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to want to ask dd's friend's Mum whether her dd wrote F**k on my dd's Club Penguin page? 17 Morloth 19/11/09 09:32
To despair about how little people, the media and politicians seem to care about the environment. 32 madamearcati 19/11/09 09:16
to not want me to work on a weekend as it affects his social life! 38 Arwenwasrobbed 19/11/09 09:05
to think that DS has been given dodgy advice at his anti-bullying day? 36 Pheebe 19/11/09 08:12
to be fed up with my MIL bringing gifts all the time? 30 Sexonlegs 19/11/09 07:54
To ring the house phone from my mobile phone so DP releases his VICE like grip on the TV remote in his haste to answer it :))) 6 stoppinattwo 19/11/09 06:29
to sometimes want to say "suck it up and get on with it?" 17 Poohbearsmom 19/11/09 01:31 not expect to still be waiting for a dishwasher that was scheduled to arrive at 12pm today? 9 Firawla 18/11/09 23:31
for thinking that Gordon Ramsay is quite sexy? 80 Flibbertyjibbet 18/11/09 22:25
to think that it's a bit much to ask for a caravan on freecycle? 9 MaryMotherOfCheeses 18/11/09 22:15 refuse to move my wedding date to avoid upsetting someone I don't know? 150 cory 18/11/09 20:54
to kind of want to pick our own present.. I am.. 34 PartTimeParent 18/11/09 20:42
to think that my FIL shouldn't have pretended to "shoot" my toddler? 49 NanaNina 18/11/09 20:07
AIBU about belly binding? 58 WidowWadman 18/11/09 19:47
to refuse to drop DD's at XH's? 33 CarGirl 18/11/09 19:44
to want dh to go to the doctors with a pain in his chest? 44 insertwittyn… 18/11/09 19:32
To complain about this chemist for happy prescribing?? 16 VicarInaTuTu 18/11/09 19:31
to be really cross that NO ONE can be arsed to help at PTA fayre 324 roundwindow 18/11/09 19:12
to think dh's parents could have organised his grandad's funeral on a different day. 58 ruddynorah 18/11/09 17:53
OK Not sure if I'm being unreasonable or PFB 5 lizziemun 18/11/09 16:13
to not want to lend my pram to a friend? 44 MrsVik 18/11/09 14:47
to be slightly hacked off with DH 4 drivinmecrazy 18/11/09 14:06
In wanting to make disability hate crimes as illegal and unaccepatable as race hate crimes? 90 ohmeohmy 18/11/09 13:46
Daughter's School told her the "truth" about Santa 68 LilyBolero 18/11/09 13:13
in thinking that this behaviour in British slaughterhouses is horrific and needs to be stopped? 136 Rhubarb 18/11/09 13:11
To be annoyed at people that think that a 2.8 year old should be potty trained by now 101 alana39 18/11/09 12:57
to think that I am pregnant!! 16 Mudandmayhem 18/11/09 12:15
to expect Tesco Pharmacy to know their services ? 2 Firawla 18/11/09 12:01
To think there is no point in having priority seats on the tube/bus 17 Gangle 18/11/09 11:47
To think that some folk take this far too seriously 239 claw3 18/11/09 11:36
to stay? 13 lorrycat 18/11/09 11:22
To watch Twilight and do some knitting? 4 TheHeathenOfSuburbia 18/11/09 11:21
to maintan a frosty politeness until i get an apology? 101 Mandy1966 18/11/09 10:52
to think that sometimes you do get a bit of evidence that you are NOT in fact a terrible mother 4 usamama 18/11/09 10:43
to not want to 'Forgive and Forget' yet again? 46 BlueCollie 18/11/09 10:37
aibu to think some people (on here) need to get a life/identity of their own? 171 Maleeka 18/11/09 10:11
To think my smug ex-friend will be eating her words in a couple of years time? 111 chocolaterabbit 18/11/09 10:10
to wish mika wouldn't sing in that awful high pitch put on voice 8 zebramummy 18/11/09 09:42
to really hate this hush hush policy 13 saraya 18/11/09 09:18
To be sooooo broody 3 Mishy1234 18/11/09 09:12
To be ridiculous about ds going to school in September? 42 usamama 18/11/09 08:39
To think that this Times article about selfish mothers is vile 353 msmerlin 18/11/09 07:57
to be insamnely irritated by references to 'the big four o' or 'the big five o'? 6 borderslass 18/11/09 06:22
To refuse to go on holiday with DH!!!!!! 33 JackBauer 17/11/09 23:49
to not want to be told what to buy for Xmas? 29 meltedchocolate 17/11/09 23:26
to think that BF beyond 6 months is not exactly hard? 85 UnseenAcademicalMum 17/11/09 23:18
to not want to take over all the housework? 50 groundhogs 17/11/09 23:10
to think that windows 7 ads are weird 6 PigeonPie 17/11/09 22:44
to be upset that DH did not buy me a curly wurly straw to take to the hospital? 29 dopeydoot 17/11/09 22:34
To think its a bit bloody off to send your kid to play at someone elses house armed with poster paints and crafty bloody sponges 29 crankytwanky 17/11/09 22:05
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