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Flying mattress graduates - dock here!

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festiemum Wed 16-May-12 20:52:46

Hey chaps! Here's the space for us to witter on incessantly about our pregnancies!

20 week scan today and it was soooo fantastic! I'll post some pics on my profile later. The sonographer wasn't 100% sure, but thought that it was probably a girl, due to lack of visible meat and two veg!

Hope everyone's doing well! xxx

festiemum Wed 16-May-12 21:02:20

flour - sorry to hear you've had more spotting. I had two bleeds when I was pg with dd1 - one at 6 weeks and one at 11 weeks. I think it was basically breakthrough bleeding. How many weeks are you now?

Sure it'll be fine, but empathise- it's very scary. As rus says, it could also be sex related too....

Lilliana Wed 16-May-12 21:50:11

I'm here! <Settles in and makes herself comfortable>

Scan went well and they got someone from gynae in to have a look at my uterus - he was happy all was ok, thinks it has shrunk now one is busy playing home for baby. But (isn't there always a but with me?) I am RH negative = more injections and checking bloods for antibodies sad Oh well, maybe it will get me over my fear of needles smile

Will check in later - was swimming earlier thinking of thread names and came up with the same one Festie

festiemum Wed 16-May-12 22:10:54

Ha ha! Great minds and all that lil

Glad your scan was all good. Isn't the body amazing?! Sorry to hear about the rh- thing, particularly as you're not keen on needles. That does seem a bit unfair!

Lilliana Thu 17-May-12 07:18:48

Congrats on the +ve scan festie, so glad all is ok and yay for the she-bean. (did you want a partcular 'flavour' or didn't you mind?)

My head risk assessed me yesterday, he is obsessive about RA and it is pages long with an action plan attached!!! On the plus side I don't have to take a class in sept, just cover our new NQT's occasionally and take a couple of intervention groups, minimal marking, planning, assessing and stress!! grin

coveredinflour Thu 17-May-12 09:03:25


Am excited about the new thread and loving the name, let's hope the others join us here soon. I just posted on the old one to let people know that everything is OK (so far). Thankfully the bleed has stopped. Had a scan yesterday and the bean looks healthy with a good strong heartbeat. They couldn't see any reason for the bleed or to be concerned so fingers crossed it was just a one off.

And no, sadly there's been no DTD - Ru it was me that had the bleed after that last time about a month ago so I've been keeping my legs firmly crossed ever since. Poor DH.

They also re-dated me yesterday so am a bit further along than I thought at 8weeks 3 days. Bring on the end of the 1st trimester, that's what I say!!! Mind you, am finally managing to get DH to bring me breakfast in bed, which is a result! :-)

Festie - congratulations on your scan. And how exciting to be having a girl (although it sounds like there's a bit of room for doubt?).

Lil - boo to RA and being RH+. Did you know that was in your family? At least they can sort it out now. I hate needles too. Am NOT looking forward to my booking in appointment on Monday with the midwife when I'll have to give many vials of blood. Always makes me pass out.

Will try to check in later.

chipsandmushypeas Thu 17-May-12 09:30:37

Good morning Grads! Great idea! Didn't feel comfortable talking about regency stuff as I know I found it hard to read when ttc and especially after the recent losses sad

Glad the scans went well festie and Lil

Im nearly 9 weeks now and still no appointment for midwife?! I've got a private scan tomorrow! Also heard the heartbeat on my Doppler the other day smile

chipsandmushypeas Thu 17-May-12 09:31:07

Obv I meant *pregnancy not regency!

Rusulka Thu 17-May-12 10:02:59

Yeah yeah Chips whatever, I had you down as a royalist this whole time, lol.

I have to say I do feel less guilty talking on here, know I'm not putting any noses out of joint.

Lil my SiL is RH-, so she will have all the fun and joys that you do, so if nothing else, you have to be the guinea pig so I can tell her what to expect- she's only 24 and a little naive, so it will really be useful.
Also, score on the September work! When are you due? I wouldn't have thought you'd be in work then... unless you're working as late as poss to get as much time with your baba as you can?

Flour there is a light at the end of the tunnel re: sex after conception, as me and DH have been doing the old horizontal mambo a few times since the bleed scare, and every time it's been fine. I think mainly it was a case of waiting to get out of the first tri, but let me check my pregnancy diary (squizzes...)

10+6, me on top
18+6, me on top
20+1, DH on top
20+6, DH on top
24+0, DH on top

We started off with me on top so I could control his ahem, thrusting, and that way when he had his ta-dah! I could pull back and stop him ramming my cervix... after a few non- problematic goes at that, we reverted to our usual position, (which is so much more satisfying for me) and so far no probs.
Like I said, I think it's just a case of getting out of the first trimester and giving things a chance to settle down, although DH said he's been being more careful as well.

Festie congrats on scan! Our belligerent sonographer was adamant she was right (she would be, wouldn't she), and said 3 lines between the legs meant a girl. But then I wouldn't put it past her to deliberately say the wrong thing to spite people- just the vibe I got!
I've bought maybe a handful of dresses, but all the babygrows are gender neutral, they've got nice multi packs in Asda, M&S and Sainsburys that aren't too bad. I think if you join the Sainsburys little ones club, you get a voucher for £10 off children's clothing- that's how I bought their babygrows anyway.
The asda ones are quite nice, neutral ones, and M&S has brightly coloured stripes, but they're a bit more expensive- I think £8-10 for 5 bodysuits or something, whereas Asda is about half that.

My back is killing me after gardening yesterday, and Peanut kicked me all day, probably for wearing jeans for the first time since being pg, but I was using the strimmer, and didn't want bits of grass and weed going up my skirt and into my hoo ha. The jeans are comfy, but the waistband is a little snug on bending over- I expect she was complaining.

Well, guess I'd better go do something productive before it rains.

Lilliana Fri 18-May-12 07:26:25

I love it, first page and we have detailed knowledge of Rus's sex life!! That will put anyone else off grin

Rusulka glad to be of some use grin will let you know what happens when I find out a bit more from the mw. I can wait to feel movements but have found I need to undo my trousers already blush

Chips our booking in appointment was between 8-10 weeks but know there were some people on the a-n thread I tried for a while whose area only saw their mw after the first scan so maybe your area is different. You would have thought they would have told you though.

Flour Mums comment was 'have you always been rh-?' - umm I presume so! hmm She then went on to say dad's dad had 'funny blood' so blame Dad!! I used to give blood so knew I was A but never really twigged to a +/- aspect. My mw was lovely with the blood taking, had DH holding my hand and she was good and quick. Hope it goes ok with you. How did you get DH to play breakfast maid? Could do with some tips!

festiemum Fri 18-May-12 10:17:57

Ha ha! You're so right lil - rus, I have to say, I'm very impressed with your dedication - dates and position - that's either impressive or a bit scary, not sure which! grin

Definitely room for doubt on the boy/girl front I think. At first she said, "not sure whether it's an over-developed girl, or an under-developed boy", to which I thought, so he takes after his Dad grin Then she had another look and said, " I'm going to say it's probably a girl, because I would have expected to see something more obvious by now if it was a boy"! So hardly definitive! I don't think I'll be going mental with pink stuff anyway! We've got quite a bit already, so I can dress either sex. And I am partial to a stripe, which will do for either.

Don't know if any of you have seen this website. It may be one of you that directed me there! It's bloody expensive, but does some quite nice unisex clothes.

Good luck with your scan today chips. xxx

Rusulka Fri 18-May-12 17:56:19

Lil that's not detailed. I didn't mention the amount of foreplay, the face DH pulled, or how much 'o' gel I used! grin
DH is O-, I'm O+, so we're ok. I think.

Festie in my defence, the only reason I'm recording with such diligence is so that if anything goes wrong, I've noted whether I've had sex, worked in the garden, fallen over, carried something heavy or eaten something different, and I know what caused it.
Since this is my first pregnancy, and I have nothing to go on (so spent most of the first few months shitting myself because I thought I was going to have a miscarriage due to lack of symptoms), I've been keeping a diary so I can look back next time and say, ok, I know what to expect and when.

I can't believe I'm 6 months on Sunday (according to NHS) and I'm STILL in my own clothes. I could have still kept it a bloody secret!

Had a good rummage in some charity shops today, found some more stuff for Peanut. I seem to have found plenty of dresses and fleecy hoodies, but not much else. I managed to get some babygrows in the RSPCA today for 25p each! (which I totally didn't need). You just can't get bargains like that on eBay... although I did get a nice little Hallowe'en top with a skeleton on for £1.01 on there, so it's not all bad. Wish there was a jumble sale on nearby at some point so I could have a proper rummage!
I found a nice crocheted blanket that looks like um, pie lattice, and I let myself have it because let's face it, it'll be a miracle if I work out how to crochet in 3 months, never mind graduate beyond those granny sqares!

chipsandmushypeas Sat 19-May-12 07:50:11

Morning all smile had my scan yesterday, it was amazing! Private clinic so everything was so clear, I could see baby's nose, heart beating. My DP was in awe!

Everything measuring perfect, heartbeat was 164bpm. Here's a pic:

my pudding

Hope everyone is glowing today smile

festiemum Sun 20-May-12 13:28:16

Fantastic chips and a lovely picture! You must feel reassured!

Sorry for teasing you rus - I am actually admiring at your diligence and organisation actually! I think is is amazing that you're still in your own clothes. I am enormo-woman! Ds's tiny teacher who is 2 weeks ahead of me still isn't showing. She must look and me and be horrified!

Hope everyone else is doing ok. I have a consultant's appointment this week on thursday which I am busy getting myself into a tizz about! I have to convince him to let me have a home birth... Dreading it!

Oh and still having trouble allowing myself to buy baby stuff despite the lovely reassuring scan last week. Someone give me a slap and tell me to get a grip of myself please?! grin

Lilliana Mon 21-May-12 07:24:41

Morning all.

Chips glad everything is ok, it's great to finally see this tiny little person in your first scan.

Festie are they likely to not want you to have a home birth? I have to admit I think I would be too scared to have one but maybe as my first it's the unknown and I will feel differently for the next one (if we have another)

I'm trying to stop people buying things but know we will have to get sorted after 20 week scan so get on with it girl!

Wow Rusulka I can't believe your still in your own clothes at 6 months!!!! I'm 3 1/2 and already have the top button of my trousers undone and thinking that I'm going to have to do something soon blush. Very impressed with the dedicated record keeping, I kept meaning to do the same but wasn't sure what I would write except 'feeling sick' every day which was somewhat depressing!

Have had 2 days sickness free and only a little nausea this morning so am hoping I am coming through it now and will be full of energy. Need to be as DH is on the isle of man for the TT over half term and I am painting the baby room and my office as well as writing reports.

Had a lovely weekend, went to Devon County Show, had the eve in plymouth, accidently saw the olympic flame and generally chilled out. As we have the flame coming though the town I work in today the children don't have to come to school until 11.15 so hopefully will have a nice quiet morning smile

Flour hope you are ok

chipsandmushypeas Mon 21-May-12 10:44:42

Thanks festie and Lil smile

I still hadn't received a letter about my booking appointment and 12 week scan from hospital, so I called and booking is on Friday and my 12 w scan is 14th June. Not too long to go!

How is everyone x

festiemum Mon 21-May-12 11:08:29

Yay chips! That's excellent! It's all happening now!

Where do you teach lil? Only asking cos the torch goes through my home town this morning!

I need to convince the consultant to let me have a home birth for a number of reasons. Firstly, I had a c section with dd1 because I had pre-eclampsia and she was breech. Despite the fact that I have since had two uncomplicated pregnancies and vaginal deliveries, some doctors still insist on a 'trial by labour' for every subsequent delivery! hmm

The other possible complication is the fact that we are an hour away from the nearest hospital, which could prove tricky if I needed to transfer. The trouble is, this works both ways: with dd2 (my last labour), I had a 5 min journey to the hospital and she was born within 30 minutes of getting there. It doesn't take a mathematical genius to work out that at an hour away, I wouldn't have made it to hospital from here! I really don't want to give birth in a lay by!

Still, we'll have to wait and see what he says!

Glad your sickness seems to have abated lil, it's so debilitating! Thanks for the kick up the arse re buying stuff as well! Needed that! grin

Hope everyone else is well! smile

chipsandmushypeas Mon 21-May-12 11:37:44

Hope you get your home birth festie I heard they're pushing people to have them now. I was thinking about a birth centre which is situated right next to the hospital. What do you guys think for a first timer? Or should I stick to hospital?

Can everyone post their edd as I get confused!

chipsandmushypeas - edd 24/12/2012

Lilliana Mon 21-May-12 14:11:11

Lilliana - 31 #1 edd 17/11/12
chipsandmushypeas - edd 24/12/2012

Good plan Chips I was thinking this the other day, especially as we are all at quite different stages. I've added a bit more info on (not sure what you put before the #1 as I cant put ttc!) Glad you have finally got some dates to look forward to.

Festie I'm working in Bideford. The convoy ahead of the flame filled the children with coke, blue lollies and gave out flags etc - you can imagine hyped they were when they came in grin. Classical music and a bit of project work this pm I think!!

Def sounds like you have a good case for a home birth, hope you don't have too many problems convincing them.

Our hospital mat ward has a good reputation so haven't really thought about looking into any other options, maybe I should!

chipsandmushypeas Mon 21-May-12 15:23:54

Lil I think we put 'ttc #3' or whatever it was. Good idea.

I've only thought about the birth centre as my hospital has a very good one attached to the main hospital so if anything went wrong we would be right by it anyway. Just worried as you can't have an epidural but I would rather use other pain relief methods and relaxation.

chipsandmushypeas Mon 21-May-12 15:25:00

Lilliana - 31 #1 edd 17/11/12
chipsandmushypeas - 25 #1 edd - 24/12/2012

festiemum Mon 21-May-12 21:01:15

I think a mat led unit right next door to the hospital sounds ideal chips! Transfer will be a piece of piss if you decide you need an epidural or whatever, and if not you get the relaxing surroundings of a slightly less hospitally environment!

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against hospital births - I had three very positive experiences in hospital. I'm purely keen for the home birth this time as I reckon it's probably gonna be quick and I don't think I'll get there in time! Also, last time, I got to hospital, gave birth and then waited around for 4 hours while they sorted the paperwork out to discharge us! The idea of popping a baby out, having a bath and then getting back into my own bed is just too appealing!

lil - I'm a Barnstaple girl, born and bred! Weirdly, dh went to school in Bideford (many moons ago!), but we met on the internet and he was living here in Cornwall.

Stats updated too:

Festiemum - 38 #4 edd 29/09/12
Lilliana - 31 #1 edd 17/11/12
chipsandmushypeas - 25 #1 edd - 24/12/2012

chipsandmushypeas Mon 21-May-12 21:08:20

That sounds amazing festie! I would love a home birth one day, but not with my first I'm too worried about everything! grin

festiemum Mon 21-May-12 22:27:28

God no, I wouldn't have done it with my first!!! No way! I know some women do, but I was more comfortable putting myself in the hands of the professionals! Now I'm an old hand, it should be (as some old lady who had 6 kids once told me) like shelling peas!!! grin

Rusulka Tue 22-May-12 00:14:22

Rusulka - 30 - exp#1 - edd 28/08/12
Festiemum - 38 - exp#4 - edd 29/09/12
Lilliana - 31 - exp#1 - edd 17/11/12
chipsandmushypeas - 25 - exp#1 - edd - 24/12/2012

How about that ladies?

I can beat your birth centre Chips- the midwife led unit here is not only in the hospital, but NEXT DOOR to the delivery suite, and they're STILL saying I can't use it.

Had my 2nd consultant appt today and came out feeling overwhelmed with all the appointments I've got lined up over the next few months-

28/05- 3rd midwife appt
14/06- Glucose test
03/07- 1st antenatal class
09/07- 3rd consultant appt (and weigh in, boo)
10/07- 2nd antenatal class
30/07- Anaesthetist appt

And another to be arranged for a growth scan at 36 weeks to make sure I haven't grown a ginormo-baby.
And various midwife appts I expect will crop up in between.

The one that really pissed me off was the anaesthetist appt. I have to meet with them so they are 'aware I exist and will be coming in' and then if there's an emergency or I pop early, presumably forewarned is forearmed, and they'll have elephant-sized doses in stock and ready. It's all so humiliating and unnecessary.

Depending on how you judge it, since getting my BFP I've either put on a pound or lost 3, so I don't know why they're still wittering on at me...

My sister's friend ate for two hundred when she was pregnant, and I bet they didn't treat her like they're treating me.
I would much rather be at home!!!

<And breathe>

Rant over. God, I'm such a grump.

Lilliana Tue 22-May-12 07:26:57

Rus I can't believe they are still singing that song - you are still in your own clothes fgs!! That means basically you have been losing weight - ie the baby is gaining weight while you lose it = you're staying the same. Was going to ask about why you are seeing an anaesthetist but what an rediculous waste of time. Grr. Also the mat unit is 1 door away? - seriously how much harm an come to someone going through 1 door? You would prob have to go through more than that if the worst happened and you did need c section etc. I'm now annoyed for you!!

Festie How weird, I was born in Barnstaple too. Lived in a tiny place between the 2 but was more of a Bideford girl (and sadly still here!) We live in the middle of nowhere now though and love it (although not as rural as it sounds you are!)

My friend had a quick birth, the second time she had no time at all. Her DH (now ex) was upstairs as he had been drinking and was pretty passed out and by the time people got there she opened the door to them while crowning. I would suggest planning it at home would have been better, especially with how far away you are! When do you have to tell them this is the plan?

Chips your birth centre sounds perfect, close enough but not a hospital. I wouldn't go for a homebirth first time either.

Hay fever has hit in the last few days. Was told by many people that they didn't get it when pg - well apparently I still do sad Just as I'm getting over sickness I'm feeling rough again. Anyone know what I can take? Think I might have to call the docs today and see. I know antihistamines (sp??) are out, I'm hoping I can at least have eye drops and my inhaler and will see if they can suggest anything else.

chipsandmushypeas Tue 22-May-12 08:54:09

Rus that's crap! Why can't you use it?

I have my booking on Friday, does anyone recommend any questions I should ask the midwife?

festiemum Tue 22-May-12 21:13:22

Why are they being so on your case rus?! It sounds like it's unbelievably harsh! No wonder you're pissed off!

Ha lil! I drove through Bideford today (come up to visit my mum once a week). There's some lovely bits out in the sticks round there; all classic Devonian green rolling hills! So will you have your baby at NDDH? I had two of my babies there (as well as being born there myself!) and it's a lovely unit - good facilities and lovely staff!

It's down on record that I want a home birth; I just need the consultant's go ahead I think.

I have taken anti-histamines during pregnancy, lil. See the nhs website here. Loratadine is the preferred one during pregnancy they say.

chips - cant think of any questions for you, but be prepared to be asked loads of questions yourself, and to go away with information overload! smile

Hope everyone's doing ok tonight! xx

Lilliana Wed 23-May-12 07:18:47

Festie, it's very strange to think I might be walking past you without knowing it's you! Interesting about the antihistamines. Phoned the doc yesterday and he looked it up and said basically I couldn't take anything, not even eye drops although my inhaler was ok. confused He did say there is no evidence of causing disformity but that it hasn't properly been tested.

Chips I can't think of anything either. My mw was lovely and gave me loads of info to go away with so didn't feel the need to ask many questions. Hope it goes well for you.

Rus hope your ok and planning your next move.

I keep having vivid dreams (I don't often remember mine), not scary but they keep waking me up so feeling quite sleep deprived now. Better get used to it I guess!

Rusulka Thu 24-May-12 11:01:31

Cheers for getting outraged on my behalf you guys, it really helps to know I'm not the only one who feels like this is unreasonable. grin

Lil sorry about your hayfever. I wonder if there are any natural remedies?
<checks bookshelf>
'Foods that harm, foods that heal' suggests you try eating foods that have a natural anti-inflammatory action and are rich in vitamin c, like blackcurrants and citrus fruits, kiwi, etc. Also elderflower tea may help.
<checks bookshelf again>
'1000 home remedies' recommends that acupressure on points 41 & 47 may increase mucus drainage, and on points 50 & 51 may help stop bouts of sneezing.
Also have a drop of either basil or melissa oil on a tissue/hankie for instant relief from blocked sinuses and stuffy nose.
Oh, and apparently oily fish and flax seed oil (omega 3) can counter inflammatory reactions triggered by pollen allergy.
<checks one last time in case>
Hmm. 'Grow your own drugs' isn't too helpful as it involves finding and picking a certain weed and making tea out of it!

Hope some of that is in some way useful!

Chips I went in with a whole pile of questions, most of which were covered before I got to the Q&A bit at the end...
I mentioned my spotting I'd had, and explained what that was all about, talked about how I couldn't feel the bubbly feelings any more (anterior placenta had grown and cushioned movement, as it turns out- but she said I probably had wind!), I talked about toxoplasmosis concerns as my FiL has 3 cats, asked how hot a bath is too hot, asked about calcium supplements (she said to just eat healthily, FFS!), asked if hair dye was safe (no, unless it's henna), asked about antenatal classes and when I'd need to book them (around 26 weeks here, but you should get a leaflet), pelvic floor exercises, my headaches... basically mentioned anything I thought might be relevant.
They won't talk to you about birth options yet, but it might be worth establishing what's an option- I'd done research and set my heart on midwife-led unit, but then was told because of my BMI I wasn't eligible for that- gutted! On that note, try to weigh yourself before you go on something you trust- the midwife's scales had me come out nearly half a stone heavier than my wii fit had told me the day before, which really didn't help her estimation of me!
She also gave me her number, and said she was there every Monday if I needed to chat about anything, so I'm sure if you do think of questions later, you'll be able to ring up or save them for the next appt.

Hope that helps! Oh, and for god's sake, don't forget a urine sample, my midwife likes to name and shame those who forget. If you can't take one, she'll give you a phial and send you off to pee. You should be able to keep the phial to rinse out and use for future appts.

<Waves to Festie>

In other news, I've calmed down a bit. Talked to my dad, who said he had to see an anaesthetist before his transplant, and they were really friendly and were just discussing the options, so I was getting my knickers in a twist over nothing (cheers). But I do feel better about it. Either way, I don't want to use any of that sort of pain relief, I just want to try and get by on my own, or with a little help from gas and air. Still hoping for a water birth, but thinking logistically, back to the teenage days before I had the tampon epiphany, it was such a mess getting out of the bath and trying to dry off down there without getting blood everywhere... maybe water isn't suck a good idea. On the other hand if I don't, then I'll have to go clean it off myself, and it'll hurt to bend over... Hmm. Whereas in water, any gack couldn't stick to me!
Mmm, yummy thoughts. All of which are probably pointless, as they'll likely say no to a water birth anyway.
As for the growth scan at 36 weeks, at least we get to see Peanut one more time before she's born, and make sure she is a she! Wouldn't put it past the sonographer to tell us the wrong thing on purpose... and I've been buying little dresses!
I'm continuing the no fun food thing until about the 3rd June, which gives me 2 more opportunities to lose some weight before reintroducing controlled portions of chocolate etc, and also means I can have something sweet to cope when MiL is back. She's only here for a week though, so not so bad. I figure I'm storing up good karma!

When Peanut kicks now I can see my tummy wobble, it's a bit hilarious. I notice she kicks morning and evening, during the day if she's annoyed/ squashed (and presumably can't sleep), and 'wakes up' to kick me if I go too long between eating. I'm growing a piglet!

I did ask the consultant about not having much of a bump, and she said of course I shouldn't at 25 weeks, and if I did the baby would be enormous, so that was a little comforting at least.
I was measuring myself against my colleague at the last place I worked, who was at the same point I am now, but HUGE- with a proper bump she could rest her hands on. Now I'm thinking either she had a giant baby or a LOT of fluid.

Whoops, wrote an essay again.

festiemum Thu 24-May-12 11:42:19

Hi all!

Well I'm all nervous cos I've got my consultant's appointment today.... I've confused myself no end reading all sorts of studies, some of which were reassuring (chance of a uterine rupture drops dramatically with each successful vbac) and some worrying (if a uterus does rupture, a emcs is required within 17 minutes to ensure a good outcome for the baby - be more like 90 mins from here).

My two vbacs were uncomplicated- if I have a birth like last time, a home birth will be absolutely fine, but if something does go wrong.... Well, I'm just too far away from the hospital.

So, I'm hoping this consultant is the sort of person who will listen to what I say; weigh up the options and give me his professional opinion. I also want to know when he suggests I go in if a hospital birth is on the cards, considering how quickly it all happened last time. Lots to think about...

Oh, also, it turns out that he's the guy who delivered the Camerons' baby when she went into labour early while on holiday in Cornwall a couple of years ago. I'll try not to hold that against him! grin

rus- have to say, don't think big bump always means big babies. I always have an enormous bump, and my girls were 6 odd pounds and my boy 7 odd. I think everyone just carries differently!

It is funny that we're from the same area lil - strange that your GP was so adamant about the anti-histamines. Mine prescribed me some with no hesitation at all... It's so variable depending on who you see!

Good luck with your booking tomorrow, chips. I always feel it's a bit more "real" once I've got that appointment out of the way.

Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine. I've just got to try and chill out until this afternoon! confused

festiemum Thu 24-May-12 18:24:57

Bollocky bollocky fuck fucks!

Well, after over an hour's wait to see not my named consultant, I was told categorically that it is not safe for me to have a home birth. sad

I am too far away from the hospital, and I have had a previous c section; he is not prepared to risk it. Because my last labour went so quickly, he has written on my notes that I must go straight down to the hospital as soon as I begin having contractions....

So, not what I wanted to hear, but I accept it and realise that a good outcome is the main thing.

Rusulka Thu 24-May-12 23:20:34

Boo Festie!
You're right though, I guess it's better you're there where they can look after you properly, which is what I keep trying to remind myself.
I guess having been through it before, you'll know when it's happening, which should make it easier.

I'd like to think I can tell the difference between real contractions and fake ones, but my hospital says not to come in until they're I think 10 mins apart or your waters have gone. I'd be more inclined to just get there, walk around a lot, then go up in my own sweet time as needed.

In other news, after 9 days of a mouse free house, another one appeared tonight (well, we heard the trap in the cupboard go). At this rate, there will be mice under ALL the fruit trees!

chipsandmushypeas Fri 25-May-12 06:49:56

Rus thank you, that's a good help!

festie sorry you couldn't have your home birth but it sounds like the best choice for you and baby

Hope everyone's enjoying the glorious weather!

Lilliana Fri 25-May-12 07:21:14

Festie I know it's not your ideal scenario and the chances are that everything will be fine but on the off chance that you do need help you said yourself you are too far away. Sorry, sad but you will have a gorgeous healthy baby at the end and where you spent the few hours having it won't make much difference.
Yes NDDH for me, nice to hear you think it's ok too. General opinion seems quite positive about it.

Going to see how I get on with the hayfever. Thanks for all the info Rus I'll come to you instead of Dr Google next time! Will up the citrus fruits and will have a look for some oils as being bunged up is horrible. If it gets worse I will go and see my gp (just had to speak to whoever was on duty that day for advice) and see what she says, especially now I see Festie had some with no problems. Generally she is really good about things that my old gp frowned upon (but then he was the one who told me to get more 'fresh air' when I went in saying I had cronic hay fever and was struggling to take my exams hmm)

Rusulka sorry your little problem is back, how many trees do you have available?! At least you are catching them.
Listening to you I feel huge, you're much further on than me and I had to get a hair band to hold my trousers together yesterday blush. Glad you are looking at things in a more positive way (although I still think it sucks!) Maybe they will change their minds later?

Chips hope you're ok, have you managed to extend what you can eat yet? Hope the BI app goes well today and your mw is nice.

Enjoy the sun all!

chipsandmushypeas Fri 25-May-12 09:53:14

Yes my ms has subsided quite a bit now and I'm craving fruit like mad! Thanks for asking Lil smile

Rusulka Fri 25-May-12 09:59:25

Oh Lil I'm sure you're not that big.
Remember I had a great big wobbly belly to start with (and matching bum, legs, arms, boobs...) so no, I don't look any different, but I can feel Peanut's there... and I never wear proper fitted trousers, so that's why that isn't an issue!
My jeans have lycra in them to stretch around my giant bottom, which is the only reason I can do them up, although I won't be wearing them again as I felt bruised from the waistband the next day, and it made Peanut crabby.
If anything I'm annoyed I don't look as pregnant as I am. I could have still been keeping it a secret!!!

Also I love that the doctor told you to get fresh air when you were suffering from hayfever! grin What a twat! Did he even know what hayfever was? Maybe he thought it was from rolling in hay.

Fruit tree wise, I have, due to some hilarious lucky dip ordering, 4 plum trees (I don't like plums), a cherry, a pear, an apple, a lemon and a lime. 4 of these are in pots. The pear and plum at the bottom of the garden have I think 1 mouse each, the apple has 2, and the tomato trough has 1 mouse per plant (3). I just buried the last one in with one of the new plums. At this rate, will have to pot up my lemon and lime quickly as I'll need the burial space!

I can't believe the sun is out already, so fiercely and so early! Over the last few days, we've at least had til 11 before we had to dive for cover, but this is ridiculous, no way I want to go out shopping in this!

Guess I'll spend the day sorting out bits in the house, and shopping online. Just had my tax rebate cheque clear, so I can pick up some more bits for Peanut. Woo!

Rusulka Fri 25-May-12 10:03:37

Oh, and I found this foetal weight chart, which is awesome-


You have to scroll down a bit for the weight measurements, and it gives you 10th and 90th percentile.

Can't believe Peanut will weigh 2lb on Sunday! She was only 1lb 4 weeks ago, and in only 3 weeks she'll be 3lb! Can't believe how quickly she's growing... I expect it'll be another month or so, but I'm sure more stretchmarks will appear to complement my million other ones... DH likes my stretchmarks, as he thinks it makes me look like one of those hot alien women off Star Trek (his words, not mine!) Lol, he's such a geek. He says I'm stripy like a tiger and it makes me special. grin Wonder what he'll think when they're bright pink rather than white? We'll see...

festiemum Sun 27-May-12 12:12:37

What an awesome site rus! Thanks for posting it. Going by my 20 week scan, Cleetus is on the 13th percentile for weight, which fits in perfectly with my other LO's.

lil - had a really weird dream last night, where I went to the Drs about really nasty hayfever and he wouldn't give me anything for it! Must be channelling you in my sleep! grin

rus, I think it's lovely that you bury your mouse corpses! Bless you! I think dh just puts them in the rubbish! blush He's usually quite sentimental about little critters too!

chips - hope you had a good booking in appointment and got lots of info/ answers to any questions you had.

I'm still a bit hacked off about my consultant's decision, particularly as he wants me in the hospital as soon as I start contracting. With ds, I went in quite early and labour took ages - needed induction hormones in the end. Whereas with dd2 I stayed at home labouring as long as possible and she popped out! I just don't want to end up with a long protracted labour because I'm not as relaxed in hospital iyswim. Oh well, no point projecting; there's no predicting what will happen when it comes to labour!

Hope you're all having a good weekend. Gone a bit rainy here today, but it was beautiful yesterday and we managed to get all the kids (mine and dh's - 5 altogether - we're a veritable tribe with all of us!) to the beach for the afternoon - first proper outing out in ages, as we finally managed to get some extra seats for the van so we can take everyone out! It was lovely!

Just to add to the chaos, we've also gained another dog, so we now have 3! My elderly whippet, who the ex got 'custody' of when we split up! Unfortunately the ex's new baby is now crawling and whippet had apparently been barking at her. I know he wouldn't hurt a fly, but ex's wife, who's not a doggy person at all wasn't happy, so he's joined the clan!

Blimey, I've really withered on today! Hope you're all well! xxx

festiemum Sun 27-May-12 12:14:55

PS- rus, I love the fact that your dh thinks your stretch marks make you special like a Star Trek alien!!! That really made me smile! smile He sounds like an absolute catch!

Lilliana Sun 27-May-12 15:18:22

grin Festie hmm, maybe I need to stop wittering on so much about my hayfever! Wow, you really do have a tribe when all together. It sounds fab though and I guess you're never bored!

Chips how did the mw app go? Hope you are feeling positive after it.

Rus I do feel more pg than fat now although I was getting breakie in my pj's and dh looked at me a said wow you've got a gut!! He did explain he meant baby bump though and it came out wrong! I also love the fact your Dh loves your stretch marks, hope mine will feel the same when they arrive. Thanks for the link, had a quick look but need to look properly to get my head around it.

The sun has gone here too but after yesterdays heat and sneezing fits I'm actually quite glad it is a bit cooler. Only a week left till half term .. I will make it grin

Rusulka Sun 27-May-12 20:41:53

Ah Festie I'm afraid I have an ulterior motive with the tiddly corpses... as they break down, they'll feed the fruit trees. grin Not so sweet now, eh? Although we do also have a dove and a robin buried in the garden- the dove fell out of the tree, had a fit and died, and I saw the robin at the bus stop on my way into town- I promised I'd take it home and bury it if it was still there when I got back. I like robins...

Plus awesome news on getting the dog back! Yay! The baby just probably freaked the dog out with its odd movements. My parents' dog had a bloody good howl once as it saw a monster on our walk in the dusk one evening- it was a mobility scooter with a rain cover on it which was rustling in the wind. Daft bugger.

Lil I still only feel pg when I lie down, still looks like my usual standing-up belly to me! Except when it boinks and wobbles by itself when Peanut kicks.
That website isn't too hard to wrap your head around, I just look at the estimated fetal weight percentile chart about a third of the way down- just gives me a rough idea of how big Peanut's getting.

Chips hope your appt went ok.

I had my weekly weigh-in on the wii fit and have lost another 2lb! Really chuffed. Must have been from digging over the veg patch yesterday (DH did a crap job, had to redo it to plant beans)... So he's not that much of a catch, lol!
Bearing in mind Peanut weighs 2lb now, and there's amnio fluid, the placenta, the extra blood and booby whatnot, I expect I must really be a good 4lb lighter without all that, which is immensely cheering.

Midwife again tomorrow, then off to St Albans for yummy eatings at the Waffle House. And why not?

Lilliana Mon 28-May-12 07:32:02

Rus congrats on still losing weight!! I can't believe you are managing to do this as I can't stop eating! I can't wait until I can feel movements, when did you first feel peanut move? Using dead mice to feed your trees sounds very practical, at least they are being put to some use grin Hope the app goes well, what do you do during mw appointments? I've got my next one on Wednesday and haven't really looked further than the BI app.

Festie how is the dog settling in? Is there somewhere/one near to the hospital that you can go to when contractions start which would be more relaxing than the hospital so you are close enough to get there quickly but not in the hospital for hours?

I have no enthusiasm for school this morning but have found I am becoming unmotivated about lots of things, really need a kick up the ass or I am going to become a right couch potato!

Rusulka Mon 28-May-12 21:41:59

Lil midwife appts for me are just wee check, blood pressure, foetal doppler, out the door. Looks like they're going to be every couple of weeks from now on, so good job there's not much to them!
I bemoaned the fact I couldn't feel Peanut for ages because my placenta is anterior (at the front) so she was kicking me there, and I couldn't feel it- had to wait til she was strong enough to kick hard enough to feel it! I think I started feeling things when my MiL went to Germany... that was end of March-ish I think, so I would have been about 17 weeks. If the placenta hadn't been at the front I would have felt it a lot earlier. Feels like fart bubbles imploding in your insides, but at the front! grin
Also now even if I don't necessarily feel a kick, I see my belly wobble like the water in the glass in jurassic park...

And after the waffles today, one of which was reasonably healthy, and the other was covered in ice cream and maple syrup, and the accompanying 2 vanilla milkshakes (whoops)... think I probably put that 2lb back on!!! Will have to work my bum off extra hard this week to lose any weight I think.

Lilliana Tue 29-May-12 07:30:11

Mmmm, waffles! Thanks Rus glad there is not much to them. I want to ask about the rh neg though as still don't really know what it involves and what problems it can cause so hopefully will have time for that too.

I felt a strange movement last night while in bed, not sure if it was baby or my overactive imagination! Will try not to get too excited yet as prob just me - will be amazing when we can see it move.

Actually found some energy and motivation last night, think DH was mildly impressed as usually in the evenings I've been curled up on the sofa shattered, hope it continues, I feel much better for it.

Chips how are you? Hope everything is ok as haven't heard from you for a while.

Rusulka Tue 29-May-12 09:52:42

Lil it probably was the baby moving, but until you feel it more regularly you won't be sure- and then next time, you'll feel it so much earlier as you'll know what it is!
As far as I know, being RH neg just means you have to make sure you have some injections to stop your body producing antibodies against your baby- then it won't affect any future pregnancies.
Just read on Dr Google that they give you it within 72 hours of giving birth, as that's when some of the baby's blood cells can cross the placenta, which triggers the reaction in you if they're a different blood group. Having the injection destroys the blood cells and stops the reaction happening- basically destroying weapons of mass destruction! grin

Waiting in for my bebe pod plus to arrive, should be here by 12... and keeping my fingers crossed that I manage to win a secondhand moses basket I've seen on eBay as it's nearby to collect and I wouldn't have to pay the postage! (Plus it'd be cheaper than a full price one)

Other than that, I really just need to sort out bedding for the cot, get FiL to get his finger out and buy the bloody play gym, and I think we're pretty much sorted! Baby gates I will have to deal with later as the easy fit ones don't fit our doorways... I love living in a Victorian house, but hadn't anticipated these complications!

Have a good day everyone!

Lilliana Wed 30-May-12 07:47:34

Off to MW today, can't wait to hear the heartbeat.

Rus Very impresed with how organised you are. I haven't organised anything yet but want to wait till 20 week scan before going mad (also I will have the summer holidays to concentrate on it as all a bit mad writing reports etc atm)

No other movements felt so putting it down to my imagination for now.

Hope Festie and Chips are ok

chipsandmushypeas Wed 30-May-12 18:48:28

Hi everyone. Mw appt went good.

Today has been the worst day ever.

My mw called saying I might have syphilis?! So on my day off I went and got a repeat blood test, spent 2 hours travelling in crazy traffic. Have to wait until after bank holiday for results.

Then, another mw called my house (told them to only call mob) and announced to my mother 'this is the midwife calling' so now my whole family know when I was planning to tell them at 12 weeks over a nice dinner with scan pic etc.

I'm so upset, first I'm told I might have syphilis(thanks DP) then my whole family is told by a male mw and I'm all alone at home.

I'm going to bed to curl up.

chipsandmushypeas Wed 30-May-12 18:49:46

This is my first and he took that away from me. I haven't even got a hug from anyone as I moved out of my family home (they had number from gp).

Lilliana Wed 30-May-12 21:26:07

Oh Chips I'm so sorry. Glad you got back to us though as I was getting worried about you and will admit I did a search for you earlier to see if you had been around MN - not trying to stalk you honest, just concerned.

I can't believe this has all happened in 1 day. Where is DP? Can you go and see your family for the night? I bet they are thrilled for you although I would also be super upset if someone told my family before me angry I have no clue about the syphilis, maybe they messed up the test, they don't sound 100% sure about it. I hope you are ok and curled up with chocolate, ice cream or whatever you fancy and a good film. Take care and I hope things look better in the morning brew xxx

chipsandmushypeas Thu 31-May-12 06:44:05

Hi Lil thank you for checking up on me, so kind. It's just been one of those weeks.

DP was great, he came home from work just as I wrote my post. He really calmed me and said I shouldn't worry until the result is back. The lovely nurses who took my blood said the same, that sometimes they flag something but after a more detailed test it turns out not to be it. I'm hoping it's not so much. They said it is usually only transmitted to the fetus if someone catches it during pregnancy.

My mum and sister were happy for me, my sister more so. I think they were just in shock. X

Lilliana Thu 31-May-12 07:29:02

Hope you're feeling better this morning Chips and that it all turns out to be a mistake with the bloods. Your family will get over the shock and it will all work out (I would still be furious and explain to the MW exactly what problems he/she has caused)

We heard baby's heartbeat yesterday which was fab smile

Told my class too as we ended up talking about babies (very random conversation starting with the jubilee and ending with how you get conjoined twins! confused) Also as I walked into my appointment with baby notes etc in hand I met one of my pupils parents, oops, so figured the cat was pretty much out of the bag anyway.

They are all really excited and had loads of questions and suggestions. The best has to be a boy who came up to me in all seriousness and said I should call the baby Zeus grin grin

festiemum Thu 31-May-12 11:19:53

Zeus!!! And why not? Good strong name! grin

Oh chips, I'm sorry you had such a shitty day, and I hope the bloods come back clear. That midwife does need telling, or he'll do it again. I remember the first time the midwife rang here. Dh says, "it's someone called Mandy", and I'm going hmm, but then she explained that she never says who she is, cos she doesn't know who she's talking to. I remember thinking, what a good policy.

Glad you heard the heartbeat lil, it's a lovely reminder. It does sound like you're feeling a bit of movement. It'll start happening more frequently soon and you'll know for definite that's what you've been feeling!

You are doing so well with your weight rus; I'm really impressed! I daren't go near a set of scales. I had a BMI of 31 when I got pregnant, which means they'll probably make me have a diabetes test, but apart from that, it hasn't been mentioned - phew!

Whippet seems to be settling in well. Don't know what he'll do when ex comes to pick the kids up next week. Imagine he'll think he's going home, so that might be a bit distressing.

Have decided to chat to my midwife at my next appointment about my labour plan. There must be a compromise between going in at the first twinge and giving birth in a lay-by! I woderered if a midwife examined me once contractions start, I could make a more informed decision about how established labour is and act accordingly. I hope she agrees!

lil - the only people I know who live nearer the hospital are the ex and his missus, which is handy for dropping the kids off on the way, but not perhaps the place I want to hang out while in labour! grin

Hope everyone is ok. flour, are you still about? Hope you're ok. I am just getting tired again. My 'energetic' second trimester bit seems to get shorter and shorter with every pregnancy!

chipsandmushypeas Sat 02-Jun-12 10:41:51

Morning everyone, hope everyone is well smile

Lil how lovely to hear the heartbeat, the best sound in the world right now! grin at Zeus!

Festie thank you, I'm ok now my mum has been lovely surprisingly! Hope your chat with mw went well.

My blood test came back as a false positive, I'm very confused and set about googling, it says it is common to get a false positive during pregnancy. The midwife was lovely and really put my mind at ease. She was also the midwifes manager who told my family and apologised profusely and said he shouldn't have done it.

Feel more relaxed now as she said just think of yourself as negative.

Lilliana Sun 03-Jun-12 10:00:59

Festie hmm, ex's might not be the most relaxing place to go but at least you can drop the other dc there. When are you seeing your mw next? Hope you can come up with something.

Chips so glad it was a false result but sorry for all the panic and stress it must have caused. Glad your mum has been supportive too smile

Rus and Flour hope you are both ok

I'm home alone for half term as Dh is on the isle of man watching the tt racing. Going to a street party this pm (in the rain by the looks of it) and going to start painting upstairs this am - office and then maybe start looking at baby's room.

Rusulka Mon 04-Jun-12 21:12:55

Hey Lil how's the painting going?
I've decided to decorate the back bedroom, since I had to half empty it in order to do some tidying- thought oh fuck it, might as well empty it completely and get on with it... Can't really find any oomph to do it though! I have the exact opposite problem, in that DH is on holiday all this week (which is nice, as MiL is here again) but I can't bring myself to decorate when he's home. Feel like it's time wasted that could be spent together, but if we do anything else, I feel guilty for not getting on with the painting! Can't win...
Zeus is a perfectly nice name, if you like that sort of thing- SiL is well into her classics and I suspect any children will be lumbered with names of greek heroes/ heroines, so that shall be interesting! I like Orpheus as a middle name, but can't seem to bring DH round to the idea...

Chips sorry your male midwife was a twat, sounds like things are ok now though. And you can always say you don't want him next time! grin

Festie the weight loss isn't going so great, put on another 2lb this week, I expect because we went to the Waffle House and I had 2 milkshakes as it was so hot, and then I got chocolate cereal in, which I snacked on all week, and then I couldn't get out for any exercise because I had to stay in sorting out phone calls and waiting for people to come over... because some idiot stole our gas meter.
No gas from overnight sunday/monday til I could get them to fit a new one on Wednesday.
And worst of all, after I went outside to check if it was the mains that was turned off and not the boiler being a twonk, I didn't even realise the meter was gone! I just stood there turning the tap on and off and wondering why I could hear a whooshing noise and smell gas. Rang my dad, who very carefully tried to explain to me that I had missed something obvious. Whoops. Felt like a right twit. Told you my brain wasn't working!

Still, it's June now, and the imposed no sweet eatings has come to an end, I may partake of appropriate sized portions, woo!

What else...

Oh, DH made me laugh last night. We were lying all snuggled up in bed as it was sodding freezing, and I was thinking about how pretty he was, and said 'I hope Peanut gets your bones, and skin, and hair'. He said 'I hope she gets your vagina and not my penis.' !!!
He has a point...

Lilliana Tue 05-Jun-12 08:46:31

Painting is getting there but keep being interrupted by people so ended up doing the second coat last night while listening to the jubilee concert and was shattered by that point.

I'm off to exeter today to attempt another go at shopping for mat clothes which, from previous experience, will end up with me fed up with no clothes.

shock who took your gas meter? I wouldn't have had a clue if ours was missing. Glad it is sorted now though. I wouldn't worry about the weight loss - you are pg and expected to gain weight. I think it is amazing how you have lost so far! grin at your DH - and I hope so too!

festiemum Tue 05-Jun-12 13:35:47

Blimey, well done you guys and your painting exploits. I dunno what's happened to me this pregnancy - I seem to have lost all motivation. I'm hoping some nesting instinct will kick in at some point so I can sort all the baby stuff out.

Oh I'm completely with you on the maternity clothes struggle, lil - it's such a crappy old selection. I was shock in Barnstaple to find that the Mothercare has all but abandoned the maternity section - that was the last shop left afaik!

I've got bits on eBay and me and dh had a trip into Plymouth where I got some reasonable stuff in H&M and New Look.

Whoah about your gas meter, rus! WHY would someone do that?!! Hope you're able to get it sorted quickly! love your dh's insight into bits peanut should inheret! grin

Well the kids are at their Dad's for a few days, so I've had a mega lie-in and am flopping about in bed and dh is playing Skyrim downstairs! There's a window of sunshine ( non-rain is probably more accurate) for a couple of hours tomorrow, so we're hoping to get up to the north coast for a bit of lunch and a walk along the coastline - lovely!

festiemum Tue 05-Jun-12 13:47:29

By the way rus - 2lb gain is still pretty good when you think at this stage of pregnancy you should have gained about a stone! You're doing brilliantly! xx

Lilliana Tue 05-Jun-12 19:22:25

Well Exeter has allowed me to get a pair of jeans and a couple of 'bump bands' so I can carry on wearing my tops without exposing horrible fat belly grin Feeling much better about things as it was really getting me down - now I've tried a few things on I'll have a look at ebay for the rest.

Glad you're having a chilled couple of days Festie, they must be few and far between in your household.

Getting a bit fed up with Dh being away and would just like a night cuddled up watching a film but never mind, I have rhubarb pie and cream!

So hoping we do have a few hours non rain tomorrow as well and truly fed up with it today.

Not really motivated, I'm having to force myself to do things because I want to fiinsh painting before my lovely dad comes over to put some new lights in and do a few other jobs around the house.

Rusulka Wed 06-Jun-12 22:44:47

Woo for some clothes Lil!
And well done for getting the painting done.
My parents have managed to get the black chandeliers I wanted for the living room, and my dad's casually mentioned that if I pull my finger out and paint THE ENTIRE LIVING/DINING ROOM CEILING then he can wire them in when they come next weekend. shock
I told him no, as I wanted ceiling roses on before they go up, and he told me to get them up and just paint the bit of ceiling around the lights! Not someone who takes no for an answer...

Festie lol at your DH playing Skyrim... is there anyone not playing that? (apart from us)... although I am playing Fable 3 with DH at the mo. blush
Hope you managed to get up to the coast and blow the cobwebs out.

Think the gas meter was taken so someone else could basically hook it up, use a load of gas, and the counter on mine would go up, but on theirs it wouldn't, so effectively, free gas. Cheeky sods!

We were planning to go into London this afternoon, was hoping to mooch in the charity shops around Chelsea with FiL while DH went off on jollies with his mates, but he woke up this morning doing his dying swan act, and it all got cancelled. You'll be glad to hear that after a day of being waited on hand and foot, fed, watered, stroked and ovaltined, he's miraculously feeling much better. grin

Managed to get the moses basket I wanted secondhand on eBay, not too far away either, just have to pick it up. That's a bit of a relief, although it was only about £27 cheaper than new- on the plus side, I think it comes with the stand too, which would have been another £30.

And MiL is off again tomorrow morning, although it looks like she'll be floating round the country until August... feeling guilty if we don't house her at least some of the time... Hmm.

With a tip run tomorrow afternoon and DH FINALLY having an eye test and new specs on Friday, that's my week effectively full. Nothing productive done apart from some mapping work on a project me and DH are working on, but oh well. I'll paint the room later or next week. Must. Learn. To. Relinquish. Control. Over. All. Situations.!

Lilliana Fri 08-Jun-12 10:26:53

Rus I'm so pleased your poor, dying DH has made a full recovery! How is the living room going? My office is lovely now, just trying to get all the books back into it (there are ALOT) It is slightly ironic that I finish it 6 weeks before I will not be needing it any more but will use it for creative bits (that I'm sure I will have so much time to work on hmm)

MiL AGAIN! You are a saint!

My lovely dad came round yesterday and did a few jobs for me so the house is slowly but surely getting there.

Had weird pains for the last week or so, someone on my nov a-n thread said it could be SPD sad Hoping it's not but some of the symptoms do sound similar, will have to speak to the mw when I see her next.

Woken up this morning by the smoke alarm going off, cue me jumping out of bed and rushing around checking every room in the house half dressed. Not sure what set it off but better check the battery so it doesn't happen again tomorrow. Not the best start to the morning.

Now need to get off mn and start writing reports -yuck.

Have a good day everyone, hope all is ok

Rusulka Fri 08-Jun-12 15:47:04

Lil I find that if I've been humping and dumping a lot, or just bending throughout the day, then I get a lot of pain in my lower back on the side in the evening and when I go to bed- I thought it might be SPD too, but I think it's just that everything's looser, and can't cope with the rigours of DIY or a full-scale assault on the garden. If I don't do anything too strenuous- ie, not lift anything, then I don't suffer.
Maybe you've just overdone it on the decorating, or lifting those books to mark (I know how heavy they are!)

Just got back from the shops with a whingeing DH (who looks much better in his proper specs) and with armfuls of stuff for Peanut from the charity shops- seriously, the RSPCA are legends, so much stuff for wither 25p or 50p, I'm tempted to see if they've got a branch locator online and go rampant wherever I go, lol! I'm not joking, some other charity shops will charge nearly 10 times as much for the same item. Wish I'd thought to go there before I bought all the babygrows. You ladies take note! grin

Right, I've had my online time and cuppa, must be Fable o'clock by now. That should stop DH's sulks.

Hope the weekend is nicer than today, it's honking it down here!

festiemum Fri 08-Jun-12 19:35:42

Hope your hips are settling down lil - I had the same thing about a month ago and thought it was SPD, but it turned out I'd just overdone the driving and walking. After a rest it settled - hope that's the case for you!

Well done rus on the charity shop hit. I've got to hold off buying anything else till I've been under the eaves (our bedroom's in the loft) and checked what I've already got. Ex-p's wife took a lot of it when they had their baby, but there's some stuff left I hope! hmm

Ooh, reports lil, don't envy you at all. Hope you get them done quickly enough to leave you some weekend!

Hope everyone's got nice weekends planned. After a few quiet days this week, we've got all the kids this weekend (mine and dh's), so it's going to be chaotic. Dh's kids are a bit unsettled at the mo, as their mum is in the process of splitting with her new husband (the man she left dh for!!!). So it's up to us to provide some stability. Um....... Oh dear! grin

You are a saint with your mil rus - I don't think I'd be so generous.

Have a great weekend everyone! smile

chipsandmushypeas Mon 11-Jun-12 17:45:36

Hey everyone smile

festie scan is on thurs, waiting very patiently but getting anxious too, had a lot of stress recently (thread in relationships under toxic siblings if anyone's interested),

Waves to everyone else x

festiemum Mon 11-Jun-12 19:52:18

Ooh, shows how well I read that thread, thought you'd already had it! Good luck. Sorry you're having other worries. Sometimes I think it's a bummer all the other life stuff carries on when you're pregnant - you've got enough to be getting along with, haven't you?! thanks for popping over! smile

chipsandmushypeas Mon 11-Jun-12 20:37:14

I'll definitely pop on after the scan! Might buy a couple of things if it's all good news x

Lilliana Tue 12-Jun-12 07:26:11

Chips sorry you're having a tough time, will have a look at the thread when I have a minute but hope all is ok.

Hope you had a nice weekend Festie. I'm sure you provide a lovely home for all your DC, chaotic doesn't mean unstable - they know you're there for them and love them, thats what matters. Glad the dog is settling in ok too.

Rus charity shops around here are rubbish. Will need to start going to bigger places to find some good stuff. May see if my sis in London can find some nice pieces.

I've now managed to pull my back somehow so look like a right old woman with that and my leg. Trying not to overdo things but It's hard with 30 kids to look after all day and I'm so used to doing things without thinking. Hoping things calm down abit though or I'm going to be in trouble.

DH is home now which is lovely although he's already talking about going again next year!

Rusulka Tue 12-Jun-12 12:21:31

Hey ladies!

Chips hope everything is ok, and good luck for your scan! I've got my GTT that day, not looking forward to it at all. Hoping all the sweeties I stuffed in the last week don't have a detrimental effect!

Festie I am so not a saint. Went in the room she's been in 4 days after she left only to find she hadn't locked the window properly- and we've had 2 days out in the meantime. Would have voided our insurance if anything had happened. Anyway, saw red, had steam coming out of my ears, and apparently threatened to kill her and said she would never stay here again! blush
DH's solution was to get all her crap she's left here (which I asked her to sort through- she didn't) and bung it in the attic so it's not in my way any more. Will feel guilty if anything untoward happens to it, but getting sick of her leaving her stuff all over my living room when there's no room for it and treating upstairs like her own personal bedroom when other people have to sleep in there too. I don't want my dad tripping over her shite... besides which, if he knows it's hers, he'll do something to it. grin
Also we're taking all her cookbooks to the charity shop. grin grin

I've had a couple of days of nasty acid reflux and feeling miserable, probably my own fault for stuffing sweeties and chocs, but had a bit of a fraught weekend with DH's grandma- had previous dementia episode before I met him, and looked like she was slipping again as hadn't taken her meds- she's home now and sounding more normal which is a relief, but we've had SiL here in tears, DH in tears, and me trying not to join in. But I did cry at a dog advert yesterday.

DH is back at work today and my parents are coming on Friday, so I'm going to try and get the back bedroom completely painted all today- 2 coats on the ceiling, 2 coats on the walls, and 3-4 coats of varnish on the skirting boards.
So far I've done 1 ceiling, 1 skirting boards. Going back up in half an hour to do the second coat on the ceiling, or at least go round the edges with a brush and then roller what's left until the tray's empty... then I'll do another coat on the boards, and the first coat on the walls. By the time I finish the walls, I might be able to do a 3rd coat on the boards. It's only a little room, so it's half an hour on the ceiling, 15mins on the boards, walls unknown.

Wish me luck! (will be sick of decorating by the end of it, lol)

Lilliana Wed 13-Jun-12 07:36:27

Rus so sorry to hear about your DH's grandma, hope she is ok. Dementia can be really tough on the other people in the family (and sometimes worse for them than the person who has it sad)

As always I bow to your DIY goddess status, it took me 3 days to paint the walls in 1 tiny room blush Stupidly I did do it two colours on alternate walls (trying to justify crap rate of painting!) How did it go yesterday?

Hope you are feeling better too, what is GTT? (Know I should know but lack of sleep is not helping retention of information.)

Chips had a look at your thread, it sounds like you are best out if you can and I would def look at it as a professional relationship rather than a personal one, you do not need the stress it brings and it doesn't seem like you gain anything out of the relationship. Take care

Hi Festie and Flour, hope you are blooming/glowing etc etc and all is well.

festiemum Wed 13-Jun-12 12:42:29

Hey all. Sympathy from me too rus - my Mum's in the early stages of dementia and she's not recognisable as the fiercely intelligent, capable person she used to be. Me and dd2 visit her every week, but I don't relish the visits to be honest. She's become completely passive. She has 4 carers a day who feed her, change her pads, wash and dress her and she has lost all sense of autonomy iykwim. Anyway, didn't want this to become all about me, but I understand and empathise. I think lil is definitely right. Dementia is almost harder on the people around the sufferer. It really is a cruel cruel illness. xxxx

Kudos on your continuing decorating success. Me and dd2 are successfully watching Sesame Street on DVD today! blush Good luck with the GTT too, it was mentioned that I should have one at my booking in appointment, but hasn't been mentioned since; I'm kind of hoping I've got away with it, as I don't fancy sitting in the surgery for 2 hours having eaten nothing but a nasty glucose drink! Seeing the midwife next week, so she'll probably remember then. hmm

Sorry to hear you're still in pain lil - hope it settles soon. You must be counting down to the summer hols now!

chips - had a read of your other thread, so sorry your family aren't being more supportive. It's really the last thing you need or expect during pregnancy. Agree with lil that keeping a strictly professional relationship is the way forward if you're to stay sane, but realise it's so hard when you're feeling hurt and unsupported by the very people you expect love and support from. Big hugs. Good luck with your scan tomorrow too! xxx

I am OK. More of the same for me. Definitely feel myself slowing down now. Went up to Barnstaple yesterday, and felt very slow lumbering around town! Looks like dh's ex is splitting with her dh. She's been changing her mind. Hope it sorts itself out soon for the kids' sake. Thanks for the kind words lil - we do our best to make our house safe and loving for them when they're here. Dss didn't want to go home on Sunday night, which is the best compliment of all really! Fingers crossed it settles down for them soon.

Hope everyone is well today. Woo, mega post! xxxx

chipsandmushypeas Thu 14-Jun-12 14:04:39

Hello everyone, thanks for all the support. I think you're all right, a strictly professional relationship is the way forward.

On a more positive note! Just got back from my scan and it went amazing smile everything is looking good. Downs risk was v low at 1:25700 and dr was very happy.
Measuring dead on so my due date is still Xmas eve! She also said she was 80% sure it's a boy! We were so shocked because we weren't expecting them to comment on gender so early - is this normal? I'm not going to get boy stuff until my 20 week scan though just in case. Thanks for the support girls as I was so nervous.

Here's my Christmas pudding:



Rusulka Thu 14-Jun-12 19:54:31

Embarrassed to say it took me 2 days to do the room. blush
I got wilkinson own brand paint to try and it was absolutely crap- terrible coverage, took 4 coats and 1 and two thirds of a pot to do. Not impressed!

Lil GTT is the glucose tolerance test. On account of being bigger (...) I have to have it because being pregnant now, my body is less able to cope with all the sugar I so obviously must be cramming down my throat <seethe>
It's true, I have been going a bit batshit recently, but still... <seethe>.

Didn't go too badly actually. Felt a bit sick, what with the acid reflux and not being able to have a mint or more than a sip of water, but the wait went quite quickly, and I have to ring after 2 for the results tomorrow.

Festie I was hoping I'd got away with it too, but they went and brought it up again and booked it, so you'll probably have it mentioned at your 25 weeks-ish appt to be done around 28 weeks. If I have to do it, you have to do it too! grin
I love it when other people's kids don't want to go home, but it does make me feel guilty!

Chips glad your scan went ok, pics are lovely. The detail's amazing, isn't it? My mum keeps showing ours to everyone in her village. One day it's the lady in the post office, the next it's the receptionist at the doctors, lol!
And you can tell the sex at the first scan- there was an article linked on my thread about it- basically, at 12 weeks-ish, boys and girls both have a sort of penis- in boys it gets bigger and more willified, and in girls it turns into the clitoris (I think!). You can tell them apart by the angle of the wang, so to speak- with girls, it has to be less than a 30 degree angle up in the air, and with boys it has to be more. I found this out 2 days after my scan and was really annoyed as I wanted to look for it! Other people having boys have said at the 20 week scan it was fairly impossible not to notice the balls, so I expect someone with a trained eye must see them earlier!

DH's grandma is much better, thanks for your comments- she'd just absent-mindedly forgotten one or two tablets, which made her so hazy she forgot the rest, and it's a pretty rapid nosedive from there. Without the ones for her pituitary, she'd die in a couple of days. (!) No talk of carpeting the walls or putting soup in envelopes this time, so I think it was just a temporary blip. She's got a right arse on as someone is coming in to supervise her taking her tablets, so she's pretty much back to her usual charming slightly cantankerous self. grin

Got some wild boar & apple sausages to try from our local butcher- he also sells crocodile and kangaroo, so if they're any good, I might try more weird meats! Will let you know how they taste.

Meantime, I've got tonight and tomorrow morning to clean the kitchen and bathroom, dismantle and classify the bits of a playmobil castle with DH, move the rest of the furniture back into the newly painted room, shift the cot, put bedding on and towels in the guest room, tidy the house, mow the lawn... and maybe stick a broom up my arse to sweep while I'm at it... methinks something will have to give!
Usually with me it's the cleaning, I'm terrible! But I washed out my paint tray and rollers in the bath so it has a blue tinge, and I must sort that out before my mum sees it...

Epic post! Must go feed DH now, as he had to accompany to hospital AND shopping today, so naturally he has no energy left. Poor sod.

festiemum Thu 14-Jun-12 20:48:01

My God rus! How do you do it?! Actually, today I actually achieved something! I went through the whole of one eave, and found newborn clothes, my sling and sheets for the crib! Though I'm a bit miffed that there don't seem to be as many clothes as I remember which means ex's dw didn't return all the clothes (that she borrowed without asking angry).

Well the GTT doesn't sound too bad then, though since I've been pg I've not been able to tolerate my denture plate without a mint on the go- it just makes me retch. All paid for an implant, but dentist won't do it til I've had the baby! So it'll be the 'Jeremy Kyle participant' look for me then! Mind you, in our surgery in Bodmin, I'll fit right in!! grin

Woo hoo chips, what lovely pics! So clear and a lovely clear nub! No wonder the sonographer had a pretty good idea what you're having! You must feel better now that's all done! A bit more relaxed and a lot more pregnant, I always find!

Hope you're ok lil!

Hmm, wild boar sausages - sound quite nice! You'll definitely have to report back!

Lilliana Fri 15-Jun-12 07:20:36

Yay Chips so glad you have some positive news to enjoy. The Nov a-n thread is full of boys, there are only about 3 girls so far (two are twins) it must be the season for them.

I tried to have a look at the nub thing, but not 100% sure what I'm looking at so trying not to speculate as we aren't going to find out.

Rus I used wickes own and it took me 3 coats to cover the walls, was very grr as thought it would only take a day to do such a small room.

Mmmm, sausages sound fab, let us know how they are and we'll do a bulk order grin

I'm glad the GTT was ok. Hope the results are good and they let you have the birth you want. (I'm sure a short blip won't make that much difference)

Good news also about DH's gran, it's always nice when they are back to being cantankerous, you know she must be better.

Don't do all that - surely your mum/ mil can help you. (I also have a blue tinged bath, figured it would come off eventually with all the water sloshing around - I am a slattern!)

Festie glad you found some clothes, any chance of asking exW what happened to the rest?

The Jeremy Kyle show look is in in our area too - the playground at the end of the day could be backstage (and we have actually had one of our parents on the show!!!)

Not sleeping too well so pleased it is finally Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow. Feeling sorru for Dh as despite my best efforts I keep waking him too. He insists he doesn't mind and I can't help it but he must be shattered!

Baby brain is getting worse, so far I have put the washing on a pre-wash instead of a proper wash, then taken it out and put it on the line to dry, put my mobile phone in the school dishwasher and left my cash in the cash machine after taking my card (thank god for the lovely lady behind me) I am not safe to be out alone.

Rusulka Sun 17-Jun-12 22:25:55

Woohoo, GTT came back normal. UP YOURS NHS!!!
And I get to tell the midwife tomorrow too, oh happy day!

Festie if it makes you feel any better, all I managed in the evening was sorting out the guest room and moving some more furniture back into the newly painted room- in the morning I had cleaned the kitchen and was halfway through the bathroom when the doorbell rang- I was praying it was the post, but it totally wasn't, lol!
While they were here, me and my mum have weeded the arse out of the garden, and not only strimmed but actually mowed it too- just doesn't look like our garden, looks like a proper one! grin We also took turns axing the shit out of the crab apple stump, but we just couldn't get the bugger out, so a bin bag has gone over it and we've covered it with mud. It shouldn't be able to grow back now...
Can't believe half your stuff's missing! With all the horror stories I've been hearing, it's making me not want to lend our baby stuff when we no longer need it, not even to family and friends! I think I'll only give stuff that I don't want back... certainly won't be parting with the moses basket, want to be able to pass it on to our kids... certainly worth a try asking about getting the stuff back, but might be a bit of a lost cause... still, no harm in trying.
I must get to the dentist and get my teeth filled or removed or whatever while it's free. Got a bloody great hole between 2 teeth, which I assume affects both, and it's been giving me grief for years- I don't believe in paying for stuff like that though, so just left it!

Lil sounds like Wickes' paint is a pain in the arse too. Really annoying as B&Q's paint is quite reliable, but I hate them as a company for overcharging on things like hooks and whatnot- really begrudge buying their stuff, but their paint is pretty good, and in a wide range of colours... sigh.
Can't believe some of the things you've been doing! I haven't been that bad. I do forget receipts in self-service checkouts sometimes, and I spent the whole of a game earlier referring to dominoes as dice, but in my defence, my dad had been doing it first so he put it in my head! Also I put a towel wash on, and totally forgot to put the bathmat in... and there were only 5 things to go in, including that! Had to stop the wash, bung it in, and start again. Silly...

Weighed myself this morning for the first time in 2 weeks, and put 5lb on. Poo. Was crap at exercise last week, but been really good this week, although still bad with the eatings. Hmm. Will have to get my act together as I have the weigh in at the consultant appointment on 30/07, and I want to have lost weight and be all awesome!

The wild boar sausages were quite nice, everyone liked them, although they weren't amazing or anything. Nice butcher though, so might go try some more of his exotic fare... grin

Lilliana Mon 18-Jun-12 07:32:47

That's great news Rus, so pleased for you and hah to the MW! Does this mean you can use the MLU now? You deserve it the way you have lost weight even when pg. Congrats!

Sounds like I will have to go to B&Q next time as can't put up with doing 3/4 coats every time.

I really need to get an NHS dentist sorted soon. I am a wimp about the dentist thought so haven't been for years and dreading it but as it is the only time I'm going to get it free I need to bite the bullet and just do it.

My DH would say I do bonkers stuff normally but being pg is def making it worse.

Hi Flour and Chips hope you are both ok and bumps are growing well.

<waves at Festie>

festiemum Tue 19-Jun-12 08:13:07

Yay for normal GTT Rus! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it NHS!

Just a quickie cos I've got to take ds to the dentist. It's a bit difficult to sort out stuff with ex's dw. We get on fine, but, to be fair, she took the clothes out of the loft when she was pg, before me and dh had even decided to ttc, so she didn't know I was going to want them. I just feel a bit hmm cos she nicked my partner, moved into my family home and then took the clothes we had dressed our dcs in to dress their new baby!!!! It's my problem, I do realise that!!

Anyway. Did lots of baby washing this weekend, so feel like I've at least made a start in sorting stuff. Now I just need to convince myself to buy the new pushchair!

Anyway, need to go, will catch up properly later! Hope everyone's ok! smile

Rusulka Tue 19-Jun-12 13:08:52

Hi ladies, hope it's as sunny for all of you as it is for me here!

Lil don't know whether they'll let me in the MLU, think it's the consultant's decision... will ask when I see them. Gulp. Better lose some weight!

Been frightening myself over stillbirth statistics- going to be counting the kicks from now on, printed off a chart here:


You need to start from 28 weeks, so I'm about a fortnight late, but I'm going to be totally on it from now!

Really glad we've got a growth scan at 36 weeks so we can check to make sure there aren't any complications or umbilical nooses so close to due date, trying not to freak out, sure it will all be fine, but want to make sure I know Peanut's patterns inside out so I can spot if anything is wrong.

Don't we ever get to stop worrying??!!?

Festie I need to do some baby washing too. Went through all the baby clothes I've bought with my mum, and she says I've got way more than she ever had for either of us... feel guilty now! Will have to be more discriminatory in charity shops. Repeat to self: 26 babygrows for 0-3m is enough... Lol.
I'm going to have a list of things I do need to look out for, like jeans or skirts or whatever for particular age brackets, and obviously if there's something awesome I'll get it, but I need to rein it in now, I think.

Parents have left the baby gate they got with us so we can see if it's feasible to fit one at the top of the stairs, but have a feeling we're screwed no matter what we try. Don't want one on their bedroom so they're caged in like an animal, but not sure how else to stop them going flying down the long flight of stairs... Hmm.

Right, got to go get baby spinach and compulsory exercise. Then when I get back maybe pull out one of the board game bookcases and empty it to get access to the hole in the floor where the latest wave of mice appears to be coming from- sigh. Got some metal lattice to fix over it though, so hoping it'll stop them getting up through there. Better not be chew holes in my bookcase!

Lilliana Tue 26-Jun-12 14:36:05

Advice needed!
School has hand, foot and mouth going around. Went out this am as as soon as I got back they put me in the office to keep away from the children and sent me home. It is now up to me what I do - stay home until it blows out or go back tomorrow as usual.

>MW has said that I am probably immune but no blood test available to check

>It is highly contagious between children, adults rarely catch it but can get it more than once. (Don't think I have ever had it)

>Spread through coughs, sneezes and unwashed hands.

>If you get it when pg it is unlikely to harm the baby.

>There is some limited evidence that catching hand, foot and mouth disease during pregnancy may result in miscarriage in very rare cases.

Chances are all will be fine but DH says any risk isn't worth it, I am worrying about the impact on my class and other staff / money to pay supply but also would never forgive myself if I am the rare case and something happens

WWYD? I wish someone would just tell me what to do as I am torn and see both sides.

Sorry for the long me me me post, I hope you are all ok and will post properly when I've calmed down and de stressed abit.

festiemum Tue 26-Jun-12 17:51:35

Oh lil, I can understand your concern and your worry about you, the baby and the school. It sounds as if school have your best interests at heart, so why not take their lead and stay away until it's all blown over? So, they'll have to get supply staff in, but frankly, that's not your problem, and as you say; you'd never forgive yourself if you were affected. xx

Lilliana Thu 28-Jun-12 07:48:31

Thanks Festie I am at home till Friday and school have been really good about it. They rang yesterday saying they also have a case of chicken pox but MW thinks I'm ok with that as I had it when I was younger. At least I have got some time to write reports and sort things out so less stress and more rest.

Rusulka sorry to hear your mouse battle is continuing!

I haven't bought any clothes yet - do you have many newborn things or are you going for mainly 0-3 months? Bit worried if I stock up on newborn they might not use them.

DH was listening to bump the other day and felt a kick on his head grin was lovely he got to actually feel baby and convinced me that I'm not imagining the movements. Not counting kicks yet though as don't think they are regular enough but do tend to feel him every day now which is nice.

Festie I would feel the same about the ex's dw - couldn't believe it when you said you had lent them to her! Thought you must be amazing to have that kind of relationship (or they had got together after you and ex broke up and were ok about it) Hearing more of the story I don't think I could bring myself to acknowledge her let alone lend baby clothes for their new family, you're a bigger woman than me x

festiemum Thu 28-Jun-12 12:19:55

I'm glad school is being so understanding lil. And 'yay,' to a bit of extra marking/chilling time!

It's difficult to say what size to go for. It varies so much! M&S newborn stuff is 7.5 llbs which was great for me - all my babies have been 6-7llbs; a trend I'm hoping will continue with this one - but my mate's were both over 10llbs, so they were straight into 0-3 months! Mothercare newborn stuff is 10llbs I think, so a safer size to go for. I personally liked having the smaller stuff for the first month, but then, my babies were little. It's a bit of a lottery though!

Aw, it's lovely that your dh has felt movement! Dh has tried to, but Cleetus stops moving as soon as he so much as looks at my bump, the little minx!

I'm sure I'm not a bigger woman than you (well maybe in arse size). I've always got on with ex's dw; even though she pursued him while we were together. The thing is; my kids love her; she's a great step-mum and they have always been my priority. I was damned if the crappy behaviour of their Dad and his 'younger model' was going to screw them up.

Anyway, it's dh's ex who's causing problems at the moment. After announcing that her and her dh were splitting, things went quiet and they seemed to be sorting it out amicably. However, this weekend, we had dh's kids staying with us, and as they were getting ready to go home we get a call. Her dh has discovered she recently slept with two other men, has gone mental and kicked her out! Thus dh's 2 are living with us while she finds them somewhere to live!! That's 5 kids in two (small) bedrooms!!! Poor little buggers, they're coping really well, but it's not really fair on them at all!

Anyway, in pregnancy news, I am rolling into the 3rd trimester feeling decidedly sweaty, big and knackered! Defiinitely slowing down big time now! I also finally bit the bullet and bought my pram today! Hooray!!! I am absurdly excited, particularly as its purple! (sad)

Hope everyone is well. rus, you still being mentally productive?!

Rusulka Fri 29-Jun-12 10:49:43

Festie only mentally productive in the sense that in my head I can get all this stuff done, then plan it, then.... don't do it. grin
Sounds like things are manic your end, I wish people would put aside their issues to consider the kids first. Grr.
And the first pram I looked at was purple too! But it was so huge and clunky, and wouldn't have fitted in any car except my mum's zafira... happy with my mothercare 3 wheeler though. It may be grey, but I'm going to accessorise with brightly coloured toys and blankets, and a red parasol!

Lil sorry to hear of your school infestation woes, I think you're better off at home too, it isn't worth the risk. Sod school, they have to be prepared for this kind of thing, and like you said, you get some more time to get stuff done- it's like a mini-half term before the last 3 weeks of term! And I bet you need it as well.
Re: clothes, I've only bought 0-3 months, although some of the charity shop ones say they're newborn- Gap seems to think a newborn is 12.5lb, so, erm, yeah, whatever! <fervently hopes Peanut is not that big>
My thinking was, a regular size baby will fit in 0-3 and won't need newborn clothes, neither will a big one, and if we have a smaller one, then I can get some smaller clothes IF we need them. Or they can just be buried in clothes for a little while and lump it, no biggie!

No more mice since the one when my parents were here (that the dog never noticed. Crap dog!) which is just as well since I still haven't put that metal mesh over the hole. [rubbish Rus emoticon]

Spent the past few days busily washing washing washing, trying to take advantage of the sunny weather. With all the stuff I'd bought, I had 4 coloured loads (1 bright, 1 paler, 1 dark, 1 new stuff that might run), 4 white loads, and 1-2 mixed new where there's colour & white on the same stuff- I'm doing the 2nd to last white one now, will do the other white when DH gets home from late night and bung his week's shirts in with it, and I need to buy colour catchers before I wash the new stuff and the mixed stuff. Oh, and there's blankets and other stuff to handwash too, but not much thankfully!
Made the mistake of putting in a red & white polka dot coat with the colours, some of which I recently dyed purple, only for the white velvet ribbon trim to come out suspiciously lilac, so have a feeling I may have ruined that one. sad I'm so crap at washing beyond the basic bung it in and go. Have lots of angora stuff I daren't ever wash after I ruined my favourite cardigan (and covered the rest of the wash in red fluff)... still makes me sad to think about it.

Shopping for little P nearly all done now- got my moses basket sheets- 2 from Wilkinson for a fiver and 4 secondhand off eBay, and I'm going to get my cot sheets from John Lewis as their basic ones are £15 for 3- which is £11.25 with my discount. grin Works out a little cheaper than everywhere else, so 2 packs and I'm sorted. Other than that... it's just getting FiL to pull his finger out and get the play gym, and maybe figure out the baby gate problem. So now I can just mooch in charity shops at clothes, with my little A4 tally chart so I know what I've already got, and just keep an eye out for nice things. No more babygrows! No more jeans for 6-9m, that kind of thing. Might write a clothing wishlist based on a sensible sized wardrobe for a baby, and try to stick to that...

Also we've been reading to bump every night.
Other than that, just getting things ready, clean, accessible, and thinking about hospital bag... oh, and wondering if I'm a jelly short of a party for planning to travel up to Norwich on the train when I'll be 8 months!!!

Bought £100-worth of stuff on Mothercare website just to take advantage of their 10% off, so that's Peanut's birthdays and christmases sorted for the next few years, lol. I'm going to sit and work out how much we've I've spent so far, and I bet it's eye-watering. I'm also going to work out what of that was actually necessary. Keep your eyes peeled for a wince-worthy financial update!

Good gravy, I've done an essay again, must have missed you or something. grin

Lilliana Fri 29-Jun-12 12:56:58

Yes, I have to admit I have loved being at home for the last few days and actually feel human again. Nearly up to date with work, the house is fairly tidy and I have slept! Don't want to go back to work on Monday now and really can't wait for mat leave to start grin

I need to get organised too Rus. We have our 20 week scan on Wednesday so after that will have to get on with it. Dh is bidding on some bits on ebay and we have chosen pram and cot bed so have started at least. Still have your list which is going to be a godsend.

Will wait with baited breath for the financial update - I think I would be too scared to work it out - particularly the unnecessary bit!

Dh has been listening to bump and I talk to it during the day but like the idea of reading to it. My friend used to sing to her bump each night but if I do that it might not be quite so relaxing!

PiL visiting tonight. Only stopping one night so nothing like your epic visits Rus!

Think I will go with mainly 0-3 months and maybe throw in a couple of newborn just in case I manage my tiny sneeze birth dream! (although if I prepare only for a big baby maybe I'll be more likely to get a littler one hmm)

I love your attitude Festie and hope that I could look at it in the same way, poor kids though, hope something better is sorted out soon.

Pram sounds great, I love purple. ATM we are deciding between red and cream for ours (sadly they don't do it in purple, only bright pink [yuck])

Better go and make Dh some dinner as I am currently playing good housewife!

Rusulka Fri 29-Jun-12 18:25:14

Get red Lil, it won't show the muck so much! grin

Really fighting with washing these whites, they just get dirty so easily... really tempted to just dye everything purple- muslins, bedding... I mean, some of them have dirty marks from where they touched the line on the rotary airer. ARGH! I can't work with this!!!

DH has so far been reading some of childhood favourites- he was reading Fungus the Bogeyman last week, and he read Fox in Socks at my request- tripped over nearly the whole thing, which was quite funny, but I felt terrible for giving him a tongue twister to read! I've read some picture books including Where the Wild Things Are, but I'm planning on reading lots of Dr Seuss. grin

I know what you mean about preparing for a big baby- sod's law dictates we'll get tiddlers! But rather that than have to try and squeeze out a huge baby which then gets stuck like I saw on One Born Every Minute- eep!

I'm kind of hoping that my body just gets on with it, and my contractions happen so fast that before we can really react I have to get in the bath cos she's crowning... anything to get out of going to hospital!
Although realistically if I'm honest, I'd be happier to be there just so they can check everything's ok. Ah well. Not long to wait now to see what happens...

festiemum Fri 29-Jun-12 23:12:48

Ooh, definitely red over cream lil! You'll be kicking yourself when it looks grubby after five minutes! Very exciting about your scan. Are you going to find out the flavour?!

See, you're still putting us all to shame with your proactive organisation, rus! I know what you mean about white stuff though. Babies look gorgeous in it, but it's so unpractical! I bought this lovely little white cardi. Washed it lovingly in gentle fairy non-bio, and left it on top of the washing basket to be put away. Within an hour, it had a brown stain on it (dh blamed the kids, but it looked like coffee to me hmm). So, washed it again in fairy, but of course, that didn't sort out the stain. Had to do the whole stain remover, nasty bio thing and then REWASH in fairy - ffs! grin

Feeling a bit sorry for myself. Sat cross-legged for an hour yesterday and ruined my pelvis: ouchy, ouch ouch!

Still, it's quiet here now. Dh's kids gone back to Mum's, who's sorted a rental property, but while that's going through has rebuilt enough bridges with her stb-ex, so they can carry on living in the house while it's sorted out!

So definitely a weekend of baths, rest and NO MORE sitting cross-legged!

Have a great weekend all! xxx

Lilliana Sat 30-Jun-12 23:51:51

I think red for that same reason but Dh likes the cream so need to try to consider it objectively!

Festie sorry about the pelvis, I can definately sympathise. A hot bath is fab but I can't seem to sit or lie comfortably for more then 15 mins.

Glad things are getting sorted for the kids and you can now have some rest.

Rus I saw that OBEM too - was cringing when I saw how big it was. Sadly I was 9lb and my cousin has gave birth to a 10lb 3 baby so guess big babies are in the genes.

Haven't even thought about clothes yet. MiL has bought a couple of bits and DH won a baby grow from ebay, all of which are white so not looking forward to the washing. However as we aren't finding out the flavour (unless one of us cracks at the last minute) I guess we will be getting lots of white!

Rusulka Sun 01-Jul-12 15:59:22

Lil I joined the sainsbury's baby club or whatever it's called, and got a voucher for £10 off their kidswear, or maybe it was in my bounty pack, can't remember... but they have some ok baby stuff, not as cheap as other places though. I tried to keep neutral with mine but that doesn't mean white!!!
Here are some of the ones I got in M&S:


and of course Asda have a decent range, including:


I have a restraining order preventing me from buying more babygrows, but don't forget you could get a secondhand bundle off eBay, that often works out quite cheap.

Bear in mind that though you may not want to know, it might be ahem, fairly obvious, especially if there's a little pair of balls waving around in there! grin
And don't do what my MiL did- spent her whole pregnancy thinking it was a girl, then got DH, and her first moments with him were about being miffed. I felt really strongly that Peanut was a girl, right from the beginning, and we wanted to know so we could prepare better, but also to avoid that happening.
Regards your DH liking cream- you could always say you'll go along with it provided he agrees it's his job to clean any muck off- and there'll be lots. You could tell him about the mud splashes on my old changing bag, which despite being washed with stain remover, will NOT budge... and that's on pink. Ask if he would buy a white car... then if he says no as they always look filthy, then why is a pushchair/ pram any different? I'm sure he'll soon see the practical side of things. grin

Festie sorry to hear about your pelvis. Over the last week I've had a kind of weird ache between my legs- sort of in a cone shape around my downstairs, feels like a cross between the ache from cystitis and the feeling you get after riding a bike for the first time in ages... it's especially bad when I've been sat on a hard surface, and generally hurts when I try to lift my legs or move in bed. Weird! Think it's just my pubic bone dicking about, or muscles relaxing, or Peanut pressing on something. Not much fun either way.

Earlier on today I had the most painful Peanut movement yet- it was just to the left of my bellybutton, and felt like she'd grabbed a length of my intestines and twisted in opposite directions. Ow! Don't know what the hell it was, but she's bobbing about quite merrily in there now, poking me in the ribs for fun, etc. so she's obviously fine. Little git... Becoming more and more convinced though that there's a mini me in there, oh christ, what am I going to do??!? Lol.

Managed to lose 4lb somehow this week so am ecstatic, hoping for a repeat performance next week so I can go to consultant weigh-in appt with head held high knowing I have a decent chance of convincing them to let me give birth where I want... Starting off with a bowl of midget gems probably wasn't my best idea though.

festiemum Tue 03-Jul-12 12:23:51

Ha ha rusulka - I was going to say the exact same thing: if your dh wants the cream lil, he has to agree to be responsible for cleaning it!!

I've got those stripey vests from m&s, rus! They are gorgeous. I also got some lovely unisex baby grows from next. Hang on, I'll find a link... here

My pram arrived yesterday!! It's ace. But now I've got to wait 10-14 weeks to use it! Frustrating!

Although I'd love this baby to come a bit early, I am actually also hoping she'll hang on till due date. My brother is getting married, and his wedding party is a week before my due date! It's a 4 hour round trip and a stay overnight. He's got lots of mates coming, but since our Dad died last year, and our Mum is too disabled/incontinent/doolally to come, I'm the only family member coming!!!!! Flipping mental innit? I've found an alrightish dress, but I'm still going to look like a giant heffer!

Pelvis much better thanks, and I've bought myself a fan to cope with the humid weather we're having here. Also had a good midwife appt. She was quite keen to go over delivering baby with dh, just in case we don't get to the hospital in time!!!!!! She was also trying to reassure me that when I get to hospital I won't have to go straight down to delivery; I can stay in ante-natal, where I should be able to walk about, go to the cafe etc. She then went onto say, "quite often there's no beds in delivery, so they end up delivering in ante-natal anyway! shock I suppose that's what comes of having one hospital for the whole county!

Wow, I've wittered. Hope you're doing ok. Counting down to hols now lil, I expect.

Oh, and after emptying the other eave, found more baby stuf I thought I'd lost, so feel like I owe ex's dw an apology! blush

festiemum Tue 03-Jul-12 12:25:36

Well well well well done on the weight loss rus - I don't know how you're doing it, but I'm sure you must be on track to deliver where the hell you want to, particularly with your normal GTT as well! smile

Rusulka Tue 03-Jul-12 16:19:06

Festie I got some from Next too, the two pack where one is covered in red hippos! grin
Great that you found more stuff in the eaves, don't worry about slagging people off behind their back, I do it all the time, it makes you feel better. And great news on the behaving pelvis! I don't get my pram until after Peanut is born. In the meantime it's in Norwich, waiting for the big day, and it'll come down when my parents visit little P for the first time.
I have midwife jealousy! She hasn't even mentioned delivery since the booking in appointment, and that was only to say no way in hell to the midwife led unit...
really hope I lose some more weight this week, but we shall have to see.

Someone on my September thread had their baby yesterday- but her due date was 23/09! shock He only weighed about 2lb 6oz, went to NICU but is apparently fine... got the rest of us in a tizz about getting the bloody hospital bag sorted though, lol. Someone's been a bit pants and bought a ready prepared one from eBay as they 'weren't sure what to put in' (yes, because nightie, towel, knickers, pads, clothes, baby clothes, nappies and wet wipes is so hard to work out, grr) I'm going minimalist with mine, then I can just carry it everywhere in case...lol... have to take notes everywhere anyway, and half of what I usually carry in my bag is needed, so might as well add the odd few things to make it official.
Am seriously doubting whether going to stay with my parents for a week at 8 months is a good idea! But I'll be buggered if I'm staying at home when I've forked out for tickets.

First antenatal class tonight! Can't believe I only get 2, had some misguided idea that there'd be a whole string of them... even if I wanted NCT classes, there aren't any close enough for me to get to, so this will have to do (not that I intend to listen to what anyone else has to say, ha!)

Have fun with all that washing Festie grin

Lilliana Thu 05-Jul-12 07:52:29

Thanks Rus I've joined a few baby clubs but don't think I did sainsburys, will have to add that one. Did join Boots but not heard anything from them yet although people have said you get a free change bag which will be handy.

I can't believe someone has had their baby already - scary - although my friend had hers a month early.

You can buy a ready made hospital bag from ebay!?!?!?!? Why?

Continually amazed by your weight loss and if the mw etc can't see what you've achieved it's a bloody bad job.So hoping you get the MLU.

Glad you are feeling better Festie, the fan is a good idea I might steal.

Also pleased you have found some more clothes, don't worry about blaming exp-w, she won't know and a bit of letting off steam sometimes is needed.

I'm sure you don't look huge and everyone will spend the day telling you how glowing you are! I'm trying to find a dress for weddings too - one in a few weeks and one in sept, hoping I can find one that will do for both but everything I try on makes my boobs look enormous and does nothing for my ever expanding arse! Going to look in Barnstaple at the weekend - my new thought is all the stretchy/empire line/maxi dresses around might do the trick if I just get a bigger size.

Had our scan yesterday - all the right bits in the right places and didn't ask the sex. Sonographer was lovely and explained what she was doing and looking for as she went along but did say even she doesn't know the sex as baby had it's legs crossed. Feeling relieved that all is ok and looking forward to having a surprise on the day.

Once all was fine we went and paid the balance on the nursery furniture and Dh was straight on the net ordering the pram (red) - it really is going to happen grin

I'm definately counting down - 2 weeks and 2 days to go grin

Hope you are both ok (and anyone else who is hanging around!)

festiemum Thu 05-Jul-12 12:51:12

Yay! Congratulations lil on a lovely scan! There's nothing like the 20 week scan to bring home the imminent arrival of a baby! grin Stretchy/empire type dresses are the way forward I think. The one I've got is basically that kind of cut, but it is maternity since, at 39 weeks I'm going to need all the help I can get! I got it on eBay, but they have a website - heavenly bump. here's the dress I got!

Bloody hell rus! I've been lurking on that board. She was only due a week before me!!!! Glad all is well for baby though. It just goes to show, doesn't it?! From what I've read, your babies all tend to be born at about the same time, so I'm assuming this one will be about on time: dd1 was plucked out at 38 weeks (Pre-eclampsia and she was breech), but ds1 arrived 40+3 and dd2 at 40+1, so I'm assuming I'll make my brother's wedding, but this baby could have other ideas!

Buying ready filled hospital bags though?! That's just the height of laziness isn't it?! Also, it takes all the fun out of it. I like making lists and organising stuff (possibly the teacher in me?!) even if the purchases are maternity pads and nipple cream!!! grin

I love the hippo baby grows! Next have some lovely stuff at the mo, but I can justify any more purchases now. We've got plenty! (I have a Next account though, so it's fatally tempting!)

Keep that countdown going lil - not long now! My internal countdown has a later date in mind: I'm on 12 weeks and 2 days today! grin

Rusulka Sat 07-Jul-12 10:33:22

Lil Boots take bloody ages to get back to you, they're a pain in the arse... and you only get the free changing bag when you buy pampers nappies, which I'm not getting! Prefer huggies newborn as they have the umbilical cut out in size 1. But nothing wrong with getting a couple of different makes to experiment with and see what's right for your baby, I just already had a changing bag so it wasn't worth it for me.
Glad all was well with the scan, it's really nice to see the difference from that and the last one isn't it? And amazing how they can't fit all of them on the screen at once... my 36 week scan is going to be weird- the same focus level that saw Peanut when she was naught but a a little monkey nut with a heartbeat will probably only fit her nose on now, lol.

Festie that dress is gorgeous, sigh... but I swore not to buy any maternity clothes, so I guess that counts me out. Have plenty of wraparound dresses at home, but would love some more maxi dresses...
I saw the loveliest set in Next for Peanut- it was the babygrow with the pink tutu and tights- thought it was lovely, but after seeing the £20 price tag, and realising that the tutu was actually separate... well, I'd be murdered for buying more babygrows, and probably murdered again for effectively spending £20 on a pair of tights and a bit of net with elastic! grin
Going to look on eBay for a tutu, I think...

Got my cot sheets and some (soft) baby shoes from JL on Thursday, so we're nearing the end of prep now, just need to sort out the changing-come-hospital bag... which I've been trying to clean the ingrained mud/oil splats off from cycling in traffic with it, but to no avail. Stain remover, biological, vanish, stardrops, orange oil grease remover, lakeland grease remover... in the end I gave up! At least if nothing else, it's clean now...

Yesterday after I finished chatting to my dad on the phone, I heard a trap go off in the cupboard- fuck.
Then I started hearing squeaking- I was really hoping it was just another mouse going "Frank! Oh my god, Frank!" but unfortunately when I got there to look, 2 traps had gone off, 1 with a mouse caught in the usual way, and one mouse with it's arse trapped in the thing. In an emotionally detached way, it was quite hilarious, but on a human level- when I got the gloves on to move them, the one with it's bum trapped was still alive, struggling and squeaking. It's a horrible moment when you realise you're going to have to kill something to put it out of its misery, but I couldn't leave it to bleed internally, so I got the 3rd trap, put its head in it and managed to get it to go off properly after an unsuccessful attempt- probably because tears were streaming down my face while I apologised profusely to this poor little mouse. After leaving it long enough to make sure it had 'gone', I buried them both in the lime tree pot. I felt like such a monster, but I knew I'd done the right thing. Ruined my day though, and couldn't really do anything after that.

Wow, epic post from me today.

To end on a less grim note, Peanut has been amusing me by doing weird stuff to my insides- I had a hideous twisting pain a few days on the phone, then read in a mum & baby mag that at 32 weeks (which I am according to NHS) the baby can open their eyes, look around and start grabbing things... I think someone found the umbilical cord and wondered what would happen if she yanked it... also, I had a weird feeling inside my lower ribs- the nearest I can describe it is it felt like she was doing that mime thing- I'm in a box!- and feeling around the space, found my ribcage, wrapped her hands round it and was feeling to see what it was- cue the most ticklish and bizarre feeling for me ever!

Pleasefiveminutesforme Sun 08-Jul-12 14:30:31

Sorry all to hijack your thread but just have to post and say;


Just stalked searched for you as have thought of you often over the last year and was wondering how you're getting on, I'm so excited to see you are expecting.

Others- Lilliana and I were on the same ttc thread last year when I got my BFP. I now have baby Charlotte who is nearly 4 months. (So so so delighted to have a girl, as already have DS and DH was adamant that we are only having 2). I went on to an antenatal thread but never loved it as much as the ttc threads and kind of gave up.

Good luck all of you with your pregnancies- exciting times!

Pleasefiveminutesforme Sun 08-Jul-12 14:34:30

Darn... Thought I'd name changed back for posting... I used to be Reallea.

Rusulka, just read your post abou the mice... Poor you!

Lilliana Mon 09-Jul-12 07:33:01

Wow my first stalker!! - I never thought I was memorable enough for anyone to remember me grin Thanks Reallea we're so thrilled to finally be pg and you've weirdly made my day by stalking me!

Congratulations on your little girl, I'm really pleased everything is ok with you. I loved the conception threads too but find the ante natal threads huge and can't keep up hence the random due dates on this one - we just wanted to keep in touch whatever month we were due in.

Rus how traumatising, so sorry for you and the mouse but it was the best thing to do rather than let it suffer. Hopefully it will help produce some lovely limes.

I had a weird twisting sensation the other day - felt like baby had grabbed hold of my stomach and squeezed. I can't wait until I can feel/see proper movements.

Am a little jealous you get another scan, was amazing to see how much it has grown already.

Feastie I love the dress you have. Went for an epic shop and tried on every stretchy dress in sight but just looked horrible in them all - think I am going to stick with a maxi dress I own, even though it is a little old- I like it and feel ok in it (apart from a couple of ominous snicks when I squeezed my boobs into it!)

How far away is your brothers weddiing? You may need to make sure DH doesn't drink in case an emergency trip is needed.

Reports finished so now just have to hope that our head doesn't decide to dump anything else on us last minute and we can have a chilled end of term.

Rusulka Mon 09-Jul-12 11:30:47

Well ladies, it's not good news.
Despite weighing 2lb less than when I found out I was PG, as far as the consultants are concerned, I'm still medium risk because of my BMI, which means no water birth and no Midwife Led Unit.
When I pressed them for more information, it turns out your BMI has to be less than 30. Bearing in mind mine is about 39 at the moment, there's just no way in hell I could have achieved it.
I just wish someone had said that at the beginning. If I'd known in February or March that I wouldn't get a water birth unless I lost 4 stone, then I'd have known it was impossible, shed my tears and moved on.
To find out about 6 weeks before I'm likely to give birth is just so upsetting. I feel like the hospital staff have been really unprofessional in giving me false hope like that. I hate it when people tell you no, but don't give you the reason- I just wish I'd known...
On the plus side, I don't have a UTI, my SPD isn't severe enough to be referred to physio, they're not bothered about my reflux, I can sleep on whatever side I want, they think I'm doing so well with my weight that I should just be signed back over to midwife care, and BP, Peanut's heartbeat and measurements are all fine. They're really pleased with my progress, I'm just gutted about the whole birth thing...
And DH wasn't even with me to cry on- he's a bit ill and we've realised we really need to tighten the purse strings after my liberal spending, so it worked out better for me to just leave him at home and take his bus pass to avoid the £5 bus fare. Now I'm home, he's drawn up a menu ('DH's cafe') by looking in all the cupboards and promises to feed me whenever I like. And hugs are on the house! So lucky to have him.

Please / Reallea thanks for the note about the mice. As Lil says, hopefully we'll get some awesome limes.

Speaking of Lil, glad someone else feels like they've got twisty things going on!
Don't worry about being in old dresses. The main thing is that you're comfy, and everything I'm wearing is pretty old too.
I think the scan is to check Peanut isn't enormous. So something else for me to worry about! I guess we can see how much she weighs, which will give us a rough idea of expected birth weight, and see if there are any prospective problems, like the cord being somewhere in the way, and make sure she's head down... although in every appointment I've had, I think she's been head down. It would be true to her character though to turn round at the last minute just for shits and giggles!

festiemum Mon 09-Jul-12 16:28:27

Oh bloody hell rus! That's complete pants! At least be straight with you from the start! In my last 3 pregnancies I had no requests, just did what I was told like a good girl - all fine. With dd1, there was the shock at 36 weeks that I both had Pre-eclampsia and baby being breech and watching my lovely 'natural' birth disappearing over the horizon as a c-section was booked. I was gutted. It's a crappy feeling - I really empathise. And then this time, I make what I think is an informed, reasonable request, to be told categorically NO. It seems to me that this illusion of choice that the nhs tries to perpetuate is just a myth. They prefer us to roll up to hospital to be good little girls, lying on our backs in some sort of baby producing factory line.

Ooh, ranty rant rant!

Thank you for the kind words about my dress. I was just glad to find something that fitted and wasn't black! lil - I think going for something you're comfortable in is the way forward definitely! His wedding is exactly a week before my due date - 22nd September, so dh definitely won't be drinking just in case! Sorry dh!

Hey please/reallea - no probs! Think you made lil's day!

Oh rus - I really feel for you re the mouse. I think it would have done me in! Well done for dealing with it quickly and humanely!

Did you see on the ttc thread, both discolite and count have got BFPs?!!!! I think they're both waiting till they're a bit more relaxed and further along before they move across, but what lovely news!

Lilliana Mon 09-Jul-12 17:35:13

So pleased Disco and count are soon to join us, will have to pop over and say congrats.

Rus I'm gutted for you, you have been so amazing at losing weight it just seems so unfair. I guess you could look at it that losing the weight will help you and baby in the long run and you are probably healthier but it doesn't make the birth any better sad They do seem reluctant to actually explain reasons for things and just expect people to do what they say unquestioningly. Grrrr

Glad your Dh is being so lovely and supportive. We're also tightening the purse strings and eating what is in the house (I feel some random meals coming on grin) Thank goodness Dh is good at finding all the bargains on the net and ebay.

Oh def no drinking for DH then Festie!

Rusulka Thu 12-Jul-12 10:27:53

Yes, I had seen that Disco and Count had some happy news. Hopefully they will be over once they have confirmed that everything is ok and properly located!

Talking to midwife running antenatal class Tue night, and she said they've got a birthing pool on delivery suite, they have a wireless CTG if they need to monitor Peanut while I'm in it, and gave me the name of the person to talk to who would have the deciding vote, so to speak...

Don't know whether to discuss this with midwife on Monday, or just let it lie and not let myself get excited again- DH was researching online about water births and found a load of info about why they're bad- risk of drowning, infection, etc- and I know he was only trying to be helpful, but I couldn't help feeling that he was having a dig at me for wanting to do something risky to Peanut. angry
Guess I'll enquire, but not get my hopes up.

In other news, was counting kicks Tue night after getting back from class & Asda, and Peanut was going utterly batshit in there. Normally I'll get 0-14 movements per 10 min slot, but these were 55, 69, 72... I was really worried, because that is so not normal, but then sometimes she does have these busy times like she's had 12 espressos, and I've never counted the movements during that before, so couldn't honestly say it was abnormal... she didn't feel in distress, just sort of manic.
I then realised that on a normal night by that time we'd have been in bed for an hour, and she'd be having a massage and a story from either me or DH- and then I twigged she was having a FUCKING TANTRUM!!! I was sat up instead of lying down, in clothes instead of undressed, nobody was talking, as we were on laptops/counting, and the light was coming from the wrong direction. She must have got an epic shitty on because we messed up the routine. What have we let ourselves in for? Lol...

She's been fine since, but WHAT a madam.

DH has been off sick for a few days, he's run down from being the only section manager in while one has swanned off to a new job and the other's been on hols for 2 weeks, but he's in tomorrow and then off for 2 weeks himself, so hopefully it'll clear up before we go up to Norwich.
Going to go to my favourite chinese restaurant for my birthday, really looking forward to it as I haven't had any chinese since right at the beginning, and this is really the only place I trust as I've never had stomach issues before (just wind). Drooling at the thought of all that all-you-can-eat buffet! Weight loss out the window, methinks.

Right, off for another day of computer games and looking after DH. Maybe he'll make me a cuppa if I'm lucky- will have to catch him on his way to the loo though, he's more likely to make it if he's already up, lol.

Hope things are well with all of you! x

Lilliana Sat 21-Jul-12 10:43:46

Yay! made it to the summer holidays! Looong lie in this morning and feeling very chillled. DH is home too as he's not been well and doc has made him take some time off smile

Sun is shining, all the windows are open - lets hope it lasts.

Weirdest present from the kids yesterday - nipple cream blush but sure it will be one I will use grin

Rus hope your DH is feeling better. grin at baby having it's first tantrum!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun

festiemum Mon 23-Jul-12 20:40:45

Well done lil - must be a relief! I am adjusting to having a full house. At least the weather's behaving so they can go out to play. Feeling slightly panicked about how to fill the next six weeks though, particularly as I feel like a knackered beached whale!

Love the present from your kids! Obviously a Mum who knows her stuff there! You got much planned for the hols? Sorry your dh is ill, though it must be nice to have him at home!

How are you rus?! Still putting us all to shame with your gardening, nesting and DIY!?? Hope things are ok, anyway.

I am well and truly counting down to b-day now I've gone past 30 weeks! Hoping the holidays go quickly as they are usually wont to do! Then I'm really on the home stretch!

Hope everyone is well! xx

Rusulka Thu 26-Jul-12 18:21:56

Hi ladies, glad to hear Lil is chilling out now it's summer hols, even if that means more stress for Festie!

Back from a relaxing week with my parents, managed to get out every day on the big dog walk so feeling really pleased, although with the amount of chocolate, sweets, crisps and ice cream I've been eating I fear twil all be for naught...

If Peanut is likely to come any time from 37 weeks, as someone at the hospital said, then I can expect her any time from a week on Sunday.

Better get on with hand-washing the last blankety bits, and re-pack my hospital bag in a small case, and get the moses basket ready.

Have done sod all for anyone to be proud of me for, sorry.
Had a hiccup with the electricity before we went away- there's a socket under the sink where the cooker and boiler are plugged in (!) and I'd stripped the manky sealant off the back of the sink counter, and DH had washed up and thrown water everywhere, and... I think we can all guess what happened, lol. So we had to run an extension from upstairs for the fridge and freezer, go without hot water, and after a couple of days, reseal the counter, and left the socket hanging off the wall to air and dry while we were away. Just put it back on and touch wood, all ok so far.

New internet and phone package from talk talk which was sorted while we were away, much better than Virgin and doubtless those shitty £50-odd monthly bills will now be a thing of the past!

Can't really do anything now. 8 months and I'm officially useless. I can still carry shopping, but feel cream crackered when I get home, and today for no apparent reason my ankle feels sprained- but it's ok when I wear wedge flipflops, bizarre. My hands and feet, wrists and ankles feel swollen, and my stomach feels like a tight barrel if I eat too much. Peanut is enjoying trying to wedge her feet in between my lungs and ribs which is uncomfortable to say the least!

Worst of all, because our toilet is wedged between a wall and the bathroom cupboard, and my tummy being so big.... I can't quite reach to wipe my bum properly. Sigh. How do I tell the people around me that's the one thing I actually DO need help with? Typical!

Have a lovely summer hols, if you can, and I look forward to occasional updates if anyone does anything particularly exciting, silly, or pops. x x x

Countmyblessings Thu 02-Aug-12 16:46:38

Just popping in to say hi!
My gosh I can't believe you guys are on the home stretch and not long now that you will be holding your babies!
So happy for you!
Although i got the all clear I'm my last scan baby in my womb still early days so keeping a low profile of it all, and have not joined any march thread or anything like that! Need to feel all is well before I can talk freely about this pregnancy!!!!!
Thanks for all the best wishes and I do hope all is well with you all x

festiemum Thu 02-Aug-12 19:46:45

Hey count - thanks for dropping by! Glad all is well with you and bubba!

I know, it's mental that we're getting so close. I was really shocked to hear that rus is quite so near, but should have realised that she's about 4 weeks ahead of me and I'm coming up 32 weeks now! Madness!

rus and lil - have you heard the fantastic news about mooley?! Yep, she's pg!!!! Must admit, my big old hormonal self was quite tearful about that bit of news - bless her!

Well, I'm still massive and knackered and have spent a lot of time crying over The Midwives on BBC2 (distressed baby in scbu); 24 hours in A&E on Channel 4 (31/2 month old with heart condition) and One Born Every Minute repeats on More4 (baby's shoulder stuck in birth canal)!!! Dh thinks I'm truly mental and can't understand why I'm doing it to myself, but it's a compulsion, even though I know it's going to make me blub!

Hope you're all getting on ok. What is your official due date rus?! Enjoying the holiday lil?!


Rusulka Fri 03-Aug-12 11:08:17

Hey ladies.

Thanks for popping in Count hopefully will see some more of you soon.

And yes Festie I cried everywhere too after reading Moo's news.

Haven't been watching too much TV recently, so haven't been affected by anything that way.

This week I have had my appointment with the anaesthetist, 6th midwife appt, 36 week scan, and breastfeeding workshop. Madness!

All good news to report- I have a nice big gob for intubating (we all knew that anyway) and despite the high BMI, a nicely bony lower back, so if I need an epidural, it's easy to put in. Urine tested normal, no evidence of the nitrites that were there a fortnight ago, and Peanut is 1/5th engaged, or was on Tuesday. Got to see Peanut's little face on the scan, she has such chubby cheeks! DH said she winked at him. A little concerned that they're estimating her weight at 6lb 13oz with feasibly 4 weeks to go, although this is only 10oz more than the average, and still within normal range. If I go overdue I'll have a minimum 9lb baby! :S
Breastfeeding workshop was really useful, and got me thinking now that I don't need to bother with lansinoh nipple cream, provided I get the position and latch right. Might buy a tube just in case I cock it up at the beginning though, to give them a chance to heal. Going to get it from JL as it's cheaper there than anywhere else! (£8)

Official due date from scans is the 28th THIS MONTH eep!
Over last couple of days have had braxton hicks, but as they've been regular and close together, it's more like false labour... kind of impatient for her to be now. Also she's been thrashing around in there like she's trying to escape, so I'm thinking sooner rather than later.
With that in mind, I spent yesterday doing all the things I hadn't done so far- the moses basket and stand are cleaned, and her bedding is in it ready, her clothes are all hung up or sorted into piles, I've handwashed the woolies, got the hospital bags properly ready... just need to get some more snacks to go in, and try to do the perineal stretching exercises- I attempted it while away and it was disastrous, my nails were too long and my arms were too short with my belly being in the way...

Have given up on the idea of a water birth for this one. Read somewhere about someone in labour playing scrabble with their partner, and me and DH are such big board game nuts we thought it would be the perfect way to keep us busy during the dilating bit. And I won't be able to do that in a pool!
So just going to accept it for now, and try doing my own thing and playing games, then maybe I can attempt a water birth next time. Then I can try and get my weight down in between, and maybe I won't be met with such fierce opposition!

Had some sad news in that DH's grandmother died last Sunday- she'd been in hospital about a month and wasn't eating enough, but it was her lungs that gave in. Such a shame as FiL wasn't able to get there in time to be with her- he was spending the day at ours when he got the call to go up, and it transpired she'd died before they hung up. Funeral is next Friday, FiL and DH holding up well, but SiL in absolute bits, bless her. I'm dealing with it ok, not many tears, feel a bit detached about the whole thing really tbh, which is for the best I think. Apparently one of the things that can affect an unborn baby badly is the mother going through a bereavement, so I'm trying to cope for Peanut's sake.

Anyhoo, I've written an essay again, whoops!
Going to walk into town and have a mooch, maybe buy ingredients to make brownies to test out my cake maker I got for my birthday, although I put on 5lb in the last 2 weeks so maybe not!

Take care x

Lilliana Fri 03-Aug-12 12:18:58

Sorry this had dropped of my 'I'm on' and I lost track of you.

Came on to share the fab news about moo but see you have beaten me to it. So pleased for her.

Loving the holidays thanks, not managed to achieve much apart from a horrible sick bug but over it now.

I can't believe it is so close now for Rus and Festie. Does it feel real yet? I still can't get my head around the fact we are going to have a little person her full time in a few months.

Sorry to hear about your most difficult problem Rus but it did make me smile. My belly feels like it can't stretch any further already so think I've got an uncomfortable few months ahead of me.

I've started making lists for my hospital bag - any tips? Think I might have 2 - one for labour/baby and one for after which will stay in the cara initally incase I stay in for a bit.

Nice to hear from you Count and glad things all seem ok and I'm sure it will continue the same way.

Festie I love all the OBEM / midwife programmes too (and DH seems to have caught the bug too. Have never cried over OBEM until this week when baby was stuck, actually found it quite traumatic and was blubbing about how I don't want that to happen (I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have chosen it either). Still doesn't feel like I'm actually going to have to do it myself though!

Wow Rus it sounds like you're ready to go! Glad you have got your head round not having the water birth a made a positive from it - playing board games sounds like a great way to pass the time, sadly DH hates them sad so not sure what we will do.

So sorry to hear about your DH's gran. Hope the funeral goes well and you, your DH and family are ok. Take care x

Rusulka Fri 03-Aug-12 19:26:15

<rolls up sleeves>

Hospital bags!

In mine, which are divided into my changing bag for labour and a small case for afterwards, I have the following:

Snacks & lucozade for labour (carbs recommended for slow-release energy)
Puzzle books, portable board games to keep me and DH occupied
Toiletries, mostly free samples from pregnancy packs or trial size whatsits
hairband and bobbles for keeping hair back
philips avent breast shells, which I got free with a boots voucher
3 x trial packs lansinoh breast pads
old vest for labouring in (might just whip it off)
5 x pairs primark cheap pants
comfy thick socks
handful sanitary towels (for monitoring waters leakage)
3 x packs maternity towels
nursing bra
travel towel
breastfeeding vitamins
1 x pack huggies newborn size 1
bag cotton wool balls
17 x nappy sacks
huggies pure wet wipes
travel changing mat
3 x short-sleeved babygrows
3 x sleepsuits
1 x cardigan
1 x hat
1 x pair scratch mittens (got some built into sleepsuits, so don't need 2 pairs)
2 x pairs baby socks
high contrast lamaze panda rattle
cellular blanket

... and in my handbag will be my pregnancy notes, pregnancy diaries, phone & charger, purse, keys, ipod and charger, camera & spare batteries.

Oh, and the car seat will be on standby ready for when we can come home.

I'm planning to go home in the clothes I go to the hospital in, and I'll just have a big comfy wraparound cardigan rather than a dressing gown. I'll walk around in flip flops.
Haven't bought my nursing bras yet, hence why it's in bold. Looks like there is only one nursing bra in the whole world that will fit me and I think it's bloody ugly. Currently trying to find a way around that one...
Also wondering whether to pack a book to read to Peanut. Been reading some of the Dr Seuss and Hairy Maclary ones to her, so thought it would be good for continuity and she might find it soothing.

Hope that helps Lil!

Lilliana Sun 05-Aug-12 14:47:09

Thanks Rus, knew you would be super organised with lots of lists grin

Have had some lovely things donated by friends and family now so getting there, just need to paint and put up the furniture so I can get all the bits put away.

How are you feeling? Hope things are ok with Dh and his family.

chipsandmushypeas Wed 08-Aug-12 07:30:52

Hello ladies, sorry I haven't posted in here much. Been sticking to non pregnancy chats as been going through a lot at work etc but things seems to be settling down now thank goodness.

Can't believe Rus is due this month so we'll have our first mattress baby!

Glad you're all doing well, and so pleased for Moo, Disco and Count what a hat trick!

I'm 20 weeks now and had my scan yesterday, baby was breech and shy so I needed to go toilet, eat some sweets and it did work thank goodness as i was desperate to see a lovely face!cI'm having a boy and saw his little winkle! Everything is measuring well and dr was happy so I'm over the moon xx

Lilliana Wed 08-Aug-12 09:07:41

Congrats on your baby boy Chips so pleased everything is ok and you got a good view.

Rus how are you doing? Hope you are not doing too much cleaning/DIY/gardening and taking it easy. Can't believe you only have 3 weeks left.

Keeping busy Festie?! Hope all the children are getting on and helping you out (and it has stopped raining long enough for you to leave the house occasionally)

No real news here. Going to paint baby's room today and furniture should be arriving this week so I can finally organise all the clothes etc and put it all away. (I think nesting has finally kicked in grin)

So pleased Moo Count and Disco will be joining us soon.

festiemum Wed 08-Aug-12 11:21:49

Hey chips! A little boy - how lovely! And you're over half way now!

Isn't it mad that rus is due so soon?! It's so exciting! Brilliant hospital bag list as well rus - went and got some bits for mine, on dh's insistence. He's twitchy that we're not ready, but I'm only coming up 33 weeks, still think there's a while to wait!

Summer hols is going well, thanks lil. Luckily my kids had a week at their dad's last week and we only had dh's kids for tea on weds; so it was practically a kid-free week! Very restful! I'm hiding upstairs at the mo; we have dh's kids for the day today and it sounds like bedlam. It's not fair though, poor dh is trying to work! I shall have to steel myself and go down and join in soon! grin

I am getting thoroughly pissed off in the evenings now, heartburn, restless legs and really uncomfortable movements from Cleetus. I'm sure I feel like this every time by this stage, but it still feels like a long way to go. I know it'll go quickly though (it will go quickly - I insist!)

Glad all your appointments went well rus. Sorry you won't get your water birth. Just stay upright as much as you can is my tip for the top! I laboured lying down with ds and it was long and arduous. I laboured standing up with dd2 and it was much better! Trust your body though, it knows what it wants! I was shock that Treliske has no birthing pools and no birthing balls or other comfort aids available! This is the hospital that covers the whole of Cornwall!!! The more I hear, the more I don't want to go there, but as they won't even consider me for a homebirth, I don't really have a choice!

Anyway, hope you're all doing well. xxx

Rusulka Wed 08-Aug-12 14:16:36

Hey ladies, been a mad week or so with sorting stuff out.

Congrats on your little man Chips, and nice to hear from you again.

Festie I don't blame you for hiding upstairs, lol. On the hospital bag front though, get your arse in gear! On my thread one lady popped at 6 months, one at 34 weeks, and now it seems like someone is popping every few days... and they're all due after me! Guess it's just got to that time I guess. But don't delay on the bag- better to be prepared too far in advance than not prepared at all, and if you've had kids before, they fly out quicker, right?

Lil glad the hospital list was useful. I've got everything ready for Peanut now and am impatient for her to arrive, although it would be nice if she gave us til the end of the week so we can get the funeral out of the way and sort through her flat.

DH and family seem to be coping well, been up to the flat in London to sort through stuff on Sunday and yesterday, one more room and the hallway & cupboard to go. Such a lot of stuff... they kept all DH and SiL's stuff from when they were little, so there's board games and toys, hell, even the original Thundercats vehicle is there somewhere, lol. Drawings FiL did when he was at school... and of course DH can't bear for anything to go, so it's taking a long time. Hoping to do a little more sorting and packing up before the funeral on Friday, then we'll go up to do more sorting out on Saturday, and see how we go- if we need to do any more, we'll go up Sunday too. Then Peanut can officially come whenever she wants, and I'll tell her so! Not saying it out loud til then though...

Peanut gave me a fright this morning, had been moving stuff around here and having a tidy, then realised I hadn't felt her move all day- recently she's been like Jackie Chan on crack, so I was really worried, especially as yesterday FiL came across an old bottle of smelling salts and said 'sniff that' so of course I put my nose too close and couldn't feel my face for a while... only occurred to me afterwards that it could affect Peanut, so this morning was feeling pretty rubbish- have had some chocolate though, which always seems to get her going, and it seems to have worked. Phew! Had some cake as well, just to be safe...

What else... haven't really been up to much, wanted to just sort of knit and enjoy the rest til she's here, but I'm worried that I won't go into labour by myself- my mum had to be induced with both of us, and I think DH's mum did too. I don't want her to be late, I don't want her to be a September baby and be a year older than everyone else in her class like my sister was. I want an August baby! (preferably a leo, my sister is a virgo and we clashed like hell)
If she's born before the 22nd we'll be ok, lol.
Think she must be engaged now as I can feel what I assume is her head really low down, and when she moves it, it feels really wrong! Like a big nobbly rock twanging off bits of my lady insides.

Oops, essay.

Well, better go interfere with pollinate the lime and lemon trees.

Hope it's sunny where you all are! X

Lilliana Fri 10-Aug-12 09:46:26

Finally the sun arrived here yesterday and had a lovely day meeting friends that I haven't seen for ages smile Friends little girl finally seemed to work out that there was a baby in my tummy and looked at me very seriously saying 'you're going to be the Mummy and Dh is going to be the Daddy ...' (ah how cute) 'and then you will have a wobbly belly like my Mummy.' Err well yes, thanks for reminding me grin

Picking up the nursery furniture tomorrow and can't wait to have it all set up now.

Dad has just emptied his roof and found the big yellow teapot and treehouse I had when I was little so is keeping it for baby grin I think he's getting soft in his old age.

Festie glad you are getting a few child free days and I would have hidden too!

They don't have any birthing pools or balls?! I though Barnstaple was bad with only 2 so my chances of getting one were pretty slim but I think they do have a ball in every room. Can you hire one for the hospital like you can at home?

Sorry you are feeling a bit grotty, evenings are my worst time too with acid reflux. You haven't got long to go now, I'm sure it will go really fast and you'll forget about this bit again.

Rus hope the funeral goes well today and all the organising is done.

Peanut has a tight schedule to keep but if she takes after you I'm sure she'll arrive right when you want her to!

Rusulka Fri 10-Aug-12 18:38:47

Lol at your friends' little girl Lil.
...and screamingly jealous that you still have your big yellow teapot! I loved mine. Wish we still had it... but unfortunately because we moved around a lot (forces family) we sort of jettisoned anything unnecessary at regular intervals. Wah.

...just looked on eBay and people are selling them for about £50+!!!!
Never mind.

Funeral went ok thanks, got to meet some of DH's family I hadn't met before, albeit only briefly, as we were chaperoning his grandma's elderly neighbours so had to leave in the limo with them. Never mind.

Just got to sort through the flat this weekend, and then hopefully I'm commitment-free.

Better go check tea- well deserved pie, chips and beans for the hungry and tired men. grin

festiemum Sat 11-Aug-12 17:48:37

That is so lovely lil (not so much the wobbly tummy bit - bet her mum was really grateful that she shared that with you!). How fab that your Dad's saved those toys!

No. Not one birthing pool! Tbh, I wasn't after a water birth; I've never had one, so it's no biggy. It just seems representative of how out of date the delivery suite is iyswim?

Anyway, as long as they're nice to me and look after my baby, I guess that's the main thing, right?

Glad the funeral was ok rus. Hope you get the flat sorted soon. Remember what a relief it was once we'd done my Dad's.

You must be pretty much term now? I'm 33 weeks today! And... I've started sorting out hospital bags, and put the crib up. Ooh, it all feels a bit real now!

And I've finished baby's cardi and now am embarking on a blanket - hope I get it done in time! Really just feel like slowing right down and preparing for baby now, so guess the best thing to do is listen to myself!

Hope you're all having good weekends. xx

Countmyblessings Sun 12-Aug-12 15:04:22

Wow you guys are like the Jamaican relay team and I'm like team Japan way way behind everyone!!!!!
You guys getting bags and nursery and blankets ready and I've not
Even had my 12 week scan yet!!!! Have such a long way to go and still feeling unsure about it all!

But it's so nice to say today I'm pregnant and do many are still waiting, I guess after dealing with things not working out 3 times it's hard to go on like everything is great and there's nothing to worry about as all I do is pray that I get to the finish line receive my gold medal ( my precious baby) and just cry( to the soundtrack of God save the Queen)

Big hugs to you all x

Countmyblessings Sun 12-Aug-12 15:06:02

Spell check on phone - not " do" it was supose to say " so"

Lilliana Sun 12-Aug-12 20:43:52

I still feel abit like that Count but every day is a little closer. It still seems surreal that I will have a baby in 3 months and seems very far away. Lovely to see you - when is your scan?

Festie agree the main thing is they look after you all (and I would like it if they weren't too scary!) Enjoy slowing down and having some you time. I'm a bit worried about having to wind myself back up ready for school in Sept but keep telling myself it's only for a couple of months.

grin I was really pleased he had kept the yellow teapot Rus, can't wait to see my LO playing with it. Hope you are now commitment free and having a chilled time counting down. How do you feel about peanut coming soon?

festiemum Mon 13-Aug-12 12:56:35

Hi count, nice to see you! When is your 12 week scan? Think it all feels a bit more 'real' once that's done!

I know I'm really close, but it feels like the next 7 weeks are going to DRAG! That said, I gave myself a fright yesterday. I've been having lots of braxton hicks and yesterday after dtd I got loads of them, very tight ones and this immense pressure down below. I don't really want to give birth at 33 weeks if I can help it. It went on for about 12 hours after the event. Me and dh have decided to abstain until I'm nearly due when I'll probably be begging him to get it started!

It was a bit scary though, and it's made me feel a bit on edge!

How's things with you rus? Nesting hit fever pitch yet?! grin

I can imagine your apprehension at having to go back to work for a while, lil. When will your mat leave start? I'm guessing it's a case of making it to half term and then you're pretty much there! Those last weeks can be arduous though, it's definitely a case of doing as little as you can get away with!

Xxx and thanks to all!

Countmyblessings Mon 13-Aug-12 13:46:15

Hi Lillian and Festie - glad all is going well for you and yeh I guess it's the beginning when you just don't feel pregnant and the end feeling too pregnant that it really drags!!!!
31st August is my 12 weeks scan! And I'm so very scared, my last 12 week scan was just the worst news and the thought of something going wrong is just haunting!!!!!! Good thing is I'm off work till then and so just can focus on me and ways to just not think about me being pregnant although constant MS and the onset of spd is a constant reminder!

Countmyblessings Mon 13-Aug-12 13:50:08

Festie - wow well done on the dtd as I can't even think of that right now feel bad for DH as he has to put up with my constant moans about the strong smells, and him prepping good food for me, I can't even stomach!!!

Rusulka Mon 13-Aug-12 21:55:17

Hey ladies,

Count nice to see you! FX the wait for your scan flies by and the news is good. Great that you're off. I find my SPD feels better if I sit on soft surfaces and don't lean forward too much.

Lil things are ok here, trying to get the house tidy but not really succeeding or got my heart in it.

Festie I'm not nesting at all. Have no desire to. Can't even work up the energy to make a cake and brownies, even though all the ingredients are here!

Had my last consultants' appt today, and got the shitty nurse who said I couldn't have a water birth last time. So I was already tired and grumpy and didn't need her! Then she said Peanut wasn't engaged at all. In my midwife appt 2 weeks ago she was 1/5 down, and I've felt her really low down right in my pelvis so I know that can't be right. The only thing I can think of is that the last few days of backwards and forwards in the car with me tipped back have unseated her.
The nurse person asked what my birth plan was (!!! They all seem to expect me to have done it independently!) and when I said I didn't want any pain relief apart from gas & air, she made some remark about how I wouldn't get a certificate for abstaining, so there was no point bothering, or something. Thank fuck it's the last appt there, I'm sick to the back teeth of them...

Came home and googled getting Peanut engaged, (spinning babies website was useful) and it basically said that if she's lying posterior, ie. with her back to my back, which she is, it's much harder for her to engage, and if she can't engage, then I probably won't go into labour naturally. Feel really depressed. Actually tried having sex earlier in the hope it might encourage things to get going, but nothing doing. (opposite to you Festie!)

Going to spend the rest of the time leaning forward as much as poss, hoping to keep her in the right position, and I read that climbing the stairs helps her move down. Got to tidy the house, so I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of that!

On the plus side, I've managed to do that perineum stretching exercise 2 days in a row- it's bloody awkward, but I'm determined to keep at it. Hopefully getting a nursing bra tomorrow as well.

Hope you're all having a better time of things than I am!

Rusulka Wed 15-Aug-12 11:10:50

Had a panic yesterday- well, DH did-
Was doing my stretching exercise and when I finished I was covered in blood. Hmm. Cue DH demanding I ring the hospital straight away.
Cleaned myself up and investigated, but nothing higher up, so assume I was just too vigorous- rang hospital to shut DH up and they confirmed my suspicions. No further issues during the day.

So it looks like I won't be doing those exercises- I can't today, and it's been bloody awkward and I've hurt myself, so I'm just going to take it as a sign that I'm not meant to do them. If I need an episiotomy, I need one. Wanted to avoid it, but if I can't do the stretching then I don't see how.

Spent a lot of time yesterday leaning forward to try and shift Peanut, but am starting to feel like she's never going to engage, and I'm just not going to go into labour by myself. Sigh. Going to get some raspberry leaf tea, which if no help with bringing things forward, will at least be good for my uterus- apparently it tones it so contractions are more effective when you are in labour, and it decreases the amount of bleeding afterwards. I'm all for that!

So mostly feeling depressed and rubbish.
Not looking forward to the expected barrage of constant calls from family asking if anything's happened yet. It's bad enough that FiL has started ringing me nearly every day 'just to see how I am'. Think I told him to sod off from memory. And SiL hasn't been much better. Every time I see her she anxiously requests that I text her- I will won't I? Please? Want to bang their heads together! So far MiL hasn't stuck her oar in but I can see it only being a matter of time... Thank god my parents aren't like that! They were out in Germany when they had me, no family or friends around, so just got on with it. They assume I'll do the same.

Going to go make brownies.
DH was unscheduled late night last night so is finishing at 3 today, thought I'd make him something cakey to make him happy. Then we'll play some games and chill out. Sod it, I'll buy the tea tomorrow.

festiemum Wed 15-Aug-12 11:59:13

Oh bugger rus - listen; I've never had an episiotomy. They tend not to these days unless the baby is stuck/they need to do forceps/ventouse. I did tear both times, but with dd2 didn't even need stitches and it healed really well. So don't assume the worst!

Sorry you're miserable though. I have been so uncomfortable the last few days, I feel pre-labourish already at 33+5. Obviously I'll mention it to the midwife next week, but I don't know what I'm more afraid of: going into labour too early, or this discomfort going on for another 7 weeks+!

The hassling from family isn't good, but people can't help themselves in my experience. Glad your folks are a bit more sensible about it all though.

Jesus, that nurse sounds shitty! OK; pain relief should be there if people need it, but you'll recover much quicker without the heavy duty stuff if you can manage it... It never ceases to amaze me that people like that work in the healthcare profession!

Remember with regard to peanut engaging, there's still time right up until you go into labour for her to do so all by herself. All that sitting forward you're doing will encourage her to do so too...

I really understand your apprehension though, it's so imminent and everyone has hopes of how their labour will be. I learnt that the hard way with dd1. I was desperate to have a natural labour with no intervention/ minimal pain relief. As it turned out, I was in hospital for 2 weeks being monitored with Pre-eclampsia and they discovered she was breech; so she was born by elective caesarean! I was gutted when I found out, but ultimately it was all ok and I had my gorgeous healthy baby at the end of it.

I'm really not trying to play down how you feel though, I completely understand and I think it's mostly borne of anxiety of the unknown. Just think, in a few weeks time you'll have your lovely baby!

Ha ha, count - there was no good lovin' at all in this house during the first trimester!! I felt far too rubbish! I got my mojo back at some point during the second. You must be counting down to that scan now. I know you've been in the worst of positions, but you've already had a scan this time, haven't you? I'm sure you know the stats as well as I do, and that won't stop you worrying, but you are in a really good position and the ms is a brilliant sign! We will all be keeping all our digits crossed on the 31st! (which is also my birthday, so bound to be a day of good news! grin)

Hope you're well lil. Blimey, I appear to have written a dissertation! xxx

Rusulka Wed 15-Aug-12 12:43:38

Thanks Festie, that's reassuring.

I have no qualms at all about labour and the birth whatsoever, I'm looking forward to it! I'll just get on with it- just don't like being forced into something I don't want. Obviously I'll do what's best for Peanut (contrary to DH's opinion!) but it's frustrating when there's something you can do to avoid a situation, but you can't bloody do it!

The midwives at the antenatal classes said that they're very good at telling whether someone is going to tear or not, and they'll tell you in good time, so I will wait and see on that front- but I have problems with that side of things, so suspect I will need it... sad Only thing I can thing of doing to relax that area is to lay and fiddle with my clitoris with some o gel, but don't that'll be easy in a room with midwives when she's crowning! blush Unless I'm on all fours and they can't see... grin

First lot of brownies in the oven. Don't know if I can be arsed to make the second batch as my scales have just packed in and they need silly flat batteries. Will check recipe though and see if I can get around it... did want to see what effect beetroot would have on them...

Lilliana Wed 15-Aug-12 17:23:29

Been away for a few days seeing friends who have both just had their second (7 and 9 weeks) They both seem very chilled and sleep well so I am hoping mine is the same!

Rus that souds scary but glad all is ok. I really don't want an episiotomy but going to try to go with the flow as won't be able to change much at the time I'm sure.

Can see my MIL etc are going to be the same, they rang about 5 times when we had a MW app so god knows what they will be like when we are waiting to actually give birth.

Festie sorry to hear you are uncomfortable, hope it is easing for you. Were your other DC early?

I can't believe our first flying mattress babies will be here soon. Any chance of live birthing updates?!? grin

Rusulka Wed 15-Aug-12 21:46:19

Lil I'd love to send live updates, but don't believe in internet on phones unfortunately. Hoping to be in and out though, so I should be able to let you all know when I'm on my way in, and when I'm back- hopefully less than 24 hours later!

Made my brownies, weirdly the beetroot ones are more chocolatey than the other ones. Hmm.

Drank 2 cups of raspberry leaf tea today, (got DH to get some on way back from work!) going to check recommended daily amount and stick to that.

Meantime, whenever I'm feeling her back at the front, I'm doing a deep squat and massaging her downwards in the hope it'll help. Lol.
Guess I'll find out whether it's worked at midwife appt on monday... but hoping I don't make it that long!

Lilliana Thu 16-Aug-12 10:12:20

Me either, my phone makes phonecalls and sends text messages but I seem in the minority!

Brownies sound good, might have to do some baking today.

How much raspberry leaf tea are you supposed to drink and when are you supposed to start? (Too early now - I don't want to have baby yet, just want to be prepared)

Hope peanut has engaged again, there is still time so don't panic.

Going to finish painting the nursery today (now I've told you guys I'm going to have to do it) and then can start putting together all the flat pack boxes.

How are things going Festie? Hope you are feeling ok.

Count I'm like festie - towards end of 1st and 2nd tri I had plenty of mojo, sadly I now feel more like a beached whale which isn't attractive!

Rusulka Thu 16-Aug-12 12:42:34

Lil I think they recommend drinking it from 32-34 weeks, and starting with 1 cup a day then building up to 3- it takes a few weeks to build up in your system and do any good, so I've probably started too late, but I'll give it a go anyway. Apparently they did a study and the women who had been drinking the tea had a shorter second pushing out stage- worth it as far as I'm concerned! You do need to check you don't have any medical reasons why you shouldn't do it- it mentions high blood pressure and some others, and consulting your midwife before embarking on it- but since the things mentioned didn't apply to me, I thought I'd give it a go anyway.
The ones I got were from Holland & Barrett- in store they have a box of 50 teabags for £3. They taste kind of like old socks (so same as every herbal tea ever made, lol) but I'm getting used to it and it's not awful.
They do say that if you have strong BH after drinking it, you should cut down how much you're having, so bear that in mind too.

Sounds like the nursery is going well! Once Peanut is born and I've recovered, my next project will be painting her bedroom to look like a jungle. I've got til she's 6 months old, but would like to finish it sooner than later so I can take her in there regularly so she can play with her mobile- by the time she goes in her cot she'll be able to pull the bits off, so I clearly haven't thought this moses basket thing through properly! I have a single bed in there already, and the cot fits in too, so hopefully will be able to manage with 2 kids in there up to a point...

Festie hope you're feeling a bit more comfortable than you were the last time you wrote!

Right, I've done the washing, I'm working on making jewellery for my mum- ordered the clasp I need from eBay, so now I think I'll go run a bath, and sit and have a chat with Peanut about how I think 17 is an awesome number for your birthday because it's a prime number... and also it would get daddy out of his late night! grin

festiemum Thu 16-Aug-12 17:24:23

Hi guys,

I'm still hanging in there. Still tremendously uncomfortable, but nothing serious, the kids are driving me nuts and I'm tired and big - that's it really. I've been monitoring my blood pressure at home too (dh bought himself a decent monitor last year after his heart attack) cos it's been creeping up and as I had Pre-eclampsia with dd1, I'm a bit paranoid about it. I also read that if you have a baby with a new partner that can be like a first pregnancy from a Pre eclampsia point of view, because there are new genes involved. Anyway, my bp was 146/85 this morning, so not scary, but a bit raised. Trying to chill out and not get stressed about it, but kids WILL NOT let me relax!

Anyway, enough moaning- won't do me any good! Raspberry tea is supposed to be very good for toning the old uterus. I used it for my first 3, but as my second stage was only 5 minutes last time, I don't want to encourage it to be any quicker this time! Very effective for first labours though, I believe, although, you're right rus, it does taste like old socks!

So I'm going to be the only one sending a live video stream from my labour bed on B-day then?! grin No, don't worry, that won't be happening, though I may be grateful for a bit of mumsnetting if they insist I go in as soon as I begin contracting.....

Hope you got that nursery done lil. My two youngest have been banished downstairs now, but 8yo dd is still up here withering about God knows what! Poor kids, I am so intolerant at the moment!

So, do you think peanut has been listening to your theory about prime numbers rus?! I hope so! xxx smile

Rusulka Fri 17-Aug-12 08:04:36

Had an exciting evening last night.
Contractions as follows:
16:10, 16:30, 16:50, 17:10- after drinking 4th cup of raspberry leaf tea, also had backache when leaning over the table which didn't go away.
17:30?, 17:50?
17:55- quite tight and uncomfortable at front, Peanut active.
18:05- as above, but only brief.
18:10- felt rock hard
18:15- as above, got up from sitting and brought in washing I'd forgotten about blush then put pots away
18:25- only brief
Then about an hour's rest.
Had a 5th cup of raspberry leaf tea (it's getting addictive!)
19:20, 19:40, 20:00, 20:10, 20:25- quite tight and uncomfortable at front.
20:30, 20:35
Started timing- 20:40, 20:44- lasted 1min20secs
20:50, 20:57- lasted 1min30secs-ish, maybe longer- by now I can feel they're tightening and building to a peak, then relaxing.
21:08- lasted 1min10secs
21:15- didn't time as was on phone to hospital to find out if I should come in! They said it sounded like I was coping ok, and to keep monitoring- they said to ring again when they got quite painful or if my waters broke. This was frustrating, as I imagine what's painful to one person is just about tolerable to another, but whatever.
At this point we rang my Father in Law to warn him we might need a lift to the hospital.
21:23, 21:28, 21:34- lasted approx. 1min10-20secs
21:37- another one? Hard to tell.
21:42- didn't time.
At this point came up to bed- I didn't want to in case it stopped them, lol.
21:58?- halfway up the stairs, so hard to tell.
22:11- fairly short, low intensity
22:22, 22:29- lasted 1min
Then I was getting a bit bored with nothing to do but wait expectantly so for a laugh I tried milking myself like they showed us in the breastfeeding workshop and managed to get a watery fluid out of both nipples- how exciting! Felt like I achieved something there, lol. blush
22:45- lasted 1min- kneeling on floor, not as intense
23:23- lasted 1min- not as intense- sat in bed
23:37? Hard to tell.

They seemed to be tailing off, so I had a little 'what the fuck's going on?' cry on DH, then tried to get some sleep, and although I woke up on and off, I slept through til about 7am this morning with no more contractions, though I am having AF-type cramps. Peanut is having a good old jiggle in there.

What the bloody hell?

Think the raspberry leaf tea probably had something to do with it, but especially frustrating considering the chat I had with Peanut- I honestly thought that was it and we'd be holding her today.

They were a lot more intense than any BH I've had so far...

Feeling quite pissed off now, but I guess she comes when she comes and I shouldn't try to force the issue. Daren't leave the house though!

festiemum Fri 17-Aug-12 10:32:12

Oh rus - I can understand your frustration, but that is brilliant! I had exactly this with dd2 and by the time labour kicked off properly I was already 4-5cm dilated!

It won't be long now lovey!!! xxx

My blood pressure seems to have settled down again, actually everything's settled down a bit. Think I probably just stressed myself out a bit tbh!

No lil - neither of mine that came naturally were early. Ds was 40+2 and dd2 40+1 - pretty damn prompt as it goes. I think it was just the sex, so we'll just have to abstain for a few weeks till I'm term!

Lilliana Fri 17-Aug-12 11:40:40

How exciting Rus I'm off to London for the weekend so typically it looks like I'm going to miss all the excitement. (for once I'm wishing my phone did do all the internet stuff) Hope it all goes well and when I get back you have a lovely cuddly baby.

Festie yy to a blow by blow account as it happens - I'm sure you won't have anything else to do hmm grin Hope the blood pressure stays ok, it can't be easy to relax with all the kids around.

Nursery painted so can make up the furniture when I get home smile

festiemum Fri 17-Aug-12 15:20:14

Well done on painting the nursery lil. Have a great weekend in the big city!

Hope you're ok rus, any more contractions?

I was all geared up to get last hospital bag bits and kids' school uniform this afternoon, but then realised it's a Friday afternoon in August and the Asda I was going to is on a major tourist route. With three kids and 34 weeks pregnant..... Nooooooo! Lucky escape there I think! It can wait till Monday! grin

I appeased myself by learning how to put the car seat in (it's a new one - the old one had done my three and ex's one, so felt it deserved retirement!) It's now fitted so baby has means of transport home!

Mine and dh's first anniversary today! Can't believe it was a year ago AND I was pregnant then too! (chemical pg). We're chuffed anyway; dh's last marriage only lasted 9 months, so we've already broken his record! grin

Rusulka Fri 17-Aug-12 19:39:06

No more excitement today I'm afraid, couldn't get DH out of his late night, despite drinking 5 cups of raspberry leaf tea which DH specifically made me promise not to do. grin

I've given my downstairs a shave with the old sheep shearer so it's looking less unkempt- have a feeling Peanut is doing now what she did at the beginning- ie. waiting for me to get my act in gear before I get any results...
Wanted to shave, get a photo of me with bump, photocopy all antenatal notes so I have a record in case they nick them off me, and I guess get the rest of DH's grandma's stuff upstairs and out of the way (came today) and her fridge freezer cleaned out and in place.

I bet once I do that she turns up!
After all, she insisted on waiting for me to get cracking on the bedroom and go have a smear test before she appeared the first time...

Trouble is I don't want to sort all the crap out! I guess it wouldn't be hard to get it all upstairs though, and cleaning the fridge is hardly a monumental difficulty. Will have to take the pics myself while DH is working. Hoorah for self-timers.

DH went and told Peanut to aim for Monday because he's off. Silly sod. I want her here now! Why does he always go put his bloody foot in it, ruining my plans and intentions? Because he's a man. Grr.

Festie sensible decision on Asda, I think!

Lil well done on getting the painting done! But don't hold your breath, bet I'm still sat here muttering when you get back, lol.

festiemum Sat 18-Aug-12 16:57:17

Bleeding heck, rus - she's ruling you with an iron rod already! grin

Seriously though, I cursed dd2 for all the early false alarm contractions, but once I went into labour proper and was already 4-5 cm dilated, I was punching the air.

I've been completely shit today, hung out in bed; hot, uncomfortable and weepy hmm. I don't know why I put myself through this repeatedly - I really am the world's worst at being pregnant.

Still 34 weeks today - there is light at the end of the tunnel, there IS. xxx

Rusulka Sun 19-Aug-12 16:39:04

Festie not long to go now, and it will fly by, honestly- I'm 39 weeks today according to the hospital! And if it makes you feel any better I was also hot, uncomfortable and weepy yesterday, and unfortunately decided to take it out on DH when he got home from his late night. blush

Had a massive row, lots of yelling and crying, me accusing him of all sorts, him pointing out that I wasn't so shit hot either... and this went on til midnight!
We sorted it out in the end, but went to bed with no tea, which wasn't so bad for me as I felt sick anyway, but poor DH... and only 2 weeks after his Grandma died, as he rightly pointed out. What a cow I am.

Still, we're ok again now, though every time it happens I suspect DH loves me a little less and wonders what the hell he's done to deserve the abuse a little more.

Have had a productive day so far-

coloured wash
washed up (it's an achievement for me!)
finally cleaned out the under sink cupboard for the cleaning products (only lived here 15 months!)
emptied the beech bookcase, am in process of finding homes for all the crap that was on it
Took all our DVDs, videos, CDs, tapes and LPs off bed in bedroom 2 and put on aforementioned bookcase
tools upstairs and away in cupboard
poured unblocker down all the plugholes
sorted through all the piles of paperwork all over the living room and filed them away
finally sorted out the last 2 shelves on our epic storage system
found a home for the chandelier boxes until I get my act in gear and put them up
cleared off side table and the top of the piano (and filled it with more attractive-looking mess)
and had a cold bath as a reward!

just need to sort out some of the paperwork on my computer, clean out the fridge freezer with bicarb & get it in place, and try to clear the last random bits of homeless stuff off DH's sofa before he gets home at 7:30.

FX it gets done, but I'm pleased with my efforts so far. Lots of exercise!

festiemum Sun 19-Aug-12 18:54:28

Thanks rus. Sorry your day ended up with a row. I feel really sorry for my dh too at the moment; he is being lovely and I am a horrible, miserable harridan!
What makes it worse is that his ex glowed through pregnancy, so it's been a shock to his system putting up with me! I'm sure, although bewildering for them, they do understand that we're less reasonable than usual for good reasons!

I think the baby has managed to kick itself round into a transverse position today. I'm very uncomfortable and all the movements seem to be at opposite ends of my bump horizontally iyswim. I hope it's not planning on staying there!

Well done on getting all your chores done. Maybe now peanut will feel ready to make an appearance! It's funny - very soon, she'll have a proper name! I wonder about how confused my 3yo is going to get once my baby arrives; I'm sure she's going to want to carry on calling it Cleetus! grin

Discolite Mon 20-Aug-12 09:33:12

Hi everyone! I'm ten weeks today so won't be heading over here properly until my scan at 12+2 but am furiously lurking waiting for Rusulka to give birth!

I'm being grumpy too and I can't even blame advanced pregnancy. PiL arriving today for a three day stay, wish me luck!

Right, back to the Conception board. Don't want to tempt fate!

Lilliana Mon 20-Aug-12 11:34:36

I'm back! Popped in hoping to hear about peanut, sorry to see you are still hanging around Rus but she will come when she's ready.

Hope all is ok with DH now, it's going to be a stressful time waiting and I'm sure we'll have similar bust ups. I'm impressed with your list of jobs done though.

Festie I'm sure you are not horrible and you're nearly there now! Hope baby moves back soon.

Lovely to see you Disco can't wait to have you join us properly!

Had a lovely weekend in London and came home to find that Dh has put all the nursery furniture together and it looks lovely smile However clearly that has taken priority as the rest of the house is a state! I can't believe I have only been gone for 2 days. Not complaining though as he did have to work too while I was swanning around a VERY hot London.

Rusulka Mon 20-Aug-12 17:35:46

Thanks Festie, lol at your little one wanting to continue using Cleetus. We're still going to be calling her Peanut, I suspect. DH wants to name subsequent bumps after other kinds of nuts...

Hi Disco! [waves furiously] nice to see you, FX for a good scan! I'm furiously staring at bump, my eyes must be burning holes in her bum willing her down and outwards...

Lil that's great DH put the furniture together! I had to do all ours (grump).

Yep, Peanut's still behind bars so to speak, on the plus side had midwife appt today, and though she said she wasn't engaged (I had expressed concerns), she said 'let's play a game' and got me to (try) and sit up while she had her hands there- and she said the good news is, her head does fit in my pelvis! Whoop! I said I'm not surprised with my fat arse and she did headshakings and it doesn't work like that explainings.
I told her I'd read online that if your baby didn't engage, you wouldn't go into labour naturally, and she pulled that 'what total bollocks' face I find so reassuring. grin
I also expressed concern about her facing outwards rather than inwards, and she said she was facing inwards while we were in there, so more good news.

Other than that, not much doing. Cleaned DH's grandma's old fridge freezer (filthy) and got it in place, but due to steps leading down into kitchen, the freezer bit can't open unless we put it on brieze blocks (sp?) so will have to find some somewhere!

Trying to come up with labour-inducing schemes... DH being in London today with his dad didn't work, so will have to come up with something else.
Thinking of cracking out zumba and my rabbit (not at same time, obvs)- one of those has got to work, right? Or even better, plan a family meal out, lol!

If this weather continues I'm going to remove all the babygrows from my hospital bag as it'll be too hot for anything other than a nappy!

festiemum Wed 22-Aug-12 05:29:41

Hi disco - 10 weeks! Yay, you're getting there! Won't be long before you can join us properly!

Glad you had a good weekend lil - wouldn't have fancied London in the heat! Glad your baby furniture is all sorted though.

Lol at Zumba/rabbit option rus! Hope it doesn't come to that!

I'm awake at 5am because my baby is definitely a troll. Think I've had a couple of mild contractions and just generally feeling backachey. Got a midwife appointment later, so will see what she says. Reckon it's just my body preparing for labour, but never had it start this early before so it's freaking me out! Know the prognosis is good at this stage (34+4) but would rather hang on a couple more weeks!

Rusulka Wed 22-Aug-12 10:34:20

Cripes Festie!
Let us know what your midwife says, ok?
Thinking of you.

Well, mowing the lawn didn't work. The rabbit didn't work. Haven't tried zumba yet. Last day for a leo today though, so looks like she'll be a virgo regardless. (DH thinks astrology is nonsense and I'm kicking up a fuss over nothing). He pointed out that being this tense about it is probably stopping it happening, just like when we were trying to conceive... so if I just forget about it and get on with stuff, she'll be ready to make an appearance. Can't fault his logic!
In which case I think I'll accompany the boys up to London at the weekend for a mooch in the shops. I really want to go, but was going to say no in case anything happens, but I can't live my life like that, so sod it. grin

Might also make some plans for over the next couple of weeks... and actually start venturing out of the house again! I'm so pathetic...

festiemum Wed 22-Aug-12 14:52:26

Off to treliske for monitoring - blood pressure 170/100! And now we've got a flat tyre! Bollocks! Will keep you posted! xx

Lilliana Wed 22-Aug-12 16:50:10

Flat tyres always happen at the worst times. Hope you got there Festie and everything is ok. Keep us posted, thinking of you. (Also glad you seem to be the only one of us who has a poshy phone so you can update us. May have to work out how to use DH's for when I go in)

Rus unless you are in hospital atm I guess you're not getting your leo, I am impressed at the lengths you have been to to get her out on time though. I agree with your DH - remember you kept telling me when we were ttc that I needed to focus on other things / complete projects and RELAX and it will happpen then.
Agree also that you can't keep your life on hold (although while on the train I did think it would prob be the last time I took that trip for a while) Have a good time in London and peanut will arrive when she is ready.

Not feeling very productive today. I went and filmed my dance exam last night (exams are officially the end of sept but won't be able to get near my parter by then so nice exam lady said she would accept a video.) Think maybe I overdid it as shattered today and hip is really hurting.

Finally managed to wash and dry all the baby clothes so going to sort them later and have ordered some stuff for my hospital bag so don't feel I've wasted the whole day!

festiemum Wed 22-Aug-12 23:10:51

Just got home. Blood pressure calmed considerably once I got there and traces and bloods all came back ok. Got to have another bP check with my midwife on friday. Just hope that's it now. Only 2 weeks and I'm officially term so got to hang on!


Lilliana Thu 23-Aug-12 08:59:06

Glad you are home and things have settled down. Now rest for the next few weeks and look after yourself x

Rusulka Thu 23-Aug-12 09:31:01

Hey ladies,

Festie glad you're ok. I'd love to say 2 weeks will fly by, but coming up on 39/40 weeks, and the last 2 have crawled for me!

Lil what kind of dancing have you been doing? I'm picturing some sort of latin if you need to get THAT close to your partner, lol. And well done on washing all the clothes and getting them ready, that and the hospital bag are good achievements to have under your belt!

Well, I'm still here, so no Leo Peanut for me. sad
I just hope that she's an August baby still, but due date is 28th, so she might spill over...

This morning she's been beating me up- honestly, duvet monster is no fun when the duvet is your own skin!
I keep saying to her (quite crossly) "If you want more room, there's plenty out here, and you know damn well where the exit is!"
DH says she's being just like me- all stubborn and "I'm not using your stupid exit, I'm going to find a different way" which does explain all the poking in my right side (she is so not coming out there!) and eventually she'll sit and have a whinge, and say "I can't do it, it's too hard, there's nowhere to go" and we'll have to say "Ok, don't be upset. Come out this way and have a cuddle" and then she will.
I think DH has been thinking about this way too much! Lol.

London isn't happening on Saturday now, which is a pisser, but I guess a good thing. Not meant to be at any rate. Me and DH are going to go to Bluewater instead and use my pizza express voucher I printed off the net- 3 courses for £12.95! We haven't had a meal out in ages, and it's not expensive, and it is our anniversary, so what the heck.

Today I'm going to actually leave the house (gasp) and walk to Lidl as apparently they're doing giant sacks of tulips and daffodils and we have sod all of either in our garden. Also I might mooch in the charity shops... not that I can bear the thought of washing any more baby clothes, but I could just stick them in with the next mixed wash, so not too much of a chore. Just need to remember to use the right wash stuff!

Have a lovely day ladies, thank god it's cooler now!

Rusulka Fri 24-Aug-12 14:18:18

Hey ladies, another afternoon of excitement for me with BH and practice contractions yesterday, going all the way from 15:51 to 00:32.
And once again, nothing.
Exactly a week after it happened last time. What is it with Peanut and thursdays?

Getting severely aggravated by the whole thing!!!

festiemum Fri 24-Aug-12 14:38:33

Oh bloody hell rus! Just remember - this is all thining that cervix! Crappy consolation I know!

Well, I'm back in hospital! Bp checked by midwife this morning 163/104! Hacked off with it already. Took us 2 hours in the holiday traffic! Hope this isn't going to go on for the next five weeks!

Crossing fingers that peanut gets her arse properly into gear for you soon! Hope you're ok lil. xx

Rusulka Fri 24-Aug-12 15:15:31

Oh Festie, sorry to hear you're being fart-arsed around. Can you pinpoint what it is that's raising your BP before you get to the midwife? And try to address it?
My MiL said when she was pg with SiL, whenever they mentioned her getting undressed for an exam, she would go into full panic and when they did her BP it would have rocketed and they said she'd have to go into hospital because of it.
I expect if I had to drive to get places, my BP would be much higher, I get terrible road rage! We walk everywhere though.

Have a new plan for natural induction- DH wants me to stuff myself with pineapple (not literally, I don't want a prickly pessary, lol!) but I have read online that someone used a bath bomb from Lush called sex bomb and that set them off, and it worked for her sister as well. Going to buy one tomorrow, even if it is £3.20!

You doing alright Lil?

Lilliana Fri 24-Aug-12 16:33:38

Like the new get baby out plan Rus. Sorry to hear you have been having more BH, don't really know anything about them but hopefully it means things are happening.

Festie are you still in hospital? The thought of driving anywhere in holiday traffic raises my BP so hope that you are ok.

Had a lovely couple of days as DH has been off. We went to Holsworthy show yesterday and saw my god daughter showing her horse and actually had a rain free day. Today we went for breakfast in Barnstaple and got a few more things from the baby list and a chainsaw for DH so he's happy too grin

DH is off tonight camping now with a friend so I'm on my own tonight - think it might be a nice chilled eve with a DVD smile

festiemum Fri 24-Aug-12 17:53:03

Ooh, that all sounds lovely lil.
I'm still here waiting for a dr to become available to decide what to do with me. Bp come down a bit, bloods clear and trace was fine, but guessing they'll play it safer cos it's my second visit. We shall see.

Big lols at the very idea of a big prickly pessary rus! I've heard good things about the pineapple method, but I think I'm right in saying that you have to eat at least 2 whole pineapples for it to have any effect. So be prepared to eat A LOT of pineapple!!!

Lilliana Fri 24-Aug-12 19:59:10

Better safe than sorry Festie but must be annoying. Any ideas why your BP is so high? Hope you are not too bored.

Mmm I love pineapple, going to remember that one when I get closer.

Someone on the November thread has had their babies already (twins) shock Made me think I need to get a wriggle on just in case ... <please stay put for a few weeks yet baby>

Rusulka Sat 25-Aug-12 13:16:10

Ah Festie... I love that you think 2 whole ones is a lot of pineapple... I can eat a whole one's worth in one go- no discipline!
I know it's a pain being messed around, but I guess they're only doing it to make sure you and the bub are ok, even if it does feel misguided!

Lil that sounds like you're having a lovely time. And the whole babies arriving early on the thread thing happened to me too, really gave me a kick up the bum! don't forget twins come early though as there's no room.

More BH and practice contractions yesterday, shortly off to Bluewater (if I can get DH off his damn laptop) for pizza express, whoop. And I should think I'll be stocking up on bath bombs and pineapple.

Current plan: dinner out (1) hot bath when I get back (2) with bath bomb in (3) while eating at least 2 whole pineapples (4) massaging my cervix reflexology points (5) and jiggling vigorously (6) followed by rumpy pumpy (7)

That combo of inducers alone should be enough to shake Peanut free, surely? Although I suspect I might barf on DH during said rumpy pumpy...

festiemum Sat 25-Aug-12 14:01:04

Ha ha! rusulka, with your resolve and commitment I will be very surprised if peanut doesn't make an appearance very soon!

It does freak you out when people in your birth club start dropping em! I think I actually got my last bits of organising done the day before I was referred to the DAU on weds - it was like I knew!

Anyway, after a lot of umming and ahhing, they decided to send me home last night, without meds, as my bP had settled and my bloods had come back OK. There was protein in my wee though, and I had a doozy of a headache, but as my bP was 171/103 when I arrived, I wasn't surprised!

Midwife coming out tomorrow to check it again. Checked it on our home monitor this morning before getting up and my systolic was still over 90, so got this feeling I'm on a bit of a slippery slope. The midwife who was on duty on the ward last night's parting shot was, "well I'm on next week, so I may see you then"! Yeah, I thought, she knows the score!

Still, resting today, maybe a bath later. Kids away with paternal gps till Monday, so I am on strict bedrest according to dh!

Enjoy Bluewater rus! Hope your ministrations have the desired effect! Hope you're having a good weekend lil! xxxx

Lilliana Sun 26-Aug-12 10:38:40

Rus How is the pineapple eating, jiggling, rumpy pumpy going? Hope your Dh remained half digested pineapple free and peanut is getting the hint. Are you still taking raspberry leaf? Apparently you can get it in tablets if the taste is too yuck.

Festie glad you are home and actually getting the chance to rest. It is best that they are keeping an eye on you and it will only be a few weeks at the most (although I can imagine you must be frustrated)

My cousin is training to be a hairdresser and is going to cut mine today - to be fair whatever she does is going to be an improvement on what it's like atm!

festiemum Sun 26-Aug-12 15:55:46

Hope the haircut was a success lil. I'm keeping fingers crossed that rus is quiet cos it's all kicked off!

Guess where I am?! Yep, back at treliske. It looks like I'll be staying overnight this time, and they've put me on some meds to bring my blood pressure down. I have been on the monitor 2 hours now tho and my arse is completely numb! Dr doesn't think we'll need to evict cleetus just yet, but was at pains to reassure me that at this stage, she'd be absolutely fine if we did.

So.... Ho hum!

Rusulka Sun 26-Aug-12 18:17:00

Sorry to disappoint you both, but I'm still here. grin

Lil I quite like the taste of the tea now, I guess because it's been too warm to drink normal tea. Hope your haircut turns out nice! I refuse to have mine cut.

Festie boo hiss! Hope your bum isn't too numb. Can you lie sideways? Hope you're not in too long, and don't forget, if they did have to deliver Cleetus now-ish, apart from a bit of time in the NICU, I'm sure they'd be fine... and I read somewhere that if babies are premature, they expect them to be home with their families before their due date. I guess the less premature the better!

Well, the bath bomb didn't work... probably because DH ripped his kit off and climbed in behind me so I couldn't actually HAVE the long relaxing soak I was envisioning... still, he gave me a back massage, which was nice, and then I sort of laid down on him and we both nodded off for a bit blush.
Even if it didn't do anything, it was a nice anniversary treat, and DH wouldn't let me put the bomb in the water until he was there so he could see it fizzing, lol.

Didn't manage any jiggling or rumpy pumpy either, mainly because I've knackered my coccyx again- last Thursday I spent the whole day relaxed back on the sofa researching stuff online, and not realising I was sat RIGHT on my coccyx... I have an extra long one, and managed to fracture it in my late teens I think, and they never heal... so I have to not sit back at an angle and put pressure on it, or I can't sit properly for weeks, months... great timing. Better not need a c-section! I can lie down, I can sit forwards, I can do nothing in between. sad

This morning we were supporting FiL in a 10k race, and although he warned me they start it with a cannon, when they wheeled out this poxy thing no more than a foot high, I wasn't too bothered, but then when they lit the fuse...!!!
Ka-blammo, bloody hell, I jumped right out of my skin, and a nearby airedale terrier was halfway up a tree, bless it.
Not sure what Peanut made of it, was hoping it would start her off, and although I did get some cramps, nope, nothing. So onto plan B...

Today we have bought 4 pineapples so I have prepared them and been munching my way through. My tongue feels thoroughly marinated, which I guess it is, lol. Will be trying to eat it over the next few days, but all I really want is chocolate.
Due date is Tuesday, midwife on Wednesday, expect she'll want to cop a feel, which is annoying as I've come to think of her as a face nurse, and I like to keep my face nurses and downstairs nurses separate. I can't have a normal conversation and chat with someone who's had their hand up my hoo-ha!
But if I turn it down, I won't find out if anything's going on down there, so guess I'll just have to put up and shut up.

...ooh... contraction right now! ...

You never know. Except this is now an almost daily occurrence, so I won't be reading anything into it.

Lilliana Mon 27-Aug-12 15:41:20

Any news Festie? Hope you are ok wherever you are atm and Cleetus is still hanging in there.

She did a good job on my hair so will def be letting her cut it all the time.

Rus grin at the face / downstairs nurses, never thought about it that way but will be now!

Did the contractions go anywhere?

Sounds like a nice anniversary despite not getting peanut on the move.

Not got much to report, Zeus is kicking away and getting stronger which is reassuring until it gets painful! Not looking forward to wednesday as got bloods and anti - D. Should be thinking about going back to school but have no enthusiasm for it.

Rusulka Mon 27-Aug-12 18:38:57

Hey Lil, nope, nothing doing. Feeling the kicks is wonderful, but I find the bracing bits where they stick their pointiest bits right out are the most painful- all this for you to look forward to, lol!
Don't blame you for not wanting to go back, but at least you won't be there long, right?

Have said to Peanut that I won't be trying anything else, so she can do what she likes, when she likes. I give up.
If I try anything it just seems to bite me on the bum- accidentally dipped my hair in the bath when using the bomb, and despite washing my hair since, can't seem to get the stuff out of it, so it looks a bit icky...
Really sore mouth from pineapple...
And the sore bum of course, which is nothing to do with anything apart from my own stupidity- have frightened myself with it as when I feel, there's a massive swollen lump there- but to the left of my bum crack, not central- so it's seriously buggered I think, and going to try and get a drs appt tomorrow. I know there's nothing anyone can do, but it's definitely either dislocated or seriously fractured if it's sticking off at an angle like that. sad

Giving birth is going to be interesting when I can only sit forwards or lie on my side... guess the active birth I wanted will now have to be a necessity that I insist on.

Festie hope you and Cleetus are doing ok.

Lilliana Mon 27-Aug-12 19:38:15

Ouch, def go and see a doc. Giving up seemed to be the way to get pg so maybe the same will work with getting them out as well as in! Sorry to hear about the sore mouth, it's the only thing that puts me off pineapple.

My poor friend broke her foot just before giving birth so her nice active birth was out as she had to lie in bed with a huge cast on her foot. Hope they can sort something for your bum.

Hopefully will be back for 8 weeks (half term) to maximise mat pay but will have to see how it goes.

Thinking of you Festie, hope you're ok x

festiemum Mon 27-Aug-12 20:02:10

Hello! Still here in hospital. It was all going wonderfully till they took my last blood pressure and it had sky-rocketed again, so some different meds to try and another night in hospital for monitoring.

Kids came up, which was lovely, though they were expecting to take me home. Ds (6) was very tearful which was gutting obviously... sad

Sorry to hear about your injury rus - sounds nasty. I found birthing upright was amazing, so hopefully that'll be the case for you too! I think you've got to that point all mums-to-be get to, where they're just resigned that it will happen when it happens. I need to lose my control freakish nature for a bit and conjure up the same approach for my situation, cos there's no second guessing it! Bloody hard though!

lil - I hate that sinking feeling when the hols are drawing to a close; and you must have it multiplied by 100! Glad you've taken to calling the baby Zeus - much more auspicious than cleetus! grin

Anyway - I am ok; just a bit flat, but I'm being well looked after which is the main thing! xxx

Lilliana Tue 28-Aug-12 09:30:22

Morning, Festie sorry you're waking in hospital again and hope the new meds have helped.

Rus is today your due day? (or did I remember that wrong?) fx for peanut to make an appearance today.

After the kids (and parents and then staff and then the rest of the world) all took to Zeus it seemed a losing battle to call it anything else!

Rusulka Tue 28-Aug-12 09:59:39

Hi ladies,

Festie sorry to hear your BP is being a temperamental pain in the bum. I guess you're in the best place to be looked after though. Sorry your kids are taking it badly... but if being where you are stops you developing pre-eclampsia, then avoiding the situation of your daughter finding you passed out on the floor or worse is surely worth it.
Don't think I'll have any choice re: upright birth- I can't sit down! All the sitting forward to relieve my coccyx is aggravating my SPD no end.

Lil yep, today is my due date. Well, according to the hospital, anyway. I think because I've been so adamant all the way through about not having MY dates wrong, that Peanut will actually be aiming for 2nd September- and I bet that's when she arrives as well, lol.
Christ, 8 weeks... that's a long way to go til half term! I guess they like to get the long ones out of the way after you've had a decent break though, and then it's only 6 til Christmas.

I have rung NHS Direct this morning (couldn't get through to dr) and they are advising I sort out an appt, which I now have, for 12:15. Fortunately there's a walk in centre down the road too, so if I hadn't got through it wouldn't have been the end of the world.
Bit concerned as last night I was a bit spacy according to DH, and I had dark orangy pink urine- have saved some to show the dr, hopefully it's just too much raspberry leaf tea and not blood, but we'll see.

Also read online that during pregnancy your coccyx, though loosely fused, softens for childbirth, as do all the muscles, ligaments, tendons etc. holding it in place- which would explain why it's so hideously far out of place just from sitting back on the sofa...just wish someone had mentioned this to me as I would have been super vigilant. sad
Will pop back after appt to update but suspect they'll just tell me to put ice on it, and I'll have to wait for an x-ray til after she's born.

festiemum Tue 28-Aug-12 12:13:03

Hi all. Still here and staying another night! Saw consultant today. They want to completely stabilise my Bp; take more bloods tomorrow and do a growth and amniotic fluid scan later. She reckoned I'm measuring 6cm too small! shock

She said to the other dr; '"just looking at this bump I can see it's not as big as it should be. If you disregard this (flabby flap), this is just mum, you can see baby is small" - charming! Made me grin though!

Obviously, I'm a bit freaked out all told. But it is better to be monitored than to carry on regardless and end up very ill or with a poorly baby (or worse). That's what I have to keep reminding myself.

Glad you're getting your coccyx looked at rus. Can't believe it's your due date today!!

Lilliana Tue 28-Aug-12 14:34:34

Any news Rus? Hope they have been able to give you something that helps.

Festie charming! Glad the nurse made you grin though - in my current sleep deprived state a comment like that could have gone either way!

Hope the scan shows all is ok - they kept telling my friend she was having a big baby and making her panic and she was only 7lb, they can't always tell from the size of the bump.

Not slept well and when poor DH came in for dinner he got the brunt of it - I couldn't even decide what I wanted to eat. Going to have a bath and maybe a snooze this afternoon.

Hope to come back to good news from you both x

Rusulka Tue 28-Aug-12 14:51:33

Hi again,

Good news, it's not my coccyx that's floating around in my left cheek cracky bit, it's a cyst (!) I was a bit kind of buh? but I guess it makes sense- it's red and swollen and hot, so must be an infection. Been given antibiotics for a week.

Suspect what I've done is somehow gotten the cyst, then aggravated my coccyx, which has swollen, thereby aggravating the cyst and making it more swollen... continue ad infinitum.

Once swelling and pain goes down should be able to better assess whether my arse is in fact, in the right place, lol.

Oh Festie!!!
Don't worry about it. I've been worried my bump was small this whole time, and it turns out it was because she was facing outwards, so the curve of her back wasn't sticking out for that nice hefty rounded bump look. Also my 36 week scan said she was 6lb 13oz, and when I googled it online, someone said she'd had the same result, but instead of getting a 9lb+ baby, hers was only 7lb.
So it is largely booh-bahs.
Also, I tend to think of it like this- I am not a skinny minnie, therefore Peanut does not stick out so much because I have more accommodation- and while I'm certainly not accusing you of being well upholstered, I took comfort in it and thought maybe it might help... but if I've just made you feel fat, feel free to get a shitty on, I won't mind. grin

Lil I've been doing that to DH constantly. He says overall, I have been better mood swings-wise pregnant than when periody, but he says it's a very close run thing. blush

Lilliana Tue 28-Aug-12 15:36:03

Well not pleased that you have a cyst but at least they can treat it and hopefully your bum is not broken grin I have heard of other people getting cysts while pg so think it is reasonably common (not sure that helps!)

Now you just need peanut to hang in long enough for the A/B to kick in - or do you still want her out asap?

Any scan news Festie?

festiemum Tue 28-Aug-12 19:18:48

Definitely glad your arse is not broken rus! I do feel sorry for our dh's having to put up with our shitty moods. Hope you had a nice nap lil and felt a bit better for it.

Well, I had a good scan. Baby getting good blood action off cord, has enough fluid and although a bit of a tiddler, is still on the 10th percentile so not worryingly small. She's weighing in at 5lbs 1oz, which I'm happy with since if she had to come tomorrow (obs unlikely) she'd be over the magic 5lbs the drs go on about! Also, sonographer was able to confirm that she definitely is a girl! grin

Very relieved and pleased.

Lilliana Wed 29-Aug-12 12:19:31

I feel like a pincushion sad MW tried to take blood from both arms with no luck so got another nurse to come and have a look who decided that she would try from my hand and then had to wiggle it around before she got a dribble - ow ow ow! Then she gave me the anti D - more ow. At least it's done now.

BP is stupidly low so that explains the lack of blood, Festie if we could combine bloods we'd both be ok smile

Glad the scan went well Festie, it must have been reassuring. How is the BP this morning? Hope you are not too fed up.

Rus hope the a/b are kicking in - how long did they think it would take?

festiemum Wed 29-Aug-12 13:49:09

Oh no lil! How horrid! You poor thing! Yes, we definitely need a share of Bp I think. Mine is coming down and I think the drugs are making me feel quite floppy and I have a good hour of sweating after I've taken them, which isn't very pleasant.

Waiting to see dr and get blood results back and then I guess I'll find out what they're doing with me. Dr I saw yesterday said home today, but no one's mentioned it since!

How you doing rus?! As lil says, hope your ab's are working, and that baby of yours is making moves to evict the premises!

Rusulka Thu 30-Aug-12 11:26:45

Hi ladies,

Been a bit AWOL as DH kindly took Tuesday off to be with me to go to the drs, and was off yesterday for MW appt.

They've given me enough antibiotics for a week, so I really hope it gets sorted out. In a dilemma as I still want Peanut here asap, but at the same time, how am I going to sit on a bed with her? I don't think there's any feasible position I could adopt for 3rd stage which doesn't involve me being in bum pain...

MW appt yesterday, all results fine, including my crazy pinky orange wee (think I've been drinking too much raspberry leaf tea).
She said she wouldn't do a sweep as she thought with my bum pain I wouldn't be able to tolerate it (ARGH!) but she'd do one on Monday at the next appt. Grr!!!! So close! And I'm booked to be induced on the 8th Sept, so unless Peanut gets her arse in gear before then, that's when it most likely will happen... although I wouldn't put it her past her to be one of those cases where it doesn't work, lol.

On the plus side, her head is two fifths down (whoop!) which is at least progress. Can't help thinking that my bum problem is divine/ cosmic intervention to stop me leaning back- all the sitting forward should get her in a brilliant position!

Lil sorry your bloodletting didn't go well. I find they usually can't get any blood out of me because I'm dehydrated. Someone at our local hospital (in town, 5 mins on bus, no useful services!) said that the nurses in the main hospital don't put the tourniquet on tight enough, whereas they just bloody go for it, since they figure it's better to be squeezed too tightly but get the blood first go than not be squeezed tight enough and be jabbed over and over again.

Festie woo to the BP dropping and Cleetus being ok, boo to the meds making you flopsy... and with all that sweating, for god's sake keep wetwipes handy for your bum crack, the last thing you want is one of these! grin

Lilliana Thu 30-Aug-12 14:34:11

Rus don't panic yet, according to your dates the 2nd is your due date so she might well turn up before sweeping etc is needed. (Fx I am checking in regularly just to see if you have had her yet) It sounds like she is getting ready.

Festie how and where are you? Hope the side effects are easing, bp is stable and you're at home with your feet up eating choccy biscuits!

festiemum Thu 30-Aug-12 17:06:39

Hey rusulka - get her out tomorrow and we'll share a birthday!

Lol at sweaty bum crack! Sweating wasn't so bad today, but the pills do zonk me out a bit.

The sitting forward is good, as you say, and it's great that she's getting comfy and engaged ready to come out.

Anyway, I am at home! Discharged last night, though they couldn't provide me with my pills and wanted me to go back today to collect them! ( a two hour round trip! hmm) Luckily I managed to get an emergency docs appointment and scored a prescription from him. Still had to yomp round 4 chemists to find one that had the pills in stock! Bloody rural living, sometimes it's a pain in the arse!

So, the plan is- I go back in on Saturday to have full bloods, urine, blood pressure series, foetal monitoring etc. If all is well, I'll be back in twice weekly to be checked until the baby arrives. If things escalate again, I'll be readmitted, and the baby will be induced at 37 weeks. (only 9 days time!)

It's quite stressful at home, and not particularly restful, so I don't know what affect that'll have on my bP etc. It's not ideal having to yomp to and fro to Truro every few days, but I'm glad they're keeping an eye on me and Cleetus!

Home you're enjoying your last few days of freedom lil and you're as comfortable and unfrustrated as it's possible to be in your situation, rus!! xxx

Rusulka Thu 30-Aug-12 17:39:51

Lil I can only hope. Haven't had any more practice contractions, was hoping they'd reappear and it'd be third time lucky... ah well, will just have to see.

Yay Festie!!!
So pleased you're home. grin grin grin
Well you're a Virgo and you're not so bad, so maybe Peanut will be ok... didn't want her to be a September baby though!

Had a talk with her in the bath earlier explaining that people will be interfering on Monday and the following Saturday, so if she wants to do it on her terms, she's running out of time. Think she had her fingers in her ears though... certainly felt like it! grin

Lilliana Thu 30-Aug-12 17:40:22

Yay, pleased your home Festie and they are continuing to keep a close eye on you and cleetus. Wow, you might have a baby in 9 days, thats so soon! Rural living is a pita but it has it's up sides too (although you sound even more rural than us!) Hope the kids are helping out abit and not causing you too much stress.

I've had a fairly productive day today but did need to go for a nap this afternoon as suddenly was shattered - not looking forward to going back to school and not having that luxury so enjoying it while I can.

Rus will have a few glasses of water if I have to give bloods again and see if that helps, thanks for the tip. Hope you have had a good day and are managing to find some comfortable positions.

Rusulka Fri 31-Aug-12 10:15:43

The lump on my coccyx has got bigger and gone hard. confused
DH says it's gone down, but I don't believe him. It still feels hot, and I can't even stand up now without it being sore. Comfiest position is on my tummy, so I have to smoosh the duvet into a lump for my belly to flop behind, and then it's kind of awkward but not too bad. Getting a lot of backache from twisting to avoid sitting on or near it. sad
Hope it resolves itself soon, I'm running out of time!!!

Lilliana Fri 31-Aug-12 20:18:37

Is that a sign that the a/b are working? Sorry you are in so much pain this late in the day, you must be torn between wanting peanut out and waiting for this cyst to sort itself out.

I'd stay on your tummy for a while and let DH bring you tea and cake!

festiemum Fri 31-Aug-12 23:13:51


Sorry your lump is literally being such a pain in the arse rus. Having to lie on your front at this stage is no fun at all!

I have had a lovely day. Some friends visited all the way from North Devon with pressies, lunch and cake and all our kids played really nicely together! I've paid for it now though- was so exhausted earlier this evening I went all shivery and weird and dh was threatening to ring the midwife!

Back into hospital tomorrow for bloods, bP series, trace etc. My bP has been okish at home but, there have been the odd high reading, and my feet have started really swelling up, which I know can be another Pre-eclampsia sign.

Still, we'll see what they say tomorrow. It feels weird to think that if they decide I am becoming Pre-eclamptic they'll be booking me in for induction soon!

Hope you're ok lil and I really hope that your lump goes down quickly rus, and then peanut gets her arse in gear! xxx

Rusulka Sat 01-Sep-12 15:54:56

Festie hope all has gone well with the tests at the hospital today. But if not, like you say, they'll book an induction and there'll be a light at the end of the tunnel- and then you can all be home and your bp can do what the bloody hell it likes, lol.

Lil DH is never here to bring me tea and cake! grin

Well, I had an eventful day yesterday. Thought I'd treat myself to a mooch in town, but get the bus both ways- only I got there just as the bus was leaving, so thought oh fuck it I'll walk. Really pleased with myself for doing it! Unfortunately started feeling a bit weird and not right halfway round the shops, so completed my errands and then got the bus home... and about 20 mins later started having contractions again.

"Here we go again!" I thought, but they got closer together so they were 3 mins apart. Hmm.
Got up to get phone so I could ring DH if I needed to, and was bothered to find that they started again 10 mins later- normally if I move, they stop. Double hmm.
Left it for a bit, wondering what to do and whether to bother him, then he texted me, so I texted back explaining the situation, and he rang to say he was on his way home.
I rang the hospital and got the world's rudest midwife who must have had a massive shitty on about something, because she gave me no end of grief- basically said I was fine to stay at home, and started trotting out the old 'when you're in pain' line... when I contested this, she got a full blown arse on and said "I've been a midwife for 25 years and I can tell you're not in any immediate danger of delivering" !!!
And then went on to say they were shockingly busy, but if I REALLY wanted to, I could come in, although it would basically be a massive waste of time because she wouldn't be able to see me, as everyone else would take priority, I might not get seen for hours and hours, and even when I did, they'd probably send me home again because there wasn't anywhere to put me. (!!!)
I agreed to ring back after monitoring it for an hour, and immediately added her to my death list.
Meanwhile, DH and his dad got here, they brought me cookies and muffins (aw) and FiL stayed until I rang the hospital back in case he needed to take us, but the contractions stayed the same, so they basically told me to just keep an eye on things.
He went home, DH and I occupied ourselves while still tracking, and they continued to come back even after I moved. But they didn't get any more intense and they didn't get longer, and I wasn't in pain, although they did make me breathless.
They petered out at around 10:30pm, about 6 hours after they'd started.

So I still don't know what the fuck's going on.

I hate that the midwife was so rude to me. I don't care if she has been doing it for 25 fucking years, manners cost nothing, and it's my first one, and the rules on coming in are stupidly ambiguous.
They put so much store in whether you've had a show, and whether your waters have broken- I've read that your waters only go beforehand in 12% of cases so what does that say?
And because I don't wear pants, ever, for all I know, I have had a show, and I just peed the gunk down the loo and never noticed. Grr.

Considering I didn't even want to give birth in hospital in the first place, this is not an experience that's making me want to go in... obviously I'll have to on Saturday to be induced, but if anything happens before then, I'm just staying at home I think. I'll wait and see what happens, but unless my waters break or I start rolling around screaming, the hospital doesn't want to know.
And I don't do rolling around and screaming. I expect if I'm lucky enough to go into labour on my own, that Peanut will be born at home, either in the bath or on the bedroom floor. And I'll just cope.
I know it's not what DH wants, but I won't be treated like a badly behaved child when I've done nothing wrong and am just looking for clarification on a murky and iffy set of guidelines.


Rant over! Sorry, that was a bit epic, lol. Really am pissed off about the whole thing.

festiemum Sat 01-Sep-12 17:14:50

God that would have really pissed me off no end rus. There is absolutely no need for you to be spoken to like that. In my book, if a pregnant woman phones in for advice or reassurance, that should be what she gets, regardless of whether she's actually in established labour or not!
Trying to reassure you slightly; in my experience, midwives like that do exist, but are thankfully rare, and you probably won't come across that harridan again.

Well, somewhat inevitably, I have been admitted back into hospital today. My Bp was too high and I'm getting odema in my hands and feet. Also there was protein in my wee, so it looks as if I'm stumbling into pre-eclampsia territory and cleetus will be coming a bit early! I expect I'll hear the full plan when the dr does their rounds in the morning. Got to take more meds too which is shit, cos they make me feel nauseous and tired!

Ho hum! xxx

Rusulka Sat 01-Sep-12 23:03:18

Oh Festie! What a pain in the arse! And you're right, the bright side of it being yet another what the fuck is that I didn't have that witch deliver Peanut... or more importantly, touching my downstairs! grin

Hope everything is alright for you, I'm sure Cleetus will be fine. At this rate you'll have had yours before I have!

Got to go put a hot compress on my poor old bum.
Apparently DH has slain 2 spiders for me! He's just asked if he gets any experience... someone plays too many RPGs, lol.

Lilliana Sun 02-Sep-12 10:41:23

How fucking rude! They say to ring when you're contracting and go in when 5 mins apart - clearly the woman should not be allowed to talk to anyone, I don't care how good a mw she is, she needs to learn how to communicate. I would be grr too - it's my first so how do I bloody know what's going on? I'm mad for you now.

Fx she is nowhere in sight when you actually do go in - unless peanut makes an appearance on the bedroom floor before then. How is your bum? Hope it's easing.

Sorry to hear you're back in Festie. Have you heard what the plan is yet?

Went to a wedding yesterday. It was lovely but shattered today and DH is hungover so don't think much is going to be happening here today!

festiemum Sun 02-Sep-12 13:03:30

He he, couldn't have put it better myself lil! WTAF?! People like that shouldn't be in the job.

Funny how tiring such normal things become when you're pg, isn't it? And the mad thing is, you do go back to normal in the end!

Well, I'm pretty hacked off, truth be told. Meds up, but haven't kicked in yet so still getting diastolics of over 90. Nothing happening as it's Sunday, so reckon no decisions will be made before tomorrow! Will be fine about being here if I just know what the plan is!!

Hope your arse is getting better rus. I now have a painful ailment I need to mention to someone, cos it's just getting worse and worse.. I have a very painful swollen red lump on one of my nipples! Last night it was so sore I couldn't bear having anything against it, so ended up sleeping with my boob out!!! Anyone peeking round the curtain would've got a right eyeful!!!! grin

Aah, I hope they go for induction at 37 weeks now. I've had enough of this! Fingers firmly crossed! xxx

Rusulka Sun 02-Sep-12 18:50:36

DH is rescuing me from the bag of fruit pastilles...

OK, so here is the bum update:

Got up this morning and it was still huge and throbbingly sore, so rang NHS Direct, long story short and 4 conversations about my arse later, the out of hours doctor prescribed more antibiotics, and I've collected them from Asda along with 2 baby gates (my arse may be broken but there's nothing wrong with my time management!).

Basically the situation is this: we have holes in our bum from when we used to have tails. Sometimes for a laugh, something icky sets up residence there and gets infected, blah blah blah. So the antibiotics are to fight and kill said interloper. What they want to happen is for the festering icky mass to come to the surface, develop a head, and squirt pus and mank and whatever else is in there everywhere. Hooray! Then it can be squeezed, cleaned, whatever, and can heal. Sometimes a week's lot of meds isn't enough, so not only have they given me another week of the ones I already had, they've also given me regular penicillin to take too, which should hopefully give it what for.
They told me it is best if Peanut is born before my bum starts squirting guff out, as it will be messy and awkward and whatnot. So I just have to keep everything crossed that the sweep tomorrow works- ironically I think I will be in more pain than I was on Wednesday, so my midwife kindly leaving it to let the meds work was a bad move! sad.
And failing that there's induction on Saturday. We shall just have to see. But the lump is sticking out further now and it's just so uncomfy... am just about managing to sleep, but daily activities are a grind because getting up to do anything, or even trying to sit is just so painful... if I do scream in labour, it won't be because of Peanut!


Lil lol at you getting your hackles up on my behalf. Bloody NHS. And I know what you mean about being knackered! Sometimes I need a sit down from the effort of getting up to go to the loo, lol!

Festie again, bloody NHS. I hate relying on them at weekends as nothing ever gets done. Hopefully you'll find out what's happening soon and we'll have a happy Festie again. FX for the induction being sooner rather than later if that's what you want!

Going to go play on the PS2 to take my mind off things (old school)... except not really old school for us as we also have a megadrive, SNES and Atari. grin We like our games vintage and pixellated with boopy sound effects and 7 whole colours! Lol.

Lilliana Sun 02-Sep-12 19:37:11

Hope the gaming is taking your mind off your bum Rus and fx for your sweep tomorrow. Bum lump sounds fun - puss porn has a big following on MN and yours sounds like it could be a classic! On a more serious note I hope it does clear soon and isn't too painful.

NHS are rubbish Festie hope the meds are kicking in and tomorrow brings some answers. At least you are resting which should help the bp.

festiemum Mon 03-Sep-12 09:30:48

Oh rus you and my ex would get on like a house on fire - he's a complete gamer!

Your bum ailments sound horrendous! Hope it all eases off soon... My nipple has officially gone into WTF territory. Overnight, the swelling has doubled the size of it and it is all red and yellow! Bloody sore too! I showed it to a midwife yesterday who just looked quite alarmed and said she'd get a dr to come and look at it, but alas that hasn't happened.

As I suspected, seeing the dr yesterday was a waste of time. She was a junior and had obviously only read the last page of my notes and had no idea about my previous admissions etc. She was going to suggest discharging me, then having me back in all day tues for more monitoring. Then she asked who my consultant was, looked back through my notes and realised she is scheduled to do the ward rounds today and decided to keep me in so I can see her and get a plan formulated!

Seriously hoping to get a plan today! Kids back to school tomorrow too, so it's going to get quite difficult to come in for the day as an outpatient and make sure someone's there to meet them from the bus at 3.30!
The trouble is, the nhs can't take that kind of thing into account, can they!?

You back to work today lil? Hope it goes ok if you are. Good luck with your sweep rus! xxx

festiemum Mon 03-Sep-12 11:40:53

Just seen dr. <sigh>

No induction, go home, back in as out-patient in a couple of days. I can see this going on till due date now - nearly 4 weeks! It would be doable if we didn't live so far away! And with the kids back at school, this is gonna turn into a logistical nightmare!

Lilliana Mon 03-Sep-12 19:42:24

Nightmare Festie, I guess it will be good for Cleetus to get a bit nearer to your due date but what a palava. Did they take the distance into consideration at all? Hope it's nice to be home at least.

Any news Rus? How did your sweep go? Have been thinking of you today and hope you're quiet on here because you're busy pushing grin

Back to school tomorrow. INSET for Tue / Wed and then kids in from Thursday. Feels very odd as haven't spent half of the holidays in getting classroom etc ready. Also first antenatal class tomorrow so I get to miss the morning grin

Rusulka Tue 04-Sep-12 15:11:40

Hey ladies, still here. <sulks>

Festie that's a bugger about induction, I hate it when they just assume everyone lives nearby. Addenbrookes were the same with my dad, they'd ask him to come in at the drop of a hat and then sniffy when it took them hours to get to Cambridge from Norwich, tut.
Hopefully your BP is stabilising though, which can only be good for you and Cleetus!

Lil how did your antenatal class go? I was distinctly underwhelmed by mine, hopefully yours will be better.

Midwife couldn't do sweep yesterday. sad
She gave me an exam, but my cervix is high, posterior, firm and closed- exactly the opposite of what it should be.
So god only knows what all those contractions were about.
Induction this Saturday it is.

Really frustrating as my friends are down from Norfolk this week as they have tickets to the paralympics, and I was hoping to have a Peanut here for them to meet...
But as everyone keeps telling me, at least we can prepare properly for Saturday and we know when things will start happening. No more second-guessing crazy contractions!

Bum still killing me, the lump is looking angrier, more purple and shiny, so hopefully will burst soon and give me some sort of relief... really hope so!

Got to spend today and tomorrow tidying house and getting stuff in and ready for guests, but really don't feel like doing anything. I'm not hungry, I'm not thirsty, I just want to lie down and not be in pain.

Had a call today from some company we'd been referred to about figuring out if we were entitled to any benefits, since I'm not getting maternity allowance or anything like that, and basically because of DH's salary, which frankly isn't that hugely shit hot when you've got a mortgage and life insurance to pay, we're only entitled to a fiver a week in child tax credits. Oh, and we'll get child benefit, but that's it. So about £100/month all in. Guess I should be grateful to be getting anything, but I'm just annoyed at the whole situation. If DH earned £5000/yr less, we'd get nearly £45/week child tax credit... but we wouldn't be able to pay the bills! Argh!

Really grumpy at the moment. My poor guests will wish they'd never come!

Lilliana Tue 04-Sep-12 18:50:40

Ah bugger Rus, was sure you would be in having / had her by now, sorry you're still hanging around. Hope induction works better.

A-N was nice, Dh couldn't come but a girl I was friendly with at my old dance class was there and is due the same day I am. Didn't really learn anything new but was lovely to meet some people in the same boat and hopefully will have some mummy friends to hang around with when I'm on mat leave!

How is the BP Festie? Hope you have had a relaxing day.

School was ok, nice to see everyone and amazed how chilled I was all afternoon thinking 'at least I don't have to do all this' during INSET grin

festiemum Tue 04-Sep-12 20:38:25

Oh pissflaps (my new favourite word) rus - you must be so frustrated. Still, I guess you've got a date to work towards and a bit of time for your bum to recover maybe?!

My arse is bleeding - piles again. Got myself into a bit of a pickle last night when I wasn't sure where the blood was coming from! (d'oh!) Hoping I can treat them before I go into labour. Done labour with piles before, and the aftermath ain't pretty! To continue the tmi theme; managed to get a dr to look at my nipple before I was discharged yesterday. The lump popped and I managed to clear out most of the gunk before I saw her - it would warrant a whole sporn thread of its own lil! She reckons I've pretty successfully treated it myself. It was basically a nipple abcess, lovely! Now though I've got a gaping hole in one of my nipples which I'm fervently hoping will heal before Cleetus arrives - I don't fancy breastfeeding with a gaping hole much!!! grin

Jesus - tmi queen today! Anyway, my bP was ok at midwife. Back tomorrow for same and then down to Treliske as an out patient on Thursday. It's like Groundhog day!

Glad your first day back was ok lil, and that you met a buddy at ante-natal. Sorry you're so hacked off rus - it's perfectly understandable at the moment though. I'm having some pretty grumpy moments myself!

I don't think they can take the distance from hospital thing into account really. When I spoke to the doctor yesterday, she did ask me how far away I lived. When I told her, she said she'd arrange for two community midwife appointments and then back in on thursday instead of Wednesday, which is what she normally would have done, so small allowance made there! Oh well, it can't be helped. Hate this limbo, though I've been very good, and rested today.

Lilliana Wed 05-Sep-12 18:44:53

grin at pissflaps, going to keep that one to use at some point!

Sorry to hear about your bum/nipple problems Festie I was a bit eww and intrigued at the same time!

I hope when you go in tomorrow it is good news and they can let you go for longer without having to go back in.

How's things Rus? Have the drugs done anything about the lump yet?

Struggled abit at school today with tiredness and haven't had a class yet! Hope it is just getting used to working again and not due to bp or the next 8 weeks are not going to be fun. Feel bad now as Dh is out sorting the garden after working all day and I'm sat here on MN shattered!

Lilliana Fri 07-Sep-12 07:13:16

Hi Festie how did it go yesterday? Any news on bp / cleetus / nipple / bum? Hope the list of things you have to worry about is getting shorter and all is well x

Still hanging on Rus? Hope you are not too fed up but by this time I think I will be climbing the walls. Are you being induced tomorrow? If so enjoy your last day of quiet and relax. smile

Nothing going on here, just getting bigger!

festiemum Fri 07-Sep-12 10:53:59

Weeelll, I was a bit pissed off yesterday. Got to DAU at half 9. BP quite high, protein in wee. Uh-oh I think. Bloods taken, bP continued hourly. Staying highish. About lunchtime they decide to give me another drug in addition to the labetalol to try and control bP. BP however stays the same.

We spend the afternoon waiting for the dr to make a decision about me. It seems likely I'll be admitted again. Midwives already have me up on the list! It takes them until half five to make a decision. And they send me home with a prescription for new drugs and don't want to see me for another week!! Wtf?!

It gets better.... Off I trot to the hospital pharmacy to get my pills. They don't have the right ones in stock. I'm supposed to be getting this long release, once a day pill, but they only have twice a day ones. After a fair old wait, he manages to get hold of the dr, who says to prescribe me those, but only once a day, so I'm basically getting half the dose! The best thing is, the pharmacist explains all this to dh while I'm sitting there as if I have learning difficulties or something!

Anyway, I also have to ring the community midwife to get myself checked this weekend, so I spoke to her this morning. She was really good. Said they'd check me tomorrow and probably again in the week too as she thought thursday was too long to leave it with my history. She also said to ring the urgent number if I had any concerns at all, so that reassured me.

Finally (sorry-gone on!) been having very mild, very irregular contractions this morning. Not under any illusion that I'm going into labour. My last baby did this
in the run up, but it's nice to know that it's all getting ready.

Here you're settling back into work ok lil and are not too tired. Hope you're ok too rus, not going too mad and your bum is behaving itself and not causing too much pain. My "ailments" are, thankfully on the mend now! xxx

Rusulka Fri 07-Sep-12 22:11:04

Hey ladies, relatively quick update as I am too knackered to do anything else.

Long story short, Wednesday night to A&E, as couldn't even sit or lie down without being in pain, admitted for bum, kept overnight as they couldn't drain it without obstetricians present, yesterday lunchtime they cut it to let the pus out, felt the knife go in (local anaesthetic my arse) and once they'd peeled me off the ceiling and dressed it, back to ward. Stayed overnight again with a weeping bum, they just left it open, discharged this afternoon, going back in tomorrow to be induced. Once I've had Peanut, got to go back again to have cyst/abscess properly treated under GA, they wouldn't do it while I'm pregnant.

So I can sit down again, but I'm all oozy and it's well mank, and I have an open sore. In disposable pants with giant nappy pads to stop it gooping everywhere.

Hopefully tomorrow will have a Peanut!
My friends were due to arrive yesterday but decided not to stay with us because of everything going on, and my sister's coming on Wednesday so really want to be operated on and fixed by then. Tight deadlines here, we don't do anything easy...

Hope to update you with good news soon. X

Lilliana Sat 08-Sep-12 14:22:19

Rus I'm hoping you are in and having peanut as I type. Thinking of you and hope all goes well. The bum doesn't sound nice but at least it has relieved some pain. Looking forward to your next update.

Festie sorry to hear the hospital can't seem to make their minds up - it does sound weird that they are keeping you in and then send you away for a whole week! Hope the mw has been to see you today and all is well. Is it sunny there? Try to enjoy it and relax!

Discolite Sat 08-Sep-12 15:56:35

Rus, hope all is well and the induction is working. You'll have a daughter soon, how exciting! I know what you mean about the local, when I had my cyst cut out the anaesthetic needles going in were the worst. Yours sounds worse than mine tho if you need a GA. Anyway, good luck!

Festie, it does seem odd that the docs are desperate to have you in and on a certain dose of drugs one min and then out and on a half dose the next. Hopefully the new mess will do their job anyway.

Hope you are recovering from the tiredness after school Lil!

Discolite Sat 08-Sep-12 15:57:01

Drugs not mess! Dur.

Hi everyone. Just popped on to wish Rusulka all the best today!! Can't wait to hear the happy news smile

festiemum Sat 08-Sep-12 20:50:21

Hey all. Also rooting for rus today! I've also spent the day in hospital after cleetus decided to utterly troll me and get some fairly pokey contractions going. Of course, as soon as we got to hospital they disappeared. Still kept me in for 8 hours waiting for blood results etc though!!!

Come on rus!!! (sorry to hear about bum madness btw- that sounded very unpleasant) xxxx

Rusulka Sat 08-Sep-12 20:58:04

Alas ladies, I am home again. The hospital rang back to say they had no beds, so could I come in for monitoring today, and come in for induction tomorrow.
I think you can probably guess what I wanted to say!!!
So Peanut has been listened to, I've been strapped up and she's had a wavy graph done, and the midwife bless her was ever so gently with me after I explained about the bum. I think they felt genuinely bad I couldn't be induced today.
She also offered a sweep, which I leapt at, and although it was still hard to reach, I think she did manage to get a finger in and at least give it a tickle.
A few tightenings this evening, but not much else. Ho hum.

They also gave me a leaflet on induction, which basically said that they'd give me the gel to soften my cervix one day, and only poke the crochet hook up there the next! Feeling pretty depressed about the whole thing. sad

So again, I have ring them in the morning, and tell them I was supposed to be induced today. Hopefully that will be enough to get their act in gear, but I guess we'll have to see.
There just aren't any beds!
They closed a maternity hospital in Maidstone and Queen Mary's in Sidcup, so now our hospital, which is supposed to operate at a capacity of 2000-2500, is at 5000+.

So, attempt #2 tomorrow...

Getting really frustrated! Meantime, if I even slightly knock it or sit at the wrong angle, it pulls my hole, which re-opens, and starts oozing everywhere.

I've explained to them that I have an open wound that won't be operated on until I've had Peanut, so them delaying in inducing me is basically leaving me at risk of further infection so hopefully I can be accommodated. They did say I was a priority. I know it's not their fault, but I'm just so annoyed!

Festie I bet when you go back to the hospital they're really angry that you didn't get the right dosage! Glad your ahem, ailments are better.

Lil sorry you're so tired at school!

Thanks for the best wishes Disco and Moo, hopefully something will happen tomorrow or else I'm ripping my hair out. Can't take much more of this!!!

festiemum Sat 08-Sep-12 21:59:25

Oh no rus - a frustrating day all round then!

Really hope they sort you tomorrow! xx

Lilliana Sun 09-Sep-12 09:02:27

Oh no Rus you must be really hacked off by now. Hope more happens today x

Lilliana Mon 10-Sep-12 07:08:30

Hoping Rus is curled up with peanut this morning and all is well with them x

Festie it sounds like things are getting ready at least. Did they let you home again? How were the blood results?

I keep waking up covered in sweat during the night - not very attractive or helpful when it comes to beating tiredness! Look a bit of a zombie this morning, oh well, only 10 weeks to go.

festiemum Mon 10-Sep-12 09:29:49

Yes, let's all do labour dancing for rus! Hope it's going/gone ok.

Yeah, my bloods were fine, apart from sightly raised while blood cells, so dr gave me some anti-biotics for a supposed water infection hmm.

Didn't leave til 8.30pm. Bloods weren't taken til 4pm, despite the fact we'd been there since 11.30am! Bloody hacked off with it now. Off to midwife today and back in DAU on thurs. Dr we saw disagreed with everything, wondered why we were even there, thought my bP was fine once minute, then changed his mind and thought I should be on more drugs the next. In the end did nothing and sent me home with anti-biotics! Oh, and completely trashed any ideas early induction.

It's so variable depending on which dr we see.

Cleetus still grumbling with tightenings and pressure, but nothing definite since Saturday. Can see her keeping this up for weeks. Actually thinking about trying sex - desperate measures! grin

Sorry you're getting the night sweats, lil - they are evil, particularly when you've got to get up in the morning and do a full day's teaching. I found it so hard, and just counted down the days literally from your stage. Hope they're cutting you some slack at school.

UPDATE: As I was writing this, midwife rang. Got the slightly younger, spun kier midwife who was excellently arsed off on my behalf. She says this has gone on long enough and they can't keep me going up and down. We now have to INSIST on either 1. They leave me alone till baby comes; 2. They keep me in, sort out my drugs until baby comes; 3. They induce me. She said, it's time to stop being so compliant and make a fuss! I think I might love her!!!!

Countmyblessings Tue 11-Sep-12 15:06:53

Just saying - Rus - all the best and I hope all will work out and baby will be delivered soon and then you can get well with open wound and enjoy your beautiful baby!!!!
Lil - 7 weeks will fly past and I hope the tiredness passes soon!
Festie - sounds like things are progressing and your being looked after!
Big wave to Moo and Disco - we r such thread hoppers!

festiemum Tue 11-Sep-12 16:02:39

Hi count. Good to see you round these parts! Hope your pregnancy is going well!

I have a bit of news! Went into hospital today. BP still high etc, but the midwife managed to speak to the consultant on my behalf and I am booked in for induction on Friday! The midwife also gave me a sweep and said my cervix was soft, ripe, partially effaced and 1cm dilated. Then on the way home I threw up all my lunch, so it may all kick off before Friday!!

So we'll see, but hoping for a baby by the weekend! grin

rus - still rooting for you and hoping you're enjoying lots of cuddles with your little girl! xxxx

Festie that's great news!!! And how exciting!! Hope all goes well for you on Friday!! Oooooh you'll be enjoying cuddles soon too grin

Rusulka hope all is ok with you and that Peanut is finally here and you are both doing well! Can't wait to hear all about her and what name you have chosen!! smile

Huge waves to Count, Disco and Lil

festiemum Wed 12-Sep-12 23:41:30

Thanks moo! How are you doing? Has that awful morning sickness eased off yet? You have my sympathy, it is the most horrendous thing ever.

So, still waiting with baited breath for news from rus! Hopefully she's enjoying lots of cuddles, baby gazing and (a bit of) sleep!

How are you lil? Managed to get back into your stride at work? Hope so. Keep that countdown going - every day that passes is a day closer!

I am.... OK I guess! Kinda tired (still on all the bP meds), and just waiting really! Doesn't look like the sweep did much, other than make me throw up and be a bit crampy, but that's ok, cos I'm all organised - kids off to their Dad's tomorrow evening and we have to report to ward 8am Friday! I'm just hoping for a reasonably straightforward induction and a healthy little girl! Must stop reading about induction now - it's compulsive!

Hope everyone is well though! xxx

Lilliana Thu 13-Sep-12 18:59:43

Sorry for going MIA - we're changing internet provider and they cut off the original line before we had a hub for the new one, been going mad wondering what is going on!!

Wow Festie hope I catch you before tomorrow - I can't believe your going to have your little girl so soon! Hope all goes well and I'll be thinking of you x

Been thinking of you Rus wherever you are and hoping all is well with you and peanut x

Hi Moo, Disco and Count, how are you all getting on? Hope the sickness is subsiding and all your scans are going well.

It's nice to be back with the kids as it makes the days go quicker and I have been given groups of high ability maths kids to work with and push on for a couple of afternoons a week which is fab. (I love maths!) I was expecting to work with the children that are struggling so this is a lovely surprise and am really looking forward to it. I am finding myself shattered by the end of the day though so hope I can keep going.

Discolite Thu 13-Sep-12 19:48:29

Oh my goodness, Festie that is so exciting! All the best of luck and I hope it's a quick if relaxed labour (if that is possible). Are your children excited?

Moo, how is the sickness doing? Your scan is edging closer isn't it? Hope you are ok.

Lil, I'm finding going back to work tiring but it does make time pass more quickly thankfully. Woo hoo for higher ability maths, that is a nice job! I'm teaching year seven for the first time in two years and really enjoying it. We deliver a mix of science, maths, DT and ict as a team of three and today was maths. I was chuffed as I taught a boy to carry in addition, and I hate maths so I was delighted! Even if they do put the carried number in the wrong place these days smile. I'm finding my feet are killing me though...

Rus, I am on tenterhooks! Hope all is going ok and that you are recovering from a birth and a proper clean out of your cyst.

Well, I got a letter from the hospital saying we have a 1 in 8700 chance of having a baby with Downs, so that's a weight off our minds. It has also meant we've started spreading the news! Going public feels weird but nice. MIL and Gran said it was a shame we couldn't have waited (erm, bog off! It took a year to conceive this one, that'd be Aug 2014 if a year after the wedding so I'd be 35 by the time I gave birth and I do want two. Oh well...) My grandfather told me I was a clever little girl, not patronising honest! He was totally gleeful and his reaction made my mum cry, he was so happy. Interesting that the staunch Catholic 90 year old man recognises the value of a baby even before marriage grin.

In other news the sickness seems to have lessened considerably. It's only day 2 tho so I'm not getting too excited!

festiemum Fri 14-Sep-12 06:11:45

Thank you so much ladies! Well, here I am; awake at the crack of dawn, feeling a little bit sick, very nervous and hoping against hope for a nice straight-forward labour!

Will keep you all informed! xxxx ( disco - excited doesn't really cover it - thought they were going to pop yesterday! It was a relief to drop them off at their Dad's!! grin)

Lilliana Fri 14-Sep-12 07:28:29

Hope you got some sleep Festie. Will be thinking of you today and so hope all goes well for you xxx

Great news about the downs test Disco and glad people are happy for you. I found it really hard telling people (no idea why!)

Hi to everyone else, still waitiing with anticipation to hear news from Rus!

Festie GOOOOOD LUUUUCK!!!! Can't wait to hear the news!! Xxxx

festiemum Fri 14-Sep-12 13:42:09

It's crappy news so far. Been waiting nearly 6 hours and it's looking like they may have changed their minds about the induction and want to continue monitoring me til term.

Dh is livid, I'm tearful. My Bp was 170/100 this morning - ffs! They shouldn't be allowed to do this to people. We can't afford to keep coming down- it's cost us a fortune in petrol and car parking so far. We've had to pull in so many favours to get all the kids looked after today. Including ex's parents who will have made a 200 mile round trip to help us out. I can't ask that of them again!

Rusulka Fri 14-Sep-12 14:27:06

<Opens door, peeps in, then struggles through doorway>

Hey ladies.

Good news, induction worked. Bad news, Peanut was so wriggly they kept me on the monitors way more than necessary, so not only was I on my sore bum, but she turned back to back in the process, and every time they stuck me on the monitor again it was agony.
Cue the worst pain I have ever experienced, no comfort in any position, and having to have pethidine before I was even 6cm dilated.
Waters broke at 8:45 Monday, before DH got there. Fortunately he made it in with about an hour and a half to spare, and Peanut was born at 11:25:25. I managed to only have gas and air, it's wonderful stuff!
They had to give me an episiotomy, as she needed ventouse assistance, and in the end they had to extend it, so it runs from my fanjo down, then off at an angle to stop level with my bum hole.
Very bruised.
Once she was on my chest it all vanished. She is perfect (apart from a snotty eye, but we've got antibiotics). And the first thing she did in my arms in the delivery room was poo on my hand.
We have named her Phoebe Florence Echo.
8lb 5oz (and a bit), 56.5cm, and apgar of 9@ 1min, 10@ 5mins.

Tuesday they had a last minute slot to properly fix my cyst/abscess, so that's done too, and came home Wednesday afternoon, straight to my sister and her BF being here. They've just gone home, so getting a rest.

Having a lot of problems with not being able to sit- feel very shaky, heartbeat erratic, pale and unsteady on my feet, but this should improve with rest, sleep, and food. I hope! I get tired just trying to climb up our stairs. Think I wouldn't feel so appalling if I hadn't been so sleep deprived for the 2 weeks before induction, and if it wasn't for the episiotomy stitches and cyst surgery, I'd be in no pain.

Will post more gory details (if anyone wants them) later, but am utterly exhausted.

Festie sorry you're being fucked about. Refuse to co-operate- they're making your blood pressure worse by dicking around with you like this.

Lil for the love of god spend as much time leaning forward as you can...

festiemum Fri 14-Sep-12 15:43:59

Oh rusulka - amazing news - congratulations!!! thanks

Lovely name too! Sorry you were so manhandled though and you have had your bum to contend with as well as everything else! You're right though - rest, rest and more rest will sort you out!

Lots of love to you and your dh and little Phoebe. xx

Well I am in slightly better spirits having seen the dr. What happened was that the consultant agreed to my induction without seeing my notes hmm and was therefore unaware of my previous c-section (double hmm)

So, I have to bypass pessary and go straight up to delivery for waters breaking and drip. They needed my clear statement that I wished to proceed and was aware of the extra risks involved with induction vbac. Which obviously I gladly provided!

Now more waiting, delivery is choca block; we're probably talking tomorrow morning but they're letting me stay in so I can go up at the crack of dawn if there's a space!

xxxxxx and cuddly squidges to our first flying matress baby!!! I'm all emotional! smile

festiemum Fri 14-Sep-12 15:47:32

Oh and warm baths with lavender and tea tree (oils or original source do a bubble bath) are amazing for sore stitches and bruised bits rus... xxx

Rusulka Fri 14-Sep-12 17:40:09

Glad to hear there's light at the end of the tunnel Festie. Remember to lean forwards as much as you can once you're off the drip and monitor, maybe lie on your side if you can during that. Don't want a scar twin!

They've got me soaking my hoo-ha in a bath with an egg cup of milk that's got a few drops of lavender oil in it.
Problem is, I can't get my bum dressings wet, so stitches taking longer to heal.

Aw, Peanut is smiling!
Guess I have a job to do.

Lilliana Fri 14-Sep-12 17:50:09

Congratulations Rus so pleased for you and love the name. I can't believe our first mattress baby is finally here! (and another to follow soon). Sorry to hear about all the probs but keep up with the gory details, I'd rather be warned. Take care and make sure everyone is looking after you. grin grin grin

Festie sorry to hear they are still mucking you around, that is really taking the piss now. Hope things go better tomorrow and cleetus arrives soon.

Aww, feeling all emotional now for people I've never met, so happy for you all xx

festiemum Sat 15-Sep-12 08:31:48

Well here I am; brand new day and after the dr nearly refusing to break my waters last night, it was done at 10pm. After a bath, contractions started gently at 11pm. Drip was started which soon ramped things up and she was born at 2.10am!!!! Wow! Managed on gas and air and am so grateful it was so straight-forward.

She is beautiful (of course!) - 6lb 8oz and a dab hand at the old boob. I forgot just how achy it all feels afterwards. I did tear, but I don't think it was too bad and they didn't suture it. Dreading weeing - tried in the shower and it was so sting-y. Ow ow ow ow!

We think we're going to call her Esme River, but we're giving ourselves a day to settle on it.

Love to you all ! xxxxxxx

Lilliana Sat 15-Sep-12 09:43:50

Congratulations!!! grin so pleased Festie. I love the name Esme - it's on our short list too. Wow, very quick and glad it all went well after all the messing around.
(I've been told to take some warm water in a jug to pour over myself while weeing to dilute the wee and ease the sting!)

Do you know when you're going home?

Love and hugs to you and Esme xx

WOW!!!! gringringrin Congrats to Rusulka and Festie just sooooo pleased for you both!! Amazing news and gorgeous names for you beautiful bundles of joy!!!! smile

Rusulka Sat 15-Sep-12 11:58:03

Yay Festie! What a beautiful name. Came over all emotional and DH had to take the laptop off me and give me a hug. Congratulations. grin

Thanks Lil and Moo.

Only got the community nurse coming to change my bum dressing today, so hopefully will have a peaceful day, apart from the tortuous breastfeeding bits (not got the hang of it yet).

Think we'll spend it sleeping and eating the brownies my sister made.

Discolite Sat 15-Sep-12 12:36:10

Oh my goodness, two babies! How lovely! Esme and Phoebe, what gorgeous names!

Congratulations Rus and Festie, it's brought a tear to my eye. Hope you are both starting to feel a bit more normal.

Rus, I do hope you feel better than yesterday, a first time mother and a great hole in your back can't be happy bedfellows. And then having to cope with the pain of breast feeding for the first time! (my mum assures me it kills at first but then it gets better)

Festie, hope you've managed to have a wee, ouch! But phew for a nice speedy straightforward induction.

Hope you are both cuddled up with your babes as I write!

Well, I got up, had coffee and toast and spent two and a half hours gardening this morning. I haven't done coffee or gardening for 8 weeks so maybe I really am in the second trimester after all. Thinking that has just set me off, I'm so lucky to be at this stage.

How are Lil and Moo?

Anyway, keep us updated when you can new mothers!

Countmyblessings Sat 15-Sep-12 16:16:36

Oh how very exciting Rusulka & Festie - with beautiful baby girls!
Love your name choices! So glad you can get everything sorted Rusulka!
And Festie get a jug or a bottle with Luke warm water and when you go toilet pour it to avoid stinging!
All is well and I'm coming into 15 weeks feeling movements and so it's a good feeling!!!

Lilliana Sat 15-Sep-12 18:33:57

Count hope the movements are reassuring you and you're doing well. It was lovely when I finally accepted the feeling was actually baby moving and not me digesting!

Disco glad you are feeling better and able to get out gardening and Yay for reaching the second trimester, you'll be feeling movements soon.

Rus and Festie hope you are both having a lovely time with your new babies. Keep thinking of you all snuggled up with that new baby smell. (However my dreaming does not include crying, smelly nappies, sleep deprivation and cracked nipples which I'm guessing your reality does!) Hope everything is going well and that the breast feeding gets easier soon.

How is the sickness Moo? Hope it is easing for you and you can get to enjoy your pregnancy

I'm tired but generally can't complain too much. Moving around is getting harder and I must look so stupid trying to get off the sofa or bending down. I feel like one of the fat people on floating chairs in Wall-e! Need to stop over doing it at school; I don't think taking full on dance lessons with me leading/demonstrating most of the time has helped but find it hard as it's what I'm used to doing.

Discolite Sun 16-Sep-12 20:39:37

Hope Festie&Esme and Rus&Phoebe are all doing well.

How exciting that your baby is moving so much Count! Are your family excited about the new arrival?

Lil, I suppose with all the dancing you'll be fit and strong for labour at least! It is hard not to do things you've always done. I was shifting desks the other day and then thought "Hmm, perhaps I shouldn't be doing this!". Anyway, I bet you look lovely and graceful when arising from the sofa grin

I went to Brighton today and tried on another wedding dress but it was rubbish! Oh well, at least it's crossed off the list. I also bought my first item of maternity clothing, landmark moment! I was wondering if I was ready but as my mum said "Crikey!" when I showed her my bump, perhaps I am.

Anyway, advice needed. When I lie still and concentrate I can sometimes feel tiny little spasm feelings in my abdomen - does this sound like it could be the baby? I'm only 14+5 so I'm not sure if I'm imagining it!

festiemum Mon 17-Sep-12 12:11:08

So lovely to hear all the pregnancy updates! disco - you could very well be feeling movements! To start with they are weird insubstantial feelings which is why it takes so long to suss out that's what you're feeling!

Hope you and Phoebe are doing well rus. Can. I ask.. Have you had midwife visits since you've been at home? I always have in the past, but we're being told that I am going to have to go in all this week for my bP checks as they don't have the staff to come to me. I've had a bit of a rant about it in childbirth, just trying to establish whether that is common practice now. Honestly, I thought I was done fighting the nhs now she's out!

Hope the boobing is getting easier too - it does, honest! I'm still at the painful latching on stage which your troll body does a good job of making you forget until the next time! Also, afterpains! shock Noone told me that they get worse with every subsequent birth!

Lots of love to all you lovely pg ladies too. I have to go and get washed and dressed to present myself at clinic. Not something I was expecting to have to do today! hmm


Hi Ladies. So lovely to hear so many nice things happening. Bobba movements, newborns, etc etc. Great!!!

Festie sorry the hospital are still messing you around. It does seem a little unfair making you go all that way after you have just given birth!! Stupid hospital!!!

Disco well done on all that gardening. You must be shattered. bet the garden looks amazing!!

Well I am completely and utterly fed up with being sick now. 12 weeks on Friday and every time I think that it's easing........BANG i feel like crap again. Was sick yesterday, have been sick again this morning and at the moment I am trying to do everything not to be sick again. On top of all of this, I think I may be coming down with flu and I have an external assessment in November that i really wish i had withdrawn from last week when i needed to make a decision. It's too late now, and there is so much work to do and I have so little energy to do it (plus the feeling crap all the time).

Right best make preparations for my next meeting Sigh

Lilliana Tue 18-Sep-12 08:33:36

Oh Moo really feel for you with the sickness. I've caught a grotty cold (not sure which germy child I should blame) and am feeling crap too sad Good luck with the assessment though and hope it goes well despite everything.

I've had a letter offering me a flu jab - always get one as I have an inhaler that I only use during hayfever season so never bother going for the jab but should I this year or should I definately not?

Festie how is Esme? (have you def decided to call her that?) I think that here you get a mw visit the day after you get home and then unless there are any problems you are expected to go to them for weighing/ checks etc. Obviously not experienced it but that was the impression I got from a-n class.
However you would think it would be better for your BP if they came to you after everything that has happened.

Rus hope the bf is getting easier - that is what I am worrying about atm more than the actual giving birth! Hope you, Phoebe and DH are having a lovely time together in your baby bubble.

Disco that was how my movements felt when they started and I spent ages wondering if it was just me digesting or if it was baby! You're ready whenever for mat clothes - I kept wearing my normal clothes but just ended up uncomfortable and it was such a relief to buy some clothes that fit.

Off to another a-n class today so only have to get through the afternoon with the children, I should be able to manage that!

Rusulka Tue 18-Sep-12 10:58:34

Hey ladies!
Getting back a little more energy now, but Phoebe's occasional decisions to cry what feels like all night for no apparent reason mean lack of sleep is the main problem now.

Festie my midwife came to visit the day after I got home. I then had another of the midwives visit the day after that, and then a 2 day gap before Phoebe's 5-7 day check. I used to go to a local nursery or whatever to see my midwife during pregnancy so they're very much a community team, maybe there isn't anything like that where you are? Even so, it's appalling that you're having to go anywhere, you should be home resting. I think you should refuse to go in!

At the moment a midwife of some sort is coming every day- not for me, unfortunately for Phoebe... for the benefit of Lil and others new to this, at the 5-7 day check they weigh them and don't want them to have lost more than 10% of their birth weight. She'd lost 12% so they're monitoring her every damn day for weight gain, I'm spending my days expressing by hand so we can top up her feeds, and we're just hoping she puts weight on. After a day where I expressed 40ml and topped up 2 feeds, yesterday she'd put on 40g- the paediatrician said they'd be happy with anything over 20g, so we're hopeful it will continue, but it's a bit of a nightmare. I managed to express 60ml somehow yesterday and topped up 3 feeds, so hopefully she'll gain a little more.

In my heart I don't feel there's a problem.
I'd like to think my instincts serve me well, and they tell me the weight loss most probably happened in the first few days after birth, when I couldn't sit, couldn't feed her, couldn't get her to latch on, had the surgery... realistically any health professional hearing the circumstances would agree I think.
It's just taking her a while to catch up.
Either way I can't express more than 60ml/day at the moment, and that's trying all day, not getting in any naps.
If I can't keep her topped up they're talking about supplementing with formula, but I absolutely detest the idea and am fighting it tooth and nail. It worries me that midwives who normally champion breastfeeding are suggesting formula as a solution, but I guess her health has to come first...

Disco well done on the gardening! Mine's looking a bit neglected. Hearing bad-sounding news about my kiwi fruit from DH who's been out and watered a few times for me, and it looks like my apples are microscopic from lack of water. Ah well.
That sounds like movements to me! Mine felt like little streams of bubbles sometimes. The way I described the movements to my dad was that it felt like when you get a fart in your intestines, and it kind of swells up, but then implodes in on itself. Do you know what I mean? That's what mine felt like at first, wind! And then they get more definite and recognisable.

Lil I can't believe how everywhere the new baby smell has gotten- the blanket that goes over her in her bouncer smells of her, and DH said after scratching his intimate areas the other night, they smelled like her too...!
And on the flu jab front, I had it. You're at high risk being exposed to snotty kids all the damn time, and if you get flu it will affect the baby- my mum got flu with my sister and she stopped growing for a month and was significantly shorter than me at birth. I don't know if this was earlier in pregnancy than where you are, but I think it's worth taking the precaution.

Moo sorry to hear you're still feeling epically shit. Hopefully it will ease off at some point. Break up the work into bite size chunks if you can, it's easier to om nom your way through it.

Right, I'd better go milk myself. MOO!!!!!!!!!!

Discolite Tue 18-Sep-12 18:04:13

Hi everyone.

Moo, the back looks two thirds great but the front is still weedy and awful! I really hope your sickness eases off soon. It does for most women, hopefully you'll be in that majority! Mine has 95% gone now but I still don't fancy coffee, fish or chicken so it could well be a vegetarian pregnancy! As for your assessment, it's still a good few weeks away and you may be feeling better by then.

Festie, if I were you I would insist they lend you a BP monitor and you can ring in your results. It is verging on cruel to make you trek in with a half week old baby. If there is a high reading fine, then you go in, but on days when it is fine there is no need to come in. The stress of travelling would probably make it rocket anyway!

Lil, I would definitely get the flu jab done. I researched it as my DP wasn't going to bother but when I pointed out that a recent study showed that women who caught swine flu were five times more likely to have a stillbirth, he changed his mind. I don't want to catch it from him!

There is a good article about it here: www.nhs.uk/news/2011/10October/Pages/swine-flu-H1N1-risk-pregnancy-still-birth.aspx

Rus, sounds like you are doing a good job with all the expressing. A 40g weight gain is great! How did the weigh in today go? I think you are right to resist FF, sounds like she is making good progress and you know the reason why she lost the weight in the first place. If she continues to put on weight then FF isn't necessary, surely?

Not much going on with me today. I sat on a chair that wasn't there yesterday and fell right on my arse. I was fine but a bit scared all last night in case I'd dislodged the placenta or something daft! Luckily it all seems fine. Still getting these little feelings but only on my left hand side, I have a left leaning baby it seems. DP has been reading my bounty book and keeps coming out with phrases like "You'll be developing the linea nigra soon." and "Well, the baby is the size of half a banana now!". It was a bit disconcerting at first! He won't shut up about the bloody linea nigra now cos he knows it annoys me!

Lilliana Wed 19-Sep-12 07:18:03

Hope the milking is going well Rus! My friend who recently had a baby had to do the same - she was expressing and topping up for a bit and baby is happy and healthy no problems and no formula in sight. I would stick to your guns as it sounds like she is gaining well. Glad you are getting more energy back, just grab a nap when you can. How is the bum healing? Is the bf getting easier?

How did it go Festie? Hope you kicked up a stick about the diifficulty of dragging a few days old baby into the hospital. Is weeing ok now?

Disco they always seem to compare the baby with food! At least your Dh is involved and excited, much better than him just letting you get on with it and the more he understands what your body is doing the more he should understand your mood swings/tiredness/cravings etc etc grin Glad you are ok after your fall.

Thanks for the advice on the flu jab, don't really want to go near another needle but sounds like it would be a good idea. Will have a chat with the mw today as I have an appointment.

Lilliana Fri 21-Sep-12 07:19:20

How are our new babies and mums getting on? Hope all is ok with you both.

Pg ladies how is the sickness etc? I really hope it has eased off for you. Any scan / movement news?

Had a dream that I gave birth last night - it wasn't too bad so hoping that is what it will be like. I went to a ball afterwards and my main concern was not bleeding on my dress! confused

festiemum Fri 21-Sep-12 09:24:35

Hello chaps,

I have been lurking the past few days, hope all is well and those nasty hcps haven't blackmailed you into mixed feeding rus. Sounds like you're doing everything right and if your instincts are telling you it's not a problem then it probably isn't!

How's school lil? My poor old brain is trying to work out how many weeks you are. I came up with 32ish, but I don't trust my brain at he moment.

Really hope the sickness eases off for you soon moo - you're in the zone now, but I know how miserable it is.

Your dh sounds funny disco, mine was also slightly obsessed with the linea nigra too! He was a bit disappointed cos I don't really get one!

Hi count, hope you're enjoying lots of movement!

Well, Esme's first week continues apace. I managed to cut four clinic visits down to two and have told them that I'm not available to go in to have my bP checked until Monday now. Got myself into a tizz the other night cos she wasn't waking for nighttime feeds. Found myself sitting up half the night all anxious... Then got her weighed yesterday for her 5 day check, and she's only lost 80 proxy grams! Resolved not to worry, so of course, she woke every hour for feeds last night! Troll baby! grin

Away this weekend for my brother's wedding. Gonna have to try and pace myself. It's a whole weekend of social engagements and if it was anyone but my brother, I probably would have left it. It's weird to think that I was expecting to be there 39 weeks pregnant! Need to ring the hotel today to let them know we're bringing an extra guest!! grin

Body seems to be healing well. Weeing is fine! Pooing still a bit iffy - have quite spectacular piles. I pushed her out in 2 mins and with such force she whizzed up the bed like a cork coming out of a bottle. My arse obviously took the strain! shock Boobs massive but getting less engorged and latching on is less painful than it was, so all going in the right direction!

And Esme herself is tiny and absolutely beautiful! The fierce, overwhelming love doesn't get any less intense each time!

Do hope you are all really well. Knackered, sore but ecstatic Festie signing off! xxx

Rusulka Sat 22-Sep-12 11:23:50

Hey ladies!

Festie glad to hear Esme hasn't lost too much weight, and that Phoebe isn't the only baby who thinks it's hilarious to wake through the night for hourly feeds... angry
I have piles too, apparently. Thought it was just amusing stitching on the obstetrician's part. I can't really poo either. Been taking senna to help them just fall out, but it's been really irritating when you do one and a half poos and can't get the rest out- I never feel clean and daren't sit down!

Disco in the second trimester I tripped over the steps coming out of the kitchen and fell on my stomach- was shitting bricks but everything was fine. They said not to worry as she was well-cushioned in there- I assume they mean by the fluid, etc. but it still came across slightly fattist...

Lil I had a few birth dreams and they were easy. Just keep leaning forward and hopefully it'll become a reality- but I wouldn't count on being able to go to the ball and not leak everywhere!

Well, it hasn't been good on the feeding front, I'm afraid.
Midwives in every day to weigh her, then one sensible one saying bollocks to it, that day's weight loss of 20g was probably a scales discrepancy, and said rather than expressing and topping off, I'd just be better off feeding her more.
So then I started using both boobs for a feed.
Then the original midwife who told me to express and top up came back to weigh her and she'd lost 80g.
Another call to the pediatrician, and thankfully we didn't have to go into hospital to get her checked, but I had to get formula, as they want me to top up every feed with 60mls. I can't provide that. sad
I was gutted at the time but feel a little better about it now- as much as I fought against the formula, I have to be reasonable about the battles I fight, and sticking to my guns on this one means Phoebe's health suffers.
General consensus is that because of my various bum issues, operations, difficult birth, and assumed large blood loss, my body is trying to heal itself and therefore the quality and amount of my breast milk hasn't been great. But things are getting better.

The first day of feeding her it, she took the first top up but refused the second one- we rang the emergency number on the front of the post-natal notes, and they said we basically had to force her, and it took an hour and a half to get the whole thing down her. For the third one she barely took any breast milk- I think because she knew she had to fit the formula in.
Feeling pretty angry because the whole thing seems counter-productive if it means she's not taking the milk with the most benefits for her...
Yesterday managed to express 90mls, so half the top ups were mixed with breast milk, and she was a lot happier with these- my strategy over the next however long before we don't have to do it any more is to express 90mls and use it to mix with the night-time feed top ups, so she's done quicker and we get more sleep.

She's getting weighed again today and I'm hoping against hope she's put weight on. Some more dirty nappies would be great... apparently b/f babies use everything they can, so if they don't poo, it's because they needed everything and didn't leave any waste- Phoebe is going up to 4/5 days between poos, and even then only went because she's started on formula so obviously isn't getting what she needs from me. sad
Had my normal midwife here yesterday and she said it's only for now. We just need to get her weight climbing and we won't have to f/f any more. I just hope I can provide what she needs.
Feel a little bit of a failure, but it can't be helped.

On the plus side, my bum's healing nicely, apparently, so might be able to change to having DH dress the wound, rather than daily community nurses, and my stitches are a bit better every day. The pains in my left leg have gone, my split lip has healed, my biceps don't cane any more and I can cough without yelping.
Have had my parents here since Wednesday, will be here til Monday- so far the garden's been apparently weeded and my fridge has been cleaned, and I haven't cooked! Awesome. Nice to see them get so much time with Phoebe too, even if it does make their dog jealous and grumpy, lol.
The sight of my dad jiggling her to the tune of Captain Pugwash will remain with me for a while...
It's hard having them live so far away.

Take good care of yourselves ladies, must go hang the washing out.

Discolite Sat 22-Sep-12 16:58:30

You are welcome Lil, sorry about more needles but hopefully you won't have to have any more until you have your next baby grin. I'm coming home from school and having a 2 hr nap most days, I know what you mean about tiredness!

Festie, glad my bloke isn't the only one obsessed with the linea nigra! Things sound good for you (piles aside) and Esme, hope the wedding goes well. How are your other children and step children taking to Esme?

Rus, my friend had a three month premature baby. About a month after getting him home she was advised to stop breastfeeding altogether in favour of ff as he just wasn't putting on weight. He's a bonny toddler now tho, so although breast is best, sometimes I think ff is necessary. You've been through a heck of a lot and once your body heals I'm sure you'll be producing more milk than you know what to do with! Did she put any weight on at today's weighing?

My baby is still squirming around in there, really wasn't expecting to be able to feel movements this early but its nice! I asked DP for nickname suggestions for what we should call baby whilst in utero. He came up with:
- Mr Thompson (it's dignified apparently, and no, it's not either of ours surname! Quite like it in a weird way!)
- Reggae Reggae, later amended to Johnny Reggae (like the bad novelty song)
- Madame Ovary ('Well, it came from an ovary...')

What do you all think?

Also tried on some more wedding dresses, only one that was ok was nearly as expensive as the lovely one I tried on in August..may have to bite the bullet and just accept that it is going to be expensive!

Discolite Sat 22-Sep-12 16:59:02

Also, Berries if you are lurking I miss you and hope you are ok x x x

Countmyblessings Sun 23-Sep-12 11:38:45

Hi all - hi mums - these midwifes really get on my nerves they assume all babies are the same and you get consumed with worries instead of enjoying and being grateful for a beautiful healthy baby!
My midwife was always banging on about my child's weight to the point of my stopping going to the weight in clinic! He still is small but is doing so much it's not a worry that he is small! Just over 2 and he still fits into his 6-9 body grows! Although I'm buying his age in clothes well some depending on shop! I love the adjust waist clothes from next etc they are brill!
The stresses don't stop so I would pick your battles and handle I'm your way!
Lil - dreams at this point are the norm body and hormones!
Disco - glad your enjoying loads of movement it's nice isn't it!
My bump has come from nowhere and my line is lovely and dark but as my skin is a nice chocolate complexion the line is easy to see! And little stretch marks just on my sides!

Lilliana Mon 24-Sep-12 07:30:11

Disco we are boring and just refer to him/her as 'baby' (or occasionlly Zeus!) Enjoy all the squirming and hope you find the perfect dress (and link any possibilities for us to see smile)

Have to ask what is the linea nigra?! I feel I should know this vital piece of information and Dh has failed to become excited about this!

Festie how did the wedding go? Hope you managed to relax and have fun. How the rest of the brood were taking to Esme? Glad everything is ok and improving on the bf front etc.

Rus don't beat yourself up about the feeding, do what you need to do and Pheobe will be fine. You're body has been through a lot so hopefully as it heals it will be able to put more energy into milk production and you can just bf again. Glad you're having lots of support and shouldn't DH be hanging out the washing?! grin

Count I have stretch marks on one hip - only a few and only on the one hip? Have I grown lopsided?! How is your pg going?

Had a very lazy weekend, not achieved anything much but was nice to have DH sat down for a bit and not rushing around trying to sort things out and making me feel bad! Was in bed by 8.30 on sat night (Dh was at the pub) - what has happened to me?!

chipsandmushypeas Mon 24-Sep-12 07:36:05

Wow I've missed a lot! Congrats to Rus and Festie!! grin so amazing to think those longed for babes are finally here! Lovely names too.

How are you Lil?

Hi to Moo, Count and Disco smile congrats all round x

Things have been so hectic for me, we're moving in October so have been sorting that out, plus I've been sorting out my maternity cover, since I run my own business I have to hire and train him.

I'm in third tri today so 27 weeks! Can't wait to move and get all the last big bits like buggy/cot etc!

What buggies are you all getting/have you got? I'm clueless! There's so many! X

chipsandmushypeas Mon 24-Sep-12 07:37:49

To add, I think I will start my maternity early at 32 weeks as working in the cafe has been so tiring and my belly hurts after shifts now.

I would like to go back to baking for the shop after, which is a hobby of mine. When did you all start your maternity leave?

Lilliana Mon 24-Sep-12 09:35:54

Hi Chips glad to see you are still around and doing well.

I'm starting my mat leave at 37 weeks (technically 38 weeks but it's half term so don't have to be in school grin) Am very lucky though as my head has lightened my load considerably by taking me out of class and giving me cover and intervention groups, don't think I could go as long if I had class responsibility and all the extras that go with it - I'm shattered as it is!

wrt buggies we have a uppababy vista - not the cheapest but it does everything we want and I've heard and read nothing but good reports. The carrycot bit is suitable for nightime sleeping so don't have to buy a moses basket too. It has a which best buy award. BUT we live in the middle of nowhere and so drive everywhere and go for walks on tracks/fields etc, not sure it would be the best for trains/buses as it is quite bulky - the baby jogger looks fab for that kind of thing though as you can fold it with one hand. Basically depends on what you are using it for and where you live. Sorry no help!

Hope you get cover sorted soon so you can rest abit x

Rusulka Mon 24-Sep-12 17:59:54

Hey ladies,

Disco I like Mr Thompson and Johnny Reggae, lol! Have been wondering what to refer to our next one as- I quite like little pickle. Going to get some nice boxes and decoupage pics of peanuts all over one and that'll have all Phoebe's stuff in- I've saved her cord stump with the clip on, and I've got my diary from this pregnancy, hospital bracelets/tags... would like to do a box for each baby.

Thanks for the reassurance Count I think she's going to be like DH- he didn't put weight on as a child either, and was really tiny! At least she's taking after him and not me! My instincts tell me she's ok, but I still worry about her not putting weight on. Will just have to work on making my breast milk awesome!

Lil the linea nigra is a line running from the top of your bump down to your bellybutton, in the centre- mine was quite pale, and only appeared in the last 2 months or so- it's more visible now than it was during pregnancy! Also, I think the uterus leans to one side during pregnancy, so you might find it's over on the side where your stretchmarks are. I had more on the right hand side at the end, as that's where she was always bloody elbowing me!
Oh, and my mum didn't let me hang out the washing. She also weeded my borders, so I assume she's pulled out yet more wildflowers thinking they're weeds. Sigh.

Hi Chips, thanks for the congrats... we got the mothercare xtreme travel system- only £200 for pushchair and car seat, 3 wheeler, easy to steer and fold...and the car seat attaches with the seat belt, which was better for us since we don't have our own car and rely on others for lifts. The cot we got is the mothercare takeley one, but I got it second-hand on eBay. Why pay full price? Oh, and for god's sake, don't just buy babygrows from shops- I managed to get loads from charity shops later for a fraction of the price, so I can recommend that if you've got plenty nearby.

Festie hope the wedding went well. I bet Esme got loads of attention!

Well, on the weight front you'll be glad to hear that Phoebe put on 175g. grin ...and yet, sad because it was nothing to do with me...

So sensible midwife has said we can go down to feeding her every 4 hours, but we still have to top up every feed. And rather than adding a bit extra, like DH has been doing, she recommended that we add an extra 30ml, so there was 90ml in the bottle- that way if Phoebe did want more, it was a measurable amount.

I'd love it if we could stop the formula, but I can't see me producing enough milk for her ever at the moment... I guess the best I can hope for is that we can go down to maybe 5-hourly feeds, and not have to top up every single damn feed.

They'll be back to weigh her on Wednesday, same day as the health visitor is coming. Have heard scare-stories from my mum about miserable spinsters who check your house for dust (oh god, I'm done for!) but I think ours is quite jolly and easy going from what our favourite midwife said.

Feeding is getting easier, and for the last 2 nights she has fed at 11-12 at night, then gone through til 3-4am, and then we all sleep til about 8-9. Although last night she did seem to want to feed an hour after the last feed, which is annoying considering we have to top up every feed, and involved frantic kettle boiling and formula shaking and bottle cooling while she yelled for her (fake) milk.

Some of my stitches are starting to dissolve, so it's comfier to sit on the toilet now, and with the help of some senna I'm just about managing to go to the toilet. The hole in my bum is healing up nicely, and the community nurses have arranged it so that DH can pack and re-dress the wound daily, making things easier for us- like not having to be up early and ready for them. And my antibiotics are finished! I can eat whenever I want, so life is getting easier.

Phoebe has had a play on her play gym mat thingy, and seemed to enjoy the mirror, and when on her front was moving her little legs to try and get into a comfier position. She's also quite good at holding her head up, and said 'aah' to her panda toy last night, which she's been following with her eyes and boffing with her hand, but probably by accident.
She laughed at my dad in her sleep earlier- I heard it, but didn't see her face- can't wait til that sort of thing is genuine!
And she had her first bath today too- it was a bit fiddly, what with having one of those bucket baths, but I think it'll get easier as she gets bigger- and I hear they're great for getting the farts out!

I have to go shower my bum and soak my stitches in lavender and milk. I feel like a sort of half-arsed Cleopatra...

chipsandmushypeas Mon 24-Sep-12 19:45:09

Lil - I was looking at the uppababy recently online and the travel system seems reasonably priced compared to others for what you get. Have you got it yet? I would like to see it in real life first but they don't seem to stock it anywhere in London?

Rus - glad you're well, def noted your advice. I haven't bought any baby grows yet! I've been given bag loads of baby clothes from customers! All lovely and hardly worn/new too! Also been given a bottle warmer and medala breast pump, bottles, dummies and breast milk storage bags all new too from unwanted gifts smile glad Ive got good customer service !

Re names, me and DP never agree. His first name will be James after my father, but will use his middle name. I suggested Sidney, DP said no reminds him of Sid James. Also Sidney is the guy off the tetley tea ad - wtf?!

Lilliana Tue 25-Sep-12 08:35:25

Chips Yes ours is here. There is a lady at a-n classes who has one and she loves it. I haven't seen that many around town though. The best price we found was off the internet which came with a maxicosi car seat - we looked at it in a shop and then bought it. I think if you like them on FB you get a % more off. Will ask Dh which website it was as can't remember. It did seem the best compared to similar which needed you to buy loads of extras like the sunshades, raincover, carseat attachments etc.

In that case Rus yes, my Dh is also interested in the linea nigra, we just didn't know the proper name for it! Glad things are getting easier for you, you're getting lots of help and Phoebe is happy.

Off to our last ante-natal today and Dh has time off to come too smile can't believe it's the last one, I'm not ready!!

Hope everyone else is doing well x

Chips DH has just come in and says the website was groovebaby

Lilliana Tue 25-Sep-12 08:38:58

Chips He has now looked it up and it's actually groovystyle.co.uk

chipsandmushypeas Tue 25-Sep-12 09:42:19

Thank you lil I saw their website yesterday and seem very good, definitely want a travel system as I use my car alot.

Which colour did you get? I was thinking of the green but it looks very light and shiney? Might drive up to their showroom or go to John Lewis as they have them x

festiemum Tue 25-Sep-12 18:55:15

Hi chips! Good to see you! Hi all!

Sorry to hear about the continuing saga of Phoebe's weight gain, rus. As it happens, I'm not a great fan of formula, but I think it's great that we have it for situations such as yours. Your poor old body has been through so much, so to be able to supplement with a bit of formula while keeping your own supply up is no bad thing.

One of my closest friends ended up mixed feeding both her children. They were both nearly 11lbs at birth and she simply couldn't make enough milk for them. She carried on bf-ing them both as long as they wanted it though.

chips - I got a Jane muum with matrix car seat. The design is lovely - easy to use and unfiddly. The matrix can be a flat lying or rear facing car seat and is therefore usable as a carrycot. The car seat is heavy, but as I always use it in conjunction with the pushchair base, that hasn't been a problem. I'd highly recommend it! I got the purple one - here

disco I too love Mr Thompson and Johnny Reggae!!! Made me guffaw!

Hope your final ante-natal class was good lil - in my experience you never feel ready! You just get on with it!

The wedding weekend was good - bloody exhausting, but Esme got lots of attention and I got lots of praise for making it. Luckily have an easy week. A couple of dr/midwife type things to do, but not much else. Just as well as Esme is having her first growth spurt today and has milked me all day. Feel utterly drained (or should that be 'udderly drained'?! Lol!)

Kinda jealous of your lovely linea nigra count! Dh's eyes lit up when I told him about it. Honestly, I worry about him sometimes!

Hope that sickness is making some sort of arse shifting motion, moo.

Love to all! xx

Rusulka Wed 26-Sep-12 20:02:04

She put on weight! grin

Not as much as last time, only 125g this time I think, but she's up to 7lb 13oz now.
Wish I knew how low she'd dropped, but at the same time I'm not sure I want to... <damn you google> ... 7lb 2oz.
Considering she started at 8lb 5oz, that's a bit upsetting.

They're not discharging us yet, since she's still not up to her birth weight. Midwife back on Saturday. BUT because I'm not getting enough sleep, we can go back to feeding her every 5 hours during the night. Hopefully things will get better now we don't have to force her awake for feeds she doesn't want.

DH upset me the other day by saying that all my breast milk was doing was keeping her alive. I cried so much over that, it really stung. Mainly because it's true. I hate the thought that there is one thing I'm supposed to provide for her that no-one else can and I can't do it.
Struggling with the night feeding still, especially when I haven't slept through the day. It's so frustrating to have her refuse to latch on, or only spend minimal time with me before sucking the bottle with such gusto.
But I can't complain because it's the only reason she's putting on weight, the only reason she's more alert during the day, and the only reason we haven't been sent back to the hospital.

I wish I didn't feel so utterly hopeless about the whole thing. In the darkest parts of the night when I just can't get anything to work, I just sit and cry with her bawling in my arms and feel useless. I feel like things would be easier if she wasn't here, or if I wasn't.
I feel better when I've had sleep, and don't get me wrong, I love her to bits, but it's just so hard sometimes.
I wish I could sit down properly, it's affecting everything. I can't sleep, hold or feed her comfortably until it's healed. I'm crying out for a hot bath but can't have more than the few inches to soak my stitches.

Still, the health visitor said I was doing a good job, and that she's still getting all the benefits of being breast-fed, and the formula top ups are just that- top ups. I guess it's like I'm providing the meals, and the formula is just pudding.

Heading to the shower now to irrigate my wound, then soak my stitches, have DH dress & pack the wound, then off to bed for hopefully a few hours kip before the next feed at 11pm.

We're OK here I guess. Wobbly but still going.

chipsandmushypeas Wed 26-Sep-12 20:25:33

Oh Rus sad please dont feel so bad, your dd is putting on weight and that's the main thing! You are not a failure, what your H said was insensitive and he deserves a slap for it.

Breastfeeding is not the be all and end all, being a loving mother is. I think there is far too much pressure on women to be perfect, breastfeeding people, but sometimes things don't work out like we hoped and we do the best we can a
- and you are! You are providing her with everything she needs and that's what matters.

Dont let this upset you so much. These early times are so precious, dont fill them with tears. Sending you love xxx

Discolite Wed 26-Sep-12 22:28:35

Rus, she put on weight and the health visitor said you were doing a good job! Not bad for someone who had to labour with an infected hole in her backside!

The top ups are just that, topping up the good stuff which is your milk. It's still early days with breastfeeding, as I understand it it can take a while for most first time mothers and babies to master it. You are also massively sleep deprived which is enough on its own to depress anyone. On a happier note, I love your description of her in her play gym and with her panda, sounds lovely!

Just plod on one day at a time, head down and get through this hard bit. Once your wound heals, and you start making a bit more milk things will look much brighter. This phase won't last for ever.

Count, I bet your linea nigra is beautiful! Has it come early cos of your previous pregnancies do you think?

Hi Chips! I'm thinking of getting the Obaby Zezu pramette. I can't believe the cost of these travel systems! The zezu is a bit more reasonably priced at least. It's all so difficult though. I actually had a really bad nights sleep the other day, having alternating anxiety dreams about choosing the right pushchair and then that I'd forgotten to buy a wedding dress. Not fun.

Festie, the wedding sounds like fun! Hopefully you've managed the odd hour without having Esme attached to your body!

Moo, how are you doing? Hope yr ok.

16 week midwife appointment tomorrow. At least I get out of school a bit early! I wore a particular dress today and my bump looks really pronounced. Some of my pupils did a bit of a double take, but noone said anything. I was teaching 11-13 year olds today tho, maybe the older ones will be a bit more observant!

Lilliana Thu 27-Sep-12 07:20:48

Aw Rus so sorry to hear you are struggling a bit. I dread the middle of the night times as I'm sure that's when I will fall to pieces. You are doing amazingly well, I can't believe you laboured and gave birth with a hole in your back, had an op on said hole and are dealing with it healing as well as a newborn, you (and your DH) need to give yourself a break. Phoebe is happy and gaining weight, the mw are happy, you are wonderful mum and it will get better. Try to sleep during the day and be gentle with yourself xxx thanks

Disco my junior kids were completely unobservant! Just before the summer I has year 6's who hadn't realised I was pg (and I was def showing well by then) You just thought I'd been eating alot then ...! Any more options on the dress? Hope you appointment goes well today x

Festie glad the wedding went well and Esme is growing. I'm sure she was a star attraction (I won't say the main attraction for fear of upsetting the bride!) Hope everything is ok with doc/mw etc has the BP settled down now you have had her?

Chips we have it in red, I quite liked the green but DH didn't and from the fabric sample we saw it did look a bit shiney - didn't see it in real life though.

Moo how is the sickness? Really hope it is easing for you x

chipsandmushypeas Thu 27-Sep-12 08:05:33

lil I saw the red at John Lewis yesterday and it was lovely. I can imagine the green to be shiney because it's quite light. I think I'll either go for the black or blue. It was lovely to push and seemed to have great storage etc. going to go to the groovystyle showroom next week and get one then

festiemum Thu 27-Sep-12 09:08:33

rus - just to reiterate what others have said. Bfing is really hard in the early days. It's really taking its toll on me at the mo and I'm a seasoned mum of 4 with no complications. You're doing amazingly well, keeping it up through pain and surgery. The only thing I can assure you of is that it does get easier.

Bfing, once established, is the loveliest, easiest thing in the world - you'll love it. I keep having to remind myself of that through painful latches, sleepless nights and engorged boobs.

The main thing is, you've come up with absolutely the best solution for Phoebe - a bit of a top up to get that weight gain going, and all the benefits of your breastmilk. Keeping that up through pain, wound packing and stitch soaking makes you a bit of a hero in my eyes. xxx

disco - those pupils of yours will be gossiping like mad! (well, the girls will anyway!)

Saw GP yesterday. My bP still a bit high, so I'm staying on the meds for now and having weekly bP checks with her. Hopefully it'll gradually come down as my body goes back to normal.

Love to all of you xx

Discolite Thu 27-Sep-12 15:01:32

How are you today Rus? Feeling a bit better hopefully.

Lil, I suppose they just think I'm getting fat! The year sevens have only just met me really so I'm not surprised by them but I am about the year tens and elevens! How is work now? Stopped trying to lead dancing and PE I hope! As for the wedding dress, I think I'll blitz the shops in Cardiff when I stay with my sister in a week's time, safe in the knowledge that even if I don't find a contender there is one I like, even if it is pricey. I can afford it, I just feel morally queasy spending that much on a dress!

Festie, weekly bp checks with yr own GP - bliss! I'm sure your bp will come down of its own accord. I'm sure the girls won't gossip, they'll just ask straight out, they're quite unabashed where I work!

My midwife appt went well. I got to hear the baby's heartbeat again which was lovely! I don't think Mr Thompson liked the probe being pushed into his/her domain tho, it wriggled about a lot! Everything else normal, even my haemoglobin levels which I thought may be low as they have been in the past.

Rusulka Thu 27-Sep-12 15:37:16

Hey all you lovely ladies,

Feeling much better today after some decent sleep. Thank you so much for all your support.

Health visitor quite pointedly asked me to read the leaflet on PND while DH was out of the room yesterday, and I have to say it does sound like me- wanted to talk about how I'd been feeling to her, as I've been feeling really low and having some DARK THOUGHTS but DH said if I talked honestly, Phoebe would be taken away...
I know he means well, and is terrified that social services would get involved and we'd never see her again, but I had a talk with him- I've been depressed before and my doctor didn't take me seriously, so no, I don't have diagnosed depression, but it IS an issue. I don't want to be fobbed off again this time as it isn't just me who could be affected if I lose the plot. After talking to him he's been much better, and is a lot more supportive with cuddles etc.
I think he thought tough love would work, but I've had to reiterate that it makes me worse- hopefully things will be better now. The health visitor is coming back in 2 weeks to check on me, and DH will be back at work, so I expect she'll worm it out of me then.
DH thinks that if it wasn't for the cyst pain and problems, and the lack of sleep, I'd be fine, so I have cyst depression rather than PND... and I have to say it makes sense. All the problems I've had are due to the hole. Sitting, sleeping, feeding, bathing... I would quite happily kill for a deep, hot bath I could lay down in!
Hoping that now feeding has changed to 5 hourly at night, things will be easier. I certainly feel lots better tonight. We went to bed early last night, so got a couple of hours kip before the 11pm feed, and then we didn't need to feed her again til about 4-5am... and after that, 10! So plenty of sleep. Now it's just a pain in the arse farting about with sterilising and preparing feeds in the middle of the night, and hopefully that will stop at some point.

In lighter news, while SiL was over this morning for a quick visit, she got to observe a nappy change in which Phoebe demonstrated for the first time her abilities as an epic piss fountain, liberally soaking DH's darth vader dressing gown. LOL. It was like she aimed or something...

Just want my bum to heal. DH packed it a bit too enthusiastically last night, so it's a bit sore, but we've consulted Dr Google and know now to pack it loosely. Oops. Can't believe it goes in a whole centimetre!

OK, time to stop being so self-absorbed and actually comment on what you've all been up to...

Festie I'm sure your BP will go back to normal soon. It took all of 48 hours after having Phoebe for my hair to go back to utter shit and spots to appear!

Lil to be honest, giving birth with the cyst wasn't an issue, I was sat on it and never noticed! Gas & air is AWESOME. Not long til half term, you must be counting down the days...

Chips consider getting your travel system from John Lewis- the way their refund policy works, you can take back anything at any time- so you could have it for years, and if it breaks or something, you could get a refund or new one. But I didn't tell you that! [DH works there] Plus their customer service is awesome. grin

Disco glad your 16 week appt went well! The further I progressed, the more Phoebe would shift to get away from the whatsit, so the midwife would have to spend entire minutes chasing her around my insides. grin

Oh, and on the linea nigra front, I don't think DH even noticed I had one... but then I do have milky flesh under my clothes (contrasts nicely with my ruddy complexion) so there wasn't/ isn't really much of a contrast. He was more excited about my stretch marks. Guess I look even more like an alien woman off Star Trek now (tut...)

Off to hang the washing ou- oh fuck, it's gone overcast.

chipsandmushypeas Thu 27-Sep-12 18:11:51

Rus - glad pure feeling better smile I used to work at JL so I know how awesome they are with refunds wink plus the food was so amazing and cheap, i loved it there! problem is the buggy alone is 600 there whereas I can get the whole travel system for 640 online from a good company, plus they don't do the new model/colour. I'll definitely think about it though as youre right, there refund policy is ridiculously good.

Bought a caboo carrier yesterday from JL after trying it on, can't wait to carry newborn around in it. I was walking around home yesterday with a teddy in it, DP thought it was hilarious as all this sling stuff is new to him.

disco glad appointment went well, I have my next check up 5 oct. I'll be 28 weeks and haven't seen a midwife since 16 weeks hmm

festie glad you're well, hope your bp comes down


iloveberries Fri 28-Sep-12 07:04:22

Hey ladies, just checked in to see how the preggars ladies were getting on and I see we have our first arrivals!

Congratulations festie and rusulka. Phoebe and esme are here!! What beautiful names you chose. Glad they are both doing well.

Thanks disco - I miss you too!!

Rusulka - ill caveat this by saying I am NOT a healthcare person or a ss person but if you are suffering with pnd you need to tell someone. I know 5 friends who have had it to varying degrees, 1 mild, 2 moderate and 2 had to have some time back in hospital. But at no time did anyone talk about taking their babies. Pnd is now recognised as a treatable condition and it will pass but you need to get some help my love. Don't blame yourself, having a new baby is tough at the best of times and whilst I'd do anything to be doing the feeding an the rocking through the night and constant soothing it doesn't make me forget how hard it is waking up every two hours, not being able to walk through the pain n having your boobs leak and soak your sheets through with milk every night.... You're doing a great job, don't be afraid to admit how you're feeling to the docs. They only want to help you.

Good luck to all you Preg ladies (glad scan went well disco) and congrats on esme and phoebe again xx

Lilliana Fri 28-Sep-12 07:22:57

Rus so glad you got some sleep and are feeling somewhat better. I want to second Berries and say you need to chat to someone. I suffered depression and am worried I will get PND too but the sooner you address it the sooner you can get it sorted. I can understand your Dh's concerns but it is common and there are many, many parents at school who have much more severe issues and ss have not removed their children. It sounds like you are doing an amazing job, Phoebe is growing and happy and your mw has obviously seen this and will no doubt support you. Take each day as it comes and enjoy your gorgeous baby.

Berries lovely to see you and hope all is ok with you.

Disco I know what you mean as I felt it was wrong to spend a fortune on a dress I was only going to wear once but at least you know what suits you and there is at least one you love so don't have to panic. Pleased the MW app went well and Mr Thompson is doing well.

Festie hope the bp sorts itself soon but weekly apps have to be better than what you were doing!

Chips I love the huge basket and it does seem easy to push around - can't wait to use it!

Had the worst nights sleep, bump is getting really painful when I lie on my right side but I can't sleep all night on my left as my hip hurts ... can't just turn over I have to wake up to move and then I had the worst cramp ever in both legs at the same time! Poor Dh is looking shattered and I'm getting fed up - hope this isn't a sign for how the next 7 weeks are going to be!

Sorry to moan, I have been really lucky generally so should be grateful, just need to get through today.

iloveberries Fri 28-Sep-12 21:06:28

lil - ive suffered with depression on and off since my teens but didn't get a jot of Pnd so don't worry that you'll automatically get it. Good to be aware of the signs though. Good luck for the next few weeks!

Hello ladies; glad to see you all here!!!!

Rusulka I am so pleased that Phoebe has put on weight; absolutely fabulous news. Hope the feeding is getting easier for you and that your bum ailment is starting to get better too. You've been through a hell of a time and you need to remember to make some time for yourself as well. I know easier said than done with a newborn, but even just an hour to do something nice for yourself may help. Don't know too much about PND so can't really offer much advice but I second what the other ladies have been saying!!

Disco glad all went well at your last appointment. When is your next scan?

Lil can't believe you have attended your last a-n class. It will be half term before you know it and you will be looking forward to that due date getting closer. All very exciting smile

Berries lovely to see you my darling. Hope that you are also being kind to yourself and really do hope to see you with some good news very soon!!!

Festie how are things with you? Has the BP come down yet? I do hope so!!!

Chips it's been a while. Glad everything is going well for you. When are you due?

Well thankfully the morning sickness has started to subside. I actually feel human again, am eating normally and all seems to be ok. Had my first scan on Wednesday. It was just sooooooooo amazing to see that little human in there. I actually cried. And it really has sunk in that I AM HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuchal thing-y-ma-jug was 1.6mm and when I went to have bloods taken to see if i was high or low risk, I asked the nurse what the numbers went and she said that it was a nice number, so fingers crossed that podge is ok!!!

Have got my 16 week appointment with the midwife on 11th October and my 20 week scan on 20th November. Things are moving so quickly. Can't beleive that I am nearly 14 weeks. It's mad. Belly is starting to grow and my work clothes are getting a little uncomfortable.

Sorry I have been a bit AWOL; work is manic plus I had to organise, print off, bind and send all my final assessment documents. Went right to the wire. Have been revising most of the morning and not looking at baby things think I need to have a break soon. Have also managed two loads of washing and defrosted the freezer.

Right, best get back to the books. Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!

Rusulka Sat 29-Sep-12 17:28:30

<Gets down on knees on floor to worship at the phenomenon that is SUPERMOO>
Go you!
Glad you're feeling much better. Things feel like they're moving really quickly at that point- enjoy it, because after that it's no man's land with tumbleweed thinking come oooooooooooon, when are things going to happen??!!?! And then it's all waaaaaaaaaaaah I'm not prepared and then before you know it, they're here! Have you started feeling podge wriggle yet?

Lil keep going, it's nearly October!
Have you tried one of those big cushiony whatsits to help you sleep? I've got a v-shaped pillow from Dunelm Mill, it was only a tenner and suited fine- even if it's just to put between your knees for a bit of support. Or you could use it to hold up your bump!

Berries thanks for the advice. Midwife today said to talk to my GP, so hopefully he won't be as much of an arse as that last one. Different county and all that...

Chips I've got a baba sling (haven't tried yet) and a kangawrap- tried it on my mum when she was here and got Phoebe in and settled really well, but when I did it the other day she was a bit fretful and DH said it was because she was in wonky- looked in a mirror and she was at a 45 degree angle!- somehow I'd done it wrong... got it right today though, which made keeping an eye on her while hanging out the washing much easier. Just got to try not to bonk her on the head with the peg basket quite so much next time. blush

Festie how's Esme doing? Please tell me she snores and has whiffy farts too, I don't want it to just be Phoebe, lol! How's your BP?

Midwife came again today (thinking of buying shares) and weighed Phoebe- she's put on another 120g, so up to 8lb 1oz- only 4oz less than birth weight! And they're happy for us to go back to on demand feeding, whoop... no more fascist feeding regime! grin
It doesn't particularly benefit our sleeping, though it does mean I can just let her dictate the pace during the day.
Still on formula though. Forgot to ask how long that has to go on for. They were happy to discharge us, but I asked for another visit just to make sure she doesn't lose weight after changing to baby-led feeding, so they'll be back on Thursday.

In other news, the hole in my bum has got bigger (ok, technically it hasn't). Transpires that actually, the nurses hadn't been packing it all the way- must have semi closed up or something- and re-opened when DH got a bit gung-ho with the packing (at my request before you tell him off). So we're supposed to be packing it LIGHTLY. Thanks Dr Google, could have done with knowing that before. So it's bigger than everyone thought it was. ARGH!
Going to take ages to heal because the area is, ahem, moist. Not to mention being aggravated whenever I sit on it. And until it is healed, no baths, no takig Phoebe swimming.... wah. sad
Yesterday we took her to be registered at the library (refurbed with sexy new services) so Phoebe is an official person now!

Today is DH's first day back at work after paternity leave & tacked on hols, think I've coped quite well, apart from this morning which was a bit Benny Hill... overslept, so she was overdue her feed, except I decided that since it was sunny I might as well get a wash on, so I'm stuffing the machine with a load of baby clothes we've been given by a colleague of FiL's, Phoebe's bawling down the house for second breakfast, then I get in and check her nappy, yep she needs changing, so I do that, and while I'm mid-getting-the-next-nappy, she pees all over herself and both babygrows, so I strip her off, but then she's laying in a puddle of her own wee, so I thought 'there aren't enough wet wipes in the world!' and had to leave her there wriggling in wee while I filled her tummy tub so I could just give her a damn bath (which she was supposed to have on Thursday), then pick up my pissy baby, wipe everything clean, then bath her and wash her hair, get nappy and clothes on, feed... burp... then she upchucks milk all over the muslin (thank god for muslins) which she's decided to only start doing today it seems, and then to add insult to injury, REFUSES TO GO TO SLEEP!!!
But apart from that it's been ok. 2 loads of washing done, trimmed and filed her nails so she can't gouge her eyes out, moisturised her dry bits, expressed 45ml booby juice (left booby gone hard and lumpy from Phoebe's hitting the bottle)... only thing I haven't done is had a nap. Dh finishes in half an hour, so I'd better go nap quick! Either that or lie about it...

chipsandmushypeas Sat 29-Sep-12 17:47:51

Hey moo seems like we're all nearly back together! So cool! I'm 27 weeks now, due Christmas Eve smile all getting very exciting and feeling more real buying big things like cot and buggy etc.

So glad to hear all is well, the first scan is incredible isn't it! I have my next one on 30th oct at 30 ish weeks. Keep us posted x

Rus grin I guess they take a while to get used to! Must be great to wear one and get on with things (i.e use two hands for mumnetting!)

iloveberries Sat 29-Sep-12 19:58:43

So glad to hear scan went well moo.... Just skimming the rest but chips you're nearly all back together..... Me missing sadoh well, I figure I'll have twins and that will be the 'reason' for everything I've been through.... !!

chipsandmushypeas Sat 29-Sep-12 21:19:33

I bet you will x

festiemum Sun 30-Sep-12 09:30:23

Oh berries - we're definitely keeping a place warm for you here. xx

Just a quick "hi". Me and Esme are doing well. Tired, obviously. She likes to feed all night long; but all doing well.

Stuff been going on that has made me stressed out though. My ex's dad went missing last week. (me and ex are still good friends, on account of being together from the age of 20 and having 3 kids together) apparently, he hadn't been in a very good place mentally recently.

I've known this guy for nearly 20 years - he was my fil for 16 years. He's a great guy - sort of guy everyone loves when they meet him. A fantastic gramps to my kids.

Anyway, long and short is; his body was found at the bottom of some cliffs. He had thrown himself off the cliffs. I don't think anyone realised that he was so ill. My poor ex is in pieces, as you can imagine. God knows what his Mum is going through. He has asked that me and dh don't tell the kids and leave that to him. He needs to decide what to tell them. As I said, they loved their gramps so much. They are going to be very sad.

In the meantime, we are having to be very careful. Especially with inquisitive dd1. Her reading skills are good. She is aware of texts coming in and posts on Facebook. I am hoping that their dad will have them to stay next weekend as he's due to and will tell them then. The fallout will be hard, but at least then it's done.

Sorry, this is a gloomy old post, but this is what has been happening in festieworld this week. Thank God for dh who is always unremittingly supportive and understanding about my ex's need to regularly cry down the phone.

So yeah, um... Big old head mash. ( but Esme is gorgeous!) xxx

iloveberries Sun 30-Sep-12 09:32:05

oh festie - so sorry to hear that. so traumatic for you all. thinking of you today x

thanks for keeping my place warm... at this rate i'll end up having baby number two just as esme's having her first! hahaha!!!

Lilliana Sun 30-Sep-12 09:55:38

Festie I'm so sorry to hear about your ex FiL, how awful for you all. Lovely that your DH is so understanding and you can all support each other. Take care xxx thanks

Berries thank you so much for your comment about PND - it is somthing that I've been worrying about and nice to hear it is not a given that I will get it. You're seat is reserved and waiting and we can't wait till you take it up full time xx

Moo so glad the sickness is finally on the way out and the scan went well. Hopefully you can now enjoy being pregnant. How are the exams going? I can't believe you've been doing all this through the MS and tiredness that comes in the first tri.

Rus so glad that Phoebe has put on weight and you can relax a bit but sounds like a good idea to get them back once more to check baby led is all going ok. Sorry to hear your bum hole is bigger but I think your Benny Hill morning is probably going to be repeated several times over in this household!

Have finally started packing baby's hospital bag and have had some better nights sleep so feeling more myself again. Dreading the sleep deprivation when baby comes, I don't deal with lack of sleep well!

chipsandmushypeas Sun 30-Sep-12 10:34:29

So sorry festie how sad sad

Rusulka Sun 30-Sep-12 11:05:25

Festie so sorry to hear about what's happened. Thinking of you at this troubling time. thanks
And make sure you gloom away on here, it's what we're for!

Berries got you a nice comfy armchair right here, and won't be moving the reserved sign for anyone else!

Chips how exciting! You won't believe the difference between the first and second scans, it's ridiculous the size and development difference.

Lil when packing your hospital bag, remember that when your baby is here, they'll expect them to be wearing a short-sleeved babygrow AND a sleepsuit. Baby socks fitted over the sleeves stay on better than scratch mitts! Don't forget snacks, because they only come round with food at set times, and the shops in hospital are stupidly expensive- DH paid £2.49 for a tube of pringles, I nearly killed him! I made sure there were easy portable things in the cupboards, then when DH came in to visit he'd bring a bag of goodies we could scoff- especially because the hospital doesn't feed partners!
Glad you've slept a bit better. It's not for much longer.

Better go.
Need to fit in a nap before MiL comes over (back from Rio again!) and judging by the series of epic farts followed by sudden yelling, Phoebe has done something in her undercrackers...

festiemum Mon 01-Oct-12 18:34:25

Wrote a massive po