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to think that a pair of well fitting shoes is a neccesity (sp) for a child? 86 FioFio 14/02/08 14:05
to be so pissed off with dh? 8 branflake81 14/02/08 14:05
car parking again! 28 flossish 14/02/08 12:21
to want to shout at old women? 31 anniemac 14/02/08 12:06
To want my sister and bil to be my children's guardian 20 cmotdibbler 14/02/08 11:05
in wanting to move house because of hideoous children? 4 nickytwotimes 14/02/08 11:02
to be furious with DP and ignore him all morning 15 Julezboo 14/02/08 08:47
To expect that when a lift going DOWN reaches the bottom floor, everyone will get out, not give me dirty looks 25 FrannyandZooey 14/02/08 08:45
Was I? 13 CalintineFrauers 13/02/08 23:02
To want to spy on my DD in the school playground to see if anyone is playing with her? 36 SSSandy2 13/02/08 21:58
To think that it isn't just men who are capable of sexual abuse of children? 62 VeniVidiVickiQV 13/02/08 21:44
to be mad that dh hasn't heard the outcome of a job interview 16 kayzisbroody 13/02/08 21:16
to be feeling trapped, fed up and apathetic? 13 beeper 13/02/08 19:52
to be annoyed 18 fifibella 13/02/08 19:20
to be v pissed off with my neighbour and to want to leave a note on his car? 10 Psychomum5 13/02/08 17:26
To worry that this child carer stank of alcohol? 34 notnowbernard 13/02/08 16:02
to think that surely it can't be that hard to get a job? 35 2shoeswithheartson 13/02/08 15:14
to want to shout at mr and mrs gormless over the road. 9 BigGitDad 13/02/08 13:28
to think that 2 nappy changes in a 9 hour day at nursery isn't enough? 66 SugarSkyHigh 13/02/08 12:42
You know that scene in Monster-in-Law 6 Chequers 13/02/08 11:47
? to think my husband has been an a*se today? 53 Katie3677 13/02/08 11:31
To expect housing association to act on unruly kids that bully others! 28 BITCAT 13/02/08 11:11
For Feeling Uncomfortable About........... 16 chinchi 13/02/08 10:46
to think that a holiday should be a holiday 24 smartiejake 13/02/08 09:50
To be annoyed by customers who implement a single queuing system at the cashpoints 34 Kathyis6incheshigh 13/02/08 09:17
to think that my parents could help out a bit more with their (only) grandchildren?? 45 Chequers 13/02/08 09:11
To think John Lewis should make returning unsolicited goods a bit easier? 5 Chequers 13/02/08 09:09
AIBU by brightening up a dull MN day with............. 8 ChirpyGirl 13/02/08 08:55
sometimes people take a really strong stance on AIBU threads just for fight value? 4 2shoeswithheartson 13/02/08 08:54
to wish friend had not hugged us? 82 Bangandthedirtisgone 13/02/08 08:39
to have had a go at my PIL about a present for our DS from a BIL and SIL we don’t speak to 69 Upwind 13/02/08 08:20
or is she? 26 edam 12/02/08 22:48
in wanting to throttle dh when he says 'its my car' 10 Flibbertyjibbet 12/02/08 22:24
to stop DS spending £15 on pokemon cards 32 stoppinattwo 12/02/08 20:51
childminders on MN when someone is paying them to look after their dc 277 welliemum 12/02/08 19:35
I criticised a woman's parking in a car park the other day 9 Vacua 12/02/08 19:17
to think my employers are trying to get rid of me!!! 10 flowerybeanbag 12/02/08 16:05
To expect the police to take smashing a car up in the street seriously and not get asked 'why did you phone the police?' 43 JFly 12/02/08 15:44
To pretend to be researching boarding schools to make the Dc behave? 13 hanaflower 12/02/08 15:31
a question about pizza which is representative of deeper isses 82 pizzaz 12/02/08 13:24
To not want DH to have to park our car in a place where cars have been vandalised/tax stolen on several occaisions in the past? Does anyone know anything about employees rights? Please help. 16 dal21 12/02/08 13:05
I am going to sound such a saddo but here goes... 12 bobsyouruncle 12/02/08 12:56
to have beleived that inviting a child to sleepover does not equate to them moving in for the weekend? 11 OrmIrian 12/02/08 12:23
some mad bint left a note on my car....... 37 PippiCalzelunghe 12/02/08 11:52
to object to the action for the soind 'ai' in school?! 26 Reallytired 12/02/08 10:26
AIBU for pulling the phone plug on my mum? 15 MoominMum 12/02/08 10:17
to think I will catch up with an old friend, in a zoo, during half term, with our 4 kids in tow? 12 ChirpyGirl 11/02/08 23:02
To want to go round the board tonight posting nothing but "I don't care" 29 stealthsquiggle 11/02/08 22:49
to leave a note on the car that parked in the parent & child spaces but did not have any kids.. 80 Twigy 11/02/08 22:39
to hate Bill Grainger the aussie cook in his whiter than white smugage 27 skyatnight 11/02/08 22:12
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