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PART 3!! Sept-2012 Baby Bus!! Christmas-and-New-Year-Shaggers-all-aboard!

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TinkerMaloo Thu 14-Jun-12 19:15:50

Cant see another one anywhere on the board and part 2 is full up (finally) so here is part 3! (unless I'm just being a moron and missed it?)

Chat more please ladies, we are too fat and useless to do anything else! ;)

MadMonkeys Thu 14-Jun-12 19:43:15

Hello again ladies, well here we are on thread number three and starting or about to start the third trimester, which seems rather fitting!

I'm getting a bit tired these days - anyone else? The gaviscon is still keeping the heartburn at bay, which is annoying DH as he has to put up with me making puking noises every night when I chew those revolting tablets! Anyone else think that time is galloping forward in great big lumps? September doesn't seem too far away now...

funchum8am Thu 14-Jun-12 19:44:17

I know what you mean about the bump comments - lots of people have commented "aren't you getting big?" etc today even though they have seen me all week at work. I don't mind too much but I think it's going to get annoying if they keep saying it over and over again. I am so sorry to hear so many of you are suffering with ankles/backs/SPD/lack of sleep/too much to do....I feel pretty lucky not to be coping with a toddler on top of bump type inconvenience. Still got it all to come one day though (all being well).

cakeladyc Thu 14-Jun-12 19:50:16

Yay new thread! I'm currently sitting on my gym ball waiting for dinner to cook although tbh I really don't feel like it!
funchum one of my closest friends said that to me today, even though I see her a work 5 days out of 7! Weird eh!
Anyhow just popping in, have nice evenings ladies!

I think people see what they want to see when it comes to the size of you. In the space of a week I've had a raised eyebrow when asked of my due date and asked if there's twins in there and a couple of days later my neighbour telling me I'm very neat??

Thanks for the wellwishers - funeral went as well as it possibly could do.

I'll check out that website Loup as dp and I are still thowing around the names. I don't like every single one of his suggestions and him mine. Bonus is he is changing his mind about whether to find out the sex or not as I may well have him convinced to find out now.

Been really getting stuck into getting more bits and pieces now. Today got bed and blankets sorted, tomorrow I'm getting bath support, couple of bottles (just incase even though I'm planning to bf) and some more clothes. Realising I didn't have long to go if this lo makes an appearance as soon as their big brother gave me a kick up the bum to get sorted. Now all I need is a bigger house with another room to put it in grin Unfortunately house hunting isn't as easy to do.

A plus - don't want to speak too soon but pregnancy acne isn't as bad now and seems to be calming down a bit.

Just marking my place so I know where to come...nothing to add at the moment!

We tried the name matching thing tonight and didn't get one name between us!
I only chose 4 and he chose 3.

So I have taken to my lovely spreadsheets and made one up to keep a track of any names we decide to like one day. Just need to figure out how to access it on my phone, it's a cloud thingy I think, and away we go!

I've been very tired these last couple of weeks. I'm slightly low on iron so probably that mixed with interrupted sleep from pelvis pain. Oh, and lugging all this extra weight around all day.
Although the nap I had while supposed to be working earlier helped a lot!

After returning to work last year I was allowed to use the first aid room to express milk. Well, they didn't fit a lock on the door straight away and I ended up replacing the afternoon feed with formula.
I kicked up about it and now there's a lock (better late than never) so am tempted to start using the room for a sneaky nap. It's got a nice bed thing with a pillow, and if you keep still for a few minutes the light turns off!
I could just tell them I'm in the loo! Who would dare question it?!

Pickles77 Fri 15-Jun-12 07:31:52

Can I join your thread please? I'm due September too and I'm getting rather miffed that I'm still not showing sad but not so miffed now that I didn't find out until 21 weeks and I'm impatient and time is flying now!

TinkerMaloo Fri 15-Jun-12 08:41:18

Hi Pickles welcome along for the ride!

(I wish I wasnt showing lol, am bursting out of all my maternity things already!)

Pickles77 Fri 15-Jun-12 09:20:57

Don't make me jealous lol grin

Loup23 Fri 15-Jun-12 09:54:09

Have now tried to post twice and lost it both times angry third and last time lucky....

Thanks for new shiny thread tinker, tried to post on the old one last night before realising we'd reached 1000 and had a small panic! I also see that moronic as I am I have missed an pm from you - sorry blush will respond now!

Welcome pickles sorry can't help, there is no mistaking my bump, wish I could hide it sometimes as feeling increasingly massive. How many weeks are you? I didn't start to really show until 22ish I suppose but since then there's no stopping it and I am in the camp of "please stop telling me how massive I am" now!

We're off to stay with friends for the weekend and haven't seen them since we got pregnant so waiting to be greeted with a "wow, you're massive" from them! But looking forward to having a weekend away and some nice Yorkshire Dales fresh air!

Have decided I'll take fybogel every day for a while now as after hideous experience yesteray (will not burden with tmi) I'm starting o freak out about how painful labour will be blush.

Hope everyone has a good weekend x

Pickles77 Fri 15-Jun-12 10:23:03

Hahaaa all i get is, are you sure you are? Im 25 weeks today!! and im sorry to say i dont feel pregant at all sad Apart from a slight lack of apetite i wouldnt have known, but this is coming from the girl who didnt know until 21 +3!

cakeladyc Fri 15-Jun-12 11:13:55

Pickles I have to ask - how did you not find out until 21 weeks!

flipflopper Fri 15-Jun-12 11:28:40

Hi all!
Hope you are all well, I'm doing ok, getting really tired of work now- 5 weeks to go! Cant wait to have lots of lie ins in auggust!

Ive started to get some aches and pains, think I am starting with sciatica, I keep getting a pain in my lower back and down my right leg.
Also, i keep getting muscle pains under my bump, sort of in my groin, and it takes me ages to get going when I stand up! I feel like an old lady! Does anyone else get this?

I'm looking forward to my 4d scan next thursday, we are taking the children with us too, so hope it will be a good bonding experience! Anyone else having one? macaroons did you say you were having one?

Welcome to pickles77! I am also intrigued to know how you didnt find out you were pg until 21 weeks!? I knew from about 4 weeks, so it really is a long old slog, although time seems to be flying now!

Pickles77 Fri 15-Jun-12 11:39:07

Hi, I'm very intrigued about your 4d scan! Let me know how it goes.
Well I had no symptoms, no weight gain, all my periods. And id only had sex with the xp twice this year, all protected! Very crazy. I worked out I might be about 8 weeks- eventually after a short period in April, so went for my dd scan and got a very big shock. Nice shock now tho smile

TinkerMaloo Fri 15-Jun-12 11:46:45

Wow thats amazing Pickles! I could really go for what would feel like a 20 week pregnancy!
All three times I have known about 2 days after my period was due, this time I think I even knew before my period was due, as breastfeeding DD was making my nipples feel really weird...

Loup Sorry to hear of your Fybogel reliance... My bowels are not my best mate at the mo either! but dont worry, labour doesnt hurt! ;)

Pickles77 Fri 15-Jun-12 12:18:43

Haha in some ways I wish I'd known in others I'm glad I missed it. As
My partner left me I'm only just starting to enjoy my pregnancy and I'm getting impatient now. I think I'm even looking forward to labor <*shudders*>
I'll be a bit bored now too as had to take early maternity sad

It's my first, so please educate me ladies. Like I don't know why fibroygel is?

TinkerMaloo Fri 15-Jun-12 12:21:25

its a lumpy gunky packet of stuff (a bit like wallpaper paste!?) to help you poo... hopefully you wont need it!

Mikyahrose Fri 15-Jun-12 12:32:37

Wow not finding out till 21 weeks - thats pretty amazing.

All is well after my fall yesterday, got a very swollen ankle, but oddly it doesnt hurt too much and i'm managing to walk on it fine. Bumps fine too - can feel him kicking and moving about in there.

I really wanted a 4d scan, but dp wasnt that fussed - in the end we bought an amazing new juicer and agreed that i wouldnt mention the 4d scan again. I think maybe somewhere we have our priorities wrong. The juicer come, soup maker, come ice cream maker come blender is fab, but more money than we're planning on spending on any item of baby stuff. Which, we still need to pull our finger out on and start buying.

I've been so lucky sympton wise - so far everything has gone very smoothly.

I'm loving my bump (sorry girls) and am looking forward to it growing even more! (please feel free to remind me of this in a month or so's time when i'm uncomfortable)

TinkerMaloo Fri 15-Jun-12 13:09:19

Glad all is well Mikyahrose falls are scary!

I think I'm the only one that doesnt want a 4d scan! I dont like the idea of seeing his little face before he is born... (and they are a tad pricey to boot)

I love my bump too smile My friend had an invisible pregnancy and stayed completely flat til she was about 2 weeks from giving birth and has no stretch marks (lucky cow) but she says she would rather have been a great blimp of a thing like me.

I will leave you all in peace now as my delivery has finally arrived so I am going for a sleep (bliss)

Loopyhasanotherbean Fri 15-Jun-12 14:46:58

mainly lurk thesedays, as what with looking after a boisterous 19 month old who has discovered tantrums and is teething, and being nearly 28 weeks pregnant with lots of back/pelvic/sacroiliac pain/spd going on, i don't get to sit down at the laptop for that long - so generally read but don't post....but DS at nursery for a few hours and so making the most of it.

Yes to feeling massive. Was overweight to start with, although i was exactly the same weight as when i fell pregnant with DS, so had actually lost all of previous pregnancy weight. I vowed to try and eat better in this pregnancy so i wouldn't put on too much, and stumbled across a pregnancy weight gain calculator online. For months i hadn't put on enough, so had a blip diet wise a few weeks back and started to eat some crap. And now i can't stop! By next Tues the most i should have put on is 13.1lbs, but i weighed myself today and have put on 16lbs. But i look like i have put on way way more than this, and i swear that i look like i am 9 months pregnant. I just don't get it, as i haven't put on as much as other people i know, and i'm just hoping when i get to the 29 week midwife appt, the fundal measurement is right!!

We shan't have a 4D scan, didn't have one for DS and we always said we'd do the same thing or not, for each child. Things that we did spend money on for DS included merino sleeping bags (which i highly recommend - prevents overheating, led to DS sleeping through overnight, and they come in one size newborn-2 years and can be used all year round, so unlike cheaper bags, you don't need different tog ones and lots of different sizes so actually worked out much cheaper in the long run!) and we also had some professional photos from a woman near us who got our details via the bounty club and is a part of the cherubs scheme. They weren't cheap but we have amazing photos that we will cherish forever, and far better than anything we could have taken ourselves. We don't really need to buy much this time round, have bought some more of the closer to nature bibs, as they were great for keeping milk from running down and causing rashes (but DS's ones have been washed so many times they have lost their softness and the velcro doesn't stick as well so ds2 is getting new ones), size 2 nappies (have lots of all other sizes in the loft from bulk buying earlier in the year), and we need some more spoons that change colour in heat, as DS has chewed his when teething. Other than that, i think the only thing we might buy is a swing, as i think it would be handy to have somewhere slightly high up to put DS2, so that DS1 can't get at him too easily....and hoping it might mean DS2 sleeps better than DS1 ever did - as DS1 would not sleep in the daytime unless he was being held, anytime i put him down he would wake screaming!!! and have heard good things about the swings. But i think thats all we need smile

shouldIbecrossaboutthis Fri 15-Jun-12 15:05:26

Hi everyone, I've only just discovered this thread! Thought it might be a good place to post to save cluttering up the pregnancy board with my inane drivel.

How's everyone feeling? I'm 25+4 and still vomiting, plus I think I have a bug; bleugh!

ladygagoo Fri 15-Jun-12 15:36:08

ahh Happy Birthday to you shoeprincess for yesterday. God isn't it so annoying when people tell you how huge you are...... grrrrrr (although in fairness I know I am looking rather rounded) doesn't mean they should say it though.
I am feeling far more comfortable today though in a new pair of maternity jeans and a new bra.... now in my 5th set of bras! I bet there are still more size changes to come though - gulp, now on 36G when I first started at 34DD.

Thanks for all your engagement congratulations - had to take my ring in to be re-sized, apparently I have tiny fingers so at least there is still one skinny part of me grin I also managed to book our wedding (well the legal civil part) for the 3rd of Aug so lets hope bump behaves nicely and stays in at least until then or it sort of defeats the 'get married before baby arrives' idea. I had to make up a story to DM about an engagement meal on that date so she is free to come to the wedding (we are keeping it a secret) as I really want her and my Pils and DSS to be there. No one else though - hope the rest of the family don't get a bit narked about that blush but we really want to keep this very low key and do a proper wedding next summer.

I keep reading on this thread about who has bought what for the babies.... I still can't quite get my head around prams etc but I did spend my tesco vouchers today and am now the proud owner of 4 jumbo boxes of nappies... no idea where I'll put them but still, it feels a little bit nice to have finally bought something. I might let DSS put one on his teddy (but really so I can have a practice blush)

thanks tinker for sorting out the new thread -I confess I had a mild panic when I saw No2 was full up. You ladies are keeping me sane. Although I start my NCT classes tomorrow so will be nice to meet some RL pregnant ladies. God, I hope I'm not the one with the biggest bump confused

welcome to mexem and pickles and hope your ankle gets better quickly mikyahrose
Have a good weekend all - hope all the bumps behave and you get some nice sleep x

Rachel130690 Fri 15-Jun-12 22:50:16

Welcome pickles.. Glad to hear you feeling more cheery.. I've only just been starting to show over past 3ish weeks.. But feel my bump is def getting bigger n quicker.
Just been catching up on this.. Been looking out all day for a new thread smile

Ds is moving like crazy tonight after a very quiet few days. It's either moving like a mad thing or nothing at all.. No happy medium. Lol tho after speaking to oh mother if my son is like his dad I will be having a demon child.. Could be interesting. Anybody else thinking this?

I bought my pram second hand, it's in fab condition just gonna give it a good scrub when I get into my own house. And got cot bed off the Internet just need to buy mattress. Have a few nappies bought but no clothes. And going by shops and what you need is crazy. Lol

I am considering having a 4d scan, found a place which charges £119 (didn't think it was too bad) but still haven't decided yet. Think it's been ages since 20week scan and I don't think I get another one. So am considering this.


HeffalumpsAndWoozles Fri 15-Jun-12 23:09:36

Hi Ladies Ive been a bit absent but tried to keep up with the last thread, hope everyone is well. I'm feeling huge but as this is #2 I've heard that its usual I guess because the muscles are used to it this time and have given up hope of ever returning to original shape but I do love it, having a lovely round but not too mammoth (yet) baby bump makes me feel more body confident than when not pg and trying to dress to cover lumps and bumps!

I had my 20wk scan early at 18 weeks and it feels like such a long time ago, we decided against a 4d one though so guess I'll just have to be patient for a while longer.

Keeping up with 21month DD is becoming difficult, she gets more energetic each day as I get less! Does anyone else with bump and toddler have any survival tips?!

Smallgreenone Sat 16-Jun-12 08:18:23

Oooh a new thread! We're not having a 4d scan, we wanted to when we first found out but feel differently now. I sort of don't want to know too much about this little one until I get to meet him/her, more of a surprise then although am sure the whole thing will be rather surprising!
I'm having scans every other week now and they terrify me as I worry terribly that they will find something wrong. Still got a few more scary weeks ahead until it's 'safe' to let this impatient little baby out! Xxx

Loopyhasanotherbean Sat 16-Jun-12 09:40:49

heffalumps i wouldn't say tips as such, but what is helping me is that we are going to put DS in nursery an extra afternoon per week at least twice a month (he was doing 2 5 hour sessions a week already so i can work part time from home) as we have lots of childcare vouchers saved up as DP was putting more into them than we were spending, and as they are bought with tax free money it doesn't actually cost us much at all (£20.50 per session, but real cost if he'd paid out of net income would have been about half that so he doesn't mind giving up a bit of his wage this way to give me a break). And also, have been buying new things for DS to play with, and introducing them gradually to maximise on the novelty value, this weeks one is a super scribbler from mothercare, an easy version of an etch a sketch. DS is fascinated by it, so it means i can put my feet up for a bit whilst he plays with that, without worrying about him making a mess of the carpet/walls etc. He has also had a small football recently which he loves and has developed a liking for playing with old phone charger cables and my old sat nav charger which has a cigarette lighter adapter on the end and he will play happily with these for quite some time.

meXem Sat 16-Jun-12 11:47:13

pickles you make me feel a little better as i did not know i was pg until 12 weeks and haven't been showing up until week 24 (im now 25 +5) It was nice to not know through all the "scary" 1st trimester but now starting to feel the effects of pregnancy :S
I am also fed up with the comments on size....either i'm huge or there must be something wrong with baby as I'm small.... people have to comment and have an opinion don't they!
Right going to sign off now as mothercare has a sale on smile ....Finally!

Loopyhasanotherbean Sat 16-Jun-12 12:18:24

mothercare always have sales on and discount codes lol.

watch out though as they can be dear....but they have a fab pricematch policy worth abusing - they match it and if the purchase price is over £20 they give you a £10 voucher too!!

oh and in case anyone hasn't heard about it, kidstart website gives you cashback and sometimes discounts from lots of retailers, including mothercare, and it soon tots up so well worth signing up for it.

Rachel130690 Sat 16-Jun-12 15:50:23

I had a look on that kidstart website and I didn't really get it lol, is it just if you buy through them they give you cash back or do they set up an account?

Mothercare is very expensive but they have some lovely things for sale, just wish we had the cash to buy it!

Is anyone else getting bad pains in their side? Last night I had the most horrible pain at my right hand side, along bump and just slightly under it, was very sore to move and I had to get my oh to help me roll over and get up through the night, took paracetamol and when I woke up this morning it was gone, is this common and yet another thing I need to get used to?


Loopyhasanotherbean Sat 16-Jun-12 15:59:31

you register and accrue cashback, and then when you set up a bank account for your child/children, you can link the accounts and transfer your cashback into their bank account.

re side pains, you should be lying on your left hand side as much as possible, if you lie on your right it restricts blood/oxygen to the baby (i think from memory that quite a major artery or if not an artery then a tube of some sort runs down that side of your body)and so the pains are your body telling you to move...the same as you shouldn't lie on your back and will feel funny if you do.

Rachel130690 Sat 16-Jun-12 16:30:34

I always try to lie on my left side, cause i read somewhere your better to lie on your left side,

But it started when I was up in living room watching tv so was sitting up. Was crazy sore I couldn't lift myself up outta bed, so had to lie on my back and then get oh to roll me over, is quite funny now thinking about it now but was so sore then. I'm prob worrying more than I should be but this is my first and all these aches and pains are new to me,

That website is pretty cool, must check it out in further detail later, it's good way to start saving a bit for the little man. smile


I had my first labour dream last night.
I dreamt I felt a pop so sat on the loo and then my waters broke. (I've not experienced that before as I don't remember them going first time)
Then I realised I'd not packed my hospital bag. (Last time I was admitted to hospital about an hour after I'd finished packing my bag at 38+6)
So I am going to be organised and get it done extra early so I can forget about it.
Strange thing was I was more worried about not having a list of things to take rather than the bag itself not being packed!

We had a 4d scan at 22 weeks because the hospital sonogropher couldn't tell us the sex of the baby.
We really wanted to know so had a gender scan and got some 3d photos too.
We had the full 4d package with DS as a gift but can't afford it this time.
So at least we have some 3d photos for this one's baby box.
Although she was very skinny at the time so a bit freaky looking!

Macaroons Sun 17-Jun-12 13:09:43

I haven't started thinking about hospital bag, maybe I should!

Had our 4D scan done! The little one was doing yoga, at first he had both legs in front of his face, we could just about see his nose and his mouth from the side! After a while he moved his leg and we could get a slightly better look. He's sleeping all the way so was not very active. Saw him yawn which was quite cute smile

cjbk1 Sun 17-Jun-12 14:18:47

in the interests of sharing news; we'v decided to re-use our baby jogger city mini we'v ordered the car seat, adaptor and carry cot, we didn't have these things before as we only used it from when dd was an older baby, dh is cleaning the main
pushchair now.we'v just got back from hols and PILS were desperate to take ds and dd for the pm so it's very quiet here now.happy fathers day to all the dads x

leelteloo Sun 17-Jun-12 15:21:17

Hi pickles , welcome to the thread, I followed your other thread and I'm really glad you're doing ok. It's probably all the horse riding that has kept your pelvic muscles really tight and that's why you're not showing much. I had the same with my first: big as a house with this one though.
I'm having lots of low down bump pain, which was so bad that I went to midwife wondering if it was a bladder infection. She said that the pains were very common and to buy a maternity support belt. It's bad at night and when I walk fast or far but at I've stopped worrying about whether it's something wrong. smile

Ju1es22 Sun 17-Jun-12 17:08:05

Hi ladies

Hope your all keeping well can't believe were all either in or nearing our 3rd trimesters:-)

Were pretty organized we've ordered our pram an uppababy vista, cot is at mil's until we decorate tthe nursery in the next month or so! Feeling big now but im measuring small due to low bmi, definatley look pregnant as im all bump and boobs I've gone up from a measly 32b to a full 34d hub by loves em!

After some advice if anyone can help or has been through similar? Im 28 + 4 and have been having braxton hicks for a few weeks now! Now yesterday at work I noticed I was having a lot of them quite frequently and some took my breath away.

Called mw later that night as still hadn't settled down, I went in and they hooked me up to the monitor and could definatle y see the braxton hicks happening, they've said to stay in bed and if they worse go in on bed rest! She did an internal and said my cervix is thinning and baby is very low downim a bit worried! Any advice or anybody been through?

funchum8am Sun 17-Jun-12 19:01:33

Sorry to hear you're having lots of BH jules - this is my first so I am no use for advice/experience but hopefully someone will be along soon who can reassure you. Go for the bed rest just in case, I guess.

I am also getting the pain under the bump but it's not severe, just uncomfortable for now. It feels like everything is being stretched a bit beyond its natural limit which doesn't bode well for the next three months if there's a lot of growing still to do!

Otherwise I'm noticing I'm tired a lot more often and more easily but that's natural.

I have just bought a load of reusable nappies via eBay at a good price; still dithering over pushchairs etc but really need to get on with it in case they take a long time to deliver (that is the one thing we are going to get brand new, along with possibly a bedside cot if we can't find one we like second hand.)

Right off now - may well go to bed in a moment, I'm knackered!

Smallgreenone Sun 17-Jun-12 19:16:41

Hi ju1es I've not had experience of Beaton hicks but if they were really concerned they would have definitely kept you in and given you steroid injections for baby's lungs to help them mature. I'd do as the midwife says and keep calm and get lots if rest. If you keep getting them or anything changes phone your maternity unit, they won't mind and they'll tell you what to do. Xxx

Macaroons Sun 17-Jun-12 19:17:21

Ju1es I've been having the occasional stomachache / stomach cramp but not to the scale you are experiencing! they usually went away after 30 min or an hour so I didn't even ask my midwife. I'd say, if you are in doubt just call your midwife!

Ju1es22 Sun 17-Jun-12 20:32:06

Thanks for the reassurance ladies , they've asked me to ring tomorrow if they're still happening, and obviously if it gets a lot more intense just to go in, and they,ll admit me on bed rest and give me something to stop the contractions for a bit longer and go from there! They seem to have settled a bit, its just the period type cramps now and occasional bh thankfully.

They seem a little concerned that my cervix is at 50% this early on, but I've got an appointment with my consultant for growth scan and checkup on Thursday and im sure he'll have a good check over me!

On a more positive note has anyone looked at baby clothes on ebay? I've just bought some real bargains a bundle of mixed girls barely worn next 0-3 months for £10 including postage!

Is it your first Jules ? Just I know my friend has been having a lot of BH from early 20-odd weeks. At 28/29 weeks she had to call her mw as they were painful enough to wake her up and regular. Mw seemed to think it is because it's her third and told her to rest but to contact the hospital if they continued on or got more intense.

Rachel130690 Sun 17-Jun-12 22:46:17

Hey Jules, hopefully things will settle down for you during the night. This is my first so I'm not much help..

I've looked on eBay and everywhere I can think of and everyone seems to be selling girls clothes by the bucket load but not as much boys clothes.. Always seems that boys clothes are in smaller bundles and more expensive. sad tho hopefully its just down to timing and I'll get some cute things soon. smile


gingertessa Mon 18-Jun-12 08:11:41

Hi all, I love eBay; just this weekend I've got a vibrating baby chair and playmat (used but in v good condition) for £18 and a brand new tens machine for £25, all for pick up in my local area. I've been gathering bits and pieces in sales and charity shops, and friends have been very generous with donations. The only big spend has been the deposit on the travel system - we went for m&p glide package, it's coming into the store at the end of July.

Hope you're doing ok with the Braxton Hicks ju1es22, it sounds scary at this stage. I've not had any yet (first baby) but definitely know that I've got to the third trimester. I've developed heartburn and had to see a physio for pelvic pain (got given a support belt), to add to the continuing nasal congestion...12 weeks to go! smile

TinkerMaloo Mon 18-Jun-12 09:13:27

Morning! smile

Hope everythings ok with you Ju1es! Please take it easy...

I have never yet had any Braxton Hicks and this is my third baby now, not sure I have a particularly active womb? My first labour was a lengthy induction and my second one wasnt going fast enought to fit hospital requirements after my waters had "gone", so I was stuck on the drip again (the waters hadnt really gone, it was just a leak but they wouldnt let me just take my time)

I am feeling very third trimester now too, the dreams I am having are ridiculous and I am tired and my ankles are looking a tad chunky.

I find it so hard to stay on my left hand side! I always go to sleep that way and I have a pregnancy pillow to stop me rolling onto my back but every night without fail I end up on my back. Im sure that baby is getting enough blood supply but it still is a little bit worrying :/ Sometimes I wish we didnt have all the info we do, as it is just more things to worry about!

Got my second GTT to look forward to on Wednesday and if I pass I can then start getting organised for my homebirth! smile Yay! I do have a feeling Im going to fail though as my wee smells a bit like sugar puffs, but I'm still hopefull...

Take care all, and enjoy the sunshine! smile

Ju1es22 Mon 18-Jun-12 10:16:30

Good news is im feeling a lot better (so far) this moring:-) This is technically my first i 've had 5 mcs all in the first trimester! Its the not knowing, but atleast we know babys ok and they now know my cervix is thinning prematurely!

Still feeling crampy thank god its my last week at work starting tomorrow, im going to ring them later and let them know whats going on they're kind of stuck this week as I'll be on my own in our department most the week! I'll stay in bed today and see how I am tomorrow!

Ebays fab but it is all to do with luck, I lost out on a few things before finally buying something yesterday, keep checking you'll get a good deal:-)

Have a good day everyone enjoy the sunshine and thanks for all the advice and messages

LadyLillyWilliamSnowflake Mon 18-Jun-12 13:06:04

Just signing back in.

Shall go and catch up after a long sleep at my desk work

cakeladyc Mon 18-Jun-12 16:05:19

Glad you're feeling better Ju1es

I am absolutely knackered today, and my arms are feeling really heavy. Definitely going for a snooze once i've hauled myself round tesco after work!

I hope everyone had nice weekends, the sun even came out down here yesterday!

Bakeroo Mon 18-Jun-12 19:34:30

I am so glad I've found you! I was really starting to panic after looking for a few days now...phew!
It's my first wedding anniversary today and we've just got back from a fab night away and an amazing lunch this afternoon. I feel very spoilt and think I enjoyed it so much more knowing that in just over 10 weeks we won't be on our own anymore and things like this will be so much harder to do/ not the same.
I too get a sharp, pulling, stitch like pain in the bottom left or right and side of my bump, I've had it for weeks and weeks when I walk pretty much anywhere. My midwife said it's just one of those pregnancy things and there isn't much they can do. It doesn't bother me ever except when I try to walk anywhere further than to the car which is annoying as I miss walks but luckily I drive to work so it's not too troublesome.
I've been eating dinner a bit earlier and it's really helped with my indigestion when I go to bed, thank god. My bump is pretty big now but I like it more and more and love it when people mention it....in a nice way...a girl at work who's pregnant too keeps saying how small I am and it drives me mad ( I did measure slightly small at my 28 wk app but only 27cms so nothing to worry about and not that small)
I must get shopping!still nothing ordered or bought sad
So glad to have found you all again....

funchum8am Mon 18-Jun-12 20:14:16

Glad to hear you're feeling better jules - I hope you don't end up having to be on compulsory bed rest. Fingers crossed for you and everyone else suffering the trials and tribulations of the third trimester smile

I have been ebaying too - the ladies on reception at work who get all the parcels delivered to them are finding it very amusing! So far I have got a trial set of Little Lamb nappies (there are nappies in my house! eek!) and a couple of used but good condition Grobags to try out, plus a Baby Bjorn for £4 (doesn't matter if I don't get on with it at that price) and have also just won a set of 20 Little Lambs with all the liners, wraps, etc. They are barely used but 1/3 the price they are brand new (lady wants pick up only from near where my mum lives and it's a bit out of the way so no one else bid on them so I got them for the reserve price.)

Need to stop now though..DH has pointed out that if I actually leave something for people to buy us we will get new stuff as gifts which is of course even cheaper than eBay prices...fair point!

On the other hand I blew as much as I have saved on a new handbag yesterday so I shouldn't leave you thinking I'm this sensible frugal person.

Am also discussing Keeping In Touch days with work - I have offered to use all of mine to run faculty meetings with my team as they are struggling to find anyone to do that bit of my role (for which read, anyone I can bear to let do it....my team have been very clear about who they DON'T want taking over in my absence and I agree with them!) So am looking for a local childminder who will do ad hoc care for a day here and there, plus my mum has said she will come down from up north to do some. Fingers crossed I can find someone as September actually isn't all that far away, is it???

Rusulka Tue 19-Jun-12 12:55:27

Hey ladies, found the new thread!

Pickles if it makes you feel any better I don't think I have a bump either, but I was overweight with a tummy when I started this, and can't really see past what was already there... bump is there when I lie down though, and seems to be getting a little bigger!

Passed my GTT on Thursday with flying colours (take that, NHS!) and since my last midwife appt yesterday have started counting the kicks after scaring myself silly over stillbirth statistics. Don't want to be paranoid, but know I need to be really on the ball with this as a few hours can make such a difference if there's a problem... really glad I've got a growth scan around 36 weeks now so we can check everything's ok.

Got most of the baby stuff sorted, still need to get sheets for the moses basket and cot, and have been looking at some other slings, I've gone a bit mad though on the clothes- I buy things when I see them rather than when they're needed, so if I've seen a nice skirt for a 7 year old I've got it, lol.
Got far too many babygrows for 0-3 months, but I reason that they're most likely to get ick everywhere at that stage and 26 babygrows blush will come in useful...

I've put on 5lb in 2 weeks, most likely due to relaxing my eating and being naughty with portion sizes and lack of exercise, so am trying to get back on track before my weigh-in with the consultant in 3 weeks...

I sat down the other day and worked out that if Peanut arrives at 37 weeks, as someone pointed out she could, then that would be the beginning of August- which doesn't give me much time to get everything ready!
Still going to leave it a few more weeks before sorting out a hospital bag, maybe will do it around when I have my antenatal classes in 2 weeks' time.

Right. Must go shopping and get my daily quota of exercise. Hope it's sunny where you all are!

meXem Tue 19-Jun-12 13:14:01

Hi all, Mothercare was a success! I managed to get the travel system I'd wanted for a few weeks, half price!! Also, bought a maternity pillow thingy and have now managed 3 nights of perfect restful peaceful better sleep.
Repainted our Cabin yesterday, so now have a neutral coloured room rather than the dark red it was before, and have had a shuffle of furniture, so hopefully a cot will fit in there now hmm
Thankfully starting to feel ever-so-slightly more organised now, although in reality still have lots to do!

Found you all! Sympathies on the bump comments, I mean what are people thinking when they say you look mahoosive or are you having twins.....rant over angry It doesn't help that I have a colleague who is just a week behind me (on her first baby mind you!) who is barely showing while I am enormous in comparison (but measuring spot on for dates).

Anyway just back from a few days visiting my parents in Ireland and had a lovely time catching up with family and friends but I have to say, the train / plane combo with a strong-willed 22 month old + buggy + mahoosive tum + heavy suitcase was not easy and I won't be undergoing that journey again in a hurry and most def not without DH in tow.

Last time round, I had my hospital bag packed at 24 weeks! This time, I think I'll wait until much much further along as can't face digging everything out of the loft. We're planning a homebirth anyhow but I will need to pack a bag in case of transfer.

Anyone renting a tens machine? Where are you getting it from?

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Wed 20-Jun-12 13:49:01

Thanks loopy the toy idea is great, I've picked up a few small bits & pieces for her to fill the hour between getting in from work and DH getting home as that seems to be when I'm most in need of collapsing on the sofa a little sit down and have got a couple of magazines too (stickers are a current favourite pastime) so I can at least sit and do them with her and not feel guilty about being a lazy so and so!

jules glad you're ok, hope things continue ok for you now smile

It's good to know I'm not the only one with bump pain, I get such a stich underneath it when I walk that I've developed this sort of tip toe waddle walk that must make me look crazy but it helps a bit with the impact which is what seems to cause the pain. Finding if I'm walking with DD in the buggy it helps too as something to lean on.

I'm about to put a tonne of old baby clothes on eBay to fund recent ridiculous spending splurge on toddler clothes as I kept so much I'm running out of room so have decided the neutrals will stay and be useful and the excess hopefully will make a few quid.

Did someone mention a specific brand of baby sleep bag that lasts til about age 2 on this thread? I remember thinking it sounded good but now can't remember where it what it was, any ideas?!

Hope everyone's well smile

cjbk1 Wed 20-Jun-12 14:49:35

Just now it was me getting a massive bump/twins/unwanted tummy touching comment from a patient, I know it's all been said and discussed but I'm just a bit sad

Macaroons Wed 20-Jun-12 16:01:21

Am so bored at work (got plenty of things to do but just dont want to do them if I'm being completely honest) I looked at the calendar to see how many weeks of work left. Plan to work till 38 week so 9 weeks left!!! Maybe I want to start ML sooner...

Loopyhasanotherbean Wed 20-Jun-12 16:24:28

it was probably me who mentioned sleeping bags - we use the merino kids ones. Had an email through, if you register for their emails by joining their club (which is free to do) they are giving £10 off all the bags this month - code NL2006. The baby ones cover newborn through to approx age 2, DS is approaching 20 months and is 75th centile and he still fits into them. We've just ordered toddler ones though whilst the discount is available. They also give you 30% off if you send them any crappy old sleeping bag to recycle, which is even better than £10 off but only if you have something you can send them. Some people think we are bonkers buying them as they just look at the price tag, but they last 2 years, come with a lifetime guarantee, and can be used all year round, machine washable and fine in tumble drier and because its merino they prevent overheating and reduce risk of cot death, and our DS started sleeping through as soon as we switched to using them instead of blankets that he would kick off. So you don't need lots of different age ones, and you don't need 1 tog for summer and 2.5 tog for winter like other brands, so i don't really care what people think, we are sold on them and will never use anything else! And they are still in good enough condition to use for our next DC.

MadMonkeys Wed 20-Jun-12 18:22:25

I'm in the bug bump brigade too, I'm LOADS bigger than last time. Had mw appointment yesterday and she says I'm exactly the size I should be so that's reassuring. Also got a prescription for gaviscon, which will save me a small fortune!

I asked the mw about how to avoid tearing as I had an episiotomy and tore last time, but she basically said its a matter of chance really and if the baby comes quick (DD came spectacularly quick at the end, all in one contraction after about a million hours of labour!) tearing is highly likely whatever you've done to try to prevent it. Anyone trying perineal massage? I think I'll give it a go anyway despite what the mw said. And I'm hoping for a water birth which I've heard can help.

I listened to the natal hypnotherapy CD for the first time today and fell asleep by the end. I was certainly relaxed!

Good luck for your appointment tomorrow Ju1es

Went for my growth scan today and all pleased to find out that baby is measuring on the 25th centile at 2lb 3 (and would be closer to the 50th if they took my date of conception, four days later, rather than LMP). Placenta is grade 0 so fully functioning as yet - such a difference from ds! Also found out we are having a little girl smile smile I was convinced it was going to be a boy so it feels really strange tonight looking at girlie clothes and names.

Rusulka Thu 21-Jun-12 08:48:31

Yay for good scan Ballroom! And welcome to the girls' club. I know what you mean about them ignoring conception dates, they've got me as almost a week later than my calculations, but they won't listen...

Having a rummage through the Mothercare sale, extra 10% off if you spend £100 online, so seeing if I can reasonably bump it up, wanted some advice on their aquapod bath mat/seat thingy- I've got a tummy tub to start Peanut off with, and once she's sitting up properly we'll move into our bath, and the aquapod looks ideal- just don't know whether to get the single or double seated version. Worked out that even if we get pregnant more or less straight away and have another August/September baby, then by the time baby #2 is into the aquapod, Peanut will be 18 months... do you think the single will be ok for that? Can't really remember what 18 month-olds are like, and don't know any.
My mum thinks I should get the double as it's only £5 extra, but I don't want to get it and then find Peanut won't fit in it any more- was hoping kids could share bath time.
Any advice greatly appreciated!!!

Regarding the bump comments, I was getting quite upset with SiL as she was saying 'wow, you're really showing now' the same day I was complaining to DH about having no bump at all- feels more akin to someone asking when you're due when you're not pg- and that's happened before! Ah well.

Heffalumps when I got my merino sleeping bags (on Loopy's recommendation!) they were doing an offer where if you bought 2 you got them a little cheaper- I got them here:


...and got a normal one and a duvet weight one. I went for the go go sleeping bags as they have a slot to the front and back so you can pretty much take them out of bed and put them straight in the car seat if you need to- the harness just goes through the holes. Cunning! I also had a code from Mother&Baby magazine to get some money off.
Don't think they're doing the buy 2 offer, but some have £10 off, so still worth a squizz!

Macaroons Thu 21-Jun-12 08:50:24

ballroom it's lovely to see the little one at the scan, isn't it grin

madmonkey I've been thinking of waterbirth too - has anyone had this at previous births?

Loup23 Thu 21-Jun-12 09:03:40

Congratulations ballroom lovely news, I had my last scan at 24 weeks and can't wait for the one at 33 weeks (it's to check the placenta but I'm using it as an excuse to gawp at the baby again!).

Have started getting a few bits together but it's unbelievable how many things there are for babies......a friend recommended a wooden play pen which can be raised off the ground when the baby is little and then lowered for when the baby is sitting up etc, hadn't thought about where I would put the baby if I need my hands to actually do something during the day...! confused

flipflopper Thu 21-Jun-12 09:22:03

Hi all, I am having a lazy day today! Didnt need to get dressed this morning as dh has taken ds to school for me!
Ive been soooo tired! Work is just really taking it out of me, I work split shifts, and I am finding it really hard going at the moment, oh well, only about 5 more weeks of working!

I had my 28 week appointment the other day, I mentioned the muscle pains ive been having, and she said it might be the start of spd, and to let them know if it gets worse. I can cope with it at the moment.

I'm really excited about my scan tonight! Cant wait to see the little one, and find out if it really is a girl, I really dont mind what it is, but Ive got used to the idea its a girl, and it was our gut feeling even before the 20 week scan ( she couldnt see properly, but guessed at a girl). Im feeling a bit funny about seeing the face, hope it is a pleasant experience and not a wierd one!

loopy thanks for the reccomendation on the sleeping bag, im thinking of getting one too, they seem good value if they last for 2yrs. I havent got much baby stuff, I didnt keep much from the previous 2, in fact I gave most of it away! Luckily friends are giving us things, so we are not having to spend too much, I am not bothered at all about having second hand things!

Loopyhasanotherbean Thu 21-Jun-12 09:32:35

resulka we have the aquapod, just the single one. It is worth every penny, although the duck thermometer is to be ignored! Do you intend to breastfeed? Most people find that their periods don't return until they pretty much give up breastfeeding, although its not a guaranteed method of contraception blah blah. So when DS1 was 12 months, it took dropping down to pretty much one feed per 24 hours to kick start my fertility again, got first period in nov last year, was careful that month as didn't want an aug baby if could help it, and fell pregnant with this bean in Dec. So DS is currently approaching 20 months, and will be 22 months when bean arrives. He is still sitting in the seat now, and there is no issue on him fitting in it, there is plenty of room to spare, and he still has no awareness of danger and definitely still needs to sit in it for now, but I think by the time bean needs to go into the aquapod seat, DS1 will be fine to sit on the mat on the other side. I would add that i have found it horrid being pregnant with a toddler, mainly due to my back/pelvis issues, and would recommend a longer age gap if time is on your side, as i think if DS1 was say 2 1/2 now he would understand far more, and life would be a lot easier. So unless you are hell bent on having them very close together, i wouldn't bother with the double pod.

loup23 re what to put a baby in, we have a vibrating bouncer which is good for getting them to sleep, and intend to get a musical swing this time too (wished i'd got one last time but never did). DS1 would never sleep in the day unless he was held upright, and the vibrating bouncer helped a bit, but i heard so many good things about swings that we are willing to buy one in the hope it makes life with 2 a bit easier! For when bean is 4 months onwards, we have a jumperoo - which is one of the best things we bought for DS. Hours and hours of fun, he never got bored of it, and if he wasn't too heavy for it, he'd still use it now!

Re play pens, we have a babydan one, which can go against a wall to create a playpen, or be used as a fireguard. We also have a graco pack n play, which can be used as a play pen or travel cot and is good for using in the garden as it has UV covers. Initially we used the babydan one against a lounge wall to create a safe area when he started to crawl (until he crawled he had a play gym - one of those arch things with toys dangling down). When he started to pull himself up, the babydan one was used as a fireguard and we babyproofed the lounge, and the graco one became like a den - we leave the zippable hatch open so he can crawl in and out of it. We also have a cheap travel cot from kiddicare in our room, which has toys in it, and i would put him in there when i needed to have a shower, toilet trip etc, so that he would still be where i left him when i came out! Still use that now, as there are times where you just need him to stay put for a few minutes!

Loopyhasanotherbean Thu 21-Jun-12 09:41:40

and all these bigger purchases were off set by being given lots of clothes by my sister, and by getting vests and babygrows from the supermarkets. No idea what the current offerings are, but 2 years ago, Sainsburys were selling v nice babygrows half price, pack of 3 for £3.25, also got cheap ones from asda direct website, peacocks, and tesco. No point spending a load on mothercare/john lewis's etc, they puke on them, poo on them, and before you know it, they have outgrown them. Got lots of cheap stuff from asda direct thinking about it, muslins with patterns on them (useful as i'd take one pale blue, one dark blue, one starry one and one white one out with us, and then it was easy to remember which ones he puked on and which were still clean, rather than 4 white ones and sniffing them or getting puke on me for no reason ;) ) also got some bear snuggle rags from there for about £3 each, which have proved a very good buy - even now, DS will only go to sleep if he has one of those, and they have also been very good for teething, as biting down on material seems to really help him. We bought 5 and it means we've always got at least 1 clean no matter how much he has been sick. Buying more has also saved us a lot in water and electricity as it meant we could wash them when we had a full load, rather than doing a wash especially!

ladygagoo Thu 21-Jun-12 11:37:56

congrats on the scan & your little girl ballroom

I had my 28 week MW visit yesterday and she commented on my lovely neat bump - I asked if I could record her saying that to play to my mum grin

Is anyone just totally cream-crackered these days? I baked all day on Tuesday and helped host my DM's 65th birthday yesterday - so two days on my feet all day and now really feeling it - it's a bit odd, like premature ageing or something. Maybe I just have to get my head around not doing as much as I normally would. Don't even get me started on how much I'm eating at the moment as well - apparently the bump starts to hijack all the goodness you eat from now onwards, not sure if that also means taking all the naughty bits from dairy milk, cakes and monster munch as well wink

I have finally started get more baby stuff, got a changing unit yesterday and next week we're picking up a kindly donated crib. I'm not getting any baby clothes yet though as DM has sackfuls of the stuff from my sisters and cousin so may as well see what there is before I buy any.

Glad you had a nice break maketea and hope you have a lovely scan later today flipflopper

Rusulka Thu 21-Jun-12 12:43:50

Thanks Loopy for all the info. Am intending to breastfeed yes, hadn't really factored in when normal cycles would resume! Either way it'll be 6 weeks post-birth to avoid infection, maybe more, so it's just going to be suck it and see I guess... I'm 31 next month so wanted to make sure we'd finished having kids rather than being forced by my fertility dropping off. I don't necessarily want 9 months between them, but since I never seem to be able to find work and I'm just sitting here most of the time, I sometimes think why the bloody hell not? Lol.

Ladygagoo I'm shattered too. Yesterday I dismantled the cot and moved it to another bedroom after clearing a space for it, put it back together and set up the moses basket and stand in our room- normally I can go on all day like this, from early until late, but once I'd finished that I felt all pulled around my stomach so had to stop. I'm having to slow down a lot. It's really frustrating!

Loopyhasanotherbean Thu 21-Jun-12 14:12:34

yes to feeling knackered, DS is wearing me out very quickly lately. And can never nap in the daytimes, whereas i could when i was pregnant with him!

resulka i may eat my words but i think if we ask you 6 weeks post birth if you are ready to get pregnant again, you won't be saying yes! And once your baby arrives, you won't be just "sitting there" that much ;) although it is nice when breastfeeding as i used to get quite comfy on the bed, pillows around for support, and watched a lot of tv whilst doing so! but won't be the same this time round, with DS to look after too. Not sure how it is going to work, but guess we'll muddle through somehow.

Feeling very relieved today, DP just ordered lots of ashton and parsons teething powders. They are herbal and the most amazing things, no matter how much pain DS was in, stick a sachet in his mouth and he would change instantly into a happy baby. They have so many problems with meeting demands, and then stopped production altogether for a while, but they are now back in production, but most places are still out of stock, but we've got some on the way to us now, 10 boxes, so 200 sachets smile sooner they can get new machines sorted to increase production the better as some nasty money grabbing bastards were selling them on ebay and amazon for £30 a box, which i think is taking advantage of parental desperation...

TinkerMaloo Thu 21-Jun-12 14:53:31

sad I have gestational diabetes again so wont be allowed to have a homebirth as they need to monitor baby to check his sugars post partum

and they wont let me go past my due date (which they invented to be 4 days earlier than it actually is)

and they want to me to go and do a 2 hour group session at the hospital at 2.30pm on wed (the only time they run them) to "introduce me to GD"...
I have met it already and I have a son to pick up from school at 3pm, so they have no chance of that.

not a happy bunny! sad

Enjoy your scan flipflopper and congrats ballroom on the lovely scan!

macaroons I had a waterbirth with DD and am def keen to repeat the experience. I arrived at the birthing centre at 8cms so was probably in the pool for an hour or so but did deliver in there and the feeling of entering the warm bath was one of immense relief! As it was my first baby, i don't have anything to compare it too but it felt good in water, there was somewhere to flop about in between contractions and I held myself over the side of the pool during the peak of each contraction. I did have some grazing that required stitches afterwards - nothing serious - but perhaps they weren't as bad as they could have been due to the water?

It also meant DD was lovely and clean when she was born! I've bought a second hand pool off ebay for our planned homebirth and hope to repeat the experience.

loup23 I carried DD in a sling when I needed to be hands free, we also had a jumperoo which she loved, otherwise she was in a bumbo on the worktops or in a bouncy chair on the floor - we didn't have a playpen at all.

Ju1es22 Thu 21-Jun-12 15:24:54

Just wanted to say thanks for the good luck wishes and advise:-)

I've been to consultant who has given me steroids just in case, they dont seem too worried just said to ring straight away if anything changes re movement, discharge, and pain. They'll monitor me and see how we go not on bed rest yet, just gotta take it easy!

Had growth scan she's a week behind which is fine I've been told as im a small she's weighing in at just under 3ibs, so were pretty happy!

Congrats on your scan ballroom another little girl for thread, wonder how many pink, blues, yellows we've got?!

Aww gutted for you tinker, was gonna say eat a big bar of choccie comiserate then I read why your not having a homebirth! Hope your ok, sending you a hug:-)

Smallgreenone Thu 21-Jun-12 16:26:07

That's good news ju1es
I've just been doing an online mothercare shop but then got stressed about how much stuff we needed and gave up. But then the white company sent me an email about their sale and I spent almost the same amount of money as my mothercare shop but on far fewer and far less practical things! Lovely though but Oops! I'm going to make a list of stuff we need before I try and shop again and that way hopefully I won't just stick absolutely everything in my basket! X

meXem Thu 21-Jun-12 16:42:31

I hadn't even thought about a playpen! shock and don't have any floor space for one blush was hoping I could get away with a bumbo and baby proofing things like the log burner and sharp corners

I'm starting to feel the tiredness kick in this week, I'm a nanny half the week (split shifts, 6am starts) and a STA in a primary school the other half. Definately cream crackered today!

leelteloo Thu 21-Jun-12 18:18:35

John Lewis have half price sale on. Saw some lovely things and bought a gorgeous nappy bag. Wish we had more space, more money and didn't already have everything we need; missing the serious shopping of last time.

pgreen Thu 21-Jun-12 19:14:52

TinkerMaloo oh dear that's a royal pain in the..... sorry to hear it but at least you'll have lots of appts! jules keeping my fingers & toes crossed

I don't have GD (yet at least!) but an underlying medical condition. I seem to be either at the MW, hospital, scan or GP about every 2 weeks - driving me a bit mad to be honest. The great big huge positive is that I am constantly hearing the heartbeat and have had 3 scans so far with 2 more still to go (I'm 29 wks). Even got to see the little peanut do a great big yawn at the scan - clearly he's very bored in there.

As for all the other ladies doing great shopping/collecting etc gosh you put me to shame. I've ordered my pram/pushchair and car seat from M&P. I got a vibrating bouncer from mothercare at 50% off flash sale and I also have a very small collection of babygrows from Asda and Gap and 4 muslins. THAT's IT I should get my butt into gear but I'm so confused by most of it.... endless lists. I have however painted the nursery! Priorities clearly very muddled here [hangs head in shame]

nks although unfortunately I didn't see the baby again at the scan. The reg was too busy taking measurements and gossiping with the midwife with the screen turned away and the lights on. Very inpersonable and a bit disappointing but I know the reason of the scan wasn't to look at her and I have another scan in three weeks time (so fingers crossed I can then).

I'm not sure about having a play pen as I never did with ds. I seem to remember using a travel cot once or twice but most of the time just baby proofed the house well or put him in the bouncer chair. Don't know if it might be an idea to get one this time since ds has a habit of leaving small, chokable toys and marbles about the place. Even if he tidies up I'm always finding the odd thing about.

Yeah I'm shattered too ladygagoo . Can't wait for ds to finish nursery next week so I don't have to get out and about as early and quickly in the mornings. I know he'll be off a week and I'll be eating my words. Also seem to be constantly munching. I'm honestly not eating such big portions but it's turned into an almost all-day grazing affair.

£30 Loopy shock . I remember using them with ds too, although he wasn't too bothered with teething.

Sorry to hear about the GD Tinker . It's really crap when you don't get the birth you are gearing yourself up for and want.

That's really good news Ju1es . Hoping your little girl is making a nice, snuggly home in you and won't be moving any time soon. At least with the steroids for lung development and her weight it can help you relax a bit.

Loopyhasanotherbean Thu 21-Jun-12 19:44:16

good luck with just 4 muslins pgreen! DS has reflux, and as a newborn, 4 wouldn't have even last us one day!!

mexem re bumbos, a few of the couples we met through nct bought them, and none of them were that pleased with them, one child toppled over in theirs, another couldn't fit in it for long, legs were too chubby and they weren't an overly fat child, and they all said the children soon got bored being in them and that they weren't worth the money for the use they got, but i guess some babies must like them otherwise they wouldn't keep selling??

smallgreenone we were given some presents from the white company, which were nice, but i'd never buy anything from there, way too expensive for a baby who (in our experience) threw up over nearly everything he has ever had bought for him! mothercare are good, and kiddicare even more so, and it's quite handy that we are only 30 mins from the kiddicare store, so we got a lot of our stuff from there in a couple of trips, and checked out the bulkier stuff and then ordered things like the cot bed online. They really are fab, and the service is great, and they don't seem to have changed at all even though they sold out to Morrisons recently.

Don't need to buy much here, but may look at the John Lewis sale, one thing i do need is a new changing bag, i have a very cheap one indeed, which was fine for DS, but i need something bigger and a bit more la de dah with pockets, which can cope with nappies and change of clothes for 2 children, plus everything else that i lug around with us!!!

Loopyhasanotherbean Thu 21-Jun-12 19:48:14

ps jules fingers crossed she stays put for a while longer, although at least she is a good weight if she decides otherwise! i know quite a few premature babies, and they all were fine, the earliest i know was born at 27 + 4 and he is as he should be now, (and he was only 2lb 4 when born) but obviously the longer she stays put, the better!

Hello everyone, hope you're all as well as can be!

I considered a play pen, just to protect baby from DS but with two dog cages under the stairs and all the toys etc I don't need something else to get in the way!
I'm looking for a swing on eBay. Had a brilliant swing for DS but it stopped working while my SIL was using it for her DD and had been discontinued so couldn't replace it. Gutted, that thing was a godsend!
DS had a prince lionheart thing like the bumbo but he just used to tip himself over in it a crawl off like a snail with it still on his back!!

Feeling very pregnant now, midwife suggested referring me for physio for SPD but another midwife put me off by saying they can't really do much. We'll see by the next appt if it gets much worse.

Good news: No massive bump comments this week. Think the cold stare when the conversation leans towards that direction helps!

funchum8am Thu 21-Jun-12 20:30:05

I think I need to get buying! DH and I were going to wait for the school hols (apart from my recent but now ended eBay splurge) but if the baby did come this early, which is actually possible, we'd be stuffed!

Will try and find our local kiddicare, they sound good. Thanks for the recommendations ladies.

I went back to my former school (I taught there, not where I studied) and saw my old tutor group (now in year 8). When I was there I used to ask them to answer a question for the register (eg tell me your favourite flavour of ice cream when I call your name etc). Today their new teacher (a friend of mine) let us do "What should Miss call her baby" which was hilarious. I hadn't thought of Bob, or Abdullah, or Mitzi before as possible names!

Rachel130690 Thu 21-Jun-12 21:10:34

Funchum that's a really sweet thing to do, and at least you get a good laugh from some of the names lol and a bit of a helping hand.

Jules hoping your baby girl stays in their a while longer..

Have my 29 week app tomorrow with mw, and was told by close friend they no longer scan you in the hosp I go, so I won't see my little man for just over 10 weeks (that's if he comes on time) am disappointed in this as I was hoping I'd get another peep at him before he came..

Received a very large bag of clothes today from my sisters friend, so my room is covered in baby clothes (not looking forward to the washing and sorting), feel bad that I haven't bought anything new yet. Got my pram, car seat and cot bed all second hand. Tho will be buying a new matress for it.

Would anyone have any advice on Moses basket or cribs? Which did you use previously or planning on using this time?


Don't feel bad Rachel, it's good to reuse stuff. They grow so quickly it would be wasteful to throw something away that has only been worn a couple of times. And I bet your sister's friend is glad they went to a good home.
With my first, I had a moses basket and a cot given to me so just bought new matresses for them.
He refused to sleep in the moses basket and the matress was really thin and mean looking so I put him straight into his cot. He looked really small but once he was swaddled in a blanket he was cosy enough.
This time I'm hoping to get a second hand cot bed for my son and use his cot for the baby.
He's not ready (I'm not ready) to go into a bed yet as I reckon he'll keep getting out of it.

I wont bother with a moses basket at all this time. I'll put the cot by the bed and have a swing downstairs.

That's the plan anyway. All dependent on me pulling my finger out!

Tonight my feet are well and truly raised as my left foot, ankle and calf is swollen like a balloon. Hopefully it calms down overnight or its off to the midwife again for me!!

Macaroons Fri 22-Jun-12 08:55:22

maketeanotwar thanks for sharing your experience on waterbirth. The idea sounds quite nice so will discuss with midwife.

And thanks all for sharing shopping tips. We have bought some stuff like cot, changing table, baby monitor and pram but the list is so long! We still need to get mattress, bed sheets, swaddle, blanket etc etc etc! Shall probably do it next weekend - order online and pick up from store, find it easier that way! Hope there will be some sales coming up!

Loopyhasanotherbean Fri 22-Jun-12 09:35:01

re kiddicare, their store is in Peterborough. Its great for us, as it is also their warehouse that supplies the website, so if they have it in stock online, then it will be in that store smile it was the one and only store, but i know that when they sold out to Morrisons (it was a family business till then) they announced they would be opening a few stores around the uk, but i can't remember when/where.

Re moses baskets, unless you plan to sleep overnight anywhere away from home, i wouldn't bother. We bought one for DS, and by 11 weeks he was too long for it! We then bought a glider crib from mothercare, which in hindsight was a much better idea as he stayed in that until we moved him into his own room at 5 months. The glider motion was great - DS would not settle in that or the moses basket unless he was shhh'd and rocked a lot, and with a hot water bottle for comfort. So if you do go down the moses basket route, i'd recommend a rocking stand!

We did use the moses at my parents just before xmas, and it was a lot easier to pack into a car than the crib would have been, but that was the only advantage of it really. This time, we are going to put the moses basket in the lounge and have the crib in our room, that way baby will hopefully be better than his big brother and will sleep in the basket in the day, leaving me able to still look after DS1 and feed us!! and then use the crib at night for 5 months ish...

Loopyhasanotherbean Fri 22-Jun-12 09:35:44

and if he doesn't like the moses basket, then hopefully he will like the swing we are planning to buy, as i can't face coping with DS1 and another baby who will only sleep if held!!

I wouldn't feel bad about using second hand stuff at all Rachel . I used a brave load of 2nd hand stuff with ds, and the big things like the pram and car seat was bought by my parents.

I used a moses basket for ds and he was fine in it (not that he did much sleeping anyway as he was a colicky baby). Possibly it lasted a little bit longer for him as he was less than 5lb getting out of hospital. I have got one this time, purely for the handyness factor of being able to move it around and intend to keep it for using the day but have the cotbed in our room at night. I also got a rocking stand with it.

Rusulka Fri 22-Jun-12 11:29:24

Re: moses baskets, I got the mothercare snug, but second hand off ebay, with the stand- less than half the price new! Didn't think much of the crappy mattress it came with so bought a tomy sleepcurve mattress- cheapest at buy4less- which is orthopaedic and helps with breathing, preventing reflux, and all sorts of other things. Liked them for the cot originally, but were so expensive...
I got a moses basket since I figured I'd need one for baby #2, so might as well get one now, plus we can use it for Peanut when we go to my parents' for Christmas, and not worry about somewhere for them to sleep.

I got a prince lionheart bebe pod flex booster seat thingy, since it's supposed to be comfier and bigger than a bumbo, and it straps onto chairs so I can use that instead of buying a high chair- if you buy the plus version it comes with the tray and a toy- cheapest at kiddicare. I also got portable totseats while on offer, so I can always take one out with me when going for a meal or visiting family.

Most of the clothes I've got are second hand too Rachel- I got loads of babygrows a few months ago from suprmarkets, etc. and have been kicking myself ever since as there are so many in my local charity shops- why pay £4.50 for 5 when you can get 6 for £1.20? Admittedly I was a bit daft and didn't notice some of them were a little stained, but I bought some dylon purple dye for some other very pale pink or white stuff I couldn't stand, so I just bunged them in too- and now we have a lovely pile of bright purple things!
It's better to see what you can get cheap/ what other people will get you, as it saves so much money. Then you can splurge on the things that you really want, like those merino sleeping bags or a few luxury items! (Or just save the money, lol).

Ju1es glad to hear things are ok for the moment, hope your Peanut stays in as long as possible!

flipflopper Fri 22-Jun-12 11:51:39

Hi all, I had my 4d scan last night, and it is definitely a GIRL!
It feels strange to know, as we didnt find out with the first two.
I have got to go back for another scan next week, as she was not in a good position- head down and facing my back, so couldnt get a good view of the face, and couldnt get her to move, so they will rescan a second time for free.
The sonographer did all the measurements, and estimated she weighs 2lb 12at the moment, which is bang on average, it seems big to me though! dd was only 5lb3 at 41 weeks!

It feels weird referring to it as a 'her'!

I want to go buying pink stuff now, but will be getting a lot of things off friends, so it would be a waste of money.

Hope everyone else is ok.
jules glad you are ok, and hope she stays inside for a while longer! x

Sunflower101 Fri 22-Jun-12 12:28:57

Lovely to read all your posts and shopping updates. I am holding off buying new things until we have been to NCT sale that is coming up. Never been to one before but hoping to see some things that we need. We have a second hand Moses basket, will buy new mattress. My parents still have the cot that I and siblings used! It's been in the loft for a while, will see what it's like. DH less keen on the idea of using such old cot but I'm sure it will be fine with new mattress too! it feels a bit weird though to think that our baby will be sleeping in the cot I had!
Had 28 week scan and diabetes test and relieved that all is fine. Lovely to see baby again and have another scan photo.
Have a good weekend everyone, whatevere the weather!

cakeladyc Fri 22-Jun-12 12:37:50

Hello All! smile

Went to the hospital and had my GTT done today, so fingers crossed that comes back all fine, and have midwife on Tuesday.
Can't believe theres only 12 weeks to go now, still seem to have so much to do! All the big things are bought but the smaller things are the bits im worried about forgetting!
Thinking more and more about the birth now and the more i think about it, the more i'm leaning towards a water birth if possible. I'm not sure if DH is too keen though. It seems alot more relaxed though, and i'd like to do it all with as little pain relief as possible (obviously if its horrendous, im not going to say no though!) How can i convince hubby that i want to take this route?

Hope all is ok with everyone. smile

cake just get in the pool when the time comes - tell him it helps with pain and reduces tearing - and then if baby is coming, it's coming! What are his misgivings?

Rachel130690 Fri 22-Jun-12 15:23:16

Not lOng back from my app, bump measuring small only 27 weeks instead of being 29 + 4days that I am. So got a wee scan to do measurements, head measuring fine but stomach measuring 28weeks. Tho was 3lb. Was good to see him again smile

Thanks for all the advice re Moses baskets, might just get a crib but shall see what dp thinks.

cake I'm the same starting to think about it a lot more but still not really sure what my options are or what I want.
The hospital I'm going to only has one birthing pool, and it's on the ward my dads exgf is on.. So I'm not keen to see her let alone risk her being my mw. Lol


cakeladyc Fri 22-Jun-12 15:43:19

Rachel There's only one pool at my hospital too, but i'd like the option if its available.

MakeTea I think he thinks its a bit of a faff really, but I really relax in a warm bath, and it helps my sciatica when i'm not pregnant, so i think it'll be a good option if its available when i'm at hospital
I'm just going to have to put my foot down aren't I?!

Having a very quiet day at work today, counting the minutes till 5!

The thing is, you really can't predict what you might feel like in labour - I thought I would be really depending on DH to hold my hand and make eye contact etc but in fact I went totally into myself, didn't want to be touched and kind of shut everyone out (it was fast and intense) so def don't rule any options out....it's your birth after all...plus I bet he'd rather that any tears are kept to a minimum

funchum8am Fri 22-Jun-12 21:35:06

Rachel would they arrange for her to not be assigned to you if you let them know that you know her? I can see completely that having your dad's ex as midwife would be awful if things are difficult!

cjbk1 Sat 23-Jun-12 09:13:30

good morning all, yesterday I had an appointment with the consultant MW to discuss my previous labours and the next one, she didn't have my old notes which was the whole point but she noted that I was 'very traumatised' by my 2nd labour especially and that 'you have choices, we'r not going to make you do anything' so we had to reschedule and request my notes again for next time so didn't really achieve anything sad

That sounds really strange flipperflopper as 2lb12 was my ds's weight at birth (34 weeks). I know where you are coming from as when they told me this one is 2lb3 I thought oh my she's going to be huge at term smile

Glad everything is alright Rachel and you got another sneaky look at your ds. Yes I think you would have the right to request someone else if you know them. When I had ds one of the midwives was a girl from school and the first thing she asked me was if it was ok for her to deal with me as I had the right to ask for someone else.

Think personally I have decided to go for a c-section. I think I am going to request that if I do go myself before the cs date I want to give vbac a try though. My cousin has just informed me that she has decided to get married 6 days before my due date so no doubt I will go then grin

Rachel130690 Sun 24-Jun-12 11:16:09

Ballroom my ds was roughly 3lb when I got my scan on Friday. So he even bigger than flipperfloppers... Now I'm starting to worry that I'll have a huge baby when delivering. shock

Will have a wee talk with midwife at my next appointment and get her advice. smile

Did anyone attend antenatal classes or anything with their first and would they recommend going? Mw brought this up but I'm not booked into any so not sure if I've left it to late as I'm 30 weeks tomorrow.. God it's scary how quick it's coming round...


ChoccoCake Sun 24-Jun-12 14:13:03


Can I join? Im due September the 4th. Starting to get tired again but Im having bother with my iron levels, even though im on 3 iron tablets a day the levels are still dropping!

6 more weeks of work left, cant wait to finish up!

Rachel I did NCT with my first and would recommend it yes, met a fabulous group of women that I'm still in touch with although we do see each other less often now we are all back at work but they were an invaluable support. The info at NCT is nothing you can't learn from a book but it's great that the men go along too and hear it all and can meet other Dads and ask questions.

This time round I'm doing Daisy Birthing and really enjoying it - again a great teacher

grin I wouldn't worry Rachel . Ds had intrauterine growth restriction so was told when he was born he measured the size of a 29 week old. I didn't attend any classes with my first as I was hospitalised and kind of felt like I missed out a bit, but purely for the social side, nothing else.

Welcome ChoccoCake

Rusulka Sun 24-Jun-12 22:09:34

Hey ladies, regarding baby weight, I've found this website/ page useful-


This is also a good one as it gives 10th and 90th percentile-


(scroll down to the estimated foetal weight percentile chart)
It gives an average, and then a minimum and maximum weight, and according to that, for about 30 weeks the baby should be approx. 3.5lb.

Hope it helps!

pgreen Mon 25-Jun-12 12:55:46

Planning a shopping day in July with my Mum & Sis. Bit concerned that it might be a nightmare to be honest. Trying to figure out bottles & feeding kit at the moment. I plan to breastfeed BUT with a c-section it might not be possible from day 1, plus I want DH to help out in first couple of weeks... any words of advice. completely clueless confused

moogs1000 Mon 25-Jun-12 13:10:44

Hi pgreen, I had a csection with dd and wanted to breastfeed. I tried in hospital and was expressing in hospital, and they fed her from a little cup all milk she got from me but was topped up with formula which we gave her in bottles from hospital as she wasn't gettin enough from me. When I got home I tried feeding again and she just did it! (A lot more relaxed without a midwife squeezing your boobs!) Kept expressing so dh could help out but she didn't like bottle so I just fed her. To be honest spent alot of time expressing, sterilizing and should have just enjoyed feeding and then passed her to dh while I slept!

Loopyhasanotherbean Mon 25-Jun-12 14:26:27

pgreen i wouldn't worry too much. I had a category 1 c-section, under GA, and DS had apgar of 1 when born on a Friday morning, can't get much worse than that, and all i wanted was a calm home waterbirth! When i came round from the GA, they lay DS next to me on the hospital bed, and positioned him for me, and he latched on no bother. He continued well, and my milk came in on the Sunday afternoon. I suffered with a lot of discomfort after about 4 weeks, but by 3 months i had no pain or discomfort whatsoever, and continued to BF until he was 15 months, although dropped a couple of feeds from 12 months to kick start periods so i could try for DC2. When on the CS ward (they kept us all together rather than mixing us with vaginal birth women) the only person i came across during the 5 days they kept us in who wasn't breastfeeding was a woman who had twins, and she said that she wouldn't even consider breastfeeding as she had 2 other children at home, 6 and 2, and that there would not be enough time in her day to BF so she went straight onto formula - which meant the staff could help to feed them!

Loopyhasanotherbean Mon 25-Jun-12 14:29:56

PS, i was told the best bottles to avoid confusion if possibly combining BF with bottles, is the tommee tippee closer to nature ones, they are more like a boob. DS had reflux and lots of wind issues, and so we used to give him cooled boiled water mixed with gripe water from 2 months, and used those bottles, he always took them fine, and it never affected BF'ing. If he has a bad night now, we still use them to give him water and he will usually suck for comfort and settle very quickly (tip from a hv a while ago, if they are ok through the night and suddenly start to wake again, don't give them milk else they will think they will get milk whenever they wake and will wake on purpose for it then out of habit, whereas water isn't worth waking up for!)

leelteloo Mon 25-Jun-12 15:33:27

I had c section with dd and breast fed. Think it's a struggle at first which ever way the baby is delivered but we muddled through with so additional bottles of formula when needed. Unfortunately I had some circulation problem in my breasts, similar to Raynaulds syndrome and bf became more and more painful and in the end I was giving more and more bottles of expressed or f milk and think dd got sick of all the chopping and changing and started to refuse the breast. So I did 4 painful months and I'm pleased I managed that but I'm ff this one. I used the Nuk bottles, found these to suit us best.

I also expressed after my cs as he was taken away to the NICU. Tried to bf when he moved to SCBU but ds had problems latching on. A dose of mastitis later and him being away from me for so long, my milk dried up. Was heartbroken at the time. Funny he had problems sucking out of the Tommee Tippee closer to nature ones - I think because they were too like a boob and he used the avent instead. This time I do want to bf at the start for a month and then move to mix feeding.

pgreen Mon 25-Jun-12 20:44:19

Thank you all so much moogs1000, Loopyhasanotherbean, leelteloo and ballroomblitz. Really appreciate your experiences, I'm "planning" for it to be easy peasy and little man will just take to it and my boobs will do the right thing. BUT just incase want a plan B. I'm also "planning" to be up and about in no time - yeah right. Lat time I had surgery on my stomach I wasn't able to sit up properly for 5 days..... but here's hoping

cakeladyc Tue 26-Jun-12 12:50:13

we are planning to use a combination of boob and bottle so that DH can help with feeds etc, but i think we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

I saw the midwife today at 28+4 and all is good, no more protein in my urine, result of GTT came back ok although i'm at the higher end of normal, so i have to just keep an eye not having too much of the good stuff, and bump is measuring perfectly, so ner to all those lovely people asking if i'm sure theres only one in there!
She has referred me to the physio though as im still getting nasty pelvic and hip pain, so hopefully a few exercises will help that.
And now i'm at work and and my boss is asking me if i think my assistant is going to be able to cope when i'm on maternity leave.... and tbh i'm really not sure. It's definitely a good thing that i have maternity cover starting next week as well and we're not just leaving her to do it all! 7 weeks time and he'll have to deal with it anyway grin

Turquoisecat Tue 26-Jun-12 15:52:58

Hi all,

Just thought I'd check in - been on my hollibobs for two weeks, and now am counting down the 9 weeks left of work grin

Sounds like everyone's doing ok generally. Weighing in on the whole bf/bottle thing, I will try to bf to start with, but will have everything in for bottle feeding if needed. I also want to bottle feed more every time someone says I should bf as i am stubborn and contrary. I'm just in the process of convincing DH that whatever I choose is best as always wink

I had to ring my mw this pm as I had a slight panic about not having any info about antenatal classes yet, but have been assured that I will get this at my 28 week appointment, and I shouldn't have already had all the leaflets at my 24 week appointment like i was told at my 20 week appointment, the lying biyatch. Also had a letter from Sure Start about my free parenting classes, but don't know whether to go - it's miles away from where I and DH live and work, and it'll mean I'll have to take 3 hours off from work every week - has anyone been to these? What do they cover, and is it worth it??

LadyLillyWilliamSnowflake Tue 26-Jun-12 18:02:39

I have been so busy at work. Trying to get the person covering me up to date as I'm going on mat leave soon grin

I feel like I haven't slept in about a month.

The good news though is that I got a new phone (iPhone 4s (yay)) as I can't reach my laptop when it's on my lap sad and I couldn't mn. So now I have the mumsnet app gringrin just to keep me going

funchum8am Tue 26-Jun-12 18:55:39

I am having stressful times at work as well - trying to recruit both a permanent person plus my own maternity cover for next year and my boss insisted on having the deadline for applications ONE DAY before the interviews! So I've shortlisted as I've gone along thinking that this late in the school year we'd only get a few decent candidates and all of a sudden I've got far too many for the time we have available and the number of lessons I can arrange for them to teach! And the HR lady who has to do all the admin is doing her head in over it. Grr. So I'm knackered (also because I keep waking up at the crack of dawn - must get blackout curtains in our room as well as the baby's!)

I just cannot wait for the end of term (four and a half weeks and counting) and for the baby to come...I am dying to meet the little one and cannot believe I still have to wait another 12 weeks. Pelvic pain has started on me but it's not too serious; midwife says to come back and get a referral to the physio if it gets worse though.

pgreen I have similar BF plans to you - I am hoping all will be fine but want to be prepared for if not. So much to consider!

TinkerMaloo Wed 27-Jun-12 08:13:19

To all those intending to try breastfeeding.

It is damn hard during those first few weeks! (and during the 6 week growth spurt etc etc) And if you are like me you will want to give up! but my advice is DONT!!! If you stick at it it does get easier (quickly) and you will be glad you did!

no bottles and equiptment to clean/carry about
less colic/reflux/wind
always ready nomatter where you are and always at the right temp etc
perfect formulation every time

if you are struggling to latch, it hurts etc and you need advice then get it! people are available to help but you will have to actively seek them out.

Sorry if this is a bit of a lecture or preaching to the choir, but I feel so strongly about giving it a proper go and not just giving up at the first (or second or third) hurdle.

I see it as a choice of feeding baby a proper healthy fresh meal vs a pot noodle.

I do appreciate that for some people (inverted nippes/ C sections / prem babies etc etc) that its very difficult/impossible, but for 95% of us! WE CAN DO IT! smile

Loopyhasanotherbean Wed 27-Jun-12 11:34:31

i agree BF can be hard and is worth sticking at, but i would stress that i don't think it really matters whether it's a CS or what. We all have boobs, and a lot is down to being stubborn, thick skinned and not giving up. Met 7 other couples at NCT. All started off breastfeeding. I was the only CS. 4 gave up BF within i'd say the first 2 months, and another gave up not long after them. Another gave up at 6 months. 1 fed till 12 months, and i fed till 15 months. Most of those who gave up early had messed about trying to give bottles as well as BF and i think it is better to forget bottles altogether and let baby and boob do what they are designed to do. A baby will suck to increase your milk production, and if you move them onto a bottle then they are not sucking on you enough to create the demand, and it can easily become a slippery slope where you are then not making enough for them, and they are getting upset because they want more, so you give them a bottle, and then they are not sucking on you, and so on and so on. 2 of the ones who gave up early got mastitis because they weren't feeding enough and didn't feed through it, just felt sore so increased the bottles, which was the worst thing they could do. DS would feed and feed, every night he would cluster feed, but from 7 weeks he would then sleep from 10pmish for 8 hours or more overnight. So although we lost our evenings for a few months, BF'ing worked and he was satisfied and would sleep through. And a benefit of BF is you save a lot of money not buying formula, and DS only did one poo a week for months, which i'd say is another big advantage over formula fed babies!!! Also DS cried a lot less than the others, as i could just whip a boob out and feed him, whereas they had to get the bottles made/to the right temp, all whilst their babies screamed very loudly!

I would add that i don't know a single person who has not had pain or discomfort at some stage when BF'ing, and i think it is normal and would just recommend getting lansinoh as it works miracles!

leelteloo Wed 27-Jun-12 12:55:41

While I totally agree with breast is best; I do not agree that all the women who can no longer breast feed are "giving up" because they are weak and not committed enough and some how don't care as much as those women who's breast work the way they are meant to. If my legs didn't work the same way a the majority of the population and I was judged for my decision not to use them and to use some other means of locomotion, it would be seen as prejudice.
Please everyone have a jolly good go but try not to feel any less of a mother if it doesn't pan out the way you want it to.

MadMonkeys Wed 27-Jun-12 13:13:19

I agree with leelteloo - I stopped breast feeding DD at about 3 weeks because when I got mastitis for the second time she refused my milk. My nipples were literally in shreds, it looked like someone had sliced them with a knife, and that was after 3 mw's had reassured me that her latch was perfect and the problem was her strong suck and my fair skin. I expect I could have carried on but the whole family would have suffered, and seriously I think I would have needed some kind of reconstructive surgery to my breasts if I had carried on. Sometimes lansinoh just isn't enough (I used it). I felt so guilty for 'giving up'. I couldn't speak about it without crying for months and it still upsets me now even though I know I made the right decision. It's really not about feeding baby a proper healthy fresh meal vs a pot noodle.

I will definitely try breastfeeding again this time and I really hope it works out better than last time, but if not I hope people won't judge me.

gingertessa Wed 27-Jun-12 13:18:34

I'm pro breast feeding, this is my first baby so I have no prior experience but will give it my best shot. However, I am going back to work full time after 6 months so logically it seems sensible to introduce bottles to ease the transition. Any tips from mothers who breast fed and went back to work before a year? And no I won't be able to express at work

At first I felt a bit cheated that BFing turned out to be so much harder that I anticipated - bleeding nipples, tears and paracetamol at every feed, what seemed to me to be an insatiable baby but I made a real nuisance of myself at the breastfeeding clinics and we cracked it and DD happily fed for 12 months.

So for me the learning was that the help is out there, whether it's calling a helpline every day or having a BFing counsellor come to the house and help with positioning, there are wise people who can help and it does get better. Sometimes feeding felt counter-intuitive and I didn't believe it was meant to be so hard or so gruelling but quickly those dark early weeks passed and we fell into a good pattern. Hopefully it won't be as hard this time but I have learned to hang on there and we will turn a corner.

Kate Evans The Food of Love is a gorgeous book about BFing that I used to turn to when I was close to jacking it all in.

monkeys don't give a hoot about people judging you, unfortunately I think it comes with the territory when becoming a parent - people have different views on how our children should eat, sleep and behave etc but just be confident in your own decisions and don't give anyone else a second thought.

Loopyhasanotherbean Wed 27-Jun-12 14:21:59

just to add i'm not judging those i know who gave up early, but i know from lengthy conversations how much they all regret their actions now, and wish they had never touched a bottle...and one of them has already had another child, and this time is breastfeeding and not using bottles at all and has so far not developed any of the issues that she had last time, and puts it all down to the fact that she has purely been BF'ing this time round. Hope you also have a better experience this time madmonkeys.

gingertessa how come you won't be able to express at work? it is a legal requirement now for employers to support breastfeeding and provide a private area for expressing and storage for milk?

gingertessa Wed 27-Jun-12 14:46:46

Loopy I think you're right that it is a legal requirement to provide facilities for expressing milk in the workplace, but my job requires me to visit various places that I am not directly employed by and I know it will not be practical in terms of timing (with on call commitments).

WinterMymble Wed 27-Jun-12 18:18:43

Hi all!

I am reading with interest what many of you are saying about babyproofing.. When should we have done all that? I had some delusional idea that a baby wouldn't be crawling around for at least a year but i think i am wrong!

Would you advise babyproofing house before born? I am starting to think that might be wise....,, and er how does one start?

WinterMymble Wed 27-Jun-12 18:26:23

Chocco welcome! Sympathy on the iron levels. I have anemia too and it is a pain getting it up. The herbal iron floradix seems to be helping me a bit more than the doctor's ferrous fumerate prescription did actually, as long as i devour it with vit C laden things smile

MadMonkeys Wed 27-Jun-12 18:34:29

Thanks Loopy and MakeTea.

Isn't it hot? DD went in the paddling pool this afternoon while I sat in teh garden feeling fat and hot! I've been really tired these last few days so started teh pregnacare tablets again in case I'm a bit anaemic. I'd lapsed with them, so back on the straight and narrow now! Anyone else stuffing fruit down like there's no tomorrow? So far today I've eaten 6 nectarines and a banana, and there are some apricots and pears crying out to me in the kitchen. Oh, and a whole punnet of cherry tomatoes at lunchtime.

Loopyhasanotherbean Wed 27-Jun-12 19:48:30

winterMymble you don't need to babyproof yet, as baby won't be crawling until sometime next year, although i will be amazed if your baby isn't crawling by 12 months, you might even have a walking baby by its first birthday...at the very least i would expect it would be cruising round furniture by then... so its something you can do later on, but we did do it before it was needed, as prefer to be ahead of things like that, and then i have peace of mind that we are ready for anything!

yes, v hot and meant to be 26 or higher here tomorrow, not looking forward to it at all. i stay on pregnacare all through conception, pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding, as i know my diet isn't always what it should be. And re fruit, no, not eating much here, normally i eat lots but this pregnancy is odd, i can't seem to cope, if i eat much at all i am suffering from terrible wind..blush

Just in case anyone doesn't know, 20% off mothercare if you spend £100 or more at the moment.

Off for healthy tea (not) of pizza ..followed by apple and a yoghurt so not all bad!! too hot to be bothered with cooking tonight, already had 2 showers today.

WinterMymble Wed 27-Jun-12 20:14:13

MadMonkeys i share your fruit passions.... Apricots, mangoes, bananas, and apples apples apples.... Can't get enough apples... In fact i will go and get another one now!

Thanks Loopy! I think i will try to find out a bit about babyproofing... I think our house is going to take quite a bit of adjusting!

mummyfirsttime Wed 27-Jun-12 22:13:56

Hi everyone, 30+2 due on the 3rd of sept and just found this page today. May I join you lovely mumsnetters?

Madmonkeys I to am also addicted to fruit at the moment it does not matter what type just as much as possible but also water I am drinking loads more water over past couple of weeks to.

Hope everyone is doing well, had to have a gtt today which I get the results for tomorrow so im extremely nervous.


funchum8am Wed 27-Jun-12 22:52:44

I'm going back to work after five months and will express at work if I can so I can feed up to at least six months (all this only if BF actually works for me - I'd dearly love to do it and got a good discussion with the midwife on Monday about the support available locally, but am not going to let it kill me with guilt if I genuinely can't after a lot of damn good trying!). So I'll have to introduce bottles before I go back as DH will need to feed the LO. I'm guessing going back that early is going to be quite stressful for LO and for me but that's what works best for us (DH is taking 6 months' additional paternity leave after my five months) so I need advice on how to get the baby from exclusive breast in the first few months and onto a bottle without messing up my milk supply. All advice welcome!

cakeladyc Thu 28-Jun-12 12:37:25

funchum I'm going back after 6 months so i'd like this info too as my mum will be taking LO most of the time, so will need her to take a bottle but want to bf and express as much as possible.

I wish i had others enthusiasm about fruit! i can get about 2 bit down me a day, but thats really about it.
And i'm so glad i'm in an air conditioned office today, its bloody boiling out there!

Mm, fruit, it's the one thing that doesn't make me sick - today I've had fruit juice, dried fruit on my bran flakes, a banana, a pear and a punnet of gooseberries as a snack and a nectarine, and sat on my desk for later, cherries, a nectarine, and a kiwi. yum. I love berries so can't wait for red & black currants to be in season, I've been fantasising about them since February grin

28 weeks today, hospital appt went well and looks like I will get signed off to mw led care soon, hurrah, and I've finally had to order some maternity trousers as my regular work ones feel a little uncomfortable by the end of the day. Still half a stone under pre preg weight at 8st 12 but it's 'nothing to worrying about' the consultant said!

Rachel130690 Thu 28-Jun-12 15:36:46

Hey mummyfirsttime we have the same edd smile do you know what your having?

Have had a rough few days there, was bit unwell and very nauseas.. But starting to pick up again, been taking my pregnacare vits as I feel I def do not eat enough or the right stuff, try to eat fruit and veg but sometimes it just makes me feel so sick that it puts me off for a while sad

I'm completely undecided as to breast feed or formula feed, have bought some bottles and a steriliser just I case but I'm still undecided, think I will give it a go in the hospital but I'm not putting pressure on myself. Tho mw hasn't really asked me what my plans are (this freaks me out a bit as I'm a bit clueless in regards to everything)

Has anyone experienced reduced movements recently? Over last couple of days I have felt less movements, still feel some every so often but not as much as I'm used to. Tried drinking something really cold but it didn't seem to make a big difference. Anyone any advice? Or other things I could try?


ladygagoo Thu 28-Jun-12 16:09:54

wow hot isn't the word - I just melted walking all of 4 mins to collect DSS from school. I'm trying not to look like the hot fat pregnant woman at the school gates, not sure I'm winning though.

I am a bit fixated by fruit at the moment, punnets of strawberries and cherries seem to be disappearing rapidly from the fridge. Its helping with my blush rather bad constipation though so long may the berry harvest continue.

As we have loads of DIY that still needs doing before the bump arrives I'm thinking of buying very lightly for this baby with a view that DP can pop to mothercare or buy online for next day delivery if we feel we need stuff urgently. We're collecting a crib this weekend and have a changing station. Other than nappies and clothes including some growbags and blankets (all donated from my sisters) I'm not thinking of anything else until we know what's what. Has anyone else gone with this approach? We'll obviously get a car seat and some kind of travel system but things like bottles and breast pumps etc I'd rather just see if we actually need it - am I deluded?

Hi Rachel, I find sweet stuff gets baby moving pretty quickly.
Banana, chocolate and cake all work a treat for me. But maybe not at the same time. Heartburn alert!
It may be that baby is feeling a bit squashed now they're getting bigger. Movements do become less drastic and more swaying and deliberate as baby has less room to bounce around. As long as they're still regular, I'm sure all is fine.

Give the midwife a ring if you're worried though. They really won't mind.

I had a steriliser and a few bottles but stuck with bf and had cracked it after a couple of weeks. So glad I did, it saved me a fortune!
I used to the odd formula feed when out and about, and used to bump up my supply with expressing. You soon get a feel for it, don't worry about feeling clueless.
I actually had to ask someone if I needed to sterilise my boob before feeding him! (You don't by the way!)

Not deluded lady, just practical!
I'm gathering what's left of DS's stuff that I didn't give away and is neutral coloured then buy girly stuff later.
Lots of people have offered bags of clothes so I think I'll be sorted to begin with.
I just need to wait for buggy delivery, and get a cot as DS is still in his.
I'm not sweating over the rest. I'll be doing that anyway!
I worked from home today so took a shower earlier and actually enjoyed the hot water running out and stood under cold water. Warming up again already. Not looking good for August sweat-fest! I can just feel the swollen foot misery coming on!

meXem Thu 28-Jun-12 17:19:17

Hi all, been catching up on posts as had no internet for a few days!

Was a little worried as I haven''t really changed my diet at all (it's fairly normal I think blush) and haven't been taking any pregnacare tablets and am now wondering... I'm I supposed to?!? all scans have been normal and baby's heartbeat is fine, so is it neccessary?

I haven't had any cravings as of yet, or any pregnancy related oddities but have noticed today that my ankles (or cankles as my freind calls them) are a little bigger than normal today, I'm putting this down to the fact that it's SO hot (currently 30'C in my home!) and hoping they'll be gone tomorrow wishful thinking

Also, filled out my maternity leave form today for my 2nd job (not entitled to maternity pay sad, I miss out by 1.5weeks!!) so only have 8 shifts left. (yay!)

pgreen Thu 28-Jun-12 22:27:08

Can't believe how gorgeous the weather was and how much I struggled with it. I was sweaty flushed and very slow moving - so not nice. Guess I was living up to the hype. It was horrid on the tube and not a single man offered me a seat even though I was wearing my "baby on board" badge - its always women who give me seats. Really interesting seeing all the BF & bottle discussions - I'm ever hopefully it'll be ok just like funchum8am

On the fruit front my favourite at the moment is pineapple juice - ridiculous sweet and addicted.

So excited the cot & travel system due in two weeks... feeling my 30 weeks now and bump increasing visibly.

Rachel130690 Thu 28-Jun-12 22:43:22

All this talk about good weather is getting me down sad I suppose between the thunder, lightening and very heavy rain it is nice and warm but you don't remember that. Lol flooding is a big problem at times here. Must get outside in the sunny bits to remind myself it's not all bad..

Thanks for the advice whereare. But ended up going to docs as I've been a bit unwell recently and he sent me to hosp for a movements test. Mw was pretty useless, read doctors letter put straps in my stomach said have some water and walked out leaving me for 50 mins wondering what the hell am I to do.
Checked my notes after and I've never read as much crap as I did, she barely spoke to me and then wrote how I'd complaint of history of no fm. (don't no where she got that from)
As my dc is quite the wriggler but was reduced past two days. Came out thinking it was a waste of my time and was they from half 6 til nearly 8. won't be rushing back anytime soon

Came home and ate a whole tub if strawberries, was so yummy. Going to buy more tomorrow smile

TinkerMaloo Fri 29-Jun-12 10:00:42

Rachel sometimes midwives leave a lot to be desired, and the terminology they use is very abrupt but you did the right thing to get checked out! I'm glad all seems to be well smile And if you are ever worried again, dont let this experience put you off telling someone and getting checked.

I am so glad it is cooler today! Yesterday walking around was almost unbearable, but for all my complaining I'm glad I was down in Basingstoke rather than up in my native north east, loads of my friends have flooded houses! sad

To all of you eating fruit by the ton... I am so jealous! Anyone know where you can get sugar free fruit these days? lol ;)

Re breastpumps. Did anyone manage to ever get more than a few drops out with one of those things? I breastfed both my two til they were 20 months and fifteen months and did try several times to express, so that someone else could help with feeds/I could leave the house for more than ten mins etc etc.. but all pumps ever did was give me incredibly sore purple nipples and produce enough milk to feed a fieldmouse!

Rusulka Fri 29-Jun-12 11:27:38

I'm a first timer intending to breastfeed, and express every now and then so DH can feed Peanut. Have bought the tommee tippee anti-colic starter kit which comes with 2 bottles, the 3 types of teat, and 2 milk bibs, so everything you need. Don't think we'll need more than that. It's really just a nod towards him being more involved, but he'll be able to give them water if expressing doesn't work out. I got the tommee tippee manual breast pump when it was on offer in Mothercare, and I've just got a lock n lock lunchbox and milton for sterilising. Don't think we'll need an electric or microwave steriliser, just seems like a waste of money.

Only a few more things to get and we're essentially there, at the stage now where I'm looking at what I've got and realising I'm not going to need some of it, which is irritating- ah, the wonders of hindsight!
Apart from that and the squillion loads of washing for all the clothes I bought, things ticking along quite nicely here.

Rachel if you're at all worried, always get it checked out. If it's nothing, at least you've got peace of mind, and if it's something, you'll be glad you went. It's not worth the risk. Not when we're so close!

I too have been eating a lot of fruit, but strawberries are so expensive, I can't bring myself to spend money on them... wish they were only £1, then I'd get loads. Trying to stick to shopping in Aldi, as their fruit is often a fair bit cheaper than the suprmarkets, although the fruit is a lot more likely to have mouldy bits, ick.

Nightmare if it helps, the redcurrants in my garden look pretty ripe, so I'm sure it won't be long!

With regards to breastfeeding I will say I'll try and give it my best shot, but if it doesn't work out in the grand scheme of things I won't be losing any sleep over it. I really beat myself up last time only able to do it for a month and it was horrible the guilt I felt with my body 'betraying' me in a way by not being able to carry him full-term and then eventually unable to feed him myself. This time I'm much more confident that at least the start (colostrum and that) is the best bit for the baby's antibodies. Five years down the line does it really matter to me now how long he was bf? No. I have much more important things to worry about and the parental guilt will always be there for other things smile

Rachel I have noticed movements changing a bit in the last two weeks - more just that I'm not getting the same whole belly shaking and moving but gentler. Think she is just running out of room in there to move as hard, although she is still moving away as much. I find I don't notice the movements half as much anymore. Definately would say to nip to the maternity hospital and not just rely on the mw if you are worried. You are the only one who knows your baby's movements and they won't mind checking you out even if there is nothing wrong.

Yes, yes, yes to the fruit. I am eating loads of it at present so glad to see I'm not the only one.

ladygagoo I'm not buying a load of stuff. I'm hoping to get a bigger place to live soon and have no room here for stuff to be sitting around. I have the basics and there's always the 24 hour tescos five minutes away if need be.

Anyone else having problems with their feet?? Mine are absolutely aching, especially on the arches, after ten minutes of being on them and I have to put my legs up. I swear I'm starting to eye up the granny-type sandals they advertise on the back of newspaper magazines.

MadMonkeys Fri 29-Jun-12 18:32:45

Well, the overwhelming concensus seems to be that this is the trimester of fruit! Apricots, nectarines, bananas and apples today. Nom nom, as DD would say! My bump is really starting to get in the way now, I'm loads bigger than last time.

The natal hypnotherapy CD sent me to sleep again this afternoon, I hope that means it's working.

WinterMymble Fri 29-Jun-12 21:08:27

MadMonkeys i love that Natal Hypnotherapy cd too. Very relaxing.

I am definitely keen to try to bf though so many people warn it is hard that i am quite nervous. But i got the La Leche book which seems v informative, and am determined to try to get help if i struggle. American books advise having the phone number fora "lactation consultant" handy in your phone so that if you are struggling in the days afterwards you can get some quick help, but Britain doesn't seem to have those... I woukd like to track down someone who can give advice in advance though, just in case we need it,so we are no having to wait for the once a week bf clinic help locally.

I am hoping to express a bit too so that DH can be involved. I know it can cause complications in milk supply if done too much too soon so will try to be careful, but gosh, there is so much conflicting advice on that that i will go with what is right for us.

WinterMymble you're a nicer person than me smile I'm going to encourage DH's involvement more down the pooey nappies and playing with baby so I can nap route if we get BF established, sod trying to express as well! grin

Loopyhasanotherbean Sat 30-Jun-12 10:38:09

haha, made me smile, yes, our arrangement here is that if DP is in the house, he is in charge of nappies, i am in charge of feeding. That was the rules for DS1 and it will definitely be the rules for DS2. I found expressing to be a faff, combined with the effort involved in washing and sterilising the pump/bottles and the pump was never as efficient as DS at getting all the milk out, and to make matters worse, on the one night i decided to go out, i expressed milk, and DP stupidly tried to give it to DS cold from the fridge...cue call to me when DS wouldn't take it, then heated it in the microwave and in his wisdom then decided to stir it with an unsterilised spoon...so that was my night over as i had to come back and feed him myself and the contaminated expressed milk had to be thrown away. But then DS was a fussy baby, had and still has reflux and for ages would only sleep in the day if on me, so i was rather limited as to what i could achieve between him feeding and sleeping...hoping this bean is not cursed with the same problems, as it would be bliss to have a non-puking baby who is happy to sleep horizontal!

WinterMymble Sat 30-Jun-12 17:45:02

Grin.... DH has declared solemnly that he is going to be 'a nappy changing ninja', which bodes well I think... He is also getting bath time as responsibility. Might mean i don't need to express as well .... I do want him to be involved as uch as possible.

I think he will be much better than me actually at the physical carrying and caring because he is much more dextrous. I am clumsy and drop things... shiver!

Loopyhasanotherbean Sat 30-Jun-12 17:52:56

breastfeeding has many advantages...included being waited on at weekends, watching lots of tv/dvds and having meals cooked for you and drinks made ;) men can bond in many other ways, in my opinion wintermymble smile

WinterMymble Sat 30-Jun-12 18:23:00

Ooh* Loopy* i like those advantages! Some consolation snce i keep hearing horror stories about the Bleakness of Maternity Leave if you are doing it all without local family.

Has anybody else been going to NCT? i went along today.

Mikyahrose Sat 30-Jun-12 19:14:10

I'm with you winter on the BF. I like the idea of DP being able to get involved with feeding too.

But, i am very much liking the sound of all the other advantages of me being the sole feeder. smile

I really want to get into NCT, but not sure how to find out about it. i've looked online, but cant seem to find anything near me. Would be great if i can as i've moved to cornwall recently and not made any friends yet. So am hoping Baby will get me out and about more.

WinterMymble Sat 30-Jun-12 19:56:51

That is my hope for NCT too, Mikya - to help get in touch with more people in a baby context in the hopes of having some meaingful contacts to occassionally hook up with and catch up with afterwards too. I hope it has that consequence... A bit early to tell yet!

Does Cornwall NCT maybe also produce a book? Edinburgh NCT have this rather fabulous Edinburgh for the under 5s book that is full of ways for mums/dads/carers to hook up with other people and escape the house.(http://www.edinburghforunderfives.co.uk/. )

It was quite reassuring, so i wonder if maybe Cornwall or other NCT groups publish something similar?

Smallgreenone Sat 30-Jun-12 20:03:55

I'm doing NCT too a friend recommended it as she met lots of lovely mums at hers and we don't know that many people here so am hop. I've not been to one yet though think the first class is August. As the doctors have said I might deliver early I'm hoping I get all the classes in!!!
Have a good weekend everyone xx

grin at the 'nappy ninja' Winter although I wouldn't totally pass on bath time. I loved doing baths with ds as he was a real water baby.

Mikyah < whispers > try netmums to search for antenatal classes, local events and groups with baby

Morning all, glad to hear everyone is well.

I had a bit of a drama yesterday but thankfully all is well. However my top 3 lessons learned were - 1) always carry your notes (I thought it was still a bit early) 2) stay hydrated (I've been terrible about this as I found needing to wee all the time such a faff and 3) make sure you've got the phone number for the labour ward in your phone!

So I was away at a sales conference overnight on Friday and woke up in the early hours of yesterday morning to be ill. This continued throughout the night and I thought I had food poisoning or some kind of gastro-bug. Luckily my manager lives near me in Brighton so he offered to drive me back so I didn't have to take a coach to central London then a train. Sitting in slow moving traffic on the M4, in his lovely red-leather upholstered Audi, again I am violently sick (in my handbag! iphone doesn't work now and all sorts ruined) and I notice that not only am I getting waves of pain in my stomach but also that I am sitting in a substantial puddle of water! I was convinced it wasn't wee as it was a lot of fluid and my D&V had been so bad, I hadn't been keeping anything down so was sure my waters had gone.

We reached Brighton 2 hours later, got DH home from work, located my notes and packed a bag trying to keep calm that waters might have gone at 27 weeks (and yes I've been watching Janine's story in EE!) Finally made it and they are wonderful - I was hooked up to a monitor for over an hour and baby was fine but heartrate a bit at the higher end of normal. And apparently yes, vioent D&V can trigger prem labour but I wasn't contracting. A urine test showed I had too many ketones which is bad for baby and a result of severe dehydtration so I was hooked up to an IV for 8 hours! After a speculum test, doc said my waters hadn't gone so as hard as I find it to believe, it must have been wee (even though the amount was so much and it didn't smell like wee).

Got home last night feeling very sore from all the vomiting but very relieved as of course we were scared if it had been waters. I now have to drink LOTS, pay attention to baby's movements and be sure that no fluid is trickling out. So a little shaken up here, but ultimately v glad that all is ok.

Smallgreenone Sun 01-Jul-12 08:48:27

make tea not war hope you're ok now- sounds dreadful. My waters went at 25 weeks and am now 29 so if it does happen don't panic too much baby makes its own fluid every 4 hours and it doesn't mean you'll go into labour. Drinking lots is v important though my dr told me that too. Sending you a hug x

moogs1000 Sun 01-Jul-12 09:06:47

maketeanotwar hope u r ok, thanks for sharing though, makes us more aware of what can happen. I know I happily bury my head in sand and don't think about what could happen so helps to know, thanks. I'm just off to drink some water and dig notes out of a pile of papers on side!

sclayton Sun 01-Jul-12 10:12:06

I had ketones in urine somewhere around 14 weeks. Few hours of IV fluids revived me from dehydration. Reminded of that episode, I am off to drink some water.
Just wondering... what are notes for? ( Hope it is not something obvious )

sclayton Sun 01-Jul-12 10:13:15

Some of the baby movements are in my lower abdomen. I don't recall this happening with my first. Anyone knows when this happens?

WinterMymble Sun 01-Jul-12 11:50:05

MakeTea yikes, that sounds like it must have been very alarming. I am glad it turned out okay. Good to remind us all to keep swigging water... I keep forgetting.... Poor wombat needs stuff to swim in!

Can anyone think o f a reason why i would be feeling really strong movements in my ar right side? Not front at all, like my right hand waist. Wombat was all good and cephalic upside down at 28 weeks but i have a hunch may have gone sideways sincem hmm. They say they can move a lot for the next few weeks so not a deal breaker for natural birth, but i have an anterior placenta and apparently that means it is more likely for baby to be back-to-back instead if the optimal facing-mother's-spine direction,

WinterMymble Sun 01-Jul-12 11:51:54

Sclayton I am not sure, but i would think it is a good sign and could show moving downwards in that "lightening" stage, and getting head down in good time perhaps. I know i have felt some really deep movement right down in my lowest pelvic area so they seem to get around a lot!

Oh my goodness MakeTea that must have been really frightening for you. Glad you are ok.

Would it be arms moving Winter ?? I keep having movements at the right and left at the same time and have been trying to figure out what way baby is lying because of it but I haven't a clue.

Sclayton your maternity notes?? Suppose to let the hospital know all about your pregnancy, any problems you or the baby have and things like blood group.

sclayton Sun 01-Jul-12 13:34:13

Thank you ballroomblitz, now I know what was meant by notes.
With my first DD, my tummy had grown all round, but with my second, now, my belly is protruding out forward. Now it seems like there is no space for the baby when I sleep on my side. It is so difficult to fall asleep. Fortunately, once I am asleep I wake up only in the morning. ( except for one visit to the loo in the night )
Also, my tummy is so much protruding that people are asking if I am full term. I have also started walking very slowly. Feel so heavy.

Sep4 is the EDD. I am worried how big the tummy will grow in 2 more months.

So many confusing thoughts!

WeeNurse27 Sun 01-Jul-12 17:39:28

Hi all,

I wasn't due until 23rd sept, but my baby boy decided to make a very very quick appearance at 8am this morning!!
He's doing well in nicu, ventilated for now but looking comfortable! Myself and dad still shellshocked, had come in yest to get checked as had some bleeding. They decided to keep me overnight for observation! And thank goodness he did, my contractions started getting stronger (although I dot think staff believed me angry ) and waters went at 0500!!

He arrived very quickly after 4 pushes at 0800 on the dot!

I'm a very proud mummy and daddy is too! Can't believe he is actually here! I know we've got lots of ups and downs along the way but feeling very positive for now smile

Hope ur all keeping well and bumps are staying put wink


WinterMymble Sun 01-Jul-12 18:45:30

Oh my goodness WeeNurse that is amazing news.... Congratulations on your little one! Have you been able to cuddle him yet?

I am so glad they kept you in for obs.!

funchum8am Sun 01-Jul-12 18:51:03

Oh my god weenurse our first September bus arrival! Congratulations and well done! I hope you and baby are safe and well, it must have been a huge shock!

ladygagoo Sun 01-Jul-12 19:36:09

Wow weenurse congratulations on your little boy! and fingers crossed he is doing ok in nicu. It must be so crazy to get your head around. So pleased you were in the right place xx

Rachel130690 Sun 01-Jul-12 20:22:21

Congrats weenurse, hope he's doing well smile wow what a shock.. At least you were in the hosp. Have you decided on a name yet?

That's the third person I no that's went early. My friend went 5 weeks early and had a wee girl two days ago. So I'm now trying to get everything ready just incase (knowing my luck I'll prob be last to go on this thread) lol but want to try and have majority of stuff before I move house next month, don't want to be stressing about both..

Am pleased to say that my baby is back to his wriggly self these past few days, and hoping he has no notion of coming out yet. Lol

Another thing I must say is im completely addicted to eBay atm, have at least 20 things watching and just bought loads of stuff. Oh doesn't no yet, but I couldn't pass up a sleep suit at 99p and maternity jeans for a few pounds. Think I need some good weather to get me out of my spending spree


Blimey WeeNurse what a suprise for you both. I'm glad everything went well, considering the circumstances.
It must have been very scary for you, I hope you're dealing with the shock ok.
I wish you all the best for the next weeks and hope your little boy strengthens up nicely.

Today I began packing my hospital bag. I got it out the wardrobe and put some disposable knickers and a couple of nighties in (that I wore in hospital last time!)
I'm going to build a stash of cereal bars and starburst to keep the hunger off between meal times.
I have big pack of earplugs somewhere and an eyemask, which were lifesavers when stuck in bed with a snorer next to me! Although I'm under the impression my hospital has individual rooms this time.
I do love making lists so will relish in the bag preparation. Just need to get some new vests and stuff for her first outfits.
Also, I need to re-register for the baby clubs to get some freebie nappies etc. I've not had any yet, not even a bounty pack!

Congrats on your early arrival weenurse, lord I hope this one stays put for a while longer...don't think I could cope right now.

Have terrible indigestion, back ache, we moved house last week & we're nowhere near settled yet & to be honest I feel very close to tears a lot sad Trying to stay positive but sometimes just end up thinking what am I doing?

Good to hear baby is active again Rachel it's surprising how such a little person can freak us out so much!
My other half is getting quite worried that history will repeat itself and I'll hemorrhage again.
I think he might still be traumatised by it (I am slightly and I didn't have to look at me!) I think he might stay at home with our son and I'll take my Mum/Nan/Auntie instead.
The delivery room isn't always the best place for your chap!

Turquoisecat Sun 01-Jul-12 20:58:26

Congratulations weenurse!! Fantastic that you're both doing so well - must have been such a shock though!!
Mustn't let dh see this, or his little head might explode with panic!! grin

leelteloo Sun 01-Jul-12 21:04:46

Congratulations on the first arrival. I so wasn't expecting to read that news today; but it's wonderful. grin
Had a good weekend here; pregnancy hormones working good magic, rather than making me the usual teary mess. Bump is enormous and he definitely moves much more than dd did; he seems to kick me all over the place all at once, me thinks star jumps?

Congratulations weenurse what a surprise! So glad to hear that you are all doing well

flipflopper Sun 01-Jul-12 22:05:19

Oh wow! Congratulations weenurse! What a shock/ surprise for you! What did he weigh? And has he got a name yet?
Glad to hear youre doing well.

WeeNurse27 Sun 01-Jul-12 22:45:38

Thanks so much everyone. Bit of a mixed bag of feelings the now! Absolutely ecstatic at the arrival of my wee soldier, but not even had a touch yet never mind a cuddle sad but I know it's for the best with his gestation! And all this should help stabilise him sooner and sooner te cuddles come smile
He is called Finn and he weighs 2lbs 6oz. Titchybut they are pleased with his weight for his age! He looks good too, very active and is already off his ventilator! He's been moved onto cpap and coping really well, that cheered me up tonight :-) xxxxxxxxx

Loup23 Sun 01-Jul-12 23:06:54

Aw weenurse congratulations on the birth of baby Finn, wishing him lots of strength in the coming weeks grin DH now in blind panic about early arrival!

I have also started packing a hospital bag and cleaned the house top to bottom this weekend - hope that isn't nesting kicking in early blush

Have also been in our charity shops and amazed at some bargains I picked up, John Lewis dungarees for 2.99 and a brand new (label still attached) gap furry sleep suit for a fiver! What a bargain!

Hope everyone is well - 61 days until EDD for me, where are the days going? X

Smallgreenone Mon 02-Jul-12 07:19:33

Congratulations weenurse good to hear your early arrival is doing so well. I hope your stay in nicu isn't too long and you'll be allowed home soon. X

TinkerMaloo Mon 02-Jul-12 07:43:30

huge congratulations weenurse!
hes a strong little thing by the sounds of it smile
hope yopu start to get those cuddles very very soon Xx

moogs1000 Mon 02-Jul-12 08:03:47

Congratulations weenurse . I love his name. Hope u r ok. X

gingertessa Mon 02-Jul-12 08:19:44

Congratulations weenurse - so glad to hear that your new arrival is doing so well xxx

I had a chat with my sister in law's sister who had a little girl 7 weeks ago. Not to scare anyone but her delivery was pretty complicated (induction then fetal distress leading to an emergency c section) which started with her waters breaking two weeks early. She said it was just a trickle every now and then, describing it as her 'hindwaters', and the midwives were unconcerned. But after about two weeks of this she experienced reduced fetal movements and monitoring revealed both hers and the baby's heart rate were fast. Because of this she was whisked off to hospital for induction, and afterwards her and the baby had to have antibiotics. Most importantly both her and the baby are absolutely fine now. I just wanted to share the story as I think waters breaking early is not that rare by the sounds of it, and it's important to get it checked out

cakeladyc Mon 02-Jul-12 08:48:31

Omg congrats weenurse!!

I'm currently waiting for the nurse at my surgery to ring me.
TMIAlert I passed a very painful stool yesterday and now the pain is so bad I can hardly walk! Currently sitting in a bag of peas, but really need to get into work as my maternity cover starts today. Receptionist said she would call within a couple of hours but could really do with her calling right now!
Keep up with the fibre ladies!!

Wow, WeeNurse, congratulations! You sound lovely & calm about the whole thing smile

Loup23 Mon 02-Jul-12 11:52:03

ow cakelady hope all is ok - i've really been suffering with the lack of movement! Dosing up on Fybogel...... Hope you get sorted - maternity leave starting today? Yay!

I had my 31 week check up today with GP who said I was measuring about 1cm small so she wanted me to be checked again in 2 weeks.... Didn't think 1cm small would be much to worry about...? Annoyingly the hospital have not sent through the GTT or 28 week blood tests so appointment was a bit of a waste of time angry Should I call the hospital and ask for the results?

Wow big congratulations weenurse . Love the name and Finn sounds like he's doing brilliantly off the ventilator already. Did you have a chance to have the steroid injections before he arrived? Aww I know it's tough not getting a cuddle but as you say it's for the best (and when you do the first time you're terrified cos they're so small) . Just keep looking at all the wee accomplishments as a step in the right direction and try not to run yourself too ragged. It's very easy to forget you need to sleep and rest too.
If it helps my 2lb 12 baby is at present near 5yr old and tormenting my head singing Sponge Bob and stuffing his face with food smile . My friend recently had her wee one at 29 weeks, 2lb10 and she spent 49 days in hospital before getting her home. Prem babies come out such fighters. Wishing lots of strength for you, Finn and your family in the time ahead xx

On the subject of hormones. I haven't gone tearful but wanting to be left alone. Dp is just irritating me with everything he does and says. He's just too much over the top of me and I don't handle feeling suffocated like that very well. Had a huge argument the other night which resulted in me storming out over baby names. His suggestions included his ex-fiance's name hmm and his sis-in-law's name and he couldn't see why that isn't exactly appropriate.

Ooch cakelady hope you got sorted today.

loup I think they only worry and send you for a scan once you measure 2cm too small. Probably just keeping an eye on it. I measured 1cm small a while ago and they never bothered about it either. They knew I had later growth scans anyway - and they are fine so far. Yes I would ring the hospital. I'm surprised the GP didn't ring to check for you.

TinkerMaloo Mon 02-Jul-12 12:09:11


Im not sure about the bloods but you should have heard within 2 days if your GTT was abnormal.

I got a call re low iron levels from my surgery 3 or 4 days after the 28 week bloods were taken, so I would imagine that yours are fine, or you would have heard by now. But there is always no harm in checking!

cakelady poo is getting harder and harder to come by for me too , especially since the start of the damned iron tablets :/ I hope the pain eases soon for you

pgreen Mon 02-Jul-12 12:33:32

oh my lordy MakeTeaNotWar how horrid and scary.... cant even imagine. (also didn't know you were Brighton - me too). When do you go back to see the specialist? I'd be surprised if it was wee - cause you just know dont you?

then another oh lordy to WeeNurse27 wow. Congratulations. Shocked probably can't describe it. Glad to hear your both doing ok, his weight seems good to me... but what do I know? Make sure to update us. Have they given you any reason for the early arrival? I hope you've been able to have a cuddle with Finn yet?

on a completely different note - I've been a bit emotional and its quite unexpected. I don't think my restless nights are helping at all

Loup23 Mon 02-Jul-12 13:21:34

Thanks for the advice ladies, phoned the hospital who found the results and 'all fine' which is great - not sure why I feel so bloody knackered then (maybe because I dementedly blitzed the whole house over the weekend....!)

Sorry to hear of raging hormones and emotions... I have also been a bit emotional but hoping DH isn't bearing the brunt!

Hope Finn is doing well today weenurse, lovely promising stories from ballroom amazing how strong these little ones are.

Macaroons Mon 02-Jul-12 14:07:03

Congrats weenurse with the new arrival! Hope he will grow bigger and stronger soon and you will soon be able to cuddle him.

I think you've reminded a lot of us that we need to get more prepared by sorting out stuff for the new arrival, and also the hospital bag!

Littlecherublegs Mon 02-Jul-12 14:10:22

Hello all!

I havent been on here for AGES though was one of the originals when these threads first started so thought I'd try to catch up on all the news reading through the thread (and theres lots of it!!)

The latest from me then:
-EDD 11th Sept though going off my dates, I've always thought (and still do think) its more likely to be around 17th Sept.

- Have put on nearly 2 stones already!! Is this normal / average?
Have been eating sooooo much all the way through my pregnancy so far!!

- Feeling VERY tired! Had over 10 hours sleep last night though only woke up as the phone rang and could have easily slept longer!! Again, normal?

- Winding down at work now as I start Maternity Leave in 4 weeks, whoop! Really cant be bothered with work now, though imagine that isnt just me??!!

- Been feeling a bit teary and down though for no obvious reason. Am very excited about the babys arrival just get a bit overwhelmed sometimes - as DH keeps saying (often to my annoyance!) "that'll be the pregnancy hormones" - thats his response to practically everything!! He is being lovely though and I get cups of tea on demand!! smile

- The baby names discussions have started and so far so good - we seem to have similar tastes which makes things easier!! Anyone decided on names yet?

Well thats all from me for now - everything is going well and I'll now try to follow this thread a bit more often now!! smile

Hope all is well with everyone!

TinkerMaloo Mon 02-Jul-12 14:28:02


We have had names picked since about month 2! I already have a door sign with "Arthur's Room" on it... (poor little Violet - the possible girl baby- was not to be!)

sclayton Mon 02-Jul-12 14:56:01

Congratulations weenurse! Really happy that everything went off well for you.

Past two days, I have been thinking that I will have it early. From the size of my tummy, everyone is asking me if I am expecting the baby any minute now.
Fingers crossed. Have to start packing the hospital bag.

cakeladyc Mon 02-Jul-12 15:21:45

Well I finally got seen 2 hours after my appt time, so was not impressed at all! But she's given me some cream and a huge bottle of Lactulose, so hopefully the pain will go very soon. I have to make it into work tomorrow, I have an all day meeting which is now going to be very uncomfortable!

Rachel130690 Mon 02-Jul-12 15:29:22

Well I have actually organised my hospital bag, was very unsure of what I actually needed to pack so I bought a prepared one off eBay and I'm just waiting for it to arrive smile lazy way out, tho I do have to buy a few things but I was stressing out too much about it so I took lazy way out :P

I am slightly obsessed about my weight not that I've put much on, was 9 and a half stone last time I weighted myself and I've just found in my notes what weight I was on my booking appointment so now want to compare. Lol

Have been feeling very tired recently could sleep all day, tho as I'm not working anymore I try to keep myself busy during day..

Okay off to stock up on my fruits now, shall check in later. X

Smallgreenone Mon 02-Jul-12 17:07:14

I'm on lactulose too cake lady- has made a difference but takes a few days to kick in.
I'm exhausted too lately. Working from home and trying to resist sneaking upstairs for a nap! Scan tomorrow to check on my fluid level and see how little one is getting on in there, can't wait to have another sneaky look at him/her. X

leelteloo Mon 02-Jul-12 18:07:43

So so so tired today: is it just this shocking weather?

Loup23 Mon 02-Jul-12 18:46:45

Another one absolutely shattered..... No idea why but could happily fall asleep now wink

WinterMymble Mon 02-Jul-12 19:18:14

leelteloo and loup i feel totally weary too, despite not even doing much! Luckily based at home today so non ravelling, but still nowhere near as productive as i feel i shiuldbbe.

rachel, sclayton and macaroons oh lord the hospital bag! It seems quite vast. Am tempted to copy your strategy Rachel and get a pre-made one! A friend toldnme the only thing she really needed for her three births were: flip flops, a sports drink bottle, and soft loo roll. I wonder if i can get away with that much? ;)

Littlecherub not much name progress here smile though i do think we have the surname sorted out. Though my in laws seemed determined to pretend i took their son's surname, so I suspect they will be equally obstinate about using this one smile

pgreen Tue 03-Jul-12 10:15:16

So relieved to see everyone is knackered. Really struggling so far this week. Don't think the dreary weather is helping sad

Also having the worst worst leg cramps

shellybop Tue 03-Jul-12 10:42:59

wow.... not been online for a little while and just catching up on all the news.

Massive Congratulation WeeNurse- he sounds like a trouper and the fact that he is already off ventilation can only be a good thing right? I'm sure you will get that amazing first cuddle really soon. Your story has scared me into thinking i should sort out a maternity bag though! Rachel i'm tempted to do the same as you and just buy one as i really don't know where to start.

Winter- I started NCT a few weeks ago as the next 'session' for my local area would have been too late (only starts in Sept) and it's been really good, especially for meeting a lovely group of people in the area in the same situation as us (ie clueless about what to expect!!). I have to say that the course i'm on didn't even come up on the NCT website, so if anyone is struggling to find a local course it might be worth dropping them an email or phoning.

On that note, Mikyarose I'm in cornwall too and, like you, we only moved here recently and don't really know anyone around. Where are you based? I'm near Charlestown (st austell bay).....

Maketea- that sounds like a really scary episode. Glad all is ok. I was scared enough the other day with just some really severe painful braxton hicks so i can't imagine what you must have been going through. I should really start carrying my notes about too, as i work an hour away from home and if anything was to happen i might not be able to get home to get them.

Had my GTT last week and was really worried that i would get a positive as i've been really thirsty for the last few weeks, but was relieved when the midwife rang to say all was ok. Need to have a repeat blood test though for the 28 week antibody screen as she labelled the bottle wrong and it got rejected by the hospital. Grrr.

My slight scare (apart from the braxton hicks) was that when i went for my antenatal last week the mw wasn't sure if the baby's heartbeat was 'normal' or not. Sounded a bit odd and she didn't know if it was ectopic beats or just baby hiccups. Listened again after an hour and she said it sounded ok, but has asked us to come in again today for another listen. Fingers crossed all is ok. He has been moving lots so i'm slightly reassured but still anxious. Like you Rachel my movements have changed in nature too, but i feel sure he is a big baby (given the MASSIVE size of me- also looking like a full termer sclayton) and so has less room to jump about. Getting the odd hard thwack though!

Right, i better go do some work......

littlecherub . Weight wise I've put on 2 and a half stone (and a little bit more). Seems to have evened out the last month or two. Bit annoyed I've gone up a dress size in maternity meaning I had to go out today and buy more trousers. Names - nope we have nothing as yet. We both like a couple of names but they are really popular and I'd like something a bit more unusual.

Shattered too but I'm up 6-8 times a night going to the toilet so not surprised.

I didn't even know you could buy a pre-made hospital bag Rachel . I have the bits and pieces for my hospital bag, just need to get it together. All I would need would be maybe one more pair of pjs, one more nursing bra and breast pads.

Hope your mw appointment went ok today shelly

Rachel130690 Tue 03-Jul-12 22:31:28

Okay so from my booking in scan at 9 weeks I've put on 7lb.. Mw can't get over how small I am. Tho it is my first and she said I have excellent tummy muscles smile but I reckon it'll happen over night for me. I'll wake up soon and just have this massive bump.. Tho she did shout at me for wearing my jeans because they not maternity jeans.. (was trying to save a bit of money)

ballroom I can't believe your up so much at night, I don't get up once but think its cause I'm too lazy to get up at night time so just try to fall asleep again so I don't have to get out of bed. smile

Yes I came across it on eBay not sure how, I'm still waiting for it to arrive, but I went for the slightly cheaper one so it does mean I have to buy a few extra things. Has anyone any opinions on disposable underwear? Is it a must have or a waste of my time?? Trying to get that organised ASAP,

shelly I'll let you no what my bags like when I get it, see if it's a good buy. smile And hope your Mw appointment went okay..

I only put on a stone and a half in my first pregnancy Rachel . Had really good stomach muscles myself pre-ds envy and I didn't get a single stretchmark so you could strike it lucky. Unfortunately I know I'll not get away with it so easily this time.

Yes it can be tiresome getting up so much to pee. My bladder seems to be shot after having a lot of recurrent UTIs/kidney infections in my 20s so I feel like I can't hold it in as much. Easier to get up cos there's no way I can go back to sleep if I feel like I need to.

I wouldn't bother with disposable underwear, they feel nasty. Buy a mutipack of cheap cotton 'kidney and tummy warmer' pants in a big size. Good especially if you end up with a cs as they cover where the stitches are and don't dig in.

Rachel - 29 wks tomorrow & I've still only gained 3 lbs, so at 8st 11.5lb I'm still way under my pre preg weight of 9 st 5. I'm still in mostly non maternity clothes too but the hcp don't seem bothered by the weight thing so I'm trying not to worry either.

Argh yes to waking up for night wees - last night I managed to trip over my own feet on the way to the bathroom and have pulled something in my bum - ouch.

Rachel130690 Wed 04-Jul-12 12:15:15

nightmare is this your first? I got shouted at yesterday at Mw appointment as I was still wearing my normal jeans, says I'm not allowed to wear them any more because it could create a band inside and you don't no where I'd sitting on your baby. Heart broken as i was so happy lol so am awaiting for my newish maternity trousers to arrive. I just hope they fit lol

She not concerned about my weight or that my bump measuring small because I'm so small there not expecting a big baby (thank god)

Oh nightmare hope your okay, and not in any pain..

Just seen an advert for tesco baby event so might go have a look and see if there's anything worth while smile


TinkerMaloo Wed 04-Jul-12 13:37:34

I cant believe how lucky you lot are still in normal clothes!

I kissed goodbye to my normal jeans at about 6 weeks in and I am now the size of a rather large semi detached house. Gained 2 stones so far and counting... though hopefully not too much more thanks to thie starvation diet I am now on for my GD sad

shellybop Wed 04-Jul-12 14:17:08

well we had a good listen to baby's heartbeat last night and am very relieved that it was all ok and the midwife is happy that no more action needs taking. Phew. After she told us that she carried on having a listen and we relaxed and actually it was really nice as it was the first time my hubby has been there to hear the heartbeat smile

also had a quick look around the midwife led unit and was pleasantly surprised at how lovely it is. Making me reconsider wanting to go to the local hospital to give birth.

There would be no hope of me even trying to get into my normal clothes - been in maternity clothes since about 12 weeks. Haven't really put on much weight (~7 pounds) but the size of the bump mean that i really can't fit into much.

Loopyhasanotherbean Wed 04-Jul-12 14:17:54

another here who is most definitely not in normal jeans....i started well and didn't put on any weight for ages, but the last month it all went wrong! i have now put on 19lb, so 1st 5lb. However as my BMI was just above the magic 30, i should in theory only put on 20lb during the entire pregnancy, so unless bean is born fairly soon, i will exceed that and then some!! but i haven't put on as much as i did with DS, and if i can try and rein in things a bit (as in not eating so much chocolate and home baking!) then maybe i won't go too far over the 20lb mark....

Rachel yes, it's my first! because I've lost weight through morning sickness my clothes are all rather loose anyway so still comfy although I have ordered a couple of bits.

I hurt to sit down - hurt to walk around - so I bought a big fat doughnut at lunch to feel better. It's good for the baby I'm sure smile

cakeladyc Wed 04-Jul-12 15:05:55

Glad everybody is doing fine - weenurse how is your little man?

I'm hot and very, very uncomfortable with the piles sad I'm just hoping they clear up soon, i dont like walking like John Wayne!
Weight wise, i think i've only put on around half a stone, but i was out of normal clothes by 12 weeks, and all those lovely people keep asking me if theres only one in there... I dont actually think i look that big!
I've noticed a change in movement too in the last week or so. Where as she was quite active for most of the morning, she now seems really quiet in the morning until about 11, then shes quiet until about 2 and she wriggles about a bit and quiet until about 10pm when she goes mad for a bit.

We've decided on a first and middle name but are going to keep it a secret from everyone until she is born, just in case she doesnt look like the name we've picked!

Does anyone know where i can get dark pj bottoms? I need them and some dark joggers and then i can start packing my maternity bag. smile

Also, for info, i've just had an email from Mothercare - Huge Summer Savings apparently!

Smallgreenone Wed 04-Jul-12 16:24:43

I am so jealous of the ladies who have hardly put on any weight- I've put on 2 stone and counting! I'm huge! It's all boobs and tummy, my arms and legs are still as they were so hoping it'll all come off fairly easily. I've just baked a lemon drizzle cake perhaps I shouldn't have any after all. It can go to DH's office and I'll just have a teeny tiny slice sad

TinkerMaloo Wed 04-Jul-12 17:01:25

smallgreenone it would be rude to bake it and then not eat it! I would go for a large slice if I were you!...

In my past 2 pregnancies I have lost a stone by just giving birth, and the rest of it goes away pretty quickly smile

ladygagoo Wed 04-Jul-12 17:32:06

I concur with tinker - if you bake a cake it is your duty to eat it - sod taking it to DH's office!

I think we need to concentrate on healthy babies and not worry too much about weight gain - its a small price to pay for a lovely newborn grin

on that note - I'm off to bake some flapjacks to take to my NCT class - the last lot went down very well wink (not that I am trying to buy new friends or anything)

missmapp Wed 04-Jul-12 19:17:46

Just wanted to call in and say Congratulations to all, my sept baby is starting school this Sept, so this thread takes me back!!
I must admit Im glad he was a sept baby and not an August babe as I have really enjoyed my 'extra' year with him.

Good Luck!!

sarahjane77 Wed 04-Jul-12 19:41:37


I would like to start my NCT classes. I live in E11 Wanstead. This is my 2nd child but would like to meet some new mums as I am new in the area.

Anyone recommend a class or know of any right now?

Thanks for any info, much appreciated.

Smallgreenone Wed 04-Jul-12 19:51:59

Well I've eaten some of the cake and it was delicious!! I'm keeping half and DH is taking the other half to work tomorrow- a compromise as its too good to only have 1 slice! Flapjacks sound good ladygagoo perhaps I might make some of those next week, this new baking habit could get dangerous!
sarahjane I found my local nct branch on their website, you input your postcode and it gives you what's on in your area. Hope that helps.

twizzlestix Wed 04-Jul-12 20:59:38

Hi all
Been a lurker recently mainly down to being completely exhausted by work. I'm counting down the days now. 3 weeks left for me smile will read this thread from the start to catch up with all the news!

Loup23 Wed 04-Jul-12 21:32:03

evening all, am amazed by stories of only putting on a few pounds! I've put on about 25lbs I think and people say I'm not too huge (although perhaps just being kind, I feel huge)! I thought 25-35lbs was 'normal' for a pregnancy confused

So long as we all have healthy babies...... must stay away from sweet cupboard tonight

Loup23 Wed 04-Jul-12 21:33:16

oh is anyone thinking of using reusable nappies? would love to but confused about whether I need boosters, sizing etc - it should be easy!

twizzlestix Wed 04-Jul-12 22:05:58

Wow! Belated congratulations weenurse I hope Finn is continuing to grow beautifully and that if you haven't had any cuddles yet, you get some soon xxx

I'm 31+3 EDD 1st Sept. and I've gained 6lbs since 12wks (I lost a stone I first 3 months due to feeling yuck!) so am still 8lbs less than I started. However, I'm not a skinny Minnie and my midwife seems pretty pleased by this despite my DH's concerns! My bump (although v. round) measures a little smaller but our little girl is bang on average in terms of growth.

Considering the above am getting really peed off with the 'Are you sure it's only one?' comments and with my bloody mother calling me 'fattie' and 'fatso' every time I see her! angry

cakeladyc Wed 04-Jul-12 22:06:43

Ooh me Loup!! We've bought ours already, we've decided on Close Parent Pop-In nappies, new generation ones. They look great and we're totally convinced by them, so hopefully we'll get on with them!

Glad your appointment went well shelly

Loup I didn't get pjs bottoms but these yoga pants in black that were in the sale in DP - with a cheeky extra 15% off with my student card that I won't be able to use in another month. I would normally take an 8/10 in their bottoms but the branch's smallest size was 12. Though it would allow a bit of room to expand and the roll up band with no waistband would be perfect since I'm asking for a cs.

I'm weirdly revelling putting on so much weight. I'm the heaviest now I've been in my life and I'm losing the bonyness I hate around my chest.

Had a look at the Tesco baby event this morning and have to say I wasn't impressed. Our branch was mainly nappies and wipes. My mum has been stocking up on the nappies already and I don't like to use baby wipes for the first while (though suppose they wouldn't go to waste for later on).

I am, however, pretty much sorted now after a bit more shopping today. Only thing I'm dithering about is buying bottles. I plan to bf but have any of you bought any as a back-up or for anything else?? I don't really see the point but dp has me questioning myself as he keeps saying why don't we just get a couple anyway?

WinterMymble Thu 05-Jul-12 05:40:10

ballroom like you we plan to breastfeed, but we have got some bottles in case of iccassional expressing (or emergency formula switch, but hope not). I researched them massively and in the end went with the MAM anti-colic bottles because of the really positive reviews all over the place, and also friends, but apparently it is quite an individual thing and a baby might randomly prefer a different brand of bottle in the end. Still, the MAM ones felt right to us... We just gi a basic starter pack with different sizes, from Argos... Was £10 off so cheaper than anywhere else.

Weight gain... Well, i am week 32 today, and i have altogether gained 1.5 stone since the start according to the scales... But that is deceptive because it is all mostly on my thighs!! I had to go into maternity jeans at week 8, and have gone from size twelve to size 16 for thighs. Apart from my thighs I still look weirdly thin except for bump and I still have a waist, which freaks me out!

I ws heartbroken eysterday for a sad reason and i thought i might ask you all for your thoughts about it. 4 july is my mother's bday. She died a couple years ago. So did my dad. And in fact I do n't have any family now except my husband really... My sister lives in Africa and is very busy and won't have time to visit or anything, and... It just struck me that our lovely little wombat will not have my mum as grandmother. This totally broke my heart. I want little wombat to have all the love in the world and lovely people to care for and aporeciate her. And my mum would have LOVED this ... She always wanted me to have a baby.

Our little wombat won't know she lacks family until she gets older, of course, but it just breaks my heart to think she will be missing out on the devotion and playfulness that my mum would have brought. I am choking up just typing it. Anyway. There isn't anything i can do about bringing mum back. But it is very heartbreaking at the moment.

I am going to go away now and try to stop crying pathetically!

sarahjane77 Thu 05-Jul-12 07:26:25

thanks smallgreenone I am now all set up.

Loup23 Thu 05-Jul-12 07:53:41

winter sending u a massive hug, such a hard time for you sad your lovely little girl will have lots of love from you and DH, talk about your parents too her as she grows up and I'm sure she'll appreciate how much they would have loved to meet her xx

leelteloo Thu 05-Jul-12 08:51:56

Hi winter, I can't imagine how hard it must be for you right now. My dh's mum died the month we got preg with dd and she's been so missed: but one comfort is that dd looks like dh's mum and we feel she's with us through her, if that makes sense.
Sending you lots of hugs

ladygagoo Thu 05-Jul-12 09:24:17

winter my dad died almost 4 years ago and I still can't quite get my head around that he will never meet our bump (or be there when I get married sad ). However we are going to use my dad's name as the middle name (can be made masc or feminine with a vowel change) for the baby so there is at least one part of him involved.

It's hard because at this stage we're far more emotional than before but maybe this is something you could consider for your wombat so that your parents will always have a connection with her. xx

Brizzmus Thu 05-Jul-12 11:15:35

Hello everyone, I have wandered over from another thread - I hope it's ok joining a September thread so late! I saw the discussion on grandparents. I too lost my dad a few years ago and feel constantly sad that he won't meet the grandchild he dreamed of. But we too are giving bump his name as a middle name, and I will certainly take enormous pride in telling bump about all the wonderful achievements he managed during his lifetime - not at all a substitute for having him around, but a way of making sure he endures.

As for the weight gain thing, I am convinced that almost everything is going onto my boobs! Surely they must stop soon... Plus I am tall, and finding any maternity clothes to fit and that I would be willing to be seen in in public is almost impossible. Perhaps a toga for the last two months? I have some fetching bedsheets...

cjbk1 Thu 05-Jul-12 11:24:09

hello ladies iv just had a 29 week appointment am measuring spot on for dates baby is well and breech.im starting to recover from the hour+ wait in a noisy crowded waiting room.tea and toast I think wink

Rachel130690 Thu 05-Jul-12 12:38:35

Hey brizzmus when are you due? It's never too late to join in. Lol and welcome smile I'm liking the bed sheets idea, might have to steal that idea.

Glad to hear things are going well for you cjbk1 and that your measuring spot on. smile

Heartburn (think that's what it is) is starting to kick in, any good way to get rid of it without liquid medicine as I can't take it. sad

WinterMymble Thu 05-Jul-12 13:05:59

Rachel heartburn is grim.... Sympathies! I had some last week for the first time, and asked for advice on this thread here, and got great tips: http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/pregnancy/1508691-Help-Acid-refluxy-sickness-What-are-good-things-to-eat (I didnt take GAVISCN, BUT THE OTHER food/drink ideas on that thread did help a lot).

You are all so kind... Thanks for everything you have said encouraging about lack of grandma! It really means a lot and i appreciate it, and my heart goes out to all of the many of you who have the same kind of situation....

And Brizz and Ladyga thanks very much..l I think we will do the same, and give wombat mum's name as a middle name. A friend of mine told me smething amazing yeaterday.... Her DH's father died just before their youngest child was born, so she never knew him, but! They talked aout him somuch that one of her first words was pointing at a photo of her kate grandad and trying to say grandad! So i think one can keep them present, although i think there is a risk i may dissolve in tears each time i try at first if pregnancy/postnatal hormones are anything to go on!

Mum wrote a series of children's books so i could also read those to the wombat?

Ah you loves - big massive hugs to you ladies who have lost parents - although mine are fit and well, I do see them get older and more frail and it worries me senseless. They are in Ireland and I am sad that they see their grandchildren so infrequently but nonetheless, overjoyed that they are still with us.

ballroom and winter I am not going to bother with getting in any bottles or back ups. I think I listened too much last time to those who said I "ought" to teach baby to take a bottle and bought all the kit - bottles, sterlisers etc and it was never used, complete waste of money. Although bfing is relentless in the early weeks and months, all too soon it was 6 months and I was introducing solids and the breastfeeds dropped way down so this time, I am going to trust my body to feed my baby, DH can have his "turn" doing other stuff and I'll get my time away from baby later, when we are ready.

I had my 28 week check up today and don't have another appointment until 34 weeks which seems mega far away! I went to a homebirth workshop on MOnday which was lovely, very low key and positive. Interestingly the midwife leading the group had herself had a homebirth, one of the mums-to-be in the group is a midwife and the new Mum who was there to tell her birth story was also a midwife! Made the Q&A session at the end particularly useful to have 3 midwives in the room.

Bakeroo Thu 05-Jul-12 14:16:36

Hi ladies, I wrote a really long post yesterday but for some reason lost it...so here goes again!
WeeNurse congratulations on the birth of Finn. I hope he's doing well and growing stronger each day. What a shock? It's make me think that I need to get a little bit organised. To date, I have bought nothing! Not one thing. I think with Dad dying such a short time ago and it flooring me completely I couldn't bring myself to buy and get excited. We have just come back from a week in France which did me the world of good and now I feel more ready to get started. I feel excited again about the baby too which feels great.
WinterMymble I am so sorry about your Mum and grief. I know exactly how you feel having lost my wonderful Dad 6 weeks ago suddenly. He was so excited about the baby and I had so much planned for us to do together. Last night I was thinking about him never meeting the baby and how the baby will never call him Grandad....it broke my heart. I am going to make a 'Grandad box' of things to share with the baby as it grows, pictures of him, things we did together, some memories of mine written down to read and things he loved (he loved photography so I have lots of beautiful pictures he took) Then hopefully he'll still be a small part of the babies life....I want to keep him alive in some small way. I think reading your Mum's books to your baby sounds perfect.
Loup23 I am with you on the weight gain and am getting a little worried about putting on so much when so many people seem not to. It's not like I've eaten terribly badly or anything and thought that this weight gain was normal sad I was a 10/small 12 to start with and have currently put on 25lbs which sounds like so much! It's pretty much all over and people keep commenting on how tidy I am but I've put on quite a lot really I suppose. Eek!
Rachel130690 I get a lot of heart burn and if you don't want to/can't drink Gavison then I would recommend Tums. They're much tastier than the Gaviscon tablets (the strawberry ones are gross) and they work. I have the lot!
I had my 31/32 week check up this Wednesday and everything was good. It was fab to hear the babies heart beat again as ever and she thinks it is head down even though I was sure it was still head up because I can feel something so hard underneath my boobs, she thinks that is bum and feet...anyway, I know there is loads of time for it to still move about and change around.
I am planning on buying a couple of bottles for just incase. I really hope that I can breastfeed exclusively for a while but I am sure I will express now and again after a few months (I am buying the Medela breast pump) I have no idea what bottles to get but I guess those with a similar suck action to breast feeding so that the flow isn't too fast and we risk the baby getting lazy on the breast.
I am working up to 2 weeks before I am due so I am really hoping I get through the next 6 weeks OK here...I got so hot and swollen yesterday I thought 'what am I thinking' but today I feel better. Fingers crossed, I hope I don't regret the decision!

WinterMymble Thu 05-Jul-12 14:51:10

Bakeroo you totally have my sympathy - I am so sorry you lost your dad, and so recently sad. The Grandad Box sounds absolutely brilliant. We can make them all vivid to the little ones!

And truly Bakeroo, I don't think you have gained much by the sounds of it! In fact it sounds to me like you are exactly right. My 1.5 stone is 22 lbs, which is almost the same as you, and as I mentioned I am worried I am actually losing weight now, and struggling to keep it on. I found a very helpful website that let you input your starting weight and then current weight and week of pregnancy, and it showed the expected increase in a big chart, showing a range of good potential weights for each week increase (not one size fits all, but a good range). And it goes up a LOT! I have looked for this site to reassure you but can't find it again, but it seems there are a few of them. I think you're fine smile

funchum8am Thu 05-Jul-12 19:47:49

I'm so sorry about the sadness you're feeling about your parents, and I can't imagine what you've been through recently with the loss of your dad bakeroo. I hope it's gradually easing over time. I think all the ideas people have put forward for making sure loved ones are remembered sound beautiful.

I've been feeling a little bit grumpy and down on and off recently but it seems to have lifted today which is great! There hasn't been a reason for it other than presumably hormones so I hope it's gone. I also have slight back and pelvic pain but other than that have been very very lucky so far in terms of physical problems. 29 weeks today so I suspect it's all still ahead as we head for those September due dates!

On the bright side I have just taken delivery of a bargain iCandy Peach Jogger, second hand off eBay but as the man of the household selling it was nearby in his black cab he has dropped it to my door. I'm delighted with the price and the condition so there's one in the good books for eBay and second hand bargains!

Brizzmus Fri 06-Jul-12 09:52:59

Wintermymble, how wonderful that your mum wrote books - of course you must read them to your DC, and what a lovely thing for her to be proud of as she grows up.

Rachel, I'm due 15 September, but have a strong feeling bump is rather eager to get going!

Can I claim that it is a necessity of pregnancy that I go home early from work and watch Djokovic and Federer play?...

Turquoisecat Fri 06-Jul-12 15:09:53

wintermible and bakeroo so sorry to hear about your losses. I was never told anything about my grandmother who passed before I was born, so keeping the memories alive for your dc's is a great idea.

I'm just feeling sorry for myself today and dribbling uncontrollably as I had my anti d this morning, and a filling this afternoon sad.

My weight gain has been tremendous. I never weighed myself before (I measured myself on what clothes I could fit into), so I don't know how much, but it's the first time since I was at high school that I've had a proper appetite! I think I'll be two dress sizes bigger though just on boobs, never mind arse! Never mind, nice food denial can start after sprout arrives grin

Hugs to those who have gone through a recent, or not so recent loss. I can't imagine losing a parent. My ds has only one set of grandparents as both ex's parents passed away when he was a teenager. I know it's something that played on ex's mind when I was pregnant with ds and after having him. Glad to hear you are keeping ok Bakeroo , you have crossed my mind wondering how you were.

That's along the lines that I was thinking MakeTea . Don't think I will bother with bottles to start with although I really can't see me bf for 6 months.

I am suffering the misery of awful hayfever today. Haven't stopped with sneezing fits all days and I've got through a box of tissues already. Thought I'd got away with it as it hadn't bothered me as yet but obviously not. May have a look tomorrow and see if I can take anything natural for it (that probably won't work) as my antihistamines are a no-no.

Rusulka Sat 07-Jul-12 10:51:47

Sorry to hear about everyone's losses. My dad had a liver transplant just over a year ago and I'm constantly freaking out that something's going to happen to him and he won't get to meet Peanut- I never got to meet his parents as they died when he was 7 and 18, so really want him to stick around. DH's grandfather died a couple of years ago and his grandmother isn't doing too great recently, so I think the grandad box is a wonderful idea. We are also considering using their names- Peanut will have my dad's mum's name as a middle name, and if we have a boy in future he will most likely have DH's grandfather's name in there somewhere. I think provided you keep the memory of them alive, they're never truly gone- DH, his sister and dad are always talking about their grandfather's exploits, and it really does feel like he's still here in a sense.

On the comfortable tracksuit bottoms front, I got some black ones from Asda for £8, and they do a sort of smartprice pair for a fiver- not bad! Means I can bung an extra layer under my wraparound dresses and wear some of the shorter ones now without exposing myself...
With regards to the toga idea (welcome Brizz!) can I adapt that? I used to get rotten periods, so couldn't wear anything that would squeeze me- I used to get a nice sarong and tie it under my crampy stomach, then just wear a vest... and when I couldn't find a sarong, a fleece blanket did the job! Don't recommend it for outside the house, lol.

Regarding bottles, I've bought the tommee tippee anti-colic starter kit- 2 bottles, 2 each of the slow, medium and fast teats, and 2 of their nice milk bibs, get it from Amazon, which is cheapest. I did a lot of research, and these ones seem to be most like a breast, so I went with them. I too am planning to b/f, but want to see if I can express so DH can join in with feeds, although even if I don't, they'll come in handy for cooled boiled water later on.

funchum8am Sat 07-Jul-12 15:32:14

I've just been out baby shopping and am amazed at the money you can save if you do some research online. For example I saw an Avent newborn starter kit (two newborn 4oz bottles, two larger ones and a bottle brush plus other bits and bobs I think) for £16 so checked online and found loads of places doing them for £12 (but plus P+P so not quite so cheap in the end). Then saw the EXACT same thing in Mamas and Papas for £26! Mothercare have them for £10 on a special offer but have sold out online.


Am now spending hours and hours obsessively checking the price of everything from cotton wool to nappy buckets.....I think it's being from Yorkshire that does it, I can't bear to waste a penny smile

I hope everyone else's plans are coming on nicely too...I'm really enjoying the shopping and it takes my mind off the aches and pains I'm getting more and more frequently now.

Loup23 Sun 08-Jul-12 10:16:18

I'm also hankering for bargains funchum it seems some of the high street shops love to rip off naive first time mothers hmm!!

My sister and I are off to a nearly new NCT sale next weekend so will hold off buying bits until then but have saw a brand new with tags fluffy bear sleep suit from GAP in a charity shop this week do nabbed it! Hennes or H&M also have some lovely bits too!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend x

cjbk1 Sun 08-Jul-12 13:39:27

Dear all can I have an opinion pls; since yesterday I felt like I had a 'crick' in my right thigh and if eased overnight now it's back and makes me not want to put weight on right leg and when I do it makes me limp a bit, obviously it's not very painful but it is ok isn't it? thanx x

Rusulka Sun 08-Jul-12 18:30:03

Sounds like you've pulled something cjbk1. Either that or it's another one of those pregnancy loosening whatsits we just have to put up with. Keep an eye on it, and if it doesn't get any better, then maybe see your doctor or the midwife, depending on when your next appointment is.

cjbk1 Sun 08-Jul-12 18:51:33

Thanks rusulka not seeing mw for 3wks so GP it is x

twizzlestix Sun 08-Jul-12 21:34:58

winter I too send hugs. Wombat will I'm sure not be short of love! The book idea is lovely. Your mum must have been very talented. Wombat will be very lucky to have such a special reminder of her granny.

brizzmass bed sheets are only allowed as outer wear if either covered in a fetching 1980s Laura Ashley Floral print or children's carton characters grin

cbjk glad your 29 week scan went well. I ve got a growth scan tomorrow.

Rachel I suffer terribly from acid reflux and have taken to carrying a bottle of Gaviscon,  complete with a straw around with me! I've found avoiding chocolate, caffeine, fizzy drinks, tomatoes and spicy food helps a little. Still need Gaviscon though sad

maketea am a little envy of home birth. My consultant was adamant that I couldn't have one. Hope all goes to plan for you. Seminar sounds interesting especially with 3 midwives in situ! 

twizzlestix Sun 08-Jul-12 21:43:49

I considered stocking up on bottles etc just in case but thought at 3am after lack of sleep and sore nipples, I'd be mightily tempted to give up on BF in a sleep deprived state when in reality, I'd like to do for 6 months (if possible) so I think we're not going to get any in advance...

rusulka thanks for tracksuit bottom advice, was think of getting cheap pair or two to wear post birth.

I agree funchum definitely shop around! We reserved out car seat and base on line for £40 cheaper than in store price then collected and paid in store and got the base fitted!

Hope your leg feels better now cbjk

Immense double post over, am now caught up grin anyone else throughly exhausted? At my midwife check I was told I needed to take iron tablets. Gakk! I hate them so much.

sclayton Mon 09-Jul-12 07:09:57

I know of some moms who BF for a year! Knowing this will motivate some of us I guess.

I get thoroughly exhausted every time I walk about 100 steps.

Had my 30 week scan, baby growth is on spot. this made me happy and has reduced all my fears.

leelteloo Mon 09-Jul-12 07:18:53

That happened to me Twizzlestix with dummies: wish I had never had any in the house. Dd wasn't sleeping at night at all and screaming the place down and I would have tried anything but if they had not been handy I might have found another way to settle her and my dd would not now be totally addicted to damn dummies.
I had another scan last week to see where placenta is and it is still very low. My boy is really growing and he is on the 70th centile: which is great because dd was tiny when she came out.
Hope everyone has a good week and that where ever you are it stops bloody raining!

TinkerMaloo Mon 09-Jul-12 07:43:09

twizzle If you have made it through 6 months of breastfeeding then its easier to continue than start with all the hassle of bottles etc.! 6 months onwards is the really easy time when you will be glad that you stuck with it through the hard parts smile

20 months and 15 months veteran here. (with bouts of mastitis, and a few tears and tantrums along the way)

And I agree that if you have the bottles etc in the house then you are way more likely to buckle and use them on a hard day than if they arent around. Its a bit like trying to quit smoking but carrying a packet of fags with you in your bag?

Oh and iron tablets are evil! They have me on them, I'm meant to take 2 a day but I'm certain that I'll never poo again if I do that so am sticking with just the one and eating extra green veg, so far though Ive only managed once a week... Doesnt help that they have me on the pregnancy version of the atkins diet for my GD though, normally I would just eat lots of fruit etc but thats off limits, so... sad

Still not long now! smile

HYas anyone else noticed their bump get smaller over the past few weeks?? I think it might be just because the position has shifted down a little but mine seems to be a fair bit smaller than it was and its a little worrying! :/

My god, some movies should have warnings for pregnant women not to watch - watched "Love and Other Impossible Pursuits" last night and from the cast (Natalie Portman and Lisa Kudrow), I was expecting a bit of light-hearted fluff but I found it sooooo upsetting and cried all the way through - so ladies, avoid for now is my recommendation! (mind you I blubbed through Murray's Wimbledon speech too)

Macaroons Mon 09-Jul-12 10:33:01

Hello all, hope you all had a good weekend and it wasn't too wet where you are!

Have been reading the post but haven't been posting much, as i feel so tired most of the time (due to poor sleep). I plan to breast feed but have got two bottles and a microwave steriliser just in case. Will get a box of formula in case supply doesn't meet demand!

31 weeks last Friday, 7 more weeks at work. Can't wait to finish. And hope I can work from home during the Olympics as can't imagine commuting with thousands of Olympics spectators!

When does baby's head usually turn? Mine is still breech...

cakeladyc Mon 09-Jul-12 10:54:03

Oh MakeTea I bawled at Murrays speech too - DH just looked at me like I was some kind of lunatic!
Tinker I'm not on iron tablets but am still having issues in that dept. The lactulose i was prescribed has helped a bit but the badness is still there.. sad

Also, big Yes to shopping around on the internets before buying big things - we saved around £100 on our travel system thingy because we wanted to buy it from Mothercare, and they price match, so we found the lowest online price and they matched it! DH loves a bargain though, so I left all the big shopping to him.
Although i am quite happy with my bargain baby wipes haul yesterday - last week Tesco cancelled my delivery without telling me, so i complained ALOT, and got £20 worth of e-vouchers. So this week they have their mum and baby event and I have ordered 18 packs of Tesco baby wipes on 3 for 2 and i'm only paying the £3 delivery charge! Over 1000 wipes! smile

Have a good week everyone smile

Hello all, I had the worst sleep ever last night.
Zombie film before bed and heartburn all night. Never good.

I've got a few Avent bottles from last time but not bothering with buying formula as the shops are never far away if needed.
Knowing how perseverance got me through the first weeks makes me really determined not to doubt my body and keep up the feeding. Hopefully I can go for another year of bf'ing with this one.

I think she's already head down, from the shape and movements. I'll ask midwife at appt on Thurs. Last time DS was always head down from the first time they could tell so never had the big turn.
My mum had the big swivelly turn with both her pregnancies late on. She says it was really strange!
I think making sure you're sat forward and upright rather than leaning back encourages baby to go head down.
Although I can do nothing but slouch and lounge around with my heavy self!

I agree the second six months of bf were much easier. After weaning they want less milk and fewer times per day.
By nine months he was only really having three feeds per day with a fourth formula bottle to get ready for me going back to work.
Ooh, I can't wait to get going again so I can shift this weight. It hurts being this chunky!

Rusulka Mon 09-Jul-12 11:46:55

Had my consultant appt & weigh in today and they've told me I can't have a water birth or be on the MLU as I'm still medium risk, despite weighing less now than I did when I got my BFP.
I'm extremely irritated, as it turns out the reason is because nobody with a BMI over 30 can have what I want. My BMI is 39. If they'd just told me that in the first place instead of stringing me along for 4 months, I don't think I'd be this angry. I'm so infuriated that nobody thought to give me this information, it would have saved so much upset.
Oh well, nothing I can do now.

Rachel130690 Mon 09-Jul-12 11:59:24

Hey all hope everyone had a nice weekend, even through all the rain..

My ds has been head down from my 29week appointment, sk hoping he will stay that way smile I'm 32 weeks pg today.. Seems like last weeks are going to drag in. sad but trying to keep busy..

I agree with all the crying, I'm not normally this bad but watched ps I live you on tv one night and balled my eyes out. Also found it very tough not to cry when my mum left for two week hols, not sure if it's cause I'll miss her or I'm just crazy jealous she going somewhere hot. Cue oh hugging me telling me not to be silly she only away two weeks and will be back before you realize. sad

Heartburn here is still as bad, although last night it only came on as I turned tv off to sleep. It's like clock work. But milk seems to do the trick and stop it, though I think I'll buy some tums today to try them.

My eBay hospital bag came, it's huge def gonna have plenty of room and I'm sure I'll over pack. Came with some good items but will def need to stock up on more stuff, as I reckon it'll not last too long.

Okay I'm gonna get up (had a crazy long lie in today smile)

Smallgreenone Mon 09-Jul-12 13:06:27

Mine is head down already too at 30 weeks but I think they can turn anytime really. I think breech is only a problem if you're actually in labour. Sometimes the midwife will try and turn them from the outside too.
Totally agree with shopping around, our pram was supposed to be £999 in mamas and papas but got it for £700 with the price match they offer- thrilled! For whoever was looking morrisons were doing the avent newborn starter kit for £10 on saturday when I was in there.
I need to get some nice nighties for breast feeding in and pj's/ loungey stuff anyone got any recommendations? I'd like nice stuff but not expensive!

TinkerMaloo Mon 09-Jul-12 13:06:29

I had a poo today smile

And I dont care if its TMI :P

cakeladyc Mon 09-Jul-12 16:24:45

Yay for TinkerMaloo!!

Cornishchough Mon 09-Jul-12 17:01:01

Hello all

I am 32 weeks tomorrow with my 1st and getting quite nervous about it all really. I have just started to show these last 2 weeks and properly look pregnant now not just people thinking I have a beer gut! But still not really big enough for maternity stuff but too big for normal clothes..
Saw my midwife last week and baby is head down too so hope it stays like that as my sister had hers both breached..

I have started to buy things now and my Dbf is decorating the nursery just waiting for new carpet to come then I can start putting the cot in and making it look just right.

Well I hope it is alright to join this chat as I dont know anyone else who is expecting and so feel quite "lost" really with everything. My main dilemma at the moment is for a baby carrier as I have a problem with my neck and my muscles spasming up, a condition called Dystonia, which I had before I was pregnant and so I am trying to find out which carrier would be better for me not to have any strain on my neck/upper back and really dispurse it everywhere so any help would be lovely. People have been recommending Baby Bjorn but have also been told to stay away due to it being uncomfortable and also bad for baby...

TinkerMaloo Mon 09-Jul-12 17:37:50

lol thanks cakelady smile

Welcome to the group cornish
I personally would not recommend a baby bjorn (or any other carrier of a similar style). In my experience baby isnt comfortable in them and they are even more uncomfortable for the parent!?
Mei Tai styles, or ring sligs or wraps are way better suited to purpose, but I wouldnt like to say which is easiest on the neck... maybe the mei tai or a wrap? Im sure others will have helpful advice for you on this soon.

I need my baby to turn soon! I remember DS turning at a late stage and it was a horrible sensation, nearly passed out in the street!... Hurry up in there! I read the other day about moxibustion... Sounds a little bit mad that some smoke under your toe can turn them from breech but I will be trying it if he doesnt do his own thing soon!

Macaroons Mon 09-Jul-12 17:51:02

cornish welcome to the group. I'm a first time mum-to-be too! re baby carrier I think different people recommend different things. I had three friends who gave birth in Jan / Feb this year and all three of them highly recommend bjorn baby active carrier. So I suggest you go to a store and check it out yourself. I have bought one as it looks very supportive.

funchum8am Mon 09-Jul-12 18:45:35

I will be keen to get a sling/carrier as I live in a first floor flat and will have to keep the buggy down in the car, so need a sling for short trips to the shops on our street and for walking down to the car. I may also use it round the house if baby likes it. A pupil of mine told me her mum has a company supplying slings and carriers and they have meet ups where you take your baby and try on a few, and you can hire them so you don't buy one til you know it's right for you. The downside being you have to wait til you've had your baby and there's a meet up near you, but it is a good idea in principle. I've got a second hand Baby Bjorn from eBay to tide me over until I can get to a sling meet. A colleague who has three kids under 3 says he loves his Baby Bjorn, but he is a bloke and I'm not sure how much difference that makes!

Just off to my first ever NCT class with DH - can't wait to meet some couples who will be in the same position and going through the same things at the same time as us smile

Loopyhasanotherbean Mon 09-Jul-12 19:48:03

Re baby carriers, the issue with baby bjorn ones is the position they push the babys legs into, they can damage their hips and are really not a good buy, but because they are a big brand, they are everywhere. I am not by any means a sling/carrier expert, but i bought a close one last time and didn't get on with it, DS never felt secure in it, and it made my clothes ride up, and pulled them in in all the wrong places, not something you want to wear post-baby unless you have victoria beckhams figure! But a lot of people have mentioned to me the Ergo carriers, which are apparently much comfier for parents and baby, no issues re babys legs/hips, and so i think i might take a trip over to Peterborough after the baby is born, as one of their official stockists is based there. Word of warning, there are lots of fake ergos being sold, so it's important to check if you buy one from a legit stockist.

I'm excited as DP agreed to buy me a new changing bag at the weekend, not got it yet, but it is ordered and paid for and just waiting for UPS to do their stuff. We had a very cheap one for DS, but it's like a bottomless pit, and no way it's big enough for 2 childrens worth of nappies/clothes/stuff plus my own! The new bag will be big enough to use as a hospital bag, so will get packing as soon as it arrives, as i can't shake the feeling that this baby will be early.

Re breech babies, bean is already head down, was at 28 week appointment and certain still is. Someone who we met at NCT classes when having DS had a breech baby, and he didn't turn till 39 weeks - she had to go in for a scan, and if he hadn't turned they were going to try to turn him manually, although i've heard this can be very painful and can sometimes require gas and air, so i'd recommend anything you can do to turn your baby. Have heard spinning babies website mentioned on mumsnet before, not sure of exact website address but sure google will find it!

Loopyhasanotherbean Mon 09-Jul-12 20:03:41

PS resulka that is really crap of them. I'd be tempted to stick 2 fingers up to them and have a big cream cake tonight smile Are there any other hospitals nearby that you can use? only wondering, as although i don't know the full rules here, i have a BMI of 32 and i have been told by my consultant that there is no reason why i can't use a pool if i want to, as long as they use monitoring throughout.

weenurse i hope finn is doing well?

Re slouching/sitting....word of warning, that you could end up with a back to back baby if you are not careful. My DS was back to back, followed advice, he went the right way, and then the bugger changed a few days before he was born, so was back to back again. Back to back labours are generally longer, harder and more painful....especially if whisked to hospital away from your calm home birth plans, made to lie on your back on a bed (worst position for a back to back baby as it narrows the gap the baby needs to come through) and so ended up with a category 1 EMCS under GA....like i said, just a word of warning!!

Re breastfeeding/bottles/pumps....i may get shot down in flames, but i genuinely believe that no one should have issues with supply/demand if you just stick to breast feeding and that introducing bottles disrupts that...and thats from lots of people who did mess things up, as most people who had a baby around when i did thought it wouldn't matter to give a bottle of formula here or there, but their supply dwindled. I fed DS for 15 months, and intend to feed this one for around the same time frame, as we'd like to try for number 3 jan 2014, and periods are unlikely to appear until i drop to 1 feed per 24 hours. Like others, i really cannot explain just how rewarding and enjoyable it is, but the first couple of months may be uncomfortable or down right painful, but after that, i had no pain at all, even when DS got teeth! I agree that having formula in the house can be a bad thing, and you are more likely to stick with BF'ing if you have no alternatives...

Rachel130690 Mon 09-Jul-12 20:53:44

Hello Cornish and welcome hope your keeping well? I'm a first time mum as well smile

Re: baby carrier I'm hoping to not bother with this, it's not something I ever see and one using and I'm hoping I'll not need anything like this. Hopefully you'll find one that's comfortable for you Cornish.

Tinker I hope your dc turns round for you soon and you don't have to suffer through that again.

Funchum I have my first antenatal class tomorrow night, I'm very excited but nervous. It's about labour eeeek not looking forward to that

Loopy where did you get your new changing bag? I need to get one but haven't bothered looking yet...

I have 8 bottles in total and a microwave steriliser.. Am not planning on breast feeding, I think I will try it but im not putting any pressure on myself, if I do it a couple of times I'll be happy enough but if I can't get it then I'll ff.. It's my first and I'm quite young so don't wanna put anymore pressure on myself.

Oh I've started a thread in pregnancy, about packing my hospital bag, anyone that could check it out and give me some advice would be great smile TIA Xxx

twizzlestix Mon 09-Jul-12 22:27:57

Yay for the poo tinker grin I'm sure I'll feel need to announce it once my iron tablets kick in!!

Hi cornish I'm expecting 1st too so can't help re slings but lots of other, more informed mummies have replied.

rusulka that's so rubbish. My consultant said I wasn't suitable for home birth due to previous thyroid issues and I was devastated. Actually burst into tears when looking around the CLU! It's a big difference to the relaxing HB in familiar environment plan! Hope you get some choices, I've been told that you can refuse CLU... I'm not brave enough though sad

Had my growth scan and at 32+2, she weighs a healthy 4lb 10oz and is on the middle lines for everything smile very reassuring. My blood pressure is v. low. So with that on top of low iron, getting through last few weeks before mat. leave should be fun!

twizzlestix Mon 09-Jul-12 22:29:11

Oh, we've also got our first antenatal class (NCT) should I take anything along with me?

am988 Tue 10-Jul-12 12:41:28

Hello, haven't posted for months so I'm like a new addition here! Sorry... just reading some of your posts - the first time mums to be, and it reminds me so much of my first pregnancies, also did the NCT, it was good, met some of my best friends there.. but do keep an open mind about what you hear. No way is the 'right' or 'wrong' way.. just trust your instincts. And by the way, although our teacher was very passionate about not having epidural.. i'm glad I had it - as my expeience ended up as an EMCS - although whilst going through it I thought I was doing something eternally wrong. So... please what i suggest is.. keep an open mind.
It is second time round for me, with dS2 on the way - I'm feeling so exhausted.. I don't remember being so tired at this point with my first pregnancy - maybe it is my 18month old - and work.. and well it just seems much harder. Do other second time mum to be agree? or is it me??
well, a good afternoon to all...

TinkerMaloo Tue 10-Jul-12 12:42:51

loopy I agree re supply issues, there are always phases where baby has to suckle a lot to boost supply and some people mistake this for themselves not making enough milk. Its not true! Baby is just upping your supply for you, they know what they are doing, let them do their thing smile
The only exception to this might be mothers who are not eating enough in order to do a victoria beckham...

twizzle I never did ante-natal classes but I dont imagine you need anything! They will provide mats to sit/lie on surely? Unless you want to take cakes to keep you going of course ;)

I just ordered this www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0040JGGFU/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00 so goodbye to my horrible-free-boots-same-as-everyone-elses-changing-bag and hello roomy suitable for two offspring shiny new (and cheap yay!) changing bag! smile

Loopyhasanotherbean Tue 10-Jul-12 14:59:34

rachel just because you are young doesn't mean breastfeeding couldn't be for you. My sister has 4 children, her first was born when she was only 17, and she breastfed all of hers. Admittedly not as long as i fed my DS, but she did a minimum 6 months with them all, and i think it was closer to the 9 month mark before she stopped, and that was fear of teeth rather than anything else! I don't think it matters how old you are, any first time mum will have the same worries as the next, but you just need to trust yourself and your baby, and your baby will want to be fed, they don't hang about, and if you need any support or reassurance, then ask the staff at the hospital, there will be lots of breastfeeding experts who can help you if you aren't sure over that (or anything else at all baby related!)

Re changing bags, well last time i had a very cheap one from kiddicare, cost about £8, but i needed something big enough for a 22 month old who still has reflux and a newborn and everything that they need plus enough space for my clutter, and DP has very very kindly bought me a Ju ju be be prepared. We watched a video on youtube and were sold by just how much the woman unpacked from one. Decided on black/silver (more manly for when DP carries it smile ). But struck lucky and someone was selling one on ebay, as new, but for nearly £40 less than the usual price they sell for in the UK (there was a website i found selling them as a back up called jellybeangorup.co.uk and i couldn't find any cheaper). It arrived today and i am very pleased with it. It really does feel good quality and it should easily last us through the 4 DC's we want in total, and should be a good bag for the hospital and as a overnight/weekend bag. Very much looking forward to packing it now!! My mom would have a fit if she knew how expensive it was, but we barely needed to buy anything this time round, so its my treat! (courtesy of DP) Just looking at getting a musical swing, and think that might be about it now.

twizzle we didn't need to take anything for ours when we were having DS, and drinks and biscuits were provided. Echoing other comments, NCT was great for making friends, but take some of the course content with a pinch of salt. On ours they never covered any issues, and made us all think breastfeeding is easy and only hurts if you are doing it wrong. Which i disagree with! i think you should expect it to hurt to start with, but that it not last and then it will be highly enjoyable. And ours never really covered enough on CS, as none of us on our course was wanting a CS....however i ended up with an EMCS and it would have been most helpful if they had actually covered more on CS's and recovery as part of the course.

tinker i am with you 100% re your breastfeeding comments. Trouble is i don't think the NHS has enough resources to educate people on how it actually works, and that it is normal for a baby to suckle for the heck of it, to effectively put their order in for more milk for the future days. I also heard one person say how she had tried to express, and it started to come out looking like dishwater, so she decided she wasn't making proper milk and her child would be better off with formula....when if she had just kept expressing she would have realised that it would have then come out like milk, and that it's only the first bit that is thinner/watery. She was gutted when it was explained to her by the health visitor (she'd already quit by then so had to stick with formula).

am988 i'm with you on the tiredness. DS just turned 20 months, and he is an absolute angel but he is wearing me out beyond belief. I am so tired, and yet when i go to bed, ruddy pregnancy insomnia kicks in. I haven't had a solid nights sleep since before BFP and to top it all, i came down with a vomiting bug on sunday, so have barely had any sleep the last 2 nights, and DP came down with it last night too, so i woke 3 times to hear him leaving our room, 3 times him coming back in, once DS crying out in the night, plus whatever times i woke of my own accord as still feeling rough myself. Not actually been sick since Sunday night, but barely eaten anything and feel rough everytime i eat or drink something. All i kept down on Sunday was half a sandwich. Yesterday wasn't great either. And so far today i've eaten half a bacon sandwich and 2/3 a muiller rice. About to attempt something else. Wish me luck!!

oikopolis Tue 10-Jul-12 16:10:25

Hi all!! 29 weeks here today! (I think... or is it 30? also: how do i manage to lose track of these things??)

It's boiling hot where i am... we are sleeping in the basement on the fold-out bed... it's murder on my hips (memory foam mattress in bedroom and i've become spoilt!)

is anyone else really struggling with getting up and mobile in the mornings? due to hip/sacrum pain?? it's soooo bad. (even when i've slept on the memory foam!) i have do to my John Wayne impression for the first 15 minutes, can barely get up and down the stairs.

also turning over/switching positions just kills my sacrum/coccyx area. i think i have spd, but the posterior type and not the normal, front-of-hips type.

also: has anyone had this: when i wake up, a few of my fingers on each hand, and sometimes my thumb, will feel really creaky/arthritic and almost like i slept funny on top of them. so weird! this started last week! i know lots of ladies get carpal tunnel, i'm wondering if it's something to do with blood flow/swelling around nerves etc?

Turquoisecat Tue 10-Jul-12 16:19:01

Hi all, just keeping a foot in! Got my last antenatal class tonight (we went for a local midwife run weekend one) - it's been really useful, and surprisingly they've been very open about all choices available (bf/ff, pain relief choices, etc.). It's also helped to educate DH a bit about all the 'gross' stuff that will be happening!

As per slings/carriers, DH wants one for him to use, but I think I'll have to do all the research, and then convince him he chose it! grin Just concentrating on only six weeks left of work [relieved emoticon]!

cakeladyc Tue 10-Jul-12 16:24:21

First timer here too - I must admit I am worried about not getting on with breastfeeding, but i am definitely going to give it a go.
We have bought a Tommee Tippee starter set with bottles, sterilizer etc and my friend has given me her electric breast pump to try because i want to express but i have to go back to work after 6 months, so i will want to introduce a bottle at some point as LO will be with my mum or childminder/nursery while im at work, but i dont want to use formula for as long as i can help it.

My bump feels really hard today, its normally really solid but today it feels as solid as a rock!

Just to say a quick hello! No news here apart that I am letting DD watch more and more TV as I don't have the energy to keep up with her toddler self - naughty Mummy.

Loopy I wholeheartedly agree with your bfing insights - I wish NCT had told me some of the truth about it being painful (for some, not everyone) and relentless as it took me by surprise but once it was conquered (which took a tough 6 weeks) I loved it and it was very easy and convenient then DD thoughtfully self-weaned at 12 months right before I was due back to work!

Oh yes Loopy . I hadn't anticipated when I started breasfeeding it was uncomfortable and painful. Like a needle through the nipple at first although it did get better.

Much as I would love to say I would go 6 months bf I know I probably won't. A couple of months I'll be happy with. Selfishly it's more to do with wanting to get my body back to myself as this pregnancy wasn't planned and I've struggled a bit with antenatal depression. Mentally I'm not sure if I can cope with 6 months of feeding on top of pregnancy, but you never know what way I will feel once she's here. I got a lovely pretty nursing bra the other day and got all excited at the thought of having her here and feeding her myself.

am988 I'm shattered too and my ds is older - 4yo - so can occupy himself a good bit more.

Rachel130690 Tue 10-Jul-12 22:58:18

Loopy I didn't mean it that way I just meant I'm still young and I'm planning more dcs in the future so if I struggle with this one badly I'll hopefully have another chance, but I'm hoping I'll manage a good few feeds but I'm not really sure how long I'll want to bf for if I do get the hang of it. Suppose I'll just see how it goes and hope for the best smile

Had my first nct class tonight.. Was interesting but was more to do with physio and your groin and what changes during pregnancy and aches and pains. Then we done some relaxation and breathing. I near feel asleep tbh. But was glad I went. Next one should be more informative as its about the birth and pain relief.

I'm being killed ATM with heartburn, (I'm actually away to hunt for some gaviscon now sad) hope its not as bad as I think

pgreen Wed 11-Jul-12 11:02:52

Hello ladies good to see everyone is in (generally) fine spirits and gearing up for this final stretch. I've got the date for my CS now so in theory know what we are aiming at... although the little monkey might come early of course- in which case it'll be an EMCS for me. I start NCT tonight... on my own... arghhh as DH is away on business. He'll be around for most of them but I set him a deadline of getting all his "travel" done by end of July in case our little man decides to come early. This means I have to rock up to the first NCT stag though.... hopefully everyone will be nice. I think it'll be kinda funny at NCT that I know I'm having a CS I get the impression that they only cover it as a kind of after thought.

Interesting seeing all the bf chatter. My sister in law really struggled with her first, she persevered and got there but it was very painful. She was lucky that there was a bf group near her where you could drop in for advice & help. It's not the walk in the park I had assumed it would be. I think I'll be getting a couple of bottles anyway for expressing.... no knowledge about them what so ever.... it's like japanese to me. volume, teats, flow rates.... think I'll need a tutor lol.

Feeling mostly good except the restless sleep. I'm having to sleep almost sitting up as lying on my side is giving me pins & needles and dead arms. Cramps too in my legs but not as bad as last week.

Had a funny conversation with my MIL who's been to visit. She was 'anxious' to see that I have the cot already (albeit still in flat pack mode) and I said the travel system is coming in 10 days - she said it shouldn't be "here" and I should have had it delivered to a friend. Then I couldn't help myself and showed her the stack of baby clothes/stuff we already have and she seriously freaked.... Way weird.

Anyway waiting for a delivery and now have the munchies for something seriously sweet and sticky. Wonder what I have in the kitchen/.....

cjbk1 Wed 11-Jul-12 11:03:12

sorry to keep hogging the thread but I had such an awful morning I need to write it down;
work rota'd me off today (we pay for nursery for dd age 4)but expect me to
attend a meeting at 12angry
I was out with ds age 6 at his school play last night
dh hadn't tidied up atall while we were out
ds was allowed a lie-in and late registration this morning but he refused to lie-in and wasn't very nice atall angry
dh hadn't done dishwasher or kitchen assuming I'd do it all as I was off work angry
dd wouldn't eat breakfast before nursery and deliberately spilt it everywhere angry
I explained to ds how dissapointed I was by his behaviour and how he'd be punished (no tv etc) THEN he takes himself back to bed naked and refuses to get up
dd more cooperative by now ate breakfast
had to physically dress ds who'd made himself all 'heavy'
I cried a bit about how he'd spoilt what should've been a nice lazy morning blush
finally got them to nursery(they gave her even more breakfast!) and school then come back and discover no tea bags!!!!!
dragged self to shop finally enjoying a cup of red bush tea and some nice organic biscuits.......
please have a better morning than this!

mummyfirsttime Wed 11-Jul-12 13:31:08

Is it just me or is anyone else feeling like rubbish! 7wks 5 days till due date and it cant come soon enough! Feeling very tired uncomfortable anxious down about GD and just really impatient! DP really getting alot of moans from me and think hes getting tested! Any idea how I can shake this feeling. Still working for another 5 weeks which seems forever.

Sorry for moan but maybe better here than to DP again smile

cakeladyc Wed 11-Jul-12 15:01:57

mummyfirsttime i feel the same! Got 5 weeks left at work, 9 weeks in total and just feel knackered!
I dont know how those with kids already are coping! My poor DH is getting moaned at constantly at the moment, and i do feel bad, but he's the one there the most, so he's bearing the brunt!

Plus the lady that is covering my maternity leave is lovely but i get the feeling shes really not listening to me sometimes and even after i've explained certain things a couple of times, she's still getting it wrong. Maybe i'm being too harsh on her, i've been doing this job for 4 years and she has to learn in 7 weeks, but i really dont want to come back to all kinds of problems in the New Year!

cjbk1 I hope your day has picked up! smile

cakeladyc Wed 11-Jul-12 16:25:24

Also, is anyone else not feeling so many kicks during the day now, but more pressure/pushing instead?
I don't know if this is normal or am i right to be a bit worried?
Husband thinks im being overdramatic/overworrying/over-anything!

Rachel130690 Wed 11-Jul-12 16:38:03

Not as many kicks but mine still quite active, but think its cause bump measuring small so I may feel it all a bit more, is all achy tho on my stomach and it hurts a lot!

I'm completely knackered all the time and I'm not even working anymore so I'm completely baffled how anyone works lol

Away for the weekend now, so I'll not be back until Monday smile have a good weekend xx

Loup23 Wed 11-Jul-12 17:15:29

Yes to feeling a bit fed up and moany! Don't get me wrong I am so grateful to be where I am but just feeling a bit fat, tired, uncomfortable and so fed up of maternity clothes!!

Anyway 7+3 left so not long and not really wanting it to rush by as also freaking out about childbirth, breast feeding and newborn generally - wow I sound like a hoot right now, lucky DH wink

shellybop Wed 11-Jul-12 17:25:35

Hi all, i've not written for a while but been lurking and reading the posts. No real reason, just didn't have much to say!

i'm quite nervous about bf too but i'm just going to give it a go and try and aim for 6 weeks to begin with and hope that by then i'm all sorted and enjoying it and will just be able to continue till about 9 months (my real aim).

i think i was quite naive when i said to work that i was sure i'd be fine working till 37 weeks as i was feeling so good then. Still feeling good now, but i just can't wait to stop work and sit back for a while and wait for baby (hoping he's not too early!). the commute in and back is really starting to p**s me off now, although i don't mind it so much when i am actually there.

being taken out for posh dinner tonight (wedding anniversary) so fingers crossed i don't get too much heartburn after and can just enjoy the evening.

pgreen Wed 11-Jul-12 17:39:51

cakeladyc not so many kicks. Freaked me out on Friday I hadnt felt much movement all day so went for a lie down and poked my tummy till he started complaining & moving - felt much better. The nurse at my GP's said not to worry when I went in on Monday. But it freaks me out when I can't feel him. I know it's probably alright but my boss went full term and then had a still birth so think I'm over thinking it.... it was so dreadful I have dreams about it.

funchum8am Wed 11-Jul-12 18:54:45

I'm not getting so many kicks either and I know what you mean about the pushing/pressure. I think there's just less room in there as they grow. My bump is really small; I met a new colleague today and she nearly choked on her cuppa when I said I was nearly 7 months - she hadn't noticed I was even pg (though I was sat down and in a drapy top).

I definitely want to bf - most of my friends have with few problems after the first few weeks and it's so convenient. I had one friend who moved to ff after a couple of weeks with both hers and I couldn't cope with the length of time the baby was crying between starting to whimper for milk and her having faffed about with heating the milk etc etc (though I gather some people make the bottles up in advance; she didn't do that as she wanted to know they were freshly made and sterile etc). Honestly with her second he made a noise like the world was ending for several minutes bless him while she was making bottles up...plus all the palaver of taking everything out of the house. I'm just too lazy and impatient for all of that. Plus my boobs have always been rather large - I haven't lugged them around for years only to have them not do the one thing they can be useful for (other than amusing DH).

NCT class was fun - nice people and hopefully we'll make some new friends who are off work when I am, and sharing similar experiences with their little ones. We covered straightforward births and are going on to more complex/medicalised situations next week. Hopefully it won't be TOO scary!

Loup23 Wed 11-Jul-12 19:03:13

shellybop I know what u mean about the commute, I have said I'll work until 38 possibly 39 weeks confused ok once I'm in but the commute is a pain!!

Can't wait to start NCT is anyone else doing it without DH ? Am concerned I'll be the only one.... blush

twizzlestix Wed 11-Jul-12 19:25:58

Our first nct class was interesting but looooonngggg! I am throughly exhausted at the moment, it's actually making me physically sick sad I actually cried in Boots today because I'd walked (very slowly admittedly) all the way to Dr. Surgery to collect iron prescription only to be told Dr. Hadn't signed it, despite being prescribed by midwife on Friday!!! Then get to Boots hand over prescription for ranitidine (Gaviscon no longer touching sides of heartburn) only to be told that prescription can only be filled at the hospital! Aaaaarghh!

cjbk1 reading about your morning I'm so glad that the schools have stopped for summer over here. I hate getting ds ready in the mornings as it always turns out with us running late because of him and me stressed out, repeating myself for the hundredth time to put on his socks/shoes etc.

I know pgreen I'm very conscious of movements as my cousin lost her dd a couple of days before her due date. They don't know why, she just realised she couldn't feel any movements one day. Has a little dd now but was a heartbreaking time.

Had a consultant appointment today and growth scan and lo is measuring perfect average at 3lb 4. That's me pretty much signed off consultant now until my 36wk appointment for a last growth scan and to discuss birth plan.

Had geared myself up for cs but now everything seems to be going ok (fingers crossed) I think I might attempt vbac. Personally I found the recovery from my cs hard going, although I know some find it easy enough. The thought of getting out of hospital quicker with a vbac and it being easier with a 5yo around is swaying me.

WinterMymble Thu 12-Jul-12 06:58:09

cjbk yikes... I hope your day continued to get better! I love rooibos too. I lived in south africa for years and I adore that tea.

mummyfirsttime andcake,ady andrachel i feel ghastly too.. In fact I am quite shocked at the physical changes that come with opless than eight weeks left. Pretty much on the dot i suddenly got the foot and hand swelling, arthiritic joint pain, numbness, etc, that are all typical acc to my midwife but suddenly really make me aware how much extra work my body is doing with all this extra fluid and blood to pump around. I am apprehensive about the next eight weeks ... Hopefully it doesn't all get worse. I have existing health issues that have so far stayed quiescent in pregnancy and am quite nervous about them being made worse. But i want to be hopeful.

We are finally working on the nursery! DH brilliantly assembled the cot, and we have some pictures and a lampshade... Rug and curtains are on their way, as is a handy chair bed. We still need the chest of drawers though. We have been washing and ironing clothes like mad, and accumulating hordes of muslins since those seem handy!

We havent get worked out how to use the steriliser or breast pump or sling and we dont have the car seat yet! The pram is on order but could take until 20 august to arrive. And i havent started the hospital bag! Argh. Anybody else feeling wildly behind with the lists of things to do? I tell people it is less lime a to do list and more like a series of giant medieval scrolls, it is so huge. In my case i also have to write two book chapters for two different edited collections before kick-off - eek.

TinkerMaloo Thu 12-Jul-12 07:42:31

Morning all smile

If you are feeling really crappy and not coping with work your doctor will sign you off on the sick! docs are quite good about it, they know the last stage is hard... and it might eat into your post baby maternity time but if its really that bad then its got to be worth it!? I had 8 weeks off pre baby with DC1 and I think it was 10 before DC2! There is no way I could have kept going til a few weeks before the end (though I know lots of people do and I take my virtual hat off to them!)and it gives you loads more time to wash tiny things etc etc. smile

shelly if you are aiming for initially 6 weeks with bf but, hopefully 9 months, then dont be put off by the six week growth spurt! Babies tend to feed lots and lots (more than they already have been) at around 2 weeks and then again at around 6 weeks, but if you make it past this then I'm sure you will make the 9 months you are really hoping for...

I think once I get more time on my hands that I would like to become a breastfeeding counsellor and help ladies get past the hard parts they experience. If you find are struggling there are people out there to willingly help, but they wont come to you! Sharpen those elbows and demand what you need! smile

cjbk1 Thu 12-Jul-12 10:38:47

Thanks all after the meeting I went to my colleague's house to have a cuppa and pet her cats and she offered me a free spare travel system (shes sensibly stuck at one dd) so things did improve X

leelteloo Thu 12-Jul-12 10:42:13

Can I have the badge for most tired this morning please? Dd woke at 10.30, before I'd even gone to sleep, she had taken off nappy and wet everywhere but she'd split water night before so other side of mattress wet too. So had no choice but to take her to bed with me; she coughed and coughed and wriggled and piggled and did not sleep, not one wink until 4.45!!!!!! I think she was kindly reminding me what a truly sleepless night is like. Yawn yawn and I've got a 3 hour drive to do in a minute while she slumbers in her car seat sad

Rusulka Thu 12-Jul-12 11:16:35

Regarding babies turning, mine has been head down the entire time (hugely grateful!)
DSiL said that she was breech, and the midwife physically turned her in hospital, shortly after which her HB plummeted and MiL had to whisked off for a CS- the cord was wrapped really tightly twice around her neck and they think the midwife turning her is what caused it. Eep!
Hearing that, I'd go for the moxibustion if it's needed!

We have a breastfeeding workshop we can sign up for at the hospital here so we can find out strategies and methods for coping, think I will be doing that.

Talked to midwife at antenatal class, and she said they have a birthing pool on delivery suite, and a wireless CTG I could wear while in there, so it doesn't necessarily follow that I can't have a water birth. I have the name of the person in charge of the labour ward to talk to, so I am trying to be positive but not get my hopes up. Will talk to my usual midwife on Monday and see what she says.

TinkerMaloo Thu 12-Jul-12 13:13:16

Rusulka thats so scary about your sis in law!... I have heard lots of stories about breech babies being physically turned and none ever say its pleasant, but thats beyond anything else! So glad her baby made it out ok!

I am rubbish at telling which way up they are, I dont know how people can just feel whats what in there, but Im hoping and guessing (with very little education) that my little one is head down now, though I'm sure hes still back to back.

leelteloo bless you thats a rough night! Trying to sleep with a wriggly toddler is hard, I dont know how they actually get any rest at all they move so damn much! Fingers crossed she will sleep like a little log tonight for you.

cjbk1 glad your day perked up in the end!

Ju1es22 Thu 12-Jul-12 13:50:42

Hello ladies

I can sympathise with all you ladies having sleepless nights, if its not baby having a party all night, its back n rib pain or my bloody restless legs or all three! End of rant, thank god I've finished work now. Praise to you ladies that plan on working g until a couple of weeks before your dd:-)

Been for my 32 week mw appt this morning and wondered what 3/5 in relation to brim means?

Had a check up with mw last week and measured 29 and today im still measuring 29 everything else is fine though! I see my consultant next thurs for another growth scan so we'll see then what's going on I suppose!

Starting to sort my hospital bag out. I've so far got tne followin in it:

Nice nightie / jammies for after labour
Pair of granny kickers
Maternity pads
Wash bag with flannel, toilet wipes, shampoo, shower gel
Water spray
1 nappy
1 baby grow
1 vest
1 cardi
1 hat
1 mittens
1 shawl

To buy:
A cheap nightie to give birth

Im also taking a suitcase with more baby clothes and clothes for me as well as breastpads! Anything else Ive not mentionedi may need?

MadMonkeys Thu 12-Jul-12 14:58:51

Hi again ladies. Just to let everyone know, Sainsburys have a baby event on at the mo - 1/3 off Lansinoh breast pads and nipple cream, Johnsons baby bath buy one get one free, huggies wipes buy one get two free etc. I stocked up this morning fo me and my sister, I think the girl on the checkout thought I was a bit crazy...

I'm finding the natal hypnotherapy CD very relaxing - I always fall asleep when I listen to it. Hope it has the same effect in labour! I treated myself to a new bag to pack as a labour bag the other day. Jules I'm packing plenty of dried apricots to get the old bowels moving after the birth - it worked last time wink

pgreen Thu 12-Jul-12 15:15:08

feeling the tiredness today... just like well most of you.

funchum8am & Loup23 I went to my first NCT too. Had to go alone as DH is away on business. I was the only one on my own but it was fine, the facilitator made sure I was "included". Was funny though everyone was slightly nervous and a bit unsure/embarrassed about some things. I'm sure that'll all be gone by the next one.

Ju1es22 that's quite a list. Haven't even started to think about "the bag" really probably should

Bakeroo Thu 12-Jul-12 16:26:16

Rusulka I'm so glad you have a little hope again, good luck with that.

I've had a difficult few days...been having very painful episodes that last about 5 mins where my whole bump goes hard and I have extreme pain in one position. First right hand side, then last night I was women at 3.30 am with pain across the top of my bump then today down the left hand side. I've been off work for 2 days and yesterday was monitored at the hospital. They said babies heart rate was good, I'm not in pre term labour as cervix was closed and don't have an infection. They think it might be some kind of spd but that was before the pain site moved to the top of my uterus...I don't know if you can get it there? I really don't know what to do as when it strikes it's SO painful and the rest of the time my bump just feels very bruised and I get a lot of braxton hicks. Help?! Has anyone else had this? What would you do? A hot bath and paracetamol don't help.

leelteloo Thu 12-Jul-12 18:11:04

That sounds really horrid Bakeroo, I've not had a similar experience so nothing helpful to offer except hugs

So the midwife told me yesterday that she's breech. Not an issue until I you reach 36 weeks, but she said getting on all fours can encourage her to move head down.
I was certain it was her feet pushing up under my ribs but apparently it's her head I've been squashing!

The midwife kindly said as it's my second pregnancy my 'saggy stomach muscles' allow her to move round more.
Thanks, childless, slim midwife.

I've been getting all obsessed about my hospital bag and enjoying all the packing and list making.
I've done my little bottles of shampoo and body wash, got the nappies and wipes ready, cereal bars and sweets packed, just need to not eat them when I'm bored!

We get our car back, fixed after being off the road for weeks, today. Now we can go and get a few bits of clothes and stuff. Still need to get a cot though.

Other than that, just cruising along, putting up with SPD and constipation!

Only three weeks left of work! Yay!

cakeladyc Fri 13-Jul-12 14:18:05

oh lovely midwife Shoes!

I'm on countdown to maternity leave too - 5 weeks for me! Although the lady they've brought in to cover me doesnt seem to really be grasping what shes meant to be doing... But i'm sure she'll get it at some point hmm It must be hard to come in a be expected to pick up a job in 7 weeks when i've been doing it for 4 years!

I've been referred to the physio at my local hospital after i complained to midwife about painful hips and groin, but it actually seems to be getting better, so i dont really know whether to go or not. I have an appointment for 2 weeks time so perhaps i'll see how it is then? what do you all think? I dont want to waste anyones time.

Next Tuesday the Olympic torch relay is coming past my house, so i have taken the day off to wave a flag at it in the morning and then go shopping with my sister in the afternoon - i cant wait!!

Out for dinner tonight with DH, sis and her partner and then a weekend of nursery furniture arranging and babygrow organising!

Have lovely weekends all! :-)

ladygagoo Fri 13-Jul-12 14:55:40

hello all

I seem to be a bit ahead of you in terms of NCT classes - I had my last one on Tuesday and then went for lunch with all the girls - they are a really nice bunch and we are going to start weekly lunch dates now until we all give birth.
I feel really lucky as one of them lives in my village about 3 streets away so at least I will have one pram pushing partner in crime.

Sorry to hear about all of you with sleepless nights - I seem to be having one every other night at the moment as the bump just won't stop wriggling. My constipation has been fairly awful too (well done tinker grin ) but I've just started taking lactulose which I think is really helping.

I'm off to DP's work summer party tonight - for someone who lived and worked in London for years I'm suddenly quite apprehensive about getting the train and tube - lets hope I man up a bit shortly - hats off to all you ladies still commuting.

shellybop Fri 13-Jul-12 16:12:48

I had my last NCT this week too ladygagoo and i've got a lovely group as well. We have planned a meet up in two weeks time and hopefully will sort out some further ones from there.

My car's in the garage having all manner of things fixed and my commute yesterday was horrendous - I usually drive for just over an hour, but had to do a train/bus combo which took 2 hours on the way there and nearly 2 and a half on the way back. Had my first hormonal meltdown yesterday and cried at the local train station when i got back to find there were no taxis available to take me home and for some reason there were no buses scheduled to arrive for over an hour. I just went into meltdown as i was so tired and cold and wet after the p*****g rain had soaked me completely about 5 times that day. Hubby was stuck at work with an emergency and although he offered to come and get me and take me home and then go back in I decided to man up and walk as it would have been a 1.5 hour round trip home and back for him. Ended up taking 45 mins to walk, so not TOO bad and i would normally have not minded it, but i was just so tired it got to me completely. Felt a bit of a drama queen about the crying once i'd started walking, but i don't think anyone saw.

I expect the exercise did me good, but my pelvis really ached last night every time i turned over. horrible.

fingers crossed for a better sleep tonight.

oikopolis Fri 13-Jul-12 16:33:16

ladygagoo i'm also experiencing extreme night-time bump wriggleage! it seems that whenever i lean too far over onto my side, she goes WILD until i move again!!

i am so looking forward to sleeping on my front again....

twizzlestix Fri 13-Jul-12 16:43:44

Just want to say...'Thank God it's Friday!!' that's all smile

Smallgreenone Fri 13-Jul-12 19:04:54

Hey all, tiredness definitely getting to me too now. I don't even have to commute in anymore as working from home and im still exhausted so I have huge respect for you ladies travelling in to work everyday.
Had a midwife appt today and baby's head is fully engaged apparently! He/she is getting ready quite early to make his/her appearance!
Had a slight disaster this week with a tub of gloss paint and the nursery carpet..........getting a new carpet fitted next week now! For anyone that ever wondered gloss paint does NOT come out!
On a better note though MIL dropped round a bag full of gorgeous goodies including things she has knitted- a little cardi, blanket, hat and booties. They are just delightful.
Have a lovely weekend all xxx

twizzlestix Sat 14-Jul-12 08:32:10

Is anyone else suffering from restless legs (well limbs, really) before you sleep? I am exhausted but getting to sleep is so hard. My legs and arms tingle and jerk. Keeps me awake sad Any remedies?

cjbk1 Sat 14-Jul-12 11:11:03

the only thing iv found twizzle is making myself exercise every day and I'd that fails taking one co-codamol tablet (which was prescribed while pg for headaches) and reading in bed till I'm falling asleep.good luck x

cjbk1 Sat 14-Jul-12 11:14:29


MadMonkeys Sat 14-Jul-12 12:07:06

twizzle I had that a few nights too, but oddly not last night. I find sleeping with a pillow between my legs helps. Along with the pillow that props up my bump and the V shaped pillow that goes down my back. Not much room for DH anymore!

Just my legs twizzle and it is driving me mad. Some nights I'm fine and others my legs start and I'm awake until all hours. Doesn't matter if I exercise or not. Maybe try to get some extra potassium from a banana?? I'm sure I read that somewhere but allergic to bananas myself so don't know if it works.

twizzlestix Sat 14-Jul-12 13:33:47

Thanks guys. I ve got a dream genie pillow but it hasn't helped. Will try the banana thing. I'm on my feet all day at work, walking round (very short distances,mind you) and I walk to shops each day maybe need to do some stretches or something? Can't even lie still enough to read!

Loup23 Sat 14-Jul-12 20:43:34

twizzle also suffering from that in the evening too , I heard about bananas and also tonic water..... Think the tonic might be to help cramps but going to try it this evening anyway grin

Tidied the spare room today and got all baby bits into chest of drawers and baskets etc, feel much more relaxed now slightly organised! 7 weeks to go wink x

WinterMymble Sun 15-Jul-12 01:02:44

Hi all!

Wow it is great hearing how everyone is progressing - things are really moving along! (though I still have no hospital bag smile

Has anyone else felt MASSES of movement really really lowdown at he very base of your pelvis? The absolute lowest down area. Wombat has been mysteriously grinding my lowest pelvic bones all evening. I would like to junk it was a sign of engaging the head in pelvis, but at 32+4 I think it is probably unlikely?

MadMonkeys Sun 15-Jul-12 09:12:22

Loup me too, got all the baby stuff down from the loft and had a big sort out in the spare room. Tonnes of stuff to be binned or go to charity. Where does all the junk come from? DH put the crib up in our room again and now it really feels real. We had a tour of the delivery facilities at the hospital yesterday too, which all looks good. They said it is rare for someone to miss out on a water birth due to the pools being already in use, so that's great, but they also said 2nd timers struggle to get in the pool in time sometimes because the births are so much quicker. Hmmm, we'll see.

DD (2.6) seems to be taking the appearance of baby gear in her stride.

Getting a bit achy in the pelvis now. Mw said the baby was head down at my last appointment and I imagine the extra weight is starting to have its effect. I can't believe how far time is going by now. I'm 31 weeks and it really feels like last week I was telling someone I was 27 weeks. I think the last few weeks are going to fly by.

funchum8am Sun 15-Jul-12 11:54:58

I know what you mean about time flying - I cannot believe I'm 30+3. Once school breaks up and I'm not counting down the days to that I'll be busy busy all the time visiting family and friends and going to the Olympics, and then on holiday, and then it will be time to go back to work (for all of a week) and then leave...then two weeks til the EDD (though suspect since it's my first and DH and I both very late, our baby will be late!)

I am also feeling very stiff and achy when I wake up but I think that's because the last two mornings I have slept quite late so have just been lying on the left hand side a bit longer. As soon as I haul myself up and get moving it wears off til early evening when the lower back starts to ache again.

I have bought most stuff for the hospital bag and am going to start packing it in a sec...wah! Still need to find some really big pants for post-birth. I bought three huge packs of maternity towels from Superdrug yesterday, plus some mini bottles of toiletries, and the young lad on the counter asked if I was "going anywhere nice", bless him. I pointed out the towels and my bump and said "depends if you count the local hospital as nice!" He was sooo sweet though, he said he hadn't noticed my bump etc, and was all keen to know if it was a boy or a girl!

I'm also faffing about re car seats - my car is a Fiat and has ISOFIX already in the seats - does anyone know if an iCandy Peach car seat will work with ISOFIX?? I gather from the website it has MaxiCosi adaptors and I heard MaxiCosi is compatible with ISOFIX but can't find confirmation of that on the iCandy site...very confused. If not I will have to just use the seatbelt to strap it in.

twizzlestix Sun 15-Jul-12 17:11:21

You have to use a maxi cosi car seat with iCandy frame, we've ordered the strawberry and bought the maxi cosi cabriofix seat (better reviews on which? website) last weekend. The bases for maxi cosi do come with and without isofix. You have to buy car seat separately to the pushchair, doesn't come as a package ifyswim.

Am 33+1 today and babystix seems to think wedging her bottom into my rib cage is comfortable. Not for me it's not! Have to keep leaning over birth ball to try to get comfortable!

I have partly packed labour bag. I ordered these:


Just in case need EMCS or have stitches as air can circulate better.

shoeprincess2 Sun 15-Jul-12 19:34:14

Hi ladies- can't believe we are now on the home stretch. I'm actually getting a little excited, but anxious at the same time. Sleeping for long stretches is now something of the past- I'm either awake worrying about everything (we'll be moving house when I am 36 weeks and still some much today), mithering about the birth (I had a huge baby last time) or needing to go to the loo. Plus, baby has his own night time activities going on, so I'm forever being poked and prodded. Anyone else suffering from terrible mood swings and uncontrollable bouts of crying? I just hope i don't do it at work!!

On the plus side, my hospital nags are pretty much packed. Just in case...DS1 was 10 days overdue and induced, so not expecting an early arrival. Well, i finish work on 17 August, so hope to get at least a week or so to myself (due 12 September). Still feeling incredibly frumpy and dull. My skin is just so dull at the moment- i think I'll do a facial tonight.

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying these weeks of preparation!

I know how you feel shoeprincess . We will be moving within the next month and I'm seriously stressing out about it, especially since I won't be much use during proceedings. I'm not used to taking a back seat.

I have now had to buy even more maternity trousers as my hips appear to have exploded out in two days and I could no longer get mine on. Means my bump has dropped really low even though baby's head is still free. Must have more room in my pelvis now. I'm an odd shape but on the plus side my lungs aren't getting squished. My mum keeps commenting on it and predicting I'm going to go early hmm Thanks for that.

Macaroons Sun 15-Jul-12 22:30:16

I've read that some of you are suffering from constipation. What I found really useful is having banana with the cereal in the morning. Banana has potassium too so apparently will help with leg cramps (but I still suffer from leg cramps every now and then...)

went shopping at the Ashford outlet today, bought a few items for the LO from petit bateau, they're like 50-60 or even 70% off retail price, and also bought myself a dress - nice soft jersey cotton dress for 18 quid (and an extra 10% off as well)! looking forward to wearing that!

Hope everyone is coping well in the third trimester. I find it harder to fall asleep at night because whichever way I sleep it's not so comfy. 32 weeks now, measured my bump the other day, it's 42"!!

Realised it's not that long to go, have not packed the hospital bag yet, have read that someone here (sorry not very good with names, baby brain!) got some ready-packed one from e-bay but they only seem to have stuff like travel size shower gel and toothpaste? we need more stuff like nappies, maternity pads and baby clothing right?

Still debating whether to have epidural or water birth.... have you thought about your birth plan yet?

Ah, shoeprincess, we're due the same day. But I finish on 2nd Aug, I walk to work (just over a mile) 3 days per week and don't want to do it throughout August really!
I'm also feeling really frumpy, my arms have got really fat, and as I'm roasting most of the time need to be in short sleeves.

I can imagine your imminent house moves are pretty stressful. I hate it at the best of times!

I have NO room by my lungs as her head is there atm. I think she's curled up facing my right and when she moves her head up and down I go a really funny shape.
And she seems to stamp her feet down onto my pelvic floor, which is not nice!
I'm spending plenty of time on the gym ball, sitting on it and leaning over it to try to get her to move but with no luck.
I've just got friendly with the idea of my second birth, and want to try to enjoy the experience as much as poss. Last time I was nervous and felt out of my depth. So I really don't want to be stressing about having a CS because she's breech.
Especially as I was hoping to have no birth partner this time.
DP is going to stay with DS and I've asked my mum to be with me, but actually now think I'd prefer to be alone. Last time the birth was great, but the PPH really traumatised DP and I don't think he's recovered mentally.
I'll worry about that later!

Macaroons, I won't take a birth plan with me as it'll probably go out the window anyway but I have had some thoughts about it.
Basically, I'm taking a tens machine and will use gas and air, lovely stuff!
I have to have an 'active third stage' which I think means a drip to get the placenta out safely as I have a history of heammorhage.
Other than that, I'll just go with what I feel at the time. (And do as I'm told!)
I just want to avoid CS as my toddler son will be needing extra cuddles and I imagine will feel very heavy after holding a newborn again.

I can't wait to hold her. She'll be all new and little! Her tiny vests are the sweetest!

Littlecherublegs Mon 16-Jul-12 13:02:19

Well I can certainly sympathise with those of you who are now feeling ultra tired!! I slept for 10 hours last night and could have easily slept for longer!
Saying that it has now become broken sleep as it is getting quite uncomfortable - I woke up at 3.30am and again at 6.30am, I think because of babys movements and just general aches & pains!

Generally feel very fat and heavy too! Have put on over 2 stones now and the 'waddling' has kicked in!!

Finish work in 2 weeks though so really looking forward to that! smile

Me and DH spent some of yesterday sorting through all the babys stuff and trying to find homes for everything! Was very exciting and made it all seem very real - cannot wait (though dont really want baby to come early so will actually wait, ha!!) smile

Hope all is well with everyone!

leelteloo Mon 16-Jul-12 17:45:26

Yes tired here too. Spent the day cleaning, tidying and organising and now can't move. Trouble is the more I do, the more I find to do and I feel the need to clean and sort everything; damn nesting hormones. Poor dd doesn't get it at all and is wondering why I'm not playing with her.
Right, time to peel my self off sofa and cook tea. Yawn

Rachel130690 Mon 16-Jul-12 21:17:10

Shoeprincess your not the only only, I'm due to move house in 2/3 weeks time and I'll be 36 weeks at the time, I am dreading it but at same time I cannot wait.. Have been living with dp's family for past few months and I'm starting to go mad.

Had a good few days away, tho worst nights sleep ever, heartburn was killer and had nothing to take or prop myself up with. Also 6 days with dp's family in a caravan was enough to want to be home.

So moving house can't come quick enough smile

Can't wait to start sorting through all baby stuff, tho I still have a lot to get.. But just trying to get as much as possible as presents smile

How was everyone's weekend? Xx

Macaroons Tue 17-Jul-12 09:19:47

Moving house is tiring enough even when you are not pregnant, good luck to those who are gonna move in the next few weeks!

I've been so tired lately. Kept waking up in the middle of the night to go to the loo, very annoying!

cakeladyc Tue 17-Jul-12 18:54:16

Help Ladies! Is there anything I can take for hayfever? Anything at all? I'm suffering so bad I look like I have a cold! sad

twizzlestix Tue 17-Jul-12 18:55:13

Good luck to all the brave souls moving house. We were going to but we chickened out at the thought of moving whilst heavily pregnant/with a newborn.

Feeling very rough today, got a blooming cold which is causing sinus pain when I lie down as if sleeping isn't hard enough with reflux and restless legs! A cold in blinking July, just my luck. Honestly!

On plus side think we may have finally agreed a possible name but DH has a history of changing his mind on this issue but fingerscrossed. He seems a lot more positive this time!

meXem Tue 17-Jul-12 20:19:03

Sorry not checked in for a while, Good luck to everyone moving house! I can't imagine what that must be like whilst pg. We have just had a MEGA clear up of our entire home these past few days and I'm shattered!!

Still not bought anything for Baby or me just yet other than the travel system. macaroons I live just down the road from Ashford so will be checking out the outlet centre! (it hadn't even crossed my mind before, thanks!)

I'm on my final week of work at the school YAY!! but my Nannying job continues again next week as the kids are back from holidays.

No adverse pregnancy related troubles other than slight twitchy legs before sleep and the 4am wee trip. blush

Had my Anti D injections and mw appt. in past couple of weeks and all is well (although bump is measuring at the lower end of the average scale) so need to watch that.

signing off now as my darling dog is pestering to go out hmm

cakelady my midwife wouldn't get me anything on prescription when I asked her but I know there is something you can take while pregnant. Although I don't think it's any of the ones you can buy off the shelf.
Your GP can prescribe it. If you can bear to wait that long without scratching your own eyes out!

Natural remedies are to put vaseline around your nostrils to keep the pollen out, wrap around sunglasses to protect your eyes when outside and local honey.
I hate honey but found it's bearable dissolved in a cup of black coffee.
It's best to get honey from a beehive within 7 miles of where you live.
You'd be surprise how easy it is to get hold of. Local farm shop or garden centre should have some.

leelteloo Tue 17-Jul-12 22:54:32

Sympathy to those suffering with hay-fever. Hope you feel better soon. I'm struggling too, got a virus picked up from dd and it's gone on my chest. It hurts every time i breath and coughing is unbearable; my pelvic floor can't take it and I'm like some wheezy incontinent granny!!! Joy of joys wink

Smallgreenone Wed 18-Jul-12 10:13:52

The midwife told me that you can take piriton for hayfever and they can prescribe it for you if you want to take advantage of free prescription thing. I was suffering a couple of weeks ago but mines gone now, it's such an annoying allergy.

Hello! Glad to hear you are all wiggling and waddling along nicely! I had my 28 week app a fortnight ago and now a massive 6 week gap until 34 weeks.

I did NCT last time and made lots of lovely friends that I still see often. Last night I went to an NCT homebirth workshop thingy and thought it was a waste of time, really fluffy and setting the NHS up as "them" whereas the NHS one I attended was brilliant, lots of useful real info like what kit to expect the midwives to turn up with, what's useful for me to have ready etc.

Ok personal question - how is everyone's sex drives? I was really mad for it first time round but now, urgh no, really really don't fancy it - feel too tired and unattractive

cakeladyc Wed 18-Jul-12 12:01:48

Thanks for the hayfever advice ladies, i'm not too bad today which is good, but I will ask midwife at appt next week if it gets really bad again.

MakeTea - what sex life?! I honestly havent had any urge/desire/anything at all!! I do feel bad for my husband, but he's incredibly patient and lovely and not been pushy at all.

Turquoisecat Wed 18-Jul-12 12:06:45

Hi all,

Really good luck to all those moving house - my best friends have just bought a place and I'm having to hold back on my nesting urges because otherwise I'll end up decorating their house as well as my own (well, DH is decorating, I am supervisor and designer)!!!

Is anyone else finding it a bit of a slog now? I realised yesterday that I worked my dates out wrong, and I've got 5 weeks left of work rather than 4 sad. I blame slowly melting baby brain. I know I'll be thrilled at the end with my new baby, but blimey, nine months is a long time!

pgreen Wed 18-Jul-12 12:22:14

clearly hormonal today. I cried when I heard Ed Sheeran Small bump on the radio this morning then ate a whole pack of Jaffa cakes (feeling a bit sick now). Then baby pram arrived and been drawn to tears again.... lordy WTF?

So glad I've practically wound down work now but too much time on my hands and no energy to do anything about it.

Wish those moving good luck, have no idea how you do it at this stage!

TinkerMaloo Wed 18-Jul-12 13:37:18

pgreen that song should be banned! he only has to say the first word of it and I am in floods of tears, in fact I'm welling up now just because you mentioned it! dear god lol!

maketea my sex drive comes in fits and starts, weeks of nothing and then all of a sudden I have a few days when I cant get enough of attempting to and never finding anyway thats actually comfortable lol, still got to have a go though! Think its on the downward slope now though.. 'Til I get my "help things get started" mood towards the very end...

Smallgreenone Wed 18-Jul-12 14:09:18

Certainly no sex here! I feel so unattractive anyway and luckily the doctor has banned it as my membranes have a hole in them it's easy for infections to get in so no sex allowed! DH did say the other day that he was really looking forward to having me back to normal, I'm not sure he realises it might be a while longer after the baby's born before I'm feeling remotely inclined!

twizzlestix Wed 18-Jul-12 20:36:47

No energy for that sort of hanky pankie grin Also many be tmi but feel bit swollen in the undercarriage area so not sure how comfortable it'd be!

I have 2 questions for you lovely ladies:
1) Anyone know of any decongestants I can use to clear sinuses?
2) How many cellular blankets do you think is appropriate? Was thinking maybe 2 or 3. One for Moses basket, one for pram maybe a spare? Is that OTT?

thanks in advance

MadMonkeys Wed 18-Jul-12 21:30:29

twizzle we swaddled DD in celular blankets for the first few weeks until she was big enough for sleeping bags. And if she was sick or did a poo in the night (or several such incidents) we could get through 3 or 4 per night. The great thing about them is that they dry very quickly so if you put a wash on in the morning they should be ready by bedtime.

Loopyhasanotherbean Thu 19-Jul-12 08:40:14

twizzle we won't be using cellular blankets, baby will go into merino sleeping bags straight away, as we found DS slept far better in those than in anything else, and the sooner we can get this one sleeping through the better - DS was doing it by 7 weeks, so will be interesting to see if this one is quicker if we use them from the outset....but i would back up madmonkeys in that whatever you use, you will need lots of them. We never had an issue with leaky nappies (highly recommend pampers new baby, followed by pampers baby dry) but DS had (and still has) reflux and so we would get through so many things with him being sick - as a result we now have lots of sleeping bags, lots of bra's for me, lots of duvet covers and fitted sheets for our bed and lots of bath towels to minimise the amount of sick that would go on our bed etc(as i would feed him in bed as he was in our room till just over 5 months) as he would very regularly feed from me and then throw up the entire contents of his stomach - far more than a muslin could ever hope to cope with!!! and have bought a new sick bowl in case this baby is as sicky as DS was - as our current sick bowl now lives in his room as if we are very quick we can often catch it in there now as we can tell the signs when he is going to do it....

Ju1es22 Thu 19-Jul-12 12:49:33

Hey ladies

Just got back from growth scan my small babies measuring fine on 50th percentile, and weighing aprox 4ib 7oz, that'll be those steroids I had a few weeks ago.

Consultant felt baby very low can bearly feel head less than 1/5 felt oh bollocks! With my cervix already starting to thin at 28 weeks he seems to think she'll arrive sooner rather than later! Good job we've nearly got everything sorted

Hope you ladies are coping with this warmer weather its doi ng my head in already, hopefully it wont last too long, hub y says im just being mean saying that!

Can anyone recommend good slings? im off to buy one tomorrow don't wanna spend a fortune but want a good one

Littlecherublegs Thu 19-Jul-12 13:22:40

Maketeasnotwar - my sex drive has gone through the roof!! Feel horny most of the time!! blush Though saying that it is difficult to actually do the deed with a massive bump and zero energy!! We keep trying though, ha!!
Though like some of you, I dont actually feel very sexy or attractive but DH must still think I am!!

twizzle - we have bought 2 cellular blankets, a 'normal' blanket, 2 swaddling blankets and a gro-bag! Not sure which we will use, when and where etc yet but thought it might be wise to get a few different types and experiment with them when abby is here to see which s/he likes the best.

Sorry, cant help with the decongestant stufff but hope you're ok!!

Ju1es - cant help on the sling front either - we have decided not to bother getting one. Hope you find something suitable though!!

Macaroons Thu 19-Jul-12 13:36:16

We started to wash the beddings, flannels and muslin cloth we bought... When I was unwrapping them from the original packaging I thought I was being a little OTT but noting what others have said here I think it's better to have some spare than to run out in the middle of the night...

I think we are quite lucky that its not too hot this summer...(although it would be nice if we get more sunny days...)

TinkerMaloo Thu 19-Jul-12 13:38:22

Ju1es I think slings seem to really be a personal preference thing, but in my opinion and experience you get the best ones off the net not the high street! My faves are the Mei Tai style, but I did quite like my ring sling too, though not for long.

www.meitaibaby.com/ You can get them from various diff sites though, so shop around!

Rachel130690 Thu 19-Jul-12 16:14:53

Where did everyone buy their Muslins, sheets, etc am trying to find cheapest and could do with some help? X

Turquoisecat Thu 19-Jul-12 16:48:19

Hi Rachel,

We also got ours from the cheapest place possible (seems a waste to spend a lot when they'll be use to wipe up yucky stuff!) - we got some from Wilkinsons (don't know if you've got any of those in your area?) and some from Aldi when they had their last baby event on. Both places were about a £1/cloth.

Planning on getting some more from Ikea at about £1.50/cloth, and I noticed Asda are about the same price. hope this helps!

Rachel130690 Thu 19-Jul-12 17:48:14

Nope no aldi or wilkinsons nearest is 150+ miles from me. I'm from northern Ireland smile will check out asda.. Thanks tho xx

Loopyhasanotherbean Thu 19-Jul-12 19:47:27

rachel i got packs of muslins for DS from asda direct website, and pretty sure they still sell them. They were packs with a light blue one, a dark blue one, and a patterned one. Also got some plain white ones, think from Tesco. It meant i could put one of each colour/pattern into bag when we went out, and it would be easy to then remember which one had been sicked on/which was clean, rather than having to sniff them or get sick on me!! Asda direct has lots of very cheap bits on it, just have to go through every category as its a bit weird where they hide some of them!

Loopyhasanotherbean Thu 19-Jul-12 19:50:28

oh and re slings, i keep hearing lots and lots of good things re ergo carriers, don't damage babies hips like baby bjorn and similar ones do, there is a legit stockist in Peterborough so i'm going to wait until baby is here and then go over and try them on to see how they feel....we have a tomy one and a close one but i didn't find the tomy one comfy (we'd bought it for DP to use) and the close one just didn't feel secure and made all my clothes look highly unflattering...hoping the ergo lives up to my expectations as it would be really handy to have my hands free so can still do stuff with ds while baby sleeps on me...

Loopyhasanotherbean Thu 19-Jul-12 19:53:56

rachel here you go - direct.asda.com/george/baby/muslin-squares/3-max-muslin-squares/GEM80133,default,pd.html

they do them in pink as well, i can't remember who is having what on here!!

Rachel I highly recommend checking out an NCT nearly new sale if you've got any near you - I've picked up all sorts for pence.

cakeladyc Fri 20-Jul-12 12:59:26

i got my muslins off ebay - brand new in pack, i've got white, yellow and purple ones. Think they're Junior Joy brand.

We've started washing everything and getting things in baskets.
This weekend its getting my hospital bag together and my nans 95th birthday party, and trying to find some curtains with blackout lining and a nice lampshade.
Have lovely weekends! :-)

We've been given a baby bjorn carrier & I want a Mei Tai one for when the baby is tiny, I've been looking on eBay for that, I'm hoping to get a Mam baby wearing coat too!

we had a 31 wk check yesterday, tracking 50th centile & head down already so it's all good here, also the midwife thinks she can talk sense into DH about a homebirth!

On the sex front, I'm horny all the time - poor DH is starting to get a 'hunted' look blush grin

Is anyone else suffering from PREGNANCY RAGE though? mostly with strangers but occassionally with family members? My mum won't give over that I know what sex the baby is (I'm firmly on team surprise) and that I'm not telling her... not sure why, because I'm spiteful perhaps, so is over analysing every thing I say to try to work it out. This week it was because I mentioned a 'viking hat' complete with horns (this one: hat - how cool?!) , this means I must know I'm having a boy apparently. I mean wtf? it's a hat! There may have been swearing about her giving up and leaving me alone or I'd never tell her what the sex was, ever. blush And relax.

Enormo post, sorry!

cakeladyc Fri 20-Jul-12 14:27:03

OMG Nightmare I want that hat! For me, sod the kid! smile

Holy crap I just weighed myself!! 11 st 11 - WTF?! More than a 2 stone weight gain - is that normal for 31 weeks?

Rachel130690 Fri 20-Jul-12 16:31:02

nightmare that hat is awesome smile would be so so cute on..

I'm going to check out eBay again but i never seem to find anything lol think everyone here is snapping them up before i get a chance, that or im looking in wrong place..

This weekend I've managed to persuade Oh to come baby shopping with me smile and get the hospital bags ready.

We're also writing our list out for our new house on what we need. Luckily his mum has managed to kit our whole kitchen out with spare stuff from hers. It's crazy the amount of stuff she had in her cupboards..

Unfortunately cause I'm from northern Ireland they don't have any nct nearly new sales near me. I'd have to drive over an hour to newest one and i would prob end up lost sad

maketea I'm not sure what the normal weight gain is but you'll prob find its in the normal range.. Sorry I can't be any help.


cakelady Me too, and DH, but I think a fmily of viking hat wearers might raise a few eyebrows grin

MakeTeaNotWar I'm sure it's about right as the baby is starting to put on weight now as well as you getting reserves for breast feeding surely? (Although I have no idea really - MW weighed me yesterday and I've gained... 3.75 lb in total, still 6lb under pre preg weight, and not quite 9 stone - they're 'going to keep an eye on that' apparently. sad

Sunflower101 Fri 20-Jul-12 17:18:17

Weekend, yay!
Anyone else feeling a lot hungrier these days? I'm 33 weeks today and had to have afternoon snack, cinnamon bagel - yum! Some days I feel like I am grazing a lot and checking out the cupboards, trying to eat fruit, I'm succeeding but then also eating crackers and cheese as well!
Hospital bag is on my list of things to sort out this weekend.
Weather is getting better for weekend, although I have appreciated cooler temps to avoid swollen ankles and fingers! But had enough rain now!

twizzlestix Fri 20-Jul-12 20:31:56

cakelady I also love the hat! I am irrationally irritated by my DM too. Comments and moans, I'd normal ignore or put up with now really rile me. Getting so I can barely spend 5 mins with her!

On a plus point, with holiday added on, I have started my maternity leave at 34 weeks grin I am so relieved as I've felt completely exhausted this week!

maketea sure it's in range. I am gaining rapidly in 3rd trimester especially considering I'd only gained 5.5lb by 6 months! Am packing on now! Don't know why as eating habits haven't changed. Guess baby's growing rapidly now confused
Thanks for all advice on blankets will get 3 to start and see how we go...

Sex? What is this sex you speak of? I lost all interest from the moment I got the bfp. Poor dp. Strangely I was the opposite in my last pregnancy so I'm convinced it's the difference in gender hormones.

Sounds about the same as what I've put on maketea . I put it all on at the start so haven't really added many pounds on lately. I'm sure that'll all change soon though.

Does anyone else think there's an awful lot to pack in their hospital bag? I intend to make up a bag for labour, one overnight hospital and have one packed for a couple of extra days and leave it in the house. Still seems like a lot in the hospital bag.

I'm in N.I too Rachel . It's not great for NCT but if you're on facebook do you have a 'Things for sale around (your town)' group?? There's one for my town and a fair bit of baby stuff comes up.

Rachel130690 Sat 21-Jul-12 11:02:20

Yea I do ballroom and have managed to buy my travel system from it but that's it. Everything else is for older kids or stuff people have said don't buy that I'll buy it when baby born.. Though I always keep a good eye on it.

Went to a really big tescos last night to get some stuff re: hospital bag, bought a packet of 10 maternity pads but didnt want to buy more incase they crap. Might buy a few packs from different places. Anyone get some excellent ones from particular shop? Also got some plain blue Muslins but on look out for patterned ones, the cutest hooded baby towel and a wee comforter thing, Oh wanted to buy it.

However when looking at clothes was disappointed in lack of baby boys stuff, seems that most shops just a very small amount boys stuff compared to girls. Which sucks sad trying to find a really awesome coming home outfit)

I agree with the hospital bag, seems like a lot of stuff and then having to have extra bag ready. I have no idea what I'm packing into what yet lol or what needs to go into labour bag.. Could do with someone else packing mine sad


Smallgreenone Sat 21-Jul-12 12:39:19

rachel try bob and blossom for baby boys stuff, they have some cute little boy things on their website. Xxx

Rachel130690 Sat 21-Jul-12 16:13:52

Thanks smallgreenone had a look but it's a bit dear for me. £22 for one sleep suit thing is way over budget for me sad but was some gorgeous stuff on website..

Smallgreenone Sat 21-Jul-12 16:51:08

I know it's pricey but as a special going home outfit maybe!? I'm naughty and I spend far too much on silly baby clothes that will be grown out of in minutes but I just can't help myself! Just need to win the lottery to fund this habit or we won't be able to eat soon!!

Rachel130690 Sat 21-Jul-12 17:37:55

Yea there is a few things that have me tempted. I might buy one or two things and just pretend there from Asda lol Dp won't no the difference.. Thanks for the heads up on the site smile

Loopyhasanotherbean Sat 21-Jul-12 19:52:56

just a quickie. I used the tesco maternity pads last time, cheap as chips but they did the job perfectly, stayed in place, absorbant, i had no complaints. Similar matter, i found cheap breast pads were awful, highly recommend lanisoh ones, feel so much softer and actually do stay in place (cheap ones don't and it hurts a lot if one moves and sticks to your boob and you have to peel it off) plus embarassing if out and have to really fumble around one handed trying to reposition a pad - nigh on impossible one handed! lansinoh ones currently on offer at Boots and Sainsburys so i've got 15 months worth stocked up now smile

Re hospital bags, i am planning for worse case scenario (ended up with EMCS last time and 5 days in hospital. So i've packed my lovely new changing bag with baby things and labour things (ie 14 nappies, 7 vests, 5 baby grows, 4 muslins, 3 bibs, small pot of sudocream, cotton wool balls, wipes, breast pads, one nightie, maternity pads, disposable knickers, big black knickers, lansinoh, vaseline for baby's bum to stop sticky poo sticking as much!, lip balm, tissues, all in one powder make up (photos last time were awful so determined i will be a slightly more yummy mummy this time!) drinks bottle, sleeping bag, carrier bag for dirty clothes) and then i have a small case with all the things for me for after the birth (one pack of biscuits, clothes, toiletries, towel, lightweight dressing gown, deoderant, nighties, yoga pants, vest tops, nursing bra's, sleep bra's, pregnacare, and cotton pads for my face). In DP's car, we will just have extra nappies, extra maternity pads, nighties, and day clothes for me, in case its a longer stay. Will also have a bag of snacks in DP's car shortly ( some people say they pack snacks for labour, i was very sick in labour, couldn't even keep down water, last thing i wanted to do was eat so won't need these until later - just have one packet of biscuits in my bag so something is ready to hand for afterwards, the rest can stay in DP's car for when i need them). By keeping them in his car, it will remove the temptation for me to eat them over the next 6-7 weeks!!

Last minute things to pack when i go into labour include - mirror, comb, hairbrush and hairclip, toothbrush/paste, pillows (hospital ones here are leather cases, very hard and make you very sweaty) phone and charger, bottle of squash, cleanser, toner and moisturisers, and i will go in wearing my flip flops - essential for walking round the ward and in the shower! These are all things i don't really have spares of so can't pack them sooner. I will also be taking in a small plastic jug, just in case this one doesn't end up as a EMCS, as i heard it can be very painful to wee after a vaginal birth, and if you pour water whilst you wee, it doesn't sting/burn as much. I'd like a hand held fan, but we need to buy one before i can pack it! I'm bound to have forgotten something else though!

Loopyhasanotherbean Sat 21-Jul-12 19:53:34

*clearly a bad typo, i mean lansinoh breast pads!!

Macaroons Sun 22-Jul-12 09:24:45

That's a lot of stuff loopy!! I think I'd better get started ...

Rachel130690 Sun 22-Jul-12 11:01:43

Yea I'm gonna check my list off your loopy

So last night whilst I was asleep and minding my own business.. And my boyfriends brother came into our room and said there's a smash, went outside and some foreigner has smashed my back window in on my wee car. It was just sitting there minding its own. He went running after the guy but couldn't find them. Bloody nightmare.. I have no cash to replace this or to cover my excess sad

Sorry just needed a moan.. X

twizzlestix Sun 22-Jul-12 23:27:32

sad sorry rachel Did they steal anything as well?

Loopyhasanotherbean Mon 23-Jul-12 09:09:34

rachel that is crap at any time, but even more so when money is tight with a baby due very soon.

Re hospital bags, it might seem a lot, but its all the things i ended up having in there last time, and we are trying to be a lot more organised about it, so that DP doesn't have to run errands as much as last time we planned on a home birth and so didn't have much packed, and every day he was bringing things in from home, and taking things back and with DS to consider as well this time, we are aiming that if i am kept in 5 days again, at least there isn't much he needs to bring in other than things that are already stored in a box from his car, and some fresh fruit (something which wasn't available from the hospital menu).

Like i said, i'm bound to have forgotten something so feel free to shout if there is anything i've forgotten!! I know some people pack books, magazines, card games etc, but personally i was in no state in labour to bother with anything like that, and afterwards was so exhausted and in a mess from the EMCS and complications that it was enough to try and sit up and stay awake to look after DS, if i had tried to read anything it would have been fatal, i would have fallen asleep and dropped him!!

Rachel130690 Mon 23-Jul-12 09:35:10

twizzle and loopy it does suck but no they didn't take anything, was nothing in my car to take. Everyone thinks they were trying to steal my car (it's common here for them so go in though boot) but when my boyfriends brother heard smash he got up and put his light on so it prob scared them away (his room at front of house).

The guy from autoglass is coming this morning to sort it out, just gotta pay the excess, whatever amount that is.

loopy it does seem like a lot but you are exactly what I needed.. It's my first and I've created so many lists and still feel like I'm missing stuff or not packing enough, so it's great to have this to check my list to so thanks smile


leelteloo Mon 23-Jul-12 13:16:40

Is anyone else feeling a bit sick? I'm 31 weeks and have lost my appetite and when I do eat I feel sick. Don't remember this from first one and wonder if it actually pregnancy related or to do with chest infection I've had.

Ah, Rachel that's crappy. I hope your excess isn't too steep.
We've just had to pay out a grand for a new clutch, which has maxed out the credit card. That was going to be emergency money for while I was on maternity leave.
Well, we get through life by just stumbling over obstacles eh?!

Loopy's list for hospital bag is pretty much as mine.
The only real extras I can add to it are:
Car park change, essential phone numbers (in case phones die), pen and paper (I do love my lists!), alcohol hand gel, iPod, camera and ear plugs.

I've managed to get it all across two bags. Not bad going considering the amount of crap I had last time. Where I went in unprepared I had people bring me things and ended up with so many of those big shopping bags it was ridiculous!

I hope everyone's coping OK. I've been scrubbing floors on my knees this weekend. Thank goodness the nesting instinct has kicked in. It's the only way I'll get anything done!
Although my back paid the price last night...

Smallgreenone Mon 23-Jul-12 13:51:48

I'm going to need a bigger hospital bag! No idea that you needed so much stuff, thanks ladies you're lists are really helpful. X

Sorry to hear about your car Rachel . It's awful it happening now just when you need the money for other important stuff. Hope your excess isn't too much. I'm just waiting on dp getting home. I had sent him out to pick up another application form that he filled out wrong and while he was parked some ** smacked into the front of our car jolting it into the car behind and drove off. He's just waiting on the police now so haven't a clue what damage has been done sad

Thanks for the lists ladies. They are really helpful.

pgreen Mon 23-Jul-12 18:18:42

nightmare I also think that hat is awesome too. MakeTeaNotWar if its any consolation I've gained almost 10kg's so far and still have 6 weeks to go.... more than I had anticipated to be honest and most of it since week 28!

Loopyhasanotherbean god send list from you. I've only bought kotex maxi super absorbent towels, do I really need the maternity ones?

Rachel that's just really crappy so sorry to hear it.

Anyone getting right sided bump pains after walking any distance? Really stitch like but stay around for hours. Hoping its just the ligaments complaining. MW next week so I'll ask then

Loopyhasanotherbean Mon 23-Jul-12 19:40:55

pgreen i have no idea as to what kotex ones are like, but maternity ones are very thick, very long and very absorbant. I have heard of people having to wear two at once and changing them every hour or less, i wasn't as bad as that, only ever needed one at a time, but then again i had an EMCS and so i don't know if they cleaned some of it out during the op? They might well have done, i lost 3 pints in total as had a major PPH, and i don't know enough about bodies to know if they can really tell what blood comes from where? i know that when in hospital i leaked onto the bed several times, but they weren't my sheets, and they put bed mats ontop of the sheets, so most of it went onto the mats anyhow. I've only packed a pack of 10 into my bag, and have the rest in DP's car so he can bring them in if we end up being in 5 days like last time, as they are very bulky!

TinkerMaloo Mon 23-Jul-12 19:48:17

First birth I bled like something not supposed to stay alive.

Second birth very little at all (but for a looong time)

But if I were you pgreen I would invest in some proper maternity pads... They are much thicker and more absorbent and you will be glad of them if you need them., if not then you have only spent an extra £ or two to be on the safe side smile

twizzlestix Mon 23-Jul-12 21:23:21

Glad you asked pgreen I was told Always Ultra Night pads would do so bought those for my hospital bag...maybe will get some maternity pads as well after reading the above!

Cant remember who asked but I get weird stitch like pain on the left side of bump under my bust but I think it's baby's bottom. No kicks just a really odd & uncomfortable sensation.

twizzlestix Mon 23-Jul-12 21:26:05

Btw, anyone else melting today? After being warned about it incessantly, being 34+ weeks pregnant in 26+ degree heat is hideous after all! I thought it was all exaggeration!

Rachel130690 Mon 23-Jul-12 22:22:26

I got my maternity pads from tesco £1 for 10 so buy a pack and see how you go.. That way your not out loads of money.. I'll be going back for more as I've heard they are really good ones. And not that dear...

Yes pgreen to the pain on right hand side, I got this when I walked any real distance, Mw says its common cant remember reason why it happens but just ask them, a support belt might help, she recommended I hold my bump up when walking which helps.

Yes twizzle even though it's been tipping down all day it's very warm, do I've been roasting all day, all windows opened.

loopy my list wasn't too far off yours though I've added a few more baby things onto mine. And separated them into different bags.. I'm hoping to have a one night stay so fingers crossed everything goes fine...

Thanks everyone re my car.. I got it fixed today by autoglass and my excess was only £60.. So wasn't too bad, could of done without it but at least it's not £200 or £300. Fingers crossed it won't happen again!

Loopyhasanotherbean Tue 24-Jul-12 06:16:44

rachel i used those tesco ones last time, and got the same ones for this time. i think i got 3 packs of the big ones, and then a couple of packs of the thinner ones for later on when lochia is less, i really can't remember how many i got through last time though, but tescos is between the hospital and my house, so DP can always nip in there if we need more than 30 big ones! and like you say, at £1 a pack, they aren't breaking the bank.

Good news re your window.

And yes, being pregnant in summer isn't fun, DS was a November baby, and so this is my second time, but it was on purpose as we were aiming for a Sept onwards baby re school years, but still sucks! I have a fan on in our bedroom more often than not, and it really helps to cool me a bit at night. Just wish i could sit in front of it more in the day, but DS would get very bored if i did! I have lots of ice lollies in the freezer, rapidly dwindling in numbers though!! Current favourites are from tescos, £1 for 10, cola, lemonade and raspberry mixed box and quite low in calories, although don't like raspberry so DP will have a few of those to eat! And co op do a £1 box, but only get 6 in it, pineapple, orange and blackcurrant, the pineapple ones are very moreish!

TinkerMaloo Tue 24-Jul-12 07:24:43

today is going to be the hottest day so far this year sad

why do I have september babies???

CluelessMama Tue 24-Jul-12 16:48:25

leelteloo I'm 31+3 and yep, appetite not as good as usual and feeling sick at times. Think it's indigestion related/baby taking up space where stomach and internal organs should be. Really not like me to be off my food, find it unsettling! Have also been v tired and feeling light headed/faint more often over the past week. Just had midwife appt and she talked me through how these symptoms are completely normal at this stage while writing 'all well' in my notes!! I guess things are just getting harder as the weeks go on?! Hope you feel better soon.

shoeprincess2 Tue 24-Jul-12 17:49:18

Hi ladies- hope you have all been coping ok in this heat. Despite spritzing myself all day with water and having the fan on full pelt, I still felt incredibly icky and sticky. Lovely. Went for my weekly BP check (my BP went up at 40+3 last time, so now a matter of course beyond 32 weeks) and it was measuring 146/86 (i am prone to panic when I know that my BP is being taken in a medical environment) and so when the midwife said "oooh, it is measuring higher- I shall take it again in a bit", i couldn't help but panic a bit more. It then read 136/92. Urine fine and health fine- just this BP issue. The midwife has said that I have to go back again tomorrow for another reading, and if it is high again, I'll be sent off to the hospital for one of those "every 15 minute" checks for 2 hours. She then started saying that I need to relax more, as I don't want to have my baby delivered at this stage, when I'm only 32+6. That got me into even more of a spin and I now just feel as though I am pre destined to have issues from now on in. For the rest of the afternoon, I have been obsessing over ending up being hospitalised tomorrow, and not coming home until baby is delivered. We're supposed to be moving house next month and I am now worrying about that! I know the midwife has a duty of care towards me and the baby, but I am worrying myself sick. I normally have readings around 126/70 at home (when I use my monitor), but obviously it is the medical readings that they go off. Please hold my hand. I don't want to be induced so soon. Sorry for the ramble- I am hormonal and upset. S x

moogs1000 Tue 24-Jul-12 18:18:54

shoeprincess sure all will be fine, I always panic in medical situations too and go bright red and look ridiculous so surprised my readings aren't sky high!
Try to relax tonight( as much as possible) and give yourself plenty of time tomorrow before appointment so not rushing. It's better that they r keeping a close eye on you. Hope all goes well!

This weather is lovely , finally enjoyed a day in garden without terrible hayfever thanks to my lovely new prescribed nose spray ! Far too hot though and my feet r swelling, along with everything else!

Got a growth scan Fri so lookin forward to seeing where little one is lying.

Hope u r all well and not melting!

My appetite is fine. In fact I should really stop eating so much portion wise as it's crippling me with heartburn and reflux after. On the omeprazole in the morning and guzzling gaviscon all night.

Kind of envious of all your lovely weather and kind of glad it has been overcast and cooler here. Didn't help with the sleeping last night anyway - flaming insomnia.

Deep breaths shoe princess I'm exactly the same and have a serious case of white coat syndrome after suffering from pre-eclampsia with ds from about 29 weeks. My blood pressure goes through the roof if I even spot a cuff coming anywhere near me and I'm getting more stressed about it the further on I get. Normally the midwives/doctors have to take a few good readings from me but I warn them beforehand they will have to and they just keep taking it until it starts to come below what hypertension is classed as. Hopefully you will get a more understanding midwife tomorrow.
If you end up with a 2 hour check can you bring some relaxing music with you?? I've been listening to pregnancy meditation music and plan to bring it in to listen to if I need a more in-depth bp check so they are getting an accurate reading. Good luck for tomorrow.

CluelessMama Wed 25-Jul-12 08:56:52

Best of luck today shoeprincess2. I agree with ballroomblitz, it's good to have a strategy to help you to stay calm, like listening to music. If anyone tells me to relax it generally just makes me think more about what's happening that I'm already stressing about! I need my head to be busy with something else, so I once recited song lyrics in my head to distract me while having a brain scan, and I've either chatted or silently tried to figure out the construction of the surgery ceiling whenever I've had a blood test during this pregnancy. Is there something you can concentrate your mind on so there's no space for those panicky thoughts? Imagining sights along a favourite walk? Trying to remember the titles of every book on your shelves?!
Hope all goes well.

shellybop Wed 25-Jul-12 10:06:32

not been on for a while as we went for a little holiday to wales and had no phone or internet reception. It was lovely!! Glad we didn't go abroad though as in the middle of the week i think i hit 'critical mass' of bump size and started to feel really heavy when walking about etc. think i would have struggled with aeroplanes etc. We basically ate lots and chilled out.

shoeprincess - I hope all is well today. Maybe try some breathing exercises for a few minutes before your BP is taken? Will give you something to really focus on and is also thought to lower BP whilst they are being done...

thanks to loopy and wherearemyshoes for the maternity bag lists - REALLY useful as i have had no idea what to take but feel i should start buying the necessary bits and pieces.

had an adorable day with my husbands neices last week - they are 3 and 7 and were transfixed by the bump. Started singing to it and then decided they might need to be louder to be heard so went and got a microphone and amp and did a little concert for bump to teach him some nursery rhymes! so so cute!

pgreen Wed 25-Jul-12 14:38:44

Thanks Ladies going to pop to tesco and get some maternity pads then. Then really need to get this bag together x

Rachel130690 Wed 25-Jul-12 18:15:50

shelly I'm glad you had a good time smile I'm very jealous would love a trip away. And your nieces sound so cute...

shoeprincess hope everything went okay today and that you found a way to help reduce your anxiety.

pgreen I picked myself some up yesterday they 99p for 10 and then you can get the thinner type for £1.50, I don't think they too badly priced.

I've been meaning to get my bag sorted for ages.. Am constantly buying different things for it and yet it still is unpacked. Also because we're due to move house we have things everywhere and part of my hospital bag things are at my Oh's grannies house.

Think I am going to go shopping tomorrow and force myself to buy everything else.. I only have one bag so need to pack it really well so I no where everything is.

The weather today is just lovely here, nice and sunny.. (I'm appreciating this from inside)

shoeprincess2 Wed 25-Jul-12 18:26:41

Hi ladies! Well, as I could have predicted, I ended up being sent to the Day Care Unit at the hospital, for BP monitoring. My BP was borderline when the midwife checked it, so she rang up and off i trotted (complete with a nervous rash on my neck and teary eyes!) So, I got myself comfy in day care, and started doing some visualisation exercises in my mind. They seemed to work, as I got 4 fine readings and got sent on my way. That was a relief. Now i have to try and get a normal reading each week with the midwife, otherwise I'll keep being sent off to the hospital. The hospital acknowledge it is probably anxiety, but they obviously can't take any risks. They said that I'll probably end up on a low dose of labetalol by the end (which happened last time round at 40+3), but i am hoping to get to 39 weeks and have my c section without any further issues. Maybe I need to keep an MP3 player to hand with some relaxation exercises on it? Thank you all for your support- i just need to keep on chilling out! x

cjbk1 Wed 25-Jul-12 19:00:58

dh is away tonight and I was looking forward to it so much; putting the children to bed early, having the tv remote, ordering a takeaway.....but now I'm home from work (I'm working till 38 wks by the way) I'm not hungry(mouth ulcers don't help) and just want them asleep so i can't go to sleep, I'll
probably sleep thru taking dd for a wee but I'm going to risk it...slept so badly last night with a cold and cough and dry mouth from sleeping with mouth open coz dry mouth, and before I left a patient with head lice came in so iv got to nit comb as well [completely exhausted emoticon]

cjbk1 Wed 25-Jul-12 19:01:25


cjbk1 Wed 25-Jul-12 19:03:06

sorry im losing my mind I meant children asleep so I can sleep and mouth open coz blocked nose.

Glad you got a bit relaxed even if it did mean having to go to the day care unit shoeprincess. I sympathise, it's so hard to stop the anxiety from creeping in. I now take my ds in with me to my mw appointments as the distraction stops me from getting too wound up.

I got the thin maternity pads myself. Would be a good idea to get another pack I think. I'm half packed but want to go out tomorrow and get a dark towel as I only have a light one packed. Got a stopwatch, stress balls and glucose tablets added into my labour bag yesterday.

Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing time away shelly . I'm heading away for a couple of days next week but not sure it will be so chilled out with ds on board and visiting the in-laws. Soon-to-be mil spoils me rotten with being pregnant though grin . You would have thought since she did it 8 times herself she would just tell me to get on with it but I'm not allowed to do anything except rest and eat.

Aww hope you feel better soon cjbk . That sounds tough. You deserve a night of just looking after yourself.

twizzlestix Wed 25-Jul-12 19:20:54

Glad the hospital understood re nervous reaction causing BP issues shoe fingerscrossed your relaxation exercises help in future!

shelley your nieces sound lovely! Glad you had a lovely break. I too feel as if I've hit critical mass with bump.

Anyone else had previously or experiencing now a pulling sensation in 'fanjo' area when walking? It's very uncomfortable and makes me feel like holding it as I walk which is clearly not appropriate smile

shoeprincess2 Wed 25-Jul-12 19:46:52

twizzlestix- YY to the pulling in my lady area. Very weird- I thought it was just me. I think now that I have been through the inconvenience of the hospital, it is going make me more focused on relaxing. Every evening, I am going to set aside some time to chill out. It needs to be done. Any other techniques people would like to share? xx

cakeladyc Thu 26-Jul-12 09:35:51

Ladies - how are you sleeping in this heat?!! Presuming its hot where you are! I am SO tired at the moment, last night i was up 4 times between 10 and 2 and then woke up at 5.30 and then just before my alarm at 7. sad
I've got the fan on and the windows open but its so stifling. Plus i cant get anywhere near comfortable, and im trying to stay on my left side when im much more comfy on my right!

Macaroons Thu 26-Jul-12 10:19:04

cakelady I'm finding it hard to sleep in this weather too, didn't help the fan is out of order. Hubby is getting a new one!

shoeprincess glad the BP check was ok in the end! Relax relax relax!

Am finally starting to think about hospital bag and bought two packs for maternity pads. Am doing some shopping online, are you going to bring normal panties, or do you need special ones? Saw some carriwell hospital pants that do not look attractive at all, but wonder whats so special about the design.

Smallgreenone Thu 26-Jul-12 12:28:13

Yes i am finding the heat exhausting too although its a bit cooler today and I'm sitting in the garden quite happily.
This may be a silly question but do any of you ladies that have had a baby before think I'll be ready to go to a wedding 2 weeks after I give birth?! It's a really good friend of mine and I so want to be there but not sure it's really possible. Any advice?

macaroon I just got the comfiest cheapest big knicks I could find in Primark and I'll chuck them afterwards. Remember they'll have to hold in massive maternity pads! I've got 12 packs of mat pads from Boots when they were in the 3 for 2 promotion as I had to double up last time and went through an awful lot. The bleeding got lighter after a few days but didn't fully stop for about 5 weeks.

I just can't win - working from home today which saves me the hideous commute to London but my house isn't air-conditioned like the office so am sweltering. Off to the dentist after lunch for a check up, been having a bit of toothache....

Macaroons Thu 26-Jul-12 12:49:09

maketea thanks for your tips. So the idea of those knicks is just that they are big and disposable? I bought a pack of 5 cotton ones from m and s for 7 quid while those carriwell ones are more expensive. I won't bother then...smile

Will be working from home during the Olympics. Really can't face the extra crowds and the heat!

Missed your post smallgreen - that's a really difficult one - is the wedding 2 weeks after your due date? Cos DD was 2 weeks late so possibly your baby won't even have arrived yet? Or if you have a c-section, you may not be up and about. I suppose it depends of if the wedding is close to home so that you could pop in for a bit but I don't think I'd have been able for a full wedding - I was bleeding a lot so wouldn't have felt very "fresh", boobs were leaky and sore, exhausted, standing and sitting with difficulty and still big and pregnant looking. Sorry I know that sounds really gloomy and you might recover better than I did and relish the opp to show off your gorgeous baby but I don't think I could do it.

My sister-in-law is having a Naming Day for her twins in Sep when I'll be 38 weeks and I'm dreading it as it's a couple of hours away and I know I'll be huge and grumpy.Gosh I'm a barrel of laughs today!

twizzlestix Thu 26-Jul-12 16:33:53

Can't help with wedding situation as this is my first.

I just brought 8 pairs of huge black pants from the supermarket but I also got some from NCT shop that are sort of open weaved in case of EMCS but also thought they'd be good for 'air circulation' in case of stitches etc

I'm another here who just cannot sleep! Am waking up every hour and half to wee and find sleeping on my right much more comfortable! Figure that either side is better than on my back!

Anyone else ingested their body weight in ice lollies?

Turquoisecat Thu 26-Jul-12 16:42:47

Hi all, keeping a foot in here - no real news though!

Sorry smallgreen, it's my first too, so I don't know whether you'd be ok -
could you leave it to the last minute to decide, or will your friend need to know sooner?

As per heat, yes to not sleeping. Just sweating all night - deeply unpleasant. And ice lollies are my new best friends. Got to pop into Aldi on the way home to stockpile some more.

Primani pants here! Black all the way, I'd rather not see any more stains than I have to (and I'm sure I'l see a LOT of stains!!).

twizzle i really hope that sleeping on your right is ok, because I can't sleep on my left when my DH is in the bed and breathing angry. I'm sure it's fine though, surely the left side recommendation is pretty new? I don't think my mum got told it?

ladygagoo Thu 26-Jul-12 16:49:00

Is anyone finding they are being treated with kid gloves at the moment?
I was in a DIY shop earlier picking up bits for DP - they looked so worried that I might go into labour, the assistant brought all the stuff out to my car for me - made me chuckle. (was nice though).

I get married in a week and a day's time - really hoping it won't be as hot as it is today - otherwise I will be the bride with the fattest feet grin everything has swollen up and like others am finding it really hard to sleep - I got up at 3 this morning to go downstairs to the sofa where it was a bit cooler, back upstairs at 6 when my hips were about to crumble. I think I am officially a bit over being pregnant -it does really suck.

My hospital bag is about 2/3s done. I have washed a load of baby clothes but can't put any of it away as the plasterer is only coming on Monday to start on the nursery so I am living in what can only be described as a building site for the next few days - thank god for ice pops and chocolate is all I can say. I feel so sorry for those who have to restrict sugar as I only want sweet stuff at the mo.

We have tickets to the Olympics on the 9th Aug - I'll be 35 weeks, secretly dreading it. We'll have my mum and DP's parents with us too and I know they will be a nightmare being shepherded on and off the tube and fussing about me. I sound stupidly ungrateful I know but can't help being so intolerant of pretty much anything at the moment - I am starting the grumpy club- free entry to all my fellow September bus passengers smile

Smallgreenone Thu 26-Jul-12 17:15:06

Wedding is about 2hrs away so not that close. It's actually before my due date but they keep talking about inducing me early because of my waters leaking and the wedding is 2 weeks after the date they are most
likely to induce. Think it's probably a no unless I develop some superhuman powers! Might just be doable if i can avoid a section but even then I think exhaustion, pain, leaky boobs and small newborn might be too much! They're moving to new York as well the day after they get back from honeymoon so I won't see her then either although I suppose it's a good excuse to go to NY for a few days next year if we can. :-(

MadMonkeys Thu 26-Jul-12 21:10:40

Golly, it's hot. I had DD in the winter and I can definately say that it is easier being pregnant in the winter! I think it is going to be cooler from tomorrow though, so that will be a relief. I started making meals for the freezer today - I'm aiming to make at least 20 meals - enough to see us through the first month or so. I'm not sleeping that well either - up for a wee every hour or so until the early hours.

Smallgreenone I know I couldn't have gone to a wedding 2 weeks after giving birth. I had a normal delivery, but I was still bleeding heavily and spraying milk everywhere by then and feeling generally like a zombie. But I do know someone who sailed through the whole thing and was shopiing in Tesco (with newborn in a sling!) the day after giving birth, so everyone's different.

Rachel130690 Thu 26-Jul-12 21:29:45

ladygagoo I no exactly what you mean, everyone treats me like I'll fall apart if I do anything. If I left a bag of shopping my Ohs family shout at me. It's nuts, I keep telling my boyfriend I can lift a bag without the baby falling out of me. Though it is quite nice but kinda irritating

turquoise I asked my mw about the whole which way your supposed to lie and why on left. She told me to ignore that and to lie whatever way I'm comfortable and getting sleep. I usually lie on the left anyways, but I always wake up lying on my back. every time

ladygagoo are you excited about your wedding? Hopefully you have a lovely day with lovely weather.

I'm loving the heat (can be a bit too hot at times) but after the weekend was so bad and Monday rained so much I'm just glad to see some sun. Think it helps I don't work and in northern Ireland it's not as hot as say London.

Went and done some shopping today. Got new pair of slippers and flip flops. But think I was unrealistic with my underwear size so might do a Sainsbury's run to buy realistic sizes sad just buying cheap dark ones I can throw away if need be.. So think Ive got nearly everything for my hospital bag, gonna online shop the rest.

Not sure about a wedding smallgreenone as I had a section last time.

twizzle I sleep on my left or right but I definately favour my right and quite frequently wake up on my back. I don't worry about it.

I'm found the heat in Belfast a bit unbearable today to be honest and it's a good 10 degrees and more cooler than London. I don't know how some of yous are sticking it ladies. Was still nice to see a bit of sun rather than the usual grey, sticky, rainy weather.

Suffering big time from insomnia now. Had totally forgotten how bad I'd got it when pregnant with ds. Feel like crying at the thought of another potential 8 weeks and more of this. Not doing my mood any good either.

leelteloo Fri 27-Jul-12 07:18:12

I'm trying really hard not to moan about the hot weather because I am really happy not to be cold anymore.
smallgreenone I'm not sure you can make any plans re wedding. You'll just have to see how you feel on the day. I had a cs last time so there would have been no way but also something kind of happens to time in the first month. It's hard to explain but you are so completely focused on the baby and feeding so days you don't move. I remember my husband coming home to find me still in pjs, not even having managed a shower. So getting all dressed up, getting baby all ready, going in car for 2 hours and then enjoying a wedding would have been an actual impossibility. But I had a section and real problems bf; you might sail through.
Hope you all have a cooler day.

cjbk1 Fri 27-Jul-12 09:11:04

I still feel very ill today; as before plus flu-like pains when I woke up I was hungry which I tht was a good sign but now iv had some cereal I just feel like death again.seeing consultant MW at hospital at 11 dh working from home to look after children but dunno how I'm gonna drag myself over there (5-10 min drive!) sadhope everyone else ok x

Loopyhasanotherbean Fri 27-Jul-12 09:22:33

rachel re knickers, they definitely need to be big. Not only do you need them to be able to have space for a massive maternity pad, but you might find you swell up as a result of labour. I swelled up that much it felt like my skin would split, and i couldn't bend my legs at all. So i ended up with DP going to Tescos to buy massive granny knickers, as i was so big compared to usual. Also re quantity, i used quite a few pads during labour, as my waters broke and then contractions started about an hour after, and the waters continued to come out every time i moved, so plenty of pads were essential!

Re a wedding 2 weeks after birth, god no, i couldn't have done that. Admittedly i was in a bad way, taking anti biotics, iron tablets and 3 types of pain killer, i think was 28 tablets a day to start with. But even if i hadn't have felt so bad, i'm not convinced i'd have wanted to go to a wedding or anything else that soon. I don't think i left the house for a few weeks, and yes there were plenty of days where i couldn't even find time to have a shower, or if i had a shower by lunchtime i was viewing it as a major acheivement. Days were completely swallowed up by non stop feeding/changing/winding/puking, and as DS had reflux, there was lots of puking, which then meant feeding all over again...and never mind the mountains of washing he created by puking...i used to have lots of bottles of squash ready at the bedside, and snacks, and if i was lucky i'd manage to make myself a sandwich at lunch, and tea usually had to wait till DP got home, and i'd eat it with a spoon whilst feeding DS. But then i'm sure there must be some people out there who had a great birth, and had a baby who didn't have reflux, and who would willingly sleep flat in their moses basket etc.....my DS would only sleep if upright on me, or if in the car being driven around. Hence being so unable to get anything done as i was invariably stuck on the bed, feeding him, winding him, or with him sleeping on me, with the variety being getting off the bed to change him or to clear up puke. And there is no way i'd have wanted to be at a wedding like that! Its all well and good wearing 5+ t shirts in a day, but at 2 weeks post birth i'd have struggled to find an outfit that would fit, and allow access to boobs for breastfeeding, never mind several spare outfits to allow for puking baby! Plus i was very self conscious of breast feeding in public in the early days, its a learning curve and the last thing i wanted was people staring at me, and we didn't actually have any problems establishing breast feeding.

Re sleeping on left, it is important to sleep on that side as much as possible, as it can affect blood thus oxygen supply to the baby. Sleeping on the left also encourages the baby to be in the best position for birth, rather than being back to back, which is how DS was positioned. And i would personally recommend everyone does everything they can to avoid having a back to back baby. I wish my midwife had bothered to stress this more to me when i was pregnant with DS. May not have ended up with an EMCS and nearly lost him if he hadn't been back to back....

Rachel130690 Fri 27-Jul-12 13:47:43

Okay I'm only 34+4 days and today I'm getting very frustrated.. It's not as warm today so no complaints there, but I'm just so so uncomfy, can't get comfortable on the chair or lying down. Don't no what I'm to do about it.

Dog wants to play and I can't even sit beside him to scratch his belly.. Aaaaarrrrggghhh I no I shouldn't complain as quite a few of you are prob going through way worse but it's getting me down..

Anyone any tips? X

Loopyhasanotherbean Fri 27-Jul-12 14:11:05

have a bath rachel? sometimes water can be soothing? the only way i can get comfy ish is to lie down though, so many pelvic issues that it's the only way i am not in pain, which doesn't go hand in hand with looking after an almost 21 month old! I'm just counting down the weeks now, officially 6+4 left till due date, and if early like DS, then 8 less than that smile i'd be happy with anything from 1st Sept tbh, i'm great at getting and staying pregnant, just not great at being pregnant, body falls apart and i am yet to experience any blooming...

MadMonkeys Fri 27-Jul-12 21:48:00

I don't do blooming either Loopy except for blooming massive and blooming tired! My DD is a bit older than your DS though (2.6) so she's a bit better at playing on her own for a little while so I can put my feet up every now and then. Glad it is cooler tonight smile

FirstTimeMumma Fri 27-Jul-12 23:20:24

Hey girls. Mind if i join your thread? Im 32+1 and so fed up all ready not to mention the size of a house! I want my baby sad lol!! So excited though!!! Having a baby girl and have chosen to name her Amelia Grace. Any advice on how to pass the time on mat-leave? Bored is not the word!!!


twizzlestix Sun 29-Jul-12 16:20:34

Welcome firsttime the name you've chosen is beautiful. People have reccommended reading books and watching box sets to me. At the moment, I'm washing all baby bedding and clothes etc ready for her arrival. That's keeping me occupied for now.

Anyone else experiencing a numb bump? At the top just under my breasts my bump is completely numb. Feels very odd! Guess baba is pushing on a nerve or something!

leelteloo Sun 29-Jul-12 17:23:14

Hi Twizzlestix , that sounds weird but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Far from being numb, the top of my bump is the favoured wriggle spot for my boy. He moves about so much up there that it feels like he's playing in my lungs: feels quite yucky.

Loopyhasanotherbean Sun 29-Jul-12 19:33:41

hmmm, what to do on maternity leave....anything that you really enjoy doing as you probably won't get chance to do it for a while! make the most of having plenty of me time, be that having a long soak in the bath, going to the hairdressers, pampering, massages, having hot cups of tea etc with friends, going out for meals with your other halves and friends, cinema if you can bear to sit in one place for long enough for a film, going shopping just because you can, without needing to worry about packing everything for a baby, and dealing with constant feeding/changing needs, reading. However, dull as it sounds, the most useful thing you can do once your hospital bags are packed and everything baby related has been bought, is to fill your freezers with as many meals as possible, as you will be so grateful for quick meals when baby is here! And lots of quick things in your cupboards, to minimise surviving on a diet of cake, biscuits and crisps like many people i know! smile This time round, we are aiming to have all in one dish meals made in advance, ie lasagne, cottage pie, fish pie, corned beef hash, and considering plating up things like bangers and mash, pasta bolognase and anything else that i think will freeze ok!!

must add that having a baby is well worth it, but we have no family and few friends where we live, and DP is out of the house from 7.15am-8pm or later, so i had no one who could look after DS or offer any support in those all consuming early months, so even going to get my hair cut became daunting, and involved me having to feed him whilst there, and it's not easy to do that when wearing a gown and trying to not get hairs on a baby!

funchum8am Sun 29-Jul-12 22:09:00

Hi everyone, been away with family for a bit and had friends and two toddlers here all weekend so just had to do a mega catch-up on the thread. I'm with all of you who are starting to feel a bit grumpy - most of the time I'm fine as not at work any more (one week left in Sept as a teacher so on school holidays) but have definitely reached critical mass in terms of being heavy and achy etc. It scares me a bit that I'm meant to get 1lb heavier every week for 8 more weeks!

MW tomorrow for 32 week check but nothing interesting to say or ask - just hoping all the routine checks are still OK (wee, blood pressure etc).

We had our NCT class about induction a couple of weeks ago - I really don't fancy being induced (though maybe I only remember what she said about worst case scenarios). I have my bag packed and we are picking up our new family size car on Tuesday ready for holiday to France so the bag will get to see some of Europe (though hopefully not the inside of a French hospital!)

FirstTimeMumma Sun 29-Jul-12 22:41:04

Thanks twizzlestix. I have been experiencing pins and needles at the top of my bump, is yours anything like that? I wasn't sure if that's what braxton hicks are supposed to feel like or not?

Loopy thanks for the advice! Certainly makes a lot of sense, will be trying to keep myself occupied and hopefully that'll make the time go a little faster. Have everything organized now, right down to the hospital bag! Must be hard on your own all day!!

Rachel130690 Mon 30-Jul-12 09:52:18

Hey everyone hope you all had a good weekend smile
And welcome firsttimemumma that's a lively name youve picked for your wee girl, it's beautiful.

funchum you've been very busy. Making most of your free time before baby here smile hope your time in France is good and that you enjoy yourself. How long are you away for?

I'm 35 weeks today smile and have a very busy week ahead of me, we got keys to your new place last night so we could start moving in very slowly, not officially moving until wednesday but an hardly move with amount of things lying about. So we asked for keys early, so having to sort kitchen today and buy quite a bit tomorrow that we need. Then have my Mw hospital appointment Friday. Gonna be a long week sad

loopy that's great advice, I've a load of books that I keeeaning to read but just never get a chance, hopefully I'll get through them in next few weeks.

Went an seen the new batman movie, was good but was 3 hours long and was very uncomfortable by the end, had to give a few hmm looks to the wee guy who kept kicking my seat, was gonna hit him.


cakeladyc Mon 30-Jul-12 10:35:19

Rachel I saw Batman last night and didnt think i'd get out the chair by the end of it, i was so stiff! Plus kiddo was jumping all over the place with all the loudness, poor thing!

So i'm 33+3 today and really feeling it. So tired, so heavy and achey. I have sod all to do at work cos the woman covering me when i'm away is doing it all, so i'm bored too! Although i am wondering if i can blame something i forgot to do last month on baby brain.... i can, can't i?!
I have a physio appt on weds which im hoping will help my right hip, its been getting progressively worse over the last week to the point where im getting a couple of steps and having to stop....
Ah well, 3 more weeks at work and then 4 at home - cant wait!

meXem Mon 30-Jul-12 11:09:40

Hi firsttimemum that is a wonderful name you have picked for your little girl.
DP and I are still struggling with names especially as we are keeping the sex secret until the day

I also went to see the new Batman film and was impressed that i managed the whole film without a wee break BUT could not get out of my seat at the end, my lower back and coccyx went numb blush

I have started mat leave on one of my jobs and am finding myself spending more and more time online just to fill my day blush I'm so bored!!

Still have not sorted my hospital bag or bought anything towards it or baby yet , finding it all a bit overwhelming atm tbh (not helped by the fact that DP asked me what a Muslin was yesterday!!) but with only 8 weeks to go I should really get a wiggle on!

Smallgreenone Mon 30-Jul-12 14:13:58

I start mat leave today!!! Hooray! So glad the Olympics is on, I'm really getting into it, especially the cross country today and looking forward to when I'll be able to get back to the stables, I do miss riding. Wedding at the end of this week and then i'm going to pack
my overnight bag for the hospital- eeek! All getting a bit exciting!!! Nursery furniture arrives tomorrow too can't wait to see the room finished.

Loup23 Mon 30-Jul-12 21:26:53

Hi all just checking in, been reading all the posts but never seem to find time to update! I'm on my last week at work with 4+5 to go, scarily close confused

Started NCT and found the breast feeding classes really helpful, met some nice girls too - hope everyone else is enjoying NCT too (if doing it).

Thanks for all the hospital bag tips I have part packed but am away on hols for 10 day next week so hoping baby stays put until 38 weeks.....

Glad to hear everyone is doing well, home straight, we're nearly there grin xx

Welcome firsttimemum . I'm 32 weeks plus so you're about the same due date as me. I love the name Amelia, it was on my list but dp vetoed it. If I didn't have ds to keep me occupied I would be filling my time lazing about and enjoying the precious final moments to myself. Working my way through The Game of Thrones boxset atm. Would be reading a lot only ds broke my kindle the other day. Not impressed.

Good luck with your move Rachel . I'm meant to be moving next week and haven't packed anything bar the odd bit of clothes that no longer fit anyway. Not overly worried as there's no rush to get out of my place so can do it slowly bit by bit.

Meant to be seeing Batman tomorrow so glad it's got good reports although I was worried about sitting for that length of time as my coccyx gives me jip at the best of times.

Got some of the baby stuff washed so can finally finish off packing my hospital bag tomorrow. Have to as we are heading away tomorrow night a few hours drive away so want to take it with me just incase.

FirstTimeMumma Mon 30-Jul-12 23:19:23

Thanks for the comments on the name, really appreciate it! Glad you like it. Im due September 20th ballroomblitz when are you due? Went out and bought even more pretty dresses today, just can't seem to stop lol! Also taking the little one down to England in october to visit family, kind of dreading having to take all of the things down for a newborn but ohwell! Would any of you recommend hiring the Tens machine? I'm hoping for a water birth but thought that the Tens would be good for early labour and up till about 5 or 6cm?