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Due in August Thread... Part 6!

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Hello ladies, come on in grab a biscuit, wine and/or brew... rest those puffy cankles, sore bumps and aching backs wink and let's hope this thread sees the arrival of some babies!

WelshLadyCDF Fri 06-Jul-12 14:45:02

..I'll have one of each of those and add some thanks to brighten up this rainy day.
Agree, lets see some babies soon folks!

hamncheese Fri 06-Jul-12 15:09:27

I just searched "due in august 6" and found this

It's us 6 years ago!!!!!

6 years ago I was just about to move into the flat I am now desperatley trying to sell with my DH who was then just my boyfriend. In fact, it will be 6 years to the day next saturday. And he was away to Florida on holiday with his family. When we started going out in the previous December he said he would go with them and asked me first and I was like yeah sure why not confused then I totally fell for him and hated every single minute he was gone. Ah young love grin.

What were the rest of you doing in 2006 while those others on that thread were all bumpy??

pintofmilk Fri 06-Jul-12 15:17:51

Ummm now let me see, 2006. Oh yes I was feeling like I do now......KNACKERED!!

I was on Maternity leave after having DC2, attempting to potty train my 2 year old DD and looking after DS who would have been 6 months old. confused

Westcountrylovescheese Fri 06-Jul-12 15:20:28

We were probably searching for the home we are in now!

Come on babies!

alisonmcg Fri 06-Jul-12 15:27:33

In 2006 I was half way through uni and pretty sure I had a broken ankle that summer (drunken incident in a night club) blush so was pretty much housebound at the time as lived 5 floors up with no lift and getting in and out of the building was a major hassle!! Hadn't met DP at that point, that happened in 2007 so probably if you'd told me then that 6 years later I would have a long-term parnter, a mortgage, a cat and a baby on the way I would have laughed in your face! Aahhh how times change smile

alisonmcg Fri 06-Jul-12 15:29:34

ps hello to everyone!! Let's make part 6 the start of the babies arriving! Who knows...maybe part 7 will be over in the post-natal group!!! (although doubtful as we're all far too chatty to make this thread last until then!!)

Nel1975 Fri 06-Jul-12 15:29:49

6 years ago - i was single, had just remortgaged my house and was leaving my job of 10 years at a bank to go back to uni to study for a postgraduate in Primary Teaching. However that never worked out for me - and who knows, if it did I I may never have meant DH and would not be part of this thread now smile Things have a way of working out for the best, even if it doesn't seem like it at the time.

pintofmilk Fri 06-Jul-12 15:30:16

Had midwife appointment yesterday. All measurements matched with dates and baby is now head down sitting on the brim of my pelvis! Hopefully the head will engage soon so I can breath properly again, getting very squashed in there now.

My acid has returned with a vengeance too, can't seem to pin point it to any type of food. Wake up with it, it goes after a while then returns at night.

33+5 smile

fairtradelu Fri 06-Jul-12 15:39:51

Six years ago? I had brought my Indonesian bloke (now DH) over to GB from Germany (where we were studying) to meet the family. Thankfully, despite my mum's reservations about me dating someone from so far away ("he will get you pregnant then run back to indo with the baby" etc etc!), everyone loved him and we haven't looked back since. Now, six years later we live in the UK, are married and expecting our first smile


NeedlesCuties Fri 06-Jul-12 15:49:35

ontheedgeofwhatever (?) DC2 due 25/7/12
mrsmamma (27) DC1 due 27/7/12
ishopthereforeiam (32) DC2 due 27/7/12 in UCLH, London, England
Loupee (26) DC1 due 28/7/12 in Royal Infirmary Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland
aflycup (24) DC1 due 30/7/12
farmerswifey (30) DC1 GIRL due 31/7/12 in Aberystwyth, Wales

cupoftea123 (?) DC1 due 2/8/12
Whiteangel (?) DC1 BOY due 2/8/12
dragonleo (29) DC1 GIRL due 3/8/12 in Whittington Hospital, London, England
margarethamilton (?) DC1 due 3/8/12
Tubtoes (31) DC1 due 3/8/12
missjemima (?) DC2 BOY due 3/8/12
warzonemummy (?) DC? GIRL due 4/8/12 in St. George’s, London, England
babbashouse (?) DC? due 4/8/12
PoppySeed34 (34) DC1 BOY due 4/8/12 in Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, England BORN 28/5/12!
danielou (?) DC3 due 4/8/12 in Worcestershire Royal Hospital, England
ChicBabyP (?) DC1 due 5/8/12
lynniegooner (43) DC2 due 5/8/12
halfdoneharris (28) DC1 due 5/8/12
Nel1975 (?) DC1 due 6/8/12
Littlelamb1980 (31) DC1 BOY due 6/8/12 in St. Thomas Hospital, London
JParkson (28) DC3 due 6/8/12 in Swindon, England
Gnomi (29) DC1 BOY due 7/8/12
panpipe (26) DC1 due 7/8/12
McBaby (31) DC1 7/8/12 in Barnet, Herts, England
Westcountrywife (33) DC1 BOY due 7/8/12 in RD & E, Exeter, England
Alizzle (24) DC1 due 8/8/12
Huia (?) DC? due 8/8/12
Mummiestobe (33) DC? due 8/8/12 in Dorchester, England
faintpinkline (?) DC2 due 8/8/12
WelshLadyCDF (40) DC1 GIRL due 8/8/12
ballinderrymum (32) DC2 due 8/8/12
woopsidaisy (36) DC3 due 8/8/12
SwanseaMum (?) DC3 due 8/8/12
Weekipper (32) DC1 due 9/8/12 in Edinburgh, Scotland
mancmummy (?) DC2 due 9/8/12
ffscatmove (35) DC1 due 10/8/12 in John Radcliffe (Spires MW unit)
Robsbaby77 (?) DC? BOY due 10/8/12
lovemarmite (38) DC1 GIRL due 11/8/12 in Eastbourne, England
ByeBabyBatshit (35) DC1 11/8/12 TWINS!
The3Bears (24) DC2 BOY due 11/8/12
Stinyminkymoo (35) DC1 due 11/8/12
hamncheese (24) DC1 due 11/8/12 in Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Scotland
vinolover (29) DC3 BOY due 11/8/12 in RSCH, Brighton, England
eightieshopaholic (32) DC1 BOY due 12/8/12 in Worcester Hospital, England
CATwith2Kittens (32) DC3 due 12/8/12 in Wareham, Dorset, England
namechangerbat (?) DC3 due 13/8/12
HopefulPositive (31) DC1 due 13/8/12 TWINS!
Glittershoes (27) DC1 BOY due 14/8/12 in Hull Women’s and Children’s Hospital, England
capecath (29) DC2 due 15/8/12 in Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, Scotland
MrsMigginslovespies (35) DC1 BOY due 15/8/12 in Borders & General Hospital, Scottish Borders
lollilu (?) DC1 due 15/8/12
thatboysmum (?) DC2 due 16/8/12 in Medway Maritime Hospital, England
ArtyJennie (31) DC2 due 17/8/12 in Croydon Uni Hospital, England
OnlyWantsOneTwoAndThree (?) DC3 due 17/8/12
Gingerelle (30) DC1 due 17/8/12
Voscar (31) DC1 due 18/8/12 in Darrent Valley Hospital, Dartford, England
Salt14 (?) DC1 due 18/8/12
technoduck (27) DC1 BOY due 18/8/12 in Bath, Somerset, England
lexielexielexie (?) DC2 BOY due 18/8/12
Glimpers (33) DC2 GIRL due 19/8/12 in GWH, Swindon, England
tashaw28 (36) DC3 due 19/8/12 in Barnet Hospital, Herts, England
flyingleo (33) DC2 due 19/8/12 in UCH, London, England
pintofmilk (35) DC3 GIRL due 19/8/12
practicallyimperfect (?) DC2 due 20/8/12
sc0ttishlass (34) DC1 due 20/8/12 in Princess Royal, Glasgow, Scotland
firstfroggy (34) DC1 due 20/8/12
miaboo (29) DC3 BOY due 21/8/12
susiegrapevine (29) DC2 BOY due 21/8/12 in Hastings, Sussex, England
Tusa (?) DC1 due 21/8/12
Geekette (32) DC1 due 21/8/12 in West Suffolk, Bury St. Edmunds, England
vanimal (37) DC3 due 22/8/12
NewRoadToHappiness (?) DC? BOYS due 22/8/12 TWINS!
TheRealMrsSmith (32) DC4 due 23/8/12
Louper (?) DC1 due 23/8/12
peeriebear (32) DC3 due 23/8/12
NeedlesCuties (27) DC2 due 24/8/12
Sparklesandglitter (27) DC1 due 24/8/12
Loislane78 (34) DC1 GIRL due 24/8/12 in Cambridge, England
danmoore00 (39) DC3 due 25/8/12 in Darrent Valley, Kent, England
nearlymumofone (34) DC2 due 25/8/12
Nightfall1983 (28) DC1 due 25/8/12 in Derby, England
Caitycat (?) DC? due 25/8/12 in Sheffield, England
alisonmcg (25) DC1 due 26/8/12
therumoursaretrue (22) DC1 due 26/8/12
Estya (35) DC2 due 27/8/12 in Darenth Valley, Kent, England
PictureThis (38) DC2 BOY due 27/8/12
FrillyLemons (24) DC1 due 28/8/12
Signet2012 (29) DC1 GIRL due 28/8/12
fairtradelu (29) DC1 due 28/8/12 in York, England
hellokit (?) DC3 due 29/8/12
purplelooby (32) DC1 BOY due 29/8/12 in Bolton, England
theressomethingaboutmarie (35) DC2 BOY due 30/8/12
Jods1 (?) DC? due 30/8/12
MrsLister (35) DC1 BOY due 30/8/12 in Homerton, Hackney, England
kellzi (?) DC? due 31/8/12 in Woodford, Essex, England
missingpate (31) DC1 due 31/8/12
Clarabell78 (?) DC? due 31/8/12 in Southern General, Glasgow, Scotland
justine09x (25) DC3 GIRL due 31/8/12
quickchat (35) DC3 due 31/8/12 in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Scotland
GwenGotLost (26) DC? due 31/8/12, Swansea, Wales

NeedlesCuties Fri 06-Jul-12 15:58:35

6 years ago? >thinks<

I was just finishing college (aged 21) and starting full-time work. Had just become a Christian around Easter time 2006 and enjoying time with my friends and my now-DH whom I've been with since 2001 (when I was 16!).

Today I'm an achy sore whale of a woman at the constant beck & call of a 2.5 year old. Feeling like such a blimp sad I've not put on much weight but my bump is seriously huge. Still wearing size 12 clothes as normal, but need baggier things to fit belly in.

Getting sore pains at my pubic bone and along my scar line from tear last time. Baby just is pressing down on my bladder so I constantly feel the need to pee and he/she has feet hooked in under my ribs like a bat. Urgh!

Going to take DS swimming tomorrow at local pool, am hoping they don't try to harpoon me or mistake me for a sea creature confused

(33 weeks today... can't last another 7 weeks!!!!!!!!)

therumoursaretrue Fri 06-Jul-12 16:02:04

Marking place here since I haven't been about for a while...I will be on later to explain all and catch up!

Lovemarmite Fri 06-Jul-12 16:27:04

Wow, part 6 now shock getting quite excited that this month we might have some new LOs joining Minipop!

Great to hear what we were like 6 years ago!
hmm let me see... we were running a mad business, booked out Earls Court for a huge exhibition and was working with a chap who runs the Monaco Formula One show - all crazy stuff now seeing that we had to put cash in, drew no salary for a year and then luckily sold the company before it went even madder. Phew, glad those fun days are over - what stress! That was my career suicide too - yeah! Wow, it sounds glamorous as I read it back, but it was more like a whole bag of stress, learning and laughter at how we managed to pull things off!

Today, I am soooo large, I think if I'd go swimming, I'd sink. Getting in and out the bath is such a hassle and so hats off to getting into a pool! DH had to help me out of the bath last night, maybe I am just so not cut out for this?!
Luckily had better night sleep and puffy ankle went, hurray!

My back has gone very hard though - I wonder if it's slightly swollen but it's aching like mad but gone odd as its very taught - is anyone else having weird back muscles?

Nightfall1983 Fri 06-Jul-12 16:31:55

Ooh I like this game :-)
6 years ago I was just finished 3rd year of uni and enjoying the summer off before 4 yr. BF (now DH) and I were moved in together for the first time at the beginning of July and really enjoyed being together whilst doing our summer jobs then in August be took the whole month off for our "summer of adventure". We didn't do anything very adventurous really but loved travelling round camping and doing various touristy things...

So the eyebrow threading was fine, very very much more painful than usual but fine none-the-less. The woman doing them said "oh are you pregnant" and when I said how far along I am said "oh you look tiny" grin However the jokes on me because when I said thank you and told her that everyone else seems to think I'm absolutely massive she said, no, you just look FAT! shock How mean! Really I don't know where it came from as I was a size 12/14 before getting pregnant and still am above and below my MASSIVE bump... Never mind, DH home in a few hours and had said lets go out for dinner so YAY!

Loving hearing what everyone was up to six years ago and have chuckled out loud at several of the posts above!

6 years ago I had just started a new job (which I left a few months ago), had got engaged in May and was house hunting with DH (then fiance). Now... house hunting (well in midst of buying as found somewhere) with DH to accommodate two babies (!) where does the time go?

Hilarious to see the 2006 August thread and also that like us they were keen to see some babies on the thread!

Have come down with cold (not the hay fever I thought it was!).

The3Bears Fri 06-Jul-12 16:39:16

6 years ago I was 3 months pregnant with ds1 smile me and dp had been together for 2 years but both of us were still at parents homes as I had just finished college and dp was saving as he'd just started new job after finishing college (the same one he's at now), we moved in together in Nov 06 and havent looked back since grin so strange to think how different we were then now we have gorgeous ds1, a nice house, 2 cats and another ds on the way soon, v exciting x

The3Bears Fri 06-Jul-12 16:44:42

Cant wait til the next baby is born on here, were all so close now smile

Vinolover Fri 06-Jul-12 16:47:29

I'm really hoping my baby arrives in this thread although I read yesterday that statistically if you had late babies before then you are likely to follow suit with other babies... Oh poo!

6 years ago we were selling our flat and looking forward to owning our first proper house with a garden smile We have since moved from that house into the one we are in and renovating now. 6 years from now I would still like to be in this house and hope by then it's finished wink

I can now hardly move after painting earlier sad Think a very quiet evening doing lots of relaxing is called for!

What an awful thing for that woman to say Night! Some people are just incredibly rude!!!

PictureThis Fri 06-Jul-12 17:30:20

I agree, some people are just bloody rude! Well the return to work was very short lived, I lasted one night shift but it's all too much for my poor pelvis so back to pottering around the house. Back to physio next week to see if she can help further. It's so frustrating and as a result I'm felling like a right grumpy old mare today with a severe lack of patience sad.
6 years ago I had just found out (July 4th) that I was pregnant with DD. DH was watching the football world cup final when I showed him the +ve pregnancy test and we sat there grinning like loons at each other.

ontheedgeofwhatever Fri 06-Jul-12 19:28:22

Hello sorry I've been away so long. I seem to have spent hours being monitored in hospital - every Monday morning for last five weeks or so plus various other appointments. I've had terrible itching from obstetric cholestasis but the various meds have brought it under control most of the time thank God. I got a nasty case of constipation which took a week to clear (there's a whole other thread about it on pregnancy).

Baby however is very happy. Growth scans suggest its already 6lb 5oz, it kicks, headbutts and hiccups usually when I'm trying to sleep. So glad I'll have it early or it will be ENORMOUS. I'm exhausted- DP had audacity to express surprise as to how tired I was I suggested he tied a 5lb bag of potatoes under his shirt and kept it there all day then let me know how he feels and oddly enough he declined can't think why. grin

Six years ago I had DD who was nearly 9 months. I was living in a flat by myself with her and thigns were a little bit difficult with DP - now we've got a house together and life has changed massively for the better. As for DD I'm sitting watching her read her school report which came home tonight and was thankfully reasonably good.

My induction has been booked for 25th July and I'm suddenly starting to get really nervous about the whole thing. Can't believe I'm probably going to have a baby in 3 weeks and might even be home with it. I don't feel at all ready. Just wish this weather would cheer up, I really want to wash all the baby clothes and dry them outside in fresh air but have a feeling its going to be tumble drier or dry them in the house sad

susiegrapevine Fri 06-Jul-12 19:49:33

Hello. Wow we've been busy. Six years ago me and dh had just bought our flat together (was dp then) and at the same time dh's dad died so was a horrible time because of that.

Not much to report today. Went to our toddler group where they had messey play but ds was only interested in the painting. Just had a horrible pain and had to take my bra off. Thought it was my bra but was actually the baby!! Has moved now thank god.

Glimpers Fri 06-Jul-12 20:11:47

Blimey, thread 6!
6 years ago I was 5 months pg with DD and me and DH (DP then) were house hunting for our own place. Didn't manage to find one until the August and then moved in the September (7.5 months pg!) soooo glad I'm not doing that this time and I take my hat off to you ladies who are!
Went and got some more newborn sleep suits today as I realised when I washed up all of DD's old clothes, there were loads of 0-3 stuff but no smaller bits, and she was only a tiddler when born so hoping thinking this one will be kind of the same!!
Horrible weather here and hasn't stopped raining all day sad no sign of any improvement for the weekend either sad

warzonemummy Fri 06-Jul-12 20:27:47

wow...we are on the thread number 6.

I usually read posts using my phone when I am in bed and can't sleep but since I am rubbish writing only phone I promise that I will write when I am on my laptop next - and then I never do.

Anyway, I am back in London now since 16th June. I am happy beyond anything. The first week was spent buying all the essentials, moses basket, bedding, clothing and baby's bag. The rest I have is spent buying super cute stuff for no reason.

I am apparently anaemic which combined with my care so far being out of the country means they have shoved me in the at risk category. My haemoglobin level is 9. So I am under consultant care. I am seeing the consultant on the 11th. I hope I can raise the iron levels and am allowed to give natural birth. I would love water birth which I may not get if I am under consultant care.

I am really really scared of going overdue - most babies in my family have been overdue sad

Welcome back warzone! Hope all goes well, at least you are in very safe hands.

ontheedge what a cheeky dh! Sounds like you may be in the lead to have the next baby wink we should start taking bets!

vino good idea with what would I like to be doing in 6 years time! tough one for me... I suppose moved and well settled into house with garden, almost 40 and almost fabulous but most of all just with a healthy happy family (soppy I know)!

tashaw28 Fri 06-Jul-12 22:30:21

Wow 6 years ago DD1 was 18 months old and am now on DC3!
Back aching tonight as have sat thru a slightly boring school concert for an hour, then took kids to the circus and sat for 2 hours on uncomfy chairs! They loved it though, tigers, horses, camels etc old fashioned fun! grin

Hello all <waves> nice to see you on thread six! How exciting! Babies will be born in this thread.

Ham, odd you were in Linlithgow today. That's where my parents live and where I was last night for my Lazy Daisy class! Hope you had fun at Blackness Castle.

Acid is still an issue with me too and I'm feeling a bit sick tonight. Had a good day in Edinburgh with Mum getting few more bits and bobs including some lovely things in White Company sale (most to put away) but am so pleased with them. Bought all the furniture etc yesterday at IKEA and it's being delivered on Tues. Can't wait!

Sooo, six years ago, I was working in a central Government department in London and having a ball. Lots of hard work but all worthwhile. I was a single girl and it wouldn't be for another few years before I met DH and then it was a whirlwind!

Sorry about the cake (not!) grin. Off to bed and a lie in with DH who is finally now on holiday! x

woopsidaisy Sat 07-Jul-12 07:22:32

Hi all. Six years ago I was still working as staff nurse. Was expecting DS2. We all had a horrible summer, as in august my DB was diagnosed with cancer. He is all clear at the minute, and I gave up nursing for the time being.
Just 32 days until due date! Just can't wait, and getting increasingly nervous about the birth....have had lovely births for previous Dc just hope this is the same.

frillylemons Sat 07-Jul-12 09:03:21

Oh goodness blush I am so behind <hangs head in shame> blush Sorry chaps.

It's been a rough couple of days this end; been finding being pregnant really challenging (to say the least!). Everything hurts and I'm still sleeping badly, so often v emotional at the end of the day. Students are still ruuuude, but fortunately DH is being wonderful. We had that to-do last Sunday and I just told him that if I get like that again (sobbing and snotting uncontrollably), then he should just hold me! Cheesy but it works!! Anyway, we did the weekly shop after work yesterday, got it home and there was washing up AND dinner to cook AND the shopping had to be put away. I went into the garden and started sobbing and then he came and held me (!) washed up, helped with the shopping (he never does those things!) and magically, I was fine grin Good husband!!

I'm ashamed to say I've not been able to keep up with the threads...have I missed anything? Anymore swollen bits? Babies born? minipop home? X

fairtradelu Sat 07-Jul-12 09:16:16

Ooh, woopsiedaisy, would you mind sharing your positive birth stories? As a first-timer I think it would really help to hear about some positive experiences, rather than having only horror stories and hollywood-style births in my head!

Frilly, you haven't missed any new arrivals. Minipop is possibly coming home this weekend though. I'm eagerly awaiting the "Minipop at home photo on FB"!

We've got a nice chilled weekend planned with Sunday wholly devoted to watching Murray and eating. Go Andy go!!!

frillylemons Sat 07-Jul-12 09:16:22

6 years ago I was living in Yorkshire (moved in 2003 then back to Kent in 2007) as my parents bought a Gorge! I knew DH (since we were 4) but always swore I'd never marry him! I would've been working full time and had the hots for a colleague!!

frillylemons Sat 07-Jul-12 09:17:16

Thanks fairtrade!

Westcountrylovescheese Sat 07-Jul-12 09:48:33

Fairtrade, try the below website:


Nightfall1983 Sat 07-Jul-12 10:56:05

Well that sucks sad. Went for a 3D scan this morning, baby has decided to turn breech! Which meant she was trying for ages to get a good pic but couldn't and we are gong back next week. What really sucks though is after I'd been lying there for ten mins I suddenly started to feel a bit nauseous, then just a couple offs later really sick and dizzy and then almost immediately very dizzy as though I was going to feint. It passed very quickly once I stood up but still feel shaky. I'm home now sitting in the fresh air sipping water but still feeling really really sick sad. Not quite the Saturday morning I had envisaged!!

hamncheese Sat 07-Jul-12 11:22:20

Brilliant hearing what you were all up to 6 years ago grin

Sorry to hear you've got OC ontheedge and all the monitoring... nice to know you will have your LO soon though! Just out of interest re: your itchiness, can you describe it? Is it all the time? Where does it itch? Is it worse in certain locations? What are the other symptoms of OC? I recently was in for itching told my initial bloods said it wasn't but still really itchy a lot of the time plus been feeling sick. I'm sure they would have told me if the bile results came back untoward though confused

Haha susie I remember driving home at about 5months wrestling with my bra on the motorway (not advisable) due to such pain. Since I have discovered the miricle that is those sort of not for sports but like sport bra things, basically little tight vests that only cover your boobs... I don't think I could put a bra on even if paid a lot of money now ribs are just so tender.

Never made it to linlithgow miggins sad felt sick yesterday so will be visiting at another time. Kind of glad I didn't go though would have missed the tennis!

frilly I feel the exact same about pregnancy. After this I would never do it more than once more. And when I do I'm going to be really reluctant to go through it all again. Of course it will be worth it but I don't think anyone really cares to acknowledge or accept how debilitating it actually is. I can only imagine how much worse it is for those who have to work set hours etc.

Sorry to hear the scan didn't get a good pic and you felt sick nightfall. Seems lots of us are getting sick again... just what is needed when in all this discomfort ha! Hopefully your one next week will be good, just need baby to face the right way and it'll be brilliant smile

As for what I would like to be doing in 6 years time... I'd like to have sold the flat and have been in our proper family home for a good amount of years. I'd like to be Dr Hamncheese and preferably have a research/lecturing job in a university with a really good maternity deal allowing me to have had the second LO and be working rather flexibly... not asking too much I hope? wink

susiegrapevine Sat 07-Jul-12 13:44:00

Ham thanks for the bra tip but I am wearing maternity/nursing bras that have no underwire, however with 38ff boobs that are very saggy from breast feeding there is no way I could get away with wearing a supportive vest. Most of the time I just end up taking my bra off in the evening. Much to dh's delight as I can't be bothered to move so just sit there topless!

Wedding evening do for us tonight so am going for a nap in a month (when ds does) in order that I survive to a reasonable hour! And am of course default des! Still should be fun I may even try to dance!! That will be a sight!

Then toddler party tmw which is from 10.30 till 12.30! Glup why so early am soooooo not with it in the mornings! Unless I have to go to work lol!

Westcountrylovescheese Sat 07-Jul-12 13:53:23

Suzie, the idea of napping for a whole month sounds amazing, even if that's not what you meant. That would take me directly to my due date! grin

Just remembered the date today and realised EXACTLY what I was doing 7 years ago shock. Was working in a press office and the boss was away at a summit and had to come back very quickly in order to do a statement etc. Was all v scary and wierd at work as everyone was in shock (and we were a possible target) from the day before Olympic excitement and so to suddenly go from that to terrorists in less than 24 hours was horrendous. We only had a skeleton staff around as most were up north, so it was a real team effort. Sorry to rabbit on, just reminising on a very odd and stressful time.

BTW, some mums at school gave me a bizarre hospital bag tip...bring your own loo roll too!!! Hospital stuff is ok but nothing beats Andrex!

Whiteangel Sat 07-Jul-12 17:13:14

Six years ago I was just coming up to the end of my first year of teaching and was considering giving up! Had been with DH for a year and was thinking of buying my own flat until he gave in and told me to wait until he had sold his house (which he owned with his best friend) and he would move in with me. Only took another 18months! Six years on I am still thinking about giving up teaching and we have just moved into our second house together. In six years time I hope to have a job with less hours/stress, a lovely finished house and a happy, healthy (almost) six year old playing in our lovely garden.
Had a really tough day yesterday with a lot of driving from work to physio appointment and back again. Could hardly move. Used some of her tips, paracetamol before bed, extra bump pillows and a giant tubigrip around my bump and I am a new woman! Extra support is much comfier than I expected and is making moving around a lot easier. Can definitely recommend it! Sun off and on here today. Managed lunch in the garden. Starting to feel tired now, however, after being wide awake at 6:30 this morning. Cooking tea for my parents tonight to thank them for all of their help so better clear all of the tools out of the kitchen! Enjoy the rest of your day!

ontheedgeofwhatever Sat 07-Jul-12 17:32:41

hamncheese - Not sure what itching with OC is like for others but for me its like having awful chilblains on palms of hands and soles of feet which then spread up my legs and arms then appears in random other places. No rash just incredible burning itch. I don't have it all the time, it gets worst if I'm hot and improves under cold water.

We dp had a hideously expensive afternoon but we finally have a pram smile We got the oyster stroller with carry cot and car seat and at DD's insistence the purple colour pack. The sitting room floor covered in vast boxes waiting for me to have strength to put it all together. Also a baby bath and a changing mat. Except a breast pump for later on I think we now have everything we need for the baby except a changing bag - loads of clothes, bouncy chair rocking cradle, little baby gym and no money grin We don't have a cot but no rush for that.

Lots of the clothes are hand me downs and really need a wash as they've been stored for ages but given the rubbish summer we're having I've given up on idea of any idea of them fluttering in warm fresh air on the line and decided to send the whole lot to the launderette for a service wash a so will bag them all up tomorrow. At least they'll be clean and neatly folded.

Thanks to person who linked to that great bra site - going to order a couple of their biggest - a vest isn't going to do it for me I went up to a J cup when i was feeding DD shock

NeedlesCuties Sat 07-Jul-12 18:21:08

Ohhh, just noticed that some of you have said what you hope to be doing in 6 years time. Upthread I'd said where I was 6 years ago, but now for the future planning:- In 6 years time I will be 33 years old, hope to be getting back into work after staying home full-time until DS and (as yet unborn) DC2 start primary school. Currently I am a volunteer for Women's Aid, and would love a paid job with them 6 years into the future, pretty please!

quickchat Sat 07-Jul-12 20:50:55

miggins I was in George St, Edinburgh today too! >wave<.

I was in Laura Ashley getting wallpaper for DD's room. Had been in John Lewis getting loads for DS too. I seen a few PG woman, I wonder if we seen each other then did that thing, you know, when you stare at the other PG woman and wonder how far on she is and try to decide if you look fatter than her grin! or is that just me blush.

Had a nice day. DH watched DS & DD and I got the train into Edinburgh, had lunch and bought things for the kids rooms. Such a treat to have a WHOLE day to yourself when you have 2 very small children. Especially during summer hols! I was also happy it was cooler and raining today!

6 years ago was my last child free year. BC (before children) was soooo easy. I vaguely remember being all relaxed, free, size 8 and stress was something old silly people got!

Would I change it - not on your nelly. If I could get my hands on a time machine though I might visit it now and then for a holiday!

I fell PG with DS in the September, same month my mum remarried. Turned 30 and was married, had been 4/5 years and living in my 4th house with mad house renovating junkie DH and the cat, now deceased. We are set to move into our 9th - AND LAST - proper family house in 3 weeks time expecting our 3rd child.

In 6 years time my DS will be 11 shock, DD with be 8.5 and bump will obviously be 6. WE WILL BE IN THE SAME FECKING HOUSE and started doing some holidays abroad and having loads of fun with my gang. I will be 41 and getting regular botox and back to a size 8......oh better go, DH just arrived with my kebab!

ImissMiniPop Sat 07-Jul-12 21:04:38

Oh Blimey, part 6! SO much to catch up on. I am going solo at the hospital today and tonight in prep for Minipop coming home next week,

it is hard work, got to feed on demand and as he's still on bottles and not yet breast, I have got to feed and then express!

Gonna be a long night, plenty of time to catch up on all the posts grin

needles women's aid do such good work! Well done for your efforts, hope you get a paid post there when you're ready... and I'm going to be 33 next week blush!!!

nightfall hopefully baby will turn as there's still some time to go, I remember someone-else saying upthread their baby had turned breech too but can't remember who hmm

frilly where in kent are you? I grew up there and loved it, moved to London when I started working tho... also did your sis have her baby?

The3Bears Sat 07-Jul-12 22:48:00

ham forgot to say on other thread, yes my itching went when I wasnt pregnant blush

How annoying nightfall hopefully you'll be able to get a better view next week. Yes i've been feeling sick again was hoping I had got away with it but past couple of days have been horrible sad

ishop It was me whose baby is now breech, got a helpful email from pampers this morning saying "35 weeks your baby should be in the right position for birth now only 3-4% are breech" very reassuring he's been moving about alot today aswell but the right hand side of my ribs are still sore so I think he's still breech sad

Going to go to sleep now as swimming with ds in the morning and soooo tired but cant fall asleep confused Hope everyone has a nice night

frillylemons Sat 07-Jul-12 22:58:16

Ishop, I live in Folkestone. DSis still pregnant! Poor thing! She's due to be induced on Weds if still no show. She is 41+2 now! Think she's had enough sad

hamncheese Sun 08-Jul-12 09:13:45

I feel like I've had enough at 35+1, never mind 41+2 poor frilly Dsis !

Feeling also a bit better that others feel sick too. I feel sick everytime I eat now sad

Has anyone else around 35 weeks suddenly found sleeping horrible? My bump aches all night long now, if I'm on my back it's so heavy and on my side it pulls my skin and makes me feel like I'm weighted to the ground. Plus now getting these weird leg aches feels like right in my bones on my right side so I'm basically restricted to my left side and it gets so uncomfy. I feel like I'm flopping about every 10 minutes and waking up more sore than I went to bed sad really hope it is just another growing stage and not like this til the end now.

Plus standing up is too sore now as the bump is so heavy and it feels as though the baby is bursting through my skin.

moan moan. oh well going to try and pick up our pram today.

Picking up the pram is exciting hamgrin. Sorry about the sleep - mine's been off for ages now so am used to surviving on 4-5 hours of broken sleep. Bump / back and hips ache too so I have to haul myself up (usually using sleeping DH) and turn over every 1.5 hours or so at night. Are you using a pillow under bump to sleep? That helps a little bit for me.

3bears Oh no! What will the hospital do? Are they calling you in for a check up / scan to confirm position at all before labour starts naturally?

Frilly - your poor dsis! At least she knows the end is in sight though! I was living in a village between Sevenoaks / Maidstone. Might be heading over later as dsis 21st today but horrible mother doing all she can to sabotage our plans ... oh well such is life!

A rainy day here and have a cold plus stress inducing mother so feeling very bleurgh today. Hope you all have a lovely one tho!

The3Bears Sun 08-Jul-12 10:21:09

How exciting getting the pram ham I think were all finding sleeping abit uncomfortable now, I keep waking up having to find another position to get comfy in which takes ages. Oh well only 34 days to go, same for you ham were due on the same day grin

Your poor dsis frilly I hated going overdue.

ishop I see my midwife on the 18th and if he's still in the same position I have to go and have a scan and sort out what happens next, didnt really say much last time about what happens if he doesnt move. Trying everything to get him head down now my floors have never been so clean from cleaning them on my hands and knees grin

Hope everyone has a nice relaxing sunday, just taking ds swimming now then food shopping and hopefully the rest of the day will be lovely and relaxing and my fave salmon for tea yum smile

Nightfall1983 Sun 08-Jul-12 10:21:12

3bears Nice to know I'm not alone in the breech baby club - fingers crossed yours moves soon. Mine's been head-down at every check up till now, typical! I'm going to be spending a lot of time on all fours this week to try to get him/her to move and I might try the bag of frozen peas on top of bump method. It doesn't help that I have no idea if baby's already moved, I think becuase of my anterior placenta all the movements have always been really gentle, no way of identifying whats going on. I did get some really sharp (painful) blows to the bladder yesterday, but really that could have been either from hands or feet and I've no way of knowing. Oh well, we'll see, babe is on the small side anyway so hopefully still has lots of room to move...

sc0ttishlass Sun 08-Jul-12 10:46:54

hi all - havent posted for ages but have been reading all the news - sounds like we are all at the 'frustrated' stage now with various aches and pains etc!

For me - the main things are pretty contstant heartburn...swollen clown feet.. and the new symptom from the past week - itchy feet - horrendously itchy - wake me up most nights! Also - I so feel for you guys who have had interrupted sleep for months - I guess I should think myself lucky that it has only started recently. I SO underestimated how hard pregnancy was in my previous life!

So family annoyances here (ISHOP - i think if you want to go to your sisters thing, go - be the bigger person and dont stoop to your mums level) smile Anything i go to do - my mum and my DSIL (who is a GP) - tell me I shouldnt be doing it - I should be staying close to home etc - i am theoretically 34 weeks tomorrow so still a while to go - but they are now making me feel guilty for doing anything - I wanted to go to Glams castle this weekend with DH (an hour and a half drive) and you would have thought I wanted to skydive!

ham - did you go and speak to your neighbour re the smoke? I think you should do it subtely when you see him in garden etc... i think it sounds like you live in a nice tenament in glasgow - i used to live in Cathcart, and if i had asked the neighbours that, i know they would have told me to get lost sad Also - re your sleeping on the left - the MW told me some time ago that you would naturally start sleeping on left as that is the only comfy position, but also as it is hte best position to be in - so sounds like you are at the stage where it is making you sleep on left as right thing ;)

miggins - what was your choc cake recipe? looked amazing.. was it nigella's?

frilly hope the students are ok smile

im off to chase the pram shop as seems our uppababy vista is delayed sad actually dont mind if that is delayed but really want the car seat! then going to watch Andy Murray smile

oh and how cute is this - my DH is american and given his american family arent going to be here they sent us a baby shower in a box - including a 'diaper cake' which was like a 3 tier weddding cake with lots of clothes adn bits and pieces around the side.. and a 'daddy diaper belt'... plus lots of hand made blankets etc - very cute and made me very excited ;)

happy sunday all - sorry for long post!

WelshLadyCDF Sun 08-Jul-12 11:23:33

scottish the diaper cake sounds fab do you have a photo?

Hello all,

Am typing this...from my bed again!! DH and I (and DDog) sitting in bed with books and tea chilling out. Tis v nice. Also with you all on sleeping or lack of. Can't get comfy, bump hurts, back aches, feet get hot and swelling not going away at all now, so look vile. Meh.

Almost sunny here and plan to do nowt again today except some more laundry and watch the tennis at 2.

Good luck today Imiss at the hospital...hope it all goes really well for you. Let us know how you get on.

Ham, I also feel sick a lot after eating, esp at night. That or acid. Tis a joy.

Sc0ttish, it's a Mary Berry cake recipe, as I often find Nigella's aren't accurate/don't work as well. MB is failsafe and her things always turn out perfectly. I'll put up the recipe later on for you as it really is nice (but not slimming, be warned!).

I think we should have a Scottish meet up sometime...or is that creepy?! Dunno, just be nice to meet you and your babies.

Off for bacon sarnie and to put on wash. Cheery bye for now (and cheering on for Andy)! x

Loupee Sun 08-Jul-12 11:52:42

Hey all,
New thread, how exciting smile hope to see more babies on this thread!
Been catching up on how everyone I'd doing. I'll join the uncomfortable club please, between that and going to the toilet constantly, I'm looking forward to baby coming out.
I'm getting the buggy delivered tomorrow after all, was getting stressed about nothing as usual! We've gone for the Uppababy Vista in black, ordered it in the start of May. Hope those who are waiting to pick them up or get them delivered get them soon!
My wee sister is staying with me tomorrow to set it all up, learn how to use it and figure out the car seat etc. hope it's fairly straightforward.
mrsmiggins I think a Scottish meet up would be lovely, there does seem to be quite a few of us on here.
Hope Andy does well today, I'm off out soon, won't be able to watch.

therumoursaretrue Sun 08-Jul-12 12:06:45

I'm back to update, I kind of fell off the thread for a while as so much was going on. June was pretty much a horrendous month and I really struggled with everything but looking forward now and hoping for a bit if good luck smile

After DPs mum passing away and having the clot diagnosed in the same week I was absolutely in bits. It still doesn't feel real that she is gone and I was trying to get my head round too many things at once.

The clot means I will be induced around 38 weeks, so I might get a date this week when I see the specialist. I have struggled with this idea as I really felt like all choice was being taken out of my hands and if I have a section it will most likely be under general anaesthetic which terrifies me but slowly working through it.

Anyway I then went on to crash my car and spend hours being monitored as baby went a bit quiet afterwards. All looks well now but I was terrified and so shook up.

On top of all that I had an exam to take which had to be cancelled twice because of all the goings on, in the end my tutor cancelled it completely and let me do an alternative assessment!

Anyway I am back now and keeping positive that July and August will be much smoother grin

Hope you are all well and we see some lovely new babies soon! Did minipop get home!?

Vinolover Sun 08-Jul-12 12:29:20

I'd like to join the seriously uncomfortable, fed up and lack of sleep club too please! It just seems to be getting worse and worse. I feel exhausted during the day but by the time im in bed I just can't fall asleep. When I do I'm up about five times in the night having a wee and just recently the heartburn has been horrendous, day and night. It's not for much longer though smile And these babies are going to be so worth it!

I'm off to pack my hospital bag this afternoon after buying the final bits and pieces smile I can't wait to get all his little clothes out (again) and choose what to take for him. I think I may then chill on the sofa and watch the tennis and have a snooze smile Perfect.

Rumours you really have been through the mill havent you sad Have some thanks Surely things can only get better from now on and very soon your baby will be here and all will be better. It sounds like you could be our next one!? smile

I hope you had a good night with minipop poppy smile How exciting to be bringing him home.

sc0ttishlass Sun 08-Jul-12 13:28:25

welsh - ill try and post a pic later!

Miggins - sounds like much the same day as me here - now doing nothing at all (although just been to M&S to stock up on nice foods for the rest of the day whilst watching Andy!) - i have a new mary B. book (with pink cover?) that i recently got as a housewarming - i will see what is in there! Also, im with loupee too - think a scottish get together is a great idea! would love to smile

loupee i phoned my pram shop today re the uppababy and they just said awaiting a delivery.. Ill call them later in the week again! so exciting that you are getting yours tomo!

Rumours - poor you - you have been through a tough time but like you say, hope July and Aug. are great months for you and us all smile

oh for those with the hideous heartburn - i may be wrong but i think when the baby drops, we are less likely to get that and breathlessness etc, i cant wait! have just bought 2 more boxes of gaviscon!

finally - advice required! so i am going to a friends birthdya afternoon tea next weekend (miggins - i will aim to make your choc. cake - because i like baking and all things cake stand etc, friend has asked me to make a nice cake for the centre piece of the table!) - anyway - that would have been great, but she has decided to make it a '50 shades of grey' tea party... i asked what i could wear in my whale like status and she said just wear a whip, a mask or handcuffs that i may have lying around!!) - dont have any to hand funnily enough! any thoughts on what i could get that is cheapish and not too ridicilous!!!

speak later all! COME ON ANDY!!!!!!!!!


Whiteangel Sun 08-Jul-12 14:02:13

Ugh, I feel rubbish today. Seem to only be able to sleep under the influence of paracetamol (GP's orders!). Everything hurts! Giant bandage helps when I'm up and about but can't get comfy to relax at all. Thought I had found a good position sat on bed with lots of pillows and a cat but when I stood up I had shooting pains down my leg so must be trapping something. Really torn about starting mat leave early. I'm 36 weeks now but if I can make it two more weeks then I can start leave from the day he arrives (due to school hols) and save the pennies up for a new bathroom. Equally I'm exhausted and totally disinterested. My class have now gone up to high school for the last two weeks of term so I'm going to be a spare part anyway and concerned what jobs I may be given to do. If I finish sooner will I just mope around at home and be fed up and poor?
Found out yesterday why we haven't seen any sign of next door neighbour and baby twins. She is still in hospital. Coming home this afternoon hopefully. She had some complications leading to a cesarean and then the boys needed help with feeding. She's been in for 11 days now. Bet she'll be glad to be home! Looking forward to having a cuddle when she is ready to share! Going to break in to the chocolate the kids at school bought for me and hope that cheers me up! Enjoy your day ladies.

Ach Rumours, sorry you've had such a torrid time. Things can only get better and am sending hugs and choccies.
Scottish, my Mary B book is her Baking Bible with a blue cover and strawberry sponge. Will put up recipe when back on laptop. Come on Andy!!

frillylemons Sun 08-Jul-12 15:38:34

They are still a pain but they go on Friday, thanks scottish.

ishop...why is your mum trying to sabotage your DSis birthday?!

Scottish....I have no suggestions!! What an odd theme blush

Mary Berry's "Death by Chocolate Cake" recipe for those who are interested whilst the match is suspended. I've not mucked about with it for once, so this is how MB suggests it's made:

For the cake:
275g plain flour
3 level tablespoons cocoa powder
1 1/2 level teaspoons bicarb of soda
1 1/2 level teaspoons baking powder
215g caster sugar
3 tablespoons golden syrup
3 large eggs, beaten
225ml sunflower oil
225ml milk

For the icing:
450g plain chocolate, broken into pieces
200g unsalted butter

To decorate:
I used chocolate curls from the supermarket that looked v nice as well as some glitter stuff I had at home.


1. Preheat oven to 160c/Fan 140c/gas mark3. Grease two 20cm tins and line with baking paper

2. Sift the flour, cocoa powder, bicarb, baking powder into a large bowl. Add sugar and mix well. Make a well in the centre and add golden syrup, beaten eggs, oil and milk. Beat well together using a wooden spoon. (It all comes together really easily and didn't need a mixer when I did it).

3. Bake in preheated oven for about 35mins or until top is well risen and springs back when pressed with a finger. Leave to cool in tins for a few minutes then turn out onto a wire rack. When cold, cut each cake into two.

4. To make the icing, melt the chocolate pieces slowly over a bowl of simmering water (don't let the bowl touch the water) until just melted. Take off the heat and add the butter, allowing it to melt slowly together. Allow to cool for a bit and firm up. I found that it worked better when it wasn't as runny, especially when icing the top, as I'd left the icing for about an hour.

5. Sandwich the four sections together with the icing then ice the top. Decorate as desired. This feeds at least 8 hungry people and will keep in a cool (but not fridge) place for several days. Enjoy! x

geekette Sun 08-Jul-12 17:25:23

<Flies flag for those still feeling on top of the world>

I know the down days will be here any day now so enjoying every minute when "I don't feel pregnant" i.e I have loads of kicks, which means, I don't have to worry; I only get up a few times at night to pee, mostly once; I am capable of eating three huge meals a day and steal a cake in without heartburn; only pain is a slight pelvic pain which is most likely baby's head pressing on pelvis which makes me feel great because baby could be the right way round! My left leg swells up but for some reason, I just don't mind.

And one of my best buds has just told me she is 12weeks pregnant! I am a happy bunny grin

rumours it really has been a tough month. As you say, it is hopefully all over now.

sc0ttishlass Sun 08-Jul-12 18:43:01

thank you Miggins - will let you know how i get on with cake (ps - i am still in tears from Andy's interview - bless him. Great game in my opinion!) xx

hamncheese Sun 08-Jul-12 18:57:06

Yeah I'm using like three extra pillows ishop they help a bit but make the whole changing position thing a bit of a routine sad

Thanks bears 34 days sounds better than 5 weeks... please no overdue time though!!

Didn't speak to neighbour yet scottish not seen him. He seems a bit doddery though... still not sure I want to say... ahh don't know, see how I feel at the time, there has been smoking the last few days though which is good. The shower box with cake sounds great smile

I'm up for a scottish meet up post-baby miggins !

Sounds like a really crap time rumors good to hear things are on the way back up a bit though.

Got the pram today which was good. Took a bit of time to work out how to set it up etc. I got pissy about it as I have basically no patience now due to being in pain all the f-ing time.

Having a bad day again. Thinking I might be ill? I feel sick most of the day, especially after eating, even after drinking water/eating ice. (TMI warning) Everytime I go to the toilet I get horrible cramps like it's going to be diarrhoea and feel really hot and about to be sick, then I go and it's totally normal. Can you have a stomach bug without actual diarrhoea or vomiting? Plus I get a temperature for a while when I feel like that. Also the rib/back/everything pain is so sore I would take paracetamol for it if I didn't think it'd make me puke. Sorry to be totally dismal but it's been like this for 3 days now I really can't handle this til the end sad

hamncheese Sun 08-Jul-12 18:57:35

LESS smoking*

frillylemons Sun 08-Jul-12 20:07:13

Oh Ham sad you should try taking the paracetemol. you never know, it may really help. It brings down temperatures too. I do feel for you and particularly sympathise with the pain thing. I also know what you mean re changing positions in bed being a routine. I have to heff myself over and it hurts like heck! Can't do it without waking up! X

hamncheese Sun 08-Jul-12 20:18:54

Thanks frilly I took a paracetamol. Feel a bit better. Really really hoping it's a bug or something and will feel better soon. If I wasn't pregnant I'd swear I was slowly disintegrating from some awful disease for the last 9 months! x

frillylemons Sun 08-Jul-12 20:34:25

I know the feeling!!

geekette Sun 08-Jul-12 20:39:06

oh ham. so sorry. silent UTI perhaps? luckily you can go to the GP tomorrow... just hang in there for now. Glad the paracetamol seems to have helped... if you get really worried maybe you can call the midwives tonight, maybe they'll have a clue?

susiegrapevine Sun 08-Jul-12 22:18:03

Hey everyone. Am not feeling too bad myself. I rarely have to get up in the night to pee yipee! I only stay comfy cos i have the dream genii pillow which means even when i turn i still have a pillow the other side for support although turning does wake me its not normally for long. Havn't had the waking sickness for a while either. Only get achy and uncomfy when sitting really so am standing more which prob isn't that good.

Had a busy day today. Toddler party this morn and sunday dinner at my sis so at least no cooking for me yay.

Am totally panicking i have nothing ready for baby tho! AHHHHHH! Only sorted a few clothes! Still actually have everything from ds but still needs sorting!

sc0ttishlass Mon 09-Jul-12 08:39:37

morning all.. am on leave today from work - yipee!! Love a wee day off smile still have 3 weeks to go which sucks.

susie - i am with you on the dream geni pillow - it has been amazing and to think i was reluctant to part with the cash for it - it was some of the best money spent so far!

ham - good luck with the smoking man! and hope the paracetamol helps your general feeling rubbishness.

so does anyone know when the baby actually moves right down - is that any time? and would you know it had happened? i had so many movements yesterday (and pretty mcuh braxton hicks all day!) and today almost was able to get out of bed without heaving myself up - wondering if that could mean bump has moved to position? and if so do i need to do anything about that!!! still 2 weeks till i see a MW!


hamncheese Mon 09-Jul-12 09:00:23

Actually you reminded me geekette that my urine did have protein in it when I was in getting monitored for OC. No-one has ever got back to me about that. If I find out I've had a UTI for weeks because the NHS is too uncoordinated to phone me I really feel a very red misty type situation ensuing at the MW on Wednesday. I'm still concerned about the OC as my feet are itchy and I feel sick. UGH all I do is moan now I'm annoying myself. Kept waking up feeling like about to be sick again last night. And I can't even call the MW in the meantime because they only are at the clinic wed thurs fri. Would have to call maternity assessment and spend another 4 hours on a monitor and then NOT GET TOLD ANY OF THE RESULTS OF BLOOD AND URINE TESTS. F-that.

I'm going to try and pretend I'm not pregnant just normally ill today and play about with putting the pram up and down. Sorry to be such a pain. Hope you all have a great day smile x

Westcountrylovescheese Mon 09-Jul-12 09:22:11

Ham, normally you don't get told results unless there is anything they want to talk to you about. The results should be on your GPs record so phone up your surgery and ask the reception. They should be able to tell you.

Scottish, I knew when LO one turned head down as it was like a gymnastic event happening for a couple of hours. If yours hadn't turned yet sounds like that is what happened. I was 1/5 engaged last time I saw the midwife and think this may have increased... Why? Because needed loo 6/7 times last night (bladder being squashed) and LO suddenly has more space to be giving me properly pulled back for kicks in the ribs!

Ham I'd check in with the GP / midwife? Sounds awful.

Scottish the thought of anyone a month away from a baby in a whip and mask makes me grin!

Scot & Frilly long story but mum tends to get annoyed anytime someone doesn't jump at her request. As I couldn't go to paintballing/laser type party (!) and meal on Sat (as MIL birthday on Sat) when I wanted to visit DSIS on Sun (her actual birthday) Mother decided that she would plan the WHOLE day with DSIS (mother is late to everything even DSIS final exam results etc and never really plans much at all.) so when I;d agreed with DSIS to go over before they headed out for the day Mother told DSIS to tell me to come between 9-10 am as they were leaving at 11am (too tricky when DD is 18mo and doesn't wake up til 8-9 on weekends and they live an hour away)... I did ask mother where they were heading to see if we could catch them there (ironically they were heading into London and have to drive past our house enroute!) just to see dsis for a bit and drop pressies off. But mother was cagey and just said teh day is planned.

Anyhoo - another day... so we'll see if the birthday dinner I planned at nice restaurant tonight for dsis gets cancelled as dsis told not to come.

Vinolover Mon 09-Jul-12 10:06:09

Good morning all smile

This is officially my last week of work! Roll on wednesday afternoon!!!

I'm not a happy bunny as I now have another awful dose of thrush! I couldn't get to sainsburys quick enough this morning to get some treatment and didn't even mind paying the £15 for it! The MW took a swab on thrusday funnily enough so I will no doubt get a call in a week or two telling me I have it wink
Oh the joys of being a woman!

Babies can engage at any time but I'm sure if it's your first then they tend to do it sooner than if you were on consecutive babies. My little guy is head down but free. I think I will up my bouncing on the birthing ball to get him firmly in place smile

Time to start part two of my fifty shades trilogy!

Lovemarmite Mon 09-Jul-12 11:03:33

Hope it clears soon vino! The glamours of pregnancy just gets better and better everyday!
Ham can you talk to your GP? sounds as though you may need some reassurance or at least someone else to take up your case? I called my GP about iron supps etc and got a good chat with him over the phone about things, from my test results that I had before pg and those during which helped me loads.

ishop hope your family are not winding you up! I had our family get together on Saturday and it went okay, but my mum went very quiet and sulked and then left early. Not sure why, but leaving it well alone however, I'm not sure when to call again as she seems frostier than ever. My mantra 'not my problem'... just sad that it's like the way it is!

LO is head down I think, however I sometimes feel her feet or big prods on my right side still and so I am guessing she is still moving around in there as I still get some seismic movements at times. 35+2 today.

Also every time I drink tea (only one cup a day) I notice she gets hiccups, does anyone else notice a pattern and hiccups?
I didn't drink any tea for first three months and then just had one cup, or very occasionally two, from week 15 onwards and now I'm thinking that maybe she's not enjoying the caffeine and I should give my one cup of bliss up! hmm

Hello all from a cold rainy Borders again. DH working all morning AGAIN even though it's the holidays now and I wanted to crack on with the sodding nursery. Not his fault as he was called in but still Grump. And he STILL has a bit of a cold from three weeks ago. How is this possible? Anyhoo...

Ham, really sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. Definitely ring up your GP/MW etc and demand to speak to them and explain how you feel. You shouldn't be feeling this sick etc all the time, so they need to check you out and confirm everything is ok. Grump on your behalf.

Vino, sorry to hear too about the thrush. Bloody miserable. Sure it'll clear up soon, but not nice at all.

On the plus side, my blackout Gro Blind thing arrived today, so really think I'm pretty much done with buying stuff now. I shudder to think how much it must have all cost over the past few months (that's just my spending, not Mum who has been amazingly generous with stuff too, as well as DSis who has given so many lovely clothes). Amusingly, haven't heard back from DMIL about the nursery curtains (if you recall that lovely saga). I think she's given up and can't do it after all, so has sent them off to a lady who can...! Will report back!

Re hiccups, LO gets them about once a day, sometimes twice, often late at night. They make me smile, bless him. Need to start my RLT as keep forgetting to drink it. Apparently, it's also good after birth as can help shrink the uterus back as well as having antibacterial properties. Hurrah.

Off to do some more tedious bits and bobs in prep for going away on Wed morning. Have a nice day all and chins up. Not too long now till we meet our babies. I can't wait! xx

frillylemons Mon 09-Jul-12 15:51:01

Poor Vino sad

I ate too much lunch and now I feel hideously sick sad

That's all.

ontheedgeofwhatever Mon 09-Jul-12 16:10:23

Having a sudden major panic. I am going into hospital in 16 days time to be induced. OMG I'm going to actually have a real live baby and its going to need everything from me I really can't believe it.

Panicing about induction too. Last time needed drip and they were talking about a c sec but got away with it now getting nightmares that they do a c sec whether I want one or not because baby in trouble but no one explains anything.

OMG I'm actually having a baby.

Just put the pram together at least that wasn't too hard (if anyone else has the oyster stroller the hoods in the colour pack not the big box don't phone the shop demanding to know where your hood is as I did this morining blush)

I'M HAVING A BABY. Ummm how can I not have this minor fact in before now?

ontheedgeofwhatever Mon 09-Jul-12 16:17:56

Oh Ham I agree get yourself checked at the hospital. Call their triage and explain all your symptoms they really should check you over and possibly do some blood tests if for not other reason that to put your mind at rest

I was at hospital for my weekly monitoring this morning - baby refused to move for first 20 minutes but soon started up after a glass or two of ice cold water. Everything seemed to be fine thankfully

hamncheese Mon 09-Jul-12 16:36:20

frilly sad

I'm going to call them tomorrow. Still feeling ill and itchy today. Have the last of our NCT classes tonight though so unless I feel more unwell I am going to wait til then incase it is just stomach upset. Baby is moving about as ever so not worried about that.

ontheedge they can't do a c section on you without your consent, you need to sign a consent form too. Our NCT woman gave advice that if things seem to be getting taken out of your control at all and they advise something you are not keen on just ask "is there time for us to discuss this?" and if there is you will know it's not an emergency and you can ask what the options are, and consider what happens if you don't do it or just wait and see. You won't have a section without your consent, I assume unless it was a dire emergency and you literally couldn't say yes/no. Also make sure your birth partner knows exactly what you want/don't want in case you aren't in a position to vocalise your wishes smile

WelshLadyCDF Mon 09-Jul-12 16:49:29

ontheedge ditto what Ham said, our NCT lady also suggested that before the birth we brief our support network (partners / parents whoever are in the room with you) what your wishes are.

ps we're ALL having babies so we're here to support each other, we CAN do this.

Westcountrylovescheese Mon 09-Jul-12 17:16:36

Ontheedge, oh my god I'm having a baby too! I know what you mean, keep having mini panics about the whole thing!

I have the oyster too, no colour pack yet as the colour I want (claret) isn't available yet. We've borrowed a cot attachment so figure there are a few months to wait till it comes in.

Saw midwife today and baby is now 3/5ths engaged. Eek!

35+6 today, one week till officially full term.

frillylemons Mon 09-Jul-12 17:43:05

I HAVE THE OYSTER TOOOOOO! Well, I will do when it's delivered in August!

ontheedgeofwhatever Mon 09-Jul-12 17:55:01

Sorry not sure what came over me earlier - I know we're all having babies, I just suddenly found all my worries flooding to my finger tips and thus to the keyboard. The nightmares are so real - last night I woke up convinced the anesthetist couldn't turn up and they just shoved me on operating table, opened me up and hauled baby out regardless of my reaction (I am fairly certain this WILL NOT happen and it was just a very rubbish night mare)

Are you really having to wait so long for prams ?- we just walked into shop on Saturday afternoon and got one over the counter colour pack and all -we got grape. Only thing they didn't have was a colour pack for the carry cot but loads of those on ebay so will order one under directions from DD who we're allowing to choose the little things like colour

frillylemons Mon 09-Jul-12 17:57:57

Oh that's a horrid dream ontheedge. We ordered ours back in Feb, but decided to wait to have it delivered as it gave us more time to save up smile

ontheedgeofwhatever Mon 09-Jul-12 18:15:11

They are pricey aren't they. We started saving in January which I suppose is the other way of doing it.

panpipe Mon 09-Jul-12 19:53:24

Blimey Part 6! Where have I been?!

Had MW appt/homebirth assessment yesterday. Still low risk so good to go for homebirth. Baby is apparently still head down and just starting to engage, which put my mind at rest a bit as I've been convinced it's breech. Apparently the huge bit wedged into my ribs are its legs and feet, which must be the biggest baby feet ever judging by what I can feel! Measuring 2cm less than my dates so I'm getting prepared for either a tiny or a late baby!

I'm also very much in the Fed Up Club now. I haven't been able to find a comfortable position that's good for baby positioning and doesn't hurt either my back, bump or both. Poor DH doesn't have any room in bed any more either as I've built myself a nest with about 5 pillows!

It's my first day of mat leave today which feels weird but very welcome! I had a wander round town and fixed DH's shirt, and got a trip to Tesco planned for tomorrow. Oh the glamour!

sc0ttishlass Mon 09-Jul-12 20:17:32

hi all, so sounds like you seem to know when bambino is engaged? i havent seen my MW for 2 weeks and still have a week and a half to wait - pretty rubbish at this stageI think! my generous 3 Ante Natal classes dont start until 2 weeks either - even though im 34 weeks. apparently due to resource/staff issues etc. nice!

v exciting that everyone getting their prams sorted!

panpie - jealous of the mat leave starting - i have 3 weeks to go although was on leave today which was lovely - we bought an IPAD this morning as DH thought it woudl be good for me when spending ages feeding on the couch etc! then i slept all afternoon. my mum popped around and we were discussing names - not a good situ as she has opinions on all that we like.. we still dont have a potential girl - am thinking Finn Alexander if a boy.. any girl suggestions - send on through - need inspiration!

was just reading some stuff about what cheeses not to eat as i had about a block of 'chaumes' and we are not allowed it - do you think unless i feel ill, all ok???

oh and I shop - i know - the 50 shades of grey thing is freaking me out - apparently at the start of the book the girl is in jeans and converse so my other friend going said i could just do that look!

last thing - has anyone else set up a group on their phone for their husband to text the good news? i did that yesterday and showed husband where its at - (my hosp has no phone recetpion so he can go outside and do the honours)..


Whiteangel Mon 09-Jul-12 20:38:09

I need some opinions ladies. I'm 36w +4 now and was supposed to be working until we break up on 20th July but I'mthinking of calling it a day early. Moral is really low atst work and I've had a bit oa disagreement with management so things are a bit frosty. Considering telling them I want to finish on Friday. I know GP would give me a note if necessary as she offered last week when I saw her. That means I can't delay mat leave until Boris arrives however and I'd have to go back a few weeks earlier or have some time unpaid which I'm not sure we could afford. I'm not sleeping well, achy from head to foot but it is mainly the stress/anxiety which is getting to me. Do I hang in there for the money and the time or give in and chill out for a bit before he arrives?

sc0ttishlass Mon 09-Jul-12 20:42:57

whiteangel - i am similar ish in that i am working till end july (and could easily give up now - ie - on day off today i sletp from 1-5) - i know i am not giving my all at work.. however, i am thinking of the money/time off at the end when bump here.
its only 2 weeks you have to go - or 9 days - however, if it is truly making you feel stressed = stop.
also - so many people have said to me much as you will love you children and DH - you never get this time back again, when you have no work and r on your own.
so i say - if it is stressing you and making you feel 'ill' - stop. its not worth it otherwise. but if you can bear it - keep going! (i think you have to go into work right - another thing i am doing is working from home lots which helps, and that helps with a lot of the effort of commute/getting ready etc)...
hope you work it out...(money isnt everything) ;)

susiegrapevine Mon 09-Jul-12 20:49:37

ham hope you are feeling better soon.

After my yay of yesterday I woke up feeling sick this morn due to where baby is and have been uncomfortable alllll day. To top it off the traffic was really bad this morn and this eve on my way/home from work so more uncomfyness. Horrid. Felt soo painful at points. You must be right in that now baby has gone down he can proper stretch out and hook his feet in my ribs.

vino I know the thrush pain as soon as I feel the slightest itch now I put the cream on. Seems to work! As I got a big tube last time I went.

Anyway sorry to moan only tmw and next monday at work yay! Finish just in time as next tues the olympic torch come and not to be a humbug but its going along one of the most congested roads (there is no real alternative route to go) at rush hour yes they are actually shutting the road at 5pm!! So glad am not at work that day. Was planning to catch the train till I realised yay I'm not actually at work!! Good timing!

susiegrapevine Mon 09-Jul-12 20:53:25

whiteangel stop now and give yourself a break before the bundle comes. Trust me you need all the sleep you can get now!! Wish I could rest but 2yr olds don't let you!!

Whiteangel Mon 09-Jul-12 22:00:41

Thanks for comments so far. Think I'm going to tell them I want to finish on Friday. I'll be 37+1 then so full term and it gives me 4 more days to finish things off. Wish I could work from home but don't think that is really an option! Yey to no more work until April!

therumoursaretrue Mon 09-Jul-12 22:45:37

Thanks ladies, kind thoughts, flowers, chocolate and hugs all gratefully received! smile I was starting to think nothing would ever go right again!

Vino have you got many clothes? I packed a hospital bag with the very main essentials, as things have been so rocky I wanted to get it sorted early but wasn't sure what clothes to pack for baby.

ontheedge woohooo exciting! Yours may well be the next bebe on the thread [grin!]

love hope your mum snaps out of it? Weekend dramas aside had a lovely time this eve taking sis out. Having said that if I don't call / text my mum doesn't bother (she hasn't been actively in touch for a week and a half) all going to be v awkward when I do see her...

white I'd take the rest while you can...

Tried again and bought nighties with buttons for hospital. Picked up baby bath, Moses stand etc from in laws... We're off the starting blocks!

Oddly haven't had any dreams about the baby?! With pg1 had q a few baby dreams, now don't seem to sleep long enoughto dream?!

ImissMiniPop Tue 10-Jul-12 04:08:41

MiniPop is home but we're having trouble settling him in. So far he's fed at 3pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm and midnight and he's not settling into his bassinet. He sleeps fine on me, but as soon as he goes down on his back all hell breaks loose.

He's really snuffly, and bunged up, but that's to be expected as our flat is way more dusty and horrible than the NeoNatal ward he's used too, and he's got really bad wind (and no poo for 3 days), so I think he feels more comfortable on his front, bunched up than on his back.

oh well, on the plus side earlier he breastfed for longer than he ever has

Gonna be a long night... grin

PictureThis Tue 10-Jul-12 05:33:20

Poppy if he's being totally breastfed then it's not unusual for babies to go a few dags without pooing. If he looks uncomfortable put him in a warm bath making sure his body is under the warm water and his feet are touching the end of the bath (will make him feel more secure). After his bath gently rub his tummy in a clockwise motion and this should help with wind. He could also be increasing your milk supply and the only way for him to do that is to feed more often. Insomnia has kicked in with a little bit of nausea for good measure hence being on here at just gone 5 in the morning!
I've been signed off work for the next 3 weeks because my pelvic pain is causing real problems. Baby is still breech and looking very comfortable....lucky him, but this means tortoises move faster than I do and I just couldn't cope with the physical demands at work. My sick note leads onto my annual leave which in turn leads onto my mat leave meaning I won't be back at work now until my mat leave ends at the end of March, well obviously I'll be back there to have LO but not back in a professional capacity.
DD keeps asking how many more Saturdays before the baby gets here, she cannot wait, none of us can. Irrationally I'm terrified of everything going wrong so this poor baby gets poked and prodded for a kick if he's been quiet for a period of time. Anybody else feel like this or have I become the total neurotic of the groupsmile?
DH got the pram down from the loft so I could air it before we need it. I washed the inner lining and the whole thing is totally pristine, in fact it looks brand new which I'm incredibly happy about as I had visions of having to scrub the carrycot. I washed the car seat covers and again it's come up really well and I think I'm going to put the isofix base which also came down from the loft, into the car ASAP, mainly so I don't lose any of the fixings between now and baby arriving, which would be so typical of me.

PictureThis Tue 10-Jul-12 05:34:14

I meant a few DAYS not dags! Bloody iPad!

hamncheese Tue 10-Jul-12 07:51:23

Sounds like you are doing really well poppy even if it is tough. Your wee boy is adorable <3

Just had some breakfast and now going to grab a shower before calling maternity assessment where I will probably be for a while today. Maybe can work out the mystery of the itching and sick pregnant woman today you never know...

Hope you all have a delightful Tuesday smile

therumoursaretrue Tue 10-Jul-12 08:28:31

Glad to hear you have him home poppy smile you sound like you are doing well.

I'm off to see my haematology consultant today to make a birth plan...terrified incase they give me a date today, it's getting so real!

Vinolover Tue 10-Jul-12 09:42:29

Well thankfully the thrush is easing now and I can actually sit down! I've told my DH that he's to slap the cream on too as I'm sure it's him that's reinfecting me! I'm hoping I know the tell tale signs now Susie but I thought I was just feeling sore from dtd blush.

Whiteangel I would definitely stop now if I were you. Now's the time to rest up and stay stress free, sod everyone else!

Hope you're feeling better today Frilly! It's seriously uncomfortable being heavily pregnant and over indulging.

Rumours I have packed 4 vests (too many probably) 3 sleepsuits and a coming home outfit. I also have a spare 0-3 mth sleepsuit in there incase he's a big baby. I'm going to pack another bag to keep at home for my DH to bring in if need be (I couldn't trust him to pick any clothes out himself wink).

I'm glad minipop is home Poppy smile It does take a while for babies to settle in but he will get there but if you are concerned about him then give the MW a call.

The3Bears Tue 10-Jul-12 09:57:32

So glad minipop is home poppy Im sure he'll settle down after a few days, agree with picture when breastfeeding at first I had to do it all the time to increase supply but it's so worth it if he's doing well already, just really tiring for you make sure you get some rest today smile

ham Hope it all goes well at the maternity assessment and you finally find out whats causing itching and sickness.

picture Yes ive had to prod poor baby abit if I havent felt a movement, I woke up this morning and usually feel something straight away but I didnt so I was changing positions and still didnt feel anything came down and had breakfast and felt hicups smile very relieved. I dont feel lots of movements during the day though but from about 8.30pm onwards I feel loads which is supposed to be fairly normal I think as through the day your walking etc so baby is rocked to sleep, anyone else's movements the same?

Sure my baby is still breech and i've been trying everything, feeling abit down about it now, still have a week to go though so will be continuing anything that helps and keeping fingers crossed he's obviously just too comfy though.

Hope everyone has a lovely day will pop back on at dinner time smile x

Lovemarmite Tue 10-Jul-12 10:01:57

Hope your appointment goes well today ham and you feel tons better soon!

Hope it goes well too for you rumours

Picturethis great to hear you're off now and I hope you can relax and get relief from pain.

Poppy hope your night was better than you feared and Minipop settles asap!

I had a freak out this morning at 1am as I turned in bed. I don't know what I did but as I turned over, my belly really really hurt, my puffy foot really went hot, achy and tingly, I felt so sick and I started to see stars as my bp seemed to waver too. Felt so odd and so got up and panicked thinking that I had somehow trapped my vena cava vein and lost all circulation etc - the things I panic about at 1 in the morning shock! I found a you tube video showing the best way to roll over in the third trimester and so I thought I'd share as I tried it afterwards and wow, its made a huge difference. I'd been finding the whole rolling over a bit uncomfortable and it's been getting worse and so was so glad to find this bit of wisdom YouTube link
Maybe you all knew this already and I'm just slow to catch on blush

Great news poppy! DD took a few days to get settled in when we brought her home and I was convinced she didn't like the moses basket (she also used to like using me as a dummy and I could never tell if she was hungry / comforting herself!)...

So midwife just phoned super panicked said my haemoglobin level is 8.6 or 8.7? Think that just means I need iron tablets (she said I MUST see GP today) just not sure why the drama as making me worried. Anyone-else got this sort of level of iron?

The3Bears Tue 10-Jul-12 10:09:30

ishop my haemoglobin level was 136gl so I would get to gp's quick as that must be really low

panpipe Tue 10-Jul-12 10:13:06

Morning all!

picture I've been doing the same too; poor bump gets a prodding if I haven't felt anything for a while. I know it doesn't like it as when MW did it to check position its heartbeat shot right up for a minute before going back to normal. Apparently as we're getting later on in pregnancy it's usual to feel less since baby doesn't have so much space to move around any more. Doesn't stop me getting paranoid though!

So glad you've got Minipop home poppy and I'm sure it's just a case of him taking some time to settle in to his new environment.

3bears have you looked at the 'Spinning Babies' website? It's an American one but is full of weird and wonderful exercises to help turn breech/back to back babies.

Thanks 3bears - been on the school of Google (never a good idea!) and I think the worry is that the level is quite low and with the c/s I will lose more blood than the vbac (although lost a lot of blood after dd's vbac). Booked in with GP emergency appointment at lunch so will get some tablets hopefully as only have 17 days to get levels up, very worried now...

Lovemarmite Tue 10-Jul-12 10:40:29

ishop I was told by my mw that the lowest acceptable level before iron supps are not given is 11 and so your reading seems low. I think it takes a while for the level to raise on supps but your GP will be on your case and so I hope they can raise it quicker for you ... 17 days to go... wow wee, I can't believe our group is so close now smile

frillylemons Tue 10-Jul-12 11:25:00

Woooop to MiniPop being home, so pleased for your Poppy. Also (I hope this doesn't sound patronising), but I am SO PROUD of you for sticking with the breastfeeding. It could've been so easy to give up, but all power to you for keeping on going with the hand expressing and all. You truly are an inspiration!

Feeling much better today thanks, Vino, although I dropped my iPhone in my coco pops...oopsie. It seems to be ok though confused

Well, my poor DSis is still the size of a house! She will be induced on Thurs if tomorrow's sweep doesn't work. I have from 11am off so will be spending the afternoon with her walking and trying to encourage her LO out!! Poor thing, she is so fed up!

Oh, and Whiteangel, please leave work this Friday. You need to rest smile

alisonmcg Tue 10-Jul-12 11:49:42

Hi everybody!

poppy so glad that minipop is home safe and sound! It must be a major adjustment for you but I'm sure you'll be doing great grin

whiteangel I would definitely leave now if I were you! I still have another 2 and a half weeks to go at work and I'll be 36ish weeks by the time I finish, don't think I could go on much longer than that! Going to have a really hectic last couple of weeks getting everything in order before I go so will be exhausted by then and ready for my leave to start! The first three weeks I'm off will be annual leave then my actual mat leave starts a week before my due date.

I have a midwife appointment this afternoon so really looking forward to hearing my wee one's heartbeat again! Technically this is my 32 week appointment but the clinic was fully booked last week so I'm actually 33+3 now but ah well! Will be interested to see if the mw can tell which what the baby is lying as I have absolutely no clue! I often hear people saying that they can tell when they feel a specific body part such as a foot or an elbow etc but I have never been able to figure it out, I just feel movements and lumps and bumps, can't make out what it is I'm actually feeling! Am I the only one who can't tell the difference between the head and the bum etc at this stage?? xx

Hello all,

Good luck today for all those with appointments. Hope they go ok and they cansort out out Ishop.

Alison, I can't tell either which bit is which, esp as I have an anterior placenta, so doubly difficult.

Not much to say today except woke up very early both v snuffly and waiting for my phonecall from IKEA at 0700 about the nursery furniture. Which was all delivered at 0930 which is great. Excited now to get it set up next week when back. Feeling tired now after stupid early start so may have a nap after lunch when we're bac from taking DDog to kennels. Also getting pre wedding pedicure this afternoon, so can relax a bit later on before packing.

Baby moving around a lot at the mo, so making sleep tricky at times. But I love feeling him though.

Agree with Frilly that you're doing amazingly well with everything Imiss. Am sure he'll settle down just fine given a day or so and will know that he's home safely now.

Off for coffee to wake up a bit as now really sleepy annoyingly. x

PS, 'scuse typing, brain really not working.

The3Bears Tue 10-Jul-12 12:27:30

Thanks panpipe had a quick look at the website and will try some of the exercises there later smile

ishop Hope your appt goes well then at least you'll have it sorted, im guessing there should be a decimal point in my haemoglobin level, but thats how midwifes put it in my notes confused have no idea. 17 days shock not long at all now!

aww your poor dsis frilly im sure shes tried all the usual things pineapple, spicy curry etc? I went into labour 3 days overdue after having a spoonful of vindaloo grin was horrible (not a huge fan of spicy food) but obviously worked.

Hope your appt goes well alison I cannot tell difference either I thought my babys head was his bum blush

Hope you have a nice afternoon whitehall and manage to rest smile

Just going to have lunch and I am slightly addicted to salt and vinegar crisps atm blush going to have a pack after my sandwich grin Hope everyone else is well

fairtradelu Tue 10-Jul-12 13:30:36

Hurray for minipop being home at last! I'm so happy for you Poppy. I hope he gets used to his new surroundings soon and you manage to get some sleep.

Thanks for the link to the vid Marmite, I totally hadn't worked that out, although last night I found that if I hug my theraline pillow so the fat bit is closest to me (ie it curves away rather than towards the body) and keep hugging it with my arms and legs, turning is somehow better. Before I'd been getting pain in the groin area every time and it was really uncomfortable.

I have had a horrible couple of nights and am starting to feel like I'll never sleep properly again. I only have to get up once for the loo but all positions just seem so uncomfortable now and even when I am comfy, my brain just doesn't shut down, and when it finally has, LO will start doing a merry dance. Have also been feeling sick since yesterday afternoon so am basically feeling like I felt between 6 and 16 weeks (ie like utter crap) plus I now have a bowling ball attached to my front.

I know insomnia is common at this stage, but is nausea?

hamncheese Tue 10-Jul-12 15:46:02

Just spent 6 hours at maternity assessment, 5 of them just lying reading, and still not got all results due to a hold up at the lab. Iron levels were fine, liver function ok, but no bile results back yet. Will be called. Still really really itchy. Argh! If it isn't the liver thing then they have no idea why sad stupid pregnancy issues.

I feel exactly the same fairtrade

Decided that I'm going to have to try and be more positive to get through these last 4 and a bit weeks... will try now...

YAY my feet are really fat, only fit in one pair of shoes which are no waterproof, and I have to walk into town this evening in the rain!!!

(Ok will properly try tomorrow grin )

frillylemons Tue 10-Jul-12 16:04:55

This baby is NAUGHTY!

It is lying by a nerve and occasionally I get a stupidly painful hurty bit at the top of my left (inside groiny bit) leg! Oooh, it's painful! I just said to people in the office "This baby is getting on my nerves...ha ha" and the little monkey turned and I had THE most excruciating pain and actually yelped like a hurt dog!!

Lovemarmite Tue 10-Jul-12 17:18:28

fairtrade I feel exactly the same. I've not had much sleep and I feel sooooo poo in the morning and my one cup of tea is the only thing that's making me get through the day. LO is then hiccuping after it and so I really wonder if my cuppa has to go too, but then I will be stuffed in how to feel a little more awake! hmm
I've got the theraline pillow too but finding it too bulky and I wrestle with it and so now it's a lifesaver on the sofa as it props me up nicely.
Sick too! yeap, really loving this stage! I've been eating very bland food and it's been helping I think.

Ham hope you get some clarity and the last 4 weeks can be smoother. Hope they're being lovely to you in the hospital!

Frilly oh yes, the nerve pinching and can't stand up for sometime but then just the last week, she seems to have shifted away. Now she feels just very heavy and my feet are getting flat from the weight. Oh dear, I am moaning again!

Just washed my hospital towel, picked up nipple pads, maternity pads and getting the bag ready now. Hope everyone enjoyed a bit of sunshine today!

Whiteangel Tue 10-Jul-12 19:02:27

Just had yummy spaghetti Bol in our nearly finished kitchen thanks to super dooper DH! Told my head teacher that I wanted to finish a week early and he was fine about it. His wife is now 4 days overdue so he knows what it's like. Feel better already! One of the managers who has repeatedly told me 'pregnancy is not an illness you know' and 'I climbed a mountain when I was six months pregnant' confessed today that she started her maternity leave two months early and that she didn't know how I'd managed to carry on this long! Wish she'd told me that a month ago!
Really glad mini pop is home. You are going to be an expert by the time we bring our babies home!
Hope the rest of you are feeling ok? I added two more pillows to my sleeping nest and slept better. Was good to already have pillows whichever way I turned rather than having to rearrange everything waking up DH! Enjoy your evenings and sweet dreams x

Nightfall1983 Tue 10-Jul-12 19:09:23

Poppy Congratulations! So pleased that you have your little boy home, must be such a relief! A lot of my friends with newborns have been complaining that they can't get the little ones to settle in their Moses baskets - must be a common complaint. I'm a little sad as I was hoping that our baby would stay in the moses basket in our room for as long as possible - I can move the cot to our room but would rather not!

ham Sorry to hear that you're having such a hard time of it, sucks that they can't tell you what it might be. At least you know babys ok though! Good idea on trying to be more positive - think I'll join you.

Good thinks at the moment:
I only have to get up once a night to pee and although I wake up 10 or more times a night I do go pretty much straight back to sleep after turning over (still knackered though).
I've had an almost heartburn-free pregnancy so far which I know makes me v. lucky, only 2 incidences of heartburn in the last 7.5 months.
My work have been great changing my job slightly to feature more sitting down which makes it possible for me to think about working till 40 weeks.
It's only 6 weeks and 4 days till my due date and hopefully only 12 days after that I will meet my beautiful baby, I can't wait and am so excited about being a mummy!!

missjemima Tue 10-Jul-12 19:41:03

My waters have broken! 3 weeks early just like DS1 Wish me luck ladies smile DH taking me to MLU now xxx


Nel1975 Tue 10-Jul-12 19:45:03

Good luck missjemima hope all goes well.

Westcountrylovescheese Tue 10-Jul-12 19:50:31

Good luck MissJemma we'll be thinking of you! grin

Nightfall1983 Tue 10-Jul-12 19:53:28

OMG! So exciting missjemima Good luck with your labour, can't wait to hear how it goes xx

therumoursaretrue Tue 10-Jul-12 20:28:14

Good luck missjemima grin hope all goes smoothly for you.

I am terrified of going earlier than my induction date as DP is out of the country working. I have had a wobble past few days and almost asked him to come home!

Lovemarmite Tue 10-Jul-12 20:46:03

Good luck missjemima! OMG, thinking of you!

eightieshopaholic Tue 10-Jul-12 21:06:32

Goodluck MissJemina!!!

Glad MiniPop home!! Your doing so well !! x

4 weeks and 4 days to go and counting, have last scan next Wed wishing it would hurry up will find out if still a big baby!!

Have not mentioned C section but how do I stand if next weeks he's like there expecting 8Ib as in theory will have another 3 weeks and if overdue another 1-2 weeks he will be huge!! don't fancy a natural birth if huge can I say next week I want a C section???

susiegrapevine Tue 10-Jul-12 21:17:22

missjemima good luck. assume 3 weeks early means you are just term so all should be fine with baby.

poppy so glad minipop is home dh and i took it it turns to have ds on our chest the 1st few nights home as they just want to be warm and hear your heartbeat don't worry most settle in there moses baskets soon enough. Plus he is probably feeding so often cos his tummy is sooo small as well as helping to up supply.

arrrg so uncomfy again at work today - start off ok in the morn and then just gets worse thoughout the day oh well only next monday left then yay to maternity leave!!! Not yay to having to look after my toddler full time tho as dh is going back to work full time while i am on maternity! aahhh oh well at least i'll be comfy!

The3Bears Tue 10-Jul-12 21:38:26

Good luck missjemina so exciting!!! Hope it all goes well x

nightfall I agree with the moses basket thing ds hated his and would never sleep in it, ds was very alert though and constantly wanted to be looking around etc and they cant in a moses basket and also they want to be constantly close to you, thats why this time we've gone staight to the cot next to our bed smile hopefully it will work out better.

Ham really feel for you, not long to go now though x

Well baby did some very odd movements earlier and now all his movements feel different than before and my ribs arent hurting so im keeping fingers crossed that he's moved! Really hope so anyway cant wait til my next appt to find out properly, 31 days to go now!!!

capecath Tue 10-Jul-12 21:42:52

ishop my iron is 11 which is not as low as yours but the midwife recommended Spatone supplements which seem to really be helping my energy levels and they work quickly too. Also have low glucose and low blood pressure which doesn't really help the tiredness issue...

Ah the joys of fat ankles. And flip flops!

Anyone else getting lots of acid reflux at night? Really been affecting my sleep and wake up frequently with horrible taste in mouth (plus numerous trips to the loo). So popped out and bought Gaviscon which helped so much last night, only got up once for the loo!

Ooo missjemima exciting!!! smile

poppy recommend trying swaddling baby in moses basket which can help them feel more secure in there and stopped there arms waving about (newborn reflex) and waking them up. Worked for DS1 anyway.

how exciting missjemima have they said they'll induce if no contractions within 24 hours? Either way not long to go!

ham hope all went well?

thx for all the advice on iron levels am now taking 2-3 tablets per day so my level should be up 100g a day or sth... seems the concern is as you lose more blood with a c/s but am sure all will be fine.

off to eat some ice cream ...

warzonemummy Tue 10-Jul-12 22:06:09

good luck missjemima let us know how you are doing and will be thinking of you.

ishop I was distraught when the hospital told me that my low iron may mean that I may not be able to give birth at the midwife led unit. I was just under 9. I am taking 400mg of iron daily now and within a week I was already almost 9.5, which is good enough for a midwife led unit birth - so basically what I want to say is that if you take enough iron pills and eat iron rich food you should be fine by due date. Do not stress out.

Today, I washed most of the baby cloths. Looking at everything I have bought I think I can easily dress at least two more babies for the first three months. I am also pleased that there is a balance of colours and not everything ended up being pink.

Come on baby, be on time or just a slight bit, maybe two weeks early!!!

quickchat Tue 10-Jul-12 23:31:24

poppy I didn't read any posts after yours so sorry if im repeating advice.. After having two babies with reflux (most babies born early have a degree of it) I discovered tummy sleeping was the way forward. I bought a monitor with a sensor pad attached. It flashed with every breath and if (it won't) he was to stop breathing after 20 seconds an alarm would sound.
It just gives you peace of mind in the night when he is on his tummy. You know you will be woken if anything was wrong therefor you'll sleep sounder with that in mind. Also, instead of checking the basket every two seconds to see he is breathing the little light on the monitor base is flashing in the dark.

Also, tip the head end of his basket up with a pile of books each leg. Even if you don't go with tummy sleeping it aids digestion and soothes a windy tummy.
Put him on his tummy in the tipped up basket and watch him to see how he is. Make sure he has the strength in his neck to move it from one side to the other first. My DD was 5 weeks before I was confident she had the strength. She was only 3 weeks early so it might be a few weeks still for minipop

I highly recommend the propping up the head end of baskets and cribs to all new mums. Imagine eating a sunday roast (full feed = full tummy) then being placed immediately on your back hmm add to that a very immature and sensitive digestion system. Cue reflux burn, wind and sore tummy.

I hope I haven't covered stuff you already heard/do but try anything to help - I remember it well.

The monitor is a Tommee Tippee Crystal Clear Suresound, roughly £100. Boots and Toys R Us used to sell it.

missjemima Wed 11-Jul-12 00:55:28

Little Felix born at 10.30pm... 3 hours after waters broke! 7lbs 6oz so, so happy grin

Thanks for all the good wishes xxxx

Nel1975 Wed 11-Jul-12 03:27:54

Congratulations missjemima , glad all is well. Can't believe how quick it was for you! Obviously little Felix doesn't like to hang around!! x

ImissMiniPop Wed 11-Jul-12 04:10:44

Yay! Another Aug thread baby to join Minipop grin congratulations! Xx

frillylemons Wed 11-Jul-12 05:14:04

Congrats MissJ! grin SO excited for you!!

The3Bears Wed 11-Jul-12 07:36:13

Congratulations missjemima 3 hours, really hope my labours only that long smile x

PictureThis Wed 11-Jul-12 07:39:52

Congratulations MissJ what fabulous news to wake up to. Well done you!

fairtradelu Wed 11-Jul-12 07:56:19

Wow missjemima, I can't believe how quick that went! Congratulations to you and your family and welcome to the world Felix!

missjemima Wed 11-Jul-12 08:01:57

Thanks everyone! Yes, it was super quick... I couldn't quite believe it smile little tear but nothing major - classed as premi so missed my water birth and MLU. But he's doing really well xxx thanks again xxx

hamncheese Wed 11-Jul-12 08:14:05

WOW didn't even get to say good luck to jemima before the baby was already here!! Congratulations what good news, hope the birth was amazing and that Felix is thriving already grin

Thanks for the support all you lot are lovely. Got called last night by MW to say my liver bloods were ok so just to wait and see about the bile ones which take a week. Only thing is last time they said if you hear nothing all is well but when I went in yday they were like "oh, your bile results never came back at all last time" so no news wasn't good news it was... well no news. So will be calling them in a week to get the results good or bad and find out if anything is amiss with the liver. Hope it isn't as means early induction etc. Conversely if it isn't that then why the hell am I so itchy and ill feeling, especially as my iron was fine?!? Mysteries of pregnancy I guess.

Anyway got the MW routine appointment today. Really excited to see if engaged as yesterday they said the baby was "very low down now". Woke up today feeling so proud of my baby behaving so well <3

About big babies, a girl at my NCT class who is 2 weeks ahead of me (due 27th july) is MASSIVE. She's been massive since we started the classes in May and I was always like "am I going to look that big in 2 weeks" but never did. Anyway her family has a history of massive babies and her sister gave birth to like the 2nd biggest baby in Britain or something insane like that! But they basically had to sit her down the other day and ask her to consider that she may not be able to push out her baby due to its size and consider other options... it must be gigantic! I think her sister's was over 12lbs, but she managed a normal birth. So even if some of us have to push out 8 or 9lb babies it could be worse!

susiegrapevine Wed 11-Jul-12 08:31:57

Congrats missjemima sounds like he would have been a big baby if you had gone the extra 3 weeks. Plus I wouldn't worry so much about missing the water birth as the pools take around 45mins to fill up so you made not have had time for that anyway. Wish you and little felix all the best. Xxx

Wow - MissJ Congratulations grin thanks!!! What a quick birth!

Thanks warzone am taking 3 tablets a day so hopefully will be ok. I need to wash the baby clothes too!

warzonemummy Wed 11-Jul-12 09:25:49

Wow congratulations msjamima hope you and little Felix are both well. Did you have everything ready for the hospital trip?

ChicBabyP Wed 11-Jul-12 10:01:26

Congratulation missjemima, what a quick labour you had! I really hope we can all do it in 3 hrs too, now wouldn't that be great!

Ham I hope you get some answers re-the itching, really bad that they never got the results of the previous test and didn't follow up on it...

I have been sleeping much better in the last week or so but scared of jinxing it! Only 25 days till due date shock ! Finally packed my hospital bag so kind of ready but I'm the type to continuously worry that I forgot something, can just imagine being in labour and still going through everything in my head to make sure I haven't forgotten anything!confused

alisonmcg Wed 11-Jul-12 11:56:03

congratulations missjemima!! How exciting for you all!! Hope you're all well and get home soon! x

Lovemarmite Wed 11-Jul-12 11:59:21

Congratulations missjemima whoop whoop, 3 hours! yeah and another August baby... grin

Just had my mw appointment this morning, all good but need to focus on birth plans - ahhhh now really unprepared as 35+4 and if LO is 3 weeks early, antenatal classes too late too... oh well, whatever... just very excited that we have another babe here (already!)

Let us know how your results go ham

Off for lunch today, but had massive boo this morning as felt sooo tired and sick. Hope everyone is having a good day! smile

Glimpers Wed 11-Jul-12 12:05:04

Congrats missjemima and yay poppy for having minipop home with you.
Had MW appt this morning, all good but iron is a bit low and at the mo it means I can't go to the MLU sad levels need to be 10.5 and mine are 10.1 so not far off. Have been given iron supps and MW will retest in 2 weeks time to see where they're at. Bump is measuring spot on for dates as well, so two fingers up to all those with an opinion who keep saying 'ooh you're massive'!!
Going to start packing my labour bag today as I left it til I was actually in labour last time blush just got a few bits still to buy to put in, but got most of it.
Other than that, just waiting for my online shopping to arrive and sat with my feet up smile

hamncheese Wed 11-Jul-12 12:43:02

Baby is 4/5 engaged!!! grin what a good little one!

Also my iron is 10.6 so MW suggested it's fluctuating around the borderline may explain periods of feeling sick or dizzy etc if the itch isn't liver thing. She suggested a gentle iron supplement but all the ones in boots were really strong and likely to give the sick/constipated side effects so got a pregnancy vitamin with iron in it and also will up the red meats/dried fruit/leafy greens, really hoping this makes me feel a lot better. Plus the vits I got were a bottle of 30 one a day tablets... when they are done it'll pretty much be my due date eep! so got that count down each day when I take them!

Maisie cat has been ridiculously clingy to me the last few days, at the moment she is basically lying over my arms as I type, wish I could reach the camera to show you a picture! I wonder if she is trying to get some attention before baby comes as it's close now smile

Feel better marmite ... all this sickness is rubbish!

Westcountrylovescheese Wed 11-Jul-12 13:40:35

Yeay Hamncheese! 4/5ths is getting low... I was 3/5ths at the start of this week and really starting to feel it. Went to the toilet about 6 times last night so I'm really tired today sad also LO has got more room by his legs and is really going for it with the kicking. Last night my bump hurt so much from the battering I was getting. LO has learnt a two footed thump movement, which knocks the wind out of me and feels bruised inside. DH had to sit with his hands on the top of my bump all evening as its the only thing that calms him down. Midwife thinks he may have long legs like his dad...

Think I'm starting to look forward to having him out...

panpipe Wed 11-Jul-12 14:03:48

Congratulations missjemima and welcome baby Felix!

West and ham I didn't know engaging was measured in 5ths! If I'm reading the notes right mine was 'brim' at my last appt at the weekend so does that mean only just starting to engage? What with that and the fact that I'm measuring a bit small I think I should prepare myself for going overdue! Will be upping the RLT from next week I think, but not quite yet as I have to be 37w for homebirth.

Just been to a baby first aid class this morning which was useful. I've done first aid before but it was good to have a refresher and put things into the context of babies and children.

Settling down with lunch and the Tour de France now with plans later to clean the bathroom and wash down the walls in the nursery ready for painting.

NeedlesCuties Wed 11-Jul-12 14:28:52

Congrats to MissJ welcome to little Felix, is a lovely name smile

I have next MW appt on Monday, looking forward to seeing her again as she's always re-assuring and full of good advice.

DS is going through a cute-but-potentially-bad phase at the moment. He keeps coming over for a hug or a kiss and telling me that he he is "mummy's baby". Didn't do that before, is only in past week or so, so I'm thinking he must be picking up on the fact that there will be an actual baby in the house soon. He's not quite 2 and a half yet, so he is still young, but any mention of him being a "big boy or big brother" are quickly shot down by him.


frillylemons Wed 11-Jul-12 14:36:03

DSIS IS IN LABOUR!! I was spending the day with her but her BH turned into contractions that were getting worse and worse and closer and closer. Her DH is home now and he has taken over smile I'm so glad that I was able to be there for her and that she is FINALLY having her baby gringringrin

Westcountrylovescheese Wed 11-Jul-12 14:48:07

That is brilliant frilly! Wow there's babies coming everywhere and it's not even a full moon! Hope all goes well and you become an auntie very soon.

hamncheese Wed 11-Jul-12 15:08:38

Haha oh no west that sounds uncomfy! Mine does the opposite and likes to kick when DH touches bump... the fact he says "come on baby, kick mum" is a little remiss though ha smile

Does anyone else's baby like to stick a certain bit out all the time? Mine likes to stick it's bum out and I'll have this odd little round lump protruding hehehe

Yeah I think brim means just starting to go into pelvis panpipe. Mine was brim 4 weeks ago and is now 4/5 didn't take long and still 4 weeks to go. Apparently though it doesn't make much difference to when the baby will come and doesn't mean it will/won't go overdue though.

Go frilly Dsis... PUSH! let us know any exciting news!

FYI dates are really high in iron. They also are mentioned in the bible 50 times and can be 7cm long. Not that I've been wikipedia-ing my food or anything >stuffs mouth full of dates<

Westcountrylovescheese Wed 11-Jul-12 15:27:44

Ham, yes I have a heel that sticks out at the top but also will sometimes be pushed out of the side which feels a bit like a stitch.

warzonemummy Wed 11-Jul-12 16:13:34

Glimpers where are you having the baby? I can't believe they won't let you use the MLU at 10.1 iron. At my hospital 9.5 is the cut off. You are not that far off anyway and you will catch up.

Marmite hope you are feeling better.

ham glad the itch is nothing serious an hope it clears up soon. Btw, my baby also likes to stick her bum out.

panpipe well done for the first aid, it is so essential, I am scared to death of babies choking as I saw my niece choke once. Hope you never get to use your skills, but it must be a source of peace of mind knowing that if it comes to it you are ready.

I had really really reduced movement since yesterday so when I went to my appointment the consultant sent me off to get a scan done. All was well. But turns out the baby's estimated weight is 3 kilos 210 grams (7 pounds 1oz). I am 36+4 and at this rate I will have a 10 pounder shock . would be lying if I said I wasn't scared a bit of giving birth to a massive baby.

Can someone tell me how does the MW check how engaged the baby is? I looked at my notes and there is nothing about being or not being engaged.

Congrats Frilly's sis! how exciting!

Ham - hadn't realised iron supplements could cause sickness but that explains the bad reflux / sick in mouth (sorry tmi!) last night...

80s - i think elective c/s depends on your local hospital policy. Worth asking on your next visit. Someone at work gave birth to an 11 lber on gas and air(!)...

needles so odd that you mention DS' change. DD (18mo) has become super clingy in the last week and a half, I know she knows it's all about to change! We've been trying to ease her in by leaving baby things around and saying they're for her brother / the baby etc. She was never that clingy before but now cries when I leave her at nursery (never did before!) and always wants me (not even DH!) to pick her up which is exhausting with this bump...

Warzone can't remember this time around but previously midwife put her hands very low to feel how low down the baby is into your pubic bone area i.e. to see how engaged the head is. They always seem to count it in 5ths so 1/5th is head is down but not locked in yet, 5/5ths is head is right down there!

hamncheese Wed 11-Jul-12 16:42:16

Like ishop said warzone just feeling with her hand really low down. In my notes there is a catagory called "fifths palpable" which was always "free" and now is "4/5ths" since baby engaged. My MW has been checking where the head is each time I go and telling me what position baby is in.

Going to in-laws for dinner tonight. Kind of can't be bothered feeling dead tired but will have a nice time when there I'm sure. I want to sleeeeep!

Glimpers Wed 11-Jul-12 16:46:08

Yay for frilly's sis!! Can't wait to hear of another baby on this thread.
warzone I am in Swindon and apparently it's their policy angry I wouldn't mind but my levels were a lot lower when pg with DD (between 8 and 9) and they never said anything about it being a serious issue, but then the MLU wasn't there then so it never became a factor I guess. Which hospital are you with then?
Not too chuffed at hearing the iron supps can make acid/ reflux worse, am on Zantac and going through a 500ml bottle of gaviscon a week as it is sad
Oh well, not long to go I guess, although on my notes from my appt today baby isn't even engaged angry off to eat biscuits to make me feel better grin

Westcountrylovescheese Wed 11-Jul-12 17:02:02

Warzone, they start to check for engaged around 34 weeks I think... Measured by feeling for baby's head near ur pubic bone. Is your baby head down yet? There is a section on your notes where they write it in. Ask your midwife next time you go in. I can definitely feel its different, feeling a bit saddle sore and there is more waddling going on... also loo trips have shot up.

I'm now lying down on the sofa as I realised hadn't felt LO much today. So ate a chocolate bar and had some orange juice (sugar fest)... he then started kicking me so bad in my ribs that it bought tears to my eyes sad

panpipe Wed 11-Jul-12 17:10:58

ham and warzone my bump is another one that likes to stick its bum out, especially first thing in the morning! There's a definite sticking out to the left a lot of the time.

And hurrah frillysis! She must have been completely fed up bless her!

susiegrapevine Wed 11-Jul-12 17:20:31

ham sorry to burst your bubble but if your notes say 4/5th palpable then your baby's head is only 1/5th engaged. Palpable means how much of the head they can feel above the pelvis. The reason they measure in 5ths is because each 5th is roughly a finger as babies head is roughly the size of an adult hand (assume female as this can vary a lot).

God so tired this afternoon and only went to town and back. Must be my hill that's killing me. Poor ds gets sooo neglected.

NeedlesCuties Wed 11-Jul-12 17:22:09

ishop yes, DS is wanting only me at the moment, poor DH is pushed away. I sort of thought it was cuz I'm a SAHM and DS is so used to be being around and doing everything for him, but 'glad' to know your DD is the same despite her going to nursery and being used to others around.

He was always an affectionate boy, but now he's getting very kissy and wanting to watch himself in the hall mirror and mirrored bedroom sliderobes while he hugs me confused (By the way, this is DS I'm talking about, not DH!!)

Glimpers I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I was reading in a book that for first time mums the bump engages weeks before labour starts, but for subsequent labours the baby might not engage till hours before. That could be why your baby isn't engaged yet.... or he/she is just holding back to annoy you wink

ontheedgeofwhatever Wed 11-Jul-12 21:17:35

MissJ - congratulations. Hope my labour is as quick. Felix is a lovely name - doesn't it mean happy?

Ham - appalled about your bile results taking so long and not coming back last time. Normally mine is back within a hour or two (though when I actually had OC they missed it and forgot to let me know - classic) I'm amazed they would say it takes a week. Is yours a small hospital? Mine's a big city one with own labs which may be making the difference. Its a good sign your other function tests are clear though as a lot of my liver functions were/ are abnormal or as my consultant calls it "deranged". Have they given you anything at all for the itching at least - I've been prescribed anti-histimines and consultant told me it's quite safe to take priton if that helps to know.

Today's the first day this week I've managed to do more than drag myself through school run and / or hospital appoinntment and sit on the sofa itching, scratching and aching. I managed to go out for lunch with friend and we went for a walk afterwards and it was so lovely to spend time with a human being. Then managed to take DD to her swimming lesson after school which was great because she got her stage 3 certificate - very proud of her as she has really really struggled with swimming in past.

tashaw28 Wed 11-Jul-12 22:42:34

Wow Missj congrats!!! Hope mine is as quick!

And Frilly can't wait to hear about DSIS. It's all go on here at the mo!!!

Not much happening this end except had a gp 34 week appt and am measuring 2 cm small which is fine, and it's head down, which I'm delighted about after DS2's breech position! Think it is back to back though but not worried yet as have a consultant check in 2 weeks and am gonna make them scan me to check positioning as am paranoid (DD1 was a back to back birth). Am getting bruised from all the kicking tonight, think it liked the choc bar I just ate wink.


just checking in to say 'night and all of a sudden I am so swollen! my legs and ankles all of a sudden have got huge (!) - water retention starting/increasing perhaps?

geekette Thu 12-Jul-12 05:46:17

Wow. A few days away and I miss yet another baby announcement! Congrats! Hopefully I'll catch frilly's sister's news.

And I think you are doing great poppy smile

I've started getting the itch now... we isn't concerned yet so not worrying myself but I am booked in for a scan today to check if I have excess fluid. Hmm oh well. I still feel very comfy with this pregnancy. Hoping it stays that way.

And I also haven't been told anything about baby being engaged.

geekette Thu 12-Jul-12 05:48:22

Not we! Mw as in midwife! Phones are too intelligent for their own good.

Whiteangel Thu 12-Jul-12 07:05:48

Ug, I'm tired! One more getty up!

hamncheese Thu 12-Jul-12 07:54:51

Ahh confused now susie ... it does say 4/5 in the box called "fifths palpable" but the MW said it was really low and 4/5 and I asked if it would drop any more and she said only a tiny amount which made me think it was only 1/5 lower to go... will ask in two weeks which way she means!

I've read that about subsequent babies not engaging til right at the end too needles for any yet unengaged.

"deranged" ontheedge they could put it nicer than that!! Apparently they only do bile tests once a week and at a different hospital so have to wait. They told me in hospital my iron was fine but then my MW today told me it was borderline so that may account for feeling so crap so maybe that will explain it. As for the itch who knows, it was better yesterday as much cooler. They gave me piriton but it didn't help, just knocked me out!! Congrats on your DD's swimming success smile

ishop keep an eye on the swelling, if you puffed up all of a sudden it can be sign of pre-eclampsia... check you've not got any of the other warning signs just incase!

Feeling better now and out to play giant snakes and ladders today... part of volunteering at museums I'm doing to try and make myself employable (plus get to play oversized board games!!)

susiegrapevine Thu 12-Jul-12 08:40:47

Dunno ham my mw said his head was in a bit and then she had put 4/5 ths I was shocked and said his head can't be that far in that's why I looked it up and found out it was the opposite it what it said if you know what I mean. Notes should be explained better I think dunno why your own medical info is always a state secret or seems to be. Most people are intellegent enough to understand!

Arrrg itchy this morn but eyes and throat so I know mine is just hayfever! Still annoying tho!! And my sinusis hurt yesterday which I know is hayfever related!

frilly and news from your sis all seems to have gone quiet?

Oh yeah 2nd babies are suppose to engage at the last minute which is why I think mine might be a bit early as already starting to go. But ds was 10 days early so if missj is anything to go by I will expect the same.

hamncheese Thu 12-Jul-12 09:03:50

susie I know they never tell you anything unless you prod them!!

Has anyone on here claimed Maternity Allowance? Any advice? I'm going to claim it as work (very very) part time but not eligible for SMT as it is a fixed term position, even though renewed yearly. I'm a bit concerned as my hours vary very significantly as it is a job mentoring students and I rarely work in non-term times! I feel as though someone on our thread applied and got kicked back and then appealed and go it... smile

Thanks ham - that's a good point. last mw check my blood pressure was normal... have def got swollen legs, face, hands etc but thought that was just usual as had similar with dd (couldn't wear rings etc in the last month)... did have blood in urine but think that's ok as protein in urine is more of a worry for pre-eclampsia.

watching OBEM and a c/s why do this to myself! would rather not know what will happen!

Lovemarmite Thu 12-Jul-12 09:58:59

Hi everyone, hope everyone is good today x

Ham I need to look into maternity allowance as I'm freelance and want to take 2 weeks off completely as maternity leave. So I'll be researching my eligibility in next few days.

hmm 2 weeks sounds so little time but I guess as a freelance working at home part time I can try and fit everything around work too and so I might be doing bits and pieces in the night and then DH might take LO for a few weekend mornings and I can do a bit more work. Although the mw yesterday scared me slightly about how much work there is to breastfeed and I guess the washing and all the other things that I don't know about until it happens. So realistically taking 2 weeks only, is a complete silly plan! wink

Mw yesterday said that LO is 2/5ths engaged and has written in my notes 3/5ths. The scan last week said she was 1/5th engaged and so she seems to have done another 1/5 in a week. Perhaps 3/5ths next week as seeing another mw again!
Also measuring exactly 35 weeks, bp higher but all okay. However I am still growing to grow a few more cms and not quite sure there's any more give in belly!
I was told to start practising trying to manually express breast milk and also saw my specialist nurse who has dropped off an electric breast pump confused, wow, it's all getting very close now!

ishop my swelling started at 33 weeks and has been better if I drink more water, slept a bit the night before and have been active. I'm getting bad for sitting in one spot and then regretting it as my hips then ache and then feet are all puffy. One thing that has helped is putting my feet up on DH at night. Not sure he likes it, although he says he does, and then he gets to tickle them too! ha ha, it's lovely. He's now threatened to give them a pedicure as he can see them and I think they need a bit of TLC! Hmm, Dh with scissors on my feet, aghhhhh!

Hope your hayfever is not too bad susie!

susiegrapevine Thu 12-Jul-12 10:19:29

Just had to come on to say arrg annoyed as out in the garden with ds enjoying the little sunshine there is that's now slowly being covered by clouds only to discover the birds have picked our cherry tree clean sad no cherries for us this year.

marmite its not too bad just an extra annoyance I don't need!

Lovemarmite Thu 12-Jul-12 11:04:07

Ooo those lucky birds!
I think they have their eyes on our blueberries and they're still green! Last year I had two hungry blackbirds getting in through the netting and stripping them bare hmm wouldn't mind so much if I didn't spend a fortune on bird food every month!
Sympathies on the stolen yummy fruit!

Just had LO tapping her fingers to an odd instrumental song and now doing an odd type of dance, looks like she takes after DH's strange music taste today!

quickchat Thu 12-Jul-12 11:26:24

sad been to MW this morning. Very high glucose in urine. Have to go for Diabetes test next week.

I had only had 2 weetabix, no sugar 2.5 hrs before so it didn't explain.

So fed up with myself. Dodgy underactive thyroid, anemic and now possibly this. I always thought of myself as healthy until I had kids!

Im thinking (along with my cake habbit) Im drinking loads of fruit juice. Orange mainly, craving it almost. This is new as I only ever drank water. May be craving VIT C with being anemic and may have triggered this.

Arggghhh. Im going to have to stop eating sweet stuff and drinking juice - MY LIFE IS OVER.

>moan over, carry on blush.

hamncheese Thu 12-Jul-12 11:29:43

That's so weird you two talking of garden fruit I just went out the back and found my raspberrys all but gone eaten. I usually reap about 6 berries a year so, you know, they will be sorely missed wink do still have 4 flaky looking strawberries though which are getting there haha

Glad it seems to just be normal swelling ishop ... I've not had my rings on for 3 months. Makes me feel like a knocked up teenager (I look very young)!

It really isn't particularly fair maternity leave stuff marmite I'm worried because they analyse your weekly earnings based on a set period of 4 months... but this seems to fall in summer '11 for me and summer is the time I work hardly at all! So I'm expecting fully a refusal and to have to make an appeal... if you check payslips from other times of year I'd be fine! They should just give us all maternity pay of some form... I'm not claiming anything else and DH isn't even taking paternity as it's such a wage cut for those 2 weeks, and then you think of how much some folk claim all the time arghh! As for time off I've allocated a month where I will do nothing phd-wise and then slowly bring it back in. I guess even if we do feel we have time to work after baby we probably won't want to. I can just see myself swanning about with LO not a thought to scottish history grin

Lovemarmite Thu 12-Jul-12 12:55:39

Thanks for the heads up on the maternity allowance ham. I have a gap in my NI contributions too and so I guess that will mark me 'not eligible' wink!
My DH has managed two weeks full pay for paternity but has to be available for meetings and anything important in that time too, however seeing that his job is all about meetings, he'll be pretty much at work at times hmm!
That's pants about your DH not getting any paternity though, will he take some time off?

O pants too to the stolen raspberries! Just picked a massive colander of gooseberries and still two more to go, I see the blackbirds are obviously not enjoying them, yippee!

quick pg definitely is a health challenge, but good that mw is onto your glucose result and you can get treatment - not long until August now!
Maybe swap orange juice for carrot or eat tons of broccoli for vit C? I really fancy orange juice but I react to it badly but my taste buds are gunning for it a lot through this pg. With sweet stuff, me the same and I've been trying to go back to the old faithful plain yoghurt with maple syrup - maple syrup is meant to be better digested than refined sugar and so may not produce any problems. Sri Lankans and Indians swear by palm syrup but we can't get it here very easily but it's meant to be very good for sugar handling and being able to have a bit of sweetness in the diet. Look it up on google as a little might be okay for you? There's been some research saying that it can actually benefit diabetes smile which is amazing!

tashaw28 Thu 12-Jul-12 17:25:32

I've been craving chocolate! Not as healthy as orange juice but hey!

Had a great bargain this morning, got some garden furniture I'd been after on the Next sale, under half price, so the weather has been useful in one respect!

Knackered now as worked this morning then came home and baked 2 cakes for book club at my house tonight, picked up 2 kids laid out books, add kids supper......now taste testing the cakes for 10 mins with my feet up, phew!

Nightfall1983 Thu 12-Jul-12 17:32:35

Hi all,

33 + 5 today, it still seems so far away. I'm bored waiting and want my baby now (but I want him/her to be big enough first and would quite like a September baby really...).

Lately I'm so thirsty all the time, I'm constantly drinking water and if I stop drinking for like an hour then I get an awful headache :-( This does not help with all the peeing!

I was really pleased with DH yesterday when in response to me asking whether you can tell if I'm pregnant from the back (just curious) he said not only can you not tell but "you look 'even more' slim and hour-glassy than before". I think he was lying but still loved it grin

capecath Thu 12-Jul-12 17:50:15

Did a bit of a search about the head being engaged and came up with the following:

"The engagement or 'station' is usually measured in '5ths' and is based on the fact that the width of an adult hand is about the size of a term baby's head. When recording engagement on your pregnancy records, usually the amount of the baby's head that is felt by the caregiver's hand is measured and written down, providing a guide as to how much of the baby's head is engaged in the pelvis. As a guide:

If 5 finger widths of your baby's head is felt, it is written as 5/5 palpable or 'unengaged'.
If 4 finger widths of your baby's head is felt, it is written as '4/5' palpable or 1/5 engaged.
If 3 finger widths of your baby's head is felt, it is written as '2/5' palpable or 2/5 engaged.
If 2 finger widths of your baby's head is felt, it is written as '2/5' palpable or 3/5 engaged.
If 1 finger width of your baby's head is felt, it is written as '1/5' palpable or 4/5 engaged.
If your baby's head cannot be felt it is written as 'fully engaged' or 'not palpable'"

So I suppose it depends which way round your mw is writing it - engaged or palpable? At my 33 week check mine was noted as "free" so assume not engaged yet!!


Westcountrylovescheese Thu 12-Jul-12 17:55:22

My MW definitely said 3/5ths engaged (was 1/5th 2 weeks before) and then wrote 3/5ths on my notes...I can feel that there is something there and my bladder is feeling the force! Confusing....

ChicBabyP Thu 12-Jul-12 18:13:17

I just saw the MW and baby is definitely not engaged yet...hmmconsidering I'm 36+4 with my first, I'm wondering if this baby's going to be late. Not too happy if that would be the case as it would mean a c-section as they won't let me go overdue and I'm not keen on being induced.

panpipe Thu 12-Jul-12 18:34:36

Chic I'm the same - 36+2 and my notes say baby is 'brim' which someone mentioned to me yesterday meant that it's only just starting to engage. Sorry I can't remember who it was but they did also assure me that it's not necessarily got any bearing on whether you'll go overdue or not.

Just seen you FB post frilly - congrats to DSis on the new arrival smile

Had a lovely day out visiting my sis today but am knackered now! Having a rest before going back out to Lazy Daisy tonight <snooze>

frillylemons Thu 12-Jul-12 19:14:29

Thanks for best wishes and congratulations re DSis, she is doing really well smile

I, however, have heartburn for the first time ever sad Bought some gaviscon type stuff in case it stops me sleeping.

We had to call the police on our neighbours last night. The son (26) was effing and screaming at his Mum for 20 mins (not the first time this has happened) and using threatening language, slamming doors etc. I called the non emergency police number and a car turned up whilst I was still on the phone! Good old police! They banged on door and sorted situation out. Later we heard son and mum talking loudly and he was calling us c**ts and started banging on walls before his mum had the sense to stop him. Had a note through the door from the mum saying how rude we were going to the police and that we should've gone and knocked on their door and asked them to keep it down. As if! At 1am, with a neighbour screaming and being threatening? No thanks. She was v rude in the note and frankly, I feel rather intimidated by her and son. sad Not so nice. The whole situation meant DH and I were awake for 2.5 hours last night! Madness.

nightfall what an awesome dh!

Congrats frilly am not on the fb group, did she have a boy/ girl?

This baby is crushing my lungs and lots of sharp back pain.... No uti despite blood on urine, although possibly kidney stones hmm

Washed dstobe's clothes today grin and got the Moses basket put. Finally making some progress! Started hospital bag off, just need to get a wax blush highlights done and then bulk cook freezer food!

Ps missjemima any pics of Felix?

therumoursaretrue Thu 12-Jul-12 20:17:48

I need to get myself on the FB group, intended to way back but it slipped my mind.

How are you all? Feels like a weekend here as everyone is off work, I keep thinking it's a Saturday or Sunday.

Yesterday I ended up back in maternity admissions for most of the day; have started to lose count now! Had a stack of bloods done so just gotta wait and see now, but I know my liver function came back fine so that's good at least.

therumoursaretrue Thu 12-Jul-12 20:18:28

Congrats to your sister frilly! smile

warzonemummy Thu 12-Jul-12 20:32:12

Thanks everyone for the information about the whole baby being engaged thing. I found somewhere in my notes that the baby is "free". I am 36+5 today and this is my first baby. I always knew I was going to have a late baby like all the women in my family sad

Congratulations on your niece Frilly oh and commiserations on your bad night with the neighbours. What evil people. Just do not do anything and hopefully they will see sense. I hope it was not the police that told them that it was you that called the police.

Does anyone know how much their baby weighs now? I am really getting worried as mine weighs over 7 pounds as of 36+4 weeks. If she is late and if she continues to get big she will be a 10 pounder sad

geekette Thu 12-Jul-12 20:41:58

Ha! Finally caught one on the same day as announced! Congrats to your dsis frilly smile

Well, I saw the consultants today and apparently it ain't pretty.
Babe is transverse and its exit is blocked. the poor thing doesn't have much chance of turning as what is blocking the exit isn't letting its head through.
The end result being I am at heightened risk of cord prolapse if my waters go. I am 34+2 today. They want me in at 36 and are proposing a C-S at 39 sad

As he spoke I could visualise my birth plan going up in smoke.

I had been dreaming of another 3/4 weeks at work. followed by 2 weeks holiday to tidy up my affairs. 1st stage labour at home etc etc. sounds so funny now. Finding out I have about 10 days to get everything at home in order was a shock to the system.

Ah well, at least I will have a little one at the end of it all.

I know we had eCS advice on a previous thread but would any of you mind repeating it please? I have no idea what happens in them or how breast feeding would start or when I will be allowed home afterwards and of course my NCT classes are almost over. The opportunity to ask these questions is gone now.

Bah humbug. <shuffles over to moany camp>

geekette Thu 12-Jul-12 20:44:55

cut post in two so that it didn't feel too long in addition to being a right moan :D

Frilly, you might want to slip a note to your neighbour stating your are pregnant and it would be ill advised to get stuck in an argument in your condition? That said reasoning with people like that is usually a waste of time...

Rumours, you are not alone on the wards smile I'll be joining you soon.

Vinolover Thu 12-Jul-12 20:48:21

Congratulations to MissJ on the birth of Felix smile Well done you smile I love his name!

Sorry about your neighbours Frilly. Just what you need at the moment!!! Congratulations again though on becoming an auntie smile

To those worried about their babies not being engaged and going over... My ds was engaged from 28 weeks and couldn't get any further down without actually falling out, he had to be induced and my cervix just wasn't in the least bit ready. There is hope for you I promise.

When I saw the MW last week she said baby was head down but free but I'm certain he's engaged now. the pressure on my bladder has increased and for the first time in weeks I can breath smile smile smile smile It really is the best feeling! I don't even care about the amount of toilet trips I keep having to make!

Warzone I had a scan last week when I was 34+5 and they estimated baby at being 4lb12oz. I also got told when I was 36 weeks with my dd that she was around 7-7.5lb and when she was born at 40+6 she was 8lb9.5oz. Most babies slow down their growth after about 38 weeks because of the maturity of the placenta so try not to panic too much (easier said than done). Did they say to you to expect a big baby?

Whiteangel Thu 12-Jul-12 20:56:38

Had a pregnancy massage this evening and it was divine! Can highly recommend it! Last day at work tomorrow. So glad as really struggling! Think I'm coming down with a cold! Been so well for entire pregnancy so really frustrated. Hope to fight it off with vit C!
37 weeks today! Can now go to MLU if anything starts to happen. Due date would be just right thank you very much!

WelshLadyCDF Fri 13-Jul-12 06:51:24

geek speak to your NCT tutor and see if she will spend some one to one time with you discussing your eCS. Am sure they will help.
And I'd say don't go nuts trying to do everything in 10 days, you need to rest up. Do what needs doing, shop online, ask for help!
Good luck am sure you will be fine,

hamncheese Fri 13-Jul-12 08:05:48

I think my MW is the same as you west saying 4/5ths meaning engaged, rather than palpable, even though the notes ask for palpable..

Also it was me who said about the extent to which baby was engaged not meaning much in relation to going overdue etc (MW told me this)

frilly if you hate gaviscon (I do!) then get peppermint rennies they are much more pleasant and just as good I think (think eating some mints as opposed to drinking antiseptic cream). Also what a bunch of idiots your neighbours are. I'd totally ignore them and always call the police if they were up to such stuff again. If you create a racket at 1am then the police will get called, morons! If you are worried about them you can call again. How rude to threaten your neighbour for your problems, espeically one who is pregnant!

Oh no rumors why did you have to go back in to hospital this time? Hope it all turns out normal and okay

geekette you really should be getting all that eCS info from NCT... my NCT classes went into intense detail on all those things... do you have one more class where you could ask, or you can definately email the class teacher for more info on it specific to you. In our NCT class this is what I remember about it: basically you will go in and get prepared and your partner will not be with you at first (normal, don't worry, he will appear) you will get catheters etc and all prepped on the table etc while partner scrubs and then he will come in. There will be ALOT of people, which is normal, I think it's upwards of 8 people around you for all different reasons. You will be tilted slightly for some reason. Baby will be cut out and if they come out totally happy (crying, good weight etc) they will be able to be handed straight to you/your partner. Make sure and indicate that you want skin to skin ASAP to them (if you do) before it all happens. You won't be in the best position for skin to skin and BF as you will be tilted and have heart monitors etc on your chest, however it is possible for skin to skin sometimes and if not your partner can get baby and hold it close to you and with him for skin to skin. There was so much more so definitely contact your NCT teacher.

Congrats on being able to breathe vino I am envy as even though mine is engaged I still can't breathe, still have legs and bum in ribs, I think cause I'm short in the torso!

Actually slept ok last night (what the heck?!) except had that restless legs thing, wow how irritating is that, almost as bad as the itching argh! Swimming as per tonight and really looking forward. For any who are uncomfy seriously GO SWIMMING, if you are like me it'll be the only time you feel comfortable, it's almost like not being pregnant for an hour or so... bliss!

Happy Friday all grin 4 weeks to go tomorrow for me THANK GOODNESS! (being positive)

NeedlesCuties Fri 13-Jul-12 09:40:26

ontheedgeofwhatever (?) DC2 due 25/7/12
mrsmamma (27) DC1 due 27/7/12
ishopthereforeiam (32) DC2 due 27/7/12 in UCLH, London, England
Loupee (26) DC1 due 28/7/12 in Royal Infirmary Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland
aflycup (24) DC1 due 30/7/12
GwenGotLost (26) DC? due 31/7/12, Swansea, Wales
farmerswifey (30) DC1 GIRL due 31/7/12 in Aberystwyth, Wales

cupoftea123 (?) DC1 due 2/8/12
Whiteangel (?) DC1 BOY due 2/8/12
dragonleo (29) DC1 GIRL due 3/8/12 in Whittington Hospital, London, England
margarethamilton (36) DC1 due 3/8/12
Tubtoes (31) DC1 due 3/8/12
missjemima (?) DC2 BOY due 3/8/12, BORN 10/7/12!
warzonemummy (?) DC? GIRL due 4/8/12 in St. George’s, London, England
babbashouse (?) DC? due 4/8/12
PoppySeed34 (34) DC1 BOY due 4/8/12, BORN 28/5/12!
danielou (?) DC3 due 4/8/12 in Worcestershire Royal Hospital, England
ChicBabyP (?) DC1 due 5/8/12
lynniegooner (43) DC2 due 5/8/12
halfdoneharris (28) DC1 due 5/8/12
Nel1975 (?) DC1 due 6/8/12
Littlelamb1980 (31) DC1 BOY due 6/8/12 in St. Thomas Hospital, London, England
JParkson (28) DC3 due 6/8/12 in Swindon, England
Gnomi (29) DC1 BOY due 7/8/12
panpipe (26) DC1 due 7/8/12
McBaby (31) DC1 7/8/12 in Barnet, Herts, England
Westcountrywife (33) DC1 BOY due 7/8/12 in RD & E, Exeter, England
Alizzle (24) DC1 due 8/8/12
Huia (?) DC? due 8/8/12
Mummiestobe (33) DC? due 8/8/12 in Dorchester, England
faintpinkline (?) DC2 due 8/8/12
WelshLadyCDF (40) DC1 GIRL due 8/8/12
ballinderrymum (32) DC2 due 8/8/12
woopsidaisy (36) DC3 due 8/8/12
SwanseaMum (?) DC3 due 8/8/12
Weekipper (32) DC1 due 9/8/12 in Edinburgh, Scotland
mancmummy (?) DC2 due 9/8/12
ffscatmove (35) DC1 due 10/8/12 in John Radcliffe (Spires MW unit)
Robsbaby77 (?) DC? BOY due 10/8/12
lovemarmite (38) DC1 GIRL due 11/8/12 in Eastbourne, England
ByeBabyBatshit (35) DC1 11/8/12 TWINS!
The3Bears (24) DC2 BOY due 11/8/12
Stinyminkymoo (35) DC1 due 11/8/12
hamncheese (24) DC1 due 11/8/12 in Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Scotland
vinolover (29) DC3 BOY due 11/8/12 in RSCH, Brighton, England
eightieshopaholic (32) DC1 BOY due 12/8/12 in Worcester Hospital, England
CATwith2Kittens (32) DC3 due 12/8/12 in Wareham, Dorset, England
namechangerbat (?) DC3 due 13/8/12
HopefulPositive (31) DC1 due 13/8/12 TWINS!
Glittershoes (27) DC1 BOY due 14/8/12 in Hull Women’s and Children’s Hospital, England
capecath (29) DC2 due 15/8/12 in Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, Scotland
MrsMigginslovespies (35) DC1 BOY due 15/8/12 in Borders & General Hospital, Scottish Borders
lollilu (?) DC1 due 15/8/12
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ArtyJennie (31) DC2 due 17/8/12 in Croydon Uni Hospital, England
OnlyWantsOneTwoAndThree (?) DC3 due 17/8/12
Gingerelle (30) DC1 due 17/8/12
Voscar (31) DC1 due 18/8/12 in Darrent Valley Hospital, Dartford, England
Salt14 (?) DC1 due 18/8/12
technoduck (27) DC1 BOY due 18/8/12 in Bath, Somerset, England
lexielexielexie (?) DC2 BOY due 18/8/12
Glimpers (33) DC2 GIRL due 19/8/12 in GWH, Swindon, England
tashaw28 (36) DC3 due 19/8/12 in Barnet Hospital, Herts, England
flyingleo (33) DC2 due 19/8/12 in UCH, London, England
pintofmilk (35) DC3 GIRL due 19/8/12
practicallyimperfect (?) DC2 due 20/8/12
sc0ttishlass (34) DC1 due 20/8/12 in Princess Royal, Glasgow, Scotland
firstfroggy (34) DC1 due 20/8/12
miaboo (29) DC3 BOY due 21/8/12
susiegrapevine (29) DC2 BOY due 21/8/12 in Hastings, Sussex, England
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Geekette (32) DC1 due 21/8/12 in West Suffolk, Bury St. Edmunds, England
vanimal (37) DC3 due 22/8/12
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Sparklesandglitter (27) DC1 due 24/8/12
Loislane78 (34) DC1 GIRL due 24/8/12 in Cambridge, England
danmoore00 (39) DC3 due 25/8/12 in Darrent Valley, Kent, England
nearlymumofone (34) DC2 due 25/8/12
Nightfall1983 (28) DC1 due 25/8/12 in Derby, England
Caitycat (?) DC? due 25/8/12 in Sheffield, England
alisonmcg (25) DC1 due 26/8/12
therumoursaretrue (22) DC1 due 26/8/12
Estya (35) DC2 due 27/8/12 in Darenth Valley, Kent, England
PictureThis (38) DC2 BOY due 27/8/12
FrillyLemons (24) DC1 due 28/8/12
Signet2012 (29) DC1 GIRL due 28/8/12
fairtradelu (29) DC1 due 28/8/12 in York, England
hellokit (?) DC3 due 29/8/12
purplelooby (32) DC1 BOY due 29/8/12 in Bolton, England
theressomethingaboutmarie (35) DC2 BOY due 30/8/12
Jods1 (?) DC? due 30/8/12
MrsLister (35) DC1 BOY due 30/8/12 in Homerton, Hackney, England
kellzi (?) DC? due 31/8/12 in Woodford, Essex, England
missingpate (31) DC1 due 31/8/12
Clarabell78 (?) DC? due 31/8/12 in Southern General, Glasgow, Scotland
justine09x (25) DC3 GIRL due 31/8/12
quickchat (35) DC3 due 31/8/12 in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Scotland

quickchat Fri 13-Jul-12 09:56:58

geekette I had an emergency C section with DS and a natural birth with DD.

I had placenta previa first time but went into labour 3.1 weeks early so was whipped in fairly fast.

2nd time I did a lengthy course in hypnobirthing and I was going to hug a tree then give birth pain free using only the power of my mind in a water pool grin.

hmm This time I WOULD LOVE a C Section!! Not getting one though sad thus far.

My experience of a CS was there was NO pain, it was super fast and I had a beautiful baby boy who I breast fed for nrly 6 months. I had a lovely peaceful week in hospital bonding with him and I have nothing bad to say about it at all, not even the aftermath. The pain killers are REALLY GOOD. I think they added to my blissful joy!

It did take a good few weeks to get breast feeding established, first week was near impossible and he did get little top ups of formula until any milk would come through incase his blood sugars dived. Especially given he was 3 weeks early and under 6lbs.

I had EXACTLY the same experience 2nd time with breast feeding with natural birth DD. Took a good 2 weeks, she needed top ups of formula in hospital and a few days after as again, coincidentally she was 3.1 weeks early and 6lbs so it made not a jot of difference having her early. I also blamed DS'S reflux on CS but DD had it too and worse.

For all of you reading this and having a first natural birth. Do not take any one experience of natural birth as fact. They are all so different and for that reason im not scared to do it again.
I was in labour 3 days. NOT IN PAIN 3 DAYS, just couldn't sleep for mild contractions after waters broke. The labour itself took 12 hours, I had the worst virus/chest infection ever, that coupled with the 3 days no sleep made the birth - one to remember wink.

I was also in more pain after the birth as I did tear and the pain killers are just not the same quality/strength as CS winkgrin.

I did like hypnobirthing too and it did give me more confidence than I would have had with the above curve balls thrown my way. I held in there and refused the many offers of a CS. Silly mare!

Congrats Auntie frilly. What did she have?
Re your neighbour. I worked with the police....ignore the letter, she is a ned and neds have no brain cells, ability to reason or understand another persons point of view. Don't let it upset you and if they say anything to you or your husband just keep walking. They would love nothing more than a screaming match in the street and your too PG/normal for that. We had nothing but neighbour disputes to deal with and the worst thing to do is give them the satisfaction of dragging it out. They will soon get bored and turn their attention to battering each other or Tyson, their staffordshire bull terrior!

Im sure someone else had a baby but I can't find it now? Who was it and what did she have? Exciting!

I got up and had oatbran for breakfast on account of it's low GI envy. That is a pukey face instead of envy.....unless anyone had branflakes with chopped banana and a big fresh glass of orange which is usually my favourite!

susiegrapevine Fri 13-Jul-12 10:19:59

Ok massive hayfever attack this morn and I'm indoors!! What?had such a good nights sleep as well and now feel crap!

Congrats frilly. Yeah I am not on the fb group either should really do it tho I forget who is in charge?

Getting less reflux myself but I think that's cos baby is head down.

Geekete you can bf directly after c-section (not done myself but know people who have. All you is latch baby on with head facing down (if you were standing up which you are not so baby will be fine) and put there torso resting on your shoulder/top of your chest. Remember you can bf with baby in virtually any position. Think the reason they tilt you is the same reason you can't lie flat on your back thing as it can cut off circulation.

Finally got stuff sorted for baby all is ready for him except moses basket but am now worrying and thinking should I rewash all of ds's old clothes even tho they are clean and have been stored in vacuum bags tho not from the day I washed them??

Now just need to sort stuff for me and buy some nappies. Got waterproof matress cover yesterday 1.85 from ebay yay!! No waters breaking on my mattress like last time blush! Need some cheap tarpaulin from e-bay now to protect the cream carpet in my bedroom!

geekette and rumours sorry to hear you're both having a rough time of it. Geekette, either way with the labour you'll have a beautiful baby afterwards. I can't imagine how frustrating it is to have your birth plan disappear before your eyes but that's the problem with these babies they're unpredictable and uncontrollable! I specifically didn't want medical assistance with the birth of dd but when the time came she needed ventouse and there was little I could do, all I think of now about the whole experience is I'm glad she got delivered safely after all the drama!

What's everyone up to for the weekend? Am yet another year older tomorrow so looking forward to being spoiled! Starting with DH taking me out to lunch today grin

NeedlesCuties Fri 13-Jul-12 10:51:47

quickchat MissJemima had a baby boy smile Have a look at my list, I've put him on there. He's called Felix, which I really like.

panpipe Fri 13-Jul-12 11:49:36

Happy birthday for tomorrow ishop smile It's mine on Sunday but got no plans yet apart from carrying on with painting the nursery!

I'm in a minor panic now about my buggy. I ordered the iCandy Strawberry in April but there's still no sign of it arriving. It was supposed to be 'early July'; hadn't heard anything so I just phoned the shop and said they hadn't had any delivered at all recently and that another customer who ordered a month before us is still waiting too. iCandy have told them the next batch will be coming in on 3rd August, but then they have to send them to the shops and we've got the added problem of the shop being 250 miles away as I ordered it near my parents' house (OK so that's not their fault admittedly). So even if it arrives at iCandy on 3rd, that's 4 days before my EDD for it to get to the shop and for my parents to pick it up and get it to me confused. I'm already phoning around a few other places to see if they have it in stock just in case but I don't know what the original shop will say about cancelling the order etc. I always knew it would be tight but wasn't expecting it to be quite this tight!

Vinolover Fri 13-Jul-12 12:20:13

panpipe that's awful about your buggy! I really hope it arrives soon! The shop we bought our icandy apple from said they were having trouble with icandy so had to order ours quite early to make sure they got it in. We ordered at the end of feb and it arrived in the shop a couple of weeks ago.

WelshLadyCDF Fri 13-Jul-12 12:58:42

panpipe Why not try and cancel the order and see if John Lewis will price match the one you want? They've priced matched lots of things for us and their delivery service is really good. Just a thought.

panpipe Fri 13-Jul-12 13:38:30

I've tried phoning 4 branches of JL but none of them have any in stock and they're all saying it will be late August-September for any new orders now. One branch even said "if you'd have ordered with us in the first place you'd definitely have it by now". Thanks, not helpful for me to hear that right now! Thanks for the suggestion though smile

Happy birthday for Sun Panpipe thanks! You def deserve to put your feet up and get spoiled for the day! ALthough now I feel am getting a bit old to celebrate and what with dstobe plus house moves etc it's certainly not the big deal that it was when I was in my early 20's!

frillylemons Fri 13-Jul-12 16:28:52

quick, thank you so much for all you said re my neighbours. I don't like confrontation anyway and I don't want to give them the satisfaction, or stoop to their level by getting in a slanging/noise war. The sone woke me up at 1.15 this morning playing his music quiet, then turning it up REALLY loud, then down, then up...this went on for about 10 mins before he got bored. I think he wanted us to kick up a fuss, but as mentioned, I'm not giving him the satisfaction. However, I was uppterly pissed off as I couldn't sleep and was still awake at 2.15am with acid reflux and Rhianna's shite music ringing in my ears!!!


Rubbish about your pram panpie. sad

OOH, I start my half days at work next week. Just two weeks then I'm off for good!! Shame people here haven't arranged a leaving lunch for me sad We always do that for people going on ML.

Oh I did something naughty blush I came accross my collection envelope for a present for when I go. I was putting something in a colleague's tray and found it. And opened it. And worked out how much each person had put in. Then cried. £3.50. That's it. 8 of the 11 people I work with have put in so far. I've worked with the buggers for 5 years and I do so much for them! I am their go to girl. Social workers are stingy. Saying that, the others that went on ML had around £60 - £80 each! Maybe it's cause I'm admin so not in their 'group'! The end.

It's my own fault though I guess, shouldn't have looked!

miaboo Fri 13-Jul-12 16:41:15

Found you all again, went on holiday and you got moved!!
Would you like to hear my holiday story?!
Got on holiday sunday night (24th) and by lunch time on the monday was in hospital in spain with a serious kidney infection, was put on drips for fluids, anti biotics and paracetomal and was put on the maternity ward to monitor contractions! very scary at first due to the language barrier but some did speak a little english and I got used to it!
They let me out on the friday (didnt want me to go till our departure date but then agreed if I took antibiotics orally for another week) so I got a day and a halfs holiday!
went to go home on the sunday and ds got chicken pox and they wouldnt let us fly so had to spend another week there! spent all week stressing about money, changing accomadation and recovering from being in hospital!
Happy holidays to me and returned home this monday - my 30th birthday which went by uncelebrated sad

Westcountrylovescheese Fri 13-Jul-12 18:22:16

Oh Miaboo that sounds like a nightmare holiday, at least you got a day and a half!

Do you need to get yourself checked out here too? How scary when you don't know the language.

6 years ago I was a month off getting married and busy dragging ds1 to florist appointments etc. I was also a month off conceiving ds2!

Nightfall1983 Fri 13-Jul-12 21:47:11

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. We are starting to cut down on the amount we do on weekends (usually v. busy) as I am getting so tired. This weekend we're off to see the ILs, who I love and enjoy spending time with very much. I actually find weekends at the ILs v. relaxing as they don't really do much and when we're there we don't really do much but I don't feel guilty about not doing jobs coz we're away from home smile The only thing I'm not looking forwards to is the drive as lately driving long distances (even as a passenger) is getting really uncomfortable! They are only 2 hrs away though, so not too bad.

Ooh baby has just stuck his bum (I hope) or head (I fear) right out the top right-hand side of my bump and left it there, I look very lopsided!

Sorry reading the thread in reverse and joining in far too late with much earlier conversations! Baby brain has well and truly set in at 36 weeks. Finished work yesterday which is a relief as managed to con them I was still concentrating hard and not browsing buggies online and daydreaming about bleaching the bathroom. Got a week off before the school hols start and I have to think of ways to keep my big boys entertained that are a) always near a toilet b) give plenty of ops to sit down and c) within mobile range so that's most things/places that are fun out of the window. I feel moshi monsters membership cards coming on...

Happy birthday miaboo. I love being in my thirties. Hope you do too. Sorry your holiday was such a disaster. I was supposed to be having a proper holiday this summer but as it turned out I'm having a baby instead. Ive just about stopped sulking about it now. Your story is helping me believe that holidays are usually overrated and I'm not missing out!

ontheedgeofwhatever Fri 13-Jul-12 22:00:23

Sorry haven't managed to read through everything. *Miaboo sorry about your holiday, that's really awful for you but glad you're back safely.

Today has been awful at least until lunch time. I didn't sleep well, kept being sick and was absolutely vile to poor DD who was doing her best to be lovely and helpful. Nothing the poor little mite could do was right and I ended up throwing her out of her own bedroom as she couldn't (in my opinion) even tidy it up blush. In the end I phoned Dp and he came from work and took her off with him for the afternoon and I cried then slept for 4 solid hours. Was able to make dinner and read DD's bed time story tonight though so things back on a normal footing for now. Feel so bad about it though sad

Right apologies if the rest of this post reads a bit like a check list I want it to refer back to and never may be useful to someone else.

Yesterday was better. Finally I washed some baby clothes that my SIL sent me. I've only done the 0-3 month stuff and have a whole suit case full and have loads in new born and 3-6 months too. I've dragged out DD's baby bedding too and managed to get some of that clean. For some reason can only find one moses basket sheet so need more.

Also finally packed hospital bag though need a few bits and pieces for it - hair brush, tooth brush, good book a few snacky bits and blanket for baby

Very nearly ready for baby. Moses basket and loft still in loft and will need a new mattress and some sheets. Bouncy chair needs a clean. Still no changing bag though less worried about that

Emergency care sorted for DD with back up in case person one not available for any reason Pram and car seat sorted and assembled. Baby bath and changing mat sorted out. Have nappies and wipes and sudocreme.

Have I forgotten anything essential - am breastfeeding so hopefully no need for bottles etc. though will buy a pump a bit later on.

frillylemons Fri 13-Jul-12 22:21:22

Sitting with a bag of peas between my legs after session (wink) with DH...oh the glamour!

Missingpate Fri 13-Jul-12 22:34:44

I lost you all too had been wondering where you moved to! Great to skim through and hear how everyone is doing so exciting babies are getting closer. Sorry to hear of your troubles geekette
I'm another one looking like being admitted And facing c section, have complete placenta previa and already had two stays in hospital after small bleeds. 33 weeks now and told they will admit me at 37 for cs at 39 if things don't change, bar further bleeds. So having to wrap things up at work much quicker than planned and rethink what I'm doing.
I don't mind the thought of cs really but hate the uncertainty of feeling out of control and not knowing what will happen - keep reminding myself no one ever knows with any birth! Main thing is baby is doing well of course

tashaw28 Fri 13-Jul-12 22:57:25

Geek I loved my planned c section with DS2! The anesthetist is your best friend! I remember it was all over very quickly and ask them to lower the sheet when they lift them out, it's amazing. smile
I was surprised by the operating room being more like a corridor with people all milling around, and by how jovial that all were, it was a very relaxed environment.
Hope that helps, if u have any specific questions post as have lots of memories from it!

Well puffy ankles are here at last, have been waiting for them wink.
Someone said to me today, you're definately having a boy as your face hasn't gotten fat yet, thanks!!! Not sure if that's a compliment or not!
Am looking forward to sorting the nursery out tomorrow as we have practically all day free to do it, and should really pack bag, am 35 this weekend!

Also warzone DD1 never engaged at all and I went into natural labour 3 days early, so it's anyone's guess!

geekette Sat 14-Jul-12 00:12:11

Thanks for the posts on planned CS!

I have my last NCT class tomorrow and will ask about CSs there or find out if I can have a one to one session on them.
I am now also in the game of wrapping work up extremely quickly and replanning my leave and maternity leave dates... i do feel out of control too.

My section will possibly be classical... I'll be cut top to bottom instead of bikini line.
The breast feeding technique susie describes above looks like it will still work. I just wonder how long it will take to heal.

Thanks for you post QuickChat. I guess I was being a bit tree-huggy smile Being realistic wouldn't be too bad either!

I just can't stand needles and the thought of people cutting me up is just too much to bear sometimes... ah well. Baby will be fine and that counts too. I just wish baby can turn and engage before decision day. unlikely but i can dream.

And Frilly maybe it is a prank? Maybe they knew you would be nosey so they left an envelope where you would find it and you get a big surprise later on?

Miaboo, that was a really bad holiday... poor you

ffscatmove Sat 14-Jul-12 08:19:07

Flippin' eck, I turn my back for 5 minutes & we're on page 9 of thread 6! Haven't managed to read everything (and wouldn't remember if I did!)
Happy Birthday to all the birthday girls
[hug] for the rotten holiday Miaboo, hope you're fully recovered!
Don't worry about the CS Geekette, you'll be fine

Am SO EXCITED now - I have officially finished work, WOO HOO! grin grin My last day yesterday was so awful I skipped out with a grin on my face and not a backward glance!

However have now started panicking we don't have enough clothes and am torn between not overbuying and poor LO having nothing to wear..... confused
Happy Saturday everyone!

frillylemons Sat 14-Jul-12 08:36:16

Poor DSis baby has an infection and has to stay in SCBU until at least Monday with and IV drip of antibiotics sad Poor DSis.

miaboo Sat 14-Jul-12 10:02:50

Thank you everyone, it was very scary at first as I orginally spent all sunday night and monday morning in the apartment feeling very hot/cold, shaking and being sick, I had put it down to trapped wind and tiredness but by the afternoon I had an awful pain in my back and the sickness got worse, We got to the hospital and I was sick in reception blush
They took me and dh to a room and asked me questions of my symptons which was abit difficult with the language then seperated us for 2 hours! That was the worst bit as I was so poorly and couldnt let him know what was happening, then he joined me and I was taken for a scan where a man pointed out features of baby and said he was ok, I was told I could go home in 2 hours, then I got put on a fluid drip, they took bloods and did a urine test,
Then they took me to another room and I had another scan by another women who knew no english and didnt show me anything! Then she gestured that I needed an internal after doing that she handed me a gown - I started to panic then and said no! They got an english speakng nurse then who told that I had a serious kidney infection and even though everything was ok with baby at that point I had to stay in and be monitored because I could go into labour!
I had a very nice room on my own for the next 4 days, I was on a constant fluid drip, they gave me antibiotics through a drip once a day and I had 2 paracetomaol drips a day to stop any fever, They came in a monitored babys heart rate and any contractions twice a day to.
some spoke english, some didnt but they all were lovely and really tried to make the effort which was nice as I was so upset as missing my 2 other boys holidays all the promises of picnics on the beach and pool fun sad
Dh was great and luckily my mum was with us so could have the boys whilst he visited.
My midwife said theres still traces of protein and has sent it off to be tested so hopefuly results back monday and we can go from there!
would I travel at 32 weeks pregnant again?? Maybe not!! smile

Whiteangel Sat 14-Jul-12 10:19:43

Oh no Frilly. They are in the best place and being well looked after! Try not to worry. Think happy thoughts for your baby. Well my thunder was well and truly stollen yesterday on my last day at work. One of the girls who was due to have her baby the day after me left a meeting after work on Thurs as her hands, feet and face were swelling. Hospital sent her home to rest but then her waters broke and after a 3h50 min labour she had a little boy, Harry, 7lb7! He was not going to hang around for another 3 weeks! I'm a bit scared now as realisation is setting in that my baby could come any time now I'm 37+! Are we ready?
Because I decided to leave a week earlier than I'd origionally planned and only gave everyone a few days notice it was all a bit of an anticlimax! I got a card and £30 which is lovely but not that generous from 40 people plus! Lots of them are coming to my thirtieth birthday party next Saturday afternoon so hoping DHs words of don't buy lots of clothes, we'll get loads of presents will come true then or we may also end up with a naked baby after a few days! Anyway better get up and help DH sort the house out before PiLs arrive for lunch in the new kitchen at one. Dish washer was plumbed in yesterday but can't get in touch with the plumber to check it is safe to use or not! Fingers crossed for no flooding! ;-)

tigger8 Sat 14-Jul-12 10:38:49


I am sure that I was on the 'due date' list but am not now - probably because I don't post often. Anyway, my due date was 27/7 same as 'I shop' but I gave birth through CS on weds 11th to a beautiful little girl who has a head full of dark hair - goodness knows how I managed to produce something so lovely! Won't bore or scare with my horror story - yep, even CS can be up there with the best of them! But I will hint at the fact that the anaesthetic did start to wear off and I could feel a little bit of the op!

Besotted by my daughter Beatrice. It really is all worth it!

ImissMiniPop Sat 14-Jul-12 13:35:19

Congrats Tiger! Wow, busy thread.

Maiboo, glad you're back home - how scary!

frilly, baby really is in the best place they'll sort him out and get him home pronto. Is your sis still on the ward?

Hope everyone is getting prepared (sounds like it!)

Can anyone recommend a sling for a v clingy new born (or 'newly decantered' as an old lady said to me this morning. What a great phrase!) grin

I know there was a lot of discussion about it up thread, but I can't remember what the best ones were.

Have also ordered a baby rocker thingy hope Minipop likes it other wise I am destined to spend the rest of mat leave trapped with a baby on me...!

susiegrapevine Sat 14-Jul-12 14:57:13

poppy no sling recomendations but hope your rocker has a vibrate function otherwise you will get achey leg rocking it all the time. Also found a rocking moses basket stand is good if you have a moses basket.

frilly hope dsis's baby gets better soon must be a scary time.

maiboo sounds like you had a horrid ordeal, glad you are feeling better now. Fingers crossed for your test results.

Have a party tonight for. Friends birthday. Was suppose to be a bbq but alas the weather is shite and cold!!

TMI warning but got a very painful bump right at bottom after doing the deed with dh this morn. Has gone now but hoping this is all normally. Never had a pain like that before!

NeedlesCuties Sat 14-Jul-12 17:12:49

minipop I got one of these slings for DC2, have heard good reports, and got it off a friend who used it for her DD's. Kari Me sling

tigger congrats on the birth of your DD, I've added you back to the list, so next time I post a list, you'll be on it smile

frilly sorry to hear bout your DN, hope she (and your sis) are doing ok. I have tested positive for Group B Strep, and the prospect of my LO being in SCBU with IV makes me scared. But she's in the best place, so will be fine again soon I'm sure.

white congrats on starting mat leave. I'm a SAHM so don't get mat leave, but I remember the bliss of finishing work before DS arrived and knowing I wouldn't be back for months and months.

Anyone else I haven't mentioned I send you my greetings and a lot of braxton hicks hmm

Gnomi Sat 14-Jul-12 18:01:18

I seriously can't believe how quickly this thread grows!

I'm 36+5 today, it all feels quite scarily close now. One more week left at work, woo hoo! smile i can't wait to start maternity leave. I've been quite lucky so far, just heartburn and swollen ankles to complain about. Baby's head was 1/5 engaged on Monday, so I've been bouncing on my ball as religiously.

For those who were part of the discussion a while ago about waxing pre-birth, I had a bikini wax yesterday. It didn't seem any more sensitive than normal. i did warn the therapist when i made the reservation that i was 8 months pregnant though. i also had a pedicure - i can't reach my toes any more! I highly recommend it though.

Congratulations Miss Jemima Felix is a brilliant name. Hope you're both doing well. thanks

Congratulations tigger8 - Beatrice is a beautiful name! thanks

Geek can you email your NCT tutor? Ours told us to get in touch with her in advance if there was anything you wanted to discuss specifically.

Ham Totally agree about the swimming thing, if you can get over the stares from other people - when i went on Wednesday, it was ask if the other swimmers expected me to give birth in the pool!

Happy Birthday ishop smile
Happy Birthday for tomorrow Panpipe smile

Miaboo i bet you're glad to be home! Sounds like a nightmare. Are things ok now?

It's taken me about half an hour to write this post! Off out to dinner tonight with DH and a lovely group of friends. Two of my friends have organised a baby shower for me in two weeks time - a complete surprise! I'll be nearly 39 weeks by then, but will have been off work for a week so shouldn't be too tired - i hope!

Have a lovely Saturday evening everyone!

capecath Sat 14-Jul-12 18:48:23

miaboo sounds like a greeeeat way to spend your holiday. Or not. sad At least you are in good hands. And geekette, not great not being able to go with things as planned but at least in hospital you will be monitored and you will have a few weeks there just to do nothing, so take advantage and enjoyed being bored!!! A little scary though...

ontheedgeof wow you're making me feel disorganised now, lot to get done still!

My feet have been so swollen and sore and getting a lot of pelvic pain which is making me feel a bit nervous but I think it may be normal. Struggling to get a midwife appointment at new GP (after moving house) but hopefully next week and at least have extra scan coming up this week so that will be reassuring.

Would really appreciate prayers for situation with the ILs. It's a very long story but they basically demanded for us to fly them up for 24 hours to tell us how under appreciated they are feeling, despite that we've been doing everything we can to make them feel appreciated... it is really quite a horrible situation which we're feeling very anxious about and we're going to have to say some tough things this week cos we've realised we've not been letting them know how we're feeling, just trying to keep the peace. Couldn't be at a worse time too (which is also typical). nightfall envious of what you have with your ILs!

tashaw I'd take that as a compliment smile

quickchat Sat 14-Jul-12 19:31:55

miaboo Our honeymoon used to be down as the worst holiday ever but I think your holiday beats it hands down sad. What a nightmare. Glad you got home safely, you'll feel better now that you are home id guess.

frilly sorry to hear about your Dsis baby being unwell. It is relatively common for newborns to get infections so hopefully he/she (please tell me which) will get home soon.

geekete why are they thinking of classic cut?

tashaw I had a big swollen face with DS and not with DD so just another pants theory!

tigger8 congrats! Another baby yey! Can't believe the anesthetic wore out. I couldn't feel my bottom half for a good 5-7 hours after it, that is unusual and unfortunate for you.

missjemima congrats to you too.smile

ontheedgeofwhatever Ive had plenty of days like yours over the last 5 years, don't feel bad. She will have forgotten about it already, it's just you who won't.
I had a similar day today. Just so peed off with health issues. I have an underactive thyroid, never felt good in 2 years since it happened. Im now anemic and now they think I have gestational diabetes. All 3 cause exhaustion so add to that 33 week PG with 3rd and a 5 yr old and a 2.5 yr old and chuck in some summer holidays - yep, Im the most horrible impatient mummy in the world sad.

I could have ran away today. Im moving house in 2 weeks too and Im so unorganised for this baby. I feel like im drowning and far too exhausted to do anything about it.

As soon as the midwife thought I had diabetes I was horrified and googled a low GI diet. Ive been on it for 2 days now and OMG, im so cranky. I didn't think I ate that much sugar but just missing out bread, certain cereals, fruit juice etc, I could dip my tongue in the sugar bowl!

I feel dizzy and weak and cranky as hell. I don't know if it's the anemia playing up again as similar symptoms but I do feel STARVING even though im still eating, but healthier.

Ughh shoot me now!

Nightfall1983 Sat 14-Jul-12 19:33:46

Poppy I also have the Kari Me sling, obv haven't used it yet so perhaps take this recommendation with a pinch of salt grin but I chose it because it has the best reviews and because it has the most positions to hold baby in that I can find, so you can use it with baby cradled for sleeping or breast feeding, with baby upright facing you when awake or for sleeping esp if baby is refluxy, with baby facing outwards to see the work when old enough and with baby on your back when big enough. They are pricey though, I got mine second-hand on ebay and it's perfect!!

capecath Sorry about your ILs sad No advice really, though happy to pray for you all. Any chance you can say something along the lines of "We love you, but since we are about to have our baby we need to concentrate on that right now and will have to deal with everything else later. We know that you are very happy for us and will understand that we have to put the baby first"?

So today baby learnt a new trick - pushing against my ribs making them feel v. sore and bruised :-( I see what the rest of you mean now, it's really not fun and makes every position other that standing dead upright really uncomfortable :-( Crappy nights sleep last night and not holding out much more hope for tonight - though the ILs do have a lovely soft spare bed so fingers crossed that will help.

Another attempt at the 3D scan tomorrow - yay - and a chance to find out if baby is still breech, I think it is but can't tell at all really...

forgetfulmrs Sat 14-Jul-12 20:19:50

Hi Ladies

Please can I join this late in the day? I am due on 6th August and already have DS aged nearly 3. I am officially fed up of being pg now but its all worth it in the end. I am absolutely massive and attract pitying looks from strangers wherever I waddle. Oh well. 3 weeks, 1 day to go.

NeedlesCuties Sat 14-Jul-12 21:34:24

ontheedgeofwhatever (?) DC2 due 25/7/12
mrsmamma (27) DC1 due 27/7/12
ishopthereforeiam (32) DC2 due 27/7/12 in UCLH, London, England
Loupee (26) DC1 due 28/7/12 in Royal Infirmary Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland
aflycup (24) DC1 due 30/7/12
GwenGotLost (26) DC? due 31/7/12, Swansea, Wales
farmerswifey (30) DC1 GIRL due 31/7/12 in Aberystwyth, Wales

cupoftea123 (?) DC1 due 2/8/12
Whiteangel (?) DC1 BOY due 2/8/12
dragonleo (29) DC1 GIRL due 3/8/12 in Whittington Hospital, London, England
margarethamilton (?) DC1 due 3/8/12
Tubtoes (31) DC1 due 3/8/12
warzonemummy (?) DC? GIRL due 4/8/12 in St. George’s, London, England
babbashouse (?) DC? due 4/8/12
danielou (?) DC3 due 4/8/12 in Worcestershire Royal Hospital, England
ChicBabyP (?) DC1 due 5/8/12
lynniegooner (43) DC2 due 5/8/12
halfdoneharris (28) DC1 due 5/8/12
forgetfulmrs (?) DC2 due 6/8/12
Nel1975 (?) DC1 due 6/8/12
Littlelamb1980 (31) DC1 BOY due 6/8/12 in St. Thomas Hospital, London, England
JParkson (28) DC3 due 6/8/12 in Swindon, England
Gnomi (29) DC1 BOY due 7/8/12
panpipe (26) DC1 due 7/8/12
McBaby (31) DC1 7/8/12 in Barnet, Herts, England
Westcountrywife (33) DC1 BOY due 7/8/12 in RD & E, Exeter, England
Alizzle (24) DC1 due 8/8/12
Huia (?) DC? due 8/8/12
Mummiestobe (33) DC? due 8/8/12 in Dorchester, England
faintpinkline (?) DC2 due 8/8/12
WelshLadyCDF (40) DC1 GIRL due 8/8/12
ballinderrymum (32) DC2 due 8/8/12
woopsidaisy (36) DC3 due 8/8/12
SwanseaMum (?) DC3 due 8/8/12
Weekipper (32) DC1 due 9/8/12 in Edinburgh, Scotland
mancmummy (?) DC2 due 9/8/12
ffscatmove (35) DC1 due 10/8/12 in John Radcliffe (Spires MW unit)
Robsbaby77 (?) DC? BOY due 10/8/12
lovemarmite (38) DC1 GIRL due 11/8/12 in Eastbourne, England
ByeBabyBatshit (35) DC1 11/8/12 TWINS!
The3Bears (24) DC2 BOY due 11/8/12
Stinyminkymoo (35) DC1 due 11/8/12
hamncheese (24) DC1 due 11/8/12 in Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Scotland
vinolover (29) DC3 BOY due 11/8/12 in RSCH, Brighton, England
eightieshopaholic (32) DC1 BOY due 12/8/12 in Worcester Hospital, England
CATwith2Kittens (32) DC3 due 12/8/12 in Wareham, Dorset, England
namechangerbat (?) DC3 due 13/8/12
HopefulPositive (31) DC1 due 13/8/12 TWINS!
Glittershoes (27) DC1 BOY due 14/8/12 in Hull Women’s and Children’s Hospital, England
capecath (29) DC2 due 15/8/12 in Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, Scotland
MrsMigginslovespies (35) DC1 BOY due 15/8/12 in Borders & General Hospital, Scottish Borders
lollilu (?) DC1 due 15/8/12
thatboysmum (?) DC2 due 16/8/12 in Medway Maritime Hospital, England
ArtyJennie (31) DC2 due 17/8/12 in Croydon Uni Hospital, England
OnlyWantsOneTwoAndThree (?) DC3 due 17/8/12
Gingerelle (30) DC1 due 17/8/12
Voscar (31) DC1 due 18/8/12 in Darrent Valley Hospital, Dartford, England
Salt14 (?) DC1 due 18/8/12
technoduck (27) DC1 BOY due 18/8/12 in Bath, Somerset, England
lexielexielexie (?) DC2 BOY due 18/8/12
Glimpers (33) DC2 GIRL due 19/8/12 in GWH, Swindon, England
tashaw28 (36) DC3 due 19/8/12 in Barnet Hospital, Herts, England
flyingleo (33) DC2 due 19/8/12 in UCH, London, England
pintofmilk (35) DC3 GIRL due 19/8/12
practicallyimperfect (?) DC2 due 20/8/12
sc0ttishlass (34) DC1 due 20/8/12 in Princess Royal, Glasgow, Scotland
firstfroggy (34) DC1 due 20/8/12
miaboo (29) DC3 BOY due 21/8/12
susiegrapevine (29) DC2 BOY due 21/8/12 in Hastings, Sussex, England
Tusa (?) DC1 due 21/8/12
Geekette (32) DC1 due 21/8/12 in West Suffolk, Bury St. Edmunds, England
vanimal (37) DC3 due 22/8/12
NewRoadToHappiness (?) DC? BOYS due 22/8/12 TWINS!
TheRealMrsSmith (32) DC4 due 23/8/12
Louper (?) DC1 due 23/8/12
peeriebear (32) DC3 due 23/8/12
NeedlesCuties (27) DC2 due 24/8/12
Sparklesandglitter (27) DC1 due 24/8/12
Loislane78 (34) DC1 GIRL due 24/8/12 in Cambridge, England
danmoore00 (39) DC3 due 25/8/12 in Darrent Valley, Kent, England
nearlymumofone (34) DC2 due 25/8/12
Nightfall1983 (28) DC1 due 25/8/12 in Derby, England
Caitycat (?) DC? due 25/8/12 in Sheffield, England
alisonmcg (25) DC1 due 26/8/12
therumoursaretrue (22) DC1 due 26/8/12
Estya (35) DC2 due 27/8/12 in Darenth Valley, Kent, England
PictureThis (38) DC2 BOY due 27/8/12
FrillyLemons (24) DC1 due 28/8/12
Signet2012 (29) DC1 GIRL due 28/8/12
fairtradelu (29) DC1 due 28/8/12 in York, England
hellokit (?) DC3 due 29/8/12
purplelooby (32) DC1 BOY due 29/8/12 in Bolton, England
theressomethingaboutmarie (35) DC2 BOY due 30/8/12
Jods1 (?) DC? due 30/8/12
MrsLister (35) DC1 BOY due 30/8/12 in Homerton, Hackney, England
kellzi (?) DC? due 31/8/12 in Woodford, Essex, England
missingpate (31) DC1 due 31/8/12
Clarabell78 (?) DC? due 31/8/12 in Southern General, Glasgow, Scotland
justine09x (25) DC3 GIRL due 31/8/12
quickchat (35) DC3 due 31/8/12 in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Scotland

tigger8 (?) DC? due 27/7/12, GIRL born 11/7/12
missjemima (?) DC2 BOY due 3/8/12, born 10/7/12
PoppySeed34 (34) DC1 BOY due 4/8/12, born 28/5/12

geekette Sun 15-Jul-12 00:31:02

Late night, last minute update:
Luckily, the nct class today already had c-sections on the agenda! Lucky me! I even got a few books to catch up on lost mental preparation time.

It will possibly be a classic cut because of the location of the fibroid. It is right were the cut should be and they don't want to touch it as it can bleed a lot. We still have a bit of hope. If the fibroid turns out to be on the inner side of the uterus then maybe they can do a bikini cut! A scan on the day will tell.

My sling is a mei tai off etsy but I tried a moby today and it feel really good... I might get one.

And welcome to the new joiners!

susiegrapevine Sun 15-Jul-12 04:40:48

Ok had party at mine everyone is drunk and comatosed in my livng room! Got up and dh is in kitchen drinking water says he is not feeling rough (yeah). So its me that has to get up in the night and gaviscon it up cos of the stupid reflux! And feeling rough and like I've been drinking when I haven't! Dear me! No fair!

geekette you are not alone the thought of anyone saying I would have to have a c-section terrifies me and I do not think I would be at all calm if they told me in advance and eapecially if they told me I would have to be sliced right across my belly! Fingers crossed they can go for the bikini line. Sending hugs

Happy birthday panpipe

Hope you're feeling better ontheedge

capecath your ILs sound like a 'mare, try and keep them away from you as much as pos and make sure you get plenty of support from DH/DP!

Welcome forgetful

poppy Forgot to say aaaages ago blush I couldn't click on your profile to see pics of minipop but hope he's doing well?

Thanks for birthday wishes gnomi grin am now a year older!

Rant alert angry Further to my mother being borderline psychotic re sister's b'day last week, this week she text me during the week to see if she could see me at the weekend as my birthday yest (she hasn't really bothered texting / calling me for about a month now) and said we could go to see her or she would take us out, I said why don't we go out (locally to me) and grab a quick bite, she said yes what do you fancy I said your choice.... yesterday on my birthday I get a vm from my dad (doesn't even say happy birthday!) saying oh mum says your free tomorrow why don't you come over (1 hour drive 2 weeks before baby is coming, did the drive last weekend to see dsis for her birthday but psycho mum had already taken her out so went to see dad instead!) mum will do a roast with all the trimmings oh and pick your sister up on the way. No text or call from mum all day (happy birthday maybe!?). I'm fuming. 1. Why even ask me what I want to do if you are going to ignore it. 2. What sort of mother does not even text or call her child on its birthday? 3. Just belurgh! Praying I am not any sort of mother like her as my dd and dstobe grow up. Now we're supposedly going out somewhere local to me but I can't stand to see her as I absolutely detest her at this moment in time... it will all be so fake as she hasn't bothered at all with me or dd for pretty much a month (since I told her I couldn't go to dsis birthday as Mil's b'day on same day).

Also still very worried due to my iron levels being so low pre c/s plus the GP said she thinks I may have kidney stones but can't do anything. Now I've got insomnia badly again too.

I just don't need the stress! Sorry such a long post just feeling so sad and angry

woopsidaisy Sun 15-Jul-12 08:01:49

Oh Ishop, that all sounds pretty stressful.
I would forget the whole meeting for dinner/lunch thing. Just lie on the sofa with a box of birthday chocs and relax. Tell them that you are on bed rest, Drs orders?!
Forget about all these side issues-cos that is what they are-and concentrate on yourself and bub. I'm sure the hospital will sort out your iron levels.
And I'm with you on the insomnia!

Here, happy birthday!thanks

Westcountrylovescheese Sun 15-Jul-12 08:33:35

Ishop your DM sounds a nightmare! Can your DH not step in to calm it down? I agree that you don't need the stress. Any way that you can just go out, you and your little family, and turn all phones off. I would be seriously tempted.

My DM can be a little mad - not as bad as yours sounds though - and sometimes I just have to cut contact for a while for my own sanity. You need to prioritise yourself at the moment as you have your LO to think of - and no way should you travel to them -.

hamncheese Sun 15-Jul-12 16:03:55

miaboo That's so crap about your holiday I really feel for you. Was on a holiday from hell once in France when younger, camping and it was torrential rain, everything soaked, Mum got violently ill, I got horrendous sunburn, tried to grin and bear it then the car got broken into. Swiftly drove home. And that's no where near as bad as yours what with hospitals and being pregnant, sorry it was so tough sad

minipop like others said for sling. Was told at sling meet that any stretchy sling is good they are basically just lengths of jersey fabric so moby or kari me etc, I have a moby and it seems really good just trying it with a doll.

Goodness sake gnomi why are people so nosey. Do they really think you would go swimming in the public pool if you were in labour? I hate it too. I go in the jacuzzi even though you aren't meant to (having read up and found its not the temperature you go in, it's how hot YOU get, that is dangerous so if you feel too hot thats bad, but if you don't it's ok... same for bath temps) but always get looks going in and have to now only go in at the end hiding myself behind DH otherwise I get the lifeguards warning me every single week about it and advising I read the notice on the wall about it. Um, no thanks.

Sorry you are feeling so crap quickchat sad

Ugh not again ishop tell your mum you will be at home on your birthday and they can come to you if they want! Do what you want with your DH and DD smile Also... piriton for a sleep??

Anyone else getting very little in the way of braxton hicks? I've had only a few and none in the last week or two.

TMI warning, has anyone found their body clearing things out a lot? I am going several times a day now and it feels like my body is saying GET THAT OUT NOW! you know? Weird.

Well today we set the car seat up which was thankfully much easier than the pram was. Also my Mum has an old chest freezer that sits in my gran's garage which we can have. Was going to be too big for our pantry but decided what the hell just put it in the study, does it really matter? So making a list of tasty meals to store now smile Also had a viewing on Saturday which seemed to go really well. Sadly the ones before that have gone well have still ended in no thanks so trying not to be positive. I always get positive then hear the news they don't want the flat and then feel all down about it. I wish I could turn off the emotions when it comes to this whole house selling malarky argh!! Oh well. Making chicken kievs... FROM SCRATCH!... tonight woohoo grin

Signet2012 Sun 15-Jul-12 17:04:41

I'm sat in the corner. Fat. Hot. With a elbow digging in what feels like my bum hole. angry

Thought I'd check in cos it's been a while!

Congrats on all the babies. 6 weeks for me !

Had a really bizarre feeling last night that I should have something in my arms. Said to DP that it feels wrong her being in there. I want her in my arms! He just smiled and patted my leg and said " careful what you wish for in a few months you will want your arms back grin".

frillylemons Sun 15-Jul-12 19:18:58

Hey! Anyone ever get things that feel like mild period pains?

signet, you poor thing sad

Signet2012 Sun 15-Jul-12 19:27:00

Yes I've had a few and what I can only describe as an electric shock in side my fan jo! grin. No idea what is but it makes me jump grin

Lovemarmite Sun 15-Jul-12 19:37:58

miaboo glad you're home and wow, yes your holiday beats any of my disasters hands down too. You need some relaxation time now and another break!

quickchat big hug to you and rant away! We'll get through this all together, sorry you're feeling so pants.

ham yes, I'm having a few clear outs but I wonder if it's my mung bean diet blush and maybe I'd have a few more if the iron tablets weren't being taken too. BH too - not sure? I get tight but I think it's because LO one practicing her synchronised swimming techniques and I get a foot, elbow and then a ripple and then my whole tummy goes tight and then a massive lump on one side where she's decided to settle again wink

ishop happy birthday!!! wine thanks and I agree, hope you can sit on the sofa and just do what you want, a box of chocolates and feet up? It's your day and I hope you can enjoy it, mad DMs are not worth the stress!

Yes to the insomnia - I get an hour sleep, hips ache and then have to turn, takes me to get on all fours to actually turn, then another hour two, my hips hurt, have to turn - ahh! But last night managed 3 whole hours asleep... I know after the stork's arrival, sleep is elusive but surely it's not as painful? unless the hips are moving back in again? aghhhhh

Lovemarmite Sun 15-Jul-12 19:38:53

frilly yes, but convinced they're bowel movements needed - TMI!!!!

Lovemarmite Sun 15-Jul-12 19:40:32

panpipe Happy Birthday to you too! winethanks

Westcountrylovescheese Sun 15-Jul-12 20:23:38

Frilly, yes I've been having period pains the last couple of days. Also had my first Braxton hicks yesterday, very odd. Told DH and his face went white... Eek. I think maybe it's just as there is only 3 weeks left and things are getting into place rather than a sign that things are happening.

Well tomorrow I will be 36+6 which I've read is the day you ate considered full term. Eek eek eek!

frillylemons Sun 15-Jul-12 20:25:08

Ha ha lovemarmite!

I had an amazing night sleep last night for the first time in WEEKS! DH and I went to the summer classical concert at Leeds Castle smile It was amazing!! Outside for 9 hours in rain and all sorts which probably helped the sleep!!

frillylemons Sun 15-Jul-12 20:27:54

Wow west, that's so exciting!! I only have 2 weeks until ML! And those 2 weeks are half days grin Woop!

panpipe Sun 15-Jul-12 20:29:37

Thanks for the birthday wishes; I've had a lovely but busy day with lunch at the ILs and carrying on with painting the nursery! Lovely DH really spoilt me and got me an iPad! Very lucky girl.

Frilly I've been having period-type pains for a few days too combined with real moments of hard bump ache. I wonder if it's braxton hicks as I don't think I've actually had too many of them at all. Another little part of my mind says I wonder if it's baby trying to get ready to come out which would be great as I've definitely got to the fed up stage with 3 weeks to go!

Pram issues sorted too! I managed to find someone who had the Strawberry in stock so we had a trip into London yesterday morning to get that and then cancelled the order from my original shop. I feel so much more relieved!

Hope you're all enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday evening smile

frillylemons Sun 15-Jul-12 20:38:34

So glad you got your pram sorted pan. Those are exactly the pains/aches I've been getting! Same re bump too smile

quickchat Sun 15-Jul-12 21:00:09

hamncheese I started getting the runs today blush. Ive had the odd dodgy tum on and off over last few weeks but today was horrible.

With last two PG I started getting this 2/3 weeks before my waters broke shock they were both 3.1 weeks early. Im 33.2 today..............Help!

I want bump to know this is unacceptable. We move in 2 weeks into rented for another two weeks then we move into our new house and DS starts school. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay in there. As much as Im hating every little minute and PG is making me ill, Im/we are far too busy and stressed for an early arrival OK.

Urgh, just want a break from exhaustion so I can at least get the baby's things ready. DH as usual, has left EVERYTHING to the last minute so there is nobody to help me with my two DC's and im struggling with them, never mind all the stuff we have to do before the big move.

>paperbag moment<

Once it was safe to be outwith 20 yards of a toilet today, I took DS into town for the rest of his school stuff. This was pretty late in the day so we ran out of time but got most of it.

He is small for his age so he looks sooooo tiny in his very serious black trousers!

I had bought all the tops/jackets etc from the school PTA and I haven't tried it on him yet, just against him but today I went to john Lewis and put the trousers on him and obviously had shoes fitted etc.

OMG, he stood there in his age 4 trousers, still long, looking up at me with his big blue eyes and I just wanted to cry!! He's too small, he's still my baby! Once he goes to school that's it, he will start to slowly loose his innocent little face and just start telling me to shut up and such like!

He was so cute with his Spiderman lunch box he wouldn't let go.
He is very chatty and just marched up to a male sales assistant who was about 6'7 and getting neck strain looking down on him.

"Im a big boy now and im going to school, this is my spiderman lunch box
> launches lunchbox upwards towards giant man<
, do you like it"? "My mummy is going to put my sandwich in it and I can eat it at school with my friends instead of having lunch with my mummy"..........

Can you imagine how hard it was not to weep at that stage (this stage of PG)>

OK, maybe lots of you who are just about to have your first are thinking, what a boring fud she is, that is not worthy of typing out but seriously, you have no idea how quickly this has all come around. Pre PG hormones Id have just thought, aww cute but it nearly broke me grin.

eightieshopaholic Sun 15-Jul-12 21:33:35

Just checking in, read every day but fall asleep often before post!!

36wks today... reeling wishing time would fly by!! have last growth scan on wed so will post how big then.

really unsure if to ask to c section if he's as they expect 8Ib ish!! last scan they expected big baby and were still saying happy for me to go 10 days over so potential 6 weeks more growth when possibly 8Ib now arrrrrhhhhhh!!! scared!!!

Those who have c section before, how long before you can drive get about etc... fella only has one week off so will be on own when home.

no braxton hicks for me yet think my little one is on the relaxed side typical boy!!!

forgetfulmrs Sun 15-Jul-12 21:37:24

frilly yes I have been having period pains too for the past week or so. Feels very unusual and I didnt get them with my first pregnancy but I guess its just baby moving into position.

quickchat aww that is so sweet I think I would have blubbed. My DS will be starting pre-school in September just 2 mornings a week but I am dreading it. He has been for a trial run and I left him there for an hour. They assured me he was fine and I watched him through the window when I came back and he was playing happily. But he looked way too grown up, the past 3 years have flown by!

ontheedgeofwhatever Sun 15-Jul-12 21:41:49

Quickchat that's so lovely. DD is in year 1 now but I remember her first day in reception like it was yesterday, its such an emotional moment - good luck to him. What are you going to put in his first sandwich?

Glad to hear pram got sorted frilly - was really emotional putting mine together made me realise baby really is coming. I've just been washing little sheets ready for pram and moses basket - underlines how tiny babies are when you fold their sheets smile

My SIL has given me a karrime siling but i've no idea how to use it. I'd like to sometimes as bus can be crowded with prams in morning doing school run. I've looked at instructions on their website but still feel horribly overwhelmed - worried I'll either never get it on or never get it off again.

today and yesterday were far better days. I only shouted at DD once (for leaving satsuma peel all over sofa yet again) and have been mainly IMHO nice to know.

Is anyone getting stabbing pains in left hand side of their stomach? I seem to be getting quite a few of them. They're really painful, usually happen when I'm walking about and go on for 10-15 minutes. I've got a hospital appointment tomorrow so will mention them then. Hopefully nothing important

Going in to hospital to be induced on 25th so only 10 days left.

Oh and Poppy swaddling worked for us with dd too. Tiny babies seem to like the security of it.

Westcountrylovescheese Sun 15-Jul-12 21:51:28

Oh quick chat that is just so adorable. How cute...

quickchat Sun 15-Jul-12 22:10:33

ok im now sounding like a total hypochondriac - yes im getting the stabbing pains too ontheedge.

Im ok about it though as I remember getting them with my other two. Mine are mainly on the right and it really is sore at times.

I just imagine it's stretching ligaments or ovary twangs smile. Maybe even where the baby like to dig heels in, I have no idea but sometimes if, say I stand up quickly I feel like I have literally been stabbed and am bent over.

Panpipe hope you had a fab birthday?

Thanks all - well we had lunch (near where we live!) all very civilised and pleasant now DH and I very confused as such odd behaviour from mum over last month and all of a sudden it's like nothing has ever happened. Although this happens every 6 months to year or so and dh said she would be completely normal and act as if nothing's happened so he knows! Oh well, no head space to deal with it all right now hmm.

Thanks ham def going to try piriton for some zzzzs

ps those period like pains sound like Braxton Hicks / contractions to me? Wonder if we''ll have some more thread babies this week wink?

Happy week to all grin

quickchat Sun 15-Jul-12 23:03:31

ishop she is definitely a fruity one> Is there any chance she is going through 'the change' and it has sent her battier than usual?

It sounds like she gets stuff all twisted in her own head and exaggerated then after preforming like a loon she starts to wind down a bit and even realise she 'may' have went too far?

Yes, zzzzzzzzz away and leave her to her own madness. You will learn what not to do with your kids and be a brilliant mum x

hamncheese Mon 16-Jul-12 07:15:42

hope the piriton helped ishop

I didn't sleep very well for several reasons. DH had a dream (no idea what about) and I woke up to him like thrashing about and turning over 8 times like a maniac and when I woke him he said something about flight paths and runways. So after pretending to be a jumbo jet and waking me up I was kept up by these new tenants upstairs who have just moved in and like to rearrange their bedroom furniture at 2am... WTF?! So DH stirs too and I say "do you think it is time to get the broom and knock the ceiling to shut them up?" and he says yes and then turns over and goes back to sleep. I'm not climbing on the bed with a broom at 36weeks so I have to wait up awake til the morons shut up grrr. THEN DH wakes me up at 6am to look at a rash on his neck angry

Also my body is still clearing out blush seriously every few hours and it is a bit looser than usual but not like when you are ill, if you get me. Trying hard not to see it as a sign things are getting closer as it's too exciting! (Pregnancy... the only time that bowel movements are considered exciting hmm )

miaboo Mon 16-Jul-12 07:54:30

I've been having bowel movements like that for weeks mainly during the night the pain wakes me up and then I'm sat on the loo at 2am in serious pain, cold and shaking debating wether this it or not! blush
I'm having serious hip pain now sometimes I go to walk and it gives way and I end up limping and wanting to cry cant even manage school runs without dreading it or it taking me ages, baby is so low down he's hurting my pelvis and I know it sounds really bad but I feel like a crap mum!, I feel like I'm either doing nothing with my other 2 or shouting at them and I cant excited about ths baby sad
I'm tired and so frustrated that I cant do the things that I want to and when I'm normally so organised this is killing me!
I know I should be taking it alittle easy especially after being in hospital and I get my test results today to but if someone offered me a cs today I would seriously consider it just so I can move again! sad

hamncheese Mon 16-Jul-12 08:36:13

Oh miaboo that sounds so awful I feel so bad for you thanks it's so tough just now because it's so close but not close enough. I remember being about 25 weeks thinking wow I can't wait til I'm full term then it'll be so close and easy as it won't be long to go but now we are there and they days are just dragging in! I'm sure you are not being a bad mum, and it's not for long until the baby is here and all the crappy pregnancy stuff will be over. Do you have any other family or friends who could help entertain your other DCs while you rest? sad

miaboo Mon 16-Jul-12 08:52:09

I have a friend and the childrens uncle that can do the school runs for me but I just feel guilty that I cant always do it especially as this is his first year and it's coming to an end, I went to his assembley the other day which was really difficult as I had to take ds2 with me who is 20 months and they made me take him out the pushchair and carry him round to the hall so I had to then struggle with him trying to get him to sit on a chair or my knee the entire time whuch is hard with a massive bump and pgp! grrr!!
Ds 2 goes to nursery on a wednesday so thats my rest day as such!
Just want to get things sorted in the house and tidy incase I have to go into hospital early (bit ocd and really dont like people in my house if I'm not there!)
Ds2 seems abit of daddys boy and I think I'm feeling like I've missed out because I was pregnant just after he turned 1 so I cant do the running around and the silly games that he can - dam hormones make you overthink so much!!
feel cheated I missed my hols by being in hospital and then missing my 30th birthday and having to spend the money I saved for a birthday meal on the food shopping as hubby missed out on wages having to spend the an extra week away to!
Just a tired, in pain, hormonal grump at the minute!! smile

NeedlesCuties Mon 16-Jul-12 09:07:19

Morning all!

I have appt with community midwife this afternoon. Going to get her to examine my scar from last labour, as I'm still a bit scared (actually totally bricking it!) about how it might be effected if I tear again this time. I had spoken to the hospital Dr about it at 31 weeks, but I may as well have been asking a wall, as she was most certainly nice-but-dim... I really trust my Comm MW, had her as well back in 2009-2010 when I had DS.

Thankfully my mum has agreed to mind DS for an hour so I don't have to take him with me. I usually don't mind taking him to appts, but not when I'm getting examined, as I don't think it's right for him and I wouldn't be able to relax.

eighties are you worried about having an 8lb baby? Or are the medics worried about it? My first was 8lb 6oz and was born at 39 weeks. Good healthy weight, and he's been tall and stocky ever since. DH and I are both average heights and average weights. At my last growth scan with him they predicted he would be 8lb 5oz, so they were only 1oz wrong..... or do you mean the baby is measuring 8lbs now??? In that case, ignore what I just said confused grin

Can't remember who was saying about braxton hicks, but I'm getting them too. Quite a lot actually, especially after sex. Will be mentioning it to Comm MW this afternoon.

ham you have my sympathy about not sleeping well. Last night DS woke up and just wouldn't settle. He ended up in my place in bed with DH, and I slept in his toddler bed. My legs were either dangling off the end, or curled up. Woke up this morning and pretty much had to click all my limbs back into place hmm Hope he doesn't make this a regular occurrence...


Whiteangel Mon 16-Jul-12 09:15:43

Quick I'm sat here in floods of tears reading your description of your little man in his school uniform! I'm sure it will only feel like five mins until I'm doing all that!
First proper day of maternity leave today. Was lovely to roll over (easier said than done) and go back to sleep when DH got up at 6:45! Up and dressed waiting for the man to come and fix our front door now. Going to make myself a cuppa and watch some rubbish day time tv for a bit! So good not to be at work! 2 weeks and 3 days to go!

hamncheese Mon 16-Jul-12 09:20:41

needles I totally feel like that with all the clicking back into place. I am assuming it's the hormone that makes all your bits more flexible happening at the moment but everything feels wonky and things are cracking all the time like elbows and knees and especially my toes! My toes click with every step I take... feel like I'm falling apart and I'm not even having to sleep in a toddler bed!!

Thanks quick - she's been like that for at least 17-18 years, I think it's because she loved us (children) all a bit too much and then as we've grown up and fled the nest her own life has become a bit empty so she just finds dramas and fights to start for entertainment (sorry a bit deep!).

Ham - sorry I did chuckle a little bit abour your DH's dream! My dream was that I was told my double chin (something am v sensitive about at the mo as it's just appeared in pg and referenced yest by DM as "you're face has got fuller" and "hello fatty"!) was because I had throat cancer (!?). Hope you manage to squeeze some extra zzzs in soon! The bowel movements sound like freeing the body up too...

Mia that sounds really painful. My hips/ bits where thighs join torso have started getting q painful lately. Just make sure you rest as much as you can.

Needles - what was your tear like last time if you don't mind me asking? Think we may've chatted about it b4 but as mine was a 3rd/4th they recommended a C/S for me. If that's what you would like - some tips ;-) ... when you see the mw later today ask to speak to a consultant and remind them how long it took you to recover (for me at least 6 months til back to normal), how traumatised you were (no joke - it was bloody awful for me!), how (hopefully) you've been lucky to escape incontinence free but are terrified of re tearing and suffering even worse injuries next time around, and how you are fortunate to have resumed (hopefullY!) a normal sex life but many with that degree of tearing are unable to.

Probably not the best time to do this but how about a game...*complete the following: Pregnancy is ..."*

OOps complete the following: pregnancy is...

Westcountrylovescheese Mon 16-Jul-12 11:51:52

Pregnancy is: about 3 weeks too long wink

(36+6 today)

geekette Mon 16-Jul-12 13:51:52

pregnancy is falling in love with your body even if it feels like it is falling apart.

dragonleo Mon 16-Jul-12 13:59:30

Haven't posted in ages. Just back from a summer hols and into maternity leave now- BLISS. Good to see some babies on the thread! I also need to join the stabbing pains in the groin club- frequent yelps have become the norm.

Pregnancy is: an amazing excuse to eat cake

37+3...beyond excited smile

ontheedgeofwhatever Mon 16-Jul-12 14:11:07

Just home. Went to hospital this morning and spent well over an hour on the monitor as baby seemed to be fast asleep and refused to move for ages despite loads of iced water - naughty baby. However it shifted eventually and they let me go. Then went to town and got last few things for hospital bag and a couple of basically chick lit books as can't imagine I'll be concentrating that hard in early labour.

After all your talk of whether babies are engaged, I checked my notes at at 35 + 2 when I last saw community midwife it said 5/5 - hopefully its shifted a bit since then maybe 35 weeks was a bit early really.

Miaboo I've been struggling with school runs too. Not sleeping well and keep getting knee cramps which are horrible. One of my friends has taken pity on me and is doing the afternoon ones for me which has helped massively. Not long now until term ends so take heart and look forward to slightly more leisurely mornings at least until baby turns up.

I asked about the stabbing pains and midwife said what's been said above - just ligament pain and nothing to worry about so that's a relief.

Whiteangel Mon 16-Jul-12 14:43:15

Quick question. Do I need to buy something waterproof for the Moses basket and cot? Do little boy nappies leak often or will changing sheets be enough?
Pregnancy is ... nearly over! Going to miss my bump but can't wait to meet my baby!

quickchat Mon 16-Jul-12 14:54:16

Pregnancy is: a good way of remembering to appreciate the little things in life.....like bending, walking, sleeping and wine.

miaboo you are someone else, some where else, living my life!

All the things getting to you are getting to me too. Feel I do nothing with my two - except shout.
Feel so sad about missing out on DD (youngest) as the time DS was going to school was the time I was going to have just me and her. That time you have with your first that you don't have with the second - now a new baby will come along and she will get middle child syndrome - sorry, did you say something about thinking too much? hmm!

I feel so sorry for her and I just want to catch my breath after having her to actually enjoy her but instead, I fell PG by accident.
Ive been very exhausted with other ailments too so I've done NOTHING with her. She is a real Daddy's girl and he takes her swimming etc.
On a Saturday morning DH takes both of them to a skate park with their scooters and on Sunday he takes them swimming. Im just the fat moaning lump in the house who is no fun during the week! Im lucky to have a great DH who enjoys his kids but at the same time, im envy at how good he is.

I remember feeling very sad about DS when I was PG with DD so it's just the same hormonal rubbish haunting us now. DS is a real mummies boy at time so he obviously has forgotten what a physco I was at the end of her PG then a bore for a year after!

Im sure my latest moaning will be ringing some bells with him!

Signet2012 Mon 16-Jul-12 15:44:36

Just back from midwife appointment and it seems my hunch was right! Baby appears to have turned round and is head down not bum down! Hoping she stays this way.

34 weeks now and apart from a complete intolerance to heat, heartburn and a constant desire to wee I feel fine.

Can someone explain all this 3/5/ 5/5 etc to me. I can't find anything about this in my notes.

hamncheese Mon 16-Jul-12 15:53:21

pregnancy is shit *

*except for the getting a baby part of course

Just had to be brutally honest I've hated being pregnant like being ill in one way or another for 9 months. Been positive throughout (how else to get through) but just noting this for the future when that magical hormone comes to erase all the crap and I think "hmm, what about another?" grin

NeedlesCuties Mon 16-Jul-12 16:10:47

ishop I will PM soon, rather than discuss my tear and the issues with it on the main thread smile

Had MW appt earlier. Am 34+2 and she told me I'm measuring 38 weeks! Still wearing size 12-14 clothes, so I'm all bump. She sort of looked at me, told me that "all women have different length abdomens... but you might go early...."

Woohoo! Would love to go early. Not sure early, just a tiny bit. Please!

signet the 3/5, 4/5 stuff is all about how far engaged your baby is down in your pelvis. Not sure how to explain it properly, but I'm sure someone else can, or Google could.

Right, have to dash. Trying to sort out washing, cooking and tidying up after DS before DH gets home from work.

quick how old is your dd?

needles good idea! have replied.

Loving all the pregnancy is bits... still haven't made up my mind yet it varies from "Pregnancy is means to an end..." to "Pregnancy is a life miracle"! Depends what day you catch me 2nd trimester prob the latter but 1st and 3rd def not!

37 weeks today. MW appointment was fine other than still got blood in my urine and no uti? Bloods gone off to be checked.


ByeBabyBatshit Mon 16-Jul-12 16:54:05

Another two babies to report! My twins (Leo and Joshua) were born at 32+5 on 21 June, weighing 3 lb 11 and 3 lb 15. Now home after 3 weeks in Brighton neonatal unit (wonderful place). Babies are gorgeous, even when they don't permit us to get to sleep until 5am. Not being pregnant any more is wonderful!

I know I wasn't the only one expecting multiples on this thread- hope my fellow multiple mums are doing well.

fairtradelu Mon 16-Jul-12 17:27:26

Congrats Byebaby!

Pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster but the ups most definitely beat the downs (although, admittedly I haven't experienced labour yet!)

Signet maybe it's something that is brought up a bit later? I'm 34 weeks tomorrow and midwife made no mention of it at my app this morning and there is nothing about it on my notes yet. Baby is currently head down - that's enough for me, even if it is super lopsided with spine pretty much down my side - lots of cat positions for me over the coming weeks!

Vinolover Mon 16-Jul-12 18:10:13

Congratulations Byebaby smile Does this make four or five babies now? smile

Im another with a dodgy tummy at the moment but I can't put my finger on what is wrong. I'm not loose but I'm more regular if you get my drift. There really is no shame in pregnancy is there lol. I have really lost my appetite which is strange though and I'm having a lot more stronger braxton hicks plus the pressure between my legs is really uncomfortable sometimes. I know it's my body getting ready for the birth but Im really hoping I'm not going to still be here in 5/6weeks times waiting for induction!

Is anybody else going to try evening primrose oil? I dont fancy taking the supplement because it can upset your tummy (something I dont need) but from 37/8 weeks you can insert the tablet into your fanjo and it apparently helps to soften the cervix. Will ask the MW about this on thursday but I will definitely be willing to give it a go!

frillylemons Mon 16-Jul-12 18:32:29

I'm the same with being more regular than normal. I do wonder if it's due to the AllBran I have each morning wink

frillylemons Mon 16-Jul-12 18:33:43

Ooh, I met my sister's LO today grin so gorgeous!! They should be home on Thursday which is a relief smile

susiegrapevine Mon 16-Jul-12 19:20:00

Hey congrats on the twins byebaby!! Amazing!

Had my last day at work today which is good cos was so uncomfy but now I only get 1 afternoon off from 2yr old ds so feel it will be more hard work being at home! Even if I am comfy!

My bowel movements have been looser over the last week or so and I have been getting pains low down which I just put down to bh or baby poking me in the fanjo or moving his head!

Rest day tmw tho as dh does not go back full time till next week so I can rest while he is at honme. Bliss! Must resist temptation to clean and tidy!

hamncheese Mon 16-Jul-12 19:48:42

Congratulations byebaby on your two wee ones grin

Ahh it seems a lot of us are on the same boat with the softer/more regular-ness (delightful). Also the dragging pains. I've felt totally like I'm getting my period for the whole day. Right down to the crampiness when going to the toilet and heavy feeling. Hoping at the least this is preparations for labour, would really not be at all unhappy if baby decided to arrive any time now!

Also managed to get our freezer woohoo! Mum's old chest freezer came to us yesterday. Already made like quadruple quantities of tonights dinner and boxed it all up in portion sizes. Also far more room for keeping me in ice, which is so necessary!

Wonder if anyone knows but my DH has got shingles. He had it before a few years back and has it again. I've had pox when young and never caught shingles from him last time as I'm fairly sure it's only if you actually contact the rash bit on him. Just didn't know if the pregnancy made any difference? I've asked him to ask when he goes to the GP but that could be a week off as our GP is always ages to get an appointment. Anyway, anyone know anything??

Westcountrylovescheese Mon 16-Jul-12 20:41:18

Ham, not sure on the shingles but I wouldn't wait a week. Can you call your midwife tomorrow to check? If not, what about NHS direct? Worth making sure as soon as possible to put your mind at rest.

ontheedgeofwhatever Mon 16-Jul-12 20:54:40

congratulations on the twins byebaby, it must feel lovely to have them home at last.

hamnchseese not sure about shingles, but I was exposed to chicken pox early in my pregnancy and midwife advised that as long as I'd had it myself it wouldn't be passed to the baby. I've just had a look at NHS site and you may find this reassuring

When I was sitting in the assessment waiting room today a midwife came out of the Midwife Led Unit pushing a new born baby in a little tiny trolly with mum walking just behind - just wanted to get up and cover the gorgeous little baby in kisses so lovely. Can't wait now - but worried after last experience I'm not going to be casually walking behind my baby - last time I was in a wheelchair

Nel1975 Mon 16-Jul-12 21:08:28

hamncheese my husband had shingles when I was about 14 weeks. Checked with GP and as I had had chicken pox when I was younger they said there was very little risk.

tashaw28 Mon 16-Jul-12 21:56:35

Oooo congrats Byebaby! Lovely news!!
I'm with all the tired mummys out there, 4 school runs a day are killing me!
Also they both break up next Wed and we keep getting last minute emails about show's, sports days etc, I now have to spend an hour at school tom morning meeting the new teacher for DS2, sports day on Thurs for DS2, school play for DD1 on Wed, and school play for DS2 on Fri!!! Not much of a week left really!!!!!
Ok rant over, pregnancy is a miracle!

warzonemummy Mon 16-Jul-12 22:20:32

congratulations thanks Byebaby

PictureThis Mon 16-Jul-12 23:17:57

Pregnancy is something now to be endured, not enjoyed grin.

6 more weeks to go, second growth scan tomorrow and looking forward to another peek at my boy. Byebaby many congratulations on the arrival of your boys and how lovely that they're now home.
I've completely and utterly reached the insomniac stage with sleep not coming easily much before 1am and yet I could sleep on a washing line come 3 in the afternoon!

Ham hope DH feels better soon? Sounds like some good advice from pre posts, afraid I have not much to add as don't know anything about shingles.

Congratulations Byebyebaby any photos of the boys? Are they identical / fraternal? thanks and large wine

hamncheese Tue 17-Jul-12 09:26:50

Thanks nel and ontheedge since I had chicken pox I'm happy that it's no big deal. Plus I read you basically have to get pus from the rash into you to get it so um as long as I can resist licking his neck I think I'll be able to avoid grin copious amounts of hand washing going on regardless though!!

Forced him to stay off work today, what is it with these people who can't take a sick day?? He is all confused and lethargic and thought it'd still be a fine idea to drive. Managed to get it to working from home. I'd be in bed but there you go wink

sc0ttishlass Tue 17-Jul-12 09:29:22

hi All, congrats on all the new babies - so exciting! It's finally all becoming real - has anyone actually started getting nervous about the fact they will actually have a real baby to look after soon!! i think i ahve been focussed on it arriving have only just started thinking about the fact i will be in charge of a little one!!!

had our first NCT class last night (late in the day as tehy were fully booked) and have our first NHS one this week also - so am feeling a bit more 'supported' rather than left in the dark. have appt tomorrow (last chance scan!) to see if the placenta did in fact move or if it is C section - have got my head aroudn taht fully now (apart from the comment up thread about the anaesthetic wearing off!!!!)

last week at work next week - cant wait but also scared about how much i have to do still! Frilly, did you get your card and was there any more money than you thought? i was unbelievably shocked to get a card with £110 in it from my colleagues and a present from the company to follow this week. everyone loves a baby, dont they smile

so i attended the '50 shades of grey' tea party... was all masks and whips and a lot of alchohol - stayed for a bit and was fun, definately going to read the book when on mat leave, just for a laugh! smile have any of us actually read it yet?

oh and finally, for those who are not sleeping.. jsut to say, i have had the last 3 weeks id say of waking up a few times in the night - but this week i am back to waking for 5 mins at 4am but then back to sleep - im trying to stay up later (than the 9am i was!!) which i think is helping - so hopefully it gets better for those of you suffering from it!

anyway - have a good day everyone!
ps - off topic, but isnt it such a shame that the security fiasco of the olympics is making world headlines and is what everyone focussing on instead of the games - real shame!! sad

sc0ttishlass Tue 17-Jul-12 09:31:24

oh ps - ham - i didnt realise you were at the royal infirmary - were you somewhere else orginally? thats where i am - have been really pleased with the care from the staff there, but have to say - i have not received any of the results in the post they said they would ever send... (always had to chase) and have my ante natal classes ( 2 only) starting this week - given i have less than 5 weeks to go seems quite late! have you had a tour from them yet - do we get one??

susiegrapevine Tue 17-Jul-12 09:54:07

Pregnancy is waking up at half 3 in the morn and scaring your husband a bit cos you have mega painful leg cramp!!

frillylemons Tue 17-Jul-12 10:38:11

Ha ha ha ha Susie!!

Well, my half days have started and it's great. Only thing is that I have no work to do because my maternity cover needs to do it by herself, hence posting on MN blush

Had to pop home to get my heartburn medicine. I find it strikes throughout the day, not at night. Anyone else find that? It is just a constant thing and doesn't get worse/better if I eat. Most odd.

These period-like pains are bothering me. I think I'll mention it to the MW tomorrow when I see her. I'm sure it's totally normal, but it's annoying and not had this until now.

Hey ho.

sc0ttishlass Tue 17-Jul-12 11:01:22

oh yeah, pregnancy is 'the only time strangers or people you hardly know feel they can put their hands all over your belly' smile

frilly - my heartburn is exactly the same - throughout the day - the only think i know i get it from (but keep forgetting and drinking) is lemon barley water! but other than that get it on and off every day.

susie - am with you on the leg cramp too smile

geekette Tue 17-Jul-12 11:02:02

Pregnancy is... the first time in my adult life I have not had a UTI in a stretch of more than three months.

Yes to waking hubby up by scaring him half to death!

frillylemons Tue 17-Jul-12 11:29:07

Ooh, I'll have to try lemon barley water.

What do you all do about people touching your bump? I HATE IT! But don't know how to avoid it without thelling them to fuck the hell off appearing rude.

sc0ttishlass Tue 17-Jul-12 11:32:41

no no - dont try the lemon barley water! thats what gives me heartburn smile

i end up going red when they touch it - hoping that that makes them stop - but then it just turns into an akward situ as they akward and I akward - i would love to start just randomly touching peoples stomachs and havinga feel and see what they said smile

frilly try to avoid fruit juices, chocolate and spicy food as they all seem to makeheart burn worse - although if you have those chewy tablets (taste like chalk!) they seem to be quite good for relief...

lol @Susie!

geekette Tue 17-Jul-12 12:10:01

Only one person has ever touched my bump without seeking permission first. I must look grizzly most of the time blush

geekette Tue 17-Jul-12 12:13:23

On second thoughts I do take the liberty to say "eff off" or "bugger off", turn bump away or flip a bird if I deem someone to have been rude to me and hence not worthy of reciprocal respect sad

Jeez, I can be harsh... People seem to understand though or maybe they just put it down to the hormones and that earns them double nasty points in my books.

frillylemons Tue 17-Jul-12 12:23:47

Just snorted water out of my nose, geekette!!

Westcountrylovescheese Tue 17-Jul-12 13:12:09

...I have a 'hands off the bump' top that I wear often to get the message across. Seems to have kept the hands at bay for the majority of the time. wink

sc0ttishlass Tue 17-Jul-12 13:28:03

The starbucks barista had a good grope! seriously!!!

not sure if it is because my bump is absolutely ginormous so there is no doubt that it IS a baby!

still have one week at work after this week! gets to this time and I just need a snooze! cant really do it at my desk though! seems like most of us are finished work or very close now though.

panpipe Tue 17-Jul-12 17:30:49

Congrats on your twins byebaby smile Lovely names too; without giving the game away too much one of them is high up on my list!

Had a lovely few days with DH off work and have nearly got the nursery finished; just another coat of paint on the woodwork and new wardrobe doors to go up and we're done! Cot and pram built too.

Glad you've all been sharing about your - ahem - tummy issues. I've definitely noticed a difference too blush. Will mention to MW on Friday just in case!

37w today for me so officially the start of full term! I'd be ok to have a homebirth from today too so I've been making a point of going up and down the stairs as often as I can lol! I've been having such an uncomfortable few days that I wouldn't be too disappointed if baby did make an appearance now, though if MW's prediction that it'll be small is true I could probably do with cooking it for a little bit longer.

The3Bears Tue 17-Jul-12 17:55:29

Hi everyone been so busy not had chance to catch up, got lots done this weekend have now got babys corner all sorted and cot is all ready for baby smile makes it all seem alot more real now. Have put up stokke tripp trapp and newborn set, it looks fab and im sure baby will love being so high up in it. Will take some photos later and add them to my profile.

Hope everyone is well, im full of a cold is anyone else? feeling rubbish atm and just want to feel abit more comfortable. 36+3 for me now and have my mw appt tomorrow to see if baby is still breech, im dreading it but also cant wait to find out so i know whats going on.

hope everyones had a nice tuesday smile

Just whizzing on to say hi and that I'll catch up properly later with all the lovely posts as have been away for almost a week. Have got all my stuff now and just need to assemble some of it and get nursery finished. v exciting.
had a good MW appointment today with a more clued in lady than I ususally had which was good.

Back later once have had supper and read all your news. x

Weekipper Tue 17-Jul-12 19:47:23

Pregnancy is a wonderful but anxiety inducing experience!

My new worry is that baby is back to back. I'm worrying if I've spent too much of the last 2weeks slouching on the sofa. So went and bought a ball and trying to stay away from sofa.

Scottish I'm booked to RIE too. I got 3 NHS antenatal classes but no word on a tour of the MLU or labour ward.

For my heartburn I tried gaviscon tablets but find the liquid much better. Now it happens when I'm hungry too. Pregnancy is also a mystery!

hamncheese Tue 17-Jul-12 19:52:07

scottish yes I'm at the royal... was planning to be elsewhere when we thought we could manage to shift our flat in 8 months HA HA HA. So yeah still in town, and at the royal. I think it's been okay. My MW appointments are at Springburn though which irritates me as it is a pain in the bum train journey to a less than delightful part of Glasgow when I literally live about 500m from the royal!! Scan was good there and maternity assessment has been good too. With you on the lack of contact for results, luckily MW notices things like borderline iron levels etc and tells me. I was up there today actually getting a call to say that for the second time now my bile results haven't turned up for some reason so had to go be stabbed again!

Oh gosh I've done that cramp leg/husband freak out thing several times now. One time did it when he was in the shower though which was worse he wasn't there to push my foot and try and get it away. Ugh... do you think contractions are anything like really bad leg cramp???

Volunteered at 2 museums now so adding to the old cv at 36 weeks woohoo. Also

HAHAHA OMG seriously this just happened. DH is eating doritos on the couch. Jules (the cat) is on the back of the couch watching him intently. DH raises a crisp to his mouth and jules literally just puts his paw out to intercept it en route hahahahha brilliant I love cats! grin

Anyway... can't remember my also now so have a good evening!! smile

PictureThis Tue 17-Jul-12 19:57:47

HE'S HEAD DOWN gringringrin. Scan today showed him head down and I was so happy I nearly cried as I honestly thought he was going to stay breech until the bitter end. The scan also showed he's not going to be little and is chubbing up well......cue twitchy fanjo. I may live to regret being happy that he's turned. I've been really suffering with heartburn, especially in the last week or so and Gaviscon advance has been useless. My consultant wrote me out a prescription for Ranitadine today (think the mother of antacids) which has been fabulous. Incidentally on scan we could see that baby has a lot of hair. I had my suspicions that he may be as hairy as a chimp when he's born due to the amount of heartburn I've had.
Sc0ttishlass I've read the 50 shades trilogy, I felt they got better book by book.

Vinolover Tue 17-Jul-12 20:11:33

Brilliant news Picture smile How big did they say he was?

My heartburn too has been awful and hasn't improved even though he seems to have dropped down. A bloody corn on the cob set it off the other day! I haven't had it during the night for a while though which is a relief!

I finished the 50 shades trilogy yesterday and I loved it! I agree with Picture about it getting better book by book. I think I experienced every emotion reading it! Not sure what Im going to do without my daily fix now.

Think I may waddle off to bed in a min! I am feeling whale like like today!!!

eightieshopaholic Tue 17-Jul-12 20:21:06

Sc0ttishlass- wasn't sure about 50 shades but have to say hooked on book three already!!

Scan tomorrow taking bets is he 8Ib!! if so arrrrrhhhh 36+2 today!!