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The Short Cervix Club

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Pizdets Mon 10-Jun-13 19:25:31

Given the high number of threads started in 'pregnancy' on short/incompetent cervixes of late, I thought I'd have a crack at starting a club which we can join to share how we're getting on and pool the information we've been given which hopefully can also reassure or inform other ladies coming on here and worried about the state of their cervixes.

I'll kick off with a bit about my own story:

I'm currently 24+4, due 26th September. I had a scan at the prem clinic at Queen Charlotte's in London who measured my cervix as 2.3/2.4cm and advised a stitch (they do this for anyone who measures under 2.5cm). I had the stitch put in at 15 weeks with a spinal block and so far so good - I'm walking the dog, doing pregnancy yoga, still fairly active and no problems or twinges at all (so far!).

Please feel free to share your experiences, ask questions or update, it's great to hear from other people going through the same worry and so reassuring to know if things are going well!


Lawro Fri 18-Apr-14 11:25:53

Hi, Thankyou Kelly! Taking it one day at a time, wish I could fast forward 10 weeks!! Bedrest is such hard work, so isolating. I'm now 24+3!

Kelly1814 Mon 14-Apr-14 19:21:53

Lowro, I do not realise you had your stitch whilst wide awake, you are incredibly brave and strong, am so in awe of you! Great news that you had steroids. I had them at 24/25 weeks and when my daughter was born she had zero problems breathing, they had thought she might.

This exact time last year it was the night before my stitch. I can't believe it when I look at my healthy little girl.

Stay strong ladies, I am proof that the stitches are literally life savers. And please keep us updated, you are all in my thoughts. envy

Iolaway32 Sun 13-Apr-14 19:37:26

Really glad Lawro,and I am sure things will get better now specially with after they started with steroids.So far the Doctors did not offered me any steroids Injection & have a appointment in 3 weeks time when I will be 26 weeks,I am hoping to get there without any problems.
Take care

Lawro Sun 13-Apr-14 18:20:24

Hi! I'm back home after having the suture on Friday. It went well but did kick off some contractions so got sent to delivery suite. It settled down and now I just have a small amount of bleeding. I found it very traumatic having the procedure wide awake as I was so concerned for baby but hopefully things might go a little more smoothly now! I will be 24 weeks on Tuesday and I had my steroids in hospital too which is a relief xxx

Iolaway32 Fri 11-Apr-14 16:39:11

Hi Lawro
Just hope everything goes well for you today,also sweeetheart21 just wonder how many weeks are you now and if everything is well.
Just had my appoint,today at Hospital to be checked if the cerclage is working and for far its fine but they said to me it will just delay on baby come early,so mine target is 28 weeks anything over that will be a bonus.

Iolaway32 Wed 09-Apr-14 11:04:40

Hi Everyone,
Just posting some news since came back from hospital,I am now 22+5 and so far so good after the cerclage.I am at completely bed rest at home but by my own choice as Doctors said it was no a problem to carry on as normal as long was nothing tenuous.I will have a scan this Friday to check everything is ok with the stitches.
I will let you know what happen on Friday.

Kelly1814 Mon 07-Apr-14 19:50:11

Lowro, yes I had my cerclage at 17 weeks...one year ago next week.

My cervix has been almost zero for years due to numerous lletz procedures. I had always been told that if I ever had children I would need the stitch...but it always seemed so far off in the future.

Luckily I live overseas and had an amazing consultant who specialises in stitches, most docs would not have been able to do it. Even she was doubtful immediately afterwards and there was literally hardly anything to stitch. But it held!

Also the stitch was never up for discussion...I see so many people on this thread and others who have to just 'wait and see' in the uk.

Lawro Sun 06-Apr-14 11:21:49

THanks Kelly, did you get a cerclage? 36 weeks is great! At what point in you pregnancy were you zero? Xx

Kelly1814 Sun 06-Apr-14 10:51:55

gosh lawro what a scary time for you. rest up. i was on 400 mg of progesterone a day...my cervix measured almost zero in places, 1.5 at the widest.

my baby stayed in until 36 weeks, she actually had to come out then because of IUGR. stay strong, every day and week is a bonus. i know how terrifying it is.

Lawro Sat 05-Apr-14 20:21:59

Lolaway32, oh my goodness what a shock for you! Hope you feel better soon and that the stitch does the trick. I wasn't sure if I was too late for a stitch at this point but maybe they should have given me one much earlier. I think my consultants view is to "deal with it when something happens! Hopefully my next scan will show no change or improvement. Xxx sending you positive thoughts xxx

Iolaway32 Sat 05-Apr-14 18:37:34

Hi Lowro,just to say i was also in cyclogest 200gr as well for the past 2 weeks but did not work much for me.

Iolaway32 Sat 05-Apr-14 18:33:38

Hi Lawro,
I am sure you will be fine,i am 22 weeks gone &yesterday after another remeasure they find out i was 5mm. I was so scared and just had time to call my husband and let him know they was going to send me to theatre as a emergency to have my cervix stitched. So far everything went well and i will be staying in hospital until Monday. Really,really sore but at least with some reassurance this will work. I am surprised that since you had before a baby at 24 weeks they did not offer u a cerclage?
Try to get second opinion or just speak to your consultant about this as i was told they should offer me cerclage at 17 weeks due to my baby been born at 30 weeks.
Hope all goes well with u and keep posted.

Lawro Sat 05-Apr-14 15:31:00

Hi ladies, hope I can join you here. I'm currently 22+4 with a cervical length of 2.5 and funnelling (started at 5.8 at 12wks) my last baby was born at 24wks, he survived but was extremely poorly. I've been told to rest and been put on cyclogest 200g. I've taken myself to bed as this is such a critical time, my initial goal is 24wks where they will give me steroids. I also have 2 boys at home aged 4 and 5. I have another scan next week to remeasure.

Iolaway32 Thu 27-Mar-14 15:19:48

Hi ladies,
I am currently 21 weeks and absolutely petrified as I find out on my last scan that my cervix dropped 2.4cm in two weeks to 1.5cm. My last baby was born 10 weeks early weighting 3 Pounds 7 ounces but did not have any problems at all and we was able to take her home within 4 weeks. I did ask what caused the early birth but he just said it one of those things.
So 8 years later, with this pregnancy I find out I have short cervix and put on I was on 200 mg of cyclogest every day too. I keep reading everyone stories and its really comforting to know some really successful and happy endings. To my surprise my consultant did not advise bed rest or anything in which is so frustrating as I've been having so much pressure on my pelvis.
Dizzy77 posted lovely reassurance comments back in June 2013,it would be nice if anyone could share any comments with me that is in similar weeks of pregnancy.

minipie Thu 13-Mar-14 19:54:21

... and PS for those who are pg, I hope you all have healthy babies and your cervixes behave themselves!

minipie Thu 13-Mar-14 19:53:40

Hi ladies

I hope you don't mind me gatecrashing your thread to ask a question. DD was born at 34 weeks in 2012 for no apparent reason (though I did have a cervical cauterisation some years ago so wonder if that might be the reason). I am now about to start TTCing DC2 and would like to get my cervix checked/scanned, privately if necessary to see if there is a cervix issue.

My question is, is there any benefit to getting this check done before getting pregnant? For example are there any extra tests they can do pre pregnancy which would not be safe once pg. Or should I just wait until I am pg and try to get a scan then?


sweeetheart21 Thu 13-Mar-14 18:46:17

I was just told my cervix was 2.7 and I was 23 weeks 3 days...I had a cold knife bioosy 3 years ago...she said no lifting..nothing heavy took me off work permanently. She said no sweeping or mopping and no grocery shopping and yo take it easy I have a 4 year old....she checking me again at 25 weeks..this Tuesday...ive cut back 95% but with a 4 year old its hard...has anyone experienced this ??? I'm hoping its stable when I go back in

212smj Wed 12-Mar-14 08:36:06

Hi Rad, no hard and fast rules on bed rest I'm afraid. Here in the UK lots of consultants don't agree it helps significantly, where as in the US they prescribe it at the drop of a hat! Your wife's cervix is short but what really matters is what the cervix is doing. Lots of women have short cervix but as it's not funnelling or shortening further that's a really good sign.

I have been on bed rest for 10 weeks in hospital as my cervix is opening to my stitch. My strict instructions from my consultant were bed all day, can have a 15 minute shower and I can go out as long as I'm in a wheelchair so no weight on my cervix. But I stress this is because my cervix is misbehaving. So far your wife's isn't.

Good luck.

Rad2014 Wed 12-Mar-14 07:50:32

My wife was diagonised with a short cervix 2.2 at 28 weeks. After a week she was checked again and it remained stable.
The gynae wont do any more US as it can stimulate shortening.so she is on bed rest( from the 24hr- walks for an hour,sitting-2 hrs a day and rst of the time is just lying down).Is this enough bed rest or she needs to cut down on walking and sitting ? The docs just say to take it easy but no concrete replies.Please share experience / suggestions.much appreciated!

212smj Wed 12-Mar-14 00:00:36

Hey Ladies,

I'm 34+1 today! Wow! Never thought I'd get this far!! Stitch comes out on Thursday when I will be 34+3. Consultant is worried about longer term damage to my cervix from the stitch as my cervix is trying to open and he does not want a tear for future pregnancies so taking it out a bit early. So anyway........ What happens when stitch comes out? Should I expect to be in labour shortly afterwards?


Lulubelle12349 Tue 11-Mar-14 09:52:08

Hey flower girl

How are you? I've read through all the threads and yours too I'm really sorry about your long procedure but lucky you pushed for the scan.

I had a previous miscarriage last year May on my husbands birthday at 19 weeks due to an incompetent cervix. So I waited to 6months to get pregnant again and now I'm 16 weeks and 2 days.. With my new doctor she took had me have a stitch done at 12weeks I had it done under general anesthetic.. I've had it in 4 weeks now and I'm experiencing slight pains in the abdomen.

I wanted to ask were u put on bed rest after your procedure. I was out on strict bed rest because when I was having the stitch out in the doctor said my cervix was open already which she hadn't anticipated.. I'm curious about your aftercare because your further along.

I've been constantly worried about any pain or cramping. I've had sex once since the procedure(tmi sorry) But very gentle. Nothing too hectic and quick too.

I'd like to her more about your experience after the procedure. Are you still working. How far along are you now and when did your dr suggest taking the stitch out.?

I look forward to hearing from you..

Flowergirl0814 Mon 03-Mar-14 12:35:40

Hi ladies
I've just spent a few hours reading back from the beginning of this thread! Wow! Congrats to all the new mums! Such a positive thread and it's made me feel so much better. Thank you so much.
I had LLETZ in 2008 (after I'd had 2 full term babies) and was told they'd taken away most of my cervix. All gynos said my cervix was strong enough to carry a baby after. Hmph. Fast forward 6 years and I'm now 17+4 with baby #3. I pushed for a cervical length scan at 15 weeks. It was 17mm. I had the stitch put in the following week under spinal and it was actually 1cm and the surgeon struggled quite a lot. My posterior cervical lip was fused to the vaginal wall and she almost didn't manage to get it in but eventually did (after a long 45 mins!).
Just waiting for my scan on thur to see what's been happening over the past 2 weeks. I'm on progesterone pessaries which are vile but I do think they help as prior to having them I was already having strong BHs which I don't now.
Would love to talk to other ladies in the same situation as no one seems to understand how awful it really feels to have a crap cervix sad

Alexandra6 Tue 25-Feb-14 08:52:21

Hello! I just wanted to come back on this thread as I don't think I updated you all - piz, kelly etc, I hope you're still around. I had my baby girl back in December, she went two weeks overdue and they ended up speeding things up with a drip even though my waters had broken, as I was 42 weeks. So despite no stitch and all the worry about my cervix length after my LLETZ, it turns out it wasn't incompetent at all in this pregnancy which I'm so grateful about. I've had a quick scan back over posts and think I can see some measurements similar to mine so thought I'd let you know that often it's so hard to predict how a cervix will hold up and also it's hard for them to scan accurately.

I'm really sorry to those who've suffered losses and really hope things work out well, and the stitches hold up for people who are advised to get them.

And thanks again piz and the others who supported me when I was at a very anxious stage and going out of my mind with worry , it really helped smile

Rad2014 Mon 24-Feb-14 16:05:29

I am 28 weeks and was diagnosed of a short cervix 2.2cm.the doc advised bed rest.can the short cervix lengthen and if so how many weeks does it take? Really worried. Previous history not gud.delivered our first child at 29 weeks ,had gall stones that time.the second one was miscarried at 12 weeks.and this is our third.....any advise / suggestion much appreciated...
On prg shots since wk 16.

212smj Fri 07-Feb-14 03:43:59

Thanks Kelly. I know you are right, I have been terrified about losing this baby at almost every stage. Worrying has become like 2nd nature!!


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