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Nov 2011: aches, pains and waddling, soon to be cuddles and swaddling

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PamSco Sun 06-Nov-11 18:11:03

Thanks Moosey for the title smile

I thought I'd go for it as there are only 4 or 5 posts left to go on the old thread.

Two other threads to be aware of:

Stats - you can update announcements here

Post Natal - for those of you already cuddling smile

Hope this thread sees all our nests full.

juststarting Sun 06-Nov-11 18:15:03

Thanks ladies - I have no idea how to start new threads so was just passively waiting for someone else to do it. Sorry. And thanks for the link to the post-natal. Though I probably wont go there for another two or three weeks. Think it would just scare me to go now!

MooseyMoo Sun 06-Nov-11 18:20:30

Thanks pam for creating the post. Roast was ready so had to go and sort out DD's portion.

Katiebeau Sun 06-Nov-11 18:22:56

Marking my place. Slipped on a play mat today wrenching pelvis apart. Too sore.....

Congratulations Terrys. Great birth!!! I am dreamily hoping I'm in labour but just don't know it. hmm

I am of course envy and will now scoff the selection box of Krispy Creme donuts myself as the lonely overdue person (40+6). come on Bobblehat!!!!!!!!!!

voodoomunkee Sun 06-Nov-11 18:30:35

Thanks Pam and Moosey.
Just were you asking about being sick in labour? Ive never been or felt sick at all in labour. I'm not often sick though. I had pethidine and anti sickness stuff and gas and air with both dc's as well. Might be worth asking if there are some anti sickness stuff you could have? Sorry if it's not you, my brain is mush! Also forgotten who said their ds's birthday is thursday! My dd will be 11 for whoever it is that asked! Scary.
Ladies, am restless and hacked off. Why is nothing happening? I hoped that because my 2 dc's were late that nature would be kind and make this one come 2 weeks early. Sigh. It feels petty and silly to whinge but unfortunately I've been feeling pretty miserable today. OH isn't well as well. And finally back to a week of sitting on my own waiting for nothing to happen. Sorry for being a whinge sad

juststarting Sun 06-Nov-11 18:37:05

Voodoo it was me - I'm a terrible emetophobe (seriously, my first birth was a lovely drug free homebirth, which sounds ever so earth mothery but was actually more about my terror of painkilling drug side effects and hospitals than it was about my positive feelings of holistic birthing or something). I believe about 50% of women are sick during labour - I wasnt with DS, though I was more scared of that than the pain! Pathetic really.
Sorry your OH isnt well. I think we're all entiteled to feel a bit sorry for ourselves from time to time these days.

bumpandisaacsmum Sun 06-Nov-11 19:57:13

thanks for the new thread pam

Congrats terrys hope you are both well & enjoying snuggles

just I wasn't sick in labour with DS despite having pethidine. If you need pain relief may be worth asking for something for sickness as well.

Hope that these poorly OHs get better soon & that you have support whilst they are unwell xx

Have been admitted to hospital today; came in for monitoring as had headache & baby movements reduced, baby all well but m$y BP too high so they have started me on meds which means stying in tonight sad will be asking tomorrow if can have a sweep as will be 40wks have been getting tightenings but nothing regular...hoping baby gets the hint to vacate soon - am loving being pregnant but not loving the hospital trips & now hospital stay!!

Hope other ladies are well xx

Caliphora Sun 06-Nov-11 20:59:09

Bump Hope baby gets a move on for you - all my sympathy for hospital stays! Spent 4 days in there for high bp towards the end, absolute bore.

just I had pethidine as well as diamorphine and they gave me anti-emetics - worked a charm, all three!

Poppet45 Sun 06-Nov-11 21:10:09

ooooh another shiney new thread! Congrats new babas and mamas! We're really loving settling into normal life, I can't believe how much less stress the first few days at home with the second is - it really and truly is - after frankly feeling like my whole life was scattered to the winds after J. Maybe it's just feeling easy after so long in the NICU. So new mums, it does get easier! Today we bundled Willow up into umpteen layers and took her for her first walk around our town. To the delights of the swings and Tesco. Who knew, a baby her size reduces women of childbearing age to tears! This happened three times.
It was lovely to go out and about, picked up some nice steaks for tea, then cooking lamb shanks for DH's birthday tomorrow and cauli cheese on Weds I think.
Tonight had a lovely moment with both my tinies. I was BFing Willow on our bed, while Jacob snuggled up to me, and we watched the fireworks through the window in the dark. He's a big fan of fireworks, couldn't work out why we couldn't have them in the day today, but then he really doesn't like the noise - hence we're in no rush to take him to a display yet. He'd definitely freak!
Got Willow's hospital notes posted through yesterday. They are putting her early arrival down to congenital pneumonia. So a fairly innocuous infection I had must have passed through the placenta and was making her very sick. I don't know how I feel about that. Sad mainly. I feel very weird reading about what we've been through in the form of 10 or so pages of medical notes. Sort of feels like it happened to someone else. Can I just say to those mums enduring canulas, blood tests, gastric tubes etc to their teeny ones, please don't stress - I know so well that it's horrid to watch so come and hold hands here! Willow had a gastric tube for weeks, pulled out umpteen canulas, even managed to etubate herself from a ventilator and had three hourly blood tests taken from her hand at its teeniest when she was being weaned off the breathing aids to check her blood gases. But they don't remember it - you however may never forget sad So be kind to yourselves ladies.
Oh and Just i felt super queasy with DS, but was never sick, but didn't feel anything like that this time.

Poppet45 Sun 06-Nov-11 21:14:18

Oh and new mums, one of the nurses at Willow's follow up appointment told me an amazing reflexology technique for babies with bunged up bums! Yes its true you have a new child and all you discuss is their bowels. So if your wee one is constipated, use your thumb and gently rub the outside of the underside of their foot (ie the little toe side) in a downwards motion - I warn you that its powerful magic that works within an hour or so! So use it wisely and with a few nappies close at hand.

alicat10 Sun 06-Nov-11 21:25:45

Congratulations Mama & Terry's - feels like the girl / boy balance is evening out - off to check out the stats...

voodoomunkee Sun 06-Nov-11 21:46:21

Bump, hope you have a restful night and can get your sweep tomorrow. Am 40 weeks on tuesday so just behind you!
Poppet, lovely to hear how willow is getting on. I must admit I found the 2nd one so much easier too. Just seemed to slot in, part because she was an easy baby and also I think it is just a bit easier! However saying that my 1st was lovely too, he naturally slept through for four hours at a time, didn't want for much etc. I do think though for all you 1st timers that you are all so well prepared whether you think it or not and seem so well, organised!
Poppet I shall try and remember the reflexology tip! Also don't knock yourself about what caused Willow to put in an appearance early, can't be helped now!
Well I've been fed, watched xfactor with the dd (ignoring her screams of excitement when JLS came on) and now am supervising ds's art homework. Anytime baby wants to come along is good for me. OH is bearing up and keen to be done with my moaning!
Just I would really really consider discussing some drugs to combat potential sickness. I think, like Cali, I had diamorphine as well, seem to remember something about one combating the other? Can't imagine how difficult it must be to have that fear. I'm terrified of heights, literally turn into a gibbering wreck, or freeze, or get hysterical and on one occasion in a theatre had to be prized from a seat in front of the group of families i was there supporting and dragged away from the front of the stall. Awful. Still have cold sweats about the state i was in. It isn't the same but it's the closest I can get to empathising and I do appreciate how limiting and debilitating fear can be. Big non Internet type hugs. However you get through though, you will get through.
Sorry for super long post! Anymore babies likely to make an appearance?

juststarting Sun 06-Nov-11 22:24:43

Thanks for the non-internet hugs Voodoo. Its nice to feel understood - a lot of people kind of assume its not a fear which much impact you much as people arent sick that often. Of course, the problem for me is its like living in a cage with a lion - it might not attack often, but the threat is ALWAYS right there. Even more so now I'm a mummy. I think I will ask my midwife about it tomorrow at my appointment. She knows about the phobia (well, in so much as she knows anything about me - my appointments are so cursory I'm not sure she realises I'm pregnant to be frank) but worth asking specific questions I think! Pregnancy is not an easy time for me, which is such a shame. Not that its easy for any of us, but it would be nice to be less stressed by aspects of it which really shouldnt be such a big deal.
Poppet - nice to hear from you. I dont think I have ever been reduced to tears by seeinga small preamature baby (unlike seeing the "my first christmas" snow globe in past times the other day - everyone please ignore the giant pregnant woman welling up in the corner whilst gazing at a tinkling snow globe) but there is something irresistable about the. Kind of switches something on in you and you just orientate towards them completely. Your fire work story was lovely (again, ignore the giant pregnant woman welling up on the sofa). DS is scared silly of noise, but we thought we'd try taking him anyway - we kept explaining that yes, he hates the bangs, but he hasnt SEEN them yet and he might think they were pretty, and we showed him some on the internet - after we went to a display he conceded that he "doesnt like firework bangs" but that they he does like to look at them - it was a lot better than we feared. In fact, he didnt want to come home.
Bump - hope your little one puts in an appearance while you are in anyway - make it seem worthwhile being there! I hope your night isnt too bad.

neverinamillionyears Sun 06-Nov-11 22:30:27

Everytime I check on the forum I hope to hear of another baby putting in an appearance. I think it'll be me and just sweeping up, clearing up the rubbish and turning the lights out on this thread. I'm really hoping that the jelly bean won't be a December baby.

Just watched downtown abbey, never watched the first series. It is 'well good'.as lee nelson would say.

busyboysmum Sun 06-Nov-11 22:38:17

I'm still here - not that I manage to contribute much to the thread!

Everyone keeps looking at me and saying, oooh you're still carrying high, won't be for a few weeks yet! ... which is not what I want to hear!

Due date is 11th, both my boys went 6 days over, both were 7lbs 14 oz. So am not holding my breath at the moment.

I had pethedine with both births and no sickness, loved it actually, totally chilled me out. I had a bit of gas and air with the first but just did breathing and visualisation with second, all went well. Have done no preparation at all this time except lazing around on the sofa - keep meaning to go and rescue my birthing ball which got taken onto the trampoline months ago. At least the kids have had a lot of fun with it!

Hope to see more babies on their way - congrats to all those who have birthed, I am very jealous as totally sick of being fat, back ache, indigestion and cannot wait to see my little one.

neverinamillionyears Sun 06-Nov-11 22:39:15

Poppet I would def have been one of those women crying. I bet willow looks so beautiful all wrapped.up. I can't wait to be pushing a pram around. you have been through so much, you must feel very proud everytime that you look at her. just perfect!

neverinamillionyears Sun 06-Nov-11 22:41:09

Busy - I second your last paragraph

neverinamillionyears Sun 06-Nov-11 22:43:47

Just had a swig of gaviscon. I have to hold my nose as it makes me gag. Bleugh

MooseyMoo Mon 07-Nov-11 08:26:41

<brings sack of donuts into thread, and shunts Katie down the overdue bench>

Officially 1day overdue. Had contractions last night, starting at 5.30pm but v random. Also lots of backache. Managed to sleep through the night and they stopped at 4am after going to toilet. Currently have backache and about to run a bath. Think it's early labour but who knows how long it will last.

just I don't have any phobias but can appreciate that what you suffer from must be awful. Especially as a mummy as little ones pick up so many bugs easily.

I was sick once in labour, at transition but was on syntocin drip so could have been reaction to that.

voodoomunkee Mon 07-Nov-11 09:04:43

Blueberry muffin anyone? Shop bought (shhh) but I may make lemon drizzle ones today.
Moosey, I was much the same last night as you. Only everything just seemed to trail off. So I'm going to have a quiet day of hoovering and tidying, I swear I don't know how my children make so much mess. Also going to ring mw and cancel weds sweep.
Here's to another long week sad

Katiebeau Mon 07-Nov-11 09:21:28

What's a contraction? I don't have any, can I buy them anywhere?

PamSco Mon 07-Nov-11 09:28:53

I'm off to John Lewis today for sheets, I'll ask if they can ordered smile

Katiebeau Mon 07-Nov-11 09:45:00

Thanks PamSco. They sell everything else!!!!

I'm so sad today. My pelvis is so so painful I can hardly walk after yesterdays slip. Will sit/lie on sofa watching SATC 2. Eating fatty and sugary crap no doubt.

MooseyMoo Mon 07-Nov-11 09:50:03

Katie you can have my contractions if you want! Sorry you are in pain from pelvis. Would taking a couple of aspirin take the edge off? I firmly believe eating choc and anything unhealthy helps produce that happy oxytocin hormone.

Have got in laws on stand by to take DD this arvo. They are going to take her tonight (they normally have her on a tues so I can have a break) so hopefully something more will happen tonight. Doubtful but one can hope grin.

voodoomunkee Mon 07-Nov-11 09:54:02

I only have fake contractions for offer Katie. They seem to be all the rage in my house!

Katiebeau Mon 07-Nov-11 10:00:12

Aren't those fake contractions doing useful stuff though like shortening the cervix? I'm so stressed I'll be told tomorrow they can't do a sweep!!!

Thanks for all the offers though, I would nick them all if I could grin. And you guys could have a break.

bumpandisaacsmum Mon 07-Nov-11 10:00:59

voodoo & moosey please send some doughnuts & muffins this way...hospital breakfast leaves little to be desired!

poppet so glad to hear Willow continues to do well x

katie I can offer you loads of contractions if you want then, free of charge. Not sure how/if they'll be helpful though as they seem to like to get to the point of being regular/painful & intense then leave again!!

Thinks I need to have strong words with this baby as due date is today, eviction notice will be served shortly if baby doesn't get the polite hin to vacate on it's own accord xx

voodoomunkee Mon 07-Nov-11 10:06:27

I don't know about their usefulness as they don't seem to be assisting anything apart from my frustration!
I never thought I'd be pee'd off I was having to cancel an appointment for someone to mess about with my nether regions but dd's birthday really needs consideration! Hopefully Katie the midwife will be able to do her stuff or whoever it is doing it!
Bump help yourself to the muffins love, your need is greater than mine! They should honestly make sure the pregnant and post natal women are well fed in hospital. Hopefully you will get some progress today.
Ah my word, I just feel achy and crap. Homes under the hammer time perhaps.

pandia Mon 07-Nov-11 10:08:10

Hope things pick up today for you overdue ladies moosey and katie - ouch katie your fall sounds horrible, please take care and rest now!! Have either of you tried reflexology? I've started having sessions and apparently she can't do the induction one until my due date (16th) but when she can, she reckons she can start labour within 2-3 hours....might be worth a try?

Bumps I hope your LO takes the polite hint - I love the idea of an eviction notice - hee hee!

BuffyFan Mon 07-Nov-11 10:11:41

Still only 37+6 so think I will be hanging around a while longer! No signs of anything happening at all. Just had an NCT promo woman call to ask if I was interested in a family photo shoot deal - had to tell her that the family hadn't turned up yet, and could she ring back in a month or so?

If only Amazon could deliver contractions to order....

DH and I actually DTD last night and am feeling a bit achy this morning, but nothing more definite than that. Think I will be locking up behind me at the end of November. envy

Katiebeau Mon 07-Nov-11 10:12:52

Ah Bump theres me moaning. I spent 4 days in hospital before my induction with DD. It sucks!!!sad

Re food DH did M&S runs every day. The food was just so shit. Failing that there will be a cafe somewhere that does proper breakfasts.

Is your BP any better?

Offers Bump one of the pretty decorated donuts.

Katiebeau Mon 07-Nov-11 10:14:18

Love reflexology but not helping bring on labour sadly!

voodoomunkee Mon 07-Nov-11 10:32:30

2nd breakfast of a muffin and I'm still hungry!

TerrysNo2 Mon 07-Nov-11 10:46:54

Part 2 of my Birth Story here

<sends labour vibes all round>

PamSco Mon 07-Nov-11 10:57:43

Do you know - I have no idea why I react like this but every birth story I read the harder I cry. Tears pouring down here at how lovely your birth story is. It sounds like an amazing day Terrys. A big welcome to your little girl.

SnoozleDoozle Mon 07-Nov-11 11:09:09

Congratulations to Mama, Terrys and Hils hope I haven't missed anyone.

bumpandisaacsmum Mon 07-Nov-11 11:55:00

Just a quick update: BP remains high but managed on meds (just). Am 1cm dilated & Dr said that he'd happily break waters. He did a sweep so hoping that is the gentle hint baby needs that time is up. If not eviction notice will be served later this week as they are going to book me in to be induced!!
Just awaiting final date, details & meds then I am escaping!!

As for food, there is a couple of cafe's & an M&S shop on-site at this hosp so am happy to fall back on their services if required smile

cep Mon 07-Nov-11 14:28:26

afternoon ladies.

katie ooh hon, that fall sounds painful, i hope you're taking it easy.

bump fx for you, glad they were happy to do sweep etc.

moosey good luck.

i'll join the group of very fed up ladies. Am feeling so uncomfortable. I keep getting the odd ache on my right hand side but as i get when i need the loo as well, it could be anything. So not getting excited until things get stronger. Took ds to meet a friend today as unsure when we'll get them together again for a while. Also have plans to meet a friend for lunch tomorrow, after then no plans, except mum coming down to help on wednesday.

cep Mon 07-Nov-11 14:31:48

terrys nice birth story, so glad it went well. Have to admit i'm a bit like you i keep getting feelings it's a girl but my head is expecting a boy.

TerrysNo2 Mon 07-Nov-11 15:26:40

Wanted to add for the person asking about being sick (brains forgotten who) that I wasn't this time. I am sure its because I didn't have any drugs whereas last time I was sick after having G&A

juststarting Mon 07-Nov-11 16:25:21

Afternoon all. Got a proper strop on here. I feel unjustified moaning but there it is, having one of those days. Just feeling utterly unsupported toda. DP is just so wrapped up in work I ask him to do things like meet me for a midwife appointment and it becomes a big deal. And I spent the morning trying to contact him but he had his phone off. I mean, what if I had been in labour? Even my midwife, even though I have talked about my home birth plans and stuff like that at the last three or four appointments, spends 20 seconds with me and goes on about getting me into hospital once labour starts, just cause she hasnt remembered or read my notes. And I have a toddler who is being a proper 2 year old today to deal with when I feel like crap and my back hurts and I'm dissappointed that my imaginings of doing some nice things for myself during my maternity leave, like a spot of christmas shopping, or watching a movie in the day or something, have been so grossly unfounded. And I am scared. I'm scared of the birth, I'm scared of the aftermath, I am scared of getting so low and so ill again and no one seems to have bothered imaginin€g that I might be having some feelings around this time and its more than I just want someone to change some nappies for me. And I spoke to my parents thismorning, who are pretty much our only option for looking after DS when I go into labour and their "ready to drop everthing" is so far from it - my dad is still drinking too much to drive every night (not an issue in itself, he always has done, he just likes some wine and whisky in the evenings) and they havent thought to maybe pack a bag for themselves or anything. So their "we can be there in 2.5 hours" is much more like "we can be there the next morning if you call after about 7, or within about four hours if you call in the day".
Anyway, sorry for the mega brat sulks. Tired and crabby and dare I say it, possibly hormonal!
Right. Guess I'd better get DS back up even though he only went tosleep half an hour ago after a mega battle of the nap time else he wont go to sleep tonight. Ah, maybe I should just let him be, let DP get home and deal with it and bugger off out till some time tomorrow. As if.

juststarting Mon 07-Nov-11 16:29:50

Oh, and I too blub at every bloody birth story - well done Terrys fantastic work.

Truffkin Mon 07-Nov-11 17:19:02

Waaah - I wrote a mammoth post and then the bloody internet lost it angry

The jist of it was basically, lovely birth story Terrys well done and hope you are enjoying being a family of 4! Sorry to everyone who is feeling fed up, just think in only a few short weeks time we will all have our lovely babies grin Just, it sounds like you are having a tough time and things feel overwhelming for you. Is it at all possible for you to just run yourself a nice bath (or have DP do it for you?) with candles and have some time out to chill?

I saw the MW this morning and baby is 3/5ths engaged now, so progressing well and everything else is fine, just need to wait it out now. Am 38+3 today so still could be a few weeks yet. MW said if she was betting she wouldn't think I'd go until 18th but who knows hey? Luckily I am not feeling fed up yet, but am sure it's just a matter of time until I get to the 'get this baby out' stage!

Also, in house news it looks like things are moving pretty quickly now. We have 3 people coming to view our current flat this evening and our new landlord would really like us to move sooner than we are talking about if possible. If we can, it would save us money to move sooner as the rent on our new (3 bed, semi) house is almost half of what we pay for our current (2 bed, first floor) flat in London shock but in reality, it depends on when this little one turns up as I really don't think I'm going to want to be packing up the house and moving 100 miles away just after giving birth grin

We do have family who can come and help us get packed etc but I'm assuming we will be all over the place initially and need a week or so to settle down before we can think about getting moved. I really want to be in and settled by Christmas so it was always going to be tight on time, but now things feel like they are gaining momentum! I'm excited to be back near our families and friends, but a little daunted by doing it all so quickly. I've started de-clutttering so things are a little easier when we do start packing, but still - all or nothing hey grin

Staceroo Mon 07-Nov-11 18:46:56

Evening all! Congratulaton to our newest arrivals!!

Nothing to report here, enjoyed my first day of maternity leave, 5 days till due date!

(Sorry have read too many pages to name check - and have nothing to add myself so just bookmarking really!)

TerrysNo2 Mon 07-Nov-11 19:15:35

Please can I have your thoughts on these names

sasaunde Mon 07-Nov-11 21:54:23

I wasn't remotely sick, but then I never am (haha famous last words, and I should add except following exessive exessive consumption of spirits).
Well all my BH and discharge and other signs have abated completely since OH got back from hospital. Finding it tough looking after a toddler and an invalid but better get used to it! 39 weeks today and resigning myself to another week of hobbling.
juststarting I am scared too! sad I wish I had done all the things I planned (doula, hypno birthing courses etc) sad Ho hum. Fighting the fear with brushing up on some breathing relaxation techniques and very much enjoying the wonderful last few birth stories we have had. Congrats new mummies!

hadak Mon 07-Nov-11 21:56:07

Evening ladies.
Nothing exciting to report here still lazing about and doing very little. Poor OH has been painting/cleaning / cooking as well as working lots. I feel awful for not helping out but just feel too crappy to join in!!
Terrys thank you for the second part of your birth story. Sounds like you did fab and of course you have got your snuggly lovely DD.
Too all your overdue ladies sending lots of contraction vibes.
Sorry not to name check everyone but good luck with house moves, childcare arrangements, all the aches and pains and happy doughnut eating.
Heres hoping to more birth stories soon

cep Tue 08-Nov-11 07:57:45

Morning ladies, Think ive had a bit of a show this morning, a bit of bloody phlegm (sorry tmi) when i wiped, not loads though and not really uncomfortable so could still be ages yet. So plan to carry on as arranged today unless it all changes within next couple of hours.

voodoomunkee Tue 08-Nov-11 08:20:08

Oh Cep, fingers crossed for you!!
I was awake a lot with v painful braxton hicks. Was hoping it would carry on but of course it stopped. My due date today.

cep Tue 08-Nov-11 08:25:15

oh how frustrating voodoo fx it'll pick up soon.

hadak Tue 08-Nov-11 08:27:31

Good morning ladies. Up very early this morning and feeling sooo much better than last few days. Washing in, going to tackle ironing soon and do some long overdue paperwork.
Good luck Cep and Voodoo

H007 Tue 08-Nov-11 08:38:00

Thought things were happening here last night but can't remember if it was real or whether it was a dream... How bad is that? Either way it started yesterday early evening when I emptied my bowels (sorry tmi) and during the night I felt irregular pains (or I dreamt it) nothing now though, oh well MW this morning.

voodoomunkee Tue 08-Nov-11 08:53:44

Hope so Cep! I've not had a show or anything else. However I am not sure I had one until I was actually in labour with my dd so am not too worried! My bump is tight all the time but does get tighter then ease off. Have you noticed how everything becomes a potential sign?!
Cep who's on standby to get ds?

Merlioness Tue 08-Nov-11 08:55:16

Congratulations Terrys and Mama!
Terrys, what an amazing birth story
Truffkin good luck with the move
katie ouch for your fall! I hope you feel better today
cep, voodoo and H007 good luck!
Been having random tightenings here all day so far, but they aren’t painful at all, though they do stay even when I change position, move around, or lie down. Definitely not dehydrated, but I’m putting them off as nothing.

Just got a huge flower arrangement delivered from my former managers to say thank you for my hard work. I was and am in floods of tears.

Hope everyone is well

TerrysNo2 Tue 08-Nov-11 09:03:35

Hi all, got a gorgeous sleeping girl lying naked inside my top at the moment (well, she has a nappy on, I'm not that crazy!) grin She slept last night from 2.45-7.15am so I am feeling fresh as a daisy, I'm sure she will throw a curve ball tonight but I learnt from DS just to appreciate the good nights when you can!

cep a bloody show usually means labour is 24-48 hours away (as opposed to a non-bloody show which can happen weeks before) I have had bloody shows with both PGs and babies were here within 48 hours. Good luck!!!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my birth story, looking back now I am so happy with how it went and was actually lying in bed last night thinking, I need to do that again smile

voodoo, merlioness and anyone else having lots of Braxton Hicks see it as a good sign, I am sure thats why my labour was so fast this time as I had been having strong and uncomfortable BH for weeks before.

PamSco Tue 08-Nov-11 09:26:45

Terrys thanks for that last thought. My BH have been bonny powerful, some days I get them all day other days no more than 5 or so and quite rare to go with none. I find them satisfying, like scratching an itch.

Was at yoga last night 5 out of 9 of us are due either friday or saturday it got us all excited thinking that was possibly our last session all together.

Off to buy the last few bits and bobs today - sheets for pram, moses and crib. Finally packed the hospital bag yesterday. Invested in a guilty pleasure - National Enquirer, haven't bought that since my Uni days when I smuggled it into the laundarette smile

Staceroo Tue 08-Nov-11 09:56:56

Morning all! I had the best nights sleep last night! Only got up once to pee!!

Best night in months!

I too like the thought of lots of BH meaning for a nice easy swift labour! As I've had them all day everyday for weeks!

Gonna get up off my bum today and pop into town - need dishwasher tablets/shampoo etc so a wilkos run is in order!

Hope everyone has a nice day and we have a new happy birth story come this evening hopefully mine!

cep Tue 08-Nov-11 11:15:49

voodoo i know, it's really annoying, every ache or loose movement. My mum is coming over to keep an eye on ds, she had planned on coming over tomorrow anyway as she's about hour and half away, but she'll come over this afternoon to save a possible midnight rush. Especially as apparently they're getting fog during the night hours over there at the moment.

terry's this ones doing it all different to ds, with him i had period pains for a few hours then went to loo and had the show. This ones keeping me guessing, smile

There's a lot of us getting close with bh etc, good luck for everyone.

Nothings changed here, still getting blood when i go to the loo and wipe and on an st, but no more mucus. Still not feeling any pain, but still feeling uncomfortable, but as i've been uncomfortable for the last week or so not really reading much into that. Still keeping to todays plans and seeing my friend for lunch while i can.

voodoomunkee Tue 08-Nov-11 12:07:22

Cep, really does sound promising! Enjoy your lunch smile
Seriously do people think I've forgotten it's my due date? Texts, phone calls.... Even poor OH is getting it at work! He's only been there 3 weeks!
My poor mother even made the mistake of asking. I was like erm mam you would actually have to be one of the 1st to know! Sigh. I've took up residence on the birthing ball. It seems to be the only position that doesn't aggrevate my sore back. Damn sciatica! (sp?). Sorry am a right moody witch today! Lack of sleep, constantly being uncomfortable and nothing progressing I think has just got to me. Oh and while I was out for 5 mins the dog (who doubles as a Tasmanian Devil) has shredded a bag of crisps across the downstairs! Give me strength!!! Lol

Katiebeau Tue 08-Nov-11 13:02:24

AhVoodoo and cep I hope things get moving quickly for you.

I have even looked under the sofa for my missing Braxton Hicks/contractions but they are no where to be found. I'll get DH to check the attic later.

Mum and Dad on their way today. Goodness knows how long they will have to stay but I have a sweep today (eekkk) and they live 5 (well 3 but it takes them 5) hours away. DD looking forward to Grandma's bag (chocolate) and Grandy shops (comic buying).

40 + 8, I'm massive. Addicted to biscuits today. My christmas M&S
boxes are all open blush

Praying they can do the sweep. I will be gutted if I'm still a closed shop.

Thank you for all the nice messages re the fall. Much better today. I slept for 5 whole hours - woo hoo.

smilingcl Tue 08-Nov-11 13:16:06

40+5 today and all's quiet! I'm quite comfortable at the moment and people aren't driving me bonkers with texting or anything, just a bit bored, I've been on maternity leave for 3.5 weeks now, everything is ready. I'm not keen on daytime TV and I'm not that motivated to go out when it's all wet. Plus I keep spending money when I go out, and I have a strict budget to maintain if I want my year off! I haven't had any BH contractions yet so I haven't even got those to get mildly excited about, come on baby!

Got a midwife appt tomorrow, can she only do a sweep if your cervix is partly dilated then? I've got a feeling I'm closed up tight! Are there any negatives to having a sweep, I'm keen to let nature take it's course but also slightly impatient...

voodoomunkee Tue 08-Nov-11 13:16:33

Good luck Katie!!!!

cookie9 Tue 08-Nov-11 13:24:15

Sweep painful but midwife very positive and apparently I was 1 to 2 cm dilated. If successful should go into labour within 24 hours. Feeling a bit sick and am bleeding after sweep. If anyone else having a sweep perhaps take a pad with you as hospital ones massive! Going to have a lie down as bad night with cramp and back ache last night.

cep Tue 08-Nov-11 15:13:36

ooh good luck cookie

Tjuice Tue 08-Nov-11 17:00:35

Hello all ladies-in-waiting
Amaya Rose was born yesterday by very mellow c-section. She is a shade over 3 kilos with a shock of dark hair. And pretty hungry! My milk hasn't come in yet and she was so obviously hungry last night, so she had a tiny cupful of formula that i pipetted into her mouth as she suckled. Never seen that technique before but the midwives here believe that you don't compromise the breastfeeding is way. She is a great breast feeder though, and I guess I am more relaxed than last time as the latch is perfect and she has good suction.

Afterpains were awful yesterday but more chilled today. And I need to get my iron levels up, as my blood pressure has been really low, with dizziness and vomiting but it's easing up.

Home tomorrow, can't wait! Good luck to all of you.
Cheers Tjuice

voodoomunkee Tue 08-Nov-11 17:12:08

Congratulations tjuice! Gosh babies are coming thick and fast! Sounds like you are very chilled out. Was the section planned? How heavy is 3 kilos - am old fashioned!
Cookie, all sounds positive!
Well barring a miracle I shall have a baby that is not one of the 10% or whatever it is born on their due date! Tomorrow am officially overdue! Am totally unmotivated to clean the house or do anything apart from lie on the settee.
Cep, how you doing? Katie did the mw manage to do the sweep?

juststarting Tue 08-Nov-11 18:01:55

Evening all. Congratulations Tjuice. Sounds like you are doing really well at staying nice and relaxed.
And how has everyone else fared today? I am feeling sick and therefore panicky this evening. Or more so than every evening anyway. Tiring day with DS, I dont know how I am going to do this with a baby too - he just seems to be getting moe and more terrible two like by the day since he actually turned two a couple of weeks ago. Obviously he still has his charming and lovely moments, but I think he troublemaking potential is rising in direct negative correlation to my coping potential. Though thismorning he demanded a bath right after breakfast having only just got out of one at bedtime last night - this is a child who a week ago would never voluntarily get in the bath (though he tended to enjoy it once there).
Eugh, tired of living in a body now. Nothing but trouble it seems. Though the other day I abruptly felt crazy desperate for sex. ONly lasted a short while, and I didnt dare do anythign about it if I could have - until we have some support on hand, I darent push those buttons at this stage!
So, did you all have the opportunity to talk through birth plans or anythign like that with midwives? Mine just seems so completely cusory, I have just realised that she made our next appointment for 39.5 weeks, said she expected I'd have had it by then, and we have never discussed anything about what I want or not at all. She wasnt even going to tell me what I needed for a home birth till I asked.

alicat10 Tue 08-Nov-11 18:10:06

Congratulations Tjuice - love the name

3kg is about 6lb 10 I think

Truffkin Tue 08-Nov-11 18:23:57

Congratulations TJuice sounds like a lovely experience and you have one good little girl there! Hope the breastfeeding kicks in as soon as possible and that you are home and settled tomorrow.

Just my MW hasn't discussed my birth plan with me at all and at the ante natal class they touched on it briefly but that's about it. In my notes I have a page with questions I might find helpful when drawing up my plan so I've kind of just gone with what I think. It's not all encompassing by any stretch of the imagination, but includes the things that I feel are important (active labour, water birth, pain relief, cutting the cord, 3rd stage, vit K) and I know that I will want to make some choices at the time, depending on how things have developed.

I think I've had some more Braxton Hicks today, but nothing that is a sign of anything happening. My DH is getting the new 'Call of Duty' game this evening so he will definitely be hoping that he gets a few nights to play some of that before he's on birth partner duty grin

PamSco Tue 08-Nov-11 18:39:05

Yay! Congratulations Tjuice beeeeeaaaaaauuuutttiful name you have given you blessed wee gal.

Power to all the waiting room ladies. I decided to spend as much time as I could walking today to get The Boy bedded down further. If you could see a coffee table walk - that's me. My waddle has now slowed to a crab like shuffle. Not comfy at all, so I've done a cursory clean of the kitchen and flopped onto sofa.

Any Edinburgh ladies out there - TK Maxx seem to have received a wagon load of GroBags. I got 2 today both £15 each so that is nearly buy one get one free compared to the £28 for the same ones in Mothercare. Not sure if all TK Maxx'z get the same stock?

TerrysNo2 Tue 08-Nov-11 18:41:27

congrats tjuice - love the name, very bizarre as I'd never heard of it before yesterday when it was on our shortlist! It came 2nd though but v close smile

After pains are painful, first time mums don't worry too much as they were only mild period cramping, second+ timers, be prepared with paracetamol + nurofen, I am taking 2 of each every 4 hrs alternately.

Katiebeau Tue 08-Nov-11 18:53:24

Holy crap. Silent dilation to 5cms. In delivery having waters broken as they are worried I won't know until it's too late to get to hospital. Update you all when I have news. grin

Katiebeau Tue 08-Nov-11 18:53:58

Congratulations T Juice. Beautiful name.

neverinamillionyears Tue 08-Nov-11 18:58:09

Wow Kate. Good luck x

PamSco Tue 08-Nov-11 19:10:45

Good luck Katie

TerrysNo2 Tue 08-Nov-11 19:10:49

Yay katie won't be long now! grin

Woodifer Tue 08-Nov-11 19:14:22

smiling i found this info on sweeps


I'm 40+3 today and have midwife appt on Thurs - so may get offered one depending on cervix.

Don't seem to be any negatives apart from discomfort.

juststarting Tue 08-Nov-11 19:21:58

Crikey Katie, half way there already, good going! Good luck for the other half.

TwoJackRussellsandababy Tue 08-Nov-11 19:28:53

Congrats Tjuice, good luck Katie and everyone else still waiting, looking forward to some more good news grin

voodoomunkee Tue 08-Nov-11 19:38:13

My word Katie!! Clever you!! Good luck smile
Just, my mw has never discussed my birth plan with me. She 'advocates' I stay at home as long as I can then go to the hospital and that's pretty much it. I haven't written a plan as such. OH knows my thoughts and to be honest that's as much as I was planning. I may write some points down.
That is a lovely name Tjuice. Terrys what did you go for in the end?I genuinely thought all your options were lovely!

Poppet45 Tue 08-Nov-11 19:38:24

Wow another amazing few days, well done girls!! A particular wahoo to 'Overdue Katiebeau'. This thread's going to be the Marie Celeste by November 15th.
Just I feel your pain. My DS is 27months, and is really embracing the Terrible Twos right now too. I could happily spend an hour or so a day beating my head against a brick wall after debating such issues as 'me do it' 'not dat!!!!' 'not' 'no' 'mummy go away' 'no mummy help me' and 'mine'. I'm amazed anyone has a three year age gap, how could you look your toddler in the tyrannical eye and think awwww lets have another grin. Jacob shook my life to the core when he first turned up, but after her highly dramatic start, Willow is definitely the easy one right now, nappy, feed, sleep, repeat. Still if its any consolation a friend of mine's son is doing just the same Terrible Twos routine, but hasn't got a heavily pregnant mum/upheaval of a new sibling, its just what they do. Apparently they have a similar hit of hormones to a teenager when they're two, hence the moodiness!
Voodoo Oh god, I remember the due date phone calls, and ensuing panic when I'd disappeared from phone contact and Facebook for an evening to go to yoga. Pissed me off mightily. This time I vowed to tell everyone a due date a week later than my real one to give us a head start. Of course Willow really didn't need a head start as it went. Hey ho.
Hicks and shows I never ever ever had a BH hence me not being able to work out if those with Willow were real or BHs, nor any afterpain that I can recall, but I've had two pinkish but not bloody shows and both were within 48 or so hours of delivery!
Oh I can't wait for more announcements. Hugs and good luck to all!

bumpandisaacsmum Tue 08-Nov-11 20:29:11

Evening all, hope those with labour signs are doing well esp katie well done on 5cm!!

After coming home following sweep yesterday I had a curry & went to shops with my mum followed by a lovely warm bath.

Woke this morning at 3am with uncomfortable tightenings...by 6am these were definite contractions 10-15nins apart. With help from my mum & DP managed to get DS to school, dog to vet appt and sort a few bits at home. At 11am contractions were 3in 10 mins & lasting 90 seconds so made way to hosp. Got to hosp at 12:10 & felt the urge to push; 12.40 DD Madeline Theresa entered the world with the help of TENs and a little gas & air. She is an absolute sweety & barely makes a noise; loves BFing lots though smile

cep Tue 08-Nov-11 20:31:47

tjuice lovely choice. congratulations.

katie ooh exciting good luck.

just hope the sick feeling eases.

nothing much happening here, blood has eased off, am getting the odd ache/pain in my side but nothing to panic at yet.

juststarting Tue 08-Nov-11 20:35:29

yay Bump! Congratulations! Sounds like it was a pretty good birth really - must have felt reasonably in control to get DS and dog sorted like that!
Wow, it really is all go here right now. I wonder if its contagious. My parentsa re coming down for two days tomorrow night, so I am hoping if it is contagious, I stay birth free till then!
Poppet - interesting what you say about the hormones. Helps to remember he isnt actually doing this out of some kind of vindictive desire to bring mummy to her knees!

cep Tue 08-Nov-11 20:40:14

ooh xpost bump congratulations. so so pleased for you.

Poppet45 Tue 08-Nov-11 21:05:35

Congrats Bump what an amazing birth story!!! How wonderful! Am I right in thinking this was after DS's not terribly fun birth or do I have you confused? If so even more of a wonderful gift.
Just Yes I too keep muttering 'hormones' rather than obeying my initial instinct which is either to go batshit or sit on the floor and weep.

voodoomunkee Tue 08-Nov-11 21:18:36

Congrats bump! Lovely story and sounds a lovely birth too!
I'll offer to turn the lights out...
My ds at 2/3 was a horror. It also coincided with dd being born. I remember it well. So you have my sympathy just and Poppet. So hard at that age as nothing seems rational. He's 13 now and apart from the odd rage which is definitely hormonal and to be expected he is just lovely. Was hard going but definitely worth it all.
I've gone to bed to read and oh what a surprise here are the braxton hicks!

neverinamillionyears Tue 08-Nov-11 21:30:21

Aww bump well done, very controlled and perfect timing smile Madeleine is one of my favourite names it is beautiful I'm sure she suits it perfectly. Very very happy for you x

PamSco Tue 08-Nov-11 21:34:54

Wow Bump now that's a birth plan I want! Welcome Madeline Theresa smile

cookie9 Tue 08-Nov-11 21:49:55

Wow bump what a fab birth. Congratulations.

Tjuice congratulations on your little one too.

Contractions still going strong here. Hoping labour doesn't stall

Truffkin Tue 08-Nov-11 22:02:40

Great work Katie am sending you good vibes.

Bump fabulous birth story! I'd love to be so far along when arriving at the hospital, well done.

Good luck Cookie here's hoping for you.

Also my due date is 18th so am thinking I'll be sweeping up behind everyone once you've all moved on to the post natal thread grin

mashpot Tue 08-Nov-11 22:19:31

Congratulations TJuice! Sounds great and a gorgeous name for your little girl.

Katie! Wow, best of luck, silent dilation to 5cms sounds good.

Just my midwife hasn't discussed my birth plan either but I've written it and included it in my file so its there for whoever is with me when I deliver.

We blew up the birth pool yesterday and its sitting ready to be filled in the kitchen - I hope I get to use it. I'm still firmly in the waiting room.

I had a busy day, wax, manicure and haircut! The wax was a lot less painful than I thought so can highly recommend lycon wax for the future! Lovely as my pampering day was it was also quite tiring so I'll be back on the sofa relaxing tomorrow. Unless I'm in labour that is...

PamSco Tue 08-Nov-11 22:56:25

Oh Cookie hope you keep going.

I've just had a fabulous bath, I just lay there as DP poured warm water over my side. So relaxing. We were just chatting and laughing - feel like a million dollars now. And I can walk again, hurrah!

Truff I'll keep you company smile

mashpot Tue 08-Nov-11 23:06:23

Oh I posted without reading the last page - congratulations bump, great news, well done.

Merlioness Wed 09-Nov-11 00:54:41

Congratulations TJuice and bump!

Good luck Cookie and katie&#8232;&#8232;Nothing happening here apart from the continued painfree tightenings. 38 weeks today and getting impatient.

voodoomunkee Wed 09-Nov-11 02:48:28

Wide awake..... Bah humbug. OH will not stop snoring. Plus just seem to be wide awake for no reason!
Hope things are going well Cookie. Expecting lots more announcements before this week is out!!

Staceroo Wed 09-Nov-11 08:17:14

Mornign all! Congratulations TJuice and Bump - and looking forwad to an update from Katie!

Had quite a busy day yesterday runnign errands with DH, so today I'm home alone and planning to chill out! May even watch some Christmas movies!

Thanks for the link about sweep wood - been wondering what it was all about myself!

voodoomunkee Wed 09-Nov-11 08:31:00

I'm not as tired as I would expect after only a few hours sleep. Feel quite energised hmm didn't even have a snooze yesterday apart from a 10 min power nap. Mw later, definitely going to see if can rearrange a sweep before next week when I could see her again. I can't believe am actually only 40+1, feels way more!
Ds has a day off today as part of a consultation day at school, they basically spend the whole day doing parents appointments, unfortunately when I arranged mine it was for my last week of work and I could only go after 5, of course they had to rearrange the whole day and kept my same appointment so am not there until 5.45! I'll be shattered!

hadak Wed 09-Nov-11 09:32:40

OOOOOOOOOOH Just lost a mammoth post! Mind you it was mainly full of my moaning so probably for the best!!
BIG congrats to new mummies Tjuice and Bump I can't believe how chilled out new mummies sound about their births.
Good luck to Katie and Cookie *Katie- obviously when you are not so busy please could you send me some silent dilation vibes as that sounds like the way to go. Hope the second half is as good for you.
39 weeks today and with the probs I have had earlier in preg I didn't think I would make it this far (waters went at 15 weeks but replenished and resealed fairly quickly)plus baby enjoys playing houdini like tricks with his cord and wraps himself up in it a bit too much making the doc consider inductionat 37 weeks but we are still here and waiting. I know I shouldn't moan as I have another week to go and some of you ladies are already over.
Voodoo we too have a consultation day at school planned but we haven't booked an appointment just waitiing for allocation as it will br SODS law that baby will decide to make an appearence that day or will need a feed or nappy change just as we are leaving- think I might let OH go along alone for this one if baby is here.
Hope everybody has a good day and is feeling much less grumpy than me.
Good luck to all the mummies getting close to meeting their new babies.

pandia Wed 09-Nov-11 09:52:02

Morning and congrats to Tjuice and Bumps - sounds like you clever ladies had relatively chilled out births and managed to stay calm and in control!

Sending good vibes to Katie and Cookie - my goodness silent dilation, I definitely want some of that! Also Cep wondering if anything has progressed for you too?

Hadak I'm joining you here at 39 weeks today and feeling very ready. For no particular reason I had also expected to have given birth already (perhaps encouraged by all the other ladies here who surprised us!). I have a sweep booked for my due date - so thanks for all the info but I was just wondering from a practical point of view erm, what does it actually feel like? Painful? Do I need to prepare myself before I waltz in there? (Obviously hoping I won't actually need the sweep after all)

Katiebeau Wed 09-Nov-11 10:12:06

Congratulations Bump. great news. Great birth!!!

Nicholas Peter arrived at 2 13am. Pushed him out after an amazing epidural (I caved at 8cm following a bit of Synto). All amazing compared to last time.

10lb 4oz. grin

2nd degree tear but not bad considering he's massive!!!

Did a good breast feed but he is full of mucous and been big his blood sugars are unsteady so also topping up. 2nd time around I'm much more chilled out about this especially as he does seem to at least like me boobs as pillows.

Did start to panic a bit as epi failed again but this time the anaesthetist had another plan and only left me with a tiny bit of pain to help with pushing.

Seems after I broke my back a nerve "went rogue" in some scar tissue and as soon as DS came down and hit it i lost the plot a bit to be honest. blush

DH and DS both fast asleep.

God I can't tell you how much better an experience this delivery was. So chuffed and happy.

cep Wed 09-Nov-11 10:27:04

morning ladies. Still here, sad had a few pains during the night but like katie (i think it was) not sure now if i dreamt them or not. more blood this morning and have had period like pains but have been busy taking ds to nursery and picking things up from tesco's so things have stalled again now, [grrr]
Sat now on my ball and hoping things start up again. Not planning on moving again until time to get ds or to go to hosp.

katie and cookie hope you're faring better than i am. voodoo hope your bh have gone onto something more, or at least eased so you could sleep.

hadak Wed 09-Nov-11 10:45:25

Katie fantastic news. Wow you sound lke you did great.10lb 40z!!!
Enjoy your cuddles with baby Nicholas and really glad to hear it went well for you.

hadak Wed 09-Nov-11 10:48:48

Pandia Sorry no help with sweeps I'm afraid I haver had one but I am seeing doc day before due date so I may be in for one then. I too would be interested to know if it hurts (wimp emoticon)
Katie did I put 10lb 40 oz? I am sure 10lb 4oz is big enough!!

cep Wed 09-Nov-11 10:56:04

katie x posted, congratulations. wow 10 4oz seriously, well done. so so pleased for you.

Never had a sweep before so no idea how much it hurts.

Staceroo Wed 09-Nov-11 11:02:38

Well done Katie! Sounds like all went fab!

Just sat down to watch Elf! Roll on Christmas! Roll on Baby!!!


Staceroo Wed 09-Nov-11 11:08:14
voodoomunkee Wed 09-Nov-11 11:24:47

Wow! He's a healthy weight mind Katie! Very many congrats! Funny my mams next door neighbours had a 10lb Nicholas too! My bro is also Nicholas and 6'2, wonder if it's something in the name!
Lovely that you are feeling good after the birth, same to all our new mummy's. I've sneakingly added some sparkling wine to my shopping order this week hehe!

bumpandisaacsmum Wed 09-Nov-11 11:27:34

sweep I didn't find it painful but was a little uncomfortable. Have been told though that it needs to be relatively uncomfortable as doing one gently is poinmless (not completely convinced!!). Mine was done by a male consultant who had massive hands though smile

Congrats katie hope you are recovering well & enjoying snhuggles xx

PamSco Wed 09-Nov-11 11:43:07

Yay welcome Nicholas Peter and well done katie great news. Hope you get to rest too - not just the boys wink

I haven't had a sweep but the mw said it was similar to having a smear - so uncomfy rather than sore?

juststarting Wed 09-Nov-11 11:55:55

Well done Katie, I'm glad it was so much better this time. I'm all about the "better second time around" birth stories right now! Working hard on my mental attittude but it crumbles easily!
Well. DS at the childminders for the first time in three weeks, I plan to indulge myself today, and not worry about chores etc, but it transpires I have NO idea how to do that! Am rubbish! Went to Waitrose to play christmas shopping in their little John Lewis section and just ended up doing a supermarket shop instead. Hmm. Thought I might go to the cinema but NOTHING on. Dont have any chirstmas movies to watch (jealous. I love Christmas like nothing else. I am pretty sure I wouldnt have bothered having kids if it wasnt for my love of Christmas. I think I may only be having them to accessorise my sense of christmasness. And yet I dont do it well, I am, it transpires, not so over awed by christmas love that I am willing to spend £20 on a furry snowman sleepsuit. But I DO confess to having bought DS and DDtobe matching christmas outfits last week.) I have no appointments for waxing or pampering booked. I do have a serious need for a bath or shower though! I dont know whats happened. Overnight I have started to stink! Of course, I take this, and everything else that happens at this point, as a sign...

Truffkin Wed 09-Nov-11 11:56:21

Well done Katie sounds like you did really well and welcome Nicholas, what a big boy!

Voodoo I also had a rubbish night with DH snoring a lot and so I've just woken from going back to sleep when he left for work grin Definitely a bonus of this being our first child!

Baby is ridiculously active still and was through the night, which is a little strange. Am still not 'feeling' like anything is going to happen though. Will be thinking strong labour vibes next week as we have visitors this weekend grin

TerrysNo2 Wed 09-Nov-11 12:36:25

Congrats katie fab weight and so pleased the birth went well.

I has2 sweeps with DS and they are just like smears, uncomfy but not painful and the 2nd one worked. The MWs here won't do one until you are 40+4 at least

alicat10 Wed 09-Nov-11 13:04:01

My word they're coming thick & fast - I'm losing track of who I've congratulated!

Congratulations to bump, Tjuice, LK, Katie, Moosey!!!!

mashpot Wed 09-Nov-11 13:36:42

Great news Katie well done!

Truffkin my baby has gone the other way and is really quiet. I am still being nudged but not really active, I hoped that was a sign! I have the mw tomorrow so will mention it to her. I have also booked reflexology tomorrow. Due date not till Sunday but thought I could try a session tomorrow and then again next week if necessary.

H007 Wed 09-Nov-11 13:39:20

Congratulations new mummies since my last visit smile I am
Well jealous... I want mine haha!

Although have to admit legs are well and trelu crossed today as it's OH's niece birthday and I can just see that being issues in the future with grandparents and birthday parties etc.

I'm due on the 19th so truffkin I'll be following you with the black bag for the rubbish smile had a MW appointment yesterday which I cried as I said I felt like a number rather than a person, think it's mainly hormones and fed-upness, due for a sweep on the 18th however MW doesn't think I will be ready for it and therefore it will hurt :0 that was also disheartening as means she thinks I'm due to be forever pregnant sad so suggested that if I wanted I could wait till the 22nd and she'd do it, I really don't have a clue what to do?!

Wishing all the pregnant ladies positive congestion type pains and action, although liking Katie's silent dilation... We can all hope

juststarting Wed 09-Nov-11 14:01:17

H007, wait! Keep me company, I'm due on the 25th. I really wouldnt worry about going a few days over to be honest. All the impatience now will be entirely forgotten later on, see if nature wants to take its course before getting too worried. A due date is such a wild guess really. Lets face it, there ia a five week window which is considered normal - thats like one eighth of the whole length of the pregnancy!
I am worried DD has moved back up and disengaged. I noticed earlier that I am walking normally again, I just struggled to eat my lunch, I cant breath properly again, and I am pretty sure her bum which has been so prominant for so long has vanished to be replaced by a load of limbs.
Right. Bath or going to look at christmas decor in M and S? Got two more hours. Or sorting out the wardrone that has become a dumping ground of late. Hmm.

Staceroo Wed 09-Nov-11 14:30:51

One word for those of you trying to keep busy! DONT!!!!

Haha! I'm enjoying being lazy and doing nothing!

smilingcl Wed 09-Nov-11 14:51:36

Ewww just had sweep... Rewarding self with cake now. I kind of imagined it as a somewhat more delicate affair, I was thrilled with her tiny hands but then she put her strong arm to good use... Uncomfortable rather than painful though you're right.

I sweated through all the clothes I'm wearing though, need to remember hairbands for birth definitely!

SqueakyboosMum Wed 09-Nov-11 15:55:54

Hi all,

Just to let you know what happened last week...

Andrew Kenneth George was born on Friday morning at 01.44, weighing 7lb 5oz at 39+1 wks. It was a difficult labour, I ended up being admitted due to severe dehydration (off the scale!!) as I was keeping absolutely no fluids now whilst I was in the early stages of labour. They needed a second try to get an IV line in as first time round my vein collapsed!! The good news at that stage was that I was 7cm dilated!! and on no pain relief as I vommitted all my fluids up almost as soon as they went in. Things didn't quite develop as I had hoped they would and I didn't get my waterbirth. The contractions slowed down and needed drugs to get them going again. I was unable to have pain relief the labour other than G & A due to the dehydration. The G&A I found fairly ineffective for the contractions - the best thing was DH washing me down with cool wet cloths. They also had to break my waters at this point. I had an epidural (one of the things I had said I didn't want in my birth plan) but knew then that I had no choice. I also needed a ventouse and an episitomy (another two big NO NOs on my BP).

Unfortunately on Sunday the midwife thought he was a bit jaundiced. He was readmitted and received phototherapy overnight which he found very traumatic. He appeared to have responded well and was released on Monday night. When the MW came today for his 5 day check-up she flagged up the jaundice again so he has been called back this afternoon to get more tests done. Her visit wasn't all bad tho - he hasn't gone down from his birth weight but rather is up 100g so a big yea for him!!!

For me, my episitomy is so sore. Initially the swelling numbed the pain but now the swelling is gone I can't sit and can barely walk. So, I'm stuck in bed and dependent on DH for just about everything (He's having to do so much he never thought he'd have to do... and also knows what it's like to 'keep house'!) My DPs arrive tonight and DH is back to work tomorrow so they will help me lots.

We received excellent care and couldn't fault anything. So if anyone is in the Bromley area and is giving birth at PRUH I found them excellent - both the Oasis Centre and the maternity ward. Whilst I had my BP made out in the end it went out the window. From my first show on Tuesday morning and contractions beginning on Wednesday afternoon it wasn't till Friday early morning that he was born. The only priority I had was to get baby out.

So ladies, keep an open mind... and try to keep your fluids up - that was my biggest problem!!

Thinking of you all

Sorry for the mammoth post...

pandia Wed 09-Nov-11 18:28:16

Big congratulations squeaky - doesn't sound like you had an easy time of it at all poor you and still sore, but hope that you are enjoying cuddles and that it all seems worth it now! Glad your DPs are coming to help.

H007 what do you think your midwife meant about not being ready for a sweep and that it would hurt? My midwife is just going to do one routinely on my due date - hasn't assessed my "readiness" for it in any way.... Smiling hope you get a good result from your sweep, glad to know just uncomfortable, but I still don't really know what to expect - it's erm, them putting their whole hand up and wiggling fingers a bit, am I on the right track?! Is it a good idea to have DH in the room to hold hand? (Can anyone tell I'm a bit nervous about all this?!)

smilingcl Wed 09-Nov-11 19:29:36

I've got my fingers crossed something happens, might hook myself up to a permanent supply of raspberry leaf tea to help things on!

She put her whole hand in but that wasn't too bad, she then sort of pushed towards my cervix while making a vigorous circling of cervix with her fingers. I think the bit that freaked me a little bit was that she didn't tell me she had gone in far as she was going to. I thought the circling motion was her trying to get further up and I was trying to relax and breathe to help but it's difficult doing that when she's windmilling inside you! It was over very quickly though!

I think I'm a bit of a wimp, had to have a nap this afternoon, think I'll sleep for a week after giving birth. I was quite glad DP wasn't there although I would have liked him to carry my bag home!

juststarting Wed 09-Nov-11 19:49:13

Oh Squeaky, that sounds like such a nasty birth experience. Well done for getting through it, and congratulations on the arrival of Andrew. I had some problems which meant i could barely walk or sit after giving birth last time (and the four and a half day labour thing too, but none of the massive medical stuff you had) and was quite dependant on my partner passing me the baby in bed and stuff. Not pleasant, and not the best start, but I fought it - I'd say just relax into it, let yourself be looked after a while, its not just your nether regions that need to recover!

neverinamillionyears Wed 09-Nov-11 20:21:37

Congratulations squeaky, welcome little one.

Mw appt today, she said head is just in pelvis so looks like a long wait. Not due till 26th Nov though. I asked about sweep and she said they won't do one till 40+5 so 30th Nov if it doesn't happen before then. Don't want a December baby really but hey Ho getting used to the idea.

Made some nigella lawsons pistachio macaroons last night. Boy! Are they sweet! There is so much icing sugar used I'm.not surprised.

Dsd is in bed now so just watching dp playing on new call of duty game. My turn next!

Hope all are well x

hadak Wed 09-Nov-11 20:46:19

Congratulations Squeaky on your new arrival. Sorry you had such a rough time getting him here. I hope the lovely newborn cuddles are helping you recover.
Smiling thanks for the info on the sweep I am the biggest wimp in history so it is good to know what to expect if bump doesn't put in an appearence on time- I know I would get myself into such a state just imagining the worst.
Hope everybody else having a good evening and resting.

BuffyFan Wed 09-Nov-11 20:50:26

Gosh, there's such a contrast between different birth stories isn't there? Congratulations to our new mums, and squeaky sorry you've had such a rough time of things.

No movement here, but then I'm "just" 38+1.

Meanwile some *&%!head drove into DH's car yesterday. DH is fine thankfully, the other driver went into the passenger side. Thank goodness there wasn't anybody else in the car with him. But we think the car is probably a write off.

Sooo, 2 weeks to due date and it looks like we're car hunting. Not the best news as it will almost certainly mean spending all our savings (lovingly put aside to cover my maternity leave) on a new car. Whatever the insurance would give us won't realistically buy us a new car (at least, not one we'd want to buy). And it feels a bit strange that I'll almost certainly be going to hospital, and coming home with baby, in a rental car.

Grumble!! Sorry, I know it's not the worst thing in the world to happen but is feeling pretty dire just at the moment. We'd finally managed to feel financially secure enough to have DC1 as well. angry

lktoday5 Wed 09-Nov-11 20:58:44

For those not on fb, livia Rose joined us at 2.43pm on 7.11.11 weighing 7lbs 3 (which weirdly I'd guessed spot on). Was a bit if an epic so I'll write birth story when home. Ended up with emcs and haven't been doing so well so I'm still in hospital but hoping home by Friday. Congrats everyone else so far. And 'come on come on' to the nearly due ones. grin

voodoomunkee Wed 09-Nov-11 21:34:09

Congrats Squeaky, glad to hear he is here safe and sound but sorry you have had a rough time.
LK congrats to you as well! Also sorry your not doing so great. Hope you are home soon and feeling better!
Buffy whinge away, totally frustrating when things are changed by the actions of others especially when you think you are sorted.
Sorry my heads battered tonight so can't remember everything everyone's said, plus on phone as can't face moving off the settee!
Mw went fine, she agreed it wasn't a good plan to do the sweep re dd's bday. She did 3 sweeps last week on different ladies and all 3 went into labour and delivered within 24 hours. For someone with minuscule hands am now afraid of her!
Next week if am still there for the appt on weds then I'll have to be given an induction date. Ffs. As well as rather brutal sweep. I've told OH he has to step up a gear and get on with dtd as mw said it is literally the only thing that has any scientific evidence of working. Clearly only if you are ready to go into spontaneous labour though.
Wrapped dd's pressies. Faced off to ex dp who seems to find an excuse every fortnight he has the kids to make our lives as difficult as possible. Been to consultation thing with ds's school and am actually not as knackered as I could be! All good.
Hope we are all doing well.

Congratulations to all the new mummies (and daddies) enjoy cuddling your little ones!
To all the ones still waiting... Come on you lovely ladies! Hang on in there! Thinking of you all!

Merlioness Thu 10-Nov-11 07:32:26

Congratulations Katie, lk and moosey!
Huge congrats squeaky even though it wasn’t at all what you wanted. Hopefully you can recover soon
Sorry buffy, that is really crap! Glad your DH is well though
blue thinking of you! Hope you’re well

Re sweeps, whole hand?! [gasp!] I’m rather glad that they don’t do them here in Singapore that I am aware of! I’m not even sure how the baby will fit out, let alone fitting a whole hand in!
Apart from that, OB appointment tomorrow and hoping for some good news, but doubt I’ll get any. Meh, I’ll stay back and help tidy the thread up, as I am “only” 38+1

H007 Thu 10-Nov-11 08:26:50

pandia apparently it's because at the moment the neck of womb is probably posterior, hard and shut and for the sweep to be effective they will
'pull' it forward. Which would hurt... However the more 'ready' we are the more anterior and soft the neck of the womb becomes and therefore less uncomfortable. Well that's what I got from her hand puppets anyhows hahaha

H007 Thu 10-Nov-11 08:28:46

PMA I plan to go into labour today so that Bean is born on the 11th.... uncrossed fingers

voodoomunkee Thu 10-Nov-11 09:10:48

Ooo yeah 11th tomorrow!
However I want to go for the 12th as tomorrow is the dc's stepmothers bday and I'm not her greatest fan! Neither am I my XP's fan today either, after arguing with me last night today over picking the kids up, he rings dd (his only flipping dd) to wish her happy birthday and informs her that he hasn't bought her a present but will take her to choose something over the weekend. One upset dd! one pee'd off voodoo who of course has to sort out the mess! However despite his idiocy she was very pleased and surprised at her presents... JLS hoodie apparently is the best thing ever, oh no hang on twilight scene it is, no It's JLS, no twilight...... Bless her. Don't know where the time goes honestly I don't!
Anyhow, who's missing? Who's next with the birth announcements?
Going out for a meal tonight which I have to admit I am very very much looking forward to! I plan to have a HUGE bowl of some very rich pasta and be a pig!

Hello all. Sorry for not posting for ages, I have been reading everyday but not got around to posting.

Huge congrats to all the new mummies and babies and hope those whi have had trauma are swiftly recovered.

I am 39+1 today and saw midwife yesterday. I was getting a bit concerned as my ankles had started to swell and my bp was creeping up (from around 120/75 to 140/85). She was very reassuring and said unless it went to levels around 180/110+ and/or I had urine problems, she fully expected bp to increase as labour approaches. She reminded me I am growing a fully term baby by now! My urine is perfectly clear and she is so confident in my ability.
I am also waking every single night without fail around 1/2am and having to have a poo. WTF?! Why the same time every night?

Anyway, mw said she could no longer feel baby's head as it was so far engaged into pelvis, so she is hopeful for something starting in the next week or so. I still have mild period pains every so often. Nothing regular but all signs my body is getting ready, cervix softening and thinning etc.

Sort of looking forward to this birth now.

On maternity leave i have: had indian head massage, cleaned most of house, watched lots of lovely daytime tv and been to the cinema on my own.
Planning to take DD out for breakfast tomorrow, go to Ikea on saturday, pizza express on Sunday and then out for lunch/cinema on Monday.
Today i am about to mop kitchen floor, do another month of DP's accounts and then fall asleep in front of the tv before going to pick DD up from nursery.
Happy days!

One word of caution re sweeps. When they work they are great but they can accidentally break your waters doing them (happened to me). If this happens, you are then on the NHS clock and will be expected to go into labour within 48 hrs or less otherwise you'll be induced.
I have told my mw i don't want a sweep unless I am 41 weeks+.

Staceroo Thu 10-Nov-11 09:40:33

squeaky its good to hear you positive attitude despite things not going according to plan - hope you are well on the way to recovery now! And Congratulations!

Never we've resisted buying MW3 - first time ever weve not bought the newone the day it came out! I'll get it for DH for Christmas probs - but just dont see us having time to play it!

I'm really surprised that some mws would do a sweep on due date, for us it's 40+7, +9, +11 followed by induction at +12. On the basis that due date is not an exact science etc. I too am not too comfortable with the idea of a sweep - so hoping it wont be needed!

Sorry about the car buffy but glad DH is OK!

H007 I'm on the same plan as you! Due on Saturday - but would love her to come tomorrow!

I have actually had my first sign - a little bit of blood on the tissue yesterday - thought possibly the start of a show - there was none of the mucous type stuff though - so not 100% sure that's what it was. But being positive as the first sign of anything happening at all! Will keep an eye on things today for any more signs! (I do know it could be days still - but staying hopeful!)

PamSco Thu 10-Nov-11 10:21:39

Hi All. Bufffy sorry to hear about the accident - that is terrible. Hope the insurance is more generous than you anticipate.

39+5 today and no signs. I'd love the 11/11/11 to be the day, but seriously doubt it.

I've been for a walk most days and I get very uncomfortable as he pushes down hard! Yesterday we treated ourselves to a pub lunch - GIANT pie and a pint (of blackcurrant juice for me). I struggled home then slept on the sofa for 2 hours to recover! Today is wash and build crib.

Sweep chat has been useful - thanks. I've been offered one on Monday (40+2) but I initially said no I'll wait until the next week. Then I got curious as to what my bishop's score was so thougt I may say yes to it. But MrsA your caution has sent me back to my original decision - wait to 41+2.

I've been asked what my plan is for induction and I've said no induction unless monitoring shows placental or baby issues. She was cool with that but is checking with the hospital that they would support that. Not sure they have a choice? If everything is going fine and all signs are good then they can't force me?

My bp has dropped today (106/72) as has my heart rate (76) so feeling good.

cookie9 Thu 10-Nov-11 10:35:41

Big congrats to the new mums. Went to hospital last night but only 3cm. Tough night but managed to get some sleep between 5 and 7. Contractions intense and over a minute but frequency has slowed down so will try walking and nipple stimulation to kick start. So tired now

Ah cookie sending positive vibes. Try to doze/power nap/micro nap between contractions if you can and do not think that just cos early labour is slow, the rest of it will be. Good luck!!

I will not be agreeing to an induction. Very dangerous after a c-section, uterine rupture risk soars. I will have daily monitoring if needed once I go past 42 weeks. What would I do if I was very overdue (43+ weeks)? Not sure. Possibly elective c-section?

WHO says term is anything from 37-42 weeks, so you are not overdue until 42+1.
And, as per my usual self - induction is your choice. You can ask for it if you need it if you were overdue and fed up of early labour or you can refuse it. As always, unless there is a medical reason specific to you and all is still well with baby, you can refuse any type of intervention.

MooseyMoo Thu 10-Nov-11 11:29:30

For those of you not on Facebook, ds arrived on 8th nov at 12.40 weighing 9lbs.

Quick version: went into hops at 2am on 8th, checked and not dilated but cervix paper thin. Went back home, tried to sleep but too painful. Cx had got much stronger since internal.

Cx ramped up quickly and regular so back to hosp at rush hour. Took 1.5 hrs. DH v stressed but I focussed on breathing. Checked at hosp and was 7cm. Taken into lovely room and was coping fine but bp was high. They decide to break my waters and engulfed both mws. Was 9.5cms so asked what position I wanted to get into. Tried leaning over bed and was suddenly pushing automatically. Took mws by surprise as thought I wld be another hour.

Felt burning/ring of fire when head was crowning, didn't hear any crying then suddenly whole body born. Still no crying. Mw hit a button and 4 people were in room in seconds. Ds started to cry but was so blue. DH had stopped me turning round as he was disturbed by what he saw. I couldn't move as still had placenta to deliver but did see ds pee and nearly hit the paed (who was v cute).

Apgar was 6 at 1min but then 10 for next checks. Had skin to skin, breast feeding going well (this dc obv read the manual).

Active labour total of 6.5 hours. With DD it was 21 hours. So feeling v happy and amazed I did it without drugs (not my intention).

Tip for breathing: if I panicked as the contraction grew stronger I would really notice the pain (breathing quickly through mouth). If I started to breathe in through my nose and out of my mouth I hardly noticed the contraction. DH was massaging my back at same time. DH also would talk me through contraction ie breathe deeply, you're doing really well etc. Really helped me mentally.

Sorry, that wasn't that short!

MooseyMoo Thu 10-Nov-11 11:33:23

Sorry meant to say haven't had time to read thread yet so hope new mummies and babies are ok and lots of contraction vibes to waiting mums to be.

Ah, DD is awake. Best go check on her. She keeps getting upset when ds cries, not sure what to do about that hmm.

Moosey CONGRATULATIONS! Sounds like a pretty fab labour/birth and glad DS was OK in a very short time. And brilliant that bf going so well. Often it is just pure luck unless you have lots of help. Sadly, nhs is too stretched to provide the right support for each woman, which makes me cross.
Enjoy your newborn and I have no advice for what to do re DD as I'm expecting tears before bedtime with my DD when this one arrives. If you find a way, let me know!!

voodoomunkee Thu 10-Nov-11 11:51:02

Goodluck Cookie and I echo trying to rest as much as u can between contractions. Your on your way though smile sending lots of positive vibes!
Congrats Moosey! Well done on breathing through and glad everything is ok with ds! No tips on what to do with dd though, my ds wasn't too upset by dd crying when she came, more interested I would say. Perhaps a book or a teddy she could settle like you do with ds?
I've cleaned the fridge and the cupboard under the sink. Decided it was crucial as expecting mil to cast her eagle eye over everything when she visits after the baby comes. 3 years I've been with OH and they've never visited. Eek. Plus fridge was filthy. Hope it's nesting! Mw thought baby was totally unengaged yesterday. I personally think she had been totally engaged as couldn't actually stand up straight just before went into appt for the pressure on my pelvis. It's definitely true what they say about 2nd and consecutive babies not staying engaged!

MooseyMoo Thu 10-Nov-11 12:29:23

Thanks mrsA and voodoo The mws were excellent this time round. The mlu was not busy and they stayed with me until birth. The next mw was brilliant, I have 2nd deg tear again but not as bad as last time. She explained everything she was doing and said she loved sucturing (sewing). I like it when someone loves their job and is so enthusiastic about her handiwork!

DD was born on may bank holiday so wards were v busy and less staff. This time I got my own room and lots of mw advice/input.

She's always been scared of loud noises. Guessing time will help and spending lots of time with ds. She did manage to sleep through last night. She sleeps like me grin

Waiting for mw, who is visiting before 1pm hmm.

mrsgt Thu 10-Nov-11 12:42:38

hello all - i've been looking at this thread since starting mat leave a few weeks ago, and have been encouraged by all the timely births and lovely stories! i am expecting dc2 on 15/11, and already have dd1 who is 22mths. she was born at 42+2 so trying to prepare myself for another 2 weeks of discomfort! am trapped in the room without a tv or phone today as the two cats have brought in a bird who is half dead and is flapping around the front room. i am too scared to deal so have run upstairs and shut the door on it until dh comes home at 7. not a great first impression to make to you all - sorry! hope its not too late to join in and keep some of the expectant mums company. smile

Staceroo Thu 10-Nov-11 12:51:29

Hello Mrsgt - the thought of being stuck in a house with a half maimed bird is my idea of living hell! So you have my sympathy!

Thanks for the birth story moosey sounds like all in all went very well!

cookie fx things get going soon!!! x

SqueakyboosMum Thu 10-Nov-11 13:19:24

Hoo7 - That was my intentions too!

I was due today but was hoping that I'd go tomorrow instead. As it was, squeakyboo will have fireworks to celebrate his birthday... almost! His bday is 4/11/11 so I can't really complain.

Still in a lot of pain but I'm having regular Lavender oil baths and they are really helping. Last night the pain at the incision was almost as bad as ctxs! I'm not exaggerating - apart from a short period during labour when the ctxs got really bad, I don't think I've ever experienced such pain!

I hope it's all going well for the other new mums. And for those still waiting, I hope it isn't too long!

Have a good day all.

Truffkin Thu 10-Nov-11 14:00:52

Welcome MrsGT we share a due date so will happily accept the company! How has your pregnancy been? Maybe this one will surprise you and come along early when you are not expecting it!

Cookie hope you have managed some rest before all the hard work comes along, very exciting that you nearly have your baby!

Buffy sorry to hear about your DH's accident but glad he is ok. Here's hoping the insurance Company are more generous than you are expecting. We are planning to do without a car for a while as my personal contract vehicle is going back next week. There is too much going on at the moment to decide what to do about buying a new one / used car etc and I'd rather save the cash for as long as possible. We don't use the car at all in London but sod's law says when we move back to Birmingham we'll need one. Oh well, will cross that bridge once I've sorted out the returning this car (inspected yesterday and needs several jobs doing to avoid the ridiculous charges, annoys me when some of the things I would consider to be genuine wear and tear after 3 years!), packing up our flat, ordering new furniture for the new place (we have fitted wardrobes here, so we need storage wen we move!) organising removals and working out how we will get the 120 miles with a new baby, without a car! Oh yes, and the small matter of giving birth to my first child!!

I am feeling a little stressed this week, like there is just so much to do and I can't deal with it all at the same time. I'm looking into booking a reflexology session to get my chill back, I worry that feeling like this will psychologically put off labour starting as my body senses I'm not ready!

Pam and MrsA I really want to refuse induction as well, I know my hospital's policy is to induce at 40+14 exactly, but am really hoping I don't get there for it to be an issue, particularly as I do worry about too much monitoring if I want to go past 42 weeks and the negative impact it could have on the baby if the placenta really deteriorates. I have also heard stories of women being told horror stories about how irresponsible they are by leaving their baby in for too long and overcooking them confused

Well, will cross that bridge when we come to it (or not, with any luck)

Sorry for waffling, am going out for a walk to try to escape my cabin fever!

mrsgt Thu 10-Nov-11 14:52:11

truffkin - lets see if we can both hold out for due date. my hospital also induces at 40+14 (st georges in tooting) which is what happened last time so am also thinking about refusing that option if it came to it. fx with second baby it won't but who knows...last time i was induced at 10pm on a sat night and had to stay in afterwards, even though we live 5 mins up the road and they didn't expect the pessary to work first time. it was a really miserable night in what was supposed to be the ante-natal ward but wasn't. we didn't have dd until monday lunchtime so not ideal - hence keen to avoid this time!

BuffyFan Thu 10-Nov-11 15:13:57

mrsgt welcome! Here's hoping the cats have sorted out the bird by now - not that I would wish a dead bird on you, but the poor thing's probably in pain and would be better off if your cats would finish the job. My cat leaves dead spiders in the middle of the floor for us, but that's all she can manage. It makes me very happy as a dead spider is always preferable to a live one in my book. grin

Thanks for your sympathy re the car, ladies. I really am just pleased DH is fine, although he's still a bit jumpy (no surprise I guess). I don't drive, but DH is an "essential car user" for work (meaning he has to have a car, but work doesn't pay for it...). Truffkin if you end up looking at cars once you're in Birmingham and come across a 52 reg red Focus, check to see if it's been written off before you buy it!!

Well, I've addressed 40-odd Christmas cards, now to decide what to write in them - trying to find the words that I can write now that will be accurate by the beginning of December. I may just take my chances that this LO doesn't turn into a December baby!! The idea was to send them with birth announcements as well, so I might just sign the cards and leave the news entirely separate.

Positive vibes going out to all you ladies still waiting for signs / suffering pre-labour or post-labour pain. smile

PamSco Thu 10-Nov-11 15:16:24

Truff it's a tough one. Being over 42 weeks does introduce risk but then so does an induction.

As you say fx we don't have to make that choice! Hospitals may have policies but they can't do anything without your consent. I'd want to know what the risks of monitoring not picking up a problem.

mrsgt a warm welcome to you smile

Moosey sounds like a good experience except for the scare as he was born - that must have shook you both. Hope you are getting rest now.

Well even BH have eased off this week. Och well - junior bake off swiss rolls are calling me smile halfway through crib scrubbing!

mrsgt Thu 10-Nov-11 15:33:07

thanks for the welcomes, all.
have braved the front room and retrieved my phone and have allowed the cats in. i won't be going back until dh home but hopefully the bird isn't in too much pain or has escaped.
i had sort of hoped that the excitement of running up the stairs might bring on labour but alas everything remains the same....a back to back baby and almost continuous BH, but no sign of them developing into anything more promising!

voodoomunkee Thu 10-Nov-11 15:46:26

Welcome mrsgt!
Nothing new here, usual braxton hicks and wriggles but looks like this little miss is going to be good and not share her big sisters bday!
After all my exertion cleaning all of the downstairs and the bathroom then actually blow drying my mad curly hair straight am shattered. My hair is now just about to the bottom of my ribs. I have no idea when this happened but I clearly have hair that likes pregnancy!

Staceroo Thu 10-Nov-11 16:31:08

Well no more signs of anything since the little bit of blood last night. Guess I'm off to yoga tonight afterall!

Would really be convinient for baby to come tonight or tomorrow, so my mum can come visit saturday!

Sorry - just coming on here to whinge now!! Sympathy goes out to everyone else as uncomfortable as me!

hadak Thu 10-Nov-11 16:48:48

lk and moosey congratulations. Squeaky hope the lavender baths are helping. I used lavender after having my son and although I only had a small tear I thought it helped and have bought in prep for this one too.
Truff I am slightly in awe of how busy you are so close to having new baby I wouldn't be able to even think about half you have to do. Hope all goes well.
Hello Mrsgt and welcome. I too lurked until a couple of weeks ago but I have to say I find ths thread really helpful and it is lovely to hear of the new birth stories.
mrs A I think I have mentioned that I too have swollen quite a lot over the last couple of weeks. I did see midwife last Thurs and she wasn't concerned as BP and urine fine so I am guessing it is just another one of those things.
Well no signs for me although only 39+1 so shouldn't complain but of course I will! My back is just killing me and I have been sleeping very little up making cuppas at hourly intervals through the night but at least that is preparing me for the night feeds to come. I still have a few bits to do around the house (well loads really) but just don't have the energy. Also full of a cold and coughing and sneezing a lot is not a good idea when this pregnant - TENNA ladies here I come!!
Re inducton I think the policy here is 40+14 but will prob have a sweep after due date. I was induced forst time round after waters broke but straight onto evil drip. I would like to avoid that if possible but I think if I get to 42 weeks I will be happy to take any course of action to evict this baby.
Oooh forgot to say Cookie good luck hope it's all going to plan

Congratulations to...

TJuice Bump Katie Squeaky LK and Moosey

Six babies in such a short space of time! We're really motoring now! I hope everyone is recovering well and enjoying their babies! I'm due tomorrow, but don't feel hopeful of anything happening. Having a sweep at 10.00am, so maybe...

Am rather regretting the decision to have my fanjo tightened when I had a vaginal prolapse fixed just before pregnancy. Seemed a good idea at the time. A free designer vagina. I was so keen to have a baby and have the IVF procedure work for me, I thought invoking Sod's Law would help. But now I have to push this baby out of a 'virginal' vag, I am not quite so chipper about it. Can't see much entertainment value in a whole hand doing a sweep on me tomorrow either. Even the dildo probe they used to check the placental position was quite sore. What was I thinking, getting it tightened? Hey ho.

And a big welcome to Mrsgt !

juststarting Thu 10-Nov-11 19:22:29

Evening all. Welcome Mrsgt.
So, is it wrong of me to be fascinated by the tightened vagina knockedup? Do you notice it at all? You know, apart from not prolapsing!
Sorry to all those made so uncomfortable all the time. I'm not doing brill myself, but I think some of you are having it worse! So far I guess. I walked all of about a mile today and stopped at a cafe half way and am now NOT a comfy lady in the groin region. And have decided I will not be going to a cafe again until DS is like ten or something. He was in a perfectly good mood, no tantruming or anything, he was just entirely unmanageably marauding. It was impossible.
Sorry about the excrutiating undercarriage. When I had the bartholins abscess after DS I also used savlon - I alternated savlon in the bath and lavander. Sure there's nothing like that going on? Because apart from the breast abscess, the bartholons abscess may also have been the worse pain I have had - I recall them giving me morphine after the surgery and me being like "are you kidding? THIS pain is BLISS compared to how it was before the surgery!" Well, ok, that came after my semi conscious rant of "no, no, it might make me sick, I said I didnt want morphine. And I'm BREAST FEEDING!" Anyway, have you had someone look at it? If you havent, I really think you should.

Truffkin Thu 10-Nov-11 19:28:21

KnockedUp that really made me LOL grin am secretly hoping I might get a designer vag if I need stitches after labour, my sister was offered an extra couple of 'vanity stitches' (her MW's words!)

TerrysNo2 Thu 10-Nov-11 20:29:28

Congrats all round to the new babies

Welcome mrsgt

I hope there are some happy labour vibes tonight, an 11/11/11 baby would be fab!

Ok, so my baby girl might have kept me up ALL NIGHT last night but I totally forgive her when I smell her and hold her and stroke her oh so soft skin. Check this out grin grin

My breasts are in pain as they are so full of milk, DS elbowed one today by accident and I almost cried, off to have a bath now to see if I can release some of the milk.

hadak Thu 10-Nov-11 20:45:13

Awwwwwwwwwww Beautiful photo Terrys

Poppet45 Thu 10-Nov-11 20:48:01

Oh my word: Terry's you have the most adorable children. Just gorgeous!! I hope you are one proud mummy! My DS is a big blondie, and I'm thinking Willow is going to be darker like me too.

Just I noticed it a bit. It felt like I was clenching, but without having to actually bother to do so, so sex was more fun and more relaxing. My XH really noticed it big time, so it made much more difference to him. Didn't last forever, and by the time I'd spent two years with the plasterer (who was rather large in the trouser dept, tho not in TwoJacks DH's league), it had gone again. My prolapse had affected my anterior and posterior vaginal walls, and apparently only one can be fixed at a time, so got retightened when I had the other wall done. Haven't tested it out much, sadly, but think that the second surgeon didn't do as good a job. Didn't get any "Wow!" comments second time round. There's more to it than just stitching at the outside Truffkin. That just splits back open as soon as a sausage goes in!

What a lovely picture Terry's!

juststarting Thu 10-Nov-11 21:22:05

Terrys, well cute picture!
Knocked up, thanks for the info - I think I always assumed it would eventually just re loosen or something. No tthat its been on my agenda or anything - though I did notice my smear AFTER giving birth to DS was, well, a tad easier that before giving birth. DP never mentioned any difference, but frankly it was so long after DS was born that we actually next had sex he'd oribably forgotten by then anyway!
Eugh, got feedback on my thesis proposal stuff, which means I can now get back to work on it - after a whole week of not being able to ge ton with any uni work, I dont want to pick it up again now!

voodoomunkee Thu 10-Nov-11 22:21:19

Terrys, what beautiful children you have! Congrats!
Ok I wore heels, little ones, was like I had to walk like John Wayne to balance.... Classy. However dd had a lovely meal at our favourite little Italians where she was on a chair being sang to by the whole place and I got to have a very relaxing time which was just missing my big bro and his family.

Designer vagina's eh? I miss everything!

Right well am super uncomfortable with the usual braxton hicks and backache malarky so shall head off to bed to wait for them to stop as soon as I think we are getting somewhere!

Hope some 11/11/11 babies appear!

sasaunde Thu 10-Nov-11 23:23:33

Just been catching up on birth stories, congratulations everybody, bump I am just blown away by the fact that you even got the dog to the vet! You are my idol!! And terrys what a lovely picture.
Super strong braxton hicks tonight, know how you feel voodoo, just as I get excited everything stops. Fantasising about Katie's silent dilation..

smilingcl Fri 11-Nov-11 06:32:46

Welcome Mrs GT, thank you for your story knocked up, made me smile even tho I know it shouldn't, sorry?!

I think things are happening here, had a curry and dtd last night and my waters broke at 4am. I'm 40+8 today. Tried to stay in bed but felt hungry and like I need to sit on the loo all the time (starting to regret the curry), now I've found a warm spot shoved against the radiator and I'm enjoying that while I start researching what labour involves again! I'm having what feels like worst ever period pains in my lower abdoment around every 5 mins lasting for 30 seconds a time, I thought they were sposed to be further apart? Guess every labours different. Might be a full moon 11/11/11 baby, fingers crossed!

voodoomunkee Fri 11-Nov-11 06:59:04

Smiling, hope your managing through the discomfort. Have you rang mw/labour ward? Sorry don't know if you have a hb or hospital birth planned! Don't they say when ctx are coming every 5 mins or so and lasting a minute to go in? Am pretty sure that there will be someone along in a minute who knows better than me! Try a warm bath and some paracetamol or a tens if you have one. Sorry it's been exactly 11 years since I've been in labour! Plus think if your waters go you need to let the hcps know, sure it's been mentioned just upthread!
Very exciting though!

hadak Fri 11-Nov-11 07:05:45

Smiling Good luck. Sounds like baby is definitely on the way!! How cool would 11/11/11 be for birthday.
Keep us all posted when you are able to and sending you lots of non painful nice straight forward labour vibes.

juststarting Fri 11-Nov-11 08:21:22

Good luck smiling, sounds like things are underway to me!
Think ds is resuccumbing to a cold without having shrugged off the last one here, poor babe. No sign of managing an 111111 baby here though.

Staceroo Fri 11-Nov-11 10:05:43

morning all!

bored. waiting. uncomfortable. jealous of smilings labour starting (hope its going well!).

happy friday everyone!! :-) x

KellyKettle Fri 11-Nov-11 10:29:03

Bookmarking after catching up with all the lovely birth announcements!

DD2 is almost 4 weeks old. Things feel like they're settling down although I think we might be moving house in a couple of weeks...

Will keep lurking for new announcements.smile

PamSco Fri 11-Nov-11 11:14:15

Oooh smiling best of luck.

cep Fri 11-Nov-11 12:38:03

Hello Ladies, sorry to take so long coming back, i have now put piccies on the fb page. Alexander George born yesterday morning at 01:35 weighing 7lb 2oz (exactly the same as ds no1) labour ended up being pretty quick or last bit was. Contractions every 10 mins from about 4pm picked up to every 5 about 9, Called mlu and went in about 10, seemed to start coming really quickly shortly after i got there, checked me and i was 4 cms. Was in the pool which was great, (i bled a lot which is normal for me) so they though waters had gone, checked me again about 12 - 12.30 at this point, they hadn't but i was 5 cms, they think the waters were holding things up so decided to wait and see in anothr hr. then about 30 mins later another load of blood when the mw thought there was meconium so told me to get out, there wasn't as the waters still hadn't gone so out came the crochet needle, (i was 6-7 cms at this point) 35 mins later his head appeared. I was able to survive on just g&a which i was pleased about. I was on all fours at the end so only got away with grazes even though he had a hand up, so only a few stitches.

Alexander swallowed some of the gunk as he came out so quickly in the end, so he wasn't sucking at the breast at all, just wasn't interested, they were getting a bit worried about sending me home as the mlu closes at 8 unless a woman is labouring, so they were close to sending me to the main hosp to make sure he has something, but i suggested giving a little formula so they were happy after that. he's started sucking now (a little) but not long enough to actually get anything, but now he's over 24 hrs apparently i can express so i'll be expressing rather than giving him cow and gate until he sucking and feeding off me properly. Feeling sore, and tired but otherwise very happy.

good luck for smiling and everyone else who's feeling twinges.

voodoomunkee Fri 11-Nov-11 13:20:53

Congrats Cep and well done! Welcome Alexander! Aww I have an Alex so always get a shiver. Glad to hear you are feeling ok and getting on ok With the feeding well!
Lovely news x

neverinamillionyears Fri 11-Nov-11 14:05:18

Congratulations to Lk and ceo. Who is next?

MooseyMoo Fri 11-Nov-11 14:24:10

Cep congratulations! Lovely name grin.

Currently sat with frozen bag of veg on boob as engorgement really painful.

voodoomunkee Fri 11-Nov-11 15:18:32

Ouch Moosey! Have to admit you forget about all the other bits and pieces that come after the birth! Well I did/have anyways!
I am begging for some labour vibes!

Congratulations cep!

Good luck smiling! Hope you get bubs today!

I couldn't feel Connor move as much as usual last night. I was going to go in and get checked, but everytime I decided I would, I felt a small movement and decided I could wait until my monitoring appointment at 10.00am today. He's been behaving normally today, and I'm not even sure I didn't imagine that his movements were less frequent and vigorous yesterday, but I don't want to take any chances, so I'm off to be induced at 6pm tonight. The consultant checked out my cervix, which is still thick, so it's highly unlikely that Connor'll be a 11/11/11 baby. They don't have a bed for me any earlier. All the crap of an induction, and he'll still miss the cool birthday. Sigh!

KellyKettle Fri 11-Nov-11 16:22:57

Good luck knockedup, still plenty of time to get the cool birthday! You might be a speedy labourer! Thinking of you smile

voodoomunkee Fri 11-Nov-11 16:25:32

Good luck knockedup! I hope bubs surprises you and comes out 11.50pm! Look forward to hearing about it on the other side!

I quite often panic that the baby's movement is less but as the mw pointed out the placenta is anterior (at the front?) so I will feel less.

PamSco Fri 11-Nov-11 16:59:12

Good luck Knockedup if this boy is on time I'll pop down the corridor to see you wink I'm due tomorrow. Doubt he'll come on time though. Look forward to meeting Connor in a few weeks. I haven't heard from ziggi for ages but we may end up with Willow being the only Elaphant House girl!

If ziggi has a boy we could have a 5-a side, which of course Willow could be in as my boy is alrready being pushed down the rugby route (by his papa) and he hasn't even been pushed out yet!

Best of luck to all on the home straight.

cep Fri 11-Nov-11 18:10:44

Thanks ladies. grin

Good luck knocked up.

hadak Fri 11-Nov-11 18:24:26

Congratulations cep and good luck with the induction knocked up just think you will meet your little one soon.
Voodoo sending you labour vibes, could you send them back to me when you have finished with them please.
Have a lovely evening ladies

TerrysNo2 Fri 11-Nov-11 19:23:08

Come on knockedup we need an 11/11/11 baby <sending speedy ctx vibes your way>

Moosey I am in agony I am so engorged, sitting here with savoy cabbage leaves on my breasts. DD is not making a dent, I just hope it calms down soon!

MooseyMoo Fri 11-Nov-11 19:42:13

terrys Supermarket was out of cabbage so had to go for cold compress. Still painful, especially at night. Was in tears over pain today. Have decided to not express and dry up my milk. Ds is a milk monster and wouldn't be able to keep up with him anyway.

Good luck knocked up Fingers crossed you get the cool birthday date grin

juststarting Fri 11-Nov-11 19:47:24

Congratulations Cep! And good luck knocked up!
I'm having a very queasy day. Or rather, it feels like Ugli Fruit has a foot in my stomach such that food cant go down and air cant come up or something.

Good luck knockedup!

Breast pain - is anyone geeting excrutiating boob pain before giving birth? Mine are aching so painfully, like someone's cutting them in half. Assume it's all gearing up for baby but will expressing colustrum help I wonder? Everytime I blow my nose, I dribble from the right boob!!

TerrysNo2 Fri 11-Nov-11 20:04:54

moosey I bought these on someone's recommendation, about to go and try them so will let you know if they are worth it. I am trying not to express to as I want supply to regulate but its hard.

PamSco Fri 11-Nov-11 23:32:00

MrsA yep i'VE HAD the feeling of hot needles piercing me nips. Haven't had it a week now but on and off since June. No real dribbles to speak of but some crystals dried in the morning.

MooseyMoo Sat 12-Nov-11 09:16:07

Thanks terrys they look good. Lovely frozen veg at moment. Think I've cooked the sweetcorn about 5 times now hmm. I would buy these if I was going to bf but am not going to.

Found this article that might help you. I've been cold compressing and massaging when DH feeding ds and boobs are better at moment.

MooseyMoo Sat 12-Nov-11 09:17:54

mrsA I also noticed breast pain a couple of days before giving birth. Sounds. Like your body is preparing itself grin

Wonder if we had any 11/11/11 babies?

neverinamillionyears Sat 12-Nov-11 15:34:06

Just back from a lovely birthday lunch. Tucked up in bed now with dp and bump watching a movie. A perfect day. The calm before the storm!

Any new arrivals? Today is a good birth day smile

hadak Sat 12-Nov-11 16:16:35

No news of any new arrivals yet?
Nothing happening here 39+3. Although I am full of a cold and DS is also suffering from what I can only guess at a virus - achy limbs, sore stomach and headache. ,ost unusual for him as he is normally super healthy. So I have gone from wanting baby out now to hoping he stays put til we are no longer a house of germs!!!
To those of you with sore boobs I used cabbage leaves first time around and they did help, it also heped if I expressed while in the bath- don't know why but seemed to be easier in warm water.
Good luck to everyone and have a lovely Saturday evening.

mashpot Sat 12-Nov-11 16:25:42

Congratulations Cep.
Great photo Terrys.
Happy Birthday Never.
I hope all is going well for Knockedup.
Buffy so sorry about the accident, an absolute pain even though the main thing is your DH wasn't hurt.
Hadak I hope your DS improves quickly.

It's quiet today, has everyone else gone into labour...

My due date tomorrow but I don't think baby knows it. I did have some period pains last night but nothing really bad and I haven't had a show or any other signs anything is going to kick off. I had a curry last night and I'm running a bath for DH when he gets home from work, giving him a glass of wine and hoping he can manage sex - its been a long time!

voodoomunkee Sat 12-Nov-11 17:11:11

Gosh it is quiet on here!
Hadak I hope your ds is better quickly.
Never, who's birthday is it?
Mash I hope you have a successful night!
Well OH has finally caved and bought MW for his PS3. I don't mind as long as he records strictly and I can watch Xfactor with my pizza. Had a spicy hot curry last night which was lovely but ineffectual! So tonight it's a spicy pizza! May even have a glass of vino! Have told OH we have to do the nasty and also been and bought raspberry leaf capsules. Got braxton hicks, crampy pains and random niggles about 80% of the time but they are not leading anywhere and I'm utterly sick! 40+4 now.
Hope everyone is well and sending out many many positive labour vibes!

juststarting Sat 12-Nov-11 17:13:14

No labour here - had a few pains thismorning, but I think I just needed a poo!
Went out for lunch (kind of accidentally - we were MEANT to just be taking a mattress back to Ikea, but it takes so bloody long to do ANYTHING in Ikea, we needed lunch) today sans le toddler. Thats happened like three times since he was born two years ago. You would think we would have adult conversation etc. I crave time without him and then when we get it, we just talk about him. had the first steak I've had in forever, like a decade or somethign. It was quite nice actually. Unfortunately I also had some fries which were suspiciously delicious and now I am getting a headache and strongly suspecting they had MSG in. I cant eat anything these days! Stupid body.
So, no labour here please, my head hurts! I need to hold off till Friday next week to be honest, when my parents come down.
I too have sore boobs by the way. My nipples in particular. I did use some cabbage with DS, but I am hardly one to give advice as I had several bouts of mastitis and a massive breast abscess.

H007 Sat 12-Nov-11 17:56:37

Nowt happening her 39 weeks... Out for a curry tonight I'm jut going for the hottest veggie dish you do! Also going to treat myself to a small glass of red wine, first dribble of alcohol I've had in 9 months! I'm anaemic, that's my excuse smile Need to go to my mums to pick up some Gavison first though haha... Scary think that is will be our last baby free date :-S

mrsgt Sat 12-Nov-11 18:26:07

Nothing happening here at 39+4, and my gut feeling is that it will be another week before baby makes an appearance. Still lot of movement and BH (which I didn't get at all first time round). Am taking lots of raspberry leaf capsules and lots of bouncing on the ball plus we are taking dd swimming tomorrow so can have a bounce around the pool, all in vain I fear!! Hope everyone is looking forward to a relaxing saturday night and there are developments where desired!

voodoomunkee Sat 12-Nov-11 18:41:14

May kill OH. I take back not minding cod mw but when apparently he would rather play

goldmaple Sat 12-Nov-11 18:42:26

Glad to see so many babies!! Congrats cep and to everyone else I've missed. I really feel like I have no time these days to do anything except feed, eat and sleep a tiny bit. Worth it though. She is just so sweet!

knocked up hope everyhting went well and speedy!!

Birth story:

Woke up at 1:20am Oct 30th for a routine bathroom visit and lost my mucous plug. Started having contractions every 5 minutes, but at 7:30am they started getting further apart, 7 mins, 10 mins, 12 mins and then kind of stopped. It seemed like I was having false labour so DH and I decided to go back to bed. I had a good cry because I was so disappointed and then tried to sleep. Of course as soon as I laid down I had four contractions in a row (4 mins apart) and on the last one my waters broke.

I was gushing everywhere, and we went to the hospital where they told me I was 2 cm dilated. The contractions were coming every 2.5-3 mins and lasting for 1 min so they told me to walk around as they couldn't admit me until 4cm. An hour and a half later they checked again and I was 4 cm and was admitted (at 12:30).

I used gas and fentanol (a narcotic) which took the edge off, but the shower was really the best thing!! I stayed in there for a long time. The rest is kind of a blur but what happened is Emily was sideways in my pelvis and pushing on my cervix. I was 10 cm dilated by ~7:00ish except for the area she was resting on which was 8cm. They wouldn't let me push because they were worried she would make my cervix swell and then everything would go down hill. So for 2 hours I had to resist the urge to push and get in awkward positions to try and shift her. I couldn't have any pain relief because I wasn't in pain, just needed to push!! (Not sure if that makes sense). Finally I was allowed to push and after 1 hour she came out screaming (back to back) with a huge cone head!! Was the most incredible feeling in the world when her head came out. Only needed 3 stitches! Was about 8 hours from active labour to birth so I'm now very happy with how things went!

Sending everyone still waiting labour vibes!!

voodoomunkee Sat 12-Nov-11 18:43:59

Stupid iPhone!
Play on his game cos apparently 'this is the only time he gets' rather than erm get jiggy I'm not very impressed!!!!!! He's playing with fire I tell ya!!

juststarting Sat 12-Nov-11 19:24:48

Well done Goldmaple - congratulations. Sounds like it wasnt the easiest, but you did a good job!
Voodoo, sorry about OH. Not on really. He may as well get used to not getting any time to himself frankly! And this may be his last opportunity for any jigging for a while too!

pandia Sat 12-Nov-11 19:40:20

I was also thinking it had been quiet on here today - I can't remember how many of us there are left!

Voodoo poor old you, overdue and OH being naughty - I agree with just, it's not really on, but perhaps worth avoiding an argument and just trying to stay calm. Lots of labour vibes to you!

gold congrats on a great birth story

Nothing seems to be happening here apart from weird and excruciating sort of shooting pains that occur every so often kind of in upper thighs and down the back of my bum into top of legs. Had thought they were contractions, but think it must be nerve pain.

39+3 here too hadak - hope you feel better soon - labour + full of cold would not be good. Chilli tonight for us. Think my chances of persuading DH to dtd are almost non-existent, either just doesn't fancy me at all when pregnant or feels too weird about the baby, but every time I suggest he changes the subject completely!

Come on babies!!!

Tjuice Sat 12-Nov-11 20:48:51

Hi all
Just a quick one to say, hang in there, my fingers are crossed for safe landings for all of you. It must be really frustrating now but just try and enjoy the chilledness now, in light of the whirlwind that is about to happen ;)

I don't have much of a birth story as I had a planned c-section. Having had a natural birth the first time, it was such a different experience. Scary and painful in completely different ways but the overall sensing of just having no control, just giving yourself up to the professionals was quite weird. And the recovery is totally different - I think you snap back much more quickly after a natural birth...

Two nights in the hospital then it was lovely to be home again. The breastfeeding is going okay - it takes me a while to get it sorted and my nipples have been totally chewed but we are getting there ;)

I have put two new pictures on my profile - one of little Amaya Rose (she was 6.6lbs) and one of all of us, including the very proud and amazingly good Elodie Summer who has really taken to the role of big sister.

PamSco Sat 12-Nov-11 21:08:25

gold thanks for sharing your story. Tough but you did it and did it well by the sounds of it. Tjuice it is interesting to hear the difference in your experiences.

Nothing happening here but then I always thought the 12th wasn't right for my due date. I declare here I reckon I'll go on the 16th.

Sorry to here all the sickness hadak and naughty gamers voodoo

knockedup hope everything has gone well and you are getting lots of Connor-cuddles.

40 weeks today and spent the afternoon choosing paint for nursery getting achier and achier in B&Q - if OH nips me again about a lie in he may get a surprise.

voodoomunkee Sat 12-Nov-11 21:48:55

Sorry for xposting gold! Sounds like you had a bit of a more difficult time than you would want especially having to try not to push! That's got to be difficult but well done and congrats again!
Tjuice awww lovely pics! Very proud big sis there as well!
Ah OH is behaving (ahem). Think he cottoned on I was cross. Fed and watered and spent an hour sitting on the birthing ball and nothing happening. Just discovering how hard it is to walk around with a head in your pelvis. Or stand up straight.....
Didn't have my usual rest today and am shattered so soon as xfactor is finished am off to bed. Would be nice for a Sunday baby.....

Poppet45 Sat 12-Nov-11 22:20:03

wow gold sounds like it was intense but can i just say what a good spot re pushing from your mw - ds was stuck head sideways too - in deep ntransverse arrest but unfortunately my mw didnt spot it and had me pushing pointlessly, with me even telling her it felt wrong and i thought he was stuck for two hours. that ended up in a swollen head for ds, me utterly knackered and an emcs after he was well and truly wedged in by all that pushing.
pandia i think you can get contractions in your thighs and bum!

stripeymummy Sat 12-Nov-11 22:20:49

Evening everyone,
Just a quick announcement: Eilidh was born on the 2nd of Nov, weighing 7lb5oz, perfect with a thick mop of dark hair. Was in hospital for over a week with no internet access, and only now managed to get on.

Everything went as smoothly was possible, though I did get some fluid on the lungs and anemia, so on medication for the next wee whiley. Totally knackered, but very glad to be home and starting to catch up on some sleep.

I haven't managed to catch up with everything that's happened in the last couple of weeks, but a massive congratulations to all those who've had their babies, and best of luck to the rest of you

Congrats stripey and goldmaple!

goldmaple it sounds like your midwives were spot on, so brilliant despite an intense couple of hrs for you. Better that than an emcs though.

I am totally hacked off. Once again I am up for the nth night in a row sitting on the loo at 1.30am. wtf?! Its not like I have the runs or even a (tmi) huge poo. I just wake up with a massive need to sit on the loo and feel a bit off/queasy. Some nights I poo, some I don't. This happens irrespective of what I eat/dont eat. I am getting fed up.

I've had background mild period pain again today. Nothing serious and its gone now. Can't believe baby can engage any further now so hoping things start soon or else curry and sex on the menu for monday! Am 39+4 today (sunday). My ankles are swollen but bp still normal so its just v annoying. Sigh. Night night all.

Merlioness Sun 13-Nov-11 05:37:46

Congratulations cep and stripey

voodoomunkee Sun 13-Nov-11 08:05:55

Congrats Stripey , hope you are well! Glad you are home as well.
MrsA how odd it's every night...
I'm just pee'd off. How can I still be pregnant! It feels like I have been forever and no signs of anything changing. Depressed at the thought of another week in the house on my own next week. Sorry am just miserable.

alicat10 Sun 13-Nov-11 10:07:04

Stripey huge congrats, lovely name - I had been thinking about you & wondering how you were getting on.

Voodoo sorry you're feeling fed up, hopefully with it being you're third it'll just sneak up on you & be over in no time

Cx vibes to all those waiting...

busyboysmum Sun 13-Nov-11 10:25:17

Mrs Arch and Voodoo I am so with you - 3rd baby, overdue, sick of being pregnant, feel like I am letting everyone down at this stage and there's no baby in there really!!

Feel v grumpy at the mo and irritable with everyone. Am booked in for a reflexology session on Monday so am hoping that might start something off. Hate curry, haven't had sex for months and have no desire for it, tried pineapple last time with no success so not bothering with that!!

I just want my baby!

Ho hum - another boring week beckons ...

voodoomunkee Sun 13-Nov-11 10:43:45

I youtubed reflexology points to try. So randomly keep massaging them. I wouldn't have a clue where to go for an actual reflexologist to do it though!
Ali, I have to admit I keep thinking yes 3rd baby she will just pop out! So sending those vibes to busboys as well!
Having a mare with dc's dad who just seems like he cannot be chewed to make an effort with them. Dd is still waiting for her birthday present and because it was also their stepmothers birthday they went out last night and sent the kids to his mothers. Nothing special for dd though sad very much upsetting me.

H007 Sun 13-Nov-11 11:56:59

http://wrylilt.hubpages.com/hub/Ways-to-induce-Labour-Naturally for those like me smile my friend text me this

Poppet45 Sun 13-Nov-11 12:44:20

Hi all!

Who can believe Willow is officially 12 weeks old today! But also bizarrely not due until Thursday. Think I'm going to take some piccies of her on her due date, if she follows the line by then she might have hit the mahoosive weigh in of 6 whole pounds!
MrsA that nightwaking thing is odd - but I've heard that repeat waking relates to the time you'll have your baby! Not sure if its the start or end of labour but you're in a good place to test it out.
reflexology got to be worth a shot, I had it with DS and was in labour that night after one session. And if it doesn't work it could be the last chance in an age to have a bit of pampering, with candles and oils and hippy dippy music! I still remember it fondly now!
Anyway good luck for all those in the waiting game and congrats to the newest November grads. x

juststarting Sun 13-Nov-11 14:05:29

Congratulations Stripey!
Feeling grumpy today myself. Uncomfrotable and giant and even though I am usually pretty smug about how awesome my DP is, for some reason today I think he is totally lame. He's never been very efficient or good at getting on with things. He's not lazy, far from it, he's just kind of slow and inefficient, and today that seems to be bothering me a great deal. He's like the opposite to my dad, who launches into tasks, goes off half cocked, gets the job done, but its never the best job. DP will carefully make sure he knows what he's going to do and how and then do a good job if he ever manages to get going with it. Its a shame they dont work better together to be honest.
SO tired. I go through phases of waking at exactly the same time of night too. It is odd though. I WISH I could sleep well!
Sorry, winge winge winge.

PamSco Sun 13-Nov-11 14:22:45

Stripey congratulations on your bundle and getting home eventually - I hope you are feeling tiptop soon.

Poppet amazing - 3 months already. She'll be ancient by the time we meet again wink

Just I think there must have been a swap with my OH, he is obviously awsome (and may read this hey darlin wink , but doesn't always think of me. Tobay, however, he has got cracking on finishing the nursery so we can liberate the spare bedroom from nursery furniture and my mam can stay. Better still, he closed the door so the hoover didn't wake me after my post brunch snooze. Hollywood do films about that level of love!

40+2 and no signs of any kind fair few BH yesterday and lots of wriggling he is switching from left to right lateral every few hours - mw tomorrow. Definitely waiting until 41 weeks for a sweep now.

PamSco Sun 13-Nov-11 17:22:32

Oooh quiet today. Don't tell me you are all in labour and it's just me left. Tut. I'm off for fish and chips.

Truffkin Sun 13-Nov-11 17:54:07

Unfortunately I am most definitely not in labour Pam! My brother and his girlfriend came to stay for the weekend and we've been busy, which has been a lovely distraction. I've been a bit moody this week with DH and think a nice, busy weekend has been well timed! 2 late nights and a lot of walking yesterday have left me completely knackered today though and think I will need to relax tomorrow to recover grin

I have reflexology booked tomorrow afternoon, I found a lady who lives on my road and works from home, so am looking forward to that a lot. I've already had a few calls from family and texts from people asking if there is any news and I'm not due until Friday!!! I know this happens to everyone but seriously, do my sister and my mother in law think we will just go off and have the baby without telling them?? My sister called this afternoon and I said, 'oh yes the baby is 2 weeks old now, we just forgot to mention it' and she has a little boy who was a week late so knows how annoying it is. I do know they are just excited but am wondering how understanding I will feel if I go a week or two past my due date confused

Lovely to hear how everyone is getting on with their new arrivals, I'm so excited to meet this little one now. Just can't wait!

neverinamillionyears Sun 13-Nov-11 18:07:26

It's ok Pamsco still a few of us here. 38+1 today so going to enjoy a curry tonight, not a hot one though as I don't think I could stand any more indegestion. It hurts!

Had a lovely b'day yesterday although it felt like a Sunday and today feels like a Monday as I went back to work. Boo.... I'm not giving up work until I feel really crappy or until my waters break smile

Hope everyones Sunday has been a pleasant one. I'm just watching DP playing MW3 online and it's hilarious the swearing that comes out of his mouth. H keeps getting shot and it's most probably by a load of 12 year olds!

pandia Sun 13-Nov-11 18:23:31

Pam you did make me laugh with your "don't tell me you're all in labour"! -that's how I feel, that it's only me who isn't and still has no signs!! Still here 39+4 All my NCT group starting to drop too. Will I be pregnant forever?!

I have reflexology tomorrow too - a relaxing one as she won't do formal induction one till Wed, but she says that deep relaxation treatment can be as effective at getting labour going as the body needs to be really relaxed.

Happy Sunday night and positive labour vibes to everyone looking for them!

sasaunde Sun 13-Nov-11 19:23:22

No labour here either. Every night when I sit down I get braxton hicks and then they get a bit more painful and I think "sh*t didn't mean it!!" and then they go away and I go back to moaning about not being in labour smile
Had mw appt on Fri and my blood pressure was up for the first time EVER. So another appointment tomorrow (my due date) as a checkup. Do they induce you if you have high blood pressure? I'll be tempted to fake it! I'll be running up and down the corridor before the appointment!

voodoomunkee Sun 13-Nov-11 19:52:01

Not in labour here either! Still. Went for a walk earlier, definite tightenings but tapered off. Baby likes battering my bladder. Which hurts. Had a crap day all in all sad

juststarting Sun 13-Nov-11 19:58:18

No labour here either - though I had a pretty uncomfortable couple of tightenings, and a sudden pressing need to wipe down some skirting boards (got out the shower and needed a wipe to clean up some conditioner - 15 minutes later DP came in to find a giant 38 week pregnant woman kneeling naked in the corner industriously wiping down skirting boards. Dignity? Completely over rated).
I need there to be twice as many hours in a day. No, twice as much energy. Maybe just twice as many sleeping hours. I dont know. Maybe all of those things.

busyboysmum Sun 13-Nov-11 20:08:58

Nothing here either, had a rediculous load of texts today and a worried message off MIL asking if everything was OK as we hadn't been round today - we usually go on a Sunday but the kids had a party to go to and DH hadn't informed her.

I finally feel like I can keep up with this thread!! Now that most of the people have headed off to their new babies... v jealous.

Will let you know if the reflexology starts anything off - otherwise I have been told I can have a sweep at my next midwife's appointment which is on Friday - see if that does anything.

My blood pressure has also gone up from being really low and making me feel rubbish ie 90/60 it has gone back to my normal 120/75 and I am feeling a lot better really. The midwife assured me it was common for BP to drop in the middle of pregnancy then go back to normal towards the end. Wondering if it's the pregnancy hormones letting go a bit possibly?

Can't wait to see who is next - good luck everyone smile

cookie9 Sun 13-Nov-11 20:25:07

Just to let everyone know we are now back home with baby Christopher who was born on 11 11 11 weighing 7 lbs 12.

Had waters broken in birth centre then transferred to labour unit expecting to be put onto drip and epidural. Contractions kicked in v fast and thought would be about 4 cm and was thinking epidural but then had best news ever as was actually 9 cm. Got taken to birthing room and once I managed to take the mouth piece for the gas and air out my mouth where it had been firmly fixed for the previous 3 hours managed to gasp the word pool. Fabulous husband let the midwife team know I would love pool birth and they transferred me back to birth unit where a pool was free. God it felt good to get in the water. Midwife team were great and as birth centre dh got to stay with me all night and got a room and bathroom to ourselves. Dh was brilliant as managed to understand my needs and caught the baby as he crowned and even cut the cord. We had to stay for an extra day as they needed to check for possible heart mummer but all ok. Delighted to be home although second degree tear so a little sore but Christopher was worth it. Totally in love with him.

Sending lots of good labour vibes to those still waiting for their bundles of joy and congratulations to all the other new mums. Will read over the thread once a little more time.

PamSco Sun 13-Nov-11 20:30:45

YAY Cookie 11/11/11 lucky Christopher. Welcome Christopher with such a special birthday.

What a great story. I've heard so many who though tthey were 9 and were only 4 - the other way round sounds great smile

I'm hoping my chippy dinner gets things moving (40+2 tomorrow)

voodoomunkee Sun 13-Nov-11 20:50:46

Ok I've got a spot at the top of my leg from when I was having a tidy up down there (sorry tmi) which appears to be infected and it is officially agony. I've covered it in germolene and a plaster. It's killing!
My dc's have returned from their dads like devil children. OH and I actually went and stood outside to escape from their sheer bloody mindedness. My blood pressure feels like it's through the roof, hearts racing and I feel over energised and shaky if that makes sense.
So am nearly looking forward to a quiet day in the house tomorrow! Sorry for the rant sad

voodoomunkee Sun 13-Nov-11 21:02:14

Arrgghh so now apparently my posts are vanishing!
Sorry for the xposts!
Congrats cookie, glad you got the pool and a good OH! Welcome Christopher and what a good birthdate! Lovely story smile

I've had professional antenatal acupuncture throughout pregnancy and have had the induction points done. Those thinking of using things like this in labour should check out this site acupuncture.rhizome.net.nz/acupressure-intro.aspx. A brilliant midwife called Debra Betts teaches acupressure for childbirth and makes the info freely available on her website. My acupuncturist really recommends it. It's easy to use during labour and can be done by anyone and worst case, it'll do nothing ie it can't hurt.

No labour here either - quite happy about that. Had mild period pain again yesterday all day but it tapered off and not returned. My head is saying towards the end of this week, plus I'm meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow but I just need to say...

My right boob is on fire. Feels like it's being cut with a razor blade. They just go hot and ache and ache and ache for about 10mins then stop as if it never happened.

Seeing IM Tuesday so going to mention.

I'm a celeb starts tonight!!! Yay!!! If When I labour at home, it will be on in the background for sure. smile

Congrats to our first (only?) 11/11/11 baby. Sounds like a fab birth in the pool.

TerrysNo2 Sun 13-Nov-11 21:13:51

Yay cookie and our 11/11/11 baby Christopher - I'm so pleased we had (at least?) one

cep Sun 13-Nov-11 21:17:50

thank you for the congrats ladies.

Congrats cookie and stripey.

Still having problems feeding, but am speaking to the mw again tomorrow and hopefully she'll be able to come out and give more advise. mum's going back home tomorrow and dh starts his pat leave, will see ifhe survives the 2 weeks. Hope there are some movements going on tonight and over next few days.

hadak Sun 13-Nov-11 21:31:02

Evening ladies and thankyou to Gold Tjuice and Cookie for sharing your brth stories. Congratulations to you all.
Voodoo I too have been googling accupressure points and bribing my family to have a go. No joy yet though. I think I may try and book a session with a reflexologist as I am having no signs that baby wants to come out!!
Thank you all for the good wishes re the house of germs. I am still full of cold but DS appears to have made a bit of a recovery today. Amazing how quick youngsters recover.
Pam I too thought everybody must have gone into labour when I checked in thread this morning and felt a bit put out I was all by myself.
Pandia and Mrs A I think we share a due date, 16th? I wonder if the babies will actually make an appearence then.
Hope you all have a good evening and wishing those of you who are fed up of waiting speedy labours.

mashpot Sun 13-Nov-11 21:45:07

Yay Cookie and Christopher! Sounds like a good labour and a fantastic birthday!

I'm in the not in labour camp and I'm 40 weeks today. Had curry on Friday, sex on Saturday and reflexology tomorrow. Think I'll try and book acupuncture for Wednesday. I really want this baby out before next weekend. I've had tonnes of messages but I'm trying not to get annoyed as its just people wishing we well and trying to be nice. If I hadn't had any messages I probably would've been annoyed thinking everyone had forgotten my due date - you can't win with me sometimes.

Anyway, baby not arriving gave me time to finish my birth playlist. And eat some more Ben & Jerry's.

hadak Sun 13-Nov-11 22:05:26

Mash you sound very committed. I could probably do the reflexology and maybe the curry and acupuncture but I am afraid I far too whale like and knackered to consider DTD.
Good luck and enjoy the Ben and Jerrys

juststarting Sun 13-Nov-11 22:43:37

Congratulations cookie, glad everything is ok.
Feel wierd. Think I am getting a wierd and uncomfortable tension between thinking every single tightening might be something and thinking its just another tightening which leaves me in this emotional limbo of permanent anxiety. As I am sure you are all familiar with. Feeling it a bit tonight though. Probably shold just go to bed, I know I'm tired, but bed is so bloody uncomfrtable these days I cant motivate myself to go there. Plus I hate the night. I always feel more alone and more afraid at night.

hadak yes, due date this Wed. I don't know - keep thinking things will start soon (intuition?) But not sure. Was up early with DD, no naps all day and now full of energy and on the loo but who knows.

just I hear ya. I hate the night too. Feels very isolating. Daytime it always seems manageable. Good luck.

lktoday5 Mon 14-Nov-11 02:02:23

Hello all. Sorry for the disappearing act, hopefully all will become clear... And before I get to my rather long and self absorbed post huge huge congrats to all the new arrivals and speedy arrival best wishes to everyone else. I've read through a weeks worth of postings but have forgotten everything. D'oh.

So before I start I should say that I'm lying here at 1am with my darling, beautiful baby girl next to me and she was absolutely worth every minute of it but I'd be lying if I said the last week or so wasn't the hardest of my life, bar none. I'm feeling very fragile about what I'm about to write and could do with some virtual hugs, which seems very selfish after disappearing for so long but if there's any going they'd be very well received.

So, having been told my entire pregnancy I 'wouldn't go to term' (bicornuate uterus plus recurrent uti necessitating 5 lots of ab's plus 12 days in hospital) by the time I woke up at 40 plus 1 I was crawling up the Walls (daft I'm hindsight but there you go). Dh had actually been allowed back early from exercise in the states but only had 10 days or so at home so I was really starting to feel the pressure and the very real prospect of him having to return before she arrived. But, on the Saturday morning we were wrestling with the bloody space age pram when I had a bloody show. The relief was immense but I knew it could be a while so we decided to go for a nice last lunch at our favourite pub. Got back about 1pm and starting gushing bright red blood. Cue panic blush and going straight to hospital. Had been there about 40 mins and just given an internal when my waters went quite dramatically. They decided to keep me in but I didn't start contracting till about 9pm sat (ie 5 hrs later) and they weren't regular so they sent me home until a) they became regular or b) I would be induced at 8.30am sun. They werent regular at all so back we all went (dh and birth partner) next day. Was given prostin at 12 and things kicked off but I was only dilating at 1/2 cm an hour. Then at about 6pm Sunday it all started to go very pear shaped. Her heart rate started dipping dangerously with every contraction and they very quickly switched to head monitoring and prepped me for an emcs (cue me in floods of hysterical tears every time I contracted and saw her little heart rate slow dramatically and then slowly recover). After about 40 mins of this though she improved and they moved me to a private room and whacked me full of syntocin. I laboured through the night and had the full works, g and a, pethidine and an epidural. Somehow my angel of a mw (who never left my side except for 20mins in her 14 hrs or so there) knew exactly when enough was enough and gave me what I needed. By 1pm or so Monday (yes, nearly 48 hours later!) I was fully dilated and the dr told me to rest for an hr before pushing. Only then two things happened in quick succession: 1) they discovered she was back to back, head up and 2) her heart rate started to decelerate like mad again. The dr had disappeared after granting me my hr break but came back like a shot with a 'we need to get this baby out now' mentality. I was told I could push once with the ventouse and if she wasn't budging it was straight to theatre. Of course she was stuck fast and I was absolutely knackered so theatre it was. 2 more attempts with the ventouse and then it was emcs where we discovered her cord round her neck. She finally arrives at 2.44pm. grin

Having thought that was the end of it I then had a bloody nightmare 3 days where variously great mw's would keep my pain under control, others would completely let it drift but it transpires the bicornuate thing means extra special pain helpings for me. Took me an hour and a half to get up the first time sad. BUT my body never ceases to amaze me and every day is a 100% improvement on the last. Livia Rose is the best behaved baby in the world and after a tough few first days feeding as she swallowed a load of mucus were getting there with a mixture of breast, expressed and formula top up. It works for us and despite run ins with several mw's I'm standing my ground.

Dh left yesterday to complete his exercise and the combination of that plus remembrance Sunday in an army house plus hormones was a bit lethal but he'll be back well in time for Christmas which were both very much looking forward to.

In the meantime me and Livvy are spending good quality girl bonding time wink

Anyways, time for bed. Sorry for complete self absorption and like I said on fb THANK YOU for all your various words of wisdom over 9 months. Tis amazing what pops into your head at hour 38! smile

alicat10 Mon 14-Nov-11 04:14:25

LK my goodness, you have certainly been through it. Lots of unmumsnetty hugs for you. My 1st labour though very short in comparison had a lot of similarities so you have my every sympathy - take your time to recover emotionally as well as physically & just enjoy your beautiful girl. I ended up having a debrief appt with the consultant when DS1 was 9 months old as I was still a bit traumatised by it all & it was a really helpful & cathartic experience.

voodoomunkee Mon 14-Nov-11 07:10:49

LK, certainly sounds traumatic! Main thing is she is here safe and sound and your OH was home too!
Like Ali says, take your time and rest, spend it with your little girl and look forward to Xmas! There's nothing wrong with stepping off the treadmill and going at your own pace!
Ive refused to get out of bed and get OH up this morning. Decided it was time I got to get up at a decent time. Course am wide awake like! 40+6 sad

Merlioness Mon 14-Nov-11 07:24:57

Oh my gosh, lk!! That sounds horrendous! I am so glad that you are starting to feel better.
I am so glad that your DH was there with you and that little Livia Rose is well, even though she was getting distressed.
Have loads of (((hugs))) all the way from Singapore!

Staceroo Mon 14-Nov-11 09:38:34

Wow IK, you sound like you've really been through it! SO pleased Livia Rose has arrived and all is well!

Congrats to other new mums too... (I'm sorry I forget where I last got to in the list!)

No sign here yet sad wake up everyday thinking 'maybe today' and then 8:30 - 9pm rolls around before I know it and still no labour! 40+2 today.

Saw mw sat mornign and all is well - plan is they will come round to do a sweep sat afternoon (41 weeks) if no sign. Really hope it doesn't get to that!

Also hoping she comes before thurs or fri as it's FILs birthday then their anniversary and MIL has been saying she'll come on one of those days for months! (I just want her to be wrong!)

FX for all of us still waiting!

Katiebeau Mon 14-Nov-11 09:53:14

Popped in for an update on the expectant Mummy's.

LK. Massive hug from me. My first birth left me shattered and anxious. It does slowly get better. If not I discovered help out there. postnatal thread for November is up and running.

Congratulations to all new mums. Sorry if I missed any personal name shouts.

Feeding - my midwife was so lovely. Me tearful about no latch, no expressed milk. Shields worked but lazy boy refuses to work for his milk. Spent 6 hrs per day expessing for 3 days. I am a wreck. Milk has arrived though. MW fabulous. Lactation specialist not of this world. How do I stay in bed for an entire week with a toddler who I love and loves me and needs her Mummy too???? Sorry I did get stressed at the suggestion DD just has to accept Mummy is 100% with DS now. hmm

Anyway will try and express until DH returns to work but it's impossible after that. I'm gutted he won't take from the breast directly but that's life.

Send silent dilation vibes to all you ladies waiting. It stinks I know. Box of Krispy Cream donuts for you all to share.

Oh and if someone finds a pelvic floor lying around it's mine. Either that or DS ate it on his way out!! grin

voodoomunkee Mon 14-Nov-11 10:20:18

Yum donuts! Really need something today. Dd is evil, resulted in crying hissy fit before school and one very upset me telling her I cant have this behaviour! Argghh. However she has snapped out of it and is back to being her usual lovely self which is good. OH also apologised for me having to get up every day to get him up which was lovely too. I think they finally cottoned on just how knackered pregnancy makes you!
Katie am glad the mw has been helpful but not entirely sure how helpful the other ones attitude has been! It's like when u go to the docs with a bad back and a young child and they say well all we can suggest is that you don't lift the baby! Yeah right! Keep positive though, your doing great smile
Stace I totally hear you. Wake up thinking today is it and then next thing it's 9.30 and you realise that actually no, today wasn't the day after all! Baby is currently very very wriggly and it's quite painful as she is totally out of space and I can't stretch outwards anymore! Definitely think am losing bits of plug but it's not blood streaked (sorry tmi)!
Come on babies time to come out and see the world!!

hadak Mon 14-Nov-11 11:00:52

Morning ladies.
lk what a journey you had to get your little one here!!
I do hope you are managing to get some rest inbetween cuddles and feeds.
Voodoo really hope today is the day for you
I was up about every 40 mins throught the night needing the loo and belly pains but all gone now. It has however made me realise that yes this baby will be born at some time so I plan to pack my bag properly today and have already made supper for this evening and cleaned kitchen floor in the hope things may move in the right direction. I am due to see consultant tommorrow and am secretly terrified she will recommend induction sooner rather than later.
Hope you all have a good day and wishing lk a speedy recovery

PamSco Mon 14-Nov-11 12:27:21

LK wow that was a marathon. I hope you get proper rest and recuperatoin with your beautiful girl.

Just back from mw, wasn't offered a sweep as obviously nothing is going on so booked in for 41+2 next monday. She wanted me to have an induction plan and I said that it will be based on an assessment at 42+2 - bishop's score, my bp, protien in pee, baby hb and anything else day assessment are willing to check. She seemed ok about that.

So booking in for reflexology and acupncture next week.

40+2 today

Staceroo Mon 14-Nov-11 14:11:42

Voodoo it's funny because i've had the bloody bit but not the other mucus-y bit! Had some blood on my tissue on weds night last week. MW said it probably is just cervix started to prepare etc.

Pam - my due date buddy - waiting sucks doesn't it!

Been very productive today though, ordered a massive shop (with intention of it seeing us through babies arrival!) done some washing and cleaned the kitchen. Now exhausted! current task is backing up our honeymoon videos onto disc so i can delete them of the video camera to make room for baby videos!

There really doesn't seem like many of us left now!

voodoomunkee Mon 14-Nov-11 14:34:27

Forced myself to go out to the shops with my friend. She is of the ever so practical school and decided I needed to carry some shopping and walk around. Knackered now but did get some food for the tea which I haven't had the energy to think about and some stocking fillers. So nearly done with my dd's Xmas shopping which is weird! Am never this organised! Also bought a fresh cream apple turnover.... Oops smile
I agree we are definitely down to the last few on this thread now.
Pam sounds good that mw was happy with your induction plan. I haven't done that yet but I know on weds mw wants to discuss it with me. Hopefully not whilst she is doing the sweep.... Cos that would just be odd. I'm dreading tue sweep but it's a necessary evil I think.
Stace very productive day but sorting videos would be a step too far for me, it took 2 weeks for me to actually take the SD card out of the camera which was sitting on the computer desk and put it into the pc!
Hadak fingers crossed the consultant goes well tomorrow for you smile

busyboysmum Mon 14-Nov-11 15:41:47

Hi ladies

Nothing happening here so far - had reflexology this morning followed by a clary sage bath and bouncing on my birthing ball with no noticable effect whatsoever. Aaaaargh!

It really is the most bizzare state of being trying desperately to bring yourself to the point of extreme pain! I am in such a void, and feel like I am letting everyone down as the only thing we are all waiting for is not happening - come on Kath! said DH this morning as though I am deliberately keeping it in!

More comments today about how high my bump still is, nothing has changed at all. I am feeling amazingly well, better than I have done all pregnancy actually as blood pressure has returned to normal levels.

Wondering how much longer we will all have to wait? Keep popping on here to check if any more babies have arrived - good luck everyone


mrsgt Mon 14-Nov-11 16:04:11

nothing hsppening here either, although due date not til tomorrow. have a sweep booked on wednesday morning with the consultant as was originally labelled high-risk for this preg due to dd being over 4kg and losing 1.3l of blood last time. haven't been treated any differently though apart from one consultant appt at 30 weeks when she asked me why i was there!! oh well! dd not at nursery today so took her to the local library for storytime. for the first time ever she really embarrassed me- she was asking for 'another book' as the woman was reading and wouldn't sit and listen at all before marching round the library saying 'mine' and grabbing every book. got some very disgusted looks from the yummy mummies! she is normally a darling, but this 'mine' phase is a particularly ugly one so hoping it ends soon. i told her she was naughty but she kept wagging her finger at me going 'mummy naughty;. what can you do? still she's been asleep for over 2.5 hours now so i can't complain too much!!
beginning to accept that this baby will be late just like she was, just hoping i don't have to do the induction route again, and that it moves from back to back!
sorry for the long post!
i hope everyone else is well, and not too frustrated.

Truffkin Mon 14-Nov-11 16:37:16

Hi all, LK what a mission to get your little girl, but glad she is here safely now and you are enjoying her. Christmas will be here before you know it and you will be enjoying your lovely little family.

I've been for reflexology this morning and if nothing else it was a lovely relaxing hour of me time when I just lay cozy under the blanket and let myself drift off. I've had a bit of a lazy day really today, I managed to motivate myself to walk up to the shops to get something for dinner plus the snacks and drinks we need to complete the hospital bag. This was DH's job but he has made no movement towards doing it, so thought I'd take the bull by the horns! I got dried fruit in little packs, fun sized mars bars, bottled water, capri sun pouches (my guilty pleasure!), mini cheddars and seed mix. If DH wants anything else, he will need to do that himself grin

I've had a bit of a bounce on my ball this afternoon and have booked my car in for final repairs on Wednesday so it can be collected (finally!) by the lease Company this week and be out of my hair. Sod's law clearly means that I will be in labour on Friday when they need to collect it, but will cross that bridge if and when we come to it. I figure I can't plan as it will happen when it happens so just need to get on with things.

We've had all the contracts drawn up for our new rental house and a moving date of 7th December confirmed. Although I can't imagine how it's going to work, moving 120 miles potentially 2 weeks after giving birth (worst case but still) I am very excited about being in before Christmas and having so much more space. I need to start getting packing underway whilst I still can as I just know time will run away with us once the baby is here.

We did have a bit of a breakthrough at the weekend whilst my brother was staying and have finally agreed on names, one each or a boy or a girl. Will be keeping them under wraps until the big announcement, but feel like we've got somewhere!!

Sending lots of congratulatory hugs to LK and baby Livvie, plus comradely high fives to the other ladies in waiting grin

hadak Mon 14-Nov-11 19:23:17

Truffkin glad to hear you now have moving date finalsed, good luck.
The reflexology sounds good as I said further up thread I have been bribing family to do mine but I really do need to book in for a session. I am guessing they won't do labour inducing reflex until you are actually on due date (??) So will need to wait until Wednesday......................
For you ladies that are 40 weeks + I salute you. I am not even there yet and FED UP GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
Why I just can't enjoy this peaceful time before baby arrives I don't know.
Very quiet here today does that mean babies are on their way??

Staceroo Mon 14-Nov-11 19:47:38

I hope so Hadak! and selfishly hope it's mine mine mine!!!

Great news a bout house truff.

Mrsgt lovely insight into what i have to look forward to in 2 or 3 years time!

Just posted this on my facebook - stolen from another thread on here... www.haveyouhadthatbabyy​et.com/

Nothing here to report except more excruciating breast pain - seriously, feels like my boobs being cut with a razor blade!

Managed to meet a friend for lunch at Nandos and stuffed my face! Trying to appreciate peaceful lunches as I know I'll struggle to get dressed in a week or so! Mother nature is cruel. No baby, no work so you'd think the chance to do nice things. What do i do? Fall asleep on the sofa and/or get so knackered just from getting dressed or walking down the road...

39+5 today. ready for baby to come but instinct tells me soon but not just yet.

DD is 3 and can be an absolute bugger. I never thought I would say this but some days I dislike my pfb!! She can mess about something rotten, then switch to being a little angel. Soooooo frustrating. I found 18months hard and then the 2's were okish and now she's 3 she can be just as hard work!

Anyhow, at least we have I'm a celeb to watch smile

mashpot Mon 14-Nov-11 22:12:20

Stace that made me laugh!

I had reflexology this morn too but it was quite painful so no drifting off. Need to get DH to massage the relevant points on my feet again tomorrow. I'm also going swimming tomorrow.

Truff great news on the house and well done on deciding names, we're not quite there yet. I also went to the supermarket tonight to get the last of my labour snacks and drinks. I think I went a bit heavy on the chocolate but hope the innocent smoothie cartons will balance things out!

I'm off to bed now - I am convinced (for no reason) that labour will start in the middle of the night so I go to bed in the hope things will start happening. Sweet dreams ladies (and babies).

Morning all. No labour here. 40 weeks tomorrow. Frustrating night as for the first time in about 2 weeks I reckon I would sleep ok but DD decides it's the one night in ahges she'll be up from 1.30 - 3.30am wanting a poo then being afraid of her new room/scary monsters. Sigh.

Oh and I also have cankles.


lktoday5 Tue 15-Nov-11 07:47:54

Thank you all v v v much for the support and hugs. Very much appreciated.

Still sending 'time to come out now' vibes across t'interweb!

hadak Tue 15-Nov-11 08:33:01

No babies been magically delivered overnight then?? Very good luck to everypne still waiting. Off to see my consultant this morning, I am not sure what I am hoping for reallly. Huge part of me wants baby out now but I really don't want an induction (wimp that I am) So I guess we will see what she says............
Have a lovely day all.
MrsA Bet my cankles are bigger than yours!!!

PamSco Tue 15-Nov-11 08:50:13

Morning all. MrsA you have my sympathy - booby pain is awful! Nowt going on here, move along, nothing to see.

Yoga last night was good, 3 of us into 40 weeks but still fighting fit trying not to be impatient.

Hope you all have a good day.

cookie9 Tue 15-Nov-11 09:38:07

Best wishes to everyone who is still waiting. Reflexology did seem to help me a bit although it was the breaking of my waters that triggered full labour but I think my body was a bit more ready thanks to reflexology and bouncing on the ball etc

voodoomunkee Tue 15-Nov-11 09:44:22

Nope no baby here!
Glad you got name and moving date Truffkin!
Hadak good luck with consultant.
I don't have booby pain, however am passing on my sympathies as it's clearly not enough to have huge bellyness, nature likes to inflict other niggles as well.
I'm restless today. Can't seem to feel settled. Didn't sleep well, neither did the dog, dd or OH. Very odd. Going to have breakfast and try and find something to do today.
Hope we have some more labours and births!

Staceroo Tue 15-Nov-11 10:25:30

MrsA - falling asleep on the sofa is also my fav pasttime at the minute! I've just unloaded the dishwasher and hovered half the house though, so absolutely shattered! As such feel I deserve the next nap - even though I've only ben up 3 hours!

Can't believe it's another day and still no baby sad The top of my bump is so so sore now, it's like a burning/stinging pain from where everything is stretched so much!

I don't know why I was so convinced baby girl was going to come early - now I feel like she may be another week yet! sad

voodoomunkee Tue 15-Nov-11 11:06:39

I don't think this baby is listening to me! I don't want a sweep at all so please please please come out today or start to!
I feel a bit bad, my mil rang ages ago and I didn't answer. Also haven't rang her back..... She will just talk at me! Can't face it. Oops. Do feel bad.....

FirstTimeMummyToBe Tue 15-Nov-11 11:41:15

Hi can i join?? I am 38+6 and counting and driving myself insane with the waiting.

Would be nice to have other ladies in the same situation to moan chat with smile

PamSco Tue 15-Nov-11 11:43:11

Hey EDD buddy Stace I'm sending you mighty powerful vibes. The same ones that just shot me plug out and broke my waters!

I was just settled with cheese on toast and Homes Under the Hammer, luckily put a waterproof sheet down just in case. Seems to have kicked off. Had maybe 4 contractions in the last hour roughly 15 mins apart. But they don't hurt at all so maybe they aren't proper ones? They don't go away when I move and they are definitely low down not high like bh.

Still think they may ease off - who knows?

I have stated loads of times that I think the 16th was a more accurate date than the 12th so just maybe.

40+3 today.

PamSco Tue 15-Nov-11 11:43:57

oops x-post Welcome FirstTime

voodoomunkee Tue 15-Nov-11 11:44:15

Welcome FirstTime! Of course you can join!
Not so many of us left but still plenty going on. Am guessing this is your 1st then? smile

voodoomunkee Tue 15-Nov-11 11:57:39

Pam your waters broke?!?!?! Wow!!! How you doing?

FirstTimeMummyToBe Tue 15-Nov-11 11:58:59

Yeah first for me and desperate to have him here already sad ... hate waiting now im on mat leave feel as though i am wasting time i could be spending with him when he arrives sad

alicat10 Tue 15-Nov-11 12:00:39

Ooh Pam, how exciting! My best mate had her 1st baby in 4hours once cx started after waters breaking...

voodoomunkee Tue 15-Nov-11 12:06:21

I knew I should watch more huth! Or have cheese on toast for lunch......

Wayhay Pamsco!! Good luck and here's hoping that happens to me <makes note to self to put HUTH on tomorrow>

I've spent the morning cuddling a newborn, less than a week old - hoping it sets things off soon.

I may try to make an apple crumble later or I may just crash on the sofa with food after my mw appt at 12.30.

Keep us up to date Pam

mashpot Tue 15-Nov-11 12:18:01

Good luck Pam, how exciting.

Welcome firsttime.

No news here. I've just swum 20 lengths and then met friend for coffee and a baby cuddle but he's 3 months so maybe too old to get things moving. I'll have some cheese on toast for lunch now!

voodoomunkee Tue 15-Nov-11 12:25:33

Ooo yum apple crumble! Gosh I have to stop eating rubbish. I don't normally like sweet stuff but sugar is the way forward at the mo. also greggs. Dear me.

Hello everyone!

Just home from hospital, so haven't caught up on the thread yet. Connor Michael was born on Sunday at 12.45am weighing in at 7lbs 8oz. We were vying with each other over who could be most dramatic - he did a cord round the neck thing, and I went for a big bleed. Still both here though, and recovering very fast indeed with no permanent ill effects. Shall do a proper birth story once all the babies are here, as it isn't recommended reading for those still waiting to deliver! Bottom line is that the NHS can still do a really good job!!

voodoomunkee Tue 15-Nov-11 14:14:34

Congrats Knockedup! Glad you Are both well and Connor is here safe and sound smile

neverinamillionyears Tue 15-Nov-11 15:48:53

Pam exciting stuff!
knockedup congrats, enjoy baby cuddles.

I had cuddles with 6 week old last night but nothing. Still 'only' 38+3 so can't complain. Sitting in salon having hair done so will feel nice and half glam later to just go home and sit on sofa. Oh and have bought waitrose cakes for dessert later, just another little treat. Mmmmm need to shift 3 stone after baby arrives. Gulp.

Good birthing vibes to all the over duers x

voodoomunkee Tue 15-Nov-11 15:56:19

I bought cake too. I blame the weather.

busyboysmum Tue 15-Nov-11 15:57:40

Pam - wow that should get things moving, well done on the forethought of a sheet, my waters have never broken so hadn't even considered that. Keep us posted.

knockedup congratulations, lovely name, glad you are both recovered.

Nothing here again today - feels a bit like Groundhog Day here at the mo - every morning I wake up thinking damn didn't happen last night!

Ho hum - will be getting a sweep on Friday I think, am going shopping with my mum tomorrow so lots of walking. I think I am just too lazy at the mo to get things going. I will also have 3 stone to shift after the birth - oh the joys!

alicat10 Tue 15-Nov-11 16:07:19

I put on 3 stone too but lost 1 stone 3 lbs giving birth so 25lbs left to lose. Loving off biscuits so won't be happening anytime soon!

Congrats knockedup, great that you are home

voodoomunkee Tue 15-Nov-11 16:10:37

If I keep eating cake I will put on 3 stone!

MamaALaMode Tue 15-Nov-11 17:55:41

hi all sorry, not been on in a while - new baby, no maternity leave, big projects to run - all a bit much sad but i hope everyone is bubbling along nicely & more babies are arriving safely - i see from the FB there have been more additions - how lovely! smile i remember someone mentioning a post natal thread, but haven't found it yet, would anyone be able to show me the link?

many thanks, sorry i haven't read through the thread yet - feeling a bit under pressure with everything actually, & my little one developed colic 2 days ago, so that's lots of fun.. not! xx

neverinamillionyears Tue 15-Nov-11 18:01:14

mama look at the top of the thread. Stats and post natal links there.

Ali thank you for the boost that you lost so much weight immediately. Love you for that!

hadak Tue 15-Nov-11 18:33:33

Congrats to knockedup enjoy cuddles.
Pam good luck. Come and let us know when Little one arrives. I may need to have cheese on toast for lunch and watch HUTH now!
Voodoo thanks, appointment went well I will now see midwife later this week and book a sweep for next week (yuck) if still no joy looking at induction at 40+12. However I have been on a long (for me) walk this afternoon and have booked reflexology for tomorrow when I will be exactly 40w. So fingers crossed.
Good luck to everybody else still waiting.

H007 Tue 15-Nov-11 19:08:27

Congratulations to all the new mummies since my last visit! Bit away for a while as writing assignments for my MSc yawn have another one on Thursday hoping bean will come before so I don't have to do it yet haha

Am 39+4 and fed up went for super hot curry Sat, super long walk Sunday, walk yesterday and today and still nothing... Thinking of going down the stairs on my bum tonight. Well maybe not tonight as OH is at a gig and parents are at a show in Bristol so I've only got their dog and my kitten as birthing partners tonight haha

cep Tue 15-Nov-11 19:20:24

congratulations knockedup glad you're ok. welcome Connor.

pam goodluck hope things have picked up.

welcome firstime

pandia Tue 15-Nov-11 19:52:54

Ooh Pam how exciting, thinking of you and waiting for news! Haven't heard of too many people whose waters have actually gone pre-labour - it's like the movies!! V exciting.

Big congrats knockedup - and thanks very much for your kind thought of not posting full scary birth story till we all have our bubbas - I confess to getting more and more scared the more difficult ones I read about! Sounds like it might be dramatic, and so glad to hear you are both doing well.

Hi to hadak and mrsA especially - due date buddies for tomorrorw! I'm starting the day off with the reflexology induction treatment and then have a sweep tomorrow afternoon, so perhaps tomorrow will be the day. Like so many others I keep going to bed thinking "ah well, didn't happen today after all then" and waking up thinking "I was sure it was going to start last night but hasn't again"

Have a good evening all. I'm going out for night before due date dinner with DH. x

Katiebeau Tue 15-Nov-11 19:56:49

never, I lost 21lbs post birth, just another 19 to go.............. Bloody relieved DS was 10lb odd to be honest, my weight gain in the last month plus water retention was about 14lbs blush

Not getting into my skinny jeans before easter me thinks......

Contaction vibes been sent to all of you waiting.

TerrysNo2 Tue 15-Nov-11 21:53:21

Good luck Pam - when my waters went with DS he was here within 24 hours grin

Sorry you are all feeling fed up at being overdue but do try to do as many things for yourself that you can to make the most of this time, once they are here there is no putting them back and as wonderful as DD is, its bloody hard work (although thats mainly the hyperactive toddler!).

Oh, and rest assured, at some point - it WILL come out grin

sasaunde Wed 16-Nov-11 05:09:17

Baby Blake arrived yesterday 7am, weighing in at 7lb 4oz and seeming tiny!

Had crampy pains at 10pm so went to bed with paracetamol. Contractions started at midnight, every 10 mins but not lasting long and pain manageable. More paracetamol and had a hot bath around 1am. Started getting about 3 contractions in 10 mins but quite irregular and only 1 of the 3 lasting longer than a few breaths or causing me real pain. Triage said wait til they get regular. Mucus plug went at 4ish, called MiL to come and sit for DD as too uncomfortable to stay in bed any longer. Waters went at around 5:30 with me on hands and knees saying "call an ambulance I can't sit in the car" while DH on phone to triage! They said if we waited it might not take us to hospital of choice n could take 1/2 hr so DH dragged me into the car. I hate triage! Was so scared of wanting to push while sitting in pax seat but managed to control contractions OK. Arrived for checkup expecting to be told I was 1cm dilated, but was ready to push! 1 hour of active labour with gas n air and 3 midwives (shift change, well timed...) and here is Sprout! Panicky moment for me when I felt I couldn't get his head out as contractions weren't strong enough, and I'm SURE his shoulders were as hard to shift as his head but then what a huge relief when they got through. No tear but we both have grazes from enthusiastic midwife - Sprout has a graze in his mouth?? Anyway all fine. lost a lot of blood so in overnight for iron test tomorrow, bfing like a pro smile

Merlioness Wed 16-Nov-11 05:52:37

Truff yay for moving date!
Pam hope you are doing well and best of luck!
Hello FirstTime <waves> you are my due date buddy!
Congrats knockedup! And welcome Connor

Terrys I hope you are right that they do come out at some point. I am so fed up and tired, but can’t sleep either sad&#8232;I am another one that seems to think it will kick off at night, but nothing so far.

Hope everyone is well

Merlioness Wed 16-Nov-11 05:54:41

Conratulations sasa! What a birthstory! Well done you!

juststarting Wed 16-Nov-11 08:09:16

Sorry, not been around a few days, got friends visiting. Feeling rubbish thismorning so taking a few minutes to sit in bed here. Congrats to new mummies. I too am getting more scared about birth by the day. Been nice to have friends here and get out of my own mind a bit.

hadak Wed 16-Nov-11 08:49:23

Morning all and big congrats to Sas welcome to the world baby Blake.
Hope Mrs A and *Pand are doing ok? Due date today for us ladies.
I woke up to a wet bed (how I missed the layering of inco pads I put down I'll never know) and (TMI) although am not sure it is my waters gone I have definitely had some kind of show. I will give MW a call in a little while juse in case it is my waters...
Voodoo how are you doing?
Pand let us know how reflex goes as II have a session booked for this afternoon, which I am hoping will help if nothing else happens.
Have a lovely day all.
Pam any news?

Morning ladies and congrats sasaud That sounds like an 'ideal' birth, if there is one. Hoping all goes well and you're home today.

Hadak unless you've been wetting yourself like mad wink sounds like your waters and things might start off - ooh a due date baby perhaps?

Nothing happening here, although up and down on the loo all night. Thought it might be my body clearing out but DP also has a dodgy tummy today.
Am pretty knackered and was very tempting to keep DD off nursery today as she was so cuddly in bed but DP, bless him, has taken her so I'm still in my pjs and currently planning to go back to bed with crumpets and melted cheese and watch Homes Under the Hammer (a la Pamsco).

Everyone keeps telling me to make plans as the law of sod will intervene so maybe we'll see if MiL can babysit tomorrow night and we'll go to the cinema grin

All the best for today ladies...yawn... back to bed.

voodoomunkee Wed 16-Nov-11 09:11:40

Morning all! Congrats sas and welcome to the world baby Blake!
Hadak am going to jump on the bandwagon and suggest it might be your waters smile ring mw and then when you get a chance update us! Fingers crossed.
I'm at mw myself this morning. Dreading it. Got a sweep booked and I am actually scared. I hate stuff like this. Pains ok but for some reason anything sweep/smear related terrifies me. Can I have some virtual hand holding pretty please? Feel very very sick. Such a wuss!!!
Hows everyone else doing? Sorry for self absorbedness! Just I have to agree, this thread has been excellent support for me too. Appreciate it all very much. Hope you are feeling better soon MrsA, not the time to pick up a bug!

pandia Wed 16-Nov-11 09:58:12

Congrats sas, sounds like a lovely birth. Well done you for getting to hospital ready to push!

Hadak how exciting, sounds like your waters, could this actually be an on time baby today?! Good luck and keep us posted. MrsA do hope you haven't picked up a bug, that would be rotten luck. Fingers crossed it is actually things getting moving. Happy due date both of you!!

Voodoo I've got a sweep this afternoon as well, and also terrified. Lots of virtual handholding!! I'm sure it will be absolutely fine, lots of deep breathing and thinking about other things. I was even thinking about taking my ipod along and just listening to something soothing for a few minutes!!

Right I'm off for reflexology. Hopefully by end of today with reflex and sweep something will be happening - what a weird/scary thought! x

Truffkin Wed 16-Nov-11 10:02:46

Ooh how exciting that we might have more birth announcements soon! Sas sounds like a wonderful labour and delivery, well done you.

I've just dropped my car off at the workshop and so have a few hours to kill before I pick it up. There's not much point going home so am taking myself off to Brent Cross for a mooch around the shops and lunch later on. Am hoping not to get too carried away shopping but could do with getting a few Christmas presents as I can't imagine I'll be too organised once the bab's here!

Good luck to everyone with sweeps today, I hope they are both painless and effective grin

voodoomunkee Wed 16-Nov-11 10:03:34

Pandia, virtual handholding right back atcha! With any luck though you will be nice and chilled from your reflexogy! I have my headphones in my bag, I'm tempted to plug myself in! I'm such a baby honestly. Yet actual labour I've always coped with quite well! Fingers crossed you will be on your way very soon.

Dawnywoo Wed 16-Nov-11 10:19:33

Hello everyone, I've not been on here in months as so much going on. It's my due date today though and I have finally been able to relax. (apart from manically baking cookies for the expected forthcoming visitors which DP is eating as fast as I can bake them!) Keeps me occupied though and at the moment, I'm still of the 'baby will come when ready' mode - hoping not to get to the screaming 'get baby out now' stage

Congrats to all new mummies. Good luck to fellow due daters, those who look like they are on their way, those still waiting and to those having sweeps - I have midwife tomorrow but she knows I aint agreeing to none of that malarkey till after 41 wks.

mashpot Wed 16-Nov-11 10:39:28

Congatulations sas sounds great and I hope you get your iron levels back up quickly.

hadak best of luck, I hope it was waters and things get moving.

Nothing happening with me. I am on my way to acupuncture but to be honest I feel the reflexology, acupuncture etc is all a waste of time (and money) as I still don't feel anywhere near giving birth. Still I also feel I have to try whatever I can to avoid induction next week so I'll carry on!

H007 Wed 16-Nov-11 11:17:37

mashpot I feel exactly the same, feel like I've still got ages until she is ready weird cos a couple of weeks back felt like everything was imminent.

Congratulations new mummies... I wonder how many of us are still waiting?

I've managed to develop a cold, which in some ways is quite nice as it's such a familiar feeling and a normal thing to do... Instead of all these strange feelings that I've been having over the past 9 months. Only downer is I'm suppose to be writing a critical review booooooooo just want a blanket and a hot chocolate.

Sending positive labour vibes to all my fellow ladies in the queue...

voodoomunkee Wed 16-Nov-11 11:20:35

Well I survived. Got to mw and baby had decided to disengage! Arggh. So went for a walk in the hope she would move back down, stomped over a footbridge, ate something hot, drank something cold and sure enough she had re-engaged. Have to admit mw isn't that hopeful but fingers crossed. Have got induction date. Willing self not to cry!

hadak Wed 16-Nov-11 12:18:34

Aww Voodoo really hope something happens for you soon.
Midwife been out and appears baby doesn't yet kknow about Pampers or Huggies and decided to do a pooh where he is so I need to go into hospital now. Baby appears ok when she checked him though. Loookks like I may be induced later.
Good luck to others waiting I will update when I can.

pandia Wed 16-Nov-11 12:26:05

Hadak thinking of you. Good luck. Sure you will be fine and have gorgeous cuddles very soon. Lots of positive vibes coming your way!! And to you too voodoo. Poor you, can totally understand frustration. I bet it won't be long before baby changes her mind and decides she's ready to come after all though, have faith in baby and body! X

voodoomunkee Wed 16-Nov-11 12:52:46

Hadak my dd also had meconium. It was fine and although had to have a monitor attached to her when I was in labour it wasn't bad at all. Good luck! Looking forward to hearing about the new arrival!
Pandia thanks for the moral support! Am just feeling sorry for myself. Meeting OH for a quick sandwich which I hope cheers me up. I think my dates are out. So does mw. Apparently whilst she could do the sweep and managed to work the cervix a bit it's still firmer than she would expect for someone 41 weeks. So I feel a bit happier knowing that it's not just me or baby being stubborn.
Have asked to be monitored rather than induced next weds. Mw is supportive of that and has arranged it with the hospital to discuss it when I go for monitoring and a scan next tues. With any luck it won't be necessary!
Sending out positive labour vibes! Hope pam is doing ok smile

mrsgt Wed 16-Nov-11 14:38:26

Hi all - sounds as if we have been having similar days voodoo .... Had hospital appt this morning and was quite shocked to see the MALE doctor who was going to be doing the sweep. He was actually excellent and answered my hundreds of questions with patience and clarity. He did the sweep and I was pretty gutted when he said that the baby is still pretty high, he reckons 2/5 engaged as opposed to 3/5 at 36 and 38 weeks. He also said that whilst he was able to do a sweep, ie I am about 1cm he doesn't think anything is imminent unless of course the sweep does its job... He reckons that there is only a 40% chance of it working so not holding out much hope though. Anyway positives are that it really didn't hurt at all, just a little uncomfortable and at least we know where we are now...was given induction day of next Friday which was a tear jerker as am desperate to be in labour at home rather than in the hospital for 2/3 days like last time. But there are some positives if it comes to that such as parents being able to be here for dd etc. sorry for the ramble! Congrats and welcom to the world baby Blake and good luck everyone in labour or with twinges....

Merlioness Wed 16-Nov-11 15:55:53

mrsgt and voodoo hope the sweeps do their magic. pandia hope yours went well
hadak thinking of you and good luck!
H007 can you use the cold as extenuating circumstances..?

voodoomunkee Wed 16-Nov-11 16:10:17

Mrsgt, aww I know exactly how you feel. For some reason getting an induction date has really, really got to me. I do not want to be induced! The positive is of course a baby but you know.

Truffkin Wed 16-Nov-11 17:33:28

Sorry to hear your appointment wasn't what you were hoping for Voodoo but fingers crossed it has some impact. Great that your MW is supportive of your wishes not to be induced next week, I am hopeful mine will be as good if we get to that.

Hadak sounds like things are imminent for you then - can't wait to hear your update.

H007 you are my due date buddy I think (18th?) so sorry you are feeling rubbish, I'm not sure I would have the patience to be dealing with a cold at the moment!

MrsGT sounds like you had a good appointment and spoke with a good HCP, which is great news. Fingers crossed for you.

Well I managed not to do any shopping, although I did have a little try on of eternity rings as a nice treat activity. I also had a McDonalds sausage muffin for my breakfast and a slice of yule log from Starbucks for my lunch blush My eating habits have certainly taken a nosedive this week, I had half a chocolate orange for my lunch yesterday - oops! At least I am having proper dinners with veg, as I'm cooking for DH. I've got burritos on the go for this evening (well the filling is reducing away nicely on the hob) am hoping the spiciness will get things moving - am trying all of the old wives tales except pineapple, as I've read it would take 14 whole pineapples and I am not that dedicated!

I've got an appointment with the consultant on Tuesday if still nothing, when I will be 40+4 and she will want to talk about induction. I am going to push for monitoring too, although am obviously hoping not to need the appointment as of course, the baby will behave and arrive of it's own accord over the weekend (my fingers are so tightly crossed for that I think I'm stopping my circulation grin) Baby is wriggling around like crazy this evening after a quieter couple of days, I'm sure that means nothing but does mean I talk to it more than usual, which is probably quite strange!

smilingcl Wed 16-Nov-11 18:42:44

Hi ladies,

Haven't had a chance to catch up yet, but just wanted to share the arrival of Viggo Mathias on 11/11/11. I had a drug free water birth, right up till stage 2 when he got stuck and they tried forceps and eventually had to pull him back up the other way! The doctors were excellent and I felt calm and well looked after the whole time which was nice. Think DP had it worse, he had to see the giant spine needle! He was 4.2kg so he was quite big and he'd managed to turn round to be a stargazer so apparently it wasn't surprising I couldn't push him out?

He's delicious, breastfeeding on the other hand isn't, he can't latch on to my left (flat and firm) nipple so I'm expressing from it while we keep trying, I'm worried my milk supply is dropping off in that boob, will expressing keep it going? Do I continue to pump when the milk has stopped to encourage it to make more? My right nipple on the other hand is fine, but today it has started to be absolute agony, like when he latches on it's draining everything out of my boob from my nipple to my armpit - is that normal on day 5? It did just hurt for 5 seconds when he latched on.. It's tricky this breastfeeding, I can understand why people switch after a week!

Need to find a local breastfeeding group maybe...

smilingcl Wed 16-Nov-11 18:43:13

when I say the other way I mean a c section btw

voodoomunkee Wed 16-Nov-11 19:48:00

Congrats Smiling! Sounds like quite a positive thing all in all. I'm terrible at weights what does his weight equal in old pounds and and ounces?!
Have you tried the breast/bottle-feeding thread on here for pointers, there are some very knowledgeable people on there from what I have seen! Notthat our lovely thread ladies aren't! Ah you get what I mean lol.
Well am uncomfy and there's a definite shift in the tmi stakes.
Truff I had enchiladas last night for the spice as am sick of curry! Hope it works!

voodoomunkee Wed 16-Nov-11 20:54:31

Arghhh definite show.

cep Wed 16-Nov-11 21:19:29

congrats smiling

voodoo ooh exciting, good luck.

TerrysNo2 Wed 16-Nov-11 21:29:55

congrats smiling - another 11/11/11 baby, yay! grin

Re: breastfeeding, the breastfeeding topic on here is full of some very helpful ladies - tiktok is a particular member who is v knowledgeable and helpful. Otherwise try contacting NCT breastfeeding counsellors (I spoke to one of these when BF DS and they were really helpful and its by phone so you can get support very quickly) or La Leche league, its worth doing this asap so you can understand what you need to do if you want to continue. Good luck with it.

PS - for those breastfeeding or planning to, I forgot about the permanently cold nipples, a winter baby is not good for this odd sensation! smile

TerrysNo2 Wed 16-Nov-11 21:30:28

Good luck voodoo

busyboysmum Wed 16-Nov-11 21:49:28

Ooooh Voodoo good luck how exciting.

Nothing here sadly.

pandia Wed 16-Nov-11 22:36:45

Ooh how exciting voodoo. Good luck, hope this is it for you x

Well reflex and sweep didn't do much for me today. Sweep was way less uncomfortable than I'd expected smile but still nothing happening. Feel a bit sad to go to bed tonight with no developments, somehow just hadn't expected to be overdue. Night all.

Truffkin Wed 16-Nov-11 23:16:04

Ooh exciting Voodoo good luck! Hoping burrito spice will work for me if this is the effect it's had for you grin

Congrats Smiling and hope the BFing settles down soon enough.

voodoomunkee Wed 16-Nov-11 23:50:31

Thanks ladies. Just tried to go to bed, failed miserably as not feeling tired or sleepy! So got back up for some food and a cup of tea. Didn't want to keep OH awake just in case. Definitely very achy back and crampy.

Merlioness Thu 17-Nov-11 01:28:29

Congrats smiling. That’s a healthy boy!
Good luck voodoo! Hope this is it for you!

hadak Thu 17-Nov-11 08:37:12

Hello ladies. Thank you so much for all the good wish vibes you sent yesterday. My beautiful son was born at exactly 7pm last night at 71b 1oz. and we were home by about 10:30 ish last night. Due date baby- obvioulsy very clever of him to know this- I may need to joing the gifted and talented baby threads on here now grin
Congrats to Smiling and hope all going well for Voodoo sounds like you will have your little bundle soon.
Good luck to others in waiting. So sorry not tosay hello to everyone but need to dash as we have to go back to the hospital today for babies hearing check and his paed check.
I will post Birth story later and catch up with everyone.
Thanks for all your support

voodoomunkee Thu 17-Nov-11 09:56:37

Hadak! Brill well done you and him! Fab to be home so quickly and finding the time to post as well! Congrats smile due date baby as well!
Things still the same here. No immediate expectation to be in labour but praying for silent dilation! Ha. Going to get on with some housework and see if keeping busy gets things moving smile
Hope everyone else is doing well

mashpot Thu 17-Nov-11 09:58:45

wow Hadak that's amazing, congratulations. At 4 days overdue and no sign of anything happening yet I won't pretend I'm not jealous but very pleased for you. What a quick birth, I look forward to hearing more.

Voodoo I hope things are going well with you, best of luck.

Congratulations Smiling!

I have a mw appt today, she doesn't do sweeps but will book me an appt for one at the hospital, I really hope I get an appt tomorrow. I so wanted this baby by the end of the week but its starting to seem unlikely. Trying not to get down about it.

I haven't seen Stace for a few days, I wonder if things are moving with her...

Merlioness Thu 17-Nov-11 10:02:44

Congratulations hadak!

pandia Thu 17-Nov-11 10:09:47

Hadak! Congratulations to you and your clever due date baby! And not even an overnight in hospital required. Hope you are feeling well. V pleased for you.

Mash and Voodoo hope things get going for you. I think I saw on FB that Stace had a little girl yesterday, born at home smile

Nothing going on here. Need to plan a trip to get out of the house today I think so that we don't go mad with the waiting.

voodoomunkee Thu 17-Nov-11 10:29:04

Awww I should really join the fb group! Hopefully Stace will be back to update!
Pandia what did the mw say at the sweep? Was she hopeful? Sorry if you have said and I've missed it. Wasn't quite functioning properly yesterday!

smilingcl Thu 17-Nov-11 10:43:30

Thanks for the breast feeding links ladies!

4.2kg is 9.2lbs!

pandia Thu 17-Nov-11 10:45:08

Yes hopefully Stace will update with birth story soon.

MW yesterday said everything felt soft and "favourable" (whatever that means!!) but that baby was quite high - only 3/5 still. She wasn't very clear to be honest, she's lovely but so relaxed and a bit mad and said - might happen, might not. I can have another on Saturday if there's no progress. Certainly didn't get a show going like it did for you though voodoo - fingers crossed for you - today might be the day!
Baby is ROL though - which I think is not ideal positioning? Anyone know?

voodoomunkee Thu 17-Nov-11 10:50:48

Ah right. See mw said that i wasnt very favourable but she would give it a go and stretch a bit. Clearly that worked! Very achy, just feel a bit violated!
I'm not sure re 'rol' am assuming it's over to a side?
Smiling wow! Had a feeling it was at least 8 and a bit...

H007 Thu 17-Nov-11 11:04:56

truff almost I'm die on the 19th...

Nothing new to report here, congratulations to the new mummies smile very jealous of the cuddles every is having.

Assignment done badly only another two due in December and an exam just trying to get as much done on ML as possible as it's more difficult doing it when working part-time. I have however manipulated all assignments to relate to nutrition either in pregnancy or bf so that I feel like Im learning something baby related at the same time smile

Sweep tomorrow, I may decline though as my baby doesn't even seem engaged so is it worth it?

Having a very excited niece at the moment as well who keeps messaging me, she's 9 next month and so excited about her new cousin I'm worried she'll smoother us haha

H007 Thu 17-Nov-11 11:05:32

* due not die that would be scary ha

voodoomunkee Thu 17-Nov-11 12:25:41

H007 mw wouldn't do sweep yesterday when baby was unengaged. I had to stomp about to get her to re-engage. Didn't say how engaged she was. Apparently they can't do it if not engaged due to potential complications, like waters going and cord prolapse.

Still nothing here but had a good night's sleep last night and baby feels further engaged today as the weight on my pelvis is incredible. Am also having intermittent pains which I hope will ramp up <fingers crossed>.

Per the NHS I am not due till next week but by my own dates I was due yesterday or possibly Sunday, so I'm not concerned. My doula said she'll do some pressure points next week if nothing by then. Sunday would be nice - a birthday of 20/11/2011.

Getting slightly bored <will regret this when baby comes and i don't have time to even shower>

Sausage butty for lunch methinks! This baby must be a boy, all I want to eat is savoury, salty foods.

busyboysmum Thu 17-Nov-11 15:21:16

MrsArch same here am sleeping really well at the mo and feeling fab so am thinking that the pregnancy hormones are wearing off, can't be long now surely. Walked the kids to school this morning and on the way home was getting shooting pains in my pelvis from the baby's head - ow!

Also hadn't thought of that birthdate - was a bit gutted at missing 11/11/11 but my eldest ds is 20-02-2002 so am now hoping for a Sunday birth! Thanks for that.

Been out for a curry this lunchtime for my dad's birthday so hoping that might start something off - also got the midwife tomorrow and am hoping to persuade her to give me a sweep.

Not too many of us left now are there?

Good luck everyone x

cookie9 Thu 17-Nov-11 15:22:47

Voodoo I think baby is looking towards your hip. Try to get on all fours or bend over ball or bean bag to get baby to look towards your back. Mine was ROT then turned the wrong way and went back to back just before my waters were broken although as was on all fours a lot during birth turned again to look towards my back. Good luck

PamSco Thu 17-Nov-11 16:28:02

all good here, haven't caught up yet. at home with the boy - feeding hence no capital letters - will post later. phone wouldnt load thread in hospital.

had an amazing day.

6 hours beginning - show - to end - holding 6lb 14 oz boy at 18:52h tuesday evening.

nd he was back to back until the last 5 mins. everything i hoped for came right.

id always planned to stay at home for as long as poss, but hadnt planned to be fully dilated!

will post more coherently when i have my right arm back smile

neverinamillionyears Thu 17-Nov-11 16:32:51

Pam congratulations congratulations!!!

Awww it's so lovely to hear of yet another little face joining our brood.

Bump feeling a little lower than of late and have had some slight aches 'down there' but nothing major. Due a week on Saturday so we shall see.

Looks like there are only a handful of us left.

voodoomunkee Thu 17-Nov-11 17:21:51

Congrats Pam! Well done to you both! Fab news!
Lots of irregular contractions here. Ouch ouch ouch. Feel like someone is actually pulling my pelvis apart.

TerrysNo2 Thu 17-Nov-11 17:23:18

Pam NAK-ing is an important skill to learn but you will soon be a pro! grin Huge congrats to you and baby boy, sounds like you had a good birth.

Sending labour vibes to anyone who wants them!

cep Thu 17-Nov-11 18:01:42

congratulations pam so pleased for you.

OK ladies - opinions. nothing doing here except permanently sore boobs and occasional background pain (nothing regular). Feel like I need to poo and tonight I am incredibly restless. Feel like pacing the floor.
Any thoughts - good signs?

lktoday5 Thu 17-Nov-11 18:30:33

mrs a that's exactly how I felt the night before. Slept terribly for no apparent reason. Good luck!!!

Poppet45 Thu 17-Nov-11 18:45:34

Wow Pam that's amazing!!! If that's not a ringing endorsement for hypnobirthing then I don't know what is. Well done you, I know you did a lot of work on this, and you deserve such a great result.
Good luck everyone else!!
Can you believe today was Willow's due date, and World Prematurity Day. Oh the irony. Still she's up to 6lb 1/2 an oz - which is amazing if you think of all the work she's had to do for herself in terms of breathing, keeping warm and feeding these past 12 weeks and 4 days. Today I've had her close to me in a sling all day, partly to relieve some horrid reflux symptoms that are plaguing her but also because I needed her near me today. It made me feel a bit pregnant again, and she's loved it. Plus Jacob was delighted to get my arms back - and prime spot in the buggy.

voodoomunkee Thu 17-Nov-11 19:27:46

Well done Willow and well done Poppet too. Can't imagine how hard the last few months have been for you all.
Soaked in a hot bath and still getting contraction type pains. They aren't changing or going away so fingers crossed. Wondering whether to chance ringing my mum just to put her on stand by..... Trying to keep it away from the dc's, dd will stress and it will stress me and the mood ds is in then I'll be a massive inconvenience as going to his grandmas would imapact on his xbox! Kind of trying to avoid ringing dc's dad. Don't need that stress!!

juststarting Thu 17-Nov-11 21:30:50

Evening ladies. Congratulations our new mummies again! Sound like good births. There really are so few of us left here now! Still, I always expected to be more or less last. Had a rough day here - nothing major, just those normal parts of being a mummy and being 9 months pregnant clashing. Got very little sleep as was up much of the night with a misery DS, then thismorning I started developing the cold symptoms that had clearly plagued him over night so I am exhasuted and feel lousy and so is he so he has been difficult and tantrummy all day and then I hurt my lower abdomen picking him up so I am wandering around all bent up. Grumpy, uncomfortable and exhausted. Thus, I may be alone in praying I DONT go into labour for a few days right now!
However, good luck to those of you who seem to be on the way!

sasaunde Thu 17-Nov-11 22:49:09

Congratulations Pam and Hadak! Lots of lovely quick births, very pleased for you smile Bodes well for you voodoo, sounds like you are ready to go and fingers crossed
MrsA I think the thread should make a list of all the things that between us we have seen as 'signs' imminent for labour. Will be quite an exhaustive list!

voodoomunkee Thu 17-Nov-11 23:15:47

Everything is a sign when your looking for them! Lol.
Going to try and get some sleep. Still irregular but more show.

Merlioness Fri 18-Nov-11 04:07:14

Congratulations Pam
Great post Poppet. I am so glad Willow is doing well.
just I hope you and DS feel better soon!
voodoo hope you are managing some sleep and that bubba will be here soon!

Been to OB at 39+2 today and cervix is closed, hard and high up, so we aren’t expecting a baby anytime soon. Baby is also not yet engaged, so next Friday we will check again to see how the cervix and baby are. If no progress on dilation I will be scheduled for a section. If it is starting to dilate and the baby is engaged, we shall induce.
I’m not getting my hopes up for any changes in the next week, as nothing has changed for the past 4 weeks. Ho Hum! And I’ll miss the 20th (which is the date I would have loved on the birth certificate).

All the best to the remaining mummies to be

voodoomunkee Fri 18-Nov-11 07:28:30

Still here sad
Got some sleep and feeling like everything has stopped again. Sigh. Tired and very very hacked off!

voodoo sorry its all stopped. Don't worry, I'm sure it'll start again, especially if you've had a show.

Nothing here from me. Going to go for a walk today and have sex tonight.

merlioness I know you live in Singapore so they have different approaches but it sounds very drastic to me to give you a section if you don't pop just after your due date. If that's what you want, great, but a section is a major op. You don't needs to be induced eiher if there's no good reason. Would they be ok with you just waiting to go into labour? Up to 42 weeks is considered normal by the WHO. In the meantime do you fancy finding an acupuncturist to work on the labour points? It can really hep soften the cervix and get things going.

juststarting Fri 18-Nov-11 08:30:24

Merlion, things can surely change quite fast?
Vodoo, i had over four days before the first show and contractions resulted in a baby, things may have slowed but i'm sure they are still on their way.
Thismorning my throat is trying to murder me and i'm well dizzy. I cant recall who said it was kind of nice to be uncomfortable with a normal everyday thing like a cold for a change but, even though thats still crazy talk, i kind of get it! Drags away from the groin pain and boob pain etc etc a little!
Never the less, if this dizziness passes, may take ds to a children's farm today.

voodoomunkee Fri 18-Nov-11 08:55:16

Thanks MrsA and Just. I dropped dd off at school and hopped over a low wall (2 foot off the ground) and walked further to the shop and a definite contraction. But stopped again. Poor OH is knackered and running late for work as I kept him awake. Sorry tmi but i need to ask...Still seem to be bleeding a bit but it's dark coloured rather than some of the bright red I had the night before last. Normal?

mashpot Fri 18-Nov-11 10:30:28

Morning all (well the few of us left)! voodoo, it sounds frustrating but take heart that things are happening! Still nothing here but I have a sweep this afternoon and I'm really hoping it starts me off.

Please come soon baby!

TerrysNo2 Fri 18-Nov-11 11:04:54

voodoo not sure what the bleeding means but I wouldcall MW / delivery suite and ask them, better to check it out

Merlioness Fri 18-Nov-11 12:55:34

Mrs A the induction would happen at 41 weeks. The reason for doing it sooner than in the UK is due to the increased risk of meconium aspiration in the baby. And the section would be in case the cervix is not dilated and the baby not engaged. It appears that an induction would be unlikely to be successful if the baby is not engaged and I am dilating. I have done a bit of research and it seems that if the 2 things above are not the case, the risk of an emergency section is very high. At that point I'd rather have a planned section, than a rushed one (emergency one would see me get a general and my DH would not be allowed to be there with me)
I will do more research and hope that the LO engages, but he seems unhappy with teh space for his head between pelvis and placenta. I don't know if you remember, but he had turned breech for several weeks a while back, as he couldn't appear to get his head past the placenta. This has now risen a little higher still and he squeezed past that now. I am looking at reflexology and can take a look at accupuncture too though I am such a needle phobic

Thanks for your thoughts and advice. I was hoping for a natural birth, but we'll see what happens.

just you are right, things could change quickly, but I have started resigning to the fact that this little stubborn boy may not come the way he should. I feel no pressure in my pelvis at all and my bump has a "ledge" above my lower abdomen, so visibly he is not engaged. I will see how it goes.

Thanks for the handholding and thoughts smile

just I hope that you feel better soon!
voodoo I'd call the mw and ask just to be sure. Sounds ok to me, but I'm a FTM!
mash good luck for the sweep

busyboysmum Fri 18-Nov-11 14:14:11

Hi all

Just been to the midwife and persuaded her to give me a sweep, she said that the baby was 4/5 engaged, my plug has gone (when?) and I am 2cm dilated.

Also said the baby was big with a big head and back to back - so expecting a painful labour (aaaargh)

She also said not to hang around at home once things start or we will have a home birth! Oooops.

So quite hopeful now - have rung dh and scared him to death I think with all the above.


hadak Fri 18-Nov-11 14:16:06

Hello Ladies.
Really sorry for not posting regularly but I am sending you all lots of good wishes thoughts.
Voodoo really am keeping fingers crossed for you that baby will be here soon.
merlioness hope baby decides to head down before too long.
Mrs A and Pandia hope the wait won't be too much longer past due date.
To everybody else waiting good luck.
I will try and get bith story on later (I did mammoth post last night and lost it)
Take Care

Truffkin Fri 18-Nov-11 14:16:16

Afternoon ladies, happy due date to me! Nothing doing so I'm just sitting down to a ham & cheese toastie and hoping I get a good result a la Pam grin

My worry of the day is that I don't actually know what contractions feel like so won't know I'm in labour for ages! As I'm strep B + I need to be in hospital for at least 5 hours before giving birth so they can get IV anti-Bs into me in time for them to cross the placenta and get into the baby. I know everyone says 'you will just know' but as a first timer, that's not much comfort!!

Am really hoping we get an exciting weekend of baby arriving, I simply cannot wait to meet our little one now (plus it will stop the 'any news?' phone calls once and for all!)

Voodoo I have no idea (as you may have guessed) but would have thought a call into your midwife wouldn't be a bad idea just to see what she thinks. Hope things sort themselves out for you soon.

Merlioness it does sound like things are quite different over there, but I suppose so long as you know what to expect and are comfortable with it all, things will turn out ok in the end! Sending you (and baby) engaging vibes!

Just hope your lurgy doesn't hang around for too long.

Mash good luck for the sweep.

voodoomunkee Fri 18-Nov-11 15:45:22

Hope the sweep went ok Mash.
Merlioness I do see your point re preferring a planned cs than an emcs. hopefully it really won't come to that but at least if it does you are well prepared! Fingers crossed smile
My Mw doesn't work Fridays..... Contractions aren't really happening much now just getting the odd painful one now and then. If this is still the same in a couple hours when OH is home etc I'll ring the hospital. Tis a mix of red and brown blood. Obviously old and new. I'm going to say this 3rd baby is definitely one of the awkward ones!
Busyboys, bet your OH is expecting you to want to go any second! sounds like things are definitely moving though.
Truff, I know what a cop out it seems but you will really really know. My BH's are tight and a bit uncomfy. These are like someone is squeezing my pelvis and I can't talk through them. The midwives at the hospital want to talk to the girl when you ring as they try to judge how you are coping with contractions as they are difficult to talk through!
Ok, so I put an application in for my dream job, just before inwent on mat leave..... I've only gone and been asked to an interview!! I'm shocked. Excited and shocked!

mashpot Fri 18-Nov-11 16:14:14

Feeling down after the sweep. She could only get one finger in my cervix so did a sweep as best she could with that but said that it was best to do a sweep with 2 fingers. Bishops score of 3 which I know isn't good either. I had a cry when I came out as I just feel like things aren't happening and I'm so desperate to avoid induction and have the home birth we planned. I'm starting to hate the sight of the birth pool in the kitchen.

Merlioness I hope your baby engages so you still feel like natural birth/induction might be an option.

Truffkin happy due date!

Busy things sound good, apart from the painful labour part...

Voodoo great news on the interview, well done! I hope you get some good advise from the hospital and things keep moving for you.

mrsgt Fri 18-Nov-11 16:36:40

Mash I am sorry the sweep didn't go to plan. I think me you and voodoo all feel the same way re the thought of induction. Having done it before I can honestly say it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it's hard to accept when you have your heart set on another type of scenario. I've had quite a lot of encouragement from a friend who like me was induced first time and had a long labour, forceps etc but her second was 9 days late and it was a quick, straightforward labour and she was home the same day...so I am focussing on that! Still am accepting that I have had three sweeps in my life and three have failed! Ah well, maybe next time!!
I was feeling a bit odd earlier, a bit dizzy and very heavy pelvis but just had a cheesy quiche and spoken to my mum and feel fine again! Fingers crossed for acupuncture tomorrow!
Congrats to pamsco with that wonderful birth story, such lovely news!
By the way- am I able to look at the fb page? Am desperate to know names of all these delicious babies specially as I am still seeking last minute inspiration for the boys name!
Voodoo- great news on the job interview by the way!
I always seem to write too much! Sorry!

Ah Mash don't loose heart - you are only 5 days overdue I think? Things can start very quickly. Try sex, nipple stimulation, anything that makes you open your mouth - orgasms, laughter (comedy dvd), pampering. Go for a walk or stomp around the garden. And don't forget, you are not officially overdue till 42+1 and even then can agree to expectant management (regular monitoring) rather than induction. Your body may just cook babies longer than normal and you can still have your homebirth.

I share your frustration though - I am 40+2 OR 39+2 depending on who you believe (my thermometer in Feb or the nhs) and I would very much like to have this baby this weekend!

My friend came over today to help play with DD as I'm not a natural SAHM - I admit i am a better mummy whilst I'm working. At 9 months pg, We ended up playing hide and seek and catch in the back garden, I amazed myself!

voodoomunkee Fri 18-Nov-11 16:43:00

Mash, don't worry. My sweep wasn't much better! I didn't get told a score. Reading through notes, cervix long and uneffaced and 1cm dilated apparently. I totally get how you feel re upset etc. I was really down on Weds after the sweep too, needed a big hug! You don't know if it's going to work and my mw was pretty sure that the sweep wouldn't send me into labour but may just jiggle the hormones a bit and help me on my way.

H007 Fri 18-Nov-11 17:22:32

Had a sweep today and OMG the pain.... I know I'm being a wimp but I've always found the smears really uncomfortable and everyone else seems to find them fine, but this really hurt even though everyone says they are uncomfortable. It actually made me cry like proper sobbing and afterwards I couldn't stop and was shaking uncontrollably... Had made me super scared about giving birth now as if I can't given handle that sad since I've had it done I've been a mess struggling to walk with the most severe period type pain if I move other half had to come home from work this afternoon as I phoned him in tears after the kitten knocked over a glass of water and I couldn't clean it up.

From the sweep seems Bean is 2/5th engages but cervix is still presenting posteriorly and is long so MW couldn't do a full sweep. Don't really know much else about it.

Decided to be induced on Wednesday I don't see any point in waiting any longer and just want it over with, hopefully she'll decide to come before that but I seriously doubt it!

Truffkin Fri 18-Nov-11 17:42:29

Oh H007 I'm so sorry you feel that way and do remember that induction when your body is not ready can cause more problems than waiting. I absolutely don't want to scaremonger at all when you are feeling so vulnerable already, but waiting it out for a bit longer might be better off in the long run. I am certainly not agreeing to induction if I'm not dilating or presenting with a high Bishop's score as I know that is likely to result in a prolonged labour and a higher risk of intervention including C section.

Right, I'm off my soapbox now grin

Have been eating pineapple and bouncing on my ball today. Will be trying more sex this evening and a good long walk over the weekend, possibly curry (although I'm not convinced by any of these old wives tales, just makes me feel like I'm doing something!)

neverinamillionyears Fri 18-Nov-11 17:52:33

Oh H007 I just want to give you a hug.

These babies need to tune in to us a bit better smile
At least we have eachother on here, there is nothing better than being able to talk out loud and have understanding people responding to you. I know that in another week I'll probably feel quite fed up. My DP is great but I think his ears can only take so much of my moans. I just can't wait to meet my baby.

voodoomunkee Fri 18-Nov-11 18:03:38

H007 sad sorry you are feeling so fed up and unc

voodoomunkee Fri 18-Nov-11 18:05:05

Uncomfortable. Please don't let yourself be so upset. Have a soak in the bath and a cuddle with OH perhaps? Big hugs via tinterweb here x

pandia Fri 18-Nov-11 18:26:09

Hugs especially to H007 and all other frustrated and waiting ladies. At least we are all waiting together. I'm only 40+2 but feel weeks overdue, heavy, sore and uncomfortable.

I didn't get given a score either voodoo after sweep. In fact I have never even heard of Bishop's score. Can't read my midwives notes either - think it says cervix soft, mid position then something else I can't read. She has a very relaxed approach which is good in one way, but seems to involve not giving me any specific information and I haven't really known what to ask - so what you ladies have written is really helpful. I may have another sweep tomorrow and will know what to ask now.

Curry last night did absolutely nothing apart from make me feel really full and and bloated.

Going for nice warm bath now and to burn some lovely lavender and geranium essential oils to relax a bit.

Good luck busy - sounds like things are happening for you

What truffkin said. Hugs to you all.

TerrysNo2 Fri 18-Nov-11 18:48:13

Overdue ladies - have you tried Evening Primrose Oil too? Its meant to soften and efface your cervix, I started taking it at 39+5 (or so) - 2 orally and 2 down there before bed (you push them up as far as they will go and also wear a pad) - don't know if they made the difference or not but the next day I had my first bit of show and DD was born at 40+2. It might have happened without but worth a try. Don't just take my advice though, do a bit of research on it as wouldn't want to advise anyone to do this that shouldn't (although I think its harmless) IYSWIM.

voodoomunkee Fri 18-Nov-11 19:13:52

Ah this is driving me nuts. Every 16 mins. They couldn't be extremely sore braxton hicks surely? Am starting to feel very worn out. Am also sure she is engaging and then disengaging which isnt helping. Was 4/5 at the sweep but as I know that doesn't mean a lot as she also seems to pop in and out. Sorry for self absorbed post. Just feeling a bit disheartened.

H007 Fri 18-Nov-11 19:24:27

Yeah I know the concerns about inductions etc but this is a big baby and they have already been talking about there not being room for her to engage and that a c-sec may be inevitable anyway.

I'd love a bath but there is no way I'd be able to get in it haha... Just had a curry though, 2nd this week smile

mashpot Fri 18-Nov-11 20:35:43

MrsArch you're right, I am only 5 days overdue and I did expect this baby to be late as its my first but its just the pressure of knowing they want to induce on Wednesday if its not here by then. But I am trying to think more positively!

Thanks for the Evening Primrose tip, I haven't tried it so worth a shot.

H007 I know just how you feel but we both have time for these babies to come before Wednesday, 5 whole days! I've never spent so much time talking and thinking about my cervix!

mrsgt hopefully we will all avoid the induction route.

I have also booked another acupuncture session for Sunday morning and I will do plenty of walking and perhaps another swim this weekend. Better get off the sofa and back on the exercise ball, sigh.

TerrysNo2 Fri 18-Nov-11 21:03:19

mashpot try not to stress, I wanted a HB with DS and was in the same position as you but he arrived at 40+9 - one day before they wanted to induce me. However I refused induction so early and asked to be monitored instead, here you can have a homebirth up to 42 weeks so no way was I going for induction 2 days before that!! Speak to your MW and ask to be referred for monitoring, its worth checking out whats going on in there, fluids etc before you just agree to induction, if your dates are even a bit off it can have a big impact. Good luck!

voodoomunkee Fri 18-Nov-11 21:03:23

My inductions weds as well.
I have been given an induction date for all 3 of my dc's (obviously including this one) and I haven't made any of them. don't give up hope ladies!

voodoomunkee Sat 19-Nov-11 06:39:11

Just getting kids picked up to go to hospital. Contractions every 3/4 mins. Since about 3.30.
Sending out some labour vibes. Will update when get chance.

hadak Sat 19-Nov-11 07:08:39

Brilliant news Voodoo Good luck.

hadak Sat 19-Nov-11 07:17:11

Just thought I may get the chance to let you all know birth story... Probably in 2 parts
Wed 16th Nov due date- woke up with wet bed and what I thought was a show. Community midwofe confirmed waters had gone but there was meconium in them. Checked with labour ward and told to go in.
had bath got OH home and headed off. Arrived hospital around 1pm ish.
Monitor on for babies heart- he was doing ok. Midwife noticed I was having some ctx not very strong or regular.(I had noticed them).
Doc and midwife explaoned that they would normally like to get labour going as per risks with meconium in waters and asked me about having a drip to kick start ctx. This is where I turned into a baby myself as I had had this with my forst son and I really didn't want again. I even went as far as saying no I will have a section instead!! ( not rational I know)
Anyway complete stand off on my part and I asked if I could go for a walk and a chat with hubby to see if I could get myself going into more established labour. Agreed and we went for a walk for about an hour

hadak Sat 19-Nov-11 07:49:50

When we came back from walk monitored again and baby ok. Ctx getting more frequent and stronger but ok. Agreed to drip on the proviso I could have epidura if needed , they wouldf stop if I didn't like it etc etc..
Went and had shower whilst waiting for it to be set up. vERY nervous by now. Drip in about 5:30 ish. used TENS and bounced on ball was monitored wirelessy so could move about (ish). Around 6pm I asked for drip off as I wanted a shower as I was struggling a bit with ctx. In shower singing and swearing to myself and got the pushing urge. Lost it a bit at this point and told OH to get the midwife cos I needed a poo and it was her fault!! She was lovely and gor me to the bed. I must have been a very difficuly customer by this stage as OH since told me I asked for all the drugs they had and a section and also I wanted a kittten and not a baby!!
Midwife was brilliant and talked me down from my panic. Had a few puffs of G and A and a few pushes later DS was born at 7pm. All fine and lovely. Labour recorded as 1hr 35 so I was home to introduce him to his big bro at about 11pm.
Sorry mammoth posts but I am so relived all went well.
Good luck everyone and Fingers crossed for Voodoo

juststarting Sat 19-Nov-11 08:15:16

Argh i just cant keep things in my head long enough, as i catch up. Sorry, i know i wanted to give someone abig hug but i cant recall why now. But h007, you certainly. Seem in need of a hug. Or a miracle which enables you to teleport the baby from uterus to cuddle, but i cant do that. I can understand why that sweep experience would leave you scared, sounds like a nasty one. Just remember birth is meant to happen, sweeps, not so much. Our bodies didnt evolve with sweeps in mind! I too am scared of giving birth and often end up with the shakes thinking about it, but here i am, doing it a second time.
Voodoo, good luck! And hadak, sounds like things went a bit crazy for a while but all good in the end!
I'm shattered. Worst nights sleep. Was woken by three episodes of sleep apnea, two sleep paralysis, three nightmares and six toilet trips. Eventually just got up as felt panicky at the thought of going back to sleep. Already dreading bedtime, which sucks.

hadak Sat 19-Nov-11 08:48:13

Just what a dreadful night for you!! Hope you manage to get some peaceful sleep today.

mashpot Sat 19-Nov-11 08:51:15

Yay Voodoo looks like you're avoiding another induction!

Terrys thanks for the words of encouragement. I feel better this morning and its the same here, homebirth is an option until 42 weeks so I will ask to put off the induction for a couple of days if it comes to it next week. In the meantime I'll try everything else.

Just poor you, sounds like you didn't get any sleep last night in between all that. I hope your family gives you time for a nap today.

pandia Sat 19-Nov-11 08:51:29

Yay voodoo. Good luck. Thinking of you.

Halal you did make me laugh with your request for kitten not baby!! Sounds a bit hectic for you but well done coping with the drip so well.

Just I also had horrific nights sleep, well, not sleep. Actually had major hysterical tears about 3am and went to wake up DH (not in same room anymore as I am sleeping do badly). I felt so down and depressed. Uncomfortable, sick of no sleep and being pregnant but even more worryingly started to feel that I don't even want this baby sad, like it has all been one big mistake and that I just wanted things with me and DH to go back to how they were before I started pestering for a baby. Hope it is just the tiredness talking.

Fingers crossed today for more signs for more of us. Think I'm going for my second sweep.

Katiebeau Sat 19-Nov-11 10:37:50

Good luck Voodoo. grin

hadak Sat 19-Nov-11 11:00:18

Pandia Really sorry to hear you are feeling so down. Honestly I know how you feel about the not sure if you want the baby now thoughts. I think it is a natural stage most of us go through. I definitely did. BUT when you finally get to meet your baby any negative thoughts are forgotten iinstantly.
Hope you are feeling better soon and good luck for the sweep.

Truffkin Sat 19-Nov-11 12:53:14

Voodoo hope it's been a productive day for you and you are enjoying newborn snuggles!

Pandia sorry you are feeling down, am sharing (((hugs))) with you. I'm sure it's just hormones talking and making you feel low. Things will be good once your baby is here, this last stretch is tough!

So this morning I think I'm starting to loose some of my mucus plug. It's clear so far so not an imminent sign, but still must be a good sign that things might be starting to move along. Am having a good bounce on my ball to offer a helping hand grin

voodoomunkee Sat 19-Nov-11 13:40:24

No newborn snuggles yet. Sent home. I don't know if the bAby has turned and is back to back. All the pain is in my back. Unfortunately suffered an internal examination from a student and then a mw which I have to say was agony. Second mw 'thinks' am only 2cm. Ive tried to rest but not succeeding. My back is excruciating and now pretty much refusing to believe this baby is ever coming out. Dont want to head back to the hospital as honestly they made me feel like i was stupid.

TwoJackRussellsandababy Sat 19-Nov-11 13:44:16

Hello all,

just wanted to post loads of labour vibes to everyone still waiting to give birth, I've been lurking and seeing how you are all getting on, am sure that there will be some more good news soon.

To everyone feeling low, hope you feel better soon, the babies are definitely coming, they are just a little late to the party that's all, IYSWIM?

Truffkin Sat 19-Nov-11 13:51:19

Sorry Voodoo lots of good vibes heading your way. I'm getting the odd 'shooting' type pain in my bum, very low pelvis and sides of my bump. Am not getting a 'squeezing' sensation so assuming not contractions, but am really hopeful it 's a sign that things are changing as have felt nothing at all up to now.

Am desperately trying not to get DH excited as every little twinge he keeps saying 'is it a contraction' bless him. I've told him I don't know what a contraction feels like grin

voodoomunkee Sat 19-Nov-11 13:56:45

Thanks Truff. I've left OH to get some rest and I'm just trying to potter about. Having a sit on my ball and watching bill and teds excellent adventure. Which is quite surreal. Feel awful that I'm in this much pain and not even particularly dilated. Mw suggested I try some codeine as paracetamol is pretty useless. I've never heard of being suggested codeine.

pandia Sat 19-Nov-11 15:44:46

Thanks Truff and Hadak, am feeling a bit better today. SO tired after virtually no sleep, but a bit less panicky about the idea of having a baby at all!! I think extreme tiredness, plus hormones and middle of the night blues were to blame. Now I'm back to wanting this baby out!!

Voodoo you are having such a tough time of it - so sorry you have been sent home and even worse that they made you feel stupid at the hospital. Must say I don't like the idea of being examined by a student at all. Poor you with a sore back, lots of hands and knees positioning to try and take the weight off your spine? They also said I could take codeine when I had such bad migraines - the Boots codeine + paracetamol in one was quite good I found, and definitely packs a stronger punch than paracetamol alone.

Truff I've also been having those shooting type pains through bum and thighs - I think it's nerve pain when the baby presses on nerves that run that way.

Right, off for a little rest and then for sweep - fingers crossed for me please that it's not too traumatic!!

mashpot Sat 19-Nov-11 16:18:33

Pandia glad you're feeling better, this last bit is really hard work so not surprised at crazy thoughts and feelings. I hope the sweep was ok.

Voodoo I can't believe you're home again, so sorry there's no snuggles yet and I really hope things ramp up quickly.

Truffkin my DH can't believe we're still waiting and is desperate for me to say contractions have started - he comes home from work with such an expectant look on his face as I though he might find me in labour without having called him!

I walked 5 miles today and then came home and had a sleep on the sofa. Still no contractions or anything close, which is disappointing after the sweep yesterday, but not surprising. Does anyone know if you can lose your mucus plug very gradually? I have had what I thought was discharge for almost a week, could I be losing it slowly or is this wishful thinking?

Well more acupuncture and walking tomorrow and another sweep on Monday to look forward to.

voodoomunkee Sat 19-Nov-11 18:20:07

Nothing apart from poor OH rubbing the base of my spine as hard as he can seems to work.
I'm so so tired. Can't think straight. The contractions seem to have eased off my back a little and are more on the front.
Cheers everyone for good wishes and thoughts.
Hope sweeps etc are ok.

hadak Sat 19-Nov-11 19:15:55

Voodoo so sorry to hear you were sent home. However it sounds as though little one definitely on the way now. Re back ache - would a TENS machine help any? Sorry if it is a crap suggestion. I really feel for you re the waiting.
Mash, truff, Pandia and Mrs A sending you lots of labour vibes and anybody else who I have left out. (Sleep deprivatiion my excuse)
Good luck. Hopefully new babies in the morning??

juststarting Sat 19-Nov-11 19:32:43

Voodoo, I'm sorry. I have very protracted situation with DS that was similar - just nothng happening but lots and lots of pain and no respite from it for days. I feel for you, Ido. I DID get to the other side of it eventually, but it was a horrible few days and I felt quite despairing. Things WILL move eventually. I had four and a half days of no sleep due to contractions, and it was in the back too - but I still managed to push him out at the end of that, we werent destroyed by it and neither will you be.
Pandia, totally hear where you're coming from. Though I have to say, those doubts never fully went away for me. I love my son more than my life, but I cant say there arent still times I think "i'm not sure I did the right thing, I'm not sure I can do this".
Having a rough afternoon. Had a lovely morning in the park with DS and DP and my mum, but thisafternoon is all stomach cramps and feeling queasy and now DS has had two pretty damn loose nappies so I am crapping myself its a stomach bug worst nightmare for an emetophobic like me. So just really scared now. Been feeling too lousy to catch up on any sleep too, so scared, tired out and uncomfortable myself and just want someone to knock me out and wake me up in, well, not sure when to be honest.

kate393 Sat 19-Nov-11 20:19:08

Hi all! Have just had a catch up on post natal thread but thought I'd take 5 mins to post birth story on here....
Ella Rae Clark was born a week early on Halloween 7lb13.
My waters broke about 10 mins after we got home from cinema on sat night. I had had no pain or anything so was a bit of a surprise. We popped down to the hospital and they confirmed it was my waters and sent us home to wait for things to kick off. They would have induced me mon morning had it not started but as it was it did all start on Sunday. We went to hospital at 6pm, after contractions felt strong and close but when we got there things sort of stopped so we decided to go home. As soon as we got home everything got going much stronger again so we pretty much got back in the car and went back straight away.
Had a good few hours in the birth pool on g&a all going to plan however we hit a brick wall and after a few hours pushing and not getting anywhere I was so exhausted they made the decision to take me up to the labour ward. They very quickly decided that they should get me to theatre and try forceps...Ella was doing fine inside in terms of heart rate etc but I'd been at it too long by then! So off we went to theatre, spinal in and to be honest it was a relief by that point as although not what we wanted it took everything out of our hands. Unfortunately forceps failed too so we had emergency c-section in end. A very long night but she was very much worth every minute. smile

pandia Sat 19-Nov-11 21:49:00

Thanks ladies for all your support today. It really has made me feel much better about my freak out last night.

JustI really hope that you manage to get some sleep tonight, it always seems to make everything easier to cope with. Have everything crossed that your DS doesn't have tummy bug as I know how that scares you.

Mash I have been having similar to you, more discharge but not obvious show so asked midwife about it today. She said that it could definitely be gradual loss and that lots of people don't notice a show or the mucus plug going at all.

Sweep went ok - everything softer and baby now 2/5 so heading in the right direction although not necessarily imminent. Only scary thing was that baby seemed to react badly to being poked and heart rate shot up to 190 - so was put on a monitor for an hour and started to worry that they would insist on more intervention, but slowed down eventually so home again and waiting..

Voodoo thinking of you.

Sleep well everyone, wonder if we will have more news from anyone in the morning?!

hadak Sun 20-Nov-11 08:26:34

Morning ladies. Hope you all had a restful night? Voodoo fingers crossed you are busy cuddling your new baby by now.
Will check in later.
Good luck all

pandia Sun 20-Nov-11 12:17:03

So quiet! Where is everyone? Having babies?! Hope all doing well. No sign of H007 yesterday, maybe her sweep worked? Saw on FB that busy's baby has arrived-congrats!!!

They called me back to hosp this morning as wanted to check on heartbeat but all is looking more normal today do sent home to rest and advised to have a glass of wine!!

40+4 today, what about everyone else? X

neverinamillionyears Sun 20-Nov-11 12:54:29

I'm still here. Just 39+1 today so a while yet. Went for a long walk over the woods yesterday and dtd only thing it got me was knackered!

Off for a walk again today and then to take dsd to a play/climbing thing (I'm great with kids stuff ...not). Then peace for this evening....ah bliss.

Congrats to busy not on FB so only hear the news second hand. Thanks Pandia.

hadak Sun 20-Nov-11 13:19:26

Pandia Hang in there it shouldn't be too long now and the wine sounds a good idea!!
Never good luck and hope the walking helps.
No news from *H007 Voodoo or Mrs A *so I am keeping fingers crossed they are enjoying new baby cuddles now.
Have a lovely day everybody

juststarting Sun 20-Nov-11 13:34:10

39 plus 1 here too. Had a rough night with stomach cramps and feeling yuck, woke up at 4.45 and that was more or less that,but I think it is my stomach rather than my uterus. Cant be 100% certain they aint related, but still. Feeling very nausous today too. So obviously crapping myself. Just took DS to his first theatre trip - Very HUngry Caterpillar. Was quite good. Though his little fingers and mouth have entirely rendered useless thismornings hairwash. Now waiting for a baked potato courtesy of DP and wondering if I can eat it or not.

mashpot Sun 20-Nov-11 13:36:39

I'm still here, 41 weeks today.

Thanks for the show info Pandia I definitely had some more jelly like 'stuff' this morning but not much of it. Still I hope it is a good sign. I walked 3 miles to acupuncture and can only hope it has done some good. I had a glass of wine last night with my dinner too!

Congrats to Busy!

H007 Sun 20-Nov-11 13:44:18

Nope still here smile OH caught me having a sneaky 5.30am breakie this morning I felt bad for waking him haha but I was so hungry and thirsty. Nothing here other than a vast increase in toilet trips.... Come on Bean you have 3 more days before induction!!

Missyraines Sun 20-Nov-11 14:31:33

I'm here too! Due date is tomorrow but I'm not holding out much hope. Head is engaged which is good.
Taking raspberry leaf tea capsules and trying to walk and bounce on my ball as much as possible.
Can't believe how few of us left there are. Good luck everyone. FX we all get going soon.

busyboysmum Sun 20-Nov-11 16:57:55

Hi everyone

Just quickly popping on the internet to update - Luke David Ball was born yesterday 19/11/2011 at 3pm weighing 8lbs 6oz. He is lovely - very blonde like his brothers.

My sweep on Friday obviously worked as my waters broke at 3am Sat morning waking me up, we went to the hospital to be checked and never got back home. My actual labour started at 12 noon after some walking around the hospital and up and down stairs and I had a natural waterbirth in a wonderful midwife led centre at 3pm.

All went really well - no pain relief until the last push when I had some gas and air and time stood still meaning that I totally forgot to push, so no tearing no stitches which I am so delighted with as it is a lot easier to sit down this time around!

He is breastfeeding like a trooper and is totally chilled out so far - his brothers are in awe of him.

Good luck to everyone else who is left smile

Evening all. Nothing to report here except boredom, hacked off and no flamin baby! I really want to go into labour now. I have zero plans for next week as I expected baby to be here. Went for a long walk round chester zoo today. Poor DD is being her normal self but my tolerance levels are shot. Add boobs too painful to touch and, well, things could be better! DP and I managed sex last night and I've had pains on and off but they amount to nothing. Keep knoicker checking for a show. Sigh. I just want this baby, even with the sore nipples and sleepless nights to come!

juststarting Sun 20-Nov-11 22:01:46

Wow Busyboysmum, that sounds amazing! Excellent, glad his brothers are responding positively too!
Mrs, I'm sorry. It will come, these days will fade into the past.
I've been feeling nausous and crampy all day - likewise checking for a show every five minutes. But whereas thismorning I thought it might mean things were starting, this evening I just think it was a crappy day of digestive disturbance. Hmph. Tomorrow, a new day. Midwife appointment, which I expect to be more or less useless. Actually thats my whole plans for next week. Midwife appointment monday. Oh, no, my aunt is visiting Wednesday afternoon. You know, pending confirmation from me!

H007 Sun 20-Nov-11 23:03:43

Congratulations busy smile

Truffkin Sun 20-Nov-11 23:18:54

Congrats Busy that sounds like a fabulous experience and so lovely with your boys enjoying their new brother!

MrsA I know how you feel and would like this baby to be here too! I lost quite a bit of mucus yesterday but no blood and although I felt a bit crampy / twingey there has been nothing since, which disappoints me greatly grin We went out to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park this afternoon, which was lovely and a good walk. We've been for a curry this evening too and am shortly off to bed after posting so will also be trying out to see if some prostaglandins can get my cervix dilating wink

I'm seeing my midwife tomorrow, but she doesn't do sweeps so won't be doing anything to help progress. Have a consultant appointment on Tuesday (booked at 11 weeks and one I hoped I wouldn't need to attend) to 'discuss induction' and I'll be explaining how against it I am. I really want my labour to start spontaneously and will be asking the midwife what else I can do.

Hope everyone keeps their chins up, we'll all have our babies soon no matter what happens in between.

mashpot Mon 21-Nov-11 08:23:33

Busy that sounds great, just what we all needed to read! Well done.

MrsA I feel exactly the same. 41+1 and just completely pissed off now. Again, no plans for this week because I hoped against hope baby would be here by now, or I'd at least be in labour.

I have another sweep this afternoon and they want to book me in for induction on Wednesday but I'm going to ask to wait until Friday to give myself a couple of extra days - even though the thought of another week of waiting makes me want to scream!

DH stepped up last night and did his bit, I've walked miles, I've been for acupuncture, reflexology, swimming, drinking raspberry leaf tea, massaged nipples! Why won't my body go into labour!

pandia Mon 21-Nov-11 09:59:27

Oh mash sending you lots of labour vibes. I'm still only 40+5 and feeling like I'm going absolutely mad, so can definitely understand how you feel. Fingers crossed today's sweep will do the job for you.

My DH is totally refusing to step up and do his bit - I'm trying very hard not to be upset/offended. Can understand why he feels it's weird when the baby is visibly moving around so much, but on the other hand a bit of discomfort for him vs a hell of a lot for me being 5 days overdue? Think I will put my foot down tonight and insist!!!! (who would have ever thought I would have to force him to dtd?!!)

Truff more of the show must mean things are at least progressing?

Just hope you are feeling better today and that mw appt is good

Labour vibes to everyone else for today!!

PS Busy love your story - just what we need to hear! Big Congrats x

cookie9 Mon 21-Nov-11 10:43:58

Congratulations busy.
Hoping babies come soon for those still waiting.

Bf seems to be going ok but waiting for midwife this morning to check his weight.

hadak Mon 21-Nov-11 10:53:30

Hi everyone. Just letting you know I am thinking of you all and hope todays the day you will be holding your babies.
Well done Busy.
Cookie I too am weaiting on the midwife visiting for the first time since I had my DS. Hope your visit goes well

voodoomunkee Mon 21-Nov-11 11:23:40

Hi ladies! Wrote a long post but can't find it..... Am I repeating myself if I introduce baby Sophie Martha, born 9.25 sunday 20/11/2011 weighing 8'lb 10 oz. Natural delivery after my longest labour ever! I'll not go into details yet but we are both fine. She is a fab little feeder and natural at bf! We came home last night, she fed a bit then slept for about 8 hours co sleeping.
Will catch up when get chance. Sending out labour vibes and good luck! xx

congrats voodoo what a lovely birthdate as well wink and fabulous name! welcome to the world Sophie Martha!

Truffkin Mon 21-Nov-11 12:31:33

Well done Voodoo and Sophie, finally arrived on a great birth date, she was obviously holding out for that one grin

No news here. MW mostly unhelpful this morning. Seeing consultant tomorrow morning and will agree to a sweep if offered (I think she will) and also prepared for a robust discussion about monitoring vs. automatic induction 'policy' at +9.

Sending good vibes to all. Pleeeease let this baby decide to come out soon!

neverinamillionyears Mon 21-Nov-11 12:58:38

Hi all. Congrats voodoo lovely name. I don't mind pimping out my dp if it helps. He has no problem with it. Lol. Number as follows........;)

mashpot Mon 21-Nov-11 13:10:40

Voodoo that's great news, congratulations! So pleased you and your daughter are home. Well deserved after your long labour!

Pandia DH didn't relish the task but I told him we'd just get it over and done with as quickly as possible! Not that its done any good so far, might have to ask for a repeat performance tonight!

Today was the last chance for baby to be a Scorpio, and it's missed all the good birthdates!

pandia Mon 21-Nov-11 13:55:49

Ah voodoo congratulations! Sorry you had such a long labour, but well done on natural delivery and congratulations little Sophie to have such a great birth date!!

More than ever I feel absolutely miles off going into labour - further away than I felt even a few days ago, but who knows how much is real vs what the mind can convince you is really going on IYSWIM

Never thanks for the offer grin - all I can say is that you're lucky not to have a reluctant one - doesn't do wonders for already feeling like an unattractive whale!!

Right off to reflexology - come on babies!!!

voodoomunkee Mon 21-Nov-11 14:26:40

Eeee am so praying for you all to get some fab labour vibes going!
Ok quick birth story. Went back to hospital after being sent home sat am, went back at about 10pm, 4/5 cm dilated. So relieved! Moved to delivery suite around 12. Back still suffering. Had to have gas and air, trying to ease the pain in my back. Checked around 2am, 6cm dilated. The pretty much nothing. Stayed at 6cm for hours. Had injection of water under skin to alleviate back, did nothing! Sophie had moved to lying on her side. Waters broken and contractions moved up a notch. Back steadily worse and after diamorphine only other option would have been an epidural and even though am dead against me having one I was willing to try but next thing needed to push. Sophie was stuck, my utter exhaustion and agony from my back, meant she was starting to become a little distressed and the room filled up. However after rotating her I was able to somehow push her out. Cannot for the life of me work out how! She was a little shocked and took a while to cry. I have a 2nd degree tear, a graze and a lot of stitches! However it is totally and utterly worth it. OH is utterly obsessed. Swears no more as he can't cope with the stress which is fine by me. Sophie is utterly beautiful and has loads and loads of hair! Suffering no side effcts from the shoulder dystocia and feeding well. Good luck ladies and come on babies!!
Thanks to everyone for all their support and best wishes, hope we are all well and new babies and mummies are doing well too. Off to feed my beautiful dd2! x

Wow congrats voodoo on an epioc birth! Super mummy!

Nothing here. Totally bored and restless. Very emotional last night. Doing sweet FA today as cannot be arsed - lucky DD at nana's house.

Come on baby - get going!!

mrsgt Mon 21-Nov-11 15:49:08

Congrats voodoo i had a feeling your little one had arrived when you weren't here yesterday! lovely name and am glad that all worked out well.
just wanted to share my frustrations in case it makes anyone feel better. can't remember if i felt this down last time when dd was 2 wks overdue but am really getting teary and frustrated at the moment. i think last time was over xmas so dh was home making the days easier but this time it seems to be dragging. i know it's all totally irrational and am only 40+6 and that the baby will be here this time next week but just so wanted a spontaneous labour this time and hoped with having so many more twinges, bh etc that it would happen. anyway rant over and clearly need to focus on getting energy together and eventually pushing out a healthy baby.
hope everyone else is ok and all the new babies are thriving

Katiebeau Mon 21-Nov-11 17:05:56

Congratulations Voodoo. Lovely name, welcome to the world Sophie. X

mashpot Mon 21-Nov-11 17:34:42

Great job Voodoo, sounds like it was hard work.

Second sweep and things are looking more favourable than on Friday and Bishops Score is now 5. Please can I go into labour now!!

They were fine about me delaying induction until Friday so long as everything is ok at the scan and monitoring I have to have on Wednesday and Thursday. I hope I don't even make those appointments of course.

Thinking of all you other ladies who are on the bench waiting with me. I'm glad I have you to check in with.

hadak Mon 21-Nov-11 18:38:25

Wow Voodoo Huge congratulations and well done to you after what must have been a really difficult time But as you say it is all worth it.
Sending lots of labour vibes especially to you ladies who are over due dates.
Good luck

TerrysNo2 Mon 21-Nov-11 19:30:19

Great news voodoo - welcome to the world Sophie Martha (about time wink) - I love the name, so pretty.

mashpot I am keeping everything crossed for you that this baby starts shifting before Friday although I am confident it will play ball, eventually!

<labour vibes to anyone else who wants them>

Staceroo Mon 21-Nov-11 21:40:33

Hello all! And well done to the new mummies! I've been absent for a few days so no name checks I'm sorry! (Except a well deserved one for Voodoo... just had a mammoth cath up on the posts and seemed like a long haul!)

Thanks to those who were wondering where I was... as you no doubt imagine I've been at home too busy snuggling with my DH and our baby girl!

Here's the details...

After going to bed at 10:30 on Tuesday night, I was awoken at 11:50pm with what I assumed was another braxton hicks contraction combined with a some pretty bad pain in the tops of my legs, though this settled quite quickly and I fell asleep again, only to wake up 20 mins later with another (and a desperate feeling that I needed the loo!). By this time I had woken DH up and said that I thought something might be happening, but I'd wait and see if there was another in 20 mins again. The next one actually came 15 minutes later, and (again feeling the urge to go to the loo) my waters started to go whilst I was on the loo. Though I still wasn't convinced that I was in labour!!!!

5 minutes later another pain in my legs and the rest of my waters came away, by this time DH was on the phone to the midwife, who said she'd be out within the hour.

By this time my contractions were coming thick and fast, and despite getting dressed ready for the midwife to come, when she arrived I was stripped off and in the bath having contractions every couple of minutes!!! She was very impressed to find me coping very well with the contractions (on my knees in the bath doing my golden thread yoga breathing). She was very surprised at how quickly the contractions were coming having only been in labour for about an hour. We never got round to timing them as by this time they were pretty much non stop! Concentrating on the breathing was the only thing going through my mind after the first few contractions and I was incredibly calm despite the pace of things!

Midwife tried to examine me in between these contractions, which was not easy as they were so close together, and I couldn't do anything but laugh when she told me I was 8cm already!!

At this point I finally got on the gas and air. A couple of transactions later I felt the need to push and she told me to just go with it! The gas and air combined with the breathing helped focus my mind during this stage and I just kept thinking "this could be it - if I push hard enough my baby girl will be here!!"

Tilly Alexandra Bxxxx was born on 16 November at 3:43am weighing 8lbs 7oz - after only 3:50mins in labour!

I did have to go into the hospital for some stitches, but the breathing and gas and air saw me through that nicely too! Poor DH was terrified having to follow me in the car with Tilly by himself! And he had to dress her himself!

The three of us are doing so well and having so much fun being a little family! Tilly is so so pretty and doing super well with breast feeding. I even had 8 hours sleep last night! (DH had 9 - lazy bugger!)

Good luck to those still waiting!

H007 Mon 21-Nov-11 22:25:57

Congratulations staceroo and voodoo smile no news here sad How many are there of us left now?

alicat10 Tue 22-Nov-11 08:38:18

Yay! Congratulations Voodoo grin

Congrats staceroo!!

I'm still here. 'Officially' (per the NHS) I am 39+6 today, though by my own dates I think I'm 40+ a few days. I keep reminding myself i will not be 'officially' overdue until 2 weeks tomorrow but hoping beyond hope to have this baby this week.
DP insisting on taking DD to nursery AND picking her up as I clearly can't be trusted to drive 10mins down the road, so i am bored stiff here. Have persuaded him to go out for lunch today, so i get out of the house (he's working from home this week). Shouldn't complain really, he is very good.

This morning hormones went into overdrive. DD was hassling the 14 yr old cat who eventually lashed out at her (to be fair to him, he has one eye and quickly learnt not to claw her face but always goes for her arm). She cried. I would normally be sympathetic but tell her she shouldn't have teased him. Today, well, my baby had been attacked! I picked her up and started ranting about taking the cat to the vets to be put down shock

What is pissing me off is that I am having consistent background period pains which always come to nothing. This has been happening for about 4 weeks now, so I keep getting my hopes up. Last night I slept through more or less, so feeling better today. Just want the pain of labour now!!!!!

juststarting Tue 22-Nov-11 10:08:19

Congratulations voodoo and staceroo! Well done.
Shattered here. Still got a cold and managed all of four hrs sleep last night. Lots of bh i began to think might be going somewhere but they abated about 7am. Just want to spend the day under a blanket watching tv. I dont know whose idea it was to have a second child. One seems more than enough to look after.

pandia Tue 22-Nov-11 10:09:13

I'm still here at 40+6. Reflexologist was so positive that it was going to happen after my session yesterday, even saying I think you'll be in labour by 6.30pm that I feel really disappointed that there is nothing, not even feeling bh or anything.

MrsA and Mrsgt sorry you are both feeling down and frustrated. I think we all know how it all feels - god I am so frustrated now and I'm sure the waiting around is making me more anxious about everything too. At the moment I just feel that it's never going to happen.

Mash glad things looked more positive yesterday, and good news about holding off induction a bit. Any progress over night?

Hang in there ladies, can't be much longer for any of us - and so glad that we are waiting together. I think I'd actually go mad without this group as I am totally over picking up the phone and getting texts/emails from people wanting to know what's happening. I know their concern comes from a good place, but it's this group of ladies that I think understands best how I feel right now.

TerrysNo2 Tue 22-Nov-11 10:27:40

Oh MrsA I had a good nights sleep the night before DD arrived - I think its your body's way of preparing you!!

neverinamillionyears Tue 22-Nov-11 10:32:11

Morning all. Still here too 39+3

I'm still working as it keeps me from the boredom of home. I only do 4 hours and its just a ten minute drive so it keeps me sane. The one problem I have is that we have moved stations and I'm now at one that has a lovely high st with coffee and cake shops and a fab waitrose also with a bakery. Ah well it fills the day.
I tried extending my work for another few days but they won't let me work past my due date so after Friday ill be bored as anything. Maybe I should start online Christmas shopping.

Sending labour vibes to all. Isn't it odd that once again we find ourselves knicker checking for a show. I was doing that early pregnancy and not hoping for one!

Dp is at a gig tonight so you never know things might happen as dp isn't with me. Ah wishful thinking.

mashpot Tue 22-Nov-11 13:44:02

Hi all, things have started for me at last! I hope it doesn't tail off but started having pains last night at around 8pm, went on all night so I haven't had much sleep and now having contractions around every 9 minutes. I'm waiting for a callback from the MW on call (as I've planned for homebirth) but don't think they will come and see me till I get further on. Hopefully this is it, waters haven't broken yet though. I think the second sweep is to thank.

Hang in there ladies, my fingers are crossed for all of us.

Congratulations Stace what a story! I can't believe how quickly it happened for you, sounds like you coped brilliantly.

Truffkin Tue 22-Nov-11 13:52:43

I'm still here too! Lots more show this morning and consultant did a sweep, saying cervix is medium to soft and 1cm dilated. They've agreed for me to go in for monitoring on Monday if nothing before then, rather than book an induction. Am happy for that for now!

H hope things progress for you. Am hoping the sweep is effective, was over quite quickly but there were a couple of sharp intakes of breath from me grin

juststarting Tue 22-Nov-11 17:07:15

GOod luck Mashpot, hope things going well.
I'm feeling thoroughly sorry for myself. Feel horrid. Throat like gravel, back of the mouth full of phlegm, sinuses hurt, head hurt, feel sick, desperate for sleep but between my body and my son, it aint happening, lots of braxton hicks making me scared its all going to kick off thisevening when I feel so rubbish already. Also decided to hire a cleaner while I was pregnant - had one who was just completely rubbish, then one who failed to turn up two out of the three weeks he was employed by us, which was a shame cause the week he came he did a damn good job, and then an aquaintence said she'd like to do it for a bit of extra money and she just never shows up. Was due to come friday, heard nothing till Sunday when she rang up to see if DP had fixed her bike and said sh'd come tuesday, nothing today apart from a facebook message saying she's off to the gym. I KNOW I could just ring her, but its not my job to remind her to do her job and this happens every bloody week with her. Anyway, ended up at least doing the bathrooms myself an the chemicals got right on my already crappy throat. Sorry, its all a bit petty but I am feeling murderous towards SOMEONE. And I need to eat something and can find nothing to eat. And none of this would be as bothersome if I wasnt, as many of us are, sat here going "argh, braxton hicks HURT. Are things getting started?" every ten minutes. I'd like to just relax and go "ok, well, I'm tired, thats fine, I can get some rest tonight, tomorrow is another day".

H007 Tue 22-Nov-11 19:05:55

mrsA you sound exactly like I did on Friday the kitten knocked over a glass of water and I was in too much pain to clean it up so phoned the OH in tears as I wanted to kill the kitten haha he ended up coming home from work as he was worried about the safety of the cat smile

Well tomorrow is induction day and fingers crossed for me! We've decided not to tell any friends or family so as still to keep it a surprise for them, and still a bit magical. Plus to reduce any hassle that they may give us haha.

neverinamillionyears Tue 22-Nov-11 19:44:47

h007 hope it all goes smoothly for you. I'm sure you can't wait to meet little one.

I've made sure my cat doesn't read this thread, I don't want her to keep looking at me out of the corner of her eye.

Poppet I had meant to mention way back when you posted an update especially the bit about carrying her close on her due date (bloody hell I'm filling up again) that yet again a little lump appeared in my throat. Wonderful times ahead for you I'm sure.

I've taken my first epo tablet, not sure whether to put one in a crevice too, iykwim. Eugh

In bed already, watching heir hunters, I sure know how to live!

hadak Tue 22-Nov-11 19:50:07

Congrats to Staceroo sounds like all is going well with your little one.
good luck*Mashpot*. You may well have your little one as I am typing.
Really sorry for all of you that are still waiting I can't imagine the frustration of going overdue- I was already demented by my due date!!
All ok here but baby not at all settled probabaly 20-30 mins maximum sleep at a time last night as he just can't seem to stay asleep with wind, which he doesn't give up easily!!
He has just finally gone to sleep where i have been able to put him down, fingers crossed we get a little while before he is up again.
Thinking of you all.

pandia Tue 22-Nov-11 22:49:20

H007 thinking of you night before induction. Hope you get some sleep.

Just sounds like you're having rotten time, poor you. Cold on top of everything else not fair. I also think I have one starting as v sore throat but praying it doesn't take hold.

pandia Tue 22-Nov-11 22:52:17

Sorry hit send too soon.

Mash you may have your baby by now!! Looking fw to hearing.

Truff fingers crossed for progress from sweep today.

Nothing here again. So disappointed I could cry!!

Never you'll have to let us know if the epo works, wherever you decided to put it grin

Sleep well all

voodoomunkee Tue 22-Nov-11 23:30:50

Congrats Stace!
Mash fingers crossed this is it lovey!
H007 induction tomorrow? Sorry of I've made that up/read it incorrectly. Good luck though.
Everyone else as well, I am sending you massive labour vibes. Come on babies!!!!!
We are doing ok. Mucousy baby so a bit of a sickies thing going on. However my milks just come in and hopefully hopefully it may lead to her not feeding every hour!
Managed to get her to settle in her cot, sure it's not lasting as she's twisting whilst am writing this..... Will keep persevering!
Did I mention..... Come on babies!!!
Am lurking even if not posting, so eagerly awaiting next arrival. x

hadak Wed 23-Nov-11 11:02:52

Good luck to H007 for your induction today.
Just hope your cold os fast disapearing
Pandia any more news? is the reflexology helping?
Mash I guess your baby may be here now. Hope all went well and you are enjoying lovely cuddles.
Hurry up other babies your mummies are really looking forward to meeting you.
Hope you all have a good day

Staceroo Wed 23-Nov-11 11:18:52

Good luck mash and H007! Hopefully you will both be snuggling with babies now!!

Just cleaning the bathroom might not be a bad thing to do! Typically I spent monday last week sleeping, then Tuesday I cleaned the bathroom, did the hoovering, went shopping and for a really long walk, so was absolutely shattered! Then it was typically tues night that I went into labour!

Thinking of you ladies still waiting! Can't wait till we are all on the post natal thread snuggling our babies xxxx

neverinamillionyears Wed 23-Nov-11 12:32:50

pandia well I put it there but nothing has happened! Having a sweep a week today so let's see if baby decides to arrive before.

I'm also lurking for new baby news smile

mashpot Wed 23-Nov-11 16:53:17

Mine is turning into an epic. Now in hospital, this baby really doesn't want to come out!

neverinamillionyears Wed 23-Nov-11 17:29:10

The little bugger!

Dawnywoo Wed 23-Nov-11 17:39:32

Hello ladies, sending good vibes to those who need it and my quick story.

After lots of latent labour signs etc, my contractions ramped up big style so i went to the birthing centre around 1am Monday only to be told cervix closed and posterior. Gutted. Was allowed a warm bath to help with contractions but was sent home at 4am.

Walked back in the house, waters went in spectacular fashion followed by overwhelming pushing sensations. Went immediately back to hospital - 9.5cm dilated on arrival at 5.20am. Baby Poppy Jasmine born at 8.20am in the birthing pool with absolutely no pain relief. Wow! Labour recorded as 3 hours!!Wonderful, if not slightly intense experience but it's amazing what the body is capable of. Am in awe of my new baby daughter.

Good luck to those still waiting xx

neverinamillionyears Wed 23-Nov-11 17:43:36

Blimey dawny, the whole thing is spectacular. Amazing that you went home then straight back again. Our bodies are strange. Glad it was quick for you and a big welcome to Poppy.

pandia Wed 23-Nov-11 18:32:35

Wow Dawny that sounds like a great birth - congratulations!! I'd like one like that - nice and quick!!

Mash sorry to hear you are having a bit of an epic time - really hope that baby starts co-operating soon and pops out nice and easily!

Thanks for the thought hadak - unfortunately still absolutely zero progress - I'm a full week over our due date now. Have MW tomorrow for 3rd and final sweep, and I know she's going to want to talk about induction too..

Talking of induction hope H007 is getting on ok.

Any more news or progress from anyone else? I seem to have no signs whatsover.

Truffkin Wed 23-Nov-11 18:52:56

Wow Dawn that's an amazing birth story (seems we are having a lot of those as I appear to have written similar comments lots of times in the past few weeks!) and it's just what I have been hoping for too grin

Still nothing happening here, bloody show this morning and a few minor occasions of mild period type pain (not actual pain, more dull ache) during today but definitely nothing that feels like it could be a contraction. Am starting to feel a little fed up as I approach 5 days overdue. I know the baby will come when it's ready, but just wish I could pass on my 'very ready' vibes.

Just the cleaner situation sounds like a proper PITA, I would be going back to the original plan of hiring someone you don't know but with references. Could you maybe use an agency or a bigger firm to get better reliability? My Mom runs a cleaning company so when we move she will be providing a cleaner for our new house, I am very excited about that!

Pandia sorry to hear you are also feeling fed up, here's hoping we all get some movement soon and can snuggle up on the post-natal thread to share lovely stories about our fabulous newborns grin

PamSco Wed 23-Nov-11 19:16:41

Wow Dawny amazing story, well done.

TerrysNo2 Wed 23-Nov-11 19:20:25

Oh mash I am so sorry you've been transferred in, I know you wanted your homebirth but I ended up going to hospital with DS and although it was a much more medicalised birth than DD this time, he came out perfectly and thats the main thing. Sending good labour vibes your way. xxx

Congrats* dawny* great birth story and lovely name, your first name was our bump name and now DD's middle name so I definitely approve grin

pandia one week over isn't too much - there is still plenty of time for baby to make its own appearance! <sending get out messages to baby>

never hope the sweep has kick started things for you.

truffkin bloody show usually means imminent labour so I hope you get woken up tonight! smile

Everyone else who is overdue, just relax and enjoy your last days of freedom wink

TerrysNo2 Wed 23-Nov-11 21:43:31

Check this out <proud emoticon>

voodoomunkee Wed 23-Nov-11 21:52:06

Wow dawny well done to you both! Great story! I would have been the floor above you as am assuming you were in the large hospital in town with the birthing centre?
Ladies, I am so sorry you are still all waiting. If it's any consolation I know how crap it is AND judging by the fine hair covering Sophie I actually don't think I was overdue at all which may explain the long drawn out labour. Had to send OH out as well for arnica and different mat pads. Whilst am here..... All you ladies who have bf, how long does the boobs that resemble the Rockies last for? Struggling to lift sophie as boobs are so so sore......
Right after me, we must we must have our babies out!

Truffkin Wed 23-Nov-11 22:14:37

Terrys that one picture of her lying on her front is the cutest thing ever! My bro is a photographer and I will definitely be asking him to get one like that. All lovely of course, but that one really stands out. Beautiful work!

TerrysNo2 Wed 23-Nov-11 22:22:39

voodoo my breasts were in agony for about 3 days, they still get quite full after a couple of hours now but nowhere near the same. I almost cried once when DS accidentally elbowed one. Stay strong, they will get better!

Thanks truffkin I think she is gorgeous, well of course they both are!! smile

Still here ladies - can't sleep. All is fine but no labour signs. Mw encouraging - said 98% of all babies arrive by 41 weeks. If nothing by next Wed, she'll give me a sweep but hoping I'll pop by then!

juststarting Thu 24-Nov-11 07:16:01

So, after being pretty ure things were hotting up contraction wise tues night with another night of minimal sleep, they once again faded to minimal wed morning. But i did start bleeding a bit. Wasnt very mucusy so hospital took a look. Got home about midday wed, and tried for a nap ater lunch. Woke up to contraction at 2.20 off the back of which my waters broke. Had baby in bed at home with no intervention by 5.54! Couldnt have wished (realistically) for better! Didnt even manage to get the birth pool filled. Tesco order showed up at 4.40 which was funny! DS thrilled with sister, kept showing her stuff. 'this is a lamp, ugli fruit'. Very cute. 7lb 11oz, first degree tear, no stitches. No pain relief. Very mucousy baby, done her brothers trick of stoppingbreathing of first night, scaring me out of ever sleeping again. Still wont feed either. How long till other babies have taken first feed?
Hope all of you still waiting come soon.
Mash, hows it going?

H007 Thu 24-Nov-11 07:53:49

Hello all just a quick update still in hospital still waiting haha been a really good experience so far smile been having irregular contractions of fingers crossed that some good is happening! MW's have been great I even was allowed gas and air for my internal cos I'm such a wimp. Should be cuddleling a baby by the end of the day!