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to let my toddler play outside in the rain 43 BabiesEverywhere 06/09/08 22:33
To dress DS (7) in girls clothes. On purpose?? 44 PinkyDinkyDooToo 06/09/08 22:04
so am I? 19 TheArmadillo 06/09/08 21:02
to get annoyed when things are not where they should be, so I can't hide them 7 lsa2 06/09/08 20:45
Is it me or do alot of the same people continually feed the trolls? 31 FlameproofArmor 06/09/08 20:42
to want to get rid of my mobile phone even though dh thinks I should keep it? 18 findtheriver 06/09/08 20:37
to think GB has no sense of society of human kindness any more? 27 Marchbirthday 06/09/08 19:52
to expect everyone to boycott the Metro hotel Woking 79 TheHedgeWitch 06/09/08 18:27
to feel a bit worried about DS going kayaking tomorrow? 23 Buda 06/09/08 16:34
To dislike visiting my grandad? 5 FlightAttendent 06/09/08 16:23
To be completely unable to find a decent winter coat for DD 35 Takver 06/09/08 15:51
to just not go to work 7 cheshirekitty 06/09/08 15:17
to feel very, very guilty after I screamed at the dog? 14 SecetMnetter 06/09/08 14:47
If you have not reserved seats on a train can you reasonably expect other passengers to stand to accomodate you and your DC? 156 nooka 06/09/08 14:03
to be ever so slightly bemused that 4 yo DD was taught about ghosts in relation to the film Pirates of the Caribbean at school today? 56 tortoiseshell 06/09/08 13:09
To be annoyed about someone else having a photo of her and my dp as a profile picture?? 67 bloomingfedup 06/09/08 13:08
to be pissed off when dp leaves dd's pram out in the rain. 23 fizzbuzz 06/09/08 13:04
to feel disgruntled that ds2's grandparents have.... 12 themildmanne… 06/09/08 12:46
to want an arranged marriage? 16 cheesesarnie 06/09/08 11:08
Untitled 7 bluejellybean 06/09/08 10:37
To expect my sister to not act like she's the first and last pregnant woman on earth 33 ipanemagirl 06/09/08 10:30
To want MIL to lock the dog in the kitchen when she visits (dog lovers, it isn't what you think!) 58 LazyLinePainterJane 06/09/08 08:41
because someone has put their feelings before mine? 30 Elasticwoman 06/09/08 08:38
to want to drag my DD to the panto even though she doesnt want to go? 11 solidgoldbrass 06/09/08 00:55
... in thinking that in a news story about the lack of midwives the TV com panies need to be interviewing someone from the Royal College of Midwives and NOT the Chief Nursing Officer 6 blossomsmine 06/09/08 00:01
To think this is the most stupid f*ing thing I have ever heard... 43 FAQ 06/09/08 00:00
to get really arsey with parents who... 50 TinkerBellesMum 05/09/08 22:52
AIBU to be bloody annoyed that centreparcs INSIST we book a three bed of two even though I have explained that mt DS will NOT sleep alone away from home...??? 44 bekkaboo 05/09/08 22:50
to hate the AIBU board? 42 SixSpotBurnet 05/09/08 22:08
to expect partner to come home when he says he is going to. 3 HonoriaGlossop 05/09/08 21:48
Upset by the nurses in the special care baby unit - long story 70 missjennipenni 05/09/08 21:42
to want people to treat me like a proper mother!! 6 ginnny 05/09/08 21:39
How far do you think it is reasonable to commute by car to work , 16 ChukkyPig 05/09/08 21:31
to want to leave home and return only once all my kiddies are past the teenage strops........ 21 ChacunaSonGout 05/09/08 21:31
To be shocked and dismayed that DS has been invited to a joint party. 422 Janni 05/09/08 21:11
to be totally pissed off 17 Romy7 05/09/08 20:04
to think my appt letter should have included the fact my scan was on that date too? 23 tiggerlovestobounce 05/09/08 18:30
to be rather peed off 42 notsoteenagemum 05/09/08 18:12
To ask my FIL to please stop hissing at DD 38 allytjd 05/09/08 18:05
to expect my pill instructions to be written in English? 10 babyignoramus 05/09/08 17:32
to be slightly annoyed that ds ruined my playdate 14 Nagapie 05/09/08 17:22
To be narked by disorganised people and lateness! 7 AccipeHoc 05/09/08 17:12
to think that an almost 6 year old is too old to be throwing tantrums? 44 DaphneMoon 05/09/08 14:35
to be totally and utterly fed up of people constantly telling couples that their relationships are inferior if they are not having sex at every opportunity 77 LittleMyDancing 05/09/08 14:29
Slogans on kids t-shirts 44 lotuseener 05/09/08 14:27
to expect DH to not go off by himself for 1 day of a 5 day holiday 110 taliac 05/09/08 13:44
To get irritated at people who continually preach about child 'rules' i.e. sleeping in with parents. 72 DaphneMoon 05/09/08 12:53
To be very cross and cut my nose off to spite my face in this situation.....??? 6 Nixz 05/09/08 12:04
to think my Father is a waste of space and my sister is a mug to him AHHHHHHHH!!!!! 5 2beornot2be 05/09/08 11:26
to slap a lifetime ban on ordering from Kleeneze in my household? 40 ChippyMinton 05/09/08 11:26
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