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Any Bristol bumps?

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Jjspoon Sat 02-Jul-16 16:00:21

Any mums to be in Bristol and surrounding areas?

Has anyone gone to look at any hospitals yet and had any thoughts or made decisions?

Where were your scans if you've had them?


PrincessPlod Thu 07-Jul-16 22:18:51

I'm from Weston-s-mare

PrincessPlod Thu 07-Jul-16 22:20:00

Posted too soon, I've had scans so far at Weston General but will be having some at St Michaels later on and intend to give birth there.

Jjspoon Mon 11-Jul-16 21:31:52

Yay, I thought I was never going to get any replies! How far on are you? And why did you decide on St Michaels? I do like the look of their midwifery unit from what I've seen online but haven't been to see yet (too early)

McBobby1 Fri 19-Aug-16 00:34:42

Hi, I really like southmead birth centre (can't remember the proper name) it's midwife-led and that's where I had my son and it was a pleasant experience.

Appletree4 Thu 25-Aug-16 18:35:16

Hi both,
Just found this thread and I'm in Bristol too! smile
There's a southmead birth centre in Kingswood called Cossham which is where I'm booked. My friend had her baby there in January and it was beautiful!! The staff are friendly and the partners seemed really well looked after too.
I'm due 24/12/16 so may even get to sample their Christmas menu!

SpottieDotty Fri 26-Aug-16 07:15:05

Yep, due 1/11 and booked into Cossham :-)

McBobby1 Fri 26-Aug-16 08:30:07

My cousin had her baby there (cossham) last year and she said it was a brilliant experience. She even compared it to being at a spa! I'd love to go there but it's a tad far.

Carly321 Thu 22-Sep-16 22:36:05

Hi bristolian mums to be. I'm in bristol and am thinking about where to have the bubba. Thinking of southmead because they have a midwife led unit and a delivery suite with Drs should you need further support.
Does anyone know anything about antenatal classes or groups!? I just want to talk to someone who is going though the same stuff but maybe I can also find this here! X

MoonlightMojitos Wed 28-Sep-16 18:11:30

Hey Carly.. I'm the op but with a namechange smile. I had a mc last time so stopped posting but have just had another bfp so thanks for reviving! When are you due? I think your midwife will give you more info on classes later on. I'm thinking of doing an nct course too though, mainly because I don't have any friends with babies or ttc yet so will want to make some friends.

Thanks everyone else for advice too. I do like the look of cossham but I'm too much of a worrier, especially expecting 1st that it's so far from hospital if anything did go wrong. I think I'm going to go with southmead mendip suite (midwife led unit) so it's close to main hospital just in case.

Appletree4 Thu 29-Sep-16 08:24:41

Hiya, I'm in a similar situation, have a small circle of friends in Bristol none of which have babies! I've looked around for some groups near by but haven't had any joy when I've tried to join them - little Om yoga never even answered my texts! I've booked onto a local NCT so hoping that might be the answer.

We went on the Cossham tour last week and it looks really great, they did say there was a 30-40 min transfer to southmead though if needed, which sounds a little long but I trust they know what they're doing.

When is everyone due?

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