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has anyone else recieved this email? i have been sent some crap in my time but i think this hits a all time low. 11 Slur 22/10/08 20:01
not wanting DS away for 3 weeks over Christmas? 171 idontbelieveit 22/10/08 19:59
to think showing Robin Hood to the whole primary school was inappropriate... 22 Blu 22/10/08 19:10
to not be expected to bring my own bags? 70 MsHighwater 22/10/08 19:05
to take my PC chair back to PC world 3 2shoesdrippi… 22/10/08 18:36
to be expected to throw a big party for DD 1st Birthday when my mum only died a few weeks ago? 38 MoChan 22/10/08 18:32
To think that having a drug free natural child birth does not mean you are a better/ stronger person or have more guts 502 cthea 22/10/08 18:15
to hate people who say that family life is being destroyed? 12 abear 22/10/08 18:06
to think that the nursery should help dd 26 rolledhedgehog 22/10/08 16:48
To serve a takeaway to dinner party guests tomorrow? 77 TheDevilWearsPrimark 22/10/08 16:09
to worry that Barack Obama might be assassinated 76 NosyAmerican 22/10/08 15:58
to think it's inappropriate for a 4 year old boy to be wearing an earring to school? 93 filz 22/10/08 15:50
to think that when I tell my husband where something is, he should be able to find it WITHOUT MY HELP...... 20 Tamarto 22/10/08 15:47
uncle is discussing my dd with dad's ex 8 ilovetochat 22/10/08 15:07
to not want to do this for my MIL? 32 TeeBee 22/10/08 14:54
to wonder about this? 4 childrenofth… 22/10/08 13:25
to think that my dp doesn't love me......... 21 AnnVan 22/10/08 13:07
to not expect the soon to be ex-employer of my nanny to speak to me like sh*t? 35 Turniphead1 22/10/08 12:20
i have bvu, how do i put it right now? 17 kerryk 22/10/08 12:07
to really really want a Chinese takeaway for my lunch 2 pingping 22/10/08 11:54
To be a pit peed off with DS's preschool? 6 slightlycrumpled 22/10/08 11:18
thinking it is unnessesary to borrow toys - every visit 36 sparklesandn… 22/10/08 10:23
Ok, I seem to have a passive aggressive curtain seller, how do I get my curtains?! 48 Flightattendant2 22/10/08 10:00
Another SPD thread sorry - AIBU to refuse to sleep on an airbed? 35 babymt 22/10/08 09:02
To wish tailgaters would flip their cars over and crash headon into a tree? 40 BecauseImAWitch 22/10/08 08:57
friend has phoned after 2 years to say she now feels she can talk to me as she has had a baby 69 beaniescreamyb 22/10/08 08:46
to not pick up my visitors from the airport... 10 ilovespinach 22/10/08 08:14
to be upset over DD's haircut even though i know it could have been worse? 25 FangolinaJolly 21/10/08 23:09
to think I make a better LDC than Marsy? 28 MarsLady 21/10/08 22:17
To be annoyed about all the displays in shops 2 compo 21/10/08 21:49
can anyone who parks on double yellow lines in front of their school please explain.... 14 braveandcrazy 21/10/08 21:46
To want to change out of my bridesmaids dress at my sisters wedding?? 38 Wheelybug 21/10/08 21:44
DD1 thinks that the TV is..............CSI miami should wait for ^her^ apparently[hmm] 3 PsychoAxeMurdererMum 21/10/08 21:21
damn wedding 85 QueenofAllWildThings 21/10/08 21:20
to think my friend shouldn't use formula just so she can have a drink and an unbroken nights sleeph 184 Wigglesworth 21/10/08 21:18
To think that my 9 month old is a genius? 21 2shoesdrippi… 21/10/08 21:18
to want DH to get OFF the f*ckin computer, take Flameboy away from me and put the kids TO BED??? 25 FlameThrower… 21/10/08 20:08
to want to drop the ramp on the bonnet of the car... 23 needmorecoffee 21/10/08 19:49
to think other mother should pay towards new tennis racket? 10 quickdrawnan… 21/10/08 19:48
To hate the way that some tragedies are reported..... 10 BreevandercampLGJ 21/10/08 19:41
to giggle at the thread title 'Runny Fudge' 9 JulesJules 21/10/08 19:20
to wish my son would stop wearing my good clothes? 16 hecAteTheirBrains 21/10/08 18:26
to ask for help on this thread... 16 glaskhamhaso… 21/10/08 18:24
Well? Am i? (Warning: woman on the edge here) 140 ilovemydog 21/10/08 17:24
To not want to be my friends personal shopper! 7 MorrisZapp 21/10/08 17:11
that sil wants a quiet house before 8am when we visit with LOs? 33 MorrisZapp 21/10/08 16:14 be outraged that the two black contestants in Strictly Come Dancing... 137 Lotster 21/10/08 16:11
to wonder if my ILs know we have THREE children? 17 Sillyworry 21/10/08 15:54
How annoying is this man 21 igivein 21/10/08 15:43
in getting so fed up of being skint and having to read about people who claim to be skint bbut are buying games consoles for their DC when mine will have to have whatever I can scrape from the charity shop or freecycle? 251 frustratedmumof3 21/10/08 15:32
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