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To think its not cos shes proud BUT to show off 22 Milliways 23/01/09 22:49
To go out for a night out and act like a horny teenager? 10 newlysinglemummy 23/01/09 22:24
to increase our mortgage to move to a house that is no larger but has a lovely garden and is in a better location? 33 FuriousGeorge 23/01/09 21:36 feel used and discarded like an old shoe... 22 lalalonglegs 23/01/09 20:40
to be really enjoying not o being in thrall to my DC all the time, and sometimes choosing to stay late at work because I am enjoying it? 35 ruty 23/01/09 20:37
Should I make Cupcakes or Not... 10 harpomarx 23/01/09 20:36 ask for housekeeping money? 14 vtiredmummy 23/01/09 20:27
to feed DH last night's leftover (and slightly dried up) cannelloni... 3 mrsseanbean 23/01/09 20:07
to think that DLA people might return calls or pay me some bloody money even if they're really busy??? 4 walkinthewoods 23/01/09 19:44
AIBU - not to want my colleague to comment on everything I eat?? 26 sarahken 23/01/09 19:28
To make DP sleep on couch? 30 Thankyouandgoodnight 23/01/09 19:20
To think my parents should of checked with me before buying DD a trampoline for the garden, 10 ft 16 Blondeshavemorefun 23/01/09 19:16
<screams> to expect to find just one or two frickin meals that BOTH my children will eat.... 47 piscesmoon 23/01/09 19:03
To think that if someone says they will be here at a certain time to see DD, then they should be here..... 6 DustyTv 23/01/09 19:01
To expect to take my pushchair into toddler group? 47 oldraver 23/01/09 18:46
Just need a rant - Family and money DO NOT MIX! 3 BrownSuga 23/01/09 16:56
AIBU to loathe the huge flatscreen TV now sitting in my living room? 224 BonsoirAnna 23/01/09 16:07
To not have the faintest idea what all this Obama stuff is about?? 225 AlysGriffin 23/01/09 15:26
to expect the local shops to be willing to return my calls 4 quint 23/01/09 15:22
to think that if someone has just a baby... 22 bronze 23/01/09 15:09
to have just realised my dh might actually be a saint. 14 Tillyscoutsmum 23/01/09 15:02
I think I have been royally ripped off by the telpehone engineer.! Revenge ideas please!! 9 claw3 23/01/09 15:00
To refuse to lift anything at work 19 ANTagony 23/01/09 14:54
to tick a child off about their behaviour 48 Joolyjoolyjoo 23/01/09 14:14
Am I being over sensitive about this? 28 tumtumtetum 23/01/09 13:02
To park DS1 in front of Cbeebies all day because I can't cope? 14 Gorionine 23/01/09 12:36
to find threads about what is common - common? 49 kittybrown 23/01/09 12:20
To expect to be consulted about summer holiday! Long sorry 16 Dropdeadfred 23/01/09 11:56
to be annoyed when people describe making up bottles as "faffing around" 141 nappyaddict 23/01/09 11:07
To be really embarrassed about this?! 35 starbear 23/01/09 09:39
to say to my kid" if you can't do your homework then take it back in UNDONE" 157 nooka 23/01/09 02:48
To think this teacher needs his head checked at the very least? 44 serin 22/01/09 23:01
To cut off sil because my brother refused to talk to me when my brother died and my father 3 starbear 22/01/09 21:13
little cars are the spawn of the devil.................... 78 fledtoscotland 22/01/09 20:50
To be a little miffed with my sons nursery? 7 dangfando 22/01/09 20:15
Is my Dad bonkers or am I being selfish? 132 mummypumpkin 22/01/09 20:00
To feel patronised by this?! 63 PlumBumMum 22/01/09 19:47
in wanting to join DD2....... 4 JumpingDizzy 22/01/09 18:36
To be really peed off with parents who haven't responded to dd's party invite?? 19 Blondeshavemorefun 22/01/09 17:51
to think it all goes quiet on MN wen its time or the school run? 12 HecateQueenOfGhosts 22/01/09 17:06
Irrational hatred of the MOONPIG advert.............................tell me I am not alone..................... 132 duchesse 22/01/09 15:58
medised? 39 mejon 22/01/09 15:52
To expect DP to get up in the mornings at weekends, preferably before 10am 22 ManIFeelLikeAWoman 22/01/09 14:37
to be really irritated by a) strangers mauling DS and b) people taking his thumb away 30 smartiejake 22/01/09 13:48
To hate BT (very Long) 7 Shoshe 22/01/09 13:13
to think dh has a right to wear what he damn well likes to work? 39 womblingfree 22/01/09 12:05
to think it was really 'off' for the woman in the bank to spot DH with newborn DD in the sling, make her way out from behind the desk, approach DH and say 'oh she is lovely... do you have life protection?' 24 SlartyBartFast 22/01/09 11:42
To nap in the daytime with ds2? To not want breastfeeding referred to as bitty? AND To not think i am ruining my childs chances of ever sleeping alone? 27 BalloonSlayer 22/01/09 11:22
DH thinks I spend all his money 24 violethill 22/01/09 09:35
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