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To piss myself laughing at DS's pyjamas? 2 FairLadyRantALot 30/03/09 23:31
AIBU to have issues with fil new girlfriend? 36 g4grapes 30/03/09 23:29
To complain about a teacher having honeymoon leave before the end of term? 169 Simplysally 30/03/09 23:23
To have asked this lady to not keep on about the nasty lady 15 heather1980 30/03/09 23:06
Is this mother taking the piss (quick response please i need to decide what to do) 31 Bonnycat 30/03/09 22:32
to let my 14yo DD stay at home and have friends round? 35 Dillydaydreamer 30/03/09 22:17
to feel like its me always making the effort ? 11 kidowner 30/03/09 22:11
To be deeply insulted by what dt2 (5) said to me this morning? 110 mummytopebs 30/03/09 22:07
To think if you're invited to a wedding, you should be able to go to the actual wedding?? 10 mumeeee 30/03/09 21:56
to chase up a "verbal party invitation", I feel I've embarrassed the mum!! 3 MaryMotherOfCheeses 30/03/09 21:46
to be blooming annoyed at what parents are saying??? 40 Jux 30/03/09 21:45
to hate play dates 13 ChippingIn 30/03/09 21:22
to have had a huge cull of fb friends? 24 onthepier 30/03/09 21:17
Am I being unreasonable by not giving the extended family my scan dates & pregnancy appointment news? 30 happymango 30/03/09 20:50
To not tell the in-laws that I'm pregnant again 19 shineoncrazydiamond 30/03/09 20:44
to think dp should shut up and get on with it? 27 ilovetochat 30/03/09 20:33
to have judged this family in Sainsbo's? 98 Dingbatgirl 30/03/09 20:27
to still be tearful 5 days after giving birth? 48 Gentle 30/03/09 19:51
To be actually laughing out loud at this description of HP sauce? 7 TrillianAstra 30/03/09 19:00
AIBU to expect someone to let me know how long they plan on staying? 17 dingledangle 30/03/09 18:57
to think that large organisations, such as universities, may have decent flexible working policies 28 choufleur 30/03/09 18:51
to have just eaten boiled egg with crappy white bread toast and really really enjoyed it? 40 BoiledEggand… 30/03/09 18:46
To be shocked and disgusted at DH and his strange sexual requests? 216 sarah76 30/03/09 18:22
To want the last beer???? 8 OrmIrian 30/03/09 18:16
to wish I didn't have to tell DS#1 off for grabbing a little girl's arm when she persisted in hurting our cat? 15 Sbeanmum 30/03/09 18:03
AIBU: to feel slightly smug/happy/justified that double buggy trumped a "mobility scooter"? 193 SugarBird 30/03/09 18:01
to want to rip James Morrison's clothes off and lick angel delight off him over and over again, every single hour of every single day that I breathe? 48 christiana 30/03/09 17:35
To be annoyed with DH for staying in bed while I walk DH to nursery? 35 pavlovthepregnantcat 30/03/09 17:18
to think SIL could have made an effort ? 28 KatieScarlett 30/03/09 17:02
To think these parents are hypocrites (another faith shool thread sorry) 20 piscesmoon 30/03/09 16:59
AIBU to NOT want to take my DS to stay in a house with 5 dogs? 14 Funnybunnyyumyum 30/03/09 16:57
to be shocked that it's common in the 'best' primary round here for children to have tutors to get the through SATS and then the children are streamed on ability (ie test scores) 66 bigTillyMint 30/03/09 14:53
When do kids stop doing such irritating things ....... 9 TheProfiteroleThief 30/03/09 14:23
to get fed up with these company's calling to try to sell you stuff and... 12 LucyTownsend 30/03/09 13:31
to be dreading what may happen next...........................sorry long post 15 Elliegant 30/03/09 12:38
People 'deciding' that they're a certain religion. 14 spinspinsugar 30/03/09 12:11
Talking sex 5 Idranktheeas… 30/03/09 11:40
Is this laziness or am I being pushy? 9 TrillianAstra 30/03/09 11:03
Was this a reasonable punishment? 115 andlipsticktoo 30/03/09 10:57
To cry that I've made a huge mistake with choice of Primary school 39 Starbear 30/03/09 09:12
to correct colleague's work? 9 Hawkmoth 30/03/09 09:12
to keep both children off school today? 8 RealityIsMyO… 30/03/09 08:40
To wash everything in the suitcase of the class bear that ds has for the weekend??? 28 kitbit 30/03/09 08:15
To think that the main reason dh doesn't want to learn how to use the sling is because he can't be arsed to effectively parent 2 children? 45 primigravida 30/03/09 03:51
DP texting old love in secret, wont stop AIBU? 51 Gracie123 30/03/09 01:40
to think Mini Boden make clothes for children with the longest legs in the world! 39 Gracie123 30/03/09 01:26
AIBU in not wanting to spend 8 weeks in the summer in the same villa as my mil .. 16 Gracie123 30/03/09 01:09
that my grown-up sister didn't turn up to my DS's first birthday? 26 ChippingIn 30/03/09 00:37
to take DS1 (aged 4) to ballet classes with no other boys?? 27 Flibbertyjibbet 29/03/09 23:11
there are loads of old mumsneters missing? 94 controlfreak… 29/03/09 22:32
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