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MNHQ calling: beta testers needed for the new MN app - with iOS 8 please! 160 FrannyMumsnet 23/12/14 15:38
To expect not to be a single parent at the weekends as well as during the week! 18 HonoriaGlossop 26/08/08 10:59
to think my SIL spoke inappropriately to my 5 year old 125 AbbeyA 26/08/08 08:32
To think that sometimes my DH might like to listen and accept I am right!!! 4 Slur 26/08/08 01:05
To think that if you dare to disgaree with another mn'ter they launch a personal attack on you which is backed up by other bullies? 21 TheHedgeWitch 25/08/08 23:54
To be more peed off by the quality of DH's porn rather than the fact that I've caught him looking at it? 19 hf128219 25/08/08 22:38
.... or rather is DH being unreasonable, being left alone with 15 kids!! 8 Clary 25/08/08 22:30
To not want this rude woman to stand so close to me at the cashpoint? 37 YumeeMumee 25/08/08 22:17
to think you shold not discuss your sex life in great detail, in an EXTREMELY loud voice, on a bus full of children. 17 scottishmummy 25/08/08 22:13
to get offended because peopel keep BREATHING near me 16 scottishmummy 25/08/08 22:03
To want my mother to treat me as if I'm 33 rather than 3 35 MollyCherry 25/08/08 22:03
to think DH could be better at presents? 44 TheHedgeWitch 25/08/08 21:27
I told him I'm on MN because you're smoking eels mate. 14 Ready4anothe… 25/08/08 20:44
to have been sickened by this mum's behaviour.. 10 DisenchantedPlusBump 25/08/08 20:15
To want Sunst Beach back on our screens 40 Reamhar 25/08/08 20:03
to park in parent and child spaces at 7 months pregnant 42 Eilatan 25/08/08 18:53
To not want to take 2yr old to a football match? 4 TheHedgeWitch 25/08/08 18:03
To think that mums who bottle feed dont care about their babies. 123 flubdub 25/08/08 14:50
To be annoyed that DH expects me to fit all the food, our clothes, other items and six blinkin pillows in 10 square inches of car 63 rookiemater 25/08/08 13:30
Am I being undermined or just paranoid????? 4 jellyrolly 25/08/08 13:22
to not have dealt with the 2 dead mice out on the patio for at least an hour now. 12 pushchair 25/08/08 13:01
to be annoyed because ..(pil again) 13 hollyandnoah 25/08/08 12:32
to be driven nuts by friends who pander to their dc's unreasonable requests? 136 snowleopard 25/08/08 11:41 want to wake OH at 10am ...... 3 NumberFour 25/08/08 10:02
to want to kill the little shits up the road 34 StealthPolarBear 25/08/08 09:42
to inwardly rejoice when I see someone else's child behaving abysmally 14 pamelat 25/08/08 08:26
Am I being unreasonable not allowing my MIL to take my 17 month old daughter out? 47 alicet 25/08/08 07:08
to think that people who don't approve of parents who put their children in childcare should not work in a nursery.. 139 DaisyLilac 25/08/08 00:13
To pretend to be busy next time these people invite us over? 15 blueskythinker 24/08/08 22:09
to be annoyed at this or is this normal ? 43 ChukkyPig 24/08/08 19:10
To think that my dh should not be expected to work a 57 hour week!!! 42 purpleflower 24/08/08 14:16
To think that PIZZA HUT should not serve up frozen raw chicken to my DC?? 29 BigBadMousey 24/08/08 12:50
To be sat here, not speaking to DH on our 5th Wedding Anniversary..... 19 bonnibaby 24/08/08 10:34
to ban my mother bringing any toys for my daughters tomorrow as they have been pains in the ARSE all week and do not deserve the fluff from under the sofa? 26 shhhh 23/08/08 23:23
to be completely bloody fed up of all the friggin trolls in this section 13 mrz 23/08/08 21:00
to be shocked about my mum and dads neighbour? 24 ShyBaby 23/08/08 20:47
To think my side of the family don't know how to have a good time and a bit of fun? 12 pamelat 23/08/08 19:56
My mother has wound me up again, I think this is ridiculous 9 electra 23/08/08 19:45
to get irritated when other people are pissed off about our Delft? 17 cocolepew 23/08/08 19:24
To keep the whole amount refunded by a shop, which is too much 11 kitsmummy 23/08/08 18:57
AIBU to think that commenting on someone's MN name is a bit off? 153 HarrietTheSpy 23/08/08 17:47
To be annoyed at people on the train who take up another seat with their bags? 113 AbbeyA 23/08/08 17:15
(i know i probably am) To be disapointed that whilst at my local shopping parade all around me were foreign. 548 ConstanceWearing 23/08/08 15:46
to sent DH (42) and his childless, batchelor mate off to bed like a couple of teenagers after they'd been crashing round the kitchen, belching and generally the worse for wear, from 2am until 3.30 when I could stand it no longer? 9 Wickedwaterwitch 23/08/08 15:33
that she has taken my mag without even asking 5 ChairmanMiao 23/08/08 15:09
to leave my holiday a day early because i am fed up of the filthiness and noise? 7 PortBlacksan… 23/08/08 15:02
To be worried about my babysitter? 15 PookiePodgeandTubs 23/08/08 14:05
Not to want to add an aquaintance I have zero contact with to Facebook 13 AbbaFan 23/08/08 13:13
to think we would be better off in, a communist society, wealth should be shared 104 misi 23/08/08 12:43
to hate the fact 2 hotcrossfunnybunnies 23/08/08 11:45
to want to tell posts slagging off MN as a nest of vipers etc to fark right off 6 suzywong 23/08/08 11:43
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