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The CBFM Graduates Vol 1

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StormBird Mon 21-Feb-11 19:55:53

We have got to know each other pretty well during our TTC journey's so have created this thread on Chocciechips advice (hope she doesn't mind!!) so we can all contintue to support one another through our pregnancies.

Welcome................ smile

Hey storm thankyou so much for creating this. I will go on the other thread too but it's kind of nice to have this one so that it doesnt come across as insensitive going on and on about scans and stuff all the time.


chocciechip Mon 21-Feb-11 23:06:08

Thanks storm and hiya kitty. Just reserving my place and saying hi. I also plan to keep popping into the other thread. After all the TTC studying I've done during the last two years, it seems at total waste to not share knowledge gained with others still trying hard to get that BFP!! smile

More importantly, I hope we'll see more people joining us; I actually get tears in my eyes when someone expresses their total despair, remembering how I felt exactly the same way. I'll never ever forget that feeling. And I think I've dropped off two threads in the TTC forum when members there got BFPs and started talking about PGs among themselves, so I'm very sensitive the the pain that can cause when struggling to get there (or maybe I am just hyper-hyper sensitive after all this time.)

Glad you guys were up to this because I've also been struggling to find a proper 'home' in these early days, and haven't felt totally connected to anyone on other threads either.

AnytimeNOW Tue 22-Feb-11 10:24:46

Hello!!! So glad this thread has been created!...I'm still on the CBFM one...but read more than write these days, as don't want to go on about pregnancy stuff, and p*ss everybody off hmm.

Never joined an anti-natal thread as never confident enough because of previous history.

This feels much more like home smile.
I'm 17 weeks today, and growing by the day!...

As Chocciechip said I will still watch over the thread, and hopefully be able to help, as we all have a vast knowledge of the Monitor! and all that goes with!.

Hope all doing well, and look forward to chatting soon X

StormBird Tue 22-Feb-11 12:55:55

Hi Ladies,

Oh Choccie I do know what you mean about getting teary eyed when there are others still TTC in total despair about it - I do too!!!

I'm on other threads - never felt totally comfortable either. Sometimes I feel a bit like I'm intruding!!! It already feels like home hear.

Hi Kitty nice to see/hear/read you (whatever LOL)

WOW anytime and welcome. 17 weeks already. Doesn't time fly. Hope you are well.

Should we do a stats list?


StormBird Tue 22-Feb-11 12:57:44

Maybe something like this:

StormBird BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11

If anyone has a better idea let me know??

chocciechip Tue 22-Feb-11 17:35:48

Hi anytime. I know exactly how you feel. I joined the 'freak out' thread in the conception forum but it moved too fast for me and I just didn't feel I would ever get to know anyone there properly. Like you, I can't bring myself to gravitate to pregnancy or ante-natal forums so its nice to move over in a group (chicken that I am smile). I've had two MCs and this is the longest a bean has stuck with me so far. But I still feel a real threat of things going possibly wrong hanging over my head. I sometimes think its churlish to mention that fear in the CBFM ttc thread when in many respects I am so lucky to have finally got the elusive BFP. I know how much I wished to have the bfp and have those worries when I was struggling to get there. But now I'm here, its fairly scary and quite sh*t at times, isn't it. We trade one set of fears for another. Anyway, I am 10 weeks today, based on last scan measurements.

kitty Good luck for tomorrow. x

storm I would usually steer clear of lists for fear of jinxing things but I don't feel so threatened by it on this thread. I think we've shared so much pain already I could probably share the pain of a mc as well if it came to that.

How about including whether its first, second child etc as well? Ages...? I don't know, but I always felt reassured to see older women on lists even though it has no implications for my own luck of course. smile In fact, its usually the first thing I scan lists for grin!

And do you think we should keep it in order of who is first in the group to give birth? Which means you may well be leading the pack!

StormBird DC?, age ?, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 11/01/11 - EDD 20/09/11

AnytimeNOW Tue 22-Feb-11 18:49:56

Just a quick one!! wanted to add my digits before list gets too big smile.

AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 02/08/11

Will be back soon, and have a proper catch up! just watching my ebay stuff...bidding on a support belt, how very glam! grin .

Good luck with scans Tomorrow XX

thanks for good wishes ladies i will write more tomorrow when less anxious. xxx

Just a quick one

DC: 1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 EDD 11/09/11

hope im not jinking by writing it down before the scan

StormBird Tue 22-Feb-11 20:15:55

The Stats:

StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 02/08/11
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 11/01/11 - EDD 20/09/11

I'm loving the new stats grin !!!! Thats a much better idea than mine Choccie

Can't believe I'm first on the list though, surely there are some more graduates lurking around somewhere???? Hopefully we will be joined by more that have already graduated and lots of new ones too!

Boba if you're lurking about......good luck with your scan tomorrow. Hope to see you added to the stats too.

Kitty lots of luck to you too. I have good feelings about these imminent scans. Hope everything goes well.

Will be thinking of you both.

Anytime forgive my ignorance but what is a support belt? Is it for your back - or is it a pregnancy gadget??? Hope your bid wins!

Congrats Choccie on reaching the 10 week mark, thats brilliant news. Not long now until you have reached that 12 week milestone. I can sympathise with how you are feeling about being PG but try to stay positive hun. I really hope everything goes well for you.

I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow. Not too much of a bump yet but its got a bit of flab to get through first before I look PG LOL!!! Baby has been quite active rolling about in there as I am beginning to feel more and more movements.

Will post again soon XXX

AnytimeNOW Tue 22-Feb-11 20:48:27

Hello! I'm back! and yes won my maternity belt!!!
StormBird the belt is to help support my ever stretching skin, and sore ligaments, I've had two c-sections and surgery a year later to tidy up the mess they made of the sections!(like a tummy tuck) hmm I had really sore flappy skin...very sore and gross.
Wow 20 weeks, are you finding out the babys sex?.

Loving the stats list! nice to be around ladies I feel I know smile hopefully more will follow soon, fingers crossed for all, I read our other thread everyday, and remember all to well how hard the journey is...XX

Congrats Choccie 10 weeks! fantastic smile and yes every day is a blessing! like you I am constantly thinking something may go wrong again...but so far so good, and at least we are all here for hand holding and support, have you got your dating scan soon?.

Good luck Kitty thinking of you smileX.
Good luck Boba X

MissLolita Wed 23-Feb-11 09:47:51

What a wonderful idea - thank you so much! I've been popping back to the other thread to keep an eye on the graduates - it's so lovely to see the list grow!

Anytime a supportbelt sounds wonderful!

I'm 21 weeks now (eek!) and I can't believe how quickly the time has gone while it has felt so slow (if that makes any sense...?) I had my 20 week scan last week and we had it doubly confirmed that we are expecting a little girl I have no more scans booked in and I was so sad to say goodbye to the picture of her wriggling about on the screen but the sonographer just laughed and said, "you'll see her in 20 weeks and it will fly by now." Really??? hmm

Storm I feel a bit guilty about jumping in front of you!
MissLolita DC#1, age 32 BFP 30/10/10 - EDD 7/7/11
StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 02/08/11
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 11/01/11 - EDD 20/09/11

Good luck for all the scans xxx

Harry2007 Wed 23-Feb-11 09:59:57

Hi Ladies,

Soooooo glad you've started this thread! With my baby arriving imminently, I feel really guilty about talking about it on the other thread, so tend to just lurk now to keep up with everyone's news. I'll still pop on to update though.

Harry2007 DC#2, age 29 BFP (sometime in August!) - Planned c-section 24/3/11
MissLolita DC#1, age 32 BFP 30/10/10 - EDD 7/7/11
StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 02/08/11
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 11/01/11 - EDD 20/09/11

So the bad luck keeps on rolling for me - here we go - 1. ectopic in April 2010, internal bleeding, fallopian tube removed etc etc
2. scanned every week for 12 weeks in the beginning of this pregnancy as it was high risk
3. Problems began at 15 weeks with stabbing pain in right hip, diagnosed as adhesions from the previous section and the surgery for the ectopic, been on crutches since and am living from one dose of co-codamol to the next
4. Diagnosed with skin cancer last week, malignant melanoma - had one skin excision but have another scheduled for a week after the section
5. Oh, and I'm anaemic and have low bp which makes me a candidate for a blood transfusion after the section


I know I should be grateful for this gorgeous baby that I'm about to have, but I just can't get excited about it which makes me very guilty and I'm just sad that this is the last time I'm ever going to be pregnant and it's been so rubbish that I haven't been able to enjoy any of it.

Rant over - sorry to burden you with this ladies, I just needed to offload and the CBFM thread is just not the place to do it. Haven't really got into any other threads so you're all stuck with me I'm afraid!

AnytimeNOW Wed 23-Feb-11 15:34:22

Oh Harry you poor thing! What a totally S*it time you are having of it!
Pregnancy can we hard enough without any other issues, I hope you are being looked after emotionally as well as with the every day stuff.
Sorry you haven't really been able to enjoy this pregnancy as much, but is totally understandable!!, not too long to go now (probably feels like ages to you-sorry) and you will have you little baby, and all will be good, and you can concentrate on getting the treatment you need...
Planned section has got to be much calmer and less exhausting! I will find out myself in July I think hmm.
Are you having section before due date?.

Hello MissLolita smile.

Kitty, Boba hope all went well today smile.

Harry2007 Wed 23-Feb-11 16:17:28

Hope scans went well Kitty and Boba - keep us posted xxx

Hi Anytime I'm having my section at 37 weeks. Thought it may have been earlier because the dermatologist wants to do a second skin excision a week after the section, but that would mean that we have a preemie on our hands so looks as though it's staying at 37 weeks (was booked at 37 because of my hip/adhesion problem).

Feel as though I'm going from one day to the next on auto-pilot.

boba82 Wed 23-Feb-11 20:03:25

Hi ladies

Harry OMG I can't believe what's happening to you. I agree you have to focus on his baby and think positively. I truly believe in the power of positive thinking. I'm sending good vibes your way x

Although not the same we are having hard time too. Found out 5 days after my BFP that my mum's cancer has returned & is terminal. It has devastated all of us but we are all trying to focus on this baby and hopefully she'll have longer than the 18 months they have predicted.

Cannot believe you are nearly full term, it has flown by!

My scan went well and everything looks fine. Only 11 + 1 and bobabean was wee bit too small to do nuchal measurement so having to go back next Monday (7th) to have that done. Means an extra scan so I'm not complaining wink I'm soooo relieved, went and bought a few bits and pieces after. Can't believe I'm going to have a baby!

chocciechip Thu 24-Feb-11 11:33:27

Harry I am not surprised you're feeling as if you're losing the plot with the nightmares you're juggling. That's more than I can even begin to imagine trying to cope with, you poor thing. I think the best thing you can do for this baby is take extremely good care of yourself and be very kind to yourself. I hope you're getting lots of tender loving care from everyone around you. Enjoy pregnancy??!? It hadn't even occured to me that such a thing was possible ... I must be a freak. Please feel free to rant anytime you like!

boba I am so so sorry to hear about your mum - that's such sad news. I'm glad the scan gave you all something positive; nice to get another one later as well. Is that the first bit of baby shopping you've done? I won't even allow myself to look at stuff I'm so nervous.

Yay for kitty too.

lolita What do you mean by "doubly confirmed"? How did you know already?

anytime My dating scan is booked for 10 March, so it feels like a long way to go still. These early weeks have really dragged. I asked a consultant at the 9 week scan if I could start relaxing (the nurses all say, 'yes, risk of mc reallys drops from now blah blah'). But he said, 'You can start relaxing after 12 weeks, but seeing a heartbeat was positive'. That's it. I'm an absolute wreak now. I simply have no idea how I'll get over this if this PG fails too. I feel as uncertain now as I did at 6 weeks.

boba82 Thu 24-Feb-11 12:00:49

choccie it's torture isn't it? I feel much better now having seen that. Still a long way to go but I feel I've now got a good a chance as anyone else.

Yes it's the first stuff I've bought. I promised myself it if everything was ok. I went a bit crazy blush but it's nice as I've started a wee box of clothes. I will be going again after the next scan. You should do the same as it makes it feel a lot more real. Only 14 days for you, just take it one day at a time. I read a statistic that if you see a hbeat at 8 weeks there's a 98-99% it will survive so try and relax a wee bit. x

Harry2007 Thu 24-Feb-11 12:49:43

Thanks everyone xxx

Boba, so sorry to hear about your Mum x

I just think that we're lucky to be in the positions that we are i.e. pregnant. I think that having a baby gives you a different focus no matter how bad the news is and not only that, it gives others around you something else to focus on too. It stops you from becoming consumed by bad news if you know what I mean.

Glad your scan went well Boba - I'm still buying baby clothes (it's an addiction!)

AnytimeNOW Thu 24-Feb-11 12:57:41

Choccie I'm 17+3 and still haven't bought a thing!...I think because of whats happened before I'm just too scared. I told myself after 12 weeks I could relax, but honestly...I don't think I will until I have my baby in my arms! and then a whole new set of worries come flooding in!!! smile...what keeps my fear at bay is watching my belly grow! think that may be more due to blueberry muffins more than baby tho grin.
10th will soon come around, I was amazed how much baby had grown from 9wks to 12wks, I've got my 20wk one on the 15th, fingers crossed for both XX

StormBird Thu 24-Feb-11 13:15:47

Hello All,

Anytime so please you won your belt and hope it helps. Thanks for the explanation.

MissLol so please you have joined us. This thread is all down to Choccie but can't believe we haven't created one sooner!! Donlt worry about jumping in front of me I didn't want to be the first one on the list anyway!! WOW 21 weeks thats brill and a massive congrats on finding out that you are having a Girl. Such lovely news.

Harry Welcome to the thread. I'm so sorry to hear you are having such a tough time lately. What with the side effects of your pregnancy and then being diagnosed with Skin Cancer I am not surprised in the slightest that you feel as though you are losing the plot. I too hope that you are getting loads of support in RL. And don't forget that we are here to support you too.

Boba the same goes for you....I'm so sorry about your mums diagnosis, I cannot begin to imagine what you all must be going through. On a positive note I think your scan news deserves a WOOP WOOP!!! I'm so pleased your scan went well. Fingers crossed for the Nuchal but as Kitty pointed out on the other thread if there was anything to be concerned about at all I'm sure they would have flagged it up. Your second scan is the same day as my 20 week scan so we can kind of go through it together!! Buying things for the baby after the scans sounds like a fab idea. I held out until after the I got to 15 weeks I think - then the Asda baby event started and I thought I'd make the most of it....I've got the bug now so Mum & Dad are taking us shopping for more stuff when we visit this weekend. Yippee!!! I Love shopping! Boba would you like to add yourself to that stats or are you holding out until the next scan?

Kitty if you are about - congrats on your Scan too. So pleased it went well for you - hope to see you on here again soon.

Well 20+1 today - I like to count, I have no idea why, I think its cos I'm still taking one day at a time!! We are going to visit my parents this weekend so will be leaving about 7pm tonight and will probably not get there until 1am(ish) so I'm not looking forward to that bit. As I mentioned before the folks are taking us shopping so I'm really looking forward to that especially as Dad has said he'll buy the expensive things shock . Won't be able to post much, if at all this wknd so will give you all a big update on the purchases and catch up on the thread next Tuesday.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Much Love.


MissLolita Thu 24-Feb-11 22:32:48

Harry I’m so sorry to hear what an awful time you’re having. I can’t begin to imagine how hard you must be finding it all. Boba, you too; I’m so sorry to hear about your mum. There is just nothing I can say but I’m sending hugs to you both and we’re always here if you want to rant or chat.
Boba and Choccie I know time is dragging but the scans will be here soon – hugs in the meantime x
Storm what have you bought? I hadn’t bought anything until last Saturday as it felt too early but I’m meeting a friend for an afternoon shopping tomorrow and we will be in the immediate vicinity of Mamas and Papas on Regent Street so I might have a little look....
My scan was a double confirmation as I had a private scan at 17 weeks – dh knew he wouldn’t be able to attend the 20 week scan due to work commitments and I was working at home one day with a huge pile of work I was procrastinating about and a web browser. Anyway before I knew it I was on the phone booking a scan and they were able to tell us then. I didn’t believe them when they told me though – it was admittedly a slight improvement from my first scan when I said “oh wow, it’s a baby!” but when they said “girl” my reaction was “are you sure?” – I had always had it in my mind that the eggball was a boy...but I was wrong!

chocciechip Fri 25-Feb-11 17:00:13

boba That's really good advice, I think I'll persuade DH that we're both going shopping after the scan and we'll start daring to believe.

anytime I know exactly what you mean. I'm a knitter - and in both my previous PGs I knitted for the baby and both ended in MCs. I still have half finished items in my basket that I can't bring myself to complete, and this time around I've avoided the knitting needles completely. I might allow myself to go shopping, and to start knitting.... I'm going to have to decide if those half-finished things can go to little brother or sister, or if I should just leave them as they are. What do all you ladies think? (Such a stupid dilemma but one I've been dwelling on for ages).

storm hope you have a fun weekend. You'll have to tell us all about your shopping when you get back!

ladies can I ask exactly what to expect at the 12 week scan - is it longer than early scans, for example? Will they give us nuchal results straight away or will we have to wait? Also, do you get a blood test as well? I read somewhere that blood tests can be given to help clear up any odds they give you, and you can imagine, at the age of 39 I don't want any doubt freaking me out!

Also, can I ask when you all started buying maternity clothes? My jeans are tight, but still wearable. I'm not actually sure whether the tightness is me being pg or a hangover from Christmas and my continuing daily diet of muffins (yes, anytime, I pork out on muffins every day too - bran and date for me smile.) I am baffled by maternity clothes and how to buy them.

AnytimeNOW Fri 25-Feb-11 18:11:14

Choccie when I went for my 12 weeks scan, they had just changed the rules regarding NT scan, and as from that week it was free to elderly mums! lol, my consultant did tell me at christmas to hold off paying £250 for a private one as this was due to happen.

They took bloods first, then did the scan, the guy doing it looked and sounded like Johnny Vegas! totally bizzare!!!, he took about ten minutes checking babies size, heart and pointed out hands, brain and feet smile...baby was going crazy in there and he stuggled to do the NT measurement, so sent me for a quick walk and loo break.

Back in, and baby was in perfect position, he told us the measurement straight away, and filled in the paperwork, and popped it in my maternity file, so was able to read later.

I had to have my bloods done again straight after scan, as this was the new rules...good job I don't mind needles!!!.

The told me if there was any problems with bloods they would phone me within a few days, thankfully I didn't hear and recieved a letter confirming I was low risk regarding downs, I will hopefully get my full results at my 20 week appointment/scan.

Hope that helps hmmX

StormBird Sat 26-Feb-11 09:27:55

Hi Ladies,

A quick post from me and forgive any mistakes in advance as I am using my mums iPad and it's rather strange!!!!!!

misslol when I've finished today's shopping trudge I'll put together a quick list of stuff we've purchased so far for you, it's not loads of exciting things, just more essentials. Today should be the interesting part!!

choccie just wanted to let you know about my experience of the 12 week scan as it was somewhat different to others experiences I've found. It was a much longer scan than the early ones we had been to and as you can imagine we were more than a little worried about the results.

I had my bloods done a few weeks before the scan so that the midwives were able to give me my combined results there and then. The nuchal scan went ok and they were able to point out all the limbs, we heard the heartbeat and saw it etc. My main concern was the head, as our previous pregnancy ended due to annencephaly. They did some really detailed scan of the head and we could see that it was complete and there was a brain, which was a huge relief. The nuchal was on the high side, one of the measurements was 2.3mm and the other was 2.8mm. Then they finished the scan, and tapped all the results into a computer which proceeded to spit out the results for Edwards pataus and downs. The edwards and pataus results came back fine our ratios were 1:2800 and something, however downs came back at 1:43!!!!!

Obviously we were stunned, we saw a the midwife councillor and talked about our options and decided to go ahead with a cvs the next day. Thankfully, we got the results around 3 days later and we were given the all clear.

choccie please don't be alarmed by my story, I have not shared it with you to frighten you but I wanted to let you know that after all that we went through (in hindsight) we really should have remembered that the 1:43 result was simply a risk factor and that we had 43 chances of all being well. We never expected to have had to go through all of that after what happened with the first pg, plus age was meant to be on our side but This is just my experience.

If I were you I'd get my bloods done before hand so you can nip any odd results in the bud like we did. I wouldn't have coped if I had had to wait longer for any results.

I'm sure you will have a worry free experience. All the very best xxxxx

StormBird Sat 26-Feb-11 09:28:37

Haha........that was meant to be a quick post. Will post again soon xxxx

boba82 Sat 26-Feb-11 11:11:50

choccie I found the scan the same as my previous 2 but I have to go back for nuchal bit so not sure on that.

RE: the maternity wear I'm going shopping this weekend. I'm usually a size 10 and can only get into 2 pairs of existing jeans now. I'm living in leggings but sadly don't have enough long tops to cover so need to get a couple. Really don't want to spend a fortune though. Everything is bigger, my bum, boobs etc. I've actually been eating less than usual as been feeling so nauseous all day. I'm actually finding it quite hard to deal with which I never thought I would. Still hopefully things will plateu out once an actual bump arrives? I've put on about 1/2 stone so far blush

As far as the knitting is concerned, if it was me I'd finish off the things you started, it doesn't mean you're replacing/forgetting about the 2 babies that ended in miscarriage. You caould maybe knit some new stuff too? BTW I'm very jealous, I wish I could knit!

chocciechip Sat 26-Feb-11 14:43:09

storm and anytime Thanks so much for the detailed responses. Storm I really appreciate all info - even scary stuff - so I can best prepare myself. I don't have age on my side so am already very worried, but the advice of getting bloods done in advance is excellent. I'll write to my GP tonight to ask for that. Anything to speed things up.

boba I think I'll start knitting again after the scan and maybe start with something new first and then see how I feel about going back to the other pieces. I thoroughly recommend learning to knit, btw. I was taught when I was child by my gran, but didn't ever knit properly after that. I picked it up again 4 years ago - had to re-teach myself everything from a book, and I'm stunned by what I can produce now. It's so therapeautic as well - like meditation. There is a wool shop in Bruntsfield which run classes in the evenings I think - you could ask there. Or join a 'stitch 'n bitch' circle. Seriously, you won't regret it. smile

MissLolita Sun 27-Feb-11 21:07:42

Hi ladies,
I hope you are all well?
With maternity wear the first thing I needed were a couple of tops to accommodate my rather ample top half and then I've added things as I've needed them. I've bought a mix of cheap bits from H&M/New Look which are cheap and cheerful and pretty much disposable (the quality is pretty poor so I can't see them lasting 6/7 months wear) and then items from Asos maternity (really good range of clothes that are quite cheap and fashionable and some really good work-wear) and a relatively expensive but really good pair of jeans from Seraphine. I've been careful to keep the pictures from the more expensive stuff so I can sell it on eBay afterwards if I don't wnat to keep them and they are still in good enough condition. From non-maternity experience, branded clothes are much easier to sell on eBay than cheap stuff and the well-known maternity stuff like Seraphine seems to hold its value. I've also been keeping an eye on buying things that don't look 'too maternity' and are quite summery so I can wear them post-birth. Some of the maternity things I've seen are horrible and v expensive though! I'm also now being offered maternity clothes on loan from friends which is quite nice as well - I'm not saying no to anything right now
Choccie, I'm a knitter too and have completed a couple of bits so far - mostly cardigans. Everything until now has been knitted with someone else's child in mind 'just in case'. The part-finished items are hard and only you can decide whether you want to finish them or not. An option may be to unravel them and start again with the same yarn and make something new - that way you aren't finishing or abadoning maybe? It's entirely your choice though xxx
I love to knit and crochet and I've always loved knitting baby clothes - I find it so satisfying to try out technically advanced patterns on a small scale and I have quite a short attention span so small things are achievable. It's only now at 22 weeks that I'm thnking about thing for my baby and probably the first I bought for the baby after the 20 week scan was a lovely book of french baby knitting patterns. I highly recommend learning to knit - I find it incredibly therapeutic.

StormBird Mon 28-Feb-11 08:42:51

Hello all,

What a busy old weekend!!!!

I hope you are all doing well. choccie & misslolita I envy your ability to knit, my nan tried to teach me when I was younger and although I am particularly creative I couldn't grasp the technique what so ever. I am left handed so was having to try and replicate what my grandmother was doing backwards which totally confused the whole situation and in the end I got frustrated and gave up! Maybe I should try and give it another go?

I find buying maternity wear a nightmare!!!! I too have been buying bits and bobs as and when. I can't believe how much more expensive decent mat wear can be. I have resorted to buying tunic tops a couple of sizes bigger so I can get away with them with leggings and a belt (for now). My main problem is that I am nearly 5'10" so usually purchase clothes out of the tall sections, but no one does tall mat wear!! My recent purchase was a pair of skinny mat jeans (I also like a denim option) from dotty p's. I tried them on and they look like peddle pushers. I am so looking forward to the weather getting better so I can live in maxi dresses.

Well it's all been very busy with shopping and visiting people this weekend and I am currently meant to be getting ready to start the journey home, but I really can't be bothered. The shopping went well on Saturday. We picked up some more essentials e.g the cellular blankets
And flat sheets not to mention the very amazing and brand new to the UK, Uppa Baby Vista travel system in black and silver courtesy of Ma and Pa. I can't believe we managed to get the pushchair I have wanted since day 1 and all the accessories for the money we did, my dad is so good at bartering (if not a little CRINGE!!!). My mum bless her, was that embarrassed she went and sat in the car lol! The shop are even keeping it in storage until June 12th and they will even ship out to me down south when I'm ready for it - talk about customer services. I'm so pleased!

misslol here's a list of stuff we have bought already:
Plenty of Avent Bottles
An Avent microwave steriliser
I keep picking up baby toiletries when they are on offer and have a johnsons case from asda with essentials in
Some cheapy plain White sleep suits and under grows
A guess how much I love you baby book and story book
Russell Hobbs marco Pierre White blender
cellular blankets
Flat sheets for carrycot/Moses basket
Breast pads (they were on offer)
Mum and sister have bought loads of really lovely sleep suits and new born bits and bobs. Not to mention the gorgeous pram suits they have bought.
Oh and the all important pushchair which includes carry cot, footmuff and maxi cosi car seat.

I could go on I think but these are the things that stick in my mind so far. There's plenty more that we need to get but we are trying hard to spread it out and hunt for bargains cos it is so expensive!

Anyway time to shut up! Have a good Monday. Will post again soon.


boba82 Mon 28-Feb-11 12:13:32

Storm I'm 5'10 1/2" so I know how hard it is. I've just ordered couple of tops from ASOS and am making do with leggings for time being too. I miss my jeans though sad

I can't believe how I can't fit in them already. Not put on much weight but got a jelly belly and really thickened out! Has everyone else been the same?

Glad you got your pushchair storm. Me and my mum went looking at them yesterday. Not gonna buy anything like that until after 20 week scan but it was fun.

chocciechip Mon 28-Feb-11 14:18:06

boba I am having a hard time adjusting to my changing body. It seems so selfish, given all we've gone through, but after being a size 10 my whole life with a flat stomach, I am finding it difficult going to sleep at night with flab settling on the sheet just in front of me. I can definitely see a pouch of fat (not baby bump) developing around my wasit that I can grab with handfuls. This is not what I expected - I thought my tummy and waist would be bigger, but firmer. Not fat??! My boobs are drooping and veiny (and it pee's me off not being able to wear underwire), and I have saddle bags on my thigh area. There is no way I'd put leggings on with these thighs. I find it so depressing to think that my body might be shot to pieces from now on in. I'm not eating anymore than I ever did before - in fact, all I can drink is water so that's reduced calories on all the fruit juice I used to drink. Is this normal? Will I ever be myself again?

storm your list sounds exciting but yikes, it scared me a bit. I have no idea what to buy for babies. No idea at all. I don't know where to even start, except maybe clothes for new borns. The rest ... wow ... how I am ever going to learn what I need to buy? LOL at your mum hiding in the car!

misslolita I'm the same. I love the fact that baby-knitting allows me to push my skills on a small scale, and I've learned so much doing it that way. I have some really fun pattern books for hats and mittens and things, and I'm in the process of knitting a simple but lovely lacy baby shawl using the same pattern my gran used for me before I was born. I've only ever worked on the shawl in between MCs so no connection yet to other PGs. I think I'll pick it up again after 12 weeks, provided all goes well. I really feel a connection with history and women through the ages when I knit. A bit fanciful maybe, but I love the tradition around it. I haven't mastered crochet though! storm give it another go, but try one of those knitting circles that crop up in tea rooms so you have people on hand to guide you as you get started. And don;t worry about echnique. I look like I'm lasooing cattle when I knit, but I'm fast and neat even so. If you are creative you'll love it. It's totally addictive.

boba82 Mon 28-Feb-11 14:36:44

choccie I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've always been slim size 10 also. I've been eating less than I did before as been so nauseous. I feel bad as well as this baby is so longed for. I never thought I'd feel like this either. Hopefully when we have actual bumps we might look a bit better hmm

I've no idea either but picked up a mothercare catalogue and they have a handy wee bookmark type thing at back that you can remove. It's a list of all basic essentials you will need with checklist type boxes. I will defo use this as am totally clueless!

Harry2007 Mon 28-Feb-11 16:55:52

Hi ladies,

One piece of advice - DO NOT PANIC ABOUT THE BABY WEIGHT!!!! grin grin grin

I'm at 34.2 weeks now and have put on 20 pounds. The hardest part for me was definitely that stage when you don't look pregnant, just a little bit fat blush. I absolutely loved it when my bump started to show, although it was quite early, about 10 weeks, as I'm a size 8 and it's my second. My belly is now huge! Well, it feels like that to me but my Consultant says it looks bigger just because I am quite slight. BUT....with the baby arriving in 3 weeks and 3 days (not that I'm counting at all), I'll really miss the bump (it's really handy for resting mugs of tea on wink.

I found fantastic jeans from Mamas and Papas, low rise, 100% cotton, and also, my absolute saviours have been maternity linen trousers from NEXT. They're a fab fit, have seen through the Winter and now into the Spring and would be fine for the Summer too - and best of all, they're only £20 and go with anything. I've found that scoop neck maternity tops from Dorothy Perkins are good too - I think they may be on offer at the moment.

Had another appointment with the Obs Consultant today. Had another scan, baby is fine, head down and measuring about a week and a half bigger than dates. I have another appointment with her in a fortnight and then it'll be my pre-op assessment appointment, how exciting! It was nice to have an appointment with no bad news or drama wink. I went to Mamas and Papas after the appointment to but a few more things to celebrate!

chocciechip Mon 28-Feb-11 17:16:29

harry Since you're on DC2, can you tell me if I'll ever be the same again, or am I going to be droopy-boobed, flabby-tummied, fat-thighed moving wobble forever after this? smile Good news about your appointment today. I hope all the rest of your pregnancy is drama free and happy.

How do those weird looking jeans/trousers that have a extra piece of fabric at the top that fastens above your bump work? Do they stay up, and how do they fit when you're still at the fat-without-bump stage? I've read somewhere I should buy the same size I would if not pregnant - is that generally true? I'm not keen for people to guess I'm pg yet because I've not told a soul, but my jeans are really tight now with a roll of flab hanging over the waistline. Not a good look. I don't think its much longer before I have to make clothing changes.

Just saw we've got another graduate on the CBFM ttc forum today. Congrats to loup. smile

boba82 Mon 28-Feb-11 18:05:33

Glad you had a good appointment Harry and thanks for the advice! x

Harry2007 Mon 28-Feb-11 19:53:40

I went back to normal after my first choccie. You think you'll never be the same, but I came out of it pretty unscathed really...well, ok my boobs aren't as good as they were but nothing a couple of chicken fillets won't fix grin. Tummy went back to normal though (and it was a section) - it also looked fine after the second surgery for the ectopic which is more or less the same abdo trauma as a section. We'll see what I look like in 6 months time!

The trousers and jeans with an over the bump panel will stay up if you have no bump as the elastic won't have stretched at all to accommodate the bump IYSWIM. I personally didn't get on with that kind of trouser. I like to wear more fitted tops to show off the bump so you could always see the line where the panel on the trousers ended through the top (not a good look). I also found them very warm. Then again, some women dislike under the bump trousers as they can fall down. I think it just depends on what kind of shape you are.

I've always bought the same size of maternity clothes as my pre-preg size - they all usually have adjustable waist bands anyway. BTW, the M&P website gives a good demo of the different types of maternity trousers available.

Loup23 Tue 01-Mar-11 14:47:22

Hi girls, can I join you as a a very early cbfm graduate? Got my BFP yesterday (and today) but really early days for me. Have updated the stats and an quite a way off from you guys:

Harry2007 DC#2, age 29 BFP (sometime in August!) - Planned c-section 24/3/11
MissLolita DC#1, age 32 BFP 30/10/10 - EDD 7/7/11
StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 02/08/11
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 11/01/11 - EDD 20/09/11
Loup23 DC#1, age 31 BFP 28/02/11 - EDD 08/11/11

Should I go and see the dr now even though I am only 16dpo? (4/5 weeks), I had high iron in my blood late last year and protein in my wee (tmi!) so wondered if I should get that checked before taking vitamins to help the bean stick.....

chocciechip Tue 01-Mar-11 15:58:48

loup Welcome to the thread and congrats again.smile

I don't know how your gp service works, but mine wouldn't believe I was pg until I'd done a test with them. So the first thing to do is call them and collect a pg test, or go in with a FMU sample in a clean jar to decant when you get there, and get that sorted as soon as you can.

Make sure you know the exact date of your last period when you go because they'll want that (i.e. day 1 of this cycle) and make a note of the time of day you pee'd for your sample in case they want that too.

My practice won't give the pg test result over the phone (which really alarmed me the first time I was told I had to come in to collect) so keep that in mind.

The system where I am gives you a phone number to call when they give you your positive result, and the first midwife appointment and 12 week scan was setup straight away when I called the number. But this is new. In my previous pgs, as soon as I had the pg confirmed by the clinic's test I made an appointment to see my GP and get the ball rolling. So that stage of things kind of depends on how the services are set up in your area.

In my opinion, it's fairly important to get a pg on the NHS records as soon as possible for various reasons.

chocciechip Tue 01-Mar-11 16:02:31

... For got to say, loup, even if you decide not to take any multi-vitamins because of iron concerns, you MUST take folic acid. The critical spinal development takes place in these very very early days (I think 4-6 weeks), so I think now is the time to definitely be taking folic acid.

boba82 Tue 01-Mar-11 16:26:38

loup welcome over. I would just see your Dr as soon as possible to try and help put your mind at rest.

Loup23 Tue 01-Mar-11 17:54:19

thanks girls, am taking folic acid (which I have been taking for about 4 months) and have an appointment on Friday to check re others - excited but nervous! Hope all is going well for everyone x

Harry2007 Tue 01-Mar-11 18:29:15

Welcome loup and congrats xxx

MissLolita Tue 01-Mar-11 20:54:32

Welcome Loup and many congratulations! It’s so lovely to see another graduate! Personally I would call your surgery now and fid out what their procedure is as it seems to vary. My surgery took my word for it and booked me straight into see a midwife at about 9 weeks and this was already quite late to make the 12 week scan before 13+6 (I wanted the nuchal so this was important to me) and I had to make lots of stressful calls trying to get the hospital to bring forward the scan etc. I had just moved house so this may have contributed to the problem but I would recommend being proactive!
Choccie I found the over the bump ones easier and more flattering as the panel ‘smoothes’ the bits in the middle. I’ve got relatively narrow hips and I invested in a maternity belt from Seraphine which has been wonderful – it has two bits of elastic at the sides with a normal belt front and back (not sure that makes sense?) so it looks and feels like a belt but keeps things in the right place without looking like you are wearing an elastic belt. Also, I chose a pair of jeans with a flesh coloured bump panel so I could wear lighter coloured tops over it and it not show through and it is quite thin but I’m not sure how I will feel when I’m bigger and the weather is warmer (Spring will be here soon surely?!). Harry I’m definitely going to investigate the cotton trousers... Also, I’ve just remembered that a couple of people have said over the bump can help after the birth before things start to deflate as the ‘smoothing effect’ comes back into action.
Harry , 34+2 – I’m very jealous!
Storm you are so organised! You have spurred me into action though – I will start looking out for offers from now on! Random question but are flat sheets better than fitted or not available? I just noticed you had stressed flat – perhaps you hadn’t though...? Also, I echo Choccie – give knitting another go! It’s brilliant fun although highly addictive! I’m quite new to crochet but when it clicked it was brilliant! Having seen so many things in the shops that were crochet or had crochet trims I was determined to learn and now I genuinely wonder that I have wasted 32 years of my life when I could have been crocheting things! If (any of you) you’re in London or Kent I’ll happily teach you to knit or crochet, although I am right handed! I’m about to start crocheting some pram blankets and just thinking about it make me quite excited grin
Right, must dash as I am supposed to be ironing...

boba82 Wed 02-Mar-11 10:20:55

Ladies Mothercare.com has a sale on.

StormBird Fri 04-Mar-11 17:46:19

Hi Ladies,

Just a Quick one to say I have no internet at home at the mo - its a nightmare.

It won't be sorted until 7th April as thats the only time an engineer can get to us so will only have the chance to check up on you all at work.

Just wanted to pop on and say that I haven;t disappeared and will definately catch up with all the goings on next week but for now I must dash.

P.s Got my 20 Week Scan on Monday arrrrrrrgh!! I'm quite nervous but will share all the goings on next week.

Hope you are all well, sorry for not name checking.


AnytimeNOW Fri 04-Mar-11 18:56:43

Hello Ladies! How's everybody doing?

Good luck Stormbird for Monday! smile.

Congrats Loup!!! welcome to the other side smile.

I went for a 3D scan yesterday, mostly to check all was ok? after previous problems having the 12 week scan and then nothing till 20 was just too long, and midwife at 16 weeks refused to listen to heartbeat?? so was very anxious!...thankfully my sister arranged the scan for my birthday! the best gift ever!!!.
We found out what gender we are expecting, and my sister was the first to know, as a thank you from us both!...we are having a BOY grin.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!.

boba82 Sat 05-Mar-11 09:39:26

Good luck for Monday Storm, I'm having nuchal scan then too so lot's to catch up on.

Anytime Congratulations! A boy, how exciting! I'm contemplating going for 16 week scan privately too but don't want to find out sex. Was it really detailed?

AnytimeNOW Sat 05-Mar-11 10:16:21

Good luck Boba, hope all goes ok.

I was 18+2 when scan was done, detail was great but she really had to wiggle the baby around to see his boy bits! as long as you tell them before that you don't want to know gender it's fine.
Ideally I would have had the scan done around 25 weeks, but was so anxious, and needed to know all was ok. He was perfect, just a bit skinny. They gave us a CD as they didnt think the pictures were too good...I think they are great! but the CD is amazing!!! well worth £65 for the whole thing...at least I can now sleep! smile

boba82 Sat 05-Mar-11 12:13:26

anytime that's what I'm afraid of! It must be an amazing thing to have though and it'll be really interesting for your little boy to see as well. x

AnytimeNOW Sat 05-Mar-11 16:17:04

Boba I had quite a few scans before I managed to reach 12 weeks...each time I was so stressed! but thankfully so far so good...don't think I will ever get to the point of relaxing and enjoying the pregnancy! won't relax till he's born.

Hope all goes well on Monday! thinking of you and Storm XX

Harry2007 Sat 05-Mar-11 17:44:08

Hi Ladies,

Good luck for Monday Boba and Storm.

It's a boy for me too Anytime xxx

I have another scan a week Monday - my 17th scan!!!!!

chocciechip Mon 07-Mar-11 11:53:23

Popping in to say good luck for today Storm and Boba. x

Loup23 Mon 07-Mar-11 12:57:31

Hi girls, hope all bumps are growing nicely! I wondered if anyone could help? I went to the GP on Firday and I have a midwife appointment in 3 weeks' time but she was unable to offer any advice on whether I should continue B6 (she googled it!) or whether I should take pregnacare... The reason I hadnt started pregnacare is becuase of the high iron. I was told in October that I had high iron in my blood. Any ideas as to where I might turn for advice girls? I read so much as to how these weeks are important for development I really don't want to take/not take vitamins without advice.... Thanks x

chocciechip Mon 07-Mar-11 14:27:15

Loup I have had zero advice from GP or midwife about vitamins or nutrition despite asking. All I've had comes from the NHS handbook I was given, and that is scant on information. Instead I went to see a fertility nutritionist (found through a local herbalist shop), and have been put on a vitamin regime quite different to anything I would have done on my own with Google. Someone like that might be able to put your mind at rest over how much iron is too much iron etc.

FYI: I take fish oil 3x a day; was advised to swap pregnacare for mum-2-be 3x a day; vitamin d; vitamin e oil; and a mineral complex because I was found lacking in key minerals. I'll see her again in my second trimester (if all goes well) to check everything is ok and make changes if needed. It costs me £40 a consult, and I have found it to be money well worth spending. I also spent £40 on a hair analysis test through them, which is how we found I was lacking in key minerals (and I think that covered iron too).

Loup23 Mon 07-Mar-11 14:55:55

choccie thanks for that advice will see if I can find someone similar - £40 sounds well worth it!

boba82 Mon 07-Mar-11 17:29:50

Hi ladies

Scan went well, nuchal was 1mm, think that is quite low so just awaiting blood results.

It was amazing how much the bean has grown, it has very long legs and was kicking away. Quite surreal when you can't feel a thing!

How did yours go Storm

Harry2007 Mon 07-Mar-11 18:37:44

Glad it went well Boba. 1mm is a low nuchal result and I now what you mean about seeing the bean move but not being able to feel it (I'm sitting with the laptop resting on my belly and the baby's kicking so hard, the laptop is actually moving - I keep having to retype words grin)

Any news Storm?

StormBird Tue 08-Mar-11 08:50:26

Congrats Anytime - we have a 3D scan booked for the 12th of April, I should be around 27/28 weeks by then. So glad you scan went well.

And you Boba brilliant news on the Nuchal Fold measurement that is small. How do you feel now? Are you a little more comfortable with the whole thing?

Scan yesterday was very long and detailed. My consultant was fab, however, baby was face down most of the time and then when it finally moved it turned away from us and lay on its side Blurgh!! So the pics aren't great but hoping that the 3D scan makes up for that. All is well though, baby is normal size and all the measurements were pretty much perfect.

ITS A BOY!!! We caved in and found out. After everything we have been through we decided that finding out the sex might help us to relax with the pregnancy and bond with the baby. Haven;t stopped smiling since. We both new it would be a boy!

Will pop in again at lunch and catch up with everyone's news.

Hope you are all well.


StormBird Tue 08-Mar-11 08:52:00

p.s. how do you feel about splitting the stats into Boys, Girls and Don't knows?


boba82 Tue 08-Mar-11 09:58:20

Thanks Harry & Storm. I'm going to try and relax a bit now but it's easier said than done. Feels a lifetime away until the 20 week scan!

Storm glad all was well with scan and congratulations on your wee boy! We're having a real run of boys ATM aren't we?!

Harry That must be soooo weird, looking forward to having some proof that there's someone in there though smile

Loup23 Tue 08-Mar-11 10:10:48

ah congrats storm a boy how sweet, I'm still so early and having awful pains today but hoping it's normal.... I've already started thinking about whether we should find out, DH really wants a boy....

boba82 Tue 08-Mar-11 10:20:34

Loup I've had really strong cramps on and off all the way through. Never had any bleeding though. I think it is just uterus stretching and the little one attatching itself. Think it is quite common. I've actually got some just now!

Loup23 Tue 08-Mar-11 14:26:52

Thanks Boba that's comforting to hear, and congrats on the scan, all looking good!

I would love to have an early scan but am thinking I should just be patient and wait for the 12 week! Girls, do you start relaxing more after that scan?!

Storm good idea about splitting stats, I was going to have a go but couldnt see that everyone's due date was on the stats on page 1/2....

Not long for you now Harry how exciting!

boba82 Tue 08-Mar-11 14:54:22

loup I'm trying to relax now but going for private scan before 20 week one is very tempting . . . .

chocciechip Tue 08-Mar-11 14:54:30

loup If you do plan to have an early scan, consider going for one at about 8.5 - 9 weeks. Weeks 6 - 8.5 are the most common for MC, so if you're past these, then the scan should be more reassuring. I saw a heartbeat at weeks 6, 8 and 9+4. It was only at the last scan that the sonographer said 'congratulations'. I have to say that I'm still feeling very wobbly despite that. I am probably more frightened for the 12 week scan than for any other (I'm nearly 40). I do think though that my confidence levels in both previous PGs were higher than now, so in my case, my wobbliness is probably down to my history of bad luck.

storm Great news about the scan ... and another boy on the thread.

boba Can you tell me what the nuchal scan covers in our part of the world? Do they just measure the fold or do they look at other soft markers too? Also, how long do you have to wait for bloods to be factored in? Despite trying to follow storms advice about having my bloods done early, I couldn't get an appointment with GP (its not an emergency ... angry), and midwife is on holiday sad.

DH and I are totally freaking out about this next scan. I've been reading the anti-natal choices thread and its ramped up my anxiety big-time. We're so worried.

boba82 Tue 08-Mar-11 16:15:53

It was about 15 minutes long. She checked baby thoroughly first and took some measurements. Took quite a while to get a good position for nuchal measurement but fascinating to watch the little bean! She took three meaasurements of the fold and that was it, as far as I was aware anyway. I then had a blood test and the nurse said if results are low risk community midwife will write to me and if they're high the hospital will phone me. Think she said it'll take about 2 weeks. Just another thing to worry about isn't it?

When is your scan? Try and not worry too much. Not good for you or bean. Chances are in your favout for everything being ok after seeing hearbeat already. x

Loup23 Tue 08-Mar-11 16:28:54

thanks boba and choccie as i'm only 5+6 I will try and wait to see what the next few weeks bring. We pre-booked a skiing holiday when I will be 9/10 weeks so am really going to have to go careful out there......

When is your 12 week choccie I hope everything goes well, I am sure it will, how lovely that you've seen the heartbeat already!

Harry2007 Wed 09-Mar-11 09:49:56

It's a run of boys!

I know it's easy to say not to worry choccie but I know how hard it is not to. I didn't properly relax until the 12 week scan (and that was my 10th scan!). When you've had bad luck in the past, it's difficult to be 100% positive until you have concrete proof. I'm honestly of the opinion that after the ectopic that I had last year, losing the fallopian tube and the subsequent worry combined with the skin cancer, adhesions and constant pain, I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN! I'm so conscious of the fact that that sounds quite selfish though IYKWIM. I feel quite sad that I'll never do this again, but I don't think I could cope with it.

I did consider having my remaining tube tied when I'm having the c-section but having researched it, I don't want to have the side effects to deal with prematurely.

Rubbish news about the bloods boba.

Glad your scan went well Storm although I know how frustrating it is when the baby isn't co-operating! grin

2 weeks tomorrow for me shock. Still not that excited about it to be honest - it still seems ages away!

chocciechip Wed 09-Mar-11 11:46:33

Hi ladies. I have three worries really, the heart beat, the nuchal results, and the time it takes to make critical decisions. If we get a poor nuchal scan and have to wait for two weeks to get bloods - that takes me to 14weeks. And if we then have to have a CVS and wait a further two weeks or so, I'm at 16 weeks or more. If we find that something is horribly wrong - like Edwards or such - and we need to terminate, I think our hospital will only offer surgical solutions before 16 weeks. After that its induction and having to go through labour and giving birth. I wouldn't be able to do that. I'd have no choice, but I think I'd give up on us having a child of our own again after something like that. My MCs were hard enough. We've made a provisional appointment at the Fertility Medical Centre in London just in case because they should be able to process all results within two weeks. My scan is tomorrow - we'll know then if we're having to rush to London for speedier results. The stress is unbearable, but I'd be silly at nearly 40 to not plan ahead for worst case scenarios.

AnytimeNOW Wed 09-Mar-11 12:29:29

Oh Choccie I can totally understand how stressed you are, and just wanted to say I to was so scared of the time scale that all the tests seem to take.
When I went for my NT scan I was 13 weeks, and stressed to midwife that waiting two weeks for bloods was too long, and if there was a problem...time was ticking on.
The midwife said they give "2weeks" as a guide, but is anything showed up in my bloods I would get a call within 3 working days, this still feels like an age, but much better than 2 weeks! thankfully no call came and a letter arrived within the week confirming low risk to downs.
Please, please try to stay positive, I know how daft that sounds, as I'm the worst for stressing! but it really does us and our beans no good.
Sadly when things have gone wrong in the past, we just think it's going to happen again! but as every day passes, we are all still here smile be kind to yourself and lets take one day at a time...thinking of you X

StormBird Wed 09-Mar-11 13:11:11

Hi Ladies,

I hope that the Stats I post below are correct. If not feel free to faff about with them smile

Graduates having Boys
Harry2007 DC#2, age 29 BFP (sometime in August!) - Planned c-section 24/3/11
StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 02/08/11

Graduates having Girls
MissLolita DC#1, age 32 BFP 30/10/10 - EDD 7/7/11

Graduates having a* *Surprise ( for now )
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 11/01/11 - EDD
Loup23 DC#1, age 31 BFP 28/02/11 - EDD 08/11/11

Hope these are ok for everyone, wasn't sure what title to give the ladies that won't know what they're having yet, so thought it best to keep you in the Surprise category - hope thats ok?!?!?

Well its still sinking in that we're having a baby boy, I keep catching myself smiling as I daydream and then snap myself out of it thinking 'christ, what must you look like with that silly look on your face' LOL!

Choccie I'm so sorry your feeling this way but can totally understand why you feel the need to plan ahead just in case. I don't know about your hospital, I can only draw on my own experiences but we were 13 weeks when we went for the Nuchal Scan and our combined results showed us to be high risk of downs. Becuase I was 13 weeks they fast tracked us through, but only as long as we were comforable with the decisions we were making. I really hope you do not have to go through any of this. I have my fingers crossed that your scan goes smoothly. I completely agree with Anytime you have to try your best to stay positive, we are all rooting for you. xx

Loup Hi, about the cramps - I think its quite normal to experience period type cramps in the early stages. I remember that I did for about 2 weeks before I realised that AF was definately not coming and maybe I should test. And if I remember rightly, these cramps happened on and off up until I was about 9 weeks. Please try not to worry.

Harry I hope you are ok. Its such a shame that you feel the way you do about not doing it again but totally understandable, you've been through such a lot. It is amazing though that there is only 2 weeks left for you til baby is due to arrive, scary and exciting all at once.

Well must dash, will catch up again as soon as I can.


Loup23 Wed 09-Mar-11 18:15:49

Great post storm, boba your stats aren't on there...

Wishing you the very best for tomorrow choccie I have everything crossed.

I am 6 weeks tomorrow - so so early still. The pain in my left hip yesterday was awful but has now gone, doesn't bode well for labour though smile


Harry2007 Wed 09-Mar-11 19:43:05

Just want to wish you luck for tomorrow choccie. I totally understand how stressful this must be for you and timescales between each process are extremely tight so I don't blame you for wanting to do it privately. Even if it doesn't calm your fears results wise, it'll give you peace of mind timescale wise. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow xxx

Thanks for updating the stats Storm smile

Could it be round ligament pain loup?

boba82 Thu 10-Mar-11 13:34:15

Hope everything is ok choccie?

chocciechip Thu 10-Mar-11 16:05:37

Had my scan ladies. The NT measurement was 1.1mm, which is not bad, but actually, according to sonographer and everything I've read, even a good NT reading is meaningless without the bloods factored in. I was also told a two week wait for bloods, but I was not at all happy about it and a midwife was called in to speak to me. She was very nice. I've now been told that if they don't call me by Weds afternoon I need to call them, the idea being my bloods should be ready by then. She's going to let other midwifes know to chase up results as well if I call and they're not there.

The bad news though is that if we do have to do the unthinkable and terminate, we only get a surgical option up to 13 weeks - not the 16 I thought. So regardless of whether we go to the FMC in London or not, the only way through it will be to deliver. So I've cancelled the London appointment. For me, I am supposed to be 12 weeks today, but apparently measuring 13weeks (impossible, I think), so I stand no chance of a surgical option in worst case scenario.

The good news is we saw a heartbeat again, the rest is still a bit of an unknown, but hopefully by Wednesday we'll have some clarity. Off to try and get some sleep after a totally sleepless night last night. Wish I could wine!

boba82 Thu 10-Mar-11 16:49:36

choccie everything seems quite positive so please try and relax a wee bit. Have a nice Ovaltine or Horlicks instead of the wine!

AnytimeNOW Thu 10-Mar-11 17:55:21

Choccie my NT measurement was higher than that I'm sure, good news on getting your bloods sooner, fingers crossed for you! great news on the heartbeat. Hope you get some much needed sleep...I bet you could do with a wine or two! it's exhausting and emotional isn't it!.

Also as for baby showing bigger...my consultant says they always allow 7 days either way no matter what the scan shows, so you are right saying 12 weeks. Hope that helps smile x

Loup23 Thu 10-Mar-11 19:15:27

choccie glad the news seems positive and I Fx everything is fine with the bloods. I have ordered wine from www.alcoholfree.co.uk and it's not too bad! Not the same as the real thing but goes someway there. Maybe order some and have a few wine next week to toast your good news x

Keziahhopes Thu 10-Mar-11 20:43:05

Hi, no worries no bfp for me (first stimming scan tomorrow) but I have just read your lovely thread... what a great idea of having this! I hope to join you at some point, but congratulations to you all, glad things going well (sorry you not had the best of times Harry). And so many boys, wow! Can't wait to see pictures of them, names announcements etc grin... ok, will go back to where I should be!!!!! grin kezzie x

boba82 Sat 12-Mar-11 12:06:49

I hope you're here soon too Keziah! Hope scan went ok? x

Keziahhopes Sat 12-Mar-11 14:44:09

grin - me too! Think scan went well, nothing to compare it with! My womb lining has thickened well, they measured 5 follicles that were 10-15mm and I had small ones too that they don't measure. So carry on the same and 2nd stimming scan on Monday - where if things are still growing my accupuncturist said they will probably do collection wed/thu? Guess they avoid weekend transfers so that will be factored in plus how many small follicles have or haven't grown. I would really like more than 5 follicles so I have a chance of some eggs fertilising! Been told to rest, as tiredness hit yesterday, quite unexpectedly, so am obeying grin as it is the weekend!!

How exciting, 22 week scan and a lovely boy!!

Loup23 Mon 14-Mar-11 08:27:22

Morning ladies, I hope you all had good weekends and the bumps are coming along grin

Just wondered if any of you could help (or have had the same thing!!) By the CBFM I was 6 weeks yesterday and in the evening I had some dark brown/purple blodd when I wiped (sorry,tmi). No cramps or pain but there is a little bit each time I wipe, some this morning. I don't know whether this is something to be concerned about or not.....Any ideas? Thanks x

boba82 Mon 14-Mar-11 10:08:06

I don't know loup but I would contact your doctor or midwife to see what they think. Maybe they could arrange an early scan for you to check everything is ok. Or call NHS 24? Hope all is ok.

chocciechip Mon 14-Mar-11 13:00:44

loup Spotting is apparently common in early pregnancy, and you will most likely be told that brown blood is old blood - so could be your implantation bleed just coming through now. But it is always a bit worrying when you first see it. I agree with bobas advice. And if you have problems getting hold of your GP or midwife, see if you can find a number for an Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) in your area. NHS 24 could maybe help you out with a number. In some cases you can self-refer for a reassurance scan. In others, you might need your GP to push for it.

Loup23 Mon 14-Mar-11 18:22:50

thanks boba and Choccie after thinking it might all be ok the bleeding has got worse and I have spoken to the Dr who was very nice but thinks it is a threatened m/c. I am going tomorrow morning to check for ectopic but otherwise I think it's back to the CBFM for me. Very sad but taking comfort that I actually managed to get pg in the first place....

AnytimeNOW Tue 15-Mar-11 07:27:46

Loup23 So sorry to hear your news...hoping all goes ok today.
I have had bleeds in early pregnancy and miscarriage, I think it's the not knowing which it is can be the the hardest.

Thinking of you XX

boba82 Tue 15-Mar-11 10:13:39

Hope everything is ok loup, thinking of you. x

chocciechip Tue 15-Mar-11 11:10:01

Let us know how you get on loup. Thinking of you today.

Loup23 Tue 15-Mar-11 13:12:50

Thanks for your messages. The bleeding had stopped but it's back so my hcg levels have been done and will be redone on Thursday before I see the dr on friday for the results - there's been quite a bit of bleeding (sorry, tmi) so I'm not hopeful. Ihope you are all doing well, it really helps having this thread! X

chocciechip Tue 15-Mar-11 13:58:04

loup I'm really sorry you're going through this. I am wishing with all my heart you get good news despite the worrying signs. But if the worst happens, and it is a MC, please come back and talk to us. anytime and I have both experienced MCs - and possibly others here too - and we're here for you. I found my MC quite hard to get my head around, and I don't want you to feel alone or that you have no one, as I did when I went through my first. Did they offer you a scan or are they focussing only on your hcg levels for now? x

Loup23 Tue 15-Mar-11 16:44:01

Thanks choccie it really helps to have others who have experienced the same thing - on the positive side i'm resetting the CBFM for 1 today and will just try try again! The dr will just focus on HCG first as she says unless it doubles or significantly rises from today to Thursday she would suspect a m/c in any event. They will then scan to make sure it passes etc (sorry tmi). For those that did m/c (and sorry if it brings up bad memories) when did you start trying again? x

AnytimeNOW Tue 15-Mar-11 20:31:24

Loup23 I admire your strength, and admire you for focusing on the future...sometimes it's the only thing that gets you through! as Choccie mentioned earlier we have both experienced losses, as I'm sure others have to, and please remember we are all here for you.

After my losses, my period usually arrived around 5-6 weeks later...The pmt before was worse (this is common), and started trying again after one period.

Thinking of you XX

boba82 Wed 16-Mar-11 10:19:20

I'm really sorry Loup. Like the others have said I really admire your attitude. Keep positive. x

Loup23 Wed 16-Mar-11 12:59:31

Thanks for your messages girls but sadly wasn't to be - my hcg is only at 148 today and I am at least 6 weeks so the dr expected it to be in the 000's. Can't help thinking "I shouldn't have stopped the B6" or other such thoughts but am waiting for a scan to check all is ok and I shall then try and just get on with it again...... Thank you for all your support, I'll go back to the CBFM vol 5 forum and hope to be a graduate again soon. Good luck to all of you, I'll be popping to see how you're all doing and look forward to hearing about all the arrivals x

StormBird Wed 16-Mar-11 13:01:19

Hi Everyone.......

Boba sorry I missed your stats of the list hun - would you care to add yourself.

Loup I am so sorry to hear what you are going through, I hope you have good support in RL but like others have said we are here for you too!! Keep us posted on how you are getting on hun. Sending hugs and lots of positive vibes xxxx


chocciechip Wed 16-Mar-11 14:37:22

loup I'm so sorry. Try not to travel down the 'what did I do wrong?' road because it's one of those roads that can be endless and lead nowhere good. We all do that but I promise you - no matter what you think - you did nothing wrong. Loup I found my grief over my mc hitting me at odd times, and read much later that many women find the 6 week mark after a mc the hardest. I don't know why, maybe because they're so busy dealing with it and then face up when they've got to the other side. Please come back anytime you feel low. x

To answer your question about when we started again; in both my mcs I waited some time. I had horrible physical symptoms in my first which I needed to be checked out and also found out I wasn't immune to rubella - hence delays. In the second we waited two months, again because I was told to.

However, if I had mc'd this time around, I would do EXACTLY what you are doing and start straight away. Medical people will ask you to wait for one cycle, but I think that's just so they have a clearer idea of your dates. IMO, if you are using a CBFM, you will have a good idea of your dates so can give them a clear ovulation date to go by. Thinking of you, and wishing you all the luck in the world. x

boba82 Wed 16-Mar-11 15:11:41

Graduates having Boys
Harry2007 DC#2, age 29 BFP (sometime in August!) - Planned c-section 24/3/11
StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 02/08/11

Graduates having Girls
MissLolita DC#1, age 32 BFP 30/10/10 - EDD 7/7/11

Graduates having a* *Surprise ( for now )
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 11/01/11 - EDD
Boba82 DC#1, age 28, BFP 07/01/11 - EDD 13/09/11

storm I have added myself!

Loup Good luck hun x

Harry2007 Wed 16-Mar-11 22:08:38

So sorry to hear your news Loup.

It sounds as though you're in a positive mindset, although I realise how devastating it is. And please don't try to think of it as something your actions could have affected, because there was nothing that you did to cause it and nothing you could have done to stop it. I know it's so easy to say but take solace from the fact that it was out of your hands.

Take care of yourself - and you have to stay on the thread to keep us updated xxx

boba82 Thu 17-Mar-11 13:10:34

Harry 1 week and counting! How are you feeling?

Keziahhopes Thu 17-Mar-11 15:47:38

Harry all the best for your c-section. Will pop on after you have had it to find out the name, etc!! All the best,

Am a little bit nearer joining you, we have 4 eggs fertilised, transfer on sat if any survive and multiply until day 3. hope so!

Harry2007 Fri 18-Mar-11 10:20:36

Fantastic news Keziah grin grin grin

Mixed emotions for me at the moment. Had enough of dealing with the NHS with regards to the skin cancer - I have a private consultation on Saturday at 12.15 and may well be having the second operation in the afternoon depending how the consultation goes. So, I have to get myself through that before I can even start thinking about the section. Everyone keeps telling me that I'm really laid back about it and I suppose I am, psrtly because I've done it before but mostly because I have to have another operation 5 days before it.

I am starting to wash baby clothes today though and at least the house looks presentable - been decorating the lounge and the carpet was finally laid yesterday so at least the house doesn't look like a building site. I have a cleaner who comes in on a Friday morning (she's here now) so it'll all be clean and shiny in a few hours too. I have come to realise that I would happily go without food in order to have a cleaner grin.

I'm going to be super-organised and get all the baby stuff ready on the weekend, moses basket, steriliser etc because dp is away from Sunday night to Wednesday night (cutting it fie I know) and I want him to know how everything works so that we're good to go as soon as I geet back from hospital which should hopefully be on Saturday - fingers crossed!

I'll have my i-phone with me in hospital so if I have a signal, I'll post the details as they happen on Thursday wink.

Harry2007 Fri 18-Mar-11 10:21:35

Sorry about the typos - no excuse!

boba82 Fri 18-Mar-11 11:10:35

Harry I really admire you and how you're dealing with everything. Best of luck for Thursday. x

Keziahhopes Fri 18-Mar-11 12:13:36

Harry - hope the operation goes well and that is the end of it!! xx

Harry2007 Fri 18-Mar-11 13:42:14

Thanks ladies - I think I've honestly been on auto-pilot for the last couple of weeks, it's the only way of getting through it.

Feeling a bit anxious about tomorrow actually - even more anxious than about the section. Ridiculous I know!

It'll be grat if I can get a signal in the hospital - I can give you a blow by blow account! Surgery doesn't start until 1pm and I'm not sure where I am on the list. I'm well aware that emergency sections will take priority but am sooooo hoping that I have my little one by the end of the day.

If you don't hear anything from me on Thursday, it'll be down to lack of signal - the hospital is in quite a rural area and I don't get any signal at all in ante-natal clinic when I go there, so we'll see. I'll want to know about your news too Keziah so keep us posted x

MissLolita Fri 18-Mar-11 16:41:05

Hi Ladies,
Loup, I am so sorry to hear your news - sending you huge hugs xxxx

Harry, fingers crossed for everything - very exciting - the first thread baby!!!

Keziah, good luck and please keep us posted - I will have everything crossed for you!


Missyraines Mon 21-Mar-11 07:08:48

Hi lovely ladies

Don't know who remembers me from CBFM volumes 3-5 but here I am in the graduates section. I did all my homework and looks like it worked. After nearly 2 years of TTC I got my BFP 19/3/11

Really early days but AGHHHHHHHHHHH!

So hello old friends. Looks like we'll all be getting a bit fatter.

boba82 Mon 21-Mar-11 09:11:42

Congratulations *Missy , how far along are you? smile

Missyraines Mon 21-Mar-11 11:14:11

Tested on Sat so only 5 weeks. I'm going to my GP on Weds. It still doesn't seem real.

How far is everyone else?

chocciechip Mon 21-Mar-11 12:23:24

Congrats missy - add yourself to the list if you fancy, I've just updated my EDD.

=== Graduates having Boys ===
Harry2007 DC#2, age 29 BFP (sometime in August!) - Planned c-section 24/3/11
StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 02/08/11

=== Graduates having Girls ===
MissLolita DC#1, age 32 BFP 30/10/10 - EDD 7/7/11

=== Graduates having a Surprise ( for now ) ===
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11
Boba82 DC#1, age 28, BFP 07/01/11 - EDD 13/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 1/01/11 - EDD 15/09/11

StormBird Mon 21-Mar-11 13:10:08

Congratualtions Missy , what fabulous news. You've made my Monday morning (cos before I read your post I was having an absolutely Shite day!!!!) Well Done, I hope its all easy breezy for you.

Talking about getting fatter........my tummy seems huge but I've no real bump - its really getting up my nose!

Hi Harry hope it all went well for you last week. You're probably very busy at the mo, if you've not already popped but I do hope it goes well for you. I can't believe your due date is here already, its so exciting. Sending you loads of hugs xx

Hi Keziah can;t wait to here how you got on, please keep us posted. Sending you lots of luck.

Hi everyone else - nothing to report this end. I'm getting kicked loads which quite reassuring but also quite a strange feeling. Had my first migraine in months yesterday which I hope is not a sign of things to come!!! Hope you are all well.

Choccie how are you getting on? Any news on your bloods yet?


Missyraines Mon 21-Mar-11 13:39:15

Must get my head down from the clouds and say congrats to all of you in here. I'm so sorry I've been a bit self obsessed. I'm sure you all know the feeling though. Like Christmas has come early.
I'm starting to come down from my high (well a bit)

Keziah did you finally get IVF? That seems quick although probably not to you! Fingers crossed for a successful transfer.

Storm I can't wait for the kicking - although I bet you soon get over it!

everyone else I'm glad I'm here. Any tips/advice gratefully received as it is my 1st.

Here's the updated list.

=== Graduates having Boys ===
Harry2007 DC#2, age 29 BFP (sometime in August!) - Planned c-section 24/3/11
StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 02/08/11

=== Graduates having Girls ===
MissLolita DC#1, age 32 BFP 30/10/10 - EDD 7/7/11

=== Graduates having a Surprise ( for now ) ===
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11
Boba82 DC#1, age 28, BFP 07/01/11 - EDD 13/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 1/01/11 - EDD 15/09/11
Missyraines DC#1, age 34 BFP 19/3/11 - EDD ??/11/11

boba82 Mon 21-Mar-11 19:22:13

missy I'm 15 weeks. I found out at 5 weeks as well and have to admit this has been the longest 10 weeks of my life! Was grateful we were given some early scans as I have been and am still a nervous wreck. Try and not worry - easier said than done when you've been waiting a long time I know!

Be prepared for the exhaustion that's about to hit you, I've only recently been managing to stay up past 8pm!

It is worth it when you see your little bean at your scan though.

Choccie how's things? Did you get your results yet? Hope all ok?

Storm Sorry you're feeling shitty. Surely your bump'll turn up soon? I already look like I've eaten too many pies, I was counting on a bump by 20 weeks confused I can't wait for the kicks, it must be an amazing feeling? - well at first anyway!

Keziahhopes Mon 21-Mar-11 20:08:25

Storm if it is any consolation I have a very very fat tummy, no bump, and no bfp due to the ivf treatment and pessaries!!!

Just to say one of my 4 fertilised eggs made it to day 5 and was transfered until today, phew! The other blastocyst was too poor quality so I guess that is the end of that one. Scarily we have our test date given to us and it is Mothering Sunday!!

All the best for Thursday Harry and lovely to see you here Missy (I am just a gatecrasher, grin)

Harry2007 Mon 21-Mar-11 21:03:41

Glad you made the crossing to the grads thread safely Missy x

Storm - don't worry, the bump will arrive before you know it (Harry reaches over huge bump to try and type message).

Keziah grin grin grin at day 5 egg!

Well, I didn't have the second operation on Saturday as the Consultant is happy to do it 2 weeks after the c-section. Finally looking forward to Thursday.

Baby clothes washed, dried and ironed - check
Moses basket set up in living room - check
Hospital bag packed - check (kind of)
Arrangements made for DS1 - check
House tidy (with help of cleaner) - check

I've been having terrible thoughts today that I'm just not responsible enough to have 2 children wink.

I'M SCARED!!!!!!!

AnytimeNOW Tue 22-Mar-11 09:44:25

Morning ladies!smileHow's everybody doing?...

Welcome Missyraines congrats on your BFP!!!!

Harry the very best for Thursday! how exciting! sounds like you are all organised and ready for your new arrival smile...if you can please let us know how it all goessmile.

Storm you will wake up one morning and bump will be there...I poppped overnight! and now look like an egg on legs grin...so much so bending down is a mare! going to get the BBQ tongs out to help me pick stuff up smile.

Well I'm 21 weeks today! so more than half way there...saw consultant last week and provisionally booked my section for 27th July (39 weeks).

We went away to Wales with the DC this weekend and I have come back with a terrible cold, feels like I've been eating razor blades!...anybody got any good tips?, I'm drinking honey and lemon with hot water, but that's not doing much so far hmm.

Have a good day everybody X.

boba82 Tue 22-Mar-11 10:28:35

Keziah I'm soooo excited for you now, I really hope it sticks! grin

Harry I'm glad you're looking forward to Thursday now, how exciting with everything set up. Get that bag packed just in case!

Anytime why are you having to have a section, if you don't mind me asking?
I've had a sore throat on and off since I got my BFP, I like Twinnings Lemon & Ginger tea and plenty of water. It's rubbish not being able to have a Lemsip sad

I've been feeling really weird the last few weeks. I keep forgetting I'm preggers (until the nausea returns or I look in a mirror) I just can't believe there's actually a baby in there. I can't describe it properly but has anyone else experienced similar feelings?

chocciechip Tue 22-Mar-11 11:09:22

boba My bloods came back with a 1/31215 risk of Downs, so feeling reasonably confident there. We were a bit flummoxed to find this was only downs being checked though. It seems I have a consult appointment at some point to discuss amniocentises which I thought we'd have known by now whether we needed to go for or not. Having a hard time getting any info out of my midwife who is scatty as hell. In fact, phoning her at lunch to chase her about appointments .... again. Wish the NHS would take responsibility for their own work!

I'm the same about forgetting I'm pg, but in my case it is due to horrendous work stress. Am beginning to worry about impact on my health and bean and considering that I may have to leave my job.

keziah a day five egg is really good news. I am hoping and hoping it sticks!

harry good luck for Thursday! Look forward to hearing how it goes.

AFM, I'm suffering with sickness and headaches and extreme exhaustion. When is it meant to pass? I'm supposed to be 15 weeks this Thursday and no sign of it abating at all.

Had a bit of disturbing news about a friend of ours who I think (but don't want to ask) is just past 20 weeks or so, and in hospital with pre-eclampsia. Apparently they're talking about delivering the baby early. 20-24 weeks is very very early isn't it? What are the chances of baby surviving if they do have to do this?

boba82 Tue 22-Mar-11 11:39:21

choccie that's great news. My nausea and exhaustion disappear for few days then come back and knock me for six. At least it's a reminder there's something in there smile Most people I've spoken to say by 17/18 weeks they feel a lot more like themselves.

Sorry to hear about your friend. I was actually reading an artical last night about a wee boy who was born at 22 weeks and is now a healthy 18 month old so they can survive though odds probably against them. Hopefully they can do something to try and treat your friend so the wee one'll be able to stay put a bit longer.

I've got to go see a consultant also as they are worried about previous bladder surgery I've had. I consulted my urologist before even coming off the pill (all that time ago!) and he didn't see any issues so God knows what they're on about. However the way I see it the more you're seen the better I suppose? confused Hope you get your midwife sorted!

Loup23 Tue 22-Mar-11 13:05:35

Just popping in to say congrats to missy and good luck for Harry, willpop in from time to time and hope to be with you again soon - I went to the epu today and the uterus and ovaries look fine, the monitor is reset and I'm keeping everything crossed I see a peak soon.... x

AnytimeNOW Tue 22-Mar-11 14:17:10

Boba don't mind you asking at all...
I was induced at 40+10 with first pregnancy, 24 hours labour, got to 8cm but baby was back to back and my pelvis was too small for my 9lb 1oz baby to fit! also she was distressed by then so emergency section.
Second baby 16 months later, I really wanted a natural birth so they let me go over my dates and booked a section for 40+10. When I arrived to have him I was in full labour and was first on the section list, labour went the same way as before, and ended up having another emergency at 4.30 that afternoon. The Drs explained that baby was back to back again! and they recommended due to my lack of "pelvic Tilt" any future babies be section.

So hence this baby being born at 39 weeks to prevent the stress to baby and me going into labour, never being able to give birth naturally anyway...also because of two previous sections they worry about uterine rupture...would much rather not have section as recovery is quite hard when you have other children, but its best for me.

Bet your sorry you asked now grin X.

Got everything crossed for you Keziah X

Keziahhopes Tue 22-Mar-11 14:51:11

Thanks for your kind words... have been in tears this morning - of my 4 embryo's one in, but other 3 not "good enough" to freeze. Apparently this 5 day embryo was too early a blastocyst to grade but the only other one that made it to blast stage is grade 3 today and not good enough to freeze. They would put it in me but not freeze it - so feel I have lost something somehow, and worry about the grade of the one they put in. They could have cancelled the cycle if graded this one and it wasn't good enough, as NHS will pay for one more attempt if one cancelled but now if this not work we have to pay ourself.... and start all over again. I only got 5 eggs so worry about that. Sorry..... so hard sat on my own with worries and no good news.

So Harry - looking forward to hearing news of baby no 2 born for you... you sound very sorted smile

chocciechip Tue 22-Mar-11 15:37:59

keziah If I understand the process correctly, you do have hope and you have had some good news. You have one emby suitable to be transferred and that has been done. Am I correct - is that what has happened?

If embies are anything like pregnancies, I was told at my last scan that the rate of development was a good sign; i.e. the fact my baby was measuring larger than my dates was apparently a sign it was healthy and strong. (I still worry though) I know that there is no way of knowing if the emby you have in you is of the same quality as the others, but it sounds like it grew a bit faster than the others, so I'd take heart from that and see it as a possible sign that it might have been stronger than the others.

Also, take heart from the fact that with IVF your eggs are placed in artifical cultures and all this impacts on quality of embies as well. Your transferred emby is now where it is meant to naturally be instead of a petri dish, so you should be optimistic it will grow better there than it would in a dish.

I was told that because of my age, the likelihood of me getting to blastocyst could be slim, so I was more likely to have lower quality embies implanted to try and keep them out of the petri dish and as viable as possible. So keziah you're further on than I might have been and just think about the number of women in their 40s who have good news from this process. Allow your head to hold the good news as well as the worries. Give yourself as much hope as they have had.

And don't worry about your five eggs - each cycle is different. I was told that even if I had an AMH of 2 that they would consider me a suitable candidate for IVF - and 2 is low. If I remember correctly, your AMH was higher than that so that's a good indicator too for future IVF cycles if you have to do it again.

And Keziah - it only takes one emby to make a baby. Hang onto hope sweetie and don't let uncertainty and 'what ifs' get you down at this stage. You still have a way to travel before you get there.

I hope I haven't misunderstood everything and just spouted unhelpful garbage based on my aged memory of what I was told in December, but I am still feeling optimistic for you. What you learned today doesn't change what they transferred before today.

I do not feel less optimistic and I am still hoping and praying it sticks for you.x

Loup23 Tue 22-Mar-11 17:17:31

oh keziah choccie has addressed all your woes very well so just keeping everything crossed for you that you get a sticky bean xxxxx

boba82 Tue 22-Mar-11 18:36:10

keziah I agree with everything choccie said, it only takes the one. FX for you hun. x

Anytime sounds like the best plan eh?! smile

Keziahhopes Tue 22-Mar-11 22:26:22

Thanks Choccie and Boba - it feels wrong to have posted what I did on your happy thread... but I didn't know how to delete it. I think I am just so very sad that my other embryos have died, if that makes sense. I am crying for them. And I feel misled about how they were doing, down to the senior Dr everyone raves about being in theatre, signed the form for having collected my eggs but actually he never touched me it was the one whose name I have never heard of, a new locum! Yes, my head is full of negatives, which I don't understand .... everyone said I would not cope with the treatment and I did, I sailed through the hormonal injections etc. Now I just look at the odds, that other people have frosties, better grade embryos etc - my blastocyst was behind where it should have been, it only just made it to blastocyst as such they couldn't grade it.

Never thought the 2ww would be my low time sad My dh has snapped at me tonight, doesn't seem to care we have no frosties, has left me alone all day and most of tonight and it feels so horrible!! just dont' know how to put all the positive stuff in my head, got the "I am old, don't feel it will work, am not good enough to be a Mummy, never been pregnant or miscarried a natural bfp before, so why would this work" thoughts.,...

A sticky bean will be good xx

Look forward to the photos Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chocciechip Tue 22-Mar-11 23:06:52

keziah I always found the 2ww very hard. For me there was always a 'downer feeling' that I'd tried all I could and there was nothing more I could do for that month. I always wished there was a bit more I could do and waiting felt passive. Maybe you're going through a bit of that...? With IVF you've been trying so hard - maybe doing nothing but waiting now is so much harder than ever before. We're all thinking of you. x

chocciechip Wed 23-Mar-11 14:31:33

Ladies, I've just had the most horrific news. My friend was scheduled for an emergency c-section today but apparently the baby died before they could go ahead. She now has to be induced to deliver her dead baby. She was 27 weeks. I looked up stats this morning before she was having her c-section and saw somewhere that her child had a 90% of survival at 27 weeks so I really thought they had a good chance. This came as such a shock. I'm totally flipped out by this - my worst nightmare in the world.

I also don't know how I'm going to be able to tell them I'm pregnant. When I heard their news before Christmas last year it was like a knife in my heart hearing yet another person had got a BFP after our MCs. So I can't even begin to imagine the pain they'll feel hearing our news after this. We've still not even told my DHs family and I'm nearly 15 weeks. How on earth do we deal with this because we're going to have to start telling people (even though I don't want to) at some point soon.

boba82 Wed 23-Mar-11 15:38:49

Shit choccie I'm really sorry that has happened. Was this her first baby?

I've never been in this situation but from the other person's point of view I'm sure she'd much rather hear the news from you than someone else. However I don't know what the appropriate amount of time to wait is. I'm sure the last thing she wants is people pussy footing around her. I hated people telling me they were pregnant and that they'd been dreading telling me etc. Of course it hurts but it's not your fault either. Is she aware of the hard time you've been through to get this far? Obviously she'll be devastated at her loss but maybe you could tell her in a few weeks? Maybe it would be easier writing her a letter? If she's a friend I'm sure she'll understand. Nothing is going to change what has happened to her all you can do is be there for her. Thoughts are with them and you x

AnytimeNOW Wed 23-Mar-11 15:39:19

Oh no Chocciechip that is the sadest news, at 27 weeks you just cannot imagine a loss so late, and as you say statistically the baby usually has a good chance of living. I understand how this must be affecting you too...honestly it has shocked me also...I think after having mc's before the fear never goes away, but at 27 weeks that is just terrible, I have no idea how you start to deal with that, and I'm sure everybody is different.
All you can do is be there for your friend in whatever way she needs/wants...I doubt she will know for a while, my heart goes out to your friend and to you X

chocciechip Wed 23-Mar-11 16:58:04

It was their first baby. We are closer to her husband, to be honest, than her - only got to know her after they got married last year. But I do like her a lot although I think she finds me a bit intimidating. My DH was in tears earlier when he phoned me with the news. When we heard 'Joe' (not his real name) and his wife were going through this, DH has been texting them and calling to send support and messages. I'm pretty sure they must be a bit surprised by the extent of his concern because they haven't a clue what we've gone through or what their experience would trigger in us. I doubt any of our other friends would appreciate how serious their predicament is the way we have.

Earlier this year DH said to me he couldn't believe the way 'Joe' was going on about the baby. Buying stuff, preparing the nursery etc, talking about it. For us, after our experiences, that's just something we can't do and my DH was in a 'oh my God, if the worst happens to them, they are going to be side-swipped' frame of mind. And now its happened.

DH is preoccupied now with how totally devastated Joe and his wife must be because it seems, from their joy and planing and openness, that this was the last thing they were expecting (whereas, as you guys know me by now, its something I almost think WILL happen to us because crap things seem to always happen). I remember my shock and devastation after my first MC and think it must be multiplied by a trillion for them.

I know what you mean boba about not wanting people to pussyfoot around you. We didn't tell a soul about our MCs - including Joe etc - preceisely because we wanted to avoid pity and unhelpful comments. I have a mental list of things I would say to support a friend if they ever have Mcs in my mind (because I am determioned to be a different kind of friend in those circumstances), but nothing I would say there prepares me for this.

I genuinely don't know how to address this. I've told my DH Joe needs to hear our news before anyone else does; he needs to be told what we've gone through; he needs to be told we know that our news will make him feel like shit and that we want him to understand we know exactly why and understand it. And he needs to be told this face to face. I think two years of hell will pour out of my DH and he'll be the one sobbing when he tells Joe this. I don't think we can risk our news reaching them via other sources - I want them to know upfront that they don't have to pretend to be happy for us or feign interest in our pregnancy, and that we know not to take it personally.

To be honest, I still don't know if the above is the right thing to do or if it could make things worse. Maybe like us they'd just rather be left alone. It really upsets me that we will always be a reminder of their grief - I know it would be that way for me if I were in their shoes. I'm rambling - just can't stop thinking about it.

Missyraines Thu 24-Mar-11 09:26:47

Chocciechip That is awful. I can't begin to imagine what it must be like. Sending hugs to you as you sound like you need it.

Keziah I've everything crossed. Time just seems to stand still, doesn't it?

I still don't have any actual signs yet. I'm a bit hotter than usual and seem to be producing a lot more saliva but nothing else. I almost want there to be signs to make it real. I went to my GP yesterday and have been registered with a midwife. She will call me at around 8 weeks apparently. So I guess I just have to wait until then.

I want to shout it from the roof tops and have a neat bump to show everyone. In time I will but God it's dragging!

Rant over!

boba82 Sun 27-Mar-11 15:40:53


Keziahhopes Sun 27-Mar-11 16:54:00

Choccie - that is awful and so sad.
However, it doesn't mean that it will happen to many people, or to them again - what a nightmare! Hope you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy a bit more despite what happens to others. I guess others will guess soon when you have a bump .... with telling others and this friend - unless people are very open I doubt most people will know what ttc journeys people have; yes some get their bfp when they hope for, easy pregnancy etc - but not everyone does as we know here.

Halfway through 2ww - have the swollen stomach, from EC, though going down more now, but no symptoms ... dreading finding out it not worked next week.

Harry2007 Mon 28-Mar-11 09:29:26

Choccie - so sorry to hear your news sad

I can't say that I've caught up properly on the thread over the last few days. Didn't have a signal in the hospital at all so wasn't able to update.

DS2, aka Taliesin, was born on Thursday 24th March at 2.35pm weighing in at 7lbs 3oz.

He is gorgeous, if not a little greedy!

I'll give you the full story as soon as I can get little Tal to leave my boob alone for longer than 20 minutes at a time grin.

AnytimeNOW Mon 28-Mar-11 09:54:42

Oh congratulations Harry thats lovely news, so pleased all is well with you and your boy!...will look forward to all the details smile...X

boba82 Mon 28-Mar-11 10:25:37

Oh well done Harry, congratulations! grin What an unusual name, how do you pronounce it? x x x

chocciechip Mon 28-Mar-11 13:30:17

Congrats Harry! Looking foward to hearing all your news when you have a moment. smile

Keziahhopes Mon 28-Mar-11 13:50:14

Congrats Harry - he sounds very happy with all his mlk grin

StormBird Tue 29-Mar-11 13:02:38

So sorry choccie to hear your friends sad news.

Harry Massive congrats to you and your family. can;t wait to hear all about the goings on.

Hope you are all well. Keziah hope your ok and managing with the 2WW well.

I ended up at the MAU yesterday afternoon as I couldn't recall feeling baby kick at all over the weekend. All is well though, it took the midwife a little while to find the heartbeat but its there and is strong as ever (she described it to have good acceleration!?!?!?!?) It seems that baby has simply moved around to a different position. It did make me worry though, I'd got so used to him having a little routine.

Anyway, thats all from me. Only 15 weeks to go. SCARY!!

boba82 Tue 29-Mar-11 14:41:52

God Storm I can't believe that's all you have left!

Keziahhopes Tue 29-Mar-11 16:11:07

Hi - don't think will be joining you. Have pink blood 6 days before OTD and no longer have the physical symptoms I have. At 36 am beginning to realise this past week might have been my only time to have life inside me (never had a natural bfp).

boba82 Wed 30-Mar-11 10:36:53

Please don't give up just yet Keziah Think of everything you've been through this far if this cycle turns out to be unsuccessful I know you are strong enough to try a second. I truly believe this will happen for you honey. x x

boba82 Wed 30-Mar-11 10:40:18

keziah sorry I didn't realise NHS only funded one cycle for you blush Please try and stay positive though. I meant what I said above. x

chocciechip Wed 30-Mar-11 11:34:16

keziah I went through a phase in my cycles when I started bleeding several days before my cycle started, and I was scanned to get this checked out. The consultant said there was nothing wrong with me, and nor did it mean I was starting my cycle early (I had assumed I had a serious luteal phase defect!) Apparantly the lining between the cervix and uterous bits etc is very thin and sensitive. Mid-cycle bleeding is apparently often irritation caused to this. In my case, although I was bleeding, the scan showed zero blood coming from my womb. You've had an invasive procedure; it could be irritation to your cervix causing this. I don't want to give you false hope, but a bit of bleeding half way through LP can also be an implantation bleed (I never had one of these but lots of women do).

All I'm saying is its way to early to assume its all over; there are other explanations

On the PG side of things, I have never had a positive test before 14 days after ovulation; and symptom spotting didn't ever give me conclusive answers either. As painful as this uncertainty is, you'll only know its over if AF arrives full flow AND if you get a BFN on your test day, and another BFN two days after your test day as well. There is no way you can know its over before then.

Whatever you do, do not test early!

Thinking of you and still hoping! Hang on in there.x

boba82 Wed 30-Mar-11 14:10:53

Good advice Choccie

How's things with your friend?

MissLolita Wed 30-Mar-11 16:24:40

Harry, fantastic news! Congratulations!
Keziah, I have everything crossed for you - don't test early! xxx

Keziahhopes Wed 30-Mar-11 23:29:20

Sadly red blood, lots more of it - and the lovely nhs here do not want to scan me or see me so got no chance of knowing what is going on. My test date is mothering sunday ... made dh but cards and gifts and post today as I couldn't cope with it. My sore veiny boobs and swollen stomach are now normal. Yes, went through so much to get this, last week felt pregnant and now it hurts so much - was so hopeful, so was dh. He is devastated, so having to support him and keep seeing blood at same time. My colleague I work closely with just announced her 2nd pregnancy - and can't cope seeing her bump 4 days a week (have to work with her, no choice there!) .... no point testing early now MissLolita, it would be a waste as it is full flow now - or as much as I ever get.

AnytimeNOW Thu 31-Mar-11 07:32:23

Sorry Keziahhopes thinking of you, take care, and be kind to yourself X

boba82 Thu 31-Mar-11 11:02:55

Keziah I am so, so sorry honey. Nothing I can say to make things better but just know we are here anytime you need to talk. x x x

MissLolita Thu 31-Mar-11 20:48:27

Keziah I am so sorry xxxx

chocciechip Fri 01-Apr-11 11:34:49

Really sorry Keziah. Thinking of you.

boba82 Sun 03-Apr-11 12:06:18


StormBird Mon 04-Apr-11 13:17:03

Oh Keziah I am sorry to read your news, I hope you are bearing up. <<Big Hugs>>

Hello to all!!

How is everyone doing? Hope you all had nice weekends. We've been away to visit DP's Mum over the weekend which was nice. Didn't lift a finger!! I do hope all you practicing mummies had a lovely Mothers Day. Seems a bit surrealy to think this time next year I will have just had my first!!!

Had an MW appointment on Friday Morning. Fundal Height is measuring a little big for my dates so have to go back in 2 weeks to be re-measured and double check baby isn't going to be massive. Seems a bit of a turn around considering that they wereinitially worried baby may be small!! Apparently I should be measureing around 28cm for my dates (they say 3cm either side of this is within normal range) I am measuring 31cm, which is 3cm bigger but they are keeping an eye on this now too!! Everything else though (My BP, baby's heart rate and my urine) were fine. so hopefully nothing really to worry about.

Anyone else got any updates???


chocciechip Mon 04-Apr-11 14:54:28

Hi all, I'm embroiled at the moment in trying to address immense work stress so haven't had time for MN much recently.

storm I was given an EDD for 15 Sept based on my baby's size but that would mean DH and I SWI'd a week earlier than we did, and I ov'd a week earlier than I did. Not possible - it bothers me a bit that this becomes their 'rule book' for everything down the line when I know it isn't accurate.

Have my next appointment with MW on Weds, hoping to hear heartbeat but very scared now in case we don't. DH coming with me. I'll be one day shy of 17 weeks (by their dates) and we've still not told anyone except my parents! DH saying we now need to hold on for 20 week scan. I am worried his family are going to be hurt/angry/irritated etc for us waiting longer than 'normal' people do. But I am dreading the fuss and attention so much so would quite like to keep the whole pregnancy a secret if I could!

I weighed myself this morning - was 64kg at 12 week MW appointment (wearing jeans etc), and was 65.5kg in underwear this morning. 64 is heavier than I usually am so not sure if I gained wight during first 12 weeks or if that was Christmas lingering on my butt! Does the gain since then seem about right or not enough?

I'm still able to wear my normal jeans but have to undo the top button if I eat!

How is everyone else?

boba82 Tue 05-Apr-11 10:41:01

choccie & storm I agree about the dates issue. As we've now had 4 scans I've had 5 different dates! I go with what I think (& know when we did it!)

I have mw on Thurs (I'm 18 weeks on Fri) & am also petrified I won't hear a heartbeat. Desperate to feel bobabean move but nothing yet.

choccie you're lucky. I can hardly fit in anything. I've been in maternity jeans since week 14 I think, although they are a bit loose. I actually have only gained 3 - 4 lbs since 11 weeks so don't know why I'm so fat confused

I never thought I'd feel so uncomfortable with the weight gain side of things especially since we waited so long for this baby but I am ashamed to admit I am blush Still hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have a proper bump and it'll not be so bad.

Good luck for tomorrow choccie I have Obs appointment @ ERI tomorrow, fx they'll scan me again while I'm there, 28th seems an age away!

Missyraines Tue 05-Apr-11 10:48:06

Hi CBFM buddies.

Choccie I can completely understand why you want to wait. I don't think your family will be angry and when you explain will/should understand. If you sell it to them as them having less time to wait they may buy it!

Keziah that is bad luck. But PMA for the next cycle. I really do wish you luck.

I went for my scan that we booked through a private company yesterday. It was amazing. I'm about 7 weeks and had to have an internal scan. But we saw the 10mm bean and heard a HB. Wow, a truly wonderful experience for both of us. There were tears! But I also have a 6cm cyst on my left ovary. I have my first MW appointment tomorrow so will discuss this further then. I've looked it up on tinterweb and it's not that uncommon.

Hope everyone else is chugging along nicely.

boba82 Tue 05-Apr-11 11:42:44

Glad all was looking well missy hope the cyst doesn't cause you any problems at least you know about it though.

Harry2007 Tue 05-Apr-11 14:09:12

Hi ladies!

Apologies for my absence - this mothering lark is quite time consuming!

Keziah - how are you feeling? Sending you lots of virtual hugs xxx

So, here goes the story...

Went for the pre-op assessment on Wednesday 23rd where I was told that the labour ward was closed as it was so busy and that there was a possibility that my section could be cancelled!!!! I was so disappointed but put it in my head that I wouldn't be having the op on the following day so that I wouldn't be completely disheartened when they turned me away!

Got to the hospital at 9.30am on the Thursday morning and thank the Lord, they had discharged quite a few ladies - c-section was on! I was so glad grin.

Had to wait in the day room until noon as surgery didn't start until half one but then was taken into a side room and chnaged into a gown. This was quite surreal (as was the whole experience) as one minute I was chatting to other mums in the day room and the next I was walking down the ward in a gown and those extremely attractive stockings to stop dvt.

Was then wheeled into the labour ward where my dp changed into scrubs and was taken almost immediately into thetare for the spinal block. The anaesthetist took 45 minutes to get the needle in (something to do with strong back muscles) and kept on having to administer local anaesthetic as it was wearing off (I have to admit that I did cry out a few times and dp wasn't allowed in until the block had satrted working). He paged his superior for help and was talking about a general anaesthetic at this point but just as the Consultant walked in, he managed to get the needle in the right place. By the time I was lying on the table, I was a huge ball of sweat!!!!!

So then dp was allowed in which was a huge relief and they started the op. Taliesin was born 10 minutes later after much tugging and pulling and - wait for it - the wearing off of the spinal block!!!!!!! As they were tugging me around, I started to feel pain! Now, I don't want to sound like a drama queen as it definitely wasn't excruciating pain, but it was pain that I shouldn't have been feeling. As you can't top up a spinal block, I then had to have pain relief administered through the venflon in my hand. Taliesin (Tal-eee-ess-in) was born 10 minutes later and then I was sewn up in about 20 minutes.

So he was born on the Thursday and was discharged on the Saturday. I'm having a great recovery - no c-section related pain at all, but unfortunatley, the longstanding hip pain is still quite niggly and i can't walk very far.

Taliesin is absolutely gorgeous, if not slightly demanding wink. Health visitor came yesterday and weighed him for the first time since he was born - 6lb 14oz so a 5oz decrease from the birth weight and he is quite jaundiced, but hv and midwives don't seem overly concerned about him.

I'd forgotten how lovely it is to have a newborn smile. For those of you who asked, the name derives from Welsh folk-lore - Taliesin was a renowned Welsh poet.

Sorry for the mammoth post xxx

boba82 Tue 05-Apr-11 15:07:47

Oh well done harry Glad you're not suffering too much from the section and enjoying your lovely wee boy. Is that him 2 weeks on Thurs? x

Harry2007 Tue 05-Apr-11 15:40:54

Thanks boba, yes he'll be two weeks old on Thursday. Can't quite believe how quickly the time's passing, the memories of the day he was born as so vivd, it seems like yesterday!

AnytimeNOW Tue 05-Apr-11 16:18:22

Hello Harry thanks for sharing your story...lovely to read, except for the "feeling pain" bit! thats my worst fear! will be making sure I get a huge dose!smile.
Glad you are feeling ok and healing ok, baby sounds gorgeous and very happy...enjoy these early days X

boba82 Thu 07-Apr-11 10:13:45

Well had my appt at hospital yesterday with obstetrician. She has to speak with my urologist but the way she was talking it's looking like they're going to give me an elective c section. I think the risk lies in the event that I would need an emergency c section as I probably have a lot of scar tissue round bladder from ops as a child. Harry how did you deal with this news? I feel really upset sad It's not definate yet, have to go back at the end of May and see what they've discussed.

Still on the plus side I have midwide today so hoping to hear the heartbeat at long last.

How did you get on choccie?

chocciechip Thu 07-Apr-11 15:21:25

Harry Really enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing it.

Missy I sobbed at my 6 week scan when we saw a heartbeat. It's very emotional, isn't it.

Boba We heard the heartbeat so feel VERY relieved. But turns out my uterous is much higher than it should be for my dates, which suggests the fibroid I have could be growing and pushing it out. So midwife has brought forward my appointment with the consultant to discuss. There's a good chance I'll need a c-section as well. I am sort of OK with that, the only thing that really bothers me (and this is going to seem extremely vain and shallow) is the possibility I might never get my flat stomach back. I don;t mind having a scar - but I am longing to be trim again.

I know that some women end up with a roll above their scar, and I have no way of knowing if I will be one of them. I have hated feeling flabby through this pregnancy and almost everyday fantisize about getting back to my normal self, so unmovable flabby skin would be a blow for me if I ended up unlucky that way. But I still feel a long way from there....

Harry2007 Thu 07-Apr-11 17:32:49

Boba - I actually wanted an elective section. I had an elective the first time around and had major surgery for the ectopic last year akin to a section, so my Consultant said that this one would be viewed as a third section and would therefore be recommended.

Choccie - if it's any consolation, following three major abdo surgeries, I still have a flat stomach! My weight loss has been, quite frankly, incredible! I put on 28 lbs during this pregnancy and when I weighed after coming home from hospital, was 3lbs heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. It must be the breast feeding! The scar is really tidy and neat - the surgeon went through the first section scar this time so I still only have two scars as opposed to three. Stomach isn't quite as toned obviously, but that can be worked on! My Consultant told me that the trimmer you are pre-section, the less likely an overhang above the scar. Hope this helps x

boba82 Thu 07-Apr-11 17:40:06

Choccie just heard our wee one's heartbeat. Was lovely and I can now relax again for an hour week or two!

Harry sorry I didn't realise. My God I hope I'm as lucky as you with the weight loss!!

I'll do whatever's best for baby and myself but just hate the thought of any more operations hmm

AnytimeNOW Fri 08-Apr-11 10:33:57

Morning ladies! Hope all is well?, I've updated the stats as I've been given a provisional date for my section (39 weeks) but they may change nearer the timesmile.

=== Graduates having Boys ===
Harry2007 DC#2, age 29 BFP (sometime in August!) - Planned c-section 24/3/11
StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 27/07/11-elective c-section

=== Graduates having Girls ===
MissLolita DC#1, age 32 BFP 30/10/10 - EDD 7/7/11

=== Graduates having a Surprise ( for now ) ===
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11
Boba82 DC#1, age 28, BFP 07/01/11 - EDD 13/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 1/01/11 - EDD 15/09/11
Missyraines DC#1, age 34 BFP 19/3/11 - EDD ??/11/11

boba82 Mon 11-Apr-11 09:59:55


StormBird Wed 13-Apr-11 12:53:55

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well.

Haven't read through too much of the thread so sorry for not name checking etc. We went for the 3D Scan yesterday, was absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend it.

It was a little expensive at £120 but well worth it for the experience.

I'll try to add a photo this evening when I'm back at home.


boba82 Thu 14-Apr-11 10:39:59

How many weeks are you now storm? I want to go for one but not sure best time.

StormBird Thu 14-Apr-11 21:33:18

Hi Boba,

I'm 27 weeks now (+ a day), had the scan on Tuesday, they recommended having the scan around 27/28 weeks as this is the best time to get a good clear image of the baby. Apprently you can go up to 36 weeks but the later you go the less likely you are to get some really good images.

We were only meant to get 2 photos and a dvd but got 14 of them instead ad the dvd LOL. Think the sonographer was having a good day!!

I really do recommend it though. Have uploaded an image as promised, have a look at my photos.

Speak soon xxxx

boba82 Sat 16-Apr-11 12:33:21

storm he is absolutely lovely! x

StormBird Sun 17-Apr-11 17:01:55

Thanks hun x

Where is everyone, its been very quiet on here!!!!!



boba82 Mon 18-Apr-11 11:37:31

I know storm we must be the only two saddos with no life! grin

Missyraines Mon 18-Apr-11 11:50:03

I'm here! I've been trying to relax and am waiting patiently for my 12 week scan in 3 weeks today. I'm so paranoid it's all going wrong and the baby isn't developing but I know these are common thoughts as this is wanted so very much.

I've just had the old owner of our house call at our door. He's always 'popping' round the Street as they lived here for 40 odd years and has called here a couple of times before. They had let the house go and it needed gutting from top to bottom including re-wiring and every room and outside needed attention. We've only been here three years and as you can imagine haven't got round to doing everything yet. He just had the cheek to tell me "looks like you've got some work to do on the house" in a disapproving voice. I was livid. They had cat's piss everywhere and cobwebs at least 6 months old. I almost said 'get off my land!!!'

I'm not even going to blame pregnancy hormones just his rude tone of voice.

Rant over!!

chocciechip Mon 18-Apr-11 14:35:27

I'm here. And reading every day so think I qualify as a saddo as well boba grin, but I am so overwhelmed with work I'm keeping writing to a minimum. I'm self-employed, so no maternity leave for me and intense contracts that end in December. I'm trying to finish them before SEPTEMBER when baby is due so I can have some time off without compromising income and future work badly. Have no idea how I'm going to cope going forwards ... trying not to think of it.

I have my consultant appointment tomorrow, feeling worried about that. I've had weird pain just above my pubic bone which isn't my tummy muscles and I can only feel when I walk etc. It's not very comfortbale and gets worse the more I do. Different to ligament pain. Bit worried it might be SPD, and really hoping consultant can put my mind at rest.

missy the first 12 weeks are very scarey but as you can see, the paranoia doesn't go away.

Will update after consultant appointment. But I do read every day, promise (although that isn't much of a dialogue, I know).

boba82 Mon 18-Apr-11 14:56:53

Glad you're still here!

God what a cheeky git missy, I hope you slammed the door in his face!

choccie good luck at the consultant. I know how you feel about work. I run my own business & will be taking a couple of months off but I'm dreading the thought of losing control for those few months - although I'll still be checking everthing over few evenings a week - no rest for the wicked eh?!

AnytimeNOW Mon 18-Apr-11 18:45:44

I'm still here to! Check thread all the time, but don't really have much exciting stuff to post hmm...glad we are all here, and growing by the day smile.

Missy no point me saying don't worry, as we all do! especially in the first 12 weeks...but as Choccie says...it never goes away...one day at a time hey, good luck with your scan.

Choccie Hope appointment goes ok...and you get some answers.

Storm your pictures are lovely!! so clear! lovely little man!.

Boba hope you are all good? I had a 3D scan at 18 weeks, early I know but was really paranoid and wanted to check he was ok?...the pictures were fab (have put on my profile page, as dont know how to do link thingy?)...but scan lady said best pictures are around 24-26 weeks? before they get too cramped...would love another scan, but budget is very tight.

Well I'm 25 weeks tomorrow! Yipeeeeee, this second trimester is lasting ages! roll on the 3rd!!!.

boba82 Mon 18-Apr-11 19:35:37

Thanks for the advice anytime think I'm gonna go around 26/27 weeks that is all being well at my scan on the 28th.

chocciechip Wed 20-Apr-11 13:04:50

Is your 20 week scan on the 28th April boba? Mine is not long after - 4 May. Boba have you felt movement yet, since we're around the same sort of stages...?

So, saw the consultant yesterday, and she thinks it might be SPD but was surprised I got it so early, and because its my first DC, and because I am slim (not that I feel slim anymore). Thing is, I'm really uncertain about it being SPD because the pain is just above my pubic bone, not on my pubic bone itself. So might self-refer to physio to get it checked out.

The fibroid is really changing the size of my uterous - I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow, but she says my uterous is measuring about 24 weeks. Seeing her again next month after my scan and will be scanned and checked the month after that as well.

Other weird thing - I have two moles that have almost doubled in size since the BFP. DH very worried about them. Anyone else had this?? So consultant has arranged for me to also see a dermatologist to get them checked or hopefully chopped off - they're huge!

And the good news is I've got a script for anti-sickness medication - I'm still having rotten days. I've been doing all I can to avoid drugs but she said at this stage it should be fine and we're going away to France for a few days and I don't want to be feeling sick all the time.

Whew, miserable story over ... it basically appears that I am hugely sensitive to this pregnanacy lark - feeling quite glad I am half-way through now, just got to grit my teeth and get through the next half.

Is anyone here considering trying hypnobirthing? - I've been thinking about it.

boba82 Wed 20-Apr-11 15:48:40

Yes mine is 28th choccie. I'll be 20 weeks on Friday & as far as I'm aware no movement yet sad I get lot's of little twinges quite a lot but this is more uterus stretching I think. I'm desperate to feel it, what about you?

Re all the side effects of pregnancy, it's not all it's cracked up to be is it wink I've had lot's of wee niggles too and am dreading looking forward to the next 20 weeks!

boba82 Wed 20-Apr-11 16:37:14

p.s re the hypnobirthing there was a really funny OBEM earlier on last series about a girl who was hypnobirthing - she was screaming for drugs after a couple of hours!

chocciechip Thu 21-Apr-11 13:58:58

I saw that one too boba. DH and I screamed with laughter. grin I'd never go for hypnobirthing in lieu of an epidural, but just wondering if it will make earlier stages easier. (I have no intention of suffering uneccessarily - brave soul that I am!)

I got my dates wrong, I'm 19 weeks today. The consultant said to only worry about no movement if I get to 21 weeks and still haven't felt anything, so I'm still sort of OK about it.

On another topic - can anyone advise of a really good place to get a strong supporting pregnancy bra (how I WISH I could have my underwires back!). The one I bought at 6 weeks is just not up to the job and I'm tired of my boobs pointing south.

Keziahhopes Thu 21-Apr-11 23:35:28

thanks for all your kind wishes - can't believe had failed ICSI then suspected stroke.... not my month!! So lovely to pop on here (v naughty I know) and read how your pregnancies are growing....

boba82 Sun 24-Apr-11 08:50:49


chocciechip Tue 26-Apr-11 09:55:36

Hi Ladies - hope you all had a lovely weekend.

keziah I can't quite believe your luck either - you've had an extraordinarily dreadful time! I hope you're able to take a bit of time out to relax and re-group. If it wasn't a stroke have they been able to tell you what it was?

boba - any movement yet? I feel as if I've started to grow very rapidly. I'm not going to be able to hide this from people for much longer ... but still no movement for me. Where have you been doing your clothes shopping? I was horrified to be told M&S only sell online here, and that John Lewis don't have a range at all in their shop; no shops at the Gyle, and only one little rail at Ocean Terminal. Mothercare is a bit limited for me, and nothing in my size. I did eventually find Jojo Maman Bebe and bought stuff there (some amazing wrap tops) but really have found it very difficult to find decent basic staples to get me through the next four short months. I hate shopping online - I always forget to return stuff!

My bust size has gone from 32DD before BFP to 36F now, and I've been told it could still grow. I've never wanted mahoosive boobs so I'm a bit hmm about this. Do they go back to normal when its all over?

boba82 Tue 26-Apr-11 10:22:42

choccie Me too! Bump has doubled in size over last 3 weeks. Turning hard as well which is weird. Still no movement as far as I'm aware but I'm told you won't recognise it at first. Edinburgh is pathetic for maternity shopping isn't it? I'm 5'10'' so have double the trouble! I've got a couple of pairs of maternity jeans from Topshop online & a few tops from ASOS. We had a wedding last week & ended up buying a normal dress from Monsoon in 2 sizes bigger. I went to get remeasured for bra yesterday and am now a 38DD (was a 34D before) I hate them as well, always thought I wanted bigger boobs but they're not all they're cracked up to be are they?!

I'm hoping to not have to buy anymore clothes for summer, maybe a couple of bigger vest tops if we get the warmer weather but it's so expensive isn't it? My mum's boobs went smaller than before when she stopped bfeeding but a couple of my friends have stayed bigger. I'm a bit ashamed at how freaked out I am at all the body changes as this baby was/is so longed for blush

Got scan on Thurs so excited for that & to see how the little one has grown.

Have you managed to tell your friends who lost their baby yet?

Has your scan been moved forward a week?

chocciechip Tue 26-Apr-11 11:56:16

boba I'm glad I'm not the only one. I saw myself naked from the waist up for the first time on Saturday while trying on new bras (in unflattering fitting room light) and nearly wept. It was a shock. Let's just say that I do NOT look like Demi Moore on the cover of vogue when pregnant!! And looking at my boobs now dropping under the weight - I have a sick feeling I'll be more golf-ball-in-a-sock than big busted when its all over! I've been feeling grumpy and miserable about it all weekend.

We're supposed to be going away over The Wedding weekend and DH keen to take me to a really nice restaurant but I have nothing suitable to wear, and it seems no chance of buying anything suitable in the next two days anyway (we leave Thurs). He drove me through to Livingstone to the retail outlet stores there and believe it or not, as big as it is, I couldn't find maternity wear there either! But I did have one small bright moment - this top - is surprisingly flattering on (so I bought 3 - thinking they may be OK immediately post-PG as well).

Yes, we did talk to friends. Well, DH spoke to the husband (I'll call him 'G') - I still haven't seen them. They are the only people to know we're expecting now, and DH told him we'd only be telling everyone else after the 20 week scan (still set for next week). DH and I both thought giving them ~2 weeks notice before people start chatting about it might help them get used to it a bit, and lessen the shock than if G picked it up in the staff kitchen or something. DH said they talked for over an hour, and I think once G realised our past issues and MCs, he opened up to my DH a lot. So I really hope it helped them a bit. I still get tears in my eyes when I think about it - so sad and so hard.

I'm off out again for last minute effort to find shops with maternity clothes. Will let you know if I find anything anywhere.

boba82 Tue 26-Apr-11 12:38:06

choccie DH took me out for my bday at the weekend & I got this dress www.asos.com/Asos/Asos-Maternity-Circle-Hem-Shift-Dress/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=1314650&cid=6413&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=200&sort=-1&clr=Black for a tenner. Needed an underskirt though. They've got loads of differebt syle dresses quite cheap in their sale & do next day delivery so worth a look.

That top is really nice, are they quite long in the body?

chocciechip Tue 26-Apr-11 16:01:33

Gosh, lots of nice dresses in there. I've only just got back from town so think I've missed next day delivery options. I've now exhausted Neu Look and H&M as well so I don't think there's anywhere left in Edinburgh for me to look. boba the wrap top wraps around from the front to the back, and then back to the front again to tie, so you can arrange the layers as you go. I am 5'8, and on me, the top did feel like I could pull it low, which I liked. I'm not sure how it will work with a very big bump, but figured a bump-band underneath would extend it a bit more. Jojo Maman Bebe said that if I ordered anything online I could drop off returns back at the shop rather than hassling with post and postage costs. I've got the 3/4 length sleeve one in black and white, and this one to wear with jeans.

Keziahhopes Tue 26-Apr-11 19:24:53

Choccie - a type of stroke apparently! And we have same taste in maternity tops, i allowed myself a little look at clothes online when in ivf 2ww, as knew it might be only time to daydream and that top you linked I decided would be what I would choose!!! Next is where most of my colleagues get stuff from for work for maternity - order online, get delivered to local next for free and try on there and either take home or give to them they say! And Bravissimo if huge bust - but sadly I have to go there anyway. And Choccie, my work colleague was slimmer after baby weight than before - so you will be fine, once people know you might feel less self conscious I hope.

Loup23 Wed 27-Apr-11 10:51:48

Just popping in to say hi to all you growing ladies! Lovely to read your news. Hope all bumps are well and hoping I'll join you all soon.... (right back to cbfm support where I belong)! grin

boba82 Fri 29-Apr-11 16:54:27

Well I don't know about you ladies but I thought the wedding was fantabulous! grin

Had scan yesterday and all was well. We couldn't really make much out apart from the toes so was a wee bit disappointed but baby was all curled up & facing backways. Have booked 4D scan for end of June so looking forward to that.

We went yesterday and ordered our pram and cot so things starting to feel a wee bit more real <<scared & excited emotion>>!

Hope you all have a lovely holiday weekend. x

StormBird Mon 02-May-11 13:02:23

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and that you're expanding nicely!!

Boba I too thought the wedding was fabulous. It was such a beautiful thing to be able to watch. Kinda made me feel all gooey and proud to be British!
I'm glad to read your Scan went well. Was that the 20 week one???? You are going to love the 4D Scan its such an experience. Everything does start to feel very real when you start ordering the more expensive and bigger items needed for bringing up baby, its so lovely.

Had a nice BH wknd so far. Although I've managed to burn my back quite badly. I never burn, especially not like this, its very sore and feel a bit like crepe paper which is very annoying when trying to sleep. I can only put it down to my skin being much more sensitive during PG. I must I must I must remember to slap on a high factor from now on.

I've also been suffering from particularly vivid 'going in to labour' dreams!!!!!!!


I even woke up thinking that I thought I'd felt my water break the other night and also remember mid dream, before waking up to realise that it was definatley a dream, flying into a state of extreme panic. Anyway, (TMI) woke up in a pool of sweat and boob leakage LOVELY!!!!!

So all of the following have been whizzing through my mind of late:
what the hell we've done?
how are we going to cope?
I can't give birth? I'm still a child (LOL)
I'm never going to cope with the pain?
I'm going to have a nervous breakdown?
This is going to change our lives forever and nothing will ever be the same?
I'm not sure this is going to be a life enhancing as I thought!!
etc. etc. etc. etc.

You see the thing is the above is totally out of character. I'm normally very laid back about things but I have suddenly come to realise how MASSIVE this whole thing is!! And I can only describe it as a Thing, a situation, a monumental task - when I'm just having a baby, a wonderful little baby boy that we have so desperately wanted and I hate the way I am viewing it at the moment. Am I normal?????????

Urgh! Sorry rant over! and apologies for the extrememly selfish post.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. WIll catch up soon.


boba82 Mon 02-May-11 18:17:26

Storm no you're not. I have "shit what have we done" moments too. I think it's completely natural as our lives are going to change forever but hopefully for the better?! I feel guilty all the time as I HATE my pregnant body. This baby was so desperately wanted and we went through hell to get here but I seem to be doubling in size every 2 days and I can't stand it! I really hope in the next few weeks as the bump grows things will even out.

On a nicer note felt the ben move last night for the first time. It must be dancing as it's where it's arms were on the scan, unless it's done a backflip? hmm

How many weeks are ou now storm?

Choccie did you end up getting anything to wear? Have you had your 20 week scan yet?

StormBird Mon 02-May-11 19:20:33

Hi Boba

Thank god its not just me,it makes me feel much better knowing that these must be normal emotions that I'm going through. To top it off I've spent the day weeping at every opportunity, sometimes at the big things that really need worrying about and then other times at the most ridiculously little things. Its definately got to be my hormones. My poor DP doesn't know if he's coming or going - I really feel sorry for him at the moment having to put up with me!!!

I'm 29+5 weeks now! I'm hoping its going to start slowing down a bit now as the past month has gone so quickly! Its going far too fast for my liking!

I remember during the 2nd trimester feeling like I hated my pregnant body Boba ! It was like a real 'is she fat,or is she pregnant' look! It was far too inbetween for me, but as soon as bump popped out properly, which was about 25 weeks it made me feel much better knowing that people could definately see I was preggers!! Hopefully once your at that stage it will feel the same for you. Fingers Crossed.

It's lovely to hear that you have felt baby move, just you wait though, its crazy once you start actually seeing the outside of your stomach move around with the baby.

Boba did you find out what you are having?? or is this going to be a surprise??

Well, I've booked the rest of the week off work as I desperately need a break from all the rushing about and dealing with other peoples crap. Plus I've really got to knuckle down on the old flat hunting as time is quickly passing us by.

I hope you have a good week.

Speak soon


boba82 Tue 03-May-11 11:02:19

storm no we are having a surprise. Part of me doesn't want the 4D scan as I'd rather wait too but I think it will somethig amazing for baby to have when they're older.

Enjoy your week off you lucky sod! wink

chocciechip Wed 04-May-11 16:45:18

Just back after our long weekend away. boba no, didn't find anything to wear in the end, but it was OK - we skipped fancy pants restaurants and had equally nice meals out anyway - wearing jeans.

Had my 20 week scan today and all is well, which is such a relief. Baby not being very obliging re scan positions today so we still don't know gender, but are OK about that because we are very unsure whether we want to know or not. I have a feeling its a boy, but no reason to think that at all.

Downside is I've contracted a horrible skin thingy over my shoulder and back - I think its shingles and so does GP. But obs at hospital not so sure so I am being treated both for shingles and a bacterial type infection. It's horrible - red circular welts with blisters all over them, and very uncomfortable. But I'm most bothered by the variety of pills I have to take to treat it, especially after seeing how small bean is. But he promises it won't do any harm..

Hi guys

I havent really been on this thread since the early days! Still go on the CBFM thread but having a brief flick through here i can see this is just an extension! Apologies for not really commenting much on individual posts as not time to read everything yet, so a little update from the gargantuan woman here:

Im now about 21/22 weeks with a little boy. It feels like I have a whale in there doing acrobatics. Well, a whale crossed with an alien. I was expecting something more pleasant LOL. Have had worrying few days as had an awful stomach upset and of course yet another thing to worry about, but he had a good old session of backflips and kicks this afternoon which has set my mind at rest.

As of yesterday am now sporting ginormous nursing bras (as I had outgrown yet more bras decided i might as well get nursing ones on the offchance that they fit if and when i get to that stage). I didnt think it possible that breasts could get so large. I did double check and am bemused/alarmed to note that my head fits in my bra cups.

Not much else is new. i dont 'enjoy' pregnancy in the way that some do (allegedly...) but as they go, not having a dreadful one!

Hope everyone is doing well

Liz xxx

boba82 Thu 05-May-11 10:41:57

choccie poor you I hope you feel better soon. I've had shingles before and it is not pleasant. Glad all ok with chocciebean I think mines is a boy too but we will not be finding out. Hope you can start to relax a wee bit now although I know you'll be nervous for remainder like me!

kitty OMG we were just moaning here the other day about boobs/bras but I think you've won with the head in cup story!

Got midwife again today so hopefully get to hear lo's heartbeat again. Lot's of popping movements now!

chocciechip Sun 08-May-11 12:09:57

How did the midwife appointment go boba?

I'm feeling sort of bubble feelings occasionaly, which I assume is baby? But not all the time ... does it get more regular as it progresses?

Since the 20 week scan we've started to slowly tell people. The couple I told you about who had a stillbirth already knew and have been so sweet - hubby came looking for DH to find out exactly how the scan went and have invited us around to theirs for dinner soon. I hope they've found it easier talking to us because of our own difficult history, and I sort of want to talk to them too, because I've never really sat down and talked to anyone about what we went through. So looking forward to that.

Shingles is crusting over and just one more day of mega-pills to go. Still very itchy though, but have discovered aloe vera ointment the most effective of everything I've tried at reducing the itch.

Hope you're all well. x

boba82 Sun 08-May-11 16:37:26

Hi choccie midwife went well thanks. I describe the movements as a popping but I think everyone feels them differently. I've heard lots of people describe them as bubbles though so must be chocciebean dancing smile!

I've been getting movement for about a week now & defo getting more kick like!

I'm off on hols for few days tomorrow to Ireland so will catch up with you lovely ladies next weekend! x x

fr00tbat Tue 10-May-11 22:28:56

Hi folks - can I join you - BFP 8/5/11 - need all the support and advice I can get - have no idea what is going on and too scaerd to do anything it case soemthing goes wrong - have been trying so long!!

AnytimeNOW Wed 11-May-11 10:28:22

FrOOtbat Congratulations!!!!!!! welcome to the other sidesmile...we are all here for you X

chocciechip Wed 11-May-11 15:01:58

Welcome froot. It is a mind blowing and weird and scary experience, but we're here to answer all your questions no matter how silly you think they are and hold your hand. Welcome, and congratulations smile.

fr00tbat Thu 12-May-11 19:53:16

Have booked a private viability scan to hopefully manage some of the crazy - but not sure whether to book from LMP or from ovulation - the scan date I have been given is LMP wk 7 (bloody sonographer on leave for wk 8) but only 6w3d by ovulation and am really worried that we are not going to see anything reassuring - and may in fact just worsen the worry if no HB seen.
What do you all think??
Secondly - is there anything which makes the errrrr..........gas more manageable, just starting to get the hint of some nausia, but bottom end more of a problem and getting lots of gassy cramps which won't go - right under my bloody ribs!
Also - bra recommendations - BBS getting really quite sore - I know is early - but going to need to upgrade soon I think!
Thanks, hope all well,

chocciechip Fri 13-May-11 13:56:34

froot I saw a heartbeat at 6 weeks on my scan, but I'm afraid I think its more common not to. There is a chance that all they'll be able to tell you is the PG is in the right place (i.e. not ectopic), and to say you just need to come back in a week's time.

The most ideal time to have decent reassurance is at 8.5 weeks, because most MCs happen between the weeks of 6 and 8. MC rates drop quite a lot after that, but when I asked an obstetrician if I could relax after my 8.5 week scan, he said advice is really only that after 12 weeks do risks dramatically drop.

On gas (and sadly, you may start suffering from constipation as well) - just grit your teeth and get through it. I have a muffin recipe which is my daily fibre resolver and worked better than any homeopathic remedy I bought - if you want a copy let me know. What's happening is your uterous is starting to grow, and your intestines are still in their old place and need a bit of time to shift to new spaces to make space for your uterous. So they're being squished and squashed until they find room.

On bras, I had to buy new ones quite quickly as well, and I'm now on my second batch. Your ribs are expanding as well as your boobs getting better, so don't fall down in shock thinking your back is getting huger when you do go get measured. I'm told I will go back to normal afterwards and I bloody well hope so! You are supposed to avoid underwire - I got cheapies from John Lewis which I hated but were worth the first cost because I grew out of them so fast. Haven't really found a decent non-wired bra yet, and its one of the things I HATE about being pregnant, but something I'm trying to tolerate as best I can.

I think you're going through one of the most nerve wracking times so just hang on to your nerves and keep your mind busy and try not think too much. The weeks drag like years in the first 3 months. And keep coming back to us here. x

fr00tbat Fri 13-May-11 19:12:13

Thanks Choccie - is so nice to have people to talk to - we have agreed not to tell anyone until 12 week scan - so tying self up in knots and googling far too much.
Have moved scan to 4th June - at different Private Hospital, will then be 8weeks by LMP and 7w3-4d by ovulation - so think will be more reassuring, or at least I hope it will - there is more to see at 7+3 right?? Keep telling self having uss will not make baby stickier - nothing I can do now will affect whether it stays, trying to stay calm. I know you've all been there - how did you cope?? ANy tips?? Am trying to book in something nice for every weekend between now and 4th July (12w) to give me something to look forward to- manicure/dinner with friends/ haircut etc.
Thanks for the bra tips - will head off to Lewis' this weekend - not sure how much longer current bras will cope!!
It really is dragging.......................

StormBird Sat 14-May-11 09:29:10

Hello Ladies,

Welcome to Frootbat and massive congrats on your BFP!!!!

Everything you are going through is totally normal, we can all vouch for that!!. Choccie's advice is very good so I second what she is saying.
The fact that you are giving yourself something to look forward to every weekend should definately help stave off the urge to announce to everyone you meet (friend, family member or stranger in the street) that you are up duff, but believe me you will think about it 24/7!!!

I had my first scan at 8 weeks and we saw HB then so you've probably done the best thing, peace of mind wise by moving your scan to nearer that time. Then we had another scan at 10wks and was very reassured to find everything had progressed normally for the stage we were at.

I've had really bad gas and heartburn throughout my pregnancy. Recently though the gas problem seems to have subsided a little, I think it might be down to the fact that I'm carrying baby high and its given me a little more room. Heartburn is still there though, but some women get it and some don't.

Bras - I haven't bothered to change anything about my bra's apart from the size. I'm sure some would disagree but to me you can stick to too many rules and the Maternity ones are hideous, not to mention the fact that they do not support my jugwangers in any way shape or form so have stuck to ones with underwires - they don't dig in and fit perfectly which is what I am most aware of.

Wishing you loads of luck froot . We're here whe you need us!!!

Boba very pleased your midwife appointment went well and I hope you have/are having/or have had a lovely time in Ireland.

Choccie yes its a bit like popping, you are right!!! The way I described the first movement I felt was a bit like lots of little bubbles popping. This then morphed into much more noticeable kicks and I sometimes even got the strange sensation, like your on a boat or when you go over a hump in the road to fast and your stomach jumps. Now at 31 weeks the movements the movements are still regular but are slower and more refined and rather than my belly jumping when he moves you can see a lump appear where his foot might be and then move across my stomach - very strange but fascinating all the same. Hope you are ok hun.

Well I had another Midwife appointment yesterday and am pleased to say that baby is head down (cephalic - as they call it). He's lying with his back against the left side of my stomach which explains why that bit is so hard sometimes and his feet are tucked up under my ribs - which can be rather annoying at times! I got the results of my Glucose Tolerance Test and everything was normal, 28 weeks bloods are normal, and baby's heartbeat is normal too!! Also and most importantly I've only gained 7lb's since the beginning of my pregnancy - that's only another 2lb since my last MW appointment 3 weeks ago! I can't believe it. But I do feel rather chuffed with myself. So many of my friends put on 4/6 stone etc........

I can't remember if I posted about this but I had a growth scan around 2 weeks ago and everything was in the normal ranges except his not so little legs were measureing around a week and a half ahead of everything else, but I'm 5,10 and his dad is 6,3 so what can you expect LOL. He weighed approx 2.5lb's. We have another on Monday morning so will update then

Apologies for the mammoth post........!!!

Hope you are all well.


StormBird Sat 14-May-11 09:40:50

Here are the stats:

Froot add yourself in hun xx

Harry if you are about I hope you are ok and have now added you in as a Graduate who's graduated - I hope I got the details correct!!!!

=== Graduates having Boys ===
StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 27/07/11-elective c-section

=== Graduates having Girls ===
MissLolita DC#1, age 32 BFP 30/10/10 - EDD 7/7/11

=== Graduates having a Surprise ( for now ) ===
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11
Boba82 DC#1, age 28, BFP 07/01/11 - EDD 13/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 1/01/11 - EDD 15/09/11
Missyraines DC#1, age 34 BFP 19/3/11 - EDD ??/11/11

=== Graduates who've Graduated ===
Harry2007 Gave birth to baby boy called Taliesin on 24/3/11 weighing 6lb 14oz

Keziahhopes Sun 15-May-11 15:16:07

Hi - just popping on to read, catch up on your lovely news and say hi! Glad Froot made it to here and there should be another grad coming over soon - the CBFM thread is having lots of success. As for me, we see consultant in July so hope we can have another ICSI after that. Still using monitor but recovering from left sided weakness, so on one crutch now. Glad all is going well for you all xx

StormBird Sun 15-May-11 17:57:23

Hi Keziah

You sound pretty positive which is good - keep it up girlie, I know you'll get your long overdue BFP one way or another.
Glad your recovering I hope you get back to full health soon.
Its about time your luck changed lady!! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hope to see you here soon.


Keziahhopes Sun 15-May-11 22:55:02

Thanks Storm - done the self pity and it got me nowhere! Definitely full health and no more disasters would be a good start towards good luck. I keep popping here (hehe!!) as feeling left out xx

fr00tbat Mon 16-May-11 08:03:16

=== Graduates having Boys ===
StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 27/07/11-elective c-section

=== Graduates having Girls ===
MissLolita DC#1, age 32 BFP 30/10/10 - EDD 7/7/11

=== Graduates having a Surprise ( for now ) ===
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11
Boba82 DC#1, age 28, BFP 07/01/11 - EDD 13/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 1/01/11 - EDD 15/09/11
Missyraines DC#1, age 34 BFP 19/3/11 - EDD ??/11/11
fr00tbat DC#1, age 32 BFP 8/5/11 - EDD 14/1/12

=== Graduates who've Graduated ===
Harry2007 Gave birth to baby boy called Taliesin on 24/3/11 weighing 6lb 14oz

Hi Keziah - pleased to hear you are back on feet!!
Good luck!x

boba82 Tue 17-May-11 15:14:32

Hello lovelies

keziah you're welcome anytime, there's a lot of new faces on other thread now aren't there? I still like to stick my oar in though! Glad you're on the mend and have a PMA! smile

fr00t We had scans at 5 weeks & 7 weeks to check for ectopic. Couldn't see much at either tbh but they confirmed heartbeat at 7 week one so I'm sure they'll be able to re-assure you at yours. I still panic every day that things are going to go wrong. I think when you've struggled to get pg it's just gonna be like that until baby's here.

I had to get new bras at 6 weeks but they lasted me until about 19 weeks and had to get remeasured, defo a downside of pg for me. I wasn't particularly busty & always thought I wanted bigger boobs - turns out not so much!

I too was really bloated until bump turned up. By the end of each day at 10 weeks I looked full term! I agree with choccie re upping the fibre!

Good luck and hope you're getting on ok?!

storm had a lovely holiday thanks. Glad you're doing well and baby is nice and tall! Oh & I'm very envy of your tiny weight gain! I've put on 15lbs as of this morning sad and look like a whale!

chocciechip Thu 19-May-11 12:50:36

storm, like boba I too am envy at your weight gain. I weighed myself this morning, and have piled on another 6kgs (about 13lbs) since the midwife last weighed me.

And then I did a stupid thing and found this tool. Oh my word - it's telling me I'm likely to gain 2st 2lbs by the end of the pregnancy - and most of that is me, not the baby. I feel quite gutted.

What exercise are you ladies doing? I haven't increased my calorie intake at all, so what's going on with me? sad

StormBird Thu 19-May-11 13:33:10

Hi Ladies,

Boba glad you had a nice holiday.

Choccie I just tried the weight tool thingymebob and it said I should only gain 15lbs my entire pregnancy.

What you have to understand is that I was already a curvy lass to begin with. Yes I am tall and carry it pretty well (never really had any issues with my size) but I couldn't possibly afford to put on lots of weight during pregnancy as I was already overweight before I got PG.

I'm 5,10' (ish) and a size 16/18 usually. I've had no cravings and my apetite has not really increased which I think is down to why I have not put on so much weight. I have always been a relatively healthy eater but I haven't denied myself the odd blow out on shit food either. I think I'm just lucky during PG - not so lucky when I'm not though with the whole weight thing!!!

Everyone is v. different at the end of the day!!!

Excercise wise, I haven't increased my excercise at all (I'm lucky as my brother is a fitness instructor and I get lots of low impact stuff to do from him) but I was advised not to increase on my excercise!!

Your body will do what it will do I suppose!

Don't stress or get about it, I'm sure it will drop off!!

boba82 Thu 19-May-11 15:44:05

I've defo been eating less cals than usual as have gone off chocolate a bit so I'm confused at the weight gain. I usuall walk 2 miles a day and have been trying to keep that up but have had to give up 3 weekly gym sessions and my weekly pilates & yoga classes just due to sheer exhaustion after work! Gonna try and start going swimming a few times a week and got a pregnancy yoga DVD to do at home at hours that suit me more. I miss keeping fit but I'm trying to listen to my body when it's tired.

Just tried the tool and it estimates 1st 11lbs for me, I think it's safe to say it'll be a stone over that!

I'm 5'101/2'' and was size 10 before. I was prob about a stone over my normal weight when I fell pregnant (I blame the Clomid!) so like you storm I didn't want to put on masses of weight. Hopefully we'll all be so busy with babies it'll drop off!

How are you all sleeping? I've had dreadfull sleeps all week.

chocciechip Thu 19-May-11 17:10:18

I'm not sleeping that well at all boba - I get very sore and uncomfortable at night. But I suppose at least I'm not going to the loo four times a night anymore.

I'm a bit worried about my exercise though ... you both sound so good. I used to walk everyday with DH but I now have mild spd and its difficult to 'stride out' or go up inclines, so that's dropped off a lot (which might explain some of my weight gain). When we do go out now its for shorter gentle strolls and my pelvis is usually aching when I get home. And that's about all the exercise I get (we live in a rural location so I don't have easy access to fitness and health activities).

storm if what you're saying is that pregnancy knows whether your body has the resources for motherhood in advance, and then compensates with extra weight gain when you don't, then it does make me feel a little better because I was fairly slim to start out with. Amazing if it's that clever at levelling us all out.

I think what bothers me is it possibly NOT dropping off afterwards. I was a bit shocked at my reaction to the scales this morning, which was gutted, and then overwhelming instinct to start dieting - which I know I can't do, and won't do. I'm now thinking I need to get walking regularly again - spd or no spd.

boba82 Thu 19-May-11 17:46:58

choccie I feel exactly the same & I feel awful for being so worried about weight gain when like us all I've been waiting for so long to get here.

Don't start going crazy walking if you're struggling, I really do think you have to listen to your body. I was knackered this morning so took car to work instead of walking.

Like storm said we are all different, it is hard though I have a friend in RL who is only a week behind me and can still get in her prepreg skinny jeans with the aid of a bobble. I can't even get mine over my thighs!

We'll probably start loving our preg bodies just as we give birth!

AnytimeNOW Thu 19-May-11 19:09:43

Ladies!!!! Please stop stressing over the weight gain!...I know it's hard watching everything expand, but you can sort that out after the baby is here, please try and enjoy this special time...it will soon be over.

With my first baby I went from a size 10 (I'm 5"9) 10 stone, to 16 stone the day the weighed me before the section! can you imagine how shocked I was!!!!...lost 2 stone almost instantly after she was born, and was down to 11 stone 5 months later when I found out I was pregnant again.

Was swimming 50 lengths, 4 times a week during the whole pregnancy, and still managed to ballon to 15 stone!...after second section, started slowly getting back into the gym, and just ate lower fat food, with one day off per week for wine and whatever I wanted (usually chinese smile.

6 months later was a size 8, more toned and fitter than ever!...kept that weight and shape till just before we started trying for this baby.

Over the course of 10 months and 3 miscarriages I put a stone and a half on, and I put that down to hormones being all over the place and being so depressed...so went into this pregnancy larger than the other two.

I did stress a bit when the weight started creeping on, but have to remind myself how fortunate I am to be pregnant, and all being well I will deal with the weight after our boy is born...I've done it before I will do it again!...anyway with 3 children I won't have time to stress smile.

Will catch up soon when I've got more time (homework needs doing )...hope everybody is ok and blooming!...don't want to seem that I'm having a go at you all, but honestly the stress is not worth it!...XX

chocciechip Fri 20-May-11 13:57:38

I hear you anytime, and if I knew for a fcat that I would lose the weight after PG I'd stop worrying in a heartbeat. And how do I manage afterwards to get to those exercise classes / swimming etc/ if I live in a rural location and have no access to affordable childcare? Another thing that bothers me. Aaaargh - I can drive myself crazy over it!

I know so many women who, once having had thir children, turned into matronally rounded types and say things like "I used to be a size 10 until I had my children...." etc. And be depressed about it. I don't want to be one of those women - catapulted into a middle-aged body overnight - and I know excessive weight gain in PG isn't good.

I just don't know if my weight gain is within the realm of NORMAL or not? I seem to be putting it on so fast! I'm going to be having a heart to heart with my midwife next week, that's for sure!

Anyway, I feel powerless to do much about it. Yesterday I stumbled badly in the garden and my spd flared up the whole day making me realise that longer walks wouldn't really work either.

AnytimeNOW Fri 20-May-11 17:49:31

Your pram will be your best mate! power walking will help alot! I know what you mean about getting to the gym, and affordable childcare...so taking the baby out and loading up with bits of shopping will add to the weight of the pram!...everybody wins, baby gets fresh air and usually sleeps, you get out and get some excercise and you can pick up supplies.
I know loads of people that use the "I was sooo slim" before line, and I honestly think that's an excuse, I don't mean to offend anybody but I have done it and lost it all and more!.
Personally I had a real determination after having basically 20 months of pregnancy! and I'm sure I will be the same this time! after being in breeding mode, you will want to claim your body back...after all we are all determined women! look at what lengths we have gone to to get here in the first place!.

Whatever we put our minds to, we can do!! grin

StormBird Sat 21-May-11 13:25:02

Ooooh I can;t wait to get my pram, is that really sad - Its on order and won't be ready to collect until 2nd June!!!

I'm hoping that the pram will help me to lose any additional pounds (and more LOL) too. I've also already booked in a Kettlebell lesson with my brother so I can rebuild what little stomach muscle I had!!

But hey, Anytime is totally right! We went to a great deal of trouble to get where we all are now and quite frankly we are very lucky so stuff the weight gain!! It is what it is, so long as baby is healthy....


Harry2007 Mon 23-May-11 13:34:26

Hi Ladies,

Apologies for my absence! Things are just totally hectic. I won't pretend to have caught up on all the gossip but congats to frootbat and thanks to "stormbird" for adding me to the grads who have graduated list!

I had totally forgotten how consuming a new baby is!!!!! Taliesin is now 8 and a half weeks old and weigh 10lbs. He does have colic though, so that's quite difficult.

For those of you who remeber my skin cancer diagnosis, I'm pleased to report that after another operation, I have had the all-clear. Got to see an oncologist every three months for three years to make sure it hasn't returned but fingers crossed...

I have, however, been diagnosed with PND (hardly surprising given the pregnancy) and am feeling quite overwhelmed by things that would otherwise be part of normal everyday life. On anti-depressants but hopefully not for long.

Well, just wanted to say hi and to catch up with you all. Hope you're all blooming grin!

Over and out...

Harry xxx

AnytimeNOW Mon 23-May-11 18:19:04

Hello Harry! good to hear from you, wow baby is 8 weeks already! glad he's doing well smile.
Fantastic news, you getting the all clear, must be such a relief!
PND is noo fun, hope you are ok and hopefully it will pass soon, not suprising after such a stressful time you have had! hormones all over the place after the birth don't help!...take care of yourself XX

boba82 Tue 24-May-11 15:17:47

Harry sooo pleased to hear you've had the all clear grin Sorry about the PND but given all you've been through recently it's not surprising, hope you're feeling better soon. Can't believe Taliesin is 8 weeks already! Great to hear from you. x

fr00tbat Thu 26-May-11 07:48:59

I woke up this morning and my BBS are not sore , often less sore in am, but not sore at all and think less full, still feel tired, but no cramping and no bleeding, but feel something is wrong - can't explain it - am I going nuts??

boba82 Thu 26-May-11 10:41:14

fr00bat try and not worry too much. My boob tenderness came and went in first trimester. I worry every single day that something has gone wrong, I think it's only natural. The positive things are that you have no cramping or bleeding so things are in your favour. I would panic if my nausea disappeared for a day and then curse it when it returned with a vengence the next! I think it's all to do with your hormones fluctuating so much in first few weeks.

AnytimeNOW Thu 26-May-11 17:47:16

Frootbat my symptoms seemed to crash around 8-9 weeks, and I was sure it was all over...thankfully I had a scan and all was fine, as Boba said symptoms do come and go in the first trimester. The midwife mentioned that the placenta starts to take over so this can ease your symptoms, especially if you have been feeling particulary yucky as I was. My morning/all day sickness vanished! should have been glad but it worried me!...some days my boobs seemed deflated, and even my tummy seemed to shrink...even now at 30 weeks, when I first wake up my bump seems flat, but bounces back when I move around.
You may find that tomorrow you feel full of symptoms! they have a habit of coming back with a vengance!...take care huni, we are all here for you XX

KnackeredCow Sat 28-May-11 11:47:31

HI All Hope you don't mind I just wanted to pop over and say hello. KC waves. I've just been reading through all your stories for a bit of inspiration. Still hoping that I can come a join you properly here soon! I'm having a laparoscopy in early August and if that's not successful, we'll be starting IVF. That said still hoping for a natural BFP. It's been nice to catch up on how you all are though. Sorry to gate crash!

AnytimeNOW Sat 28-May-11 13:54:12

Hello KnackeredCow lovely to hear from you! hope you are keeping well, the very best of luck with the laparoscopy...and hope you are over here very, very soon!.
We we're looking into all kinds of tests after our losses, and was about to embark on them when I got a "Sticky" one...so many people say the same thing!, that they are at the point of thinking it's all over...and then...IT HAPPENS!.
Everything crossed for yousmile keep us posted. XX

boba82 Sat 28-May-11 19:43:39

Hi KC 4 days after I got my BFP the forms arrived for IVF and letter telling me we were on 3 year wait list so miracles do happen as far as I'm concerned! Are you planning to go private for IVF? Keeping everything crossed you won't need it though. I've heard lot's of positive stories of BFPs after laproscopies. x

fr00bat how are you? Everything ok?

I'm a football widow this evening & the telly is rubbish, wine oh how I miss you . . . .

How's everyone else doing?

Keziahhopes Sat 28-May-11 22:24:29

Hi KC - as you have probably noticed I have gatecrashed here too, just sometimes need to see the other side!! Boba and Choccie got BFP's before IVF started and had a long ttc#1 road - gives me hope!

Waves to everyone!! Anyone on maternity leave yet?? All females in my area at work under 50 are now pregnant at the same time, so had a rubbish week.

KnackeredCow Sun 29-May-11 16:57:16

Good to hear how you all are. Gosh - 3 year waiting list Boba. It's within 18 weeks where I am so that's good. They work a first available appointment system. We won't need to go private for first round, only subsequently.

KC waves to Keziah Yes, I second what Keziah says. Are any of you lovely ladies going on mat leave soon?

boba82 Sun 29-May-11 17:02:38

God KC that's amazing! I'm only 25 weeks atm so got a while to work yet sad

Keep your chins up, I know how hard it is and nothing can be said except if it happened for choccie & me it can happen to you too so don't give up! x x

StormBird Mon 30-May-11 19:45:26

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post and dash from me!! Just wanted to say hi to Keziah and KC and that you are welcome over here anytime.

I'm on going on MAt leave in 5 weeks (due in 7) and boy I cannot wait, really feeling it now!!.

Sorry for not name checking etc to all te regular ladies. Will post properly soon.

Loadsa love xx

Keziahhopes Mon 30-May-11 19:49:55

Boba - that hope is exactly what I am holding onto!

Gosh, storm not too long to go... eek, 2 weeks before due that is very close, hope all keeps going well for you smile

boba82 Tue 31-May-11 10:21:02

10 weeks & counting until my maternity leave!

StormBird Wed 01-Jun-11 21:08:43

Has anyone packed their hospital bag yet??

Got any tips or advice you'd like to share?

I'm doing mine now and am totally paranoid I will have forgotten something essential. Ive got lists coming out of my ears. I like to feel prepared grin

Hope you are all well, there's not been too much action on here recently?!?!


MissLolita Thu 02-Jun-11 08:31:54

Hi all, glad we're all ok and it's nice to have visitors! Waves!
I've got 3 more weeks at work after this one which gives me 2 weeks before EDD and I can't wait!! I did my first NCT class last night and I really enjoyed it - it's only starting to feel real now! smile

StormBird Mon 06-Jun-11 12:03:16

WOW 3 more weeks MissLol - isn't it going quickly!! I think I've got around 3 weeks left too now, I'm finishing on the 30th June which is only 2 weeks before my EDD.
I wonder which one of us will pop first?!?!?!?!?

Just got back from a weekend away of visiting parents up north. Had a lovely weekend chilling out but one of the main reasons we went was to pick up the Travel System but no joy. Apparently its stuck at Customs and won't be released until later on this week!

Please be aware that the next part of my post is a bit of a rant so feel free to skip it!!!

We've had a bit of a nightmare over the past week...........and its really put a dampner on our imminent arrival which is a horrible thing to have to admit!!

We've been looking for a flat to rent (we live in SW London / Surrey) but its so expensive down here that we were trying to get on with a 1 bed for the time being so we can continue to save for a deposit to eventually buy. We've been fobbed off and pissed around by estate agents that much that last Tuesday DP called me at work to have a rant as they had apparently lied to him again and I just burst into tears at my desk! I haven't been back to work since. I really got to the point where I thought I couldn't cope. Anyway the long and short of it is that, we've put holding deposits down on numerous properties only to be told that the landlord has decided they do not want children living there - very much their right to do so but ever so disheartening to hear.

The store we bought the Travel System from went bust!! Luckily, there is another shop called Pram World who have agreed to honour all of there outstanding orders - so we've not lost out thank goodness.

We live with DP's father who isn't a particularly nice soul at the best of times and he has been such a nasty piece of work recently that it has just added ten fold to the stress we are both under.

DP had a car accident and completely smashed up his van (his fault). He blames having his head up his arse becuase of everything thats been going on, which is probably true. He has been super snappy at me, which teamed with my irrational emotional state is not the best of combinations. He is never like that either so I've got him on Kalms to try and take the edge of his temper!

I drove 2.5hrs to work the other day to give a presentation to a couple of directors, only to get there an realise I'd forgotten my laptop!!!

and then......I got stuck in a lift at work which, although rather funny now, at the time was just the icing and the cherry on top of a big fat cake!!

So as you can see - we definately needed a weekend away.

On the plus side though, just before we left for the good old North of England on Thursday we viewed a flat. A bit further out of the way than we would've liked and not in a great area but you have to make compromises don't you. Newley refurbed, ground floor, 2 Beds and its lovely and big and they were asking £750 pcm which is what we were looking to spend on a 1 bed. We put the holding deposit down on it straight away and its off the market pending our Credit checks etc. So keep your fingers crossed - its also empty at the moment so we can move in asap once everything is sorted. DP got his van back, FIXED, this morning so can now start booking jobs in and not sit on his bun at home, and although the Pushcahir wasn't ready for us we got the car seat just in case and they have agreed to deliver the rest of the Travel System to my work as soon as it comes in!!


DP is currently naggin at me to log off as he wants to go and look at baby furniture - we never thought we'd get the chance to do up a nursery!!!.

So I must dash - sorry for the incredibly long me me me post. I hope you are all very well.

Speak soon xxxx

fr00tbat Mon 06-Jun-11 20:01:16

Hi to all (fr00tbat waving), am ok - much less hysterical, symptoms more consistent now - 8 weeks-ish at the moment - which dates do you count from??
Am 8+2 from LMP
Am 8 from date adjusted for 30 day cycle
Am 7+5 from ovulation
Had reassurance scan on Saturday - Bean measured 7+4 (making me 7+6today - all so confusing!), strong heartbeat 152 - still can't beleive it!
First MW appointment on Friday and nuchal scan booked for start July..........full steam ahead - keep telling Bean to hold on - still so scared but keep being reminded by the BBS, the tiredness and the nausia (which started becoming a real problem last Friday) that all normal. Jeans getting tight, feel huge already but too small for anything remotely maternity - DH took me shopping on Saturday after scan and bought a few A-line tops and a pair of linen trousers with elasticated waistband - should keep me going for a while. Have a flat belly normally and a fixed pelvis (lots of metal after accident in teens) so think may start showing relativley early - when did you all get the bump??
Nice to see KC and Kezia - have been looking in on CBFM to see how things are going - has been really busy since I left - won't take personally! Keeping fingers v crossed for all the girls.

TRying to stay calm and find something to eat which doesnt make me feel sick as a dog - so far we have found peanut butter and monster munch - not the most wholesome of meals - but will try and eat a yoghurt as a token gesture to healthy eating!


StormBird Tue 07-Jun-11 13:31:23

Hey fr00tbat

Glad your doing well. I'd go with your Scan results for dating if I were you - thats what the docs will be using.

Sorry bout the nuasea - I had it really bad up unitl about 16 weeksish! Then it subsided but I still get the odd bout every now and then. I didnt start to show really until about 23 weeks and definately didn't need maternity wear full time until I was 25 weeks, but everyone is different!

Have a good day.


boba82 Tue 07-Jun-11 19:07:36

God Storm what a load of stress just when you don't need it! Glad things on the turn now though! Everything crossed for you that you get the flat!!!

fr00bat glad things are ok. I count from lmp. I've had 4 scans and eveyone has given me slightly different dates! Like once they're born all babies are different. I know my lmp date is right as if it were date they said it would have been immaculate conception! Don't think the nerves ever disappear, I still worry every day and don't let myself get too excited. Have to stay positive though, just try and take one week at a time.

I lived on peanut butter & toast in the early weeks and it's still all I can stomach most mornings! My sickness went about 17 weeks but like storm said it does come back at times. Also plain Rich Teas are quite good I've found.

WaterKelpie Tue 07-Jun-11 20:11:26

Hi everyone!
I'm graduating from the CBFM Support Group. I got a BFP on Sunday, after 17 cycles TTC. It's my third pregnancy with 2 mc, the last in Feb.

I know it's early days but I'm so very excited. Also, terrified of another mc at the same time. I was thinking of pestering asking my doctor for an early scan but not sure if that's allowed/normal in my situation.

At the moment, I'm just hoping everyday that baby sticks and everything is ok.

StormBird Tue 07-Jun-11 21:24:14

Congratulations WaterKelpie and welcome to the thread!!

Hopefully this one will be sticky for you and I'm sure if you ask they will give you an early scan due to your history - just for a bit of reassurance.

It is sooooooo worrying at the stage you are at but please feel free to use this thread to air your concerns etc. There are some lovely ladies here who will draw from their own experiences to help you out. It is literally an extension of the CBFM Support Group Buddies thread and we all pop back on there at times - it is just nice to have our own home too.

I hope you find us welcoming and useful. Fingers crossed and best of luck. X

Hi Boba how are you getting on??

boba82 Wed 08-Jun-11 10:26:03

Welcome over waterkelpie. You can get early scans done privately for about £79 I think if your GP doesn't refer you for one. Think fr00bat just had a private one so she could tell you.

Hi storm. I'm ok thanks. Getting bigger by the day it feels like. I'm bloody shattered all the time. Have just stopped working a Monday to try and get some rest but actually can't wait until maternity leave! We have 4D scan on 25th June so starting to get excited for that oh and TT concert on the 22nd!!! x

Hi ladies

I should visit this thread more often, I keep dropping into the conception one one hoping for BFPs.

Im about 27 weeks now. Like Boba, who's probably also about 27 weeks (?) I am bloody shattered. felt wonderful up to 24 weeks, then literally overnight i felt awful! got blood tests to make sure im not anemic etc but all fine. groan. i have also cut back working hours; i do consulting at the mo so can pretty much dictate my hours, doing 3 days a week but hoping the whole thing fizzles out soon.....

am whale!

WaterKelpie Wed 08-Jun-11 10:57:30

Thanks for the welcome. I have a doctor's appointment booked on Monday (nothing earlier), so will wait and see what he says and take it from there.

I think I'll talk to DH about the possibility of a private early scan and see what he thinks. I know there is a place not far from us that will offer it (I've been googling), so it's just deciding if/when we want one.

Thanks for the advice too!

boba82 Wed 08-Jun-11 15:07:17

Hi kitty yes I'll be 27 weeks on Friday. Glad I'm not the only knackered whale! smile x

kelpie: having had 2 miscarriages i really think that your local early pregnancy unit should (and will) be supportive about booking you in for an early scan to re-assure you. if you get the number of the community midwife who will be supporting you through your pregnancy she should be able to put you in touch with the EPU; its not something you should have to pay for after all you have been through. how far are you along now (from day 1 of last period)? amd thinking of you and hoping you are ok and have a sticker.

boba, remind me, are you having a boy too or dont you know?

AnytimeNOW Thu 09-Jun-11 09:23:11

Welcome WaterKelpie..I totally agree with IloveKittyelise your local EPU should offer you a reassurance scan, my G.P referred me after my second mc, and they have been really supportive throught this pregnancy. They first scanned me at 6 weeks, and re scanned me just after 7 and found the heartbeat!...and here I am 32+2, huge but happy smile.
Hope you are ok, and not stressing too much (impossible I know!!) take care, and we are all here for you X.

Waves to everybody! hope all is well? as we are all quiet I'm guessing all is ok.

Stormbird...OMG! sending virtual hugs X.

FrOOtbat feeling pants is good! sounds like your doing great smile x

boba82 Thu 09-Jun-11 10:52:06

kitty we're having a surprise but my inkling is it's a boy.

Keziahhopes Fri 10-Jun-11 16:34:14

Hello - lovely to read how you are all becoming whales grin just checking you are all doing well. Have found out I am heterozygous for Factor V Leiden, so hopefully will get some meds to treat it if and when we able to do a 2nd ICSI - but in mean time am taking 75mg aspirin a day to try to get a natural miracle (self prescribed but an obstetrician I saw for them to see how they would manage my pregnancy if ivf worked said she would recommend it - just didn't like to take anything at all but now am taking that advice as Factor V thingy is sticky blood problem!)

waves to all little beans !!

WaterKelpie Fri 10-Jun-11 18:17:32

Thanks AnytimeNOW and Ilovekittyelise. I will get the community midwife's number when I got to the doctor on Monday. I think I will definitely push for a reassurance scan, just to hear the heartbeat would be wonderful. DH isn't sure, as he thinks that things can go wrong after the early scan, which is absolutely true. It's difficult, because the last miscarriage was at 12 weeks but it was a mmc at around 9. The worst part of it was that I still felt pregnant and was actually growing still. I think he's worried that the early scan will be fine but that things will still go wrong later. But you can't take away that first scan's memory.

It's just difficult to know what to ask for! It's really helpful to speak to people who have been through similar experiences and see what they were offered/did. I'm glad you think I shouldn't have to pay! I find it hard to ask for 'extra' things, as the doctor seems so set on the normal pregnancy regime. Like you said, I'm sure the midwife will be more understanding.

Tomorrow I will be 5 weeks, so still very early days. Everything seems to be going well though, and with every day I get a bit more optimistic! I am Rhesus negative, which I wasn't told until after I had miscarried the second time (crappy doctor and out-of-hours service to blame), so I felt as though I didn't get the help I needed. But the EPU, they were simply fabulous. They were so caring and let me and DH have as much time as we needed to come to a decision.

Most ladies on here seem to be quite far along. How exciting! I hope everyone is healthy and happy and not too tired!

AnytimeNOW Fri 10-Jun-11 20:13:41

waterkelpie did you have anti-d after mmc? I'm also resus neg.

boba82 Sat 11-Jun-11 10:11:03

keziah glad you told us what that was! Fingers crossed this'll be the answer for you hun, you so deserve it. x x

water good luck for docs on Monday, hope you get the early scan sorted out.

WaterKelpie Mon 13-Jun-11 16:06:53

Yes, AnytimeNOW, I did have anti-d.

Well, I didn't go to the doctors today as I was hospitalised over the weekend with suspected ectopic. I had a scan yesterday. They thought they saw something tiny in the womb, but couldn't rule ectopic out. I'm waiting for my HCG results this evening. If that's good they'll book me in for another scan in a few weeks to see if they can see more.

I'm not in any pain though and have had no bleeding, so I'm trying hard to be optimistic about everything!

I hope everyone is well and healthy!

boba82 Mon 13-Jun-11 16:11:20

water what symptoms did you have that they suspected ectopic?

AnytimeNOW Mon 13-Jun-11 18:15:54

Waterkelpie hope you are ok, thinking of you X

WaterKelpie Mon 13-Jun-11 21:40:51

HCG levels came back fine. I've got a scan in a few weeks, to make sure everything is ok. DH and I are relieved, for now.

I had a pain in my left-hand pelvis, which started Saturday morning and got worse during the day. By Sunday morning, I had no pain at all, but they still wanted to check it out. The sonographer thought that it might be because of some fluid from around a dominant follicle on the LHS, where I had ovulated. She didn't seem too concerned about it. She said she couldn't rule out ectopic, but I feel pretty safe now. I've had no pain since. And the bloods came back good, so I'm not so worried.

Thanks for thinking of me. It's good to have people to talk to, as no-one in RL (besides DH and his parents) knows that I'm pregnant!

AnytimeNOW, do you think that being rhesus neg affected your pregnancy much/at all?

boba82 Tue 14-Jun-11 11:45:07

Water glad all is well. I had scans at 5 and 7 weeks to check for ectopic as I have slight blockage in right tube. They confirmed all well at 7 weeks so fingers crossed same for you. Down side is you'll find the wait between 12 and 20 weeks scan hard as you'll be used to regular scanning like we were! Go from a POASaholic to scanaholic! x

AnytimeNOW Tue 14-Jun-11 20:50:46

Glad your results came back ok Water, just asked about anti-D as I was told it can affect future pregnancies if you don't have it after m/c.
Had no problems being resus negative this time, and had double dose at 28 weeks...will have more after the birth smile.

Hello everybody (waves frantically) hope all is well smile, all ok my end, baby is now breech which is really uncomfortable. Hoping he turns soon!! I'm having a section anyway, but I'm sure he can't be very comfy like that! my ribs and breast bone is sooo sore...going to hospital next week to book section, really hoping for another scan!. Boba I am a scanaholic!!.

StormBird Tue 14-Jun-11 21:22:05

Hi Everyone,

Water so pleased that all seems OK, I hope it stays that way hun. I've got everything crossed for you. I am also Rhesus Neg. I only found this out after my having a Termination last May. I was still groggy from Morphine when the Nurse came in jabbed me in the thigh and said 'did you know you were RH Neg' - charming!!! I then had the Anti-D again after undergoing a CVS during this pregnancy and the again at 28weeks. I'm expecting more after the birth. They do say the more pregnancies you have the more likely you are to develop Antibodies but I was reassured by my consultant that so long as you have the Anti-D after an invasive procedure, during the pregnancy and after the birtheverything should be OK. Its just one of those things!!!

Anytime I hope baby turns so that you can get more comfortable.

Boba I too am a Scanaholic - As far as I can remember I had 5 Scans up until I was 13 weeks, 1 at 22 weeks, a 3D/4D scan at 26 weeks, and have had growth scans at 28, 34 weeks and the most recent at 35+4 (Monday). I've got another booked in for 38 weeks. I love them.....everytime I see him, it just makes it so much more real!

Mondays scan went well. Baby Boy is growing nicely and has very long legs just like his Dad. He is head down and they reckon he weighs around 6lb's 13oz already. The sonographer seemed to think this was all within normal parameters and estimated an 8 pounder at birth.

I've got an Ante Natal class in the morning, this one is about Breastfeeding and will be the last one - I have found them really useful and am so glad I didn't listen to all my friends who told me not to bother. I'd def recomend them - is anyone else got any booked in?

Also I finish work 2 weeks on thursday and I cannot wait. I'm so tired now and have absolutley no interest in work what so ever which isn't like me usually. I'm even finding it hard t drive now!!!

Anyway I've waffled on enough. I hope you are all well.

Speak soon


boba82 Wed 15-Jun-11 10:30:15

Anytime hope the baby gives you a rest soon.

Storm only 4 weeks to go, that seems to have flown in! Although probably not for you?! x

StormBird Wed 15-Jun-11 17:38:54

Not really Boba LOL!!! Its really dragging at the mo and if I were to work it out, I've been mostly pregnant the last 18 months, only had 4 months where I haven't been so it seems like donkeys years!

GOOD NEWS TODAY - We got the Flat! Thank God.


boba82 Wed 15-Jun-11 18:37:06

Yaaaay storm! Will you be moved in before baby arrives? x

StormBird Wed 15-Jun-11 21:22:38

We're moving a week on saturday so yes the plan is to be in before baby arrives!!! I HOPE!!

boba82 Thu 16-Jun-11 10:10:07

Oh good luck then Storm. Labour'll be a breeze after the moving stress! x

boba82 Fri 17-Jun-11 18:53:33

OMG I'm sooooo bored of being pregnant! I'm so f*$king tired ALL the time and baby had been pressing on my ribs for days! Still 12 weeks to go and it's only going to get worse isn't it?

Hope everyone else is in a slightly better mood than me!

AnytimeNOW Fri 17-Jun-11 19:08:23

Boba I can relate!!! time does seem to be standing still at the mo hmm and being soooo tired just makes it drag all the more...my little monkey is still breech I think? and my ribs and breast bone (I think) feels raw! wearing a bra is agony...can't really go bra less as my melons have reached 34H WTF!! is that all about?.
Have you been watching the spate of baby programmes recently? the one on the neo natal at the Womens was amazing but so sad to sad I'm having our baby there this time...looks like I will be in good hands, kinda made me bad for being grumpy, and reminded me how lucky I am...it's just the tiredness that get you down isn't it?...

Hope everybody is well?...not long till we have a newborn on the thread grin.

StormBird Fri 17-Jun-11 21:23:33

LOL Anytime WOW......you do have massive jugwangers!!! Hope baby turns soon.

Boba it does get more and more uncomfortable let me tell you, but you know what.....just concentrate on the end result hun.

I have to admit though I'm ready not ot be pregnant now, it seems like it's been a very long road ro I can totally sympathise.

Just ordered our new sofas, eeeek!!!!


Hello ladies, just popping into to say hello as I have been on the CBFM thread and just got my BFP yesterday.

Off to see the GP tomorrow and still extremely nervous that I have just imagined the whole thing. Made DH look at all FIVE of the tests I did and make sure he could see a line as well and I was not just seeing things smile

boba82 Mon 20-Jun-11 12:25:46

Welcome over far I know the feeling, I still can't believe I'm finally pregnant & I'm 28 weeks! Best of luvk for a H&H pregnancy.

StormBird Mon 20-Jun-11 12:51:09



Thanks girls, I really can't quite believe it.

WaterKelpie Mon 20-Jun-11 21:00:29

Congratulations farfalla! Wishing you a wonderful 8 months ahead. I also made my DH look at my test, and then obsessed the whole next day about a false postive so much that I had to buy more tests and do them when I got back from work!

Wish you luck at the doctor.

Thank you!
All confirmed at the doc's surgery, phew!

Must say, they did not fill me with confidence, she said initilly it was negative then said, oh no, hang on a minute, its positive. Worst 30 seconds ever!!

The nurse said I was 5 weeks and 2 days which I know is wrong as my last period was on the 24th May. Think they might just be using a standard 28 day cycle to work it out perhaps?

chocciechip Tue 21-Jun-11 12:33:01

Welcome far and congrats!. The date thing will be confusing. The actual EDD that they finally work with is only set in stone at the 12 week scan (they have me a week earlier than I now is biologically possible) so you may find a fair bit of mind-chagning going on if you have any scans between then and now.

Hi ladies ..... I'm having an 'uncomfortable' time as well. Night time meals seem to turn into full-on acid reflux and indigestion all night, something I've never dealt with before. I'm anaemic, and the iron tablets have me so constipated its unreal and actually quite painful (another new ailment for me). My SPD is getting progressively more painful as the bump grows to the point I can't manage walks at all anymore or I am crippled the next day. And to crown it all, all my moles have doubled in size. I had to get them checked by a dermatologist which resulted in one of them being declared 'too much of a concern' to leave until after the pregnancy, and yesterday I had to get it cut out ... 7 painful stitches in my breast and now a 6 week wait for biopsy results. Do I need this worry?? Honestly, I can't believe my luck.

Having a nightmare with work as well and needing to work weekends Sat and Sun from 7 -7pm to try get stuff done before baby comes. So tired and exhausted, and the anaemia making it so much worse I'm sure.

It's not the way I thought it would be. I always imagined I'd be knitting, preparing a nursery, browsing for clothes and stuff for my baby etc etc. I have yet to buy one single thing - not one - and can't see when I'm ever going to have the time.

Sorry - miserable self-pitying rant over sad. I've been very careful to not complain in front of DH because he's so worried about me. And every time I do get these 'why me' thoughts in my head I try and force them to the back because this baby is so wanted.

boba82 Tue 21-Jun-11 12:52:56

far I'm the same as choccie, they say I'm a week behind what I know to be true - if it was as they said it'd be the immaculate conception! All in all I've had 6 different dates but it's true they take the 12 week scan measurements as gospel!

choccie I know exactly how you feel - I'm so uncomfortable all the time but yet still can't believe I'm actually pregnant after what felt like a lifetime TTC! I'm working full time and full time at home clearing stuff out etc. I hope by the time maternity leave starts I can finally relax as FX everything will be done. Our little babies will be worth it just hard at the moment to think past the indigestion, sickness, constipation, diahorea, SPD pain, back pain, rib pain, restless legs, insomnia, exhaustion, dry skin, greasy skin & hair . . . . .

StormBird Tue 21-Jun-11 13:01:19

CHOCCIE Lovely to hear from you hun.

I am so sorry you are suffering so much at the moment it sounds like you could do with a bit of Time Out for yourself!?!?! Is there no way you can take some time off just to re-group and refresh? Bless you.

I can totally sympathise with the acid/reflux heartburn problem. I'm eating Rennies by the packet and have to admit they are doing the job. Tried gaviscon for a while but it is awful and I definately wouldn't recommend it. Also the mole issue sounds a bit painful and your right, it isn't exactly something you should need to deal with when you've got so much going on. I take it this is one of those odd by products of being pregnant and can be quite common?????
Come to think of it, I've always had a little bump on my cheek and recently it has doubled in size and its a funny shape (no change in colour though) - think I'll be going to get that checked over.

Oh I do hope you can start to enjoy your pregnancy soon and do all the stuff you thought you would be doing now!

Far glad all went well (in the end) at the docs. I can't imagine how you must have felt when she said it looked negative. Bloody hell, i think I might have hit her!!! - As for the Dates thingy, I agree with choccie it is confusing but everyone will go by the scan dates in the end.

Hope you are all well


StormBird Tue 21-Jun-11 13:02:57

Boba crossed posts - Hi hun - WRESTLESS LEGS.....mine have a mind of their own......it is soooooo annoying!

Thank you that is reassuring (taps fingers impatientely and wishes it was August and the scan was imminent!)

So sorry to hear about all the aches and pains, poor you!

My friend had terrible problems with the constipation caused by iron tablets but swtiched to Spatone and that made all the difference? Worth a try perhaps?

WaterKelpie Tue 21-Jun-11 15:17:29

Farfalla, what a emotionally rollercoaster confirming your pregnancy! So glad the positive came through! When I went last time, the doctor didn't even confirm, he just said congrats and handed me some leaflets!

I much look forward to the glories of acid reflux and constipation! I am currently experiencing quite a lot of nausea but I'm not actually being sick, just feel like crap pretty much all day. I hope the symptoms get better for you ladies!

WaterKelpie Tue 21-Jun-11 15:17:42

*emotional rollercoaster

chocciechip Tue 21-Jun-11 15:29:16

far I was on iron tablets recommended by my nutritionist and they were very gentle, but GP insisted I take the NHS feris sulphate instead and stopped the others. RDA is 30 mg a day and she has me on 600mg!!!!! Says its necessary to get iron in me fast. But I moaned to nutritionist who in turn said I needed to do what GP said, and then explained ferris sulphate is so badly absorbed by the body that most of it ends up in your bowel which is why they prescribe such huge doses. The side effects are horrendous: I get so blocked up I could cry with pain and my stomach gets as hard as a rock - I had no idea constipation could be like this! So inevitably, I stop taking them for a while and cut back, so really not sure if anameia is getting any better at all. But I am writing to GP tonight and insisting she changes me to something else - cant go on like this.

storm I crave some me time, but I am self-employed and really have to get a tonne of work done before baby comes if I am to even have a tiny bit of time with my child. No maternity leave for me. It's a bit desperate actually. Has made me realise that as pc and 'equal' as the UK is, it is very difficult to start a business as a woman and also have a child - unless you earn enough to pay someone to cover for you .... which I don't. I wonder how many women end up going out of business as a result of a baby? DH only gets two weeks paternity so he can't even help me out by taking leave himself later.

boba How are you managing maternity leave?

Thanks Waterkelpie, I did suddenly think the worst I must admit! I was staggered at how little info I was given, am hoping the first midwife appointment is a bit more detailed.

I also asked how the appointment would be communicated to me - letter or phone call and was just told 'No idea dear'


Sounds absolutely horrendous Chocciechip!

My friend had the same and her iron levels improved dramatically with that stuff as I think its more easily absorbed. I hope you manage to find a solution!

chocciechip Tue 21-Jun-11 16:43:30

I have asked my DH to stop at Boots to buy Spatone after googling it and reading all about it, and am going to stop the blasted ferris sulphate immediately. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to ask for another blood test on the 27th at my next obs appointment and hopefully if things have improved can go onto an 'iron maintenance regime'. Fingers crossed.

chocciechip Tue 21-Jun-11 16:50:40

...oh and far, don't have too many expectations of loads of info from midwife appointments etc. I get misleading and sometimes conflicting and sometimes downright stupid advice. (My current fave was the midwife advising I look into the 'eat right for your blood type' diet to address my anaemia - hard core medical advice there!). So my experience hasn't been great with NHS advice and most of it is online in the NICE guidelines anyway. But do come and ask the silliest questions here - undoubtably one of us will have encountered it and banged heads against the NHS wall and have a tip or two for you - and if not, lots of support. These early weeks you're about to go through are a real roller coaster.

Keziahhopes Tue 21-Jun-11 18:19:55

Oh so sorry things are so tough for you right now Choccie. Why not book a time with dh to do some shopping, even if it is on-line to save you walking to cheer you up? Sending you a hug xx

StormBird Tue 21-Jun-11 21:19:38

Choccie isn't there a new government initiative which enables the father to take more than the 2 weeks Pat Leave - I'm probably very wrong but I was sure I read somewhere that the father is now able to take much longer off work (payed leave) if the mother is returning to work early - might be worth a look but then again it also depends on whether your DP would be willing to and how they view your situation as a self employed person. (Starting to think I dreamt this now!!!)

It's not great is it being self employed - my DP is self employed and although there is Statutory Maternity Pay there is no such thing for the father - which is a shame really!!

boba82 Wed 22-Jun-11 10:10:26

Choccie sorry things are hard atm. I take it you've tried a laxative recommended in pregnancy? I think it's one of the soluble ones?

I took over my family business so I've actually been pretty lucky in that I've someone to step in for me for a couple of months after baby is born however I will have to come for few hours a week after a couple of weeks off to keep on top of stuff.

Have you contacted HMRC (useless as they are) to see what you are entitled to? I hear what you're saying though they do make things so difficult for us don't they? Is your business of the type that you could work from home some days?

I hope you manage to relax a wee bit hon x

chocciechip Wed 22-Jun-11 13:10:25

boba You're so lucky, I envy you. I do work from home but it can occassionally be very demanding time consuming work. I've been warning people for months now that I will NOT be available to manage massive issues, but I'm not sure how much they're registering because I'm already having to drop one project because someone failed to deliver their bit and now there's no time to do it before sept even if they suddenly delivered. They are not happy.

storm DH looked into that. It seems that he can take paternity leave but only after the baby is 5 months old. He was told by HR that the gov wants women to stay at home for the first five months so do this to dissuade fathers from substituting the mother's role. But this logic means he can't take over my time caring for the baby to cover my work time to keep contract obligations fulfilled, so not much help. And he only gets the standard gov maternity pay of just over 100 a week for a short time.

I could go for the gov maternity pay myself, but its such a huge cut for us. Our problem is we can't really sacrifice either of us losing so much income, and if I don't work I don't earn.

We're looking into him possibly compressing his hours (so going in early four days a week and getting one day off) or something like that. Just hoping his work will be kind about it. And my mum will hopefully be here for at least the first two weeks, so he's planning to try do his two weeks leave after she leaves, but I'm not sure how he'll feel about going straight back to work when the baby is brand new. But the biggest thing we can do is try and get a huge amount of work done NOW so I have less to do then, but so hard, and not many people around me cooperating and helping me achieve this. Hence the stress and relentless hours.

Oh well......... will have to see how it goes.

boba82 Wed 22-Jun-11 13:59:28

Choccie I really feel for you hun, it's not easy when you don't have much support around. I hope you manage to get lots done in the next 11 weeks so you can have a well deserved rest.

Well ladies I'm off to see TT tonight! Very excited but not so much looking forward to all the standing in the rain without a wine to keep me going but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Hey girls

Glad to see a couple more faces on here. well done!

had 29 week growth scan today. hes looking ace, delightfully average in dimensions, placenta functioning well, fluids normal, estimated weight spot on 3 pounds. love him, hes awesome.

re the midwife stuff: they do often just quote 'NICE' guidelines. best way forward is to be well informed oneself to be honest.

StormBird Thu 23-Jun-11 09:53:14

Hi Ilovekitty - lovely to hear your little man is doing well hun xxx

StormBird Thu 23-Jun-11 09:59:47

To the new ladies on the thread - We have Stats too so if you would like to add yourself (when you feel comfortable enough with your PG to do so) feel free. Here they are:

=== Graduates having Boys ===
StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 27/07/11-elective c-section

=== Graduates having Girls ===
MissLolita DC#1, age 32 BFP 30/10/10 - EDD 7/7/11

=== Graduates having a Surprise ( for now ) ===
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11
Boba82 DC#1, age 28, BFP 07/01/11 - EDD 13/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 1/01/11 - EDD 15/09/11
Missyraines DC#1, age 34 BFP 19/3/11 - EDD ??/11/11
fr00tbat DC#1, age 32 BFP 8/5/11 - EDD 14/1/12

=== Graduates who've Graduated ===
Harry2007 Gave birth to baby boy called Taliesin on 24/3/11 weighing 6lb 14oz

boba82 Thu 23-Jun-11 11:07:02

kitty that's lovely to hear. Glad all is well.

Hi ladies

just changed mine to the boys list.

Hope everyone is well boba how are you getting on? do you feel like a giant whale yet?

=== Graduates having Boys ===
StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 27/07/11-elective c-section
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11

=== Graduates having Girls ===
MissLolita DC#1, age 32 BFP 30/10/10 - EDD 7/7/11

=== Graduates having a Surprise ( for now ) ===

Boba82 DC#1, age 28, BFP 07/01/11 - EDD 13/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 1/01/11 - EDD 15/09/11
Missyraines DC#1, age 34 BFP 19/3/11 - EDD ??/11/11
fr00tbat DC#1, age 32 BFP 8/5/11 - EDD 14/1/12

=== Graduates who've Graduated ===
Harry2007 Gave birth to baby boy called Taliesin on 24/3/11 weighing 6lb 14oz

What the heck, I am adding myself!

Told the parents last night, they were ecstatic and so excited which made it seem so real.

Then I watched One Born Every Minute USA, that was a mistake!

Thanks for the heads up on the midwives, I have bought a couple of books so hopefully I can educate myself.
No sign of any morning sickness yet but I have gone off my morning coffee (I am usually an addict)

Hope you are all doing well and are going to enjoy the sunshine this weekend (well its sunny here in London at least)

Chocciechip - I hope you manage to get some rest this weekend!

=== Graduates having Boys ===
StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 27/07/11-elective c-section
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11

=== Graduates having Girls ===
MissLolita DC#1, age 32 BFP 30/10/10 - EDD 7/7/11

=== Graduates having a Surprise ( for now ) ===

Boba82 DC#1, age 28, BFP 07/01/11 - EDD 13/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 1/01/11 - EDD 15/09/11
Missyraines DC#1, age 34 BFP 19/3/11 - EDD ??/11/11
fr00tbat DC#1, age 32 BFP 8/5/11 - EDD 14/1/12
Farfallarocks, DC#1,age 31, BFP 19/06/11 - EDD 24/02/12

=== Graduates who've Graduated ===
Harry2007 Gave birth to baby boy called Taliesin on 24/3/11 weighing 6lb 14oz

WaterKelpie Fri 24-Jun-11 12:43:41

I had my second scan today after feared ectopic and everything is fine! We can't believe our luck. And we saw little baby's heartbeat beating away. It was fascinating. Still only about 7 weeks so don't want to get so so excited, but I've got a good feeling about this one!

I've added myself to the stats:

=== Graduates having Boys ===
StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 27/07/11-elective c-section
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11

=== Graduates having Girls ===
MissLolita DC#1, age 32 BFP 30/10/10 - EDD 7/7/11

=== Graduates having a Surprise ( for now ) ===

Boba82 DC#1, age 28, BFP 07/01/11 - EDD 13/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 1/01/11 - EDD 15/09/11
Missyraines DC#1, age 34 BFP 19/3/11 - EDD ??/11/11
fr00tbat DC#1, age 32 BFP 8/5/11 - EDD 14/1/12
WaterKelpie DC#1, age 24, BFP 05/06/11 - EDD 11/02/12
Farfallarocks, DC#1,age 31, BFP 19/06/11 - EDD 24/02/12

=== Graduates who've Graduated ===
Harry2007 Gave birth to baby boy called Taliesin on 24/3/11 weighing 6lb 14oz

Water - how nervewracking! What made you think you had an ectopic?

So glad you saw the heartbeat.

AnytimeNOW Fri 24-Jun-11 13:45:09

Fantastic news Water, must be such a relief... Congratulations Farfallarocks welcome smile

boba82 Fri 24-Jun-11 14:27:57

Water Congratulations, if you look up stats on t'internet it shows you chances of a successful pregnancy after seeing a heartbeat at different intervals. By the time you reach 8-9 weeks I think it's something like 90% so what I'm trying to say is you should feel quite reassured! The 4 1/2 weeks we had to wait inbetween ours & 12 week scan felt like forever so hopefully goes a bit quicker for you! Congrats again smile

WaterKelpie Fri 24-Jun-11 22:02:26

Yes, we're really pleased. I keep grinning at regular intervals today, even though it's so early. This is our third pregnancy (2 mcs) and we've never before seen a heartbeat on a scan, so it was magic!

farfalla, I had some sharp pain in the left-hand side of my pelvis, which worsened over the day, so was admitted as they thought it might be ectopic. They saw a 'dominant follicle' on my last scan and today saw a 3.5cm cyst on my left ovary, but the sonographer wasn't too concerned. She said it can happen a lot in early pregnancy but most people don't know as they don't have early scans. She said she would expect it to absorb itself by the 12 week scan, which sounds absolutely disgusting, but I'm pleased it's nothing more. How are you doing? Much nausea? I ate the inside of a massive gherkin today (but weirdly, didn't fancy the skin).

great news water. i echo what boba says about the chances of MC reducing over time, you should be re-assured. also, when i think about MC in general, i think of the number of people i know that MC around 8 weeks - now this is not to alarm, quite the opposite. the point is, the heart starts beating around 6 weeks. if the heart doesnt start beating, then you are going to MC. it generally takes a couple of weeks between the cessation of development and MC occuring, so bascially it seems logical that those 8 week miscarriages are when the heart never started beating at all. i think often even the later ones can be down to the same thing, and sometimes the body just takes longer. your baby has a heartbeat and its going to be fine xxx

in moany me news, not much new. 29 weeks, cant believe i have another 2 months. am size of a house (probably a semi at this stage, but i have another 10 weeks or so) and constantly eating. i have given up even trying to stop!

hope everyone else is doing well?


boba82 Sat 25-Jun-11 15:43:30

kitty me too, if one more person tells me I'm huge already I will punch them!

We're just back from 4D scan, it was amazing. bobabean was well behaved and in the perfect position for a good look at their face. Really weird but glad to say still couldn't tell the sex. I still don't feel it's all real so God knows whats going to hit me when the little bean is born!

Hope everyone has a good weekend, we're off to start the proper baby shopping tomorrow so looking forward to that.

hahaha boba dont they all just love to comment and feel its ok to do so....had a woman at work telling me my maternity top was too tight around the bump....er, i thought the whole point was it stretched and yes it doesnt always look great but thats just how it bloody works until the giant monster hatches?!

glad you enjoyed the 4d...does it look like a proper baby face? did you cry? i seem to cry at anything. the other week i was at home on a weekday and 'happened' to see jeremy kyle. i cant remember what it was, but i cried, and it wasnt in general despair at the utter uselessness of the braindead guests!

um, i didnt just mean to compare your seeing your baby for the first time to an episode of jeremy kyle by the way!

boba82 Mon 27-Jun-11 08:33:11

I've not been too bad at crying actually only stupid thing has been at the opera singing dog on Britain's Got Talent!

Yeah it does look like a proper face but I know from a friend's previous one that they do change a bit by the time they're born so don't feel like I'm spoiling too much. My main reason was that I think it'll be a fascinating thing for the little one to have of themselves when they're older.

We started the shopping yesterday and it has really taken it out of me so will have to try and get it finished within the next 2-3 weeks.

Have any of you ladies got a bump support? Thinking of getting one as I'm really sore today after all walking about yesterday.

Wow 4d scans, incredible!

Thanks Water. I am feeling nervous as have had brown discharge all weekend when I wipe (sorry TMI!), no cramping and I have no symptoms at all - morning sickness, tiredness etc so I am concerned.
I am only 5 weeks so perhaps the symptoms have not kicked in? I am debating calling the EPU but I have read that brown discharge us euther a) totally normal or b) sign of miscarriage which is helpful!

boba82 Mon 27-Jun-11 16:47:59

FX all is ok far. Maybe just call them for some advice and to put your mind at rest? No fresh blood nor cramping has to be a good sign surely? x

WaterKelpie Mon 27-Jun-11 23:03:52

farfalla I had exactly the same between 5-6 weeks. I called EPU and they said that as long as it didn't get heavy, like a period, then they weren't concerned. We already had a repeat scan booked for 6+6 weeks. I suggest that you speak to your doctor or EPU (as I'm not medically trained!) but I think it's something that many ladies go through. I stayed the same for three days and then it cleared up. I've had no problem since and the scan was good news. Fingers crossed that everything is ok!

Ooh, the 4D scan sounds wonderful! Boba, do you mind me asking how much it was? I'm tempted (obviously at a much later stage) but have always thought it might be expensive. I don't mean to offend, but was it a little bit weird? As in, to see your baby in 3D when it is still inside? I imagine it's a little surreal (but in a good way).

boba82 Tue 28-Jun-11 12:46:22

waterkelpie I booked with Babybond. We paid £179.00 which included lots of photos printed, lots more on a USB stick and a 10 minute DVD. They do various packages though which start nearer a £100 I think. It was really weird, I just can't let my self believe I'm actually going to have a baby after resigning myself to 3 year IVF wait so it still doesn't feel real to me! I can't stop looking at photos though. If you can afford it I would definately recommend it, lovely bonding experience for DH and we took both mums with us too.

far how are things today?

MissLolita Tue 28-Jun-11 13:10:52

Hi ladies, just popping in to say hello to everyone - it's lovely to have so many newbies! I have about 8 days to go and having breezed through everything until now I am suddenly suffering - the heat is unbearable and the only nice place to be is the chiller aisle of M&S food and I can't stop peeing - last night was 8 times in 1hr 30; then I stopped counting - sorry if TMI but I am desperate for sleep and to feel cool....!

To make matters worse, an (potentially crazy) old lady stopped me in Boots to tell me that the next full moon wasn't until 15 July (!)....I was too tired to do anything but smile and walk away...

Very sadly the spotting turned heavy and then into fresh blood and clots. Went to the EPU (they were lovely) and my HCG levels were at 13 and progesterone at 2 so they said the pregnancy was failing from the day it started really.

I have a suspicion my short luteal phase and low progesterone caused it all with all the spotting, I think uterine lining has just broken down.

Am at home and still bleeding. Am so compltely devasted even though it was absurdly early, I never thought it would hit me so hard.
I full of fear over the future and am driving myself crazy looking at low progesterone on the internet, it seems so hard to treat sad

AnytimeNOW Tue 28-Jun-11 19:52:28

Farfallarocks I'm so sorry sad, It is the most devistating thing to go through, I hope you are being looked after at home.
I lost three early on before this one, so know how hungry you are for information...internet can drive you mad.
Sending big hugs...thinking of you XX

boba82 Tue 28-Jun-11 19:56:43

So sorry farfallarocks sad big hugs to you x x

WaterKelpie Tue 28-Jun-11 20:01:09

Oh, farfalla, I am so so sorry for you. I've miscarried at 5 and also 11 weeks and both were just as bad. I don't think it matters how early it is - it's your grief, so feel as much as you want.

I don't really know what to say other than rest and cry as much as you want - allow yourself time. Have you got support from family/friends? I found that invaluable. Sending hugs.

Thanks everyone for your messages, I am so sorry for all of your losses but hearing that you have gone on to get pregnant again it very comforting.

Family and DH being lovely, not sure I could have gone through yesterday without them. I have come back to work today as I feel physically fine and need to keep busy. My team know so I don't have to put a brave face on it!
Hope to be joining you again very soon smile

StormBird Thu 30-Jun-11 12:46:20

Hello everyone, sorry i've not been around. Moving house was sooooo stressfull and we're still upside down.

Farfalla I am so sorry to hear your news. I'm pleased you seem to have some good support around you. I hope you are bearing up.


boba82 Thu 30-Jun-11 18:25:24

Is that you all moved in now Storm? You'll be relieved to be in your own place before babs arrives though eh?

farfalla - messaged you on the other thread which i know you saw, i hope you will be having a second graduation soon im sure you will.

in self-absorbed news this morning, after practically drowning in bio oil for the last six months, popping every vitamin under the sun, and doing plenty of exercise, i have found my first stretch marks this morning, at only 30 weeks. utterly depressing!

boba82 Fri 01-Jul-11 10:21:30

Uh-oh kitty I have been Bio-oiling twice a day since I got my BFP, they do say if you're going to get them there's nothing you can do. One of my friends got them on day baby born sad Still I'm sure the Bio oil does make a difference so keep slapping it on. I fear I won't be far behind you, I can't see how this thing can get any bigger but it just keeps on growing out the way! x

Keziahhopes Sun 03-Jul-11 11:43:14

Hello - I am posting here with real hope, the first real hope in 3 years as today for the first time EVER I have a very very very faint pink line on an internet cheapie test in the positive test area. Am quite sure, but hope not, that it will not be there tomorrow (only day 28 today after all) but am going to keep taking my daily aspirin which is the only thing we have done differently since gp test showed I am heterozygous for Factor V Leiden (still awaiting private gynaecology appointment). Dare not post on CB forum but so so wanted to share this little ray of hope with those that would know what this would mean.

AnytimeNOW Sun 03-Jul-11 12:31:29

OMG Keziahhopes that is fantastic!!!!!!!! thats how my tests started at day 28...never got a strong line till day 30-32.
Keeping everything crossed for you smile XXXX

Keziahhopes Sun 03-Jul-11 17:57:48

33 months or is it 34 of serious ttc... just done another internet cheapie this afternoon and still a faint pink line! But it is only day 29 of this cycle (I got it wrong saying 28) so really really nervous. Don't know what to do next! thanks anytime x

AnytimeNOW Sun 03-Jul-11 18:40:56

Internet cheapies hardly picked up mine at all! always faint, only got decent lines on FR and that was after day 30...only sure way is through bloods, I have driven myself crazy in the past with the line thing!...so pleased for you hun Xsmile

boba82 Sun 03-Jul-11 18:45:52

OMG keziah! <<lets out a little scream>> My advice is that if you're still getting same results tomo morning get a CB digital test for Tues am I found them better as you don't have to obsess over lines. Got every single bit of my self crossed for you honey! smile

OMG KEZIAH i have gone from bloody miserable to over the moon within seconds of reading this; i have to say every time i look on the other thread i just hope above all that you are going to be the one. please please please let this be it for you. will be thinking of you constantly hoping that you get line after friggin line! xxx

Keziahhopes Sun 03-Jul-11 21:29:02

I have a CB digital in store - think will have to use it tomorrow, day 30.
You are all so kind, that is why I thought it would be ok to post here - too scared to post on other thread. According to NHS choices am 4 weeks pregnant - but am heterozygous for Factor V Leiden so am very worried it wil not implant or stick. Dh already agreed to fund 2 private scans before 12 weeks grin, wherever they are held, if we can get that far!

Keziahhopes Mon 04-Jul-11 08:42:17

Ok 3 tests later - CB Digital, internet cheapie and first response all say the same! So nervous as NHS website says with my history and diagnosis I probably need heparin - rang hospital, as obstetrician told me to do if/when got pregnant... takes a few days for them to get my notes apparently, so really really hope the midwife does phone me today so I can find out if need medication to: (a) maintain pregnancy, (b) stop clots and a potential 2nd stroke or DVT!!


keep popping the baby aspirin in the meantime (i've been self medicating on them since early pregnancy; having had an early MC i became convinced they would help and psychologically they probably have, and have probably helped my BP as well).

amazing news. will be thinking of you hoping that everything goes smoothly over the coming weeks and months x

boba82 Mon 04-Jul-11 09:27:12

Aaaaaarh I'm sooooooooooo pleased for you Keziah grin grin My only advice is take each hour as it comes. I still check my knickers every time I go to loo. You're going to be in shock but try not worry - everything will be fine. I got myself through by just saying "if I can just get to tomorrow" etc. I hope midwife gets in touch with you today. x x x

AnytimeNOW Mon 04-Jul-11 09:44:25

Fantastic news Keziah just brilliant grin...I echo what Boba says...I'm still checking panties at 36 weeks!...
I'm on 5mg of folic acid too, apparently you can't o/d on it and any unused passes through your system, my consultant Mr.Farquharson, from The Womens m/c Clinic (lovely, lovely man) put me on it at 5 weeks...and I'm sure psychologically it's helped me...made me feel a little more in control? if that makes sense?.
Hope you get all the advice and answers you need from your midwife.

Thinking of you smile X

Keziahhopes Mon 04-Jul-11 12:57:15

Anytime - I take 5mg of folic acid, have done for year, as am coeliac... so that is encouraging. No phonecall from the hospital despite being told to phone them asap after positive test and calling at 8am this morning.

boba82 Mon 04-Jul-11 13:08:07

Phone them again keziah - someone will have forgotten to pass it on. I'm so excited for you. x

Loup23 Mon 04-Jul-11 13:19:53

Sorry just crashing the site to say huge congratulations to keziah I am on the CBFM link too but I know you didn't want to post there at the moment, everything crossed for you, that's fab news after your long wait x

Hi to all the other CBFM graduates, hope your bumps are growing well x

Keziahhopes Mon 04-Jul-11 16:39:04

Midwife said she is sure I dont' need anything, as no problem yet. Uh - I have not been seen, she not spoken to a Dr or seen my results... and even the NHS website says I need anti clotting medication now - not when I have stroke number 2 or a miscarriage or worse. Bit stressed. Dh phoned midwife and insisted on speaking to the Dr, who is busy - and has been too busy for midwife to speak to since 8 am this morning.

Thanks loup that is kind of you x

WaterKelpie Mon 04-Jul-11 17:01:24

Congratulations Keziah! So so exciting! Keep on pressing to speak to/see a doctor. Only they will be able to tell you what you do/don't need. Sometimes you have to just keep nagging, but it is your and your baby's health at stake so you can never nag enough! smile

I hope you get the help you need asap! Congratulations again!

boba82 Mon 04-Jul-11 18:07:33

Keziah what about contacting your local EPU? I know it's hard honey but try and not stress - won't do any good. x

Keziahhopes Mon 04-Jul-11 19:34:37

Thanks for encouragement - it was a midwife at EPU I was waiting. Eventually 9 hours later midwife called, said I need clexane 40mg from when they see a heartbeat and they will scan me at 7/8 weeks. Lovely I thought then said "what if I have a stroke in next 2 weeks?" - midwife asks consultant, comes back to me - oh "when your notes come up from hospital records I will see them and write to gp to prescribe it for you." Good I said, but I have a copy of all relevant notes and will bring it to you tomorrow, or even tonight grin - midwife disappears again.... oh we have everything on the computer - ask your gp to prescribe it to you as you are seeing gp tonight. 15 minutes later at gp say "please can I have 40mg of clexane as spoken with xyz" - gp prescribes it and tells me to see nurse tomorrow to teach me how to inject it. Tell him I know how if subcutaneous (it is) due to ICSI cycle... but he insists, so what I shame I get to miss a whole morning off work (and as it is pregnancy related they can't refuse and I get paid!)

Sorry for essay - very stressful day. Bought two more CB digitals today. Only used one so far and one 1st response. Going to try to restrict self to internet cheapies until Sat when it should say 3+.

Phew - promise will not bore you anymore, but mumsnet really helped destress me today smile

How did you all cope in the first 4-8 weeks?

KnackeredCow Mon 04-Jul-11 21:13:10

Congratulations Keziah! So so so chuffed for you grin

Re the Clexane, they are being sensible with you giving you injection training even though you've already learnt to inject IVF drugs, so although it's really frustrating try to grin and bear it! With Clexane you have to change the injection site daily because one of the side effects is that you can sometimes bleed a bit too much and bruise around the injection site. Please don't be disheartened that they haven't prescribed right away. Like all drugs, there are adverse effects as well and so I am sure the obstetrician is just making sure that the benefits of the drug outweigh the very small risks.

Anyway really really pleased for you!

grin grin grin grin

Keziahhopes Mon 04-Jul-11 21:46:34

KC - many thanks. You here next after your op!! After seeing gp am now having injection training tomorrow for clexane - phew!! Oh, handy to know need to move injection site around - will try and ask intelligent questions tomorrow.

boba82 Tue 05-Jul-11 08:54:39

Keziah Glad you got some help at last! Like I said above I just took one day at a time - then one week at a time. I still do actually. I think when it's been a struggle to get pregnant you just can't believe it's actually happened. Even as bobabean is kicking away I still can't let myself believe I'm actually going to have a baby at the end of this. Try and not stress and relax/rest as much as possible.
I had scans at 5 weeks and 7.5 weeks to rule out ectopic and they were the longest waits of my life so I know how you are feeling. DH & I tried to look on the positive that we were lucky to be getting early scans as most people have to wait until 12 weeks. I wouldn't bother going for a private scan until you've had your 7 week one as there is nothing to be seen apart from a black space with a tiny sac in it - actually made me worry more as they will not confirm a successful pregnancy without heartbeat.
I don't think the nervousness goes away but you do learn how to deal with it. I do feel it's put a dampner on my pregnancy a bit. I have a friend in RL who's roughly at the same stage as me and I sometimes feel envy at her carefree attitude to her pregnancy - I just can't as much as I've tried.

Hope that's of some help - sorry for the rambling. x

Keziahhopes Tue 05-Jul-11 09:59:28

Hi - yes we have ruled out private scan, we would have had one if not offered scan until 12 weeks though. Hospital want to start me on aspirin when see a heartbeat so I need an early NHS one now.

Yes, had read that many of you were nervous on early stages - which is why I wanted to post on here. Really sorry for hijacking your pregnancy thread though.

boba82 Tue 05-Jul-11 10:01:59

Don't be silly plus you ARE a pregnant lady! grin

Keziahhopes Tue 05-Jul-11 10:55:46

grin back at Boba. I just don't feel it yet, awaiting real symptoms!! Then I will be regretting them, but "hey"! x

boba82 Tue 05-Jul-11 12:12:50

I swore that if I was ever lucky enought o get pregnant I would never moan but here I am 30 weeks later declaring my life is a misery every evening to DH smile

What made you POAS Keziah?

Keziahhopes Tue 05-Jul-11 18:05:12

I don't really know boba- it just felt right! Have had lots of times over years when tested, and tested first month after failed ivf as had 35 day cycle (no bfp), but no testing since!

Yep Boba - I am saying I will never moan at this stage - you will have to hold me to that grin

keziah i hope you will be moaning soon. god there is so much to moan about. i must have downed about a litre of gaviscon already today, and after my next toast binge i will need yet more.

boba82 Wed 06-Jul-11 09:35:25

ha ha kitty there is soooo much to moan about you're right!

boba82 Wed 06-Jul-11 09:35:26

ha ha kitty there is soooo much to moan about you're right!

chocciechip Wed 06-Jul-11 09:58:10

KEZIAH!! Congrats!!!!!! That is just the best best news ever! I'm blown away. smile

The first weeks are very stressful (actually, all the weeks are, but it does ease up a bit after, say, 20 weeks in my case...). But come here and talk to us - we've all walked that walk. There is nothing you can do now except wait, and it will drive you crazy ... but we're here.

The one thing you have GOT to keep in your mind through all the next few weeks - no matter what you fear may happen - is that you have achieved a NATURAL BFP!!!!! I know you feel terribly scared, but you have really taken a MONUMENTAL step forward in your journey with just that little line. So pleased for you.

The other thing I would say is now is the time to be really firm (as it sounds like you have been) with medical folk. You are not just one of hundreds of women who are worrying about your very normal PG. Your case and circumstances are exceptional, so they must not fob you off and treat you as if you are Jo Average. Stand your ground.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited and pleased and thrilled I am for you! x

StormBird Wed 06-Jul-11 10:28:24

FECKING HELL - talk about being an emotional wreck but until I read Keziahs news I thought I'd got it under control. (Have also posted on the other thread btw).

So very well done Keziah, I am soo pleased for you. ITs been such a tough TTC experience for you I really admire all of your strength and guess what.....its paid off! So far so good, take one day at a time. Sending you loads of love xxx

Boba yes hunny we are in and finally back online, sorry for not answering your post but its been rather manic over here and not had the net. I finished work on the 30th July, and guess what.........I am so bloody bored.

I'm 39 weeks tomorrow, babybird is still very comfortable in there and I don't think he's going to budge just yet although have had some rather annoying dull back pain and cannot hardly move anymore! But its all fun and games.
I have an MW appointment tomorrow so hopefully she'll be able to give me the good news that he is finally engaged.

Sorry for not name checking more but will read up on the thread to find out what I've missed. Hope you ladies are all ok xxxxx

Storm (grinning from ear to ear)

Keziahhopes Wed 06-Jul-11 23:59:01

Thanks Choccie and Storm.

Choccie - tried being firm. Told them my conditions, need clexane -first got told not till heartbeat seen eventually got given it. Then told to stop the aspirin, not take it till see heartbeat. So I asked when they would scan me, midwife said 7 weeks. Then phonecall today (dh had 2 with them at hospital!) said obstetrician said not till 8 weeks as it is stressful going earlier and not seeing anything. Uh? Dh found a private scan, but same time as a family event he wants to go to (dont' even start that!) so I cried sad. Feel sore on one side, petrified as you say Choccie about losing it. Feel I don't deserve it (complicated that one, do ignore - just need to say it somewhere!) and will lose it. But don't know about aspirin etc until see them at 9 weeks - eek. Was taking aspirin when conceived to "help".

Sorry - will try and post postive in the future but choccie this week is much worse even than doing the whole of the ivf cycle!! As never got a bfp there so nothing to lose.

How did you cope when first tested? That is the tip I need to learn!!!!

boba82 Thu 07-Jul-11 10:00:25

Keziah you need to calm down a wee bit. I know how desperate you are for this baby. I was in a sililar position as was kept in limbo for nearly 3 weeks as they had to rule out an ectopic so had to kkep going back for scans until they could see a hbeat at 7.5 weeks. All this stressing is not going to do you or bean any good. I prob agree with obst re the 8 weeks as it will add to your stress if they can't see anything as it'll be too early. I would follow their advice for the time being honey. I know how hard it is and how much you'll be worrying as I felt exactly the same and to some extent still do. As I said earlier just try and take one day at a time and cherish your little miracle! It has happened for you but there's nothing you can do now except rest and take care of yourself. Hugs x x

boba82 Thu 07-Jul-11 10:08:47

Well finally been given a decision about the birth plan for bobabean. Due to previous bladder surgeries they weren't sure if they wanted to risk a natural birth incase it ended up in an emergency CS and damage was done to my bladder or other organs that may or may not have joined on to it. Am so glad that they have all agreed I can have a natural birth. I'm also a bit extra risk as I had a spontaneous pneumothorax 18 months ago so they don't want the other one to pop with all the pushing! It has been a bit stressful not knowing. On the plus side I'm to get two extra scans before D-Day one in 3 weeks then one at 36 weeks to check baby's size just incase it's a beast. I was 8lb13oz and as I'm 5'11 chances are it's not going to be a 6lber! Just glad I'm going to get a chance at a 'normal' birth experience. Now doing everyhting I can for optimal foetal position - birthing ball here I come!!

boba82 Thu 07-Jul-11 10:11:30

MissLolita D-Day is here! Best of luck smile

Storm and Anytime can't believe it's nearly your turn too! I feel like it's flown in! You probably don't though. I know that my preh=gnancy has been the longest 30 weeks of my life so far.

MissLolita Thu 07-Jul-11 10:51:49

Hi ladies,

Farfalla, I am so sorry - sending you hugs and positive thoughts xxx

Keziah, congratulations! That is the MOST wonderful news!! I am absolutely over the moon for you!

Unfortunately there is nothing to report here, D (B?) day has arrived and all is quiet. I know that statistically most first timers go to 41 weeks so I'm staying relaxed. I have a mw appointment tomorrow so hopefully will have an update then x

chocciechip Thu 07-Jul-11 12:03:30

keziah I didn't cope well with the first few weeks at all, and neither did my DH. We've gone through two MCs so every day was a nervewracking nightmare.

I did have a 6.5 week scan to rule out a potential ectopic because on eof my MCs might have been ectopic. Usually, all a scan will show at that stage is 'something' growing in the right place - sometimes you're not even sure if its a sac with or without a yolk. I was lucky to see a heartbeat, but have to tell you, the sonographer did not jump up and down with joy because it doesn't mean a HUGE amount. The truth is that most MCs happen between 6 and 8 weeks, so it is completely possible to see a heartbeat at 6 weeks, and then nothing at 8 (a lot of the very critical development happens in this time). Also, I think it is quite unusual to see a HB so early. We knew this, and the result was we ended up paying for ANOTHER scan at 7 weeks just to see if the heart was still beating because I found I couldn't cope with the strain of waiting until 8 weeks.

So I honestly don't know if early scans will reassure you, or make you even more worried. If you see no heartbeat you'll freakout that its not viable and be told to come back in a couple of weeks for another scan anyway; if you do see a heartbeat, it is a guarentee of nothing, which is still worrying. At 8 weeks you should definitely see a heartbeat, and you'll also know you've passed the critical first milestone.

On the pain side of things, you will start to feel weird pains low down in your groin - stitch like pains. Your hormones are starting to relax your ligaments down there etc so they can accommodate your growing uterous. This is normal. But if the pain is severe, or doesn't go away at all, or you feel any pain at all in your shoulder, or if you see a thin 'bean juice' kind of blood, you must contact your EPU and get it checked without delay.

The thing is Keziah, that for the last few years you've been totally in control of your fertility, educated yourself about medical ins and outs, taken vitamins etc and felt like you were at least 'doing something'. What you're doing now is transferring that complusion to 'do something' into this pregnancy because suddenly 'doing nothing' when its become a critical part of your daily life is a difficult habit to break. But the hardest thing about this stage of pregnancy is that it is entirely in the hands of God and nature. You've done EVERYTHING you can to get here - now you need to hand over to nature for a bit. All you can do is wait - and that is incredibly difficult to get your head around. The loss of control is hard hard hard. I know all this because I've walked this walk.

I think the best thing you can do is double check one more time on the drugs and make sure you are taking/not taking what you should be. Then let those worries go. Then you and your DH need to sit down and plan things to do together to keep as distracted as much as you can until the first scan. Eat healthily, gentle exercise, maybe go and see a nutritionist for advice on the right viatmins to take during pregnancy and start those as well. Keep in mind too that as wanted as this pregnanacy is, BEING pregnant is a big thing to get your head around and its not actually the same thing as 'wanting a baby' - your body changing, your emotions, the hopes and fears you'll suddenly have. There's something about a BFP that makes everything more pronounced and in your face. So also use this time to focus on preparing for all that.

I hope I don't sound dismissive or flippant. I genuinely know what you're going through, but you've got to go easy on yourself. Keep talking to us. I have personally found being pregnant incredibly difficult and the last two months have been hell for me and I still have lots of worries about this pregnancy (but that's another post because this is so long now). But what I have learned to develop is patience and stoicism, because I have no choice. And I can't help wondering if this isn't nature's way of preparing us for parenthood, and all the uncertainty that brings. x

boba82 Thu 07-Jul-11 12:27:43

choccie that's exactly what I was trying to say!

It is so so hard isn't it.

keziah I had AF type cramps for the first 12 weeks at least & was convinced every day that I was going to miscarry. Also felt quite tender like choccie said quite early on. I still get lots of aches and pains. Hope you're feeling a bit better today anyway?

Choccie Give us another post. What's up? Are you and chocciebean ok? Hope you're managing to relax a bit? I know work was stressing you out a bit. x

chocciechip Thu 07-Jul-11 14:07:18

boba I could rant for a year about EVERYTHING... but the main thing is that I'm not very well. Contracted shingles in May and was on antibiotics and shingles treatment at the same time. Then had to have all my moles checked because they've all grown in pregnancy, and the dermatologists thought one looked potentially dodgy so had to have that removed and sent off for testing - seven stitches later and a nasty scar on my breast. The wound became infected and has still got puss oozing out of it, so I've just started my THIRD course of antibiotics in a row (fourth since May) to try treat that infection. Very worried about impact on baby from all the drugs and have been told that "there are always risks" but consequences if I don't take them are worse than if I do. Apparently if the wound infection worsens it can cause early labour. I am exhausted - chronically exhausted. And have been told this is the result of the infection. If it turns into a temperature I have to be admitted for IV antibiotics.

But what really riles me, is I feel rotten rotten rotten (midwife, GP and obstetrician have ALL said I am having a terrible pregnancy and that my body is struggling to grow the baby and fight the infections at the same time leaving nothing for me - hence huge exhaustion and lethargy). I have black circles under my eyes and look really awful. But in spite of this I am getting ZERO slack or support with work. People delivering me stuff late etc when they KNOW I'm trying to get things wrapped up so I can have time off. I am at breaking point.

DH and I haven't seen anyone since May - mostly because of work (he is now helping me on weekends) and my health - and on Sunday his sister phoned wanting us to go to theirs for a BBQ - very short notice. He told her I was not well (did not elaborate on details) and she hung up on him because he said no to going out. So he phoned back to elaborate how ill I was, including us waiting now for biopsy results for the mole, but she hung up again.

Clearly she thinks I am pregnant and its 'natural' and I am making an issue out of nothing - and that makes me so angry and I think its so unfair and just more pressure on us to pretend to be happy and cheery in the socially acceptable way of 'being a glowing pregnant person'. And if you're not that person, you're a weird self-indulgent freak. When I think about her behaviour my blood boils. So the upshot is, I'm avoiding people because I think if anyone says airily 'Just think about your baby you'll have...', effectively sweeping all this under the carpet as 'no big deal' I might just punch them. I have never been so unwell in my life!! Of course I think about my baby and worry about my baby etc, but its not as if I as a human have ceased to exist... Anyway... sorry for all the anger ... I'm just not very happy at the moment.

boba82 Thu 07-Jul-11 15:03:31

Hugs to you choccie I'm sorry you're having a shitty time sad I think that's a real downside of pregnancy - it really can bring out the worst in your body. When do you get the results of your biopsy? It seems so unfair after all you've been through already to get to this point. Glad your DH is being supportive - just ignore his bitchy sister, some people can't see past their own lives and if she isn't even concerned for you when you're ill and pregnant then she doesn't deserve you.

Re the glowing if it's any consolation I certainly amn't [sic?] glowing either. I hate being pregnant and have a list of niggles and complaints as long as my arm plus like you constantly exhausted. I feel like I have ceased being a human being - am now just a sleeping baby growing machine!

Howerver it's got to be worth it in the end, doen't it? <<hopeful emotion>>

chocciechip Thu 07-Jul-11 15:32:37

On it being worth it ... my midwife said to me on Wednesday that she thinks I'm going to find the first 6 weeks after baby is born (which everyone else finds so hard) a total breeze after what I've endured in this pregnancy. She said she thinks I'll start feeling better almost instantly and those six weeks will probably feel like a holiday in comparison. Bring it on!!! I told her about DH's sister, and she was annoyed, and said she'd write me a letter to show everyone that in her opinion I am having a dreadful pregnancy smile. Cheered me up (not that I took her up on it). It was such a boost to just have that affirmed - silly as it sounds - because I'm so wary of people thinking '...well, I've been pregnant and you're exaggerating'. I keep wondering if I am exaggerating myself, and if others just take it in their stride?! Why am I not coping??? She told me that most women have a far far easier time of it so can't relate to what I'm going through - can't tell you how much I needed to hear that because I've almost been judging myself and feeling guilty. We're not all the same and its wrong for people to transpose their experiences onto others, or to judge others by their own experiences. Maybe the '6 weeks thing' will be true for you too!

boba82 Thu 07-Jul-11 16:02:04

Exactly choccie everyone is different aren't they. I'm not having as nearly a bad time as you but I hope so! Maybe we'll be blessed with very well behaved babies. I'm already praying I'll go a couple of weeks early as I can't stand the thought of another 9-10 weeks of this! If one more person tells me it'll fly by . . . . <<shakes an angry fist>>

Keziahhopes Thu 07-Jul-11 18:28:26

Hi - thank you boba and choccie so much for talking some sense into me - I needed that. Not helped that I am suddenly off all AD's etc, so anxiety is a bit high!! I think it was more they were telling me "you need xyz if see heartbeat" and that made me panic, plus I had more pain yesterday than I was admitting to and fearing ectopic. Today pain less and have totally taken in what you have both said. I saw dietician today (1yr diagnosed coeliac) and she wants to test my iron levels and stores, so felt listened to and somehow reassured that someone is checking something. Also not helped by amount of heaving pregnant people at work, bizarrely yesterday.

So, have listened and understand that you are right, i was so in control for so so long and now a miracle has happened and I am not in control.

Agree booking some nice things a good idea. We may take a week's holiday in August (when seen a heartbeat!) now, to rest which is something to look forward to - dh fancying Cornwall.

I will come back and post about you all but just dashing out grin and wanted to thank you ALL for your kind words.

StormBird Thu 07-Jul-11 19:50:01

FLY BY - Pffffft Boba - Can I join you shaking the fist, it drives me mad when people say that. These last few months have dragged and dragged and dragged for me.

Keziah the girls have given some fab advice, especially about finding stuff to do that will be distracting and going on a little trip away sounds like just what you need.

39 weeks today for me and saw Midwife this afternoon, it seems baby may be Back to Back (FAB!!) which explains all the dull very annoying achy pains in my back and the reason why I wake in the night and have to get on all fours to relieve it a bit. So I will mostly be standing and rolling around on a birthing ball to try and get him to turn.

Another appointment booked for 40 weeks...............I don't think anything is going to happen between now and then hmm

boba82 Thu 07-Jul-11 20:04:05

So glad to hear that Keziah

Storm Get bouncing!

I've really felt the little ones kicks a LOT stronger since last night. Did you find that storm, anytime, misslol?

StormBird Thu 07-Jul-11 20:09:57

How many weeks are you now Boba ??

hey ladies

just checking in. choccie, im sorry to hear you are having such a crappy time. your sister in law sounds like a bitch cow and must be ignored. reading your post makes me feel guilty about such a moaning old heffer, as comparitively i have had a very easy 31 weeks (and bloody counting..). when are you due again, i cant see the stats from here. i know you are further along than me, and i also know that at my stage now there would be a 95% chance of survival....if you continue to feel bloody awful and need antibiotics IV has the possiblity of an early section been discussed, or is that too risky given the infection situation? i hope this finds you feeling a little better you poor thing; massive hugs and lots of ladies thinking of you.

i started NCT this week. interesting. the breastfeeding class today. we were warned in advance that the woman is seriously pro breastfeeding, but to be honest i did find her a little OTT (ok, complete effing nazi). she looked at me like i killed her puppy when i asked a question about expressing and my husband helping out (you know, the father of the child...!). i then found myself justifying myself telling her about how my husband needs about 4 or 5 hours sleep a night and it would be mental not to share the burden. she looked at me pitifully....WTF?! i want my baby to love and bond with daddy just as much as me and since when is that a crime? i ended up feeling that she should be chained back to the kitchen sink where she quite clearly belongs, in the dark ages!

right, better go, about to watch a show called 'the killing' - sweet dreams? or not?! xxx

Keziahhopes Thu 07-Jul-11 21:51:47

All the best MissLolita.

Agree, bouncing time storm.

Choccie = that is hard stuff. Hope you hearing that you have had a tough pregnancy and that you are doing well. Being ill and on antibiotics is tough. However if it reassures you i am under an Immunologist normally and I have to take 1.5g (maximum normal dose that is) of amoxycillin every day throughout pregnancy, 6g (12 capsules) if get an infection or go in for IV drugs. She switched me to amoxycillin for IVF cycle as a safe for baby antibiotic. Being ill is horrible, really hope you feel better soon xxx

WaterKelpie Thu 07-Jul-11 22:37:41

Aww, Choccie, that sounds so stressful! I don't know how you cope. I feel exhausted enough as it is, just with a bit of pregnancy sickness! Perhaps you'll be rewarded with a very well-behaved baby.

Ilovekitty, what's wrong with expressing? I thought that was an acceptable thing to do, once bf was established. I would quite like DH to help with the feeding when the baby is a few months old (and onwards), so unless he grows his own breasts, I will be expressing milk. Surely that's better than going on to formula?

Nothing much to report here. I've been given my first midwife appointment for 10 weeks (so no bloods until 11 weeks, I presume) and I've got a scan for 12 weeks. Still trying not to get too excited about everything (until after the scan, anyway).

boba82 Fri 08-Jul-11 10:35:54

I'm 31 weeks today Storm

StormBird Fri 08-Jul-11 10:43:07

Hey girls....

Choccie ....sending you hugs hun xx

Ilovekitty at my antenatal classes we were told to ignore anyone who disagreed with what we wanted to do when it comes to whether breast or bottle is best. The midwife who took our classes said that there isn't a problem with either and she cannot understand all these MW's who push push push the breast (although she did point out that its an obvious fact that breast would be better) and this came from someone who you would look at and instantly think she would push for breast feeding.

On the expressing front she said that if you and baby can get the hang of the breast and the bottle at the same time (e.g. breast feeding during the day and expressing for night feeds) it can only be beneficial..... I'm hoping to do both and on the back of her advice feel quite confident that it can be achieved. You do what you feel is best hun! I didn't go to the NCT classes, we were 4 free 2.5hr classes through the NHS and they were fantastic.


StormBird Fri 08-Jul-11 10:44:34

*we were given 4 free 2.5hr classes through the NHS - that makes more sense!!

chocciechip Fri 08-Jul-11 10:57:10

keziah The thing that was worrying DH and I is we were told the antibiotics I am on are safe (Flucloxicillin) but we wondered if that was for 'normal' courses of one course at a time. It was the thought that I am on my fourth quite heavy dose that freaked me out. So to hear it is OK to take antibiotics constantly through pregnanacy is HUGELY reassuring, so thank you for sharing that.

ladies I never listen to pregnancy moans and think 'Oy, you think YOU'VE got problems....' so please moan away even if you think it minor. It's all relative and I appreciate hearing moans - makes me feel less freakish for feeling a bit complaining.

Ilovekitty I start my NCT classes this weekend and am anticipating exactly the thing you're talking about. Warned my DH that it could be a bit fascist. Neither of us have much tolerance for being lectured too so she's in for a war if she tries. I keep thinking about all the years I've sat on the fringes of mothers with their babies and listened to them 'dissing' other women for the choices they make: breastfeeding, discipline, food choices, clothes they wear, how they put them to sleep....etc etc. I always used to think ' who needs men to put down women when women do it to each other so well' and I've vowed to not judge others for their choices. So I am already planning to take whatever the NCT women says with a pinch of salt and will defend anyone in the group if they ask a question and get shot down by her or openly criticised. I have a very low tolerance for judgemental women when it comes to babies and children - I prefer the supportive nurturing kind of women. BTW, I plan to try and express as well so DH can take a turn with feeding too.

Thank you everyone for your kind words. I slept all yesterday and all night last night and planning to sleep all day today as well to try and get this wound to heal. DH says in spite of the sleep I still look rubbish and sick ... so back to bed. I am starting to think maybe 6 weekends on a trot of hard work and exhaustion was channeling resources away from healing, and maybe some time spent resting will allow me to be more productive next week. I hope so - or I'm building an even bigger back-log of work!

storm boba I have a ball too. What is the bouncing actually meant to do? I only got one because its more comfortable to sit on than the couch with the SPD!

boba82 Fri 08-Jul-11 19:28:15

Midwife told me sitting on it or rolling on it gets baby in optimal position for straighforward birth.

I had my first NHS class on Tuesday and it was quite good. DH is going to 4 weekly dad to be classes run by NHS starting on 19th so hopefully by time baba arrives one of us will know what the hell we're doing!

Glad you're resting choccie! smile

Now where's DH with my chippy?!

StormBird Sat 09-Jul-11 10:20:54

Boba is right about the ball helping get baby into the right position and I'd definately recommend an excercise ball as they really help with your posture and helping the pelvis to relax gently ready for birth. My brother (fitness instructor who deals with lots of pregnant women) even said that if you were suffering with SPD it can really help, hence not had much pelvic pain since I got one!!! grin So you're doing the right thing Choccie

If anyone does want to get one don't go for one that is marketed as a birthing ball - they are all the same and 'birthing balls' tend to be about £10-£15 more expensive!!! If you are thinking of getting one eventually you can pick them up in Tesco for a fiver!!!!

Back pain got progressively worse through the night so not slept very well at all. Was on all fours a few times to relieve the pain. I even got up at 4am for a walk round (peeked into the Nursery, awwww) had some Cereal and then back to bed at 5am. Was starting to think that it could be the start of 'you know what' but it seems to have eased of a bit since I got up and baby is now merrily moving around so I think he's just teasing me!!!! confused

Hope you are all well today, the suns out here which is nice cos the weather has been shite for the past few days!!!


Keziahhopes Sat 09-Jul-11 19:06:23

Hi, can I ask when people got maternity bras and where from? I am sadly not a nice small size!!

StormBird Sat 09-Jul-11 19:42:33

I never bothered Keziah in all honesty.

I wear the right size and they are comfortable and don't dig in so I thought stuff it I'm not walking round in them hideous things.

I've not found one yet that gives the right support and doesn't make me look like I'm not wearing a bra anyway! Can't have that when I already had a substantial chest eh!!

I do, however, think that I will need to invest in some sort of nursing bra now sprog is iminent!!

If you are going to go down the Mat Bra route then why don't you try Bravissimo or Hotmilk or someone like that - they might be a little more expensive but the likes of M&S are dreadful!!


StormBird Sat 09-Jul-11 19:49:02

Boba I forgot to answer your post about the kicks getting stronger (sorry hun).

Yes, I too found that around 30 weeksish the kicks became much more noticeable. The kicks as such didn't last though cos as baby got bigger and more space was taken up so whenever baby moved my entire stomach moves. Like waves!!! It is really strange when that starts to happen - one minute there's no movement and then the next there's a foot which goes from one side of my tummy to the other and you can practically make out its shape.

WEIRD, really weird!!!!

boba82 Sun 10-Jul-11 00:00:39

Yeah I've had a few waves too - freaky!

Keziah I was a 34D pre preg. Have had to be remeasured three times and am now a 38E. She reckons my feeding bras will be a 36E once baby moves down a bit. I've stuck with M&S as I always go there and have found them really helpful. Got a voucher for £5 off to as I'd had a fitting smile Are you needing a bigger bra already?

Keziahhopes Sun 10-Jul-11 13:43:55

Thanks for bra info Storm and Boba. Well I am a 32 FF these past few years (grew from a C cup, no idea how!!) so yes, Bravissimo is where I go Storm as M+S and places don't even do my size!!

I asked just because I thought you were not meant to wear underwired when pregnant and yesterday my lovely patterned Freya bra I was wearing suddenly didn't seem to fit!! I don't know how I would cope without underwired though. Am going where a Bravissimo is next week, don't know when next near one - so was trying to think ahead.

AnytimeNOW Sun 10-Jul-11 17:25:09

I'm usually 32FF/G and M&S do a small amount of these sizes, but as from about 16 weeks I found the underwires too painful (boobs went sooo sore), so I switched to maternity ones...managed to find some ok designs on Ebay (M&S), all new with tags, just end of season ones...some are a bit frumpy but some are lace and quite pretty...then again how pretty can I expect a 34H to be blush, I'm just glad they are supported, and hopefully won't resemble spaniels ears aftergrin I even sleep in an old sports bra sometimes just for comfort and to try and stop the sagging...

Hope all is well with everybody X

boba82 Sun 10-Jul-11 18:34:51

Yeah I switched to mat bras @ 6 weeks as wiring was uncomfy. Also the crossover sleep bras from Mothercare have been a lifesaver - really helped in the early days when boobs were agony. They go in dress sizes rather than bra sizes. I still wear them now for light support at night.

Keziahhopes Sun 10-Jul-11 18:43:22

Thanks - think need to investigate maternity bras sooner rather than later! Other problem is that one week of clexane injections and my stomach is getting as swollen as it was with ivf injections. At least I lost much of ivf weight so room for stomach to be swollen in normal clothes for now!

WaterKelpie Sun 10-Jul-11 20:25:49

I've had a brief look at maternity bras too. I'm small chested, but even so, most are absolutely hideous granny-type things. I think I will wait it out as long as possible and then invest in some Hotmilk type ones, that will do me for nursing too. When is the best time to get measured for nursing bras? I assume that breasts change after giving birth, but friends have bought beforehand, which doesn't make sense to me.

I'm more worried about moving into maternity clothes. At 9 weeks, I've already had people comment that I'm showing (!) and I've struggled to do up some jeans this week. This is a bit of a problem, since I've not told some of my friends and family that I'm pregnant! I wanted to wait until after the scan. Do you think it's because I was recently pregnant (carried to 12 weeks)? I don't remember it being this bad last time.

Exciting about the 'waves' across stomachs! That sounds bizzare! I can't wait to get to then (although will probably be moaning about all the various pregnancy ailments).

Keziahhopes Sun 10-Jul-11 22:34:46

grin at AnytimeNow - I will be in the same boat size wise I imagine!!

I felt nauseous today and was so happy to (yes am mad!) WaterKelpie - so maybe we will not moan wink

boba82 Mon 11-Jul-11 15:28:10

I was in maternity jeans at 11 weeks. Usually a size 10 and couldn't get them done up by then, a few weeks later couldn't even get them over my arse! blush I feel I have evened out now though and some people say I'm neat.

chocciechip Mon 11-Jul-11 17:39:09

On maternity bras .... don't forget that it's not just your boobs that change - your rib cage widens and therefore so does the size accross your back - so I'm not sure whether big busts before equate to proportionally big bust during pregnanacy. It kinda depends what the rest of you does. I started out a 32DD and am now a 36F (!), and by 20 weeks I'd re-purchased bras three times. I went to John Lewis and was warned this would happen, so settled for the cheapest non-wired bras available that fit me. They're not pretty, but I doubt I'll ever wear the early ones again and didn't wear them for very long, so happy to have saved the dosh. Things seem to have settled down now.

On maternity clothes ... there's a lot of bloating in early pregnancy and your tummies could just be that. I used an elastic band looped through the button hole and around my button for quite a while, and that carried me through until about 19 weeks before I moved into maternity jeans. Just be warned though that most of your maternity shopping will probably be online. I thought I could walk into a shop and browse and buy when I wanted to and this doesn't seem to be the case at all. So plan ahead if you can, if you have a special occassion etc.

Keziahhopes Mon 11-Jul-11 18:08:31

Choccie - handy to know change bra size several times in pregnancy, not realised that. Really hope not too much - don't mind the 32 going up - it is the FF I don't want too high!

StormBird Wed 13-Jul-11 21:01:07

Ladies its my due date tomorrow (14th) and not even a Twinge sad

Keziahhopes Wed 13-Jul-11 23:07:46

All the best Storm - have you got nice things planned if you are overdue to keep you occupied, or are you just desperate to be more comfy?

I am having my first intralipid infusion on Friday, on pessaries, on thyroxine, clexane injections and steroids. Such a lot has happened since Tue pm!! Very expensive few days as all but clexane are on private prescription, ouch! Going to be crucial 3 weeks to see if done enough in time, as have long list of immune issues.

So looking forward to birth announcements, weight, names, gender very soon to cheer me up smile.

AnytimeNOW Thu 14-Jul-11 07:42:53

Good luck Stormbird...you are on the home run now, even if baby Storm stays put a little longersmile...looking forward to all your newsgrin.

Keziahhopes good luck with all the treatment!smile.

Hello everybody! hope all is wellsmile.

My boy is booked to be be born 2 weeks today!!! hoping he stays put till then, he's been giving me a few niggles the last few days, but hoping that's just due to me being so busy with the other two DC! smile.

boba82 Thu 14-Jul-11 19:26:57

Storm oooh good luck - I'm already hoping I go two weeks early - wishful thinking hmm

Anytime hopefully he does stay put. What would happen if you did go into labour?

Keziah Got everything crossed for you honey! smile

StormBird Thu 14-Jul-11 19:44:50

Thanks Ladies............nothing to report here other than I've been to see the Midwife and she's booked me in for a Sweep on Monday morning. Not holding my breath that we get anywhere with a Sweep as my friend has had 2 so far and still nothing and I met a girl today who was n for her 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've got no plans if I was honest Keziah - just waiting to be comfortable again!!!

Here's hoping your boy stays put Anytime XXXX

Keziahhopes Fri 15-Jul-11 17:13:33

Storm - gosh a sweep so early, hope you don't need it!! And all best for next 2 weeks AnytimeNow.

Had my first intralipid today, 2nd one in 2 weeks time. But really can't wait till 4/8 when had scans (one NHs one and one at ivf clinic - mad really, but ivf one need to pay for in case of medication changes for my immune protocol!) and so long to see a heartbeat.

WaterKelpie Fri 15-Jul-11 20:02:48

Good Luck Storm! I hope you don't need a sweep, but if you do, it's successful the first time!

Keziah, that sounds like a gruelling schedule! I hope your treatment goes to plan.

Anytime - here's hoping your little boy stays where he should!

I have my midwife appointment on Monday so I'm excited about that. I've made a list of questions to ask her! Do you think she would look for a heartbeat? I don't think it's the 'done thing' but I'm quite anxious that everything is still ok, so I thought I might ask her if there was any chance she would have a listen.

I think my stomach growth is partly due to bloating! It's humiliating though, when people ask me how far along I am, and I say "9 weeks" and they look at me with surprise and then declare, "You're going to be huge!" with this strange glint in their eye to suggest that actually they relish the thought of me gaining as much weight as possible!

boba82 Fri 15-Jul-11 20:21:22

water good luck for the midwife. I didn't get to hear the heartbeat until around 16 weeks I think so don't get your hopes up. Not long until your scan though!

Storm best of luck for Mon!

Keziah not too long to wait although I know it will feel like a lifetime. My next scan is 27th July and it feels like it's taking forever!Think positive hun. x

Keziahhopes Sat 16-Jul-11 14:32:18

Kelpie - seems worth an ask grin

Well having found out private scans 20 miles away were £75 we booked one and had one today (compared to private prescriptions have realised that is cheap - ouch!) and amazingly saw a little heartbeat. shock - but she said as the embryo was so small (below her chart readings) I could not be 6 weeks but 5 weeks and some days! Measured 2.8mm. Have 2 little photos - not that you can see much!!

Mat. bra shopping was a disaster. House of Fraser don't do any, John Lewis did not do my size and Bravissimo seem to sell more clothes than bras, had the worst fitting ever and found out that they had nothing to sell me unless I wanted pink lace (er, no!) She said the bra I had on fitted well, so try mat. bra that size. I showed her where yesterday's one cut into me, and learnt that Bravissimo only sell 3 makes of mat. bras. She tried to get me to try a nursing bra on - mm, not yet!! I eventually got her to bring me a range of sizes, she said my original size fitted well. Sigh, eventually she admitted the size up (normal = 32FF and mat. one tried was 34G) fitted better and might last longer. Then said they had none in stock in that size - ah, that was why she wanted me to buy one too small!! Decided to wear old stretched 32FF's for a few more weeks and not my new ones that don't fit well !!! Then if get to 8 week scan ok (NHS one) try somewhere else.

boba82 Sat 16-Jul-11 16:27:47

keziah what a relief for you. You are lucky too, we had a scan at 5 1/2 weks and couldn't see a thing! Hope it's put your mind at rest for a few weeks anyway? Congratulations grinx

Keziahhopes Sat 16-Jul-11 19:07:46

Thanks Boba - by my dates am 6wks, but know it is early for heartbeat and embryo only 2.8mm so very tiny.

kezia....i started this preg as a 32ff as well; i have had to buy several lots of new bras already. i bought some 34gs around 8 or 9 weeks, then hung onto those far too long and got some 36gg nursing bras around 20 weeks (by which time i was bursting out of the others!); around 28 weeks i bought some 38gg nursing bras. at 32 weeks still fitting and desperately hoping they will do for nursing. im quite short (5'4") so my rib cage has been challenged.

i got all of mine from bravissimo, cant find anywhere locally that stocks maternity bras in my sizes (house of fraser told me 'bravissimo dont do anything above an f cup either' - rubbish). the most comfortable ones i have found are the royce ones. obviously my tits look awful, but are comfortable....

Keziahhopes Mon 18-Jul-11 15:38:43

Kitty - thanks for that. The Royce ones were the ones she would not let me try - grr... just the panache one they sell! The horrible pink lacey one!! Think I will do some internet ordering. My 32ff's are digging in now, know I need a 34g sooner rather than later.

StormBird Mon 18-Jul-11 18:29:40

Hi Ladies,

I haven't read through so I apologise - this be a selfish post just to update you all...

Went for my Sweep which went well but I was already 1cm dilated (we were all surprised). Have had terrible back ache since, which could be down to walking round town for 3 hours after the Sweep but I'm holding on to the hope that we might be getting somewhere!

My poor birthing ball has been squashed and rolled on so much I don't ever think it will return to its original shape LOL.

Anyway, I'm off for a bath to see if I can ease the back pain.

Good Luck to anyone who has appointments or Scan etc. I will post again soon.

Big Love

Keziahhopes Mon 18-Jul-11 21:49:07

Storm - 1cm dilated and you walked for 3hrs - wow!!! Looking forward to hearing some good news soon grin

boba82 Wed 20-Jul-11 18:44:35

Ooooooh good luck Storm grin

i just read this....backache is often early labour i believe.....excellent! i wonder whether theres a mini storm yet? does anyone know what shes having?

StormBird Wed 20-Jul-11 20:13:51

No news ladies I'm afraid!!!! Very Fed Up Storm here!!!!!

Kitty - I'm having a Boy - or at this rate he'll probably be a teenager! hmm

WaterKelpie Wed 20-Jul-11 22:55:06

Storm, how exciting! I hope things are well underway for you now!

Keziah, congratulations on seeing your little one's heartbeat. It's great that you've got a couple of pictures. That's the thing about the NHS - they were absolutely lovely when checking that the embryo was in the right place and alive, but they don't offer a momento!

I saw the midwife on Monday and explained my anxieties and she offered to try and hear the heartbeat without me even asking (although she explained that there was little chance of success as it's so early). But, we did hear one, and very clearly too! She was pleased and I was absolutely overjoyed, as we have never got this far with a heartbeat before!

I have dug out a few bras that I accidentally bought in a larger size last year, so they are doing me for now, until I have the time to go out and do some proper bra shopping, seen as I don't even know my size anymore.

Keziahhopes Wed 20-Jul-11 23:03:46

Great news Kelpie - heartbeat and a helpful midwife. That is so encouraging.

Storm - hope not too long now! Am away at weekend, so will try and borrow dh's iphone to pop on and find out -[grin[

boba82 Thu 21-Jul-11 09:13:00

Are you in hospital Storm or at home? How frustrating for you! Come on ministorm!!!

water glad you heard the heartbeat, how many weeks are you now?

Keziah is your NHS scan this week or next week?

WaterKelpie Thu 21-Jul-11 12:22:46

I'm 10.5 weeks now, so not long until my 12 week scan! I'm just hoping that little bean stays cosy and healthy inside.

Storm, I keep checking in hoping to hear good news from you! (No pressure!)

boba82 Thu 21-Jul-11 12:34:42

Everything will be fine water but it'll be the longest week and a half of your life!

Keziahhopes Thu 21-Jul-11 18:18:34

boba - NHS scan is 3/8, so two long more weeks! I should be 8/9 weeks then. Agree that these weeks feel longest weeks of life. I have to go to fetal medicine afterwards to meet part of the team to discuss my care apparently, which will be interesting as they don't know all my immune issues and medications yet!!

boba82 Thu 21-Jul-11 19:59:57

A week on wednesday keziah so not too long. I'm afraid to say the waiting hasn't got any easier for me. 7 weeks tomorrow until d-day and it feels like a lifetime away still! You'll feel more re-assured after speaking to them I'm sure. Due to my medical history and conditions I've received closer care so far and it has helped ease my anxieties just seeing obstetrician and extra scans etc. Hopefully it'll be the same for you. x

StormBird Thu 21-Jul-11 20:25:34

Thanks Ladies - am rather self obsessed at the moment and feel like I'm ignoring you all so I am sorry for all the selfish posting!!

I'm at home Boba - been back to the hospital today as haven't felt bubba move very much since the weekend so just popped in to get checked out. Baby is fine and is well engaged which is progress from Mondays sweep so that is good news and also explains the lack of movement. Have had some mild tightenings which the MW reassured me were contractions although not strong ones - but they have helped baby turn and he is no longer back to back!! Yey! MW said things are progressing if a little slowly, however they wouldn't examine me to see if I had dilated anymore cos I've got another Sweep booked for Saturday which is a little frustrating but I suppose they want to interfere as little as possible as its my first.

So am now back at home playing the waiting game AGAIN!!

DP is currently talking to my tummy and asking the little one to vacate the premises as his mummy is rather fed up now LOL grin

Keziah - lovely to see you got to see the HB at last xx

Water - glad you heard HB too hun xx

Boba - the waiting at the end as awful so try and organise as much to do as possible and don't make the same mistake I did and completely bank on baby being here by midday on your due date LOL xx

Keziahhopes Fri 22-Jul-11 10:58:03

Storm - great that you know things are progressing, however slowly!! Great he has turned the right way and is engaged. Hope you don't need that 2nd sweep and he obeys his daddy grin

Boba - yes, I think I am realising that I will be anxious every few weeks etc. I naivelly thought if I ever got a bfp I would just relax and all would be well. I don't think I get to see an obstetrician until week 20 from what they said to me -an 8 wk scan, 12 wk scan and see a midwife at hospital at 8wks to talk about my care. That will be interesting grin - at this stage all I am wanting is to see that there is still a hb and growth right for my weeks!!

Storm - looking forward to hearing all about babyStorm very soon smile xx

boba82 Fri 22-Jul-11 13:39:11

storm at least things are heading in the right direction - must be frustrating though. I'm banking on bobabean coming a week early please [wishful thinking emotion]! Hope ministorm is here before tomorrows sweep!

keziah I think when you've been ttc for a long time it makes the anxiety worse. It's just soooo hard to believe isn't it? x

Keziahhopes Fri 22-Jul-11 15:16:26

boba - why do you hope for bobabean a week early? Yes, you are right, I think anxiety is related to the length of time ttc. Counting down to week on Wed already!!

boba82 Fri 22-Jul-11 20:02:02

Just to get it out of me keziah I've had enough already and got 7 weks to go!!

StormBird Sat 23-Jul-11 05:34:40

UPDATE: Lots of irregular contractions over night, very little sleep but no real sign of a baby making an appearance today! sad

boba82 Sat 23-Jul-11 10:06:22

Come on ministorm grin! Hope you're bearing up ok Storm? x

going out today to celebrate my dad's birthday (hes 72....mental)...will be thinking of storm and hoping for another birthday! come on baby storm you can do it!

boba i know how you feel about wanting it out. i do want mine to come early too, but mainly because the pregnancy police want to induce me a week early and i dont want to and it would just save everyone the bother and fight!

kezia how have these last last few days been you are done school now? are you now about 7 weeks? when is the NHS scan? is that coming up this week? once that one is out of the way and you can see normal growth (as well as heartbeat which you saw very early which must be a very very positive sign), that will be wonderful. you will never stop worrying tho....altho it gets a lot easier once the kicking and fidgeting gets regular!

right i better go and shower etc. im knackered and would prefer to stay home in bed....

AnytimeNOW Sat 23-Jul-11 12:30:31

Oooh Storm sounds like baby is making a move smile, they can take a while to warm up and get a move on!...hope you are getting rest when and where you can? the no sleep lark at night is no fun! I can totally sympathise...my pelvis and hips are shot!, very best of luck! will keep checking back for your news grin.

I'm on countdown now...5 more sleeps till Baby arrives! that's if he stays put! been having lot's of contractions on and off...he seems to go into one when I'm supermarket shopping! thought I was going to pop in Sainsburys the other day! was clinging onto the cheese fridge for dear life! got some very odd looks hmm.

Kezia hope all good with you, glad the scan went well, fab news smile.

Boba hang on in there...not long now smile.

Kitty have a lovely day celebrating your dads birthday!...Mmmm cakegrin.

Hello to everybody elsegrin sorry for not name checking...will catch up when I have more time...just off to get the hair done ready for next weekgrin X

i was just reading back on old posts; did misslolita have her baby? wasnt she due a few weeks back? should we do the stats thing again?

boba82 Sat 23-Jul-11 22:30:13

Yes you're right kitty she must be too busy with baby smile Why are you having to get induced early?

Hope he stays put anytime!

Keziahhopes Sun 24-Jul-11 09:54:48

Boba - that makes sense grin

Kitty - lets hope your little one decides to be early so you can have the birth you want, that is a good idea!!

Storm - contractions, sounds encouraging - hope all goes well and not take too much longer for you Storm.

Thanks. Am ok, got to feeling tired, but that could just be because am on holiday and not at work right now but dh says it is a pregnancy symptom and am desperate for some grin Kitty - 10 days to go for NHS scan.

kezia tiredness is definitely a pregnancy symptom, its normal to start feeling really wiped out right around now! any nausea or anything? dont worry though if not, its perfectly normal (very luck too!)

boba i have type 1 diabetes so i have spent my entire pregnancy fighting blanket worst case scenario policies. it appears that the NHS expect all people with type 1 to be stupid and unable to control their condition well and hence at added risk of complications from malformities through to still birth. i keep extremely tight control of my condition and have said all along that some of the procedures are OTT. the 'standard' in my hospital is 39 week induction. i am hoping that the consultant is going to support my decision to go to term because i do have such good control, but have reached a point now where i am starting to look into how to go about signing disclaimers for all the various ridiculous things i currently have to deal with. to be honest, my preference at this point would be to spend a vast portion of our savings going to a private hospital and paying to get the care that i want!

well storm hasnt been on, i hope that means that the little man has made his arrival safe and sound.

hows everyone else getting on?

chocciechip Mon 25-Jul-11 14:37:59

...just lurking for news from Storm.

boba82 Mon 25-Jul-11 15:01:44

How you getting on choccie? Have you managed to relax any or work still manic?

keziah tiredness very good sign although if you're like me and permanently knackered you'll not be as happy about it come 33 weeks! My friend who is a week behind me has had no symptoms at all and is only now starting to feel wee bit tired so don't think symptoms really mean anything - still it puts your mind at ease a wee bit doesn't it?

I've had a week off and back tomorrow - dreading it but only 3 weeks to go so roll on Friday 12th August!!

WaterKelpie Tue 26-Jul-11 15:04:28

keziah, I went though a stage of being overly tired from 7-9 weeks, where everything I did seemed like an effort. I was going to bed at 8:30pm and still having a nap in the day! Fortunately, it seems to have got better. I still average about 10-11 hours per night, but I've cut out the naps and seem to have more energy over the day. I've taken up pregnancy yoga (I have done yoga in the past) and, although it's really gentle, it does seem to help somewhat. Also, I feel less nauseus, so I'm eating more, which probably helps with energy levels. I wouldn't worry about it too much - if you think of all the work your body is doing then it makes sense that you will be more tired. Good luck with the NHS scan. It's coming up soon, isn't it?

I wonder how Storm is getting on. I hope their little boy has made an appearance.

Keziahhopes Tue 26-Jul-11 15:42:32

Storm is absent - that looks like good news for them smile

Kelpie - yes, early nights are the way forward right now grin though getting up early each day for pessaries are not helping! 8 days until NHS scan but have midwife booking appointment this week.

Well bought maternity bras at last. Took friend with me. Ended up in Debenhams and was mortified that I have gone from a 32FF to a 38 inch band shock. Got Miriam Stoppard Comfort ones having given up in House of Fraser, John Lewis and Bravissimo. Be nice not to have red marks around ribs now!! It just feels too early to buy any.

StormBird Tue 26-Jul-11 21:24:27

Ladies........ I am so in love!!!

@9.51am on Sunday 24th July baby George Albert was born weighing in at a mahoosive 10lb 4oz and 59cm long - having only put on 8lb my entire pregnancy I have no idea where i hid him!

It was a pretty traumatic experience if I was honest and I will fill u all in eventually but for now we are so very proud and I wanted to let u all know.



Keziahhopes Tue 26-Jul-11 21:43:49

Ooh - congratulations Storm on baby George. What a lovely name. Gosh, that sounds a "healthy" birth weight and very tall.

Thank you so much for letting us know at such a special time. Do fill us all in when you have recovered, family left and you have a bit more time (if you ever will grin) - congratulations!! xxxxxx

awesome news storm so pleased! what a whopper! glad you are ok look forward to hearing from when you have the time (not sure if i want to know about the birth though its all a bit close for comfort now!!)


AnytimeNOW Wed 27-Jul-11 07:00:43

Oh Stormbird that's lovely news! well done you!!! glad you are both safe and well! George is a lovely boy's name! and what a fantastic weight! he's a big boy for his mummysmile.
Looking forward to hearing your birth story! hope you are recovering well, many congratulations to you all...X

Quick post from me...off to the hospital for the "Pre-Op" this morning in preparation for babys birthday tomorrow!!!!!grin!!!!!...excited...MUCH!!!!!! x

Have a good day ladiessmile X.

boba82 Wed 27-Jul-11 10:28:03

Congratulations Storm what a big boy!! Enjoy little George. x x x

Best of luck for tomorrow Anytime - another little boy to join us soon. x