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Am I being unreasonable?

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to be pissed of when someone makes a point of correcting my spelling/grammer cos like........ 72 Sandies 12/12/07 23:15
in thinking ILs have got it WRONG - "it's easier if we just give you this (admittedly big) cheque and you buy what you want" 48 jinglebells2… 12/12/07 21:29
To have a Tooth Mouse instead of a Tooth Fairy? 4 1066andallthat 12/12/07 21:26
To refuse to walk DS home from CM in the freezing cold? 46 milliec 12/12/07 21:14
to expect the Farking refuse collecters to collect refuse and not smash my fecking car 19 onlyjoking 12/12/07 21:04
my grandad is having major surgery tomorrow and i dont "feel" anything about it. 4 kerryk 12/12/07 20:53
and really pathetic to want to go round and straighten everyones outdoor xmas lights? 8 joyfulspike 12/12/07 20:15
to think someone could have told me during the course of this morning that I was wearing my jumper inside-out and the wrong way round? 19 justaboutint… 12/12/07 20:15
To want to report a Parcel Force delivery man. 17 TheYoungVisiter 12/12/07 20:14
in considering asking my MIL to only come to our wedding reception for an hour or so then take the kids home? 154 snowfunwheny… 12/12/07 19:23
AIBU to feel furious at the behaviour of people at the Wells Cathedral carol services 19 DingdongMaryBonhigh 12/12/07 18:23
To be sad if I get no presents for Christmas? 11 paulaplumpbottom 12/12/07 17:02
To expect my shutters from Hillarys Blinds to be ready now when I ordered them in Sept 18 yogimum 12/12/07 16:41
to be really mad with credit card company for taking away my lower interest rate and replacing with a very high one because I was a week late with monthly repayment... 7 Desiderata 12/12/07 16:02
to be worried about my job role when i return from matt leave 5 bohemianbint 12/12/07 15:55
To think that some parents at DTS 's nursery are being unreasonable? 184 spokette 12/12/07 15:19
To think that dp buying a HUGE model boat is stupid and unrealistic? 11 bozza 12/12/07 14:32
MIL just called to come round 20 YummersBrand… 12/12/07 13:42
to think that we shouldnt pay for MIL's partner to go away? 6 jojosmaman 12/12/07 13:29
To have phoned up about the van parked outside my house? 14 flowerysantassack 12/12/07 12:24
to think that "celebrities&qu ot; who make their living by selling out their private lives to the tabloids and the trashy mags bring criticism on themselves? 14 Ubergeekian 12/12/07 11:55
to not let the gasman in to read the meter? 22 Ubergeekian 12/12/07 11:54
to be pissed of to get a shouty email from a seller who has taken over a week to get thing to me 29 jinglebells2… 12/12/07 11:13
to think that these are unsuitable for an 8 year old 15 Ubergeekian 12/12/07 11:13
to expect my NEXT delivery to actually arrive in the time slot allotted to me ? 2 lovecattlearelowing 12/12/07 09:29
to expect my children to do anything at all without being naughty? 23 MamaD 12/12/07 08:53
My "lift buddy" has let me down again! 21 sunnydelight 12/12/07 02:57
To ask Mil to put her potty in the bin.. 40 maisiemog 11/12/07 22:42
To delete dd's Bebo account? 27 mumzyof2 11/12/07 21:43
CHRISTMAS CARDS! 19 bookofchrist… 11/12/07 21:40
to think dh was a meanie and should have let me keep the kitty 7 catsmother 11/12/07 21:34
to be annoyed with MIL over Christmas presents. 24 VanillaPumpkin 11/12/07 21:27
To be annoyed by my mother 5 amytheearwaxbanisher 11/12/07 19:26
to be slightly irritated with my neighbours 18 MrsJohnCuSac… 11/12/07 19:15
in thinnking that mn is too big now, and you cannot have a moan aboutanyting withough twenty people jumping on you now 142 mrsruffallo 11/12/07 15:36
To wish we had not invited my Mother for Christmas 33 Elasticwoman 11/12/07 14:57
To think that for £45 per child per day the nursery could at least be bothered to do their bl--dy poppers up? 48 12yeargap 11/12/07 14:53
to wish that my friend had not included a close up photo of her placenta 66 3JinglesandnoBells 11/12/07 13:39
to be fed up of constant letters from school asking for money? 23 ChristmasSen… 11/12/07 13:11
To not want to read the graphic details of James Bulger's abduction in a chain email? 123 bossybritches 11/12/07 12:59 expect a GP to notice that I am pregnant at 25wks? 9 tori32 11/12/07 11:37
to think it's very sad that some parents can't be bothered to take their children to the school christmas fair 201 MerryAnnSinglemas 11/12/07 11:24
Untitled 3 TotalChaos 11/12/07 11:08
Quick Poll - Do you think it is ok. 4 Dingdongmerr… 11/12/07 09:26
to not want to give this woman a lift home once a month... 53 berolina 10/12/07 21:44
to think the company who rang to speak to Nigel a month ago shouldn't have rung back tonight? 24 feetheart 10/12/07 20:01
to not want to take dd to see santa claus? 55 Bellbird 10/12/07 19:33
I'm all for recycling but.... 42 ABudafulSigh… 10/12/07 19:31
To think my dh's slobbish ways are grounds for divorce(rant alert). 27 Anna8888 10/12/07 19:21
being annoyed with Dd2's teacher for not sorting this out ?? 181 Brandnewchri… 10/12/07 18:55
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