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Children on facebook? Mumsnet jury? 32 colacubes 18/11/08 17:02
To stay at OUR home this Christmas and not travel! 26 helenhismadwife 18/11/08 15:40
To put my 6 week old baby in to nursery for 1 half day a week so i can have a break? 174 kitbit 18/11/08 15:18
to worry about DD using a chat room type website 13 pingping 18/11/08 15:13
not to take my kids 31 claw3 18/11/08 14:47
to think a five year old should not be playing 18 rated computer games??? 34 schneebly 18/11/08 14:39
to buy ds1 a reward chart to keep at school because he was off sick when they were distributed? 9 saadia 18/11/08 14:35
to hate bing a sahp? 15 pingping 18/11/08 13:37 be pissed off at this comment from a 'friend' 37 DaphneMoon 18/11/08 13:19
to be upset that my friend didn't tell me she was pregnant - twice?!!! 23 MrsTittleMouse 18/11/08 12:32
to want to shout "for god's sake leave me alone!" to ds and dh? 14 soopermum1 18/11/08 12:23
to claim compensation from the NHS over birth experience? 111 Romy7 18/11/08 10:39
to want MIL to give me my watch back!? 14 Lucy87 18/11/08 10:36
to be angry with the NSPCC for the letter I received this morning? 58 ABloke 18/11/08 09:55
Following on from the Carrie Grant thread that I missed the end of... 21 snowleopard 18/11/08 08:40
to expect 7 yr old DSs to go to sleep when I put them to bed? 7 StephanieByng 18/11/08 07:23
Has DH gone deaf over night or am i speaking alien all of a sudden???? 7 rmm 18/11/08 07:11
to want more than a refund after the karaoke failed to work on the massive family party I organised? 7 Spidermama 17/11/08 23:50
where can i find a multicultural area on the outskirts of london, with a low crime rate, good schools, friendly people and reasonably priced houses and good transport links! 122 sunshineakindat 17/11/08 22:34
In admitting that I like being a SAHP? 95 LaVie 17/11/08 22:17
To expect a 12month old to be well for at least 2 weeks! 14 SH27 17/11/08 22:12
to think husband shouldnt go away with work? 38 Joolyjoolyjoo 17/11/08 22:11
To think that DP really should have thought to tell me that he's not going to be coming home tonight? 7 Stefka 17/11/08 21:52
To think this dance school is being manipulative and underhand 22 hatwoman 17/11/08 21:37
To think possibly private health insurance isn't worth the premiums? 15 blueshoes 17/11/08 21:32
To wear a dress when sister wants me to wear trousers? 5 Hulababy 17/11/08 21:30
To request that staff at my local childrens centre don't give out advice contrary to government guidelines? 19 BouncingTurtle 17/11/08 21:17
to ask mil to phone me before she bothers NHS direct again. 18 fizzbuzz 17/11/08 21:13
to think that some folk on freecycle are utter preneurs de pisse? [Freecycle thread # 9218379238172931] 32 eemie 17/11/08 21:07
to think the hospital could get its act together 26 pyjamarama 17/11/08 20:58
to want to cancel a hotel booking on the strength of a dodgy review from a year ago? 17 FuriousGeorge 17/11/08 20:56
to have reported this rude man to freecycle moderators?? 15 misselizabethbennet 17/11/08 20:44
to be surprised that somebody would choose not to go to their child's harvest festival when... 70 emkana 17/11/08 20:14
To have released a goldfish into the stream behind our house 171 madmildred 17/11/08 19:41
to want to tell you all (well not all) to fucking shut up and stop it now 42 DisasterArea 17/11/08 18:50
to feel a bit sad for children whose mothers feel a bit sad about other mothers' children going to nursery from 8-6 every day 34 ScottishMummy 17/11/08 18:34
to be really upset that neighbour has said she wants to walk to school without us?? 39 Widdershins 17/11/08 17:27
To think Harry Potter is not suitable reading for under 10s? 120 madmildred 17/11/08 17:22 think a 13yr old shouldn't go unsupervised to see Kanye West? 14 StewieGriffinsMom 17/11/08 17:20
in wanting to see my dd at the weekend. 23 FfreckleFface 17/11/08 16:52
Children taking things into school & giving to other children 30 Brie5 17/11/08 16:17
to think that the London dungeon is not the most suitable place for 5-7 year olds? 16 mabanana 17/11/08 16:05
To be mildlly annoyed that my Aunty and Uncle have said they can't come to DS3's Christening............... 47 Naive 17/11/08 16:04
to think this driver should not be on the road? 22 wotulookinat 17/11/08 15:35
To think I could accept a new job & they wouldn't mind if I got pregnant? 22 VeryKeenForABean 17/11/08 15:31
to expect not to be blamed for a receptionists mistake!!! 12 sparklestickchick 17/11/08 15:30
I would really like to know if I am. 14 SpringySunshine 17/11/08 14:47
to expect my mum to give money to a charity that I've requested? 17 MissM 17/11/08 14:03
Need to get this off my chest before Monday - It's about Red Heads ! 119 pinkspook 17/11/08 13:59
to want to tear down the Star Of The Week chart and jump up and down on it 84 mummag 17/11/08 13:22
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