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To think that "celebrities" should NOT change a child's routine when they are caring for them on a TV show? 0 LewisFan 16/01/08 22:32
to feel that I am the aggrieved party here? 0 Vacua 16/01/08 22:06
.... in feeling it's a bit eeerrrgghh to discuss money with little children? 0 whichwitch 16/01/08 22:02
to expect dh to be home before 7pm for the first time in months... 0 perpetualworrier 16/01/08 21:03
to be annoyed that my house guest wont babysit on NYE?? 47 nowwearefour 16/01/08 20:34
to think that DH should at least have called once in the day to see how his il DD is? 0 perpetualworrier 16/01/08 20:15
to think mumsnet would be the one place you wouldnt get pulled down!! 0 FlameNFurter 16/01/08 19:13
to find it a bit annoying my mil gave dds golliwogs for christmas? 185 northernrefugee39 16/01/08 18:38
to wonder if my Dad ever had children? 0 notalone 16/01/08 16:22
To be bloody angry with the post office 0 evenhope 16/01/08 14:25
To be upset when cafes/restaurants refuse to heat up baby food due to Health and Safety? 0 HandbagAddiction 16/01/08 12:58
to think the council should provide a wheelie contraption for bottles.......... 0 rebelmum1 16/01/08 10:29
to think that Caprice should have dyed her roots before posing in the Next catalogue? 0 DrNortherner 16/01/08 10:25
to suggest my DH looks for a job back in UK after me encouraging him to get one here? 0 Fimbo 16/01/08 10:07
To be deeply annoyed & hurt by my parent's attitude. 0 moetandmilk 16/01/08 00:44
To feel frustrated, used and tired by this situation. 18 ninedragons 16/01/08 00:07
To expect not to have to wait 3hrs for phone call and 45mins in Drs waiting rm with dd (2.8) with a temperature of 104 (40) 0 Kewcumber 15/01/08 23:00
to not expect a plumber to deliberately cut wires on our boiler, so we buy a new one from him! 0 1dilemma 15/01/08 22:24
To put ds to bed at 5.30pm, with no dinner, becasue I had had enough of him ? 0 unknownrebelbang 15/01/08 21:56
to expect to walk through to playground with my dd's and not have some psycho mum teaching them new swear words 0 smartiejake 15/01/08 21:27
to expect DH to be more supportive of me now I'm pregnant? 0 dustbuster 15/01/08 19:35
to think that friend's fiance has no plans for a future together? 0 Wisteria 15/01/08 19:05
To expect my stepmother NOT to come round at 7.30pm with presents? 0 lissielou 15/01/08 18:02
to be wound up in advance by a visit to SIL tomo? 0 sparklesandwine 15/01/08 17:49
AIBU to want to change Godparents? 0 NAB3wishesfor2008 15/01/08 17:40
Noisy Neighbours 0 kerala 15/01/08 17:13
to expect my clothes horse to resist the urge to collapse on my hand and try and amputate my fingers. 0 binkleandflip 15/01/08 16:46
to be annoyed with my Mum for not telling me about her early menopause 0 lovecat 15/01/08 14:57
To want to murder all people who make nasty comments about me being a Blind, Pregnant Mum? 103 ManxMum 15/01/08 14:36
to be hurt 0 Desiderata 15/01/08 12:09
To want to kill the woman in the Transco call centre? (rant warning) 0 chrissnow 15/01/08 11:26
To be p*ssed off with boots. I'm searching "IN STOCK ITEMS" ffs! 0 lissielou 15/01/08 11:07
To expect my BIL to do the explaining!! 0 flossie64 15/01/08 10:48
at ballet last night.. 0 sabaidii 15/01/08 10:38
to be a bit miffed 0 dingdong05 15/01/08 10:27
to be really REALLY annoyed with my DH.... 0 Wisteria 15/01/08 08:24
in feeling totally and utterly done it with all the 'advice' out there.... 0 ratclare 15/01/08 07:58
to only agree to having another baby if.......... 0 AussieSim 15/01/08 02:24
To want to write to Adams head office and get them to explain their "policy"? 33 MicrowaveOnly 14/01/08 23:54
not allowed drink of water at brownies grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 0 moljam 14/01/08 22:39
I'm not, but the rest of my family moans 0 MsHighwater 14/01/08 22:26
in expecting a hotel to send DS's teddy bear back to us? 0 bozza 14/01/08 21:55
To really want a hot tub in our garden? 0 SayNOtotheco… 14/01/08 21:47
to expect a GP to diagnose conjunctivitis in a baby... 0 frisbyrat 14/01/08 21:42
Do I deserve this? I'm banned from Marks and Spencers nationally! 132 pralinegirl 14/01/08 21:37
or am I bring silly about my il's?? 0 UniversallyC… 14/01/08 20:34
To wish my partners family would call him HIS NAME! 49 lucicle 14/01/08 19:58
To be really annoyed with this woman 122 ScruffyTeddy 14/01/08 19:39
to park in the parent and toddler spaces when I'm on my own 133 scarymamma 14/01/08 18:57
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