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November 2012 - a couple of early arrivals, please will the rest stay put!

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StuntNun Thu 23-Aug-12 14:48:49

Previous thread: www.mumsnet.com/Talk/antenatal_clubs/1538202-November-2012-into-the-third-trimester

Stats list: www.mumsnet.com/Talk/antenatal_clubs/1485512-November-2012-Stats-List

NervousAt20 Thu 23-Aug-12 15:10:30

Marking my place smile

jaylee89 Thu 23-Aug-12 15:12:13

marking my place

Catbag Thu 23-Aug-12 16:50:46

Marking my place too smile

LittleLolly Thu 23-Aug-12 17:02:27

Place marked smile

Yay new thread time smile How many more will we get through before all our babies are here?

MissMummy1 Thu 23-Aug-12 18:03:40

Another thread already?!?! <marks place>

Signing in smile

ValiumQueen Thu 23-Aug-12 18:04:40

We talk far too much grin

Elizadoesdolittle Thu 23-Aug-12 18:20:33

Place marking.

jaylee89 Thu 23-Aug-12 18:22:51

we are a load of chatter boxes lol but we all have kept eachother entertained :D

well the kicks in the foofie area are now beginning to become painful and the tightenings are doing my head in if im honest. i think my uterus is growing atm aswel because in alot of discomfort,

<looks at belly> ( please try staying put till your properly cooked please misses)

Marking place.

WaitingForMe Thu 23-Aug-12 20:15:00

Marking place.

Marking my spot

izzybizzybuzzybees Thu 23-Aug-12 21:26:23

Marking spot

kissyfur Thu 23-Aug-12 21:32:17

Evening peeps, just marking my place

Sophiathesnowfairy Thu 23-Aug-12 21:35:47

I'm here!

horseylady Thu 23-Aug-12 21:39:42

I'm here too what do you think of Etienne as a name?

kirrinIsland Thu 23-Aug-12 21:52:38

Marking place

kissyfur Thu 23-Aug-12 21:57:09

I like Etienne horsey smile

YellowWellies Thu 23-Aug-12 22:09:11

I like Etienne very much. I'm loving names relating to all things celestial at the moment too - Celeste, Seren, Estrella... but I think we're set. I'm loving the French inspiration horsey!

blonderthanred Thu 23-Aug-12 22:10:04

Hello new thread...

kissyfur Thu 23-Aug-12 22:12:37

missmummy you just beat me to the last post on the other thread!

I love Seren as well yellow but DP won't have it. Celeste is lovely too.

What do you think of Soraya?

Marking my place, god we talk lots grin

Kyzordz Thu 23-Aug-12 22:30:56

Marking my place! Have been reading all the threads just haven't had much to say! I had a hospital appointment tomorrow about my protein s deficiency but I'm doing well and baby is fine so they're thinking I shouldn't need any fragmin injections unless I have to have a c section or a particularly traumatic birth/lots of blood lost, so that's a plus smile going to try to poke my nose in a bit more and say something once in a while, I always mean to but when I'm on my phone I can't check names etc easily and I forget who it is I'm replying what to! Hope everyone is doing ok smile

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