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to not be ready when exp arrives to collect the kids? 14 mayorquimby 10/11/08 16:37
to insist that my dh doesn't have "teenage strops" at his parents this Xmas?! 7 onthepier 10/11/08 16:37
to think "Flouncer's Corner" is a very silly place... 15 DadOnAHotTinRoof 10/11/08 16:30
to think that it is rain. Just rain. It is not a torrent of burning hot tar. You do not have to block the road and park 6 inches from the school gate. Your child will not die of getting a bit damp... 46 SheikYerbouti 10/11/08 16:12
Stupid and spineless, perhaps, but I don't think unreasonable. Now not sure how to deal with it... 33 alicet 10/11/08 15:10
To want the dog owner who's dog's shit my buggy went through 37 MsSparkle 10/11/08 13:27
To collude with DS(6) in the sprout conspiracy? 11 onthewarpath 10/11/08 13:07
to think that at least one person could have turned up? 77 tw70 10/11/08 12:47
...or is this a bit misleading??? 5 nellynaemates 10/11/08 12:40
to think that maybe they shouldnt show playing with plastic bags on tikkabilla? 5 MrsTittleMouse 10/11/08 12:35
expecting to be asked before neigbours buidlers climb over my fence into my property to do some work ... 20 lingle 10/11/08 11:25
to not want to have to go on an expensive extended-family holiday 14 giantkatestacks 10/11/08 10:57
to expect friend's supportive phone call to be about "me" and not "her" 26 blinks 10/11/08 09:53
to not want DH to go away for christmas? 117 Kewcumber 10/11/08 09:44
to be really upset that DD coat went missing at school? 56 MadreInglese 10/11/08 09:36
Help! Cabin fever! 7 notsoteenagemum 10/11/08 09:21
To think if your baby has been ill and not allowed at nursery you should not go to a baby group instead? 19 Umlellala 10/11/08 09:19
to be hacked off at DP and his negativity towards MY DS? 28 MrsSnape 10/11/08 08:17
Is dh being unreasonable not letting ds go and see latest James Bond? 21 notcitrus 10/11/08 04:53
To be upset that my PIL have never taken a photo of my children 42 TheLadyEvenstar 10/11/08 01:25
To not want to take DD out in DPs van with only a lap belt on - she is three 22 MrsAki 09/11/08 23:28
in thinking you shouldn't bring your DOG to Secondary School Open House? 51 sunnygirl1412 09/11/08 22:43
to look forward to some sleb offspring growing up and giving the true story of what their family life was like when yet again... 3 Shoshe 09/11/08 21:40
to think that after saying 'Let's watch your favourite film together', Bloke could at least have had the decency to stay awake through the intro music, or even snore slightly less loudly so I can hear the feckin thing 8 FfreckleFface 09/11/08 21:28
To have scoffed ALL the lovely salty herby chicken skin THEN demand that DH carve it? 23 FfreckleFface 09/11/08 21:25
to be hacked off at DP and his negativity towards MY DS? 6 Miyazaki 09/11/08 21:19
to take the DCs and leave DH even though his behaviour has improved? 46 ilovemydogan… 09/11/08 21:12
to mind the smell of toddler poo? 13 nickytwotimes 09/11/08 20:43
To want my postman o delivery my mail and not threaten me? 30 TinkerBellesMum 09/11/08 20:23
To think my SIL is mad and my Brother an idiot for letting her do this? 28 fortyplus 09/11/08 20:07
to lie in bed while my DC watch dvd's downstairs??? 21 bobsyouruncle 09/11/08 18:43
to think that someone else should have intervened too? 15 guiltymcdonaldsuser 09/11/08 18:23
To think its weird to put your coat on the chair in front rather than your chair.. 25 Bathsheba 09/11/08 17:48
to go grrr at dh when he grrr at dd's for putting a sticker in the hsm 3 book wonky 6 ThePregnantH… 09/11/08 17:32
to think the "hero's" song sang by a load of wannabe xafactors is crap 27 cheshirekitty 09/11/08 17:07
In thinking that there is no excuse for someone of age 20 not to know what day it is today? 70 MaryBS 09/11/08 16:16
to ban in laws on Christmas Day? 13 idlingabout 09/11/08 16:08
AIBU Jesus V Santa Not for small eyes 54 AbbeyA 09/11/08 15:37
To put a Mooncup on the Christmas wish list 15 nbee84 09/11/08 15:31
to want to book a holiday, because ive been seriously ill and so has dh we are totally wiped out, but we can't really afford it 10 spottyzebrah… 09/11/08 14:47
To loathe christmas trees... well not really but I a way 13 dizzydixies 09/11/08 14:17
to invite mil & sil for xmas & Boxing days and no longer? 8 StayFrosty 09/11/08 14:15
To not give a flying fuck that my FIL is visiting tomorrow and not dash around to be a great host? 16 Ineedmorecho… 09/11/08 14:08
To think that people should mind their own beeswax when it comes to family size 9 cheshirekitty 09/11/08 14:00
to want to kill the woman in tesco car park!! 35 myredcardigan 09/11/08 13:47
to think this is totally unsuitable for a 39 year old? 93 FairLadyRantALot 09/11/08 12:28
to think it's ludicrous to get offered christmas eve as a date for a grommet operation 90 QOD 09/11/08 09:24
To hate the term ' WE are pregnant' ? 50 MadamDeathstare 09/11/08 02:45
to think the government have f**ked me over! 16 NattyTomAndEllen 09/11/08 00:15
AIBU in resenting the fact that my dh spent all day at the rugby? 11 nzshar 08/11/08 22:23
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