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April 2014 Thread 4 - We're almost in Trimester 3!

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LeeHandy Wed 04-Dec-13 20:26:51

Here's to fantastic 20 week scans, feeling baby move and other exciting milestones and best of all, the end of sickness!

Cannotbelieveit Wed 23-Apr-14 08:25:17

It's gone quiet on here!! Tho the fb group is always busy?

Getting frustrated as now been in 3 times for rfm and he had some decels yesterday on a planned ctg so back again today and Friday for more monitoring. Tho Friday a mw will hopefully do a sweep for me! Would just love it to happen on it's own before then! Just want him here safely and quickly!!


Vikkijayne2507 Wed 23-Apr-14 08:11:01

dropped off the thread. hope appointment us fruitful light and baby puts in an appearance. James had a gd night last night actually sleeping most waking up for feeds. im not counting the chickens to quickly he has gd and terrible nights but I spent a lot of yesterday talking singing massaging and showing him stuff around the house so hoping that tired him out at 1 month old (where did it go) he's a lot more alert and wants to look at things better eye focus and easier feeding

LightTripper Wed 23-Apr-14 07:56:41

How is it going? Hope everybody had a lovely Easter!

My due date today, but no sign of movement. Off to see the GP sooner have an extra BP check as it was a bit high last time. I'm wondering if she might have time to feel if the baby is engaged yet too, as she's usually very quick and efficient and has done all the antenatal checks including listening to heart beat in a 10 minute slot before, so fingers crossed I might find out a bit more!

Hope it is a lovely sunny morning for everybody else and that BF and sleeping free becoming less of a challenge for everybody whose babes are already here.

LT 40+0 (!)

LightTripper Sun 20-Apr-14 08:17:24

Congratulations Misty! And welcome to the outside world Emily!

Sorry the BF is still a hard slog. It's been useful info for me - forewarned is forearmed I guess - so thanks for sharing!

Never, I saw your story on the other thread, what a horrible thing to happen. It is just a huge thing to start to get your head around, don't rush and be patient with yourself won't you? We are all thinking of you xxxx

prettyinpink90 Sun 20-Apr-14 01:34:52

Congratulations misty thanks

LeeHandy Sat 19-Apr-14 23:45:48

congratulations misty!! glad to know Emily arrived quickly and relatively easily. take care!!
never, I hope you feel better soon and have someone taking good care of you.
on feeding I think for every 2 steps I take forward, I end up a step back. I thought I was getting ds into a routine of every 2 hrs when all of a sudden he started demanding little feeds every 30 mins.
I have got a referral to get his tongue tie sorted and I can't wait for the date. I hope it helps me with the soreness and pain which has become constant whether I am feeding or not.

Cannotbelieveit Sat 19-Apr-14 20:45:15

Congrats Misty!!

Never I'm sorry you are still feeling fragile I hope your pain subsides ASAP x

39 weeks today and irregular cramps most days but nothing happening!!

BlessedAssurance Sat 19-Apr-14 19:50:27

Didn't know Vikki, will check it out, thanks

Vikkijayne2507 Sat 19-Apr-14 17:36:16

congrats misty well done.
blessed the shields come in different sizes have you checked

nevergoogle Sat 19-Apr-14 15:38:04

Congratulations to everyone. I am reading but not always posting. I have a thread in childbirth where I am posting but not really feeling up to venturing onto other threads yet. Certainly not up to a AIBU thread.

Glad to see everyone's popping out healthy lovely babies.

BFing has stopped hurting here now and he's starting to sleep for a little longer. I need the rest. I'm discovering aches and pains every day from the CPR and am still on painkillers for the rib, chest and back pain. The bad nights are pretty bloody bad and on the good nights i'm still up patrolling the perimeter, checking on everyone.

Keep reminding myself that this stage is only for a few weeks.

Well done everyone x

badfurday Sat 19-Apr-14 14:58:09

Congrats misty!! Great name too! Enjoy your littlun! grin X

Trinpy Sat 19-Apr-14 09:57:35

Congratulations misty!!! what a wonderful Easter present. Lovely name too.

Hope your baby puts in an appearance soon roodles.

roodles84 Sat 19-Apr-14 04:24:02

Congratulations misty! thanks
You've given me renewed hope that my little one might still turn up before we start down the induction route.

BlessedAssurance Fri 18-Apr-14 23:09:59

Misty congratulationsthanks. Lovely name too. Went to school with a lovely Emily so like the name..glad you got the birth that you wanted..

ChurrosConChocolate Fri 18-Apr-14 21:39:58

Aaah, that is great news misty! Congratulations thanks I love the name, and I'm so glad you got your home birth in the pool. Good sized baby, hope you are feeling ok and the after pains ease soon.

blessed my son had those spots and I think they cleared up quite soon. I bet they are more noticeable to you than other people!

For those still waiting my doula has just informed me that dates are the latest things in apparently bringing on and shortening labour!

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter.

Misty9 Fri 18-Apr-14 20:39:20

Hi all. Baby Emily came into the world at 40+9 just before 3pm this afternoon. Born in the pool at home as planned and out in three pushes. Just under 9lb so a bit smaller than her brother, just! Feeding well but bloody hel the after pains are bad! Labour started 7am this morning and progressed quickly. Was only in the pool for 40mins before pushing!

Her brother is too excited to go to bed, could be a long night smile

LightTripper Thu 17-Apr-14 07:05:28

Thanks all! churros, I am with you despite the nausea. If I just have Easter to get myself sorted and relax a bit before baby comes I will be very happy.

Right, today should truly truly be my last day in the office. Really looking forward to getting done. Just need baby to hang on a little bit longer!

Well done and good luck to all the ladies soldiering on with BF. Am going to use you all for inspiration when it is my turn!

D xx

BlessedAssurance Wed 16-Apr-14 22:21:07

Bought breast shields and they do not fit. Ds is also struggling with them so they are out. The search for a cure continues. Churros the rash has those white bumps you talk of. Hope it clears soon enough.. I did not realise how vain i was till now. I wanted to show off my lovely new baby but ever since that rush have put off going anywhere with him because i don't want to be answering the what is wrong with his face question every 2seconds.

ChurrosConChocolate Wed 16-Apr-14 14:08:40

blessed, seems like a good plan to persevere with breastfeeding for another couple of weeks and see how you feel. It's no good if it is really not going well and getting you down but it sounds like you are doing a great job! Annoying that you weren't able to get any help. Do they have drop-in breastfeeding cafes you can go for advice near you? Is the rash on your baby's face milk spots (little white bumps) or is it red? Milk spots are pretty common I think, and nothing to worry about.

Light yuck about the nausea, hopefully blessed is right and means you are near the end! Hope you aren't one of these people that finish work and go into labour the next day grin

Vikki that's great if your baby likes being swaddled! Can be so good to settle them and give you a break.

Full moon seemed to give me some painful BHs last night but it didn't come to anything. Which is a good thing, I want to get past Easter before having this baby! Feeling better than I have in ages though, happy to carry on pregnant for a while longer, easier to look after a baby in my belly smile


Trinpy Wed 16-Apr-14 14:06:24

I've been thinking about you misty and hoped something would have started for you when I logged in today because I know you've been in lots of pain with this pregnancy. I'm really glad you're feeling more positive now. I know sweeps can be very uncomfortable and not much use if your baby isn't ready to come, but it seems like your body has been slowly gearing itself up to go into labour for a while now, so maybe that would give it a last push to get going?
Vikki and Blessed babytrinpy has been doing the same thing for the last few days. He spent all of Monday night and most of Tuesday crying for a feed. He fed for 10 mins, rested for 5, then started crying again. It can't be possible for anyone to need to eat that often, so I think you are both right that it's a comfort thing they do. It's exhausting though.

BlessedAssurance Wed 16-Apr-14 10:17:19

Vikki i had the same issue with Ds yesterday night. Used me as a pacifier, would not sleep and cried when put down. I had a couple of hrs proper sleep. Next day the same and my boobs are back to being sore. One thing is clear he is going through a growth spurt. He drinks and feeds many times and he has become a chubby handsome boysmile i feel it is too late for me to quit. Dd saved me the trouble when 6months. She just refused breastmilk and that was that. I do not see it happening with my little man.

One question,he was born with clear gorgeous skin,now his face has a full on rush. Is this normal? Do i need to take him to the doc? It doesn't look terrible just that his skin was clear before. Thanks for any info..

Tripper i had nausea right at the end so cheer up, baby is on the way..oh and Vikki around 5am i took Ds for a change, changed him and sat on a stool. Holding him. Dh walked in with me asleep,Ds in my hands not arms. He took him from me then ordered me to bedgrin. Every time i am knackered DH asks" should i get some formula now? Me "no". I am paying the price for wanting to ebf,Dh just wants a functioning wife. I will give it another two weeks and see..

LightTripper Wed 16-Apr-14 09:04:46

Is anybody else's nausea getting worse again at the end? Not as bad as it was but back to pretty much 24 hours now, which is getting me down a bit. Close to retching again a couple of nights this week sad. Quite glad to have work as a distraction in a way, though looking forward to Easter as have some nice things planned (if baby doesn't make an entrance by then!)

Glad to hear the BF is getting better for you blessed! I only found out at the weekend that I wasn't breast fed as my Mum found it too painful and had to give up! But I think in those days there wasn't much help available, so I'm hoping I'll have better luck, as it does seem much more convenient later than hauling formula and bottles everywhere!b anyway! didn't seem to do me any harm, so will try to remind myself that it's not the end of the world if I do have problems.

LT (39+0)

Vikkijayne2507 Wed 16-Apr-14 02:40:57

breastfeeding is very stressful but yesterday he wanted to eat all night in the end at 5am after not sleeping I grabbed blanket tightly wrapped him up in it and ge fell asleep within a minute. I think he wanted to feel safe but didn't know how it other than feed and suck on me. and I got 4 hrs of sleep after

BlessedAssurance Tue 15-Apr-14 18:36:17

Hi all. Breastfeeding still painful but getting so much bettergrin. I did not get help from the HV. The health sister came home to us, saw Ds latch on and announced it was perfect and went on to discuss other thingssad DH has had to take the role of breastfeeding consultant and actually has done a great job.
misty baby not interested in our crazy world i guess. I hear it is so much better in theregrin. You only have a few days or hours before baby arrives. Enjoy them because soon it will be sleepless nights[hope not] again but my word does it feel good to be not pregnant!! smile

ChurrosConChocolate Tue 15-Apr-14 14:47:54

Full moon tonight according to my calendar! Might start some of you overdue ladies off? Although the maternity wards are normally heaving on full moon nights I've heard, so may not be a good thing!

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