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Am I being unreasonable?

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to be annoyed with my friend 20 dingdong05 05/02/08 23:23
to think that my tumble drier might actually dry my clothes? 24 Staceym21AtLast 05/02/08 22:54
to be incensed at my neighbours' house alarm going off 18 cocopops 05/02/08 21:33
to be dreading MIL's visit. 17 RandZsMummy 05/02/08 21:16
to not want my Mum to come and stay for a week when my baby is born? 59 Elasticwoman 05/02/08 20:40
You'll never guess what's happened!! 28 lazarou 05/02/08 20:34
To smirk? 7 NicMac 05/02/08 18:58
to think ds should not leave an open bag of 5 2shoes 05/02/08 17:31
Can we PLEASE have a BALANCED SAHM v WOHM conversation, without it being personal PLEASE?? 114 princessosyth 05/02/08 16:58
another childs birthday at school and ds being upset. 129 Squirdle 05/02/08 14:57
To be puzzled and slightly irritated by all the people who have come to gawp at a marooned ferry. 30 MegSophandEmma 05/02/08 14:31
to want to throw my recycling bin full of rotten food at the council offices?? 19 blueshoes 05/02/08 14:23
To be annoyed with the nhs 3 kayzr 05/02/08 13:13
to not be doing any work even though I'm getting paid for it? 2 frisbyrat 05/02/08 13:09
To be annoyed that DS has impetigo and..... 12 VictorianSqualor 05/02/08 13:07
To just snuggle up under the duvet all day? 7 MotherFunk 05/02/08 12:46
to be annoyed that when I woke up some nobody on the radio was saying that he thought lent wasn't a religious thing. 7 JingleyJen 05/02/08 12:29
to not want to be a governor at dd's school 6 mshadowsnumber1fan 05/02/08 11:13
For wanting to say "stuff your veg" 5 ibelieveindreaming 05/02/08 11:09
... to expect mums at dd's school not to be filled with hate for me because i have to give a witness statement after one of them hit a pregnant ladies car head on after having a couple of drinks b4 the school run!! 97 YeahBut 05/02/08 08:37
to be somewhat narked at dh who has been responsible for primary childcare for one day only? 12 jura 04/02/08 22:39
to be irrationally grumpy when having refused help with my packing, the checkout person seems to do super speed beeping..... 64 lovecat 04/02/08 20:55
to get irrationally annoyed when people hijack threads to have conversations between themselves completely ignoring the OP 81 MegaLegs 04/02/08 20:29
To make my dd (4.6) change out of school uniform on return from school? 66 Hulababy 04/02/08 19:05
To think size 2!!! is extreme??? 71 BellaDonna79 04/02/08 18:53
to be annoyed that a stranger lined my children up and took their picture in the park without asking permission? 274 pankhurst 04/02/08 18:48
Not to want to go on holiday with a woman I've never met? 79 Kitti 04/02/08 18:30
for getting fed up with dh not being able to get work 38 Reallytired 04/02/08 17:25
to be annoyed at my mum and her dating? 7 misboo 04/02/08 17:10
to resent being give a' to do' or 'fetch and carrry' list by dh and my two sons whenever I come in? 25 PurlyQueen 04/02/08 15:46
To think my best friend should have been more aware that she, her dd and her dh didn't have an allergic reaction to shampoo/pillow/whate ver 22 2sugars 04/02/08 14:30
To be sick of people looking at my 29w pg belly and saying "so who ate all the pies then?" 25 ManchesterMummy 04/02/08 13:50
to not want to take my bf to meet an old university friend I've not seen for 8 years 21 jasper 04/02/08 13:42
to expect my permission to be asked before teacher weighs the whole class 72 Xenia 04/02/08 13:28
to not want my friend to shave her head for charity? 25 krugerparkrules 04/02/08 13:18
To want to drag dh out of the bed... 10 dal21 04/02/08 12:57
to want to be Victor Meldrew? 4 VictorMeldrew 04/02/08 10:25
To blame dh? 5 2shoes 03/02/08 22:39
To expect childrens medicines not to taste FOUL!!!!! 15 MeMySonAndI 03/02/08 22:14
To feel irrational jealousy about a woman who my DP has never even met (but is meeting today) 103 greyskythinker 03/02/08 21:21
To expect Asda to replace or exchange my Durabrand Microwave 18 runnyhabbit 03/02/08 21:20
to want to wear howards way styleee colours when its pissing dowen and freezing??? 5 MinkVelvet 03/02/08 19:32
to insist that fruit is washed before the children eat it? 63 ThreeBluecubs 03/02/08 19:00
to think that parents shouldn't get involved in their childrens' friendships? 16 branflake81 03/02/08 18:41
to consider letting my 8 year odl leave school early today - for no good reason? 88 hercules1 03/02/08 18:00
to expect my 3 yr old DD to behave better? 25 fettleandbabyfettle 03/02/08 16:42
in thinking it is flase advertising for mascara ad models... 6 mrsruffallo 03/02/08 14:16
To expect DH to start standing up to pee now that we have a DS? 65 lokka 03/02/08 12:47
My MIL just bought my baby a set of reigns and I am horrified. What to do? 298 Roskva 03/02/08 09:40
SO WHAT? It is saturday night, I just want to enjoy my new SHREDDER! 7 QuintessentialShadow 02/02/08 22:52
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