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Am I being unreasonable?

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CAMPAIGN UPDATE: LibDem Health Minister signs up to Mumsnet Miscarriage Care Campaign 3 rubycon 16/09/14 14:50
To not want to go on holiday with these friends again. 21 StripeyKnick… 28/01/08 21:46
I am pissed off and need to scream 10 moljam 28/01/08 21:24
to think some folk on this topic need to go adn complain to the person?shop themsleves 15 scottishmummy 28/01/08 18:22
To NOT want to throw DD1 an 18th birthday party. (this could be long) 25 bigcar 28/01/08 18:21
AIBU to phone and scream at the gas company for this huge bill? 24 amidaiwish 28/01/08 17:52
to not appreciate a guest in my house raising her voice at my 1 year old DD? 51 minouminou 28/01/08 17:17
to think ds is being singled out at school possibly because of his sexuality? 40 candifloss 28/01/08 16:46
To pick up an accent I was born and bred with in 2 days? 40 Wisteria 28/01/08 15:53
Am I a vile, shrewy nag? 35 Ispy 28/01/08 15:50
I do not appreciate it when the classroom assistant sprinkles glitter in ds's hair. 31 jasper 28/01/08 15:21
AIBU? Share a CM with a friend and she has the stomach bug, to not want CM over at her house this week? 6 scottishmummy 28/01/08 14:43
to love the fights on mn? 313 OrmIrian 28/01/08 13:53
To sit open mouthed at my MIL when she took it upon herself to offer my DD calpol without consulting me first!!!! 53 Divastrop 28/01/08 12:17
To want to write my next door neighbours a little note about their baby 68 Elasticwoman 28/01/08 11:56
Whats Wrong With Me?! 15 stayhomemum 28/01/08 11:52
To not want the 3rd degree just get a form for Tax Credits!!! 4 tigana 28/01/08 11:49
just a gentle moan about MIL.... 18 tigana 28/01/08 11:19
to be fed-up with people telling me that I MUST breastfeed! 46 auntyspan 28/01/08 11:08
about his birthday pressies 7 willdaisymummy 28/01/08 10:53
To expect a word of thanks, just a "thanks for that babe" 28 lucyellensmum 28/01/08 10:51
to think there should be a simpler way of going to the loo with a toddler and a baby 63 HalleBerrysBikini 28/01/08 10:11
Help!!! 45 Wilkie 28/01/08 10:07
to ignore the phone when I know it's my mate trying to ring me to cancel something? 8 Flllightattendant 28/01/08 08:29
to be fed up at the fact that the minute I walk through my cm's door, her 3 year old dd tells me that my ds has done a b & c 48 frecklyspeckly 27/01/08 22:36
Why can't I buy polenta from Tesco online when it's listed as an aisle? 6 TheDuchessOf… 27/01/08 22:01
to think that maybe MIL would let me know about plans she is making regarding her son? 66 triplets 27/01/08 21:47
I am NOT unreasonable, I am quite REASONABLE in fact, but I am RANTNG!!! My blardy daughter..... 74 TheLadyEvenStar 27/01/08 21:39
to want to buy shoes for my 4 year old dd that are not school shoes, not trainers, not flimsy, yet pretty, and won't cost me 40 f*ing quid 42 loler 27/01/08 20:49 expect people to atually turn up when they make an appointment to view my house!!!!!!!!!! 11 Ripeberry 27/01/08 20:41
parents letting me down re childcare 67 auntyspan 27/01/08 20:11
to not want DD to touch MIL skanky bloody cat 32 pointydog 27/01/08 20:02
to think that dp shouldnt be secretivly chatting and flirting with someone online? 16 bubblagirl 27/01/08 19:57
to have a very tiny moan about my MIL and not expect to be called 5 Lulumama 27/01/08 19:39
to want to have the time to myself that I was promised??? 16 dmo 27/01/08 19:35
I don't know if i am i need some advice really - my friend has basically just told me she can't be my friend anymore [VERY LONG] 149 catsmother 27/01/08 15:12
to wonder why pmt is necessary in anyone's life? 12 squilly 27/01/08 14:59
to really not understand why I shouldnt wean DS on purees??? 60 TheHonEnid 27/01/08 13:24
to be pissed off DH just made this comment... 26 NiftyNanny 27/01/08 11:58
OK, don't beat me, but................. 10 NiftyNanny 27/01/08 11:43
to expect my cleaner to stay for 3 hours if that's what I am paying her for? 46 blossomsmine 26/01/08 23:36
Zippibabes appears to be following me around and trying to engage me in <gulp> small talk 12 ZippiBabes 26/01/08 23:22
to not want school to keep sending details of expensive clubs home with my children ? 16 islandofsodor 26/01/08 22:42
need to vent my spleen 23 katwith3kittens 26/01/08 22:42
to think teachers shouldn't swear 118 islandofsodor 26/01/08 22:29
Yes I probably am, But that doesn't mean that my mother's actions haven't hurt me. 24 quint 26/01/08 21:54
After paying £75.00 for a ticket 16 Bellavita 26/01/08 21:47
to be annoyed I am getting post for people that no longer live at my address? and I mean 4 different names 16 helibee 26/01/08 18:48
to stop my ancient neighbour feeding the birds as there are loads of pigeons shitting on my house and garden 16 dividedselfr… 26/01/08 18:11
I suspect I am, But not even a birthday text from lil sis. I was 30 on monday! 13 lissielou 26/01/08 18:01
To expect my credit card company not to ring me at 8.30 and 9.30 pm and take ' i cant talk right now' for an answer if im to tired to talk to them? 35 mumeeee 26/01/08 17:46
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