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The fabulous frolickers planning the way for their first arrivals....

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LankyLegs Thu 17-Nov-11 10:31:14

Hello ladies! Let's hope we have lots more BFPs and healthy pregnancies as we approach Christmas and 2012!


Fudgecat - In loving memory of Baby Elliot - Born asleep on Friday 17th September 2010

Fulhamgirl - EDD 30th May - DOB 9th Apr - Girl - Lily Ann - 4lb
Trying4Baby1 - EDD 25th Apr - DOB 6th May - Girl - Emily - 10lb 2.5oz
Pepperonipizza -EDD 24th May - DOB 28th May -Boy
CurlyCasper - EDD 21st July - DOB 24th June - Girl
Spirael - EDD 25th Jul - DOB 7th July - Girl - Miranda Jane - 8lb 3oz
DesperateHousewife21 - EDD 18th July - DOB 9th July - Boy - Dylan James
Sazziej - EDD 1st Sep- DOB 24th Aug - Girl - Evie - 7lb 8oz
Ozziegirly - EDD 24th Aug -DOB 25th Aug - Boy-Thomas - 7lb 1oz
NovemberAli - EDD 2nd Sep - DOB 8th Sept - Girl - Matilda - 8lb 6oz
WhiteRoses - EDD 15th September - DOB 19 September- Boy
Hobnob - EDD 26th Sep - DOB 21 September - Girl - Matilda 6lbs 6oz
Pixiestix - EDD 24th Sep - DOB 26 September - Girl - Tegan - 7lbs 7oz
Addie81 -EDD 7th Oct - DOB 19th October -Girl
Chancewouldbeafinething - EDD 10/10/10 - DOB 21st October - Boy - William James - 9lb 14.5oz
Hermya321 - EDD 24th Oct - DOB 24th October-Boy - Asher - 8lb 3oz
WorrisomeHeart - EDD 12th Oct -DOB 26th Oct Boy - Lochlan - 8lb
YorkshireTeaDrinker - EDD 6th Nov - DOB 5th Nov - Girl - Eleanor
Bunnygirl80 - - EDD 19th Nov- DOB 11th Nov -Boy-WIlliam - 7lb 2oz
Mumnerves - EDD 8th Dec - DOB 16 Dec Boy - Sean 8lb 2.5oz
Luckyseven - EDD 17th Dec - DOB 20th Dec Girl - Beth Elise 8lb 4oz
Oneof8 - BFP 18th May - EDD 17th Jan - DOB 3 Jan Boy - Tom
Homebound - BFP 30th Apr - EDD 8th Jan - DOB 12 Jan Boy
Aly323 - BFP? - EDD 31st Jan - DOB 25th Jan - Boy Kai
Muser - BFP 22nd June - EDD 27 Feb - DOB 15th Feb - girl
Kurlyvoice - BFP 1st September - EDD 16th April - DOB 12 March - Boy Alastair 4lb 13oz
Superpenguin - BFP 1st July - EDD 4th March - DOB 18th March - Boy Thomas 8lb 13oz
Haloflo - BFP 22 July - EDD 20 March - DOB 29th March - Girl Hannah 8lb 9oz
JollySergeantJackrum - BFP 7 Aug - DOB 21st April - Boy Harris 8lb 3oz
MrsWajs - BFP 13 Aug - DOB 25th April - Girl Robyn 7lb 2oz
Crazydays - BFP 4th Sep - DOB - 28th April - boy Thomas 7lb 3 oz and girl Isobel 6lb 14oz
Cherrycobbler - BFP 3rd Sep - 11th May - girl
crazybutterflylady - BFP 1st Sep - EDD 13th May - DOB 24th May - girl - Tabitha
Bellaby -BFP 11th Sep - EDD 22nd May - DOB 16th May - girl - 6lbs12oz
Highheelsandequations - BFP 30th Oct - EDD 13th July - DOB 6th July - Girl Rose 7lb 4oz
Roundtable - BFP 14 Jan - EDD 17th Sept - DOB 20th Sep - Boy
CrazyAlien - BFP 29th Jan - EDD 2nd Oct - DOB 27th Sep - Girl - Imogen
Toriajayne - BFP 16th Feb - EDD 26 Oct - DOB 25th Oct - Boy - Thomas 9lb
Goldmaple - BFP Feb 28th - EDD 9th November - DOB 30th Oct - Girl Emily Grace


Capricorn76 - BFP 12th Apr - EDD 1st Jan 2011
Seablue - BFP? - EDD 10th Jan
stegasaurus - BFP 27 Aug - EDD 3rd May
Slowshow - BFP 3rd Jan - EDD 15th Sept


Truffkin - BFP 10th March - EDD 18th November
Lankylegs - BFP 27 May - EDD 1st February
Womanly Tales - BFP 14 Aug - EDD 25th April
Empusa -
Latetothisbabymalarky - BFP 8 Oct - EDD 8th June 2012
Florin - BFP 14 Oct - EDD 22 June 2012
Flickstar -

Oooo! Shiny new fred, thanks Lanky grin
That old fred saw me arrive, depart and then arrive again!

Went along to QCH for my booking-in this morning - a bit strange after already having had 3 scans, but there we go! Have my 12-week scan booked for 1 Dec (when I'll actually be 12+6, but I left it late to book in etc., so earlier dates are all booked up). Got a bit of a shock when I stepped on the scales, I could feel I've got a bit heavier around the old bottom and belly area, but now freaking out a bit about how quickly my shape is changing! I'm quite petite so I guess it's going to show sooner rather than later...!

Hope everyone else is well

Thanks for the birth story Gold, I hope I get one as straightforward as that! A friend of ours just had a 55-minute labour and delivery which I was very impressed with!

Truff, hope all's well with you and, if it hasn't happened yet, you don't have too much longer to wait! smile

Florin, what a coincidence your twin conceiving at the same time as you. I'm sorry she's kind of stealing your thunder and this is yet another thing you'll feel you'll be sharing with her. I guess by now you've already got mechanisms to deal with the rivalry & competitiveness, but we're here for when you need to rant and sound off! Let her be all dramatic & high maintenance, you'll be the one breezing through it, smiling (albeit through gritted teeth) blissful and glowing wink

Florin Thu 17-Nov-11 14:09:03

lanky thank you for starting the new thread!
Hope everyone is having a lovely day, I can't wait for the weekend, we are going away to our family holiday home with my parents so looking forward to relaxing chilling and being pampered by my mum!

LankyLegs Thu 17-Nov-11 15:00:52

Late you are here to stay this time so don't you worry! Pleased you are properly in the 'system' - it's great getting all those appts sorted and booked in. Also - don't worry about your weight - you will go through lots of changes over the next few months.. each stage is different it takes some getting used to! Get ready for it!! It is really lovely when you start getting a bump - most exciting bit (plus the movement/kicking)!

Florin your weekend sounds lush - wish I had something similar planned (although I am doing to try and book in a cheeky mani and pedi if I get my way!)Enjoy the weekend.

Thank crunchie it is Friday tomorrow - although not looking to the weekend that much. Still have dreaded in-laws.. but hoping to get rid of them to a friend of theirs for a few days - fingers crossed!!

Truffkin Thu 17-Nov-11 22:28:44

Hi ladies, loving an empty new thread to play with! Thanks Lanky

No news here yet, although as I'm not actually due until tomorrow I can't really complain. Not even a twinge, which I am a little disappointed at. The worst thing is people keep phoning and asking if there is anything happening and then when I say no, it's like they feel let down!! It's really our mothers and siblings, whom will clearly be the first to know when anything kicks off!!

I've bought a pineapple to eat tomorrow and DH is planning a trip to the Indian restaurant down the road on Sunday to utilise their 'all you can eat buffet' to get me to eat something spicy grin

Florin your weekend sounds lovely, hope you get lots of nice chill out time. Lanky if you can fit some treats in you definitely should, things have been hectic for you recently.

Late glad you've had your appointment now, I felt like is was an official thing done and liked that feeling. I can't believe that was back in May for me, the time has just flown by and am hoping the next however long will go quickly too. I want my baby!

I got the Silver Cross newsletter (by email) today and their riverbank baby gum / nest is discounted from £70 to £45 so am tempted to get that. We don 't have a playmat / gum type thing and have heard they are handy even in the early days. I love Silver Cross stuff too, we've got our pram from them (the Surf).

Right, I'm off to get ready for bed. I find if I can try to drop off before DH comes in, his snoring doesn't bother me as much grin

pixiestix Fri 18-Nov-11 09:02:53

Just marking my place on the shiny new fred. If we take the same sort of time to fill this one up as we did the last one then you will all have your babies by the time it ends - how that for thought of the day! grin

Happy due date Truff!

womanlytales Fri 18-Nov-11 09:30:47

All the best Truff. thank you for starting this thread lanky Wave to everyone. Not much to report on my end - which is fabulous smile Energy levels are pretty good - and surprising but have to remember not to do too much because then the tiredness seems to drag on forever.
Have a lovely weekend and happy Friday to all smile

cherrycobbler Fri 18-Nov-11 10:06:18

Ooh lovely new thread Lanky! I feel a wee bit emotional that I started the old one when pregnant and it's now finished having seen the arrival of quite a few babies and BFP's.

Gold if you're still lurking thank you for sharing your birth story, glad it all went well, hope you and E are finding your feet! If you are on Facebook we have a postnatal group on that for us all to post pictures and coo over our babies, would love to see a pic of the squishiest new arrival!

Happy due date Truff! I got the constant calls from my parents, as if I would have had the baby and forgotten to tell them. I also got used to DH picking up his phone in record time everytime I called, only to the sound slightly disappointed when he found out I wasn't calling mid-contraction.

Happy Fridays to everyone else, hope you have lovely weekends!

Florin Fri 18-Nov-11 14:02:01

Happy due date truff hope little one arrives soon

LankyLegs Fri 18-Nov-11 16:36:54

Happy due date Truff and don't worry the little will arrive eventually! Hope you are not getting too fed up at home - at least it is the weekend and you will have some entertainment.... hope the curry does the trick! You the know the key is to plan loads of stuff in and low and behold you will go into labour grin

cherry can't believe that last thread lasted so long! Lots of babies on though - was a successful one.

pixie slightly scary thought - might not think about it just yet!

Womanly pleased there is nothing much to report - thats the way we like it.... tiredness will pass.... and then return in the third trimester - hooray!

Hope everyone has lovely weekends! I am cooking in the madhouse tonight as my lovely MIL has invited over her other son, his girlf and her best friend over for dinner grin. They are all leaving tomorrow and I can not bloody wait... although I bet they will end up staying knowing my luck!

I have however booked in a mani and pedi - lush. Hope everyone enjoys their weekends!

Truffkin Fri 18-Nov-11 17:49:00

Thanks everyone, more of the same here! Have persuaded DH that we should visit the winter wonderland in Hyde Park this weekend so am hoping that either a) making plans invokes the law of sod or b) all the walking will help encourage the baby out of hiding!

Lanky here's hoping that you get some peace and quiet back after this weekend, enjoy your pampering!

Womanly glad you are feeling well, long may it continue grin

CaveMum Mon 21-Nov-11 12:57:33

[pokes head round door to see if there's any news from Truff]

pixiestix Mon 21-Nov-11 15:24:44

Hello Cavey! How is the fertility treatment going? Really hope that things are looking good for you.

Shall we have a sweepstake on Truff's labour date then? grin To pass the time, like wink My bets are on the 28th.

Hope everyone is relatively morning sickness free today.

Truffkin Mon 21-Nov-11 15:47:17

It's our nephew's birthday on Friday so would like to avoid that if possible! Saw MW this morning and am seeing consultant tomorrow, think they will be pushing for induction on Monday if nothing happening and really want to avoid that, will be arguing my case strongly!

CaveMum Mon 21-Nov-11 16:06:33

I'm pretty good pixie thanks for asking. 1st cycle of Clomid and waiting to see if I'm about to ovulate - temps are all over the shop but I did get some good old CM do it's been sex o'clock in the Cavey household! Got my Day 21 blood test on Friday, so we'll see if it's done the trick when the results come back.

Don't worry, I have every intention of joining you all very soon grin

Florin Mon 21-Nov-11 22:16:46

Waves to cavemum good luck with the clomid I was on it and 2nd dose and it worked (1st dose 50mg which wasn't strong enough so 2nd dose was 100mg) hope it works for you soon and you can join us over here!
truff hope baby arrives before you need to be induced.
I am on a long weekend in Cornwall having a lovely time. My mum has booked me in for a neals yard facial tomorrow can't wait!
We are being very impatient and can't wait to see the baby next so have booked a private scan on Wednesday when I will be 10 weeks. I know we are impatient but after a long wait to get pregnant in the first place we just want to know everything is ok. Any how I am sure I have saved the cost of it by not drinking wine for last few weeks anyway! At our last scan at 7 weeks we jut saw a blob and a heartbeat so hoping if all ok we should see more of a baby shape! I feel so rough so hope that is a good sign!

Flickstar Tue 22-Nov-11 13:46:58

Hello lovelies, I am still here. Have just been keeping a little bit of a low profile in advance of my scan on Sunday. Still have my wobbly, terrified days but on the whole am feeling much more positive. I have to keep telling myself that I am young, fit and healthy and have no cause for concern. I have had no spotting or cramping so don't know why I am so bloody worried and knicker checking every 5 mins! Normal?!

thanks for new thread lanky hope you are soon out of unlawful hell.

florin glad you're having a nice time away and hope your twin is behaving- what are the chances?! I can kind of Imagine how you feel as we found out that Mr.Flick's best friend's wife is due on the same day as me (well, going by my dates which are probably wrong!) and she is already being horribly competitive, comparing symptoms etc. Obviously it's much worse for you having had to be compared all,of your life but I'm sure you're handling it all with good grace.

womanly glad to hear all is well. You must be almost 20 weeks now?! Are you going to find out the sex?

truff hope all is well with you and that you will soon be snuggling your bundle!

late almost at the magical 12 week mark! I'm so jealous you're nearly there, this first trimester is soooo slow! So nice you saw your jumping bean again and had a nice stress free scan.

Big waves to everyone else. I hope to be back with good news on Sunday xxxx

Flickstar Tue 22-Nov-11 13:55:39

Ha ha lanky I meant inlaw hell but the auto correct on the iPad is a little too fierce!

Truffkin Tue 22-Nov-11 13:59:31

Hi all, I'm still here for now! Had a sweep this morning, which was a bit ouch but not really painful. Cervix is soft and 1cm dilated so am hoping the sweep has an impact. Hospital have agreed to monitor me from Monday rather than book me in for induction just yet, so I'm pleased. Hoping that labour starts naturally before then so I don't need it, obviously!

Florin your weekend sounds lovely, I adore facials although often fall asleep blush

Flick absolutely normal, I knicker-checked when TTC, then during first months of pg and now for last few weeks hoping for a show! I shan't know what to do with myself when there is no reason to gaze at my pants several times a day grin

Flickstar Tue 22-Nov-11 14:03:39

Sounds good truff! I'm going to predict Thursday morning (24th) any other takers?!

Florin Tue 22-Nov-11 14:21:24

I am going for Wednesday afternoon Truff Good luck I will be thinking of you
Flick the First few weeks are awful, it has sped up a little for me but I am still madly knicker checking and now booked another scan for tomorrow just to keep an eye on baby.
Know how you feel about dh's best friend. The competition is horrid I just want to deal with pregnancy one day at a time not compare every little symptom
Facial has been lovely been nice to relax as just my parents me and dh down here and my dh has everyone has really looked after me.
So who has/is finding out the sex? Dh never wanted to but as soon as I have found out I was pregnant we were both desperate to find out so think we will try to find out.

LankyLegs Tue 22-Nov-11 14:33:45

Truff how exciting - hopefully the sweep will do the trick and babytruff will make an appearence soon. Pleased that they are not taking you down the induction route jut yet.

Flick Sunday - how exciting - come back and let us know how it went. And I totally remember those first 12 weeks - I was obsessed with wearing white knickers and and doing microscopic analysis on everything - hopefully Sunday will give you a bit of piece of mind. You are right though - you are young, fit and healthy and that is all on your side - keep that in mind! (And also I think the inlaws were being unlawful so your ipad wasn't far off!)

Florin sounds like you are having a wonderful time and hope the scan tomorrow goes well too!

Cave - keep us posted with yout clomid progress - really hoping it does the trick for you my dear.

My bets for BabyTruff are on Friday 25th....

LankyLegs Tue 22-Nov-11 14:34:33

Sorry for overuse of the word exciting - I should really read my posts before hand!

LankyLegs Tue 22-Nov-11 14:47:50

Fook I have serious baby friggin brain going on today. Truff I am re-placing my bets for Saturday 26th - of course babytruff won't be arriving on your nephews birthday... doh as if s/he would want to share the limelight with someone else!

Dropped by to see if there was any news from Truff's camp - hope you don't have to wait too much longer, are you terribly uncomfortable? I can't even imagine what these days are like for you, knowing it could all kick off at any minute! My bet is s/he will come after they've booked a date for an induction, but about 24hrs before it's due to happen - and it will be a girl! (I've seen this scenario played out several times, and it's always with girls! grin)

Flick I also pay probably far too much attention to my pants grin Whatever gives that feeling of security, that it's not gone wrong today, then that's what will get us through to the 12 Week Milestone and that can't be bad (as long as no-one in RL knows about it of course smile)

I can't believe I hit 12 weeks on FRIDAY!!! If I wasn't so blummin' convinced that my thinking everything is going to be ok will actually cause it NOT to be ok, I might allow myself get a bit relaxed at hitting this big milestone. But I don't want to tempt fate so I might still fret about until Dec 1 when I have the Official Scan, just to be on the safe side wink

Florin - I really want to find out the sex at the 20-week scan, DH would like not to, but doesn't want me to know and him not to so hopefully I'll win! grin I want to get a name (or names) lined up ready, and kind of start thinking about him/her as a person, rather than an 'it' right up until s/he arrives. Each to their own though, it's a personal preference thing.

Did anyone see those pics of Chantelle Houghton with her 11-week 'bump'?! After comparing it to mine (I haven't really got anything to show off yet, just extra kilos on the scales!) I decided she'd just had a big lunch and her jeans are too tight.

Cave, lovely that you dropped by, I'm excited for you because you WILL be getting your BFP in 2012 (if not before wink) and joining this thread!

Florin Wed 23-Nov-11 18:37:53

truff just popping my head round the door as I bet Wednesday afternoon for you to go into labour so seeing if I guessed right!
I am very excited as came home to letter confirming my 12 week scan will be on 7 December! Can't wait if all being well in 2 weeks I can be all official about my pregnancy-no more lying about things it will be lovely!

Truffkin Wed 23-Nov-11 18:59:34

Hi ladies, nothing happening so sorry to ruin your bet Florin grin Great news about your scan, how exciting! This thread will be lovely in the run up to Christmas, 2 scans a new arrival (gulp) and hopefully some brilliant news for Cavey too.

I had a bloody show this morning but no contractions, still I have until Monday before the pressure gets put back on for induction, so will try to keep calm and will the baby out by sending 'Mommy is ready' vibes!

I'm not really that uncomfortable, have been ok really considering how heavily pregnant I technically am. I've not had any swelling at all and my weight gain has been minimal so I'm still mobile and carrying on as normal apart from walking a bit more slowly than normal if we are out and about. I will admit to getting a bit fed up of waiting and really feeling like people are just hanging on for news, which I can't give them!! Last night I had a few Braxton Hicks and DH got excited thinking it was happening, so when they tailed off just before I went to bed he said how he had got his hopes up and was disappointed. He wasn't directing his comment at me, but being a bit hormonal (hmm) I felt like I'm letting him down.

Need to stay in the PMA zone! I had a good nap this afternoon so am keeping well rested for when I need my energy in labour grin Let's hope tomorrow is the day.......

Florin Wed 23-Nov-11 19:59:33

Oh my god just had a private scan it was completely amazing saw baby kicking away. It was a great place with huge tv on the wall to see baby on. We heard the heartbeat too which brought a tear to my eye. And he said nucual (sp?) fold measurement looked really good too didn't think they could see that at 9+6! We are completely buzzing going to let myself have half a glass of champagne to celebrate!

Flickstar Wed 23-Nov-11 20:27:18

Wonderful florin! You have made me have a wave of excitement about Sunday rather than terror so thank you. Enjoy that champagne! Does your sister know how far along she is yet?

truff I still think tomorrow afternoon so you are sticking to my schedule with your bloody show today.

Thanks for all of the knicker checking reassurances!

cherrycobbler Wed 23-Nov-11 22:16:11

Ah Florin so happy to hear about your scan yay! Was it the London Ultrasound Centre?! We had an early scan there, the huge TVs were amazing (when I got over my fear and managed to open my eyes). Enjoy the bubbly and the excitement!!

Ooh, a bloody show Truff? Things are a-happening... Good luck lovely.

Truffkin Wed 23-Nov-11 22:16:35

Florin what a gorgeous experience, so happy for you.

Flick I really hope you are right. Am hoping DH will step up tonight to help out and finish what he started wink

Flickstar Thu 24-Nov-11 11:05:15

All crossed for today truff!

I think the sickness has hit me sad have been off food since Sunday and can only eat a very limited number of things but have not as yet felt sick. Today I feel very nauseous and have had no actual vomit but lots of retching which is quite foul! I am 7+5 today and just wondered when everyone elses' nausea kicked in? Keep your fingers crossed its just a one off bad day for me! I had convinced myself I wouldn't get it as my mum never had it in any of her pregnancies.

Hope everyone is well today. I wish November would hurry up now, I'm ready for December! Xx

LankyLegs Thu 24-Nov-11 11:27:08

Florin how wonderful for you - hope you are still on cloud nine - enjoy and not long now until you can go 'public' about your pregnancy wink

On tenterhooks for you truff....!

Flick sorry you are feeling a bit rough... I think mine kicked in at 7 weeks - and much like yours was just a constant feeling sick with retching and not much vomitting (apart from the odd occasion)... reminded me of feeling permanently hungover. You will get to know the foods that you can and can't stomach - its different for lots of people. It's grim and I hope it doesn't last long for you.....

Late just wanted to say so pleased you hit 12 weeks tomorrow! I bet you are ready to put the first trimester behind you and hope you are getting excited about your scan next week too!

Hope everyone else is doing well!

Eeeee! Florin! grin These early scans are just amazing aren't they - just incredible that even at this stage it's a little living thing with a heart beating away and throwing it's stumpy little limbs about! And a little bit weird to see it flipping itself over and stuff, but you can feel anything at all! Love it! grin

Feeling really sorry for you Flick, even with all the hairy episodes I've had so far, I wouldn't swap them for weeks of morning sickness - that's one horrible pregnancy thing I HAVEN'T had to deal with & I feel very lucky! Hope you get lots of support & good suggestions as to what helps relieve it - and hope it doesn't last very long! On the other hand, it shows everything is progressing wink

Thanks Lanky, I can't believe it's 12 weeks on Friday, and that's the end of my first trimester and then I'm in my SECOND! shock Madness!

Truff! Anything happening?!

Truffkin Thu 24-Nov-11 22:14:47

Nothing! Have been quite frustrated today, hopefully can perk up a bit tomorrow. My SiL phoned today to tell me to keep my legs crossed tomorrow so we don't have first borns with the same birthday!! Still bits of show coming away, makes me think it might be a long drawn out process <yawn>

Flick in my experience your body will tell you what you can manage. I was sick every day from 7 weeks (up to about 30 weeks, but that's highly unusual so don't panic!) and learned what stayed down best. I found that what worked for me was plain but salty. Things like salted rice cakes, salted baked crisps, bread sticks and also dry bread. I also recall fruit flavoured ice lollies were a God send (some days I had 4 or 5 and nothing else!!)

Florin Thu 24-Nov-11 22:54:00

flick what truff said about ice lollies for sickness is so true they are wonderful
Oh truff you poor thing hope baby arrives soon
late congraulations reaching 12 weeks very jealous it must be so lovely to know you are now in 2nd trimester
Waves to lanky

Flickstar Fri 25-Nov-11 06:19:05

Morning ladies,

Thanks for all your words re. Sickness. I am now suffering from diarrhoea which I know is tmi for breakfast time! I am about to eat an ice lolly for my breakfast.

Congratulations late How amazing to be 12 weeks! When is your 'official' scan again? Hope you take some time today to celebrate your huge milestone.

truff just think, your body is making things easier for you and doing lots of the hardwork now while you can still rest and relax at home. When you go into full labour it will be a breeze as you've had a nice long build up.

Back later on. Waves to all on this miserable morning

pixiestix Fri 25-Nov-11 11:25:08

Cavey if you are still reading, good luck with the blood tests today - I hope they show some excellent results for you. We are keeping your seat warm!

Happy second trimester Late!! grin grin

Sorry you are feeling so sick Flick - Mini Cheddars were my best friend throughout morning sickness. I can't look at a packet now!

Hang in there Truff. FWIW I think you are bang on re induction. I was induced at term because of GD and it was a bloody nightmare not an experience I would want to repeat. Stick to your guns. Baby will come out when s/he is ready. And enjoy your nephews birthday today!

We have had an exciting week - DD has started walking! smile She is still a little wobbly but very, very sweet. I still can't get used to seeing her strolling into a room, it makes me do this -> grin

Truffkin Fri 25-Nov-11 13:28:35

Baby Truff is here! Woke with contractions at 4am, in hospital by 0630 and he arrived at 0907! Birth centre full and as it was so quick he was born on the labour ward with no drugs, just kept TENs on for whole thing. Midwives were brilliant, baby is amazing. Fed quickly and slept since, even when he had a canular fitted as labour was too quick to get the anti-biotics in through me.

No name as yet, we are still debating!

Flickstar Fri 25-Nov-11 13:28:46

There is news.....! I shall wait for MummyTuff to come back in and announce! EEEKKK! smile xxx

Flickstar Fri 25-Nov-11 13:30:43

Cross posts! So exciting! You did amazingly truff! I knew your bosy was gearing up for a super speedy labour.
You look gorgeous in the photo on FB- I cannot belive that you have just pushed out a baby - you look so good and your baby boyt is just adorable.

So pleased for you xxxxxxx

Florin Fri 25-Nov-11 14:23:46

truff congratulations really thrilled for you!
I am having a better day today feelig less sick, got better nights sleep which i think helped. dh also just admitted he has made me trip to John Lewis in london to start looking at pushchairs and can we go to blue water tomorrow to look further-for a man who does anything to avoid shopping I am amazed. He is definitely excited about this baby!
Is there a frolickers Facebook page?

Flickstar Fri 25-Nov-11 15:03:58

Oooo there should be a Frolickers page! Actually, I think there is one for Frolickers with babies that bunny started. Am I right ladies with babies?

I have truff as a friend on FB from when I left MN last Christmas.

Glad you're having a sick free day florin! It probably helps knowing that it's the weekend tomorrow too! Your dh is so cute looking at buggies. Which ones does he have his eye on? Anymore news on your sister and how far she is? Hope it's all going ok with the two of you.

Flickstar Fri 25-Nov-11 15:05:04

I meant to say as well florin, have you got your date for your 12 week scan? That can't be too far away now can it?!

CaveMum Fri 25-Nov-11 16:01:37

Congrats Truff grin

Sounds like you did amazingly! And I'm impressed you've posted do soon!

Wahey! Well done Truff, grin what fantastic news - sounds like you are just MADE for popping babies out! wink. Fingers crossed we all get quick'n'efficient labours just like you!

I am having a small glass of wine tonight - to celebrate hitting 12 weeks wink, and a little toast to BabyTruff

LankyLegs Fri 25-Nov-11 19:22:39

Wohoo!! Well bloody done truff you make it sound easy peasy!!! Enjoy your newborn snuggles!

Fab Friday news!

bunnygirl80 Fri 25-Nov-11 22:25:39

truff congrats on the arrival of baby Truff.

There is a Frolickers page on FB which I set up for the post grads, you lot are welcome to join us there if you like. PM me or one of the other postgrads and if you pass the initiation we'll let you join wink

cherrycobbler Fri 25-Nov-11 22:27:28

OOOOHHHHHHH huge congrats truff!!! Well impressed by your very efficient labouring grin.

There is indeed a postnatal Frolickers page set up by lovely bunny so that we can all unashamedly coo over our PFBs - very happy to add any of you grads, I think you just need to be a FB friend of someone who is a member of the group and then they can add you. In fact, flick should I add you anyway, and its an easy way for you to add truff if she wants to be added (this may be a stealth way of me melting over newborn piccies)? Or happy not to if you think it may be baby overload! I am pretty rubbish at techno things so hope that makes sense.

Flickstar Fri 25-Nov-11 22:40:16

Sounds good to me cherry!

pixiestix Sat 26-Nov-11 11:50:06


Well done Truff!! grin I am super jealous of your quick labour but I'm sure it wasn't quite so easy to go through as it sounds on paper!! Hooray for our newest Frolicker baby!!

Flickstar Sat 26-Nov-11 16:50:54

Hi ladies, just a quick post from me as they moved our scan from tomorrow to today do thought I'd pop by and let you know that there is an actual baby in my tummy! Everything looked well, we saw the teeny heartbeat and were able to hear it too which was incredible. She said the baby was 13mm long and dated it at 7weeks5days which almost tallies with my dates as I thought I was 8weeks today. I'm so relieved and finally feel excited! Sorry for me,me,me- will catch up tomorrow xxx

Truffkin Sun 27-Nov-11 07:35:14

Flick so excited for you that all was well, it's so amazing to see that little bean for the first time isn't it? You just won't believe how much will change by your next scan and how much more you will see! Hope you can really enjoy things now (between the morning sickness of course!) and have a wonderful pregnancy.

We're hopefully going home later today so long as everything is ok with the blood results die back this afternoon. Looking forward to it but nervous all at once, we've been in a little bubble here and really well looked after.

Should I post a proper birth story here or is there a post-natal thread? Am not sure if I've already asked that confused I'll blame tiredness grin

bunnygirl80 Sun 27-Nov-11 09:57:11

flick that's great news about your scan grin Time to start getting excited

truff good luck with going home. I still remember getting home and wondering what on earth we were meant to do with our teeny tiny bundle. You can post your birth story here or on the post grads. I think people tend to put the gory details on the post grads and the PG version on here grin

LankyLegs Sun 27-Nov-11 14:31:17

flick fantastic news! How wonderful you got to see the little thing- its just amazing isn't it? Wait until the 12 and 20 week scans!! Enjoy the excitement and hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

truff going home woohoo! Although I can imagine your apprehension - a real life baby to take care of! Don't think I have got me head around that! Hope its wonderful when the 3 of you arrive home. Ooh and birth story here too please!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends x

Awww Flick, I remember having the scan at 7+6 and being so enormously relieved to see the little bean there with it's heart flickering away (even though it did look a bit odd & the consultant called it a 'tube' or something grin). The reassurance that these early scans give us can't be underestimated, especially if it's been a bit of a journey getting there. So pleased all's going well & really hope seeing it yesterday gives you confidence over the coming weeks. Will your next scan be at 12 weeks? You won't recognise your bean, it will have come on so much grin

Truff, so lovely that you're all going home to start being a little family - must be so amazing to have your little baby in your arms finally, after lugging him around for so long wink. Hope you all settle in quickly. Have you picked a name yet?!

pixiestix Sun 27-Nov-11 15:51:18

Yay Flick!! There is no relief like the feeling you get when you see that heartbeat. Fab news! smile

Ooh, yes please to a birth story Truff! Hope you are home and enjoying lots of cuddles.

Flickstar Sun 27-Nov-11 20:37:09

Thanks lovelies. Am feeling very relieved indeed and have not worried once today which must be a record! Yep late my next scan will be on the 22nd Dec although if I was rich I think I'd treat myself to one a week as I just loved it!

Just watching x factor and fending off the Sunday night blues- boo.

Hope you've all had lovely weekends especially new mummy truff!

Florin Mon 28-Nov-11 07:28:00

flick that's fab news glad you enjoyed scan an all is looking well.
triff hope you are hone and tucked up in your own bed with baby truff-that must be an amazing feeling

Florin Mon 28-Nov-11 07:28:40

Opps bloody iPhone of course I meant truff not triff!

Flickstar Tue 29-Nov-11 09:20:24

Just adding my EDD and moving truff to arrivals! Wasn't sure if you wanted your little man's name on here truff so just let it at boy for now. lanky! Top of the list lady ;) we need some more BFPs too- come on cave and raspberry and all of the other old timers.


Fudgecat - In loving memory of Baby Elliot - Born asleep on Friday 17th September 2010

Fulhamgirl - EDD 30th May - DOB 9th Apr - Girl - Lily Ann - 4lb
Trying4Baby1 - EDD 25th Apr - DOB 6th May - Girl - Emily - 10lb 2.5oz
Pepperonipizza -EDD 24th May - DOB 28th May -Boy
CurlyCasper - EDD 21st July - DOB 24th June - Girl
Spirael - EDD 25th Jul - DOB 7th July - Girl - Miranda Jane - 8lb 3oz
DesperateHousewife21 - EDD 18th July - DOB 9th July - Boy - Dylan James
Sazziej - EDD 1st Sep- DOB 24th Aug - Girl - Evie - 7lb 8oz
Ozziegirly - EDD 24th Aug -DOB 25th Aug - Boy-Thomas - 7lb 1oz
NovemberAli - EDD 2nd Sep - DOB 8th Sept - Girl - Matilda - 8lb 6oz
WhiteRoses - EDD 15th September - DOB 19 September- Boy
Hobnob - EDD 26th Sep - DOB 21 September - Girl - Matilda 6lbs 6oz
Pixiestix - EDD 24th Sep - DOB 26 September - Girl - Tegan - 7lbs 7oz
Addie81 -EDD 7th Oct - DOB 19th October -Girl
Chancewouldbeafinething - EDD 10/10/10 - DOB 21st October - Boy - William James - 9lb 14.5oz
Hermya321 - EDD 24th Oct - DOB 24th October-Boy - Asher - 8lb 3oz
WorrisomeHeart - EDD 12th Oct -DOB 26th Oct Boy - Lochlan - 8lb
YorkshireTeaDrinker - EDD 6th Nov - DOB 5th Nov - Girl - Eleanor
Bunnygirl80 - - EDD 19th Nov- DOB 11th Nov -Boy-WIlliam - 7lb 2oz
Mumnerves - EDD 8th Dec - DOB 16 Dec Boy - Sean 8lb 2.5oz
Luckyseven - EDD 17th Dec - DOB 20th Dec Girl - Beth Elise 8lb 4oz
Oneof8 - BFP 18th May - EDD 17th Jan - DOB 3 Jan Boy - Tom
Homebound - BFP 30th Apr - EDD 8th Jan - DOB 12 Jan Boy
Aly323 - BFP? - EDD 31st Jan - DOB 25th Jan - Boy Kai
Muser - BFP 22nd June - EDD 27 Feb - DOB 15th Feb - girl
Kurlyvoice - BFP 1st September - EDD 16th April - DOB 12 March - Boy Alastair 4lb 13oz
Superpenguin - BFP 1st July - EDD 4th March - DOB 18th March - Boy Thomas 8lb 13oz
Haloflo - BFP 22 July - EDD 20 March - DOB 29th March - Girl Hannah 8lb 9oz
JollySergeantJackrum - BFP 7 Aug - DOB 21st April - Boy Harris 8lb 3oz
MrsWajs - BFP 13 Aug - DOB 25th April - Girl Robyn 7lb 2oz
Crazydays - BFP 4th Sep - DOB - 28th April - boy Thomas 7lb 3 oz and girl Isobel 6lb 14oz
Cherrycobbler - BFP 3rd Sep - 11th May - girl
crazybutterflylady - BFP 1st Sep - EDD 13th May - DOB 24th May - girl - Tabitha
Bellaby -BFP 11th Sep - EDD 22nd May - DOB 16th May - girl - 6lbs12oz
Highheelsandequations - BFP 30th Oct - EDD 13th July - DOB 6th July - Girl Rose 7lb 4oz
Roundtable - BFP 14 Jan - EDD 17th Sept - DOB 20th Sep - Boy
CrazyAlien - BFP 29th Jan - EDD 2nd Oct - DOB 27th Sep - Girl - Imogen
Toriajayne - BFP 16th Feb - EDD 26 Oct - DOB 25th Oct - Boy - Thomas 9lb
Goldmaple - BFP Feb 28th - EDD 9th November - DOB 30th Oct - Girl Emily Grace
Truffkin - BFP 10th March - EDD 18th November- DOB 25th November- Boy


Capricorn76 - BFP 12th Apr - EDD 1st Jan 2011
Seablue - BFP? - EDD 10th Jan
stegasaurus - BFP 27 Aug - EDD 3rd May
Slowshow - BFP 3rd Jan - EDD 15th Sept

Lankylegs - BFP 27 May - EDD 1st February
Womanly Tales - BFP 14 Aug - EDD 25th April
Empusa -
Latetothisbabymalarky - BFP 8 Oct - EDD 8th June 2012
Florin - BFP 14 Oct - EDD 22 June 2012
Flickstar -BFP 3rd November- EDD 9th July 2012

CaveMum Tue 29-Nov-11 14:00:32

[sneaks back in] Great news on the scan Flick grin

Good news - the Clomid has worked! I've ovulated, so it's wait and see time.

Florin Tue 29-Nov-11 14:14:37

cavemum well done on the egg really hoping it works for you. The next 2 weeks will drag but try and make the most of the time as you never know in 2 weeks you could be pregnant and feeling sick and tired and not wanting to do anything!

Flickstar Tue 29-Nov-11 14:36:47

Yay cave how exciting! Fingers crossed for you x

LankyLegs Tue 29-Nov-11 14:57:44

Hello peeps!

Flick great to see your dates on the list finally. So have you told anyone yet or are you waiting for the 22nd of Dec before you do? Hope the scan eased woes a little... (well as much as they can in the first trimester) good prognosis though when you see a heart beat around 8 weeks so try and focus in on the 22nd... only 3ish weeks left! How are things going with the house purchase?

Fook - how did I become top of the list? We defo need some more bfps! 9 weeks left - have no idea where the last 31 weeks have gone - slghtly scary after a good 21 months of TTC (which went on for what seemed a lifetime) the pregnancy has just seem to have flown by (except for the first 3 months which seemed to have dragged big time.

Am pleased for you girls being quite close in dates Florin, late and flick - it's nice having someone to compare notes with and who understands!

Cavey so pleased the clomid has worked- keeping everything crossed for the next couple of weeks for you!

So I had my first NCT class yesterday and was slightly nervous about what everyone would be like - funnily enough they all seem lovely and 1 of them even lives on the same road as me and another one around the corner - so good to know that there are people within a couple of minutes away. Although - it is a lot of chat about birth and baby - I know I know what did I expect?! Hopefully we will get to know one another a bit better over the coming weeks and find other things in common! (Also if any of you are planning to book into NCT I would do so as soon as you can - they get booked out really quickly - I emailed my branch and asked them to provisionally book me in around 10 weeks and asked if they minded if I waited for my 12 week scan before I put any money down and they were happy to do so)

Our nursery is also pretty much there too - spent all weekend building it - bejesus it was hard work but looking good now! Am thinking about when to wash baby clothes too - any suggestions?? I just turned 31 weeks - which I think is a bit early to start washing. It's all stuff from my sister and she has washed it already, but it's been in storage for a while so think I should give it another wash.

And and and.... I have only 13 days of work left!!! 2.5 weeks.... aka not long!! I have some holiday to take before my contract expires which is why I am leaving a bit earlier - slightly worried about having 6 weeks before this baby arrives but I think I will survive loungin about and eating xmas chocolate! grin

Womanly haven't heard from you in ages - hope things are going well with you?

So how do I get in on this facebook page thingy?! Flick I am friends with you so can you invite me if you are already on there?

Florin Tue 29-Nov-11 19:11:20

Facebook thing sounds good how do we do it!
Lanky you seem really close now, you must so excited and nervous. Very jealous of you having nursery set up, i cannot wait for that. I am just filling in form for nct so glad you said its worth it as it seems like I am rushing things but apparently half the places already booked so I need to get going!
Sorted time off for my scan next Wednesday which is a relief although if all goes well think I will wear a hard hat for telling my bosses who will be spitting blood when I tell them it is not going to go down well!

Flickstar Wed 30-Nov-11 12:02:47

Hello, another quick post from me.

lanky have added you to the Frolickers group. It's quite exciting, florin you need to be a friend of a member. cherry added me. If you PM me your name I can add you as a friend and then add you to the group if you like?
lanky it's so exciting! Would love to see pics of your nursery. I bet it's beautiful. Can't believe you're finishing so soon! Are you starting to feel tired yet or still feeling good? In answer to your question about if we have told anyone yet, we have told both sets of patents and our close friends. So a few people know but not many- I quite like it that way! Will tell the rest after 22nd if all is ok.

florin are you feeling any better? I read that the nausea peaks at around 8-9 weeks and starts to fade at about 10ish weeks when the placenta is beginning to kick in. I am feeling horrid but trying not to moan- I have a quiet day tomorrow so think I'll take it off and sleep all day! Very exciting about your scan on Weds, why do you think you're boss will go mad?!

Hope everyone else is well! late are you still celebrating being almost 13 weeks now?! When is your 'official' scan?

LankyLegs Wed 30-Nov-11 14:24:06

Flick thanks for adding me! And sorry you are feeling really rubbish still - have you started to figure out what helps and what doesn't? I agree - it's lovely keeping it a secret for a while still - but also very nice to have a few people to talk to about it. I bet your parents are over the moon! Enjoy your day tomorrow - you totally deserve it - god the times I wish I could have just had duvet days in the first trimester for feeling basically crap....

Florin - a week to the scan! Fantastic, but yes why would your boss not take it so well? Well just think you will be off on mat leave in 5 or so months

Doing up the nursery is definetly the most fun bit so far (although it was flat pack hell with everything from mama's and papa's)... I think it was cherry who siad she got the person to come around and make the stuff and boy would I recommend it! Both JL and M&P offer that service. Flick will try and put up some pictures - it's not totally finished but we just put up some beautiful transfers which have totally made the room which I got from here.

Hope everyone else is well.

Florin Wed 30-Nov-11 14:25:16

flick will pm you!
Sickness is so much better in the day now but bad in the evening although cannot eat meat apart from ham sandwiches. It's very strange as normally am major meat eater. Dh made me try a bit of chicken last night as he is worried about my protein levels. However tmi I know but I couldn't even swallow one tiny bit I had to spit it out. Think I will take the pressure off myself and give myself a few days off trying it, hopefully it will get better soon!
Bosses will be cross as each year we get a free holiday (part of my job ad work for a yacht charter company) normally in the summer but I have booked mine for jan as going to Caribbean. (i did book it before i was pregnant but only days before!) Boat being paid by our boat people but my company should pay for my flight as there is a budget per person but as been lucky to have been given such a nice yacht they were refusing to pay anything had row about it yesterday then they rung me at home to say they would pay for it but of course when I announce it will be a bit of twisting the knife in the wound. Oh well grit my teeth through it!
lanky would love to see your nursery I am desperate to get started on ours but no idea what we will do with it yet!

Helloooo! Gearing up for my Official Scan tomorrow afternoon - I'll be 12+6. Got all my fingers & toes crossed for everything to be boringly normal, on schedule and thoroughly un-dramatic wink.

Florin, HOW jealous are you trying to make us?! Free Caribbean yacht holiday in cold a grey January, you lucky thing! Glad you're not feeling so sick during the days, hope it starts to subside in the evenings and you can get back to eating normally. Flick, hope your sickness doesn't last much longer either, I really feel for you both having to deal with all that.

I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow smile

Ps. Such is my superstition and mild paranoia that I'm actually considering not posting this, just in case I tempt fate & something horrible happens... Like me posting something on mumsnet can influence whether my baby makes it or not, for goodness sake, someone slap me with a large kipper and tell me to get a grip!

pixiestix Wed 30-Nov-11 22:27:50

Just dashing in to fish slap Late. I really hope it goes ok love. I truly thought I was going to throw up before every scan I had I was so scared. Will pop in tomorrow and see how you got on.

<waves> to everyone else!

Flickstar Thu 01-Dec-11 07:23:00

Morning all,

I have been a bit naughty and not gone to work today- I just feel like I need a rest and I never have any time off so am not actually feeing that guilty! I plan to sleep for most of the day.

florin am super jealous of your holiday! Do you get to take your dh with you? HOw lovely to have some sunshine in murky January. Glad the sickness is subsiding. Totally with you on not being able to eat meat or much else. Mr.Flick was really sweet last night- he came home with a bag of food that he thought I might fancy eating. He had been googling 'snacks for pregnant women' and has come back with all manner of strange things- bless him!

lanky I love those transfers and have bookmarked the link. Which ones did you go for? They are all gorgeous but I am especially in love with the Elmer the elephant ones. With regards to the sickness, what helps and what doesn't seems to change on a daily basis so everyday is different which is an absolute pain! I think it must be related to tiredness as I had a fantastic sleep last Friday and felt great on the Saturday so am hoping if I rest lots today I will feel ok today and tomorrow.

late good luck for today! Are you going to share your news after today's scan? Come back and let us know how you got on.

Florin Thu 01-Dec-11 07:42:58

late good luck for this afternoon can't wait to hear all about it, try and enjoy it. I will be thinking of you.
flick so jealous of your duvet day I really could do with one of those. Last night was first night it became uncomfy to sleep on my tummy as normal and took me a fair few hours to realise I needed to sort of wedge myself on side with a pillow. Knacked now! Enjoy your day and make sure you really relax-no household jobs!
Dh coming with me on yacht-he is the skipper so sort of has to! We are also taking my parents so that I have to do nothing but relax out there, my Dad is so excited about going he is like an over excited schoolboy!
lanky that website with the wall stickers looked fab some really pretty ideas. Dh determined our room will be sailing themed (can you tell we are all mad about sailing in my family) so will have to see if I can track some sailing themed ones down!

LankyLegs Thu 01-Dec-11 14:28:32

Just a quick one from me to say thinking of you late hope the scan goes swimmingly well and you are seeing the little one wriggling about as we speak. Totally normal to be sh*ting yourself though - god I remember them being pretty scary so don't feel silly for feeling all supersticious.

Florin yatch holiday in gorgeous location in January???? I think that is worth the argument with the boss! Sounds like bliss! Cute theme for the nursery too - I am sure there is something to suit every taste out there.

Also - wanted to say if any of you start to suffer from sleep or it gets too uncomfy then do try the pillow thing - but if that doesn't work the dreamgenii thing is brilliant - can not sleep without it now so worth investing in earlier on to get good use out of it (also doubles up as a nursing pillow afterwards as well)

Flick hope you are enjoying your duvet day - don't feel guilty - think about all the times you drag yourself into work when you feel crap/ill. Sorry you are feeling so crap with the sickness too - if I had a secret cure I would hand it round for sure. Hope the extra sleep does the trick. Oh and yes we went for the jungle wall stickers and the giraffe wall height stickers as they were matching in theme. The giraffe height sticker is actually really very nice and has made the whole room really.

Nearly Friday everyone... thank god. If I have to facilitate any more workshops then I think I might collapse....ugh.

Flickstar Thu 01-Dec-11 16:29:07

Hang in there lanky! How many days to go, 10?! Feeling much better after a day in bed- I have slept for SO long. I obviously needed it. I loved the giraffe wall height chart one too!

Hope all is well late am thinking of you and your little one!

grin grin grin grin grin
It all went really well, HUGE sigh of relief! It's not really a bean anymore, I'm going to have start calling it something else now, it's incredible how much it's grown and developed. It was flipping itself around and over, so bizarre to see when you can't feel anything! It even waved it's little jazz hands at us and the sonographer got a great shot - you can see ALL the little fingers!

I'm very lucky to be having one-to-one midwife care, and she went through the initial report & bloods with me, it's all looking good - the nuchal thing is in the normal range (that's my next anxiety obsession wink). I have an incredibly high level of iron apparently, midwife has told me to take the pregnacare vitamins every other day rather than every day - anyone else have unusually high Hgb levels?

Feeling a lot more confident looking forwards now - DH is completely over excited. We're looking forward to telling our folks at Christmas! grin
I have tomorrow off, so the weekend starts here! Whoop whoop!

LankyLegs Thu 01-Dec-11 17:45:20

Late!!!! Nrilliant news my dear - so pleased for you! You can actually start to enjoy your pregnancy now! It's such a lovely experience - I remember getting very emotional and teary - eas just quite overwhelming all that happening inside you inside you and you can't even feel it!

Enjoy the long weekend on cloud nine and well done! grin grin

LankyLegs Thu 01-Dec-11 17:46:16

*brilliant... not the latter I spelt up there in all my excitement!

Florin Thu 01-Dec-11 18:13:36

late so so pleaded for you. Have a wonderful weekend celebrating!

Flickstar Thu 01-Dec-11 18:27:15

Yipee so pleased for you late! It sounds incredIble how much your jumping bean has grown in the last few weeks. Now you can really enjoy everything! Treat yourself to a glass of bubbly tonight and enjoy the weekend smile xxx

Yay for the fab scan late grin

Truffkin Fri 02-Dec-11 10:56:47

Just catching up with everyone's news - Late so exciting that tour scan went well, it sounds like a great experience. We really loved telling everyone following our scan so enjoy making your announcements!

Florin I was really worried about my diet as well as I struggled to keep anything down at all for so long. At one point the only thing I could eat without being sick was fruit ice lollies so the Del Monte ones were my saviour as they are one of my 5 a day! My midwife helped me no to stress out as it's really true that the baby will take what it needs and stay healthy. It will make you feel crap but so long as baby is ok grin

Flick glad your duvet day helped. I did have a couple of days in my pregnancy when I just slept a lot. I went back to that in the last couple of weeks and made the most of my maternity leave by stockpiling sleep!

Lanky I know what you mean about having too much mat leave before your little one arrives, but I ended up having 4 weeks before he arrived and it went quickly. I had a 'job' to do most days and spent the last week sleeping a lot. Plus you need to take at least 3 calls a day from people enquiring after you ( but really just checking if the baby has arrived wink)

So I'm not sure if I mentioned that we named our little boy Lucas Christopher. He is a week old today, I can't believe how that time has flown! Like Lanky I felt that my pregnancy went quickly and I think that speedy time is set to continue. I want to really enjoy my maternity leave ( although at the moment I never want to go back to work and leave him, which I never thought I would hear myself say)

I'm posting on my phone whilst he sleeps snuggled into me so will get round to a proper birth story ASAP. The midwife woke us all up at 9am yesterday and we had to wake him, plus she did his heel prick test, which he hated, so he had quite an unsettled day. We spent most of last night snuggling skin to skin and he seems to be much calmer today and back in his feeding / sleeping pattern.

My Mom arrives this afternoon to stay for the weekend, which will be lovely. I'm hoping we can get organised enough to meet her off the train so will see how that goes. I have 3 hours to be ready to leave (gone are the days I can leap out of bed and be out the door in 20 minutes!!)

pixiestix Fri 02-Dec-11 13:31:15

grin grin grin grin Yay Late!!!! Fantastic news!! Now you can start properly enjoying your pregnancy. Best Christmas present EVER!

Truff I can't believe Lucas is a week old already! shock And double shock shock that you already have any kind of sleeping/ feeding pattern going! We will still in a fog of muddlement at that point and for many weeks afterwards

pixiestix Fri 02-Dec-11 13:31:57

We will? Doh, we were!

Florin Fri 02-Dec-11 13:34:32

truff glad to hear all is going well. Enjoy baby Lucas (fab name by the way)

cherrycobbler Fri 02-Dec-11 22:57:10

brilliant news on the scans late and flick!

am dead impressed that you are together enough to write a post namechecking other frolickers truff, I think I forgot my DH's name for the first few weeks! You sound so blissed out as a mummy, its so lovely to read smile I think time speeds up from when you hit the second trimester of pregnancy (with a small pause for weeks 38 till birth, when it drags again), I can't believe my BFP is already a rolling, sitting, cheeky six month old that wrestles with sticks of sweet potato and waves to music.

Truffkin Sun 04-Dec-11 22:07:02

Oh Cherry that's lovely, but where does the time go?!

We're not in any kind of routine really as the timing changes from day to day! My saving grace is that he will go 3-4 hours between feeds at night so I can get 5-6 hours sleep each night. We got him a little bouncy / vibrating chair today and he seems to like it. He is quite interested in things so enjoys looking round and staring at himself in the little mirror on the toy bar grin

I need to get myself over to the post natal thread I know! Will definitely get my birth story done tomorrow then might get my butt in gear to venture over!

Truff, here's hoping we all take as naturally to motherhood as you seem to be doing - and that we all get nice sleepy babies that let us get good long stretches of shut-eye! grin

Who's next for some scan action? Is it Florin on 22nd?

I am finding I've been waking up with nausea recently which is a bit odd as I haven't had morning sickness so far... Hope it doesn't escalate!

Have also booked our NCT class! It's all becoming a bit scarily real! grin

Truffkin Tue 06-Dec-11 15:35:44

I have finally got round to writing my birth story and must apologise as it's very long and some of it you will already have heard. Please feel free to skip, it's been a useful process for me to remember as it was all a little muddled in my mind!

So I'd gone to bed on Thursday 24th feeling a bit uncomfortable but nothing that suggested an imminent labour. I'd spoken to my SiL on the phone that afternoon and agreed to keep my legs crossed as 25th is my nephew's birthday. At 4am I woke to go for a wee and whilst sitting on the loo suddenly realised I was getting period type stomach cramps. I sat there for a while and had a bit of a 'uh oh' moment, but thought it's probably nothing so I'll try to go back to sleep.

Got back into bed and DH had woken up and asked if I was ok. I said I thought I was having contractions and he was awake then to time them (quite excited bless him, being a week overdue was playing havoc with his punctual tendencies!)

So contractions were coming every 5 mins and lasting 30-40 seconds so I called the birth centre. The MW listened to me through a contraction and we agreed as I was coping ok I'd call back again when the contractions were 3 mins apart and lasting a minute. I got up to put my TENs machine on and have a bounce on my ball whilst DH had a shower. It was nearly 5am by now and I called my Mom to let her know.

For the next 40 mins I used the TENs and breathing plus had a hot shower, which all helped me through contractions. At just before 6am the contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes and lasting a good minute each time. DH called the birth centre as I was curled over a pillow on the bed in my 'happy place' just dealing with contractions. They said to come in but to go to maternity triage as the centre was full. We got a cab and arrived at the hospital at around half 6.

So we were sent to the waiting room as all of the rooms were full. I was less than impressed and took myself off to sit on the toilet as it was the most comfortable place to sit. I lost track of time at this point but it felt like not too long and I started getting a pushing urge, which I couldn't really do much about and I was making some interesting noises with each contraction! After about 3 of these a midwife came at the insistence of DH and got me into an exam room (I walked as couldn't bear to sit in a wheelchair)

On examining me, all hell broke loose as she shouted to the other midwife that I was fully dilated and the baby was ready to come. They got me off the bed and into a hospital gown and my waters broke pretty much all over the place.

I got into a delivery room and they strapped me to a monitor as there was meconium in my waters. I was there for about 30 mins and straining with every contraction, but having horrible back pain.

At 8am the midwives changed over and the new one came in, asked why 'this low risk lady' was strapped, immobile, to the bed. At that, she got me off the monitor and helped me to kneel on the bed, leaning over the back. She also explained how to push through each contraction and manage me breathing to stay quiet and channel all my energy into pushing. After 3 pushes the head was ready to come out and it was really stinging. The MW offered me G&A but I'd had it before and felt sick so said no. The TENs was still on and was comforting so I stuck with that. DH was great, mopping my brow, kissing my forehead and relaying the MW's instructions, plus generally just cheerleading for me.

I summoned all of my strength and pushed the head out, which was an immediate relief. DH went to look and came back a little moist-eyed saying 'it's got a face!' (to my relief!)

It took another 2-3 pushes for the body to be born and our baby arrived at 0907. After the MW wiped some of the meconium off DH told me he was a boy and I remember being surprised. He was passed up to me and I wiped him and cuddled him but was really conscious of the cord still being attached for some reason. DH cut the cord (he'd always said he wouldn't want to do this) and I got some help to turn around and sit up on the bed. I held him and breastfed whilst the placenta was delivered (my notes say this took 8 minutes!) and then passed him to DH for cuddles whilst I was examined.

I needed a few stitches for 2 tears (one 2nd degree and a graze) and I think the anaesthetic going in was the worst of all the pain. Whilst I was getting sorted out the paediatrician checked the baby out (and weighed him as 7lb 13oz) and DH made a few calls in between telling me I was brilliant and had done an amazing job - he was just great.

By 1030 I was showered and moved into another room and managed some skin to skin time while the baby slept. We were sharing a room as it was so busy, but didn't really notice. We had some time pretty much on our own until my Mom, sister and brother, plus DH's parents arrived to visit at around 3pm.

We spent some time discussing name options and decided to name him Lucas Christopher (Lucas was on our shortlist and Christopher is after DH's cousin, whom we have asked to be Lucas' Godfather). As my labour was so quick (recorded as 5hrs 15 mins in my notes) there wasn't time to get anti-biotics in for my group B strep so Lucas needed IV ABs every 12 hours for 2 days, which meant we had to stay in. We were moved to our own room on the post natal ward at about 6pm and stayed there until we were discharged on Sunday night.

We're now day 11 and I'm feeling good, he's feeding well and not bad at sleeping so things are good at the moment. I'm sure it won't be as plain sailing forever but it's a nice start. We move house a week on Saturday so I'm looking forward to being closer to everyone, it's lovely to have our own time to get settled but I feel a bit far away from everyone now.

LankyLegs Tue 06-Dec-11 16:05:49

Hello peeps!

Truff thank you for posting your birth story - wow - sounds like you did amazing well - you should be very proud of yourself and Lucas is a beautiful name. He looks totally adorable too. It sounds like you are doing so well at home and I hope it continues - I think your chilled out approach is definitely working. I bet you are pleased about moving house if it means being back near friends and family - can't believe you had all that booked in! Hope the move is easy peasey - hey everything must seem easy peasey after childbirth no?! Am hoping to take a leaf out of your book too grin

Late sorry sickness has appeared - hope it doesn't rear it's ugly head in anything more than you are experiencing now. And exciting news about the NCT class! It does make it feel all very real - wait until your bump appears and then time will really start to fly....!

Cherry where does the time go - can not believe your little one is 6 months already - I remember when you got your bfp and now she is little person with her own personality - amazeballs really!

Florin how are you doing?

Still keeping an eye out for womanly hope you are well and come back and see us soon wherever you are!

Flick hope you are coping with your sickness ok. Sadly that is all we can do - cope!

I hate to say it but the last couple of weeks my nausea has also returned - I thought it was just a fad but been feeling quite rough during the day too. I don't think it helped that I bout of food poisoning last night and fainted on the bathroom floor! Just felt stupidly dizzy and light headed for half an hour but as soon as I got it all out the system I immediately felt better. Serves me right for eating soft shell crab dim sum and then wondering to Winter wonderland in hyde park and eating a crepe - I wouldn't have thought it was that but who knows. Be careful with what you eat and where you eat it - I have been quite naive tbh blush and now had 2 bouts of food poisoning in roughly 3 months.

Oh and truff meant to say thanks for the mat leave advice - I am definitely planning to keep myself occupied and already have a list of jobs as long as my arm to crack through so actually looking forward to the time off - only 8 days of work left - eek!

I hope everyone else is doing well!

Flickstar Tue 06-Dec-11 16:06:50

Oh truff How lovely! That is such a wonderful story- thanks for sharing with us all. Sounds like everything is going really well for you all and long may the easy sleeping and feeding continue. Hope the move goes well xx

late florin has her scan tomorrow and mine is the 22nd. Hope your sickness goes soon- how bizarre!

Hope everyone is well.

Flickstar Tue 06-Dec-11 16:08:19

Cross posts lanky! Poor you and your food poisoning. Glad you are well now and hope the nausea goes away again pronto. How many weeks left now?!

Thanks Flick, the trouble with the iPhone app is that once you start a new post you can't nip back & check things.

Good luck for tomorrow Florin, hope you get some lovely pics! grin

Lanky, so jealous of you only having 8 days of work left, not so jealous of the food poisoning, poor you sad

Thanks for the birth story Truff, and good luck with the preparations for your move!

bunnygirl80 Wed 07-Dec-11 10:11:36

truff lovely birth story. Sounds like you had a great midwife if she was happy to abandon the monitoring and let you just get on with it. Glad feeding and sleeping are going well, hope they stay that way grin

lanky i had 8wks mat leave (due to contract being terminated for being pg hmm) and I found having that much time meant I got nothing done, as I just kept putting it off. Hence going to hospital in labour at 38+6 with a highly disorganised bag blush

Flickstar Wed 07-Dec-11 11:48:18

Good luck today florin! Both with your scan and telling the boss afterwards although I'm sure he will be absolutely thrilled!

Am having another wobbly week. I don't know what is wrong with me and why I am so doom and gloom and worried! I have NO reason to be worried- no spotting, bleeding or cramping and I saw a heartbeat at 7+5. Yet I am still panicking about my 12 week scan which is not even for another two weeks yet. I think it might be reading all the sad stories of losses on the July AN thread so I think I am going to hide that thread and just stay in here which is my happy place!

I am 9+2 today and trying to be positive- all help appreciated!

Sorry to be such a moaning Minnie today!

Truffkin Wed 07-Dec-11 12:08:33

Flick just wanted to share that I found those things really hard on my 'due in November' thread. It's hard to read about losses without wondering why you should be any different. Just remember that you have no reason to worry and maybe save that thread until after your scan? I struggled to keep up with mine until I was on maternity leave as it was so busy!

Flickstar Wed 07-Dec-11 12:15:48

Thank you supermumtruff! xx

bunnygirl80 Thu 08-Dec-11 04:37:11

flick I found the same with my AN thread - there were a number ladies who experienced some really traumatic losses on there. It's hard trying not to worry though, especially in the early days before you're feeling movements etc. as you've no way of knowing what your baby's up to in there. You've already had a good scan and seen the hb though, so the odds are really stacked in your favour smile

Flick there's nothing wrong with you smile - I know EXACTLY how you feel, because I was feeling EXACTLY the same only 4 weeks ago! I'd had my early scan, all fine, there's the heartbeat - which gives the baby enormously better odds of making it - and then got all chewed-up about what could happen between that scan & the 12-week scan... And now I've had the 12-week scan I'm getting all chewed-up about what can happen between now and the 20-week scan....! I have a feeling this is a big part of motherhood, we've just started rather early! grin
I'm keeping to this safe & happy thread for a while (and the June threads are totally hectic - can't keep up!) where there's all the support & advice from the FTFs who have followed exactly the same path to keep me calm & rational smile
This bit feels so incredibly slow, but you'll get there, and the 12-week scan is just amazing, your baby is developing so amazingly quickly, and you'll be on the most incredible high for Christmas grin

Truffkin Thu 08-Dec-11 09:24:09

If it's at all helpful I'll also say that for me there was a massive high from 12 weeks as we started telling people after the scan, which was lovely.

Then I had a few weeks of worry leading up to the 20 week scan (on and off, not constantly!) thinking that we would find something wrong. Then I had the post scan high and then started to feel movement from 22 weeks, which reassured me from then on.

I also took a very conscious decision to enjoy every day of my pregnancy and take a positive approach. I could not control the progression of it (aside from the usual health and wellbeing actions) so chose to enjoy every day, rather than 'waste ' time with worry that wouldn't change a negative outcome if that was what was meant to be.

I really think this attitude helped me to have a very positive pregnancy in spite of the relentless sickness.

Flickstar Thu 08-Dec-11 09:51:54

Thank you ladies. I want to have that attitude truff and from here on in I WILL! There is NOTHING I can do so I may as well enjoy everyday that is a good day as Iknow i will look back and regret being such a worrier.

Thank you late I'm so glad to hear you are on a high- hopefully two weeks today I will be too. This really is the nice thing about our thread like you said, so nice and supportive and everyone always come back to answer questions and worries and it's not too busy either! How is your sickness? I read that if you have sickness in your second trimester it is a boy (old wives!) Do you have any inkling about what you might have?!

Thanks bunny you're right the odds ARE stacked in my favour so I really should just get over myself!

florin where are you?!! We want to know about your scan- I hope you are riding the high that these lovely Frolickers talk of !

lanky hope you're feeling fully recovered and that the sickness is not fully back?!

LankyLegs Thu 08-Dec-11 14:33:47

Flick just wanted to echo what the pothers said. God I was utterly convinced in the first 12 weeks that something was going to go wrong - and like you had no bleeding to speak off. I think the other threads don't help which is why I gave up on my one too (plus it was too bloody fast). With every day that passes you should try and get more positive as the chances of anything going wrong are very slim now - esp since you have seen the little bean already. Only 2 weeks to go chica and you will get the reassurance you need. Are you having the full nuchal scan?

Florin hope yesterday went well - look forward to hearing from you.

Late are you enjoying your pregnancy a wee bit now? Hope so - and I totally agree the worrying has only just started! Just wait until the 20 week scan and you see how much the little one has grown - it is quite literally amazing - that was when it really hit DH and I that we were actually having a baby! Have you got yours all booked in?

Truff very wise words re enjoying your pregnancy too - other than do the best you can food and health wise - there is nothing much else you can do to influence the development of the baby. How is lovely Lucas doing?

I have to say I really can't keep up with the Feb antenatal thread so dropped out a while ago - much nicer here with all the Frolicker mums popping in and lending advice etc.

Bunny I didn't realise you have so long off on mat leave too - have you sorted what you are going back to? Mine is sort of similar - contract expires on the 23rd Dec and of course they are not renewing it with me being pregnant - but wouldn't have expected them too. I have a weeks leave to take too which is why I finish next Friday. So I think that gives me around 6 and bit weeks before baby is 'supposed' to arrive . I will try and get hosp bag organised in advance - thanks for the tip wink

Thanks for all the words re sickness - its definitely back but nowhere near as bad as trimester 1. Just generally feeling queasy. But I have been told (by the many wise women in this office!) that it means an 'easy labour'.... confused... hmmm we will see about that.

Also had a growth scan yesterday - and the baby looks HUGE! (although s/he is within the right size ranges for dates) just seeing how big he looked from a few weeks ago was brilliant. How the fook I am supposed to push it out I have no friggin idea. Suggestions welcome this way.

womanlytales Thu 08-Dec-11 15:54:31

big wave to all - have been absent from mumsnet so have a lot to catch up on. truff thank you for sharing your story - glad you are back home and doing well with Lucas (lovely name).
lanky sorry you got food poisoned... I attended a diwali party in late Oct and the hosts were recovering from a stomach bug..unfortunately DH, me and another couple caught the bug.. I had a full day of throwing up everything (incuding water)...which then eventually subsided... Compared to morning sickness this was terribly draining...
Sometimes there is no defense from such bugs... it's unfortunate to catch it. Rest up and it's not that long till you can have a welcome break before the baby arrives smile

I have my 20 week scan tomorrow - so excited but also very nervous. You guys know what happened with my 12 wk scan so praying for no drama. I went for my first ante-natal yoga class yest and loved it. I feel strong enough to go though all through I did wonder about having another bleeding episode... One day at a time. DH is off on a work trip this Sunday and will be back after Xmas - he also has some time to spend with family abroad... I am trying to be very positive and about enjoying my time alone... or at least do a damn good job pretending... SIGH! One day at a time!

bunnygirl80 Fri 09-Dec-11 00:23:08

lanky thankfully I found a job and I started that in July. Although not knowing whether I would find work or not was a bit stressful, I also quite liked not having a fixed end date to my mat leave. I just went back when I felt ready, so it wasn't too much of a wrench leaving Will at nursery. I think my DH felt the pressure of being the primary breadwinner though - I'm the higher earner so it was a bit hard losing my income for an undefined length of time

LankyLegs Fri 09-Dec-11 09:11:07

Womanly lovely to hear from you and good luck with the 20 week scan today!! It will be amazing I know it! Also -sorry you have been under the weather too with the bug - seems to be doing the rounds. How will you survive without DH for a period of time over Crimble? Have you lots of stuff planned to keep you occupied - its probably quite nice to have a few weeks to yourself and I bet you will enjoy catching up with girly friends and doing stuff that your DH normally doesn't like to?!

Bunny that is brill you found yourself a job - hope it is going well? What was it like lieaving Will in nursery? I am kind of in the same situation - a bit worried about what the climate is like job wise when I go back, but we have budgeted for a good 10 months off. Like you because of what I do I have been the higher earner as well so we are really having to buckle down with our expenditure. Although DH is also looking for a new job now he has built up more experience- as he had a bit of a career change which meant he took a dip in salary for the last couple of years. I like the idea that at least you will go back when you feel ready. I think I will start looking again in the summer when the little one is around 6 months - will hopefully give me 4 or so months to look for a job which hopefully should be enough confused!

Hope everyone else is pleased it's Friday!!

Flickstar Fri 09-Dec-11 18:16:37

Hope your scan went well today womanly can't wait to hear all about it!

Everyone keep your fingers crossed for our cave who is poas in the morning...

Happy weekends to you all

womanlytales Sat 10-Dec-11 17:01:16

hello ladies - our 20 wk scan went well - no drama pre or post - LOL. We got to see all the different parts of our baby measured and at points DH felt it looked a bit abstract.
Onwards we go smile

Truffkin Sat 10-Dec-11 18:01:43

That's great news Womanly so pleased it all went well. Half way through hey, you will have your baby before you know it!

bunnygirl80 Sun 11-Dec-11 09:23:14

womanly yay for the good scan with no dramas this time grin

cave fingers tightly crossed for you

lanky I panicked a bit about there being a lack of work for me, but I've actually ended up being offered more days than I want to do, so I've had to turn stuff down. Leaving Will at nursery wasn't too hard for me - he loves it, never cried when we dropped him off, and he loves having other children to play with. And after 7 months at home never getting to drink coffee while it's hot or go to the loo in peace, being at work is like a tranquil oasis of calm grin

LankyLegs Mon 12-Dec-11 08:31:44

Fantastic news womanly so pleased it all went well - isn't the 20 week scan just the best one? I felt a big sigh of relief after that!

Cave keeping fingers crossed for you x

Bunny thanks for the reassurance-can totally see how work feels calm in comparison to being at home!

Hope everyone had good weekends.

So glad your scan went well Womanly, fingers crossed that's you all done and dusted with drama for this pregnancy smile

Did anyone see the pics of Chantelle Houghton today? She's supposed to be 14 weeks, just like me, but I don't have anything LIKE a bump that size! She looks more like she's 5 months!

Well, I've managed to get through 2 office Christmas parties nursing an ever-increasingly diluted white wine spritzer, hiding in plain sight grin. Only one of my colleagues asked me if I was pregnant, I said "WHAT did you say?!", and she repeated it a little less confidently, and then I said "I thought that's what you said, ha ha ha!" and left it at that! So didn't lie, but gave the impression she'd got it rather wrong grin heh heh heh!

Hope everyone's well & enjoying the run-up to Chrimbo!

tinselstix Sun 18-Dec-11 12:03:33

Hello Frols!!
Hope everyone is feeling well and looking forward to Christmas.

Congratulations on your scan Womanly! (Sorry, I know I'm a bit behind the times) I hope you are letting yourself get properly excited now and enjoying yourself to the full.

Those pics have got to be airbrushed Late - that is a proper baby bump. confused Or maybe she's just been eating lots of mince pies.
Well done on your Christmas party deception. When are you planning to tell people?

How are you doing Flick? The 22nd isn't too far off now. Eek! Will be thinking of you.

Has your ML started now Lanky? Or are you in to your final week? Exciting times!

Has anyone heard from Empusa lately? She was a bit down and really suffering from sickness the last time that she posted here. Am hoping that things are a bit better for her now.

I am starting to get really excited about Christmas now! grin T was so small last year and really not happy about all the fuss and food. I am hoping that she has a better time of it this year. We are going to my mums and, oh boy, does she love a bit of fuss! grin Could be a recipe for disaster, but I still can't wait! <big kid emoticon>

Hello all, hope everyone's feeling festive! grin

I got my combined screening results today, chances of our baby having Downs is 1:1800, so VERY relieved about that as it was one of my Worry List items smile

tinselstix Tue 20-Dec-11 16:21:34

Ah brilliant, fantastic news Late! smile
Whats next on the list to worry about then?

LankyLegs Wed 21-Dec-11 10:12:05

Hello Frolickers!

Quiet in here - I hope that means everyone is festive-ing it up! smile

Late thats great news about the results - poor you having to wait a while to get them through and fair play for keeping your witts. I got mine on the same day so take my hat off to you for keeping sane. 1 less thing to worry about though like you said. Soooo have you started telling people yet? What a nice thing to announce at Crimble time! Also - very good tactic at the xmas party - neither confirm or deny!

Flick good luck for tomorrow and try not to fret too much today. Although I know that won't be possible! Looking forward to hearing your news tomorrow afternoon chica!! xxx

Pixie/Tinsel grin glad you are getting into the festive spirit - seems that christmas has sort of crept up on us this year. It will be so lovely for T as you said - much bigger and able to appreciate the fuss more! Btw I love all the cute pictures on fb with all the frolicker babies dressed up in xmas outfits. Proper cute!!!

I am totally loving time off! Finished work on Friday and have been pretty busy since. I was quite taken aback by all the lovely gifts and goodbyes - considering I had only been there 6 months! And now I am still sat in my dresssing gown at home! Although have been ringing around nurseries to book appts to get names on waiting lists - can you believe they have waiting lists of up to a year?! One just told me they have a 2 year waiting list... wtf?! Anyway - the romance of the pregnancy is not so romantic when you realise you have to spend the same amount as a mortgage payment in childcare costs and make sure you get the baby's name down before it is out of utero! Nuts!!

Other than that - very excited about xmas now. Presents are wrapped and looking forward to a mad few days at my mum's with lots of babies and drunk adults confused grin although I fully intend to indulge in a wee bit of mulled wine and some bubbles hopefully.

bunnygirl80 Thu 22-Dec-11 10:04:48

I wrote a long post yesterday, hit send and the internet crashed so I will try again grin

flick good luck with your scan today smile

late fab news about your results. Make sure you don't find anything to add to your worry list now you've crossed something off

lanky glad you're enjoying your mat leave. Childcare can be a nightmare - at least you're ahead of the game, several of my mother's group didn't realise the length of the waiting lists and have ended up really struggling to find anything. The childcare centre closest to me has a 2yr waiting list for the under 1s room [hconfused]......so you'd have to put your baby's name down well before you're acutally pg

Hope you're all looking forwards to Christmas, and aren't having your designated driver statuses taken advantage of grin

Flickstar Thu 22-Dec-11 10:41:33

hello ladies, it's been so quiet in here!

late! Great news on your results smile

Thanks for all of your scan wishes lanky, pixie and bunny! Am pleased to report all was well! The baby was kicking and waving like a mad thing- so amazing to see its little fingers and feet! It was just a squidge too small for the nuchal measurement today- needed to be 45mm and was 42mm. Measuring at 11+1 and LMP puts me at 11+5 but I don't have a 28 day cycle so I expect I am more like 11+1. Need to go back on 2nd Jan for nuchal screening so am pleased to get another peek!

Sorry to be so me, me, me but am in car on way to pils xx

LankyLegs Thu 22-Dec-11 18:31:10

flick so pleased it went well and you got a good view of the little one! Even better you get to see him/her again in a week or so's time! Enjoy crimble xxx

bunny I can't believe how mental childcare is! Am pleased I have found out now. Hope you are all geared up for Xmas festivities!

Hope everyone else is feeling festive!

Ah Flick, lovely news about your scan, and great that you get another one in a couple of weeks! You can never have too many scans grin

We're gearing up to tell everyone our news on Christmas Day onwards - it's going to make it all very real! Going to allow myself a glass of bubbles wink

Happy Christmas to all Frolickers! grin

(I'm going to leave the worrying about nurseries until the new year wink)

goldmaple Fri 23-Dec-11 17:35:31

Glad to see everyone is growing and glowing - even though no one ever feels like they're glowing... Or at least I didn'tsmile

Watching closely for news from lanky even though I know it's a ways off. It goes by fast! Little Emme is almost 8 weeks old. It's hard to believe!

Wishing you all happy holidays and healthy happy pregnanciessmile Merry Christmas!

cherrycobbler Fri 23-Dec-11 19:41:21

Fab news on your scans/ results, flick, late and womanly!!

Nursery waiting lists are mental, lanky. I should have signed up when pregnant as everybody told me too, still haven't seven months on... <buries head in sand>

Happy Christmas everyone!

Yay for all the good news and scans smile

Merry Christmas to all, hope it has been enjoyed by all our lovely frolicker ladies and bumps grin

Rose got far too many presents, loved tearing off the wrapping paper, had her first taste of 'real' food, and today she sat by herself for a good 10 mins or so, she's growing up so quickly!!

Florin Mon 26-Dec-11 21:04:01

Sorry I have abandoned you ladies for so long I have been busy and you slipped off my list of threads I am on. I had my 12 week scan and all was fine my downs results came back to 1:4600 so that is not bad. The sickness is getting so much better each day. In the day time I am pretty much fine, still find red meat in the evening tricky but getting there. It is such a joy feeling better I am really starting to enjoy my pregnancy. Going down to our holiday home in Cornwall tomorrow which I can't wait for. My twin sister has also had her 12 week scan too and all ok too we are 3 and a half weeks apart for our due date. Starting to enjoy being pregnant together now.
Hope everyone had lovely a lovely Christmas! I got a dream geenii pregnancy cushion which is wonderful had such a lovely nights sleep last night!

Excellent news from you Florin, so pleased your scan went well grin. And glad your sickness is subsiding too, fx it won't continue too far into the new year

Hope everyone had a lovely Chrimbo - we've told our families now which was so lovely, my mil's face was a picture! It will be DH's parents' first grandchild so it kind of made it even more special smile. Quite enjoying not hiding any more too, it was getting a bit stressful, especially as I have a leetle bit of a bump showing now...!

Looking forward to toasting 2012 with friends & some fancy mocktails wink Have a happy new year everyone, it's going to be a life-changing year!

pixiestix Sun 01-Jan-12 09:10:12

Happy New Year!!!! This is the year you will all meet your babies!! grin grin

Hooray! gringringringringrin

Happy new year Frolickers!

Florin Sun 01-Jan-12 14:38:16

Happy new year everybody! We went out to a local bar with some friends as I couldn't have a drink to celebrate (well had half a glass of red) I had a yummy gooseberry ice cream in a chocolate cone to celebrate -was lovely! Very thankful to some of our friends teens for suggesting it at about 11pm last night!

Flickstar Sun 01-Jan-12 16:44:14

Happy New Year ladies! Here's to lots of yummy babies and many more BFPs to come smile

Hope you have all had lovely festive seasons. I have another scan on Tuesday to do my combined test as the baby was a little too small last time. I'm excited to get another look at the wee thing but of course beginning to get a little nervous again too!

florin and late When are your 20 week scans?

lanky, how long left now for you?!

Florin Sun 01-Jan-12 20:59:01

flick my 20 week scan is on 8 Feb it's slightly late as we are away. Can't wait to see the baby again and hopefully find out the sex.
Enjoy seeing your baby again on Tuesday!

Flickstar Sun 01-Jan-12 22:39:05

Oh yes, you have your lovely holiday to look forward to! I'm so jealous of that. When are you off? Must be soon now! Do you have any inkling of what you're having?!

Florin, I am soooooo envy of you going off on that amazing trip! There's a reason why they show all the holiday ads right now, isn't there! I have spent the last 6 days up in the north west with DH's family where it has rained Every. Single. Day. I could sure do with some time on a boat sailing on turquoise waters....wink and <end-of-festivities-sigh emoticon>

Flick my 20-week scan is on 23 Jan, can't believe I'm so close to the half-way point already! I want to find out the sex, but DH doesn't...so we're still negotiating that one! wink. Enjoy the re-scan, you can never see the little bean enough IMO, cool that you've snuck this extra one in grin. Hope your bean gets an all clear & everything is how it should be.

Lanky, how are things going with you?!

LankyLegs Mon 02-Jan-12 10:13:51

Happy new year ladies! I know they were sober but at least we had no hangovers to tend with! I hope everyone had lovely christmas breaks and are nicely relaxed!

Wow 20 week scans already! Late i cant believe yours is only a few weeks away! Ladies enjoy your pregnancies every day please as trust me from the 20 week mark they just fly by. And take lots of pictures of your growing bump!

Also good luck negotiating finding iut the sex late i have been tempted as i have had an extra 3 growth scans but actually it is going to be really nice for Dh to tell me the sex once s/he is out. Although i am convinced it is a he.

florin sounds like you had a lovely NYE and of course your wonderful trip coming up. I am very jealous indeed- that will be amazing! Has your sickness totally gone?

flick hope tomorrow goes well - will be lovely to see the little one again too ... Very exciting! I see your lovely cats have made it back to London too. They look adorable!

gold hope you had a lovely xmas and new year with your little one.and hope its all going well!

We are on the waiting game now.... Although still 4 weeks to go! One of the nct girls had hers the other day so we are all on tenterhooks. However i still have a few things to do like birth plan and finish packing last bits in hospital bag. Feels like i am getting massive now as well so all these things i had planned to finish off around the house will take ages i imagine! Anyway i think i am ready for the little monkey to arrive .... Another 2 weeks and i expect will be at the point where i will be gagging to get him/her out!

Wierdly it is now really starting to hit home that we will have to bring a little person back with us from the hospital too! I know it sounds nuts but the pregancy has been like a little cocoon! Bizzare feeling having to be responsible for another person... Eeek!

Enjoy the bank holiday ladies xxx

Flickstar Tue 03-Jan-12 12:54:03

Hello Frolickers,

lanky you sound so chilled and totally ready to meet this little one! Do you have your names ready to go?! I think it won't sink in for me until they tell me I can leave hospital and I have to take a little thing home! How exciting that one of your NCT group has already popped, must make it so much more real. Totally with you on the pregnancy cocoon, I have to tell work when I go back and would really prefer not too! I like having the news as my own grin

late! So soon for your 20 week scan. Good luck with your negotiations! I think we are pretty set on a 'suprise' but I would still love to know!

Enjoy that holiday florin! late's description on turquoise waters made me super jealous. You deserve it!

Hope everyone else is ok and back to work has gone well. We had our scan today! All was well, little blob was so much bigger and all of the measurements were looking good. We had our combined yest results while we wait and they too are nice and low - 1: 14661 for downs and 1: 27154 for trisomy 13 and 18. I'm super relieved! I have a new due date too of 12th July so will update the stats when I get on my comp.

Hope the weather is not causing you too much hassle wherever you are- it's filthy here!

Flickstar Tue 03-Jan-12 14:35:45

Just updating the list. Some more BFPs would be wonderful for the new year!


Fudgecat - In loving memory of Baby Elliot - Born asleep on Friday 17th September 2010

Fulhamgirl - EDD 30th May - DOB 9th Apr - Girl - Lily Ann - 4lb
Trying4Baby1 - EDD 25th Apr - DOB 6th May - Girl - Emily - 10lb 2.5oz
Pepperonipizza -EDD 24th May - DOB 28th May -Boy
CurlyCasper - EDD 21st July - DOB 24th June - Girl
Spirael - EDD 25th Jul - DOB 7th July - Girl - Miranda Jane - 8lb 3oz
DesperateHousewife21 - EDD 18th July - DOB 9th July - Boy - Dylan James
Sazziej - EDD 1st Sep- DOB 24th Aug - Girl - Evie - 7lb 8oz
Ozziegirly - EDD 24th Aug -DOB 25th Aug - Boy-Thomas - 7lb 1oz
NovemberAli - EDD 2nd Sep - DOB 8th Sept - Girl - Matilda - 8lb 6oz
WhiteRoses - EDD 15th September - DOB 19 September- Boy
Hobnob - EDD 26th Sep - DOB 21 September - Girl - Matilda 6lbs 6oz
Pixiestix - EDD 24th Sep - DOB 26 September - Girl - Tegan - 7lbs 7oz
Addie81 -EDD 7th Oct - DOB 19th October -Girl
Chancewouldbeafinething - EDD 10/10/10 - DOB 21st October - Boy - William James - 9lb 14.5oz
Hermya321 - EDD 24th Oct - DOB 24th October-Boy - Asher - 8lb 3oz
WorrisomeHeart - EDD 12th Oct -DOB 26th Oct Boy - Lochlan - 8lb
YorkshireTeaDrinker - EDD 6th Nov - DOB 5th Nov - Girl - Eleanor
Bunnygirl80 - - EDD 19th Nov- DOB 11th Nov -Boy-WIlliam - 7lb 2oz
Mumnerves - EDD 8th Dec - DOB 16 Dec Boy - Sean 8lb 2.5oz
Luckyseven - EDD 17th Dec - DOB 20th Dec Girl - Beth Elise 8lb 4oz
Oneof8 - BFP 18th May - EDD 17th Jan - DOB 3 Jan Boy - Tom
Homebound - BFP 30th Apr - EDD 8th Jan - DOB 12 Jan Boy
Aly323 - BFP? - EDD 31st Jan - DOB 25th Jan - Boy Kai
Muser - BFP 22nd June - EDD 27 Feb - DOB 15th Feb - girl
Kurlyvoice - BFP 1st September - EDD 16th April - DOB 12 March - Boy Alastair 4lb 13oz
Superpenguin - BFP 1st July - EDD 4th March - DOB 18th March - Boy Thomas 8lb 13oz
Haloflo - BFP 22 July - EDD 20 March - DOB 29th March - Girl Hannah 8lb 9oz
JollySergeantJackrum - BFP 7 Aug - DOB 21st April - Boy Harris 8lb 3oz
MrsWajs - BFP 13 Aug - DOB 25th April - Girl Robyn 7lb 2oz
Crazydays - BFP 4th Sep - DOB - 28th April - boy Thomas 7lb 3 oz and girl Isobel 6lb 14oz
Cherrycobbler - BFP 3rd Sep - 11th May - girl
crazybutterflylady - BFP 1st Sep - EDD 13th May - DOB 24th May - girl - Tabitha
Bellaby -BFP 11th Sep - EDD 22nd May - DOB 16th May - girl - 6lbs12oz
Highheelsandequations - BFP 30th Oct - EDD 13th July - DOB 6th July - Girl Rose 7lb 4oz
Roundtable - BFP 14 Jan - EDD 17th Sept - DOB 20th Sep - Boy
CrazyAlien - BFP 29th Jan - EDD 2nd Oct - DOB 27th Sep - Girl - Imogen
Toriajayne - BFP 16th Feb - EDD 26 Oct - DOB 25th Oct - Boy - Thomas 9lb
Goldmaple - BFP Feb 28th - EDD 9th November - DOB 30th Oct - Girl Emily Grace
Truffkin - BFP 10th March - EDD 18th November- DOB 25th November- Boy


Capricorn76 - BFP 12th Apr - EDD 1st Jan 2011
Seablue - BFP? - EDD 10th Jan
stegasaurus - BFP 27 Aug - EDD 3rd May
Slowshow - BFP 3rd Jan - EDD 15th Sept

Lankylegs - BFP 27 May - EDD 1st February
Womanly Tales - BFP 14 Aug - EDD 25th April
Empusa -
Latetothisbabymalarky - BFP 8 Oct - EDD 8th June 2012
Florin - BFP 14 Oct - EDD 22 June 2012
Flickstar -BFP 3rd November- EDD 12th July 2012

pixiestix Tue 03-Jan-12 14:50:27

Fab news Flick! smile I was the same about wanting to keep my pg to myself - I didn't tell work until 17 weeks in the end!

MummyTruff if you are around, I hope the move went well and Lucas is thriving.

LankyLegs Tue 03-Jan-12 15:48:09

Congratulations Flick and now you can take a deep sigh of relief and breathe! At least that is what I felt like! I hope it was lovely seeing the little one again - not long now until your 20 week scan!! Summer baby - very lovely!

Weather here is grim grim grim! Hope no one has been badly effected by it.

Right off to have a one of the many leftover festive biscuit and a cuppa - just what is needed in this weather me thinks!

Flickstar Wed 04-Jan-12 13:49:38

Thank you ladies. Yes, lanky very relieved! My 20 week scan seems a loooong way away as they scan at 22 weeks at Kings so is on the 8th March. However, I need to actually do some work when I get back to work so I'm sure if I put my head down and get on with it time will fly. The bonus is that they do a routine scan at 32 weeks so that makes up for it!

I'm so desperate for us to have some new BFPs- such an exciting time.

Florin Wed 04-Jan-12 14:53:11

Fab news flick time does speed up after 12 weeks I think, it will soon be your 20 week scan. Mine isn't until 8 Feb so want it to be sooner. I hit 16 weeks tomorrow and the idea that we could try and find out the sex now is making me so curious (must not be tempted to pay gender scan I can wait until 20 weeks!)
Not sure if I am going mad but I suddenly feel much bigger my body doesn't bend in the middle like it used to and I just full fuller-does this make sense?
Got the midwife tomorrow although don't think 16 week appointment sounds very exciting!
Anybody watching one born every minute tonight? I used to love it but have to admit I am a little nervous of watching this series knowing I will be doing it in 5 months!

Flickstar Wed 04-Jan-12 15:11:05

I am so excited for OBEM! I'm not sure if it's sunk in that I will have to do it myself so whilst in denial I will watch! I am 13 weeks tomorrow florin- In the early days it seemed like you were so many weeks ahead of me. Now it's just three it doesn't seem so many, maybe time has got quicker already?! When do you go off on holiday?!That will keep you distracted from finding out the sex hopefully!

lanky are you watching OBEM?!

LankyLegs Wed 04-Jan-12 18:02:38

Time will fly ladies it really does after the 12 weeks esp when the secret is out!

florin yes the bending thing is strange but get used to it soon you wont be able to put your own shoes on! So when is this fabulous holiday of yours? Sounds amazing...drool!
Are you both up for finding out the sex?

flick will defo be watching OBEM this evening and think i have convinced DH to watch it too as he refused to watch previous series! Are you thinking of finding out the baby's sex too? Ooh and a brucey bonus scan at 32 weeks too... Very good! Are you excuted/ nervous about telling work?

Had some new born snuffles today with one of the nct girls little ones that as born last week! Slightly scary that last week it was in her tummy and this week he is out and was screaming away! Eeek

We do need some more bfps... Keeping fingers crossed for cavey zippys rasberry and the other old timers....hoping 2012 is the year for them.....

Florin Thu 05-Jan-12 14:21:25

I am off on holiday 3 weeks today. Really must try on my summer stuff this weekend to see if I can fit into any of it!
Had my 16 week midwife appointment today, was lovely to hear the heartbeat. When pulling up my top midwife commented that wow baby has certainly popped out which I assume means I have a reasonable size bump (hope it is mainly baby and not all the extra food at Christmas!) after moaning to dh about being fat the bump does suddenly seemed to have popped out so at least I look more pregnant than fat to most people (well hopefully!)

Hey Florin, I had my 16-week appointment today too! A bit late, thanks to Chrimbo, as I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow. Always reassuring to hear the heartbeat, and my midwife chuckled at my little bump too!

I am definitely feeling the extra size around my waist, and at yoga today (first class in 2 weeks) I noticed how even the bump, small as it is, already affects how I bend and move etc. Lanky, you scared me a bit with your comment about putting on shoes!

I really want to find out the sex - 20-week scan is on 23rd - but DH is reluctant... My friend (who's a midwife) did the 'ring on a string' test which says it's a girl - highly scientific! wink And today the heartbeat was quite high, which apparently indicates a girl... I'm not particularly bothered what it is, I just want to stop calling it 'it'!

I LOVED OBEM last night (as did DH!) - would any of you leave your baby with the bloke who just flipped out and head-banged the smoking shelter?! What a contrast between those two 20 year-old men...

I am keeping an eye on Cave and Raspberry and keeping my fingers and toes crossed for them, and also Imps (who started off as a FTF before moving to the Brooking No Argument thread. There are loads of newbies on FTF Conception so hopefully we'll get some newbies here with us soon!

raspberrytipple Thu 05-Jan-12 21:32:28

Hey guys! Thanks for the mentions smile I've started on tests in the last few weeks and now have a referral to the hospital consultant at the end of feb! Long time to wait but it's a start I suppose. Hope you are all doing well xx

raspberrytipple Thu 05-Jan-12 21:33:46

P. s we already have a BFP on the FTf winter only just joined so you might want to post a link! I'm hopeful that it will be a lucky thread!!

Florin Thu 05-Jan-12 21:59:34

Good luck with your tests rasberry I know it can feel like a long road (i've been there) but it is so worth it and in the end it can all suddenly come together! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you

CaveMum Thu 05-Jan-12 22:03:41

[peaks head round door]

Hello lovelys, glad to see all the scan action around here grin

I'm also frequenting the BESH thread these days too, it helps keep me sane!

Hoping to be joining you all in the not too distant future.

[leaves plate of brownies on the table]

Florin Thu 05-Jan-12 22:44:53

[scoffs plate of brownies before anyone else sees them] since being pregnant I can't get enough of cake never bothered me before!
Can't wait until you can join us Cave are you on clomid? If so what dose?

CaveMum Thu 05-Jan-12 22:49:57

Yes, I'm on my 2nd cycle of Clomid. I'm only on 50mg as that has been enough to make me ovulate so far. Had Day 21 blood tests last week which confirmed ov so, based on my last cycle (36 days) AF is due around 14th Jan.

Truffkin Fri 06-Jan-12 00:04:49

Hi ladies, hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Flick so pleased all is well with your little one and that you got an extra scan. Have you enjoyed telling people now? Hope your sickness is going now.

Lanky not long for you now, are you enjoying maternity leave? I can't wait to hear your good news when the baby arrives and am keeping my fingers crossed that he or she is very well behaved and makes it nice and easy for Mommy wink

<waving> to everyone else and absolutely in agreement that this is the year that some of the original frolickers make it over here, that would be fantastic!

So our move went well, although we still have a few boxes to unpack. Having Christmas just after moving and with lots of visitors to meet Lucas plus my birthday on Monday just gone, it has felt a bit like being on holiday rather than real life! I was hoping to spend this week getting back down to earth and being organised but Lucas has had a cold so I've not done a huge amount.

It's been horrible seeing him struggling and I've been letting him sleep on me rather than putting him down for naps, so I can keep an eye on his breathing and administer medicinal cuddles! He's been waking more often to feed in the night the past couple as well so today we just had a PJ day whilst eating Christmas chocs and watching my DVD box set of 'How I met your mother' grin He's seemed more himself this afternoon so I'm hoping for a one wake-up night again tonight!

All in all though we are doing well and I'm enjoying motherhood so much. I just love his little baby noises, making him smile and hearing his little chuckles. I also really enjoy seeing him spend time with his Daddy and grandparents, who all adore him and he rewards with coos and giggles. Although I enjoyed pregnancy, nothing could have prepared me for how amazing this would be and you have it all to come.

I had one mini sad moment yesterday as the 3 newborn sleepsuits we had from Jojo Maman Bebe are already too small and Lucas is only 6 weeks tomorrow (well, today now!) I can't believe how he is growing so fast. He 's 10 lbs already, which sounds huge but is on track with his birth weight (7lb 13, so average sized). He's great at feeding and breast feeding is really working for us I'm pleased to say.

Right, this has turned into an epic post and the last feed is nearly done so I'm off to get some sleep. Looking forward to keeping up with everyone now things are calming down in our house!

Florin Fri 06-Jan-12 13:47:07

cave I got pregnant on my 2nd round Of clomid so hoping you have the same luck
truff life with baby sounds bliss. Makes me so excited about the birth of our little one. Sorry to hear that poor Lucas has had a cold already must be horrid to see him poorly.
lanky are you all prepared for baby's arrival?

LankyLegs Fri 06-Jan-12 16:00:11

Hello lovely ones!

Firstly lovely to hear from cave and rasberrry and also pleased that things are progressing with various investigations. I remember those well and it can be a daunting time. Cavey excellent news the clomid is working and that you are ovulating - hoping it's just a matter of time and will be keeping watch around the 14th. Raspberry hope you feel like things are starting to happen a bit more now - I think it's great that you are getting all the tests done too and keeping everything crossed for you. I think all my tests inc the lap & dye and hycosy took around 6 months or so - so at least it felt like things were moving. Keep us posted! x

Late I loved OBEM too - although not sure if it is too close now for me to watch! DH said he thought it was good to watch to get himself more 'prepared'... his face was a picture when they showed the baby's head crowning. And yes - that daft 20 year old aggresive/angry man (well boy really)... I was swinging btwn.... ahhh he cares and actually you are just a plonker! The other 20 year old was much more with his head screwed on. It does annoy me that they often show really 'young' couples/virtually kids on the show though... will watch the rest of the series with intrepidation. Oh yes - and don't worry about the whole not getting your shoes on thing - it really only happens towards the end wink there is a whole lot more to come!

Truff so wonderful to hear your news and that Lucas is doing really well (apart from the cold - hope he recovers soon). So you getting all settled in the new home? Are you pleased with the move and loving having all your family around? Happy belated birthday too! I can't believe how quickly they grow and that Lucas is already in bigger clothes at 6 weeks! Actually I am slightly worried about that too - just had a growth scan this morning and the babies legs are way above average - but then DH and are are both quite tall so to be expected. Am hoping s/he is like a snake - long and thin and slips out while coughing....!

We have not heard from womanly recently - hope you are ok my dear. Come back and let us know how the pregnancy is going and also i hope xmas without your DH was ok in the end.

Florin 3 weeks till hols - how wonderful! Enjoy that as much as you can - you are at a great bit of your pregnancy where you can do pretty much most things without much hassle - make the most of it!

Mat leave here is going well here - wierdly very busy running errands and getting last bits sorted. 3.5 weeks to go! We went and saw the birth centre last night and am definitely convinced that I want to give birth there (also helps that is is a 30 sec trip to the labout ward should complications arise)... so have settled on a water birth if possible and hired a TENS machine ready to go. Of course anything can happen so keeping an open mind. Baby is engaged and having had a scan this morning all is looking all good and already weighing in at 7lb 1oz.....fook. Am going to remain calm and tranquil a la truff did... what will be will be...

Waves to flick and anyone else I have missed!

Happy Friday's everyone...

Truffkin Sat 07-Jan-12 07:31:41

Lanky I just want to reassure you that you will be fine and will cope with whatever comes your way. We can't predict how our labours will go (and mine certainly didn't follow the intended plan grin) but I'd bet that you will find the inner strength that amazed me looking back at my experience.

I know I can be a bit of a wimp when I'm ill etc but my determination to get my baby out overrode the pain. Having a great midwife also really helped, she was like my coach. DH also helped me more than I'd imagined too.

Sorry, am getting all evangelical over here blush Just wanted to be your cheerleader, you CAN do it! (can't wait to be saying this again in a few weeks when you really will be!!)

LankyLegs Sat 07-Jan-12 15:01:45

Truff thanks for your lovely message and you are totally right we can not predict how the big day will go but plan to try and take it all in my stride and like you said hope that I will cope and make the right decisions. At the end of the day just want to get the little one out safe and sound!

Thanks for your encouragement - i defo need it!!

CaveMum Mon 09-Jan-12 16:40:29

Hello ladies. I'm afraid I'm not the bearer of good news as AF turned up this morning, a whole 5 days early sad.

Does anyone have/no of a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor that I may be able to borrow? I figure I might as well give it a try to get our timing right but I'm not prepared to pay the £60-£100 that seems to be being asked! If need be I will buy a secondhand on on eBay, but if anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated.

Keep that seat warm for a tad longer.

Awwww Cave, really sorry to hear that sad
Are there any positives to draw from it, like it was a proper cycle with ovulation and everything (even if it was a bit short...)? Really hope that the next cycle is 'the' cycle smile
Can't help with the CBFM I'm afraid - I used cheapo internet op sticks - hope you track one down though, I had no idea they were so expensive

CaveMum Mon 09-Jan-12 19:33:11

Thanks Late, yes the positive to take is that I did indeed ovulate (had a Day 21 progesterone reading of 56 or so) and the cycle was 31 days, so not "short" just not as long as I expected as the first cycle on clomid was 36 days.

I think using ovulation sticks, of some description, will help as I really don't know when ovulation will occur! The first cycle was Day 18/19 and this cycle looks like being Day 15, so it's quite a big margin for error!

bunnygirl80 Mon 09-Jan-12 20:02:35

cavey sorry to hear about af. There was a communal frolickers cbfm doing the rounds ages ago, not sure whatever happened to it. Will ask around the postgrads and see if they know

lanky hope you're feeling prepared to meet your lo. The best birth preparation I did was just letting go of the feelings of wanting to control what happened. I just focused on visualizing meeting my baby and ignored any thoughts of the lead up to that meeting. In the end I had a quick easy labour and a really positive experience

LankyLegs Mon 09-Jan-12 20:33:34

cavey so bummed for you and as late said hope you can take some positives from the cycle. I used fertility friend, temping and ovulation sticks which gave me a good idea of when ovulation occured. We will keep your seat very warm for you. I think i remember halo using a cbfm....

bunny thanks for the labour advice- very sane words! I am not going to get hung up on having a certain type of birth and hope for the best really. Like you said the important thing is thinking about meeting the lo and having him/her safe in my arms. Quick and easy labour here we come!

Hope everyone else is doing well xx

Flickstar Tue 10-Jan-12 19:05:38

Oh cave so sorry to hear your news but onwards and upwards for you lady- The magic drugs have you ovulating and neither of your two cycles have been an abnormal length so all the signs are good that your body is responding and cycle 3 will be the lucky one.

Hope everyone else is keeping well. lanky I'm so excited about your baby! Please come on and update us as soon as you can although I will be keeping an eye out on FB for some pictures.

All weel here, I have told everyone who needs to know at work and they have all been lovely so that is one relief! Although I do still feel like I'm making the whole thing up! It's a strange feeling- I have my 16 week appointment in two weeks so that's my next mile stone although the time seems to be flying since being back at work. I'd like it to speed up until March and then it can slow right down!

CaveMum Tue 10-Jan-12 19:37:08

Thanks for the kind words ladies smile

I've already tracked down a CBFM and it's already winging it's way to me from one of the very lovely PESH ladies.

They say prime number cycles are the best don't they...... grin

Florin Wed 11-Jan-12 07:54:38

cave good luck with the cbfm hope it does the trick for you. Is there anyway you can get scanned around ovulation? I never had the 21 day blood tests they just scanned me instead and on my 50mg scan they could see the egg however consultant said it just didn't grow quite big enough so they upped the dose for my 2nd dose which did work. Have to admit I am no expert. Good luck for your third cycle. Oh also I used the clear blue fertility sticks and never got a positive out of them and that was the month I got pregnant!
flick glad time speeding up for you and everything going well
Waves to late and bunnygirl

Truffkin Wed 11-Jan-12 10:35:17

Cave sorry to hear this wasn't the cycle for your win, although it does sound like OV plus 'normalising' cycle length are positives to take out. Hope next month is more successful for you. I didn't use a CBFM buy did temp and chart using Fertility Friend (website) which was really helpful for me.

Flick such an exciting time for you, I loved the 16 week appointment as we heard the heartbeat for the first time. Although we'd seen it on the scans, hearing it out loud was brilliant.

Hope everyone else is keeping well and getting excited to hear news from Lanky soon! grin

Flickstar Wed 11-Jan-12 11:04:45

truff I'm so glad you keep popping back to see us. You sound like one blissed out and chilled mamma! An inspiration to us all smile Glad the move went well! Are you missing London at all? Am excited about the 16 week appointment as a mile stone! We were lucky enough to hear the heartbeat at the 7 week and 12 week scan, I think I was so nervous the sonographers took pity on me and turned their sound up- it is incredible, especially at the 7 week scan when the wee thing was only 13mm!

Where is lanky?! You can't go MIA around your due date without suspicion...

florin hope holiday count down is going well!

cave glad you have a plan of action now! I saw on the Frolickers thread that your DH is going to tell work so that he can be a bit more flexible with when he leaves etc- so lovely that he is committed to this too as many men aren't!

Pregnant ladies and Mummies, when does it sink in that you are having a baby?! I am telling people now and still feel like I'm making it up! Is this normal?! I'm sure I won't believe it until I have to leave hospital and look after a screaming thing!

cherrycobbler Wed 11-Jan-12 13:37:43

cavey sorry to hear about last cycle, everything crossed for this one. Prime Number Fertility is definitely a proven theory. I also really liked temping and fertility friend (mainly because I liked seeing my temps in a little graph every month. I am SO cool).

truff glad the move went well! I am in awe of you doing it with such a little one smile

flick it only sank in for me about four weeks after the birth when DH had gone back to work and everyone had gone home and it was just me, baby and a loooong day ahead. I remember being a bit surprised to be handed a baby after labour, I don't think I had quite associated the two grin.

lanky hope you're doing ok! You're very right to follow truff's wise example and just keep v zen about labour. It's not something I'd want to do every day before breakfast but its totally fine, you just get in the zone, and at the end of it you'll get to meet your scrunchy scrummy babylegs.

To all those of you considering buying monitors - we had a normal BT monitor which was great until DH dropped it and it broke, and we have now invested in a video monitor. Not necessary but I highly recommend if you were thinking of getting one - its like Baby TV. Also great for when babies are a bit older and you can hear them stirring during a nap, as it means you can check on them without waking them up by going in. It also means that right now I can see baby trying to stuff entire Miffy toy into her mouth when she's meant to be sleeping.... best go!

CaveMum Wed 11-Jan-12 14:57:26

Thanks again for the support. My CBFM has arrived so hoping it helps. I've been temping for AGES but with cycles all over the place it's only helping after the fact, IYSWIM.

Florin for some reason my consultant doesn't do scanning on Clomid, it's Day 21 blood tests only. Not sure why it varies so much between NHS Trusts!

Right, must get myself back over in Conception for the time being - be back soonish wink

See you SOON Cave! <waves> Fingers and toes crossed for the next cycle!

Eeee! I have been feeling little movements this week, it's so wierd! Just tiny little flicks on the inside every so often. DH has sat with his hand on the bump but he can't feel anything yet.

Flick, I knowwhayt you mean, it doesn't seem real does it, I keep waiting for a moment of clarity where I suddenly ask myself 'what on EARTH are you doing?!', but it's all feeling pretty natural right now...!

Ooo, OBEM is starting!

Florin Wed 11-Jan-12 22:19:51

late first movements are so exciting aren't they, I have felt mine fluttering for a bit then got my first proper kick yesterday gave me quite a shock!

bunnygirl80 Thu 12-Jan-12 01:24:21

flick it really didn't sink in for me until about 3 days after he was born, and he stopped feeding to just gaze up at me. The whole of my pg the concept of an actual baby was just very abstract for me, even when I could feel him moving and see elbows and knees sticking out of my bump smile

Truffkin Thu 12-Jan-12 10:20:12

I'd say it felt more real for me when I started to look pregnant, so around 24 weeks ish. I don't think psychologically it translates to having a real life baby at home though. I'm not sure you can mentally prepare for that as it's so different (but brilliant!)

Love hearing about first flutterings, so exciting! I hope your partners' enjoy feeling the movements when they get stronger. My DH was a bit freaked out by it, which was a shame. I think it made it more 'real' for him though.

Thanks for your lovely comments too. Move went well and we're pretty settled now. I've enjoyed getting things sorted with all of our extra space, after our London flat a large 3 bed house seems like a mansion!! I really thought I would miss London, especially as Crouch End was so lovely, but I haven't at all. I think because life is so different now Lucas is here that moving and having our families and friends close by feels perfect.

LankyLegs Fri 13-Jan-12 14:08:17

Movements - hurrah!! So exciting when you get the first flutters! It is bizzare late but I am sure you will get used to them! IS your 20 week scan soon? Wait until that - I think that's when I realised there was something growing inside me! I am getting into OBEM too - hope you 'enjoyed' the last episode... I already have my 'red water birth' outfit ready to whip out wink

Florin kicks are very exciting!!! Hope you managed to sort out your holiday wardrobe....

Flick I am not sure it ever really feels real through the pregnancy! I mean I am sat here with a wriggly painful little puncher/kicker inside me but with that I have to keep telling myself that there will soon be 3 of us in this family... and actually a little 'family' rather than a couple! Pleased everyone at work took your news well too. Should get lots of support through this time should you need it and we all need understanding employers!! I know what you mean about feeling like it's not real when you tell people. Have you got yourself a little bump yet? I think mine started to pop around 17 weeks ( still hideable though) and 20 weeks it was a very sweet manageable little bump... unlike now!

Cherry hope little cherry is doing well. Thanks re advice on montiors - we have inherited one from my sister which kind of is on it's last legs so I imagine we might have to get one at some point. Lots of people have recommended the video ones too.

Truff that is great you are not missing London and enjoying back near the family. I think you are right - life changes so much when you have a little one that the important thing is being close to friends and family. Hope you are all settled in nicely. How is little Lucas doing - growing at the rate of knots?!

Still wondering where womanly is hmm hope you are ok!

Full on nesting going on here - lots of cooking and sorting through things (and attempted cleaning but bump seems to keep putting that one off!) Think I will be a wee bit bored next week but am going to get my mum over for a few days to ensure the week is more interesting! Although saying that our NCT group is meeting up once a week so that is nice. Am having some twinges but nothing to get excited over.

A couple of things I am worried about - apparently (I found out from my growth scan) that the baby's head circ is in the 95th percentile....ouch... and so are the legs (but was expecting that as both DH and I are tall)... should I be worried? Am trying not to dwell on the big head too much - I am sure h/she will slip out v.v.v.easily hmm

kurlyvoice Mon 16-Jan-12 02:54:42

Hi everyone,
It's been far too long since I was on here but I had a little lurk and saw that Flick got her BFP and wanted to say a big congratulations! Hope you're starting to enjoy your pregnancy now that you've reached trimester 2. smile
Crossing fingers etc. for Cavey that your new CBFM does the trick ASAP.
Am here feeding sleepy baby and trying not to fall asleep myself, but struggling somewhat with a nasty head cold. Grrr! Anyway, will leave you to your nice thread and wish all of you super smooth full term safe deliveries.

bunnygirl80 Mon 16-Jan-12 03:07:20

Lanky that's lovely that your NCT group are meeting already. Hopefully they'll be a nice group of mummy friends for you. As for the 95th percentile head, that sounds like it might be a bit ouchy on the way out. I'm not sure it matters though, if you and your DH are both above average height, then you'd expect to have a bigger than average baby. I'd be more worried if you were only 4 foot 6 and you have a baby on the 95th percentile grin And size estimates from scans in late pg are notoriously inaccurate, so it might not be all that bad smile

Florin Wed 18-Jan-12 05:46:29

Having a holiday wardrobe disaster. I lost a bit of weight a while ago so figured a lot of my larger clothes would fit for this holiday. Tried on my shorts a week ago and all was fine. Since then bump really popped out, tried them on again and there is no chance of me getting into them. Having a slight panic as now have nothing to wear and can't find any summer maternity stuff online (understandably in the middle of winter!)
I literally have one pair of three quarter length trousers and that is it!
On a more positive note we are having our gender scan tonight, I am so excited just hope baby is behaving and let's us see what we are having!

Flickstar Wed 18-Jan-12 10:58:14

Don't panic florin! I ordered some shorts from ASOS in the sale the other week as I thought theuy would be handy for being pregnant in the summer. Just checked and they are not there but here are some www.asos.com/Women/Sale/Maternity/Cat/pgecategory.aspx?cid=6413#state=Rf900%3D1568&parentID=Rf900&pge=0&pgeSize=20&sort=-1 and they have lots of summery dresses in their sale too so maybe you can go the dress route for wafting about on the boat?! Everything crossed for tonight- I knew you wouldn't be able to wait until you got back from holiday you monkey! Come back abnd let us know how you get on!

lanky I agree with bunny you body wouldn't let you grow a baby that was too big for youto get out smile

Thanks for popping on kurly! Hope all well with you and little man

This thread dropped off my watch list so just trying to catch up with how you're all doing. From my very quick read you all seem to be doing well smile Loving hearing about movements starting to be felt, I actually miss feeling the wriggles and kicks inside! Whoever mentioned it feelng real, I think it felt completely surreal to me until R was about 6 weeks old, I still sometimes stop and think "Oh my God I have a baby!". Will read through all the news properly when I can but in the meantime sending lots of yummy alcohol free cocktails and cake to all.

Lanky I didn't think too much about how I wanted the birth to be or do much of a plan as figured that really it'd be up to pip how she arrived and I'd have to go with the flow! People thought it was very out of character as I'm usually a control freak very organised but I ended up with a very relaxed quick labour!

Cave hope your CBFM gives you more of an insight into how your body's working.

My little princess is 6 months old now and currently fast asleep sprawled on my chest after a lunch of yorkshire pud (which seemed to go down well), carrot (not as tasty as the yorkshire pud apparently) and potato (great for smearing on the highchair!).

Hugs to all you ladies and your bumps

<pops in to see if tere's any news from Lanky...>

Florin, would sarongs work? How cool your bump has popped out suddenly! Mine is still quite small, put it this way, I still haven't announced it to work colleagues yet and I'm 20 weeks on Friday! REALLY jealous of your gender scan envy (my DH has put his foot down on that one sad), hope the baby cooperates for you & looking forward to hearing the result!

O Wise & Experienced Frolickers, I have a question regarding travel systems & carry cots - in a nutshell, is a carry cot necessary & worth getting? DH & I are feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options - we made our first foray into Baby World at the weekend and got a bit scared by it all! (apart from the newborn baby grows, they were incredibly cute and not scary at all smile)

How're things going with you Flick?

Florin Wed 18-Jan-12 21:59:35

Been super excited all day about my scan, baby seems to have been as well as been kicking all afternoon.
Had my scan and all is well and it's a boy! We have said its a boy from the day the stick turned positive. Both over the moon already had a boys name picked out so lovely to call him by his name. Going to go shopping at the weekend and buy him his first little outfit. I can't wait!
Sarong idea is a good idea that could work on the yacht will see if I can find one I like.

bunnygirl80 Thu 19-Jan-12 09:24:11

florin yay for your little boy. Enjoy shopping for him smile

late I think what set up you need depends on how you travel and where you'll be going. I live within walking distance of pretty much everywhere I needed to go so didn't bother with a travel system, just got a good pram.

I used the carrycot on the bugaboo a lot, as Will took pretty much all his daytime naps in it for the first 3 months of his life. He slept in his pram if we were downstairs, or in his Moses basket if I was upstairs and napping too (don't underestimate your need to never be more than 1cm from your baby at all times!!!). The other benefit to him sleeping in the pram was that if I decided I just wanted to pop out for a while he was already loaded up and ready to go!

If you'll be doing more driving then a travel system might be more use so you can just clip the car seat on and go. They're not meant to spend more than a couple of hours at a time Iin a car seat though so its not so great for using as an alternative to a cot. Check out how big the toddler seat is on all these things too,as you're going to use that for much longer. My nephew was too tall for his buggy (mamas and papas skate) before he was 1, and he's an average sized boy!

Flickstar Thu 19-Jan-12 09:48:13

Oh yay florin how exciting to know! Congratulations on your little man smile EEEKK! Must feel especially real now.

late great to hear from you- how exciting to be approaching 20 weeks! Am just starting to realise just how close in dates me, you and florin are! Well, especially you and florin! So you are 20, I think florin is 18 (?) and I am 15. June and July is going to be a bumper time for the frolickers! My dh has put his foot down on finding out the gender too although I think we may be able to see as at my hospital they also do an internal scan to check the length and condition of your cervix. When I had this done at 12 weeks the view we got of the baby was of it's back and bottom sticking up and it was at a tilted angle so if you were looking carefully you may have been able to se eif something was between it's legs... They repeat this at 20 weeks so we will see (or not as the case may be!) Thanks for asking after me, I'm doing well thank you. Feeling good and lots more relaxed although will relax more after my 16 week appointment and then of course the 20 week scan (which is actually at 22 weeks!)

Hope everyone else is well, especially lanky!

Nice to see you HH! Bless your little Rose, what date is her birthday, she is a JUly baby too isn't she? What have you decided about going back to work?

bunny thanks for that, did you use your moses basket for long?

pixiestix Thu 19-Jan-12 13:02:40

Ohhhhh, congratulations on your son Florin!! smile

LankyLegs Thu 19-Jan-12 16:38:20

CONGRATS Florin.... a bouncing baby boy! How exciting you can now call him by his name and buy relevant things for him!!! Oh and I just popped into JoJo Mama this afternoon to pick up some nursing tops in the sale and they have loads of vests and skirts etc in there already (both sale and non sale) and also topshop maternity do a few nice things. I hope your holiday wardrobe gets sorted soon! Remember the 80/20 rule - you will only wear 20% of the stuff you take on hols so as long as you have a few basics and a good swimsuit you will be sorted!!

Late and Flick my DH was like yours - wanted it as a surprise but actually now love it as it will be a wonderful surprise for all that hard work... plus it's really easy to dress the nursery very cutely quite neutrally too. I imagine the majority of pressies/clothes you will get post birth too.

Late I imagine you have a very cute lil bump! When are you going to tell work then? I tell you what - baby buying is quite overwhelming (and bloody expensive) so not surprised you were flustered in Babyworld! Worth starting the shopping now as you are. I have inherited a bugaboo cameleon from my sister so that decision was taken out my hands (thank god) but as bunny said my sister used the carry cot loads downstairs when her kids were small for there naps so she got tonnes of use out of it. It does depend how much walking etc you plan to do. In a way am pleased I didn't have to make that decision.... I think I would have been just as perplexed as yours. I think getting adaptors for the car seat onto the travel system is defo a good idea too! Good luck though!

Flick I think depending on size of baby moses basket lasts 2-3 months.... so think about whether you plan to get them into their cot after this otherwise a crib in your room might be a solution (I think this can go for 4-5 months depending on baby size). How is your lil bump growing? Do you think you will convice Mr Flick on finding out the sex?! Good luck with the 16 week appt - shame you have to wait a bit longer for your 20 week scan too. Once you hit that milestone the weeks will start to fly by trust me!

Bunny and Highheels thank you for your reassurance!!! Am feeling a lot calmer now about it. Big head or not... s/he will come out however which way. HH lovely to hear how Rose is doing too - I do nosey on FB to see how cute all the froliker babies are. You girls have produced some cute babies!!!

Ok - just over 1.5 weeks to due date but am ready for little one now. Just have a wax and pedicure booked for tomorrow and some friends over for dinner on Saturday and then I am ready for the sprog to drop!! Think I might start the pineapple. Am drinking rasberry leaf tea, eaten lots of curry last few days and might even venture down the sex hmm route at some point!!

Otherwise am feeling fine really - just usual backache and tiredness at end of day but nothing too bad. Come on baby!

Hope everyone else is well too!!!

Ooo, Lanky, getting excited for you!

Florin, how lovely that you're having a little boy, and so interesting that you both kind of sensed it was a 'he' from the beginning!

I have my 20-week scan on Monday afternoon and I'm going to look HARD at the image and see if I can spot anything, despite my DH's ruling! Almost everyone thinks I'm having a girl for some reason, don't know why...
And then on Tuesday morning I'll come clean to my work colleagues - they've probably already sussed me out anyway, but it wil be a relief not to be hiding it anymore, and a bigger relief to finally stop squeezing into normal work clothes! My bump may not be very big, but my clothes are not accommodating it comfortably!

Thanks for the thoughts re the carry cot, I don't think I've been giving it enough credit for it's potential usefulness... especially the nap-time thing, I wondered if I'd use it enough, but if the baby sleeps in it every day for 3 months then it will have been well used!
We live in west London so I imagine I'll be doing more walking than driving - though who knows! We were quite taken with the Bugaboo Chameleon, it's so compact and you see a lot of people with them... (yes, I no longer see the babies, I'm interested only in their buggies!)

Has anyone else got a Dreamgenii? I keep getting tangled up in mine!

florin lovely news about your little boy.

flick Rose was born 6th July, EDD was either 10th, 11th or 13th depenfing on whether I listened to the private scan, the NHS dating scan or my dates! You must be due around the same date? Have decided I'm going to ask for a career break for a year and then see about going part time after that, need to actually go and talk to them but I keep burying my head in the sand!

late it is all about what you'll be using your pram/travel system for. We have a bugaboo chameleon and I love it. It's really light but travels over rough ground really well (the main reason I got it was for walking along the very bumpy path through the woods to town!). Rose loved going out in it as a pram and it's lasted her easily to 6 months, she's slender but average length so I think it should last most babies, I know other people who's babies have grown out of the carrycots fairly quickly. We didn't use it for naps much but it's great for going out for walks. Have recently bought the car seat adapters but haven't tried them yet as I now tend to walk most places. Only downsides are that it is quite bulky to fit in my car boot, and when set up as a pram it's not easy to get into the basket thing at the bottom.

bunnygirl80 Thu 19-Jan-12 23:46:22

flick We used the Moses basket for about 3.5mths. It was an extra big one (I don't think you can get the brand on the UK, but it was a Seed Organic Pod if you want to google the dimensions) and Will would have easily fitted into it until he was about 6mths. The reason he got moved out of it was because he was an early roller and after his third attempt at rolling out of the basket I decided he'd be safer in his cot.

I have a couple of friends who just used the carry cot off the pram instead of a Moses basket, some brands even make stands for the carry cot. Moses baskets certainly aren't essential, but lots of newborns will freak out in something the size of a cot because if all the open space, so it's worth having something smaller to deposit them in

late I have an unhealthy obsession with buggies now, just like some men know the specifications of most cars, I know them for prams!! The chameleon is great if you'll be doing a lot of walking as it handles really well on rough ground. It also has a really really tight turning circle so it's extremely manoeuverable in tight spaces (eg cafes, narrow aisles in shops). You have to take the seat off the chassis to fold it which is a minor pita when going in the car, and it completely fills our boot, and we have a massIve SUV not a teeny tiny hatchback. If I'm going shopping in the car and intending to actually buy something then I take Will in his baby carrier rather than the pram

Truffkin Fri 20-Jan-12 07:51:10

Oh Florin a lovely baby boy grin exciting that you will start buying now! We didn't find out the sex and a couple of times whilst shopping pregnant I did think how handy it would have been.

For those debating though, the 'surprise' route worked for us although when DH told me L was a boy, I was surprised as my sister had convinced me he was a girl from the day I announced my pregnancy!

Re: moses baskets. We're still using it at almost 2 months. L is average weight but on the 85th percentile for length and fits comfortably still. I think the rolling thing will do it for us too as he rolled from front to back yesterday - eek! I'm hoping he might drop his 4am feed around 3 months so we could then move him into his big cot in his room to save the hassle of bringing it into our room. That's if I can bear hime being away from me! He is a noisy sleeper though so might be nice wink

Re: prams. I'd agree that it entirely depends on your personal needs and the spec of the pram you've chosen. We have the Silver Cross 'Surf' and I really love it. Pros and cons sound very similar to the Cameleon actually: well sprung for bumpy roads, easy to collapse, can use adaptors for it to take car seat if needed, very tight turning circle. I also find the adjustable handle really useful and was absolutely seduced by the range of colours! Cons: chassis and 'seat' bit fold separately so do take up a chunk of boot space and storage areas not huge for shopping. We didn't get the carry cot part with ours as on very close inspection we felt that the seat part once it has the newborn baby nest plus the footmuff / sleeping bag thing was very comfortable for lying flat. As the carry cot on ours is not suitable for overnight sleeping, we didn't think it offered anything extra. L will nap in his pram in the day and when we go out for a few hours he always sleeps in there so for us comfort is important.

For the first few weeks when we were still in London, I used the sling much more than the pram and we're getting a car at the weekend so will be using the car seat more again. Sorry, am not sure that's helpful at all to you!

Right Lanky I'll concentrate my cheerleading efforts after the weekend to encourage the baby out. Pedicures were my favourite treat in the last few weeks and I had my waxing done the week before my due date (but think it was less than pristine when he was a week late !) I haven't managed a pedicure since he arrived so may have to rectify that soon grin

Hope everyone has a great weekend'

Re moses baskets, we had to move Rose out of hers at 6 weeks! She still fitted in it but was sleeping really badly as she couldn't really sprawl out. We ended up buying an armsreach cosleeper crib as I wasn't ready to put her in her big cot and it's been great, wish she was still in it beside me but it's just a little cramped at 6 months. She's not a big baby, I don't think I'd bother with a moses basket again.

Flickstar Fri 20-Jan-12 20:36:31

Hello lovelies,

Thanks for all of your feedback on moses baskets! I think I will get one and try it. Have been watching the videos of the Organic Seed Pod bunny and it looks great. I'm about to investigate the possibilities(and COST!) of getting one in the UK.

highheels My EDD is similar to your little summer baby! I also have a variety of dates too- 7th July by my LMP (which I think is wrong as I never ovulated on day 14), 9th July from my private scan at 7ish weeks, 11th July from my scan at 11+1 (too early for nuchal so had to go back) and 12th July from my most recent scan at 12+5! I'm going to go with the 12th as it will be better for maternity pay and induction should it come to that!

lanky! so exciting that you're ready for the baby now! Enjoy your pampering and your dinner and then rest up. I won't be able to convince Mr. Flick about finding out the sex and deep down I do want a suprise too. My bump is coming along well! It is smaller in the morning but grows by lunch time and the evenings! I'm suprised by how big it is already to be honest!

How exciting for your scan on Monday late and with the double whammy of telling work too! Good luck for both and come back on MOnday and let us know how you get on.

Thanks for all the advice and info truff!


bunnygirl80 Fri 20-Jan-12 21:42:57

Truff yay for rolling! Will did front to back at 6wks then back to front at 12wks so you've probably not got long to wait until L's rolling all over the room. It's slightly unnerving when you turn your back on them for a minute and return to find them not on the playmat anymore, but wedged under the dining table grin

pixiestix Sat 21-Jan-12 14:28:02

Ooh moses baskets! Our moses basket was probably our single most extravagent purchase! grin We spotted this one in Mothercare and then just had to have it although there were loads cheaper. blush Its really solid so we got loads of use out of it. T was in it for about 5 months in the end. I love, love, love it.

Going to try and read the thread properly now and catch up on everyones news rather than just leaping in all the time! grin

Florin Sat 21-Jan-12 19:30:19

Enjoying all the opinions on Moses baskets. I an trying to avoid one at the moment as having a crib in our bedroom and getting the bugaboo donkey so baby can be in that during the day. Dh wants to use his old noses basket his mum has kept but it's not like any Moses basket I have ever seen and don't think a standard mattress would fit. For dh his mum made a mattress out of a bit of old foam she had! Plus mil wants to do it up and I really hate frills which is what she will do,
Had long shopping trip in London for holiday, dh has been so patient bless him. Bought a tankini, since I really popped out feel a bit self conscious in a bikini. Plus 2 pairs of shorts (thank your for whoever suggested h and m) got one pair there and another in mothercare. Oh and a lovely white tunic style top in mamas and papas which is gorgeous. Very happy with my holiday wardrobe now! Feel much more ready to go away, now just need to sort out dh's summer stuff and iron it all!
late good luck for your scan on Monday, enjoy seeing baby!

bunnygirl80 Sun 22-Jan-12 07:13:22

Oooooooh florin am very very envy of your donkey. I really really want one but DH won't let me get one. My friend has one and when I went visit her and newborn dd I spent slightly longer cooing over the pram than the baby blush

Flickstar Sun 22-Jan-12 16:23:33

Hi Ladies just popping in to wish late luck for tomorrow and to send baby vibes to lanky! Hope you enjoyed your pampering and dinner- bring on the baby!

Sounds like a successful shop florin! Well done smile

I wanted to ask about weight gain. I was average weight for my height before I got pregnant (BMI around 24ish and size 10-12) but lost 5lbs during my first trimester due ti my food aversions and sickness. I'm feeling tonnes better now and have put on 4 of the 5lbs I have lost but am obvioulsy still 1lb under my pre pregnancy weight. I read somewhere that you should be gaining 1-2lbs a week during the second trimester and wondered if my weight gain sounded ok to you more experienced ladies?! I will check with my midwife when I see her on Thurs but just wanted to sound it out here first.

Flickstar Sun 22-Jan-12 16:26:00

Oh and also wanted to say that I have been very lazy and not left the house all weekend so have had a good trawl of the internet and found some good bargains!Both Asda and Tesco have baby events on. I bought a steriliser which comes with 4 bottles for £10 instead of £27.99. It is a Tommy Tipee closer to nature one. The reviews are generally good and even if I don't use it or if it does turn out to be rubbish you can go wrong for a tenner! I plan to breast feed but you never know do you? I also went a little bit crazy on the Next website on some baby clothes. I justified it to myself by saying that it is really hard to find nice, colourful unisex stuff so I got a few gorgeous bits from the animal brights and bright stars range so the baby will have some funky things for it's first few days! Really worth a look for you late and lanky if you want some last minute bits! Boots has some good deals on nappies too at the minute...

Truffkin Sun 22-Jan-12 21:24:13

Ooh Pixie we've got the same moses basket! I love it too, really traditional and very sturdy.

Flick I have the TT microwave steriliser and get on well with it (we're using TT CTN bottles and dummies too). I use it for the breast pump and dummies plus bottles when we give expressed milk. It's a nice size and so handy to get everything done in a few minutes, ours goes on at least twice a day! Sorry can't offer advice on weight gain as I didn't get back to my pre-pregnancy weight until well into the third trimester due to sickness (and Lucas is just fine, so no harm done to him at all) and gained around 6lbs in total by the end!

For bright baby stuff, I have put Lucas in some sleepsuits my Mom bought from Sainsbury absolutely loads. They have lovely bright stuff that washes well (doesn't bobble or fade like some things have), so much so that I've bought the next size up in one of the sleepsuit packs as he's worn them so much because I love them! Gap is also very nice and has some good sales, baby stuff seems so cheap compared to adult clothes that it's easy to go crazy on a spending spree!

Lanky hope you've enjoyed your weekend and am sending labour vibes to you x

Flick the only time I was weighed was at 12 weeks for my booking appointment and I'd already gained nearly a stone (!) so I can't offer any advice, I believe they don't bother weighing pregnant women here anymore as every pregnancy is different and it was causing too much stress. I must have gained about 3 stone by the end as I was 2 stone heavier than pre pregnancy the first time I braved the scales post birth and that was without Rose and the gallons of water I had been carrying around smile Seriously though, try to eat healthily and stay reasonably active but if your body's craving something go for it (including sleep). I also got lots of bright sleepsuits from Next as I didn't want pastels and needed unisex, they've been great and generously sized too. Mamas and papas stuff was tiny and didn't last long at all, and Rose wasn't exactly a big baby!

Florin our moses basket was actually DPs old basket from his mum, we found that mamas and papas moses basket mattresses fit it although the ones everywhere else are a different size.

Lanky hope you're doing lots of lovely relaxing things and also sending labour vibes your way.

pixiestix Mon 23-Jan-12 14:16:05

Ah, excellent taste Truff! grin I felt a bit guilty about it as it was sooooo pricey - but not guilty enough not to buy it!

Flick the weight gain thing is just so personal to each woman. As long as you are feeling well and keeping down what you are eating then you are doing fine! I gained 9lbs in total during my pregnancy but then I have always been a bit of a chubber so I didn't really need any more!

The Next stuff is lovely this season, isnt it! Jojos have some nice funky non-gendered stuff too.

Hope today is going well for you Late.

Flickstar Mon 23-Jan-12 14:35:30

Popping into to see if any news from late or lanky Will be back later on xx

LankyLegs Mon 23-Jan-12 17:54:20

Hello all,

Just checking in on late hope the scan went well and looking forward to hearing about it!!

Lots of shopping going on - I like it!! Flick sounds like you have made a good start on things - that's what I like to see. Thanks for the tips I might go and take a nosey - esp if things are in the sale. Thanks for the tips re nappies too - have brought enoough for the first couple of weeks (I think) but have heard different babies get on better with different brands - e.g. one of the nct girls was saying that the huggies new born ones leak on her little boy. So think I will see what the little one will suit ( have a selection of pampers and huggies). Re weight gain - I have not weighed myself that much but it looks like I may have put on a couple of stone. I think the majority of that was during third trimester too. I don't feel massive at all and think it is mostly bump and some around my hips (which is exactly where I thought the darn weight would end up!). As truff said the baby gets all they need from you so don't stress too much my dear. How are you feeling otherwise?

Florin sounds like your holiday wardrobe is sorted too - am very envy - it will be amazing I imagine!

Truff can't believe little Lucas is starting to roll already - eeek how quickly they grow!! It was only yesterday you gave birth surely?!

Thank you for all the labour vibes everyone!! Lots and lots of twinges this weekend and baby is nestled down very low making sleeping awful and walking is getting tough so am keeping everything crossed that it arrives this week! I really don't want to go over my due date but trying to stay chilled out at the same time. hmm

I think I need to stop having people over for dinner too as it's turning out to be too knackering! Weekend was lovely but exhausting. Had lunch with the nct girls again today and got to meet another one of the new babies so the 4 of us that are still left to pop from the groupgot lots of cuddles hoping it would do the trick!!

Looking forward to hearing news from late!!!

Hello ladies, scan was FAB! Everything is fine and normal as far as they can see - we were looking especially for cleft lip as DH has that & his grandmother had the cleft palate as well, but my genes seem to have won out on that one grin
I looked hard to see if I could see any 'bits' but the baby is obviously taking DH's side and wasn't giving anything away! It gave the most adorable yawn while we were watching, just amazing seeing it! The only thing was that the brought my EDD forwards 4 days, otherwise it would have been in the 95th percentile, it's a bit early to be contemplating that so I'm going back for ANOTHER scan in 4 weeks - this is one super-scanned baby! The sonographer said the size thing flagged up gestational diabetes, but that I shouldn't worry about that until the next scan& it will all probably be fine.

SO, feeling very happy with it all now, going to tell my work colleagues tomorrow and start wearing some more comfortable clothes! grin

Sounds like things are revving up to go Lanky, will be keeping an eye out for updates!

Yay for scan late grin

LankyLegs Tue 24-Jan-12 14:37:59

Fantastic news on the scan Late so pleased everything is well. Enjoy and hope today telling your work colleagues was also fun.
Also nice bonus to see the little one again in 4 weeks! Not a bad thing at all!

Flickstar Tue 24-Jan-12 18:47:26

Great news late Hope it went well telling your colleagues today!

Exciting to hear about your twinges lanky- I things start to ramp up for you soon smile

pixiestix Wed 25-Jan-12 14:48:35

Hooray! I'm so glad it went well Late. Enjoy telling all of your colleagues - although at 20 weeks how the hell haven't they guessed? shock grin Don't worry about gestational diabetes if it comes to that in a few weeks time. I had it, as did Aly and we can give you any info or advice that you need, and quell any worries. Woo hoo for BabyLate!

So, I told everyone at work - believe it or not no-one had guessed! Told you my bump was teeny! grin
2 days later & I have already become 'high maintainence pregnant person' and have actually stayed home from work because of a COLD! sad. It's a really heavy head cold, it's making me look and feel absolutely awful, and having to ride it out with only paracetamol, honey & lemon is bally hard work - man alive, I miss Night Nurse!

Just sticking my head round he door to see if there's any news from Lanky....

Ooooh, Lanky still MIA hope that means babyLanky is imminent or you're snuggled up with your newborn already smile

Late I remember having a horrible cold when pg and being told by the pharmacist that all I could have was steam, was not fun. Hope you're feeling better.

LankyLegs Mon 30-Jan-12 08:55:49

Hello all....

Wow Late I can't believe your work folk didn't guess that you were pregnant - I bet you are pleased it's all out in the open now. Hope your cold has gotten better - it does suck not being able to use drugs to help the process along. Hopefully you are through the worse of it.

Thanks for checking in on progress HH and late.... aggggh nothing apart from lots and lots of twinges and strange feelings. But who knows when it will arrive! Am getting a very bored and frustrated now... come on baby. On the plus side - seeing the midwife tomorrow and also have been booked in for a sweep this Sunday (but hoping it wont come to that).

How is everyone else? Flick and Florin hope you guys are well. Any exciting news to entertain a very bored woman???!!!

pixiestix Mon 30-Jan-12 10:50:21

Hang on in there Lanky. Baby will be with you soon enough and all the twinges sound very positive. You know that you aren't allowed to get properly bored and frustrated until you are at least ten days overdue, right? wink Are you sorted on the names front?

LankyLegs Mon 30-Jan-12 12:23:06

pixie i know - nowhere near even 10 days overdue- whats wrong with me?! I think It's just so uncomfy now - no position is comfy and also not much to do at home (well at least stuff I can do with a massive bump!) Am trying to make the most of lazy days though! Names all sorted too! Hope you are keeping well!

goldmaple Tue 31-Jan-12 19:31:07

Just lanky-stalking! Enjoy all the sleep you can now!! You'll miss it!

Glad to hear things are going so well with late, pixie, flick and anyone else I missed!!

Truffkin Thu 02-Feb-12 09:28:46

Checking in for Lanky cervix-watch grin and continuing to send subliminal messages to the baby that it's birthday time!

Late I hope your cold is on its way out. Such a pain when you can't take the hard stuff! I found that menthol chewing gum helped unblock my nose and there are certain cough syrups you can take after the first trimester.

Flickstar Thu 02-Feb-12 10:20:41

hello hello!

Checking in for lanky watch too! Happy due date for yesterday lady!

Hope you're feeling better late I can't believe that no one guessed at your work! They must have been super shocked when you said you were 20 weeks! Were they like this shock?!

So i have a little bit of news- It is a bit epic so please bear with me and it does have a nice ending!

I worked myself up into a big, old huge panic on Sunday night and Monday morning as I had a funny low down pain that felt like period pain and it wouldn’t go away. I had a bath which made it worse and took paracetamol which did nothing so I got in a right state. I did the worst think possible (googled!) and convinced myself that I had an imcompetent cervix and was going into premature labour. It sound so ridiculous now I write it down but I honestly was so worried.

Anyway, I barely slept Sunday night and on Monday morning was in a terrible state. Decided to take the day off work and call mi midwife and see what she said. She said it all sounded normal but as I sounded so worried she would recommend that I went to the EPAU and get a scan. So I trundled off to the hospital and waited for 2 hours in the EPAU. Finally got to see the doctor and she said ‘oh, sorry. I can’t see you as you are over 16 weeks’ so palmed me off to the maternity assessment unit on the next floor. I was so cross with the midwife for sending me there! I waited for 4 hours in the MAU before I could see a doctor and during this time time they were constantly monitoring my blood pressure which was, of course, going through the ceiling!

When I finally got to see the doctor she listened for the heartbeat, checked my cervix and all was absolutely fine. The pain turned out to be inflammation of my bladder blush due to the UTI that I am being treated for so that was all fine. However... as my blood pressure had been so constantly high all day they were really worried and referred me to the hypertension specialist. In preparation for the appointment which was yesterday I had to collect all of my wee over a 24hour period so Tuesday was spent weeing into a jug and then transferring into a canister- not my finest hours I have to say!

So, I had the appointment with the blood pressure consultant yesterday and my readings were fine. He did liver function blood tests and of course took my huge barrel of urine away to be tested. They want to keep an eye on me as my mum was hospitalised for 6 weeks before having me due to high blood pressure so I have to get my BP checked every two weeks and go back and see him on the 15th March.

Moral of the story ladies is DO NOT GOOGLE and wind yourself up into a state of panic as it can lead to all sorts of problems! I know I don’t have high blood pressure but now have to have all of these appointments because I spent a day stressing myself out!

However, the upside of this saga is that the consultant did a scan at the end of the appointment and I got to see the baby wriggling around. Warning to late and all other ladies in the future who DON’T want to find out what you’re having as I didn’t.... As soon as he started scanning me I saw the baby was upside down with it’s bum in the air and I saw straight between it’s legs where there was a huge willy dangling! The consultant was so funny. He said ‘Oh, do you know what your ‘e having?’ I said, ‘No , but i think i have just seen something between it’s legs!’ He said ‘yes, very obvious isn’t it?!’ When i told him I hadn’t wanted to find out he was so apologetic but it wasn’t his fault in the slightest! There was NO way I couldn’t have seen what it was so I’m having a BOY!!!! We are so thrilled! For all of those old wives talers out there, I was convinced I was having a girl and all of the signs pointed to a girl but we have a lovely little boy on the way! We are so excited to know now but am also glad that i didn’t make the decision to know if that makes sense?!

What an epic postblush well done if you made it to the end!

Truffkin Thu 02-Feb-12 13:24:56

Oh Flick what a palaver! But so glad all is well and a little boy! How exciting. Baby boys are great <biased> and I'm sure you'll find it even easier to shop now wink

Truffkin Thu 02-Feb-12 13:25:42

P.S I'm sure baby girls are awesome too, I just have no first hand experience of them grin

LankyLegs Thu 02-Feb-12 15:33:46

Oh flick you poor love getting yourself worked up like that! Am pleased that everything is ok and want to send you huge congratulations on having a wee boy!!! How exciting!!! As Truff said... shopping will be easier and you can think about names and get them sorted too! On another note I hope your UTI gets cleared up soon. Very common in pregnancy but hope it's not too painful. (Also am very pleased that you didn't mind finding out the gender by accident too!). I can't wait to find out now!!

Truff cervix watch is proving to be very dull.... still just tonnes of braxton hicks, tightenings and pin like feelings in the fanjo area but nothing else! No bloody show or mucus plug dropping. But then I am only 40+1. Hope little L is well!

Gold lovely to hear from you - how are you both doing? Have you settled into mummyhood? I bet you are loving it!

Today is the first day I have done very little and have not even ventured out for my normal walk - way too cold!! Instead I have been playing with the pram... and watching telly on the birth ball. Very dull!! I am now so it seems the last one in the NCT group to pop.... the one other person who hadn't given birth is going in tonight to be induced so she should hopefully have hers by the weekend. All our meet ups are now with babies so getting very jealous that they are all on the other side and I am still sat there with bump. Hey ho it will come when it comes.

Waves to everyone else!

Hello everyone, hello Lanky, hope you're not too uncomfortable and/or bored! And hope LittleLanky doesn't keep you waiting too much longer - are you treating yourself to a Friday night Vindaloo?! grin

Flick, wow, what a day you had. Pleased that they are keeping an eye on your blood pressure, and VERY pleased you were not in labour! That must have been quite upsetting, Google or no Google. I had a friend who had her first baby at 29 weeks (he's fine, he's 5 now) and she was very confused about what was going on when it started. But how EXCITING that you know you're having a boy! grin That's the way my sister found out - they didn't have to ask, her little boy was showing off the crown jewels himself wink
I have a growth scan 3 weeks and DH has said he might not come to that one.... Man alive, the temptation to find out what sex BabyLate is, and keep it secret, is going to be HUGE!!!

My cold has gone - it was a bad one anyway, but not being able to take anything stronger than paracetamol....that was harsh! They really can make you feel miserable can't they.

<waves at all the FTF Alumni on Lanky Cervix-Watch>

<sits on sofa under a blanket with the heating on high, thinking of Florin on her boat in the sunshine....>

pixiestix Fri 03-Feb-12 20:09:29

Ooh Flick a boy!!!!! How fantastic!! smile smile Truff is right - boys rock. (I am on day 8 of the D+V bug with my DD, girls officially SUCK!) grin

I had to have a few extra scans because of my GD and DH and I would look at the ceiling until it was "safe" because of our paranoia of finding out the sex accidentally. I don't feel quite so paranoid now I've read your story!! grin

bunnygirl80 Fri 03-Feb-12 22:18:02

flick what a day you had. Glad everything turned out ok, and congrats on the boy.

lanky hope you're not kept waiting too much longer. I never had a show or much in the way of Braxton hicks so don't let the lack of things like that fool you! I did however end up trying to run home from the hairdressers in a huge rainstorm the day before I had Will, so perhaps you could try a little light jogging winkgrin

Flick what a nightmare day, still at least you had lovely news about the boy smile

Late glad you're recovered from the cold.

Lanky I had no Braxton hicks, and my show was only 5 hours before Rose arrived! I didn't do any jogging like bunny but did do aqua aerobics the morning before my waters broke grin

pixiestix Sun 05-Feb-12 13:02:59

<peers at Lankys cervix>

cherrycobbler Sun 05-Feb-12 21:56:39

Just popping in to see if there was any news on lanky and her cervix and read your post flick - gosh what a scare but yay yay on the boy!!! Little boys are scrummy and much as i really hate to generalise on the basis of sex, all the boys in our NCT group adore their mummies the most and the little girls already seem to reserve the winning smiles for daddy grin

Ugh pixie we're just coming out of the baby - mummy - daddy D+V horribleness that seems to be doing the rounds so you have my sympathy. Wishing you all better soon.

Hello to everyone else!!

Flickstar Mon 06-Feb-12 11:17:03

Thanks for all of your congratulations on my boy! Am still very excited.

Sorry to hear of all the poorly babies sad

lanky hope you're ok. Was thinking of you in the snow this weekend as it was very snowy round near us wasn't it?! Hope you are all ok and not too uncomfortable!

Popping in to see if there's been any news from Lanky.....

Hope everyone's keeping warm!

LankyLegs Wed 08-Feb-12 14:02:54

Hello all,

Thanks to everyone for checking in on news....i'm afraid nothing major to report which is quite disheartening :-( have had 2 sweeps - one on sunday and one today (today's one didnt go so great) but I lost my mucus plug after the first and today she couldn't do as good a job as she did last time... maybe it was my body remembering the pain from Sunday!

Anyway - am booked in for an induction on sunday night for monday so by crook the baby should be here by tues/weds next week. Although am desperate to avoid induction - so much so have another nasty sweep booked for Friday....

Am feeling rather emotional about it all - bloody hormones, just can't stop crying!

Hope everyone else is bearing up ok in the cold weather....

Sorry for lack of personals! I did write a long post this morning but bloody phone lost it. Another reason for a sob! It doesn't take much at the moment!


cherrycobbler Thu 09-Feb-12 08:44:37

Aw lanky the last days of pregnancy are pretty emotional and sweeps aren't fun, hope you are doing lots of nice things for yourself too. I was induced, was also keen not to be, but had a really positive experience and would totally be happy to be induced again. PM me if you want to chat. xx

Flickstar Thu 09-Feb-12 10:30:46

Oh poor lankyloo sad Mucus plug going is a really positive sign though and you still have a good few days left until you are scheduled to go in to hospital. I think your baby either a) is hiding away until it warms up or b) wants to be a romantic and lovely Valentines baby. Hang in there and like cherry says there are lots of positive induction stories. Thinking of you xxxx

LankyLegs Thu 09-Feb-12 13:08:34

Thanks lovely cherry and flick and yes flick DH seems to think that it wants to arrive on valentines if it does I just hope it's not a girl... or if she is that she will be lucky in love! I just think of my single years and how awful valentines was!!!

Cherry thanks for the positive induction story. I have only ever heard very long or not very nice births that have to be induced. I need to think more positive and shake that off. Can I ask you or any of the other lovely ladies who had sweeps whether it is worth me going for a third one tomorrow? They are pretty nasty and I am not sure I should bother going for one 2 days before induction? I keep thinking I am going to be prodded and in pain for a few days come sunday/monday and whether I should spare myself the sweep tomorrow. hmm

Anyway - sorry for being so self indulgent. I hope everyone else is doing well.

Flick I hope you are still shopping away and over the moon about your little boy!

Late when is you next scan - were you not heading back for another one at 24 weeks?

Is Florin now back from her hols...? Surely she can't still be sunning herself on a boat envy grin

Waves to everyone else!

cherrycobbler Thu 09-Feb-12 14:08:07

I'm not an expert but I think if it were me I wouldn't want to go for the last sweep. I had one before my induction and I do think it got things going, but if you've had two then I don't think having an extra one is suddenly going to push you into labour. My midwife, who was amazing, basically said that nothing's really proven to bring on labour (apart from induction drugs) but that the best thing in the last few weeks was to keep your oxytocin high by doing lots of lovely things. Having a sweep (and dreading one!) isn't a lovely thing!

And don't read nightmare induction stories!! It's so cliched but every labour is different. I was already dilated when I went in to be induced so they went straight for the synto drip, and I asked for the epidural to be put in before the drip, so I was never scared, frantic or in pain (well, pushing did sting a bit as it had worn off by then!). I was flat on my back but didn't need any assistance to get DD out (DH did keep trying to fan me ineffectually/ offer me sips of squash which I found sooooo annoying) and didn't tear. So its not true that induction/ epi always = cascade of intervention. If you're considering an epidural I strongly advise having one in as early as possible. It means you're not exhausted when it comes to pushing too.

You poor love, I so remember how emotional I felt in the last week or so and how desperate I was for something to happen naturally. Doesn't help that its the only thing you can think about!

ps I know a Valentina, who is very lucky in love!

LankyLegs Thu 09-Feb-12 14:59:03

Thank you cherry i think i am totally thinking the same...just going to enjoy these last few days and i dont think having a third sweep fits into that! Your birth story sounds really positive and thanks for sharing that...it has made me feel a lot better! I think i have just got so caught up in wanting it to start naturally that its just made get myself into a bit of a frenzy! Am going to do my upmost to chill out and enjoy these last few lazy days with lots of naps, reading and other nice things!

Btw have also heard the same re epidurals in induction esp since the drips can take a while and bring on contractions alot stronger.

Watch this space and thanks again for your advice! Xx

haloflo Thu 09-Feb-12 20:32:39

Just a quick post (sorry i'm so behind with this thread) to wish lanky all the best. DD came at 9 days overdue and they were the longest days of my life! I HATED the sweep, couldn't go through with it. I wouldn't put yourself through another if you don't feel they are helping.

I ended up on synto after my waters went the day before and I wasn't progressing very fast by myself. I also had an epidural at the same time to cope with the pain. My contractions were 3 times as strong on the drip but much more effective. I went from 4-5cm to 10 cm in 4 hours whilst drinking cups of tea. I pushed her out myself in 40 minutes also on my back. I did tear but that might have happened anyway. It wasn't exactly as planned but I couldn't have done it any other way. I hope that helps.

flick Ooooh a boy! Very exiting. I hope you have fun shopping for him.

Ah Lanky, wishing you all the best for the next few days and fingers & toes crossed that you don't need that induction - I know quite a few people that have gone into labour about 24-hours before they were due to go in for an induction, it's like it focuses the baby's mind! I don't know what a sweep is yet, and after reading some of the posts here I think I might try to remain in blissful ignorance! Really hope it all kicks off soon - how amazing that, whichever way it goes, you WILL have met your little baby by this time next week!

Well remembered about my scan, it's not until the 20th and I'm hoping that they will confirm the EDD then. I'm looking forward to seeing it again (and seeing if I can spot anything this time that might give me a clue as to what it is!) - it's doing a lot of boxercise, DH can feel it now as well which is really nice for him. He's besotted with it already grin

We have accepted and offer for our flat and are looking at 5 houses tomorrow! Two of life's major upheavals coming so close together, we must be mad!

Have a good Friday everyone grin

pixiestix Fri 10-Feb-12 12:42:23

Oh Lanky you poor love. At the risk of saying the wrong thing, you don't have to have an induction. The baby will come out eventually! My friend was 21 days overdue when her little girl made an appearance, safe and sound and only 8lbs, so not a giant. I'm only saying that because you said you were desperate to aviod induction, not to make you feel any worse!

I never had a sweep, but it sounds like it is stressing you out so much that it can only be having a detrimental effect so my advice would be to cancel it.

I had one of those "nightmare" births that everyone goes on about - BUT do you know what? It actually wasn't that bad and my beautiful DD was delivered safely and healthily into my arms. So no matter what happens things WILL BE OK!!!!

We are all over on Facebook most of the time so if you want a bit of extra support please please pop your head in and say hello.

bunnygirl80 Fri 10-Feb-12 15:13:28

lanky like everyone else has said, if the thought of another sweep is stressing you out then I wouldn't bother.

There are a lot of horror stories about inductions, but 2 of my close friends had really good experiences. They both had one pessary and baby born within 4 hrs or so of that with no pain relief needed.

Enjoy your last few days of being child free, this will be your last opportunity to just leave the house with your keys and phone, instead of needing to ensure you have vast quantities of paraphernalia and changes of clothes for everyone grin

LankyLegs Fri 10-Feb-12 15:25:21

Hello lovely ladies - thanks so much for all your support and advice and positive stories!

I decided not to have the thrid sweep this morning and instead walked into town and had a potter and hot chocolate! Bunny am trying to make the most of these child free days as you have said! Still can't imagine what it wll be like having to care for a little person hmm ... a bit wierd thinking thins time next week there will be 3 of us in this house!

pixie I did wonder whether to leave the induction for longer but think I am ready to meet the little one and you are totally right - I dont care how s/he comes out I just want to meet it and get it here safe and sound. It will be 1/2 days of labour versus the 9 months of pregnancy so I am just going to go with it!

halo thanks for your positive story too - very reassuring to know that your birth with the drip wasn't too long and drawn out.

Oops - I feel like I have highjacked the thread a bit - sorry everyone! I soo appreciate all the advice though - has been really helpful these last few days.

Late oooh not long until your scan - I wonder if you will get a peek like flick! You never know... bless you really want to know the sex don't you?! There is still time to convince your DH! And how bloody exciting house hunting! Congrats on the offer on your flat - so exciting - its all happening this year for you!

I hope everyone has good weekends and if you dont hear from me then I will see you all on the other side! Wish me luck!


pixiestix Fri 10-Feb-12 15:43:51

Good luck! grin grin

You are totally allowed to hijack the thread as soon as you hit 37 weeks - its, like, the law! grin And its totally exciting for us to be able to live vicariously through you for a few weeks hmm

Good Luck Lanky!!!! grin grin

cherrycobbler Fri 10-Feb-12 17:01:42

yay, a potter around town and a hot chocolate sound sooo much nicer (and wiser) than a sweep. Good luck lanky, keep us posted!

late just to warn you about the scan, I totally thought I saw some, er, boy bits at a scan I had at 18 weeks even though the sonographer said nothing. I was totally wrong! (we had a 4D scan at about 28 weeks and she confirmed it was definitely a girl). V v exciting house hunting, lots of change this year for you!!

and everyone else, completely echo pixie's invite to the fb group, just pm me or someone else who's on it, to be added if you'd like. its a secret group so won't show up on your news feed at all, in case, like me, you are worried your RL friends will discover they can read all about your EWCM and sex life on the internet.

pixiestix Sat 11-Feb-12 14:34:57

Cherry, you have a sex life and a baby????? shock envy grin

bunnygirl80 Sat 11-Feb-12 15:38:58

Hot chocolate is definitely preferable to a mw having a rummage in your bits grin

pixie I think she might be referring to the sex life that led to the baby. You know as well as I do that once the baby's here there is none of this sex malarkey going on......I still don't know where second babies come from. I imagine they're the ones the stork brings grin

cherrycobbler Sat 11-Feb-12 20:22:39

ha ha pixie bunny is right, sex life before the baby!! How do second babies get made?!

LankyLegs Sun 12-Feb-12 02:10:31

Hello lovely ones... Just to announce the birth of our gorgeous little son born last night in the local MLU... Will add birth story soon but he is 8 lbs and perfect. Cant belive i lasted until 7cm at home and then on gas and air. Lost a bit of blood though so feeling a bit ropey but over the moon. Pleased to have avoided induction but my hell... It was tough just on tens, gas and air and water. 24 hours from start to finish.

Love him sooo much already! Thanks for all your lovely advice and support you all got me through the last fee days xxx

haloflo Sun 12-Feb-12 07:47:31

Wow well done Lanky!! Congratulations!! It sounds like you coped really well.

I too lost blood (1l) so remember that feeling well. Make sure you rest and don't overestimate how much you can do. (I was shakey on my feet for a while) I took the iron tablets despite the gross side effects they really helped me.

Does he have a name yet? Congratulations again. Enjoy the snuggles. xx

Well done Lanky!!! What fantastic news, so very glad he got himself moving before you started down the induction route. I'm in awe of you doing it all on gas & air grin

Hope you & MrLanky have a lovely day with your new snuffly bundle smile

pixiestix Sun 12-Feb-12 08:05:02

grin grin grin grin grin grin
Oh Lanky well done!!!!!!!!! I'm so so so so pleased for you!! And pleased that you managed to avoid that bloody induction. Yay!!!!
Can't wait for FB piccies and to hear his name. What great news to wake up to on a Sunday morning! Hooray!

cherrycobbler Sun 12-Feb-12 08:35:17

Wow wow wow!!! Huge congrats, what lovely news - and a little boy too, amazing!!!!! Am dead impressed by your hard-as-nails pain threshold too grin

Hope you're being well looked after and enjoying this special time xxxx

bunnygirl80 Sun 12-Feb-12 10:34:53

Yay well done lanky. Congrats on your boy, they're just the best grin

Take it easy. I lost a reasonable amount of blood (700ml, mostly into my poor obstetrician's lap!) but was so happy not to be pg I ignored all the advice and went pushing William around in the pram on crazy long walks about a week after he was born........nearly fainted in the street and poor DH had to leave us where we were, run home and get the car to collect us. So rest up, and don't try and go back to racing around in your newly non-pg state for a few weeks

Congratulations Lanky smilesmile

This is MrsWajs btw!

Yay fab news Lanky big congratulations smile smile

Second Bunny's advice about taking it easy, I lost blood and remember having blurry vision before being convinced a few days of rest might not be such a bad idea!!

Can't wait to hear names and see photos.

Can I ask for some advice? I've had period-like cramps all day today - not painful but rather uncomfortable. It's right where I would normally get period cramps, down between my hips. They vary in intensity but the cramp feelings are there pretty much all the time. I'm only just coming up to 24 weeks, so this isn't likely to be Braxton Hicks is it? I can still feel the baby moving and there's no blood or anything - can't help feeling a bit anxious about it though...

CaveMum Sun 12-Feb-12 18:09:37

Congratulations Lanky grin!!!!

Flick sorry you had a scare, but yay for a boy! People tell me boys are more affectionate than girls, though I'm sure the mums of girls would dispute that!

Late, hope someone comes along with a reassuring answer for you soon.

Waves & hugs to everyone else grin

haloflo Sun 12-Feb-12 18:23:48

late My braxton hicks meant my whole bump went hard. Do the cramps make your bump hard? They didn't hurt and were uncomfortable. I got loads but can't really remember when they started.

I would call your delivery suite or community midwife if you are at all worried. x

cherrycobbler Sun 12-Feb-12 18:26:59

Hi late I had period type cramps from about 26-ish weeks, particularly when tires or after walking etc. They told me it was round ligament pain and everything stretching. If you're worried at all though I would give your midwife a call. I ended up going in to be monitored a couple of times when I panicked about stuff, and the hospital midwives were really lovely and said always give them a call if at all concerned and they would rather check you over and reassure you all is well than you sit at home worrying. Try and relax this eve but don't hesitate to call your mw if it carries on xx

late I also had ligament pain which felt like period cramps, can't remember when but definitely on a few different occassions throughout, usually just before bump growth spurts I think smile Agree with cherry that you should phone midwives (or NHS 24/direct) if you're worried, they will never bother about having to reassure a pregnant lady!

Flickstar Sun 12-Feb-12 21:08:57

Congratulations to dear lanky! Another wonderful boy! I cant wait for photos. You did so well! Am very impressed and hope I can be as tough as you grin

late I often have aches and stretching pains and have low down pain which is a result of my recurring UTIs. Maybe you could get your wee checked and rule out a UTI as they can give a similar pain.

Thanks everyone for your responses, it's reassuring to hear that this kind of thing is not unusual! Having spent most of the afternoon on the sofa not doing much, the cramps have subdued a bit. It sounds like it's most likely to be the ligament thing, but I also get UTIs Flick, so I'll keep an eye on that... If it's unchanged tomorrow I'll contact my midwife.
Thanks again everyone smile

cherrycobbler Mon 13-Feb-12 14:27:56

late hope you are feeling better today x

Thanks Cherry, although it's still a bit uncomfortable the cramps have stopped - they were the main thing I was anxious about so feeling a lot better now. It's a bit of a rollercoaster doing this for the first time isn't it!
Tomorrow my little baby is Officially Viable! grin

Truffkin Tue 14-Feb-12 09:29:09

Congratulations Lanky it sounds like you did an amazing job! Hope you have enjoyed lots of lovely snuggles as a family and you are now on the mend at home.

Quiet in here, how is everyone?

Hello highheels <waves> hope all's well with you & Rose smile

Lanky, how are you enjoying having the new little person sharing your house now? wink Hope you're all having fun (and you're getting enough sleep!)

Florin, are you back from your hols? Did you have a wonderful relaxing time on the boat in the sunshine? envy wink

Things are hotting up in the Late household - we accepted and offer for our flat a couple of weeks ago, and we had an offer accepted for a house last week! It's all very grown up - you know you're entering a new stage of life when you see the house and the first thing you think is 'Ooo, it's opposite a nice park with a playground', and not 'Ooo, that pub at the end of the road looks good' grin
So fingers crossed it all goes through smoothly... hmm

I have a growth scan tomorrow (will be 24+6) which will hopefully confirm the EDD. Looking forward to seeing the baby again. It's been very active and DH loves sitting with his hand on the bump feeling it doing its boxercise grin Those cramps I had last weekend had gone by the end of last Monday, I think it must have been the ligament thing, and I'm sure the bump grew by about a third in the space of those 2 days!

Hi late, all's fine except Rose full of the cold (little eyes are all gummy sad) and I'm poorly today too. Would love some sleep one day soon too! Fingers crossed for your house, so exciting. Love the idea of bump boxercise, I miss feeling all the kicks and wriggles in my tummy (actually I still miss being pregnant, I loved it!!). Glad the cramps have stopped too, it's horrible having weird aches and pains when pregnant, I was forever worrying about one thing or another. Enjoy your next peek at baby late tomorrow.

Lanky any names yet? Hope you're doing okay.

Waves to everyone else.

Fairygodmother1 Sun 19-Feb-12 17:17:16

Hi highheels thanks for the invite! I'm here! Can't believe I finally graduated

Welcome Fairy! grin good to have you join us - when did you get your BFP? It's a crazily exciting time, this bit! Hope you're feeling well smile

Truffkin Sun 19-Feb-12 22:30:35

Congratulations Fairy has it sunk in yet? Hope Lanky is getting on well and enjoying things at home.

Lucas was baptised today and we've had a lovely time. Slight poonami incident caused us to detour home between the service and reception to get cleaned up grin I've been totally overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and generosity of our friends and family and I'm so happy that we have lovely people for Lucas to grow up around. Am having a major wuss moment!!

Hope everyone is ok xx

PearlyFish Sun 19-Feb-12 22:44:37

Hi ladies,
Have finally plucked up the courage to come over to the graduates thread. Thanks to cave highheels and late for the encouragement!

I wasn't on the conception thread long but been trying 7 months. I'd like to stick with the frolickers if you'll have me?! grin
I'm 5+4 today, got my fingers tightly crossed that all goes well.

Big congrats to fairy, when is your estimated due date? The MN calculator gives 20th Oct for me.

Fairygodmother1 Mon 20-Feb-12 05:26:00

Hi ya, I got BFP on Friday - still don't think it's sunk in yet. Had a bit of brownish spotting yesterday which made me panic but only lasted a few hours so everything must be ok, plus no pain. Only occassional aches & feeling like I'm coming on. Tender boobs, sore back, almost coldy symptoms, & a little heart burn sometimes is all I'm feeling but early days.

I'm due 22nd October. Seems such a long way off. I never wanted to find out this early but I was getting fed up of sore boobs & back & no AF. I did it thinking that it would entice it to come on but a faint little line was there! So bought a digital one & it came up Pregnant straight away!

We've been trying for almost 4 1/2 years! I'm so excited & scared at the same time as this baby is soooo wanted/anticipated! The next 8 months are gonna seem like forever! grin

Fairygodmother1 Mon 20-Feb-12 06:54:36

Well, an update to keep my mind from breaking me apart...got up for a wee just after last post & to get ready for work, went to the loo & a ton of brownish-pink discharge, the sort I get at the beginning or end of a period.
Spoken to Midwife team but they won't see me until I see a DR. Then he needs to decide whether I need to go to EPU!

So off to Dr in about 30 mins!

Fairy how did you get on at the Dr? I found the first 15 weeks absolutely terrifying, not helped by spotting on and off from 8-14 weeks. Spotting is really common, unfortunately there's not a lot they can do, especially so early on as a scan wouldn't show anything yet. Hope you're okay and have had some reassurance. Big hugs.

Welcome pearly

Glad you had a lovely baptism truff

Fairygodmother1 Mon 20-Feb-12 13:34:20

Hi ya,

Bed rest for a week been prescibed. Have a scan on thursday as I'm actually 5+4!!!! She said as there's no red blood & no pain it's more than likely implantation bleeding!

Fingers crossed for a sticky bean!!!

Flickstar Mon 20-Feb-12 13:43:30

Hello all,

Welcome to fairy and pearly! So nice to have some new graduates after such a long time.

Glad you have a scan booked in fairy Enjoy that bed rest and make sure you take it very easy.

late how was your scan? Any sneaky peeks?!

Lovely to hear about Lucas' Christening truff sounds like it was a really special day.

Hope you and Rose are now on the mend HH.

All well here- no real news. My '20' week scan is actually not until 22 weeks so still feels like an age away! I have another UTI so more antibiotics and also have a horrid sinus headache but other than that I am just hanging in here counting down until my next scan.

Love to all

Fairy so glad you got some reassurance and enjoy the rest. Hope all goes well with the scan on Thursday, a quick warning that they might need to get you back for a scan a week or so later so don't be worried/surprised if this happens. I had a scan around the same time and they couldn't see anything, a week later there was a little flickering heart smile

Flick good to hear from you, hope you're soon recovered from the UTI and headache. What's the date for your scan? You'll soon look back and wonder where the time went!

List update, Lanky have but DOB 11th, hope that's right?


Fudgecat - In loving memory of Baby Elliot - Born asleep on Friday 17th September 2010

Fulhamgirl - EDD 30th May - DOB 9th Apr - Girl - Lily Ann - 4lb
Trying4Baby1 - EDD 25th Apr - DOB 6th May - Girl - Emily - 10lb 2.5oz
Pepperonipizza -EDD 24th May - DOB 28th May -Boy
CurlyCasper - EDD 21st July - DOB 24th June - Girl
Spirael - EDD 25th Jul - DOB 7th July - Girl - Miranda Jane - 8lb 3oz
DesperateHousewife21 - EDD 18th July - DOB 9th July - Boy - Dylan James
Sazziej - EDD 1st Sep- DOB 24th Aug - Girl - Evie - 7lb 8oz
Ozziegirly - EDD 24th Aug -DOB 25th Aug - Boy-Thomas - 7lb 1oz
NovemberAli - EDD 2nd Sep - DOB 8th Sept - Girl - Matilda - 8lb 6oz
WhiteRoses - EDD 15th September - DOB 19 September- Boy
Hobnob - EDD 26th Sep - DOB 21 September - Girl - Matilda 6lbs 6oz
Pixiestix - EDD 24th Sep - DOB 26 September - Girl - Tegan - 7lbs 7oz
Addie81 -EDD 7th Oct - DOB 19th October -Girl
Chancewouldbeafinething - EDD 10/10/10 - DOB 21st October - Boy - William James - 9lb 14.5oz
Hermya321 - EDD 24th Oct - DOB 24th October-Boy - Asher - 8lb 3oz
WorrisomeHeart - EDD 12th Oct -DOB 26th Oct Boy - Lochlan - 8lb
YorkshireTeaDrinker - EDD 6th Nov - DOB 5th Nov - Girl - Eleanor
Bunnygirl80 - - EDD 19th Nov- DOB 11th Nov -Boy-WIlliam - 7lb 2oz
Mumnerves - EDD 8th Dec - DOB 16 Dec Boy - Sean 8lb 2.5oz
Luckyseven - EDD 17th Dec - DOB 20th Dec Girl - Beth Elise 8lb 4oz
Oneof8 - BFP 18th May - EDD 17th Jan - DOB 3 Jan Boy - Tom
Homebound - BFP 30th Apr - EDD 8th Jan - DOB 12 Jan Boy
Aly323 - BFP? - EDD 31st Jan - DOB 25th Jan - Boy Kai
Muser - BFP 22nd June - EDD 27 Feb - DOB 15th Feb - girl
Kurlyvoice - BFP 1st September - EDD 16th April - DOB 12 March - Boy Alastair 4lb 13oz
Superpenguin - BFP 1st July - EDD 4th March - DOB 18th March - Boy Thomas 8lb 13oz
Haloflo - BFP 22 July - EDD 20 March - DOB 29th March - Girl Hannah 8lb 9oz
JollySergeantJackrum - BFP 7 Aug - DOB 21st April - Boy Harris 8lb 3oz
MrsWajs - BFP 13 Aug - DOB 25th April - Girl Robyn 7lb 2oz
Crazydays - BFP 4th Sep - DOB - 28th April - boy Thomas 7lb 3 oz and girl Isobel 6lb 14oz
Cherrycobbler - BFP 3rd Sep - 11th May - girl
crazybutterflylady - BFP 1st Sep - EDD 13th May - DOB 24th May - girl - Tabitha
Bellaby -BFP 11th Sep - EDD 22nd May - DOB 16th May - girl - 6lbs12oz
Highheelsandequations - BFP 30th Oct - EDD 13th July - DOB 6th July - Girl Rose 7lb 4oz
Roundtable - BFP 14 Jan - EDD 17th Sept - DOB 20th Sep - Boy
CrazyAlien - BFP 29th Jan - EDD 2nd Oct - DOB 27th Sep - Girl - Imogen
Toriajayne - BFP 16th Feb - EDD 26 Oct - DOB 25th Oct - Boy - Thomas 9lb
Goldmaple - BFP Feb 28th - EDD 9th November - DOB 30th Oct - Girl Emily Grace
Truffkin - BFP 10th March - EDD 18th November- DOB 25th November- Boy
Lankylegs - BFP 27 May - EDD 1st February - DOB 11th Febr - Boy


Capricorn76 - BFP 12th Apr - EDD 1st Jan 2011
Seablue - BFP? - EDD 10th Jan
stegasaurus - BFP 27 Aug - EDD 3rd May
Slowshow - BFP 3rd Jan - EDD 15th Sept


Womanly Tales - BFP 14 Aug - EDD 25th April
Empusa -
Latetothisbabymalarky - BFP 8 Oct - EDD 8th June 2012
Florin - BFP 14 Oct - EDD 22 June 2012
Flickstar -BFP 3rd November- EDD 12th July 2012
PearlyFish - BFP - EDD 20th Oct 2012
Fairygodmother1 - BFP 17 Feb - EDD 22nd Oct 2012

raspberrytipple Mon 20-Feb-12 18:04:53

Fairy! If you are 5+4 - how soon does that mean you got busy after your lap & dye? Wasn't that just before Christmas? I'm just wondering how quick we can get back on the waggon from April!

Fairygodmother1 Mon 20-Feb-12 18:47:17

We tried straight after but didn't catch that month but did the month after!

Fairygodmother1 Mon 20-Feb-12 18:47:48

Obviously not straight after - 2 weeks after op!

Beeblebear Mon 20-Feb-12 21:43:05

Peeks in and waves. Finally tracked down the current ftf grads thread.

Pearly and faity - nice to see ypu. Hope all is well.

cherrycobbler Mon 20-Feb-12 22:44:39

welcome pearlyfish and fairy, so exciting to have new arrivals! Hope you are taking it easy fairy and there's no more spotting.

truff so glad christening went well, I got v emotional at C's baptism too and totally didn't think I would. Cried all evening too opening all the cards and reading the little messages our friends and family had written for C in the books etc they'd bought her. Sniff. Hope poonami wasn't over a lovely cream gown that's been passed down the generations?!

Lanky hope you are doing ok my lovely.

PearlyFish Mon 20-Feb-12 23:33:01

Thanks for the welcomes and ta to highheels for doing the stats smile

fairy really sorry to hear about your scare. Glad you have had some reassurance and got an early scan, rest up and hope the time goes quick!

Also hoping time goes quickly for flick until your next scan.

beeble! Yay glad you found the fred, was about to message you.

I booked my first midwife appointment today, surgery don't require me to see doc first which is good. It'll be about the week 8 mark. Also POAS again for reassurance blush Dunno what I'm going to do when I run out of cheapies!

goldmaple Tue 21-Feb-12 02:21:06

Congrats lanky and a big 'welcome to the world' baby lanky. Hope you and baby are doing well!

Hello Pearly & Beeble <waves> welcome mat is out for you, come on in and make yourselves comfortable brew

Fairy hope you're taking it easy & the spotting/discharge has cleared up, you'll get a lot of reassurance from the early scan - I had one (not quite as early on as yours) and it really helped with the worry. So pleased for you finally getting your bfp after so long, I hope you enjoy being pg, 8 months is going to fly by - Jubilee, Olympics.... baby! wink

I had a scan yesterday (24+6) and it was lovely to see the baby again - although having been rather active in the morning while I was at work, by the time I had the scan it was obviously done for the day and settled down for a nap! It wasn't in the most helpful of positions & it wasn't budging (despite a lot of prodding from the snonographer and jumping about by me!) and we weren't able to get very good pictures of it this time. DH didn't come with me, and when the sonographer asked if I wanted to know the sex I was unbelievably tempted to find out - but I know DH doesn't want to know, and I know that if I knew there's no way I could keep the secret, so I passed on the opportunity. <pats self on the back for being such a good girl> So strong! I did have a good look while she was doing the measurements, but it's hard to identify things when they aren't being pointed out so I'm as in the dark about it as I was before smile
Anyway, the important bit is that all is well and normal with the baby - and a relief to know the size of it is not in the 97th percentile, but a nice and average 50th! grin <wipes brow - phew!>

Flick, so looking forward to hearing about your 22 week scan! It really is amazing by that point. Hope the UTI has cleared up - I was given a bit of a talking to yesterday at ante-natal clinic because I've got a bit dehydrated & apparently that can make you vulnerable to UTIs (I did say I'd had this horrible headcold that's going around & I'm blowing as much out of my nose as I'm drinking!) Are you having the combined screening tests?

Truff, Lucas's baptism sounds really lovely, a proper welcome to the world. I had a bit of a wuss moment reading your post blush (mind you, it doesn't take much to set me off these days!)

Right, I'm off to put in a mortgage application - buying a bigger house to put the baby in, along with all it's stuff grin

Flickstar Tue 21-Feb-12 11:50:39

Hope you're doing ok today fairy

Great scan news late you are super restrained! I would never have been able to resist but well done you and what a nice suprise you will have soon. Good size too. It must be so nice reaching that 24 week viability milestone! We are never happy are we?! A;ways wanting to recah the next milestone- 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 20 weeks and then 24 weeks, 28 weeks etc! I did have the combined screening test at my 12 week scan and all was well- low risk for everything which was a lovely relief. Am trying to drink loads so hopefully that will help.

Highheels My scan is 8th March so two weeks on Thursday.

Hope all well lanky

Well, there's a bit of baby brain for you - Flick of course you had the screening at 12 weeks, so did I, and I remember you posting about it... D'uh! What a doughnut! blush

PearlyFish Wed 22-Feb-12 23:09:05

Evening all smile

Late you are impressively disciplined to be able to resist finding out the sex! Lovely to hear that your scan went well and exciting that you are buying a new house.

Hope you are feeling better now flick

How are things going fairy? Hope your scan goes well tomorrow.

By my dates I am 6 weeks pregnant today. No significant symptoms yet, but I may come to regret being worried about that!

Flickstar Thu 23-Feb-12 10:31:01

He he late grin!

Glad you are ticking off the days pearly- 6 weeks was one of my many little milestones! Also glad you are feeling well, my sickness kicked in at around 7 weeks so fingers crossed you will be one of the lucky ones!

Hope your scan goes ok today fairy will be thinking of you.

Am 20 weeks today! Feels like quite a milestone- just wish my pesky scan was sooner. Shall try not to moan... hmm

Fairygodmother1 Thu 23-Feb-12 10:33:09

Hi ya,

Thank you for all your support & thougghts but I'm moving back to TTC! I've miscarried. Hopefully I'll be back again soon!!!


Flickstar Thu 23-Feb-12 10:46:58

So sorry to hear that fairy. I have no doubt that you will be back with us very soon. Take care of yourself xxx

Fairygodmother1 Thu 23-Feb-12 10:50:14

Thank you Flick xxx

So sorry fairy, big hugs xx

pixiestix Thu 23-Feb-12 13:18:05

So sorry to hear that Fairy sad xx

Flick 20 weeks already!! shock My, how the time flies when you are not the one pregnant, and how badly it draaaaaags when you are!!

Hooray for viability Late! That was a really massive milestone for me.

Hope you are getting on well MummyLanky smile

Beeblebear Thu 23-Feb-12 17:24:44

Fairy - so sorry to hear that hun! Definately hope we get to see you back here soon!

Oh Fairy, so sorry to hear your news, I hope you're doing ok. It's an awful thing to go through, especially if it's your first pg. Unfortunately, so many of us have had it happen... sad take care of yourself and hope we see you back on the thread soon wink

cherrycobbler Thu 23-Feb-12 21:37:10

So sorry to hear that fairy. Hope you are looking after yourself and hope to see you here again very soon xx

PearlyFish Thu 23-Feb-12 21:46:23

So sorry to hear that fairy. Wishing you a speedy recovery and return to the thread. Sending you big hugs and thanks

Truffkin Thu 23-Feb-12 22:24:36

Sorry to read your update Fairy but hope you'll be back soon.

Flick half way now! Hope the second half of your pregnancy is less stressful than the first. I found that once I could feel the baby move, there was less of the low level worry going on in my head grin

Late yay for viability, a great milestone!

Lucas is in his big cot for the first time tonight <sob> The Moses basket is just too small for his preferred style of sleeping, which is flat on his back with his arms out to the sides grin

Beeblebear Fri 24-Feb-12 13:48:35

Poas again today for some radiance sure to lack of symptoms and habing one cheapie lurking in my cupboard.

Turned positive in an instant, and line was so dark, hardly any ink left for the control. smile

Hope all is well with you.


Adding beeble


Fudgecat - In loving memory of Baby Elliot - Born asleep on Friday 17th September 2010

Fulhamgirl - EDD 30th May - DOB 9th Apr - Girl - Lily Ann - 4lb
Trying4Baby1 - EDD 25th Apr - DOB 6th May - Girl - Emily - 10lb 2.5oz
Pepperonipizza -EDD 24th May - DOB 28th May -Boy
CurlyCasper - EDD 21st July - DOB 24th June - Girl
Spirael - EDD 25th Jul - DOB 7th July - Girl - Miranda Jane - 8lb 3oz
DesperateHousewife21 - EDD 18th July - DOB 9th July - Boy - Dylan James
Sazziej - EDD 1st Sep- DOB 24th Aug - Girl - Evie - 7lb 8oz
Ozziegirly - EDD 24th Aug -DOB 25th Aug - Boy-Thomas - 7lb 1oz
NovemberAli - EDD 2nd Sep - DOB 8th Sept - Girl - Matilda - 8lb 6oz
WhiteRoses - EDD 15th September - DOB 19 September- Boy
Hobnob - EDD 26th Sep - DOB 21 September - Girl - Matilda 6lbs 6oz
Pixiestix - EDD 24th Sep - DOB 26 September - Girl - Tegan - 7lbs 7oz
Addie81 -EDD 7th Oct - DOB 19th October -Girl
Chancewouldbeafinething - EDD 10/10/10 - DOB 21st October - Boy - William James - 9lb 14.5oz
Hermya321 - EDD 24th Oct - DOB 24th October-Boy - Asher - 8lb 3oz
WorrisomeHeart - EDD 12th Oct -DOB 26th Oct Boy - Lochlan - 8lb
YorkshireTeaDrinker - EDD 6th Nov - DOB 5th Nov - Girl - Eleanor
Bunnygirl80 - - EDD 19th Nov- DOB 11th Nov -Boy-WIlliam - 7lb 2oz
Mumnerves - EDD 8th Dec - DOB 16 Dec Boy - Sean 8lb 2.5oz
Luckyseven - EDD 17th Dec - DOB 20th Dec Girl - Beth Elise 8lb 4oz
Oneof8 - BFP 18th May - EDD 17th Jan - DOB 3 Jan Boy - Tom
Homebound - BFP 30th Apr - EDD 8th Jan - DOB 12 Jan Boy
Aly323 - BFP? - EDD 31st Jan - DOB 25th Jan - Boy Kai
Muser - BFP 22nd June - EDD 27 Feb - DOB 15th Feb - girl
Kurlyvoice - BFP 1st September - EDD 16th April - DOB 12 March - Boy Alastair 4lb 13oz
Superpenguin - BFP 1st July - EDD 4th March - DOB 18th March - Boy Thomas 8lb 13oz
Haloflo - BFP 22 July - EDD 20 March - DOB 29th March - Girl Hannah 8lb 9oz
JollySergeantJackrum - BFP 7 Aug - DOB 21st April - Boy Harris 8lb 3oz
MrsWajs - BFP 13 Aug - DOB 25th April - Girl Robyn 7lb 2oz
Crazydays - BFP 4th Sep - DOB - 28th April - boy Thomas 7lb 3 oz and girl Isobel 6lb 14oz
Cherrycobbler - BFP 3rd Sep - 11th May - girl
crazybutterflylady - BFP 1st Sep - EDD 13th May - DOB 24th May - girl - Tabitha
Bellaby -BFP 11th Sep - EDD 22nd May - DOB 16th May - girl - 6lbs12oz
Highheelsandequations - BFP 30th Oct - EDD 13th July - DOB 6th July - Girl Rose 7lb 4oz
Roundtable - BFP 14 Jan - EDD 17th Sept - DOB 20th Sep - Boy
CrazyAlien - BFP 29th Jan - EDD 2nd Oct - DOB 27th Sep - Girl - Imogen
Toriajayne - BFP 16th Feb - EDD 26 Oct - DOB 25th Oct - Boy - Thomas 9lb
Goldmaple - BFP Feb 28th - EDD 9th November - DOB 30th Oct - Girl Emily Grace
Truffkin - BFP 10th March - EDD 18th November- DOB 25th November- Boy
Lankylegs - BFP 27 May - EDD 1st February - DOB 11th Febr - Boy


Capricorn76 - BFP 12th Apr - EDD 1st Jan 2011
Seablue - BFP? - EDD 10th Jan
stegasaurus - BFP 27 Aug - EDD 3rd May
Slowshow - BFP 3rd Jan - EDD 15th Sept


Womanly Tales - BFP 14 Aug - EDD 25th April
Empusa -
Latetothisbabymalarky - BFP 8 Oct - EDD 8th June 2012
Florin - BFP 14 Oct - EDD 22 June 2012
Flickstar -BFP 3rd November- EDD 12th July 2012
PearlyFish - BFP - EDD 20th Oct 2012
Beeblebear - BFP - EDD

Beeblebear Fri 24-Feb-12 16:12:02

BFP - EDD 20th Oct 2012

Hi EDD buddy Pearly! ;)

Oooo, exciting October ahead! grin

PearlyFish Sun 26-Feb-12 10:15:12

Hehe yes, bit of a gap before me and beeble and then both due on the same day!

I'm doing ok, just a bit concerned about lack of symptoms. It's been four days since I last POAS and I've some cheapos left so quite likely to do it again tomorrow. Glad I'm not the only one Beeble!

Hope everyone else is ok.

Pearly, if it's any comfort I didn't have any symptoms at all, and still don't really apart from the obvious bump and big boobs! I actually managed to forget about it sometimes in those early weeks grin Some people just don't have the sickness, exhaustion etc. that other people get kicking in from the word go, so don't stress about it, the more I hear about the thing some people have to deal with, the more thankful I am for my lack of pg symptoms wink
(always good to have some cheapy tests to keep the confirmations coming though!)

Beeblebear Sun 26-Feb-12 15:55:48

I'm not sure if I really am tired, our if I now just have a valid excuse for afternoon maps and am taking full advantage.

Boobs feel a bit different today. Not sore exactly, but heavy? More dense? Mildly achy?

Thought all my apples were gone last night, wad super delighted when I found one hiding!

An apple a day...

Going to bingo tonight for my birthday. Wish me luck!

Happy Birthday Beeble, hope your numbers come up tonight! grin

PearlyFish Mon 27-Feb-12 07:55:49

Thanks late that's really reassuring. Lovely to hear you've had such a smooth pregnancy, makes me realise that I might be one of the lucky ones! although I'm only 6+5 so plenty of time for the vomming to start!

Happy Birthday! (and hopefully a full house) to you beeble smile

Ah Pearly, I haven't had many of the classic 'symptoms', but I've had plenty of other stuff, most of it not smooth! Really hope you don't get clobbered by the nausea / sickness thing, that was something I was very grateful to escape!

Empusa Mon 27-Feb-12 13:23:23

Hey frolickers, long time no see. Hope you are all ok

Hey Empusa! Lovely to see you, how's it going?

pixiestix Tue 28-Feb-12 09:46:08

Empusa! smile How are you doing? Did the sickness ever stop or has it been constant throughout? It sounded like you were going through the stuff of nightmares confused Hope you are ok. When is your baby due? Have you found out the flavour yet? Its really nice to see you!

Empusa Tue 28-Feb-12 13:27:00

The sickness is still going on, looks like I'll be throwing up all the way to the birth now. Luckily it's not as severe as at the beginning though. Baby is due April 7th, so not long left and it's a little boy. We've already named him Tristram.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

empusa lovely to see you back here although sorry to hear about the continuing sickness, not long to go now though smile

beeble hope you had a lovely birthday.

pearly I also had very few symptoms early on, first symptom was probably enormous and tender boobs but can't remember when they appeared confused

bunnygirl80 Tue 28-Feb-12 23:47:21

empusa good to see you back.

hh thanks for updating the list with womanly's sad news. Hope she knows we're all thinking of her

CrazyAlien06 Wed 29-Feb-12 09:53:10


updated this as my daughters D.O.B was wrong x


Fudgecat - In loving memory of Baby Elliot - Born asleep on Friday 17th September 2010
Womanlytales - In loving memory of her baby boy

Fulhamgirl - EDD 30th May - DOB 9th Apr - Girl - Lily Ann - 4lb
Trying4Baby1 - EDD 25th Apr - DOB 6th May - Girl - Emily - 10lb 2.5oz
Pepperonipizza -EDD 24th May - DOB 28th May -Boy
CurlyCasper - EDD 21st July - DOB 24th June - Girl
Spirael - EDD 25th Jul - DOB 7th July - Girl - Miranda Jane - 8lb 3oz
DesperateHousewife21 - EDD 18th July - DOB 9th July - Boy - Dylan James
Sazziej - EDD 1st Sep- DOB 24th Aug - Girl - Evie - 7lb 8oz
Ozziegirly - EDD 24th Aug -DOB 25th Aug - Boy-Thomas - 7lb 1oz
NovemberAli - EDD 2nd Sep - DOB 8th Sept - Girl - Matilda - 8lb 6oz
WhiteRoses - EDD 15th September - DOB 19 September- Boy
Hobnob - EDD 26th Sep - DOB 21 September - Girl - Matilda 6lbs 6oz
Pixiestix - EDD 24th Sep - DOB 26 September - Girl - Tegan - 7lbs 7oz
Addie81 -EDD 7th Oct - DOB 19th October -Girl
Chancewouldbeafinething - EDD 10/10/10 - DOB 21st October - Boy - William James - 9lb 14.5oz
Hermya321 - EDD 24th Oct - DOB 24th October-Boy - Asher - 8lb 3oz
WorrisomeHeart - EDD 12th Oct -DOB 26th Oct Boy - Lochlan - 8lb
YorkshireTeaDrinker - EDD 6th Nov - DOB 5th Nov - Girl - Eleanor
Bunnygirl80 - - EDD 19th Nov- DOB 11th Nov -Boy-WIlliam - 7lb 2oz
Mumnerves - EDD 8th Dec - DOB 16 Dec Boy - Sean 8lb 2.5oz
Luckyseven - EDD 17th Dec - DOB 20th Dec Girl - Beth Elise 8lb 4oz
Oneof8 - BFP 18th May - EDD 17th Jan - DOB 3 Jan Boy - Tom
Homebound - BFP 30th Apr - EDD 8th Jan - DOB 12 Jan Boy
Aly323 - BFP? - EDD 31st Jan - DOB 25th Jan - Boy Kai
Muser - BFP 22nd June - EDD 27 Feb - DOB 15th Feb - girl
Kurlyvoice - BFP 1st September - EDD 16th April - DOB 12 March - Boy Alastair 4lb 13oz
Superpenguin - BFP 1st July - EDD 4th March - DOB 18th March - Boy Thomas 8lb 13oz
Haloflo - BFP 22 July - EDD 20 March - DOB 29th March - Girl Hannah 8lb 9oz
JollySergeantJackrum - BFP 7 Aug - DOB 21st April - Boy Harris 8lb 3oz
MrsWajs - BFP 13 Aug - DOB 25th April - Girl Robyn 7lb 2oz
Crazydays - BFP 4th Sep - DOB - 28th April - boy Thomas 7lb 3 oz and girl Isobel 6lb 14oz
Cherrycobbler - BFP 3rd Sep - 11th May - girl
crazybutterflylady - BFP 1st Sep - EDD 13th May - DOB 24th May - girl - Tabitha
Bellaby -BFP 11th Sep - EDD 22nd May - DOB 16th May - girl - 6lbs12oz
Highheelsandequations - BFP 30th Oct - EDD 13th July - DOB 6th July - Girl Rose 7lb 4oz
Roundtable - BFP 14 Jan - EDD 17th Sept - DOB 20th Sep - Boy
CrazyAlien - BFP 29th Jan - EDD 2nd Oct - DOB 28th Sep - Girl - Imogen
Toriajayne - BFP 16th Feb - EDD 26 Oct - DOB 25th Oct - Boy - Thomas 9lb
Goldmaple - BFP Feb 28th - EDD 9th November - DOB 30th Oct - Girl Emily Grace
Truffkin - BFP 10th March - EDD 18th November- DOB 25th November- Boy
Lankylegs - BFP 27 May - EDD 1st February - DOB 11th Febr - Boy


Capricorn76 - BFP 12th Apr - EDD 1st Jan 2011
Seablue - BFP? - EDD 10th Jan
stegasaurus - BFP 27 Aug - EDD 3rd May
Slowshow - BFP 3rd Jan - EDD 15th Sept


Empusa - EDD 7th April 2012
Latetothisbabymalarky - BFP 8 Oct - EDD 8th June 2012
Florin - BFP 14 Oct - EDD 22 June 2012
Flickstar -BFP 3rd November- EDD 12th July 2012
PearlyFish - BFP - EDD 20th Oct 2012
Beeblebear - BFP - EDD 20th Oct 2012

Flickstar Wed 29-Feb-12 12:40:38

Hello All,

Just popping into say hello really.

Thanks HH for amending Womanly's details. I found out about a month a go from gardenpixie but didn't know what to do for the best so am pleased you have done something about it.

empusa! Lovely to see you! Sorry to hear that you are still sick, you've really been through the mill haven't you? Lovely name for your little boy and he will be here so soon.

Hope you were lucky at the bingo beeble! Hope you had a lovely birthday too.

How are you feeling pearly? Hope the symptoms are still at bay. I was like you until I hit 7 weeks and then the nausea set in Bleurghhh. Hope you are spared.

late how are you doing? How many weeks now? 26? I always try to count on from where I am as I think you're 5 weeks ahead? Could be wrong and probably am!

Love to all, no news here. 21 weeks tomorrow and on the countdown to my scan at 22 weeks- let this next week fly please!

Hi Flick, counting down the days to your 22-week scan with you! Very exciting! grin
I was 26 weeks on Tuesday - the date was moved a bit by the sonographer.

Empusa, how lovely that you know you're having a little boy baby, and have chosen the name already - I'm so jealous wink. I can't imagine how you've managed to get through all these weeks with all that sickness, you must be looking forward to meeting your little one more than most!


Fudgecat - In loving memory of Baby Elliot - Born asleep on Friday 17th September 2010

Fulhamgirl - EDD 30th May - DOB 9th Apr - Girl - Lily Ann - 4lb
Trying4Baby1 - EDD 25th Apr - DOB 6th May - Girl - Emily - 10lb 2.5oz
Pepperonipizza -EDD 24th May - DOB 28th May -Boy
CurlyCasper - EDD 21st July - DOB 24th June - Girl
Spirael - EDD 25th Jul - DOB 7th July - Girl - Miranda Jane - 8lb 3oz
DesperateHousewife21 - EDD 18th July - DOB 9th July - Boy - Dylan James
Sazziej - EDD 1st Sep- DOB 24th Aug - Girl - Evie - 7lb 8oz
Ozziegirly - EDD 24th Aug -DOB 25th Aug - Boy-Thomas - 7lb 1oz
NovemberAli - EDD 2nd Sep - DOB 8th Sept - Girl - Matilda - 8lb 6oz
WhiteRoses - EDD 15th September - DOB 19 September- Boy
Hobnob - EDD 26th Sep - DOB 21 September - Girl - Matilda 6lbs 6oz
Pixiestix - EDD 24th Sep - DOB 26 September - Girl - Tegan - 7lbs 7oz
Addie81 -EDD 7th Oct - DOB 19th October -Girl
Chancewouldbeafinething - EDD 10/10/10 - DOB 21st October - Boy - William James - 9lb 14.5oz
Hermya321 - EDD 24th Oct - DOB 24th October-Boy - Asher - 8lb 3oz
WorrisomeHeart - EDD 12th Oct -DOB 26th Oct Boy - Lochlan - 8lb
YorkshireTeaDrinker - EDD 6th Nov - DOB 5th Nov - Girl - Eleanor
Bunnygirl80 - - EDD 19th Nov- DOB 11th Nov -Boy-WIlliam - 7lb 2oz
Mumnerves - EDD 8th Dec - DOB 16 Dec Boy - Sean 8lb 2.5oz
Luckyseven - EDD 17th Dec - DOB 20th Dec Girl - Beth Elise 8lb 4oz
Oneof8 - BFP 18th May - EDD 17th Jan - DOB 3 Jan Boy - Tom
Homebound - BFP 30th Apr - EDD 8th Jan - DOB 12 Jan Boy
Aly323 - BFP? - EDD 31st Jan - DOB 25th Jan - Boy Kai
Muser - BFP 22nd June - EDD 27 Feb - DOB 15th Feb - girl
Kurlyvoice - BFP 1st September - EDD 16th April - DOB 12 March - Boy Alastair 4lb 13oz
Superpenguin - BFP 1st July - EDD 4th March - DOB 18th March - Boy Thomas 8lb 13oz
Haloflo - BFP 22 July - EDD 20 March - DOB 29th March - Girl Hannah 8lb 9oz
JollySergeantJackrum - BFP 7 Aug - DOB 21st April - Boy Harris 8lb 3oz
MrsWajs - BFP 13 Aug - DOB 25th April - Girl Robyn 7lb 2oz
Crazydays - BFP 4th Sep - DOB - 28th April - boy Thomas 7lb 3 oz and girl Isobel 6lb 14oz
Cherrycobbler - BFP 3rd Sep - 11th May - girl
crazybutterflylady - BFP 1st Sep - EDD 13th May - DOB 24th May - girl - Tabitha
Bellaby -BFP 11th Sep - EDD 22nd May - DOB 16th May - girl - 6lbs12oz
Highheelsandequations - BFP 30th Oct - EDD 13th July - DOB 6th July - Girl Rose 7lb 4oz
Roundtable - BFP 14 Jan - EDD 17th Sept - DOB 20th Sep - Boy
CrazyAlien - BFP 29th Jan - EDD 2nd Oct - DOB