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at being shocked at the huge amount of teenagers who are overweight? 129 tallbirduk 24/02/08 17:46
Please don't post here, just thank FUCK that CM/Spend Time With Your Kids More Thread is DEAD!! 166 Oblomov 24/02/08 17:00
to think my sister and her husband can buy their daughter whatever she wants and they're prepared to pay for for her 18th? 11 VeronicaMars 24/02/08 16:38
I know its his body, he has a right to do as he pleases, blah, blah, blah ... but he wont bloody shave!!! 42 BarcodeZebra 24/02/08 15:49
or not? Can't get my head round this one!!! 10 catsmother 24/02/08 15:11
'The problem is you're too lazy to be a good mother' 52 jeremyspants 24/02/08 13:32
To wondre WHY we live in a world where it everyone else's fault? 83 duchesse 24/02/08 13:24
to buy a card but no present for MIL for mother's day? 38 beaniesteve 24/02/08 12:35
to visit rl and wish someone from from mn was there with me 15 2shoes 24/02/08 12:12
To want to drag people in off the street to look at my living room 11 ivykaty44 24/02/08 12:10
To have just shouted at two drivers who went over the zebra crossing when my deaf son and i were waiting? 44 elkiedee 24/02/08 12:02
To think that given many of the threads on MN at the moment we women need to give ourselves a good shake and take a long hard look at our attitudes to our roles as mothers and wives??? 85 bb99 24/02/08 11:24
to think that cold pizza is a totally suitable meal 41 Wordsmith 24/02/08 08:07
to think that not all teenagers are ill mannered little toerags? 12 davidsatthebar 24/02/08 07:24
To think people need to put the Judgypants away.. 40 davidsatthebar 24/02/08 07:19
Am i the only one in the world who doesn't see the fasination in Amy Winehouse? 183 hifi 23/02/08 23:30
dh comes home with a green tiffanys bag with a beautiuflly wrapped green tiffay's box inside.... 37 pukkapatch 23/02/08 23:27 be thinking of complaining to the BBC about the Cbeebies website (warning: not a life or death matter) 17 MsHighwater 23/02/08 22:00
To think the parents of children who are in childcare would like to see them more often? 1009 scottishmummy 23/02/08 21:51
to leave the dishes and other stuff that needs sorting until tomorrow..... 14 FAQ 23/02/08 21:50
for sale, one brand new tiffany's bag plus 12 pukkapatch 23/02/08 21:36
couldn't find right section and need advise quick about my son 17 yurt1 23/02/08 18:56
I think this is my very 1st AIBU thread.....I'm not (although I am being abit mad), but I want to see if DH is. 50 glucose 23/02/08 18:56
To think that Heinz Baked Beans should comes in tins and not plastic micro-waveable tubs? 39 Ambi 23/02/08 18:19
to not want to change the date of my sons birthday party? 41 lizziemun 23/02/08 17:02
to think it is terrible that i didn't get up untill 9.10 17 differentYea… 23/02/08 13:18
To be so annoyed at my supposed 'best friend' for completely betraying me???? 31 mumblesmummy 23/02/08 12:30
to think that children shouldn't have to give their ethnicity when filling in library surveys? 65 oldnewmummy 23/02/08 12:16
to send my children on a school trip to London? 54 nkf 23/02/08 12:12
to think that (part I) 54 HonoriaGlossop 23/02/08 12:05
to be annoyed with DH? 18 SmileysPeeple 23/02/08 10:37
to want to sit in the front seat of my own car? 16 Bouncingturtle 23/02/08 10:11
to not expect my dr to give me such a hard time over vaccinations 102 CristinaTheA… 23/02/08 09:38
Mother-in-law always wanting to visit...on her time?? 22 Flllightattendant 23/02/08 06:58
to have been driving a year on Saturday and have not yet driven on a motorway? 64 Scramble 23/02/08 00:13
"Aye" vs. "Yes" All Scottish mums opinions please 20 allytjd 23/02/08 00:11
to think that (part II) 16 mrsruffallo 22/02/08 23:30
to be shocked at arrival of wasp? 15 ViolentFemme 22/02/08 21:37
NOT to want to be a childminder?????? 19 MsHighwater 22/02/08 20:52
To be pissed off that I was accused of discrimination against disabled! 21 needmorecoffee 22/02/08 20:41
to feel a bit sad that I've never had a message deleted by MN? I mean, what the fuck have you go to do? 170 WatsTheStory 22/02/08 19:54
to think my OH should stop being a complete tosser? 38 chubbymummy 22/02/08 19:45
to think my 16 year old ds should know that you save a document 6 2shoes 22/02/08 17:01
To think FSID shouldn't be promoting the use of dummies? 204 TheDevilWearsPrimark 22/02/08 16:13
to seriously think about changing doctors 11 IndigoMoon 22/02/08 15:52
to be annoyed that MIL and FIL won't invite us to stay now we have DS? 24 nappyaddict 22/02/08 15:01
To advise my dd that it is prob best to keep away from badly behaved children? 11 Kimi 22/02/08 14:40
To expect important documentation be sent registered/recorder delivery 4 hecate 22/02/08 14:16
to hope my husband will 'help' our baby girl mark my first mothers' day? 22 hifi 22/02/08 12:29
to actually miss cbeebies 2 CinderellaIn… 22/02/08 12:23
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