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To think that all potties (sold obviously for the purpose of potty training) should come with a health warning: normal toddler behaviour will deteriorate! 10 flamingobingo 22/06/09 06:58
To be bloody annoyed with next door neighbour? 86 lissav 22/06/09 06:36
To think my friend is an idiot? 100 OldLadyKnowsNothing 22/06/09 01:18
in not telling exH he may jolly well have nits! 8 littlelamb 21/06/09 23:40
To wonder how one redeems oneself when shown to be being completely unreasonable on AIBU threads? 62 pickyvic 21/06/09 23:03
to leave the enormous pile of washing up to my DH even though it's fathers day? 20 mummywilldrive 21/06/09 22:57
to wonder why people stand with the buggy in the road. 34 ChippingIn 21/06/09 22:42
to HATE it when i'm given plants to grow BECAUSE ALL I CAN GROW IS WEEDS! 11 sweetnitanitro 21/06/09 22:14
To really not want to go to the classic car show even though it is fathers day 11 lucyellensmumisgreat 21/06/09 22:13
to expect UK government to ban baby bottles if the US government have done so 56 justma 21/06/09 21:37
To be incandescent with rage at our architect? 33 katiestar 21/06/09 21:22
to tell my dad that to my son he isnt grandad and not to refer to himself as such?? 24 Debs75 21/06/09 21:21
to find it unpleasant that in the forward of the Anthony Trollope book I just started the man writing said he wished the main character got raped for being a PITA? 27 catinthehat2 21/06/09 20:38
to tell you all something I know you don't want to hear..... 8 BlackEyedDogstar 21/06/09 20:27
not to be suprised Billy Joels marriage has collapsed 90 IDidntRaiseAThief 21/06/09 20:21
to be fed up at my mum nagging me to send cards to people 14 Rubyrubyruby… 21/06/09 19:46
Yes, probably, but the MN logo is peeing me right off because that woman holding a bottle... 342 CurryMaid 21/06/09 18:54
I am not i am sure of it but need to calm down 9 TheLadyEvenstar 21/06/09 18:43
to think that my relationship with my parents is pretty flawed? 12 nickschick 21/06/09 18:33
to be cross with my husband for missing dd1's 1st Sports Day for a concert? 60 TotalChaos 21/06/09 17:25
to NOT want to send my dad a father's day card? 19 bohemianbint 21/06/09 17:24
To invite the whole of Mumsnet to come judge my Ex-P? 107 madameovary 21/06/09 17:15
I am, I am, I need to confess..... 110 shreksmissus 21/06/09 16:00
to think that grandparents should give my children pocket money? 67 pranma 21/06/09 15:56
If I tell my MIL she has been taken for a ride by a Phillipino on a boat..... 26 FairLadyRantALot 21/06/09 15:30
To want a baby now 27 Grendle 21/06/09 15:17
to think other mums forums are mostly poop? 187 FlappyTheBat 21/06/09 14:22
AIBU to not ring tesco up and tell them that the wine is really ok! 13 onagar 21/06/09 14:18
to not want to drop everything for family dos 6 scienceteacher 21/06/09 14:13
With dh? (I know I probably am I just need to be told to buck up) 19 TrillianAstra 21/06/09 13:59
Maintenance and access questions, I probably ABU. Long sorry. 22 Lovesdogsandcats 21/06/09 13:37
to be utterly fed up with FIL oggling my tits?! 19 insertwittyn… 21/06/09 13:20
To be really cross with dd for not coming in till midnight? 140 Kimi 21/06/09 13:02
T o want to delete previous smug post because DD has just done something really stupid? 10 Kimi 21/06/09 11:36
MIL and DS's Christening 14 Kimi 21/06/09 11:09
to be enjoying a really smug mother moment? 2 WolframAlpha 21/06/09 11:03
to spend this money now? 9 JoPie 21/06/09 10:13
OMGG The worlds biggest Penis.. 53 madameovary 21/06/09 10:02
to feel slightly agreived at what best friend said 11 hocuspontas 21/06/09 09:59
To use a neighbour's unsecured broadband while I await my provider sending me a replacement router? 28 QuintessentialShadow 21/06/09 09:51
to think that, "Who do you love more - Mummy or Daddy?" is bang out of order. 19 piscesmoon 21/06/09 09:20
to think my local housing benefit office train their staff to be arrogant idiots or is it something that just comes with the job 12 TheArmadillo 21/06/09 08:37
To think driving 6 hours is excessive 74 Goblinchild 21/06/09 08:25
To be sitting here laughing LOUDLY at some of the thread titles on here and other forums? 20 BitOfFun 21/06/09 02:17
To be pissed off with dp's family - wedding rant.. 66 simplesusan 21/06/09 00:35
The (under) two year old next door is still up, and shouting in the back garden. 9 BEAUTlFUL 21/06/09 00:32
do i call it a day and is this grounds for unreasonable behaviour? divorce 11 OriginalUglyBetty 21/06/09 00:26
To be annoyed and gobsmacked at a little boy who pinched ds biscuit..? 64 Nahui 21/06/09 00:18
To laugh at some artists who were making music 5 Ripeberry 21/06/09 00:11
To Think My DP's Parents Should Want To Meet Mine After 2 Years+ Of Us Being Together?! 18 Scorpette 20/06/09 23:44
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