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April 2013... under starters orders

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herhonesty Fri 27-Jul-12 13:56:29

so tested positive on thursday am for a due date of ... 1st april.... anyone else? early days yet but after 2 years of trying for no. 2 i am very excited!!

FunkyMonkey1983 Fri 27-Jul-12 14:05:50

Congratulations! I'm due on 3rd April and I was just posting on another thread about feeling awful already! I already have a DD 19 months and I didn't feel this bad this early last time!

Frootloopz Fri 27-Jul-12 16:17:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AussieMummyTo1 Fri 27-Jul-12 17:00:50

Congratulations to you all ! I got a light BFP last Sunday & a nice dark BFP this morning !! I'm sooo excited & love actually having someone to tell !

Honesty you must be very, very happy after 2 years of trying smile

funky no advise, I haven't got any symptoms at all, hope you feel better soon.

Froot I'm also due 4th Apr too !! Well according to my calculations.

This is No2 for me, DD is 15 months & is an April baby too. Doesn't it seem likes ages till we can have our 1st scans !!

Flosshilde Fri 27-Jul-12 17:04:20

Congratulations ladies. Can I join? Got BFP on Wednesday afternoon (faint line) and this morning (strong line). Due date apparently 3 April.

I have one DS already, 2.7yo.

Few bits of cramping and achy boobs but no other symptoms as such yet (thankfully).

I tested on Wed afternoon as I was planning to go out for a few drinks that evening with friends and wanted to rule out pregnancy as we were TTC. Didn't think we'd been successful this month due to DH being poorly mid-cycle so I was shock when I saw the line.

damnitdamnit Fri 27-Jul-12 17:48:34

Can I join also due 1st April smile. This will be number 3 for me grin I must be nuts, currently have DD1 - 4 and DD2 - 2. Was pregnant earlier in the year but miscarried at 9 weeks so will be keeping this very quiet to RL friends and family and will be keeping everything crossed till scan timegrin.

Pontouf Fri 27-Jul-12 20:35:13

Hello, can I join in too? I am hoping for No. 2 - I had a mmc before I conceived DS (20mo) and had an ectopic pregnancy in early March so am very very cautious. I'm due 02/04/13 - blimey that sounds a very long way away! Wishing everyone tons of luck and happiness smile

bunnygirl80 Fri 27-Jul-12 21:47:24

Yay, more April people here already. I got a bfp yesterday, think my edd is 8th April. I have 1 DS who has turned 20 mths and appears to be embracing the concept of the terrible twos. No idea how I'm going to cope with two!

Givememorecheese Sat 28-Jul-12 05:13:02

Just wanted to pop in to wish you all huge congratulations. I am sitting here feeding my beautiful DS, born in April this year. Part of me can't believe it's been a whole year since I got my BFP and at the same time it seems so long ago and I remember how painfully slow those early days felt when we were waiting for that first scan.

You'll be holding your babies in your arms before you know it. In the meantime I wish you healthy, happy, drama-free pregnancies grin

Pontouf Sat 28-Jul-12 07:28:43

Aaah, thanks cheese - that's so sweet! The first few months are incredibly slow aren't they?! Congratulations on your beautiful DS.

Bunnygirl I feel your pain! My 20mo DS has been getting very strongwilled lately! I found my first pregnancy completely exhausting and was very sick until around 20 weeks. Have no idea how I'm going to cope if I'm the same with this pregnancy.

herhonesty Sat 28-Jul-12 14:18:24

thanks cheese. there's more of us baking than i thought..

JambalayaCodfishPie Sat 28-Jul-12 14:23:43

I've been waiting for this thread to appear - having also been part of the April 2012 clan. Can't believe it's here already!

Our group has been a fantastic source of support throughout my pregnancy and now with my little one, so get as involved as you can - no question is to small, or to stupid. grin

Good Luck Ladies, all the best!! smile

Doingakatereddy Sat 28-Jul-12 14:42:12

Can I join to? Due on 5th April (fingers crossed).

Just watching DH & DS (2) asleep on sofa together, thinking about how there will be 4 of us next year smile

Boobs have got huge, puked almost in neighbours garden today at smell of petrol mower & miss booze. Gonna be a long 9 months!

josie81 Sat 28-Jul-12 18:35:15

Hi all, wanted to join if that's ok, got my bfp today! Think my due date will be 3rd April.
Had totally ruled myself out for this month after a couple of bfn's earlier in the week so am pleasantly surprised. All being well this will be No 2 for us, DS is 2 and a half.
Congratulations to you all on your lovely news smile

Frootloopz Sat 28-Jul-12 22:52:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bunnygirl80 Sun 29-Jul-12 03:03:52

pontouf glad I'm not the only one with a strong willed toddler. We're you on the November 2010 thread?

froot I'm feeling tired and sick most of the time. Almost threw up in the supermarket today when I walked past the fish counter. With DS I didn't start feeling sick until about the 6week mark. If you're lucky you might get away without too many yucky symptoms at all

wishfulthinking1 Sun 29-Jul-12 07:39:30

Hi all!
Count me in!
Had a bfp about 10 minutes ago. This will be or first- though we had a mc at 7 wks in the beginning of June. We got married a week and 1 day ago!- so we conceived this little treasure a week before the big day!

We're going to Thailand on honeymoon in just over 3 weeks time, so I'll be 7 weeks when we go. When I got pg last time we changed our plans as didn't think Thailand when 16 wks pg was too sensible. But then we had the mc, so we booked the trip anyway. So, we'll go and just be careful! smile

So, baby is due 17th April. Perfect!!

damnitdamnit Sun 29-Jul-12 08:05:17

Thought I would try start the stats, wasn't sure what to record so just started with the basics so we can add anything else later if needed.

herhonesty - Expecting DC2 on 1st April
DamnitDamnit - Expecting DC3 on 1st April
Pantouf - Expecting DC2 on 2nd April
funkymonkey1983 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
flosshilde - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Josie81 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Frootloopz - Expecting DC1 on 4th April
AussiemummyTo1 - Expecting DC2 on 4th April
Doingakatereddy - Expecting DC2 on 5th April
Bunnygirl80 - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Wishfulthinking1 - Expecting DC1 on 17th April

Pontouf Sun 29-Jul-12 15:51:34

Bunnygirl - no I wasn't in the Nov 10 thread, although DS was born 9/11/10. I didn't really get into MN till after he was born - found it a fantastic help when breast feeding at 4am and you feel like nobody els in the world is awake and you pop on MN an there's loads going on! Also loved it for asking stupid questions and getting a useful range of replies almost instantly whatever the time of day! (DS was a very colicy baby and I think I might have had a breakdown were it not for some lovely MNers.)

So, I'm going away for a spa weekend next weekend and am staying overnight with a group of workmates. Obviously none of them know I'm upduffed yet. How can I avoid drinking and using the sauna and jacuzzi without arousing suspicion? Three of them are good close friends and one is a nice girl who I don't know very well. One of the good friends is 28 weeks preg, do was thinking I might just latch onto her and "keep her company" what do you guys think?

Pontouf Sun 29-Jul-12 15:53:33

Sorry for all the typos! Must preview in future blush

AussieMummyTo1 Sun 29-Jul-12 16:22:49

Wow, so many of us already. Congratulations, to everyone thats joined.

bunny My DD is only 15months & has recently taken to whinging, crying, tantrums if you take something off her, she wants to go somewhere she shouldnt, I thought she was meant to wait till she is 2 !!

cheese thank you, i have an April 2011 baby, cant believe ill have another next April !

fruit Ive been feeling fine, i felt a little "off" a couple of days ago, but dont know if it was maybe something i ate that didnt agree with me or pregnancy related confused Ive also been feeling a bit tired, but again could be just laziness ! smile

wishful Congrats, cant believe you fell pregnant just before wedding, i remember you talking about it on the July BFP thread ! Thailand is amazing, its my favourite place & ive been there about 4 times, so im sure youll have a fantstic time. Whhere in Thailand are you going ?

damnit good job on stats !

pontouf id go for keeping the pregnant friend company option & just saying to hot for jacuzzi, spa. Are you going to get treatments while away, id loovvee a massage !

DP is out, DD is napping & im watching Sky+ episodes of One Born Every Minute. 9 months seem so long !!! When will everyone make Dr's appointments ?

Pontouf Sun 29-Jul-12 19:26:23

Aussie - yes we get one free treatment with our package - either a half hour massage or a facial, but think I'm going to go for the facial cos my skin is just so bluergh at the moment. I love One Born Every Minute, it makes me cry even when i'm not pregnant and hormonal!

I'm going to try and get into the docs next week to see if I can persuade her to send me for an early scan due to my dodgy history (one mmc, one successful pregnancy and one ectopic).

When are people going to tell? I am desperate to shout about this pregnancy from the rooftops but DH wants to keep it quiet as long as possible. I work in an environment where my boss needs to know as soon as possible to keep me and the baby safe (operating theatres, often work with x-ray, rddioactive material, lifting with transferring patients etc) so it needs to be soon really. Also really want to tell my Mum.
Is everyone else waiting till 12 weeks?

Flosshilde Sun 29-Jul-12 22:24:15

Evening all. There are lots of us, aren't there.

Well I have felt awful all day. Bad taste in mouth, feeling slightly sick all the time and absolutely exhausted. Definitely pregnancy symptoms, I remember them from last time but I am only 4+4. They didn't kick in till 5/6 weeks when I was pregnant with DS1. Talking of whom, he's been clingy as anything over the past few days. DH reckons he can smell it! grin

Aussie - I was wondering about when to go to GP. I think I am just going to phone up and ask for a referral and only go in if they need me to. I work full time over 4 days so could do with avoiding any unnecessary appointments. Might do another test on Wednesday to confirm (a week after first BFP) and then phone.

Pontouf - I am going to tell my boss when I get my booking in appointment, as I was very open with him about wanting another when I got the job. I won't tell anyone else at work for as long as I can get away with. I am telling my family when I see them in the 3rd week of August, but again if I have a miscarriage I would tell my mum. We will tell DH's family not long after that.

bunnygirl80 Sun 29-Jul-12 23:09:33

pontouf my DS was 11/11/10. Was aiming for 12/11/10 but I don't think I'd have enjoyed the extra 3hours of labour that would have required grin

As for telling work, I'm going to wait until 12weeks. I'm an orthodontist, and it'll be total pita for them to find a locum to cover me while I'm on leave, so I'm not going to rock the boat unless I need to. The situation's a bit dodgy for me too, as I'm on a fixed term contract in one of my jobs (I have 2 for 2 days a week each) so they could choose not to renew my contract once I tell them (which is precisely what the practice I worked for when I had DS did angry)

I'll probably tell mil soon because we're in Oz and all our family is in the UK. Pils usually come over for Xmas and stay until the end of March, so I'll ask her if they can change the dates/extend their stay so they can look after DS while I'm in labour. Will tell my mum in a few weeks too, she's a worrier so I'd rather feel a bit more certain that this is going to stick around before I tell her. As for friends, a couple know we're trying, so if they ask I'll tell them, otherwise I'll wait until after my first scan.

Aussie I'm going to see my GP in about a week, we're going on holiday tomorrow for 6 days, otherwise I'd go in sooner. I want to use the same obstetrician I had last time, and if I don't book in with her by about 7wks she might be full. Especially as March/April are supposed to be the busiest months for having babies over here because of all the winter shagging that goes on grin

floss I'm with you on the exhaustion, was in bed by 8:30 last night.

I keep freaking myself out over lack of symptoms, even though I had none before about 6wks with DS. And I am tired and sicky feeling, so there are some there. I think it's because we're going to Fiji for a week tomorrow, and I really don't want anything to go wrong while we're away from home.

Frootloopz Mon 30-Jul-12 11:06:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AmayaBuzzbee Mon 30-Jul-12 13:57:40

Hello ladies!

Please can I join in? My due date is 8th April smile I have added updated stats below.

I have no symptoms so far apart from mild "tugging and pulling" feeling down there. Just wondering when they kick in. With DD (11mo) I was already really bloated and feeling out of breath at this stage. Since I don't have either of those symptoms yet, I am hoping I might be skipping the 24/7 nausea I had with her too (wishful thinking -I know!) grin

Pontouf I am hoping to be able to keep quiet till 12wk scan, it just depends how quickly I begin to show and if can I hide it at work. With DD it was obvious to everybody by wk 13, and don't second ones show sooner? I have no tummy muscles to hold anything in!

herhonesty - Expecting DC2 on 1st April
DamnitDamnit - Expecting DC3 on 1st April
Pantouf - Expecting DC2 on 2nd April
funkymonkey1983 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
flosshilde - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Josie81 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Frootloopz - Expecting DC1 on 4th April
AussiemummyTo1 - Expecting DC2 on 4th April
Doingakatereddy - Expecting DC2 on 5th April
Bunnygirl80 - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Amayabuzzbee - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Wishfulthinking1 - Expecting DC1 on 17th Apri

Pontouf Mon 30-Jul-12 20:37:41

Welcome Amaya!

For everyone who's expecting DC2 or 3, are you having stretching pains at all? I remember getting quite strong period type pains with DS and beig told it was my uterus stretching and I'm getting the same sort of pains now. Is this normal with a 2nd pregnancy? I sort of assumed that i'd already be stretched so wouldn't get those pains so much this time?

damnitdamnit Mon 30-Jul-12 20:55:14

Pontouf I too get period type pains, did with both dd's, the pregnancy I miscarried and this time too.

Ratbagcatbag Mon 30-Jul-12 21:05:54

Hello everyone.

Can I join?? As I'm rubbish at writing period dates down, I'm pretty sure I'm due April 1st but may be a 31st March, doc agreed for now 1st April is on the form though.

Been trying for 18 months and this will be my first even though I have a DSS who's nearly 14.

I'm feeling sick all the time from dinner time through to bed, but helpfully not on the morning.

I went to the docs today who warned me that one in five can miscarry this early so now feeling a bit anxious.

Scouseandproud Mon 30-Jul-12 23:15:21

Hi, just discovered am due 6th April which is DH birthday! Will be DC2, DC1 born 12/11/10. A happy surprise, DH must have super sperm.
Am a little scared because I had quite severe pre-eclampsia, was in for early induction but DD arrived before they could fit me in. So prepared for a lot of monitoring this time.

Have name changed because I have a nosy DSis who is pg and I don't want her to know yet, she's going to have a hissy fit sad

AmayaBuzzbee Tue 31-Jul-12 07:54:40

No stretching pains here (yet anyway).

Scouse -what a lovely coincidence! Your DH must be pleased? smile

Why would your DSis have a hissy fit about your pregnancy, you'd think it would be really nice to be pg at the same time so you can compare symptoms etc together?

Ratbagcatbag Tue 31-Jul-12 08:36:43

Morning everyone.

How is everyone feeling today?? I'm not bad yet, but not got out of bed as on a weeks leave so it could all change.

Can I ask a daft question please? When people talk about 4+3, or 7+2 or whatever, what do they mean?? <thick emoticon required here>

AmayaBuzzbee Tue 31-Jul-12 09:04:33

Morning Rat! The numbers refer to weeks and days. So for example 4+3 is four weeks and three days pregnant.

Scouseandproud Tue 31-Jul-12 09:11:31

They mean 4 weeks plus 3 days pg.

Have had some random feelings, not quite cramps but not tummy gurgles either. My gums have been sooo sore since Thurs and bp lower than normal is what got me thinking before missed af. I had no symptoms with DD and didn't realise I was pg until 25 weeks (was on pill) so hopefully I'll get away with that again!

DH is very excited about being near his birthday! I suspect DSis will not be wanting to share what she sees as her limelight, DD was first GC and she was very upset it wasn't her.

BonaDea Tue 31-Jul-12 10:30:29

Hello everyone - I'm completely new here and also got a BFP last night. Due date looking to be 6 April....

This was our first month of trying for our first baby and I'm in complete shock that it happened so fast! No symptoms yet (although I was convinced I was about to get AF)... Am worried sick because of a drunken night out I had last week before knowing (I was convinced the bloating / slight crampy feeling was AF). Hoping the doctor / midwife will put me at ease on that front.

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you all.

Flosshilde Tue 31-Jul-12 11:05:52

Morning all. I have continued to feel dreadful since Sunday so I phoned the docs this morning and they asked me to go in. I have antibs for a UTI and a referral to ante-natal at the hospital.

I'm dragging myself to work in a minute as I'll be seriously putting someone out if I don't go in but if I don't feel any better tomorrow I might have the day off.

Welcome to all our newbies!

Bonadea - I was convinced we'd not managed it this month so I carried on drinking. I hit the wine quite spectacularly on one night and have had the odd beer here and there as well. We also drank on holiday, where it turns out I conceived. I'm not going to worry about it as its done now and since I got my BFP I've not touched a drop.

BonaDea Tue 31-Jul-12 11:52:30

Flosshilde Phew! I'm so glad it's not just me with the accidential drinking blush! Hope you feel better soon...

Ratbagcatbag Tue 31-Jul-12 13:29:39

Four bottles of wine went at a BBQ the other week, obv didn't know I was pregnant then. Worst hangover since I've been about 18. Doc said not to worry, nothing I can do now. smile

Scouseandproud Tue 31-Jul-12 14:46:23

Congratulations BonaDea!

I did so much that I shouldn't have last time, even went to Alton towers at 12 weeks ha! This time round knowing so early feels strange and almost limbo like its not real.

BonaDea Tue 31-Jul-12 14:50:45

^quiet voice^: I was so hungover I was sick...

Thanks Scouse! Eeek! It's so exciting.

I am sitting here with a big salad at my desk and literally having to force it back. Not hungry AT ALL but determined the tyke is going to get some vitamins and protein!

Ratbagcatbag Tue 31-Jul-12 15:37:51

Did you go on everything scouse? I'm going to Alton towers tomorrow with a group of us, two weeks ago I was ribbing them all for being wusses, now I've got to try and think of a convincing excuse why I can't go on anything sad suggestions gratefully received on what to say.

Scouseandproud Tue 31-Jul-12 16:25:21

I did Ratbag shock went on air about half a dozen times, I felt so damn bad when I found out I was pg thinking of all the stuff I had done.

There's a cold that causes a dodgy tummy doing the rounds here, can you say you've got that?? Can't go on the rides in case the motion makes me poop my pants kind of thing? I can't imagine your friends would ask too many questions about that?!

Novia Tue 31-Jul-12 19:38:55

Hola - Novia signing in! Congratulations everyone! grin

Accidently started a rival thread in the pregnancy forum (sorry!) but was ushered here - didn't know this place existed!!! Hopefully some the girls I was talking to there will also come over!

I'm 5 weeks pregnant with my first (also due 1st April - that was popular!) and very glad to find some people in the same boat!

I'm 34 and live in London. I only got married in June, so the speed of BFP is unexpected - first month off the pill. Thought we'd have had a bit more time to recover from paying off the wedding before saving for baby stuff/maternity leave - but not complaining!

Haven't had any symptoms other than being shattered and starving. Actually did another test this evening just to reassure myself that it's true!

I look forward to hearing all your stories... wink

Novia Tue 31-Jul-12 20:02:42

I also have alcohol guilt - convinced there was no chance in the first month so drank many bottles of wine over the first 3 weeks. Stopped as soon as I found out though so hopefully should be okay. I do miss wine though...!

josie81 Tue 31-Jul-12 22:29:51

Alcohol guilt here too, after bfn I went for it on the wine only to get bfp next day, oops!

Am feeling a bit yuck and tired, annoying that I can't get sympathy from anyone but DH as nobody else knows yet...so he is getting an earful poor thing.

wishfulthinking1 Wed 01-Aug-12 07:37:58

Well, I got married a week before bfp and had a hen do the week before that and spent last week on a little bit boozy mini-moon! I didn't go too crazy, but a few units were definitely consumed- but obv stopped as soon as BFp, which I got on day period was due, so I'm not too worried about that.

To be honest though, I'm worried about everything else! I had a mc 2 months ago and I'm so scared it'll happen again- I'm getting a lot of twinges at the moment. Haven't even dared get my 'pregnancy bible' out from dh's wardrobe where I hid it when it all went wrong last time! I haven't even installed the billion apps for me phone that I did last time. I'm going to wait until past 7 weeks before i let myself do anything like that.

And I'm really worried about thailand honeymoon. When got pg in may we decided not to book it, and would go somewhere closer to home as id have been about 16 wks- but then I had mc so we decided to go for it. And now when we go I'll be 7 wks (I was 7 weeks when I mc last time). Obv I'll just be careful, plenty of women travel abroad when they're pg, plenty of Thai people are pg- ill just be careful about what I eat and won't do anything too energetic. It's a sight-seeing holiday rather than a beach one. Do you think I'm doing the wrong thing? Should I cancel? I could handle a simple mc abroad, but what If it's ectopic? I've got a drs app a few days before we go, but it'll be too late to do anything by then. Ahhhhh! I hate that I had a mc, if I hadn't I don't think I'd be so worried!


Novia Wed 01-Aug-12 08:28:57

wishfulthinking - first of all - congratulations! There is no reason to think this one will end in MC - maybe you've had your bad luck? If you get stressed it definitely won't make you feel any better so try and stay positive. In terms of honeymoon - you'll be fine. You're still really early and although you might have symptoms, there is nothing to prevent you having a great time. Just be a bit careful about what you are eating. Don't have drinks with ice (as sometimes the ice isn't purified) and avoid salad as this is also often washed in tap water. Most of all go and have a wonderful time and enjoy your last big holiday with just the two of you! smile

josie81 - maybe we should call our little beans 'pickle!' grin

threeleftfeet Wed 01-Aug-12 08:39:54

Can I say a cautious hello! Faint line this morning.
Due date April 13th.

timetomoveon Wed 01-Aug-12 09:31:27

Another cautious hello from me - got a bfp this morning. Not sure of edd as my periods are erratic at best but the digi test said 3+ which I think really means 5weeks but I did a test a week ago and it was neg so I've no idea!

threeleftfeet Wed 01-Aug-12 09:33:11

Congratulations timetomoveon! grin

Sounds very positive to me smile

timetomoveon Wed 01-Aug-12 09:36:22

Thanks smile congrats to you too aufaniae!

BonaDea Wed 01-Aug-12 09:41:38

Congratulations everyone! So far so good!

Novia - we got married on 7 July and my best guess is that I got knocked up within a week. Just didn't think it would happen to quickly and now I'm shuddering to think about what I ate / drank / did on honeymoon - lots of parma ham, unpasturised cheese, wine, wine, wine, traipsiing about sightseeing in 35 degree heat...

Wishful - if someone said to you tomorrow: your trip to Thailand is cancelled and you'll be touring the Amalfi Coast in Italy or going to Provence, how would you feel? Would you be relieved deep down in side or disappointed? That might be your answer...

BonaDea Wed 01-Aug-12 09:43:31

p.s. please someone tell me about all the apps I need to download!

Novia Wed 01-Aug-12 10:08:33

BonaDea - not sure if they are the best ones, but I have the free versions of My Pregnancy and What To Expect (pregnancy) and I paid for the full version of BabyBump. They all seem pretty good - My Pregnancy is probably the best/least American.

I've also got Tinybeans, which is a photo journal you can use when the baby is born to create an online album of its growth/life. It only has the positive pregnancy test photo so far - but thought I would use it for my bump pictures too! smile

BonaDea Wed 01-Aug-12 10:29:28

Thanks - will check them out!

herhonesty Wed 01-Aug-12 11:57:19

apps!! i never had apps last time round!! even more excited now.

Circusgirl1 Wed 01-Aug-12 12:20:07

Hi! Can I join? I'm 5 weeks 2 days but have pregnancy symptoms. Is this normal? This is my first pregnancy and I am so nervous as all I seem to hear are people talking about MCs. I had an early scan yesterday and all they can see is a sac and yolk sac. Some reassurance would be amazing!!

Frootloopz Wed 01-Aug-12 12:30:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Frootloopz Wed 01-Aug-12 12:34:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Circusgirl1 Wed 01-Aug-12 12:38:36

Hi froot I meant to say that I'm not having any symptoms. Except maybe going to the loo a bit more and some cramps. I'm so excited but can't seem to get the thought of MC out of my head :-( when are you due? Congrats btw!

timetomoveon Wed 01-Aug-12 13:18:45

I've got reeeeeeaaalllllyyyy sore boobs. Other than that, nothing really. Feel a touch nauseous but not much. This is my 3rd pg (1 mc in 2005 and a ds who is 4) and the other times I was hugely sick and nauseous so I'm waiting with eager anticipation for that to start.

damnitdamnit Wed 01-Aug-12 17:17:17

Timetomoveon I am the same, my boobs are so sore I am holding them just to walk up the stairs. It is also amazing me how many times the kids can elbow me in an hour.

Feeling really tired today can't decide if it's the swimming I did earlier or pregnancy symptom but sent DH out with the kids food shopping so I can have a sit down grin

Novia Wed 01-Aug-12 17:57:07

Feeling irrationally emotional after my trip to the doctor to get a midwife appointment this evening.

I live in East London which has some nice bits and lots of less-nice bits. Its a big doctors practice and caters for lots of people from a variety of backgrounds. The doctor was totally not bothered and cold (don't expect a fuss, but a bit of support/advice would be nice - she also gave me advice which was then contradicted by the reception staff who booked the midwife appointment.

I got told that I won't see a midwife until 12 weeks and they only had one appointment available then as she only works there on Fridays. And I will have to go to my scans at Whitechapel hospital (which is a huge, old, cr*ppy, dirty London hospital). Apparently someone from the hospital will contact me re: the scan.

Just feel really low and deflated - really hate the idea of going to Whitechapel and it seems a long time 'til I see a midwife (17th September) and then there is no flexibility (I have to go to the surgery to see her and there is limited availability).

Is this normal? Desperate to move but struggling to sell our flat at the moment.

threeleftfeet Wed 01-Aug-12 19:07:46

I was born in the London! Quite a while ago though smile

Do you like the other Drs at the practice? Can you maybe avoid seeing her in the future?

threeleftfeet Wed 01-Aug-12 19:08:33

Early scan?! How do you get one of those? I thought you had to wait till the dating scan at 12 weeks.

AmayaBuzzbee Wed 01-Aug-12 19:37:55

Here (in Surrey) you only get to see midwife at 10wks, they are not interested earlier as risk of miscarriage is high before then. They also do some kind of bloodtest where results only show after you are 10wks. It's going to be a long wait! I'm not sure if I should book now or wait a couple more weeks before I do? Am only 4+2 today.

Circusgirl1 Wed 01-Aug-12 19:45:26

I've also found the docs really can't be bothered with new pregnancies. Even first time mums. The doc I saw said I should get a pregnancy pack from reception at my surgery. When I went to collect they told me that I shouldn't bother collecting it until closer to 10 weeks in case of MC! What a way to celebrate eh?

Ratbagcatbag Thu 02-Aug-12 07:47:31

Morning all,

I had a very tiring day at Alton Towers yesterday and managed to go on Duel twice and rapids once, I avoided everything else. Living it up me smile

Anyway can I ask a question please? I'm really worried about my boobs, they are a fair size anyway and people on here are commenting on them getting bigger, does that always happen? I'm currently a 34 HH, I have no idea where I can get bigger bras from that will eventually have no underwiring in them and will still support them. Bravissimo is normally ace but I'm very worried about their capabilities.

And they're bloody aching every time I take my bra off, fine until them but agony afterwards. sad

Doingakatereddy Thu 02-Aug-12 08:26:37

Morning ratbagcabag. Alton Towers, wow your brave - I went to cinema last night & I'm shattered!

On bra's, I've got big boobs & during last pregnancy regularly checked sizing. Bought bra's from Figleaves, but found if you want to save money good tip is to nor look for maternity bra's, just non under wired & go to cheapy shops (TJ Hughes, Market stalls etc). However, if you have a few bob I'd recommend Hotmilk (stuff is lush)

Ratbagcatbag Thu 02-Aug-12 09:08:05

Oooh Hotmilk looks very nice, still not much in my size already though, Grrrr, I will have to hope I don't get much bigger.

I didn't realise there were so many things to consider - what to wear giving birth, what to wear afterwards, what pants to wear due to bleeding?!?! ARGH!!! grin

timetomoveon Thu 02-Aug-12 11:02:40

It's really glamorous being pg/having a baby ;)

Flosshilde Thu 02-Aug-12 11:05:56

I had Hotmilk maternity and nursing bras last time and they are ace. I have a small back size which was difficult to find elsewhere. I ended up getting a huge cyst on my back one of my bras rubbed so much.

I wore a couple of my DH's old shirts in labour which we binned afterwards. Big M&S knickers with maternity pads. You have to be more careful about clothing if you have a C-section, I didn't and went straight back into a non-maternity pair of jeans, albeit they were a comfy and loose fitting pair I'd worn up to about 26 weeks (and I gave birth at 33 weeks). Actually, having read that, I'm not the best to advise!

timetomoveon Thu 02-Aug-12 11:10:07

I bought giant cheap knickers from tesco a couple of sizes bigger with maternity pads - they were big enough that they would have come over a cs scar but I didn't have a cs anyway. I threw them away after a month or so and started wearing nice pants again smile

AussieMummyTo1 Thu 02-Aug-12 13:24:12

Welcome Amaya Remember seeing u on July BfP thread & to ratbag scouse BonaDea Novia Aufaniae Timetomove & Circus I think that's everyone new. congratulations All !!

I bought Primark & Sainsburys full briefs in bigger size & they were super comfy. I still wear the same brand in normal size (not sexy, but comfy !) also got 2nd hand button up nighty for labour on eBay, chucked after. Button up's make BF easier !

I'm also waiting till 12weeks to announce, just to be on the safe side. Got my Dr appoint tomorrow, I know it will be a let down as I remember them being really blaze with DD but kinda excited anyway !

Floss my DD also been clingy, maybe they really can smell it on us !! grin

Bunny where in Oz r u, I'm from Sydney but been in UK 13years now.

Pontouf I'm getting abdomen pain which I don't remember having last time. Maybe it is stretching or body remembering previous shape & changing already ?!?

wishful enjoy Thailand, just be cautious on food & water & try not to worry. I'd go if it was me !

circus I didn't have any symptoms with DD so not unusual, some people do, some don't. I didn't really have any whole last pregnancy, but this time its different & have mild symptoms, so even each pregnancy can be different.

ratbag I'm impressed, Alton Tower Rides !! I haven't been on a theme park ride in years ! Also my boobs didn't get bigger with DD at all !

Well besides feeling a bit light headed now & then, I seem to be taking deep breaths like I'm out of breath ? Anyone else got this ? It also gives me pulling feeling on my tummy when I carry DD, it's only 5 weeks so picking her up in 6 months should be interesting !!

If this is 2nd or 3rd baby for you, does your pregnancy feel different this time ? Could it feel different if you are having a different sex baby ? I'm hoping to have a little boy but gonna have a surprise as any healthy baby would be perfect !!

Sorry for mammoth post, I tend to do long catch up's !! smile

Ratbagcatbag Thu 02-Aug-12 14:55:42

Hi Aussiemummy

Idbooked Alton towers before finding out I was pregnant, so had to avoid all the big stuff yesterday, the teens just thought I was a wuss which is fine, but my very eagle eyed friend was suss, so I had to fess all to him lol. I figured I would anyway else he'd harass me into going on all the big stuff.

feeling sick as a dog today sad chocolate helps though. smile

Ratbagcatbag Thu 02-Aug-12 15:36:51

Can I ask another daft question to alloys lovely mumsnetters?

When working out due date they do it from date of first day of last period, which is approx five weeks ago for me, so am I technically five weeks pregnant? Or does it count from day conceived which they think around 6th july, so 3 weeks preg?? And which do they base the twelve week scan and expected delivery date on??

Apologies I appear to be absolutely clueless blush

Ratbagcatbag Thu 02-Aug-12 15:37:15

Alloys = all you

Flosshilde Thu 02-Aug-12 15:53:24

Due date is from first day of last period, so you will be 5 weeks pregnant. You spend the first two weeks of pregnancy not being pregnant. All your scans, etc are based on this.

Average human gestation is 38 weeks, but a pregnancy is classed as 40 weeks.

Confusingly, my friends medical books were all based on date since conception so when I tried to tally up my scan pic with the pics in there I wondered why they didn't match...

Ratbagcatbag Thu 02-Aug-12 15:58:07

See you learn something new everyday, I genuinely though you were pregnant for 40 weeks.

So my twelve week scan will actually be 10 weeks in size, my brain hurts lol, but thank you for filling me in. smile

Pontouf Thu 02-Aug-12 17:56:52

Hi all, how're we all feeling? Welcome to all new peo

Pontouf Thu 02-Aug-12 18:38:12

New people - sorry stupid iPhone!!!

I am finding I'm completely exhausted most of the time. Have got my parents staying at the moment and am trying really hard to stay up and chat in the evenings but I'm working ten hour shifts and have a 20 month old (and obviously am 5+2) so am struggling a bit!

Aussie, yes I'm having far fewer symptoms this time round. With DS I was vomitting at 3 and a half weeks but I'm only getting mild nausea this time round. So maybe I'm having a girl??! I think although i'd like a girl, I'd be just as happy with another boy - boys are fab! DH and I would like at least three anyway.

Giddypants Thu 02-Aug-12 18:53:14

Hi can I join please dc2 due 3rd April I'm about 5 weeks seems like such a long way to go!

JessieEssex Thu 02-Aug-12 20:29:51

Can I join too? pontouf we chatted briefly on my 'is this line really a line?' type thread last week! Currently expecting an EDD of 6th April. this will be DC2 - DD is 23 months. Had my first twinge of morning sickness this morning...

Scouseandproud Thu 02-Aug-12 21:31:10


Hi Giddypants and JessieEssex

Ratbag was Alton Towers any fun without being able to go on the rides? We had a trip planned for later this month but DH can go with his mates without me I think, I bloody love oblivion and would be quietly miffed standing holding stuff while they go on everything envy.

I'm so damn dehydrated at the minute, but the nausea has gone at least.

Does anyone know if we get bounty packs on second children?? How sad that I'm interested to know if they've changed in the last two years ha!

Giddypants Thu 02-Aug-12 21:42:21

I love Alton towers, don't know how you stomach oblivion though, we used to go with a group of friends every year for a double header front row on Rita is the best! But since we got old and had kids we haven't been able to get there! Think it was 5 years ago last time we went. Not been on 13 or sub terra, but I will, I am determined grin

Pontouf Thu 02-Aug-12 22:28:37

Hi Jessie, great to see you over here! My EDD is 2/4/13. Congrats again on the definite BFP smile

Welcome also to Giddypants.

I agree with Scouse, I bloody love Oblivion and Air and Nemesis and Rita and..... well all of it and could not face going if I had to watch everyone else have fun while I held the coats!

Giddypants Fri 03-Aug-12 10:28:05

Thanks for the welcomes, I'm really freaking out this morning, I didn't have many symptoms when pg with DS but I had the sore boobs thoughout and from an early stage, I know they say each pregnancy is different but this time I have had hardly anything, my boobs felt a little tender yesterday but nothing today.
I feel like I'm loosing my sprout sad could bf make them less sensitive?

I go on a few days break on Monday back on Wednesday if I still feel the same i'll see if I can get an early scan at the EPAU, I had a mmc in 2006 went to 14 weeks and was devastated at my dating scan don't want to go through that again

timetomoveon Fri 03-Aug-12 10:37:50

Giddy - I'm having a panic today as well as my boobs are really hurting any more. I don't know about the bf, sorry.
Hope you're ok x

timetomoveon Fri 03-Aug-12 10:38:15

sorry should say *aren't really hurting any more.

Flosshilde Fri 03-Aug-12 11:09:27

Giddy and time - my boobs barely hurt at all yesterday but were back to their usual agonising selves this morning. I can't remember it fluctuating the first time round but it must have done.

I can understand your worries particularly with a previous mmc for you Giddy, I was thinking earlier that it must be one of the hardest ways of having to deal with a mc. And I was thinking about mmc as my mind was running through all the things that could go wrong with this pregnancy...

Giddypants Fri 03-Aug-12 11:22:00

The wait is just agonising, if someone said that it was going to end early I could except it and move on, but it's just the not knowing!

FunkyMonkey1983 Fri 03-Aug-12 12:01:01

Hi all, hope everyone is doing ok. I've not been on the thread much as the sickness is quite bad for me at the moment and looking at a computer screen seems to make it worse! I had my booking in appointment with the midwife yesterday and she's sending me for an early scan as she thinks I'm further on that I thought!

So I might be 7 weeks already, not 5 but I guess I'll find out next week!

timetomoveon Fri 03-Aug-12 12:20:14

Giddy - I totally know what you mean. My first pg ended in mc at 11 weeks - once I got past that with ds,I felt a lot better but that seems such a long time away atm.

areyoumad Fri 03-Aug-12 12:21:00

Normally post as ratbagcatbag

Things aren't great today, me and DH had a huge row last night, turns out he's been miserable for months and was thinking about leaving, now feels trapped as I'm pregnantv sad Crappy crap day today, just talking today and he thinks weve grown apart and are getting worse, he's really unhappy sad

BonaDea Fri 03-Aug-12 12:44:01

Ratbag - so sorry to hear that. You must be so upset. Perhaps you should think about going to get some counselling as a couple to see if this would help? The timing is just awful for you sad. Hugs from me.

Giddypants Fri 03-Aug-12 14:32:33

That's awful ratbag could you sit down together and try and hash things out?

Flosshilde Fri 03-Aug-12 14:45:52

Ratbag - I am so sorry to hear that. Not sure what to advise really. I can only suggest couples counselling like Bona did. You have time on your side before the baby comes at least.

areyoumad Fri 03-Aug-12 15:16:54

Just had some tough chats, I think I'll be hiding this thread soon as I won't be having a baby anymore, or have a house or husband for that matter. Wow, how quick it can change from what you think is ok.

Thanks for everyones support though and I wish you all good luck with your pregnancies.

BonaDea Fri 03-Aug-12 15:28:04

Ratbag - just don't rush anything. Take your time to make these tough decisions.

timetomoveon Fri 03-Aug-12 16:21:32

Ratbag sad Just want to echo what BonaDea says - take your time. Hugs from me too.

wishfulthinking1 Fri 03-Aug-12 16:21:40

Oh ratbag- you poor poor thing. What a terrible situation. Had you been actively ttc? If so then your dh really is very foolish and unkind not to have said something before.

How long have you been married? Do you feel there's a problem? Could he just be having a peculiar reaction to the pregnancy?

I assume your post above was referring to a termination- youre in very early pg stages, you have plenty of time to make a decision- I would certainly advise seeking professional help ASAP and not making any decisions for a couple of weeks- there really is not hurry.

You poor poor love- what a shit situation,

areyoumad Fri 03-Aug-12 16:25:08

Been actively trying for two years, h said that he's been trying to hope how's he's feeling will go away or it's just hom being daft. He knows it's the worst timing ever but he's just miserable too.

Just a shock, but if I'm brutally honest I've been coasting along, content and complacent, not miserable but not like we were.

areyoumad Fri 03-Aug-12 16:26:51

Married for three years, together for ten.
Wow. Yesterday I was going into my thirties potentially being a mum, now not likely and single and no house again. What a difference 24 hours makes.

BonaDea Fri 03-Aug-12 17:29:01

My heart goes out to you.

Even if you knew things weren't perfect, it was really really crap of H not to have said something before now. He must have known that the time was going to come when you would get a BFP and now you're in a terrible position.

Spend at least the weekend talking it over with H, your friends, your family (if you are close enough).


Pontouf Fri 03-Aug-12 17:51:23

Ratbag, just want to second everyone's condolences. So sorry you are having such a shitty time. Do you have plenty of support in RL? Family or friends you could talk to?

damnitdamnit Fri 03-Aug-12 17:58:17

Ratbag also just wanted to say how sorry I am that this has happened. Don't tush into anything you have time to think and talk yet.

areyoumad Fri 03-Aug-12 18:24:45

Thanks everyone - I have lots of RL support from close friends, who have all offered to help me move a body if needed lol.

I thought I would be raging, but I think because I see how miserable he is, I can try and look at it objectively, we will spend the next week or two really talking and seeing where if anywhere we can go, if not then I would rather go for a fully clean break and not make him feel he's tied to me in anyway, I want to be a mum but bringing a child into a stable relationship is important, I know they don't always stay that way, but more than 6 weeks in would be a good start.

josie81 Sat 04-Aug-12 08:33:10

Oh ratbag I really feel for you, what a rollercoaster you've been through, on top of early pg hormones. You must feel totally wiped out from it all.

Hopefully you can have a rest and clear your head over the weekend. You are clearly a much better person than I am to be able to look at this situation objectively!

miarosemum Sat 04-Aug-12 10:48:22

Hi all...well got bfp today on af due day...but have been poas for last five days and getting faint lines so feeling happier I made it to today with a nice bfp still, never knew poas was so obsessive!! So fx crossed edd is 12th April. No symptoms really but early days, slightly tingly boobs. Have one dd 5 years old but trying for 12 months for this bfp.

Rainbow I can't ever imagine the pain and heartache that you had to go through and how this pregnancy must be so worrying for you, we are all here to support each other though smile

LikeCandy Sat 04-Aug-12 11:18:11

Hi all,
First timer here and other than my DH you guys are the first to know I am pregnant!
Got a + on Thursday morning, and again this morning.
It's a bit surreal as I only came off the pill in May and we weren't intending to 'properly' try until December.
By my bests guess I am due about 12th April. I have an appointment to see my GP on Monday afternoon - we're not planning on telling anyone IRL for a while other than my Boss who has to know for H&S reasons!
Congratulations and hugs to everyone - it will be nice to get to know you all smile


miarosemum Sat 04-Aug-12 11:21:46

Hi sweet, our edd is the same 12th aug, the same here too..only dp knows and whole of mums net obviously! Can't make docs appointment yet as away on holiday till Wednesday. Exciting times! Is this your first?

LikeCandy Sat 04-Aug-12 11:58:00

Hi, yes this will be our first. I know what you mean about POAS obsession - I only did it again this morning just to make sure - I hid the stick for the three minutes the first time, this time I watched it and I got the positive straight away, even before the control line!
I can't wait for it to sink in :D

Giddypants Sat 04-Aug-12 15:08:10

Hello likecandy and miarose and congratulations on your BFP hopefully we will have a boring and non eventful pregnancies!

mrsRigby still thinking of you and hope you are managing to work things out with your DH

Im feeling really sick this afternoon, funny how it's never in the morning!

EssexWelsh Sat 04-Aug-12 17:13:21

Just saw this thread after starting another so will start with a lengthy intro then promise to keep it short and sweet...

Hello ladies, had my BFP just an hour ago, I'm all up and down with feelings. I'm 29 have been with DP 5 years, we had an unplanned pregnancy earlier in the year and I miscarried at 9 weeks and was devastated. Since then we have been not not trying and now it has worked, however afraid to be happy or get excited after last time. Also feel very guilty as last pregnancy I got very drunk at 3 weeks before I knew and again only drunk once since that night and happened to be 3 weeks pregnant again I discover, so convinced I have pathed the same fate. Sorry all doom and gloom, the test says pregnant but feeling so anxious, amazing how it completely takes over all your thinking!! Also I had some small brown discharge on day of period and have a slight tinge when I wipe sometimes (tmi sorry) so hoping it's implantation bleeding but the fact I've drunk, had pâté, prawns and scallops, runny eggs, painkillers and digestive tablets and no vitamins this week before I found out, so expecting the worst!! Any encouragement greatly appreciated, I was on a similar thread last time and it was AMAZING to have each other!

magictorch Sat 04-Aug-12 17:50:48

Hello everyone - I was on the other thread too, but I'll join in here as well.

I got my first ever BFP yesterday and there are no words to say how thrilled I am. DH & I have been together 16 years, had been TTC for 7 years and 4 fertility treatments and £20k later, we officially have a little bun in the oven grin

Feeling OK so far - little tugs in my tummy, like mild AF cramps. Slightly tender (.)(.) and a weirdy taste in my mouth. Also massively tired, but I'm not sure whether it's the fertility medication I still have to take that's contributing to that.

I reckon I'm 5 weeks on Monday, due 8th April.

Now terrified of making it all the way - praying little one sticks. I have an early scan at the end of the month. I haven't called my GP yet though - in my excitement I forgot to ask the clinic whether I should or not.

Doingakatereddy Sat 04-Aug-12 18:09:15

magictorch - so lovely to hear that you have a bfp after all you've been through. Go & book a GP appt is my advice, quick natter & a reassuring smile will be good.

I am officially knackered, was I this tired with DS? Who bloody knows, I'd like to go to bed now please. With a plate of cheese & fresh warm bread! What I'd really like is soft cheese- sigh.

My boobs are officially enormous & DH is already calling me fatty, his thought been if he starts early when I get the size of a house again & can no longer see my feet it will be kind. hmm wait till labour & I'll swear at him good & proper again, telling him in the heat if the moment just how much I dislike his mother grin

CouldItBeTrue Sat 04-Aug-12 18:55:13


I'm a prune and thought there was only 1 pregnancy topic, started an April 2013 thread and thought it was quiet ha! Didn't know about this topic or this thread.


I'm nearly 5 weeks with my 2nd DC (have DD1 who is 8 1/2 years old). This is DP's first and he is a bit nervous to say the least.

Feeling queasy, but only when I am hungry which is a joy - just when I don't feel like eating, I have to! Very sore boobs, was hyper and haven't slept well this week but at 4pm today I crashed on the sofa, I now feel utterly drained.

I am very excited though, it all seems so far away and I have yet to see the Dr but will be going on Monday.

Look forward to seeing you all.

CouldItBeTrue Sat 04-Aug-12 18:55:26

*speaking to you all (durr!) grin

timetomoveon Sat 04-Aug-12 19:32:49

magictorch - that's so great to hear that you've got your bfp. Welcome to all the other new bfp-ers!

Starting to feel sick more and more in the day and I'm sooooooo tired. But I'm still not convinced that this is all going to work out fine confused Got my appt on Thursday 16th when I should be 7 weeks, I reckon, so hopefully will be able to see something reassuring then.

josie81 Sat 04-Aug-12 20:04:48

Magictorch wow 7 years TTC, you must be over the moon to have your bfp, big congrats!

And Essexwelsh I'm so sorry for your loss earlier in the year, I can completely understand why you're anxious this time around but please try not to worry. Before I knew I was pg with DS I was taking ibuprofen, drinking like a fish having a few glasses of wine and lifting heavy stuff and he is now a strapping toddler. Most people don't behave like perfect angels while TTC and there is no point getting yourself in a state about it, just concentrate on taking care of you and your baby.

josie81 Sat 04-Aug-12 20:28:22

Magictorch wow 7 years TTC, you must be over the moon to have your bfp, big congrats!

And Essexwelsh I'm so sorry for your loss earlier in the year, I can completely understand why you're anxious this time around but please try not to worry. Before I knew I was pg with DS I was taking ibuprofen, drinking like a fish having a few glasses of wine and lifting heavy stuff and he is now a strapping toddler. Most people don't behave like perfect angels while TTC and there is no point getting yourself in a state about it, just concentrate on taking care of you and your baby.

magictorch Sat 04-Aug-12 20:57:38

Thanks all - I haven't stopped smiling since I found out! I never thought the day would come.

Congratulations to everyone else too grin

toobreathless Sat 04-Aug-12 22:38:10

Can i join too?

Have been sort of TTC for 3/12 but got bored so not even sure of my dates! I think I'm due on 6th, but it could be a few days earlier.

This is DC2 for us, DD is 16 months & also an April baby. Getting a strong sense of deva ju as the due date is about a week after DDs was! Got an early scan booked for 30th August, very nervous about that.

Is anybody else feeling a bit bloated? I have a bit of a tum, which sounds ridiculous! It must be fluid.

EssexWelsh Sat 04-Aug-12 22:41:17

Thanks for the messages, can I just ask if anyone has had any brown discharge, I have had on and off since period due last Thursday, just when I wipe, this is main feeling of angst as reading it's a bit late for implantation, bled a little at 5 weeks then stopped then went on to lose at 9 weeks, so would love to hear any positive stories?? sad

LikeCandy Sun 05-Aug-12 08:31:21

Hi EssexWelsh no experience of that myself BUT I do know of people IRL who have had bleeding early on and gone on to have healthy babies. Looking at the NHS advice online it suggests to inform your Doctor or Midwife - I completely sympathise about your worrying about eating/drinking before your BFP. I enjoyed the Olympic opening weekend with plenty of cocktails, Brie, blue cheese and homemade (raw egg) ice cream - oops!

magitorch wow congrats!

toobreathless no obvious belly here yet, or any other symptoms to speak of, but my sense of smell has gone crazy, it's driving me mad!

BonaDea Sun 05-Aug-12 08:42:04

Essexwelsh - no experience with the discharge (this is my first BFP), but would like to put your mind at rest on the other stuff. I am horrified to recount everything I did without knowing I was pregnant, but it includes: drinking, a few cigarettes, eating parma ham and lots of unpasturised cheese, taking pain killers, using 50% deet mosquito repellent, eating runny eggs and rare beef.

From everything I've read it looks like you've just had some implantation bleeding. However, given your background I'm sure the doctor / midwife would completely understand if you were to ask them before your first appt. OR you could try NHS direct?

Giddypants Sun 05-Aug-12 10:30:31

essexwelsh it does sound like implantation bleeding and quite possibly nothing out of the ordinary, but if it is still there tomorrow make an appointment with your gp see if you get some advice.

magictorch congratilations wow 7 years!
Welcome to all the other new people, I'm reeling rather rubbish today, supposed to be going to a baby shower this afternoon but that is generally when the sickness hits, I'm not ready for people in RL to know yet so i think I'll have to give it a miss. Stay home and clean instead, going away tomorrow for a few days so hopefully that will take my mind of the sickness.
Hope everyone is well this morning

EssexWelsh Sun 05-Aug-12 11:24:43

Thanks ladies, hopefully settled down a bit, still traces, but very little, I am rapidly joining the obsessive knicker checking club grin

Home in Wales without DP, so being completely looked after, only Mum knows, so a day of Olympics, Sunday lunch and sitting on the sofa planned. Today I am pregnant and happy.

Hope everyone having equally lovely Sundays!

Giddypants Sun 05-Aug-12 12:11:32

I've just had the biggest urge for Danish pastry or buttered ice finger, it's too early for craving right?

tedmundo Sun 05-Aug-12 16:47:09

wishful and amaya .. Congratulations ladies!

Just had a quick scroll through the thread to find names from the hoping for Bfp threads and happily found yours. Delighted for you!

wishfulthinking1 Sun 05-Aug-12 18:36:39

Thanks ted! Dh and myself are being decidedly cautious in our excitement this time, which is a shame. Come on little baby- stick around please!!! How are you? Havent 'seen' you in a while! X

wishfulthinking1 Sun 05-Aug-12 18:39:13

giddypants unfortunately that's a craving I have, pregnant or not! I am, however, eating like a horse at the moment- just hungry all the time!

- is smoked salmon ok? Ive read a lot of conflicting advice on various websites.
- does anyone have any sickness yet? When can I expect that to start?

EssexWelsh Sun 05-Aug-12 19:10:53

Me again with another question. I took the clear blue test yesterday which came up 3+ weeks, first time I used it and thought this meant weeks pregnant but it actually means weeks since ovulation making me at least 6 weeks?! I assumed I was only 4 weeks as last month had a week of brown discharge before period due, took an early test and BFN, then period came, heavy red, so didn't retest, now thinking what if I am 8 weeks, feel even more horrific of what I ate/drank over last month when I could have known!!

Any thoughts or experiences of clear blue tests?

toobreathless Sun 05-Aug-12 20:15:26

EssexWessex I also did a clear blue digital today & got '3 weeks plus' this means three weeks since conception i.e at least. 5 weeks pregnant by traditional dating.

I have to admit I won't be changing my diet at all except for reducing my alcohol intake to 1-2 units a week & cutting down caffeine. I didn't with DD. Most women don't on the continent. I generally run into the greatest hazards to the baby at work, a bit of pâté pales into insignificance!

wishful some women get sickness almost immediately, you may be lucky and get none. It can occur at any point in pregnancy,not necessarily just the first few months.

Bodice Sun 05-Aug-12 21:27:26

Hi everyone, I am new here. Hoping I will be lucky enough to be one of your gang! I had a withdrawl bleed two months ago from the pill and kept getting negative pregnancy tests when I was initially late. Did a clear blue pregnacy test last monday which said I was 2-3 weeks. I must have ovulated very late. Then after a fair bit of spotting I did one on the thursday which said I was 1-2 weeks. I thought that was it, my hCG levels must be dropping, and I must be losing it. Despair all week! Did one today and it's back up to 2-3 weeks. So not giving up hope. Feeling much more positive today but I hate this waiting game. I am hoping that these clear blue tests are just very inaccurate and I am just very early. Anyone else experienced fluctuations with pregnancy tests?

On a lighter notes. I look like I've had a boob job at the moment!

CouldItBeTrue Sun 05-Aug-12 22:06:36

Hi everyone, congrats to all.

My there are a lot of us aren't there - how exciting!

Just to say, Essex, I spotted until about 14 weeks with my DD, never lots and always bright. I kept in touch with the midwife/gp and they monitored me, I had an early scan (9 weeks) and all was fine. My DD is now a very healthy and happy 8.5 year old, so try not to panic, which is easier said than done.

Bodice are you testing at different times of the day? Just thinking that the HCG levels are at their highest in the morning, so if you are testing then and again in the afternoon, you may get different levels/readings? (that is my uneducated guess)

I have had a lovely day with DP. We had a bit of a wobble early last week, mainly due to the shock of it all happening so early. Well, he came over last night and we went through our budget/plans and I explained a little about what he can expect pregnancy and baby wise. He seemed to relax. I then went to see his family, had a fab day with them, big hugs all around. I am actually so happy right now, I could cry.

Who said about their belly feeling bloated? I am the same - I know it's not the baby (as somebody mentioned that the uterus doesn't come forward until 12 weeks) but it is extra fluid. If I don't start going down soon I may have to invest in stretchy pants, I don't like having anything pressing on me - could by psychosomatic though!?

Don't even get me started on the boobs. I'm already a GG cup.....shock

Here's to a great week - hope you are all feeling well brew

Bodice Sun 05-Aug-12 22:33:43

I did do the first two tests in the afternoon/evening - I couldn't wait! so hoping I can put it down to that. Gonna get my bloods checked with midwives in EPAU this week maybe to get a clearer picture.

I feel a bit bloated too. Seem to notice my seatbelt across the front more. But just can't get over my boobs! Its not that they are bigger just firmer and more pert. Wish that they would stay like that!

Has anyone made an an appointment with their GP to get referred? I made one for tomorrow when but thinking of cancelling it till I am further along.

CouldItBeTrue Sun 05-Aug-12 22:57:18

I've tried to get an appointment with my GP but can't. I'm taking some meds and I need to check what's what with the effect on pregnancy.

I'm going in tomorrow to the emergency clinic, I feel a fraud but having spoken to the receptionist it's what she advised.

I assume he will refer me to the midwife at that point but no idea when I will get my first appointment with her?

I can't remember with DD, I remember going but can't remember at what stage.

Good look with your bloods, hopefully it is just down to the late testing. Sounds like you have similar symptoms to me - the pert (if not ginormous) boobs, which are sore, and being aware of my stomach/not liking anything pressing on it.

Bodice Sun 05-Aug-12 23:10:20

Why can't you get a GP appointment? I thought that was how you got referred? Seems strange.

Good luck in the clinic tommorrow xxxx

Heres to the waiting game x

angeltattoo Mon 06-Aug-12 06:21:31

Hi everyone grin

Can i join? My period was due ast Wednesday, i had a very bloody wee one morning, then just small amounts of blood when wiping, no PG symptoms at all.

Bough cheap Sainsbos test yesterday to rule out pg, I couldn't believe it when a cross started to show!

I was so convinced it would be a rule out test that I hadn't even told H i was doing it, he was a bit surprised when I ran out of the bathroom, shoved it in his face and said 'oh my god, do you see a cross?!' grin

After a cry and a sit down, we drove to a pharmacy and bought 2 more types, we tested again and it seems we are pregnant!

I'm 30, married just over a year, were planning to TTC after christmas blush

We are very happy, not slept much though! Planning on getting some folic acid ASAP and phoning GP this morning.

I've a tiny bit of blood this morning sad but hope to have no more.

EDD 10th April! 

Congrats to a of us!  

EssexWelsh Mon 06-Aug-12 08:10:20

Congrats Angel fingers crossed spotting subsides sure everything will be fine!

Pontouf Mon 06-Aug-12 08:47:13

Morning all, thought I'd just update the stats. I've tried to get everyone on with the right details but if there are any mistakes/anyone I've missed please let me know!

Herhonesty - Expecting DC2 on 1st April
DamnitDamnit - Expecting DC3 on 1st April
Novia - Expecting DC1 on April 1st
Circusgirl - Expecting DC1? on 1st? April
Pontouf - Expecting DC2 on 2nd April
funkymonkey1983 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
flosshilde - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Josie81 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Giddypants - Expecting DC2 on April 3rd
Frootloopz - Expecting DC1 on 4th April
AussiemummyTo1 - Expecting DC2 on 4th April
Doingakatereddy - Expecting DC2 on 5th April
Scouseandproud - Expecting DC2 on 6th April
BonaDea - Expecting DC1 on 6th April
JessieEssex - Expecting DC2 on April 6th
Toobreathless - Expecting DC2 on April 6th
Bunnygirl80 - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Amayabuzzbee - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Magictorch - Expecting DC1 on April 8th
Angeltattoo - Expecting DC1 on April 10th
Miarosemum - Expecting DC2 on 12th April
LikeCandy - Expecting DC1 on 12th April
Anfaniae - Expecting DC1? on 13th April
Wishfulthinking1 - Expecting DC1 on 17th April
Timetomoveon - Expecting DC1? on ?? April
Coulditbetrue - Expecting DC2 on ?? April
EssexWelsh - Expecting DC1 on ?? April
Bodice - Expecting DC1? on ?? April

How's everyone doing today. I'm afraid I have turned into a hormonal lunatic. I burst into tears this morning because I couldn't find one of DS's shoes and we were running late for nursery! In my defence I am absolutely full of cold, suffering with my asthma and feeling knackered and nauseous, but still! Have ended up not going into work because I was just a snivelling wreck! I am a grown woman and have a responsible job and now I just feel ridiculous! Please tell me other people are this pathetic?!

wishfulthinking1 Mon 06-Aug-12 08:49:30

Morning everyone-
Welcome angel - hope the spotting stops for you soon.

Well, I'm 5+1 today- still feeling v apprehensive about the next couple of weeks, but just going to try to take one day at a time. I caved and have downloaded a load of of pg apps, but the book is staying firmly in dh's wardrobe for now!

Have a good day all x

angeltattoo Mon 06-Aug-12 10:24:43

Thanks everyone grin

Just at drs now, they made me an appointment for this morning, then I'm off to buy vitamins.

More spotting this morning, i'll resolutely only reading the articles that say this is normal

No other symptoms here yet except some cramps and (possibly imagined) boob twinges!

CouldItBeTrue Mon 06-Aug-12 10:34:16

Morning everyone! Congratulations angel! Good luck at the Dr's.

First - my EDD is 8th April smile

Bodice I can't get an appointment in under 3 weeks with my GP's - nightmare! So saying, I have woken up this morning feeling awful and not gone to the emergency clinic.

I was being smug yesterday, felt great and thinking that I may have an easy ride with morning sickness this time round. Well, I'm sat here feeling a little queasy to say the least. I have managed to eat some breakfast though so I'll see how I go.

Bumpincharge Mon 06-Aug-12 10:46:02

Hi all, just wanted to add my name to the April pool.

We finally hit the jackpot after 2 years of trying, we'd had a round of blood tests etc about a month ago and were about to go back for the results when I realised I was 4 days late. Did a sneaky test when I got home from work (it was the anniversary of my MIL's passing so didn't want to mention anything just in case) 2 lloyds tests later and I'm running down the stairs and waving them under DH's nose!
His first response was 'How?' then 'are you sure?'
We headed out and got a couple more tests and they still showed pregnant!
I managed to get an emergency appointment with our doc the next day and she was lovely, and happy that it had worked smile
I have my first midwife appointment this week, and will be 6weeks today.

We've told immediate family only, not going to mention to anyone else until after the scan as I'm 37 so we're a bit nervous about things going wrong. We can't wait to tell people though!

I had a little bit of indigestion for a couple of days, now just a lot of burping, and I feel like I constantly need the toilet!

We're due around the 6th April. Can't wait!

Thereisamumthatnevergoesout Mon 06-Aug-12 11:07:05

Hi Everyone smile

Can I join in too please? I am 6wks+3 with DC3. Feeling very nervous as am 36 now and will be 37 by the due date of 29th March. Am cheating a little by jumping on this thread, but the March 2013 ladies are so far ahead of me that I feel like an underachiever on there.

DS is 7 and DD is 4. Was sick as a dog during both pregnancies so guessing I will have similar this time. Although so far I have no sickness which is worrying in itself. I never really worried during the other pregnancies, but then I was a lot younger.

DH is still getting used to the idea. He totally didn't want another DC and it took me over 2 years to talk him round. He seems to be vaguely aware of the fact that I’m pregnant, but doesn’t really ask me anything about it. Not even asked me due date! He’s still his normal cheerful self though so either he is in denial or is completely on board with the idea. Who knows how men think?

Was/am a bit concerned about lack of symptoms but did feel very exhausted yesterday afternoon and evening despite having had enough sleep. Have a bloated tummy which I have to hold in when in public.

Went to see GP a couple of weeks ago and she was lovely. No references to risk of mc or anything. Lovely lady. Have been referred for an 8 week appointment at my local surestart clinic on Aug 16th. Don’t remember having any appointments until 12/13 weeks with the other DCs so not sure what goes on at an 8 week one. Any experiences?

Bumpincharge Is this your first? Share your worries about being an ‘older’ mum but there seems to be a lot of celebs who have babies into their early 40s so if they can do it we can!

damnit Another one who is expecting DC3! waves

JessieEssex Mon 06-Aug-12 11:27:16

pontouf I was in floods of tears at a very cheesy TV programme on Friday night. Then yesterday we went to the in laws for lunch and I was a stroppy b*tch all day. I could feel myself acting like Kevin the Teenager but couldn't snap out of it...

We got home and I was all tearful and embarrassed and told my DH to ring them and apologise and explain that I'm pg! They were overjoyed but my MIL said 'I didn't notice any different' - does that mean i'm like this all the time or was it all in my head...?!

We weren't planning to tell them yet because of my previous mc, but it was the only way to get over the guilt!

I've started to feel a little bit sick today (5+3) but not very much (like when you feel sick with nerves). Enough for me to want to snack all the time though!

Hope everyone who has worries gets good news soon.

BonaDea Mon 06-Aug-12 11:29:46

Hi all and congratulations to the new joiners!

angeltattoo - I'm the same some very mild crampiness and (possibly imagined) boob tenderness. Nothing else!

I'm 5 +3 now, and most symptoms are supposed to kick in at 6 weeks ish so I'm guessing it's just a matter of time. Bodice - I also did a clear blue digital and you are right. If it said 3+ that means 5+ in doctor's money. Just think, though, you've done at least 5 weeks out of 40 already...

As I'm type 1 diabetic, I get to have all my appointments early - GP tomorrow, nurse Thursday, midwife, consultant and dietician next Tuesday. I should also get an early scan next week or the week after. It is pretty sh!tty being diabetic, and is going to make the pregnancy a hard slog, but one good thing is the early scan and all the medical attention!

EssexWelsh Mon 06-Aug-12 12:13:24

Can't get my first docs appt til a week Weds but explained my concerns and they gave me phone number of local EPAU who answered immediately and were lovely and told me to go direct, do heading back to Essex from Swansea and going to hospital tonight, fingers crossed all ok, my concerns have just been my higher weeks on clear blue plus spotting which is getting worse not better but still just on wiping. Goodness time goes slowly when you are courting down 40 weeks angry

JessieEssex Mon 06-Aug-12 12:18:12

Essex, poor you - I hope all is well. Glad that the EPAU were lovely - which hospital will you go to? The EPAU at Harlow is fab.

Just rang my GP to book my first apppointment, expecting to get one in a few weeks, but they had just had a cancellation on Wednesday morning - yay! - at 7am - ouch...

Bumpincharge Mon 06-Aug-12 12:45:27

Hi Thereis...

Yes, this is our first, so we're both very nervous, and in a bit of shock! Hopefully the midwife appoint. on Thursday will help!

Pontouf Mon 06-Aug-12 12:50:02

Welcome to all newbies. As you can see Thereisamum has snuck into pole position at the top of the table, good work!

Thereisamumwhonevergoesout - Expecting DC3 on 29th March
Herhonesty - Expecting DC2 on 1st April
DamnitDamnit - Expecting DC3 on 1st April
Novia - Expecting DC1 on April 1st
Circusgirl - Expecting DC1? on 1st? April
Pontouf - Expecting DC2 on 2nd April
funkymonkey1983 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
flosshilde - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Josie81 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Giddypants - Expecting DC2 on April 3rd
Frootloopz - Expecting DC1 on 4th April
AussiemummyTo1 - Expecting DC2 on 4th April
Doingakatereddy - Expecting DC2 on 5th April
Scouseandproud - Expecting DC2 on 6th April
BonaDea - Expecting DC1 on 6th April
JessieEssex - Expecting DC2 on April 6th
Toobreathless - Expecting DC2 on April 6th
Bumpincharge - Expecting DC1 on April 6th
Bunnygirl80 - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Amayabuzzbee - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Magictorch - Expecting DC1 on April 8th
Could it be true - Expecting DC2 on April 8th
Angeltattoo - Expecting DC1 on April 10th
Miarosemum - Expecting DC2 on 12th April
LikeCandy - Expecting DC1 on 12th April
Anfaniae - Expecting DC1? on 13th April
Wishfulthinking1 - Expecting DC1 on 17th April
Timetomoveon - Expecting DC1? on ?? April
EssexWelsh - Expecting DC1 on ?? April
Bodice - Expecting DC1? on ?? April

Thanks for the reassurance Jessie, feel fine now and like a bit of a tit to be honest! blush Feel so sorry for DH who said this morning that he hopes I really am pregnant cos otherwise I'm turning into a lunatic for no reason. I reassures him that I definitely am (2 superdrug cheapies an a clear blue digi surely can't be wrong!) Never mind though, just watching old episodes of One Born Every Minute and weeping every time a baby is born!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you Angel - any news from the docs yet?

BonaDea Mon 06-Aug-12 13:09:27

pontouf - I have loads of One Born epidsodes on V+. Good thinking! Can't wait to go home and watch some now...

angeltattoo Mon 06-Aug-12 13:54:14

Hi everyone,

I watched OBEM last night, i normally love it, I had to turn the sound off blush

Nurse gave me a schedule, said she'd refer me to the hospital, and to wait for a midwife appt to come through - i'll have a book appt at 8-10 weeks, then a scan at 11-13 weeks.

I bought my pregnacare (3 fr 2 at Bllts, thanks for the tip!) and managed to resist buying babygrows and scratch mittens and any number of other impossibly tiny stuff in there!

Hello to everyone, lovely hearing all yor stories.

We are still in shock, poor husband has already been to see his boss and we need to move areas, as in a one bed flat currently and houses hoping to move closer to family.

We are seeing our parents in 2 weeks, so will tell them then, all being well.

Nurse said spotting is ok, anything heavier to let tem know. Another obsessive knicker-checker here, but none since this morning's spots. Finges, toes and evrything else crossed for all of us! X

P.s. I am officially 4 + 5, eeek!

EssexWelsh Mon 06-Aug-12 14:28:54

Thanks Pontouf for adding us all, I'm due 11th April.

JessieEssex it's Queens, Romford, they have had some bad press, but believe it was all spun the look bad and it was other issues rather than nurse care the problem, they were brilliant with my mc in April, very attentive, quick and great after care and my SIL just delivered a healthy baby boy 5 weeks early as had placenta praevia but they acted brilliantly and both fine, so highly recommend!

On train back from Wales now, so will let you know what they say when I get there, I'm being such a pessimist this time around, very out of character for me! Angel crossing everything too smile

timetomoveon Mon 06-Aug-12 14:32:58

Welcome to the newbies! I would update my info but I have no idea about dates. The cb test said 3+ last week so that's 5 weeks, I reckon but my periods are erratic so I'm really waiting til I've been to the docs for them to tell me where I'm up to. This will be dc2 for us and I'm also 37 but it's 5 years since I was last pg and it all seems a bit of a blur and a very long time ago!

Thereisamumwhonevergoesout - Expecting DC3 on 29th March
Herhonesty - Expecting DC2 on 1st April
DamnitDamnit - Expecting DC3 on 1st April
Novia - Expecting DC1 on April 1st
Circusgirl - Expecting DC1? on 1st? April
Pontouf - Expecting DC2 on 2nd April
funkymonkey1983 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
flosshilde - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Josie81 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Giddypants - Expecting DC2 on April 3rd
Frootloopz - Expecting DC1 on 4th April
AussiemummyTo1 - Expecting DC2 on 4th April
Doingakatereddy - Expecting DC2 on 5th April
Scouseandproud - Expecting DC2 on 6th April
BonaDea - Expecting DC1 on 6th April
JessieEssex - Expecting DC2 on April 6th
Toobreathless - Expecting DC2 on April 6th
Bumpincharge - Expecting DC1 on April 6th
Bunnygirl80 - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Amayabuzzbee - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Magictorch - Expecting DC1 on April 8th
Could it be true - Expecting DC2 on April 8th
Angeltattoo - Expecting DC1 on April 10th
Miarosemum - Expecting DC2 on 12th April
LikeCandy - Expecting DC1 on 12th April
Anfaniae - Expecting DC1? on 13th April
Wishfulthinking1 - Expecting DC1 on 17th April
Timetomoveon - Expecting DC2 on ?? April
EssexWelsh - Expecting DC1 on ?? April
Bodice - Expecting DC1? on ?? April

timetomoveon Mon 06-Aug-12 14:33:38

Oh meant to add - I've got my obgyn appt next Thursday, so hopefully she'll tell me what's what then smile

toobreathless Mon 06-Aug-12 14:39:09

My DD was due on the 12th April, she eventually put in an appearance on 23rd having been served an eviction notice hmm

I refused to tell anyone but DH when my due date was last time to avoid all the 'have you had that baby yet?' I told them the baby would be born sometimes in April & she was!

Positive thoughts to anyone going through anxious times, my first pregnancy ended in an ectopic (May 2010) & know how horribly worrying pregnancy after a previous loss can be.

MrsTwinks Mon 06-Aug-12 14:55:16

Hi everyone

well I've got my 3rd faint bfp, so its sinking in that I might actually be pregnant this time. Been TTC for 6 months, and twice I've gone 10+ days late without a BFP so I guess I'm having a hard time trusting the lines because they aren't totally in my face, but they are there. Stork should be bringing DC1 on April 12th smile

The tiredness is already kicking my ass. I normally don't sleep well or much, but if I'm not at work (and can indulge myself) I can't function without a nap. Either way I'm conked out when my head hits the pillow which is totally not me. I'm nauseous at least 80% of the time. I guess its a good thing thou, because without it I really WOULDN'T believe the line.

angeltattoo Mon 06-Aug-12 15:22:47

That's great news Mrs Twinks - congratulations! grin

Loving the stats list Pontouf, thank you!

BonaDea Mon 06-Aug-12 15:51:53

Congratulations Mrs Twinks! smile

edinfirst Mon 06-Aug-12 17:11:26

Hello ladies, and congratulations all round.

I got BFP (I think that's the right lingo) this morning - I'm shocked but delighted.

I am 33, and DH and I have been not not trying for about a year. We've always tested together, but I was so sure that this would be negative that I tested when he was out and had to give him the news over the phone at work. I honestly thought I was just ruling it out. I've been totally exhausted the last few days, and at first I thought I might be pregnant, as we've been on holiday and were at it loads nice and relaxed, but have been having very AF-like feelings last couple of days and thought I was just lazy/doing too much as usual.

I'm now having all the same 'what if' concerns as you ladies, so thought I'd join you all for a bit of mutual support on the journey.

Due date 15 April, midwife appt booked for 10 weeks and scan at 13 weeks.

Bodice Mon 06-Aug-12 18:33:04

My brain has gone. I ran a red light today. And also got the strange sensation my car was rolling back when i was sat at traffic lights when it wasn't. v wierd. Decided to keep my appointment at GPs. not sure if it is worth it but hey ho.

LikeCandy Mon 06-Aug-12 18:42:05

Wow there are going to be so many April babies! Congrats everyone!

I saw my GP this afternoon, he estimates 5 weeks and due 6th April.
We've told both sets of parents now (and my brother because he overheard my Mum!) but not planning on telling anyone else IRL until after 12 week scan.

Bit disheartened at the '20% of pregnancies end within the first trimester' talk from the Doctor, and I have to wait until the 31/8 to see a midwife. But he thinks my pre-BFP wine shouldn't be an issue, and neither should my strict vegetarian diet (which I won't be changing).

Big hugs to all - isn't it crazy having such a big secret to keep?!

SneezySnatcher Mon 06-Aug-12 19:23:40

Hello and congratulations to everyone. Can I join too please? I have a 2yo DD and (all being well) am due DC2 on 11th April.
I haven't called GP or midwife yet - I'm going to wait a week or so as I can't quite believe it!

angeltattoo Mon 06-Aug-12 20:34:31

edinfirst, likecandy, sneezy snatcher - congratulations! Likecandy, it's a horrible thought isn't it? Keeping everything crossed for all of us here :-)

Bodice, oh dear, hope GP may be of some help.

I feel like I've been floating around/foggy brain/very distracted for the last 24 hours!

bunnygirl80 Mon 06-Aug-12 22:06:39

I've been away on holiday for a week, and it seems this thread has got super super busy in my absence. We had a lovely time, but I would definitely not recommend flying while suffering morning (well, all day long) sickness. The smell of everyone's food on the plane had me feeling very very unwell.

Congratulations, and welcome to all the new bfps.

I've got my doctor's appointment this afternoon. I imagine it'll be quick and boring, just get my bloods done and obstetrician referral, but at leat I'll be officially pregnant

Flosshilde Mon 06-Aug-12 22:51:17

Hello all! Welcome and congratulations to all the newbies.

I was exhausted at work today by lunchtime. I don't remember it being like this the first time round, but I had a much less stressful job and a much shorter commute. I love my job but the next 8 months are going to be hard work. I told my boss last week, ostensibly for risk assessment reasons but also because he expects me to be sharp all the time and I'm not going to be. He was very nice about it (it wasn't a huge surprise, I have always been open about a potential DC2) and will cut me some slack and cover for me, apparently. We will wait and see...

I have been to the GP and my referral letter from the hospital has arrived. I have to phone 7 days after receiving the letter to arrange my booking in appointment at 8 weeks and then there is a scan arranged at between 11 and 13 weeks.

Anyone spotting, I had spotting at 4, 5, 7 and 9 weeks with DS. It was pink, purple and brown. I had an early scan at 9 weeks which showed a heartbeat and all was well. I know loads of people who spotted in early pregnancy with a good outcome so don't worry. I was told by my GP last time that unless there is pain with it it is usually nothing to worry about.

josie81 Mon 06-Aug-12 23:09:36

Essexwelsh, any news? Hope all is well.

EssexWelsh Mon 06-Aug-12 23:13:55

Just got in from EPAU, long wait but they were very thorough, cervix closed and all looks normal grin but looks like I've got some sort of infection from the thrush family on my cervix causing the discharge and also a urine infection, so have antibiotics for both. Have early scan booked for 22nd Aug-counting down the minutes!! Also as mc'd before, doctor suggested taking 75mg of aspirin per day, as it may help and even if I wasn't going to mc it wouldn't do any harm, anyone else doing this or had it as a suggestion?

Sleeping better tonight smile

timetomoveon Tue 07-Aug-12 07:16:33

Hey ladies
Been having sort of period pains for the last 12 hours or so - is this normal? Things stretching? I can't remember what happened when I was pg with ds confused

angeltattoo Tue 07-Aug-12 07:52:13

That's great news Essex, and great reassurance upthread about spotting on prev pregnancies. Fingers crossed for 22nd August, yay!

I had a tiny bit more spotting this morning so keeping a close eye on things.

Re: period pain , i have had this since my period due day, hence why I was so shocked by my BFP, i thought i was coming on! My are like twinges, i've convinced myself it's my womb getting ready to make baby comfy, and stretching for pregnancy...but someone more knowledgeable may be along shortly?

I am 4 + 6 today grin

timetomoveon Tue 07-Aug-12 08:04:35

Thanks angel - congrats to you smile

MrsTwinks Tue 07-Aug-12 08:51:38

I'm with angel on this one. I was so worried that my cramps were period pain, until I got accompanying pain around my (fairly recent) appendix scars. They're obviously having a harder time stretching out lol! It'll just be stretching with you too I'm sure

BonaDea Tue 07-Aug-12 09:49:56

timeto and angel: I read in "what to expect when you're expecting" (or one of those books!) that feeling some slight crampiness is perfectly normal, there's a lot going on down there!

I actually woke up in pain last night in my stomach, but I'm 90% sure it was actually wind because I also felt that I needed to go to the loo, too. Apparently wind is very common, but I must admit I've never heard of it as a symptom (perhaps people are less likely to mention it than sickness?).

Essex - great news that the spotting is harmless.

I have GP appointment this afternoon, will be referred to maternity unit for next week (maybe even with scan!).

MrsSimkins Tue 07-Aug-12 09:53:55

Hey Ladies, can i join? My EDD is 1st April. I was so shocked to get my BFP after just 2 months TTC, so i'm so frightened that its been too easy and i'll mc.
I'm off on holiday for 2 weeks next week which will help with keeping the secret so i think we'll tell immediate family when we get back as we'll be 8 weeks then and wait til 12 weeks to tell the rest of the world! Thats if its not already obvious by then, i'm so bloated all ready! As for other symptoms i'm really just getting headaches and feeling sick occasionally.
I'm looking forward to staying in touch with you all on here so we can compare notes as this is my first.

AmayaBuzzbee Tue 07-Aug-12 09:58:04

Thank you Ted! smile

Good morning all! Wow, it is getting busy here!

Like bodice, I am also losing my brain. It's like it isn't functioning properly. Couple of days ago I managed to pour boiling water from the kettle on my hand, instead of the thermo flask it was meant to go in. Thankfully no big burns as got hand under cold tap straight away.

I feel very clumsy. I keep dropping things, forgetting things, putting things in the wrong place. I don't remember it being like this with DD. Anybody else has this?

Another symptom I now have (also had it with DD from the word go), is that I now feel out of breath very easily. Like I would be seriously unfit (which I am not). The little bean is snatching my oxygen already! And this time round I am feeling very tired/exhausted too (did not happen last time). It is interesting to see how two pregnancies are different already, and it is only 5+1 today!

I have just booked an early pregnancy scan for Fri 31st Aug (I'll be 8+4 then), as here the Doc/Midwife does not want to see you before 10wks. Presuming all is ok there, I'll tell my boss the following week, just to make things/planning easier for us both.

These 3 weeks till the scan are going to be the longest in my life!

angeltattoo Tue 07-Aug-12 10:18:34

Hi amya...hope that's right, cannot scroll back on phone!

I would love to book an early scan, just rang one place and was quoted £283, which Seems steep! Does anyone know if this is a normal price range? Would love an 8 week scan, but with baby coming cannot afford that! sad

toobreathless Tue 07-Aug-12 11:21:07

Angel I am payiong £90 for mine, put a deposit down of £30 then £60 on the day. I have booked mine for 30th August when I will be hopefully 9 + 0 (I think!) slightly confused by my dates as didn't write down my LMP date, doh! & have a 30 day cycle I think.

Thereisamumthatnevergoesout Tue 07-Aug-12 11:25:36

Thanks for adding me to the list pontouf. Sorry for queue jumping. Very unbritish of me.

My due date has probably very little relavance to when they baby may appear anyway. DS was born at 31 weeks and DD was born at 41.

Good luck to all of you having spotting. To reiterate what has already been said - as long as there is no pain, it is very usual. Some people have it all the way through. Another thing to stress about though.

I am feeling a bit reassured today by the fact that I am not enjoying my morning coffee as much as I usually do. Also went to Tesco just now and had no desire to pick up any chocolate or cake (unheard of for me). Instead had very specific desire for something bready that wasn't bread. Ended up getting a cheese twist which hit the spot completely and utterly.

Did go to pick up some own brand pregnancy vitamins on 3 for 2 and then decided to put them back and only buy them when run out of current supply (about another 2 weeks worth). Didn't want to tempt fate.

angel That does sound steep. No experience of it myself though so not sure what going rate is. Hear what you are saying about having to be careful with money now that our families are going to be expanding!

Ditto everyone who has foggy brains/clumsitis. Tried to moisturise my hands with handwash at work the other day.

angeltattoo Tue 07-Aug-12 11:48:58

Phew, found one for a much more reasonable £90!

Am telling my parents next weekend, all being well, it would be great to give them a pic too, and would be great for H and I to see baby too, make it 'real' grin

Hope he likes the idea! I will be 6 + 2 at the latest point to give the pic to my mum for her birthday grin, any idea if we would see a heartbeat?

toobreathless Tue 07-Aug-12 14:20:51

angel you may be able to see a heartbeat at 6/52. I probably wouldn't have a scan that early (unless problems obviously) if your dates are slightly wrong they may not be able to see much & you may be left in the position of wondering if it's a failing pregnancy or wrong dates etc Could be very stressful!

General early scans are recommended privately from 7-10 weeks.

Can you give your mum a pair of tiny bootees wrapped up or a mug with Grandns on or something & still tell her?

Just my opinion of course!

EssexWelsh Tue 07-Aug-12 14:51:27

Angel have you got a local EPAU as you have had spotting you can justify going then they will book you in for an early scan for free, I'm having mine at 7 weeks and that's the earliest they'll do it with me and only then as away back in Swansea after that for nearly 2 weeks and couldn't wait to come back!

Lovely to hear everyone else all good, means so much to have others in same boat! Good luck ladies, every day is 1 day closer grin

threeleftfeet Tue 07-Aug-12 15:18:57

Hi everyone <waves>

Just updating the list as I didn't mention, I have a DS already (3.5 yo)

Also added MrsTwinks, edinfirst, MrsSimkins

Thereisamumwhonevergoesout - Expecting DC3 on 29th March
Herhonesty - Expecting DC2 on 1st April
DamnitDamnit - Expecting DC3 on 1st April
Novia - Expecting DC1 on April 1st
Circusgirl - Expecting DC1? on 1st? April
MrsSimkins - Expecting DC1 on 1st April
Pontouf - Expecting DC2 on 2nd April
funkymonkey1983 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
flosshilde - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Josie81 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Giddypants - Expecting DC2 on April 3rd
Frootloopz - Expecting DC1 on 4th April
AussiemummyTo1 - Expecting DC2 on 4th April
Doingakatereddy - Expecting DC2 on 5th April
Scouseandproud - Expecting DC2 on 6th April
BonaDea - Expecting DC1 on 6th April
JessieEssex - Expecting DC2 on April 6th
Toobreathless - Expecting DC2 on April 6th
Bumpincharge - Expecting DC1 on April 6th
LikeCandy - Expecting DC1 on 6th April
Bunnygirl80 - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Amayabuzzbee - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Magictorch - Expecting DC1 on April 8th
Could it be true - Expecting DC2 on April 8th
Angeltattoo - Expecting DC1 on April 10th
SneezySnatcher - Expecting DC1? on April 11th
Miarosemum - Expecting DC2 on 12th April
MrsTwinks - Expecting DC1 on 12th April
Aufaniae - Expecting DC2 on 13th April
edinfirst - Expecting DC1? on 15th April
Wishfulthinking1 - Expecting DC1 on 17th April
Timetomoveon - Expecting DC2 on ?? April
EssexWelsh - Expecting DC1 on ?? April
Bodice - Expecting DC1? on ?? April

threeleftfeet Tue 07-Aug-12 15:19:17

Wow the list is getting long! smile

EssexWelsh Tue 07-Aug-12 15:20:33

aufaniae could you add my date of 11th April please as can't copy the list on my iPhone. Thank you

threeleftfeet Tue 07-Aug-12 15:26:34

Of course smile

Thereisamumwhonevergoesout - Expecting DC3 on 29th March
Herhonesty - Expecting DC2 on 1st April
DamnitDamnit - Expecting DC3 on 1st April
Novia - Expecting DC1 on April 1st
Circusgirl - Expecting DC1? on 1st? April
MrsSimkins - Expecting DC1 on 1st April
Pontouf - Expecting DC2 on 2nd April
funkymonkey1983 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
flosshilde - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Josie81 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Giddypants - Expecting DC2 on April 3rd
Frootloopz - Expecting DC1 on 4th April
AussiemummyTo1 - Expecting DC2 on 4th April
Doingakatereddy - Expecting DC2 on 5th April
Scouseandproud - Expecting DC2 on 6th April
BonaDea - Expecting DC1 on 6th April
JessieEssex - Expecting DC2 on April 6th
Toobreathless - Expecting DC2 on April 6th
Bumpincharge - Expecting DC1 on April 6th
LikeCandy - Expecting DC1 on 6th April
Bunnygirl80 - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Amayabuzzbee - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Magictorch - Expecting DC1 on April 8th
Could it be true - Expecting DC2 on April 8th
Angeltattoo - Expecting DC1 on April 10th
SneezySnatcher - Expecting DC1? on April 11th
EssexWelsh - Expecting DC1 on 11th April
Miarosemum - Expecting DC2 on 12th April
MrsTwinks - Expecting DC1 on 12th April
Aufaniae - Expecting DC2 on 13th April
edinfirst - Expecting DC1? on 15th April
Wishfulthinking1 - Expecting DC1 on 17th April
Timetomoveon - Expecting DC2 on ?? April
Bodice - Expecting DC1? on ?? April

wishfulthinking1 Tue 07-Aug-12 15:46:18

Just updating list- I managed to put my due date as 17th, and its actually the 7th- duh! xxxx

Am a bit crampy today- no spotting- trying not to worry! x

Thereisamumwhonevergoesout - Expecting DC3 on 29th March
Herhonesty - Expecting DC2 on 1st April
DamnitDamnit - Expecting DC3 on 1st April
Novia - Expecting DC1 on April 1st
Circusgirl - Expecting DC1? on 1st? April
MrsSimkins - Expecting DC1 on 1st April
Pontouf - Expecting DC2 on 2nd April
funkymonkey1983 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
flosshilde - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Josie81 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Giddypants - Expecting DC2 on April 3rd
Frootloopz - Expecting DC1 on 4th April
AussiemummyTo1 - Expecting DC2 on 4th April
Doingakatereddy - Expecting DC2 on 5th April
Scouseandproud - Expecting DC2 on 6th April
BonaDea - Expecting DC1 on 6th April
JessieEssex - Expecting DC2 on April 6th
Toobreathless - Expecting DC2 on April 6th
Bumpincharge - Expecting DC1 on April 6th
LikeCandy - Expecting DC1 on 6th April
Wishfulthinking1 - Expecting DC1 on 7th April
Bunnygirl80 - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Amayabuzzbee - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Magictorch - Expecting DC1 on April 8th
Could it be true - Expecting DC2 on April 8th
Angeltattoo - Expecting DC1 on April 10th
SneezySnatcher - Expecting DC1? on April 11th
EssexWelsh - Expecting DC1 on 11th April
Miarosemum - Expecting DC2 on 12th April
MrsTwinks - Expecting DC1 on 12th April
Aufaniae - Expecting DC2 on 13th April
edinfirst - Expecting DC1? on 15th April
Timetomoveon - Expecting DC2 on ?? April
Bodice - Expecting DC1? on ?? April

SneezySnatcher Tue 07-Aug-12 16:30:03

Just updating as I'm on DC2!

Thereisamumwhonevergoesout - Expecting DC3 on 29th March
Herhonesty - Expecting DC2 on 1st April
DamnitDamnit - Expecting DC3 on 1st April
Novia - Expecting DC1 on April 1st
Circusgirl - Expecting DC1? on 1st? April
MrsSimkins - Expecting DC1 on 1st April
Pontouf - Expecting DC2 on 2nd April
funkymonkey1983 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
flosshilde - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Josie81 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Giddypants - Expecting DC2 on April 3rd
Frootloopz - Expecting DC1 on 4th April
AussiemummyTo1 - Expecting DC2 on 4th April
Doingakatereddy - Expecting DC2 on 5th April
Scouseandproud - Expecting DC2 on 6th April
BonaDea - Expecting DC1 on 6th April
JessieEssex - Expecting DC2 on April 6th
Toobreathless - Expecting DC2 on April 6th
Bumpincharge - Expecting DC1 on April 6th
LikeCandy - Expecting DC1 on 6th April
Wishfulthinking1 - Expecting DC1 on 7th April
Bunnygirl80 - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Amayabuzzbee - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Magictorch - Expecting DC1 on April 8th
Could it be true - Expecting DC2 on April 8th
Angeltattoo - Expecting DC1 on April 10th
SneezySnatcher - Expecting DC2 on April 11th
EssexWelsh - Expecting DC1 on 11th April
Miarosemum - Expecting DC2 on 12th April
MrsTwinks - Expecting DC1 on 12th April
Aufaniae - Expecting DC2 on 13th April
edinfirst - Expecting DC1? on 15th April
Timetomoveon - Expecting DC2 on ?? April
Bodice - Expecting DC1? on ?? April

angeltattoo Tue 07-Aug-12 16:30:27

Toobreathless, that's a good point, we DTD two weekends, with ovulation in between, so you're right it could be my dates are wrong and I wouldn't want it to make me worry more...thank you, i have already bought her a 'grandma' card (first GC!) so i'll just write that from bump. DH said yes if it'll help, but i think I'll hold on for 8 weeks, and book one then.

Essexwelch, i'll bear that in mind, i'll have to look up local EPU, i assume there is one at the hospital I've been referred to? I know there is one where I work, but this is quite far from home.

Spotting today best described as 'smearing' i think, when I wipe blush, rose in colour...i just keep checking!

I have felt a bit headachy today, have had lots of water, it could be caffeine withdrawal I suppose....and lots of crampy twinges still, no sickness/tiredness yet.

Keeping grinning too! grin

LordOfThe5Rings Tue 07-Aug-12 18:02:57

Got a faint line 3 days back a faint line this morning but stronger - got a better test and am pregnant. It is my first positive so excited and yet know things can go wrong so keeping fingers crossed.

Due 8th/9th of April.

I am 22, engaged and been with DF for 4 years.

LordOfThe5Rings Tue 07-Aug-12 18:06:28

Oh and DF is happy, which I am glad of. I am just in grin about it.

Jo1984uk Tue 07-Aug-12 18:18:28

Found out last Thursday I am 6 weeks pregnant :-)

Was a bit of a surprise, I thought my body was acting weird because of stress but apparently not! I am very excited, it will be my first baby. However, the expression 'new house new baby' and 'everything happens at once' comes to mind! We have been given notice on out flat so need to move out by 7th September. Am attempting to buy in Sutton but nothing is for sure yet! I am bridesmaid for my friend September 15th (hen night booked for Bournemouth end of August). Also going to Cancun September 25th so lots happening all at once.

One thing is for sure I definately also have this 'baby brain' people talk about. I have also been forgetting everything (I have been glad to read I am not the only one!) Just went to have my first GP appointment (was planning on asking for folic acid perscription) but completely forgot! Off to Boots in a bit to buy some pregnancy suppliments and try to avoid looking at the baby clothes!

Congratulations everyone :-)


Jo1984uk Tue 07-Aug-12 18:19:34

Forgot to say I am due 2nd April :-) Please add me to the list!


LordOfThe5Rings Tue 07-Aug-12 19:01:34


LordOfThe5Rings Tue 07-Aug-12 19:10:29

Congratulations ladies! biscuit

CouldItBeTrue Tue 07-Aug-12 23:07:12

Congratulations to all the new BFPers!

I can't believe how many there are on the list already! You do realise, these babies will be referred to as the 'Shades of Grey' baby boom shock wink

(I only got to chapter 9 before losing the will to live, so I can honestly say this is not the case, but everyone will be thinking it!)

Had a lovely day with DP today. I got a book out of the library about pregnancy, week by week. I read through it and refreshed my brain and then gave it to DP (as he was worried at how little he knows). He took hold of it (it is a big book!) and looked utterly bemused grin

Went to see his family later and was telling his sister, she teased him mercilessly about how we would be testing him so he better get revising ha! Poor bloke.

Felt sick on and off today. Don't know if I'm weird but if I'm not feeling sick/hungry or tired, I'm feeling a bit...erm...frisky! blush Is this normal? DP didn't know what had hit him earlier! I'm normally a run-of-the-mill person when it comes to that but I seem to have a bit of an insatiable appetite at the moment.

Am I weird?

Emmie10 Tue 07-Aug-12 23:43:38


Can I join too please? BFP today and think I am due on the 12th of April with my first.
Feeling a bit sick on and off for the last few days and feeling so hot that I can't sleep. I spotted for four days last week when af was due but it has all stopped now.

Congrats everyone.

angeltattoo Wed 08-Aug-12 06:53:21

Congrats and welcome emmie10!

Coulditbetrue, i said the same thing to my H about the shades babyboom, i feel the need to tell everyone this one isn't grin

And according to my pregnancy tracker...increased blood flow to the pubic region may explain your 'symptoms' wink so perfectly normal!

JessieEssex Wed 08-Aug-12 08:21:56

Had early appointment with GP this morning, all booked in. He was running late and a bit rushed so didn't have an in depth chat but feel much more 'real' now. Spoke about my previous MC and he was very matter of fact and said that there is no increased risk to this pregnancy and the best thing I can do is to relax and act normally! Actually just what I wanted to hear - I'm desperately trying to enjoy this pregnancy and not panic.

ps, I've never read 50 Shades...!

Sammi7169 Wed 08-Aug-12 08:53:30

Hi all. I am due on 5 th april with my first. Will be 42 by the time little one is born. Soo very happy that it has happened

sunnysunnyshine Wed 08-Aug-12 09:00:45

Hello and congratulations everyone smile

I got my BFP on my 37th birthday last wk. V surprised it happened so quickly again! EDD 7th April. I have a 2yo ds.

Bit worried as had v slight pink spotting but it's reassuring that some of you have had some and been told not to worry.

Will make an appt to see the docs next week I think...

Good luck to us all! Can't believe how many of us there are already!

CouldItBeTrue Wed 08-Aug-12 09:44:09

thanks for that angel I was beginning to wonder, glad to know it's reasonably normal blush

During my last pg it couldn't have been the furthest thing from my mind!

Congrats to all the new BFPers (each time I come on there are more - this is going to be a huge group grin )

I'm off to the GP in a min, hope to talk about my meds and get a referral to the midwife.

Will check back later.

Have a good day everyone.

DeekeyDoo Wed 08-Aug-12 09:44:54

Hi ladies

May I join please? I have been lurking since last week when i suspected I may get a bfp - got one on Sunday but still don't believe it and have been holding off posting on here as I don't want to tempt fate?!

This is DC number 3 for us and we have been trying for 3 years so to say i was surprised is a understatement! Particularly as my cycle seems to have gone crazy this month. Due on CD32 but tested negative until CD46?! So I'm guessing I ovulated really late and therefore don't really know when I'm due.

For now I'm going with April 17th so can I be added to the list please?

Congratulations everybody and a happy and healthy 8 months xxx

i'm due on 5th april i think.
will be dc2 - ds is 3.9. have been in shock for a week as one foolish moment resulted in a bfp and neither of us is really at all sure about going back to the baby stage at all, i like it so much more now that ds is independent and there's not the hassle of carrying bags of stuff and nappies and pushchairs and everything around. also have two dsd who are 11 and 9. i'm not really a baby person. but what's done is done and the bright side is 6 months off work (i do sound callous but this is a definite plus for me) and being able to take ds to school next september and being there to pick him up after he starts.
downside is another 4 years of childcare costs and the thought of organising nurseries / schools pick up etc is another nightmare to contend with.
i sound down, but i'm not i don't think, i'm just a born organiser and this wasn't very organised of me at all! - and i suppose the reality of a crying baby and nappies and lack of sleep (i LOVE my sleep) is what i think about most.
on another point, is leaving it until 10 weeks to book in with the midwife OK or will this make scans late etc? we're on holiday soon, and will be 10 wks when we get back - don't want to miss the scan dates etc.
congrats to everyone.

Thereisamumthatnevergoesout Wed 08-Aug-12 10:12:55

Hi to all the newbies waves

Deekey Congrats on the BFP. How old are your DCs 1 and 2?

Sunny What a lovely way to find out!

Has anyone delved into looking at antenatal classes yet? I know it's a bit early but with classes getting booked up so early I thought I would send off some enquiries yesterday. Have already had an e-mail back saying they have reserved a place for me which they will hold until the 20th of Aug so I have to pay and confirm by then!

I will only be about 9 weeks at that point. Seems a bit early to be paying for a course when I'm still not out of the danger zone?

By the way, I know I have already got 2 DCs, but it's 5 years since I went through all this so would feel more in control and prepared if I went through classes again. They were such a help last time.

bunnygirl80 Wed 08-Aug-12 11:36:53

Congrats to all the new bfps

I'm another one who has never even touched a copy of 50 shades. I have just realised that this dc was probably conceived on my birthday. It just so happens that DS was conceived around DH's birthday, so rather than people assuming we've been in some 50 shades inspired shagging frenzy, they'll probably think we only dtd twice a year grin

thereis I haven't looked at antenatal classes, but DS is only 20mths so I think I'm still reasonably up to date. I didn't find that much useful about them last time, maybe because I'd spent sooooo much time on mn I was already pretty well researched.

Had my gp appointment yesterday. Was all very quick and straightforwards, but I'm now booked in for my first obstetrician appointment and dating scan on 3rd September.

LordOfThe5Rings Wed 08-Aug-12 12:10:51


DeekeyDoo Wed 08-Aug-12 12:22:52

Hi thereis

I have a 5 and a half year old and an almost 4 year old so it seems a while ago for me too smile How old are yours? (you've probably already said but i'm not up to speed with all the messages yet!)

Can't let myself think far ahead enough to consider antenatal classes yet but I know what you mean.

I'm going for docs appointment tonight so hoping it will feel more real after that! Having lots of cramps on and off and don't remember them from previous pregnancies?

angeltattoo Wed 08-Aug-12 12:53:26

Hi everyone,

Spotting is minimal today grin

Although i think my sense of smell is heightened and, very unusually for me, i am not hungry at all - has anyone else had this?

5 + 0 for me today! grin

jumpinghoops Wed 08-Aug-12 15:50:20

Hello- congratulations to you all grin

<deep breath>, I have been reluctant to post here in case I miscarry, almost as if posting will be tempting fate. Still, I am trying my best to relax and think that I'm doing everything I can and there's some things you just can't control!

I found out last weekend and am due DC2 (I have a DD age 2.2)on 10th April. In absolute shock (it wasn't planned!) Have only just started a new job (got pregnant the day I started) and am totally unsure how we will manage it all with 2 littlies in our 2 bed flat. We were planning to move at the end of next year though.

Am a bit paranoid that I have no symptoms except really heightened smell, bit bloated and very hot at night. Is this normal at 5 weeks? I can't remember but I'm sure I was absolutely exhausted and sick as a dog by now last time around.

BonaDea Wed 08-Aug-12 16:04:00

jumpinghoops and everyone else - congratulations!

I had my GPs appointment yesterday, so should be getting maternity unit appointment early next week (high risk because I am type 1 diabetic). Fingers crossed for an early scan this week or next.

I am DEFINITELY part of the 50 Shades Baby Boom. It is utter drivel of course, and really I wouldn't have been seen dead with it on the tube or anything (thank god for Kindle) but I have to say it was a lovely, ridiculous romp which definitely got me in the mood. Where's the harm in that?!

MrsSimkins Wed 08-Aug-12 17:13:25

this might sound silly but i'm just not feeling pregnant! I haven't had any bleeding or anything but at 6 weeks i don't have any symptoms anymore sad
I kind of wish i was being sick or something just i could finally let myself believe this is actually happening.
Sorry if i sound like a winge bag but i just feel confused!
Anyone else feeling this way?

threeleftfeet Wed 08-Aug-12 17:36:30

MrsSimpkins that's totally normal smile I felt like that quite a bit in my last pregnancy, as once my boobs stopped feeling funny, I didn't have any symptoms I could recognise (didn't get morning sickness luckily!)

I remember speaking to a friend about this, and she told me that when she went to the 12 week scan, she was absolutely convinced there would be nothing there and she'd have to apologise for wasting their time! That "imaginary" pregnancy is now an adorable four year old whirlwind of a little boy smile

Don't wish morning sickness on yourself! Enjoy this bit smile I totally escaped morning sickness but got awful heartburn towards the end last time, yuk!

LordOfThe5Rings Wed 08-Aug-12 17:37:30

Congratulations smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

threeleftfeet Wed 08-Aug-12 17:38:43

It's also totally normal for it to take a while to sink in!

Even though this is my second, I still haven't quite got my head around the fact that there is going to be a baby! or even that I'm pregnant.

I nearly bought a great offer on wine the other day (three for two). Got all the way round the supermarket and to the checkout before remembering, oh, I actually don't want these do I?!

MrsSimkins Wed 08-Aug-12 17:49:29

Aww thanks Aufaniae, thats really comforting to hear. I guess i should be thinking myself lucky that i'm not suffering.
I just can't wait for it to sink in!

So glad i found this page for stuff like this, it really helps especially when i can't speak to any of my friends or family about it yet.

Jo1984uk Wed 08-Aug-12 17:55:28

I am not really feeling any different either.. No sickness, I am not particulary feeling tired (I do like my sleep anyway!) but I do have sore boobs!

I can't really believe there is a baby in there either, even though I had an early scan! Don't think I will believe it until my belly grows huge or until I actually see the baby :-)

LordOfThe5Rings Wed 08-Aug-12 18:34:54

So many expecting at rthe moment!

MrsTwinks Wed 08-Aug-12 18:44:16

aufaniae you think nearly buying it is bad... I'm actually sniffing DH's glass of wine. it smells sooo good!!

Killer hiccups is my new symptom, whole body hiccuping! Anyone else had that? Still not actually convinced I'm pregnant TBH, but I'm resisting POAS again until Sunday (5+3) and then I'll get a digital, rather than reading faint lines. Maybe then I'll believe it enough to go to the Dr.

Also having a problem as its my birthday in 3 weeks and theres a big night out planned which I don't think I'll be up to (out late clubbing then sleeping on the floor etc) as so exhausted. But how to get out of it without telling why... any ideas??

threeleftfeet Wed 08-Aug-12 19:09:15

Sniffing wine is definitely allowed! smile

I have some tips on hiding that you're not drinking.

Get one weak white wine spritzer. Drink that slowly, getting it topped up every so often with more soda. Keep the glass all night and just keep going!

Of course this only works at an event where you can avoid rounds or are paying for them yourself. My friend did this at an event we were at recently and i had absolutely no idea until she told me at the end of the evening (she was just doing it not to get drunk as had to work).

Another tip is to accept the drink, and simply not drink it. Take small sips, and then chuck it away at the first opportunity.

Not sure how you'll get away with a whole night of clubbing though!

The exhaustion may pass. IIRC, it's the progesterone causing it. Usually your period arrives and stops the rise of progesterone, but now you have higher levels and it's making you tired. You might not feel this way in three weeks. Having said that, I wouldn't fancy staying out late and staying on a floor right now anyway!

Could you say you were on anti-biotics? Ill? Change the plans?

We went to a festival last weekend and I simply told my friends as I'm pretty open with them. If we have to face a tragedy then I'll tell them that too. I know most people wait till 12 weeks but you don't have to.

Giddypants Wed 08-Aug-12 19:24:40

Hello and good evening, what a lovely day, have been sat on the beach this morning, and got a tad sun burnt, oops
mrssimkins I too don't feel pg at all I had a small amount of afternoon sickness which lasted 3 days last week, and a bit tired, but it has all faded away, I have also been having twinges of sharp pain on my right side, which comes and goes no spotting if it continues I'll pop in to the gps on Friday see what they think, maybe wind blush

Welcome to all the newbys

Roxoroxy Wed 08-Aug-12 20:30:52

Hello. Can I join too please? I'm due on April 8th. Initially thought I wasn't pg cos the line was so very, very faint. But last week I went to the Olympics and drank a bottle of beer and felt so queezy I re-did the test.

First time round so it's all new - even down to my naivety about very faint lines! Glad to hear from this thread that my sore boobs are normal. Last night however I had a splitting headache, really nasty, and lay awake thinking I wouldn't take anything (tried peppermint tea instead) but then after a few hours I gave up and had one paracetamol. Not sure if I should have but it really helped. Any bright ideas about how to handle that another time?

LordOfThe5Rings Wed 08-Aug-12 20:31:41

Congrats again.


LordOfThe5Rings Wed 08-Aug-12 20:34:11

Paracetomol is OK or so I have been told.

Avoid ibuprofen etc without looking up if it is OK. When in doubt ask your doctor smile

Flosshilde Wed 08-Aug-12 20:34:22

I've done the chuck the wine away trick - my DH had a mate round the day after I got my BFP and we usually share a bottle of wine, though I go off with mine and do my own thing. This time I took it away and chucked it down the sink, then went back for 'another one' after an appropriate period of time.

I cannot get up stairs without getting out of breath at the moment. I had to run up 3 flights of stairs behind my long legged colleague today (who doesn't know) and I was completely knackered by the top. I've also got a massive hike across moorland planned for work next week (which I organised before I got my BFP) and there is no way I'm going to be able to do it. I need a cast iron excuse.

This is a 50 shades baby. The TTC shagging was getting routine a bit so I decided reading it wouldn't do any harm. It was one of most appallingly written things I have ever had the misfortune to read, I have to say, but it did get me in the mood and obviously worked! grin I am bloody grateful, all being well, that I don't have to read the other two...

Flosshilde Wed 08-Aug-12 20:40:15

Paracetamol is fine at all stages of pregnancy, Roxy, so don't worry about that.

Ibroprufen isn't though. I can't remember which trimester you're not supposed to take it in so I avoid it entirely.

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Wed 08-Aug-12 20:42:15

<casts aside Cloak and Dagger nickname>

Hello, it's CouldItBeTrue here. My usual nickname is BrianCoxhasSmellySox and as I am a gobby cow a lot of people in real life know me on here (I've not usually got anything secret to discuss on MN hence me changing NN)

So, close family know and work know - no need to be all secret squirrel anymore grin

Acquaintances are not finding out until the 12 week scan.

Went to see my GP today, am coming off my anti-depressant meds as there is an increased risk of congenital heart defects when taken in the first and third trimester. I get a referral from my midwife to the Community Psychiatric Team so I will have an assigned MH nurse to watch over me while I'm off the meds.

I'm hoping that this will be a good thing. I had a wobble a couple of weeks back which appears to be a one-off that can be put down to a surge in hormones. So, if I can pinpoint my 'ignition' so to speak, I hope I can make it manageable in some way.

First MW appointment in 2 weeks and then the scan will be at 12-13 weeks which is around the end of Sept.

Told my best friend today - she screamed so loud! Her baby is 2 months old so by the time my little 'un comes along he'll be 10 months and we're looking forward to being pram chums!

I am also not feeling pregnant, keep thinking I've imagined it all. Sore boobs and tiredness like buggery today, so glad DD is on holiday while this is going on.

Big congratulations to everyone who posted with their news today, welcome to the club grin

SneezySnatcher Wed 08-Aug-12 20:56:16

Hello all. Hope you are all well.

My only symptom is sore boobs. I am struggling to carry DD as it squashes them <blush>.

With DD I was pretty lucky and didn't get too sick. I was sick about three times, and this was always due to the smell of Sunday lunch (no idea why). I did sometimes feel a bit queasy, but nothing too bad. I found heartburn in the last few weeks was my worst symptom.

I'm hoping I'll avoid MS this time too!

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Wed 08-Aug-12 21:05:17

34 years down the line and my mum still can't stand boiled potato!

I am still off olives from my first pg, I loved them prior to it but even now 9 years on, can't go near them!

Let's all join hands and pray for no morning sickness? wink

Flosshilde Wed 08-Aug-12 21:17:11

I can't go anywhere near green tea after my last pregnancy. The sight of it makes me feel sick. I went to New York at 7 weeks last time and pictures of the Flatiron building set me off as well. Bizarre.

<runs off to puke>

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Wed 08-Aug-12 21:22:18

<strokes Floss's hair>

Flosshilde Wed 08-Aug-12 21:27:01


Must stop thinking about sick-triggers!

Can we pray for no restoftheday sickness as well? My tiredness and sickness was worst in the evening last time and it seems to be the afternoon this time. I musn't puke on my colleague's shoes, they would find it impolite at best.

LordOfThe5Rings Wed 08-Aug-12 21:33:28


BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Wed 08-Aug-12 22:00:04

Ok, we need a full prayer.

To the God of Morning Sickness
Thy be the ginger biscuits
Keep us from upchucking in our colleague's shoes
And deliver us from sick-triggers

Give us this day our daily folic acid
and forgive us our hormones
as we forgive those who strive to annoy us
and lead us not to the pate, the soft cheese and the shellfish
please deliver us from heartburn,

For Mothercare is the kingdom, the prams and the breast pumps
For ever and ever, amen


miarosemum Wed 08-Aug-12 22:11:00

hello all..wow lots of new bfps, this is going to be a busy month! well back from holiday this eve and first thing i did was to poas again just to make sure even though af is now 5 days late and have done about 8 bfps in cyprus just to be sure!

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Wed 08-Aug-12 22:13:27

grin so, are you satisfied now miarosemum ?

Did you have a nice holiday? I had my hols early May and won't be having another until....blimey...who knows when! shock

I have holiday envy wink

Flosshilde Wed 08-Aug-12 22:16:43

Brian grin

I am seriously regretting not going on a foreign holiday this year. It was Devon in the rain. We didn't go abroad because I was worried about being pregnant whilst there... I wouldn't have been.

Next holiday probably September 2013.

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Wed 08-Aug-12 22:27:13

We went to Skye in May and had a fabulous time and I was hoping to go back there next year - but there is no way I am doing that journey with a teeny baby!

Mum wants us all down in Cornwall in April 2014, she is there at the moment and has decided on a mass family holiday when baby is old enough. She has gone into Nanny overdrive already ha ha!

I think me and DP will have a couple of weekends away, we are saving like mad but at the same time I really want us to get some proper time together before the big day.

That will probably be nowhere near as exotic as soggy Devon though grin

MrsTwinks Wed 08-Aug-12 22:35:26

you think your mum is bad brian , DH had great fun reminding me we will have to make the journey to see his grandfather pretty much asap when we have little one. especially if its a boy (no other DGS's at the moment)

its a 10 hour flight help!!

LordOfThe5Rings Wed 08-Aug-12 22:47:36

89 I think grin

LordOfThe5Rings Wed 08-Aug-12 22:49:33

brian :D

MrsSimkins Wed 08-Aug-12 23:31:48

Don't want to make you all jealous ladies, but talking of holidays i'm off to the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks on sat!
Its my proper honeymoon after a mini moon last year after the wedding. I'm a little bit sad that i can't make the most of the all inclusive booze but feel over the moon that i'll be somewhere beautiful and sunny with my fab hubby and a little surprise in my belly to tell our families when we get back!

threeleftfeet Wed 08-Aug-12 23:46:26

Congratulations Roxoroxy! thanks

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Thu 09-Aug-12 01:01:45

Ah, that's lovely MrsSimkins Obviously I am envy and not really happy for you wink but it is lovely and enjoy every minute and every ray of sunshine! smile

EssexWelsh Thu 09-Aug-12 09:10:59

Morning ladies, good to track all your progress! On the 'plus' side feel exhausted and constantly sick but on negative side the brown discharge is now more a watery red, again only when I wipe but still totally freaking me out! Anyone else with spotting can you give tmi and say exactly what it is like to compare? Sorry for those that not but am a walking nervous wreck at the moment!

miarosemum Thu 09-Aug-12 09:31:19

am satisfied now brian yes! just phoned gp to make appointment and am going on monday...exciting times! mrs simpkins am well jel of your holiday, have a fab time...smile

Giddypants Thu 09-Aug-12 09:39:57

essex that can still be quite normal try not to worry

Ok I need to rant!
Just been to see the GP about the pain in my side, it got worse over night and quite sharp, eased off this morning but with my history, (MMC at 14 weeks with a necrotic placenta, and then a placental abrupt ion with DS resulting in hypoxic birth injury) I'm quite understandably nervous about this pregnancy and it being ectopic.
Anyway explained all this to her, and she said because I had no spotting she wasn't concerned, even though I explained to her with the mmc I didn't spot at all.
And that even if we did scan at this early stage we wouldn't see anything, and that the womb would be 'empty' (I had a 6 week scan with DS and saw a heartbeat!)
Then she had a poke about I told her where It was painful and said just take some paracetamol.
She did my BP by putting the cuff around my arm, inflating it had a 2 second listen with the stethoscope then took the cuff off before it even deflated, and said my BP was fine, how would she know she didn't take itangry, I didn't tell her I was a nurse, if i had she maybe then would have done things a bit more thorough, but I shouldn't have to.
She sent me away saying that if it got worse come back!
So I phoned EPAU and have a scan booked for tomorrow, so mad about it gggggrrrrrr!

highlandbird Thu 09-Aug-12 09:47:26

Can i join please?? Just got BFP yesterday for DC2, was quite a faint line but did 4 tests and they can't all be wrong!! Due date is 16th April, DH's birthday!
DS is 16 months, have no idea what's ahead of us but very very excited anyway! Need to book doctor's appt now....

No time to catch up on thread just now, will try and get a look later. Although giddypants just seen your last post and sounds like you need to get yourself a new doctor!!! Good luck with your scan.

threeleftfeet Thu 09-Aug-12 09:49:01

Yay, congratulations highlandbird!

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Thu 09-Aug-12 10:16:33

Congrats highlandbird smile

giddypants - shocking, was she actually a Dr or somebody who had just wandered in off the street? angry It's a good job you are proactive and have some knowledge, if I were you I'd put a complaint in to the Practice Manager.

Oh, then I'd change GP to make sure I got somebody with half an ounce of a brain cell.

Big hugs and hope you are feeling better soon, hope all goes well at EPAU.

FunkyMonkey1983 Thu 09-Aug-12 10:16:40

Congratulations to all!

I had an early scan yesterday (my midwife referred me) and it turns out I'm 8 weeks and 2 days! I think I'm more pleased that it means the all day sickness will end sooner than I originally thought!

It does mean that I'm due in March and not April but I'll hang about here if you don't mind as I seem to have already made myself comfortable!

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Thu 09-Aug-12 10:20:50

Brilliant news, Monkey! I secretly hope for that news too but I doubt it as I had a very definite period w/c 2nd July!

My stomach is just big at the moment - it was anyway, am not a skinny thing, but the bit under my boobs is big and solid IYGWIM, whereas the lower part is still flabby blush. I'm just so aware of it, even though I know it isn't 'baby' but it is pregnancy related - extra fluid or something.

DP's mum is a twin, I'm hoping that it is just extra fluid and not an extra foetus! shock

Giddypants Thu 09-Aug-12 10:21:58

I'm still so shocked by it all! I think I will put in a complaint, she isn't actually my GP mine is lovely but as I'd asked for an emergency appointment I get given anyone, I think she was a locum, so probably doesn't even care as she will be gone tomorrow!

Giddypants Thu 09-Aug-12 10:43:32

Great news monkey.

angeltattoo Thu 09-Aug-12 11:28:22

Essex I am bleeding too and sick with worry. Changed from pink spotting to red blood and a clot sadsadsad

I had a scan yesterday at 5 + 0, they saw absolutely nothing sad

I had bloods done yesterday, have to have more tomorrow, then phone saturday - normal pregnancy would see s doubling in hormone levels sad

I am soooo anxious, feel sick with nerves and worry, so i know exactly how you feel. Sending out positive thoughts for all of us

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Thu 09-Aug-12 11:30:33

angel big hugs and love to you, hope it all goes well.


EssexWelsh Thu 09-Aug-12 12:00:53

Angel hope it all goes well, are you getting any other symptoms? The blood tests will reassure you, take comfort you are going to have good news Saturday, fingers and toes crossed x

angeltattoo Thu 09-Aug-12 12:09:32

Thank you

Worryingly, i have no symptoms other than sense of smell has increased, and i have no appetite.

No sickness, and boobs aren't sore sad

Essex, if you are only spotting when wiping I really wouldn't worry, have been looking for reassurance myself, and on one thread a lady had two big bleeds, baby was fine smile

Like you say, everything crossed for us!

threeleftfeet Thu 09-Aug-12 13:40:57

Giddypants you should complain, you were treated terribly. Why pretend to take your BP? That's ridiculous!

angeltattoo Thu 09-Aug-12 14:25:13

Have been doing a little more reading and cervical ectropian can be a cause of bleeding...I was due to have surgery on mine this Friday, but cancelled as hopefully pregnant! So it could (hopefully) explain sone bleeding...

Has anyone else got mild stomach cramps, and not so mild backache?

BonaDea Thu 09-Aug-12 15:19:22

Angel, I've had no symptoms whatsoever (yep, have done another test) EXCEPT for mild crampiness from time to time, like I would normally expect to get before AF. I haven't bled or anything, but I did ask my GP and my nurse (another issue) yesterday. They both assured me that things like sickness, sore boobs and all the rest don't affect everyone and some people just have very few symptoms.

I also read in one of the books that those women who tend to have sore boobs before /during period are much more prone to sore breasts when pregnant. So if this isn't something which happens to you normally, it might not happen now.

Anyway, fingers and toes crossed for you (and all of us on this thread!

Weenugget Thu 09-Aug-12 15:22:07

Hi guys! This is my first pregnancy - EDD 2nd April! Really pleased but can't help thinking I should be more excited! Jst feeling really worried at this point is this normal? Days are dragging by waiting for scan on 21st sep!! Got sore boobs and exhausted no sickness or nausea but jst a general lack of appetite (very unusual for me)! Anyone else feeling like they can't allow themselves a bit of excitement or am I jst Mrs Doom n Gloom?!!!!

BonaDea Thu 09-Aug-12 15:27:16

weenugget - you are definitely not along. I am also worried sick and I think also not being able to tell people makes it harder because you're having to internalise a lot of it rather than jump up and down getting excited!

I think until I know everything is looking ok on a scan I won't believe it.

As I said above, I've got basically zero symptoms (other than two BFPs, a late period and a bit of v mild crampiness).

BonaDea Thu 09-Aug-12 15:27:23


Weenugget Thu 09-Aug-12 15:32:05

I know BonaDea I jst feel that after the scan I'll be able to be a bit more excited but it's 6 weeks away! I'll drive myself demented by then dreaming up all the things that could go wrong!

Weenugget Thu 09-Aug-12 15:34:03

Also has anyone noticed that when you're pregnant but can't tell anyone yet that everyone around u starts talking pregnancy and babies while u sit there trying to look nonchalant?!!

BonaDea Thu 09-Aug-12 15:36:36

YES!! I have noticed that. In fact, people keep mentioning twins to me. Now that is REALLY worrying!

I have been busted by at least two sets of mates already owing to not drinking. Tried to hide it by fake sipping wine, and ordering tonic without the gin, but I fear that no one was fooled. Thankfully they all had the good grace to pretend nothing was amiss...

Weenugget Thu 09-Aug-12 15:45:19

Ha ha! It makes u feel like a big alcy when its so noticeable that you're not drinking! I went out with a work friend last weekend who was "suspicious" of my decision to bring the car to a cocktail evening lol! Going out for a leaving do this weekend and the same friend will be there to see me not drinking again - definitely rumbled!

EssexWelsh Thu 09-Aug-12 15:50:36

Sorry but so glad everyone is feeling super anxious, I feel like I'm going crazy with worry. I am absolutely convinced it is bad news which isn't helping as it's just a repeat of my last mc at 8 weeks in April. DP is getting concerned for my mental health!! Luckily am a teacher so am off but all I want to do is sleep or watch tv, have no get up and go for anything sad

Weenugget Thu 09-Aug-12 16:00:18

essex waiting does terrible things to a girl! Too much time to dwell on things it's not healthy but can't take my mind off it!

angeltattoo Thu 09-Aug-12 16:30:33

Bonadea and weenugget, great, i have no appetite either and no, my boobs tend not to hurt with AF. Reassuring!

Essex, i think we are worry twins smile

bunnygirl80 Thu 09-Aug-12 21:51:53

giddy your treatment was shocking. I'd definitely complain. If nothing else, pretending to take your bp could be dangerous, as she's got no clue whether it really is ok or if it was 200/120.....which mine would have been after that encounter

angel hope you get some good news. Fingers crossed for you

I had very sore boobs when I was pg with DS, but they've been totally fine this time around. I wonder if the fact that they've already been used once means there's less changes needed in them this time around. They look bigger though, so something must be happening to them grin

wishfulthinking1 Thu 09-Aug-12 22:12:01

I'm firmly in the worrying camp too! My boons definitely didn't hurt as much this morning as they did yesterday, which might be something of nothing, or it might be a sign or something bad. I'm 5+4 today and with my last pg I had to buy a new bra because they'd already grown so much, I think that was around 6 weeks. Obviously because of mc I only got to wear the new bra for like 6 days but I'm hoping it'll get more wearing this time!

Apart from sore, but not as sore as they were, boobs I'm weeing a lot and I'm quite thirsty, so drinking a lot- which is why I'm weeing a lot. Still a while till my drs appointment- time is standing still!

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Thu 09-Aug-12 23:03:23

I do love this thread, I spend all day worrying about things and then come here and you lot have all been having the exact same thoughts.

Yesterday I felt quite nauseous most of the day, today - nothing. Boobs have been killing me and have gone up a size already (am already in 40F!) but today, no pain.

I keep wanting to get excited (after being so giddy last week) but then I think 'oh I'm only 5 weeks, so far to go and everything could go wrong'.

Then I'll sit here and think about the housework and I just have no motivation. I've been doing it in dribs and drabs, but then feel so wiped out it's ridiculous.

I have to have an afternoon nap, which is great while I'm off sick but as of a week Monday I'm back in work, I don't reckon a snooze at the desk will go down very well grin

I'm not moaning, I keep seeing proper bumpy ladies and wanting to run up to them and say "I'm pregnant tooooo!" but I believe that kind of behaviour is frowned upon? hmm

So, I'm 5+4....roll on Monday when I will be 6 weeks and ready for the morning sickness to take hold!

Oh and I've already put in my order for a big bump this time round, DD was situated in my back/on my bladder so my bump was non existent - this time I want a real bump, the kind were people will stand up on the bus to give me their seat easily pleased Being 5'11" though, there's a lot of room for baby so I think my dreams of a big bump are unlikely to come true.

JessieEssex Fri 10-Aug-12 08:46:41

Hi all
Sorry, bit TMI but have woken up with a really sore stomach (high up, not near baby) and really bad runs. Had a supermarket Chinese last night so presume it was dodgy. Feel rotten but more worried that this is going to do some harm to the baby. It's clearly nothing super serious (I'm up and about and mumsnetting playing with DD, just running to the loo every now and then!)
Sure I'm being paranoid, but words of reassurance still welcome!

Ooh, forgot to say, the GP on Wednesday changed my EDD to 3rd April. Eek!

ratbagcatbag Fri 10-Aug-12 09:44:25

<shuffles back into thread and asks very nicely if I can be added to the list please - 1st April DD>

Phew, thanks for all the support ladies, after many tears, Me and DH are happy and are looking forward to it soooooo much, I've spoken to some friends who had exactly the same terrifying moments and my emotions are all over the place.

Around 20 people now know and are being supportive, but no family yet as I feel the pressure will be immense. I'm currently 6 + 4, and am suffering sickness feelings alllllllllll day, boobs are aching and such painful trapped wind it's waking me up. I have also spent three days panicking and regretting ever thinking this was a good plan, however now things are on an even keel with DH I feel much more positive.

Hope everyone else is doing ok.................................

BonaDea Fri 10-Aug-12 10:47:01

Hi ratbag, welcome back! Glad you managed to sort things out...

ratbagcatbag Fri 10-Aug-12 11:05:28

Thanks Bonadea, I think I feel happier knowing I'm not wrong or mad to not be ecstatic all the time and it's fine to have a melt down about the changes. smile

Is anyone else looking at baby stuff? I can't seem to help myself, I go and look at bras etc and then end up at prams and cots. smile

BonaDea Fri 10-Aug-12 12:09:08

Yes- have been doing all that. Really need to get a grip!

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Fri 10-Aug-12 12:52:33

ratbagcatbag - it was the same here for the first week, DP and I up in arms (although I was desperate to be ecstatic but felt I couldn't as he was bringing me down!) Thankfully, after a heart to heart, all is well. It was born out of uncertainty and the unknown on his part, but things are good now.

I've had my scan date through - 24th September. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I actually burst out crying when I opened the letter. Seeing it in writing from an 'official' made it so very real <soft arse>

I have been scouring the net for prams. Oh my. I've found 3 that appear to meet my needs, but only seen them online so need to head out and see them for real. But it seems far too early to be rocking up and test driving them. Am holding back for a bit longer, but it's killing me. I WANNA PLAY WITH PRAMS!grin

Luckily I have kept DD's cot and moses basket so they need to be brought down from the loft at some point. My best friend has a 2 month old boy and has basically said I can have everything she has, so that's a big worry off my mind.

Just making the most of my week of luxury while DD is on hols. Slept in until 11am!!! Now feel sick and lethargic - meh!

Have a great day, enjoy the sunshine if you have it (I am being a vampire, sickness and heat do not mix well!)

EssexWelsh Fri 10-Aug-12 12:54:23

Well my body is not letting me relax at all, my discharge is now bright red with the tiniest of clots but only when I wipe, however when I went to the toilet for BM-sorry if TMI but need help-blood literally dripped out of me but again only comes when I wipe, none on pad. I'm thinking that the doctor at EPU put me on daily aspirin to minimise clotting and help the blood flow, but perhaps it's flowing too much to my cervix and this is what is causing the bleeding. Called EPU and they said to go down if worried but they were not worried unless I have pain and soaking a pad. So should I try stopping the aspirin? Thoughts-anything else?? Help!

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Fri 10-Aug-12 13:00:41

I wouldn't know about stopping the asprin. I think take the EPU advice and go down and see them. Stress is not helpful and at leas they can settle your mind. Also they can tell you whether to stop taking the asprin.

Big hugs x

MrsTwinks Fri 10-Aug-12 13:03:38

Quick question. When are you going to tell the boss? I ask as currently up for my temp role becoming permanent. It's mine basically but I've not signed yet, as boss is useless with paperwork. My boss had a hissy fit at me this morning as the pregnant temp is asking for shorter shifts due to being tired etc. this girl came to interview, induction etc pregnant and said on first day, after scan. my boss is livid about this as feels duped etc. (I'm with her, but obviously can't tell boss thisgrin)
Anyway... For my own working peace of mind (and I'm a paranoid girlie anyway and HATE confrontation) I really don't want her go all apeshit on me like she is at the minute if I sign contract then tell her iykwim. Ugh what to do

ratbagcatbag Fri 10-Aug-12 13:12:16

My boss and colleagues know, due to weeping, sickiness and general stabby feelings. They're all supportive which is fab smile and been told of it gets too much not to worry, take whatever time I need.

I'm not sure what I'd do if my boss was evil, id at least wait until I'd signed contract if I was you smile

EssexWelsh Fri 10-Aug-12 13:16:05

Can't go to EPU as off on a 'romantic' break to Brussels, so no time sad

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Fri 10-Aug-12 13:17:55

Your boss sounds like a joy MrsTwinks not

Sounds like she will make your life hell but ultimately, the law is on your side.

Don't tell her, sign the contract and keep quiet as long as possible.

I have told my boss and he was just fabulous. I'm the 3rd to get pregnant in a year (there are 40 people at our place, of which maybe 10 are of child bearing age!) so he was shocked and did a mock 'head in hands' thing but he was thrilled and very supportive.

Do not put up with shit off your boss, if she has such little respect for people why would you offer her any?

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Fri 10-Aug-12 13:20:26

Essex, go on your break, relax and enjoy your time with DP.

Come back and speak to EPU.

I know it will be hard, but the break could really help you to relax.


BonaDea Fri 10-Aug-12 13:28:57

You could do either actually.

If you are temp, tell him, and he withdraws the contract he would still be discriminating against you and you would have a valid claim for sex discrimination.... Although obviously it would be very stressful.

Personally, I think you're just going to feel awful by keeping it from him and will just be stressing. Is there any possibility that you tell him now before you sign, he takes advice from HR who will tell him what I say above and you get the job anyway because the law's on your side? At least that way you would not feel like you had been underhand...

angeltattoo Fri 10-Aug-12 14:58:01

Essex, i had bright red blood and one huge clot, have done at lot of reading EVERYWHERE I can find info, one lady had 2 x really big bleeds and was fine. Others had bleeding all through their pregnancy...

If you have it just when wiping, and not on your pad I'm sure you'll be fine (hugs)

Can you really not go to the EPU? Would you be better off being reassured than going away if you think you won't relax?

I went for my second blood test today, I have rang and they are normal, I have a scan booked for next week, we have had similar amounts of blood loss it sounds like, so i hope that is of some comfort?

Thinking of you xx

And thanks everyone else for your thoughts smile

MrsTwinks Fri 10-Aug-12 15:26:13

Oh I know they can't get away with doing anything, doesn't mean they won't try iykwim. I wanted to wait until 12 weeks, surely I'm under no obligation to say before then.

Lovely family friendly boss I have eh! (I work for a family run children's retailer lol)

Giddypants Fri 10-Aug-12 17:34:49

I had my scan today, all ok little grain of rice is there and in the right place with a teeny tiny heart beat! Amazing to see, put me at 6+1 which is what I thought I was around.
Oh and that dr I saw yesterday rang me this morning and said I should self refer to the EPAU angry told her I did yesterday after seeing her, if I had rand for an appointment today they wouldn't have had one until Monday which means waiting a whole weekend when things could have gone very wrong, complaint going in on Monday!
Right off to catch up on the rest of the thread.

Lola06 Fri 10-Aug-12 17:59:00

Hi all,

Been wanting to post but worried in case I jinxed something!

I'm 6+1 today but had two early mc's at the start of the year so was waiting to see how things went. No real symptoms at all, i'm always tired so not sure I can count that, lol.

Glad the scan went well Giddypants, must have been amazing knowing things were ok.

Hoping a stress free, problem free 9 months to us all.


Flosshilde Fri 10-Aug-12 18:23:27

Giddy - seeing a heartbeat is really positive. When I had my early scan with DS I was told that if a heartbeat is detected before something like 8 weeks (can't remember precisely) that the chance of miscarriage is much reduced.

Angel / Essex - hang on in there with the spotting.

Welcome back ratbag.

I got my date for my booking in appointment today - 28 August. The scan date will be arranged at that appointment I think.

Do anyone else's gums hurt like buggery? Mine are awful. They look all stretched and white in places as well. I have a long standing dentist appointment on 4 Sept but I'm wondering if I should wait till then.

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Fri 10-Aug-12 18:42:13

Flosshide - I thought I'd get my date for my scan on my booking in appointment, but I only made the appointment on Wednesday and the paperwork came through today with my scan date. If your local health authority work the same way, you could know your scan date next week!

Angel - glad your blood tests look good! That is very positive smile

Giddy - that Dr is a tosser, glad your little grain of rice is sitting nicely cooking away grin

MrsT - ha, you couldn't make that up could you!!

Congratulations Lola, welcome to the thread!

Giddypants Fri 10-Aug-12 18:44:57

Hi Lola and welcome to the group.
twinks what an awful boss you have I don't know when I'm going to tell mine, I'm not having any sickness or any real symptoms for that matter so I may wait until I'm about 8 weeks or so to tell everyone, or rather I'll tell the big mouth and it will get around the unit in under a week (80staff) a few colleagues know already, one was there when I did the test!
I think that my boss will be ok she knows what a hard time I've had with DS another girl I work with is about 12 weeks now, she told the girl with a big mouth and it was around the unit in no time, she was only 6 weeks at the time and wanted to keep it quite for a while her face dropped as she told everyone her news!

briancox I'm very envy of the 5'11 and no bump, I'm 5'1 and had a huge bump, although only went up to 9 stone when I was due, I was mahoooosive! Considering baby was only a 4.7lber I had a lot of water and maybe a few too many milkshakes! I think I'll be bigger this time as I can't stop eating! So hungry all the time, then I feel really sick afterwards, can't win at the moment.

Welcome back ragbag glad to hear all is well and back on track.

Keeping fingers crossed that all is ok for you both angel andessex

EssexWelsh Fri 10-Aug-12 18:48:38

I called EPU they said they couldn't advise over the phone, so am now sat on train going to Brussels for weekend, so far it has not got any worse, so I'm crossing everything it stays settled at least and hope a relaxing weekend helps-thanks for the advice, see you in a few days unless we get free wifi grin

Lola06 Fri 10-Aug-12 18:55:08

Essex - maybe a break will be good for you, try to enjoy yourself, although easier said than done I know.

I can't wait to get scan date through. Something to concentrate on, had considered an early scan as with a complete lack of symptoms it's hard to actually believe I'm pregnant but will try to hold off for the meantime.

angeltattoo Fri 10-Aug-12 19:12:53

Hi lola, welcome smile

Giddypants, great news, how lovely for you to see your little grain, glad you didn't wait.

Essex, are you ok?

angeltattoo Fri 10-Aug-12 19:18:45

Whoopsie, didn't refresh before i posted!blush Bloody estate agent distracting me!

Have a great break essex smile

I have told my immediate boss, will wait until 12 weeks fir everyone else at work.

Telling my mum dad brother next weekend, hopefully my scan on Thurs will bring good news.

Still not many symptoms here, no appetite, but that could be the worry (have lost 4lbs this week!) and sense of smell +++.

Lola06 Fri 10-Aug-12 19:28:35

Hi Angel!

I'm slightly jealous of you all telling RL people, it's only me and DH that know at the moment. Don't want to tell friends and family until we've seen a scan. This is our first so a tad over the top anxious.

That's why it's so nice to chat to you ladies!

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Fri 10-Aug-12 20:19:47

Giddypants I'm the same - eating and then feel sick afterwards!

I also feel sick if I leave it too long between meals, so have lots of healthy stuff in. I never 'fancy' anything proper to eat though, hard to cook something whilst feeling sick, so have been eating whatever pops into my mind:

Burger King
Jam butty

...over the past week blush

Once DD is here I will have to cook for her so I will eat whatever I cook her.

I am sipping alcohol free beer this evening - isn't too bad, Becks Blue.

Lola I want to tell more people but am so nervous. I have a big family as does DP so we have only told immediates and I have told work, but that equates to 40 odd people knowing already!

Acquaintances will not be told until my scan date. DP is eager to shout it all over Facebook but I've told him in no uncertain terms that FB is out of bounds grin

Lola06 Fri 10-Aug-12 20:49:43

Mmm, burger king....not as good as a McDonalds in my greedy eyes but I still wouldn't say no!

I think I need to remember that if we did tell people early that, god forbid, if something bad did happen that I would want certain people to know anyway. Argh, roll on 12 week scan!!!

threeleftfeet Fri 10-Aug-12 20:54:44

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff I'm on the hard stuff!
I'm drinking Waitrose Low Alcohol Cider - it's whopping 1% grin

It's fairly nice. Inoffensive. Doesn't taste of very much. Last time I was pregnant we discovered an Aspel's low alcohol cider, it was absolutely delicious, and tasted just like full strength good quality cider. Will have to have a go at finding it this time.

I did miss drinking. DP made me a load of food with alcohol as ingredients towards the end (heated to lose most of the actual alcohol content.)

My favourite was poached pears in red wine. Yummmmm! grin And (very!) mulled wine at Christmas.

Mmm, mulled wine smile I'm so glad we're going to do the very pregnant bit in the winter, it must be miserable when it's really hot.

But I digress. (Promise to to mention Christmas again for quite some time!)

Giddypants Fri 10-Aug-12 20:54:45

Mmmm burger king, mind you I just as bad 3 meals out/take always in 3 days, but I was on a mini break!

Lola06 Fri 10-Aug-12 21:00:18

Feel free to drop the Christmas word as often as you like with me. I love Christmas and can't wait to get all bundled up in winter clothes with a bump. Plus we have the excuse of being pregnant to eat what we want over Christmas!

I would be a total witch dealing with the sun and heat heavily pregnant, urgh!

josie81 Fri 10-Aug-12 21:01:06

Hi everyone, just been enjoying reading about your symptoms, it helps to know there are other people with gigantic painful boobs out there!
Mrs Twinks your boss sounds like a nasty piece of work, under no circumstances would I tell her until that contract is signed. It's perfectly acceptable to say you wanted to wait until 12 weeks before telling anyone and you're under no obligation to tell work until you reach 25 weeks (although it might be a bit obvious by then!).

angeltattoo Fri 10-Aug-12 21:05:46

Ha ha, if I didn't tell my family they'd guess in 3.5 seconds due to lack of alcoholic drink in my hand! so I'm telling family only for now, would like to wait for 12-14 weeks for everyone else.

I have a friend's wedding when i'll be 8 weeks, trouble is there is no way they'll belive any excuse reason for not drinking beacuse we're usually...er, drinking.

Hmmm...my liver won't know what's hit it, with a 9 month break!

I do do other things than drinking too BTW...honest!

josie81 Fri 10-Aug-12 21:10:06

I love Christmas too Lola, one of my fave memories is being snuggled up in bed with DH on Christmas morning listening to Christmas music and feeling DS kicking away. Just felt like I didn't need any presents at all. Aww feel all emotional now (mad hormonal cow).

Lola06 Fri 10-Aug-12 21:25:44

Aw Josie that sounds very special, must be amazing feeling the baby kick.

Angel, I hear you about friends etc guessing from lack of drink. I've a wedding in 2 weeks, am I awful thinking a 'dry' wedding won't be as much fun?!

angeltattoo Fri 10-Aug-12 21:30:01

Not as much fun at all grin

I also have 2 weddings in February, everyone else will be all glam, I will (very, very hopefully) be the size of a house and sober!

Josie, ahh, sounds perfect - hopefully we'll all feeeling exactly that this christmas, with our bumps!

Flosshilde Fri 10-Aug-12 21:45:40

I went to a wedding when I was very pregnant with DS. It was OK being dry, my friends are a good laugh with or without booze. It was convenient that there was no argument about who was driving as it was in the middle of nowhere. The biggest problem was what to wear, tbh.

I am missing beer. The alcohol free stuff is just not the same. And gin. I wish I'd known I was going to get up the duff and I'd have had a final gin.

My DH, boss and two of my friends know. One of my friends worked it out the day I got my BFP. I managed to get away with the I've chosen to drive excuse, but not taking him up on the offer of a sneaky fag was a step too far.

bunnygirl80 Fri 10-Aug-12 22:06:28

mrstwinks your boss sounds like mine from when I was pg with DS. I was about to switch from temp to permanent, told them I was pg, and offer was withdrawn. His exact words were "I know you've said you'll come back, but women tend to get all hormonal and not want to leave the baby, so it's best we just replace you now" angry angry I didn't fight it in the end, although I managed to negotiate a massive increase in pay for my last few months in the job, which I think he only agreed to to keep me quiet. Bizarrely enough I got a email from them yesterday asking if I would be interested in some more work.....I replied saying that i no interest in ever being associated with that organization again!

You're under no obligation to tell them anything, but the law is on your side if you do.

aufaniae I'm in Oz so will be hugely pg over summer. DS was born in late spring and that was bad enough, I swelled to massive proportions, so really not looking forwards to this time.

I'm still feeling incredibly nauseous, and not 6wks till Monday, so I imagine it'll only get worse. I mentioned I was feeling much sicker this time around when I saw the GP, and her only comment was the rather unhelpful perhaps it's twins!

threeleftfeet Fri 10-Aug-12 22:10:31

Oh bunny girl I'm sorry I didn't think! <slaps head>

I wish you amazingly good air conditioning this summer smile

Lola06 Fri 10-Aug-12 22:14:28

You guys really have had crap bosses. It's mad that we still have to worry about crap like that from some people!

DH is currently fixing me a de-fiizzed coke as I was feeling a little sick and it helps me. Desperately trying to convince myself it may be my symptoms starting and not just the massive bowl of ice cream I just ate!

Flosshilde Fri 10-Aug-12 22:21:24

My boss was brilliant about it, but told me that someone who used to work for him didn't tell him till she was 6 months! He was furious because he needs to do risk assessments, make adjustments and all sorts and if anything had happened to her he would have been in trouble.

jumpinghoops Fri 10-Aug-12 23:11:04

Hello all, right I am feeling more positive now and managing to calm down somewhat.

Jeez mrstwinks- I hope it goes ok, and yes, I really wouldn't say anything until you have that contract signed. I'm going to find it tricky telling my boss who I have worked with for oooh, 2 weeks so far. She and I have both had holidays and have more to come. I had another role in my organisation before this one (only been there since Feb though) and I kind of wish I hadn't switched now, I feel a right doofus getting preggers in my first week.

angel- glad to hear all is going so well.
Jessieessex- hope your break is super relaxing!

jumpinghoops Fri 10-Aug-12 23:15:45

Just to add, I think April is a great month for having a baby. The long dark nights are out the way and it's a great time of year for getting out of the house and going for walks.

My DD was born in beg. of June and that was almost perfect, if I hadn't been 2 weeks overdue with a 9lb 5oz baby during the hottest May known to grin

jumpinghoops Fri 10-Aug-12 23:16:15

known to man!

LikeCandy Sat 11-Aug-12 08:16:57

People talking about Christmas in August?! I am definitely in the right place - I LOVE Christmas! This year I am asking for Christmas decorations as presents so that Christmas 2013 can be properly festive for Baby!

I am six weeks today, I have an early scan booked for Tuesday morning as I have been (dark brown) bleeding lightly on and off. GP was concerned about ectopic or mc - I've been told to take it easy and be cautiously optimistic.
I am a bit heartbroken but hoping for the best. DH is being amazing.

Have a great weekend everyone!
(ps was it any of you guys who won the £148m last night?!)

highlandbird Sat 11-Aug-12 08:27:49

wow I can't keep up with this thread, its moving so fast!! Just wanted to say that bleeding doesn't always mean anything bad is going to happen, I had a big bleed about 10 weeks with DS and it was unexplained, he was fine. My mum says she bled intermittently throughout whole pregnancy with my brother, so sending psitive thoughts to all of you, although I know its hard not to worry!!
No symptoms here yet but didnt get any last time until 6 weeks + and then it was just a bit of nausea and tiredness.
Doctors appt on tuesday, that wil def make it more real! PIL staying this weekend so going to tell them and my brother, am desperate to tell everyone!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

threeleftfeet Sat 11-Aug-12 08:58:09

LikeCandy like highlandbird says there's a good chance everything's OK, keeping fingers and toes crossed for you smile

LikeCandy Sat 11-Aug-12 09:00:09

Thanks both thanks

spidermanspiderman Sat 11-Aug-12 09:06:15

Hi can I join. Just done test this morning as feeling quite sick and realised was overdue (I am a bit scatty with regards to periods as have a long cycle and only just becoming regular after stopping breastfeeding dd) . Not told anyone yet apart from mumsnet, dh still asleep. I can't believe it.

Will be due around 8th April. Already have 2 dcs. Ds age 4 and dd age 2 so will have a house full! Luckily ds will start school in september and dd starts preschool 2 mornings a week then too.

Have massive alcohol guilt and will be running out to stock up on vitamins this morning! Also remember taking 2 ibuprofen a couple of weeks ago and my caffeine in take has been massive - it's the school holidays!

OMG we are going to need a bigger house now.

Roxoroxy Sat 11-Aug-12 11:07:06

I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts about informing people at work. I haven't told anyone yet, but I'm finding it weird hiding it. For example I was really quite unfriendly to a colleague who came to me asking me to look at a spot she had and for my opinion about whether it was chicken pox (which was plausible because someone else in a different part of the organisation did actually get it). I curtly told her to go away and look it up on google and to go home immediately if she got any more spots. I felt so rude I nearly told I her I was pregnant in order to explain myself.

I'm not sure when I'll tell my boss. I originally thought about 3 months, but now I think maybe sooner because at least then there's a reasonable explanation if I'm sometimes tired and cranky. But from reading everyone else's posts I realise I'm lucky to be in an organisation which I know will deal with my pregnancy lawfully and reasonably.

Btw, thanks for the reassurances about the paracetemol - I'm feeling much less guilty about that now smile

threeleftfeet Sat 11-Aug-12 16:35:51

Yay, congratulations spidermanspiderman! thanks

threeleftfeet Sat 11-Aug-12 16:48:37

Roxoroxy I'm not at work at the moment (full time mature student), and I actually don't remember when I told them last time!

But as long as you trust your work to be reasonable, there's no reason not to tell them soon if you want to. Although are you sure that you wouldn't be passed over for projects / opportunities if they knew you were pregnant?

People usually leave it till past the 12 week danger zone, just in case something goes wrong.

But that's only worth doing if you think dealing with people's reactions if something went wrong would make it more difficult.

I've started telling my friends already - but cautioning them that it's early days so not to get too excited (which is a bit silly as it's because I'm so excited I want to share it with them!) If something goes wrong I'd rather they knew why I was sad.

Lola06 Sat 11-Aug-12 16:54:28

aufaniae - this is exactly the quandry I'm going through. I'm desperate to tell some people but I don't think I could tell my mum if something went wrong as it would upset her too much. I don't want others knowing before her so I'm stuck holding off until the scan. Everyone knows how best they feel telling people, their is no one rule for any of this pregnancy stuff.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend x

threeleftfeet Sat 11-Aug-12 17:15:31

Oh Lola that's a hard one! You must be bursting to tell people but I totally get not wanting to upset your mum.

Totally agree there's no right way to do these things!

The first time round DP's poor mum was told I was pregnant first time she met me - she'd not even heard of me until a few days before! She was delighted - but a little shocked to say the least!

When I told SIL this time, she said "it's a bit different this time, we actually know you!"

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Sat 11-Aug-12 17:55:30

aufaniae that was how it was with my DP introducing me to his mum.

She had heard of me, but we hadn't managed to arrange a meeting beforehand due to her social life/our social life and my DD commitments.

So, DP told her and a few days later I met her. Was lovely, big hugs all round and she was concerned but not unhappy.

Feel like I've always been one of the family now, they're lovely and this baby is very lucky to have so many people ready to love it!

josie81 Sat 11-Aug-12 20:03:22

The not telling is soooo hard! Met my best friend today and I usually tell her everything, so felt awful keeping it from her. But couldn't tell her before I tell my mum, and dh and I have agreed to wait a couple more weeks for that...will see how long I can hold out!

toobreathless Sat 11-Aug-12 20:07:54

With regards to work, I told my work at 12 weeks last time & informed them of the date I intended to go on maternity leave at the same time. To all those struggling with work, this is one of the few times to be selfish, do whatever works best for you. I would be particularly wary to telling work early if it is likely to effect your job negatively. Legally they don't need to know until 25 weeks & obviously there is always the risk of something going wrong in these early days sad

We haven't told anyone yet & won't until 12 weeks. I would probably tell my friends if something goes wrong & did after I had an ectopic pregnancy in May 2010. I'm mainly holding off as it seems like such a long pregnancy if you tell people early, that's just my irrational brain though.

I have nasty morning nausea but no actual sickness & very tired. Exactly how I felt with Dd, wondering if it might be another girl? I secretly hope so, mainly because we already have a girl born in April so wouldn 't need to buy much! But a boy would be nice too, something different. Not that it matters as long as its healthy & all that!

Can I give a mention to Hot Milk nursing & maternity bras. I don't work for them honest. They are amazing, so sexy, matching underwear, really comfy. I wore my last 3 sets through pregnancy, nursing & am wearing them again. They are pricey but I found them on the Internet half price.

spiderman big congratulations.

On my phone so can't name check but thinking of all those with spotting or other concerning symptoms. Fingers crossed for little beans with flickering heartbeats on those early scans!

timetomoveon Sat 11-Aug-12 20:12:33

Hello all and welcome to the newbies smile

I have told one close friend but that's it. We haven't told parents and certainly won't until after 12 weeks, or maybe even later if we can get away with it. My mum is staying at the moment and I'm trying to be all bright and breezy, even though I feel increasingly horrid.

My docs just rang and changed my Thursday appt to Monday so hopefully I'll find out an edd then. Am really nervous about it but trying to cling to the fact that I really don't feel well so hopefully that means everything is ok with the little bean.

Crazytictac Sat 11-Aug-12 21:42:52

Hi ladies, can I tentatively join please. Got my unexpected BFP on Tues after a nearly year of trying (including a chemical pregnancy). Due date 17 April. Just want to fast forward to the 12 week stage so I can stop the constant trips to the loo to check for any blood and my boobs might get a rest from being prodded to check for tenderness.

Totally empathise with not divulging pregnancy news. Managing my mum's disappointment after my chemical pg was worse than mine although my hand has been forced this time. Got another loo trip, nice to be here!

Bodice Sat 11-Aug-12 21:43:27

hey guys,
Bowing out. had a miscarriage this week. Knew it was too good to be true. gutted but trying to move on and up. hopefullly will be back soon. good luck with all your pregnancies xxx

wishfulthinking1 Sat 11-Aug-12 21:46:08

So sorry bodice, it's happened to me before and I remember the sadness all to well. Best of luck for the future x

toobreathless Sat 11-Aug-12 21:47:07

Crazytictac congratulations

Bodice so very sorry. I lost my first pregnancy to an ectopic & was pregnant again the next month. Wishing you a peaceful recovery.

Lola06 Sat 11-Aug-12 21:49:00

Oh Bodice, I'm so sorry to hear that. Hope you have people around you to help at the moment. Nothing I can say to make you feel better. Hugs.

BrianCoxIsUpTheDuff Sat 11-Aug-12 21:49:03

sad xxx Bodice

Bodice Sat 11-Aug-12 22:34:41

Thanks guys. Has been a truly awful week but coming through it and trying to think about the positives. I got pregnant the first time we tried, so that rules out a whole heap of problems. Plus I have an awesome husband who has been nothing but brilliant support and is now even more keen to start trying again ASAP. Hoping it won't be too long before I have some good news. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

LikeCandy Sat 11-Aug-12 22:46:51

Hugs to you Bodice - xx take care of yourself

spidermanspiderman Sat 11-Aug-12 22:53:31

Hi everyone, hugs to bodice!

Still not told anyone yet not even dh. Have decided to tell him on Monday as it's his birthday (he will be over the moon!). Have stocked up on vitamins and have looked up recipes for non alcoholic pimms (having birthday barbecue for dh tomorrow and don't want to feel left out or for anyone to notice that I'm not drinking.)

Can't really advise re telling employers as have not worked since ds(4) was born. I didn't tell my employers then till the last possible date I legally had to as I felt I did not need my work place assessing for me and I knew they would be vile to me when they found out (which they were!).

angeltattoo Sat 11-Aug-12 23:45:26

I'm so very sorry Bodice. thanks thinking of you x

edinfirst Sun 12-Aug-12 00:57:48

So sorry bodice. So glad your DH has been so amazing. Hugs to you both.

timetomoveon Sun 12-Aug-12 07:28:31

Sorry to hear that, bodice. It happened to me in my first pg too. Will be thinking of you xxx

ratbagcatbag Sun 12-Aug-12 08:46:55

So sorry bodice. Sending big hugs to you. Xxx

jumpinghoops Sun 12-Aug-12 08:57:14

Bodice- sorry to hear your news, take care xxx

josie81 Sun 12-Aug-12 08:57:41

Bodice, so sorry that this has happened to you. You sound incredibly positive and brave, as does your lovely husband. Hugs xx

ratbagcatbag Sun 12-Aug-12 09:37:12

For all the ladies who were with me through the tough couple of weeks I had, I thought Id update you.

Me and DH are making lots of effort to go out and do the things we enjoy, we are sharing chores in the house and are generally being a lot better. I had a big cry the other night about how terrified I was and we had lots of hugs. All seems far far better now and I'm feeling very positive smile

Ooooooh and I lurve christmas, best time of year ever. I frequent the Christmas boards on here from about July lol. smile

MrsTwinks Sun 12-Aug-12 09:48:42

worried day here, still not believing my faint bfp's decided (as surely they'd be stronger now at 5+2 right?) to POAS again. Now got BFN sad less tired, still very very sick thou but worried now. Any of you second-timers had this?

Lola06 Sun 12-Aug-12 10:18:57

MrsTwinks, was the test with FMU? Sometimes different tests can play tricks on you? Have you appointment booked with the doctor? They will be able to tell you for sure. Hoping it's a dodgy test! X