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Am I being unreasonable?

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to think that as i live in england/britain that i would like the news 23 southeastastra 10/01/08 19:25
to be annoyed DH wants me to have a boob job? 82 Elasticwoman 10/01/08 18:47
To object to paying 15.00 for MY HAIR DRIED after I have paid 65.00 for a colour? 32 Twiglett 10/01/08 17:30
To want to throw something at my dp when he blows his nose? 22 Califrau 10/01/08 16:45
to be annoyed with my dental practice? 6 glaskham 10/01/08 16:39
JD Wetherspoons 147 SheikYerbouti 10/01/08 14:40
to not send dd1 to school because 55 islandofsodor 10/01/08 14:18
to leave the freaky wedding early. 14 Trix11 10/01/08 12:20
to be annoyed that friend hasn't even thanked me for buying her dd a Christmas present? 88 Walnutshell 10/01/08 09:29
To be totally p**d off with car insurance companies? 7 Madoldcatlady 10/01/08 09:19
To think that its not fair that I have NEVER won anything in my life and dd has the luck of a blooming saint 6 mylittlepudding 10/01/08 06:58
To be P'd off at SIL for not acknowledging grans death 14 singyswife 09/01/08 20:58
to want to go out? My parents are making it really hard. 24 alicet 09/01/08 20:58
To hate Grandpa Joe so much I want to kick him and tell him he is a malingerer? 16 slightlyconfused 09/01/08 19:29 not invited Uncle in law to wedding given my dad's illness 17 TheStepfordChav 09/01/08 19:26
: to pull DS2 out of playgroup after one session and not want to pay the cancellation fee? 53 handlemecarefully 09/01/08 18:51
not to expect my sister to be proud of her dd breaking all the xmas pressies I got her. 12 mm22bys 09/01/08 18:04
To think the woman who was stopped by the police.............. ............. 11 spugs 09/01/08 17:13
To expect a cheery greeting from my son's nursery on his first morning back? 30 ThreeBluecubs 09/01/08 16:41
To expect John Lewis to make it clear that they have a 7 hour deliver slot before you order goods 8 claricebeansmum 09/01/08 15:32
to refuse to send info about my dd to her father when he is not actively involved in her life? 18 chickenmama 09/01/08 15:15
to be driven to swearing in tesco's by **%$£!! teen boy driver!!!!!! 17 theBOD 09/01/08 14:46
To hav a day "off" from being a SAHM? 92 chipmonkey 09/01/08 13:56
To think my friend who I walk back from school with every day should wait for me? 11 bubblepop 09/01/08 12:46
to want Kerry Katona sacked from Ok ! magazine & boycotted by other magazines ? 93 NAB3wishesfor2008 09/01/08 12:22 be just slightly irritated at DH for.... 25 Squirdle 09/01/08 12:03
To hate my farking inlaws 21 pyjamagirl 09/01/08 11:52
For not wanting to bother with the Inlaws? 18 MrsDandOllie 09/01/08 11:12
(I think I may be) to NOT want DH to go to Lanzarote? 87 GrapefruitMoon 09/01/08 11:11
in being miffed with the cyclist who nearly ran into me (and baby in pram) and as I lept out of the way said: 16 Smithagain 09/01/08 11:08 think that the woman who found out that I am going through a miscarriage, should not go around school telling everyone, AND that then..... 60 NatalieJane 09/01/08 09:26
To think that libraries should be more understanding of young families? 36 Reallytired 08/01/08 23:02
i proberly am BUT it really pi$$es me off !!! 18 bozza 08/01/08 22:02
In thinking there is not enough jive talking these days 18 SpawnChorus 08/01/08 21:03
I am annoyed that a MN has ignored my reply. 7 helenhismadwife 08/01/08 20:42
sending a nearly seven year old alone on a plane to Germany... 424 bigbumhole 08/01/08 17:22
in being peeed off that dsil said 48 Wuxiapian 08/01/08 16:58
if one is given a 12 till 2pm appointment, and it's turned 2pm then that means they're late 11 Twiglett 08/01/08 14:57
to presume that before dp burnt the faux antique hat stand he would have found an alternative storage area for the hats and coats thereon? 14 Squonk 08/01/08 13:15
to not have eaten so many baked beans? 3 TwoFirTreesToday 08/01/08 11:14
to think dh is a useless twunk 11 mumblechum 08/01/08 11:13
To utterly hate the size of my bump/ pregnancy, and people's tactless comments 39 christmaspixie 08/01/08 10:28
to want to rip the head of my DS's Headmistress off. 75 discoverlife 08/01/08 00:27 hate the word "kiddie"? 71 FuriousGeorge 07/01/08 22:35
to want to move house so i can have another toilet! 39 bekkaboo 07/01/08 22:09
to feel mystified by martyrdom on mumsnet? 268 Janni 07/01/08 21:47
to tell my mil that I want my ds at home with me on a friday? 21 cathshuck 07/01/08 21:13 expect that 20 year olds should be thought of as adults? 30 suedonim 07/01/08 21:07
to think that the school nurse shouldn't have sent me this letter... 395 hatwoman 07/01/08 20:55
To expect an Estate Agent to actually *do* something? 13 Onlyaphase 07/01/08 20:27
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