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Barman! A pint of your finest Gaviscon with a ferrous sulphate chaser if you please! On the February 2012 Baby Bus.

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BillComptonstrousers Thu 15-Dec-11 21:35:14

Right then my lovelies, this thread is going sloooooowly now we have our little secret facebook group smile

But we need to keep posting here for people who haven't joined our other group, so keep on going!

If anyone wants to join the facebook group, can they ask someone cleverer than me <thicko emoticon> and they will set it up for you!

Old thread is here

louby86 Thu 15-Dec-11 21:37:21

Hello! I saw this in the active threads section and thought what a good thread title! Then I realised it was for us grin Thanks!!!

Thanks bill for being so organised and brainy with thread titles! I've added flapjack77 to the FB group.

it's all starting to get scary close now isn't it?!

notcitrus Thu 15-Dec-11 21:49:08

Hello - I need to get better at using FB but as my laptop has died, today is not the time.
Hope babyc is feeling better - I had a trip to hospital today as have been throwing up again. Panicked a bit when dp said "so she needs to go to the Delivery Suite?" but turns out that that's where the docs are so the antenatal assessment centre is next door!

Apparently have gastroenteritis and low blood pressure but Thumpy is just fine.
And I now have 3 hosp appts next week and two the week after, with Christmas in between!

On the plus side, plasterers today did a great job, painters turn up Sat am, carpet arrives on 21st, gets fitted 22nd, and then in-laws turn up on 23rd/24th to sleep in a finished bedroom!

BillComptonstrousers Thu 15-Dec-11 21:57:14

Why thank you ladies <flattered>

Kayano Thu 15-Dec-11 22:04:39

I just had a too-hot bath and am dizzy as hell sad

Stupid sod lol

Xavielli Fri 16-Dec-11 03:35:06

Marking my place. Love being awake at 3.30am..........

McQueasy Fri 16-Dec-11 03:50:14

How could I have not seen thus before!! Pg with number 3!! Due feb 26th
Up for a pee, gaviscon and hourly change of position involving 7 pillows!!
How are you lovely ladies??? X

Sugar80 Fri 16-Dec-11 07:07:40

Hello new thread! babyc, all sounds scary, hope Baby stays firmly put! notcitrus glad you're okay. And welcome McQueasy!

Back pain seems to be easing off ever since I posted about it, so will wait and see if it comes back... 28 week blood tests have come back and I'm anaemic apparently, so picking up my tablets today. Is anyone else on them? Is it true they make you constipated?

Yesterday I did something I vowed never to do. I played the "but i'm PREGNANT!!!" card. Twice. The first time was when I got to work late, someone had nicked my parking space and the security guard wasn't going to let me park in the visitors spaces... it worked! Then last night I was shopping, queuing up in BHS, only one person in front of me, two tills open. One person wanted the price checking on something which took about half an hour. The other person had LOADS of stuff, then, when it had all gone through, went "mum, d'you want to put yours through, save you waiting?" to the woman stood behind me! Aargh!! I opened my coat to flash the bump, and did a lot of huffing and puffing and shuffling. They ignored me. Can't win them all I s'pose....!

melliebobs Fri 16-Dec-11 08:31:16

hey hermione just added you on Facebook

mamasmissionimpossible Fri 16-Dec-11 08:40:55

I'm due Feb 2012 with dc3. Can anyone tell me how to join the facebook site please?

Morning folks, can't believe we've made it to another thread!

We've had loads of snow here overnight, so currently living in a Christmas card! Very pretty. So not looking forward to going to pick up dd1 from nursery though.

IHeartIona Fri 16-Dec-11 10:46:00

I've missed this thread too! am due Feb 3rd with dc2 - may I join you? smile

deardear Fri 16-Dec-11 12:39:38

welcome to the newbies smile

Bill your thread title is fantastic again lol. How do you do it especially with a baby brain?

Hope babyc gets on ok at hospital.

Its snowed here this morning a bit but not stuck. Boss did a jig round the office which i thought was a bit OTT but hey ho.

Had a crap nights sleep again and have decided the sofa is definately my best friend atm. DH is off work on lay off days so he took Soph to school then met me at the stables and we did the ponies together. Kat is off today as she was sick as she was going to school so told her to light a fire - really didnt want to move to come to work! Wont get to see that until nearly 7pm tonight as going for a shift at the pub when i finish here at 2pm. Bunch of teachers coming in. hopefully they will be quiet so i can have a snooze and read the paper smile

this weekend will mainly be about sleeping.

Are we taking bets on who will be the first to pop? I know one of us is booked for an elc early but who will be first spontaneous?

PDog Fri 16-Dec-11 13:08:52

Lovely new thread Bill and great title. Sums me exactly as I am currently washing my lunch down with a bottle of Gaviscon. Heartburn is so bad, can't eat one bite without it flaring up. If you believe the old wives tales it is suppose mean baby will have lots of hair. DD was born with a fair bit and I did have quite bad heartburn with her - just not this early.

Hello to the newbies <waves>. I have no idea how to add people to the facebook group mamasmissionimpossible but I sure someone will be along to help you soon.

I have nothing much to report other than I am knackered, it is snowing and I still have CHristmas shopping to do. I did manage to get some newborn stuff unpacked and washed this week though. Oh I am very envy of those of you finishing work.

I reckon either Minnie or Woowa will be the first to go deardear. We had a guess the date, gender and weight thing on the facebook group - wonder who will get the prize for guessing everything right?

30 + something

CoffeeOne Fri 16-Dec-11 13:12:05

Hello all! Excellent thread title, and very apt as I'm out on my works do tonight!

welcome newbies smile

will be joining the FB group tonight when I get on.


ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Fri 16-Dec-11 13:56:42

Hello to all the newcomers and welcome smile

McQueasy you are due the day before me, I am also up for hourly pillow shift and wee throughout the night!

NC you poor thing, I hate gastro bugs sad Hope you feel better soon.

babyc glad to hear she is staying put, hope all is well today.


PamBeesly Fri 16-Dec-11 15:41:28

Excellent title Bill

littlemonkeybix Fri 16-Dec-11 15:58:41

Oooh still getting newbies!! <waves> hiya!

having fab day off from work as its DP birthday today... currently both sat on sofa with ps3 on... LAZY grin hope we're all keeping well x

littlemonkeybix Fri 16-Dec-11 15:59:16

And ta for new thread Bill... and another good title!!

Kayano Fri 16-Dec-11 16:12:09


And yes I did get my taxi home. I did
However spend my last call at work distressed and sobbed afterwards because the customer did not understand, I didn't understand (prev person employed at THEIR end had messed up) and had to offer a callback due to potential vat implications , but then I felt like I was fobbing them off because I obv won't be doing the call back

(not that I understood any better at the end anyway) seriously, their old employee needed a slap blush

It was awful.

I am lucky to have a humongous tube of Jaffa cakes at home waiting for me lol

QueenFee Fri 16-Dec-11 17:00:49

Wow nice sparkly new thread cheers bill <clinks glass of shloer>

I finally am starting to feel christmassy as i'm sitting here with my 3 inder a duvet watching drumroll cbeebies panto lol
Think this thread needs some christmas decs?
Add me on facebook and I will add you to the fbook group. Just pm you r nickname so I know who you are!

Welcome newbies!

QueenFee Fri 16-Dec-11 17:02:42


Here I am!

babycarmen Fri 16-Dec-11 19:23:19

Yay new thread! smile Hiiii to all the newbies, lovely to still have people joining!
And thanks everyone for the well wishes, shes staying put so far, just to get the consultant appointment on Monday out the way then hopefully i can relax and look forward to aiming for my due date grin

I got snuggles off my nephew at the hospital today, hes so cute and tiny and i just want to eat him grin I think theyre staying at ours on Thursday night = loads of cuddles and a good excuse for me to get out my moses basket!

Lady at the checkout asked me how long i had left, when i said 7 weeks she replied "Oh but youre so big!" [evil eyes emoticon]

I have internet connection and a computer smile smile smile

Welcome to all you new ones! As if we are still gaining members! Well hello! Does much still go on on here?

Hope all you are well, especially the ones that haven't joined facebook, even though I cant think who you are lol!

woowa Fri 16-Dec-11 21:30:12

Glad you're back innocent. Just in time to use your computer lots before only ever being able to type one handed for several months while holding/feeding baby.

On nighttime pillow shifting - took 2 1/2 hours to get to sleep last night, and 20 minutes later a foreign cat decided to come in and fight ours in the kitchen, waking me again...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I am so uncomfortable. Trying to tire msyelf out lots in the day so I sleep, but it's hard when the weather is so awful and I just drive places.

Time for knitting and telly!
33+ 3

I know exactly what you mean about not getting comfy. I finished work at 2 last night and was in bed for 3, didn't drop off until 5.15 as I couldn't get comfy. DP works nights so pretty much as soon as I dropped off ad got comfy, he was stealing bed space/pillows/quilt, how very inconsiderate.

I know what you mean about plenty of computer time. I have been on two hours, I need to get a load of washing in but cant tear myself away from here!

littlemonkeybix Sat 17-Dec-11 10:50:18

Welcome back online innocent

waving good morning for you all.... today the bath WILL be finished!! Once he bloody gets up! Typing this out on phone in bed... he's snoring grin

Then off for tree! YAAAY!!! grin

Plus 1000 chores... ho hum!

Kayano Sat 17-Dec-11 13:21:25

I had tears rolling down my face when the NHS antenatal lady was telling us about epidurals

Then ther showed us around the amazing midwife led birthing unit within the hospital and the water baths and I was like 'fuck the doctor, I am having her here' grin it looks awesome

QueenFee Sat 17-Dec-11 17:41:02

Well my 2 boys were very sick last night. Alfie finally stopped about 9 this morning.
Dh and I have taken it in turns to sleep all day.
I was supposed to be doing housework which didn't happen and now I have the extra stuff sick bugs bring sad

Had contractions for an hour or so last night again and they were quite painful. Meant to ring the mw today but never got round to it, so just hoping it doesnt happen again tonight.

For some bizarre reason with no logical thinking behind it I have a feeling this baby is going to come early so i'm really paranoid.

Kayano we dont have mw led units here but they do have 'homey' rooms in hospital. Not that I have been lucky enough to get one yet! My friend still has horrible back pain from her epidural 1st birth 18 months ago sad they never tell you about that in hospital.

deardear Sat 17-Dec-11 17:58:56

QF hope the boys are better and you all get some sleep tonight.

Nice to see you back on here innocent.

Did a big shop this morning and made appt to see mortgage lady at the bank.

Had some big BH last night and again ended up on the sofa at 3am. Went back up at 6 when DH went to work and slept till 10 and got up at 11! It was bliss I can tell you. Did shopping and went back to bed. Just done ponies and have put stew on for tea and currently sat debating whether to move and go for another pee before I go back to sleep for an hour in front of fire.

Kids have done all my Christmas cards for me smile. Love slave labour lol

Xavielli Sat 17-Dec-11 19:08:26

Ds1 and dd are at a sleep over ... House is eerily quiet! It's been a lovely quiet day though, apart from a couple of hours of mild contractions this afternoon. Enough to make me mention that I was in pain to DP. Hopefully it's just yet another thing that hurts more 4th time round and not the baby trying to jump out early.

QF - hope that's the end of you contractions and that the kids are better. Fingers crossed for a peaceful Xmas!

And just to make things really magical; my bum hurts! Blimmin piles!

babycarmen Sat 17-Dec-11 19:18:04

Kayano I wish there was a birthing centre or something like that near me!! That would be amazing but nope, hospital birth for me!

QueenFee I feel the same, im convinced this little girl is going to come early and after all the scares i keep getting even when i get BH which are completelty normal it panics me sad

I slept about 4 hours last night so i feel pretty crappy today as you can imagine, i think its stress and my mind going on over drive thats keeping me awake. I just want Monday to hurry up so i can get my scan and see for myself that she is ok and going to stay put (hopefully) I just want to at least get into January. I think im losing my mucus plug which is another thing to add to my paranoia about her coming early. I know im being ridiculous and i could well go over due, but when they were talking about steroids and stuff its just put me on edge and i feel like crying everytime i think about it!


Sugar80 Sat 17-Dec-11 19:27:08

Why is everyone getting contractions? Is that normal? I haven't had any... and don't want any for another 2 months!!

Xavielli Sat 17-Dec-11 19:31:14

Sugar - nothing to panic about! Hopefully just braxton hicks. I never felt them at all until my 3rd baby.

QueenFee Sat 17-Dec-11 19:33:45

I never felt braxton hicks in my previous pregnancies sugar, its when your bump goes all tight and hard.
The only reason I have noticed them this time is because they hurt me and keep me awake.

babycarmen Sat 17-Dec-11 19:35:06

I never got any in my first pregnancy either, its normal to get them around now but its normal not too as well!

Sugar80 Sat 17-Dec-11 19:38:43

Lol, thank you! Just checking....!

woowa Sat 17-Dec-11 19:54:59

marking spot, so unbelievabley tired. First timers, I recommend waiting til your firstborn has left home to have number two, rather than thinking at the age of 15 months that they are really cute, and having another one!!

Also feel MASSIVE today, clothes which fit me til birth of DD are too tight today, suddenly. ARGH.

And hurt my pelvis sliding on ice. boo hiss. not going out again!!


McQueasy Sat 17-Dec-11 21:17:24

Qf, hope ur boys are feeling better!
Babycarmen, good luck for Monday. Everything crossed for you!!

Pretty knackered, oldest ds asks non stop questions and youngest is just full of absolute mischief.
I found a packet of oranges in my washing machine and dirty washing in my dishwasher.
He is soo bloody stubborn and independent and has started throwing himself on the floor if he doesn't get his own way! Needless to say a huge bump makes it difficult to pick him up so ge often gets left there blush
Speaking of big bumps, (rant alert) are you all not just entirely fed up on commenting on ur bump size/position plus ur general weight!!angry
Seriously, I'm neat, or all baby then I'm 'blooming' or huge!!!! Getting tempted to be pass remarkable about their weight and see how they like it!!
30 weeks and counting down the minutes till I stop work!!!

OddEyes Sat 17-Dec-11 22:13:31

Lovely new thread and love title.
Welcome newbies, keeping legs crossed for all of you contracting ladies. I have braxton hicks occasionally that take breath away but nothing more. Had with all but def more painful and more aware this time.

Sinuses clearing but means need to start coping with the fallout of bring ill- flat is a complete pig sty and cleaner is away on holiday until start of jansad

Kayano Sat 17-Dec-11 23:17:35

As if I need another form of social media in my life... My friend just showed me instagram....

Oh dear

hands soul to social networking devil

Hi all and welcome newbies!
Just a quickie as on phone. Hands have been really playing me up all night - pins and needles and then pain in hands and forearms. i think it sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome - not an emergency though, right? Can wait till midwife on Tuesday? Bloody waking me up. Last thing i need!

Ray81 Sun 18-Dec-11 11:01:03

Hi all,

Can i join? am due Feb 18th so 31 +1 today.

I have 9 yr old DD1 and 19 month old DD2 this is DS1.

I have a stinking cold at the moment with an awful cough which is hurting my stomach muscles. This is alittle TMI but when i cough i leak blush not sure if this is wee or my waters, i have i pad in and it doesnt look or smell like wee is Very clear but there is ALOT of it. It been hapening for a few days now. Also Baby hasnt been very active these last few days, i can feel him moving but not as much as normal. Do i need to get checked out do you think or is it just down to the cold and coughing. Must say i would hate being in there with all this coughing im doing .

Sorry to just jump in like this could just do with some advise.

mummymccar Sun 18-Dec-11 11:14:23

Hi Ray and all our lovely newbies!

Ray - I think that if you think you may be losing your waters it'd be a good idea to give your midwife a call, especially if you are concerned about movement too. It could just be a bit of heavy discharge and baby slowing because of a lack of room but always good to give MW a call if you aren't sure.

Sorry so many people are feeling like rubbish and having such painful BH. Not too long to go though!

I'm hoping I'm going to be one of the last to pop - hoping for a March 1st baby though I know these things are completely out of our control wink I'm not sure that this baby could get more Welsh if she is born on the 1st! Even tempted to give her a Welsh name. In love with the name Seren but we already know a Seren so DP is a bit reluctant.

On a completely different note, does anybody know if I can refuse to be treated by a particular consultant? There is one that I really dislike at the hospital and as I'm midwifery led I'm hoping to avoid him. I'm tempted to write it into my birth plan but at the same time if something is going wrong and he is the only consultant available I'll have to have him. If he then sees in my notes that I don't want him anywhere near me I'm convinced that he is actually sadistic enough to make things more difficult for me. Would a quiet word with the midwife if it arises be a better idea do you think or should I just put up and shut up?

Kayano Sun 18-Dec-11 11:24:23

ray welcome!

Now I mean this in the nicest possible way grin go away and get yourself checked out! Reduced movements and lots of clear water leakage should be checked ASAP. Hope everything is alright with you and your little boy x

heliumballoon Sun 18-Dec-11 12:41:40

Ray, hello, poor you. I too have an awful cough and went to hospital yesterday as I managed to strain a muscle coughing and needed some painkillers.

It is most likely to be wee (I am leaking when I cough- pelvic floor completely shot at 33 weeks) but if it is not smelling like wee to you, then best to get it checked out. When I went in they also asked me lots of questions about baby's movement, and checked her HB etc. If I had reported slowing in fetal movements they would have monitored me for half an hour or so. They also listened to my chest to be sure it was not a chest infection, and took my blood saturation levels to be sure there was enough oxygen going round. At no point did anyone imply I was wasting their time. So if I were you I would do what I did and contact your MW, maternity triage or out of hours GP. And try not to cough really really hard as straining a muscle really hurts.

I also find that warm showers and hacking in the shower (because of the steam) helps.

Good luck.

PDog Sun 18-Dec-11 12:57:32

Welcome ray and I agree with the others - best to get checked out.

hermione not sure about yours, I think I would be tempted to wait if it wasn't painful and there was no swelling. I hate going to the docs though so save all my niggles for my mw appts - she loves me grin.

kayano do you still have your heart set on the strawberry? We went to baby on board in bishop yesterday and they had the strawberry on display. The guy was really helpful and said they get an icandy delivery every month but can arrange special courier if you are desperate. We have decided to wait until end of January in the hope that we will be able to get the new version peach blossom. Might be worth giving them a call.

DH just gone away so planning to have a nice rest while DD naps - should really be doing some ironing though. Have the rest of the Christmas shopping to do tomorrow with a 2 year old so that should be fun! DH is going to do the food shopping though so at least I don't have that to cope with.

OddEyes Sun 18-Dec-11 13:11:50

hermione, sounds like Carpal tunnel to me. I have in my right hand and have to wear a splint at night and during the day sometimes too. Horrible feeling the numbness and pins and needle, also affects your grip. My middle finger permenantly numb. Best to get a splint if you can, helps loads - stops you flexing wrist as most of us sleep with flexed wrists and this increases fluid build up. I couldn't find mine last night and twas a big mistake such pain and numbness today sad

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Sun 18-Dec-11 14:40:41

Welcome Ray, I would second what the others have said, what with the reduced movements it would be best to get checked out asap. I am losing clear fluid when I cough (recovering from 'flu), it is definitely wee as I only lose it when I cough (and bladder more full) and it is clear because I drink so much water. Hope it all checks out ok.

babycarmen Sun 18-Dec-11 17:53:34

McQueasy YES! A lady in ASDA asked how long i had left, when i told her i had 7 weeks she replied "Oh but youre so BIG" wait, de ja vu, did i already write this on here?, Anways, she got evil eyes haha! People always feel the need to comment, and for the record, my bump is pretty small i think!

<waves> at Ray smile

mccarr I want Seren as a middle name for baby - still trying to convince DP (I WILL get my own way) I dont know any and its lovely.

Im stressed about the scan tomorrow and even more stressed because i have to go myself now. Im breathing deeply before i SCREAM.
Moved the bedroom around and set up the moses basket today!

QueenFee Sun 18-Dec-11 19:55:08

Hello all, welcome newbies!

Dh now has the bug the boys had on friday.

Been to labour ward to be checked out. Basically I have to grin and bear it for the next 9 weeks. Boy its going to be a long one.

I could cry. Got so much to do and no energy to do anything.

glowfrog Sun 18-Dec-11 20:03:59

Thanks for sorting another thread, Bill!

Still feeling very low and crying a lot. So much to do and no interest in doing any of it. Any suggestions on how I can try and get over this?? I may have to eat my placenta when Beanie's out at this rate.

glowfrog Sun 18-Dec-11 20:05:36

QueenFee - I may be in your club...

woowa Sun 18-Dec-11 21:41:21

Hi all. Another bloomin awful night, wandering round the house wondering what to do, then an exhausting day. Done more exercise today so hoping that's enough to send me to sleep ALL NIGHT PLEASE!!

mummymcar, I basically dislike all my consultants and would happily not have a single one near me. However, when I haemmorhaged after DDs birth, the consultant on call a) sorted it out brilliantly and professionally and b) could have been anyone, as I have no recollection of what she or any of the midwives looked like. We're bound to clash personalities with some docs but my advice is to not say anything to anyone, and definitiely not to put it in writing, not even to the MW who is with you. Honestly, if something goes wrong, i think you'll want anyone who can make it better and make you and/or the baby well. I think i'm discovering that consultants aren't there to be liked - that's MWs job!! Consultants are there to be brilliant, and that can make them unsympathetic and patronising. (NOT ALL, i hasten to add!!) Hope that helps and isn't too harsh.

Keep those legs crossed everyone, ray hope your MW can help. Sleepytime now for tired mummy, supermarket with toddler first thing, hopefully the last time I'll be in a shop until after christmas!!


woowa Sun 18-Dec-11 21:53:57

ps for those struggling to get things done, i think it's important to ask "how important is it that X happens?" The consumerist christmas puts massive pressure on us all to perform and it rarely lives up to it. Is there anything you can drop? IS there someone you can ask for help? Can you lower the expectations of those around you? Do you have to go to x,y,z party this week? I'm not speaking as an expert, but we are all heavily pregnant now, but 21st century life expects us to carry on as if we are capable of everything, but we're not, and we shouldn't be expected to be!

If it helps, dwell on Mary who, heavily pregnant, walked miles to a strange town, and gave birth to a baby in a shed and put it in a feeding trough to sleep. That's the simplicity of Christmas, the true message. I was thinking about it lots today at 2 carol services - we pg ladies can totally empathise with the fear she must have felt at giving birth in such a circumstance. Our christmases really don't need to be glitzy, because true christmas is the simplest, humblest thing imaginable, that God became a baby, born into poverty, for us.

night all x

glowfrog Sun 18-Dec-11 22:25:25

Very wise words, Woowa - in my case all the stuff I'm worried about getting done are not Xmas-related. Lots of stuff to sort out to try and finally move un fully in our house (been here year and a half and still got boxes of paperwork to sort and nothing on the Walls!) plus sorting baby stuff (it's my first so we have nothing!). I'm looking to only get the basics for the first few weeks and she won't have a nursery as such but I'd still like to create a nice little corner for her...

Am worried about Xmas - we've got my stepkids over for a few days, which I normally really enjoy but I was in such a foul mood last time they were here - don't want 5 days of that, for their sake and mine!

Going to bed early tonight and hopefully that will help. Am looking to do only bare minimum for next few days - maybe I'm just a lot more tired than I realise. Not sleeping super well like many others here!

QueenFee Sun 18-Dec-11 23:57:03

Well said woowa. I'm gutted to have missed christmassy services today with all this going on.
I would quite happily have a quiet christmas but our extended families have other ideas.
I really have done the minimun this yr and plan on sleeping most of the time were away hoping the grandparents wont notice i've disapeared!

tomkittensmittens Mon 19-Dec-11 00:17:07

Hello all, I'm new - due 1st on 19 Feb, so 31+1.
Feeling fine apart from cough that's been going on since week 12! GP tried antibiotics, inhaled steroids, no effect. Am thinking maybe just extra mucous is irritating throat? Lovely I know, but grateful for any ideas.
Carpal tunnel too, but having read some of the really weird stuff that can happen I think I'm doing not too badly so far - hope that lasts!
Also is it normal some days/nights to feel much less movement than others?

glowfrog Mon 19-Dec-11 01:50:43

Hi Tom - welcome! Yes I think it's normal - I've had quiet days on the movement front but today for instance the baby's been very active. I think it's more of an issue if the lack of movement persists.

In other news - it's nearly 2am. SLEEP FAIL.

Ray81 Mon 19-Dec-11 08:30:20

Hi all,

Thanks for all the advise, typically after i wrote on here yesterday he started jumping around like nothing on earth and did so most of the day so wasnt so concerned. I think the leakig must be wee if it is happing to others too and it does only happen when i cough. Must start doing the pelvic floors more lol.

phlossie Mon 19-Dec-11 11:25:04

Hi everyone! I thought I'd lost you for a moment - or that you'd gone uncharacteristically quiet!

I'm very very busy. Our house purchase completed, so we are now the proud owners of one wreck! DH has bought himself some new tools and has been going there and breaking things (walls, fireplaces, cupboards). He's in his element!

And my children have both been ill - poor DS had croup. He's now much better, and being very over-excited about Christmas and irritating!

I have just been to the doctor - completely un-pregnancy related - I have a piece of light bulb glass in my foot! I have to go and get in x-rayed so it can be removed. What a palaver!

Sorry to those of you who have niggles and gripes. And welcome to the newbies.


CoffeeOne Mon 19-Dec-11 11:53:39

welcome newbies, Ray81 you're a due date buddy! grin


CoffeeOne Mon 19-Dec-11 11:54:19

phlossie congrats on your purchase! I do hope you all feel better soon.

louby86 Mon 19-Dec-11 12:22:21

Welcome to the new people!

Ray your a due date buddy for me too!

Congratulations on your new house phlossie grin

Been to the dentist this morning and getting my hair done this afternoon, I'm trying to get all organised now in preparation for the baby arriving! Finished the nursery last night so DH is going to work on his list of jobs to get all the little niggly bits in the house sorted while he's off at Christmas!

Kayano Mon 19-Dec-11 12:26:36


I have done all my washing, all the dishes, sorted all the cupboards and put everything in expiry date order. As I am childless ATM I am having cat snuggles with my two cats Chili and nacho (yes, that is their names) grin and then cracking on with ironing.

Fil has just finished painting Sophie's room 'gentle yellow' and putting boarder on next week. I am carpet shopping and seeing midwife tomorrow morning ❤

I have gotten my second wind


God bless holidays and mat leave

PamBeesly Mon 19-Dec-11 12:42:15

Welcome to the new people! Hope you are all feeling great....I wonder is there a chance we'll ever feel great again this pregnancy smile

Woowa you make such an excellent point about Mary. Since I've been pregnant I've been studying a lot of Mariology (I have a friend doing a PhD in the subject so lucky me) I was brought up Catholic (in Ireland) but now abhor the institution that is the Catholic church, mainly because of the abuse scandals. However, I've always been and still am fascinated by Mary's story. I think it must also have been scary for her, a young non married woman who was pregnant (she could have been stoned for much less back then) travelling on a donkey being so heavily pregnant,having nowhere to stay. Having strange men visit her and her new baby, having to flee over the border to Egypt to escape the slaughter of the innocents (knowing the birth of your child caused Herod to commit such atrocities, well obviously it was Herods own vanity not the innocent child) and of course watching your child eventually be executed for his beliefs. Its a very sad tale for a mother, she was a very strong woman, full of compassion. The hospital where I am giving birth (including the delivery suites) have pictures of her everywhere, its like a church! (It was originally run by nuns)

deardear Mon 19-Dec-11 12:54:53

morning folks.

Officially 7 hours of work left this week before ML - cant come soon enough! Finish at 2 today, 4 hours tomorrow then 10 till about 12 on wednesday.

saw an email this mornign from office manager to someone and she expects me back in May!! Erm i dont think so!! That will mean baby could potentially be only 12 weeks old when i go back to work! I have already told them i am entitled to 12 months off which takes me to February 2013 angry

i am in nesting mode. i am desperate to clean out my kitchen cupboards and rearrange them and get rid of what cooking pots we dont use. driving me mad! i polished the cooker and fridge last night with windolene - how sad lol

weather is gross here this morning. wet cold rain. got not logs chopped at home so will have to do a few when i get back as really want a fire.

OddEyes Mon 19-Dec-11 15:04:22

Well done all of you productive ladies. Just returned to pig sty, starting to feel like nesting but just get frustrated cause is such a tip, two steps forward, seven back!
So day 1 of Christmas hols and back in bed. Diabetes clinic this morning- 1st one there still didn't get seen until 40mins after appt. Then run into town to see Peppa Pig's treasure hunt, kids loved it. Lunch at national gallery then home in rain and cold. Happily dd happy to sleep and dh and ds off shopping.
'Twas our Carol service last night, ds (4) very happy to be doing prayers at front with Mummy and Daddy, line perfect, whereas dd just froze and couldn't manage the Amen just snuggled into shoulders.

littlemonkeybix Mon 19-Dec-11 15:58:12

<waves to newbies> hi all!

FANFARE I have finished my chrimbly shopping!! Yaaaay!

Pecking POOPED though! just home with 30 min "get ready" time, then if to dirty dancing in Manchester with my pal for her chrimbo pressie of her dp :-D

also, booking spa day for me her and another girly gore Jan when 1st pal is 40. knackered but happy (except sore back and round ligaments!)

Hope we're all well... feeling festive?! Xmas cd been on in car all day so i am!!

Yay new house, yay cat cuddles <sneeze> yay newbies... and yay anything else good I've forgotten! Right.. make up application time.... i may be some time....

littlemonkeybix Mon 19-Dec-11 15:58:59

Pecking = fecking

deardear Mon 19-Dec-11 17:17:30

Can I just say how peed off I am with heartburn?

That's all

Honest I dont moan all the time lol.

Off to work now. Might try a brandy and peppermint see if that sorts me out lol

QueenFee Mon 19-Dec-11 18:18:46

1 more present and i'm done! Finally feel christmassy.

Stopped feeling sorry for myself. Got my mojo back whoop whoop lovely to be myself if only for a day i almost thought i'd tirned into a pessamist but no i'm still here smile

Need to pack my bags, yesterdaus trip made me realise that!

Just a haircut, wrapping and 1 pressie and then christmas can come!

Oh and if anyone is interested b and q have 75% off christmas decs. Loads of lovely lights baubles tinsels etc wish I had some cash spare

deardear Mon 19-Dec-11 19:19:07

Ooh might have a look in b and q. Have to go to town sometime this week to argue with currys over my deep fat fryer which is exploding oil!

babycarmen Mon 19-Dec-11 20:04:58

For those not on FB wink -
The scan went really well and im SO happy, she is growing perfectly and is right on dates, except her legs which are measuring 2 weeks ahead!!! So she has very long legs apparently :/ shes going to look like a frog! And she has hair (aw!) So the consultant is happy for me to just see midwives from now on so i am unbelievably happy i am determined to just relax and enjoy (as much as i can) the last of my pregnancy and hopefully go into labour without being induced :D (fingers crossed nothing ELSE goes wrong) So yes, very happy wink

I have to go christmas shopping in town tomorrow morning and i cannot tell you how much i dont want to go! Will be so glad when christmas is out the way!

33 weeks!

woowa Mon 19-Dec-11 20:21:29

Yay babycarmen! That's fab, so glad you've been handed over to the MWs, it's SO much more reassuring!

Everyone seems really cheerful today! Must be the mulled wine?

Can't remember if I said I've given up on trousers?! Just can't stand them anymore, bump must be bigger than it was with DD. SO i went to H&M and bought a dress today, so that I have two items of clothing I can wear for the next 6 weeks!!! nice!!

we've also had some good news - DH still doesn' thave a job, but we're allowed an extra 12 months in our house and DH will be seconded to somewhere else until we find one. That means we don't have to move out in May, and I can relax a bit. phew. Still need and want to find a job at some point, but hoorah for the kind CofE folk who are letting us stay. Happy days.

due date is SIX WEEKS TOMORROW!! I'll be induced then if no sign of baby, so i'll be having a baby within six weeks then!!


QueenFee Mon 19-Dec-11 20:37:02

Woowa thats fab news smile

Kayano Mon 19-Dec-11 21:11:55

Yey babycarmen and woowa


It is rather cheerful in here today waves flags DH has just ran me a gorgeous bubble bath and I'm chilling all evening x

babycarmen Mon 19-Dec-11 21:13:52

Great news woowa must be a load off your mind!

Ahhhh were all going to have ACTUAL babies soon (still cant get my head around it, and its not my first!) so exciting!! Cant wait to hear everyones labour stories and see cute pics! grin

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Mon 19-Dec-11 22:50:26

Hi girls! waves to newbies

Sorry I've been off radar again - just trying to keep my head down and struggle on through till mat leave, which kicks in on 30th Dec. Only 6 working days - yay!

Great news re babycarmen and woowa. Still struggling here with nausea and vomiting and getting tireder by the day. The reflux and heartburn and getting horrendous - getting through shedloads of gaviscon, so had a wry smile at the new thread title.

Hope everyone else is doing ok. And don't forget about this thread for those of us who aren't on the FB group!


littlemonkeybix Tue 20-Dec-11 06:57:45

Yay woowa, that's great news!! Boo for poor wicket and sickiness

well... i was doing just fine recently... then tonight... bloody awake from 5ish... snots are starting and i just can't be arsed with that!

Looks like I'll be lemon&ginger tea with honey for a few days.... wish i could lemsip/sudafed sad And I've been so careful! Vit C and avoiding germy people.... BAH!

littlemonkeybix Tue 20-Dec-11 06:59:05

29+1 or 30+1... Can't remember but its on my desk calendar... will try to look later in work!!

Kayano Tue 20-Dec-11 07:41:08

Plan of action: drive DH to work
Pick up pampers pack from post office
Mcds breakfast drive through - sausage and egg mcmuffin meal with coke grin
Home to consume said meal
Piss in pot
32 week midwife appointment
Go order carpet for Sophie's room - right next door to dr and midwife, very handy

Home. Nap. Generic tidy

Pick DH up from work

Mums house for spag Bol tea.

Tv night just me and DH and cats and cat snuggles

inserts feed cats somewhere into list grin

OddEyes Tue 20-Dec-11 10:20:27

Wish I had plan of action! Think not going to set my goals to high today - survival, that is it!

louby86 Tue 20-Dec-11 10:40:29

I'm impressed Kayano for me today involves, lying on the sofa, possibly under a duvet, taking paracetemol while staring at all the 'proper' medicines in disgust and maybe mustering up the strength to go collect a sample pot from the doctors for my MW appointment Thursday. Need to walk the dog at some point too, can't really ask DH to do that as he's just as poorly

Kayano Tue 20-Dec-11 12:13:53

Plan of action slightly thrown by driving past my freezing cousin and her 5 year old at bus stop and ferrying them to aunts house
Then MW said baby is head down grin good girl, great heartbeat and perfect growth. Get in, that's my girl.
karma balanced

I then went to see my mum

Then at carpet shop got an awesome remnant carpet, underlay and grippers for £140 all in. Very impressed. THEN! The carpet fitter walked in, had a chat and he is squeezing me in TOMORROW so Sophie's room will be decorated before Christmas!

karma balanced

So now... I am in my chill bit
Of my day and will tidy 1-3 and then go for DH grin

Good day grin nods

deardear Tue 20-Dec-11 13:37:20

OMG kayano that is organisation!

I have just tidied my desk and drawers out ready for the new chap starting after christmas. Cant believe I can see my desk!! i havent finished everything and i am not busting a gut to do it. whats not done will have to be done by someone else while i am off.

managed to have an online chat with a man from o2 this morning after DD1 went £18 over her contract (I will be having words and she will have it taken out of her monthly money) and managed to get her contract down to £21 per month and increase her talk minutes smile Should have been £27 per month.

Cant wait to finish work tomorrow. Think we are finishing at around 12 then going upstairs for drinks, nibbles and a slap up meal as normal. Looking forwards to it. Have managed to tell one of the directors this morning i was in pain after i picked him up from the station.

I am so looking forwards to a lie in on Thursday and time off. I have loads i want to do and will be lovely just pottering about for a couple of months on my own while the DD's are at school.

We were discussing Christmas last weekend me and the DH. As my two DD's are at an age now where neither of them believe in santa (aged 14 and nearly 12) next years christmas will be fantastic with LO here and they will be just as excited as us. Will bring the whole meaning of christmas back again. I am really excited about this Christmas anyhow.

Oh and the good news - when i bend over now either sitting or standing i let out a little pee!! oops blush

<waves> at newbies smile

wicket I can't believe you are still having sickness sad poor you!

woowa good news about your house!

I am so boring. Every time I come to post on here my mind goes blank and I can't think what I was going to post!

All seems to be ok here - 32 week MW appointment confirmed carpal tunnel (if you can call it "confirmed" - she just went "yes that sounds like it might be carpal tunnel syndrome") and she has referred me to the physio so hopefully I can get some relief from it. It's not too bad in the day time unless I'm doing something that requires small movements and dexterity but at night it's a total nightmare and wakes me at least 4 times.

Bump and Bert are still measuring/feeling big - fundal height is still above the 95th centile - but I'm not worrying about it any more. In fact I don't feel like I'm worrying about anything really which is unusual for me. The only problem is that I seem to have apathy instead. Hmm.

Have just read a thread about cheap undies and nightwear - I've got the gargantuan sexypants from Primarni and finally found a pair of short sleeved button front pyjamas that aren't as ugly as anything in Peacocks, but hadn't considered the possibility that I might need a catheter. So now I think I need to go and get some nighties too. Might have a look in the mothercare sale.

Oh and my boobs itch.

31+4...8 weeks 3 days to go...

woowa Tue 20-Dec-11 22:05:33

Midwife appointment fine, measuring spot on 34 (which, bizarrely is 75th percentile - why not 50th?!). Weed in a pot. You know, normal pregnant sort of day. Having people round for fake christmas dinner tomorrow night so making stuffing and all that malarkey - so much more fun than doing it on christmas day with the stress!! Now off to bed as I am usually dead by now and don't want to push my luck.

6 weeks today!!

34 + 0 smile

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Tue 20-Dec-11 22:06:45

It was the same last time, Hermione - this is why this little blighter is going to be our last!

QueenFee Tue 20-Dec-11 22:16:09

Guess what its my lucky day! Well sort of.

Not because ds2 is ill again
But it is because a friend of mine has given me a maclaren techno xt! Whoo solves my car buggy issues and saves me ££ smile
I have washed all the covers tonight and its come up lovely. I have a footmuff that will fit it from another pram. She was given it apparently and hasnt used it for a while so its just been gathering dust in onr of her farm sheds smile
Totally made up!

littlemonkeybix Wed 21-Dec-11 08:01:29

Morning ladies! Can we use strepsils?! Shitty night with fresh cold giving me gip... sore throat this am. all raw and crappidy. gonna buy lemons ginger and honey.... and strepsils <sob>

Kayano Wed 21-Dec-11 08:35:02

Nope. Go get lockets or halls soothes confused

Also... Where does
One buy these 'breast pads' and 'maternity pads' for this 'excessive bleeding' we will be experiencing? I have not a clue

boots...tesco...superdrug, kayano...i had a voucher for breast pads from boots parenting club...

queenfee i don't know the first thing about buggies etc, but WAHEY! smile

CoffeeOne Wed 21-Dec-11 09:55:56

er, you guys, December is nearly over and that means there is only one bus ahead of us to have their babies then it's OUR TURN shock


Kayano Wed 21-Dec-11 10:02:36

Oh god... Our turn confused

I'm still shit scared suffering from anxiety blush

Xavielli Wed 21-Dec-11 10:11:10

Woohoo! Getting quite excited about meeting baby now! Can't wait, and can't wait for it all to be over. Come feb I'll have been pregnant for 18 months out of the last two years as ds2 was conceived feb 2010.

And this is the part where time really starts to drag....

33 weeks today.

littlemonkeybix Wed 21-Dec-11 10:31:48

<hides with kayano on back seat>

Kinda glad my due date is March 5th cos I get to "see" what happens when you guys do it!! absolutely shitting it petrified in denial!

Have purchased soothers and lockets, honey, lemons, ginger and more balm tissues... BUGGER OFF COLD! BOOOOOO! angry

littlemonkeybix Wed 21-Dec-11 10:41:46

awwww.... good on her for 3 months of sacrifice!! www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-16271975

Glad it worked!!


louby86 Wed 21-Dec-11 12:02:06

Aww that's a lovely story grin

Kayano Wed 21-Dec-11 12:06:16

There is a thread about that story on AIBU where someone is 'scathing' about it as they think it's a waste of resources!

I have told the OP she is awful blush

Kayano Wed 21-Dec-11 14:06:25

DH came home for lunch. It takes 50 minutes round trip so he was only here for 10 minutes... hmm

He had forgotten his secret Santa prezzie daft sod.

Anyway, he was talking about DC3

DC3?! I haven't had DC1 yet crazy fool! He was talking about age gaps and holidays and he would like 'at least 3' but I could have a break between dc2 and 3 hmmhmmhmm

I was shock I was of the '2 kids max' school of thought, he now says he wants 4 but at least 3. headdesk

I've told him I would reassess the situation but I get so anxious being pg I might not want more than 2. This is apparently ok.

Well I now don't know what to think lol. I'm not being 'told' how many kids to have by anyone but me. Humph

littlemonkeybix Wed 21-Dec-11 14:30:42

I've told him I would reassess the situation but I get so anxious being pg I might not want more than 2. This is apparently ok.

Is that because he thinks he might be able to wear you down after DC2??!! I think men forget what our bodies are actually doing.... including going hormonally mental!

I have always said I would "like" 2 or 3... I have ALWAYS said I will see how DC1 goes 1st though!

Kayano Wed 21-Dec-11 14:47:45

I just really like hot forrin holidays so to me 3+ kids is 'no more hols' and I would be sad

Am so shallow and tan wink

I do like kids though, we'll see how this goes lol. Stupid man

mumsrthebest Wed 21-Dec-11 15:17:32

Hi All, Haven't posted for such a long time. Feeling very tired lately and my sleep patterns are all over the shop. Baby is growing well. No sign of heartburn but bad backache, especially on my left side which is where my little girl has set up camp. Interesting reading everyones feeds. Not long now ladies. How exciting.

Xavielli Wed 21-Dec-11 16:43:07

You'll know when you're done having babies. I always wanted 4 kids and this time feel completely asthough this baby will complete my family. I don't think anyone could persuade me to do this again.

The thing is those lovely little alien looking newborns don't stay like that for long, so nature gives you mad urges to do it all over again, regardless of how it went the first time.

phlossie Wed 21-Dec-11 17:15:22

Argh! Our turn!!!

I took a bit of a drop today - fell up the steps from our kitchen while nattering on the phone. I managed to not only keep the conversation going, but also do an impressive kind of knee skid so not to bump my bump! I did skin my elbow on the skirting board, though. So clumsy. It woke baby up, who started bumping around straight away, so I know he or she's ok.


QueenFee Wed 21-Dec-11 18:38:34

Yay our turn. Can't wait. I have def reached my limit on no of kids. To be fair I had to talk dh into dc3 but now he was more into dc4 than me. I guess you never know how you will feel.

Still a bit erm off my face on codine/paracetamol but at least I got through the day. Definately stocking up for labour!
Tip for those with toddlers. Need an hours rest, have a bath with your kids. I had one with ds1&2 this pm and apart from them pouring water on me I didn't move for an hour - bliss. 4 in the bath lol

Gutted to be missing our church carol concert this evening. I was supposed to be going to a friends for mince pies and drinks after and she makes fab cocktails inc non alcoholic ones but i'm just too ill sad missed it last yr because I had swine flu. Next yr i'm finishing my xmas shopping etc in sept just in case!

QueenFeeare you still feeling ropey? Is it the tummy bug or the nasty cold? I do hope you feel better in time for Christmas!

I'd quite like to have 3 but will see how we get on with this one first! Bit worried about the financial side of things and definitely will need a bigger house before we have any more - but that's not going to happen for a while. Trouble is that I'm 36 now so time is ticking on!

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Wed 21-Dec-11 19:10:02

I am looking forward to it being our turn, can't wait to meet DD2 now smile Might go for DC3 at some point, but no plans as such. DH has told me he will be too old after DC3 to have any more. He is only 37 lol, but has two older kids too so this baby will be DC4 for him.

Glad your knees and elbow took the brunt of the fall Phlossie.

I am not looking forward to the icy, snowy weather I remember being pregnant in the winter of 2008, it was lethal walking around and I wasn't anywhere near as big as I am now. Might even buy some snow grips for my boots. We are going to have to be careful about falls.

Kayano, ah bless, wait until he has watched you in labour, we ladies tend to forget in the post-natal hormonal haze once we have our snuggly newborn, but our DH/DP's remember it all. He may re-think once the reality of sleepless nights kicks in grin

Sorry to hear you are feeling crap littlemonkeybix, I have found a good steam inhalation with a bit of vapour rub/olbas oil in the water does the trick especially before bed. Also put a cup of water/wet towel on your radiator to increase humidity at night helps. Saline nasal spray also great for clearing sinuses.

Good news babycarmen smile

hermione glad you are getting physio referral, I had rsi before and that was bad enough.

Have been out today with my mum who was visiting, she brought DD's Christmas pressie that we had paid for months ago up from Dorset. A lovely wooden kitchen from Little Tikes, it has everything a fridge, a washing machine and a kitchen sink!

I am really looking forward to putting it up for DD, she will love it, but it looks complicated. Hopefully me and DH can put our heads together and get it up in time for Christmas.

Got my arm jabbed by phlebotomist today for 28 week bloods, only two weeks late, but thought it best not to take 'flu with me to the ante-natal clinic at the hospital so held off until I felt completely better.

Hope everyone else who is/was feeling ill is on the mend in time for Christmas x


woowa Wed 21-Dec-11 23:16:31

Hi all

zhen i think we're in for a warmer, more "normal" winter than the last 3 so we should be ok. I was pg ith DD in the snow of winter 09/10 and am REALLY glad not to have to do that again!! sliding not good for pelvises.

Read that article on the mum spared a miscarriage and am shock that someone thinks that's a waste of resources! Surely on that basis we shouldn't bother treating any medical problem, it would be much cheaper if we just let people fester and die. I think it's AMAZING that they can save a baby that way!!

Had our fake xmas dinner tonight for our bible study group, including one zimbabwean and one nigerian to demonstrate an authentic english christmas dinner. Have been on feet all day cooking and feet are now ACHING. this is my least favourite bit of pregnancy, I had forgotten!! Apart from that dinner was YUM though, especially delia smiths 18th century chestnut stuffing, in case anyone needs a recipe at this late stage!! It's on her website!!

I'm hoping for more babies. We have 4 fairly dubious "quality" embryos frozen, so we'll see. Don't want to have full IVF again though. Me and a friend with a 2 year gap (which ours will be) both agreed today that a 3rd baby will have a BIGGER GAP!!! It's hard being 8 months pg with a 2 year old toddler!!

Right, to sleep, perchance to dream. Or something...

34+1 (when do we start counting down?!)

Sugar80 Thu 22-Dec-11 07:31:12

30+4 here. That's 10 weeks to go. That's ages - 2 whole months. There is no need for me to panic yet...

Is there?

I don't really do babies. But I do want a family, and as kids don't come ready to go at around 10 years old, I need to start somewhere. It's just starting to seem very real now.

I think I'd like more than one.. I'm an only child, and I was more than happy with that. It's only as I've become an adult that I think I'd like a brother or sister. But I'll need to see how I get on with this one first....

littlemonkeybix Thu 22-Dec-11 07:55:44

DP got cobby with me last night... wait for it... because i was snoring!!! I had to stifle a giggle! He's like a motor boat most nights and he GAVE ME THIS COLD... I think he was going to go downstairs but the extra sleeping gear is in the wash. So he was stuck with me.

he did say this morning that i didn't snore again though... i am still chuckling at his stroppy temper tantrum though!

Thanks for advice zhen... I have a saline nose douche ... just need to drag my arse out of bed to fetch it!

littlemonkeybix Thu 22-Dec-11 07:56:30

29+3 with NOTHING SORTED!!!

Kayano Thu 22-Dec-11 08:23:44

Think the subconscious anxiety has returned.

I sleepwalk/ talk.
Last night I woke up hysterical, crying sobbing, unable to calm down. Must have been doing it for a while in my sleep because I was in the throws of panic when I woke up!

I had a needle in my back! And could not move or lie back down I was frozen stiff as a board but hysterical. DH sort of woke up but I couldn't really get him awake as I couldn't speak as I was too scared .

Anyway he sort of roused and actually had to act out removing the needle
From my back. He turned straight back over and went back to sleep and has no recollection this morning. Sleep acting confused!

Anyway it was 30 mins before I calmed down enough to sleep again.

Strange thing was that in the last week I have been more chilled
Out than ever so it was quite strange. I don't remember even thinking about epidurals or needles yesterday but my dream and panic were so real it was awful confusedblush

Rollersara Thu 22-Dec-11 08:35:05

Am swinging between thinking it's fine, all under control, to OMG, what have I done! Not helped by seeing new consultant who seemed very keen on an ELCS when midwife/other consultant/specialist all agreed VB is best in my circumstances. She also said recovery time from CS and VB isn't very different hmm.

Am really quite uncomfortable now, pelvic pain, out of breath etc. Off to GP today and Physio tomorrow!

32 + 0!

phlossie Thu 22-Dec-11 09:52:46

Zhen - the prospect of snow was the perfect excuse to buy some lovely new boots - they're waterproof, sheepskin lined and have brilliant grip... problem is I have trouble bending over my bump to get them on!

There's 19 1/2 months between DS and DD.... and 4 1/2 years between DD and DC3! It is much, much easier being pregnant with older children who can do their own seatbelts up and don't need carrying. Plus my gorgeous little DD loves babies and is the most helpful, sweet, lovely, sensible 4 yo you'd ever meet. She's going on 40!

Rollersara - which would you feel most comfortable with? I'd have said recovery from a VB is easier... I guess it depends on how long you labour and whether you need any intervention. I suppose the good thing with ELCS is that you avoid the possibility of labouring for hours and then having a EMCS, which would be a bit of a double-whammy recovery-wise.

My at the front placenta is annoying me. I just don't feel this baby in the same way as my other two, and it freaks me out. I do feel it - it's squiggling at the moment, and I have to remember not to compare it to the other two.


hippysair Thu 22-Dec-11 09:57:51

waves to everyone, including new joiners! grin

OMG people talking about more babies, while the are pg? are you insane? suppose it's easy for the OH's to say what they would like to have, but they don't have to go through it!! thankfully me and DH have agreed that this is baby will definitely complete our family, two children are def enough for me us thanks and especially over a 6 year age gap between them!

Started my maternity leave this week, was my last day on Tuesday, I didn't start my mat leave till 36wks with ds1, and would of worked till later this time round too, but had ran out of annual hol, and it just seemed easier to coincide my mat leave with ds breaking up from school then i don't have to organize childcare, plus the added stresses of xmas. Was a relief to finish work though. Has been an awkward 33 weeks at work i tell you! There's a girl i work with who had IVF then miscarried at 11wks, 3 wks before i found out i was pg. We work in a tiny room together, and haven't had the best of relationships if i'm honest. Telling her i was pg was awful after what had happened to her. I was warned not to mention my pg for fear of upsetting her. Then when i had my 12wk scan, i asked my boss what i should do i.e. regarding showing people my scan pic and he said just ask her if she wants to see it (i was scared of excluding her by not showing it to her IYSWIM) when i asked if she wanted to see it, she said no and that the last time she went for a scan she was told her baby was dead, so no she didn't want to see it. That was that after that, i have had to go to work and never mention my pg in front of her at all. So on my last day, boss gave me a hug and said take care, and i said to her, all the best, have a good xmas, her reply "and you" that was it! I really don't know what to do when i have had the baby, do i go in with it? and about going back to work after, feel like i'm a criminal of some sort for having a healthy pregnancy and being able to bear a child confused

Anyway, i am actually, apart from the heartburn, quite enjoying this pg now, and remember that when i was this far gone with ds1 was utterly fed up by now, so i am just enjoying it while it lasts! Xmas prezzies all got, a few rellies to visit this week, a small food shop on fri, and feet up to enjoy xmas! Normally dashing round like a headless chicken this time of year, but decided not to this year, for the people i haven't seen yet, i have messaged them to tell them, i will see them at some point before ds goes back to school.

^^gosh this is turning into quite a lengthy post, apologies!

scan next thurs, to see if placenta has moved up yet, finger's x'd it has.


and 3 sleeps till xmas!! grin

hippysair Thu 22-Dec-11 10:10:40

BTW hermionejgranger, got your link from last thread and have fb friended you, could you add me to the group pretty please? will have more time for computer now that mat leave has started smile

phlossie Thu 22-Dec-11 10:19:36

hippysair - it's not your fault you've had a healthy pregnancy, and it sounds like you're being sensitive about it. A friend of mine had exactly the same problem with a colleague, but she luckily did have a baby in the end, and it was only then that things got better. I think that when you go back you should just carry on being aware of not going on about it, and accept that she's still going to feel crap about it - and keep your fingers crossed that it works out for her.

m1nn1em0u5e Thu 22-Dec-11 11:47:06

Just marking my place!..Not been on here much lately, guilty of Facebook though!..

Can't believe how close we all are to meeting our babies now!..

Tired, fed up of heart burn....but looking forward to Christmas!..Nearly there now!..3 sleeps! smile My dh is off for 10 whole days & he is even going to switch his work phone off for 7 of them! (on call for the other 3)....total chill out im hoping before the chaos of 3 children starts very soon!..

Hope everybody has a lovely Christmas if I dont come back on here before!..xx

Rollersara Thu 22-Dec-11 12:07:12

phlossie, I don't know, I'd always expected I'd need a c-section (I have mobility problems and use a wheelchair), but was told it wouldn't be a good idea as I have spasms in my stomach muscles that would make recovery longer and more painful. So was mentally prepared for a VB, possibly induced, but now this seems to be a bad idea too.

QueenFee Thu 22-Dec-11 12:12:30

We can't start counting down, too depressing when we are in minus figures!

Hippy that sounds really hard. Tbh I would go in with the baby, sadly bad things happen to people and coming to realise this is part of getting on with your life. My mum was told she couldnt have kids and she decided after 7 yrs to accept this. She said it was very hard at 1st, but it actually helped her in the long run being with her friends kids. Miraculously, after moving on with her life along came my brother x

We appear to be finally bug free! So relieved its been so long since we had a normal house. I am sick of changing beds.

Now just have to do 2 weeks of xmas prep in erm 2 days, could be interesting!

hippysair I have added you smile
So sorry you've had such a tricky atmosphere at work. I'd second what phlossie and QueenFee said though - it's not necessarily the way your colleague had envisaged her life turning out - but that is not for you to worry about or to tiptoe around. If everyone else at work is excited for you and you want to take your baby in then I'd say go ahead - might consider dropping her a line to tell her you're planning on doing so, but more as a "this is a courtesy in case you want to be somewhere else" than a "would this be ok with you" type of thing. As QueenFee says, coming to terms with it is part of moving on and I have a similar story about a cousin who tried for ages with no success with IVF, resigned herself to being the cool auntie, and then conceived very quickly - now has 2 beautiful girls.

Hope all the germy people are feeling better - I have woken up this morning and will mostly be illing today. Doesn't feel all that bad though so might be just drinking copious amounts of hot squash to soothe my throat and using my parenting gaffer tape to attach a bottle of olbas oil beneath my right nostril.

Kayano Thu 22-Dec-11 15:02:32

I just nearly burst into tears in Asda. It's always bloody asda! My legs and blushladybitsblush are in agony.! It is SO bad today sad

deardear Thu 22-Dec-11 18:32:35

Aw kayano. Warm bath and a lie down. Just get the basics and then go back Tuesday when they open again.

Well tonight can't be any worse than last night!

Dd2 had a friend sleep over for the night - DD is 11 and friend is 12 and they have gone through school together. Told them they coukdntnsleep downstairs as hubby at work today and lounge asunder our bedroom somdidnt want disturbing.

Commotion downstairs at 115 am. DD comes into our room and says her firmed been sick everywhere and she can't move her to get her to the downstairs loo. Tell her to start and clean it up. Go down and it's like something off a movie there is so much puke flying about! Told her to move herself out of my lounge and into loo to which she just lay in a heap and moaned I can't. Had to get DH up as I really really don't do proper sick and I was heaving, he got up went in lounge, came out for mop bucket and promptly went arse over tit. He isn't small - over 25 stone and 6'2!! I rang child's mum and said I her daughter really ill and she said oh I don't know what tondo. DD came in and said she being sick again so i told other um I was fetching her - she lives about 1/2 mile away but doesn't drive.

We spent next 3 hours getting daughter to a stage where she could sit up without throwing up, stripped sofa covers (which they had made into beds on the floor so were covered!) washed 6 towels, two sets of bedding, threw out 4 pillows and two cushions and bungee them in car and took them home. Child was sick up till about 4 pm this afternoon and then right as hops now!

DH was up at 530am to go to work. He seems ok and not grumpy. We slept till nearly ten then got up and have had a running about day today fetching turkey, photos imhave had framed for bro and sisnin law and horse bedding.

Had planned on sittingndown when tea was on but sat in kitchen with a bottle of bleach doing draw fronts and radiator! Nesting is going mad and sat in the bath kidsnhad run for me thinking I need to sort out the grime on the skirting boards! DD2 says I have gone into OCD overdrive.

Have hands like an old woman now from all the bleach but I love the smell.

Am really in a good mood tonight and can't wait to have this little man.

Have done Christmas shopping - it was dead in our local morrisons last night! We won't open any beer or chocs till after tea on Christmas eve - bit of a tradition in our house as it's not really Christmas till then.

Kayano Thu 22-Dec-11 18:43:07

I don't to vomit either grin when I was young and worked in McDonald's a little girl was sick and I was wretching so much her mother took the mop off me and cleaned the dining area! blush

YY to the vomit aversion. In fact I am not good with sick, poo or snot. Whose idea was this having a baby lark? What on earth am i going to do?!?!

deardear I do not envy you!

kayano hope you feel a bit better after a bath and a sit down

woowa Thu 22-Dec-11 21:50:06

oh goodness deardear, what an awful night! When I was pg last time, someone pooed all over our bathroom, they must have been really ill, and because it was a group of teens over, they were too embarassed to say anything, just tried to clear it up as best they could. Poor thing. When I found it when they'd all gone home I had to clear it up. SOOO much retching.

On the colleague with IVF miscarriage - it might just be worth bearing in mind that given the timings you've described, it might be around her due date now, and she will be remembering that she would have been on maternity leave with a big bump. It is hard that not everyone is excited for you, but it's also very hard losing such a precious baby, especially around the due date, and especially at christmas. I really hope she's able to be interested in the baby when you take it in, but if she's like I was, I would be opening thrilled for people and sob and weep for hours in private and with DH. Infertility is indescribably awful.

On a lighter note, i'm shattered!! DD not well today, don't quite know what it is, so expecting a bad night with her too. I should therefore be asleep, but am crocheting with telly instead. oops :-) GOing to see the Snowman with live orchestra tomorrow (if DD is OK) which is going to be fun!!

34+ 2

deardear Thu 22-Dec-11 21:53:01

It's eier with your own kids butbi can't change another child's pooey nappy or watch a kid with dripping snot. I gagged today at a friends when talking about it lol.

Baby sick is nothing like older child sick. The smell isn't acidic so can cope with that.

My two have been taught from a young age that getting to thebtoilet or a bowl/towel is preferable to having mummy chucking up as well and having to clean it themselves. M have even had to ring my mum o come sort some out.

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Fri 23-Dec-11 12:53:20

There must be something in the air, all this talk of vomit.

Woke up today at 5am to hear DD retching on the monitor, she had woken up out of her sleep and vomited all over her bed and wet herself too. Cleaned her up, she and I went back to sleep. She woke me up a few hours later saying she needed the potty, so I went into her bedroom to be greated by more vomit all over her bed and poo on the floor where she had diarrhoea and it had slid out of the leg of her pyjama trousers!

littlemonkeybix Fri 23-Dec-11 13:31:48

Oooh... all this talk... Can't WAIT to be a parent!! hmm

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Fri 23-Dec-11 14:06:41

Oh don't worry bad poomagedons and dv are few and far between and when it is your DC lying there feeling sick, you just want to make them feel better whatever way you can.

The lovely snuggles, giggles and 'I love you mummy' more than make up for it grin

QueenFee Fri 23-Dec-11 15:01:21

Poomagedons lol I changed my worst nappy in 7.5 yrs this week.

Oh and when they kiss you and say i wuv woo mummy you will melt!

I find it harder when i'm ill and they are crawling all over me than when they are ill, and both together is hell.

I'm currently trying to wrap pressies with the help of 2 and 5 yr boys hmmm

oooh QueenFee can I come and help? I don't have any left to do sad

littlemonkeybix Fri 23-Dec-11 15:55:56

I love present wrapping!! Did all of DP's yest and my bro's... only got parents left to do... but I was in their house, so will do them tonight grin


deardear Fri 23-Dec-11 16:45:44

I have been north. In fact I have been VERY norty!

Went out to lunch with a friend and had a glass of prosecco pink fizz. We didn't fancy desert as were stuffed so had another glass!

Was a bit red cheeked when I came out blush

QueenFee Fri 23-Dec-11 17:48:30

I may have a small glass tonight, as a reward for finally getting everything done.

Hermoine feel free smile still all the kids pressies to wrap and i'm just not in the mood this yr. Next yr I will have it all finished by middle of november, even with a 8mth old in tow!

Its sad as I usually love christmas buy just so exhausted this year.

PDog Fri 23-Dec-11 18:31:57

Boo hiss to all the sicky bugs, not what you need just before Christmas. DD has done three poos today, each progessively runnier so I'm hoping this isn't the start of it. I agree though, you don't mind so much when they are your own but it is 100 times worse when you are both ill at the same time.

I have a whole night of wrapping ahead of me so feel free to come and help.

We have a bottle of champers in for christmas day. I have been in hospital a couple of times this week as had some bleeding and when I was there on Wednesday the doctor made me feel like a criminal for having a drink! She asked if I drank alcohol and when I said yes, she said even in pregnancy. I said I had had a couple of glasses of wine at the most and she went into a big lecture about it. My mw said no more than 2 units a week was ok confused. I'm still having a glass of champers though.

Probably won't get chance to post before christams as FIL is arriving tomorrow so wishing you all a happy and relaxing festive break. Bit scared as feb is just round the corner and then it is OUR TURN - yikes!

flapjack77 Fri 23-Dec-11 21:01:22

My sympathies to all those who are feeling crap or with ill dcs, have a stinking cold and all I want to do is crawl into bed and stay there! DS has had an ear infection, but looks to be over the worst now, it's just me and DH who are now suffering! forgot to stock up on paracetomol/gaviscon/rennie today, really don't want to go shopping tomorrow so will just have to keep fingers crossed for the next few days!

I've always said I'd like 3 or 4 kids, (this one is dc2) but have not really enjoyed this pg as much as the first so we'll see in a year or two whether we want any more..!

Was my last day at work today, so glad I've finished, mat leave doesn't officially start til mid Jan, just using up my remaining leave between now and then. Also saw the MW for 34 wk check and to go thru birth plan.

Merry Christmas to you all, not sure if I'll get back on again in next few days


woowa Fri 23-Dec-11 21:47:26

oh man, it really is ok to drink a glass of wine!! Crazy healthcare professionals.

DD has nasty nappies too, but i think it's teething rather than a bug, but she's really struggling again. Hope it doesn't ruin her holiday.

Cutting out angels and sheep for Bethlehem street party tomorrow!


littlemonkeybix Sat 24-Dec-11 08:03:18

Morning folks... just wanted to say... IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE


Hope everyone has a fab day tmw, sickness, cold and other bugs free. 1st preggo xmas for me... Toooooo excited!! As is pip ... currently wriggling away!

I <3 Christmas!!


ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Sat 24-Dec-11 15:11:54

No vomit since 4am, whoohoo Christmas is back on grin

Just popping on to wish everyone a happy and wonderful Christmas! Hope we all feel better from our assorted bugs and that our DH/Ps don't play up and that our DCs behave nicely too! grin

All us first timers - last one just us!! Give it a couple more years and it will all be REALLY REALLY exciting and we get to do snowy footprints in the lounge and leaving out mince pies and carrots for FC and the reindeer!

ps I posted on 2 AIBU threads today and now I'm really scared. I didn't start the threads, I just responded. And gah! I forgot to put the "YABU" or "YANBU" in both of them. Flippin schoolboy error.
<hides face in shame>

Oh and pps since I forgot it earlier, 32+1, or 55 days to go according to Pregnology (thanks Bill I am now obsessively checking it every day!!)

Just did an enormous post and stupid laptop deleted it, ARGH!!!

So to boil it down, have a lovely Christmas everybody, hope Santa is very, very good to you, and we all make it through the day unscathed! xxx

woowa Sat 24-Dec-11 19:18:11

Happy Christmas everyone, may the peace of Christ reign in your hearts.

Be back in a week or so!


34+4 (that'll be 38 days to go!)

deardear Sat 24-Dec-11 20:01:36

Happy Christmas everyone. Hope we all have a happy healthy one and woowa hope yours isn't too mad in the land of the vicars of dibley (sorry couldn't resist - my boss is a Canon!)

May all the babies in our tummies hear our glee and happiness in preparation fir their first Christmas next year

PamBeesly Sat 24-Dec-11 20:04:00

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope its joyful and peaceful for everyone. Hope our little babies enjoy all the extra chocolate they will get tomorrow! grin

louby86 Sat 24-Dec-11 21:50:30

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a lovely time whatever you may be doing grin

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Sat 24-Dec-11 22:40:33

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have happy and peaceful family time and good grub grin

indicababy Sat 24-Dec-11 22:49:31

Hello, I'm fairly new to MN and have only just found this thread. I am due Feb 15th (32+3) so can I get on the bus please. Will see you all the other side of mad mass if there are any survivors. smile

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Sat 24-Dec-11 22:52:05

Welcome and merry Christmas indicababy smile

littlemonkeybix Sat 24-Dec-11 23:19:49

Wow... yet more newbies! Welcome!!!

Terribly excited now... 40 mins til CHRISTMAS!!!!


popcornchicken Sun 25-Dec-11 00:33:12

yayy finally found the february bus :D

BelleRomford74 Sun 25-Dec-11 11:16:01

Sent over here after posting on pregnancy....just having a moan really about how the novelty of being pregnant..(dc3.. unexpected & unplanned but most welcome..dc2 died aged 23 months 3 years ago..so this baby is a blessing) has all warn off!!.. Am uncomfortable & feel like a stuffed turkey!!
I can remember with dc1 now 9 that I felt really fed up at about 37 weeks.. puffy ankles & feet, tired & huge but that was fine coz it was so close to edd.. this time I feel worse at 31 weeks..(mind you am 9 years older I suppose!!) Bump is high, hard & uncomfortable, it gets so tight & even the kicks can be uncomfortable esp the low ones!! My back hurts & don't get me started on the heartburn!! Almost burst into tears when I drop something on the floor coz it hurts so much to bend down!!
Only upside is am booked in for elc at 38 weeks to prevent spontanious labour so really under 7 weeks to go now!! Having moaned & ranted I know how lucky I am so many friends in RL would give their right arm to be pregnant & I do appreciate that... hence moaning to people who understand!!

Merry Christmas all febuary duers!!! smile xx

Kayano Sun 25-Dec-11 12:07:41

Indicababy you are due the same day as me and Queenfee x feb 15th will be busy!!

Belle sorry about your DC2. sad not long to go though so hopefully can relax in that time x

Merry Christmas all! grin

<waves> at newbies - welcome to our lovely bus! Belle so sorry about your DC2 sad I feel your discomfort too - starting to feel like a bowling ball with sticky out bits. Not had the heartburn <touches wood frantically> but the restless legs are driving me up the effing wall!

Hope everyone's having a lovely Christmas day... x


beatrice75 Mon 26-Dec-11 01:16:01

Just found this thread after reading Belle's moan in the pregnancy section!
34 weeks today (due 5th feb)
Very happy I found you grin
Happy boxing day!

Can I join? I am 31 weeks, in QLD Australia, and the size of a house. I just saw some Xmas pics and nearly cried... I knew there was a reason I banned pics of me pregnant!! With DS I gained 25 kilos and well on the way to getting there again this time... so am feeling a bit sorry for self and very aware of all the Xmas food still in the house AND I am knackered AND uncomfortable and DS (22 months) is a nightmare today due to overtiredness, over-excitedness, and too much sugar. Have been trying to get him to nap (is 230pm here - he usuallysleeps from 130 til 3 every day) for an hour and he is being a total brat very challenging.
So basically would love to be cheered up by you lot!!

louby86 Mon 26-Dec-11 09:53:31

Welcome to the newbies <waves>

Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and are not suffering too much.

I was supposed to get up at 8am to walk the dog but was up most of the night with acid so have had to send DH out, think he expected it really how many times he was woken by me in the night

My annual leave from work starts today, I've got 3 weeks and then my maternity leave starts, it's getting scarily close now!

beatrice75 Mon 26-Dec-11 10:05:25

Oh lucky you, louby. I'm not going on maternity leave until 13th January so basically I have two more weeks to go after the holidays :-(
I have this image in my mind of my boss swearing as she drives me to the hospital with ruptured membranes...One of my worst nightmares!
I was up most night too, just insomnia and restless legs and panic because baby wasn't kicking a lot. I have had sleepless nights due to acid reflux too until my doctor put me on Omeprazole and the quality of my life has changed dramatically, for the better. It's all gone, I can even have a Burger King Chicken Supreme meal without fear of the consequences!

Hello Beatrice and Frizzy and welcome! Frizzy if it makes you feel any better I've gained 3.5 stone (about 23 kg i think) up to now and my size-up maternity clothes are starting to be tighter than I'd like!

We are a cheery lot and are very good with the moaning so feel free to rant away! Stats thread is here - if you copy and paste the last thread into your new post and add yourself into your new post we don't lose anyone!

babycarmen Mon 26-Dec-11 12:19:37

Oh me! Havent been here in what? 2 days? And SO many newbies grin <waves at them all>

Just popping in to say Merry Christmas to everyone and hope you all had a lovely day and survived it! Christmas eve was v. stressful thanks to my mother but yesterday was lovely and DD had a great day and got v.spoilt. Had some VERY painful BHs though.. i actually couldnt move when i got them. Was starting to panic but only had 3 then they stopped! Today i am trying to get the house back to normal but have no energy or motivation!

6 weeks left.. its getting very close now!! 34 weeks today. smile

PamBeesly Mon 26-Dec-11 13:15:56

Hi everyone, welcome to the people who have just found the bus! How was everyones Xmas Day? I had a lovely relaxed day...I fear the last one, since the baby will be here next year and there will be lots of visitors and fuss. I woke up this morning and the fact theat my baby will be here in 8 weeks (or therabouts) dawned on me big time. Instead of feeling nervous and worried I was so excited and it felt like waiting for Xmas again (but when you are a kid) I just can't wait to see his little face and play with his little arms and legs and get all the cuddles! .... not to mention the lack of sleep, all the poo and sick...

Kayano Mon 26-Dec-11 14:12:58

So many new faces! So exciting!!!!

I have decided to spend today learning how to bake. I do not bake or cook... Ever. DH is the brilliant cook grin

I have just took my first ever batch of cupcakes (lemon butterfly cakes) and they are so much better than anticipated. I am over the moon! I want to learn to cook and bake all through Jan before the baby comes and I have already created about 50 cue cards with recipes I would like to try

So excited (and covered in flour) grin

littlemonkeybix Mon 26-Dec-11 16:32:25


So kayano what time shall we all arrive for yummy cakes ?! Mmmm

littlemonkeybix Mon 26-Dec-11 16:32:55

30 today.... look like 42 today!!!!

Kayano I wondered what that yummy smell was. I'm planning on doing a stack of cooking while on leave prior to "b" day - was considering getting a slow cooker and maybe even using my bread maker...

monkey you'll have to fight me for the cakes... wink

Sugar80 Mon 26-Dec-11 18:15:35

Hello all, and hi to the newbies. Hope everyone has had/ is having a good Christmas.

I feel very pregnant at the moment and I would like it to end now please. Been suffering with really annoying pain in my right hand side and I can't get comfy. I goes when I'm stood up, and is less when I lie on my back (not ideal I know). I've been getting it for weeks, but is used to be just in the evening, and I assumed it was from sitting awkwardly in the evening... now it's all day everyday sad

pinkhalf Mon 26-Dec-11 19:20:59

Hi there, can I join (group and the moaning)? I'm 31 weeks and expecting my first. I feel like I am about to explode, have back pain and spend most of my day lying down. Relaxed Christmas but it had to be because I no longer want to move very far from my sofa!

The midwife tells me to eat more - I feel like I will be sick if I eat more than I do! At the moment I feel like my passenger has full control of my body.

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Mon 26-Dec-11 20:42:39

Hello everyone, welcome to all the newbies smile

Hope everyone had a good day yesterday and managed to fit in some yummy food around the baby.

Christmas was interesting this year to say the least. Spent Christmas morning in paediatric A&E with DD as she wasn't holding down any fluids due to D&V. Docs were happy with her hydration (was syringing in dioralyte every 5 mins) so said we were ok to go to my dads for food.

So off we went and ate yummy duck my brother had cooked, having had hardly any sleep the night before it was great just to relax and have food provided. Luckily DD picked up and kept water down, but no Christmas dinner sad

Spent all day today cooking with DH for my dad and brother. DH cooked goat curry, rice and peas and jerk prawns, yum smile and I cooked snails which were a bit too chewy [hmmm].

Back home now, DD is eating yay! smile

littlemonkeybix Mon 26-Dec-11 21:25:26

Ok... so the plan is...

Goat curry with zhen followed by lemon butterfly cakes from kayano... WHO'S IN?!


deardear Mon 26-Dec-11 21:55:50

Me! I will bring schloer

Can we watch mrs browns boys? Watched Alan Carr and Ab Fab last night. Thought I was having baby at one point I was laughing that much.

Hi to the newbies and thanks for coming over smile

Kayano Mon 26-Dec-11 22:17:21

Oh this does sound very good. We will have to have this party/ get together another day because I am now about to partake in an amazing bath ran by DH full of honey scented bath products grin

Best. Christmas. Ever.

Well... Until next year when I will have a little plaything baby to dress as a Christmas pudding gringringrin

runaroundstartsnow Mon 26-Dec-11 23:54:55

Hi all, hope you had a lovely Chrimbo. Not been on much as feel so tired, have had to have B12 injections and take iron tablets 3xday, but my levels are still low!
Also got SPD and horrid rib pain....but booked in for a section on jan 25th.Baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead now shock i am same size as a shed .

runaroundstartsnow Mon 26-Dec-11 23:55:43

oh 35wks1day today

louby86 Tue 27-Dec-11 00:33:19

I'm in! I'll bring chocolate and sweets having received a confectionary hamper for Christmas grin

Hoping to have a heartburn free night tonight (wishful thinking)

littlemonkeybix Tue 27-Dec-11 03:03:18

Does terry's chocolate orange cure heartburn?! I will let you know in the morning!!grin

Kayano Tue 27-Dec-11 08:44:07

Shopping with DH today :D very excited.

Although blushsad I think I may have a water infection so will have to see how I go and may need to stop off at hospital to try get some antibiotics - sorry tmi sadblush

Oooooh yes I'll come - can we have pancakes as well, please? I love pancakes.

Kayano don't worry we will stretch time so you can do all your busy stuff and come along to the feast as well. Oh and good luck re: water infection!

Hope all the poorly DCs are feeling much better now - fantastic timing from them all - poor little sausages sad

On another note - what on earth has happened to Scooby Doo? I'm watching it on Boomerang and it's shocking. All teen tantrums and nonsense. AND Guess Who and Cluedo are different as well judging by the adverts... confused

32+4 (OMG how quickly is this going?!)

littlemonkeybix Tue 27-Dec-11 13:00:42

Terry's choc orange does NOT help heartburn... neither does sucking a locket! went downstairs for milk instead and slept on the couch.

shopping @ supermarket today... Gaviscon on list !!

deardear Tue 27-Dec-11 13:29:53

Just come back from town. Was gutted to see kids had spent £25 on a sanctuary spa set fir me and it's down to £12.50! What a waste of money. Prob hormones but next year they will go after chrimbo and get my presents.

Had awful rib pain last night in bed. Just couldn't get comfy at all. Even DH says he felt sorry for me and he can't wait for baby to arrive now. Very strange.

Was going to lie on sofa but then DH decided to route tv aerial down through daughters bedroom and I had to intervene when DD1 mentioned he had drilled several holes in the kitchen roof! Needless to say I went in and he didn't need to drill any holes at all and just come down through where cooker hood goes - men!

phlossie Tue 27-Dec-11 14:21:35

Hello! Happy Christmas everyone! grin

We're just back from a lovely, peaceful, relaxing few days at my parents' lovely house - wood burner, very cosy. And my Ma is an excellent chef - although I wasn't fitting that much grub in! Last year I didn't eat that much on Christmas day because my grandmother gave me food poisoning. This year, it was lack of space.

I feel like an enormous stuffed turkey too! But baby's been moving loads, and definitely enjoying all the Christmas choccies.

Welcome to the newbies too.


notcitrus Tue 27-Dec-11 14:35:09

Merry Christmas!
32+2, survived 3 appts last week, don't have diabetes, consultant wouldn't say anything until after the pysch appt this week but thinks my birth in the MLU should be OK if they get a neonatologist on hand at the end, and Christmas was nice.
Even if I did spend half the night woken by dn4 age 20mo who was poorly wiht a cold, and the other half throwing up... so 5 adults took turns to look after christmas dinner but it turned out mostly OK! and the 3 kids (nearly 2, 3.3 and just 4) were delightful (mostly!) and loved their presents and then got tired and just wanted lots of cuddles on laps in time to watch the Gruffalo Child, which was wonderful.

And Thumpy appears to have turned round a bit and stopped kicking me right in the pelvis. smile She's getting the tummy button now instead.

m1nn1em0u5e Tue 27-Dec-11 14:55:46

Happy 27th December!..Sounds like most of us had a lovely Christmas!....My poorly little boy is lots better today & eating!..After a trip to emergency out of hours GP at the hospital on Boxing Day morning....then I had pains all day, some really breath taking ones, which prompted me to wash baby clothes!..Last night we went to a family party type gathering & my eldest son had an allergic reaction to something (he has a severe nut & peanut allergy)..really dont know what set it off as there were no nuts & he hardly ate anything..luckily I spotted it really quickly as it always seems to happen at Christmas so I watch him like a hawk! Then a family member tried to give them chocolate polar bears which are not suitable for peanut allergy sufferers!..We luckily avoided another hospital trip as we gave him meds straight away!..gah..slept in until gone 11am today, I really needed it!..pains have settled down, so hoping Jnr will stay put a little longer!..I have declared today a PJ day & we are staying home all day! smile

Sugar80 Tue 27-Dec-11 15:25:45

I should not be trusted with a laptop and a credit card. Today, from the comfort of my sofa, I have bought...

1 pair Fly boots (reduced to £60 so less than half price!)
1 Elle McPhearson nursing bra (40% off, and I'm going to need nursing bras)
2 blankets, 4 sheets and a bouncy chair... none of which were in the sale.

This is in addition to the vests, pramsuit and cute little jeans I bought at the actual shops yesterday. Must stop spending money....

Kayano Tue 27-Dec-11 16:38:22

Shopping day and I bought:

2 lush bath gift sets. £13 instead of £26
1 GOSH make up gift set
2 packs of cheapo baby wipes - for my face lol, take off the excess makeup grin
Exchanged my MAC brush set I got for Christmas for 4 MAC eyeshadows (all that glitters, antiqued, star violet and hepcat if anyone is as makeup obsessed as me) grin
4 books:
Cloud atlas - David Mitchell
Good man Jesus and the scoundrel Christ - Philip PUllman
1Q84 - Murakami
Dark matter, a ghost story - Michelle paver

A toshiba blu ray DVD player for £40 - bargain!

And DH who HATES Nandos took me for nandos for lunch ....

But then we got home and I promptly threw up everywhere and he has now tucked me up into bed sad
Will reassess the situation re: possible water infection and random sickness in the morning.

I have also come to the conclusion that my DH is in fact fantastic despite calling me thunder hippo and I love him so much grin

PamBeesly Tue 27-Dec-11 18:06:24

Kayano the Phillip Pullman is a very good read. Jealous of the eyeshadows!

Does anyone else get pain when the baby is moving a lot, its concentrated at the base of my abdomen, its just aching and its exacerbated when he is moving about. Its probably 'stretching' again...when does the stretching stop? Probably stupid question but I don't know!

Kayano Tue 27-Dec-11 18:08:06

I wrote my dissertation on Pullman so I am excited to read it, I can't believe I have not read it already! grin

beatrice75 Tue 27-Dec-11 19:34:23

pambeesley do you mean like an uncomfortable sensation around the cervix? If so, i get that too and it's so unpleasant!

PamBeesly Tue 27-Dec-11 19:48:21

Yes beatrice but its more than discomfort its real pain and I have to hold onto the wall to walk etc its so sore but it would be in my cervix area....I'm so bad with body geogrpahy... sad

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Tue 27-Dec-11 19:59:46

I get pain in that region, it is pelvic girdle pain or SPD. I also get well-aimed fanny-kicks which make me draw breath and stretching pain when her head drops. Ah the joys of later pregnancy grin

PamBeesly Tue 27-Dec-11 20:05:58

Its more like severe stretching Zhen too high up for SPD. I'm a first timer so its all new to me.

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Tue 27-Dec-11 20:24:13

Probably the baby moving down in your pelvis then, they bob up and down for a while once head is down. Being a second timer my uterus has room for mine to do this plus also lie horizontally and diagonally, all uncomfortable in their own ways!

PamBeesly Tue 27-Dec-11 21:26:20

Thanks Zhen I bet thats what it is, I also notice when I lie on my back, even for a minute or two his bum shoots out by my belly button and when I go on my side it goes in again...another 8 weeks!

PamBeesly Tue 27-Dec-11 21:27:18

I'd be lost without this bus and the FB page for reassurance smile

OddEyes Tue 27-Dec-11 23:27:38

Just catching up and marking thread with bottom in air, baby still breech. Growth scan on Thursday and want her head down. Glad folk enjoyed celebrating Christmass and the sales. tis lots of fun with wee ones about as long as they not I'll. Hope all bigs clear so we can all have ourselves a happy new years an easy stress free jan, I can but dream!grin

littlemonkeybix Wed 28-Dec-11 09:38:08

Back in work today.... can NOT be arsed!

Should have brought my new nintendo 3DS in... <snigger>

Pip is kicking around loads today... feels nice... even thoguh I think they are to blame for my restless night.

What is everyone up to for new year then?! plans/no plans? I love New Year, but everyone I know hates it. Miserable buggers. So this year after touting an evening in with a few folks and getting NOWHERE... I am going to sit in with DP and a wriggly pip belly. Jules' Hootenany probably... although I get the feeling DP is pushing for an "Evil Dead" night that is not going to happen

30+2 and totally unprepared.... still no bedroom or nursery, or hospital bag... or baby clothes! SHIT confused

Kayano Wed 28-Dec-11 09:58:16

New years eve me and DH will be spending it alone for first time ever. Will have to see if DH let's me have a glass of cider ... God I hope so.

New years day we go to my mums for a family tea, only this year my aunt and extended family are not going (falling out etc) so my mum has invited mil and BIL who would be on their own this year due
To fil working and ex SIL being a skanky whore wink

So .... It will be interesting. I am in charge
Of sorting puddings and cakes so will be baking a lot on Friday and Saturday grin

littlemonkeybix Wed 28-Dec-11 10:13:34

I'll be having a glass of prosecco... and maye a glass with some juice and prosecco too... Hoping to have a new years day walk on the beach near us. It'll probably be chockablock, but if it's like today it'll be fab! Windy but sunny... YES PLEASE!

I wish I was up a hill right now... stuck in a shitty stuffy office ON MY OWN cos the 1 other person who is in... has gone to the hairdresser.... for a cut, colour and blow.... not back til lunch. I'm covering their ass til theyre back.

harumph! [grinch face]

littlemonkeybix Wed 28-Dec-11 10:54:23


I have just spilled an oversized mug of fresh HOT coffee all over myself!

Left leg now cold with wet kecks on sad but boy did it sting going on! Just called DP to get me some clean jeans to wear... TOTALLY embarassing, but No one is in so no one saw!

Bloody clumsy oaf that I am... I am about 4 seconds away from tears.

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Wed 28-Dec-11 11:31:00

Oh monkeybix that must have hurt sad At least DH can get some clean trousers to you so you won't have to sit there in discomfort for too long.

I will likely be childminding on NYE, same as last year. I figure that I am stuck in anyway so might as well have DD's cousins too so their parents can go out. DH will be there too as not sure I could handle 6 or more kids under 14 on my own right now, especially as the youngest (22 months) is like the tasmanian devil grin

Quick question...I have just had a phonecall from a colleague who has just been diagnosed with chicken pox. I've not had it. I saw her in the office for about an hour on Tuesday 20th and have had cold symptoms but no spots to speak of since then. WWYD?

Kayano Wed 28-Dec-11 12:00:48

I was also in contact but because I had already had it it was ok. If I hadn't have had it they advised speaking to doc or mw. I found quite a bit info at the time on google x

littlemonkeybix Wed 28-Dec-11 12:03:15

I'd give the MW a call and see what they suggest. Ah, the good ol' MW hotline... brilliant wink

Thanks ladies, I'll give the MW a call just now. I'm sure there's not going to be a problem given the number of chicken pox parties I've been to and not caught it...but better safe than sorry, eh?!

babycarmen Wed 28-Dec-11 13:07:35

Midwife today went fine, nothing to complain about for once! Apart from my iron levels still being low and the fact that i feel like i havent slept in a week even though ive been sleeping really well! Just a waiting game now.. Cannot believe its only just over 5 weeks til D Day.. slightly panicking about the lack of stuff we have for baby...
Also panicking about the lack of room we have to put baby stuff!!


Kayano Wed 28-Dec-11 13:15:46

Just ordered a baby weavers nursery chair for £139 in the kiddicare sale so I am pleased. That and all the mamas and papa furniture is getting delivered tomorrow so I am very excited.

I want to buy some nice decorative letters for the baby's room that spell out her name. Any recommendations? I also want a nice name plaque for her door

The room theme is lemon and biscuit coloured. With lots Bambi and thumper. excited

Kayano Jojomamanbebe do some nice decorative letters and plaques I think, they certainly used to.

I feel horribly disorganised this time, only 4.5 weeks to go til baby arrives and nothing is done! I have all the bits and bobs, but the place is a tip, and there is literally not a spare inch of space. The girls were supposed to be in their bunk beds by now and we haven't even bought them yet! The baby will have to sleep in the bedside cabinet I think, there's no room anywhere else! We'll get there I suppose, lol, dd1 never had a nursery til she was 6mo, and we were so desparate to get her out of our room so we could all get a decent night's sleep we finally did it!

louby86 Wed 28-Dec-11 15:14:50

Kayano I got mine from Mamas and Papas for our nursery, there's a picture on my Facebook of them, I'm glad you had a nice splurge on MAC stuff, I could spend hours in there grin

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Wed 28-Dec-11 15:53:09

Don't worry Esme I am equally disorganised, haven't bought the moses basket or bedding for it (although have a cot on standby, but it is too big to fit in our room with us).

I have no 0-3 month clothes as my nieces premature baby is still in them (she will be grown out by D-day I hope).

Still have not unpacked fully from moving in 2 months ago.

To top it all we will be having a new kitchen, bathroom and windows fitted in January/February aarrrgh! <panic emoticon>

Sugar80 Wed 28-Dec-11 18:26:59

Yay, someone else doesn't have a nursery!! We don't either, and won't until DP has built a shed in the garden to move his office to! Baby will be squatting in our room until then.

31+3. Somewhere between 6 and 10 weeks to go. Oh god...

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Wed 28-Dec-11 19:43:51

Sugar DD1 was in our room until 12 months old, so wouldn't worry about baby squatting for a while. We will not move DD2 in with her sister until she is 6 months old as when you bf at night the cold walk to another room wakes you up more so you find it harder to doze while bfing and get back to sleep afterwards. Maximum sleep time is vital for mummy survival!

31+3 too smile

babycarmen Wed 28-Dec-11 20:11:06

We dont have a nursery this time either as its now DDs bedroom! Not sure when we will move this little one in with her big sister - just see how it goes!

QueenFee Wed 28-Dec-11 20:15:46

hello!!!! feel like I have been MIA but i'm heading home tomorrow so have just snatched mins on my mums laptop to catch p. Slept in till 11 today :O wow tha felt good. I am glad chrismas is over with. Alfie has had his first normal nappy today after beeing ill for nearly 2 weeks sad I have a consultant appointment tuesday an the kids are back at school. Next big event - my baptism on sunday (yeah that will be amusing with me currently looking like a beaches whale) then I can just focus on the baby smile 7 more weeks yay! Glad all here sound relatively well and nothing but usual preggie rants smile Can't believe some of you only have a month left. How exciting

deardear Wed 28-Dec-11 20:27:04

Quick question re maternity pads.

Last time (12 years ago!!) I used always nightime long pads and as far as I can remember they were fine. I have seennpacks of maternity pads but they look like the old style packs from pre Always days. They scare the living daylights out of me and make me feel ill - silly I know but dont fancy walking about with a pillow stuffed between my legs.

So will the always ones be ok?

I have also bought a maternity bra smile

We are quite organised. Nursery all done, have cotbed up, Moses basket been given to us by a friend, baby clothes from another friend, travel system bought off another friend virtually new. I have bought big knickers as don't thing a thong will suffice and also have located some pjs and just have to buy a nighty.

I don't have a steriliser yet as I am a skin Flint and won't spend money lol.

Apart from that I would quite like one of those ripple air mattresses they use for people in hospital to stop them getting bed sores. That would alleviate all my nightie pain I reckon.

Currently stressing slightly at the laziness of this baby. Few kicks here and there for about 5 mins every 4 hours or so but that's it and virtually nothing at night as it doesn't seem to wake me up. Will ask MW on Tuesday about it. Boys - who'd have them.

Getting scarily close now. Keep reading the January bus thread and thinking eeeeek

QueenFee Wed 28-Dec-11 22:39:45

I quite like the thick pads as I like the cushion to sit on when its all a bit used afterwards! However I just buy normal pads not maternity.

m1nn1em0u5e Wed 28-Dec-11 23:14:22

Another fan of the thick pads here!..Well for the first few days anyway, although the rustle type noise they seem to make is less attractive!..They are comfortable for tender bits!..

Just packed my bag today!..36 weeks today!..

Ready to have this baby now, so uncomfortable & I would quite like my ribs & bladder back!..Fed up of heart burn & pains that come to nothing....oh & being tired! My husband must be a saint!..


OddEyes Thu 29-Dec-11 11:35:25

I use always ultra night personally, can't stand the thought of going back to those early days of pillow between legs. First 3 days heavy and then quite slow after that for about 4 days in past experience.
Scan today. Wee girls is not so wee at 5.2lbs at 32+5 wks! All else well and head down at the moment- hurray!

I've got a mix of pads, some brick thick ones for the first couple of days then some thinner ones for home. I got kotex nighttime pads for the last two, but they don't seem to be available anymore! But I have been warned by every midwife ever to not get always anything, because they have a webbed surface and could catch on any stitches, and they can cause infections. (Can't remember why, lol, have only had c-sections so didn't listen much!)

Slowly getting organised, have finally given away all the girl's clothes..15 bin bags full...blushblush and sorted out any neutral things that we can use for this one. Maternity nighties have arrived from ebay, lol, so one step closer to getting that hospital bag packed!

Deardear I'd leave the steriliser til you see if you're going to bf or not anyway. I bought one for dd2, as dd1 was formula fed, then never used it as dd2 never took a bottle until she was over a year old. So it's still all new and shiny in the cupboard.

Anyway, onwards and upwards, the great toy clearout is about to begin!

notcitrus Thu 29-Dec-11 19:31:48

I'll be using the Always Nighttime (black packet) again, mainly because I still have a pack but they were fine.

Ds was supposed to have his own room ready for just after being born. It was finished and he moved in three weeks after his second birthday, thanks to the builders from hell... At least this time we have the room ready for me and Thumpy and we'll worry about a room for her later. And, as MrNC keeps reminding me, at least this time round we have a roof!

Had GP doing MW appt yesterday -she thinks Gaviscon stuff should help with my puking, as apparently heartburn can cause nausea, so at the slightest hint of either I should take some. For some reason I had a similar appt today which I cancelled as figured taking kids to see a play was more important - lovely day out, but a lot of walking for me. I think it's probably time I started carrying my notes everywhere again!

I wouldn't buy a steriliser until you need one - a saucepan on the hob will do if necessary until you get to a shop, but I got given three!

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Thu 29-Dec-11 22:42:35

I finish work tomorrow!!!!!! Soooo excited. It has been SUCH a struggle to keep going. I was on the verge of puking all morning. I will have some bits and bobs of paperwork to sort out after I've finished, but I won't need to drag my sorry ass out of bed at the crack of dawn and can at last rest. The start of mat leave was the first time I actually felt well when I was pregnant with DD - here's hoping it's the start of a wee bit of nausea respite!


TheWicketKeeperIsDown Thu 29-Dec-11 23:01:55

Oh, and naughty mini-Wicket might be breech. Or might not. The midwife was undecided when I was at the hospital AN clinic yesterday. The consultant is going to see me again in 3 weeks and we'll talk then.

If this kid is breech, I AIN'T trying to push it out. DD was head down and small and she got stuck. But can't face the thought of them trying to turn this wee one. Will need to do some tilts down the stairs...

deardear Fri 30-Dec-11 05:00:16

I think I will be paying the docs a visit in a couple of hours. Pain in my left side is horrific. lO been kicking like mad all night so not sure if it's upsetting him but had loads of BH just on that side as well all night. Literally can't touch it it's that painful and beginning to wonder if I have a cyst or something sad. Went to bed at 10ish and tried to sleep at 11 and then have been awake since1 am. Was In Agony before I went to sleep and really thought I would be paying a trip to hospital.

Got up about half an hour ago and came onto sofa as couldn't stand it anymore and I was hot. No heating on and window open and no covers and still too bloody hot!

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Fri 30-Dec-11 08:33:52

deardear is it in your lower abdomen? If it is you need to get seen asap. Do you have a fever?

deardear Fri 30-Dec-11 08:58:13

Yes it is low left hand side. Don't feel like I have a fever but have started with a bad cold

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Fri 30-Dec-11 09:44:52

If it is sharp pain that has come on suddenly get it checked out. It could be a gastric type bug if pain higher too, but lower down can mean a blockage/twisted section in your intestine. Get it checked if it is that painful that you can't sleep, will probably be a bug, but best to be safe.

hippysair Fri 30-Dec-11 14:01:53

Hope everyone had a great christmas and a big welcome to the newbies!
Have not looked at this thread for a while, been on fb instead, sorry, so just had a bit more like half a flippin hour of catching up to do, wink
dear dear that does not sound good, at all! get yourself to the docs or hospital pronto! you need to be seen if you are in that much pain! good luck.

After my scan yest, checking where my placenta is, it looks as though i will have to join the January bus, as this may be when my baby makes an arrival, as i've now been told i will almost certainly (99.9%) unless a miracle happens be having a cs. Which terrified me! but the more i've read about other people's experience's the more i am starting to calm down. Have got consultant appt tues, then g.p. appt tues pm, can't get a mw appt so gp will have to do, then mw the wk after. It's all happening too quickly and i'm not prepared! if cs goes to plan baby will be here in just over 4 wks!! at least ds is back at school on weds, then i can finally start to get things out, washed, prepared, ironed, and go shopping for the other bits i need. Without dragging a bored 6 year old in tow.

If i don't pop back here before, wishing you all a happy and healthy and sickness/bug free new year smile

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Fri 30-Dec-11 14:18:36

I find out on Tuesday if I am in the same boat as you hippy. Had EMCS last time round, was home within 2 days, walking around outside within 5 days and getting on buses with a buggy after a week. In fact the bruising from the failed ventouse and forceps was worse than the CS scar healing. Only thing to remember is to go slow when getting on and off the bed. You will be fine. 4 weeks, how exciting smile

phlossie Fri 30-Dec-11 14:28:17

ELCS are peaceful and chilled, according to all I know who have had them, hippysair. It'll be weird to have a date!

Pam - I get pains across the bottom front of my bump when baby pushes/grinds against it. I didn't with my other two - I think this baby is back to back at the moment and kicking forwards iyswim.

I'm tired. We drove back to Bristol from London yesterday, and it was sooooo uncomfortable! Not long now. I'm glad I'm not the only one not to have packed a hospital bag or organised baby clothes!


littlemonkeybix Fri 30-Dec-11 15:00:22

26 working days left!! HUZZAH!

you can tell I am bored to tears at work to have sat there and counted on the calendar!!

however, I have nothing at all prepared... and have just gone to check the website where I was getting my new dressing gown and slippers (black) for hospital... doesn't look like much left... and DP has not yet ordered them... he was doing it for my Xmas present from his parents.... another thing to add to my list of pissed offedness with him!

Still on futon, still in spare room, no cot, no nursing chair ("i'll buy you one, they look great" "oh thanks, that'd be brilliant" more fool me) no ANYTHING.... OK I have a pram. But you may recall the conversation "I get the car seat thing, but why do we need a pram?!"

I am growing some kind of hatred right now.

That joyous post went a bit wrong there didn't it!!?? Ooops!


Sugar80 Fri 30-Dec-11 15:18:58

29 working days left here... from another one who is bored to tears at work!!

Seriously considering asking to start maternity leave a week earlier, so I finish on 3rd Feb (37 weeks) instead of 10th Feb (38 weeks). It means I'll lose a week's pay towards the end of the year, and I'm likely to be needing all the money I can get by then after trying to survive on SMP... but I soooooo don't care anymore!!! And my side's aching (midwife helpfully told me she had no idea what was causing it, and I should take 2 paracetamol), and I don't want to be here...

Sugar80 Fri 30-Dec-11 15:23:39

Oh and monkey we don't have a nursery, a pram, a cot, a carseat or any nappies, wipes, breast pads, maternity pads etc

We have a moses basket, a breast pump and some clothes. And I've just bought a nightie for £4 in Peacocks that I thought might do for the birth.

I'm so ready for this...

littlemonkeybix Fri 30-Dec-11 16:50:10

hahaha Sounds so familiar sugar So far, we have a pram and car seat, a moses basket for mums house... and about 6 baby grows.... all in newborn size... and I am now convinced they'll not fit the TODDLER I will produce forth!

Jan 4th cannot come quickly enough.... please let them scan me... I need to know if I'm brewing a monster!

<shoves head back into sand again... hard>

QueenFee Fri 30-Dec-11 16:51:49

I have spent the day seriously cleaning. Think I may be nesting for the first time in my life! Just the lounge left to do which is a big job.

My hips are really hurting now more fool me so now trying to rest but itching to get on!

Bedroom all ready now to put up the crib and when thats done I can start packing my bags as I have somewhere to put them!

indicababy Fri 30-Dec-11 18:23:56

Hello, I introduced myself just before xmas and have only just popped back. littlemonkey, I have just been reading the thread on big babys and it was quite encouraging that they are easier to deliver so have a look.
I am feeling quite smug and organised as apart from actually putting hospital stuff into bag and pre washing the nappies I think I have everything I need for birth and baby. Will prob be back eating my words at having forgot some major thing! I have been terribly fortunate with the amount of handmedowns I have been given (I got made redundant just before I conceived, so much needed).
Been feeling a bit poo today, SPD, nauseus, stupid tired, but seem to find I have a day like this every week and am usually ok next day. Just hope I feel ok next Friday as am getting married in all craziness!
Sorry for waffling on, don't now many pg ladies to share with, thanx for listening. XXX

PamBeesly Fri 30-Dec-11 18:44:27

Indica are big babies easier to deliver?? I never knew that, I suppose they don't move as much blush I have to remember to order Arnica for bruising because I can only get it in Dublin and I won;t be going there before B-day.

Phlossie would they have told me at my scan if baby was back to back? I had the scan last week. I've heard those labours are very hard. What a long car drive, I'd be sore.

I'm feeling very pregnant in that I'm always experiencing some form or another of pregnancy discomfort, my lower stomach and ribs taking the brunt of it. I'm not sleeping at night really, I'm awake every hour or so for a while,I suppose getting ready for baby! I got a maternity belt for Xmas and I'm wearing that and Halleluja I haven't had any back pain yet...I do hope I didn't just jinx myself

32 weeks

babycarmen Fri 30-Dec-11 18:45:21

Was in town shopping today from 10am til 4pm and ohmyword my poor, fat ankles. Just out the bath and my head is thumping as well, probably because i havent eaten or drunk much, away to get a big glass of water in a sec!

Been getting stabby pains in the bottom of my bump a lot, not BHs, maybe stretching? And been getting terrible cramps in my stomach like im getting a big but hopefully not sad

Got some lovely clothes today in town that i can wear after my belly is gone, SO cant wait to be in nice clothes again instead of the same old pair of mat jeans and huge tops that barely fit. Ive even outgrown my mat t-shirts! Got baby a couple of cute wee things too in the Boots sale and Peacocks sale. Still have so much to buy though!

DP is away for the night to his mates, so TV and bed to myself tonight... Yessss!!!


QueenFee Fri 30-Dec-11 19:15:47

Anecdotally bigger babies seem easier to birth. My friends with smaller babies seem to have had a harder time of it.
Ds1 was back to back. Yes very painful! Google ofp (optimum fetal positioning) for ways to avoid this.

Getting married ooh how exciting!

Baby I am trying not to look at post pg clothes as when i'm pg I always see things I want and nothing when i have had the baby!

Just got a horrible fright when i realised that some of you have longer to go at work than i have to go being pregnant! Only 25 days left! ARRGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

indicababy Fri 30-Dec-11 20:14:22

PamNo personal experience of delivering big baby or any baby, just what I've read/heard/been told?!

Queen Yes wedding V exciting, but now I'm there and know how pg I feel somedays am worrying a little that I'm bound to be having one of 'those' days next Friday!(By the way not shotgun we've been together 10yrs, but once I realised he wouldn't say no to me now I'm pg I pushed for it, does that make me very naughty?! He he)grin

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Fri 30-Dec-11 20:50:56

Hope you have a great wedding day indica.

I really enjoyed mine despite it costing under £500 and having a breastfeeding 5 week old in tow. Hope you allow yourself a cheeky wee glass to celebrate grin

rnbsmum Fri 30-Dec-11 21:37:45

In my own experience, bigger babies are much easier to deliver when it gets to the pushing stage (though my bigger baby was also my second labour). DD was 7lb 2oz and took 2 hours, DS was 9lb 6oz and took 15 minutes. I think gravity takes over a bit more with bigger babies!

PamBeesly Fri 30-Dec-11 22:32:30

Indica how exciting about your wedding! I hope its a wonderful day smile

littlemonkeybix Sat 31-Dec-11 09:28:31

Ooh a wedding on the thread.... exciting!! Congratulations and good luck for feeling fabbo that day, we'll be thinking of you xx

i keep hearing big babies are better for pushing out... but it makes my tearing fear worse.... will have a read!!! Ta x

Ooooh indicababy how exciting about your wedding! Hope you have a lovely lovely day! smile

babycarmen Sat 31-Dec-11 12:31:16

My DD was 6lb2oz and the labour was easy, so was pushing her out. But i did tear and needed stitches! You just never know how its going to go. :/

Kayano Sat 31-Dec-11 13:22:18

Baking day!

Lemon Madeira cake with lemon buttercream icing
Chocolate cake with yet to be decided icing. Possibly choc and rum buttercream? Suggestions? I might do choc orange as I have oranges anyway.


Then I'm off with PIL, BIL and DH for the Best Indian meal you can get in Newcastle. Solomons grin

indicababy Sat 31-Dec-11 15:31:43

Thanks for well wishes for my wedding. Happy new year, what a busy one it's going to be smile

PamBeesly Sat 31-Dec-11 15:41:20

babycarmen I'm heartened you said 'labour was easy' I'm going to repeat that daily!

babycarmen Sat 31-Dec-11 16:08:48

Haha! It was in comparison to a lot of labours, very short and sweet but i wont lie.. IT HURT. (sorry!!!) wink

Kayano Sat 31-Dec-11 23:36:54

Just a quick message x


2012 will be the year we all meet our new precious babies and everything changes grin I can't wait!!!

Have a good one!

OddEyes Sat 31-Dec-11 23:42:41

Happy New Year!
2012 seemed so far away last June! May it be a blessed and a joyous one!
Not going to make it till 12 already wrapped up warm in bed and eyes not staying open long.
Hurray for 2012!

Kayano Sun 01-Jan-12 00:16:31

BOOM! Just watched the fireworks and omg how much would they have cost?! confused

Happy new year! (again) smilegrin

louby86 Sun 01-Jan-12 08:18:06

Happy New Year everyone!

Some if us will now be having babies this month, how exciting is that!

If I don't manage to get on here properly before Friday indica I hope you have the most wonderful wedding day grin

phlossie Sun 01-Jan-12 10:04:12

Happy New Year!

Now the race is on... who will pop first?!?!?!


Happy new year everyone! phlossie I'm not racing...I'm PETRIFIED! Do you want to push mine out for me? I don't mind...

babycarmen Sun 01-Jan-12 11:58:58

Happy new year smile

Xavielli Sun 01-Jan-12 12:05:25

Happy New Year ladies!!

phlossie Sun 01-Jan-12 13:56:56

I'll pass on that, thanks hermione!

Right, cowbag MIL rant alert!

My MIL is a smelly, manky, selfish old trout with nothing to redeem her. It's a long story, but to sum up, she's an only child and very close to her parents. When DH's dad left her, her parents supported her and practically brought up DH. They always lived in the same street as her, and when she decided to move from London to Somerset, they came too. In Dec 2007, her mother passed away leaving her aged father in her care. In Dec 2008 she decided to move to Spain, leaving her father completely alone, in a cold, undecorated house to fend for himself. He had heart failure and wasn't well at all, but her attitude was that if he needed help, he could pay for it. She'd had enough of taking him a bowl of porridge in the morning (and we have since learned that she knew he was loaded and resented doing stuff for him he should, in her opinion, pay for. Never mind the years of support and free childcare, or the fact that he's her father...) Anyway, we cared for him as best we could until he died last April.

She came to the UK on Dec 2nd to sort out her aunt's estate. On Dec 19th DH phoned her to see if she was coming to see us (she hadn't been in touch). She said she'd come in January, and could we buy the children presents from her and wrap them up? He texted her on Christmas day to say happy Christmas, and she replied to ask if he'd emailed the solicitor about something to do with her dad's estate.

I made DH call her today because I'm getting stressed about when she's coming, and we have loads on, but she won't be specific about a date - she just said 'probably the end on January.' Uh, hello, we're having a baby! Now this might be unreasonable pregnant hormones, but I don't want her in my baby's nursery or even in my house when I could give birth any day. As I mentioned, she's not the most fragrant (heavy smoker), her husband is disgusting AND they have a dog! which they just bring into our house without asking. Plus, I'm fucked if I'm going to cook and clean for them! It's bad enough that our house is going on the market in the next couple of days.

DH just keeps telling me not to get stressed. But he won't stick up for me. He just says to her, ok, that's fine. And it's not! Why can't he tell her how it is? He's now said that we'll come to a family friend's in Portsmouth (they're seeing them first - we're literally at the bottom of their list) on Jan 22nd. But I'll be 37 weeks preg, and apart from the fact a 4 hour round trip will be fucking uncomfortable, going so far away from home at 37 weeks makes me feel anxious.

I used to say that I'd put up with her because she's my children's grandmother, but she doesn't give a flying fuck about the children. And she drives from Spain to Calais to get the Eurostar here because her dog is scared of ferries and aeroplanes, but she won't drive from Southend to Bristol to see her son and grandchildren for Christmas.

I feel so stressed about this! I wish she'd just fuck off!

pinkhollie Sun 01-Jan-12 14:14:49

You are definitely right to be annoyed with her phlossie she sounds awful. I think you need to say to her and DH that if she comes any later than a date set by you they will have to stay in a hotel or b&b (and yes it is possible to find ones that take dogs) you do not need her in your home so near to the baby's arrival.

littlemonkeybix Sun 01-Jan-12 14:42:29

I agree with hollie Set her a date, and stick to it... do not budge even a day. also tell her you need dates she's coming as you need to book the kennel!

If she can't agree to those terms, then a b&b it is. you can always tell her that at 37weeks preggo its too difficult and if she dozen like it then she should have sorted it sooner. you have enough on your plate.

Blame the hormones if she says you're being unreasonable. tell DH in advance that this IS what yore going to do.

does he realise he's always bottom of the list?! Sometimes the blinkers are too firmly welded on. took me about 10 years to get mine off and state i wasn't standing for it any more! And it took someone repeatedly telling me not to take it.

I may be seen as a Bitch at times but im not a doormat any more!

littlemonkeybix Sun 01-Jan-12 14:43:19

Dozen... well it sounds like doesn't!! <sniggers at phone>

I agree with both hollie and monkey - and don't be paying for B&B fees or kennel fees either - people have a choice and if they choose to visit at an inconvenient time or bring an animal that you don't want in your house it's not up to you to compensate them for that! Is the Portsmouth trip instead of them visiting your house or in addition? If it's instead, why can't DH take the children and leave you at home to gloat that you won't be subjected to the stench relax? Although it's a 4-hour return trip, it is only 2 hours one way so if you need them back quickly because mini-phlossie decides it's time at least they have a chance to get back reasonably quickly.

I also echo the "blinkers" thing - sometimes it needs someone to practically pry them off. I had a similar situation myself with my parents up until a couple of years ago until DH managed to hammer it into me that they were taking advantage and didn't give a crap, and now I can just laugh at their ridiculous and childish behaviour. It's still a bit rubbish when they spend £60 more on DH, DB, DSis etc at Christmas than they do on me, but heigh ho...

Anyway - reiterating - be strong and of a good courage. And tell DH to stop being a wimp and a ninny. Even the Queen isn't as important as you are at this stage on your pregnancy. And she's quite an important lady. grin

deardear Sun 01-Jan-12 15:10:45

I would ring her and tell her you won't travel for 4 hours to see her nor will she be able to stay when the baby is due as you will have too much on your mind what with the house sale etc.

What is it with men and their mothers?

Can't believe we are having babies next month! Or this for some of us. Excited like mad now. Bought his coming home outfit last night.

indicababy Sun 01-Jan-12 15:46:26

What an absolute bitch. I will not complain about my MIL ever again.(I prob will though) Its V difficult when her son won't stand up to her but I'd be tempted to tell her to go do one, permanantly.

Kayano Sun 01-Jan-12 18:49:16


I am currently at the bingo with my mil having both spent the day at my mums for a big family tea

I can't imagine having to deal with such a stressful person sad

Sugar80 Sun 01-Jan-12 20:02:08

Possible TMI post, but I just went for a wee and there was a little bit of blood.... I don't like it... Rang NHS Direct and a nurse is going to ring me back within an hour. Hopefully it's just an infection - which might explain the pain I've had in my side for the last few weeks. Hmm....

woowa Sun 01-Jan-12 20:16:52

happy new year! I didn't really realise until people were wishing me happy new year at church this morning. 5 hour drive back from parents' yesterday then bed at 8!! Can't believe i'll probably have a baby this month. crazy. Am going to start mucking out this pigsty of a house tomorrow so that baby arrives to sterile (!) envronment. Still don't feel it's really happening.

Because I'm now 8 months I'm getting masses of "ooh, you're not very big"/you're very big", "you're all out the front it must be a boy/must be a girl" type comments. I'd forgotten all this. SIgh. We'll find out when it arrives won't we...

Trying to remember how many weeks I am!!...<scrolls up...down....> ah, 35 + 5. Fab. That's just over two weeks til the sweep, 4 weeks til induction. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


woowa Sun 01-Jan-12 20:18:56

sugar, might be worth ringing your out of hours MW number too, they might want you to go in, which NHS direct might not advise. It's probably not serious, but MWs never mind being bothered about the smallest things, ime.

Sugar80 Sun 01-Jan-12 20:49:43

Okay, spoken to NHS Direct nurse and out of hours GP. They both say I should get checked out for an infection, so I'm trotting off to the tiny local hospital at 8am tomorrow. Oh happy days...

shipsladyg Sun 01-Jan-12 21:10:12

Woah! 35+0 today. I reckon the last time I posted/managed to read the Feb Baby Bus was when I was 14wks! Where has the time gone? I can't believe a) it's 2012; b) I'm having another baby next month (can't believe I've got one DC already...) anyway - good to see you're all here and battling on.

Got the all clear from a threatened low placenta on Friday grin Homebirth is all systems go!!! grin

So relieved to learn that im not alone in getting only getting an hour of sleep at a time. At least when the little ones arrive things get more comfortable super fast again and there's a chance that the baby will sleep for 2-3 hrs at a go which will be a vast improvement for me. If I'm going to be "tired & emotional" at least let me have the excuse / joy of a bottle of wine first.

Sugar80 - I hope things turn out ok. Keep your feet up in the meantime.

Happy New Year & all that

woowa Sun 01-Jan-12 22:10:55

glad it's sorted sugar and welcome back ships. not long for you either!! still not sure how to cope with one screaming newborn with a 23 month old DD, but sure the first few months will be a blur and forgotten soon!! I'm also looking forward to being able to sleep without pelvis pain!! Hooray!

Crazybit Sun 01-Jan-12 22:15:56

Bloody hell Phlossie, I'd tell DH to grow a backbone and say no way is she welcome at the end of Jan, nor is her dog or husband, if he can't tell the truth then he'll have to make something up..or if/when she does give a date can you or one of the dc have some catching bug that you don't want to pass on?

Sugar-hope all is ok in morning smile

I only came back to see what the mil rant is grin Better start reading through!

shipsladyg Mon 02-Jan-12 04:42:58

Just catching up on the thread (guess who can't sleep again)

Phlossie - YANBU. Good luck. X

BelleRomford74 Mon 02-Jan-12 10:00:03

Everyone has been saying to me "oh,once Christmas is out of the way,it will flyby & baby will be here" but actually I am probably so organised that I feel a bit in limbo!!! .. I am 32 weeks & having a planned cs at 38 weeks so yes cheating on the last 2 weeks I actually have 6 weeks to go!!..
All bits & bobs bought, washed & put away, steriliser & bottles in box in kitchen, pram assembled, all that needs doing really is cot & changing unit assembled which my dad is doing next week. Honestly I can't pack my bag yet can I ??>> way too early & a bit anal!!! lol I am in general quite an organised person but I think a mixture of excitement & having nothing else to do has lead me to be this organised!!
......Although reading the latest list of what you need to take into my local hospital particularly for an elective cs & poss 2 night stay the last minute thing I may be rushing out for is a bigger bag or even a trailer for the car!!! ;) .........So feb duers....let the countdown begin!!! smile

babycarmen Mon 02-Jan-12 10:44:21

Fair to say i am getting increasingly fed up of being pregnant now. Ive tried to enjoy it as much as i could but i cannot wait to say bye bye to spd, peeing constantly, being the size of a house, and i cannot wait to fit into nice clothes again and to be able to sleep properly on my stomach! Although i am nowhere near ready for the baby to come, havent even ordered the cot yet!! (Will get done end of next week!)

5 weeks to go.. COME ON! smile

m1nn1em0u5e Mon 02-Jan-12 11:51:21

I just want to a) sleep at night, b) sleep on my stomach c) say good bye to heart burn d) be free from back/pelvis ache e) not have to get up 6-8 times a night for the toilet....I should probably stop now!

36+5 Hurry babies! smile

Reasonably organised with baby things, just need to get this house back in order when school starts again & catch up on uni work!..ironing..sell half my garage contents on ebay which have been dumped in there from the spare bedroom which is now the babies room!..

Kayano Mon 02-Jan-12 12:17:04

rubs it in

I dont know how but I just slept for 12 hours!

ZhenThereWereTwo Mon 02-Jan-12 12:37:19

Happy New Year everyone smile Hope you all had a good one.

Well its 2012 and nesting is in full swing. Have gone into overdrive and cleaned flat from top to bottom. Tidied and sorted out DD's bedroom so that she can play in there without littering the rest of the flat with her toys. Ordered some clothes, a sling and more bottles. Got out the newborn stuff and made a list of a few more bits and pieces to get. Just waiting for my tax rebate cheque to finally arrive after 2 years of trying to get it sorted (grrr) then I can finish off my shopping smile

Am just hoping that my new organisation will not be thrown into utter chaos when they come to do the new windows, bathroom and kitchen.

Got 32 week scan tomorrow to check placenta so get to see the baby again, can't wait grin

woowa Mon 02-Jan-12 13:32:43

A friend reminded me that although we won't have a belly afterwards, we maywell have enormous, swollen, milky, leaky boobs, which are also not great for lying on for us front sleepers... sigh. Although if this baby ends up in bed fora couple of months like DD did, there's no front sleeping anyway, i curled up round her all night for two months!!

Sugar80 Mon 02-Jan-12 13:51:21

On antibiotics and drinking loads of water sad

Been sorting out some more baby stuff and might actually start packing the hospital bag soon...Been on the Kiddiecare website and have ordered a bargain sling, washable breast pads and a nursing bra/ crop top type thing. I actually feel like I'm getting there!

Zhen I'm very jealous of your scan. I'm in the same boat with a possible low placenta, but don't get my scan until 36 weeks (1st Feb).

woowa Mon 02-Jan-12 14:03:59

well sugar at least they have caught it. Bad to have to fill bladder up even more though now!! I have scan number TEN on wednesday, which will be 36+1, getting a bit tedious now (sorry), although I took my LAST ASPIRIN today, so who knows what will happen now that my blood is going to thicken up a bit. The hospital bag is just about ready, but the house is a disaster! Need to get the tree down, once I've done that it will begin a chain reaction of tidying and sorting (especially new toys...) which will culminate in having a house ready for a baby to move into it. Might go down and start removing baubles while DD is asleep...or shall I cook dinner and do tree with her? sigh. The traumas of housewifery!


PamBeesly Mon 02-Jan-12 15:48:12

Hello everyone! sugar glad you are on the meds now, hopefully you'll feel back in business soon smile

Phlossie your MIL is being so selfish and unfair, but we know this. I think I'd give a maximun date and after that well its not possible, I know easier said then done, especially if it causes tension but you and your baby are the most important things now, you do not need the stress.

Everyone seems to be 'nesting' and doing big organisations for baby, I have the cot and travel system but they are not yet put together, I thought it was a bit early, I've all his first clothes and a bath for him, I've also 3 packs of nappies, would you recommend more?...when does the 'nesting' instinct kick in? The house is nice and tidy but I would imagine I'll want it sterilised in time for bubs.

I'm sleeping a bit better the last few nights, the break over Xmas has made me feel so much better, I slept for 11 hours straight...no toilet breaks or anything, how did I manage that! I'm also eating really healthily, I think this is the first Xmas I've not put on half a stone... blush I have been putting on about a lb a week on average for the past 6 weeks or so. I find when my DH goes into the other room I sleep so much better, its a good tip if you really can't sleep, maybe they'll hop off to the couch and let you sleep.

Does anyone get really bad pains in their breasts? I get a really sharp sore pain in the evenings, it doesn't last longer than 15minutes and rubbing the area and keeping it warm helps a bit. There is no leakage or anything yet though. I have my first breast feeding support meeting on Thusday and can't wait!

Indica only 4 more sleeps and then its your wedding day!

phlossie Mon 02-Jan-12 17:10:33

Thanks everyone. I feel a bit less angry today - it always helps to vent! DH's lack of backbone drives me mental - he's always had a weird, dishonest relationship with her. I might take the 4 hour round-trip. We'll see. DH says if I don't feel up to it at the time, we won't go.

I've been thinking about my post-natal shopping list:
Cheap PJs
Big knickers
Breast pads
Maternity pads
Hidden support vest tops

I remembered that it's really useful to have hidden support vest tops to wear at night with a folded up muslin tucked in the front for leakages, and with an old towel to sleep on. woowa's right - your boobs leak terribly in the first few weeks. Though it was nowhere near as bad with dc2 as it was with dc1.

I'm not at all organised. I actually have The Fear badly! DH brought the crib down from the loft yesterday, and it gave me the heebie jeebies. On one level I cannot wait to meet my baby, but I'm really scared of being sunk by the newborn thing. Pregnancy and giving birth is easy peasy to me compared to coping with a tiny baby. DD was a total nightmare - colic, teeth at 14 weeks, nose bleeds and sinus problems. And DS was only 19mo. It's going to be easier this time, right?!

Glad you're on the mend sugar.

Brilliant that you're baby's still cooking nicely, woowa - you're nearly full-term now!


phlossie Mon 02-Jan-12 17:11:41


I'm not proper nesting yet but do feel like I need to do tidying up etc. Was going to take decs down today but haven't done it yet sad We are watching X-men on blu-ray just now and it is unlikely I will be moving from the sofa during that. I have suggested that DH take me out for dinner tonight since we have no food in the house and he has agreed. Huzzah.

DH and I have barely slept in the same bed throughout this pregnancy - first of all I was not sleeping and getting up early to vomit so I slept in the naughty bed...and then I started making pillow forts so he went in the naughty bed! Still not sleeping much apart from recently between 5.40am and 9am which is not ideal for my return to work on 4 January!

Have a pram question actually...we have a second hand pram which my cousin gave us - do I need to get a mattress for it or will it be OK as is? The bottom of the pram seems a bit hard if you ask me but I am a baby div and have no clue...

46 days to go... (eeek)

oh...and how old/big do they have to be before you put them in a sitting-up pushchair thingy?

phlossie Mon 02-Jan-12 18:15:55

About 5 months. You'll go through an awkward phase where there want to sit up and look around when they're awake, but slump a lot unless they're well propped and then want to sleep lying flat.

What's the make/model of your pram? It should say on the chassis somewhere. Most brands have online instructions.

Ha! Just reminded me... we decided the bottom of our crib looked too saggy, so we put a bit of hardboard in the bottom under the mattress. Because it rocks, DS just rolled into a corner! It was meant to sag a little so he stayed in place!

deardear Mon 02-Jan-12 18:20:37

Phlossie the school run is easy. Just chane their nappy and whack them in the car seat and off you go. Get them dressed when you come back. That's what I did last time and plan on doing the same this time. We have to be out of the house by 8am and I'll be buggered if I am waking baby up at 6am so that I can feed/wash/change before &#373;e go out the door.

I am doing quite well on the peeing at night. Got up at 12 last night (as most nights) then slept through till 8am. Baby isn't down yet and I am convinced he is breech with his feet in my fanjo - there is no way on this earth a head could do what he is doing down there! My main problem is stretching pain mid way between my ribs and belly button which is painful. Makes me wonder how much more my stomach can stretch. Very strange as I can still get in my size 12 jeans with no problem at all as no baby that low down! Am tending to wear leggings a bit more though just cause they are quick and easy.

I have started making a list of jobs to do while I am off after reading the disorganised thread in AIBU. Each cupboard been listed separately and have updated the calendar on my iPad! Just need the motivation bit now.

Have MW in morning then supposed to be going into work on Wednesday to meet the new man and show him how to do the website. Not planning on staying too long though as he will have my computer anyway and i refuse to sit making cups of tea for them. Next few months will be interesting there I think.

Good god that was a ramble!

QueenFee Mon 02-Jan-12 18:47:56

What pram is it hermoine?
My 1st 2 were in the seat thing from the start (no carrycot) but it lay flat.

You all sound just like I feel!

I have most things. My sister brought up the crib yesterday so I am just washing all the drapes and bedding then I have somewhere to store some stuff like the car seat. The car seat is currently in the garage and despite it being there 2 yrs I suddenly am panicing it will go mouldy or something! Must be the nesting thing!

QueenFee Mon 02-Jan-12 18:53:36

Oh meant to say school run, mine all had a tendancy to have a sleepy feed around 6 then I would get the others ready whilst baby slept then just dressed them before I left the house. I sometimes ended up feeding on the school run in the sling but mostly they were ok till about half 9.

Rollersara Mon 02-Jan-12 19:20:38

I think I have most things, not collected the pram yet though. On the downside i have picked up a nasty bug and feel even worse than usual and can't have any lemsip.

It will be over soon, right?

woowa Mon 02-Jan-12 21:00:58

teeth at 14 weeks?! OUCH. poor nipples.

Just unpacked my emergency mini hospital bag, and packed my PROPER hospital bag!! This time I am taking HALF the amount of junk i took to have DD. The MWs were a bit shock at the number of bags I had last time, so this time I want to make a less ridiculous impression and clutter the ward up a bit less!! Think we might take the laptop and some box sets if I end up being induced though, incase it takes days and days!!

Also took tree down and feel SO much better about everything now - it was a total mental block to tidying properly!!

Pam, that's probably plenty of nappies til you find out how big baby is, you might want the teeny ones for ages, you might have a whopper baby! I had too many last time and gave them away in the end (i have 2 packs of 30 I think). On having a sterile house - I burst into tears when the MW visited the day after DD came home, apologising for the cat hair. She said she had lots of cats and you weren't fully dressed without cat hair. i was so relieved as I honestly thought, in my severly anaemic state, that she might refer me to social services and they'd take away the baby because I hadn't hoovered the sofas!!

Rollersara, yes, it will be over soon!! Now it's January it's really really close!!

29 days to go! (35+6)

OddEyes Mon 02-Jan-12 22:38:44

In agreement with woowa on the old christmas tree. Soo lovely to have room back to rights and as soon as it went I was on a cleaning spree. Kids room cleaned, home for Christmas toys found and a box of old toys for recycling. Old too small clothes vac packed and found my baby towels, so they are washed now. Desperate for my baby clothes back though so going to see friend who has had them tomorrow.
School on Wednesday though! Arghh! How will I cope? All of above was done with Dh and Dc help, many sit downs and a 2hr sleep in middle of day!!

indicababy Mon 02-Jan-12 23:13:01

Must be in the air today as I too have been busy bee and reorganised cupboards and sent DnearlyH uptoloft several times!
I thought brides were s'posed to get stressy before wedding. I have been alarmingly calm(for me) and feel quite organised whilst groom is flappy snappy stresshead who nearly fell out with his Dsis today. All she did was assume big drunken party after wedding and he goes on one about disrespect our wishes for quiet do as I pg etc...... I'll prob lose it Fri am!hmm
Bump will not stop dancing tonight hopefully wearing itself out before I go to bed, yeah right.

Emz33 Mon 02-Jan-12 23:19:54

Hi all. I haven't been on here in ages so has taken me a while to catch up! Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and new years. Can't believe our babies are gluing to be here so soon. Is so exciting.

I have a question. I'm planning on giving bf a go but so many people I know have given up really quickly as they just couldn't get the knack of it at all or we're just too exhausted to be the sole feeder. Bearing that in mind, should I buy some newborn formula just in case or wait and see how it goes? Am scared poor baby will be starving and I won't have energy togo out and get all the formula, bottles steriliser and whatever else you need when you bottle feed!

Hopefully bf will be fine though and I won't have to worry...

indicababy Mon 02-Jan-12 23:38:36

This is my 1st DC so no BFing experience but I intend to give it my damndest emz. For some it is easy and others its a challenge but I think the more you set yourself up for a fall the easier it is to do just that. Find out about BF support groups in your area so you have a port of call if you find it tough. I know my birth centre has a clinic every Fri where you can hang out all day and when it's time to feed there are trained people on hand to help. Also local groups that meet weekly just to share and socialise.

ZhenThereWereTwo Mon 02-Jan-12 23:49:01

Emz33 I bought newborn starter pack, bottle warmer and steriliser first time around, first used at 5 weeks to give DD expressed breastmilk so that she would need a breastfeed during our wedding vows! Having said that DD bf until 23 months so only had the odd bottle. It is hard going at first as they feed little and often, but you can do it and you will be fine smile

This time round I am going to try and introduce regular expressed milk bottle from 6 weeks so that DH can do a night feed and I can get more sleep.

No point buying formula box, being an ebfeeder I kept a couple of ready made cartons of Aptamil stage 1 on standby just in case (closest to breastmilk in taste I found, DD would tolerate in emergency).

You could buy a microwave steriliser if you have a microwave, they are quite reasonably priced. I just picked up a new Avent newborn starter pack for half price at £12.49 from Amazon and the offer is still there. That plus a couple of cartons means you have it there just in case and if you get yourself a breast pump once feeding is established, you can pump and leave the odd bottle so you can get a few hours extra kip/go out.

phlossie Tue 03-Jan-12 13:00:24

RE bfing. I think it's worth being realistic. If you're considering buying formula and bottles, then you'll probably use it, so it's worth getting - it keeps pretty well, doesn't it?

Get loads of support with bfing. Everyone makes out that it's the most natural thing in the world, but without support it's hard. There are a number of different problems you can encounter. For a start, it really hurts for the the first week or two. As in toe-curling pain. All that is is baby sucks hard and your nips aren't tough. Even though I'd breastfed DS for 11 months, my nips took about 10 days to toughen up for dd. You're likely to get blisters/cracked nipples too - use Lanisoh and breastmilk to soothe them and bear with it!

I also had an over-active let down with ds - my milk used to spurt out like a power hose, and the poor little thing would pull off screaming and choking. It was REALLY stressful! And DD got teeth at 14 weeks and she bit me several times! But I got good support from my mum and a breastfeeding councellor, and breastfed both babies happily for 11 months. In fact, I loved it. Couldn't be doing with having to go home because I didn't have formula for the next feed like my friends did, and I'm far too lazy and disorganised to keep up with sterilising.

So what I'm saying is as well as getting bottles etc sorted, making sure you have lots of information and the number for good support will help you get over those early hurdles.

I had m/w check up today, and she can't feel the baby's head! My placenta's in the way. She's pretty sure the lump under my ribs is bum, but as she put it, she doesn't want the delivering midwife to see 'a bottom poking out of your bits'! So I'm going to have to have a presentation scan to make sure baby's not breech.


shipsladyg Tue 03-Jan-12 13:00:43

I hope to EBF. I managed it to 9m with DD when she started biting and being more interested in the world than concentrating on feeding - so we switched then. DD had a slight tongue tie to begin with which Although it didn't stop her gaining weight made it painful for me. Bleeding nipples etc. But because she was gaining weight, the clinic wouldnt refer us for the snip angry. Luckily it broke naturally at 10wks just as I was on the verge of giving up. It instantly made the world of difference. If it happens this time I'm insisting they snip it straight away even if I have to pay £130 to get it done private.

Other than that I found the more BF clinics I went to, the better. I went to one every day for my first four days in the hospital and then about once a week for a few months after that - but mainly to chat to the other mums. At the start DH could get DD to latch on to me better than I could (which was annoying) but in the end DD & I sussed it.

Everyone at the BF clinics has a different tip and all the BF counsellors were friendly and ultimately very pro-choice. I've got formula in the house just in case. I expect we'll use it at some point. I wish we'd started earlier with supplementary bottles so DH could help. By the time I decided I needed the help (about 5m) DD refused to take the bottle. We had to literally hold her down & shove it in - at which point she decided "oh, ok, it's milk" and guzzled it.

Lanisoh breast pads are excellent (but expensive) especially if you are blessed with an over abundance of milk. I found the washable ones pointless. Lanisoh nipple cream is brill. Other brands are pointless IMO.

Nesting started here last night with a major cooking session. Also put in a big order on Boots.com for nappies, breast pads, bottle teats etc (free delivery over £45)

Oh - bottle sterilisers - we've got the Boots travel microwave one. £8 and does 3/4 small medela bottles at once. We found it much more convenient than the huge Counter top Avent steam steriliser. It's too small for Tommee Tippee bottles ... But... You could probably use a large Pyrex casserole with 200ml of water for 8minutes on high! Same idea. Less expense & descaling nonsense.

Right - nap time for mummies here.

shipsladyg Tue 03-Jan-12 13:55:06

Phlossie - my placenta is a bit in the way too (for feeling presentation, not birth). You can keep asking for scans to about 39wks if it's in the way for birth as its in the last few weeks it stretches most out of the way (not all hospitals tell you this & just book you for a section). Don't worry too much about presentation - they can flip pretty much right up to the hour you start labour although yes, is less likely after 37wks. Some hospitals are now saying its better to try a breech birth than have a CS.

Totally agree with you Phlossie about night feeds and BF. I couldn't be fagged with getting up in the night to do bottles. Much easier to wop out boob. But then I am very very lazy

shipsladyg Tue 03-Jan-12 14:13:38

Oh and with my DD, boob vs bottle and the dream feed idea made absolutely no difference at all as to her night time sleeping. Worth a punt, but in there's no science for it working.

glowfrog Tue 03-Jan-12 14:21:41

Happy new year all - glad to say I managed to get over hormonal slump by xmas so had a pretty good time with DH and the step-kids. At least until last night when we took them home and DH's ex was in a serious mood and exploded at him, me and - worst of her all - her kids in the most unpleasant manner. We thought something like that might happen at some point because of the fact we're having a baby, though. We managed to leave on a relatively calm note at least.

Hmm - not sure what to do on the maternity bra side of things. My breasts have not changed size at all through the pregnancy so I'm not sure how to proceed about buying nursing bras when I really don't know what size I'm going to be!

Slowly starting to sorting things out for her arrival. Been given a buggy by friends but need to fix the brakes plus it's effing enormous so I'm not sure we'll keep it. Looking to use the 'moses basket' attachment as, well, a moses basket!

Not sure whether to go for traditional cot upstairs, or one you can have by side of your bed (space issue, really). Same friends can give us a bedside cot as well, so maybe I should just go for it on the basis I won't have to pay for it aside from getting it shipped to my part of the country. :-)

BUT - need to sort so many bits of the house as well (a lot of boxes that we still haven't touched since moving in a year and a half ago!).

Phlossie I don't mind saying I'm crapping myself (well I would if I wasn't so constipated - arf) at the thought of having to look after this fragile little thing and reading about your own fears when you already have kids doesn't help!! :-D And comiserations on the MIL situation. As others have suggested, if DH can't yet stand up to her in the way he should, it's probably up to you. I know it's easier said than done, having found myself in similar situations to do with my own dad, but Just Say No is the best policy.

mumsrthebest Tue 03-Jan-12 14:50:49

Hi All, Haven't posted in ages, previous nickname was bmm39 but changed it as it was so incredibly dull. Well, it's getting closer and closer ladies, how exciting. I am in full swing with the nesting, just need to get the cot and changing table in the baby's room and everything is done. I have even packed my hospital bag blush.

Not sleeping very well. I am getting numbness in my left hand and occasionally in my legs or feet at night time. It is a nightmare!!!! Getting more breathless lately, depending on where bump is lying.

Leave work in 14 working days, not that I am counting ... lol.

Start my antenatal classes next week and I have been listening to a Hypnotherapy CD which has been a great help to me.

mumsrthebest Tue 03-Jan-12 14:51:20

33 weeks - by the way.

Sugar80 Tue 03-Jan-12 18:24:41

I think I just had my first Braxton Hicks contraction... if that's anything to go by I think labour's going to kill me!!

woowa Tue 03-Jan-12 20:45:25

welcome back mumsrbest. I'm getting really breathless too. Not helped by today being physical - aquanatal followed by vacuuming, furniture moving, toddler care, cooking, wardrobe emptying, black bag shifting etc etc... I am EXHAUSTED, and will shortly be going to sleep I think (unless the sugar from all the chocs I've just eaten keeps me awake!).

Sometimes I have to carry DD upstairs for a nappy change if she's too excited to come, and then I have to sit down for ages to recover!!

glowfrog, i think 37-38 weeks is the recommended time for nursing bra measurement. I think i bought one, then waited for baby to be born and went and got measured again then, so I didn't waste loads of money if it was the wrong size. It was a bit stressful taking tiny screaming DD in when I was measured though! In the meantime I used mothercare night time feeding bra which is an over the head thing, which I then used for months and months of night feeding so was well worth buying. I've just got them out again, they are lovely and grey!!

On BFing, i think if you are in the position of "I will breastfeed and not even consider FF", there is no point buying anything, your determination to BF and the consequential seeking support will probably get you through. if you are more of a "I want to breastfeed but i don't mind if it doesn't work", then get some formula etc in. I was the first type with DD (with the addition of, "i really can't be bothered to express!") so i didn't get any in, and am the same this time. But it is up to us each! Worth noting - when I had DD the hospital gave out free formula, they have since changed their policy and don't provide any milk at all. Whatever you are planning, it's worth knowing what the policy is in case things don't go to plan.

Right, sleep!

36 weeks today!! (and scan tomorrow, hoping all is still well, house not quite ready despite major tidyup today!)

indicababy Tue 03-Jan-12 21:46:00

Sugar I've been having tightenings for a few weeks but a few nights ago had my first bothersome BH. Bit scary aren't they. Doesn't do the confidence much good for the real thing if the practice ones are that bad does it.... I just keep telling myself, billions have done it and it'll all be worth it in the endconfused

Kayano Tue 03-Jan-12 21:50:25

Possibly tmi but I have decided to spend the rest of the evening with an ice cold drink while sitting in me bra and Knicks lmao.

Had heating come
On automatically and didnt realise how hot I was until I have nearly keeled over blush

woowa Tue 03-Jan-12 22:58:56

just rang in to maternity assessment unit - had stabbing pains on right side and breathlessness and as I'm a pre-eclampsia risk and those are both symptoms thought i'd better. They advise painkillers and just going in for scan tomorrow as i'm booked for. Just started to panic! How am I supposed to sleep now?! worry worry...does anyone know, if you do have preeclampsia, whether it's a sudden life or death sort of thing , or whether you could have it for a few days and it would be ok til detected?! might ask on the main pregnancy board too!!

shipsladyg Tue 03-Jan-12 23:25:11

Woowa - sorry to hear you're having troubles. Hopefully as they've said wait til tomorrow, they consider you're low risk for it becoming full blown eclampsia. Presumably no oedema? No flashing lights? No frontal headache? They'll only get properly twitching with three markers in the absence of a BP check & urine test.

From what I gleaned from my mum, she had symptoms for a month before she decided to see anyone and in the end it was ok. She is nuts though.

QueenFee Wed 04-Jan-12 00:20:01

Woowa nothing to add but hope your ok.

I've just had a quick read of the thread and i'm off to bed to toss and turn all night.
Kids back to school tomorrow!

34 weeks (42 days to go! 21 till 'term')

deardear Wed 04-Jan-12 07:38:31

Hope you get on ok today woowa.

ZhenThereWereTwo Wed 04-Jan-12 10:13:29

Hope scan and check up goes well today Woowa x

Well had my scan yesterday, baby fine all measurements normal, fluid good and my placenta has moved out of the way of my cervix so I can VBAC rather than ELCS yay smile

Slightly daunted now by prospect of another 9-10 weeks of being pregnant followed by the 'ring of fire', but hey that beats another CS.


Rollersara Wed 04-Jan-12 10:22:59

Hope it all goes well woowa.

Zhen, I have an appointment on 17 Jan to decide between induced VB and ELCS, don't know which is more scary!


Kayano Wed 04-Jan-12 11:52:34

I am getting my iCandy Strawberry!!!

Woooooo grin
Over the bloody moon!!! It looks sooooo good gushes and swoons grin


mumsrthebest Wed 04-Jan-12 12:32:09

Just been to Tesco and brought some more very cute baby clothes. I am so excited.

phlossie Wed 04-Jan-12 12:33:06

Hope you're ok, woowa - let us know.

Oh dear, people have started mostly telling me I'm huge. The receptionist at DS's school asked when I was due, I said 'the 12th', to which she nodded, and then I added 'of February' at which she looked shocked and then laughed a lot!

I have today bought:
nip cream
breast pads
fanny mattresses
newborn nappies
senakot (for the postnatal poos)
lip balm and toothpaste for my hospital bag

Next I'm going to wash the baby clothes. I am determined to be more organised!


littlemonkeybix Wed 04-Jan-12 14:07:20

Hi folks... Sorry no personals as totally brain addled!! I honestly thought it was Thursday...

had my BF class today (2 hours!!) which went really well. The girl running it had 3 kids, and was so happy to talk about it all. She'd had 3 different births, 3 different BF experiences and she goes in the hospitals to help establish BF with new mums too, so was an incredible wealth of informative knowledge!

It was good to be told the negative side of things too, and that there is a ton of support to get through those times to reach a more successful conclusion. Still feels "alien" to me.... I suppose because I still live in a toilet humoured postcard world <shouts BOOBIES and giggles>

There was only 4 people including me. In a little room having a chat. Got the documents handed out, and talked between us all about it. I felt good smile There was me and 2 others on baby 1 and the other lady on baby 2. One of the 1st timers was due today!!! She went the loo, and we joked about timing her... she was starting to get fear face at every twinge, that currently we all count as "normal"... bless her. She was 100% more calm than I would have been!

Now I have my MW appt this afternoon... gonna push for scans for growth if there is even a tiny hint of bigness about me.... maybe I should scoff loads of food before I go and get a proper belly on wink - like I need help there shock

Anyway, still have work to do - with a massive lack of will power! Frame of mind is definitely not set to "work mode"

Catch up later ladies... wishing you all well x

babycarmen Wed 04-Jan-12 14:30:58

woowa hope it goes ok, let us know!

My midwife is coming over in the morning to check my BP and urine because ive got flashing lights in my eyes, blurriness and headache behind my eyes, and just feel rubbish to be honest. Also got rib pain last night on the right side but not sure if thats down to baby/my sleep position :/ BP was last taken on 28th and was the highest its ever been for me but still 'normal' at 132/68 (Im usually no more then 120/60) And ive had traces of protein since 28 weeks so will see what its like tomorrow. Probably nothing though! Been told to rest and take paracetomol this afternoon.. so much for that with DD and ironing thats been put off for about a month already! Nothing much else happening with me.. think baby might have dropped a bit because im getting a lot of pressure down below and had shooting pains in my cervix yesterday.. also very swollen down there blush

Zhen glad youre getting a vbac! smile


deardear Wed 04-Jan-12 16:18:12

Been into work today. Let's just say it was a waste of time but very interesting at the same time. Might do a post on the secret page as my initial concerns are very much now!

littlemonkeybix Wed 04-Jan-12 16:50:38

MW appointment went well... She's not worried about my size, but is going to refer me anyway as I AM worried!! grin

Head is down, heartbeat is good... everything seems normal still!

This has been so unremarkable a pregnancy, I am STILL forgetting all the time!


(PS hope Woowa had a good scan and Carmen, hope everything is OK for you too xx - Deardear... off to read that bit now wink )

PamBeesly Wed 04-Jan-12 17:42:02

monkey unremarkable pregnancies seem to be the best grin

Carmen hope MW puts your mind at ease and also that its not PE

woowa hope all was fine at the scan

My GP appointment went fine too, also 'unremarkable' but I'll be having a scan every 2 weeks from now on as is normal procedure here. Is it normal to feel the foot in your ribs (right side) if he is already head down? The doctor at my last scan said he was a tall baby so maybe it is possible, I'd love if he just moved a bit over to the middle though smile then again he should make himself comfortable in his own house grin

notcitrus Wed 04-Jan-12 19:08:48

My bump has suddenly grown huge in the last week and after NYE party (at mine - much easier than getting sitters and going anywhere!) have realised I have nothing in the diary except giving birth... read all of friend's Natal Hypnotherapy book which calmed me down but wasn't nearly as good as Hypnobirthing which I had last time (NT is much more about getting you to buy the CDs or attend classes and also mixes well-referenced stuff with crap like homeopathy, whereas the HB book comes with optional CD and gives more detail on exercises in the book itself so you don't need anything else). think I'll buy another copy of HB. And a cot. Have sorted car seat though.

Consultant today was lovely - says they may want to observe dc2 after birth but that would be a few hours and probably could be done in the MLU if we manage to birth there. Though the pelvis seems to be trying to catch up with last pregnancy so may order wheelchair shortly, and will take birth as it comes, I hope. At least we have a roof on the house this time. Just lacking a working laptop (researches smartphones!)

Currently trying to convince myself it's not bad parenting to let ds watch the same movie twice in a row; it's learning how to fast-forward through ads by himself so very educational, honest! Suspect we'll be watching a lot of telly over the next couple months...

Xavielli Wed 04-Jan-12 19:29:26

Hope all is ok woowa

shipsladyg Wed 04-Jan-12 21:48:50

Oh dear. DD's best friend who we've played with lots in last couple of days has come out with chicken pox. My mother can't remember if I've had it. Don't really fancy having a toddler with it let alone me. Oh well. Que sera, sera.

rnbsmum Wed 04-Jan-12 22:03:50

shipslady - ring your midwife, they can check back with the bloods they took near the start of your pregnancy. There was CP at DD (DC1's) nursery when I was at this stage in preg with ds. I've had CP but bloods showed I wasn't immune so I was given a jab that protected me and ds in utero and for a bit once out. Was no trouble and if they say you are immune, even better.

woowa Wed 04-Jan-12 22:49:33

hi all, thanks for all the concerns. Sigh. The blood flow to baby has decreased - still within normal limits (in fact, on the "average" line), but it has fallen from where my nice curve was on the graph. So, i'm booked in for another scan a week today (number 11...), and if it has fallen again, i'll be induced (or so says today's consultant, i now see a different locum every week, very frustrating). I just need to keep an eye on baby's movements and go straight in if I'm concerned about them. It has been drumming on my bladder for 20 minutes, so i'm not worried at the moment. SO, i guess I might be having a baby next week then. hrmmmmm. It does seem likely that they'll want baby out soon, after all, this is exactly what they've been looking for all along, the blood flow...

babycarmen, make sure you keep us updated after MW has visited tomorrow, it definietly sounds like they need to check you out to make sure you're ok.

see you tomorrow!!


QueenFee Wed 04-Jan-12 23:46:51

Woowa, glad they are keeping an eye on things and think you are very nearly term now!

shipsladyg Thu 05-Jan-12 05:06:45

Woowa - glad to hear that things are ok for now. It's good there's a plan. Tale it easy. Frustrating though about seeing someone different every time.
BabyCarmen - I hope you get similar reassurance.

staylucky Thu 05-Jan-12 08:26:06

Hello!!!! Newby here big wave 31 or 32 weeks can't remember...confused due end of feb anyway.

Can anyone post the link for the facebook group (spend quite a bit of time over there) grin

deardear Thu 05-Jan-12 08:55:04

Ooh a pssible baby next week - know it's not ideal woowa but better out and healthy....

Can you get a new MATB1 from the midwife if work have lost yours? Yes got asked yesterday if I had it as they couldn't find it. Erm no - I gave it to the finance director as asked by the office manager! They are insisting on the original as well as I did keep a copy. Says it all really

Debating whether to go now to muck out ponies or wait ten omens as it was howling it down in town when I dropped the girls at school. Have turned the heating on as I am cold. Was going to have a housework day today but am really tired and didn't sleep too well past about 3am as was hot so might crash on the sofa for the day.

Been watching these tiger mums on breakfast news. Feel a bit sorry fo those kids. Kids do deserve a life

littlemonkeybix Thu 05-Jan-12 09:04:05

My work insisted on keeping mtg matb1 too... i took about 3 copies and scanned it too just to make sure!

Hi stay lucky <waves> someone will sort fb out for you soon im sure [inept emoticon]

indicababy Thu 05-Jan-12 09:14:28

great, day before wedding and I've woken up feeling like utter crap, SPD's exploded and I have pain in my chest. Hopefully just getting it all out the way and I'll feel amazing tomorrow!
fingers crossed for you woowa

babycarmen Thu 05-Jan-12 10:14:28

woowa exciting that you might have your baby soon! Glad theyre keeping an eye on things.

Im still waiting on mw so will update again later!

indicababy Hope you feel better for tomorrow and have a wonderful day!!

phlossie Thu 05-Jan-12 11:23:12

Have a wonderful day tomorrow, indica - I hope you're feeling on better form! Congratulations! Tell us all about it.

Good luck, woowa - having your baby induced early isn't ideal, but you've made it to term and that's fantastic considering you were scared this would happen 12 weeks ago.

The baby's clothes are washed and hanging on the airer. When DH got home last night, I told him I had something to show him, and we both had a little squeal about the fact that we're soon going to have someone that fits into the teeny babygrows!

He said something hilarious yesterday. I was discussing slightly different hours with work for when I go back next autumn, and DH said 'well, those hours will be fine because both the children will be at school...' I was like, er, hello? And pointed at my belly. He took a minute to cotton on, and then he said 'oh yeah, I forgot about that!' Oh dear, he's going to be in so much trouble when this baby arrives! And I thought I was in denial...!

littlemonkeybix Thu 05-Jan-12 12:00:35

YAY had a phonecall from the MW confirming my new appointment at the hosp over my concerns over having a MEGABABY

Jan 27th for consultant appointment.

Fingers crossed I'm fretting over nothing! I was still measuring big, but "nothing to worry about" accourding to MW. I went into detail of my worries... and she had no hesitation at referring me grin I know I can joke about it all, and usually have the face of calm... but I am constantly about 4 seconds away from panic attack with this impending birth...

<it will be OK... IT WILL BE OK>

littlemonkeybix Thu 05-Jan-12 12:16:59

indica have a lovely day tomorrow... hope you perk up in time wink

littlemonkeybix Thu 05-Jan-12 12:22:02

(I did post immediately after my other post, but mumsnet kicked me off!!??)

phlossie Thu 05-Jan-12 13:10:50

Remind me why you think it's a whopper? I think mine's big too - I was measuring 35cm at my 34 week appointment, and my other two were both 8 1/2 lbs, so I reckon this one's at least 9lbs!

And remember that even a scan won't be that accurate. I was told DS (my first) was 7.5lbs at 34 weeks, so working on the basis that he'd put on 1/2 a pound a week, I was looking at 11.5lbs! He was 8lbs 4oz at 42 weeks, so nothing like the scare stories I was being told. They used his femur length and abdominal circumference to work it out. I'd say that the only measurement that actually matters is the head circumference!

Honestly, though, I'd take a big baby over a little one any day. I think they're easier to squeeze out because there's more to them. And once they're born, they feed more easily - and tiny babies just seem so much more delicate and breakable!

You'll be ok. Really. It does hurt, but it's just some hours in the bigger scheme of things, there are people who really, really do know what they're doing looking after you and giving you drugs if you need them.

Hello everyone! Sorry, been crap at keeping up with the thread sad. I'll try and catch up a bit....

Is everyone on Facebook now? Can someone link me via pm?


deardear Thu 05-Jan-12 13:56:43

Have had a lovely morning. Felt a lot better after I had done the horses so I cracked on with the HW which is unheard of fir me. Done a couple of loads of washing, hoovered all downstairs and mopped floors, baked a cake (!!!) cleaned up and done dishwasher and have sorted out iPad and iTunes (thanks to some help from fellow mnetter on FB.

Now decided to sit for an hour with a cup of tea in front of a roaring fire. Weather has brightened up for now but the wind is horrific.

Going to pick kids up at 3, call for rabbit food etc, do ponies then have a nap I think. Have no idea what to do for tea tonight.

Think I overspent at Christmas as well. Ooops! Need an extra payday in January but think I have a fair bit of meat in the freezers outside is can live off that for a bit.

Indica rst today and have a fantastic day tomorrow. It will fly by and please stick a picture on for us. Sure we will all get our hats out for tomorrow to rot you and for gods sake don't go into labour with the excitement lol xx

littlemonkeybix Thu 05-Jan-12 14:38:52

phlossie I was measuring 32 @28 weeks, now 34 @ 31 weeks. There's my mum who had 3 9lb babies, and DP was a biggy too... me and him both have big heads too <shudder> <sob>

I have genuine fears (I'd call them phobias, but others may not think it severe enough.... as an asthmatic, I have ways of breathing and calming myself a bit so people expect I'm fine) My main issue is childbirth and specifically tearing.

I am a massive wimp... and even though managed to get pierced and tattooed, I have only just this year been for my flu jab on my own!! Usually go with my mum (I'm 32 fer feck's sake) Plus Every dentist visit (remember my snapped tooth?!?!?!) I warn them on the way in I am massively nervous, and I apologise in case I swear.... I never end up swearing at them though. I know one day I will though!

Like last night, people watching OBEM... I honestly nearly cry at the ADVERTS for it... it fills me with utter dread.

Been broody since 20.... 32 = 1st kiddy!

I just need facts from the doc. Hopefully, even if they say "I'm sorry Monkey, it's going to be 15lb" just knowing will help me get used to the idea and relax. Fact help me ... odd I know, but it works.

I have hated everything unknown about pregnancy... This forum thread, and the FB group have been the best things ever <teary eyed glint> I think as well, being 31 at conception, everyone medical presumes you're on DC more than 1, or you;ve been around hundreds of preggos.... not me! Naive to the extreme!

Thanks folks! <links off for a sulk and a rock..> <realises just how long that post was!!> Sorry!

Small anecdote for those terrified of big babies, etc, friend of mine had a lovely waterbirth with no tearing, cutting, anything of the sort, with her 11.5lb son. And my DSIL goes from nothing to baby in, generally speaking, about an hour. (She's pooped out three so far) You never know really, especially when it's your first!