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To wish everybody would just leave me the F*^%! alone!!! 73 LooMoo 04/07/08 13:33
To want my 23 year old brother a father of two to stand on his own two feet 15 KatieDD 04/07/08 12:20
To think this child minder is a nasty bitch with too much time on her hands?? 26 PinkChick 04/07/08 12:00
to hate kids wiht one pfb - go and dirve fast on a motorway fgs 12 lazarou 04/07/08 10:49
To be grrrrrr about mums holidays "plans" 16 posieflump 04/07/08 10:36
To give ds the remains of his packed lunch for his tea..... 18 whoops 04/07/08 10:16
To be deeply concerned about DD's friend, yet not know how to say something to her parents? 110 chocolatedot 04/07/08 10:13
to think that we're more "precious" about the way we bring up our kids than our parents/grandparents were 63 elkiedee 04/07/08 10:11
in thinking that my daugther's school shouldn't change the uniform to trousers allowed for girls without asking parents? 186 cory 04/07/08 10:04
in not wanting the neighbours kids turning up every day .... 3 pointydog 04/07/08 09:03
to think my flexible working request should have been resolved by now? 4 MaryBS 04/07/08 07:54
to think you shouldn't leave my 3 soon to be 4 year old niece asleep in the house on her own? 126 GordontheGopher 04/07/08 06:03
to have not started an Oh FFS, yes, you're all sodding unreasonable, you lunatics thread recently? 30 madamez 04/07/08 01:15
to expect my mum to have dh and a someone else's dog stay the night in the spare room. 16 madamez 03/07/08 23:27
to want some time off from being 'mum' 99 NoseyHelen 03/07/08 23:18
to be so pissed with hubby i cant bear to look at him 64 micci25 03/07/08 23:15
Am I being horrid to leave my 6 month old daughter to go on a hen doo? 31 katpotat 03/07/08 22:36
Not interested in arguing with you very PC types, just saying...... 227 choccypig 03/07/08 22:33
to be p***ed of that my dh is working on our sons 1st birthday? 8 Xenia 03/07/08 22:21
to expect my mum to have dh and a someone else's dog stay the night in the spare room. 3 ravenAK 03/07/08 22:19
To be worrying about my 12 year old sister - and editing what I tell our mum? 16 nametaken 03/07/08 21:56
to be upset that my FIL called my 37 w pregnant belly disgusting? 122 AnyFuleKno 03/07/08 21:55
PIL wants to visit DS at least twice a week 21 Booboobedoo 03/07/08 21:50
not to want my SIL to poach my cleaner? 16 clam 03/07/08 21:02
to be shocked at a mother feeding her 7 and 4 year old DS's yoghurt with a spoon? 259 Swedes 03/07/08 20:41
to think the avon lady should have put out my wheelie bin for me? 12 BarbaraWoodlouse 03/07/08 20:36
Never done an AIBU unreasonable before..Its exciting! Its about my dh's family...... 34 jenniebee 03/07/08 19:31
To think more should be done to target reading problems 37 ReallyTired 03/07/08 19:13
to not want DS2 to 'have sex' at a birthday party?!?! 10 NotQuiteCockney 03/07/08 18:41
AIBU to expect Paramedics 10 RubberDuck 03/07/08 18:34
to think what's the point of being married?? 133 batters 03/07/08 18:12
to want to find a fit softly spoken Irish man <swoon>, kidnap him, 33 PinkPurple 03/07/08 17:46
To want to slap stupid people on their sunburnt shoulders? 29 allytjd 03/07/08 17:16
to feel really irritated with people who........ 22 2shoes 03/07/08 17:11
to think BARGAIN FLIGHTS are a complete rip off? 39 ChippyMinton 03/07/08 17:07
To think the SENCO, of all people should be more careful with what she says or am I just being sensitive? 32 VictorianSqualor 03/07/08 16:35
To give ds the remains of his packed lunch for his tea..... 4 feetheart 03/07/08 16:28
to be pissed off that my mother helps my sister out and not me even when I don't actually NEED help? 33 twinkle5 03/07/08 16:00
to be pissed off with dp because he is sulking like a teenager 19 GrapefruitMoon 03/07/08 14:32
To be totally peed off with DDs prospective nursery 35 love2sleep 03/07/08 14:29
to be feeling a little "shoved out" 2 Hecate 03/07/08 14:03
To be fuming that dd has sunstroke and both dd`s are sunburnt after school sports ! 80 nooka 03/07/08 13:40
To be bloody angry with my bloody father in law? 19 MsDemeanor 03/07/08 12:52
that a radio program made a joke of 'shooting' Barack Obama? 43 TheMagnificent7 03/07/08 12:42
to think that the CSA is the biggest joke ever! 3 jammi 03/07/08 11:23
Men/Kids and advice needed...... 2 BouncingTurtle 03/07/08 10:52 not want to give my sister any of my DS's baby stuff? 75 Quintessenti… 03/07/08 10:00
to not take this job............ 11 3Ddonut 03/07/08 09:46
to think that I am still an okay mother even if I don't buy DD's shoes from Clarks? 64 lizziemun 03/07/08 09:14
to want to move a million miles away from this god-forsaken s**thole? 17 Roselily 03/07/08 08:52
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