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Twins Club 4!! All welcome. :-)

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rednellie Fri 09-Mar-12 12:10:32

Right ladies, welcome aboard for mutual hand holding. Here are the stats - they're probably all wrong! grin

MrsStevo, #1 & 2, EDD 23/08/2011, Lincs, MCDA ID,
Tiggersreturn #2+3 EDD 26/09/11 NW London DCDA - not finding out
silverangel #1+2 Sophie, 3lb3 & Alice3lb1 born at 31+2 on 01/08/11 EMCS
PrincessScrumpy #2 & 3, girls
BB3, #2&3 (#1 DS) DCDA girls born 20.09.11 by EMCS at 37 weeks exactly - Edith-May 5lb 11.5oz and Ayse-Rose 6lb 1oz.

PeelingmyselfofftheCeiling #1+2 EDD, DCDA, Boy and Girl, Born 14 Sept
Twinnerves, DCDA, #2&3, girls Francesca and Isabella, born 18/11/11 EMCS 6lbs 6 oz and 6lbs 9.5oz
xkatyx , ID girls, DC 8,5,9months, ELCS 23/12/11 Rosie and Hollie
Quempin #1&2 EDD 27/1/12, ID boys, T1 5lb5oz, T2 just under 5lb, ELCS 36 weeks
Ravenlocks DCDA, #1&2, 6.01.12 T1 Boy, 4lb 12oz, T2 Girl, 6lb
Tabbycatt, DCDA, 2 boys, DC 2 & 3, 2/1/12 at 36 weeks, VB, T1 5lb 5oz, T2 5lb 11oz
claireinmodena dcda bg born 8/2 Emma (2,870 kg) and Riccardo (2,310 kg)
StinkingBishop 2 &3 DCDA girls EDD 19/3/12
RedNellie DC 2&3, DCDA boys, EDD 28/3/12
DreamingOfPeace, DCDA boys, DC 2 & 3, EDD 19/4/12
Skitoo: DCDA Boys, DC #1&2, EDD 14/05/12
Bigboobsatlast: MCDA Boys, DC #2 & 3. EDD 23.05.12
Buonasera, 1&2, DCDA, EDD 22/05/12 (???)
Lilyni DC 4&5, DCDA, EDD 12/06/12
goimgmadtrying: mcda id girls dc 3&4!!!! edd 05/08/12
Teds DCDA #1&2 EDD 31/07/12
Kazar99 DCDA EDD ???

rednellie Fri 09-Mar-12 12:15:57

Hello lovelies - hope you find your way here. Kazar, I'm sorry your stats aren't that filled in, I put what I could work out for you in my addled brain!

And welcome back stinking, I'm now officially not the next person due so that's a relief. I feel like I can go back to being complacent now!

And seriously, this itching can bog off. I've been awake every hour on the dot tonight. I'm going to have months of not sleeping, so why start now.

bigboobs - yey about the buggy. I love mine and have been using it loads already. I'm currently using it more as a zimmer frame than anything else, but I've not had a problem with it. Talking of which stinking how wide is your front door as the mountain buggy duet might fit? It is the same width as their ordinary single pushchair...

Waves to claire - looking forward to joining you on the post natal thread once I've popped. And yes, you're right, I've been very lucky. And I'll do my best to warn you of imminent delivery if I can.

Hope you're alright dreaming, don't like radio silence from you...

BB3 Fri 09-Mar-12 12:46:45

Very quickly marking my place

Thanks for doing the thread rednellie x

Dream try not to stress too much just keep an eye on things and don't bat an eyelid about going in to be checked if you nee reassurance.

Stinking, think it's unlikely you would DNA test from them or any hospital as it's not a necessity iyswim. I don't think they're massively expensive to do privately if you're really keen to know. Yes the buggy rednellie recommended might be better for you. I personally wouldn't use a single buggy but then I have ds aswell. But the girls are just so heavy to carry for any length of time. My friend uses a whiteboard to record food time and amounts for her dd each day.

Re downs i didnt have the test either as it's not accurate enough with dcda so any high risk result would mean an amnio on both babies which I wouldn't have allowed so felt it was a bit pointless.

Claire, hello so glad babies are doing ok despite waking more, I think the girls got a but tough around the 5/6 week Mark but then for better. Give them a big snuggle and kiss from us xxx

Right have to run, peeling, I'm coming to find you in post natal.

Hello all!

I did check in earlier, but was racing out to meet this twin mum- I was a bit late. HOW EMBARRASSING!!! She had got her 3 year old to pre-school and her DCDA boys out ready, and me with one child was late blush. AND I dropped DD and my mum off at a playgroup because no way would she have been good in a coffee place... She (the twin mum) was so lovely though. Her boys were gorgeous. Identical. She thinks they are, and is looking into having them tested now. stinking, I don't think it's reasonable for the NHS to test, it is after all a finite resource, and unless it was for a health issue there's no need to know iykwim? Hers are 8 months and look so similar (I couldn't tell them apart!), but if they're not ID it's often clear they're not by then anyway... She says it's £80-90 for testing so not ridiculous. They were so good too- in their Nipper buggy, both got a little fretful, she paid no attention and they both just went to sleep- no jiggling, no crying, no fussing. I was amazed grin

I couldn't have any Downs testing kazar (and most importantly, welcome to the thread! congratulations) Not offered in our Trust. It has to be done by 13+6.

I'm less worried today- I am rationalising that it's more likely to be the scan measurements are out rather than that twin 2 is not growing well (right?!). Finding it hard to not worry about the movements as their limbs are all central at the minute and it's so hard to tell which is which. But yes, anything worrying I'll just go in and be checked.

Hello claire, sounds like it's a tough slog at the minute with the sleeping and winding. Are you mixed feeding? I've heard similar about the Dr Brown's bottles, so I've bought some for if I can express, and borrowed a pump I might be able to give some bottles too. DD was very windy, it's such hard work but you still sound like you're coping really well. Hope it's going ok without the MIL/your mum there.

Hooray bigboobs, buggy sounds good. I do have some Duet envy....

Right, must dash, will be back to fuel my mn addiction some more later grin

rednellie Fri 09-Mar-12 15:35:31

Oooh, just remembered - stinking, my doula said that with her twins she'd have a bowl that represented each one and a stash of coins. When she'd fed one she'd put a coin in that bowl. That way, at the end of each day she could see how often each had been fed and give more as necessary. Might be an idea? I wont be able to do that as I have a DD who is obsessed with coins and it would end up in coinmagedon. grin

Yes dreaming don't worry, and as BB3 sensibly says, if you're worried, get checked out. No one's said anything to me about movements...I thought they slow down anyway towards the end as there's less room (apparently hmm) than before. I can't tell too easily now which is which as there limbs are all atangle, but I did feel hiccups in my lady bits so one is definitely still head down!

Ha, its a bit catch 22 rednellie. It's probably nothing, but placental problems often have reduced movement as their only indication therefore need to be extra vigilant about foetal movements til this doppler hopefully shows bloodflow to twin 2 is just fine! But easier said than done with twins... I think back on the ease of counting kicks/ noting movement with one with nostalgia!!

I hadn't even thought of charting feeds etc. Should I?! Sure I'd forget to mark it down accurately anyway...

And I realised we have bought no clothing for the boys as have loads of hand me downs. I'm a bit sad as i just realised this means they obviously have no matching outfits, and not even matching babygros for when they're born. Or is this a good thing? Does anyone think they'll dress their twins the same? I'd always thought I wouldn't as they're two people and i don't want them to be 'the twins' but now i see we've nothing the same I'm wondering...

And strangely, today I'm excited they might be ID and hoping they are?! Maybe just meeting those id DCDA boys this morning...

Thanks for the new thread Rednellie! And pleased to see I am not next in line after you and Dream - thats you Skitoo!! In fact Stinking pushes me back in to a compfortable 5th position!

Dream, I never for one minute thought I would dress mine the same - but now I think they will actually be dressed very similar if not the same - for practical reasons if nothing else, as I am quite choosy about outfits (dont like anything too cutsie and definitely nothing 'disney'!) - so it so much easier when you are shopping just to pick up two outfits the same.

I always swore I would never dress the same... but now I am thinking 'oh but they will look so cute'!! what am I doing?!! I want them to be individuals for goodness sake. Must have a word with myself!

Only thing left on my list to get for hospital bags is muslins (got a few left from DD but most were so horribly stained that I had to throw them out). I will get them from mothercare as they are quite pricey and I have a voucher for there - when did muslins get so bloody expensive???!

Glad your meet with RL twin mummy went well Dream - I will let you know how I get on when I have met mine next week.

Feeling for you and your itching Rednellie - my tummy itches all the time and it is horrid, although does not keep me awake so not too bad I guess.

Exactly bigboobs if other people can't tell them apart they'll just be 'the twins' not be called by name as people won't want to get it wrong etc. but they would look cute... The twins today were wearing matching tops... We have enough hand me downs to buy nothing til they're 6 months at least. So if i want anything matching I'll have to buy it. Hmm.

Yes, I'm third on the list. That's good. Plenty of breathing room!!! I forgot all about muslins. Eek. My hospital bag is jammed full too, oh help... It's not a very big bag, but its that or a huge step up to a miles bigger one. For goodness sake- I can't even make a simple decision about a bag any more!!!! Speaking of which I still don't have a twin size changing bag...

BB3 Fri 09-Mar-12 17:06:17

Hello ladies

Re outfits I was adamant if I had same sex babies I would not dress them the same and virtually every outfit the girls have ever been in is the same or similar (or at least from the same pack of babygros!) it just is so cute and so very much easier. When they're older they'll dress more in similar clothes than the sane and soon enough they won't let me have a say wink

I don't record feeds - tbh in the first few weeks that's all it's about so you jut don't forget as it's so regular!

BB3 Fri 09-Mar-12 17:08:06

Oh and no one has ever called them 'the twins' it's always, always 'the girls'. Not sure why but I think if ds was a dd or they were b/g twins they might be more likely to refer to them as 'twins' so dream imagine you'll be how is I and the boys x

claireinmodena Fri 09-Mar-12 17:23:04

stinking I have used a feeding chart downloaded from the twinsstore website, cant do links on phone, but you should be able to find it if you google it. I didnt last long tbh though. Babies have enough wet &dirty nappies not to make me worry,(and cost me a fortune), and I am demand feeding so dont really look at the clock when cry I just shove a boob/bottle in their miuths feed them.

But I am hopeless with schedules/routines...

claireinmodena Fri 09-Mar-12 17:27:16

And we call them twins or babies all the time!
I alao have loads of hand me downs, but bought their first outfits as I wanted to at leadt buy stg. Its just 2 babygrows by gap same style but in pink/blue and same for their first vests. That was it. So far I have managed not to dress him in pink, but normally is whatever's clean and in clise range!

goingmadtrying Fri 09-Mar-12 18:24:00

hello everyone look at our shiny new threadsmile

im feeling a bit strange now as i have brought the girls exactly the same outfits blush i think it will look so cute

i got some muslins from babies r us pink ones for £7 ish pounds for 4 i think, have seen them cheaper in tesco since so check them out too

just a quickie as cooking dinner, have been rushing round so have given myself heart burn sad

rednellie Fri 09-Mar-12 19:22:23

I think matching outfits is ok for the first year, but if you're matching them after that or calling them 'the twins' rather than their names then there could be a problem. My few grown up twin friends all HATED being dressed the same (once they were aware of it, obviously!) and have all done a lot to distinguish themselves from their twin. I know quite a few people who buy the same outfit, but in different colours, so one twin always has blue stuff and the other green. bigboobs, I'm dead picky too! We've got a few hand me downs, but most of the clothes are from DD as we didn't dress her in a particularly girlie way until very recently. I'd probably draw a line at putting the boys into dresses, but if a babygrow is still decent they'll be wearing it whether it's blue, salmon pink or green! I never did get to grips with muslins - my Mum thinks I'm insane, but I honestly never really needed them for DD. I have had to buy a few more nappies (oh yeah, did I not tell you I'm insane and going to be using reusables...grin) but it's worth the investment in the long run.

dreaming, I guess all you can do is keep an eye on it and attempt to keep sane...

RE: schedules, I'd never even thought of it until my doula mentioned it, but then I never worried about it with DD. I got totally fed up with the weigh ins with the health visitor so stopped going after a while - as long as she looked good, had wet and dirty nappies and kept growing out of clothes I was happy. But if it works for you then it's great.

goingmad, the general consensus seems to be we thought we wouldn't but actually do/ might dress them the same/ similar... Especially when they're tiny. I did see 2.5 yr old ID boys at a playgroup once though, and they were dressed identically and i couldn't tell the difference so wouldn't have been able to greet them etc by name without asking mum (or them!) . I don't think I'd do matching dressing at that age for that reason, so they're individuals, but be tempted when they're tiny!

Anyway, back on with bedtime...

BB3 Fri 09-Mar-12 19:49:21

Rednellie, I use reusables, I think they're easier than disposables with the twins. I had 20 with ds and bought another 20 for using with the girls as well as the less tatty old ones. I currently use disposables at night as the girls wet really heavily over night so reusables were soaking through their clothes but as soon as it calms down they'll be back in them for nights again. I used disposables for a fortnight when everyone was sick and in hospital and I couldn't believe how much it cost me (although I have a real funny sense of smell with regard to urine in nappies so I change disposables all the time!)

I also said i'd never dress girls in baby pink and the girls have loads of it, funny how your opinions change when they're here! grin

goingmadtrying Fri 09-Mar-12 19:49:58

yes im thinking only why their babiessmile i do think once their older similar clothes in different colours, what's the point in having 2 twin girls if i can't dress them the same!!, i of course wouldn't have dressed a boy and girl in the same dresses!!!!!lol

good luck tonight dream

BB3 Fri 09-Mar-12 19:52:33

Goingmad, that's exactly how I feel, same then similar!!! They sometimes wear different clothes and they look so strange seeing as they mostly match (even if it's matching outfit but different colours).

goingmadtrying Fri 09-Mar-12 20:45:27

i have to admit it i have gone a little alot mad this week with buying!!!! i have got them some beautiful clothes about 6/7 outfits plus the vests and babygrows blush I've brought lots of reduced stuff so not spent loads but i promised myself and dh that i wouldn't go mad this time....oops think it may be too late grin it doesn't help that my mum encourages me and has brought loads too!!!!!

Lilyni Fri 09-Mar-12 20:49:50

Just popping in to say hello on the new thread ( hanging my head in shame that Im so bad at posting) ..... thanks for setting it up rednellie and for making me chuckle at the "coinmagedon" and your hilarious introduction to Kazar " can I just point out Im not obsessed with incontinence pants" - brilliant!!!

Hello Kazar and welcome ...... Im around the same age as you and expecting DCDA girls (but nos. 4 & 5 for me).

hope everyone else is doing well and Im excitedly ooking forward to hearing the news of some new arrivals soon.

I have had the results of my glucose tolerance test back and my blood sugar levels are raised. I have to go to hosp next thurs to speak to the midwives and doctors but looks like I may have gestational diabetes. So now Im like you dreaming and worried about the size of the babies.

I also got a sickline of my doc this morning for the tiredness which takes me up to 29 weeks when Ill be starting my maternity leave. Feeling guilty about starting ML so early but Im just exhausted.

Big hellos to everyone else - (I havent posted in so long that Ive kinda lost touch with whats goin on)

BB3 Fri 09-Mar-12 20:51:12

Going, I always buy them too much, dh complains that his 5 month old daughters have more clothes than him and ds combined blush so I'm sure your dh will get used to it!grin

BB3 Fri 09-Mar-12 20:52:37

Lilynl, don't feel guilty, just enjoy the rest for yourself and your babies xx

Absolutely lilyni this twin pg malarky is blooming hard I'm finding smile.

And rednellie is always really good value for money, for a laugh and advice!- you're not allowed to disappear exclusively to the post natal thread peeling has set up once they're here, ok?! Seeing as that could literally be anytime now. Hope the itching is ok ish....

goingmadtrying Fri 09-Mar-12 21:50:03

Lol BB3 I have always been that way but was determined to not go overboard!!! Oh well its my only time to spoil my little girls smile

Liliyna no dont feel guity I had to have a couple of weeks off, and tbh even though I've got weeks to go I could quite easily finish work now. Make sure you rest when you can and dont be too hard on yourself .

rednellie Sat 10-Mar-12 00:44:21

I'm a bit blush over all the lovely comments - I'm really rather dull in RL, maybe mn brings out the best in me. Worrying...

Lilyni, aw man, I'm sorry about the whole diabetes thing, hopefully the test was just a bit off, but I guess if they do establish it is gestational diabetes they'll keep a good eye on you. And yeah, enjoy your mat leave, you deserve it and twin pregnancies really are very taxing after all! Now, when do I get to go on maternity leave, eh, eh?

BB3 - yey for reusables. I've used them all the way through with DD and hated the idea of caving now so it's reassuring to hear about someone else using them for twins. It is SOOO much cheaper that regardless of any eco argument I'd be trying it anyway.

And now you've all got me thinking maybe I'm the weirdo for not having matching outfits...it honestly hadn't occurred to me. I've knitted little booties in different colours, but the same pattern - does that count?

Well rednellie, I don't have a single matching outfit but I'm also wondering if I should!! I blame the twins I saw yesterday, they did look cute... But they were (DCDA) ID.

And yes, sorry, forgot to say what a shame about the gestational diabetes, if that is what it is...

Oh, I'd love to have knitted booties, that better than counts!!!

Hello all!

Have just got back from monitoring at the hospital after no movements from twin 2 (the one needing the placental doppler too!) . I got twitchy with him not moving, plus the morning sickness re-appeared this morning, plus more uncomfortable than usual BH. All is fine, they got a great trace of twin 2 as he was sat there like a little pudding but twin 1 wasn't playing ball (too wriggly!) So had ages on the ctg. Most reassuring. And to go back if twin 2 not moving again soonish. Mw also said she would have a CS in my position- her words were 'goodness, you're a physio, you know more than me you dont want any more damage after a third degree tear and there's never a guarantee what twin 2 will do!' . I was so surprised (and pleased) a mw thought ELCS best for me grin

But anyway, I've been feeling rough with the puking again, tired and worried and now I'm relieved and happy so I thought I'd share grin

But just a me me me post as look at the time!! Dd will be up before I want her to be know it so must get to bed.

goingmadtrying Sun 11-Mar-12 01:02:13

evening dream cheeky pudding twin 2!!! these babies truly are sent to test us, glad they got a trace and woohoo for mw you must do what's right for you smile

im just off to bed work was manic ill be so glad to finish, having babies mushes my brain blush i only have 26 working days left woohoo!!! felt babies move tonight so very happy xx

rednellie Sun 11-Mar-12 05:35:18

Oh dreaming, I'm so glad you had a reassuring visit to hospital. So sorry you're having to go through all this now. Especially being sick as well, how rubbish is that. Get some rest and get DH to pander to your every whim.

I went to yoga today and felt all full of energy and marvelous and now I feel a like a bag of stones. Well, two wriggly stones that weigh a huge amount to be frank. Every other person stopped me in the street and in shops saying 'oooh, you must be about to have that baby right now.' It was actually quite nice for a change as everyone looked so happy for me (these are random strangers, Canadians are very nice). But now feel like I can't go out in public anymore as I'll just attract attention! I honestly don't feel that big, but then I saw a photo Mum took of me yesterday and I have this enormous bump - doesn't even look like it belongs to me....bizarre. Right, off to bed. Itching getting better - mainly as DH has insisted I wear a pair of socks over my hands, I look like I'm wearing scratch mits. grin

BB3 Sun 11-Mar-12 05:49:24

Dream, so very glad all is ok and also glad mw was able to reassure you on your decision x

Going - yay for feeling babies

Rednellie grin at socks-for-mits! And you do become a bit of a freak show at the end, I remember walking out of a restaurant being stopped four times and one woman bawked at the idea that I could possible only be 8 months pregnant!

claireinmodena Sun 11-Mar-12 11:24:28

dream glad to hear all is ok and got reassured at the scan!

I think at some point you asked about my week without helpers (was it you).
Its actually not been to bad, but I have had help in the form of my cleaner coming twice and babysitter coming one morning so I could go and get some proper shopping done (no twin trollies and no online shopping in Italy...) and then again one day as we had some presentations at school with our older dds and I wanted to ahve some one to one time with them (actually 2:1 as dh was also there, but ykwim).

As long as I manage to keep organised its not too bad, I have been shopping twice during the week planning for at least 2 days of meals each time, cooking whenever the babies were quiet so it was ready by dinner time, packed lunches prepared night before and stored in fridge, abused my tumble drier as it does mean laundry goes straihgt in there from washing machine and then its folded and put away. A bit extravagant but even having to hang the laundry and then take it off the line adds up to time I do not have. Besides I never used a drier until last year so I feel like I've got some brownie points to spend on the environment front...

Oh and of course going to sleep whenever they slept!!

The downer are the nights, but mil/dm werent helping with those so nothing they can add to that!

Mil coming again tomorrow sad as I felt I couldn't say no as it sounds like I do not want her here, but it is a shorte week this time (mon to sat) and hopefully last time to be so long!!

So all in all it is doable but I have had great help from the dds as well, who tidy up after themselves, can make themselves breakfast, and dd1 will rock and feed one baby if I am busy cooking or with the other baby.
I have to admit I have been thinking about the other mums who have much younger children and it must be very tough, I do not know if I could do it...but then I am much older than you lot so I am sure you all have bigger resources of energy!!

Hoping for more baby news soon!! I can't believe mine are nearly 5 weeks old, I know its a cliché but time really does fly especially when you are not sleeping

enjoy your sunday everyone!

rednellie Sun 11-Mar-12 12:45:55

Ah, claire, your post came at just the right time for me. I'd had 3 emails from other twin moms from our antenatal group all going mental about how hard it all was and I was starting to think wtf am I doing? Also, every other person says to me 'how are you going to cope with no help?' to which I've always been replying that people have so I will, but recently...

Anyway, hearing about how it is ok is very very nice and a good thing to hear. I think we should get a cleaner and am working out how we could afford that, as I reckon that would remove a whole level of stress for me and DH. He's been so good at doing it, but really he's not that great at it as he's not as anal as me. Also, I've asked a babysitter we love to come for 3 hrs every Monday morning so we can either all go out and do something fun with Arianwen, or I can catch up on some kip whilst DD gets exercised or I can pop out with her and get some one on one time. I've also booked DD up for swimming classes on Saturdays, it's her favourite thing and at least me or DH can go with her and have some proper time just with her. Actually, I keep getting weepy when I think of her having to share us so much, but I'm sure we'll all adjust.

I guess the other thing is - having small children is hard, but at least you've already got over the shock of becoming a parent and what that entails. Some of the moms who've been freaking over having the twins are freaking about stuff that hits you regardless of whether you've had one baby or 6, so I'm hoping it'll help having a recent memory of what we're in for...Who knows?

I've had an itch free night so am very happy, also watched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and managed to not fall asleep during it AND I followed the plot so am feeling quite proud of myself...still no babies!

claireinmodena Sun 11-Mar-12 15:02:39

rednellie grin glad I made you feel better, I was afraid I was going to scare all the mums to be instead!

Also re your other post and sttracting attention.. Just wait til the twins are here! We've been to restaurants 3 times now with the whole family and its like having a spotlight aimed at us!! It nakes me feel like a freak show! confused I find it quite weird as I prefer to go unnoticed but no hope of that anymore!

How long is your mum staying?

claireinmodena Sun 11-Mar-12 16:21:41

Mind you I am not kidding myself that'll stay this way. I am bracing myself for their first illnesses, that'll be my test fir sure!

rednellie Sun 11-Mar-12 16:40:20

Mum's here until the end of April, she says. Mind you, if I give birth sooner rather than later I think she'll stay for a month after and then go. She wants to be here, but she's really missing home and wants to be back as soon as she can really.

She just gets very worried about how I'm going to cope, which is lovely, but does sometimes make me feel a bit worried about it myself and right now all I need is to feel confident!

skitoo Sun 11-Mar-12 17:59:46

Hello everyone, I've had a busy few days and missed so much...

Rednellie, thanks for our shiny new thread and putting all our stats in. So exciting to see we'll have some babies real soon and then a few more in each of the coming months [happy]. I hope that you won't leap straight over to the post natal thread, we'll obviously need all the details and your wise words of wisdom to help us through, please. The cleaner and sitter sound like great ideas, like you say with the cleaner it's one less thing to worry about and the sitter gives you some guaranteed time for DD every week.

Dream, glad you got the reassurance at the hospital and a good look at the little dudes but sorry you've been suffering with sickness again. I feel like I've just hit a wall, really suffering with swelling, the carpal tunnel thing waking me at stupid hours and suddenly feeling the real weight of babies on the rest of my body sad. So I have to take my hat off to all you ladies that already have children to look after and all this pg malarkey too!

Just to add to the weights conversation, I met a twin mummy with non id boys in a shop the other day, she told me she went to 38 weeks and was then induced, the week before she was scanned and told they were near as damn it the same weights but week later when they were out, one was 5lb 4 and the other 7lb 2, so not convinced how accurate the measurements they do are confused. Also made me think about the size clothes to pack in hospital bag...?

Bigboobs if you haven't got them already then Mothercare have packs of 12 Muslims on buy one get one half price - I stocked up on Friday.

I've mainly bought different clothes but similar, so same thing but with different colour stripes etc. I do have a couple of things where I've bought 2 as just couldn't resist the cuteness of having them the same occasionally. Has anyone seen the sleepsuits in Next that are white and say 'I love Mummy' and 'I love Daddy', they are so cute and only us special twin mummies can put one on each at the same time grin. Sorry just tried to insert link but have failed miserably on the damn iPad. In the baby sleepsuit section if anyone interested.

Lilyni, don't feel guilty you need to look after you and your babies and if you're anything like me then things rally changed at 30 weeks and I am so glad I chose to give up work 2 weeks early as it would have been really awful with how I'm feeling it now.

Quick question for you all, has anyone bought/seen a good cot mobile that they'd recommend? I'm finding them all a bit naff but then maybe that's actually what babies like?

Waves to everyone, enjoy your Sunday evenings.

rednellie Sun 11-Mar-12 18:24:18

skitoo - someone gave us this book for DD. I took the postcards out and stuck them above her cot and around the changing mat and she loved them. They don't need much stimulation to begin with. And really sorry about the carpal tunnel - that severely sucks. I'm sending you a virtual hand massage!

BB3 Sun 11-Mar-12 19:11:02

Skitoo, the girls had those sleepsuits grin I say had a they were up to 1 month size and my babies are obviously too big for them now sad.

Rednellie - yay for your mum, she'll be a great help in those first few weeks xx

Claire - illness sucks when it comes - as it's like they constantly infect one another. Know what you mean about freak show, I make various family members push the pram when out and I walk with ds as I can't be doing with the stops and stares! wink xx

skitoo Sun 11-Mar-12 19:52:21

Thanks Rednellie, had read about the black & white thing to begin with. I forgot earlier to say that I received the Bravado bra you'd recommended and yes what a difference, thanks [Smile]. Strangely enough, I went to John Lewis last week too for a proper fitting and they suggested exactly the same one - so I'm all stocked up now and they should see me through to nursing.

BB3, I bet they looked gorgeous in them! Any pics?

Hi skitoo ! I feel like I've hit the wall too. Big, heavy, twin 1 keeps moving onto a nerve so giving me striking pain down my right leg that literally halts me in my tracks, plus the heartburn, blooming throwing up again, and rib pain... I am counting the days now....Its either 23 or 24 (so kind of counting!!) Plus I'm finding it just as worrying now about movements etc in some ways as at the beginning, except for me I feel it'd be so much worse to lose one at this stage as I'm so attached to them both. Gah. I'm not that mad all the time of course, it comes and goes, and I'm mostly so excited and impatient to meet them now grin. For the hospital bag, I'm hoping they won't need them as they'll be too big but we own 4 'up to 5lb' babygros which are in my hospital bag, and then I'm just bringing 'up to 7.5 /7.8 lb' (some makes vary) as I figure too big is better than too small, and they'll always be in something, and there are 24 hour supermarkets for dire need- plus people will buy them things! The twin mum I met up witht he other day was told one of hers was at least 1lb something lighter than his twin at every scan (and she had a lot- obstetric cholestasis)- her DCDA boys were born at exactly 5lb 15 each at 36 weeks. So can go wither way, Growth scans are up to 25% out aren't they?- that gives well over a lb either way out I think?!

As far as I know, mobiles are a bit naff smile DD has a lovely handmade wooden one with farm animals on string she adores (obviously only moves when an adult spins it and no twee music), but when she was smaller we had borrowed a generic, jungle animals on it, twinky twinky music kind of one to attach to the cot- she thought that was great! Think she'd have been too little for the proper hung-from-ceiling wooden one then? That's another thing I've not thought of getting for these babies...

Sleeping wise we were going to put a cotbed in our room but a) they're so huge and b) we've realised to get it into our funny-angled small children's bedrooms it would need to be fully dismantled again... so if I only last 2-3 weeks with them in with me, thats a lot of effort for that. We have one moses basket, but reluctant as DD hated hers so much. Could I buy a travel cot with a basinett level? That'd be suitable for newborns wouldn't it? Or try and eBay a proper crib? I'm quite keen to keep them together, at least initially... I may as well accept DD is going to continue to make evenings hell when the boys are here, thinking of lack of sleeping.... Plus I tried the bigboobs tactic again tonight to settle an overtired and very restless/howling DD tonight but was sat in her room (not talking or doing anything for fear she'd think something better than going to sleep was going on) for an hour and a half before she finally gave up and dropped off at just after 9pm.... Seriously, can't keep that up when the babies are here, I remember the cluster feeding in the evening all too well, it just won't be possible....

rednellie, what a treat to have an itch free night!!

wow claire, shopping and cooking.... That's properly coping, no ready meals or send the neighbour/husband <very impressed> Does sound like an extra pair of hands for baby jigging/feeding can be invaluable- thank goodness for your super helpful DD1. And great DD2 got some 2:1 parent time. It sounds hard... I'm hoping the one candidate for our mothers help/nanny 2 days a week is suitable as I don't know what I'll do otherwise. Agree- I never used the tumbledryer so much as when DD was tiny and we lived in a very damp house, and I couldn't have managed otherwise with one baby!!! Expect I'll use it constantly!!!!

and when are these babies coming rednellie?! are you not being induced whatever and just waiting for labour, or evicting them at 38/39 weeks?! Just so I can prepare myself properly, I am so excited to hear of your babies arrival, and weights, definite names, mode of delivery.... grin I have to obsessively check this thread to check you're still here and posting!

goingmadtrying Sun 11-Mar-12 23:15:12

hi dream just a quicker i got a travel cot with basinette from toysrus for £59 reduced its lovely smile

rednellie Mon 12-Mar-12 02:35:21


I have no plans for induction, ELCS or anything else currently. This may all change tomorrow as my OB's back from holiday. I'm not sure she was expecting to see me come in grin. I would rather go into labour naturally, but today I started to really feel peeved with my bump and am getting more and more uncomfortable, so I'll play it by ear. As Mum keeps pointing out to me - she was induced in one way or another with all of us and still had natural labours. So I'm keeping my chin up.

skitoo, so glad you like the bras - it's terrible when you recommend something and then the person you recommended it to hates it! I should obviously work in the John Lewis lingerie department, although I've always thought I'd quite like to live in their haberdashery and wool section...

I haven't got any tiny clothes for the babies, just all the 0-3 month ones DD wore. I also don't have any bottles, breast pump or mobiles. I figure, if we need it we shall buy it! The women's hospital has a pretty amazing shop anyway so I can always send DH down to do some rummaging. Although, that may not be the best idea based on how him and DD got her dressed this morning - combination between Pat Butcher and Gengis Khan springs to mind. grin

claireinmodena Mon 12-Mar-12 09:22:23

dream I think I may have given the wrong impression in my efforts not to scare people off, its just basic cooking, and we've had two takeaways at the weekend, foodshopping yes, but thanks to babysitter (a hell of shopping bill that is!), but it is "doable" with some help. Nothing so impressive at all!

Also keeping expectations of what I can achieve in one day at a minimum: today I am taking the babies to peads for 1 month check up, and taking rubbish/recycling on the way (no door collection in Italy, I sure miss that!!). MIL arrives in the afternoon hmm, and I'll do some shopping and picking girls up from school. That's it for my day.

I do hope you get dd's sleeping sorted out, it is the last thing you need when the twins arrive, I wish I had some helpful advice for you, but all I can offer is my sympathy and good wishes!

The twins are definitely developing a routine of thier own, where they are at their most unsettled between 9-10pm til about 2-3am, and despite being able to go to sleep by themselves at all other times, during this period they often both end up in bed with us, which makes me very uncomfortable safety wise, but I can't be doing with the constant putting down to sleep-getting into my bed-getting up again after 5 mins and repeat !!

They finally settle around 3-4am then have a longish sleep (3 hrs) followed by another one, which is when I try to get some sleep too, or housework done.

redenellie when went to the hospital I only had 2 bottles in the house and some cartons of ready milk, and that was knowing I would certainly have to top up! Our first stop on our way home was to pharmacy to get formula LOL, and the following day dh was ent out to get more bottles and breast pump for my engorged breast, as I dispaired the babies would latch on, it has only been used 3 times. So am with you with the not buying too much especially for yuo guys in the uk, where there is always something open or next day delivery from amazon!

You must be nearly 38 weeks now? If it helps you I had ongoing help until 3 1/2 weeks and I have survived, and even though my mil is coming this week I would have happily continued this way as each day I cope on my own builds up my confidence in being able to do this. I am sure you'll have no problems, you sound like a very determined, organised adn strong person. I bet you'll breeze through it all and put us all to shame!

ok, I am supposed to leave the house in 40 mins so I should getting the circus on the road!!!

rednellie, you are 38 weeks in 2 days. 2 days!!!! You're amazing! The twin mum I met the other day had had a long induction for her first birth, (though successful outcome- 9lb 2 baby, no stitches!) and her waters broke at 36 weeks and she went in as soon as she could, so arrived an hour later at the hospital having had no contractions. Examined, 3cm dilated anyway, had a sweep which started things with a bang, and had both babies in her arms within 2 hours of the sweep!!! So minimal intervention induction works too sometimes. I hope it all changes tomorrow when you go into labour grin Are you going to do us a bump pic?!

I am not racing out to buy mobiles! lol. Tiny babies won't care. I do have a second bouncy chair- but I'm lucky, my toddler mum friends with children DD's age are fishing things like this out of their attics for me. I have still yet to ever buy a bouncy chair etc in fact... Or a muslin (all grotty hand-me-downs but I figure they're hardly a fashion item anyway). I still haven't bought a single article of clothing for the boys- they will certainly not be dressed to my taste, but they will be dressed for free. (Same as DD!!) I have now bought her about 5 outfits, and she's been here a year and a half! But when DD arrived we owned a hand me down car seat, hand me down moses basket, borrowed buggy and hand me down boucy chair (now on 5th and 6th children for these 2!) and that was it (we were waiting for a hand-me-down cot, so didn't even have one til we begged for them to evict the child quick and hand it over at 8 or 9 weeks old!). I had actually bought nappies, cotton wool, 5 white sleepsuits, and a new moses basket mattress, so in comparison I've gone wild this time with having to buy buggies, cotbeds etc!! Speaking of buying things, thanks goingmad, will check out the travel cot/basinette thing smile Is that what you'll put your two in in your room?

claire, that's still quite a lot. I run my life around DD, so take her out or do something with her every morning, back for her lunch and nap, and rarely manage much after that as by the time she's awake and come to and had a snack by 3:30- 4ish, depending how grumpy she is when she wakes, it feels too late to be heading into town or anything, so its normally just playground for some fresh air or something... She has a very cushy life, rarely gets dragged around on jobs/ shopping/ into town- my how that will change! Hope they breeze through their paed check and they're all amazed how well you're doing too!

Kazar99 Mon 12-Mar-12 17:18:01

Hello again everyone. Just back from my 13 week scan. Both babies still growing well smile didn't bother with nuchal testing as wouldn't have amnio or cvs even if high risk and as I'm 36, more chance of being high risk just due to age. As DH says, we just have to cope with whatever we get!

Spoke to consultant too. He was saying that current clinical guidelines for twins are to aim for birth between 37 and 38 weeks as risk to babies increases more after 38 weeks. EDD is officially 17 September but he reckoned I was to hope to get to start of September then get induced or CS depending on position of babies. Has anyone else been told that?

Rednellie not sure what the guidelines are where you are, but maybe not long to go smile

dream sounds like you are all organised. Hoping I can get some hand-me-downs but not sure I'll do as well as you. I'm starting from scratch as I'm only on #1&2. Now we have scan out the way, I suppose we'd better start thinking about what we need to get and make a list.

claire I'm impressed you have made it out to restaurants already. Sounds like you are coping really well.

goingmadtrying Mon 12-Mar-12 17:53:13

dream I've got the travel cot for downstairs have a normal cot for bedtime,

kazar yay for good scan, im having id twins and was told would deliver in week 36, however for non id they delivered between 38-39 i have also been told would depend on cs or vb due to position x

Hey ladies. what lovely weather we are having - sunshine and a bit of heat makes all the difference! (Sorry to those of you who are not experiencing the same weather as me!).

You are still going strong Rednellie! does it all feel real now? IN that you can picture yourself with two new babies? It all still seems to far away for me... like I am going to be pregnant forever!

Completed hospital bag this weekend (inlcuding muslins - thanks for the heads up re Mothercare offer Skitoo - thats where I got them). Just got to pack DD a bag, but I have asked friends that are nearby if they can have her in an emergency so now we have a list of people willing and able to help if we need them too - my parents will be here ready if I make it to my induction date at 36 weeks but if it happens before then, we have no family nearby so need to rely on friends.

Cots are up and pushchair arrived today - so feeling more organised, but the house is a mess and I really want to get on with some housework!!

Kazar , congratulstions on a good scan - and Going is right re how many weeks you are usually induced / section is booked for - what type of twins are you having? Did the consultant confirm this for you?

You sound like you have everything Dream, and lucky to have people around you willing and able to pass you things for the babies - I am sure you will give in a buy just a couple of outfits for the boys though.....!! Sorry that DD is still not letting you rest as much as you would like. My DD is better - goes to bed fine and even slept through a few times - but last few nights back to waking once or twice :-( really not sure how to solve it!

You sound like you are doing AMAZINGLY Claire! your family just sounds lovely.

DD out of the bath so gotta fly - In the night garden time and then BED!

rednellie Mon 12-Mar-12 18:41:37

Kazar great news on your scan and glad you came to a decision about the tests. Exciting times.

Guidelines smidelines - it's the same out here, but if you're being monitored (i.e ultrasounds and non stress tests) there is no reason why you can't carry on for longer. I know plenty of twin mums who've made 39/40 weeks. I know I sometimes sound a bit cavalier about stuff like this, but I have done a lot of research and quite a lot of the guidelines are based on very little/old evidence. You always have to look at individual cases and decide. As it is, I'm (relatively) young, fit and 'roomy', my pregnancy has basically been totally normal and so my medical team are happy to just see what happens. My OB is also happy to deliver my babies breech if that's how they come - but she is an amazing OB and top of her field, and up on current research. Of course, if I carry on growing more enormous I may just throw the towel in, no shame in that, but I'm not in a hurry to evict them. Sorry, bit of a rant, but it's all on my mind as I'm 38 weeks on Wednesday grin gulp!

claire, thank you, what you wrote really made me feel great. I'm loving having my Mum here, but I am looking forward to seeing what our family of five will be like once we're back to being on our own.

I've just bought a travel cot off craigslist so I've got somewhere safe to put the babas where DD can't inflict fratricide if I need to go to the loo or answer the door. One big cot upstairs in our bedroom...

rednellie Mon 12-Mar-12 18:46:14

x posts bigboobs - I'm total denial. I do not feel like I'm going to have give birth at all, let alone imminently!

And yeah, claire, you're doing more in one day than I'm doing in a week so I'm totally impressed.

rednellie Mon 12-Mar-12 19:04:59

Sorry again, just realised I sounded really pedantic in my last post about guidelines. It's just I'm seeing the OB this afternoon and I'm girding my loins for her to try and induce me. And actually, I'm feeling a bit like I would like to get on with it, but I know it would be better (possibly) to wait for labour to happen naturally.

Am actually feeling quite emotional today - various reasons, but I suppose the pregnancy hormones are reaching epic proportions by now...

Kazar99 Mon 12-Mar-12 19:33:35

rednellie I'm sure you have thought about it all a lot more than me given you haven't got long to go. As you say, guidelines change all the time. I think that as long as your pregnancy is going smoothly here, you can choose to carry on with the pregnancy beyond the recommended dates if you want to. At the moment, I'll just be happy to get to 37-38 weeks but might end up happy to evict them then smile DH reckons if I get that far then my waistline will be bigger than my height!! Don't want to think about that yet!

I have read exactly the same as you rednellie, the risks go up minutely after 38 weeks if you are monitored and having a straightforward pregnancy- as we both are so far. I also can't wait to not be pregnant but can't imagine having the birth and being a family of 5! kazar, I'm having DCDA twins like rednellie and my consultant was perfectly happy for me to go to 39 weeks. As it is, because I've gone for ELCS if i get to term (which is looking more likely every day!) I'm booked in for 37+6. If i think about the slight possibility twin 2 is slowing down a lot with his growth and they could be evicted earlier I get a bit panicky- bring on Thursday when hopefully it'll be clear everything is fine and i can cook them as long as i want!!

Yes, I'm lucky indeed with the hand me downs but am a bit horribly ungrateful sad I don't get to go baby clothes shopping etc. I did get to buy cotbeds, but I have still not got to buy a new buggy!!! Most of the time I don't give a monkeys about this but every now and again I wish I had nice new matching things for my babies!!!

bigboobs, occasionally sleeping through sounds like an improvement! Dd is sleeping through quite a lot, but the going to sleep remains a big issue... At bedtime and if she wakes up in the night- she was awake 4 -5:45am on Sat night and even though she only cried on and off so I didn't go in it keeps me awake- as she intends- she shouts for attention, pipes down and listens, shouts again, pipes down, cries a little, pipes down.. and repeat. Urgh.

Anyway, tea calls.

rednellie Tue 13-Mar-12 00:47:00

Just been to OB - 2 cms dilated, had a stretch and sweep. Watch this space...

rednellie Tue 13-Mar-12 00:47:31

Oh, and BOTH twins are head down. How the f@#k did he manage that in week 37?

BB3 Tue 13-Mar-12 04:50:00

Woohoo rednellie! Not long til you meet your boys!! And well done to them both for playing ball and getting into position - they're clearly just took a while to realise who is boss grin x

woo hoo! good luck rednellie. so exciting. X x x

twinnerves Tue 13-Mar-12 07:03:10

hello ladies it seems ages since i was last here, my girls are 16 weeks old now and doing great and finally started sleeping through 6 days ago so yippee i can catch up on my sleep and hopefully stay awke long enough to read through all whats been happening on here, needless to say im selling lots of twin stuff if anyone interested got pram/puchchair breast feeding pillow twin carrier etc will call in later for a catch have a great day we are going to our first playgroup today yikes! xx

skitoo Tue 13-Mar-12 09:32:06

Whoop whoop Rednellie, amazing grinsmile, can't wait to hear your news - will be thinking of you xx

claireinmodena Tue 13-Mar-12 10:16:46

Yey rednellie!! Fantastic, thinking of you.

Come on babies! grin

Oh excitement indeed rednellie, those good boys, turning head down for you!!! So i assume you had no idea he'd turned?! And you're 37+6 today- a mighty fine choice of gestation if they decide to arrive later today for you after the sweep ;-) .

I'm so excited now I can't remember what else I was going to say!!!! (On phone)

<pops back ridiculously soon checking for any announcements of contractions/waters breaking from rednellie>

Lilyni Tue 13-Mar-12 14:53:42

ooooooooooh rednellie - Im so excited for you!!!!! Hope things go smoothly for you. Thinking about you x

Its like we are all holding our breath waiting for something to happen!

Scan tomorrow. Only 30 weeks but as big now as I was when full term with dd. Don't feel i can get / want to get any bigger. Getting uncomfortable now :-(

Not that I want them out now - I am not ready and neither am i! Feeling a bit fed up though.

Come on rednellie babies! We all want to hear the good news! We are all on tenterhooks!

'neither am I' - meant to say neither are the babies!

Bigboobs, me too... Was.full term with dd size at 30 weeks and its just got worse from there 30 weeks is great though, I was so chuffed to get into the weeks starting with a '3', well done you!!! Hugeness is unbelievable for me now, tiredness is a killer too plus I'm so breathless after just carrying dd up stairs. The uncertainty of whether I'll go into labour before my CS date is really getting to me. My mum is coming up then. If its before, she's an hour and a quarter drive away, assuming she's up and ready to drive etc. As my bh are worse everyday it gets me wondering, even though i had them badly last time and they're always worse with subsequent pregnancies but just ARGH!!!!!!

Anyway, back to the important stuff... Silence from rednellie-do we think she's in labour?! Or is it the middle of the night in Canada so she wouldn't be posting anyway?? I'm going for labour, I'm so excited!!!!!

Teds77 Tue 13-Mar-12 22:06:55

Oooo just popping in to say I think rednellie's in labour - surely?! grin whoop whoop!

Still recovering from a long weekend with the in-laws... Will catch-up properly but hope everyone is well. Am a whole 20 weeks today!

mummylin Tue 13-Mar-12 22:15:41

Just popping in to say ,i have finally met my twin nieces. It was today .They are so cute.My sister is well but suffering quite badly from sleep deprivation.Making her a bit tearful.Both babies are now gaining weight after their slow start.I am so glad i have got to see them whilst still small.

Desiren Tue 13-Mar-12 22:47:14

Hi thought I would join 31+3 expecting I'd twin boys. These will be DC 3&4 but my first boys. Another scan on Thursday, sometimes it feels as if I never leave the hospital still got 10 days of work to get through before I go on maternity leave I can not wait. Anyway just wanted to pop in and say hi.

BB3 Wed 14-Mar-12 06:06:30

Labour, def labour! I reckon they might even be here xxxx

Hi Desiren, congrats! Not long for you now hey? Very exciting!

goingmadtrying Wed 14-Mar-12 07:14:06

hi twinnerves wow 16 weeks goes so quick smile

Teds 20 weeks whoop grin can't wait till Sunday when i am it feels different being in the 20's!!!

mummy fantastic that you got to see babies smile

waves to everyone else smile

now done to the little matter of rednelliewe going to be on tender hooks for ages as didn't she say she doesn't have a phone for internet?? oooh how exciting.lets hope little babies are on the way grin

anomaly scan tomorrow for me so hopefully everything will be ok x

goingmadtrying Wed 14-Mar-12 07:15:26

waves to desiren welcome aboard not long know for you hope your keeping well smile

skitoo Wed 14-Mar-12 08:08:25

Lurky Lurky for news from across the pond...they must be here by now, am so excited. Thinking of you Rednellie xx.

Teds great news on the 2 0 milestone, feels good doesn't it. And I second and third Bigboobs and Dreamings comment about size at 30+, so really enjoy this period of your pregnancy smile.

Good luck for scan today Bigboobs.

Welcome Desiren and congrats. I'm just one day behind you with boys too.

Glad you got to see the babies Mummylin, trust you had lots of snuggles grin.

First lady from my twin antenatal class had hers yesterday too - id girls, soooo cute. I have a busy day ahead of mattress delivery and actual hospital bag packing. Anyone else perplexed about what to wear in labour? confused

Rednellie babies MUST have arrived by now! We have just got to wait for news!
Welcome Desiren. I am having ID boys too, and am just behind you - 30 weeks today. I know what you mean about all the scans, but it is nice as well as you get to see the babies so often and (all being well) get reassurance all the time that everything is ok.

Skitoo, I have now done my hospital bag (well 'bags actually as I have two - one for me and one for babies). I have packed 2 long nightshirts that button all the way up (for easy access!). I have bought 2 x size 12 for after the birth and 1 x size 18 for labour (I am usually / used to be a size 8). I got mine for £10 each - 2 in tesco and 1 in debenhams. I did have some from DD but they were rather blood stained so had to bin them! blush

Dream, I have started packing an 'emergency' bag for DD in case I am go in to Labour before the planned 36 weeks. If I reach my 'labour by appointment' then my parents will be here ready to look after DD, but if it happens before then they are a minimum of two hours away and have to get the train because they dont drive! So I have asked a few local friends (those that have children) if they would be happy to have her at short notice - could be in the day or in the middle of the night! So I have three friends within 15 / 20 minutes that are on stand by. I am packing DD nappies, clothes etc, her blow up bed, and will add some favourite toys and some foods etc - and a list if instructions! Really hope it does not come to that though as obviously I want to reach 36 weeks and I want minimal disruption for DD.

Well done on reaching milestones Teds and Going!

My house is like a factory this morning - washing through all DDs old newborn clothes (neutral) and trying to sort the kitchen - washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher all on! Dread to think what my electric bills are going to be like....shock

Will check in later for news.... but we might not hear for ages re Rednellie as she is probably busy with her TWO NEW BABIES!

claireinmodena Wed 14-Mar-12 12:49:43

Keep cominh here hoping to find news from rednellie... hope all is well with you and babies!!

Hello desiren welcome to the thread, not long to go for you!

Still no rednellie?! clearly her boys are here, oh my goodness, I can't wait to hear her news!!!!!!!! I hope it's all gone as planned- as in you've had a great natural delivery. xx

an 'emergency' bag sounds like a good idea bigboobs . Though the worst that would happen is I drop her at a friends in the day, and in the night I get a taxi to the hospital myself and DH waits at home til my mum gets up to not disturb hopefully sleeping Isla. I think my hospital bag is sadly lacking... I have one small sports bag and one small changing bag and they're full, but looking at some of the lists, I've forgotten quite a few things! But I don't have a 'next size up' bag and really don't want to go in looking like a fool with an enormous huge bag...

hi desiren, lovely to see you over here. Loads of boys arriving on this thread now! and also when older siblings are girls for me, rednellie and bigboobs anyway (and tabbycat).

20 weeks is fab teds, and for you too tomorrow goingmad . I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and I can't wait. I know 2 people who had babies at 35 weeks with no special care, so it feels like a good milestone for me then too.

I just wish I had a crystal ball and could know whether or not I'll go into labour before my CS date... or stop worrying about it like a crazy lady

And I can't stop checking to see if rednellies been on with her news grin grin

goingmadtrying Wed 14-Mar-12 19:29:59

im sure everything will go smoothly for you dream your boys will be here before you know it smile

rednellie got to be in hospital as we normally hear from her at least once a day??? can only mean boys are either here or on their way, we may have to wait days for an update sad hope everything goes well for you smile

i have turned into the bitch from hell over the last couple of days could seriously fall out with myself!!! please tell me its hormones im getting so fed up with myself and having to say sorry sad

Think we need to resign ourselves to waiting days to hear from renellie but I do hope her boys are here now grin . imagine, she might be enjoying newborn snuggles as we type!

I am in despair. It is 10pm. DD still crying in her room. She won't/can't go to sleep again. WTF am I going to do when there's three of them?! I'm exhausted but can't go to bed and listen to that... So far tonight we've put her to bed and left her for an hour and a half- not asleep, DH has sung to her to help settle her- not asleep, I have sat in her room for 40 min- not asleep... She looks knackered, was tired when put down. sad . now horribly over-tired and howling.... New plan- massive effort to bring naptime earlier and avoid any overstimulation in the afternoon, but now, in my tired and hormonal state I can't see how we're going to do this when the babies arrive in 21 days....

goingmad, I have decided I am actually a bitch from hell sad . I've been horribly tired and grumpy for months now- surely I can't claim to be permanently hormonal?!

Anyway, this post is all a bit morose, I should probably stay off mn in times of such low spirits or you'll all get fed up of me whinging! I'm going to hope DD goes to sleep in the next few minutes so I can go to bed wishful thinking and tomorrow I'll be cheerful again. I used to be a cheerful person mot of the time- honest!

claireinmodena Wed 14-Mar-12 22:32:03

It is exactly at times like this that you nerd MM dream!
Of course you are grumpy: hormones + la ck of sleep, its a deadly combination!
Whinge away as much as you want, this is what we're here for!smile

I am being a bit of a bitch with mil at the mo. She doesnt totally deserve it, but I cant help resenting her very presenxe here. sad
So I'm being a very ungrateful bitch!

Surely we all deserve to be rather grumpy don't we? what do men have to do throughout this whole process apart from support us - and that includes tollerating grumpiness! and claire, I am the same with me in-laws. I can never really relax when they come to stay - already not looking forward to when they come to visit to meet the babies.

had scan yesterday. all is fine. one is 3lb 1 and one is 3lb 2. presume this is good!

briefly discussed birth again and consultant is happy i go for natural delivery. Both are head down. but there are higher risks for the babies that way so I am feeling rather confused and really don't want know what to do. I hate / dread the thought of me choosing natural as 'better' for me in terms of recovery, and then something goes wrong..... whereas if I choose cs then the only negative is my own recovery as very minimal risks to babies. I am very confused and really don't know what to do.

will have to discuss again in 2 weeks time at next appt.

keep checking here for news from rednellie!

goingmadtrying Thu 15-Mar-12 07:17:02

yes definitely Claire that's what mn is for, god if we didn't have mn to offload on there very well may be more divorces or even murders ;)

dream i hope dd went to sleep quickly for you, i have no advice as you do seem to be trying everything which i know isn't helpful, bringing naptime forward sounds good, how would dd be without one?? she may not need it now, the other thing is speak to your health visitor my mw suggested that to me as i was sleeping with ds but i explained that the Dr had said i wasn't allowed to sleep with him and he had to go sleep by himself and eventually he did it, he sleeps worse if i am lazy and get in bed with him but he is alot older than your dd, again not very helpful sorry sad but do try hv

claireinmodena Thu 15-Mar-12 10:22:01

May I announce we got our very first smile from both of them? Such a precious moment!

claireinmodena Thu 15-Mar-12 10:27:39

Good news re scan bigboobs, its always so reassuring to see them!

Birth choices is difficult isnt it? I was always keen on having a nat delivery, but I would have trusted drs to know when to step in but it is such a personal choice, you need to do what you feel most comfortable with! A crystal ball wouls be quite handy wouldnt it? wink

Birth choices is a nightmare!!

Dd and i only just made it back from music group without me being sick. Ended up diving out of the car at home and puking vigorously in our front garden for the benefit of the neighbours hmm blush . Is it not hard enough at the end without the sickness coming back?!

goingmad, she's so tired for her nap... She's only just 18 months, and sometimes when she's been to sleep so late in the evening I struggle to keep her awake in the car on the way home from morning playgroups/ activities. Don't think we're anywhere near no nap stage. So earlier nap, no tv again is the plan...

Wow Claire, what a special moment! First smiles, and from them both together as well. Just lovely :-)

Best go, still feel so sick but must prepare as meeting potential mothers help at 1 then doppler 2:55 & ANC as usual...

Oh, now I'm confused!!!!

The doppler was ok, both cords had normal blood flows. Then we saw the registrar (as consultant in a meeting) who said that if twin 2 hasn't grown by next week, they'll be delivered ASAP, so today was offered steroid jabs etc etc in readiness (which we turned down, as they're best given as close to delivery as possible as dh not convinced we'll be delivering early). However then she said yes they are concerned re:twin 2's growth but the last growth scan showed twin 1's head growth had slowed which would be highly unusual (IUGR of any kind would always start with decreasing abdomen circumference as growth everywhere important like brain, organs is preserved first), so it may ?? just be scan inaccuracy. But as I've also got some decreased foetal movements in twin 2 she offered twice weekly CTG monitoring (which dh turned down for me!) for reassurance, or just come in if any reduced foetal movements- which is the plan we're going with.

So I'm befuddled.... do I start preparing myself to have these babies soon after next Thursday's scan instead of 3 weeks as I'm expecting? or forget about it, assume inaccurate scan last time and hope Twin 2 is a right whopper on scan next Thursday, and all is forgotten re: early delivery?! While of course trying to monitor this pesky quieter twins movements... I'm feeling a bit stressed by the uncertainty of it all sad He's turned too- is no longer head down and is transverse. No wonder I'm even more uncomfy, and maybe that's why I'm throwing up again?!

So sorry everyone for a me me me post.

BB3 Thu 15-Mar-12 17:36:16

Dream, ok so had t2 grown at all in the past week? I suspect that the head issues of t1 could be a mistake with the scan measurement although obviously don't know that for sure. I would prepare for them next week just in case (although if you have them next week you're likely to be in a bit longer so have more time post birth) and then if they stay put til 38 weeks you're all set anyway!

Just out of interest - Why did dh turn monitoring down?

Just try to monitor them as much as you can - when I was worried about edie's movement I stuck a piece of paper to the fridge and monitored them for four ish hours around their typically busy times - marking down on a tally the movements of each twin and if it wasn't enough for me I went in.

Having said all that don't panic too much, if they were severely worried you wouldn't be home now, you'd be in theatre having your babies! X

bb3 His abdomen hadn't grown at all- IF the scan was accurate. Femur length had a little, as had head- but head would be last to slow down apparently. And yes, Twin 1's head not growing much on the last scan is most likely to be inaccuracy, so does that mean I lean towards thinking twin 2's abdomen measurement was inaccurate too?! It could be, it could not be. Oh the uncertainty is driving me potty...

DH is very much an optimist, thinks its all scan inaccuracy and kept saying 'but he is moving' (he is, but not as much as usual I don't think, but he's also turned to transverse, which could be making a difference to how I feel it confused). He also said no point going in to be monitored at a set time, far better to keep monitoring the movements (dont think he gets how stressful I'm finding that at all in case I miss him not moving etc) and go in when/if concerned. Basically, IMO dh was being an optimistic arse when it'll be me who's worrying, but they keep talking to dh as well as me as he's medical, when really I'm the only one who can have an opinion on movements.

And I did have a reasuuring CTG even when T2 was definitely not moving and sat like a little pudding on sat night. And yes, they sent me home, were quite happy to wait til next week before giving the steroid jabs when we see where we are after the scan. So they can't be that worried.

I just can't help worrying about it... It probably is just me who's worrying!!!!

(still dying to hear from rednellie though, haven't forgotten you my lovey)

Oh dream, I an sorry you have increased worry after your scan. of course you are going to worry, it is a stressful time. bb3 has some wise words, I have nothing else I can add I am afraid. Just don't be afraid to go in for monitoring if you have any concerns - always best to be reassured than be at home worrying.

how was dd this eve? can dh give you a night off so you can relax a bit and have a time to think through things? I am thinking of you :-)

my mum has come over for emergency respite and is staying the night (she doesn't want to drive all the way home later on)- dh and I are going for a meal for the first and probably last time ever since DD born before these boys are here grin

waiting to hear if DD starts howling- my mum is on stories still...

claireinmodena Thu 15-Mar-12 19:48:31

dream sorry about your scan, I think BB3 has given you some very good advice, but I understand how worrying it must be! Cant add anything useful, but I am thinking of you!

And you rednellie...

claireinmodena Thu 15-Mar-12 19:49:04

Ps enjoy your night out! You absolutely deserve it!

rednellie Fri 16-Mar-12 05:16:18


Right, haven't read anything from the thread so I apologise in advance for the me me me post.

Our boys were born on Tuesday morning, Madoc coming into the world star gazing at 4.47am weighing 6lbs5oz. Idris followed 6 mins after weighing 6lbs7oz. It was an amazing night - after the stretch and sweep I went home and was having contractions almost every minute but only lasting 30secs, if that. I rang the doula and midwife and neither thought anything was imminent so I tried to go to bed. Contractions got WAY worse and my ma rang the midwife who when she listened to me breathing told us to get to hospital straight away.

Anyway, car ride there, listening to old ska and trying to ignore everything around me - I was 3cm on admitting, but having almost continuous contractions. Got put into a rather nice large delivery room, with a bathroom and then got hooked up to the monitors - the telemetry ones didn't work. I stayed like that for a while then eventually my OB came in and we talked through epidural options whilst I was madly contracting - anyway, they placed one but with no drugs in it, I then got in the shower for a bit and had a break from the wires.

Cut a longish story short - the OB broke Madoc's waters to move things along as I was getting knackered. Things ramped up and I got to 9cms and thought I was going to die - I honestly would have taken any drug offered at that point but couldn't ask as I was just having one continuous contraction/transition. OB observed for a while, smiled at me and told me I could push, which I flipping well did and out Madoc popped. OB then did a James Herriot on me, pulled Idris down and burst his waters then I pushed him out in 6mins. It was flipping intense - Madoc was on my chest throughout - Idris had to have a little check as he was a bit quiet to begin with. Then both on my chest whilst they delivered the gigantic placenta which really frigging hurt!

Tea and toast, both boys had a suckle and we were up in a room by 7:30am. We stayed in two nights just to get bf established and have time to room in without DD being around. Madoc's a bit jaundiced so midwives are coming tomorrow to check him out, but otherwise we're good. My milk's just started to come in so am expecting the crying to ramp up considerably. I'm VERY tired, max I've had 2 hrs sleep on teh trot since Sunday night, but the boys are amazing and DD is being super cute.

Love to you all and I'll catch up properly soon. Thanks for helping with the names grin xxx

Thats amazing news rednellie! congratulations. sounds. like you did a brilliant job and I bet the boys are gorgeous. dd has her little brothers! so pleased to hear from you. love to you and your family - all of them! oh, and fab weights too! x

claireinmodena Fri 16-Mar-12 07:10:07

Huge congrats rednellie!!!
i have tears in my eyes reading your story, an amazing experience! Well done you abd welcome Idris and Madoc!

goingmadtrying Fri 16-Mar-12 07:14:23

yay excellent news rednellie grin it sounds like a lovely birth so glad your boys are here smile. well done you hope you managed to get a little sleep now, much love to you and the family xxxxx

what a lovely way to start the day smile

ps your next dream grin hope movements are still ok x

Congratulations rednellie!!!! How wonderful. The birth sounds amazing (apart from the 9cm bit, James Herriot style pulling down and placenta part ;-) ) And no drugs, you amazing lady!!! Wonderful weights and i just love their names. Xxx

skitoo Fri 16-Mar-12 09:39:17

Rednellie CONGRATS, fantastic news and well done you smile smile.

Sounds like things went really well for you all and what a tough cookie you are for no pain relief (any tips when you get a mo would be greatly received). So pleased you are all home so soon and enjoying your new family. The names sound even cooler now grin.

Catch up with everyone else later - Dream, hope you're doing ok xx

Lilyni Fri 16-Mar-12 10:48:24

Just a quickie .....

awhhhhhh rednellie - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! - Im so happy for you! Sounds like things went really well annd Im glad that you got the birth you wanted! Such lovely names and great weights!! They sound so cute!!

dream - hope you are ok following that scan. I too am hoping that the scans aren't always completely accurate. Will have a moan some other time about appointment yesterday .... gotta head out now.

ps big welcome desiren

rednellie Fri 16-Mar-12 11:14:19

dream and Lilyni - I'm sorry your scans have been worrying. It's so hard to make head or tails of these things. I always remember my poor friend being made to think her baby had severe disabilities because the measurements were wrong - that was a horrible couple of hours for her. I'm hoping things get resolved - dream let us know and I'm thinking of you, it does get quite stressful towards the end! I think it's rotten all the medics talk to your DH rather than you as he's a GP - you're the one carrying the babies and no man, no matter how wonderful they are, can ever appreciate how all encompassing that is. Mmmm, I think trust your instincts on this one lovely. x

We're good - I'm bf both boys as I type! Thank god for bf pillows. Have finally got some more sleep - hospitals are not ideal for recovery are they? Milks definitely come in...

Tips - believe in yourself and the people supporting you. Whatever birth you have I think those two things are key. I was humbled by the mutual respect in the room when I delivered the boys - so many things just happened to go my way. My OB was on call that night, the head anesthetist was there and able to do a sited epi rather than a full dose, the nurse assigned to me didn't freak when they continually had to find twin A's heartbeat as the monitors kept falling off, the fact that my OB had small hands so could do the maneuvers necessary without too much (!!!) pain. The James Herriot bit was INTENSE, but over in five seconds and I got a baby on my chest a minute later - nothing like a dose of natural oxytocin to help things. I counted 13 people in the room by the end of the procedure - all women apart from DH and the anesthetist. DH was amazing throughout - he's a total live wire which can be annoying in labour sometimes, but when it came to the pushing stage I needed his cheer leading then.

I did make the room laugh when they offered me a stitch for my tiny tear and I, apparently, quoted that was good, I must have a bucket fanny after all! I don't think the Canadians even knew what that was! grin But I felt they were all on mine and the babies side and trusted me not to do anything too stupid. I also remember thinking everytime I had a contraction - 'down', 'open', 'I can do it' and 'oh fuck how the hell am I going to carry on, why wont someone give me gas and air, shit can't ask here comes another contraction...' grin Another good one was I listened to music in my ipod from when we got into the car until mid way through labour - I found it helped me cut out all the stuff going on, people talking about my progress, sounds of other people labouring etc etc. I really focused on moving to the music and that helped with contractions - even when I was relatively immobile on the bed.

Recovery's going good...bf too, just have to resign myself to not doing anythng else for a little while. I have a massive chart and pens next to my bed and my downstairs feeding station so I can mark how many feeds, pees and poos - just to reassure myself and anyone else. Also, now i'm home with DD I need something like that as she is so distracting and I'm so busy trying to prevent her from sitting on the twins heads (in a loving big sister way) that I can't also keep accurate track of who I've fed and which boob etc...I think helping DD adjust is going to be the hardest bit actually.

Anyway, waves to everyone else - sorry I can't shut up. Those who've had kids - you know what it's like. And those who don't - you will! [win]

BB3 Fri 16-Mar-12 11:56:46

Oh rednellie, that is such fantastic news. Welcome to the world Madoc and Idris and what fantastic weights. Well done you!

I am so pleased you got the birth you wanted, it happens so few times for twin mummies that when it does, it's such a fantastic thing and sounds like you are settling in to it all really well.

Hope DD is LOVING being a big sister (that bit is the hardest I have to say) but it gets easier when the twins get bigger and DD is able to interact with them more. DS now helps get the girls undressed and bathed etc which he couldn't really do when they were smaller!

If you have time (and you want to), we'd love some pics of your gorgeous boys xxx

Dream - how are your boys today? Wriggling away?

Teds77 Fri 16-Mar-12 15:36:15

rednellie such lovely lovely news - whoop!! Although the birth sounds really quite painful and intense it does sound like you had a good experience. But birth aside, am so glad that you now have your lovely boys with you xxx.

Lilyni I'm a terrible poster too so it's nice to have a fellow one wink sorry to hear about the blood sugar levels - is there any more news from yesterday?

skitoo hope you are continuing to enjoy being a lady of leisure. On birth-wear I read a pregnancy thread that involved lots about yoga pants - obviously they were removed at some point but this seemed to be the attire of choice for the start of the process! Lots about nighties too but a couple of people said that if you are used to wearing pjs then do pack a pair as the nightie might drive you mad in you're in the hospital for several days.

Dreaming sounds like you are having an incredibly tough time with DD and sickness and now the scan stress. Thinking of you and your LOs and hope you did get last night off and feel a little better.

goingmad my hormones are everywhere too. I had a terrible falling out with a colleague this week. She was wrong (and I was right of course grin) but usually I'd manage to deal with this in a grown-up way. Not this time! Ho hum!

claire sounds like your family is doing really well and the smile comment made me think about me actually having babies and them doing lovely things! Maybe because it took an age to get pg and my mind is really focused on being pg I haven't really thought through what will be at the end of it - not sure if that makes sense confused

bigboobs sounds like good news on the scan and those weights sound good to me.

Welcome kazar - I'm DCDA and 20 weeks here. Nice to have someone join me and goingmad towards the end of the twins queue smile. Welcome Desiren too - seem to be a few people around 30+ weeks so we might have ourselves a little baby boom is a few weeks time!

Waves to BB3, mummylin, twinnerves and anyone else I've missed.

No real news here. I endured a week with the MIL... but in fairness she did look after me and DH well. I also know I'm being unreasonable about her as I'm equally annoyed by her interferring parenting advice as I am by the fact her offer to help seems to amount to her saying she'll have the twins for the odd half term break once they're at school... Gah! She also seems to have turned our comment about possibly getting a car if we can afford one into we're definitely getting a car primarily so that we can visit her.. Right. I need to stop!

Midwife found T1's heartbeat really easily this morning but T2 wasn't playing ball. However, we could hear lots of movement and caught the heartbeat a couple of times so presume all is well. Only 12 days till our scan...

baileyslover Fri 16-Mar-12 19:01:04

Hi Are Triplets welcome here, or do they have a separate thread? Only found out today and in total state of shock

triplets mummies welcome too! wow congratulations. Did you find out at 12wk scan? Not sure if there is another thread for triplets as well..... but you would be most welcome to hold hands with us on our amazing journeys! We have pregnant ladies here and those who have recently got to meet their new babies!
How are you feeling?

Welcome baileyslover!! I met a lovely mum expecting triplets today. Well, I met her at a toddler group and she wanted to come and see our triple buggy (which she loved and is getting) so she and her 2.5 year old came round this morning. She's 29 weeks, says she feels fine (!!) at least in the day, but very tired in the evenings.

oh lilyni, hope the scan wasn't too traumatic. Is it linked to your gestational diabetes? Come and offload on us if you get a chance (and want to).

bb3, sound advice. I'm busy movement-monitoring. He's still quiet. I think I will try and go for monitoring on Monday just to take some responsibility off me and for my own reassurance, and of course go in before if it gets any quieter than this.

Hi twinnerves, what bf pillow do you have? Glad yiu're doing well, hope playgroup was fun and I can't believe your girls are 16 weeks already!!

Achey, achey bump. After a lovely evening out with dh last night, tonight dd won't settle and has been a super clingy nightmare for me all day- wouldn't even get off my knee while I had a wee. Awkward with a bump this big to say the least.

goingmadtrying Fri 16-Mar-12 20:46:09

wow baileyslover triplets congrats smile

had my 20 week scan on Thursday which was all good measurements fine and confirmed on paperwork little girls so pink all the way grin also had mw this morning everything fine there and both heartbeats fine smile

the only slight concern was my placenta is low but he was confident it would move so we will see, 20 weeks on Sunday so only 16 weeks left can't believe how quick its going smile

hopefully you are all ready for the weekend have a good one smile

baileyslover Fri 16-Mar-12 21:59:02

Yep had 12 week scan today. Absolutely no idea there were multiples. No history in family and natural conception, in first month of trying! Been feeling queasy and very tired, but not that different from my first pregnancy. Have consultant appt a week on Monday so will hopefully have my nuchal results (such that they are for triplets) and a better plan of what appointments where. Aarrgh. Telling my family on sunday when we start a family holiday. They don't even know I am pregnantsmile

Oh wow baileys you clever girl growing three! How old is your eldest? I bet your family are gobsmacked and excited. Mine were just about our naturally concieved, ni family history twins!

bailey, I know you are probably still in shock and it will take a while to get used to it - but I am sure you know how totally amazing your triplets are. You will find out lots more at your consultant appt.

good luck telling your family. I am sure they will be stunned in to silence to start with! I know my mum was more shocked than I was when I told her about twins.

Great news on your scan going, and concrete confirmation of two little girls. You can start thinking of names now!

how are you doing dream. I know it is vwry daunting (well I find it daunting!) - but you might actually find things easier when the boys leave the comfort of your tummy and enter this world..? being very very preggers and running after dd is not easy.

You sound like you are taking it all in your stride rednellie! I will be keen to hear how your dd adjusts as my dd is the same age. Hope you are getting some sleep!

how are you lilyni? what happened at your scan?

hello to everyone else. Love the the thought of your LOs smiling claire - lovely!

we have finally decided on names and I am last beginning to feel more prepared for the boys arrival. I have rusting and cleaning ALOT! Got to keep out it dh's way for a few hours today while he does some final bits of DIY. So just might have to take dd shopping and have lunch in town!

happy weekend everyone x

oooh, fully decided on names bigboobs! Are you keeping us in suspense til they're here? Nesting?! Hope you and DD have a lovely time and lunch in town.

Lovely reassurance of your Team Pink status goingmad, no refunding of pink purchases needed for you :-) . Glad scan and heartbeats good too.

I know, I reckon rednellie in RL is one of theose very calm and capable mums who i envy from afar I take tips from!! Not a flapper like me

I'm still not convinced how much twin 2 is moving, but am trying to just keep an eye on it without the aforementioned flapping... I'm still throwing up, bit of an upset tummy in the mornings (unusual for me when this pregnant!), loads of strong, uncomfortable BH and the wondering 'what if..?' and looking for signs of slowed movements/ early labour is driving me potty. Now I do think it'll be so much better with them out. At least I'll be able to move properly, and check my boys rather than worry about movements/labour! And then its the good part- having them here, and no matter how hard it is, things will gradually get better- rather than now, when they're gradually getting worse, for me physically at least! 35+2 today. I've decided I'm happy with anything over 36 weeks smile . Just so long as they're healthy and avoid SCBU of course.

BB3 Sat 17-Mar-12 13:57:57

Oh Bailey how exciting! Huge congratulations!!!

goingmadtrying Sat 17-Mar-12 14:23:03

if your not sure dream go and get monitored better to be safe x

mummylin Sat 17-Mar-12 14:40:57

rednellie many congratulations on the birth of your twin sons.What lovely weights they were ,heavier than my sisters of whom one is now just over 7lb and the other is still ten ounces less.They are now 5 1/2 weeks old.I cannot wait to go and see them again.Dh will be able to drive soon as his six weeks are nearly up ,so maybe in two or three weeks i will be able to go again as he still cant return to work for another 6 weeks yet.It was so lovely holding both of them together.They are competly different.The smaller one has the biggest eyes i have ever seen and she is actually the more alert of the two.

goingmadtrying Sat 17-Mar-12 20:02:08

how are things tonight dream how's twin 2 movements?

thinking of you x

hooray, he's just had a definite wriggle!!! Phew. That's this sat evening I ccan spend at home not in on CTG like last saturday grin . Thanks goingmad , it's just so hard to know for definite if he's moving 'normally' though, as he's still much quieter than his brother. I wonder if I've felt him because I've not been sick today, and last night the ranitidine was working again to control my reflux- could he have moved out of transverse?! That's what I think!!

Hope everyone else is ok xx

goingmadtrying Sat 17-Mar-12 22:48:42

that's fab news phew smile

do you know mine were transverse and that's when i couldn't really feel them, and although im not getting lots of big movements now they've moved i feel more even a foot or something in my ribs!!!! what's that about lol so hopefully Its something like that, just keep on it and if your worried go in.

hope everyone's enjoying the weekend x

goingmadtrying Sun 18-Mar-12 08:47:21

Happy mothers day to all my twin mummy friends smile

hope you all have a fab day grin

Kazar99 Sun 18-Mar-12 09:35:57

Hello again everyone and Happy Mother's Day.

Think I'm joining Teds and lilyni in being not very good at posting regularly!

Fantastic news rednellie congratulations. Sounds like a nice straightforward labour and nice healthy weights too. Love the names smile

dream hope both babies are still wriggling lots to keep your mind at ease.

baileys triplets is amazing news. Do you know if any of then share placentas or sacs? I'm still getting used to the idea that a due date of 17 September really means that my twins will probably be here at start of September.

Well, update from me - had a scan last Monday at 13 weeks. Both babies doing well smile struggling to fit in any work clothes or jeans so on to maternity clothes now. Thankfully have now told work so don't have to try to hide my bump any more!

Can anyone give me an idea of how early you think I'll need to start maternity leave? When I thought it was just one baby, had planned on working to 38 weeks. Not likely now! Everyone keeps telling me I'll be huge but I have no idea whether I'll still be able to fit behind the wheel of the car, or even have the energy to work by say 30 or 34 weeks. Just been promoted (announced the day before I told the boss I was pregnant) and have a new team and huge to-do list. Conscious that I don't have much time to turn things around and prove myself before I probably have to stop working.

goingmadtrying Sun 18-Mar-12 10:12:15

morning kazar we all havr busy lives so sometimes we don't get a chance to get on, i asked the same on the last thread and most finished around 30ish weeks, i think mw recommend no later than 32 weeks, im finishing at just over 26 weeks but have 6 weeks annual holiday to tag on and so will be starting mla at around 32 weeks, my babies are due to come in week 36 so worst case scenario 4 weeks of mla before hand but will have a full years annual leave when returning so will defo get the year off. i think your decision will depend on travelling working hours and conditions and how your feeling, for me my decision was fuelled by the fact i work till 11pm which kills me! i have 2 other dc so want to spend some time with them and the fact i had holiday to use, i also get bad baby brain when pregnant which doesnt help at work blush do what you think is best smile

Hi Kazar, Going is right - most people on here finished by 30 weeks if not sooner. I finished at 27 weeks - but that includes using annual leave so dont stat mat leave till about 35 weeks (I was lucky that had loads of annual leave to use up). However, even if I only had mat. leave I honestly dont think I could be working past 30 weeks - so I think that is probably a good guide to work too - but everyone is different so just see how it goes.

Very pleased to hear that your scan went well - excellent news. Are your twins ID or non-ID? Sorry, I lose track!

Dream, I hope you are being spoilt today so you get a day of relaxation. So pleased to hear you got a definite wriggle!

I got a lie-in this morn (till 8am which believe me is a lie-in!) and have already been to the beach! But I stayed in the car and DH and DD went for a walk - as of this weekend I have accepted the fact that I cannot be on my feet for any real length of time. I feel such a fruad - I am pregnant but not ill! I dont even look that big (yet!). But thats how it is and I have got to start accepting it. DH and DD have now dropped me home and have gone to the zoo leaving me to park my bum on the sofa and watch the Corrie onmibus!

Happy Mothers Day! x

goingmadtrying Sun 18-Mar-12 10:55:04

enjoy your rest day bigboobs I've got a really achey tummy today so just relaxing before work, i have 6 weeks left at work which equates to only 23 more working days smile

Kazar99 Sun 18-Mar-12 11:10:55

Hi bigboobs my twins are DCDA so could be either id or non-id. I'm impressed you got a lie-in and have been to the beach already. I was up by 8 but haven't managed to move away from the tv (catching up on Sky+) and laptop.

Thanks for the advice. Sounds like I need to plan to finish up by mid July. 4 months left at work sounds scarily close!!

Happy Mothers Day everyone!!

I stopped work at 28 weeks, 2.5 weeks annual leave, mat leave started at 30 or 31 weeks. I really couldn't have carried on, but part of that was.due to dd not sleeping and being up 1-5am and other shenanigans. A lot of it was sheer size and tiredness though kazaar. I have put a pic of my bump with dd at 38 weeks, these two at 30 w and at 35+3 (today!) on so you can see what we mean about how much bigger you get!!!

We have been for a waddle walk n picnic, now dd asleep in her buggy after risky car to buggy transfer (Phew, successful!) I'm in bed, knackered but we're having a drains disaster- proper disaster, loo roll, poo etc all coming up manhole drain onto patio so dh out with rods etc but think its going to be a house insurance, call the experts job. Poor dh. He says its beyond vile. And what am I most fussed about- leaves me hardly any time to rest!! Well, that's an exaggeration but i am going to be limited by her majesty's length of nap- never as good in the buggy!

23 days left goingmad, fab, that is flying!

Let's have a bump pic from you bigboobs! We did go onto the beach, but bit too wet for anything here. Dd stroked a nice dog though, always a bonus. And we ate ice cream. If it weren't for the drains, lovely day all round here!

I still think I'd like to go for monitoring tomorrow. Think twin 2 is moving a bit, definitely not as much as wriggly twin 1 though, and i think part of it could be late pregnancy jitters and me just being a worrier. Do you think its unreasonable to ring up tmw and go even if I am getting some little squirms?

Oh, and well done with your promotion kazaar!! I made it back for 3.5 months between these pregnancies, I'll be blacklisted not promoted, lol

Kazar99 Sun 18-Mar-12 15:04:02

Thanks dreaming. Not sure how popular I am now though as will be a challenge to get my team up to speed with everything I do before I go off, especially once they realise I'll be off about 2 months earlier then if I had just been having one!

Love the photos but they look a bit scary too smile. I'm a size 12 normally and only just over 5 foot tall so will probably be as round as I am tall by the end!

Kazar99 Sun 18-Mar-12 15:09:14

And dreaming I would go for whatever monitoring you can get, just to help put your mind at rest, even if they are both moving a bit. If t2 is moving less then it won't do any harm to get checked again and the extra monitoring will reduce your stress levels a bit.

yes dream , go in for monitoring - why not? Puts your mind at rest.

Good, I'm glad you don't think I'm totally nuts even if I am a bit, I'm certainly driving myself nuts over these movements.

Drain disaster ongoing. Drain man can't fix it with just rods. We're use as little to no water as possible til then shock . No baths, no dishwasher, no washing machine. Does this man not realise I fit comfortably into ONE pair of trousers and 3 tops?! And these trousers are pretty dirty. <sigh> dirty trousers for me tomorrow then...

Thanks kazaar, and apparently, mine is a very 'neat' twin bump hmm. I'm 5'4" and feel as round as I'm tall... Getting close enough into a table to eat etc etc all very difficult now!

Have other people's husbands (or older children) been less hopeless than mine this mother's day? (mine insisted on mowing lawn etc etc so I couldn't stay in bed even after he accpeted he couldn't sort the drains, and left me to face the playground with DD). I hope so, and you all got treated to something lovely!

rednellie Sun 18-Mar-12 19:31:50

Thanks everyone for the nice thoughts/comments - mummylin, glad you've got to see your little nieces and will have more chances soon.

OK, have skim read the thread, and probably have completely not read any of it properly, but here's some thoughts:

Breast feeding pillow: I've got the My Brest Friend. Not sure if they have it over with you, but it is a LIFE SAVER. I've been tandem feeding them lots and it makes that possible and not that hard. I even managed to answer the door with both attached when DH forgot his keys. The idiot.

dream - I don't think anyone would accuse you of going mad, you had a scan with some issues and no mum, no matter how 'sane', would not worry after that. Go and get checked if you're at all worried, that is totally sensible.

Drains - oh god, I remember just before DD was born our dishwasher and washing machine broke down. DISASTER. It was averted, but I remember my heart sinking, so you have my sympathies dream.

bigboobs - little DD is coping surprisingly well. The hardest part so far was my stay in hospital as I'd never been away from her longer than a night before then. I was only in two days so it wasn't too bad, but both DH and my Mum told me she was quite down and quiet which is very unlike her. And when she came into hospital to see me she'd get very over excited as there was always so much going on and she could tell Mummy was not herself. she's been very cute with the boys, and keeps bringing them nappies and gets very upset when they cry, but she did also try to bite one, so you know, swings and roundabouts! grin

Anyway, it's all calmed down since I've been home and I reckon as I've been tandem feeding I've had a bit more time to give her cuddles and attention too. She has sat on my lap a few times when I've just been feeding the one twin and pretended to have a suckle. I've not said anything about it, or told her to be a 'big girl' or forced her to do anything she really doesn't want to just during this period of adjustment. anyway, I'll keep you posted.

Phew, long post, good news today - Idris is back up to birth weight after 5 days and Madoc is not far behind him. Go my boobs! I'm really surprised and chuffed as the nurses at hospital were almost saying I should think about supplementing as Idris had lost 10% of his weight. thankfully my midwives looked at the the whole clinical picture and so I got to go home and feed those little boys into submission. I'm not finding it that much harder than feeding DD when she was new, but I am having lots of help from Mum and DH....

Anyway, love to you all, waves to everyone and great news on all the scans - multiples are fantastic!

Oh wow rednellie sounds like you're doing brilliantly!! Well done for sticking at the bf and getting their weights back so fast. It just shows how much confidence you need with bf as the baby who urgently needed supplementing is thriving so well hmm I'd forgotten about bf pillows, crap, will get onto that tomorrow. Have heard of the my breast friend here too, so will look it up. So good your little dd has taken to her new brothers pretty well. One bite's not too bad considering TWO usurpers have entered her family! Let's hope she keeps it up and gets more and more fond of them.

Dh has reminded me the other reason he doesn't think twin 2 isn't growing and the scan was wrong is that fluid round him was normal- if not growing they normally drink/pee less so decreased fluid too, so i really am most probably mental. Oh dear.

Honestly, if the drains aren't fixed tomorrow I'll go crackers. We're trying not to even flush the loo because literally, it'll just be on the path, there's nowhere for it to go with the main drain fully blocked. We are inches deep in god awful actual shit and loo roll raw sewage outside the kitchen window, enough pressure to have lifted the manhole cover off and allow it all out. It's beyond grim. Can't even wash up as we don't want to wash the poo further towards back door.

So, as ever, I'm fed up!!!

You are NOT mental dream! Listen to your body and get checked out if you have any doubts or worries.

Sounds like you are having a shit time at the mo (excuse the pun - couldn't resist!).

How did you get on when you met your possible mothers help?

Rednellie, you really do sound like you are doing so amazingly!

Hello to everyone... another week begins!

Right ladies, this is it. Leaving in half an hour to be induced at 38+0. Feels not unlike going over the top in WW1. I am NEVER having sex again.

Have started a blog if any of you are spectacularly bored...see http://likepeasinapod.com/

MOST important thing is gave myself a pedicure last night. With one's fanjo on display to all and sundry I think it's vital to have pretty feet ;)

Laters. Oh ggggggggggggggoddddddddddddddddddddddddd...

And dream fingers crossed for the bog. You have every right to become a stroppy harridan from hell over that one!

BB3 Mon 19-Mar-12 09:24:51

Good luck stinking x

Dream crikey what a disaster! Go and get monitored! Don't even question yourself!

Rednellie glad all is going well

I worked til 34 ish weeks but worked the last month at home - it killed me! Should have finished much earlier x

Sorry if I've missed anyone just off the plane after a lovely lovely lovely long weekend in new York and am not really with it!!

New York BB3???!!! Hoe did you manage that one?!

GOOD LUCK STINKING!!!! Can't wait to hear some news...! I keep thinking I need to shave my legs - and get DH to trim (sheer) the old bikini area...!!

You have done v well to get to 38 weeks. Well done you - now for the easy bit.... wink

Wow stinking, you've done fantastically to get to 38 weeks today!! Hope its all gone really well and come and tell us about your lovely daughters and all about it soon!

I echo bigboobs with NY?!? With or without children?! I can't imagine managing either, lol! I'm so glad it was lovely though, and hopefully a break either way from the usual routine.

I did go in for monitoring, but now been waiting hours (literally) for someone to come and look at it and tell me its ok and I can go home. To an untrained eye it looks fine- 2 good heartbeats, accelerations etc.

Worse news is I just checked with my dad and noone has been out to the drains. I tried to ring the company I think its with and they say there's no policy.... Now as someone came yesterday I know that's wrong somehow but dh not answering texts n I'm panicking now!!!! I can't go on with no water/ raw sewage!!!!!

rednellie Mon 19-Mar-12 21:09:39

Good luck stinking!

dream - all I can think of is awful puns (thanks bigboobs for that!), but seriously this is a shit situation. I hope it was just some bureaucratic blunder about the policy and it'll get sorted soon. Just pull the I'm pregnant with twins and imminently going to have newborns, it is UNSAFE and UNHYGIENIC and you need to fix it NOWWWWW!!!! I really do hope they get it sorted. Pants. Also hope your scan gets looked at soon...

I had a bit of an exciting day yesterday - TMI WARNING:
Went to the loo, had a wee and felt something 'come loose'. Put my hand down and felt this enormous...mass...I didn't move or pull or do anything as my mate had told me about someone having a prolapse and thinking it was a clot she had pulled it. AHAHAHAHAAGGGH. Anyway, I just sort of held it until it came loose and it was the size of my palm, very solid and livery looking. I sat on the loo whilst DH and Mum ran around panicking and phoning the on call midwife who was remarkably unconcerned about it. I'm actually fine, we've been monitoring blood loss and it's not been extraordinary and I've been walking around picking up DD etc. So I may have to go and have an ultrasound (they don't even stop once you give birth) just to see if there's anything else lurking up there. But seriously - enough now. (Ps I've got it stored in our fridge in some tuperware in case anyone needs to look at it - DH has gone right off my suggestion of liver for supper! grin)

BB3 Jealous or what?

Oh GOD rednellie, I'd have died of fright if it happened to me!!!! You must fill us in asap when all is revealed grin

So I finally escaped after 6 hours on the ward- 6 hours!!!!!!! CTG was fine, both boys good. Twin 2 moved out of transverse into head down while I was there so could suddenyl feel him again, plus stopped feeling sick. However, my bad BH showed up so strong and regular on the CTG they wanted to admit me for ? contractions ?? early labour. I had to beg to go home, and tell them I'd been in labour for yonks in that case etc etc. They've got me slightly nervous, but really, they're no worse than they have been. But now I'm meant to go back tomorrow, plus they're insisting on me seeing a consultant (I am anyway, on Thursday!). So... how to get out of going back... can feel baby, hate it in there, so not in labour...

sorry, all me me me but must head to bed

Oh- and drains hopefully cleared!!

Popping in to check for any news of stinkings babies!

After some deliberation I rang and spoke to a mw today. Yes, I've got regular bh with period type pain and back ache but they're not worsening so I don't see what another similar ctg trace would add. Luckily she agreed, especially seeing as I'm in on Thursday anyway so i escaped going back. My transverse twin making me vomit theory hasn't held up though, been puking like a good 'un again with dd, who has forgotten about the toilet-hugging mummy stage of up to 25 weeks, hanging onto my legs and sobbing... Oh this last part is hard and grim...

Who else has scans etc coming up? I am going to be watching out for news from people less horribly grumpy more positive than me!! Though I do only have 16 days left, whoop whoop!!!

Oh, and skitoo, the twin mum I met came round and did me a sling demo. Feel slightly better with the Moby now (ignoring the fact I struggled to get dd in, but partly at least as my bump is so in the way)

skitoo Tue 20-Mar-12 16:56:30

I too shall join the list of rubbish posters - sorry ladies blush.

No news from Stinking yet, am sure they'll be here now, so exciting! Thinking of you, hope you are all well and you're enjoying time with your new ones. We'd obviously love some details when you get the time.

Dream, sorry to hear you're having such a miserable time again sad. Sounds like you know your body better than the quacks do but please make sure you go get checked out if you're worried or anything doesn't feel quite right. But not long to go now eh, can't believe it's just 16 days!!!! And yes this last part is getting hard and I'm not as far along as you so god knows what I'll be like in another couple of weeks....

I'm in again on Thursday for 32 week scan and hopefully some detailed conversations on actual birth. Am wondering if they'll give me a date then for induction should nothing happen before??

Rednellie, you sound like superwoman and that you're all doing fantastically well. You've obviously got loads of time on your hands so could you please write me a manual or shoot lots of clips for me to view on YouTube grin grin. Seriously, it's great to hear xx. But sorry that you've had some nasty extraterrestrial objects to deal with shock, hope people in the know are checking it out and it's nothing serious. Your liver comment did challenge my pelvic floor!!

Kazaar, I ended up finishing work at 30 weeks, 2 weeks earlier than originally planned and boy am I glad I did. The change in the last 2 weeks has been huge and I don't think I could have coped with the commute or the uncomfortableness (sp. or is that even a word hmm) of legging it between meetings or even just sitting in my chair. You need to think of what's best for you and babies and cope with sticking 2 fingers up to work, which I found a little hard.

Welcome Baileys, triplets WOW, congrats!!! This is a great thread so please do stick around.

BB3, New York!! Please tell, did you hit the shops? Did you take the little ones with?!?!?!?!

Waves to everyone else, hope you are all well. Got to haul great big lump to yoga and hopefully stretch out some of the increasing niggles.

Lol, let's hope so skitoo! They have been this bad but not worsening for 3 or 4 days now, so it really can't be labour. Just makes me wonder if its a build up to it, but i drive myself potty with that so accepting I'll be here til my CS date and trying not to think about it hmm . And goodness yes, I'd be in like flynn if i thought it was labour- no way would I ever want to attempt an unplanned homebirth with twins, especially early- what if they did need help breathing etc?! I'm 36 weeks on thursday though, so near enough fully cooked.

I know they didn't give a friend of a friend a date til her 36 week appointment. Think that's when BB3 got hers too- not that she lasted til her date!

I want to know if rednellies unidentified innards are still in the fridge grin. Agree pelvic floor challenges at this stage should be avoided.

rednellie Tue 20-Mar-12 21:34:47

Innards safely in the bin. Midwife came and prodded them and just reckons its the blood loss from labour that didn't come out at the time. It was whopping though.

skitoo - I'll get on to it wink

Blood loss the size of your fist that you birth on the loo <feeling faint> This childbirth thing is barbaric you know....

Will look forward to the manual rednellie! wink Hope your DD is feeling better and everyone else is immune to her cold. And your mum is less homesick now there's two little babies to fuss over and do a million jobs for

Desiren Wed 21-Mar-12 00:23:50

Thanks for the warm welcome. Is it ok to admit I'm a little alot scared of being a mum of twins. My support network will not be around (my dad passed away last week) so rest of family will go back to his home land to bury him. My husband is in denial big time, although very supportive not he's not really grasping the two babies concept.

claireinmodena Wed 21-Mar-12 07:55:27

desiren of course its ok! I think we all panicked a lot a bit when we first found out!! I would still get waves of panic in the early days looking at them and thinking how on earth am I going to look after them on my own and keep them safe??

Well they are now 6 weeks and aecond week on my own and you do cope, with a bit of organising, imagination, and a lot of sense of humour grin!! Yeaterday I had tocheck my older dds hair for nits (they're in school its the bane of my lifeangry) abd dtb was crying so I put him in a sling and he fell asleep there. you will find resources you never knew you had!

And when panic sets in come on here and you'll find plenty of company!

dream sorry to hear about deains problem! We had the same a week before I gave birth!! Luckily the came and sorted it pretty quickly and it was during big snowfall, too cold to get nadty smells and the yuck was also covered by the snow. Hope you get it sirted soon, its the last thing you need!!!

Congrats to the triplets mum (sorry on phone and cant go back to check your name). Wow that must have been a bit of a shock! Have you had your consultant app?

rednellie loved your liver comment grin, at least my pelvic floor is back to normal!!!

I am still thoroughly enjoying this twin malarky, emma and ricky are just adorable and I still cant believe they are here!

<waves at everybody else>

claireinmodena Wed 21-Mar-12 07:57:29

Oh znd good luck with scan skitoo

and thinking of you stinking hope everything is well and you are having lots of newborn cuddles!

Lilyni Wed 21-Mar-12 09:50:40

Hi everyone....

thinking about you stinking - hoping you and babies are doing well and looking forward to hearing all about them.

skitoo - hope your scan goes well tomorrow and that you get a confirmed induction date.

wow baileys - triplets!!!! thats fantastic news - hope you are feeling ok!!

dream glad both babies are moving well now - hoping that the BH dont turn into contractions before your induction date. your bump is so cute in the photos. Also glad your drains seem to have cleared - im sure you could do without the stress at the minute.

Rednellie - Im loving your updates - they are cheering me up so much - im so scared of what it will be like when the babies arrive but its so nice to hear that it can go so well. The "liver" updates are however making me a little queasy - but glad it was nothing too sinister!!

Im not sure what's up with me at the minute - I seemed to spend all day yesterday crying - so fed up with feeling so crap and tired all the time. Also ended up shouting at DH and kids quite a lot so now feel guilty. Although Mother's Day seemed to have been forgotten in this house - no card ..... no pressies so I guess Im maybe feeling a bit taken for granted!!

I have been transferred over to diabetic antenatal clinic and Im having to monitor my blood sugar levels throughout the day. Im hoping that it can be controlled by diet but im down because I cant have any chocolate / biscuits - one of my few joys in life at the mo!!! lol! Everyone was lovely at the clinic except for the obstetrictian..... she did a quick scan (both babies transverse) then said that they would be keeping my notes and to come back in 5 weeks??????? luckily the diabetic consultant had said to come back in 2 weeks and I mentioned this to the receptionist who said to ignore the obstetrician. I had to ask the obst did everything look ok at the scan - she said yes that babies were measuring 29 weeks (I was 27 wks). So now Im worried that the diabetes is making the babies larger than normal - is it normal for twins for measure bigger than their dates????? Im only normally a size 8 and worried how Im gonna carry 2 big babies. I didnt even get a chance to sit down to talk to her before I was ushered out. Do you think it would be unreasonable to ask to see a different obst the next time?

Sorry for the long moany post - just need to get it off my chest.

Hope everyone is doing well - big waves to everyone!!!

claireinmodena Wed 21-Mar-12 10:27:38

Lilyni the obs sounds totally crap, I would try and see a different next time if possible. Sorry also to hear about the diabetes, a friend oc mine used to buy dpecial chocolate for diabetic people whe she had it in pregnancy, not sure how good it was, but maybe better than nothing? I soo understand you though, I still find choc digestives are the best thing to get me through sleepless nights!

Oh lilyni, how hopeless- that is not what you need. I think with gestational diabetes you do tend to have bigger babies. I am normally a size 8-10 and my babies are both 50% centile and I'm just about managing, but I think they tend to deliver at 38-39 weeks latest with a single baby with GD (from a friend who had it) so maybe for twins it'd be more 36-37 weeks? And it is the third trimester when the babies are really banging on the weight ready for birth!! I think you can definitely ask to see someone else. Honestly, I couldn't cope with three times daily chocolate so you're doing marvellously. I'm so tired and sore and cranky I'm amazed DH hasn't served the divorce papers yet wink, so you're not alone!

It's so good you're managing without the stress of dm/MIL there claire. Have you been out much with them? Are you finding you can't move for people wanting to gap at your beautiful twins?! Blooming nits.... I wish they'd just become extinct- preferably in the next 3-4 years before DD goes to school grin I absolutely can't wait to meet mine now, 2 weeks today (babies, not nits!)!!!!!!!

Very impatient to hear stinkings news on birth, weights and names... Hope all is going really well and you're enjoying your babies! xx

Right. I'm a moron I know but who was it who got the bra rednellie recommended?! I want one and now I can't find the link or remember which company made it!!! So, rednellie if you get a second (don't worry if you don't!) and is it skitoo?! Help!! Been back to page 17 on old thread, will carry on trawling otherwise but our computer playing up, taking ages on my phone!!!

skitoo Wed 21-Mar-12 17:59:57

Desiren, sorry to hear of your loss, and of course its ok, I'm scared stiff!! But reading posts from our ladies who are now on the other side really helps and makes me believe that it'll all be ok.

Claire, your post really warmed smile. I know it'll be hard work for you but sounds like you're enjoying it.

Lilyni, sorry you're having a naff time of it and these crazy hormones are making it worse, grrrr. Ob sounds like an eejit and if you're not happy then deffo ask to see someone else. Personally I'm not sure how accurate the measurements are and have also been told that there's normally a growth spurt around 26/27 weeks, so could even itself out by the time you're next scanned. Think you should hunt down some diabetic chocs but here's some virtual ones in the meantime biscuit biscuit.

Dream, it was me who bought the bras on Rednellies recommendation. They're the Bravado body silk seamless nursing bra. I'll try link to where I got them from, great service and price and free delivery. www.NursingBra-Shop.co.uk/ShowDetails.asp?id=112. Theyre really comfortable and have good growing space for when milk comes in, only criticism I have is that they come up pretty high, so don't work with some of my maternity tops.

Rednellie must be busy today putting the finishing touches to her superwoman manual grin grin.

skitoo Wed 21-Mar-12 18:00:49

Woohoo get me, I did a link!!!

rednellie Wed 21-Mar-12 19:01:50

You beat me to it skitoo.

Just a heads up - day 3 milk coming in crying thing, quite a lot more with twins! DH and Mum are being great, but I have been weeping quite a lot whilst also saying "I don't know why I'm crying, I'm really haaaaaaapppppppyyyyy"

Rather pathetic! I've found going to bed with DD, and the DT's at 6.30pm is also saving my sanity. Eventually I'll probably come back downstairs for an hour or two of adult time, but at the mo, sleeping like a toddler seems to be working.

All good here apart from me and DD having a horrible chest cold, but we're using it as an excuse to watch LOTS of Pingu and Angelina Ballerina (which I think I actually like more than DD does...)

Sorry lilyni about your OB - as someone who hated my first one and then changed, I can't recommend doing the same enough. Surgeons aren't gods and you are the patient and therefore need/deserve to be looked after properly.

Waves to claire, they're so cute these boys - I can't wait for them to start giggling. I'm convinced they've been smiling at me already. Idris and I have long chats and Madoc is hilarious - he looks like an old man. I'll try and get pics up at some point...

Oh that's exactly what I was like after having dd- hormonal and weepy, crying 'but I'm so haaappppyyyy!' Seems that'll happen again then rednellie grin . Double crying... Hard to take. I'm not, and never have been good with crying. Thank goodness there's your mum and dh there to cuddle babies. How are the tena pants btw?! Can't believe I'm trying to squash a few pairs in my ridiculously small hospital bag as a 'luxury' item smile. You're spot on going to bed with the toddler and babies. Brief phase and all, in a couple of months it'll be different. absolutely dying to see pics of your boys. They sound fab!

And sorry, missed replying to your post desiren. How sad that you just lost your father. What a time of mixed emotions- being pregnant with your twins on the one hand and losing your dad on the other... I totally freaked out about coping at first,thinking of all the things you can't do without an extra adult with 3 kids under 2 (like swimming , aeroplane travel etc) but now I'm in denial really excited and certainly not dreading anything, except the delivery, either way! how my little girl will cope- she really doesn't understand that babies are coming... There's always HomeStart help etc too. Seems loads of multiple mums access that. I did start the process but am v lucky my dad is going to pay for 2 days a week help for me.

Can't remember anything else, still on phone, but thanks for re-linking skitoo!

mummylin Wed 21-Mar-12 22:07:42

i have just put a new pic on my profile of my little nieces,now 6 weeks old today and doing very well One is 8lb and the other is 7 1/2 lb

goingmadtrying Wed 21-Mar-12 22:13:26

im really really sorry i am not going to acknowledge any other posts which is awful i.know but im off to bed and shattered so can't go back and catch up but i wanted to share that i have felt babies moving properly tonight where i can feel.it outside and even dh felt it, that was the top baby but have felt movements from the other too i think woohoo so excited and relieved!!!! sorry for the me post hope everyone is ok Will try and catch up tomoz xx

rednellie Thu 22-Mar-12 03:56:33

YEY goingmad, that's great. I'm so happy for you. Big bunch of thanks for you.

I've had a rubbish day - this crap cold is crap and me and DD are suffering. She just wants me, I can't be with her all the time and when I am I haven't got the reserves one needs for an ill toddler so it's all a bit sad today...She's also got into a bit of habit of scratching the twins - one minute she'll be cuddling them and then she just lashes out. She only used to do this to me and DH when she was very tired, at the end of the day, and never to another kid. I know we're not doing anything wrong and she's ill and it's a huge adjustment for her, but I feel so torn, I want ALL my kids to be happy (and would certainly rather my newborn beauties didn't have massive gashes on their faces...) sigh.

I'm sure we'll adjust and especially when DD gets better - she's so rarely ill that we're all a bit useless at knowing how to deal with it!

desiren, I'm so sorry I didn't acknowledge your dad's death. What a hard time for that to happen. I hope you've got lots of support around you.

Teds77 Thu 22-Mar-12 11:43:53

Morning. Am going to catch-up but like goingmad I'm going to do a quick 'me' post! Have been feeling tiny bits of movement for the last day or so but my LOs are having a great old time in my tum this morning. Feels totally amazing. Yay! thanks and brew and biscuit !!

Great news on feeling the babies loop-the-loop in your tummies Going and Teds. It is very nice and reassuring isn't it?

Bad timing for a cold Rednellie! Hope you are beginning to feel better? Not sure how I would cope with three children and feeling poorly! I have been ill this week with a cold / flu thing and I have felt bad enough with just myself to look after! Feeling loads better today though so hope you are as well.

How are you feeling today dream? Have you chosen / appointed your 'mothers help' yet? when do they start? REally not long to go for you now - I had a sneeky look and your pictures and your bump is impressive - and you still look tiny everywhere else! I will see if I can brave putting a photo of me up....

How are you doing Desiren? I am sorry to hear about your Father. Must be a difficult time for you. Have you got supportive family nearby? And yes, we have all felt varying degrees of 'terrified' I think - and although I am now well used to the idea and very excited, I still get mad moments of panic! Its natural. Reading about how BB3, Claire and Rednellie are doing really does help - as does general off-loading to all the other twin-mummies to be!

Skitoo - you are due just before me! Do you feel like I do - that these babies could come any day now?! I really hope they stay inside for as long as possible - even though I am getting sooooooooo uncomfortable. 30 weeks definitely seems to be the point when we all really started to feel it.

Lilyini, the contracting and different levels of care and advice you get is so frustrating isnt it? Take the others advice I ask to see someone else - and let us know how you get on.

Still no news from Stinking!!!!

I am still in my dressing gown - very lazy. Although I have had a fairly productive morning of moving piles of things from room to room, and not actually doing anything with all the stuff I need to sort out! Sun is out though so going to get my arse in gear, get dressed and take a stroll to the local shop - I need me some yummy food!

Love to all x

skitoo Thu 22-Mar-12 13:02:01

Quickie as on phone on way to hospital but just wanted to say smilegrinsmilegrinsmilegrinsmilegrinsmilegrin to Teds and Going for baby movements - WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Random question..... if I end up having to have a c-section, can I have my nails painted? I know, silly question but really fancy doing something to help me feel less of a blob.... but then someone said to me no point in getting nails done as it will all have to come off! any one know?

Hope you got on ok at the hosp Skitoo, just a check up I hope

Teds77 Thu 22-Mar-12 17:27:07

bigboobs I suspect you'll be told 'no' and if there is any paper work given to you (telling you what will happen etc.) I think that will say no and they'll also be a no make-up rule. Yay for looking rubbish! However, based on my own surgery experience, it's very possible this won't be enforced/checked by the hospital. Could you have a nice pedicure but not get the nails painted?? Hope you managed to get your rearranging tidying done and find yummy food.

skitoo hope the scan went okay? Did you get a date? Or a date for when you'll get the date?!

Dream also hope your appointment was good and there was further reassurance about T2. You're so very close now!

bailey wow for triplets!! How did the family react? Triplet mums-to-be very welcome here.

going glad all was well with your girlies at the scan and that you can feel them too. It really is so lovely smile.

kazar pleased that 13 week scan was good. I'm having a difficult time with work so it looks like I'm going to work until 33 or 33+3 weeks on the basis that my remaining annual leave will be carried over. Would much prefer to finish at 32 weeks or earlier.

Rednellie I have managed to push the image of the tupperwared livered blood mass to the deepest recesses of my brain... but seriously hope you are okay! Sorry to hear you and DD have colds and also about the scratches - does sounds like you are taking it all in your stride though. Am also loving your boys' names more and more grin. claire loving the news about your cutelings too. It is reassuring to know that even though it's not easy it's still very special to be mum to twins.

Desirin really sorry to hear about your Dad and I can imagine that this only adds to the feeling of being overwhelmed which I'm sure all of us on here have felt. As skitoo says, I think the news on here from those who now have their babies is really helpful and reassuring.

Lilyni hope you are feeling better today. It sounds like your Obs was really unhelpful and like others have said I'd ask to see someone else next time. GD can make babies bigger but measurements can also be out. Definitely make sure you go back in two weeks not five and hope you're managed to hunt out something comforting and sweet to eat xxx

Stinking - what news of babies??

And BB3 - what news of New York?!!!

Just realised we have not heard from dream all day - very unusual! hope you aye ok. may be babies on the way?! Let us know you are alright x

goingmadtrying Thu 22-Mar-12 19:54:55

oooh yes bigboobs very unlike dream hope your ok and just very busy today, pop on and let us know your ok.

thanks for all the good wishes re movements definitely from both today which is so lovely, yay for your movements too teds smile

Hi all,

How lovely to be missed grin .

It's just that I've been busy, and I barely dare whisper it, but DD is going to sleep earlier in the evening if we follow a very rigid early-nap routine in the day... Which is fab, but means she's up by 6:30 ish and I used to check in on mn while waiting for her to wake up at 8am ish after her 10pm bedtimes!!!!! She was up twice in the night and at 6:30 today though, so wouldn't say we're sorted yet, but maybe getting there....

WHOOP WHOOP for the movements teds and goingmad, such a lovely feeling when they start wriggling smile thanks

bigboobs definitely not finger nails painted, as a CS is major surgery, they check your oxygen levels with a thing on your finger and it can't read through nail varnish.... in general anyway, maybe individual hospitals differ??

My scan was good. I had relaxed as I can feel T2 moving again anyway, and my bump has had a massive growth spurt confused so I really thought it'd be fine. And it was!! It will be wildly inaccurate again as they couldn't measure T1's head as it's too low in my pelvis, so that measurement is missed off the growth calculation altogether for him, plus they really struggled to get T2's abdomen measurement. I'd told the sonographer they were both head down, after I felt T2 move out of transverse on the monitors on Monday, and the mw said he was head down. After some fruitless searching, she checked up by my ribs and found his head, so he had turned- but transverse to breech!! They're estimated at 5lb 10 and 5lb 9 (for the head-less one wink ).

I will never go into labour, fear not ladies... I didn't first time round, even 30 hours after my waters broke (when my cervix was still 'unfavourable'- so high, closed, posterior, hard) which puts me in the 5% of women who don't go into labour within 24 hours of their waters breaking, and now with all this baby-weight and stretching still no signs (bar my B-H!). DH 'helpfully' told me in times gone by I'd be one of those women who die in childbirth for going way past dates and then baby so big, obstructing. Cheers for that dear!!!!!

And today, despite much suffering, I managed to decline an earlier date for my CS as better for the babies if I wait.... <sigh> . But if I brought it forward to next week as offered and they needed any special care I'd feel dreadful for being so selfish, so 13 days left!!! I have to go in if these dratted BH get any worse, but hope will all be fine.

We met a nice lady today and are going with her for nanny/mother's help. The first lady we met I was unsure of- neither woman had recent young children experience, and the first one wasn't suggesting anything activity-wise appropriate for my pre-verbal little 18 month old iykwim... And then rang me today to say I seemed anxious about coping (I was more trying to explain the whole point of the job- so DD is included and I have time with her, and boys etc etc) and I should think positively about my cS scar after the birth and think 'it's beautiful, its part of me' and i should tell my babies I love them before they're born (which I do anyway at night when they're wriggling, often) but put me right off her!!!! Got a good vibe from the lady today- never once mentioned early years foundation stages (suits me!) and I just thought she'd be kind to them all. So on spot decision!

Sorry, all me me me grin

Great to hear from you Dream, I was beginning to wonder!

As suspected re nail varnish. I would never have got round to getting my nails done anyway - I dont usually get dressed until lunch!

Sounds like you are making real progress with DD Dream - well done you. My DD always wakes up around 6am, but to be honest that doesn't bother me too much as thats th time we have to get up when going to work etc - woudl much rather have the evengins to myself (and DH of course!). And my DD still wakes nearly every night - although I do get a glimmer of hope as she does sleep through on occasion. The challenges of sleep are never ending!

Good to hear scan went well - can't believe you only have 13 days left! well, 12 now! You are doing really well. And great news about your nanny / help. I think I would have told the first one to stick it up her arse (sorry) if she said I came across as anxious and worried about coping - thats really going to get her the job isnt it, making such supportive comments!!!!

How is every one else today? Feeling any better Rednellie?

skitoo Fri 23-Mar-12 08:16:14

Morning All

Hope the cold is easing Rednellie and the scratching thing with DD is just a brief phase sad. Thanks for the heads up on day 3 emotions, funny as our antenatal teacher said day 3 was Dolly Parton day with lots of tears!

Bigboobs am sorry to say that the c-sec leaflet thing from my hospital says no make-up or nail varnish. I'm the same as you, feeling that while I can't wear any of my lovely clothes or shoes I at least want my nails done! Am sporting a bright coral at the moment to cheer up the drab maternity clothes smile. But as Teds says, you might get away with it, especially if it's not a planned section? Yep I'm coming up for 33 weeks (never thought I'd say that grin ) but whilst I'm massive and getting really uncomfortable I don't feel like I'll pop for at least another couple of weeks.

You had us all wondering there for a minute Dream!! Fab news with DD sleeping, fingers crossed it continues. Glad scan was good, with exception of your little tinker turning upside down and that you feel more relaxed with their movements. I still can't work mine out confused. Your scan sounds very much like mine, lead twin is so far down in my pelvis you can't see any of his head and couldn't get the other ones legs because of position and lack of room but good to see them eh. Are the estimated weights you've got as of now or what they expect them to be at birth? Great weights anyhow smile. Well done on holding off on the cs date - we'll hold your hand through the next 13 days, or is that just 12 now?! And you just might pop earlier....?

So scan was good for me, actually a really emotional day as I finally thought yesterday that, yes I'm actually going to have babies and they're going to be alright (it's been a bit of a journey). So all looking good, both head down and even though they couldn't measure either of them to get an estimated weight, the sonographer, who is great and we've had for every scan, thinks with her trained eye, they will be c.6.5 lbs and 5.5lbs at 37 weeks, the big chubby checker one obviously taking after his father grin. Had really good chat with consultant, a new guy that we hadn't met before but he was fab and he booked me in for induction for 26th April when I'll be 37+3 but he said that by looking at me he doesn't think I'll make it that far!! Funny story too - woman he saw before me for her 32 week appt, he was having same chat and noticed her breathing was a bit erratic, asked her if ok, she said she was getting some pains, asked how often, about 10 mins, he asked if he could examine her....got her up on the couch, she was 10 cm dilated, so put her on a wheelchair to go straight up to delivery and her waters broke on the way!!! 10cm and just a bit of puffing, sounds alright to me shock.

Waves to everyone else - its nearly the weekend, hoorah! We're off to the inlaws, 3 hours away, smaller hoorah!

Oh skitoo, what a marvellous delivery- even I could do that!!! Great story :-) .
They've been saying 'if you go into labour in the next 2 weeks...' to me since the 30 week appointment, same as you! Yet here I am 36+1, and now its really hard I'm even more convinced I'll never pop. I just don't go into labour!!! Those weights were yesterday, not estimated for delivery day- I'm on for 6lb something whoppers!

whenhenshaveteeth Fri 23-Mar-12 17:18:26

Hello ladies,

I have a question: how did you find out you were expecting twins? Was it the 12wk scan, did you have an earlier scan for unrelated reason or did you just know?

I'm 12wk with DC2 and have my scan on tuesday. From the week before I found out I was pregnant I've been feeling exhausted (completely and utterly wiped out not just just tired) and I have suffered from nausea pretty much from the start too.

With DS I had 5 days of sickness and wasn't that tired - I was working full time so I didn't really have the luxury to have naps.

I don't know why but I've had a really strong feeling I'm carrying twins this time... DH says it's because I'm older but I was 28 and now I'm 31 so I'm hardly geriatric!

So I'm just interested in knowing if you had a feeling it was twins and why.


rednellie Fri 23-Mar-12 17:57:20

whenhen, yes, you are hardly past it my dear! I hadn't an inclinning I was carrying twins till I saw the two damn heads on the ultrasound. BUT I did feel a lot worse than my first pregnancy, much more nautious and tired...I just put it down to being a second pregnancy and having a toddler. But don't think about it yet - wait till your scan! And then come join us when you know for sure wink

dream - that all sounds good. Glad DD is getting to grips with bedtime, I think routines are the way to go anyway once you've got the twins so it'll be simpler if you have a really set up one for DD. Also glad the scan went well, isn't it funny how much they can move around with so little space? I understand it now though as Idris was the twin B who was breech, head down, breech, head down and now he's here he's incredibly strong - he can hold his head up and almost looks like he's trying to crawl when I give him tummy time. Anyway, can't wait to hear how you get along, it'll be lovely to have you over the other side!

skitoo - big hugs for you. It is emotional isn't it? And yes, you are going to have two wonderful babies and be a fantastic mum. xxx

Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts - we're all much better. I had a massive dip yesterday where I had a huge temperature and could hardly breath as my sides were all sore from coughing so much. Thanks to stacking iburpofen and paracetamol (both safe with bf) I got the fever down and now feel much better. I'm going to the GP though as I've always had a bit of issue with my chest (too much god damn smoking when I was cool and an idiot) so I want to get it looked at properly now I'm not pregnant.

The boys continue to be amazing - honestly, they really are lovely. We've got a nice routine now and I even managed the last two nights to put them down to bed upstairs and come down and watch tv with DH and Mum and have supper at the table!!! I'm sure that didn't happen with DD until she was about 9 months old. I honestly think you should have a trial first child to get all your worrying/stressing/mistakes out of the way, as second time round it all feels so much easier. Even they're crying doesn't rip my heart out quite as much as DD. Partly because Madoc's cry makes him sound like a baby terradactyl...but don't tell him that. grin

Nice twin moment - put them both on their tummies and they both start sucking their thumbs on the same side. Cute. Right need to put pictures up don't I. Am going to find a bump one and a baby one...

whenhens, I had no idea I was having twins til the 12 week scan. However, I was also absolutely floored by morning sickness/hyperemesis, surviving on crisps and diarolyte and anti-emetics and exhausted. Totally shattered. People were saying 'oooh, maybe its twins' and I totally disregarded it, as it had been said in my first pg- when I was also sick, but not as badly... I also was told by the mw at my booking in appt, who felt my tummy as I was so bad with the puking, 'no, I can't feel a fundus, often you can if its twins' and I was thinking of course its not twins you daft lady blush. Well, she was wrong! I thought I was having a boy, that was the difference. Well, I was, but not just one of them! Come and tell us on Tuesday, hope to see you over here smile

rednellie, your boys sound just gorgeous and perfect and I can't tell you how envy I am of your lovely newborn snuggles. You sound so positive too, despite being pretty blooming ill yourself. I notice you are suspicously quiet about the nights though?!?! Dying to see both your bump pic and your babies. Has the itching disappeared now the babies are born? I will aim to emulate your marvellous coping when I finally meet mine! Hope your DD is better ASAP too. I'm thinking of you a lot!!

And now look <sigh> . An almighty kick off by Her Majesty today- wouldn't go down for her nap despite being clearly knackered, and now kciking off upsatirs big tie about bedtime.... FFS. I must learn not to mention any improvement, it causes an instantaneous setback grin .

skitoo, here here, two pretty well cooked babies now for you, you'll be a twin mummy of twins on the outside before you know it <pretends the days taking weeks thing isn't happening here>. And I can only work out movements if it's really obvious- so I get something low to my left, or right over to the left- then I know it's definitely T1, or vice versa with much more to the right for T2. Anything dead central, or just over midline iykwim I find it near impossible to be sure. When I was gettin almost nothing from twin 2 I was literally watching this Alien-style writhing, absolutely confined to one half of my bump. Got me super freaked out, but now I'm getting some good rippling and writhing both sides grin

rednellie Fri 23-Mar-12 21:00:57

Thanks dream - you lot meant a lot to me in the last few weeks/months of pregnancy. Nights go something like this:

10pm feed, DH settles
12.30am/1am feed, DH settles and grumbles
3.30/4am feed, DH and I have a civilised chat (I'm being serious)
6.45am feed.

Not bad. grin

rednellie Fri 23-Mar-12 21:01:22

And compared with the amount of sleep I was getting with PUPPS it is a DELIGHT.

grin grin grin rednellie. Your dh is clearly a star too. No way could I have a civilised chat with dh at 3:30!!

BB3 Fri 23-Mar-12 22:56:08

Hello ladies

Dream / skitoo, you're almost there! Was trying to catch up and could hardly believe you are so far gone - dream I remember way back when in the early worry wart days for you and you desperately wanting to get to 20 weeks (like all twin mothers!).
Cannot believe the next wave of babies are coming so soon!

I'm so sorry I can't remember who asked but you can't wear nail varnish for cs even emergency ones (I had one) and they check (at that point I cared not a bit for how I looked though so wasn't wearing any). No jewellery, no make up etc

Dream are those boys wriggling away?

Yay for feeling the babies ladies xx

Rednellie, I loved those early days, all cuddly, sleepy and settled! you are doing so well, how is dd now?

New York was great, I went alone to stay with my best friend for three days. My parents, sister and dh had the kids between then and I left them with a mountain of milk and I don't think they missed me a bit grin. Leaving them was harder than I thought but once I was there I very much enjoyed having grown up time! But it's also lovely to be back.

The girls are great, they were 6 months old on Tuesday. Ayse-Rose us commando crawling across the room and Edith-May lives her food (hence not moving quite as much wink) and will okay with toys / books for hours if I let her (she's definitely the studious one). I can't remember if I said that ds was diagnosed with hearing difficulties because if severe glue ear so we are in the process of referrals to ent and I'm desperately hoping the treatment will help so we can get him caught up on his speech.

Hope everyone is doing ok xxx

BB3 Fri 23-Mar-12 22:57:30

And by okay clearly I meant play!!!

BB3 Sat 24-Mar-12 05:55:43

Re reading that this morning with the appalling spelling makes me realise I should not stay up late, toddler bed times clearly suit me better!!!

Morning all!

Managed a whole 3 hours in a stretch of sleep last night and feel miles better!! :-). Plus its sunny. Off out with DD now.

Thanks BB3, can feel more movement from twin 2 now he's breech, much happier about it. 11 days to go...

Hope all bumps and babies doing well xx

goingmadtrying Sat 24-Mar-12 23:06:18

evening everyone wow it has been quiet today!! hope everyone enjoying the sunshine smile

bb3 lol at toddler bedtimes grin

dream glad you got a bit of a better now, how awful that we think a couple of hours of unbroken sleep makes us feel better! hope you had a lovely day important the sun smile

rednellie glad to hear the boys are doing great smile

my babies have been doing somersaults today, its so wierd the top one moves so much more than the bottom one hmm

Morning all

We had a lovely, if unrestful, day out yesterday at the river. DD spent a loooong time sitting in the edge of the river throwing stones in and collecting them up etc. Exactly what I used to do as a child- inherited behaviour?! We certainly didn't teach her but she collects stones wherever we go mostly filthy, gritty little pebbles from the roadside . My dad stayed til late so we could go for our second meal out together in the last 18 months. Was all lovely but now I'm so tired I'm feeling tearful, and we've got friends round for a bbq lunch....

goingmad, yay for somersaults!!! Most of us do seem to have one more active twin. I still worry about movements though!!

I think everyone is just busy out enjoying the good weather this weekend. At least that's what i hope.

goingmadtrying Sun 25-Mar-12 09:53:44

so glad to hear you had a lovely day yesterday, grin @ dd sitting throwing stones,and how lovely you got another night out smile sorry your feeling a little tearful hormones eh!!!! not long now smile

My ds's are being pains this morning one has been awake since 4am!!!! and thats with the clocks going forward, feeling really stressed today but no work so hopefully i'll feel better later, cant help thinking what am I doing!!!!

Hope you all continue to enjoy the sun grin

rednellie Sun 25-Mar-12 18:30:58

Hey ladies, I 'think' I've made my profile public and I've put one bump + DD picture up and one of the boys. Madoc is the naked one of the left with the big nose (who you calling big nose) and Idris is the robed one on the right. They look the same, but totally different now!

It's sunny here for the first time in AGES so we're off out for our first whole family outing....shit! grin

AAAAAHHHHH, gorgeous boys and DD rednellie. Cheered me up grin

Lilyni Sun 25-Mar-12 20:20:59

awh * rednellie* - what gorgeous photos - your LOs are beautiful!!

hope everyone (and all the little wrigglers) are keeping well. How many days left now dream?

goingmadtrying Sun 25-Mar-12 20:30:20

they are gorgeous rednellie thank you for sharing with us hope you had a lovely family day today im sure everything would be fine smile

evening dream lilyna and everyone else hope you've all had a lovely weekend smile

10 days to go!!!!!!

Yesterday DD was running down the driveway and I was trying to catch up before she hit the road... but she fell over first and grazed her chin and nose, though only chin bleeding. Today, she was legging it off after the bath and went flying and has split her bottom lip with her top tooth sad . She seriously needs a faster and mroe mobile mummy. 18 months is a lethal stage of boundary pushing and exploration I'm finding.... I'm feeling really bad I can't kkep u and keep her a bit safer- like, less than a blood-injury a day.... I knwo you can't wrap them up in cotton wool, and it's the only way they learn, but add whale-like pregnant person into the mix and I feel really guilty...

Ah well. Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully I will finally make it into town and buy her some sandals and summer clothes in the afternoon to make myself feel less of a bad mother by throwing a bit of money at the situation , after playgroup/lunch/nap.

Just had to have yet another look at rednellies pics. They do look so similiar! And peaceful and beautiful. grin How can you be so positive they're non-ID already?!

Lilyni Sun 25-Mar-12 21:01:53

hi going - just loving the sunshine - it has put me in much better mood!! hope you're feeling a little less stressed too!

wow dream - 10 days - Im so excited for you!! Are you all ready? Awh hope your DD is ok now - our ds's are always falling or hurting themselves, its hard to stop them from exploring and climbing!!! Try not to feel guilty - you're doing a great job!

Im 29 weeks now so starting to think of names .... its so hard

Nearly ready. They are going to share a basinette level of a travel cot in our room at first- which has arrived but needs unpacking and checking its all ok, and mattress buying for it. Hospital bag needs finishing. Another pack of nappies buying. But basically ready-ish.

The sunshine does make everything better grin. But I've grown out of pretty much all my maternity clothes... 2 tops. One pair of trousers I can get on.

29 weeks lilyni! that's great! Have you managed to make your next appointment with a different consultant? I LOVE thinking of girls names! What's on your list so far?

Desiren Sun 25-Mar-12 23:43:13

Really sorry to have not been back, have been with the family (brother and sisters). Thank you for all the kind words it's really been appreciated. smile
I have been lucky enough to have never experienced death of a loved one directly and although my dad was elderly (was 90 the week before he passed away) it hit me like a tonne of bricks, I was always a daddy's girl and it hard that he is no longer here.
Sorry to bring everyone down so back to twin stuff ok I'm 33 weeks today ahhhhhh and have consultant this week to discuss delivery options getting loads of pressure in neither regions to the point where I can hardly walk. Husband keeps asking is it time yet every time a take a sharp breath he he. Getting scared about birth I think I buried my head abit a now that it's around the corner I'm starting to panic. Bags are almost packed I know it sounds stupid but scared to finish packing them in case it sends a signal to my brain for labour to start hmm

Great to read the stories about life after they arrive everyone seems to be doing well, I hope I cope as well.

goingmadtrying Mon 26-Mar-12 07:33:13

desiren welcome back!! smile i just wanted to add my sorry to losing your dad that must have been so hard for you, when my dh lost his dad his sis was pg and they didn't want her to go to the funeral because of the stress she did obviously and everything was ok, but must be so hard sad on a lighter note yay for 33 weeks!!! grin and poor dh on tenterhooks with every twinge! im sure the other ladies who are near to term swear by packing the bag to ensure you don't go early! worked for dream with only 9 days to go eek!! good luck with consultant appointment do let us know how it goes smile welcome back again xx

goingmadtrying Mon 26-Mar-12 07:38:07

hello lilyna glad the sunshine making you feel a little less stressed smile oooh what names you thinking we trying its ssssooooo hard thinking of two that go together!! do let us know about your consultant appointment, feels like forever since i last saw mine and got to wait until next week which will be about 5 weeks!!!

have a lovely day everyone i have 19 working days left can't wait grin

BB3 Mon 26-Mar-12 08:14:14

Woohoo dream you're in to single figures!!!

Red - your boys are gorgeous like gorgeous little old men (I think all new babies look like old age pensioners with their gorgeous wrinkly faces and slightly frowning expressions! wink). You can definitely tell they're twins but they have their subtle differences even from the pics - how are they personality wise? Have you noticed much difference?

Lilnyl oh yes what names?

Desiren - it must have been a horrific time for you all, I can't imagine it. Dh's father dies 7 weeks before ds was born and dh said the only thing that consoled him was the thought that his father would be watching our little boy grow up every day from up there. It must be so hard or you but you've done so well to keep cooking those babies so well and 33 weeks is bloody brilliant, not long now!!!

Sunshine definitely helps your mood (pre and post babies!)

We had a lovely weekend, girls got their chubby little legs out in the sunshine in their new summer clothes and looked adorable. Edith-May has a tooth through so have been suffering a bit with that but luckily she's not too teary just obviously in pain with it. What with they and Ayse-Rose shuffling along commando crawling I'm very sad my babies are growing up! Xx

Lilyni Mon 26-Mar-12 12:51:04

desiren - so sorry about your dad - it must be such a difficult time for you - sending you big hugs. 33 weeks is brill - it will be so lovely for you to meet your little bundles of joy soon.

bb3 - your LOs sound soooo adorable - can just imagine the chubby little legs - cute!! Hopefully Edith-Mays tooth will come through soon and give her a little relief!

dream - you sound so calm and in control about everything - I imagine when Im at your stage I'll be running around panicking like a headless chicken!!

We quite like traditional names - 3ds are Sam, Tom and Harry. DH cant think of any girls names that he really likes. So far I quite like Scarlett, Sophia, Annalise (prob shortened to Anna), Ella and Connie...... My dad has started calling them Betty and Wilma!!!! Just hope it doesnt stick and become nicknames for them when they are born lol.

Got to go back to diabetic clinic on thurs so will let you know how I get on. So far so good with the blood sugar levels - seems to be controlled ok by watching my diet - even had an ice cream yesterday!!! Hope your appointment goes well next week going - will be lovely for you to see them again - 5 weeks is a long time!!!

Hello to everyone else - yay for another day of sunshine!!

baileyslover Mon 26-Mar-12 22:16:46

Hiya guys
Sorry not around last week but on holiday with family and broke the triplet news. Gobsmacked would be an understatement grin Younger sister is so excited that potentially will be an auntie three times again and has already declared she will take a sabbatical from work and move in for 6 months. With DH working away all week for the forseeable future the possibility has some merit as long as we don't kill each other!

Had first consultant appt this am which was as much use as a chocolate teapot. It took her 5 minutes to work out I was carrying triplets rather than twins from my notes and then immediately launched into whether we had considered selective termination because we have MCDA twins. Grrr. We did get to see 3 little heartbeats though which was reassuring, and we should hear from Oxford tomorrow re a scan in the next few days to check for TTTS. Everything really just seems as clear as mud and I am just getting from week to week without looking too far ahead.

Anyway sorry for such a me post. Can't wait to hear of more arrivals. Guess dream the days are going slowly for you, but it certainly sounds like you are all ready

rednellie Mon 26-Mar-12 23:47:05

Hey baileys, I think you sound very in control. And slightly tactless of the consultant talking about selective termination !!!! What a tool. I know a couple who have a toddler and had triplets - they are both teachers and manage great, but they do run a tight ship. I can see why now after getting my family of 5 out for a walk yesterday. It took about 30 mins to get everyone out the door, but once we were it was bliss. Sunshine, I carried one boy in my wrap sling, another in the buggy next to DD. She was so cute, she kept a hand on the baby all the way to the park and on the way back kept making sure he didn't have the sun in his eyes....there is hope yet!

dream and BB3 - it's funny, I think the boys look TOTALLY different. To me they're like chalk and cheese, their heads are different shapes, DT1 has darker skin, a bigger nose, a pointy chin whereas DT2 has a round head, very pale, cute babyish features. Now you've all got me thinking maybe it's just me and my family who can see it and they're ID after all!! (But I don't think they are.) Anyway, they're still being amazing, waking up more and having definite naps during the day...

goingmadtrying Tue 27-Mar-12 05:16:44

baileys congratulations on sharing your news its great everyone was pleased smile on my first consultant appointment i came out very depressed answer was told to expect the worst at every appointment, which i did and completely ruined things at first, i saw my mw at 16 weeks and she read what the consultant had put which basically outlined the risks, and it all spilled out she assured me it can and does work but of course there are risks but they could have been put across in s different way, hopefully that has happened with you and they were being cautious, not right i know but just a thought. is that the consultant you will continue to see as mine checks for ttts?? so we have the same sort of twins woohoo and you have another one for luck smile

hope everyone else is ok and you are resting dream can't believe its so near

im 21 weeks now and actually starting to believe i will have my girls smile

BB3 Tue 27-Mar-12 06:13:22

Bailey - that's so nice of your sister. My sister lives with us and is now our full time nanny and at times I have to bite my tongue but generally it's just brilliant having her here all the time - company when dh is away, someone to laugh with when there is nothing you can do but laugh as you're surrounded by screaming, pooing children and I trust her enough to leave all three kids and have an hour away without completely stressing! So you have ID twins and a singleton?

I know the consultants have to ask those questions but you'd think that seeing as it was all in your notes you would think they'd have guessed you didn't or could have at least asked a different way. They can be very tactless! I guess with triplets and id twins you'll be basically living at the hospital with appointments wink!

The girls have d&v bugs. It's 6am and after a restless night I'm now on the second load of puke/poo covered washing! Top tip - have a decent washing machine! The sunshine is great as it means things are washed, dried and ironed in one day but it is never ending! My dn has it and dsis' washing machine is broken so we are doing all hers too, it's like a Chinese laundry in our house x

goingmadtrying Tue 27-Mar-12 06:52:22

oh bb3 sorry to hear the girls aren't well hopefully they will be better quickly, lol at Chinese laundry have visions of rows and rows of washing grin how lovely to have your sis with you bet on the whole its great fun smile

baileys, I think they have to make a big point about selective termination because many many families are offended and horrified at first, but then if something goes wrong, particularly if no baby survives, bitterly complain they didn't realise the risks and what was in store and might have acted differently. Not sure if she said especially if assisted fertility treatment couples too. That's what Emma robbins wrote in her blog- don't know if you read it? She had naturally concieved quads on Feb 29th this year!! I was hooked to her blog- she's still writing. She said it was an upsetting chat, but she was at least made to understand why it happened. She had mcda twins plus two other babies shock Fantastic your sister would consider a sabbatical- say yes yes yes!!!

Boo for illness BB3, I imagine our house will look like a Chinese laundry with 3 to wash for, dread to think about more!! Hope they get better soon and don't get sore with the D part to make matters worse.

I'm having a small flap today... I never wrote a list to pack a hospital bag, so really think I need to do that and check I've got the right stuff,and I'm so tired and really sore. Masses of pressure and some low abdo pain that's new,making me slightly nervous- though I'm 99% sure its just being 36+5. Plus I am trying to get quotes from nanny tax companies etc, and feeling a bit embarrassed at how privileged I am to be having 2 days a week help. Plus dh works 4 days- overlapping with the nanny on his day with earlier finish as its when i work if i go back, so only 2 days by myself. Feel a bit spoilt rich kid?! Even though we could no way afford it without my dad paying. Hormones?! 8 days to go.

Sorry, forgotten the rest, on my phone... Must do this tax thing though, will be back!

Oh, rednellie the boys sound fabulous!! Glad you at least find it so easy to tell them apart- I know BB3 said in hospital she got her girls muddled up!!

And 21 weeks is great goingmad, have you relaxed a bit?!

I'm also busy thinking of girls names lilyni. I like Esme, Elsa, freya, all yours (but I'm obsessive about 'full' names so I'd probably go Constance, nn Connie) Eliza, I think i like Matilda....Oooh, loads!!!!

goingmadtrying Tue 27-Mar-12 17:44:15

waves to dream pressure is all good at this stage surely???? don't feel bad about getting help believe me if i didn't have good friends and family i would.consider paying for some !
yes relaxing a little but don't think i ever will fully but i know you appreciate that smile I've almost certainly decided on freya smile so was lovely to hear you like it just need another to go with it smile

loving the sunshine grin

Oh yes, LOVE Freya goingmad. Right, will get on with thinking of another to go with (if I had girls I liked freya and esme) .

Yes, I'm sure all my aches, pains and symptoms are normal <sigh> . I am getting very worked up about leaving little DD while I'm in having the boys. She's so clingy. Today my dad took her to the swings and I walked down to nag him remind him its her tea time and she was so upset I'd left her she wouldn't let me out of her sight til she was in bed protesting sad . Nothing I can do to make it any better really as she's too little to understand at 18 months... I think. Any ideas though?

goingmadtrying Tue 27-Mar-12 22:20:27

when i went in my son was a little older but what we did was make a really big deal of him having a sleepover and we got his bag ready at the same time, he was going to stay with grandma which he'd never done before, as it was we dropped him early in the morning and was home at tea time, he was really annoyed and so slept out anyhow, not sure how that would work with your dd hmm

names we like evie, grace, ava, maisie can't think of the others at the mo, smile

goingmadtrying Tue 27-Mar-12 22:25:02

oops and lily which is what both boys want as they have gf called that!!!

Hello. Apologies for going off grid but was sort of busy giving birth and all that ;)

Charlotte Iona (6lb 3oz) and Romilly Beatrice (5lb 8oz) delivered by EMCS last Tuesday (bit of a horrendous birth but all's well that ends well).

Am completely utterly in love with them both.

They've both put on weight since the birth, which is a relief seeing as my nipples look like something out of a horror movie, a mother's love and all that...have got them into a 4 hour pattern and they feed together. For now!

Have started a blog too. Because I don't have enough to do ;)

Good luck everyone. The snuggly, beautiful, apricot jam smelling, suckling on each others' noses loveliness of twins defines 'worth it' :D

skitoo Wed 28-Mar-12 10:50:38

Stinking CONGRATS, fantastic news grin. Lovely names and great weights, sorry the birth was a bit of an ordeal though. Sounds like you're doing amazing already too, tandem feeding and 4 hours!!! Would love to read your blog if you fancy nipping on and giving us the url smile. How long did you have to stay in hospital for and did the girls need any special care? Piccies please when you get a chance xx.

And not long for you now Dream, just a week and you'll be meeting your little men, or maybe before...grin. Hang in there xx. Sorry I can't offer any advice for DD but lots of fussing for her as suggested by Going sounds like the thing to do. Have you bought her a couple of toys to be gifted by her new brothers - think someone suggested that before. And don't be embarrassed about the help, it's great!

Rednellie your boys look cute as smile. Hope all is still well and you're all enjoying your newborn snuggles.

BB3 hope the girls are better now, can't believe they're 6 months already shock.

Going, love Freya and in fact all of the others suggested. We didn't get very far down the road with thinking of girls names as I was sure from day 1 that they were both boys.

Baileys sorry to hear you had such an awful appointment with the consultant, was that at Oxford? We're at Oxford and can honestly say that all of our care has been 1st class. And how sweet of your sister, that's really lovely and one less worry for you.

Desiren, looks like we've got a race on as you're just a day ahead of me grin. I'm experiencing loads of pressure too but more on my bladder which apparently isn't allowed to hold more than a few mm of fluid any more [ hmm].

Waves to everyone else, hope everyone is making the most of this beautiful weather.

Teds, my old timer, hope you are well too smile.

skitoo it's likepeasinapod.com/ shameless plug! Pics on there.

Girls were born by EMCS on Tuesday morning. Had gone in Monday for induction at 38 + 0 which went 'fine' apart from I went into hyper contractions, with no monitoring and DP running round the hospital trying to get help, Romilly's heart beat went through the roof, they gave me something to counteract it, stayed up all night with the midwife...they refused to believe I was dilating, when they finally checked was at 10cm surprise surprise...started pushing at 9.30am finally, they lost the heartbeats (despite me repeatedly suggesting the scalp electrodes), ultrasound wheeled in and didn't work...massive rant from me resulted in one mw stropping out, good riddance...we were an hour without knowing if they were OK...new consultant finally came and said EMCS was only safe option. DP in floods. But op was fine and fantastic anaesthetist - was joking with him while being sliced open about the twins being destined to love the West Wing music given had watched the whole series in pregnancy so he got the music on his iPod and linked it to the speakers in the theatre smile

9 and 10 on the Apgar score, they came out pink and crying almost instantly.

Crapness continued - they forgot to test the blood sugars, by the time they did on Day 2 Charlotte was < 2 so we had to hotfoot it to special care for the evening to get them pumped full of sugary formula...they didn't take my bp or bloods till day 3 and, surprise, iron deficient and high bp...list goes on. Will do a ranty blog post at some point because I think there are real lessons in terms of standard of care - a lot down to the system (changeovers, no one with overall responsibility etc), some to language (sorry) and some just to attitude frankly.

Argh. Argh. Argh.

Anyhow. We pretty much insisted on being discharged on Day 3, and had a midwife on our side, which was great. SO glad to be home.

going Freya was one of our choices and almost used it for a middle name - only reason for not was that I had a dog called Freya when I was wee!

Oo someone is crying...

BB3 Wed 28-Mar-12 16:01:31

Congrats stinking. And welcome to the world little ladies! I love the names - how is your ds enjoying his little sisters?

I've been reading your blog and the girls are gorgeous!

Teds77 Wed 28-Mar-12 16:01:53

Congrats stinking on your arrivals! The picture on the blog looks scrumptious but I'm sorry the birth and the last few days sound like they have been tough ones.

I will catch up with all you other ladies (promise blush) but am feeling very stressed and hormonal and have spent most of the day in tears - we're having massive building work done at home and the whole week has just been a catalogue of disasters sad.

In better news we had a lovely (if very long and achy) scan this morning and all looks well. Both are wriggly and healthy and each one weighs 1lb 1oz which apparently is just right. And <drum roll> it looks like we are having a little boy and a little girl. Any combination would do me but both me and Mr T are happy grin.

BB3 Wed 28-Mar-12 16:05:03

Sorry the birth didn't go quite to plan but at least they are here safely x

BB3 Wed 28-Mar-12 16:12:22

oh Teds - HUGE congratulations! Yay for little man and little lady! Such exciting news.

I know how you feel on building. We were having major work done in the early stages of my pregnancy and we were delayed massively by snow and waiting for the right windows and other jobs etc all the while I was sleeping on the living room floor of my mothers with DH and DS. It was horrendous and I was raging at the builders (everyone else kept saying that 'I should be patient' and 'these things happen') but you will get through it and it will be worth it when the LOs arrive x Sending virtual chocolate xxx

rednellie Wed 28-Mar-12 18:59:04

Congratulations stinking. Good to hear you're enjoying them loads now. Look after your nipples!

Teds what great news - am really excited for you. And don't worry about being emotional. Emotional = normal during pregnancy and doubly so with more than one.

Hello everyone else, we're still doing grand here. They seem to have times of day where they cluster feed and then good long stretches where I catch a few szzz and they're awake more so we're having lots of lovely chats. And it's not just me who thinks they look totally different - everyone who's visited does too so I'm sticking to my guns that they're non-ID! grin DD is also being a marvel now she's got over her cold, she was sitting in my bed this morning checking over her babies (two dolls), she listened to their chests like the midwives and then breastfed both of them - CUTE.

Life is starting to return to normal - no more appointments for a while, I'm up and about. Got all 3 kids out in the car yesterday to go and show off the boys at DD's nursery, so there is life the other side...DH and I did hit a wall last night though, very tired and I had a dream where DT2 had stood up and peed all over our bed and I woke up insisting DH change the 'wet' sheets. Which he started doing until he realised that I was being mental...

BB3 Wed 28-Mar-12 20:17:09

Haha! grinat mental. I do think they look a bit different in the pics but you can tell they're twins x

Dream - are you ok? How are the pains? You're quietness today makes me very excited wonder if your little lads are sneaking out early?

baileyslover Wed 28-Mar-12 20:56:52

rednellie you give us all hope smile you sound very sorted and reassuring!

stinking boo for the standard of care but I definately melted inside when you describe the girls sucking each others noses. What a moment of joy

skitoo my appointment was in Swindon so don't feel too stressed out about it, she won't be my primary doctor I think as I now have my appointment through for Oxford for Friday.

I just feel more confident going somewhere that regularly sees triplets and will be able (hopefully) to answer my huge list of questions. We are having the colour Doppler scan I think so should know by the weekend if both twins are viable or whether we need to consider selective termination. Feel a bit more sorted in my head about the pregnancy, but don't dare think about anything beyond - my head just explodes. Think I will contact the TAMBA helpline to have a rl chat with someone as still don't think it has fully sink in that we are having more than one. Did anyone else struggle with it, or am I just being rubbishblush

baileyslover Wed 28-Mar-12 22:20:31

Hmm just watched OBEM for first time since knowing I will definately have a CS feel a bit sad knowing that I will not experience another VB, as had really good experience with DS1. Even watching the twin CS made me realise that we will be unlikely to get to hold the babies before they get rushed off to SCBU either. Think I just need to go to bed and get som sleep

Hi everyone, sorry for being missing for a while - sickness in the Bigboobs house! All better now though.
HUGE congrats to you Stinking, love the names and amazing weights - sorry the birth did not go as smoothly as hoped, but like you said you have your two lovelies here now to help you recover and forget (we do forget quite quickly don't we? I can't remember too much of DD birth anyway!).

Bailey, please dont beat yourself up about still trying to get your head round having more than one - we have all been there, are still there on occasion and I think that Rednellie and BB3 both said that it was not until they actually had and held their babies that they could believe there were two! And you have an extra for luck to get your head round!! Contacting TAMBA is a good idea. I know someone who has recently had triplets and I know they have found them a real support.

Great news Tedds - one blue and one pink, how lovely. Noe you can start thinking of names as well!

Sorry lost track - is it you lilyni and Going thinking of girls names? I love Ada - that wouldhave been my girls name but can share it as I am having boys!! (and there wont be any more after these two!). Like both of you I like old fashioned / traditional names - and think girls are easier than boys to name! Any more thoughts? Thinking of two is so hard isnt it! We have decided on our boys names but not going to share just yet!

Dream - really not long to go now. How are you feeling? have you been in monitoring this week? How many days now ? NOT MANY!!!!

I had a scan with consultant yesterday. Everything was ok but there is now a difference in their weight of nearly 0.5lb. Twin one is 4lb 5 and twin two is 3lb 14. Consultant said the different is not big enough to be overly concerned (difference can be sign of TTTS), but I can't help but worry as they have been the same until now.

Still not particularly clear on birth plan, as consultant does not want to talk any 'definities' when advice will change depending on how the babies are doing. At the moment he says he may let me go to 37 weeks and I am going for natural birth (both head down at mo). But the added risks are on my mind - I just wish someone would tell me the best thing to do as I really dont feel qualified to choose between CS or VB. I asked about having a date to go in to be induced and he said he will wait till next scan two weeks time) and see how things are going, and then if all ok wait till scan after that before deciding when to deliver - and then he also says that it is VERY LIKELY that I will go in to labour before 36 weeks any way! why does he always say that!!!!

So 32 weeks now, so only have 5 weeks max to go - may be less. :-)

At least feeling a bit more organised now. DD's emergency bag packed (in case she needs to go and stay with a friend at v short notice), as well as my bags. And DH painted the babies' room a gorgeous blue yesterday - it looks lovely. But it does mean we have to make sure the door is always shut and no one sees it as no one knows that we know we are having boys!! The blue might just give it away.....!!!

Hello to anyone I have missed.

Off to wash through MORE baby clothes (and eat enough breakfast for 3!).

BB3 Thu 29-Mar-12 10:34:25

Oh baileys I know triplets come with their own complications but I had an EMCS with the girls and got to see them (and have skin contact with them face to face) almost instantly then was holding them within 20 minutes. Obviously if they need extra help you might not get this but you never know... Don't panic too much, we just can ne'er predict what will happen. Are they worried about the twins at the moment? How many weeks are you now?

BB3 Thu 29-Mar-12 13:36:05

Pops in impatiently waiting for news from dream. I've got it in my head now that something is happening for you so crossing everything for you (Which also helps my own cause as 3 babies play havock with your bladder wink).

goingmadtrying Thu 29-Mar-12 14:56:32

stinking congrats on the birth of your girls grin sounds like an eventful one but your girlies are here safe and sound, lovely names and good weights smile

hi everyone else what beautiful weather were having smile hope your all enjoying the sunshine, now where has our dream gone???! hopefully off having her boys will await eagerly for news/confirmation sending you lots of love xx

boobs glad you like the names! I actually had an MN vote and went in with the full top ten and bored the midwives senseless during the night ;)

I really wouldn't worry about the weight difference, especially if they're diachronic? Mine had an even larger difference which I think was entirely down to space (Romilly was high up and behind my ribs) and she is making huge attempts to catch up now, which I'm sure she will.

I got the whole 'most twins are born before 36 weeks' too, but 40% aren't, so...I'd just, difficult as it is, trust Nature. If they need to come out, they will. If they're having a jolly snuggly time in there, they'll stay put.

bailey completely understand the weird head-getting-aroundness of it. It still seemed dreamlike even when I was kissing them after the CS. It's only since we came home TBH that it's sunk in. Brilliantly so smile

BB3 DS is being fantastic and is clearly smitten. Put it this way - I haven't been able to take a photo of him for about 5 years, but now he just gazes adoringly at his sisters and...SNAP! He's done some feeds (I'm topping up with formula at the end of each BF), a bath...we haven't quite got to nappies yet but hey, Easter hols start tomorrow so there's no escape. Proof of the pudding was he left his Facebook page open and I saw he'd posted the news and a photo within about an hour of getting home. Bless him.

dream where ARE you?!

Lilyni Thu 29-Mar-12 20:06:28

wow stinking what great news - CONGRATULATIONS!! Sorry you had such a rough time but glad your girls have arrived safely.... gonna have a peak at your blog ......

teds - a boy and girl - how lovely!!!!

baileys - hope you are ok - hope you get on well with TAMBA - have noticed on their FB page that there are loads of families with triplets who may be able to give you advice - try not to worry (easier said than done i know).... will be thinking about you

bigboobs - hope the babies' weight even out for your next scan - cant believe you've only got 5 weeks left to go - sounds like your nearly organised for it!!! Great job!!

dream - ???? you have us all in suspense when we dont hear from you - hope you're ok

I had appt at diabetic clinic today - good news that blood sugar levels are still being controlled by diet alone. Didnt get to see consultant or get scan today but saw the grumpy last obst walk past and she still looked grumpy!!!!

When do the docs start discussing birthing options/dates? 32/ 34 weeks?

goingmadtrying Thu 29-Mar-12 21:47:45

evening ladies, dream has been awol for nearly 48 hours!!!! last time she posted was 10pm on Tuesday hmm very unlike her so i hope everything is ok, and your just off having baby boys please drop on and let us know when you can your ok xx

Hello all!

I am just having glitchy phone issues, loads more aches and pain and am a bit knackered... Told you lot, my body just doesn't know how to go into labour, I'll be knocking around til next Wednesday when they'll be evicted grin.

Last trip to ante-natal clinic today. Twin 2 had done something so painful at 1am last night I wondered of he'd turned head down, but the registrar had a good feel and insists he's still breech. Confirmed part of my increased pan is totally split stomach muscles- I've got this wierd ridge where stuff is sticking out that muscles are no longer holding in- making everything more sore. And according to the doctor a clear gap in the muscles lying down. Gah. Maybe I'll have to actually exercise my stomach muscles after the birth to sort this out!

Massive congratulations stinking, I also love your names and you did so well with the weights. Bit of a disaster at delivery, clearly, but at least it ended with your gorgeous girls- had a quick look at your blog. Very lovely indeed smile. And so nice your DS is enjoying them too! I hope he can't hear them at night though wink

Fab that you're managing diet-controlled method lily ignores fact I still don't think I could actually cope without chocolate . I had my CS booked by then, but think it's partly as they know DH etc, and a friend wasn't given a date til her 36 week appointment. So guess it varies. I'd be hoping for info by 32/34 weeks though (I was desperate for it!!)

teds, a beautiful boy and girl for you! Now prepare yourself for all the 'ooh, how perfect, a ready-made family, you won't need any more now' comments grin Try not to lamp them one. It'll be hard though... Congratulations, and I'm pleased you're happier you're having your babies. OTT hormones have been par for course for me. I have been crying very easily this whole pg blush . Without building work, which is such a stressful time anyway...

bigboobs I'll hope scan wasn't great- all the palaver over my twin 2 seems to have been scan error. I will cross everything they're more similar again next time, and at least you're at a good gestation anyway- I loved being in the '3's weeks, better prospects all round. I have found it really hard all this talk about going into labour any second... certainly hasn't happened for me, but has me symptom-spotting like a fruitloop all the time....

hello goingmad hope you're well and girlies behaving for you, still somersaulting?!

Hope your scan is good baileys, and your twins are doing well. TAMBA will be great for you I think. Apparently there's a good triplet and quad mummies fb group where some of the good ABC everest triple buggies sell (seem to be the no.1 triple buggy of choice despite being import only new- mine seems good), plus loads of support. Says the RL triplet-mummy-to-be I met.

I had a total, complete, utter meltdown today after my ante-natal clinic appointment. I'd gone alone, and DH had DD. I left her napping. I'd warned him she did 5 poos yesterday and a horrible, horrible one at her music group in the morning. I got back to a totally hysterical DD with horrific nappy rash (she's never, ever had nappy rash before). DH couldn't clean her up as she was too sore, she couldn't even tolerate a cool bath. It was the most upsetting thing, especially as I feel it was a totally preventable adult-induced injury to my PFB. I was fuming and gutted.... Couldn't help getting really upset with how distraught little DD was, even though it made whole situation worse. Nightmare. DH then fuming I'd worsened situation and blaming him repeatedly for an accident (i know he'd not have left it if he'd realised). You can imagine the pleasant words.... <sigh>

Anyway, my epic post must be over now!!??

love to all, hope everyone ok and a bit less mental, grumpy and sore than me smile

lol, x-posts goingmad Everything hurts, I'm so grumpy, you're v lucky to have not heard from me last 48 hours wink

goingmadtrying Thu 29-Mar-12 22:06:51

glad to hear your still with us and we don't mind grumpy that's why were here smile not much somersualts but regular movements, argh for dd bet she was so upset, but its so hard when their upsetsad hopefully things will look up, i bet its fab being in the 30's im so pleased to be at 20's i keep thinking another couple of weeks they'll be viable smile

thank you for helping with making me comfortable with names, mine were going to be Harley and ethan if boyssmile

Desiren Fri 30-Mar-12 02:13:29

Hi all

Thanks for the kinds words regarding my dad passing thanks, it has been hard but I just try to keep in mind how happy he was that I was giving the family twins.

Anyway had my scan today and got told basically I've got 2 weeks to evict them or their sending in the bailiffs. Everything is going well according to scan just under 5lbs each but now I'm panicking about what size clothes I bought and if I should buy some smaller sizes. This issue I have is that I'm willing to try natural ( one is head down and already had 2 previous births without issues) but the other twin is breech and I'm scared about how they will get that one out and then needing a cs anyway so if they don't obey the court order and leave on their own accord should I opt for cs? My my there is sooooooo much to think about recovery/support etc. it's all abit much when you just want a decent nights sleep.
stink I read your blog excellent! reading your birth story sounds like how I expect my experience to go at my hospital not to far from yours. ( also a saarf east girl).
Well done to all the other expectees!
Finally I'm used to pink, glittery and sparkly things the selection for boys is very limited shock not had as much fun shopping this time round at all

desiren, I have tortured myself with this decision too. I had a difficult first birth, and one is now breech, but I decided against induction so had opted for ELCS at term even though at that point both were head down. One is now breech, but not the presenting twin. My ELCS is in 5 days and I'm worried about the recovery rather than the actual op/birth, and picking up my 18 month old! bb3 reassured me by saying she could hold her eldest straight away if he was passed to her and she didn't have to lift him or put him down. I'm optimistically hoping for speedy recovery! I was told a breech delivery was 'somewhat more painful' (I though normal was agony!!) but they will deliver breech if they can't turn T2. How many weeks are you in 2 weeks? Clothes wise I figure if they're too big they'll at least be covered, and if you need smaller there's 24 hour supermarkets and online shopping with next day delivery and they certainly won't freeze in blankets and too big clothes, so I'm not getting smaller. But I'm now 37+1!!!! Expecting baby elephants!!!! How old are your girls again?

nappy rash update (I know you're all dying to know wink ) Looking a bit better, but still traumatic changes, poor button.... Still, all good practice with the cotton wool and water again!

I am maybe a little less hormonal/tearful today, but definitely suffering a lot to try and keep up with DD/moving about...

skitoo Fri 30-Mar-12 17:30:21

Just a quickie - sorry Dream but looks like I might be queue jumping blush. Have just got to hospital after my waters broke at midday today. No pattern to contractions yet, just some random ones. Will try and update later if any news <eek!>.

Kazar99 Fri 30-Mar-12 18:02:13

Fingers crossed for you Skitoo hoping for news of two bouncing babies soon smile

Congrats Stinking. Love the names and they look gorgeous. Fab pictures from rednellie too.

Hope everyone else is getting on well too. Sorry, been away for 5 days and still trying to play catch up with the thread!

We've been in London since Monday, doing lots of sightseeing. Feel like my bump has changed shape this week and maybe even got smaller. Thinking of booking a private scan to get checked even though had no pains or bleeding. Only 15+5 and next scan not til 20 weeks. Not sure if it's just because I've been more active this week rather than sitting behind a desk all the time. Plus I'm starting to eat properly again as ms has finally stopped, yippee, and can stomach fruit and veg again so not as constipated (sorry if tmi) so it may just be normal?

BB3 Fri 30-Mar-12 18:12:33

Skitoo yaaaay! Hope everything goes perfectly for you. Not long now lovely. Oh I'm so excited for you! Then dream next week, honestly all these babies - it's just brilliant!

goingmadtrying Fri 30-Mar-12 18:35:34

oooh skitoo that is so exciting, am i right in thinking your 33weeks? hope all is going well and you get on to update us soon grin

dream glad to hear dd a little better, can't believe your baby boys will be here in a few days smile

kazar glad to hear you've had a lovely week, i got my appetite back around that time, im sure all is ok i got my heartbeat monitor around that time as i was worried cause its limbo land! maybe contact midwife see if she would listen in for you, unfortunately where i was the hospital didn't want to know until after 16 weeks, i also had my gender scan around that time, so completely understand your worry xx

hello to everyone else can't wait for my appointment on Tuesday smile

Omg skitoo how exciting! I think you're 34 or 35 weeks but i could be wrong?! oh, dur, your due date is on the stats thread as 15/04/12 so you're 33 weeks!?! Hoping for a lovely birth for you and will look out for your news. Am thinking of you! & while delighted I've hit term a bit wildly jealous!

kazaar, mw wouldn't do hb even at 16 weeks for me, but as I had some spotting and strong bh I was sent in for an extra scan. Very reassuring, just a two minute check hb on screen and moving ok, placenta ok job but I'd ring mw if you're worried. Could just be less constipation/ boosting like you say though!

4 days til next scan goingmad, yay! No time at all (I have to say that as I'm literally going mad being still pregnant...So sore, so fed up of morning sickness, so hormonal!!)

BB3 Fri 30-Mar-12 19:17:35

Oh and kazar your bump will increase and decrease depending on the babies position so don't worry too much although I second speaking to mw if you want as they might be able to reassure you (although I'd be tempted with a private scan just to see the little beans again xmwink)

Good luck Skitoo!! I hope everything goes well and look forward to hearing news of the new arrivals very soon x x

Teds77 Fri 30-Mar-12 20:29:47

Ooo skitoo hope all is going well xxx. Looking forward to news of your boys!

claireinmodena Fri 30-Mar-12 22:18:13

Hello all

Skitoo best pf luck, goingmad not long now!

I have been reading all your posts while bfeeding at night but I struggle to find the time to catxh up properly so apologies if I cant acknowledge everyone.

Also congrats to stinking gorgeous babies!

<waves to all the other twinmummiestobe>

Lack of sleep is deffo catching up with me now... I am exhausted and averaging 4-5 hours sleep in two slots each night! Occasionally I get an extra hour in the morning...

The babies are fattening up quickly, they're so heavy now, and not quite so sleepy anymore and its hard to keep them happy when awake sad. Also they never fall asleep until 12-1am but which time I am nodding off while feeding zzz
Riccardo also is possibly suffering from colic, and cries/screams a lot between 6ish and 12am. Fusses a lot at the breast and seems to fight with it. Ooh I know its just a phase but really hard with two of them and trying not to make the older dds suffer from it. "sorry I cant right now" has become my most used phrase por dds.

Rednellie I am envy at your boys, can you ask them to send a word to mine???

Sorry about the meme pist, just wanted to let you know I read you all and you keep me awake company on my night roundtheclock feeds!

Take care

claireinmodena Fri 30-Mar-12 22:20:14

On the plus side we are getting lots of smiles and cherky grin which kind of make up for it. (but I do need kore sleep!!)

baileyslover Sat 31-Mar-12 00:28:52

Hi guys, just a quickie as I am on duty at work and need to grab a few hours sleep while I can.

Had scan at Oxford this am, after a 2 hour wait in the most uncomfy seats, but good news is that they think they are trichorionic do each with their own placenta. Doesn't rule out identical ones, but no chance of TTTS so pregnancy gone from high high risk to just high grin Also means Oxford are happy for Swindon to take back over care, so much less commuting for me phew! One down side is slightly fewer scans, and with 3 in the past 2 weeks I was getting used to seeing their little heartbeats so regularly. It all certainly takes me one step closer to getting all three through this so hoping that I can relax into this a bit more now.

skitoo v excited for you, sure dream isn't too envy of you jumping the queue smile

By the way are anyone elses DH/DP obsessing about the effect of having multiples on what car you can have. It seems like the only topic of conversation here and it is driving me potty!

baileyslover Sat 31-Mar-12 00:35:00

kazar we are due date buddies give a day or 2, know I won't be getting as near to it as you, but nice to know we will be getting big together smile

Also am really reassured by the number of you guys trying for breastfeeding. One of my friends sounded astonished I am even going to try. I know it won't be exclusive, but I guess every bit of BM will help, especially as they will be prem. Knowing you guys are succeeding gives me confidence to ignore the doubters

rednellie Sat 31-Mar-12 02:53:29

Just a quickie to say "GO GO GO SKITOO!!! You can do it!" Whoo, lots more babies.

Also, I take it all back about my wonder boys - last night they fed for an hour, on the hour, every hour all night. I'd forgotten about nights like that....

goingmadtrying Sat 31-Mar-12 06:33:54

woohoo baileys that is fantastic news glad you got some good news, what a reliefsmile how often will you been seen now? tbh its quite nice at the beginning being scanned so frequently but can be a bit of a drag going every couple of weeks! i wouldn't swap it though as really you never truly relax grin we were lucky re car as already had a 7 seater but have got a newer one, i wonder if that's what he is focussing on because its something he understands and can be confident about??? so what is your due date have they given you an indication of when they will let you go too?? great to hear your thinking of bf too this thread really is great for support grin

sorry you've had such a rough night rednellie hopefully it was a one off and goes back tonight

skitoo come on we need news!!!!!! lol i understand your probably busy so i hope all is going smoothly for you smile can't wait for details of your boys arrival

hope your feeling ok dream not long now smile

hope everyone has a great weekend only 17 working days left for me grin

goingmadtrying Sat 31-Mar-12 06:35:57

Claire sorry to hear the sleep deprivation has caught up with you, but grin at cute little smile, hopefully the growth spurt will finish soon and you can get back to a routine, they sound adorable though smile

goingmadtrying Sat 31-Mar-12 12:50:45

just checking back in for news on skitoo..........

damn nothing yet hmm

Lilyni Sat 31-Mar-12 13:11:35

sorry for short post..... just another quickie

just checking in for news too skitoo.... how exciting!!!!!

Great news baileys about scan - im sure its such a relief

hi to everyone else - will hopefully have time for longer post later!!

Also checking for news of skitoo...

Baileys, forget the debate and move swiftly forward onto looking only at the full sized MPV. From our research with limited budget we got down to the seat alhambra or Ford galaxy. We went Seat as its cheaper plus has less electricals to go wrong. Depends what you can afford-dh refuses to buy a new car because of budget and depreciation, but the new VW sharan and Seat Alhambra both have sliding doors which makes getting babies out in limited space car parks much easier. The only other sliding door MPVs are the KIA Sedona and Citroën C8 which are affordable but have much worse reliability. There. That's months of our debate in a nutshell for you :-) . Triplet mum to be with 2 year old who came round to look at our buggy has a beautiful, shiny, brand new Ford Galaxy- jealous, me?! Glad all separate sacs, that's wonderfully reassuring- as far as it can be with.triplets. this triplet mum is Def bf too- she says no way is she doing bottles with three!!! She accepts may be some mixed feeding too.

Oh Claire, one baby is hard enough, the night feeding with two... I think you can do a few weeks of nights like that but then it becomes really debilitating. You still sound positive though, and are doing wonderfully well! Just keep chanting 'this too shall pass!' xx

skitoo Sat 31-Mar-12 14:20:18

Sorry ladies but no news. They want me to cook them for a bit longer, as less than 34 weeks and no medical reason to get them out now. So on steroids to mature their lungs, which they see as key objective, and see where we get to in next 24/48 hours. This is despite going in to labour on my own early hours of this morning, got to 1 min interval contractions but they backed me out of it - so a nice 4.5 hour trial run sad.

Catch up later as should be trying to sleep and let you know where we get to. Hope you are all well xx.

Oh so much news to respond to!

skitoo so excited, and look at you Ms Calmness with waters breaking at midday and still posting from home at tea time, I would have been right in there! Can't wait for news.

baileys I am BF but since hospital because their blood sugar was low have been topping up...as my milk has come in that's now gone from 40ml each feed to 10ml...tricky to judge as they'll always take the formula if forced, but then have been sick...so they're now only getting it for as long as they're actively sucking. BF is 'fine' - nipples have been bloomin' agony, loads of Lansinoh and Jelonet (fibre impregnated with something a bit like Vaseline), getting there...My toes curl each time they latch and I swallow a yelp, but it's getting better and WILL be worth it. Plus we get such a nice cuddle.

Feeding cushion a definite necessity. Burping them one handed still beyond my wits...How the blazes will you do it with 3??? Are you even going to try? Lord knows I wouldn't!

claireinmodena Sat 31-Mar-12 15:18:25

skitoo will be thinking of you and those babies! Hoping they're good weights!

My ones must have realised I was at the dnd if it as had a decent night last night, and managed to actually have a goid four hour stretch! Thanks also to dh to settled colicky riccardo and kept him with him while I was catching up on much needed sleep!

baileys good news on them being trichorionic, one less worry!

claireinmodena Sat 31-Mar-12 15:20:35

And stinking good news on bfeeding, I too am a big fan of lansinoh cream smile

We're also dimishing top ups dramatically actually they went 20 hours on my milk alone!!

rednellie Sat 31-Mar-12 19:13:30

skitoo, sorry I got a bit over enthusiastic when I heard you were in labour, obviously it probably is better to keep them cooking a bit longer, but frustrating for you. A girl I know out here had her waters go at 33 weeks and they kept hers in for a couple more weeks which made a big difference to the babies. Good luck with it all and let us know how you're getting on if you have the chance.

baileys, I'm exclusively breastfeeding. I didn't know if it would work, but it has for us. I think listening to my own instincts has helped a lot and having very understanding midwives - the nurses at hospital seemed to start panicking when they boys were just losing a normal amount of weight post birth. I think they would have tried to supplement if I hadn't been ignoring them grin. And supplementing then is such a stupid thing to do - your supply is only just establishing. I'm glad I had two days in hospital to just feed feed feed as now we're home they're doing brilliantly.

After the all night feeding marathon they've gone back to normal, so I think they may just have been upping my milk supply - they have grown massively so they probably need more milk. I have no idea what they weigh though, funny with DD I was weighing her all the blooming time, this time round I'm much happier just checking that they've got wet/dirty nappies and are feeding well.

Hope everyone else is good.

Desiren Sat 31-Mar-12 19:13:59

Hi dream and et al
I'm 34 weeks tomorrow and have to return to consultant in 2 weeks to get given a date for dreaded induction or cs. Your right about the clothes but I have moments of panic about random thing every now and again. My DDs are 15 and 5 and very excited about have brothers.
I've got the health visiting team coming to see me next week as with my 5 yo I discharged myself after birth so can not remember what is provided if anything and also what happens after a cs and with twins. I've got lots of info from lovely mumsnet but just need to finalise a few things in my mind.

BB3 Sat 31-Mar-12 19:45:57

Ok going to try and remember everything as I'm on my phone.

Baileys yay for separate placentas x

Skitoo - sending good lung strengthening and lovely labour vibes to you x

Claire, I think my go to phrases when the girls were first here was '2 minutes trouble' to ds to explain I couldn't go straight away or 'mummy will come and play as soon as I can'. I felt awful but it's just impossible to throw yourself in all directions!

Re cars, we already had a 6 seater (honda Frv) but if I had to buy a bigger one it would be the smax - my parents have one and I love it (although I love my Honda too!).

Re bfing - I think the key thing is not to put too much pressure on yourself to be able to do it exclusively and just play it by ear - if you can and all goes well then great, if not then so what! I actually think there is a role for topping up especially for smaller babies or those with blood sugar issues and also to give mummies a break from time to time if needed, you can always reduce it or remove it completely down the line but you just have to do what's right for you. I exclusively bf'd for 3 months then introduced one ff a day until 6 months and now am mix feeding and that's worked for me but i'd have had no qualms about introducing ff earlier if that was best for me x

BB3 Sat 31-Mar-12 19:51:05

Desiren - so close!

Rednellie - you really are doing brilliantly , glad the marathon feeding has calmed down.

Dream - 4 days until your boys are here!

Hello to everyone else xx

Sorry if I've missed anyone x

BB3 Sat 31-Mar-12 19:52:29

Just re read and realised rednellie explained the bfing thing way better in one line - trust your instincts wink x

NoMoreWineForMeThen Sat 31-Mar-12 20:22:17

Knock, knock. Can I come in? I'm a little nervous because I'm not sure I'll keep up with you all but would like to join if I may?

Almost 32 weeks with non-ID twin boys. I'm struggling with the pregnancy quite a bit now. Bump weighs a tonne and my back has given up. Realising that I've left far too many thing until the last minute and not sure how I'll cope with it all now. A little stroll around the shops to get bits for my hospital bag was quite unbearable today.

Have an 18 month old DD so obviously have a few concerns about how I'll cope once the boys arrive too!

Reading the comments about BF with interest as would like to BF if I can.

Found out that twin 2 has extra fluid last week so have lots of tests and scans next week to check all is OK. A little concerning bit I'm trying not to worry.

Anyway, that's me.... hello!

Evening all!

MNing in.the dark in DD's room, fingers in ears, la la la style that as of next Wed she'll just sleep in the evening... We had been improving but she's totally bunged up with a cold now :-( .

skitoo, while it is exciting to be on the verge of meeting your babies you do ideally want them a bit more cooked so well done for hanging onto them. Gives the steroids a chance to work too- they need to be in your system 12 hours before you deliver. Am thinking of you, looking forward to any updates you can manage.

BB3, I hope to EBF for the first 3 months at least, but won't be too devastated if it doesn't happen I hope . Also hope K gets his ENT appointment soon.

rednellie, the delights of growth spurts/ upping milk supply... I intend to follow your lead and if babies feeding and with wet/dirty nappies then not worrying. My dad is dead keen, always on at me when DD was tiny about not going down the road of 'Anxiety Parenting'- I hope to be as relaxed and natural at this twin thing as you sound!! My bf pillow like yours arrived, and the bra. Like both so far, but hoping I've gone for the right size in the bra- cup things look slightly odd, but v v comfy!!

Hello and welcome nomorewine . Please do join in :-) . Struggling? Snap! 18 month old DD? Snap! Thank goodness only 4 more days for me though... The end bit is really bloody tough I'm finding, I think everyone does. I just keep reminding myself it'll be easier to cope and better all round with nice big babies who can feed well, don't need scbu etc as i waddle and struggle through each day

Err, on phone, forgotten if I've forgotten people so sorry if so!

Oh, of course, hope all scans and tests are ok next week nomorewine . I had a false alarm.about twin 2 not growing-he still is- so hope you get good news too.

BB3 Sat 31-Mar-12 21:27:51

Nomorewine! Hello! Good luck with scans, hope it's just poor measurements / positions etc and scans go ok - hope the last 6 weeks are uneventful for you.

Dream (I can't remember if I've actually posted about it) but we had his audiology appointment two weeks ago and turns out the poor little mite has very poor hearing because of severe glue ear (I've never felt like a worse mother in my life listening to them explain that for the past 12-18 months it's very likely he has heard nothing but muffled words and sounds sad) it was really interesting / shocking seeing the test and seeing him completely blank to relatively 'normal' levels of sound. After crying for a few days that I didn't push for the test sooner and therefore left him struggling to hear, and angry at the hcps who dismissed us, I'm now just glad we have a diagnosis. We have ent on 25th to decide if we can progress with grommets or whether he needs a more invasive inner ear operation to clear it. But given that his speech is essentially what he hears from us (gabble) if his hearing is improved we have a long way to go as he'll have to re learn everything from scratch pretty much.

claireinmodena Sat 31-Mar-12 21:33:52

Quickie on my phone, welcome nomorewine ! Good luck with scans!

baileys re bfeeding: I am feeding my twins (7wks) with one breast only (long pathetic story but the other cant produce any milk), had a rocky start at the hospital with one twin who was vlassed as low birth weight, pressure to to up etc. when I went home they were totally ff, nxt days my milk came in, and I try putting them on again. To cut a long story short, they now have about 1 or 2 bottles a day each, and bfed the rest of the time, which goes well beyond any hopes I had to start with!

So it is doable but do not stress about it!

BB3 Sat 31-Mar-12 21:38:00

Oh and Wednesday is ds' 3rd birthday. In true bad mother style I haven't got him anything (bearing in mind he still had two sacks full of toys left from charisma he's yet to even look at!) other than taking him to the safari park and having a tea party on good Friday so I've decided to tell him his birthdays are your little boys grin!

BB3 Sat 31-Mar-12 21:39:02

Charisma is the bb3 iphone name for Christmas grin

BB3 Sat 31-Mar-12 21:44:56

And his birthday presents are your little boys. I'm going to bed now to rest my weary brain!

scollister Sun 01-Apr-12 00:11:06

Hallo ladies
I'm new to this thread. I'm expecting DC #2&3 19/05/12 MCDA so latest date I've been given is 5/05/12.
Looking forward to to finally connecting with mums in the same boat!

NoMoreWineForMeThen Sun 01-Apr-12 07:30:26

Thank for your the welcomes!

DreamingOfPeace, yes I keep telling myself that the longer I can hold on to the boys the better for them and pain, discomfort and lack of sleep will be worth it in the end. smile They seem to be good weights, 4lb 5 and 4lb 8 so I pray all is OK in the mothership.

Twin 1 is breach and Twin 2 is transverse (twin 2 is also the one with the extra fluid). They seem quite happy in this position and have only varied from this to both being transverse throught the pregnancy. I'm mentally preparing myself for a c-section. sad

Have you found it hard to pack hospital bags when you don't really know how long you'll be in hospital for?

Also, may I ask which breastfeeding pillows you have all opted for?

Just a quickie from me to say hello and welcome to new ladies!

scolliater i am having mcda as well and my due date is just after yours - 23 may!

really beginning to struggle now and feel like a useless blob. up last night being sick and diareah (i know that is spelt wrong!). Not long to go I spose. not that I want the boys to come out before they should, just really had enough of feeling so rubbish and useless. sorry for the moan.

hope everyone is ok. d-day is nearly here dream and good luck to those having scans.

goingmadtrying Sun 01-Apr-12 07:39:39

hope your doing ok skitoo definitely a good thing to cook them longer, are you still in hospital

welcome nomore had to see you came over to join us, sorry its so difficult at the mo, when are you next being seen about the fluid difference?

scollister welcome smile not long now for you, im also having mcda girls and can't wait!! glad you came to join us do you know what your having?

hello to everyone else hope your all enjoying the weekend smile

Morning all. Agree on the BF and not stressing. We had heaps of pressure put on us in hospital because of low blood sugar to FF only, so glad I stuck to my guns. Can someone PLEASE explain to midwives that, with twins a) they're early b) if you have a CS there will be another delay c) producing enough for two is a small feat...so to chillaxe. Because, frankly, when it comes to milk production having even more anxiety heaped on you isn't going to help.

Upshot is, we've been topping up every feed with max 40ml formula, and this is now winding down as my boobs start to resemble milky Etnas. They take 10-20ml now of formula, sometimes nothing, depending whether I have the shields on or not.

Hopefully we can stop altogether in the next few days, and replace the 2.30am FF with an expressed breast milk one.

Persevere! Now, the pain though, that's a whole other post ;)

nomorewine finding it really hard to do the hospital bag. Am going to finalize today with the hope of being in less but planning for the advised 3 nights. rednellies boys were head down until 37 weeks and both head down at delivery! Mine were both head down but at 36 weeks T2 turned breech. I think he may have turned head.down again at 37 weeks but the doctor palpated and said still breech. Hmm. But they can turn late is all I mean :-) . BB3 has a wonderful CS birth story, so it doesn't mean you won't have a lovely birth anyway.

I have bought the My Brest Friend twin feeding cushion on rednellies recommendation. A friend of a friend having twins has rung the people at Twins UK who told her the harmony duo is better which she told me after I'd bought so too late for me to compare though had a quick look . The only one I've heard bad things about is the EZ 2 nurse inflatable. rednellie is EBF with the My Brest Friend though and they seem v similar.

Hi scollister and welcome! Loads of mcda twins here now :-)

BB3, poor K. He must be a very bright button to be keeping up with other development areas with poor hearing. So hard to know what they can and can't hear/ see, don't be hard on yourself. At least you have a diagnosis and I'd be fuming it wasn't picked up on the 2 year check or by any hcp- that's their job!!!

bigboobs, I'm still vomiting- think its just morning sickness still though, and had an upset tummy a few times, plus I'm useless. Can't seem to get through a day without tears now...but its never bloody labour for me!!!

Still thinking of you skitoo, hope you're managing to hold onto those babies a bit longer. Still bet you beat me to it though :-)

stinking, stirling effort with the feeding, well done you! I hope I don't have to do bottles straight away though...no idea how to do it plus double the work each feed surely?! Amazing how quick you're getting them off top ups, good going.

2days til you see your babies again goingmad. Lovely!! Is that the 22 or 24 week scan?

Hello to anyone I've missed!!

Functioning even worse than normal as DD has a cold/illness of some sort, up 5 times in the night, and I'm struggling to get comfy enough to sleep anyway. Worrying about how exhausted i am going into the newborn baby bit...eek

Err, that doesn't make sense nomorewine, I meant rednellies boys were BREECH until 37 weeks then turned head down...

Wonder what else I messed up in there...

goingmadtrying Sun 01-Apr-12 10:25:55

Morning dream sorry to hear your dd still not well and that's impacting on your sleep even more, don't worry about newborn time I'm sure you'll get a burst of energy from somewhere and you'll get a couple of days in hospital, so maybe catch up on some zzz's there hmm maybe not lol

Yes 22 weeks today and scan with consultant on Tuesday, not seen her for about 5 weeks so will be nice to check everything still going ok, will also be interested on her take on the sonographer finding the potential second placenta ! Am sure he was wrong so hoping she'll be able to explain it a bit better. Also want to find out babies positions so I can try to work out who's moving when smile

Can't believe you get to meet your babies in a few days, how exciting grin

Kazar99 Sun 01-Apr-12 10:56:50

Morning everyone

Welcome to nomorewine and scollister. I'm only 16 weeks tomorrow so won't be much help but plenty of the others will be able to help smile

baileys nice to hear that they are triamniotic. Something less to worry about. Will be great to have a bump buddy. Just found out that a girl I know is having DCDA twins, due 3weeks after me!

dream sorry to hear you are still being sick and that DD is ill. Not long to go now though and hopefully you'll get a couple of days rest in hospital!

goingmad hope the scan and consultant on Tuesday helps explain things. Will be interesting if they think still 2 placentas. Means they might not be id after all but at least you wouldn't need to worry about TTTS.

I'm still waiting to feel my two move but have booked a private scan for this afternoon as bump feels smaller this week. Fingers crossed!

skitoo hope the extra cooking and steroids works and that you can keep them in for another few days. Are you in hospital still or on bed rest at home?

bigboobs hope you are feeling better soon. The more I hear about people struggling at 30+ weeks, the more I think that I'll be stopping work earlier than expected.

All the positive stories about everyone bf are great and very reassuring to know that it is do-able even if some top-ups of ff are needed occasionally.

goingmadtrying Sun 01-Apr-12 11:35:16

thanks kazyr i saw the same sonographer the week later and he thought it may be an extension of the bigger one, or not used at all which can happen, i doubt the consultant has been wrong for all this time especially as that's what she checks for! lol but we will see, good luck for your scan let us know how you go, i had a private scan at 16 weeks its limbo time isn't it im sure all will be good smile

rednellie Sun 01-Apr-12 17:03:02

Oh goodness dream, I hope you get on with the pillow now or I'll feel responsible! I have and still find it invaluable - can nod off whilst tandem feeding at night, am hands free during the day so can read to DD. PS re the bra - I took the pads out, is that what's making them a funny shape?

claire you're my hero. grin

Welcome nomorewine and scollister! It's a wonderful ride. And yeah my boys took turn flipping from breech to head down right up until the day they came out so nothing is fixed in stone.

Kazar99 Sun 01-Apr-12 17:06:33

Had private scan this afternoon and everything is still looking good smile they've moved from both head down at last scan to both being head up but both wriggling about lots so probably why my bump keeps half disappearing!

claireinmodena Sun 01-Apr-12 17:56:46

rednellie blush thanks, you're too kind! I am just b** stubborn I am!grin

BB3 Sun 01-Apr-12 18:03:41

Kazar - yay for the scan - very pleased all us well -are you finding out the sex?

Dream, don't even get me started on the hcps what's worse is that 6 months ago I took him to get glue ear and Tongue tie checks at gp and hv and was told he was fine and not to worry until he was three!

Lilyni Sun 01-Apr-12 18:06:32

oh my word ... what a chatty lot .... ill never keep up now lol

big hellos to nomorewine and scollister

will be thinking about you this week dream and skitoo. good luck with your scan on tues going - cant wait to hear how it goes.

loving the blog stinking - saw you appear on the TAMBA fb too !!!!

Im gonna be 30 weeks on Tues and not looking forward to getting even more tired, uncomfortable etc sad

I managed to breastfeed 3ds well but feel really daunted by the prospect of feeding twins - not quite sure of the tandem feeding! All the advice so far seems to be spot on - try not to put pressure on yourself is probably the most important!! Will have to start looking around at the breast feeding pillows! claire and rednellie - thanks for your posts of encourgement for everyone - it really helps to settle us!

Big waves to everyone else - I know Ive forgotten loads.

rednellie Sun 01-Apr-12 20:44:12

BB3 - just meant to say I'm sorry about your DS's hearing, it must have been an awful shock and horrible for you that it wasn't picked up earlier. Do not blame yourself, you've done all you can. I'm sure now you guys know it'll only be a matter of time before he's sorted. Also, I LOVE all your typos, you had me cracking up at Charisma.

Good luck all having scans, and those nearing the end my heart goes out to you, I honestly think having newborn twins is WAY better and easier than being heavily pregnant with them! It can only get better.

Oh thank goodness you've said that rednellie or I honestly wouldn't cope. Dh out, spent two hours getting DD to bed and she's just waking up again- I read your post on the verge of meltdown and its really cheered me up! (& sure the bf pillow will be great too!)

Claire, 2 babies fed on one boob is a huge achievement and inspiration for us all.

Can't do any more, going to hope to cuddle that bloody baby DD back to sleep before she kicks off in earnest...

BB3 Mon 02-Apr-12 06:09:14

It is much easier once they arrive - I think those first few week bliss compared to the end if pregnancy.

And for once you get a bit further down the line - You have two gorgeous babies that giggle together until you think they'll explode. Reach out for each other when they're playing and their new thing is to lay or play together and then both reach out to me / dh for cuddles when we talk to them (picture four arms sprayed out towards your face) which involves an interesting pick up manoeuvre but results in two babies snuggling in and squeezing tight grin

Dream Ds wasn't having sleep issues but he was pushing the boundaries (a lot) before they arrived and it's like when they arrived he exhaled and said 'oh is that all that's changed, I cam deal with that' and was much better. Hopefully dd is just sensing change.

I didn't feed the girls together much (sometimes but I didn't personally get on with it) but feeding them separately wasn't a problem either x we are not down to 4 feeds a day 2 bf and 2 ff, they're growing up way top quickly!

Rednellie - the thing is my job involves me proofing a lot of copy so there is no excuse! I'm always rushing and as I am now trying to wrestle the phone from Edith-may's vice like grasp as she squeals with excitement!!!

claireinmodena Mon 02-Apr-12 09:54:43

BB3 I always love reading your posts about your girls, they are so cuts! I just cannot wait for mind to do that and actually notice each other

So sorry to hear about your ds's late diagnosis, I had a simolar experience with dd1 (not ear related though), of running after hcp for years until I found someone who knew what they were talkkng about and quickly solved the problem. So frustrating, but hopefully now its been identified you'll be on the right track, doesnt make up for wasted time though I know, poor k!

claireinmodena Mon 02-Apr-12 13:56:58

Cute, even not cuts! Sorry BB3...

BB3, your girls sound adorable!! Another one who loves your posts about them here, I can't wait for similar :-) . That's even worse that you took K to the doctor's for glue ear shock . Still, hope ent fix him quick, and that less invasive might be enough... I think you're right about DD sensing change, I hope her OTT clingyness and separation anxiety from me will calm down quickly once the babies are here!

I am.having such painful bh (which the mw had no interest in at pre op this morning), and generally suffering. Bring on Wed... Finally got most of the stuff for my hospital bag, bar nighties. Sainsburys had none that would do for easy feeding!! on the other hand, after getting my big knickers etc in sainsburys and stocking up as if for Armageddon , I stood in a massive check out queue and a member of staff quietly came and got me and took me and opened a new till for me- said they didn't think i should be waiting that long blush . Now that's how I know I'm visibly vast, waddling and struggling!!!!

Poor DD is ill. Cough cough cough cough cough. After 2 hours getting her to bed last night she was up after an hour, and at least every hour til one am, then slept til 5. I feel shattered!!!

Oh- & kazaar , forgot to say congratulations on another great scan, I drove myself & everyone on here, and dh crazy worrying til I hit a 'safe' gestation, and I'm.still worrying now! I hope you'll be a little saner than me :-)

Desiren Mon 02-Apr-12 23:00:11

I think I lost my mucus plug, no blood or staining but I'm very excited. Could this be a sign things are moving or is it just a tease?

claireinmodena Mon 02-Apr-12 23:25:38

Hi desiren it could but sometimes you can lose it even days in advance. It is a sign something starting to move though. Very exciting!!

Keep us posted and get some rest!

goingmadtrying Tue 03-Apr-12 07:25:16

ohhh desiren v exciting when are due your not on the list???? keep us posted smile

now another lady missing is skitoo hope your doing ok please let us know how you doing xx

consultant for me today ill pop on later to let you know how i go smile

nebbo Tue 03-Apr-12 10:29:04

Morning girls, can I join your group.

I'm 9 weeks along with mcda twins.

My morning sickness seems a lot better this week than it did last week (when I thought it would kill me!) did anyone else feel like that?

Also do you ever stop worrying through the pregnancy?? I'm trying not to tell anyone until 12 weeks buts its all I can think about!

Hope you and your babies are all well this morning

BB3 Tue 03-Apr-12 10:59:51

oooh Desiren, how exciting. I'd let your MW know but it could still be a week or so until the labour starts (was 8 days after my sister lost hers that my dn arrived), but it's definitely a positive sign! I have never in either pg lost a plug so have no idea what it is like!

I am hoping skitoo is too busy enjoying cuddles with her babies!

Dream - TOMORROW - Can you believe it! And yes ladies Dream was crowned queen worry wart when she first came on but is still here the day before her babies are being evicted (bet you're off having them now I have said all this!)

welcome nebbo - how did you find out you were having twins? I had ms 3 days after i fell pg (despite all the tests saying negative) and it was the worst I have ever felt. I literally lived in the bathroom for the first 4 months! Luckily now they are here I can say it is worth it!

scollister Tue 03-Apr-12 11:22:51

Hallo ladies, thank you for the lovely welcome!

We don't know the gender of our babies, just that they are MCDA - I was convinced that they were boys then at my last scan I saw 3 white lines which is supposed to indicate girls, so who knows!

I have my c-section booked for the 1st May but will decide the week before. I had an emergency c-sec with DD who is almost 4, after a week of induction - although I'm desperate for a natural birth, I don't think I can go through the induction process again and end up having an emergency c-section anyway. I have changed hospitals and although L&D is a 35mile drive away, the staff are amazing. Some back ache & belly ache since last night so maybe things will happen on their own anyway! Hopefully not too early tho!

nebbo Tue 03-Apr-12 11:28:12

Thanks bb3,
I had a private viability scan on Saturday so am just getting used to the news.
I am just desperate to be further along now. I'm usually very patient but just want then healthy and in my arms. I suppose that's a welcome to pregnancy feeling isn't it!? Xxx
How old are yours now?

goingmadtrying Tue 03-Apr-12 12:14:17

welcome nebbo unfortunately i don't think you ever stop worrying but i felt better at 12,16 and then 20 weeks. im still really nervous but this hasn't stopped me shopping!! lol mine are mcda too smile

I've been to see the consultant this morning, was very stressful due to taking the boys and them being bored!!! didn't help as had a student learning to scan!!! took forever and no pics sad measurements all ok and no evidence of tts, twin 1 weighs approx 1lb 1 and twin 2 approx 1lb 2 twin 2 was very active she actually was head down to start off with and completely turned!! she has put them both as head down so in the right positions for now! lol placenta still.low but not covering os she said no worry as will be scanned so frequently, not seeing her for another 3 weeks as she's on holiday babies really active and moving today feeling movements on both sides.

hope skitoo and desiren are doing ok and your all ready mentally and practically dream gosh we going to have lots of new babies to coo over good luck to you all, i feel so much more positive about things think you was at the same stage as me when i first joined the thread and you'll soon be meeting your baby boys smile

hello to everyone else hope your all doing ok x

Desiren Tue 03-Apr-12 13:19:19

Claire, Going & BB3 I've never lost my mucus plug before and went full term with DDs, I'm 34 weeks and was hoping to go natural before the consultant dead line and they try to induce me. I think it won't be long as I'm sooooo tired, sleepin all the time and by boobs hurt like hell all positive signs but I know it's a waiting game. I never had any of these symptoms with my other 2 but I dont have a great pregnancy/birth memory to be honest, I think thats why I'm so "let's have another one" confused

oooh, desiren, exciting. Bit envy at these people who's bodies actually know how to go into labour... I do know people who've lost a mucous plug at 38 weeks and been induced, but it's still a sign! I have been having such strong, painful BH I've been wondering whether they're early contractions for weeks now... but then I don't 'do' labour!!! Still, unless a miracle happens, all go for ELCS tomorrow for me, I'm getting super nervous/ excited, desperate to meet the boys!!

scollister 1st May is so close! I also could never face induction again, but if I'd gone into labour naturally may have just gone for it. A friend who came to a scan with DD with me insisted she saw the genitals and they were male. Clearly not as DD is a girl, but maybe girls for you!! (50/50 anyway, lol!)

Welcome nebbo!!! I've still not relaxed- mine aren't in my arms yet
<proudly puts Queen Worry Wart crown on>

Fantastic scan news goingmad! both so active, such similar weight guesstimates and officially head down (though from this thread alone we all know that means nothing as my head-down all the way through is breech from 36 weeks, plus rednellies 37 week turners!!)- perfect!!

Also desperately trying to sort out nanny stuff for our 2 days a week help. Like a company to do PAYE slips/tax... Last minute, no?! any advice bb3?

claireinmodena Tue 03-Apr-12 18:31:12

Just wanted to wish you good luck dream you'll have your babies in your arms in no time now!!

Will be rhinking of you tomorrowsmile

rednellie Tue 03-Apr-12 18:53:50

GOOD LUCK dream!!! Can't believe it's so soon - I'll be up for hours here in Canada so you can keep me posted and I'll keep you company if you want!

And Desiren, I never had the mucus plug either...but I'd reckon it probably is a good sign with you at your stage of pregnancy. I'll be keeping everything crossed you get into labour naturally.

And skitoo, we're all thinking of you. xxx

Welcome nebbo - I managed my stress by becoming totally obsessed with everything twin related. Now they're here I haven't read a thing...grin

Lilyni Tue 03-Apr-12 19:09:11

All the best for tomorrow dream - so excited for you - hope it all goes well - will be thinking about you.

Big welcome nebbo!!

desiren - how exciting - will be looking forward to hearing some news soon then! Hope skitoo is ok too.

so much happening at the moment - looking forward to hearing all about the imminent arrivals!!

baileyslover Tue 03-Apr-12 21:07:17

Just a quick drop in to see if any news from skitoo and to wish dream GOOD LUCK for tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing baby news soon x

scollister Tue 03-Apr-12 21:11:14

Good luck dream! How exciting! Will be thinking of you tomorrow.
My aches and pains all subsided after an afternoon nap - guess I just needed a little rest smile xxx

Kazar99 Tue 03-Apr-12 21:25:02

Good luck dream and hope everything goes well for you too desiren. Hopefully we'll get good news from skitoo soon too. Looking forward to hearing about all these new babies smile

BB3 Tue 03-Apr-12 21:28:41

Scollister - that's so soon! I know this bit feels like ages but it's really not long!

Hey Claire how are those gorgeous babies?

Red, are the boys still being perfect gents? And how is dd?

Going - what great weights! Glad all is ok.

Nebbo, the girls are 6.5 months (I can't quite believe it's even possible!). I didn't find out until 12 weeks and then spent 25 more weeks worrying and being incredibly impatient for every scan and appointment. It's unfortunately part of the course.

Dream, is she not self employed? Ideally she would be and you just have to pay her he gross salary each week / month and she works out her tax and ni contributions at the end of the financial year. I don't know what you're paying but if it's below the ni and tax threshold (£164 a week), and she's not self employed I'd do it yourself as you can download the software from hmrc. (called basic page or something like that). You'll need to register as an employer first - there is a lot of paperwork to be honest and the easiest situation for everyone is if she is self employed as she can write off various things against her income (like travel etc) to avoid tax and you don't have to worry about the admin of it all. Pm me once you have 5 mins (which wont be for a while) and i will explain that better. Im pretty sure you would be wasting more money paying an agent to do it. I'm just doing dh's end of year and I swear there is a reason I wasn't an accountant! Google is my new best friend!

So dream - I cannot believe we are finally at d day! I remember when you first joined and you were quite early on and I was in the later stages and I've watched you worry your way through this pregnancy and cope with no sleep and a sick dd and still be here almost everyday jollying everyone along. You've done so well to get your boys to this point and I cannot wait to hear the news tomorrow. Good luck with the elcs, relax and enjoy your boys when they arrive. Huge hugs to you, dh and Isla and I hope you love being a family of five x

Try and get as much sleep as possible today, lord knows there won't be much for a while longer! grin

So ds is 3 tomorrow. 3!!! This time three years ago I was at the hospital crying my eyes out with tiredness (the little blighter had me in labour for 4 days).

Hope everyone is having a lovely evening. I'm off for a shower and bed before waking up to balloons and no doubt demands for cake for breakfast. Night all.

claireinmodena Tue 03-Apr-12 22:26:32

Welcome Nebbo! I have 8wk old b/g twins, personally I stopped worrying at 35 wks when I knew chances of nicu were greatly reduced.

BB3 hope your ds has a lovely birthday tomorrow.

My babies are growing too quickly! Lots of smiles all round, but not enough sleep for me! sad the crankiness and crying in the evening seems to be better though. I have to start thinking about a proper routine in the evening in the hope of reclaiming a couple of hrs for dh and I. Feels like we havent talked in months!

Cant wait to hear all the baby news!!

I must go to bed but I'm soooo nervous and excited! Its an afternoon list, so if there are no emergencies or delays, they could be being born around 2pm. Will try and update tomorrow, or the day after latest! Thanks so much for all the good wishes everyone!

also wondering how skitoo is getting on- I'm assuming by her radio silence they're here?! Thinking of her anyway.

We went through an agency to find the nanny bb3 and they didn't even talk about that as an option... Just said we had to register as an employer and do ourselves or go through an agency. I didn't think I wanted to try and work out what I had to do so was just going to use an agency. The article on 'nanny tax' in the papers last week freaked me out a bit, so I just contacted some agencies. I have a feeling if we said she could be self-employed she'd just go for cash in hand which would scare me in case anything came up and we were caught and fined- as obviously that's totally illegal to avoid tax and NI. Crap, now I'm wondering if she can be self-employed. Need to decide asap as got to have forms sent off in next few days to be ready to go if we do go through an agency!! I know, I was 12 or 13 weeks when I joined here- like rednellie, obsessive twin-chat on here and reading has helped me through smile . Happy Birthday to K for tomorrow, I hope he has a lovely, lovely birthday. Cake for breakfast? What a great idea grin . My boys will be in good company on their birthday too then.

Had a lovely final morning with just little DD. Took her to the Butterfly House in a local ish park, and she loved it! Mini beasts and little birds etc too, was so nice to have a last outing with her (and my dad, who's been invaluable and did all the lifting etc)

love to all, bumps and babies xx

Teds77 Wed 04-Apr-12 00:25:55

Dream wishing you all the very best for meeting your beautiful boys later today xx

goingmadtrying Wed 04-Apr-12 07:24:55

wow dream today is finally here smile wishing you and your family all the very best and can't wait to hear your news smile glad you had a nice last day with dd on your own yesterday, grin grin

bb3 that was such a lovely message of support, thank you for my good wishes too im so grateful for this thread and you ladies smile hope your ds has a lovely birthday and defo cake for breakfast grin

still no news from skitoo hope your doing ok and having lots of cuddles smile

I'm about to eat a creme egg in honour of your ds third birthday BB3 before the eating is banned in about 5 min!!! smile

Omg I'm so nervous now (&tired, way too excited to sleep, doh) . Is it really happening?! Do I really get to meet my babies today?! grin

Anyway, must gget off here and save my glitchy phones battery...

just a quick message to wish Dream all the best for today - I am so excited for you. Yes, you get to meet your boys today! Good luck - it will be amazing. I will be thinking of you and look forward to hearing the news. You have done sooooooo well to make it this far and although you think you worry and moan all the time you don't - you have been very strong and positive and a real help to everyone else on this thread! (so don't leave us!). You will have your family complete in just a few hours. x x x x

nebbo Wed 04-Apr-12 07:55:55

Good luck today dream, and love your final meal of a cream egg. Have a wonderful evening enjoying your new babies xx

goingmadtrying Wed 04-Apr-12 08:01:28

well said bigboobs i second everything you've said, i don't want any of you to ever leave!!! just think dream were all behind you 100% you've done so fantastically well to cook your babies to maximum time xxx

thereistheball Wed 04-Apr-12 08:03:07

Hi - I can't read this whole thread now but i'd like to join. I'm 9 weeks pregnant today, with non-ID twins. Too early to say whether b/g yet. I hope to find out at my 3 month scan at the end of the month.

goingmadtrying Wed 04-Apr-12 08:13:11

morning thereistheball welcome to our thread, and congratulations on your twins smile are they your first children? its a scary ride but from the ladies experiences on here definitely worth it , were all at different stages of pregnancy and motherhood so lots of support smile

skitoo Wed 04-Apr-12 08:44:58

Hi All, sorry for going quiet, its been a blurry few days....

So our little men finally entered the world Sunday afternoon, Oscar George at 1.42pm weighing 4.1lbs and Henry Joseph nearly an hour later at 2.38 weighing 4.11lb. They are amazing. Labour was good, first part flew by, got to 9cm on gas and air in about 3 hours but then things slowed down and I ended up with some forceps assistance. Neither needed much help after they were out but both are in SCBU and will be for another couple of weeks but both are already making good progress.

Will update more later and try and get some pics on.

Good luck Dream, will be thinking of you today xx.

Love to everyone else.

Teds77 Wed 04-Apr-12 08:55:26

Welcome to the world Oscar and Henry... feel like I've know you since you were just a few tiny cells smile <wipes tears from eyes>

skitoo so totally over the moon that your little men are here and hope you are doing okay and loving being a mum! They sound like fabulous weights, especially Henry.

Pictures please but only when you can drag yourself away from more important parental duties grin

dream hope the cream egg sustains you! Yay for even more babies!

goingmadtrying Wed 04-Apr-12 08:57:10

fantastic news skitoo so lovely to hear from you smilelovely names and great weights!! wow nearly an hour between them well done you, sounds like you did great. wishing the boys a quick spell in scbu and hope there with you soon, are you still in hospital? Will await pics eagerlygrin

scollister Wed 04-Apr-12 12:12:51

I was wondering if anyone had the steroid injections and when? I'm not keen on them at all, but am weighing up the risks of of not having them.

scollister Wed 04-Apr-12 12:13:34

Congratulations skitoo on the safe arrival of your little boys! xxx

Lilyni Wed 04-Apr-12 13:49:12

awhhhh skitoo - big congratulations..... hello little men!!!! Oscar and Henry are lovely names, and such great weights for being a little early!!! Hope you are all well and that you get to go home together soon.

welcome to the rollercoaster thereistheball !!! hope you are keeping well - this thread is a great support!

thinking about you dream

claireinmodena Wed 04-Apr-12 13:50:56

Congratulations skitoo well done! Love the names, hope they will be with you soon.

scollistar I had steroid injections at 27 wks when I was admited to hospital because of a short cervix. I am pretty sure they are given only when they consider labour to be imminent but wouldnt know why it is so. I was later discharged as there no contractions and put on bed rest for 8 weeks, they were eventually born at 37+6 by cs. I am convinced I would have gone a lot further otherwise hmm!!

claireinmodena Wed 04-Apr-12 14:46:18

Welcome thereistheball I also found out at 9 wks! Its a bit of ashock to start with but now they're here they are so gorgeous we're all deeply in love! Thwy're dc3&4 for me!

Big news for me today. At 8wks exactly i have lost all pregnancy weight! This is having twins for you (+ 2!) and I do eat lots!! Stomach still wobbly though, but it never was that firm anywaywink

<anxiously waiting news of dream>

BB3 Wed 04-Apr-12 16:27:27

Skitoo! Huge, huge congratulations on your baby boys and welcome to the world Oscar and Henry! You did so well my love! Honestly just fantastic! I'm sending fattening up thoughts to your little men so they can get out of scbu and home as soon as possible!

Dream come on little lads, your mn aunties are waiting for you!!! I can't cope with the anticipation! Kara was born at 4 o'clock on 4th of the 4th so I've now officially been a mummy for 3 years and 30 minutes!!!

Claire! Wow! Well done! X

BB3 Wed 04-Apr-12 16:27:56

Welcome thereisaball! Hope you're finding it all ok, any ms?

Desiren Wed 04-Apr-12 17:52:37

Congrats Skitoo look forward to some pictures. Dream's babies must bea couple of hours old now. How exciting for everyone!
Welcome newly preggers ladies at the start of your journeys it's an exciting road, I'm yards from th finish line but sooooooooooo excited.

rednellie Wed 04-Apr-12 18:36:54

Congratulations skitoo - you're a champ! And what lovely names for two lovely boys. Can't wait to hear how you're all doing when you've had a chance to land.

dream, we're all thinking of you. xxx

claire - I'm only 3 kg off my pre pregnancy weight 3 weeks after giving birth, which means I must have been losing weight in 'my' body whilst I grew that monster belly. I mean the boys accounted for over 6kg of it... BUT I think I've got diastasis and possibly a hernia, need to get it checked out by someone other than me or doctor google, but I've got a HUGE gap in my stomach and a weird blooby bit. Going to see the OB about it asap...ugh.

BB3 - happy birthday K! Hope he's had a lovely day. Can't believe he's 3!

Welcome thereistheball - lots of new mums have joined recently so there's a good crowd here. In fact after all this batch of babies gets born we should update the stats...

claireinmodena Wed 04-Apr-12 19:30:02

Oh my rednellie that doesnt sound like much fun! Our poor bodies are nit designed to carry more than one baby at a time really, are they? I had hardly lost anything after birth but I think that was due to being massively swollen and all the water retention.

thereistheball Wed 04-Apr-12 20:00:47

Hello again! Congratulations skitoo! I hope you have your boys at home in no time.

Thanks for the good wishes everyone. I have known for 2 weeks about the twins. I have a DD who will just have turned 5 by the time these two appear, unless they come a whole month early (entirely possible, I realise). I am already on insulin to control my blood sugar and thyroxine to compensate for hypothyroidism, so I'm being very closely monitored. I am in France and learning about the different approach to childbirth here relative to the UK. Apparently I get very little say in proceedings here and the c-section has already been ordained. Meanwhile I'm tired and nauseous, and need to eat every two hours on the dot or I feel terrible - my strict diet doesn't really allow for this but I'm managing to keep going on fruit, oatcakes and plain yoghurt between meals. I have my neice and nephew staying this weekend and am not looking forward to being surrounded by all their forbidden chocolate!

thereistheball Wed 04-Apr-12 20:01:31

Argh - niece. Sorry. In my defence I am already in bed. Good night!

baileyslover Wed 04-Apr-12 22:35:54

Just popped in to see if any news from dream. hope she is cuddled up with her babies right now

Congrats Skitoo, great weights so hope they are not in SCBU for too long xx

Congratulations skitoo, fabulous names and weights, well done you. I hope their time in scbu is not too difficult for you.

My boys are here. Twin 1, born first at 2:28 is Sebastian Allan, 6lb 9oz, came out very floppy and needed bag and mask but doing great. Twin 2, born 2:29 is Benjamin Philip, 5lb 10 oz (so.growth scan was right, he'd stopped/slowed!), came out fine :-) .I am utterly, utterly besotted. CS was wonderful. Not done the recovery part yet, obviously, still in bed, but a lovely birth. 37+ 6 achieved :-)

Anyway, sorry for not replying in more detail, but yay Claire for the weight loss, rednellie, I have huge diastasis too, hope there's a good way to get these muscles knitting back together, thanks everyone for lovely posts and thoughts for us. Two mucous-y boys needing attention now (though mummy desperate for some sleep already!) So need to attempt repositioning/ picking up post CS... Will put pic on now.

Hmm struggling with pic, will do ASAP

rednellie Wed 04-Apr-12 23:20:28

Don't worry about pics dream, we can wait, just enjoy those boys! Great weights and well done you. You've done it! xxxxxx thanks

claireinmodena Thu 05-Apr-12 01:58:11

Welcome to Sebastian and Benjamin, so happy to hear everything is fine dream!!

Enjoy those early cuddles!

goingmadtrying Thu 05-Apr-12 08:51:40

well done dream you did so so well and im so glad the cs wasn't as bad as you imagined, lovely weights for the boys and i hope you managed to get some rest smile

yay for weight loss Claire that's fab I've only put on 7lb so far and id lost a stone just before conceiving so hoping im lighter when hatched smile

we had a massive powercut last night which should of been fixed in an hour but started at 630 and eventually came back at 415 this morning, couldnt do bath time but managed to get boys in bed before it went too dark! my phone died so a trip to mil to watch obem and charge phone for an hour then an early night, was imagining how bad it could have been if babies here! all sorted now though so no harm done smile

my babies have turned into right wrigglers overnight, its so lovely grin

Teds77 Thu 05-Apr-12 09:14:10

Congratulations Dream and a big lovely welcome cuddle to Sebastian and Benjamin.

I'm almost tempted to have a cream egg at 9.30am in the morning to celebrate... grin

goingmadtrying Thu 05-Apr-12 09:19:31

love it teds lets all have a cream egg in honour of the safe and long awaited arrival of Sebastian & Benjamin xx grin

CONGRATULATIONS DREAM!!!!! Welcome to Sebastian and Benjamin. Lovely names. Just looked at your pictures - gorgeous. So pleased it went so well and both boys are doing fine. I hope you are getting some rest and will be able to take the boys hopme with you soon. DD can meet her little brothers! She will love being a big sister.

Does it feel really odd not to have two babies inside you any more? And actually be able to see them?!

Congrats to Skitoo as well. Hope you bring your babies home soon.

Welcome thereistheball. and congratulations and your news.

So much going on its hard to keep up!

Pretty exhausted here but doing wel really. Worked out how to arrange my nest of pillows at night to help me get some sleep! Had a positive MW appt this week and I am feeling much better about VB now. Can't believe I only have 3 weeks to go! Hearing all the positive news on here really helps me keep positive too.

Get some rest if you can Dream and give those boys a cuddle (and DD of course!). x

goingmadtrying Thu 05-Apr-12 11:28:29

beautiful pic of your boys dream and wow at the size of your bump earlier this week im surprised you didn't topple forward when you stood up lol!! hope your getting lots of rest and cuddles with all 3 and dd adjusting well smile

claireinmodena Thu 05-Apr-12 11:44:34

lovely photos dream the boys look gorgeous.

good about mw app bigboobs and LOL about the pillows! I am still trying to work out a comfy feeding positions that doesnt kill my back

yay for good wrigglers goingmad that's what we like to hear. I still have a few pounds to lose though, as I was a quite overweigth before getting pregnant..

Can't join you all on cream eggs as they don't sell them over here and I can't stand them, but had a few choc eggs for you dream anyway!! wine

right we're off to my mums for the weekend...need to find a way of squeezing 4 chidlren, our bags and a double buggy in my little car (renault modus), since dh is joining us later and we still do not have a car that will fit the whole family...

let's get the circus going! grin

goingmadtrying Thu 05-Apr-12 12:32:21

lol Claire have a fantastic time at your mums would love to see the circus roll! just make sure you remember everything smile

BB3 Thu 05-Apr-12 14:07:38

Hmmm my 2.30am post seems to have disappeared! I must have been dreaming it!

Huuuge congratulations dream and congratulations on your not-so-baby-elephants Sebastian and Benjamin. How are you feeling now? And has dd been in to visit? The boys are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous little munchkins all spooned up together.

I'll be back on later properly trying to control a sugar-fuelled three year old! Gah!

baileyslover Thu 05-Apr-12 14:08:14

dream congratulations! Loving the names. Ben is a definate favourite of mine, but we already have one on DH side of the family so am sad it has been ruled out already, but Sebastian is also on the short list smile Really pleased the CS went well, helps in my positive vibes as I know that is the way I shall be going as well.

Claire think we will be doing the 2 car journeys for family outings for a bit. At least there will be room for bags! Have a fun visit

Had another consultant appointment in the week. Bit of a scare as bottom most triplet was asleep so not moving, but then one of the others kicked him in the head so all fine smile . Think I will end up having a run in with the consultant towards the end of this pregnancy - she wants them out 32/33 weeks, but Oxford and NICE guidelines both say 34/35 weeks as long as no sign of fetal distress. Clearly I want to keep them in for as long as possible so may have to put my foot down and wave the guidelines at her if I get that far.

Having a very chilled day so far as DH around to entertain DS, feel a bit like a spare part really, but enjoying the feet up time. Bump has totally changed shape overnight. No pains so suspect they have all just had a move around. Next scan 2 weeks but MW appointment on Tues, where she will attempt to find 3 heartbeatsgrin

Lilyni Thu 05-Apr-12 14:47:28

Congratulations dream - Sebastian and Benjamin look soooooo gorgeous - you must be very proud. Well done - glad your cs went so well and hope that your recovery goes well too. How has your DD been since they were born? Proud big sister???

wow claire im impressed by the weight loss - you must be so chuffed. Im giggling at the thought of your journey to your mums (but actually terrified that may be me in a couple of months!!!!). Im sure its like mobilising an army!! Its tough enough with only 3ds!

3 weeks to go bigboobs !!!!! its all happening on this thread!!! are you nervous / excited?

great that you've got such little wrigglers going - mine seem to slowed down a little bit sad

baileys - hope you appointment goes well on tues - glad little bottom triplet moved for you. hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

not much craic here - have started to build a sunroom - foundations going in today - 7 weeks ish before babies arrive - think we may need our heads examined. Also thinking now im almost 31 weeks I should maybe start looking for a pram etc and get stuff in for the hospital bags just incase!! I think Im still in denial!

skitoo Thu 05-Apr-12 15:50:41

Congrats Dream, love the names smilegrinsmilegrin.

Glad all went well, hope cs recovery is good too. Am at hospital so can't see piccies just yet. Will get online later to have a look at your gorgeous boys and attempt to get my little men on there too.

Sorry for lack of personals, hope everyone else with bumps and babies are good and looking forward to chocolate filled long weekend gringrin

scollister Thu 05-Apr-12 20:35:04

Congratulations dream! Benjamin & Sebastian are absolutely gorgeous! Hope you aren't too exhausted & make a speedy recovery from the CS! xxx

Morning all,

Just checking in to say hello. Boys are totally adorable but nearly cracked me last night with near constant feeding/ nappy changing, vomiting of mucous etc .Part of the problem was.that little DD was ill, horrendous diarrhoea,so couldn't come in (I was gutted) and dh had to mostly be at home to help my mum with her and because she wasn't happy without me but daddy was second best, not grandma (bossy little tike!) So I had not much help in the day really, and overdid it reaching/ lifting/ changing babies so made my CS wound sore and was already shattered after 1 hours sleep and no rest since the boys were born going into the second night. We have made it though, both asleep on my chest now looking angelic, and I wasn't expecting a walk in the park anyway though maybe not this hard either and expecting DD soon grin

Lol lilyni, how to get more rest when pregnant part 1: start building work!!

Oh, need to get back to boys...

Have you been told how long you are likely to be in hospital? and have you got a private room (being woken by other peoples babies as well would not be good!)? Let us know if you have the time and energy) how it goes with DD when she comes in to visit. Typical she gets poorly now! nothing too serious I hope.

Building work?! yes, slightly crazy Lilyni but a sun room sounds LUSH so I am sure it will all be worth it.

DH and DD have gone to the park and left me in bed - so only just got up - heaven. But must try and contribute something to this household when they get back - I feel so bloody useless! so far I have filled the dishwasher, not that DH will notice that though!

Have a good long weekend everyone - lots of chocolate all round! x

Kazar99 Fri 06-Apr-12 10:08:37

Hello everyone. Just a quick visit to get all the baby news.

Congratulations skitoo and dream on your bouncing baby boys. Great weights and lovely names smile hope you both get to take them home soon. Fantastic pictures dream.

Welcome to nebbo and thereistheball and anyone else I have missed.

baileys glad your scan went well. I know the feeling about bump changing shape. Mine seemed to go from solid round bump to much smaller flabby belly last week. Was a bit concerned so went for private scan on Sunday at 16 weeks but everything's fine. Both just moving about lots. Have also decided that bump is a lot bigger again this week and think it may be because I seem to more constipated again (sorry if tmi)! Have stopped worrying about bump but will be much happier once I can start to feel them move smile

Current concern is that I don't seem to be putting on much weight. Not sure if I should be making myself eat more in between meals when I don't feel hungrysmile

Hello to everyone else, hope you and bumps/babies and other DCs are all well.

baileyslover Fri 06-Apr-12 15:30:40

kazar ahem I suspect the same with my bowel movements blush. My eating has also tailed off since morning sickness settled. Have been told I only need to eat an extra 500 calories for all three babies, so guess I don't need to eat much more than an Easter Egg or 2 grin when I (hopefully) start bf that will be a whole different ball game!

rednellie Fri 06-Apr-12 18:05:50

kazar and baileys - eat some dried apricots. Good source of iron, great energy snack and they make you poo! grin

Bf is great for eating, but then I couldn't stop eating whilst pregnant either - I seem to get the opposite of morning sickness. Protein is always a winner as it fills you but you don't become a total lard ass. And even with eating about 15 ham sandwiches a day whilst pregnant I seem to have lost the entire 20kg or whatever it was as soon as I gave birth - definitely different to when I was pregnant with DD and it took me 18 months to not really lose any weight...

dream - tell your Mum or DH to get their arse over to the hospital and help you out! You mustn't over do it as you need to get that milk going, and DD will cope. Mine did almost the same thing (got chest infection just as I had the boys) and I didn't even have a c-section scar to worry about, but I still needed all the help I could get. Anyway, you sound brilliant and those boys are yummy.

BB3 Sat 07-Apr-12 06:52:11

Morning morning!

How is everyone?

Dream! Please don't overdo it! Ring the nurses and ask them to help and if you must pick them up then pick them up front on (turn your legs over the side of them so your body is straight), twisting to pick up will hurt more x but yay for chest snuggles! When do you think they will let you home? Is dh in love with his little boys? Hope dd managed to get in to see you.

How are the pregnant ladies doing? Desiren, bigboobs... Can you believe it's so close?

Baileys, you eat at least two Easter eggs a day and get those babies nice and fat! I meant to ask before but why does your consultant want them out that early? Surely the longer they are in there the better? Even if it means admitting you for those last few weeks for constant monitoring. I get the placenta issues are more severe with triplets but if you were monitored closely you'd be better to keep them cooking. Did you say you were based in Swindon? I'm about 45 minutes from there. Are you having to travel to Oxford regularly?

We had ds' birthday party yesterday. It was manic but lots of fun, started at 2 and think the last stragglers left at half 7. I was shattered and in bed by 9 after we'd tidied up and I have been up this morning scrubbing the carpet clean of chocolate dribble. Am loving the older parties, we had trampolining, piñata, sand castles and enough party food to sink a battle ship (although it's virtually all gone!). Ds had a great time. It bought home how much his hearing and speech is really holding him back from making friends sad but he still had a fantastic time running and jumping with them all. grin

Re weight, I still have a stone to lose (although technically I had that stone before I was pg but lost it during the 12 weeks before my scan when I couldn't leave the bathroom) but I've signed up for a triathlon in august so hoping the training for that will shift it x

Right better go and change edie x hope everyone has lovely long weekends. X

Morning! You sound chirpy bb3 considering the hectic day you had! well done you for having such a great party - not sure I wld be brave enough!

I am not that far from oxford / swindon either. I wonder how close us UK ladies actually are. I am in Hampshire.

trying to make the most of the long weekend here. but hard when I am so worn worn out and uncomfortable. I can't help but wish the weekend away :-/ . what a bad mother / wife! I think we are going out for lubch today so that will be nice, and might pop to the shops to treat dd to some new summer clothes. a bit of retail therapy might help!

kazar and baileys , I really suffered with constipation although it is a bit better now. I found lots of fruit juice really helped.

been thinking of you dream, hope you have managed some rest and dd's visit went well. You need to put yourself first for the moment - the others are right, make sure you ask for help.

hello to everyone else. how is everyone feeling?

I have got my 34 week scan this week so hoping to get a date to be induced for a couple weeks time - or may be another three weeks. I know he won't give me a date though - he will just say 'lets see how you get on and if you make it that far'. I just want a bloody date!! gives me an end to focus on, even though I may not make that date. Know what I mean?!

PeelingmyselfofftheCeiling Sat 07-Apr-12 10:16:09

OOh, Dreaming, congratulations!! <Waves from the 'other side' of Under-1s Twin club> Welcome to the craziness of double everything!!

Anyone else expecting twinnies and thinking you might want to bf, I've just popped my EZ-2 cushion on the Classified pages (under 'Other'), at a nice saving from the new price.

BB3 Sat 07-Apr-12 13:30:05

Oh where in Hampshire are you? I'm just by stonehenge so very close to the hants border and about an hour from reading, 1.5 from Oxford ish!

I WAS very chirpy, tiredness has hit me like a brick now and we are just off to the sainsbury's 25% off sale to get the girls next lot of vests and baby gros and I've sent dh into the services to get me coffee!!!

Hope they give you a date (I'm 98% sure they will) 34 weeks is when I got mine. Have you decided on names etc?

Desiren Sat 07-Apr-12 14:37:38

Dreaming - what cute boys!
As I'm expecting identicals I go into panic about being able to tell them apart anyone out the with tips/clues. I keep dreaming that in my sleep deprived tiredness after they come that I'll feed/change the wrong baby. Also I'm not good a facial recognition, have 2 daughters who apparently look just like me but I can't see it.

Rough week this week, have been so tired can only manage 1 short trip a day before im filled with pain. I so can't wait for this to be over 35weeks tomorrow get my date on Thursday so come what may I'm nearly there. Wish I could indulge in chocolate but it gives me heart burn (what cruel and usual punishment).

scollister Sat 07-Apr-12 22:12:38

bigboobs I have my 34 weeks scan on Wed too! I have been given a 'final' date of 1st May but might be induced the week before ... but then they might come before then anyway smile
dream I hope you are enjoying your gorgeous boys and getting some rest.
Happy easter to all you other ladies, bumps & babies!

goingmadtrying Sun 08-Apr-12 04:58:27

good luck with your scans bigboobs and scollister wow 34 weeks not long now the end is in sight, or is that the beginning lol smile

desiren i too am having identical and my brother same up with the idea of hoodies with theire name on the back, they would gte a bit grubby though!!! im hoping it just comes to us hmm

waves to the ladies who have have their babies hope everything is going well with you all smile

i am having coffee and toast as i have fallen out with myself, could really do with being asleep and for the last couple of nights just can't seem to drop off properly sad tonight keep waking myself up thinking about work, however is the same bloody thought and actually isn't real unless its subconscious and just hasn't happened yet! I've given up and come downstairs in the hope that a coffee will break the thought pattern and i can get some sleep, realised when i got down i was starving so hence the toast, t1 is really moving around now so hope i haven't taught her its morning time lol been feeling rough for a couple of days my bump feels sore as does my sides and my Minnie moo is also aching, im hoping its all just stretching, seem to exploded outwards this week sad sort for the moany post just feeling fed up as so want to be in bed and my ds,s Will be up before i know it,Dh let me go back to bed yesterday morning but it really isn't the same sad

BB3 Sun 08-Apr-12 05:48:57

Oh scollister you too - 6 more babies on their way soon!!

BB3 Sun 08-Apr-12 05:50:48

Goingmad probably just stretching, I used to get throbbing in my mini moo area too.

What Is bugging you about work? I really, really want coffee and toast now....wink

BB3 Sun 08-Apr-12 05:55:14

Oh and when the girls were born I got then mixed up at the hospitalblush (they were near enough identical - luckily their results were the same), I was tempted to paint a nail on one of them to know but you soon get too learn little things to tell them apart and now to me they're miles different but strangers always tell me they look identical. I'm sure once they're here you'll be fine x

desiren scollister and me at the same stage? looks like it! can I ask what your due dates are and what dates you have been given for cs or induction? Not long for us now!

mine id - I am just going to leave hosp id tags on for a while!

hope you managed to get back to sleep going.

bb3 , I am near southampton.

BB3 Sun 08-Apr-12 11:00:43

Oh I'm the other side of Salisbury so not far at all, my dsis her dh and my dn live in Southampton - apparently it's a very good hospital for babies x