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MNHQ here: step this way to support your favourite website for parents (no, not that one [duh!]) 51 JugglingFrom… 20/10/16 15:26
Tell MegaBloks the funniest imaginary play scenarios your children have come up with - chance to win a £300 voucher 2 foxessocks 25/10/16 13:48
MNHQ here: contribute to House of Lords 'Children and the Internet' inquiry 1 FinnMumsnet 24/10/16 16:02
to just want some sympathy, I'm tired but I cant breath through my nose, I'm coughing and wishing I had my old inhaler and my head hurts<whimper> 33 WineComesInA… 04/06/11 20:29
I'm not being UR right? Friends DC behaviour. 44 youarekidding 04/06/11 20:08
Sharing etiquette - what are your dos and don'ts? 24 youarekidding 04/06/11 19:37
to ask WHY people have irrational fears? 76 LillyTheMinx 04/06/11 19:28
to want a Greggs sausage roll? 19 MissVerinder 04/06/11 19:26
To really not understand this woman? 6 itisnearlysummer 04/06/11 19:16
to not like the names of posters with swear words in them 93 UrsulaBuffay 04/06/11 18:45
To be a little excited that there is a small chance I may be pregnant? 13 Fernie3 04/06/11 18:08
Controlling? Selfish at least, surely? 58 thumbwitch 04/06/11 17:50
to find most of my male friends so unreliable?? 3 bitofthisandthat 04/06/11 17:00
To show off my new nickname? 11 LadyBeagleEyes 04/06/11 16:47
to think that if you ask a question you'll get an honest answer? 16 tallulahxhunny 04/06/11 16:40
to wish people would stop posting "lost my bunny" type posts on facebook 6 newcastle79 04/06/11 16:39
to want to punch this jobsworth security guards block off!! 58 LineRunner 04/06/11 16:02
In wishing people wouldnt let their kids leap all over their furniture 2 Euphemia 04/06/11 15:53
to not invite one of DS1's friends (let's call him G) to his birthday party just because DS1 hasn't been invited to G's birthday party? 12 ceebeegeebies 04/06/11 15:44
to think if they charged realistic prices people would participate? 7 ILoveTIFFANY 04/06/11 15:28
To go upstairs and keep out of the way when SIL comes this afternoon ? 9 rey 04/06/11 15:03
In thinking my dyson should suck up a penny? 19 fastweb 04/06/11 14:41
To think that the idea of 'saving the planet' and over use of terms like 'Eco' and 'Green' are unhelpful? 16 jaggythistle 04/06/11 14:05
To tell BF just stop looking at her ex's facebook 6 helenthemadex 04/06/11 13:45
To go to todays Slutwalk in Glasgow? 60 StrawberryMewMew 04/06/11 13:30
to be very very slightly perturbed that Ds1 currently demonstrated more actual usable intelligence than me? 25 fairydoll 04/06/11 13:15
If you didn't *have* to, would you still recycle your rubbish? 109 chicletteeth 04/06/11 12:50
friends fundraising for their teenagers' gap years 90 needanewname 04/06/11 12:26
To think DH shouldn't pay DD to do his ironing? 55 northerngirl41 04/06/11 12:23
Another reason to dislike mil?! 56 kitkey 04/06/11 12:03
to not want to be friends any more with a woman whose been nothing but kind 63 Nanny0gg 04/06/11 11:40
should i have given a piece of my mind to fat cow who swore at my 6 yr old for treading on her toe on the metro? 67 LordOfTheFlies 04/06/11 11:06
about parking over my dive? 46 MrsDanverclone 04/06/11 10:50
To LOVE soft white lush bread? 31 LordOfTheFlies 04/06/11 10:40
to expect a spare key to be used for emergencies only and not to 'pop in' when we're at work! 87 DaisySteiner 04/06/11 10:31
to want just one day not having to look after a child? 25 clam 04/06/11 09:50
to think that as the drains were blocked when i moved in a yr ago that LL should do something?? 7 glendathegoodwitch 04/06/11 09:43
to really like Facebook? 22 mrsbiscuits 04/06/11 09:15
AIBU to be dreading the DS2 returning from the garden 8 onceamai 04/06/11 09:09
in hoping someone gets sacked 6 purepurple 04/06/11 08:36
12.30 am on a maternity ward 85 confuddledDOTcom 04/06/11 08:23
Hey mumsneters . Whats on for you this blisdtering weekend? 59 DoctorDaddy 04/06/11 08:15
To treat OH like a child? 2 troisgarcons 04/06/11 08:04
to hunt down the person who thinks it's ok to give a child a whistle to play with 19 CharlotteBro… 04/06/11 07:58
I have a special vapouriser and I'm aiming it at? 11 KaraStarbuckThrace 04/06/11 07:39
to leave my dc in ythe garden sceaming and tantruming at each other 37 mrsbiscuits 04/06/11 07:21
to think that if you are going to start a thread about spanking or swinging you should have the COMMON DECENCY... 34 PoppaRob 04/06/11 06:28
To feel sorry for Cheryl Cole? 143 GetOrf 04/06/11 02:39
to be so pissed of with "d" p that I'm sat here crying after my first night out in nearly a year :'( 19 Sqee 04/06/11 01:00
to really really want a new phone now *stamps feet* 39 cymruoddicatref 04/06/11 00:57
irresponsible spider owners should be shot along with dog/cat/gerbil owners/smokers etc. 67 LineRunner 04/06/11 00:52
In thinking my constantly moving 12 m old is a pain in the ass 1 Morph2 04/06/11 00:31
Not wanting to leave the kids at home for wedding but realising no way out... 14 vanessasmum 04/06/11 00:10
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