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To not expect cars to drive so close to me when getting children in and out of car? 9 Fruitysunshine 28/01/10 10:14
To object to nanny being homophobic? 42 gtamom 28/01/10 09:54
to expect my in-laws to leave me to discipline my own children? 12 Coldhands 28/01/10 09:41
my dd birthday and my family have upset me with the way they dont really care 20 LisaD1 28/01/10 09:38
in not appreciating an email saying "I am hoping many of us are getting the norovirus at this time" as your child will now be required to sell toiletpaper to your neighbours 19 2010aQuintes… 28/01/10 09:32
to STILL cry every time I see a birth on tv? 18 heQet 28/01/10 09:17 not want to 'settle' for mr 'right now'... 107 Bonsoir 28/01/10 09:11
to send a letter to someone who has really peed me off? 40 tartyhighheels 28/01/10 07:02
to think that my daughter shouldn't be able to cut her own hair in class 26 ChippingIn 28/01/10 06:25
to NOT want DH to help BF's Husband out with this? 39 MadamDeathstare 28/01/10 05:50
to not want to get involved between my DC, my friend and her DC? 7 MadamDeathstare 28/01/10 05:09
to think that freephone calls from mobiles should be free? 5 mateykatie 28/01/10 03:35
to worry bout freedome of speach just when I was getting used to it in mn 6 BertieBotts 28/01/10 02:54
To not let him bring a Ouija Board into my house? 140 Mumcentreplus 28/01/10 00:31
to be very slightly put out that a relative said of dd "Of course she's not pretty!" 54 littlemissfixit 28/01/10 00:19
Or is parenting advice quite polarised? 9 naturopath 27/01/10 23:28
to be gleeful that all the twats who park right outside John Lewis at Bluewater got parking tickets today? 44 AmeliaJaneAgain 27/01/10 23:25
to not want to be treated like an idiot just because I work in a shop! 144 nancydrewrocks 27/01/10 23:24
to find hte British obsessive about supermarkets 62 Maria2007lov… 27/01/10 22:02
Leaving children in car? 25 14hourstillbedtime 27/01/10 21:56
AIBU in thinking BBC Radio 4's "History of the world in 100 Objects" is.... 11 IWishIWasAFrog 27/01/10 21:35
To do blatant market research here that has feck all to do with children or babies 22 hf128219 27/01/10 21:19
To park in a P&Toddler space with a 'baby'? 19 GlastonburyGoddess 27/01/10 21:07
to think that parents who buy their 6 yr old children i-pod touches & tv/dvd players for their bedrooms are making it hard for the rest of us? 128 NotAnOtter 27/01/10 20:44
to laugh uncontrollably at DP?? 3 honeybehappy 27/01/10 20:41
to think some people are too hung up about education? 29 CarrieDaBabi 27/01/10 20:32
Please convince me that the Tories WON'T create wider divisions btween the rich and poor and haves and have nots? 305 MANATEEequineOHARA 27/01/10 20:31
To expect a refund if my nursery can't open for a day? 13 Northernlurker 27/01/10 20:25
to not give her this information? 64 thisbusaintd… 27/01/10 20:00
to want dh to help me prepare for the mornings with DC 70 morningpaper 27/01/10 20:00
to ask party guests to not smoke or wear stillettos in the house 159 scottishmummy 27/01/10 19:58
to assume that there aren't that many digital diva's who feels she doesn't have enough time to balance being a mum with being a hi-tech goddess out there? 5 RustyBear 27/01/10 19:57
to want to start a thread about celebs who appear to be... 156 snowpoint 27/01/10 19:57
to be utterly fed with computerised telephone systems at large companies like DVLA, Insurance etc? 7 5Foot5 27/01/10 19:31
To have grounded dd? 35 caspered 27/01/10 19:23
am I an ungrateful b**** or can anyone sympathise with me 23 BouncingTurtle 27/01/10 19:12
To think Lisa B's sons may be a bit upset when they get older 9 thesecondcoming 27/01/10 18:06
to think this is not a suitable place for school to send a 14 yo on work experience 103 GetOrfMoiLand 27/01/10 17:03
Would you book time off work 20 TottWriter 27/01/10 16:48
to tell my mother to either help me, or stop nagging me. 36 steamedtreaclesponge 27/01/10 16:45
to knock and tell my neighbours what dirty, smelly, filthy, smoking bastards they are? 99 GetOrfMoiLand 27/01/10 16:35
To want my lovely mum to stop interfering 9 WhatNoLunchBreak 27/01/10 15:29
to be annoyed that school have ditched parents evening, in favour of termly learning conferences during the day? 30 Mumcentreplus 27/01/10 15:18
To spend less brain time thinking about pregnancy number two? 5 LittleOneMum 27/01/10 15:13
MIL is driving me bananas 57 hormonalmum 27/01/10 14:53
Remind me in the morning!? 3 Poledra 27/01/10 14:10
to be angry that a boy in my daughters class is being told by other boys he has to kiss my dd!!..6 year olds! 11 PinkChick 27/01/10 13:19
was my friend beng UR to not take her child to nursery 18 LittleMrsHappy 27/01/10 13:07
to think asking me and DD2 to wait outside a pub whilst he has a drink with his mates... 6 twolittlemonkeys 27/01/10 13:05
to hate this?? 6 TotallyAndUt… 27/01/10 12:06
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