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to want to hurl something at the TV screen (or just hurl) when Talentless Tiffany sings "Someday my Prince will Come" on Disney? 14 Vivia 24/11/09 14:10
in being annoyed that my colleague has come into work with suspected swine flu knowing I am pregnant? 23 WallyDoodle 24/11/09 13:45
AIBU to think my friend is crushingly insensitive 14 AMumInScotland 24/11/09 13:01
to feel demented by finances 12 Mishy1234 24/11/09 12:56
to be totally fed up at the prospect of christmas 21 alypaly 24/11/09 10:48
Another Wedding Thread 33 DrunkenDaisy 24/11/09 10:38
to think that "bitch slap" isn't an appropriate term to use with your 9yr old DD? 11 ElizabethWakefield 24/11/09 10:05
to have been so calm when my DC admitted smoking? 13 cory 24/11/09 08:56
to wince at the term 'bright' applied to children? 38 cat64 24/11/09 08:27
to drown the sound of my neighbours banging away by... 7 borderslass 24/11/09 07:39
To think that waiting until the toddler is ready for toilet training is not a new concept. And that PT would be more successful if the child was ready 41 AvadaKedavra 24/11/09 07:04
ti find it annoying when Scott Mills says 'love you bye' to every caller? 24 mumof2point5 24/11/09 00:41
to wish Paulo Nutini would stand up straight and stop hopping around like he's got a broom handle up his arse? 61 StiffUpperHip 24/11/09 00:01
to wander if there is a man out there who would look after an ill wife? 49 SolosScrapin… 23/11/09 23:54
to think that dh needs a big slap 40 displayuntil… 23/11/09 23:33
to be irritated beyong belief and bored senseless by those who impose thier 'parenting journey' on others, usually in form of smug articles or (even worse) bleeding blogs? 11 MaryMotherOfCheeses 23/11/09 22:56
to want to pull out of buying this house? 41 Ozziegirly 23/11/09 22:40
to be sad at the class warfare on AIBU 70 scottishmummy 23/11/09 21:38
To be pissed off with my SIL and BIL 16 StrictlyBoogying 23/11/09 21:29
Problems with the Child Minder 60 cat64 23/11/09 20:54
to not go to bed because we've fallen out 2 TotallyAndUt… 23/11/09 20:34
to not have reminded my friend about my birthday? 9 chickbean 23/11/09 20:30
To want to cut my mum ot of my life, but how can I when I love my dad to pieces? 55 yappy 23/11/09 20:15
to be angry with DH for running off when I was about to give birth... 44 MamiBabi 23/11/09 20:11
that people bulk buying Go Go hamsters and then flogging them on Ebay at over double the price 14 JollyPirate 23/11/09 19:29
To have lost faith in the police.... 17 twofalls 23/11/09 18:58
weaning.... 28 AliGrylls 23/11/09 18:42
to buy my children a mini-pig for christmas, because I want one for myself? 46 TeamEdward 23/11/09 18:29
To wish that certain MN regulars had taken part in the David Cameron web-chat? 27 DanDruff 23/11/09 18:28
to think home births are selfish? 564 waterbirthbaby 23/11/09 18:25
to think that if someone wants a COPY of your qualifications they should be able to accept an email copy. 8 LibrasBiscui… 23/11/09 17:51
To have been angry with this bloke last night.... 15 TheMightyToosh 23/11/09 16:58
to be very upset with MIL for spending too much? 11 rara67 23/11/09 16:06
To think 'perfect parenting' is a far from perfect title for a parenting guide. 11 TheDevilWearsPrimark 23/11/09 16:06
To think it's ok to let 3 month old 'watch' tv? 141 MoChan 23/11/09 15:20
To be annoyed with nursery 64 Boffinista 23/11/09 15:12
in wanting to tie down the arms of the manic child in the cbeebies ad on here 16 Tinuviel 23/11/09 14:59
Not to want to go to this New Year's Eve party? 6 emsyj 23/11/09 14:42
to be convinced that my cat needs to see a voice coach? 13 OrmIrian 23/11/09 14:16
calling little boys 'little men' 63 WouldYouCoul… 23/11/09 14:08
To sink into depression after watching supernanny 72 usamama 23/11/09 14:04
to think a friend's 13 year old is dating a 17 year old is wrong? 130 thesecondcoming 23/11/09 13:54
MIL - Know when to SHUT UP 13 LittleOneMum 23/11/09 13:19
To be furious at the way the bailiffs talked to my MIL? 97 wannaBe 23/11/09 13:08
to feel a bit stressed and depressed about other people's decisions? 9 ILoveTIFFANY 23/11/09 13:05
Expecting britains largest toy store to not lie to my face 8 Hando 23/11/09 12:51
With reference to that old toxic parents thread from morning paper 5 itsmeolord 23/11/09 12:44
To be annoyed that dh managed to find time to make himself a bacon sandwich but not change ds out of his nappy? 44 SarahSon 23/11/09 12:35
To be angry with adult stepson who has 'invited' himself to live with us because he got into trouble? 27 perfectstorm 23/11/09 12:31
broccoli and pomegranate 11 MmeLindt 23/11/09 11:56
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