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in objecting to hearing my neighbours shagging in their dining room 86 rosiest 11/08/09 21:09
I know I am but i need a general kick up the arse ladies. 21 whoisasking 11/08/09 20:54
to tell my friend her ds is too old for a pushchair 113 lovechoc 11/08/09 20:48
To Want To Do Something About This? 3 mrswells 11/08/09 20:14
to want to stop Ex seeing DD until he pays maintainance? 41 MitchyInge 11/08/09 18:50
To not leave dd any money, when everyone is away next week 34 skihorse 11/08/09 17:16
to not tell dh that im booking my driving test ? 11 cheesesarnie 11/08/09 16:49
to want one of those pincer-y things that park keepers use to pick up litter?? 3 GrimmaTheNome 11/08/09 16:33
DH wants to take 3yr old DD1 away from Fri to Sun 20 AtheneNoctua 11/08/09 15:03
to be seething at the bastard who mugged by sister today?? 14 pingping 11/08/09 14:58
To think you should not have to pay for a newborn 7 jumpingym 11/08/09 14:41
to be boiling mad at another mum who keeps blowing me out??? 30 Blondeshavemorefun 11/08/09 14:19
To feel angry at partner's employers and their blatant disregard for the health of their workers? 13 Sophrosyne1 11/08/09 13:26
To want to play a CD of Tom Paulin talking 15 pointydog 11/08/09 13:09
To NOT want xp to take DD to her Father's house? 50 NeedOpinions 11/08/09 12:09
Are there no more thank-you notes? 53 funtimewincies 11/08/09 11:59
To thinkn that my call will be answered as soon as possible and that 24 minutes is a tad too long now for me to remain a calm human being 31 wotzy 11/08/09 11:46
Actually, is my mother being unreasonable? 163 Chandon 11/08/09 10:03
To expect shops not to think that boys in this country leave school when they are 12 17 piscesmoon 11/08/09 08:20
WWYD neighbour and neighbour's friends parking ON our driveway... 23 KittyBigglesworth 11/08/09 01:46
AIBU to not be impressed with Tesco's new 6 item policy 12 CyradisTheSeer 11/08/09 00:51
To expect young kids aged 6yrs old to be in bed by 9pm 49 Blondeshavemorefun 10/08/09 23:37
to think my stbx should pay up and stop making me miserable? 5 mamas12 10/08/09 23:35
To want to write to the CEO of Tiscali and tell him how rubbish his/her customer care dept is and how he/she can stuff their notification of legal proceedings where the sun don't shine??u 13 saadia 10/08/09 22:50
To expect my MIL not to leave my under-10s home alone?? 33 luckylady74 10/08/09 22:48
AIBU to think my friend should not leave her toddlers alone in the bath? 22 MamaGoblin 10/08/09 22:39
AIBU to throw a party because my horrible neighbours are moving out? 6 proverbial 10/08/09 22:12
to have erotic dreams about Kevin McCloud (grand designs) ? 48 TDiddy 10/08/09 22:10
to be really quite upset by this... 14 AliBean 10/08/09 21:20
to offer one grandma money for looking after DS, and not the other? 76 coveredinsnot 10/08/09 20:38
to tell my BIL to sod off at christmas and visit another time? 48 2rebecca 10/08/09 20:23
to think that I have just been a bit OTT and PFB ish??? 25 tryingtobema… 10/08/09 20:14
to fib about my availability to an ebayer who says she has swine flu?? 6 zebramummy 10/08/09 20:02
would it be unreasonable of me to take a nap when the DC do? 31 IdrisTheDragon 10/08/09 19:52
Bloody teenagers, where the hell are the parents 112 maryz 10/08/09 18:14
To want to go back in time and put an early end to Johnny Cash's career (god rest his soul) 10 GibbonInARibbon 10/08/09 17:57
To feel a little wary of joint bank account? 70 smugmumofboys 10/08/09 14:33
to put children in front of dvds all day? 21 RubberDuck 10/08/09 13:44
to actually really hate my MIL? 20 deaddei 10/08/09 13:42
AIBU to think this woman is an absolute PSYCHOPATH and quite dangerous?? 22 sleeplessinstretford 10/08/09 13:17
to expect my vegetarian deluxe pizza from dominos not to have chicken on it? 14 MummyDragon 10/08/09 12:11
To not allow DD2 to go on this trip and say no to my friend? 60 drosophila 10/08/09 12:09
To NOT get ex FIL a birthday card from the DD's ?? 6 TEJQ 10/08/09 10:26
To think the UK citizenship test is full of pointless questions which will not help people live in the UK? 88 karala 10/08/09 09:18
to think my neighbours are being unreasonable? 12 MovingOutOfBlighty 10/08/09 08:53
To think it is not anyone elses business when we decide to have children! 24 oneopinionatedmother 09/08/09 23:50
to not understand why so many poor people... 1001 FAQtothefuture 09/08/09 22:47
to think Mothercare shouldn't sell packs of 25 breast pads? 16 IsItMeOr 09/08/09 22:20
to be shocked at my sister's elopement!!!! 7 Morloth 09/08/09 20:50
to be a bit surprised at the misogyny described/displayed on mn at times? 459 beanieb 09/08/09 20:12
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