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Am I being unreasonable?

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AIBU: MNHQ's thoughts and what you can do 910 GarlicJulyKit 28/07/14 15:24
To be tired of so called food "intolerances&q uot; in children when the parent can't explain what symptoms the alleged intolerance produces? 221 Nightynight 06/10/07 07:51
To expect In-laws to remember how old their first born grandchild is? 12 FloridaKbear 05/10/07 23:40
to think the gov has money to burn if it can pay retired teachers hundreds (£200+) each day to inspect child minders? 7 hennipenni 05/10/07 21:16
to think if your child has been excluded from school and will most likely be expelled you would 3 kirstygem 05/10/07 21:04
to be pissed off that my chav-tastic neighbours have just started letting fireworks off when i'm trying to get 2 children to sleep? 18 BecauseImWereWolfit 05/10/07 20:01
to think school would look after uniforms.... 38 iliketosleep 05/10/07 19:55
To find being a SAHM 15 ScottishMummy 05/10/07 19:43
not to want mil to buy ds a present when it is dd birthday 57 TWIGgerhappy 05/10/07 19:17
To be upset that DP is working tomorrow 5 MaryBleedinShelley 05/10/07 17:33
Is he being unreasonable? 21 vacua 05/10/07 17:32
To expect the mice to have fecked off now we've got 2 kittens!!!! 51 geekymummy 05/10/07 16:12
Can we PLEASE have a thread for those exasperated with thier PARENTS!! 21 lucyellensmum 05/10/07 15:09
to tell headmistress a child in DD's class possibly has head lice 19 Lovecat 05/10/07 14:48
To want to find and throttle sarcky welsh woman from Hoover/Candy Service 7 GogoTheSmall 05/10/07 13:10
To not to want to teach an adult education class when I have been victimised by one of the students in a pervious class? 19 erniesmama 05/10/07 12:56
to dislike the word uni ? 167 ruty 05/10/07 12:17
To be irritated that my colleague who buys the Daily Mail calls herself left-wing? 42 TinyGang 05/10/07 10:55
to sometimes regret having DD2??? 4 3littlebats 05/10/07 08:07
to avoid going to Smuggy Christmas Family Panto with my Aunty and Uncle Perfecto McSmug? 11 tizzwhizz 05/10/07 08:02
To feel ignored on MN? 176 HairyIrene 04/10/07 22:28
... to be pissed off that Virgin raise their phone prices, but send me a "free" magazine 7 bubbalootie 04/10/07 21:44
To be irritated beyond belief at this persistant cold caller 46 Charlene1 04/10/07 21:14
to give my DH chores to do, and then time him, FLYlady style, when he's off sick with man flu 15 SpookyBearis… 04/10/07 19:39
Can't decide if I'm being a sour-faced old boot (probably am) 5 Moomin 04/10/07 19:39
to be really bothered by a thread title, to complain about it & not be satisfied with the response? 261 VeniVidiVickiQV 04/10/07 18:46
To want to throw this book at whoever last checked it out? 9 SharpMolarBear 04/10/07 16:59
To feel ignored BY MN? 10 Dior 04/10/07 16:57
To be relieved that my MiL has just left after a fortnights visit..... 42 Sianni 04/10/07 15:59
To expect my dh company to give him more than 3 days fecking notice of a 10 day trip to the far east?????? 29 Anna8888 04/10/07 15:08
to be mildly peeved at Kate Nash? 34 Sheherazadethegoat 04/10/07 15:03
To want to say "well, it serves them right" 39 whiskeyandbeer 04/10/07 13:10
Or Evil really....for being secretly gleeful that one of next-door's MANY pigeons was found dead as a doorknob out my back door..... 6 sKerryMum 04/10/07 11:47
in refusing DP's request to let our baby 'cry it out'? 100 margoandjerry 04/10/07 10:18
To be pissed off with our local Debenhams, who in their wisdom (not) have decided.... 9 saltire 04/10/07 01:04
Can't decide if I'm being a sour-faced old boot (probably am) 17 Moomin 03/10/07 23:25
Is it a mumsnet faux pas to say you shop at ASDA?? 68 ScottishMummy 03/10/07 22:44
to expect my antental teacher to be a bit more, well, polished? 15 ScottishMummy 03/10/07 22:08
to be annoyed/scraed and a little 'ewwwwed out' at findign some sort of cabbage bug in my pre cut/bagged cabbage??? 19 xXxamyxXx 03/10/07 21:50
To expect the people across the road to come and collect the parcel I took in fror them yesterday? 26 bookwormtailmum 03/10/07 20:20
Can't believe this happened today, infact its still rattling round my head now! 69 pinkbubble 03/10/07 20:12
To wish that mil would put her *pleated* *cleavage* away!! Her tits are not good in a pushy uppy bra! 43 Sobernow 03/10/07 20:12
wierd comments 32 NK4a60384X11… 03/10/07 19:46
to expect my DS to come home from nursery in the same (brand new £30) shoes that he went in and not someone else's tatty old ones?? 4 FLIER 03/10/07 19:00
For being annoyed that Ocado gave my details to another customer? 11 NAB3 03/10/07 18:58
To think that our local pub should understand that the smoking ban applies to them as well? 10 saltire 03/10/07 17:44
To think I can go to a new parent and toddler group without having an identity crisis??? 28 Miaou 03/10/07 16:45
DH ex wife knows we are trying for a baby before any of my friends or family!!! 7 emmy6781 03/10/07 14:36
to feel completely invisible? 10 sparkybabe 03/10/07 13:48
*************To be fuming at a teacher's remark************* 8 CrushWithEyeliner 03/10/07 13:34
to hate my dad for getting back together with his ex-wife? (long post, sorry) 9 iliketosleep 03/10/07 13:23
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