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for me to spend a small fortune on book??!! need to feel less guilty 60 lovecamping 27/08/08 19:59
ok, never posted in this section before but here goes... To think neighbours are a tad unfair to start ivf when they are going down the adoption route? 36 NicMac 27/08/08 19:04
to get a tattoo??? 22 Fizzylemonade 27/08/08 18:47
to want an easy life and not go for the promotion everyone expects? 8 alpech 27/08/08 18:35
to be angry that an Onken Biopot Yoghurt 'made with live bio cultures' and trying to pass off as healthy is actually full of chemicals and utter crap 25 PerkinWarbeck 27/08/08 18:27
Im not i know im not don't you agree?? 30 mayorquimby 27/08/08 16:22
To think mn is fab and all the moaning "cliquey" threads are oversensitive ?? 62 marymungoandmidge 27/08/08 15:56
To be livid with my SIL 53 lemonstartree 27/08/08 15:40
to be jealous of DH's life outside the house 22 thebecster 27/08/08 15:03
Don't even know where the fark to put this!!! 23 mamadiva 27/08/08 14:43
To think that MN is too cliquey for me? 140 marymungoandmidge 27/08/08 14:32
the UK is stupid to encourage 40,000 to got to uni and write Media studies essays? 62 Xenia 27/08/08 13:25
to leave my house in quite a state........... 7 FAQ 27/08/08 13:23
to really dislike the phrase 'ALL that matters is you have a healthy baby'? 104 scottishmummy 27/08/08 13:19
to expect not to be wolf whistled at when pregnant? 32 GirlWithTheM… 27/08/08 11:33
To BLW my dd in restaurants without comments or disaproving looks? 153 bozza 27/08/08 11:06
To go shopping or not to go shopping? 4 mamadiva 27/08/08 10:13
to think that if my ex did not bother taking a computer tower with him when he left 18 months ago... 14 oops 27/08/08 00:02
to think that the local swimming pool is the perfect place to splash? 44 3andnomore 26/08/08 23:53
To be pissed off that when DS did well in his GCSEs FIL said this... 32 mumeeee 26/08/08 23:19
to want to let her know what's going on? 129 ShyBaby 26/08/08 23:06
to demand my money back from the chinese takeaway for having godawful food poisoning all last night. 14 Lovesdogsandcats 26/08/08 22:55
To be cross that my MIL is STILL angling to have DS christened? 148 MamaHobgoblin 26/08/08 21:39
in thinking 7 is too old for a child to be in a pushchair with a baby's bottle of milk??? 53 MERLYPUSS 26/08/08 20:53
to think that Dadsnet should be for dads 25 onepieceoflollipop 26/08/08 20:32
to think i should have been told about .. 9 pamelat 26/08/08 20:24
To not to find this even remotely funny, but infact be offended AND annoyed DH told me the 'joke' 19 dittany 26/08/08 19:56
To hate having my dp's family here? 68 lauraloola 26/08/08 19:54
Why do I get so cross with DH? 10 Janni 26/08/08 19:47
to leave a 14 y.o babysitting my 2 dd's? 15 RhinestoneCowgirl 26/08/08 18:47
PMSL - Usain Bolt celebrating Video 5 megcleary 26/08/08 18:32
To be sad that my SIL thinks its OK to force feed her 8 month old DD? 47 flickthelitt… 26/08/08 18:11
to feel offended by mil comments of "let's hope he's not ginger" 43 snarky 26/08/08 17:54
to be angry that he's smoking eels. 85 pointydog 26/08/08 17:35 think that no athlete under 16 should compete in the Olympics? 22 TheSmallClanger 26/08/08 17:17
to not want my friend to call round just before ds' bedtime? 5 Tommy 26/08/08 17:03
To be starving and want lunch at 10.30 in the morning?? 16 BeHereNow 26/08/08 13:20
to be pissed off with the doctors I have had recently who seem to not be arsed with seeing patients? 8 BlueberryBeret 26/08/08 12:09
.. in thinking most men are immature bastards who think with their sexual organs and bugger all else? 3 mayorquimby 26/08/08 11:45
to expect not to be 'moved on' while pg? 42 msdemeanor 26/08/08 11:39
To expect not to be a single parent at the weekends as well as during the week! 18 HonoriaGlossop 26/08/08 10:59
to think my SIL spoke inappropriately to my 5 year old 125 AbbeyA 26/08/08 08:32
To think that sometimes my DH might like to listen and accept I am right!!! 4 Slur 26/08/08 01:05
To think that if you dare to disgaree with another mn'ter they launch a personal attack on you which is backed up by other bullies? 21 TheHedgeWitch 25/08/08 23:54
To be more peed off by the quality of DH's porn rather than the fact that I've caught him looking at it? 19 hf128219 25/08/08 22:38
.... or rather is DH being unreasonable, being left alone with 15 kids!! 8 Clary 25/08/08 22:30
To not want this rude woman to stand so close to me at the cashpoint? 37 YumeeMumee 25/08/08 22:17
to think you shold not discuss your sex life in great detail, in an EXTREMELY loud voice, on a bus full of children. 17 scottishmummy 25/08/08 22:13
to get offended because peopel keep BREATHING near me 16 scottishmummy 25/08/08 22:03
To want my mother to treat me as if I'm 33 rather than 3 35 MollyCherry 25/08/08 22:03
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