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Charters Anonymous Graduates Volume 2! – No more temping!

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Iwish Tue 24-May-11 21:15:28

A nice cosy place to accommodate our growing bumps and little wrigglers.

Thanks for the new fred iwish smile

Lovely to hear about your little chap wriggling around. For ages mine seemed to tease DH and was guaranteed to go stock still if he put his hand there to feel. Now she'll kick him in the face grin I find the doppler is quite good for getting her to perk up as well, I reckon the sound of her own heartbeat played loudly next to the bump must wake her up!

Am I right in thinking that the OS is the other side of the cervix (i.e. the bit in the uterus, not in the vagina)? My MW says that placentas tend to rise from about 28 weeks, because from there onwards the bottom half of the uterus grows/stretches which means the placenta gets "lifted" upwards.

I've got my scan tomorrow with the fetal medicine chap. Quite excited about seeing the little lady again. If I get the chance I will see if he has any opinion on the place/manner of birth. He's seemed a lot more positive about the pregnancy/health of baby than the obstetric consultant. The consultant yesterday was saying something about thyroid issues can result in antibodies crossing the placenta and the baby needing some kind of check. Completely hazy on details though, I wish I'd been taping the conversation so I could look up the info now!

We've been mulling this pram malarky a bit more tonight. I think what we want doesn't exist confused
-I want a reversible seat, I particularly want to be able to have rear facing for the newborn/baby stage when they need to be horizontal.
-We want a good size shopping tray which I think rules out most of the three wheelers.
-We want it to fold quite small so that when we go away it doesn't take up all the boot!
-We want lightweight (quite a lot of hills round here)
It seems from what I've looked at that most of the travel systems have to be used as a pram with carrycot at first, because the pushchair bit is only ok from 6 months because it doesn't go flat. I'd like to be able to use either option from birth so we didn't have to cram the carrycot into the boot as well as the stroller frame, everytime we go out in the car.

Gah! Any of you experienced mums know the answer?

Oh and ideally under £300! grin

Iwish Tue 24-May-11 21:54:35

Split I can't wait till he gets strong enough to give DP a good old kick in the face lol!!

Yeh I think the OS just as you said. My words were 'its blocking the exit' grin. I really do hope it moves up as I really do want to option of a normal birth.

My consultants hasn't said anything to me about antibodies but I suppose he may discuss more nearer the time. He did say that all babies have their thyroid checked tho.

And don't get me started on prams! They are do expensive and a complete minefield!! I've seen one on tescos website. It's a 'jane' pram, £480 ish. I liked this one but I can't find anywhere that stocks it so I can actually have a look!

Iwish Tue 24-May-11 21:58:34

This is the Jane one here

Kiddicare are supposed to be very good. They have a whopping bit shop/show room in Peterborough (no use to me at all!) but they also have a 365 day returns policy if you order online, which means you could buy the pram, have a look at home and then change your mind, and you've got ages to do so.

LadyGoneGaga Tue 24-May-11 22:04:22

Have you looked at the Mamas and Papas Sola here? I really like them, was looking at them as a cheaper alternmative to the iCandy Peach. But I have a travel system from last time so don't think I can really justify a new one sadly especially as we are moving house.

I like it in truffle.

Thanks Lady I've just been having a look - very gorgeous and also fits all my wishlist. There's a store about 20 mins away so we'll go and have a look. Excited now!


Just back from my 28 week scan (at 27 and a half weeks) and all looking great grin!

She's measuring about 2lb8 now which seems pretty big to me. HC 266.7mm, AC 235.3mm and FL 51.4mm.

And I talked to the fetal medicine consultant who sees no reason at this stage why I shouldn't plan to use the birth unit and hope to use a pool smile and he wrote that on the scan report.

I feel a lot happier about that. One last scan now at 36 weeks for growth/presentation/reassurance. She's still breech for now (and definitely a girl, no willy has emerged in the last 8 weeks grin)

Hope you're all well.

Hopefully going pram looking tomorrow evening.

nickstermum Wed 25-May-11 13:53:05

Fantastic news spilt grin
2lb8 wow... so what size would i be then at nearly 30 weeks (on sunday) <wonders>

Fab news all is well smile

thanks for doing the new thread Iwish smile

Great that all was well at the scan spilt and that's fab that you should be able to go to the birthing unit. I've got my consultant midwife appt on Friday and am going to ask if I will be able to go to the birthing unit too, although technically I'm high risk.

Don't know what to advise really, re. the pram. It's so difficult to decide. We found that each one has pros but also cons. So it's a case of ruling out as many cons as you can and just taking a bit of a leap of faith. Unfortunately I don't think you can ever get anything which ticks all the boxes grin Like Lady I can't really justify getting a new one as we already have the one DD had, so I'm not really doing any research into what's on the market these days.

Can I just do a little WHOOP as I'm 24 weeks today grin That's me in the viability zone! Hooray! <stay in there for now though please!>

Hope everyone is doing well

nix have a look here. At 30 weeks yours should be nearly 3lbs. Mine is measuring about 1-1.5 weeks ahead which I'm really pleased about. I have in the back of my mind that she could yet appear pretty early and if she does, the bigger she is the better.

Congratulations on 24 weeks GetDown, it's a lovely feeling isn't it.

I think you're probably right, nothing pram wise will be quite perfect, but we don't want to balls up the decision and spend £300 on something that annoys us every day.

Best of luck with your appt for Friday, I hope you get the outcome you want. I'm hoping that when I see my consultant again at 36 weeks he'll be amenable to letting me go to the birth unit, I'd rather not have cats bum face and "against medical advice" scrawled on my notes. But if the fetal chap today and my MW both think it's a reasonable and safe decision I hope I can do it. I'll have to ask my MW what happens if consultant digs his heels in. Can the birth unit refuse to accept me when I turn up and send me downstairs??! I'd rather know the score beforehand!

LadyGoneGaga Thu 26-May-11 14:58:56

Crikey - mine should be just over 3.5 pounds! That's nearly a proper baby.

Great news on the scan, Spilt and the decision to let you use the birth unit. Will make things much easier in your mind.

Fantatsic news on hitting viability, Getdown. It's just growing from here on in.

Still really busy, Nix?

Hope everyone else well.

Slightly stressed as our buyer has decided she doesn't want to move until early July. Which is going to be cutting it a bit too fine for my liking. Have asked the solicitor to push back but could be giving birth in the moving van at this rate!

Lady just wanted to say thank you so much for the pointer towards the M&P Sola. We went to see it tonight, loved it and have bought one (in truffle!) plus matching carseat which we'll pick up in 3-4 weeks grin

Btw if anyone is considering any M&P merchandise, they have 10% off everything until midnight on Monday, so we made a fair bit of a saving.

I'm all excited now. We also popped into IKEA to get a coffee table and I made my first take home baby purchase... a pck of bibs which I am now getting a bit soppy over blush

LadyGoneGaga Thu 26-May-11 21:57:02

Aw Spilt am very envy. But happy for you! Glad to be of help. A friend of mine has it and loves it so hopefully will serve you well.

I love it when mums help each other out - good one Lady! When I looked at that link to the Sola I did think "that ticks a lot of spilts boxes" grin Hope it serves you well!

Any news back on your suspect wee? Hopefully no news is good news.

Thanks Lady re. me reaching viability! Tis lovely to be at this stage. Am quite enjoying being pregnant at the moment. Having an obvious bump but not being too huge (yet). That's stressful re. your buyer. Hopefully she can be persuaded to move earlier than July - surely given your circumstances. Two of my NCT class I had with DD moved house quite close to due dates and they both went into labour a month early! (the babies were fine though).

Hope everyone else is doing ok? MrsA have you had the results from your nuchal scan yet?

newyearsday Thu 26-May-11 22:35:11

I have news ladies! Our beautiful son Seth Michael James was born on Friday 20th May 2011 at 1.42am by EMCS weighing 8lb 10oz.

The labour and birth sadly weren't the positive experience I'd hoped for: it seems I made a baby too big to come out! And in early labour he moved upwards in the pelvis so wasn't putting enough pressure on my cervix. In 32hrs I never progressed past 4cm sad I transferred into hospital after 24hrs labouring at home with the pool and gas and air. My waters were broken, I had an epidural (took 3 attempts!), about to start the hormone drip and his heart rate plummeted and we were rushed in for a EMCS.

A bit traumatic but he's here safe and healthy. I'll never forget the moment we heard his first cry, we were both crying too with relief and happiness. He is utterly gorgeous, we're head over heels in love with him and feeding is going really well. I received excellent breastfeeding support in the hospital.

Must dash, he's waking up for a feed.

Love to you all xx

Congratulations newyears! I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering if you'd had him yet. Lovely name and so glad he is safe and well. I'm sorry the birth was a lot harder than you'd hoped, how are you feeling about that? Hope the breastfeeding continues well smile

LadyGoneGaga Fri 27-May-11 08:41:07

Many congratulations, Newyearsday. Sorry the birth wasn't what you were hoping for but the main thing is he is safe and well like you say. And brilliant the feeding is going so well.

Wow Newyears congrats! That's fantastic! I was wondering how you were getting on.

Enjoy your gorgeous newborn. xxxx

MrsP81 Fri 27-May-11 13:25:13

Congratulations newyears!!! I absolutely LOVE that name. I got all emotional reading that. smile

Glad to see everyone progressing well, good news about your scan spilt and yay for 24 weeks getdown!

I am a bit envy as I haven't got to the stage of the 20 week scan yet. Oh well, just over a week to go. I can't wait!

Ooooh, I like the look of the Sola too. We haven't started looking at things like that yet, waiting until after the scan.

Hope your buyer changes her mind about when to move lady, having just recently moved house I know how stressful it can be!

I have non-infected wee smile Apparently nothing grew in the culture so it was probably just sample contamination. Phew! Also thyroid appears to be stable and my iron is at 12.1 which is very good I think, so all in all, a good set of results.

Not long for you to wait MrsP. Are you planning to find out what you're having or not? Any more wriggles?

Lady has your solicitor made any progress for you?

LadyGoneGaga Fri 27-May-11 17:47:18

Not that we've heard. May need to wait a while.

A nice set of results there, Spilt!

Wow, nearly halfway, MrsP

Thanks MrsP - you will find the weeks flying by after the 20 week scan I'm sure. Enjoy every second of the scan. I am a bit sad that all my scans are over now....

Good to hear your wee is bug-free spilt grin Really glad you don't have that to worry about.

I had my appt with the consultant mw this morning. It went really, really well. She was lovely and I was pleasantly surprised by how much her views were sympathetic with my own. I feared she might be slightly hmm about wanting to do the hypnobirthing, but on the contrary she said it was a fantastic idea and that in her experience the difference it makes to labouring women is massive. So phew to that one! Also she helped me understand a bit more about why they put my legs in stirrups last time and why my DD was whipped away from me immediately after birth. I always felt really aggrieved about these things before, but now I understand a bit more I feel a bit better about it. Just really hoping I can have a better birth this time round smile She is going to see me again at 36 weeks and help me write my birth plan, which I'm really pleased about.

Hope the house move is progressing lady. We saw the house of our dreams come on the market this week (well, as in realistic dreams, it wasn't a mansion or anything!!) But waaaaaay out of our price range, so that's the end of that. <sigh> How "normal" salaried people get a house like that round here I have no idea. I suspect the answer is that they just don't. Think the conclusion is that we will never be able to get a 4 bedroom house. Which is fine. But that does somewhat put a limit on any more babies! (not necessarily a bad thing!)

Hope everyone is doing well xx

Iwish Fri 27-May-11 20:07:02

Congratulations newyears!! Enjoy every minute with your lovely little man x

Split Glad you have non infected wee lol!! and fab that your iron and thyroid are ok too. I have my thyroid checked every 5 weeks and get a little scared every time im waiting for the consultant to say its ok.

Oooh MrsP will you find out the sex... Sorry Split i send like an echo lol!

Getdown have you thought about having a 4d scan? Im booking one tomorrow for 28 weeks ish. I didnt want to go such a long time without seeing my little boy so thought it would be a perfect idea. We are going to leeds tho which is about 40 miles away.

Waves to LadyG Nix and MrsA. Hope you are all ok.

Congrats Newyear hope you are having lovely snuggles with your newborn smile

Glad to hear things are going well for people. I'm glad to say same here (just been very busy).
Nuchal scan went very well. She said the gap they measure is so small she could barely measure it and she saw a nasal bone, which is all good. We then had the blood tests and it all came back as low risk (1 in 3000), so that's good. I'm glad I didn't wait till 16 weeks for the blood tests.
As it was private, the scan was fab. We got some lovely views of the baby and a great one in 4D, which is on my fb profile.

I'm now almost 15 weeks, can you imagine! Still tired but nausea almost gone. Am craving marmite badly!

But the biggest news is my blood pressure - I feel a bit sad about this as I suspect this was also the case when I was pg with DD but I didn't think to question the docs.
Anyway, to explain, my blood pressure shot up at my consultant's appt (like 160/100) but I explained that i suffer from white coat syndrome and that's why I want a homebirth. i fully expected a cat's bum face but to my amazement, she listened to me and took me seriously!
She has put on my notes that I am to have all further tests/appt with my community mw and I'm not to go back to hospital until September for a further appt to see how I'm going.
She couldn't support my decision to homebirth (which was not a surprise) but she said I had clearly done my research and as long as I was happy with the risks, then I should discuss it with my mw and it seems,erm, so far so good!

I can't believe it. She also didn;t want to put me on blood pressure tablets when I explained they stopped my milk coming in last time which affected my bond with DD (with DD, they had me on tablets from a very early stage).

So, I then went to see the community mw who then opened up to me and said she was impressed with the consultant and that they were very pro-homebirth in the team and so she would support my wishes as long as nothing goes wrong (and I'm not reckless - if there were problems, I would transfer in).
But the best news is that the mw is happy to use my home blood pressure reading as my 'true' reading. At home, I'm reading perfectly normal (125/72), so looks like it's really is white coat syndrome.

So all looking good.

Only downside is I've realised i probably didn't have high bp with DD and the tablets affected my bf and bonding, which makes me quite sad sad

But, I can't change time so i'm just happy that things are going so well so far.
We're off on our hols in 3 weeks - 2 weeks in Florida! Then when i get back I have my 20w scan.

Sorry for the epic post. I wonder how Terrys is getting on - not heard from her in ages!

MrsP81 Sat 28-May-11 09:12:54

Excellent news MrsA and getdown!

spilt and * iwish*, we have finally decided that we are going to find out the sex. smile DH has been convinced that it's a girl since the very beginning so we'll see if his instincts are right.

Woke up in the night with excrutiating cramp in my foot, hope that doesn't become a regular thing.

Hope you all have fab weekends. X

ooh MrsP I'm with you on the cramp, though mine's usually in my calf. I leap up, gasping and stand leaning against the furniture trying to stretch my leg and totally deprived of the power of speech. DH without fail wakes in a total panic thinking I am about to give birth blush We shall look forward to hearing whether you are team pink or blue then. Very exciting!

GetDown and MrsA fabulous news from both of you about your birth related/pregnancy care appointments. It's so much better when you feel listened to and respected and not treated like an idiot. Long may it last! I bet you both feel so relieved.

We'll have to go snooping for Terrys, she's in the Nov AN thread...

TerrysNo2 Sat 28-May-11 09:45:40

I'm here, I'm here!! Gotten so into blogging recently that I don't MN as much blush - I am keeping a pregnancy diary on my blog if you want to look at it here

Congrats newyear - I don't think we charted together but its nice to hear every success story!

I remember getting cramps with DS MrsP. spilt at least your DH seems to respond when you get them, I have to whack mine a few times before he even wakes up - started getting them a bit in the day so far but no excruciating wake ups from them yet. Worst symptom for me at the moment is restless legs, I used to get it at night but now in the day too.

MrsP when can you find out the sex? When are you due again?

Hello everyone else! smile

Glad you're ok terrys, lovely bump pic on your blog. You must be due your 20 weeker soon?

My little one has just woken up, thank goodness. I get quite stressed at the weekends as she's not one for mornings. Usually has a wiggle around 5.30-6.30 which I notice on weekdays as I'm usually waking up then. But at the weekends I sleep longer, miss her early wiggle and then there's nothing until about now. I find it most unnerving.

Iwish Sat 28-May-11 21:20:55

Hi lovely ladies!

mrsa I'm glad your scan went well, bet you are over the moon. I'm pleased that the consultant and midwife listened to you too.
envy about your hols tho. We havnt been abroad for about 3 years!

Yey mrsp finding out the sex. I'm excited for you! I couldn't wait to find out the sex of my little one. I had a feeling he was a boy tho.
And about the cramp, it's awful isn't it! Ive never had it before but I was woken up with it one morning at 6am and it was so painful. Poor DP panicked when I woke him up screaming blush

Hope you are ok split. Glad your little lady has given you a good kick grin. When did u start getting regular kicks? My Likkle man seems to wake up just after tea time and I get v light kicks for a while.

Welcome back terrys glad you are ok

Well I think I'm going to buy this pram. I have to have it.
I have booked our 4d scan too. 18th June. Can't wait to see him again!!

18th June isn't too long to wait iwish, how exciting. Did you say you'll be about 28 weeks then?

I'm trying to remember about the movements... first flutters were around 15 weeks, I finally felt sure it was baby by about 18-19 weeks. I was feeling her daily at that stage, but not regularly IYKWIM? It was usually around dinner time or in the bath. DH first felt her at about 21 weeks (I think?!). I've been having proper big kicks for a while now, probably since about 24 weeks. Now (apart from in the mornings!) she's not quiet for more than about 1.5 hours at a time. But movements have definitely become more frequent in the last fortnight or so. 28 weeks this weekend with an anterior placenta. Hope that helps!

TerrysNo2 Sat 28-May-11 22:00:11

Not felt anything really yet except I was fairly sure it turned over very near the surface IYSWIM the other night. May have imagined it though!

My 20 week scan isn't until 27th June when I will be 21+3 - the upside is we will be on holiday in Portugal thats why its so late!

Good to hear from you terrys. I'm 15 weeks tomorrow and definately feeling movement,which is amazing as I didn't feel DD properly till about 20weeks. Went swimming with DD today and felt my tiny bump press against my tummy, then press against my bladder. As I'm swimming weekly, bump seems to love the water!

Iwish Sat 28-May-11 22:26:34

Hey split I was going to book it for 27/28 weeks but when i rang they recommended I book for 25 weeks because aparently it's harder to see baby when your placenta is anterior as they tend to hide behind it and you,baby and placenta are getting bigger. Sooo I'll be 24+5.
I've had some jelly tots tonight and I'm guessing that the sugar woke him up because he was wriggling kicking loads. DP put his hand on my tummy and bubba gave a big kick and he thinks he may have felt it but not sure.

mrsa glad you are feeling movement too, so reassuring in isn't it.

terrys you will be sure of the movement soon enough. I thought i made it up when I first felt it lol. Now thinking about it it was definitly a movement.

MrsP81 Sun 29-May-11 09:42:32

Hey terrys, good to see you. I'm due on 25 October so not long before you if I remember correctly. Scan is a week on Tuesday!

I've had some more feelings which I think are the baby but still not 100% certain just yet, maybe 99.99%. No cramp last night which was good, by the sounds of it though there'll be more to come! Its always reassuring to find out that other people are having the same experiences.

MrsA really glad you might get to have your home birth. I can really see the appeal, you are likely to be much more calm and in control in your own environment. Go for it, as you say, you can always transfer to hospital if necessary and it's not the end of the world as long as you are safe.

MrsP nice to hear that you have decided to find out the sex! It is so exciting. Bet you can't wait. We found out with DD, and I don't regret it - it was lovely to bond with a "her" rather than an "it". Also meant I could indulge in buying lots of pink things before the birth! Bet you will start feeling definite movements soon.

Hi to Terrys glad to hear all is going well. You look really glowing in your pics. You will start feeling more movements soon I'm sure of it. Wow portugal, you lucky thing!

spilt I know what you mean about the spells with no movement. I started to get worried last night as despite sitting still on the sofa watching TV I didn't feel anything. Then I woke up in the night and all was quiet and still then too. Normally it is wriggling around in the evening and at night. Thankfully when I woke up in the morning I got a kick, so that helped me relax again. It's horrible isn't it, that feeling of not knowing if everything is ok.

Iwish glad you have decided on your pram! It looks very neat and smart! That's great you are having a 4D scan/ I must admit I was very tempted too, but since I am spending big bucks on the hypnobirthing course, and have also shelled out rather a lot of dosh on washable nappies, felt I couldn't really justify it! Would love to see the pics you get though. Bet it will be amazing.

nickstermum Tue 31-May-11 07:03:14

<waves from the beach> catch up later tonight xx

TerrysNo2 Tue 31-May-11 14:17:16

nickster that post was just mean wink

GetDown in what pics do I look glowing??! Wondering if you have me confused grin

I can't wait till I get regular movements, been feeling something now but can't quite pin it down yet.

Can we have an updated stats list, I have lost track of everyone. I will start it

Terrysno2 - 4/11/11 3rd PG (DS, MC 12/10) Surprise version

LadyGoneGaga Tue 31-May-11 14:34:36

Good idea, Terrys!

Just back from the midwife. All is well.

LadyGoneGaga 24/07/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3, mc Sept 10) Surprise
Terrysno2 - 4/11/11 3rd PG (DS, MC 12/10) Surprise version

terrys you DO look glowing in your latest pics on FB!! grin

LadyGoneGaga 24/07/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3, mc Sept 10) Surprise
Terrysno2 - 4/11/11 3rd PG (DS, MC 12/10) Surprise version
GetDownYouWillFall - 14/09/11 3rd pg (1 DD aged 3, 1 MC Oct 10) Surprise

Iwish Tue 31-May-11 18:21:48

Hi ladies!

getdown I will add the pics to my MN profile when I've been so you can have a nosey. Just can't to see my little man again.
And yeh I fell in love with the pram. I'm just so amazed that the car seat turns into a carrycot and that you can put it in the car both ways!! The hypnobirthing sounds fab though so definitly worth the money. Think if I was spending ltns money on the course I would think twice about the scan too.

Waves to nix ladyg terrys mrsa mrsp split and other lovelies I may have missed

Last night DP and I were lay in bed and bubba was kicking away. Every time I put DPs had on my belly bubba stopped kicking but last night DP just put his head on my belly not thinking anything of if and got about 4 big kicks in the head lol!! It was lovely that DP finally felt a kick and funny he kicked him in the head!! He Is getting strong now! Awww it was so lovely I nearly cried!! (emotional freak lol)

Oh and just a little rant - I'm pretty sure that my mum isn't bothered about my pregnancy and baby at all. She never asks how I am and when I told her about the 4d scan SHE COMPLETLY IGNORED ME!! And just talked about something else!! Aaarrrggghhh!!

LadyGoneGaga 24/07/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3, mc Sept 10) Surprise
Terrysno2 - 4/11/11 3rd PG (DS, MC 12/10) Surprise version
GetDownYouWillFall - 14/09/11 3rd pg (1 DD aged 3, 1 MC Oct 10) Surprise
Iwish 03/10/11 1st pg Likkle boy.

LadyGoneGaga 24/07/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3, mc Sept 10) Surprise
spilttheteaagain 21/08/11 2nd pg (DD born 20 weeks), Baby girl
Terrysno2 - 4/11/11 3rd PG (DS, MC 12/10) Surprise version
GetDownYouWillFall - 14/09/11 3rd pg (1 DD aged 3, 1 MC Oct 10) Surprise
Iwish 03/10/11 1st pg Likkle boy.

Can I have a grump please? I am fed up and ache to buggery all over. Cannot lie or sit without chest pain, back ache, sore hips. Standing is fine but I'm fricking knackered and I want to just lie down...
Despite me whinging about this and telling DH that I do not want ANY extra commitments or visitors until after I stop work (on 10th June!!) he said yes to SIL who phoned yesterday asking if she could have a bed on Thursday angry
House is pigsty as well.
I am overly emotional and cry all the bloody time (probably because I am so tiiiired)

And today is exactly one year since the start of my pregnant cycle with Bobbie sad. I remember crying on the 31st May last year when my period turned up after a 9 day LP. I thought my body was proving to be useless and I would have too short a luteal phase and never get pregnant... so I went to Tescos and bought up half the vitamin shelf in a self medicating attempt to get up the duff. Worked too grin
What a difference a year makes. I thought I'd have a three month old baby girl now. We took her a rose yesterday and we started talking about what sort of little headstone or memorial to choose for her now that the ground has had long enough to settle. I feel drained.

Oh crap, spilt you're making me cry...... damn hormones. Hope you feel better soon.
SSDD here! Really don't want to be in work atm. Can't be bothered and just want to obsess about babies, births and mat leave.

LadyGoneGaga 24/07/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3, mc Sept 10) Surprise
spilttheteaagain 21/08/11 2nd pg (DD born 20 weeks), Baby girl
GetDownYouWillFall - 14/09/11 3rd pg (1 DD aged 3, 1 MC Oct 10) Surprise
Iwish 03/10/11 1st pg Likkle boy.
Terrysno2 - 4/11/11 3rd PG (DS, MC 12/10) Surprise version
MrsArchchancellorRidcully 20/11/11 2nd pg (DD aged 2.9) Will find out flavour on 6 July (hopefully!)

Iwish Wed 01-Jun-11 08:10:36

Oh split honey sounds like you had a hard day yesterday. Hope you are feeling ok today and hope you manages to get some rest.

mrsa know what you mean about not wanting to be in work, I can't wait for weekend/a week off/ mat leave! I wish I could talk about babies and spend my day shopping for thongs for him! Lottery win for us all I think grin

shopping for "thongs" Iwish - tee hee!

So sorry you had a crappy day spilt, can't write much at the mo, but will be back later.....

nickstermum Wed 01-Jun-11 13:31:51

LadyGoneGaga 24/07/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3, mc Sept 10) Surprise
Nickstermum 7/8/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3.5, MC Aug 10) Surprise flavour!
spilttheteaagain 21/08/11 2nd pg (DD born 20 weeks), Baby girl
GetDownYouWillFall - 14/09/11 3rd pg (1 DD aged 3, 1 MC Oct 10) Surprise
Iwish 03/10/11 1st pg Likkle boy.
Terrysno2 - 4/11/11 3rd PG (DS, MC 12/10) Surprise version
MrsArchchancellorRidcully 20/11/11 2nd pg (DD aged 2.9) Will find out flavour on 6 July (hopefully!)

Have added self... smile

Spilt, sorry you are feeling like this. Poorly girl ? I too should have a 3 month old baby, but i am trying to tell myself that if i hadnt suffered the loss of that pg, i wouldnt be expecting this one, does that make sense? [without wanting to sound harsh]. Through MN i have met lots of ladies who have suffered later losses but through subsequent pregnancies the pain, whilst never forgotten, starts to lessen. Just a quick q, have you seen a grief councellor? May help? One of the chatterers on another thread has just lost twins at 20 weeks.. very sad and very painful, cannot comprehend.

Hope everyone else is good.... smile

I wish i hope your likkle boy likes his thongs grin

Thanks ladies for all your kind words (sorry MrsA, come here and share my tissues!). Nix I saw about Dachs babies in the miscarriage board sad. It hurts just to try and imagine what they are going through. I'm struggling a lot at the moment, feeling very fragile and can't stop going over those awful days in October. That bloody scan will not go away. I used to remember it and go a bit clammy and feel sick and block the thoughts. I can't seem to block them anymore and keep ending up in floods of tears. I did see the bereavement MW a few times last year. I might see if she'll visit again in a couple of weeks when I'm off, it might be good to talk to her again.

Love the thongs iwish! Especially with a big nappy sticking out the side grin And so lovely that your DP finally got kicked in the head too... they are little charmers aren't they smile

How's everyone else doing? Hope pippa is getting along alright too.

Iwish Wed 01-Jun-11 17:43:18

Oh heck! I was typing on my phone and it changes words when it feels like it!! If I type the word 'nakered' it changes it to 'naked' so imagine my shock when I text my friend saying im naked!!
My poor little boy bring bought thongs grin sure it will look delightful on him lol!!

Lol thanks getdown and nix hope you are both good today smile

split may be good for you to speak to her again. No harm giving her a call. Yeh I'm so glad DP got to feel him kick, think it made everything more real for him.

Did you all go through the 'starving' stage? I'm always hungry and I'm a little scared I will end up like a whale. Ive already put on over a stone. More like a stone and a half! Sweet things r my downfall.

iwish yep I definitely have starving days. And also barely hungry days when I don't eat much. More of the starving ones though. My particular weakness is extra bowls of cereal, especially before bed. Milk tastes so gooood just now. I am also completely obsessed by food at the moment and spend ages looking up new recipes to try and cooking loads of new stuff. It makes a massive change from the first trimester when waves of nausea would pass over me at the mere mention of all but about 7 food items.

Did anyone else go through food colours phases? First of all I could only eat orangey foods so had, orange juice, nectarines, baked beans, hobnobs and toast. A bit later it was green foods and I ate stacks of kiwis, lettuce, spinach and cucumber. Nope? Just me then grin

Iwish Wed 01-Jun-11 19:14:19

I think every day is a starving day for me split! I'm going to be an elephant!! People say to me, 'so when are you due?' and I say '3rd october' and they usually say 'it's going to be a big one' or 'really, you have put on weight'
I was like you in the first trimester. Felt sick all day every day for weeks and the thought of food made me feel worse! Total opposite now tho. And yep to the cereal. Chocolate cereal is my fave at the moment - yum!!
grin at your food colours. I have to say I havnt had that yet!

That is so, so sad about Dachs I remember her from the conception boards sad Poor thing. How do you even begin to get through something like that.

Hope you are ok spilt. I think it's normal and totally ok to still have very down days given what you've been through, and pregnancy makes you extra sensitive and emotional anyway. You always wonder what might have been. Nix you have a good point re. your current bean couldn't have existed if it didn't happen this way.

It would have been my due date this month from my MC I had in October. I was only 5 weeks pregnant, which is know is hardly anything (only knew I was pregnant for a week) but still there is a pang there. I'd always dreamed of a summer sunshine baby, but it was not to be. I don't know whether to mark the day in any way, or to even mention it to DH, as I think he has well and truly moved on from the MC.

Anyway I was feeling really sad and unsettled all last night because yesterday my best friend had her 12 week nuchal scan and the sonographer said the nuchal fold was enlarged and to expect a "high risk" result. Feel really sorry for them, just hoping it is not bad news.

It might be an idea to mention the due date to your DH GetDown so at least he knows why if you find it a strange or sad day. Entirely up to you if you choose to mark it or not, there isn't a right or wrong way to do things. Maybe light a candle or something in the evening if you want to do something small?

nickstermum Wed 01-Jun-11 20:50:43

Iwish i am a fattie! Not starving though... just rotund!! My legs are so fat now (dont know why) that it hurts to kneel down.... blush Ive swollen (not water retention... just fat) everywhere, legs arms, used to have collar bones... and i am just fricking enormous and soooo lacking in energy this time... sad smile

GD i hope your friends enlarged fold comes back lower risk with blood tests...? One of the ladies on the MC thread had the same problem, but the fold was HUGE and the baby did indeed have DS sad sadly. Yet others have had larger folds, but the bloods or amnio has shown everything to be fine... doesnt seem to be much of a pattern. Hope all is okxx

How are you all doing?

LadyGoneGaga Fri 03-Jun-11 21:34:45

Blooming hot, Spilt. And cross because our buyer wants 5 grand off the house to pay for a reroof angry. So hot and cross! We have a Preparing for childbirth workshop though tomorrow that I am quite looking forward to.

33 weeks on Sunday, getting there.

How is everyone else?

nickstermum Fri 03-Jun-11 21:41:53

Know how you feel lg kind of. Trying to nest, photos for estate agents are being done Tuesday house is a cluttered filthy tip and I have less than 2 days to sort it!! Fat swollen and fucked if I am being brutally honest ;( dread discussing surveys!!

Still the inlaws have been and sorted the garden which is a massive help... Just wish husband would stop being a cock!

Sorry that's a really neggy post.., end and tether spring to mind ;)

<need a bigger fan emoticon>

nickstermum Fri 03-Jun-11 21:43:24

God that sounds so miserable... Just tired and swollen;(
But pls to be nearly 31 weeks ;) only another 10 to go xx

LadyGoneGaga Fri 03-Jun-11 21:56:58

It's ok to be a bit miz, Nix. Goes with the third trimester territory I reckon grin

Sorry your buyer is being difficult Lady. Surely her original offer is the accepted one, it's a bit cheeky of her to start asking for money off now!! Some people eh. What do you think you will do?

nix poor you, you do sound really p'eed off.

You ladies who will try and move house whilst pregnant: Nutters wink grin

I am actually pretty p'eed off too, and I don't even have a house move to blame it on. DH is working 7 days a week at the moment. And DD has pushed me to my limit today, with her whining, screaming and general objectionable behaviour angry Then DH walks through the door at one minute to her bedtime, and of course she then turns into sweetness and light angry And DH proceeds to play lots of fun rough and tumble games - just the kind of wind down a 3 year old needs just before bed hmm

Plus, I have a horrible feeling I may be experiencing hayfever for the first time ever - itchy eyes, sneezing all the time, sore back of throat and nasal passages, general rubbish feeling all over. And I can't take anything for it. GREAT.

You poor lot, frayed tempers all round it sounds like!

That is a pain in the backside about your buyer Lady. Did you manage to agree a more sensible completion date in the end or not?

Sorry Mr Nix is being a pillock. Hope that's sorted now.

GetDown gosh 7 days a week is really tough on both of you. Is that likely to last long?

We went to an antenatal group this morning which was really good actually. I did feel a bit of a know it all due to having spent so much time on here. I think they were all first timers. I didn't quite know how to classify myself when people asked if I'd done this before. Sort of. I've got experience of the hospital delivery ward, of induction, of 1st stage and 3rd stage of labour but kind of missed the 2nd stage due to no pushing needed when they are so small and just fall out. Also no personal experience of any of the normal drugs as I had straight morphine which was a) horrible and b) would never be used if the baby was alive as it's too strong for them. DH and I were very evangelical about home birth as we both really believe in it and I don't think many people had really even considered it as a possibility and were initially scared of the idea. Then of course had to explain that no, we wouldn't actually be planning one!

They were a bit mean though and showed us a to scale pelvic skeleton thingy and then did the whole pushing a pretend baby through it. Pretend baby not at all to scale so the whole thing looked like a piece of piss and everyone looked very pleased! grin

LadyGoneGaga Sun 05-Jun-11 08:52:47

I don't know - I think we will argue that the quote for the work is uncompetitive and be a bit disgruntled as the condition of the rpoof is something to be expected of a property of this age and something she should have known at offer stage. But for sake of goodwill will be willing to negotiate to an extent on the proviso they move closer to our timescales. Is very irritating but she is a cash buyer with no chain and did offer full asking so we don't really want to have to oput it back on market.

Is hard enopugh looking after a three year old being pregnant, Getdown, especially with no support. Is he working so hard now to be a bit freed up after the birth? Hope so for your sake.

Glad antenatal stuff went well, Spilt. We had a Hypnobirthing taster type class yesterday. She was very evangelical about natural birth though - and told me birth didn't have to hurt. Well it did hurt actually hmm. But DS was badly positioned which caused all the problems and was ok til he got stuck so maybe will be different this time!

Blimey, I've been away so long we've got a new thread and a baby from Newyears! (Congrats grin, hope you're doing well!)

After our dreadful start to May with MIL dying, funeral, farcical family relationship breakdowns/get togethers (nothing more than is normal in most families, but draining nonetheless) we managed to get away last week and went to Corfu to lie on a beach, read lots of books, eat lots of olives and properly talk to each other, which was lovely. I have a tanned front and a white back as a result of not being able to lie on my front, which DH thinks is hilarious (thanks!), but other than that it was perfect and just so nice to be able to be away from family, the phone etc.

Baby is kicking loads but DH can't feel it yet - I wish he could as he's so sweet with the bump and is always talking to it and paying it/me lots of attention!

Hope everyone's well - have read through what I've missed but there's so much I don't want to miss anyone out so please accept a general hello and wave! Am v interested in those of you exploring the Hypnobirthing route - we're going to classes in July and I'm probably just a bit too cynical at the mo...fingers crossed it will be great though.

In other news, I weighed myself this morning for the first time in ages and since getting pregnant I have gained a stone shock. Am 24 weeks tomorrow so I'm sure it's fine, but it really brought home how much better I'd be feeling if I'd not started out so overweight. Even if I only gain another stone in the whole rest of the pregnancy (and I know I'll probably gain more than that) I will be so far into the obese category I don't know how I'll ever get out of it. Here's hoping the birth will magically make me weigh 3 or 4 stone less but the baby will be small enough to appear with one, painless push...

Hi there pippa hope you've had a good half term break from school. Sorry to hear about all the family upsets. Yep it does sound like a normal family but you're right it is stressful nonetheless. Try to distance yourself from the stress if you can and focus on your own little family-to-be smile I think gaining a stone by 24 weeks is fine. You will probably lose it after the birth, although it may take a while. 9 months on, 9 months off so they say! Are you planning on breast feeding? That can really help shift the weight. I am doing hypnobirthing too! Maybe we could share what we learn / our thoughts on it together, especially as our pregnancies are v. close together (I am 25 weeks). We have our first session on 20th June. We are having private sessions at our house rather than a group as the instructor charged the same regardless of private or group course, and it was going to be much more straightforward in terms of babysitting for DD. Have you read the book? I got it out the library and read it cover to cover. So interesting. I am now forcing encouraging DH to read it and he is half way through it himself.

Thanks Lady and Spilt re. my absent DH. This time of year is always manic for him, but thankfully the end is in sight. It will be a lot quieter come due date, and DH is planning on taking the 2 weeks paternity followed by 2 weeks annual leave, so will have best part of a month off to help me after the birth which is great. With DD I started to go downhill in terms of PND after a few weeks and we are doing everything we can this time to try and stop it happening again.

Hope your buyer is reasonable lady in terms of negotiations. Gosh I hate house buying. We had such a nightmare when we bought our house. The adjoining neighbour had a flood and caused a massive damp problem in the house we were buying. The vendor wasn't even going to tell us shock but thankfully another neighbour in the road gave us a tip off. We managed to sort it out by claiming on the vendor's house insurance. If we had exchanged before we found out about the flood, the damage would not have been covered. ARrrggh. It was such a stress. These things have a habit of sorting themselves out in the end though, thank goodness.

spilt good that you have started your antenatal classes. Hope the other couples are nice. I am still in touch with most of my NCT group. Are you going for a home birth then, sorry I can't remember what you said before about it. It's hard to have to explain that this isn't your first baby. I hope and trust that people there will be sympathetic and understanding to you. It's true that you have more experience than them, having been through labour already. Just because you didn't have a massive pushing stage, you still went through labour. The pushing stage is actually just the very end anyway, so what you experienced will probably be a good indicator of your next labour. Your uterus will probably be more stretched and toned having been through contractions before so hopefully your labour will be shorter than it would have been otherwise. How are you feeling now, you seemed a bit down the other day.

My hayfever seems to have cleared up quite a lot. Don't know if it is conincidence but DH put the lilies we were given by MIL outside yesterday. He thinks I might have had a bit of a reaction to them.

Sorry spilt just re-read your post and saw that you are not planning a home birth blush

nickstermum Sun 05-Jun-11 21:36:08

Feels a bit guilty now... catch up properly tomorrow..mr nix has come home for the weekend to help get hte house spruced for hte pics and hasnt stopped.... not for 5 mins blush loves him really lol

I havent stopped either... off for a bath now, long day tomorrow in mk
<waves to all> speak soon xx

GD those days are normal for me atm... DS and your DD are hte same age... October 07 births..? Monkeys... mine is going through a stage of shouting i dont love you/like you/horrid mummy when doesnt get his own way....shock little devil.... they are sent to test our patience....!!!

Lady that's what I was wondering with your house sale - if you could use her wish for money off as leverage to get a completion date that suits you better. Good luck with it, it's horribly stressful. And you too nix, hope you get some nice pics after all the effort you've gone to.

Interesting how many of us are giving the hypnobirthing a punt. I will be rereading the book soon I think. Wouldn't it be amazing if it actually didn't hurt...

Lovely to see you back pippa, glad you managed to get away for a bit and grin at your one sided tan! How's your DH doing? I agree with GD that a stone by this point is very normal weight gain for pregnancy and not something to worry about. It is hard though seeing yourself change so much and so quickly and have very little control over it. There is time and to spare for sorting all that out afterwards though.

Thanks GetDown you've cheered me up a lot actually, saying the pushing is just the little bit at the end. I was really lucky as pessary to delivery was only about 3.5 hours and I was warned it could be most of the weekend. I felt I was coping quite well at the time too and only had the morphine right at the end because I thought I would need it if it got worse - but it didn't. So I am feeling reasonably optimistic about things. I'm hoping it's an indicator that I will have a not too long labour <<crosses fingers>>
Feeling better again the last couple of days, but it goes like that. It's very hard to put into words, but I think is just the nature of bereavement - there are easier days/phases and much much harder ones, and often no logic as to when they happen. I really appreciate having a safe place on here to talk about it all though, in RL it's hard, there's very few people I can talk to. I think most think I am "over" it whatever that means sad

5 more days of work grin

MrsP81 Mon 06-Jun-11 07:53:03

Just very quicly checking in <waves to everyone>

Whoop to five more days of work spilt! I'm very envy.

I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow, halfway!!! Scan is tomorrow so I'll come back for a proper catch up after that. X

Glad you are feeling a bit better spilt I can understand that it must be very up and down. Re. the pushing stage, just to give an example my labour overall was 22 hours, but my pushing stage was just 30 minutes. So as you can see, most of the labour is the softening and opening of the cervix bit. Sounds from your last labour that things will progress quite quickly for you. Don't dally around getting to the hospital grin 5 more days of work???!! HURRAH! Bet motivation is waning now.... I found that towards the end of my work before finishing. Just had this sense of what's the point, and ended up day dreaming about baby stuff most of the day! blush

nix glad DH is pulling his weight a bit now. It's fine to have a rant on here about our DHs - I just make sure mine doesn't know my MN nickname grin
Yes our little darlings are a very similar age. My DD is Dec 07. They have a particular way of knowing exactly how to wind you up don't they. My DD's favourite is to wail "I want my DADDY" everytime I ask her to do something she doesn't want to do.

Ooooh MrsP 20 week scan tomorrow! Exciting! Did you say you were going to find out the sex? Let us know how you get on tomorrow.

My friend that got the high reading on her nuchal translucency last week should get the final risk result tomorrow combined with the blood test. Really hoping and praying all is ok for her..

Getdown I am v jealous of your private hypno sessions! The lady we're going to charged a good £200 more for those so we've gone with the group option, though I think there will only be two other couples. Our first session's in July - am looking forward to it with some trepidation and will be interested to hear how your first session goes!

Spilt I know what you mean when you say most people think you're 'over it'. My sister (sister!) said something along those lines to me about a month after I miscarried last year, and it had admittedly been a very early loss, but I almost punched her. blush I hope this labour is a really positive experience for you, and although it won't ever replace memories of your first labour, I hope holding a new baby will be as wonderful as it could possibly be.

Good luck with your scan today MrsP smile

MrsP81 Tue 07-Jun-11 14:16:49

Hi ladies!

Lovely to see you again pippa, glad you had a good holiday. I'm 20 weeks and have put on 10lb in weight so your gain sounds pretty normal to me.

Any news on your friend's results yet getdown? Hope that it all turns out ok.

Well, we had the 20 week scan today and the baby was very wriggly but obedient according to the sonographer! Everything was perfect and it looks like a girl. smile I'm soooooo happy and feel like the luckiest person in the world right now.

MrsP81 Tue 07-Jun-11 14:20:15

Hi pippa, x post there.

Just realised I haven't added myself to list so here we go......

LadyGoneGaga 24/07/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3, mc Sept 10) Surprise
Nickstermum 7/8/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3.5, MC Aug 10) Surprise flavour!
spilttheteaagain 21/08/11 2nd pg (DD born 20 weeks), Baby girl
GetDownYouWillFall - 14/09/11 3rd pg (1 DD aged 3, 1 MC Oct 10) Surprise
Iwish 03/10/11 1st pg Likkle boy.
MrsP81 25/10/11 2nd pg (MC Aug 10) Baby girl
Terrysno2 - 4/11/11 3rd PG (DS, MC 12/10) Surprise version
MrsArchchancellorRidcully 20/11/11 2nd pg (DD aged 2.9) Will find out flavour on 6 July (hopefully!)

Congrats MrsP - we found out our Bean is a girl too at our scan smile Though we're telling everyone in real life we don't know as I just don't want to deal with people's 'advice'!

Added myself:

LadyGoneGaga 24/07/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3, mc Sept 10) Surprise
Nickstermum 7/8/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3.5, MC Aug 10) Surprise flavour!
spilttheteaagain 21/08/11 2nd pg (DD born 20 weeks), Baby girl
GetDownYouWillFall - 14/09/11 3rd pg (1 DD aged 3, 1 MC Oct 10) Surprise
Pippaandpolly - 26/09/11 2nd pg (1 MC last year), Girl Bean
Iwish 03/10/11 1st pg Likkle boy.
MrsP81 25/10/11 2nd pg (MC Aug 10) Baby girl
Terrysno2 - 4/11/11 3rd PG (DS, MC 12/10) Surprise version
MrsArchchancellorRidcully 20/11/11 2nd pg (DD aged 2.9) Will find out flavour on 6 July (hopefully!)

Really pleased your scan went well MrsP grin That is great news. And a little girl... ahhh how lovely. Bet you can't stop yourself looking at pretty girly baby outfits now grin Thanks for asking re. my friend. She actually got the result today, and it came back 1 in 1200 which is not too bad at all. They are going to put in a complaint about the sonographer because she'd told them it would def be a high risk result (without even seeing the bloods) and that the best case scenario would be 1 in 200, more likely 1 in 10 shock Could have really upset someone that was more, say, delicate in nature, for absolutely no good reason!!

pippa excited for you that you found out you are having a girl too grin Lots of little girlies on this thread so far!! Yes, I was surprised too about the private sessions being the same price, but basically realised that she wouldn't have any venue costs as it's in our home, also the sessions are likely to be shorter because there won't be as much discussion / questions with just one couple. So I suppose it kind of works out. Why do you feel trepidation do you think? I am really looking forward to starting mine! Been practising the breathing exercises already smile

MrsP fantastic news on your scan, I am so chuffed for you. Lovely to hear about yours and pippas little pink babies grin

I got given my first baby present today from one of the couriers who works for us at work. He's such a lovely man. I remember when I came back after losing Bobbie he got it most "right", came straight in to find me and didn't say anything just gave me a massive hug. I of course howled on his shoulder and the rest of my colleagues were hopping around from foot to foot wondering what the dickens to do grin. So I have 4 very gorgeous little white and cream baby outfits in my wardrobe now. I'm so touched. Froggy's first clothes smile

GetDown that sounds like good news for your friend? (I didn't have these tests so not sure quite what qualifies as a good/bad result, but it sounds good to me). Hope they are feeling reassured now.

Has anyone else totally lost their attention span? I cannot seem to read or watch a film anymore blush About 1 page or 15 mins in I am losing concentration and staring out the window. But I am all tetchy and bored too and want to be entertained but can't seem to focus on anything! I'm hoping I will feel a bit less like a zombie after I stop work (2 more days!!!!!!) and this will improve a bit.

pippa I'm sorry your sister was so stupid after your miscarriage. People have no clue sometimes do they?!

GetDown notice duly taken I will not muck around when it comes to travelling to the hospital! Especially as it is about a 30 min drive away and I would have to get DH home from work first (15-20 mins)

Lots of questions are starting to occur to me about my last labour that I wish I knew the answers to. I was wondering how far I dilated then (I refused internals). If your body doesn't need to get to 10cm because the baby is much smaller, would I maybe have only gone to about 5cm and then had her? Or would the cervix still open all the way? Because, there's a difference between getting to 5cm in 3.5 hours or getting to 10cm. And when my waters went they seemed to be full of blood. Is that normal? I thought they would be, well, watery. Or was it because she had died? After my waters went (when the contractions were constant and at their strongest) the contractions just stopped. I felt no urge to push, no further contractions. 20 mins passed and then I felt Bobbie slide out. Why would the contractions just disappear like that? Or do they do that after you are fully dilated/dilated enough?

Just wondering what to expect this time really. If anyone has any thoughts/ideas I would love to hear them.

LadyGoneGaga Wed 08-Jun-11 20:57:27

Spilt I should imagine labour this time will be quite a different experience. Normally waters are clear although sometimes with some meconium. Your contractions will carry on after full dilution as that is what gets the baby out. You will only push when you have a contraction. But there will be some similarities too. You have to think of it as a different situation with an entirely different outcome. But think you will be better prepared for it having gone through your labour with Bobbie.

nickstermum Wed 08-Jun-11 21:26:35

Spilt my waters were clear,. they just disappeared... in the bath i think!! No idea where they went!! 3 crochet hooks and 3 diff internals later neither did the consultants lol. They can be a bit discoloured though i think. Agree with LG it will be very different but you will still be able to use your experience. Could be you have very short labours,some do..? Did you have any pain relief at all? I suspect it was all a bit surreal, you were grieving too.

I cant seem to remember anything!! At all... ! Cant take fish oil this time,, <hurl> was my saving grace last time!!

Congrats to the team pinkies!! BTW... still stuck on names sad DS and DH fave for a girl is scarlet... sad reminds me of harlot!! grin still nowt for a boy, like Corey though.

Absolutely exhausted.... bed now night xxx

Re. hypnobirthing Getdown, I think the trepidation is just because I'm a really no nonsense kind of person and I haven't yet convinced myself that hypnobirthing uses anything different to the kind of 'hypnosis' Derren Brown uses...I'm doing lots of reading though and beginning to come round. (DH jokes that because I'm a Christian I'm not no nonsense at all hmm)

I love Scarlet Nickster - especially if there's any chance she'd be a red head! I knew a family of red heads whose kids were called Saffron, Blaze, Rufus and Leo. Amazing grin

Spilt did you have counselling after your last labour? I hope that's not too personal a question - I don't mean to pry. I just wonder whether it would be helpful to talk to someone (is there such a thing as a 'grief specialist midwife'?) in advance of this labour so you don't spend it feeling scared because it's the same as/different to last time?

MrsP81 Thu 09-Jun-11 18:44:50

Ladies, I'm panicking a bit, I just fell down the stairs. I landed on my bum so hoping it will be ok. Worried though. sad

Oh MrsP poor you sad Try not to panic. Have you got any crampy pains at all? Any bleeding? If you landed on your bum you should be fine. I think this happened to LadyG too ... (?) Remember the baby is cushioned in a tough fluid filled membrane and is sheilded from knocks and bangs. A friend of mine had a car accident whilst pregnant, and although her bump was bruised from the force of the seat belt, baby was absolutely fine.

Call midwife if worried. Hugs xx

MrsP81 Thu 09-Jun-11 19:15:10

Thank you getdown. Everything seems to be ok so far, the thing that hurts the most is my toe which is quite random! You're right about LadyG I think. Must be more careful from now on.

LadyGoneGaga Thu 09-Jun-11 19:20:28

Hi MrsP - yup, exactly that happened to me. I think (although can't properly remember was around 20 weeks). I just slipped on the stairs and fell on my bum. Everything was fine - I had a doppler so checked heartbeat myself but do call the midwife if you are worried. Is horrible though - I also had a big fall when we were on holiday. Slipped down one step, went flying in the bar and literally landed on a poor woman who was sitting minding her own business having a drink. Pretty much rugby tackled her! All was fine by the way.

My SiL had her baby this morning, a week overdue and has called her little girl...Scarlett. Is a lovely name and one I considered myself but wouldn't work with DS who is called Will...

And in other news, we finally have a move date grin. Two weeks on friday, whoo hoo!

Thanks ladies for your comments on labours etc. I think I could do with a sort of debrief of last time so will talk to my MW and see if we can book a time to go through it. I think I need to understand properly exactly what happened that day and what might happen this time, to help me cope with it all. Hopefully that is a normal sort of thing to ask for and she will be able/willing to help.

nix I had a shot of morphine in the hip right at the end about 9 contractions before my waters went. As I say there was then nothing after that so it was a pointless thing to have with hindsight. I really hated the sedated effect. That kicked in just after the birth and I was half asleep for the next two hours and really didn't want to be. As I understand, pethidine is a close relative of morphine and also a strong sedative so I plan to avoid that.

MrsP sad ouch. Hope your bum is feeling ok. I'm sure your baby is ok in there, GD is right, she is very well protected, but can only imagine how terrifying it is. Do phone someone if you would feel better for a check up.

Congratulations on your new niece Lady, I love the name Scarlett.

The wretched cat has just brought us another bird angry. Poor thing squawking away.

MrsP81 Thu 09-Jun-11 20:49:39

Thanks ladies, feeling better about it now. I think just the shock of it sent me into a panic! I felt her wriggling while I was eating my dinner which seems to be the daily routine so all seems well.

Great news re the move LadyG!

Ooh, I hate it when the cat brings in a bird spilt. They make such a mess. Ours is more of a mouse cat but she likes to bring them into the bedroom while we're sleeping, aaargh!

nickstermum Thu 09-Jun-11 22:28:02

<snorts in embarrassment> too tired to realise may have caused offence... oops! not meant x

I like the name Scarlett with two T's.. and its the top of the list at the min for the boys.. (Congrats on the birth of Scarlett for LG's SIL <frantically digs self out of self imposed tactless hole> grin) I was actually joking about Harlot... but its what i think they will get called at school. I like Lexie, but will it be shortened to sexy lexie... ? Anyway, scarlet wouldnt work with our surname, too much like charlotte...which i like but just not with the surname!! Mrs P sorry you fell, hopefully everything is ok, am sure it will be.

Spilt diamorphine is a derivative of heroin and i shant be going there again... lol...know what you mean about moggs... took 3 mice of my big boy cat the other day... every day i come down to entrails sad

I am getting very achy tummy. baby nestling v low down in pelvis i think, keeps booting me in the bladder and making me wee myself.... blush but starting to hurt now sad

YEY on the house move date LG x

LadyGoneGaga Fri 10-Jun-11 09:33:30

Bleurgh to entrails, Nix <boak>. No offence caused! I knew a lot of Charlotte's at school and very few were ever accused of harlotry so unless particularly slutty in teenage years should be fine.

I really don't fancy Pethidine or anything like that. I was spaced out even before had even had gas and air. And I'd worry too much about effect on baby.

Has baby engaged yet, Nix? Mine is head down but head still very mcuh free floating. But I read second babies don't tend to engage til late anyway. In fact MiniG didn't really engage properly til in labour anyway. Apparently my pelvis is roomy (!) (nice way of saying fat arse?) so I guess no need to settle in til last minute.

MrsP hope you're feeling ok today? I keep scaring myself by forgetting how big my bump is and standing too close to doors when I open them, meaning that I regularly whack myself in the bump! Figure there's a lot of me between the door and the baby though and I'm sure the same is true for a fall. (By which I don't mean to imply anything about the size of your bum!!)

Hope everyone's well today. I've had a day off and have spent most of it wrestling with our new buggy. It doesn't like me - I predict a good couple of years of swearing in car parks in the pouring rain...

nickstermum Fri 10-Jun-11 19:36:40

ah god it would seem that with my pg brain i am quite incapable of communicating these days... Cant have charlotte because webb is surname!!! Charlotte Webb...!! Like the book smile thats what i mean.. nowt harlotty about charlotte pmsl grin Thats why i said i couldnt have scarlet because its too similar to Charlotte. But i actually like Scarlett with two tts - However mother would freak. Apparently my elder male cousin is a right ARSE and his daughter is scarlet and mother hates him LOL!

Lady i have no clue whether engaged or not, my next check isnt til 36 weeks. Getting a LOT of low down aching... but keeps swimming round i think and nestles v low down in pelvis anyway. Keep getting booted in the bladder and it makes me leak blush then the next day it will be kicking elsewhere.... DS was in a funny position curled up like a snail for the entire pg and i think i have a wide womb that causes it... as i get kicks over by my hip bones bizarrely but very few up top.

I would definately not advise anyone to have diamorphine. I didnt research and i was offered it and took it, and it worked, but what they dont tell you is that you lie back like a heroin addict in enforced relaxation.. the pain relief wears off and the spaced out-ness doesnt. If i get that bad again i will just have an epidural straight away. As soon as i had one last time it calmed me down and i relaxed. I was raving on gas and air.....blush No two labours are ever the same... and god i really hope that to be the case grin

Still no idea about names sad

I know what you mean about banging the bump pippa and misjudging gaps! I am doing the same grin The other annoying thing is that my belly button is now protruding to such an extent that it catches on things angry Such as my bag strap - ouch! DD also knocked my belly button the other day and it was agony!!
I see what you mean now about the trepidation re. the hypnobirthing. I'm like you in that I'm a bit cynical, and take quite a biological approach to things, am certainly not of the mind that you can "think yourself out of pain" in some kind of hippy, tree-hugging way. But it seems that there is a lot of science to hypnobirthing and the hypnosis itself is not scary or weird like some of those tacky stage shows, but is actually just a state of supreme relaxation and control over your state of mind smile Sorry you are strugging with your new buggy grin Don't worry you will get the hang of it. Before you know it you'll be slinging it over one shouler, having folded it with one hand and juggled a baby with the other whilst carrying shopping grin Trust me.

Glad you've got a move date LadyG grin That's exciting! Glad to hear you have a gorgeous new niece. smile

spilt don't really know the answers to your questions about labour and whether you would have fully dilated to deliver Bobbie... but you're right you should have a debrief and def talk it all through with the midwife. I had two doses of morphine last time. It made me vomit and feel generally awful. Not to mention making DD sleepy and hard to feed for the first 3 days. I will definitely be avoiding this time at all costs.

nix grin you make me smile re. the name! Don't think anyone took offence. We all like different names and that's a good thing in my book. I am still totally stuck for boys' names. Eeek! We have reached a bit of a stalemate DH and I!

I keep getting period type pains - do you think these are Braxton Hicks? I never felt them with DD confused Weird thing is that my belly doesn't go particularly hard when I'm having the pains, so don't know if this can be contractions or not??

Oh by the way ladies, I have discovered a way to wake baby up..... PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISES grin

GetDown yes I get intermittent period pains, esp if I have just exerted myself a bit (like walking faster) and wondered if it could be BH too. Not sure though. Like you say my bump doesn't really go hard - a little tough near the base perhaps but that's about it.
I'm about half way through the hypnobirthing book for the second time and was trying to practice sleep breathing. Kept ending up with racing heart due to ballsing up breathing entirely and getting out of puff/over oxygenated alternately! Then I fell asleep, but when I woke up realised that the natural breathing when half asleep is exactly what the book describes. Think I might be getting the hang of it now...
In a couple of days I shall progress to trying slow breathing.

How nice to have a roomy pelvis Lady! I'm not hoping for engagement just yet (30 weeks now) but would be lovely if she would go Head Down please! Once we're home (staying at PILs this weekend) I shall be pumping up my birth ball again and try and get her turned, but first need to locate the puncture and fix it. Cats got to it last time... angry

pippa yup I do that to. I get stuck in doorways when I part open a door and try and squeeze through. Feel a prat. Mind you, I still haven't learnt the lesson of puberty that I have hips - I am forever assuming I am waist width all the way down and walloping my hip of the corner of the kitchen counters etc. I have been doing this for years now.

And break out the party poppers, I have finished work!!!

Hi there spilt congrats on finishing work!! You will be properly in the "nesting zone" now. I am already stressing out DH by going into mega-preparing mode. It's probably partly the boredom free time since I gave up my job grin. I sorted through loads of DD's babygros today and folded them all up neatly in little piles according to Newborn, 0-3 months etc. (which is plainly ridiculous as they all need a wash again before baby makes an appearance!!)

Yes the period-y pains are weird aren't they? I still find them slightly worrying, although I am sure they are normal. The other day I had a horrible scary moment where I had the pains, went to the loo and thought I saw blood in the toilet. Thankfully it wasn't blood but it was a heart-stopping moment for a fraction of a second blush

I know what you mean about the sleep breathing being difficult to master. I just can't seem to get it right. I get breathless too, and find it hard to see how it could ever feel relaxing confused I think it does get better with practise though. For example the slow breathing I have def got better. When I first tried it there was no WAY I could count to 20 and still be breathing in, but now I can do it. Just need to work on the breathing out bit now grin Also the book says to breathe out through your nose and definitely not your mouth, but I don't understand this as I find I can control the out breath much better when I breathe out through my mouth. I met my hypnobirthing teacher at the weekend at a free event they were running and she seemed really nice smile Start our course a week tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have my next monthly appointment with the mother and baby psychiatrist. Another morning of sitting around in the waiting room for an hour only to breeze in and say "Hi, I'm fine!!" Oh well!

LadyGoneGaga Mon 13-Jun-11 07:44:21

Hypnobirthing class sounds good, Getdown. We did a free taster one where we were doing the trying to breathe in for 20 and out for 20 thing. Need to practise also. But I'm also doing the Natal Hypnotherapy CD's which I think really were helpful last time. Wasn't painful at all until about 8cm and then because DS was asynclitic and got stuck.

Fab that you have finished work, Spilt. I'm doing a 3 day week this week, an 3 days next week then that is it! I'm definitely ready to go - physically and mentally just feeling knackered now.

I'm sure the right name will come eventually, Nix. Until then you can always call them Baby Anon. We're still undecided on boys name. Might have to wait until we can see what he/she looks like when out.

The new niece was gorgeous! Feeling very broody now grin. Just as well really!

nickstermum Mon 13-Jun-11 09:28:16

OK so which hypnobirthing CD should i buy?
any pointers would be helpful... will order today as working from home.
Very jealous of those finishing work. My last date was supposed to be 1/7/11 but they have very foolishly taken very long to find my replacement so i have offered to work from home for another week - with no travelling... provided they come to me and its on my terms....!

Worried about breech as well... i know am only 32 weeks but getting constantly booted in the cervix and fanjolina. Am not due to see MW until 36 weeks but i think am gonna book a check up this week. [and get out my ball!!] Really really dont want to have a section if i can avoid it, just purely for the recovery purposes... confused

LadyGoneGaga Mon 13-Jun-11 13:20:21

I have the Effective Homebirth preparation one from here, Nix.

I had a hossie appt today and wasn't good. Had sugar in my wee and was measuring huge. So they did a growth scan - baby is estimated to weigh 6 and half pounds already. Considering am only 34 weeks. So they think i might have Gestational Diabetes. Having a Glucose Tolerance Test next Monday. But if positive I won't be allowed my homebirth sad. And could potentially be lots more complications.

nickstermum Mon 13-Jun-11 14:13:17

Shit, lady sad but... better they know about it? and can sort it? Can they sort it? I know nothing about gest diabetes, sorry.

<Huge hugs>

LadyGoneGaga Mon 13-Jun-11 14:53:45

Well, hoping it not positive. But if it is will have to manage it with no sweet stuff/simple carbs in diet. Test blood for sugar pre and post every meal. If not managed by diet could be other medications or insulin. Plus a host of possible complications for the baby. Really hope it isn't an I coincidentally have grown a massive baby. Can't see that they can do that much since I should deliver in under 6 weeks anyway.

I will be washing the 0-3 month babygrows tonight in any case hmm

nickstermum Mon 13-Jun-11 15:08:45

aah bless... am sure it will turn out negative xx FX. some people just have larger robust babies smile I know someone who was scheduled for a section recently for a very large little girl... but when she arrived she was two pounds lighter than they said...!! They arent always right. Heres hoping its a neggie and everything turns out to be ok xx

Yey Spilt on finishing work! I don't officially start maternity leave until September, but I have 4 weeks left of term (so I get a cheeky 8 weeks 'free' smile )

Lady hope you're feeling ok sad Like you say, you might just be growing a big baby. I think it's more and more common these days - I know a few people who've had 9lb/10lb babies with no health problems. I'm having the blood glucose test next week too as my Dad has diabetes, so fingers crossed for both of us but if it's positive, at least we won't be in it alone!

LadyGoneGaga Mon 13-Jun-11 17:27:05

Good luck for yours too, Pip. Mine is on Monday. I'm not very hopeful though as have been really thirsty too which have read is a symptom. And very envy of the early start to maternity leave.

Only got 5 more working days to go, mind you! grin

Sorry to hear about your appointment Lady I really hope it doesn't turn out to be GD for you. I agree with nix that they are often wrong with guesstimating weights - and often very wrong too. Not long till you finish work now... hang in there! Glad to hear that hypno stuff helped you last time around. That is encouraging to hear. Looking back I think I seemed so unprepared for the labour last time - even though I had done NCT classes. I knew a lot about labour, but not really much about how I should behave / cope / strategies for getting through it. Hopefully this time will be different!

nix I haven't got the CD yet as the hypnotherapy lady is bringing it when we start our first session. But I think it's called something like "Rainbow Relaxation"? Not sure if you can get it on Amazon, but worth a search to see if it's available. Hope your baby is not breech, but remember there is still plenty of time for the little munchkin to turn so don't worry about it just yet. Good idea to get the birth ball out. I was also told to spend at least 5-10 mins a day on my hands and knees hmm (this does not mean I can scrub the kitchen floor though grin)

Waves to pippa hope your test for GD comes back ok too. How are you doing now? Just a count down till end of term I bet! That's great you can be paid for the whole summer hols!

I sent off my application for maternity allowance. Really looking forward to having a little money coming in again!!

nickstermum Mon 13-Jun-11 20:35:00

LOL GD i was told to dust the skirting boards last time grin <bounces furiously on ball whilst watching TV> Ouch... not good for bean who keeps scratching my cervix confused

Latest bump pic on my MN profile. Why does everyone, but everyone, think I have hardly any bump?? DH reckons they just never realised how little I was to start with - as you can see from the 9 week photo I have grown ALOT!

LadyGoneGaga Tue 14-Jun-11 08:03:02

I think you have a nice, neat bump, Spilt. It's because you look like you've only put weight on round the bump I think. Which is a good thing grin. Anyway, don't worry about what people say - they're generally full of shit.

Ah Lady you are too kind, and so politely not commenting on my increased arse grin. I know I don't have the biggest bump in the world (thank God quite frankly!) but am just getting a bit huffy at all the "oh, you're how many weeks? Gosh, there's hardly anything there" type comments. <<moody pregnant lady>>

Right now to read back and catch up

Oh nix poor you working that extra week, how very annoying. They haven't got my replacement in yet either (prob be another fortnight) but I am not as selfless as you and just left anyway. Frustrating that yours is breech too. I am trying to make an effort now to uncross my legs and not slouch. Ball pumped up (and needs repumping again already!) so we can bounce in sync grin. Like you I am desperate to avoid a section - the idea scares the crap out of me. GetDown it did strike me that all fours might mean I got the kitchen floor clean... might as well do something useful whilst down there. Also it definitely helps with the wind which is my ever present irritant.

Lady I am really sorry about the GD worries, that must be very scary. Once you do the test on Monday how soon will they be able to tell you the results? Big hugs, hope it's negative.
How big was your DS when he was born?

pippa also crossing fingers for a negative for you.

GetDown glad to hear your hypnobirthing teacher seems nice.

We did a bit more baby shopping yesterday and I spent all evening going all doe eyed at the moses basket, and unfolding and refolding the babygrows <<soppy>>. For those of you wanting cheap baby basics, we got these from Asda. Bought a pack in newborn and a pack in 0-3, seemed very good value and they are lovely and soft. A friend is hopefully passing on some more newborn clothes so I'll wait and see what she's got before getting anything else.

And we have chosen the cot (not bought yet). thank you Lady for introducing us to Mamas and Papas! Compared to all the others we looked at in IKEA, John Lewis, mothercare, this one is about 10 times more sturdy and solid feeling. It's a gorgeous colour wood, and had rather lovely bedding in it at the time which may have swayed us blush. Lovely shop though!

Questions for the knowledgable: what bedding do I need? I believe duvets are a no-no at the start? What sort of sheet/blanket arrangement should we have and how many sets to allow for puking etc? Thank you!

LadyGoneGaga Tue 14-Jun-11 09:05:28

No, you can't use duvets until they are past a year I believe.

I use bottom sheets on cot and baby sleeping bags in cots. You can get Grobags or loads of the shops do them now for much cheaper. Much better than anything else as they can't kick the blankets off or wriggle down under and wake themselves up. Are you using a moses basket intially? For that I would get 3 or 4 sets of pram/moses sheets and 2 or 3 cellular blankets.

Thanks Lady, yes we will start with the Moses basket. Top tip I have had on here is that normal pillowcases make perfect sheets for it. I have tried and can verify it is true, so I shall get a couple of packs of those (much cheaper and more useful in the long term!). Will look out some blankets too then.

Quick hello whilst I should be working.

Glad things going well, although boo to the poss GD lady . My sister had it in both hers and controlled it well with diet.
If you do have it, it's up to you but if you control your sugars well, there is no reason why you can't have a HB. They can't force you to come into hospital and growth scans can be notoriously inaccurate. The told me DD was around 10lbs and she was......7lb 15oz!

Have a look at the homebirth website for lots of info here

I'm 17 weeks and doing OK. BP still normal and feel well. No issues except I'm overweight and have a previous c-section but still going ahead with HB plan. Just need to write to head of midwifery to explain my intentions and find a doula.

And can i just rave about grobags/sleeping bags. DD was in a swaddle robe for the first few weeks, then they can go into a sleeping bag once they reach 10lbs (I think). They are fab! Grobags are quite expensive but Mamas & Papas do ones a bit cheaper. Jojo Maman bebe is also good for them.

They come in all different togs (eg 1 tog for daytime nap, 2.5 tog for cold nights) and it means they can sleep anywhere and can't kick the covers off and get cold.
We even got a sheet one for hot holidays and a travel one that has openings for car seat/buggy, so on holiday we just got DD ready for bed in the usual routine and then popped her into the buggy in her sleeping bag and went out for meals. She was great and just slept!
We also used it when returning home late from relatives, so we could just take her from the car and put her straight into her cot.

Bugger, better go and work.

MrsP81 Tue 14-Jun-11 13:25:56

I am sooooooooo jealous of so many of you finishing work already! I have lost so much motivation lately. I've got a fair amount of annual leave left to use up and wanted to use it go down to a four day week but I got a big fat no as the answer to that.

Sorry to hear about your possible diabetes LadyG. I shall keep my fingers firmly crossed that all is well and you can still have your home birth. And good luck for your test as well Pippa.

Nothing interesting to report here really, there have been no adverse effects from falling down the stairs so thats good. smile

I think you have a very obviously pregnant bump spilt Blooming rude people thinking it's ok to comment on your size! I am getting the other end of the spectrum - i.e. you mean you STILL have 3 months to go??! Which is equally annoying! BTW - looks like your hair has grown just a bit too! grin

I like the cot you've chosen. Very similar in colour to the one we got for DD, but ours is pale wood slats with white head and foot board. I like Mamas and Papas stuff. We actually found that Argos did the Mamas and Papas stuff and it worked out cheaper. We got a matching chest of drawers and wardrobe too and they have served us very well.

Good tip re. using pillowcases for the moses basket sheets. I've got a load of tiny moses basket fitted sheets as I was ignorant of this tip last time! The other tip I found useful was in the early days to spread a muslin over the top half of the sheet and tuck in at the sides, at the baby's head end. That way, when they vomit as they inevitably do, you should only need to whip off the muslin rather than wash the whole sheet. If you get to it quick enough that is!

Am a great fan of the grobags too.

nix enjoy your birth ball bouncing grin How are the house viewings going?

Hi to mrsA glad to hear BP is fine and you are doing well. Bet you are looking forward to your 20 week scan!

Hello to Mrsp. How annoying they wouldn't let you use your leave to go to 4 days a week. That seems very mean of them. Surely that would be a better arrangement than for you to use it all in one big chunk? Ah well, what can you do. Glad you are fine after your little scare with the stairs smile

I am feeling very grumpy today as we are having our roof re-done and I get incredibly stressed out by having builders traipse through the house angry Have got very impatient with DD today, which hasn't been her fault. Plus I just went to my second physio appt for my pelvic floor - was a real hassle getting childcare arranged, and had to drive to next town. When I got there they had no record of my appt angry and I was made to feel like it was me who made the error. Grrr. Thankfully they did agree to see me quickly so it wasn't a wasted journey. The physio said there was basically nothing else they could do for me until after the baby is born now, as it is just going to get worse hmm Great. Was terrified into a blitz of pelvic floor exercises last night after watching that poor woman on Embarrassing Bodies with a hideous vaginal prolapse blush DON'T want to go there!

We haven't had any new ladies move over for AGES.... Does anyone still look at the conception board to see how they are doing?

nickstermum Tue 14-Jun-11 14:37:45

For Sale Sign has gone up today..... EEK!

getdown I still lurk on the boards. digital is back ttc again and on meds (fingers crossed 5th time lucky). After me I think there was one bfp and one mc but nothing since April I think. Life can be very unfair.

nickstermum Tue 14-Jun-11 14:43:18

Sorry that was a bit mememe - meh! Will catch up properly later xx

Ooooh hope you get lots of interest in your house nix.

MrsA it is unfair indeed. I don't think I'd recognise anyone from the charters thread now. Digi though, I would obviously. Hope she gets her baby in the end.

Just found a moses basket in John Lewis for just 35! I thought they'd be way more expensive than other places, but the cheapest one in Babies R Us is £40 at least. The annoying thing is that we still have DD's one, but it is so misshapen due to DD using it for countless teddies / dollies etc. and I wouldn't feel comfortable putting a baby in it now!

GetDown we looked at that Moses basket yesterday, I was intending to buy it but it really did look cheap and I didn't like it. We got a lovely one reduced to clear in Asda. We then saw this one whilst cot shopping which was also very nice (I am not on commission honest!) and currently £29 if you have a store near you to have a look.

Ah shit, have I misread your post and you've bought it rather than just spotted it online? If so <<hangs head in embarrassment>>. To be fair everything in JL looked crap yesterday at our store, cots scratched, display bedding dirty, moses stand badly assembled and rickety so maybe I have judged over harshly. I just had a "yeuck not putting my baby in any of this stuff!" reaction and left.

Thanks spilt so much! It's hard to judge the quality when just looking at an image online, so thanks for the tip-off re. that John Lewis one. The Mamas and Papas one looks good, and it's a good reduction too.... may well go for that one!

No I haven't bought it yet!!!

But please have a look and don't take my word for it - I would hate you to buy something and think it was horrible blush

Don't worry, I won't hold you accountable grin grin

Another option GetDown? Don't know what their returns policy is like though if you weren't keen.

nickstermum Tue 14-Jun-11 19:58:38

God i havent bought anything yet and cant...... have no nursery as have to keep the room presented as a spare room.... sad gutted. Maybe things will get changed when i am on mat leave?!

Thanks spilt I went for the M&P one in the end. Didn't think I was going to get one cheaper than £29! Even second hand ones on Ebay seem to be going for more than that, and I'd have to get a new mattress for it anyway.

nix don't worry about not having bought anything yet. I sense that it's people like me that are no longer working bored at home that are doing the spending! grin I bet you still have loads of stuff from DS anyway. I am slightly berating myself at the amount of pink stuff we got for DD. If this one is a boy I think he's going to be wearing pink babygros and sleeping bags! grin

Lady hope you are feeling ok.

Can I ask something? I always go to sleep on my side, but when I wake up I am quite often on my back. They say not to lie on your back because it can squeeze the blood vessels.... this has got me worrying! If I fall asleep on my back can this reduce blood flow to the baby? confused

LadyGoneGaga Wed 15-Jun-11 13:54:47

I'm ok, Getdown. Just quite pissed off and stressed. But bit powerless to actually do anything so will have to wait and see.

Bet you still have loads from last time, Nix. Am same as you, no nursery until we move. Have bought some stuff which has gone into loft and cleared a couple of drawers in my room to put washed clothes/bedding etc.

We were bad in the end and did buy new buggy. I took DS out in his Maclaren fairly recently (first time in ages because it was peeing down) and found it impossible to push one handed so was worrying about DS running out into road while I pushed baby. So we also got a Sola as has a single handlebar. So feel a bit guilty but think will be more practical - we can still use our old car seat on it and haven't gone for the carrycot option so saved money that way. And could have gone for an iCandy so really have saved loads of money, yes? blush

What's happening with your vendor Lady?
I think purchasing a Sola is perfectly justifiable, don't worry about it grin

I am actually very tempted by the Phil & Teds super light stroller but sadly my Maclaren, although knackered, is still functioning perfectly well. So think I will restrain myself for now.

LadyGoneGaga Wed 15-Jun-11 15:00:17

They've bought their new house already but it needs a lot of work. So they want a few weeks between exchange and completion to do it. Therefore the earliest they want to move is about 9 days before my due date! And if I due have GD then there is a very good chance they will want to induce at 38 weeks. Of course they only mentioned this yesterday which I feel is very disingenuous of them. angry

Anyway, been far too me,me,me lately. How is everyone else? Swelling up like balloons? Or is that just me? grin

LadyGoneGaga Wed 15-Jun-11 15:01:27

And buggy looks nice, GD. And very light too. See how you get on. Maybe the Maclaren could have a little "accident" whilst walking next to the canal grin

nickstermum Wed 15-Jun-11 15:59:37

Getdown... i do the same. sleep on my side or attempt to then wake up on my back... albeit head on two pillows so not flat on back which i think its the problem....!! I think you are ok if you are propped up... maybe try a pillow behind your back as well as between knees...and/or propping yourself up on another pillow or two? I think its only flat on back thats an issue.... smile

but yes it worries me too.....!!

nickstermum Wed 15-Jun-11 16:09:37

LG Vendors are feckers not v helpful are they?!?! How inconsiderate... why cant they move out into rented? Can you threaten to pull out of the sale? Talking of selling... my neighbour ripped down our forsale sign yesterday as its on 'his land' TOSSPOT! We fell out last year... and never spoke again, over his sons music/noise/language etc... classy peeps these... around my MC so my head wasnt right either and i probably aggrovated it.
However in order to try and appease i have actually spoken to him...swallowed humble pie and apologised for my behaviour even though he didnt for his....didnt mean it of course....but hey ho...the air is clearer, i dont feel awkward now and hopefully we wont be here for too much longer....angry We now have two signs up and neither are on 'is laaand' Cock

Im ok thanks Lady...not too swollen today, hands struggling to type... so thinking carpal tunnel is on its way again.. hope not!! Other than that, good, tons of wriggling and evenings watching belly wriggle around...somewhat disconcertingly. and i have had 3 days back to back working at home, so its been relaxing...although permanently trying to sort out crap!!
Hows everyone else?

It's gone very quiet in here...
Lady great to hear you caved and got yourself a Sola! Now do not feel guilty, just enjoy it grin
I don't suppose there's any chance you could tell both vendor and buyer to sod off, they have messed you around too much, you cannot be expected to move 9 days before you give birth, you are not going anywhere until 3 months after?! I suspect not, but just imagining the ranty conversation would be satisfying.

aargh nix bloody neighbours. Not much longer and you will be gone from there <<channels calm>>

GetDown I had similar issues with waking up on my back all the time, but have found putting a pillow lengthways in the bed seems to solve this. I either sleep on one side with it between my knees which seems to keep me still, or I turn over completely and it's against my back which means if I roll back onto my back I am propped at an angle. Hope that makes sense?

Well we have successfully procrastinated for a few days and suddenly the cot we want has come on sale and is £40 off! There is the lesson to never do anything proactively and straight away!

I meant to go to my antenatal class yesterday and completely missed it because it was rescheduled to the morning instead of the afternoon. I had been told this, but as with all things just now, I forgot. Quite pissed off about that, I was looking forward to going and meeting some folk. Ho hum. Next week!

I am now 11st5 and only 5lbs lighter than DH confused

nickstermum Fri 17-Jun-11 19:17:37

Ah good I thought I had killed the thread lol

nickstermum Fri 17-Jun-11 19:19:03

Ah good I thought I had killed the thread lol

I would kill to be 11 stone 5

I am 12 stone 10
Nearly died when I got on the scales blush

LadyGoneGaga Fri 17-Jun-11 21:22:57

Well I am 13 stone 10, Nix. Weigh about 2 stone more than DP. Not good.

LadyGoneGaga Fri 17-Jun-11 21:24:31

I was a size 10th pre-pregnancy by the way

sorry, not trying to make people feel bad. It's just I used to be between 9st10 and 10st3 so it was a bit of a shock. I am not getting back on the Wii! Denial is the way forward.

Crappy news today, I was searching the conception boards to see how battery is getting on. She had her 12 week scan yesterday which showed the baby had died in the last couple of days. In theory they are doing an ERPC today but she has been waiting all day sad. Gutted for her.

LadyGoneGaga Fri 17-Jun-11 22:41:41

This time last year I weighed 9.5 stone, Spilt. I just gain a LOT of weight when pregnant. Goes again afterwards though, especially when I'm back running again. And not offended smile. Sounds like you're doing pretty well with weight gain though, which is good!

So sorry to hear about Battery. That is horrible, poor woman. My thoughts are with her sad.

We think we may have a new date for moving! Hopefully 4th July. Should be exchanging on Monday. Keep fingers crossed. I will be 37 weeks pregnant but could be worse I s'pose.

nickstermum Fri 17-Jun-11 23:05:07

Ah spilt don't worry I too was a size ten Pre PGs ;(
Lady ah bless.. You must be taller ;) ;)

Battery chook poor lady ;( gutted for her ;(
I found out yest. That's a shitty shitty card to be dealt. Is that her third or fourth? Hopefully they will testsad
Digi also I read somewhere had a test result although don't remember, what.

nickstermum Fri 17-Jun-11 23:07:30

Yey for the moving in date ;)

LadyGoneGaga Fri 17-Jun-11 23:24:17

At this weight I ought to be about 6ft 6, Nix grin (am 5'8"). There is obviously dark matter in my uterus along with the baby (Nothing to do with the massive arse, ham arms and back fat I seem to have sprouted). Still, it's all for a good cause!

nickstermum Sat 18-Jun-11 05:27:15

Can't sleep btw!
Ham arms??????
See I said you were tall grin

I have full frontal thigh cellulite, chafing, my arse is twice it's normal size and I used to have slender collar bones oh and cheek bones!!
I'm 5ft 7.5 and bordering on clinically obese I think!
Were obviously breeding robust big boned babies grin

Wouldn't mind but my diet has been fish and salad For the last 3 months lol

It's batterys third, but one of them was twins IIRC. digi got results back from her most recent loss and they found that she had had a little girl with triploidy (3 sets of chromosones). They said this is just totally bad luck, no increased chance of it happening again, and not age related.

Hurrah for your moving date Lady, fingers crossed they all manage to stick to it.

I am knackered, crap night of non sleeping. I need nappies or something, this repeated getting up for the loo is a pain in the arse. And I am looking forward to not HURTING all over!

nickstermum Sat 18-Jun-11 09:49:50

Yes thats right re Digi. I wasnt sure what that was sad <Dig if you are lurking... <hugs> > Sheer shitty luck.... sad I knew battery had lost twins before. Totally gutting sad

YEs the non sleeping is getting me down also. Bladder kicks are seriously painful, but cannot seem to get comfy. Baby goes to sleep if i sleep on my right, if i sleep on the left like you are supposed to it kicks all night (bladder!!) Tis limbs (arms) down and across by hip bones at the min(legs), curled up like a snail, transverse. Must get onto spinning babies website. Thank god for hubs being home this weekend. Hes taken out DS for the morning to go and buy a new scooter that hes been saving up for grin... off for a snooze i think. Been up since half four!

Just back up after a nap and feeling a bit better for it. Hope you get a few hours kip whilst they're out nix. I was starting to wonder about this left/right thing. I can sleep on my right more comfortably, but going onto my left makes me desperate for a wee again - which would make sense if that's where the bladder is and it's being sat on <<lightbulb moment>>

Mine tends to have hands one side of bump and feet the other so whichever side I lie on there are wriggles from below! I am convinced it is her head that is stuffed under my right ribs though, which I guess would mean bum in my pelvis or similar in a sort of frank or complete breech position. I'll see if the MW can work it out on Weds when I see her.

LadyGoneGaga Sat 18-Jun-11 11:43:57

Boo to not sleeping well. DS has started getting into my bed again so about 3 or 4 he comes in. I don't mind really - just going to be very crowded in a few more weeks grin. I'm comfiest on my left which is just as well as is agony to try and turn over. Baby is head down but slightly oblique at the moment which I really don't want. I want a nice straightforward birthing position please. Going to spend the weekend on the ball!

Hugs to both Digi and Battery if either are lurking. It's all so unfair. sad

nickstermum Sat 18-Jun-11 13:08:00

Yey woke up at 12;););)
First time I've done that for a while ;)))
Must have needed it!

Hooray for hubster ;)

nickstermum Sat 18-Jun-11 13:10:57

Not sure where the bladder is spilt, but that's where the baby boots me;( !!

Hi all!

Have not really been checking, but weighed myself this morning and am now 9st 3. Was 8st before I got pregnant. Can't remember what I got up to with DD but by the end I was definitely well over 10.

I sympathise with all the disturbed nights. I seem to be yo-yo-ing between one terrible night followed by one good night, having been totally shattered. I actually didn't get up for a wee last night shock but was in agony when I woke up about 6:30!

I do still keep reverting to lying on my back even with big sausage pillow... hmmm, very annoying.

I've borrowed a ball from my friend though and am now sitting at the computer on it, as all normal chairs seem to knacker my back now.

So sorry to hear about battery that is so very sad sad

Iwish Sun 19-Jun-11 00:31:03

Hi ladies! Long time no speak lol.

Oh hell on the weight front. I was a size 12 at 10st7ish but I now weigh around 13 stone at 24+5!!

Woohoo to nix for the lie in! I was up at 10:30 today, that's my usual weekend time for now until little one arrives.

getdown I'm with you on the crap sleep, I keep waking up panicking I'm not in the right position!

ladyg 3 or 4! Does he just go strait to sleep? Hope so at that time lol!

split I have no idea where the bladder Is either lol!

Waves and hugs to everyone else xx

Well I went for a 4d scan today and. Have put some pics on my profile. He Is absolutely gorgeous!! Just thought I'd share with you grin

LadyGoneGaga Sun 19-Jun-11 09:10:09

Pretty much, Iwish. But he's never really slept through at the age of 3 apart from the very, very occasional night so am used to being woken up. Not sure how will go on with two of them at it though hmm

Lovely pictures - has he got loads of hair on his head already or is that just a shadow?

Iwish Sun 19-Jun-11 10:26:13

I'm not sure lady. It does look like he has lots of hair. I had loads when I was born so there's a good chance hehe. We got 108 pics on a DVD and 10 printed ones!

Maybe he will start to sleep through by the time bubba arrives hmm
I have it all to come!

I am 14 st 2lbs blush I'm really annoyed with myself though as I was 13 st before I got pregnant (5ft 5, hefty size 14 and often 16 on top) which is the most I've ever weighed, EVER. I am about 10st 7lbs when I look my best (makes me a 10-12), but I'd had a shitty year and totally stopped taking care of myself. Now I feel absolutely huge and I know if I'd been looking after myself better before I got pregnant I wouldn't be in this state. I don't know how I'm ever going to lose it all. Am 26 weeks tomorrow so realistically I guess I could gain well over another stone. Which will make me so far into the obese category I might be stuck there for a long, long time.

Awful news about Battery and Digi sad Puts things in perspective.

LadyGoneGaga Sun 19-Jun-11 12:07:16

Aw Pippa. I found last time round even though I'd gained loads of weight it had all pretty much gone and was wearing a size 10 by Christmas so by about 7 months or so. Without dieting - breastfeeding is especially good for helping to lose the weight.

nickstermum Sun 19-Jun-11 14:51:46

Lady, DS only really slept through when i stopped BF and put him in a big bed. Never looked back since. He used to wake up for the boob and also for the comfort of it... sad wasnt helped by him being intolerant to cows milk so i didnt have much choice, I stopped at 2 yo and he drinks gallons of goats milk now smile

You lot make me feel better about my weight gain too.... glad its not just me.

I have a pain just above my bikini line. (inside) thought it was cos of constipation, but now am not so sure.... any thoughts?

Ball worked for me yest, and babynix seemed to shift, but is back now!!! confused

nickstermum Sun 19-Jun-11 14:52:36

PS i BF for two years,,, and never seemed to lose any weight last time..... think its a myth grin

Nooo nickster don't say that, I am counting on it!

nickstermum Sun 19-Jun-11 15:43:21

grin grin grin blame it on the chocolate then grin

My dsis still BF after 20m and shes still a bit of a porker <said affectionately of course> grin grin

LadyGoneGaga Sun 19-Jun-11 18:14:37

Nix Sadly, DS is already in a big bed, and I stopped bf 6 months ago hmm. He just likes sleeping with me <weak>

nickstermum Sun 19-Jun-11 18:54:18

Just likes being wiht his mummy then.... smile

Gorgeous scan pics Iwish, I especially like the second one down with his foot right up by his face! Little contortionist smile

pippa I hope you're feeling a bit happier today? FWIW I don't think weight gain in pregnancy is something we have all that much control over - your body seems to just do it's own thing really and some of us put on more than others. It has 9 months going on though, so surely a minimum of 9 months to come back off is more than reasonable (that's what I keep telling DH anyway... just to make sure he's not expecting any miracles at 6 weeks post partum!). And remember the weight consists of baby, placenta, amniotic fluid, general water retention, extra boob, extra blood etc so loads of stuff that is not fat.

I have had a shopping spree blush Bought sheets/blankets, towels, breastpads, newborn nappies (how dinky are they?! soooo so cute!) and then went into the nearly new baby shop we have in our town and got a bit carried away on baby clothes. Couldn't help it, they are silly prices, like 6 vests for £1.50. When DH gets home he is going to wonder how many babies I am planning to clothe! Also spotted they sell the baby sleeping bags for £4 each so I shall resist the lure of M&P's half price lovely dreampods.

Just over 31 weeks and counting...

Hope you are all doing ok today. Lady you must be nearly done with work now?

I agree, Iwish your 4D scan pictures are AMAZING! And you're right, he is so so gorgeous! I love the facial expressions!

Hi there spilt my M&P moses basket arrived, and am very pleased with it, so thanks for pointing me in the direction of a bargain! grin Only thing is, it is diff dimensions from the one we had for DD, so the fitted sheets we had don't fit, but i'm not too bothered, as I can use flat ones (also I got some new fitted ones from mothercare at the weekend and they were in the sale grin)

Nice to hear of your spending spree, it's so fun getting all the bits and pieces and laying them out to look at them. I've been fawning over my lovely new washable nappies blush They are all so soft and fluffy and lovely. I'm sure I won't feel this way in a few months when they are all poo-stained grin

Had MW appt this morning - all is good. BP 100/60 and wee fine. Heard little heartbeat which was lovely.

Got my first hypnobirthing session tonight!

Yep the stuff is all strewn across our bed for long admiration sessions! I have made up the moses basket blush with sheet, blanket, muslin under head and tucked a babygro in blush. I am becomming a sentimental loon.

Glad you're pleased with the Moses basket <<phew!>> and great that the appointment went well today. Must be your 28 weeker with all the bloods etc?

Good luck hypnobirthing, I would love to hear what you make of it when you get the chance.

I've also phoned some legal folk and we have an appointment in a couple of weeks to write our wills confused. Needs doing but not exactly a pleasant thought.

Iwish Mon 20-Jun-11 19:22:54

Thanks split I love that one too, DP says he gets that from me blush. I can could get my foot to my head.
Aww I bet you really enjoyed your shopping! Can't wait to go and do sone proper shopping. All we have bought him is a pack of sleep suits and one little outfit! Dps mum has bought the pram. Going getting the furniture this weekend tho. grin 31 weeks, not long till your little one is due!

Thanks getdown I'm so pleased with them and I just think he is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen <proud mummy emotion>
Glad your MW appt went well too, so lovely when you get to hear the heartbeat smile. And you have got a new excuse to go shopping for baby things now since you need new sheets hehe!
Enjoy your hypnobirthing class!

Hi to all you other lovelies! smile

When we went for the scan they estimated that my Likkle man weighs about 1.10lbs at the moment, bless him.

nickstermum Mon 20-Jun-11 20:27:32

<note to sentimental loon> spilt watch out for your cat in the basket grin
I did that then the ruddy thing was fast asleep in it for the weeks running upto the birth.. grin

Had to chase a rabbit round the lounge earlier.....confused at least this one was alive-alivo!!

Am i still in denial? I havent yet washed anything, done a thing for this poor new baby...time? will eventually when i stop work i should think.... grin

nickstermum Mon 20-Jun-11 20:29:19

wow those scan pics are incredible grin

Iwish Mon 20-Jun-11 20:59:14

Lol nix you will be doing your washing the day he/she is due grin. And what the hell were you doing chasing a rabbit around?
When do you finish work?

nickstermum Mon 20-Jun-11 22:44:55

I have two cats I wish who are honing their rabbit murdering skills! ;(
I then had to chase it round the garden with 7kilocat hot on it's tail!!
Finish 8th July

Lady did you get your results today? Hope ok x

LadyGoneGaga Tue 21-Jun-11 08:16:49

Results are today, Nix. Have to ring up after 10:30. Fingers crossed. We exchanged on the house yesterday though so we move two weeks yesterday. Pushing it...much?! grin

I spent hours scrubbing the baby car seat the other day - came up like new. Until the frigging hairy cat decided to spend the day sleeping in it whilst I was at work angry. Mine seem to have pretty much stopped hunting now though which is a good thing (they used to bring pigeons in!). But we are moving to a house near fields so we will see how long that lasts for.

I love cloth nappies, Getdown. Need to try and get mine to come up nice and white. Not sure they will go very fluffy again. Waiting for a really sunny day so I can try and sun bleach them a bit.

Iwish Tue 21-Jun-11 08:56:12

Awww the poor rabbit. Looks like you have a lot of running around to do. Roll on 7th July for you them grin. I don't finish till 2nd September envy

Can't be bothered going to work today! I'm so flipping tired, might have to put my head on my desk and sleep when I get to work.

Iwish Tue 21-Jun-11 08:58:34

That'll teach me not to refresh!
lady keeping my fingers crossed for your results today. Let us know how you get on.
2weeks yesterday! Yeh pushing it just a little lol!

There is no better feeling in the WORLD than your baby having a good old squirm after you've worked yourself up into a right state because you've not noticed much movement for a bit (even when you know that's their normal sleep time!) Feeling all emotional now.

Hoping your results are good Lady.

GetDown how did the hypnobirthing go last night?

I was a bit shock at nix's rabbit catching cats until I saw 7 kilo cat!! That's some tiger you have there! I was thinking surely mine couldn't get a rabbit - but then they are only 3.5 kilos little animals so might explain why they stick to rats/mice/birds! Though I saw Petal have a go at a pigeon once - caught a tailfeather, the pigeon escaped.

Big spider in the laundry this morning <<ugh, shudder>> which I had to hoover up. The hoover is now parked outside awaiting DH's return. Vile hideous things. Spiders and the opening of new jam jars are two reasons why I knew I could never live alone.

Tomorrow we are getting a new stair carpet!! (No carpet since about August last year...) I am very happy at the prospect of no more impaling my ankle on the gripper rods on the back of the top stair.

Hope your results were ok Lady? Iwish I love those pics! I have always thought 4D scans looked a little freaky and alien-like but that's so not the case in yours. Hm, now am tempted!

Is anyone else having trouble sleeping? Last night I finished work at 11.45, reckon I dropped off at about 12.30, woke up for the loo at 3.30 and then spent the rest of the night trying not to cry with frustration that I couldn't get back to sleep despite being exhausted! Am SO tired today but have to keep going - work till 11ish tonight, whole day tomorrow, early start for glucose testing on Thursday followed immediately by interviews for my assistant, which the school cleverly scheduled for the one morning I told them I couldn't do due to the hospital appointment hmm. Come Thursday evening I will be ready to collapse for a week! Hope everyone else is faring better.

Spilt - DH says I sound like I'm being murdered when I scream about spiders blush. I am such a girl.

LadyGoneGaga Tue 21-Jun-11 13:09:19

I failed my test sad. Was only just above the cut off but was above the cut off. Have impaired function but they treat you same as if you had full blown Diabetes. Still waiting for the Diabetic nurse to phone me back to see where we go from here...

Good luck for your test, Pip.

Exciting on the carpet, Spilt. Can you not set your cats on the spiders? That's what I do. grin

oh crap Lady I am sorry. I know pretty much nothing about GD so can't make any intelligent comment, but it must be horrible to hear that. I hope the nurse can help with some clear info and let you know what it might mean for you. Let us know how you get on.

pippa fingers crossed for your test - how irritating that you have to hot foor it back afterwards to host interviews. It sounds like they're working you very hard, I'm not surprised you're exhausted. If it all gets too much remember you can go and see your GP and talk about a fit note to reduce your hours/introduce more breaks. Your's and the baby's health are more important than inconveniencing work.
Sleep wise the trouble I have is sleeping comfortably (just can't!) and constant weeing/thirst - I don't have a problem getting to sleep so can't really help there. Hope it's a short lived phase.

Sadly Lady my cats are totally useless on spiders. They watch with interest, then look at me as if to say "so?" and wander off. Our previous cat (now RIP under the cherry tree) was actually scared of them and used to recoil in horror at the sight of a spider!

MrsP81 Tue 21-Jun-11 13:32:53

Sorry guys, I'm so rubbish at keeping up with you all!

Lady, sorry to hear about your test. I don't know anything about it really but being only just above the cut off sounds as if it might be easier to manage and keep under control? Fingers crossed.

Fab photos iwish, they have made me tempted to have a 4D scan. Hmmm.

I'm jealous of all your shopping, I can't wait to go and have a big splurge on baby stuff! I've got a week off in a couple of weeks so we're going to do some decorating and shopping then. I don't finish work until 30 September by which time most of you will have popped!

How was hypnobirthing getdown? I've got the book but haven't got round to reading it yet.

Good luck for your test on Thursday Pippa. I was having trouble sleeping due to being uncomfortable but now I've got one of those fancy pillows and so far so good.

spilt I know exactly what you mean about squirmy babies! Mine has been fairly quiet the last couple of days and it was playing on my mind but today she is clearly having a party in there!

That is a big cat nix! Our cat is 4 kilos and I think she would be too frightened of a rabbit thankfully.

Posting from a very hot Orlando - it's 95 degrees today!

Off to visit Disneys Animal Kingdom today - I may melt.
But having fun, despite DD's wingeing.

lady sorry your result is marginal. I'm a bit of a militant so ignore if this isn't your style, but as you are so close to due date you should be able to manage things with diet and there should be no reason why you can't have a homebirth. As long as your glucose levels stay normalish, your baby should be absolutely fine.
Hope things work out ok.

Hello to everyone else!

I love spiders - they are welcome in my house so they eat all the bugs. But I've seen some scary ones out here - we've got our own pool and there are some clear/hairy ones around the side which float! Luckily they aren't aggressive!

You are a brave lady MrsA facing that heat whilst pregnant! Glad you're enjoying it, but gah... clear floating spiders in the pool is my idea of hell grin
Have fun at Disney

Hi all! hypnobirthing last night went well thanks. Was mainly just going through my previous birth story (which took over an hour shock) and about "releasing fears" re. this birth. She did a relaxation with DH and I at the end, where she read out a script - DH nearly fell asleep grin

Due to holidays and things don't have next session till 13th July, but got the CD now so will be doing my practising in the meantime!

Sorry about your result Lady hope you can still have your homebirth. Glad to hear you have exchanged and things are moving on house-wise.

LadyGoneGaga Tue 21-Jun-11 16:32:08

I don't think I can still have a homebirth. Having read around the implications for baby and for me I don't really want to take any chances. I think if they offer me induction at 38 weeks I will take it due to the increased risk of shoulder dystocia and stillbirth. I know it's not a hugely increased risk but I think given the size of baby now and my other health issues I am going to be guided by the Consultant on this. I'm still doing my Hypnobirthing CD's etc and hoping that will see me through.

Hey, maybe with no. 3 it will work out? hmm

Lady sad

Oh Lady sad. What's your hospital like? IIRC correctly your DS was born there after a transfer wasn't he? What was the care like? I've ordered the natal hypnotherapy CD so will be giving that a go shortly. I can understand your wish to not take chances - I feel very risk averse too. It's a vulnerable time.

Glad your course went well GetDown. Sounds like it worked well on your DH!

I had a MW check up this morning which showed things are still going well and baby spilt is head down! (for now...) Hope she stays there. I talked to my MW a bit about what a neurotic anxious loon I am and how the antenatal thing was quite tough the other week and was nearly in tears again. It's so much easier to talk online than in person, I can't seem to articulate very much before I cry. And I hate that so I clam up to stop it happening.

We talked a bit more about place of birth. She's looked up the NICE guidelines for me and apparently they say that a well-controlled thyroid issue shouldn't prevent delivery in a MLU, but an uncontrolled one is an indicator that you should be in a consultant led delivery suite, which seems fair enough. So in my case she thinks I am suitable for the MLU, in agreement with the fetal medicine consultant. However my obstetric consultant was very adament that CL was the way to go. I asked my MW what happened if he sticks to that (I see him again at 36 weeks) - what would happen if I turned up at the MLU in labour against his advice? Her opinion was that at the hospital they would be strongly guided by the consultant and would send me down to the consultant ward. However she did say that the small standalone MLU (not in the city hospital, about 20 mins away) takes a different view and would go through a pros and cons kind of detailed birth plan based on each individual case. As a community MW she works there (and also does HBs) and would be happy to accept me there.
So she asked me to think about what I would rather do if faced with the option of CL at main hospital or standalone MLU in the community (if we do find the hospital birth unit closed to me due to consultant recommendations). Hmm not sure. My gut says just go to hospital and save the need for a transfer etc, be in the place with the paeds too, but a big part of me also says why give up on a low key water birth just yet? I am scared of being restricted to the bed, or having CFM pushed on me, and scared of the infamous cascade of intervention. I want to try for an active, minimal drugs, vaginal birth and I don't want to be in a place that could jepoardise that.
Will look up the NICE guidelines myself I think in prep for my 36 week appointment. I don't want a battle, but it would be really nice if he could support my wish to be in the birth unit and then I'd feel a bit less forced into a tough decision.

Apologies for the length... thinking aloud and trying to clear things in my head a bit.

ravenlocks Wed 22-Jun-11 15:59:03

Hi everyone,

Tis me again, the boomerang chatter who appears to only be able to find the revolving door to this place!

Can I join you (again)? Am in shock and am supposed to be working but of course cannot concentrate a dot. I got a BFP about a month ago, was worried about joining the thread straight away since the last 2 times I did I got booted by off my early m/cs. This time I have managed to get to 8weeks+3 and have just had my booking in appt with the midwife and coincidently my 8week scan today.

Only found out it is bloomin twins! I am soooo shocked/ excited/ happy/ scared all at once. DH can't stop saying 'twins!' and he is wandering around like a loon grin not knowing where to put himself. I am looking at a scan pic of 2 healthy beans both with strong heartbeats measuring exactly the same size and perfect for their dates.


You guys are all so far along now, hope I won't be on my own chatting to myself towards the end. I will have a good read back through the thread and catch up on everyones news.


LadyGoneGaga Wed 22-Jun-11 16:03:50

OMFG!!!!! That's so exciting!!! Congratulations, Raven grin. So lovely tos ee you back here. And twins!!!

Oh wow!! raven double congratulations, how very very exciting! grin I am thrilled for you, and fantastic that you've already had a scan too. I can't imagine how your head must be spinning after finding out there's two in there!

Lovely news.

So are they sharing a sac and placenta or not? Ooh that has made my day grin

And I have new carpet. It is beeeautiful smile

ravenlocks Wed 22-Jun-11 16:30:09

<stiiiill not doing any work>

Thanks lady and spilt!

I am trying not to worry about all the higher risks etc and just have to believe this will end well at this stage. Good news is it is the 'safest' type, they are non-identifcal and each have their own sac and placenta - independent little beans!

Glad you love your new carpet spilt! smile

I expect work will forgive you! Have you told them? Aaw I wonder if they even realise yet that they are sharing your womb with someone else?! I guess later they must kick each other as well as you. Some entertainment to look forward too grin

<<carpet so very bouncy!>>

WOW raven I am so so so so so pleased for you grin grin That is fantastic news! Of course you are so welcome back here, we are all at different stages it doesn't matter at all.

Big hugs. xxx

MrsP81 Wed 22-Jun-11 20:53:43

Hellooooo raven! That is such amazing news, congratulations! I am sitting here with an enormous grin on my face. grin

LadyGoneGaga Wed 22-Jun-11 21:46:03

I'm really puzzled by why your consultant would say that, Spilt. I've been under two different Consultants in two different hospitals in two different regions in two different pregnancies and they both were fine to release me to MW led care after 34 weeks providing thyroid levels were under control, baby was a good size and I consented to a managed third stage. I think worth pushing them as to why. A well controlled thyroid carries no additional risk AFAIK. Or are they concerned because of the Toxoplasmosis? i hope you get the result you want in any case.

Saw the Diabetes nurse today and have been given my blood glucose monitor and shown how to do it all. So today is the first day of my Diabetic life - and I really hope is just temporary as seems like a huge faff! Have to test bloods first thing in am, last thing at night and pre and post every meal. So far I have "failed" at every meal. So I'd better get better at knowing what foods keep my blood sugar low else I'll be on insulin. See the Consultants next week so should know more about plans for delivery.

And finished work today grin.

Iwish Thu 23-Jun-11 08:20:35

pippa I'm having trouble sleeping too! Feel like I'm awake most of the night peeing or trying to get comfy!
Hope your test goes ok.

lady sorry you failed your test sad. Woohoo that you have finished work tho!

Double congrats raven that's fab news!! Bet you are v v happy.

mrsp the scan was definitly worth it. It was amazing to see my lovely little boy in there. Hope you are feeling ok and glad you have a v wriggly baby.

mrsa hope you are enjoying your holiday!

split hope you like your new carpet lol. And I'll keep my fingers crossed that they let you have they type of birth and in whichever place you want.

getdown glad you enjoyed your class, get that cd out and get practicing till your next session hehe.

I had my 25 week check up with MW yesterday. Went ok apart from bp was up a bit but it went back to normal by the end of the appt. Also got a prescription for gaviscon, phew!
Can't be bothered going to work today, too tired!

Waves to anyone I've missed xx

I'm equally baffled Lady - knowing your experience was partly why I was so flumoxed when he first said that. Don't worry I shall be pushing to sort this out next time! The toxo is the reason they want me in the hospital, the thyroxine is the reason he said CLU.

How are you feeling today? Esp about the new blood testing, GD and stopping work - that's a lot to deal with all at once. And moving house in less than a fortnight you poor thing. Please do come and use this as a rant space if you need it!

Glad things are going well Iwish.

I've just started reading another book: Active Birth which so far I would recommend. Lots of diagrams of your pelvis and different positions and things to help explain why not lying down is so beneficial. As a sciency person I like to understand why and like to see all the bone pictures etc. It has an 11 point section of reasons why squatting/kneeling/standing helps which I shall be making DH read so he understands and supports me in it grin

raven are you still in shock?!

LadyGoneGaga Thu 23-Jun-11 15:53:28

I'm ok, Spilt, thanks. Have done my menu planning and been supermarket shopping so going to give the diet a crack. Haven't heard from the Dietician yet so cobbled together own plan based on internet research and using low GI foods. So far I have discovered that I can't eat noodles or Branflakes as has sent my blood sugar too high! But houmous and wholemeal pitta and veggies for lunch was fine.

It's just a lot to take in. I was feeling pretty depressed last night to be honest but more positive today. Didn't help the tax credits people sent a demand for £450 for overpayments yesterday and DS's Dad decided to tell me that he thinks he should be paying less money as DS will not be going to nursery so much angry. FFS, he's supposed to be paying for maintenance of his son. Anyway, off topic but made me cross.

But feeling more positive today anyway.

Glad you're ok, Iwish and things going well.

batteryhen Thu 23-Jun-11 17:39:13

Hello everyone. I have been lurking and thank you for all your messages and thoughts. We are going to try again but obviously I need to get back to myself again. I am still spotting a bit, but will start charting again soon. I hope I can join you all again soon properly xx

LadyGoneGaga Thu 23-Jun-11 19:21:47

Lovely to see you, Battery. I just wish it was under happier circumstances. I hope it's not too long until you get to join us again xxx

nickstermum Thu 23-Jun-11 22:34:37

WOW Raven OMG huge double trouble congratulations honey xx welcome back xxx

Bet that was a shocker smile

Chook.. good to see you petal x Much love and the best of luck for charting again x

Lady really hope you are able to get the GD under control food wise smile and am sure its only temporary!

Hope everyone else is fab... having a weekend with hubs and feet are up. Shattered as not sleeping great either...cannot believe i am nearly 34 weeks on sunday. Fuck! how did that happen? Hope you are all fab xx

I second everything Nickster said above me smile, particularly the congrats to Raven and the best of luck for Battery (But not the 34 weeks bit - a way to go for me.) Had my glucose test yesterday and am ok. Lady did they give you much info when you were being tested about diet etc? I was a bit shocked they didn't give any of that stuff out to me and the other ladies being tested - you'd have thought they'd want everyone to start being careful immediately.

Am shattered today but it's an exeat, so I have a weekend! Wonderful, blessed opportunity to do nothing. (And catch up on chores hmm.) Ordered an organised mum diary the other day in an attempt to become a domestic goddess before the baby's born - here's hoping!

LadyGoneGaga Fri 24-Jun-11 12:35:19

Well I asked about it and they just told me to avoid sugary stuff. Spoke to the Dietitician today and didn't really tell me a fat lot more. Brilliant that you are clear though, Pippa. Will they retest later at all or are you home free on that score?

Have now discovered that can't eat either Branflakes or Porridge for breakfast sad. I love my morning cereal. Eggs tomorrow. However last nights tea (Steak, Chickpea and tomato sald with harissa yoghurt dressing and sweet potato wedges kept blood sugars right down and was yummy to boot).

ravenlocks Fri 24-Jun-11 14:50:50

Thanks for the welcome back and the congrats. Still in shock! Told my folks and the PILs and our siblings. That is all the people we are telling at this stage. Want to leave it as late as poss to tell work, untelling after my 17 week loss was horrendous. Did it on the phone as they all live a bit away. My mum was all pleased and excitied and asked how far along I was and very cautious since this is my fourth pregnancy accouncement to her but when I said it was twins she went into orbit. Couldn't speak and burst out crying so had to throw the phone at my dad who got all the details, before asking "you weren't on fertility drugs or anything... were you?" hmm. SIL was even less subtle "did you have IVF??" So I expect we will get this alot if our closest family think this!

I keep having to remind myself though that I have had an 8 week scan and not a 12 weeks scan and sooooo not out of the woods yet. Keeping everything crossed that they are both healthy and well.

Lady sorry to hear about the diabeties and that it is getting you down. Fingers crossed that it doesn't last beyond the pregnancy and you can find get your DP to cook you lots more lovely meals like last nights tea.

Battery I remember you from Charters Anon and wanted to say so sorry to hear about the m/c. Mother nature can be a bitch sometimes.

TerrysNo2 Fri 24-Jun-11 22:47:07

Back from hols - tired and tanned!!

Raven that is awesome news, healthy beans are like buses huh ;) Will this be your first babies?

Battery sorry for your loss - <<hugs>> for you and I hope you get a healthy bean soon. xxx

Lady so sorry you can't have your HB, that is a bummer. I am hoping for one and although hospital births are ok (having had one) I know how much it can throw you off track when things don't go according to plan. I hope in the end everything goes so well you won't even remember you wanted one! smile

Hello everyone else!!

Feeling lots of kicks from Poppy now so very exciting. 20 week scan on Monday, can't wait!

nickstermum Sat 25-Jun-11 13:15:34

Good luck for the scan Terrys x will you find out?

Spilt how are you lovely? all ok i hope?!

Lady, are you being spoilt by DP/DH cooking for you and hoping you are keeping sugars under control with food alone.. am sure it will be temp xx 36 weeks now, what have they said about early induction? could babygaga be here next week?

i think MrsA is on holiday isnt she at the min?

Hope everyone else is ok... i am exhausted and particularly pushed to the limits by a defiant 3yo and his recent behaviour plus being exhausted and alone most of the time. Work has been incredibly shit and stressy, i have offered to do one extra week and leave on 8th July (cos i am stupid!) at 36 weeks then me and DS are heading down south for a week or so before i get too big to travel and need to be at home. That will give me precisely 2 weeks to get all the baby stuff washed/bought/organised... not cutting it fine or anything am i?!? lol Names still evade me and i am getting desparate now..!! Boys particularly. lots i like just not enough to name the baby !! Have told DH tonight is the night, we need to agree!!!

Baby now feels so low down i can hardly pee, and getting some up top kicking so maybe its gone head down..? Feels very heavy and fanjo is aching, keep thinking waters are going to pop any min, but they never do lol

Hope all ok, feet are up and everyone are bouncing away xx xxx see soonxxxx

LadyGoneGaga Sat 25-Jun-11 14:44:24

Not sure about early induction, Nix. The NICE guidelines say you should be offered an induction at 38 weeks. The Diabetes nurse I saw say they play it by ear but won't let you go over full term. Think will depend on how well I control blood sugars and how big the baby is getting. I see the consultant on weds so should know more then... To be quite honest I have really had enough this time round - with SPD and now GD I sort of feel like if it has to be a hospital birth anyway then might as well get it over and done with and know baby is safe and well.

But...we move house a week on Monday at 37 weeks so really need to do that first. And say a week to unpack - making 38 weeks grin.

Sounds like you might go a bit early, Nix if baby is so low? What happened with your first?

Welcome back from hols, Terrys - where did you go? Lovely to be getting lots of kicks.

Lady please tell me you have paid a firm to pack and unpack for you?? Amazing to think it could only be 2-3 weeks before your little one makes an appearance!

Nice to see you back terrys. Hope you are feeling well and good luck for Monday smile

battery lovely to see you. So very very sorry about your baby. It's not at all fair.

Thanks nix I'm doing ok. We went out for lunch today (and if anyone's ever in Gloucestershire looking for amazingly lovely food I recommend it here!) and tiddler has been very enthusiastically kicking away since she got fed sea bass and then strawberry and white chocolate mousse with dark choc orange ganache and strawberries <<salivates at memory>> I think I am brewing a food connosseuir!

Personal question. Has anyone considered/started perineal massage? It seems like a good idea but I can't quite seem to get round to it. A bit embarrassed quite honestly, even when in the house alone blush This is from the girl who was fine about checking her cervix at work when ttc.

I was googling pictures of babies born at 32 weeks today and it's amazing to think I have a baby that looks like those tucked up inside me. Like a real baby, if that doesn't sound too completely stupid. She should be heading for 4lbs now.

LadyGoneGaga Sat 25-Jun-11 19:21:42

We have a firm packing and moving, Spilt but not unpacking. I am enlisting family to help though! I do that too - Google preemie babies to see what mine would look like on the outside. Although mine is now bigger than many full term babies!

I've started a bit of perineal massage - but I keep forgetting to do it regularly enough. I'm sure you won't be embarrassed once you get going. And it's not that pleasant, the aim is to stretch until it stings a little bit.

My natal hypnotherapy CD has arrived and I am grin that it says on it "DO NOT listen to this CD whilst driving/operating heavy machinery"!

Right I will stop being daft and start the massage. On Monday. When DH has gone to work. As he would take the piss.

Perineal massage is one of those things that I just can't get my head around. I know it's my body, I know it's sensible, I know there's nothing awful about it but...it makes me squirm like the thought of a smear. (Which I must get round to post labour blush)

hi there. I've got terrible back ache sad so finding it hard to sit at the computer for any period of time. Frustrating... the only comfortable position seems to be standing up hmm

Haven't done any perineal massage yet either, and TBH with DD I never did as I found the idea too grim to contemplate. But my hideous tear last time has convinced me I need to give it a go - it's got to be better than tearing and surgery and stitches, hasn't it. But ick.

spilt funny you say that about the CD and "do not listen whilst driving and operating heavy machinery"... was thinking, better not have mine on in the car on the way to the hospital as don't want DH to nod off at the wheel! grin Going to have to transfer it to my ipod I think. Am also thinking of using an eye mask in the car to block out the horrible journey as much as possible.

We are off on holiday next Saturday - can't wait.

Lady hope you are doing ok and stuff for the move is coming together. Glad to hear you've got a firm to do the packing up for you - that is the worst bit IMO.

Iwish Sun 26-Jun-11 21:06:53

Well I wondered what you all meant by perineal massage... I googled it and now I feel slightly erm freaked out. I would love to try it but found myself pulling some rather wierd faces and cringing while reading. DP asked what I was looking at and I daren't tell him.

Sorry you have such awful back ache getdown. Get your DH to give you a massage.

Welcome back terrys hope you had a lovely time. Will u find out the sex at your scan?

Waves to everyone else. Hope you are all ok?

Well this weekend we have ordered the cot, wardrobe, drawers, Moses basket and stand, swing, blanket and canvas paintings! Skint now lol. Good job my mum and my nan have paid for some of it.
Have also been in quite a lot of pain this week. The bones between my legs and what feels like my pelvis low down at the front is really hurting when I walk/move. I'm ok when I'm sitting or laying down and not moving!

LadyGoneGaga Sun 26-Jun-11 22:58:58

Come on girls - remember all the cringy rummaging we had to do when we were TTC!!! It's not that bad. Although I am lazy at remembering to do it. And is not the sort of thing you want your toddler to catch you doing blushgrin

Iwish see if you can find a Chiropractor. I've been seeing one for SPD and she's fab. It's still there but has kept me relatively mobile.

Anyone else hating this weather? 36 weeks pregnant and 30 degrees is NOT fun!

nickstermum Sun 26-Jun-11 23:15:35

HATING the heat!!! Fan tooooo small!
Attempted to prune lady garden tonight.... Ha ha couldn't find it!! Nor reach it!! What hope do I have of massaging it??!?

Hideous acidic indigestion..sad

Just popping by to say - hot? You think it's hot? Ha. We spent the day at a disney water park (which was ace btw) and it was 97 degrees! ;))) (only kidding though)

And pereneal massage - I couldn't reach my bits last pregnancy so DP did it for me (what a star). Only up/down side was we ended up shagging at every attempt! Oops.

6 days left. Loving the holiday but exhausted. Will need a rest when I get back!

I think that's what puts me off MrsA, DH's saucy grin and "I'll help you with that"... no you fecking won't I know what you are angling after!!

Ooh where are you off to GetDown?

Yes, the heat is driving me nuts. I am hanging around in PJ bottoms (jeans too hot and have no other maternity arse coverings) so trapped inside. Stifling, still, sticky. Ugh. Woke drenched in sweat and parched. Revolting. I take back all my complaints about the unseasonal cold and rain last week, come back!!

And I have eaten all the ice cream angry Why do such things run out when they are most needed??

Blimey Iwish I bet your credit card is feeling overworked grin Sounds lovely.

MrsA I take my hat off to you over there in Florida. Well done. I hope you are well supplied with icelollies and fans.

nickstermum Mon 27-Jun-11 10:11:20

LOL spilt! I feel like i am about to pass out. Working in an air conditioned hotel today (still bloody hideous), on a 2 day conference tomorrow and i just know its going to be VILE! Cant go braless at work either sad

In addtion i have started with acidic indigestion that makes me want to vomit... its awful! Never had it before...

Bring back the rain all is forgiven grin

Mmmm... shagging and raunchiness during pregnancy..... NOPE does not compute! grin

LadyGoneGaga Mon 27-Jun-11 13:35:09

Aw Nix - when are you stopping work? This is so mcuh more bearable being at home. Our office isn't air conditioned and is a horrible sweat pit in summer so am sooo glad am not there today!

MrsA it's not far off those temps here at the moment. I may countenance a shag after we have moved house and I am trying to get baby out to avoid the early induction. But that is it!

YY to the heat angry <-- this is the colour of my face right now.

I have just hoovered and mopped the entire downstairs (all laminate). Was nearly in tears earlier as am starting to feel the nesting craziness instinct early this time and got so upset that our entire house just feels like it is dirty and full of CRAP sad

Why oh why did I choose to do it on the hottest day of the year so far though.... <nearly passes out>

Blimey GetDown that is very industrious of you. I have waddled into town to get inhalers and tomatoes and had to have a sit down on the bench at the end of my road blush
Got home and peeled my clothes off. I feel disgusting and am almost contemplating running a cold bath to sit in.

The nesting instinct is cruel isn't it? Total dissatisfaction with your home just when you are too tired/huge/achy/inflexible to do a great deal about it. There are still feathers on the kitchen floor from the bird that came in on Thursday. It's just too far down! but they are annoying me greatly.

I'm quite enjoying nesting - think it's kicked in early for me! I discovered an amazing contraption in Lakeland the other day which is basically an industrial sized electrical toothbrush (no raised eyebrows like my filthy minded DH please!) that you use to clean grouting - makes it sparkle!! Getdown you've made me think about mopping the kitchen floor...quite tempting in this heat, as long as the shower's ready for immediately afterwards!

It is much nicer today! This sort of temperature will be fine please, weather gods, please keep it mild!

For the perineal massage virgins amongst us, I found this site which gives a bit of a guide as to how to do it. Day 2 is much better I can report! I upset myself yesterday when I tried it, couldn't find a position that was very feasible, then realised to my horror just How Small that hole is and how thick, strong and un-stretchy my perineum seems to be. Got into a bit of a tizz and had to have a calming half hour with the natal hypnotherapy CD grin
Today much easier, possibly because I had such low expectations (!) but I found kneeling on a pillow was a good way to try, and listen to some soothing music and try to forget what you are actually doing so you don't stress about it!

Also, cut your nails...

This is nearly as horribly TMI as the conception threads really isn't it?!

Hope you're all ok today. Lady you are so nearly full term, just a matter of days now, amazing how that has crept up!

terrys how was your scan yesterday? Fingers crossed you've had good news x

thanks for the link spilt - it says 4-6 weeks before your due date, so I'm going to use that excuse to not bother just yet grin

It's much cooler isn't it? Just got drenched walking to the hospital for my 28 week blood test! Very dramatic weather out there. Had a complete stranger at the hospital ask me how many weeks I was, and then gasp saying "you can't be, you're HUGE" shock Gee, thanks.

Got to pick up DD from pre-school in a minute and not liking the thought of having to dash out again in the pouring rain!

Can't believe Lady is so very nearly at due date! I remember the BFP! Amazing!

Hehe GetDown. When I went for my 28 week scan at the hospital the receptionist said "is it early pregnancy?" hmm I think not!

Just been to Sainsburys for ice cream supplies and spotted that they have all baby wipes, nappy bags, cotton wool, sudocrem etc on half price so got a few bits (thought I'd let you know in case anyone else wants to stock up!).

They also had all the baby baths/shampoos/oils/lotions etc on half price... I was planning on just using water and ignoring all those products. Is that neglectful or sensible?

Made a carrot cake today. Yum smile

LadyGoneGaga Tue 28-Jun-11 16:06:12

Worth getting some baby bath for when they are out of the newborn sensitive skin thing. Makes them smell amazing. But personal choice. I did use lotion on DS as well as he was quite peely after he was born.

Very envy on the carrot cake. Can't wait until baby is out and I can indulge again.

26 days until due date!

I have no ankles. Everything is swollen. Ugh.

Poor you pippa - I had that on Monday when it was so hot. Need to put your feet up!!

spilt good tip re. half price items. I am finding Tesco online seem to do things a lot cheaper than other places e.g. am looking at the widgey support pillow as the one I had with DD is far too soft... it's much cheaper here than anywhere else I can find. Re. products on baby - I think just plain old water is fine and probably for the best on a new born, but I found after a few months DD's hair did start to smell a little so I just used a little bit of the yellow Johnson's baby shampoo. Also, now we use some johnson's sleep time purple bath stuff, and it smells really nice.

So today is my MC due date sad Feeling ok. Just a bit reflective I suppose. My friend that got pregnant at the same time is due any day now which I guess makes it feel harder... weird to think I could have a baby in my arms right now. Ah well, I am happy that this one is on the way!

Iwish Wed 29-Jun-11 18:14:45

pippa mine are the same! Both ankles and feet are all fat and swollen!

split my credit card is poorly now after all the spending and has gone to the credit card hospital for a while lol. And so envy about the carrot cake and ice-cream!! I want some!

ladyg I'm going to book an appt with my docs this week (well I'm trying to) and hopefully he will confirm/rule it out and I can't get it sorted out because the pain is driving mr crazy. Feel like an old woman just getting out of bed for a wee!
Can't believe it's only 26 days till your due date! That has cone round so fast! Are you feeling ready?

nix I've been getting the acid thing quite a lot, IRS awful isnt it! I got a massive bottle of gaviscon on prescription the other week so I'm stocked up for now smile

getdown you are mad doing on that in thus hot weather lol!! All I want to o is Gide away and sleep - preferably in a fridge!!

Waves to everyone else.

My friend had her baby yesterday. We started ttc at the same time. I WANT OCTOBER TO BE HERE NOW!!
Sorry for that little outburst grin

Iwish Wed 29-Jun-11 18:16:38

Sorry getdown took me so long to post I hadn't refreshed. Hope you are feeling ok about mc due date sad
((hugs)) from me xx

LadyGoneGaga Wed 29-Jun-11 19:08:45

It is a sad day, Getdown - bittersweet as well knowing you have the little one in your belly. Thinking of you.

Iwish I will be moving house on Monday, unpacking then proceeding directly to "get this baby out of me" mode.

Had a completely shit consultants appt today. Am rapidly losing faith in my care team.

Iwish Wed 29-Jun-11 19:13:31

Lol lady! so you will be a curry eating sex mad woman next week then grin
What happened at your consultant appt?

GetDown sad It's a weird day isn't it? Lots of the feelings are hard to explain because they aren't very logical, but very real nonetheless. Take care of yourself x

Lady sorry it was a crap appointment. What happened?

pippa that sounds uncomfortable! Cool bath?

Iwish I would share my cake very happily but hard to do so via the net!

Poor everyone. You all sound hot, fed up and uncomfortable. 9 months is a long, long time.

I've started some of the yoga exercises from my Active Birth book. The trouble is, what with yoga, perineal massage, natal hypnotherapy, having a shower, it takes me until about 11.30 to be dressed! The luxury of having time on my hands and no toddlers, I do appreciate it. I realise I may be being a little obsessive on the birth preparation, but I'm taking a "if it can't hurt and might help..." approach, then it's worth a shot.

Thanks Iwish and Lady ... it is a weird mix of emotions isn't it. Don't think I will say anything to DH, I don't think he has remembered.

Lady - moving on monday! Woo-hoo! Bet you can't wait to get your bigger place and start getting sorted out. I really hope it's a dry but pleasantly cool day for you and that you can stay in a calm, zen-like state all day, whilst everyone else does the stressing. Is there any way you can go off for the day and chill, and leave the rest to DP / the movers? Seriously, it is not worth the stress. Two of my NCT friends went into labour early because of moving house!! Sorry to hear about your rubbish consultant appt - what did they say???

Iwish had to smile at your credit card going into intensive care!! grin I know what you mean, I am dangerous at the moment with the spending. And really I have no excuse because we should in theory have EVERYTHING we need because we have been through it all before.... but oh no, there is always something else you really neeeed when you've got a baby coming!

Sorry cross post with spilt xxx

Getdown - I'm sorry sad It's a strange time - odd that if the first pregnancy had worked this one wouldn't have happened. But comforting a bit I think? It makes this one all the more precious (for me anyway). Hope you're able to have a quiet day.

Iwish Wed 29-Jun-11 19:38:23

Lol split. I'll have a virtual piece of cake. I bet it take you forever to get ready doing all that in a morning!! I feel like it's a task having a shower and straitening my hair!

Hehe getdown it's so hard to stop yourself buying. Everything I see I want to buy for him. I keep telling my dp that I need everything. Which I suppose we do since it's bubba number 1 grin
Do you have a feeling what sex your little one is?

(I forgot the obligatory 1 hour faff on MN each morning too!)

It's a weird one pippa. I know other people find that thought comforting but I never have. Just even more confusing. And upsetting that Bobbie had to die for her sister to be born. I try not to think like that, it's a different path. We've tried to carry on and make the best of the lives we have without her, and yes, that's included extending our family, but not ever with the thought that this baby is a replacement or a consolation for losing her. The grief hasn't gone away. I miss my daughter and my heart is broken. No other baby can change that for me.

I guess that's what I meant when I said to GetDown that the due date is so weird and the feelings so hard to explain. None of it makes any bloody sense at all.

Bastard infection sad

I'm so sorry spilt - I didn't mean to be insensitive. I do know what you mean - I don't see this baby as a replacement at all. 'A different path' is a good way of thinking about it. What I mean by comforting is that this baby's existence at all is comforting, not that it negates the sadness. Not explaining myself very well - but I don't want you to think I was being callous, I'm really sorry if it came across like that.

LadyGoneGaga Wed 29-Jun-11 20:12:02

Well hospital appt was pretty useless and ended up in angry floods of tears after it. (But not during, why do I meekly nod and agree and then rage about it afterwards). Basically they found Ketones in my urine so they think am not eating enough. So I have to eat more and then if blood sugars are too high when they think am eating enough then they will put me on insulin. I think I AM eating enough although could snack more and have more protein at breakfast.

So I asked about birth plan (seeing as MrG took this morning off work to attend so we could all discuss it) and she says she wants to see me again at 38+3 weeks and won't discuss it until then as depends whether am on insulin or not. Afterwards I thought this leaves me with no plan at all if i go into labour before that point.

They haven't done another growth scan, weren't even going to measure me until I asked - and then they came up with two cm smaller than 2 weeks ago FFS. I said to the MW that can't be right and she said "Oh, it's just because I had the tape measure tight, here let's measure you as 38" . What's the fucking point. Asked about growth scan, she says "Oh we don't worry about that as baby not small". So I ask about Macrosomia and how that will be monitored and THEN she writes scan at 38 weeks on my notes. I am not reassured that they have a clue what they are doing or actually give a shit or want to enter into any kind of dialogue with me about my treatment. And they are considering putting me on what seems to be be a highly interventive form of treatment for what seems to be quite a minor problem. Like they wants to crack a nut with a sledgehammer and bugger the consequences. I am so close to telling them all to fuck off and stay at home until my baby comes. Am probably stupidly hormonal but just feel really upset at the moment, like I have no control over what is happening and they won't even discuss anything with me.

Sorry this so long and me, me, me! I am just not feeling very reassured by their competence.

Ah don't be daft pippa, you didn't sound callous at all. You were explaining how you think about your babies. We all have different ways of processing these things. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound like I was in a miff blush

Lady that sounds horrible sad I can see just what you mean - for 4 weeks more, starting insulin, getting the dose stable etc seems like it's barely going to have a chance to have any effect, and your results were only borderline weren't they? It sounds like you are just being "processed" and it's horrible to be made to feel like a patient when you aren't.

I can relate to feeling twitchy about the lack of a birth plan - I hate that I'm waiting until 36 weeks to get Mr Consultant's verdict on where in the hospital they will accept me. It's uncertainty I could do without and it makes me nervous. That must be so much worse when you are basically full term.

The fundal height stuff is bollocks isn't it. Depends on the person measuring, the trousers you're wearing, position of baby and whether or not you need a wee.

I have similarly rebellious thoughts of saying bugger it, I am having a homebirth so <<two fingers up>>, just because I want it to be my decision, or at least a decision I agree with, not feel railroaded into on a dodgy premise.


LadyGoneGaga Wed 29-Jun-11 21:49:01

It seems stupid, Spilt. Asgthey have already said if they put me on insulin they would induce at 38 weeks. So am 36+3 today. I don't speak to nurse again til friday. They wouldn't do anything til after weekend and have had chance to go in. So very earliest they could put me on insulin would be 37+2. So I'd be on it for 5 days hmm. This benefits me and baby how exactly when I already have good glycaemic control?!

Yep, fundal height is absolute bollocks. Worse than bollocks because they chart it on a nice graph and pretend it is scientific.

Spilt you didn't sound miffed - I just suddenly thought what I'd said had come across really badly!

Lady sorry you're having such a tough time - you're right that going on insulin for such a short time sounds like a waste. Are you allowed to refuse?

I would have thought you can refuse whatever you like Lady, you haven't been sectioned and they need your consent to treat you.

Lady surely when you explain it like that to them, they will see that it makes no sense at all to start you on insulin. Just up your eating if you can, find some more stuff you like that doesn't send your sugars racing and have a good munching session. I had humous, pitta bread, olives, carrot sticks and a smoked makerel fillet for lunch and it was yummy! Sure it will all work out for you, I feel for you though, I am the same as you - in appointments I just nod meekly and then afterwards I can feel so angry I want to cry sad

My CPN (psychiatric nurse) came to see me this week (haven't seen her in months) but basically I am on their "radar" now, because it was PND last time that got me admitted to hospital. She didn't seem that impressed by the idea of hypnobirthing, and also recommended I request an episiotomy shock and angry Errr, well the reason I tore last time was because the stupid inexperienced midwife made me push too hard and didn't think to deliver the head slowly angry So NO I do NOT want a bloody episiotomy angry

I really wish I wasn't under mental health services sometimes, they just make me feel ill again, even though I have been well for so long now sad

Oh. I appear to have killed the thread sad

Off on holiday tomorrow, so won't be around much. Have a good week everyone! x

Getdown, you couldn't! I have a random question for you all. Are you still taking your pregnacare/equivalent? I am but I don't know whether I really need to be now...it's so expensive!

Iwish Fri 01-Jul-11 17:51:03

Hi all!

Awww getdown you didn't.
Where are you on holiday? Bet you can't wait!

pippa I'm still taking it. Figured I'm going to take it all the way through to make sure little man gets all the vitamins he needs. My diet can be pretty crappy some days.

And now for a moan- I went to the doctors today about the pain I've been having (thought it was SPD) and all he said was yes that sounds like SPD and printed me off something about how to do pelvic floor exercises. Will that help?? I wanted a bit more help than that!!

On a good note I'm off work next week! Try!!

LadyGoneGaga Fri 01-Jul-11 19:14:05

Iwish you would probably get more help from your midwife. GP's not great at pregnancy related stuff. If you can afford it, see a chiropractor.

Getdown your CPN sounds like an idiot am sorry to say. Really unhelpful point of view and think she clearly has a very biased point of view. Have you thought about a doula? I think that might really help you.

So our whole house is packed up now pretty much. We have to live in the box maze now until Monday and then finally we will be in our new home grin.

Iwish Fri 01-Jul-11 19:31:44

Yey for the packing being done lady! don't envy you living out of boxes but it's not for long. You can then get on with the task of getting baby to come hehe. grin
Yeh the GP is a total no-help! In fact he actually said something along the lines of 'some people dont believe it exists'!! Can't really afford a chiro which is why I thought I'd go down the GP route. I'll mention it to my midwife on my next visit which is just over a week. I'll try the pelvic floors and see if they do anything.

nickstermum Sun 03-Jul-11 09:02:22

havent caught up, but will do later... just wanted to say hope the move goes well tomorrow Lady and that i hope its not too hot for you... get those feetup if you can x

Lady just want to wish you good luck for the move today. Hope it all goes smoothly smile

Iwish Mon 04-Jul-11 11:41:28

Good luck with the move lady

Helloooo to everyone else. We have come to sunny north Wales for the day smile

How's everyone coping with the heat today? I'm sweltering!

Lady how did the move go?

I just had my 28 week midwife appointment and she told me off because the fundal height is 30cm (and apparently should be 28) and I have gained 6 lbs more over the course of the pregnancy than I should have done by this stage. Apparently I should have gained exactly 13lbs by this week, but I've gained 19lbs. How is it possible to be that precise?! She told me to stop eating cake and white carbs - which I don't anyway. I don't know how to bring it down without actually dieting, which would clearly be stupid. Argh. She's new and I don't like her. (Possibly because she's hit on my soft spot as I'm sensitive about my weight anyway.) I feel like throwing a proper, toddler tantrum!!

LadyGoneGaga Tue 05-Jul-11 17:32:51

Oh ignore her, Pip. She's obviously a Dick. I'd put on loads more than you at 28 weeks. Have put on 4 stone at last count.

Move went well. Have done quite a lot of unpacking but we still have loads of boxes to go. Mum is coming to help tomorrow and am sure DO will do some tonight.

I have a quandary for you. The nursery is pink. I don't know what am having so shall I just leave it and repaint if a boy? Or make it neutral now?

Sorry not to name check everyone but on my phone which isn't amazing. Suffice to say hope everyone is ok and dealing with the heat.

Thanks Lady - I feel very petulant about it!

Glad the move was good. Unpacking boxes is always quite satisfying I think - it's fun to figure out where you're going to put things! (Though I always find that wherever I live the rooms end up looking exactly the same as they did in the previous house - not quite sure how I do it?!)

Is the nursery a nice pink? Would you happily leave it if you have a girl? I'd probably go in with a paint brush just because it's nice to make your mark and feel you've done everything exactly as you want, but if you like it (and lets face it, if you have a boy he's not going to care for the first months of his life!) then maybe just leave it and save yourself the work?

nickstermum Tue 05-Jul-11 18:54:47

Pippa, tell her to piss off! NOB!
i have gained nearly 3 stone!! Must be breeding goliath smile

LAdy so glad your mvoe went smoothly.
Have made contact with a doula grin after my birth i am thinking it will be a good thing for me, especially as DH is miles away smile What do you think?

LadyGoneGaga Tue 05-Jul-11 20:33:53

Am jealous, Nix. Would love a doula but have decided we can't afford it right now just having moved. Hopefully will make it a lovely experience.

The pink is ok, not what I would choose but as am now 37 + 2 time is not a luxury I have. Think am going to have to leave as is.

nickstermum Tue 05-Jul-11 21:55:50

Thats where i was Lady. We cant afford it either.... but i have to think that DH is away and i dont have anyone really that i can take in with me. DSis and i arent that close at the min, mum i would need for DS so it would put my mind at rest and help me out mentally after my first experience i think. I wont do it if the baby is breech and i need a section, but for a natural del, i think i will!! Will see how i feel after meeting her.

Well done on fully cooked status lady XX get those feet up x
3 more days at work and thats it.... grin.. off down south for a week!

ravenlocks Wed 06-Jul-11 10:20:25

Hi everyone!

Lady congrats on the move, I moved last year and it was so all consuming I couldn't imagine doing it 37 weeks pg- hats off to you!! Hope you settle into your new home really well before the bub arrives. Not long now, eh?

Nix I don't know much about doulas, are they are professional birthing partners that help make it as positive experience as poss? Sounds like a really good idea. Let us know how the meeting with her goes.

Pip a total newbie at this so had no idea either that there were such specific guidelines re weight gain. Surely it depends on what weight you are to start with, what height, whether you have had sickness or not in tri 1 etc etc. Sounds like she was a bit of a cow to me!

I am 10+3 now and feeling wierd. Barely any symptoms, except tender boobs. No sickness or nausea, no extreme tiredness. Doesn't feel right, not with twins when I should surely be feeling doubly pregnant?! Have had no bleeding etc but am v worried something isn't right It is is 2.5 weeks until my next scan which will feel like an eternity.

I'm on a day off today and haven't got dressed yet. Layzeee!

Morning all,
I'm in a total daze this morning after listening to my natal hypnotherapy CD. Feel all floppy and dopey which is quite nice really. I guess it must be working!

Lady great news that your move went well. I hope you're getting some rest now! Re the nursery - I would just leave it personally. You've got enough to do in the next couple of days I'm sure with unpacking, contacting people over change of address etc, keeping the GD under control if poss and possibly being induced in a few days anyway. Presumably the baby will be in your room for a while anyway, so you've got plenty of time to redecorate if you want to before they move into it.

GetDown how are you doing? How's your hypnobirthing going?

nix the doula sounds a good solution, especially in just keeping you calm before you go into labour just by knowing you won't be alone when it happens. Just 2 more days at work for you. You can count that in hours!!

pippa I would just ignore that MW comments. The figures she is quoting are just an average, there'll be a huge range of normal. Just aim for eating mainly healthy foods and eat if you are hungry and what will be will be. We are all different.

raven hurrah for a PJ day! I'm only partly dressed myself. I tend to shower and put on clean top and pants but then back to the PJ bottoms as they are more comfy for doing yoga in. And my bras annoy me too just now, so actual trousers/bras only happen if I am going out! Around 10 weeks is when your hormones stop going mental and doubling all the time and the placenta(s) take over sustaining the pregnancy so often people reckon they start feeling less symptomy around then. I know exactly what you mean about the wait for scans seeming endless.

I got given VAST amounts of baby clothes the other day so have been washing like a mad thing. A friend was having a bit clear out. At last count I have something like 40 vests in 0-3 months and about another 12 in newborn shock And that's just the vests! This baby has far more clothes than I do...

Speaking of clothes, I am bursting out of some of my maternity tops now and still have 6+ weeks of growing to do. Ordered some two sizes up. It's just a bit annoying having to buy more stuff this late on as it will barely get used at all.

LadyGoneGaga Wed 06-Jul-11 11:18:15

Raven try not to worry. Think I had similar around that time and is because the placenta is taking over hormone production from you. When is your next scan?

So exciting you are nearly done at work, Nix

LadyGoneGaga Wed 06-Jul-11 11:21:21

<Waves to Spilt>

ravenlocks Wed 06-Jul-11 11:41:35

Thanks for that both - that could be it - hope so. Scan on 22nd July, will be nearly 13 weeks then.

Totally interested in how those that are doing hypnobirthing are finding it. I have a friend who did it and she is the only one I have ever heard talk about how much she enjoyed labour (confused)- so I thought that would be worth a go! Is it something to start right at the end/ third trimester?

I have my first Hypnobirthing class tonight - am really looking forward to it and simultaneously really nervous of being all emotionally-touchy-feely with other couples there! I think they recommend starting it in the third trimester because you're supposed to practise the techniques and keep them fresh in your mind...though to be honest I don't see why you couldn't do this for longer than 3 months. But I haven't been to a class yet so I might be missing something!

MrsP81 Wed 06-Jul-11 18:51:13

Hey all!

Glad to hear the move went well Lady. I would also leave the nursery as it is, think you have enough on your plate already! We moved when I was 12 weeks and that was stressful enough. Hope your GD is still nicely under control, not long to go now.

Hi Raven, easier said than done but try not to worry too much. I remember how long it seemed to take for the scan date to come around!

Good luck with your hypnobirthing class pippa. I am reading the book at the moment and thinking that it may be the way to go so need to look at some classes.

Ooooh, only 3 days left at work nix, I'm jealous! And by now it can only be 2 days to go!

I have the week off this week and we are doing some decorating. Quite knackered but it will definitely be worth it.

Hello to everyone who I haven't mentioned. smile

nickstermum Wed 06-Jul-11 19:38:07

Spilt i am glad i am not the only one who practically lives in pjs and swings free these days...poor tesco! grin

I've had the most frustrating evening - our class is a 10 mile, 20 minute drive away from home and was due to start at 6.30pm. Tonight was our first class so we thought we'd get there a bit early - nerves etc! We got on the road at 5.45pm. By 8.45pm we had travelled 6 miles through the most horrendous traffic jam ever...when we eventually got to a turn off it took us 10 minutes to travel the same distance to get back home. We missed the class entirely and I spent 3 hours desperate for the loo while Bean kicked me repeatedly in the bladder! Gah.

Sorry - this is very me, me, me I know! Hope everyone else has had a better evening!

Oh pippa that's rubbish sad I would have been so annoyed!

Hello MrsP, hows the decorating going?

Anyone seen terrys recently? She had her 20 week scan last week and I'm worried she's not been back since.

Lady any word on your GD/induction/insulin yet?

LadyGoneGaga Thu 07-Jul-11 10:08:44

No, not seeing consultant until weds and have been avoiding the nurse. Just because I think she is going to start doing out insulin and I don't agree! Bloods have been slightly squiffy but I think due to moving house and irregular meal times etc. Might call her later.

How annoying Pip. Had there been an accident or something?

Right, I also need to rant angry

I was fed up of my daily deflating birth ball so decided to order a new one. Ordered from the NCT as it seemed an ok price for a 75cm ball which is what I need as I am long legged.

It arrived yesterday and is manifestly NOT a 75cm ball. It is labelled as one, but is actually only a 53cm ball. Manufacturing error I assume.

So this morning I phone the NCT to explain the problem and ask to be sent an actual 75cm ball. Apparently they haven't heard of any such problem before and said I probably am not pumping the ball up enough!! They asked me to measure it, I did and told them it was a 53cm tall ball. They said, "no, measure the diameter" ?! Which is the height for a sphere isn't it...
Then they asked me to measure the circumference which I did and is 190cm or 75 inches. They lept on the 75 inches and said "see it's the right size". I said no, it is sold as 75 cm DIAMETER. I explained that I already have a 75cm ball which has been punctured and this is to replace it, so I know what size it should be and this ball WILL NOT PUMP TO THE SIZE IT IS LABELLED AS.

Upshot is they want me to return it via Royal Mail at my expense and if it is wrong they will send me a new one and refund the shipping.
Not impressed. At all.

I have no spine on the phone and was doing my best to be persistent as it was. Very annoyed to be told that a) I can't pump it far enough and b) I don't know the difference between diameter/circumference and cm/inches.

Hoping DH will phone them for me and tell them this is bloody stupid, he's good at that.


nickstermum Thu 07-Jul-11 19:57:56

Lol at the ranting!! My ball was six quid from t k max ;) must be quite sturdy as it takes me plus 3 stone Ds bouncing on it together lol

Pipp rubbish you missed class ;(
No not seen Terrys. Has anyone seen her on bookface?
Might have to do some stalking!!
Spilt.. Set your dh onto them xx aresholes aren't they!!

I had the most wonderful babyshower gift from my work pals last week , a huge basket full of goodies.. Blanket, sleeping bag. Outfits, teddy and lots of little things too,. Just wonderful! Have made up the Moses basket (that's all I've done- bad mummy!!) and Ds has put his teddy inside the sleeping bag, in the Moses basket together with the babies teddies;) v cute!! It's making me nervous tho, the more excited he gets the more I dread things going wrong - the thought of untelling him again fills me with horror - having said that had 36 week check today;) baby head down almost engaged and everything perfect thus far ;)

I do keep getting very shaky though, not certain am eating enough of the foods babs needs.., choc seems to sort it out ;))

I more day to get through xxx ;) xx

Oh God oh god blushblush

I am mortified and have made a total twat of myself.

Part 2 of Spilt's birth ball saga:
DH comes home and phones NCT to say exactly what I said earlier. Different person answers phone and goes "oh ok, very sorry about that, send it back and we'll issue a full refund and also refund the postage". Great smile.
So we thought I'd just scribble a covering note to go in the box and explain why it's going back. And to accompany said note we would stick in a pic of the new ball next to my old one just to be clear about the size discrepancy.
So DH pumps up my old ball. Yep, it's huge compared to the new one. I say "just pump the new one a bit more so it's a fair pic". He starts pumping. And pumps some more. Ball grows staggeringly. Despite having apparently no spare rubber left it somehow increases in size by a third.

Yes it is a perfectly alright 75cm ball.

Dear NCT I am very sorry for badmouthing you on here. You were right and I was a twat. But for the record, your customer service wasn't very good, and if I had been right I would still be mightily pissed off.

As it is I am blushing profusely and deeply embarrassed. Sorry!

Now you can all laugh at me grin

nickstermum Thu 07-Jul-11 22:27:47



<Pats spilt on the back for givign her a good giggle... >

nix my one consolation is that they took no details on either phonecall and we are ex directory so they can't ever find out it was me blush!
I go beetroot colour everytime I look at the bloody ball. I am going to have to get over this so I can actually use it!

Right, so how is everyone else?? Less pillock-y than me? grin

nickstermum Fri 08-Jul-11 12:49:49

aah spilt you have made me chuckle and thanks for that.... smile

met with doula today... shes lovely. Think gonna go for it, last day at working from home and tying up loose ends today x


LadyGoneGaga Fri 08-Jul-11 20:25:54

Congrats on finishing work, Nix

nickstermum Fri 08-Jul-11 21:23:21

thanks been an absolute bastard of a day resulting in an official complaint about two members of staff, something happened that destroyed all my client credability as a result of their idiocy and made the company look unprofessional so getting over the destraughtness this evening.. been in tears since 4pm..TWATS! Gutted, should haveleft on a high sad

so glad to be out of there, the toddlers at home are easier to deal with thatn the toddlers at work!!!

LadyGoneGaga Fri 08-Jul-11 21:42:59

That's rubbish, Nix. Try not to dwell on it though, not your problem for a few months although it leaves a nasty taste. Just focus on next few weeks.

Talking of toddlers mine is pushing me to the absolute limit right now. Totally lost it with him this evening. Please tell me he will adjust and start being an angel when no. 2 is here?

Spoke to nurse today. She's not happy with blood sugars. She mentioned insulin but when I pointed out was almost 38 weeks she said they'll probably just decide to get the baby out instead. I see consultant on weds. But could have my baby next week!

Oh nix sad what a crappy way to end, really sorry about that. At least you don't have to face any of it on Monday though...

I am sprawled on the bed with my distended belly. We've been to a hog roast and I have over indulged, shall we say, and am paying for it now! No dinner for me!

Very exciting to think that we could have our next baby announcement on here in a matter of days. Go Lady!

I think nesting is starting to take proper effect now. Each time I get a shelf/surface/room tidied I go ape if it gets messed up. Slowly the house is improving. I can no longer stand things being on the kitchen worksurface. The kettle and toaster are permissable, but I am quite disgruntled about the cake tin. The cake tin FFS! It has cake in it and should be a welcome sight, but no, it is clutter and irritates me hmm

Hope everyone is having a nice Saturday.

We built the cot the other week and as we were doing so, saw that it has the date of manufacture stamped on the base. 9th October 2010. Bobbie's birthday. We were shocked, just such an unexpected coincidence, but I'm oddly pleased about it. It's weird but nice to think that on the day she was being born, her little sister's cot was being made too. It's like a link between them smile. She's 9 months old today. Imagine if she'd been a bit older at birth and survived. They would be in the same school year shock

Well hello strangers! Back from holiday. I feel like a big fat pig blush having had pub lunches most days, then normal evening meals on top of that, plus driving has been our primary method of locomotion around the Isle of Wight and hence I have done hardly ANY exercise for a week blush blush

Oh well <shrugs>

Had a great holiday! Quite a bit of rain, but sunshine too, and DD absolutely loved it. Gorgeous beaches and lots of quality family time makes for a happy GetDown grin was so nice to have DH to myself rather than having to share him with his demanding work smile.

I have to share this as I was quite shock but we went to this one pub and sat outside in the beer garden for a drink. There was a woman quite obviously pregnant, drinking a massive glass of white wine and chain smoking shock shock She must have had about 3 or 4 cigarettes just in the time we were sitting there. Plus to make it worse her partner was also smoking and he bent down to help put their toddler's shoes back on and blew smoke into the little fella's face sad I don't like being judgey... but how bad is that? sad

I am 30 weeks now, and scared DH a bit by reminding him I had DD at 38 weeks pregnant last time, so in theory I could only have 8 weeks to go! I keep reminding him all the stuff we actually have to get done before this baby arrives, and he's always said "yeah yeah after the holiday we will get cracking on it all". So now I am expecting some action grin

Reading back on all your news.....

pippa - no I don't take pregnacare anymore, as like you say they are so expensive. I think I stopped at about 16 weeks when my supply ran out. I think my diet is pretty good generally (ummm, well, excluding this past week perhaps blush) and I always try and eat a portion of oily fish a week so hopefully get my omega 3. I wouldn't bother if I were you unless your diet is pretty poor, as the main benefit I think is the folic acid which is obviously only crucial in the first trimester. But up to you.
Sorry to hear you got grief from the judgey-pants MW about weight gain sad How annoying, esp since you don't eat the junky carbs anyway. I think people are naturally different sizes, it's very unfair of her to make you feel bad like that. Hope you get the nice one next time.
Gutted for you that you missed your first hypnobirthing session sad You must have felt so stressed and frustrated. Not a good start to feeling all chilled and relaxed about things. Perhaps the teacher can do a catch up private session for you, many of them are very flexible like that. I'm sure it's nothing you can't catch up on anyway, as you still will have another 4 or so sessions. Our first session was good, but was mainly just talking about DD's birth, and a bit of an intro to hypnobirthing. It wasn't anything really involved.

Iwish how is your hip / pelvic pain now? Have the pelvic floor exercises worked in relieving it? The GP sounds a bit clueless TBH. I don't think pelvic floors can do much to ease the pain if it's the bones separating.

I must confess having been really really good with my pelvic floors, they have gone to pot now sad And am gutted to have had to move on from panty liners to proper Tena lady jobbies sad and blush Need to get back into the habit of doing them, but have lost all motivation since the physio at my last appt basically said it would just get a lot worse as the baby got bigger and there was no point me seeing her again until after the baby was born sad

Lady glad to hear you are installed in your new abode! How exciting! Glad that the move went well. You seem to be taking it all in your stride - I salute you grin Hope everything is finding its place. Like the others said, I wouldn't bother repainting the nursery. Even if you have a boy, they are not going to care that it's pink for quite a long time! If we have a boy I plan to put him in DD's pink baby gros (that I short-sightedly bought for DD) until he is at least 6 months old grin (mean mummy). DH doesn't feel that comfortable about it, but admits it is madness to buy a whole new set just because of the colour confused

nix great idea re the doula. My friend had a doula for her second child's birth and she said it was the best thing for making her birthing as smooth as possible... also that it freed up her DH to just be with her and support her, without having to worry about all the practicalities and negotiating with the medical staff. I would love to have a doula, but I think my DH sees it as a bit of a "you're not good enough on your own" kind of slight, which is not true at all, I don't think he really understands the role. In your circumstances, where you can';t guarantee DH will make it back in time I think it is an excellent move. I know you had a tough labour last time, and I'm sure the doula will give you every chance to have a better experience this time round.
Really pleased for you that you've finished work now smile Just stick two fingers up re. the cafuffle on the day you left and forget about it.... not your problem now. grin

raven good to see you again. Try not to panic about your reducing symptoms. The others on here may remember I was in a similar position at about 9 weeks pregnant when my symptoms basically stopped. I stupidly did another pregnancy test and it was a crappy first response test which came out really faint and I was convinced I was about to MC sad Ended up paying for a private scan at 9 weeks and all was fine. Hope all is well for you too. It's true that the placenta starts to take over from about now so that could well be the explanation.

spilt glad you are finding your natal hypnotherapy CD helpful. I am really liking mine too, listen to it every night whilst falling asleep and have never actually heard the end of it, because I am always asleep by the time it finishes! You made me laugh re the birth ball incident!!! grin Ah, don't worry about it, I'm sure they've dealt with worse. That's the nature of customer service. At least you didn't get to the point of legal action grin Put it down to pregnancy brain. I've borrowed a ball off a friend and have no idea what diameter it is. Haven't used it much, hope the baby is head down now as it was breech at last appt. Will be gutted to have spent £300 on hypnobirthing only to be forced down a c-section route now sad
That is kind of special re. the cot manufacture date being the same date as Bobbie's birth, isn't it? It's amazing how things work out sometimes. That cot will have extra special significance for you all now, and in a way, will help include Bobbie in the birth of her sister. Hope you are ok, I know you have ups and downs.

Mrsp good to hear you have been doing some decorating. Was it the nursery? Have you been to visit the Rosie yet? I want to go an look round our local hospital soon, but struggling to get a free weekend when I can drag bring DH along too.

MrsA where are you love, you ok? Hope you had a fab time in florida!

Wow that was a marathon. Off to eat chocolate now. Avoiding the bathroom scales.

Welcome back GetDown that was a mammoth post! Glad you had such a nice time, sometimes it's good to just pig out isn't it? grin Is your DH still officially doing 7 days a week just now then?
So it's list making time for you is it?! DH keeps asking me if we need to buy anything else, but actually I don't think we do. I reckon we've got all the basics for straightaway and we'll get extras as and when. Actually we have no toys, but I imagine we'll muddle through the first bit just trying to sort feeding etc. I don't expect a 2 day old baby is that interested in toys.

You have just reminded me - pelvic floors. I have a total mental block on these, just CANNOT remember to do the wretched things. Which I could come to regret...
Sorry to hear about the tena lady needs. That is miserable. Also somewhat depressing that they think it will just get worse over the next few weeks. The never ending glamour.

Right I am off to nest xx

Yes it was a bit of a mammoth post wasn't it blush Making up for a week off you see! grin

No, DH back to normal hours now, thank goodness. Manic period over for another year.

There are loads of things on my "list" that I still want to buy! Which is ridiculous really. But lots of the things I had with DD were borrowed from friends and have now gone back, so will either have to buy second hand or borrow from someone else. I am also really tempted to get a Medela swing electric pump, so that DH can do some of the night feeds and I can keep b/feeding as long as poss. The second hand ones seem to go on Ebay for not that much less than new, and I'd rather have new if possible for obvious reasons.

I know what you mean about the pelvic floors, it is very hard to remember to do them. I actually made myself a bracelet with a couple of knots on it. It had 5 beads and every time I did my exercises I would move a bead across to the other side of the knots. (I had to do 5 sets of exercises a day). It worked really well at reminding me, but now I just can't be bothered blush

nickstermum Mon 11-Jul-11 16:21:16

spilt,... they are the ones that you hold your wee in with....!!! flex hold for 10 and release...

<sounds like a pro,., have i done anyy??? Nope!>

yup I know the ones nix they made us practice them at NCT last week grin
I have got perineal massage into my routine but pelvic floors I can't seem to get into the habit of.

Just in the process of insuring our lives. Scarily both DH and I would be financially better off if the other was dead confused. I trust him not to wire the laptop to blow up in my face though!

I am seeing red today. Bastards at British Gas have just emailed to say in August they are putting our bills up by about 20% ... after announcing their record profits in April angry
We only finished switching to them about 1 month ago.
I'm back on uswitch again. Not putting up with this!!

Just drafting a birth plan, as I'm seeing my MW on Weds for the last time before I see the consultant and hopefully get him to agree birth unit is fine for me. I thought if I could show him I'd thought about it and the sort of birth I'm hoping for it might make for a better discussion, but I wanted to run it by my MW first.
Any feedback anyone can give? Have I missed anything important do you think? Is it succinct enough?

Labouring environment and preferences:
• DH is my birth partner
• Quiet, with minimal people please
• I will bring my own music and natal hypnotherapy tracks
• Bringing my birth ball
• I’m planning to be active and upright during labour, trying kneeling/squatting/all fours positions
• I do not want to lie on my back during labour or delivery
• I would like to use a birthing pool
• Minimal internal examinations, only when medically necessary

Pain relief in labour:
• Do not offer me drugs, wait for me to ask
• I want to cope as long as possible using drug free pain control, like breathing & relaxation skills, massage, birth pool

Birth & Third stage:
• I do not want to lie on my back during delivery
• No episiotomy unless medically necessary
• Delay cord clamping (and syntometrine/syntocinon injection if being given) until cord has stopped pulsing, or as long as it is safe to wait
• Skin to skin immediately after birth, baby to breast immediately
• Yes to vitamin K injection
• I’m planning to breastfeed

Other info:
Please be aware that this is not our first baby. We lost our daughter last year at 20 weeks pregnant.
• She was delivered vaginally after an induced labour (3.5 hours from pessary to delivery).
• I had a managed third stage.

TerrysNo2 Mon 11-Jul-11 21:05:50

Hi all - just popping in to say Hello! spilt here are my birth plans from DS although I must say, please take what you write as a plan and don't expect all to go accordingly, these little monsters already have mind of their owns. DS was back to back so we had to be transferred in and in the end I begged for an epidural!



I would like to be able to move about to where I feel most comfortable, whether this is in the living room with the birthing ball, in the birthing pool or just walking around.

I would like to try and stay active with DH / MW helping me walk around if needed to progress labour. In the birthing pool I would like to try and stay in positions good for progressing labour and am happy to take advice from the MW as to the best position for this. I recognise I may get tired and want to lie back / rest but I would like to be encouraged not to do so if this will slow down labour.

I would like to be as natural environment as possible – perhaps have some calm music available to listen to and if I am feeling well I may want to watch TV to pass the time. I would like DH / MW to be able to be comfortable too but not too far away in case I need them however if labour is progressing slowly I don’t want them to be overly attentive. I would prefer to ask for help if I feel I need it.

Pain Relief
I would like this to be available but only if I ask for it – if I feel I need some pain relief I would like to explain my symptoms to the MW and have her recommend the best pain relief.

DH’s role
I would like DH to support me by encouraging me and being as involved as possible. I want him to be able to ask me and the MW questions and understand what is going on. I would also like DH to be in charge of getting drinks/food, hot water for the pool and music.


I would like to be in a position which uses the benefit of gravity but is also comfortable for me at the time. I do not want to lie flat on my back in a bed. If I am in the pool I would like to try squatting with DH supporting me under my arms or on all fours.

Medical Intervention
I want to resist all forms of medical intervention unless necessary for the safety of the baby, and if necessary I am happy to make an informed decision based on the advice of the MW.

I would like the baby to be passed to DH first and for him to tell me the sex; I would then like him to place the baby on my chest straightaway for skin to skin contact. I would also like to try and breastfeed immediately if this is possible. When required I would like DH to cut the cord.

I will take the advice of the MW at the time with regards to delivering the placenta, I would prefer to deliver this naturally but if I am very tired at the time I may ask for an injection to speed this up.

Baby Care
I would like for DH and I to be present whenever our baby is weighed / checked over and I would like for the MW to explain to us at the time what they are doing / checking and why for us to understand the process.


Whilst we are planning for a home birth we understand that at the time there may be a requirement to transfer to Epsom Hospital. Whilst we would prefer this was a last resort we are willing to take the advice of the MW in the best interests of safety for the baby.

Should we be transferred at any point we would like this process to be as stress free as possible and understand exactly what is happening and why.

I would like to use the birth pool at the hospital and have the ability to move around freely. If possible I would like to take my birthing ball with me to use.

I would like to try and stay active with DH / MW helping me walk around if needed to progress labour. I would like to be able to use the hospital birthing pool and if possible, give birth in it. Whilst In the birthing pool I would like to try and stay in positions good for progressing labour and am happy to take advice from the MW as to the best position for this. I recognise I may get tired and want to lie back / rest but I would like to be encouraged not to do so if this will slow down labour.

If possible I would prefer to be away from other labouring mothers in a calm and quiet environment.

Pain Relief
I would like this to be available but only if I ask for it – if I feel I need some pain relief I would like to explain my symptoms to the MW and have her recommend the best pain relief. If we are in the hospital due to complications I would not rule out an Epidural if I feel the pain is very intense but I will ask for this if I feel I need it.

DH’s role
I would like DH to support me by encouraging me and being as involved as possible. If we have any questions or are unsure as to what is happening I want him to speak to the MW / Doctor to ask any questions. In the hospital I will probably feel a bit more out of control as it is a new environment so I would like DH to take charge and ensure I feel comfortable with the new surroundings.

I would like to be in a position which uses gravity but is also comfortable for me at the time. I do not want to lie flat on my back in a bed.

Medical Intervention
I want to resist all forms of medical intervention unless necessary for the safety of the baby, at which point I will make an informed decision based on the advice of the Doctor / MW.

I would like the baby to be passed to DH first and for him to tell me the sex; I would then like him to place the baby on my chest straightaway for skin to skin contact. I would also like to try and breastfeed immediately if this is possible. When required I would like DH to cut the cord.

I will take the advice of the MW at the time with regards to delivering the placenta, I would prefer to deliver this naturally but if I am very tired at the time I may ask for an injection to speed this up.

Baby Care
I would like for DH and I to be present whenever our baby is weighed / checked over and I would like for the MW to explain to us at the time what they are doing / checking and why for us to understand the process.

TerrysNo2 Mon 11-Jul-11 21:07:44

Oh and also, I ended up lying on my back moaning in agony and when the MW and DH reminded me of my birth plan I impolitely told them to f*&^ off!! grin

Wow - those are both so useful to read Terrys and Spilt - you have inspired me to get going on mine! Spilt I don't really know what the consultant will be looking for but it looks comprehensive to me, and a good idea to show it to your midwife for feedback too.

Getdown I am very jealous of your holiday! Hope you managed to do lots of lounging about grin

Well, my news is that our hypnobirthing lady really kindly rescheduled so we had our first session last night (and next one tomorrow!) which was good, though I think she's thinks I'm a bit difficult because I pointed out that some pain is just physical and not due to fear, e.g. papercut hurts because it hurts not because you're scared, and she couldn't really explain why I was wrong. In fact DH explained it better on the drive home, saying that it's not about erasing the pain but about managing it...I think that's right anyway confused. We listened to the CD last night and I thought it was AWFUL, I couldn't drop off to it at all and just lay there fuming while listening to the American whine...(I have no problem with American accents - my step family are American - it is a particularly annoying voice on the CD!). Am hoping tonight it will be better.

Also, I initially felt terrible about it but this morning I rang the community midwife supervisor and asked to switch midwife - the more I think about my appointment last week the more uncomfortable I am. In addition to telling me I should have gained 13lbs EXACTLY, she also told me off for finding out the sex of the baby ('Tut, it's like opening your presents before Christmas, honestly...'), and, what really got me, made a phone call to a colleague after I'd just sat down (she was running late - I'd been waiting 40 minutes already but I didn't mind and could have waited longer!) for 5 minutes about another woman, in which she gave out this woman's full name, full address and full details of her problems with breastfeeding. I was really uncomfortable - I could easily have sat in the waiting room for another 5 minutes rather than listen to that, and I wouldn't want her to make that kind of phone call about me in front of someone else...anyway, the supervisor was really nice and agreed the midwife hadn't been professional and had broken confidentiality, and was really happy for me to see someone else. I was so embarrassed to ask but I'm glad I did. It's a bit annoying because I have to go to a different surgery which is a drive away but I think I'll feel happier this way. Do you think I've over-reacted? I wasn't going to say anything about it but it was actually at the class last night the other couple who were there (stuck in the same traffic jam as us last week!) and the lady running the class were all really appalled when I mentioned it and the hypnobirthing lady pointed out I didn't have to have the same midwife again if I didn't want to - I hadn't really thought about switching but I'm glad now!

Hope everyone else is well? Exciting times on this thread - we should have some babies soon...grin

terrys nice to hear from you. Hope all is well.

getdown glad your hols went well. Your fb photos look fab

I think I've said hi since my hol. Still recovering! But apart from feeeling v tired, I'm doing ok.

I agree your old mw sounds crap and glad you've switched pippa

My birth plan dor DD was quite lengthy. I soon realised though that no one actually reads it when you're in labour, so this time mine is in my head and I'm getting a doula who will stand up for what I want.

lady any news??

Wow, terrys thanks for typing that up. It looks very similar to mine in approach. Don't worry I know it's just a plan and have tried to be realistic - ie. not "I don't want drugs" just "I want to cope without as long as I can and I will ask when I need them", that kind of thing.
How did your 20 week scan go? Did you find out the flavour or not?

pippa I'm glad you got your hypnobirthing session in the end. If you gain nothing else from it, at least it's given you the confidence etc to change your MW. You sound absolutely right to have done so. I am appalled at her giving out all that confidential information infront of you, that's terrible. What if the woman she was discussing turned out to be one of the girls you teach for example??!

I found when I read the hypnobirthing book that I could buy into large parts of it, but totally rejected other bits. (Like the chapter on breech babies - apparently it's the mum's fault because she's not relaxed enough, and she can think the baby into head down position)... I got a bit disgruntled there. Our NCT teacher actually talked through some of the principles of hypnobirthing (not that she described them as such) in terms of the need to minimise adrenalin by remaining calm and relaxed and keeping breathing deeply and gently. This should allow your body to get on with making endorphins (which mean you feel less pain) and oxytocin (which will keep labour progressing). She drew the Fear-Tension-Pain circle thing as well and said how getting into this loop is a viscious cycle that will make things worse and worse, so it's important to try and stay un-tense and do whatever you need to do beforehand to minimise your fears. All this makes good sense to me.

I don't know how far the calm breathing thing will get me, but plan 2 is from the Birth Skills book, where the author basically says "I'm not going to pretend otherwise, it will hurt a lot, here are some ways to manage the pain". I was worried otherwise that as soon as the pain got too much to manage I would panic and lose it entirely. The basic premise of this book is that your brain can only properly concentrate on one thing at a time so you need to overload it with other stimuli so that not too much of your brain is able to process the pain messages. She talks about visualisation, breathing/vocalisation, movement, stress balls and keywords as the main skills and gives loads of suggestions of activities to practice.

Sorry that was long!

nickstermum Tue 12-Jul-11 13:19:03

<nicks spilts birth plan and re-does as her own> grin

I shall take that as a compliment nix! I've done 2 batches of pelvic floors today after the discussions yesterday <<proud>> and am rewarding myself by eating an easter egg smile

Spilt that book looks really good - brilliant reviews on Amazon too. I might have to make a little purchase...(such a guilty Amazon habit...)


I just casually picked at something that was irritating me on my neck and realised to my horror I had picked OFF one of my lovely new skin tags.

Oh my God.

Will I die from the grossness?

grin pippa! I have done that - they bleed a lot don't they!? Yuck!

Off NCT-ing, have a nice evening all smile
(apart from pippa who is too busy vomiting at the thought of her skin tag!)

Interesting reading these birth plans. Like nix I may have to nick some of these for my own!! grin I'm meeting the consultant MW at 36 weeks to finalise it all.

Got my second hypnobirthing session tonight.

Hope your NCT group went well last night spilt.

Just back from the MW. I am measuring small, fundal height no different to 3 weeks ago, but baby is 2/5 down so must have grown a bit, but not as much as she would like. Being sent for a growth scan... at somepoint in the next FORTNIGHT!!! Scared. Been told to keep a close eye on movements. It feels like the beginning of the end sad

29cm still, so was small last time too.

TerrysNo2 Wed 13-Jul-11 11:59:59

spilt <<hugs>> to you - I know with what happened to Bobbie that you must be terrified now but I am sure that everything will be fine, if they were really worried they would be sending you off straight away. Can you afford a private scan? If you can it might be good to go for that to set your mind at ease - or really kick off with the docs / hospital and demand one now (it is not unreasonable for you to be stressed about this and making you wait 2 weeks is not fair)

How are the movements? Getting lots?

Remember what happened to Bobbie was a horrid and random occurance and is very unlikely to happen again. I will keep checking this thread today if you need to talk or PM me. Thinking of you. xxx

Thanks terrys. I've phoned the ultrasound department and explained things and asked if they could squeeze me in sooner, or at least give me a date over the phone - but no, I am not a medic and therefore they cannot act on my request and I need to wait for my appointment to come through the normal channels.
DH has phoned the consultant's secretary and asked if they can help (he did my last two scans and was great about offering extra reassurance ones), so we're waiting for a call back from them now.
Failing that I think I will go in for monitoring later today just for some reassurance, but really I want a scan.

I know my MW can't have been hugely worried or it would all be happening with more urgency, but I am really scared and I can't wait for 2 weeks on tenterhooks.

She's been wiggling this morning as normal which is good. Gawd I feel like I want CFM for the next 5+ weeks solid!

MrsP81 Wed 13-Jul-11 13:20:06

Hugs spilt, I hope you manage to get an earlier scan, that seems mean to make you wait for 2 weeks. But as you say if there's no urgency from the MW then she can't be overly worried so try and hold on to that fact. And the wiggling! Why does this pregnancy business have to be so worrying?! sad

Welcome back from holiday getdown, glad to hear you had a lovely time. Not been to look round the Rosie birth bit yet although seen other parts of it when going for scans and bloods.

Any news Lady?

Had fun doing my decorating last week although we never got on to baby's room, oops! It's quite small though so easy to fit in on a weekend.

I'm not sleeping well at all at the moment so might have a lunchtime snooze, zzzzzzzzzz.

LadyGoneGaga Wed 13-Jul-11 13:21:59

Spilt am sure its fine. Remember my experience with being measured? It is bollocks and they are just acting in the cautious side. But definitely have monitoring if you are worried about movement. And you are far enough along for baby to be fine now if it had to be born.

How was hypnobirthing, Getdown?

Ouch, Pip. Haven't had any of those thankfully.

Had consultant today. As blood sugar has been stable for 2 days they are giving me more time to go into labour naturally. So induction booked for due date on 24th. Having monitoring and sweeps twice a week until then. Will have blood sugar done every hour in labour, if too high will have to go on drip. If not should be pretty natural. If I go into labour on my own I might even be allowed the pool. So send me some natural labour vibes, please! Oh, and baby is 8lb 12oz now if estimate is correct!

Oh spilt sad I don't know much about this, but surely if the baby has moved down, it would make the fundal height lower? confused And terrys is totally right that if they were worried they would be sending you off straight away.

There is natural variation in the size of babies anyway. My friend had her gorgeous little boy at full term (40 weeks) and he was 5lbs. No explanation for why he was small, but he's a strapping bouncing little 18 month old now and you'd never know he'd been so tiny at birth.

Please try not to worry, baby spilt is wriggling around and so am sure is fighting fit. Get your doppler out as well to remind you of her good strong heart beat. Lots of love xxx

MrsP81 Wed 13-Jul-11 13:25:14

<sends LadyG natural labour vibes>

Good news! I am being scanned tomorrow morning. Feel much happier knowing I don't have long to wait. She's still moving, so I am going to be obsessively checking that all afternoon/night. Will let you know how we get on tomorrow. Fingers crossed it's just the crappy tape measure method and all will be fine. PMA!

Glad you've got a bit of breathing space Lady before induction, fingers crossed your labour kicks off soon. At my course last night they were talking about ways to get labour going, and one I hadn't heard was getting someone to rub up the inside of your legs (and back down the outside). So put something on the telly and stand infront of DP and get him to give your legs a good rub for a while. Apparently it has to be upwards strokes and on the inside. Also effective at kick starting a stalling labour too we were told.

spilt thinking of you but as everyone else has said, stay calm. Maybe you are naturally going to have this baby sooner than you expect and it's dropping down getting ready for labour. You're 34 weeks? In another 3 weeks you are at full-term according to WHO (37-42 weeks is full-term).

Lady I really hope you get your natural birth. Start having sex daily (demand this from DH) and eating lots of fresh pineapple.
Have you considered acupuncture/reflexology to kick-start?

Am meeting a possible doula a week on Monday. Really hope we hit it off as she has 4 kids and has supported women with VBAC and HBAC.

Oh, and have a second anomoly scan next week (as they couldn't get all measurements from the first one least week) but I'm in Birmingham for a really important work meeting and can't cancel. All they could say is well we'll book another one but it could be another 2 weeks. Anyone know if having a 20 weeks scan at 24 weeks is a problem?!

Spilt and Lady am thinking of you both and saying a prayer x

34+4 MrsA, one of those so close and yet so far stages!

Hope it goes well with your doula. I guess the only thing with having a late anomaly scan is that all of their reference data will relate to the 18-22 week window so maybe your baby's measurements will be harder to compare to the "standard". Don't know really.

Thanks pippa, I appreciate it x

nickstermum Wed 13-Jul-11 18:22:55

oh spilt.... sad am sure everything will be just fine my lovely. measurements are a right load of old bollocks...if they were really worried they would have sent you for an immediate scan,..??? She was probably just curled up like a snail smile try not to fret.. although saying that i know you will be!!! <sends calming thoughts>

Lady.. <sends thoughts over to you> How are the feet doing?

Have decided against doula this time. She was lovley but she was a bit on the spiritual wacky side for me.... when she started to go on about FATE and things happen for a reason, and not having pain relief i just thought no!!
I can get that from my sister or my mum if i ask for it and whilst she was really lovely i thought it wasnt for me....!! and tbh when i reasessed our finances wiht being on mat leave and payng for two households i realised we just couldnt afford it! I do feel we are going into it wiht more open eyes this time.. and stealing some ideas from spilts birth plan will help (hpoe you dont mind honey!!!)

And on another note,,, people keep telling me that sperm taken orally helps with natural labour <boak, boak boak> must be a man who wrote that <snorts>


LadyGoneGaga Wed 13-Jul-11 21:13:31

Did DU suggest that, Nix by any chance?

LadyGoneGaga Wed 13-Jul-11 21:14:15

Gau, should read DH. Stupid phone.

MrsP81 Thu 14-Jul-11 08:26:36

Good luck for scan today spilt. X