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to think i have the right to say no to charities that come to my door? 18 uglymugly 15/01/10 20:09
To not understand this obsession with seasonal china? 59 Clayhead 15/01/10 19:17
To have forced my DS to wear tights until he was 37? 17 jetcatisfrozen 15/01/10 19:14
to allow my 4-year-old to open her presents at her birthday party? 110 mathanxiety 15/01/10 18:46
to wish a scientist would kindly invent a baby zapper? 4 jaggythistle 15/01/10 18:14
gym classes for toddlers 6 AlpenCrazy 15/01/10 17:12
To be, well, a bit of a slut 44 lucyellensmumagain 15/01/10 16:36
To think that cars sould not drive on paths? 13 StayingDavid… 15/01/10 16:18
Vegetarians 70 troublewithtalk 15/01/10 16:10
To think that if people were limited to the amout of propery they could earn, the cost of housing wouldn't be such a problem...? 23 HaveToWearHeels 15/01/10 15:04
to think we need to stop using what we feed our children as the main measure for our parenting skills 130 MamaMary 15/01/10 14:59
To wonder how an international superstar like Beyonce could let herself be pimped out like this. 38 MmeLindt 15/01/10 14:42
to think that unless you can control your volume when drunk.. 52 PureAsTheCol… 15/01/10 14:06
To wonder why an international superstar like Beyonce could let herself be pimped out like this. 8 tispity 15/01/10 14:03
Would you complain tot he council about this? 17 thatsnotmymonster 15/01/10 13:52
to dress my baby son in tights 122 heliotrope 15/01/10 13:52
To be annoyed by the BBC's comments on the Haiti relief efforts? 4 policygarry 15/01/10 13:48
AIBU to be feeling a bit lost? 8 fiveisanawfu… 15/01/10 13:47
To think Gordon Brown has got it so wrong? 115 Triggles 15/01/10 13:43
to bin DS's babygros? 12 BertieBotts 15/01/10 13:43
To try to administer eye drops to my 16mo DD? 15 bigcar 15/01/10 13:35
To think "pushy parents" need sorting out? 67 mattellie 15/01/10 13:08
to think it is a bit crass that news articles on Haiti are accompanied by ads for.. 4 mayorquimby 15/01/10 13:02
To think If I don't want my hotel room cleaned every day then that should be espected 3 StealthPolarBear 15/01/10 12:52
to take a gift back to a shop it wasn't bought from? 39 Seasonofgoodwill 15/01/10 12:44
AIBU to insist on a replcement not a refund? 23 Astley 15/01/10 12:42
To find putting a DC who could walk, in the shopping trolly with their shoes on, pretty disgusting? 155 MsSpentYoof 15/01/10 12:40
why oh why oh why do people put their lives at risk for material possessions? 20 TheDevilWearsPrimark 15/01/10 12:37
To be angry with dh? He thinks I am. 21 TheInvisibleManDidIt 15/01/10 11:52
to wonder if perhaps 'fat' is the new normal and society should just accept it. 75 madhairingin… 15/01/10 11:44
To think that if you have certain budget you have to compromise on somethings when buying a house 4 bibbitybobbityhat 15/01/10 11:28
To take DD out of school for one day 27 gorionine 15/01/10 11:22
To administer eye drops to my 16mo DD? 3 bluesheep 15/01/10 10:46
to be disappointed that the lovely snow is to be replaced by sodding rain? 53 MrsJamin 15/01/10 10:35
To want to cry at this? (ASD related) 35 alkiezrus 15/01/10 10:12
to demand mountaineers pay for their own rescue when they have been warned of bad weather 77 dreamingofsun 15/01/10 10:02
To lie about my 2 DC 26 marmaduke 15/01/10 10:01
button through duvets are the work of the devil 29 Triggles 15/01/10 09:30
to dislike the appellation "Mrs {DH's initial} {my surname}"? 114 skihorse 15/01/10 08:10
WE are pregnant. AIBU to think this the most cringe making statement in the world? 73 Threepwood 15/01/10 05:41
to be utterly shocked my another mothers comment today? 67 piprabbit 15/01/10 02:25
to think that if you are walking down the street with DC... 45 BritFish 15/01/10 01:47
To apologise for something that I don't want to? 131 WickedWench 15/01/10 00:55
to expect people to use the terms 'kayak' and 'canoe' properly? 93 PurplePixi 14/01/10 23:53
to expect family not to take advantage?? 11 TottWriter 14/01/10 23:17
to be upset about this or should I grow up and accept that this is normal when there are children from previous relationships? 164 overthemill 14/01/10 22:38
to tell my nan that I thought this was a bit young for DS or is it not too young for DS? 68 babyicebean 14/01/10 22:29
To spend all night practising Abba Sing Star so I can wipe the floor with 6yo dd? 7 SomeGuy 14/01/10 22:27
To not want to compromise over passive smoking issue? 19 fernie3 14/01/10 22:22
To not want my 18 month old dd to be pigeon holed as shy? 8 kinnies 14/01/10 21:38
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