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October 2012 - where we all bury our heads in the sand

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pinpan Mon 13-Aug-12 21:02:19


CaptainHetty Mon 13-Aug-12 21:12:15

Thanks pinpan place marked so I don't lose you all grin

HeyMicky Mon 13-Aug-12 21:14:43


goodsenseofdirection Mon 13-Aug-12 21:15:10

Wow! new thread, love the name grin x

Good work pinpan, just in time.

I'm up for a Facebook group, but I'm always on my phone so not too easy for me to set up.

goodsenseofdirection Mon 13-Aug-12 21:19:30

And here are our stats - i think they're the most recent from the last thread:

Rnb dc4 edd 23 sept - boy
Pinpan dc1 edd 25 sept - girl
HeyMickey dc edd 25 sept - girl
MakeTeaNotWar dc2 edd 26 sept - Surprise
Pezzina dc2 edd 26 sept
Winnie81 dc2 edd 27th Sept - surprise
ST82 dc1 edd 27 sept - boy
MsInterpret dc2 28sept - girl
Captainhetty dc4 edd 1 oct - girl
Newtonupontheheath dc 2 1 oct Surprise
babybrain3 dc3 edd 1 Oct - surprise
Emiedarling dc1 edd 3oct - boy
Welliesandpyjamas dc3 edd 4 Oct
MissPollysTrolleyed dc2 edd 4 Oct
Littleplasticpeople dc3 edd 5 oct
Gizzyboo dc4 edd 5 oct
Cakes82 dc1 edd 5 oct- Suprise
Shopgal9 dc1 edd 5 oct
Bubblebell dc3 edd 6 oct - girl
MissPenteuth edd 6 oct - girl
KPT083 dc1 edd 8 oct - Surprise
DameFlatYouLent dc2 edd 9 oct
FluffyJawsOfDoom dc1 9 oct - surprise
Thunderboltkid dc1 edd 10 oct - boy
Isheisnthe dc4 edd 10 oct
Bear1984 dc2 edd 15 oct - boy
RunningOutOfIdeas dc2 edd 15 oct - girl
Guccigirl79 dc1 edd 16 oct boy
Elvislives2012 edd 18 oct surprise
Kelbells dc 1 edd 18 oct Boy
Goodsenseofdirection dc1 20 oct - surprise
Beeblebear dc1 20 oct - Boy
MissRedIndie dc2 20 Oct
Pheebs24 dc1 21 Oct
Susurrant dc1 21 Oct
Doodlekitty DC1 EDD 26th Oct - Boy
Loopyla dc1 edd 28 Oct - surprise (scan not until 3/4 wks)
TartyMcFarty dc2 31 Oct

Hello am here!

And yes I'd join a FB group as I'm nosey and be nice to put faces to names!

WeeSooty Mon 13-Aug-12 21:38:26

Oooh shiny new thread!!!! grin

I’m not on the list sad my stats are: dc1 - edd 5th October - wee surprise

I’m happy to join a group, I’ve never set one up before, do you just create a group? Shall I try?

WeeSooty Mon 13-Aug-12 21:41:58

Hmmm I just created a secret group... of me and my husband lol! I am crap with technology. Do we need to be friends on facebook first? confused

HeyMicky Mon 13-Aug-12 21:52:05

Yes, you'd need to be friends first. Which would mean sharing everyone's email address so we could find each other. Or you could make a public group then make it private once we all join. Am really strict with my privacy settings as my job is in social media so don't want to be tracked down by colleagues and agencies - my FB is private, my twitter is public

HeyMicky Mon 13-Aug-12 21:58:07

Actually, Sooty, if you change the settings for your group to public and send us the link, we can all join (can change it back later)

WeeSooty Mon 13-Aug-12 21:58:38

i'm totally strict with privacy as well, thats why I choose secret but didnt realise that meant nobody can find it now! And my husband thinks I have gone totally crazy inviting him to join me in an October baby group!

What would everyone prefer, I can make it public to start if thats what people want? Or people could private message me their e mail addresses?

Or someone clever could do it grin

WeeSooty Mon 13-Aug-12 21:59:27

Ooh ok hang on Micky and I will try that

Bubblebell1 Mon 13-Aug-12 22:00:37

Oooo lovely new thread. grin

My settings are private. Some albums only I can look at and the others are just friends. My profile is private too. If you type in my name I dont cone up but if you type in my email addy it does.

I'm happy to give my email address. To whoever wants to add me on Facebook but will pm you rather than post it on the thread :-)

WeeSooty Mon 13-Aug-12 22:02:53

Micky I have sent you a pm if you wouldn't mind checking the link for me?

Beeblebear Mon 13-Aug-12 23:04:00

I'd be happy to join FB group. I was just actually thinking about that myself this morning. I'd vote to send PM's with email addresses to a FB Group "host".

pinpan Tue 14-Aug-12 05:59:24

I'll join a facebook group! I think we'd only need to be friends with one person, who could then add us while maintaining privacy the whole time (that's how it has worked with my NZ baby forum facebook group anyway, gasp, now it's out that I'm two-timing you all grin).

I think my bump is going through a growth spurt - it has been feeling so huge and solid for the last two days, and I can see entire legs pushing up against it, let alone little feet!

newtonupontheheath Tue 14-Aug-12 06:40:09

I want to join a Facebook group!!! grin I think my settings are fairly private, but my name does come up you put it in. Has someone taken charge of pm-ing?

I was about a second off starting the new tread last night when DS woke up... So I took myself off to bed at 9 and feel like a new woman as a result [twirls] Slept all the way through til 5 without even a loo break! Amazing in itself, that is!

Thanks for putting up with my ranty pants yesterday smile I'll be much cheerier on this thread, promise.

WeeSooty Tue 14-Aug-12 07:13:27


Ok I have sent the link to everyone who asked and hopefully it will work! Its very basic sorry! Aside from being crap at technology I was setting it up mid fight with my DH. Must be something in the air!!!

I mostly mumsnet from my phone during the day so will hopefully still be able to access the group and stuff.

Does anyone else want to be admin for it? Share the responsibility?? grin

Hope everyone has a good day smile

I'm here!! FB group a good idea and don't mind about how we do it.

pinpan Tue 14-Aug-12 07:25:01

I'm a member! You can make me an admin too if you like. grin Also, we're still an open group but I think we can make it private now coz people can get the link to join via private messages here.

Good work weesooty, you can add me as admin if you want - ill pm you!

newtonupontheheath Tue 14-Aug-12 07:35:42

I'm there! grin

I'm never going to get anything done now, am I?

Morning I'm there - should we all post who we are? I'm easily confused and will never keep up wink

MissPollysTrolleyed Tue 14-Aug-12 08:13:04

Thanks for the lovely new thread Pinpan.

Running thanks for the dummy weaning advice. I think you are probably right and that I would only be making a rod for my back if I tried weaning him now when he's too young to understand the concept of a reward like the dummy fairy....at least I think he is anyway. He had his first dentist's visit yesterday and got a sticker and was proud as punch. He insisted it was transferred onto his PJs when he went to bed and called his daddy to come in and see it when he came home from work smile.

Anyway, almost 33 weeks here. Isn't time just flying? I'm so excited now about finishing work and looking forward to putting my feet up for a few weeks' calm before the whirlwind in October.

Thumbwitch Tue 14-Aug-12 08:15:35

Hello! May I join in? My supposed EDD is 14th October 2012 but my obgyn wants to bring it out before then. Don't know what flavour (surprise!). Am in Australia so all a bit disconcerting, as DS was born in the UK where Things Made Sense.

Haven't been looking for the Oct 2012 AN thread before but saw this one pop up in Active, so thought I should pop in! grin

newtonupontheheath Tue 14-Aug-12 08:27:16

Sure Thumb jump on in!

pinpan is in NZ so not too far from you...well, in the grand scheme of things!! grin

How old is you DS?

Good lord, DS is a whirlwind today... He's currently cleaning his teeth (has been for about 10 minutes) stood on the loo, leaning right into the sink. I'm inclined to just leave him there for a quiet life!

HeyMicky Tue 14-Aug-12 08:40:56

I've sent my request, if one of the admins can approve, please

Updated list for WeeSooty and Thumbwitch:

Rnb dc4 edd 23 sept - boy
Pinpan dc1 edd 25 sept - girl
HeyMickey dc edd 25 sept - girl
MakeTeaNotWar dc2 edd 26 sept - Surprise
Pezzina dc2 edd 26 sept
Winnie81 dc2 edd 27th Sept - surprise
ST82 dc1 edd 27 sept - boy
MsInterpret dc2 28sept - girl
Captainhetty dc4 edd 1 oct - girl
Newtonupontheheath dc 2 1 oct - surprise
babybrain3 dc3 edd 1 Oct - surprise
Emiedarling dc1 edd 3oct - boy
Welliesandpyjamas dc3 edd 4 Oct
MissPollysTrolleyed dc2 edd 4 Oct
Littleplasticpeople dc3 edd 5 oct
WeeSooty dc1 edd 5th October - surprise
Gizzyboo dc4 edd 5 oct
Cakes82 dc1 edd 5 oct- suprise
Shopgal9 dc1 edd 5 oct
Bubblebell dc3 edd 6 oct - girl
MissPenteuth edd 6 oct - girl
KPT083 dc1 edd 8 oct - surprise
DameFlatYouLent dc2 edd 9 oct
FluffyJawsOfDoom dc1 9 oct - surprise
Thunderboltkid dc1 edd 10 oct - boy
Isheisnthe dc4 edd 10 oct
Thumbwitch dc2 edd 14 October - surprise
Bear1984 dc2 edd 15 oct - boy
RunningOutOfIdeas dc2 edd 15 oct - girl
Guccigirl79 dc1 edd 16 oct - boy
Elvislives2012 edd 18 oct - surprise
Kelbells dc 1 edd 18 oct - boy
Goodsenseofdirection dc1 20 oct - surprise
Beeblebear dc1 20 oct - boy
MissRedIndie dc2 20 Oct
Pheebs24 dc1 21 Oct
Susurrant dc1 21 Oct
Doodlekitty DC1 EDD 26th Oct - boy
Loopyla dc1 edd 28 Oct - surprise
TartyMcFarty dc2 31 Oct

Thumbwitch Tue 14-Aug-12 08:41:41

Ds is 4.8 and very excited about the baby (luckily!) Hope he stays that way when it arrives... grin

WeeSooty Tue 14-Aug-12 08:51:38

Trying to add everyone to the group, clearly more important thank work! grin I can't seem to change settings on my phone so think I'll have to wait till tonight to make us private again and add some admin!

Ooh it's exciting!

CaptainHetty Tue 14-Aug-12 09:03:20

Can I have the link to the group pleeeease? grin

LoopyLa Tue 14-Aug-12 09:22:08

Wow, another shiny new thread - the name is SO appropriate!! grin

Marking my spot...as I can't interrupt the crazy nesting that's going on with me right now. Seriously, hang around long enough in my house & you'll find yourself chucked in a bin bag & taken to the tip!! shock

I'm being pretty ruthless & it feels great, I'm so excited to see what the nursery will look like when it's done smile

I'm on my last holiday week ever as part of a hot, married couple hmm before we become proper, grown-up parents so doing baby things & coupley things...should be a great week smile

Hope everyone else is ok?

RunningOutOfIdeas Tue 14-Aug-12 09:40:01

Good morning All. I have to confess to being a complete luddite - I am not on Facebook. I just like my privacy too much.

Welcome Thumbwitch were in Oz are you? All my family are around Brisbane.

RunningOutOfIdeas Tue 14-Aug-12 09:40:30

Oh god my typing is awful. I meant wHere are you

ShellWeDance Tue 14-Aug-12 09:46:04

Marking my place.

I need to add myself to the list once I'm off my phone. My EDD is 19th October and it's a surprise if anyone's updating before then.

Can I join the FB group too please? What do I need to do?

pinpan Tue 14-Aug-12 10:32:30

G'day Thumb! (Well alright, g'night then. grin)

Thumbwitch Tue 14-Aug-12 10:39:55

I'm in NSW, Running - 1.5h north of Sydney, in the "country", apparently grin

Not quite night yet, pinpan! getting there though grin

pinpan Tue 14-Aug-12 10:42:45

Guess I'm still 2 hours ahead of you - it's definitely getting close to time to crawl off to bed with my achy bump! Hope all you northerners have a nice Tuesday. wink

LoopyLa Tue 14-Aug-12 10:45:07

Ok, good mood has rapidly disappeared...just been told by my local hospital that all their ante-natal classes have been booked up & the hospital where I'm due to give birth in just do 1 day classes that I can't attend.

Not happy, in fact rather angry

Any advice/thoughts? I know I can go on Google but will websites really be able to give accurate info on labour, pain relief options, breathing & breast-feeding? Feeling really sad that I phoned at the recommended time and still not got a place - are people actually phoning as soon as they get their sodding bfp for Christ's sake?!! angry angry

MissPollysTrolleyed Tue 14-Aug-12 11:27:57

Welcome Thumbwitch. Can I ask you a question? My friend has had a baby in Oz and I want to buy her some baby clothes. Do you have Baby Gap and Baby H&M there? I find they have the most practical baby stuff but only want to buy stuff that she can't get over there.

Loopy, I didn't go to the ante-natal classes in my hospital as I had heard they weren't great. I did NCT as well which was great for meeting lovely people but I don't really rate the advice we got. We did a whole afternoon on breastfeeding but it really didn't help when the time came but you get lots of great post-natal breastfeeding help from midwives and breastfeeding counselors. There's also a great book called The Food of Love which I would thoroughly recommend. I'll bet there's some great advice generally on Mumsnet on pain relief but the one thing that I took from my NCT classes was that if you need to be induced and they put you on the syntocinin drip, you should very strongly consider getting an epidural as the fun stops the moment the drip goes in.

This time round I'm doing a couples birth preparation class which is being run by my yoga teacher and a midwife. Can you get to some yoga classes to help with the breathing? Finally, I bought a squillion natural labour books last time and the only one I'm bothering with this time is Juju Sundun's Birth Skills as that was the only one that really resonated before the birth and helped during the birth.

Hope that helps. Sorry it is so long smile.

HeyMicky Tue 14-Aug-12 11:32:23

Loopy I genuinely haven't learnt anything at antenatal classes that I hadn't already read online or in the books I have. NCT was fundamentally a social exercise!

Can you book in an extra appointment with your midwife to talk through some of the questions you have? La Leche League do drop in meetings for breastfeeding, and you could get a book and CD on breathing/relaxation techniques

Angelico Tue 14-Aug-12 11:35:47

Hello other October thread smile <waves> I've been hanging out on the other Oct thread but you popped up in most active so came to say hello and good luck all! My due date is 5th Oct but will prob be earlier due to planned CS.

So thanks for all bean growers - not long to go now! smile

ps: If anyone has awesome tips for hip pain I would be glad to hear them - I sleep on a duvet, big pillow between legs, wedge under bump which all helped for a while but the magic is wearing off...

Thumbwitch Tue 14-Aug-12 11:36:56

Hi MissPollys - have just had a look - there are 3 Gap stores in Australia (from their Aus website), one in Sydney and 2 in Melbourne - apparently they carry the baby stuff but they're not exactly easy access unless your friend lives in either Melbourne or Sydney.
It appears that H&M might be in the same situation - can't find actual stores for them, but they were aiming to set up in Sydney and Melbourne.
So if your friend isn't in either of those cities, you should be safe with those stores. smile

Thumbwitch Tue 14-Aug-12 11:38:52

Angelico - I'm getting the hideous hip pain now too - last time around, the thing that helped it was moving out of bed and onto my saggy ol' studio couch, on a doubled-over duvet, with pillows between knees and under bump. The reason I believe this helped the most was actually the back support - I could lean my back against the back of the studio couch, which took some of the pressure of the hips, I think. So maybe you could try sleeping against the wall?

Angelico Tue 14-Aug-12 11:41:23

Ooooh, good tip Thumbwitch, thank you! Might try sleeping on the futon bed when it comes next week smile

MissPollysTrolleyed Tue 14-Aug-12 11:51:27

Thanks Thumbwitch. I didn't think of looking up their websites blush. My friend is in Sydney so I'll go for something independent over here that definitely won't have branches in Oz.

CaptainHetty Tue 14-Aug-12 12:14:44

Afternoon everyone! Angelico I wish I had a mystery cure for the hip pain but I'm in the same boat, I could cry when I wake up in the night and need a wee. Gettin out of bed is so bloody painful, especially if I've rolled over and I've been on my back. I've been trying to wedge myself on one side. Unsuccessfully hmm Might try sleeping on the sofa so I can' keep turning over, if it's helping other people!

RE ante-natal classes, I'm on number 4 and can honestly say I've never been to one. Ever. A lot of people find it odd, but I learnt a lot of the breathing techniques and relaxation through pregnancy yoga anyway. I do think a lot of it is in books and online, but sometimes it's easier to grasp things if people are actually explaining and demonstrating for you.

Had MW this morning and at 33+1 Flump is still breech. Little madam. We're going back in 3 weeks and if she's still wrong way up we'll be sent for a presentation scan and attempt to turn her - in two minds as to whether I want them to or not because a) I'm a wimp and been told it hurts like buggery, and b) there's only a 50-60% chance it'll actually work, according to my midwife. I'd prefer to be able to deliver naturally but our hospital doesn't tend to allow known breech babies to be delivered vaginally, so may end up having a section.

Now off to Google getting babies to turn.... grin

Ladies sorry but I've temporarily come off the FB group as a colleague let me know she'd seen my post! Can I rejoin when it's secret again?

Maketea...that's why I am waiting to declare my username...don't want people in RL following me into MN grin

Thumbwitch Tue 14-Aug-12 13:22:25

I didn't do AN classes in the UK and haven't here either (mind you, they haven't been offered here hmm) and didn't suffer for it - I think you can learn as much as you need to on MN, tbh! Maybe if you're ok to let people know which hospital you'll be in, you might be able to get some more appropriate responses on services etc.

I did hypnobirthing with DS, because I had the Fear, big time, about giving birth - and it sorted it out, plus giving me a nice CD to fall asleep to every night grin (which I need to find...) Didn't stop me feeling any pain, I still suffered a reasonable amount - but it did let me allow my bod to do what it needed to as and when it needed to do it, which worked nicely.

CaptainHetty - I can't guarantee it will work but you could try reflexology. I had a client in the UK (regular) whose DD was breech at 36w, she came for a session, I worked specifically on that reflex area and the baby turned that afternoon! (she felt it go, and the scan next day confirmed it). Of course it might have been coincidence, but it's another thing to try and it can't hurt (and leaves your feet feeling all lovely and cushiony afterwards) smile

WeeSooty Tue 14-Aug-12 13:39:31

I’ve tried to send pm’s to everyone who wants to join the facebook group. If I’ve missed you please shout!! I am soo un technical minded! Just caught up about people being able to see the group, so annoying! I can’t do anything till I get home! Work computer bans facebook, I’ve been fiddling about on my phone but can’t sort anything. Grrr! Sorry about that!

Welcome to the thread Thumb smile

Maketea I love the story about your wee boy’s visit to the dentist! Sooo cute!!

loopy I’ve been to my NHS antenatal classes and to be honest didn’t find out that much that I didn’t already know. We have an NCT class this weekend, not overly looking forward to it! The thing I’ve found the best from the NHS classes was the tour round the hospital, could you call your hospital and ask for just a tour?

Angelico Have you tried acupuncture? I cannot stop singing its praises! 6 wee needles, ½ an hour and my hip pain is a million times better! Really recommend it!

I’ve been trying hypno birthing CD as well, but I keep falling asleep, not sure that is the point!!

Well I’ve decided after all my ignoring things last week I might actually have to stand up for myself. The same person at work told me that I look like an ompa lumpa I’m so big and when I told her I was measuring fine she kinda went, pfft like she didn’t belive me. I want to scream! I’m 32 weeks measuring 32cms. That’s ok isn’t it? Will I have a huge baby? What does it really matter if I do??!!

Argh! Anyway I will woosh home tonight and see if I can sort this group out!

Wow it's busy on here today! Must be the new thread and it's giving birth connotations! sooty I am 30 weeks and measuring 30cms and people keep telling me I'm massive too!!! Ignore them, they're probably not used to seeing you with a bump! I don't think it means you're going to have a massive baby at all.
Could u email me the link to FB group, too? I did ask earlier but I think the thread is moving so quickly, I probably got missed. Thank you smile

WeeSooty Tue 14-Aug-12 16:39:30

Phew home!

Ok I have changed the group to closed, so anyone can see the group and know who is in it but only members can see posts. Is that ok?

The other option is secret, so only members can see the group. Would people prefer that?

I am just about to sit and admire the cute little baby grows I bought today to cheer myself up! What size is everyone getting? I got newborn but its only up to 7lbs 6, that’s quite small so not sure if I should get the bigger size!

Bear1984 Tue 14-Aug-12 17:34:12

Ooo what's this Facebook group? Can I join? grin

Anyone else just hating this weather? Oh my goodness it's driving me nuts, I'm just not sleeping at nights now. I'm lucky if I get to sleep any earlier than 4am. I have also been bitten four times by a mosquito on my legs so they're itchy as heck. Like I don't have enough to deal with lol.

Have ordered my dress for the wedding! Here if you'd like to take a look. Hope it's nice and fits and is comfortable. Should have it tomorrow. Have also booked for my hair to be done next Wednesday.

newtonupontheheath Tue 14-Aug-12 17:37:34

Thanks wee I just had an email telling me smile

I didn't buy babygrows that small when DS was born but I did find the ones we bought "newborn" were massive on him! He was 7lb 15oz when he was born,which is probably about average... And every lb extra on the label at that size is quite a lot of room. I'm not sure whether that makes sense but I know what I mean grin So even if baby is bigger than 7lb 6oz, there should still be room in them.

I gave away an ikea bag full of DS's newborn/0-3 clothes to a friend that had an unexpected 4th baby after she'd got rid of everything...but the "baby" drawer is looking pretty healthy with the mix of new and hand-me-downs. Its so exciting! I even re-washed all of the cot bedding (even though it's been put back in exactly the same drawer it came from blush )

newtonupontheheath Tue 14-Aug-12 17:39:16

Sorry bear cross posted with you there! Love the dress, I'm going to order a few from Asos tomorrow (pay day!) for the wedding we have in September. I didn't look at new look, but will do now wink

pinpan Tue 14-Aug-12 19:23:50

Nice dress, Bear!

I've been totally busted on facebook - I hadn't even told it I was pregnant, and then DH said my post waving at you all came up on his feed. blush So I went and deleted it, but not before at least one person spotted it. grin I don't mind being closed or secret though, the world is going to know soon enough now! And I really only hadn't told facebook because I was being a bit hormonal and petulant and thinking that people only deserved to know if they bothered actually getting in touch with me.

Been awake since half four, with a record 4 toilet visits between 11 and 4.30, and have now given up (at half six) to eat breakfast. My pyjamas feel looser though, so maybe this baby is finally deciding to head south? I will hold onto that thought. smile

Go and bash your stupid work colleague weesooty, she's clearly an idiot.

Bubblebell1 Tue 14-Aug-12 19:34:33

Hi girls.

Hope everyone is well,
I've got my growth scan tomorrow because unfortunately I do have a huge bump.
Some creep one kept saying that I look like a weeble. I thought bloody cheek. His partner is twice the size of me even while I'm pg. I did rise above it. I just looked at him like he was something on my shoe.

I am ridiculously excited about seeing the baby again and I'm convinced they will tell me that it's now a boy and not a girl anymore. blush

I'm looking forward to putting my scan pics on fb grin

GizzyBoo Tue 14-Aug-12 20:12:57

Yoohoo.....hello new thread!

Please may someone send me a link to the FB group smile

Been so busy/fed up/hormonal/tired that I have hardly been around for ages.
Found myself waddling like a duck for the last week and struggling to lift my left leg when I walk so I kind of drag it along with me blush Found out at antenatal today that baby is already settling down in to my pelvis and is most likely pressing on a nerve. Apart from that everything is looking good for 32 weeks. Baby growth has slowed down a wee bit and I'm now measuring to my dates.

I was told last week by DD friend I was looking huge and was I sure there was only 1 in there! I have since been told by 2 other people that I look really neat and tidy and have a lovely bump hmm I just nod and smile now.

Ooooooh my cot mattress came today so I promptly set up the cot and moses basket.....eeeek it looks so cute grin

goodsenseofdirection Tue 14-Aug-12 22:02:55

hello ladies!

Wow, lots to catch up on today smile i'd love to join the facebook group too - please would someone send a link?

All the bump comments people are getting are so insensitive. I've had a few myself but not in the last week or so. bubble hope the growth scan goes well tomorrow and sooty i'd definitely be more direct than that with your evil cow of a lovely work colleague!! i can't believe she said you are like an oompa loompa!!! angry i'd probably lose it at her in a highly unprofessional way.

bear i had a sleepless night too with the warm weather - and plus the bump is now beginning to feel rather uncomfortable. Can't imagine what the last month will be like but i'm sure we'll all get through it!

Exciting news from me is that all seems to be on for exchange tomorrow and moving next wednesday! grin slightly scary due to the work involved in new house but we have a plan to get just enough done in time for baby arriving.
And our bednest cot arrived today - bought on ebay - so that's one more thing organised. grin can't wait to put it up in the new place grin

Angelico Tue 14-Aug-12 23:14:55

Thanks for the tip WeeSooty - will see if we have one locally smile And sympathy to CaptainHetty and anyone else with hip / back pain etc - it sucks sad Not long to go now...

Angelico Tue 14-Aug-12 23:15:51

And goodsense - we are moving next week too - good luck with it! smile

WeeSooty Wed 15-Aug-12 07:56:05

Morning all

How is everyone?

I was really sick last night sad Not impressed. Was slightly worried as I could feel my bump tightening and it was so painful as I was being sick (tmi sorry) and got a little panicky, which didn’t help the being sick! But I seem ok this morning, just tired and still not quite right.

Bear That dress looks lovely, should be nice and cool!

Thanks for the reassurance about the baby grows Newton I spent quite a while last night looking at them and just thinking that soon I will have a baby! Not sure it has sunk in yet!

bubble Good luck with the scan! Can’t wait to see the picture!

Gizzy Good to see you back but sorry that you are not feeling so great sad Can’t belive we’re at the setting up cot stage already!!!

goodsense Wow that was quick work on the move!! That’s brilliant!

Have decided that if evil girl at work says anything today I am going to try really really hard to be brave and use the mumsnet standard “Did you mean to be so rude”. Hopefully won’t start an argument but should get her to shut up!! Wish me luck!!!

Thumbwitch Wed 15-Aug-12 08:08:38

WeeSooty - does Evilgirl have any actual experience of pregnancy herself or is she talking out of her arse from a vast stance of ignorance? Because you could just say pityingly "this is normal, you know." Along with the "did you mean to be so rude?" of course grin

I am knackered today, not entirely sure why. Woke up tired, was tired after taking DS to preschool, had a nap at lunchtime and was still tired when I woke up from that, and am still tired now. I know I'm old (45) but really! sad

WeeSooty I had exactly the same last night. Felt really rough, quite sick and kept getting pains in my bump sad; feeling a bit better this morning. Wonder if it was just all the heat from yesterday...plus I think I over did things a bit with cleaning the house!

I'm off to Cornwall today for a week...not looking forward to the 6 hour drive, but once I'm there I'm going to dig a big hole on the beach for my bump and lie on my stomach for the first time in ages grin

Will send the facebook link to those who have asked for it...so nice to put names & faces to 'names'!

GizzyBoo Wed 15-Aug-12 08:37:08

Morning Ladies.

Thanks for the PM WeeSooty smile I have sent a request to join.
I think the sickiness and upset tummy is due to the slow down in digestion and just the lack of space we now have for storing food. I have almost given up on meals and seem to just graze now. I find eating a dinner really uncomfortable now. I hope you feel better today thanks

goodsense and Angelico you are both completely nuts to be moving house grin but I wish you both the best of luck. I just don't know how you have the energy. I bet it will be worth it all when you feel settled and can get nesting next week.

Bear I love that dress. I don't think I can get away with buying anything maternity at 33 weeks though when I really don't need it and wont be going anywhere to wear it. I just want something pretty though!

I hope you have a lovely holiday Thunder but I really don't envy you the 6 hour car journey!

Well my 3 go back to school tomorrow! YAY blush
I am so ready to have the house back to myself and a bit of normality back. I do like my routine and feel it all goes to pot when they are off for almost 7 weeks.

LoopyLa Wed 15-Aug-12 09:23:18

Hi girls

Thank you all MissPolly/HeyMicky/Weesooty & everyone else so much for the advice on antenatal classes, feel a bit calmer now smile

Bear that's a gorgeous dress, it was on my short list too but ended up with long maxi instead. And yes, fed up with heat & insect bites & prolific sweating, sleeplessness, all the chuffing time. First time ever that I'm saying "roll on Autumn"!! confused

Bubblebell a weeble!?? How rude are they? shock

Please can I join f/b group? smile

Congrats to goodsense & Angelico for moving news!! Yay! Have a biscuit as its a bit early for wine 

So I'm waiting impatiently for my bloods to be taken in local hospital. The doors opened at 8.30 but I was told 9 so there's already a full, cramped, overly warm waiting room full of people (at 8.50am!?!) ...so  waiting in huge, empty, 'minor injuries' unit with tv on & huge fan, it's fab!! grin Plus it gives me a chance to catch up with you lovely people smile

WeeSooty Wed 15-Aug-12 10:48:08

There is a back story to evil girl. She has had numerous attempts at ivf and eventually had a son. However she is desperate for more children and has been unable to have any. She has recently decided not to have any more ivf. She gets very upset when babies come into the office. So I do cut her some slack when she is being nasty but I think there is only so much I can take!

Oooh thunder bump in the sand plan sounds fantastic!!! Hope you have a fab holiday!

gizzy I am feeling a wee bit better thanks. You will be looking forward to getting your own space back tomorrow. I'm pleased the schools are back, means when I go to the shops at lunch they are nice and quiet!

loopy hope you got on ok with your bloods smile

I am so excited today, guy came to measure for kitchen this morning and we will have a new kitchen next week!!! Wooo!! Plus I'm covering reception this morning which is a good chance to chill and read my kindle!

pinpan Wed 15-Aug-12 11:51:45

Nice to see you Gizzy!

Thunder, I've been sneakily lying forwards across my giant beanbag every now and then - I can't wait to be able to roll over in bed and lie completely flat on my tummy again. smile

I got into the office this morning and there was a huge bag of maternity clothes in there! No note or email, so I'm not entirely sure which kind soul has donated them to me. hmm Very nice though!

Definitely beginning to try hard not to eat large meals anymore - I can still fit them in, but oh how uncomfortable the bump feels afterwards. sad But I got a parcel from an English friend full of wispas and fudges yesterday so grazing on those all day long is not so bad. wink DH says "it's not too late to get gestational diabetes." grin

hello! I just want to announce that I had a glass of sauvignon blanc last night and it was bloody lovely.

As you were.

LoopyLa Wed 15-Aug-12 12:13:08

I'm not usually a slave to my hormones & I've been so lucky up til now in my pregnancy BUT...just had huge crying fit because I feel utterly miserable, constantly sweating & uncomfortable & feel like I just want to hide out for the next 10 weeks sad sad

Supposed to be having my legs waxed tomorrow & pedicure in prep for a wedding on Saturday & really don't want to be pampered or go to the wedding. I feel ridiculous & not myself at all...

Pass the tissues & a wine please Maketea

Thumbwitch Wed 15-Aug-12 12:22:29

pinpan - if eating chocolate > gestational diabetes, then I would have it by now! (and I don't, I've been tested twice and am fine) I have a bit of a G&B habit - and since I can't get my favourite (milk and almond) locally any more (fecking Coles! hmm), I have to make do with the cocoa-rich milk chocolate --and tend to eat it at the rate of a bar a day

I had a glass of pink fizz at the weekend, MakeTea - it was also bloody lovely! grin

Loopy - I had a day like that yesterday. Today was a day of utter lethargy. I'd pass on the waxing though - I find my skin's more sensitive when I'm pg, how about you?

Thumbwitch Wed 15-Aug-12 12:22:53

Ah feckit - strikeout fail!!

Thumbwitch Wed 15-Aug-12 12:23:59

Try again:
pinpan - if eating chocolate --> gestational diabetes, then I would have it by now! (and I don't, I've been tested twice and am fine) I have a bit of a G&B habit - and since I can't get my favourite (milk and almond) locally any more (fecking Coles!hmm), I have to make do with the cocoa-rich milk chocolate
and tend to eat it at the rate of a bar a day

HeyMicky Wed 15-Aug-12 12:27:43

Ha, I have a (small) glass of wine at least twice a week. Happy mummy, happy baby!

Checkup yesterday and Little G is beautifully positioned, and measuring a fraction small <pats bump, crooning 'goooooood baby, smaaaaaaaall baby'> Ridiculous wait for appointment, though - Loopy I nicked outside and had a snooze in the car while I waited for mine.

pinpan and thumbwitch maybe we need to set up some kind of UK-Antipodean sweets exchange. I'm offering chocolate bars of your choice for Minties and Cheery Ripes

Thumbwitch Wed 15-Aug-12 14:07:40

Ahh cherry ripes - would that be the original milk chocolate ones or the rather lovely (but heavily acid-inducing) dark chocolate/dark cherry ones? Not sure what Minties are though.

KPT083 Wed 15-Aug-12 15:41:09

Hello Ladies, really can't believe we're on the final stretch..

I've been almost lurking but mostly only making it as far as AIBU hmm
I posted something last week (slight rant re my mum), went out for the afternoon, came back to four pages of comments - I'm too scared to read them all as a few mn'ers seemed to be having a bun fight... I only wanted to get it off my chest, as DH and I think her attitude (albeit antiquated) is rather funny.

thunder what a fab idea for laying flat on tummy - I need a beach now and don't care if it's raining grin

Please may I also have a link to fb ?? thanks

ST82 Wed 15-Aug-12 16:01:08

hi ladies, 6 weeks left for me and have experienced today my very first day of backpain throughout the whole day - will this be the case every day going forward for the next 6 weeks?

I am also sweating and getting hot several times a day!!! it's so uncomfortable and at times embarresing at work!

My little boy (well, i say 'little', but the midwife reckons he will be on the bigger end of things) won;t stop moving and kicking, day and night!!!!!

ShellWeDance Wed 15-Aug-12 17:09:17


Am definitely suffering with the heat, it's so muggy!

KPT083 You're very brave posting on AIBU! I think it always tends to turn into a bunfight. Just view the comments as amusing entertainment, I'd say.

Oh Cherry Ripes! May start my first pregnancy craving!

Hey Micky You made me laugh with your 'Small baby' crooning, I hope I'll be doing the same after next check up.

Loopy brew and biscuit and wine to you. I think it's that stage now, I'm definitely more teary and had a bit of a crying fit yesterday. It's hot and it's much harder to get around and I have a cold and there's no Olympics and it's just a bit rubbish! I think we all deserve a glass of wine at this stage!

Weesooty You're being very kind re the background, but despite that, there's no excuse for rudeness and if she's been pregnant before then she must know what it feels like. It's so tricky with work because you don't want an out and out war. Thanks again for sorting the FB group, am loving it.

Thunder am v jealous of your Cornwall trip and your bump plan! Have an amazing time.

Goodsense Yay for move date!

Love the dress Bear.

Hi all. Hope you're all ok? Heat has now gone and now chucking it down here in the west country. I moan when it's hot and I moan when it's not! Pregnancy allows for moaning, I think.
Had 31 week check and measuring 32 weeks with slightly low Hb. MW not concerned but now frightening myself with thoughts of giant babies!!!! I've also convinced myself baby is going to be early. Moving into house and out from MIL on Saturday!!! Can't believe it grin

KPT083 Wed 15-Aug-12 17:57:08

shellwe I think I've learnt my lesson - still daren't look tho blush

elvis i bet theres massive relief once you get in your new house, good luck with the move.
I'm considering pitching a tent so I can sleep out in the rain ..... We're all allowed to get pregnancy grumps now aren't we?

goodsenseofdirection Wed 15-Aug-12 19:13:35

Well we didn't quite exchange today and the eejit estate agent "oh, i don't know if your buyers are aware of the completion date - when is it? Did you agree one?" was doing his best to try my patience. however, very efficient solicitor has it all in hand, we're still on for exchange tomorrow and completion next wednesday. fingers crossed.

gizzy we are mad moving, and everyone keeps telling me so too! but it's too late now so i only hope i don't collapse into a wee lethargic heap in the next week or so!

angelico and elvis good luck with your moves too. hope you have lots of help?

loopy hope you are feeling better with the hormones? mine are all over the place really so sympathies thanks and pay no attention to them, not too long to go now!

mickey great to hear your LO is perfectly positioned grin i love the bump-patting image

thunder that is an amazing idea for lying on your tummy - enjoy it! i can't wait to do that again - and also put on some normal jeans (by christmas??)

And thanks to sooty and thunder for links to fb group. Yay!

cakes82 Wed 15-Aug-12 20:55:00

Can I have link to FB please

Able to lie on stomach and turn over in bed with ease sounds lovely, looking forward to it.

33wks on fri and got my diabetes test tomorrow. Monday just gone I measured 32cm which is fine in theory but on my growth chart gives me a 90th centile baby and potential to give birth to a 9lb baby!! I feel huge but been told bump looks neat so I guess can't be too bad.

Anyone who says you look huge and isn't pg themselves or a medical expert really isn't worth listening to.

RnB Wed 15-Aug-12 21:30:03

Hello ladies, sorry I've not been around for a while. Am having a bit of a worrying time - I mentioned before that my bump
Is very small. Midwife said on Monday that I look about 26 weeks (am 34 weeks), although I am measuring at 31 weeks. But bump is so small and she insinuated that there is a lot of water in there (had 3x too much last time towards the end). She said she estimated the baby is only currently about 1.6kg sad BUT she wouldn't refer me for a growth scan, just said to come back next week. I think I absolutely should have a scan, especially considering I had the bleed at 29 weeks.

Anyway to cut a long story short dp called the hospital and insisted I have a growth scan, as I was so worried (and in tears all day). They agreed and I have an appointment with a consultant tomorrow at 3.

I'm so worried there's something wrong with the placenta and they'll want to deliver early. The baby will be so tiny sad

I'll let you all know.

Can I join the fb group please? How do I do it?

HeyMicky Wed 15-Aug-12 22:11:53

Oh RnB you must be very worried. I don't have any advice, but will repeat my story about my friend who delivered at 27 weeks, baby measuring 24. Baby is doing so so well, no problems with lungs, eyes, hearing - 31 weeks is miles on from that and your baby sounds like a fighter. Glad your DP is fighting your corner, too. Good luck tomorrow

Bubblebell1 Wed 15-Aug-12 22:17:06

rnb I hope everything is ok. Will be thinking of you xx

goodsenseofdirection Wed 15-Aug-12 22:35:35

RnB good for you and your dp insisting on the scan - i'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hope all is well tomorrow xx

Beeblebear Thu 16-Aug-12 02:10:41

Soooooo going to find somewhere with sand to dig a hole in this weekend.....actually, may just order a dump truck of sand for my back yard!!!!! Or may find a belky sized gopher hole in the pasture.... getting desperate!

Bubblebell1 Thu 16-Aug-12 02:55:26

Can't seem to sleep. Have woken and had a panic attack. confused.
Can't seem to pin point the trigger but something has done it. sad.

Hope sleep gets me soon or it's going to be a long day!

Thumbwitch Thu 16-Aug-12 07:33:27

Oh no, Bubblebell - was it something you were dreaming, do you think? Hope you got back to sleep ok.

I have a fecking migrainous headache lurking over my left temple again. Too little decent sleep, I suspect. sad Hips are giving me faaarrr to much gyp.

newtonupontheheath Thu 16-Aug-12 07:56:02

bubble Hope you got back to sleep ok...

I had an awful awful dream that's hanging over me today but at least I slept, restlessly, for most of the night.

RnB Hope all goes well for you today, will be thinking of you.

LoopyLa Thu 16-Aug-12 08:49:24

Thinking of you RnB, hope everything is ok thanks

Good point Thumbwitch about skin sensitivity; with my uncomfy bump I don't know what I was thinking!! So have changed my appt to a pedi & a mani instead - plus I'm bringing my trusty desk fan as the beautician is a friend so she'll understand smile

Thanks for the support everyone smile After a good cry, hugs from DH, a nap & large slice of choccy fudge cake, I felt much better smile

Thumbwitch Thu 16-Aug-12 09:03:21

smile Loopy - wise decision! Good call on the chocolate cake too.

RnB - hope the growth scan goes ok.

WeeSooty Thu 16-Aug-12 09:10:53

Ooh RnB how upsetting for you! I hope you get on ok with your scan today, try to think positive thoughts! Will be thinking of you.

pinpan You totally put me in the mood for a Cadbury fudge yesterday, I never normally buy them and when I was out at lunch I just fancied one but didn’t know why!!

loopy Hope you still manage to get your pedicure done at least (waxing scares me!) Hormones are crap! If it helps I think most pregnant women feel the same, its just a big cover up that we are happy and glowing all the time! Chocolate cake is obvious cure for all!

KPT AIBU is very scary! Impressed you managed to post there! I think most people just go there for a fight!

goodsense argh stupid estate agents!! Hopefully you will get everything sorted today!

bubble Hope you got back to sleep ok. Maybe a horrible dream? Pregnancy dreams are so vivd!!

Well I had an eventful night last night. Came rushing in from work, arms full of bags, trying to hurry and not get drenched and slid on the kitchen floor and landed hard on my head!! F*cking agony! (swear word only way to describe) Got a major fright and was in so much pain. Didn’t hit the bump but decided to sit for a bit and see if baby would move. Cheeky baby didn’t move so of course I panicked, I was tired in agony and very upset, ended up at hospital for 5 hours while they monitored the baby. Took a while but eventually baby got moving again, they think it was just the shock and adrenalin making it sleepy! I’ve to stay off work today as not supposed to drive for 24 hours and need someone to watch me in case head gives me any problems.

The whole thing really just highlighted how much I already love and care for this baby. I didn’t care about myself, my head could’ve been hanging off and I couldn’t have bothered I just wanted the baby to be alright, I was quite taken aback by the feeling! Does that sound weird?

Anyway, off to rest smile

CaptainHetty Thu 16-Aug-12 09:22:03

Hope the scan goes well, RnB. I know it's probably not going to help take your mind off things but I was told from about 30 weeks my son would only be 6lb at most by full term - he was born at 41 weeks weighing 7lb 14!

Thumbwitch just realised I haven't thanked you for the advice RE reflexology - going to look into that today. Little madam is still the wrong way round and shows little sign of wanting to remove her head from my ribs...

Hope you managed to get to sleep Bubble, not being able to sleep is the worst! I usually end up getting out of bed and reading or something or I get really frustrated with myself.

Glad you're feeling a bit better now loopy. Cake always helps grin

I got totally irrationally angry at myself yesterday because I wanted to lay on my front and I can't. It was quite bizarre, I got exceptionally upset about it! lol... Thankfully my little moment passed quite quickly.

Those of you who've had/are having sections - I want to be prepared just in case it comes to it and they can't turn the baby... What sort of things can you comfortably wear afterwards? From what I've read, big belly covering pants are helpful grin but will I be able to wear stuff like PJ bottoms or leggings that come up over my belly so they're not sitting too low?

CaptainHetty Thu 16-Aug-12 09:25:20

sooty just seen your message - poor thing! Glad you're alright and baby is moving well. I know what you mean about just worrying about the baby - I fainted with my son face first into a gravel car park... Had blood all over my face and a gash on my forehead and all I was worried about was if the baby was ok! Couldn't have cared less about the state of my face grin Hope you manage to rest up today and you're being well looked after x

Bubblebell1 Thu 16-Aug-12 09:34:45

sooty sounds scary. Glad baby is fine hope you can rest and you start to feel better.

hetty after my last cs I wore mainly pjs or jogging bottoms. All were loose fitting and ended up under my armpits grin
In hospital I had a night shirt because for the first 24 hrs u have a catheter in. Once it's removed and I was up and about I wore pjs.

RnB Thu 16-Aug-12 09:42:34

Hi everyone, thank you all for your lovely messages smile You're all so lovely.

Just seen that I've had another small bleed (FFS) but we did have sex last night so is probably that. Will phone the hospital though and see what they say.

Also both my ears are all swollen inside and my hearing is really muffled - in the wars, eh?! But despite all this and thinking positively. Will let you all know later how the scan goes x

goodsenseofdirection Thu 16-Aug-12 09:51:23

oh no sooty what an eventful evening you had - so glad to hear the baby is ok. Rest up today and take it easy! x

pinpan Thu 16-Aug-12 10:10:59

Sooty, how horrible, glad you and the baby are okay and your head stops hurting soon! biscuit

Good luck with the scan RnB.

I met my potential student midwife this morning and she was lovely, so that's a relief! It being the (very) small world of NZ, it turns out that her Dad grew up in the same bit of England as me, and she was born where I went to university. smile

Bump is sore this evening - going to take my stash of wispas and sit in the bath. But it's nearly the weekend and I've only got 11 days of work left! gringringrin

GizzyBoo Thu 16-Aug-12 11:06:16

RnB I hope everything is well at your scan today. let us know how it goes xx

Sooty I hope you don't have too much of a headache today! Sounds like both you and baby got a bit of a shock. Glad all was ok.

Bubble I too get the random panic when I go to bed or wake in the night. I often feel like I am worrying about something but not sure what it is!

Well I am sitting in a very tidy, very quiet house all on my own! It is bliss. I have done all my chores and had 2 caramel slices to celebrate blush I do love back to school day grin

Talk about being hormonal....I have sent hubby off on a wee ferry ride today to the next island to see if he can buy me a big tall fridge. This comes after me having a sobbing fit because I couldn't bend down far enough to look for the dairylea in the back of our small under counter fridge and I NEEDED dairylea on toast blush

Hubby won't be back for at least another 3 hours! kids won't be home until 4!
Now where did I put my secret stash of custard creams??? grin

GizzyBoo Thu 16-Aug-12 12:42:30

Hubby will be home at 2pm with a new fridge gringringrin

I am ridiculously excited about this blush

What has my life come to??!!

sooty you poor sausage, what an ordeal. Hope you are feeling better now. And RnB you could do without that worry - good luck with the scan, do let us know how you go.

Had my 34 week check this morning - baby is head down but not engaged, apparently second babies often don't engage until the last minute. It's been head down and lying down my right hand side for yonks now so I can't imagine it's going to turn at this stage. Midwife did mention that I was measuring a little large for dates but still within the normal range apparently so hopefully it's not a monster in there.

Annoyingly though there was no blood results for my antibodies, iron and GTT tests from 28 weeks so she rang the lab and there was no record! So she had to do them all again. Hopefully everything is fine as I guess it's getting pretty late now to be finding out stuff like that if there is a problem?

Took all DD's old stuff out of the loft last night and feeling overwhelmed by the mountain of toys, clothes and kit to sort out. I swear I haven't seen some of it before!

MissPollysTrolleyed Thu 16-Aug-12 15:50:45

Gizzy, I hope the fridge does not disappoint. The bottle drawer on our fridge broke about a month ago and we finally ordered the spare part last week and were very excited when it arrived yesterday. Simple pleasures, eh? I can't imagine what we'd be like with a whole new fridge.

RnB, my bump measured four weeks behind at my due date last time and my baby was bloody enormous happy and healthy. My bump is measuring two weeks behind now but my midwife is not worried because of my history. It's just the way I carry 'em. The bleeding must be worrying though so you are absolutely right to have insisted upon a scan and I hope it gives you the reassurance you need.

WeeSooty, I read the updates from the bottom up and when I saw you'd had a head injury, I hoped that you'd finally given your nasty colleague the head butt she clearly deserves grin. Glad to hear that you and baby are okay and I guess it's a reminder to us all that we need to try to slow down. Easier said than done, I know. My life is getting busier and busier at the moment. Work is crazy, home is crazy, nothing ready for baby and I'm hopelessly distracted and can't put my mind to anything.

goodsenseofdirection Thu 16-Aug-12 16:15:25

just had my 30 wk check and all is fine - the baby is actually head down-ish! I'm so pleased as i was convinced the bottom was the head. Of course it could all change and the LO is such a wriggler that it's likely to. And we're still waiting for exchange but they are apparently ready and doing it now so just waiting for the confirmation.

Gizzy sounds like you relished your day home alone grin And as for the fridge, simple pleasures are a good thing. As we're moving, and will probably redo the kitchen in september i will be buying all sorts of prosaic things which i will get sadly over excited by: hob, oven, kitchen tap, sink, boiler, maybe less excited about the bathroom fan (might leave that one to the electrician), oooh, and a new window too! haven't put in a new window before smile

maketea what a pain that they had to do all the tests again - though i guess if you've been feeling not too exhausted your GTT test and iron levels will be ok?

misspolly hope you do get a chance to slow down soon - when do you finish work?

sooty hope you're feeling better?

And rnb hope the scan went well

RnB Thu 16-Aug-12 16:39:38

Thanks so much for all of your thoughts and kind messages. Baby is amazingly on the 50th centile - current estimated weight 5lbs! Placenta fine. I'm SO RELIEVED! grin

I hope you are all ok. I will catch up on everyones news later on this evening. X

Bear1984 Thu 16-Aug-12 17:21:59

Got the dress but I don't think I like it. It's quite see through at the top so you can see the top of my bra and the material is really creased as well hmm so haven't decided whether to keep looking or not.

I've hardly been sleeping lately. We're looking after my sister's kitten at the moment as well until Monday, but I was up with her from 5:30 til 8:30 this morning as she wouldn't settle. Felt like it was practice for the baby lol.

newton they have some lovely dresses on ASOS but they're too small for me as my boobs are too big lol. Such a shame.

Bubble hope your scan went well.

goodsense good luck with the move! Try and take it easy!

RnB I hope you can get a scan!

LoopyLa Thu 16-Aug-12 18:05:39

Sooty hope you're feeling better? And thanks for the f/b link too thanks

RnB sounds like good news smile

I'm feeling a billion times better today. Had a mani & a pedi at my beautician friend, sat down for 3 hours solid (with a fan on me at all times!!), with ice cold ribena and just had a really good laugh & catch-up with my friend and just felt really, really chilled out. Came home & DH had made cotbed & changing unit so spare room is now officially the nursery!! Looks so different but makes it all so 'real' now & very, very exciting grin!

Think he's popping out later for fish & chippies...mmmm.

Then I popped to post office to send off 3 ridiculously cute soft toys for my Indian friends triplets, think she'll love them & felt really good to do this for her as will be big surprise for her smile

God I feel so groovy, wish I could bottle this feeling wink

WeeSooty Thu 16-Aug-12 19:51:36

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your kind thoughts thanks I’m feeling alright. Headache is a lot better however my neck, shoulders and back are pretty sore, have had a day of being fussed over and had an appointment with midwife for acupuncture for my SPD, midwife was lovely, checked over my notes from last night and reassured me everything is ok and I can stay midwife led smile

Pinpan Mega jealous of you only having 11 days left at work! Assuming I will stay off tomorrow I have 17 days left, actually not to bad!!

This thread is bad for my eating habits, first I’m craving fudges, now thanks to Gizzy I am desperate for some dairylea!!! How is your new fridge?

Maketea That’s really annoying that they lost all your results! Hopefully they can rush this lot of tests through!

Misspolly That is exactly how I feel bout life, I’m always rushing. Last night has really taught me that I need to completely chill out and just accept that I can’t do everything!

goodsense Our new kitchen is being delivered on Tuesday and I cannot wait! It’s the first time I’ll have ever have had a kitchen that I’ve picked and I need to get out my nigella books and get cooking!!

RnB Sooo glad the scan went well!!! Wooo!!

Loopy Glad you are feeling much more cheerful and sounds like you had a fab day! Def would like you to bottle that feeling!!! grin

newtonupontheheath Thu 16-Aug-12 20:43:35

Glad to hear you are feeling better sooty It's definitely a good idea to stay off tomorrow. It is Friday after all!

Bear Somebody has just recommended that dress to me, but in silver! I've said, "someone I know said it was quite see-through" and they asked who else I know that is pregnant! I think they now think I'm covering for a friend that is pregnant and nobody knows!!

RnB Glad to hear all was well, I bet you're going to end up with a right chubby one wink

We went to Blackpool today with my friend and her little girl. I haven't been for about 20 years! It was a lovely day, really hot! We went to the Sea Life centre and had fish and chips on the beach for lunch (Good choice Loopy !)

(Off to count how many days until I finish work....)

newtonupontheheath Thu 16-Aug-12 20:44:39

Maximum 17 days left in work, minimum 14 grin grin grin

cakes82 Thu 16-Aug-12 21:08:03

I have 10 days left at work grin grin but i've been told I have to stay within the 4 walls of the office aside from breaks sad

Thumbwitch Fri 17-Aug-12 01:45:06

RnB - that's a relief!

Gizzy - hope the fridge lived up to expectations and you can now reach the Dairylea. smile

Weesooty - ouch! Glad you're ok(ish) but still, ouch! If your head/neck/shoulders don't ease up in the next couple of days, consider booking yourself a nice relaxing massage to help ease out the tension that will probably build up from the pain.

I have to say, I don't know how I would have managed being at work this time around - I've been so knackered, needing a nap most days, it would have been really hard! Bump is still very mobile too, so it might have been quite offputting for co-workers to hear my sudden squeaks of pain grin

With DS, I stopped work with about 3w to go before my due date; DS was 16d overdue (induced at 14+ but took a while to shift him!) and that was about right for me then.

I still remember being at school many years ago and our Geography teacher was pg - we were all looking forward to her going off for a bit to have the baby and us getting a supply teacher in - and she only went and had the baby in half term and was straight back to work afterwards!!! Ok, so it was her 3rd, but still! Talk about disappointing.

HeyMicky Fri 17-Aug-12 10:11:02

Glad to hear everyone is (mostly) ok. So here are some thanks for those in the wars and some biscuit for those with cravings.

Reusable nappies arrived this morning. I know they will soon be full of poo, and I will be sick to death of wiping bottoms, but right now they're so white and fluffy and making me squeeee!

9 days of work to go!

GizzyBoo Fri 17-Aug-12 10:21:54

Morning all.

My fridge is lovely and shiny and new and I can see and reach everything in it!
goodsense I might actually combust if I had a new oven too!

Thumb I am with you in that I don't know how anyone has managed to hold down a job and be pregnant. I have been lucky with being able to pick and choose my supply days as I felt like doing them. I am tired and sore and grumpy and can't imagine having to be nice to people all day blush

Glad you are feeling better Sooty

I need to hoover. I have no motivation at all to do so. I may go back to bed!

Bubblebell1 Fri 17-Aug-12 10:30:27

Mmmmm dairylea. blush

Feeling exhausted today. Have decided on a lazy day with ds2. Ds1 has gone to my mums and ds2 and I are still in bed. grin

newtonupontheheath Fri 17-Aug-12 12:01:32

Ugh. I need to change DS's bum....Mickey If you want some practice now..... wink

Thumbwitch Fri 17-Aug-12 12:15:02

I have to dig out the cloth nappies - I have some still out because I've never got around to putting them away (the bigger ones) but I need to find the teeny ones that MIL made for DS. They're in a plastic crate in the garage somewhere...

Lazy days are great. But I keep having them - so much to do and so little energy or motivation! Oh and the fact that every time I bend over, the ACID hits me.

Yay cakes smile After today I have 3 weeks / 14 working days...... not that I'm counting......... grin

LoopyLa Fri 17-Aug-12 18:47:08

Will I be the only one working in 4 weeks time??? shock I've got a hideous 7 weeks left sad sad

Micha54178 Fri 17-Aug-12 19:08:27

Don't worry loopy, baby is due on 28th and I start maternity leave on 22nd! We must be mad!

newtonupontheheath Fri 17-Aug-12 20:13:44

Loopy I'm only finishing when I am because I have this wedding to go to an had booked my leave in.

Otherwise I'd still be in work. In fact, I may have to go back in the following week to hold interviews for a vacancy in my team (dedicated to the job,me... grin )

WeeSooty Fri 17-Aug-12 21:27:00

Evening all!

Well I’ve had a really relaxing day, stayed off work, hate being off sick but figured I’m as well off for 2 days as 1. And spent the day just really resting, shoulders and neck feeling much better and I’ve slept like I’ve never slept before! Feel much better! And an added bonus, apparently when I stay lying down most of the day I actually get my ankles back again! grin only slight puffiness, I keep admiring my feet!

I’ve got my first NCT class tomorrow, pretty nervous bout it. Just no idea what to expect!

Hope everyone has had a good day smile

Morning!!! In bed at 8 last night so feeling great today! Moving house today. Finally out of the in laws smile its only been 4 months! Another one with only 9 days of work left. It's gone so quickly. I remember joining this group when we all first found out and it seemed like it was going to take ages to get to this stage!
Good luck at NCT, sooty, and hope you're feeling better.

newtonupontheheath Sat 18-Aug-12 07:21:11

Good luck with moving day! (and well done for getting through 4 months at the inlaws!! grin )

GizzyBoo Sat 18-Aug-12 10:16:08

Good Luck Elvis smile

Hope you have a good day Sooty

Right bit of a tmi question blush Any of you ladies who have had babies more recently than me remember feeling an awful lot of pressure down below? I keep getting what I can only describe as electric shocks up the old vag blush and a deep throbbing pain along with it. The whole area aches and it is sore to sit or stand.
Has the babies wee head just shifted slightly??
I am also getting a lot of discharge but it is none offensive and not irritating so not an infection.

newtonupontheheath Sat 18-Aug-12 16:00:56

I'm getting this too Gizzy It's not painful at the moment, but sometimes it does catch me off guard! I suspect it's things moving down and getting ready. I wouldn't say I'm enjoying it but it's nice to know things are moving along.

I think ( think,don't know for sure!) that I was in slow labour with DS and those pains were much more painful and built over the weekend before he was born. But those ones stopped me in my tracks- in the middle of the supermarket!

HeyMicky Sat 18-Aug-12 17:02:32

To the tune of the Hokey Cokey:

You dig your elbow in,
You stick your left foot out,
You wedge your head in my bladder and you shake it all about;
You get a dose of hiccups and you kick my ribs -
When are you coming out?
Oh, lumpy bumpy baby.... (etc)

Littleplasticpeople Sat 18-Aug-12 18:30:44

Loving the song Mickey grin

Well done all of you still working, I finished at the start of the summer hols although maternity leave doesn't officially start until Sept 4th.

I feel massively full of baby, I'm a bit worried that I still have 7 weeks of it growing shock

We still haven't done anything to prepare for this baby. Nothing has been bought except 1 cardi and a baby gro. We have absolutely no idea what to name it either. Must get shopping!

Moved in! I successfully directed the operation from the garden. It's been so hot!
Love the song, Mickey. Am also feeling full of baby have convinced myself it's going to be a 10lb er!! Eek

pinpan Sat 18-Aug-12 23:17:14

Best song ever, Mickey! grin

Thumbwitch Sun 19-Aug-12 00:31:19

Great song Mickey! grin

Littleplastic, I feel full as well, stretched and huge - can't believe there's 7-8 more weeks of growing to do! I haven't the room! although my measurements at growth scans have all showed the baby to be bang in the middle of range for gestation so not too big (thank goodness!). Mind you, DS went 16d over before he finally made his appearance (induced) and was still only 7lb3.

Well done elvis - that must be a relief.

Now - have you all seen this thread about vitamin D supplementation? It's worth a read, seeing as how it appears very few people are given info on it from their HCPs.

babybrain3 Sun 19-Aug-12 06:08:24

Hi all!! Am back from my Hols and so much to catch up on-just marking my spot here and then I'll go and read up what's been happening whilst I've been away gringringrin

In other news, DP proposed on holiday!!! gringringringringringringringrin so now I have a wedding to plan whilst I'm on maternity leave!! So excited!! gringrin don't know where to start!

newtonupontheheath Sun 19-Aug-12 07:35:43

Huge congratulations babybrain grin Wedding planning is so much fun!

I haven't read the whole article (or the thread blush ) but I asked my HV about vit D when I'd had DS. She completely dismissed me and my "concerns" ... It's funny, whilst we are normal people (can't thing of another way to describe us!) we live in a fairly deprived (in some parts) inner city area and those people are mentioned in the article as being most at risk confused Why doesn't the local HV seem to be aware of this?!

Luckily, I tend not to listen to the HV anyway grin Oh, and I take pregnacare just to cover my bases!

cakes82 Sun 19-Aug-12 10:36:38

I vaguely remember there were news reports towards start of my pregnancy that people weren't getting enough vitamin D. No one has actually said anything to me but I take pg vits and eat petit filou smile When I went to Dr. I took the vit box with me and they looked at it but whether that was folic acid or vit D i'm not sure. I have also made small uses of the lovely sun we've had.

Congratulations babybrain

GizzyBoo Sun 19-Aug-12 10:43:34

Ha Micky that's brilliant! grin

Well done Elvis I hope you have much happiness in your new home smile

Newton I am trying to feel positive about the pain, really I am but in truth I am just grumpy and miserable with it blush
I will be seeing my MW again in 10 days so will mention it.

Yay Babybrain what excellent news grin When are you planning the wedding for??

I spent a blissful afternoon/evening bobbing around in the birth pool yesterday. I so wish I could just leave it up in the corner of the kitchen to climb in and out of as needed.

pinpan Sun 19-Aug-12 11:14:11

Congratulations babybrain! That's brilliant. Did he go down on one knee? And what's the ring like? grin I have two pieces of wedding planning advices which I always like to pass on: 1) Make the guest list before you choose the venue, and 2) test the wine before you order it (post birth, I guess!). wink Apart from that, have a blast!

Kept trying to show my parents the bump wriggling on skype this evening, but every time I stood up to give them a better view, contrary little madam went quiet. I have been trying to get her on video too, but she just won't play. hmm Sign of things to come?

GizzyBoo Sun 19-Aug-12 11:23:23

Ha Pinpan sounds very much like my wee wriggler too. In fact poor dd has now been nicknamed "The bump whisperer" as every time she tries to feel or see the baby going nuts it stops and goes quiet. Poor girl thinks it doesn't like her lol x

cakes82 Sun 19-Aug-12 17:54:59

My bump does that with dh, goes quiet when I get him to look or feel. I hope it means when baby arrives he can have a nice clming affect then too!

goodsenseofdirection Sun 19-Aug-12 19:37:41

Congratulations babybrain! Lovely news.

Well done elvis glad you managed to delegate on such a hot day smile

My bump is very obliging on the wriggle front and will happily keep wriggling for anyone and everyone!!

Haven't managed to catch up on all the news as we've been busy preparing to move. Went to a lovely wedding yesterday and today we've been packing and the heat is getting the better of me - feel like it's zapping up all of my energy so poor DP has done most of it sad weather supposed to be cooler mid-week when we move. fingers crossed. I may be a bit awol for the next week or two so hope you all have a good couple of weeks! xx

Winnie81 Sun 19-Aug-12 22:20:39

Hi all,

Please may I have the fb link too x

All wriggly here too bump is having a party lately!
Me and dh went shopping yesterday for baby stuff, we got a couple of cute outfits and some other bits. I'm gearing up ready for packing my hospital bag. I'm a bit reluctant to wash everything yet as I want to put stuff away but we still need to finish the nursery first! Our plan is to get it done next weekend after the wedding we are going to on Saturday.
We've had 5 weddings this year 3 have been and gone and 2 more to go! Luckily I have a lovely black maxi dress from new look that I've worn to one already and planning on wearing it for the other 2. No one knows each other so I can get away with it and a few different accessories!!

I saw mw on Thursday and I'm still measuring small for dates. I have a scan booked for 2 weeks when I'll be 36w to check the placenta position cos it was close to cervix at 20 week scan. They will do a growth scan and go from there.

Having been through growth scans before I really don't want to be induced again if it can be helped but we will wait and see. Ds1 was 4lb 3 when he was born!

I've also got 4 weeks left at work but I'm on countdown now! I can leave earlier if I feel that I'm struggling!

babybrain3 Mon 20-Aug-12 07:13:50

Wow, such a lot to catch up on!!!! Good luck to those moving, and those with growth scans, fx everything runs smoothly smile

Thanks so much for the congratulations!! Yes he got on one knee, it was lovely-he did it in my favourite place too!! grin my ring is gorgeous... It's White gold with a round diamond and the ring has a bit of a twist in it... Kind of hard to explain but I love it! grin

We ve got loads of time to plan the wedding, as we've got to save up now! Think were going to have a winter wedding in probably 2014.. I really want a small wedding, but I have a massive family, so will be as small as I can manage!! Thanks for the tips... Will definitely be doing numbers first!!

In other news, my mum broke her ankle just before we went away, and cannot weight bear for another 4 weeks, she has been staying with my sister whilst I've been on holiday, but it's our turn to have her on Wednesday... She doesn't have a downstairs toilet at her house and is a hoarder so her house is a bit of a hazard for her to stay in on her own at the moment... Despite us all offering to sort it out for her, she won't have it... Don't think she sees the problem. sad may have to put episodes of the hoarder next door on repeat whilst she's here!! wink hehe

Wow mammoth post, sorry!! Ooh can I have a link to the fb group too?? Sounds great and will be much easier for photo sharing etc!! Might even give you a glimpse of my ring!! grin

Now I'm back from Hols, on my to do list is sorting the nursery and my hospital bag... Will be so much fun!! Were going to ikea tonight to get the furniture bits, and will put it all up at the weekend! I can't wait...smilesmile

LoopyLa Mon 20-Aug-12 08:07:28

Hi Ladies

Massive Congratulations babybrain!!! I loved planning my own wedding so I'm very envy for you, wish I could get married every year! To the same DH, obviously...grin

For the first time ever, I'm saying 'roll on Autumn'. Massively pissed off with being sweaty & dripping with sweat all the time...Went to a wedding of some really good friends on Saturday & it really was beautiful, really love her family etc but god, I just felt miserable the whole time. On the upside, everyone seemed to be suffering so didn't feel out of place but refused to be in any photos as I just looked ridiculous/felt like shit Really don't want to experience that again! Someone remind me to conceive later in the year next time so I'm not suffering so much heat-wise!!

Congratulations babybrain lovely lovely news!

Pheebs24 Mon 20-Aug-12 11:28:53


Its an AIBU of mega proportions (or at least feels that way!)...

My father-in-law is 60 next month and a big family holiday to celebrate has been mooted for a while now, but DH and I have said all along that we couldn't definitely agree to go away in sept/oct as we have no idea what state I'll be in (first pregnancy etc). So this morning DH emails me (he works abroad so its emails only) and his folks have booked a cottage for a week 30-45mins away from us for the beginning of oct - when im at 37 wks and want us to join them, and DH's brothers and sister-in-law.

I am mortified. Whilst I would bite off the hand that offered a weekend away or meals I don't have to cook, I am worried that they've booked it specifically for that week because DH can guarantee being around, and the location because it won't be too far from our hospital if needed. Great. All very considerate.

BUT they haven't spoken to me or DH in two months about how things are going, have no idea that I struggle to sleep at night so often have to nap in the day and therefore am prone to bouts of irritability and crying, have to get up to pee every few hours, have pelvic and hip pain that is preventing me doing anything more than a short dog-walk without days of discomfort afterwards, have bowels that find it impossible to fully digest a meal and cause a pretty unsociable 'atmosphere' IYKWIM... oh and constant heartburn.

I feel awful that they may have decided on this whole thing just to be accommodating to us, but have in fact achieved the opposite!! The idea of keeping them all awake at night because I can't sleep and this cottage may well have thin walls, not being able to join in what they want to do each day because my pelvis has other ideas and then subjecting them to my toilet issues fills me with dread. And then what if after two days I can't handle anymore and have to come home and spoil their time!!

Do I just give it a go and see, or put my foot down and say we'll visit them in the cottage instead??


Oh dear, that sounds awkward....we've got DH's nieces' naming day ceremony soon when I'm 38 weeks and I'm dreading it - 90 mins drive away and a day of being with toddlers.

However, in order to keep family peace and it really isn't very far away, could you commit to half the week or weekend and just see how it goes? You might enjoy it...DD didn't arrive until 42 weeks so a little break and change of scene might be a lovely bonding experience before baby arrives.

But I do sympathise - my DH is very social and loves to invite people round which is great but like you, I often want to slink off to bed or wee a lot or frankly, not make conversation. But usually it's fine and I even enjoy myself - but I would appreciate if these things were discussed in advance.

I say give it a go......

Thumbwitch Mon 20-Aug-12 12:17:03

That's great news babybrain! congratulations winethanks
Shame about your mum's ankle though sad

Pheebs - I'd say don't go there to stay. If they're that close to you, then you could probably manage to go over there for dinner/lunch a couple of times, maybe join in with some of the more leisurely activities, and then come home again at night. If they don't like that option, then Tough. That way, you could be thankful that they've booked so close to your home - makes where you stay an option. Yes, put your foot down - if you can't do it now, when can you? smile

I had a mini-scan today at the consultant obgyn - I have to see him every 2w now and he always just checks - measuring a couple of days short, which is nothing, so all well. Projected birthweight at this point is about 7lb, which is what DS was (7lb3 at 40+16) so I'm still hoping he doesn't insist on inducing me too early (IMO). I have to have a more indepth scan this week as well, to check placenta position - it's been a bit too close to the cervix for complete comfort (1.9cm last check) so obgyn wants to know if it's moved up a bit. I hope so, because if it stays too close it increases my chance of a CS.
And my GOD it's wriggling! even in the 10 mins of scanning today, the head went from one side of my belly to the other - it is SO active. Which is good in one way, of course but hard on my innards! grin

Bubblebell1 Mon 20-Aug-12 20:44:18

Congrats babybrain grin

I thought i posted before but it hadn't shown up confused.

Hope everyone is ok and not suffering too much in this heat.

42 sleeps and counting!!

pinpan Mon 20-Aug-12 21:02:48

Pheebs, I agree with Thumbwitch - you can keep the family peace by being effusively appreciative of them all coming so close, and then say how lovely it will be to come over and join them during the day for gentle (and short) strolls between cafes and scenic picnic benches, and you're sure they understand how you'll be feeling like the size of an elephant and in need of several naps a day and an early night so you'll be super considerate and won't bring the party down by actually staying over and making them all be quiet after 8 pm. wink And maybe if you're feeling extra benevolent, you can let DH come back after dropping you at home so he can have a night or two of burning the midnight oil as long as he stays sober enough to come home if you go into labour.

9 days of work left! grin I don't just feel like the size of an elephant, I think I am one. Or a beached whale. Someone said to me yesterday, "I don't think you're going to make it another 5 weeks." hmm

goodsenseofdirection Mon 20-Aug-12 23:39:28

it's definitely wriggle-o'clock here from about 11.15pm every evening! hope you're all feeling a little cooler this evening... phew, it's been so hot and sticky down south.

awww babybrain that sounds like a perfect proposal smile

pheebs Do what you feel is best. It is really considerate that they've booked not too far away so, as long as you let them know you appreciate that and then explain how you're feeling i'm sure they'll understand. but as maketea says, it might be a nice break for a day or two.

pinpan i'm a wee bit envy 22 working days left for me... feels like forever! roll on deadline day on 4 september - at least after that i can relax.

so, virgin media have just told me that they can't connect the internet in the new place until after 17 Sept due to olympic ban on even minor digging to connect the cable services.... (v. unnecessary) but they'll do a 'quick-fix' phone line install to be ready for... the 11 september!! It's hardly worth it! oh well. patience is a virtue.

pinpan Tue 21-Aug-12 06:34:15

8 days now! I should probably actually make a list of things I need to do before I leave, and then try and do them... My team manager cornered me today and asked if I would like a team morning tea to celebrate. So it's cake o'clock on Wednesday. grinbrewbiscuit I think we just like excuses to spend work money on food!

Littleplasticpeople Tue 21-Aug-12 06:43:35

Congrats babybrain grin

pheebs, I agree with others who have said be appreciative of the fact that they have decided to have the gathering nice and close to you. Should enable you to visit during the day and go home to peace and quiet as soon as you need to. Yanbu in not wanting to stay over nights.

I think I just broke the record for night time wees- it was literally every 45 minutes from 11pm hmm luckily I have a quiet day today so should be able to catch up on sleep.

LoopyLa Tue 21-Aug-12 07:25:08

pinpan that comment's a bit shock !!

goodsense where do you hail from? I'm in sticky Kent & get to commute to sticky London every day, so lucky hmm

goodsenseofdirection Tue 21-Aug-12 08:12:06

lpp sounds like not such a good night's sleep...

loopy i live in hackney so have the best of the sticky city and sirens at night wink

I was up to wee a few times as well - and then to eat at 5.30. and had crazy, not so nice dreams. Anyone else still getting vivid dreams?

Beeblebear Tue 21-Aug-12 13:49:48

Hello all and good morning. I have quite the catch up to do.

I can.t remember who.s idea it was to go to the beach and dig a belly hole... But BEST IDEA EVER! Went to a little man made lake on sat and layed on my front for hours with a few breaks for a swim and a lollie.

Babybrain, congrats on the engagement!
Pheebs, thank them for being accomodating. Tell them about being uncomfortable at night but give it a go for a night or two anyways. If it.s to much then tell them you would be more comfortable at home and go home in the eve!

39 more working days.... Ugh

Saw on another tnread girls were measuring aroumd their bumps by how many squares of toilet paper it took to go aroumd their waist. Amyone game?
10 squares for me.

ShellWeDance Tue 21-Aug-12 13:57:44

Ooh Goodsense I'm not far from you in Whitechapel. Can I be nosy and ask what hospital you're going to?

Congratulations Babybrain, that's so exciting. I love the idea of a winter wedding too.

Pinpan Farewell morning tea sounds lovely. I just finished my training to be a teacher so didn't get a send off so might just do a morning tea for myself!

Pheebs Just echoing the advice from everyone else really. If you go down early on for a few day visits and decide that you can stay after all, you can always go for the latter part of the week. However much I get on with my in laws, I always feel they're not my family and I just wouldn't be as comfortable with them. And in the latter stages of pg you need to be as comfortable as possible.

Thumbwitch Good news about the scan smile.

Congrats on the move Elvis, hope yuo're enjoying your new home.

Thank gawd it has finally cooled down a bit. I was starting to melt. My new thing appears to be mentalling about meeting other mums when the baby arrives. Have seen a few threads on here recently about mums feeling lonely and not being able to meet other mums because they were all friends from NCT. We decided not to do NCT partly because of funds and partly because our hospital does really good classes but now I'm wondering if that was a mistake. I'm sure it's hormonal but don't want to be a lonely mum!

Enough about me, hope everyone else is a bit cooler too.

KPT083 Tue 21-Aug-12 17:31:33

Hey all hope everyone's managing to avoid the grumps - I'm not sad
I'm sure everything will be fine, but as a result of an abnormal liver function test, I now have to have another, then if that ones the same or worse will be reffered to ante-natal clinic.
I know if I need to be I'll be looked after, but I'm feeling like a nervous wreck. Even tho bump is wriggling I had the heartbeat monitor out this afternoon...

We managed to put baby's furniture in this weekend, it looks lovely, even tho I still can't believe we're 48 days (potentially) away from having our bundle in our arms.

mickey we're loving your song
beeble I'm 9 squares (curiosity got the best of me)

I've got to the 7th Sep to push until finishing work, and really need to tie up loose ends, but I've lost the will. Can anyone motivate me?

cakes82 Tue 21-Aug-12 18:58:11

7 work days left smile I just have to get my level 3 NVQ or diploma as it is now called completed before I finish work then all is well, other than that just need enough to keep busy.

KPT I know what you mean about not being able to believe how little time is left before finally getting our bundle in our arms. I think I have 45 days left. I hope everything is alright with the liver function test, I'm sure as with all of us baby wriggling is a positive sign.

Will try the toilet square test later.

We haven't done any antenatal classes so as yet I don't know any mums near me. Do they do any bumps and babies groups or breastfeeding support groups Shellwedance Thats my plan I think once I go on maternity. Also there are quite a few baby and toddler groups near me so finances permitting I'd like to go to one or two of them. Is that an option for you?

CaptainHetty Tue 21-Aug-12 19:14:30

I'm 10 and a half squares of toilet paper at 34+1 grin That's a great idea!

Came to the realisation that at 34 weeks I'm only 3 weeks away from being classed as 'full term' and all of a sudden feel dreadfully unprepared! Have you all got everything yet? I've gone a bit mad on baby clothes on eBay grin I fell in love with half the clothes in Pumpkin Patch but couldn't justify the prices for some of it... So I've been buying bits for a couple of pounds on eBay instead! lol. And think I have everything else except a car seat... Just still don't feel ready. Hospital bag is almost ready to go, just need a few more bits to go in there. Haven't got any Jaffa Cakes yet... grin

Littleplasticpeople Tue 21-Aug-12 19:24:33

Shallwedance: don't worry about not being in NCT. I remain friends with 2 of the others from my group (5 years on). But, I also went to a drop in parent & baby group at my local children's centre when dc1 was a few months old. It cost 50p and includeda cuppa. I'm still in touch with 5 people I met at that group, and when our babies were too old for the group (it was meant to be up to about 18 months) we kept on meeting weekly for as long as there were enough of us not at work. Five years later there are the original 5 babies plus an additional 8 siblings!

Also in the very early days breast feeding drop-ins are a good place to meet people. Also where I am, the clinic where you can take them to be weighed always has a 'stay & play' afterwards.

Pheebs24 Tue 21-Aug-12 20:46:17

Thanks all for the sanity check advice!

Unfortunately DH wasn't impressed with the idea of staying a couple of nights to see how it goes so we'll do a few daytrips instead... but I'm determined to not feel guilty - especially as I've had a trapped nerve thing in my leg for two days so comfort is at a premium already!!

Its scary how far on you all are - officially 2 calendar months left for me but a friend had a lovely little boy last week at only 37 weeks!!! It really could happen so much earlier (or later) than the edd shock

10 squares for me - but DH is home at the end of the week, so will have to measure in secret next week or he'll think I've properly flipped (he generally considers me to be close to the edge!!!!!)

goodsenseofdirection Tue 21-Aug-12 23:46:21

shellwe i'm going to the homerton. It's so close to me that it seemed silly to go any further. And they apparently have a MW-led birth unit next to the antenatal/maternaity ward. Where are you going? and there must be loads of classes to do with the baby where you can meet other mums - everyone is in the same boat so i'm sure you'll be fine! I've been doing some pg yoga and already hope to exchange numbers with a few ladies.

kPT i had a right old grump the other day - i reckon it's partly lack of sleep as well as those damn hormones! hope your tests go well.

beeble 39 days actually at work!? or just days including weekends until you finish? hope your job is fairly chilled out? And amazing that you tried the hole in sand for belly trick. If only i was going to be near a beach soon!!

We're moving tomorrow so bye for now from me. like elvis, i intend to delegate but we'll see how that goes... i'll drop in and say hello when i can over the next couple of wks til internet sorted at home.

cakes82 Wed 22-Aug-12 07:12:24

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!

8 squares at 33+4

Oops I've dropped off the thread!
Good luck goodsense I'm sure you'll have fun! It's quite nice watching them all work ;)
Not much going on in Graceland. Apart from bone crunchibgly exhaustion. Iron was a bit low on my last blood test so may go onto Iron. I have only 4 days left at work and counting!! AND ONLY 57 DAYS UNTIL BABY COMES!! <panic emocion>
Loving the movement that I'm getting everyday. Though I'm now getting the random comments from strangers.... "Are you OK, dear? You're not in labour are you?" Was one of my faves smile

Morning all. I'm back from Cornwall now...unfortunately I didn't get to dig a hole for my bump on the beach because it pretty much rained for the entire week! I wasn't too bothered though; definitely preferred that to the sweltering heat that hit Sussex while I was away grin. We did have a couple of nice days towards the end of the week, but it was lovely to be away from work/house work etc and just completely rest.

I think I'm making a bit of a mess of the FB group blush. I added some people this morning but realised they are all from America and I don't think they are part of our actual MN group; so I've now removed them. If you've been removed wrongly, I apologise and please let me know!

Just off to catch up with everything I've been missing...

ST82 Wed 22-Aug-12 09:44:24

hih ladies, how's everyone doing? it is great to log in here every now and then and catch up on all your stories and updates. i have 14 working days left with my last day in the office set as the 14th of sept, due on the 27th!!! can't believe it is only 5 weeks left till my DD!!!

On another none, is anyone else's baby still breech? i am 35 weeks today and baby still had his head dug up right underneath my ribs, he sure is a stubborn baby. going to see midwife today for a routine appointment but we will be discussing this as well.... and the options that i will have if he continues to be breech, which i have a feeling he will! any similiar experiences would great to read about...

other than that, i have been in pretty good shape, i cant believe i am still sleeping well, just feel tired and like i am not getting enough of it. nursery is almost done and this weekend i will be packing my hospital bag................

CaptainHetty Wed 22-Aug-12 10:10:02

Mine's still breech as well, ST

I have another check in 2 weeks and if she's still up the wrong way (she shows little sign of wanting to move so far) I'm going for a presentation scan and will be offered an ECV to try and turn her. Apparently it's only 50% effective but I really want to avoid a section and our hospital is very reluctant to allow vaginal birth for breech babies so I'm willing to give it a go!

I've just been told I'm the size of an elephant!!! shock. I neat told her I was measuring 10 toilet paper sheets but I think she might have thought me crazy as well as massive!

pinpan Wed 22-Aug-12 11:41:54

Mine's any which way up except head down, ST82. My midwife said I will go for a scan next week (36 weeks) and if she's still not playing nicely, it's ECV for me as well. confused So I keep telling her to sort it out or she's going to get poked, and she just does another somersault, sticks a foot out my side, and tugs on the cord like she doesn't care. hmm

newtonupontheheath Wed 22-Aug-12 11:58:14

Hi all

Working from home for the rest of the day...lots to catch up on before may leave lots of MNIng it is then grin

I'm definitely going to try the loo roll thing, will need to heave myself up off the sofa to do it though.

Ladies with breach babies, have you seen the thread on EVC on here lately? I don't want to scaremonger, I simply read it as I had no idea what it involved the risks. Success rates etc.

Found out today that DH's colleague (there are only 3 of them that do his job) his wife is having her c section on the 27th sept. My due date by my dates is 28th but mw say 1st Oct. Apparently, the Inspector has given me strict instructions I go overdue so DH's colleague is back from paternity leave before DH takes his. I will let you guess what my response to that was wink

Thumbwitch Wed 22-Aug-12 12:11:36

Having the scan on Friday to check on placental position - hope it's moved.

DC is constantly transverse and still moving, but am 32+3 at the mo so still got a few weeks for it to drop head down (fingers crossed). There is a negative thread on here about ECV - might be worth a read, make sure you know all the risks - talk them through thoroughly with your MWs before you go ahead with it. Although it might be upsetting to read, I'd be more upset if I hadn't copied it here and something went wrong for anyone, iyswim.

And am 10 squares of bog roll as well - but then I thought I was bigger with #2 than I was with DS. Still can't quite believe I've another 7w worth of growing to fit in - I'm already tight as a drum!

Thumbwitch Wed 22-Aug-12 12:12:40

xposted with newton. Same thread, I would imagine.

Oooh I'm going to do the loo roll thing as soon as I get home! Do I measure around the largest part of my tummy? I'll probably be 54 million sheets! I am due Sep 26, finishing work Sep 7....very close now!

This baby is head down and lying down the right hand side - it's been there for ages so I would will stay head down now but DD was breech and did a massive turn at 37 weeks so you've still got time - lots of leaning forward over birthing balls and getting on all fours please ladies!

newtonupontheheath Wed 22-Aug-12 12:28:26

Thumb thanks for saying what I was trying to say much better smile

CaptainHetty Wed 22-Aug-12 12:50:26

Thanks for the link to that thread - it's given me a lot to think about. My MW made it sound like it was simple and now I'm not so sure I want them to go ahead with it. I'd rather have a section and know she's happy the wrong way round than have something like that happen!

Thumbwitch Wed 22-Aug-12 12:53:16

Me too, CaptainHetty - it struck a big chord with me as well, seeing as DC is still transverse lie - it hasn't been mentioned to me just yet but I think I'd probably refuse it under the circs.

newtonupontheheath Wed 22-Aug-12 12:54:55

Captain think I was most shocked at the difference between mw sending ladies for the procedure, and older ladies/mw saying it was risky and they couldn't believe it was still done... I guess it's hard to get an accurate picture unless you do tonnes I your own research?!

It made me think about it anyway; I would have just assumed it was "the done thing" had I been in that position.

CaptainHetty Wed 22-Aug-12 13:51:17

I really need to avoid a section with three other children at home and a partner who can have very little time off work. I can stay with my parents but I can see that getting rather strained after a while... At the same time I don't want to go ahead with a procedure that might risk the baby's health. Suppose I'd better start looking at the risks of vaginal breech delivery!

Here's to hoping she turns on her own in the next 2 weeks and saves me a lot of trouble grin

Thumbwitch Wed 22-Aug-12 14:02:30

Try the reflexology, CapnHetty - it could work!

CaptainHetty Wed 22-Aug-12 14:17:30

I had a Google for the reflexology thing this morning actually, Thumbwitch, really tempted by it. Amongst other suggestions like sticking my arse in the air for 10 minutes every two hours hmm it appears to recommended quite highly, so if MW still thinks she's breech at my 36 week appointment I'm going to try and find someone local who can do it for me. Hate people touching my feet, though grin

Thumbwitch Wed 22-Aug-12 14:20:49

You can have it done on your hands instead, if you prefer, CapnHetty. The same reflexes are on the hand as on the feet, although they're not as immediately obvious. here's a map if you're interested.

CaptainHetty Wed 22-Aug-12 14:27:17

Ooh thank you, that's really interesting. Definitely going to look into it if she hasn't turned at next check-up. I can deal with the feet thing, it just takes me a while to get used to them being touched without me bursting into fits of spontaneous irrational giggles grin

LoopyLa Wed 22-Aug-12 15:41:20

I need to catch-up with everyone but wanted to throw in a question -

if you're buying moses basket and/or cotbed (not cot) mattress protector, can I ask where you've bought these from & how much they cost? I've seen them selling for around £15-20 but thought that was a bit shock...or is the norm and what I should expect to pay?

Thank you smile

LoopyLa Wed 22-Aug-12 18:06:18

And you know you look heavily pregnant when the operators at the train barriers "suggest" you go thru the wider gate...and the man you sit next to on the train says you can as long as "that" doesn't happen shock I've got 9 weeks to go, you jackass!! angry

newtonupontheheath Wed 22-Aug-12 18:30:42

Oh loopy .... grin

I got offered a disabled bay went to HQ this morning... Security guard said "because, well, you know wink "
He meant well!!

We didn't mattress protectors last time... But we moved DS into a toddler bed and he's not potty trained yet. So probably should buy one for his bed before I potty train him!

pinpan Wed 22-Aug-12 19:01:09

I read that ECV thread, and then I went and read both the NHS and NZ healthcare info about it. I have concluded that I would rather not have it (move, baby!) but taken in a proper hospital (as the NZ guidelines require), it might not actually work but it ought to be relatively safe and worth a punt to try to avoid a C-section/breech birth risks. Definitely going to quiz the midwife thoroughly though, and would definitely demand request a scan afterwards, over and above any heart monitoring (I think they might do it while scanning here anyway, and the reason they don't do it until quite late and in a proper hospital is so that if you're in that 0.5% of potential bad cases, they can get the baby out there and then).

Damn, parenthood is just one long line of huge responsibility and scary decisions, isn't it?

In other news, why have I been awake since 5 am? hmm And will rice krispies help me go back to sleep until the alarm goes off? Roll on maternity leave!

Beeblebear Wed 22-Aug-12 20:35:51

hmmmmmmmmmm I'm definately feeling less like "cute bump" today and more like bloody cow! Mooooooooooooooooo

newtonupontheheath Wed 22-Aug-12 20:43:44

I agree beeble (me, not you obviously!) I'm sure you're bump is very neat wink

In fact, I've just measured and I'm also 10 bits of loo roll round. I'm still not as big as with DS though...mainly because I was 3 stone lighter to start with!

Winnie81 Wed 22-Aug-12 20:56:29

Im 10 squares too! 35 weeks tmrw, same edd as you ST!

I had a terrible nights sleep last night, continuous loo going as well as not getting comfortable then to top it off I got cramp in my calf and kind of jumped out of bed which woke dh up in a panic!
I'm in bed now chilling and hope to get a better night tonight!

Please can you send me the link for fb?

Bubblebell1 Wed 22-Aug-12 21:36:03

I read the ecv thread.

I decided against ecv with ds2 and opted for a cs. Have to say it was a wonderful experience and I am glad I didn't bother after reading that thread.

I am 34 weeks on Saturday and I am also 10 pieces of loo roll. grin

Anyone else having bh? Mine are happening all the time. Some are really painful. Others just uncomfortable.

Thumbwitch Wed 22-Aug-12 22:41:35

I'm not having BH or anything, but the baby is still enjoying turning around - head goes across my front, under my ribs - it's bloody painful sometimes!

I now have a beanbag in the bed with pillows on top of it, to give me a slight upwards angle, to try and reduce the acid reflux overnight. It is working, and the beanbag is helping to support my back and taking a bit of pressure of my hips, bizarrely (I have another pillow under the bump as well). The things we have to do!

Bubblebell1 Wed 22-Aug-12 22:49:46

Oooo thumb. Beanbag sounds like a good idea. Desperate measures and all that. Achey hips and heart burn make bedtime a nightmare. sad

babybrain3 Thu 23-Aug-12 07:40:41

I'm getting really strong bh too.. Sometimes with period type pains too which is a bit scary... That's usually when ive been doing too much though and I think it's my body telling me to stop and have a rest!!! grin

Were getting our mattresses this weekend, I think you can get them with removable mattress protectors included can't you? Were going to the kiddicare warehouse in Peterborough.. I've bought everything else online so wanted to actually go and choose the mattresses properly and experience some real shopping!! Hehe

I think I'm going to wait until dc have gone back to school before I do my hospital bag, I've had to go shopping a few times for bits and pieces for back to school, and have been exhausted, so hope I'll have a bit more energy when they're back at school-a week today!! I have got a pack of nappies in the bag so far! grin

I must do the toilet roll thing.. We all seem to be measuring a similar amount which is a good sign I suppose! smile

I've got my mum coming to stay to for an indefinite length of time... Hope I can be brave!! confused

Please can I join the fb group too?? smile

Beeblebear Thu 23-Aug-12 16:31:42

Ugh. Called in sick to work today. Woke up with a terrible headache. Took 2 tylenol and went back to bed but woke up an hour later with throw up shooting out my nose. Gross! And stings like a bugger! Owie!

newtonupontheheath Thu 23-Aug-12 19:16:16

Oh beeble that doesn't sound pleasant at all! Hope you are feeling better this evening?

I'm having bh too but usually when I've been doing too much blush My DH is lovely, but sometimes I really think he forgets I'm pregnant. In some ways he "remembers" saying I must eat proper meals, drink lots of fluid etc but when it comes to housework and running round after DS, there doesn't seem to be any allowances made hmm Usually, if I'm tired, I'll say "your turn now DH" and then the next time he'll say it's MY turn!! I mean, technically it is but if I'm tired/achy etc the 5 mins since DS last went into the kitchen to pull stuff put of cupboards won't have changed that!! (and breath....) anyway grin

Out with my sister and her dc tomorrow. Had a childcare nightmare so ended up booking the day off work. Hoping the soft play won't be too busy and I won't need to do too much chasing around!

MissPollysTrolleyed Thu 23-Aug-12 20:44:52

Hello ladies, it's been a while since I've managed to post anything. Still ridiculously busy at work. Finishing in 3 weeks and counting the days.

Congratulations babybrain. How exciting for you. I think my head would burst if I had a wedding to think of as well as new baby but I see you are planning a nice long engagement so you'll have plenty of time to get your head around it all.

Poor Beeble, better now than in six weeks time but still pretty crap. Make sure you drink plenty of water if you're vomiting lots. Hope you're feeling better by now though.

Well, I'm only measuring 9 pieces of toilet roll but my bump is measuring three weeks behind dates so I guess that's probably right. I've to go back to the MW next week and she'll refer me for a growth scan if it's not catching up. I started falling behind at 28 weeks but now haven't had any bump growth in two weeks but am feeling plenty of movement so not too worried.

Gosh, that ECV thread was desperately sad. I was in floods of tears reading it. It was good of her to share as I certainly had no idea there were risks. sad

Anyway, long weekend - yippee. I have bugger all planned which is the best part about it smile.

I wonder if my toilet roll is a different size hmm. I'm 8 sheets, but measuring 3 weeks big so thought I would be more grin

Ps. Just noticed on the November antenatal thread that they've had babies already...eek. My money is on pinpan being first (for no other reason than she lives in NZ so the time differences may work in my favour grin)

pinpan Fri 24-Aug-12 02:54:27

Thanks Thunder! I'm feeling pretty huge, so who knows, maybe I will win the race get there first.

A thorough poking by the midwife today suggests that the monster is head down and cruising down into the top of my pelvis. Hooray! grin Just hope she stays that way. Explains why I had to get up FOUR TIMES in the night for the toilet. Oh, and I measure 10 sheets exactly (Kleenex brand wink).

newtonupontheheath Fri 24-Aug-12 06:46:21

Love the logic there thumb ... Like Pinpan gets Christmas first too.

Baby was so active last night, I really felt my skin couldn't stretch anymore!! Shooty pains have eased up over the last couple of days. Think whatever baby was pressing on, he/she now isn't. I'm a tag disappointed if I'm honest!

With my day off today, and a BH on Monday, I've only actually got one full week left in work grin and 10 days in total grin grin I've almost handed everything over now so on true wind-down.

newtonupontheheath Fri 24-Aug-12 06:46:56

Sorry thunder not thumb (I've been up since 4:40!!)

cakes82 Fri 24-Aug-12 07:34:51

Thunder I wondered about the sheet size too when I measured 8 squares with aldi toilet roll, i'm measuring exact to number of weeks too although baby is following 90th centile on my growth chart.

Oh my with the November babies already arriving.

5 days left at job number 1 which is my full time SMP paying job.

Thumbwitch Fri 24-Aug-12 08:46:26

Beeble, that sounds horrible! hope you're feeling better now.

I like the logic of Pinpan kicking off first, as it were grin

I have had my scan this afternoon - all still looking good, still bang in the middle of growth scale, still measuring a couple of days short of actual, which is fine. Still transverse lie and wriggling like a wotsit.

Hurrah for jobs nearing their stop point!

One of my friends was due to have her first baby 2w after I was due to have DS; but hers came over 2m early and DS was 2w late, so in the end, she beat me to it by quite a long way!

I still haven't done a hospital bag - must sort that out! blush Am so convinced I have weeks to go yet.

newtonupontheheath Fri 24-Aug-12 12:32:16

Thumb did you get to see much at your scan? I've only ever had 12 and 20 weeks. Is it harder so see stuff the bigger baby gets?

Well, I'm back from an eventful trip to soft play. We had a few toys near our table whilst we had a snack and a drink an I bloody tripped over one of them, right onto DS who was pulling me at the time. I didn't bang my bump, but I did scare DS by falling on top of him (didn't crush him as I put my arms out) I did really hurt my toes though. It was one of those toys with the metal and wooden blocks that you thread around... I got my toes caught in the wirey bits sad I'll definitely lose at least one nail and I think I've broken one, if not two, toes sad It's so painful, I could barely drive home! Now I'm just praying DS has a long nap so I can sit with my feet up.

Thumbwitch Fri 24-Aug-12 12:55:05

Not harder, no - some of the structures are still completely unintelligible to me (like the kidneys, I can't work out how they know that's what they're looking at!!) and they do a 3D shot of the face for me, but today Wriggler had the cord across its nose/upperlip, so that distorted it a bit. In fact, they tell me to look away when they're around the lower end so I don't accidentally see what sex it is.
Oddly though, I've not had a decent profile pic of this baby at all - it doesn't stay still long enough, or always has a hand or something in the way - I only had 2 scans with DS and got 2 lovely profile shots of him!

Ouch! re toes - that sounds horrible sad. I'm so scared of falling over onto the bump or DS, because I'm getting occasional vertigo (neck's going out from funny sleep positions) but my osteopath is keeping it pretty much under control; only trouble is I can only get to see her every 3 weeks.

newtonupontheheath Fri 24-Aug-12 13:03:25

Awkward boy...?! It must be nice to see close ups. Although I'm the same re the sex and would be paranoid about finding out after waiting so long!

MissPollysTrolleyed Sat 25-Aug-12 06:55:48

Poor you Newton. That sounds really sore. Hope they mend quickly.

Have had such a rubbish night's sleep. DH was out last night and not home until 1am so came up to have a big drunken chat with me so fully woke me up. It took me about two hours to get back to sleep. He then went downstairs for tea and toast and must have fallen asleep on the sofa as he didn't come up to bed until 4.45am - woke me up again and I couldn't get back to sleep angry.

I also had tea with DS last night - a light tea eaten early - so have been starving all night and thinking about sausage sandwiches and mugs of tea. I'm waiting until 7am and then going on the hunt smile.

Will definitely be going for a nap when DS has his nap at lunchtime.

Thumbwitch Sat 25-Aug-12 09:43:05

Ooo MissPolly that would hurt me - I get really bad acid if I eat anything before 11/11:30am, so I tend to eat later at night to avoid the need for breakfast. I'd be falling over!

Flippin' drunken DHs, eh...

newtonupontheheath Sat 25-Aug-12 15:59:53

Oh misspolly Do you have a spare room to kick him into next time? (Assuming there would be a next time.....) I've told DH there is no interrupting my sleep for anything. In fact, he's staying at his parents tonight as he is out with friends. Although, his parents also live closer to where they are going so I don't usually kick him out of the house, just the bedroom!

I'm really struggling with walking, bending, walking down the stairs at the moment. My toes, well one, is still really sore and I've got awful heartburn whenever I do too much. I've sat here the entire time DS has napped and bought all his birthday presents online and done a shop so productive without having to move grin

Bubblebell1 Sun 26-Aug-12 08:42:38

Hi girls.
Hope your enjoying your weekend.
Finally some respite from the heat. grin

Everything here is just plodding along. I want to decorate the house, every room lol I only have 5 weeks left! Dp has gone fishing today on his dads boat but I've made him promise to get started tomorrow.
ive got 36 sleeps til my elcs!!! grin

pinpan Sun 26-Aug-12 09:20:34

I've finally got the pregnancy glow - or at least, my face is glowing. Turns out spring is here and the NZ sun is just as powerful as ever. blush Must dig out the sun cream. It's going to be a nightmare keeping the baby safe from the lack of ozone layer here. Bump feels enormous, and got really heavy and awkward today after I walked too far around the mall and the park. It's a lot better after a snooze though. Pretty much 36 weeks now, and 5 days left of work. grin

Hope your toe is beginning to feel better newton!

Hi all. Hope you're enjoying your weekends? Am a bridesmaid today so I get to waddle down the aisle looking massive!!!

LoopyLa Mon 27-Aug-12 09:27:35

Happy BH everyone! (except those who don't live in UK blush)

Have decided at 31 wks that I'm getting a bit cheesed off with pregnancy now. Thought this feeling would come a bit later than this so feeling quite sad

Fed up with not sleeping, hip pain, bump pain, wrist pain, difficulty moving around generally, hot sweats, cramp, etc etc etc. Am doing things to help counteract some of these things but they don't seem to be working...can I just hibernate for the next 9 weeks please?!!!

Ignore me, I'm a self-involved plank & I just needed to rant...hows everyone else??? grin

newtonupontheheath Mon 27-Aug-12 09:37:04

Happy bank holiday!

Love an extra day off work wink

Loopy you're allowed to be cheesed off! It's hard work. Maybe you'll get a boost of energy in a couple of weeks and started nesting?! Until then, moan away grin

Have a great day elvis make sure you take lots of pics!

DH has taken DS to the park this morning. Thy have been up since 4:20 but I'd made a big deal of not getting up today so I got my lie in and got up just after they'd left grin

We're finally (have been saying it for weeks now!!) going to pay of the pram today. So excited! They've got the new single version on display in the shop, so am going to have a little push blush and there's a housey shop attached to it and a nice cafe. Might make an afternoon of it!

In toe news, I've definitely broken the end bit. It's still bloody painful but at least I can walk now. It's all red and fat.... Hope it doesn't rain as I've only got flip flops that fit my feet!

pinpan Mon 27-Aug-12 09:37:37

Stretch marks! Appearing overnight! That is all. hmm sad biscuit

newtonupontheheath Mon 27-Aug-12 10:01:39

Arghhhh!! grin

I've got some at the bottom of my bump where I can't really see unless I look. So I just don't look! wink

pinpan Mon 27-Aug-12 11:52:37

Mine are on the underside of the bump too, so I only noticed them because I was admiring the bump in the mirror! They're not very big or noticeable yet but they've got a look about them that says "I'm just going to get bigger and longer and more purple every day." Oh well! I said to DH, "I was never a big bikini wearer anyway," and he said, "you'd definitely need a big bikini at the moment." hmm But then he did ALL the washing up while I wallowed in a bath all evening so he's forgiven. grin

Boo to the broken toe! sad

newtonupontheheath Mon 27-Aug-12 12:56:55

To be honest, mine looked worse last time when I lost my baby weight... I wet to weightwatchers and lost 41lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight and went to a size 8 grin but my bloody stomach looked awful!! Then when I got pregnant again, it actually looked better at about 10 weeks as I "filled out" again. I'll comfort myself with the fact that I'm not a natural size 8.... Pass another cake please grin

Thumbwitch Mon 27-Aug-12 14:19:50

Eeeek! to overnight stretchmarks. I don't think I have any but I haven't looked that closely.

I am really suffering with the acid though - last night I was woken up about 1.5h after falling asleep by a massive acid rush - despite being propped up on my beanbag in bed!! It was so bad I was nearly sick with it. I had to take double-dose antacid tablets to knock it on the head. I couldn't take the gaviscon because I was so tired I needed to go back to sleep and you're supposed to wait half an hour after taking the Gaviscon before lying down again.
I suspect it was the Pringles that caused it blush

Pinpan - I was out in the Aussie sun last Thursday and had gone out completely unprepared (fool, you're thinking) - one arm was in the sun the whole time we were at lunch and then we went to the playpark, where I was bareheaded for a couple of hours - I was expecting to have picked up a little colour (vit D deficient again so not too worried) but NOTHING. shock Not even a hint of colour change. Not sure when it starts getting worrisome again, or whether there's much difference between Aus and NZ?

Newton - hope your toe gets better soon - have you had it x-rayed? only asking because a friend of mine busted his big toe playing football and it was swollen and purplish for ages; turns out he'd dislocated the joint as well as busted it, and he needed corrective surgery because he trashed the joint through not getting it looked at for ages. sad

Thumbwitch Mon 27-Aug-12 14:22:15

Oh and Loopy - I feel the same way as you do. I just want to be able to lie down in my bed and go to sleep for a decent night's rest - not faff about with friggin beanbags and pillows, trying to make sure I don't do my neck/back any damage, especially when turning over every couple of hours; not needing to get up to the loo 3 or 4 times a night and so on. I can't wait to just be able to fall into bed again!

I have loads of stretchmarks, sob!

Loopy I got a cot protector from IKEA, it was about £4 iirc.

Oh, and can I join the FB group pwetty pwease? smile

Another who just wants to hibernate until this is all over...I've woken up the last two mornings in tears because the hip pain is so bad. Anyone know how long I can keep taking paracetamol for? I can barely walk until its kicked in at the moment sad

Only 6 weeks left...

CaptainHetty Mon 27-Aug-12 16:45:32

Another one here who'd quite like this to all be over now! 35 weeks today and totally had enough. I'm uncomfortable, I can't sleep properly because my hips hurt too much, and little lady's movements are becoming way too uncomfortable as well - not helped by the fact she still hasn't decided what position to get in and stay in yet, so it's arms and legs all over the place.

Had loads of uncomfortable braxton hicks the other evening as well, those are really starting to get on my nerves!

Beeblebear Mon 27-Aug-12 18:49:06

Ok, quick rant, then will try and properly catch up.

AIBU to expect that my husband could help out around the house without having to be asked/istructed/bribed like a 5 year old to "do his chores?"

Seriously. I spent 2 days cleaning our kitchen, and only asked him to do the dishes that i left in the sink (innards of the toaster oven and our george forman grill - i just can't do the smell) so the fist day he filled the sink and tossed the stuff in.... left it there. In the morning (the day i was feeling totally terrible and stayed home from work) I asked him to drain the sink because the whole house now smelt like rotten meat drippings. He drained the sink, rinsed the parts (i don't dare look into the toaster oven to see the state of the parts) and the george forman is STILL sitting in the sink about 4 days later.

also asked DH to fold the towels that i had spent all evening washing... so he folds them and leaves them on the couch. Do i have to spell everything out. Honey can you please fold these towels, then pick them up, carry them to the linnen closet, open the door, put the towels in and then close the door... and once you are done ALL THAT you can have some ice cream!?!

I have much more to rant about,, but perhaps i will spare you and hit the other october thread for that. lol

newtonupontheheath Mon 27-Aug-12 19:27:58

Beeble ... Do you live in my house?! grin

I have the same thing. I leave things at the bottom of the stairs to be taken up, plus DS can't reach them because of the gate. We had some bits there (new toothbrushes and definite "upstairs" stuff) Out of principle, I left it there...3 day before he noticed and even then it was "what are you doing with all this stuff?" ME?! What am I doing with it?? <boom>

Anyway... I'd say no ice cream for at least a week wink and now I refuse to even start things. I just say "I've done x, you need to do y" and then don't do y myself. I obviously pick the jobs for myself that would annoy me if they weren't done. I allocate DH the jobs I can't see- feeding the cat (quite hard to forget!) sorting garage-y things.

Thumb No I haven't had my toe checked out. The NHS website told me I didn't need to... It still looks the right shape, albeit swollen. I'll wait another couple of days but will keep an eye on it, thanks.

We got the Moses basket, cot and play gym out of the loft this afternoon grin I'm not setting it up til I finish on mat leave as we'll just end up walking round it for a month (at least!) We've also fully paid the pram off at last!! I'm so excited grin grin bit worried as they are still saying "early October" for delivery... I just hope I have it on time!

Sorry everybody is so uncomfortable. Apart from being tired, I feel ok. Got my birthing ball out now...they are good for sitting on of an evening rather than the sofa if you have one. Big love to you all [flowers]

WeeSooty Mon 27-Aug-12 20:47:31

Evenin all!

So sorry I’ve been totally missing!

House is turned upside down at the mo with the new kitchen, which was supposed to be fitted in 3 days and is now on day 5… And still not ready sad

What have I missed…

babybrain Congrats on the engagement! Ooh so exciting!!! I loved wedding planning, trying on dresses is soo the best bit!

The vitamin D thing, right at my first appointment midwife mentioned vitamin D due to increase in rickets, but I am taking pregnacare so she was happy with that.

Pinpan I’ve been trying to show my brother the bump wiggling over skype but every single time it just stops wiggling! Cheeky/shy baby!!

shell if my NCT class was anything to go by your not missing much! I am also worried about not knowing any mums, figure going to baby yoga and stuff after the birth should help!

Thunder Glad its not just me! I added someone this morning and they were from America as well! I took them off, was thinking of making the group secret so nobody can find it?

newton hope you are feeling better after your fall! You must have got a fright! Annd ouch for the broken toe!!

elvis how did you get on being a bridesmaid??

beeble my DH does the folding towel thing, folds them then leaves them on the couch! angry soooo annoying!!! He really is fab in every other way but honestly I don’t get how men’s brains are wired!!!

So so sorry if I have missed anyone! It moves so fast!!

I packed my hospital bag… It takes up 2 mini suitcases.. I do not know how to travel light!!

I have our NCT breastfeeding class tomorrow night… apparently we will go into pairs to practice hmm anyone have a clue what that will be like?!?! I don’t wanna whip out my boobs in front of everyone!!! blush

And we’re off to York on Wednesday! Wooo! Cannot wait!!

grin grin beeble my DH does the sink thing too (despite being way more housetrained than me), as does my Dad. DM and I have come to the conclusion that's it's A Man Thing?? grin

pinpan Mon 27-Aug-12 21:33:16

Definitely a Man Thing! I think they just don't see things like laundry baskets waiting to go upstairs. If science could harness that invisibility power, great things could come of it.

Have fun in York, WeeSooty!

Thumb, I'm pretty sure the NZ sun is worse than in Aus - certainly not warmer, but even the careful Australians who visit manage to get burned here. Don't know whether it's that the ozone layer is thinner or just because it's not usually so warm so people aren't so careful. I'm always amused by the UV forecast though; it's the same one as used in the UK (a little bit of googling shows that it is 4 in London today and 4 in New Zealand as well). Don't think it ever goes above 6 in the UK, but here it hits 11+ in December and stays there til March. Poor baby is going to be stuck under a solar cover for four months!

goodsenseofdirection Mon 27-Aug-12 22:26:48

Hello All,
So much news to catch up on - I'm only phone so it's hard to namecheck. Hope you had lovely BH wknds for those in the uk.

Boo to overnight stretchmarks and broken toe indeed!

We moved on weds, pretty smoothly but so daunting arriving here to the ridiculous amount of work.. But several quotes later for heating and re-wiring and with a painter friend helping with cosmetic stuff I think it's manageable to be in a decent state for end of September to leave me with 3 weeks to relax. I just get to organise and direct thankfully!

Weesooty, hope your kitchen is done soon!

Sorry to hear so many are so uncomfortable sad I'm fed up with getting up inthe night and faffing around with pillows too. And now the loo is 1.5 floors down!

Hope to catch up better with Internet at work!

goodsenseofdirection Mon 27-Aug-12 22:38:33

Oh, and to all those suffering from man-blindness - flowers! thanks Our house is too chaotic for that to be noticeable right now but Normal service will resume shortly I'm sure. wink

pinpan Tue 28-Aug-12 06:23:28

Random question - how often do your bumps get the hiccups? Mine seems to have them 3 or 4 times a day at the moment. Plus I think she has turned around to have her back to my front - good girl, that's the right way to be, but when she kicks it's like she's rummaging in my guts. Please can I not go overdue at all, maybe even have her a few days early, and have my innards back to myself? hmmgrin

Yay for the new house and imminent organisation, goodsense!

My bump hiccups about 3-4 times a day as well...at first I thought it was sweet, now it's just a little irritating grin

For the first time in ages I have slept well and not woken up in pain...as well as my usual mountain of pillows, I have a double duvet, triple folded, under my bottom sheet. It's made a massive difference to my hip pain; really hope it wasn't just a one-off fluke!

Only 9 more days of work to go!!

Hi ladies! Hope you are all well. Congrats on the move, that must be such a relief. We moved last week and still all over the place, but just moving makes me feel ready for the baby.
I was a bridesmaid yesterday and really enjoyed it. By the end, tho, I was in sooooo much pain in my lower left rib (a foot?!) that I had to stagger home! Off work today then in wed and thurs then that's it!!! Thank goodness!!

Also I have a personal question to ask u all. Don't answer If u don't want t, but you're the only other pregnant people I know and I feel I know u fairly well smile. Are u guys still DTD with your other halfs? Not so much here largely cos we stayed at my in laws for so long and now I'm massive, achey and tired. Worried that we will never do it again cos when the baby comes we will both be knackered all the time!!! God, the things I worry about....

HeyMicky Tue 28-Aug-12 09:56:24

Humph, my bump doesn't hiccup or do anything cute. Just beats me up. Latest trick is digging feet into my left side then arching her back so her bum sticks out on the right side - she resists when I try to gently push her back into a more compact position. I did this as well, according to mum, and I was a wiggly little monster once I was out. I, my mother and grandmother all also had reflux, so I anticipate the same with this one - no nice quiet baby for me, I suspect

elvis we are, sometimes, weekend afternoons mainly, as too tired during the week and DH has been evicted and replaced by pillow/the cat

HeyMicky Tue 28-Aug-12 09:57:08

Evicted from the bed, obviously, not from the house

newtonupontheheath Tue 28-Aug-12 10:17:53

I love that mickey has evicted her DP... wink

In answer to Elvis we are, but not very regularly! Think DH senses that any time we DTD now could be the last time for a long while though. We're probably once/twice a week at the moment. Last time instigated by me wink (first time for everything!!) With DS it was DTD that brought on my show... So I'm certainly not writing it off at this point! But by no means is it energetic, seductive or anything vaguely romantic grin

WeeSooty Tue 28-Aug-12 10:32:18

Glad you asked about hiccups pinpan baby never had them until the last few weeks and now seems to get them all the time! I find them really uncomfy!

elvis I'm also worry about DTD. My DH is desperate at the moment and in my head I feel the same but I'm struggling with my own body image and it kills my mood! Plus we've been so busy just not had the chance! Think we are both hoping the nice hotel in York will help with how I feel and this will be our week blush

The temp covering my job has started. It is so weird and awkward!

ST82 Tue 28-Aug-12 10:37:45

hello all, at 35 weeks + 5, my baby boy finally decided to turn head down - phewwww - what a relief!!

I have had really bad piles for 3-4 days last weeks, it was extremly painful and i lived in agony for those few days and nights, getting hardly any sleep and living on painkillers. Has anyone else got them? Apparently they are quite normal to get during the last stage of pregnancy and specually during/after labor, so watch out for more pain for me!!!

Thumbwitch Tue 28-Aug-12 10:47:33

Elvis - not for about 6w now. I'm just too uncomfortable and have zero interest. When I went overdue with DS, we tried DTD to bring on labour but it was just so awkward and uncomfortable and DH couldn't actually finish the job so it was a total waste of time and we won't be doing that again.

Not much in the way of hiccups here either, unlike DS - he used to get hiccups quite a lot - but lots of uncomfortable squirming.

Can't wait for my osteo appt on Friday - R leg is starting to go weak at the hip joint which can be a bit scary.

I am also sleeping alone with the beanbag and several pillows and so on. Couldn't cope with anyone else in the bed, even DH sitting on the edge upsets my pelvic equilibrium blush

Elvis - this will make you feel better - we have only had sex once the whole time I've been pregnant blush. After 3 years of TTC and doing it every other day throughout the month, I just lost all interest!

CaptainHetty Tue 28-Aug-12 11:35:57

We do still, once or twice a week. Albeit not as energetic as it used to be and involves me generally doing very little because there's a huge bump in the way... But it's the thought that counts grin

My back is fucking agony today! I seriously nearly fall back over every time I stand up. Keep trying to tell myself in a few weeks she'll probably be here - I'm working on the theory that the others were before their due date, so she will be too. There's really no basis for that, but it makes me feel better and slightly less miserable...

Can we take codeine? Getting quite desperate sad

newtonupontheheath Tue 28-Aug-12 12:48:01

Captain I have read (probably on MN) that as baby is fully formed at this stage, codeine is OK but I don't ever take it myself so maybe worth checking with mw or GP? And you are right, it is the thought that counts....[WINK]

Thunder I sympathise completely... We did the active ttc thing for 2 months (not the same AT ALL, I know) and were absoultely shattered! So I'm not surprised you've not been interested after 3 years of it!!

Weesooty I have never had to hand over any work to somebody until a couple of weeks ago. It is awkward, isn't it? I think she originally thought I didn't have a clue what I was doing and had no control over my team... After a week or two in the job she has realised that it's not me it's them wink And there's actually quite a lot involved. As you can see by the length of this post, having somebody in to cover you has it's benefits! I'm almost fully handed over now, just finishing off the odd few things that are mine

ST82 I have a huge fear of getting piles again. I was in pain for about 8 weeks after DS was born...Every. Single. Day. Can you see you MW or GP now and see if there is anything they can do for you? Preparations for me are as follows:

Stop taking iron tablets at 38 weeks (makes me constipated)

Drink several gallons of water

Lots of fruit and veg

I'm trying to make it easier for myself....iyswim. They can come back after the pushing bit of labour (which is when I developed them last time) so I'm planning on using gravity a lot (walking around etc) and trying to have an effective pushing stage which I will be discussing with my mw tomorrow.

LoopyLa Tue 28-Aug-12 13:34:41

Elvis DTD seems like such a chore nowadays!! It's takes all my effort just to climb into bed blush, let alone then doing anything in the bed!! Having said that, we did it last Wed night - first time after 4 weeks & can't see myself being arsed working up 'the mood' for it again before baby comes hmm...

Beeblebear Tue 28-Aug-12 13:48:32

On mobile. Sorry for lack of name checks.

Hiccups , yup bean gets them LOTS. Almost everytime I eat something. Within 5 to ten minutes.

DTD maybe once a month now. DH is devistated by this... Me not so much.

Spd sufferers. Does not take much these days to over do it. On friday went to the mall with my mom. Walked about 2 hours....slowly and ended in agony. 3 days later and still recovering. Yoga on sunday helped a bit. But thighs sore now too from doing lots of slow squats!
Thanks for all the sympaties on my dh's " man disease" glad to know I have a lifetime to work on his training.
Hope yo all enjoyed the BH. (Glad I now know that means bank holiday and you nutters were not all celebrating braxton hicks!)

Well, just peeked, no stretch markds I can see and can still see the numbers on the scale so that must be a good sign.

Well that is about all I can manage this morning. TTFN!

HeyMicky Tue 28-Aug-12 13:55:11

Ha ha newton I'm the same. Almost every email that comes in I forward to my replacement with a one-sentence explanation of what it's about, before returning to MN

I hear glycerine suppositories are a must post-birth (pile-free here and intending to stay that way)

ST82 I have piles as of this week sad I am lucky they don't hurt though. Someone on another thread recommended using sudocream on them.

We're dtd sporadically - I'd like to be doing it more blush but DH has started a new job and all his energy and focus has been on that over the past few months I think. And now I'm just huge and uncomfortable and I have piles so I think it will peter off now til afterwards sad

Oh and baby gets hiccups whenever I eat, it's cute grin

We've DTD about 3 times whole pregnancy! Last time with DD, I was super-horny and could not get enough, now I don't fancy it one bit. DH doesn't seem bothered either which suits me in the short term but eek, we might have to do a bit of work to get back on track after baby has arrived. Though he is prepared to help me out with a erm...natural stretch and sweep if you know what I mean should I go overdue.

For the first time all pregnancy I was sick this morning and vaguely wondered if something was about to happen but it's all gone away again now. DD - who turned 2 yesterday - was most unsympathetic - simply told me to stop it and go and wash my face!

Thanks ladies! Guess we are not the only ones who can't be arsed to DTD. thank god for that!! I'll have to try and be interested if I go overdue tho....

cakes82 Tue 28-Aug-12 20:05:51

We have been DTD once a week until this week. I did kinda want to but moving in bed is difficult and my hips ache so dh had attention instead. After 15months TTC with several times a week I guess it is a bit of a shock to dh to get so little.

I think baby has had hiccups but not very often.

I think (I hope) i'm avoiding piles just hope labour doesn't find them.

babybrain3 Wed 29-Aug-12 07:33:10

We have only dtd a couple of times since getting our BFP... Df-eeek!! doesn't appear to be too bothered which I'm pleased about.. Ah well, the end is in sight now!! 4.5 wks left for me!! gringringrin can't wait to find out what flavour my bump is!! grin

Bubblebell1 Wed 29-Aug-12 09:31:10

I don't fancy dtd either dp moans about the lack of it every day but I just don't feel like it this time.

Nothing much going on here. Just going to try and pick up the last bits I need.

Kids are back at school next week and I am looking forward to the rest! It's been hard work.

Hope everyone is well and not suffering too much grin

newtonupontheheath Wed 29-Aug-12 09:34:10

Well, we dtd last night. Think I was encouraged at the thought that it could bring baby on. Not that I want any thing to happen yet, but I'm bearing it in mind. I wasn't too comfortable afterwards (sorry tmi) Felt as though baby was squished into my back. Baby got it's own back by kicking me (and DS) when DS came into our bed at 4 am.

Working from home today to get a diploma qualification finished before I go on mat leave. Haven't even opened the folder yet.... But I am watching Heir Hunters hmm

My friend and I are going to the Baby Show on Sunday. I'm hoping to pick up some freebies. Although there's nothing I actually need to buy.... I suppose I could treat myself to something!!

ST82 Wed 29-Aug-12 09:56:13

The piles have got better ie not painfully hurting me anymore but they are still there, i tried a couple of creams that were prescribed to me by my GP but to be honest, i do not think they helped much. I lived on paracetamol for 3 days, takign 2 every 4-6 hours... it wasn't a pleasant experience and the thought that they will come back, possibly worse, after labor, really worries me...

other than that, everything seems to be goign fine, baby is very active, but head down and hopefully will stay that way. nursery and everything else is ready!! i literally have 11 days left at work and 4 weeks in total to my DD. Exciting!!!

now, we have DTD quite regularly during pregnancy, until a coupel of weeks ago when as a result i had a tiny little bit of light pink bleeding... I tried to stay calm on that evening but given that tehre had been a bit more during the night, i decided to go to the hospital and have it checked out. It turned out that everything was fine, baby is safe etc but during DTD, one of the tiny blood vessels was provoked causing the little bit of bleeding. It was great to be reassured that all was ok but what a blow! Doctor recommended not to DTD until after labor, which right now suits me fine smile

newtonupontheheath Wed 29-Aug-12 10:24:54

That's funny ST82 as I had bleeding fairly regularly when I was pregnant with DS, always after dtd. I spoke to mw a couple of times but never had any further bleeding so didn't get checked out. This time however, nothing. I wonder whether I am more "hardy" these days. There's a nice thought for the day..... grin

Oooo my dresses have just arrived for my friends wedding. I ordered 4 but one is huge and terribly unflattering! Had a little try on and it is between these 3:

Very Red!



Planning on buying a new pair of these which are what I have been wearing to work all summer and new accessories

Any thoughts? I am going to do my friend a fashion show later (we are both working from home today and she lives across the road so are planning an extended lunch break !)

WeeSooty Wed 29-Aug-12 10:33:42

Oooh the red one!!! I love it!! Have had my eye on it for a while but not happy to show off my swollen ankles in it! Def go with the red one! I'll be very jealous! envy

We are just getting ready to leave for York. Has taken DH over an hour to get organised, kinda dreading when we have a baby to organise as well! wink

newtonupontheheath Wed 29-Aug-12 10:38:58

<one vote for red then....> I'm struggling to find time to get a spray tan due to travelling a million miles for this damn wedding so need to check I can pull it off looking pale and interesting.

Enjoy York, I love it there. smile

Thumbwitch Wed 29-Aug-12 10:46:41

I like the red one best of those. I'd like the long one better if it wasn't in black, mind - but the virulent purple option isn't any better IMO. [fussy]

newtonupontheheath Wed 29-Aug-12 10:57:31

Yeah, I know...All black looks a bit extreme. I'd have to buy lots of accessories grin

I was thinking it might be easier in a maxi dress if I have to wrestle DS. Less chance of pants flashing and the like!

pinpan Wed 29-Aug-12 11:37:00

I vote for the red dress too - it's lovely! Maybe you can wear red pants too and then no one will notice if you are wrangling DS with rather more gusto than elegance. wink

2 days of work left, and man, I'm so ready to not be there. No idea how I'm going to get through my to do list, but I don't suppose I will care by the time I'm walking out of the door. grin

ST82 Wed 29-Aug-12 11:43:48

newtonupontheheath i bought the red one too, in a size 12 and it is SO lovely and flattering!!! i am wearing it at my baby shower this saturday and at a wedding next saturday... i am gonna try and pair it up with a pair of comfortable high heels, but will have my flats handy too, just in case..

I vote for the black one - think it would look lovely with those sandals and maybe some bright accessories....but I tend to go for comfort over style these days grin

LoopyLa Wed 29-Aug-12 17:44:12

The red one is gorgeous but personally wouldn't suit me as I have broad neck blush Is the neckline a style you'd usually go for if not pregnant? If so, I'd go for the red as its gorgeous.

If a v-neck style is usually your thing, then opt for one of the other styles. I wore a black maxi from New Look recently but blinged it up with gold/black sandals & big gold jewellery. It didn't look too bad for a whale wink

newtonupontheheath Wed 29-Aug-12 19:08:54

Thanks guys... I'm so undecided!

The red is my favourite, but think it'll make me look pale without a (spray) tan.

I'd love to just accessorise the black maxi but it is very black and quite thick material. I'm still thinking it might be warm mid September despite today's hail

But DH prefers the blue one!! That's right, DH who never has an opinion on any clothes I wear!!

Think I might take a trip to the Trafford centre tomorrow and see what accessories I can come across to inform my decision smile

Feeling a bit rough this evening. Can't get comfy, headachy and a bit sicky. I know dinner will make me feel better but the thought of food makes me envy (that's sick,not envy!)

CaptainHetty Wed 29-Aug-12 19:32:16

I like the red one best, but I'm not the best person to judge as I can't actually remember the last time I wore a dress hmm I'm more of a jeans and t-shirt/hoodie type, formal occasions are my worst nightmare grin

I have a uh... TMI question...
I have nobody else to ask without being greeted with 'eeeew!'...
I'm 35+2 and I seem to, this evening, suddenly have very thick sticky discharge blush I don't remember this with any of the others and I have no idea if it's normal or not!

LoopyLa Wed 29-Aug-12 19:43:46

Hetty I've had loads of discharge since the early days of pregnancy, so much so that I wear a liner daily otherwise things just feel too damp down there shock

newtonupontheheath Wed 29-Aug-12 19:45:31

Hetty I have had a discharge throughout my pregnancy but I wouldn't describe it as sticky... (well, you did ask wink ) but everybody is different so it could be. Mine has been continuous. Sometimes it changes, the consistency or theres more/less. It's all normal grin

When did you last have your wee checked? Does it smell? Possible UTI ?!

CaptainHetty Wed 29-Aug-12 19:55:28

I think it just shocked me, hardly had any and now there's loads of the fecking stuff! Wee was checked a couple of weeks ago, don't have any of the symptoms of a UTI but might get it checked if it's still happening tomorrow.

Why haven't we evolved to make pregnancy shorter, less painful, and less icky? Can't be dealing with all this aching, leakage and wondering if I'm going to pee myself when I sneeze hmm

newtonupontheheath Wed 29-Aug-12 20:03:42

When I had that awful cough a few weeks ago, wee kept coming out.

Was very attractive.

Haven't had leaky boobs yet (yey!) but they have been feeling a bit tender, so I bet that's the next treat wink

Hetty I wouldn't worry too much about UTI unless it's smelly... smile

babybrain3 Wed 29-Aug-12 20:31:21

I've had lots of discharge throughout and recently started getting sore achey boobs-and last night they leaked..... It's a lovely time isn't it?!?!?! blush

pinpan Wed 29-Aug-12 21:30:25

I'm going to hit the next person who says to me that it's "such a magical time." hmm Glamorous it is not! This is how I feel: Beached as bro <waggles flippers and hauls self off to eat breakfast>

Beeblebear Wed 29-Aug-12 23:58:55

Anothe liner dailyy girl. Between t he discharge and the sneezewee...

Oh and the boobs r getting sore for sure. Maybe I should go pick up some breast pads before I start leakng too oh screw it I can always cut one of my pant liners in half in case of emergency

I also like the red or the bluue... But go with whstever is most comfortable!!!!.

Just had my antenatal and have aparently lost a kilo since last appt. runs off to eat brownies and some tums if I don.t catch up in next 2 weeks they will send me for.a growth scan cue worrying about too small baby

Thumbwitch Thu 30-Aug-12 00:09:19

I've been using a liner every day since about 10w, when my allergic rhinitis started to cause the weeleakage. <sigh>

Boobs haven't started to leak here yet either, but they're definitely on the increase again in size.

Still can't believe I can get much bigger...

cakes82 Thu 30-Aug-12 06:41:13

I'm with you thumbwitch I can't believe I can grow anymore either.

Another liner girl here no boob leakage yet tho but my dh says they looked bigger again altho bra seems to fit the same.

Ah well no more than 7wk+1 left smile

I have leaky boobs blush

Hetty I've had increased discharge the last week (am 34+5) too, google seems to think it's normal? As long as it's not bloody (a show) or smelly (an infection) I'm not sure I'd worry.

ST82 Thu 30-Aug-12 10:17:23

I am very curios to know if anyonehas ever experienced a feeling of 'tightness' of the chest? I am 36 weeks today and since last night i started experiencing this feeling... It is quite difficult to explain, as if something has got stuck in your chest/on its way down to the throat and every now and then, your body is trying to push it down but with no success...

MissPollysTrolleyed Thu 30-Aug-12 11:08:40

I think leaky boobs are a good thing. In my limited and anecdotal experience, leaky boobs = lots of milk = happy baby. My boobs never leaked once in pregnancy nor during 8 months of very challenging breastfeeding sad.

35 weeks here and really hoping that the baby stays put for at least five weeks as I still have another two weeks of work left and don't feel I can really start preparing for the birth and baby either mentally or physically until I finish work as work is still really full-on and stressful so is taking all my energy at the moment.

MissPollysTrolleyed Thu 30-Aug-12 11:12:38

ST82 that's not something I've had although I have general breathlessness and snore like a freight train at night and possibly during relaxation at the end of pregnancy yoga blush.

Thumbwitch Thu 30-Aug-12 11:16:01

ST82 - could be diaphragm related? or acid related, if you're having bad acid reflux - sometimes that can cause a feeling of constriction.

MissPollys I really don't think that is true (about leaky boobs)...and you might be worrying people unnecessarily by suggesting it. As someone whose boobs haven't leaked, I have just spent 15 minutes confirming with google that there is no evidence that is correct. Otherwise should I just prepare myself now for having no milk and therefore an unhappy baby!?

Just back from my 34 week MW appointment - baby is head down but completely back to back. Off to try and find ways of turning him...

Beeblebear Thu 30-Aug-12 11:35:16

Hmmmm... 4am seems to be the witching hour for wee one. What to do when dh is still sleeping...

My boobs never leaked and I EBF DD for a year. No leakage this time either and fully intending and expecting to breastfeed again - I don't have any bottles in the house.

Lots of lying forward and on your left I think thunder. I'm heading off for my 36 week app shortly - they lost my 28 week bloods so did them again last time at 34 weeks, hopefully there'll be some results in this time! Followed by the dentist oh joy but I've been having v painful and sensitive teeth ouch!

Finish work next Fri on the cusp of 38 weeks and like you misspolly want to get stuck into prepping for baby ie doing a dry run of the birthpool etc. However I will have DD with me more as we're going to cut her nursery hours from 4 to 2 full days while I'm off work then cut down even further to 2 mornings a week from November - EEK! Daunting but purely a financial decision

MissPollysTrolleyed Thu 30-Aug-12 11:43:39

Thunder, I am really sorry to have alarmed you or others. I just seemed to have lots of friends whose boobs sprayed milk at the mere sight of their babies whereas mine were not very forthcoming and I wrongly assumed that it was related to supply blush.

I have nothing to back up what I said and you've kindly done some research so I'm very happy to be corrected, not least as this gives me hope that I will be a more successful breastfeeder this time.

newtonupontheheath Thu 30-Aug-12 12:16:39

I'm struggling with internet on my phone today so have had to wait until lunch to MN shock

ST82 Could it be your ribs? They sort of stretch/push outwards as baby grows? I feel short of breath, mixed with indigestion when it happens... Or maybe it is just so your internal organs are so crushed up by this point? In a good way grin

Miss Pollys and Thunder I doubt leaky boobs has any bearing on milk supply after baby is born. The pages on here are full of wonderful advice, as is Kellymom for increasing supply etc

For those of you planning on BF-ing... Have you thought about donating your milk? I did it last time to my local milk bank and it made me feel like I was doing good smile Will hopefully try to do it again if I get the chance!

ST82 sounds like heartburn/acid indigestion to me - that's what mine feels like anyway. A swig of gaviscon usually does the trick smile

newtonupontheheath Thu 30-Aug-12 12:17:42

Also Thunder try boucing on a birthing ball as well grin

Thumbwitch Thu 30-Aug-12 12:17:49

MIne didn't leak at all before DS was born, and it took a couple of days to get him to latch on properly; but once it was all sorted there were no problems with supply and I fed him for 23m. I did leak during the day though after the milk "came in" and needed the pads.

The only thing that slowed me down last time was DS having a tonguetie - once that was snipped at about 2w of age, he was a lot better (and so were my poor nips!!) - I've already primed the consultant about the possibility of tonguetie again (DH has one too) and the paed will visit me in the hospital and get it done asap if necessary.

ST82 Thu 30-Aug-12 12:22:14

I have not experienced any general breathlessness but i have been having terrible heartburns over the last 48 hours or so. My mum says that baby's hair is growing, which i don't really believe, but it has been pretty bad. The tightness seems to have stopped now, which is good. I will keep an eye on it and see if it comes back and try and work out what could cause it...

My breasts have been leaking since about week 30!!! I am 36 weeks now and they are still leaking, not in a great amounts, but def leaking. I have heard it before that it could be a positive sign of plenty of milk and i hope that will be the case...

Thumbwitch Thu 30-Aug-12 13:45:50

ST82 - if the chest tightness coincides with bad acid, then that's probably what it is. A friend who had a hiatus hernia used to feel like she had a lump in her throat because the acid was causing it to constrict quite high up - she was worried she had a tumour or something, but no, it was just from the acid.

Yuk I feel for u all with indigestion. I have it too and about to start my 5th bottle of gaviscon! No leaking boobs but definite gross leaking down the other end... Minging!!!!
Finished work today. Taken sept as annual leave so am flopping about not doing much. Huzzah

Winnie81 Thu 30-Aug-12 19:18:07

Heartburn is horrid, I take omeprazole pre pregnancy for this so if I don't take my daily dose I KNOW about it!!

Had my growth and placenta position scan today and all looks good and in the right place! They estimated the baby's weight at 5lb 4oz and I'm guessing that's now not due date. Does anyone know what the average weight gain is of baby in the last 4 weeks? With ds1 I was induced at this point so I'm approaching unknown territory!!! Eeeeek all I seem to worry about is my waters breaking on my new ish bed!! Lol

newtonupontheheath Thu 30-Aug-12 19:42:12

Is it half a pound a week.....?

pinpan Thu 30-Aug-12 20:11:29

I read somewhere it was 28 g a day, which is about 1 oz - my bump is definitely getting bigger and fatter as I watch it.

I was working on the basis that leaking means you definitely have milk, and not leaking doesn't mean you don't, but you are lucky because you won't ruin all your clothes. grin I've found the odd crusty colostrum stain on my PJs in the last few weeks but otherwise they seem to be staying reasonably under control...

<does a little last day of work dance>

cakes82 Thu 30-Aug-12 21:15:36

I read earlier that it was half a pound weight gain a week average

pinpan Fri 31-Aug-12 07:15:24

...And that's me done with work for a few months! grin grin grin Don't think my office has ever been so tidy.

Bubblebell1 Fri 31-Aug-12 07:57:39

Morning girls.

I heard it was half a lb weight gain per week too.

Also boobs leaked with first 2 but havnt this time and this time they are painful. Not sure what will happen when I try to feed in a few weeks.

Glad to be home. Pains havnt gone but have settled. I've got the hospital again today. For an anaesthetic review ? What's one of those?

Hope you girls enjoy your mat leave grin

31 sleeps til my cs!! gringrin

Thumbwitch Fri 31-Aug-12 08:45:15

Hurrah for finishing work! grin

I went into Sydney to see my osteopath today and have my pelvis put back where it should be instead of all wonky - but it'll take a couple of days to settle down so I'm having troubles walking.

DH is being a PITA - whinging about helping already - am really quite worried about how he's going to be when the baby comes. sad He's just so resentful of doing anything extra because he's "got a job, you know" - yes I DO know, and I'm 45 and 34w pg and in a lot of pain - I'm not playing top fecking trumps here, I just need a bit of consideration!

Beeblebear Fri 31-Aug-12 13:14:08

Well I had a shower last night, and gave the nips a few good tweaks and squeezes and all I really got was BH. Nmmmmmm... If I go overdue now I.m thinking nipple stimulation may be the way to go... Sure the leakage bit will come in due time.

Awake early again today. Can.t sleep past 4 or 5 these days.

Have had a better sleep last few nightx. Have to maje sure I.m done eating by sbout 6 pm and just very smsll sips of water after 7. No drinks with mrals either or heartburn flares up. So throughout the day I.m not sure how I.m supposed to get all my calories in. seems every half hour I.m having to eat or drink something between 6am and 6pm.

Thumb...i keep thinking... behind every Good man is a nagging woman. I hate to get after my dh, but if I didm.t nothing would get done... My secret weapon is mt mom. If I.m nagging and he us complaining or not doung it, my mother will get after him for me. Hzhaha.

Bubblebell1 Fri 31-Aug-12 15:54:30

Aww thumb my dp thinks its a competition too. When I was discharged last night the dr kept saying I need to be in bed and he was like well I have to work hmm.
It's like they expect you to be their mum too!

beeble I tried the electric breast pump today. To try and toughen up my super sensitive nipples but that gives me twinned so I sacked the idea sharpish.

I'm glad I'm not leaking yet. Will have plenty of opportunities for wet patches after baby arrives wink

goodsenseofdirection Fri 31-Aug-12 22:07:31

Hey all,

Congrats on finishing work to those whose have finished! grin grin enjoy some relaxing time!

I'm a teeny bit envy but after my deadline on tues the pressure will be off and I'll be working 4 days/wk til 27 sept grin have to work tomorrow though..

No leaky boobs here but definitely discharge at the other end...

And not sleeping great either. Thankfully no heartburn but I get hungry in the early hours, even if I squeeze in a decent evening meal. Anyone else needing nighttime snacks? I've been putting a healthy cereal bar on the bedside to nibble on!

34wks tomorrow- which means 3 weeks and I'll have finished work grin

Thumbwitch Sat 01-Sep-12 01:10:28

Beeble - I have, in the early days, enlisted the help of MIL - but I feel a bit odd about it because, y'know, if push really came to shove she'd be on his side of course. It won't come to that but I can't be forever whinging to her about her beloved son, even though she's quite reasonable (she'd just end up thinking I'm some kind of harpy!) My own mum died 5 years ago and all my family is in the UK so no help from this side.

Bubble, I've offered DH to share the pain with him - oddly, he's not keen... grin

goodsense - I have to eat late at night so I can get through the next morning until gone 11am, which is the only way to avoid the heartburn starting. If I eat even so much as a crumb off DS's toast, or a sliver of cheese from his sandwich, the acid kicks off within a couple of minutes before 11; after 11/11:30 I'm ok. Am starting to really want some toast though - bread products, even ones I can eat normally, are instant acid-producers. sad

thebeesnees79 Sat 01-Sep-12 14:22:43

hi ladies. I am due my third baby on the 15th October. I am normally on bounty but its so slow on there at the minute sad
everyone seems to be on Facebook (I font have a Facebook I think they cause trouble in relationships)
anyway my name is Maria & I have a boy of 5 & a girl of 3, due another boy and its my last baby! never again lol

Bear1984 Sat 01-Sep-12 16:02:24

Hi beesnees my baby is also due 15th October smile

I feel like I've been having leaky boobs, or just my left boob, but can't see anything, but it sometimes feels a bit moist... lol! Heartburn is driving me mad so have stocked up on gaviscon.

Since being in hospital, everytime baby moves, I feel him more. It really hurts sometimes sad He's pushing a lot against my ribs so I am breathless a lot of the time. Went to Tesco earlier to pick up 5 items and it took me over an hour... I felt so ridiculous but I really struggled walking around and had to keep stopping to catch my breath. Shall be hiding away at home until baby comes. I can't see how I'm suppose to manage another 6+ weeks like this sad

DP's having a stressful time. What with me being how I have been, but also his mum is in hospital with a lung infection. He also broke his phone yesterday so had to buy a cheap phone that's probably about 10 years old until his is fixed. He needs to make up two days worth of work as well for the time he had off whilst I was in hospital.

Just looking forward to a few week's time so baby can come out, be healthy and happy, and I can be happy with him out! grin

cakes82 Sat 01-Sep-12 16:47:41

Sounds a bit everything at once Bear not easy, hope everything calms down between now and baby arriving.

Have put a new bump pic up

thebeesnees79 Sat 01-Sep-12 19:39:22

I am on my last legs with 6 weeks left still!! Hoping I have more energy next week because my 5 & 3 year old are thankfully back in school smile
hope your feeling better after your hospital stay. I was admitted for fluids at 25 weeks and my poor hubby is also self employed so got behind with me being out of action for a few days.

Bubblebell1 Sat 01-Sep-12 21:07:29

Hi girls.
Welcome bees. I'm on my 3rd too and this is my last.
bear hope things get easier

I spent the day at my cousins little boys birthday party. 2 hr drive each way and then running around after 20 kids with my cousin. So much for taking it easy!
Finally home and fallen into bed.

Suppose to be visiting the in laws tomorrow and thats a 2 hr drive in the other direction! Oh the joy wink

Hoping the Gaviscon kicks in soon. I'm knackered. grin

MissPollysTrolleyed Sat 01-Sep-12 21:27:41

Welcome Beesnees.

Nice bump shot Cakes smile.

Bear sorry to hear things are tough for you and your DH now. We've got a lot of stuff on our plates at the moment too and are finding life rather stressful but I figure that it's best to get the stress over with now and things will hopefully have settled down in a month's time when they really need to.

Thumbwitch I have a pretty lazy DH who is superb at delegating household chores but he was really good while my DS was a newborn and I bet yours will be too. I think I read that fatherhood depletes a man's testosterone levels temporarily so they become more caring and family-oriented in the first few months so we may all be pleasantly surprised by our DHs.

I am so pleased it's September so I can say "next month" when random people ask me when baby is due. Up until now, October has seemed so far away that people have always seemed very shocked at my bump size when I've said I'm not due until October hmm. On the other hand, I'm terrified that I only have a month left and really hoping this month slows down as the last eight have gone by at breakneck speed and I really want to savour this last month of pregnancy.

Thumbwitch Sun 02-Sep-12 00:30:04

I hope so MissPolly smile. I also expect that MIL will kick him a bit harder if he doesn't! Plus I expect to see her most days as well (she stayed with us in the UK for 8w, 2w before DS was born - because he was 2w overdue - and 6w after) so she'll probably pick up some slack too, although I don't want her doing too much or DH will just not bother!

Bear - it's tough, I'm having a lot of pelvic pain so walking at snails' pace and puffing and blowing a fair bit around the supermarket too - I have to have a big trolley, because the shallow trolleys all have coin-slots and there's no guarantee there'll be one down in the carpark to retrieve my $2 coin. Daft! Need one of those keyring fakey counter things, I feel.
Hope your MIL gets better soon - sounds like your family are all up against it at the mo.

I'm torn between "can't wait for baby to be out so the pain/acid stops" and "OMG there's so little time left and we've still got to dig out all the baby clothes from the garage etc." - need to stop procrastinating!! And do the hospital bag...

Going back to a point a few posts ago, I've really started leaking down there in the last couple of days - I thought it was (sorry, TMI) wee to start with, but no. Thank goodness for liners...

Welcome Beesknees!

babybrain3 Sun 02-Sep-12 07:50:38

Anyone read the thread In
Childbirth about the woman who gave birth in a bell tent at a folk festival?? confused

CaptainHetty Sun 02-Sep-12 08:30:44

I have officially had enough of being pregnant now. I've got to a point where I'm dreading going to bed because I can't.fucking.move. It is so goddamn painful I nearly cried this morning. Feels like someone's trying to pull me in half and no painkiller even touches it...

I read that, babybrain. Can't think of anything more horrendous than giving birth in a tent, personally. Plus I would've thought it'd be quite cold? When I was looking at home birth there was a whole bit in the book about making sure the house was warm enough when baby arrived, perhaps the advice I read was outdated!

WeeSooty Sun 02-Sep-12 09:45:21

Hey everyone

Back from York! Had a lovely time! Walked far too much and I’m paying for it now but really enjoyed it! Feel nice and relaxed and ready for 2 weeks more of work before I finish up!!

Just a few wee name checks as running out to an ante natal class soon.

Newton Hope you enjoy the baby show today!

maketea How did you get on with your midwife appointment?

Beesknees Hello smile

bear Sounds like you have so much on just now, if it helps yesterday I also took an hour to get 5 things from the shop… Feel like everyone must be staring at the slow waddling woman!

babybrain I read that too… Good for the woman I guess but I don’t do camping nevermind giving birth in a tent!!! blush

Ooh look at all the fun symptoms I’ve missed discussing lol Yes to the yucky discharge, started wearing liners just to feel cleaner! Yes Yes to the horrible breathlessness and horrible acid! Gaviscon is my best friend! No to the leaky boobs though, although I think I’ll be needed a new bra soon, best bit of pregnancy for me, gone from tiny boobs to not so tiny! grin

I have an odd question… Baby is head down just now and has been for a while but not engaged (well as far as I know) the past few days I will suddenly get a massive urge to pee, like I have to go right that second or I feel I might pee myself! Mostly its only a trickle (tmi sorry) but feels like the baby is bouncing on my bladder. Could that be the baby starting to engage??

Right off to ante natal labour ward tour!!!

pinpan Sun 02-Sep-12 10:11:42

Hello beesnees!

Definitely don't want to give birth in a tent! 37 weeks now - it's pretty cool, people in shops have all started asking when I'm due, and then looking very faintly scared when I say "3 weeks" in case I don't make it out of the shop. It's going to be great not going to work tomorrow! DH and I did lots of nesting today - mostly because the landlady is coming to inspect this week rather than a hormonal urge. grin I've put a new bump photo on my profile. It feels enormous - and I like the slight squareness of the top, which is her sticking her butt out as far as possible. wink

WeeSooty, I've got the same, occasional sudden urge to run to the loo, and it's rare that there's much to show for it when I get there. I think it probably is the baby head-butting my bladder and beginning to descend.

Sympathies, CaptainHetty - my hips are getting pretty sore at night, but sounds like you're suffering even more. biscuitthanks I've been having a heap more crampy feelings and (TMI) a rather active bowel too, I think it's just my body gearing up rather than anything imminent, but it's not much fun!

cakes82 Sun 02-Sep-12 10:54:42

I've got the occasional urge to run to toilet too keep saying baby is doing a head spin on my bladder, thankfully given the bottom wiggling that I could feel last night there isn't any actual spinning happening and bottom is exactly where it should be.

Just out of interest have any of you had any pg dreams about childbirth or feeding? Everything I've read said you get dreams about the childbirth aspect cause its like your inner 'fears' so why was my dream about feeding?

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

pinpan Sun 02-Sep-12 11:42:34

I haven't had any actual birthing dreams, but I've had two or three where I can suddenly see features like the baby's face or feet complete with toes pushing out through the bump, and then (in that weird dreamy way) I'm suddenly holding her on the outside, having magically morphed her out through my skin. No pain though, so weirdness aside, I guess it wouldn't be so bad a way for it to happen. grin

Thumbwitch Sun 02-Sep-12 12:26:32

Oh pinpan, that sounds like a great way to have a baby! I'd go for that, so long as my bod is left intact after!

I think mine has gone head down in the last couple of days. Certainly everything feels a lot heavier down below now, especially after going to the loo. Although I would love to have a rather active bowel - mine has gone very sluggish again which is just awful and means I have a bit of fear of "going" now, because it is going to hurt (and does). I'm also quite worried that I'm heading for a rectocele - this isn't nice. I've lived with constipation for much of my life but it's so awful in pg. Am drinking the prune juice when I remember and have dried fruit, apples most days etc. but I suspect that the reason it's all gone a bit bad over the last couple of days is because I've been chomping on a few too many Tums.

Am also having the sudden urgent urge to wee and then not getting much out, I sort of assume it's because the baby is pressing on the bladder nerves.

No strange dreams this time so far, but I do remember having a really strange one last time around, that I'd lost the baby in the bed somewhere and woke up frantically patting around the bed, looking for it - then remembered I was still pg. blush

CaptainHetty Sun 02-Sep-12 14:20:33

Thanks for the sympathy, I think I'm doing DP's head in nearly crying every morning because it hurts, it's nice to know I'm not the only one getting it. Not nice you're all in pain too, obviously, but at least I'm not alone lol.

I still can't figure out which way round mine is, and it's (probably unnecessarily) really bugging me. I'm totally aware she's moved downwards somewhat - I feel like I've got a concrete bowling ball in my pelvis, and I'm also getting the intense need-to-pee-before-I-wet-myself urges which amount to nothing when I go to the loo, so things are most definitely getting squished... but most of the big, strong jabbing movements from her are low down on the left hand side. I wish I could remember where I felt movements with the others.

Also rearranged my hospital bag for the fourth time this morning. I'm a bit obsessed, and now started worrying if there's too much girly stuff in there. What if they were wrong? It might be a boy and he'll have to wear girly hats and babygros... Considering getting some machine dye and dying some white stuff nice bright unisex colours. Just in case. I can avoid sorting out my wardrobe a bit longer if I'm busy doing other things...

Thumbwitch Sun 02-Sep-12 14:23:52

<<shit - hospital bag - baby clothes - shit - must get that organised...>> [panic]

Thumbwitch Sun 02-Sep-12 14:25:20

Damn, pressed post too soon -

offer to give your DP a taste of what you're going through if he's short on the sympathy, Hetty - that's what I do to DH. Soon shuts him up when I offer him the hammer-blow to the mons pubis. grin He seems to think the bowling ball on the lower belly wouldn't be much of an issue though.. hmm

CaptainHetty Sun 02-Sep-12 14:25:49

Oh and re: dreams, I've had a few about her arriving, but I never seem to actually give birth in them. She always just seems to be there - the last one I went for a bath at my mums, came downstairs, and she was just there. It was all rather bizarre, it was like I'd given birth but totally forgotten about it and didn't feel it hmm

If only labour were really like that...

I also wake up from them slightly disappointed that I'm still pregnant and haven't miraculously given birth in my sleep grin

goodsenseofdirection Sun 02-Sep-12 14:33:28

hetty that sounds really painful thanks sympathies from me too.

I hadn't read the tent thread but a friend of a friend gave birth in a yurt in her MiLs garden confused after deciding our local London mat services weren't for her.. Tent is Definitely not for me!!

Pinpan, that does sound a great way to give birth! If only smile

Am also getting a same urge to wee as everyone else... Head feels like it's really pressing on my bladder sometimes.

Weesooty, glad you enjoyed York!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone smile

babybrain3 Sun 02-Sep-12 14:33:34

I had a dream the other night that I had the baby and managed to push it out with just two pushes and was a very easy birth... Here's hoping!! gringrin

I find that once it gets to early evening all I want is to lie in bed, to rest all my joints, but by morning I can't wait to get up, as they have started aching again. sad not much longer though now I guess.. Then we will all miss our bumps I bet!! smile

My bh are getting more painful now too, and bump is really kicking out, you can really see two little heels when it stretches out! Can't wait to meet my bump.

Have just dropped dc off at a party and come into town to pick up things for my hospital bag... Am just relaxing with a hot chocolate, checking lists to see if there is anything I have forgotten before I go and pick them up. smile

In other news, mum has now gone home, she was quite determined, despite not being able to weight bear, she wanted to manage herself. Have bought her some microwave meals and am making daily visits... Dd stayed over with her at the weekend to help. Am just hoping she actually does say if she needs more help.

RnB Sun 02-Sep-12 14:37:43

Hello ladies, well am 37 weeks therefore full term today shock

How are you all feeling? Sorry for those of you suffering with SPD - it's hideous, isn't it. I made the mistake of pushing a bag of shopping further into my pushchair basket with my foot yesterday. Dear god the pain was excruciating sad. Literally felt like my pelvis was being ripped apart.

Off to a BBQ in a bit, then my job is to pack my hospital bag when I get back. Although I bet you all now I won't be one of the first to give birth. Am preparing myself for my third overdue baby!

thebeesnees79 Sun 02-Sep-12 15:17:30

what sort of birth is everyone hoping for? I had a water birth with my second baby so wanting to give it another go.
My hospital was on "the midwife's" last week and starting to feel nervous after watching it. Still in denial about a baby being in my tummy haha
Maria & blue bump 34 weeks xx

CaptainHetty Sun 02-Sep-12 15:39:49

I wanted a nice water birth at home.

I'm now getting at best a natural labour under monitoring or at worst a c-section. Should find out which next week! I've gone from being bitterly disappointed to kind of... Oh well, whatever gets her here safely!

Was that the hospital with the separate rooms for all the women? I watched all the episodes in 2 days and can't remember which one was which lol. It looked very nice there though smile

Thumbwitch Sun 02-Sep-12 15:53:39

I'm hoping for a natural birth but will probably need inducing again; managed to get away with just the pessaries last time so FX that's all it takes this time around too, have NO desire to get onto the syntocin drip.
However, will take a CS if that's what's needed to bring the baby out safely - am too old to do this again at all, and have had a couple of scary things happen to friends at playgroup, plus hearing about the scary things on here (the ECV thread, for starters AND now I know 2 people in RL who have had it done, one who also sadly lost her baby due to placental abruption sad) - so I have very few expectations really. Whatever it takes.

No chance of home birth, wouldn't even dream of it because of my various high risk points - couldn't take the chance of a water birth either - what I really want is for things to go as well as they did last time, even if it did take several hours too long for my general comfort.

thebeesnees79 Sun 02-Sep-12 17:00:05

captinhetty it was the one with the separate rooms smile
The ward manager looked after me on the postnatal ward when I had my first baby.
Its getting close now, can't believe how quick this pregnancy has gone eeekkk

Littleplasticpeople Sun 02-Sep-12 18:59:32

Hello all,

It is nicely reassuring to hear everyone is suffering the same grim late pg symptoms (well not nice that you're suffering, but ykwim!). Yy to the 'must pee this second', I think it is definitely the baby bouncing on the bladder. And yes to needing liners too, but I have to admit it's mainly due to wee rather than discharge blush

I'm starting to get myself organised now, we have carseat and a new sling, a few new baby grows and vests, and exciting things like maternity pads and big pants for me. Still no idea what we are going to name this little one though, I'm hoping it'll come to me in a moment of clarity.

I'm booked for a home birth but at the moment my iron levels are significantly lower than they want. I will start chomping on the supplements before my next blood test!

Anyone else finding the baby movements a bit freaky?! I can't stand it when I poke it and it pokes right back! Also the giant squirmy type movements are all a bit 'Alien' like at times. Of course I worry as soon as it goes quiet for a while grin

cakes82 Sun 02-Sep-12 19:19:31

I find the movements reassuring, baby doesn't like my dh feeling it move tho, it stops if he puts his hand near although he did get to feel its bottom sticking out last night lol. Although I guess it is a little odd sometimes too but not quite as 'Alien' as I expected it to be.

We have 4 girls names and 3 boys names but i'm just not sure about any in particular. I think cause I have no inkling what sex it is. So many have told me they think its a boy but i've always expected I would have a girl.

I'm booked in to the local birth centre so as long as baby turns up of its own accord after 37wks then that is where I will be, I'd like a calm, fairly natural birth with as little gas and air as I feel I can cope with. Mainly though I just want me and it to be healthy by whatever means necessary.

RunningOutOfIdeas Sun 02-Sep-12 22:37:28

Hello every one. I have had no internet access on my home computer for the past week but hopefully all sorted out now.

Seems like we are all grateful for panty liners and quick access to toilets. Fortunately I don't have leaky boobs. Didn't at all with DD either. Had plenty of milk for her and only needed breast pads for the first couple of weeks.

I have a memory foam mattress which I think makes a huge difference to night time back and hip pain. When I was approaching 40 weeks with DD, I was really paranoid about my waters breaking in bed because of the cost of replacing the mattress. However I am in a lot of pain at the moment. Last year I partially disclocated a joint in my lower spine twice. It feels like it is trying to come out again. I guess I over did the vacuuming and playing with DD today. I have a heat pad on it at the moment but if it doesn't improve I will have to see my gp for painkillers.

I have 2 more weeks of work left, then 3 weeks until elcs. I am having regular chats with bump, telling her to stay put until the appointed date. I am going to have my nice, calm, planned c-section this time. Not the chaos of DD's birth.

goodsenseofdirection Sun 02-Sep-12 22:44:49

I find the movements reassuring too but sometimes if it's a big foot movingacross my tummy and I have my hand right there it really feels like a little alien- I've been known to jump! DP thinks it's hilarious grin

All being well a MW led birth centre for me, still thinking about water birth too. But like everyone else, whatever is the best for the baby on the day. And I have no idea how well I will cope with it all really.

bees I'm still a bit in denial about the baby being in there too grin it's sometimes a bit surreal that i'm actually pg! But v exciting too.

And cakes we have a similar amount of names but are not really sure about them either. I think a bit more name searching is necessary - or maybe one will feel right on the day...

How set on names were any of you with DCs before they were born? Easy or difficult choice?

Thumbwitch Sun 02-Sep-12 23:19:22

Alien here too! Big kicks, the weirdest movements are the strange flutters I get though - no idea what's causing those, it feels like bubbles/farting, but that's most unlikely! grin

Names - we were more sorted before DS came, I think - had 2 set choices for a boy depending on what he looked like, and really only 1 girls' name - still not really got the girl options sorted this time, but I think we're set for the boy options. smile

thebeesnees79 Mon 03-Sep-12 06:20:56

we had two boys names and two girls for our first (was a surprise bump) and he turned out a boy so all sorted, he is Christopher Harry.
with our second we struggled for a boys name but again another surprise and it was a girl so she was called Catherine Helen (named after my mum & sister)
We found out what we are having a this time so we could tell our little ones it was a brother or sister and its a boy. we are stuck on names that we both like :/
I like Andrew,Sam & Jensen, my hubby hates all my suggestions. so baby might not have a name for a little while lol

CaptainHetty Mon 03-Sep-12 07:36:50

I don't want to go to bed ever again. Ever. At least not until little madam has put in an appearance. I feel like all I do is moan but Christ on a bike this pain is horrendous sad I have memory foam mattress topper thing which has eased it slightly, but it's not making a huge difference. Think I'll burst into tears through exhaustion trying to talk to the MW tomorrow grin

I have an alien too! She's pretty much settled in one position now and I can always feel a limb of some description digging into my left side. Her wriggles feel kind of odd, and when she stretches and makes bigger movements it reeeally pushes out, it can be quite uncomfortable at times.

Names... I usually come up with a list of names between us and then wait to see what they look like, if that make