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MNHQ calling: beta testers needed for the new MN app - with iOS 8 please! 160 FrannyMumsnet 23/12/14 15:38
AIBU - to expect parents to park safely when picking up their kids? 54 captainmummy 21/10/07 10:26
To object to biscuits being served at NCT coffee mornings ? 220 SofiaAmes 21/10/07 09:35
AIBU to have had a massive fight with my mum because... 17 Tommy 21/10/07 09:08
to not want dh to disrrupt my mumsnetting with a phone call 12 amytheearwaxbanisher 21/10/07 00:01
Perfumed baby [shock] 82 littleshebear 20/10/07 23:18
to not want to be the one who buys a bed? 11 lomondgore 20/10/07 22:18
to want normal programmes to resume now the rugby is over? 3 Crookshanksi… 20/10/07 22:13
to be annoyed at DH for taking a photo of a woman sunbathing? 39 RoyKinnear 20/10/07 21:44
What is it about us british and queue's????? 9 stoppinattwo 20/10/07 20:43
to think im too old to go "clubing" 53 REIDmylips 20/10/07 20:18
to be p*ssed off with thorntons 10 Pickie 20/10/07 19:50
to think any random jackass could be a better mother than me 79 Elasticwoman 20/10/07 19:43
to think my SIL is rude 39 starshaker 20/10/07 19:19
to think a 12 year age gap is just too big 45 talulasmum 20/10/07 16:23
to be getting annoyed with dead sister in laws mum 17 Elasticwoman 20/10/07 14:57
To expect dh to NOT have random female friends on facebook!! 11 UnquietDad 20/10/07 11:41
To think this post on the products thread is thinly disguised marketing bullsh*t from the company concerned and an abuse of MN 12 nannynick 20/10/07 08:12
to expect oh to either go to dd2 when she cries or to stay up and chat to me whilst I iron his shirts. 8 nappyaddict 19/10/07 23:52
To be pee'd off with friends who moan about how selfish their husbands are time and time again yet don't do anything about it? 32 LyraSilvertongue 19/10/07 22:28
To be really peed of with ds 1:1 ta 11 wideload 19/10/07 22:27
to not want to wake DD (9 months) in the middle of the night just so we can all have a nice meal? 52 NumberSix 19/10/07 22:17
To want to strangle Nina, because every time my lecturer says neuron all I can hear in my head is... 22 xXxamyxXx 19/10/07 21:59
To think I have scarred my dd's for life, by lettign them watch "crash test dummies" on sky 1 where big cook and little cook shot through... 11 DabblesInDar… 19/10/07 21:47
To not want to be told I look like one of the spice girls 5mins after I leave the hairdressers!!! 23 opinionateddad 19/10/07 21:04
to want to go and *shoot* the person who is setting fireworks off and keeps waking up ds 6 LittleMissNe… 19/10/07 21:02
To find the behaviour 22 WinkyWinkola 19/10/07 20:52
to be really cross with dh when he blocked mumsnet on my laptop 39 SenoraPostrophe 19/10/07 20:32
to think theres one too many "closet lesbiens" on mn 116 bossybritches 19/10/07 19:51
To think that a stomach bug should only last 24 hours max? 11 hennipenni 19/10/07 17:14
to be annoyed that other mums at swimming dish out chocolates 34 cornsilk 19/10/07 17:14
My Dad told me I shouldn't have had DD2 if I were only going to go back to work, and I'm cross 32 LadySnotAlot 19/10/07 17:09
smokers out in street 111 opinionateddad 19/10/07 16:54
To expect my son's junior school to phone parents to warn them of a suspicous person in the area ... 17 mamazon 19/10/07 16:39
to be rather annoyed with midwife? 40 3andnogore 19/10/07 16:21
To sometimes want my Dh to ask if I need any cash? 64 mrsmerton 19/10/07 15:16
To be crying after speaking to doctors because my poor sick ds won't stop crying 54 kindersurprise 19/10/07 15:03
to think that parents evening should be in the morning 44 2shoescreepi… 19/10/07 14:25
sure you must all think the same sometimes 17 crossma 19/10/07 14:13
to think that an evening job shouldn't train you during the day 6 mustsleep 19/10/07 14:10
to expect ex-h to actually pay the rent? 6 ManxMum 19/10/07 13:58
To want to stop the woman across the road eating biscuits and drinking tea? 27 captainmummy 19/10/07 13:56
I am, I know I am, but I'm getting FUCKED OFF!!! 30 newgirl 19/10/07 13:32
fees may not be worth their weight... 50 LIZS 19/10/07 13:27
To hide my Haagen Dazs deep in the freezer 2 belgo 19/10/07 12:59
to think you're all being unreasonable? 3 LolaTheShowgirl 19/10/07 12:56
To not want my son to become best buddies with the kid in the class that has no friends? 619 2mum 19/10/07 12:16
to expect mouse traps to catch my mouse??? 25 mylittlefreya 19/10/07 09:41
To want to go on holiday WITHOUT my kids? 22 Blackduck 19/10/07 09:07
to ask dh not to quote language such as "Get off me you paedophile!"... 3 yama 18/10/07 20:47
to be secretly pleased that DH has gone out to dinner without me? 22 escape 18/10/07 20:09
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