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anyone pregnant and over 40?

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teejay Mon 11-Jun-07 13:40:20

There must be a few of us?

FirstAtForty Tue 12-Jun-07 10:29:20

hi - bumping for you

congrats! I'm not pregnant but did conceive and have my first baby at forty (last year)

diplodocus Tue 12-Jun-07 10:54:23

Yep - I'll be 43 when I have my second. Had my first DD at 41!

madness Tue 12-Jun-07 10:58:06

42 when dc3 born

purplepants Tue 12-Jun-07 11:04:01

expecting dc3 in Nov - I'm 40
when are you due?

diplodocus Tue 12-Jun-07 11:15:32

I'm due October 30th (but if anything like DD will mosey out some time in mid November).

sazzybee Tue 12-Jun-07 11:32:45

I've just had my first baby at 42 so I can still remember what it's like

RGPargy Tue 12-Jun-07 12:03:30

I'm 39, so almost there. Will still be 39 when i have the baby tho

teejay Tue 12-Jun-07 12:08:30

i was beginning to wonder if there were any of us!
I had ds1 at 40 and am now due feb08 when I will be 44- and so far will be the oldest.
What do you reckon the pros and cons are?

mozhe Tue 12-Jun-07 12:16:14

I'm 44...and expect DC6 in october ! No disadvantages except the health related ones,ie; increased risk of mc/birth abnormalities...once you've weathered that, it's plain sailing !!

diplodocus Tue 12-Jun-07 12:18:04

Main disadvantage for me is that my parents are now dead and DHs parents are quite elderly - I feel my DC will miss out on this. On the positive side we're more financially stable. I also think I'm lucky that where I live new mums in their 40s are two a penny so I don't feel that old or unusual, and no-ones ever asked me yet if I'm DD's granny!

aviatrix Tue 12-Jun-07 12:22:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aviatrix Tue 12-Jun-07 12:22:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

teejay Tue 12-Jun-07 12:51:32

so mzzhe is the oldest so far!
I think the worry about m/c and scans is the hardest, and people are too polite to remark about your lovely grandchildren, although we shouldnt be offended we are old enough to be grandmas!
I do worry about having stoppy teenagers when 60 tho' - just glad they say 60 is the new 40. Maybe we are the reason!!

unicorn Tue 12-Jun-07 12:53:20

Yep, time to admit it!
I will be 43 (arghhhhhh) when number 3 arrives.

Desiderata Tue 12-Jun-07 12:56:18

I was 39 when I had mine, so almost there!

I do, teejay, occasionally worry about the age gap, having a teenager in my late 50's, etc., but then I always manage to settle on a more positive slant. It will force all of us to keep younger for longer!

purplepants Tue 12-Jun-07 13:29:56

Later babies definately keep you younger IMO. There will be a 19 year gap between my DC1 and DC3. The main difference I've noticed is that I find the tiredness more difficult to cope with.

Caroline1852 Tue 12-Jun-07 17:45:28

I am 43 and expecting my fourth child in a few weeks. I was also over 40 when I had my daughter, now 18 months. My sons are 15 and 11.

Anna8888 Tue 12-Jun-07 17:56:03

Caroline - so you had two with husband no 1 and two with husband no 2?

I'm nearly 41 trying for baby no 2 with my partner, who already has two sons from his first marriage. I had a miscarriage earlier this year after getting pregnant straight after coming off the pill... and since, nothing... and my partner is going a bit cold on the second baby lark, says four is too many and too restrictive... What do you think? How does 2+2 seem to you?

horace Tue 12-Jun-07 17:58:39

I'm forty and expecting no3 in october. DS will be 4 and DD almost 2. HOw does everyone feel about being "older mums"?

Caroline1852 Tue 12-Jun-07 18:09:38

Anna8888 - sorry to hear about your m/c. Yes two from previous husband, 15 and 11 and then daughter (18 months) and a new baby (boy!) due in a few weeks. I do not see it as 2 plus 2 (or currently 2 plus 1) I suspect because we all live together as one big family. Do your partner's children live with his ex wife? It works well here, but partner is very very good and attentive with older sons and baby daughter gets masses of attention from everyone. I feel very lucky.

Caroline1852 Tue 12-Jun-07 18:10:59

Anna8888 - how old is your child?

Anna8888 Tue 12-Jun-07 19:46:17

Caroline - my stepsons are 12 and nearly 10, my daughter is 2.7. My stepsons spend about half the time with us over the year, but less in term time and more in the holidays. All the children adore one another. My partner is a very attentive father to all his children and we work quite hard at making sure they are all getting lots of opportunities, attention etc. He's a bit worried that he'll be spreading himself too thinly if we have another baby - he's not worried about our daughter and any other child of ours, but much more about his sons, whose mother is not very attentive... and sometimes downright neglectful.

teejay Wed 13-Jun-07 09:32:57

I'm really pleased to see so many of us oldies-
stats are
teejay 44 -ds 3yrs 10mths, due in feb 08
first at forty 41 - 1yr old
diplodocus 42 -1yr old and due oct 07
madness 42 3 kids
purple pants 40 2 kids due nov 07
sazzybee 42 new baby
RGPargy 39 due 07
mozhe 44 due Nov 07
avaitrix 45 new baby?
unicorn 43 due 08
desiderata 39 new baby
caroline1852 43, ds 15, ds11,dd 18mths due June 07
anna888 41 ss 12, ss10, dd 2.7 one child due
horace 40 ds 4 dd 2 due oct 07
12 plus two honorary 40's at 39.

apologies if I got any wrong

Who said anything about dropping fertility after 40!
I've just found out that the nuchal scan costs 180 quid this time round - 4 years ago I only paid 90!

Caroline1852 Wed 13-Jun-07 11:40:44

Anna8888 - Well it's very good that they all get on so well and I'm sure it helps that they spend lots of time with you as one family. A lot of children resent their father's new life, their new partner/wife, and their new children and sometimes it is easy to see why. I understand your partner's point about the spreading too thin thing, but that is true with any subsequent child is it not? I think the spreading too thin argument is more than compensated for by the enjoyment they get from one another both as little ones and later in life. I have three sisters and we always thought people from neat little families were funny specimens. I am convinced coming from a big family helps you hone your social skills - you learn the art of conversation very quickly, you learn to speak up for yourself, you learn that you don't always come first (or even second necessarily), you understand familial relationships better, you are probably more accomodating, you learn to do things for the common good (essential later on when you marry/cohabit) etc etc. Also your partner has three children and you only have one (although I am sure you love your stepsons enormously). I was very conscious of this (my partner has no previous children) fact in my decision to have another child. Having said all this, I will be glad to no longer be pregnant in a few weeks time!

Anna8888 Wed 13-Jun-07 11:51:41

Caroline - thanks, all your arguments are very good ones and I will see how I can weave them into the conversation .

I hate pregnancy, though...

Caroline1852 Wed 13-Jun-07 12:00:41

Anna8888 - I hope you don't mind me asking you this, ignore if it is invasive. Why are you and your partner not married? Is it something you have not got round to or a conscious decision from one or other of you or both of you that you don't want to get married?

Anna8888 Wed 13-Jun-07 12:02:15

Caroline - for tax reasons. The taxation of married couples in France is horrible and very disadvantageous to wives of high earners.

Anna8888 Wed 13-Jun-07 12:07:30

Caroline - also inheritance issues. All very complicated and totally different from the UK - much more legislation on what you can and can't do, who can inherit from whom etc.

It's a bit hard to imagine when you are English just what a raw deal marriage is for women in France. My mother still can't get her head around it, though my sister has been married to a Frenchman for over 10 years (married in England and don't live in France so no tax issues though inheritance applies) and I have lived in France for 15 years and we have done lots of setting up of trusts and things to keep my money in the UK. Awful.

Caroline1852 Wed 13-Jun-07 12:09:11

Same as Segolene.

Anna8888 Wed 13-Jun-07 12:12:38

There you go, an example we all know about.

I think it's terrible that it should be that way. Sarkozy did mention in his pre-election debate with Ségolène that he would remove some of the inheritance tax injustices towards women, but there is still a long way to go.

Caroline1852 Wed 13-Jun-07 12:25:06

With a good tax lawyer, you can though get around all the forced heirship issues. Just a case of making sure that you have all the right paperwork and wills that do not accidentally revoke each other.
I believe Segolene's anti marriage stance was more to do with the fact that she believed marriage as an isntitution let her mother down rather than the tax issues per se.

Caroline1852 Wed 13-Jun-07 12:30:04

Also if most of your money is kept in UK you are not benefitting from being able to pass each other one another's assets in the UK free of inheritance tax and capital gains tax. Most of the benefits of holding assets in trust have been removed by virtue of the Finance Act 2006 (the introduction of pre-owned asset tax, annual tax for trusts etc).

Anna8888 Wed 13-Jun-07 12:30:20

Not, unfortunately, as easy to do with (1) second marriages where there are children from a first marriage (2) international marriages. And that's only inheritance... the other very big issue is income tax, and the fact that second earners (ie me) in a marriage are taxed at the first earner's marginal rate. Which effectively means women have a higher income tax burden than men, when they are already disadvantaged in the work place. Grrr.

evenhope Wed 13-Jun-07 12:32:45

No longer pregnant but have 13 wk old DD and was 43 when I had her (had a birthday since).

Other kids are 21, 19, 17 & 15. Same DH for all.

Anna8888 Wed 13-Jun-07 12:33:18

In France, under most marriage contracts, married couples pay inheritance tax when one half dies. You can't pass, say, your main property tax free between one another - you pay inheritance tax on the share you inherit as surviving spouse, and your children pay inheritance tax on the share they inherit.

Lots of old French ladies end up pretty destitute and reliant on their children's goodwill. Far better to make sole provision in the UK.

teejay Wed 13-Jun-07 12:35:43

welcome evenhope- and an impressive family line up! How are the broken nights going..

teejay Thu 14-Jun-07 08:24:13

I'm getting really nervous about the nuchal scan this time round, mainly because I dont know what I'd do if the odds were really high

Caroline1852 Thu 14-Jun-07 09:38:21

Teejaym - Good luck with the nuchal scan. When/where are you going for it?
Pros of mature motherhood: better financial position, more relaxed generally, a clearer view of what is important in life, less obsessed by self
Cons: pregnancy a bigger toll on the older body, might not come first in the mums' race!

diplodocus Thu 14-Jun-07 16:08:53

Yes, Teejay, good luck. I know how stressful it can be. I opted not to have one this time.

Arabica Thu 14-Jun-07 23:19:49

Hi Teejay, congratulations! I had DS at 39 and had DD last July when I was 44 and 10 months. I was kind of expecting my hospital folder to have some kind of special 'elderly mother' stamp on it, but nobody batted an eyelid. Maybe it's because I'm so immature, nobody assumes I'm over 40.

Arabica Thu 14-Jun-07 23:27:10

One thing I would mention. I didn't opt for CVS or amnio testing at the 13-wk stage, as I was reassured by my Fetal Medicine consultant that the measurement was fine and that at 44, the statistics are always going to give a high-sounding risk of there being a problem. But at 20 weeks, the routine scan revealed some symptoms which were benign in themselves, but could mean that DD had Edwards syndrome. This is a chromosone condition which is always fatal for the baby, so I felt I had no option but to have amnio. At that stage it was far more traumatic than to have undergone the procedure at 13 weeks. DD's amnio was fine, but waiting for the results was the scariest ever. Then they found something else...but that's another story!

CristinaTheAstonishing Fri 15-Jun-07 16:50:42

I'm expecting another girl in October. I'm 41. I had a CVS this time round as the nuchal scan showed a higher risk (1:200). This is lower than that expected due to age alone, but higher than the usual 1:250 at which hospitals offer the CVS/amnio. (We are carriers of a genetic mutation which leads to deafness in 1:4 of our children, but did not want to know if this baby will be deaf as we feel this is something we can cope with.)

Good luck with the scan, Teejay.

Klaw Fri 15-Jun-07 22:26:46

Hello, I WANT to be ttc for my third, my partner's 2nd but he too stressed about finance and property just now.. which makes me stressed as the clock is ticking louder and louder!

My ds is 13.9 and recently came back to live with me and dd is just 2. They ADORE each other but I want her to have a sibling to grow up with and I want a HWBAC to boot!

I am 40, with a Twinkle in my eye!

rainbowdays Sun 24-Jun-07 19:54:14

I just wanted to include myself here, I am only 39 now but will be 40 when #3 arrives due march 08 (expecting it early so feb probrably!) Already have ds age 3 and dd age 2.

nappyaddict Wed 11-Jul-07 11:44:09

has anyone seen unicorn around lately? she was after a widgey cushion and i want to know if she still wants one.

mozhe Wed 11-Jul-07 16:25:12

I have had no6.....27/6/07 born at 27 weeks ! He weighed 1lb 11ozs....he is doing well
Enjoy your pregnancies !

Deearna Wed 11-Jul-07 17:50:33

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Molly65 Tue 17-Jul-07 16:13:07


I'm 42 and expecting in January. Had nuchal which seemed okay -- risk levels of a 29 year old for Downs. I don't know about the other chromosonal problems. Anyway, although I expected some invasive testing I have not been recommended it. I'm relieved about that. My spouse has two children in their twenties, and the one expected is my first. My step-children are very supportive and I'm extremely fond of them both. Neither lives at home, which gives us a bit more space. Late motherhood has been common amongst my friends and acquaintances though I didn't think I'd have to wait till I was 42!

It's interesting to read about you all.

Best wishes

muckers Wed 18-Jul-07 11:45:14

Hi Molly

I'm 41 and expecting my first in Nov 07 following 2 miscarriages last year, I had a high risk for downs too, 1 in 29, I decided not to go for any invasive testing and just let nature take it's course, I had no soft makers at my 20 week scan so at the moment everything is looking good. I know I'm having a boy and my DP also has 2 children from a previous relationship, they do not live with us either.

wendyredhead Thu 19-Jul-07 22:18:25

Hello! Newbie here Just registered with Mumsnet a few days ago and today got my ++++!

I'm 43 and will be just turned 44 when (if) this pregnancy sticks and it's just as scary as it was with my first pregnancy at 32 - I do believe the tests and scans available now are different to 10 years ago so I'll have to learn!

Maybe someone can fill me in...??

I want to celebrate with some red wine but now I'm scared that even Co-enzyme Q10 will affect this baby! I know I'm going to be saying: can I eat this, that and the other?!

It's exciting isn't it!

Molly65 Fri 20-Jul-07 12:25:40


Welcome Wendyredhead. Delighted to hear your news and good luck.

I'm not really au fait with using the message boards and I feel stupid using acronyms! But I do see the point of remaning anonymous and not putting family names down etc.

All the books about pregnancy and what can go wrong give me the heebiegeebies. I rather rely on friends and the midwife to tell me what I need to do and try to enjoy my pregnancy without worrying too much. The other day I read about all the things you need to take to hospital with you for the birth from Mumsnet and I found that helpful -- even though it's a long way ahead!

All the best to everyone. xxxx

wendyredhead Fri 20-Jul-07 22:03:12

Thanks Molly65!

I'm going to take your advice and just enjoy my pregnancy.

There's a website I found called mothersover40 which looked great - had a personal endorsement by none other than Cheri Blair! Now I'm pregant I'll read some of the gory bits!

wendyredhead Fri 20-Jul-07 22:20:11

Muckers: excuse my ignorance but what is a "soft maker"?

Not sure of some of the acronyms also! I'm sure I'll figure them out eventually.

I've only just got my +++ so I'll find out soon but in the meantime if anyone can tell me what tests are offered these days and at what stages for us prehistoric baby carriers?


hester Fri 20-Jul-07 22:38:16

Hi all and congratulations. I'm no longer pregnant but had dd at 41. So nice to know I'm not alone!

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Fri 20-Jul-07 22:47:45


I am 21 weeks and was 40 yesterday (I also have dd 3.8)

I did not opt for any screening and was relieved when told everything looking ok at scan on Monday.

I am having a boy and am ok but do feel tired but I have SPD (pelvic pain) and am still working full time so its not helping.
When I was at hosp i npticed that there was a lot of older mums so we are not alone!

MrsMarvel Fri 20-Jul-07 23:04:39

Does anyone have any information about the risks of birth defects at different ages - possibly a link.

Also, any information on how biological age affects baby, eg. that you have the physiology of a woman of a younger age (I wish),

I had my first at 42 (2.7yo) and 2nd at 43! (14m). I have accepted now that the jelly belly will never go as my skin just isn't as elastic as it was a few years ago.

I am 45 on Monday and today after a bad night up with teething baby was mistaken for their grandmother

Both times I got really pissed out by people who hardly knew me saying 'and you're having all the tests are you?'. As if they think that you just have the tests for something interesting to do.

We had nuchal both times, I'd decided against amnio with ds1 so mw told me about private nuchal.

mummybear43 Sat 04-Aug-07 08:59:20

Goodness this has given me some hope! I have sadly , had a missed miscarriage nearly 6 weeks ago at 12 weeks. I am 43 and desperately want to try again. My partner is quite a few years younger than me and this will be our first child together if we manage it.

Good luck to you all and thanks for the encouragement.

not quite, but I am 40 with a one and a two year old!

Molly65 Sun 12-Aug-07 18:37:42


Sorry to bounce in here. I'd like some help. I've just been away for the weekend and had a letter through the post which tells me I am high-risk for Downs Syndrome. I had a triple test at 15+ weeks which suggested this. Apparently the risk is 1 in 75 and I have been called in with my partner for a talk tomorrow. I gather that an amnio is the likely outcome. Does anyone know anything about them? I was trying to avoid invasive screening. (By the way I am a 42 year-old first-timer.) Any advice would be much appreciated.

lljkk Sun 12-Aug-07 19:05:14

HI all -- I maybe belong on here, I will be 40 when I'm due to have a baby next Feb.

Molly65 You should get counselled about what your test result means, and what the procedure involves. Most people would say that there's not much point in having an amnio unless you think you might want to terminate. The risk of amnio causing a miscarriage is about 1:100 -- less than your risk of a baby with Downs.

If you see having a baby with Downs and having an amnio cause miscarriage as equally bad things, then it makes logical sense to go for the amnio (the lower risk option). That's why they suggest it as a possibility.

But you might see the outcome of miscarriage as much worse than having a Downs baby. There's no easy way forward here, just think about what matters most to you. Nobody can tell you what priorities you should have.

Molly65 Sun 12-Aug-07 21:58:18


Thanks for the message lljkk. I feel much stronger for my appointment to discuss things tomorrow. I chatted with a friend who had discussions after a nuchal scan and I now realize what some of my options are and feel armed and ready to meet the medical profession!

All best

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Tue 14-Aug-07 21:14:34

Good luck with everything Molly.

I am 25 weeks now and after hyperemesis,pubic pain,physio,heartburn and bloody knackered 24/7, I now have piles!!!


wendyredhead Wed 15-Aug-07 19:28:45

lljkk - I would like to thank you in helping me come to my decision on whether or not to have an amnio because your comment to Molly65 re the stats was excellent and I'd not thought of it in that way before. So my risk of a m/c is lower than the risk of a Downs baby. So I'm going to have one and save my money as the nuchal where I live is £125 or £220 with the blood aswell. I can't get it on the NHS.

Thanks a million oh wise one!

wendyredhead Wed 15-Aug-07 19:29:46

have any of you had an amnio? I suppose if I'm going to have one there's no need to have the blood tests is there?

mummybear43 Wed 22-Aug-07 20:18:11

I thought i would say hi too as i have been on a few threads. I am 43, unfortunately had a m/c 8 weeks ago and am still optimistic that we can try again. I have 7 children from my previous marriage and the last pg was def unexpected but such a delightful surprise. My partner is a good few years younger than me and was SO happy at the thought of a baby together after all so though we can never replace our little one, actively ttc is helping. good to meet you all

seeker Wed 22-Aug-07 20:24:28

No, but I was and had ds when I was 44.

Molly65 Thu 23-Aug-07 10:23:10

Hello again,

I got counselled locally and eventually told that I shouldn't have had the triple test as I had already had the nuchal one which gave a 'healthy' probability for Downs. So I decided not to have the amnio. Then I spoke to the hospital in Oxford where I get scanned and hope to have the baby and they confirmed that the consultant obstetrician wouldn't recommend any invasive tests. I think that the choice for everyone must be different. This is my first baby and probably my last so I am influenced by that fact. I have a scan on 6th Sept at 21 weeks, (rather late) so I am hoping for the best for that.

All the best to wendyredhead and chocolate peanut et al.


aloha Thu 23-Aug-07 10:24:18

Had my second at 41.

aloha Thu 23-Aug-07 10:26:10

Had nuchal, saw nose bone, fell in love with dd in utero so didn't have planned cvs. She's fab. Well, a bit cross this morning!

Molly65 Thu 30-Aug-07 14:22:34


This board has gone a bit quiet. I thought I'd just pipe up with some news. I have been cleaning the house from top to bottom because someone who is a post-natal doula is coming over tomorrow to meet me. (It needed a good clean!) I seemed to have avoided the experience of helping friends and sister with their babies so I'm keen to have someone knowledgeable with me for the first month. Also, I might be able to have some sleep while she is watching the baby.
I didn't think I was going to be able to conceive and got a chocolate labrador puppy in March this year. He has just turned into a teenager and thinks he is the bees knees. Yesterday at dog school he got a terrible telling-off from the teacher! (Should be my job!) Anyway, I conceived a few weeks after collecting him. So things might be quite busy in January when I'm supposed to pop.

Hope things are going well with everyone.

All the best wink

Caroline1852 Thu 30-Aug-07 14:34:31

Molly - Glad to hear things are going well for you. Not long now til your 20 week scan. I had my most recent baby on 16th July (no. 4).

Emmsy Thu 30-Aug-07 15:52:16

Hello every one, I had my first baby 2 months before I was 35 I will be having my 5th Baby when I am 43. I have had one blighted ovum that was picked up at booking in scan at approx 9wks, and I had a miscarriage at 5 & 1/2 wks at the end of April this year, apart from that, no other real problems with being an older "pregnant" mum, People always comment that I'm mad, but when I did'nt have any children they used to say "don't you think it's about time you started a family!" I love being a mum and pray that this pregnancy will be ok! congrats to all who are pregnant and best wishes to all TTC.

Molly65 Sat 01-Sep-07 13:51:27

Congratulations Caroline1852! My scan, at 21 weeks, is on Thursday in Oxford. Finally I can feel the baby move so I'm very happy about it. All the best

fitnforty Thu 06-Sep-07 19:29:24

Hi all, I'm having my first in March when i'll have just turned 41. Never wanted kids until my bodyclock kicked me about last year and sorted me out

Had the NT scan and went from a 1 in 65 risk to a 1 in 1340 with the bloods combined which is great as i didn't want to risk an amnio!

Have no intention of participating in sports days - that's what my DH toyboy (he's 33!) should do to support me in my old age

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sun 23-Sep-07 23:25:41

Hi everyone

Still feeling lousy but 30 weeks now and baby kicking like mad

So tired and hoping that its pregnancy related as I am going to need energy for this one and dd.

mmk Thu 27-Sep-07 20:31:52

Over 40?? and the rest!! I'm not pregnant now, but had a baby at 43, and one at 45. Second is now 5 months old. I'm loving it!

mmk Thu 27-Sep-07 20:33:35

forgot to say, I had no probs at all with either of my pregnancies, and got pregnant via fantastic clinic in Russia. Very good and very cheap.

ChantillyLace Thu 27-Sep-07 20:55:52

Hi bit late joining this htread but I turned 40 just after dd3 was born.

DDs 1 & 2 are from 1st marriage and are 20 and 18. DD3 is turning 4 in December.

I had a great pregnancy and had no qualms about being an older mum. UNderstand the grandparent thing but my FIL is only 61, my mum is 71 but very young for her age. My father and MIL both died from cancer so they would not have been around anyway.

My only setback with having a baby later in life has been how difficult it is to lose the weight this time!!!!!sad

We chose not to have any tests and decided we would just deal with it. Thankfully we were lucky and after an easy pregnancy and very easy birth she's making us pay for it now! What an attitude!!shock

Kayron Sat 06-Oct-07 03:39:41

Ladies, I just miscarried 3 days ago; the day before my 50th birthday. Imagine my shock when I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. Youngest children are 18 year old twins that were conceived through ART artificial insemination using husband sperm my eggs. Divorced and no birth control for 20 years and pregnant at 50! My fiance of 4 years is 53; never married, no children. He was so happy. Now---since I know this is possible I am considering actually trying. But I feel as though I must be crazy! My periods are like clock work and I am in good health as far as I know. I was told at the hospital all the nurses were taking bets and thought I was 42 max. So--I am a young 50. However, I am concerned with all of the risk I am reading about for both baby and mother at this advanced age.

riddyha Thu 31-Jan-08 11:55:55

Hi, I know this thread is a bit old now, but is anyone else a new Mum to be and in their 40s? I am and could do with some support!

OldieButGoldie Fri 01-Feb-08 15:30:07

Me too Riddyha.
I'm 46 and due on 25th of this month. How old are you? I would love to find someone the same age as me or, even better, older! grin

Teejay you missed me off your list!
I'm 45 and have ds1 3yo (was 42) and DS2 20m (was 43).

I always come on these threads and say 'look at meeeeee! If I can then anyone can!!'

Only downside is I live in a place with high teenage pregnancies and am often mistaken for my sons' grandmother. That REALLY hurts. Especially as I look young for my age!

riddyha Fri 01-Feb-08 16:58:20

Thanks for replying, it's reassuring to know I'm not the only over 40 out there. I'll be 41 when it's due in mid September. I'm really nervous about the risks and al the tests that I've read about. I've got my first midwife appointment on Tuesday. Hopefully it should all become clear after that.

hedgepig Fri 01-Feb-08 19:23:09

I'm 41 and a 1/2, just found out I am pg which makes me due in October. petrified of mc with every twinge. I'm totally Kn***ed Glad to here there are some more "mature" mumsnetters on the pg threads. Riddyha is this your 1st?

riddyha Sun 03-Feb-08 08:54:02

Hi Hedgepig. Yup this is my first. We'd been trying for a couple of years, but had thought that nothing was going to happen. Now it has it still doesn't seem really. Got horrible nausea especially when i'm hungry, and some smells are sooo strong they make me gag. I'm due on 17th September.
Meant to be going swimming this morning (good exercise apparently) but just feel like slobbing around!

shabster Sun 03-Feb-08 09:15:52

I had my 4th DS when I was almost 41. He was my healthiest pregnancy - we had a 1:180 chance of downs and I had the amneocentisis. Everything was fine but the four week wait for the results was awful,

WHERE IS TRIPLET! She has just the best older mums story.

liahgen Sun 03-Feb-08 10:17:36

Hi ladies,

Here I am 4 pages in. Is it ok to join you?
Am not pg at mo cos am currently breastfeeding 5th child, (9mths)who I gave birth to at 40.

Will be 42 in Sept, and I am desperate for another but dh dithers between ok, yeah sure why not, to as mentioned before, too restrictive, no life as we get older etc etc

My eldest is 13, then 10, 4 and half, 3 in April, and Little Annie who will be 1 in May.

triplets Mon 04-Feb-08 23:32:48

Triplets bows in............Hi Shabster, you have soon got around on here! Well most of you probably know my story by now, I was 2 months off of my 46th birthday when I had my naughty lovely trio, 2 boys and a girl. Life was much easier 10 yrs ago when they were born, we are permanently exhausted and broke, but its good!

jabberwocky Tue 05-Feb-08 01:38:21

Can I join too? I had ds2 at age 41. He is 1.2 now. Ds1 is 4.5 and I feel tired a LOT! I don't know how those of you with 3, 4, and 5 dcs keep up envy

liahgen Tue 05-Feb-08 11:42:24

are any of us that are not pg comtemplating or actively trying for more?

Or is that just me? ... lol wink

hedgepig Wed 06-Feb-08 21:46:08

I'm here bored of waiting and I'm only 6 weeks! it is going to be a long 9 months. I had my son at 37 and I feel so much more tired this time or maybe I don't have the luxury of snoozing everynight I get home from work.

riddyha Thu 07-Feb-08 13:15:12

Tiredness seems to be a common sympton. I'm really lucky in that I only work part time(supply teaching) so I can have days when I do very little. Somedays I've got loads of energy and then the next day I can feel really lethargic.

I met my midwife for the first time on Tuesday. She didn't weigh me or even take my blood pressure, she just went through the long green form and filled that in. She did speak about screening. I don't think I can bear to wait until 16 weeks to have the blood test for Downs. So we've decided to go to The Fetal Medicine Centre in London to have a nuchal scan and blood test done, during week 12. I'll feel a lot happier when that's out of the way. We have only told closest family at the moment but if everything's OK then we can tell friends then. Appparently you get the results at the consultation. So, fingers and toes crossed!!

hedgepig Thu 07-Feb-08 20:34:44

riddyha I had a nuchal with my 1st son and that with the blood tests was very reassuring they will be able to tell you what the nuchal shows at the consultaion but I think they may have to process the bloods over a few days. Do you live in London or will it be a long trip?
My friend who as 37 when she had her daughter just went straight to an amnio because she wanted to know for certain but it seemed a bit drastic to me. I was sick for the 1st time today which bizzarely was a positive for me cos it shows I have lots of hormones, I will not be saying this next week if I am as sick as I was last time grin
I have told a couple of friend and will tell my parents next week, I decided if I was going to mc I wanted my close mates to know why I was so miserable.

Angielfc Mon 11-Feb-08 17:12:46

Hi, Just found this thread....I'm 44 and 21 weeks pregnant with my 4th and last. Nice to see other similar aged mums to be!

sophiesmiles Tue 19-Feb-08 06:42:37

I also just found this thread, I'm 44 and pregnant with dd number 2, I hope this isnt my last grin

Angielfc Wed 20-Feb-08 10:41:14

Hi there, It's very quiet on here. I'm also having a girl, I have a 3 year old too so it will be nice for her. When are you due?

hedgepig Thu 21-Feb-08 15:06:32

it is quite, but nice to see other moms of a similar age. The ttc thread over 40 was quite too, maybe we all too much else to do than post.
I'm a bit stressed at the mement I had bleeding last week which stopped but it has stated again, my Dr has arranged a scan for me tomorrow so I will know more then.

Angielfc Fri 22-Feb-08 08:54:03

Hi Hedgepig, sorry to hear about the bleeding, I hope everythings ok. How many weeks are you? Wishing you all the best at your scan today!

toomanystuffedbears Sat 23-Feb-08 03:14:22

Thanks triplets...
I am 46, due with dd2 on Tuesday (26th). Ds is 15 and dd1 is 13.
I am thankful I am having only one as twins do run in dh's family. grin

hedgepig Sat 23-Feb-08 11:28:34

Had the scan yesterday all is well hurrah, I am 8 weeks+ 2. I did feel a bit old in the waiting room though.

blimey Mon 25-Feb-08 11:02:17

Good news hedgepig.
I am 10 weeks pg tomorrow with no.3 and will be 41 in Sept when baby is due.

Angielfc Mon 25-Feb-08 13:38:21

That's great news Hedgepig! It's a worry all the way this pregnancy lark isn't it?

bunnyrabbit Mon 25-Feb-08 13:53:35

40 and due on 5th April. Had DS at 36.

No sickness this time or last, but much more worried about things this time for some reason..... maybe 'cos everything was so normal last time (and this), I keep waiting for something nasty to happen!


hedgepig Mon 25-Feb-08 21:03:02

Thanks Angel and hi bunny rabbit. I was completely oblivious to potential problems last time and now I am fairly paranoid about everything. I think once you have had a child you meet more people who have had problems and become more aware.

Kaz1967 Mon 25-Feb-08 22:14:11

I turned 40 Aug last year and have given up LOL now 19+3 weeks with my first due 18 July

I keep worrying everything will go wrong too. I have been blessed with feeling them move since they were 12 weeks but when it goes quiet I worry have resorted to drinking ice cold water to feel them squirm just so I know they are there and ok blush

I worked in neonatal intensive care for 12 years so I saw all the sick and preterm babies my experiences are a little out of the ordinary although all my friends had normal pregnancies and deliveries I thought I had a balanced view but apparently not I am a worry wort LOL

bunnyrabbit Tue 26-Feb-08 14:08:24

Kaz1967.... them??????

Kaz1967 Tue 26-Feb-08 18:56:19

Oops no bump is singular or was on the 12 week scan

wendyredhead Thu 28-Feb-08 16:37:02

Hi there fellow 40+s - nice to feel in good company!

I've just had 44th b/day and am due in a couple of weeks with my 2nd. Age gap 11 yrs but my son is over the moon.

I must say I am a bit paranoid about being an older mum but nobody seems to look at me funny and I do believe we are becoming quite the fashion and the norm.

My paranoia only stems from a vanity point of view however - worried about how my daughter will feel to have an older mum taking her to school and that sort of stuff, otherwise from a physical point of view this pregnancy is the same as my first and I feel fit as a fiddle.

riddyha Mon 03-Mar-08 17:27:12

Hi everyone,

It's good to see that there a a few of us 'oldies' around.

Hedgepig, I'm glad that everything is OK after your bleeding. I've got my scan on Thursday, can't wait to hear (fingers crossed) that everything is OK so far. My Nuchal scan is next week.

I'm still feeling really tired, especially in the afternoons. I've taken to going to bed at 9pm most nights and I zonk out immediately my head hits the pillow. Do you think the tiredness will continue all the way through? I'm nearly 12 weeks and I read that it's supposed to get better in the second trimester, but at the moment it's not getting any better!

peasoup Mon 03-Mar-08 17:39:02

Hello, can I join in? smile Had my first age 38; am now 41 and hoping to go for another one so am interested in hearing your stories.

riddyha Tue 04-Mar-08 11:46:17

Hi peasoup,

We're not a prolific thread, but we keep jogging along slowly (much the same as in real life in my case!).

rosebury Wed 05-Mar-08 14:45:15

hi everyone so pleased to see you all I am 46 and expecting baby number 6 in october. My children are 28, 26, 25, 22 and 4. feeling fed up at the moment tith the medics telling me I am high risk of this that and the other. I have had my last four babies at home with no prebs and I want to enjoy this pregnancy and look forward to the birth
without stressing over what may not haooen.

rosebury Wed 05-Mar-08 14:47:18

sorry about spelling errors

Kaz1967 Wed 05-Mar-08 21:16:18

Hello rosebury I know exactly what you mean I am fed up of being told I am a high risk pregnancy too

rosebury Thu 06-Mar-08 17:41:27

Thanks Kaz1967 nice to hear that I am not alone. When is your baby due? and how are you feeling?

rosebury Thu 06-Mar-08 17:48:48

Wendyredhead how are you doing? your baby must be due soon please let us know how you get on.

Kaz1967 Thu 06-Mar-08 17:57:59

I'm not due until middle July I am just relieved I have a supportive Midwife and GP who understand than unless clinically indicated I do not want this pregnancy managed in a medical way. Think pat of it is my GP knows I can get stroppy if I need to LOL

rosebury Thu 06-Mar-08 18:35:00

do you have to see a consultant? as part of your ante natal care I am going to have to seek alternative support networks as I will be having a home birth not adnised at my age.

Kaz1967 Thu 06-Mar-08 19:10:13

I need to because of medical reasons sadly if things continue though and these flipping fibroids are not in the way and house move goes ok You never know I am in an area where the Midwives are pro home birth.

rosebury Thu 06-Mar-08 19:19:25

sorry about the fibroids, when are you moving ? and are you staying in the same area.

Kaz1967 Thu 06-Mar-08 19:34:02

Staying in the same area my Midwife and GP are too good to loose. But I want to get rid of the mortgage so it's somewhere smaller for bump me and the cat but small means I can have less clutter and have to be tidier does it not

The consultant may have to realise that I qualified as a nurse and I will not just accept things I want to know ALL the research behind what he is saying.

potxola Sun 09-Mar-08 11:21:33

Hi , I am new in this thread I will be 41 when my second baby is born. Due date Sept 8th 2008.
My amnio is in 2 weeks, I have 1 in 52 chances of a Down Syndrom baby, so I am quite scared and worried.
Have you had an amnio, did they do an amnio PCR only or all the texts available ????

hedgepig Sun 16-Mar-08 21:05:35

hiya potxola I just read your amnio thread I hope it all goes well for you.
I'm 41 as well have a nucal on the 27th and am so stressed out with the waiting. With my ds I was 37 and although I had a nucal I wasn't concerned I'm just so much older know.

Kaz1967 Sun 23-Mar-08 11:03:58

Hello everyone how are things?

Well this sexy support for divarication of my tummy muscles. I have is making Bump really quiet not doing as much in the way of somersaults but I am starting to get some very definite kicks rather than just movements Sometimes it feels like they are throwing a real wobbly and stamping their little foot as if they are throwing a tantrum because they are fed up of this sexy support.

Oh and after a long discussion last week I have decided to make a really big move up north to be nearer my best mate (we are more like sisters). I was intending moving up there for uni anyway in 2 years time and have spoken to the college in Boston and my tutor and looks like it is very feasible. My best mate has actually looked at a flat in the same village she lives in an I am going up there tomorrow and am looking at it on Tuesday

hedgepig Fri 28-Mar-08 18:23:49

hi KAZ how was the flat?
I had my scans yesterday, the nucal was fine (1.6mm and we could see the nasal bine) so I feel a lot less stressed. I burst into tears with relief afterwards which must have freaked the other people in the waiting room. How is everyone ?

Kaz1967 Sat 29-Mar-08 16:20:20

I absolutely loved the flat as much for the location as anything else they have not heard back from the seller though about my offer trying not to get my hopes up I do have to sell this place as well as have offer accepted.

Really glad the scan results were good

hedgepig Sun 30-Mar-08 11:20:33

hope it all works out. I keep having the move or build an extension dilemma financially it makes more sense to extend but we have noisy neighbours (well their dogs really) whihc are driving me potty. I

Countingthegreyhairs Sun 30-Mar-08 11:26:50

just wanted to say that I love this thread!!

dd1 at 38

still trying for no.2 at 44 ....

all your posts give me hope!!

Countingthegreyhairs Sun 30-Mar-08 11:27:43

forgot to say ... good luck everyone with your pregnancies ...

hedgepig Sun 30-Mar-08 11:33:45

hi countingthegreyhairs there is an "over 40s" thread on the ttc topic if you haven't seen it, it seems quite busy at the moment and there are lots of lovley people on it. Good luck, there is always hope fingers crossed for you.

Kaz1967 Sun 30-Mar-08 13:28:00

Countingthegreyhairs I can only suggest give up trying and just enjoy it that's how this happened it is 15 years since I last was pregnant and was trying for much of the last 10 wasn't until I gave up decided to move on and make positive decisions about my future this happy accident happened. Good luck

Countingthegreyhairs Sun 30-Mar-08 14:35:53

Hi Hedgepig and Katz - thanks for your posts - sorry to hi-jack teejay!! Hello everyone else!

Hedgepig (great name btw) thanks for reminder - I think I have seen that thread before but as I'm only on this site intermittently I tend to forget where I've lurked/posted - will have a look, thanks again!!

Katz - can really identify with your post - congratulations!! I was determined not to live a life "on hold/in limbo" but very difficult for it not to dominate one's thoughts every month. What a great outcome for you! As I'm getting very much to the edge of what is possible, I am getting a bit more resigned and 'que sera sera' about it all ... feel very blessed to have had 1 dd ... a sibling for her would be terrific though!

Good luck everyone. I know it all does seem scarier/more risky as we age but it's great to see so many positive stories here ....

Good luck for Tuesday Toomanystuffedbears!!

riddyha Mon 31-Mar-08 08:37:57

Hi everyone,

Not been around for a while as we've been on holiday (Red Sea Coast. ...lovely).

I'm 16 weeks today and can't believe how quickly it's going.

Had my Nuchal Scan a few weeks ago now and it gave the risk of Downs as 1:312, which I was really pleased about as it was 1:64 initailly based on age alone. We've decided not to go for amnio, so no more scans or checks now until week 20. Seems a long time to wait from week 12.

Hedgepig, glad your nuchal scan went well.

Went and bought two pairs of maternity jeans yesterday, they're really comfortable so may start wearing them straight away even though I can still fit in my normal jeans (just!).

When is it OK to start buying baby stuff? I don't want to start too early as it seems like tempting fate?

Kaz1967 Tue 01-Apr-08 22:38:05

Way hey offer on house has been accepted all I have to do is sell this place now and finish this year of the college course So much to do so little time

hedgepig Wed 02-Apr-08 13:13:57

well done Kaz I hope you can sell your place quickly (with as little stress as possible). What are you studying?

Riddyha my nucal results were pertty much the same as your (1 in 70 down to 1 in 400 ) but I still can't relax I'm just so paranoid. My ds didn't have the best of starts and I think this is making me over anxious about this pregnancy, I have got to relax.

Kaz1967 Wed 02-Apr-08 21:32:35

I am doing an access to higher education course part time so over 2 years its A2 equivalent Psychology this year with core maths and english. Year out then re start up north doing Biology (hope to do chemistry GCSE in year baby is born but will have to see) and either combines science or Maths.

Aim is to do Zoology at Uni afterwards shock either to work in a zoo and do bugs beetles etc or small mammals (have a real thing about lemurs at the mo as well as mice, mole rats....) or work in conservation

hedgepig Fri 04-Apr-08 16:55:51

that sounds really good all that studying must keep you really busy. My DH was a sea bird ecologist until he retrained to do computer programming. I was a biochemist but now sit in an office all day getting product registrations for agrochemicals.

I am stating to get my energy back at last, I see to be less sick that with my ds so maybe this one s a girl?

Kaz1967 Wed 09-Apr-08 23:33:59

Hello everyone had a bit of a couple of days tired and really hacked off.

Had stomach pains early hours Tues morning assumed it was just wind from IBS because that is what it felt like tried everything inc a bath at 4am nothing helped could still feel little on moving so was pretty sure they were ok. Had an appointment with GP in morning anyway and he was lovely had a prod took a we sample and sent it off although nothing in it when tested Found the little horrors heart beat first time so I am very impressed no one else has. Said to ring him or hospital if got I decided to toddle off for a short walk and ended up at the zoo thinking if it was wind walking would shift it.

Home early evening still feeling sore so went to bed woke up no better and decided to ring hospital who obviously wanted me to go in and my lovely neighbour took me in. Doc thinks on of my fibroids has over grown and is dying and that is what hurts it will pain will stop in a few days but until then it's just pop pills. CDS were lovely but busy the ward they took me to after 1am was crap. She told me initially that I was not written up for PRN analgesia as well as regular stuff when I asked for it she then informed me it was opiate based and did I really want it well so is bloody codeine and yes I want it I am in pain and the obstetric doc has prescribed it.

And from then on it went down hill never slept other than a doze from 4am to 5.50 when some idiots alarm went off so I gave up and went and had a shower. Must have missed to doc by seconds when I was actually eating breakfast no one tried to look for me or tell me they had bloody been. They wanted bloods and a urine sample which I I had given them the evening before and my GP had sent one off already then I sat around waiting thinking I was waiting for a doc, asked about this at 11 but my midwife was off having a break and would come and see me when she got back well she did not. Had lunch and asked again pointed out I had left phone at home in rush to get there, was not expecting to stay in had no clean clothes, no one actually knew I had been admitted.

They eventually came to tell me the docs had been but did not bother to talk to me !!! And considering I was in there for observation no one had been to ask if the analgesia was actually bloody working or done any obs or anything since I was in CDS no one actually came to check I had eaten or was ok. No one even noticed I had been crying or was getting up set.

Anyway as I have ranted on a bit a lot less money in my purse (phone ate it and did not even get through) tears and threatening to leave unless the doctor came to see me they eventually turned up at 4.30 did not finish writing up my meds until the pharmacy had closed so no meds to take home and midwife tried to make me stay another night no bloody way I need some sleep and the bloody cat needed some food. Yet again they seem to fail to realise no one actually knows I am here and I have no way of contacting anyone (they would not let me use there bloody phone even to ring my community midwife to ask her to pass on a message to my neighbour who could have a fed the cat and b got my phone brought in so I could at least feel in contact with the world. She did not want me to get the bus home (had £1 in my purse). Free bus finished by the time I escaped so I ended up walking the half mile into town to get some money out (she would love that) stupid thing is the girl opposite was in a similar position although she did have her mobile and her family knew she was in and they sent her home in a Taxi because she lived in Weston not me cos I lived in Bristol.

Had a sleep but now I am awake an just over tired. Never ever are they going to get me on that bloody ward again.

Sorry that's a little long tomorrow is another day

hedgepig Thu 10-Apr-08 20:06:38

KAZ honey! BIG HUG I just read your message. It sounds awful, How are you feeling today? Is the pain any better?

Kaz1967 Thu 10-Apr-08 20:17:40

Just needed to let off steam last night so much calmer today still in a lot of pain some of the time but pain on the whole is controlled tramadol and codeine are great but think the good nights sleep waking up without back pain, controlling when I take my painkillers, not feeling stressed, and knowing what it is that is not a threat to the bump and that it is only likely to last 5 days really helps.

All my posts of late have been rather me me me so I hope everyone else is ok

hedgepig Thu 10-Apr-08 20:22:55

I'm glad you feel a bit better if not totally well, what happend to the fibroid once it dies? does it get readsorbed?.
I find hospitals such strange places I have only had to stay in once after ds was born but we were there 10 days and I just felt so powerless and just at the beck and call of the system.
so longs as you are OK that is all that matters.

Kaz1967 Thu 10-Apr-08 21:08:29

I understand it shrivels and can calcify sometimes they are known as "womb stones", some drop off thankfully mine are all external (yep have another 3 which could play silly buggers LOL) so if they do should cause no pregnancy problems.

I am an ex nurse I loath hospitals and make a very bad patient, blush possibly because I know how things should work and expect care carried out as I would do it. I felt so out of control yesterday and I know how the system works. Looking back I wonder if I got the treatment I did because it says nurse on my notes, it is sadly common that midwives and nurses do sometimes feel threatened when caring for someone also in the profession. I possibly did not help because they were not able to fob me off had I not known about the drugs I was prescribed they would have persuaded me not to take the tramadol left me in pain, they also would have bullied me into staying that one of the results was caused by infection when I know dam well that a raised CRP is also a maker of inflammation/tissue breakdown which is what is happening to this fibroid an as it was the only thing that was abnormal in my blood results it was the most probably cause.

Sometimes having that extra knowledge is not a help at all you can sometimes know more than is helpful and it scares those who should be caring for you I saw it when I worked you never think it will happen to you though. Just think they are no as confident in their practice as I am/was.

I must stop winging LOL

hedgepig Sat 12-Apr-08 10:02:00

I have my triple tests results this morning combined with the NT scan results the risk od Downs or spina bifida is now 1 in 2700 so I am happy with that.

KAZ how are you feeling today?

Kaz1967 Sat 12-Apr-08 12:17:16

really pleased about your risk that is so low for someone of our age

I am feeling alot better than Tues Wed or Thurs and hardly touching pain killers Now on antibiotics too (I am going to start rattling soon) my urine sample grew something took 3 days to do so and all my blood work was ok other than one thing that is as likely to be related to the stupid fibroid so it's probably a contaminant. As I am asymptomatic if I was not pregnant we would wait and see but being pregnant erring on the side of safety

hedgepig Sat 12-Apr-08 12:36:18

Yeh I feel pretty reassured. I told a couple of my colleagues on Friday so the cat is now out of the bag at work.
Glad to hear you are feeling better, it is really C**p what our bodies throw at us at times. Hopefully you won't get a repeat problem.

Kaz1967 Mon 21-Apr-08 01:53:59

Hello everyone how are we all?

fruitbowl Wed 30-Apr-08 20:06:36

Hello ladies. Not sure if I've said hi yet or not? Mind's gone already! I'm 7 weeks with DC#2 today and 40 next week! I have a DD who's 3 and lovely.

I've been having spotting for about 10 days and have had a scan at local EPAS last week. They saw sac & yolk but nothing else so have to go back on my blimmin birthday to see if fingers crossed they can see any signs of baby / heartbeat. I've got everything crossed that baby is still growing. I've felt rough as anything last few days with nausea so have bought some seabands and taking it as a good sign.

Hello Kaz (sorry to hear about your fibroids) and hedgepig and other lovelies. Hope to chat with you soon. Take care.

hedgepig Thu 01-May-08 20:03:13

Hi fruitbowl nice to hear from you, were you on the conception thread? Anyway this thread is pretty quite at the moment but there is a much more lively one in Pregnancy "lookhere"

turkishdelightful Mon 11-Aug-08 16:55:29

I'm nearly 41 and totally traumatised by the fact that I'm pregant, now in week 11. I had a m/c 6 years ago and had given up on the whole idea of having kids with some relief. This certainly wasn't planned. I'm not adding my name above until I've done 12 weeks and had a scan.

Any 40+ mothers to be on their first pregnancy? Do I have to pay for a nuchal scan?

I'm almost 41 and now 5 weeks pregnant (with our second). Daren't add my name to any lists yet, though. Where do you live, turkish? I am in Sussex and our local pharmacist told me his wife (pg at 42)was referred on the NHS to Kings College London for a specialist nuchal scan. Hope everything is OK - good luck!

isislondon Fri 21-Oct-11 02:42:35

I'm 41 & just delivered twin non Identical girls, naturally conceived at 1st attempt in 1st pregnancy, despite having a 22 cm fibroid removed by myomectomy 7 yrs ago. So its given hope to alot of my friends. Pregnancy went well , no morning sickness. Few hiccups at the end, but I got through healthy.

tryitandsee Sat 29-Oct-11 14:32:36

Hi Ladies, I'm 44 and 32 weeks pregnant. I had my youngest at 40. My eldest is 17. I have been pregnant 7 times. I have had 3 miscarriges. Two in the last year and a half. I have had one cot death also. However, i remain optamistic and everyone involved with my antenatal care has been supportive and not the least bit negative about older mums.

Novmama Thu 03-Nov-11 17:26:06

Just read some of this oldish thread (appropriate huh?) and its lovely to hear some positive stories. Congrats to isislondon and tryitandsee. I'm 42 and expecting 2nd in June (only 8/4). Feeling very low and despondent. Have plenty of symptoms - mainly exhaustion and nausea. Have frightened myself by reading re mmc - what a double whammy of an insult - all the symptoms and no baby! Seeing mw for booking appt tomorrow and scan on 29th Nov. Would love to hear from more 40+ expecting. It feels so much tougher than 1st time (and I was 38!) but feel like a geriatric.

ShockinHolyTempers Fri 04-Nov-11 18:33:17

Hello All, I'm 41 and expecting my first in July. (I'll be 42)

Pregnancy was not planned and was in total shock when I found out. Am still in denial about what's to come! shock grin

HorseyGirl1 Fri 04-Nov-11 20:21:35

I found out that I was pregnant on my 40th! Sadly had MC last year so this little person will arrive while I'm still 40. Can't wait but I know it is going to be tough when he/she wants a taxi pick up when I'm 60. Feeling OK but very tired in evenings - a late evening is anything after 9.30pm these days. xx

CheshireDawn Sun 04-Dec-11 11:06:53

Hello Im 46 and just found out Im pregnant with baby number two (my daughter is 4). Im over the moon as realy wanted to give my girl a brother or sister. Just praying this pregnancy will go well and this 'little soul' will be healthy. I do feel blessed and that this is a miracle! Dawn

supermum67 Wed 07-Dec-11 16:17:29

Hi first time on here. I'm a mum of 3 oldr children 21, 18 and 13 and find myself expecting a fourth child in February at the age of 44!!! Bit of a shock to say the least but have finally (7 months in) gotten over the shock. Children are very, very excited, not looking forward to birth so much (know whats coming fourth time around) and I am looking forward to meeting my baby. Does anyone have concerns/worries about the birth, the baby everything?!

supermum67 Wed 07-Dec-11 16:26:49

Hi It is a shock at first, you wonder how it could happen at our age- you hear so much in the media about difficulties conceiving over the of 35 never mind 40+. I wasn't expecting this at the age of 43 when I conceived (I'm now 44), but after 7 months of pregnancy and numerous tests ending in an amniocentesis- which showed my baby was healthy, I am nearly there in excepting I am pregnant. Having 3 older children (21, 18 & 13) who at first were in as much shock as I was, more so that their mother actually has sex have finally come around and like I said are very happy and can't wait. Good Luck for the future.

HorseyGirl1 Fri 09-Dec-11 07:03:01

Hi there, just a shout to see how you all are. I'm 14 weeks yesterday apart from 'mentaling!' we are doing OK. Hope you are all OK x

kiteflying Fri 09-Dec-11 12:07:04

I am 44 and three days overdue with my second precious DC. The first twelve weeks were hell but once the nuchal scan was wonderfully miraculously normal I settled into a lovely pregnancy which I will thoroughly miss when baby decides the outside world is tempting enough to come out. I was 43 when I conceived. It is my second IVF pregnancy.

ClaireVictoria Thu 22-Dec-11 21:55:05

Hi I am due in May. After just have the all clear scan I suddenly feel like 18 weeks of surpressed love has come rushing through my head. The best Xmas pressie ever!

kellzi Fri 06-Jan-12 11:47:27

hi 41 and due september so early days, any advice re tests for DS

blackcatsdancing Sat 07-Jan-12 19:43:34

i'm 44 in february and almost 9 weeks. Feel in hell as kiteflying above posted re her own early experiences. Can't stop worrying about everything. This is my 2nd- first is at Uni. I don't know if i'll ever start to relax. DP so wants this baby but is stressing as much as me and its causing us an awful lot of stress.

BivBov Tue 07-Feb-12 10:49:59

I am 44 and will be almost 45 when I deliver in early March smile

Prunia Mon 13-Feb-12 11:32:31

Hiya, I'll be 42 at beginning of May, due my first Sept 13th, had 3 miscarriages in the last year & half so pretty nervous. On a positive note saw heartbeat last week & am due Nuchal Scan next week. Pretty nauseous every couple of hours & knackered too! How u all feeling today?

york67 Tue 14-Feb-12 14:16:31

Hi ladies. I am due end September at the age of 44. Totally unplanned and still in shock. So stressed about everything but thrilled too.
Don't know what the position is re nuchal scan either. Never offered one before. Also not sure I could go through with an amnio anyway so maybe no point.

Prunia Wed 15-Feb-12 07:29:57

Hi york67,
Congrats! Best of luck.
I'm in Ireland & I have to pay for the nuchal. It is a personal choice for sure, am just taking it one step at a time so guess if it looks bad I'll have to consider amnio.
Sorry to hear you're stressed, hope you're getting some time for RnR, I've been doing yoga all the way through so far & I think it's been keeping me sane- doesnt stop the odd mad hormonal outburst though! Hehe

york67 Wed 15-Feb-12 09:01:55

Thanks prunia. Guess I am just worried there will be something wrong with baby or will miscarry. Fortunately only experienced miscarriage once but it was not an experience i would like to repeat.
Sorry about your miscarriages. That must have been so hard.
Hopefully seeing MW next week so will talk about options.

blackcatsdancing Sun 19-Feb-12 14:48:01

i had a MMC , found out at NT scan so take me out of the stats. hopefully next time will go better for us.

Prunia Sun 19-Feb-12 23:44:14

blackcatsdancing so sorry to hear that , you must be in bits. Thinking of you & your partner. Take care of yourself & hope you can get plenty of time off to deal with this & begin to heal. I had a D&C last June at 10.5 wks & in retrospect I pushed myself too hard afterwards.. Hugs to you.

HorseyGirl1 Mon 20-Feb-12 08:05:08

Blackcatsdancing - sad to hear this. x

Incaminka Tue 08-May-12 17:05:16

I'm 42 (my lucky number!) and due Jan 12 2013. This will be my first, apart from an mc two years ago. Really anxious for baby. We did ivf, ran out of money and both these conceptions were natural surprises.... :-)

MoJo5 Thu 10-May-12 19:45:07

40 and expecting dc3 in July!

FrancesMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 14-Jun-12 13:49:36

Hi Mumsnetters

One Born Every Minute has is back and looking for mothers-to-be in the Leeds area who are due to give birth, either at Leeds General Infirmary or at their home, between the beginning of August and end of November 2012. Please do have a look at their thread in the media requests section here: www.mumsnet.com/Talk/media_nonmember_requests/1494999-One-Born-Every-Minute-are-looking-for-mothers-to-be-hospital-and-home-births-in-Leeds-Aug-Nov-201200

Thank you


Arranoxford Wed 28-Nov-12 20:47:53

Hi there.

I am 45 and 3 months pregnant which was a wonderful surprise. My partner was very keen on trying for a baby and on the second month I fell pregnant. Very much wanted but I thought I was over the hill. Still a long rocky road ahead with the risks but Anyone out there who is trying, don't give up hope.

Warmest wishes


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