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BROOKING NO ARGUMENT for pain-free sneeze births and an abundance of empty birthing pools - pt 12!

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I think this is the first time I've ever started a brooking thread! shock <hopes she doesn't break MN>

grin well done on the new thread Fluff, love the new title.

musicalmrs Mon 09-Jul-12 11:29:22

Well if it goes down Fluff, we'll know who to blame grin.

<marks place, finds a corner and brings an abundance of snacky goods that she's just emptied from her kitchen...>

I'm going to do a wee AIBU for you blush because I just can't decide if I am or not.

I said months ago that I don't particularly want house guests during Aug and definitely not in Sep (am due 6th Oct) as I anticipate being large, uncomfortable, meltdown-prone and struggling to sleep (with my hips, as it turns out, though I didn't know this at the time) and think I will need space to be a mess, rather than trying to be hostess.

Dh's retired Dad lives across the country and has been trying to come and stay for a long weekend since May; first date (June) got cancelled because he trapped a nerve in his leg and he didn't want to drive, and the next date (at the end of July) was cancelled as it clashes with an extended family BBQ or something along that vein that he wants to go to. DH is a nurse and only gets one weekend off a month, and at this point in time we don't yet know when the next weekend will be.

AIBU to say that if he can't come by, say, the end of August, he'll have to wait til after the baby's here?

Dh offered to go and see him instead but I'm terrified I'll go into labour and he'll be a 3 hour drive away so that's completely out. I've just got hormone-fuelled visions of me going in to labour while he's here it would, after all, be sod's law and then coming home and having to get to grips with bfeeding with an audience, and trying and calm a screaming baby in the wee hours while he snores in the spare room, etc etc etc... and tbqh I'd be gutted to have to share out first few days as a family selfish, I know, but it would be nice if it were just us blush

AIBU to say no having him to stay in September, and just leave it til after the baby's here (probably Nov, realistically) if DH can't get a weekend off in August?? Am I being a selfish moo?

Hello everyone. Blimey, what a busy few days I've had: family outing to Legoland on Thurs, oldest boys school trip on Fri, day out to the Forest of Dean as middle son wanted to go to a particular country pub to have game pie on his birthday (Saturday). Funny little thing. Leaving party yesterday. The house looks ransacked and I'm exhausted, but we've had a lovely time.

We're not actually moving until the end of the month, but it was the only time we could book the venue we wanted, and venue was more important than date!

Some of my mummy friends made me an amazing bag, hand made from real Harris Tweed, and then they coordinated about 10 people to make knitted / crocheted flowers to sew on. We've had a tradition of people moving away, and have always made them blankets by contributing a square or two each, but only one of them knew I was pg, so I got a bag instead. I love it! (and they can make me a blanket for Christmas now!). There's a pic on my FB page.

tock wrt potty training - lordy, what a nightmare. I've always put them straight into pants then taken them to the potty every 10 min (or so it seems) until they get the hang of it. Waiting until at least 2.5 helps I think, and you just have to be hard faced about it. Yuck. What else? stickers maybe? worked for one of mine. Different things work for different children - obviously! Also, they don't all 'get it' in the same way, so for example, one of mine was v slow to train during the day, but then was dry at night almost immediately. The other got it during the day really quickly, but then took another 2 years to be dry at night. I have this pleasure to look forward to with number three. Just hang out in wipe clean places! We spent a lot of time in the kitchen, in the park and at manky playgroups in horrible church halls. Good luck! Broadly I would say I've eliminated most of it from my brain, and also, generally speaking people eventually do become potty / toilet trained, and therefore your child will to, whichever approach you take. But wipe clean surfaces until then.

Right that's enough from me, off to get on with the jobs.

<leaves cold barbecued sausage sandwiches all round>

Wow, repeating myself or what? That's how much I've been overthinking it....... grin

I saw the photo whims, I didn't realise it'd been made by your friends! It's lovely! How did they react when you spilled the Big News?

ah, xpost with you fluff. How about making a provisional date, but with rules, such as you won't cook, they'll go out and leave you in peace for a bit and if you're too uncomfy, you can postpone up to the last minute? I had rotten spd with my last pregnancy, to the extent that I couldn't walk to nursery and back, and could only carry two pints of milk back from the shop (literally only at the end of the road). But it was nice if people came to visit, and we had a few house guests right up to my due date as I couldn't go and see anyone.

<still overthinking things> he's really lovely btw, I don't object to having him there specifically - we've discreetly organised things barred this way for friends too grin

Yeah atm (27 weeks) I can walk fine, but not carry anything really, like you say. It's the lack of sleep that's crippling me really!! It would have to be provisional, definitely...

Either way, he'll be coming for a weekend when we have NCT class on the friday night (they start 16th Aug) so DH will miss it - I'm a bit miffed about that, considering with his shifts he'll only be able to make half of them as it is, but do realise seeing his Dad's more important than a nappy-how to grin

Fluff I'd probably stretch the invitation out to the weekend of 15/16th Sept. If he couldn't make it before then I would get DH to arrange it with him after the baby's arrival. How many hours in the car is ot for him to travel? Does it have to be a long weekend? Could it not just be one night?

In AIBU style, I would say it is a bit unreasonable to say he can't visit you and that your DH can't visit him either. Sorry! grin But I do completely get your reasoning and I would also be worried about labour. Chances of anything happening before 37 weeks are unlikely though. I think you should agree to one night, you don't cook and you go and rest in bed if you feel fed up. If you don't fancy that then I think it's only fair you agree to DH visiting him for one night.

Re the NCT, arrange the FIL visit for Sat- Sun so DH still gets to go with you if you really want him there.

Tock we've recently completed potty training. Bribery worked well, but ultimately if your DS isn't ready it will be hard. We abandoned it and started again several times before my DS got it, and in the end it only happened when he got up one day and out of the blue started doing his wees and poos on the potty without me nagging at him. Don't feel pressured into it being done before DC2 arrives. I got really stressed over it when pg for that reason, but then DS's first dry week was when DD was 3 weeks old, which everyone said wouldn't happen because of jealousy, emotions etc. But he's not had an accident since (7 weeks now). My DS is 3.6 BTW so a late one in terms of potty training, but he got there in the end at the same time as I was on the verge of giving up with it and thinking he's be in nappies forever!

Nipping in to mark place

You're all blooming beautifully xx

Ooops just read that it's a 3 hour drive.

Surely (smallest possibility) if you did have the baby while he was here he would go home before you came home from hospital? Or are you hoping for a home birth? Have a talk with your DH and tell him that you would expect FIL to go home in that circumstance. I bet your DH would think the same anyway wouldn't he? If he hung around then I would say YANBU! But surely most people with common sense would get out of the way at a time like that? 3 hours isn't that far if it's not done that often.

Hmm, I'm overthinking it now too grin I LOVE a good AIBU?

Don't know what that random question mark is there for at the end of my last sentence...

Another thing to consider re potty training, tock, is that it's not uncommon for first children to regress a bit when there's a new baby at home, so even if you do get through potty training, there might be quite a lot more wetting / requests for nappies etc when the new one arrives.

grin scarlet I am a AIBU addict (but I only lurk!)

It's a 3 hour drive and he'd want to see DH's sister too, who is another hour further on, so it'd be come on the Friday afternoon when DH finishes work and go back on the Sunday evening I think with a trip to DH's sisters in the middle (which I can easily opt out of). But you're right, I could stipulate that if I go into hospital FIL makes his way home, that would be quite reasonable wouldn't it? the thought of him sitting at home waiting for us to come back makes me cringe with awkwardness Not hoping for a home birth, but I am hoping for a quick in-and-out complication-free hospital birth iyswim wink

My sister and my mum gave birth to their first prematurely - Dsis at 33 weeks iirc, though can't recall how early mum said she'd given birth. Not sure if that sort of thing runs in the family confused but it has been playing on my mind that I could pop any time from sort of mid-Aug onwards if that's the case.

I mostly lurk over there too Fluff the couple of occasions I've got involved I've ended up being really annoyed grin

I didn't realise there was a history of premature births in the family. I get now why you're worried. But yes, make it clear to your DH you expect FIL to be go as soon as labour starts. I wouldn't want anyone else in the house even in early labour.

Stacks Mon 09-Jul-12 13:44:59

Afternoon all. Just a quick message to mark my place really, no news from me. I've got an awful back ache, which the MW made me worry might be related to a UTI. I don't think it is muscular though and aggravated by tidying and mopping the floors yesterday. I'll make an appointment for the doctor tomorrow anyway I think.

Fluff I'm not really sure, I wouldn't say you are being unreasonable, but I would let him come stay if it was me. You've told him when you're happy for visitors, and when you're not, and he's cancelled the past arranged dates, not you.

whim such a busy weekend! Sounds like it's been fun one though?

Oh no stacks did the MW not test your wee? Soak in a hot bath might help if it is muscular?

Gawd I'd not even thought about early labour hmm confused that might scare him off if nothing else grin

Thanks for the new thread Fluff! Having seen now that you are worried about going into labour on the early side, I will say YANBU. I would suggest having a cut off date that you are comfortable with, or do as you said and send him home if labour starts!

Tock we have recently got DD trained. She was 2yr 8mo when we did it and lots of people said 'oh it's easier when they're older' - implying she was older! I know of many, many children who were a good way over 3, so I think 2.something is pretty good going for potty training, not that it's a competition of course, but just getting them to remember to ask to go to the loo when they need to go etc gets easier as they get older. Anyway, we did what I think you are doing and she went au naturale for the first few days with the potty downstairs, then we just put her in normal clothes and knickers, then took her upstairs to the loo every time she said she needed to go. She hasn't had any accidents, but sometimes leaves it really late before telling us she needs to go and does a little dribble in her pants. When we're out and about I just ask her regularly if she needs the loo and to her credit she hasn't had an accident, although I am quite paranoid about it. Good luck!

Stacks that sounds painful. Good idea to go to the doctor. I pulled my back yesterday too - cleaning the floor in the kitchen. I had to stay bent over for a bit, moaning to DH about it, but eventually I found I could stand up! I think joints are looser in pregnancy and easier to strain.

Not much news from me really. We have told immediate family who all seemed quite pleased. My mum has been a bit negative, mentioning my mcs at a time when I don't really want to dwell on that, but she is generally a very negative person. Lovely all the same though. I will tell my boss this week, then we will be able to tell friends and other family. Feels weird to be nearly out!

Imps7 Mon 09-Jul-12 14:04:54

Just nipping in to put my beach towel over a vacant space and give my sparkly vom bucket it's customary new thread polish.

You all look ravishing btw.

Stacks Mon 09-Jul-12 14:40:06

The MW did take and dip my wee, as well as sending it off. There were leucocytes (sp?) in it, which could mean UTI. It's because I mentioned I get a tummy ache when I need a wee, rather than a feeling I need to go. I just worried myself with Dr Google, who said UTIs can spread to the kidneys causing back pain and happens to be the leading cause of pre-term labour! sad

I'll phone to get the results from the actual urine test today, which should tell me if it's a UTI, if it's not, then I may not bother going to the doctor.. they can't do much for general back pain can they? I've had it for a week or so, but it's much, much worse today. It's the right side of my back only, and I'm wondering if it's related to me having no stomach muscles on the right side - so maybe the back muscles are weaker or something? I've booked into a pregnancy physio class for 19th July, and will try and chat to the physio after the session to get an opinion or appointment with them.

Generic mums can be funny. Mine was certain I'd get pregnant immediately if I got drunk, and now is certain nothing can go wrong with pregnancies ever, and I'm silly to even think about worrying.

Oh, I thought I felt the bump move over the weekend. Still not entirely sure. Happened Sat and Sun night, at about the same time (while sitting on the sofa knitting and watching TV), feeling a bit like being flicked from the inside. I'm not going to call them 'real' until I'm actually sure though. I'm 17+5 today.

I hope it clears up soon stacks - try not to worry about the kidney thing, I think it's when it goes unmedicated (i.e. it's missed by GPs) and it gets very severe that it ends badly for the main part - if it's definitely a UTI and you get some antibiotics I'm sure it'll all be fine. Fwiw, DH was of the opinion that nothing will go wrong ever and I shouldn't worry about it, and it drove me bonkers too grin

Apparently premature births are hereditary so I'm not entirely neurotic grin I will compromise with the agreement FIL hot foots it home if labour starts smile

JenFraggle Mon 09-Jul-12 15:18:35

Stacks my first movements felt like I had a twitch inside. I described it as blipping smile

stacks did no one tell you that house work (especially heavy duty mopping) is not allowed in pregnancy. It's the plus side of having to give up booze.

Obviously a little light handicraft is acceptable. It also means you are still productive and not a complete slattern, even if the house is starting to look like an exhibit from one of those time lapse decay programmes around you. (or is that just me?)

cakes82 Mon 09-Jul-12 16:41:51

In relation to hip/pelvis size. I was talking to one of my work colleagues today, her mw would ask her what her shoe size was. It wasn't until the fourth pg that she remembered to ask what her shoe size had to do with anything and she got told that there is a link between shoe size and pelvis size and how easily you are likely to give birth and also how long they can safely allow you to carry on naturally without feeling they need to bring assistance in. Her feet are a size 4 but it sounds like she had no probs at all!

JenFraggle Mon 09-Jul-12 16:49:14

My feet are size 8 and I was told that my pelvis size was very good for giving birth shame my contractions weren't

ScrambledSmegs Mon 09-Jul-12 16:55:01

Hello! We're back in civilisation after a long weekend in the arse-end of nowhere. I'm sure the area we were in is absolutely stunning when you can see more than 3 metres in front of you due to torrential rain and apocalyptic darkness, but quite frankly I may as well have been in a dishwasher for all the scenery we saw!

How is everyone? I've obviously missed the end of the previous thread so apologies if I've missed anything important.

tock - ah, you're a braver woman than me! DD is still taking potty-training very slowly, and seems to have exactly the same problem as your DS re: naked/clothed situation. Although she also seems to struggle with how it feels to need or do a wee. We've got new carpets so I'm really loathe to take the plunge at the moment confused. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and do what whims did. She's 2.4 now but really interested in using the toilet (NOT the potty, that's for babies apparently grin ) so as soon as the tumble dryer* arrives I will go for it.

Fluff - tricky! I would say that having him over, but asking him to leave if you go into labour could be misconstrued as not wanting him to see his grandchild, so tread carefully! However, the last thing you need is to feel stressed and tense in the 3rd trimester as well. I don't think 3 hours away is too bad actually, as I was in labour (induced) for over 27 hours, but everyone's different and some people have very fast first births. Maybe sit down with your DH, tell him your worries (write them down if necessary) and your dilemma, and explain that you're feeling very vulnerable right now so please try and see this from your point of view? He might be able to come up with an alternative that you haven't thought of (like a local cheap hotel/b&b for your FIL in case of emergency?).

Stacks I do hope it isn't a UTI, although your symptoms do sound very similar to what I had. Fx for you. Early movement felt like flutterings/wind blush for me, so flicking sounds about right!

Oh, that was a long one. Sorry. And so many people I've missed out - sorry whims, Gen, Jen, scarlett, musical, Imps and Biscuits. Oh, Biscuits, I had to tell you - I always envisage you as Mr Biscuits from Buzz & Tell on CBeebies grin Sorry about that!

*Yes, bad Smegs, but we bought an A rated one for a steal, and hopefully that won't impact too badly on the environment. And I'm going to use washable nappies for DC2 to assuage my guilt a little. Just couldn't stand having huge amounts of laundry 'drying' for days in this damp pile any longer, especially as the dehumidifier did naff-all to help!

cakes82 Mon 09-Jul-12 16:58:35

I had an old boyfriend who kept telling me I had child bearing hips, i'm undecided whether that is meant to be a compliment or not?! hmm my hips pre pg were about 38/39 inches I think and that is actually slightly bigger than when I knew him.

ScrambledSmegs Mon 09-Jul-12 16:59:57

I think I have a child-bearing arse...

ScrambledSmegs Mon 09-Jul-12 17:00:58

NB I do know how childbirth works! Was just a comment on the size of my bum. Not sure about my hips - DD came out eventually anyway!

clickingtock Mon 09-Jul-12 17:11:52

Hi all

Fluff - understandably you are a bit anxious that the baby may come early; your DH does get this does he? I think if your DFIL is a lovely man then try to get him to come before you are b-fing etc because it will deffo be more relaxing to still be pg and hosting. Stipulate that they treat you like the preggo princess you are, and get them to go out one afternoon at the weekend and you stay at home and have a lovely rest. And yes, no cooking, slaving etc - DH must do that. Good luck. And thanks for the new Fred too.

Thanks to Scarlett, Generic and Whims - v helpful potty advice. You are so right - no need to put the pressure on as he's still only 2y4m and to do a poo in the potty without me prompting him is already excellent plus he was proud of himself rather than repulsed which I've heard can be happen and is a big step backwards. I think I'll keep on with the au naturelle style and progress to underpants while we are on our family holiday together so that DP can suffer the mess with me and see if DS responds well. If not we'll leave it until he's more ready. I'm sure he will be in the fullness of time.

Big waves to Imps and Biscuits - so nice to see you in here.

Whims - so much happening in your life, how exciting. I must try to see your lovely bag on FB boo, have to get my arse over to FB, not my fave of places.

Off to make greek salad and bruschetta for tea. At least we can pretend it's summer.

clickingtock Mon 09-Jul-12 17:18:38

Missed the last few posts. LOL at Smegs c-b arse. hahaha. Like I said, the hips don't come into it though men like to think they know all about it. If thunder thighs helped I would be on to a winner I think. They aren't quite thunder - that's a little unkind to myself - just 'rumble thighs' perhaps... could be more 'blue skies thighs' if I did enough exercise. Ah well - who wants to be perfect anyway? grin

Smegs - after two decades of vowing I would never buy a dryer (for same reasons as you) we succumbed this spring. I did washable nappies for 2years without one, so hopefully I have paid my dues. Like you, we live in a Vic house disposed to damp and couldn't take it any more with the increased amount of washing. I will share your guilt if you like. Whenever poss, I still hang out the washing. With this summer though I feel grateful we took the plunge. Enjoy it!

Good luck with the tests Stacks.

TheLittleFriend Mon 09-Jul-12 19:12:50

Hi everyone

Nice new thread fluff.

I've got my early scan tomorrow peeps, not til 5.30pm though, so don't panic if I don't update til this time. If all goes well, then I might move in here properly. Obviously feeling a bit nervous, but I feel so crap, I'm hopeful that's a good sign smile


Brookety brook brook

musicalmrs Mon 09-Jul-12 20:16:26

Brooking lots for you Little!

Smegs and Tock - I've always thought I'd never have a tumble dryer for various reasons, but I must say that what with a deluge of Little Clothes and washable nappies, I'm now very tempted! I think an extreme lack of money (having the kitchen redone at the mo, which is sucking up expendable income!) will prevent me though..

Fluff, personally I think YANBU, but you have to tread carefully! Like everyone else has said, maybe have lots of plans in place, like the B&B? I had lots of people visit around my due date, and although I initially felt like you, I was glad when the time rolled round - it meant I stopped mentalling about when I'd go into labour/symptoms/my vastness for a bit!

Brooking for you Little

ScrambledSmegs Mon 09-Jul-12 22:08:03

Good luck for tomorrow Little!

clickingtock Tue 10-Jul-12 08:28:06

Fingers crossed Little; hope the nerves aren't too bad. I was quietly nervous too, it's only natural. We're all brooking no argument. xxx

Musical - I did wait until I was 40 to buy the dryer! (For some reason that feels significant, perhaps because I lead a v exciting life, as you can tell. grin) We had to just pay someone to knock a hole in the wall and make sure there is a route out for the hot air - something to bear in mind Smegs, unless you bought one that condenses the hot air back to water in which case you are v posh.

Am seeing a friend today, who has a DS and DTs and gave the advice that I was trying too hard during my 18months of TTC2 and determined testing which led to the discovery of male fertility issues. I haven't told her I am pg. I am tempted to rub it in that trying hard was the only way I managed to get diffed and that a lot of friends gave me v crap advice, but I shall be more graceful. For some reason I feel really pissed off with her. Perhaps it was because she also told me that I was better off with one DC - ie, there was no way I was ever going to crack the egg, in as many words. When I told her I thought I could still get pg (on email as she is currently working abroad) she didn't ever write back. Oh well, I just have to be bigger and better than my petty bitter and twisted emotions. And at least I can say that I did crack the egg, I suppose. Time to NBU.

Imps7 Tue 10-Jul-12 08:39:49

Tock shock about your friend! What an outrageous way to discuss TTC with a friend. If I were you I still wouldn't tell her about the pregnancy - she doesn't deserve to know! Plus it will be quite funny to hear her bang on with more silly advice and opinions. But then, I'm a bit of child smile

Argh, my pelvis pain has ramped up a notch today sad I woke up in discomfort, thought a walk round Tesco might help and instead I've made it worse. It's now gone all stabby when I walk, sigh.

That's pretty harsh tock I hope she's more thoughtful today. In her defense (ish) I think the one thing I've realised from ttc is that people who don't have to "try" Just Don't Get It hmm I can't believe she told you you'd be better off with one though what a hypocrite

*I did, however, buy some baby wipes, nappies and cot sheets that were on sale grin

ScrambledSmegs Tue 10-Jul-12 15:06:30

Oh no, fluff sad. What sort of shoes are you wearing? A friend of mine who had pelvic girdle pain in pg spent her final months in sports trainers (not fashion ones, ie converse). She said she didn't care how uncool she looked, it was the only thing that helped her get about. Maybe if you switch to comfy shoes early enough you can manage the pain?

tock your friend is clearly a numpty, and you should pity and mock her rather than be angry. The thing is, some of my friends went through a great deal while ttc their children, way before DH and I had even thought of having kids. I never said anything as dumb as 'you just need to relax' because it patently wouldn't help anyone who's that emotionally fraught -and it's obviously untrue since otherwise IVF wouldn't exist. I think some people genuinely don't have the empathy or emotional capacity to understand things from other people's perspective sad.

In other news, it looks like I may have manflu another summer cold. I'm shivery, achey, have a monster headache, sore throat and streaming nose. Just lovely smile. I'm getting tired of both the weather and my health being shit. I'm normally a very healthy person so a bit ticked off, to say the least!

Stacks Tue 10-Jul-12 17:25:24

Little brooking for you.

So, I went to the doctor today, who made me even more worried sad Started asking me questions about miscarriages and whether the symptoms were similar to how my cancer first presented itself. I wasn't at all worried last week, now I've had 2 health professionals get all concerned for me, and I don't like it. He took blood, and asked me to come back next week. Which is better than the midwife, who wouldn't let me leave without making sure I had the number for NHS direct, and assured me I could pop into the outpatient department at any time over the weekend if things got worse, or go to A&E. sad

As the UTI test came back negative, I've decided I'm going to act as though my back pain is just that - back pain. I'm going to be super nice to my back, take regular breaks from sitting at my desk all day, not go to the gym, sit 'properly' all evening, warm baths and perhaps massages from DH (and no more housework). If at the end of the week things are noticeably better, then I think I'll have proved this is a muscle pain.

Good news is I'm slightly more certain the flicking feelings I'm having are the baby smile Also heard the heartbeat again today silly worrying Dr worrying me more.

Stacks Tue 10-Jul-12 17:31:02

That post was me, me, me. Sorry!

Fluff I hope your pain gets better. I actually read somewhere the best footwear when pregnant was small, wide heels? Have you seen a physio at all?

Smegs I hope you feel better soon. It's awful feeling ill at the best of times, but almost worse when you're not used to it. I never used to get ill before, and I found I handled it poorly when I did get ill and also never gave people enough sympathy when they got ill.

Tock some people just don't get it. If she's not a close friend any more, then I'd maybe not bother telling her you're pregnant. I'd hate to think how she might behave... would she start with horror stories about your age and how hard you're going to find everything? There are quite a few people I've not mentioned my pregnancy to - I still feel a bit weird about telling people. Rather like telling everyone it's your birthday today. It's like asking for congratulations and attention for something they probably don't really care about? Am I weird for finding it all sort of socially embarrassing?

Brooking for little's scan which is happening right now <suppresses small squee>

Try not to worry stacks, I'm sure they're just being extra cautious given your history, which is a good thing smile Look after your back and hopefully it will improve, and leave the worrying to the experts who seem to be doing more than enough for everybody wink

I've been wearing flat shoes for a while, not sure they're helping/hindering tbh. Had a bath at lunch and it's feeling a bit better though, thanks smile

ScrambledSmegs Tue 10-Jul-12 17:48:56

I think completely flat shoes aren't the best thing, fluff. Do yours have a bit of a heel?

Oh, hmm. No they're pretty flat, I'll have a look through my shoe collection for something else tomorrow. Tbqh though, working from home I'm usually shoeless lol

TheLittleFriend Tue 10-Jul-12 19:09:37

Hi all

good news, I've seen my little flickering bean measuring exactly as it should be, which is 7wks 1day. Feeling ever so happy! It's great to be able to tell people on here too, as we're still not telling rl people yet.

fluff don't you be pushing trolleys when you decide to have a stroll round Tescos. It is a v bad thing to do if you're getting pelvic girdle pain.

clickingtock Tue 10-Jul-12 19:54:51

Hurray for Little - what a joy for you. Wonderful news. You can tell us again and again and again if you like!

Oh dear. Fluff, Smegs and Stacks - sorry to hear of various upsetting woes, especially being freaked out by the docs - all of you need some TLC. Smegs - your immune system just isn't playing ball is it? How frustrating. I hope the old honey and lemon hot water gives some release, or at least some paracetemol? Sounds like you need a holiday. Fluff - I would have thought shoeless was quite good. Can you get the odd swim in, unless you hate the water of course? I think it's good to stretch and get those various muscles and hamstrings working for their keep. Stacks - I do hope your back ache stops and you can relax a bit more. The docs are just basing all this on your history. You know best, and it feels to me like you know it is just muscle pain. Well done for staying upbeat, and yes get yourself a lovely massage from your DH. Brooking for you that it all looks better by the end of the week. Great that you are getting flickerings now - how lovely.

You are all v sweet about my feelings about my friend. I didn't ever think she meant it nastily: people are just really thoughtless about what you are going through. I think she was finding her DTs so tiring, which is why she suggested I stick with one. She was trying to make me feel better although managed the opposite. Tbh there's not a lot people can say when you pour your heart out about prolonged TTC, unless they've been through it too and a lot of people don't want to revisit. To my shame I did 'pour' more than I would have liked, especially after a year or so of trying and I was getting desperate. When said mate told me I looked v well today I explained I was pg and she was actually over the moon. So I think her weird comments were just her handling things badly and being v involved in her own world - DTs, return to big job, move abroad for big job. Stacks - I totally get what you're saying about it being weird telling people. For me it feels like showing off. But I'm also so excited and have such a boring life that I can't help but splurge my news, tho calming down now. Also - I want to tell people I haven't put on weight but am actually diffed! grin It's funny - one or two people, and not ones that I know v well but that are in my mums' network, have been so pleased (and almost cried) it's actually been really moving. So in a way you just seem to find out more about people's personalities. I think we brookers should try to enjoy telling people, even though I know what Stacks means. Gen - hope you're enjoying it a bit?

Just wanted to say - I didn't respond in detail to all the different potty training stories but they have all lodged in my mind and it's v sweet to think of all those little bums on potties, learning the fundamentals of life. Thanks for sharing.


itsMYNutella Tue 10-Jul-12 21:13:28

tock your post was so lovely it really made me smile, especially thinking of little bums on potties....

I agree with Stacks I feel so odd telling people I'm pregnant. But then having DP being so proud of himself is also annoying, it's not like he did anything special or unusual phnar it just happened. Now I'm doing all the work while he has a big proud grin on his face and rubs my belly all the time.
Gosh don't I sound a bit mean! I love it when DP rubs my belly hopefully then people realise I'm pregnant and not just fat and he is a big cute softy. grin

ScrambledSmegs Tue 10-Jul-12 21:40:58

Yay Little! Such wonderful news. Have some thanks and a nice decaf brew

clickingtock Wed 11-Jul-12 08:37:53

Thanks Nutella - yes, it's weird and a bit attention-grabbing making the pg announcement, no way round that one, but maybe make the most of your DP being proud; I think that's lovely. Mine just goes a bit quiet about it all (and hates telling anyone, plus he worries about me (even though I am the picture of health, bar hay fever, and over the moon about being diffed). I would like to think he's excited about the baby but that doesn't ever seem to happen til the LO arrives, or it didn't last time. Your DP will have his work cut out then, of course, so let him glow a bit first! grin

Btw - we are having a BBQ with a few friends, mostly old-timers, in 10 days. We need to tell some of these friends just because it would be just as weird not to, but there's a really lovely couple coming who I know had several losses during TTC (including a 16wk MC). They have been quite open about it and I sent a massive bunch of flowers with the late MC but they have since obviously decided to move on. I really worry for them that the announcement will feel like shit. Should we wait and tell all our friends on a 1-1 basis at another time so as not to spoil their BBQ? Or should I let the couple know before they come so they won't have the shock?

I hadn't thought about that little confused

Wow, tough one tock. I definitely wouldn't spring it on them at the BBQ, that might make things very difficult for them even though I'm sure they'll be pleased for you. Maybe tell everyone in advance when you casually confirm your plans or something?

Yay for the flickering bean Little grin

tock I'd be inclined to tell that couple in advance. It'd be upsetting for them and you if they get upset at the BBQ because of a surprise announcement. I'm sure they'll be delighted for you, but they're bound to feel sad for themselves at the same time.

Hello all, RL seems so busy at the moment I hardly get time to post!

Little I've said it already but that is wonderful news about your bean and HB! Very happy for you. X

Tock I agree with the others that you should consider telling them in advance. I wouldn't have wanted to deal with an announcement in front of other people, though I'm sure they will be happy for you, it is always a bit upsetting when you've been through losses. I'm sure you will handle it tactfully!

Stacks I am finding it all socially awkward too - it's like saying 'I want you to congratulate me and make a fuss of me'. I've told everyone at work today, but fortunately there are not many people in and I managed to slip it into general conversation rather than make an announcement. I also controversially announced it on FB, but that's because so many of my friends are scattered around and I don't see them regularly. I also hope your back ache eases off soon and sorry that the dr worried you (hopefully unnecessarily).

Smegs I'm sorry you are still feeling so poorly. I am still quite nauseous and tired, but nothing like what you've been going through. Hope you can get a rest, but not easy when you have you DD to look after.

Fluff hope you can rest your hips - my sis had SPD and it seemed very painful, so I hope you don't get that bad.

Hello everyone else. Where's Farfalla gone? I've been thinking about her.

Where has Farf gone? Hopefully she's just off upchucking enjoying her pregnancy smile

And someone's kitchen burnt down at Christmas, meaning they had to move out for ages, and I keep wondering if that's sorted now? (was it little? )

I've lost my knitting mojo (I think it's being smothered by a mound of anaemia and PGP-induced insomnia) and have in fact knit nothing of note since becoming updiffed shock
In an attempt to regain it I bought a kit to knit a lovely expensive cardigan and I've suddenly thought, "whoops I'm pregnant!"....... I'll knit it to my previous measurements which is probably a massive mistake though with it being a cardi it will at least be a bit more forgiving than a jumper?? confused le sigh

JenFraggle Wed 11-Jul-12 14:03:23

Think it was Faith and I seem to remember a thread maybe last month saying they were back in

Lordy I'm tired after a long trip to Birmingham yesterday. 3 hour editorial meeting, then shopping and supper with a good friend from up north who came to meet me. Lovely. So i'm taking half an hour off to watch Escape to the Country. They've got 3 teenage sons. It's like looking into my future (except of course I'll have 4...) They've got 3 rottweilers too.

Sorry to hear about your hips and loss of mojo fluff. I'm really enjoying knitting at the mo. Are you uncomfy sitting? Are you having any physio? I went to a water physio class last time, which was really helpful. Perhaps you could ask your mw to refer to something local?

tricky situation there tock. I def think telling in advance would be good. It's hard to have info sprung on you, but I'm sure they'd be fine. Forewarned being forearmed and all that.

Hello everyone else <waves>. 2 rounds of knitting for me then back to the packing.

BartletForAmerica Wed 11-Jul-12 14:40:37

tock, please email them to let them know. If they are anything like me, I'd be very pleased for you but also want to cry a bit for myself and the baby I'd lost, so I could gather myself so I could smile at the BBQ, rather than getting that winded feeling when someone announces it publicly and I don't have time to work out how to react.

cakes82 Wed 11-Jul-12 17:10:42

I've posted a bump photo on profile, I feel like I look huge but as I don't have anyone to compare to i'm not really sure.

ScrambledSmegs Wed 11-Jul-12 17:18:36

Oh. Your bump looks about the same size as mine. I'm about 21 weeks pregnant sad

Yours looks lovely, BTW!

JenFraggle Wed 11-Jul-12 17:21:52

Great bump

Lovely bump cakes You're not huge at all, although I can imagine how it might impinge on a professional snooker career, if that's your line of work. I'm slightly envious as I still just look like I've put on weight, whereas you def look pg! Enjoy the next 10 weeks or so until you get really enormous.

Off on another school trip today. Gosh, I could do with a quiet day at home with no children!

clickingtock Thu 12-Jul-12 09:05:04

Hello all

Lovely neat bump Cakes smile

As I wrote my BBQ conundrum to you all I had decided I was going to write to my friend (it's actually the man in the couple that I know best). I wrote a v simple note, trying to avoid being patronising as I know this would really get to him. It was actually DP who thought it wasn't fair on all our other friends if we told this couple first, but he doesn't understand how they must feel, quite simply. DP doesn't seem to understand much at the moment. He thinks that I'm negative because I've been trying to look at ways for us to make our money go further (we have been living off two wages - my past earnings, half his salary - and essentially will have to both have to have a job to keep up living as we are and quite soon); he's also commented that I'm less inclined to do lots of extra-curricula stuff at the moment. Hello, I'm pregnant! All the household management stuff - from managing bills, filing, costs, shopping, washing, organising holidays/nights out, looking after DS in the working week and managing/funding childcare - is done by me. I also pay the mortgage and our only pension. He puts a chunk of cash in our a/c for living costs; then uses the rest for travel and I'm not sure what else, but various hobbies that he really loves. He didn't even know what his net salary was when I asked. I'm pretty sick of being labelled negative and narrow for caring about these things. He says he is terrified about the cost and responsibility of having two children. But he doesn't seem able to look at ways to manage this responsibility.

Sorry moan over. I don't want to moan about him to anyone in RL - it feels snidey and betraying enough doing it here.

I just need to accept that DP doesn't see his role in life as involving the practical stuff. He has a decent job, about which he is very conscientious, and he is a great Dad and I need to be thankful for these for lovely attributes.

Hope you're all doing ok. Fluff - any respite from your ailments? Smegs - is your cold going? Stacks - how is your back?


Your bump is very neat cakes! I'll see if I can get DH to take one of mine for you to be shocked at compare over the next few days grin

Wow tock DH doesn't seem to live in the real world? I don't mean that in a nasty way, honest - just that he doesn't seem to realise what his monthly bills amount to, and how is salary compares to that iyswim? Maybe you need to put it all on a spreadsheet and have a "finance meeting" with him (we do this every few months in Chateau Fluff - we are the sort to get a cold sweat on if we have more than £100 on our only credit card) so he can see where the money goes, and how much you're going to have to cut out of your budget if you're off work.

clickingtock Thu 12-Jul-12 10:43:07

Just another thing for me to pursue with him Fluff; me taking the lead etc. We had a list of costs but he has shown v little interest in updating it. No DP doesn't want to live in the real world; he works hard and he feels that he earns his pleasures and there shouldn't be any worries about other stuff. He is basically a v dreamy sort of person. And I'm not much like that any more although I think I was in the past. Well done re' your approach: sounds v positive. I am thankful that we don't have a credit card and avoid debts other than our mortgage, but that's because we are using money that I tucked away before I got together with DP.

Actually I take it back, I think he's got it spot on - we all work really hard, and there really shouldn't be any other worries about other stuff!! smile
I like to have a credit card for the Section 75 protection you get when buying anything over £100 - so we use it when we buy anything big, like our TV, washing machine etc, but pay it off the same month.

My cardigan kit has arrived, hurrah! Trying to work out how to incorporate a larger waist in without throwing off the pattern - seriously, who has an 8 inch difference between their bust and waist? shock I wish!

clickingtock Thu 12-Jul-12 11:56:13

Yes all great for him as someone else sorts it out for him. That's life for lots of women these days as far as I can tell.

Stacks Thu 12-Jul-12 11:56:17

tock I'm a bit confused by your DP, but it's a confusion I get with all couples who don't share everything. My DH earns a lot more than me, and spends less than me, but when we got married, everything became ours. His savings became my savings, and mine became his. He brought a lot more to the marriage savings/earnings than I can, but he married me knowing that.
For me, having kids is a lot like being married. He works hard, and earns the money, but you work hard looking after his house and child to enable him to do that. I can't really see how he justifies keeping half his salary as a play thing while you manage all the bills and household finances and live off your savings. It doesn't seem like a fair deal to me.
Surely he can look at his finances, and the amount of money he's spending on his activities, and see how he could perhaps increase his contributions to the family to cover the extra cost of a second child? They're not free, and another child is his responsibility to support. This wasn't an accidental pregnancy for you, and when he gave you his blessing to try for another child (and his sperm!) he agreed to that responsibility. Now he just needs to step up.

There are lots of couples with lots of different ways of handling money, and I try really hard not to judge people on the way they choose to handle these things. Ignore me if I've stepped over a line.

My uncle and aunt used to have a relationship similar to yours - but one day she decided to go out to work to have some money of her own (and less stress!). She 'charged' him half the child care costs, and stopped ironing his shirts, cooking, cleaning etc etc. Not in a malicious way, just because she was busy at work. It lasted 6 months, then he agreed to pay her a salary of her own for the childcare and housework, money she could live on comfortably and spend as she pleased. It worked really well for them having separate finances, so it can work.

Also, my back isn't really much better, but I'm fairly sure it's a muscular problem. It hurts when standing or walking, but especially when I'm doing things with my right arm - like brushing my teeth or holding my umbrella. Today it helped to put my right foot up on the bath while brushing my teeth - somehow offset the stretch and eased the pain. I think I just need a physio.

Fluff the cardie looks really nice, but I wouldn't have a hope in hell of changing a pattern smile I've been stuck for months on the jumper I'm knitting. I've somehow reversed the pattern (doing the same row twice maybe) so the front side is showing the backside. I can't for the life of me fix it! I've unpicked and carefully re-knit it 3 times now and it keeps being wrong. It's the line right across the front of the jumper, just below the neck, so important to get right. I think I'm going to need DH's Nan to help.

cakes that's a lovely neat bump, and doesn't look huge at all. I know what you mean though, mine looks huge to me, but I doubt it's noticeable to others (I've got a photo in my profile from a couple weeks ago).

clickingtock Thu 12-Jul-12 12:29:49

We're not married Stacks and that is a difference. He has put all his savings in the account I offset against our mortgage. He is simply too used to being a bachelor.

We've shared a bank account and pooled savings/wages etc since the dawn of time not long after we met when I was 17. I think it was easier with us though as we both came into the relationship with nothing iykwim, as we were both penniless students, and everything we've earned since has gone into a communal pot. I think it must be way more difficult to take that leap when you come into a relationship with hard-won assets of your own?

Nan's a good idea stacks or if there's a local knitting group / stitch and bitch evening, someone there might help smile

Stacks Thu 12-Jul-12 14:18:41

tock yeah, before we were married we had a joint account into which we both put the same amount of money each month. That paid the mortgage, bills and shopping/house repairs etc. We did that mostly because our parents were worried about us buying a house together and moving in together so soon after meeting. If we ran out of money one month, we both put equal money into the account to cover it. When we had extra in there, it went into a joint savings account to pay for bigger house things, or a holiday.

There are a couple of things I consider equivalent to marriage (well, more binding really!) buying a house together, and having children. It's easy to get into and out of a marriage, I got a "simplified divorce" from my Ex, took 10 minutes to fill out the form, and the rest just happened automatically.

Did you mention at one point you and your DP were thinking of marriage?

clickingtock Thu 12-Jul-12 15:09:40

I think you're right Fluff. Life would have been v different if we'd got together when we first met (when I was 15!) The responsibility for bills etc is historical - I own this house and consequently pay the mortgage and had all the bills set up before DP arrived. DP spent a lot of time doing a PhD etc so didn't have a lot to bring to the table (even aged 40) and what he did have he put into the savings offset account.

Stacks it's a v different scenario when the man has more money than his wife/partner because traditionally society hasn't batted an eyelid at the man paying more than the woman, even though when I think about it I do find this a bit odd and not about equality. When DP and I moved in together we did exactly what you did - equal amounts pretty much. He has since increased his input but when I add up the mortgage, childcare and any other one-off payments I wouldn't say there's much in it, even though I don't have much income any more. But I'm the one who comes out with my own investment in tact - a house and a pension. He doesn't currently have either of these... So I feel quite bad about that.

I don't think DP is unkind or selfish, he just doesn't see it in the way you or I do. The salary he doesn't share goes on travel, food at work and some extras for our family.. then his hobbies. He doesn't want to compromise his interests - classic car, music equipment, subscriptions to various mags/online stuff, his iPhone etc, because he feels that he works hard and earns the wage to cover them and they don't amount to much in cost. He doesn't feel that saving for the future etc is possible, let alone a priority.

And he was quite clear that he was happy with one child and that the responsibility daunted him, but that he wanted me to fulfil my dream of two DC.

I think him saying I am negative is a bit of transferral (is that the term?) - and when he says he's terrified of the responsibility he just means his feels like he is losing sight of his personality/space/time to do stuff. Maybe? I know at least 2 men who simply won't have children because of these feelings, so DP is doing his best to balance his feelings.

Anyway - so now I'm defending him, even though I feel that things are imbalanced and I feel quite pissed off. Marriage isn't v appealing right now even though we are meant to be going for it. But that's sad because I'm saying this based on a feeling an inequality about 'investing' in our life together and I know DP senses this and doesn't like it. It's not v romantic, after all. That's just the way things are. Life is v much day-to-day practicalities for me (and security), but he's always been more of a dreamer type who knows his pleasures and doesn't do well without them.

Sorry - far too much info' and unfair to air my dirty washing like this. I think I'm just on a bit of a downer for some reason. I recently spent a morning with my friend who is a single mum (after she discovered the father of her son was having an affair with her close friend). She manages on a shoestring and still spends time writing novels and being really creative and I just have to think what an inspiration she is and get on with all the positive stuff in my life, which there is tonnes of.

clickingtock Thu 12-Jul-12 15:10:01

Gawd - sorry about the huge post blush

Stacks Thu 12-Jul-12 15:45:31

We all have our problems smile Talking about them can really help, so don't worry about mentioning it. I have one friend I complain about DH to - but I told him the rules when I started complaining - he can sympathise with me, but is totally not allowed to criticise DH.

DH and I don't have any problem sharing money stuff, but I'm always complaining to him about him not sharing his time with me. He gets very obsessive over things - games, TV series, programming, reading. He can easily spend 8-10 hours at the weekend on his computer, barely talking to me. He'll be watching an entire series of a TV program he just found, or playing games with friends. In the morning over breakfast he reads the news on his phone, and in the evenings we talk over dinner (if I introduce the subject) but then he'll go back on his computer.
I can make him feel guilty really easily about it all, because he know's it's 'wrong' but it's also him, and I love him the way he is. I'm sure there are quite a few people that wouldn't put up with it, but I knew what I was getting in to, and he really is a wonderful person, and I think will be an amazing dad though I'm a little worried how he'll handle the shock of a baby.

DH is fab at sharing, it's me who lets the team down especially when it comes to food blush

We all need to offload sometimes, tock! smile

clickingtock Thu 12-Jul-12 16:59:09

Thanks guys. You're both v honest. I think you have lived with twin brothers Fluff - hence your food protection regime. smile Stacks - You are right to accept your DH as he is. And I appreciate the fact that DP wouldn't ever spend 10 hours on the computer though I think he would like to spend time on his photos but simply doesn't manage it, compared to life before me and DS when he did lots of photography/guitar/reading/motorbiking etc. He tries not to complain about this though I know it bothers him. And I try to make sure he gets time with his mates at least once a week and a weekend day here and there - doing up old motors or playing music together. Hopefully your DH will adjust quickly Stacks; he will probably be too fascinated by miniStacks to remember that he misses his computer. I think DP is a wonderful bloke and kind and bighearted, but just not really willing to take more share of organising/budgeting/planning - he simply doesn't function in this way though he must do at work, being as senior as he is, and I have to try not to think about this too hard.

I've decided to look for a good job when minitock2 is settled and the breastfeeding can ease off a little. I didn't plan to put my DC in childcare at a young age, but it can't be helped. I will aim to go part-time at least. The recession may of course scupper best-laid plans... In which case DP will just have to give up some of his non-necessities.

Just tried to take DS for a swim in a lovely pool - a new one for us - but he fell asleep in the motor. Thought a dip might shift my dark mood. Sigh.

Anyway - sorry to hear back is bad Stacks. Fluff - any updates? How are Nutella, Cakes, Smegs, Whims, Llittle*, Gen, Bartlett, Jen and other graduates? <who have I missed?>

<Promise not to hog the Fred any more! smile blush>

grin I'm not entirely convinced it's their fault, but I like your thinking wink they are gannets

I spent yesterday in floods of tears, literally the whole day. I think I was just overtired like a toddler having been flogging myself at work a bit. Poor DH got the brunt of it, sadly blush but I'm feeling better today.

I also had a swim-fail today - the pool was closed so school kids could have some sort of one-off whole day sport-a-thon, sigh. Will try again on Tuesday...

clickingtock Thu 12-Jul-12 17:59:46

Oh dear - poor Fluff. I hope you have a nice restorative weekend. xxx

Hello everyone, still here, but mostly looking on my phone which I hate writing on. On a school trip yesterday. A highlight was a kid looking at into a field and saying 'what are those brown things'. They were cows. Ah, I'm going to miss the inner city.

Sorry to hear of difficult partners, and good to hear of good ones! We are quite equal i think in that mrWhim contributes salary, but I contributed lump sums as and when a couple of wealthy relatives died. also, my husband kind of sees the kids as his hobby, whereas they're my job. And in a way, my job/phd is my hobby, so that his takes priority when the kids are ill, although he does always try to help. It's not always perfect, but we seem to rub along ok. he's very calm and measured, which helps.

Another day of packing here. phew. happy friday to you all.

ScrambledSmegs Fri 13-Jul-12 10:41:23

Hello all. I'm still coldy, but a lot better than I was. Some good sleep has helped - thanks DD!

Sorry to hear of issues with otherwise lovely partners and DH's. I do sympathise - I'm getting a bit hurt by DH getting up from the dinner table in the evening, leaving the kitchen for me to clean, and spending the rest of the evening with his back to me, 'working' on the PC. Which I bought before we lived together, by the way! I had a tiny meltdown last night, and told him how unhappy I was that my husband didn't seem to want to spend any time with me anymore, and he was mortified. Hope he's got the message, but he can get a bit obsessive with writing software, and I think that's mostly what he's doing at the moment (bar the odd moment on Wikipedia/YouTube etc). Mostly we have things just right between us, although my lack of job is frustrating me a tiny bit! I think I'm made to work, not be at home.

fluff sorry you had a blue day earlier in the week - our hormones are a little crazy at the moment and consequently our moods are a bit more extreme than they are normally. I hope you feel better today, and have a lovely weekend.

whims grin ah, city life! DD knows about animals (we have an urban farm near us) but gets a bit surprised when she sees more than one at a time in a big field! Thank goodness for country grandparents. How much longer do you have before you leave? You sound very calm and on top of everything.

I would love to do some swimming but can't find a swimming costume I like. Can anyone help? I hate tankini's with a vengeance (no idea why, just not my thing) and I think I need some support in the boob area. All of the costumes I've seen so far are a bit bland (black,black and more black!), I was hoping for something a bit cute and retro. The Jojo patterned ones, though, are a little bit too jazzy, IYKWIM! I have seen a nice one in Seraphine but it's a bit expensive, even in the sale. I'm not really used to paying more than £20 for any swimsuit though, I'm a bit of a cheapskate!

ScrambledSmegs Fri 13-Jul-12 11:15:43

Tankini's? Surely tankinis? What is wrong with my grammar today?

There are some in Mothercare smegs that look nice, although they are black. But appeared to have good boob support and were quite elegant. The problem I have is that I want a swimming style one rather than a lounging style one, and they all look like they'll end up round my tummy when I launch off the end of the pool. But I too hate tankinis.

We've just found out where we're staying in DC when we arrive, so I think i'm going to need a couple of sets. I might just go to Evans or somewhere and get a good upholstered type of bikini that's not a preggo one to tide me over.

I also hate tankinis, but sadly it was all I could get to shoehorn my FF jugs into - like whims says, they all seem to be plunging necklines atm?? sad I got mine from Mamas and Papas.

Just done my tax return for 2011-12 year, what fun. Not sure how it's going to work with me being on maternity allowance for part of this tax year, and not sure who to ask (I really don't want to end up paying NI twice) - thus HMRC are in danger of getting a sobbing hormonal pregnant woman on their helpline at some point.

Shocking about the cows whims but I can see how it happens! I don't know where I'd take MiniFluff to see cows, here, though I know where to find sheep...

To be fair to the little chap, he might have recognised a black and white one. We have a city farm essentially within the neighbourhood, but it's amazing how many kids have never been there. I think part of the problem is that it's quite pig oriented, which I think alienates some of our Muslim neighbours. Certainly even though we have a very diverse neighbourhood, most of the people at the farm are white middle class and from further afield.

There's a city farm here too, though I've not been for years. It's very very small though (the city has sort of grown up around it, tbf) so it's only really got a pig, chickens and 2 sheep iirc, and a very small veggie plot... blush

ScrambledSmegs Fri 13-Jul-12 15:57:01

Thanks for the swimsuit advice, whims & fluff. I think I may get the seraphine one as there seems to be an awful lot of room to grow at the boobs as well as bump, and it looks like it will stay in place as well as looking purty! I like a boden one too [SIOB] but if £30 is a bit steep then £40 is eye-watering!

I saw Alan Davies at our local city farm <random sleb spot>. He was wearing mirrored sunglasses on a very overcast/rainy day. Very 'look at me'!

I saw Stewart Lee yesterday too, outside the coffee shop I go to. He was looking much fatter than on tv very healthy grin

It's a perm!

ScrambledSmegs Fri 13-Jul-12 16:20:43

grin He could do with a dye-job too hmm

ScrambledSmegs Fri 13-Jul-12 16:21:27

And some V05 hot oil...

clickingtock Fri 13-Jul-12 19:26:48

Well lots seems resolved at Tock towers. I am lucky that DP seems quite keen on spending time together and often clears up after us. He may well have less dosh than me but I still luff him and we are binning separate bank accounts.

I got quite a nice cossie in the JoJo M B sale Smegs - it's still on.


cakes82 Fri 13-Jul-12 19:47:38

28 weeks today! Had my mw appt today, everything fine and healthy. Bump is measuring 28cm which is actually ever so slightly like by a few mm above the 90th centile on the growth chart shock hoping it is just either anterior placenta or extra fluid making the difference. Also baby is still possibly breech.

For those of you who already have kids what were your experiences with the growth charts? Also were any of you told at this stage baby might be breech what happened and how did things progress? I know I have a while left to go yet but i've been calmly of the mindset that baby will be born in local birth centre with minimal length of stay rather than the potential of ELCS in the big hospital and a longer stay.

JenFraggle Fri 13-Jul-12 20:49:07

When my bump was measured I was told it should be 1 cm per week so 28cm at 28 weeks is spot on.

If it is breech, they can try to turn it. I think it was Scarlet who had this done when she had a tranverse lie

cakes i think you should be the same cm measurement as your week iyswim. My mw said the other week that there's still lots of room in there and baby will flip all over the place for a good few weeks yet, so don't worry yet smile

ScrambledSmegs Sat 14-Jul-12 09:51:08

cakes bump sounds quite normal sized! Don't forget that it includes amniotic fluid too - some people can have a massive bump due to fluid, but a perfectly normal sized baby.

Also, 28 weeks and possibly breech is normal, as the baby still has some wriggle room and is probably turning around still. Have you used a ball much? They are great for doing exercises to get the baby into a head down position - I spent hours kneeling down and leaning on my ball with DD, she got in the right position eventually!

cakes82 Sat 14-Jul-12 10:27:50

I have got a ball just not really sure how to use it properly

JenFraggle Sat 14-Jul-12 11:51:45

Sit on it and roll your hips in a circle, roll your hips back and forward, bounce gently on it. Those were the exercises I was told to do.

ScrambledSmegs Sun 15-Jul-12 10:28:36

To be honest you don't need to do too much on the ball - just sitting on it comfortably, feet quite far apart for stability, is a great position for you and babycakes smile. Some exercises are supposed to bring on labour, although they didn't work for me!

Do you do ante-natal yoga? My classes first time round used balls, I did the exercises I could remember at home. Really, really recommend yoga - I've finally got round to going this time and it helped my back no end.

itsMYNutella Sun 15-Jul-12 17:59:10

Hi everyone!
Doing a weekend catch-up. Seem to have been extra busy nursing DP ( very serious snuffles attack <bless him>, has required lots of tea, ibuprofen and sleeping) he's actually asleep now so I've pinched the iPad off of him grin

I'm supposed to be starting ante-natal yoga at the beginning of August. They wouldn't let me start before 20 weeks. Even better is about 80% of the cost is paid by the insurance company (very different system here in Germany) also think its time to start searching for a midwife.... Better early than late..l and we have no idea when you're suoposed to find one! But it's also covered by insurance so, the sooner the better wink

Hope you're all having lovely weekends grin

cakes82 Sun 15-Jul-12 18:43:44

Thanks for replies, I think I got myself into a minor panic, am feeling calmer now. Well found something different to be concerned about. Haven't found any antenatal yoga near by so having to rely on internet info and asking you guys smile Have spent a little time on my ball, although I think it needs a little more air in it lol.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend

Hello everyone. Following a busy weekend of packing i've just had a significant bleed and am in hospital by myself while my husband deals with children. Bit of brooking please!

Loopyhasanotherbean Sun 15-Jul-12 20:00:26

whim so sorry to hear that, hope all is ok in there with bean, and that it's just nature telling you to take things a bit easier...although not sure how practical taking it easy is when you are about to pack up your entire lives...are they able to scan you tonight to see whats happened?

cakes82 Sun 15-Jul-12 20:07:20

Hope everything ok Whim

TheLittleFriend Sun 15-Jul-12 20:28:58

Oh whims, brooking with everything I've got for you x

Oh whim I hope things are ok, are you being scanned? <brook brook brook>

Still bleeding. Referred to EPU for first thing. I'm fearing the worst. Not great timing.

BartletForAmerica Sun 15-Jul-12 21:19:31

Just wanted to pop in and say I am Brooking for you and miniwhims. Hope you can get some rest (if not sleep) and that they can scan you first thing.

itsMYNutella Sun 15-Jul-12 21:31:24

Whims we're also brooking really hard for you! Wishing you all the very best for you miniwhims & family whims. thanks X

Brooking No Argument for you whims, brookety brook brook brook

Brooking here for you too Whims

ScrambledSmegs Sun 15-Jul-12 21:57:23

Oh whims sad. Am brooking no argument that it's just a bleed brought on by doing too much, and all is well.

Thanks everyone. Thank goodness for fiendishly complicated knitting. Night night.

Stacks Sun 15-Jul-12 23:09:19

Brooking extra hard for you whim. Try and get a good nights sleep though everyone knows that's impossible in a hospital.

musicalmrs Mon 16-Jul-12 05:03:17

Brooking hard for you Whims.

Oh whims, brooking super hard for you lovey.

Imps7 Mon 16-Jul-12 07:53:53

Whims am brooking as hard as can be. Thinking of you.

Whims brooking like mad for you my lovely - take care xx

Good luck whims

Whim all my brooking efforts aimed squarely in your direction!!

Whim I am brooking for you. If it's any consolation I had several very heavy bleeds with DD up to about 19 weeks and she was perfectly fine. I hope this reassures you.

Whims I am brooking so hard for you right now, am hoping all will be well lovely x

TheLittleFriend Mon 16-Jul-12 10:18:11

Still brooking for you whims

Have had scan. Mini Whim looks fine. Phew. Just waiting for general prognosis. Have nasty feeling it will involve rest! Thanks so much for all your kind thoughts.

JenFraggle Mon 16-Jul-12 11:04:24

Glad to hear that it is just miniwhim being a cheeky monkey

ScrambledSmegs Mon 16-Jul-12 11:13:53

Phew indeed! I'm so glad miniwhim is ok. Yes, I think rest will definitely be diagnosed, not the best of times for that I know. Hope you can get some help now with the packing and the move.

YAY! I'm so relieved for you whims! You definitely need to take a back seat on the packing and make your DC do it all <evil laugh> and knit knit knit rest rest rest smile

Imps7 Mon 16-Jul-12 11:20:48

Oh Whim thank god!! What great news. Brooklng strikes g

Imps7 Mon 16-Jul-12 11:22:05

gold again

(thst's the second time I've accidentally posted an unfinished post today. Annoying)

Fantastic news whims smile

Whims so pleased to heAr mini whims is ok. As the others say, rest, rest & more rest for you

Phew Whim glad all seems well. I know it is a scary time though. Hope you can get help with all the packing and have a rest!

Right, back at home and self administering cold pizza and repeats of Mock the Week. I might even branch out to watching an on demand film. They didn't actually say i needn't rest, but I'm not taking any chances. And who was it that suggesting my children do all the packing? I'm taking you up on the challenge. I'm going to give them each a big plastic box, and tell them to put lego in them. Lego not in the boxes doesn't come. What could possibly go wrong?

i have a fun game of 50 shades spotting which I like to play. I have renamed the Farrow and Ball catalogue 50 shades of greige (and did enjoy painting our new bin with our street number in 2 different shades of grey). However, my favourite spottings came today at the EPU where not 1, not 2, but 3 women were reading it. I mean I know everyone there has had sex, possibly even more than once, but there's no need to advertise it.

Hope you're all well and had good weekends. I'm pleased to report it's raining again here. I mean, the gardens really need it.

BartletForAmerica Mon 16-Jul-12 12:51:01

So very relieved. Have been thinking of you all morning. Do they know what caused it? Will they see again before you go?

The lay person's reply bartlet would be 'just one of those things'. The technical response is small subchorionic haemorrhage, inferior to posterior placenta and superior to cervix. I don't think they can know what caused something like that can they? They just happen, and then hopefully stop happening.

<whispers> There's every possibility I've been a bit melodramatic

GreenOlives Mon 16-Jul-12 13:12:17

Whims What a scare, thank goodness everything is ok! I'm sure the kids will do a fine job of packing wink

Little Great news on your scan! smile

Sorry for radio silence, we were on hols last week in rainy Hayling Island and internet access on my phone was somewhat sketchy! Still managed to have fun though, DS particularly loved the historical dockyards at Portsmouth and is now obsessed with Nelson and the various naval ships! smile

Had another scan this morning and olivebean is still there and still has a heartbeat which is very reassuring! I am really suffering with side effects from the steroids (worst of which is insomnia and headaches) as well as nausea if I don't eat every 2 hours so it's good to know that so far it seems to be doing the trick - still can't imagine feeling relaxed about this pregnancy at any stage but I'm hoping that I will eventually chill a little!

Hope all the poorly ladies are feeling better today and much love to all.

Olives I used to get a lot of nausea (no sickness though) and I found keeping a bag of kallo rice crackers (a bit like the big snackajack ones) in my massive handbag was a lifesaver. Your DS sounds like a sweetie smile

They should absolutely be packing their own lego whims - you can just "supervise" from the setee wink

PS, absolutely not melodramatic whims, I can't imagine anything scarier atm!

Baby just had a ten minute fidget and it proper hurt! shock well it was very uncomfortable and I'm a wuss. Is that normal? Does it get <gasp> worse as s/he gets bigger?

Great to hear your scan news olives. Remind me again when you're due?

How reassuring to have a wriggler fluff. I think once they're really wedged in it gets a bit better, although you'll still have the odd monster shove. Sometimes into your bladder which can make you wee if it takes you by surprise. I remember being in a meeting in hot summer (remember them) and really upsetting the woman sitting across from me as the baby scraped an arm or foot very visibly across my abdomen. She seemed to think I should be able to stop it doing that as it was distracting her. Needless to say, she does not have children.

shock whims that is funny. I'm getting the water-bed effect on my belly a lot nowadays, and I can't decide if it freaks me out or if it's just really funny grin blush

GreenOlives Mon 16-Jul-12 15:58:00

Whims I'm only 8+2 so due date is 24.2.13 (our wedding anniversary smile)

I just had a small panic at the dentist. She asked me for payment so I explained that I'm pregnant but don't have my exemption card yet. She said that was fine and I didn't need to pay, I could just bring my card next time. I then felt all panicked in case I have another miscarriage and and would have to explain to the dentist in 6 months why I wasn't heavily pregnant with an exemption card to boot! What a ridiculous thing to worry about - fish slaps gratefully received!

itsMYNutella Mon 16-Jul-12 16:21:24

Olives that sounds really normal to me smile I'd have the same sort of worries and mini panics!

I'm trying to figure out how to tell women people I haven't seen in ages, but I know really want to start trying... I suppose I better hurry up, I'm almost 17 weeks.

Hello brookers <eaves frantically> so sorry I have been MIA have been away loads and just back from amazing 2 week holibobs in Italy, lush!

So pleased by all the brilliant scan news on here gen am so pleased all is well and green and whim hooray!
Am going to catch up properly now. All well here, had a midwife appointment this morning and heard the heartbeat which was lovely, I have bought the first thing for the baby, a little romper suit from Gap, I am feeling very brave!

Hello far. Welcome home!

TheLittleFriend Mon 16-Jul-12 19:20:19

whims I am so pleased to hear you and the baby are ok. How far gone are you now? And you are not being melodramatic at all.

far great to see you too

And you olives. I'm due the day after you btw smile. Glad to hear what you told the dentist as I've got an appointment with them next week and won't have my exemption card, was thinking I would just have to pay. I'll try and get away with it!

When did everyone stop feeling so ill in the first tri? I have been feeling dreadful, wishing the body-wrecking tiredness would go, then felt a bit better today and started panicking! I can't win grin

itsMYNutella Mon 16-Jul-12 19:34:09

Whims So good to hear you and mini whims are all good!!

Littlefriend I'm 16 weeks and find I get tired easily. I used to go jogging but haven't managed to keep it up at all confused today I cycled to meet a student, cycled home then cycled off to a Dr's appointment and then on my way home my legs were really worn out sad
But I'm nowhere near as tired as 1st Tri! Although I.m not sure when it really changed, I'd say after 13 weeks I started to have more energy.

clickingtock Mon 16-Jul-12 20:25:18

Good to hear the bad news wasn't bad after all Whims. Feet up please.

Over the moon for you Olives and sympathise that you will never feel relaxed until the baby is with you, but each day/week/month is an achievement meaning your baby is growing away. Hope you get some respite from the steroid side effects.

Fluff - hopefully you won't get too much discomfort - it usually is the odd one-off assault. I sometimes wondered if DS was going to come out with half my insides under his finger nails but actually each 'ouch' was always over pretty swiftly. blush

28 wks is too early to discuss breech or other positions Cakes. My DS was breech at 38 wks (!) but turned for a straight forward natural birth at 41+1. I used acupuncture to help as I didn't like the sound of going to hospital to have him turned by manipulation. I've heard only 1 in 2 babies turn this way and it can really hurt.

Nutella - we are about a week apart with our due dates (are you Christmas day?!) I wouldn't worry too much about lack of jogging! Sleep and relaxation is more important at this stage in our lives. Humble opinion.

Little - hope you feel better soon. Just gotta plough through tri1 hopefully.

Must get my dental exemption card too - can't find the form, annoyingly.

Pretty sure I'm getting flutterings rather than wind this week. Plenty of wind too. grin grin

Big waves to all I've missed - Smegs, Bartlett, Dream, Loopy, Imps, Sweetie, Gen, Jen - and welcome back to Far; you really are glowing, lady.

little I remember those days well, grim.com
I started to feel a lot better at about 13 weeks (which might make you panic, just warning you) and completely myself again by 16 weeks. I still get tired if I overdo it but compared to those early days I have so much energy. You are almost there, hang in there and try and get plenty of rest, I felt much sicker if I was tired.

Hello tock how are you getting on? I am so pleased there are so many of us updiffed on this thread within a few months of eachother smile

itsMYNutella Tue 17-Jul-12 08:27:01

far I'm the same; I start feel really ropey if I'm too tired. I haven't had any morning sickness <ducks to avoid all airborne missiles> but after a bad nights sleep I feel nauseous.

tock I'm due on the 28th Dec. DP isn't thrilled because he thinks it's a bad time of year for a birthday (his is 3rd January <bless him>) but he's getting over it slowly grin I've reassured him that this is our baby so will probably be late wink

itsMYNutella Tue 17-Jul-12 08:31:29

And thanks tock for supporting my laziness grin

ScrambledSmegs Tue 17-Jul-12 08:37:50

<waves weakly> hello all. far welcome back! Glad you had a lovely holiday. Are you now our 'most updiffed'? Can't remember everyone's due dates, sorry if I've forgotten someone.

Well, i have a virus sad. Doctor next to no help. Just dropped DD off at nursery and going home to sleep more. Hopefully rest, aloe Vera juice, Floradix and sunshine (yay!) will help get me healthy again.

Aww hope you feel better soon smegs, you seem to be getting more than your fair share of bugs!

little my nausea went about 14 weeks, but I've never lost the fatigue (sorry) - what was probably hormonal fatigue was replaced by anaemia at about 18 weeks and now that's sorted I'm sleeping soooo badly because of my pelvis pain. I figure it's just training for when the baby arrives and I'm soooo thankful I don't have another child to look after

Welcome back far! smile

I think fluff is most updiffed and due in October. I am 3rd November, eek!

smegs you poor thing, rest up!

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good bump support pillow? My bump is starting to feel heavy when I lie on my side, there seem to be loads in the market and not sure which one to go for!

Stacks Tue 17-Jul-12 10:36:38

Morning all.
Welcome back Far, glad to hear you had a nice holiday, I'm thinking about doing something this year before baby, but am finding it hard to get around to doing it.
Little I actually started feeling better at about 10 weeks, but I also never had any morning sickness, just felt nauseous all day every day. That started very early at about 3.5 weeks though! The tiredness got better at closer to 12 weeks, it wasn't something I really noticed happening, just one night I wasn't falling asleep at 7pm on the sofa, then it gradually got better each day. I still felt tired, but didn't have to sleep.
Smegs poor you! You really do seem to be getting the worst of things so far. Your morning sickness was awful too wasn't it? I hope you get better soon and sail through the rest of your pregnancy without another sniff or twinge.
Fluff are you seeing anyone about your hip pain? I hope so, I'm guessing the earlier they start treating it the better the management will be.
Tock oooh, flutterings. So exciting! I'm feeling lots of movement now, but I'm also still kind of doubting it's baby. I thought I felt an obvious turning sort of movement last night, just happenned to have my hand on my tummy and it felt like lumps twisting under the skin. No idea what it would have been, but it didn't feel like wind or normal tummy movements.
Nutella do you also feel you've missed the worst of all the symptoms? I feel a bit bad posting on the Dec thread as I have nothing I really need to complain about. DH and I also didn't want a Christmas baby, but after 18 months of trying we are very happy. We'll make sure it always has a special birthday, and no joint presents to make it feel short-changed. It feels a bit weird calling a baby an 'it', but we'll find out the sex at our scan next week and I can start referring to it as more of a person smile

Well, I had a really broken night of sleep last night, no idea why. I woke up every hour from 3:30 to 7:30. Doesn't seem to have been anything which woke me up each time, I just turned over, looked at the clock and went back to sleep. Not too tired yet, but I can already feel I'm going to struggle to get through the working day.

Cakes is next, she's due the day before me! <off the hook phew >

I don't use a pillow for bump support far but I'd think you'd need quite a flat one? Mine's super puffy and too big to go under my bump.

Stacks the MW has promised to refer me if her SPD/PGP pamphlet doesn't help. The pamphlet basically tells me to keep my legs together at all times and gives me a list of examples (including when having sex, which I was a bit hmm over). So hopefully I'll be referred when I go back in a fortnight because it hasn't miraculously sorted things for me, funnily enough.

It turns out my sister had terrible PGP/SPD with her DC3, too, which I never knew - to the extent that she was induced 4 days early and it took 6 months for her to feel normal again, but twelve years later she still can't do impact sports like running without setting it off sad

JenFraggle Tue 17-Jul-12 13:43:40

Fluff your DSis wasn't a brooker, you are so won't be as bad.

ScrambledSmegs Tue 17-Jul-12 14:05:04

Fluff I know someone who had bad SPD and swore by acupuncture. She went in barely able to walk, and to hear her tell the story she was practically skipping on the way out hmmgrin. The acupuncturist was attached to the ante-natal unit at her hospital in some capacity, so it was either free or very cheap, I can't remember which. Worth asking your midwife?

I'm feeling a bit better now, you've clearly all been sending me healthy vibes. Thank you!

<awards 'most updiffed' medal to cakes>

Good point well made jen grin

Glad you're on the mend smegs. I don't think my MW will refer me for acupuncture - she's adamant that physio won't help with the pain hmm but it's something to bear in mind privately if it gets too much, thanks! smile

ScrambledSmegs Tue 17-Jul-12 14:41:07

Your midwife sounds a bit barmy fluff, physiotherapy is one of the accepted treatments for PGP. If she won't help I'd go to your GP and lay it on thickly about how much pain you're in, and any mobility issues you have.

I'm off to see the homebirth midwives tomorrow smile. DH has agreed! We can have a birth pool in our kitchen apparently, one of those inflatable ones. Very, very relieved. He now seems more positive about it than me, bless him grin

That's what I thought! I was a bit hmm but I wasn't going to argue with her.

Cool!! I'd love a home birth but the walls aren't thick enough grin loving the sound of the dedicated pool.

Great news on the HB smegs. I've had all mine at home, and heartily recommend it. However what with american hospitals having ensuite rooms and room service, I think I'll accept hospitalisation without a fight this time.

I had rotten spd fluff and had some physio (privately) which helped a bit, but then got referred by my private physio to an nhs aqua group which was brilliant. I also found swimming to be very beneficial, but you have to do front crawl rather than breast stroke. As a very positive side effect, I am now shit hot at crawl!

I always rather thought the 'keep your knees together' advice was a bit silly. I could barely walk to the end of the road by the time I was due, but was fine within days. I had DS3 on Tuesday, and then on Friday walked the mile to nursery to show off the baby although then I had to go back to bed for the rest of the weekend because my piles were so bad.

I never had a bump support pillow far, rather made do with a couple of extra pillows, one between my legs and one under my bump. And then after i had the baby, sat on top of them with a slight gap between them for the sore bits.

<puts fingers in ears and ignores the phrase "sore bits">

Thing is, parting my legs really doesn't hurt at all. I'm sitting cross legged as I write this and it's more comfortable. It's the sacroilliac (sp) joint at the back that's really painful and goes "crunch" when I roll over in the night and the bit between my legs when I stand on one leg or carry heavy stuff. And only my left side is causing me bother hmm

Will you have to fork out for a birth whims or can you get insurance to cover it?

If I have to pay fluff it's going to be me and Ina May Gaskin in a log cabin somewhere!

No, I believe we're covered. MrWhim is allegedly checking, however.

cakes82 Tue 17-Jul-12 16:13:44

I like the most updiffed medal grin although I don't think I actually deserve it there are one or two due in september but don't think they have been seen for a while Munx maybe?

I get the hip pain more from lieing in bed than anything else, have found it can be better fractionally if I lie on one side when I go to bed then when I get up for bathroom I come back and lie on other side. Trouble is next time I wake up I find i'm back on first side or partway between the two lol. I have had pain walking like a shooting pain but its not a frequent occurance. I bought a bolster pillow to try be comfy but because of the whole turning over thing have not actually used it. Going to use it for feeding instead I think.

Fluff hope your mw is a bit more helpful next time! mine said if I had more probs she'd refer me to physio. We are brookers so it won't get too bad at all!!

cakes82 Tue 17-Jul-12 16:15:03

Fluff re read your post, why would you need to stand on one leg anyway? Heavy stuff to carry? thats what men are for lol wink

Putting my socks on, cakes grin

I find my massive preggo pillow is really useful for making sure I don't lie on my back (coz there's not room!)

cakes82 Tue 17-Jul-12 16:25:18

Dunno how I put my socks on then cause I don't feel like I stand on one leg to do it I'd prob fall over if I did lol grin

On the principle i've had less complaints about my snoring like noises (long story which now turns out to involve a deviated septum) i'd guess somehow I no longer sleep on my back not sure how that works confused

Anybody else feeling really warm in bed at night? My room themometer says it is an ideal 18 but it feels too warm to me.

itsMYNutella Tue 17-Jul-12 16:55:11

Stacks yes I know what you mean. Feel like I'm cheating somehow but also relieved not to feel too bad! I have a few questions but find the thread moves way to fast for people to really keep up and answer questions fully.... I think the last thread filled in two weeks?!
I'm also having very broken nights but sometimes I'm sure it's because I've had a very lazy day smile

Gah sore bits, whims!!! Haven't talked much about the whole topic of birth with DP. He isn't doing/reading/interested in much baby stuff. But I want us to have a plan so that if I need him (as translator - my German is good but I can imagine needing some help while under er... stress) to speak for me he will know what my wishes are.

TheLittleFriend Tue 17-Jul-12 19:24:50

fluff I agree with cakes, why are you standing on one leg and carrying heavy stuff? grin Seriously though, I was in agong with spd by the end of pg with dd and am very worried about getting it again. I am already being very careful about staying 'parallel' (not putting hips out of alignment) as this can bring it on. So no carrying heavy stuff apart from dd or one legged standing. I'm already training her to help me with my socks and shoes!

stacks I would just go for a normal pillow for under bump, maybe folded over until bump gets too big.

Loopyhasanotherbean Tue 17-Jul-12 20:26:31

just a quick post as i'm trying to reduce how much time i spend sat at laptop due to pelvic pain! but fluff re physio, based on my experience, there isn't much they can do for you. I had spd late on with DS and pain when sitting (i think from my coccyx). This time round pain was worse, sooner and more widespread, so i was referred to the physio at our local hospital, i was about 16-17 weeks at the time, they gave me a tubigrip support to wear, and a leaflet with usual stuff re taking it easy, not opening legs, pillow between legs in bed, few basic exercises, and told me to go back in about 4 weeks time as they said they can do more hands on stuff....i went back as i was told, and the person i saw then said there is nothing they can do as i was too far gone and anything they did hands on could result in early labour, so they gave me a sacroiliac support belt, and said the only other thing they can do is supply crutches or a wheelchair if it gets any worse! It is plastered all over my green notes, so that they won't use stirrups in labour, and i've also put that i don't want forceps, would rather another CS than have risk of prolapse/incontinence/barbaric injuries to the baby.... although from the consultant appt last week, i still don't know if i will accept the ELCS they are offering, or try VBAC, although if i try VBAC they have said it will be EMCS if baby back to back, and if don't dialate quickly enough will be EMCS and if dilate fully, they will let me push for somewhere between 30-60 minutes max, then EMCS....so trying to accept in my mind that chances are i will end up with a CS, but VBAC would be better as could then drive/lift DS1 and recovery would be quicker....but then another part of my brain is thinking i should just accept ELCS as risks are a lot lower with ELCS than EMCS and more likely to have another major PPH if its an EMCS as my uterus will have been contracting, whereas with an ELCS no contracting so tiny risk of PPH....anyone got a crystal ball? running out of time to decide, EDD 8 weeks today, possibly less than 7 weeks if it is early like DS was....

oh and yes, v hot at night, have a fan on overnight aimed straight at me. and pillows - have a normal one between legs and dependant on how i feel, either have another normal one that i hug which slides slightly under bump for support, also have a dream genie but find those better for earlier on in pregnancy, i don't find it as comfy late on. Also have a full body pillow, but its been too hot to use it lately, as with that and me, there isn't much room left in the bed for DP, so then i get heat transferring from him too, and it becomes unbearable...

ReturnOfTheMunx Tue 17-Jul-12 20:49:30

Hello All!

Sorry I have been AWOL for far too long, have been lurking a bit. Reasons far too complicated and owing to go into but there was a slight RL/ MN crossover issue.

9 weeks to go here, hope you are all doing well?

clickingtock Tue 17-Jul-12 20:53:41

Nutella - I found writing a birth plan together was quite helpful, especially if your OH is going to be your 'voice'. But my DP was more interested in baby signing that the prospect of our HB.

Tough decision there Loopy. Wishing you luck whichever way you go.

Smegs - excited for your HB plans.

Never bothered with any special pillows with first pg but agree something that can then be used for b-fing sounds ideal.

I am pretty shattered. DP away. Mum arrived to 'help' on Sun eve but of course needs looking after really - even when she tries to help I have to help her to help! And according to DMum I am getting 'wider' than I did with DS. (Already.) I addressed the dog when I said I'd simply eaten too many pies. All just part of the general running commentary on my life. Thanks for that (though I guess I should be grateful for the interest - unlike DMIL who seems never to ask a question or comment on our little family life). Don't feel like a nice DD at all; hankering after peace and quiet though DS is enjoying himself with his gr'ma. I think tiredness makes me fairly grumpy; seems a bit wrong after wanting this baby so much - guilt, guilt! - but can't quite stop myself. Ah well, no doubt I'll get my turn in 20-30 years time when my grandchildren are coming along and I'll be making a pain of myself. wink

Hope the weather doesn't get too hot for you v pg ladies. Still feel I've got all that to come...

clickingtock Tue 17-Jul-12 20:54:44

Hi Munx - welcome back! xxx

TheLittleFriend Tue 17-Jul-12 20:55:30

munx great to see you! I was only wondering about you yesterday and hoping everything was ok.

ReturnOfTheMunx Tue 17-Jul-12 20:57:58

All good thanks, and good to be back.

I am sure I have missed a lot, I hope everyody is doing well?

itsMYNutella Wed 18-Jul-12 08:31:45

My last post was perhaps a little unfair to DP. DP is excited about the baby but he is much more interested in reading a computer magazine <eye roll> than any pregnancy / birth book. I haven't spoken to him yet about the birth or a birthing plan, but its a good plan to write the birth plan with him.
I'm trying not to freak him out, but I'm only 16+6 so we have a bit of time yet grin

<waves to munx > How are you doing Munx? smile

Loopy that is a really difficult decision. Is there anyone "expert" you can talk to about it, are you under consultant care?

Little and cakes you'll be pleased to know I sat down while I put my socks on today wink grin

Don't feel guilty tock. I had a really crap week last week (in tears for most of it, because I was soooo tired) and I felt a bit bad too I must admit - but it totally doesn't mean I'm any less grateful for this baby.

grin nutella I find my DH, though very supportive, is less engaged in the birth plan and shopping etc too - I think the pregnancy is less "real" for him because he's not the one getting his bladder crushed or getting kicked in the ribs all day. (He does get a look of mild panic when he realises it's only 11 1/2 weeks to go, though grin )

clickingtock Wed 18-Jul-12 09:16:26

Feel mean to my DMa Fluff - I haven't been v graceful ifkwim. Of course you're right - doesn't mean I'm not grateful to be diffed!

I'm not surprised you're in tears if your sleep is so disrupted, you poor thing. Only 11-12 weeks to go.


Morning all. It's chaos chez Whim as our packers are expected any minute. I'm just going to tell them I spent all day (exaggeration) Monday in hospital with lady problems and hope they are so horrified they don't mind.

Hello munx. Good to see you again.

Sorry to hear you're feeling hot loopy. I feel cold all the time, which is also unpleasant! I had my other boys in very hot early summers, so totally feel your pain. My releif was Body Shop peppermint foot cream which I used to rub onto my bump and then direct a fan at. Bliss. And a very kind friend bought me a bottle of cooling foot spray for when I couldn't reach my feet.

Have a good day everyone. I'm praying our packers will be quick so I can slope off for a coffee before school pick up.

Loopyhasanotherbean Wed 18-Jul-12 09:44:23

fluff yes i am under consultant care, but they won't actually tell me what they think i should do. They just quote a generic 70% of women who attempt VBAC succeed (rather than the 75% chance i was quoted of a first baby being born successfully vaginally)...as i was in the 25% group last time, doesn't fill me with hope that i will be one of the 70% this time...but they won't say how likely i might succeed....and seem completely uninterested in the risks outlined in the greentop guidelines (i think we tick 7 or 8 of the factors that make a VBAC unlikely, but the consultant wasn't wanting to discuss those, and the VBAC midwife didn't seem to have a clue what the guidelines even were.... so in a nutshell, they have offered me the choice of ELCS or VBAC, with various scenarios that would lead to EMCS, and they want me to decide, without advice. Only certainty i have so far is no forceps at all if i do try VBAC, no lying on a bed if i try VBAC, and no stirrups. Todays thought is i might try VBAC but with the expectation of a CS, and if ends up with a CS then not bother trying in future and just go for ELCS's.....but in a day or two i may be thinking differently,just don't know what to do for the best.

And hello to munx!! hope all is ok in RL now

ReturnOfTheMunx Wed 18-Jul-12 09:50:50

It doesn't matter how longed for babies are, pregnancy is hard and it's natural to feel a bit grumpy and low some days. I had a mini meltdown at the weekend and spent all day in bed pretty much. Luckily DH is ace and him and dd had a great day.

All ok now, thanks for asking. Had threatened premature labour so was in hospital .... Very scary but absolutely fine now.

itsMYNutella Wed 18-Jul-12 10:01:30

Thanks Fluff, do you think I can include on my birth plan that DP is not allowed to cry the whole time, nor may he claim responsibility for whatever labour was like i.e it was really long/hard/painful? I just have this picture of him crying over everything me while I'm trying to give birth and then some comment in the following days like "it wasn't as painful/long/hard as I thought it would be"

Loopy that is a hard decision, and I think I would want to discuss it properly with an informed person too. hmm

Munx good to hear you're well smile I'm relatively new to this thread so hello grin

ScrambledSmegs Wed 18-Jul-12 10:22:53

Oh Munx I had no idea! How long were you in for? So glad all is ok now, not surprised you're feeling wobbly. (((((hugs)))))

Loopy ooh, tricky. One thing - if you're planning a VBAC, do remember to moisturise your CS scar and surrounding area very well, preferably with rosehip oil as it makes your skin very flexible. VBAC is normally ok but you will need good support from your midwife during it. If she's a bit crap you could look into a private midwife (tock is the expert here) or a doula. I would also recommend a natal hypnotherapy CD in order to prepare you mentally for it.

Nutella I like that idea, may nick it myself! DH kept telling people how long 'we' were in labour. I just looked like hmm at him!

tock I bet your DMum hasn't even noticed, or has put it down to pregnancy hormones. Don't worry, we're allowed to be a bit crabby now grin. Although unlike last time I am the zen master - pregnancies really are all different!

Off to have a chat with HB midwives now. They were reluctant to take me, but have promised to get a strep b test at 37 weeks and that, coupled with my hospital phobia, seems to have tipped the balance. Big phew.

Mr Whim has a hilarious story about how ghastly labour was for him because during one contraction he was kneeling on a pebble and his tea was stewing.

<packers still not here>

ScrambledSmegs Wed 18-Jul-12 11:16:52

whims I hope they turn up soon.

grin at kneeling on a pebble! How he must have suffered!

grin grin grin at our menfolk!

Good luck at your meeting smegs smile

Whims I should think they'll be fine with you taking a back seat - in fact I think if I were a packer I'd prefer it to someone getting overly involved wink

Munx welcome back! Sorry to hear of your scare and hope all is well now.

Little I am still feeling nauseous and tired at 14+3. With DD I was better by about 12 weeks, but I suppose I'm more tired in general this time! Nausea definitely better than it was, but still occurs on a daily basis in late afternoon and evening.

Farfalla glad you had brill hols! I have a Dream Genii pillow in bed at night (I'm using it already as it helps me stay comfy lying on my side and not rolling onto my back). I really recommend it. And as someone else said you can use it aas a BF pillow after the birth, but I never did that I just got backache trying to manage without pillows instead

Tock how exciting re movements! I felt little flutters the last couple of nights. I'm sure it is the baby as it feels just like DD (who I also felt very early) and not like any other sensation eg wind.

Whim I hope the packers turn up soon. Have you been OK since Sunday/Monday's stresses?

Smegs are you better today? Hurrah re your HB!

Loopy sounds very complicated and I don't have any advice, but I'm sure you will make the right decision in the end.

Fluff I second everybody's advice about insisting on proper treatment for your PGP/SPD. My sister had it and it's horrible.

Hello to anyone I have missed. I have been stepping away from MN a bit due to time and also not wanting to mental too much, but I will try to pop in every couple of days!

itsMYNutella Wed 18-Jul-12 11:56:48

ha ha ha ha at MrWhims kneeling on a pebble! Brilliant. Good to know AINBU grin I still expect him to cry, there isn't much I can do about that. Thanks everyone!

Brilliant sounds like the genie one or perhaps a few normal ones are the way to go. Thanks everyone.

All this SPD and pelvic pain sounds awful, you poor things!!

loopy I have not given birth before but isn't 30-60 mins to push a very short amount of time indeed? Seems quite hard to achieve or maybe its faster with 2nd births!

munx that must have been terryfing, glad things have settled down!

Loopyhasanotherbean Wed 18-Jul-12 14:21:22

munx sounds like you have had a worrying time. But you must be at the point now where if labour started, baby would be ok/perhaps just need a couple of weeks in hospital?

far thats my concern...i was pushing for over 4 hours with DS and ended up with the EMCS, massive fetal distress amongst other things, so not filled with hope that i can achieve VBAC....but they keep thrusting 70% figure at me, and that second births are generally quicker, and that it could all be over in a couple of hours, and then i'd be off home, but i can't help but doubt all that they are saying and can't shake the feeling i will end up with EMCS like last time, and i felt so awful after that, think combination of being knackered from the labour, losing 3 pints of blood, plus having major abdominal surgery, blowing up like a balloon to the point i couldn't bend my knees (things they don't warn you about re child birth!) plus the catheter not being checked and blocking, and the cannula in my arm not being checked and my arm going very colourful and swelling up and having to go onto anti biotics for infection(s)...i was initially on over 20 tablets a day when i came home....so not something i want to repeat, but then we would like 2 more children, so part of me is thinking i should try VBAC just in case it works, as if i go for ELCS then it would be CS for 3 and 4 anyhow, so this could be my only chance to try VBAC.

Back at the hospital for a growth scan in 3 weeks, so maybe that will help me decide (DS had a 91st centile head, and this one is estimated at being bigger than DS).

JenFraggle Wed 18-Jul-12 15:16:00

Well in my mammoth 4 day labour I ended up pushing for 1 1/2 hours. It was only that long as my contractions were so far apart. I ended up being put on the drip at that stage to try and get them closer together. If I had normal contractions it would have been much quicker as it didn't take that many pushes to get her out. I could reach up and feel her head after just 2 pushes.

clickingtock Wed 18-Jul-12 16:25:35

The pushing bit for me was about 60 minutes too (without any contractions, weirdly, but DS was pretty much out so I just pushed with all my might). I'm not sure why though - or why some people are pushing for a lot longer; guessing that the head size and size in general makes some difference. (DS was only 25%ile) Loopy - it's really hard for you to decide because you had a shockingly rotten time with the last CS. I would also want to know if second births are any easier if you had a CS first time round because the body hasn't done the same thing as a VB for the first one, ifykwim? In general, it sounds like your babies are big! Having said that I have a good friend who had CS with first (also big, and she's wee, tiny, tiny) - then was in intensive care with anaephilactic (sp?) shock for days (blew up like a balloon too), but went on to have two VBs after this; her third was a fab birth. Statistics don't really help because we are all individuals and we defy them all the time. I would try to speak to someone neutral but experienced - maybe on the NCT helpline?

Munx - SOOOOO glad you are ok. Keep well and we're brooking.

Don't remember any birth stories from DP's perspective. He kept pretty quiet the whole way through, smart man. I think he was quite impressed when I instructed the midwife to take off her shoes, as she clomped round the kitchen and disturbed my 'zone'. DS's head was visible at this point so must have been quite an odd scenario!

Thanks to Smegs and others for allowing me to be a pregnant grump. Seeing as I've been pretty steady and healthy thus far I guess I shall let myself off the hook this once. I have safely delivered DMa to the station and feel quite relieved. No, I don't think she noticed much. smile

ScrambledSmegs Wed 18-Jul-12 16:54:39

I am IN!!! Homebirth a-go-go grin Well, if everything goes to plan, it may not, but now I feel very positive that at least I've had a go at getting the birth experience that's best for me. First mw appointment at 28 weeks so I am officially on the list smile.

Funny though, I was more cautious about the Strep B thing than the lovely mw I saw, she actually said 'oh, you can still have a home birth if you test positive at 36/37 weeks, most babies fight it off easily, and you're only 5 minutes away from the hospital if the baby needs treatment'. shock. Seriously, after all dire warnings I've been given by her colleagues?! Not sure if I'm that brave.

Re: the second phase of labour, I was 'pushing' for an hour, but actually that's not representative as the epidural top-up I was given without my bloody permission meant that I couldn't actually feel to push. DD was eventually yanked out by the ventouse. Poor bubba. No wonder she was grumpy until we visited the paediatric osteopath.

TheLittleFriend Wed 18-Jul-12 19:12:14

smegs all the mws I spoke to about strep B were really keen to tell me that the risks are tiny. Dd should have had 48hrs antibiotics by canula, but they were more than fine to just do 6 hourly obs overnight (because I was fine with it)

ReturnOfTheMunx Wed 18-Jul-12 19:17:39

Evening ladies

Thanks for your good wishes, apart from my pelvis crumbling I am not bad at all.

Am getting a little worried about this one arriving as had a slightly traumatic birth with DD, ended up with severe foetal distress and intervention but am brooking hard for all of us that easy pain free births are in the post for us all!

Pleae forgive the lack of name checking, I have read back but am dwindling today but am thinking of you all and hoping everything is well.

So lovely to see new Brookers here btw, absolutely made up for you all. Its been a hard road for so many but brooking clearly works! I do hope to see all the other ladies over Hee very very soon.

loopy, quick post as I've not much time. You can drive as soon as a Dr or mw says you're ok to after CS. I was driving at 15 days post CS with the dts no problem. I know what you mean though, I agonized over the birth decision the whole pg. I was vb first time but induced after waters breaking no labour (put me in 5% of women not in labour within 24 hours) plus third degree tear- again only a small % have third degree tears, so i didn't trust the stats... However my first labour I was pushing for 20 min (after a very slow labour nearly classed as 'failure to progress' & offered cs more than once). Nice guidelines say pushing for 2 hrs normal for first delivery, 1 hour for second. I think you should see what birth you'd feel happier with, but I'm pleased i had an elcs.

Hi to everyone else, sorry for rushing off smile

clickingtock Wed 18-Jul-12 21:55:24

Gen - sorry meant to reply that it's great you have had little flutterings too! How wonderful for you - and v early too!!! Still not entirely convinced I can identify individual movements but can definitely feel a kind of pressure and what feels like someone knocking quietly at the door, ifykwim! grin xxx

Flutterings are so exciting, they don't ever get old, either grin

smegs does everyone get tested for Strep B at 36/7 weeks or have you been flagged up for it?

ScrambledSmegs Thu 19-Jul-12 09:28:10

No, it's not available on the NHS. I'm going to do one of those private tests and send it off. Hopefully will come back clear.

There's a really good website called Group B Strep Support (GBSS.org.uk) with all the information on it.

Ah, I seee..... I've not heard of it before!

itsMYNutella Thu 19-Jul-12 12:37:19

I have a question - I'm 17 weeks today and occasionally have a rather dull ache. Sometimes I think it can be attributed to round ligament joy pain but other times I wonder if it is baby turning/ digging something into me?
Yet to feel and proper kicks but last night at dinner I had this pain on my right side (which at every scan thus far is baby's preferred cosy corner) which went and came back again but really felt like someone digging something into me...

Just curious for ideas i guess... am slightly worried that my bump will be mainly on the righthand side of my belly because I'm pretty sure this is one very lazy baby!! grin

clickingtock Thu 19-Jul-12 17:58:40

Still no answer Nutella? Sounds to me like the baby is jumping or your muscles are expanding to make room for the baby. I'm sure it won't be long til you know for sure that you are getting kicks! Your bump will certainly spread to fill all sides, North, South, East and West, believe me, so don't worry about having a wonky bump. grin

Nothing much to tell you all today. I stayed up too late watching OBEM even though I don't usually indulge. Quite sad - about a young (rather nice) woman having her 5th and she was v ambivalent, even more so when it turned out to be her 4th girl. sad confused

I seem to get a headache in my temple area by the end of most days. Is this just a classic pg symptom? Nothing crippling but could do without it.

Munx - sorry about your pelvis. We are brooking, so I'm sure it will stay in tact a bit longer than you reckoned. smile


Evening all.
I find the whole flutterings thing really tantalising - I think I can feel something, but then if I concentrate on it, I can't.

I think there are so many associated curious sensations nutella with pregnancy that it's hard to be able to distinguish them. It's kind of like 2ww symptom spotting in a way - everything could be related, couldn't it! I imagine you are feeling the baby move, you just don't realise that's what it is. No doubt all will soon become clear.

ReturnOfTheMunx Thu 19-Jul-12 19:52:47

I had all sorts of bizarre pressure/pulling things going on... Still do but in a different way. I am sure all is well. Your ligaments all gear up to stretch again in the second tri as you gear up for the 20week growth spurt.

Depending on position it is absolutely correct that the funny feelings are movement rather than anything else. My placenta is all at the front so I get a lot of odd twinges.

I did the group b strep home test myself last time, it was a bit awkward with the bump in the way but I did manage. I got the test through the website already linked and you paid when you returned it, they also texted through the results as well as posting them..which was helpful as the postal results arrived a day after DD did due to her being early!

tock I got headaches a lot til I was about 16 weeks or thereabouts. I don't think you need to worry about them in tri 1, the mw put it down to hormones.

clickingtock Thu 19-Jul-12 21:36:52

Tri1 well and truly done and dusted for me now Fluff - I'm 16wks. I have been putting it down to hormones but it feels weird that the headaches are only in my temple area (and my head is generally pounding although I do remember this strange sensation from pg1 and I think it's all the extra blood you pump around). Ah well; trying not to gobble paracetamol. I also think that my diet isn't as nearly as good as it was while TTC blush so I feel a bit toxic. Willpower is crap right now: planning to ditch the wheat, dairy and sugar in 2014 after my return from holds in mid August. grin

clickingtock Thu 19-Jul-12 21:37:44

return from hols rather than holds smile

Wow time flies!! In my head you'd just had your scan grin

I'd mention it to the mw at your next appt (20w?) but not worry unduly?

My diet's been one of contradictions. I think it's been the first time in my life I've regularly got my 5 a day, but I have been eating a lot of sweet stuff too. I'm bang in the middle of pregnancy weight gain charts though (have gained 21lbs at 29 weeks) so not worrying too much.

clickingtock Fri 20-Jul-12 08:51:08

I don't get a 20wk app Fluff as I'm a 'multip' so go from a 16wk- to 28wk-appointment! I'm seeing MW today - just want to get my blood pressure checked as routine. My weight seemed quite normal at 12wks pg - 61kg - so I don't imagine it will rocket but I just eat too often I think. I'm like you - the basics are good, plenty of veg, fruit and organic meat, muesli etc - but snacking on daft stuff. Anyway - well done at staying bang in the middle.

I'm not that worried about the headaches - just wondered if it was the same for others and it is.

Well thank crunchie it's Friday eh? How are all you Brookers? Plans for the weekend?


Sleeeeeeep - and decorating the spare room before I'm not able to anymore

cakes82 Fri 20-Jul-12 09:58:09

With the mention of weight gain I was wondering if I had gained as I should. From my pre pg weight in Jan i've only gained 7lb, but a little into pg I lost then regained weight and that regain was 14lb up till now. The weight I got down to was the weight I was aiming for before I got pg lol. Not sure my diet has improved massively i've never been very good with the fruit and veg eating.

Weekend plans are day on steam railway and visiting family. Had my lie in today

I'm sure it's fine cakes - I remember you lost a lot with morning sickness which can't be helped! 14lbs sounds very reasonable imo smile

ScrambledSmegs Fri 20-Jul-12 11:18:41

cakes you sound like you're doing really well, and your weight gain sounds normal really if you take into account how sick you were at the start.

Hmm - don't really know what I weigh! I know I must have lost a bit during the lovely ms phase. I'm trying to be healthy and avoid the bad stuff, but DH keeps buying me Skittles, my nemesis sad. I'm wearing a size 8-10 in maternity clothes which can't be bad, although I wonder about the sizing of some of this stuff. I'm in size 2 gap jeans which need a bit of shrinking hmm trust me there is no way I'm a UK size 4-6! I know someone who is and she's half my size!

JenFraggle Fri 20-Jul-12 11:24:00

Cakes I only put 1st on during the whole of my pregnancy and the mw was pleased that I had done so well in not putting on lots of weight. I now weigh less than I did before I was pg

How are you doing today nutella? Have your pains subsided?

smegs I was a 14 pre-pregnancy. All my maternity trousers are 12, though I've had to stick to size 14 tops due to oversized norks grin

Blimey jen how did you manage that? <looks at empty McDonald's wrapper guiltily>

clickingtock Fri 20-Jul-12 12:05:58

If you gained half a stone for each trimester that would be considered 'normal', and I'm sure a steady gain after losing some is a good indicator that all is going well now that you're not being sick. It may be a horrible generalisation but from my observations people who were overweight before pg seem to have a lot more problems with increased weight gain during. <waits for Whims to come on board to remind us that she gained (then lost) 4 stone with each of her 3pgs> Jen and Smegs get the medals for least weight gained/staying slim. smile That's a couple of medals you've got now isn't it Jen? wink

I have a naturally very slender friend who breastfed each of her children for 2 years and my goodness she was like a stick with each of her babies until they were fully weaned. But she has difficulty gaining weight even though she's a good eater.

Have just heard a very strong heartbeat at midwife clinic. Am very happy. smile

cakes82 Fri 20-Jul-12 12:06:32

I wish I could blame ms for the weight loss. I was definitely luckier than some in that I didn't get any just felt awful so perhaps ate less for a short time. I'm in size 12 maternity trs.

Smegs you had really bad ms didn't you? sounds like you were of a slim build anyway?

Jen I would love to weigh less than my pre pg weight that would be my ideal weight then. Pre pg I fit in size 12 trs but I probably would have been better in a size 13!

JenFraggle Fri 20-Jul-12 12:15:25

Yay for strong heartbeat tock

I'm a size 20 so would have been absolutely gigantic if I'd put on too much weight. I've still got a long way to go before I reach a nice weight though

clickingtock Fri 20-Jul-12 12:17:05

Cakes - breastfeed like mad and you will reap the benefits apparently!!! Even though I'm an old duffer I would say that my body went back to normal (size 10) in about 6 months post birth. <disclamier: appreciates not everyone chooses b-fing or may have difficulties> Your pregnancy weight sounds fine btw; it's better to gain in tri2 and 3 anyway, rather than in tri1 like me.

clickingtock Fri 20-Jul-12 12:22:32

Thanks Jen - feel v blessed; just got to do well with anomaly scan now and will feel v settled about it all. Great that you are already less than pre-pg then - v encouraging. I've got a sneaky feeling it will take me a good while to get back to pre-pg weight with this new little babster, but it's worth every extra swim I'll have to do. smile

ScrambledSmegs Fri 20-Jul-12 13:08:24

Oh yay tock, wonderful news! Very reassuring smile

Don't know about being slim before - I really struggled to lose the weight from DD while I was breastfeeding. Think I'm the exception to the bf rule sad. In clothes size I seem small but don't actually look it, which is annoying. I could definitely do with losing some weight after this pregnancy anyway.

clickingtock Fri 20-Jul-12 13:18:59

Thanks Smegs smile Steady weight loss after birth is the best approach, they say. I didn't really think about it too much; it just worked out that I was fitting back into my old clothes when DS was about 6/7 months old. But my norgs were so huge while b-fing that they must have weighed 7lbs extra on top of the pregnancy fat! wink Anyway - size 8-10 is fab, you sound fine!

Btw Fluff - they are seeing me at 20wks, you were right, but then I think it's a 28wk app after that. Nearly didn't go to 16wk app but am glad as it was so lovely to hear such a good heartbeat though the MW didn't half jab me hard with that fetal monitor even though she was 30wks herself and could have been more sympathetic.

Right - must sign off and make Maybe's polenta cake for weekend BBQ when we make our announcement to close friends.


Re movement I can relate to what Whim said about feeling like something is happening but when I stop and concentrate I'm not sure. I think that is a more accurate way of describing it, although there have been some episodes of flutters, which I imagine is miniGen turning somersaults.

Tock I am getting pretty bad headaches too at 15wk. Sometimes they are pounding temples and other times it stems from my neck so I am trying to relax and stretch my neck/shoulders more. I use 4Head rather than paracetomol as I'm still a bit paranoid. It works quite well and peps you up a bit.

Nutella how are you today?

I'm doing OK food-wise, eating lots of heatlhy stuff a bit like Fluffy. I'm still off chocolate (not like me AT ALL) and not really snacking on naughty things, just fruit and nuts. I weighed myself today and I've only put on about 2lb but I am a bit overweight. Size 12 in maternity clothes and if I'm honest, size 14 normal clothes. Like Tock said though, when I BF DD I found it very easy to lose weight! Hoping for that effect again this time around.

Tock hurrah re heartbeat today! I've got my 16 wk appt on Friday - can't wait. Scan already seems ages ago!

Yay for a nice, strong heartbeat tock smile I gained 6lbs in the first 6 weeks, I think it must have been water retention as I've never gained that much that quickly in my life shock it levelled out after that, though.

Fab you're getting an extra appt, even if it's just to listen to the hb etc smile Is your 20w scan actually at 20 weeks? Exciting smile

Chocolate was the only thing that made me barf generic til I was about 20 weeks!

I'm planning to join Weight Watchers once the baby's here; there's a class just down the street and you get lots of points when you're bfing (37 daily + 49 weekly shock ). I figure there's probably not an easier a better time to do it.

clickingtock Fri 20-Jul-12 14:17:23

Hi Gen - so lovely you are v close on my heels (I bet we end up v close together when it comes to actually giving birth). I hope your MW app goes well. Sounds like you are getting similar preggo symptoms as me. What are your instincts re' boy or girl? My 'jury' is still out though given my brothers have had all girls (4) I'm guessing it will be my job to big up the number of boys. I will seek out 4Head although I only take about 1 paracetamol every 3-4 days and I'm pretty sure it can't be too terrible for tinytock though do get a twinge of guilt each time I gobble a tablet.

Hi Fluff - sounds like water retention for sure. Will drop off in an instant. Don't worry about your weight for a bit after birth - just try to enjoy every minute of blissful knackeredness new baby time. WW sounds good for getting out of the house though and leaving DH in charge to experiment on his fathering techniques without a brooking mum fussing over him. grin

Yes my 20wk scan is bang on 20+1 according to first scan date though I would say that it's 19+summat according to my carefully timed and recorded SWI back in mid April. I'm not keen on accepting the scan date as they will try to induce me the minute I'm beyond 40wks (scan date), which is likely in my humble opinion and I dread being induced.

TTFN again!

Stacks Fri 20-Jul-12 16:38:49

Afternoon everyone. I've been really tired the last few days, so mostly reading and not posting. I went to my hospital appointment on Wed which was good, apparently I've been clear of cancer long enough that my risk of getting it is back to population levels smile Very good news to have.

Did the physio class then last night, was interesting and useful. Had a chat with the lady after and she suggested a few things which might help my back. One was sleeping with pillows, one to maintain the shape of the waist while laying on my side, with the edges of it supporting bump/stopping you rolling onto back, and another pillow between legs, knee to ankle. Both should stop twisting of back and hips during the night. Might be useful for you fluff?

The other suggestion was to get a ball to sit on and balance. Will help use the stomach muscles on my right side, which were damaged by the surgery. She said brains are guilty of 'turning off' muscles after injury, and just refusing to let you use them. I think this has been my problem, I am physically unable of tensing those muscles even a little. So the plan is to trick my brain into using them for balancing.

Tock so glad you got the nice strong heartbeat. I felt relieved to hear it at my 16w appointment, helped break up the wait between the 12 and 20 week scans. Not long left to wait for my scan now - Wednesday afternoon smile

Having my SIL over tonight to cheer her up. Going to bring forward some baby planning activities just for her. Think we might see about planning the babies room - it's currently a computer/music room. I've got a place to move the computer to, but not the piano and guitars, so it's going to need some planning.

Nutella I get dull aches quite often, I think it's just my tummy muscles stretching. Mine is mostly one sided too - but as said above, I only have 'proper' muscles on one side! I'm sure it'll all become much more clear cut soon as your little one builds up strength to kick harder smile

itsMYNutella Fri 20-Jul-12 17:26:48

Hello <waves> thanks for all the opinions!
I'm still not sure about movements, 17 weeks today grin but hopefully all will be clear in the next few weeks. Generally the times when I think I can actually feel the bubba is at bed time. Still got pains (it's almost like having a rock sitting on my right hand side sometimes... Very odd) but they come and go so hoping that will ease off confused.... Yay week 20 growth spurt hmm

I've gained a bit... Hopefully not too much hmm should weigh myself again. When I look down I am sure my belly is huge, but in windows, mirror etc it's still at the fat pregnant stage.

Oh, re water retention, I have loads! Feel it all round my hips! It only feels better when DP give me a rub. Ho hum... Can't grumble too much; my preggo symptoms are pretty light in the grand scheme of things!

ReturnOfTheMunx Fri 20-Jul-12 19:06:12

Great news about strong heartbeats and advice on back pain, hope all sorted soon.

Just wanted to say Tock that re paracetomol it is safe in pregnancy, but I'm just a bit paranoid and also it's a sort of personal challenge after all the lifestyle changes while TTC to stay off 'drugs', caffeine etc. Although I have had the odd dose when my headache has been really bad. I love the fact that we are so close together (and Whim as well). I'm looking forward to a mini-baby race like we had several weeks ago! My DD arrived on her due date, but my due date for this pregnancy (from the scan) is 5 days sooner than 'my' due date, so I'm expecting this one may well be 'late'. It's baffling how the medical profession set so much store in the measurements from the scan to give the EDD when surely there is a range of sizes for the foetus at 12 wk.

Stacks I think your plan is an excellent one and great to hear that your cancer risk is now back to general population level - brilliant news! Enjoy the room planning and tell us what cute items of furniture and accessories you are buying

Fluff I am so sad about the chocolate. The thought of it really makes me queasy. I have had a massive Toblerone in the cupboard for ages and it calls to me every night but my stomach says 'no'. Sob.

Hello how is everyone? Who is next to pop?
I am vvvv tired but dd is a lovely little pudding albeit one who feeds voraciously and all the time. My poor boobs have really been through the mill. I got mastitis the day after my milk came in which was horrendous but its all slowly getting slightly easier thanks to the breastfeeding clinic.
Love to all, hope all is well x

Sat in a grungy walk in clinic waiting room, waiting to see someone about thrush and a uti (or possibly a very kick-happy baby, I honestly can't tell). Just the way I wanted to spend 2-3hrs of my Saturday morning hmm

Fab news about the cancer stacks. Will they continue to monitor you regularly or are you off the hook now? (I remember you find that quite stressful).

Where abouts do you position the cushion under your hips, right in your waist dip? I might give it a go smile

Stacks Sat 21-Jul-12 23:37:14

My phone ate my post and now I want to cry. Just feel so frustrated and angry and can't do anything about it because its just a stupid inanimate object.

Ill rewrite tomorrow.

itsMYNutella Sun 22-Jul-12 14:16:26

Aww Stacks the wonders of modern technology?!? I hate it when the computer does that to me.
How is everyone doing? We actually have some sunshine here! Hurrah! And we are off to look at a flat in a bit which is nice because we went out for brunch this morning, (massive food fest grin) which they often do rather well here, and I think we will cycle over to this flat which will help process all the waffles and nutella and sausages I've eaten grin no not together!

stacks, I sometimes still want to cry or throw things when mn eats my long posts, time is so precious now (can I still blame hormones with 15 week old babies or just the sleep deprivation?). Much sympathy lovey and we'll look forward to reading it tomorrow.

Goooooood morning everybody smile

Stacks I hope your weekend picked up after the MN debacle?

Unbelievably, I haven't posted for so long this thread had dropped off my threads I'm on list. Running off to mw appt now, then seeing fluff. What an exciting day!

<waves to all>

Just leaving now whims grin

My antibiotics make me feel sick sad Rice crackers are my friends...

Stacks Mon 23-Jul-12 13:05:51

Afternoon all. My weekend did improve, thanks. I felt so silly getting annoyed at my phone, which just made it all worse. It breaks quite often, and I know how to go back and copy the text so I don't lose it. For some reason though this time it deleted the copied text, which was infuriating! Anyway...

It was mostly a post to Fluff about the pillows, so not very exciting. Basically you want a soft pillow (feather ones work well) which you can scrunch in the middle to make a pasta bow shape. You put the skinny bit under your waist, and the two sides of the bow stick out to the front and back - one to support bump, one to stop you rolling onto your back. Then a second pillow between your legs from your knees to your ankles, this maintains a position much like when you're standing up straight, rather than a sort of legs-crossed-need-a-pee standing position that your hips fall into when you lay with one knee resting on the other.

I bought pillows specially for it yesterday, some nice feather ones from TK Maxx for £20. However, the physio also suggested just going along to a craft shop that sells beanbag filling and buying some of that cheaply. Then stuff a pillowcase to desired size. Much cheaper than buying a 'maternity' pillow, which is mostly just branding. I will say though that the extra insulation of the pillow either side of me made me over heat a bit, and I ended up mostly throwing the covers off. Turning over wasn't too much trouble, except for the leg pillow which I kicked off during the night. I did however wake up with less back pain, so maybe I'll stick it out and see if it continues to improve.

Can't remember what else I was going to say. I spent the weekend knitting a little cardigan for bean. I've got the back and one side done so far, it's so much quicker in a tiny size smile
Got my 20w scan on Wed too, really looking forward to it. We'll get to find out what flavour bean hopefully. I'm trying not to think too much on all the other tests and things, it's just a chance to see my bean and get to know him/her a little better. Positivity helped a lot by the frequent kicking and moving I'm feeling - it was strong enough for DH to feel last night too, which was really nice. He probably could have felt it ages ago if he was patient enough to sit with his hand on my tummy all night, but still smile

waves to all <cuts whole text and saves it just incase MN hates her>

Thanks stacks I'll give that a go. It's a bit hit and miss how I sleep, but that seems to be what sets my pelvis pain off? And it's only ever painful on the left side, oddly enough.

Good luck at your scan! Try not to worry, I'm sure they go smoothly far, far more often than there's a problem smile

Lovely coffee with whims this morning (thank you for the coffee and the cot!) - it was lovely to meet another Brooker grin

Thanks fluff, glad you got home safely. I've been uploading the last lot of cds to itunes all afternoon. Best get back to the packing.

ScrambledSmegs Mon 23-Jul-12 21:23:38

Hi everyone. Hope you had a lovely weekend and are enjoying the summery weather. stacks that all sounds very technical! I've got a dream genii pillow that I got on special offer with DD, and have been using that. I think it's the same principal. I get rather hot with it too, not helped by the fact that a) my body temperature is naturally elevated now and b) I like to sleep completely covered up by the covers, in my own little cocoon!

And guess what? I'm sick again. But it's all my own doing this time - I ran out of Sanatogen M2B vits, and rather than buy more I decided to use up the Pregnacare ones I have in the cupboard. Big mistake. You know how sick I was at the start? May not have been just the morning sickness hmm I've been horribly nauseous since I re-started taking them, and have had a few bouts of vomiting. God knows what they put in that stuff, but it really doesn't agree with me! DH got me some Sanatogen again, so I'm off the Pregnacare for good now.

Baby kicking me in the pelvis. Ouch!

Ooh, anyone done an actual hypnobirthing course? I really want to go to one as I felt like the CD was good, but I would like to know a lot more than it went into. I've found out that the iconic Janet Baskelas is running a course near me soon, but I can't attend as we'll be on holiday at the time sad Would like to find a good alternative, although quite frankly I'm considering cancelling my holiday for Janet!

ScrambledSmegs Mon 23-Jul-12 21:39:59

Ah, sorry, that was a bit me-me-me.

How are you all? fluff I hope you're feeling better now. UTI & thrush are not fun. Sadly the antibiotics will probably make the thrush recur, so stock up on Cansesten Combi. You can buy it from the supermarket, although obviously you can't use the maternity exemption for it.

So lovely there was a meet-up today smile Let's do more of these!

Love and good pregnancy/post-grad vibes to all brookers - stacks, whims, jen, fluff, tock, nutella, gen, munx, cakes, dream, ninja, little, loopy, olives and anyone I've missed! <waves>

ReturnOfTheMunx Mon 23-Jul-12 23:28:25


I am being kept awake by both my children. The one who is already born has been put back to bed after lying in with me smacking me in the face while the one who has yet to be born smacks me in the ribs and pelvis.

Sigh. Am sitting waiting to see if the Calpol administered will work and then I shall attempt to get some sleep.

I have a dream genii but I agree...it's too hot ATM and I am flailing about trying to turn over with my broken rubbish pelvis!

Sorry I am the one who is a bit me me me smegs blush

I hope everyody else is getting some sleep and that fluff feels better soon.

It's my left side too funnily enough...... The nerves are really bad so have put in an emergency call to the physio.

Right, shes quiet so I am going to attempt to get some Zeds.......

itsMYNutella Tue 24-Jul-12 09:03:19

Gosh, I'm sorry to hear about the sleeping problems, sleep is my favourite hobby, sport, past time.... I love it! I spent 8 years in a job which meant I became a champion at functioning on 6 hours or less as the norm and I haven't missed it for one second!
What am I going to do when bean arrives confused <panic> grin

Munx being smacked by both kids at once... That is pretty harsh! Hope they don't team up and cause extra trouble too often....

Smegs I remember another friend not being able to take Pregnacare once pregnant and they felt instantly better when they stopped taking it.. How very odd! But you're not alone.

Have a great day everyone!

clickingtock Tue 24-Jul-12 12:22:03

Oh yes - I think pregnacare makes you feel rough too. I didn't get sickness but I remember working out that if I took pregnacare without food I would feel dodgy. Gave up early on in pg1. Have some Zita West vits this time but take only a third of the recommended dose plus aloe vera.

I've been on a hypnobirthing course Smegs with pg1. Most useful aspect - training DP for the homebirth. Ask away if you have questions. I have lost my CD that came with the Marie Mongon book; if any brooker with a copy is feeling kind do you think you could share with me, somehow or other?

Bit of news: I have a rock <on the wrong finger - too big for ring finger, silly old DP> so it looks I am actually getting married in October 2013. Sorry if I don't sound terribly excited, possibly a slight anti-climax after all the shenanigans of expecting him to pop the question for around a year or more, confused. I do want to marry him... in sickness and in health and all that - though it will be a civil ceremony.

Sending brooks to everyone with aches, pains and on anti-bs. Hope it all picks up for you. I have a bit of a killer cold but first illness in 17wks, almost, so can't complain.


ScrambledSmegs Tue 24-Jul-12 12:45:59

Congratulations tock! He finally did it! Any romance involved?

Don't worry if not, my DH proposed while I was eating a bag of crisps hmm. It's the marriage wot counts, not the proposal/wedding.

I would love to pick your brains on courses. I've got two options locally, neither of which are great for us time-wise. Who did you see? Did you have to go far for yours? Was it private or group lessons? Sorry for nosiness smile.

clickingtock Tue 24-Jul-12 13:09:05

Yes - I agree Smegs. He is the right man for me and that's all that matters. Not terribly romantic, although in the sunshine in a meadow. I was feeling rather grumpy and holding a ring-tailed lemur <stuffed toy, of course>. As you might. He asked but forgot that he had a ring in his pocket or was trying to wind me up by making me remind him that proposals usually involve more than just the question. Unfortunately, I was a bit crestfallen by the ring when he fished it out, although it is definitely growing on me, despite being too big. A vintage 'modernist' style, but on a gold twisted/fissured-looking band (I am too pale for gold) with a rock in a claw and I'm terrified I will take out DS's eye or do something hazardous. I think we will adapt it if I can find a jeweller willing to do the work for us and not empty our bank account. DP was v nice about it. I'm such a fussy old bag and you're right about wot counts but as I'm going to wear the bugger for the rest of my life I'd quite like to like it.

Ok - the Hypno course was 4 x 2-hour sessions run by a St Tom's n Guys midwife who had 4 kids of her own. There was only one other couple on the course - actually might have been easier with about 4 couples. We talked through the methodology, watched some v good birthing videos (including 2 births in the sea!) and we always did a guided meditation at the end. I found the book more inspiring, and enjoyed trawling through positive natural birth stories on the web. But DP definitely absorbed a lot and didn't bother with the book so he wouldn't have 'got it' without the course. It was a short drive away (in Blackheath) in the evening. Of course, all easier as we didn't have to fix a babysitter. hth.


Great news tock congratulations. If it's any consolation (possibly not the right word) I have quite a sticky uppy rock, and whilst I've never put anyone's eye out, I have laddered tights with it. Still I can ladder tights just by looking at them really.

hello everyone else. Just pausing between social occasions. Cor, it's tiring not having children and having a gazillion things to do.

GreenOlives Tue 24-Jul-12 18:46:06

Congratulations Tock! thanks I also didn't like my engagement ring despite it being the exact style that I'd pointed out in shops on several occasions prior to the proposal! But actually on my finger I didn't like it at all so I changed it! I just think it shows that we are women who know exactly what we want wink

I am now officially a MWEPP - finally I've got as far as booking in with the midwife (the last few times I've had to phone and cancel as things had gone wrong!) Still having lots of preggo symptoms and getting more attached to this pregnancy every day so I really hope this is the one! smile

Waves to all

Congrats tock!

Like smegs my proposal was a bit unromantic? We were in a bar and he just said something like “so…. do you want to get married then?” and I was “yeah, why not?” grin grin We had been engaged about 6 years though…. My engagement ring was/is a £40 jobby from the local Hinds, but it was every penny he had to his name back then (impoverished student) so I loved it anyway though I'm currently too podgy to wear it smile

Hope you got some sleep munx?

How odd smegs! Good that you’ve figured it out, at least - hope you're feeling better now smile

I have spent all day finishing off the baby shopping with my sister and niece - IKEA, mothercare and M&P - and my feet are agonizing grin Best buy of the day has to be my materninty PJs – no more having to get dressed every time I need the loo in the night when we have guests, or scampering around in the nuddy…. blush

And well done on being a MWEPP Olives! smile

Congratulations tock. I'm sure you will get used to the ring but if it's too big you could easily lose it wink Mine sticks out quite a bit and no eyes taken out here yet.

Ahhh, how lovely tock, congratulations! At least he tried with the ring, Dh asked me then we went ring shopping together smile . I do love my ring, bit sticky outy too, so when babies were tiny I took it off to avoid scratching them at wriggling tiny nappy changes but its fine now.

ReturnOfTheMunx Tue 24-Jul-12 19:29:23

Congrats tock and indeed to green as well, a big step.

Thanks fluffy we did get some, but dd not very well at all so am fairly shattered today. Baby in a very awkward position so not very hopeful for tonight, plus physio hasn't returned my calls. Think I will end up on the sticks again though tbh.

Good luck for the scan tomorrow stacks we await exciting news!

Enjoy your social engagements whims! Have things all settled down for you now after your scare?

I have forgotten a million things I am sure but <wave> to all.

itsMYNutella Tue 24-Jul-12 19:54:24

Congratulations tock and olives!! tock I've given my DP my grandmother's eternity ring to give me.... My only worry is its a little bit snug. Although he hasn't asked me yet.. Trouble is I keep expecting him too so perhaps he is putting it off until I really don't expect it??

Was everyone out enjoying a little sun today? I hope so, I was! But I was also very glad to come home and sit on the sofa where it was cool! grin

TheLittleFriend Tue 24-Jul-12 20:28:00

Congratulations tock. You know Oct 2013 isn't that far off.... better start planning whilst we wait for cakes & fluff to pop wink

Good to hear your mwe now olives. My gp's secretary 'forgot' to do my mw referral. Hopefully she did it today. hmm

fluff i'm so impressed that you've finished your baby shopping already! Plenty of feet up time now smile

munx fx for some sleep for you tonight. I'm really concerned my pelvis is going to be worse in this pg, so might need to pick your brains at some point for tips to cope with an older dd. I struggled enough the first time round when I could spend all day just trying to get comfy!

<waves to everyone else>

Not sure I could have left it any longer little, it was hard work as it was! smile

Is there any link between spd and baby's position do you think, ladies? My pelvis has been great since Monday, and coincidentally baby has moved from head down to lying widthways. (Of course her new position could just be causing me to sleep differently which is making my pelvis less painful)

Hello everyone smile

Love a bit of engagement ring talk. We did like Dream - DH asked me and then we went shopping together, but I think he would have got me exactly the one I wanted as I let him take the lead on the shopping just to see how well he would have done. Mine is a bit sticky outy but until I lose some weight it doesn't fit anyway so it doesn't really matter blushgrin. I refuse to get it made bigger though as it is my challenge (well, one of them!) to get back into it. That and most of my wardrobe! grin.

Hope all you Preggos are well. Who's next to drop? It seems as though the time is flying at the moment probably not to you all - sorry so I'm sure there will be more baby news soon smile

<leaves a tray of chocolate and cheesecake brownies>

ScrambledSmegs Wed 25-Jul-12 09:11:57

Good morning. Biscuits I see you were on the early shift sad. I hope you get some more sleep soon.

Re:rings - DH and I trawled the antique jewellery shops around London and chose the style I wanted, then found it online. Then we went to see a guy who could get it made for us (a real 'diamond geezer'!) who made me a beautiful ring at a fraction of the cost it would be in the shops, even in Hatton Garden! Oddly enough some friends of ours did exactly the same thing 2 years later, even down to choosing the exact same ring hmm. Oh well, sincerest form of flattery etc! And I do love the ring, it's very 'me'.

Can you get the stone re-set, tock? if gold isn't your thing (which I understand, I'm the same) then surely it would be ok to put it in a different setting? That way it's not a totally different ring. Tbh though, if I were you I'd just change it <bitch emoticon> but tactfully of course. After all, you're the one who's going to wear it for the rest of your life!

Oh that wasn't too bad Smegs - mostly DS is sleeping through now but the hot weather is making him wake early (thirsty?). I did get up though after that feed and had done loads by the time DS1 got up hmm. Could actually see my kitchen worktops and everything...confused

Stacks Wed 25-Jul-12 10:25:30

Ohh, engagement rings smile I asked DH to marry me, many times over the years, he always just said "if you're good" or something similar. In the end I designed a ring I liked from looking at hundreds of ones online, then combining everything I liked into one ring. Went along to a ring maker who made the design more formal, and got it made. DH picked it up, then kept it in his pocket for a while till asking me (in the living room, while my hands were dirty after taking out the bins), he couldn't wait any longer to ask, was very sweet about it, and surprisingly nervous as he knew I'd say yes!

Oh I'm enjoying this proposal/ring talk! Congratulations Tock on your official engagement! I think you should either change your ring somehow or choose a new one, otherwise it could become an issue whenever you're annoyed with DP(H) you will look at the ring and think 'I never liked that ring anyway'. My DH proposed to me after we had been talking about it for a few weeks, then we chose a ring together and he officially asked my dad (I was 32 and a divorcee!) then asked me 'properly' while we were on holiday. It was lovely!

Nutella hope your DP asks you soon!

Biscuits it is lovely to see you in here! How are you doing? Marvellous that DS2 is sleeping through - how old is he now and are you still BF? Or is he getting to the stage of weaning already?! I'm losing track.

Lovely to see you too Dream! How is sleeping for you and the DTs now? Hope they are feeding a bit less and sleeping a bit more.

Hello Scarlet, lovely to see you too.

Fluff that's brilliant re your baby shopping and I'm glad your pelvis pain has eased a bit too.

Munx I hope you got some sleep and your pelvis isn't too bad.

Little hope you get your booking in soon. When's your 12 week scan, or do you have to wait to see the MW to get the date for it?

Olives I'm so pleased for you that you are now MWE! It was lovely to read that you are becoming 'attached' to the pregnancy and I am still brooking like mad that this is the one. When's your next scan?

Whim I hope you get all your socialising packing done soon.

Not much to report here. Pretty sure the flutters are the baby moving and got my 16 wk MW appt on Friday so I'm hoping/looking forward to hearing the HB.

Oh and Stacks is it your scan today?

Gen DS is 20 weeks (I think?) tomorrow - 4 and a bit months anyway. So not quite weaning yet but not far off - eeeek! I bought some weaning spoons the other week which makes it seem more real hmm. Other than that I can't really remember what to do confused. Still bf (and super glad it's going better than last time).

How many weeks are you now?

Ooh Biscuits that's brilliant! I was so scared to wean DD, but she took to it brilliantly she is a right fussy madam now though. I'm 15 and a bit weeks now, seems weird and although I feel pregnant in that I feel knackered and sick have symptoms, it still doesn't seem real and I can't really imagine actually having a baby!

Stacks Wed 25-Jul-12 15:06:03

Scan all done. We have a very wriggly little boy in there. Everything looked fine, so now we just need to wait 20 more weeks?

I'm meant to be working from home, but I'm just so tired today.

Congratulations Stacks, boys* are great.

How lovely you're feeling little flutters Gen. Can you believe it's actually happening yet? smile

*so are girls of course.

JenFraggle Wed 25-Jul-12 15:50:58

Almost half way Gen, that's great!

JenFraggle Wed 25-Jul-12 15:51:33

Yay for great scan Stacks

Yay stacks! How lovely that you found out it's a boy smile Have you started discussing names yet?

Loopyhasanotherbean Wed 25-Jul-12 18:06:23

urgh. after being awake virtually all night feeling very hot and uncomfortable and not right, i woke up for good around 4 ish (when DS kindly woke up), feeling iffy, and have had d+v all day, DP ended up coming home from work (a 2 hour commute) to look after DS, DP and DS seem fine, but our lodger also came home from work with same symptoms, no idea what has caused it, as we haven't eaten or drunk anything in common. so urgh. have been in bed or at toilet all day, and need lots of brooking that i feel better asap and that i get some sleep tonight! less than 7 weeks, and now really hoping this bean is early like DS as that would mean less than 6 weeks, in this heat i'd much rather it be 6 weeks than 7 weeks! hope everyone else is doing ok and not melting too badly!

TheLittleFriend Wed 25-Jul-12 19:19:20

stacks congratulations on having a little boy in there! How exciting to be able to start choosing a name and buying him clothes smile

Get well soon loopy

gen I'm annoyed today as my mw referral still hasn't been done! And the scan doesn't get booked til the mw gets the referral. Can't imagine it'll be done before we go on holiday now, so will probably be over 13 weeks. Very annoying, as I'd prefer not to announce til after scan, but my rapidly expanding tummy might mean I have to.

Stacks great news on the good scan and congratulations on your little boy!

Little I can sympathise. I booked in late as I waited until after the early scan to 'go official', which meant my booking in was at about 11.5 weeks, but they surprised me at the appointment by giving me a scan appointment less than one week after that. I was worried I would be holding my stomach in for weeks! How many weeks are you now? Hope the appt comes through soon.

GreenOlives Wed 25-Jul-12 20:29:55

Stacks Great news on wriggly boy, how exciting!

Little Hope the appt comes thru soon. Im glad to hear Im not the only one with a rapidly expanding tum! By the end of the day I look about 4 months gone (although a lot of that is wind!) grin

Gen Flutters sound lovely, cant wait for that stage. Was it you who was looking forward to hearing HB at 16 weeks MW appt? Just to warn you my MW said she wont even try to listen at 16 weeks as it is sometimes difficult to find!? I think others have had the same issue but equally lots have heard the HB at that appt so fingers crossed youve got a nice MW who will smile Next scan for me is Monday - Im hoping to see little arms and legs this time! smile

Is there any way you can chase it little?

Hope you feel better soon loopy. I'm really struggling with the heat too - I currently have an ice pack shoved down my far too skimpy top sad

I had a single, small red spot of bright red blood in the middle of the night when I wiped. Not sure quite where it came from I might even have just scratched something in my sleep?? and my CM was clear again straight after, not muddy or anything. Baby's moving fine. I shouldn't worry, right?? In fact, I feel slightly ridiculous writing this down

I'm on day 6 of a 7 day antibiotic course for the UTI, not entirely convinced they've worked but I have a MW appt on Tuesday so I'll get her to check it then.

Could it have been in your wee fluff? Still alarming, but less so baby wise? Also, sometimes I alarm myself by blowing my nose and then wiping with the same tissue. I don't pay attention to the snot, but then look at cm, and always jump until I remember blood is from my nose. (reminds self to improve hygiene). If the baby's moving ok I'd say it's nothing to worry about. Not that that would stop me.

Also, the hospital gave me a leaflet saying not to worry about blood up to menstrual flow. Nutters. That sounds v worrying!. Hope you're ok.

Oh,and congrats to stacks. All the best people have boys. (well, and girls, but I'm biased)

grin grin whims
It could have been in my wee but it wasn't dilute iyswim, I did wonder if it might have been caused by my UTI but it's not come back since. I suppose I will just keep an eye out smile

Stacks Thu 26-Jul-12 11:06:02

Fluff I had blood in urine with a UTI and it wasn't dilute.. seemed a bit more like tiny clots. Was it like that?

Loopy I hope you feel better soon. Try and get some rest, and lets hope it's just a 24 hour thing and you're fit as a fiddle tomorrow.

Gen I hope you get to hear the HB. 16 weeks is nice, I was just starting to get flutters around then, but I was unsure that's what they were at the time. It's nice as they get stronger and more consistent.

Little I hope your referral goes through soon. When is your holiday? Are you going anywhere nice? My midwife still hasn't put in for my consultant referral, I wonder if it'll ever come through..

You know, my whole life I've been certain I wanted little boys, but the last couple of weeks I started to think how nice it could be to have a girl I was a little disappointed it was a boy. I think I'd just been thinking girl thoughts since DH said he'd slightly prefer a girl, and my mum, DSIL and DMIL all hinted they'd like it to be a girl.

Anyway, boys are fab mostly I know they are from having so many little brothers, and a gorgeous DN. I also now get loads of clothes from my sister for this little one. Just need a name now! I've got a few in a list, some put there that I'm not that keen on but I want there to be some names DH crosses off that I don't mind about.

What do you think? Elliot, Evan, Finlay, Harry, Isaac, Jacob, James, Joshua, Lewis, Liam, Leo, Lucas, Mark, Oliver, Oscar, Owen, Philip, Thomas, Toby, William.

I think I'm going to call him popcorn for now, he was kicking so much last night I thought I had popping popcorn in my tummy! It's strange, he must kick/punch so hard he sends himself bouncing off the walls. There's so much movement I can't see how they could all be punches/kicks.

stacks huge congrats on a good scan and a little boy, yay!
I love William and Oscar!

fluff had you recently DTD?
I had a spot of blood the first time we DTD I think I had, ahem. tightened up a bit as we had not done it for a while. You can always call the midwife but i would say if you have no cramps and no more blood you should be ok!

gen my midwife did not listen for heartbeat at 16 weeks either, she said it causes too much worry as its so hard to find (and I had got myself really wound up about it all!)

little I hope you get your scan and booking in appointment sorted soon!

All is well here so far other than the fact I am a heffer! Have put on 9kgs already at 2 weeks, my legs feel huge and puffy so I think it might be a bit of water retention but still! Must stop the constant troughing!

We had a scan on Monday to assess blood flow to the uterine artery (to see if I can stop the heparin/clexane). Its all looking good so I can stop. Am having a 2nd opinion at the FMC next week as I am shit scared about stopping, eeek.

Waves to everyone else.

Oooooh I missed tock's engagement news, wonderful!!
Can we all have some champagne?

Absolutely far. Champagne doesn't count as alcohol because you're allowed it at breakfast (well, on special occasions). But I'll pass because I might have had a glass or two on Tuesday.

Any more spotting fluff? Hope you're not stressing too much.

I just had a complete meltdown when (middle class catastrophe alert) the cleaner hadn't been when I thought he would. My husband subsequently promised to come home early. No sign yet. Packers arriving in 17 hours. Actually, that seems like quite a long time yet. No one's actually expecting me to sleep are they?

Oh no, nightmare whims, I know you're on a tight schedule!

I think I'd be petrified too far, I hope the second consultant puts your mind0at rest either way you decide.

No more spotting, and sadly we'd not dtd either. Hopefully it's just one of those bizarro things!?

cakes82 Thu 26-Jul-12 19:07:35

Hope everyone is ok and not melting too much in the heat.

Bit of an odd one, yesterday I was a little concerned cause LO hadn't been as active as I was used to but I was on my feet and moving around lots so put it down to that. Does baby get over warm too in this heat, so feel like being lazy? Had ice cream for pud last night and that seemed to get a reaction so I took that as a good sign.
Today have had more movement including the fidgeting that means I can see my bump actually moving, and sitting feels odd as bump currently seems low but I think I may also have had a couple of braxton hicks or at least what I imagine they might feel like anyway (course I could have some in a few weeks and decide that these weren't braxton hicks) I know you can have BH ages before labour but 10wks before EDD?? Or instead of BH is it just LO moving making everything feel strange?

JenFraggle Thu 26-Jul-12 19:50:26

Cakes if you feel your bump with your hands and it feels really hard then it is BH. Your LO should only be able to make one area hard as they can't press themselves against all of you at once. smile They can happen weeks before labour so don't worry. It needs to be painful and regular to be a contraction.

TheLittleFriend Thu 26-Jul-12 20:23:14

cakes I first felt BH at 30 weeks with dd. The sensation wasn't 'in' my bump at that time though, so I only knew I was having one if I was touching the bump, then it would be rock hard. Does that make any sense?

fluffy if you're not worrying, then I'm sure it'll be ok to wait til your mw appointment to check it out. But any panicking, then get yourself to the gp smile

far remember, they wouldn't let you stop if they weren't confident it's ok. Says the person whos scared to wean herself off the B6 tablets!

stacks I like all those names, Oliver would be my favourite on the list.

Thanks little I know you are right, I had the same concerns about stopping progesterone as well, I suppose its just hard to stop something that is 'working'!

I have had BH since 17 weeks! Midwife said was ok as long as not painful and not more than 4 in an hour. It goes away if I move position and I also noticed I get them when dehydrated so am trying to drink a lot of water.

its cloudy and cool in Lonodn today, must admit I opened the curtains and thought phew! Spoil sport I know but I had proper cankles yesterday!

whim best of luck with the move!

Loopyhasanotherbean Fri 27-Jul-12 09:34:33

feeling more human today.

Congrats stacks on the scan, and on all being well.

And good luck with the packers whim. As a mother of 3 and with another on the way, i would say you are entitled to as many melt downs as you want! especially in this heat!!

cakes re movement, my midwives always say that you are less likely to notice movement when busy, but if you sit down, or have something to eat or a cold drink, you should soon feel movement. Something about you moving lulling the baby to sleep, and when you sit down, the lack of movement from you wakes them up, as does the sensations/noises of you eating/drinking. Hence why babies like to be rocked to sleep etc, as they are used to the movement from the womb.

<whinge alert>

I'm soooooo hot sad and my antibiotics make me want to barf and turn my wee luminous yellow and my tummy feels so stretched that I think it may just explode, and my belly button is precariously close to disappearing or becoming an outie, the horror as baby is currently widthways and bracing her head on one side of my tummy, her bum against the middle under my poor belly button and her feet at the other side and it hurts when she (I assume) stretches out shock

*disclaimer: I'm over the moon to be pregnant and love my baby and in no way would trade this for not being pregnant!

<whinge over>

Glad you're feeling better loopy.

I've not had the pleasure of BH yet cakes! Can you feel them, are they like a muscle tightening, or do you only notice when you touch your belly iyswim?

Loved the names list stacks, a lot of great classics on there including DH's name smile We're down to a shortlist of 2 names, and we'll chose which one once she's born I think. DH wont discuss boys names as he reckons 80% means it's definitely a girl, but it does mean I've got him to agree to go with my choice if she pops out and has a winky grin wink

Oh my goodness. Stress o la. Packers 2 hours late. Can't get down our street because of a badly parked van. So they're blocking it. It's a cul de sac. They hate me because they can't park. My neighbours hate me because they can't get past. It's too stressful in the house with 4 men packing, and too stressful outside because of the lorry. I'm hiding in a coffee shop. Naughty!

You're totally doing the sensible thing whims! Leave it to the packers and enjoy that nice coffee cake I know you're having wink

ReturnOfTheMunx Fri 27-Jul-12 13:26:13


Sorry have read back, but brain not engaged. Hope everyone is doing fine?

I had BH from about 14 weeks too. Never had one with DD funnily enough.

It's too hot <whine>

Loopyhasanotherbean Fri 27-Jul-12 14:15:35

fluffy are you sure she is lay acrossways? i would have thought she was too big by now? my bean is head down, with the bum on the right side of me, and the feet on the left side of me, sometimes the bum swings into the middle, then back across to the right ( i wouldn't know what was what but the midwife told me, and it's stayed in the same place for about 4 weeks now)...she seems to think that other than rotating to back to back, there probably isn't enough room for my bean to alter position dramatically now - and you are only a few weeks behind me aren't you?

And whim i would stay in the coffee shop until tea time smile work your way through the menu, after all it may be a long time before you are in a uk coffee shop again, might as well enjoy it!!

JenFraggle Fri 27-Jul-12 14:19:15

Loopy DD was head down with bum on right and feet on left for almost all the pregnancy. She moved to the left around my due date but moved back again before she was born smile

ReturnOfTheMunx Fri 27-Jul-12 14:50:12

fluffy DD flipped around sideways to upside down and back until about 34 weeks and this one is definately doing the same....ouch!

Hi munx! Hope it cools down for us all soon (sorry, everyone that's loving the sun!)

I'm not 100% loopy but all week I've had a lump at the right and middle at the same time. Middle feels big so probably a bum/back, can only assume the one on the right is her head? It could be feet though, if she is head down (and the pain caused from arms?? confused ). MW appointment on Tuesday so she can have a massive prod and tell me then smile I'm 30 weeks tomorrow - 3/4 way there, eek!

Either way, for some reason my pelvic pain has been amazingly better this week. I'm still hearing my hips crunch at night every now and again, but I've no pain walking at all, it's been really fab. I'm still going to push for a physio referral Tues though as it may well come back - I've had it from 20 weeks after all hmm

(DH thinks it may be the heat easing my pelvic pain as he has a back problem and it's always better when it's hot, but I'm sceptical it could make this much difference)

ReturnOfTheMunx Fri 27-Jul-12 15:07:41

Push for a referral definately Fluff it can't hurt and if, god forbid, you end up needing sticks or crutches they can fit you for them and make sure you have all the correct support belts. Sorry if that sounds pessimistic but I know how miserable the pain can be.

My pain seems a bit bette ATM I think being on holiday is helping, crawling around in the floor with a toddler isn't though. My DM has been helping with the housework and so on. I have also put dd in a different highchair with a biigger table so I am not having to clean the floor so much!

Frootloopz Fri 27-Jul-12 16:24:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

itsMYNutella Fri 27-Jul-12 17:01:21

Hmmm I'm 18 weeks so can't comment at all on where what is... But sometimes when I'm cycling I get some stabbing pain under my bump, not sure if it is bean's protest or if I should stop cycling confused once I stop it is instantly gone nothing else to report thoughgrin

I'm also fed up of the heat and glad I'm not too pregnant but don't really have many wardrobe options to deal with the heat. Then today a bird pooed on my neck and last good t-shirt so had to put a wash on when I got home....

Morning all. I am now of no fixed abode. But that's ok, because I'm staying with my parents in the countryside and my brother is entertaining my children. Phew.

Nutella, is your bicycle a lady type sit up and beg, or a lean forward mountain / road bike? I found my lady bike fine up to about 7m with DS2, but went out on my husband's bike the other day, which pushed me forwards, and found it really uncomfy that and the razor blade like saddle compromising my lady area. I would try and adjust your position if poss, but I see no need to stop cycling if you can manage it. With DS1 I felt very disassociated from my body, and all off balance so stopped cycling quite soon. With DS2 I didn't have time to walk to nursery and then to work, so stayed cycling for ages. Once I stopped I found I was too huge to walk anywhere! With DS3, my hips hurt too much, so I stopped about 5m, but that was all on a lady bike.

Hello everyone else. Hope you're all having a good weekend. Despite my natural bah humbug instincts, I really enjoyed the opening ceremony. It's the only bit of the olympics I'm interested in really.

itsMYNutella Sun 29-Jul-12 11:51:44

Thanks Whims. Its a ladies frame city bike so quite a comfy position normally. I'll mention it at my 20 week check up. Maybe it's just the bumps in the road. If it was really bad pain or continued after I stopped I would worry. It could also be my maternity jeans. I find they are too long (or my flab bump is too low) in the under belly part and I have to pull them down a bit when sitting and then up again so I can walk anywhere... Did notice on Wednesday on the train that they were really digging in <eye roll>

Whims long may your brother entertain the kids! Hope he wears them out for you grin

ScrambledSmegs Sun 29-Jul-12 23:29:46

Hello Froot! Welcome, please keep popping in, it's lovely to you here smile

Nutella I'm 23 weeks (I think - I keep forgetting hmm ) and still cycling quite happily. I second whims on adjusting your position till you're more comfy. I feel so free and mobile on my bike, getting off is always a bit of a comedown as I'm not as quick on my feet as I was.

When do you leave the UK whims? Hope you're making the most of the free babysitting!

Aargh. Unless you want to watch the Olympics 24/7, tv is pants. DH made me watch effing Taken again. That film is so mindless it makes me look like Einstein.

Hi froot!

I've posted a photo of my misshapen transverse baby belly! MW tomorrow, will see what she says about movement then, but anecdotally my mum's best friend's daughter's baby was transverse til 36 weeks then turned, so I'm not uber worried (yet).

Hope staying at your mum's is a bit less stressful now the packing's done etc, whims smile

congrats froot!
hello all, hope you are all well. Just thought i should pop in and see if anyone is about to pop? Who is next?
I be;ieve congrats to tock too on your engagement. What other news is there? I feel i have been in a fog recently.......totally lost touch with everything going on.

Hi ninja so good to see you! Hope all is well with you

Congrats froot we were due a BFP weren't we!!

fluffy have you had a look at the spinning babies website? Some quite good excercises to get baby in position. I have not done any yet (I am having a hard time remembering to do my pelvic floors!)

GreenOlives Mon 30-Jul-12 18:39:36

Hey ladies, how are you? Good to see you over here Froot smile

I had another scan today - babyolives has arms and legs now! Lovely consultant is still lovely and is insisting on scanning me again next Monday even though my nuchal scan is only on 14th August! I'm not going to argue! Apologies for my lack of posting the last week, I've been feeling really rough and we've had some awful news to deal with too. DHs best friend had a motorcycle accident and is critically ill in ITU. It's amazing he survived at all but we still have no idea whether he will have brain and/or spinal injuries if he does manage to pull through it sad He has a little girl the same age as my DS and she really needs her Daddy so maybe some brooking power would help?

Waves to all.

TheLittleFriend Mon 30-Jul-12 19:19:21

green that is so sad about your dh's friend. I really hope he makes a good recovery. Great scan news though, you must be really happy.

fluff definitely don't get worried about baby's position yet. Still plenty of time for it (is it a she? sorry, i've forgottenblush) to turn, with or without a bit of help.

smegs I am one of those people who is loving all the olympics coverage I'm afraid. I don't take part in or watch sport any other time (expect when dh is watching and i have too), but I love the olympics!

Still no mw or scan appointment booked hmm. They've assured me they sent the mw my referral on Friday though, so I'll be chasing on Weds if it's not arrived. Time is ticking on!

I'm convinced I can feel a little bump (though it is barely that) above my pubic bone which is very exciting smile

ReturnOfTheMunx Mon 30-Jul-12 20:23:27

Evening ladies, hope everybody surviving the weather. It's still very hot here.

Can I get any bigger? 33 weeks and I swear there's no more room. DH says I have a way to go before I was as big as I was with dd but I am sure he's kidding on.....he must be....right?!?

Fluff don't fret about position, here they only feel for it properly as a medical issue at 36 weeks and then will talk about what to do. My bump is crazy ATM I am sure they think they are competing in the gymnastics! Hope your pelvis is ok and your referral comes through soon.

stacks I don't think I have congratulated you on your blue bundle! There is no option is find out the sex here so I am still carrying an UBB.

Lovely to see you ninja hope your wee one is doing well!

And far have you had your appointment yet about stopping your meds? Easier said than done but try not to worry, brooking hard for you lovely.

Big waves to all other PG Brookers! Apologies again for anything forgotten.... Brain very mushy ATM!

ReturnOfTheMunx Mon 30-Jul-12 20:24:28

Oh Little sorry I missed you blush yes push for an appointment, I had to chase the MW and the scan dates.

A little bump...lovely! grin

ScrambledSmegs Mon 30-Jul-12 21:30:22

Little grin don't worry, I love it all too. I was just rather annoyed that the rest of tv-land seems to have gone 'oh, it's the olympics, lets give up and screen back-to-back reruns of Midsomer Murders'. DH and I were a bit Olympic-ed out last night, clearly we need to pace ourselves in future. Or buy some more box sets! And I hope your scans and mw appointment details arrive soon, but if not, definitely chase them up.

stacks I've been remiss too - a little boy! How lovely! Congratulations, and enjoy all the baby planning.

fluff the baby is definitely going to do a little more moving around before you need to worry. I was overjoyed when I got kicked around the tummy button last night instead of in the fanjo, but it's all moved back down again today <sigh>. Just a word of warning about the spinning babies website - use your common sense. Sensible positions fine, but please don't attempt any of the more outlandish positions; head down on the stairs is unlikely to do anything except give you a really unpleasant head-rush, and probably make you pass out hmm

green brooking very hard for your friend. I hope he pulls through, not least for the sake of his family. And I hope you feel better very soon - bad ms? Just repeat to yourself 'this too shall pass'.

Munx envy where on earth do you live that it's still hot? Despite the sunshine in London today it was definitely feeling a bit parky at times. Oh, and there's room grin trust me. Do you remember how big you were at term with your DD? If there are any photos, do take a look. I saw one of me at 41+5 with DD and was shock. I looked like I was going to explode - and very fed-up too!

DH and I had a 'date day' today. T'was lovely. It was a little geeky in parts, but really great to have a day out with DH just the two of us, like we used to. I'm very smile now. I do love spending time with DH at the moment, even though we've not drifted apart in any way it feels like we're reconnecting, IYKWIM. There's really something special about having a nother baby together, isn't there? [loved-up emoticon].

Back from MW appt - she says baby is still head down, and my massive, painful lumps are are a bum and feet like munx said shock shock blush shock She did say there will be less wriggle room soon so hopefully the discomfort will settle down! shock (<-- me)
I'm measuring 30cm at 30 weeks (hurrah), and she has referred me for physio, though the pelvis pain really has miraculously disappeared this past week and, if baby's still head down, I'm clueless but grateful as to why hmm

How many weeks are you now little? I hope they get your appointment through soon! We were given 80% girl, so it's still a bit of a UBB that we refer to as a she grin

Olives brooking your friend pulls through sad

smegs are you sure she's not punching you in the fanjo? grin
I know exactly what you mean about your DH. I have been like a loved-up teenager since I got updiffed except yesterday when he felt my wrath smile

ScrambledSmegs Tue 31-Jul-12 11:38:16

Yay for head down and no pelvic pain fluff grin. Long may it continue (well, 10 more weeks?!).

Off to John Lewis now for voucher spending fun. Braving the tube. I expect it to be almost empty!

Oooo watcha buying smegs? Do you knit? They have a lovely yarn department...

ScrambledSmegs Tue 31-Jul-12 12:25:10

Fabric for cushion covers smile. Sadly my knitting is rubbish, I love it but can't finish a piece properly for the life of me!

Just got a call from the doctors. I've got another UTI. Balls. More antibiotics for me. Must stock up on canestan combi too sad

Oh no, smegs sad

ReturnOfTheMunx Tue 31-Jul-12 20:29:26

We are definately bump buddies then Fluff this one is decidedly head down with the bum and legs causing me absolute agony for most of the day.

Wouldn't change it for the world though wink

smegs hope you feel better soon.

33 weeks tomorrow ....... Eek!

ScrambledSmegs Tue 31-Jul-12 20:36:57

It's ok fluff. 7 days worth of antibiotics and then I have to do another urine test to see if I'm clear. I'll be ok - I knew there was something wrong, I'm just glad I'm being treated after the last gp didn't believe me and only did an in-surgery test on my wee hmm

33 weeks Munx! Wow, time flies doesn't it?!

Hello all. I feel like a naughty teenager this morning, just waiting for my parents to come and find me out. I rather think we're getting close to outstaying our welcome (although they're too repressed polite to ever say as much), and my toddler just pulled the arms off a pair of reading glasses. Oh dear. Back to Bristol tomorrow, but not to our house. Not sure how the boys will deal with that. There were tears yesterday. Not from me (although it was close). It's so sad to see a 6 year old crying because they're actually sad, not because they've fallen out of a tree or run into a wall or can't have all the lego right now.

Bad luck on the more antibiotics smegs. I hope this lot both do the trick and treat you more kindly. Hello munx Can't believe you're nearly there! Great bump fluff!

Has anyone seen tockrecently? <waves in case shes' lurking>

Hello little and green as well, and particular brooking for your friend. My experience of intensive care, whilst ghastly, was that it was brilliant, and I'm sure they are working super hard all round the clock.

Have I forgotten anyone? Sorry!

Hello all, not been and posted for a while as I feel I haven't got much to say, but thought I would 'contribute' today!

Smegs sorry you've got another UTI but hurrah for date day with your DH!

Fluff I'm glad your fluffette is head down and ready to go now and the hip pain has eased! Not that long to wait now!

Munx are you next then? How exciting!

Olives I said on the other thread, but I'll say it again - so sorry to hear about your friend and I hope he makes a full recovery soon. Brooking! Glad to hear your miniolive is developing well and you feel crap

Little how are you doing? Have you got a booking in appt or scan date yet? How many weeks are you? You must be getting on for 12 weeks now.

Whim you are coping brilliantly with all this upheaval! I can't imagine how I would cope.

Hello Far, how are you? And Ninja - how are things with two DCs? Any house news?

Hello Tock how was the BBQ?

I have a bit of a problem at the moment - I sometimes can't wee. It happened a couple of times yesterday and in the middle of the night. I think my uterus must be pressing on my urethra so the wee won't come out! I had to really wriggle about and strain to empty my bladder, but this morning all seems normal again. Now I remember this from late pregnancy with DD when I had to scoop up my bump to relieve the pressure so I could wee, but I didn't expect it at 16 and a bit weeks! Anyone care to advise?

generic no idea on the wee thing i'm afraid. would your mw know? life with 2 is lovely but i've made the hard decision yesterday to stop bf, start expressing and then topping up. dd is under her birth weight (7lb 4oz at nearly 4 weeks) and despite plenty of bf clinic help she can't latch on very well so i've been very sore and cracked and had 2 bouts of mastitis and generally been rather poorly. But today she has had loads of milk and i'm starting to heal so hopefully we are on the up smile
little hope your appt comes through soon
olives glad to hear miniolives is doing well
<waves at everyone else and distributes croissants and drinks all round>

ScrambledSmegs Wed 01-Aug-12 10:19:59

Um, Gen that's one of the symptoms of my UTI. I hope it's not the case for you! Do you have any other minor issues at the moment, like a dull ache in your stomach or feeling like you need to wee more frequently? Turns out that UTI's often don't 'present' in the normal way during pregnancy.

Hope it's not that, but do get your GP to check it out.

Gen I'd not have thought baby weighs enough to squish your urethra yet? I agree with smegs - my UTI was an odd one too, I had none of the usual symptoms - I'd see your MW or a nurse and get tested?

Glad they tested you eventually smegs!

Hope the BFing imroves ninja, that sounds really painful shock

grin whims they'll miss your little terrors treasures when you go, really! It must be very confusing for your 6yo, but hopefully it'll turn into a big adventure when you fly to the US smile

Aw Ninja sounds like you are having a tough time but coping brilliantly. It can't be easy to BF a baby that doesn't latch well, especially when you have another DC to look after and can't spend hours BF'ing. Sounds like expressing and topping up is a good compromise.

Smegs and Fluff I wondered if it could be that as I agree the baby is so tiny at this stage, but I wondered if the weight of the uterus and amniotic fluid etc could be squashing it. OK, will go to dr if it continues. Bugger!

ReturnOfTheMunx Wed 01-Aug-12 14:26:19

Big hugs Ninja but sounds like you have a plan. When I had to stop feeding DD it broke my heart but looking back at her red book today it did make a huge difference. It was a few months before she cracked 8lb.

Hope you are doing ok smegs and starting to feel a bit better.

I have had the strange weeing thing too, it wasn't a UTI and went away of its own Accord. But is back now with a vengeance grin.

Any scan news little?

Some more brooking for your friend Green, hope you are doing ok too.

ReturnOfTheMunx Wed 01-Aug-12 14:27:09

whims sorry, pressed post too soon. Big aww for your DS, it's horrible when they cry....hope you are all settled very very soon. Lots of brooking power!

ReturnOfTheMunx Wed 01-Aug-12 14:27:43

Forgot to snaffle all the croissants.......grin



Sorry ninja I misread what you wrote possibly out of fear of things to come and I didn't mean to be insensitive by "hoping bfing improves" blush It sounds like expressing and topping it up is the best course of action - she's still getting the yummy breast milk but a few extra calories as well smile

Mmmmmm croissants......

TheLittleFriend Wed 01-Aug-12 19:13:42

Sorry to hear you've got a uti smegs, and about your strange weeing too gen. I'm wondering if I need to get myself checked again too, I've got the dull low down ache that I associate with them. I'll give it a bit longer though, as it might just be stretching and I can't bear to ring the surgery get again

Great the minifluff is in position fluff smile

I've finally got my booking appointment (even though the mw still hadn't been sent my referral shock), it's on Monday, when i'll be 11wks exactly. She's sent the scan request off, but it's looking unlikely that it'll be before my holiday, the following Monday.

<waves to all>

Ooh glad you've got your booking Little and I'm brooking that they can fit in the scan before your hols.

Wee update: been normal all day so am being cowardly and not going to the doctors unless it returns.

Glad you got your appointment through little. Will you miss the nuchal window if it doesn't come through before your hollibobs?

Yay for normal wee generic grin

My belly button is very, very shallow now I can see the bottom of it <horror> and it's sore sad

fluff you weren't insensitive at all! I think I just had a hard time of it. You will be wonderful at it and it will come naturally for you and your dc smile

So pleased you have got that sorted little, hoping they manage to squeeze a scan in too, have a great holiday.

All good here, had my scan yesterday, looks like I can stop the heparin as blood flow to the placenta is looking great and she is growing nicely (her femur is on the 95th percentile so likely to be tall like DH!)
Am a bit scared to stop but I trust them so am going to do what they recommend when DH is back in the country in a week. I have 2 growth scans booked in for reassurance which was nice of them as not stictly necessary in their view.
She was being extremely uncooperative as usual with hands and feet by her face so we could not get a good look at her but from what I can see it looks as though she will haev DH's nose (poor thing!)

gen here is hoping that UTI goes away!
Waves to ninja

exellent news far how many weeks are you now?

27 weeks on Saturday, can't believe it!

Hope you are doing ok my dear and the feeding gets better! I have ordered the claire byam cook CD in preparation! Breastfeeding sounds very tough indeed.

i have turned to the pump and we are both much happier! ooh 27 weeks already! whats your due date? fluff said earlier there are about 4 of you due between begining of sept and first week oct so you can't be far behind?

It's lovely that you get extra scans far! I'm glad you're feeling more confident about stopping your medication, too.

Our eldest 6 1/2yo hen has fly strike, probably partly because of her age and partly the crappy weather sad DH has washed the maggots away made her comfortable, but we don't expect her to last long (and tbh if she does, we'll take her to the vet and put her out of her misery, as she's so old we don't expect her to heal or recover). Very sad as it's the end of an era and an awful way to go, though she doesn't seem that distressed thankfully.

Stacks Thu 02-Aug-12 18:38:49

Hey everyone, I've been AWOL for a while, sorry. Just real life ans tiredness getting in the way. Am on my phone just now, and have a bad headache, so just a quick post and I'll try and catch up properly soon!

TheLittleFriend Thu 02-Aug-12 19:10:43

far grin at your dd having dh's nose! Hope those growth scans reassure you after stopping your meds.

ninja glad you've sorted the feeding issues. Feeding a tiny baby is sooo stressful.

fluff I should be able to still have nuchal measurements done if scan is after holiday (though I might have told them my holiday is a bit longer than it really is, so they don't know that!) I just want to be able to get on with telling people and not wait til 14th week.

I decided to ring gps about poss uti, as I'm a worrier and would have just stressed about it all wknd. Luckily they let me drop in a sample to dip without having an appointment. As they've not called, I can presume the surgery test was ok, but they said they'd send it to the lab either way, so I'm glad I did it in the end.

itsMYNutella Fri 03-Aug-12 17:34:24

Hi everyone,

Sorry, just checking in! But hope everyone is doing well and those with or suspecting UTIs I hope you feel better soon!! I've been attacked this week with a mega dose of thrush sad ouch! But got a prescription from the Dr's which is getting there (two days later)

And, just sat watching the Olympics cycling and was leant forward... Felt someone definitely giving me a good poke in the tummy, twice grin!!!! Bean probably wanted more room for their own olympic efforts smile have only felt movement now and then but this was very definite kick. I'm 19+1 today so I'm guessing it was a good kick.

ReturnOfTheMunx Fri 03-Aug-12 18:11:17


Just checking in too! Very hot here again.....phew!

Great news about scans Far hope you are feeling reassured.

Hope your date comes soon Little

Big hugs ninja I had a few troubles with DD in that department too, brooking very hard for you.

Enjoy those wiggles nutella!

Great to,see you,stacks

Hope utis are better? And your pelvis is ok fluffy?

I am currently being kicked to kingdom come. I think DC2 thinks they are in the boxing.......

Lordy, I'm barely 17 weeks, and I look like a proper preggo. Not quite sure when / how this happened but it seems to have been a sudden development in the last week.

Good to have lots of reassuring kicking munx

<hello everyone else>

Hi stacks!

Hope your sample comes back clear little and that your symptoms disappear soon!

Yay for proper kicking nutella smile

My pelvis pain is back with a vengeance. I have no idea why it disappeared for a week, I really wish I did so I could do whatever I was doing (if I was even doing anything) again.

5 weeks left at work – but only 24 working days, owing to the bank hol, yay!

Where's tock?

TheLittleFriend Mon 06-Aug-12 13:27:15

Hi everyone

Great to hear about the kicks nutella. Not so great that your pelvis pain is back though fluff.

I'm now a MWEPP, had my booking appt this morning. And after much more faffing around with people not getting the right paperwork, I have finally got my scan appointment. For tomorrow at 2.20!! So now I've got 24 hours to stress about it grin

Great news little much less time for mentalling!!

I am feeling reassured although still a bit unsure about stopping. She is moving so much that hopefully that can act as my reassurance (but what is the bet that she has a quiet day the day I stop!)

fluffy so sorry to hear about pelvic pain, are you swimming? I was told breast stroke can aggravate the pelvis.

Don't stress little, it's exciting to have a scan! fx it goes well.

I've been wondering about tock fluff. <waves to tock in case she's lurking>

sorry to hear about your pelvic pain returning. hope it settles down again soon.

ReturnOfTheMunx Mon 06-Aug-12 13:42:13

Great news Little brooking very hard.....

I know that one Far I totally freak out when I have a quiet day! Thinking of you, so pleased things are going well.

Fluffy careful with the swimming, it can, as Far says aggravate things. Sorry, beng very bossy but my pain is so bad I can barely walk. I know how sore and frustrated you must be.

I have to go and have blood tests on Wednesday as I have suspected obstetric choleostasis so would very much appreciate an extra dose of brooking please.

Hope you all have good days!

itsMYNutella Mon 06-Aug-12 15:26:24

Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends! Mine seemed to fly by in a blur!

Had the 20 week check up today at the Dr. Not my usual Dr and so we had a few questions which was complicated because my Dr understands me a bit better, naturally, but also my sometimes garbled German and she explains things for me in a simpler slower way....

Anyway, not only was I warned about putting on too much weight (I'm not huge and so far have gained about 5.4 kilos) but then apparently I have ketones in my Urine so it looks like I didn't eat when in fact I had a busy morning and ate lunch about half an hour before the appointment angry sad confused

And there are three different nurses that have weighed me, one does it quite exact, another I know leaves it a bit light and today the nurse weighed me a bit heavy (those fancy tilting scales Dr's have- if they're not balancing flat I know which way I want them to tilt!)

So according to the Dr the last month I've gained a little over 2 kilos - but then it looks like she can't do maths because it clearly shows an increase of 1.8 in my notes <grrr> hmm and the scales at home show 1.5.

Sorry, it's just really bothering me sad I'm trying to eat normally and I don't know where the extra is coming from!

itsMYNutella Mon 06-Aug-12 15:30:17

Ok, have caught up on thread news, best of luck with the scan little

I am and will be brooking for you Munx (I hate blood tests, was incredibly happy when they didn't stick me today!! - but I already know they will next time <humph>)

Fluff I hope your pain eases! Sorry I can't offer any advice have an unMumsnetty hug instead smile <squeeeeze>

Sadly my local pool has closed for refurbishment over the summer, so there’s been no swimming for a good while. They’re doing aquanatal at a different pool but whether I ever get round to going or not has yet to be seen grin I think I must set it off when I sleep, as it's always worst between 5-8am, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong... I sleep with pillow between knees etc... but before pregnancy I was always a back sleeper so I find it naturally uncomfortable anyway confused

Yay little how exciting!!

Good luck munx - hopefully it’s not OC, but if it is at least you/they have caught it smile

I really wouldn’t worry about it nutella (my MW doesn’t even weigh me grin ) - 5.4kg is about 11lbs?? which doesn’t sound like a massive amount to have gained by 20 weeks to me. I'm 31w and have gained almost exactly double that wink

JenFraggle Mon 06-Aug-12 16:38:06

I'm posting this in Ante-Natal and Post-Grad as not sure which is best.

I bought Lansinoh in preparation for sore boobs but luckily I haven't needed it. Apart from 2 or 3 times right at the very start, it hasn't been used. If anyone wants it then drop me a PM and I'll send it out. At the moment it is just sitting on the table gathering dust literally as I'm a total slattern so I would rather it went to someone else to get used I'll dust it off first.

ReturnOfTheMunx Mon 06-Aug-12 16:43:06

I have PMd you Jen wink

nutella that sounds exactly right to me, i really would not worry.
No one has weighed me at all during this pregnancy but I weigh myself at the gym and at 27 weeks i have put on 9/10kg which according to the chart I have is fine but at the top end of the range. Don;t most people put on about 2 stone? My friend put on almost 3 stone and is looking amazing 3 weeks post birth, back in her jeans with about 2kg to lose, in her case it was all baby and water. If you are eating healthily and keeping activeish I really would not get too concerned unless they think you are developing gestationational diabetes?

clickingtock Tue 07-Aug-12 16:10:36

Hello Brookers - on hols and WiFiless so missed the action. Sending you lots of love and will resume full service on MN soon. All good here apart from some emtional dips. Lots of kicks from the tinytock, Hurray! Hope your various struggles improve and Brooking for any scans etc. Xxxxxxx

Just popping in to brook for Little - let us know how your scan went when you get chance!

Nice to see you Tock - hope you are having good hols!

Wee update: I went to see midwife today as it's no better and am waiting for results of urine test to see if I need antibiotics. The highlight of the appointment was hearing the HB! Was very reassuring. Like Whim I am over 17 weeks now and have a sizeable bump - no hiding it anymore although it could just be my bladder, which seems to be semi-full however much I try to wee

GreenOlives Tue 07-Aug-12 18:26:55

Gen Yay for hearing heartbeat! And for lovely little baby bump! I just look like a fatty still wink

Little Brooking for good scan news!

Tock Happy holibobs!

TheLittleFriend Tue 07-Aug-12 19:05:16

Good news here, the scan was great and we saw our little wriggly baby. grin

They moved my date forward 4 days so I'm now 11+5wks and due on the 21st Feb. I even feel confident enought to update the stats thread now! We've told family and close friends this afternoon which was lovely.

We also told dd as we didn't want her to learn by overhearing. Her response? "Mummy, can you pass me that Tree Fu Tom picture" hmm

ReturnOfTheMunx Tue 07-Aug-12 19:09:21

grin Little so so pleased!

And Green fab news about hearing the HB!

Wave to Tock hurray for the kicks and wiggles!

How are you feeling Far?

Hope pelvis is behaving Fluffy

MW for me tomorrow for these blasted blood tests. With the thyroid issues as well I rally do feel like a pin cushion!

Itching still driving me crazy, but nothing really helps.

Anyway, thinking positive the extra appointment at the MW and then at the hospital will give me mor chances to be reassured all is well. Feeling a bit vulnerable and shaky ATM especially with the horrible news about the Barlow's baby. Poor family sad.

ReturnOfTheMunx Tue 07-Aug-12 19:10:23

Sorry that post ended in rather a down note...... Stream of consciousness.

I shall resume brooking hard forthwith.

ReturnOfTheMunx Tue 07-Aug-12 19:15:48

And I meant Gen sorry Green, although it won't be long until you are 17 weeks too!

Little that is fab news and hurray for telling family, friends and DD! I bet your DD will get excited once the news sinks in. Mine asks about the baby every day!

Munx I am brooking for you. I'm sure everything will be fine, but it's good to have the blood tests etc even if you do feel like a pin cushion! I hope you are eating chocolate to replace lost iron from all the blood samples.

Olives I bet you are looking gorgeous! Not long til you can tell everyone and have a proper bump. It's hard when you have to hide it and feel fat.

ReturnOfTheMunx Tue 07-Aug-12 19:42:56

Gen you just said everything I meant to say, a lot more eloquently than I could have!

<totally blaming third trimester exhaustion>

Very good idea about the chocolate......

GreenOlives Tue 07-Aug-12 21:08:58

LittleFabulous news! smile I love DDs response, Im expecting a similar reaction from DS when we tell him grin

Munx Good luck with the blood tests, my friend had OC and she was fine, they did induce her but she was nearly full term anyway. Hopefully your just itchy due to stretched skin!

Gen Thanks for being so lovely but I am definitely not looking my best at the mo! I am looking forward to blooming soon wink

Excellent news for little and gen, that is what we like to see on here!Feeling good thanks munx, I have started swimming 2/3 times a week and it seems to give me energy so trying to keep that up!
Good luck with the tests, my friend also had it and was induced a week early with both babies, all went very smoothly.
Only 12ish weeks to go here, can't really believe it to be honest. Starting to think about actually buying something.........

ReturnOfTheMunx Wed 08-Aug-12 09:07:16

green did I congratulate you on your scan? So sorry if I forgot to...... Was just on the conception thread and saw you had posted about it.

We are just getting ready to go here, DD is watching the Olympics with DH she appears to be fixated by the horses and bikes so it will be an expensive hobby if she remains so.....

Will update later.

12 weeks far that has come in quick! Says she with 6 weeks (potentially less) to go. I suppose I really do have to think about hospital bags. We have nothing ready........

Let me know how your hospital appointment goes munx? I have mine in about 4 weeks. How's your TSH been during pregnancy? I'm on the same thyroxine I've been on for years but my TSH keeps going down hmm - it's 0.22 as of last week, down from 0.27 last time (and it was a nice stable 1.4 before pregnancy). I'm worried they'll change my meds and my TSH will skyrocket and that will affect my milk supply confused overthinking things as usual

Yay little that's amazing news! You must be beaming.

Wow far only 12 weeks! shock That's fab.

Glad you saw someone gen - hope your results come back soon smile

<waves to tock, olives, whims and nutella and all the lurkers smile >

Great stuff little and hello tock. Glad you're on hols and not in the doldrums.

We're flying the day after tomorrow. <runs round in a little panic>

Hello everyone else.

Stacks Wed 08-Aug-12 18:47:46

Hi everyone. I've been lax with posting again. Had a headache for the last week, but went to doctor yesterday and had blood pressure checked and all ok. Midwife tomorrow, am looking forward to it as bump has been moving around less the past few days. He's still moving quite a lot, just not the same as before. Been too scared to think about it so just been telling myself I'm being silly and midwife will tell me so tomorrow.

On my phone so can't write much. Work has been keeping me too busy to post during the day, and I feel so drained in the evening I don't do much.

Big hugs and waves to everyone.

itsMYNutella Wed 08-Aug-12 18:50:08

Good luck for all those having extra tests! And those starting to break the news! How exciting smile gosh, it seems like I just blinked but tomorrow I'm 20 weeks and that means - halfway shock blimey...

Thanks far I feel fine and I'm not the worlds healthiest eater (been craving greasy carby food) but last year I lost weight and now I'm back at the weight where I started so I actually feel like I'm sort of in credit wink. Perhaps next time I'll take off more than my shoes and insist that they explain why their scales don't show the same as my scales at home!! grin

whims make sure you enjoy, to excess, all the things you might miss before you get on the plane! I managed to buy maltloaf at the weekend (soreen... if only my name was doreen) and I am enjoying eating it sooooo much!!

Stacks I hope you feel better soon. Make sure you get plenty of sleep - I'm still very tired too, going to bed by about 9.30 every night.

Nutella wow at 20 weeks! I am about 17 and a half now and it has flown apart from the first 8 weeks or so, which took about 10 years. Re weight - I was weighed at my booking in and the scales said I was about a stone less than my scales at home. I knew they weren't right, so the next time I had an appointment I made them weigh me again and I was my normal weight. the hospital scales can be way out! I haven't put on much weight so far, probably about 4lb but I was about 7lb above my usual preferred weight anyway, so I'm hoping not to put on too much! Luckily I'm still off chocolate etc and am fancying fruit and salad - weird.

Whim are you OK? Deep breaths! Tomorrow you'll be THERE!

Oh and Munx how did you get on? Brooking that all is well for you and minimunk.

Right you lot. Orange are being arses so in a fit of pique I have ditched them. So no internet for me for a while. We're flying early tomorrow, so this is me for a bit. I'll be taking some extra special brooking with me, and hope to be back in touch soon. Don't go having any babies without me!

ReturnOfTheMunx Thu 09-Aug-12 18:16:50

Just a quick update, thanks for asking after me!

MW appointment was fine, they gave me a very good going over and took extra care with the heartbeat readings to give me some more reassurance.

Bloodwork is done, have to go to the antenatal clinic at the hospital to discuss results and next steps, will tell you what they say when I know!

Extra dr and MW appointments the week after.

Hope all well with everyone else!

TheLittleFriend Thu 09-Aug-12 19:16:59

Glad to hear all was well at mw munx

stacks hope you had a good appointment too.

whims very excited for you, though I'm sure you're feeling just a tad stressed right now. Good luck for tomorrow & get yourself back online soon please!

I've been enjoying sharing our news the past few days, it certainly makes it feel a bit more real. And dd is saying some very cute things about being excited to hold the baby.

itsMYNutella Thu 09-Aug-12 22:10:55

Gen sadly these aren't generic (possibly slightly abused NHS) hospital scales... I live in Germany (so they like to be rather exact...) and I go to my GYN for all my checkups. They have a pair of those slidey scales. I'm not sure it's the scales, I'm blaming the various nurses attitudes to how the scales should tilt <hmph>

Anyway, to help make me feel better (DP is away on business for two nights) I have made a microwave nutella cake grin blob of ice cream on top of warm chocolate cake and I'm happy... although probably not lighter hmm

They do a diabetes test here as standard anyway so at my next appointment (24 weeks) that'll be tested.

Has anyone else ever been told their skin is making it difficult to do an ultrasound scan? Dr asked if I'd creamed my belly because she the picture was so fuzzy (I hadn't).... I can't decide if she was trying to tell me again that I'm fat or if my skin is thick.... although if they keep hounding me about my weight I'm glad to know that it should now bounce off of me confused

oops sorry, mega long post! Have a great flight whims!

Extra brooking for you munx hope all is well and they put your mind at ease asap.

Ah nutella you are in Europe, that explains it!
They are the same in Italy, obsesses with wait and they are keen for people to only put on about 8kg which really is not very much at all. Not sure where these differences come from (a bit like all the eating rules!)

whim good luck with the move and settling in!

Stacks Fri 10-Aug-12 13:04:12

Wow Far only 8kg total? I've put on about 6.5kg at 22 weeks, but thought I was doing well as my book says you should put on about 16kg... How are you these days? Did you stop your meds, or is that still in the pipeline?

I tried to dress nicer today for work as we're going out to dinner tonight to celebrate a release. I found most of my loose clothes actually don't fit! It's been a gradual increase in bump size, all hidden by elastic waists so I kind of hadn't realised things like my loose (with tie string) waist trousers wouldn't fit.

Midwife appointment yesterday was quite brusque and to-the-point. Which is a shame as she's 'my' midwife, and it's the first time I've met her! She didn't seem interested in even saying "hello" confused Heard the HB again though, and she tried to reassure me that a 'change' in movements is nothing to worry about as long as he's still moving regularly. I miss all the vigorous kicks I was getting before, now it's all much more muted, gentle movements, though still many times through the day.

Munx glad your appointment went well, I hope all these follow ups are reassuring, and everything goes well for you.

Little it's great being able to tell people, though I found it made things more real, it didn't make it actually real til I felt baby move. I'm 22 weeks now and still haven't bought anything.. I've got plenty of time right?

Whims hope the flight goes well, and everything afterwards. Look forward to having you back on here soon!

Nutella the cake sounds amazing! Here I've been weighed while wearing winter clothes + coat, and while wearing shorts and T-Shirt.. they don't seem to take it into account at all. I weigh myself at home fairly regularly before my shower (when nekkid) and so keep a track of my weight that way. Just to check I don't get any sudden jumps, rather than to obsess. Though DH thinks I've put on too much weight going from 65-70kg!

Physio appointment's through, yay! It's in about a week and a half, which is lovely - I was only referred last week grin

8kg!! stacks I much prefer your book! I'm on track to have gained 16kg (35lbs?) when I pop I think - I'm 32 weeks tomorrow and I've gained 27lbs, so that leaves me about 1lb a week which I think is what's expected in the final stretch?

Have a lovely night out smile Asda have some lovely maternity bits atm though it's not worth it for me - I love this dress

Good luck whims! (I am remembering that US supermarkets stock bake at home cinnamon swirl dough - it's in a tube and you just inwrap it and slice it into individual swirls and bake them. I heartily recommend it if they still do it)

Glad your appointment went well munx smile

little that's so lovely!

DH is currently decorating the baby's room and I think he's really enjoying it - he feels like it's a bit more "real" I think?
He said last night albeit after a few beers that he realises he's getting it really easy and I'm doing all the work (i.e carrying the baby, coping with hormones/weight gain/pain/labour) - but that he will step up once baby's born and that right now he's here to support me and bump and be a DIY genius for us. He's not a very gushy man, generally, so it was a bit of a surprise - mega brownie points earned, there, methinks grin

itsMYNutella Fri 10-Aug-12 15:55:36

Awwww Fluff how sweet! My DP has started grinning and awwing at baby pictures whenever wherever he sees one.... It's kind of cute but mostly I just look at him like hmm and feel a bit mean not to be more fascinated by other people's babies...

and why did you have to mention cinnamon swirl bun thingies in a tin.... so craving something sticky and cinnamony now....

I'm also shock at 8kgs! Blimey! Here they reccommend 10-12kgs (kind of as a max)... but we have a friend who is due to pop anyday now, she is younger and was much fitter than me but has gained 24kgs - now that sounds a lot.

Stacks whatever you do don't google for a recipe, it's fatal! grin

TheLittleFriend Sun 12-Aug-12 19:08:59

oooh, it's quite in here this weekend. Hellooooo......??

I know, where has everyone gone?! Hopefully you're all out enjoying the sunshine...... smile

Here I am! We all survived the flight and didn't have too many melt downs first night (even if I did then wake up for the day at 2am). Today's my first day on my own, although we're still in our (lovely) hotel. the 2yo drew all over the lovely white duvet cover yesterday, and then when we took him down to say sorry, he was so cute the concierge gave him a box of chocs. Not sure that's a good precedent to set!

Deep breaths, and off we go to the space museum. If something can survive re-entry, it can survive my children - right?

Hope you're all ok. Will check back properly eventually. What did you all think of the closing ceremony? NBC coverage not a patch on BBC!

ReturnOfTheMunx Mon 13-Aug-12 16:46:11

Good to hear whims! Hope you all settle on soon.

Just a quick update from me, blood tests inconclusive at the moment but baby is absolutely fine. They ran lots of tests and I had a scan and a Doppler.

Will have to go back next week for more tests.

Hope everybody had a great weekend. Will try to catch up properly later on.

cakes82 Mon 13-Aug-12 17:11:02

Just wondered if any of you had had the GTT and what it entailed and when you got the results?

BartletForTeamGB Mon 13-Aug-12 17:54:31

What happens at a GTT for cakes.

Just coming in to lurk. Scan tomorrow so might join in properly then, depending on what that shows. Brooking would be appreciated.

Munx, sounds like you have had a worrying time. Hope it all comes to nothing.

whims, you are being well cared for in that hotel! Space museum is great! Hope you and DS enjoy it. I thought the closing ceremony was a bit bonkers yet still stayed up to watch it all...

Stacks Mon 13-Aug-12 18:21:03

Hello everyone. I had a manic weekend preparing for new kitchen to be installed. All got delivered yesterday, and men arrived at 8 this morning to start installation. Then left at 11am after creating on empty shell. They've given themselves the whole week to fit it, but I'm hoping they'll be done sooner. Microwave dinner tonight, then out tomorrow and Wed.

Bump seems ok, but I keep worrying. Past few days I've had watery discharge, it's not like mucus as it goes through a pantyliner and makes the tops of my legs wet. Should I be worried? Will a midwife just tell me off for wasting their time?

Minx, glad the tests weren't bad, even if they didn't give you the all clear. Sounds like they are looking after you.

Whim, glad you got there safe. Enjoy the space museum. I can imagine an American concierge being totally in love with a little British boy with good manners. He'll do well there.

Little, don't know what a gtt is, but good luck.

Bartlet, lots of brooking for your scan. Looking forward to having you join us here.

Waves to everyone else.

Stacks Mon 13-Aug-12 18:22:15

Oops, cake, not little. I reached capacity on my memory obviously. Sorry.

cakes82 Mon 13-Aug-12 19:02:30

Thanks Bartlett I was being blind earlier I didn't spot you'd posted a link. Hope your scan is ok!!
Stacks GTT is glucose tolerance test, used to check for diabetes.
Whim glad you got there safe and everything is ok

JenFraggle Mon 13-Aug-12 19:38:59

Cakes I had a GTT, very scary for me being needle phobic but if you are normal don't have a phobia then it is just 2 blood tests, a sugary drink and lots of waiting around. I got my results at my next MW appointment but should have had a phone call after about a week to give me my results. Good job they were normal really!

Whims glad you are there and getting yourself sorted

Bartlet lots of brooking coming your way although I'm sure you won't need it.

Stacks do you have a MW appointment coming up? If not then give them a call. Don't worry about bothering them, surely it is better to ask and have peace of mind rather than worry about it and possibly raise your BP.

cakes82 Mon 13-Aug-12 19:44:43

Jen thanks for that sounds reasonable. I have GTT this thurs(16th) then my next mw appt is on 24th so I guess thats when i'll get results unless there is a prob.

Loopyhasanotherbean Mon 13-Aug-12 20:23:06

cakes i had to have a GTT last Friday. Was starving by the time i got to the hospital anyhow as i'm usually having breakfast by 7am to fit in with DS, but they didn't take the first blood sample until 10.10 (appt was meant to be 8.45!) and so the second one wasn't until 12.10 so i was famished by then!! They told me that if the results were positive that they'd call me that afternoon, otherwise a letter would be sent out to me within the week. I'd recommend having a good meal the night before - as it happened me and DP had gone out to celebrate our anniversary and i ate right up to the 10pm deadline, but was still starving the following day. To make matters worse, the 2 nurses couldn't understand why i was having the test at this late stage (36 weeks tomorrow) and i feel like i just wasted a morning of my life for no reason...

cakes82 Tue 14-Aug-12 06:47:37

Ususally early breakfast here too when i'm working. Appt. is at 9am. How mad that they decided to do your test now, were there no concerns up till then? I'll be 32+6 when I have it done but can at least explain why i'm later than normal having it done. Consultant who did infertility testing also does antenatal, saw him yesterday finally told me that difficulties conceiving was probably PCOS which can be linked with sugar issues. If i'd had diagnoses earlier GTT would have been a standard test. I'm guessing you didn't get phone call and all is well, hope so!

Hello brookers,
I have stopped the heparin, last jab was Friday, saw midwife on Monday and all looking good so far. Am obviously insanely paranoid about movements which I find very hard to monitor unless I am lying down, when I am rushing around at work I don;t feel her at all.
Gah! Fingers crossed all is ok in then, I have a scan in 2 weeks to monitor her growth.

stacks definitely call the midwife, they would much rather reassure you over nothing than have you worrying away.

Good luck with all the GTTs.
fluff how is the pelvis?

DS sounds like a total star whims coz I'm an absolute sucker for a "naughty" little boy - god help me if I ever have one of my own because I'll be incapable of disciplining him! Was the space centre good?

Good luck at your GTT cakes smile

Stacks what did the MW say?

Good luck bartlett - massively brooking for you my love!!

Thanks for asking far - it's ok, good days and bad atm, but actually generally better than I was at 25 weeks, oddly. Physio on Tuesday smile

Warning - TMI alert!
I'm rather, err, juicy "down there" atm - I stood up about 8pm last night and there was a definite dribble into my knickers, and then nothing overnight but I've just had the same as I got out of bed. I'm neuroticising that it's my waters leaking, please talk some sense into me confused I'm a bit of an emotional state today and tbqh I can't cope with the thought of phoning a MW and discussing my bodily fluids!!! (It's definitely not wee as that's not where it's coming from; it doesn't smell either, so will keep an eye on it over the day and call the day assessment unit if it continues - probably to be told it's discharge and not to worry if it doesn't smell??)

PS, I meant to say that I think you're very brave far, it must be very worrying to stop the injections after everything you've been through, though I'm sure it's the right thing to do smile (and yay for another scan!)

ReturnOfTheMunx Tue 14-Aug-12 13:16:49

I have that too Fluffy I would stick a pad on just to double check if you are worried. Waters have a funny sweet smell. I wear pads all the time now for comfort.

Ah I'm glad it's not just me munx thanks! It's not been so heavy since I posted - I think I just panicked because I've been relatively dry for tri 2 and it started quite suddenly. It definitely smells of nothing, though - not sweet or bad smile

BartletForTeamGB Tue 14-Aug-12 14:21:36

So did you keep a seat for me then?!

Scan today was great. The baby looks perfect with no signs of any of the same problems as DD. (NT was 1.9mm compared to DD's 11.4mm!) Still early days and lots of scans to go, but feeling a lot more confident and ready to join in here properly. I just seem to have popped in during a particularly gruesome conversation! wink

Stacks Tue 14-Aug-12 14:47:11

Bartlett congratulations on the good scan, and welcome smile

Fluff glad your hips are feeling a bit better, and Far I'm sure everything will be fine with the injections stopped - they wouldn't do it if they weren't confident.

I didn't call MW yet. I've found I'm a bit scared of medical things now days. I think it's utterly stupid, but the fear of them saying something is wrong is being hard for me to overcome, even though if anything was wrong I'd want them to find it and fix it! I feel really panic-y at the thought of calling them, but I know I'm just forcing my worry about something being wrong to the back of my mind and refusing to deal with it.

It's a bit dark, but I guess it's a bit like someone offering to tell you when you are going to die. It'd be good to know if they said 30 years time, but awful if they said next week... I think I probably need to talk to someone sad

<puts her fanjo away blush >

Yaaaaaaay Bartlett that's terrific news! I bet that's a massive weight off your mind? smile Will you have any other kind of followup (more scans, I suppose I'm thinking) given what happened last time?

Stacks I think that reaction is totally, utterly understandable given everything you've been through - it sounds very stressful for you, though <big hug>

TheLittleFriend Tue 14-Aug-12 19:31:02

On hols at the moment, so just a quick post from me to say, bartlet, that is absolutely fantastic news. I'm over the moon for you xxxx

GreenOlives Tue 14-Aug-12 20:38:55

Hey ladies!

12 week scan all good - hurrah! Measuring at 12+4 but I'm sticking with my 12+3 because I want to keep my due date as our wedding anniversary one of my silly superstitions to have a good omen Told DS, he was initially far more interested in the treasure map he was pacing out with Grandad grin but this evening he has been asking lots of questions about the baby and has been periodically kissing or tickling my belly and asking if the baby likes it grin He has also asked how the baby got in there - and also how it gets out! confused I'm not sure he was entirely satisfied with my answers so I feel it may be a topic which gets brought up again and again smile

Bartlet I've said it on the other thread but it needs saying again - FABULOUS NEWS! grin

Far I totally get the scariness of coming off meds - I'm really nervous now I'm weaning off the steroids, BUT we are Brookers and all WILL be fine smile

Stacks sad I'm not surprised you feel like that with your history, it may well be worth talking to someone about it. Would it help if DH rang the midwife to ask for advice?

Fluff Glad pelvis is behaving better!

Little Happy holibobs!

Waves to everyone else.

ReturnOfTheMunx Tue 14-Aug-12 20:41:04

grin Bartlet brooking very hard, but excellent news so far!

stacks I hope you are ok and that you can find a way through this difficult time, we are always here for you.

far some extra brooking for you, I worry about the movements too but the hospital always take concerns seriously so don't feel you can't phone for a trace or some reassurance if you need it.

My pelvis is completely shot, I can't do anything today. That alongside the scratching and the excellent comment I have been getting from total strangers about the size/shape of my bump are making me a bit grumpy today!!!

ReturnOfTheMunx Tue 14-Aug-12 20:41:40

green you must think I am following you around the boards tonight grin

grin Olives what did you tell him about the baby getting in/out of your tummy?

Sorry to hear you're so uncomfortable munx - I can't believe people would comment negatively on a stranger's bump?? shock

GreenOlives Tue 14-Aug-12 21:41:14

The getting in bit - I said that ladies have eggs in their tummy and when they get fertilized then a baby grows (fortunately he didn't ask how they get fertilized!) grin

The out bit - I told him that the baby will come out of my front bottom which will need to stretch A LOT to get a baby out! blush confused

Just nipping in. fluff I admitted myself to hosp with DS1, about the same weeks you're at probably, just as it got hot. After a rather invasive exam (which involved a nurse sniffing my pants and a speculum) I was told it was sweat. Mucho embarrasmento.

<waves to everyone else and promises to catch up eventually>

Thanks brookers, fluff you are so sweet smile
She was really active last night so I am happy now and as green says, we are brookers!

Excellent scan news green, do you start coming off the meds now?
bartlett that is fantastic and so pleased for you after such a tough year, yay!
munx you poor thing, can you keep your feet up today or it that not possible?
stacks it must be so hard after all the medical proceedures you have had to go through, totally understandable to feel the way you do. Do you think you would worry less if you got checked out though? I know that I would just be mentalling the whole time anytime!

Oooooh p.s. I went to a talk last night at the hospital run by the anaesthetists about pain relief in labour. It was run by a very very dishy consultant anaesthetist, lots of swooning preggo women. He was also very reassuring about all the different options, risks of epidurals, how long it takes to get one once you have requested it (they pride themselves on getting to you in 20 mins which I thought was quite good!)

ScrambledSmegs Wed 15-Aug-12 09:34:22

Just a quick fly-by I'm afraid, bit manic here!

Bartlett & Green excellent scan news! Very smile for you both

far glad all is going well, and baby is moving loads.

stacks I think your situation sounds familiar - an aquaintance -- who massively overshared!-- had the same thing, turns out some women just have lots of discharge in pregnancy. That's most likely what it is for you. I would get checked out though, to set your mind at rest.

whims glad you're enjoying yourselves in the US. When do you move into your house?

All good here - mostly. Baby moving loads, kicks are mainly in tummy area not fanjo anymore (phew) and I'm feeling pretty well. However I'm not sleeping again and I'm now a grumpy old mare. Poor DH is bearing the brunt, as I can just about hide it with DD but let it all out when she's in bed sad. Hope I get some proper sleep soon.

Why are you sleeping so badly smegs is it insomnia?

grin olives I hope you get away with that one wink

That sounds really good far, pain relief is the one thing I'm worried about! Hoping my nct classes are informative in that respect.

Things have dried up a bit <ahem blush > so I'm not too worried now - thanks ladies smile

My nct class leader has just emailed to say the times have been pushed back - only by half hour, but it's now running 8pm-10pm - I could cry! I'm usually fast asleep by then atm, sigh, and I'm really struggling with work as I'm sleeping so badly sad

ScrambledSmegs Wed 15-Aug-12 10:45:19

Fluff it's partly DH's work (he gets phone calls in the night), partly DD not sleeping so well at the moment, partly discomfort despite the dream genii - or maybe because of it, as it makes me very hot. Oh, and partly my own silly fault blush. I'm on the Urban Legends thread, and some of the links have been very creepy.

Last night I had visual and auditory hallucinations (waking dreams?) probably due to extreme tiredness and reading that thread, and had a very unsettled night basically. At one point I was woken by DD screaming for me in terror, ran into her room in a panic only to find she was fast asleep, completely peaceful hmm. Still don't know if that was real or a dream! Obviously it took me ages to get to sleep again after too.

ScrambledSmegs Wed 15-Aug-12 10:57:25

PS About the NCT - they are brilliant for introducing you to other people who are due to have babies at the same time as you. I made some great friends, and it was great to get together and see all the babies growing and changing. We're all getting together again now, 2nd time around, and it's lovely. However, I think the birth classes are a bit wishy-washy and try to skim over forms of pain relief which aren't 'natural'. My teacher was very down on epidurals and people who had them, which gave me massive feelings of guilt when I ended up having one.

She was a dream though compared with the breastfeeding class lady, who we actually complained about in the end. Did you know that formula is poison for babies, and everyone can breastfeed, some people just don't try hard enough hmm. Try telling that to my friend who has a genetic condition that means she doesn't lactate. Even the lovely LaLeche League people I saw when I had some problems with bf were horrified at that!

I think the ante-natal class I attended at the hospital was the best one I went to actually, as they explained everything in clear detail, and answered all our questions with a basis in medical knowlege. And no judgement of anyone's choices either - one lady was having an elective caesarean due to a phobia of childbirth, I can imagine how that would have gone down at the NCT! They aren't medical practitioners so really the advice may not be accurate either. Just bear it in mind, don't take everything they say to heart!

Ohh smegs I used to get that a teen all the time - I'd dream I was awake in bed next to DH (DP as he was then) and people were in the room talking to me, or talk-radio was on nearby and I could hear it word for word, or once I dreamed I got out of bed and went downstairs and out the front door - I actually had to get up and check it was closed when I woke up! I hope it all settles down for you soon, and you sleep better smile

I find my pregnancy pillow makes me very hot too - I sleep without a duvet and also have a small gel cool pack that I nicked from Abel and Cole that I wrap in a teatowel and sleep with blush

Tbh I'm so squeamish that I'm hoping for as natural a birth as possible (and that sounds silly as I write it down because I'm sure everyone does), but I think everyone's pain threasholds are different (as are their labours!) so would feel no shame in not managing that. I'm just hoping my squeamishness outweighs the pain wink

Olives and Bartlet I am thrilled for you both on the excellent scan news! So happy for you - you both deserve some happiness after such long and painful jounreys. How brilliant that the tripe whammy Friday threesome have all now reached 12 weeks and had good scans! Brooking really works!

Far nice to see you and good that you have stopped the meds and all seems to be going well. Brooking for you for the last few weeks!

Stacks I sympathise re your not wanting medical intervention, especially with your history. Hope you can stay relaxed.

Munx hope you are resting that poor pelvis today.

Smegs I hope you get some sleep soon. I am still waking at least once a night to pee. And getting hot with the dream genii so I sympathise, but it sounds like you are getting lots more interruptions than me! I totally agree with your asessment of the NCT classes. At mine, they did cover c-sections, but really glossed over any serious problems that may occur and really wanted to stick with the assumption that childbirth is a lovely, natural thing and should be painless/manageable without medical intervention. It's not always the case, and it's good to have your eyes open IMHO. However, the classes are a great way to meet other people having babies and I've recently discovered that two other women from my NCT group are due the same week as me, so we can relive the maternity leave coffee mornings etc again second time round!

All fine here, nothing to report really. Getting more and more movement and looking forward to scan a week today - whoopee! Got a few days off work too, so that will be lovely.

Cross posts Fluff - glad your thingy is back to normal now! I sometimes dream conversations or radio programmes and then I'm not always sure whether they are real or imagined!

ScrambledSmegs Wed 15-Aug-12 12:03:41

Gen ooh, a scan next week! Exciting!

Just popping in to whoop at all the good scan news and say a general hi how's it going to all you blooming ladies. I don't have time to catch up on the thread at the mo but I hope you are all well.
I have 2 packs of the sticky electrode pads that go with a tens machine, would anyone like them? PM if you do and I'll pop them in the post. They are these

BartletForTeamGB Wed 15-Aug-12 13:25:46

I'm a bit too early to ask for them yet, but I just wanted to encourage others to take you up on your offer. I never believed that TENS machines would actually work, but I used one for the first 15 hours of my labour with DS, before I got in the pool, and it was amazing! It really, really helped.

I'd love them Ninja if that's ok? I've just bought a tens machine off ebay and need new pads grin

PS - that's JUST what I wanted to hear Bartlet grin

fluffy in my opinion tens machines rock. I used it all the way through this time until it was time to push. I didn't use one when I had ds and I think it also gives you something to focus on which is always good. I shall post them to you tomorrow smile

Morning ladies - how are you all?

Thought I'd pop my head in and say Hi Ds2 currently asleep on my tummy after A restless night so I'm catching up on my MNing grin.

Have you seem the ttc thread - a wee bit of BFP action over there from an old brooker (by which I mean someone who was a brooker before, not a brooker who is old confused smile)

I've heard good things about TENS machines, but can you believe I completely forgot about it this time around. I mean it was in my hospital bag and everything but I just totally forgot about it until I was home from hospital and unpacking my bag! What a baby-brained dope! Mind you with labour being 4 hours start-to-baby I guess I didn't have much time!

Can I poke my nose in on the NCT stuff? Just to say I also met super lovely people at my NCT groups. Still friends with all the first lot and did a refresher class to meet some more people this time and struck gold again grin. But I've had two super lovely teachers too who were really really good. The NCT do have a bit of a rep for being a bit focused on the natural stuff and ignoring the possible complications, but it does depend on the teacher. Both times mine were lovely and covered the good and not so good stuff. Just depends I guess.

shock at the bf lady at yours though Smegs! What a dope! That makes me so angry because it's attitudes like that that completely wreck people after a hard birth if (when?) bf is hard. It is so unhelpful to have someone say 'well you should be able to do it, you must be doing it wrong'. Attitudes like that probably put more people off bf than it helps. I don't think they should make out that bf is easy peasy. It isn't. It is for a v v lucky minority but most people find it hard at least at first. And proper support is essential to get through those times. And that proper support could be to help with formula top ups if needed, be it for a short time or longer term. Medical research does of course show that 'breast is best' but it just isn't that straightforward when you take everything else into account. I think the aim of bf support should be to help people maximise their bf, so that could be to maximise the time you do it for (weeks? Months? Years? Would be different for each person) or to maximise the amount you do, mixing with formula If appropriate (1 feed a day? 50/50? 100% bf?). I just think they should try to optimise the bf experience for each person. For some people that would be none. For some a little bit and for some a long time. It just depends on each people's circumstances. It makes me so angry though when people say formula is poison. I appreciate that they want to make bf look like the easy option hit it is just counter-productive to pretend its all smiles when it often isn't.

I suppose it's the same if they just concentrate on the lovely easy side of childbirth and ignore the complications. Only difference is you can't 'give up' part way through childbirth (grin) but you can stop bf.

I appear to be ranting so will stop there.... blush

Anyway, hope you're all well - you all look blooming lovely smile

well said biscuits! if only bf was as easy as 'nose to nipple and pop them on' grin
i did nct first time around and still see my lovely friends from it most weeks. The teachers were quite good and since one of us was having a c section due to breech baby, they had to cover all sides.
right off to nosy on the ttc fred....

ReturnOfTheMunx Thu 16-Aug-12 13:02:28

Hear hear biscuits and nice to see you!

We are doing NCT this time around. The first class upset me a bit as the teacher was going on and on about complications being the result of not being relaxed and calm and everything she described as 'bad' was everything that happened to us with DD. I am reliving it all ATM and trying not to panic. The retrospective feeding guilt is also coming back.

But this time around I am going with the attitude that it is certainly not the end of the world if my baby can't BF, and I won't end up sobbing in the supermarket holding a tin of formula.

Brooking for us all, easy births and no major feeding issues whatever we decide to do.

Rant away biscuits!

So pleased for little over in conception smile

I'm sorry you're having a bit of a hard time of things munx - it's absolutely not your fault and I'm horrified that healthcare professionals would suggest otherwise shock please don't feel guilty.

I'm waiting to hear back from NCT as to whether I can transfer to a weekend course they're running - I think it's full (it's this weekend!), but since they're the ones who shifted the timing with 36hrs notice (and the venue changed a week ago too) I think it would be only fair to let me squeeze in the back grin if not I'll have to just do the NHS ones I think - I'm struggling with sleeplessness from my pelvic and being too tired at work as it is, without 2 very late nights per week for the next 5 weeks confused

munx i had terrible feeding guilt 1st time round. this time i got mastitis 3 times in 4 weeks. i have come to the conclusion that bf is not for me and we are now all much happier. i think you need to look at the bigger picture. and birth this time round was so much more straightforward. you can always come on here for some perspective!

ScrambledSmegs Thu 16-Aug-12 14:13:59

Ah munx I'm sorry - sometimes the people that run these classes just don't see that their blinkered opinions can be harmful, especially when they're preaching to a group of hormonal women who have a lot of pressure put on them by society/the media/themselves to be the 'perfect' mother. As if that exists! You can only do the best you can, for you and your child. DD is healthy and happy, isn't she? So by my reckoning you've done everything just right wink

And the bollox about 'relaxing' - sounds like the same sort of crap doctors spout at us when we're having problems ttc. And we all know what we think of that! If it makes you feel any better, I was as relaxed as a hippy in Goa thanks to hypno-birthing, and yet I ended up having an intervention-filled birth. So yes, it's nice to be relaxed, but quite frankly if things go wrong it's hardly your fault because you weren't calm enough.

Rant over. I just get so annoyed when I hear the absolute piffle that some people spout as if it's fact. angry. Sorry blush

ScrambledSmegs Thu 16-Aug-12 14:18:43

And screw the feeding guilt. I had it after I had to give up feeding DD when my milk dried up (teething issues, inability to express etc). We made it to 8 months! When I'd stopped beating myself up about it I realised that actually I did bloody well, and this time round I've decided to just give myself a break about it. If it works for us I'll keep going as long as the baby wants it, if not then that's life, and as long as my baby is getting fed, that's all that matters smile

ReturnOfTheMunx Thu 16-Aug-12 14:22:29

Thanks ladies, was having a bit of a moment there.

Just feel very overwhelmed at the minute with all the extra tests and appointments at the hospital and DD is borng , well very toddler-y and exhausting! She also has a few health issues but I won't bore you.

Back to normal brooking soon blush

itsMYNutella Thu 16-Aug-12 16:49:53

munx I don't have advice to add; and here (Hannover, Germany) they are very pro breastfeeding. We have been to two hospital information evening thingies.
At the first hospital they were so pro it really put me off going there. I think it's great that they are pro, great that they offer so much support (24h breastfeeding experts, rooms for breastfeeding and support once you're home, you can always ring up) but please, I don't need it rammed down my throat! - they had an expert give short talk and she was totally anti bottles.

The second place we went has a great reputation for their care of mothers and breastfeeding help; but they actually said, if, for whatever reason you have an ELCS or you don't want to breastfeed you're still welcome to come here. And that made me feel much better!

DP knows I hate hospitals (I was really ill just before christmas (possible novo virus) and I had a big row with DP when the hospital wanted me to stay and I wanted to go home (after two nights already)... he also had to do the fighting for me in German), but I'm trying to relax and accept that I don't know how things will go and it might be necessary for me to stay in, but I need to find the right place first.

Ohhh the BF topic really makes me want to rant too.... sorry for long rambling post... I think there is a point to it all in there somewhere... smile

itsMYNutella Thu 16-Aug-12 16:51:34

and best get well soon wishes to your DD munx hope that things are better for you all soon!! big hugs <not caring that hugs are a bit unmumsnetty>

Loopyhasanotherbean Thu 16-Aug-12 19:29:34

hope things are soon better all round for you munx

Got another consultants meeting tomorrow, and really don't know what to expect from it. Since i last saw her, i have had a growth scan, where they said that not only is the abdomen measurement bigger than the head, but the abdomen measurement is off the scale... As a result they were convinced i had gestational diabetes. I hadn't had the GTT despite having a raised BMI as was fine when pregnant with DS and no sugar in urine and blood pressure always low and really didn't think i would have it. Wasted half a day at the hospital due to delays on their part, and it was confirmed this week that i don't have it, and my levels were actually very good. So really enjoyed a couple of cream cakes this week to mark the occasion. So anyhow, i now don't know what would cause the larger measurement, and am a bit concerned as a midwife said that the head should be the biggest dimension, so that once the head has been delivered, the rest just slides out, and there is a risk the baby could get stuck. So i don't know whether they will tell me i can't attempt VBAC now or not. If back to back then plan is CS. If non back to back then was strongly leaning to VBAC, but would be CS if i don't dialate or progress or deliver in the timescales they set. Now wondering what implications the growth scan will have and running out of time as EDD 11th Sept and if early like DS then will be here by 3rd Sept!

Anyone been through anything similar?

ScrambledSmegs Thu 16-Aug-12 20:24:06

Sorry munx, didn't mean to put my big fat foot in it there sad I hope your DD's health issues are resolvable, or at the very least manageable.

Loopy I'm pretty sure one of my NCT friends had something similar happen at a scan, but then it turned out to be an error with the scanning? Really not clear how. But I hope everything goes ok for you. Do you have any more scans scheduled?

Nutella I like the attitude of your chosen hospital. It's silly when we're all expected to do exactly the same things, exactly the same way - we're not clones, we're individuals! I wish that some of the post-natal midwives at my hospital had realised that, but I suppose they're under a lot of pressure on the NHS. Makes me understand why people go private, sadly.

Good luck at your appointment loopy smile

ReturnOfTheMunx Fri 17-Aug-12 12:36:45

Thanks again all, and you didn't smegs <big squidge>

All advice gratefully received!

DD is ok(ish) her allergies and tummy troubles are back so back to doc/HV and possibly hospital. Great timing!

Loopyhasanotherbean Fri 17-Aug-12 16:33:35

saw consultant this morning, and when she looked at growth scan and other scans and predictions, and reviewed what happened with DS, she decided that they wouldn't let me go beyond my due date of 11th Sept, and furthermore that she didn't think i should wait that long, based on their chart predictions on her screen, she was looking at arranging an ELCS for 2nd Sept if baby hasn't made an appearance by then. However as that falls on the Sunday, the closest day they can book me in is the 5th Sept as apparently they don't do ELCS's on Tuesdays here, and they've already booked 2 in for the Monday. Although she said that its highly likely i will go into labour before the 5th. But if i haven't then that will be the day we meet our new little man. If go into labour sooner, they will do CS asap if back to back. If not back to back, i want to try VBAC, on understanding that may well end up with EMCS. No forceps, no GA, no being stuck on a bed, and would like to use the pool. Think thats about as much of a plan as i can hope for! Feels nice knowing that i've got 19 days maximum left being pregnant. Have been getting next to no sleep the last 4 nights, so will be a wreck by then! She said no point doing any more scans, they aren't always that accurate from 35 weeks and we shouldn't worry about abdomen size, as measurements probably wrong!

cakes82 Fri 17-Aug-12 18:21:00

Loopy That sounds positive and at least you have a plan now.

clickingtock Sat 18-Aug-12 09:47:48

Hello all - trying to catch up with a v lively DS on my hands - I am multitasking by reading Dr Zeuss at the same time as typing.

Can't believe it is going to be 31 degrees today, can you guys? Gah.

Please tell me which Brooker got a recent BFP?!

Quick scan reveals Loopy has a good plan and I totally agree with Biscuits re' optimising bf-ing for the individual. Guilt about BFing stinks.

20wks here and all seems good. Scan revealed quite a different looking fetus (in profile) to DS at same age though similar sizes. Not quite as lively in general - phew! ; ) It is meant to be a surprise re' boy or girl tho' sonographer may have been pretty rubbish re' letting on gender-wise when describing stuff. DP couldn't be there as he had to go to Spain for work so it's only me who might know and I might be wrong anyway. I will pretend we still don't know. ; ) And then it will be a surprise for everyone else. DS is fairly consistent in replying that he wants a sister...

Munx - so sorry to hear about your DD; that sounds really tough on you. Brooking for you lady.


TheLittleFriend Sat 18-Aug-12 20:01:48

Hi everyone

I'm back from my hols, so normal mn service will resume. But seriously, remind me to book a holiday abroad next year. I am so bored of having crap weather when we go away in the UK. It's always lovely and hot when we get home though hmm

I hope everyone is ok, I've not had much of a chance to catch up. Looking forward to popping over to ttc to find out who got their bfp though.

I'm 13+2 now, and already too big for all but one pair of my normal trousers. Slightly scared that I'm going to be ginormous this time round shock

ReturnOfTheMunx Sun 19-Aug-12 17:42:03

Phew what a scorcher! Hope you are all coping in this heat.

20 weeks tock wow that's come round fast, thanks for asking after DD. I think I'm going to phone the HV again as she isn't right. I may have to take her off soya as well perhaps. And YY to busy toddlers, she has exhausted me this weekend!!!!

And little congrats on 13 weeks! Again wow that's come around quickly! I am almost too big for most of my maternity clothes with 4 weeks or so to go, I feel your pain. Have you used the hair bobble trick to get as much use out of your normal clothes as possible?