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In being furious with DH for asking freinds to baby-sit? 47 Dannat 30/07/08 14:04
MIL let my newborn gum her breast AAAARRRRGHHH 102 lovelysongbird 30/07/08 13:39
To think hanging a dirty nappy sack on a buggy on a crowded train is gross? 19 elmoandella 30/07/08 13:24
soft play 22 elkiedee 30/07/08 12:43
To think that some commuters are bone idle.......... 20 kittywise 30/07/08 11:39
Another on street parking one! 11 SqueakyPop 30/07/08 11:36
To be really upset that MIL ISN'T going to see us? 7 kanx 30/07/08 11:17
to think my new clothes should not stink? 6 fabsmum 30/07/08 10:27
how long is it acceptable to leave a 7 year old upset after a telling-off at bedtime in your opinion 12 ReallyTired 30/07/08 10:20
to think that 'no smoke without fire' is a ridiculous saying and rarely holds true in reality? 7 Ozziegirly 30/07/08 08:59
to sulk like a teenager over something DH has said....... 21 GentlyWorryTheAnimal 30/07/08 08:56
To think friends should remember your birthday? 20 cathcat 30/07/08 01:29
to think that nearly every post on her ends with fighting talk !!!!!!! 28 HumphreyPillow 30/07/08 00:35
to not tell my friend that it's okay to stop breastfeeding? 75 HoochieMommaFeelGood 29/07/08 22:24
Nicole Kidman- calling her baby Sunday Rose 40 Tittybangbang 29/07/08 22:22
to think my neighbour shouldn't be out doing work to his car at 9.50pm? 10 Mhamai 29/07/08 22:07
To think this is none of my business??? 21 Elasticwoman 29/07/08 21:30
in wanting my MIL to stop buying new toys for my ds ALL THE TIME? 21 naturalblonde 29/07/08 20:44
to think that my mother shouldn't phone me if she doesn't want to talk? 20 youcannotbeserious 29/07/08 19:55
To think that big daft boys shouldn't be allowed to play in play areas designed for smaller kids....especially if they have no common sense?? 11 Aimsmum 29/07/08 19:49
To be in such a grump that the only way I will cheer up is with takeaway 6 sunnytimes 29/07/08 19:46
to think we should have had a letter from the eye clinic by now? 10 babycat 29/07/08 19:16
To expect the HV to be here by now 3 louii 29/07/08 16:45
about neighbours fence? 10 MamaGLovesMe 29/07/08 16:24
to be so hacked off with packaging on toys that I may never buy a new one again 11 singyswife 29/07/08 15:00
In wanting DH to take an interest in naming our baby? Or if not just let ME get on with it?? 44 gagamama 29/07/08 14:43
To no want to go to a wedding.... 19 MrsTittleMouse 29/07/08 14:21
To be upset with my Nan and Dad? (Loooonggg rant like behaviour) 15 DaphneMoon 29/07/08 14:18
AIBU To Not Find My Children Utterly Charming At All Times? 8 suedonim 29/07/08 14:16
To be al little bit peed off about dh planning what HE will be doing on our family holiday? 27 dittany 29/07/08 14:11
To want to be able to buy a card for DH for our 10th Anniversary that won't make him want to vomit into his weetabix on Thursday morning? 14 TwoBigNorks 29/07/08 14:04
to want to move from the Asian district? 43 fishie 29/07/08 13:39
to expect h to wash up after himself. 11 Amethyst86 29/07/08 12:25
to not want to live in wales anymore? 11 Gateau 29/07/08 12:20 find the borderline eco-facist approach of Cbeebies more than slightly irritating...???! 55 TheMagnificent7 29/07/08 11:39
To think an old lady who wanders around naked except a short coat shouldnt live on her own ? 30 TinkerBellesMum 29/07/08 11:13
to think that "but what if you get raped?" 45 hearnoevil 29/07/08 10:25 be absolutrely APOPLECTIC with rage at my bitchy neighbour? 106 thumbwitch 29/07/08 09:57
to expect my husband to come home from the pub when he says he will? 29 myhusbandwindsmeup 29/07/08 00:01
to dislike strangers taking pictures of my kid? 25 inesb 28/07/08 23:33
AIBU To Not Check Pockets... 35 bran 28/07/08 23:29
to not want to buy a card for every event or anniversary ...? 25 SugarBird 28/07/08 23:12
to be scared to tell my boss I'm pregnant 16 aaaarrrgggghhh 28/07/08 22:50
To possibly want another baby so my DS won't be an only child? 16 Roboshua 28/07/08 22:28
to take a bundle of dirty laundry on holiday with us (to do there) because I cannot get the whole lot done before we go? 38 missorinoco 28/07/08 22:21
I probably am but I don't want ds to go to Ireland for 5 days with his dad because.... 37 AvenaLife 28/07/08 22:16
to be having a beer? 28 BuwchBywiog 28/07/08 21:35
to be offended by my husband's questioning? (sorry, long) 15 Feenie 28/07/08 21:05
To think my friend's daughter should be able to live on £16k (before tax)? 39 solidgoldbrass 28/07/08 20:58 be screening my calls from my family today... 14 Squirdle 28/07/08 20:44
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