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Am I being unreasonable?

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To be pissed off with my sister for the millionth time this year. 31 wilbur 25/03/08 17:06
to be getting more than slightly irritated and a little worried that DP isnt back yet. 63 Youcannotbeserious 25/03/08 16:05
to be effing FURIOUS that YET AGAIN some (*&&% has dumped their binbags into my wheelie bin, filling it so I can't get my rubbish in? 41 expatinscotland 25/03/08 15:54
to think about getting a duck from the park for tea? 36 BeauLocks 25/03/08 15:47
Solve this one for me MNs- some hussy trying to nick my fella. 60 harleyd 25/03/08 15:22
to be concerned that a glass mosaic mirror that Ive bought for a tenner from Ikea might bring bad luck. 51 kizzie 25/03/08 15:00
to think the council should make us, live in this small 3 bedroomed semi. 59 Oliveoil 25/03/08 13:37
to never, ever want my children to grow up when reading this kind of thing? 75 Aeroglisseur… 25/03/08 12:59
To be flabbergasted by Big Car woman's behaviour? 35 TheHedgeWitch 25/03/08 12:54
To not want him to drive MY car? 31 OrmIrian 25/03/08 12:12
In wanting SIL to repay DH the 30k she owes him? 20 AtheneNoctua 25/03/08 11:47
dh is quitting smoking yet again and I am sick of him yelling at us! 35 Squiffy 25/03/08 10:16
yes i am. 13 Upwind 25/03/08 09:35
To be annoyed that parents let their children use a statue in our town as a climbing frame? 45 SheikYerbouti 25/03/08 09:02
to think that the mum of an*autistic* boy should be looking fter him? 15 chelsygirl 25/03/08 07:35
This has been bugging me for ages.... 19 purpleduck 24/03/08 22:42
to be fed up with homophobia on MN 205 policywonk 24/03/08 22:17
To think my husband is killing my son by love 36 madamez 24/03/08 21:50
to be fed up with people who seem to just go on a topic to stir it up 66 2shoes 24/03/08 21:45
To expect my colleagues to behave like adults in the office? Very long rant! 39 Blueskythinker 24/03/08 21:42
to not want to work overtime for a lower hourly rate. 5 gagarin 24/03/08 18:57
to expect door to door tea towel salesman not to call me scum? 29 Elasticwoman 24/03/08 17:45
to think that Heather McCartney could go into the Guiness Book of Records for 21 roastlamb 24/03/08 16:20
To have a whinge about this mob 53 Divastrop 24/03/08 16:12
To expect children to make their own crafts for competitions? 15 CrackerOfNuts 24/03/08 14:44
to give away DD's old clothes to make room for DS (due in May)? 8 dizzydixies 24/03/08 14:43
To be panic stricken over DH and BIL buying kayacs to take 6 month old DS out on?!* 55 yurt1 24/03/08 13:23
to want to tell friends DH she is shagging a guy at the Gym? 71 AprilMeadow 24/03/08 11:06
to think that people are far too precious about Easter eggs.... 43 LedodgyCheap… 24/03/08 10:39
to wish that every weekend was four days long? 11 Bouncingturtle 24/03/08 06:39
I think possibly so, but... 29 nappyaddict 23/03/08 23:04
Not really an AIBU, but what would you do? 23 llareggub 23/03/08 22:08
*not* to be offended by golliwogs? 385 mrz 23/03/08 22:01
to think they would wait untill my gran dies 19 amytheearwaxbanisher 23/03/08 21:56
So do i text back answer A, B or C to MIL? 74 Nighbynight 23/03/08 20:32
to want to do my weekly shop on Easter Sunday? 46 Waswondering 23/03/08 20:21
To get really irate when 'Religion' is taught as 'fact' even though I chose not to send dc's to a religious school? 60 Greyriverside 23/03/08 20:08
to have just bought myself a cheesecake... 6 Jane68 23/03/08 18:58
to be cross that DS' teacher didn't say one positive thing at parents evening? 31 justagirlfromedgware 23/03/08 18:09
To think that Dennis is not a menace he is a 16 UnquietDad 23/03/08 17:27
to NOT want to know about the check out girl's period pain? 22 ALMummy 23/03/08 16:28
To vow NEVER EVER to buy sweets for my kids EVER again? 16 seeker 23/03/08 15:45
To think it is wrong for ex-husband to have girlfriends / women he's shagging at home in front of our children? 7 ElectraBunny 23/03/08 13:32
To want to go sit all alone with a good book and a bar of chocolate....... 12 KimiKilledTh… 23/03/08 11:51
to be annoyed with my sister? 14 cluelessnchaos 23/03/08 08:08
In thinking this guy just wants my dd's shoes for ebay? 45 vInTaGeVioLeT 23/03/08 00:16
To think a SALT should know better.. 4 yurt1 23/03/08 00:04
To open a sweepstake on how long it will take dh to unpack from our weekend away? 14 Dynamicnanny 22/03/08 23:31
Asked to wash hands before handling newborn baby? 214 Araldia 22/03/08 22:56
I want to jump up and down and stamp my feet and SHOUT it's not fair! 60 pinkbubble 22/03/08 21:10
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