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Am I being unreasonable?

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Season's (well nearly) greetings, and welcome to the MUMSNET SECRET SANTA 2014! 140 BiWitched 24/10/14 11:24
To think Upsy Daisy needs an ASBO? 16 LewisFan 25/04/08 13:49
To expect someone "coming round after work to help me" to do that..!! 23 onebatmother 25/04/08 12:53
To be outraged at my friend for her racist attitudes? 21 DirtySexyMummy 25/04/08 12:35 be pissed off that someone has contaminated my water? 8 Chequers 25/04/08 11:41
ds wants to dye hair 19 madmuggle 25/04/08 11:22
To spend a Feckload of time money on myself today? 8 TheDevilWearsPenneys 25/04/08 10:48
To expect not to have to treat my DH for nits? 31 RubyRioja 25/04/08 10:42
Am I being unreasonable to be shocked at a 4 week old baby being weaned? 11 mum2sons 25/04/08 10:18
to think that the mob of teachers currently ranting outside my window are a shower of b*st*rds and should shut the feck up? 45 tortoiseSHELL 25/04/08 09:48
To be really really fucked off at the people who are sending their kids back into school within hours of being sick? 13 coppertop 25/04/08 09:45
to say I will give a child's birthday presents to someone else 46 helenhismadwife 25/04/08 09:39
To think its too soon for another sickness bug to be doing the rounds? 6 squilly 25/04/08 09:04
to be confused that DD2 has to go into school on Thurs cos her teacher is NOT on strike... 132 EricL 25/04/08 00:40
To not want to go to bed, (but possibly this should be in relationships) as I rather have fun with the IKEA kitchen planner, but DH hinted he is going to bed early, so really I should shower 6 justwaterformethanks 24/04/08 23:45
i have namechanged for this just incase i get flamed but ffs talk about rewarding bad behaviour 82 mshadowsisfab 24/04/08 22:52
well I probably am but................. ...............aibu to be a bit miffed that a good friend is selling .......... 23 bossybritches 24/04/08 22:24
Another nightmare in a long line of nightmares. 5 pantiesandsussies 24/04/08 22:10
To think that joggers should stop and look 43 foxinsocks 24/04/08 21:45
to be annoyed at the quality of 2nd hand clothing a friend is giving my DS and to be seething that she is selling the stuff I gave her? 35 CarGirl 24/04/08 21:39
To not want to go shopping for my bridesmaid dress while pregnant? 7 sparklyshoos 24/04/08 21:08
To give a false address to our dentist? 15 milliec 24/04/08 20:44
Or am I being reasonable? Or just plain hormonal? Either way I'm pissed off ... 21 ImightbeLulumama 24/04/08 20:38
to feel a shiver of dread that somebody on MN knows who I am, but hasn't revealed themself to me! 34 itsahardknocklife 24/04/08 19:16
To think my 7 yo's friends shouldn't be calling for him at 7:35pm on a school night? 20 silvercrown 24/04/08 18:53
To think my working hours and conditions need re-appraising 15 lucyellensmum 24/04/08 18:35
To miss my sisters hen weekend? 69 GirlySquare 24/04/08 18:24
to complain to my union rep? 4 edam 24/04/08 18:06
to think the usefuness of home pregnancy tests is outweighed by the grief they cause? 90 lissielou 24/04/08 17:13
to send this email to my DH? 13 chamaeleon 24/04/08 15:51
in telling DH i have NOT shrunk his clothes but they are too tight because he has put on over 15kg since his transplant 30 girlfrommars 24/04/08 15:30
I think I probably am, but I am still furious at DH even tho he has 'apologised' 47 Pavlovthecat 24/04/08 14:40
to think that it could at least be sunny on the i day in the whole term I actually have to pick dd up 3 PestoMonster 24/04/08 14:12
To think its ok to send my ironing out? 472 scottishmummy 24/04/08 13:44
to dance around the living room like a loon 3 theressometh… 24/04/08 12:57
to think the dog who bit my friends dd today should be put down? 70 lucyellensmum 24/04/08 12:53
to think my dds school should not ban dd from school because she has 'suspected' threadworm 81 KerryMum 24/04/08 11:08
to be pi**ed off that ds' wellies and raincoat are apparently only for girls? 47 iwouldgoouttonight 24/04/08 10:39
AIBU to ask a woman not to let her dog crap on the pavement? 83 Youcannotbeserious 24/04/08 10:33
to make kids slow down on the roundabout in the playpark? 22 HonoriaGlossop 24/04/08 10:26
To have wanted to shout and this unsupervised child in the park today... 26 HonoriaGlossop 24/04/08 09:55
to think that my partner should not have sexy vidoes of girls in his... 93 sprogger 24/04/08 09:05
to think 10 pounds is a reasonable amount for B'day party present or am I being a cheap skate? 54 Flamesparrow 24/04/08 08:03
to think that clealry someone ^upstairs^ hates me, and to want to just curl up and die 41 Mamazon 23/04/08 23:46
to be revolted by the idea of a dog licking my baby's face? 44 lucyellensmum 23/04/08 23:02
Argh!!!! Bloody bollocking Bosch fridge freezer!!! 12 RiojaLover75 23/04/08 22:55
Please help me see things clearly - aibu?????? 28 Dottydot 23/04/08 22:34
To think people should keep their opinions to themselves sometimes? 54 DirtySexyMummy 23/04/08 22:27
To not want the airtime I had to buy to be activated for me 5 cornflakegirl 23/04/08 22:19
when can I draw the line at dh working every last hr God sends 5 nametaken 23/04/08 21:40
to wish my friend would stop asking when I'm getting a full time job? 17 pinkyminky 23/04/08 21:25
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