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that when I go out with DP and his friends we don't get banned.... 2 dingdongmerrilyonpie 12/12/08 18:13
My bint has asked if it's ok 100 deckthegirla… 12/12/08 17:47
in thinking this is aimed at me and very childish 44 Marne 12/12/08 17:31
To find (small) bags on wheels really annoying 33 leftangle 12/12/08 17:10
About when to open Christmas presents? 14 squilly 12/12/08 17:00
to get a better sausaging from a collegue than from him indoors? 31 Lotster 12/12/08 16:47
To not wish for a Midwife Care Assistant to grab my baby from me in my own home and proceed to push my baby's head into my breast to demonstrate 'her' breastfeeding ideal? 27 TinselBauble… 12/12/08 16:37
to NOT expect parents to double/triple park on the school run!!!!!!!!!........ 16 AbbaFan 12/12/08 16:08
to think that the correct response to someone saying "Your f***ing dog just bit me" is not.... 102 pamelat 12/12/08 15:52
to be furious at 11 Ashantai 12/12/08 15:48
my friend of 2yrs has not invited me to her home ever 115 mazzystartled 12/12/08 15:37
To think taking a baby to A&E for a runny nose is sooo stupid? 32 pamelat 12/12/08 15:28
To not want to buy "reindeer food"? 19 choccynutter 12/12/08 14:48
Crikey. I'm in lust! Would it be unreasonable to convince my husband to bulk up, grow dreadlocks and possibly undergo fairly major plastic surgery? 21 CatchaChristmasStar 12/12/08 14:26
To not want to not speak to my coke addicted SIL? 3 merryberry 12/12/08 14:00
I am of course, but I SO want to... 49 hecAteAMilli… 12/12/08 13:18
to be spending the evening forging my 5 year old ds's name on his christmas cards? 48 HippoCriticGal 12/12/08 12:51
To snort at the checkout guy in M and S. 28 tory79 12/12/08 12:50
To feel a surge of rage when MIL refers to DS as 'her' baby. 105 AndaPartridg… 12/12/08 12:45
to be allowed to eat my dinner at my desk in peace 8 deckthegirla… 12/12/08 12:25
or just a lazy slattern? my friend thinks im both ! 57 mankymummy 12/12/08 11:10
to be thinking about a fling with someone I work with? 71 ScottishMummy 12/12/08 10:04
To think that if you're just going to be sat at home on your arse doing nothing 36 LilMatchGirl… 12/12/08 09:48
My dog is the scapehound of Salem 8 believer07 12/12/08 09:25
to think that Christmas has very much become a case of spending money for the sake of spending it? 10 mm22bys 12/12/08 09:02
to be annoyed at my friend refusing to give my maternity clothes back 63 TheButterflyEffect 12/12/08 07:58
to be really upset with my brother? 36 onthevergeoftears 12/12/08 01:26
in saying that I am the worst mum. Ever. 33 CharCharGabo… 11/12/08 22:46
to get annoyed with the blardy triage nurse this afternoon when she told me to 'try an acupuncture band' for my sickness 23 tiredsville 11/12/08 22:31
to be slightly amused at friend's family row unfolding on facebook? 44 wannaBe 11/12/08 21:23
to be shocked how much beoing in hospital is?? 76 ra29 11/12/08 21:20
to set up a masked vigilante group dedicated to destroying dog owners who don't pick up after thier pets 87 evenmoremise… 11/12/08 20:32
to go to argos and throw sticklebricks at the tw*ts working there? 4 minxpinx 11/12/08 20:27
to be a bit peeved with this mother ?? 9 used2bthin 11/12/08 20:16
To be VERY upset with a council for not doing something to block this road?? 12 Milliways 11/12/08 19:33
To want to send a file, any file 6 LilMatchGirl… 11/12/08 19:05
I feel guilty for doing this, it feels wrong. Is it? 51 BabiesEverywhere 11/12/08 18:00
to think that some people take their childrens xmas concerts a little too seriously?? 9 smartiejakeo… 11/12/08 17:27
to be annoyed 17 MadamDeathst… 11/12/08 17:14
To be peed off that p is so lazy he'd rather I gave up my p/t job than him do housework 17 littlelyn 11/12/08 16:31
To be fed up with parents ruining school shows by taking pictures all the way through. 29 littlelyn 11/12/08 16:15
to think that cold callers should go away when told it's inconvienient? 39 kitbit 11/12/08 15:51
To just get dressed and go out? 14 ThePregnantM… 11/12/08 15:30
to get annoyed when I spent ages researching what dp's parents might get dd, and they've gone off piste! 3 starbear 11/12/08 15:29
To just quickly and apologetically ask - Why aren't we drinking Fruit Shoots?? 76 pamelat 11/12/08 15:03
To not want to go to the ILs on boxing day 13 pamelat 11/12/08 14:55
To wish people wouldn't assume it was ok to send their kids to my house? 9 cat64 11/12/08 14:40
To think this woman hasn't a clue what she's talking about and she's supposed to be qualified! 55 ilovemydog 11/12/08 13:55
to not tell my DH that the porn site that he "accidentally" signed up to is a credit card fraud scam... 18 dsrplus8 11/12/08 13:37
to say no to my friend? 11 MadreInglese 11/12/08 13:30
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