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The Short Cervix Club

(548 Posts)
Pizdets Mon 10-Jun-13 19:25:31

Given the high number of threads started in 'pregnancy' on short/incompetent cervixes of late, I thought I'd have a crack at starting a club which we can join to share how we're getting on and pool the information we've been given which hopefully can also reassure or inform other ladies coming on here and worried about the state of their cervixes.

I'll kick off with a bit about my own story:

I'm currently 24+4, due 26th September. I had a scan at the prem clinic at Queen Charlotte's in London who measured my cervix as 2.3/2.4cm and advised a stitch (they do this for anyone who measures under 2.5cm). I had the stitch put in at 15 weeks with a spinal block and so far so good - I'm walking the dog, doing pregnancy yoga, still fairly active and no problems or twinges at all (so far!).

Please feel free to share your experiences, ask questions or update, it's great to hear from other people going through the same worry and so reassuring to know if things are going well!


applecore0317 Thu 05-Feb-15 02:29:56

Hi, just wanted to join this thread...

Had Lletz treatment for CIN2 just under 14 months ago, consultant booked me in to check my cervix length due to some slight bleeding first and second trimester.

Had the first internal scan three weeks ago at 21 weeks and my cervix measured at 3.1cm, which the consultant was happy with but because I was getting fluid leaking wanted to rescan the following week. Next measurement was 2.5cm and then back again today (now 24 weeks) andmeasured 2.4cm, no funnelling. They could see pockets of water which which they think is a slow leak from my hind waters but they're not worried as it poses littlw risk of infection.

I then had the first of two steroid injections, second one today and was prescribed cyclogest pessaries to us three times a day.

Feeling a bit aprehensive and have another internal scan next week. Just hope the cyclogest work and baby stays put for as long as possible

April1984 Mon 02-Feb-15 11:54:04

Hiya everyone.

I have recently been diagnosed with a short cervix. I still can't quite believe everything that has happened since December. I lost my son in December at 24 plus 5 after I was found to be painlessly 3cm dilated. We are completely devastated. He lived for 12 days in the NICU but they died as a result of an aggressive infection. It's all very early days and I have been looking into lots of options for the future to try to avoid it happening again. I have never even heard of a short cervix before and have never had any procedures previously on my cervix. have spoken to numerous doctors and think we will probably have a TVCIC (high Shirodkar stitch) next time around. I have toyed with the idea of a TAC but have been advised not to in my circumstances.

happygojo, they usually measure your cervix transvaginally (i.e. internally), I think you may also see the baby.

Tamsininbed, good luck with your bedrest. Please don't let my story worry you, I have also heard lots of success stories and my issue was found much much later than yours and I only had an emergency clercage at 24 weeks plus 2 days.

happygojo Wed 28-Jan-15 12:12:55

Hiya everyone. I had lletz for CIN3 6 years ago, and I need to go and see a consultant. Could anyone please let me know how they measure your cervix? is it an internal scan? like an early preg scan? also, do you get to see the bubs at all?

Since the lletz I have had a IUD put in and removed, a MMC which was sorted with medical management with no problems (apart from the fact it was an MC obviously), and no-body has mentioned that my cervix is flimsy or anything and my MC was a blighted ovum so in no way related.

I just wondered what happens, I have had most of Norfolk NHS look at my foo foo so I am not scared as such, I just like to be prepared.

TamsinInBed Tue 27-Jan-15 19:29:52

Hi Sam965, I'm sorry to hear about your stressful first pregnancy but am greatly encouraged you made it to 42 weeks and all was well so congratulations!

I'm on my first pregnancy with severe shortening and an emergency cerclage, so I can't speak from experience about the second time around, but my doctor has said that if I'm ever pregnant again I would have a preventative cerclage put in at around 13 weeks (could be a bit later). So I'm fairly sure that if you've been properly diagnosed with Incompetent Cervix (horrible term I know), then yes unfortunately you may be stuck with it. However the great thing is that they can take preventative measures so that the second time should be a lot less worrying as they know the problem from the start.

I've found the website very helpful, it's all women on bedrest, and there'll be people on there doing this for the second time who'll have better knowledge than me. But the fact you got to 42 weeks is fantastic so you're in a much better position than most, especially if you didn't need a cerclage. Hope this helps.

sam965 Tue 27-Jan-15 18:05:03

Hello - can anyone help? With my first pregnancy, I had cervical shortening, and ended up on bed rest, with progesterone pessaries etc. and i found the whole thing very frightening and stressful. In the end, after ALL the worry, my baby was born at 42+2 via forceps, fit and healthy. We now want to try for another pregnancy but I am worried about it happening again. I had heard that there was a fairly clearcut way of predicting whether cervical shortening would recur but my GP had no idea what I was talking about. I have not been able to get in touch with any consultant to ask the question and wondered if anyone knew the answer. What's the chance of cervical shortening happening again, because I am not sure I can go through all the stress again....

TamsinInBed Sat 10-Jan-15 20:22:52

Hi, I know this thread is old but I'd like to resurrect it if pos. I'm currently 25 weeks with a v short cervix and emergency cerclage at 20 weeks. I would love to know how the other posters are getting on, how many weeks you got to and how you managed bed rest if you were out on it as I'm finding it absolute hell! Would love some people to chat with!

lulalalala Wed 26-Nov-14 12:15:43

joeschmoesmum I've managed to creak onto 33 weeks today. I've been scanned either weekly or fortnightly and am more or less stable at 12mm
with confirmed funnelling. No stitch, no bedrest, no further steroid injections and just taking 200mg of cyclogest every night.

Going back for my final scan tomorrow and not sure whether I will be able to get another prescription of cyclogest to take me to 35 weeks. Every time I turn up at the clinic the obstetrician seems surprised to see me - I don't think she thought I would get this far!!!

Hopefully I'll get to 36 weeks when I can get my elcs date and then 39 weeks for the elcs itself!

TrudesH07 Tue 18-Nov-14 18:27:55

Hi Ladies,

I hope you don't mind me crashing this post! I am 29 +1 and had a McDonald put in at 13wks due to having 2 x lletz Jan & march this year as I had cervical cancer. Was advised by my consultant that he wanted a clear smear before getting pregnant (whoops) he advised that I would need a stitch as they took quite a bit of cervix away with the procedures. Despite me telling my gp all the info the consultant advised (at 4wks) he still sent me for a normal mw appointment, I explained to the mw that I needed to be referred to consultant care due to the history etc and I had to push for an earlier scan (11wks) she didn't refer me to a consultant but I had a smear check up booked in for the day after my scan thankfully and that consultant sorted me out.

At my scan the sonographer was bit sharp at the beginning I assume she thought I was just trying to be scanned earlier until she measured the length of my cervix, it was at 2.3cm at 11wks! I was booked in for stitch at 13wks, my consultant was shocked at how short it was. Took her a bit of time and lots of pulling and pushing to get it in. I haven't had my cervix checked since, but have been taking 400mg of cyclogest every night since and have to continue till im 34wks.

I am also wondering if my girl will come when the stitch is taken out at 36wks, I cant wait to meet her. Apart from smear issues in July everything else has been smooth going, well apart from having a placenta at the front and also an extra bit floating around in there lol. Obviously a healthy baby girl is the most important thing but I cant wait till this pregnancy is over and I have her in my arms. I know everyone else is asking when did people go in to labour after the stitch has been removed, I guess we cant say but its always nice to find out how long people went after it was taken out.

Sorry for long post! smile

Chatty987 Thu 16-Oct-14 20:36:14

I had my follow up after my cerclage yesterday. It was just a discussion with the consultant. She said I would not have any further cervical scans now. It's just a case of wait and see. I was slightly surprised by this as I know others have had scans - but not sure if just a regular scan or internal?

I asked about progesterone pessaries and she said she would not recommend it for me. Again was slightly surprised. She said she's not convinced by evidence for it. Perhaps it's just not appropriate for my circumstances as again, am aware through MN and other forums of lots of others taking it.

That sounds really positive re your scan. Keeping everything crossed for you and keep taking it easy.

Hope all the other mums to be in similar situations are doing okay.

Viperama Thu 16-Oct-14 16:59:22

Hi Chatty, good for you doing all that research off you own back, your an excellent Mom already! Do you have a follow up scan booked to find out if the 18mm has been improved since your stitch? Are you taking progesterone?

Scan went really well yesterday, not 100% accurate as my bladder was full apparently (even though I went literally 5 mins before). With all that We've been doing it had gone from 11mm to 33mm in two weeks, with 15mm of cervix above the stitch.

I am SO relieved!! I've been told for the next 4 weeks to carry on doing the same as I have done, and I've my next internal scan booked November 12th.

I feel like I might just be bringing home a full term baby again!smile

Chatty987 Thu 16-Oct-14 16:02:26

Hi Viperama

Firstly, I hope all goes well with you post cerclage and that your scan went well. Must be very worrying at the mo.

I understand where you're coming from re not being advised re adverse affects post biopsy.

I had a LLETZ for abnormal cells earlier this year. I informed consultant at the time that I was ttc for DC1 and that we were keen to get pregnant as I was 35 and childless. Not once did he mention to me that I should inform midwife/obs team if I got pregnant, nor did he mention the possibility of doing a cervical scan to assess any risk during pregnancy. The only thing that was mentioned that there was a "small" increased risk of premature birth around 36 weeks. That was it.

It was only through my own research and speaking to friends that I realised the potential issued involved and insisted on seeing an obs/gynae consultant and having a cervical scan.

The scan results showed length of 18mm (at 18 weeks) so I had the cerclage done the next day.

I'm now at 21 weeks and having a month off work on partial bed rest. Fingers crossed baby will hold on in there for a few more weeks at the very least!

Wishing you well.

Viperama Wed 15-Oct-14 09:04:33

Hi Ladies, can I join?

I'm 23+3. I had a loop cone biopsy 9 years ago. Never was it mentioned that there would be an issue with my cervix, until at my checking in appointment, they referred me to Prem Clinic.
At my first Prem appointment they asked me to find out the depth of tissue that was removed, if 10mm or more, I would need to be observed fortnightly. It was 10mm.
All was going hunky dory until 21+3, at 19+3 cervix was 34mm, at 21+3 it was 11mm and funnelling. I was admitted right away, put on cyclogest, bedrest, and had an emergency cerclage the next day.
2 nights in hospital, then home for bedrest. Follow up scan two weeks later.

Well it's now two weeks and so far so good, I've my scan at 250 today and am kacking myself. But hopeful.

When this is all done, I will be writing a letter to the GMC about the consultant who performed the biopsy 9 years ago. The effects of this procedure are well known to cause cervical issues, if I wasn't such a thorough person and mentioned this at my first booking in appointment there would have been no monitoring and I would have lost the baby. He was negligent not mentioning this to a woman in her 20's with her child bearing years in front of her. But for now my focus is on keeping calm for little bean.

joeschmoesmum Thu 09-Oct-14 13:49:32

lulalala sorry I cannot provide any answers, but would it be worth getting a second opinion? I always err on the side of caution, especially with such important issues.,

I'm also looking for advice, as it seems this thread has had some people with many varied experiences and good knowledge.
Also 24 weeks (today! phew) and have had cervical length monitored from week 14 due to a remote possibility of IC after repeated hysteroscopies and various other surgical procedures.
Length has been stable throughout at 38mm (has been measured as long as 41mm, but gynae thinks that's more to do with variation in measurement rather than actual change in cervix).
Yesterday's measurement, at 23w6d was 38 again BUT there was some Y funnelling that I could clearly see on the u/s. Dr ignored it, and when I asked about it he brushed it off and said he is really not worried about it.

Well... he might not be, but I am... Anyone know how serious funnelling is at this stage (it had def not been there before, btw) and what the prognosis might be? I am definitely seeking a second opinion, from a cervix specialist, but would love to hear anyone's experiences from here!

Thank you (and sorry for long message!)

lulalalala Fri 03-Oct-14 22:05:48

Hi. I've been reading this thread and would like some advice/reassurance as I am being monitored currently for a short cervix. I went to post dates with my last pregnancy (42+2) and ended up with an EMCS as I failed to get past 2 cm dilated. My lo was 9lb4!! Never had a cervix scan.

This pregnancy (at a different hospital) I was offered a cervix scan at my anomaly scan and they said it was short -24mm at 21 weeks - and I was asked to come back 2 weeks later. Went back at 23 weeks and it had shortened again to 20 mm so I was given 200mg cyclogest. I had to go back the following week at 24 weeks, again it had shortened to 16mm so I was sent up to day assessment to see a doctor who said they won't put in a stitch as baby is now viable. So I had a steroid injections and told to come back the following week for another scan. Went back this week and initially was told it was stable and then they said it might have shortened a bit more to 13mm.

I have not told to go on bedrest etc. just to avoid heavy lifting. Has anyone had a length this short without a stitch and managed to go to term? I'm finding it really hard to get my head round this one being preterm when I went so over last time.

I have had laser treatment for CIN1 about 15 years ago and when I asked the doctor about it having an effect on the cervix it was kind of poo pooed.

Kelly1814 Tue 16-Sep-14 06:59:17

38 weeks is amazing. My planned section was so lovely and calm, I'm so glad I did it. I'm so excited for you!

TaytoCrisp Tue 16-Sep-14 06:33:30

Hi all. Hope you are keeping well amum.

38 weeks tomorrow! Can hardly believe it. Due for planned section in 8 days (wk 39). Hoping for no major action til then....though I'm feeling quiet ready. Hospital not far away if we need to get there quickly!!

Kelly1814 Mon 15-Sep-14 16:28:53

Sorry, and amuminwaiting, well done too. So many names smile

Kelly1814 Mon 15-Sep-14 16:28:14

Hello everyone! This thread dropped off my watch list for some reason.

I'm so glad to come back and to see good news, Lawro congrats on your baby girl!

Tao and beetling well done, as the weeks go by you are getting closer and closer.

My stitch baby turns one tomorrow! I'll confess to feeling quite emotional. Not about her getting older, more all the memories of the fear and stress of the pregnancy have come rushing back.

I will never forget it, or the kind ladies on this thread who held my hand and literally got me through day by day. You are all marvellous people and I think it's fair to say we are all bloody brave and brilliant.

Onwards, short cervix club! I look forward to more positive updates. Stay strong everyone smile

aMuminwaiting Tue 02-Sep-14 08:21:20

Everything was fine and has remained fine so far (everything crossed). Have another consultation and scan tomorrow to check my cervical length. He said if all good he'll leave my suture in until 37-38 weeks, much longer than St Marys suggestion of 34 weeks. It makes sense that if it's working then why take the risk of removing it and having the baby early when I could have the possibility of going full term. My only worry on that is if I do still go into labour with it in place will they make as much of a hash job of removing it as last time?! I have very vivid nightmares about it. Can't believe I'm 23 weeks, never been this far before. How is everyone else doing?

PuppyProblems Mon 01-Sep-14 13:37:24

How did it go with the consultant muminwaiting? Everything ok now?

aMuminwaiting Mon 18-Aug-14 16:21:16

Just realised I wrote the stuff about stitch thread coming out on my own topic. Just to catch you up:
I had a shirodkar suture put in at St Marys at 14 weeks. Am now 20+4 and have lost some stitch thread when wiping over the past two days. I was told at my last clinic there that this may happen and there may be some spotting in the next week but nothing happened so I thought nothing of it. Then over the past few days there was the thread. The doctor who performed the suture never mentioned this and it was only mentioned in passing by this other doctor who checked me out at 17 weeks for concern about uterine pressure. I took the bits of thread to my midwife just for some reassurance but she said she had no idea and to talk to the consultant about it on Wednesday. I went to the hospital to get checked out for cramps and back pain and was looked at with a speculum. He didn't say anything about noticing thread coming out and it happened when I got home and went to the loo. Please tell me I'm worrying about nothing. I can't find anything about this online. Only a diagram of a shirodkar suture with stitched holding the band down in place.
Anyone else had this?
Seems to have all come out now. Fingers crossed all ok. Seeing the consultant Wednesday.

aMuminwaiting Mon 18-Aug-14 16:16:13

I'm ok. It all seems to have come out now and I was reassured it was just the thread used to hold the suture in place initially.

BeetlingAbout Mon 18-Aug-14 10:14:04

How are you getting on muminwaiting? I hope the anxiety isn't getting the better of you. Are you still feeling sore?

BeetlingAbout Mon 18-Aug-14 10:13:55

How are you getting on muminwaiting? I hope the anxiety isn't getting the better of you. Are you still feeling sore?

BeetlingAbout Mon 18-Aug-14 10:13:28

How are you getting on muminwaiting? I hope the anxiety isn't getting the better of you. Are you still feeling sore?

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