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Am I being unreasonable?

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to want to know how long the longest possible thread title can be, it's a slow day round here and I have nothing better to do with my time, I am sure this is going to put a few noses out of joint but I just HAVE to know, looks like it is quite long by the looks of this so far, But I will keep going until tech stops me, hello stop me, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!N O still not done, coor 27 kneehighinnappies 24/11/07 17:34
To be slightly obsessive about how much I dislike this woman at my post natal group. 56 Sushipaws 24/11/07 15:55
To think that this topic should be split into 2?? 10 nametaken 24/11/07 15:19
to be pi**ed off that everything is going t*ts up in my house????LONG WINGE ALERT 14 FAWKEOFFwith… 24/11/07 14:11
TO BE WORRIED SICK ABOUT MY LITTLE BROTHER? 24 LilRedMummyGiraffe 24/11/07 13:27
To be irked 7 beeper 24/11/07 13:18
to not want to pay a penalty given to me by a train conductor? 50 SoupDragon 24/11/07 12:54
To have taken away DS1's Lightning McQueen car? 30 orangehead 24/11/07 12:27
to expect that a thank you letter from a 6 year old might contain at least my name and mention of the actual gift? 110 frostythesnowmum 24/11/07 11:26
to be peed off about this? 13 fortyplus 24/11/07 09:24
To moan about moaning???? 15 michellexmx 23/11/07 23:58
Will you pack it in with the public 'huns' and the sign-off with names and 'x's 38 QuintessentialShadow 23/11/07 23:43
to leave a monkey with it's grandma while I go and snorkle? 7 Boogalooblue 23/11/07 23:42
To think a 'tx 4 pres' text is not an acceptable thank you for a birthday present? 11 Minum 23/11/07 23:31
to think that dh is bu about facebook 23 DeathBySnooSnoo 23/11/07 21:41
AIBU to think in laws are selfish to want this Xmas arrangement.... 63 mazzystar 23/11/07 21:27
To delete relatives who do not acknowledge me on FB? 18 dragonstitcher 23/11/07 20:38
to expect SAKS hair salon to extend a gift voucher? 20 TheJen 23/11/07 20:36
to tell on my sister? 70 Awen 23/11/07 19:16
to expect the zip on a £175 jacket NOT to break after just 3 weeks?! 7 widgypog 23/11/07 19:15
To think that DH should put DS1's first parent-teacher interview before going out drinking tonight with his workmates? 30 clumsymum 23/11/07 19:11
To confront rude teenager who shouts at me in front of him mum on the school run? 9 PoinsettiaBouquets 23/11/07 18:27
to despise people who do nothing but put down others? 48 Desiderata 23/11/07 15:08
argh is this as bad as I think it might be? argh argh argh 95 lululemonrefuser 23/11/07 14:33
To not give my 8 year old son a mobile phone 17 Joekate 23/11/07 10:16
to think that the lollipop lady's friends should wait to talk to her 2 goingfriggincrazy 23/11/07 10:06
Kbear wants to know if she is! 5 MioMao 23/11/07 09:18
To expect delivery people to knock on the door when attempting to deliver a parcel 27 lemonaid 23/11/07 08:36
to think this is the most stupid idea ever - actually i know i'm NOT 45 buzzybee 23/11/07 04:03
To be flipping mad with the medical secretary to my consultant! 13 mymatemarmite 23/11/07 00:10
to want to spend *all* of Christmas Day with my family and not DH's? 29 nooka 22/11/07 22:20
To have booked a foreign holiday for winter half term on my credit card.... 4 Magdelanian 22/11/07 21:56
To have booked a foreign holiday for winter half term on my credit card.... 2 Carmenere 22/11/07 21:52
Remember my nightmare travel with the local high school on the trains 3 LewisFanBAHons 22/11/07 21:24
to be peed off that when dd asked for water she was told "no there is only Coke or Sprite" 40 Elasticwoman 22/11/07 21:05
to refuse to commit to arrangements to meet up at various play groups etc with other mums! 40 sunglasses 22/11/07 20:53
to want to discourage my daugter's friendship with bossy, name-calling child? 84 Fodders 22/11/07 18:41
to want my nails done properly, even if it means hurting a friends feelings 6 sarahSILVERbells 22/11/07 16:57
to think my dd is two young at nearly five to go to a pop concert 52 santaoftheopera 22/11/07 16:31
To be annoyed that the class parents' Xmas party is 'Mums Only' as one of the Dads has been having an affair with one of the Mums! 85 onebatmother 22/11/07 16:03
To be annoyed that my DD's prize TV doesn't work? 9 glammama 22/11/07 13:32
To expect to be able to go to the toilet in peace? 24 Binkyanne 22/11/07 13:17
-to dread my mother-in-law coming to stay? 33 manchita 22/11/07 11:40
To be secretly happy that DH is ill in bed.... 10 iammillie 22/11/07 10:46
to ask DH not to do this ? 118 notjustmom 21/11/07 23:31
to think that as I am nearer 40 than 30 that I should be allowed to buy a bottle of wine without presenting ID? 40 LuckyUnderpants 21/11/07 23:14
To feel that my sister is abusing the system? 20 theBOD 21/11/07 22:36
to expect that you should be able to cook something called a lamb-style grill under the b*ggering grill 3 3missyshohoho 21/11/07 21:55
to be annoyed at my friend for not getting rid of her DD's nits cause now my DS has them? 32 kindersurprise 21/11/07 20:55
To be mildly affronted by the comments of a parent reader about DS? 46 meh 21/11/07 20:07
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