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To be amazed that there were any green discs in the Waitrose charity thing for the Cat's Protection League . . . 163 Thunderduck 07/06/09 20:59
another cinema related AIBU! I don't think IABU.... 3 Stigaloid 07/06/09 20:56
already know I am a bit, but want to know what the schoolyard mums are thinking... 102 clemette 07/06/09 20:55
To have had enough and finally called the police? involving ds1 and school. 48 TheLadyEvenstar 07/06/09 20:29
to be really annoyed with DH.... 27 helsbels4 07/06/09 20:05
To have expected this woman to acknowledge me and my travelling circus on the bus? 61 FairLadyRantALot 07/06/09 19:55
to be irritated by the way my sister encourages lack of motivation in nephew and niece? 10 Louby3000 07/06/09 19:53
To ask "Whatever happened to reins?" 65 gingerwench 07/06/09 19:37
Titanic argument about Slumdog Millionnaire 88 Quattrocento 07/06/09 19:09
to think that as we are both ill with colds but I am the one with the temperature I should be in bed. 23 Jux 07/06/09 19:05
to be a bit <hmm> that DD's teacher didn't bother to mention to me that she had been thumped in the eye? 12 Flamesparrow 07/06/09 18:59
another cinema related AIBU! I don't think IABU.... 3 knockedgymnast 07/06/09 18:51
to expect things to be sold for near the RRP?!?!? 10 frazzledgirl 07/06/09 18:05
to have shaken my 17 month old quite roughly! 21 cheshirekitty 07/06/09 18:00
To think that Daniel Merriweather's song Red sounds like the sort tripe spouted by emotional abusers? 27 SillyDaisy 07/06/09 17:26
another cinema related AIBU! I don't think IABU.... 1 BouncingTurtle 07/06/09 16:58
Another school holidfay AIBU 20 dilemma456 07/06/09 16:33
to think that thus us not normal and i need some love and attention!! 12 Crumpets 07/06/09 16:13
to think that if the bus is full then small children could sit on their parents laps? 31 dilemma456 07/06/09 16:12
to have tried to sort things out and made them worse? (link to post this relates to) 14 JackBauer 07/06/09 15:43
to dread a Conservative govenment? 293 Ivykaty44 07/06/09 14:24
to not want to eat mouldy food? 24 Lucia39 07/06/09 13:51
to think that when adults are walking along holding a small childs hand, that they should slow down a bit. 85 wotulookinat 07/06/09 13:36
to be livid at schools 'theft' 67 BoffinMum 07/06/09 13:03
To fail to understand why people are "wavering voters" 28 GrendelsMum 07/06/09 12:46
To not find it acceptable that my 4.5 yo son shouts constantly? 18 movingintothefuture 07/06/09 12:08
To be mightily peeved my brother at his response when I told him I was pregnant? 32 burningupinspeed 07/06/09 11:17
to ask GP for an expensive silicone cream to help with 2cm scar between eye brows?? 20 brightongirl… 07/06/09 10:58
Just relax and it will happen.... the what not to say thread. 69 lissielou 07/06/09 10:23
two young children left in car on their own? 18 MumofIsaac 07/06/09 09:52
To really dislike the word 'Lush'? 46 Rachmumoftwo 07/06/09 09:36
To want to wash Kate on The Apprentice's face 54 melmog 07/06/09 07:50
to not want parenting advice from complete strangers?! 39 Littlepurpleprincess 07/06/09 07:45
to be enjoying listening to a radio station playing mainly 60s and 70s music... 5 SomeGuy 07/06/09 01:00 think that schools could lay on transport for events in school time? 44 Katisha 06/06/09 23:05
to think it funny/ironic that the new neighbours who complained about the noise of our kids are shrieking/hooting on their balcony 11 bigted 06/06/09 22:55
To be considering an email of complaint to a newspaper 17 chegirl 06/06/09 22:39
to think that it was rude to take a photograh of my family without asking today? 21 bigted 06/06/09 22:28
to think that sweetcorn is pointless? 27 starkadder 06/06/09 22:15
to feel unaccountably nervous at the thought of a date with this man? 102 BottySpottom 06/06/09 21:43
To think people are very rude to talk to my teenage daughter this way? 20 DaddyJ 06/06/09 21:27
to think that nobody over the age of 25 should be allowed in night clubs! 27 pinkstarfish 06/06/09 21:25
To hate it when people finish my sentances for me? 10 tigerdriver 06/06/09 20:48
To be feeling miserable and unreasonable for no reason whatsoever 7 bluejeans 06/06/09 20:38
to wish people would stop telling me i'll have my hands full in September 29 muggglewump 06/06/09 20:27
to be devastated that my 18 month old DD refuses to come near or touch me? 17 slowreadingprogress 06/06/09 19:53
to ask people whose mother worked when you were young, how you felt about it? 94 chosenone 06/06/09 18:23
AIBU to not be amused when i have just found 4 DVDs wedged in the Wii 7 psychomum5 06/06/09 17:44
to expect my bank to tackle Identity Fraud when I can see it under my nose??? 33 PeppermintPatty 06/06/09 17:01
To think this is dreadful customer service? 15 wotulookinat 06/06/09 16:55
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