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to think my mil is a greedy old woman? 50 Shoegazer 12/08/08 20:11 get up this morning and want to celebrate the fact it's now nearer the END of the school hols than the beginning? 29 desperatehou… 12/08/08 19:15
to think bad manners will rub off on dd? 10 tab1 12/08/08 19:09
to think my friends dp, doesn't treat her well? 33 lovelysongbird 12/08/08 18:44
to have wanted to shout at a woman in the cinema? 16 Milliways 12/08/08 18:05
To not want DP to give the kids beef that is sitting in a puddle of blood?? 75 CuckooClockW… 12/08/08 17:45
to get DP to go round to a bully's house, get his dad out and... 36 deepinlaundry 12/08/08 16:57
to want DH to stay at home with the children while I am away? 32 meemar 12/08/08 16:49
to stop DP having any of his own time? 121 scottishmum007 12/08/08 16:24
Are YOU being unreasonable to be sick and tired of hearing that breast is best? 15 kiskidee 12/08/08 16:14
to wish my friend wouldn't tell her son that my dog will eat him? 10 potoftea 12/08/08 15:35
to think that within 2 weeks xdh should order more than 2 cucumbers to feed ds2? 3 littleducks 12/08/08 15:34
family argument - advice needed please 27 tengreenbottles 12/08/08 15:24
to be thinking of wearing boots to work this week as summer seems to have officially ended? 19 iamdingdong 12/08/08 15:18
to be annoyed with DP 10 MadreInglese 12/08/08 13:37
I'm frying tesco value mushrooms for dinner, DH is talking about spending 25K on a car 24 TenaciousG 12/08/08 13:02
Step mum has been talking to DD about death 41 monkeysmama 12/08/08 11:21
to pretend I do not think the new ipod thing that dh bought is fab even if it is the dogs doodars? 15 Oliveoil 12/08/08 10:42
To be annoyed by this article / ad for hypnobirthing? 79 LynetteScavo 12/08/08 09:16
To be glad at a wasp that is commiting slow suicide? 9 petunia 12/08/08 08:52
to think people that post on here when they are ment to be working, are cheating fraudsters 15 Flamesparrow 12/08/08 08:49
To want to reintroduce the letter "T" into the English language and to 59 juneybean 11/08/08 23:37
To want to shake dh? 12 thumbwitch 11/08/08 22:59
To not expect my sil to speak to my husband as if he is a 9 year old? 13 SilkCutMama 11/08/08 22:19
To believe that a 14-year-old BOY has ZERO business on a 'men's' Olympic team? 58 kormachameleon 11/08/08 22:07
to want to wrap my babies in cotton wool and take them to live on a utopian island far far away from anything horrid ever? 19 Megglevache 11/08/08 21:46
to tell my 5 year old that the much bigger child who kicked him in the stomach will be going to borstal in a few years? 83 Doobydoo 11/08/08 21:23
to not have had a thank you letter for a friend's wedding present? 28 Bronze 11/08/08 21:17
Grumble grumble grumble - 33 year old man can't get up when his alarm goes off 12 LuckySalem 11/08/08 21:15
just for fun..i shall ask..should my bf invite me if he has a bbq at his house for his friends 49 ChukkyPig 11/08/08 21:13
this should read is *she* being unreasonable 38 pinkspottywellies 11/08/08 21:09 expect DH to come home from holiday when he said he would? 52 barnsleybelle 11/08/08 20:51
to expect a doctor to be at the local family planning clinic? 8 gemdangracie 11/08/08 20:45
To think that it wouldn't hurt him NOT to shower once in a while? 129 GirlySquare 11/08/08 20:27
to be really upset and annoyed that dp sends me home with the kids from a party when they are tired and he stays? 3 shatteredmumsrus 11/08/08 19:54
to be somewhat miffed about this? 18 SpookyMadMummy 11/08/08 19:52
to be cheesed off cos DP told someone our baby name when we agreed not to? 29 TinkerBellesMum 11/08/08 19:25
to not want to 'give generously' to families better off than ours? 59 AllFallDown 11/08/08 19:01
To feel like frothing at the mouth when I hear the term "rod for your own back"? 10 dragonstitcher 11/08/08 18:43
for me and DS to meet up with an online friend who I've never met 200 miles away and stay over? 12 BuwchBywiog 11/08/08 16:54
to expect a little help from my family... 38 FioFio 11/08/08 14:06
to expect my online egg account to be accessible? 2 juneybean 11/08/08 12:55
To call in sick for work because I am having a miscarriage 50 Gateau 11/08/08 12:40
to expect dds trainers to last more than a month 4 focuschic 11/08/08 12:12
to send the brats that I have created to bed for the whole day. 6 mamhaf 11/08/08 11:55
to expect my newborn to have at least READ the books before coming out 21 Umlellala 11/08/08 11:00
To think it was a little unprofessional of the nursery manager to refer to another child as a "Right little whatsit" in front of me?! 8 wessexgirl 11/08/08 10:08
To think MIL does not need to phone 5 times in one day?!?! 6 mm22bys 11/08/08 07:37
Untitled 21 Mummyfor3 11/08/08 07:35
To think that some AIBU threads are just made up. 13 mm22bys 11/08/08 07:31
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