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The Short Cervix Club

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Pizdets Mon 10-Jun-13 19:25:31

Given the high number of threads started in 'pregnancy' on short/incompetent cervixes of late, I thought I'd have a crack at starting a club which we can join to share how we're getting on and pool the information we've been given which hopefully can also reassure or inform other ladies coming on here and worried about the state of their cervixes.

I'll kick off with a bit about my own story:

I'm currently 24+4, due 26th September. I had a scan at the prem clinic at Queen Charlotte's in London who measured my cervix as 2.3/2.4cm and advised a stitch (they do this for anyone who measures under 2.5cm). I had the stitch put in at 15 weeks with a spinal block and so far so good - I'm walking the dog, doing pregnancy yoga, still fairly active and no problems or twinges at all (so far!).

Please feel free to share your experiences, ask questions or update, it's great to hear from other people going through the same worry and so reassuring to know if things are going well!


Jellybean81 Tue 28-Jul-15 11:15:32

I was the lady with the 4mm cervix at 25weeks, drs were certain baby would come early to the point they wanted me to tour my local NICU so I wouldn't be shocked by the wires and machines. It was too late for a stitch so I was given 200mg progesterone once a day and told to 'take it easy', but stay within 10mins of hospital. I did my own research and took the decision to go on bed/couch rest. I did this for 10 weeks and baby arrived at 39.3weeks safe and sound after an idyllic water labour and birth. Defying all our drs and midwives expectations one Dr said at 36 weeks "if you'd asked me your odds of delivering before 34 weeks I'd have said 100%"

I hope that isn't too gloaty but I wanted to post this as I remember how scared I was and I couldn't find anyone that had a cervix as short as mine so early on and it is a happy ending so don't lose faith

applecore0317 Tue 28-Jul-15 10:08:31

Should have updated before, after having steroid injections at 24 weeks. Being signed off work at 32 weeks and using three x 400mg cyclogest progesterone pessaries a day from 24 weeks I ended up getting to 40+5 and delivering a beautiful baby girl smile

The progesterone pessaries and bed rest more than did their job.

Pizdets Sat 04-Jul-15 17:35:08

beetleandbug gosh sounds like you did brilliantly! Huge congratulations on the birth of your son, hope you are all settling well at home!

xigxag sorry to hear about all your stress. I haven't been told to take it easy this time either although I think it's natural to do so.

21 weeks here and I had a bit of bleeding a couple of weeks ago which I had checked and was deemed to be fine. 20 week scan last week was all good - just counting down now. As long as all goes well this will be my last pregnancy - I will be very pleased not to have to do this again!!

Beetleandbug Sat 04-Jul-15 17:26:13

Just wanted to drop back in to update. I had a planned cervical and occlusion stitch placed at 13 weeks after my waters broke at 18 weeks in a previous pregnancy. I managed to get to 30 weeks this time before my waters broke again. The stitch was removed but I didn't go into labour or dilate and had to be induced at 34 weeks. Our bouncing baby boy arrived strong and healthy despite being early and was home within the week.

They still don't know why my waters have broken twice but it seems although I had a short cervix, it wasn't the catalyst. I did put myself on modified bed rest after my waters broke and took it very easy from 14 weeks onwards.

Good luck to all the ladies holding on!

xixag15 Tue 16-Jun-15 16:26:21

Hello everybody, Im from Boston, Ma. I have 2 children 14 yrs old and 8 yrs old. In 2013 I had an abortion when I was 1 month and in 2014 I had a miscarriage when I was 6 week pregnant and on the date of my ultrasound when I was 12 week, the found out the fetus stop breathing at 6 week. Now I'm pregnant again 22 weeks my dd is Oct 2015 a baby boy, 2 week ago I was feeling a terrible pressure in my cervix I knew something wasn't right last week I had an ultrasound and the baby is doing great moving a lot, I told the nurse about the cervix and the pressure, she checked they found out my cervix is 1.5cm short, I was send to my Dr. he told me he is not worried about it because I had two full pregnancy and he doesn't know if this is normal for me anyway he prescribed me progesterone 200mg every night I have to put a supositorio in my vagina, I have an appointment this week to check my cervix. What really concerns me is that my Dr. didn't told me to slow down, bed rest or nothing but I been reading a lot of about this since I found out and it seen 1.5 cm is high risk I don't know if I should put myself in bed rest until my appointment.

Pizdets Wed 22-Apr-15 13:37:45

Dewdrop I just saw this. So sorry to hear your news. Getting and staying pregnant sucks big time, it's thepst horrible thing. Sending loads of love and hope you'll be back and worrying about your cervix again soon. Take care of yourself

Dewdrop2015 Sun 19-Apr-15 20:51:25

Hi pizdets thanks for asking it wasn't so good, I half expected it due to not feeling pregnant for the last 2 weeks. I wish you and everyone else well with your pregnancy.

Pizdets Sat 18-Apr-15 09:58:30

dewdrop how did the scan go? I think having an older child must be great, she will be able to help you out. DS is indeed adorable jellybean but he's quite clingy and gets jealous so I if things go ok with the pregnancy he's in for a bit of a shock! I had hoped his dog and cat brothers would teach him about sharing but he totally rules them, poor sods! He's been ill over the last few weeks which hasn't helped and is even more clingy than usual.

Hi Delice, sorry to hear you've ha a hard time too. Will you be able to come off bed rest of your cervix continues to look good?

Dewdrop2015 Thu 16-Apr-15 22:44:50

Thanks jellybean, my first baby is no longer a baby at almost 5! I did have an op when she was 2 which meant I couldn't lift her for a few weeks which was really hard. Wow delice, 20 weeks bedrest! Guess the end is almost in sight for you. When do they take the stitch out, how was it having it put in?

Jellybean81 Thu 16-Apr-15 21:11:26

Fingers and toes crossed for you tomorrow Dewdrop.

Pizdets and Dewdrop really sorry to hear about your losses, it's such an awful thing to go through.

From what I've read the earlier the stitch the better as the uterus is still quite high so it's a bit safer. My consultant's criteria for a stitch was less than 22 weeks and cervix opening so by the time they thought it necessary it was too late to be an option.

Pizdets, your little one sounds adorable!

My OH is an only child and MIL has been mostly great but every now and again comes up with some interesting statements!

I'll check out Amazon for Patchwork kits.

Hello Delice, I'm on bed rest as well (week 4). Are you at home? what're you doing to keep yourself entertained?

Delice Thu 16-Apr-15 18:38:41

was devastating! My second pregnancy the Doctors watched me weekly to see if they could see a problem before it got out of hand which they were able to see my cervix shorten around the same time as with my first pregnancy. And that is when I had the Cervical Cerclage put in (17w)My doctor took me off work for the remaining of my pregnancy(I'm now almost 20w on bed rest) I saw my dc yesterday and my cerivx is longer now than 2 weeks ago from 22mm up 32mm x

Pizdets Thu 16-Apr-15 14:19:21

Oh wow jellybean I would have slapped my mother in law if she said that! As the mother of a boy I am taking a lot of notes from my MIL about what NOT to say to one's daughter in law! Have you ever done patchwork? You can stitch by hand and make a little blanket for the baby. Sounds like you're taking it a week at a time which is good, fingers crossed for you that you're posting here about how bored you are for another good few weeks!

Dewdrop how old is your first baby? DS is 18 months and just gorgeous but a very cuddly baby and wants to bounce on me and be carried around a lot - it's going to be hard to do that less once the stitch goes in.

Having had the stitch last time I would say it's not that much of a big deal but having it for the first time was definitely very daunting, not least because we'd lost the previous baby only 6 months or so before, so it all seemed very vivid. Totally understand why you'd be um-ing and ah-ing about it!

Dewdrop2015 Thu 16-Apr-15 13:29:24

I think we were writing at the same time! funny about your MIL, since when did bedrest include getting up and going for walk!! At least I was in hospital, they wouldn't even let me off the ward to go to the shop/cafe unless I was in a wheelchair. You never know about you being busy, it could just have easily happened if you hadnt been rushing around I'm sure.
I was the same about buying stuff although I did spend hours reading reviews of buggys, car seats, slings etc etc so when I did eventually buy them I would have the perfect one! Although I don't think that really exists! Have you read the posts on short cervix and pregnant again under pregnancy chat might find some info there too

Dewdrop2015 Thu 16-Apr-15 13:15:45

Thanks pizdets and congrats. I'm also 10 weeks today, not feeling very pregnant though which im hoping isn't a bad sign. I'm having an ealy Scan tomorrow so will find out then if things going ok. If it is then I see the consultant next week. They gave me a choice about having a stitch last time last time (had and early mc though). In my case, as I've never had a late pregnancy loss due to my cervix they aren't sure if my cervix would hold out or maybe is naturally short and maybe strong and not in competent. (Hate that word, sounds like I'm not really trying hard enough!). I don't fancy really testing it though, it sounds to me like having a stitch isn't that much of s big deal and risk of problems very low. Another thing they've asked me to do is have swabs taken for infection like strep b and BV as if you have this and then thr stitch is put in it can cause problems.
And agree box sets def the way to go! I also had plans to learn a new language but could never quite get my brain in gear to do it, I just wanted to escape if you like into books and tv to to take my mind off it all! It was definitely worth it though, have to keep your mind on the end goal!

Jellybean81 Thu 16-Apr-15 13:05:34

I love to hear all the positive stories, so encouraging. smile Right now my goal is the next two weeks - I can't even imagine hitting 40!

I'm finding the bed/couch rest quite difficult tbh. I'm usually a very active person and I think my cervix issue was probably my body saying slow down. The length went from 28mm to 4mm in two weeks, those were two very busy weeks - I'd travelled to Bristol for meetings and as part of my training to be a reflexologist I was giving treatments 4 evenings a week.

Even though it's hard and depressing doing nothing I'm trying to be good. I've finally made my MIL stop encouraging me to 'just get up and go for a walk'. Work have been really flexible and I'm working from home until I start mat leave.

Lol about the knitting - I tried and have made a pair of booties that don't match and started a hat that could probably fit me. Still figuring out how to fill my days, catchup TV is great and i try to have at least a couple friends pop over each week. I'm looking forward to shopping but my OH is very superstitious so buying stuff for newborn is out.

Pizdets Thu 16-Apr-15 12:11:29

Oh my goodness you ladies who have done/are doing bedrest are amazing! I would have gone mad!!! Sorry to hear about your earlier losses Dewdrop and jellybean, it's such a long path.

I started this thread 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my DS who was born at 40+2 after I had a stitch for weeks 14-37. I'm now pregnant again (10 weeks) and saw the consultant this week about it all. She is going to put a stitch in again for me at 12 weeks (provided the scan goes well) - eek! She said there's no point risking it and better to do it early and preventatively when there's as much cervix as possible. I am happy with her decision, if I didn't have it I'd be terrified we'd lose this baby (we lost our first through a TFMR at 18 weeks when it was found she had a rare chromosome problem).

Dewdrop to try and answer your other questions, yes, I worked with the stitch, it was very much 'business as usual' and I still walked the dog and went shopping and visited friends etc. I kept active but avoided anything too strenuous - which will be harder this time round with a toddler who likes to be carried everywhere of course. I am very happy to have it again. I'd rather not NEED to have it, but knowing my cervix is iffy I'd rather have it than risk the pregnancy, or even to have to do weeks of bedrest and be apart from my family and not able to work. If that makes sense!

Jellybean try reading back on this thread for comments from Kelly - she had a very thin cervix but her little girl was born healthy and at term I think! Hope you're not too horribly bored, have you got a lot of box sets? Parks and Recreation got us through some dark times when we lost our first baby, it's light and funny and there are LOADS of episodes to keep you going.

Rachel sorry you're so stressed it's not easy is it? I think most people who have LEEP don't need a stitch, just some of us are unfortunate. Did they measure your cervix? Maybe you an get them to tell you how long it is and what it should be, to reassure you?

Dewdrop2015 Wed 15-Apr-15 23:24:33

Hi no I didn't have a stitch, they said at 20 weeks it was too late. According to the midwife I saw yesterday having a stitch doesn't necessarily prevent bedrest, if the cervix becomes soft them bedrest may still be required. I don't know that I did stay that sane being in hospital that long!! I read a lot of books and watched a lot of tv, tried knitting but failed at that. Started a cross stitch picture for baby's wall but never finished it, maybe I will finish it this time round! How are you coping with bedrest?

Jellybean81 Wed 15-Apr-15 14:04:28

@Dewdrop 13 weeks hospital bedrest?!? That must have been awful. I'm lucky they only kept me in for one day and let me go home - they'd have only let me stay in hospital until 28 weeks anyway. Any hints or tips to stay sane while so restricted?

It's good they're monitoring you. Did you have a stitch last time? From what I've read the restrictions aren't as necessary if you have a stitch and progesterone and you might be able to avoid bedrest.

The fetal fibrobectin test (ffn) has been a real comfort, it looks for a protein that is present in your cervix before labour. A negative result means you're 99% unlikely to go into labour in the next couple of weeks. A positive result is less useful as you may or may not go into labour. I'm at Kings College Hospital but hopefully the test is available throughout the UK now.

@Rachel it's good news your midwife thinks all will be ok. The only way they can know for sure is with a vaginal ultrasound. My cervix length was first flagged at my 22 week scan and monitored regularly until it went down to 4mm, I no longer go back for scans as they'd rather not disturb such as short cervix.

rachyphillips81 Tue 14-Apr-15 20:24:40

Hi, just came on here for abit of support really and to talk to other mums that have been through tbe cervical leep procedure. .. my names rachel im 33 and this is my 4th pregnancy. . Last August I had 1 centermeter taken of my cervix and im now 16 weeks pregnant I had spotting at 7 weeks but all seems ok... I have an appointment on the 14th may to have a check up and im quite worried ill need a stitch my midwife saya I should be fine and shouldnt need one but cant help but worry is anyone else had this and not needed a stitch and gone on to havw a healthy baby tia....

Rachel xxx

Dewdrop2015 Tue 14-Apr-15 19:52:40

Hi Jellybean, congratulations on making it to 30 weeks! My cervix wasn't quite as short but it was 1.5cm at 20 weeks with my daughter. I made it to 40 weeks plus 4 with bedrest until 34 weeks and progesterone. I'm pregnant again and saw the specialist midwife yesterday. She said that the strength or softness of the cervix is more important than the length but not sure how they assess this, I dont know much about the ffn test either, I think it tells you how close to labour you are? I know people who've had babies 10 weeks early and they've been fine after a short stay in hospital but obviously that is something you want to avoid. She also said that in her 25years experience bedrest does work so hold on in there! I'm hoping I don't have to go on bedrest this time, I spent 13 weeks in hospital last time, it was the longest 13 weeks ever!

Jellybean81 Tue 14-Apr-15 18:08:03

Should probably add that as well as bed/couch rest I'm on 200mg progesterone, rectally as advised by consultant. Also having ffn test - bit worried as not due to see consultant again until next week, it'll be three weeks between tests so no idea what current risk level is and a bit worried

Jellybean81 Tue 14-Apr-15 18:01:25

Hi, I'd like to join in. I'm expecting a little boy due 23 June, our first child after a couple of traumatic early losses, including a ruptured ectopic.

Today I've made it to 30 weeks with a cervix that last time it was measured was at 4mm! I've had steroids for the baby's lungs and been on bedrest since my vanishing cervix was discovered at 26weeks. I've been setting goals every 2weeks and praying we can get to 34weeks when we'll be discharged by our consultant.

Really keen to hear positive outcomes as haven't been able to find much from ladies who've had such thin cervix at such an early gestation.

Dewdrop2015 Sat 28-Mar-15 18:32:37

Hi, Im about 7 weeks pregnant. had a short cervix 1.5cm at 20 weeks with my daughter and spent 13 weeks on bed rest in hospital. came off bed rest at 32-34 weeks and went 40+4. had 2 miscarriages last year (early-not related to short cervix) and i was offered either a stitch around 14 weeks or wait and see, so presume they will do the same this time. I'm interested in other peoples experiences. were you able to work still once the stitch was in, when do they take it out or did you choose not to have it. if you have a short cervix the first time is it always short the next time?

Hi Pizdets thanks for the words of encouragement, and congratulations on your pregnancy! Someone else posted yesterday on the pregnancy board about short cervix and stitch options, maybe you can drop in there too? I was offered a stitch this time, but without really strong recommendations. Since bed rest seemed to work fairly well last time, I decided against it - am trying progesterone suppositories as well, which I didn't have five years ago.

It sounds like you've had a rough ride in the past - I really hope this pregnancy works out for you. I have been fairly lucky - DS1 was born at 32 weeks but they managed to delay the delivery long enough for steroids to take effect, and he had no major problems resulting from the premature birth. He stayed in hospital for the first 3 weeks and then we could take him home. DS2 was born almost at full term (36+4) and was fine. I spent 7 weeks on full bedrest in the second pregnancy, which was a nightmare at the time, but it seemed to help.

This time round I've been off work from 18 weeks and am spending my days resting as much as possible. I'm hoping this might be enough to keep my cervix at a reasonable length, but I have to go for ultrasound every couple of weeks to check, so hopefully it will get picked up in time if it starts to shorten dramatically. I feel like I'm getting into the scary phase now - will be so happy if I can make it through the next couple of months without anything major happening.

Good luck with yours! When will you have the 12-week scan?

Pizdets Thu 26-Mar-15 12:42:44

Hi willnotbetamed sorry to hear about your stresses in earlier pregnancies, are DS 1 and 2 doing ok now? Have you had a stitch or any treatment for this pregnancy so far?

I am 7 weeks into my third pregnancy - the first sadly ended in a TFMR as she was very ill, the second I had a stitch and resulted in DS at 40 weeks. If the 12 week scan goes ok and this baby looks like it will survive then I am guessing I'll have another stitch at about 15 weeks as I was told that once you've had the stitch once, you need it in subsequent pregnancies.

Hope not too stressful a time for you and DS3 stays put a lot longer!

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