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due in June - except for the lucky few who have already popped!!!

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derlor Fri 25-May-07 21:32:08


derlor Fri 25-May-07 21:35:04

nightmare Daisy - what if you just sit and elevate them on a stool or something?

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 25-May-07 21:35:30

and yes, its been quite warm today...thank heavens for the air con in DHs car directed at my feet!!

derlor Fri 25-May-07 21:36:31

sorry the thread title is so boring thought i'd play it safe again since we got into trouble before!!! - someone else more brave can do the next one!

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 21:37:01

Gosh, aren't we being good girls with our thread titles lately?!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 25-May-07 21:37:23

I'm sure I'm just being pathetic...I never had any sort of swelling when pg with DS until after my c-section and that went after about 3 or 4 days....the thought of this for another few weeks is just hellish.

Anyway, enough of my feet.....

derlor Fri 25-May-07 21:39:25

sorry Holly - i've lost my bottle maybe it came out with my poo!!!!!!!

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 21:43:58

Lol derlor! At least your poo isn't black!!

I think it's the heat that makes the swelling worse. I've been really bad today and I think it's the heat and nasty humidity. It's so close here, I'm all hot and sweaty.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 25-May-07 21:44:01

It was a stupid place to hide the bucky anyway...no wonder you've needed crutches

derlor Fri 25-May-07 21:51:08

if only i'd known that all that secret bucky swiggin would make me so constipated

riabutterflew Fri 25-May-07 21:53:21

Anyone elses bump making weird clicking noises? Maybe it's just me.

Think I might head off tonight, am not in the mood for jollity (sorry, nothing personal). Am taking a selection of cookbooks to my bath. Have offered to make dessert for family party - nedd something with chocolate, dead easy but V impressive and completely ria-proof. (I could ask DH to make something for me but I want to prove I'm not just a useless lump that cleans in a manic fashion...]. Wish I had large bottle of chilled white to help make the decision easier Have a lovely weekend, I'll no doubt be here quite frequently to moan...

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 21:53:39

What is bucky? I've a feeling it's not something I'm missing out on!!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 25-May-07 21:54:11

If you check out the blurb next to the message box....there's a new and simpler way of adding a link...for those of us who are that little bit technically challenged.

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 21:56:43

Ria, make a chocolate fridge cake. Super yummy, completely foolproof and looks good!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 25-May-07 21:57:49


Buckfast tonic wine

Much beloved of scottish down and outs alcoholics and people from the western reaches of Scotland's central belt

Although its made in Devon

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:00:13
DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 25-May-07 22:00:31

I'm off before a certain pair of crutches come hurtling out of the computer screen


derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:01:24

hi ria
oops x posted with you Daisy

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 25-May-07 22:02:28

ROFL Derlor.....Lanarkshire has 10% of the word's sales......

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:03:33

look out Daisy - here comes my crutches
Holly scummy east coasters like it too!!!!
of course Daisy and i have NEVER tasted it!

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 22:03:47

Oooo, it sounds delicious! Is it a drink in the park when you're 15 type beverage? My fave was kiwi and lemon 20/20. Guaranteed to cause copious vomiting in all who consume it!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 25-May-07 22:05:55

...I have actually....

My gran swore by it and used to force it down our necks as 10 year olds for anything from toothache to bellyache....

...but only a teaspoonful!!

I'm off this time

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:06:22

i live in South Lanarkshire - slightly more classy, it's banned in some places here you know!!!
ROFL being described as a table wine in Coatbridge (north Lanarkshire)

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 22:06:24

Night daisy xxx

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:08:21

yeah so have i actually - it tastes like benylin (?sp) cough medicine - totally bogging!

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:09:13

night daisy - sleep with your feet on a pillow
yes Holly similar to 20/20

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 22:09:34

You Scots are odd <<ducks>>!!

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 22:11:18

I've got a really sore itchy tummy! It's making me ! My stretchmarks are going the opposite way this time so I have a sort of purple criss cross design on my skin! How attractive!

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:11:44

yeah, but we're interesting!

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:13:03

criss cross? and you call us odd???

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 22:13:29

True derlor!!

My mum told me to have sex 3 times a night today! I nearly died of !

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:14:56

WHY would you want to do that?????
is thet to go into labout or to get rid of your criss cross design on your belly?

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 22:19:21

I know! I'd rather slice my own ears off atm! I told her that I'll stick to the RLT thank you very much! Glad my dp wasn't there, he'd start getting ideas!

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:23:45

yup i'm with you there - have to say though it worked for me last time round!
random piece of info but do you know that Max from Eastenders used to play Kryton in Red Dwarf??

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 22:28:03

I don't watch eastenders, but that was very interesting! I only watch hollyoaks and neighbours, yes I am a saddo! Did you know that sonny in hollyoaks was billy (bianca's half brother) in eastenders?

I've been taking my iron for about 10 days now and feel no different, still really tired and run down. Does it take ages to work or am I not supposed to feel different? Sorry for the nursey question again!

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:31:02

don't watch Hollyoaks!!
yup takes ages to work it's a slow process - keep going and don't forget your spinich and beetroot to help.

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:33:01

i don't watch Neighbours either - well i did when i was like, 12!!!!! - are Charleene and Scott still in it???????

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:33:47

was Billy the boy with the long hair that looked like a girl?

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 22:43:27

Beetroot, bleugh! Spinach, yum! Thanks derlor you are the best hv in the world! Can you come down here and be mine? Mine were really mean and kept telling me my beautiful baby was too fat !

Billy was a little black boy (alan and carol's son) and he did have quite long hair.
No Scott and Charlene are not still in neighbours!!!!

riabutterflew Fri 25-May-07 22:44:03

I thought Kryton was the man from the Darling Buds of May/Heartbeat.

Am back to start my weekend moaning early.

Am thinking Birds fruit cocktail trifle, except that's not Ria-proof! What's a fridge cake?

My ribs are slowly killing me and I feel like I've been pumped full of coke/random fizzy drinks (had lucozade for lunch). LO also kick-boxing.


Will go now. Night all. Rx

riabutterflew Fri 25-May-07 22:44:55

Hope my mum never feels the need to tell me to have sex - even once. I think I would die (and so would DH!)

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:47:37

oh woops just checked out my facts Max played Kill Crazy NOT Kryton - stupid nonsense information highway!!!!
fridge cake??? not sure Ria
yes Holly i'll be your HV - well your virtual one anyway!

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 22:48:33

Fridge cake! The Jane Asher one looks easier and yummier! I saw it on This Morning!

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 22:50:31

Thanks derlor! You are so cool!

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:51:26

Ria what about this for an easy pudding -
oven hot sweet waffles with cold ice cream, raspberrys and chocolate sprinkled on top - piss easy and never fails

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 22:53:26

Oh yum, I lurve waffles! Or a strawberry flan? Buy a flan base, fill with strawberries and that special flan jelly stuff, serve with whipped cream...yummm!

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:55:06

mmmmmmm i feel a cupboard raid comming on!!! - where is everyone tonight have we lost them with the new thread - maybe they've taken offence at my nice, cuddly title thread!!??

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 22:55:38

Or Eton mess?? Buy meringues, break them up a bit in a nice glass bowl stir in strawberries and whipped cream and some strawberry puree.

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 22:56:37

I'm seriously into strawberries! Can't stop thinking about puddings now!

Yeah where is everyone?

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:56:40

holly there is a distinct lack of chocolate in your puddings - could i just add some anyway?

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 22:58:06

I think melted chocolate over the top might be a good idea! Or just serve with a dairy milk on the side!

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:58:23

just checked. there isn't another June thread running without us!!!!

derlor Fri 25-May-07 22:59:19

maybe they've all moved to netmums??

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 23:00:38

They wouldn't last 5 mins! They'd get chucked off for not being fluffy enough (or talking about rampant rabbits!!)!

derlor Fri 25-May-07 23:03:14

without a doubt!!
you could join and post your hairy man picture for a laugh

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 23:04:58

Lol, I forgot about my very special hairy man! I even made a special nickname for when I am being him!

derlor Fri 25-May-07 23:06:42

can't wait to see the reaction that gets!!
right i'm off to bed. just realised the time and DH having to work tomorrow to cover for someone so i'm on mummy duty ALL day -
Night Holly x

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 23:08:13

Have a good day tomorrow!! Night xx

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 25-May-07 23:25:14

No-one around for me to tell that I've been getting contractions progressivley more regular and painful as the evenings worn on then??????

Ah well...it's probably nothing or rather will amount to nothing...

derlor Fri 25-May-07 23:27:01

WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Daisy - i'm still here actually - i was looking up some other stuff on amazon and just popped back in!!!!! OMG i can't go to bed now!!

domesticgrumpess Fri 25-May-07 23:29:54

i'm here - muminfifeaswas.
if you want to be in labour go for a fast walk.
if not, try to sleep.
think of all the calories those contractions are burning up

derlor Fri 25-May-07 23:32:56

well i was going to go to bed and read my book but now i'm going to bed with my laptop - just in case - i wake up regularly at the mo so will keep checking - Daisy keep us informed if things progress HOW EXCITING!!! - are you sure it's not just a poo???

hollyandalice Fri 25-May-07 23:40:34

daisy...are you ok?? OOOOOO, how exciting!!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 25-May-07 23:40:43

LOL Derlor....not had one of those since yesterday so it may well be

Started having pretty convincing Bh earlier today...not really painful, but enough t make me have a sharp intake of breath. Been kind of ignoring them, but they've been getting a bit more persisitent all evening. Over the last hcouple of hurs they've been between 5 and 12 minutes apart, and lasting about 45 seconds.....now got a bit of lower backache and want to wee all the time (probably my UTI not clearing up cos of erratic taking of ABs, LOL)

not holding out much hope for this being serious,.....I have been here before remember, but this just seems a bit more on the oooh side than anyhitng previous.

I'll still be here in the morning, but meantime am off to try and get some sleep.

If this bub is coming, it'd better be here before DSs party on Sunday, or wit until Monday, or her big brother will never forgive her

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 25-May-07 23:44:50

am I right in thinking that this could go on for days though?

derlor Fri 25-May-07 23:48:38

Daisy that sounds EXACTLY like me yesterday - you are just trying to get me back for getting you lot all excited yesterday aren't you??
i've just cleaned my kitchen floor cause i can't sleep now!!!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 25-May-07 23:50:28

Ooooh...one for seansgirl.
Saw a trailer tonight for a re-make of the hitcher, with your fella as the bad guy.....don't know if I'm gonna like him in that, as the original with Rutger Hauer had me scared sh*tless. Why did you let him do it love, its not as if you need the money

derlor Fri 25-May-07 23:51:41

I had this sort of thing on and off for a week with DD - it was really shitey - but who knows you may well pop tonight - fingers crossed. i'll check back later or first thing x

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 25-May-07 23:53:28

Derlor...this sudden burst of good health and activity...are you nesting by any chance? You might just well be havng your bub soon!

I can't have this LO this weekend.

DS birthday 25th
wedding anniversary 27th
grandad's birthday 28th

I suppose having it tomorrow would sort of make sense, but fucking expensive few days in our household.

Still coming every 6 - 10 mins...getting more annoying as well

derlor Fri 25-May-07 23:55:20

yes i see a definate gap there on the 26th!! How is DH coping is he pasing the floor?

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 25-May-07 23:55:27

night...I'm off to try and get some sleep, and to console DH...he's feeling neglected in favour of MN, LOL.

....and looking more scared and worried than I am. you'd think we'd never done this before.

Oops there goes another one!!

derlor Fri 25-May-07 23:57:27

here Daisy use this just in case

derlor Fri 25-May-07 23:58:31


hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 00:26:20

Oh shit, has everyone gone? My dp just decided he needed to use the laptop and pc at the same time ! Apparently he had to transfer some Football Manager files, how important!

Spose I should go to bed now. I know dd will be up at the crack of dawn and dp will stay in bed all morning. He seems to think that because Soccer AM isn't on anymore he can stay in bed til midday! Yeah right! Git!

Hope you are ok daisy and manage to get some sleep xxx

Night derlor xxx

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 06:22:05

I can't believe I'm alone on here, why is no-one else awake at 6am on a saturday?

dh had to go into work this morning at 4am, found it hard to get back to sleep as my tonsilitis/cold is so sodding painful.

Ah, pains last night were no more eventful than Derlors, a big poo was had, all better now!

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 06:43:17

AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!! Is anyone there? I think something just went pop! I just stretched in bed and some wet stuff came out, a really small bit, but it's not wee! Don't know if I'm being silly! What do I do? Shit!

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 06:54:41

Hello! I'm here but I am useless!
I don't know, I thought when the waters went it was usually more than a small amount? Does it smell? I heard that when they went they didn't smell at all.
Hopefully someone will come on that knows what they are talking about

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 06:57:08

No, no smell, that's how I know it wasn't wee!! I think it may be my hindwaters leaking, which is not serious, but could it all wait til tues please! I'll be 37 weeks then and can have my homebirth!

westcoaster Sat 26-May-07 07:27:30

Holly - just nipped on to try & catch up - how're you doing? I think 'waters' should be a bit smelly but more pungent than wee. Sorry - a bit TMI but think we're all heading into that territory now....

Daisy - let us know how you're getting on - if you're not already sitting with a LO by now...

By the way, Derlor - PMSL at 'totally bogging' - made an expat weegie feel quite homesick. By the way, a friend of my sister's used to work with the down & out's behind the old Apollo theatre in Glasgow (long since knocked down) & apparently you knew they were in serious condition when they moved from the likes of Buckie to WINDOLENE as their beverage of choice... Makes Gaviscon sound almost appealing....

Ok, can we just clarify things, is anyone having their baby at the moment?!

No text from daisy so far. Holly, I really hope you mange to hang on for a few days. Surely a couple of days really doesn't make much of a difference?

Derlor, glad things are more comfy now.

Sputnik, if you mention straciatella on here again I can't be responsible for my actions! I love Italian ice cream so much! If I lived there I would be the size of a house and straciatella is one of my favourites. I went and got FOUR pieces of tiffin yesterday!

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 07:58:19

Phew, have just spoken to lulumama and she says to just wait and see if anything else happens. So I am not going to hosp just yet! Hopefully any more action will wait until tues!

Lilkel just text me and everything is fine! She is totally in love and the cs went well!

Might just go back to bed now!

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 08:00:02

No bumper, I don't think anyone is in labour atm, but you can never be sure! Luckily I am not! I think daisy was just having bad BHs last night, hopefully she got some rest!

Holly - daft question, but what are hindwaters? And how do you know the difference?

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 08:28:00

I wasn't in labour, I just needed a poo. I know where Derlor was coming from.

BadZelda Sat 26-May-07 08:47:26

I have to say I have taken offence at the thread title. I am not waiting to 'pop': I am not a fucking balloon!

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 08:48:28

I am. In fact I am a blimp.

BadZelda Sat 26-May-07 09:00:55

It's obviously just a personal thing: I really HATE that expression.

BadZelda Sat 26-May-07 09:02:12

God I'm grumpy this morning. And it's not because I'm suffering so much from being pregnant I'm just grumpy because I AM ALRIGHT?

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 09:09:43

ok then. Grumpy is fine, as long as we know in advance

I am not grumpy, I am miserable. DH left for work at 4am (as you do), I am ill, I am bored, lonely, tired and down in the dumps.

Why are you grumpy?

BadZelda Sat 26-May-07 09:13:21

probably cos I've run out of crack...off down coldharbour lane with my tenner

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 09:17:56

That would explain it. Can you please grab 1/8th grass for me? I'll owe you.

riabutterflew Sat 26-May-07 09:43:30

Just think - if I was a balloon I would be weightless. That is appealing!

Holly - wear a pad in case you leak anymore, MWs have a stick thing they use to check fluid that goes black if it's waters.

The man I mentioned wasn't Kryton either - it was the one who presents scrapheap challenge (or some similar programme).

Goals for today:-

1) Not throw up breakfast
2)not lose temper with children
3)not murder children when I do inevitably lose temper
4) shop for dessert ingredients (thanks for recipes...might ask DH to make ice cream as have headache - the shopping part would be enough of a contribution!)

Hope daisy ok.

Will chack in later on the baby situation.

BadZelda Sat 26-May-07 09:47:32

Sure - skunk or commercial?

BadZelda Sat 26-May-07 09:49:44

Actually probably partly because child is being SOOOO demanding - seems like the more time I spend with her the more she wants EVERY SECOND of my attention from the moment she wakes up. Still - I've heard it's pretty normal for first child to get a bit clingier than usual when you're expecting another one...am now practising patience.

BadZelda Sat 26-May-07 09:50:45

And the thought of going on a drugs run has really cheered me up for some reason - even if it is a fantasy one.

(actually I've never tried crack - is it all it's CRACKED UP to be?)

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 09:55:19

I am a bit dull and have never tried crack or anything either.

I did a 'happy shake' in Laos once though that left me tripping and not really compus mentis for 4 days and thinking that dh was trying to kill me and I was really thirsty, which has sort of steered me away being more adventurous.

Besides, too many broken celebrity noses have put me off. I kind of like mine as is.

BadZelda Sat 26-May-07 10:02:28

Oh - I think I've tried pretty much everything else in the dim and distant past...just steered away from crack, heroin and angel dust ;)

riabutterflew Sat 26-May-07 10:09:36

DS2 yelling already. Am beginning to see the appeal of vodka on your conrnflakes...

BadZelda Sat 26-May-07 10:15:36

Ria how about a 'brain hemorrhage' - polish vodka, raspberry puree and tabasco? Two of your five a day...

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 10:33:01

Morning...still here
Manged to get some sleep.....still getting the odd contraction and they seem quite persistent, but no real pain as such and nothing like last night in regularity.
Think this LO is determined to keep me guessing...probably for weeks yet, but one thing I'm determined about...she ain't coming out this weekend!!!

How's things HandA? Still with us?

This is gonna get exciting soon isn't it?

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 10:35:05

OOps BZ...its enough that we upset everyone else, without alienating one of our own ....It'll be gone in a couple of days at this rate!

riabutterflew Sat 26-May-07 10:45:24

Never had one of those BZ - will put it on my list of things to do

My trousers won't fasten today. Must remember to get changed if I go out...


DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 10:47:01

Ria....your house must surely be clean by this time....or do you live in a 10 bed 6 bath mansion FFS???

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 11:08:16

Still here, no more leakage! Was a bit of a shock earlier, but nothing else has happened, so am feeling ok!

Glad you are alright daisy xx

Lol at vodka on cornflakes ria! Sounds good!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 11:12:16

Hi Holly....its scary when it all goes quiet like that.

I'm torn between etting out there and doing stuff to get things moving....or resting up to try and stop them. not sure what I want. I'm only just 37 weeks after all....

What are hindwaters anyway, and how can they re-seal themselves? (found your other thread....and just knew it was you by the title )

derlor Sat 26-May-07 11:28:04

Oh Daisy / Holly it's all kicking off isn't it????? glad your're both OK though x
BadZ - i apologise for using the word popped please forgive me have to say IKWYM about some things just bugging you if one more person tells me i'm looking swell i'll punch their fucking lights out!!!!! i CAN'T STAND THAT EXPRESSION so i feel your pain - just sorry it was me who caused it!

BadZelda Sat 26-May-07 11:40:08

Oh I'm not THAT shocked and offended - was just feeling cranky. More cheerful now!

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 11:40:20

Well, hindwaters are not the water around the baby's head, but from the top and they can seal again. I just hope the actual water popping waits til tues at least! It was really weird, it felt like a bubble has burst inside!

I'd rest daisy! Take it easy and put your feet up. If you go into labour are you going to let it run its course or have an emergency cs?

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 11:51:06

If I go by myself....I'll have a fair old crack at it as it's 80-90% certain that I'd do it...

..the elective was really to pre-empt them having to induce me as that way there'd be an 80-90% chance that I wouldn't.

It's all stopped now anyway....

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 11:53:40

Well, I don't know whether to say I hope you go into labour soon or not! Would you prefer to go naturally or have a more controlled cs? Sorry for the questions, I'm interested!

derlor Sat 26-May-07 11:54:05

Hey Daisy was it all actually just a poo????
Do you feel a lot more energetic now?

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 11:55:07

You are bloody obsessed with poo!!

derlor Sat 26-May-07 11:55:35

yup that's the nurse in me!!!

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 11:59:47

Can someone pursuade me to get up off my arse and do something?! My house is a shit hole and I need to go to B&Q/Homebase, but I can't be bothered!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 12:05:14

no poo...haven't had one since Thursday though so it may well be that

LOL at DH though......he's gone and got my hospital bag and notes and red book and put them in a nice pile at the bottom of the stairs ready to pick up and go...

....I did tell him several times it could be bloody days yet..


derlor Sat 26-May-07 12:05:47

Ok i'll try (as she sits here on her own arse!!)
how's that?
still sitting there aren't you?

riabutterflew Sat 26-May-07 12:06:45

It has BEEN clean, it just doesn't stay that way. Am polishing anyway (BORING). DS2 driving me mad, DS1 gone to work with DH to learn the craft!

I'm bored really...

DON'T GO TO HOMEBASE HOLLY - it's bad for your heath!

derlor Sat 26-May-07 12:07:13

Daisy just don't trip over the bag whatever you do!!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 12:08:30

my task for the day...is to put all the laundry away....UN-IRONED

I am going to tumble dry it all for 15 mins to get the creases out then fold and put away.

And i will feel very smug indeed that i can sit on the sofa bed and watch tv in the back room...if I want to!

derlor Sat 26-May-07 12:09:32

Yeah actually Holly i whole heartedly agree with Ria Don't go to homebase - holiday weekend and all it will be mobbed with crazy DIY folk and you'll just get cross - stay here instead and go there on Tuesday when everyone is back at work

derlor Sat 26-May-07 12:10:08

how's your feet today daisy?

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 12:11:52

Yep, still here! Dp is being very unmotivational, he is refusing to get dressed and go anywhere because he's had such a long week! Oh boo hoo poor baby! Basically he's been on a course all week, which may have been hard work, but he's been staying in a posh hotel with pool and sauna. So when he has not been working he has been relaxing and chilling in the pool and eating swanky food and drinking with his work mates! I have been stuck inside most of the week and not really speaking to any adults and being generally bored! Grrrr.....

Bless your dh daisy! Maybe you should take some castor oil to get things moving (I'm actually joking, please don't do this!!).

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 12:13:04

Weren't too bad this morning, but have ballooned up again as soon as I got out of bed.

very very worried about long term tissue damage and never re-gaining my comely ankles back

DH said he'll still love me regardless of my stretched and saggy belly and thick ankles...

...I said I wish I could repay the favour but the ear-hairs and man boobs will have to farking go

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 12:15:04

Lol daisy, I was taking the piss out of my dp's man boobs yesterday! He has obviously been eating too much whilst he's been away coz he has come back much fatter!

derlor Sat 26-May-07 12:15:10

PMSL daisy - good call!!!
Holly men have such a hard life don't they? i SO coming back as one!!!!!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 12:17:36

Seriously though...Will my lovely ankles re-appear or am I cursed with thick ones forever?

domesticgrumpess Sat 26-May-07 12:17:42

daisy - don't worry about your ankles - mine were mahooosive on holiday in the heat and are back to their slender selves now.
the stretchmarks on the other hand.... why did they have to happen 3rd time around? i was so content not to have them.
i am officially nesting.
i gutted my bathroom this morning at about 5am for 2 hours. it's beautiful - like a work of art. now i just have to ban everyone from washing for 6 weeks.

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 12:18:28

Yeah, me too! They just sit around eating and getting fat and watching football. That would be a good life!

derlor Sat 26-May-07 12:18:32

my mum just came up to see me for a few minutes - wish she hadn't bothered!!
she told me - i look awful the baby is obvioulsy totaly draining me cause i look like i need to sleep for a week!!
thought i looked quite good today - i've even put some make-up on!

derlor Sat 26-May-07 12:19:58

should have told her she looked like an old bag and still will after i've given birth!!!

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 12:20:17

Aren't mums great?! Mine always tells me how fat I am, which is nice!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 12:20:25

Ouch DG you had 2 pgs with no stretchmarks and now you have some...there's just no justice in the world is there?

Mine were pretty horrendous after DS....think I've got a few more as I don't recall them being this high on the right of me before, but they're not red and livid, so maybe they were there all along, or the Bio-oil really does help.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 12:21:14

LOL holly, is that men or your ankles?

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 12:22:52

Bio oil is crap! I am so fed up with my bloody stretchmarks on top of stretchmarks. They are sore and have started to get really sore and itchy and even bleed a little bit in places. It's not fair! I don't even care about being fat so much, but the stretchmarks are just so depressing!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 12:23:06

My menfolk will be home very shortly so I'd better look like I've been doing something today rather than sitting here!

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 12:23:28

Both daisy! The fat twunts!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 12:23:37

Ow Holly...doesn't sound good

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 12:26:19

HandA I feel your pain :-(

I have great big swirly bright red ones on my belly and they are SO itchy and I can't help scratching them while I asleep

Feel really ugly.

Nothing I have used seems to have made a jot of difference. A few little ones were ok - but now I look like something NASA would take a photo of

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 12:27:53

I look like someone has spilt a can of spaghetti on my tummy! I thought it was supposed to be hereditary, mum my doesn't have a single one!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 12:29:51

Just been looking at a netmums june ante natal thread...there are about 20 posts....dating back to october?????they introduce themselves, then there's nothing more????
Whats the point of that????

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 12:31:14

Shit...i can hear DHs car......better scarper

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 12:32:08

Yes my mum has NOTHING after having 5!

She said 'well, you didn't get them from my side...' gee...thanks for that

A couple of weeks ago they were ok - tolerable - but now they are like big red welts and they hurt so much. I have a few on my thighs but nothing like this. I think my bikini days are well and truly over.

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 12:51:48

Somehow I manage to kill the conversations...

evenfattercatkin Sat 26-May-07 13:27:41

Daisy you're not alone in the world of giant ankles. Mine are truly horrendous!! I was also really worried that they were going to stay this way forever so it's nice to get some reassurance on that point!!

Regarding stretchmarks, mine are awful but after trying loads of different things to stop the itch/spread/lividity etc I resorted to stealing the baby's coconut massage oil that i'd got from Waitrose. It comes in a little pot and is solid until you rub it in. It's all natural, smells divine (a bit like icecream!! ) and seems to be helping. AND IT'S ONLY 2.50!! I'm now going through a jar a week cos i'm smearing it all over several times a day. Well, in the complete absence of any thing sex related at the minute, a girl has to find something else to occupy her time...

evenfattercatkin Sat 26-May-07 13:28:34

And what fab news about Lilkel and Natty!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

domesticgrumpess Sat 26-May-07 13:40:02

that waitrose baby stuff is yummy.
i know -the fates have tricked me with the stretchmarks.
it's muminfife by the way - did i say that already??
dh keeps looking at my bump and gasping and asking if i got scratched, which DOES NOT help.
serves me right for wishing i had some as a badge of motherhood after dd.
it could be so much worse, i suppose.
it's distracting me from my spd, so that's a good thing.

here's a weird thing - i haven't told my mum i'm having a baby. not intentionally but i haven't seen her much and they're not keen on babies, my parents. they were bloody rude about ds cos they prefer girls.
should i tell them for presents or not and have less trauma?

evenfattercatkin Sat 26-May-07 13:44:44

Tricky decision DG. I suppose it comes down to whether you'll have more or less stress if you tell them.

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 13:51:00

fuck me I'm in a vile mood

no particular reason, just grumpy arsed.

glad there's a few others in the same frame of mind.

done swimming, soft play and off to a 2 yo party. I'm fucked, kids are fucked, DP working today.


fuck fuck

domesticgrumpess Sat 26-May-07 13:51:00

hard to say.
they are strange indeed.
at least with dh's folks there's predictable lecturing about how we can't afford it and then predictable enquiries about if he's been born yet, and then beautifully handcrafted synthetic knitwear.
all very conventional.
mine called ds 'golem' and said it was a shame boys weren't as bright.
he's been reading numbers 1-10 since 14 months and can count to 10 in french as well as many other things dd couldn't do as she was too busy eating and talking (she takes after me just a bit!).
have just remembered they got crap presents when ds was born, so may not bother.
i'm not materialistic normally but they're so noxious i would need to bribe myself....
having said all that mum is a social worker and reads my medical records on occasion so she may already know......

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 13:51:59

fuck 'em DG

evenfattercatkin Sat 26-May-07 13:52:41

reads your medical records??? How the bloody hell does she manage that?

domesticgrumpess Sat 26-May-07 13:52:56

i found a focus for my grumpiness today - throwing out bags and bags of stuff we don't really need. i have no patience with it. not in the bin - in 2nd hand shops, but not in my house!!!
loads of books and little prizes from crackers etc.

evenfattercatkin Sat 26-May-07 13:53:03

Chin up Foxy!!

domesticgrumpess Sat 26-May-07 13:55:05

i'm not sure cos normally interdepartmental stuff is tricky. i think she has friends who help. she has a weird psychiatrist friend with a paedophile son (not an exaggeration) who does 'favours' like putting my great-aunt in a home when it was absolutely unnecessary.
but she 'knows' things, like when i had an abortion ( but not that i was raped) and when i went on the pill.
maybe she's just a witch??

domesticgrumpess Sat 26-May-07 13:56:13

yes indeed foxy - fuckem and their crappiness - if they did come to visit they'd bring untrained flearidden labradors and smoke at my children.

evenfattercatkin Sat 26-May-07 13:56:33

Bloody hell DG, think they all need reporting!!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 13:57:48

LOL DG...you can come and do the same in my house...we have mountains of unneccesary crap...some of it still in unopened boxes from when we moved house 18 mo ago!!

Foxy....hope your mood lifts. I'm not grumpy as such, but just can't be bothered with anything. I've been wandering around the house aimlessly and am feeling very restless.....not restless enough to start a cleaning frenzy though.

this thread caught my eye....could get nasty [yikes face]

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 13:59:34

She shouldn't be able to access any of your records DG.....that's just awful...

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 14:00:47

Foxy, I'm with you on the grumpiness! I'm going to throttle my dp if he doesn't get off his arse and do something! I was really looking forward to him coming home, but now I'm not too sure why! All he has done all day is eat, watch football shows, snooze and play football manager! I want to go out and do something, I'm so bored! I just feel like punching him!

DG, how awful of your mum to read these things and how awful that she can actually get hold of your records!! Doesn't sound like she deserves to be told about her impending grandchild!

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 14:02:01

I read that thread daisy, I was reading it for ages waiting for it to kick off! Some people are so rude and insensitive!

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 14:04:44

I, too, too have a focus for my grumpiness. 3 children 5 and under who are not doing anything I'm asking despite my best efforts of being fucking mother of the fucking year. Am going to throw something, hope to fuck its not the pc ...

DG that's fucking awful. Don't have the vile people anywhere near you.

God, I thought my MIL was bad for pissing on my floor!

evenfattercatkin Sat 26-May-07 14:05:54

I'm not grumpy as such but definitely can't be arsed to do anything that involves moving from the PC!We have loads of crap that we don't need too but it's all upstairs so technically, if I don't go up there, I won't need to think about it!

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 14:08:26

Don't throw the pc foxy! Find some toys and throw them, that should sort the kids out! Maybe you should go in the garden and shout AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE!!! I'm going to do that in a min.

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 14:10:32

Did that this morning.

DS2 is the daft one, and copped it for getting his penis out at the breakfast table. I'm sure its normal behaviour for a 4yo

they've had a great morning, and have had loads of treats, but if they don't eat their fucking lunch they aren't going to the party, and its their best friends. WHY DON'T THEY GET IT????

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 14:12:07

Good avoidance technique catkin! My upstairs isn't too bad as long as you don't go into our bedroom. There is wallpaper shards and plaster all over the floor and a half stripped wall, hence my need to go to a DIY store. I need to choose some wallpaper so I can get motivated to finish stripping the wall. The trouble is I don't drive and dp won't get up off his arse and take me anywhere! TWUNT!!

domesticgrumpess Sat 26-May-07 14:13:35

my voice is gone after all the 'aaargh'ing.
my dp's are pillars of the community and very respected. a bit like politicians - people think they're lovely when they're actually sociopaths.
i'm not sure to what extent they see their behaviour is unacceptable - they're always able to justify it to themselves.
i don't need their approval anymore but when you're about to have a baby it stirs things up a bit.
that thread was shocking - i read the op but didn't have anything useful to say.
so i didn't say anything.
my god - and i thought I was a raging lactivist - good to know it doesn't come at the cost of being a prig.

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 14:14:14

Yes foxy, I think that is normal for small boys! Why are all males obsessed with their penises? Hope they eat their lunch!

evenfattercatkin Sat 26-May-07 14:16:20

My DH is playing golf but he did some more painting in the nursery this morning and put the curtains up so I really can't complain. I meanwhile, have sat around on my fat lazy arse doing nothing all day. Holly, insist that your DP takes you to get wallpaper.

Foxy, are your kids behaving yet??

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 14:18:40

Foxy...I usually have to threaten DS about 20-30 times a day to get his hands off it.....and that's only when I'm with him. i have visions of him sitting in class with his hands down his trousers.

Blardy boys.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 14:20:42

Are they local to you DG?.....I assume not or they might have sussed you were pg through the grapevine.

wish I had something proactive to say.....other than it sounds like you're better off out of it!

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 14:22:01

DS1 has eaten his and is perusing his power rangers magazine. Luckily he does get it. Its the younger two who turn round and say "Mummy, I don't actually care".

What are you meant to do with that one?!

Better go and find a present for the lo. Wrap it up, get some lippy on and then try to get the kids to finish eating, get ready and leave the house.

It'll be 4 by the time that happens.

Oh, I'm losing the will to live now .......


evenfattercatkin Sat 26-May-07 14:24:27

I haven't really got any useful suggestions for you DG although I agree with Daisy - maybe you're better off out of it?

I'm going to venture upstairs now and either spend some time sorting and tidying or else go to bed for a nap

Hope your afternoons are OK girls!!

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 14:27:02

Well, dp has just put dd down for her nap, so we can't possibly go out now ! I'm sure he did it on purpose! I'm just pissed off because I want the bedroom done before the baby comes. He is going to wembley tomorrow to watch the football, so that leaves monday. The boys are coming next weekend so that is out the window, then the next weekend I'll be nearly 39 weeks and hopefully the baby will be here or impending! Grrrr....if I could physically throw him out the window I would, but I can't because he's too fat!! TWUNT TWUNT TWUNT!!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 14:30:50

OOOh Foxy, it must ba an age thing, I get the "I Don't Care" speech all the time from DS.....it drives me bonkers!

Hi all, sorry for the grumpy moods. Like Ria I'm not grumpy but a bit kind of aimless. V tired, despite having just napped for 2 hours. Got friends coming for the night and DH has almost single handedly cleaned the flat (I did a bit of laundry and put my clothes away, then fell asleep!). Bless him - he is brill. I just couldn't physically have done it all. Nearly killed myself trying to but duvet covers back on duvets!

Think the baby has dropped. Looks and feels a bit lower, and feels like it has shifted more to the middle rather that laying towards my left with it's feet up the right side of my ribs.

Going to make a very gooey looking chocolate cake now.

Hope you re all feeling ok. Thinking skinny ankle thoughts for you daisy. And a big "arsing twunts" to annoying Dcs, parents and DP/Hs!

BadZelda Sat 26-May-07 16:21:47

Well I've just been through all my books (have to get rid of big bookcase to make room for a cot) and despite getting rid of 2 BIG crates of them, they still won't fit in the eight meters or shelves we've built for them. What the fuck? Do they just expand whenever you move them from wherever they've last been? Can't bring myself to cull any more - was painful enough as it is!...hmmm maybe I can sneak a couple of boxes down the cellar or under the bed and hope DH doesn't notice...

BadZelda Sat 26-May-07 16:22:39

Glad to hear baby is descending bumper...bet breathing's easier now?

justbeme Sat 26-May-07 17:40:39

No one been on since 16:22??? Your not all having your babies r u??

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 18:04:38

not having a baby

Feel like crying...tonsilitis is fast becoming a cough and flu with a temperature. Can't believe it, a week to go and this. I really don't need this shit
(does anyone?!)

Going to bed soon. Very depressed

evenfattercatkin Sat 26-May-07 18:12:49

I felt much the same as you without the flu part this afternoon. I went upstairs to do jobs and got as far as changing the bed covers then was overcome with emotion and irrational sad thoughts and so had to go to bed. Have somehow managed to pull a muscle in my neck and shoulder while asleep and i'm now in agony with heat pads tucked into my bra strap

On the bright side, DH has come home and gone straight out again to walk the dog in the pissing rain bless him. Tea is already made so i'm just going to take it easy tonight. I hope those of you feeling the same will get the opportunity to chill out and be looked after a bit too. Take it easy girls - we're precious you know!!

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 18:28:56

At least I'm not in a vile mood anymore.

Am too tired to have any mood or emotion.

Two (very small) glasses of wine did help admittedly.

One in bed,just two to go.

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 18:43:30

FREE TO GOOD HOME- One man. 5'10", brown hair, a bit on the tubby side. Eats large amounts of meat and bread and sits on arse most of day. Very good at watching football and sleeping on the sofa. Needs about 12 cups of coffee a day and lots of cigars to keep in good working order. Especially fond of sausage sandwiches. Allergies include housework, fixing things and gardening, but most manual work will cause excessive moaning and occasional tantrums. If interested please contact me and I will arrange postage at cost. Thanks in advance for your interest.

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 18:47:56

Holly I feel like shit but that did cheer me up a bit, many thanks!

Yes we are precious and day in day out we plod along getting things done without thanks, every day it gets harder and harder and we all have our down/emotional/fat& ugly moments, all I want is someone to do the washing and rub my feet

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 18:51:58

any takers?!

Hope you are not feeling too rough TA, tonsilitis should be banned, it is shitty shit shit! Catkin how is your neck? Sounds painful! {{{HUGS}}}

Glad you are feeling less stressy now foxy, did your dcs make it to the party ok?

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 18:54:16

I'm quite happy with my dh but I'm always up for a Mike Delfino lookalike.

How does he compare? Will pay postage for the fit plumber!

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 18:57:59

I don't know who he is sorry! My dp doesn't do plumbing though. The cold tap in the sink in the bathroom hasn't worked for about a year! I think I need lessons on man management, anyone want to teach me?

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 19:01:08

Mike Delfino - gorgeous plumber from Desperate Housewives, oooohhhhhh

Can't help you with man management I'm afraid, I can't even take control of a cocker spaniel.

What's he done to wind you up?

domesticgrumpess Sat 26-May-07 19:03:50

does anyone feel like online shopping with me?
i am kind of lusting after a new didymos sling - i have one i've had for 6 years and am kind of bored. i know it's wasteful but they're so pretty. also the special offers online are 85 euros and buying them in the uk they're 73 quid.
i'm thinking about buying a coat that goes over a sling too.
they're at http://www.didymos.de/shop-php/index.htm and you have to click on eltern-kind-jacke on the left.
there's one that frankly looks like an anorak. and it does rain a lot here but...
i think i like the 'tragemantel aus wolle'. it's a lot like my maternity one from formes. so i'm maybe more likely to wear it.
it's so cold up here it's not guaranteed i won't need a coat.
i did look for english links but they only sell the slings in english.
advice please - i'm clueless.

and i feel a bit better about steering clear of my dp's - last time when ds was born i was a bit isolated - i have more friends up here and that kind of makes up for crappy parents, right???

domesticgrumpess Sat 26-May-07 19:05:26

oops - http://www.didymos.de/sonderangebote
for the cheapo slings.
i like the wavey ones.
and the black one. very 'wimmer-ferguson' with the geometric b&w

domesticgrumpess Sat 26-May-07 19:07:21

man management would be good.
i think dh is convinced i find it easier being pregnant this time cos i've done it before.
but i have nasty things like spd and varicose veins this time and i'm soooo tired.
i find yelling until i lose my voice then crying seems to work.

justbeme Sat 26-May-07 19:08:57


IM in a f*ing bad mood now!!

Was supposed to have my sister and her bloke come round tonight and go out for a meal - Have spent an hour on the web looking for somewhere nice to go - my sister doesnt do "plasic food" places - anyway, she phones up and I say - i havent found anywhere yet - and that as I cant eat much at the mo Im blowed if Im going to a place where the mains are £15 +, but I tell her to come round and we'll find somewhere. Anyway call ends and I go to do 1571 and she hasnt hung up and I can hear her and her man bad mouthing me!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I sent her a text telling her to forget it and can they put their phone on the hook. No response - So then the phone goes back ok - so I call her and she hasnt read my text - so i have to tell her that Im not in the mood now Ive heard them slag me off and I'll speak to her when Im in a better frame of mind

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 19:16:12

Oh fuckitty fuck fuck fuck JBM! That's really bad. Don't blame you for not going out. How horrible is that? I bet you are furious!

DG, I am so with you on the yelling 'til you lose your voice then crying! Only way I seem to get through to DP and (shamefully) DCs at the mo!

Was going to come on and say I'm signing off now as just too tired to MN tonight, but you've all made me feel a bit better

And thanks, but no thanks Holly. My DP hasn't been around all day, but is getting the Chinese on his way back from work. Tonight I am eating, a quarter of crispy duck, a bag of cherries and a box of mint matchmakers. All food groups covered there, I think!

justbeme Sat 26-May-07 19:17:45

I am Foxy - my hands were shaking and my heart beating really hard as I listened to them.

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 19:17:46

And as for Man Management, I believe Doggus is your woman. She'll be back soon I hope ({{hugs}} if you are lurking Doggus xx)

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 19:18:19

Do you want to tell us what they were saying?

Are you OK?

justbeme Sat 26-May-07 19:20:23

Oh ive been a hormonal wreck today anyway - I cant remember it all - something about having to slum it because of me.........

I always feel like I have to PLEASE my sister - if it was a normal friend we couldve just gone to the Harvester or something -

She was as cool as an ice queen when I told her as though "I" was in the wrong.

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 19:21:04

Older sister by any chance?

justbeme Sat 26-May-07 19:21:49

Yes by 3 years.

annobal Sat 26-May-07 19:30:57

Hi everyone, hope everyone is ok. DH has looked after the kids and I've been in bed most of the afternoon so not feeling too bad at the moment. Have The Queen to watch tonight - not usually my cup of tea but hey ho!

JBM that is awful - I'm not surprised you're upset. Are you ok now?

westcoaster Sat 26-May-07 19:33:25

Omigod - are we all having a 'mare of a day or what? If it makes anyone feel better, I'm having 13 people + 8 kids to stay tomorrow night. Unfortunately don't live in a) boutique hotel or b) country mansion but crappy rented 70's nightmare with avocado bathroom suites and ONLY 3 BEDROOMS!! Needless to say these are DH's college mates plus wives/partners/anklebiters. Spent morning in supermarket & now just can't be bothered with thought of cleaning tonight. Have seen the weather forecast and pissing rain & gale force winds don't really seem ideal for our planned bbq.... AAAAAARRRRRSSSSSE.
Please God let me go into labour between now and 1pm tomorrow.

justbeme Sat 26-May-07 19:36:20

Not really - she just phoned up to sort of apologise - but then proceeded to say "How do you think we feel? - we spoke earlier in the week and I didnt hear from you until 1800hrs tonight , so we didnt know where we were?? " WTF - then she said could she still come over tonight and I said No Im not in the mood now.
She lives 23 miles away, so theres no point if Im on the brink is there??
I said to my DP, I wouldnt choose her if she was a friend - but you cant choose your family can you?

justbeme Sat 26-May-07 19:37:47

OMG Westcoaster - did you agree to all this??
I should shut up moaning now shouldnt I??!!

annobal Sat 26-May-07 19:43:38

Westcoaster, I'm assuming they know that you are about to pop?? Good luck, put your feet up and let DH sort the house out. If worse comes to worse, go to a hotel for tomorrow night

JBM are you feeling any better? Could your sis not call you until 6pm tonight for some reason?

BadZelda Sat 26-May-07 19:48:21

Pah - JBM: she's an evil witch and you shit all over her. If she's that concerned SHE should have booked somewhere, and also arranged to have you picked up. No wonder you feel upset. She sounds just like my step-sister, though thankfully we long ago decided to just leave each other to it.

This made me laugh (from popbitch)
Old Jokes Home:
An Irishman was driving along the motorway when he was
overtaken by a lorry transporting turf to a garden centre.
'That's what I'll do when I'm rich', he says to his wife.
'Have me lawn taken away to be cut'.

p.s. I am irish, so hopefully this irish joke is amusing rather than offensive.

justbeme Sat 26-May-07 19:48:24

I know Annobal - she's put everything into my lap as per normal. She's a very manipulative person and also very underhand as well, whereas I am totally honest and genuine. (she's had 2 affairs that I know of).

BadZelda Sat 26-May-07 19:49:59

My motto when I was younger 'you choose your friends, but the devil chooses your relations'...I think they just get away with more. Current motto: 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'... not sure if this is a more positive message for me?

Hey all,
Sounds like we're all having shitty time.

But I do have some good news - am now a proud auntie after SIL gave birth to wee boy yesterday. . Won't tell you about the shocking time she's had of it to get him out. He's here and all's well.

Other news - after having 3rd lot of bloods taken yest. cos of this vile itchy skin, doc called me at home and asked me to come to hosp at earliest convenience for scan. Bit concerned as are v. stingy with scans here - one at 12 weeks, that's yer whack. So rushed up there. Had fetal heart trace, thorough going over and scan. Everything absolutely fine, yucky skin thing - hormones! BUT did find out it's PINK (probably) & weighing in at approx 3.2 kg.

justbeme Sat 26-May-07 20:01:04

Thats good news Tallulahbelle!
Well, me and DP are going out for some "plastic food" to the local Brewers Fayre - so ARSE to my sister!! They can go and have some fancy meal out with a rolled up lettuce leaf - and I hope it chokes her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 20:02:33

Tallulah what itchy skin? I am just about to look something up, I am developing itchy bumps all over, sound similar??

That's the spirit - enjoy!

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 20:04:59

JBM my sister is a bitch from hell too! That is just the sort of thing I'd expect her to do. Hope you are feeling ok and less angry now. Hopefully she'll start to feel guilty after having time to think about it and phone you up to apologise properly.

How fab tallulah, hope your sil and the lo are doing well and glad your lo is good too!!

Westcoaster ! That is a lot of people! Hope it is not too stressful for you, sounds awful esp if the weather is bad and you can't go in the garden. Hope it passes quickly!

Enjoy your chinese foxy!

I have just repacked my hosp bag. This morning's scare shit me up a bit and felt I needed to start being organised! I wish my house was tidy!!

annobal Sat 26-May-07 20:06:41

That's great news TB!
TA, not wanting to alarm you but I think I would be calling the hospital just in case.

JBM - enjoy your meal and I will keep my fingers crossed that there is a slug on your sis's lettuce (but that she doesn't notice and eats it all )

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 20:07:02

some good news then Tallulah, but about your itchy skin...at least it's nothing more sinister.

Blardy heck it's been a day and a half around here hasn't it....sorry everyone had been having a crappy day

I'm still in my pam jams and have had to deal with a very tired DS all day. He's had three very late nights/early starts in a row...we just can't get the bugger to stay in bed at the moment. He fell asleep with me on the sofa at 5:30....woke up just after six and he wouldn't eat anything so he's been in bed since 6:30...hopefully he'll stay there till about 7 tomorrow morning.

My contractions are back again tonight....a little bit stronger than last night, and about every 15-20 minutes. Feel different from last night in that before it starts and after my uterus has softened again, I'm getting really painful period type cramps all around the bottom of my bump and (this is probably TMI) when they're happening I can really feel the blood rushing to my nether regions.....advice anyone?

annobal Sat 26-May-07 20:07:37

What hapenned this morning Holly - have been lazy and not caught up

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 20:08:42

TA...are the itchy bumps all over your body, or just your bump?

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 20:09:38

Enjoy your Harvester JBM! I hate posh food, you get a massive plate with a tiny bit of food in the middle. I have to go home afterwards and have a snack! Harvester is right up my street, loads of food for a good price! Yum!

annobal Sat 26-May-07 20:10:28

Daisy, sounds like labour is establishing - how do you feel?

However I am crap at knowing as both of mine kicked off with waters breaking (I let DH get all the way in to work with DS2 before I called him to come home)

T/A Well, started as painful burning across upper abdomen. They wanted to rule out OC so did liver function tests. Bloods were clear but since been bothered by itchy hands, feet, abdomen so repeated tests and did bile acids too.Clear again. Cos am still itching and burning they did tests again -have huge bruises up my arm, look like an extra from Trainspotting- and then decided to do scan etc. There is nothing to see on my skin, no rash or bumps. Doc has put it all down to oestrogen. If you are worried ask for LFT's to be done to rule out OC.

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 20:12:55

I have a bit of a leak this morning annobal! None since though, so I haven't bothered with the hosp. Have to keep an eye on my knickers though!

Hope that naughty red ranger stays in bed tonight daisy! Hope your contractions either go away or get stronger!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 20:16:00

I've been feeling very restless all day as well...poor DH has had to keep steeering me out from under his feet and back to the sofa. Also feeling very flushed and have been eating for Scotland...

...I'm still thinking that this could go on for days, but I'm bouncing on my ball to try and help things along if indeed things are a goer.....just wish I had the energy for jumping DH....

TA...sounds like you should get this checked out asap.

annobal Sat 26-May-07 20:16:34

Holly how exciting. Good idea to get your bag packed. I have a pile of clothes on the floor of bedroom but just haven't got around to it yet.

Daisy, all the contractions are doing something. Is it time to get Lulu or Mars in????

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 20:19:30

No Lol, they'll only tell me sex and nipple stim

No show or anything...I think I'm in for the long haul. However, knowing my luck it'll all kick off tomorrow and it's DSs birthday party at 5pm!! Mind you if it all goes quickly and well, i can have the bub tomorrow morning, discharge myself in the afternoon and get to the wacky warehouse on time!!

westcoaster Sat 26-May-07 20:20:02

JBM - Have a good time out without your 'mare sister. I have one of those too - no matter how old I get (& I'm pretty ancient now), she'll still know better & will talk down to me. Only consolation is knowing that I've still got a better figure than her - even when I'm 38 wks pg - hah!

TB - great news for your SIL - thanks for not sharing the labour story - we can do that after we've all produced ours! Really glad that you are OK after the scare.

Daisy - gawd love, keep us posted. Sounds like things might be happening for you? Am v jealous coz it's been months (possibly years) since I felt any blood rushing to my nether regions - phnarr, phnarr

Best bit of visiting hordes tomorrow is that I am, for once, completely unstressed by it. Usually at this point, I'd be washing skirting boards and peeling grapes but now wtf - they can fend for themselves. DH is being all anal & stressed about everything which is making me even more relaxed and amused. Tra la!

annobal Sat 26-May-07 20:23:18

am off to eat and watch the queen - will check in later x

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 20:28:54

I found the itchy bumps problem!!

Look up 'PUPPP' or just "click here http://www.babycenter.com/refcap/pregnancy/prenatalhealth/9450.html"

Apparently totally harmless but very very annoying.

I will, however, be calling my GP on tuesday (or before if it gets much worse)

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 20:31:05

Daisy - they started on my bump a couple of days ago, have since spread down my legs and up one arm...sounds like you got better things to worry about though girl!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 20:39:57

I was going to suggest that very thing TA....I've been getting very small itchy pimples and that was the only thing I could find in the books I've got that was anything like it...but I get the odd itchy spot, not lots of them all over. You should definately see your doc, but in the meantime, have you got anything like calamine to soothe them?

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 20:40:17

Daisy, you should get yourself off to bed now missus. Go on, go. You'll need it tomorrow regardless.

Go. Now. Sleep. Sending you a Horlicks and a Blue Riband.

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 20:43:06

calamine is working wonders, if only for a short while. It has really settled it.

You know what it's driving me crazy but I feel so relieved that it's not a major problem, and looking at the symptoms I am textbook case so I'm not worried anymore.

Now go get some rest and make sure you're bag is packed

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 20:49:25

Can you take Periton during pregnancy? Tullulahbelle? Was it your GP who recommended it?

mmmm, matchmakers .... mmmm

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 20:51:17

That really fucking hurt.....gripping pain right up the left hand side of my bump....didn't go away for ages.

How long should regular contractions last? That seemed to go on forever!

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 20:52:49

Stitch-like pain?

Yep Foxy - Periton safe in pregnancy. My M/W recommended it, but couldn't get the prescription from my surgery cos of evil bitch of receptionist. Finally got it from hosp doc yesterday. Not sure if its helping yet.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 20:54:21

kind of, yeah?

its indigestion isn't it?

Denial Daisy??????

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 20:56:31

Baby lying on a nerve, trapping it? - I get that loads down in my hip bone

Have you had a poo yet? Thursday was the last one, didn't you say?

Farted recently?

<<skipping around clapping hands far too excitedly>>

trendaverter Sat 26-May-07 20:57:49

Well good luck with any onset of births!

I'm off to douse myself in calamine and go to bed.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 20:58:48

Not as such...it's just its been five years (almost bloody exactly) and I was induced and had a very slow build up, so don't know/can't remember what its all about!.

LOL...poor DH is rushing around getting a bag of stuff sorted for DS incase we need to drop him at our friends house...the in-laws who are supposed tobe on DS fatigue are on bloody holiday!

Better go and put said friends on alert!!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 21:01:47

Bowel movements all present and correct, as of 1509 hours today

Not nerve pain....feels muscular!

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 21:02:43


Do you think this is it?? huh? Do ya?

Better get the kettle on, could be a long night. Matchmaker anyone?

Ooooh sounds exciting, Daisy.

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 21:04:03

N'Night TA. Hope you feel better by the morning

domesticgrumpess Sat 26-May-07 21:12:20

hey daisy.
have you tried making circles with your hips on the birth ball? that helps me with braxton hicks contractions.
try and keep your mind unstressed or you'll scare the baby back in!!
think of all the joint parties and money you'll save if they have the same birthday!

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 21:12:58

Daisy!!!! How exciting! I really hope this is it! Get your breast pump out and do some nipple stim !!

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 21:14:39

When my DD was born (3 years and 2 days after DS1) DP suggested they could have joint 18th and 21st birthday party.

Hope I'm out of the country for that one

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 21:15:39

Euwww! Dry breast pumping!

Get a toothbrush to them!

Is it time to get Lovely Mars Lady or Lulumama yet???

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 21:15:42

Ds birthday was yesterday...but its our anniversary tomorrow!!

You'd think we could've timed it a bit better.

I'm off for a bath to see of that does anything.

friends on middle of the night alert.....bags all sorted......DH looking shellshocked!

I'll be bcak later!

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 21:16:08

foxy! I don't even want to think about what my dcs will be like when they are 18 and 21! That is far too scary!

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 21:16:33

Fuckitty fuck fuck! (But in a good way this time)

westcoaster Sat 26-May-07 21:17:27

What has my life come to? Encouraging other women to tweak their nipples, whilst eating virtual Matchmakers (cheers Foxy).

Go Daisy go!!

MrsHarry Sat 26-May-07 21:17:50

Hope you don't mind me suddenly dropping in...I'm due 13/06. I normally just read, enjoy but don't comment, mainly because I'm rubbish at staying on and likely to disappear for days at a time. Anyway, after reading some of your moans about DH's I wanted to share this gem that my friend emailed me. She's not pregnant but I figured it was especially apt for the way some of us are probably feeling right now....

Mood Ring:
My husband, being unhappy with my mood swings, bought me a mood ring the other day so he would be able to monitor my moods.

We've discovered that when I'm in a good mood, it turns green.

When I'm in a bad mood, it leaves a big red mark on his forehead.

Maybe next time he'll buy me a diamond!!


hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 21:18:33

You never know the bath might make them come on stronger!

Dry pumping bloody hurts! I'm gonna get mine down from the loft tomorrow and start pumping every day from tues!!!

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 21:19:04

LOL Westcoaster!

Good luck tomorrow BTW, you are a better woman (wife and hostess) than I.

So if I hit 'refresh' on average every 3 seconds to update this thread, will Daisy have her baby quicker?

westcoaster Sat 26-May-07 21:20:46

Am getting overly excited now - at this rate, we'll all be going off....

Daisy - I know you probably need to go and rest but puleeeeeese, don't leave us now!

(Foxy, refresh now)

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 21:20:48

LOL MrsHarry! That's a gem (har har).

Come and join us, its all kicking off now!

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 21:20:57

Hi mrsharry! My dp doesn't need me wear a mood ring, I'm always up for punching him atm! You are very welcome, feel free to drop in and out, we are a very friendly bunch (I hope)!

westcoaster Sat 26-May-07 21:22:53

BTW Foxy - thought I'd get the party going with a swing tomorrow by handing out copies of my NCT 'Emergency Homebirth Instruction Sheet' Should break the ice (if not my waters....)

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 21:26:08

Good idea Westcoaster! Why not show them a video of a birth too, they'd want to know what to expect?

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 21:26:14

Lol westcoaster! If it all gets too much and you want them to leave just spill a glass of water on your fanjo area and scream "shit my waters have broken!" That should send everyone on their way!!

MrsHarry Sat 26-May-07 21:26:54

Cheers for the welcome,
I know how friendly you all are...encouraging toothbrush nipple stimulation, and the rest!!
Don't worry if i don't join in, I can't usually keep up!

westcoaster Sat 26-May-07 21:29:43

Then again if they turn up to see me self-stimulating the ol' chapel hatpegs, they might just drive on past....

westcoaster Sat 26-May-07 21:30:44

Or think I'm part of the entertainment package [sceptical]


westcoaster Sat 26-May-07 21:34:01


what a dullard...

westcoaster Sat 26-May-07 21:34:57

FECK - done it AGAIN!!!!

meant to say -

foxybrown Sat 26-May-07 21:52:20

need my bed. do i stay up and wait? Or sleep?

sleep, but will check in at 3am when DD wakes me up!

n'night all xx

hollyandalice Sat 26-May-07 21:53:23

Night foxy! DP wants to go to bed so I might go too! Night all xxx Good luck daisy xxx

westcoaster Sat 26-May-07 21:54:23

Me too. Typing has already gone to pot.

Daisy - will be thinking of you every time I get up to pee tonight - i.e. every 45mins!!
Hope all goes well.

Laters chicks.

Night all - Daisy will be checking in in middle of night as seem to be unable to sleep between hours of midnight and 5am. So please keep us up to date with any news. Good luck .

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 22:11:17

The bath seems to have calmed things down a bit.....

....told you, this one is just going to run and run....

Hi Mrs Harry...come on in and enjoy the madness

annobal Sat 26-May-07 22:17:07

The bath does tho! MW told me you're not meant to get in until you're almost fully dilated (or something like that). Get on that birth ball girl.

Can't believe I watch a movie and it all kicks off - how exciting!!!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sat 26-May-07 22:18:37

I'm going to try and get some sleep as I think I've scared tham all away...that's the contractions, not you lot!!

I'll still be here next weekend and will get my elective c-section on 5th as planned!!

G'night annobal.xx

annobal Sat 26-May-07 22:20:49

Night night, sleep well

riabutterflew Sat 26-May-07 22:41:57

Blimey, you go away to do some unnecessary polishing and it all kicks off.

<<hugs>> to everyone with bloody parents and bloody older sisters. And twunty DHs. And mischief-ridden children too (i have those). What a day.

And I've left it too late to join in.

Never mind, be back in the morning. Night all.

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 07:05:33

No one quietly went away to give birth in the night then?

trendaverter Sun 27-May-07 07:41:31

Morning! No, no birth here. Sadly. GET IT OUT!!

I wonder if Daisy managed to get going again?

I am exceptionally itchy. How are you?

BadZelda Sun 27-May-07 08:03:26

Is it just me that wants my baby to stay inside till due date?
I'm obviously just weird.

BadZelda Sun 27-May-07 08:05:03

Morning TA...glad to see I'm not the only only that's up. I'm just wondering if two and a half is too young to learn sarcasm? Gave my DD her morning snack and as she didn't respond verbally I prompted her with 'what do you say'. She gave me a really cheeky grin and said 'thank you, you're a very kind mummy'.

trendaverter Sun 27-May-07 08:14:56

From what I can see perhaps she's just taking after mum

I wasn't too bothered with LO staying inside til due date but as I seem to have quadrupled in size in the last week my feelings have altered somewhat.

Also, the thought of being induced just isn't doing it for me.

BadZelda Sun 27-May-07 08:27:33

Ah TA I can understand where you're coming from...whereas I am keeping my legs crossed for a bit of extra peace and quiet. DH wants it out NOW though. Never known him to be so impatient about anything. Since baby's not due till the 15th he can blardy well wait! And you're right, I do have a dodgy sense of humour. Hope/glad I don't offend.

trendaverter Sun 27-May-07 08:32:46

Offend ME? You have to be kidding, I'm easy

Plus loving the dodgy sense of humour, I left the glittery ticker forums for that very reason, I got sick of all the PC feel the love crap, I much prefer the real women on mumsnet

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 09:00:02

I want my baby to be a week late. Well, I don't want her to, but its going to be bloody inconvenient if she's on time or early!

BZ, never known you to be offensive. Don't think anyone on here is, or maybe we just aren't fluffy enough to be offended!

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 09:00:02

I want my baby to be a week late. Well, I don't want her to, but its going to be bloody inconvenient if she's on time or early!

BZ, never known you to be offensive. Don't think anyone on here is, or maybe we just aren't fluffy enough to be offended!

riabutterflew Sun 27-May-07 09:04:16

BZ - my boys have taken to ending a meal with "thank you for a DELICIOUS dinner Mummy". Now I'm not called ria for no reason!

Surely it's not really Sunday again? Tell me it's an evil conspiracy to wear me down and make me lose the will to live?

And then there's the added evils of Bank Holiday Monday and ... half term (that's a whole week of messy toys and bloody sticky fingers, not to mention the endless bickering - are behaviour charts more effective than the cupboard under the stairs foxy?). I WANT TO GO TO BED FOR A WEEK!

annobal Sun 27-May-07 09:06:21

I'd like my baby to wait until 37 weeks - then I can have the option of a home birth and no abs. Otherwise I'll definitely have to go into hospital and have the abs.

We're going to pick up a play house for the DSs today in Surrey - think we've chosen a great day

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 09:07:34

I get "Thank you for my lovely lunch". Sometimes DS2 will call me "m'darlin'". Am sure he's taking the piss.

Depends on the child, Ria. Charts are extrememly effective for DS1, but DS2 definately responds better to the cupboard under the stairs. DD couldn't give a shit. But that's girls for you!

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 09:08:05

Ooh, what sort of playhouse Annobel?

annobal Sun 27-May-07 09:10:44

LOL Ria. DS1 will say mmmmn, delicious Mummy (then proceed to eat 1 mouthfull and say he's full!)

Forgot about half term, and it is raining all week! Lol re cupboard under the stairs - mine LOVE playing in it <<furtive glances around for lurking social services>>

annobal Sun 27-May-07 09:15:26

Like this (not this exact one but will keep the boys happy and in the garden in summer)

DS2 has taken to calling me 'chick' - think he picked it up from his northern father - he also calls DH 'mate' - not sure where he got that from

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 09:21:10

Ideal for keeping them out of the house all summer!

Its miserable here. God knows what we're going to do today. DP gone to work. "Creative Day" I think. Loads of setting up, constant supervision, 5 mins of actual painting, an hour and a half of clearing up. Not my idea of a good time! Ho hum!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sun 27-May-07 09:25:00

Good morning lovely ladies....still here

Still getting contractions and they're sore, but managed a pretty decent sleep. First proper contraction of the day approximately at 9:05 and lasted about 90seconds......will keep you all posted throughout the day.

Bump feels different today as well. Not as soft in between contractions if that means anything......nd my whole fanjo area (inside and out) feels a a bit battered and bruised, IYKWIM.

DS distraught as he thinks DH and I are going to miss his party......so let this bub hang on until 7:00 tonight at least...

Mind you, DH thinks that the ball pit at Wacky Warehouse will do just as well as a big pool of water for labouring in

Morning all - not really meant to be here as I have guests but thought I'd get a quick look in before they get up and I do my domestic goddess breakfast bit! Not caught up yet so apologies if I've missed anything crucial, but just wanted to mention to annobal that the other night I dreamt that she had had her baby - can't remember anything else though! Got to stop dreaming about MN!

annobal Sun 27-May-07 09:26:06

Enjoy - especially the full body paint .

Catch up later - I wonder how Daisy is??

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sun 27-May-07 09:27:17

we've got a den at the bottom of the garden fashioned from old branches, willow fencing stuff and an old sheet that DH and DS built. DS loves it and like to eat his meals out there....

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 09:28:23

Was just thinking about you Daisy!

Am sure you can will this baby to hang on. Labouring in the Wacky Warehouse! Couldn't think of anything worse TBH!!!

So do you think this is it? Cos I was on here at 7.05 am waiting for you ... am planning to be here most of today so if you want a virtual birthing partner, I'll volunteer.

Cup of hot, sweet tea dear?

annobal Sun 27-May-07 09:28:28

LOL Bumper - still fat here, I'm afraid! Good luck if anything happens today Daisy.

Oooh hi daisy! Just emailed you! Good luck if this is it. Hope you can hang on till the end of the party! Bless the poor mystic red ranger - that wouldn't be a good intro from his new sibling! Hope he had a good birthday btw - and hope you have a good BIRTH-day!

Ok, my money is on 7.17 tonight? Any advance?

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 09:32:30

She'll still be handing out party bags then! 10pm. I reckon.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sun 27-May-07 09:33:33

LOL Foxy.....I'm not sure. It certainly seems to be building up to something, but like I said yesterday, it could be days yet.

They're sore, but not regular, and there's been no show or anything.

I do have a sudden urge to get this room sorted out though (didn't do anything yesterday)...so maybe nesting is kicking in.

DH looking after me really well and he gave me a lovely bunch of flowers for our wedding anniversary this morning, wheras I forgot to get a card and had to dig one out of my box of cards that I keep for odd occasions. And he's been very nice about it!

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 09:35:20

Aw, happy anniversary you pair!

Is he scared he's going to have to do the Wacky Warehouse on his own? I would be!

Bit of an extreme way to get out of it, Daisy!

riabutterflew Sun 27-May-07 09:36:00

Not immoral betting again?

No chance he would see it as a surprise birthday present then daisy? Good luck. Hoping you aren't in the ball pit...

It's now raining here (just after I put the last peg in the washing.) I suppose that means they can't play outside and therefore won't bring dirt in... wonder if I can convince my parents we want to go to soft play after lunch?

Must go - hunky neigbour to "observe".

riabutterflew Sun 27-May-07 09:37:44

Whilst dong the ironing of course...

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sun 27-May-07 09:40:11

Loud noisy rooms full of small screaming sugar and e-number hyped children has never really been my ida of a good time

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 09:41:07

Oh Ria, STOP!

You are up doing stuff that is useful and practical. putting me to shame as per usual.

Can't you log on to tell us that you are sat watching scooby-doo in your nighty trying to summon up the inclination to make some toast? Even the thought of slapping half a jar of Nutella on isn't getting me off the sofa!

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 09:41:39

That's my life, Daisy.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sun 27-May-07 09:50:03

Maybe she is doing that Foxy...and is just pretending to be a domestic goddess

BadZelda Sun 27-May-07 09:50:47

Excellent daddy's managed to drag himself out of bed. Off to claim warm patch with a book

riabutterflew Sun 27-May-07 09:56:41

It's ok (am not dressed - not pretty sight so good job I'm not trying to pull!). Neighbour spotting over for the day (how many men in shorts does it take to attach 2 mountain bikes to the back of a Ford Focus?) can lay off ironing and do some ebaying!

Kids upstairs silently killing each other - saves me a job!

riabutterflew Sun 27-May-07 10:24:37

I'm sure my bump's clicking again. LO must be wearing tap shoes.

Am officially bored now.

justbeme Sun 27-May-07 10:28:59

Morning -
Keep us informed Daisy - Ohhh v exciting!!
Ria - my bump clicks a little - but its more like Lo is farting at the top of my bump - do you think they fart???

Thanks for your comments last night about my sister - DP and I ended up at a Brewers Fayre and I had a lovely meal!! - A massive plate of Nachos with sour cream/cheese/etc for £1.99!!!!!! and then veggie pasta bake with garlic bread for £4.99!!
Our bill with drinks (half a cider for me!!) was £17 odd - Bargain!! and I said to my DP that Id enjoyed it more so than if my sister had been with us and we'd had to do all the small talk - "so what names have you decided on then? etc"
See Im easy to please, me !!

riabutterflew Sun 27-May-07 10:36:34

I LOVE brewers fayre (but not the local one sadly). And having a chef to eat out with makes difficult, but he always says at least you know what you're getting with them, wonder if he would like to take me out this week? (My older sister doesn't "eat out", she prefers to cook AND they don't drink alcohol, so we have to coo over the cooking and drink gnats piss!) I have decided I must be the least sociable person I know!

Glad you had a good time with your DP anyway JBM.

Don't know about LOs farting. You would expectso as they soon get the hang of it in the outside world don't they. I have been thinking how awful it must be for them being upside down for so long.

Must get DS1 packed off to church youth group...

justbeme Sun 27-May-07 10:43:32

Ha!! - just had a text from my sister!! "want to make the peace and come for tea later on?"
I'll leave it abit b4 replying - but sadly, were going out for dinner with my DP's mum (Dont know which is worse actually!!)

Its pissing down with rain - She'll still prob want to be taken to the cemetary later though to light her candles!! AGGGGGHHh and no - she's not at all religious which makes it worse. Her daily routine...........

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sun 27-May-07 10:50:14

Surely if whe wants to make peace JBM, she should be inviting you around tfor tea and not foisting herself on her 8mo PG lil sis?

But at least she's acknowledged that you have the moral high ground

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 11:30:24

That's good JBM! Pleased she knows she is in the wrong! (big sisters, had years of aggro with mine!) Glad you had a good night last night, now I want Harvester salad, ribs and chicken.

Daisy - update please.

Have had flurry of activity, so feeling very virtuous!

Kids are painting life-sized pictures of themselves on the kitchen floor. Am keeping out of the way...

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 11:35:21

You go away for a flurry and everyone's buggered off ...

justbeme Sun 27-May-07 11:39:43

You sound like a very good mum Foxy - always being creative . I quite like the arty stuff with kids - its the clearing up afterwards thats a pain!!
Im also crap at imaginary play - Dads always seem better at that than me IMO.

Just had 3 bacon sarnies with toms and brown sauce - now off to walk the dog round the block in the rain and then for a bath in between my dp degrouting/decorating the bathroom!!

Later XX

domesticgrumpess Sun 27-May-07 11:55:33

if your husband answers the door to the midwife in his nasty grey underwear AND NOTHING ELSE do they take your kids into care? aaargh! what's wrong with clothes fgs?
what the midwife was doing coming round unannounced on a sunday morning is beyond me. It was the weirdy hypnobirthing hippy one too. Shouldn't she be teaching people's husbands to get their wives to pretend they're not in labour??

riabutterflew Sun 27-May-07 12:23:26

Actually ON the kitchen floor foxy, or on paper? I hate doing activities with my children...

I love in when big sisters are in the wrong and have to admit it. Not that they really do ADMIT as such.

Maybe your MW was in a parallel universe and didn't notice the pants DG? At least he had those on! (My DH answers the door to the takeaway delvery people in his dressing gown - always so late when he has takeaways you see. I think he gets some kind of freaky fun out of scaring them!)

Am off for my lunch with my lovely parents... hope everyone hangs on til tonight[gri]

Enjoy your Sunday

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 12:32:10

My DP thinks its perfectly acceptable to walk around in his pants (just his pants) at my parents house, opening the door here, speaking to the neighbours ...

I have painted the children's faces, done painting/nagging with them, tidied DP wardrobe, washed me, my hair, de-fuzzed (including grooming lady garden) done the washing. Haven't read the paper (they delivered The Star instead of the News of the World - I mean, I like the quality press on a Sunday!) er, I mean, I am going to read the Observer after lunch!

Now I can't breath, my bump is sore, am completely knackered and grumpy. It just isn't worth it.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sun 27-May-07 12:39:11

Not much doing with me now at all....the odd ouch that hurt, but nothing else.

DS has spoken very nicely to the baby and asked her to please stay put until after his party as although he'd love for her to be there, she'll be too little to play anyway...bless him!

so, bets are on for my c-section on the 5th!!

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 12:41:38

Humph! Daisy.

Well, its not going to be me for bleedin' ages, so can someone have a baby soon? Am getting mighty impatient.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sun 27-May-07 12:44:17

And a friend of mine who is off work at the moment has agreed to be my emergency stand in birthing partner should it all kick off when DH is at work this week....

I'm worried with all this stop start that when things finally do get going, I'll have left it too late for him to get here on time (at worst it's a 3.5 hour drive...at best just under 2)

Off to have a family snuggle on the sofa and watch crap science fiction films....bugger the ironing!!

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 12:48:28

Good for you Daisy! Might be a slow burner, then you'll be told your 5 cms!

There's a link from Lulumama on one of the threads on how to check your own cervix . Best left alone for the professionals IMO!


foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 12:48:28

Good for you Daisy! Might be a slow burner, then you'll be told your 5 cms!

There's a link from Lulumama on one of the threads on how to check your own cervix . Best left alone for the professionals IMO!


foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 12:48:48

Why did it do that again????

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sun 27-May-07 12:56:59

Can you link it fo me? now that tech has made it easier to do links...

i've just checked Natty's blog, but no baby pics yet....last entry on 21st saying baby showing no sign of coming soon, LOL

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 13:25:43

I'll try and find it. Saw it last night. Are you going to try it?

trendaverter Sun 27-May-07 13:40:58

I'm not sure what I find more uncomfortable... the thought of someone having a look and telling me how dilated I am, or the thought of my having a good old rummage and seeing for myself.

Perhaps I ought to get used to the idea that my body is no longer my own!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sun 27-May-07 14:18:53

I'll give it a go....I never could stand surprises and it'll be nice to know whether these ontactions are actually doing anything....

I'm actually considering going to the hospital...they did say they'd want me in sooner rather than later, and OK they may send me home again, but at least I'd know things were moving in the right direction or not.

It's been quiet here today hasn't it...I hope seansgirl is alright...she's not posted sine Wednaesday!!

trace2 Sun 27-May-07 14:23:40

wheres the link?? daisey are you ok?

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sun 27-May-07 14:26:09

me OK?...I'm following you around your thread, LOL. Get yourself on the phone to the hospital...even if you just speak to someone and they tell you its ok...

i'm allright...thinking I'm in pre-labour and bored with it already...had 2 days of it so far and want things to either go...or go away!

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 15:21:19

my worry would be if I started poking around and started things off before my body was really ready, like giving yourself a sweep I suppose. Surely the hormones all need to kick in ... or am I just a wuss??

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 15:42:26

Nope, can't find it. Sorry! I have tried, honestly!

annobal Sun 27-May-07 16:29:18

Just back from Surrey and managed to get the playhouse back without denting the car. T&G now playing in the garden in the rain so get to see if Daisy's had her baby . Hope the party's going well and that everyone is having a nice lazy Sunday...

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 17:24:01

PMSL at "lazy Sunday" Annobel!

Hope Daisy is holding it together (literally) at the party!

BadZelda Sun 27-May-07 18:56:03

You lot are very quiet...I've had a 'lazy' sunday - spent most of it in bed. Still feel really knackered though for some reason...and somewhat dizzy. Back to bed for me I think.

For Ria thread about bump clicking.

Hi BZ hope you have had a good weekend.

Oops, just read your post and obviously not great! Get into bed and get DH to make you a cup of tea (raspberry leaf naturally!)

BadZelda Sun 27-May-07 19:14:14

mustn't push it - he's just cooked a lovely roast dinner. Think I'll just put DD to bed, then I can be lazy with a clear conscience!

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 19:24:56

Take it easy BZ, time to rest I think!

Why does it always go tits up? I've been feeling really uptight this weekend, like I've a huge knot in my guts and I just want to SNAP!

So, I've really, really tried to keep a lid on it. Did loads of stuff yesterday with the children (had a meltdown with DS2 at breakfast so had to pull myself together). Today we've had a 'creative' day and have done loads of things, as well as a lot of my crappy little jobs.

Then in the bath, I watch as DS1 punches DS2 in the face. RRROOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

I've lost it completely.

Shit. feel like I've fucked up the entire weekend.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sun 27-May-07 19:58:42

Evening ladies....well the party was quite a success, the only mishap being DSs friend, who is muslim, eating a ham sandwich . Just didn't occur to me and he never said anything, just tucked in...it was one of the other little boys aunts who was there pointed out that maybe he shouldn't be eating it! Felt terrible telling his dad when he came to collect him!

Any news from Trace?...She posted THIS earlier. I hope things are OK, she's had enough to worry about!

Not much hapening with me, inspite of DH trying his hardest to shake things up by driving over every bloody speedbump in West Yorskshire earlier today. Getting the odd contraction, but not terribly sore. think this LO just wanted to annoy her big brother.

BadZelda Sun 27-May-07 20:05:40

Wow you're really honest Daisy: think I would have kept quiet about that little accident. Glad to hear it all went well anyway.

Foxy...aren't all little boys savages? Lord of the Flies only confirmed that for me - don't feel bad!

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 20:06:02

LOL about the LO annoying her brother! Glad the party went well. Is Mystic Red Ranger exhausted now?

And well done for holding it together! Wondering what DH will have in mind next for getting things moving

BTW, I always think its down to the parents to specify what their children can and cannot eat beforehand. Its unfortunate it happened, but not sure it was your fault!

Now put your feet up and relax. You musht be exhausted.

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 20:06:53

Musht? Am not pished, honescht!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sun 27-May-07 20:12:33

We thought about it BZ, but the aunt who pointed it out is a friend of the family so no doubt she would've told them anyway....honesty is the best policy and all that!

Foxy...I caught up with Lulu on Trace's thread and she gave me tips on self examination of one's cervix....must give it a go later!!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sun 27-May-07 20:14:14

He's in that hyped up on e-numbers and sugar zone and is cranky and crotchety and tired to bits but just won't settle....he's been put to bed, but I know he'll be up again in a minute.....

Seansfatlass Sun 27-May-07 20:26:16

I'm here! Sorry! Seem to spend so long at hospital these days (been again today) and when I'm not there I'm constantly fretting as I pick up on everything they say. But, I am trying to stay positive and so far checks seem to be ok. Am also trying to take things a bit easier (difficult as you know).

Hope everyone is ok.

And BIG Congratulations to:

Lilkel, Natty and FannyAnnie

Love to all xxx

foxybrown Sun 27-May-07 20:29:35

Glad you are OK SFL! Good to hear from you. Try not to fret. Must be hard with all the hospital visits. Whens the next one?

DaisysGotSausageFeet Sun 27-May-07 20:32:35

SFL...we were starting to worry about you...keep us posted!

I've not cashed your cheque yet but hope to get to the bank this week...I hope they'll cash it (nothing wrong with the check don't worry) it's just that DS kindly wrote his name all over it . It was in pencil and I've rubbed it out, but you can still see faint marks. We get on at him for not practising his writing enough so I didn't know whether to praise him or be cross. In the end I settled for "please ask mum next time if the paper is scrap before you use it but that was a great 'a' you wrote"

Seansfatlass Sun 27-May-07 20:58:19

Hi girls,

LOL Daisy, KWYM abut the writing! I'm sure they won't mind. DD wrote her name on the TV guide the other day so beautifully (in biro) but then I realised she had also got biro on the new gloss work on the windowsill! I couldn't really shout at her (but now trying to make sure biros are out of reach!)

My next appointment is Monday for doppler, bile acid bloods and ctg monitoring, which will probably take 3 hours in total , I really can't complain as they are looking after me so well and they are checking and checking but I am at the stage where I can't wait for it to be over. At my last scan we were asked if we knew the sex and we said we had been told blue at about 28 weeks, the sonographer said , yes I'd agree with that next image on the screen a few seconds later and we all said "oh, theres no mistaking that" as a clear outline of a willy appeared!

riabutterflew Sun 27-May-07 21:35:19

Very ria tonight so not staying. (same old story - getting more boring by the incident, but doesn't stop me howling and my nose swelling up!)

Glad you checked in SFL.

Glad you're ok daisy and the party went well. Bless your DS.

Thanks for the link.

Hopefully the sun will be shining in ria-land tomorrow and I won't be fighting the ure to rip out someones vital organs with my bare hands.

Have a good night all. Rx

Morning all. Hope everyone slept well and that no babies appeared in the night!

What are you all up to today? We are off to vist MIL, which isn't thrilling but not too bad either. She will predict whether this little one is a boy or a girl, and then when it is born either way will swear blind she knew what it was!

What crappy weather though. I was hoping to be spending the first part of my maternity leave getting a lovely tan!

annobal Mon 28-May-07 08:39:33

Morning. Lol re MIL Bumper - have fun! Think baby has turned again as I've been getting some rather unsavoury kicks in my fanjo all night (sorry tmi). We're off to do some shopping and then have an afternoon indoors as the weather is shite!

foxybrown Mon 28-May-07 08:45:00

Good morning. Shitty weather here too, but after our day in yesterday we NEED to go out! Probably going to some soft play place, but at least DP is around today, and tomorrow (bonus) so I might have a chance of staying sane (unless he drives me mental too!)

Sounds like fun Bumper! At least someone else can take care of you and make a fuss of you. Lovely!

Hope everyone has a good day. Holly was very quiet yesterday, but I am confident she wouldn't have a baby without telling us first! Would you Holly?!

Could they be punches rather than kicks? This baby has definitely dropped in the past couple of days. Bump is lower and really feeling it on my bladder. Is this a significant sign that something will happen soon or could I still be here in 5 weeks?!

foxybrown Mon 28-May-07 08:49:15

Could be anything Bumper! Babies are soooo unpredictable. I'm working to another 6/7 weeks just to avoid disappointment. Being 10 days late last time after having 2 on the day is still very vivid in my mind!

Groooaaaan. I'm so ready for this baby to be born now!

hollyandalice Mon 28-May-07 09:34:42

No baby yet foxy !!!

Glad you are ok SFL! Sounds like you are being looked after really well, but what a PITA all those tests must be. Not long to go now though!!

I am going to finish stripping the bedroom today if it kills me! Dp has actually agreed to go to the wallpaper shop (faint) so I think dd can spend the day with her grandparents whilst we crack on! If this bedroom isn't finished before the baby comes I shall cry! Hopefully some manual labour should get things started! I am 37 weeks tomorrow after all!!

Hope everyone has a good day in the hideous pouring rain! Hope someone pops (sorry bz), that would be great! Daisy, derlor, I'm talking to you!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Mon 28-May-07 09:45:02

No baby here either and its not looking likely. Contractions have calmed right down. There's a thread on length of first vs second labours on here and one woman had false labour for 19 days with her second and third PGs

At least I know there is and end to how long this might go on...c-section is only 8 days way

Have a good rainy bank holiday....its so fecking cold here we've had to put the central heating back on!

foxybrown Mon 28-May-07 09:56:06

Derlor didn't come on yesterday either, but no text from her as yet!

I'm off to address my varicous veins - anyone any suggestions on how to calm them down? The are raging down my left leg.

BTW Bumper, hope you are coping OK. I've got weeks to go and am only just starting out on what I suspect will be the really tough part of this pregnancy, you are nearly there!

hollyandalice Mon 28-May-07 10:01:20

Daisy, give that baby of yours a good talking to!!

No real advice for nasty veins foxy, but derlor did tell me to keep my leg up with mine to let it drain and that seemed to work.

I hate this weather, it makes me want to go to bed and snuggle up!

foxybrown Mon 28-May-07 10:31:48

Good luck with stripping in the bedroom Holly. I'm off to softplay again (but a different one). Think I'd rather be in a DIY store on a wet bank holiday!

You'll be very pleased you've done it when its finished, so crack on!

Daisy - take it easy today please!

See you lovely ladies this evening

Thanks for asking foxy, I'm fine, just whingy. Had a bit of a cry this morning with DH. Starting (well continuing really) to freak out a bit about having a baby - not the labour bit, the bit afterwards. Worried I am never going to sleep properly again, and about being left on my own once DH goes back to work. I know it will all be fine, but I just have a lot of time to think about it at the moment. Don't tell anyone but i am missing work, just a little bit! Mostly I am just missing the people.

Holly you and I have same due date don't we? I'm 37 weeks tomorrow too. Should just thank our lucky stars we got this far really shouldn't we. can't believe you are going to be stripping the bedroom, I hope that just means that DP does all the hard work while you supervise.

Hope you are ok daisy, at least you have a definite end date. Hope you all have a good day in spite of the crappy weather.

Off to see MIL now. She rang at 9am to see if we were still coming "because of the weather" It's just a bit of rain? I don't what she thinks is going to happen to us on the 45 min drive?!

evenfattercatkin Mon 28-May-07 13:42:37

lovely home birth video
Just swiped this from a birth thread but wanted to share it with you all cos it's so lovely. I cried and cried! It's not graphic either, just serene and lovely!

domesticgrumpess Mon 28-May-07 14:32:58

i watched that this morning with dh - he must be well trained - he mentioned he won't be flashing a camera at our newborn!
it's a lovely birth.
this month's bumps and babies (nct magazine) has birth movies on a dvd - for free! it's usually available in antenatal clinics.

sputnik Mon 28-May-07 15:35:36

Afternoon everyone. Just checking in quickly.
I have been in shock this weekend as we finally finished DD's room and, far from giving us problems about moving in there she loved it and asked us if she could sleep there!! She's nearly 3 and has always slept in a side-car cot next to us. So bah to everyone that says you'll never get them out of your bed if you co-sleep bla bla. The only downside was that I didn't sleep at all the first night.

derlor Mon 28-May-07 15:44:51

helloooooo, just popping in to say - i'm STILL fat STILL pregnant and STILL pissed off about it!!!!!!
oh yeah and STILL grumpy too
anyway i've been far too busy to be chatting on here cause i've officially been nesting - i've cleaned everything and cleared out cupboards and gutted LO's rooms AND STILL NO FARKIN BABY!!!!
going to have to resort to hot curry and sex tonight - hoped it wouldn't come to that!!!!!!!!!!
off to catch up on all the chat x

foxybrown Mon 28-May-07 16:00:07

Hey Sputnik! Well done to you DD, that's great. You've obviously done it at the right time. There's always someone to tell you something won't work with this parenting malarky!

Glad you are still complete Derlor. I've been checking my phone regularly BTW.

foxybrown Mon 28-May-07 16:13:50

Just watched the video of the homebirth. Brought all memories of my two back, it was very similar in its calmness (didn't have any sound but seemed very serene). I liked the way the MW held back and really didn't have much to do. Its so very lovely.

Am still shitting myself.

riabutterflew Mon 28-May-07 16:26:23

I have done sod all today except feed the ungrateful little buggers and wash up AND sit on my fat arse/lie down.

Am still seriously pissed off with life. No sunshine and loveliness in ria-valley.

Well done to your DD sputnik.

Might come back later if I can locate some jollity, might not, but I hope beyond hope I don;t have this baby yet because it sure won't want to live here...

Hope you've all had a nice day.

InTheseShoes Mon 28-May-07 16:33:16

*knocks politely on the June 07 door bearing a dish of Mars' Lemon Drizzle Cake*

Oh, hello, sorry to disturb, just wanted to drop by and introduce myself, as it is feeling likely I may be joining you come Friday - due last week and no signs at all. There are 8 of us left on the May thread, hopefully we won't all be here, but is there enough room if we need to pop by?

DaisysGotSausageFeet Mon 28-May-07 16:45:06

Hi InTheseShoes and welcome......I don't suppose that cake is gluten free by any chance?

Thought not, but the others will devour it I'm sure

It all seems to have come to a standstill on your thread....so come on in, the more the merrier!!

Right...thought I'd do that incase you thought we were ignoring you...off to catch up with the days events.

trendaverter Mon 28-May-07 17:04:48

Hello InTheseShoes, welcome, I am a new 'virtual' face here too!

Lovely ladies here will make you feel very welcome especially if you come bearing ice cream from what I gather (unless they are having a bad day !)

Everyone here has already made my days seem a little shorter and far less lonely and helped me with a few problems.

I am still ill, still very itchy (FARKIN PUPPP disease SHITE) and I just want the baby out out out. I don't actually mind it being there so much I just really don't want to be induced, it sounds horrible and invasive to me.

Had a big cry at DH this morning and yesterday, I have been v emotional since being ill and covered in this bloody rash, and he just works works works. I have been so lonely, family are miles away and he is always buried in work and I can't talk to him. All I have is a dog for company and I sais to DH I just can't go on like this anymore, I am ill, I am ridiculously pregnant and I need a cuddle.

So now? He has stopped working but has been playing his computer game for the last few hours. Brilliant.

hollyandalice Mon 28-May-07 17:16:05

I just did some stripping and fell asleep!! Only one wall left though so should get it finished tonight. Can anyone tell me where to buy wallpaper that isn't farking disgusting?! If I wanted plastic textured paper I'd go and live in the 80's! Grrrr.....

Come on baby daisy and baby derlor, we want some birth action and your mummies want to meet you! I know it's comfy in there, but you have to come out some time!

As I am 37 weeks tomorrow I told dp he can get some tonight! I think that may have been a mistake as now I'll have to keep to my word or he'll never speak to me again! I am going to do it every night now, I am seriously not letting this baby go overdue!

Sputnik that's great about your dd in her own room! I really missed mine being in with me at first, but I'm used to it now. It did take a while for me to be able to sleep though!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Mon 28-May-07 17:25:35

WEll it didn't take long to catch up today....

Ria, sorry you've been having a bad one, have a virtual hug

Derlor....the LO will come when ready, and they say No 3 is often the awkward one! Labour vibes winging their way to you

Sputnik...well that was painless....good for you! Although how you managed to make a new baby with your LO next to you is a mystery to me

Holly....hope the decorating has gone well and you haven't been up the ladder.

Foxy....how was soft play?

We went to a spring fair to raise money for the local childrens hospice, basically cos the weather was so crap we wanted to show some support. Thankfully it's been showery with some fair and sunny spells so not too bad, and the turnout was quite good. DS got to sit in the cab of a fire engine and wear the fireman's helmet, so was very excited...I'll post up the photo when DH has downloaded it. Then we went to the local urban farm and looked at all the babies there......and this must be the first weekend in however long that DH and I haven't argued, so the drugs are obviously working!!

Built up the cot and got the last few bits straightened up in the baby's room....so we are definately Good to Go.

DH off to work tomorrow morning until Friday night, so Sod's Law dictates that LO will choose to start her entrance sometime this week and given the number of false alarms we've had, I'll leave it too late to phone him and he'll miss the whole thing.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Mon 28-May-07 17:28:59

x-post Holly...have you tried Laura Ashley? They have a concession inside our local Homebase and some of the paper is really lovely. Alternatively, just put up lining paper and paint that.

TA...sorry to hear that you're still itchy. Is there nothing that you can get to take the itch away; are anti-histamines OK for use in pregnancy?


Can't keep up with you lot!
Nothing to report from me - other than my bump is now so big that I am having wardrobe malfunctions and am exposing my belly to strangers?

Oh and I chucked bottle of gaviscon at DH because I totally lost the plot about him not cleaning the toilet after himself I need to get a grip I think! Ok - he had got shit splats on the seat so it was pretty bad - but I shouldn't of chucked my gaviscon at him! What a waste?

Welcome to all the newies, and come on June babies - lets have some action

hollyandalice Mon 28-May-07 17:37:18

LOL dkma! I've given up trying to make my dp do anything, the lazy arse! I am sat here atm starving hungry because I am trying to get him to cook me some dinner! I only want some oven chips and something from the freezer, not difficult, but he is being a twunt! I would like to chuck rocks at him!

Oh daisy I would love some laura ashley paper, but my dp is seriously against anything pretty, swirly or remotely pink. They've got some lovely paper in next, but he doesn't like that either. I swear he is going to lose a few teeth before this baby is born!

TA I hope you feel better soon x

Hi everyone,
Have only just managed to get myself off the couch and dressed. . Can't seem to sleep at all at night so can't get a move on during the day - but what's DH's excuse? He snored all night long but hasn't bloody moved all day either!

Just about to pack hosp bag and then force myself to aquanatal class.Can't be arsed to tell the truth but sure it'll do me good.

derlor Mon 28-May-07 18:17:57

Hi all,
caught up with everything then promptly forgot it all - so just gave up!!!!
Holly what sort of paper ARE you looking for? ie. colour pattern/no pattern etc? surely YOU can find some somewhere. you are after all our shopping guru
i've just had my curry - 1 down, 1 to go!!!

derlor Mon 28-May-07 18:19:41

meant to say "hi" to intheseshoes - hope for your sake you DON'T have to join up but in case you do - you are most welcome

foxybrown Mon 28-May-07 18:29:20

Mmm, lemon drizzle - my fav! You are very welcome Intheseshoes (which shoes, exactly? Derlor found some stunners last week!)

LOL DKMA! Lucky you aren't on the Gaviscon tablets, just as effective for HB, not as effective for chucking.

Sorry you are having a shite day Ria, sounds like you have done the bear minimum - which has to be a good thing, surely? I think its a bit of a crappy time, especially when its been raining for 2 days. My personal worry for today is shitting my pants as I have to give birth to another child of mine. I have 3 already. What the fuck am I doing? I have occasions when my blood runs cold and I have to try very hard to shake myself out of it. Literally.

Softplay was hideous, as it always is. Went to a new place today, it was carnage, but kids loved it and DP did most of it. The Pizza Hut, then home for tv and picnic in living room. All in all, a good day for the foxybrown household.

Could go tits up at any time, of course

DaisysGotSausageFeet Mon 28-May-07 18:37:40

Thankfully, my DH leaves most of the interior decorating decisions to me, so I usually get what I want, unless its really outlandish obviously. We've also got pretty similar tastes (we both think I'm wonderful for example ) so can usually agree on something.

Get up and at 'em Tallulah...you know you'll feel better for it. I did quite a bit of walking today and feel much better, and very tired so hopefully it will have worn me out to he extent that I can sleep tonight.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Mon 28-May-07 18:46:04

Sorry DKMA...missed you. I've had similar issues with my wardrobe, so have been wearing strappy non pg vests as bump bands.

Sorry to hear you're having a bit of a crappy time of it. I haven't thrown anything at DH for 9 days now.....like I said earlier, the pills are definately starting to work!

Annobal...could you be getting head butted in the fanjo rather than kicked? I get quoite sharp pains in my pelvic regioin which I think are more to do with the baby's head engaging rather than kicking (although that's essentially what it feels like). Are you getting another scan to check bub's position?

SG...hope you got on OK at the hospital today.

Hi Foxy.....soft play is horrendous for the parents, but I love the way it wears the little beggars out!! Our locla wacky has papers and magazines so you can zone out from the noise if you concentrate hard enough!

Think that's everyone....

.....oh, and I still haven't sorted out my laundry or the back room!!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Mon 28-May-07 18:52:10

Oh, and we've solved part of the mystery of DSs eating habits going pear-shaped. His best friend was at his party yesterday, who by all accounts is more than a little boisterous at the best of times.

Class 1 little bugger more like. He mucked around, kicked, pushed, kept trying to give all his mates chinese burns, and was a real nightmare at mealtime, and wouldn't eat. My poor DH was worn out with him.

Anyway, DS sits with him at lunchtime...they both get school meals....thinking we might give packed lunches a go as from next year?

foxybrown Mon 28-May-07 18:59:02

Ahh, yes! The less desirable best friend! DS2 has one of those. He's always getting told 'don't stand on your chair at mealtimes' when he's round here, never at his house though .

At this new softplay they serve wine and beer Definately one for the future!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Mon 28-May-07 19:06:37

this littel boy, even whan saying goodbye to DS at the end of the party, managed to grab his wrist and give him a chinese burn, then left with his breezily cheerful mum whilst DS was howling.....and the other adults stood around open-mouthed

justbeme Mon 28-May-07 19:11:13

Evening all!!
Sorry to hear some DPs are being twunts - you'd think they get it by now wouldnt you??!

Ive just had THE most awful kick which made me scream out loud!!! Also any one else having throbbing/dull ache fanjo when walking round??

I swear LO has turned head up again - as like Annobal , Ive been getting kicks down low as well and its STILL VERY VERY squirmy and making me feel queasy.

hollyandalice Mon 28-May-07 19:11:19

Why did I just cook dp dinner? I told him I hoped he choked on it and I really meant it! Why can he not just do something for me, just one small thing. A back rub, cook dinner, give dd a bath...anything!! TWUNT!!

I have decided I'm going to just buy some wallpaper and to hell with the miserable sod! The trouble is is that he will be putting it up, so if he doesn't like it then he prob won't do it. I asked him what he wants and he said stripes! I can't find any sodding stripey paper except the pretty stuff in laura ashley! I think I'm going to go upstairs for the rest of the evening and watch tv on my own. At least I won't have to look at him anymore.

I hate soft play too foxy, they are so hellish! Good choice of one that sells booze, might make it more fun!

hollyandalice Mon 28-May-07 19:13:12

I've been having kicks down below too jbm, but bubs is def bum up, head down! I think they are squirmy grabby hands, but it still farking hurts!

justbeme Mon 28-May-07 19:15:25

Poor Holly! - Sending you a (((huggg))))
Todays been a bit of a write off here - the weathers been awful
We had a plumber round and a plasterer and one of them managed to put their foot through a gap in the upstairs floorboards and come through the ceiling!! The ceiling that my DP had just lined!!!!!

Me on the other hand , ive just sat on my arse most of the day - and in a minute weve got guests for a drink - so i'd better go and get spruced up!!

hollyandalice Mon 28-May-07 19:17:02

Everyone seems to be decorating! Must be a nesting thing! Have a lovely evening jbm xx

derlor Mon 28-May-07 19:17:11

yup JBM i've been getting that sensation too but my babe is deffo head down maybe just practicing a good old ^Glasgow Kiss^ for the future!!
Holly why don't you just get lining paper and tell him to paint stripes on - WAY too much work involved so he will most likely just paint it blue! Or get plain paper and put baby/boy sticker thingies on it??

derlor Mon 28-May-07 19:19:45

Oh did i mention i'm 39 weeks today!

hollyandalice Mon 28-May-07 19:21:57

It's our room that is being decorated derlor and all I want is somewhere to sit and relax that is tidy and tasteful with pretty wallpaper. Now it is even worse than it was before, plaster and wallpaper all over the floor and everything piled on the bed. Why, oh why did I start?


Sorry for moaning, I'm just having a pissed off day today, maybe it's the weather!

hollyandalice Mon 28-May-07 19:22:44

Wow! 39 weeks! <<<LABOUR VIBES>>> for you derlor! Lots of sex and nipple stim !!

justbeme Mon 28-May-07 19:28:44

Me thinks after such a quite day you girlies are going to be quite chatty tonight!! and Im going to miss out - ok - Gotta go - xx

foxybrown Mon 28-May-07 19:34:13

Enjoy your evening JBM, and yes to the achey fanjo here too!

Holly, its all quite depressing isn't it?

Admitted to DP I'm pooing my pants about it all. "Too bloody late now" was the response. But suppose he's right!

I have weeks and weeks to go

am VERY of you Derlor, you bugger!

annobal Mon 28-May-07 19:35:02

Holly, I just had a look through the House and Garden DH buys (yes, he really does ) and found this website http://www.cowtan.com/ which has some really lovely wallpaper - hope it gives some inspiration...

Baby seems to have moved again today (must have been during my afternoon nap) and is now head down and working my ribs over - I swear he is doing exorcist style body spins!

Derlor - 39 weeks - also sending <<<<labour vibes>>>>

Daisy, how are the contractions today?

Foxy, you're very brave to go to soft play on a bank holiday monday at 35 weeks pg! Our local serves booze AND has an internet point

Hope everyone else is well. I'm just trying to decide what to have for dinner. Ever since Sputnik mentioned Strachiatella gelati it is all I have wanted BUT Carluccios didn't have any today and sadly, no other flavour will suffice.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Mon 28-May-07 19:36:52

I don't know how anyone can think of sex at the moment, even as a labour starting incentive.....the very though of having to straddle my DH makes me squeal in pain, never mind attempting it for real!. I'm going to ask him to leave a supply in the freezer and get a turkey baster so I don't miss out on those all important prostaglandins though.

Sorry for lowering the tone

And to lower it even further...I tried Lulu's tips for cervical self examination......and couldn't even reach it, so I think that means it is nowhere near ripe! But I'm not sure anyone really needed to know that

Go Derlor....I think you're definately going to be next!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Mon 28-May-07 19:39:27

Annobal...apart from the odd tightening sensation whihc bub reacts to by kicking me in the ribs...absolutely bloody nothing.

This one is going to run and run

annobal Mon 28-May-07 19:41:11
annobal Mon 28-May-07 19:44:09

Daisy, your c-section is soon isn't it? Is it 7 days? That does seem like an age away though. I'm really hoping I don't go to term now as I don't think I could cope with another 5 or 6 weeks!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Mon 28-May-07 19:49:27

Next Tuesday, so not long really as the weeks seem to be flying by at the moment. I'd decided that if I go into labour spontaneously, I'll give it a fair old go, otherwise its the knife for me next week. Maybe having second thoughts about the C-section too, but this is normal I believe.

hollyandalice Mon 28-May-07 19:50:42

Thanks annobal, lovely paper, but looks really expensive! I really want the jane churchill peter rabbit stuff now for lo's room! I want this one. Might just go to laura ashley tomorrow and buy it anyway!

I tried the cervix thing too daisy and couldn't find it. I got too grossed out by it to fish around too much!!

Foxy you will be fine I'm sure, maybe try not to think about it too much, that's my trick! Keep imagining a newborn baby and how wonderful and beautiful they are and how lovely they smell and teeny little baby grows and how much her brothers and sister are going to love her and how much you and dp are going to love her and how pretty she will look in her cool leopard print hat and suit set!!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Mon 28-May-07 19:53:09

LOL holly....I asked DH to bang his knob against my nose and then my lips to get a comparison....then tell me what it feels like when we have sex.....he fell off the chair laughing

hollyandalice Mon 28-May-07 19:54:43

ROFL daisy, you are a minger !!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Mon 28-May-07 19:54:50

That parer is really nice by the way.

Apologies for the offensive tone lowering posts from this corner...

I'll go sit quietly wearing my sackcloth and ashes!

annobal Mon 28-May-07 19:56:30

You're right Holly - does look expensive but thought it might give you inspiration. The Laura Ashley one is lovely - very calming.

Whenever I'm getting scared (which is quite often), I think of a really calm homebirth with lots of candles, labouring during the day then giving birth about 10ish (any later and I might wake the neighbours) and us all being tucked up in bed for DSs to meet when they come in in the morning.

Well - I can dream, can't I????

annobal Mon 28-May-07 19:56:48

OH, and did I mention, NO PAIN?

annobal Mon 28-May-07 19:57:53

LOL Daisy - I'd say the same to DH but he'd get the wrong idea...

DaisysGotSausageFeet Mon 28-May-07 19:59:25

annobal, but I don't know whether DH was laughing at the comparison thing, or the thought of having sex with me in this state

DaisysGotSausageFeet Mon 28-May-07 20:00:39

I like the idea of your no-pain labour, but if these false labour contractions I've been having are anything to go on....that ain't gonna happen!

hollyandalice Mon 28-May-07 20:01:23

I did say to my dp earlier that he could get lucky tonight! I've changed my mind. Might go to bed early and pretend to be asleep!

That's the idea for my home birth annobal, calm, serene and little pain! Let's hope it works out!

riabutterflew Mon 28-May-07 20:08:25

Am glad I'm not the only one bricking it!

Might be perking up now. Just off to put DS2 safely to bed, DS1 watching springwatch... Am still pissed off with life though.

annobal Mon 28-May-07 20:32:21

Ria, sounds like you need to get the kids to bed and put your feet up with a bucket of icecream and a block of choc. Hope you feel better soon

derlor Mon 28-May-07 20:32:26

i'm a really funny shape this evening - think LO is lying across the way it's really not very comfy at all!

derlor Mon 28-May-07 20:33:10

hey Ria - whats up love???

hollyandalice Mon 28-May-07 20:35:01

Are you ok ria? You have sounded a bit down lately, not your usual self (((HUGS))).

hollyandalice Mon 28-May-07 20:36:32

Dd is staying at my parent's tonight as my mum is on half term and I just phoned her up to say goodnight and she is in bed. I feel now!

derlor Mon 28-May-07 20:39:05

oh holly don't be sad you can make the most of your planned night of passion!!!!!

hollyandalice Mon 28-May-07 20:42:42

LOL derlor! My planned night of passion has turned into me sitting in my pjs and a baggy old jumper with dinner all down the front and eating coco pops and occasionally giving dp a look of death!

derlor Mon 28-May-07 20:44:09

sounds about right Holly - i'm sure you look FAB

hollyandalice Mon 28-May-07 20:45:36

Yep, I'm super sexy!

derlor Mon 28-May-07 20:48:17

you come to a wallpaper descision yet?

riabutterflew Mon 28-May-07 21:07:25

Bloody bank holidays.

I think I do feel a bit better (currently, until DH comes home and tells me he is not off as planned tomorrow. If I am prepared for this happening am I less likely to rip his liver out?) Thanks for caring. I was beginning to wonder if I was looking at more than late PG hormonal ranting and my AND was back - will wait and see.

I have assembled ingredients for a surprise cooked breakfast and am defrosting ham and have made sausage rolls (OK they were frozen!) for our family day tomorrow, which will be spent having a fun picnic(?!) as it's the holidays. Maybe we all need a day away (though DH has told the boys that the LO will probably arrive tomorrow - I think it was part of his explanation as to why mummys eyes were leaking.) Then I'll be fresh for the nesting again on Wednesday. Bloody silly though that we get nesting instinct and use all our energy before labour when you need all the energy you can muster. (I have gone off the idea somewhat and would like to go to sleep and wake up when the undignified bit is over!)

annobal Mon 28-May-07 21:11:28

Ria, sounds like you have a lovely day planned for tomorrow - enjoy it and hope you get lots of pampering and rest

Anyone else watching Top Gun

Evening all, hi to any May lurkers, you are welcome to join us if you can cope with our whinging, though at this late in the game I imagine you can give even us a run for our money. I'm jut surprised it's nearly June and we have only had 3 babies. The May lot were popping them out like anything (sorry BZ, know you hate that expression ).

Had a nice day visiting inlaws, no-one said anything offensive (not that my inlaws are offensive it's just that everyone seems to enjoy telling me how huge I look yadda yadda yadda) in fact they all said I looked fab, and had a very neat bump, and I should just be doing what I want, and if I don't want visitors after the birth I just have to say, and absolutely sure I will spring back into shape etc. they were so nice actually.

This bump has definitely dropped, but all this means is the LO just has more room to kick it's legs about now for a while! It's moving a lot more now than it had been in the past few weeks. And I feel like I need to pee all the time, without actually needing to!

I'm on the RL tea btw, I actually really like it, though I am drinking tea bags from holland and barratt, not quite so sure about the proper bag of stuff I have from Neal's Yard which I haven't touched yet!

riabutterflew Mon 28-May-07 21:58:20

Wow bumper. the only thing that could possibly have made my day worse (today or any day for that matter) would have been contact with my inlaws (but I have said before if MIL shows me that photo one more time where DH is allegedly spitting image of DS2 and she is stick thin even though PG with no 3 and has hair down to her waist I will make her eat it.)

My LO is wriggling more often I think, can't decide if dropped or not, not engaged on Thurs when someone last checked (though the poking hurt so much it probably changed it's mind!) It does feel a lot like it's clinging on for dear life and doesn't want to come out, apart from the bursting/needing to wee sensation at the bottom of my bump.

I am dreading people wanting to visit after the birth. It was ok with DS1 as we didn't live here and it was a three hour drive for people to visit (in-laws came once I think and my parents came at the weekends, but 3 hours is long enough to get ready! Also I spent lots of time at their house to combat PND.) But people came the day after I got home from hopital with DS2 and my mum was having an operation and I found it all too upsetting. I don't mean to be horrible, would just rather they stay away! (especially if they would be likely to bring children with them...) Hopefully it will be better this time as DH got no paternity leave last time.

I'm sorry you are having such a shit time Ria. Is there anything any of us can do to help you take a load off?

Fortunately our closest family (the inlaws) are still 45 mins away so hopefully no-one will be turning up unnanounced. I do worry about other peoples smelly touchy children too! Actually I worry more about my sister. This may sound stupid, but she smokes, and she'll want to come and hold and touch the baby and I just don't want her getting her stinky hands all over it. And I know that if I say anything she'll go of in a strop (she's 19 and very immature) and it will result in an argument with my mother getting involved. My mum already had a go at me coz I got pissed off with my sister touching my bump. Any advice on how to diplomatically ensure that she washes her hands before touching and holding the baby?

riabutterflew Mon 28-May-07 22:06:22

I have told DH though that we are waiting 'til his parents visit us. They haven't been to the house (OK, so I don't care and aren't losing sleep over it for me, but feel it is a crap deal for the boys) for over a year, probably xmas 2005, the last time we saw them on "local turf" was Easter weekend 2006 when they brought the other gchildren over for the day to a nearby town and "summoned" us to meet them on the beach for about half an hour then announced they were off for fish and chips and they would see us around. Didn't bloody invite us and they would have been paying for the others too (not that that is the point, but our boys get a really unfair deal because we don't live nearer). I think they visited DH at work this easter (as they "forgot" to post DS1s bday card) but I was away with the kids so it doesn't count!


My posts are a lot shorter when I'm miserable"!

riabutterflew Mon 28-May-07 22:12:53

Can't help you there bumper, sorry. Don't hand your baby over!!!

I am worried about my niece. She is 10. When DS2 was born she used to stand when I was feeding with her nose anout half an inch from my boobs! (which bugged me). My Mum has even said though that I will have to watch her as she will be trying to lift LO etc (she is always trying to carry DS2 about even now, and has since he became mobile, even though he hates it.) My sister is quite blase about it all and will say it's alright as she's careful etc, (though I bet she wouldn't have had anyone she didn't want near her babies) and BIL is completely uptight and able to criticise others but not take it IYSWIM.

This is all SO STRESSFUL. Why are we doing it!!!

riabutterflew Mon 28-May-07 22:17:16

Maybe don't even try being diplomatic! Just say "FFS don't touch my baby with your smoky hands" (presumably she won't be smoking in your house anyway so chances are she might be clean?) and then blame it your your hormones! (my poor hormones will be getting a guilt complex this week...)

I should go (looks much like I should be conserving my energy for murdering DHs boss).

I didn't know Top Gun was on!

Yeah, I'm a bit worried about DH's 10 year old niece. I don't want to be a really uptight possesive mother but I fully expect that I will be in the first few weeks. My only hope is that my sis will be too wrapped up in her own life to come and visit for a while!

Sound like your ILs are a bunch of twunts! Bloody families. I was quite surprised by the reaction of DH's family today, as though they are nice and not horrid or anything, they are very underwhelmed at everything, and this baby is just one in a long line (there are even great grandchildren now, and half of this little one's cousins are older than me!) so I am just pleased that they are getting excited for us, as I didn't think they would be that bothered. For my family though, this is the first grandchild/great niece/nephew so more of a big deal, but I still don't want them all descending on me with my bratty cousins!

Bloody families hey? Why can't they just be normal - like us? !

Good plan re hormones ria - maybe if I'm horrible enough she won't come back for a while! Sorry, that sounds horrid! I do love my sister but she's just so bloody immature and selfish, and I have extremely low tolerance levels for anyone even slightly annoying at the moment. Go watch top gun anyway! Take my breathe away is one of my favourite songs (gag I know!).

I'm going to go to bed soon anyway. Hoep the sun is shining in Ria Vale tomorrow!

BadZelda Mon 28-May-07 22:51:06

On the youtube vibe, this made me chuckle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-4LLkeKXWE&mode=related&search=

BadZelda Mon 28-May-07 22:52:57

That other video did bring a tear to my eye. Couldn't believe how calm and quiet they were. I'm sure a remember cursing loudly at the crowning bit...mum said she could recognise my voice from outside the labour ward?

I'm a bit concerned we haven't warned the new ozzies who have moved in next door about our planned HB...what will they make of it I wonder...

fatsuitgirl Tue 29-May-07 08:35:06

Morning all! Quick post as we're away (is half term, DH is teacher, is last time we're going to get away for months probably, even if it is pissing down with rain... . Just had a scan through messages and saw the word 'contractions'. Oh my God, so it's actually real then...

Hope you're all well - sun looks like it might be out today so might actually get outside... 37 weeks yesterday, so will keep you all posted on any, ahem, developments.

Thinking of you all...


annobal Tue 29-May-07 09:17:15

Have a great holiday FSG. LOL BZ re the neighbours - you just have to make sure that you are in the throes of labour before 10pm (actually my ideal time would be between 7-10pm so I can get a good night's sleep)

trendaverter Tue 29-May-07 09:33:13

Morning all!

Am now 39+3. Feeling like it's going to be overdue, plenty of BH's, but still no show!

Feeling a bit pissed off. My sister was supposed to come and visit me today (I need the company, v lonely) and I was really looking forward to it...cleaned bathroom, dusted etc etc and she calls to say "Oh you just assumed I was coming! No not coming today, too tired, will come thursday or friday instead"

I 'assumed' she was coming because she said she was. Well at least the bathroom is clean.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 09:39:40

morning TA...try to keep your chin up...a bit difficult at this stage I know. I'm 38+2 and very ready for this LO to come. I'm fed up having to haul this bulk around and waking up uncomfortable and un-rested.

trendaverter Tue 29-May-07 09:47:34

Hi Daisy how are you?

Yes it's a struggle in these last few days keeping chin up isn't it! I think a few of us feel in limbo a bit.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 09:51:43

I'm alright...contractions have stopped almost completely, which is just as well as DH has gone to work and won't be home till Friday evening!

trendaverter Tue 29-May-07 09:55:55

That wouldn't be ideal!

I'd love to just wake up tomorrow morning, feeling about as refreshed as I can get with a huge lump stuck to me, have a bit of brekkie and have a nice swift labour, no complications!

Knowing my luck I will go waaayyy overdue, yuk.

Are you still hoping for a c or natural?

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 10:10:33

Not sure really....we're booked in for a c-section next Tuesday (so the end is in sight) but I was kind of hoping for a spontaneous labout before then...but obviously now the timing is not ideal!

But, if bub is gonna come this week, there's not a lot I can do about it really. I've got a friend lined up as stand-in birth partner incase DH doesn't make it home in time!

trendaverter Tue 29-May-07 10:33:12

you will end up having your LO before me!
DH is on constant standby for my call. I do hope it's soon though, I am just getting bored

sputnik Tue 29-May-07 13:55:47

Afternoon all. yesterday I cleaned a lightswitch (very unlike me), am I nesting?

In answer to your question Daisy (if you can remember what it was), long afternoon naps and spare bedrooms

trendaverter Tue 29-May-07 14:27:11

I think a lightswitch is pretty reasonable, I clean those sometimes...cleaning a lightbulb however would make you a big nester

sputnik Tue 29-May-07 14:34:23

Can't remember the last time I cleaned a lightswitch though, I am a slob. Does anyone clean lightbulbs? I also got the cleaning lady to clean some kitchen cupboards .

trendaverter Tue 29-May-07 15:23:28

I am a bit of a cleaning fanatic but never stretched to lightbulbs.

Perhaps then you are nesting ;-) When are you due? It's eery quiet in here today...

lilKelBel Tue 29-May-07 16:05:32

<<length alert - length alert - get cuppa/wine now - there will be no intermission!>>

Hello and greetings from the crazy land of "Oh My God I've Got Two of Them, Now What Do I Do????"

Yes it's day 5 and it's all starting to sink in. Or maybe it's me just starting to sink...at any rate it bloody well better be the hormones because life seems a bit like a romcom film made on low budget at the moment...lots of frantic tears, cooing over teeny fingers and toes, and hysterical responses to normal household events (me to DH, "you threw our brand new rug away while I was in hospital?? why on earth...??" DH, muttering to self, "It was too soft! It posed a fuzz hazard! It had to go!!"). And so on. Is this real, I keep asking myself?

Back to the business at hand, sorry: my little girl (yes, a girl! oh great relief! I get to keep all the frilly knickers I bought her which she'll never wear anyway!) arrived on Friday morning as planned. While we had been expecting labour to set in earlier, it never happened and I never saw so much as a show or drop of waters.

After 3 days and healthy doses of morphine, I'm mobile and at home with a monstrous scar but otherwise feeling unscathed, compared to my last "natural" labour. In all seriousness, having an elective section was the best idea I've ever had, and every fight I had to endure to get it was SO worth it. The most painful part was the drip insertion in my hand at the very beginning (big wuss, me). The most difficult part was coming to grips with the fact that I was willfully asking someone to cut me open and pull out my insides. It seemed like a totally ridiculous idea at one point (Thursday night before the surgery springs to mind). In all though, it was calm, smooth, and quick. Perfect.

I managed to BF till last night when 'feed on demand' disintegrated into 'feed till your nipples fall off,' so we are using bottles rather earlier than expected, but at least I'll avoid mastitis this time. Am bravely trying not to feel guilty but it's not working very well.

MIL is being a huge help with DS, who is only mildly amused in the baby. Mostly her hair and the squeaky noises she makes when poked in the eye. I have high hopes for their siblinghood! Mostly I wonder how I will manage things like meals and bathtime with two, once all the help goes home. For now I will keep my head buried in the sand/nappies and attempt to believe there are enough dummies, bribery biscuits, and Calpol to make it work.

If it all sounds a bit grim, here is the light side: none of the drama or worry can possibly tarnish the massive relief we felt after having a completely healthy baby this time round. Compared with the nightmare which was DS' birth, this was like living in a spectacular dream. I savoured every second of those first few days, when before I was forced to squeeze my first mothering moments into brief and worry-filled visits to SCBU. This is what it's like to feel truly blessed.

Right then. It's been at least 5 minutes since I last stared at her teeny face looking for signs of life. Must go and reassure myself it's not a fantasy I will awaken from...

Love - formerly notsolilKel - x

justbeme Tue 29-May-07 16:29:14

Hi Likel!!
Great to hear from you and so pleased your home with your LO!
Thanks for the advice re Cs's - I may have to have one and feel its all rather scary!!

Dont worry about the BF, if its not to be and all that........ she'll be fine.

Havent checked out your profile yet, but will do and await your new photos!!

Well Done!!

annobal Tue 29-May-07 17:04:02

Welcome back Lilkel! Congratulations and well done. It sounds as though everything is going pretty well. Don't worry about the breastfeeding - there is enough to feel guilty for when bringing up kids without adding to the mix. And now you can also drink all you want

I do remember what it was like having a baby in scbu and when DS2 came along it was such a relief to have a 'normal' baby - it was a bit like a silver lining.

Enjoy your lovely new baby!

BadZelda Tue 29-May-07 17:08:49

Congratulations LilKel - Glad everything went so well. Looking forward to pics of the little precious xz

sputnik Tue 29-May-07 18:13:54

Hi lilkel, great to hear from you and so pleased everything went well for both of you. I just find it it really funny that now you have a baby! We have "known" each other since the early days of this thread and we've always been pg. Maybe I'll have one too soon. Take care, and you WILL cope, I'm sure

lilKelBel Tue 29-May-07 18:21:38

lol sputnik
profile updated!
u guys r the greatest nonRL friends a girl can have!!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 18:40:24

Wow Lilkel.... she's gorgeous and am so glad the section went OK...hope you're recovering nicely.

Don't beat yourself up about the BF...you DS isn't that old himself and I can imagine what a strain it all must be. I'm not entirely sure how long I'll last.

Enjoy these few weeks of getting to know your LO and adjusting to a new family member and all the routine changes and hiccups that will bring....


BadZelda Tue 29-May-07 19:00:12

Aww CUTE - what a sweet little one. Went to see the midwife again today, to pick up the HB box - and she said bub is well and truly engaged now. She's dropping the box in tomorrow. Also said it could happen any day (to my surprise!) so I guess I'd better replenish the midwife supplies (i.e. choccy biccies) which I have to admit I have dipped into a little...oops!

Awww lilkel - she's gorgeous, and so pleased everything went well for you. Good luck with all the settling down and recovery, remember that we are all here for when it gets too much! Which it won't coz you'll be fab!

derlor Tue 29-May-07 19:21:51

Hi Lilkel - i'm delighted for you and your family. Sienna is truely beautiful - i'm not surprised you can't stop looking at her - it sounds like things are going really well and long may that continue.
we are proud of you but also very jealous as Daisy said - I WANT MINE NOW!!!!!!
LOL xx

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 19:26:13

Lilkel! She's just beautiful [sob!]

I'm so pleased for you, am sure that everyone else is taking alot of reassurance from your c-section! Its wonderful that it all went so well.

I remember trying to juggle the two just to feed and bathe. Its really hard, but comes good (honest!).

So well done you. Am SO

Bumper - re. the handwashing. Everyone who comes in and touches a newborn should wash their hands. The MW will do it a million times, you'll do it a million times. It is what everyone should do. And so you can say "would you mind washing your hands?" Or, "the MW has advised that everyone washes their hands before cuddles". Yours will be red raw from all those nappy changes, pukes, washing everything that is pood, puked over etc etc etc! so don't worry about that.

Thanks for the advice foxy! Will remember that - if this baby EVER comes!

lilKelBel Tue 29-May-07 19:39:57

oh I hope all your LOs come soon - and safely too!! It will all be happening before you know it!!

Just reading all your congratulations is making me all teary eyed - it's just so kind of you all to care & everything, considering you wouldn't know me from a bump in the wall in RL! Thanks a million!!! MN is such a godsend!!!

<<excuses self in mist of tears and thankfulness for such kind people in a mean & nasty world>>

derlor Tue 29-May-07 19:41:04

Bumper i'm SURE your baby will come out one day!!!
i'm at the stage now where people i meet look at me like i've lost a leg or something and say - "oh are you still pregnant then??" "NO. I'VE JUST SHOVED A FUCKING FOOTBALL UP MY TOP YOU MORON!!!!!!" should be my response but i tend to just say "yeah"
i'm not even due till monday so i can see this all getting very messy!!!!!!!

derlor Tue 29-May-07 19:43:30

IKWYM ilkel i've completely dropped all my RL friends since discovering this lot - RL ones are just so boring!!!!!! - much more supportive and understanding on here.

derlor Tue 29-May-07 19:44:06

oops sorry Lilkel NOT ilkel!

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter Lilkel.

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 19:44:45

Poke them in the eye Derlor.

C'mon, we need some more babies! Who is going to be next??

derlor Tue 29-May-07 19:47:01

oh me foxy me me me me me meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
bet those two tuesday sections beat me and probably you too!!!!

derlor Tue 29-May-07 19:49:02

i've got an AN appt in the morning - think i'll just ask the MW to do it vet style and glove up and pull the baby out - what do you think AIBU???????

I'm in a head to head race with Holly for this little one. Have a feeling she may beat me as an old timer - but I'm on the RLT and pineapple!

Just how much RLT do you think you need to drink?

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 19:51:21

I've got a MW appointment on Thursday...do you think she would have a look to see whether all these contractions I've been having are actually doing anything, or are they not allowed to at this stage? (I'll be 38+4)

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 19:54:26

Yeh, Daisy, get her to have a good old poke around!

Derlor - EVERYONE will be before me. I'm already thinking ahead to coming up with my own AN thread titles - something about Foxy's Fanjo is Fucking Sealed Shut is as offensive as I can manage at the mo.

I take it back, it's me and catsuit girl due on the same day. Just had a look at the stats thread (you are doing a brill job PA holly) and there are loads of people ahead of me! Hundreds in the first half of the month and not so many in the second half.

Hoep you are all well anyway. Haven't heard from many people recently, DKMA you out there? Doggus hope you are doing ok too.

Not long for you either way daisy. Are you hoping for natural labour now or not sure? Don't know about the AN appointment - sorry!

derlor Tue 29-May-07 19:56:15

Daisy surely a little peek couldn't hurt!!
Bumper i'm on the pineapple and mango juice.(Foxy swears by mango) but still nadda - also taking RLT but that just makes things easier when you actually go into labour - ripens cervix aparantly - doesn't make labour start have been going upand downstairs sideways and squatting down on my hunkers but that just makes me pee!!

I wouldn't speak to soon Foxy, remember a lot of us are first timers, we could be sitting here drumming our fingers until July! I'm sorry, was that drumming our fingers or drumming our DH's into the ground with a frying pan!

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 19:57:20

and you are all going to start threads about my offensive titles, tutting at me ...

Derlor - is pinapple juice as effective as actual pineapple? Might try the mango juice too. Is that based on anything or just experience?!

Just don't go joining the due in July thread! Keep the faith!

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 20:00:06

keep reminding me I need this baby to arrive in week 41

any sooner would be too complicated. I'd have to get help in

am taking RLT tablets as of yesterday, have clary sage ready to burn and Caulphyllum 200 ready for week 40.

and I think she's going to be massive!

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 20:01:44

mango juice was recommended by a pharmacist. worked for his Mrs apparently.

That and a hot nandos got Em out (eventually).

BTW Tescos are still doing fresh pineapples for 99p!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:02:57

LOL Derlor....I squatted down to put something in the kitchen cupboard yesterday and thoughtt my waters had gone....nope it was just wee

DS got send a card with some money in it for his birthday from my big sis....and some bas**** in the PO system had part sliced open the top of the envelopr and had the £20 . When I spoke to them they said it could have been the franking machine, but if that happens they are meant to put it in a plastic envelope explaining....because it's just been taped up (after its been franked, btw), it looks to me like foul play (and it looks like its been sliced with a sharp knife). PO saying...well you shouldn't really mail cash and nothing more they can do. Poor DS distraught as he was wanting to buy something with his birthday money and doesn't have enough now(of course the extra will come out of my purse!). Waht a bunch of wankers

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:08:37

Got my pineapple (from Tesco) and some mango and pineapple juice in cartons. Also taking Rasp Leaf tablets, as it helps with shrinking your uterus back down again as well.

Kind of hoping for spontaneous labour before next Tuesday, or changing the date of my section until after my due date to give me a better chance.

But, to keep the hopes alive, one of the May ladies went for a sweeo at 41 weeks and was told she was 4cm dilated....And She Hadn't Felt A Thing

Love the thread title Foxy...I dare yu to use it

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:09:16

at the spelling...Again!!

derlor Tue 29-May-07 20:11:06

thats really shite Daisy - our mail often arrives with a wee torn corner - makes you mad doesn't it
foxy i LOVE your thread title - PMSL (literally.......again!! )
i swear i've been for a pee about 20 times today - well more of a dribble really oops ?TMI - sorry

derlor Tue 29-May-07 20:12:34

oh i don't know Daisy 05/06/07 is a really cool DOB - i'd keep that date if i were you

Oh, I think we've all gone way beyond TMI on this thread - get it all out girls!

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 20:13:44

Bastards! Poor Red Mystic Ranger, that's a mega-morpher doobywotsit. Grrr!

How can I farking well still have mice?? Just saw one of the little bastards in kitchen! (which BTW is spotless!). Have traps, poison, ultra-sonic useless things, everything! Little fuckers!

Can't wait for bedtime. Did the Natural History Museum today (on the bus too!). Feeling virtuous, but knackered. Only thing keeping me up are the two packs of chocolately snacks I bought from M&S on the way home!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:14:57

Its nice and easy to remember I suppose....
DS's is 25/5/2 so that's quite easy as well.

bloody hell, how (and why) have I landed myself with two gemini's....

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:16:15

Get a cat Foxy......or borrow one from a friend for a week or so, if they don't get eaten they'll be scared off!

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 20:16:31

I'm impressed Daisy. I can never remember my kids birthdays!

derlor Tue 29-May-07 20:16:50

apologies to any mouse/animal lovers in advance........

Foxy try frys peppermint chocolate cream in your traps - they love the minty smell then can't get away cause their feet stick to it - at least they die happy eating chocolate - what better way to go???

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:17:22

when you've only got the one there's no excuse really. My poor mum struggled to remember all of our names, let alone birthdays

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:17:55

maltesers are good too, as are mars bars

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 20:18:07

I'm going to have to aren't I? Eurgh, mice corpses of a morning!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:19:17

My cat used to leave the heads and/or tails on my pillow for me....how sweet [bleargh]

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 20:20:14


derlor Tue 29-May-07 20:22:15

eeeuuuuugghgghghh i'd rather have mice than a cat. that is totally bogging [vomit] [vomit] [vomit]

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:24:51

She once chased one into one of my trainers and had her head in the shoe trying to get it. Of course I didn't realise and pulled out the laces then yanked the tongue back to find this wee mouse cowering in the toe...I don't know who got the bigger fright, me or th mouse, but the shoe wen't in one direction, the mouse in the other, me in tey another and the cat didn't know which direction to gon in....one of those "wish I'd had a video camera moments"

hollyandalice Tue 29-May-07 20:25:04

G'day chicks! No baby here yet ! 37 weeks today, so lots of sex from now on ! My mum keeps telling me to do it lots, it's very disturbing! This week would be good atch coz she is on half term, but I'm sure it's not gonna happen. Mw is coming on thurs to deliver the HB kit so I spose that'll make it all seem real! AAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Everyone seems in a pretty good mood today, which is fab! Lilkel your lo is seriously gorgeous, I bet she smells wonderful!! I love that nb smell, I can't wait!

Bumper I think the RLT is 3 times a day, that's what it says on my pack and that's what I'm doing. Lots of nice ripe cervixes all round!! Hooray!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:28:26

at la redoute......got a mail shot from them with a code for a free suede holdall, another 3 piece luggage set if I order from the spring/summer catalogue, plus free delivery, but they won't recognise my customer number. When I click on pay by card, it tries to get me to set up anothr account [grr] [grr] [grr]

Foxy, if you tell me your chocolatey snacks from M&S were belgian chocolate covered raspberries and strawberries I might cry with envy!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:33:12

What happens if you take more than the recommended dose of raspberry leaf? Can you take the tablets and the tea at the same time?

...and what, Foxy, is caulphyllum 200 and can I use clary sage as of now?

not that I want this LO out or anything!

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 20:33:25

Nothing so exotic, I'm afraid bumper! Two variety packs of chocolate biscuits, wafers, teacakes, that kind of thing. Yum!

derlor Tue 29-May-07 20:35:33

ROFL Daisy - you should change your name to DesparateDaisy xx

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 20:36:36

Caulphyllium is a homeopathic remedy. My first MW (way back when!) recommended Caulphyllium 30, and start to take it at week 38. DS1 did come on time BTW!

Can't remember if I took it last time, but I still have the same bottle in the cupboard!

According to the blurb I got with my new birthing kit, its to keep contractions going if they slow down.

Oh, now I need M&S choccy! I've been really good today, had chicken salad for lunch then grilled chicken kebabs with veg for dinner, with lots of fruit in between (and no coco pops) now I just want chocolate! I am so worried about being fat after the baby is born, and worried that I won't be able to snap out of these bad eating habits. What hope is there if I can't even go 1 day without chocolate or icecream (mmm, yesterday it was a caramel mcflurry, day before a whole tub of Haagen Daz).

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:39:26

and you can be DesperateDerlor...

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 20:42:43

I have to say Bumper that I put on all my weight after having each one. Being knackered, sat on my arse breastfeeding, reaching for cake and sugar to keep me going, meant I piled on a couple of stone after the baby was born. Am very conscious of it this time as its the last baby so no more excuses, so I've kept my gym membership going and will be at Weightwatchers as soon as the autumn term starts in September!

Am such a saddo! Could just buy control knickers instead!

DesperateDerlor Tue 29-May-07 20:43:09


foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 20:44:01

Anyone else watching How to Look Good Naked?!

DesperateDerlor Tue 29-May-07 20:44:17

could just wire your jaw shut Foxy - much easier than the gym!!!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:45:30

I'll need the control knickers regardless.....I'm a bit worried about what my existing c-section "hang over" will look like after another c-section. DH kind of gets it that it will bother me (after me bawling my eyes out over it for two hours at the weekend).......and has said I can have a tummy tuck for my 40th birthday!!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:45:55

....suits you sir!!

DesperateDerlor Tue 29-May-07 20:47:56

cool, a tummy tuck - you can eat all the cake you want then!!!

hollyandalice Tue 29-May-07 20:48:07

Figleaves sale. Still a bit pricey for me, but thought someone might be interested!

I'm with you foxy on the weight watchers front! I shall be a fully paid up member asap! I'm fed up being fat! You get extra points if you are bfing! Bonus!

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 20:48:31

how would I scream at my children if I wired my jaw shut?!

hollyandalice Tue 29-May-07 20:49:31

I'd love a tummy tuck, they can cut off all my stretchmarks at the same time! I'd gladly be fat for the rest of my life if I had no stretchmarks! I hate them!

DH is very against boob jobs so I compromised and said he had to let me spend a fortune on expensive bras instead should the need arise (it undoubtably will)!

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 20:50:45

I'd have a boob lift - if they didn't slice your nipples off and re-allocate them!

hollyandalice Tue 29-May-07 20:51:40

<<<shudder>>> at the nipples being sliced off!!

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 20:52:28

30 points at WW for bf! Yea!

hollyandalice Tue 29-May-07 20:53:47

Sweet, surely that's a few glasses of wine, or are you supposed to use the extra points for nourishment??

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:54:12

My SIL has one DC and is 25 wks pg with twins (and looks s big as me at 38 wks) and has NO Stretchmarks. There's just no bloody justice in the world.

My mum had four of us and didn't get any either so, ya bollocks to all that genetic tendency crap

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 20:54:49

It doesn't matter - that's the beauty of weighwatchers! cake or wine, as long as you don't go over 30 points.

hollyandalice Tue 29-May-07 20:55:09

My mum has none either daisy, the witch!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:55:32

Never tried WW...more of a slimming world lass me as you can eat huge portions and still lose weight, but I think WW do something similar as well now don't they?

hollyandalice Tue 29-May-07 20:56:24

Cake and wine for me all day when bubs is born! Veg is free isn't it? I'll just eat loads of carrots and peas for actual food!

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 20:58:59

Oops....gotta go, don't want to be late for my date with gordon, LOL

Oh, btw...i keep on checking Natty's blog, but no sign of photos yet. I hope all is well with them and that they're just busy moving/adjusting to new baby/settling in etc (by heck she doesn't do things by half)....
I might send a quick text to see that she's OK

DaisysGotSausageFeet Tue 29-May-07 21:00:27

peas are quite fattening Holly...don't think they count as free because of that fact

DesperateDerlor Tue 29-May-07 21:02:22

30 POINTS - YIPPEE, i swear by WW but have never used when BF before - i've scrimped by on 18 or 20 points - worked a treat though

hollyandalice Tue 29-May-07 21:03:23

Shit, carrots and lettuce then!

Never tried WW. Is it worth the money?

DesperateDerlor Tue 29-May-07 21:05:52

it'll be worth it for all the cake and wine you can gorge on

DesperateDerlor Tue 29-May-07 21:07:41

well Bumper i've done WW twice - 1st time lost 1.5 stone in 10 weeks, 2nd time lost 2 stone in 14 weeks. biggest plus is that you can eat WHATEVER you want

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 21:13:46

Yep, I love it too! There's always a registration free voucher in the News of the World so you can save, then I think its about £4 or £5 a week. You do have to pay if you sign up and miss a week (unless its holiday). Or you can just sign up and get the books. Oh, you can do it on-line too.

foxybrown Tue 29-May-07 21:15:12

Not that I read News of the World, you understand - DP gets it ... for the sport, you know.