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November 2012 - nearer the end than the beginning

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StuntNun Thu 28-Jun-12 18:31:58

Marking my spot smile

capedcrusader25 Thu 28-Jun-12 18:59:34

Marking my place smile

Dixiebell Thu 28-Jun-12 19:11:41

I always thought DS looked a bit weird in proper 'outfits' until he was at least able to sit up. Dressed him in jeans and t-shirt once or twice, but really I think definitely just babygros for the first few months. Anyway, they sleep all the time and imagine having to sleep in jeans or trousers all day long. Only just stopped using babygros at night time for him, he's 21 months now. Always made him look like a little baby again, but we've moved on to pjs now.

Dixiebell Thu 28-Jun-12 19:14:36

So has everyone who's had their scan chosen names yet? My scan's another week and a half away. But last time once I knew it was a boy, it felt so much more real and was pretty quickly able to settle on a name (it's Arlo, by the way). This time, we have a girl name, but no boy name. Arlo was really the only name we could find we both liked, so going to have to be some serious racking of brains if it's another boy!

SwissArmyWife Thu 28-Jun-12 19:27:04

Dixiebell What name have you chosen for a girl? smile
My little boy will be named Ozzy, with Harrison as his middle name.
DP and I decided on it straight away before we'd even conceived, but we could never decide on a girl's name!
It was going to be either Sapphire Skye or Skye Serena!

blonderthanred Thu 28-Jun-12 19:31:21

Hello new thread.

Evening everyone.

Just thought I would mark my place on the new thread.Not that I've had chance to catch up with the previous thread!

We had our scan on Monday and my predictions for boy were right! Names wise we couldn't think of any girls when we had DD2, so I think we are probably going with the boys name we had chosen for her!

Dixiebell definately agree about the babygros for the first few months. Both DD1 and DS1 both had loads of 'proper' outfits....but DD2 and DS2 both lived in babygros....much more practical!

capedcrusader25 Thu 28-Jun-12 19:44:07

We've had names since the beginning DP chose the boys name and I chose the girls name. Haven't really thought of any others at all so hope they suit smile

daisychain76 Thu 28-Jun-12 19:50:18

Congrats on the boy, 4kids.

I like the thread name! I am struggling with boys names - I like Harry, but think it might be a bit over-used. For girls names, I want something unusual (without being pretentious or OTT) but that you can shorten to something more common, preferably ending in "ie"or y (not that I'm picky or anything!).

Dixiebell Thu 28-Jun-12 20:07:26

swiss, hmm, sorry, think I'm gonna keep my names quiet for the mo...! Last time we didn't tell anyone at all until after DS was born! Love Skye though, I'd consider that although weirdly someone on my last antenatal thread also chose Arlo for her son born at same time as mine (we didn't confer!), and already has a Skye. If I chose that I think she might think I'm a stalker or something..--not that I'd let that stop me--.

MissMummy1 Thu 28-Jun-12 20:41:51

Marking my place wink

Catbag Thu 28-Jun-12 20:54:43

Hello all,

I've been lurking for a week or so and thought I'd introduce myself finally. I'm almost 21 weeks pregnant with twins, and have a DS of 12 and two DD of 9 and 4.
I am almost permanently exhausted and my ribs feeling like they are the verge of snapping :/ And for those of you worrying about weight gain- I'm 5"8 and had a pre-pregnancy weight of 9 stone. I am now tipping the scales at 11 stone (!) and am only half way there. I have actually NEVER weighed this much in my life! I wouldn't mind so much if I'd been eating lots of cake, but my diet seems to revolve around lentils and wholewheat pasta at the moment 'cos otherwise I get, er, bunged up (TMI!)
Anyway, sorry for gatecrashing, but I felt a bit voyeuristic reading all the posts without announcing my presence!

MissMummy1 Thu 28-Jun-12 21:04:13

Hello Catbag! I too am 5"8 with a pre-pregnancy weight of 9 stone, and am now tipping the scales at about 11. Unlike you, I'm just having 1. I fear mine is 90% cake though...

Brockle Thu 28-Jun-12 21:12:47

hello catbag I am usually a voyeur too but then every now and then have a flurry of posts. My boss was jokey moaning today after I called him back from his office to speak to him. My retort was "hey I am growing someone you know!" It worked a treat smile oh ..and marking my place.

CandyPop Thu 28-Jun-12 21:21:23

Hi all!! I've posted a couple of times in the earlier threads but have gone off radar for awhile as I felt quite nervous in my first couple of months. I have been keeping an eye on the threads but feel its the right time to surface again!! It's been lovely reading all about everyone's good news and hoping to join the excitement with you girls blush

I'm 20 weeks on Saturday, EDD due date 17th nov and have my scan next wednesday ! I can't wait to find out the sex of the baby!!! Felt my first proper kicks this week and one at 2am at night which I woke dh for and he felt baby for the first time too 😊

Hope everyone is well!!! Xx

Catbag Thu 28-Jun-12 21:37:40

MissMummy 90% cake, lol! If I wasn't so paranoid about looking like I have 5 kids, I'd definitely be indulging more. That and the fact that there has been a distinct upward trend in the time taken to shift the weight after each successive pregnancy for me- I don't dare risk it sad

Brockle What a wonderful way to put it! Helps put the rib-bending into perspective smile

kirrinIsland Thu 28-Jun-12 21:39:51

Marking place

Catbag Thu 28-Jun-12 21:41:51

Hi CandyPop I did the same- I was posting for a while in one of the threads last year, but then had a miscarriage and kind of ran away and hid. It's taken me until now to be brave enough to return.

Yey for movements though! Congratulations and all that smile I've been feeling movements for ages but they are still not strong enough for the other half to feel yet :/

horseylady Thu 28-Jun-12 21:48:13

Marking place smileno names still in discussion smile welcome catbag!!

I'm 20 weeks tomorrow and have felt a few flutters but nothing strong enough for DP to feel. The sonographer said today that I have an anterior placenta which would explain it. It was strange to see baby wriggling around on the screen and not feeling any of it.

We had a girls name sorted but found out today it is a boy so we're going to struggle I think. There are hardly any boys names I like and the ones I do either DP vetoes or they don't work in both cultures so I can't use.

Marking place, not sure whether to post here or new thread. The other one still has about 60 posts to go.

CandyPop Thu 28-Jun-12 22:13:55

Yeah the was a one off for dh!! I have been feelings flutters regularly for the past week but never strong enough to feel on the outside but bubba must have been raving in the tummy the other night and kicking really hard!

Belly went through a growth spur over the last week too... I went from looking kinda a bit tubby to definitely pregnant looking ! Still doesn't get me a seat on the tube tho .... Funniest reactions are the ppl pretending they are asleep when I do saw them look at me first !! Lol shame on them but quite funny to watch smile

MissMummy1 Thu 28-Jun-12 22:14:16

We're the opposite - we've settled on one boy's name we agree on (including middle names) but are at a complete loss for any girl's names.

Catbag Thu 28-Jun-12 22:34:58

applepieinthesky I've one anterior placenta and one posterior- the baby with the posterior placenta is kicking me in for about 22 hours per day, the anterior one I only feel every other day maybe. While I'm grateful that I don't have to deal with both kicking me in all the time, there is something reassuring about the constant movement of the lower twin.

CandyPop I'm sure my bump has doubled in size this last week. In fact, MIL told me as much. I'm the same size I was at 36 weeks with my youngest daughter! shock And yesterday my bump started below my ribs. Today it's definitely an inch or so higher up. Can't believe how fast they're growing!

Kyzordz Fri 29-Jun-12 00:15:24

Marking my place smile we've not chosen a name yet although I do have a list and a strong feeling of what we'll go with but when my youngest sister was born my mum had her name chosen right the way through and then she changed her mind last minute! We know we're having a boy so we've just added nice names to our list as we've found them and we can go from there smile

Weight wise, I haven't checked for a couple of weeks but I hadn't gained any the last time I did check, from when I had the booking in appointment. I should check again really! I certainly feel massively heavy and I'm sure I've started waddling already! How lovely! I've also started leaking from my nipples already, am assuming this is ok, I'm 20+5 and it started about a week ago and is happening more often :S it's only clear looking stuff though :S

TheDetective Fri 29-Jun-12 00:23:58

Yes, it's normal to leak colostrum. And normal not to either!!

I'm not leaking but I can hand express already grin.

brew anyone?!

TheDetective Fri 29-Jun-12 00:30:45

Anyone else able to hand express? Btw, unless you are used to doing it, it takes practice! I'm guessing mums with older children who have breastfed before may be able to do this! I've been trying now and then since early on but only got anything this week.

I hand express with other people every day of my life pretty much! So I'm well practiced in the art ;)

Im going to start expressing at 36 weeks.

I can hand express but I haven't got milk atm, I read it wasn't good to do that when preg because it can trigger contractions?

Sophiathesnowfairy Fri 29-Jun-12 06:59:54

Welcome catbag and brockle

I can't believe you lot, you will be the ones who have the baby and pop back into shapeenvy I am usually 5 8 and just over 10 1/2 stone which is a happy 12 and sometimes a 10 on top. I have already put on a stone a halfsad and I know it takes me 18 months to get back to normal.

Well done to all of you who manage to keep to a similar diet, I just hit the fridge in the first twelve weeks and spend the rest of the time trying to break the bad habits.

We have names but we will decide finally when it appears. Was cross though as have a friend of Facebook who posts everything about her pregnancy and posted the name. AND IT WAS OUR NAME! But DH says it doesn't matter if that is what we want we will use it.

Off for a rainy drive up to BRum for the day, get hair done and the calgel on my toenails hooray. NO more bending over the bump.

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Fri 29-Jun-12 08:34:31

Morning all! No leaking from me yet. Didnt know you could express in advance - can that be frozen and used to feed baby? Might be worth starting to build a freezer supply before if possible?

Lilliana Fri 29-Jun-12 10:11:03

Welcome to cat and candy

Candypop we share scan dates and EDD dates!

No leaking yet ... wasn't expecting to deal with that for awhile yet! Thank god for MN or loads of things would be catching me unawares! Isn't the first milk clostrum (sp?) that baby needs? Is it a good idea to express this?
<has no clue>

Mainly here to mark place

Scan today, not til 4:40 though sad getting my hol wax as well, never had one when preg so will see if it's any more painful!

Is anyone else feeling a bit swollen 'down there'? It feels bigger and more bulgy then normal! confused

mcsquared Fri 29-Jun-12 12:17:08

Thank you to everyone who was so reassuring on the last thread about the 20 week scan! I had it on Wednesday and all well, it's a boy. : ) I just knew he was a boy right from the beginning, and have always referred to the baby as a 'he'. Makes baby names harder though because Indian girl names are so much prettier!

I do have to go back in three weeks, though, because his head was firmly in my pelvis, he was fast asleep and we couldn't get him to move! So the sonographer couldn't get a look at his face/head properly and wanted to bring us back to double check. Feel a bit more reassured now! Saw him suckling which was lovely.

It's amazing how just over a week ago, I was just starting to feel small kicks, barely noticeable and now they're strong enough to get my attention!

CandyPop Fri 29-Jun-12 12:25:41

Hi lilliana! What time is ur scan? Mines at 4pm. Are you finding out the sex of the baby??

Cant believe we're half way through already! I'm just waiting for the scan to give us the all ok then will start buying stuff :-)

Lilliana Fri 29-Jun-12 12:36:48

Ours is at 3.30 Candy. Not going to find out the sex (I think - not sure if I or Dh won't cave at the last minute!) are you? We bought a cotbed and furniture last week as it was on sale and didn't want to miss out. I did feel abit funny about it but Dh is convinced all is ok and we would be silly to pay £150 extra for it in a weeks time!

Glad all went well Mcsquared, lucky you to get another look in a few weeks time too wink

DH ouch, just ouch! I had my legs waxed before I got married (luckly a fwe months as a practice) and every folicle came up in tiny blisters that burst whenever my trousers touched them - it was the most painful thing I ever had done and lasted for about 2 weeks. Have never been near a wax strip since!
Hope the scan is all ok

CandyPop Fri 29-Jun-12 13:33:18

Oohhh lillianna, we're practically having it the same time smile yes we're finding out! Like the idea of calling it a him/her rather than it smile

I've been researching buggys and really love the iCandy strawberry but the who travel system with maxi cosi carseat costs £1k sad

Good luck DH with ur scan today !

ShellyBobbs Fri 29-Jun-12 14:52:01

Catbag Welcome smile

MissMummy It's a beautiful cake twin smile

DH I absolutely love the name Effy for a girl. It's a no goer as hubby just laughs in a WTF way and I don't even know what it's short for smile

No boys names at all, we didn't last time so glad our little Erin popped out!

ShellyBobbs Fri 29-Jun-12 14:53:04

Doh, didn't see page 2 blush .......

MissMummy1 Fri 29-Jun-12 15:29:17

I'm sure Effy is a Scottish girl's name!

daisychain76 Fri 29-Jun-12 15:58:35

I love the name Effy. I wanted to use it if we have a girl (but spelt Effie) but DH is refusing and DM's first reaction was "it sounds like you're swearing" (effing!) I think spelt Effie its short for Josephine or Elizabeth.

ShellyBobbs Fri 29-Jun-12 16:35:09

Yes same reaction re: swearing! Ah, the Scottish connection, could play on that one being half Scottish...............Ooooohhhhh it's growing on me even more now.

capedcrusader25 Fri 29-Jun-12 16:36:23

Effie always makes my DP laugh, it reminds him of Mrs Doubtfire! Had my scan today. Everything is great, my placenta is anterior hence why I can't feel baby much at the moment. Feel great now, really happy. We did find out - I couldn't resist!! X

ShellyBobbs Fri 29-Jun-12 16:37:50

So what is it??????????????????

capedcrusader25 Fri 29-Jun-12 16:52:01

shelly you sound like my mum did smile Well after being convinced it was a boy, its a girl! Well, probably...not 100% n all that but I was very shocked grin

Back from scan, everything looks perfect and she said the blood flow to the placenta looked fine so that's a relief.

Still have the extra growth scans but hopefully they'll just be a good excuse to see her again!

caped yay welcome to team pink woo!

ShellyBobbs Fri 29-Jun-12 17:16:26

Haha, I'm so impatient but strangely didn't find out myself smile

Good news DH, how often do you have to go for growth scans?

capedcrusader25 Fri 29-Jun-12 17:19:03

Aah glad all is well DH grin Well I was pretty sure we wouldn't find out, she didn't even ask. I just had an urge to find out so asked her. Couldn't stop myself! X

izzybizzybuzzybees Fri 29-Jun-12 17:54:01

Just marking my spot!

Glad to see your scan went well DH

Congrats on your little girl capedcrusader. I have an anterior placenta too which is reassuring because now I know why I haven't felt much movement. I know the gender isn't always 100% but I'm as sure as can be that mine's a boy. There's no mistaking what I saw on the screen wink

shelly I've got to have scans at 28, 32 and 36 weeks but it's really good news that there were no obv problems now because it's now much less likely I'll have problems down the line smile

DebussyHead Fri 29-Jun-12 19:57:23

New thread alreadysmile

Place marking.

ShellyBobbs Fri 29-Jun-12 20:31:16

That's really good DH, also more scan photos for the album grin

Yeah I've got so many now! Going to put a few in frames and the rest in a photo album.

My ds' scan is in a frame on the windowsill and it's so faded from the sun you can barely make it out.

Sophiathesnowfairy Fri 29-Jun-12 21:08:48

DH21 your earlier post about swelling down there!blush YES, I haven't had this in my other pregnancies and I don't like it much, is v uncomfortable. I did find another thread in childbirth about it so I think it's totally normal.

Love Efffie Loads.

Congrats on all this weeks scans.

Evilwater Fri 29-Jun-12 21:21:29

Hello everyone,
I've had some cravings, for donuts and ice cream. I ate 5 donuts, one after the other! I've never eaten that many, ever, and now I'm thinking about a ice cream.

As for swelling, the only place seems to be my feet when I'm at work. As for lower down, I havn't seen it for a while.


sophia phew! Glad it's not just me then! It isn't nice to look at tbh so I'm quite glad I can't see it really anymore lol.

The waxing didn't hurt as much as I thought it would but it's a bit sensitive now.

ShellyBobbs Fri 29-Jun-12 22:09:15

Evil I really laughed at that, my current thing is Subway veggie deli's with spicy everything on, it's costing hubby a fortune smile

I have had a swollen vag for a bit now, but if hubby asks it will be indefinitely as it's a very good excuse not to see the snake! Haven't had sex for about 6 or 7 weeks now the poor thing..........

WestWinger Fri 29-Jun-12 22:23:37

Marking my place. Didn't realise we were on the new thread already - thought the other one had gone quiet!

Lane81 Fri 29-Jun-12 22:33:38

hello new posters!

we're thinking about martha or eva at the moment for our little girl, but worried the second is too popular now. sure we will change our mind a hundred times!

horseylady Fri 29-Jun-12 23:46:16

Congrats on the scans!!!! Still no name thoughts here!!

We had a girls name sorted and are a bit stumped now we need a boys name.

GTbaby Sat 30-Jun-12 00:37:00

Marking spot

My feet are swollen today. Sucks. N lots of leg cramps last night. Coupled with first stretch marks n generally feeling crap not been a great week.

Night night x

We've got a list of about 4 girls names but there's one I love and I think dh is coming round to it, he says he likes it now than when I first said it but you'll all have to wait til she arrives to find out!

We're leaving in about 4 hours grin So I'll be offline til next sat, there'll prob be a new thread by then! I'll do my best to catch up when I get back.

A big good luck to all those who have scans coming up this week can't wait to find out how many more pinks/ blues we've got!

Wishing everyone a good week and happy, healthy pregnancies smile

SwissArmyWife Sat 30-Jun-12 07:09:15

DH Have a lovely time you lucky woman!! (I'm not jealous at all... wink )

Oh dear, swelling and stretch marks and cravings... Isn't pregnancy wonderful?
The only part of me that is swollen is my tongue, but only in the mornings confused I wonder why.
Stretch marks are abundant on my tum, and that's from last time! I dread to think what i'll look like after this one! Palmers tummy butter is a godsend though smile

Lane I really like the name Martha, Eva is nice too but is quite popular! Hope you settle on one before the big day smile

Anyone elses toddlers waking up horribly early at the moment? It must be the light with my DD, i'm considering getting a blackout blind for her room to see if that makes any difference, does anybody else use one?
I need more kip!

Sophiathesnowfairy Sat 30-Jun-12 07:45:46

swiss I have a travel blackout blind for DS from the gro company and it works a treat. We don't use it in the winter. The girls have a standard blackout rollerblind from Dunelm which works well too but they have early rising in their genes unfortunately. So here I am with dds watching noddy while the boys in the family snooze in! I was happy with 7:15 though. Better than 6!

SwissArmyWife Sat 30-Jun-12 08:16:51

5:30 every day for me at the mo sad 7:30 was her usual waking time before and I know i'm she's not getting enough sleep, so I may well invest in a blackout blind, thanks smile

Sophiathesnowfairy Sat 30-Jun-12 08:30:41

Oh 5:30 hope you get to have a feet up at some point!

WestWinger Sat 30-Jun-12 08:38:07

I use a blackout blind and it is a godsend for daytime naps, getting to sleep when it's still light outside and for a lie in in the morning. DD usually sleeps in until about 8 unless we wake her up. We got one from Sunbuster here which was about £40 for our window but I love the fact that you can fold it up easily during the day.

Have a great holiday DH!!!!

SwissArmyWife Sat 30-Jun-12 09:31:27

I'm going to get a travel blind first and see if it works smile 8am sounds like a good time to me!
Thanks Sophia, I do too!

Thanks westwinger only an hour till we leave but we've done everything so we're just sitting around waiting!

Ds seems to wake up around half 6 atm which I can cope with but 8am would be a luxury!

horseylady Sat 30-Jun-12 10:07:56

Dh have fab holiday! Swiss generally a sign of dehydration swollen tongues.

I'm shattered sad

Catbag Sat 30-Jun-12 10:19:54

I managed to get a full 10 hours sleep last night. Feel more alive this morning than I have done in 6 weeks!

Elizadoesdolittle Sat 30-Jun-12 10:20:20

Congratulations to all those who have had their scans. I've got mine on tuesday morning. It's come round quickly. Feeling quite scared at how fast this pregnancy seems to be going. I've also got my DD's 2 yr check on Tuesday and then a pre school induction on Wednesday.

I've not really got a list of names. There is one for a girl I like and I'm sure I'll find lots of others. As for boys names I'm at a complete blank. DD would have been Oliver (Olly) but have gone off it for some reason. There is only one other boys name that I like but DH says no way. I'll start thinking about it more after the scan.

blonderthanred Sat 30-Jun-12 11:56:30

I am suddenly SO impatient today! Just want to meet my baby and have it in a lovely Moses basket looking all cute and singing to it.

Then I keep worrying I'm tempting fate and telling my bump not to come yet, it's not ready!

Feel a bit mad.

horseylady Sat 30-Jun-12 14:48:42

What's the risk with pregnancy and chicken pox? Just supposed to have someone looking at my pony tomorrow but she's put on Facebook her daughters got chicken pox?! Shall I cancel?!

capedcrusader25 Sat 30-Jun-12 14:58:19

I would...she may have had them herself when she was younger but you can never be too certain. It's very dangerous for pregnant women to be around chicken pox, and you can't actually see it when it's at the contagious stage - the spots on come out once that has passed (when they harden). I think anyway! X

If you had it as a child horsey you will be immune so will be fine. If you haven't had it though or are not sure then cancel.

It's only dangerous if you haven't had it before see here

DonnaDoon Sat 30-Jun-12 15:45:15

Horsey I ve been pregnant every time one of my kids has had chicken pox and nursed them day and night with calomine lotion etc...Anyway as long as you ve had it before you will be fine...also I think thats why we get the rubella jab at school.

horseylady Sat 30-Jun-12 16:50:48

I've had it Before. Says the risk after 20 weeks is minimal? Or do I delay a week just in case. Says it's suspected? The girl is 15?!

Dixiebell Sat 30-Jun-12 17:25:07

There's no risk if you had it as a child. Only risk to pregnancy is if you actually get it which you can't if you've had it before. DS had it about a month ago, so looked into all this.

StuntNun Sat 30-Jun-12 17:34:13

Evilwater I'm pretty sure doughnuts aren't a pregnancy craving, isn't it normal to crave doughnuts lol?

Shelly I'm hooked on Subway veggie delites as well but I thought that was a pretty good pregnancy craving to have... except I'm on the 12 inchers now ooer.

Swiss definitely get a blackout blind, my boys won't sleep in the summer without it, they just want to stay up late every night. They have a Velux window in their bedroom so I just leave it open about an inch to let a little bit of light in so it's not pitch black when they're going to sleep.

Donna rubella is for German measles, not many people here are immunised against chicken pox but most people get it as children.

YellowWellies Sat 30-Jun-12 18:17:11

Effie - I think that's short for Euphemia? - it's rather cool vintage Victorian chic either way.

We're sorted for a girl's first name and middle names. But boys, we're so not ready yet - the list is getting shorter - Jonas is still my favourite. DH has vetoed Gabriel - boo, but I'm not going to force him to have a name he hates.

My sister has great taste in names but obviously can't use her choices - her daughter is Willow Juno - both of which I reckon rock! The latter being the goddess of childbirth and babies and given that Willow was born prem' was a kinda superstitious gesture. I just find it harder to get excited about boys names. A boy's middle name will be DH's first name as that's a tradition in his family but first names - the jury is still out.

We won't be sharing online until we name him / her in the flesh in case we change our minds at the last mo' on meeting them. Also (and this is totally my stupid high horse opinion) it feels really tacky to announce it on facebook before the baby is even here? Mindst I had some friends who announced their pregnancies from six weeks (one of whom who later found out at 12 weeks it was a blighted ovum, reminding me there is a reason you used to keep it quiet until after the scan). I know it's old fashioned but announcing the name so early feels like tempting fate, breezily assuming that all will be well? Does that sound daft or paranoid?

CandyPop Sat 30-Jun-12 18:41:00

im like yellowwellies .... very paranoid about tempting fate. So much so the only thing I have bought, and even then wasnt sure, was a cuddly toy from the White Company!! im not even that superstitious normally!

I'm waiting on my 20 week scan before buying anything else. Pop into Mama and Papas today and really like a range of furniture which is currently 30% off! In addition they are giving away £50 voucher with this range to go towards a moses basket.... only catch is, offer can end tomorrow (end of the month) which means tomorrow is the last day!

However, lady said that we can put down a 25% deposit which will secure the sale price and if we change our minds later we can get back the money. My thoughts are that putting down a deposit isnt really buying it right?! hmm

YellowWellies Sat 30-Jun-12 20:14:05

Noooooo not buying at all! Just browsing with a teensy bit more commitment. Go for it grin

NervousAt20 Sat 30-Jun-12 22:01:31

Marking my place, wondering why the other thread has gone so quite grin

Welcome newbies smile and congratulations

Congratulations on everyone's scan results and to those who have found out the sex smile

R.E names we only have 2 that we both agreed on that we like at the moment but sure our list will grow and change alot! Don't want to pick a name though until shes here

I've had a really busy week and am so glad ice managed to swing the day off tomorrow, think I've been over doing it, my whole body is like a big achy sack of spuds and my bumps been abit sore/tender sad not nice. Don't even feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning damn alarm clock

Hope everyone enjoyed the good weather today!

capedcrusader25 Sat 30-Jun-12 22:35:30

I'm pregnancy rubbish - good job there are some lovely ladies on here who know their beans smile The sonographer really poked and prodded me yesterday as baby refused to move at all. Today I'm suffering for it sad

Lilliana Sat 30-Jun-12 22:38:05

Candy Dh convinced me to buy the mothercare cotbed and furniture we like last week as it was on sale. Did feel abit funny about it but seemed stupid to pay £150 more after our scan on wednesday. Only out down a deposit too so not really bought it yet!

Not felt much movement for the last couple of days. For the last week I have felt it several times a day and Dh managed to feel one, know it isn't supposed to be regular yet but has made me a bit worried.

Got a boys name we both like sorted but there are lots of girls names we like but can't agree on a definate one. Not saying anything yet though as might well change our minds!

Chunkychicken Sat 30-Jun-12 22:42:10

Meant to mark my place earlier - Can't keep up!!

I have an anterior placenta, and did with DD, but strangely can still feel movement quite regularly, but only inside (on my organs I guess!) and can't feel or see it on the outside. I guess it depends whereabouts the placenta is on the front. Felt DD quite early but DH couldn't feel kicks until later on.

Have bought blackout curtains for DD's new bedroom. Very glad I did!! smile

Congrats on the scans/boys/girls!! grin Still no date for mine.

No names yet although have a long list of possibles. Just write down anything that we see/hear out & about. My DD's name is Eleanor so need something to go with that. We liked Eleanor because its traditional, goes with our surname, can be shortened to quite a few names & isn't one I've used in my job (teacher)!! smile Won't be sharing any names publicly either, as a) will have to choose a pink or blue name on the day and b) won't enter into discussion about them with anyone except DH, so would rather wait until things are finalized as it were.

I started leaking at 20wks with DD so might only have a few more breast-pad free days left!! Didn't express (didn't know how then) but didn't have much luck expressing after DD was born either, even with a electric pump, so not sure it would be worth trying. I did leak for England though, so breast shells were very handy for catching the 'spillage' & saving it for later...

SwissArmyWife Sun 01-Jul-12 07:49:58

So tried a makeshift blackout curtain last night with a duvet cover over the window - and she was still up at 5:30 on the dot. Aaahhh!!

ValiumQueen Sun 01-Jul-12 08:12:37

I thought you were not meant to express in pregnancy due to the colostrum and bring on labour etc.

I bought my pram. Being delivered tomorrow.

CandyPop Sun 01-Jul-12 08:40:15

I never knew the breasts could start leaking so early shock While we on this subject , it's rediculously big now. It also gets itchy during the day, and I know I shouldn't scratch so hard but I find myself sneaking of to the loos at work and having a good old scratching session !!

valiumqueen which pram or u getting ?

ComradeJing Sun 01-Jul-12 09:07:05

Hi all, I posted right at the beginning of the pregnancy but haven't since then.

Just found out the baby is a DS. DH wanted another girl, I couldn't give a stuff either way but I'd have loved to have just reused all of DDs clothing instead of just the unisex stuff.

I dreamt it was a son the night before my scan. I did the same with DD before I was even pregnant. So I keep making a wooo face at DH and saying, "Seeee, I knoooowwwwwww" grin

He just makes this face hmm

Hope everyone is alright. Not chosen a name yet and won't until we meet the little man and can decide what from our short list suits him most.

StuntNun Sun 01-Jul-12 09:34:56

Congrats ComardeJing most people seem to prefer having at least one of each, not sure why.

ValiumQueen Sun 01-Jul-12 10:01:10

Now if you all read the other thread to the end, you would know what pram I am getting!

Mountain buggy terrain double. Older version but still new. Much better quality before PnT took over company. Chocolate brown. Bidding on a matching carry cot attachment.

Catbag Sun 01-Jul-12 10:27:12

Morning all!
I had a scan a couple of weeks ago at 19+1 and discovered that I'm def having 1 boy and probably 1 girl. The other three kids are delighted, my son particularly, as he desperately wanted a brother, even if there would be 13 years between them. I have another scan tomorrow with a consultant to check both their hearts.
This is actually my second set of twins - my eldest daughter was a twin but I lost her sister at 4 months to SIDS, and the remaining twin was plagued with a series of heart problems. She was signed off by the paediatric cardiologist when she was 7 (much earlier than we were told to expect), which was fantastic, but it has meant that the consultants are being very careful with these twins and keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.
With all this past stuff in mind, I am feeling quietly very worried, but I'm so excited at the same time that it's bearable.

BlonderThanRed I'm feeling exactly the same way - I'm desperately impatient too. The first 20 weeks flew by, but since I tipped the half way mark, time seems to have got stuck in syrup, and it's only been a week! The thought of waiting probably another 15 weeks before they're born sends me into an impatient fit, but then I have to temper that with the fact that it's def better for them to stay where they are for as long as possible :/

I've just bought a pram too, but have plumped for a second-hand one as twins are a costly business! I really wanted a side-by-side one and so after reading TONNES of reviews, I went for the Out n About Double 360 Nipper. Very well reviewed, as able to fit through most doors (unusual for a side by side pushchair) and is so light that it can be pushed with one hand. As I've got a 4 yo to marshal about, that seemed like a winner for me.

ComradeJing The thought of your husband pulling the confused face was very amusing - I've had the same thing from mine, ha ha grin

Catbag Sun 01-Jul-12 10:28:20

That totally wasn't the face I was after ComradeJing, ha ha, think it was this one- hmm

YellowWellies Sun 01-Jul-12 10:34:31

Oh Catbag - how sad on the loss of one of your twins. I'm an identical twin (being a twin is just the best thing ever), I'm sure your twin will always be watched over by her sister - the bond is so strong. And to have another set is just a real wonder. Good luck xxxxxxxx

Catbag Sun 01-Jul-12 10:41:10

Thanks YellowWellies- it's what I've always told her, but it's sad to see her feel so lonely in a crowd of people. She definitely feels the loss, without being able to articulate why. I'm hoping that seeing how these twins interact will shine a bit of a light on the bond that they have, and that she obviously has, and help her understand herself a bit more smile

YellowWellies Sun 01-Jul-12 11:33:01

Oh poor wee lass! I think having the experience of sharing a womb with someone does set you apart. I mean most folks are floating away in there on their own but twins are communicating, close, sharing the space, and if identical, spend the last three months cuddling (to make the most of the limited space) - it must affect the psyche without a doubt. As you say, hopefully seeing her siblings, whilst no doubt sad, will also make her realise what a special start to life she had too.

The other thread is finished so will all be coming over on to this one now.

We went out for an all you can eat Chinese last night for my brother's 17th birthday. There were 9 of us in total and it was a lovely evening. The food was really nice and I ate far too much grin After we were finished there we went and had a game of bowling. I sat and watched because I'm a bit rubbish at bowling plus I was a bit wary of lifting the heavy balls.

My brother keeps asking what we are going to call the baby so he can get a football kit with his name on the back. We think we might have found a name but it could change by the time he is born so we won't be telling anyone until then. We want a Persian name ideally but it needs to be easy for my family to pronounce as well. It also can't be too long because he will be taking DP's surname which is double-barrelled so that rules out quite a lot.

Passmethecrisps Sun 01-Jul-12 12:13:18

Afternoon all! Welcome catbag and comrade

valium your pram sounds awesome. We are still a million years from actually committing to purchasing anything. It seems like such a big step as if having a wee thing squiggling about inside me isn't

I am, however, now obsessed with checking out other people's prams. Yesterday I saw a couple with a bugaboo donkey - the wheel had snapped right off. Not so great for a pram worth £1200. I also saw a couple in the pub with a thing called a totseat. It was fabric and hooked over the chair holding the child in like a sling almost. I was very impressed as it occurred to me how nasty some high chairs might be. I also think it is nicer that they get used to actually being at the table. So that's a purchase chalked up.

Oooh Passme I've just been reading about the Totseat after your post and it looks great!

There's a link here if anyone else wants to see.

2 more days until my scan...I'm not at all waiting patiently!

Passmethecrisps Sun 01-Jul-12 12:57:33

Thanks for the link miss. I really like it - DH is a bit hmm about chairs and tables in restaurants and pubs so he was immediately sold.

Talking about impatience - I don't know how I am am going to entertain myself in the time before LO's arrival. I am enjoying being pregnant and every new experience but in between new things I get a bit bored an just want a baby! People keep telling me it will fly by so FC!

Chunkychicken Sun 01-Jul-12 13:21:42

There are cheaper versions of the totseat. Can't remember where I bought mine, but was online & less than half that price!! Worth it but don't get it yet!!! They won't need it until 6mths when they're sitting up...

Chunkychicken Sun 01-Jul-12 13:25:18

Also, most highseats aren't that bad - get staff to clean them and/or carry wipes when out and about. And the fabric ones mean that baby is actually not boosted at all, so they're not actually up at the table in that case, they're below the level. Handy if somewhere where there's no highchairs etc without a doubt, but not necessarily a good alternative to highchairs in themselves. There are some portable booster seats that do a better job tbh..

Put in travel high chair on ebay and there are loads of similar ones. Some of them are half the price.

ValiumQueen Sun 01-Jul-12 13:26:54

I keep looking at prams too. I am hoping people do not think I am a nutter, as I still just look fat rather than pregnant. I usually have one or both kids with me, which probably helps.

Would I look crazy pushing a double with only one kid in? DH thinks so, but even when baby is here, there will still be occasions when I just have the baby with me. DD1 would still fit in it, but I do not want to encourage that as she is 6 now. I just want to use it.

Passmethecrisps Sun 01-Jul-12 13:27:24

Good advice chunky. I get the feeling DH will have LO thinking the world smells of dettol

Yeh I was thinking a booster one would be better so baby can actually reach the table.

ValiumQueen Sun 01-Jul-12 13:31:13

I have a similar seat I bought for DD1, and have used it a handful of times. I think it is better when they are at least 18 months. A younger baby will slip over as there is no support, and no padding. The high chairs are usually fine! And safer IMO.

I'm the same valium - I think people must think I'm odd when I wander around Mothercare looking at things when I don't look pregnant. I'll feel less self conscious when I have a proper bump. It has grown quite a bit in the last week or so and I cannot wait until it's even bigger. Is that weird? smile

ValiumQueen Sun 01-Jul-12 13:47:06

When I told my clients and colleagues I was leaving, they mostly asked why, then looked at my tum. It was very embarrassing. One client I had not seen before leaving was told by my colleague, and she laughed saying there was no way I was pregnant.

ShellyBobbs Sun 01-Jul-12 13:55:44

StuntNun I started off on the foot long ones, I didn't even pretend to myself that any less would do blush, but you are right that it is a good craving and nice and healthy. Hubby is actually out now getting all the stuff that goes on them and the bread because I'm costing us a fortune smile

Catbag No wonder you are worried, glad you have all the medical help backing you up and keeping a beady eye on you. It happened to a friend of mine at 7 months, just awful.

I turn into a complete Dettol wipe freak when mine are young, but I think I'm worse when potty training and out without a nappy, I almost scrub the toilet seats to nothing before I let them anywhere near!

Well I'm not going to see the Stone Roses tonight sad Hubby went on Friday and said it was complete carnage! There is a 2 mile walk because no transport is allowed anywhere near, hardly any toilets, it's like a peat bog, when he was there a massive crowd stormed the beer van, ripped out all the pipes and basically cleaned the place out, at the back you are miles away and can only just see the screen and even at the back there are still pint pots of piss landing on you. All in all, no chance, the walking and toilets alone put me off, but the fact I would be on my own as no friends like them has given hubby reason to whinge all weekend about me going. Ah well, at least he feels really guilty now and has been waiting on me hand and foot since I told him I wasn't going this morning smile Will see just how far I can take it.............

Have no idea for boys names, hubby likes Niall, I don't, I did like Dylan but next door has a grandson called this and it's all I've heard for the last few months and have gone off it now, so no boys names at all, don't know what we'll do, we've only ever had 1 boys name we both liked and called it my son when he was born, we didn't even have one last time, lucky she was a girl smile

Went into Manchester for something to eat yesterday, didn't really walk that far but couldn't believe the absolute pain I was in. All across my groin, my hips and pain across my stomach! I wasn't worried as it all felt like muscle pain but I'm only 20 weeks and really can't remember being this bad as early on.

Nothing much to do today, I did all the shopping on Friday, hubby is getting the bits now and I've done all the washing, uniforms ready and all housework done. Hubby is making me a lasagna when I get in as that's what I feel like eating for my tea smile Still can't eat chocolate sad

ShellyBobbs Sun 01-Jul-12 13:56:57

Sorry for the massive post blush....

Passmethecrisps Sun 01-Jul-12 14:06:41

Blimey shelly that sounds intense. Strange to think that the majority of the crowd will be people in their 30s. I wouldn't go alone and now you can milk DH's guilt - win win.

I was given some maternity t-shirts the other day and they actually made me look pregnant rather than just porky. DH keeps saying I have a big and obvious bump but I think people who don't know me would just think I was pregnant. This is made worse by my rather embarassing faux pas yesterday. I was watching a bar maid in a pub and turned to DH and asked if she was pregnant. He snorted beer and said "only if she has been for the last year". Makes me paranoid.

ShellyBobbs Sun 01-Jul-12 14:13:48

Pass I know the dirty pigs!

Hubby felt the first kick last night while I was asleep, it was the first thing he told me this morning with a massive grin on his face. My youngest felt a kick on Friday so it's all coming on now. Like a lot of others my placenta is anterior up at the top side, I think it's probably a bit on the right aswell as I can only feel kicks on the left.

Candypop Where have you been looking at the iCandy Strawberry? We looked originally at this but decided on the oyster. We found it coming in at £600-700 including Maxi Cosi Cabriofix so cheaper than £1k.
If you are goin for the strawberry I'd order it ASAP as they've had problems getting stock in so its better to order earlier

Shelly my DP is at Heaton Park today. I dread to think what kind of state he'll be in when he drags himself in at 3am in the morning, but out of his group that have gone he's the only one going into work tomorrow as he's having Tuesday off for our scan and can't really take 2 days in a row off. Hopefully he'll have his sensible head on and won't drink too much hmm

My current favourite food...pickled onion monster much grin

SwissArmyWife Sun 01-Jul-12 17:51:40

misslaughalot Oooh pickled onion monster munch was my number one craving with DD! Second was roast parsnips dipped in ketchup blush

The totseat looks good, but i've always managed without anything like that!

My pushchair is arriving tomorrow! I'm so excited!

ShellyBobbs Sun 01-Jul-12 18:06:35

Misslaughalot I thought hubby would come in drunk at stupid o'clock, but he said they did that much walking that they finally just jumped in a taxi and came home! I was amazed........... Hope he has a good time.

Just sat on the settee all day watching really crap films, think I've seen the lowest of the low now smile

MissMummy1 Sun 01-Jul-12 18:16:06

My Dad's picking up his new puppy next weekend and what have they decided to call her?! Maisie. One of the very very few names on our girl's list that we both semi-agree on. hmmph

horseylady Sun 01-Jul-12 18:24:52

Were looking at a second hand cot thurs. Mother thinks we should buy a new one so now feeling guilty!!

No idea about prams! Still need to have a look. Been so tired now I've got time to sit and relax I'm wide awake?! Only just fit into my show jodhpurs today sad don't know what show ones are so much tighter than my others!! Need to see if I've got a bigger pair or I'll be looking on eBay!!! Still competed yay!! So all ok the horse wasn't brill but never mind!

CandyPop Sun 01-Jul-12 18:58:12

fatimalovesbread i got the quote from John Lewis, the price included the carrycot and the maxicosi pebble and isofix base. Did your quote include the carrycot? Can i ask where which shop you got your quote from? i'm thinking if i go to an independent retailer they might be able to do a package deal for me?

Today was an exciting day grin We put a deposit down for our nursery furniture! Technically not buying yet, just securing a good price wink 30% off and a free mose basket !!!

Caandypop When we looked the packages included the carrycot and car seat but not the isofix base. We wanted the Cabriofix but with a couple we looked at you could pay a bit extra for the Pebble. I know the Pebble and it's base are more expensive than the Cabriofix so I suppose that would push price up a bit.
you can get quite a few deals on isofix bases online so we were going to buy that separately anyway.

We're in the North and we went to look here, here and here

I definitely recommend going to an independent retailer, it's a bit annoying that you can't get prices online but most will do some sort of deal and let you pay a deposit rather than the whole price at ordering

Oooh what furniture did you get?

daisychain76 Sun 01-Jul-12 20:11:56

Well, just went a bit extravagent (sp?!) today and bought the baby one of those play gym/activity centre things - the Fisherprice one with the key board the baby can kick. It would have been 50.00 but I had a 5.00 off voucher. Seems a lot, but has good reviews and as this little one is going to mainly be having DCs hand-me-downs, I want him/her to have a couple of really nice things all of their own.

Saying that, I am getting a cheap cot from IKEA - as long as it is fairly sturdy, that'II do me. Will pay more for the mattress tho. Shelly I really like Niall as a name. I nearly called my DS Dylan, but am quite glad I didn't as it since seems to have become a lot more popular. I like Martha too, was on my shortlist for DD but DH refused it. So now it is the name of my baby massage demonstration doll!

MissMummy1 Sun 01-Jul-12 20:22:13

shelly would you pronounce Niall 'Ny-al' or 'Neel'? I have worked with one of each, and both suited it being pronounced their own way, if that makes any sense at all? Probably not!

YellowWellies Sun 01-Jul-12 20:22:51

My sister totally raved about the £30 Ikea cot that one of her pals got - she got a rather expensive one from Mothercare and it's been the bane of her life. She reckoned the Ikea one was not only better build quality, was made from more natural materials (hence less offgassing) and didn't squeak and creak when lowering a sleeping baby into it. So I'm thinking that's the one we'll go for - or the £50 one which converts into a cot bed... Having been painting all day (errr magnolia emulsion) - I'm definitely up for a bit of painting and decorating of baby's furniture (using old Polish folk art symbols like my Grannie used to decorate things with for good luck) to make it special and personal

TheDetective Sun 01-Jul-12 20:23:20

I live right by Winstanleys (pramworld) Fatima grin

I've been stalking them for ages now. They do have some good deals inside the shop that aren't available online.

I think they quoted me £599 for the cheapest iCandy package.

MissMummy1 Sun 01-Jul-12 20:30:42

We've inherited a lot of antique nursery furniture (cot, changing unit/drawers, and wardrobe). All of them were mine, and before that my mums - and if I'm not mistaken, possibly another generation before that too! They've all been painted to death, but DH can't wait to get all arty when we finally move (although I suggested sanding and spray painting in the living room here would be a grand idea) and renovate them. I think he sees it as his own little project. They look cracking as they are, mostly white with blueish grey doors, but he wants to strip them right back to a natural look. Either way, I'm sure they'll look great! and if not I've been pricing up some lovely mamas and papas furniture smile

CandyPop Sun 01-Jul-12 21:02:04

thedetective £599?? wow, ok def going to go and get some more quotes from independent retailers then!!

fatima we got Mama and Papas Willow range smile Also got the bedset which includes matching bumper, quilt , mattress fitted sheet, curtains and lampshade for £99 (50% off). I am determined to buy nothing at full price!! The free moses basket also is matching to the bedset.... Didnt get their stand , gonna look if i can get a super cheap one else where.

ValiumQueen Sun 01-Jul-12 21:06:51

I got my pram from Winstanleys. Have heard good things about them, and if they cause me grief, detective can go in and batter them (please)

Just bought a matching carrycot attachment. Just hope it fits. Oops! It was a bargainous £30 including postage. It is twin size (oops again) as it is not possible to get a raincover to fit when single seat and single carrycot combo is used. There will be times when it is just me and baby, and there will be plenty of room for it. DD2 used to wake herself up as soon as she stretched her arms out. Ok, I should not have bought it. Silly me, but when I sell it on it will be more appealing as you can no longer buy carrycot to fit. DH will kill me. Hope it comes when he is out. I bought it with my pocket money. Think I will avoid eBay for the rest of my pregnancy.

TheDetective I live about an hour away but I made DH take me for a trip out one Saturday (before his sport that takes up all summer weekends started). I was really impressed with the deals in store and the staff. We were going to get our Oyster from there but then I found one on ebay that had only been used for 4 weeks. I think we'll be making another trip over as the PIL want to come too

Is anyone going on holiday this summer or away anywhere before the impending birth? I've post a thread in travel asking about suggestions for UK holidays. DH sport runs till early Sept so flying will be out of the question by then I think sad

CandyPop Sun 01-Jul-12 21:17:42

haha valium ....i can see myself sneaking stuff home over the coming months without DH knowing! I thought i'd be good, but its like my wedding all over again and the budget gets thrown out the window!!

I am suddenly really jealous of not living near this Winstanley place. I am literally at the other end of the country, I live in Essex. Its border line essex too so prices here are london prices angry . Do you think they will deliver all the way to Essex??!!! wonder would John Lewis price match it?!

forgot to ask fatima - what made you pick the Oyster over the icandy?

CandyPop Sun 01-Jul-12 21:20:34

im going to Spain in a couple of weeks - i went to new york a couple of months ago for work and baby did not like it!! The 7 hours flightwas so uncomfortable and i thought i was going to explode! wanted somewhere that was only a few hours flight away which limited us to a Europe destination

Candypop I think we looked at the pushchair, carrycot and colour sets for around £599 like TheDetective said. Then the car seat was around £100 on top. That was a few months ago but definitely work checking out some places for offers.

The Willow range is lovely. FIL is making us a cot and I've given him the M&P Rialto one to go off grin We've got a M&P outlet near us so I'm a bit addicted to popping in

Candypop In the end we went for the Oyster on price. The strawberry felt more robust and lovely to push. But with about £200 difference we thought the Oyster was a fab pushchair for it's cheaper price.
In the end we got a 4 week old Oyster from ebay for £110 (£329 new) and just have the carrycot to buy!! Saved megabucks grin

Although I now want to buy the Baby Jogger City Mini too, trying to justify it by saying it will easier for my mum to fold on the bus when she looks after the baby grin

Cacacaz Sun 01-Jul-12 21:44:18

Hello everyone grin

I've been busy the last few days and I come back to a brand new thread!! We have been celebrating dh's 30th birthday this weekend, with a family BBQ ( due to our inclement weather had to be held inside) which was lovely. I was overcome with a need to bake cakes, a three tier carrot cake and strawberry cheesecake muffins, which thankfully were delicious. Today we went to the cinema and then had a lovely meal at the Hotel we got married in.

Re holidays we are off to Paris in just under 2 weeks, this is our 1st anniversary present to each other and last holiday as a couple grin

We have been looking a furniture for nursery but are still undecided, although I keep coming back to the rialto from mamas and papas.

TheDetective Sun 01-Jul-12 22:42:58

Consider it done Valium grin I pack a mean punch verbally speaking.

Candy They do deliver! All over the country! Their website is Pramworld they do seem to have some better offers in store at times though! Range is bigger in store, although it isn't a massive shop!

I am getting my pram from there, once we have the money (end of the month eeeeeeek!)

If anyone is after anything, I pass there nearly every day, so can pop in! Any excuse grin

No holidays for us this year, or possibly next sad Will look forward to the year after!

ComradeJing Mon 02-Jul-12 04:17:18

Thanks for the welcome smile

Not getting a new pram. We already have a Stokke that the car seat fits and has a carry cot bit. We also have a maclaren as the Stokke does not enjoy being a frequent flier and we were given a double maclaren that I don't actually like because it's so bloody wide but free is free. I'm hoping that between the buggies, a buggy board, the fact that we drive everywhere and using a sling we won't need anything else.

I think we've chosen a name! With DD there were SO many names that I loved that I could have named a tribe but with boys names the list was about 6 long. It doesn't help that DD is called Seraphina which is not, IMO, a name that goes with many boys names.

Just need to buy the cot now and we're probably done!

nebbo Mon 02-Jul-12 05:41:41

Hi, I thought I'd catch up on here after months away. I hope you're all well and good to see some new names.
We had our 20 week scan 2 weeks ago and are having 2 girls. We are stumped for names either way. My sister is coming up with some nice ones, we aren't going to say what we choose til they are here but I'd love some opinions. So far we've got Isla, Evie, Freya, Cleo, Eloise, Abigail.

shelley I went to Heaton park on Friday, it was wicked but a tough day, queues for bars was ridiculous. We missed most of the support. I went and sat down in first aid for a bit while I waited for people to get drinks etc, they were really nice and said I could go in any time to use their loo rather than queue.

cat your post about your twin daughters really got me. I'm so sorry for your loss. SIDS is something I've been putting a lot of thought in to and I really don't know if I should co-sleep them in a large cot to start or get 2 cribs or Moses baskets? I have been reassuring myself that twins were probably at less risk of SIDS as they had each other close by for stimulation but reading your post now has dispelled that thought. I really am so sorry for your loss.

I've woken up early and worried this morning, I've had a busy weekend and have got some cramping now. I have been getting more movements which reassuring. It's a shame really as I was just starting to enjoy pregnancy now I just want to get to the end again. Bring on 36 weeks!!

ValiumQueen Mon 02-Jul-12 07:17:10

Winstanley deliver free over fifty quid. They deliver to Scotland so Essex should be a breeze.

Camping for us. I am a classy bird.

Cacacaz Mon 02-Jul-12 07:21:05

Nebbo those are lovely names, we have Isla on our list although our list changes daily. We are finding boys names easier than girls which I find strange, before I was pregnant it was vice versa.

SIDS is also something that is a real worry of mine. I have a friend and an acquaintance both of whom had their babies stop breathing when they were under 3 weeks old. The angelcare movement sensor was used by one of the mums, she vowed that this saved her babies life.

Lilliana Mon 02-Jul-12 07:32:49

We ordered the M&P rialto -got the cotbed, dresser and wardrobe grin

Thanks for letting me know about the milk on the other thread Valium, will steer clear and get something from the chemist. Luckily it seems to have calmed down now but will be prepared in future.

No big baby places around here sad (SW) so having to use internet and try to get people to price match. Would love to walk round and see lots of the stuff in RL as I'm not very good working from a picture on the computer although I have a feeling I would find it a little overwealming and end up more confused!

3 days to scan. Feeling a little nervous and even though I have been feeling bump moving I'm worried they are going to say I've lost the baby and was imagining it or something terrible. Just want it to be here now so I can put my mind at rest.

Back to work today after my lovely 3 1/2 days off - don't want to go back!

CandyPop Mon 02-Jul-12 08:34:56

Ah brilliant ! I will send winstanley an email to see what package they can offer. Yep 3 more days liliana i am nervous too.... Everyone around me
thinks its just for finding out the sex of the baby, I don't think they get how important this scan is.

Woke up today and my belly is itchy, think I got an minor irritation . Also have a spot /rash come up on my chest sad. I had a rash at around 9 weeks and it was so uncomfortable. Hoping this isn't going to be as bad

ValiumQueen Mon 02-Jul-12 09:13:35

I have an eye infection. Came from nowhere. Very painful.

I have not seen my pram in RL but chose it from reading every review on every pram ever I think! Nowhere near me stocks Mountain Buggies. So jealous of detective living where she does. I am near Stirling Pram Centre which has quite a good selection, so was able to rule out a few.

Snuggled up on sofa with DD1, a box of Maltesers and the Disney Channel as waiting for delivery of afore mentioned pram.

She has just done the most spectacular bottom burp!

MissMummy1 Mon 02-Jul-12 09:28:43

Cacacaz and nebbo - Isla is a great name!! And much more popular now than when i was a child... Hehe

Morning all, 20 weeks today! Woo hoo!!

Scan tomorrow, really nervous now but trying to keep calm...

If you have a smart phone can I recommend the RedLaser app! It's free and you use it to scan a barcode, it'll then go off and find you the cheapest price for that item, both online and locally to you. We're planning on using it when we make a trip to Kiddicare in Peterborough. It's almost a 2 hour drive for us, but we think it's worth it as there you can pretty much try any make and model of buggy (they have a whole floor of them, plus cots, beds and almost every baby item you could need) and they have a bank of computers available saying that if you find an item cheaper online they'll sell it to you for that price instead of their price!

daisychain76 Mon 02-Jul-12 09:43:06

fatima we are going to north Wales at the end of August staying in a cottage in the country near Conwy/LLandudno. I love it there - not too far away from us (NW, so not too far from you either, I think) enough shops and a cinema for rainy days and good beaches. Only downside is not being able to guarantee the weather, but by some weird fluke every time we've been (approx. once a year for last 5 years - DCs love it) its been really warm.

liliana I sympathise, the waiting is stressful. Even tho I have had my 20 week scan I know I will still get nervous before the rescan!

TheDetective Mon 02-Jul-12 09:46:32

So freakin' tired. On nights AGAIN tonight, for 4. Why does it seem I have constant nights??????!!!!!! Bad enough at the best of times, but so much worse when pregnant sad

I got a moses basket yesterday. This one www.tesco.com/direct/clair-de-lune-dimple-moses-basket-buttermilk/211-4289.prd?skuId=211-4289&pageLevel=sku&_requestid=1656237# it was only £40, and its really nice too! I'm going to get a new mattress for it, as the one it comes with is just a basic one. Want something a bit more supportive.

I'm now having a massive wobble over the babys room, in terms of furniture. It's such a small space, it's proving a pain in the bloody ass to make the most of the room! I thought I had it sorted, but now.... no!! If only I had a liiiiiiiiiiittle more space!

Think i'll go back to bed in a minute! I've given myself a headache grin

capedcrusader25 Mon 02-Jul-12 10:10:25

lilliana and candypop I had exactly the same feelings about my scan. Nothing anyone said made me less anxious. I hope all goes well for both of you smile x

Thechick Mon 02-Jul-12 10:13:35

This is me today. I thought i was over it, but no!!


Candypop if you order over the phone they also let you pay 50% on order and 50% when you need it as well which is good

daisychain76 Mon 02-Jul-12 10:26:21

I like that link thechick makes me feel more reasonable! I was so cross on Saturday night I felt like I couldn't speak to DH at all but thinking back, er, can't actually think of anything he did or said to make me cross - I just was!

TheDetective Mon 02-Jul-12 10:26:29

Mmmmmm Thechick I thought I wasn't hormonal at all! Til yesterday!

I'm going to take this hormonal anger out on Next later, when I get back out of bed grin.

I mean the bastards won't give me the hangers off the damn baby clothes I've just spent over £100 on. Then their website gives the wrong opening hours for the stores - luckily I just got there in time yesterday. And to piss me off royally, I ordered and paid for an item to be delivered to store - which hasn't arrived 6 days after the stated arrival date, but since no one bothered to contact me, and let me know, culminated in a wasted journey, and them having my money for 10 days. The BASTARDS! And there is no way of checking the item has arrived before you traipse down there.

My ex used to work for them, so I can declare, that they are indeed twats behind the scenes too grin

There. Rant endeth.

TheDetective Mon 02-Jul-12 10:27:01


Iheartpasties Mon 02-Jul-12 10:35:56

wow, only just caught up to this new thread. lots of chat. lovely to see a few new ladies have joined in.

horseylady Mon 02-Jul-12 10:45:02

I feel so disorganised compared to you lot!!!

My main concern has been when and where were going on holiday!! Oh and sorting my pony out!! Oh and my msc and applying for a new job!!! Plus travel insurance is properly making my head hurt as I'll not be covered for the last 2 days?!!! I don't get it?

Still no names not spoken about it. Luke has really grown on me though so it'll prob be that!!

ComradeJing Mon 02-Jul-12 10:48:18

I'm going on holiday up North in Australia where DH is from.

Two weeks. In a caravan. With my toddler, teen step children and DH. And my raging hormonal anger.

Oh yes, I'm sure it will be a lovely trip.


MissMummy1 Mon 02-Jul-12 10:49:31

Thechick your link sums me punto a t right now. DH has renamed me the hormonal bog beast and feck knows why he hasn't left me yet- i would have left me weeks ago! Take this weekend for instance. PIL were meant to be staying this week. They've had to cancel and i threw a massive strop about it - full on childish shouting, refusing to talk and then the inevitable soppy tears. All directed at DH. I didn't even want his bloody parents to stay in the first place!?

I've always been high maintenance, but now I've turned into a headcase...

SwissArmyWife Mon 02-Jul-12 11:26:54

I just had to read that link to my DP - he found it hilarious and feels better knowing he's not alone! grin
To be honest I don't scream and shout, but I do get VERY grumpy for no reason and cry quite a lot. blush

misslaughalot all the best for your scan tomorrow, I don't think much anyone says will help you to not worry, until you've had it and you know for sure everything is fine. I was very very nervous before mine!

It's funny, since I had my scan I started feeling the baby a lot more, and now i'm being kicked to the point DP can feel it, which is great!
It's all still quite low down due to the anterior placenta but my god he's a strong baba!
I cannot believe that in a few weeks I will be 6 months! It's going so quickly.

My iCandy Pear Twin arrived today, I love it love it love it! It is beautiful.
DD loves it too, she insisted on sitting in it for ages after it arrived, bless her. Takes after me I think! Still waiting on the car seat to arrive and the second seat unit, (the idiots managed to send it to a different depot?!) but should be here a bit later. Still, I am very pleased! (especially at the amount I saved!)

Brockle Mon 02-Jul-12 11:37:33

So glad I am not the only one with hormonal anger. At the moment it is directed at work due to feeling undervalued, overworked and stressed. Job sharing with someone who doesn't see me as a job sharer but as a minion. Every time I think about the work I have to do (two job roles with different heads of dept) I get upset and angry about it. The only positive thing is I have decided to start my maternity leave three weeks earlier than I was. I hope I am in a betterframe of mind when I go in tomorrow cos someone is going to get it!

Scan on wednesday and so nervous and excited. DH finally agreed to find out the gender. I am going to go and put on Bride Wars whilst I tidy up so I can see someone else's irrational anger smile

NervousAt20 Mon 02-Jul-12 11:46:47

Glad your happy with your pram swiss

Good luck to ladies with scans today and tomorrow! smile fingers crossed for you all

Ha good link thechick hormanally wise I think I've been pretty good smile I am quite abit more emotional but it's good things that seem to set me off like DP constantly supplying me with samosas randumly and only from this certain place that I now love! Only had 1 major out burst which was only made worse when I was told its not that bad its your hormones! Well how dare he tell me that, needless to say I was abit blush when a couple of days later he asked if he was right and it really weren't that bad lol

Pregnancy is Amazing! Pizza and Ice cream for breakfast and it's acceptable :-) been to asda and deffinatly having a fatty couch day today grin

Thechick Mon 02-Jul-12 12:00:22

So glad its not just me....I was very hormonal during the first trimester but have been fine since about 11 weeks , but since yesterday I've been feeling the rage. Grrrr!!

horseylady Mon 02-Jul-12 13:27:43

No rage here just frustration at travel insurance companies!!!! Effing joke!!!! Now need to buy more insurance sad apparently not covered as pregnant!!!

Lane81 Mon 02-Jul-12 13:31:51

Oh my god The Chick I think we go to the same yoga class - in N16? I went for the first time the week before you, then couldn't go because I hurt my neck, but it sounds like exactly the same experience! I laughed too! I can't decide whether to go back!!

I'm definitely feeling the rage as well. I need to start chilling out more but it doesn't help that I've got a really stressful week at work. Oh well, only about 15 weeks until I finish.

ValiumQueen Mon 02-Jul-12 14:14:28

My pram arrived today too. Not as fancy as an ICandy, but it currently has a very happy 2yo and a slightly squished 6yo in it!

ShellyBobbs Mon 02-Jul-12 14:38:40

MissMummy To be pronounced N-yall (Niall Quinn, City footballer is where that one came from)

MissLaughalot How did you other half go at Heaton Park, was it as bad as Friday?

Fatima We're going camping in France mid August! I know, I know, but like I said to hubby when he said we shouldn't, I can't sleep now in a comfy bed so an airbed is nothing, I'll just take loads of pillows. It's just the drive and all that time in the car I'm not looking forward to.

Candypop & Lillian & MissM I didn't sleep at all the night before my scan and only managed to eat 1 small banana before the 1pm scan, it's an awful wait and I with you both well.

Nebbo Bet it was brilliant, I'd have been on their toilet all night. Did you see any trouble with the beer van? Love all your names, they are beautiful.

Brockle With you there on the bullshit workfront! I have a supervisor who tries her hardest to wind me up, put me down and just be a general little bitch to me. This started because I once told her to calm down and to stop stressing because it didn't help anybody and information got lost in the panic, she has been out for me ever since smile This mornings meeting ended up with people staring at me open mouthed due to the way she spoke to me, I just sat there very quietly, got my diary out of my bag and jotted down a few notes in there right in front of her without speaking a word, I'm building a dossier and will let it fire to her bosses before my maternity leave, I also now have the union on stand-by for the fireworks. Slowly slowly catchy monkey, and I'm not the monkey grin.

Didn't sleep at all last night, was sweating and feeling like I was going to throw up so am very tired now, fingers crossed that tonight at works looks on the quiet side so may be able to amble through it.

Good luck with scans for today and tomorrow ladies.

ShellyBobbs Mon 02-Jul-12 14:39:35

*wish you all well

Chunkychicken Mon 02-Jul-12 14:49:55

I started a post earlier but it seems to have got lost... Its bad enough that there are so many posts that I can't keep up, let alone the ones that are lost! Grr.

Can't believe some of you have got prams sorted out. I mean, I know I'm only 20wks today, but still... I didn't have anything sorted until I was about 30wks pregnant with DD, and it probably won't be until my maternity leave at 36wks with this one, given the way things are going on. On the plus side, I have lots of neutral baby clothes in the loft ready to be washed and put in the nursery and a moses basket with barely used mattress from DD (she was in it 9wks), and a cotbed that will have to be wrestled from DD's grasp in the next few months, so not much else to buy!

My timetable looks a bit pants for next year but that may still change and well, its only for 7 weeks (21 days) so hardly worth worrying about is it?

Have the odd hormonal anger lapse, but generally ok. Think I'm a bit like that anyway (high maintenance, never?!! hmm ) so nothing new...

Good luck for scans. I wonder if I will EVER get a date for mine!!!

Brockle Mon 02-Jul-12 14:54:03

shelly I am impressed. I have decided that due to the last couple of weeks and due to woeful neglect of second role becasue of the first I am going to insist that my job share takes a back seat until I am up to date with my other role. Looking forward to seeing how she does when I am giving minimal support grin Also going to change my hours slightly as the officeis moving twenty minutes further from the station so that should make things easier. Roll on the 19th October! Just would like to go a day without feeling upset or angry.

Good luck with scans everyone. Ticking off the hours until mine but then it will be a whole twenty plus weeks until I see baby again on the outside smile

with you on the Next front detective they are a pain in the arse. Its a shame their clothes are gorgeous.

horseylady Mon 02-Jul-12 15:08:21

Chunky chicken no pram here!! Need holiday.....Need insurance companies to be bloody sensible!!!!!!


Shelly he got in at 3.30am (we're in Birmingham so he had to come back on the coach to the city centre and then taxi home) and left for work at 7 this morning so I haven't really seen him to talk to him about it yet. At least he has the day off for our scan tomorrow so he can have a bit of a lie in (and then probably sleep all afternoon once we get home!)

Elizadoesdolittle Mon 02-Jul-12 15:18:45

fatima I got a baby jogger city mini funnily enough from the same website that thedectective posted. Got a very good deal and was delivered in days. It's ace, I love it and is so easy to fold its untrue! Your mum would love you for it if you got one for her to use smile

I have my scan tomorrow. Luckily it's at 10:15am so I don't have to hang around waiting. As the scan date gets nearer I'm getting so tempted to find out the sex. I really don't want to though so hoping I stay strong. I think it's because my 2 friends who are due within in weeks of me have both found out. I can see the pros of finding out, but as I didn't with DD I have enough unisex stuff and the nursery is unisex so I have no need to know. Good luck to those with scans coming up. chunky can't believe you haven't even got your date through yet. You're being very patient.

ValiumQueen Mon 02-Jul-12 15:21:52

I only got my pram now as it was such a good deal, honest!

Passmethecrisps Mon 02-Jul-12 15:29:20

That blog was very amusing! I have been ok <touch wood> mood wise. I had a phase at weeks 8 and 9 where I got tearful but generally I have been pretty much the same. I have a colleague who recently essentially told me that 'baby brain' was an inevitability and that I would become irrational. I am not saying that it doesn't happen to some but to assert with such confidence that I would become like this made me absolutely furious. The issue I have is that it becomes, in some people's eyes, like self-fulfilling prophecy. I can imagine that every decision I make he will discount if he disagrees with it by claiming I have 'baby brain'. In my opinion he told me I would become worthless in the workplace. Well, I'm not bloody having it! The next day, having already been told how I felt, I struggled to remember the name of something (he can barely remember what he did in the last 10 minutes) he state again that this "was the slippery slope". I can categorically state that he won't do this again.

Everyone responds differently but he wouldn't put down every annoyed moment I had previously down to me being pre-menstrual. I am sure there was no harm intended but I was deeply offended. It was demeaning.

Anyway, after that wee rant (which has nothing to do with hormones or 'baby brain' I am enjoying a nice wee chilled day.

horsey I think we are similar in levels of preparedness. I know nothing about babies and have planned nothing beyond its immediate arrival.

chunky if that was me they would be getting daily phone calls until they gave me a date!

We put the cotbed up yesterday so the nursery is coming along nicely now. It's painted, got the curtains, got the furniture. I just want some wall stickers and possibly a rug and changing unit then it will be done.

Now we have found out it’s a boy I’m desperate to name him. I thought we had decided but spoke to DP about it briefly last night and he said he needs more time to think about it. So now I’m not sure because he obviously doesn’t love it. Neither do I but I would be willing to use it if it was a name he really wanted because it’s Persian.

eversomuch Mon 02-Jul-12 16:01:54

Just back from a long weekend away and wow-- you lot have been busy on here!

Congrats on all the scan results and welcome to the new people.

All fine here. Bump is getting huge. I had two people last week ask if I was around 7 months pregnant. Um ... no, almost five, LOL.

The LO is moving around lots. We haven't decided on a name yet. Boys' names seem so much harder than girls' names. There are a few we both like but aren't in love with. I haven't yet managed to convince DH of my top choice, but am not giving up hope.

Haven't made a decision on buggies yet. Will need a double that will work on public buses and the Tube -- probably a Phil & Ted's, I guess, but really haven't looked into them much yet.

Right -- off to deal with the laundry. Oh the joys of returning from holiday!

horseylady Mon 02-Jul-12 16:14:24

Pass I have some clothes etc but not even started looking at prams!! A friend is selling a cot so looking at that this week but still trying to make dh decide which bed were getting rid of!!

I agree everso boys names are a lot harder. We have had our girl's name agreed for 9 years but don't have a boys name. I have a feeling he will be unnamed for a while yet. There is one name we both love but we are a bit torn between that and choosing a Persian name to please DP's family. We can't use one as a first name and one as a middle name either because the ending of both names is the same and it would sound odd.

WaitingForMe Mon 02-Jul-12 16:42:57

Hi, not posted for a few weeks as my new business has been crazy busy then I had a bit of drama.

A week ago I pulled in front of a van when driving home. Totally my fault, totally destroyed car. I was taken to hospital and after hours in A&E got to hear my baby's heartbeat. Today was my 20 week scan and despite the sonographer being able to see the internal damage to my left side, the placenta is on my right and baby is absolutely fine and regularly kicks my bruised womb.

I'm not sure when (if ever) I'll forgive myself for causing such a stupid accident (other driver was fine and utterly lovely as were the police and paramedics). It's been a wake-up call as to how hard I was working.

But we've found out we're having a boy. We're absolutely delighted and while it's what DH predicted I realised I wasn't at all surprised. I'm a bit reluctant to tell the world as everyone (except my stepsons) seemed to want a girl and frankly I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet just to have a baby that looks like it'll be perfectly healthy grin

Chunkychicken Mon 02-Jul-12 17:07:11

Poor you Waiting seems like you've had a rough time, but at least he's healthy!!

Apple and Eliza on the MW literature about apppointments etc it says that the anomaly scan is at 22-23wks (I think I remember correctly) - which is obviously later than the standard, and I think its a bit poor as its probably as a result of too many scans, not enough sonographers, rather than any medical need/protocol, plus with the redirection of letters required <note to self, must contact hospital and let them know I've moved> I guess it could take slightly longer for me to get the date. However, if I don't get it next week, I may be giving them a call, especially as I seemed to get lost when it came to sending back my dating scan/NT test results.

YellowWellies Mon 02-Jul-12 17:42:47

Ok I'm totally unorganised too and fully intend to remain that way for at least another couple of months - but I'm using the excuse that as baby will be in our room for the first six months to help with breastfeeding and reduce the likelihood of SIDS (something to do with getting breathing cues from you?), there's no reason to sort out the nursery yet (though we did paint the spare room at the weekend and have ordered carpets! that's more to give me / DH somewhere to sleep when my monster snoring kills all joy at sharing the same bed...). Nursery furniture is lovely but think we'll just be getting some ikea essentials to be honest having seen the Mammas and Papas prices!!!! (There are cots in there that cost more than our king sized bed FFS!!!).

Nappies etc will be changed on a changing mat on the lounge floor in front of the TV - not some £500 changing table junior is only going to fall off when they get mobile!!!!

Horsey try insureandgo - we went with them and they consider pregnancy to be an entirely normal condition, so bar being beyond 33 weeks don't charge you any extra for being updiffed. Insure direct also have a similar sensible approach.

YellowWellies Mon 02-Jul-12 17:43:45

Woo waiting - glad to hear you are ok - must have been really scary. Congrats on your blue bellydweller!!! xx

Thechick Mon 02-Jul-12 17:48:32

Lane81 I think you may be mixing me up with someone else. I haven't been to a yoga class. Did you talk to the person you thought was me. I'm so curious!!

WaitingForMe my goodness. Glad you and the baby are okay. Congrats on your boy. I got hit by a bike last week, it was partly my fault but it did make me realise that I'm not invincible. I kept thinking, what if that was a car!! Not good.

Passme and horsey I haven't done anything for this baby either. We've looked on line and have even gone into john lewis but haven't bought anything. We will at some point.

16 days till my scan!!

horseylady Mon 02-Jul-12 17:53:16

Waiting how scary?! Glad all ok apart from bruising.

Glad I'm not the disorganised person!!

Yw I know about furniture that's what I said to mum he'll have a new matters but if it's ok 2nd hand (I don't plan on paying what they want for it!) then we may as well buy him that and a brand new matress!!

Hi everyone! 20 week scan today, DS3 for us! smile

Everything is fine except the lazy little toad refused to lay any other way except on his tummy with bottom in the air grin

We're going to call him Johnathan.

Lane81 Mon 02-Jul-12 18:00:19

No - sorry for the confusion, I just read the 40wks and counting blog (I assumed you wrote that - now I think I must have assumed wrongly! blush) And the previous post was about a yoga class and it was so uncannily similar to the one I had been to that it has to have been the same one! Sorry!! I think the author of that blog is in my class - I will have to do some asking around smile

WaitingForMe I'm so sorry about your accident, I had a similar thing recently and ended up in A&E and staying in hosp for two days. Its so scary and really makes you think and, like you say, can be a bit of a wake up call. Glad you are ok now.

capedcrusader25 Mon 02-Jul-12 18:28:50

Waiting so pleased you are ok and congrats on your baby boy smile
Good luck to everyone who has scans this week. I feel a bit over-prepared now to be honest, if that's even possible?! I have had everything - and I mean everything - for weeks now!! It must a mixture of excitement about it being our first baby and me being a control freak blush
14 more get ups until the 6 weeks holiday...cannot wait! Hope everyone is well smile

WaitingForMe That must have been scary but glad you and your little boy are ok smile

Titsalina Congratulations! I would love to have three boys. Nice to see more good scans and good luck to everyone that has one coming up.

I think we are going to call our son Cyrus. DP was so tired last night when I asked him that I don't think he took it in. We were both shattered and went to bed 2 hours earlier than normal. Even the dog crashed out and took himself off to bed without us telling him.

My cousin who is the same age as me has been trying for a baby for several months but nothing has happened yet. She already has a little girl but is desperate for a boy and is a bit jealous that everyone seems to be having boys at the moment. Hopefully she'll get her wish and not be far behind me. We grew up together and my mum even had a double buggy for the two of us so it would be really nice if our children could grow up together as well.

Chunkychicken Mon 02-Jul-12 19:04:08

So, have my scan date!!! Next Tues 11.50. After keeping me waiting all this time, they give me a week's notice??!! At least its a non-work day, so no cover required. smile

Passmethecrisps Mon 02-Jul-12 19:13:15

yw your attitude towards 'stuff' makes me feel much better. We will also have baby in our room for first 6 months so there really is no major rush. Our house is tiny as well so there will just be no room for masses of new furniture. It would be nice to have a large sunny room with a theme and a rocking chair for me but baby doesn't need any of it.

waiting that sounds awful. I am glad you are baby are fine.

Hooray chunky!

Yay chunky. Finally!!

SwissArmyWife Mon 02-Jul-12 19:36:49

waiting that must have been a horrible experience, but so glad that you and your little boy (yay!) are ok smile And definitely fate that the opposite side to the placenta got hit!

chunky Glad you got your date! To be honest I envy the fact you only have a weeks notice - that would have done me just fine as I knew really early on when mine was and all the waiting and worrying drove me crazy!

Chunkychicken Mon 02-Jul-12 20:10:05

Thanks everyone - feel quite calm about the scan at mo because s/he is very active in the last day or so, so I kind of know s/he's 'ok'. Remind me of this in a week though won't you? grin

Best/most useful hint/tip I got re; changing baby. Get 2 changing mats. One for upstairs, one for down (if that's relevant to your accommodation) as it really saves your legs!! Our Boots changing mat is still going strong 2+ yrs on & the cheap Asda one only recently got disposed off, with the slight tears at thd seams. We were given a changing table (wouldn't have bought one) but found it useful for storing a lot of baby stuff early on. As soon as DD rolled/nearly fell off, it went in the loft!!

Quick question... is anyone decorating their nursery? If so, what colours are you going for?
I want something bright and cheerful but not too sure about yellow being a bit boring. We've been looking at the Crown 'Soft lime' '1977 lime' or 'lime green' and also Crown 'Happy daze' which is yellow. Thought about half yellow, half green or all green. I really want bright orange but think it may be a bit much so i'm going to paint some bright coloured canvasses instead I think

kirrinIsland Mon 02-Jul-12 20:18:51

waiting and tits congratulations on baby boys smile and glad you're ok waiting - that must have been scary.

yw DD has only just moved into her own room, after I finally got sorted and decorated - she's 18 months! I am determined to be slightly more organised with this one, but not to the point where I plan to do anything before she's actually here.....

I bought a Phil and teds off ebay, picked it up yesterday, it looks really good BUT .... I cannot get the bloody thing to fold! I've had a look online and apparently there is a bit of a knack to it so tomorrow I shall have another go and fingers crossed I can do it or I'll have to walk everywhere!

Eliza What deal did you get on the BJCM if you don't mind me asking? We'll be going back to that shop in the near future.
When I got back to work MIL and my mum will be looking after the baby one day each and my mum doesn't drive so I think it would be good for her on buses - lightweight, easy to fold and carry.

God i'm already becoming a pramaholic grin

YellowWellies Our 'nursery furniture' will be consisting off some white ikea drawers, a white Expedit shelving unit with baskets and some wall shelves. All in for about £100 smile
We're just having a changing mat upstairs and downstairs.

I've got my scan tomorrow, bit nervous and a bit excited. DH has the day off but i'm working till 11:30ish. We're not finding out if it's a boy or a girl, unless we change our minds when we're in there

MissMummy1 Mon 02-Jul-12 20:42:11

Oh how appropriate - DH and I were only just arguing about discussing nursery decor! As an ex-architect he sees himself as a bit of a design buff, but I'm a nesting woman with a bee in my bonnet about what I do/don't want. I will win this. smile

I've still not actually seen my new house other than from the outside when I took a wee sneaky drive past so haven't got an exact idea of how furniture will be laid out or how much painting we will/won't have to do (yes I am that neurotic!) but I have a fair few ideas of how I'd like our 'acquired' ancient furniture to be renovated. We plan to keep/paint the walls neutral, maybe an alphabet border or something. We're going to paint the surrounds of furniture a dark colour (probably either navy or purple depending on gender if when we find out!) and then a light vanilla type colour for the doors/drawers with child-friendly wall stickers these http://www.allposters.co.uk/-sp/Animals-Alphabet-Posters_i7885624_.htm or DH's paintings on them. And then accessories to match the darker surround colour. I'm sure that makes no sense at all!

The two drawer units we have fit together and are perfect changing table height for both of us (we're 5'8" and 6'2" so probably more me than him) so DH is going to make a changing mat out of a fancy oil cloth material (Cath Kidston or the like if I get my way) to sit on top of them.

This probably makes no sense at all but that's the general gist of what I'm going for!! Like most things though, I'll change my mind at least 5 times!

MissMummy1 Mon 02-Jul-12 20:45:21

Oops, like these!

NervousAt20 Mon 02-Jul-12 21:24:45

[shocked] waiting I'm so glad you and baby are okay! Be sure to take things easy!

titsalina congratulations on your baby boy smile

We went out today and got some paint testers and looked at 2 wall papers so have them taped up in the little ones room with loads of paint samples everywhere. Don't know what we're going to do on furniture, I would like a white set but need to look around and see what deals and offers are on, would deffo like a really comfie nursing chair that can be used for feeding times and for night feeds so I don't disturb DP but will have to see!

Good luck to the ladies with scans tomorrow !!

Don't even ask how many paint tester pots I've bought!


grin blush

blonderthanred Mon 02-Jul-12 21:45:52

Wow, lots more news here. Glad things are progressing well. Sorry to hear about the car accident, take care of yourself.

I realised my sudden impatience the other day came from my boss visiting work, she is on mat leave and has just had her twins so I was holding one and feeling quite overwhelmed.

Our 'baby room' is white with a green blind, the lodger moves out in August so will spruce it up then & get cot etc. Thinking of getting a single sofa bed so if dh or I need to catch up on sleep we have another option.

My friend has the Ikea unit that is a changing table that converts into shelves when it's no longer needed, I might get one too.

CandyPop Mon 02-Jul-12 22:08:42

wow this thread does move fast!!

congrats tits and waiting on you baby boys! glad you're ok waiting

good luck to those whos scan are 2mo!!!

nebbo Mon 02-Jul-12 22:18:11

It's exciting planning nursaries, b and q had a deal on paint last week so we ended up choosing a lilac, we are set for furniture as there is already a huge wardrobe in there that my mother in law has said she'd paint as she's good at that. My great uncle has given us the money for cot beds which is so kind so all we need to buy now is a changing table and some sort of chair. I really want a little sofa in there for the night feeds but I don't think there is the room. I've seen these that look good http://elephantsonthewall.com/smsilsafari they are paint by numbers for the wall, they look great

Elizadoesdolittle Mon 02-Jul-12 22:41:40

fatima seems like you and I have the same tastes. I've just decorated DD's new bedroom in the crown soft lime paint. smile

I got the bjcm for £220 with free rain cover. It was the best deal for a brand new one that I could find on the net. You could prob get a better deal if you were able to go into the shop but I live miles away! John lewis were doing the black one for £199 but annoyingly put the price up to £249 the day before I went to get one. The lady in JL did say the price will prob go back down again at somepoint so you could always keep an eye out for that.

Thechick Mon 02-Jul-12 22:43:09

lane oh, no, I wouldn't know what to say with a blog. She does make me laugh though. I found it through mumsnet. If anyone knows of any other good pregnancy blogs or anyone to follow on twitter I would love to know.

Re painting the baby's room. We aren't going to repaint our third bedroom. It looks completely fine. It's a light blue and it will stay that way whatever we are having. It's the computer room at the moment and where we dry our clothes and keep some of my extra clothes so we need to find homes for those things before we can think about making it into a room for the baby. Like someone else said, it's going to be in a cot of some sort with us for the first 6 months so there's no rush and I've just hit the 20 week mark so still have another 20 weeks before the baby is born to sort it all out so I personally have no rush.

YellowWellies Mon 02-Jul-12 22:50:40

Am stunned by all of the concrete plans you ladies have for nurseries - you've got such clear ideas already, and I'm now feeling that despite being preggers, I must secretly be a bloke! MissMummy your comments made me pee myself, an arty architect vs a nesting mother to be - he doesn't stand a chance in getting his own way!!!! There was me feeling chuffed that I'd decided to paint good luck folk art symbols like these www.google.co.uk/search?q=dutch+hex+signs&hl=en&client=safari&rls=en&prmd=imvns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=ZhfyT7ONKMbg8gOllc2gDQ&ved=0CF8QsAQ&biw=1275&bih=607 on the ikea cot but that brainwave had quite exhausted my interior design ideas for the moment! (next five months, cough, cough).

YellowWellies Mon 02-Jul-12 22:51:32

Woo I'm officially half way through today - does fat wobbly party shimmy....

jenbird Mon 02-Jul-12 23:02:30

Follow this thread but rarely post as can't keep up!
Congratulations on all your scans. I had mine on Friday and all was well. No idea what we are having but don't mind either.
YellowWellies - if it makes you feel better I have nothing! I gave everything away after dc3 (the last one!). We have a buggy and car seat in the shed from a friend - no idea what it is other than it's a Mamas and Papas and is in good condition. The baby will sleep with us for the first two years and so no need to think about anything really. We are hopefully moving soon so maybe I will be able to think about it a bit more when I know where we are living.

ComradeJing Tue 03-Jul-12 04:09:23

We're not repainting (as we have to rent being overseas) and DD and the new baby will be sharing so that we can all be on the same floor and because the other room is really un baby friendly.

DD is massively into fish (and birds and flowers) at the moment so I bought a large fish painting which goes above the little fish tank and I'm also going to get some fish decals. Probably this one

Apart from that I'll leave the room as is.

Lilliana Tue 03-Jul-12 07:21:38

The only reason we are getting organised is because to Dh, tbh if it was left to me I would end up in labour and decide to start buying car seats etc then! I guess he knows I need alot of time to make any decisions so decided the earlier the better grin

I am getting more excited now I have passed the half way mark but it still feels very surreal, although I have some stuff I can't believe we will have a baby in it in a few months.

I'm leaving most decorating until the summer holidays and I'll have 6 weeks to concentrate on it then smile Also not buying a nursery chair, we have a spare armchair and have put that up there so that will have to do.

Chunkychicken Tue 03-Jul-12 08:01:37

I worked out that, if this one comes at the same point at DD, I'm a days over half way now, as she came at 39+3 (just, 00.42!!) But I suspect I won't get lucky twice.hmm

horseylady Tue 03-Jul-12 09:07:31

Nursery chair?! Omg I really need to start looking into what we need!!!

Had no tea last night then wondered why I felt shocking this morning. I hate feeling guilty about everything sad

daisychain76 Tue 03-Jul-12 09:14:26

I am feeling a bit jealous now. I've not got a nursery to decorate this time round! Baby will be in a cot in our room for 6 months (or probably til it gives up night feeds cos I'm lazy - with DS this took a year!) then we are moving out of our room, going to move DS into ours, baby into his and we will be in our converted attic, which is currently my study. It makes me feel tired just thinking about it all. Actually, it makes me tempted to move first, but don't think we can afford anything bigger <reminds self to buy a lottery ticket this week>

StuntNun Tue 03-Jul-12 09:17:58

Horsey you don't need a nursery chair, it just depends how you end up feeding baby. My last two were either fed lying down in bed or sitting on the sofa watching tv so a nursing chair would be pointless for me. If you do get one it needs to be one where you can get into a comfortable position because you'll be spending a lot of time in it!

Scan today woo! Roll on 3.30.

daisychain76 Tue 03-Jul-12 09:25:56

I agree stuntnun I got a nursery chair with DS and never found it comfy for feeding. The best buy for that was one of those curving cushions to go on your lap to get the baby at the right height (sure there is a better description than that). I spent many happy hours on the sofa in front of This Morning and other such programmes or reading a book with one hand.

Good luck to everyone with scans today.

ValiumQueen Tue 03-Jul-12 09:37:40

I had my Grandmothers chair in the nursery, and it was lovely for feeding. Got rid of it after DD2 as she was meant to be our last child, and we did not have the room to keep it. I plan to feed this one in bed or on in the lounge. The other two were sleeping through by 7 weeks, so fingers crossed this one will follow suit. I must admit I would love a proper nursing chair!

We will not be decorating. Fairly new house, so all magnolia, so will put pictures up etc. we plan to move the baby's room in the summer anyway as the tiny room it will start off in gets too hot. Baby will be in with us for about a week if it is lucky. The last two have been little snorters and we (DH) were not getting enough sleep.

We have an Angel Movement Sensor Monitor, and it is great for peace of mind. Bit of a pain if you forget to turn it off before lifting baby, as it does not alarm until you are some distance away, then everyone is awake and complaining, after initial fear for the baby. It only went off once (i.e. not by accident) and that was when baby was in with us. I looked at her, and she was not breathing, picked her up, and she did a huge gasp and was a bit upset. Sometimes little ones just forget to breathe I guess. Scared the s**t out of me. Monitor paid for itself that night, although I must admit I had woken up before the alarm, and was leaning over to look at her, so mummy instinct would have probably been sufficient.

horseylady Tue 03-Jul-12 10:05:53

Brill so the armchair will do! I have no idea. Never done this before.

Along with the numerous other things I freaked out about last night, the baby never ever leaving was the last one!! The reality of it all just hit me. That and where exactly the Moses basket was going to be stored.....

DonnaDoon Tue 03-Jul-12 10:15:42

Love reading you guys getting all your stuff for the baby...I am a tinsey bit jealous reading about new prams,cots, decorating nurseries etc...But Ive been there got the T shirt and savour the fact that all I literally need to get this time is some brand new vests and grows for when baby is brand new and some nappies...and thats it for now because I already have everything and been going through it and its in fab condition still so cant justify buying nowt.

WaitingForMe Tue 03-Jul-12 10:18:05

We aren't redecorating as we recently renovated the entire house but the baby's room was always earmarked as such so is pale green with neutral carpet and curtains. I've framed a poster my late dad bought about 15 years ago and it's a 1930s tube advert for Kew Gardens and full of lovely colours. That's in a dark frame as is the cotbed (being built tonight/tomorrow) and the change unit. We also have the chair my mum breastfed me in and a huge oak wardrobe that I'm clearing out for baby things (it's mostly drawers).

The result will be a bit Victorian which goes with the house. I want the baby's room very classic and calming but obviously I'm aware that lots of bright plastic will be filling the space as well!

DH and I have fallen in love with this. His uncle throws a Christmas party each Christmas eve and we think it'll probably be the first time we dress baby (as opposed to just putting him in babygro's)

DonnaDoon Tue 03-Jul-12 10:37:31

Sounds lovely Waiting...Love the idea you got chair your Mum used ...Love classic things like that.

Thechick Tue 03-Jul-12 10:47:19

horsey you don't need a lot of stuff, babies just need someplace to sleep, something to eat and clothes to wear and some kind of transport and cuddles. There are a few lists going round on the pregnancy threads with what first time parents need.

Thechick Tue 03-Jul-12 10:55:54

But saying that, it is exciting buying for a newborn. If your budget will allow, go for it, most definitely!

It is exciting but as a first time parent I have found it overwhelming at times as well. It's all coming together now though. I've got all of the essentials now apart from clothes, a moses basket (which my mum wants to buy) and a bouncy chair.

My brother's girlfriend's mum has given me a load of boys baby clothes. They're mainly 6-9 months and 9-12 months so won't fit him for a while but it was really sweet of her to think of me especially as she hasn't even met me! There were a few baby books in there as well which are worth £15-20 each so I've got her a bottle of wine to say thank you.

MissMummy1 Tue 03-Jul-12 11:20:09

I'm completely clueless when it comes to baby things - as is DH it would seem if the 'Rescue Boat' book he bought "for Junior" is anything to go by (still trying to convince him that a newborn doesn't need a Daddy sized quad bike...) There's so many things out there and I am an advertiser's dream - if you give me the right sales pitch and stick it in pretty packaging, I'll buy it. Our mum's (again not so much dads, I'm sensing a theme here with the men in my life and their ridiculous purchases...) have been fantastic at keeping us right about what we do/don't need and throwing the odd hand-me-down our way! My mum, bless her, is in the middle of moving house and I have to keep reminding her as lovely as it is for her to pass me box load after box load of 15 + year old baby toys and all my old school work "in case it's useful for work", we too are moving in a matter of weeks!!

On a slightly funny note - for everyone that's not me or the postie involved - I disgraced myself this morning jumping out the shower and grabbing the nearest towel to sign for a delivery (a hugely expensive boat helmet that we DO NOT need!?). Turns out my big pregnant boobs don't hold a towel up quite the same way as my tiny 32c ones used to. I don't know who was more embarrassed...

horseylady Tue 03-Jul-12 11:24:38

I think I need a list of things. We have been given a Moses basket (new) he'll need some toy bits (hoping other people will buy!) and a cot etc.

Think I'm just letting lots of stuff get to me at the moment.

I need to sort out the pony situation, then the holiday then I can focus on the baby. All while holding down two jobs and the business..... Yes that's why I nearly called in sick today.....shame I don't do sick days sad

Elizadoesdolittle Tue 03-Jul-12 11:40:55

Just back from scan. All is well. Baby's looking nice and healthy and of average size (whatever that is!). Managed to stay strong and avoid finding out the sex. Only another 4 months and I'll find out anyway...yikes!

Looking forward to checking in later and reading lots of other scan news.

horseylady Tue 03-Jul-12 12:02:47

Eliza brilliant news!! That's what I said about our llittle one everything was reassuringly average!!!

Great news Eliza!

Just home from our scan and everything is normal, I'm so happy to see that written in my notes! Our sonographer was really funny and he kept us relaxed all the way through, explaining what he was seeing but making lots of jokes too, absolutely fab!

Have a nice scan pic that I'll add to the FB group later.

We're still team yellow too!

ShellyBobbs Tue 03-Jul-12 12:30:10

Brockle Well I hope it gets easier for you work wise.

MissLaugh Birmingham, ouch. We are only 8 miles away from the centre of Manchester so doesn't take long at all, mine was in at midnight smile Congrats on healthy baby smile

Waiting So glad you are both OK, know what you mean about just glad the baby is healthy, I got so worked up at my scan, I didn't even think until after about the sex.

Titsalina Congratulations on your boy smile

Eliza Good news on your scan smile

So it looks like I am the only one who just doesn't get excited about shopping for all this baby stuff. I absolutely hate shopping and that extends to all this shock. A few weeks before I'm due I'll buy some white baby grows and vests, a white all in one coat thing, a few cardies and bibs and that will be it (nappies obvs). I'm being given everything else thank goodness except a cot which we'll get from IKEA after it's born (will sleep in moses basket for a bit).

When it goes into a bed, hubby is having to make a triple bunk bed so that the 3 youngest can share a room and the eldest has her own (teenage years) and that is the extent of our plans. It's not even because it's my fourth, with my second I didn't buy a pram until he was 3 weeks old, I just carried him about in a sling........

Chunkychicken Tue 03-Jul-12 13:46:17

Congrats on the scans ladies smile

Thechick Tue 03-Jul-12 14:20:06

Shelly I'm sure you aren't the only one.

eversomuch Tue 03-Jul-12 14:30:28

Great news on the scans, Eliza and MissLaugh.

Applepie when I had DD, I was amazed at how generous people were with their hand-me-downs. And they may look big now, but your LO will be wearing them before you know it!

Waiting So glad you're both OK.

YellowWellies Tue 03-Jul-12 14:43:56

Aye it's those middle of the night sleep apnoea / forgetting to breath moments that mean there's not a chance the wee one will be sleeping in the 'nursery' on their own until I've chilled out / stopped breast feeding / stopped being a total paranoid f&cknut!!! My niece (on DH's side) had an awful bright blue / stop breathing fit at six weeks, only noticed as DBIL was in her room putting washing away, and DSIL got bollocked by the hospital staff (nice?!!!) for not having her in their bedroom as apparently babies need sleeping cues to keep breathing all night. I just know that even with an angel sounds mat thingy I'd be up and checking it was working all night if I couldn't reach over and check the wee one right away.

Mindst I do sleep with the human steam train / aka Mr snorty Wildebeest (DH), and I myself do snore so loud so as to wake myself up (now I'm preggers blush) so sleeping noises don't bother me (have shared a room with wee nephews and nieces as babies) if fact the poor little soul will probably be the one desperate to go into their own room.

Horsey don't worry about buying stuff, really really don't worry. If money is no object fine get a special baby chair, special baby mat, special baby changing station, special baby bookcase, special baby wardrobe, special baby chest of drawers, special baby car seat, special baby coat hooks, special baby decals, toys, toys toys, (repeat ad nauseum) but if on the other hand you think that life might be too short or, if like us, money is an object - then join the 'how much?!!!!, you must be having a giraffe' club grin. Babies seem to be like weddings - a great excuse for shops to double the prices - knowing that there is a huge guilt trip / lack of emotional sense involved in many purchases. Your little one really won't give a rats ass if the trimmings in their room are on trend, and realistically we'll all be so sleep deprived, covered in bodily substances, hormonal that the fripperies aren't going to make much difference. What you buy is not a judgement on how much you love your baby and it will make no difference in terms of how loved the little one will feel so long as he or she is fed, warm, cuddled and comfy.

DH and I figure that the less we spend, the less stressed we'll be, the longer I can be off with the wee one and the happier we'll all be. The best things in life are not things xxxx

Back from the scan! Everything was fine! smile The consultant couldn't be quite sure, as little wriggler didn't want to shift in a good position, but she couldn't see any dangly bits, so she said girl smile
I've got a very happy big sister here now grin although we did warn her we weren't 100% sure...
Consultant offered to see me again at 28 weeks for reassurance, which was very nice of her, as she had said before she would probably release me back to midwife-led care.

Blue that's great! Congratulations!

SwissArmyWife Tue 03-Jul-12 17:17:13

Congrats on all the healthy babies ladies!

Is it going really quickly for anyone else? I'm 22 weeks on Friday and I can't quite believe it!

As for buying baby stuff - I love it, and i'm one of those people who has to have everything ready. With DD I had everything by 6 months, with this one I have near enough everything apart from clothes and some more nappies! It's good though as I had so much stuff left over from DD so i've saved a lot of money!
No nursery furniture though as i'm in a 2 bed flat at the mo (trying to move) and baby will be in with us for the first 10 months or so. Already have cot and basket though! (The basket is a gorgeous handmade willow basket that my dad bought for me last time, but DD never slept in it so i'm hoping to get some use out of it this time!)
Took my icandy out for a walk today, DD loved it and so did I, especially when I was able to fit three bags of shopping in the basket shock

On a complaining note - I really have bad hips at the moment. It's so so painful to walk anywhere and just makes it worse. Thankfully I have a physio appointment in a week so I really hope they can help.
Is anyone else suffering with SPD? I feel for you if you are sad

LittleLolly Tue 03-Jul-12 18:11:17

Congrats to misslaugh, blue, eliza and titsalina plus anyone else I've missed out with a happy scan result!!

I'm back from 4 days in Ireland which was lovely but tiring.... And so hard not beng able to have a drink while everyone else can! There's only so much diet come and 7up I can drink, especially when the little one gives me bladder kicks!

Have you all seen that mothercare has 20% off orders over £100 online... Just ordered my cotbed mattress and it already had £14 off so paid £100 instead of £140!

MissMummy1 Tue 03-Jul-12 18:11:57

Is anyone else finding it painful to drive? There was a time when I would happily sit and drive for 5+ hours at a time every weekend back in the days when DH and I worked at opposite ends of the country, and I had a 4 hour round commute for 6 months. But today, after a whole 45 minute drive, I was wrecked. My hips hurt, my back is sore and I was getting a horrible stretchy feeling in my pelvis every time I changed gear (none of the above probably helped by the fact I was desperate for a wee!) Surely 19 weeks is far too early for this?!

LittleLolly Tue 03-Jul-12 18:12:07

Diet coke not diet come... Ooops blush

YellowWellies Tue 03-Jul-12 18:13:28

Lovely news Blue xxxxx

horseylady Tue 03-Jul-12 18:13:38

Ya after today I want to hug you. Thank you. Right once I get finally get home after this shit day dh has another go at me for not completing many tasks and I've made a phone call I've been avoiding I may hang myself have a long bath and sleep!

Sophiathesnowfairy Tue 03-Jul-12 18:41:28

littlelolly you have just made my day. Much hilarious laughter in the kitchen as I make dinner, to DS and DH's bewilderment. grin

My hips and lower back are achey. I had it last time but not till much later on. Felt loads better after a session of aqua aerobics last night, and am wondering if a. It of reflexology might keep me going.

Well done with the scans ladies

Congrats blue Eliza and anyone else I missed who had a good scan.

Looks like I have sold the pine double bed that was in our spare room. It's now the baby's room so I need it gone asap. Advertised it on Gumtree and a lady is coming to get it tonight. Just pleased to get it out the way but the money will pay for a mattress for the cot bed so that's a bonus.

blue and Eliza not blue eliza grin

capedcrusader25 Tue 03-Jul-12 19:07:11

littlelolly I laughed so much at that grin horsey sounds like you need a lovely relaxing bath and an early night, hugs to you. Congrats on all the scans that have gone well today smile

ditsygem Tue 03-Jul-12 19:17:52

Missmummy1 I found exactly the same thing with driving. I usually love it and am more then happy driving very long distances, but at the weekend we travelled to my parents and driving was terrible - really sore back after about half an hour, so the 2 hours wasn't fun. And even when DH drove, I just couldn't get comfy in the passenger seat. I think I am going to invest in a cushion for the car soon, especially as the house we have bought is 2 hours away and we are moving bit by bit over the summer so will be backward and foreward to there almost every weekend!
Congrats to all those ladies who have had good scans, and to those who found out the gender, its all starting to seem so real now!

horseylady Tue 03-Jul-12 19:39:33

Right horrid conversation had, all ok everyone ok and understanding! Good! People can be reasonable.

Holiday booked dh had cooked my tea!!

At 730 maybe today is getting better!!

NervousAt20 Tue 03-Jul-12 19:43:23

Congratulations to all the ladies with good scan results and those who have found out the sex and well done to those that didn't cave grin

This last week I've started to get really achy hips and sore lower back, had a really really busy week and been up early and bed late and not much rest so hoping it will all go away this week and hoping to finally get a good nights sleep! angry I've read of people on here having the genii pillows is it (sorry I cant remember who blush) just wondering what do you think of them and where from and how much? Sorry alot of Q, I've seen one in mother care for about £45 but am hoping to find it somewhere on offer if reccommended smile

Also what is angel care movement thing that has been mentioned blush

ValiumQueen Tue 03-Jul-12 19:58:10

Angel care is a baby monitor that has a sensor pad that goes under the mattress. If there is no movement detected for a period of time, then an alarm goes off. You can have audio also, and a little light flashes with movement.

ValiumQueen Tue 03-Jul-12 19:58:52

There are other ones available, but the Tommee Tippee one is shite!

MissMummy1 Tue 03-Jul-12 20:01:44

Ditsy so glad it's not just me! DH is due to get a new car soon, but as mine is a cheap runabout for him to get to work, it will be me who has the 'posh' car most of the time (by posh I mean a car that gets hoovered more than annually and isn't a 10 year old banger like mine!). Might need to do some serious extended test drives to find one that's comfortable to drive and big enough for all the baby 'stuff'!

NervousAt20 Tue 03-Jul-12 20:14:39

Thanks valium smile I hadn't even heard of it or new anything like that exsisted until I read it on here. Sounds quite good though and from other peoples stories! Is it something we need to think about? Little one will be in with us until 6 months at least possibly longer but wont be right beside my bed, she'll be at the bottom of the bed next to the wall

WaitingForMe Tue 03-Jul-12 20:24:33

Today I bought Tena Lady sad

I leak when I flinch from pelvic pain. I used to be able to pulse my pelvic floor muscles on demand (wink). DH just gave me a hug when he saw me put them in the trolly.

Days like this are when I miss not being able to drink.

YellowWellies Tue 03-Jul-12 20:33:39

Waiting I'm considering the joys of Tena too, if junior is tap dancing on my bladder and I cough or sneeze - whoopsie! Am using the multipack of sanitary towels I got when I had my coil out - before getting knocked up, had planned not to be using them for a while. Grrr. It'll be Tena for me too when they're gone. Oh the shame. What a lovely reaction from your DH!

Have just packed a poorly DH off to bed with man flu (possibly sinusitis, most likely a cold) he's a gem but let's just say he's not a stoic when ill (has been lying snoozing with his head on my lap wimpering like a small child) I struggled not to chuckle at the realisation that there is a reason blokes don't get pregnant.... Bless him. Still the house smells lovely of Vicks vapour rub mmmm

LittleLolly Tue 03-Jul-12 20:34:14

nervous i have the dreamgenii it is fab, really helps support my back and growing bump... I didn't realise just how much til this weekend when I didn't have it. It's on offer on mothercare website for £35 plus 20% off if you spend over £100. It is most definitely worth it. They sell pretty well on eBay used aswell so you will be able to sell it on afterwards.

izzybizzybuzzybees Tue 03-Jul-12 21:09:26

I'm trying to get the mothercare code to work on my order but it won't register and says the items in my basket do not qualify. One of the items is not due in stock til end july but surely as I would be paying just now I would be entitled to the offer?,!

ValiumQueen Tue 03-Jul-12 21:14:46

nervous if baby will be with you all the time, including naps, then I would say do not worry about getting one. Mine always sleep and nap in their cots in their room, so it suited us. I recommend you read the reviews on Amazon, and make up your own mind. It is only any good really until they can roll over, so about 6months. The audio quality is not that great. We swapped back to the trusty BT monitor at 6 months. That one has been used non stop for over 6years, and the plastic on the buttons has perished, so we need to poke things into it to turn it on and off!

A while back at work my colleagues were laughing about the stupidity of movement sensors. I just kept my gob shut.

I say if something helps you worry a little less, sleep a little better, then why not. Some folk think matching nursery bedding is worth the expense, and travel systems costing over 1K... It is a very personal choice IMO.

CandyPop Tue 03-Jul-12 21:21:42

Congrats on those who had scans today smile

Nothing much to report apart from feeling bubba kick a bit more today even during the day (normally more active at night!)

I have my scan tomorrow!!! I just cant wait ...eek...so excited smile Hopefully bubba cooperates and let us find out his/her sex, cant wait to stop ppl telling me what my baby definitely is!! I mean at the end of the day its 50/50 so why does everyone turn into psychics?!

I want a baby monitor with video. Can anyone recommend a good one?

Had another stressful day at work but cheered up a bit on being told I am getting a pay rise from the 1st of July grin Not an enormous amount but it's very gratefully received and I may stash it away for when I'm on mat leave. That plus the money I have been saving each month through work for the 'christmas club' and get back in November will be very handy indeed. Times will be tough on mat leave as I only get smp so every little helps.

StuntNun Tue 03-Jul-12 21:31:45

My scan went well today, nothing untoward apart from the sonographer commented on my large funny-shaped placenta and asked whether I had had a section. I refuse to be held responsible for the shape of the placenta - I blame the baby. She also confirmed the gender scan so it's definitely a third boy in a row for us. DH was running late and almost missed the whole thing which annoyed me greatly, especially when I found out he had been at home rooting about in the loft, he wasn't late leaving work because of a very important phone call or any similarly reasonable excuse.

We're just back from the Amazing Spider-Man which was okay but maybe I'm just getting a bit old for that kind of thing. Now it's feet-up time.

blonderthanred Tue 03-Jul-12 21:43:31

applepie, I haven't ever used one but there is an offer on LivingSocial at the moment, not sure if this link will work as on my phone though.


blonderthanred Tue 03-Jul-12 21:44:10

ps that is great news StuntNun.

Yes the link works. Thanks blonder that looks like exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for.

horseylady Tue 03-Jul-12 22:00:51

Fab news everyone with scans smile congrats!!

24 week mw appointment next week. I also have to get a form for dh paternity leave and for mine?! It's getting scarily close!!!

Also want to book private scan for after the holiday so we can him again!! Time is flying by! I'm also looking chunkier! Seen some photos of me showing and I defo look fuller on my top half. Looks really odd seeing me like that?!

Dixiebell Tue 03-Jul-12 22:10:59

apple, we have this one www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B001KC05PC . I would say the video monitor is the best thing we bought. Actually were given it, they're a bit pricey and prob wld have just had an audio monitor if it wasn't a present. But the great thing about video is when baby starts fussing you can watch a bit and see whether they are ok but look likely to settle rather than rushing in to see what's wrong and actually waking them more. We still use ours and ds now 21 months!

Also on dream genii pillows, I had one last time but found it awkward to use as it requires you to lie on one side only and my hips wouldn't take that. I found a pillow under bump and one between legs worked better and easier to manoevre in my constant tossing and turning! Just started waking up with hip pain, really hope not as bad as last time, it was only at night but couldn't lie in one position for more than 20mins!

Evening ladies.

Scan went well this afternoon. All looks good. Baby was wriggly around a lot and having a good dance grin We resisted temptation so we're still team yellow.

Eliza I don't suppose you could post a photo of your DDs room in Pale Lime, it's hard to get a good idea from tester pots.

Glad everyone else who had scans today went well.

I've got an achey right kidney today so trying to drink lots of fluid see if it helps. Bump has also been really achey today so I think I'm due another growth spurt

Cacacaz Tue 03-Jul-12 22:20:47

Lovely to hear about everyone's scans wink

I decided to clean the house from top to bottom today, paying for it now though, sciatica type pains as I tried to get up from the sofa sad I literally couldn't move one foot in front of the other to walk. I went to Tesco earlier for our weekly shop, whilst as the checkout having all the shopping scanned I realised i didn't have my purse blush the cashier was lovely and said it happens frequently. She was lovely, they kept all my shopping at customer services, luckily I phoned Dh on the off chance he might be on his way home only to find out he was home so came to my rescue. I'm blaming hormones and pregnancy brain blush

Baby has been kicking most of the evening, Dh managed to feel a kick for the first time which has made his day grin

Thanks for the link Dixiebell. I know they're a bit pricey but I really want one for the reason you said. Being a first time mum I'm going to be in and out of the room disturbing the baby all the time if I don't have one!

Chunkychicken Tue 03-Jul-12 22:29:37

Good news on all the scans smile

I've got a dream genii. Tried normal pillows last time, but they were too big between my knees & over-flexed my hips, causing more pain. The dream genii meant I slept!! Yes, you lie your left only, but I found the lump behind your back reassuring and would just readjust when needed. This time around, before dream genii was found/unpacked, it hurt when I rolled over, got out of bed etc. Since I've used it, I barely feel stiff first thing, I don't get the slight pins & needles tingle in my legs when on my back because I'm not flat on my back, & if I roll over, I just untangle myself smile I love it.

Iheartpasties Wed 04-Jul-12 05:40:35

ComradeJing are you in Australia? or another country nearby? I just saw you were holidaying in Northern Australia. I'm in Sydney smile

Lilliana Wed 04-Jul-12 07:33:55

sad about the Tena lady, I also might have to look into it. Usually I have a bladder of steel but an unexpected sneeze had caught me off guard a couple of times now blush Lovely response from your DH Waiting - mine would probably wave them around and crack a joke!

Congratulations to all those with positive scan results. What shape is your placenta StuntNun?!? Did your Dh turn up with a bargain McDonalds and you all smiled indulgently at him? grin (Sorry that was the image that came to mind!)

Scan this afternoon! School have given me the whole afternoon off which is really nice but can see that it is going to drag as I won't have anything to stop me from worrying - hope I can come back later with good news and a lovely scan pic.

Good luck Candy hope it goes well for you too.

CandyPop Wed 04-Jul-12 08:02:16

Bubba seemed to have doubled in strength overnight. His/her kicks were so strong that I'm sure if I looked at belly it would have moved! Bubba also seem to have moved higher up towards the centre of the belly.
Is this a paranoid thought .... But I can't help be worried about bubba getting into a twist and wrapping its cord around its neck . U hear it can happen at birth but what if it happens between the last scan up unto birth ?!

Anyway need to get through till early afternoon then will find out whether we will have a ds or dd!!! Good luck lilliana and any others with scans today !!!

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Wed 04-Jul-12 08:42:54

Another one going to be requiring tena lady - I suffer with hayfever really badly this time of year and cant take anything, and with every sneeze I have to clamp my legs together - not always possible or practical and am having some leakage!

I'm sure the risks are minimal candy. We all got here ok didn't we?

Hmm... I woke up this morning and I feel normal. The constant ache I had across my stomach the last two weeks is gone. I'm not sure I want to feel normal though. Still not feeling baby moving much because I have an anterior placenta so I need some kind of reminder I am actually pregnant and not imagining it grin

ValiumQueen Wed 04-Jul-12 09:37:42

The cord is always a risk, but most babies are born fine, and some are born with true knots in the cord. Sometimes babies do die in the womb, but worrying about it will not help at all. We have to stay hopeful. Getting this far through means our chances of getting our baby are very high indeed. The riskiest time is passed. Our job is to look after ourselves and baby as best as we can, and report any concerns to the professionals, like reduced movements later on as this is the best sign that baby is struggling with something. The cord is a wonderful thing as it gives the baby everything it needs for life.

ShellyBobbs Wed 04-Jul-12 09:47:08

Good news on all the scans and good luck for the ones today smile

CandyPop Wed 04-Jul-12 09:55:15

Very true valium! I know the risks are low but just can't help worrying about it, but I guess from the day we got ourselves pregnant we have signed ourselves up to a lifetime of worries!!

On a lighter note , anyone thinking of getting professional newborn pics done ?

horseylady Wed 04-Jul-12 10:17:46

Candy I had that worry too still does in a way but as you've said a lifetime of worry ahead!!

Yes might get some pics done at about 6weeks for Xmas presents lol

Good luck with all today's scans!!

StuntNun Wed 04-Jul-12 10:23:38

Lilliana apparently my placenta is lobed instead of round but a quick check of Dr Google seems to say that placentas come in different shapes. It must be the caesarean scar that affects the formation.

Anyone heading for the Tena Lady please be sure to do your pelvic floor exercises whenever you remember them. Every time helps even if you only remember them once a day. Plus they're supposed to make sex better too if we ever find ourselves in the mood!

I'm having a hard time deciding whether to go back to work after this DS3 or not. I've been keeping the childminder waiting as she needs to know whether to look for more business but I need to make a decision soon. Currently 40% of my take-home pay goes on childcare and petrol costs for work. If I return to work it will go up to 60% of my pay. It's hard to weigh up whether we need the extra money enough to justify sacrificing so much of my salary. I feel like I'll be working just to pay the childminder but in reality those extra few hundred pounds a month would make a big dent in the mortgage. There's also the worry of trying to get three children, one of whom has special needs, ready and out to the childminder every day. When I had DS2 I felt like I wasn't seeing my children at all during the week and cut my hours from 40 to 35 but then it makes it less worthwhile to be working at all. DH doesn't want to make a decision because it's too stressful. I am very aware that whatever decision I make has to be the right one because if I'm going back to work I'll need to keep getting childcare vouchers while on maternity leave and pay the childminder a 50% retainer every month. Whereas if I give the childminder her notice I probably won't be able to find a childminder in my area that can take all three children.

Sorry for the essay, it's good to get it off my chest though.

I definitely want some professional photos done. Great idea to give them as a xmas present as well, I hadn’t thought of that. I have seen some lovely photos people have posted on facebook and will get some quotes nearer the time.

Thinking about childcare and coming back to work is a headache isn’t it? People are asking me already what my plans are. I just want to meet my baby first and enjoy him for a while before thinking about anything else. The only thing I know is I am absolutely not working full time.

ValiumQueen Wed 04-Jul-12 11:01:22

I wish I had a choice about going back to work. I am not sure how I will afford childcare for three. Will likely have to drop hours so I can at least have all three from after school. One will be in school, one will qualify for free nursery hours, and the baby obviously will be full time. Need to talk to work and nursery to see what I can do. DH is a sessional worker. Unfortunately he is not cut out to be a stay at home dad. I would love to be able to give uyp work. I have considered moving to a cheaper house with no mortgage, but with three kids that will be tricky to manage. Thank God for tax credits.

horseylady Wed 04-Jul-12 11:02:51

Stunt 50% retainer is a huge sum of money to pay out every month?! Only you know your financial situation and what you can afford to do.

Hopefully it'll all become clearer!

daisychain76 Wed 04-Jul-12 11:11:20

Valium I am with you on tax credits - they do make a difference (and child benefit). Lovely to hear more good scan news and good luck to everyone today.

Went to Ikea yesterday and after 4 hours (and a really nice breakfast) came out having spent a fortune. Funnily enough, the baby's stuff was the cheapest - 34.99 for the cot and 59.99 for a mattress (I wanted a spring one). I think some sort of nesting instinct has kicked in and everything we've been meaning to do for ages (paint the DCs room and get them proper wardrobes, get dining room chairs that don't wobble every time you sit in them, etc) suddenly has to be done before November. Going to write a huge list of jobs for DH today - normally I'm quite laid back about things round the house, so I don't think he's going to know what hit him!

Passmethecrisps Wed 04-Jul-12 11:18:29

Good morning,

Congrats on all the lovely scans.

Pre-pregnancy I would have argued that my pelvic floor muscles were in top-top condition. This would appear not to be the case. Sneezing, coughing and generally having a small person playing bouncy on my bladder seems to be reeking havoc. I have had bladder issues pretty much from the beginning and it is now getting pretty bad. Most days I end with with wee-knickers even if I am completely unaware of it happening.

Am watching This Morning for the first time in a very long time. I hadn't realised it had become the TV version of the Daily Mail.

Anyway, my actual job for this week is to sort out clothes which I can no longer wear. My drawers are stuffed with clothes that no longer fit and the ones which do lie in a pile in the 'nursery'. I have no idea what I will do with them once they have been taken out the drawers.

I really struggled to get to sleep last night due to back pain. The ONLY position I could sleep in was on my back. I know it's not ideal but lying on either side was just making things worse. I was looking at a cushion which rolls up into a circle as can be used as a nursing cushion. I think that would be good as I am not having a nursing chair so will be sitting in bed or on the sofa.

I need to write some to-do lists as well. I want to have everything bought/the house sorted by the end of next month really while I still have the energy and my bump isn’t too big.

I’m doing exactly the same thing at the moment Passmethecrisps. I have tonnes of clothes I don’t wear and no room for the ones I do wear so it needs to be sorted.

Elizadoesdolittle Wed 04-Jul-12 12:26:52

Congrats on everyone else that has had their scans and good luck to those today.

fatima I will try and remmber to take a photo and upload it to my profile. I'm not very techy though so goodness knows if I can! I could do it to fb but I'm not a member of the group, need to sort that out! Plus I don't have the room set out proparly yet, everythings still in boxes with crap in the way but I'm very pleased with the colour. Once I get the rest of the furnishings (curtains etc) and the furniture up I reckon it's going to look very good.

I'm away next week in a cottage I've been to before that doesn't have wifi so I could struggle to keep up with this thread! Having a shopping trip to Ikea when we're back to get DD a new bed, chest of draws and furnishings. I may even treat the baby to something. Feel quite bad as haven't bought it anything yet. All purchases have been for DD so that her baby stuff is free for number 2. Better get some bits so that it deosn't just have hand me downs!

We're planning on going to Ikea tonight Daisy, is there much baby stuff in the sale? I think we're just going to be looking at things today, but if we see anything we really like we might as well start purchasing!

I'm begging to get a it antsy about not having anything! I have made 6 fleece lined blankets in them most adorable fabrics I could find (DP picked a lot of dinosaur/animal based ones!) and MIL is knitting a rainbow blanket for us, I can do anything on a sewing machine but knitting needles baffle me.

Apart from that, nothing! The big furniture isn't possible yet because we have some moving around to do, but vests/babygrows etc I want to get in.
I'll be bfing so I won't need bottles and sterilisers urgently, I keep worrying that i'll buy newborn stuff and end up with a whopper that wont fit in to anything!

Passmethecrisps Wed 04-Jul-12 12:42:04

Well, that was depressing! All my clothes now fit in one drawer. Over the last couple of years I have put on a few pounds so there were plenty of clothes I was looking at I was thinking "will I EVER fit into those again?"

At work, loads of woman have come back to work looking absolutely fabulous - much thinner than before. It is such a stupid thing to feel pressure about when there is so much else to worry about but I do. Don't get me wrong, I am not talking pre-baby body to Heat proportions but all these ladies come back looking so fit. I know that when the time comes I won't actually care.

I think my cat just felt the baby poke her! Made me laugh. I had been gulping a can of lemonade straight from the fridge which made the baby do a great big kick right against where the cat was lying against me. It can't have been much but it was enough to make the cat lift her head quizzically. I am sorry that DH has missed this - he giggles to himself whenever he thinks about that happening.

daisychain76 Wed 04-Jul-12 12:43:13

misslaughalot I couldn't see any baby stuff in the sale (couldn't see much stuff at all in the sale to be honest, which was disappointing). Even not in the sale tho I think it is still fairly reasonable. They had a really nice big play rug for babies with a monkey and rabbit with ears sticking out and things like that, which I was really tempted to get, but I have decided that can be the baby's Christmas present (keep thinking that's another thing I have to be organised about as not sure if'll fancy lots of Christmas shopping was a newborn).

ValiumQueen Wed 04-Jul-12 13:28:41

Has anybody considered getting the black and white canvas folding changing table from ikea? I will use a table for a couple of months until I can sit on the floor again. I do all nappy changing on the floor, but having a section will mean that is not possible. Hoping to have DD2 potty trained by then!

YellowWellies Wed 04-Jul-12 13:38:26

Good luck for the scans today ladies. Mine is on Friday and I can't wait to see the wee parasite again! (Must think of a nicer nickname but damnit that one has stuck).

Passmethecrisps haha re your cat. I think our cat is getting pissed off at my new (more) convex shape as it's difficult to balance on for him.

I'm now intrigued by the idea of a video monitor rather than playing the 'standing silently outside the bedroom door listening and wondering if they will self sooth' game. Am off to scare myself by seeing how pricey they are!

YellowWellies Wed 04-Jul-12 13:40:47

Oh and anyone struggling sleeping - I'm loving my £9.99 bargain full body pillow from Lidl - you can sleep on your right, left sides and on your tum on it. Brilliant! Am sure you can get similar on ebay if you don't want to go for the £40 branded versions like the dreamgenii - and you get £30.01 extra to spend on cake things for the baby.

Brockle Wed 04-Jul-12 13:50:07

DS3 for us here! Scan was great, nice chilled healthy baby, just seems an age until I meet him properly. My two DS's are totally unlike each other so cannot wait to see what DS3 is like. I am really hoping for brown eyes (i know this is weird) but I have a gorgeous blue eyed boy, a beautiful grey eyed boy so it would be nice to have the set!

Physio tomorrow and cannot wait. Hoping they have some magic fairy dust to make the pain go away. They will right?

Off to buy blue things..

YellowWellies Wed 04-Jul-12 14:05:52

Yey Brockle! Fingers crossed you get a brown eyed boy. (I have a friend who has triplets, and they are brown, green and grey eyed respectively - so you never know!)

Damnit I now want a video monitor - the BT 1000 looks awesome. Are these bad boys reliable / long lived enough to buy second hand on Ebay?

ValiumQueen Wed 04-Jul-12 14:13:13

brockle surely with two boys already you have plenty of blue things! I am now hoping for another girl as I am thinking it will be a lot cheaper. Gonna book gender scan for this weekend as I need to know!

Great news Brockle smile

I've just made my first baby purchase! I'm a huge Elbow fan so how could I not get my baby one of these grin

WaitingForMe Wed 04-Jul-12 15:15:18

My 38wk pregnant friend came over for a coffee this morning a bit fed up because she can't use a birthing pool because her BMI is over 35. I didn't know her before but to my eyes she looked a normal size plus REALLY pregnant.

I'm a bit bewildered at how they calculate as surely most of us will end up with a high BMI? Mine is nearly 30 shock already but I'm in a size 12 maternity. I'm not fat, I'm pregnant!

ValiumQueen Wed 04-Jul-12 15:31:00

It is mean raising peoples hopes then dashing them. I have a high BMI but was told I could have a waterbirth at booking. I got a bit annoyed as I know that is not possible. I was told with DD1 I could have the pool, and was really looking forward to it, then was told my term BMI was too high. It had been too high for some time, started off ok, and I was so upset.

MissMummy1 Wed 04-Jul-12 15:34:23

Is anyone keeping a pregnancy journal or scrap book? I'm desperate to do one but can't justify the time to get creative actually making one. Have seen Amazon have plenty of pre-made, fill it out type ones - are any of you lovely ladies using one you could recommend?

Chunkychicken Wed 04-Jul-12 15:41:11

I'm glad people are mentioning sneeze-based incontinence - thought it was just me!!! Has eased off since I started doing pg yoga, as it often includes pelvic floor exercises. So totally recommend doing your exercises!! Try to do fast twitch & slow twitch ones, where you tense each group in turn & hold for as long as poss/a breath. Determined to keep the muscles in shape as much as poss, as was getting v slight stress incontinence when running even before pg & worried pg/birth will cause more damage!!

Good news Brockle. smile

Waiting I thought they used a different BMI chart when pg, so not sure you can use the normal calculation anyway, & I've never had my weight recorded after the pre-pg weight, so not sure the MW could even calculate my BMI. Was your friend a 'normal' weight before pg?

Thechick Wed 04-Jul-12 16:12:17

MissMummy1 I'm keeping a pregnancy journal. Its just a book I bought from Rymans, nothing special and I try and write weekly, but since I hit 12 weeks I've been a bit rubbish. I use the same book to write down any questions for the midwife and I have any vouchers i find that are pregnancy related stuffed in it. I have it on me all the time, keep meaning to write in it on my journey to/from work, but keep forgetting.

Chunkychicken Wed 04-Jul-12 16:31:56

MissMummy I've got free cow & gate pg diary that I keep. Had a free Pampers one for my DD (which was better) so would just got down what was happening etc so now have a vague memory of it all!! Also took a weekly bump picture with DD but haven't taken a single 1 for this bump. Feel bad for baby - DD will seem spoilt in comparison!! blush

WaitingForMe Wed 04-Jul-12 16:38:06

I've been planning Christmas daisychain. I plan to have everything wrapped by mid-October along with a freezer friendly three day menu mostly prepared.

Thechick Wed 04-Jul-12 16:51:49

Chunky I planned to take weekly pictures too. Hasn't happened yet, lol!!

Chunkychicken Wed 04-Jul-12 17:11:15

Feeling rubbish this afternoon - bit sick & faint sad Thought 20wks was meant to mean glowing not fading... hmm

YellowWellies Wed 04-Jul-12 18:21:35

I'm another that has failed to take weekly bump pictures. Whoops

Ladies who have found out the gender of your wee ones - I am really curious to know if there is any truth in the old wives' tale of fruit / veg cravings = boy, and junk / sweet cravings = girl?....

Any corroborations to report? xx

Brockle Wed 04-Jul-12 18:35:09

Not for me yellow I liked both smile cannot get enough of citrus fruits but love haribo sweets, crisps and stodge

I agree with you chunky i do not feel like I am blooming at all. Felt a bit off for about a week.

There is always a reason to buy baby clothes valium. All our newborn stuff is yellow and white so it will be nice to add some colour! Feels more real now.

Lilliana Wed 04-Jul-12 19:21:04

Had our scan and all the right bits are in the right places smile Sonographer was lovely and talked through what she was doing and looking for as she went.

Baby was very co operative until the time for pics and then decided to go shy!

Still yellow so will have to wait till November to find out grin

Congrats Brockle and hope Candy's went well too

capedcrusader25 Wed 04-Jul-12 19:42:12

I haven't had any cravings whatsoever so can't comment yellow Not sure of any other old wives tales...might do that needle test now to see if it's right! smile

Lane81 Wed 04-Jul-12 20:03:34

I'm having a little girl, but all the old wives tales, from garlic, coin over belly and cravings predicted boy! There's no way of knowing I guess!

Congratulations to everyone having scans this week!

daisychain76 Wed 04-Jul-12 20:29:10

Lovely scan news!

With DS I didn't necessarily crave veg (lots of bananas and milk really) but I didn't have the cravings for junk and sweet stuff I had with DD (and have this time round). I also felt much sicker with DD and this time round than I did with DS (tho I know some people say this is to do with how much hair the baby has - DD had loads!). Also, I could drink tea and coffee with DS but not with DD (and not this time round). So I do suspect there is some truth in the tales, but I think the proof for me will be whether it actually does turn out to be another girl this time. If its a boy, I will dismiss them as a load of rubbish!

NervousAt20 Wed 04-Jul-12 20:53:22

Congratulations on all the good scan results smile its lovely to see people's good news!

I'm having a little girl and I wanted veg for about a week and then just junk junk junk blush I'm dreading how much weight I'll gain, never been good at losing it so don't hold tones of hope for shifting loads after the birth, the chinease gender thing predicted we would have a boy so that was wrong too

The Chinese gender test was right for me

Chunkychicken Wed 04-Jul-12 21:22:50

Although I did tend to eat sweet stuff with DD, I didn't have cravings like I have this time, barely any ms, no indigestion & she was a hairy little monkey grin Also, because it seems I ovulate around the end of the month when TTC, so depending on when I actually got the sperm meeting egg, the Chinese prediction could go either way!! Also with DD, drank coffee but not tea. This time I actually had cravings and they were actually for savoury things, went right off sweets etc, no tea or coffee, way more ms too. Won't know until Nov but still, I think the jury's still out on the old wives tales!!!

Congrats Lilliana smile

mrswee Wed 04-Jul-12 21:30:02

hi everyone. Just been catching up while doing pelvic floor exercises after reading all the tena lady comments. I only seem to remeber to do them when I read about doing them!

I am surprised about the birth pool BMI thing. I had said I wanted the pool at my first birth with DD my bmi would have been aroud 38 at the time and they offered me the pool if I wanted it. I didn't bother in the end but was offered. my BMI was 26 when I started this pregnancy, will be abit more now. I'd better lay off the cakes if I want a pool this time. Thanks for the heads up!

GTbaby Wed 04-Jul-12 21:38:41

Mrswee I'm exactly the same! Every time someone mentions pelvic exercises I start doing them. But forget pretty much everyday. Need an alarm on my phone!

horseylady Wed 04-Jul-12 21:43:10

Yw I drank loads and loads if fruit juice!! Totally gone off chocolate too sad but apart from that no cravings. Just odd in first 12 weeks the only thing to quench my thirst was fresh juice!!

Not keeping a journal I was thinking what are you all talking about with the tenna lady until I sneezed walking up the stairs last night! In all fairness I was about to go for a wee!! Made me chuckle!!

MissMummy1 Wed 04-Jul-12 21:45:06

Oh heck, my pelvic muscles seemed to be in check until today! Now every time I sneeze I understand the importance of the exercises - not great when you have hayfever! blush

CandyPop Wed 04-Jul-12 22:17:01

Congrats to brockle and lilliana! Seems like we have all the colours today!! Team pink for me!!!! Baby is well. smile smile

Elizadoesdolittle Wed 04-Jul-12 22:18:17

Re video monitors I really reccomend getting one. I got one before DD was born and as she was in with us for the first 6 months I didn't bother setting it up so bought an angel sounds one (without the sensor matt) just for the evenings. However as soon as DD moved into her own room we set up the video monitor and I'm sure this has saved me many hours of having to get up in the night. When she cried I used to lay in bed, look on the monitor and I could tell straight away whether it was a grizzle and that she'd soon self sooth or if she needed me to go in and give her cuddles. I got the lindam one but that was nearly 3 years a go so sure there are better ones on the market now. It's been great for me.

SwissArmyWife Thu 05-Jul-12 06:55:44

I've also heard a lot of good things about the video monitors - I think they're good for if the baby got in to an awkward position/got a blanket over their face etc and also like eliza said, just to see if they're grizzling or actually waking up.

It's tempting, but then it was tempting last time and I didn't get one! I went for a Tomy monitor and it was amazing, so clear and absolutely no delay on it - until DD got hold of it and put it in a glass of water! Now have a rubbish motorola one (I think) and trying to hunt down the same Tomy one for a reasonable price.

On the gender/cravings front - With DD I really did crave sweet things, chocolate especially! However with this little man i've been craving things like onions, and spicy food which I normally cannot stand!
I really need to get my eating back on track to be honest, I can see myself getting as big as a house if I don't.
Made a scrummy pizza from scratch yesterday which i'll continue to do - I love cooking but have been so lazy recently!

Chinese gender predictor was right for me, but it's not 100% accurate, just a bit of fun smile

And Tena Lady.. Hmmm.. Could be a possibility over here too! blush

Lilliana Thu 05-Jul-12 07:34:06

Glad all is ok Candy and congrats on your little girl.

I'm another hayfever sufferer so lots of sneezing going on here - not too many leakages and only seems to happen when I need the toilet so I'm visiting the loo alot at the moment!

I wasn't going to consider getting a video monitor as I thought I'd spend hours looking at it and become a paranoid parent, however, after reading comments from ladies in the know I'm thinking not getting up to see baby unless necessary is sounding like a good idea ...

Pram ordered and furniture paid for - it really is going to happen grin

Good morning ladies smile

I haven't really had a lot in the way of cravings, some brief 5 minute madness ones, DP has been a diamond though, he will happily scoot out to Sainsbury at god knows what time at night to fetch biscuits, plums or whatever I fancy, nothing too good for our little lad. grin

On the note of DP, I'm going to have a little rant, probably hormone related, I know its ridiculous but my brain has been getting a bit tizzy about it... there is this woman, she flirts outrageously with DP via text and the very few times we see her in public, DP never responds in a flirty manner back, he is always polite and that's that. There is no history between them except a night out years ago with some light flirty banter.
So far we have had "Why don't you come along to this party tonight without your gf? Oh come on, you used to be so mean to women, you've gone soft..." then another one where she found out something about mutual friends friends of theirs "Oh I just had to tell ^ someone ^ and now it feels like we have a dirty secret between us..."
This wouldn't usually bother me, normally I'd just be a bit hmm and ignore. I think with my new shape and the uncertainty of the future and everything changing I'm feeling very insecure.
It's nuts really DP couldn't tell me and show me more how much he loves me but still my mind is spinning and getting cross with her, how dare she flirt so much with a man who she knows is having a baby with his gf?!

Anyway rant over... <and breath>

I am having a 4D scan at 30 weeks, we can't wait to see little one again! smile

SwissArmyWife Thu 05-Jul-12 08:39:27

Titsalina - I hate women who do that. There are plenty of men out there so why flirt with the ones who are attached?
You need to tell your DP how it's making you feel, and get it nipped in the bud before she gets any worse with it.
Just remember he's with you, he loves you and you're carrying his child smile
Hope she backs off.

WestWinger Thu 05-Jul-12 08:57:30

titsalina ^^ what swissarmywife said. Grrrr, some women!

Titsalina Swissarmywife hit the nail on the head, tell your DP how it's making you feel. She needs slapping round the face with a wet fish

<goes off to find a wet fish>

My friend gave birth to her twins last night, by EMCS, at 31 weeks. She's been in hospital for the last 3 weeks with pre-eclampsia and was hoping to make it at least another week before they had to deliver. But the babies had other ideas and her waters broke last night. 2lb 6 and 3lb 7, so tiny!

I have 9 pregnant friends (well 8 now!) and I'm the last on the due date list, so my DP and I were talking after our scan on Tuesday about how we should be prepared for some of the names on our shortlist to be taken before get to choose one, and it's already happened. Our top girls name has gone to one of the twins...just hoping we're left with at least one on our shortlist in November!

<goes off to Google more baby names>

Thanks ladies, I think I am just having one of those days where I have not the physical or mental strength to be my normal sensible self about anything, I will talk to DP tonight.

Aww lovely to hear about your friends twins, I'm sure everyone in the world is more pregnant than me, everyone I see has lovely big bumps or is posting on fb to say they have 5 or 6 weeks left, I'm very envy November seems like forever away!

We were quite sure on our name choice, it's not one often used these days, especially for babies although it's still a common name I don't think anyone else will use it, especially since we announced it with the scan photo on facebook. It's strange though, I have got so used to my bump being referred to as Bean that now when DP talks to it as Johnathan it seems strange!

I am gagging to buy something for him but I keep picking up things in shops and then putting them down again, I really am in a strange mood, I blame the hormones!

MissMummy1 Thu 05-Jul-12 10:09:04

Titsalina i can totally relate to how you're feeling. I flipped out the other night when an old female workmate of dh's tried to add him on Facebook. I know i was being silly as i trust DH a million percent but it was common knowledge for a long time this stupid tart had a thing for MY man. I was furious! Like everyone has said though, the best thing to do is tell your dp how you feel - maybe not quite in the same teary emotional stroppy way i did!

Re the name thing. Im also one of the last due out of my friends, bar one due two weeks after me, but absolutely paranoid someone will 'steal' our chosen boy name if we have a boy! Again Im being ridiculous, a names a name. We didn't make it up - although there has been a huge amount of thought put into it - its not solely ours!

A friend of mine has just signed her 5 month old daughter up to be a 'baby model'. Opinions?

MrsSkinnyLegs Thu 05-Jul-12 10:15:54

Whereas we all know that the grown-up and sensible thing to do would be to make like a souffle and rise well above...acksherly...*Titsalina*, you're prefectly within hormonal reason to have a hairy fit at the silly old flibbertigibert herself smile Granted, not the most constructive or helpful, but sure beats stewing when you've got more important things to be doing with your time!

And isn't it lovely to see the sun - I shall be baring my bump (in the privacy of my garden - no need to scare the kids after all) and pretending to be on a beach smile

MrsSkinnyLegs Thu 05-Jul-12 10:17:07

Why didn't that bold your name?? I thought stars = bolding!!

WestWinger Thu 05-Jul-12 10:17:47

Baby modelling - personally, I found it hard enough work with a baby without any extra hassle, but each to their own. I guess if she finds it is too much for her DD or indeed herself then she'll stop doing it. She won't know til she tries! I know that I love looking at all the cute clothes on cute babies in the catalogues so someone's baby has to do the modelling.

ShellyBobbs Thu 05-Jul-12 11:08:16

TitsalinaBumSquash This is not helpful at all, but even without the hormones surging I would have text the little bitch back. How dare she speak like that 'come to the party without TitsalinaBumSquash'! Stupid cow, then I would have told my hubby I'd done it.

Regarding the modelling, my sister has done 2 jobs with her son, first one he got paid £200 to be there for 6 hours! Don't really see a problem if it's not everyday and you'd end up with some fantastic photos. Different story if they don't want to do it though.

SwissArmyWife Thu 05-Jul-12 11:09:39

Haha a wet fish would do nicely wouldn't it? Failing that, you could always tell this woman you'll set your MN army of pregnant women on her if she doesn't bugger off grin

West is right on the baby modelling front - I suppose someone's baby has to do it, and it is very cute. As long as it isn't the type of modelling where the baby gets put in a ridiculous tutu and tiara and put next to a baby poodle in a tea cup or something. hmm That kind of thing annoys me! But normal catalogue pics are cute smile

Dixiebell Thu 05-Jul-12 11:35:14

Just to go back to earlier discussion, DS was born with the cord wrapped round his neck twice. I don't think it necessarily matters during pregnancy, unless it's being compressed somehow, but that's only really going to happen when contractions start. That's what happened with DS, but midwife picked up a slowing heartbeat with each contraction, they weren't sure of the cause, but they monitored it throughout, but it was never bad enough to cause real worry, I ended up having him with help of ventouse, and he was absolutely fine.

Thechick Thu 05-Jul-12 12:20:03

Dixiebell thanks for telling us that. That's very reassuring.

horseylady Thu 05-Jul-12 12:28:40

I'm not protective over names - there's going to be someone else with the name so what does it matter?! Whether friend or not when they go to school there may well be another Harry or whatever. A friend did email me asking me not to use oliver but I wouldnt have picked that name anyway. More because the land owners dog is called ollie than I don't like it lol.

Mother was talking about names last night. She's like Joel. I don't really (sorry if one if your considerations!!) she also like guilliam (pronounce guiome) French for William. I want to move away from the whole French thing if I can (in laws not my family). Argh stress. I didn't realise it would be so hard and people would be so opinionated and that I would be !!!

Have just submitted a job application sad oh well will see!!

I'm also getting fatter by the day!!!

Chunkychicken Thu 05-Jul-12 12:51:21

I had thought the same Dixie but wasn't sure enough to confirm or deny. I guess some babies do get tangled, but like when your keys magically tangle themselves through the key ring in your bag/pocket, its only a problem when you try to use it/untangle them.(Sorry if that's a bit of a lighthearted similie!! smile )

It's weird but maybe because its baby #2 or maybe its who I am, but I can't help but focus on the rest of the pg/birth, & haven't thought much about names/clothes etc. I want to have a nicer birthing experience with this 1 if I can (although I'd say DD's went 90% to plan but wasn't 'nice' as such, if that makes sense!!) and I know I have plenty of neutral clothes, & all the other equipment we'll need (except nappies), but mentally, my end game seems to be the birth. I suppose having 2 children is an unknown & I can't really get my head around it, so I'm thinking about the things I have experienced, if that makes sense. I think I'll even be turning down shopping with the girls at the weekend because I don't know what to go shopping for - I mean, WTF??!! Surely I should be going mad for shopping??!! confused

I'm the complete opposite Chunky. I haven't really thought about the birth. When I was younger the thought of childbirth terrified me but now I just see at as something I have to get through to hold my little boy and it doesn't concern me at all. Nearer the time I will read up on it some more but not yet.

Chunkychicken Thu 05-Jul-12 13:47:04

I think I was the same Apple with DD. It wasn't until the antenatal classes were discussed that I even read that chapter in my pg book, so kinda knew the options before I was the hospital classes discussing pain relief & so on... However, I think I wasn't that bothered because I didn't have a frame of reference, didn't know how it would go, didn't have MN to reassure me or scare the willies out of me & wanted to keep an open mind, as I didn't know how I would cope. This time, its far more tangible iyswim.

DS2 was born with his cord round his neck, it wasn't a problem, the problem was with the cord itself being tied in a knot over and over again, this is probably what lead to him arriving 3 weeks early, but he was fine, healthy and alert within minutes of delivery.

I didn't think twice about labour or anything with DS1, DS2 however I remember waking in the middle of the night about 6 months pregnant thinking "Oh shit, I don't want to give birth again!" it was the most relaxed, easy birth ever, especially compared to DS1 who was induced and I had every pain killer under the sun.

This time, I'm not sure what happened really ... I don't know if it's where I was told I couldn't have any more children. I had just got my head round it, only to find out I was pregnant, I have done it twice before yet I feel like I'm in some strange dream I've been thrown head first into. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to be having this little one but I just feel a bit dazed and lost.
I am so tired (something I didn't get with the first 2) even a short drive to town is leaving me exhausted and in pain in my hips and legs, and the emotional exhaustion is awful, come about 7pm I can barely talk to anyone let alone do anything or go out anywhere, it's madness.

I think I'll feel better when the house is sorted and everything is got, at the moment it feels like this big thing is looming and I am not ready.
I find it hard to convey to DP how hard I'm finding it but really what can he do that he isn't already?! I feel like a bit of an annoyance tbh.

Elizadoesdolittle Thu 05-Jul-12 14:34:15

I was a child model. Not sure what age I started but from when I was a baby up till the age of 10. I think most of the jobs I did (judging by my parents scrapbook) was probably between the age of 1 and 5 so I can't remember a huge lot about the early stuff. I did lots of catalogues, magazines and was on boxes for some games. I think the money was quite decent and I got enough from one job to go on holiday to Spain when I was 5. I have fond memory's of it and love looking back at all my pictures. However I did encounter lots of pushy parents with horrible spoilt kids. Hopefully I was nothing like that! I'd sign my DD up if I wasn't so lazy smile it's a lot of travelling and time and I just can't be doing with it really. We lived in central London and had a bit of a different lifestyle whilst I was growing up so was easier for my mum to take me to the photoshoots. I know one photoshoot I did for mothercare had to be completely redone. It was a swim shoot and after they chose the photo for the catalogue they realised my nipple was showing blush

WaitingForMe Thu 05-Jul-12 14:45:53

I'm a bit funny about names in that I checked our shortlist against the records thing that was floating about a few months ago to check rarity. We're certain we've named our boy (but I want to check it works when I meet him) and while it wouldn't bother me if there was another in his class, I wouldn't like it in our group of friends.

But then my youngest stepson has my brother's name and my eldest stepson the same as my late stepdad and frankly it got annoying. Don't think I'd have been so bothered where it not for having "little name" and "big uncle name" which feels odd when on the phone to my mum.

ShellyBobbs Thu 05-Jul-12 14:48:17

I just hate the whole pregnancy thing from now on in, don't get me wrong, I love getting the kicks and later feeling the hicups, but it's the weeks and weeks of getting bigger, all the aches and pains etc. I'm only small and I get really big so know what I'm in for. Also my job is quite physical and I'm going to have to work until about 35 weeks at least and I'm finding some things a struggle already.

Strangely I'm really looking forward to the birth, I always have. I absolutely love going into labour and the whole birth experience, there is really no words to describe how utterly magical it is. It is bloody painful but once that little baby is out then that is it, pain over and the next day you just about remember it, a week down the line and you can't recall it at all. The best moments of my life have been my first glance at my beautiful babies.

-Hormonal whinge-
I'm 37 so my friends and acquaintances tend to be around that age or older, I'm sick to death of friends of friends coming up to me and saying 'you must be made to be having another at your age' etc. Fair enough if they are my friends but they're not. Think a nice curt reply is in order next time!

Shelly my so called family/friends have all done the "^another boy!^ ... you're mad" not a congratulations or a how nice to have a third...

I can't wait for labour.

Our first choice boys name is ranked 598, our second choice is 481 and I have never met anyone with either name.

General popularity wouldn’t bother me too much but I wouldn’t use a name if family or friends had already used it.

ValiumQueen Thu 05-Jul-12 15:36:11

Gender scan booked for sunday afternoon. Very excited. I hate pregnancy too. I do not do it well. I am doing better than I did last time though as no PGP yet. I have not gained as much weight which has helped I am sure.

Worrying about how I will cope with three, especially as DD2 is only two, and not best behaved at the moment. I am hoping she will grow up a lot in the next 16 weeks.

We are so lucky that we have all had good news at our 20 week scans. Fingers crossed for the few still waiting nervously x

My cousin’s girlfriend had her 20 week scan a couple of weeks ago and was supposed to be due a couple of weeks before me. They told her that her dates are wrong and have changed her due date to the middle of December. I can’t get my head around it because she told everyone as soon as she found out she was pregnant at 4 or 5 weeks. So that would mean when she was first telling people she was pregnant she wasn’t confused Or she lost that one and got pregnant again straight after?? Weird.

Thechick Thu 05-Jul-12 15:54:21

I'm enjoying being pregnant. I'm pretty sure this is my last so I think that makes me appreciate it more. Ds is 13 and hubby is amazing so i'm able to rest when I need to. I'm not in much pain, just tired, but that could be because I'm 38 and haven't treated my body very well over the years. I think it's all amazing whats going on inside us and its only for such a short time compared with being a parent.

mrswee Thu 05-Jul-12 16:24:13

I'm in the I hate being pregnant club. I'm just a bit rubbish at it. I miss my social life, I miss being mobile and I miss being spontanius. I've been told to rest but I just want to do stuff! I have flat to do up from next week and I want to get stuck in, I was excited about it, it might be the last one we do and it's chance to work hard making a family home and now I can't do any of it!

I think I was like this the last time at this point too... another 20+ weeks seems like a lifetime. I really started enjoying being pregnant the last time at about 30 weeks when I could feel the baby all the time and I could see the end coming.. even though I was nearly crippled with SPD by that point. I guess I'm just weird!! hmm

mrswee Thu 05-Jul-12 16:25:41

Applepie that is very strange. do they just do it by baby's measurements?

I've not seen her recently to ask but I would have thought it would be picked up at the 12 week scan? I don't understand it at all. She told everyone she was pregnant before I knew I was and now she's due a month after me.

Thechick Thu 05-Jul-12 16:42:28

mrswee not weird at all. I don't really have much of a social life, i love being at home and doing stuff with the family. Can't really be spontaneous with a ds, I can't drink (gives me migraines) stopped smoking a year ago, so I'm not really giving up anything. I got married last Aug and before i met dh i didn't think I wanted any more, but the thought of seeing dh as a dad and the way he is with this pregnancy I wouldn't change for anything. (Was that really soppy)

Brockle Thu 05-Jul-12 16:43:49

titsalina same here on the DS3 thing. A friend actually said yesterday (after looking very disappointed when I told her he is a boy) "congratulations, or is it?" (with a very patronising look. I did not know what to say!! A friend chipped in and said that she would rather have boys anyway but it upset me that a baby could be anything but a congratulations! I love the idea of three little boys all hugging me senseless (big softie here).

Had my physio appointment for PGP today and it was fantastic. Really helpful, super friendly and informative. If you are going to one they are really useful. They strongly advocated the use of a gym/birthing ball at home and in labour. They also said water births were a good idea.

Honestly I am so glad I went (and have a very sexy tubigrip belt to wear in the day).

The boys have suggested a name which I am starting to love. Very close to my husband's name but I think it is a goer. All in all a very happy bunny.

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Thu 05-Jul-12 17:01:48

Hi all. Had second 20 week scan today - it wasnt great. They couldnt see a lot (placenta in way and baby uncooperative) and that without sight of the various bits and pieces it was impossible to confirm whether everything was in order, and then the sonographer said there are further tests to check for x, y and z, and had DH and I ever considered what we would do if the results of such tests were a or b, and oh, you're 22 weeks and sort of just waived us off with an "oh well, your blood tests were fine" and didnt book me anything else, just said ask them to look at things when I have growth scans later.

So was pretty upset afterwards, mainly because it wasnt clear why we were asked what we thought we were likely to decide in the event of something being abnormal in some way. I spoke to my midwife who seemed surprised that that question had been asked but no further appointments made. She is going to speak to the hospital to establish what they meant.

Objectively, I'm thinking that this was a bit of a "we didnt see everything so can offer no confirmation all is well, but there were/are no indications anything is wrong but I have to give you this health warning about what I can and cant confirm" situation. Hard to be objective though when we were asked whether we had considered what choices we would make in certain situations while we're literally looking up at a scan picture of our baby.

Obviously, despite the fact we did want to know the sex, we were not focussed on that at all, so still dont know.

Can someone please tell me that I am being hormonal and oversensitive, and reading far too much into this, and that as there is no indication anything is wrong, it will all be fine?

If no further appointments were made that would suggest to me that they aren't too concerned? Like you said, just unable to confirm all is well because they couldn't see properly. Good that your midwife is getting them to clarify though. I would have been upset as well though, they don't seem very sensitive and didn't explain anything to you clearly by the sounds of it which has led you to worry (hopefully) unnecessarily.

NervousAt20 Thu 05-Jul-12 18:30:08

Hope your okay madam and not to worried, I agree with what apple has said, if they were really concerned then surely they would have made
A follow up appointment, hope your midwife is helpful and finds some reassuring answers for you

StuntNun Thu 05-Jul-12 18:35:26

MadamGazelleIsMyMum my sonographer was really annoyed at the 20 week scan because she couldn't see the cord properly and she kept complaining about my placenta being in the way. So it must just muck them up when they can't check everything off on their list. If they didn't see anything wrong then I don't think you have anything to worry about. I never got tested for Downs and I was fretting about it but then DH said, well it wouldn't make any difference now anyway so don't worry.

NervousAt20 Thu 05-Jul-12 19:17:06

I have loads of student text books that I used previously at college there no use to me anymore but I just don't want to get rid of them, don't no if they will be any use in the future because by the time I go back they'll be new updated ones that will be out then, some of them are still brand new sad I need someone to tell me I have to sell them then use the money for the nursery! Please

daisychain76 Thu 05-Jul-12 19:25:03

Nervous you can get quite a bit for some student texts, why not look on somewhere like www.bookfinder.com to see if it is worth the effort of selling.

Madam glad your midwife is being helpful.

I have actually been managing to do pelvic floor exercises quite regularly this time - every time I start to worry about something to do with the baby/being pregnant I make myself do 8 of them! Takes my mind off what I was worried about very well. Mind you, only works in the first place because I do worry a lot!

MissMummy1 Thu 05-Jul-12 19:56:56

Nervous I still have textbooks from the first year of my first degree (I changed course about 3/4 times before finally doing teaching!). They cost anything from £50 - £100 and I only used them a handful of times. I'm a tad neurotic about being a perfectionist so they are IMMACULATE, but even now I can't bring myself to sell any of them! One of them still goes for about £60 second hand, and I doubt I will ever look at it again. I've lugged them all through about 4 house moves now up and down the country and they have their own special place on my bookcase. So nope, I won't tell you you have to get rid of them because there's no way in hell I'm getting rid of mine!

Talking of being sentimental and hormonal, I went to my childhood home for the last time today. After 17-odd years of living there, my mum has sold it and she hands back the keys over tomorrow morning. I think DH was a bit horrified that I actually cried big soppy tears - over a house! Like I said, I've moved at least 4/5 times since leaving for uni, but it has always been 'home' and this morning I felt like I had no home. Maybe it's hormones or the situation we're in at the moment about to move ourselves (still not actually seen the new house, grr) but I had a proper teary breakdown this morning - my eyes were still red and puffy when we went out for lunch, waitresses kept asking me if I was okay! (doesn't help that last time we went there I had a cry about my beloved first car that had just been sent to the scrapyard...)

Tell me I'm not the only soppy sentimental hormonal woman who cries at anything and everything - including TV adverts!?!?

NervousAt20 Thu 05-Jul-12 20:19:21

Thanks daisy and missmummy some of them are still going for around £49 second hand even though there practically brand new but some reason I just don't want toget rid even though theres potentioally £200 worth there

missmummy ive been quite emotional too, it doesn't take alot to make me cry anymore and the easiest way seems to be DP coming home with samosas, bless him the first time he thought something was wrong just that I couldn't get the bag out of his hands any quicker grin

YellowWellies Thu 05-Jul-12 20:20:42

Awwww - really sad to hear your Mum won't be round the corner from my sister's anymore sad boooooo! Oh and sell your text books - you only hang onto them sentimentally for the first decade and then when you think sod it and try to flog them they're out of date and worth like a £5!!! Sell them! Think of the poor students ;) You can get the best prices at Blackwells, and particularly their Oxford branch - we're travelling south later this month and are diverting from Hereford especially to pop in (it's relatively close when you think on Orkney scales of distance) to flog some MSc books. Ten books look set to pull in £400 - £600.... really not to be sniffed at! (and means I can justify a video monitor, bwahahaha)

MissMummy1 Thu 05-Jul-12 20:26:59

I know YW totally gutting. I'm sure they'll still see each other loads though.

£400 + eh? There are a fair few of them. Maybe I could just keep one....

horseylady Thu 05-Jul-12 20:36:32

I've just agreed to buy full nursery furniture!!! Beautiful condition all mammas and papas, cot, wardrobe and draw set/changer for £140. Think they'll throw in a stairgate too!!! Just need new matress etc but really pleased and saving a good 300 on it all.

I'm now in some maternity clothes too!!

Madame sorry your second scan was no more successful. Fingers crossed all is ok, at least your mw is being helpful.

Sell the text books smile I've just sold a fair amount of stuff on eBay!!

Passmethecrisps Thu 05-Jul-12 20:41:05

Evening all. It's not raining!

I had a lovely day today with an old pal wandering about Edinburgh. It was total chaos but we took a wander into John Lewis which was good fun. I showed off the pram I want and friend did her duty of oooing ad aaahing and exclaiming what a good choice it was. We checked out car seats and changing bags and generally immersed ourselves in baby stuff!

Thus far I am enjoying being pregnant. I just feel good inside - it's very difficult to explain. On the train home a very pregnant lady sat next to me. I had real bump envy.

As far as names go we have chosen one for a boy and one for a girl. My sister is due two weeks after me and the only potential issue is that of middle names. Mind you, I don't think it matters if they share a middle name. What do others think? We both had the idea of using parent's names. This means that only one name will be the same and we could change the order if need be.

I am watching Holby City at the moment - never usual watch it. Not sure if I should be as a pregnant lady fell and banged her head putting up curtains in the nursery. She ends up medically dead on a life-support machine and they are debating whether to keep her 'breathing' to allow the baby a few more weeks. Shouldn't watch the telly . . .

Passmethecrisps Thu 05-Jul-12 20:42:40

horsey! Now you've left me the slow coach! Sounds like an amazing deal though.

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Thu 05-Jul-12 20:45:43

Thanks all. Midwife was lovely, she thinks here is probably nothin to worry about but is arranging me another scan in a couple of weeks. Feel a lot better.

missmummy I still well up thinking of my childhood home and how far away my parents move from it a few years ago - completely normal.

horseylady I have been doing some good ebay-ing too, have made about £100 selling clothes neither DH or I wear anymore although what I have made has been spent on various things I don't need blush

horseylady Thu 05-Jul-12 20:51:19

Pass - price agreed defo not collected!!! You should see the state of my upstairs!!! Plus girl at work selling it who offered it me first so am really happy smile had she not said anything I'd have done nothing!! Glad you're feeling so pregnant!!

Madame - yes clothes selling?! Fab isn't it, was going to charity shop it but designer stuff so sold it!! Just hoping one of my saddles sells but my very expensive show jacket doesn't!! Also counted that the horses have over 30 rugs......oh dear ......

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Thu 05-Jul-12 20:54:32

It is getting quite addictive horsey, I find myself looking critically at any item and wondering how much I might get for it!

ShellyBobbs Thu 05-Jul-12 21:04:22

Valium & mrswee Thanks for making me feel like less of a freak for not liking the whole pregnancy thing, was thinking it was only me.

When I had my third my eldest was just 4 and my son was 2, it was fantastic watching the relationships build between them all. It was hard work but now the youngest 2 are thick as thieves and the eldest is like a protective little mother bird smile This one is going to be so spoilt!

horseylady Thu 05-Jul-12 21:04:49

Good though means I don't feel guilty buying stuff off there smile

horseylady Thu 05-Jul-12 21:09:53

Mrswee, vallium, shelly I'm with you!! Love feeling the baby move but will be very annoyed if (when) I can no longer ride and move as easily. Already getting a bit out if breath, feel I should increase my exercise but am tired so can't. Also not liking the filling out ness sad but 17 weeks to go ......

Dh has just agreed to a walking holiday in the Pyrenees I'll be around 30 weeks then?! So will have to see...

mrswee Thu 05-Jul-12 21:29:58

horsey I wish I was as mobile as you! I can barely walk down the street. I mean I can but then I get very tired and sore if I do too much in a day and have to rest on doctors orders. its PITA. I'm getting buses everywhere and it is mind numbing... I have at least 21 weeks to go.. 22.5 id the one is as over due as the last!

Scan on Monday though, glad it is finally near!

horseylady Thu 05-Jul-12 21:33:40

Mrswee I'd go mental!! I honestly feel for you I really do. Have you had Physio? Good luck for your scan! I'm at the mw wed for 24 week appointment!

Passmethecrisps Thu 05-Jul-12 22:14:47

shelly I don't think anyone would think you were mental. My comment wasn't well expressed - I do feel good but that is kind of despite myself if that makes any sense. Logically, what we are all going through is emotionally and physically exhausting so it makes perfect sense to feel overwhelmed and anxious about the whole thing. I have no concept of how people cope with children already. I keep getting told at work "you shouldn't be lifting that" and so on not that anyone leaps up to help mind you and it got me thinking about how you cope when you have kids already. Right now I have noone to think about but me. If I am tired, I can nap. If my back hurts, I can have a bath or whatever else eases it. If you are already thinking about someone else's needs managing pregnancy has to feel like a massive burden.

The one thing I know for certain about pregnancy is that everyone feels it differently and each experience is equally valid.

Now childbirth . . . I have simply not accepted that this will happen to me. When I was asked at my 10 week appointment what kind of birth I wanted I almost choked. To be honest I haven't really moved on from this. I have heard so many lovely stories about it though that I am not letting it play on my mind. I have one friend who says she would happily give birth over and over again and would of only she didn't have to be pregnant. Maybe we could divide the labour . . . So to speak!

Now the sickness is out of the way I'm enjoying being pregnant. I would find it a lot harder if I already had children I was running around after though. Luckily when I come home in the evenings and at weekends I can completely chill out and don't have to do anything if I don't have the energy.

Next have their new winter collection out and tomorrow is DP's payday so I need to restrain myself from spending the whole lot on clothes grin

Dixiebell Thu 05-Jul-12 23:02:34

mrswee, my scan's on Monday too! Can't wait. Next week v exciting as we are finally getting our new kitchen fitted after 6 weeks of renovations during which no sink or cooker...getting fed up with microwave meals and washing up in the bath!

I couldn't imagine coping with pregnancy (or having two children!) last time round, but I guess you just deal with whatever situation you're in. Although not sure how much longer I'll be able to give in to DS when he changes his mind about walking and demands to be carried home from childminders'. This evening I did, carried him only for a few minutes but was really shakey when we got in and just had to scoff two chocolate digestives to get my blood sugar back up hmm smile. The idea of a second one seems as unreal as the idea of a baby at all did first time round, but sure it will all fall into place once baba's here!

Lilliana Fri 06-Jul-12 07:32:09

Now the sickness has gone I do like being pg, despite the pelvis pain, tiredness and general aches and pains - not sure what I'm enjoying but it is amazing knowing I'm growing our baby.

What a bargin Horsey, well done.

I have loads of uni books, didn't think anyone would want them though - where can I sell them / find out how much they are worth? (They are 10 years old so figured they would be out of date and worthless but if I can get something for them that would be great!)

Titsalina I would be livid if someone was sending my DH messages like that, I'll join your MN pg army!

horseylady Fri 06-Jul-12 08:23:21

eBay is quite good have a look to see what's selling or places like waterstones take them.

Yes I'm pleased with all of it!! Still can't believe the condition it was in or that anyone can live in a house that tidy......I blame the dogs and cats at my house smile

Chunkychicken Fri 06-Jul-12 09:00:57

I don't mind being pregnant too much at the mo. The sickness has gone, the bump is obvious (ish, it seems to vary on my clothes how bump-like it is) and my pelvic pain seems to have eased just from the yoga I've been doing. The baby is moving about like mad & DH has been able to feel it a little smile I just think mentally I am only focusing on the pg & birth, not thinking about what will happen after. As I said before, maybe that's because there's not much I actually need to buy (except breastpads & nappies) as I have it all from first time, & so much to do in the house & with DD (like potty train her!), between now & November that my brain just hasn't got space to worry about anything beyond then iyswim.

I think it tends to be usual that, with your first, you don't think too much about the birth though, its just something that will happen at some point... Especially if you're lucky enough to have an easy/straight forward pg. And I think it often is just luck - I had a rough start to this one relatively, as far as ms etc goes, but I can't see any obvious reason why. With DD everything was easy!! I am having a devil child this time I'm certain grin

Morning ladies!

Need to have a catch up of the thread.
Last night DH and I went shopping and we bought the baby some Converse grin they're not the proper pram shoe ones. They've started doing some 0-6montj ones that are socks shaped liked converse boots. I love them!

Supposed to be going to the midwife today but it's torrential rain and DH has the car so I'd have to walk. WIBU to cancel it and rebook for next week? I'm 20 weeks today and mainly booked it so I can get my MAT B1 for and ask a few questions about their policies on IVF pregnancies. I've been reading up on different trusts an some don't let you go overdue and some give extra growth scans so I wanted to check on that. But it's like a monsoon outside!

Also, anyone know of I can use Bonjela in pregnancy? My wisdom tooth is coming through so all the right side of my mouth is sore sad

Is anyone else struggling with acid? I'm on my knees most nights because I feel so bad with it, I'm yet to find a food that doesn't set it off or an antacid that soothes it. The dr helpfully told me to avoid trigger foods which so far means eating nothing hmm

Catbag Fri 06-Jul-12 09:26:54

I'm having some acid issues at the mo, which is a first for me. I've found spearmint polos or chewing gum pretty much knock it on the head..

Elizadoesdolittle Fri 06-Jul-12 09:57:28

I'm with you chunkychicken with my DD I didn't really think too much about the birth and this time round I am concentrating on getting DD ready rather than this actual baby arriving. I've ticked potty training off the list, next step is to get her in a new bedroom with a big girls bed. Once she's settled I will get DH to get all the baby stuff from the loft and wash that and sort it into the nursery. It will just be a case of buying nappies and essential breastfeeding items like nipple cream. Oh the joys!

I absolutely loved being pregnant with DD. I was lucky and had a very easy pregnancy. I'm lucky to again be having an easy pregnancy so far again but haven't loved it as much as I did the first time. Not really sure why. Perhaps it's because I notice I'm getting restricted more as I go along. It sounds awful but am in no hurry for this little one to arrive. I know my life will be different again once it arrives, but equally I know how much I'll love it and everything will be fine.

This will be my last post for a while. I'm off to deepest darkest Derbyshire tomorrow for a week where I bearly get phone service let alone Internet! Good luck to those that still have scans and hope you all continue to have happy healthy pregnancies.

Elizadoesdolittle Fri 06-Jul-12 10:01:19

Oh and am with you on the acid/heartburn! I suffered really badly with DD and it's starting again. I don't really have any advice as whatever I did/didn't do didn't seem to make the blindest bit of difference. I just remember having a bottle of gaviscon by my bed at all times. I hate the stuff but it really was a life saver for me! An old wife's tale says it means you'll have a hairy baby! DD had masses of hair so we will see if it's the same this time round.

I had it with Ds2 I used to sleep with Gaviscon and milk by the bed, he was and still is hairy as a little monkey! grin

Fatima where did you get the socks from? They sound really cute.
I used bonjela several weeks ago. Don't know if I should have done but the ulcer I had was unbearable and I didn't think a tiny bit of bonjela would hurt.

I want to get some Converse pram shoes from John Lewis to match DP’s. They cost £20 and they personalise them with baby’s name. Only problem is we don’t have a name yet grin We are torn between two names and can’t make up our minds. Maybe we should wait until he’s born and see what he looks like before we decide? Is anyone else doing this? And would you go for a name that is culturally important even though you don’t like it quite as much or would you choose the name you love? Questions questions!

horseylady Fri 06-Jul-12 10:43:14

Mmmmm interesting apple.

It depends how important culture is to you? To me I'm not worried. To my sil it was important that her childrens first names were French to reflect her heritage. Different religions and cultures expect different things in terms of naming the first son soooo as much I would say ignore culture go with what you love, it is easy for me to say that! It's not quite so easy when you're living in that environment and have external expectations on you.

WaitingForMe Fri 06-Jul-12 10:45:54

I'm not loving being pregnant. I love my bumb but the exhaustion and emotional rollercoaster aren't fun. But DH built the cotbed on Wednesday night and I just did some sorting out in there including unwrapping a cheap toy box I got a few weeks ago and putting DSS2s old building blocks in there. Was lovely to realise that this time next year my son will be starting to handle them smile

I'm just sorting out booking NCT classes and realised the last one is 30th October. With a due date of 15th November isn't that leaving it a bit late? Two weeks early doesn't sound beyond the realms of possibility for giving birth confused

NervousAt20 Fri 06-Jul-12 10:51:12

fatima I had really bad ulcers at about 12 wks and used bongela a couple of times and the MW was not very helpful a different one to my normal and said she didn't no then when looked it up told me not to use it

eliza enjoy your hols hope you don't get all this rain!

I've not woke up in the best of moods today, I woke up and had a leaky nipple sad don't no why it's bothered me so much but made me abit emotional and don't think DP helped when he said I don't no what the problem is your pg it will happen, well yes but that's not the point! Men! sad

Thechick Fri 06-Jul-12 11:07:50

Apple we aren't going to name the baby until we meet it and we aren't even close to having a shortlist. Still got loads of time.

SwissArmyWife Fri 06-Jul-12 11:14:56

I'm not enjoying being pregnant as much as the first time, because I can't just sit down when I feel like it or have a bath etc so i'm burnt out most days after dealing with DD! Not to mention the first three months of severe MS
The pelvic pain doesn't help as I can't even walk to the shop and back without being in agony, can't carry DD for more than a couple of minutes, which is upsetting for both of us, and to be honest I just want it to hurry up so that I can actually move properly!
Of course it's lovely feeling all the kicks and seeing my bump get bigger,
but as someone else said, it's a physical and emotional roller coaster!
I'm also a lot more worried this time round, and i'm not entirely sure why. I just want my baby here safe and sound so I can get on with things IYSWIM. I'm a very impatient person..

As for the birth, I have thought about it quite a lot, and i'm hoping it goes as well as the first time. I had a lovely water birth with DD in a MW led unit and it was a fantastic experience - i'm disappointed though as I no longer live close enough to the unit to go there again! My hospital has a new birthing unit but only two pools so i'm a little panicked that i'm not going to get the birth that I want!
will have to beg the midwife to do everything in her power to make it happen

Another one here suffering with heartburn. It was awful with DD, who did in fact come out with lots of hair smile This time I can't see it being any better!

ShellyBobbs Fri 06-Jul-12 11:38:03

Suppose I'd better start looking at hiring/buying a birthing pool, I've made my mind up that I'm having it at home, it's not worth the risk of even trying getting to the hospital for me. Just got to break the news to hubby that that's it, it's a definite shock

Pass It wasn't anything you'd posted, I was having a crap day yesterday and just came on here to moan. It's something I will be doing more and more to save my poor hubby's ears smile

Apple The socks are from Office here We got the box with the red pair and cream pair. We're going to get some off the converse First Star pram shoes once it's a few months old. I also want to get the grey fleece one's once it's walking as I have the same ones and think it would be cute grin But they're £40 shock I think I might have a Converse addiction.

We're no where near picking a name. I've been through a few websites and written a list of names I don't mind, some I like more than others, some I only like as middle names. We've got about 25 girls and 25 boys! But we need to narrow it down a bit more. We're hoping to have a few boys and a few girls names by the time it's born and then we'll decide once it's here.

Going to a hen do tonight and stopping over, have no idea what clothes to pack as the weather is hideous. I bought this maxi dress yesterday but it's not really the sunny weather i envisioned wearing it in grin

Those socks are adorable. I'll have to get some. I'm obsessed with Converse as well. DP has a few pairs in different colours and I want to get the baby some the same.

horseylady Fri 06-Jul-12 14:23:54

Eliza - be careful!!! Derby under water!!!! Nightmare just looking to see if I can relocate my horses if I need too sad village has made the national news!!! Well near me anyway!! Where I grew up :/

YellowWellies Fri 06-Jul-12 14:46:41

Just had our scan. We have a happy healthy upside down baby who likes to stick their arse in the air (so it is their bum I've been feeling stuck up in the air in the morning when I wake up). They also seem to be fond of having their thumb in their mouth.

Lots of yawns, lots of eye movement and finger curls. Measuring perfectly. Very wriggly and active - and the reason I'm not feeling much movement - I've got an anterior placenta. Though sods law did feel some distinct kicks this morning before we set off for the scan.

Lovely sonographer gave us 8 different scan pics as the little one was doing lots of posing for the camera - including some frankly freaky front-on facial shots which look a bit like a cross between skeletor and a frog. DH reckons it has my lips and I reckon it has his nose and we both think we might have spotted the gender too - but this was neither confirmed or denied by the sonographer.

On the pg thing - I'm loving it. Getting heartburn pretty bad and losing some of my energy (we're off hill walking this weekend so we'll see how much DH has to push me up hills) but other than that (touch wood) all is very very cool. A slightly teary DH gave my hand a squeeze on the drive home from the hospital and informed me how proud he is of how easy I'm making pregnancy seem and what a good job I'm doing of growing the wee one. Bless him!

I've bought a wee bottle of wine to celebrate on our weekend away! Can't wait for a nice chilled out weekend at a remote bothy, log fire, good books, wine, DH and good news from the scan. Catch up with you all on Monday! xx

Congrats yellow glad it all went well smile

I lifted something heavy earlier at work and now I'm paying for it. Lots of niggles and twinges. Will it be ok? Is it just my body's way of saying I have overdone it? I'm worried sick now.

YellowWellies Fri 06-Jul-12 15:04:10

It sounds like you've just pulled a ligament or something that is causing lots of settlement and discomfort. If in doubt call your midwife hon - that's what they're paid for. The worst thing you can do is worry so put your mind at rest xxxx

Loving the Converse socks, they're so cute!

Congrats on the scan YW, I have an anterior placenta too so am impatiently also waiting to feel my first proper kick!

Apple I agree you should just give your MW a quick call to put your mind at ease.

I received an Avent feeding bottle through the post this morning! I joined all the baby clubs I could find online when I was about 13 weeks and have had a few bits and pieces, a couple of soft toys and some samples, but this is the first 'proper' freebie I've had. I didn't even join their club, but the leaflet has aBoots logo on it so it may have come via them. Don't know if I'll even use it as I'm hoping to bf but it's nice to get freebies!

The niggles have eased off and I have felt baby moving smile This highlights why I need to be organised and put my midwife's number in my mobile though! I won't be lifting anything heavy again either.

I have an anterior placenta as well and only feel him when he is down low because the placenta is at the top.

ShellyBobbs Fri 06-Jul-12 16:12:59

Another one with an anterior placenta. Plenty of kicks on my left side but much more dancing on my bladder, I picture a little leprechaun doing an Irish dance when (s)he does this smile

YellowWellies Fri 06-Jul-12 16:34:37

Haha I imagine similar when they're doing a cossack impression on my bladder - something out of riverdance!

ditsygem Fri 06-Jul-12 16:36:59

I'm another one with an anterior placenta, I tend to feel movement only very low down and at the sides - and its still rolly polly movements mainly rather then actual kicks,except a big kick on to my bladder a few days ago that I really felt!
Congrats on a lovely scan YW

MissMummy1 Fri 06-Jul-12 16:44:59

Congrats again YW. One week to go until ours!

I finally got taken to see my new house this morning. OMG soooo worth the wait - love love love it!!! It's a proper 'grown up' house, everything hand built by our friend who is a joiner by trade. I needn't have worried about losing our currently stunning view of the forth rail bridge either, as it literally grows out of our new garden! I'm in love and want to move in today - finally a house worth the stress of moving for! DH has done very well (except making me wait a fortnight to see it..)

Only slight issue is the terracotta carpet in the room that will be the nursery will clash horrifically with the cherry red colour scheme I had in mind for the nursery furniture. I had a bit of a meltdown about this after DH dragged me to B&Q to pick out colours that I ended up sitting out in the car and leaving him to it. Needless to say he did himself proud again and has chosen the most perfect two colours (a darker red for the surrounds and vintage cream for the drawers/doors/cot). It sounds a bit naff with the carpet, but honestly works perfectly!

YellowWellies Fri 06-Jul-12 17:06:44

It's going to be gorgeous! Is your new pad right on the bluff by Deep sea world and the bridge (that's kinda where I'm envisaging it from your description)? If so I am SUPER ENVIOUS. Well done T!!!

ShellyBobbs Fri 06-Jul-12 17:09:41

Is this tight? I've just eaten a really hot chilli as hubby thinks it's really funny how I can just sit there chewing them. I swallowed it and almost a minute later poor little baba started kicking like mad blush

Passmethecrisps Fri 06-Jul-12 17:15:06

miss that view sounds fab.

Congrats on the scan yw. Enjoy your weekend

shelly I hope you are feeling a bit better today. If not, let off steam to you heart's content!

I had a 22 week midwife appointment. All fine and measuring well ("what a lovely, neat wee bump").

After that I went into town and hit the shops. I decided if I have a lovely wee bump I should really get some clothes which how it properely. I went to Debenhams and got some nice tops and a pair of trousers in the Ref Herring concession the went l New Look and got some great trousers and dresses. Should have plenty to keep me going when I get back to work after the holidays. I only have 8 weeks so I really didn't wan to be spending loads of cash. Everything I bought was in the sale so I got about 12 items for £80. I also bought some maternity bras from Debenhams. I didn't get measured but just tried a few on. I am the same round the back but have gone up a cup size. I came home and immediately put one on. Not only does it feel a million times better but it looks so much better. I have found that proper maternity clothes are just so much more flattering than the bigger sized things I had been wearing before. I feel I actually look pregnant rather than hiding a muffin top in baggy tops. I have totally worn myself out now though . . . More tea is in order I think.

Passmethecrisps Fri 06-Jul-12 17:17:14

shelly that sounds hilarious. I have been trying to eat as many different types of fruit as possible in the hope that LO will develop a taste for something other than sweets and crisps. I hadn't thought about chillies though - I do have a scotch bonnet in the fridge.

MissMummy1 Fri 06-Jul-12 17:25:41

YW We will be literally right beside deep sea world. Our house is in the same quarry it is built in, with deep sea world to the back and a marina out the front. It's amazing, you and junior (and your DH of course as T intends to dive parts of the quarry) will have to come visit! smile

ShellyBobbs Fri 06-Jul-12 17:30:20

This little one only wants me to eat healthy stuff, I really wanted to eat some chocolate last night but am still off it. I went into the kitchen for some naughty little treat and came out with a huge bowl of fruit cocktail oh no, the syrup is going to kill me! The only naughty thing baba lets me eat is cheese, oh and lots and lots of fizzy drinks, hubby has just had to nip to the shop for a bottle of Tizer and I've nearly drunk it all now shock.

Pass Thanks, I'm feeling much better today, I think work has been getting me down lately too, but feeling much more like myself today. Mmmmm Scottie Bons! What do you make with them? I'm not really one for curries, to be honest I can't stand them but with this pregnancy I can't eat dishes that are hot enough.

YW Forgot to say congratulations on your healthy one smile

Passmethecrisps Fri 06-Jul-12 17:39:56

shelly we were given this by a colleague of DH who grows them in his office. Hadn't given much thought to what to do with it. DH likes sticking chilli in pretty much everything. Pasta sauces, stir fry, curry, beef chilli. Yum yum.

ShellyBobbs Fri 06-Jul-12 17:48:09

Sounds like my hubby smile He's just put a chilli lasagna in the oven with extra chillies, can't wait smile

Shelly grin How funny!

Now going to pick DP up from work and we are going to Mothercare to get a mattress for the cotbed. Got the cot when it was on offer because it was too good to miss but didn't get the mattress as we couldn't afford both at the time.

My mum has given me some money as well to get a moses basket so I'll have a look at those while we're in there.

LittleLolly Fri 06-Jul-12 18:31:24

applepie mothercare have 20% off online if you spend over £100... Free delivery too! I bought my cot bed matress with this discount.

ShellyBobbs Fri 06-Jul-12 18:40:02

Chilli lasagna was rubbish, not a hint of hotness, baby not happy smile

Well looks like it will cost about £90 for a birthing pool and I'll get a birthing ball too to bounce round the house on, probably more comfy than the settee at the minute anyway. Only problem with the pool is, I just know my youngest will be in it and think it's the best thing ever that she can sit in it and watch telly smile

Elizadoesdolittle Fri 06-Jul-12 18:46:57

Thanks horsey I'm fully prepared for a wet trip but just hoping we don't have problems with flooding. This could be me being completely naive. We are staying in a little village not too far from Matlock. Don't think there are any rivers near by but we are in a little valley! Fingers crossed there won't be as much rain as they are saying. Hope you sort out your horses ok.

Got it now lolly but I did get 10% off so it didn't work out too bad. Got a play mat half price as well and could have spent loads more had I not been restricted for time.

NervousAt20 Fri 06-Jul-12 20:10:17

What is a good matteress for a cot?

Kyzordz Fri 06-Jul-12 20:31:04

This thread moves too quickly for me, i'm rubbish at keeping up! Congrats to everyone who's had good scan news though grin

I forgot to update, I went to the doctors with the back pain and pelvis pain and she was lovely and has signed me off for a month and has booked me in for physio in case there's anything they can do. Fingers crossed, although like I said to her, I'll suffer if needs be, just as long as people leave me alone and let me suffer quietly!

DH felt bean move yesterday for the first time grin, was really exciting! Bean has been quite active recently, some of the kicks really quite big ones compared to the others, it's such a wonderful sensation! I'm sure I won't be saying the same thing when he boots me so hard it hurts, but for now I'm enjoying it smile

Glad everyone else is doing well, wish I was better at keeping up with you all lol!

LittleLolly Fri 06-Jul-12 20:40:28

nervous I got a 'luxury pocket sprung mattress', I wanted the best I could afford and it's for a cot bed so hopefully will last 4 years. it's from mother are and was £100 ish after discount.

I think this is the one I got. I don't know anything about mattresses but the lady in Mothercare said to get a sprung mattress if you want it to last. This one has a removable washable cover as well.

horseylady Fri 06-Jul-12 20:56:49

Matlock ok at the moment but be careful on roads in!! Not too far at all!!! Horses all ok, well in stables and dry anyway!!

Bloody nightmare!!

Lol at the spicey food!!! A tube of refreshers did that to mine smile he went mental bless him!!

Chunkychicken Fri 06-Jul-12 21:08:47

Great news YW Congrats.

Nervous I got mattresses for our & PIL's cot from mothercare, think they're good & fairly reasonable value for money, especially as you can see what they're like in shop & have them delivered etc.

TheDetective Fri 06-Jul-12 21:34:50

Shelly Have just put a facebook message up for you asking if any of the community midwives from Tameside know about local birth pool hire.

I never did community while I was there, but the girls will know, so as soon as I find out i'll let you know!

My community midwife here told me at my 16 week appt that they have the birthpool in a box, which they will bring, and all I pay for is £25 for the liner grin I think you might be able to get the same.... just waiting on a reply ;)

I'm in THE worst mood EVER. Seriously. There is nothing wrong, but I have bitten the head off absolutely everyone today. I think I'm just tired because I finished nights this morning, but still.... its scaring me! No one is safe I'm staying off AIBU

I should be over the moon! I've just ordered my pram, the Cosatto Giggle! Got a good deal, and I've finally been able to road test it! No where had a display model, and the pre orders of the damn thing were going quickly! Finally found a store www.thebabystoreltd.co.uk that had it in near to me. Its gorgeous! And so so so light! Amazing stuff! We tried it in the car, and it fit in my Clio. Bonus! Oh, and they price matched it with Winstanleys! Should arrive in mid August, just got in in time, as they only had 2 left for the pre orders, and the next batch wouldn't arrive til October. Bit late me thinks!

Oh and Shelly We have the same cravings! Can't touch crap! sad Spicy stuff rocks my world at the moment! Am just sat here with pasta and sauce - tomato and chilli with added hot chilli powder mmmmmm. grin

Now, to cheer up!

Chunkychicken Fri 06-Jul-12 21:53:37

Am loving my Bavaria 0% beer at the mo. Guilt free beer (if you ignore the calories...) grin

Gotta look into birth pool hire/buying here too. Don't think mine hire them, or if they do, its a limited number so my MW suggested buying a birth pool in a box and then selling it after on e-bay.

Fruit, chocolate, biscuits, beer (see above), coffee (decaf), cereal, toast, yogurt... pretty much any food seems to make baby chunk move. S/he is an active little sausage. Only time I didn't feel him/her was after 2 diet cokes in the pub this afternoon!!! smile

Had a look at the Morrisons baby event today. Possibly some bargains to be had but not for me, as most stuff we have already!!

horseylady Fri 06-Jul-12 22:17:56

Chunky I might pop to morrisons if the flood waters subside lol actually most gone now just the road opposite closed and under water but that's usual!

Detective hope a good sleep cheers you up and yay for your pram!!!

blonderthanred Fri 06-Jul-12 23:41:07

Oh Detective, I just told DH your news on the Giggle and he has suddenly been galvanised into action after dragging his heels for ages even though we decided on it at the baby show ages ago after trying it there.

So now we've bought ours too - we went for the Treet colour scheme and got it from Winstanleys (we're in London but as we've already tried it should be ok) and cheapest price.

So a big thank you!

What's everyone's plans for the weekend? I've only been up an hour and DP has been in to work to do overtime and is home already blush

Now waiting for Sainsbury's delivery to arrive and then will be out baby shopping again. This time for the cot quilt, bumper etc.

NervousAt20 Sat 07-Jul-12 11:31:38

Have you seen a set your after apple
Just going to do some food shopping and bits and bobs today joy smile

No I'm just going to shop around. I saw a lovely one yesterday in Mothercare but it was £110 which I thought was a bit much. That's more than the mattress cost!

NervousAt20 Sat 07-Jul-12 11:52:48

Ouch that's not cheap! Hopefully you'll have abit of luck when your out today and find something smile

mrswee Sat 07-Jul-12 12:30:29

horseylady Unfortunetly a physio isnt what I need this time. Luckily so far no SPD in this pregnancy, was terrible last time.

but what I am getting is a pretty constant tight stomach and uterus if I do too much... as it's turning out too much is actually very little! I am physically fine but later in the day I get this rock hard belly for hours even days, I have no idea what it means but it isn't great and I have to be careful. I am hoping to be able to talk to a midwife and get a consultant appointment after my scan on monday because it isnt getting any better.
Yesterday my ankles and legs got swollen because I'd done a little walk.. crazy.

fatima I LOVE those socks!
Dixiebell good luck monday!

I am VERY nervous about my scan. Part of me is fine and thinks all is fine but a little niggle of doom in the darkest part of my mind is saying, something is not right, may be these tightenings are nature trying to take it's course because there's something up with the baby.
I am feeling very little movement still too.
Roll on monday, get this scan out of the way and hopefully some reasurance!

ShellyBobbs Sat 07-Jul-12 13:36:38

Detective Thanks for inquiring about the pool for me smile That's the same one I was looking at. As for your moods, if you read some of my comments from the previous few days you can tell I was just about ready to snap someones neck, I had to hide upstairs to get away from everyone....... I've also just been in the kitchen again for something to eat, as I don't snack anymore I wanted some fruit, I forgot to get some when shopping sad but found a tin of manderin oranges at the back of the cupboard so those will do until I'm back to work in a bit. I'm going to ask hubby to make a nice hot chilli tonight smile

MrsWee I get the tightening if I do too much and it gets really sore and tender underneath. I used to get this last time in the last 10 weeks, especially when I drove so am dreading working then more and more as I do lots of driving and am in and out of my car all the time. When I get this in the evening I just crash out with a hot water bottle, but I know that when you lie down with these tightenings it seems to make it worse!

I'm going to treat myself to a few bottles of a new fizzy drink I've seen, it's nice and red so should be good but can't remember the name of it grin

I've just read an article about drinking so much because I can't really see where this craving is coming from, they are certainly not healthy drinks but I make sure I have the zero ones at least. In the Telegraph they have done an article to say pregnant women should avoid even 1 drink a day of diet fizzy drinks because 37% of women who drink this amount will have a premature birth, 4 drinks a day raised this to 78%! Bollocks, I though, then read this little gem at the end (copied and pasted so grammatical and forgotten words are journalist/editors faults)

'The effect was limited to women whose birth was deliberately induced early suggesting the drinks do not trigger premature labour but rather cause changes in the body that mean an early birth is necessary.
It was suggested that this could due to a rise in blood pressure or development of diabetes but the researchers ruled this out.'

So somebody has written and published an article of non-sense and some poor fool has paid for this research! I've even got a bottle of Dandelion and Burdoch hidden under the sink so the kids don't drink it, hmmmmm sounds bad when I type it grin

Chunkychicken Sat 07-Jul-12 14:58:02

That's irresponsible journalism Shelly isn't it? Because you know the other papers will pick it up, they'll make a massive headline out of it (like the daily mail - "dizzy drinks cause premature births!!!" or something) and nobody will even remember where the study came from & what it actually says. I mean, I don't think anyone would think diet/dizzy drinks are 'healthy' as such but they're not a proven risk (like, say, vit A overdose, caffeine or smoking) are they? I say drink what you fancy & try to drink plenty of water too smile

MissMummy1 Sat 07-Jul-12 15:11:15

MrsWee I've been waking up every morning for the past few weeks with the same pains as you described (although probably not as severe as I'm a bit of a wimp!). They disappear throughout the day and only get worse if I do to much, like say shift furniture or lift something too heavy (don't tell my mother or MIL!) DH reckons I'm really restless in my sleep, so I'm probably 'overdoing' it while I'm sleeping - if that makes any sense? Urgh like you I'll be a lot happier after my scan next week if everything goes okay..

ShellyBobbs Sat 07-Jul-12 15:18:20

Chunky I have a jug in the fridge that I fill with water every morning and make sure I drink it, I just drink so much at the moment I can't believe it. I did read that fizzy drinks may actually be a craving for calcium, but it's something I've had from the very beginning starting with fizzy water (I keep 2 bottles of this in my car). My bloods have been coming back fine so nothing untoward just very strange as I usually hate anything fizzy! It's the fizziness I love rather than taste, maybe it's because I gave up the lager in March grin

It's really sloppy/lazy journalism, link to article here.

Afternoon all, hope everyone is doing well.

I haven't caught up on the thread yet I'm just marking my place as I've just got back from hol and catching up on everything, I've missed my phone loads!

Congrats on all the healthy scans I've had a look at the pics on fb they look fab!

I'll go back and try and read a weeks worth of posts now!

Hi DH hope you had a good holiday?! By the time you've caught up to here there'll be another 200 posts to read!

<not helping by adding one more...>

Had a lovely time thanks but it's so nice to be home and back in our comfy bed!

Maybe someone could round up what's been going on in the last week for me then!?
Assuming all scans are ok and there's more for team blue/ pink and surprises.

My bubba has been wriggling so much recently, I'm 20+ 4 now and it really does make a difference being past the halfway mark.

GTbaby Sat 07-Jul-12 20:12:18

hiya, i went to boots today to pick up my bounty pack... and they gave me a emmas diary pack instead... the guys said he thought it was the same thing but they seem to have changed the pack name. but having googled it seems to be a different pack and the bounty one is meant to be better sad ...

but i cant find on the bounty site how to get a new voucher! and there is no contact us section [which is weird]. sad

SwissArmyWife Sat 07-Jul-12 20:35:20

DH My god has it really been a week already?! Couldn't believe it when you posted that!
Glad you had a lovely hol though, and definitely agree with the being past the halfway mark, really feeling my baby nowadays, i'm 22 + 1 now!

Sophiathesnowfairy Sat 07-Jul-12 21:14:01

Am having major low self esteem hormonals today. Wish I could go back to this morning a start again. And everything aches. sad

Think have put DH in a sulk as well and he was only trying to do the right thing.

Roll on tomorrow.

Chunkychicken Sat 07-Jul-12 21:18:17

GT Thought Emma's diary was Argos not Boots. Can't remember where all the vouchers I've seen are but have you registered on the Bounty website? Once you register, they can email you all the vouchers you are entitled to... smile

Catbag Sat 07-Jul-12 22:07:13

GT I've had both an Emma's Diary and a Bounty one. They did both come from Boots

Catbag Sat 07-Jul-12 22:23:25

Actually, I've just had a look and the Emma's Diary bag can be picked up from Boots OR Argos, whichever's more convenient. I have to say that the general quality of both bags has significantly diminished since I had my son in 1999. They're pretty light on the freebies now :/

GTbaby Sat 07-Jul-12 23:56:51

The prob is I gave my bounty voucher n got the Emma bag. I registered with bounty ages ago. But as I have now used the bounty one don't know how to get another as I can't find an email address. Oh well. I got two Brest pads which I will save for wen I start leaking, (web do u spring a leak? Should I have some on reserve already?) . n coco cream for tummy. Which I know I'll never use. N some vanish. Which I'm sure I'll forget to use. grin.

GTbaby Sun 08-Jul-12 05:53:37

Argh. Hubby got up for work at4.45 n I can't back to sleep. N I feel hungry. But don't wana get out of bed. sad

swiss it's gone too quick! Shame I couldn't bring the weather back with me though. Got lots of pics to put up on fb today, my mums done hers already, v efficient!

horseylady Sun 08-Jul-12 09:31:22

I've not got a bounty pack sad must ask the mw!!!

Need to get the Argos bits too!!!

I'm sooooo tired sad worked too many hours this week sad my sister went a bit mad yesterday and bought loads of stuff for the baby!! Currently in discussions about paying her back for some of it!!!

ValiumQueen Sun 08-Jul-12 09:52:42

I have my gender scan today. Annoyed at having to pay £80 when others are told by NHS, but I have to know!

Can honestly say I have no preference, but need to know if there will be blue in my life, or more pink. Pink would be cheaper. Girls are fantastic, boys are a venture into the unknown. Taking DD1 (6) and she is gonna get to call family to tell them the news. She said yesterday that she now hopes it is a girl as she thinks Daddy will love a boy more than her. DD2 (2) remains blissfully unaware that her world will be changing.

Not long now.

Hope everyone is well and happy.

Shed a tear for Expat and her little girl.

eversomuch Sun 08-Jul-12 10:38:28

Good luck today, Valium. Can't wait to hear your news.

Don't know where the week went. This weather is just so depressing. But, I've got good stuff to look forward to: tomorrow I officially become a British citizen and a week from tomorrow I go for another scan to check DS's abdominal circumference and hope that the large measurement at 20 weeks was just an anomaly and not an indication of gestational diabetes. Looking forward to seeing the little monkey again. He's been very wriggly lately, which is so lovely.

Regarding the discussion a few days ago about loving/hating being pregnant - I mostly love it, esp once the ms fades. Am still quite tired, but trying to enjoy this as much as possible because it's definitely my last.

Someone (Daisychain maybe?) mentioned doing pelvic floor exercises whenever she catches herself worrying about the baby. GREAT IDEA! I'm doing this now, too. I worry enough that I'm getting quite a few rounds in each day!

In the meantime, getting obsessed about double buggies and which one to go with. Am quite smitten with the P&T Promenade and the Baby Jogger City Select, though both are quite pricey. Haven't seen many on the second-hand market yet, either. Don't need to buy right away (esp since we'll probably move house in Sept, so would rather not have more stuff to move), but I would like to at least make a decision.

Right, DD is napping, but probably won't last much longer, so I might lie down with a book for a bit. Lovely Sundays to everyone.

ValiumQueen Sun 08-Jul-12 10:43:29

Doubles are a nightmare, as there always appears to be a compromise. I am very glad to have got mine already as the research was driving me potty!

MissMummy1 Sun 08-Jul-12 11:04:30

Good luck today Valium !

Got a phonecall last night confirming we've got the house! So so pleased grin - no entry date as yet but been told we can get the keys in a matter of weeks!! Going out for dinner tonight to celebrate, yay.

Spent all day worrying myself about junior as woke up with achy stomach muscles that would not go away. Used fetal heart monitor at bedtime after DH had had enough of my moaning (we've worked out it works best if you use it after putting bio oil on, before rubbing it in) and was so relieved to hear a nice strong heartbeat and a few kicks (not that I could feel them right enough). Worth every penny just for those several few times I get myself in a worry, Still, can't wait for 20 week scan on Friday to be over!

Off out soon to see my dad's new puppy soon (the one that they stole our only girl's name for - Maisie - then changed it to Daisy...). Can't wait for some fluffy cuddles! Although I'm under strict instructions from DH that I am NOT allowed one. Hmmph, Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!

Chunkychicken Sun 08-Jul-12 11:12:48

I started leaking at 20wks with DD so now waiting for the leaking to start with this little one...hmm

Good luck valium

awww missmummy what kind of dog is it? Our lab is 10 months now and if we weren't having a baby I probably would have got another one by now. Still might but not until next summer at least.

I also had tears in my eyes this morning for expat and her DD. It is heartbreaking. Cancer is a wicked disease and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. My cousin who has leukaemia is back in hospital because he has an infection and it's quite a worrying time.

We got the covers for the cotbed yesterday from Sainsbury's in the end. They were on sale so we got the flat sheet, quilt, bumper and fleece blanket for £26. Bargain. Also sorted out the nursery and moved all of my crap out of the built in wardrobe and hung up all the baby's clothes. Gosh he's got loads already. I didn't realise quite how much until I hung it all up. Definitely don't need a lot more of anything.

NervousAt20 Sun 08-Jul-12 13:13:22

Good luck today valium

MissMummy1 Sun 08-Jul-12 13:31:50

Apple they went for a collie in the end. They've always had gundogs but my dad stopped shooting when their old reliever retired and my step mum has always wanted a border collie! She is so lovely, they only got her yesterday but she's settled in so well! It's lovely to think her and junior Will grow up together

capedcrusader25 Sun 08-Jul-12 14:09:46

Good luck valium! I was the same, had no preference but just had to know. Had a really busy weekend putting things in the baby's room. DP got really emotional which in turn got me going! Fantastic news about the house missmummy! I have also been told under no circumstances are we having a dog sad suppose a baby will have to do grin x

ValiumQueen Sun 08-Jul-12 15:42:07

Boy. In state of shock. Thought we only made girls. DD not impressed. DH white as a sheet.

Chuffed to bits! Yay! A wee man!

How lovely valium smile Welcome to team blue!

Yay Valium Congratulations on the boy grin

WestWinger Sun 08-Jul-12 16:13:40

Oh valium I am thrilled for you!! What fantastic news! x

LittleLolly Sun 08-Jul-12 16:17:47

Congrats valium!!! Hope your DD comes round to the idea!

I haven't been given a bounty pack yet, or a voucher. do you get it from your midwife?

We have put the cotbed together this weekend, oooh it's so lovely seeing it there in the room! We bought the mamas and papas alpine cotbed in white, and bedding from their 'made with love' range. It was all 30% off so technically a bargain grin. It looks so cute. I get a bit carried away in mamas and papas surrounded by all the pretty things!

Chunkychicken Sun 08-Jul-12 16:45:32

Congrats Valium - the expensive option after 2 girls huh??!! grin

capedcrusader25 Sun 08-Jul-12 16:50:05

Oooh littlelolly we put our cotbed up too! We have the mamas and papas Prairie cotbed and the elfie & mop bedding. I got so excited seeing it up smile Congrats Valium!!! A baby boy, how brill grin x

CandyPop Sun 08-Jul-12 17:05:17

Congrats vallium!!

littlelolly and caped we've bought the bedtime hugs range smile Together I think we nearly have all the m&s range!! Lol

Waiting for payday and then will pay the rest on furniture. That will give dh approximately 3 weeks to sort and paint the nursery . Considering it's the box room I shouldn't think it will be too hard ... Obviously I will be taking a supervisory role in the whole thing wink

Anyone doing hypnobirth classes? R they worth it? Or shall I just get a book and cd on it and do it myself ? Which books would u recommend ?