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The Short Cervix Club

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Pizdets Mon 10-Jun-13 19:25:31

Given the high number of threads started in 'pregnancy' on short/incompetent cervixes of late, I thought I'd have a crack at starting a club which we can join to share how we're getting on and pool the information we've been given which hopefully can also reassure or inform other ladies coming on here and worried about the state of their cervixes.

I'll kick off with a bit about my own story:

I'm currently 24+4, due 26th September. I had a scan at the prem clinic at Queen Charlotte's in London who measured my cervix as 2.3/2.4cm and advised a stitch (they do this for anyone who measures under 2.5cm). I had the stitch put in at 15 weeks with a spinal block and so far so good - I'm walking the dog, doing pregnancy yoga, still fairly active and no problems or twinges at all (so far!).

Please feel free to share your experiences, ask questions or update, it's great to hear from other people going through the same worry and so reassuring to know if things are going well!


BabsUnited Mon 23-Nov-15 11:41:11

Hello everyone. I have a feeling I posted on this thread a while back when I was newly pregnant, hope everyone who is currently pregnant is doing well!

Hi jgiles - I'm not sure about the numbers as my consultant advised against doing any internal scans to get accurate measurements, but in general I think emergency stitches (which is what it would be at your gestation) have a reduced rate of efficacy and also more likely to risk breaking waters etc. A lot of different consultants have different views on which is best - progesterone or a stitch, some are pro one approach and anti another, it's luck of the draw who you get and what they think, in my experience. Even those who are, say, pro progesterone vary in their opinion of how much is good to take - 200mg/400mg/1x/2x a day etc. But I would talk to your consultant about prescribing bed rest. I've gleaned from various forums that bed rest is more commonly prescribed in the US and not so much in the UK, it depends how understanding your consultant is. I'm sure you could 'play up' the anxiety element of working and being stressed about working as usual and worried about your cervix shortening further, a bona fide note from your consultant should be accepted by your workplace and not put your career at risk. What is it you do (roughly!)? Struggling to think of any professions that would be totally against any time off whatsoever. Time to put yourself and your baby first smile

I wondered what people's views on progesterone are and how long to take it. I'm currently 34.5 weeks, and due to have my McDonald's cervical stitch out at 36.4 weeks. I'm still taking 1x400mg cyclogest each night and wondered how long to take it for. I remember my consultant saying from the 32/34 week mark its efficacy hasn't been proven, but I have about another 4 weeks' worth left and wondering whether I should just continue or stop. Am not due to see her until the stitch removal, and I'm not even sure I'll see her, it might be someone else doing it. Does anyone know what the best practice is? Am tempted to just keep taking it until I have the stitch out, then stop as if I go into labour from that point I'll feel I've done everything to get to that point, whereas if I stop now and i go into labour before the stitch is taken out I will berate myself for stopping in case that was the cause.

Any thoughts?! flowers

jgiles Wed 11-Nov-15 08:49:47

Hey everyone I am now 16 weeks 5 days at my check today my cervix shortened to 1.6cm. has anyone had a successful pregnancy with this short of a cervix? My doctor says a stitch is to risky and will not preform it. I just started my progesterone shots, another question I have can my cervix lengthen with this and bedrest? I have a tough decision to make it took me 11 years to get pregnant and bedrest may mean losing my career. at my 14 week check up i was 2.5 cm. I have already shortened quite quickly. I'd really like some input.

Thanks everyone

MoreChilliPlease Tue 10-Nov-15 08:42:55

Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to MN (usually lurk around pregnancy/baby names boards but rarely post much).

Following a LLETZ procedure earlier this year my doctors have just discovered that my cervix has started to thin - from 38mm to 25mm in the space of four weeks. I'm 21 weeks along now and until this point everything had looked fine, but I've now been given nightly progesterone suppositories and will be checked in two weeks to assess the need for a cerclage.

I'm feeling very scared but remaining hopeful. My baby appears to be healthy (touch wood) and for me that's a good sign. I was wondering whether any of you have experiences similar to mine and whether you have any advice or stories to share to help me feel a bit more positive or at least to know a little more about where I stand. Thank you.

MrsRedMonkey Sun 08-Nov-15 22:00:22

Hi Charlotteeee. I just had the cerclage put in last week as a preventative. My ob/gyn sent me to a periontologist to monitor my cervix because I've had 3 losses, one was at 22 wks. Incompetent cervix was suggested but not confirmed until my peri doc looked at my old ultrasounds. My length was fine when she checked before surgery but after she said it was soft which is the beginning of weakening. She told me take it easy or I'd end up on bed rest. When I'm not at work I stay on the couch. 1st measurement after cerclage coming up Friday. I'm sorry for your loss dear. All we can do now is go above and beyond to follow dr's orders. You are definitely not alone and fx for your rainbow baby.

Pizdets Sun 25-Oct-15 10:25:39

Great news April! So pleased for you, congratulations on your lovely boy! 35 weeks is a great result and 5.5lbs is a really good weight, so pleased to hear all went as well as it could have. Hope you're enjoying all the snuggles. No sign of baby coming here although I've had cramping overnight for the last 3 nights. Hope he holds off a week or two longer so I can enjoy some maternity leave wink


April1984 Sun 25-Oct-15 07:05:22

I mean grateful I got to 35 weeks!

April1984 Sun 25-Oct-15 07:04:39

Hi sorry also for lack of reply. I had my little chap 3 weeks ago at 35 weeks by emergency c section as he was breech. Suddenly went into pre term labour. Stitch held well and did its job. Seems ptl is also an issue. I'm very grateful to have got to 37 weeks tho and my little angel is doing fab and had no extra help. He was 5.5Ibs and now is 7.1Ibs. Good luck all and fab re 37 weeks piz x

Pizdets Fri 23-Oct-15 20:01:30

Hello JPD, dashwood and jgiles sorry I've not checked this thread for ages but wanted to say hi! dashwood are you in the UK? Just wondered with your mention of health insurance etc. JPD I had the cerclage in at 14 weeks this time and had scans at 16, 20 (they just looked as part of the 20 week scan but did an internal) and 24 weeks. With my previous pregnancy I had scans about fortnightly until about 32 weeks but I'm not sure if that's because I was part of a study or for my own benefit! Maybe it's worth pushing to see if you can have another scan about 24 weeks to check it's holding ok?

jgiles not sure what to suggest - if you read back through this thread some of the ladies didn't have a cerclage and were fine. Taking it easy is a good idea, and I've heard good things about progesterone.

Sorry - not much helpful advice for you all but I hope things go well! For what it's worth I've just had my second cerclage removed at 37 weeks and have been very grateful for them. Apparently my cervix is a bit of a mess now but it's holding out so far and has got two babies to term so I can't complain.

Wishing you all lots of luck!!


jgiles Thu 22-Oct-15 21:25:02

Hi everyone, I am so glad that I found this group to join. I 10.5 years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl during that pregnancy I found out I had a thin cervix and went into labor at 26 weeks. Held off until 32 weeks with bedrest and shots. She was born healthy and precious.

Shortly after had a leep procedure and contracted an infection that skard my tubes, ovaries, uterus, and cervix. Was told I would never have children again.

10.5 years later (a week ago) I went in for bleeding and found out I am 13 weeks pregnant. I have been cervically bleeding for a week now but every time I go in they insist the baby is okay.

I just got my cervix measured I am 2.5 cm which scares me this is much shorter than I was with my daughter and I had her two months early.

My doctor insists my cervix isn't that bad and hasn't considered a stitch, also doesn't want to start progesterone shots until 15 weeks.

I'm finding myself very nervous and unsure what to think with this pregnancy it was unplanned and doctor did not restrict me in anyway. I am on my feet all day at work as a photographer/graphic designer. I am refusing to having sex though he did not restrict me from sex. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and good vibes for all the pregnant women out there going through this.

dashwood1 Tue 20-Oct-15 03:28:11

I am currently on bed rest with a cerclage pessary and a cervix length of 2cm (my cervix went from 3cm to 2 cm in a week) I get my cervix length checked every 2 weeks.

I am sorry but you should be having your cervical length checked on a regular basis. You should push your doctors especially for your peace of mind. Mine is a rainbow baby as well and i will do anything to not loose this one. I have no health insurance as i had cancer 3 years ago and no-one will insure me so this is costing us a fortune but worth every penny. Are you able to get another opinion?

JPD1990 Fri 16-Oct-15 10:23:30

Hi all,

Very new to mumsnet but feeling very anxious and being a bit of a google warrior hasn't helped with my anxiety.

I lost my last little one at 23 weeks, born alive and crying the doctors did not intervene as the said its not policy before 24 weeks. It absolutely broke my heart.

I fell pregnant fairly soon after and the consultant decided to take the watch and wait approach, I started cervical scans at 15weeks, my first measurement was 3.3cm, but then only two weeks later I measure 2cm, although there was no funnelling, I had a stitch put in. However they have told me they won't be scanning my cervix again and I'm feeling so anxious. Has anyone else had similar experiences? Is it normal to stop scanning? I am only 17weeks sad

Thanks for reading

mauritia Sat 26-Sep-15 17:22:02

Hi Kelly1804,

I am not sure if you are still receiving the answers to your post, but I have almost exactly the same condition you described about your cervix. Now in week 16, half a cerclage done at week 12 (cervix was only .5 then, now on 3.1cm) and forbidden any activities. I would be curious how your story went? Did everything go well? Ah, and I have twins!

Charlotteeee Fri 14-Aug-15 17:22:22

I'm so sorry to hear of your losses and what you are currently going through. I am sending you loads of positive thoughts and hang in there.
If it helps I've read lots of positive stories of people in a similar situation and the stitch has held for them. You are in the best place so stay strong.

How do I find the other more current threads? This is all new to me so I can't seem to find them easily. X

Itscurtainsforyou Fri 14-Aug-15 12:52:32

I've also been posting on the other board.
I lost twins a couple of years ago at 22w+5 and 22w+6. At the time they said it was because they were twins (more weight/pressure etc) and my cervix couldn't cope. I already had a little boy who was 2-3 at the time (no similar problems with him).

I'm now pregnant again, they put in a stitch at 15w as my cervix was shortening. A scan last week showed that my cervix had funnelled down to the stitch and I'm now 2cm dilated. The stitch is the only thing holding the baby inside.

Since the scan I've been on hospital bedrest, only getting up to go to the loo. I'm currently 22w+4 and desperate to get past the weekend and past the gestation of my twins.

I can feel the stitch pulling and have had some spotting. I'm just hoping that lying at a tilt will take the pressure off my cervix and buy me a bit more time.

Charlotteeee Fri 14-Aug-15 11:14:11

Hi Pizdets,
Thanks for your message- I will definitely check out the more current boards as I feel like this is definitely helping. Just reading other peoples stories and knowing I'm not alone is a great help. Its so nice to hear success stories. All this is very new to me and I found this thread whilst googling and felt I needed to get in touch with others as it seems so many people have taken comfort in chatting to others in a similar situation.

April, I definitely know what you mean about getting to the stage where my son was born last time- I have nearly 5 weeks to go so just counting down the days, and then each day after will be a blessing- As you said, its knowing the stitch is doing its job.

I have definitely embraced my new status as couch potato, thanks for sharing your blog- I will be sure to check it out.
Would love to stay in touch xxx

Pizdets Thu 13-Aug-15 20:31:50

Hi charlotte this has dropped off my threads but just spotted you've been chatting to april. I started this thread over 2 years ago and am now pregnant again and 27 weeks. I had a stitch again at 14 weeks and so far so good.

So sorry to hear about your loss, so many stories of heartbreak on here and it doesn't make subsequent pregnancies any easier. Sounds like things are going well for you and you're a bit more in control this time.

There's a more current short cervix conversation going on in the pregnancy boards I think with a few people going through the same thing (which is where I've spoken to April before) if you want more reading/people to talk to.


April1984 Wed 12-Aug-15 19:38:23

No problem. I'm always around (not doing much generally so the Internet is my link to the world!). I totally understand your anxiety. I have and continue to feel the same. The hardest part of dealing with the recent loss of my son too has been the fact that however hard they try. Friends and family just can't understand. I think they feel I'm ok now in pregnant again. This is why these groups are great.

I wish I could give you an easy way to get through it but after a loss it's always going to be hard. My biggest milestone was passing the date i had my son. Psychologically this gave me a little bit of confidence in the stitch. Then I tried to just look at small targets and to try hard to celebrate the milestones as they came(-easier said than done!). I have a blog I've being doing which has some bed rest tips on. Here it is http://mum-blings.com/front-page/photos/top-5-things-to-do-whilst-on-bed-rest/ if you're interested! Keep in touch. X

Charlotteeee Wed 12-Aug-15 18:41:02

Hi April1984 - thanks for replying to me! I too am so sorry about your loss. It's lovely to hear from someone who understands the situation.
I find it so hard not knowing how this pregnancy is going to turn out and I feel like I have so far to go before I'm out of the woods. I too have put myself on modified best rest and I have been told by the consultant no sex, swimming, heavy lifting etc. I'm doing everything I can. I'm being really well looked after by the hospital and I've just got to hope for the best.
Good luck to you and I wish you all the best x

April1984 Wed 12-Aug-15 18:13:43

Sorry I'm on my phone, I didn't see the part where you said you'd had a stitch too. You therefore have a v similar treatment strategy to me. I'm currently 28 weeks (another boy) . All ok so far. I put myself on modified bed rest, eg no excercise, sex, baths, swimming etc. but it hasn't been formally advised - I just felt I had to do this and luckily my circumstances permitted this as I'm still on maternity leave from my first son. You sounds like you are doing very well. Feel free to ask lots of questions, there are lots of people in this group who have been through this, some for the second time with a stitch.

April1984 Wed 12-Aug-15 18:09:21

Hi Charllotte

I am sorry for your loss. I have a very similar story. I lost our first boy in December at 24+5 after going to a routine appt days before to find out I was 3cm dilated. I had an emergency stitch but it failed 3 days later. Our little boy did amazingly well but died after an infection after 12 days in the NICU.

I find it afterwards I had a short cervix. It was measured when I wasn't pregnant after my loss and it was around 2.2-2.5 cm.

Do you know how short your cervix is? My only advice is get a second opinion. I got 5 separate opinions when I got pregnant again and it was helpful tho they all said different things! I ended up getting a stitch at 12 weeks. Also on progesterone. Is it a specialist you are seeing. Sadly you often have to be quite pushy with doctors x

Charlotteeee Tue 11-Aug-15 11:27:41

Hi ladies, just wondering if there is anyone out there going through pregnancy at the moment with a short cervix? I've read nearly all the posts on this thread and have taken such comfort in the success stories and wondered if there is anyone out there going through this currently?
This is my 2nd pregnancy- my baby boy arrived last October after a 1 week stay in hospital at 24+1 due to an IC but he died shortly after he was born. I knew I had this problem almost from the start of my pregnancy due to LLETZ treatment I had in 2010 but the decision was made by doctors to not do a stitch, but I was having scans to check the length of my cervix. I started dilating at 23 weeks and was put on hospital bed rest.
I am now 18 weeks pregnant with another boy and I've had a stitch in since 12 weeks and in 200mg progesterone pessaries each night and I'm so worried about what will happen this time. I'm not working so just staying rested on the sofa. Having scans every 2 weeks and all I know is that my cervix is "very short" - I was too scared to ask about measurements at my last scan as I didn't want to know.
If anyone is out there would be great to hear from you xxx

Jellybean81 Tue 28-Jul-15 11:15:32

I was the lady with the 4mm cervix at 25weeks, drs were certain baby would come early to the point they wanted me to tour my local NICU so I wouldn't be shocked by the wires and machines. It was too late for a stitch so I was given 200mg progesterone once a day and told to 'take it easy', but stay within 10mins of hospital. I did my own research and took the decision to go on bed/couch rest. I did this for 10 weeks and baby arrived at 39.3weeks safe and sound after an idyllic water labour and birth. Defying all our drs and midwives expectations one Dr said at 36 weeks "if you'd asked me your odds of delivering before 34 weeks I'd have said 100%"

I hope that isn't too gloaty but I wanted to post this as I remember how scared I was and I couldn't find anyone that had a cervix as short as mine so early on and it is a happy ending so don't lose faith

applecore0317 Tue 28-Jul-15 10:08:31

Should have updated before, after having steroid injections at 24 weeks. Being signed off work at 32 weeks and using three x 400mg cyclogest progesterone pessaries a day from 24 weeks I ended up getting to 40+5 and delivering a beautiful baby girl smile

The progesterone pessaries and bed rest more than did their job.

Pizdets Sat 04-Jul-15 17:35:08

beetleandbug gosh sounds like you did brilliantly! Huge congratulations on the birth of your son, hope you are all settling well at home!

xigxag sorry to hear about all your stress. I haven't been told to take it easy this time either although I think it's natural to do so.

21 weeks here and I had a bit of bleeding a couple of weeks ago which I had checked and was deemed to be fine. 20 week scan last week was all good - just counting down now. As long as all goes well this will be my last pregnancy - I will be very pleased not to have to do this again!!

Beetleandbug Sat 04-Jul-15 17:26:13

Just wanted to drop back in to update. I had a planned cervical and occlusion stitch placed at 13 weeks after my waters broke at 18 weeks in a previous pregnancy. I managed to get to 30 weeks this time before my waters broke again. The stitch was removed but I didn't go into labour or dilate and had to be induced at 34 weeks. Our bouncing baby boy arrived strong and healthy despite being early and was home within the week.

They still don't know why my waters have broken twice but it seems although I had a short cervix, it wasn't the catalyst. I did put myself on modified bed rest after my waters broke and took it very easy from 14 weeks onwards.

Good luck to all the ladies holding on!

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