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MNHQ calling: beta testers needed for the new MN app - with iOS 8 please! 160 FrannyMumsnet 23/12/14 15:38
to feel broken and in pieces because I'm not going to see the children of my now ex-boyfriend anymore? 10 Chandra 01/10/08 16:27
smokers should be shot with an unsharpened pencil 14 VineGOREDtits 01/10/08 16:05
to expect a cafe to produce a ready made toasted sandwich within 25 minutes ? 2 jette 01/10/08 16:04
to think this shop is taking the bloody piss 6 saint2shoes 01/10/08 15:50
smokers should be electocuted the fuckers 35 2beornot2be 01/10/08 15:27
to think pregnant Mums who are fined for dropping fag ends should not go complaining to the local paper about their unfair treatment? 29 ScottishMummy 01/10/08 14:16
to think it shouldn't be illegal not be on electoral roll and the Gov shouldn't proft .... 48 AramintaAlice 01/10/08 13:14
to expect my DH to put together our DD's wooden kitchen before giving it to her? 21 Simplysally 01/10/08 12:53
To want to string Meteor Parking up by the short and curlies? 6 oxtedrocks 01/10/08 12:53
To wonder why I do the lion's share in the morning? 35 blueshoes 01/10/08 11:25
To not want DH to take the children away at half term with his parents 23 beanieb 01/10/08 11:08
To sell my children on Ebay 24 squilly 01/10/08 10:57
to be cross at somebody who has helped me out? 23 onebatmother 01/10/08 10:35
To be narked with Granny I came across at Playgroup this morning......? 48 balanomorey 01/10/08 10:20
To be drinking red wine atm because I've just lost my job 21 abouteve 01/10/08 09:09
firemen and school runs.............. 31 BouncingTurtle 01/10/08 07:34
to think my overweight sil is out of order for breaking my dd's 100pound rocking horse 152 nappyaddict 01/10/08 02:04
To tell my kids to put on thier blardy dressing gowns and slippers!!!!! 50 nappyaddict 01/10/08 01:51
'Eeeek my ds just found my rabbit on the kitchen sideboard' - I had taken it out of dishwasher and forgot to put it in the 'special' drawer, I panicked and told him it was a teas stirrer? AIBU? 87 gigglewitch 01/10/08 00:37
To expect people to make their own way home from a night out 40 hardworker 30/09/08 23:20
To think i must be cursed? 3 HRHSaintMamazon 30/09/08 22:38
To be excited that tomorrow we are FINALLY getting a Christmas topic?! 35 ScottishMummy 30/09/08 22:20
to be just a litle bit bored with motherhood. 14 megandtyler 30/09/08 22:04
To sit and play Warhammer all day 17 ScottishMummy 30/09/08 21:52
to ask the school to give me a CRB check? 47 robinpud 30/09/08 21:24
to actually quite like what i see on the Boden website? 7 FairyMum 30/09/08 21:10
in expecting parents to teach their kids road safety? 17 babymt 30/09/08 21:08
To be dead jealous of childless couples sometimes? What do you miss? 133 Starbear 30/09/08 21:05
to f***king HATE paypal?! What can I do? 13 kellyannlondon 30/09/08 20:43 be so exhausted all I can do is sit my backside on the sofa and MN all night? 21 cyteen 30/09/08 20:28
to find it funny watching my sisters dog slipping around on my shiny floor??! 11 mehgalegs 30/09/08 20:22
to be pissed off with DH - actually need to know 10 Dropdeadfred 30/09/08 19:39
TO BE P***** OFF I DIDNT SAY SOMETHING AT THE TIME? 12 hifi 30/09/08 19:34
To be appalled by the price of birthday cakes 9 nickytwotimes 30/09/08 19:33
to think spending a hundred pound on a rocking horse is a waste of money, kids hate them anyway. 102 kt14 30/09/08 19:29
to have children share baths? 29 Blondeshavemorefun 30/09/08 19:16
to find men who cant play at least ONE sport utterly inattractive 16 LynetteScavo 30/09/08 18:46
That my b/f and kids went on a picnic as a family with their mum? 20 kiltycoldbum 30/09/08 18:44
Am I being unreasonable to call myself a cunt? 23 aquariusgirl 30/09/08 18:41
To refuse to drive? 35 staranise 30/09/08 18:24
to be annoyed that my dad cant come to my ds party this sat.... 10 mum2samandalex 30/09/08 18:10
to be seriously considering a tummy tuck? 11 mabanana 30/09/08 18:03
To think its our business how old we are when we have our kids and how many we have? 72 bloomingfedup 30/09/08 17:48
or would you pay £15 a week to get to work by taxi? I think I am but ain't sure ARGH! 31 mamadiva 30/09/08 17:26
to wish the builders next door would just #*$!£*#@ etc ! 7 lovemybuggy 30/09/08 17:13
to have been a bit nasty to the Sky man? 17 cheshirekitty 30/09/08 15:56
to think dress should slightly fit me! 4 cmotdibbler 30/09/08 15:24
To be upset and annoyed by what the Dr said to me? 54 dollius 30/09/08 15:22
to be annoyed with the RSPCA... 9 StayFrosty 30/09/08 14:56
To try and buy dh's apple crumble? 7 VictorianSqualor 30/09/08 14:32
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