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Am I being unreasonable?

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Season's (well nearly) greetings, and welcome to the MUMSNET SECRET SANTA 2014! 137 cozietoesie 22/10/14 11:28
in thinking rather than post in WANTED they just go to the bloody shop? 6 pukkapatch 07/11/07 23:02
in wanting to give my bil a quick firm kick? 14 williamsmummy 07/11/07 22:26
to be upset with DH because he canceled a lovely evening to go to friends 14 nametaken 07/11/07 22:23
to still expect to be able to get a kid's swimming costume on the High Street... 15 Wheelybug 07/11/07 22:17
PFB or right to be annoyed? 12 ELF1981 07/11/07 20:32
to consider going completely on strike so dh gets the idea that i do actually do something all day other than swan about doing lunch and quaffing lattes??? 37 Maggieb52 07/11/07 20:30
To think that my mum should put me above an episode of Jezza Kyle??? 32 NorthernLurker 07/11/07 19:49
to be cross at having to contribute to work collections whilst on maternity leave? 33 duchesse 07/11/07 18:50
To think that a Christmas Tree Festival in a church shouldn't include a Santa's Grotto? 42 Peachy 07/11/07 17:32
to think this company needs a lesson in environmentally friendliness 8 derah 07/11/07 16:27
to expect people not to ring at 10.30pm on a sunday night?? 16 squimlet 07/11/07 15:27
to expect adults to be able to eat without showing me all there chewed up food 14 Caroline1852 07/11/07 15:08
to be very very angry at old friend? 11 skeletonbones 07/11/07 11:52
To expect some consideration from my living at home 21 year old son? 174 jennyz 07/11/07 10:04
For my DS 12 should to be able to use the local park as a short cut without being mugged 11 christywhisty 07/11/07 09:04
to hate it when people on MSN go offline without saying bye after chatting? 7 MrsWeasley 06/11/07 22:34
to get irritated when friends of dh's (either with tiny babies or no babies) bang on about how nursery isn't good for babies and how cms are best when they *know* we use nursery? 63 Elasticwoman 06/11/07 22:00
to be so hurt at my dh actions ????? when things were going so well?????? 44 NorthernLurker 06/11/07 21:45
to think Mooncups???!!!! WTF????? 686 kd73 06/11/07 21:44
to think that my dh should at least make an effort to get to grips with various aspects of childcare 43 becklebigbump 06/11/07 21:43
Not letting my 6 mth old stay overnight at his grandparents' house as they are heavy smokers? 41 Elasticwoman 06/11/07 21:30
to think that parents should not let there kids piss about in tesco wearing healies 33 kekouan 06/11/07 20:54
To be angry/upset H messaged his ex back on FB? 13 LittleBella 06/11/07 20:22
to be p*ssed of f with my graduation before it's even happened? 14 ArmadilloDaMan 06/11/07 19:55
to think fireworks should be banned... 73 NorthernLurker 06/11/07 19:08
in not wanting dh to moan about the cost of xmas presents 6 LadyVictoriaOfCake 06/11/07 18:44
To be annoyed that our local tescos have changed their P&C spaces to disabled. 220 glaskham 06/11/07 18:25
to think that it is a bit unfair on the children to keep on bringing round poppy charity box? 9 Awen 06/11/07 17:50
to ask my oh not to go to trade show in spain 4 weeks before i am due 15 NamelessNewbie 06/11/07 16:43
To think that WOMEN are f*cking great? 33 LuckyUnderpants 06/11/07 14:44
To be annoyed with Nectar Card offer. 12 mummymagic 06/11/07 14:22
to CRY at almost everything i hear? 2 LuckyUnderpants 06/11/07 12:56
To be annoyed that my SIL has put bubble gum in the party bags from her dd's 3RD Birthday? 13 3Ddonut 06/11/07 12:45
To be so upset that DD2 didn't get one birthday card in the post today. 15 GrumpyOldHorsewoman 06/11/07 11:41
To have so much time on my hands that I notice.... 4 bethoo 06/11/07 10:40
to expect my DH to know what colour my hair is 16 lucyellensmum 06/11/07 09:15
to be really upset dh won't wear a poppy 37 FlameFromBonfire 06/11/07 07:51
to expect kiddicare to be able to post internationally? 1 bamamama 06/11/07 05:47
To think that my son teacher should make him wear his hearing aids 6 inthegutter 05/11/07 23:08
to think the people would stop letting off fireworks at 10pm? 10 FrannyandZooey 05/11/07 22:08
To think dd's sn school could close early on nov 5th??? 20 katepol 05/11/07 20:36
to be upset at other mums strange behaviour 27 hifi 05/11/07 20:24
to wish Dh had NOT left a huge, great, bloody obvious lovebite on my neck... 36 hifi 05/11/07 16:34
to feel so bereft and sad as DD1 is going to school all day long? 2 themildmanne… 05/11/07 13:57
To feel really sick every time i have to watch/listen to FIL and his bloody cats 7 Soph73 05/11/07 13:48
to think it wouldbenice if ex dh, had actually sat dd5 down and told her is getting married, rather than it all going on around her?? 9 HonoriaGlossop 05/11/07 12:52
to be getting more and more annoyed with my sister's smoking and the way its affecting her daughter... 13 juicychops 05/11/07 12:45
To think this mother and father should be disgusted with themselves? 78 FizzPopSquirdleBang 05/11/07 12:41
to be bloody fuming at dh 14 claireybang 05/11/07 11:51
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