done there. And he’s a total muppet if he doesn’t appreciate that!

CWest - you have a lot to have a lot of feelings about. Don’t feel corralled into feeling ‘positive’ please (although it is a good thing to try to…). I think it’s important that you work through your feelings about your birth experience, whatever they are. Sending hugs smile.

Apologies to anyone I've not name-checked. I have read all your posts. Sending comfortable, heartburn-free vibes your way!

Don’t know what to do about adding myself to the due date list. My official ‘Norwegian’ due date (based on size at 20 week scan) is October 15th. My UK due date would be October 7th and the chances (predicted size wise) of me being induced before either of these is fairly high (I’d say 70% at least – will know more after Thursday’s growth scan I expect). Is ‘any time between 23rd September and 9th October’ too vague??

(I don’t have a birth ball. Now feel like I should have a birth ball…Should I have a birth ball??)

Elpis Sun 02-Sep-12 06:32:07

Zara and Mickey Thanks very much for the spatone recommendation. I know you can buy liquid iron supplements OTC so I'll go to a pharmacy. I did read somewhere that they aren't as strong as tablets but anything will help, won't it? DH made a lamb curry last night and today I'll break open the dried apricots.

FjordMor and Angelico Sympathies. I went on a low GI diet when I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and it is not easy, especially when you're hungry. Giving up juice and most bread is especially painful. Off the top of my head, though, I do remember - as well as things you've already mentioned:

- adding an acidic food to a relatively high GI one lowers it. Eg vinegar on chips, lemon squeezed over things

- two oranges are much better than orange juice, because the fibre content slows down digestion

- oatcakes, rye bread, whole wheat pasta, porridge, birchermuesli, peanuts, sweet potatoes, Ryvita, wild rice mixes (not sticky rice) are your friends

- watermelon has a really high GI

You probably already know all that, but just in case! A friend who had GD during her first pregnancy (but not this one) used to eat a lot of curry and dal, which was at least spicy and satisfying...

Woke up several times fretting about lack of movement (the baby, not my bowels). But he seems to have woken up now. Why must they have these idle days to worry us?

DH was hard at work in the spare room yesterday, assembling the single bed that's for me so I can semi-cosleep - it will later become the baby's - and reassembling DD's cot. He took a sweet pic of her wielding an Allen key. We have a satisfyingly big pile of stuff to take to the tip today. I just wish I could find a home for all the stuff my mother accumulated about the early life of my grandmother and her ancestors. The fact is I am not very interested in it as Mum was adopted and Granny was a bit of a pain (anti-Semitic, hard to love). Somewhere out there one of her real descendants might like her reminiscences of going into service after WW1, but how to find them? Am tempted just to throw it all out.

YompingJo Sun 02-Sep-12 06:49:34

Gah. Hideous night sad. Hips have started hurting out of the blue, lost blood supply to my arms so they were tingling, every single position uncomfortable, especially left side, baby felt like rugby ball wedged inside me squashing my internal organs when I lay down. Turning over uncomfortable, slow and painful. Then when I was nearly asleep, baby started wriggling and it felt like it was trying to get out. Kept DH awake, which was bad as he has an early start and could hear him sighing loudly (not crossly, just frustration at not sleeping), which was bad enough - but then he fell asleep and I wanted to poke his eyes out for being asleep and breathing loudly and snoring a bit, and I didn't want to roll over to fish out earplugs in case I woke him up again. Keeping someone awake is bad but being kept awake while they sleep is even worse!

Woke up (not - make that finally heard the alarm) at 5:40 (early alarm today, DH has triathlon and I'm off to watch him) and just burst into floods of tears and said that at some points during the night I had wanted to gouge the baby out of me. Then felt truly, truly dreadful for saying that and cried lots more. sadsadsad

Feel very sad today sad and want to get baby born and give it a big hug and say sorry.

WantAnOrange Sun 02-Sep-12 08:47:02

YompingJo Don't feel guilty, we know what you mean! I wanted to poke his eyes out for being asleep and breathing loudly and snoring a bit, I'm amazed you restrained yourself DH would've been kicked.

Can you catch up on some rest today?

Planktonette Sun 02-Sep-12 11:49:15

Welp, my holidays are now over, and the sitting-quietly-on-the-couch (oh HA HA HA) bit of maternity leave begins. I can highy recommend Bath and Bristol, they are both far more fun and interesting than I was expecting! And the thermal heated rooftop baths in Bath... Oh my. So very, very relaxing. Wonderful.

(36 weeks, due 27 Sept, fwiw!)


cwest like the ladies say, no need to hold back here smile Do you know, the very first pregnancy book I bought was recommended by someone on this thread and is only about caesareans - 'caesarean birth - a positive. Approach to preparation and recovery' by Leigh East. It's really great. I bought it because I knew 1 in 4 UK births end in a Caesar, and I wanted to be prepared. I really recommend it, very practical and with loads of reassurance.

squid thanks so much for bra tip! Awaiting delivery now smile

zara many moons ago, I said that (as an aussie in UK) I couldn't imagine facing a move home with a newborn due to DH getting a new job. Well guess what? He's only gone and applied for a job back in our hometown! And if he gets it, we'll be moving in January! EEK! Serves me right - I jinxed myself!

elpis another spat one enthusiast here. It's not a bad price over-the-counts, either.

mickey DON'T PAINT! I painted a room in second trimester, and I injured my upper back - it hurt for MONTHS! Painting involves a lot more weird stretching of underused muscles than you'd think - and because it takes so long, you can really do some damage without realising.

fjord really sorry about the GD. Lucky you're so tough grin

livvy re. your move updates - every time I read one, I'm more impressed by how well you're managing that! Sounds epic!

yomping don't be sad! My Squidgy keeps lodging his feet in the exact same spot under my rig bottom rib - he's been doing it for over a month and it bloody hurts, but not even remotely as much as it sounds like you've been putting up with. I'm often on the couch groaning 'MOVE, you little so-and-so!' and poking my bump trying to shift him - which, for the record, totally doesn't work. So you're not the only ingrate out there...

Midgetm Sun 02-Sep-12 12:09:54

Hello everyone. I am on holiday. Pregnancy and holiday is lovely. Much nicer than pregnancy and decorating or pregnancy and working. So relaxed and only been here a day. Watching little birds outside my window and smelling the roast dinner my brother is rustling up upstairs. Maybe I can just stay in Cornwall and have the baby in a field? Moo it out with the cows and eat my own placenta. or maybe not crazy pregnant midget woman haven't got my laptop working so will try and post better later but just wanted to say hi and show off how relaxed I am big waves from Cornish Cornwall.

Velo Sun 02-Sep-12 17:58:44

Hi Ladies,

I'm with you YompingJo on the sore hips front - i feel as though i am tossing and turning all night and no amount of cushion positioning seems to help.

On the previous thread, someone asked why the Dr. had prescribed magnesium as the baby is low in weight. He didn't really say but according to The Google there are two probable reasons - one is because it should help to delay early onset of contractions and the second being that babies with low birth rate have a higher chance of being born with cerebral palsy and magnesium supplement is supposed to lessen the risk.

I've still got three weeks of work to go and I'm not sure how to combine this with 'resting more.' Got a hacking cough as well so feeling a little bit sorry for myself.

On a more positive note.....has everyone packed their hospital bag? I'm almost there with the addition of the super large underpants and extra thick sanitary towels (yup, sexy mama here I come).

Thanks Midgetm for sending out calming thoughts, keep em coming!


crazypaving Sun 02-Sep-12 19:03:06

Oh my God is anyone else just falling over with exhaustion? There just are not enough hours for me to sleep at the moment. I'm not sleeping too badly at night - up twice or three times to wee, then awake from about 5 (that's a big improvement on what it's been), and then getting about 1hr in the day too, but too tired to function all the time! What's going on??

squid back to the bras, I'm 34DD and wear a medium. Well, I think I'm 34DD - I was when I was measured whilst bfing DS...

(back to snoozing on sofa)

Zara1984 Sun 02-Sep-12 19:11:32

crazypaving yes totally shagged all the time. Why are weekends only 2 days long!

Plankonette EEK good luck with your DH's application, whatever happens. It adds a whole new dimension of WTAF to this whole pregnancy malarkey, eh?

Finishing up making my first batch of freezer meals. Good ol' spag bol and cottage pie with parsnip/potato mash top. Hurrah!

Kyyria Sun 02-Sep-12 19:34:56

Have had a busy weekend. All day NCT class yesterday shock hmm and then meet up with various friends today, one couple of which are expecting and are 10 days ahead of us so have had a good natter and whinge at each other! smile

Now absolutely knackered. Little one currently jamming his feet into my ribs at the same time as headbutting/punching me in the bladder/groin confused Feel like I have tripled in size since yesterday and feeling rather uncomfortable today.

Not looking forward to work tomorrow, but it's a 3.5 day week (off Wed PM and all day Fri) so better than nothing smile

Hope everyone is well.

32, 32, #1

lisbethsopposite Sun 02-Sep-12 19:51:34

Elpis I did not have to take iron this time -13 at last test, but I did with DS. I think it is for the baby as well as yourself. Also I lost a lot of blood at birth and iron dropped a lot then. I totally understand re the constipation sad
Also I think the iron in animal source is better absorbed than veg. I have been eating red meat regularly, sometimes just a few bites of DH's steak.

I was worried this week that baby's movements had gotten less - less frequent episodes of movement and shorter episodes. Anyway, I woke at 5AM Sat morning and could not get back to sleep with worry. Anyway, phone call to mat unit and they said to come in. Short story was that I was there from 6AM to 7.30 wasting their time as all was well blush blush
Even though they couldn't have been nicer I felt silly for being so much trouble. This is #2. Anyway I now have icecubes in the freezer and the next time I am worried I will have a cold drink - that is what they gave me and baby moves away from the cold. - I thought of not telling you girls but am relieved that Squid and Zara had similar experience.

smileyhappymummy Sun 02-Sep-12 20:08:09

Hello all!
lisbeth please please don't worry about feeling like you were wasting their time - you absolutely weren't. They would far rather see 100 women who are fine than risk missing the one who isn't, and even if the only thing thwt happened is that you got peace of mind that's well worth it - that's certainly how I always feel when people come in and see me and all I do is reassure them. I think having a really low threshold for going in with reduced movement is GOOD - for all of us.
midget v glad you're enjoying a well deserved holiday, sounds gorgeous!
Loads of sympathy to everyone suffering with poor sleep and exhaustion- this making a whole new person thing is hard work and I reckon we should all be proud of ourselves - totally normal to just want to get to the end sometimes too. Be kind to yourselves ladies!
zara very impressed by the freezer meals. Think I might see if I can follow your example as it would have helped us loads in the newborn phase last time.
Not looking forward to dd1 going back to school on Wednesday - I'm going to really really miss her and also just seems thwt much closer to time to have baby. Although I'm really looking forward to meeting baby I am also still quite terrified and getting more so as it gets closer. Midwife v sympathetic when I saw her the other day, said she could completely understand and thought it was normal. Which helps a bit. Also turns out I am anaemic, so hopefully getting thwt sorted might make me feel a bit better physically and emotionally. Iron tablets messing with my tummy though, back to feeling really sick and bloated with a bit of diarrhorea too. - sorry if tmi!
Good luck with this week everyone, every day is a day closer to meeting those beautiful babies.

smileyhappymummy Sun 02-Sep-12 20:08:38

Ps sorry not to name check more people, am reading and thinking of you just that my memory is utterly rubbish!

lisbethsopposite Sun 02-Sep-12 20:20:23

EDD - Estimated Due Dates shock confused torch

Sept. 25: Squidkid DC1, Angelico DC1 by ELCS,
Sept. 26: Elpis DC2 by ELCS, CWest30 DC2 (ELCS-exact date to be confirmed)
Sept. 27: Planktonette DC1
Oct. 1: FjordMor DD1.
Oct. 2: Firstbubba DC1, Velo DC1, Milk DC2
Oct. 5: Yomping DC1, Lisbethsopposite DS2
Oct. 7: Crazypaving DC2
Oct. 10: WantAnOrange DC2, MrsConfusion DC1
Oct. 14: Hufflepuffle DC1.
Oct. 17: Smorgs, DC1
Oct. 18: Bella2012 DC2, Beccus DC1
Oct. 19: Shellwedance DC1
Oct. 20: Beeblebear DC1
Oct. 21: Dosomethingmutley DC1
Oct. 26: Londonmrss, DC1, Zara1984 DS1.
Oct. 27: MidgetM, DC2 but more likely to be around 6/10
Oct. 28: Kyyria DC1, Loopyla, DC1
Oct. 30: Cherrychopsticks, DC1
Nov. 1: Londonlivvy DC1
Nov. 8: MickeyTheShortOne DC1

Fjordmor, CWest - I have given estimates in the middle of your suggested dates. Feel free to change/update as you like.
Planktonette - I think it is DC1?
Zara - I added you.
Huffle - I think you are DC1?

I can cut and paste - not a total luddite!!

lisbethsopposite Sun 02-Sep-12 20:24:46

Thanks Smileyhmummy
Do you want to add yourself to the EDD list?

FjordMor Sun 02-Sep-12 20:52:24

lisbeth - that's fine! Actually, I have a curious feeling that around the 1st is exactly when baby might come. Mind you, I had a similar 'feeling' she was a boy so what do I know? wink I can amend it if I get an induction date/more size news.

Beeblebear Sun 02-Sep-12 23:25:55

Well...washed all the 0,3 month clothes I have today, with thpughts of deciding what baby outfits to bring to the hospital.

Easier said than done. Yomping, on your list you say 3 vests and 3 babygros.... Would that be the equivilant to our canadian called onesies and sleepers? I have very few newborn sleepers, and only 3 month sleepers. Should I buy a preemie outfit just un case? Also, do I need mitts, or can I just pack some socks to put in hands??? Do your hospitals there prov.ide some cclothes? ours don.t and we have to bring our own diapers too.

I was really wanting our prenatal classes to start.soon so I could ask these kind of questions, but now no class until the 29th. Eek, and last class is on oct 13. Only a week before due date.

I keep having these mini inside my head freak outs. Sorry can.t name check, phone won't let me type and scroll up. Oh well. Hellllllo everyone! Time for nap #2 today. Absolutely exhausted too. Ttfn

Beeblebear Sun 02-Sep-12 23:29:48

Oh, and re: going home outfit.. Read not to pack anything with pants or a waist band as it would irritate the umbilical cord... Duh!!! I didn.t think of that so half of the cute outfits I wanted to pack are a no go. I sense more shopping in my future.

YompingJo Mon 03-Sep-12 08:31:40

Beeble, vests are things that do up under the nappy and don't have legs, like this. Babygros generally do up with poppers at the front or back (front apparently easier) and have arms and legs, like this. Some have "scratch mitts" which means that the end of the sleeves can be folded over to cover the hands, as apparently keeping mitts on baby is a nightmare. Doesn't help that all these things have at least 3 different names, reckon it's some kind of conspiracy to confuse first time parents! Here, babygros are also called sleepsuits, but you can also get actual sleepsuits which have an elasticated bottom rather than legs, to make night time nappy changes easier.

Zara, cottage pie with parsnip/potato mash sounds lush!

Thank you for sympathy re crap night. Got myself very worked up about going to bed last night in case I had another night like it but was OK. DH gave me his pillow to support bump and he used the "chunkier" spare pillow, which he hates, so it was lovely of him to let me have his. Pillow made a lot of difference and I actually slept well. Big sigh of relief.

Busy day today for me - first ever NCT class this morning (going by myself, in a place I don't know, 2 hour class and the parking is "permit or 2 hours only", how stupid is that as I will need to park for over 2 hours, and why haven't they suggested where to park, and why is the first one without DH, when I would find it much less stressful having him there? - I might have already whinged about this, sorry if this is the second time!). Then back to work for the start of my 2 or 3 weeks back, but have had great news, will hopefully not have to do any teaching as person I was covering is now not going to be away. Then aqua aerobics tonight - reckon it will be me, my pregnant friend, and a bunch of old ladies!

Have a good Monday, everyone!

Yomping, 37, 35+3, DC1

hufflepuffle Mon 03-Sep-12 09:12:59

Sorry, another random word of advice from MW at last antenatal class I just remembered!

She said is good idea not to wear vests at start, just babygrows and keep button open at tummy as the more air gets around the cord stump the faster it will heal! Obviously only when is safe, warm and clean to do so!!

Will read and catch up later, off to MW apt on my own!!
Happy Monday all,

londonlivvy Mon 03-Sep-12 10:43:16

yomping just to say what a shame I didn't read your advice on what the heck scratch mitts are BEFORE I went to the shops. I went to Tesco about 10 days ago and opened various packs, looking for mitts. ie mittens. like kids have with string dangling from their wrists. No joy. I then went to M&S yesterday and it said on the pack "scratch mitts". I opened it. no mitts. Very confused. then asked a member of staff and she showed me the foldy over bit. blush

I have a lot to learn...

londonlivvy Mon 03-Sep-12 10:56:02

Oh and am a bit concerned re weight gain (or rather lack of it). I am now 32 weeks and haven't gained any weight since week 26. This seems wrong. I am eating a lot (genuinely) and bump seems to be active and expanding but how can I have gained weight regularly every week from 6-26 and then nothing since?

bit concerned about pepe.

smileyhappymummy Mon 03-Sep-12 10:58:16

yomping really glad you slept a bit better last night, everything is harder to deal with when utterly knackered!
Edd for me is 11th October - getting quite close now!

Londonmrss Mon 03-Sep-12 11:13:02

Livvy I don't think weight gain matters too much. I haven't been weighed since my booking in appointment! Are you measuring ok?

Sympathising with those not sleeping well. I've been ok (apart from about 5 wees every night). But last night, baby (who had been comfortably head down) decided to move over into some sort of transverse position and just stretch out all night so I had a huge bulge on each side and could barely move. Then from said stretched position, she then got the hiccups. For TWO BLOODY HOURS. I'm feeling a bit grumpy with her today which makes me feel like a bad mummy sad
She seems to be back head down today though so I guess that means she's sorry.

Exactly how many sleepsuits and vests in newborn / up to one month size are sensible so that I don't have to do laundry every day, but I haven't wasted my money on stuff she'll immediately grow out of?

For some reason I feel like I have to have bought everything in advance as if I will never be able to go shopping again once she's born and need 18 years worth of clothes and equipment.

Also I haven't bought a bath, just one of those contoured bath seats to support her in our big bath. Do I need a baby bath? Thought it might be too fiddly to hold her with one hand and try and wash with the other. Or am I being completely stupid?

Good tip about open sleepsuits Huffle. Anyone else with anything that strikes them as particularly interesting from their classes, please do share! I've only got the 1 NHS class in a couple of weeks, so not sure it will be the most informative.

smileyhappymummy Mon 03-Sep-12 11:30:38

We didn't really use a baby bath with dd1 - to be honest found it much more comfortable and secure feeling when one of us just had a bath with her,and it was really lovely too.
I haven't been weighed since booking in appt either (and don't think I want to be either, quite happy not knowing!) and think so long as you at measuring alright then it really doesn't matter, even if you weren't they'd just scan you to try and get a better idea, but in the end it's all fairly unreliable!
Depends very much on your baby how many sleep suits you need I think - if sicky then lots more, we used to get through anything up to 10 a day! But they are easy and cheap enough to buy after if you need them, just add on to supermarket shop!

londonlivvy Mon 03-Sep-12 11:37:12

londonmrsS and smiley I haven't been weighed by professionals either but I am a smidge obsessive about my weight and weigh myself every week (I used to weigh myself every day before I was pregnant, so this is quite a concession). I have a little graph of expansion and that was my way of accepting that I have to get heavier as part of this process. ANYWAY all was fine until I stopped gaining weight. humn. I am seeing GP on weds for a 32 wk check up so hopefully they'll measure and all will be fine. I debated trying to measure the bump myself but figured I'd just get it wrong and stress myself out.

crazypaving Mon 03-Sep-12 12:39:12

Another re. sleepsuits/babygros, I found, and a lot of my NCT friends found the same, that their babies were out of 0-3m clothes at about 5-6 wks. So definitely don't buy too many tiny baby ones! DH and I are tall, but my other NCT friends who had the same problem aren't. So I think 0-3m babygros are just small. Some brands are smaller than others too - DS was given some John Lewis ones which were SO cute, but really small.

squidkid Mon 03-Sep-12 13:51:18

Really wiped out today. Don't feel liike I can do anything.

Had reasonably busy weekend - went wandering around antique shops to find a new bookcase, went to an outdoor art show with my mum, went round more antique shops failing to find a rocking chair, went for a couple of small walks with the boyfriend - but find I can only do half a day of activity at the moment, then am so tired and heavy and achy have to lie down. Boyfriend says this is to be expected and I am doing brilliantly, but I feel so slow and just not myself at all. Everyone says I look really small and can't believe I'm due in 3 weeks... I feel like a mountain. don't want to weigh myself.

Today I am really really hormonal, crying at everything - not all bad crying - I cried for about half an hour earlier thinking about baby being born and wonderful it will be - and reading The Food of Love, a hippyish cartoon book about breastfeeding -that's making me cry too. Cried at the thought of baby dying and how could I go back to work or ever speak to anyone again if that happened, lay on the sofa and felt kicks for a bit. Went to the market and bought some fruit and veg. This has become a workout. I feel like I've lost myself...

I mean it's not been a bad day, even had some nice sex with boyfriend before he went to work though I've become selfconscious in bed which sucks... I'm just really tired. I think I'm just going to pull the curtains and try and sleep a bit with lots of pillows. Was supposed to be doing more cleaning but it's not urgent.

37 weeks tomorrow and maybe this is the end-of-pregnancy bit people talk about... or maybe it's just one day. Cant believe most people still work at this point, I can last about 4 hours on my feet at the moment and the thought of the wards is like Mount Everest.

Angelico Mon 03-Sep-12 14:53:33

Hey ladies <feeble wave>

Had planned huge catch up but like squid am having a bit of a blah day. Can't seem to get anything done sad Supposed to be doing edits this morning and have ended up spending an hour and a half dithering over whether to send flowers or champagne as a gift to someone, then sending a vile bunch of flowers that I don't even like <weeps> Why? Because my brain is like fecking cotton wool that's why angry

Squid hang in there dude! I was so tired on Saturday I cried just out of sheer exhaustion at everything I had to do. Had a nap for an hour and felt better but I get really irritable easily at the minute - not nice sad You'll probably find it's going to be a roller-coaster of a bad day, followed by a few days feeling 'human' again. Try and rest - you are being sensible only doing a 'half-day' of activity and you need to keep some strength in reserve for the bean's arrival thanks

Fjord I've been told to keep BS from 3.5-5.5 pre-meal and under 8 1 hour after meals. Jabbing finger between 5 and 7 times a day and running out of finger sad I started a thread about GD this morning so have a look - getting some good advice from people. Hang in there - I am already getting so bored of baked beans!!! thanks

Zara and Planktonette - good luck with any potential huge moves!

Yomping and London don't feel bad about occasional rage at bean. I called her everything under the sun on Sat night when she danced maniacally on my bladder at the very end of a long car journey. Was convinced we were going to need a new car seat blush but just made it in time. I told her I was going to 'get her' when she got out confused grin DH pissed himself laughing afterwards but I was literally screeching in agony with every movement by the end confused Ha, he didn't laugh at the time - wouldn't have dared!!!

Huffle I just bought about 8000 vests, wish I had read your top tip before then grin My sister and sister in law have been keeping me right with what to buy, didn't even know what 'vests' were.

livvy are you due another scan / AN appt any time soon? It is worth mentioning to someone as it was my first clue about GD. I'm sure you're fine but I was losing weight while bump and bean kept getting bigger. You're probably just eating really sensibly.

Hello to everyone else. I have got to stop procrastinating and do some fecking work here sad

Planktonette Mon 03-Sep-12 15:14:58

Have looked at the mumsnet guide and the NHS guide to what to take to hospital.

Apparently, I'll be needing a pack-mule!

Was feeling positive, now totally daunted. By a BAG.

And my brain - truly - said to me 'well, at least when you've got the bag packed, that's the hard bit out of the way...' not bloody likely! confused

Beeblebear Mon 03-Sep-12 15:38:36

Yomping, thank you for the links! Yes, that is what we call onesies and sleepers. I may just sew some scratch mits into the sleepers I already have, I don't imaging that would be too difficult.

Re: weight concerns.. I think that sounds fairly normal. At my 32 week apt I had LOST a kilo and a half, when I was spupposedly supposed to habe gained tnat much, so really overall seems loke a 2.5 kilo loss... But Dr measured the bump and all is well there, so she said as long as that measurement stayed normal they were not too worried. If I keep losing weight, they will snd me for an extra scan to check bean.

Re sleep. Omg last night was so bad I wanted to cry. Bloody heartburn/reflux something awful. Apparently vegetable soup for dinner before 7pm is also now off the list. Alxo no liquids past that time and I wake up soooooo thirsty. I thing my esopogeal sphincter (iv that is a rwal thing - squid?) Just doesn.t work anymore. I have to stay all proppec up on mounds of pillowx to keep the acid down. Even then a well placed kick by little one sends the bile shooting up into my nose/mouth. Yuck! Keep panicking that I.m going to choke in my sleep.

Last night startec napping in the couch, moved to bed, then moved to recliner, then back to couch number one, and then couch number two with exercise ball propping up my leg that hung off the side as my spd keeps me from keeping my legs close togetner. Ugh. So will be really grumpy today I tjink.

Swuid, I.m 4 weeks behind you and can.t do more than 2 hours activity without being exhausted... And I.m no hero in the bedroom either... You go get em tiger!!! Hahaha. J will live vicariously through you.

Again sorry for my spellung everyone, the lag of moving cursor for corrections in mobile to a UK site is dreadful, and I.m pretty sure you all catch my drift.

Hapoy BH to me today! Yay for 3 day weekends.

Londonmrss Mon 03-Sep-12 16:17:47

Squid it's normal to be slowing down love. We had a long walk yesterday and just felt so slow and heavy.
I'm a bit self conscious in the bedroom too. It's not actually about the way I look (I'm lucky, I have a hubby who constantly lies to me tells me I'm gorgeous), but it just requires a bit more thought and I'm constantly thinking 'Oh no, if he's headed in that direction, I'm going to need some pillows to prop me up' and 'I'd really like to move on top, but then I'd have to ask him to help me get there because I'm feeling a bit stuck, would that kill the mood?'
My fella asked me to sit on his face (sorry to be so graphic) the other day and when I obliged, he immediately said I was squishing him and we'd have to think again. blush It's not exactly as spontaneous and fun as it used to be, but I'm hoping we'll get that back when I feel like less of a beached whale normal again.
Angelico you sound like you're coping brilliantly with the GD, really.

YompingJo Mon 03-Sep-12 16:29:06

Re the scratch mitts, I didn't know what they were at first and like you LondonLivvy I was looking at packets of babygrows that said with inclusive scratch mitts, thinking "but they're not in there!" I bought a few babygrows from eBay and then discovered how the fold over scratch mitts work.

Smiley, thank you, I feel so much better today after a better night's sleep. I think DH is relieved too as I was a nightmare yesterday, crying at EVERYTHING. Including his triathlon performance which was amazing and I didn't know whether I was more proud of him for being brilliant or jealous as I would have liked to be doing it too!

LondonMrs I know what you mean about feeling like you need to buy everrything in advance! I read somewhere that 14 sleepsuits and 14 vests was a good starting number.

Huffle, but if they don't wear a vest, will they be warm enough? I know they have to have a layer more than us so 2 layers most of the time, especially in winter. Worried baby will be too cold if they don't have a vest under a sleepsuit. Gah. So many things to worry about!

Sympathy to Beeble for baby-kicking-induced bile. That's not funny. Hope that stops very soon for you. thanks

Well, first NCT ante-natal class was interesting. Teacher started by saying this was not going to be airy fairy, the caesarian rate here is 30% so lots of us will be having caesarians and had better get used the the idea! Up went my hackles instantly, I am planning a calm homebirth thank you very much, I want none of your caesarian doom and gloom! (with apologies to anyone who has an ELCS booked, please don't think I mean any offence, just that I want to avoid it by staying calm and relaxed and not getting into the sort of panic that means everything slows down, interventions are mentioned and then things are taking too long and bang, caesarian. I might be being hopelessly naive here in which case let me live in blissful ignorance someone put me straight!). But it got better.

Most, um, interesting practical nugget was that the massive maternity pads don't even cut it at the start, you might need 2 at a time and they don't stay in place, and actual Tena padded pants are much better - like these. Sexy, no? Apparently much more comfortable than cheap massive knickers with 2 pads in, will cushion any scars, will give lots of protection as with the pads, stuff can leak around the sides, and more practical as can just be thrown away and out comes a new pair, rather than having to negotiate taking out pads, binning them and putting new ones in. We were like this: shock. I might get some and get DH to draw pictures on them to decorate them and make them less scary grin. I might also buy them on line rather than in person in a supermarket! DH gets to try the TENS machine next time and also has to put a nappy on a pretend baby. He's either going to love it or threaten never to go back!

YompingJo Mon 03-Sep-12 16:32:17

LondonMrs, cross posted but just wanted to say I know what you mean with the lack of spontaneity. I was nearly in tears last time we had sex as it was just so undignified. Lovely DH tried all sorts of things to keep me comfortable, like suggesting different positions, but I just felt like a burden, like I was making it difficult, and it made me feel so, so unsexy. And in some positions now I catch a glimpse of my thighs and am disgusted and that's an instant turn off too. I've never been a lights-off sort of person but think that might start being a necessity!

Beeblebear Mon 03-Sep-12 16:39:12

Yomping... Yay Diapers for us AND baby!

Yes my friend said she wished someone told her about the amount if clotting that falls out after. She said xhunks as big as golf balls were normal. Nurses didn.t wznt to see it unless it was any bigger than that.

hufflepuffle Mon 03-Sep-12 16:45:04

Eurgh........... 4.30 and only in. Busiest day off EVER. I am so tired i wish to cry. Might just do it. Just been to work at end of all my mad list of things to do to check on my replacement. She seems to be managing. But she is not me..... And i 'helped' a few people while in. MUST NOT PANIC ABOUT WORK, IT IS TOO LATE!!!!!!!! She will be grand, I am just a control freak........

Mammoth cleaning session iver wknd was great, but i was supposed to finish today. And pack hospital bag today. Well at least I wrote a LIST for hospital bag last night. All for the hospital hat considers your discharge from 6 hrs........ They will probably shoo my hospital bag back out the door on arrival...........!

Need to go make some lentil soup for dinner and for freezer. Might cry in to the soup, extra salt!!

Oh and weight? I only weigh 6 kilos more than I did before preg. Bump may look small on my tall frame but still measures 34 exactly. MW today more than happy with, said not to worry. They do not want to weigh me and hav nit done since 1st apt, when I was 4 kg lighter than normal due to first trimester sickness. She said to be glad not to have loads to lose post birth and to ignore the shocked reactions of "Only 6 weeks to go? Are you sure??" Gonna punch next shocked expression right out of next mouth who says it..........!!!!shock

Right, off to cry in to soup, just because I can!!!!


hufflepuffle Mon 03-Sep-12 16:50:18

Yomping this advice on vests only applies to first few days when u are at home or in hospital and is hopefully nice and warm. Cord stump falls off in 7-10 days apparently and more air it gets, fster it falls off. But yes, as i said, she did say, temperature and cleanliness allowing. I think it makes sense but i kniw what you mean. Guess it all depends where u are.


Smorgs Mon 03-Sep-12 16:53:11

Hello everyone! I am finally in the new house and not going anywhere for a very, very long time. We moved our stuff out of storage at our friends place on Thursday and had an interesting time negotiating with people who didn't believe the Mairie had given us a road closure. Wasted so much time that in the end we over ran the road closure and ended up with a ticket from the police... Which could be for anything up to €1500 [terrified face emoticon]. Flew back to Heathrow on Friday then drove to Lincolnshire that night for wedding Saturday then back to Heathrow Sunday and arrived back home at midnight. Phew. Suffice to say my back is in agony. I have come to realize the pregnant lady waddle is nothing to do with weight/bump and everything to do with back pain/sciatica/spd. It seems to have spread to my pubic bone too, is that what you spd sufferers get? Is there anything I can do? It hurts to move my right leg too, only at the top at the back, or bottom of my back.

I'm meant to be unpacking the house today but I don't know where to start. Anyway it's really nice and I'm glad we changed to this one - still no news on whether we get our money back for the other one though.

Sorry not to catch up with everyone individually but I've been off the board so long it would take forever. Turning over a new leaf from now... Now where's that nesting instinct when you need it?!

Smorgs, 32, 33+6, DC1

PS Someone mentioned sex a while back, now it's funny the word is familiar but i can't for the life of me remember what it is?

smileyhappymummy Mon 03-Sep-12 16:53:54

Hey squid if you're 37 weeks tomorrow that means home birth is on any time from then - is that right? If so, very exciting! Hope you've had a bit of rest this afternoon and are feeling a bit more human. I am 34w and a teeny bit and worn out - absolutely dreading a full day at work tomorrow AND the next day. Though may be more restful than today with dd - which has been lovely but so far has involved dismantling and rebuilding all her Lego, cooking frittata and making raspberry lemonade for lunch, going to the park for a walk, making necklaces... And now sitting in front of the tv with her to watch rio. Shamefully, in an example of how not to parent, I have bribed her with 50p to do this instead of getting out the craft box and engaging in a lovely creative activity thwt will inevitably involve the kitchen being redecorated with random bits of glitter, pom poms, pipe cleaners, glue, just couldn't face it! Sometimes, the tv rocks!
yomping hold the positive birth mindset! It's one thing to be prepared for a section, but I think birth is a good example of a situation where you should sort of prepare for the worst but hope for the best and spend as much time as possible thinking about th best case scenario! Everyone going into this knows they might need a section / other intervention - what you're doing is preparing and staying as relaxed as possible so that you're in the best possible place to have your lovely calm home birth - and if it doesn't happen then you'll be in a good place to deal with thwt. Don't know if that made any sense!
As for sex - ha! Maybe next year...... Cuddles are good anyway.
Maternity pads - well, not sure there is a really comfy option, I got by with big pads and massive granny pants in multipacks from supermarket last time. But it is messy.

CWest30 Mon 03-Sep-12 17:24:39


I wish someone had told me last time what happens after you have a baby, I had no idea whatsoever, and so had to send mum out for emergency supplies of granny pants and maternity pads whilst I was still in hospital.

You will bleed afterwards. Probably quite a bit. I bled continuosly for 5 WEEKS. Then I had a period. It sucks.

Oh, and if you have unprotected sex in the first 6 weeks after giving birth, (and I think even before you have that first post-birth period - yes you CAN get pregnant again. If it wasn't for a casual chat with my sister the morning after the night before, I wouldn't have rushed off to Boots with my 6 week old son, for the morning-after pill, and would probably be on DC3 now instead of DC2!

Haha, just wanted to help people out if they didn't know! x

WantAnOrange Mon 03-Sep-12 18:50:06

Londonmrss I found the baby bath to be a real pain last time round, used it once then realised it is much easier to just use the bath!

Had a lovely afternoon at the park with DH and DS but am knackered now and sleeping on matress on the floor for the next 2 nights!

2 more sleeps til will move , thank goodness it's finally over.

I'm off to bath DS and put him to bed, then fall into bed myself!

crazypaving Mon 03-Sep-12 19:16:47

Argh just read through all these posts and have been nodding and making mental notes about things that have struck a chord with me. Where are the fecking mental notes now?? Feck knows.

To those who are exhausted and feeling heavy and useless, a big yes from me. I do remember this from last time, and finding it just overwhelming and horrifying. It doesn't last long, at least. On Sat DH was working and I had DS, again, and when he went down for his nap I just went to bed and cried and cried and cried. Saturday was a Bad Day. Today has been a good day - I've felt reasonably energetic (this is all relative - I'd say the energy levels of an asthmatic 80 year old, maybe) and DS and I have had fun together. Tomorrow is a whole new day and I just need to remember to take it as it comes.

About lochia - gawd I am not looking forward to that again. My biggest clot was the size of a small plum probably and I rang the delivery suite in a panic and the midwife actually laughed at me. I hate that fecking hospital, they sent me home to have one of teh most terrifying experiences of my life and then they laughed at me. angry Um, but back to the lochia - I used natracare maternity pads, or Sainsburys - I found Boots ones awful. Doubled up initially, and god they're horrid thick things. But yes the blood loss is biblical. I had plastic sheets and towels down everywhere in case of leaks initially. Getting in and out of shower/bath is exciting and involves lots of cleaning up.

Don't forget something to pour over your bits when you wee too - a squirty sports bottle will do - and maybe with a few drops of tea tree/witch hazel/lavendar oil to promote healing. Weeing stings like nothing you've experienced after birth. Oh and prunes or lactulose or something - first poo = unholy terror.

Hmm, on that note I'd better get dinner out of the oven grin

crazypaving Mon 03-Sep-12 19:49:35

Just popping back to add a woe-is-me on the weight gain - I have officially graduated to elephant status. I'm off the top of the recommended weight gain for the whole pg at 35wks. I've never struggled with my weight in my life, or been overweight, and I went swimming with DS on the weekend -caught a glimpse of myself in a full-length mirror (we don't have any at home) and nearly cried and went home. I felt awful the whole time we were there.

I. Am. A. Whale.

hufflepuffle Mon 03-Sep-12 19:49:45

Thanks ladies for your graphic and frank descriptions of post-natal bleeding!! No seriously, I mean it. I had visions of day of bad heavy stuff like u describe but then just a heavy period for week or so...... Hav bought exactly 2 packs of Always night time winged towels. Guess I better expand that collection!!!!!

Oh the naïveté .......

crazypaving Mon 03-Sep-12 20:05:46

huffle things like Always aren't recommended as the mesh/dry weave thingummy can get caught up in your stitches. Pads designed for maternity use are the best... I go for Sainsburys or these pads are great

crazypaving Mon 03-Sep-12 20:08:19

sorry to keep posting in dribs and drabs, but expect to be getting through 10-15+ pads a day in the early days - you can only be pleasantly surprised...

Zara1984 Mon 03-Sep-12 20:18:20

10-15 a DAY?!?! Crikey, I have 6 packs of 10 and I thought that'd be ok for a couple of weeks.... time to stockpile more then confused

hufflepuffle Mon 03-Sep-12 20:21:29

Thank u Crazy! See, someone else told me to stick with always cos wings help stay put and they more comfy, but actually u make perfect sense!!!!! And I did not quite expect the er, volume! maternity pads on next shop in sainsburys at wknd it is then!!!! And they were on offer the other week and I breezed past......! Might even look at the Tena stuff. confused

This is why we love mumsnet ladies!!
Thank you so much!! Xx xx

lisbethsopposite Mon 03-Sep-12 20:25:42

Just marking spot - DH away. Tiiired day sad

Elpis Mon 03-Sep-12 20:38:49

Lord, I don't remember getting through ten pads a DAY. Maybe they clear out more stuff when you have a c-section... I do remember being told off by some midwife for not bringing big enough pants into hospital. And I was still bleeding at my six-week check-up, though not much.

Yes, you can get pregnant again quickly but it varies from woman to woman and is unlikely until 6 months if you're exclusively breastfeeding. Took 22 months for my periods to return... but then I'm a bit hardcore, I suppose.

Thanks to the people who recommended Spatone for the iron. Bought some today. It is expensive and like drinking rust but it is better than iron tablets and for that I am immensely grateful. smile

crazypaving Mon 03-Sep-12 20:55:06

I only meant 10+ in the early days - the first 2-3 days were heaviest for me, was having to double up pads and change pretty much every time I went for a wee. And because you're up so much in the night with the baby, I needed to change then too. But I know some people don't have such heavy loss - I just was so unprepared last time, and would've appreciated knowing how mad it can be! DH had to go out almost every day to buy me more and we were both shock

I seem to remember the quantity tapering off within about 2 weeks but bleeding ongoing for 6ish.

Smorgs Mon 03-Sep-12 21:13:21

Holy moly, thanks for the advice crazypaving I was wondering if I'd over done it with two packets of super Always and one of night time. Best see if there is anything else in offer in the supermarket here. Is it worth getting a waterproof mattress protector too do you think? (I mean for our bed not just baby's!)

hufflepuffle Mon 03-Sep-12 21:38:38

I had bought some pampers disposable changing mats for sake of leaks in own bed for me. Was in pound land last week and they had larger disposable waterproof type pads, pack of 3 for £1. Worth looking out for those ladies (as long as they cheap and cheerful as opposed to cheap and hideous :-# )

On the antenatal tour, the bedside cabinets are filled with sanitary pads and bed pads to use while there. I thought was being v generous!! But I suppose helps with clean up and washing!!!

Lovely conversation we having this evening.....,,,!

Night all! XO

bella2012 Mon 03-Sep-12 21:51:15

mothercare do huge packs of mat pads. It is annoying having to buy so many packs of 10! huffle i used to put winged ones underneath the mat ones which worked well.

Constipation after birth is not fun either (while we are sharing thoughts on the unpleasant bits) particularly as on every contraction they say to you 'I want you to push like you are trying to have a poo'. Because then you are terrified to replicate that kind of pushing! Someone told me to press a mat pad onto your front bits while you are doing your business and it stops the feeling that everything is all going to fall out! Good advice.

Last bit of sharing. I wish someone had told me how much your fanjo all swells up afterwards. I couldn't believe how swollen and bruised it all looked. Sorry if this is TMI, but at least you can be prepared and know that it will go back to normal!

Well, I went back to work today-extremely stressful and tiring. My new HOD introduced my mat cover lady to everyone in the dept. Describing their job. He got to me last and said... 'and Rachael is...babies'. That is how he defined me. It was said in jest and he is Croatian with a rather broken command of English. But I still left the day feeling totally undermined.

Well DH had an amazing time at the rugby-it was a pretty historic match for the Quins by all accounts so he was v. Glad to have seen it and we had a lovely heart to heart last night which made me much happier. Sadly, he has just phoned from work and I am miffed with him again. It is my baby shower on sat arvo (although we are ditching the shower part as I don't want any presents-we are just having tea and cake and gossiping instead with some baby related tat knocking about) and he has just said 'ah does that mean I can't play rugby as I will be looking after DS?' If I hadn't seen DS all last week for work, all weekend and all this week, there is no way I would want to be away ffrom him again on Sat! And I can't believe he would make me feel bad about a couple of hours with my friends after all the fun he had last weekend. So upset. He has apologised but I think he can be so thoughtless sometimes. What a shame when we'd had such a lush time together last night. Men!

Rigt, I am going to go to bed and read a possible year 8 playtext now, oh the joys! Will have a proper catch-up tomorrow.

Big love to you all x

YompingJo Mon 03-Sep-12 22:08:37

re maternity pads/tena pants - NCT lady also said to train DH up so that he knows what to buy if you need to send him out for more - nothing worse than running out and sending him off for new stocks, only for him to return with panty liners or Tampax (ha ha ha, like that will cut it just after giving birth hmm) or normal pads or something else unsuitable - take him to supermarket/Boots and show him exactly what to buy, a couple of times. He will probably cringe but he will need to know.

Not looking forward to all this bleeding, hated periods at the best of times - is it too late to reconsider having a baby? confused

YompingJo Mon 03-Sep-12 22:13:46

And just to make you all grin, I got a bit confused a few weeks ago when reading about all this stuff (obsessive reader of pregnancy manuals!) and read that you can use the Pampers disposable mats if leaky after the birth - I somehow misread and got it into my head that they were suggesting you use actual nappies, and I got really scared!

(hoping I am right that I was wrong, as it were, and not still misunderstanding - please tell me I won't need to use actual nappies, on myself?)

FjordMor Mon 03-Sep-12 23:21:03

Gosh - I get in from an ante-natal hospital visit where we snooped round all the birthing rooms finding different sizes of pad (some as big as changing mats - must have been the ones you're talking about Yomping) and you're all talking about it here too! smile Had a rather dramatic day so am shattered. Had a visit to the MW this AM. Everything was ok except ketones in my wee (well that will be as I'm super-low carbing to keep my blood sugars down! Figuring I'm on the way to Metformin...) oh and the LO decided to get all distressed after some heavy pressing on my pubic bone or what the midwife said was my pubic bone (it hurt like hell) and her heart rate was zooming between 170-190 and wouldn't settle in 10 mins. Cue me going straight to the hospital maternity unit for CTG. Luckily, after about 20 minutes on monitoring, she started to simmer down but was 'cycling'/Riverdancing her way through the entire visit. Got home, feet up for a couple of hours, then back there again for the ante-natal visit thing. I must try and work out a way to stop her getting stressed during labour so they don't rush me to a CS. Could be my fault however; despite ketones earlier, my blood sugar's been whack all day, despite keeping to all the rules sad. The major upshot of today is that everyone agrees I have an exceptionally active baby. Thank god I got her a bouncy chair! Not sure who on earth's genes she's getting that from. Perhaps it's my karma for being an 'older mother'? wink

Angelico - thanks for the thread - good one. Will comment on there when I get a chance. However, my days of managing on diet may be over later this week as the ketones are taking over. I'll know more after Wednesday's dietician visit and Thursday's endocrinologist check.

Weight-wise, I haven't been weighed recently either but seems likely that I have lost some weight in the past few weeks. The only weight gain I know about is 8kg between wk10 and wk29. All they seem concerned about now is measuring the baby and estimating her weight rather than worrying about mine. Oh and baby baths - we had to get one (but got a freebie) as we don't have a bath and the majority of Norwegian flats don't have them. I miss having one a lot and will be insisting my birthing room has one (just seen them today - they're lush, labour or no labour smile)

Am with you all on the bad nights. Perhaps it's par for the course at this stage? Lots of difficulties staying comfortable, tossing and turning, and minimum 3 wee-runs per night. Starting to feel perpetually tired but can't nap because as soon as I lie down on the sofa, it's (apparently) time for Riverdance! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz (hope all of that made sense)

Elpis Tue 04-Sep-12 06:51:58

yompingjo Definitely no need to use nappies on yourself! You'll have something like a Pampers disposable mat underneath you on the hospital bed and could get some for home as well, in case of leaks. I think the flow seems even heavier because you can't use tampons for a while, though (possibly tmi) I haven't been able to use them since before birth. Something about the pressure that I don't like any more... and towels are so much better than they were. May try to reconsider when I have time to swim regularly again in 2015. sad

hufflepuffle Tue 04-Sep-12 07:49:46

Hmm. The things we look at ......

Wonder did that work?? Never tried linking before.....

Mothercare Femme pads. Gel pads which u keep in freezer then cover in gauze to help with swelling and soreness after?????

Anyone any experience with such items? Right now sounds rotten but thinking might actually be v helpful, tho the thought of washing the gauze covers given blood loss not too pleasant...... .

Angelico Tue 04-Sep-12 08:44:32

Off to diabetes clinic here... But a quick note to Fjord to send a hug! A girl on the other thread had the same problem - she was trying to avoid all carbs and then they told her GD is very different from ordinary diabetes, the beans NEED carbs so if carbs send sugars up you must eat carbs and have insulin rather than just avoid carbs. I have carbs at every meal and haven't had more than a trace of ketones but I'll be interested to see if they think I can manage without insulin to the end... 3 weeks today for CS! confused

Sending you all a good morning hug grin

WantAnOrange Tue 04-Sep-12 08:46:17

If we're sharing tips, for about a week after the birth I found it really painful to wee, after a few days of that torture my midwife suggested leaning forward and touching my toes while on the loo. Very undignified (make sure you lock the door!) but it instantly worked!

Londonmrss Tue 04-Sep-12 09:33:04

Those Tena pants are pretty sexy. Thanks for the detailed post-natal bleeding descriptions. It's good to have it bluntly stated so I don't freak out when it happens! You ladies are the best- better than any book.
Also, for those struggling to get any exercise, I went swimming last night and it was absolute bliss. I'm generally moving pretty slowly now and can't walk that far, but swimming is the first thing I've done which felt the same pregnant as not pregnant. Just a slow 20 lengths, but I felt great and would thoroughly recommend. I only really went because I miss lying on my front so much and thought breast stroke would be the closest thing I would get to that position!

crazypaving Tue 04-Sep-12 10:16:53

As predicted, today is a new day, and last night was a grim night... Baby was kicking ten shades of crap out of me from 9-12, which made me panic that maybe it was coming early (the night before DS was born he went properly mental - both DH and I thought he was going to perform his own alien-style c-section) and I had everything we haven't got yet running through my mind (e.g. nappies!!!). Got less than 4hrs sleep...shattered, just counting down the minutes to DS's nap. Poor little chap sad

Smorgs Tue 04-Sep-12 11:41:50

Oh crazy you should have come online, I was up from 4am UK time after being kicked awake (and then kept awake by dh telling me I was snoring). I haven't got nappies yet either, or washed any of the hand-me-downs.! I have however spent 40 minutes chatting to the neighbours, also our landlords, and had a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, which I think is a productive morning.

londonmrss swimming sounds bliss, think that might help my back pain. Just need to find my in one of these boxes...

Can I share some non-pregnancy news? Just had a telephone interview for a permenant freelance job and it went really well! I've been doing a bit of freelance over the summer but nothing much so this would be great - only a few days each month and working from home so practical with a baby. Excited!

squidkid Tue 04-Sep-12 12:26:37

Hello lovelies

thanks for the reassurance. It's so helpful to have others to talk to who are in the same boat!

I had an awful night's sleep again, but feeling ok today. Just did my old running route along the river... it's about 4 miles I guess... walked it in about 2 hours, hah. It was nice though, took advantage of a bit of cloud cover. I am washing reusable nappies now and emailing a mate who I have just found out has TB (!!!) (think he's doing ok though)

Will attempt further clearing/cleaning later.

I was just wondering, as a bit of a distraction from third-trimester-woes really, what people's getting-pregnant stories were... I feel like I know you all but I have no idea who's been dreaming of a baby for years, who's had a happy accident, how all that came about! (I do remember midgetm has had a very long and difficult time getting this baby and am so happy for her.) My own story is not very interesting - came off the pill in September I think, had a couple of periods straight away and then got knocked up. My last period was on Christmas day! (Well timed - I went and got drunk immediately!) Loads of my work colleagues assumed it was an accident because god forbid a doctor would dare to get pregnant before becoming a consultant etc. But everyone who knew us well was really happy for us. I never checked when I was ovulating or anything like that (had sex with boyfriend very regularly so figured why bother) though I do remember a strange smear of mucusy blood which I thought was too early to be an implantation bleed, but when I had my 12 week scan they amended my due date by 6 days, so I think I was exactly right.

I've always been quite in tune with my body and was a bit worried about how long it would take to get pregnant after being on the pill for 17 years (!), but I was pretty lucky. The day before my period was due I cried for no reason all day, and the day it was due I felt crampy and strange, and I don't normally get period pain. I had always told myself I would give it a week or two before testing... but ... there are pregnancy tests in the cupboard at work! moment of weakness, I tested. Nothing for a minute, then a faint line. I think this was late january. I was so happy and excited and boyfriend was over the moon, and then we were both shit scared for the next few weeks and I hated that I'd found out so early. I was crazy tired and had to do a giant 6 hour professional exam at 6 weeks and interview for a job at 7 weeks - really really hard. I joined the forum shortly after that, I think - didn't feel secure enough before.

Well. that's my getting-knocked-up story - not that dramatic or anything! Seems like so long ago.

I am full term today - 37 weeks. Really strange and exciting to think if I go into labour now... this is it... I'll just have the baby at home, I'll not expect any complications, though of course they may arise. It's nice - I feel more secure.

Not had bump pics in a while have we? anyone care to share? here's mine excuse terrible quality. I keep trying to tell myself I don't look THAT big, but this does not correlate to how heavy and exhausted I feel!

squidkid Tue 04-Sep-12 12:54:08

angelico I had a read of your diabetes thread... really think you are doing so well despite the hospital not actually giving you any advice on how to keep your sugars low... not massively impressed with that to be honest. hmm Your section date is my due date... it feels so close doesn't it! And yet also... ENDLESSLY FAR AWAY, or to me anyway.

Planktonette I got stressed about my hospital bag but managed a fairly smallish one in the end, just a medium sized holdall... possibly I need WAY more stuff but I've always been a go-away-for-the-weekend-with-a-handbag kinda girl... I can send you my spartan list if that's helpful? I think Yomping also produced a list she was happy to share (I expect it's FAR more comprehensive than mine!!)

beeblebear ye gods, that doesn't sound like fun. I thought my nights were bad but it's all hip/pelvis/insomnia... not had any heartburn at all. Yeah it's all your oesophageal sphincter I'm afraid - babs is presumably pushing hard against the stomach and you regurgitate stuff into your oesophagus - nice! In time you can look forward to baby dropping into your pelvis and it getting somewhat better, in exchange for relentless pelvic pressure/pain - isn't pregnancy fun! Have you tried gaviscon?

londonmrss Yes, I'm just the same! I"m not so upset with how I look but dear god I'm so unsexy how I shift around in bed like a beetle stuck on my back! Really turns me off. Couple this with boyfriend feeling quite protective and sex is not exactly the passionate thing it used to be! I'm sure we'll get it back!

Yomping thanks for your reports on the NCT classes I am too lazy/tight to attend... funny I thought they really had a reputation for being very pro-natural-birth, whereas the NHS ones were supposedly banging on about complications all the time. My NHS one mentioned sections once and had an hour long session on how to maximize your endorphins in early labour!
Cannot face the idea of nappies and was living in naive ignorance about maternity pads, I have four packs... hmmm... thanks ladies... may stock up on some more!!

hufflepuffle chin up chuck, you must be exhausted with all the work stress as well...
And for all those stressing about too much/too little weight gain... I still go by the philosophy that weighing yourself causes more trouble than it's worth! My boyfriend has been on a health kick for the last few months before baby comes and is visibly inches thinner and more toned... yet he weighs a couple of lb more and is demoralised about this - it's just not a very accurate gauge of what's going on in your body! Add this to pregnancy it's just anyone's guess what weight is you, the baby, fluid, blood... I think this is why midwives generally don't weigh us any more.
Hope your soup was nice!!

thanks smileyhappymummy your post cheered me up. I think of you often still at work! Are you still planning to go to 39 weeks? Sounds like you did loads of lovely stuff with your daughter and seems fair enough to do a bit of TV too!! Take care of yourself hey.

Right I am very sorry for everyone I've missed but seriously I need to stop typing now and find some lunch. Take care all. xxx

Londonmrss Tue 04-Sep-12 14:33:50

Congratulations Squid for reaching full term! Very happy for you (and a wee bit jealous).

Today I'm considering using my natal hypnotherapy cd to help me do a poo. Would that be ridiculous?

I have 2 and a half weeks more at work... yippee!

squidkid Tue 04-Sep-12 14:57:43

londonmrss - I often "visualise" a poo to help it come out now, haha! I tell you what works even better - sitting on a gym ball. I poo every time!

Angelico Tue 04-Sep-12 15:48:32

Hey ladies! <waves> Proper catch up time...

Beeble sending major sympathy you poor chick thanks SPD and heartburn = more than one person should get! sad The only things that have helped me with hip pain have been sleeping with folded quilt under sheet and keeping pillow between legs. If pillow escapes will have a sore hip next morning. Girl on another thread recommended sleeping on a sofa with your back against sofa back to take the pressure off - might be worth trying?

London and anyone else still having nookie of any description - am in awe. Can't even contemplate it now. I get into bed and fall asleep in seconds confused But am grin at the 'squishing me' comment - DH would be blue in the face by the time I lumbered off him lol!!! grin grin grin

Yomping have to say I'm quite impressed that your NCT class mentioned CSs at all - like Squid I thought they had a rep for being very hardcore and hippy. Our NHS one was absolutely shite - 2 minutes total on ALL interventions, even though a third of the women in my hospital end up having CSs and another 20% or so get induced or have forceps. No reason to think you'll need one - sounds like all is going well - but just please don't beat yourself up if you do, can happen to anyone. That Leigh East book does stress that the more you really hate the idea of a CS the more distressing you will tend to find it if you do need one - so best to hope for the best but just go with the flow. You'll be grand! thanks <sends positive vibes to all home birthers> (_____) <--- birthing pool grin

Huffle it is really hard handing over from work and must be ten times worse if you have your own business! thanks It's funny how everybody is worried about their bump in different ways - too big, too small - when in reality our bumps are probably all perfect size for us.

Smorgs well done on surviving the move!!! Yayyyyyy! thanks It sounded like you had loads to contend with but hopefully now you can start getting all nesty and settled. WantanOrange sending lots of luck to you for move too!

Crazy and all who posted re lochia - great advice thanks! I'm hoping they'll 'swab' a bit of it out during CS to reduce it (I'm sure I read that on a CS thread on here before, must ask consultant).

Bella good tip about maternity pad over winged pad - may try that! Your HoD sounds like a prat - let's hope it was just a language breakdown! confused Can totally understand btw why you are cross at DH - think I might have beaten him to death in current frame of mind so you are a paragon of restraint!

Fjord reading your post again it really does sound like you would be better off on insulin and at least getting to eat some carbs confused Good luck with appts - hope you get sorted thanks

Squid hurrah on 37 weeks!!! torch torch torch Sending another birthing pool ---> (_____) in honour of the occasion! grin Know exactly what you mean about it feeling close but far away. I keep saying quite calmly to people "Oh yes, I'm having my CS 3 weeks today." Thing is in 2 weeks 6 days I will be running around like a headless chicken thinking, "Fucking hell, they're slicing and dicing me tomorrow!!!" confused I wake up so early and the day seems to have loads of time, then suddenly it's bedtime again confused

BTW is there some kind of bean telepathy going on??? Have the little beggars joined some evil bean plot to kick the shit out of us all? Because I was woken by what can only be described as flamenco last night...

GD clinic went well this morning - they were actually v pleased with my blood sugars, hurrah! But they did warn they might go nuts in the next couple of weeks and if they do will probably end up at different hospital for delivery - one with SCBU. No closer to steroids decision - should have asked endocrinologist for advice this morning actually <slaps head> Dietician has apparently posted me stuff following my begging phone call this morning but getting good advice on GD thread too.

Right, onwards - trying to finish edits by tomorrow so I can send book away and finally start my maternity leave properly - so far have just swapped one job for another!

YompingJo Tue 04-Sep-12 15:53:58

Squid, not ON the gym ball, I hope? Congrats on being full term!

LondonMrs, my Natal Hypno book, which I have been glued to for the last few evenings, tells me that if you relax your lips and jaw, it helps relax your sphincter muscles, so breathing out with floppy lips like a horse, and making horse noises as you blow the breath out (can't think of a better way to describe it) can help you poo. I tried it. It actually works grin. I didn't realise that I was making the noises when I first read that section of the book though (this was before trying the technique when pooing), leading to an embarrassing moment with DH wondering if I was OK...

Elpis, phew, thanks for the reassurance!

Crazy, sending you a wine. Hopefully tomorrow will be a new daya agin but tonight will be a better night.

I'm posting from work, naughty girl. It's so weird being in school but not teaching. I like having something other than pregnancy to focus on after a relentless 6 weeks of what felt like doing nothing but being pregnant (sorting nursery, stockpiling clothes, nappies, wipes, etc), but equally... working sucks! I have an enormously long to-do list but no motivation to actually DO any of it. And the baby keeps wriggling around and distracting me. Ah well. 2, maybe 3 weeks to go before I stop.

I did an aqua aerobics class at the gym last night. Never. Ever. Again. It was me, my preggers friend and lots of older, far less mobile women in a section of the pool. Next to the jacuzzi. Which was full of blokes laughing. Including our DHs, mine was in so much trouble when I got out. It just wasn't me, I wanted to shout to all the people watching "I ride a motorbike and go rock climbing you know, this isn't all I am". I guess I should get over myself, swallow my pride, all of that gubbins, but I already feel like I've lost a big chunk of my identity as those activities are not possible whilst pregnant, and bouncing around in the water was just a step (bounce?) too far. I'd so much rather have just swum lengths.

It's like a jacuzzi in this office, I'm melting. Grrr.

hufflepuffle Tue 04-Sep-12 19:25:42

I have now been at work for nearly 11 hours and need to go home!!! Very bad mummy and not even a mummy yet!! There will be tears before bedtime!!!!

Angelico Tue 04-Sep-12 19:32:46

GO HOME HUFFLE!!! <stern teacher voice> And get your feet up and have a nice cup of brew

crazypaving Tue 04-Sep-12 19:59:59

Had a "moment" today - decided, in my sleep-deprived state, to take DS swimming this afternoon. He LOVES swimming and is very confident (he's only 22m so obviously needs holding/supporting), will jump in off the side etc. He usually does swimming lessons with DH so I haven't swum with him much. Anyway, he was climbing out of the pool up the steps and I took my eye off him for a second to look at a baby swimming, turned around to see DS's terror-filled eyes staring up at me from under the water, where he was rotating from his back on to his side with no control. It was just a moment or two, but I go cold and sick just thinking about it. And it seemed to knock his confidence too sad It took him ages to get his breath back, god it was scary.

Sorry to off-load randomly here. Just had a bad day - tired, bad SPD, bad reflux (although thank you cherry for the chewing gum tip, it does work!), bad mother, DH is being useless and unsympathetic at the moment. I feel a meltdown coming on sad

londonlivvy Tue 04-Sep-12 20:02:41

Hello everyone,

We finally exchanged contracts on my flat so provided that we can sort out a few legal negotiations, I should be able to get that done and dusted next Friday. Yay for that. The house is pretty much ready (it’s a modern box), just need DF to put some curtain rails up. He has a race on Saturday so I’m hoping he’ll do it on Sunday.

smorgs you are AMAZING. I have no idea how you did move + wedding. Impressed. I hope the new home is lovely and you enjoy the nesting part of proceedings. If your back is sore, do try to make sure you do crawl or backstroke. Breaststroke curves your spine more and can make it worse.

I’ve also been busy with Yomping’s awesome lists and with a Tesco and a John Lewis order in, we’re on the right road to sorted. Unfortunately I still have to find the mojo to drive 6 hours down to my parents to collect the cot / buggy / baby bath etc that’s currently cluttering up their garage. Rats. I did debate asking them to come up but they are old & suffering various health problems and it just isn’t on. Ah well. At least as a bonus I get to be there for my mum’s birthday and wish her well.

It seems very odd to hear of folk like squid and crazy and angelico being so close to D Day when I’m not due for AGES but I’m sure that learning a bit more patience now will stand me in good stead when the young lady finally gets here! I’m also (just in case we ran the risk of getting bored) just about to start a pregnancy and post-natal yoga teacher training course so reading lots of anatomy, theory, philosophy etc. I think my fellow commuters must think I’m barking. Just wait til I start practising the various breaths inadvertently… (yomping chuckling at your DH and your horse breath)

Thank you to all the mums who’ve shared some crucial details re post-birth gore. I definitely would rather know in advance and maternity pads and cheap cotton granny pants are on my list! Will also get something to protect the bed. <runs off to add to list>

bella feeling for you re your boss. That’s thoughtless and undermining. Meanwhile, my boss has asked me to schedule our big annual client review meetings (both) in my last week when I’ll be 37 weeks. Awesome.5 hours of presenting, being tactful, persuasive and so on, at 37 weeks. FFS.

Fjord glad you have an active bean, though I’m sure it’s pretty exhausting having one in your tum. Good luck at dietician tomorrow. And whilst on the diabetes camp, well done Angelico to have managed your levels so well, particularly in the absence of any proper info/ advice.

huffle GO HOME. You poor thing!

Sorry to anyone I’ve missed. I do read you all. And you’re fab – I don’t know what I would do without you all. Genuinely.

londonlivvy Tue 04-Sep-12 20:06:15

Oh and angelico I will ask the doc tomorrow re lack of weight gain. Have also had thrush so maybe related to the dreaded GD.

CWest30 Tue 04-Sep-12 21:15:21

crazy dont worry about offloading on here, as I said a couple of days back I have done more than enough moaning on here than all of us put together! What a frightening experience for you and DS at the pool today, I hope he is ok now? It just goes to prove that no one is perfect, and it really does take a split second for something to happen. Don't beat yourself up about it. I wouldnt dream of taking DS swimming right now, and Im only 30 weeks! And god, my DS doesn't go more than a couple of hours without hurting himself in some way, thats just part and parcel of having a boy I'm afraid. He will often hurt himself doing something, spend 10 minuites crying in my arms, then get down and do the same thing all over again! They never learn. Sending you thanks anyway.

Squid congratulations on reaching full term!! You may have the first baby on the thread then? Sorry I can't remember everyones EDD smile I've just realised that my growth scan is in 7 days. If that is OK, I see the consultant in 14 days, and I should be given a date for my ELCS then.....eek! I will be 33 weeks so Im guessing I too have about 3 WEEKS LEFT. OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

Was it you who was asking about how we all came to be pregnant? Both of mine have been planned. The first time I came off the pill in the January. I had one period, and we went on a 2 week holiday to Florida in Febuary. We came home, and my period was due at the end of March. I had a "show" the day it was due, then nothing for a week. I finally dared do a test and it was positive!

We actually decided when DS was about 2 that we weren't going to have any more but then (as is often the case) loads of friends were having babies. We spent the majority of last year in a kind of shall we/shan't we, and by December I'd had enough. I said to DH "Look, if we are going to do this, lets just do it" (sorry for the pun haha). I came off the pill at the beginning of December and had a couple of irregular periods. Then a job came up for me, covering the team leader at my childcare setting whilst SHE went on maternity leave. Having only just qualified we thought this was a fantastic oppourtunity, and agreed that if I got the job we would stop trying for a while as the timing was all wrong. Of course the day before I started the job, I felt off so did a test and I was bloody pregnant lol. As it happened this was the best thing that could of happened anyway, I HATED the job, got no support from management whatsoever, and in no way shape or form will I be going back!!

And here we are, almost at the finishing line so to speak. Its been the longest pregnancy EVER, but you girls have been amazing. I've learnt so much from all of you, and am so grateful for all the support. Please can we all carry on after the babies arrive and compare notes/fears etc as they grow?

So, 3 weeks. Oh, almost forgot, its also 3 weeks until our completion date on our purchase (28TH SEPTEMBER YAY),DS first FULL day at school is the 26th September, and if we are right, baby will be born sometime that week too. Crazy. Wish me luck!!

Sorry for he epic post, however, will make some bedtime reading for some of you I should think! Night!

30, DC2, 31+2

londonlivvy Tue 04-Sep-12 21:24:38

oh and crazy I must have cross-posted with you. What a scary moment. Poor you.

hufflepuffle Tue 04-Sep-12 22:05:08

Just a quick pop in to update on the bravado silk bra. Mine arrived today, just opened there. Sexyyyyyyyy . Hmm.
I am 34dd. Think is too small. Cups fit ok but in back on last hooks. Tho unlikely back and ribs will change much now? Think will emai tmrw, check returns time frame and try next size. I ordered medium, think worth trying large.
34dd obviously not that large but support much better than I assumed, surprisingly good shape. Weird removable pads in front.

Comfort?? BLISS..... Cannot believe hav to put other one on again tmrw while wait in another size.

Opening cups v good. DH had another set of giggles at the pop out b

hufflepuffle Tue 04-Sep-12 22:09:38

Oh for dear sake, sign I am tired.,...
DH had another set of giggles at pop out boobs..... The man is bloody 43.........!

So all in all v v highly impressed, just think I might be between sizes, like most things in life!!!

Off to switch of with some natal hypno, niiiice.

Oh and regarding relaxing jaw for poos, is also v v important to try not to clench jaw during labour for same reason. Relaxed jaw = relaxed everywhere down below. Life according to my yoga teacher again! Makes us yawn lots in class to relax jaw!!

Night peeps!! Xx

hufflepuffle Tue 04-Sep-12 22:12:22


Is where I ordered bra from, if anyone interested!

squidkid Tue 04-Sep-12 22:27:22

huffle oh dear - I ordered the same bra in a large - I am also 34DD - I have sent it back to exchange for a medium!! may regret that then, dithered over it for ages

Will catch up with rest in the morning, just back from pregnancy yoga after my instructor was off for a month, really good to do it again but totally scary I am the furthest along now...

nighty night

Beeblebear Wed 05-Sep-12 03:47:13

Just a quick
Op on about the poo. I am doing ok in that dept now. Eating about 3 bowls of high fibre cereal a day. Gone through a family size box of mini wheats and half a box ov oatmeal crisp in a week.

I also am more frequent during the week when I have a schedule. I get up 20 minutes early, have a big bowl of cerial, then just go sit and wait...

Oh I also heard that putying your feet up on a low stool, so your knees are above your waist is supposed to help too. I just linda... Go up on my tipoy toes??,

Re bras.... I just bought a B cup!!!!! Omg exciting!
Also, if your cup feels right, but the band is tol small look in the sewing section of your store and look for a bra extender. Basicalky a 2 in section with more hooks and eyes.

less than 30 days of wofk left now. Yay!

YompingJo Wed 05-Sep-12 08:06:20

Bollocks, I am now a 38!!!DD (used to be 34, fecking high bump hmm) and have ordered the medium, sounds like it will definitely be too tight around the band. I have bra extenders though and reckon the band size will be the one thing guaranteed to go down after the birth, surely? Or even as soon as baby drops which (big hint to baby) it is welcome to do any time, 36 weeks on Friday and sick of it lying in an awkward place where the movements feel like I'm being stretched from the inside. Yesterday, I got such a punch to the bladder it made me yelp.

Beeble, I have also heard that about feet and knees up, I rest mine on our bathroom bin! It's more similar to the squatting position which is a very natural position for relaxing things down there (hence why it's such a good one for labour), and the reason why old style French toilets are actually better for doing poos!

Smorgs, did you get through the rest of your cycling trip without punching the rude man?

Cherry, dying to hear how your pelvis measuring went!

Will do my conceiving story later, ought to have left for work 15 mins ago. Oopsy.

Kyyria Wed 05-Sep-12 08:17:07

Morning all.

Have added an up-to-date bump photo to my profile. Must admit I'm feeling quite small compared to other people at my NCT class, but it's still big enough to get in the way of everything. Tried cutting my toenails last night...that was interesting!

Only 18days of work left, although if I take out annual leave and half days it drops down to 10...that's the number I'm going to stick with! Can't wait to get out of there but at same time I'm freaking about getting closer to due date!

Hope you all have a good day grin

32, 32+3,#1

crazypaving Wed 05-Sep-12 08:28:15

Bodysilk bras - I'm a 34DD and wear the medium. Find the band stretches as I get bigger, so have 2 brand new ones in boxes waiting for my stomach to disappear (it will disappear this time, right? hmm).

Re getting pregnant, squid, very unexciting stories here! First time, went on exotic holiday, came back and off antimalarials & pill, moved house, got pregnant two months later! This time, had unprotected sex ONCE, thought - are we mad, are we ready? - and hey presto. Obviously this baby was meant to be....!!!

Had another hideous night last night. After swimming with DS I was in so much pain from SPD I just couldn't sleep. (also kept having flashbacks of his terrified face underwater) So tired sad And just tidied out all the kitchen cupboards....lluckily have physio this afternoon. She'll probably give me a proper good bollocking. Wish DH would be more helpful and sympathetic.

Beeble hooray for the work countdown!

CWest what is it about getting pg when it's inconvenient?! grin And what is it about boys and being accident prone....DS is so funny, if he bangs something slightly he makes a massive palava of it until I've kissed it better, then he runs off happily. Very cute.

londonlivvy huge congrats on exchanging on your flat! Fab news.

And huge respect to Angelico and Fjord - you are both doing amazingly with your GD. angelico were you enormously chuffed to have a thread of the day??

Right, off to clean the bathroom. Come on, pelvis....

hufflepuffle Wed 05-Sep-12 09:25:26


So pleased with self. Took day off today after rota blunder and hav only woken at 9am!!! Longest lie in in months!!!! Obviously much needed. No comment on how awake I was during night as I seem to hav a cold........

So I am off and in

hufflepuffle Wed 05-Sep-12 09:32:15

angry and I plan to do more cleaning!! Well I hav a wee bit of work to do, need to call to 3 nursing homes..... But still.

On bra issue. In some of my wakeful hrs I was considering. As I so tall my ribs not moved much so unlikely to go down much. But cups will surely enlarge when milk comes in? And need wee bit of room for pads. Due to fabric if too big on cups will lose shape....... Hmmm. Still think I will order size L and compare. Thinking it will be too loose tho. Prob end up with both.
Hope to get time for proper read of past few days.
Love to all, cannot believe will be babies in next few weeks..............
shock shock shock shock

Londonmrss Wed 05-Sep-12 09:53:56

Huffle and Squid I'm a 38/38DD and got the medium. Although I'm on the last hooks, my ribs have expanded so much I'm assuming they'll gradually get smaller after birth! There's no digging in on my back or sides so I'm happy with the medium. I have now bought 2 more of them so I have 3 as I'm currently refusing to take it off. The removable things in the front are a bit odd but will be good for leakage I reckon.

Re. getting upduffed. Very boring story. Went off pill in November. Got confused as I have an irregular cycle (anything from 30-45 days). Had lots of sex, but didn't really think about it. Got period on 5th Jan. Surprised myself that I was actually quite disappointed- thought I was less bothered than that. Next month, knew when my period was due and instead of my usual 5 days of sore boobs and pms, I had it for 10 days. Did a test on 20th Feb- very clear positive! Very very happy and surprised. Feel very lucky that it happened so easily for us.

Angelico Wed 05-Sep-12 09:59:45

Urrrgggghhh, morning ladies <squints blearily at screen>

Just a quick message to whinge - awful sleep last night, don't know how you long-term hip painers are managing at all - total kudos to you. Changed sides a thousand times or so which hurts bump. Woke up exhausted when I wanted to be all bright-eyed to finish edits this morning so I can send frigging book away and wash my hands of it (until proofs come in and have to read it letter by letter with a new baby and 3 hours sleep behind me but pretending that isn't going to happen). Still feels like work till I get finished.

Lots of ketones this morning so probably not enough carbs last night even though BS was perfect. Bollocks. Might just have been dehydrated. More later.

Angelico Wed 05-Sep-12 10:15:22

BTW Huffle great website link - thanks! PMSL at some of the Hot Milk bra 'names' grin

Gah, to work!!!

hufflepuffle Wed 05-Sep-12 10:20:57

Ha ha angelicojust checked them out!!!!! Hee Hee!

Beeblebear Wed 05-Sep-12 10:39:50

Kyyria... Just took a peek at your bump pics lovely ;) also notice that you and I had the same wedding dress! What color was your trim? I had mine in claret red... Gorgeous!
-- sorry, side tracked...

Re: knocked up story.

Married last july. Said we wanted to do one big trip before trying. Had a quick, local honeymoon post wedding, and planned a december/january trip to sustralia. Dh's sis lives there. Went off the pill for that trip secretly hoping for a honeymoon baby and packed a test in myl suitcase well it didn.t work. good thing because did lots if scuba diving and amusement park rides. But did find out that POAStests are much much cheaper in aus. Stocked up and came home. Next month BAM! And about 6 poas tests later I finally believed the results. Lol. I thought I may have issues, because of some fertility issues in my mom.s side but we totally lucked iut and gere we are, less than 7 weeks until EDD.

lisbethsopposite Wed 05-Sep-12 11:08:51

Hello all -

DH away and mother here making sure DS will not be abandoned if 'That which will not be named' should come to pass while DH is away. DH back tomorrow night! grin
Did not go to bed on Monday during the day (big mistake) - felt well and made a big stock of food for the freezer. Anyway DS was at childminder 'til evening. I am like a car running a flat tyre and anyway all my air ran out. I had to go to bed in the evening, with a sick bowl sad (Sorry if TMI). I texted a teenager here on the estate and she was available to take DS out to play for an hour. My mother would not be able for a lively 2yr old. They were outside playing while I was upstairs in bed with a sick bowl. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. sad
Crazy I last took DS swimming about a fortnight ago but would not dare now.

Anyway I saw the ObG yeterday - he repeated several times, 'you are fine, I am not worried about you, I expect you to have a normal v delivery'. I quoted mumsnet to him - Pregnancy might not be an illness but if you had the these symptoms and you weren't pregnant, you would think there was something very serious wrong with you. He just laughed.
I actually said the same thing to the MW the other day and her answer was 'well if you think about it this baby is living like a parasite off you...' I forget the rest. Anyway, I had been thinking of bean like a parasite (not in a mean way but biologically) so it was funny to hear her use the same word.

Huffle in terms of bra size I always find the strap size goes up during pregnancy. It is due to pressure coming up from below, the ribs seem to stretch out. I expect my bra strap size to come down post pregnancy. I would think the medium would do and at a push use to expanders. Thanks for the website link.

I was also thinking about people packing their hospital bags. Thanks for the Tena advice I must check them out. Always will not do as they stick to (dried) blood - sorry to gross people out. I did not use as many pads as people are saying. I used one pack and half a second (V delivery).
In terms of toiletries, I was advised that babies have a very sensitive sense of smell and they identify with mother's smell. I was advised to just use aqueous cream (I still have the lovely Clarins shower gels and body lotions that people gave me as gifts, which I will use in the future - when I go back to having date nights.....) You know when someone goes by with this big waft of perfume/aftershave, how gross it is. I imagine that is what perfume smells like to babies.

35 +5 today - due this day next month - thank goodness to be on the countdown. Well done anyone still working.

hufflepuffle Wed 05-Sep-12 11:10:48

Oh I am useless..... Will continue cleaning in a while......

Conception stories. Mine not just so easy!

We married 2 yrs yesterday. (yes, I kno I was at work for 11 hrs......) and one of the reasons we married was to hav baby...
Sorry that sounds so old fashioned but living in a rural town with a small business one has to feckin go with tradition! Oh and because I wanted a wedding!!!!!

Started trying after a few months. Assumed all would be easy. Ahem, nope. Started a v trying routine of peeing on ovulation sticks, watching out for mucus changes etc. Think this did a lot to harm iur sex life tbh, can take the sparkle away.... sad (but fully intend to get it back!) About a year and many tearful periods later went to see GP to discuss fertility checks. He v kindly referred me straight away but said stop thinking so much, often voicing fears to GP can set things changing psychologically and you never know... DH birthday was 4th Feb, we went in to town, went to cinema, went for boozy dinner and got train home. Period due that day. Next day no period, got out the test. DH said please don't do it and annoy yourself, let's just enjoy the weekend. Peed and positive!!!!!!!! We were shocked in to silence for about an hour!! 3 tests and lots of tears later we were convinced!!!

Actually when I went to tearfully see GP I was already pregnant!
Miraculously got the fertility apt about 2 wks later (fair play to you NHS) but did not need.

We cannot wait to meet this long awaited bubba and although I know we did not hav a hard time compared to so many, it was just such a massive relief that we 'work'.

Lots of tears here, off to catch myself on!!

Smorgs Wed 05-Sep-12 11:37:23

Huffle and Angelico - also pmsl at the hot milk names! Sound more like mills and boon titles!

Angelico and fjord - big sympathies on the gd. That is so much to manage with everything else, really hope it gets better for you (lol at river dance- is there a Norwegian equivalent involving clogs maybe?!)

Huffle - you've sold me on bravado but I'm also in the 'what size' camp. Normally im 36C but most comfy bra now is a Triumph 36D. Got measured at M&S when in UK recently and they recommended 38C but tbh it's too small. I'm also in the long waisted camp so assuming will go back to 36 after birth but stay at D or DD? Good tip on the jaw clenching too, I grind my teeth so tend to clench when stressed. Is it wrong to be using poos to practise labour techniques like not clenching and 'breathing it out'!? Def going to search out some pampers disposable matts too.

Crazypaving - that sounds like a really scary pool moment I'm not surprised you're reliving it in your sleep. But don't beat yourself up about it. My sister - best mummy I know - had a similar experience once. I have no experience in these things but I know that the old 'get straight back on the horse' saying is often true so if you think ds has lost a bit of confidence is it worth taking him swimming again soon?
My sympathies on the crap sleep too, I was awake for hours last night.

Londonlivvy - yay on exchanging on your flat! Finally! And well done on getting unpacked already, you're a machine. Can you come and do mine? Thanks for the swimming tip. How was the doc's?

Kyyria - 10 more days. What a relief for you. Nice bump pic!

Yomping - I had a similar experience at aqua aerobics a few months back. The pool was in the middle of the gym surrounded by glass and in front of the running machines. I did not go back! I survived the Fatty comments on hol yes, but did take to calling him Le Petit as he is a short arse, which was childish but satisfying!

Beeble - 3 bowls of high fibre a day?! I need to focus more on getting the fibre in I think. Thanks for the bra extender tip, never seen those. Sympathy on the SPD and heartburn - my hip and back pain is getting worse but not sure if it's SPD or if they recognise that in France. Angelico's tip about sleeping on the sofa worked for me the other night though - made sure my hip was in the join of the seat cushions so it could sag down a bit.

Cwest - roll on completion date! Sounds like it will be a hectic week though. Can you get friends to help you move and unpack?

Bella - that is not really on what your boss said, have you said anything to him? Hope the baby shower is good, very jealous no one has organised one for me.

Elpis - are you feeling any better since taking the iron/ rust juice?

Squid - nice bump!

Wantanorange - good luck with moving!

Phew, that's all for now. Onwards with unpacking...

Smorgs Wed 05-Sep-12 11:48:19

Cross posted
lisbethsopposite that's rubbish you're still feeling sick, is it MS still? Hope it improves, is it worth getting something from the gp if it's still that bad?
huffle that's one of the loveliest conception stories I've heard!

Elpis Wed 05-Sep-12 11:51:44

Sitting in maternity hospital waiting to be seen after not feeling any movements since yesterday afternoon. How can all the other women here be so CALM? Wish me luck. 36 weeks today, I hope.

lisbethsopposite Wed 05-Sep-12 11:52:07

Here is my 'knocked-up' story. It is connected to DS's story - I will try to be brief.

My DS was conceived via IVF on the third attempt with donor eggs after several failed cycles with my own eggs (memory has become a blur). Anyway at 43 I thought he might be our family. Because we are older parents, we were anxious for him to have a sibling, to have some family if we are not around. DH and I are both from big families. We had been trying or 4 years, naturally and then assisted conception, before DS was born and I was determined to enjoy him for his own sake. So I BF him for 13-14 months. You cannot do IVF with BF - the drugs would go into the milk. So we tried a cycle again in December when I was 6 weeks post BF. That cycle failed.
Mentally I had looked at it that IVF is a numbers game. It was like throwing dice - I think our success rate (for our treatment regimen) was about 1/3. My logic was that if you need the dice to show a 3 or a 6 to be successful, you just need to keep going/throwing. I had been on IVF boards and seen how stressed people got, not just at their failures, but chance comments from nurses or receptionists or anyone. I decided to get my information from books and the Net and not let any of that in.

Anyway after the failed December cycle, DH and I decided we were too old to hang about and we decided to do another cycle immediately if that was medically feasible. It was and our cycle started on Dec 30th. Egg retrieval was Jan, Fri 13th shock - good job I am not superstitious.
We booked to go to Barcelona for embryo transfer the next week (embryos are transferred on day 3-5) but when it came down to it DS was a bit unwell and I went on my own. Two embryos were transferred on day 5. I was not to test for 2 weeks but of course I did and BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had reached that point on more than 1 occasion before so could not tell a soul in RL - I could not cope with sympathy if the cycle were to fail. Sooo I came on mumsnet.
Then I had early scan because IVF carries a higher risk of ectopic pregnancy and also to see if I had 1/2 embryos still taking. Thankfully I had 1 - doubles are considered much higher risk pregnancies.

One drag about doing 2 cycles back to back is you are on medication for such a long time. You are on meds every 8 hours before and for the first 3 months of a cycle which for me aside from about 4 days break, became 4+ months of meds every 8 hours. And the 8 hours is very exact. It is not breakfast lunch and tea, it is 7AM, 3PM and 11PM. Alarm set on the 'phone, exact timing. Pesseries and oral drugs.
It's funny writing this stuff, I really had forgotten some of the details. I think it is wonderful for you girls that things happened easier - I am happy for you.
IVF did not drive DH and I apart, if anything it brought us closer. We have a wonderful DS and another on the way - we consider ourselves blessed.

Elpis Wed 05-Sep-12 12:04:24

I'm supposed to have three days left at work. Yesterday our nanny's sister had an emergency induction at 36 weeks with pre-eclampsia. The baby's in special care as he was only 1.4kg. So no childcare. Yesterday was also a very busy day at work, which I had to do largely at home looking after DD, and now I am behind with that as well as desperately anxious about the baby's inertia - he's been quieter than usual all this week, though did kick visibly around 4pm and again later. Tried drinking iced water and prodding but to no avail. So tired and tearful - DD woke me at 4am wanting to sleep with Mummy. Why won't they see me yet? All these super-calm women who arrived after me are being called in.

lisbethsopposite Wed 05-Sep-12 12:06:04

Thanks Smorgs rest does the trick - if I lie down in time. I am only ghastly if I keep going. Also Gaviscon is great. Anytime I am really bad, has been preventable. I am reluctant to medicate any further - I don't like tablets. BTW Why is it called MS? Morning is my best time!! I don't get it.

Elpis Sending you happy bean vibes - had a similar panic last week. Hour and a half in hospital later bean was fine. I had had less movement for no reason and I hope, really hope you get the same reassurance. They gave me cold drinks to get bean to move (they move away from your cold tummy) also sugar is good. Is there a coke machine beside you there in the waiting area? Let us know how you get on...

Smorgs Wed 05-Sep-12 12:11:54

elpis I'm sending you lots and lots of positive, relaxed vibes. I'm thinking of you, let us know how you get on xx

Elpis Wed 05-Sep-12 12:16:40

Woman at 35 weeks with reduced fetal movements has just come in, followed by woman at 37 weeks with TOO MANY. Sigh. Thanks for good vibes.

No Coke in machine, just tea, coffee and Starburst orange drink. I avoid caffeine as it triggers migraine. Will resort to Starburst if I'm here for another hour...

lisbethsopposite Wed 05-Sep-12 12:19:09

Elpis thanks brew

Elpis Wed 05-Sep-12 12:28:44

Second conception story pretty ordinary but the first was a bit of a miracle. I had been diagnosed with MS, a few months after getting engaged and being promoted at work. Very soon afterwards I had a relapse that made it hard to walk for a little while. Referred to specialist who said I should start disease-modifying drugs. I said we had been planning to try to start a family: should we go ahead? He and his boss exchanged glances. I should wait and see if things settled down, he said.

It turned out I was already pregnant. That ruled out the drugs. Thank God, the MS has been stable since.

hufflepuffle Wed 05-Sep-12 12:28:58

Elpis virtual hugs and squeezes your way. Am sure all will be fine. X x

lisbeth I admire your tenacity, you are a trooper. Well done on DS1 and sticking with it for DC2! You are amazing xx

crazypaving Wed 05-Sep-12 12:32:35

lisbeth wow that's an amazing story. So, so delighted for you that after all that heartache you have a DS and another on the way - I suppose it gives you a whole new appreciation of modern medicine. I think you're amazing fwiw - not sure I'd have had the mental and emotional strength to get through all that.

elpis, really really hoping everything is absolutely fine and you get seen soon. I'm sure it's just that your baby's having a lazy day xx

firstbubba Wed 05-Sep-12 12:42:11

Conception story similar to lisbeth but no foreign trips. Years of tests and examinations at local Nhs hospital resuitability for IVF then told likely hood of success neglible best bet donor egg and by the way your too old now and it will be self funded. So months and months of sprays pessaries, practice runs checks and double checks before egg transfer and here we are 36 weeks today. Lying down as feeling rubbish as we have so much work to do before bubbas arrival.

Hugs to elpis much varied movement here too which is scary at times

CWest30 Wed 05-Sep-12 12:56:31

Elpis try not to worry. I got myself into a right state last week wen baby was barely moving at all. Keep us informed please, thinking of you xxx

smorgs if we are right and my ELCS IS that week, then I will be in hospital anyway recovering so no unpacking for me! We are also assuming baby will have to stay in for a while, being born at only 34 weeks, so I guess I will do some before she comes home. Luckily my family and friends are really supportive and we ve got plenty willing to help.:-)

Beeblebear Wed 05-Sep-12 13:11:12

Elpis, hugs! Thinking of you. Hope you get in soon! Go get that cold sugary beverage!

Elpis Wed 05-Sep-12 13:15:42

Strapped up to trace machine. Baby's heart beating - a bit fast, apparently, perhaps because my pulse was rapid too. The trace hasn't yet shocked him into action and the heat rate just dropped and then jumped back up again quickly. But I don't really know what the figures mean so am trying not to panic.

Londonmrss Wed 05-Sep-12 13:37:16

Lisbeth and firstbubba wow! You and your husband must have an amazing relationship as I reckon such a journey would be hard on even the strongest marriages.

Elpis keep calm. Hope everything's ok. I always have variable movement too- sometimes they just have lazy days. Let us know how it goes. Glad to hear your MS has been stable too- what a horrible illness that can be.

Keep us posted.

crazypaving Wed 05-Sep-12 15:22:00

elpis keep us posted, sounds scary sad Hope they figure it out and everything gets under control.

Just back from physio who was trying to persuade me to take crutches for my SPD. Um, how do I use crutches with a 22m old DS? I declined, but can go back any time to get them. I am in quite a lot of pain, but I have to be realistic....argghhh

Angelico Wed 05-Sep-12 15:38:55

Hugs for crazy and elpis thanks Elpis hope all is okay x

lisbethsopposite Wed 05-Sep-12 15:55:20

Elpis, Elpis are you there?? Worrying here, this is taking a while!

Velo Wed 05-Sep-12 16:33:46

Elpis - hope everything is OK.

Conception story started in 2008 when after years of living/working abroad came back to Europe in hope of starting a family - and then 4 years of TCC, ICSI, IVF with 2012 down as final year of trying (turned 40 this year). Pulling myself together for next IVF round after previous failed attempt when I realized that I was late. POAS - positive and gave DH a big surprise. As stressful as being pregnant is, I have found it to be less up and down than the TTC process.

That said - have had to take 3-days off work to recover from a nasty cold so I get to add that to the woes of not sleeping/hip pain, being knackered and generally feeling overwhelmed. Getting irrationally annoyed with DH who is being supportive in a not very practical way i.e. keeps telling me that I need to rest but I still end up making dinner, washing up, putting out the garbage, sorting stuff out in our small apartment so we can actually fit a cot/push chair/baby-bath etc in.... rant over, not going to cry. Time to figure out by Bravado bra size (measured myself and now a 40F!!).

Elpis Wed 05-Sep-12 16:57:39

Baby was still not moving very much so they scanned me. That was all fine. Then they strapped on the trace again. He has given several small kicks but apparently the 'spikes' in movement are not as high as they would like. I am willing him to wake up and budge because there's the threat of staying overnight. I've never been away from DD overnight before. Quite tearful just thinking about that, let alone everything else. Thank you for being here, or there, or wherever you are. It's been such a help. smile

Elpis Wed 05-Sep-12 17:05:21

They are LETTING ME GO HOME! The trace is much better. Phew!

Londonmrss Wed 05-Sep-12 17:08:10

Phew Elpis. Was baby just being a lazy bugger then and all is fine?

Velo Wed 05-Sep-12 17:14:47

Have just ordered the bra's (thanks for the tip) - extra large and a couple of large.. eek.

Elpis glad that things have worked out.

londonlivvy Wed 05-Sep-12 17:18:35

Elpis so glad that all fine and you're allowed to go home. Exhausting day I'm sure with all the stress. take care.

Conception story... we were lucky, I think. I’m 37 (then 36) and we started trying in September, conscious of lots of friends who’ve struggled with IVF / ISCI and all sorts and very conscious of my age (he’s younger and v.healthy) so wanting to get started, in case it took ages. I found it incredibly disappointing each month and wondered how people go on to have this disappointment every month for years and keep the morale going. But anyway, we kept going, with a phone app to entertain us and try to keep a vague track of things.

In Feb, within a week of conception my boobs had grown an entire cup size (literally falling out of bras that I owned) and told DF I must be pregnant. Nah, he said, you can’t possibly know already. BUT LOOK I said. Anyway, a week later, on the way back from a business trip, I could wait no more and went to Boots in Victoria and bought a test. I went to the public loos which unfortunately had broken lights so just that v.dim emergency lighting. I POAS, then stood there in the gloom trying to work out something, anything, on the stick. I used my phone as a torch and then had to sit down. Blimey. I was pregnant. (and very impatient, clearly). I spent the journey home alternately grinning from ear to ear and thinking “fuck. I’m pregnant. Oh. My. God. What do we do now?”. DF and I weren’t able to go home as people were viewing the flat so I went to the pub and asked him to meet me there. He asked how my day had been. I said “I’m pregnant” and then stared at him, willing him to respond happily. To my delight he looked ecstatic and his eyes shone and he said “are you sure?” and I said “well the test is [thrusting the test at him]”. “that’s fantastic” he said. And it was.

ooh I'm getting all emotional at the memory. what a lovely man he is.

lisbethsopposite Wed 05-Sep-12 17:30:45

Oh London that is wonderful [teary emoticon]!!

Elpis so glad you are going home - are they following you up? or is that the 'all clear'?

hufflepuffle Wed 05-Sep-12 17:40:37

Elpis thank goodness little one seems ok. You take care now and don't be afraid to go back. Next few weeks r v important. Hugs ((((0))))

Update in the bra ladies. I put a regular one in this morn and was so uncomfortable in it I thought to hell with it. Hav had new one on all day. It is fantastico! Purposely put in closer hook to make sure fits well. Cups are spot on. If find they not enough once milk comes in I'll order bigger then.
So im 34DD and medium works well!!

In sainsburys today I bought 2 packs of maternity pads and one pack Tena lady pants blush blush blush
Thank goodness for self checkout.....!

In babys r us I bought some washable breast pads, label reads well, they have anti microbial action and leak proof. Figure they might be good for night time. And a seamfree bra top type thing in Sainsburys to hold pads at night for £5. And big granny pants.

Loving getting organised!!!!

Off to antenatal class soon, wonder what we will learn tonight?

Still not caught up properly on all your posts..... Sorry! Wishing u all well


dosomethingmutley Wed 05-Sep-12 18:06:24

Hi All,

Just wanted to check in and say hello.

Elpis so glad everything is ok and you didn't have to stay in.

londonlivvy was it you worried about lack of weight gain? I haven't gained any for 6 weeks, but bump is visibly bigger and seems to be measuring well. I have read elsewhere that a drop off in weight gain in 3rd trimester is fairly common? So hopefully all is ok for you.

My conception story is short and sweet - we knew we wanted to start trying soon after getting married (we got married Feb this year) but in the New Year we sort of relaxed the rules a bit, knowing that it wouldn't impact on the wedding if we were lucky. I just assumed that because we really wanted to conceive it would take ages, but it must have been beginner's luck! First attempt was lucky and I POAS and got the positive the day before our wedding. I feel so blessed that it all happened so easily for us and I'm super excited about meeting our daughter in a few weeks time smile

Only 7 days left at work for me - whoopee! Hopefully then I'll be able to nap in the day and it won't matter that I can't sleep for very long at night because my hips are on fire!

Lots of thanks and hugs to all those that need them - what a great bunch you guys are.

londonlivvy Wed 05-Sep-12 18:23:23

dosomethingmutley it was me, you're right. I went to the doc today (thanks smorgs for asking) and she measured me and said I'm measuring what I should, it's probably just been all the running around with the move that's made me not gain weight. the baby will just take all it needs (was it you liesbeth who talked about a parasite ?) and I'll be the one not gaining.

Anyway, very glad about that.

tonight we're out for dinner so must finish up here and then get home and get glad rags on. grin

Angelico Wed 05-Sep-12 18:30:51

Hurrah Elpis! So glad you're getting out and bean is okay! grin They really are torture aren't they? I worry when she moves too much, too little...

Loving the TTC stories smile Will update later, just having a sit down before I make dinner. Does anyone else feel completely crap and pathetic when asked to do anything?! Had to go to B&Q there, then Sainsburys and was actually getting faint at the till confused Totally overfilled trolley and lovely Sainsburys lady carried out extra shopping to the car and helped me put it in, thus stopping me from keeling over and dying in carpark.

Anyway, I feel a sense of achievement - bought wardrobe rail for nursery in B&Q AND did mega shop AND finished edits AND had lovely chat on phone to editor who is so kind and supportive and keeps telling me to rest instead of working which I can hopefully do now for a few days. Feels like my maternity leave starts tomorrow grin Wish there was a party hat emoticon grin

Kyyria Wed 05-Sep-12 19:10:33

Beeble my wedding dress had a claret red trim too - was gorgeous. Quite sad that our wedding was late on in the day (we got married at 4pm) and I didn't have long to wear it!

Elpis so pleased that all is well and that they've let you out! grin

My conception story is quite boring/straightforward. Although we couldn't agree on the best time to have kids we both agreed that we couldn't imagine being without them. After spending years debating the "right time" and finally realising that if we were to wait for the right time we'd never have any, we decided it was now or never. Came off the pill in July last year (2011) as figured it could take a while to get back into a routine and then took us a while to pluck up the courage to make the final decision about using no protection! Decision was made after having a horrendous 18months/2years at work (and this was a particularly bad day) I figured there was more to life than being so unhappy with work taking over my life and that I wanted to be able to make my husband (and ultimately a family) the priority rather than work. Anyway, first time lucky. Working in a medical centre I luckily have access to trustworthy colleagues with supplies of pregnancy tests, but ended up buying another 4 on my way home from work! Bought a pair of baby sized socks to put in a gift bag with the positive preg test and put in on the settee in hubby's place for when he got home. I was happy but terrified at the positive result and hubby still says to me "you could have broken the news to me a bit more gently"! I think we were both expecting it all to take 6 months plus so were a bit shocked when it happened near enough instantly! Plus we were both brought up to think getting pregnant (especially at younger age) was such a bad thing to do and would ruin your life forever!! 31 when we found out, married for nearly 2 years and together for nearly 13 years and both of us were terrified about telling our parents!! grin

Smorgs Wed 05-Sep-12 19:23:59

elpis that's great news, so glad everything's ok.

I bought nappies today for the first time! They were on offer in the supermarket but only from Pampers size 2 up. So have bought 2 large packs (62 nappies in each) of size 2 mini ones for 6-13lbs and one small pack (27 nappies) of size 1 newborn ones for 4-11lbs. Do you think I'll need more of the newborn ones? 4lbs sounds teeny tiny...

Angelico Wed 05-Sep-12 20:16:08

Right, our ttc story - was remarkably straightforward compared to some of the stories here and a special bunch of thanks for those of you who hung in there to get your beans!

Basically the teacher in me wanted bean due Sep so I could take the year on maternity leave so left nothing to chance. Used Clear Blue fertility monitor as recommended by friends, planned to start TTC in Dec but had rotten stomach bug thing and GP told me to wait until I finished a course of medication. So come Jan when tummy tests were clear we used CBFM and some pre-seed lube for luck - and bam! There was the bean! grin Who knows, we might have got lucky without CBFM but friend had taken a while to get pregnant and then found that her OV date moved around quite a bit when GP recommended OV sticks.

Funny thing was, my first pregnancy symptom was what felt like murderous PMT! Had a really shit day one day and went to POAS just to prove that this was without a doubt the shittest day in living history ... only to see the very faintest hint of pink line. Was left a bit shock, crept into DH and said, "I think this might be positive!" He thought it was hilarious that I only peed on stick to prove that I wasn't pregnant so I could spit on the universe even more grin Anyway repeated test the following day and it was definitely clear - this was a good few days before period was due, I can recommend the cheapy Superdrug tests!

So for us the getting pregnant bit was easy, it's the pregnancy itself that has had a few ups and downs confused

Zara1984 Wed 05-Sep-12 20:41:02

Our conception story - ultimately straightforward. We'd been wanting a baby and waiting to TTC since we got married (in 2008). Work, moving overseas, travel, lots of stuff got in the way. It was starting to get quite upsetting to the point where last year I would cry if I found out friends were pregnant, and I'd wonder how many years it would be until we got to meet our children. sad

Anyway - decided to be responsible last year and decided to pull finger and pay off my mahooosive NZ student loan (mark my words, this is what kids currently starting uni are in for in the UK) - we paid off the equivalent of £35k in one year. We knew if we got that clear then we'd feel fine TTC (no matter how unsettled everything else was about the rest of our life!). So SO glad we did it and we are both so proud of ourselves for clearing that debt. That same discipline has meant we've saved a tidy nest egg this year during pregnancy. Not bad for someone (me) who used to be DREADFUL with money and debt and learnt no useful lessons from spendthrift parents hmm

We started trying in December/January, with the help of a CBFM. My first cycle was weird - I didn't ovulate I think (well the CBFM said I didn't), and my period was 2 weeks late. The next month, we shagged in accordance with what the CBFM dictated grin and it showed I ovulated. Got BFP the day after my period was due on what appeared to be a perfect 28 day cycle! Like Angelico I also had murderous PMT symptoms the day before I got my BFP - very sore boobs, felt sick and crampy. The following morning seeing that faint line appear on the stick at 4am (when I was sure it'd be negative) was honestly the most surreal experience of my life. grin

Due to finish work 5 weeks tomorrow. FIVE FECKING WEEKS. What was I thinking saying I'd go till 38 weeks angry - bah and I have so much work to do between now and then.

Going to have a bath now with some lavender oil in it grin


Zara1984 Wed 05-Sep-12 20:46:18

Oh and when I shook DH awake to shriek wild-eyed that I was pregnant (waving two sticks in his face) he just smirked and said "Yeah, well... what did you think was going to happen if we had unprotected???" as if I was doubting the abilities of his CLEARLY (to him) superior sperm. He then went back to sleep. Sometimes I do not understand the man I am married to.

I lay wide awake for hours. Terrified/bursting with excitement.

Gosh that feels like it was only yesterday - and yet such a very very long time ago!

Elpis Wed 05-Sep-12 20:52:45

I have to go back if the movements drop off again, but he seems to have woken up. They brought me a cheese sandwich, which left him indifferent. Then a very nice midwife suggested I go for a 'power walk' around the block. Went to itsu and bought some spicy salmon and green tea. He started shifting a bit after that and the two consultants decided the trace was active enough. Such a relief. Maybe he was tired after a pretty stressful day yesterday (for me, anyway - he didn't have to juggle work and childcare all day, hand over to a not-very-enthusiastic stand-in who doesn't quite grasp what the job's priorities are, and deal with DD refusing to put on pyjamas 'because I want to sleep naked like Mummy'). Anyway, he's returned to his preferred evening pastime of pawing my bladder.

lisbethsopposite Wed 05-Sep-12 21:25:07

Good stuff Elpis -
I am off work now 5 weeks blush - are you sure you want to see it (work) through to the very end?

Angelico Wed 05-Sep-12 21:36:26

Have just caught YET ANOTHER spider the size of a mouse. Thank God I bought more pint glasses the other day as nothing else is big enough to catch the basstads!

Am also in a rage with DH for not very good a reason in greater scheme of things, other than that he doesn't know when he's fecking well off or what I have actually done this summer to get us into this house angry And in spite of me warning him not to he has also fully paid a workman who has not finished a job, which explains why said workman is no longer bothering answering my plaintive calls to please come and finish the work angry. I think it's a while since we've heard 'nobber' on the thread. So nobbers nobbers nobbers.

Just thought I'd share and yes these are definitely first world problems... thank you for reading blush Feel mad and hormonal. Going to run a bath and lower myself in Moby Dick style. If I don't return to thread please send some hunky firemen to rescue me! wink

crazypaving Thu 06-Sep-12 08:33:01

Angelico! Did you manage to get out of the bath?!!

Elpis so glad all is well thanks

Zara you poor thing - can you bring your end of work date forward, or are you going to stick it out?

My maternity leave has started at just the right time - my SPD has flared up so badly I'm really struggling to do anything. Getting up in the night to wee is absolute agony. This might be a big factor in the decision about whether or not we have a 3rd baby...

Also in a bit of a quandary. We have paralympic tickets for Saturday night, athletics, which would involve seeing Oscar Pistorius defending his 400m title. But there are 2 problems: first, it would involve DS staying with a family member he barely knows. He's never spent a night away from us before and I have no idea how he'll react. The thought of it makes me feel sad but maybe I'm just being completely, totally and utterly precious about it. The second problem is my SPD, and I don't know how I'll cope with a long journey, lots of walking, a late night and sitting in a busy stadium.

Seriously, tell me what to do!!! I don't want to miss out but the thought of going is pretty overwhelming. Maybe I should've taken the blardy crutches off the physio after all...

Angelico Thu 06-Sep-12 09:08:43

Crazy I never made it INTO bath - it got late and didn't think the firemen would want to be called out in the middle of the night... wink On the paralympics front - tough decision sad Can see why you would want to go but lots of walking with SPD does sound hard going to be honest. But I'm sure the hardier souls on board will be along to say, "Go for it girl!" smile I have just reached the stage where I am keeping physical discomfort to a minimum.

Elpis hope the bean is leaping about like a frog in there this morning.

Second night in a row of waking up all night - must be that hormone thing everyone talks about where you start waking up for no reason 'just to prepare you for when baby arrives and wakes you up.' All the more reason to let us sleep while we can then, Mother Nature!!! Pelvis / hips / lower back all sore. Going to go into town for bits and pieces this morning then watch DVDs this afternoon!

smileyhappymummy Thu 06-Sep-12 09:23:53

I have a day off today - very exciting! Planning to head into town and buy stuff to stock up that hospital bag (big massive pants anyone?!) and then go and sit in a cafe with my book and eat cake before picking up dd from school and going to the park, where I will doubtless eat ice cream.
elpis really glad everything is ok. Hope bean decides to behave from now on, they do like to worry us don't they?
Anyone any experience of spa tone. - I know someone was talking about it but can't remember who. Feel crappy from being anaemic (really dizzy just standing up to do a little bit of washing up this morning) but the iron tablets ar giving me awful nausea and stomach ache - so not sure which is worse. Is spa tone better? Might try and buy some this afternoon.
crazy think I would be tempted to try and go but (and this might sound ridiculous but might help) any chance you could borrow a wheelchair even - think the red cross hire the out sometimes. Might help with the longer distances. On the other hand if you just feel miserable thinking about it, maybe don't go - go with your gut feeling I think.
Only 3 weeks of work left for me now. Just realised I am working 4 days every week except this one though - feels like quite a big challenge at the moment. I find it really hard doing self employed work because every session I work now is money in the bank we don't have to worry about later - but it's also a lot of effort and I'm tired. Still, will be glad when I don't have to worry so much after baby is born.
Take care everyone!

lisbethsopposite Thu 06-Sep-12 09:58:36

Lost a big long post f**k.

Angelico sorry to call your DH a nobber, but I hate when workmen aren't straight with me. In my present hormonal state I would be angry angry angry and seeing as the workman has ducked, DH would be in the firing line grin. nobber!

Well done Zara on the money management - Increased University fees are in the firing line here in Ireland with the current recession. Historically though in Ireland we have had such emigration there is always the debate, should the Irish taxpayers be educating eg. a doctor, who can now emigrate with their valuable degree, and contribute zip (in taxes/service) to the country that funded almost 20 years of full time education. What do you think is the fairest way to do things?

DH coming home tonight grin. I am different to a lot of you (and my last pregnancy) but I am very horny (can't find a more delicate word to describe it) this time round. Thankfully pregnancy does not put DH off at all - in fact he has the approach that sex will be off the agenda once the bean arrives - so he has to pack in supplies while they are going grin. Roll on the weekend.

Crazy can't advise re para-olympics. Inclined to go but could you get the crutches just for the trip even?

Elpis hope your bean is like mine - after a sleepy few days, now moving enough to make me think of Michael Phelps. Think he is rolling, stretching, tumbling - this never happened with DS either - such a quiet time followed by activity ++

lisbethsopposite Thu 06-Sep-12 09:59:44

Smiley Tenas are on my shopping list today - I will not be going up to a pharmacy counter to ask for them. Got to find a big self service shop grin

Londonmrss Thu 06-Sep-12 10:58:09

What can I get my husband for his birthday? He's an engineer and he likes to build things... so I usually buy him lego as it can keep him happily occupied for days. He's 31. Any ideas? Probably not something baby-related.

Zara1984 Thu 06-Sep-12 11:02:12

Londonmrs what about this ? A friend got this for her engineer husband for Christmas. My DH (also an engineer) wished he got one too!

smiley got me a five pack of size 20 black full briefs from M&S last weekend for the hospital bag! grin And 3 size 20 cheap nightdresses from Primark.

lisbeth go you and DH! grin My DH and I had resolved to get jiggy twice a week between now and baby arriving - but of course then he did his back in!! I think we last did the deed in July blush - this is too long for me, even in my large rotund state!!! Going to try and get back on track this weekend when he's back home from a work trip grin

<non-preg diversion>
On the student fees front - TBH, even though it was a pain the backside paying off my loan, I think the NZ system is not bad. I was always furious while I was a student because student fees were only introduced in the late 90s - everyone before that got their education for free!! However in hindsight the system's not bad - the student pays about half of what their education costs through a government loan scheme. Universities get subsidised the other half directly. So it costs about NZ$5000 a year to the student. The reason my loan was so big was because I had to get $150 a week living costs loan (my parents earned too much for me to be eligible for a government living allowance, but I got no financial support from them. Also worked at least 1 job 20+ hours a week all the way through uni to stay afloat!) - lots of people have to do this, and this effectively doubles the size of your eventual loan.

The value of the education I received far, FAR outstrips the overall $75000 cost to me. With prudent financial planning and frugalness I was able to pay that whole amount back within 4 years of completing undergraduate study, most of that last year (I also did postgrad, which I also paid for with a student loan). And it's not like I make lots of money, I work for an NGO!! I don't think a student loan, if well-administered by the government (NOT private lending) holds you back. It's like any debt, you have to deal with it, though. Even if my education cost me twice as much, I still would have gone to university. Education is so, so valuable. I never heard foreign (Asian) students in NZ complaining about their international fees to study in NZ universities (10k+ a year for fees alone). I hear arguments being bandied about in UK that people won't go to uni because of the increased fees - I think that's a very foolish choice. Penny wise and pound foolish.

The NZ student loans are interest free only if you are living in NZ (hence my eagerness to pay mine off when I moved overseas - the interest rate is 7%!). If you earn over a certain level ($16k a year I think?) they deduct 10% direct from your taxes. The repayment of loans are administered by Inland Revenue. They are getting better too at tracking down non-paying overseas borrowers through reciprocal tax arrangements and agreements with Customs to disclose travel information!

I don't think it's financially feasible for governments to keep third level education free AND maintain investment in tertiary-level education (unless there were major tax rises). There is the argument in NZ (similar to the Ireland emigration one) that the student loan scheme is driving graduates overseas, but TBH I think NZ's low wages are responsible for this more than the loans.

Anyway - long story short. Increased student fees and student loans are coming and here to stay in the UK and Ireland. And it's not the end of the world. smile

<end diversion> grin

Zara1984 Thu 06-Sep-12 11:07:46

crazypaving going to see how I go on the mat leave start date. My work would be pretty good if I needed to go early. My GP is a bit hmm about me going to 38 weeks. Right now I feel great though (better than last month - thanks to increased iron supplements and no more sciatica!) and I would like to go to 38 weeks. I don't think I'd want to be stuck at home. Famous last words, right?

Elpis Thu 06-Sep-12 11:20:53

smileyhappymummy I started spatone three days ago. It's not cheap, but definitely preferable to iron tabs. Tastes a bit vile but mixing it with gazpacho or tomato juice mostly disguises that. I don't know if my iron levels are better yet. I certainly feel a bit less tired.

On bus and he is kicking as I type. grin

squidkid Thu 06-Sep-12 12:29:04

Hello lovelies

Having a gentle, pottery, cleaning kind of week - did a few jobs, you know the ones that never get done, like sorting out my drawers and shoes. Feel a bit conscious of every twinge at the minute - had more poos than usual yesterday, felt quite sick, and had something a bit like period pain for a few hours - but I'm sure baby will be several weeks yet!

Went for a leg & bikini wax this morning, nearly cancelled it as for some reason am barely growing hair on my legs and the bikini thing is just undignified and awkward, but anyway, it's all done now and I don't have to think about it for 6 weeks. It's only the bikini line I get done not the whole lot, I like a bit of hair still. Have no idea how scruffy it was down there! Girl was nice though. Didn't like lying on my back even for half an hour. Been the market (they keep saying "ooh, not long now" - which would have been annoying a few weeks back but now I'm like, "no! 2 and a half weeks!")

Sleep is variable but I still think I got off pregnancy light. Bump is manageable, still active, no stretchmarks (yet), have escaped swollen ankles, not sure of weight gain but clothes fit everywhere except bump... am pretty grateful really as I enter the final stretch.

Eating very plain simple food again, just vegetables mostly. Not eating very much really and don't feel like I'm getting any bigger, but I don't think it's anything to worry about. Baby does seem a bit quieter, but I think the movements are just as frequent, it's just they're not as big as they were, which makes sense. Bum is firmly on the left most of the time, so that's encouraging. I get hiccups a couple of times a day - I hope that's ok too.

Got some mates over tonight - cooking a big indonesian rice dish, healthy but tasty - and might go to the cinema tomorrow. Final clear out with the boyfriend this weekend, and stocking the freezer. He is a bit twitchy, but today I feel amazingly zen. I have done loads of walking, yoga, hypnotherapy, sitting on gym ball, avoiding lying on sofa, sleeping in the right bloody position, perineal massage (well not loads but I've done some), pelvic floor exercises, been taking raspberry leaf tea since 32 weeks, and what will be will be!


squidkid Thu 06-Sep-12 12:53:53

angelico Again, impressed at how conscientious you are being with your diabetes. Have you received the stuff from the dietician yet? Congrats on finishing the edits! Are you going to let us know what the book is when it comes out...?

haha, yomping, I was laughing at your description of aqua aerobics - something I meant to do in this pregnancy but never got round to. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to shake people and say "I am not 80 years old normally! Normally I am super fit and run up mountains!" (well not quite but I was getting that way!) But I smile benignly and carrying on walking up hills slow step by slow step. At least the bump gets smiles. Have a wine for still being at work - I bet the readjustment is even harder after 6 weeks off!!!!

Aw, crazypaving I'm so sorry to hear of your scare in the swimming pool... kids will forget this stuff really quickly though. My parents were handsoff to the point of madness and let me swim out to sea until they couldn't see me or lost me in foreign capitals for 2 days at a time, etc. In fact I regularly accuse them of having lost a "fourth child" somewhere because there is a suspicious gap between me and younger brother. Me and older brother also kept our own knives under the bed and once killed a pig... anyway. Um, that's probably not a very helpful tangent, sorry. He will be fine and you are not a bad mum!!! These things happen to everyone and no harm done.

londonlivvy it's funny with the different due dates - it all seemed very significant at the beginning when some people were 4 weeks and some 8 weeks, and then it sort of became irrelevant, and now due dates are approaching it feels significant again! But as full term is anywhere between 37 and 42 weeks we could all really go in any order! I think that is the only part of having an ELCS I like the sound of, knowing which day....

Thanks for all the conceiving stories, keep them coming! hufflepuffle yours made me cry and then I read lisbethsopposite and wept, stupid pregnancy hormones. I'm glad we're all here, together, on this thread. In real life quite a few babies my mates have had were completely unplanned, so interesting that so far they've all been attempted!

Elpis ugh, what a stressful day for you. SO GLAD bubs is moving ok. Honestly I get really upset even thinking about anything happening, to any of us.

Yay for smileyhappymummy's day off. Not so yay on 4 day weeks at this point. Hmm. Money is good, but keep an eye you're not doing too much, eh...

londonmrs It's only tiny, but I bought one of these for a very geeky friend yesterday (the one with TB) ... he also loves lego and this is like super-miniature-lego for clever fingers - thought they were so cool! I got the "Japanese Tree Frog" grin

Sorry as always for those I've missed.

PS. Cannot face the thought of Tena lady pants

hufflepuffle Thu 06-Sep-12 12:59:11

Just heard about a girl who's baby due about my date. (mid October) Born on Sunday after waters had broke nearly a wk before, they did a section as no labour.
Baby is 4lb something but no need for SCBU, it is feeding ok and she should be home today or tmrw


Apparently in the family lots of babies come early and are v small and last who told me, a relative , totally unfazed!

( not related to me, just a family I know locally)

I feel ill..........!!!!! shock confused

Londonmrss Thu 06-Sep-12 13:15:46

Huffle wow- I find it really reassuring that they can be that early and tiny and yet still be absolutely fine!

Beeblebear Thu 06-Sep-12 13:30:37

The other october thread has had it.s first baby!!! Are you ready to start panicking?

MrsConfusion Thu 06-Sep-12 13:34:05

Elpis so glad all is OK, scary days there. Movements here are changing, fewer clear kicks but more squirms/shiftings from side to side, and increasingly regular hiccups.

I'm so in awe of those of you managing house moves/GD/SPD/nobbers, and you all seem so organised in getting things ready for baby. I'm relying on a fairly substantial shopping trip once I finish work. Currently it feels like my whole life is taken up with trying to wrap up and handover this job (due to mess up on mat cover, I'm in theory handing over different bits to 4 people...) and finish all the things I was meant to do over the summer. oops. I'm working 5 days this week and next, first time since July I've done that, and looks like I'll need to be in one day this weekend too, so really hope I don't collapse once done and cause the baby to arrive early! DH is being fab at mopping up my meltdowns and making sure we think about baby stuff each night. His current crusade is to get all the donated baby clothes/blankets washed. Bless!

Sorry not to respond directly to everyone but thanks and brew and biscuit and wine to you all - I am reading and thinking of you all and this thread is my little world of sanity. thank you! And for all the info on bras and post-baby bleeding (we're going to need considerably bigger pads...) and for generally being fab.

33, 35+1, DC#1

Zara1984 Thu 06-Sep-12 13:40:43

Thoroughly shitting myself now after reading hufflepuffle and beeblebear's post... and the other October thread....

I was 4 pounds 3 ounces when I was born. Because I'm not in contact with my mum, I don't know if that means I was early (although my low birth weight maybe was due to the fact that she smoked when she was pg with me, but anyway)?!?!?!?!??!!! confused shock

I am convinced in my head the baby is going to be born in early November. And that all you ladies will have your babies before me, and I will then benefit from your wise and wonderful tips about labour. Baby is allowed to arrive after 39+4, when DMIL arrives in the country (ie reponsible adult who knows how to look after a baby).

I sorted out my TENS machine hire from Boots the other day too. Mixed reviews based on MN threads, seems to be a general consensus that it's helpful for early labour. That's good enough for me, anything that helps me stay at home as long as possible. My wonderful yoga teacher said she found it great with both of hers too.

Londonmrss Thu 06-Sep-12 13:57:36

Wow, they already had their first? Bloody hell.

What is raspberry leaf tea and what am I meant to do with it? Does it work or is it alternative bollocks? Do I have to ask the midwife first?

Londonmrss Thu 06-Sep-12 14:01:24

Beeble will you pass on congratulations and best wishes from us in this group to the first mummy in that group? I wouldn't want to intrude on their group...

Beeblebear Thu 06-Sep-12 14:15:52

Absolutely I will! I.m a bit of a forum slut and have been posting on both since the beginning. Lol.

Has anyone hear heard of sterile water injections for back labour? They do them in my hospital, inly ine in the city that offers it.

FjordMor Thu 06-Sep-12 15:49:44

Afternoon! Had great plans to read & comment as on enforced rest but am 'milk drunk' sleepy so will have to have a nap I think and get on it later.

Big news from my ObGyn appt this AM. Firstly turns out he was on call during my emergency episode on Monday. He was like: "oh that was you! Glad we didn't need to deliver you as we were almost at capacity!" shock guess I didn't consider that might have been an alternative outcome. Secondly, turns out LO is measuring at approx 3kg today and I'm to expect a call detailing my plan to induce anything from 23rd September (after an MDT meeting to discuss me shock). DP & I now in shocked mad hurry to sort flat and get in last bits of kit/pack hosp bag etc.

Elpis - thinking of you - such similar experiences but for almost opposite reasons! Hope your LO behaves from now on & you don't have to see the unit again before time. My big prob is an almost 'over-active' baby confused.

Right. Falling asleep. Will return later - a brief flick through shows me lots of conception stories somive a date with a read later! smile

crazypaving Thu 06-Sep-12 15:58:05

Just coming on to sing the praises of my wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL osteopath who has relieved the pain in my pelvis with his magic hands. I SO recommend osteopathy for SPD. He's a proper nutter, my osteo, but he's lovely and although what he does bloody well hurts in the session, I can walk a bit more like a normal human being now! (a bit)

squid shock TB? Holy crap. Hope your friend's ok!

45 lovely, sofa-lying minutes until I have to pick up DS from the childminder and all hell breaks loose - no DH to help with bedtime tonight, and it's always a pelvis-shattering marathon. He is always over-tired and hungry when he gets home - last night he had a 45min tantrum confused Sigh. Too tired and fat for it all.

Had a lovely day - last haircut pre-baby, bought lots of winter clothes for DS with a 30% off Gap voucher...hope this baby doesn't come too soon, I love my Weds & Thurs off!

Zara big respect to you paying off that amount of debt that quickly. God if DH and I could sort our finances out maybe we'd have some savings.... I used tens last time, and tbh it was more the distraction than anything else. When labour was really going it drove me insane and I ripped it off and threw it across the room blush It feels like hot ants running up and down your back. I definitely think it's worth trying. Anything is!!!

londonmrs raspberry leaf tea is one of those anecdotal things, I think. It's supposed to, er, tone? your uterus or something to make it more effective in labour. I drank it in teabag form in my last pg, from about 32 wks. Apparently the teabags aren't supposed to contain enough to make any discernible difference, but I had a quick and effective labour! Am drinking teabags again this time. Apparently the tablets are supposed to be better, or loose leaf tea. I figure it can't hurt, right? And it doesn't bring on labour prematurely, it just does something to the uterus. In theory.

I have a friend who had twins due mid-Oct but had them last week after her waters suddenly went. 3 and a bit and 4 and a bit pounds, both in SCBU. Think they're doing ok, but ooh weenie. Think she and DH are finding it very hard.

Babies babies everywhere...

CWest30 Thu 06-Sep-12 16:38:59

Congrats from me to anyone who knows people who have just had babies, and thinking of those in SCBU. It's not nice, and you do feel as if the babies will be in there forever, but the staff are normally great, and its the best place for prem babies to be. DS was in for 10 days, and I was discharged after 5 days. Leaving him was the hardest thing I have ever had to do but it soon became a distant memory.
Looks like I'm heading the same way with this one, I seem to have had a growth spurt and am REALLY uncomfortable today. Unbelievably bad backache, and bump feels like its stretched to its absolute limits. Will see what they say at my growth scan on tues, but I'm finding it hard to believe she's got any room left. I'm guessing I may be close to the end now but I could be wrong and it could be wishful thinking! Midwife tomorrow so will see what she thinks.

After reading some of the above comments about people having babies early can someone help? Obviously I'm meant to be having a ELCS, but have just realised I've got no idea what signs to look for in terms of premature labour. My DS was also born by ELCS so I've never had a contraction or anything, how would I know its the real thing and not BH?

And on a light note to end, does anyone else's baby ever make them jump when they kick?! Happened a few times now and always makes me giggle!

Smorgs Thu 06-Sep-12 16:43:04

They've had their first baby?! Agh! I'm still unpacking my house! Nothing is where it should be, or washed, or anything! I don't even have curtains. Calm Smorgs, yours is not going to be early hmm

crazy so glad to hear the osteo sorted your back out. I was thinking about asking for a referral when I see my gynae next week. Def going to now.

Fjord great news you have a date for cs, sort of.

Beeble never heard of it sorry. Only thing on offer here seems to be traditionsl epidural.

Zara that's amazing you paid off that amount in such a short time. Any tips? I'm always scared I'll find myself in debt one day and have no idea how to get out of it.

Sorry to everyone else I've missed but hope you're all doing ok and not kept awake too much by those damn hips, grrr.

Velo Thu 06-Sep-12 17:30:43

So the first October baby has arrived - and yes, I'm starting to panic! CWEST30 according to my ante natal class symptoms from the NHS site:

The main signs of labour starting are strong, regular contractions (like period pain), and a ‘show’ – when the plug of mucus sealing your cervix comes away. Other signs that you are going into labour can include your waters breaking, backache, vomiting or nausea, diarrhoea, and an urge to go to the toilet caused by your baby’s head pressing in your bowel.

My friend who just gave birth didn't realise that she was in labour until her husband mentioned that her 'period-type pains' were kind of regular (every 3 minutes!!).

As for me, body seems to be packing in. Walking now officially painful and hormones going nuts. Dr. is driving me a bit crazy. He gave me paper and told me to go for a blood test (I've been having these monthly) what he didn't tell me was that the wants me to have another glucose test - which means I need to fast. Didn't realise this until they asked me at the clinic whether or not I'd eaten - so back to the clinic tomorrow. Staying calm, staying calm....

Midgetm Thu 06-Sep-12 18:29:36

Evening all,

Back from holiday and I have missed so much on here... will do my best to catch up.

CWest you can tell the difference between a BH and the real deal becasue the real deal is unlikely to ease if you change position and the real deal tends to come on regularly and increases in intensity. If you start to get what feels like BH's and I think you get more than 4 an hour you should get it checked out as it could be the real thing. I think so anyway - at least I sound like I know what I am talking about. I am having a lot of BH's driving me insane.

Velo your Doctor is a nobber. I've said it before and I will say it again! Good luck with fasting - making a pregnant bird fast is inhumane!

crazy feel your pain - hope DS is angelic this evening - I really feel it now when I have to sort all the childcare myself - everything is so much more of a struggle.

Fjord we may be having a competition to see who can have the biggest baby. This is a competition nobody having a VBAC wants to win...

Beeble I have read about these injections and as I had back to back labour last time I wondered why the hell I wasn't offered one.... Grrrr. The baby is currently in a good position this time round but still time for him to mess with my mind and flip over if there is any bloody room in there

Blimey Zara you were as tiny as DD. One of the midwives asked me if I had smoked and I was, shock and then blush. I hated it that she thought even for a moment that I had deliberately made DD small although back in the day most people didn't realise and smoked like chimneys and wolfed back a medicinal G&T!

LondonMrs it is alternative bollocks but I took it last time and I did have a really quick labour (I was also induced which may have more to do with that but still...)

MrsConfusion I am with you - I have got nothing much yet - certainly nothing for my bag. I am also hoping to have time when I finish work but I am realising this may be a tad ambitious - I may have a little on line shopping frenzy later. All this talk of post birth bleeding has me having flashbacks. There was a lot more blood than anyone warned me about but as my experience was not normal I don't really know how bad it is normally.

Loving all the conception stories - as Squid rightly remembers my path was not smooth. I had issues getting pregnanies to stick, not the actual conception. I always take my hat off to what women have to go through in terms of drug cycles for IVF. It puts so much strain on a woman's body and mind and I salute all of you have stuck with multiple attempts to get where you are today. I had pretty much given up on the hope of DC2, after recurrent miscarriages and then the icing on the cake was an EP late last year. The whole near death experience kind of made me think it was time to throw in the towel. I woke up in resuss and realised that I had a lot to be thankful for with one healthy and lovely DD. And then here is the BFP, kicking the crap out of me and threatening to make my little family complete. No ovulation checks, no charting, just one tiny little miracle. I think DH will get the snip though as he will be scared that I will want another one and we have been through so much to get here in terms of loss and heartache that he rightly doesn't want to go through any of that again. I feel really blessed to have got here - despite all the obstacles and my ripe old age. I won't be taking anything for granted until I hold this baby in my arms though.

Elpis Although I wasn't posting I kept checking in on you on my phone - so glad they reassured you in the end. The waiting is horrible. Love the way they put us through shit even when they are on the inside.

Squid as always envy of your mat leave. Also having any leg hair growing here - weird. I think I remember this with DD too, not sure what that is all about.

Right that is as much catching up as I can do for now. Special GD love and strokes to Fjord and Angelico. I think the dreaded heartburn may be catching up on me - kind of have burning in my throat and want to puke. Does that sound like heartburn? And I am so fecking constipated I am worried I could deliver the baby down the loo....

Londonmrss Thu 06-Sep-12 18:39:09

I did a really great poo today. It made me so happy.

That is all.

FjordMor Thu 06-Sep-12 18:48:40

Despite the shock of official early induction warning and 3kg baby, I did enjoy my scan this morning – everyone is so amused by LO playing with her umbilical cord and not stopping moving at all ever! The poor ObGyn had masses of problems measuring her or the umbilical flow (so she might not be that big after all?). It does make me look forward to meeting her though smile. I think she’s going to be a real character; sociable and a bit of a comedian! I know I should be super-pleased that she’s so active but after my scare I worry that she’s a bit hyper and getting herself a bit distressed easily. I had hoped she’d inherit her dad’s comatose laid-backness and my current pregnancy laid-backness but it seems everything just excites the living daylights out of her confused.

Am in the middle of a really excellent ante-natal course that is making me feel a LOT better about everything. The lady is also a doula and a breastfeeding coach who does cheap house calls and we get on like a house on fire so I know I can count on her with any problems I may have and she’d come out and help me – which is very comforting. I’ll post some of my ante-natal nuggets after the last session on Monday. In the pack I currently have I did note (and chuckle at) a 2-page guide entitled “Dads – how to deliver your baby at home – don’t panic!” (for those unexpected emergencies I guess!).

Smorgs - big congrats on the work! smile I’m also planning to freelance so I know how welcome that kind of news must be for you at this stage! Btw, I’m not having a CS – just induction. They only go to CS at absolute last resort here. I’m expected to proceed into normal delivery (albeit somewhat medicalised). There’s no Norwegian equivalent of Riverdance – she’s marked herself as ‘foreign’ already as other people’s bumps seem to ‘behave’ in social situations (she did the ‘alien’ thing with ‘riverdancing’ all the way through my 2 hour breastfeeding workshop – much to the amusement of the other pregnant ladies and the course leader blush).

squid - congrats on reaching full term! I’m also in the ‘engaged’ (baby in pelvis, not ring on my finger) club so I empathise with your discomfort but sounds like you’re doing a fabulous job of still being very active and useful. I feel like an exhausted, in-pain blob these days (but then I’m practically a grandma by Norwegian standards wink). Kudos on the waxing. I’ve been contemplating it but couldn’t lie on my back at all. Last time was when I got rushed to the hospital with the baby in distress confused.

Angelico - hope you’re continuing to cope like a star! I’m going to comment on my GD progress on your other thread so as not to bore everyone here smile.

crazypaving - I know the ‘ten shades of crap’ kicking feeling! Mine does this high-speed Riverdancing with her feet. I just tried to get a nap as I’m catatonic but she didn’t stop and as she now seems engaged I have this pelvic/bladder pain that will not stop sad. Poor you having to cope with your other little chap that tired though: all I have to do is try to get comfy on the sofa (not happening grrrrr). The swimming episode sounds terrifying! shock What with all that and the SPD I think you need a big biscuit, a wine and a very big rest. Hope things get a bit less stressful! (crutches? confused poor you! Osteopaths totally rock though. I had an incredibly painful whiplash injury ‘cured’ in two sessions!).

Yomping - kudos for the aqua aerobics class! Sorry about your undignified experience though.

londonlivvy - congrats on exchanging on your flat! Brilliant news! No news on mine I’m afraid. Just as well imminent birth plans have distracted me confused. The dietician went surprisingly well thanks – apparently I’m doing everything right but need to drink more water (hasn’t stopped LO getting very big though sad).

I’ll think about posting my conception story. I’ve loved reading everyone else’s. I always feel so guilty as mine is just a very ‘lucky’ story – a little bit miraculous and I should, by rights, have been one of those women for whom it was going to be difficult.

Hi Midget smile I guess it depends who comes first wink (where's that due date list? - I may be as early as 25th Sept now - I know that's squid's dd and it's also my late dad's birthday). They're determined to get mine out as soon as possible. She was 'breathing' today - is doing so all the time - so they're not worried about getting her out early - she's ready, developed and in rude health. Her little rack of ribs was rising up and down constantly! I'm probably actually nearly 36 weeks by my original estimations so 3 week's time I'll be totally ripe (she may well decide to come even sooner as she's bursting to socialise I fear...). I've stated a preference, under the circumstances, to get her out sooner, by VB rather than risk later, by CS and that I'll be left with the pessary as long as she's not getting distressed. I hope for your sake that my little bruiser is the biggie and your LO's size proves to be appropriate for her mummy to push her out without cause for major concern! I haven't got a scar to worry about...

londonlivvy Thu 06-Sep-12 18:55:03

Oh gawd. I started my pregnancy yoga teacher training course today (am 32 weeks) and I am shattered. Properly shattered. It finishes on Sunday night then at the end of the month I have a further three day course. I am seriously wondering whether I have bitten off more than I can chew...

DF had said he thought it would be too much but I was stubborn and really wanted to do the course now as after the baby comes I won't be able to get childcare (we have no family nearby and DF is working full time and studying part time for a masters). I had wanted to do the course in July but it wasn't running.

Oh crap. I don't want to fess up to DF that I am dead and he was right. And I don't want to lose the money I've spent on the course fees. So I'm just going to have to go to bed v early and just suck it up over the next three days. Argh.

Why do I do these things to myself?

Sorry for self absorbed rant.

crazypaving Thu 06-Sep-12 19:20:19

Just popping back in to say that DS was an absolute charmer all evening - just had the loveliest time with him! Isn't it fab to be pleasantly surprised? He tried soup with bread & cream cheese dippers for the first time and LOVED it. Lots of fun smile

londonlivvy good luck with the course confused Much strength to your elbow!

fjord thank you for the wine and biscuit! And you may smile at the Dads delivering at home section, but my DH was 20mins away from that, after the hospital sent us home.... Thank God for the amazing midwife who went from fast asleep to a stranger's flat in under half an hour!

lisbethsopposite Thu 06-Sep-12 20:12:02

Thanks Zara for the opinion - I qualified without fees or loans but wages were small then (public sector - health). If you are 18+ and don't qualify for a grant because of parent's income but are receiving none of said income, is there a way of emancipating yourself?

Crazy I am the opposite to you - DH home for first time since Sunday - he is putting DS to bed as I type and the water is on to heat for a bath for me. grin

And I have Gaviscon. And I also had a nice poo today. Life is good.

Fjord thinking of you.

Angelico Thu 06-Sep-12 21:05:09

I see your single poos and raise them... Two poos today! torch torch torch lol

Never thought I would get to write that sentence grin The iron tablets are killers! confused

Proper catch up later / tomorrow (enjoying house with DVD box set, DH out at work do) but special waves to Fjord for GD and Midget for lovely ttc story thanks

Angelico Thu 06-Sep-12 21:07:55

Oh and this thread just popped up in most active - will this be us, posting 4 years on?! smile <goes all weepy>

How are we going to manage the transition to 'post-natal' club??? <strokes beard and awaits sensible, organised people>

Midgetm Thu 06-Sep-12 21:09:45

Two fingers to all you free poohers. Especially Angelico now to be called Angelico two poohs. I have taken 2 sachets of fybrogel, 4 teaspoons of lactose and just contemplating throwing 6 prunes into the mix. envy

Angelico Thu 06-Sep-12 21:20:06

grin @ Midget That is an impressive array of laxatives by anyone's standards confused < hands Midget a torch >

Zara1984 Thu 06-Sep-12 22:14:59

I raise you to three poos Angelico!! confused Baby enjoys sitting on and kicking my intestines and that seems to errr.... force things going. I think I would actually be much slower in that department if it weren't for DS' efforts.....

Actually I'd be quite happy with just one a day or every other day rather than regular small poops throughout the day. <tmi klaxon>

Zara1984 Thu 06-Sep-12 22:17:58

<tmi double klaxon>

Midget this is going to sound dreadful but it was something suggested by my doctor when I had very very bad constipation/no bowel movements for over a week. If you can stomach the idea, inserting a (covered!! in a latex glove!!) finger a bit and having a wiggle around can get things moving......????

That sounds really rotten, I'm sorry. But just thought I'd share that practical information from my doc.

Otherwise can you use those ex-lax laxatives that you squeeze into your bum when pregnant?? They sort you out in like 10 minutes! Just cos if it's really not moving then just adding more at the top (fibre gel, prunes etc) doesn't really make a difference.

<resumes normal service>

Beccus Thu 06-Sep-12 22:37:29

Long post warning - feel free to skim read ;)

So much going on since i was last here on sat!!

elpis, glad u r ok after your scare, fjordand angelico, great to c u guys are feeling more confident about managing the GD. Angelico's started mat leave, yay!! Squid is full term, looking great in her pic and still doing more exercise than i can imagine doing. And so much poo-ing action - well done ladies!

yomping, felt for you on your rough nite the other nite - i've had moments at nite where i'm just over it and want bean to be quiet so i can sleep..and then i feel guilty and worry if i cant handle a few wriggles how am i going to handle a little bubba who needs feeding every 2 hrs...arghh!

Must write down the name of that bra u r all on about - personally i am not planning to wear any more than a nightie those 1st few days, so will re-assess the size of my boobies after bean arrives. Am hoping my nipples grow - i just spent a fortune on a breast pump and the M size shied is way too big - hope the S size fits or they grow or i'm farked! Do your nipples grow when bean arrives?

Thx for the golf ball clot advice, love, love, love this thread - i bought some sainsburys mat pads, but might save them for later and get some tina pants for those 1st few days.

I think my bean is engaging- much more pressure in pelvis and much more space around ribs.....less breathless and can actually bend forward withouth feeling like bean is squishing diaphram.

Conception stories - we planned to get preggo in 2012, and i can feel when i ovulate, so we had a romantic NYE as it was ovulation time. No cigar, felt sad, DO NOT know how you guys who waited so long stuck it out over months and years, i have such respect for you. We tried again end of Jan then mid feb as i went to dinner with a friend, i realised i hadn't had any wine for about a week and wasn't really in the mood for it....very odd for me. Then had overwhelming nausea next day that settled with food....off i toddled to buy my test, but couldn't test yet as i was not yet late. Had lunch with a friend the day after and still had no interest in wine...completely out of character so i was sure i was preggo. Managed to wait until the next day, when i was finally late. Was so excited about my morning pee that i woke at 6am on the sunday after dreaming of babies all nite. kept trying to wake b/f up as we said we'd do it together. After lots of prodding, b/f was still half asleep, so i said i'd do it and promised to come staight back and tell him. Had pee stage fright was so excited, but eventually managed to POAS and was postive!! So excited but also freaked out. Happy times smile

OMG, can i just say orgasmic birth is brilliant!! try and get your hands on a copy if you can. Totally different to OBEM/midwives- basically, they say a good birthing experience relies on the same environment as a good sexual experience - privacy, low lights, music, kisses and cuddles and massages, and all this helps your oxytocin production (the love hormone), and oxytocin helps produce endorphins (happy hormones). Lots of doctors and midwives giving medical opinions, not just a bunch of hippies smile 1 woman has an orgasm in the birth pool- god knows she managed that - the rest of them have home births/water births/ one lady gives birth on this beautiful deck at home - it's not glamorised, you can see it's f'ing hard work, but it's manageable with the right environment, the right support, and of course, those ladies were lucky and had no complications and straightforward births. V. inspiring, definitely recommend. Also suprised by how natural birthy our NHS antenatal classes were - v. similar to the dvd!!

Midgetm Thu 06-Sep-12 23:15:45

Gross Zara but welcome. grin Throwing extra fibre in there was 'problematic' but seems to be working now, it was kill or cure. hangs head in TMI shame blush

Kyyria Fri 07-Sep-12 06:24:25

Worst. Nights. Sleep. Ever.

Thankfully have today as annual leave so planning on spending the day snoozing.


32, 32+5, #1

Liege07 Fri 07-Sep-12 08:47:34

Hello lovely ladies,

I am not a v prolific poster but a big fan of the thread anyway and have been reading all your posts (well most of them! gosh this thread moves fast!) I am probably just a bit shy and should loosen up! blush

I have also been told I am borderline for GD though not actually diagnosed have been on no sugar and low GI diet for 2 months or so now so I sympathise with fjord and Angelico though I feel very lucky that I don't have actual GD and I'm v impressed with your perseverance it must be extremely frustrating..

Had an appointment with doc yesterday and the baby is breech I am 33 weeks today (due 26 October) and she said that if she remained breech I would have to have a CS at 39 weeks (apparently the standard in Belg).. I hadn't even thought about CS and feel pretty stupid that I didn't even let it enter my mind.. anyway does anyone know the likelihood of the baby turning around between now and then?? Perhaps I am getting worked up about nothing??.

All the house movers! massively impressed... we painted two rooms upstairs and I was becoming mad with the chaos I can't imagine the energy it must take to buy, sell, pack, move and unpack at this stage! Aren't women amazing!

Our conception story was also pretty straightforward, had coil removed in September (the day before DH proposed : ) were careful until married in v small (2 guests) wedding in December then I found out I was pregnant at the end of Jan.. My mum had just been diagnosed with cancer so it was a real bright point in all the stress and strain that followed including our "official" wedding in UK which was also bright point for Mum (but quite stressful too).. and now at the end of her Chemo she will come to visit us for the birth of her first granddaughter.. (her prognosis is good but it has been super exhausting for everyone)

Thanks to everyone for all the tips re maternity pads, nursing bras.. etc etc I honestly don't know where I would be without you except in hospital with a next to useless hospital bag and no idea!

Anyway, sorry for the long rambling post.. Have a good Friday!

29, 33 weeks #1

bella2012 Fri 07-Sep-12 08:59:04

morning everyone!

Been reading every day and thinking-I will post tomorrow when I have time for a proper catch-up but then I never seem to get a chunk of time! Have had a manic first week back at work and dH has been working until after bedtime each day so all the childcare and pick-up and drop offs have been up to me. Just feel soooo tired and the bloody iron tablets don't seem to do anything except make going to the loo a chore! Found myself sobbing on the loo yesterday because DS was yelling for me to come and fight a fictional forest fire in his room (he was fireman Sam and I was Elvis) and wouldn't accept that I needed a minute on the loo! dH is really down at the moment too, so escaping to bed early is not an option as I cant let him come in only for me to disappear immediately. So...nothing major, but a bit of a slog of a week.

Huge sympathies to you elpis. That must have been so so worrying. Was checking in on my phone all the time to see how you were. All that worrying and analysing the meaning of movements is a nightmare-it just makes you feel dying to have baby in your arms so that you can see them and know they are OK. Well done for getting it all checked-seems like you did the right thing.

crazy you poor thing-you have so much on your plate! And the swimming story sounds terrifying. Not sure what to say about paralympics-go with your gut. How much would it be a relief just to not go? Or do you feel you would be really grumpy all evening and disappointed? It may be good practice for your dc to sleep elsewhere?

baccus how are you doing due date buddy? In my experience, my nipples grew loads! I had sweet little perky boobs and little nips and somehow these big baby feeders have appeared and are here to stay!

livvy respect on the yoga course! You are hardcore! Don't overdo it though, will you. Take care x

lisbeth hope you had a lovely relaxed evening with your DH there to help you. It is so lovely isn't it, when you are used to it all being you.

angelico and fjord- am full of admiration for how well you are coping with GD. Don't feel like you can talk about it on here. It is interesting and it makes me see how bloody lucky I am with my own concoction of minor ailments. As ever, I take my hat off to you both on your brilliant positive outlook.

Loving the conception stories! I too feel full of admiration for those of you who had interventions, treatment abroad. I just don't know how you withstood all that anxiety and emotion. I am so so happy that it worked out for you. Miracle babies indeed. I am one of the very lucky ones who managed it within a few months, and am ashamed to admit that I was incredibly impatient and obsessive even in that short time! We always host a HUGE family Christmas, so managed to avoid going out on NYE and instead had a lovely romantic time, but no cigar. On the next cycle I thought we had messed up the timings and kept getting BFN's so was completely flabbergasted when the BFP came up! Last time, DS was a happy accident and we were both in a state of shock when I tested before work at 6am, so this time I promised a more romantic and better timed 'reveal'. However, there we were at 6am analysing several sticks with feint lines on feeling shellshocked all over again! And now we are 7 weeks away from the finish line...eeek!

Have a good day ladies! Big love to all x

Planktonette Fri 07-Sep-12 09:17:35

Loving the conception stories. Will pop mine up in a bit smile

I am on two poos, but they're pretty weak & feeble. I eat a lot of lepicol (fibre stuff) though! Squatting on the toilet seat also helps a lot (if you can balance!)

Went to see the local, brand new (they don't even have all the furniture in yet! ) midwife led unit here at Addenbrookes Cambridge. Holy cats. They don't just have dimmers - they have multiple colours of lights! Dim yellow or dim blue, your choice. And (big surprise) while there is a big double bed, it is actually swung up into the wall! They don't recommend you labour in bed, it turns out. Every suite (there are ten) has a birth tub, ensuite, beanbags, and whacking great metal bars on the wall for clinging/hanging purposes. TENS machines aplenty, too.

No wifi though. Bit of a shame ;)

zara I agree, I'm an Aussie and I think my fees were fair.

londonlivvy <nods understandingly> I, too, keep biting off more than I can chew. Eight months in, and I STILL haven't learned. Sigh. Have been toying with signing up for a four day art class (calligraphy, as a matter of fact) but your post has made me think twice... not much = too much these days!

Midgetm Fri 07-Sep-12 09:48:32

Liege07 Didn't want to read and run - my consultant said the current position now doesn't mean much and I am also 33 weeks so hopefully there is still time for a quick turn. Fingers crossed for you.

crazypaving Fri 07-Sep-12 10:40:21

Liege I've had several friends say their baby turned right at the last minute. Think it's more common with 2nd+ babies rather than 1st though, as there's more room though. I'm sure you have time though, try this website

Fellow pooers, I am on 2-3 a day confused I'm not normally particularly regular but the baby seems to .... squeeze it all out confused

On the paralympics front, all our babysitting options have fallen by the wayside. We have one more option to try and then the decision is made for us I think.

And re labouring in bed, my SPD was so bad in my last labour that I spent almost all of it lying on my left side in bed, until I got up on all fours, leaning on headboard, to push. It was too painful to be up and about. God I hate my fecking pelvis angry

Right, off to contact our last babysitting option, yikes.

crazypaving Fri 07-Sep-12 11:10:03

Bloody hell just seen how many times I wrote "though" in my 1st paragraph to liege blush Babies turn me into a numpty.

Londonmrss Fri 07-Sep-12 11:39:31

Liege, I'm 33 weeks today too and my weekly email from Mothercare says of 33 weeks 'Even if he was facing the right way up last week, he still could shift into breech, so your midwife will be keeping a close eye.' so I reckon there's plenty of time for more somersaults. Mine seems happily head down most of the time, but does sometimes pop up into a transverse position for a few hours.
Do you live in Liege? Mmmm, waffles...
My baby gets hiccups about 3 times a day now! It's adorable during the day, but at 2am it's bloody annoying.
I'm not sure about that Spinning Babies website. Some of it is interesting (Belly Mapping is cool but difficult), but some of the exercises involve lying flat on your back! Plus most of her references are 'this yoga teacher taught me this one' which isn't exactly scientific. I think it's worth a look and a lot of the advice I've read elsewhere too- but it definitely shouldn't be taken over advice from your midwife!

Smorgs Fri 07-Sep-12 11:42:03

Hello ladies, I'm having a day off from unpacking today as I'm pretty sure I've now got this spd thing. Immense pain in hips, lower back and it's now spread to the front and my pubic bone. I'm hoping the break will improve things a bit though. My very sweet neighbors, who are also our new landlords, have lent us some patio furniture and a parasol as the temp has gone back up to early 30s so I'm going to sit outside in the sunshine. Wandered up to our new high street this morning to by nice bread and pain au chocolat, then had monthly blood and urine test at a nice clean lab 5 mins walk away, much nicer than my old one in the city centre. Have found lots of clubs and societies to join in the town - only one mum and baby group though but that's better than nothing. After hearing the other thread have already had a baby I've been washing all the hand me down clothes I've collected over the past few months too! My mum is currently on a train from Spain to come and help us clean and settle in - she arrives tonight. Think she's secretly hoping baby will arrive early - I'm not! Although it was making a good effort to get out last night. It was like something off Alien?! Feeling very tired today, maybe lack of sleep due to hips or may be low iron? Stopped taking the tabs as they made me so constipated but should probably restart, and do some beeble-style fibre intake wink Generally feeling positive though, which is more than I have in a while.

Velo and Liege - good to have you back here Belgians! Although rubbish on the borderline GD. Did you manage to find crèche places in the end?

Planktonette - I have such an odd image of you squatting over the loo right now confused

Fjord - sorry I knew it was inducement not cs, can I blame preg head yet?! Great news about your anti-natal course I think I have a bit of a girl crush on my midwife

Midget - that's a tear jerker of a conception story. I'm so glad things have worked out for you.

Londonmrss - congrats on your poo! Now there's something I never thought I'd be saying?! Did you sort a present for dh in the end? Engineers love 'doing' stuff in my experience (my dh is one too) so maybe an 'experience' like driving/flying, or tickets to something - only if you feel up to going too - or as he's French some nice food/wine?

Londonlivvy - crikey your course sounds intense. Can you postpone the second bit of it then pay for some short term child care on the basis that doing the course will increase your earnings? How are you finding Surrey btw?

Crazy - I love hearing about your ds he sounds like a real character! Every time I wonder if I'm ready for this huge life change I think about the first time he/she will discover bumblebees, or even have a tantrum over apples or pears for dessert, and feel a bit better.

Kyyria - big hugs over the lack of sleep have a caffeine free brew and go get some rest x

hufflepuffle Fri 07-Sep-12 13:00:56

Sorry, still too busy to read and post properly but saw a new name mentioned and had to nosy!! Hello Liege! Just wanted to reply to you! Lots of ladies in my yoga class have been breech and turned, even one at 39 wks with 11lb baby!! Hope I can explain exercise properly.....

Must be done when baby actively moving for about 5 mins, 3 times a day. Go down on all fours, bend your elbows, hands and forearms flat on ground, forehead on ground or on hands, bum in air. Pretty picture??!

No rocking or moving, just stay there for 5 mins.

Worth a try, cannot do any harm! And from what I can gather, and from what my bump doing at 35 wks, still lots of moving anyhow!

Hope that useful. Off to do some work, roll on 3 wks!!!

Hello Lovely Pregnant Ladies!
As usual, I've been away too long.

Sorry to hear about you scares Elpis and Fjord, glad everything's ok now, hopefully they'll behave themselves from now on.

Fjord I'm amused by the thought of your baby already being marked as a foreigner and not behaving in social situations. Mine always saves its most impressive acrobatics for when I'm sat on the subway, in a tight top, bump on full view, with people all around. I already stick out like a sore thumb due to being the only foreigner, and the only pregnant woman....I swear baby's trying to embarrass me. And I'm positive Japanese babies would never behave like that.grin

Thanks for all your feedback on the pelvis measuring.
I hope I didn't give anyone the impression that I was being measured in special circumstances. Doc has no reason to think I wouldn't measure up, it's just a standard procedure here.
Like others said, I know of many tiny women who have popped out big bruisers no problem, so just couldn't figure out what they'd be measuring. Also wanted to know more because if she did say I needed as CS, I had no idea how reliable the measurements are or whether I should fight the decision based on the fact the measurement isn't even done in the UK.
Anyway, I spoke to my dad who's a GP, and he says they measure the opening at the bottom of the pelvis, which can't be judged from the outside and doesn't necessarily bare any relation to other measurements (height, hips, feet etc.). Seems to think its a reasonable and fairly reliable thing to do, so I guess I'll just go with it.
Sorry Yomping, nothing else to tell as yet - not happening til 36 weeks I think. I'm only 32 at the mo.

Thanks also for all the after-birth-bloodbath info, I had no idea it could be so bad. Will definitely get me some of those absorbent bed sheets, which I never would have thought of before, and will avoid ordinary sanitary pads. Don't think I can face adult nappy type pants though shock.
How many pairs of cheapy, throw-awayable granny pants should I get? If I'm going to bleed for months, maybe I need hundreds?! And just how high do they have to be in case I have EMCS?

Love Angelico's new name, Midget - Angelico Two Poohs, sounds like something out of the Sopranos! Just to make you even more jealous, I have no problems in that department either grin. Can I have a Sopranos name too please?

Plankton your birthing place sounds amazing! I keep meaning to check if mine has WiFi. Sneaking suspicion the answer will be no. I think I'm supposed to do literally nothing after the birth, just stare at the walls. For 5 days. hmm

I was going to suggest those Nano Blocks too Londonmrs and Squid, I've bought them as presents before and everyone really liked them. You can get the little kits, but they also do big project type ones like the Statue of Liberty or something.

Beautiful bumps as usual Squid and Kyyria!

Am happy today as DH is back from France after a week away. I'm usually totally fine without him and quite happy on my own for a bit, but since I've been pregnant I'm much soppier and find him even more fantastic than usual so miss him more! grin

Still sweating hot here, in fact it seems to be getting worse.
Hopefully I can persuade DH to take me to the beach on Sunday (need him to hoist me off the sand. He's not a beach fan), I have a huge craving to swim in the sea. At least this one can be fulfilled, unlike my other craving to go to a theme park.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Beeblebear Fri 07-Sep-12 13:58:00

Morning all.

Sucessful nights sleep, check
Chocolate brownies for breakfast check
Sucessful poo check
Showered and actually remembered to rinse the conitioner out , check
Onto high fibre bowl of cereal #1 , check

Today is going to be a good day!

Now all I need is for you ladies to remind me to DRINK MORE WATER!!!

This week has been crazy busy at work, early starts and long days. All orientations iver now and regular classes start next week. Phew! Will hopefully have time for a proper catch up then.

Happy friday everyone!!!! Except those aus/nz folk where a happy sat morning may be more appropriate!

Midgetm Fri 07-Sep-12 14:08:20


Wish I hadn't asked now Midget!grin You're fast though, I'll give you that...


Midgetm Fri 07-Sep-12 15:21:21

Ok so it needs some work.

goldengirl71 Fri 07-Sep-12 15:53:53


CWest30 Fri 07-Sep-12 16:35:33


Going to enjoy probably one last weekend of normality with DS - he starts school next week shock we had his home visit this afternoon with his teacher which went very well. He just bombarded her with all his spiderman toys haha. I warned her he has some big changes over the next few weeks (baby, and new house as well as school) but I think hell be fine.

Had midwife today and she was not impressed I haven't been seen by the consultant since mid August! Obviously I have my growth scan next tues when I will be 32+2. I am not meant to be seeing the consultant for another week after that which would put me at 33+2, and they want to carry out the section at 34 wks!! She said that's ridiculous and doesn't help me at all and is not following my plan as I am supposed to be seen more regular now.

The outcome was that she phoned the hospital and has arranged for me to be seen as a day patient after my scan next week. It's more than likely I will ne given the steroids then as well. She also told the hospital I need to be seen as I looked really uncomfortable. I'd already said from about 4pm yesterday I was in bed as I could barely move with backache and pelvis pains.

So yeah it all depends on how this growth scan goes but MW told Mr to be prepared for anything from now on. From that I'm guessing hopefully I can go 2 more weeks to get me to 34 wks, but there is a possibility it could be earlier!

aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh LOL xxx

londonlivvy Fri 07-Sep-12 18:15:43

Hiya ladies. Another full on day at yoga but I went with a different strategy today... I took my lunch so didn't have to go forage at lunchtime, ate quickly then slept for the rest of the hour's break. Feel SO much better as a consequence. Yay for that.

Thank you, as ever, for fabulous mumsnet support. You're bloody marvellous.

Can't reply properly to everyone as on my phone on the way home but I am reading and you're making me chuckle, as ever.

Angelico Fri 07-Sep-12 19:37:24

AngelicoTwoPoo grin <dons shades, eats pasta and starts looking for people to whack>

But first bows down in awe at Zara's Olympic pooping torch

This was meant to be sensible but just had a Chinese (satay skewers and a third of a portion of rice). Am now on a kind of sugar high I think and can't concentrate on anything! Will return when half sensible againconfused


Angelico Fri 07-Sep-12 19:39:00

Livvy great plan on the lunchtime kip - glad it helped you through! thanks

And Beccus not sure what to make of orgasmic birth, not sure I like the idea of MWs etc hearing me screeching in pleasure any more than screeching in pain grin blush grin

YompingJo Fri 07-Sep-12 19:48:30

36 weeks today and oh my god, so so so tired after a week back at work - and I didn't even have to do any teaching. Sitting in uncomfortable office chair (not used to sitting down at work), and the room is so hot sad. Came home tonight and collapsed in bed for half an hour. Have one week more at work, maybe 2. Really want to make it 2 weeks as need the cash but not sure I need the exhaustion...

Elpis, was checking in on you even though not posting, glad everything's OK.

Definite TMI alert on the subject of poos... Have discovered if you do perineal massage squatting in the bath (so that oil can be showered off afterwards, doesn't seem like a good plan to leave perineum covered in oil as surely just gives germs a route from bum to fanjo and then bam!!!! bladder infection???), and if you use both thumbs at once... you can actually feel lumps in your intestine. Actual poos. Was a bit confusedshock blush about that!!! So can imagine the latex finger method would definitely work. Sort of hadn't realised my intestine was so... accessible confused

Love to all, will post properly at weekend, conception story and all. Hope you guys are all OK and hanging on in there what with GD, SPD, stressful work or courses and all other ailments!

And, is it worth someone starting a thread in the post-natal clubs section so it's ready in case we have an early arrival like the other October thread? Then we can stick a link to it in here and everyone will be able to find it.

Yomping, 37, 36 weeks today, eek.

Angelico Fri 07-Sep-12 19:55:21

AngelicoThu 06-Sep-12 21:07:55

Oh and this thread just popped up in most active - will this be us, posting 4 years on?! <goes all weepy>

How are we going to manage the transition to 'post-natal' club??? <strokes beard and awaits sensible, organised people>

Yomping I nominate you as one of the sensible, organised people I prayed would start the PN thread grin (also I send thanks to anyone still teaching)

CWest30 Fri 07-Sep-12 21:23:40

OMG just caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror...........I am MASSIVE shock

That is all.

Smorgs Fri 07-Sep-12 22:03:47

cwest me too! Think there has been a huge growth spurt over the last week or so. It's definitely not just too much croissant in there now...

hufflepuffle Fri 07-Sep-12 22:23:48

Me too! Last wk I was getting the 'only 6 weeks? U r v neat' this week it is 'awww, 5 weeks, you must be tired....,' !!!! Bumping bump in to things which is totally new experience!!!!!

Beeblebear Sat 08-Sep-12 05:09:15

New found hero checkinng in here... Found a sexy scarf dress to put on that --my newfound boobs were bursting out if--still fit. Did a silly sexy dance for dh and left it on for a quick and satisfying shag. And I managed not to suffocate him on top.

Ok, done my hero duties for this month week. Who's next?

Beeblebear Sat 08-Sep-12 05:10:38

Dooh ! Strikeout fail nobber

hufflepuffle Sat 08-Sep-12 08:10:33

Check you out Beeblebear !!! Woo hoo!

Weekend of cleaning number 2 starts here. Bring on the dust!!!

Can I give off re sleeping?? Does my head in how if u mention to anyone about being up early or discomfort you get the whole spiel about your body preparing to be awake with baby. I say bollocks to that!! If mother nature genuinely helping out surely we'd get lots of sleep first?! Tough nights due to sore hips and pelvis and emotional roller coaster of thoughts r pure discomfort IMO, NOT preparation!

Rant done!
Happy Saturday all!! X

crazypaving Sat 08-Sep-12 10:17:42

huffle I completely agree!! Or there's always that old chestnut, "you think you're tired now, wait until the baby comes!" which always prompts a hormonal rage in me.

Has anyone measured their waist circumference? I'm at 42 inches!!! The biggest I got last time was 38"!! confused

Well looks like our paralympic decision has been made for us - all our babysitting options bowed out at the last minute. So DH is trying to find someone to go with him (very last minute!) and if he can't, I think neither of us will go. Damn shame. Can't help hoping that no one will go with him so I don't have another Saturday looking after DS alone...I'm a right cow aren't I sad

Kyyria Sat 08-Sep-12 17:38:40

Just come back from my final NCT class. Got to hold a 10 day old baby and was amazed at just how tiny he was. I mean I know they're tiny, but he was tiny. Did feel slightly emotional but now just feeling very overwhelmed and underprepared. sad

Also feeling slightly cranky today as my bean has spent the entire day kicking my ribs and punching my bladder. Not sure what he's pressing on bladderwise but he must be leaning on a nerve or something - every so often he will move and I get an uncontrollable feeling that I'm going to pee myself blush

Generally feeling uncomfortable, nervous and scared!

Beccus Sat 08-Sep-12 19:35:11

one word- CHAFFING!!! Awful!! I am also massive - my friends at my bbq today said 'ooh your bump's getting very big' and 'is it uncomfortable?', 'it looks very tight' and ' are you really looking forward to getting it out of you now?'. Lots of gay boys and childless ladies, who dont know the right things to say. Got a Mr Bump t shirt, which is cute and says ' mind the bump', which is very appropriate......I like the cookie monster 'eating for two' one even better smile

Hi Bella, DD buddy. Am pretty good apart from chaffing and being massive. Thx for the nipple reassurance smile

planktonette, your birth centre sounds amazeballs - i thought st mary's was good, but they dont have a pool in every room. Enjoy!!

lisbethsopposite Sat 08-Sep-12 19:39:11

Hello friends;
I asked my ObG the other day if babies head was engaged as I felt I was able to eat more easily. He said on #2 that would not happen but there was more room to carry lower with #2. I get the impression he does not like too much patient input - last time I asked if I should have a birth plan, he asked if I would contribute to a flight plan if I was going on a plane. He is his own personality but I like him, and he has a reputation for being slow to ramp up the interventions - my GP did not expect me to be allowed to have a V delivery at 43 yrs with baby #1.
ObG also said the uterus does not have to work so hard to deliver the baby, it seems to be better at it second time round. All reassuring stuff and maybe in the karma of the whole thing maybe fair as I definitely find pregnancy harder second time 'round.

It does make me feel that the field of obstetrics is unique in terms of patient input - eg in orthopaedics, a pt would NEVER be asked which type of prosthesis (jt. replacement) they would prefer.
- Just some of the random thoughts my head is full of at present.

Liege While you don't want to hear the word 'breech' another ObG told me the baby can turn round completely up to 37 weeks, and it seems even later so fingers crossed.

Crazy Isn't it as well the para-olympic decision was taken out of your hands - at the moment I get confused between the choice of having a sandwich or a wrap confused. I just measured my waist - 41inches, and everyone says 'you are so neat'. I feel like a neat elephant.

Smorgs Delighted to hear the move has worked out so well, including nice neighbours/landlords, and a nice village. Even if you never see the money (deposit) of the other house it sounds like this is miles better.

Cherry Like you I feel so bonded with DH - it is like a kind of honeymoon. I know it is mother nature scheming to join us together, but he is being great all this pregnancy, doing loads with DS as soon as he gets in from work, I feel very 'loved up'. I know he is hoping that DS will be his excuse NOT to be at the birth - he was there with DS but he feels he has no place there. Secretly I am not too fussed.

lisbethsopposite Sat 08-Sep-12 19:44:40

When I told DH my waist was 41inches - He replied 'that's great. I want us to have a big baby, in fact I'm hoping it will come out in it's school uniform'. He thinks minding a newborn is MAHOOSIVE. I do have pics with him asleep with baby in his arms grin

Planktonette Sat 08-Sep-12 21:35:40

Hi liege! <waves>

kyyria I held a two week old baby today! New arrival from my NCT class. Incomprehensible that there's something that size - or bigger! - in me now (I'm 37 weeks, eep!) the little baby was so cute, it almost killed me. DH was pleasingly besotted.

beeble nice work, sexy lady! We had sex this morning too grin Our go-to position is spooning, but I roll almost onto my back, so no difficult arrangement of bump/being too heavy problems.

lisbeth yikes - your ob g sounds a bit old school! If he's the pilot, you're what? The plane?!

Spent today showing a Paralympic medalist - WITH MEDAL - around town. Couldn't get more than five metres without someone stopping her for a photo or to shake hands! Louise Ellery, silver medalist for Australia in shot put grin torch Very fun, but draining as well because her disability is a brain injury, which she got at age 21 (same age my sister was when she died from a brain injury, we were put in touch via my Mum via the local brain injury organisation), so, thoughts of mortality and the inevitability + repercussions of accidents never far away. then home for a catch-up-with-friends-before-the-baby-arrives party.

Now: pretty shattered.

Have started thinking about birth recently... Im 37 weeks, that's term, so could be tomorrow, could be five weeks from now! How do you plan anything/not go mental on a schedule like THAT? Ladies who've done this before, any tips?

londonlivvy Sat 08-Sep-12 21:51:59

Hi everyone. Another full on day at yoga and another good sleep at lunchtime so not too dead. One more day of this part of the course to go. It’s been absolutely fascinating and I can’t wait to put it into action. The post-natal stuff is in a few weeks’ time and I look forward to teaching those classes too. There’s not a lot of post-natal stuff out there and I’m hoping to help women build up strength and morale. Lots of course work for me to do and still lots of reading but it’s great – I love learning, particularly on a subject I love and on something so close to my heart.

huffle couldn’t agree more – so frustrating this interrupted sleep stuff! Seems completely illogical from an evolutionary point of view.

Crazy my waist is 41 inches! (though that is after a pizza?) Boo re paraolympic babysitting problems. That’s such a shame. I hope your SPD has settled down.

Hope the kicks settle down Kyyria - I know we all want movement but it can be pretty painful at times, can’t it.

planktonette wowsers re the birth centre. That sounds awesome. Kingston has two pools, I gather, so odds of one being available when you want one are somewhere between slim and naff all. Thanks for the understanding on the over-committing self front! I honestly think that full day classes are a lot – art perhaps less physical than yoga, but it’s the concentrating hard, plus the commute, all the learning – a really long day. And though I do go to work, it’s not as hard, partly cos I’ve been there years and know it all well.

I didn’t think baby’s position mattered as much at this stage as still lots of time to turn? When I went to the doc on Wednesday she was the right way round – but still time for her to turn the wrong way too, if you know what I mean? I’m just trying to keep positive and keep sitting on the ball and stuff and hopefully she’ll stay in the right place.

Smorgs you have my sympathy re unpacking. Dull, isn’t it? But hurrah for nice neighbours offering the loan of furniture. That sounds awesome!

Cherry I am thinking maybe 10 pairs of cheapy pants? They can be washed, obv, just that if the pads plus washing doesn’t quite work and it ends up stained (sorry for grim mental image) then you can throw them out. Dunno – that was my theory. And better than ruining nice pants? Did you get to the beach?

Cwest I hope you get the appointment with the consultant soon and that growth scan shows positive stuff.

Yomping oh pants you’ve just reminded me re the massage. I’m only 32 weeks so hopefully I haven’t started too late. And GOODNESS re the thought of us being in post natal group – scary but kinda cool too. I’d feel lost without you all.

Beeble GREAT effort re foxy dress and foxy shag.
Velo terrifying thought of our babies being imminent. I’m not ready !

Fjord BOTHER re your flat. My flat isn’t done and dusted then – there’s been a surprising amount of stressful legal negotiations this week. SIGH. I want this to be DONE. I hope the GD still goes on ok and do let us know any Norwegian ante-natal hints and tips.

Right. Off to bed soon – need my mojo for last day on the course tomorrow – and big day of meetings on Monday. Oof.

Beeblebear Sun 09-Sep-12 02:51:18

Well, just got home from a rather suceasful shopping day. Visited my grandma (90) , stopped at a 2nd hand s ale and bought 2 sleepers withe the scratch mits and elastic bottoms for night. Got dog food at $10 off a bag. And finally bought some things for the hospital bag: diapers nursing pads plain black underpants ( got 2 large, hopefully big enough to accomodate the massive doubled up pads and one med. Will see how they fit and possibly pick up some more. Also got cotton balls and some wipes and a couple newborn sootheers. Oh and GAVISCON and some milk of magnesia. Stopped at the 2md hand mat store and got a top light jacket for work. Building has no heat until the 22nd. And I someho w in the last two weeks misplaced my only maternity jacket. That still zippeed up. Doh! Oh and hips / spd somewhat tolerable today. I think the ball is helping.

bella2012 Sun 09-Sep-12 08:42:02

morning all!

Hope you are all OK this morning!

huffle totally agree about the sleeping thing! There always seems to be something keeping us awake, doesn't there? The loo trips, the hip pain, the late night worrying... It is a nightmare! My DS has started waking up in the night too, for no real reason, but he is quite difficult to settle atm. In a way, getting up with baby is easier because you are so shatteed you just fall straight to sleep as soon as you are done feeding etc!

livvy well done on surviving your course. I bet you will be so pleased that you have got it out of the way in a few months time. I wish you could run a post-natal class for us all!

planktonette good question! The waiting and not knowing was absolutely the worst thing for me last time. being a planner and a teacher with my timetables etc, I like knowing exactly what I am doing when. Waking up every morning with loose plans but the hope that you may need to cancel them if today is THE DAY is so frustrating. (other 2nd timers may have been more chilled out that me though!) but my advice would be to try not to expect the baby early as most 1st time births are late. Try not to get too disappointed if your due date comes and goes, and ask your midwife for a membrane sweep at the earliest opportunity. Cry and beg her for one if you need to!

crazy am sad for you about paralympics. There are a lot of sacrifices like that aren't there? And I don't blame you for hoping DH will stay in with you too! I would be the same. What did he do in the end?

kyria sympathy on the movement front! I spent my entire last pregnancy worrying about lack of movement so get cross with myself for getting bothered by over-movement, but it is so violent and uncomfortable and often as you describe-bladder pinching and rib kicking! At least we know they are happy and having a good stretch in there!

Well...I had my long awaited baby shower yesterday and it was absolutely fantastic! Far far nicer than I expected. My amazing friend had gone to so much trouble! She had decorated the house, made a lovely buffet with my Mum, made beautiful party bags for everyone and came up with loads of brill games and activities. We had celeb baby picture quizzes, a prediction game where everyone enters when they think baby will come/sex etc and pays a pound, nearest guess wins the jackpot! We made cute little bunting out of baby socks, played a game where we had to guess what the jars of baby food were (they were disgusting!) we had to smell little nappies and identify the contents (calpol, baby shampoo, mars bar etc!) and pin the dummy on the baby! It was such fun and my friends were so lovely. I had said no gifts but they all brought lovely little treats for me, mum to be bath sets etc, but nothing embarrassing or overboard. I feel so lucky! I was exhausted after that but my Mum had arranged for us to go to an open air ABBA concert with the cast of the stage show of Mamma Mia at a hotel near our village. It was brilliant too! So had a great day. dS is punishing me for it now though as he only wants Daddy to do everything for him now. :-(

got a day of school work to do now-can't be bothered!

Much love x

CWest30 Sun 09-Sep-12 10:07:03


Currently posting from bed, strangely enough nothing pregnancy related. Woke up yesterday morning with the stinkiest cold and most sore throat ever!

Been rough all night with a high temp as well so family have ordered me to rest. They are taking DS shopping and to a birthday party later for me as well. DS has just been in with his drs kit trying to make me better bless him. I feel a bit mean telling him to keep away but he starts school on tues so the last thing I want is for him to get it.

It is ok to take paracetomol every 4 hrs for a couple of days right? Think I would be seriously struggling without it.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine, nobber cold sad

YompingJo Sun 09-Sep-12 10:25:58

Had a meltdown yesterday. Turns out I have managed, for 8 months, to not notice the fact that I am completely terrified about giving birth... This is what happens when you throw yourself into learning and researching and organising, and don't give yourself time to think about things or come to terms with stuff.

We had a 3-hour NCT class which went through the birth line in graphical detail, was fine at the time but came home and then shouted at DH over something extremely trivial, burst into tears and fell to pieces. I had no idea I was so scared, I genuinely didn't. DH was shock and confused and "you seemed to together, I had no idea". Neither did I! confused He was lovely, has lots of confidence in me (not sure what he is basing this on!) and we did lots of talking and walked in the forest and ate ice cream and came home and ate nice tea and drank a glass of very nice red wine (health reasons?) and I felt a bit better.

Not much to be done about it really - the birth bit is a bit unavoidable hmm. But still feel pretty wobbly. Can it really honestly be true that the realities of what we have got ourselves into here can only just be dawning on me and I am only just working out what a big responsibility this is all going to be and how much it might hurt at the start then how hard it might be from then onwards, forever?

Gah. And eek. What a big nobber blush

squidkid Sun 09-Sep-12 10:29:38

Hey there,

Having a flat-clear-out weekend, though boyfriend is doing most of the actual work. After a few days of zen-like-calm, I have managed to have hysterical hormonal meltdowns about the following non-issues in the last 24 hours

- nursing bra I ordered online was too big, exchanged for a replacement, now too small
- lost other nursing bra (found it eventually)
- boyfriend breaking freezer door
- the fact we only have sex once or twice a week now
- being huge and cumbersome
- cat scratching my nipple and drawing blood (entirely my own fault, cuddling him naked)

I'm not sure this bodes well for how I'm going to cope with ACTUAL difficulties like labour and looking after a newborn... hmm

Boyfriend was angelically patient and even had sex with me last night after I cried about it for ages (very attractive eh). At least we did manage to get a fair amount done yesterday, despite all the hysterics.

Went for a short walk this morning, just an hour to the top of this hill overlooking the city, while the boyfriend continued cleaning. I think it helped a bit. I'm embarrassed and ashamed and like planktonette struggling a little with not knowing when the baby will come. One month today I will be 42 weeks so I guess it can't be longer than that. I keep telling myself it will be overdue to not get my hopes up. I also haven't seen my midwife for 3 weeks now so I think I will feel better once I have (Tuesday).

The sunshine is pretty but it's a bit hot.

OK, more cleaning.

squidkid Sun 09-Sep-12 10:34:52

Crossposted with Yomping - ah well, at least I'm not alone in the hysterics...

I'm not scared of the actual birth weirdly enough (naively maybe)... I just feel a bit like I've studied for a massive exam and I'm ready now and no one will give me a date for it!

hufflepuffle Sun 09-Sep-12 10:41:52

sad sad
Warning!!!! Another meltdown alert!!!!
After reading all the leaflets from antenatal class yesterday thought I'd start today trying out labour and birthing positions on bed, ball and floor. Figure as I don't hav much strength in legs I need to find something comfy which keeps me upright with minimum effort. Piled up lots pillows on bed to lean over and forward. V comfy, makes sense, but after only a minute or 2 my thighs are tired. I am ashamed that I am so physically weak and unfit and so many of u r so fit!!!!

Cue floods of tears......... Hav been trying to be positive and not afraid of birth process, but tbh I am realising I am so afraid...... I am not physically strong and how the hell am I going to do this?????

Pointless stress I know, baby must come out, regardless.....

Lovely wonderful DH saying all the right things. Knows I can do it, cannot believe how calm I have been, looking forward to helping me and encouraging me and distracting me with silliness. And yes we will prob hav a big baby as we are big people but my body is built for it!!!!

Yesterday I unpacked to wash all my newborn stuff from Asda. Up to 9lb is their first size. But baby might be over 9lb!! Need to wash the 0-3 too.

Oh gawd, I am fretting and ranting. Sorry, thanks for listening. sad and so many of you with proper problems, great girls.


Angelico Sun 09-Sep-12 11:06:53

Hey ladies <waves> - a quick post but sending a special hug to yomping and squid and anyone else feeling madly hormonal and scared. I'm more tired and irritable than anything else at the minute but it comes on fast! confused Think the delivery fear thing is perfectly normal no matter how it's going to happen. Yomping my friend when she was pregnant said it was like queuing ages to get on a rollercoaster, then getting on and enjoying the ascent, then suddenly realising there's a huge drop just over the hill and you can't get off until you've done it! You are getting your meltdowns out of the way now and then you'll be ready - it's the unknown thing. And squid can understand the uncertainty thing - the thing with the CS is you have a date to work towards so suspect my hysterics will hit a couple of days before and that's when DH will be like shock

Bella your baby shower sounds lovely - you should put all those games etc in a babyshower thread to give people ideas smile

Livvy your yoga sounds brilliant, am in awe of you doing something like that at this stage but it will be great. You'll feel amazing today!

Planktonette that was a really cool thing to do - must have been hard at a personal level but so brilliant spending time with someone really inspiring and lovely seeing people congratulating her.

Lisbeth not sure if I like the sound of your doc or not - but then I'm his worst nightmare of a patient - to stretch his analogy I'd be the annoying passenger in the cockpit pointing at different buttons and going, "What does that one do?!" grin

Funny how everyone is getting all nesty and cosy with their DH. I would love to but feeling a bit sad that he's now on a massive deadline - like me, the house move knocked his work schedule back big time and he's now under pressure. So he's locked up in his office in the evenings and today when I want to just light the fire and snuggle up while we still can. It's actually making me tearful thinking about it blush Good to be able to write it here as I am really trying to avoid guilting him - I know he doesn't have a choice and he's trying to get ahead before baby arrives (I just know they will be late as usual sending proofs through and he will be coming to hospital to see me and bean, then heading home to sit up all night reading through stuff ie exhausted). We are going out for lunch today at least so can chill a bit then but his head will be full of stats...

Really busy yesterday - got new glasses and contacts in the morning, bought some makeup in a compact for hospital so I can swipe it on in 30 seconds for photos (I rarely bother wearing make up so was all very exciting grin), then went to market to get nice bread and houmous and pesto. My parents and nephew visited and didn't leave till 8.30pm and by the time they left I was shattered. Dad put up a new wardrobe rail for the bean's room so I was able to hang up all the groovy 70's dresses grin Then had a shower and collapsed in a heap! Tiredness is creeping up with every night of unbroken sleep - huffle I totally agree about the cruelty of sleeping badly now when we've months of it ahead of us.

Anyway, waves at everyone else and sending hugs all round.

Angelico Sun 09-Sep-12 11:09:35

Ahhhh huffle some thanks for you! I think the hormones are getting us all!!! x

Clotheswise - I haven't even bothered buying any newborn stuff, just 0-3. Hope she doesn't come out a 6lber after all their dire warnings about her being a beanosaurus confused grin

hufflepuffle Sun 09-Sep-12 11:40:04

Thank u Angelico , I know this is normal...... Hugs and support to you with such a busy DH, I'd be a wreck without mine at mo. but sounds like he working v hard, good man.
I only bought 6 each of first size as so cheap n cheerful and thought 0-3 looked lots bigger but may hav been a waste!

squid & yomping we all cross posted!! Hysterical hormonal moments!!!! I suppose angelico is right and better to do it now, so keep it up!!!!

Funny, you both reflect my feelings. Hav read and researched and educated self just as would for any new experience but the exam is v v soon and feeling that no amount if preparation is adequate!!

Left my post earlier and went and cleaned mirrors in slide robes and a few windows. Off now to get Hoover and Hoover out said wardrobes. This nesting is weird isn't it?? Always heard about it but thought it was exaggeration! Honestly, our house has never been cleaner. And even my DH has got it, yesterday he was hoovering walls in front bedroom............

Sorry not to post to all. As ever, I am the worst....
But Bella love love love your shower, that was just beautiful and special, you are lucky and loved!

cwest sympathy on the cold, poor thing. Stay in bed and rest. Lots of vit C via oranges and strawberries? Better now than in few wks I spose. X

crazy my circumference is 42.5 inches!!! Which confirms my suspicion that although so many tell me I am so 'neat' it is an illusion caused by height!!! Cos I feel massive!!! Anyone bigger than 42.5???! And 5 wks to go....... Topple alert!!

Right, off to attack the dust bunnies once more,

Thanks ladies, love to you all
Xx thanks

Kyyria Sun 09-Sep-12 12:23:49

yomping and huffle you have my heartfelt sympathy.

Had my last NCT class yesterday and got to hold a 10 day old baby. Got home, had complete meltdown with tears and thought I was on the verge of a panic attack at one point. I'm not sure if it is the enormity of what is going to happen, the thought that there will be a very tiny thing depending on me, or whether it's the thought of labour scaring me (have so far worked on the principle that if I don't think about labour then I don't have to acknowledge it has to happen!).

Still feeling delicate and wobbly today... confused

32, 33+0, #1

hufflepuffle Sun 09-Sep-12 12:45:57

Kyyria hugs and sympathies to you too. Xx

This really is all an enormous thing isn't it?? Regardless of how we tell ourselves it is part of life, thousands if people do it every day around the world..... Blah blah... But it is our own individual world which is changing and changing completely, never mind the painful 'episode' to actually release the baba from its 9 month home....... shock

But at least we all in it together!

Off to get dressed to go buy some raspberry leaf tea, make this uterus strong, even if my thighs aren't!!!


Angelico Sun 09-Sep-12 14:40:50

A hug for kyrria - holding a baby now is so strange! I never had any interest in them really but now when I hold my new nephew for example I find myself really studying him. He seems so miraculous - the idea that we grow these whole new humans inside us and they come out with tiny perfect knuckles and ankles and heels smile

We just went out for lunch, phoned to see if there was a table (live in touristy area, this should be last weekend of tourists, want to tell them all to fuck off to be honest, totally uncharitable I know blush), were told there was no wait. Got there and 30 minute wait due to influx of basstading tourists. Managed to leave without meltdown, then we drove to another place and thankfully got straight in. Yes, first world problems indeed - but not for hungry, hormonal crazy lady here who had taken her blood sugar and didn't want to do it again hmm DH now locked up in office again like mad scientist. I'm going to hang up washing on radiators. It's raining on and off so good excuse to slap on a DVD grin

On a totally different note this is the makeup I got yesterday - and it's brilliant!!! I got the cool beige one and it's perfect. I can never be bothered with makeup but I swear this one takes literally thirty seconds to put on, no fingers needed so not messy and makes you look all even toned and glowy! Will be perfect for hospital and post-baby - so really recommend it if you want something dead easy for those first 'earth mother' photos with the new beans grin It's also on 3 for 2 at the minute so I might stock up...

hufflepuffle Sun 09-Sep-12 15:42:07

Angelico did your Boots hav the colour match gizmo for the foundation? Apparently is brill!! I'm a total Bare Minerals fan myself, really is nothing like it for me, so light and natural and great for sensitive skin, but the whole swirl tap and buff might be a bit much in those early days!!

Just been out for lovely wee wander with DH to get the raspberry tea. Had a cappuccino in Starbucks........ First proper coffee in 8 months!!! Figure it can't hurt at this stage. And my, it was fantastic!!!!! I'm buzzing tho, god only knows what baba will make of it when it gets it!!

Angelico Sun 09-Sep-12 16:18:47

Huffle they did have the colour match thing put it made me 'pale rose' or something - sort of pinky colour. They only do certain types of makeup in it and none of the compact ones. I wanted something that could be swiped on without needing blended or needing me to crawl out of bed post-CS to wash hands. Am actually dead impressed with that compact one as you can put it on quite lightly and it's soooo invisible but beautifying grin

Angelico Sun 09-Sep-12 16:21:37

Am glaring balefully at the dark clouds overhead and willing them to feck off for an hour... took a chance and hung washing out... On a similar note if any of you don't have a tumble but find it hard to dry washing this Lakeland drying rail was getting rave reviews on another thread today - apparently it's great for baby clothes and your own clothes, v cheap to run etc.

Londonmrss Sun 09-Sep-12 16:38:09

Hi all. Bloody hot today it's making me grumpy. Hopefully this is the last of the hot weather though.
Squid, I had the same tantrum about sex yesterday. But to be honest, it's because we had sex yesterday morning and I just didn't really enjoy it. He didn't do anything wrong, I'm just constantly preoccupied with trying to get comfy or trying not to squash my belly. Can't wait to have my body back.
Huffle, re. your labour fears, if you haven't already, read the Natal Hypnotherapy Birth Preparation book. It's helped me really think of it as a natural process rather than a medical one. I'm going to be imagining myself as a cavewoman just leaning up against a tree, doing this completely primal and natural thing. (Sorry for sounding like a hippy). Weirdly, I also find it comforting to know that women have given birth while in a coma before. Not that I'm saying you're as inactive as that, but it's nice to know that the body is perfectly capable of giving birth in that situation. I think we can trust our bodies. We've already managed to grow babies in them which is bloody amazing- they aren't going to let us down now.
Plankton the birth centre near me is really similar and I'm desperate to give birth there. I'm now nervous because I just can't tell what position baby is in, but she seems to switch daily between head down and transverse. Hoping she settles in a good position.
Kyyria, that scares me too- I keep suddenly realising that it's the rest of our lives... But I think if we didn't feel like that, then that would mean we hadn't begun to comprehend the enormity of what we're about to do, so that process is healthy. That's what I'm telling myself anyway.
Bella you're shower sounds lively! I haven't really thought about having one to be honest.
CWest poor you! Paracetamol is fine, and particularly recommended because you should avoid a fever. Drink plenty of water and your body will fight it off.
My husband got freaked out by the movements last night. He likes to feel kicks, but last night he had his hand on my belly and she just stretched so a lump stuck out and then just stayed there. He was shrieking 'That's you doing that, isn't it?!' and I kept insisting 'No, it's the baby! How could I possibly be doing that with my stomach?!' Him: 'I don't know, with your muscles!' Me:' I don't have any muscles left!'
I shouldn't have been so smug about my lovely poo the other day. I went straight back to my usual struggle the next day. It's not fair, I honestly eat a really good diet with loads of fruit and veg and wholemeal stuff, and I drink loads of water! Why can't I just enjoy a nice poo once a day without having to do labour breathing?!
We popped to the newly refurbished Mothercare in North London today. It's huge with a scanning suite and a pram obstacle course! Hubby was disappointed we'd already bought out pram as he wanted to try it out.

Long post for me. Have a lovely Sunday everyone! I have 2 weeks left at work and then no more rush hour tubes for me for a year!

Velo Sun 09-Sep-12 17:00:23

This seems to be the weekend of hormonal panic! I also had general meltdown about everything this morning. CWest I'm still get over my horrible cold, had to take 3 days of work and my throat is still sore - hope you get over it quickly.

Thanks to everyone for the Tena pants suggestion, went shopping yesterday to stock up, DH looking very nervous at the sight of all the padding - at least its starting to dawn on him that those pictures of freshly made-up adoring mothers is hiding something.....

For those of us who are still working - 'courage' as they say in this part of the world. I have 1 week and then 1 week of hand over before maternity leave starts. Can't wait.

YompingJo Sun 09-Sep-12 17:20:49

Ah, thank you all, feel so much better that lots of people are suddenly feeling like this. My dad came to visit today, a sort of last ever visit while I am just his daughter and not a mum. He's not given to displays of emotion so it was quite sweet. We had a pub lunch in the New Forest then walked along a river to another village and back - 40 mins each was, think I will ache tomorrow. Had some energising ice cream before we turned around to come back.

I was explaining the idea of natural birth to my dad, and it made me realise how much I know and how simple it should be, really, as long as I stay calm, and that made me feel better. DH is being completely angelic and that really helps too. It will all be fine. Hopefully...

Got home to find that the midwife has dropped off the homebirth box while I was out - this is both exciting and scary. Officially we're not allowed a homebirth until I'm 37 weeks, which is this Friday coming, but we have the box now so it could all happen...

Angelico, I ordered that electric airer a couple of weeks ago - it's brill, really versatile and will be a godsend with reusable nappies, wipes etc and out washer/dryer only has one drying temp - fecking hot - which is no good for the bamboo nappies we have bought, and we don't have radiators so no way of drying them quickly in winter. I'm in love with it already!

Crazy and Huffle ... 44" here unless bean is stretching then it's more like 46" grin. And people are now telling me the bump is neat! Any advances on 44" anyone or do I officially have EnormaBump?

Huffle, so agree on the sleeping unfairness. Went to John Lewis yesterday and bought Dreamgenie pillow. Sort of helped in that I was comfortable enough to get to sleep but then when I wanted to roll over it was a bit of a challenge and I had to wake up to do it. So I slept better when I was asleep but kept waking up to roll over.

Also to Huffle, how about sitting on a birthing ball (covered in a towel) until active labour, then getting DH to support you by taking some of your weight? The active stage can be pretty short so you wouldn't need to be tiring your thighs out for long.

The funniest bits of yesterday's NCT class... trying out tens machines on the husbands - hilarious, and a very empowering sensation, being in charge of the dial whilst the pads are attached to the arms of 2 men! Their hands were twitching and they didn't know whether to laugh or yelp. It was on setting 3. Of 15!!!!! Wasn't thinking of getting a tens machine but wondering if hooking DH up to it and turning the dial up whenever I have a contraction might provide me with a good distraction! gringringrin

Also she got the women to educate the men on why they should remind us to do pelvic floor exercises, and what might happen in the future if we don't. 8 blokes very shock. Then she told them they should be doing them too. This is the kind of thing DH would normally laugh off but he has been asking me question after question since and is actually doing them himself. How cute?

Bella, glad your baby shower was nice. I eventually agreed to let the girls from work organise one for me on the condition that I had the final say about what games were included, and it's this Friday evening, and Friday will also be my last day at work, it's too hard being back so I'm going to stop at 37 weeks and give myself an extra week to relax. It's a hard decision because I go back at the start of September anyway so it's not like I can come off a week early and go back a week early to compensate - I am basically depriving us of a week's pay and I feel really bad about that, but DH has convinced me that me being relaxed is more important than the week's pay.

CWest, my NCT teacher said Paracetomol every so often is fine. Hope you feel better soon.

hufflepuffle Sun 09-Sep-12 17:25:14

Flip, Velo you too?? Bless you, at least we know we all not alone!! Hope u feeling better tmrw xx

Thank u Londonmrss . I hav been v pleased with the whole Natal Hypno and it has helped me no end. Hav told many people about the whole giving birth in a coma concept. But this morning I was just having a total and utter freak out........ I know I am perfectly able, I just took a wobble and felt perfectly petrified too!!!! Ooo errrrr confused

Just met a lady there I kno thru work with her 7 week old, wee dote. Came 5 wks early...... Told me to go home and pack my bag, just incase!!

I have 3 wks work left which due to reduced days is 11 days actually in work with a wee bit of work from home! In that time I will hav full appointments each day and need to find time to do 3 months advanced wages, 1 partial advance VAT return, try to leave info on every conceivable unusual situation and clear up all my clutter!!! I shall be shelving the next emotional melt down until at least then! But still, 11 days...... WOOHOOOO!

Angelico interesting on the colour match. Hmmmm.

hufflepuffle Sun 09-Sep-12 17:38:30

Thanks Yomping. I do think birthing ball and walking about will be my best bet. DH says same (becoming v educated!) hopefully 2nd stage will be short if hav been upright and active and I can lean on him any which way that works!! He is v v big and strong, I hav every faith!!

We hav Tens demo this wk too, looking forward to!! Had not considered at all but MW was very positive about it last wk. Any of u second timers use it before?? I am hoping to be in the relaxed hypno camp and wondering if might be counter-productive??!

YompingJo Sun 09-Sep-12 17:44:31

Huffle, I don't think using it on myself will help much as want to be all zen and hypno too, but using it on DH to distract myself??? Now that's an idea! <evil grin>

londonlivvy Sun 09-Sep-12 17:49:39

Hugs to all those who've had an emotional weekend. Labour still feels like a long way off to me so maybe it'll hit be in a few weeks?

Glad to have done part one of the course. Now lots of essays and coursework and then part two is the three full days over the last weekend in September. Little bit close to the wire... Hoping bean stays put for a while...

Right. Off home for an early night. Bushed.

Angelico Sun 09-Sep-12 17:55:00

Yomping good to know another rave review of the dryer thing grin It's more for my clothes ironically as DH and bean's clothes can mostly be tumbled but loads of women's stuff says not to. I never know whether to risk it or not - you get away with it 80% of the time but there's always that one top that shrinks... Loving idea of zapping the menfolk with tens machines grin >:-D We so need a 'devil' smilie!

Speaking of shrinking (nice link Angelico heh heh) did any of you see that episode of Horizon 'Eat, Fast and Live Longer'? It has gone from the IPlayer but you can see it on You Tube. It's basically about fasting extending health and life and the conclusion is even 2 days a week on 500 calories can have big benefits, whilst allowing you to eat pretty much what you like on the other days. Disclaimer: they are only really starting proper human trials of it but seems to cause big reductions in cholesterol, blood glucose and some other hormone which is linked to various cancers - also big body fat loss! Have seen threads on here about it and really considering it post-bean with my new found obsession with not getting type 2 diabetes. The risk is 50% post-GD and that is really high.

Angelico Sun 09-Sep-12 17:55:26

Congrats Livvy torch thanks

londonlivvy Sun 09-Sep-12 18:21:45

Oh and yomping, have you seen touching the void? It's a climbing film so you might have... anyway, the guy has an accident and his partner thinks he's dead. He's not, just has a broken leg and is in a cravasse. He gradually over three days crawled back to the camp. Incredible story. But the point is that he said if he had contemplated the enormity of what he had to do, he wouldn't have been able to. It would have been too overwhelming. But he just focused on the next rock and trying to get there. Once there, he had a rest and then contemplated the next rock. DF and I use this all the time and I think they focusing on smaller, more manageable challenges has helped us get through this year.

So( and there is a point to this, I promise) perhaps try thinking of labour as a series of contractions, rather than trying to get your head round the whole thing. Stay in the present, one contraction at a time. And what will be, will be.

Think my yoga hippy side is coming out. It's a terrific film, nonetheless.

smileyhappymummy Sun 09-Sep-12 19:04:41

cwest paracetamol is absolutely fine, no need to worry about it at all, including taking it regularly. So keep taking it and hope you feel better soon!
angelico I thought that eat and fast thing was really interesting too, haven't looked at tht much research about it yet as obv wouldn't consider it whilst preg or breastfeeding but do plan to do a bit of reading about it at some point.
livvy agree that touching the void is an awesome film and that one step at a time is a good way to look at labour. Ultimately, giving birth will be manageable, for all of us. Before I had dd people used to ask me if having seen lots of deliveries made me more anxious - especially since drs tend to see the complicated stuff. Actually, it makes me feel better because every single delivery I've watched, no matter how difficult it's been, you can instantly see once the woman is holding her beautiful newborn that none of it matters any more and that every second was so worth it. Makes me go weepy thinking about it but kind of in a good way.
Sympthatize with the difficulty of not knowing when it's going to happen. I am starting to wonder if this little one is going to stay put till planned section or if it might decide to emerge sooner. Really, really want it to stay put, after last time I so want a nice calm planned section rather than any emergency stuff. However, in a month or so it will all be done and I will have my baby so doesn't matter too much at all!
Absolutely knackered today and struggling a bit. Feel breathless and dizzy all the time. Hopefully the spatone will start to help soon. Midwife going to check bloods again on Thursday anyway. Feeling like thwt is also making me weepy - not sure why. Dh has announced that I am going to bed early tonight - going to have a bath with dd, get into pjs and then snuggle down. Not planning to argue with that!
That's enough rambling from me for now, good luck with the week everyone!

crazypaving Sun 09-Sep-12 20:00:56

Holy macaroni angelico that airer looks fab but £90!! Yowzers. It would be well handy but I think I can predict my DH's reaction... I have, on the other hand, seen a pineapple corer & chunker on the Lakeland website that I am VERY tempted by. Under £9! And I've seen the threads here on MN about the 5:2 diet and must admit I'm very tempted by it (obv when I've stopped bfing). Love the idea of being able to eat more or less what I like for 5 days, just not sure how I'd handle the 2! I get a bit, um, grumpy when I'm hungry!

Lots of sympathy to those having hormonal meltdowns. I often feel right on the brink, and I really feel like DH either doesn't understand how hard it is to be 36wks pg, or much worse, doesn't care. He isn't really making any effort to make life easier for me, which I feel I can't really complain about because he's so fab all the time, and does more than most men probably. I'm just not doing any less than I normally would with DS or around the house, and, possibly worse, if I ask him an insecure question about how I look, he'll give a very lukewarm "ok". Which makes me feel very, very, very sad I may have a meltdown at him at some point soon but I'm trying to figure out the right way of doing it. Sigh.

Embarrassingly, I can't remember how I dealt with the anticipation of labour. I think I assumed DS would be really late and then was completely shocked when he came early! This time I'm torn between impatience and denial...

As for labour itself, it is a terrifying unknown to face. But once you're in it, livvy is right - you have no choice but to manage each contraction as it comes. Hopefully your midwife will be fab and supportive and help you to deal with it well (rather than the hospital bitch I had who told me to pull myself together because it was going to get much worse - which TERRIFIED me - but she was completely wrong and a massive twat)

huffle don't worry about your thighs, you won't feel those wink grin

Sorry, rambly post. I've actually had a lovely day today with DS and DH, I'm just permanently so exhausted I can barely think straight. Nice n ready for the new baby fog!

Angelico Sun 09-Sep-12 21:08:32

Well the meltdown has hit. Just wrote mad rant, then deleted it as couldn't bring myself to post it. Feel miserable - and guilty for feeling miserable. Half of me wants baby here, other half wants to take her out and put her in suspended animation for a few more years till I somehow magically become ready to be a parent.

I somehow feel guilty about absolutely everything at the minute but I've been told that comes with the parenthood territory and I can look forward to that feeling for the rest of my life... How can I go from being excited about bean to being terrified of how much life is going to change within the space of ten minutes?! Is anyone else feeling like this? sad

Crazy your pineapple corer and chunker gave me a watery laugh at least.

smileyhappymummy Sun 09-Sep-12 21:11:30

Absolutely! I've already got one and I'm still terrified of everything changing again but more excited about it and happy about baby coming than I can explain. Basically it's completely and utterly normal. So don't worry.

squidkid Sun 09-Sep-12 21:31:28

I've seen Joe Simpson (the bloke who wrote Touching the Void) speak a few times, read some of his other books too. He lives around here. Labour is just a day - two if you're unlucky. Once it starts, you know it will end, you know? I don't know, I find that thought encouraging.

Got boyfriend to measure fundal height a minute ago as fretting as has been ages since last midwife appointment. He made it somewhere between 28 and 34cm so that backfired a bit!! Am ignoring his meaty, unskilled measurements I'm sure baby is measuring fine la la la.

Checked my waist too whilst I was there since people are doing that- just under 40 inches, though I can suck it in a surprisingly large amount - tried this earlier and then got freaked out it was hurting baby. I am a shortie though.

I am still too chicken to weigh myself, though I have promised myself I will at some point before 40 weeks. I wish I could feel better about myself, I've tried really hard with exercising and healthy eating during the whole pregnancy and I still just get so self critical.

Evening was better than day - naked cuddles and stuff. Just settling down to bed now, I'm really exhausted. Emotionally more than physically, though the flat is all done and sorted, near enough. (hats off to people actually decorating, I only tidied/sorted out mine)

tired squid who promises to be more positive tomorrow, 37+5

squidkid Sun 09-Sep-12 21:37:37

Hugs to everyone and sorry for lack of name checks and specific responses. I think about you lot all the time, you're lovely. take care and be nice to yourselves.

MrsConfusion Sun 09-Sep-12 22:30:43

crazy we've got a lakeland pineapple corer, much much fun! But be warned, our NCT lady said pineapple can bring on labour (suggested alongside curry, sex, nipple tweaking etc for if you're overdue) so don't go crazy!

V tired, one more week of work then maternity leave, too much still to do but know it won't all get done. Had meltdown this week too on whole work & labour & motherhood thing - DH mopped me up but I suspect it won't be the last time...

Lots of love to all, take it gently as you can. [Thanks]

Midgetm Sun 09-Sep-12 22:32:39

Evening all, this thread moves so fricking fast I just can't keep up. Sorry to all those feeling ill and freaking out. The sunshine in London has kept me smiling - my meltdown may come when it disappears. To all of you worrying about parenthood let me reassure you. If I can do it anyone can. Like labour - take it in bitesize chunks and you will be just fine. Honestly, on paper I would be a rubbish mum but according to DD I am not bad at it at all. Only an idiot would not think about the enormity of it though - that is very natural.

Trying to compete with Cherrychopshits and Angelicotwopoohs and stuffed my face with prunes - think I may have got carried away and am dreading the consequences tomorrow.... ooops. Right I am off to cry watching the end of the Paralympics so sad it is all over.

Elpis Sun 09-Sep-12 22:50:08

A cautionary tale for anyone packing their hospital bag... Mine has been half-finished for a couple of weeks thanks to my lack of practical nightwear (I sleep naked but suppose that's not on in hospital). When I opened it tonight the post-birth multipack of Kit-Kats was not quite as I had left it. Something had eaten most of it, chewing through the foil and scattering shredded wrappings and crumbs all over some maternity pads, babygros and huge knickers.

I shall vacuum the suitcase and spray it with something antibacterial but really there's no way to thoroughly clean a wheelie, is there? At least I now know what the scuttling noises that woke me a few nights ago were. DH says it is my own fault. angry On the plus side, the box of Jaffa Cakes is intact. smile

Lots of movements since Wednesday's scare. DH took me out for a steak last night and we had a proper grown-up conversation, uninterrupted by random observations about elves, fairies, Shere Khan and DD's various best friends. The glass of wine gave me a mild hangover as I'm such a lightweight these days, but it was worth it.

Nesting hasn't kicked in yet. But I have taken DD to the lido three days running to take advantage of last of summer. She is really beginning to swim now. I am so proud.

Beeblebear Sun 09-Sep-12 23:53:38

Ok, I know I said to myself that i'd have a proper catch up today as my last 2 posts have been me me me. But I really just have to get this all out....

So went for a tour at the hospital today, post partum nly as that is where dh's mom works. I thought I was rwady for it all, but walked past 2 rooms beside each other both with crying newborns and it totally set me yompung I think I have also been living in complete denial. off in tears!!!! This is really going to happen isn't it¡

Oh and also I ran over a coyote with my car on the way home, just about right at oyr house. It was only a little guy. Dh had to go get his gun and finish him off. Poor little thing. Cue flood of tears #2

Beeblebear Mon 10-Sep-12 03:20:39

Smiley, velo, Oh gosh, I can see now after a proper catch up that sooooo many of us are feeling hormonal and teary this weekend!

squid, yomping, angelico, lomdon, kyrria,huffle, and anyone else who wants in GROUP HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in denial about # of inches, but I am still neatly at 10 squares of toilet paper round the belly. Lol

Button is a full outie.

Anyone have report of their bump "dropping" yet? When is that supposed to happn? I think something in me is currently in it's way to changing as my spd/hip pain is almost all but gone there last couple days and the twinges oi do get now are quite different.
Oh and I think baby blue had a bit of a 6th sense about our dry run to the hospital today, he was squirmung in a very uncomfortable way with what I imagine to be his little hands squeezing cervix shut going "no no no, I.m not ready to come out yet!!"

LoopyLa Mon 10-Sep-12 10:08:25

Sorry for being a bit AWOL recently, life is really getting in the way of Mumsnet at the moment!! grin

Had a 33 week scan on Friday to see if my low placenta has moved - and it has, YAYsmile !! Think I'm definitely moving towards a homebirth now...baby is 4lbs, 10oz at the mo.

Got just 4 weeks left at work then hoping to be able to spend more time on this lovely forum & nesting and "stuff" and napping - God, I miss uninterrupted nights sleep!! Whoever else is suffering with hip ain, particularly at night - I hear ya sister!

And grin at Angelicotwopoos & Cherrychopshits I have to say I'm also occasionally a 3 x poos a day girl, I swear it's the baby wanting more space & somehow 'forcing' bowel movement! confused

35, 33+1, dc#1

crazypaving Mon 10-Sep-12 10:19:56

Loopy I'm with you on the 'regularity'. It's a pain in the arse (arf) in a similar way to constipation - um, over-use!!

And Angelico and smileyhappymummy I am also FREAKING out about a 2nd, and the changes that are going to happen. Like smiley says it is totally normal - in some ways I think it's one of the biggest life changes you can have. I was totally unprepared for the change DS was going to bring and I think that partly contributed to my PND, so at least you're in a stronger position than I was, angelico! God I am terrified about how I'm going to cope with 2 under 2. Trying not to have a total meltdown about it all and keep it together...

MrsConfusion I ate loads of pineapple last time in an effort to get labour going - that's partly why I'm interested in the corer suddenly! And it looks fun! Although my reflux is so much worse than last time, I'm wondering if pineapple would just be a method of self-torture confused

elpis YUCK!! What ate the kitkats??!! Yuck yuck yuck!!!!! Hooray for jaffa cakes being intact... Interesting, a kitkat loving, jaffa-cake hating beastie.

hufflepuffle Mon 10-Sep-12 10:42:03

Just had my first cup of raspberry leaf tea and baba is going mad!!!! Well it has been mad for last 3 wks anyhow but oooo-errrrr, stay put baby!!!!!

Just wanted to pop on with an excerpt from the Travel supplement from The Times on Saturday. Given our current atmosphere of meltdown and the great unknown, think this is worth reading.........

This was written by Giles Coren, by the way. His wife is Mel of Mel &Sue, cannot think of her surname......

"I dont know what they told you, but they told me that having a baby was going to be hard. They talked about tears and tantrums, a lack of sleep and the shortening of tempers, the end of fun, the end of privacy, the end of sex, the end of youth, the slow crumble to the grave, the beginning of the end of everything.
But they were wrong. It's all been a piece of cake and an absolute joy. Kitty popped out of my wife in February last year as easy as a chocolate from a box, with a smile on her face and a healthy appetite. She started sleeping 12 hours a night almost immediately, whacks out for two hours every day at 1pm to give us time for lunch and a little snooze to ourselves (i have never had so much sleep in my life) and spends the rest of the time selflessly entertaining us."

Now, whilst i woukd also like to read his wife's side of the story, and that the life of a freelance high profile journalist is rather different than that which most of us experience, isn't that a nice start to our week????

So BOOOO to all those who tell us our lives will never be the same!!! They won't, but they will be wonderful!! And we will all have lovely, calm, well-behaved babies, just like Kitty!!! (lovely name!)

Have a good week ladies, chin up!!!! Xxx xxx

Londonmrss Mon 10-Sep-12 11:23:17

I can't tell where my baby is! She's moved!
She was happily head down kicking me in the ribs for the last 6 weeks, but last night she moved. Now I can feel movements all over- sort of bum wriggles or something, but can't tell which way up she is or which way she's facing! Can't tell where legs are, so maybe facing in and kicking at the placenta or something. Hoping she's not decided to flip to breech, but I'm not sure. Guess midwife will tell me on Friday.

Well if anyone gets into my hospital bag and drinks my champagne or eats my fois gras, I'll be furious. That's all that's in there so far. Can't imagine that I'll need anything else.

33 + 3, #1, due 26th Oct

Kyyria Mon 10-Sep-12 11:47:10

I'm not packing my hospital bag til next week. We're having a weekend away to York on Friday (can't wait) and the bag I want to use for hosp is the one we'll take to York. Have got contents (near enough) sorted though.

Right, have got today off as annual leave. Had big plans but currently struggling to keep my eyes open so going to go for a snooze.

32, 33+1, #1

LoopyLa Mon 10-Sep-12 12:27:58

I like that story huffle, why does it seemingly have to be all doom & gloom when it comes to childbirth & newborn stories?! confused

I disappear for days and now posting twice and I'm back to rant!! Feeling very angry angry angry as my replacement has just been announced by my head of department (not my line manager who is utterly lovely but on holiday) to the rest of the team and frankly, really insensitively (although this could be pg hormones I s'pose hmm). Just banged on how good my replacement was and how much she's contributed to other projects while a temp on the team and NOTHING about how much I've achieved in the last 18 months having taken on a new area with just a 30 minute handover & all learning quickly on the job, the difference I've personally made to processes and how much I'll be missed (I guess I won't be then?!!). I could walk out now I'm so angry!!!

I really love my job and it's hard to enough to leave it in someone else's hands already, let alone rubbing it in on what a great replacement I'll apparently have. I know my life will change massively when the baby comes along and I may not even want to return to work but right now, I'm really, really fucked off angry


Elpis Mon 10-Sep-12 12:35:20

crazypaving I hope it was a mouse. Because anything else would be even worse.

hufflepuffle Mon 10-Sep-12 12:57:51

Poor Loopy That is shit. Well done in doing a good job IMO!

First attempt at perineal massage...... Not very successful....., like trying to get in to fort Knox......


Londonmrs my baby is also changing daily, no idea where or what!

Elpis I am well and truly freaked by your snack attack and think you are very sensible to not freak out and throw the lot in the bin!! Wouldn't hav seen mine for dust.......!

hufflepuffle Mon 10-Sep-12 12:58:55

Sorry.... CRAZY with the snack attack, not Elpis!!!!blush

Beeblebear Mon 10-Sep-12 13:45:11

Well at least you now know what to bait the trap wth!

squidkid Mon 10-Sep-12 14:16:26

Hey hey!

A better happier more productive more zen squid reporting in, happy to say...

I think I love monday mornings the best because they're when I realise I actually have time to do the things I never had time to do before. So far today I have managed to

- do a poo (huge relief)
- go swimming (40 lengths not too bad, walk to swimming pool and back now takes an hour though!)
- go to nice vegetarian health shop for weekly shop, bought lovely things
- make amazing spicy lentil soup for lunch
- marvel at clean, organised flat after weekend tidying
- sit on ball and arrange lots of social stuff with my mates for the next couple of weeks so won't be sitting around waiting too much

Yay! I feel loads better just for some proper food and exercise and we have free theatre tickets tonight to see Macbeth at the Crucible. There is only one interval so could be weeing issues.

GOing to catch up properly now!
Also yomping try measuring your belly in the morning mine was 2 inches smaller this morning!

squidkid Mon 10-Sep-12 14:50:47

londonlivvy So impressed with you doing the yoga course! Have really enjoyed yoga throughout pregnancy, never got into it before. Also well done planktonette for services to the paralympics! It must have been hard thinking about your sister but I hope you had a fun day nonetheless.

Lisbethsopposite I think your consultant's comment about birth plans was a bit stupid, to be honest. But I am glad he is someone you like and low on interventions - I thought I recalled you having a straightforward birth last time, a few days early - did I get that wrong? Are you under him only for your age? Sorry if I have remembered incorrectly.

Bella How sweet of your friends and glad you enjoyed your baby shower. A mate of mine came over the other day, just for food and catch up, and brought absolutely LOADS of smellies, bump lotions and the like, I was so touched! Anyway very glad you had fun. Amazing how a day of activity tires us out isn't it!

Poor Cwest, pregnancy is hard enough, colds shouldn't be allowed. Paracetamol is absolutely fine, just stick to the max dose.

yomping I hope you're feeling a bit better about the birth now... it's just strange having it so close isn't it... and this weekend did seem to be the weekend of hormonal meltdowns... maybe the heat didn't help! I don't get a homebirth box... midwives bring their stuff when they come... what's in it?

hufflepuffle - hugs to you too, I think you'll be distracted enough by labour to find the positions ok... I find being on all fours tiring too and I consider myself quite fit! I think as long as you're not flat on your back that will help, don't think you need to be doing anything too clever or strenuous. Anyway hope your meltdown passed too!!! I don't reckon I have the right sized clothes or enough of them but WHATEVER. I'd rather pick up a couple of things after the birth if I've miscalculated than buy loads of crap I don't need.
Can't believe you've been off the caffeine entirely for 8 months, that's impressive! I mostly drink decaff still but prob one or two real teas a day and the odd coffee when I fancy it.

Hello angelico twopoohs the voice of reason as usual... love your calmness lady! Yes - am very grateful to be likely having a vaginal delivery but your section date is one thing I envy you... I'm sorry your DH can't be around much at the moment. Was the lunch nice at least? go you on the makeup, I haven't worn any for years (well a bit of eye pencil sometimes) and would probably just look like jordan if I tried to put any on now!
I'm a little dubious of diets like that (the 500 cal/day one) but haven't looked at that one properly. I think people tend to undereat when they diet and that causes problems in the long term. It's a hard balance though. Did your dietician give you any advice for post-pregnancy? (you did manage to see someone in the end, didn't you - sorry if you are still waiting)

Hugs for Kyyria too... I think we are all just nearing the end, tired and worried. It is normal I guess...

Londonmrss exactly! I whinge and whinge for sex and then spend the whole time trying not to collapse/break my pelvis/feel like a lumbering beast... still me and boy have vowed to at least have proper naked time daily even if it doesn't always involve full on sex. I missed the teenage snogs.
I also have been constipated throughout the whole pregnancy and I eat about a zillion portions of fruit and veg a day, not for saintly reasons, just cause i like fruit and veg. Oh well.

Velo hope your meltdown has passed too... one week left yay! Come on you can do it! (I feel like i've been off for ages now - feel a bit bad.)

Poor smileyhappymummy, take it easy love. What was your hb last time? I got mine checked when feeling a lot like you but it was ok and me and the GP reckoned it was just work-related exhaustion. Fingers crossed for your lovely calm section. Do you have a date yet?

Crazypaving mmmm pineapple, have been eating loads recently (not for labour reasons, just like pineapple). I share your horror at a £90 drier! My boyfriend is also really lovely and really supportive and I still SHOUT at him if he gives me neutral answers to incessant whinging about being fat. Useless eh. Sometimes I find writing a calm honest slightly vulnerable email/letter helps a lot...

Elpis am sorry about your mouse attack! To be honest I assumed you meant your partner or yourself had scoffed it on the sly at first... grin
Steak and wine, good girl!!

beeblebear come and join us on the hormonal railway! Really was something in the air this weekend eh....
My bump has definitely dropped. It looks different, it's smaller, my pelvic pain has GONE, I have a lot of pressure/soreness down below if I walk or stand upright for long, I have no problem eating except late at night, breathing is easier too. Interested to see how engaged baby is - seeing midwife tomorrow.

Loopyla YAY FOR PLACENTA MOVING! I was so happy that mine had smile


Hospital bags: I packed mine just before 37 weeks... maybe that was naughty...

38 weeks tomorrow. Got to try out my TENS machine.

Londonmrss Mon 10-Sep-12 16:57:54

Will catch up properly later, but for those struggling to sleep, I can't recommend this pillow enough. It has changed my life. And it's pretty cheap. Only disadvantage is my husband sometimes feels like I'm building a fortress in the bed. www.duvetandpillowwarehouse.co.uk/product/Body-Pillow-With-Pillowcase/pc/PP6--B I just found the Dream Genie would wake me up too much because it's too difficult to turn over with it.

Kyyria Mon 10-Sep-12 17:51:44

Well, had a lovely 3 hour snooze at lunchtime, and then this afternoon have made 3 lasagnes and 4 shepherds pies to put in freezer for once little one is here and we can't be bothered with cooking.

Now absolutely pooped and ready for a snooze again.

Big hugs loopy work sucks...I'm just concentrating on being able to get out of there!

32, 33+1, #1

smileyhappymummy Mon 10-Sep-12 18:33:46

Very very impressed by squid and kyrria you have had productive days! I have got some freezer containers for putting food to freeze in... But haven't yet got round to making it which may be quite an important part of the process! Perhaps I'll do it in the 6 days of maternity leave between finishing work completely and section date - I must be mad!
Hb last time was 10.3 so not really that low in the context of pregnancy but was 15 at booking so quite a drop. Have been periodically checking my pulse and bp whilst at work - bp consistently ok but pulse generally around 110 to 120, no wonder I'm feeling a bit crappy. Will get midwife to recheck bloods on thurs I think and see what's happening.
Massive insomnia last night - awake from 1 am to 3 am, don't really know why. It's not that I'm uncomfortable I don't think, just wake up and then brain starts going and that's that!
Might try measuring my belly later, did finally weigh myself and have gained 10kg which I don't think is tooooo bad, doesn't matter anyway I am going to continue baking and eating as many chocolate brownies as I like!
Hope everyone's feeling ok and not too hormonally tearful. We are all fab!

hufflepuffle Mon 10-Sep-12 19:51:14

Ok. I confess. I went today and bought the dryer from Lakeland, like Angelico & Yomping ! I have had eye on it for while. Gathered all my baby new stuff up to wash and hate thought of amount of tumble drying and shrinking!!! We had £55 voucher from DHs birthday cos his mum bought him pointless Heston Bloomenthal cookbook and cookery set (more like a science set, ok when a kid but an awful lot of money for something silly!)

So I thought that was an ideal way to use it!! As I type, 8 vests, 6 babygros, several bibs, 2 blankets and 4 Moses sheets all drying! Well, warming up anyhow!! Delighted it cost me £30, might have hesitated at £85 tho!!

Remember tho that I live in same rainy wet cold sunless country as Angelico !! Line drying is non existent 99% of time!!

Angelico Mon 10-Sep-12 20:54:45

Smilie / Midget/ Beeble / Crazy - thank you for the reassurance and hugs. It is so unreal that anyone is letting me have a baby confused Had nice lunch with friend today who assured me she hated being pregnant, hates young kids generally and adores her own. She also said the first few weeks are tough but then it gets easier and just to go with the flow and accept the hard bits. It actually cheered me up as she was so pragmatic about it.

Ha Squid, calm?! Not last night I wasn't! I was a mentalist. And then it went away again and today I feel normal and non-tearful in spite of being tired. What the fuck is going on in us ladies?! Saw dietician today finally after driving into middle of nowhere to country clinic and apparently am doing everything right so that was worthwhile. She was lovely though and is going to see me a few months post-birth. Your day sounds good and v productive grin Lentils are my new best friend - if you have a nice recipe do post / link!

Huffle good save on the dryer thing!!! grin Any drying gadget is essential here. I nearly bought a new outdoor rotary line thing today and then sniggered at the very stupidity of it... <thuds to ground at thought of that massage thing> confused

Loopy that is crap about your work - am angry for you. But on the other side, kudos on the poop front!

Remember early on in thread we were saying "Why do people keep going on about how tired and shit you're gonna feel?" Had not one but two comments today on FB when I said something about not sleeping and being tired. Two people basically writing "heh heh, you know nothing about tiredness yet, you're gonna die of tiredness etc etc". I was like hmm angry What is the point???!!! I almost wrote "Having this year worked full time, renovated a house, written a book, moved house, edited book and grown a bean all at same time I think I understand a fair fucking bit about tiredness thanks very much!" But managed to bite my fingertips... just... wink

Applauds kyrria on cooking front but confesses to being more in the smilie camp - planning to batch freeze but not quite finding time... Did make 2 litres of lentil soup but had to defrost one batch for hungry visitors at weekend. Grrrrrr.

Oh - and a confession. I feel like I'm getting false praise here. I... <takes deep breath> ... have not quite managed my two poos again <sobs> It was a one hit wonder. Still, it happened on that one mighty day and no one can take it away from me!!! lol [torch] ps: Midget step away from the prunes! grin

Big waves to everyone else as we ride the hormone rollercoaster... two weeks tonight I will be checking bag and eating the last supper confused

Londonmrss Mon 10-Sep-12 21:42:21

A nice lentil recipe Angelico:
Dry fry some chicken so it's sealed. In a separate pan, heat some tinned chopped tomatoes, red lentils, frozen chopped spinach (or fresh if you like), garam masala / coriander / curry powder / crushed cardamon pods to taste (can just use a simple curry powder if you're not comfortable with spices). Chuck in the chicken and simmer for about half an hour. Voila- a nice curry containing about 3 of your 5 a day! Serve with brown rice or a baked sweet potato.
It's a nice recipe because you can adapt it- I've added cauliflower and paneer cheese before, and replaced the chicken with monkfish. Freezes well too!

Angelico Mon 10-Sep-12 22:08:13

Londonmrs that sounds yum, thank you!!! grin Will def try, especially if it freezes.

Quick cookery question: take it it is okay to cook frozen spinach into something, then freeze it once cooked into curry etc? I do this with frozen veg for soup and haven't perished yet but just wanted to check...!

lisbethsopposite Tue 11-Sep-12 02:19:12

I switched off the light at midnight and I am still tossing in the bed at 1.30AM angry
Had a total freak out today - one of them days sad. I dropped DS to child minder and meant to go swimming. Could not find the energy. I tried to ring DH at work and have a moan, anyway he rang back as I was pulled up in front of the supermarket. I just bawled my eyes out. Then I went home and back to bed for the afternoon. No wonder I can't sleep now. I am propped up on loads of pillows because of the heartburn and I feel I could have a cry at the drop of a hat. The spooky thing is there is nothing really wrong with me - bean is fine. The cleaner is coming tomorrow for 6 hours to do a big clean out. DS is happy with new childminder. DH is busy with work but is a rock of sense in all of this. I am not used to being so out of control of my emotions...shock I've enjoyed catching up with you all.

Beeblebear Thanks for group hug - I needed it.

Thanks to Velo and Midgetm on the signs of labour - everyone assumes you know with #2, but I was induced and I really had forgotten.
Also Midgetm thanks for sympathy on the IVF. I always felt tons of sympathy for people in your shoes - where you went a while and then lost the pregnancy. I felt nature raised your hopes to dash them again. While I had 2 chemical pregnancies, I never lost after several weeks. It is great to have a bad memory of those dark times and it is easy to put them aside with all that is going on for us now. I hope it makes me a good mum but I can't say I'd win any prize lately.

Bella Sympathy on the toddler front - I think I have not pooed alone in a year if he is in the house.

Planktonette Maternity unit envy
I don't know what I did between being off on mat leave and having DS. I worked to 36 weeks, then we had 2 weeks holidays and he was born at 39 +3. I packed my bag after my waters broke. I think I was tired, though not as tired as this time round. Probably nesting and shopping.
Has membrane sweep been mentioned to you? I forget when your EDD is but I assume you are not overdue. Some friends have had that procedure done and would not do again - feel bean was not ready and what's the rush? I am not sure of your circumstances though.

huffle Llivvy Obviously agree on the sleep front. Normally I am not bad on the sleep front (except tonight). When I BF I found that 'though I was up a few time a night I went back to sleep really quickly. Apparently BF releases some kind of endorphins that help sleep. I could go into a really deep sleep in a 20 min nap. Hope it works again. confused

Cherry could you throw in a couple of really old undies as potential throwaways? I bought a pack of Tenas this time. They sound like a good idea. I hope they are not too gross. I think the kind I got are called 'discreet'

Yomping in terms of fear of giving birth - with DS I could not think beyond giving birth. MW said it would pass and were showing us how to bathe and hold and feed a baby and I could not pay attention. I ended up reading Gina and the Baby Whisperer with a baby in my arms. I hadn't a clue what to do!! I think you are doing great, you have some thought given to the actual baby!! I think Squid has the right idea, you have prepared as much as you can, be confident.

Crazyp I smiled at the 'right' kind of meltdown - and I needed something to smile at wink

lisbethsopposite Tue 11-Sep-12 02:31:29

Angelico I think we were DD buddies (Oct 5) - what date have you been given now? I have to say I am envious of the thought of this ending ... Will that be an ECS or just induced? Next Fri will be 37 weeks for us, and I think I will start on a pineapple diet - or beg and plead with hospital to bring me in.

lisbethsopposite Tue 11-Sep-12 03:00:49

Some of you were asking about my Dr.
Well I live in Southern Ireland. I work in the Health Service and having worked abroad, it has some deficits e.g. there are no birthing pools at my local mat unit.

Approximately 45% of the adult population here have private health insurance cover. It is not unusual. The main thing this covers is hospital treatment. I accept the moral debate on it - but felt with having a baby at 43 I considered myself at high risk and wanted a senior dr or consultant to do the surgery if it came to a CS. This was the big thing for me. I had heard some scarey stories which I don't want to put up here and are not relevant as I think I am the only one on here from S Ireland.
I paid a fee €3,000, so all my ante natal care was with the ObG and I had little contact with the hospital/MW. As it happened I had a straight forward V delivery, Squid. The disadvantage of the consultant led care is I have less MW input and always find their wisdom and personal life experience helpful - a man has some limitations in this field.
The ObG I chose is not the most popular here, but he is a personal friend of my GP, who has been my GP since childhood, and he is a college friend of another good friend.

I was delighted he had a hands off attitude to my labour - my GP had advised me that he thought I would not be allowed a V delivery. He has a kind of droll humour that I actually like a lot.
My hope is to go to the hospital and have MW led straightforward delivery, and sleep it off after in a single (private) room.
I think I play off his humour but when I quote him he sounds odd - but he's not really.

lisbethsopposite Tue 11-Sep-12 03:02:07

Sorry for loooong posts - back to bed now or I'll be dead in the AM.
DS will be up in 4 hrs.

Elpis Tue 11-Sep-12 07:21:46

@Angelico Cooking frozen stuff into a new recipe is fine (as long as you the frozen stuff isn't an old recipe!) I did this a lot with sweet corn, peas etc when making batch recipes for DD.

@lisbethsopposite Sympathies. I felt so achy and heavy and exhausted and ghastly last night that I just wanted him taken out NOW. I am still constipated with trapped wind and did five hours at work, followed by cooking supper/childcare, then longed-for nap with DD that turned out to be me on all fours in the bathroom necking Deflatine. Ugh.

If anyone is thinking about a membrane sweep - hmm. I didn't enjoy mine last time. It felt very intrusive and quite painful and the midwife who did it wasn't very empathetic. I had an op on my cervix a decade ago and it wasn't dissimilar, but without the local anaesthetic. On the other hand, I went into labour the following day - you never know whether that would have happened anyhow - and some women find it hardly hurts at all. If you know which MW will do it and like her then that will help. Of course the pain is low-grade compared to labour, but things change when you're in labour!

Hoping for a burst of energy today...