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Has anyone had low hcg levels and have then gone on to achieve a healthy pregnancy?

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ShouldKnowByFriday Wed 22-Mar-06 10:19:40

Have had two tests, one last Wednesday and the other yesterday (Tuesday) and while levels have doubled since first test, it dawned on me that all is not well accoding to figures which are 38.4 in first test and 182 in second. Am having another test on Saturday and read on internet that hcg levels are not an exact indication but a scan is so am still hoping but really not wanting to get my hopes up.


TearsBeforeBedtime Wed 22-Mar-06 10:25:19

My problem with HCG levels was slightly different - that mine only went up by 30% in 48 hours, so they were very concerned it was an ectopic pg, had me in for a scan the next morning, and all was well. So sometimes the HCG levels aren't 100% reliable indicator, it's the scan that's the important things. From what I googled on the subject when I was PG, it's the fact that it's increasing that's important, rather than the actual numbers.

btw how many weeks PG do you think you are? and when are they likely to let you have a scan?

Best of luck.

desperatehousewife Wed 22-Mar-06 10:26:42

i think scan is the only really reliable way of testing. My EPU told me that hormone level testing can be misleading sometimes.

ShouldKnowByFriday Wed 22-Mar-06 10:29:07

Thank you for your quick response TearsBeforeBedtime! I am 5 weeks and 2 days. I did read that the fertilised egg doesn't start creating the hcg until it implants itself so maybe my egg was fertilised later in the 36-48 hours that it was released? And also have had 2 healthy pregs and children and have never had hcg test so maybe I am low anyway? Don't know but thanks for your message. Am back on Saturday for another blood test and they can scan next week.

ShouldKnowByFriday Wed 22-Mar-06 10:30:39

Our posts crossed DesperateHousewife! Thank you for your message.

spinach Wed 22-Mar-06 10:39:39

your hcg should double every 48 hours. I've been having mine done, at 5+2 my level was 7902. it depends where you start from though, I guess its different for everyone.

ShouldKnowByFriday Wed 22-Mar-06 10:49:45

Spinach, my levels therefore are a no-hoper. PLeased yours worked out. How many weeks are you?

spinach Wed 22-Mar-06 10:53:16

oh thats not what i meant... they may be measuring it differently for a start, ie a different concentration per blood unit (or whatever they do). I know when I was looking things up, in the states their levels seem to be recorded differently. What have the doctors said about it? and a scan will be more accurate, especially if they can detect a heartbeat. I'm only 6+5, had a scan on monday and they could see a heartbeat, so you shouldnt have to wait long.

spinach Wed 22-Mar-06 17:32:57

found this for you... shows how much of a range there can be in levels, its ver individual it seems. Hope you're okay.

ShouldKnowByFriday Wed 22-Mar-06 18:23:27

Thank you Spinach. Looking at this site, 15 days post ov the average is 21 and I was 38.4 and 21 days post ov the average was 42 and I was 182. I don't understand the next chart though but thank you anyway. I am fluctuating between hope and denial and the cold facts. YOu mentioned the quantities and how they read them and the mg or whatever and I really don't know. Am off for blood test again on Saturday so will know either that day or Monday. Many thanks.

spinach Wed 22-Mar-06 19:39:21

hope you're ok. from what I've read this afternoon, its not useful to compare results with others cos the levels are so individual... I know mine are at the higher end but that dont mean anything...only that i get horrendous morning sickness!

ShouldKnowByFriday Thu 23-Mar-06 14:33:57

Thanks Spinach. I am having the blood test at 11.45 on Saturday morning but I will have to wait until 6.30pm for results on Monday which is a bore. I am feeling more pregnant which I am hoping is a good sign. Felt sick this morning and enjoyed the feeling for the first time ever and my breasts are enormous and tender. Part of me feels that my hcg has never been monitored at early preg and therefore it might be particular to me and the other half thinks that these drs and nurses know what they are talking about as they are dealing with this all the time. It's a waiting game I know. I did find the link you posted reassuring so thanks for that. 4 days to go for the results.

spinach Thu 23-Mar-06 19:38:25

good luck, fingers crossed for you. let me know how it goes.

spinach Thu 23-Mar-06 19:43:19

btw... you're due in November? come over to the Nov antenatal thread... theres a few of us there who are having difficult starts to our pregnancies... might help you feel a bit more 'normal' about it , if you know what i mean.

ShouldKnowByFriday Fri 24-Mar-06 15:29:27

Thanks spinach for your messages. I feel that its abit premature to join an anti natal thread and yes, I am due in November all being well. Will have the scan next week (if I am still preg)and will join if that is okay. Will post on Monday after receiving the results. Thank you for thinking of me.

TearsBeforeBedtime Fri 24-Mar-06 19:20:57

best wishes for the blood test tomorrow, skbf!

mower Fri 24-Mar-06 19:44:04

Shouldknowbyfriday, I had the same worries as you when I got my hcg levels checked. Mine were thought to be low for the amount of weeks I were but they did double, and I had a scan on monday, saw the heartbeat and it was just that I was not as far gone as what I thought I was and I actually have high hcg levels. As long as they are rising I think everything should be ok.

ShouldKnowByFriday Fri 24-Mar-06 20:07:41

Thanks for that Mower. I did do a search on low hcg levels on Mumsnet and found your post and did wonder what your levels actually were. According to webwomb.com (the name!) I fall within the normal parameters. I got preg on after ttc'ing for 2 years and on my first month of clomid so I was in a state of disbelief and joy but came down with a bump when the levels were mentioned. I am pleased everything has worked out for you. How many weeks were you when you had a scan and saw the heartbeat which must have been such a relief.

TearsBeforeBedtime, I am having the blood test tomorrow but will not know the results until Monday 6.30pm. Will post as soon as I know. Thank you for thinking of me.

thirtysomething Fri 24-Mar-06 20:18:34

Only had mine tested with 1st pregnancy but remembering reading results with tears as they weren't going up as rapidly as the average figures they gave underneath my results suggested they should. Having done a BFP home test that morning and been totally elated I then convinced myself I would miscarry. I didn't and 7 months later (I always do early babies) I had my DS. I remember asking the doctor why the figures didn't seem high enough and she said it may be because I just implanted late and it's not an exact science. Do you have any symptoms?

ShouldKnowByFriday Fri 24-Mar-06 21:04:54

Thank you thirtysomething. Yes I do have symptoms: heavy and large breasts, dark nipples (sorry tmi), feel sick at some point in the morning, feel incredibly tired, strong sense of smell. I know that I am still preg as no bleeding but just wondering if it is a viable preg. Will have 3rd blood test tomorrow, results on Monday and will then go back for a scan. If I hadn't been tested for the hcg levels, I would then think everything was okay at least until a heartbeat was detected in an early scan.
Can I ask why you deliver at 7mths and how many babies you have had.

ShouldKnowByFriday Fri 24-Mar-06 21:05:55

Oh and very tender breasts, in fact they are porn star proportions!

mower Sat 25-Mar-06 10:46:14

Shouldknowbyfriday, I had a scan when I was 4 weeks and two days (but thought I was more like 5-6 weeks) didn't see anything in this scan. Had to wait two weeks for the next scan, which was on monday, and saw the little yolk and the heartbeat and confirmed I was 6 weeks and 2 days.

So today I am exactly 7 weeks.

I hope you are feeling ok. When I thought my test results were low I was so scared so I know how you are feeling, just wanted to know what was happening. But I should have known that everything was ok as I still felt the symptoms of pregnancy.

I wish you all the best, stay positive.

thirtysomething Sat 25-Mar-06 11:06:20

shouldknowbyfriday it's a very good sign that you have symptoms and the hcg depends largely on your actual ovulation/implantation times anyway so please don't worry! In answer to your question i meant that I delivered 7 months after the hcg test so therefore at around 8 months - I just don't seem to carry babies beyond 36/37 weeks - have only had 2 but both were fully "cooked" and scored apgars of 10 at birth so i think that's just my body's natural gestation period. Also since my cycles were 5-6 weeks I always conceived after the dates the doctors assumed i.e. at abour 21-28 days after last period rather than at 14 (never managed to convice them of this!) so babies were probably even earlier. This whole pregnancy thing seems to be about averages and approximates and most people don't even find out their HCG levels so try not to worry!

ShouldKnowByFriday Sat 25-Mar-06 19:19:29

I have 10 mins ago just received results from the blood test today and my levels have rocketed up to 1851 which the consultant said is very good indeed and that they are now very happy with my levels. So initial worrying all over, now have to go for scan next week Mon, Tue or Wed to see that everything okay.

Thanks everybody for your input. I hope this thread will be of use to others in the future who have the same worry.

TearsBeforeBedtime Sat 25-Mar-06 19:30:50

Glad to hear that the test results have put your mind at ease!

spinach Sun 26-Mar-06 12:25:53

brilliant news, hope you feel better about the preg now!

ShouldKnowByFriday Sun 26-Mar-06 19:43:19

Thank you!

desperatehousewife Sun 26-Mar-06 19:44:37

oh that's fab news - well done. Phew. Keeping everything crossed for you

Debbsy Sun 26-Mar-06 20:03:57

oh thats fab new skbf well done really pleased for you xx

ShouldKnowByFriday Sun 26-Mar-06 20:05:21

Thank you! And congratulations again Debsy! I am due 21st November, when are you due?

spinach Sun 26-Mar-06 20:07:34

add yourself to the november antenatal thread, both of you, we're a cheerful bunch over there!

Debbsy Sun 26-Mar-06 20:08:55

my edd is the 3rd dec hee hee hee

spinach Sun 26-Mar-06 20:10:11

join the novemeber one anyway...

Debbsy Sun 26-Mar-06 20:11:06

Do you think i may be tempting fate at this stage?

spinach Sun 26-Mar-06 20:12:50

well, we all are in that case.... theres loads of us over there, kinda nice to have others at the same stage...

ShouldKnowByFriday Sun 26-Mar-06 20:14:09

Spinach, think I will join after my scan this week. Just want to be sure...

Debbsy Sun 26-Mar-06 20:36:54

good luck skbf

ShouldKnowByFriday Mon 27-Mar-06 23:18:03

Thank you Debbsy!

spinach Tue 28-Mar-06 18:16:48

Any news on your scan yet?

ShouldKnowByFriday Tue 28-Mar-06 21:55:04

It's tomorrow. Will post in the evening!

spinach Tue 28-Mar-06 21:56:48

okay, good luck. xx

spinach Wed 29-Mar-06 13:35:37

thinking of you, hope all is well.

ShouldKnowByFriday Wed 29-Mar-06 14:42:18

Had another blood test, the dr who had no bedside manner whatsoever started to worry about an ectopic preg, etc, he double checked my hcg level for the saturday test and instead of 1851 it was actually 185.1 so not good as previously it was 152 I think and it should have doubled twice. So he was ready to send me for scan, blood test at UCH and laparoscopy (?) but then calmed down when he got my real results. Will get result tonight and call from the snr cons so I can ask questions about the next step. As there is fluid near my ovary he still hasn't ruled out ectopic and said that i must go to nearest a & e if i start to feel ill, dizzy, pain, etc. I was nervous about this scan and I heard exactly what I was dreading.

spinach Wed 29-Mar-06 19:49:40

oh, I'm sory you havent had good news. do they think it is ectopic then? how many weeks are you? they sounds like they have messed you around a bit, poor you, how are you bearing up?

ItalianJob Wed 29-Mar-06 19:52:24

Poor you - it's such a horrible stressful limbo period. How immensely frustrating that they messed up the Sat. blood test results. I have been in a very similar position to you (down to being told to come straight in if I had pain etc), and everything turned out well in the end. I do hope that it turns out well for you too.

ShouldKnowByFriday Wed 29-Mar-06 20:48:10

My levels are now dropping and are now 152 so dr said my body is returning to its normal state and will miscarry soon. Thye want to do a blood test on Sunday but I can't so will go on Monday to check that levels are falling. Will take a break of one cycle from the clomid, get scanned and then start again. I'm okay really. The shock was that the dr wanted to send me straight to UCH and i had visions of having surgery and felt ill! Off to bed now, only slept three hours last night.

desperatehousewife Wed 29-Mar-06 20:52:01

skbf - i am so so sorry that you are having to go through this. It's so bloody unfair isn't it?

Take lots of care and i truly wish you lots of strengh and good thoughts.

Good luck

spinach Wed 29-Mar-06 21:14:45

i'm so sorry, life really sucks sometimes, it isnt fair. I hope you dont need any surgery. thinking of you, take care xxx

ItalianJob Thu 30-Mar-06 08:40:29

sorry to hear that the levels are dropping . Hope that you don't need any surgery.

ShouldKnowByFriday Thu 30-Mar-06 10:19:20

Thank you everybody. I am okay mentally, just waiting to start bleeding now. Just want to get on with it and start TTCing again. Am not giving up, am not giving up...!

desperatehousewife Thu 30-Mar-06 12:05:21

your attitude is amazing - big respect! wishing you all the luck in the world next time

ShouldKnowByFriday Fri 31-Mar-06 23:13:29

Thank you desperate housewife. Still waiting to bleed. Will have another blood test on Monday or Tuesday.

cece Sat 01-Apr-06 19:01:43

shouldknowby friday,

Sorry to hear your news. I had a missed miscarriage when I went for my scan last week and had an ERCP yesterday. Have you beeen offered this? I must say I was dreading it but it was fine and feel OK today... For me I felt it would be better than waiting for things tohappen naturally.

ShouldKnowByFriday Sun 09-Apr-06 23:24:17

Hi cece, I read that all was not well with you on the Nov thread which I was sorry to read. I did start to bleed naturally for which I was thankful last Sunday and its almost finished. I had a scan and they confirmed sac had gone so end of story. I am having a month off of clomid and then back on. I am really ratty from this drug, weepy, depressed, have headaches everyday and hot so not looking forward to the next batch but it did get me preg even though I didn't stay preg.

How about you? When are you going to ttc again?


WidgetWB Thu 08-Feb-07 20:52:15

I know this thread is really old, but its rather relevant to me and I found it on google when I put in hcg levels normal at 6 weeks! Having had a scan at 4 weeks there was nothing there so the specalist said to have two hcg level tests done. The NHS managed fabulously to mess it up and consequently the tests were 7 days apart rather than 48 hours apart. The first result was 198 at 5 weeks and the next was 2600 at 6 weeks. My doctor rang me and scared the living daylights out of me by saying it was all too high and I must see a Gynie ASAP and the midwife, who I rang in a complete state checked with her superior on duty (gynie) who said that if anything they are too low. I have to have a scan tomorrow to see whats going on. Does anyone know if 2,600 is ok at 6 weeks coz from the research I have just been doing, I think it is far too low! does this mean a ectopic? Please help, I'm not sure I will get through hours till tomorrow, am so upset. Have already had two normal pregnancies and babies. I took the morning after pill (please don't hate me) for this one because the timing was so so wrong, but clearly it didn't work. Am so worried.

ShouldKnowByFriday Thu 08-Feb-07 21:02:05

WidgetWB, I was the last one to post on this thread before you, in fact, I see I started the thread!! I am now preg with twins (24wks) and will look at another thread to see my hcg levels and will come back to you.

ShouldKnowByFriday Thu 08-Feb-07 21:08:57

Right, just checked. On day 31 my hcg levels were 2521 and I knew they were high as when I asked what was optimum after they did the test they said 200+. As I took fertility trmt I knew there was a risk of a multiple pregnancy and in fact I was preg with triplets. I had one reduced and I am now preg with twins. So my story is different to yours but I think you should have a scan or something to explain. I don't know what your levels should be at 6wks, maybe you could google it as I did when I knew mine were low. Good luck with everything.

ShouldKnowByFriday Thu 08-Feb-07 21:11:39

If it was ectopic 2,600 hcg would be very painful as it indicates the size of the fetus. When I was scanned and there was something in tube and something in womb they panicked at clinic as reading was 1851 but they double checked the result and it was 185.1 instead and then I miscarried. If you had an ectopic with a reading of 2600 you would be in a lot of pain. Pls post after scan with results. Good luck.

WidgetWB Thu 08-Feb-07 22:15:40

I think you are the most wonderful person to have replied especially after so long. Thank you so much and hugest of congratulations for you and your twins (I think!) Well, there is no pain really, just the normal slight cramps and stretching, but definately nothing I would call severe. I don't really feel pregnant yet, but I don't think I did with either of the other two at 6 weeks! I feel so much better after you said that about the pain, thank you thank you thank you. Apparently, they are going to scan me tomorrow because the levels are low. This whole pregnancy has been a huge complete mess from beginning to end. Hopefully its a girl if it does go to term, I'm not sure a boy would hang on this long (and I already have two boys and would so love a girl!) I will let you know tomorrow after the scan, on this thread, so keep looking. Thank you again so so much and I am crossing all my fingers and toes that its ok. Its funny, having not wanted to get pregnant, now I really really want to keep it! Speak tomorrow and thanks again for replying.

WidgetWB Thu 08-Feb-07 22:15:58

I think you are the most wonderful person to have replied especially after so long. Thank you so much and hugest of congratulations for you and your twins (I think!) Well, there is no pain really, just the normal slight cramps and stretching, but definately nothing I would call severe. I don't really feel pregnant yet, but I don't think I did with either of the other two at 6 weeks! I feel so much better after you said that about the pain, thank you thank you thank you. Apparently, they are going to scan me tomorrow because the levels are low. This whole pregnancy has been a huge complete mess from beginning to end. Hopefully its a girl if it does go to term, I'm not sure a boy would hang on this long (and I already have two boys and would so love a girl!) I will let you know tomorrow after the scan, on this thread, so keep looking. Thank you again so so much and I am crossing all my fingers and toes that its ok. Its funny, having not wanted to get pregnant, now I really really want to keep it! Speak tomorrow and thanks again for replying.

mummytosteven Thu 08-Feb-07 22:18:47

When my HCT levels were done at somewhere between 6 and 6.5 weeks, my levels were 4600 then 5900 (which gave them a bit of concern that the PG was ectopic) but all was fine!

ShouldKnowByFriday Fri 09-Feb-07 22:03:58

Hi Widget. No need to thank me profusely, I am pleased to be of any help I can. I know how heartbreaking it is when things don't appear to be going well. Did you have scan today and is everything okay? Do post and fingers crossed.

Kanga44 Sat 22-Sep-07 10:23:36

Hi. I know this thread is old but it has really helped me over the last couple of days. I searched for low hcg levels and this popped up so I have now registered to tell you my story.
Last monday I had a bleed with a clot, I knew I was pregnant (2nd child) and had had a bleed with my daughter 3 years ago. I went up to the hospital on the Tuesday (bleeding had subsided) and had a blood test done then told to go for another on the thursday (48hrs after) When my results came back, the Tuesday test was 9000 which is good and meant I was ready for a scan at 5+6wks. however...whereas thursdays should have been 18000 they were only 13300. I was devastated as I immediately thought 'ectopic'. I had my scan yesterday and am pleased...well, over the moon to say that baby is viable..measuring 6weeks and we saw the heartbeat grin however there were 2 sacs shock so they can only guess that maybe I lost a twin? I did ask the midwife about the hcg levels and she said it is only an estimate in a % of women that it will double...it can however reach a point where it doesnt double but does rise significantly.
So I would like to thank all of you for this one thread...it kept me positive that I could possibly be carrying another fighter. xx

belgo Sun 23-Sep-07 08:04:07

that's incredible Kanga, hope it all works out for yousmile

Kanga44 Sun 23-Sep-07 10:20:00

Thanks Belgo smile

irisfire Wed 20-Aug-08 10:29:59

hi all, I know this post is quite old and has been referred to once before after quite a few months from the original date but I found it after searching on google for low hcg levels in early pregnancy.

At the moment I am really confused and unsure of so many things... this is quite a long story so please bear with me..

I had a heavy bleed about a week after my period was due in July, at the time my GP said it was possible that the bleed was an early miscarriage that is quite common for people to think they are just having a heavy period, I wasn't sure as my periods are usually very very light.. we had no indication that we were expecting so I just took the doctors advice and rested for a couple of weeks and we couldn't do much more about it.

That was 6 weeks ago. Last Thursday out of nowhere I all of a sudden felt the need to do a pregnancy test, didn't even register until after this thought that I was in fact late. Anyways, I did a test that afternoon, one of the cross ones, I couldn't read it very well as there seemed to be a cross but the line was extremely faint. I spoke to my other half that evening and we agreed that the following day I would get some of the digital tests that read the result for you, this way we couldn't mistake the result.. 2 digital tests later confirmed we were pregnant.

On the Sunday I was having pain in my right side so called NHS Direct for some advice, explained the pregnancy test results and that I was unsure what I could take medication wise. The nurse I spoke to sent me straight to the hospital as she feared an ectopic pregnancy.

In A&E the nurses took a urine sample, called us through and said they had done two pregnancy tests and both were negative, my partner and I were insistent that we had positive results on the home tests, explained that we had done the digital ones so as not to mis-read the result only to be told that they were just a gimmick that you pay more for, it only reads the levels for you.. after explaining that that was the exact reason we bought them as we couldn't read the result on the first test they agreed to do a third test which came back as a very faint positive.

I was admitted to the ward where a fourth hospital urine test was also tested positive.. bloods were taken for hcg levels and I was booked in for a scan the following morning. The scan showed nothing, the sonographer said this was common in early pregnancy and if I was under 6 weeks it was possible that they wouldn't see anything yet.. so that didn't help.

My blood results came back that afternoon with my hcg levels at 435. The Dr explained that in order for them to determine whether or not it was an ongoing pregnancy they would need to redo the blood test 48 hours after the first one was taken and the levels should have risen by double. He went on to say that they have diagnosed me with pregnancy of an unknown location meaning that (in my case) there are 4 possibilities.. the hcg could still be in my system from the suspected miscarriage in July and the second blood test would find out for sure as if this is the case the levels will be decreasing.. it is an ectopic pregnancy which again they would be able to determine by my hcg levels falling and my progestorone (?) levels being higher than usual.. it is a normal viable pregnancy that is just under the timescale for them to be able to see anything on the scan and they would know if my hcg levels are rising at a rate of doubling or more every 48 hours.. or finally it is a normal pregnancy that is in the process of failing which again my hcg levels would be dropping. He also stressed that average hcg levels in early pregnancy would be around 1000 so not to get my hopes up and they do expect to see a decrease in my second results. In other words they don't think this is a viable pregnancy in any form.

So.. I went back lastnight for the 2nd bloods and got the results this morning, my hcg levels have in fact increased but only by half, not doubled.. they have asked me to return tomorrow afternoon for yet another blood test but I am really confused, having searched google for hcg levels (how I found this post) I found a chart which says that average hcg levels 14 days after conception can be between 5 to 426, and 21 days after conception can be between 18-7340.

Now, I have no idea what to think, we were all set to accept our loss but now that I know my hcg is rising, albeit not doubling, I have no idea what is going on. The Dr said to me on the phone this morning that unfortunately they can't give me any answers either just yet, only continue to monitor me as they are cautious not to miss an ectopic pregnancy.

TattyCatty Wed 20-Aug-08 10:49:58

I'm sorry that you are going through such a confusing time - I've been there and it's really tough.

The only way that you are going to get any definite answers on what happening is through repeat blood tests, and assuming that they continue to rise, further scans until it can be determined that a pregnancy is in the correct place. There is still a risk that it is an ectopic pregnancy, so if you get any pain, particularly in the tip of your shoulder, you need to get to A&E straight away and insist that they check you again. The waiting is hideous, but there is very little else that you can do unfortunately.

My story is that I conceived my daughter through IUI, and therefore had an HcG test on the same day as I got my positive pregancy test. My clinic were concerned that my initial result was less than 100 (despite the fact that anything over 5 can indicate a pregnancy!) so I was sent for a repeat test 48 hours later. Whilst my levels had increased, they hadn't doubled, which was the start of 2 weeks of hell for me. I had another couple of repeat tests, and the levels still refused to exactly double every 48 hours. I had very, very early scans (at less than 5 weeks) every couple of days, and whilst they did finally see the pregnancy sac at about 5 weeks, I was also told that it wasn't "big enough for dates".

What I now know is that HcG levels actually double every 48 to 72 hours - it's not an exact science, and mine were actually doubling over the full 72 hour periods. My clinic refused to go with this, (despite the fact that my consultant was one of the top fertility guys in the UK!), and would only confirm a viable pregnancy once we saw a heartbeat at 7 weeks - 2 full weeks after my initial positive result.

I felt like I went to hell and back in that fortnight, but there is a happy ending. My "too small for dates" pregnancy is now a happy and healthy 2.5 year old girl.

Hang on in there.

TotalChaos Wed 20-Aug-08 11:03:18

sorry you are going through such an uncertain time. When I was circa 6 weeks PG my HCG levels were monitored after a small bleed. They went from approx 4600 to approx 5900 after 48 hours - nowhere near doubled. there was a lot of concern about ectopic pg, but all was fine on rescan. there are a minority of viable pgs where HCGs don't double in 48 hours.

irisfire Wed 20-Aug-08 15:14:26

Thank you both for responding so quickly, a lot that I have read online suggests that the hcg levels doubling isn't an exact science and a part of me refuses to believe that we don't have a viable pregnancy, as much as I'm telling myself not to have false hope, my body is telling me otherwise.

It's been 10 years since I had my daughter and back then at 18 I knew nothing (also in my opinion this was far too young but thats another thread) I'm sure so much has changed and it's affecting my other half too as we have already suffered a miscarriage last October. I'm not sure how to help him feel better about things as we've pretty much been told not to think of it as a viable pregnancy before anything is set in stone.

I know I don't really have any other option than to just stick it out with the blood tests and see where we go from there, it's just so emotionally tiring and confusing for us both.

I'll keep you updated with the results and thanks again for listening.

irisfire Thu 21-Aug-08 10:34:52

So... yesterday afternoon I started to spot.. panic filled me straight away, was in tears and really unsure what to do. Not sure why but I decided to change and do my hair, kind of a distraction I think!!

Anyway, the bleed was very light and pale and I had no pain at all. Rang my other half and also the Dr on the ward that has been monitoring my bloods. She said she's not worried at all, just thinks it's my periods restarting (just goes to show how convinced they are that this isn't a viable pregnancy) and that I should just see how it goes over the next 24 hours before I see her again. I asked if she was sure she thinks that's what it is because it seems far far too soon for my periods to be returning and my hcg levels are rising, she said yes.

After about half an hour to an hour later there was no more bleeding.. which was a relief but again yet more confusion. I did another search online about bleeding in early pregnancy and found that it can be a symptom of ectopic pregnancy, which is what they were concerned about at the hospital, or implantation bleeding where the fertilised egg implants itself. So still no answers at this stage but I'm anxious to find out what my hcg levels will be this afternoon!

TattyCatty Thu 21-Aug-08 19:23:48

Sorry to hear that you've had more to worry about. Have you had your HcG results back yet?

irisfire Fri 22-Aug-08 08:47:12

hi tatty, I went for my blood tests yesterday and at the moment (just gone 8.30) I haven't heard anything back.

The Dr said she is very confused also when I saw her yesterday.. they expected my second set of results to have gone down but because they rose and the bleed in July was so long ago she now doesn't think the two are related. She said she discussed my case with a consultant gyno and he has recommended I have another ultrasound on saturday morning. She still doesn't think it's a viable pregnancy but hopes that the results I get today will tell us more.

I'm still quite unsure what's happening. I had another tiny bit of spotting lastnight, literally lasted for a minute and I woke at about 1am feeling quite sick, couldn't eat toast this morning, the look and smell of it made me feel sick.

Hoping to get my blood results at some point in the next hour or so!!

irisfire Fri 22-Aug-08 09:35:22

oh my goodness.... sooo.. I threw up a little after my last post (not so great) but had my phone call and my hcg levels have more than doubled!!!

The Dr said again she was surprised as she expected them to drop but that if we were happy about the pregnancy then this is good news and we should stay positive.. she's still a little wary that it could be ectopic but as I've had no more pain at all, not even tenderness, since coming out of hospital she's optimistic. She said the bleeding could be implantation bleeding, as we had thought or we could have been carrying twins and the pain and small bleed is the unfortunate loss of one but the other is still going strong.

Either way the ultrasound tomorrow hopefully should tell us more, she said we still may not see anything at all like last time but the specialist will be looking for signs of a pregnancy in the womb such as fluid and I will have another blood test done to continue monitoring my hcg levels.

I am so happy that she has done a 180 and now thinks this could be a viable pregnancy.. fingers crossed they find some indication that it's normal and not ectopic.. this has been one of the longest weeks of my life!!!!

TotalChaos Fri 22-Aug-08 20:26:31

glad the blood results were OK, best wishes for the scan tomorrow.

TattyCatty Sat 23-Aug-08 09:22:47

So pleased that the bloods are looking encouraging. Fingers crossed that the scan shows good news - even if they see evidence of a sac in your uterus, it's good news, which is what kept us hanging on to a glimmer of hope. Keep us posted.

EmilyRae Wed 03-Sep-08 02:34:28

Any more updates? Im going through the same thing my first hcg was 141 two days later it went down to 77 then four days after the second test its up to 139, i have a vaginal ultra sound that showed nothing! My cervix is closed and today im 5w2d and i've been bleeding for a week with no pain or cramps, i test my hcg tomorrow

irisfire Fri 21-Nov-08 10:56:02

Unforunately my pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.. have been a bit all over the place for a couple of months dealing with it all, felt like I was back to last year when this happened. It caused a few problems with me and hubby but we seem to be ok now, well, we are. We're happy and all is good between us, he has supported me, I just found it hard to let him I guess.

So.. now?... We have just discovered we are expecting again.. which is great right? Only I'm terrified that I'm going to lose this one too.. hubby doesn't think it's such a good idea after everything we went through last time but that hurts me quite a lot because this, despite my fear, is a blessing to me. We have the chance that this could be a normal uncomplicated pregnancy. He hasn't said much to me about it apart from that and when I do talk about it he doesn't really say much, my friend thinks he is just worried about me after all we have gone through but I don't feel as though I have his support at the moment. It's almost like he's not acknowledging that this is happening. I know I should talk to him and I do try but I'm scared that his mind is made up and he doesn't want this for us. Sorry, ranting a little but so confused!

trashbag Sun 21-Dec-08 10:22:06

Hello EmilyRae, how did things go with you? We are in a similar situation. 3 positive preg home preg tests, then a spot of bleeding at 4 weeks, with heavier bleeding 2 days later. Preg test in hosp was neg but hcg levels were 72. Bleeding stopped but 48 hours later have dropped to 32. But having worked in a lab know mistakes can be made. Have to wait 5 days for a repeat test.

notsuregoingcrazy Wed 21-Jan-09 10:17:54

Hallo, Can somebody PLEASE explain this to me....Last year june I had invetro done and lost the baby at 8 weeks....I had my last period 25 dec and ovulated the week of 5th Jan....We have been doing it everyday, at leasat twice a day. On the 9th of jan I had a blood test done and it was negative...Again on Monday (19Jan) I had another....Now the strange thing is that on the first blood test it said Negative with no additional information, But on this one it says negative and above that is says >1 which mean higher than 1. I saw a dr on Monday and she said I should wait to see if I get my period cause if younot pregnant then there should be a <1 (lower than 1)

Please anyone, I am going crazy!!! What does >1 Higher than one mean....Could it be that I am pregnant but just very early??

I have EXTREME trender breasts and dont feel to well

notsuregoingcrazy Wed 21-Jan-09 10:18:45

Hallo, Can somebody PLEASE explain this to me....Last year june I had invetro done and lost the baby at 8 weeks....I had my last period 25 dec and ovulated the week of 5th Jan....We have been doing it everyday, at leasat twice a day. On the 9th of jan I had a blood test done and it was negative...Again on Monday (19Jan) I had another....Now the strange thing is that on the first blood test it said Negative with no additional information, But on this one it says negative and above that is says >1 which mean higher than 1. I saw a dr on Monday and she said I should wait to see if I get my period cause if younot pregnant then there should be a <1 (lower than 1)

Please anyone, I am going crazy!!! What does >1 Higher than one mean....Could it be that I am pregnant but just very early??

I have EXTREME trender breasts and dont feel to well

mummy2charlie Sat 31-Jan-09 13:02:48

Hi notsuregoing crazy. Dont know if you are still checking this but i have been searching for some advice! I am now 22 days late for my always regular period. I think i am pregnant as i have a little boy of 2.5yrs and i know how i felt with him. I have done about 8 home pregnancy tests, all with negative results. I have been to the docs for a blood test yesturday and am waiting the results. I was searching the internet to see if i could just have low hcg levels and thats why its not showing up. Doc says wait and see if period arrives on the 6th feb then if not he will try to arrange a scan. Just don't know what to do.
What happened with you? Were you pregnant just with low levels?
Hope all is well

katy1982 Thu 02-Apr-09 11:33:48

hi all, well i am a week late, done a ton af preg tests an all negative, i did 2 or 3 that came out with faint lines, havin all the symptoms of pregnancy so very confussed. The thing is i have always had regular periods on a 28 day cycle, all text book. Well i obviously talked to my mum about it an asked if she had any complications when she was pregnant with me, low and behold she did, she tried gettin pregnant for 2 years with my dad and nothing then obviously she didnt get her period one month, so like all women 25 years ago she went to the chemist and did a pregnancy tests, they are the same as the ones we can do at home now, well it came back negative, she went back 2 weeks later, did the same, still negative, she then went to the doctors and had a blood test, came back negative, then had 6 more tests in the space of 3 months which all came back negative. Anyway the doctor was eventually worried as my mum had no bleeding for that entire time either so he sent her for a scan (not like the ones we had today) and low and behold there was me swimming around in her belly and she was 13 weeks gone!!!!!!! Now im worried tha it maybe genetic or am i just setting myself up for faulse hope?!?!?!?


CamsMommy Thu 02-Apr-09 17:43:13

Ok. I just found out I am pregnant, almost a year after my ectopic. My hcg levels were only @ 19 yesterday (which was the day of my missed period, but my period has been lasting 30-31 days so i think i could have easily ovulated late) anyways i am so afraid my numbers are too low, i go back tomorrow for more lab work..i am so excited & worried.

after my ectopic i took the shots, and had an hsg..my tubes were clear! i didn't have any damage. i am hoping this will help my odds of not having another ectopic.

andysgirl Wed 08-Apr-09 14:39:04

Hi my name is debbie and new to this sight, i was told at bearly 5 weeks pregnant i had a blighted ovem an to have a d an c i said know 2 weeks later there was a baby but they said it had died day befor and said to have a d n c then i told them wanted to wait another wk as they wear wrong befor got scan tommo, had h c g levels done 2 days apart they rose but only by 1000 , still feel pregnant so am so worried but am exspecting the worst and said will have a d an c tommo if no change, but want to say if they say you have a blighed ovem please wait as this was not true in my case good luck to every body who is going through this x x

andysgirl Wed 08-Apr-09 14:42:32

Hi sorry just want to say this will be my 2nd missed miscarige in a year am 42 and hope this is not my last chance to have a baby

coreysmummy Thu 16-Apr-09 17:27:26

hi all i'm new to the site and been having some of the issues you've all been talking about. i did 2 positive tests a week ago today, on monday i woke up and was bleeding, i spoke to nhs direct who told me to wait for the worst as it was probably a miscarriage, by 6 in the evening i couldn't wait any longer so went doen to a+e to see if they could find out what was going on. i had a blood test taken to find out my hcg level and it came back as 23, i thought i was about 5 weeks pregnant, the consultant said it should be about 1000 at this stage. but he asked me to go back for another test today, so i went back and have just had the results, its gone up to 25. now i'm thinking that if you have a miscarriage then the hcg level should be going down and i realise that it hasnt doubled in 48 hours like it "should" in a viable pregnancy but what the hell does this mean? am i still pregnant? have i had a miscarriage? i've been bleeding since monday but its slowed right down now. i've now been told by another consultant to wait util next thursday for another blood test. i just dont know what to think/do.

flypinmental Tue 26-May-09 18:17:13

hello lovely ladies, i have managed to read all your posts and wow !! so much information !!

this is my story;

jan had a 2 week bleed due to having bv, so was advised to go on the pill (microgynon) for 3 months.

however in april had to get a repeat priscription of antibiotics for bv this time 5 doses at once then again 1 week later. i know on pill and antibiotics !!!!!

anyhow i had spotting from the antibiotics which i took on the 27th april had spotting on the 28,29,30,1,2,3,4 took other tablets on the 5th may , spotting continued on 6,7,8,and 9th, stopped the pill on 9th may as had only on the 5th discovered that my boyfriend had been cheating for 2 months !!! and thought that as normal if i stop the pill my period would arrive that night as it normally would every single month!!!!!

nope !!!

tuesday 12th had v light bleed
wednesday thought i had just come on when i woke up to realise nope it was just "old blood" slight pinkish tint but mailny brown !!!!!

was this an implant bleed !!!!

anyhow thursday till the sat i had minimal bleeding, ok it was more everytime i peeded i have a little blood on the tissue !!!!

i done a hpt on
9th afternoon positive-clear blue
9th pm positive-clear blu
10th am negative clear blue
10th afternoon positive clear blue
and continued to be either either all week !!!!!!!

17th pm positive clear blue
18th am negative

18th i went to the doctors and she was confused !!!!!!

had a blood test to see if i was pregnant that day,

hcg level 1miu/l was advised by doctor it was an impossibility to be pregnant !!!

however i did the first hpt because i thought "oh god" i feel pregnant !!!!

i still feel pregnant and my god i know the difference surely !!

i had another blood test done today and believe me i have argued and argued and researched to see what the likely chances are that i'm not pregnant but my body is telling me i am !!!! i need to pee all the time, my belly feels bloated and i feel like something is their !! and oh my god my BOOBS !! they don't feel huge but they hurt as if i'm getting the milk come through ! usually i get milder symptoms around time of my period ! i had an achey belly (not as painful as period pains) for 2 weeks over the time i was "spotting" but no huge clots or anything tiny tiny head pin size !!! tried talking to my doctor about what could give me positive results and she didn't have time to discuss it at that point in time !!! bloody helpful !!! i had test's done in jan for cervical cancer which is cin 1, which could go either way, they could disappear or they could increase so i think if i had ovarian cancer surley it would have been picked up !!!!

i have spent a damn fortune on different tests !!!!! i feel pregnant and yet no where near closer to getting my answer and it's easir said than done to just wait !!

i will get my bloods back thurs/ friday so i'm hoping there is a possibility it's just so early, i can't try again as we have split but although this isn't a ttc child i would love it all the same and so scared that the hospital has made a mistake or that i'm going to loose it !!!!

any responses would be kind. many thanx xxxx

irisfire Tue 05-Jan-10 19:51:35

hey all.. been a long time.. about a year or so! but thought I should pop on with an update.

Had another m/c in december last year and we decided to stop trying and give it a rest for a while (I think physically and emotionally I need it!)

A year on, I find myself pregnant again, a little anxious but had my first scan today, earlier than we thought at 4w+6d but they are keeping an eye on me due to history so will be having regular scans throughout.

Saw gestational sac and yolk sac, no fetal pole at this stage but have been reassured this is quite normal. First time in a long time we have seen something viable on a scan so I am keeping positive and due back on 19th Jan for 2nd scan at approx 7 weeks

olismum23 Tue 01-Feb-11 16:30:33

hi i thought i would post for some advice. I had a scan and blood test last thursday a transvaginal scan showed a sac that measured 5-6 weeks but could not see a yolk sac or fetal pole for sure she thought she might have seen a yolk sac but was not convinced. My hcg test came back at 330 so the doc was convinced it was a failing pregnancy they arranged another blood test for me on sat past and that came back at 430 so rising but only by 30%. My Husband and i asked the doctor what was happening and they said they could not say for sure have another blood test tomorrow and another scan on friday,
Has anyone had a happy ending with this kind of start? I have not had any bleeding only light cramps same i had with my DS...
Any advice welcome i am so confused!

olismum23 Tue 01-Feb-11 16:33:19

sorry just realised this is an old thread xx

nikkiphil1989 Sat 27-Dec-14 19:28:09

hi im about six weeks went to hospital on sunday cause was bleeding and blood clots and stomch pains they said my hcg was at 59 went back on Tuesday and they had halfed to 39 they said im having a miscarriges ive stop bleeding after 4 days and no more stomch pains got do a peg test on the 30 th dec what could this mean the bleeding stoped and stomch pains gone

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