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Am I being unreasonable?

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to want to kill our lodger? 293 MrsGokWan 30/12/07 23:22
to not be too concerned about shingles/chicken pox infection 34 ItsGrimUpNorth 30/12/07 22:22
To just not feel like going on a day out tomorrow? 5 LewisFanFare… 30/12/07 19:57
To be annoyed that SIL tells us how she wants us to use her presents??? 21 AbbeyA 30/12/07 19:56
in planning to give my child my surname as the father has done eff all. 36 LewisFanFare… 30/12/07 19:50
i throught parenting was a joint effort!!!!!!! 17 HonoriaGlossop 30/12/07 19:42
at dp's need for ridiculous amounts of sleep? 35 Ripeberry 30/12/07 19:15
to tell dh I don't like his present and ask to change it? 44 MerryKIFmas 30/12/07 08:40
To smash up DS's new mobile phone cos I can't work it? 13 nuttynoel 30/12/07 06:31
I swore I would never post on here but......... 21 mylovelymonster 29/12/07 23:17
to have been really cross with a jeweller? 25 edam 29/12/07 22:53
To be annoyed that none of my neighbours appear to ahve read the letter from the council about refuse collections over the holidays! 13 LyraSilvertinsel 29/12/07 21:24
To expect DS to invite only children he knows around for a playdate? 6 frostythesnowmum 29/12/07 21:22
to tell my DH that the romantic hotel he booked is a waste of money?? 89 MerryKIFmas 29/12/07 20:50
To think that dh is being totally unreasonable about this years holiday or not? 66 mosschops30 29/12/07 20:24
to want Goosey Goosey Gander banned on the grounds of explicit violence? 28 Shout 29/12/07 20:06
to be surprised at how many Mumsnetters are fine with pornography? II 735 RollOnSummertime 29/12/07 19:19
to think that DHs family might vist given that he is not too well? 27 onlyjoking 29/12/07 18:49
To think my landlord is a heartless b*****d 23 discoverlife 29/12/07 18:49
If i was single would you xx 91 andfranksentthis 29/12/07 17:28
To be annoyed about 'Secret Santa'? 9 BrieVinDeAlkaSeltzer 29/12/07 16:30
... to feel extremely happy ex finally has got his come-upance (sp)?? 10 allgonebellyup 29/12/07 14:01
to be a bit miffed that DP bought me a kettle and toaster for Christmas? 30 HairyIrene 29/12/07 12:59
... to be upset that SIL has been selling the clothes I passed on to her? 25 LazyLinePainterJane 29/12/07 11:01
Am I being unreasonable to expect to be able to buy reasonable clothes for dd's? 5 northernrefugee39 29/12/07 10:49
to expect FIL not to eat until everyone is at least sitting at the table?? 32 beeper 29/12/07 10:27
to be so p***ed that my MIL held DD and DS's pressies hostage until Boxing Day??!!! 105 AbbeyA 29/12/07 07:42
to be a bit thrown by BIL's comment? 14 pania 29/12/07 01:11
To be upset at this comment from dh 47 Broodymomma 28/12/07 22:21
To the LOVELY "lady" who spouted a load of vitriol at my DP in tesco car park......... 8 moljam 28/12/07 20:52
if I expected family xmas party not to be a soul destroying death trap? 52 babbi 28/12/07 20:38
To just buy food for me and dd 86 sparklesandwine 28/12/07 20:18
ok, i probably am, but the way new mothers do thing s now, and there attitude is really getting on my nerves. 483 welliemum 28/12/07 20:15
agh moral dilemma. I know how much you love these...what do I do? 41 Wickedwaterwitch 28/12/07 19:52
To have sent this text to my brother and sister? 11 SelfishMrsClaus 28/12/07 18:02
To expect slightly better customer service than 'yeah, must've been nicked, love' from a courier service? 15 lottiejenkins 28/12/07 12:37
i have changed my mind and no longer want a third dc 18 VictorianSqualor 28/12/07 10:43
Christmas order just arrived, shouted to DH 'did the grapes come' 38 Othersideoft… 28/12/07 06:29
To expect that my "d"h could get even one present? 46 Jackstini 27/12/07 23:26
To expect my MIL to let me eat when I am going hypo 35 Ubergeekian 27/12/07 23:01
if I think that the in-laws should occasionally acknowledge my existence? 34 Elasticwoman 27/12/07 21:03
to get the xmas blues? 5 Quadrophenia 27/12/07 19:25
to be feeling weird about the fact that ex's new baby boy has a similar name to my dd 33 newgirl 27/12/07 19:21
I cant believe the treatment my father recieved today 77 crayon 27/12/07 18:49
to want to kill (or maybe just send back) my MIL? 44 canella 27/12/07 18:28
I know I'm probably being unreasonable but am still a bit peeed off. 3 THelesbellsR… 27/12/07 17:27
to ask my dh to carry my 2 year old upstairs for me when he is about as I am pg? 23 frostythesnowmum 27/12/07 13:44
to expect parents and in laws to WAIT to open pressies..... 26 popmum 27/12/07 12:40
to really hate the word 'Nurturing'? 59 OrmIrian 27/12/07 10:48
to expect people to keep their mouths shut when i've told them something in confidence? 10 lojomamma 27/12/07 01:48
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